Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 16, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 16, 1867 Page 1
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PROM EUROPE, Latest Despatches by Ocean Telegraph. of the last of the Trench Transport Fleet for Mexico. Settlement of the Troubles Bb' tween the Porte and the United States Consnl at , Cyprus. Two Hundred Skaters Break Through the Ice in Regent’s Park, London, Thirty of the Number Drowned Violent Storm, with many Ship wrecks, in the Bay of Naples. FROM WASHINGTON. Another Prominent Fact in Con nection with the Arrest of Surratt. Progress of the Committees on the ,{eTP - ,! lfeP." <,|lrrc,| Fy ii'ii*. Debate In Iho rljJljSS, vens’ Rrconst’ie S|;ctcli cf Mr. Bingham to tho Moasaro, cl,!.'hu!f» .'••o ripinlijfi' nhlrh made the FROM ~, j's* mums r . ; sKp : s3=i? Dm to w.'ikl;, x'ouuro of Offloo, f'lrmling 'h>‘rr, I 1 "' Ml* fnln(i !• pKtlill SPRIWBLI), .Doings of tbo Illinois Legis lature YostonViy. Vole in Fiich.ilmmo on tire Mine tins of sSnmilor Xrmiilniil. Sibiito in the llousoon (he Rail road Question, Senate Resolution, Ratifying the Constitutional Amendment, Concurred in by the House. -BUI -Introduced for a Turnpike Hoad from Chicago to the Besplaines River. Meeting of Prominent Citizens in Aid of the Canal Project. The Wisconsin Legislature will %' Instruct Senator Doolittle to Resign. United States Senators Elected in New Tort. Pennsylvania and Missouri. FHO3I EUROPE. .BY OkEAN TELEttRAPiI, OnEAT UniTAPf. London, January is. -he Hritl'h Government has sent a note to Oiet-ce, aovlrinc her to preserve a strict nen'raUty in nralrt in Candta. London, January 13, The steamship William Penn, from New York, ha= arrived. London, .Tamtary I’. Dent & Co M well known in tho China and India trade, who were forc'd to suspend some Hm.' iircc, have resumed payment. JJETLOBADLE SKATINO ACCIDBJfT. I.ovdus, Jamnry 15. The Ico in the lake in RegenCs Park biokc throach to-day while crowded with skaters. Over were precipitated Into (be water and thirty drowned. VIOLENT GTOnX IX TUB BAT OF NAPLES. Naples, Jatmaty 15. A violent tempe-r visited the Bay last night. Twenty-four ships were wrecked, but only a few lives lost. Paths. January 15. A detachment of French troops, from Merico, Lave arrived In France. Paths, Januarj-13—Noon. Thc lasi transports for Vera Crure.tu bring home French troops, faded last evening. AL'SmtA. Vienna, January ir«. The official paper censures every Hgltitlon • the meiecrcs of the Government, and .Fays the opposition have no other altcmativothan to consult the will of the people. TL'IIKEV. CosHTANnxorLE, January 13. The question which arose between the Porto ni'd{thc American 1-elation here, in regard to com plaints by tho United States Consul it Cypress against the Iccal authorities of that Island, have been selUcd (o the eatlsiactlon of a both parties. the rnorosED Spanish loan. It is now staled that Fonld’a project for a loan looks like a (allure. the mxoucn connf.rctal panic at itoxo KONO. London, January 15—Noon. Late teh-fframa received do not mention any commercial panic at Hong Kone, as re ported. Latest Foreign Ifinrkcl*. London. January 15. c. nsoli*. 8i; mmols Central opened at 81 V: Erie de. ctlt***i to Kk't b'SOs.Tlk. Lnnei-oou .lacuary 15-Noon. Cot ton opened heavy, bales Include atxmt 5.001 holes n.l'iii]inßatl(\c. LtnitrooL, January iJ-Evrnlnc. Cotl/<h vrry dull at..j balm <s|i 3 k*« nilcMUng at KKil. Br<a>Mn{rA firmer. corn 43« M. Tallowflrrllardld. Petroleum declining. Salesol re fine! at l»Cd, ItANcnnrnca. January 13. Market, for getft, lover aud nomlrai. Lomkmi. January 13. r..n»oU clo*od at 9lj(ibr taoat-y. American moou> rlitra riosrel as toltows: 5-TOs, 7IK; UUum* Cuntrsi. :'IH; Lrlr.4»*f* Ftuxaronr, January u. l‘t lied States S*2oa, 7tK< FROM WASIirSGTOX. ISpcdal Despatch to the Chicago Tnbune.J tVABUIsoroN, January 13. KEBUAMKA AND COLOUAUO ntUJJ. The Nebraska and Colorado Bills have paaacd Hi'* Boose vvllh material amendmenta, and na leas than a nvo-lbltds vole. It will bo rememnered that the call for the prerinna question on the pasaap* of the Nebraska Act era, snnalncd last ovtulm; by only one majority, many members he lm: absent. TOo Uouee was toll this momln and as soon aa the bill came np Mr. Stereos moved and carried a reronridetation of ibe vole of last Cvci.lnc by yeas n, nays 01. Ibis bcln dono. Gov. Bontivcll moved an nmondment rc~ qnlrinc that the Lcsulalnrc or n territory shall niecntlolbe Eomcn la rlenae before adens-lon, and declaring dial a proclamation by the Pre.ll dent clvtng nolice of aneb assent or ratification or, shall conclude Ibe maUer. This proposition brought lortvard the* moat iptereellng debate of tbc ecsston. it lasted two bones, and was panic- Ipated in by Mcsare. Bonnvclb Hale, lloland. “!!=■ ' V*' c ’ IJt ' l '"' J * Farnsworth, iligby, ri!^nod A HIs <> r' Ulll ’ S,cven< * Nelson, liaymond. Blnctarn and Ashler. The brief speech of Mr-hfevenawa. eapecmlly nolicoablo for Ita riser. Mr. Raymond epokc for Iho Am lime tbia vvlnler, blmaclf for an equality otnsh.a and pnTilegea without rejrard to „co or color Lot opposed the the admission of states with • small population. Atthe conclusion of the debate! the Boutwell amendment was adopted by yca9 nays 79, the vote bemj unusually and PB f i Pcct * cdlyfnll. The liepnblicane who voted agatziatthu amendment were: » .Afblcj, J»cvada,Dcl4no, Lawrence, of Pa, Baker, Farnsworth, McKee, Bccntamin, Farqohar, Biller, Bingham. Bale. PlaoU, Bromwclt, Harding, of HL,Shellabareer. Backland, Hawkina, .Stokes, Bnnfly, Henderson, Frahk Thomas, Clark, of Ohio, Bill, Joo. L..Tbomas, Bails, • Unbboll,ofOhio,Washburn, Ind- Belree, —as TheafflnoatiTe vote was entirely Republican. lie amendment bluing thus been rdspttd, Iho Bin mat once put upon Its ibssks, sad earned Ibroufh by ,e», 103, csj. G . Ihe Reptibhcn. recorded in the negative on IhU vote are SSff. De frees, Kelso, Blrcham. Hale. McKee. Dockland, Hardens* Raymond. Havls, Dawkins, * "* The Colorado bill was at once taken np and pasted with the same amendment as (hs’-civen to Ihe Nebraska bill. Both bills now go to’the Senate for mrlhcr action. Thu Bout*ell amend ment was proposed ih»'o who i the bill was under consideration, by Mr. Brown, and at that time re coivcd bat eight votes. The action of the Douse will probably cause a change In the vi-ws of seme Senators, but whether the amendment could be sustained la at present a matter of coo* elderable doubt. Neither bUI has jet in any form commanded a two-third? veto of either flooae though probably a veto would gire'both in their pies ent shape that vote In the House. THE TEST OATH DECISIONS. ... The Associated Prcea reports ot the lest oath decisions made In ihe Supreme Court yesterday gave much annoyance to the entire Court, and particularly to Judges Field and Miller, by whom they were delivered. They give very little idea of what was said, and were calculated to do great injustice to both Judges, and are pro nounced by them utterly incomprehensible. abqcst or eunitin'. Some Inquiry having been made about the amount of money to oc paid forjihe arrest of John TI. Suirati, It is worth while to call aitcnlionto the fiict that the order olTcriaga reward for bis capture was revoked bj the President sometime late In the fall of 1860, two months, at least, after the State Department knew he had gone to Liver pool, and some weeks after Instructions were sent to our consuls at that point to do nothing towards effecting his arrest. EEVENUE MIX. The Ways and Means Committee are Indostrl onjJy at work npon the bill amendatory of the In ternal Revenue Law. They have come to a de cision In none of the questions except that of In creasing the amount of income exempted to one ihousand dollars. The bill will not be ready to report under ton or twelve days, and, perhsp* not within a fortnight. ’’ THE SOUTH CAnOUXA STUntJEIM. The Committee on the Murder of .Ualne Soldiers have called Secretary Stanton to give evidence. He will appear before them to-morrow. It Is ex pected that he will say the murderers were remov ed 1«>» Tortugas to Fort Delaware by his advice, ho believing that they would be safer there tnan where the Florida courts could teach them, SALES OP OOVEIUtXEET GOLD. Tlic resolution passed by tbo liouss tbl. inoro lug, at the Instance of Mr. Cook, of illlnoK call dug on the Secretary of the Treasury for certain Infoimatloa, will probably bring out the fact that Hie Government has recently sold gold' In New \ orb* and perhaps al«o tbst several millions wore loaned bri wook toOovemtnenl agents. KEwcunnsEcr bill. The Committee ou Banking and Currency will Picas the House tu act on their bill amendatory of Irc Currency Act at the .earliest nretacn'. But two or three Important matters hate precedence •>l It on the general order, and It can hardly ho reached tinder a lurtnlghl. ... l. * oiDfAß'ftArpowmwrr. IhoHeiiAto (lsnimttipp on Foreign Relations h "".'llf. , n , ku J, o,l H2««»or Cowan’s up. olniiinid, 'Mm twelvo Itepnbllcmi Uongron. '; i'l have presented itprolusl idlmfS'' t,h: ~H' K tHtaiiaftt, ihmi timmifncliirers ‘ll ■tpiM'lt'il here (o.imiirmr. They emm from .'•■ntisvlvanift, and want n vmy lilgh larlil in I'Ml ilielrlmereals. 1 COMMriIC'IAI, AlllUNliMtrsr WITH JAPAN. WAfciiihiiTtiN, .hiHUiry 15.-Th" l're*nl«nt In* Im hcO a nroi’iftumtliiii dninl lint uili, KuueiiiMiini •'lid tojihriiilmt the rcunhillim liy ih<> (Jii|i>i«l fiitif’* Mlnwicr to tliiiinn Itiriiiiliflug Ani’TlVn'i Is slitpiilng nr ninlinrlngiit any |mi|« tu itt*t uiiinliy ••st tiii ,tint tin, (( * miicii iMirta, Nnua«aal. Ilnbndndi iiihM ui.nhuma, timing 11,1! ln>.||||i| f) , J"‘hu , m the unit limiijo*, unlesa In dla> h im a nr inrml by si resa of weidher! •|., r.!'! r, * l r , i or MAtItI.ANM rilßßlmM. I WO I'olmeil |itiyrt*wm, escanod from llielrfor, n* ,nh ' n . r tivhno tim HiMirenio Vourl of the Bivtilci on a out ol /Mb*.,, i-oniu* Afu-r lifting, ho Limn onli j-id (hem leiiirocd to limit oh nadei, on ihegM,(in,! ~f evliinneo (hoy had n„l "i'l'reiiiic.’d "Jo * theti eirtanel|mllon. llm conn>Vl for the ml ml’ 11 h. l V 1 l ?J h , p ". tihlrortlmo'ii,bytimlr niurter, nnd Mini (Mr mnllrnr had died fr„,» ■mgieelond hunger in t)m wonl«, Alter' (ije Mi'H oltimt’.m.UM apiMal wn» Intieli, Imi •’h*l il*n (,JI dK * ,n, ,lu ' lllß, B l i'doiwrl'»d with the . i,™.*. |( -CllkMK, llm Post tMlimtCoimuUl>m to«diy resimmd ilia •• I'Gihreihmof ti.t> io«qioa|!l,in |.,r t lion of ti'ici/iftim lino* along port r.itiio*. to he iiinler llin emiiuil of tim Bortnin«t-r Gaii.irgi, they will prohn dy upon In favor of ti, hm iml loMMp'M'g so will a,.p irtmt Atianguiniinieau he imum wjiij iho (irosem eommmtu*, louking m ~ Piiulmre id portions ot Mmu cnnsirncmd Hncw. /?«««- Vf/5 ?*?uth oaoowna nimmjiw. General hlcklea wilt givn ovldeiicrt liHfora tho roit.mliieo to Invt-aU-'aUj the m.irdur of Uni »n eiddlura In Houth C’a ullna. Hccetary Stantuu w ill aho lislify. TIIK CU7TEII 34‘tULT.OOH. shf-uld have been at Ilavdua 10-day. Sho la under siood tu lorm one 01 thu uxpcdlilun lo Eamaoa. „ .. XBW OOU> fiILL. Mr.Mnmli, Chairman ol the Way* and Moans foifiiiiUK-e, Mill report a lull for sale of eold be* fore tiie close of the week, and make a speech advoMrteff «opjrj»cttou offhc currency. OrTICEEa OP TiXE XEW inONSIDRH DISMISSED. c ‘ fc^ ta, x? 01 the flavy lias dumped all UlO oulcen* ot the Iscw Ironsided on iho cronn'l that U was in consequence of Ujoir careleianeda Um the vessel was burned. APHICAN COLONIZATION fiOCXETT. The annual meciini: of the African Colonization boc eiy occurred to-day. Tee receipts of the vear '•tic *58,15-1; dlsburtcnunts, S3S,UI2. Much of i‘.°«J« n, . a J v ?r ; Wended In tiie purchase and fli nt/, out of the ship Ciulcunda, wulch carried o*lo i-zmnranta to Liberia lo November. Addhl.nal irecduieu, lo Ihe number ol 010, are ready lo sail. „ new aovEiison pnn idaito >ew i onit, January 13—The Trlmnc's Wa*h .t Eton special say- that the Predlilont yesterday si i-1 lo the senate the name of John W. Murphy, for Governor of Idaho. * ** _ . srracsTo. The chair occupied bylkcsldcnt Lincoln when assassinated has been turned over by the War i.epsrtmcut to the Interior Department for gate keeping. ‘ PENSION'S. W A«uwcTpN', January 15.—The Commissioner of Pensions-has Issnea a circular, stating that ai.- p dcr.uons for pensions under the net of July lasi, ..1. d nom aii« Efl*r*?* l,u 4ry Aral- eftnnot be ad jutted before the 4lh of March next. *. e ArrAtns is HAnriANn. 1 he repori ot General Gregory, Assistant Com- ofthc Freodmen’s Bureau for Mary ‘and, for the last quarter of 1561, stale* that the rendition ot the colored peopl; generally 13 satis *aciory, althonja difiicuiaes arc still met In sc justice for the freedmoa through the civil • onr.s, to the exclusion, by magistrates, of ‘testimony 01 the coiorod people. rilOR SPRINGFIELD. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SwuxoriELn, January 15. THE 11AII.U0AD qUCSTION. Tlic railroad question came np again in thc T.ousc to day on an amendment to Colonel laync s resolution, which was published a few nre> The amendment claim* entire cm t;ol over cxitllng railroads, as well as those to bo chartered. In the maucr of Irelgat and passenger tana?. General Uurlbut addressed tic House' at son.c Irugih in support of ibe amendment, and vnb great ability. He claimed that thc people, i-y their Legislature, possesses entire on t-ol over the railroads, on the principle that Ibe creating power is above the creature, and that !• wa* the duty of the people to cxiTcise that power In Illinois. If we did not wc would drop back Into the hopeless condition ot New Jersey. These railroads possess no vest id rights to oppress ttie people, and no vestea rights conld give them that power. If there was any one thing mat,the people demand it is relief irom the monopoHc i which arc now taklcg more tb >u twenty-five per cent of their produce to send it to market. Hn was authorized to say that the Committee on Kailroads, of which he was chair man. womd add no strength to the power of these corporation-, but would do all they canid to cur tail It. Mr. Taylor, of Chicago, dissented from the views ot General Uurlbut, and defended railroads and cotporaiion? generally. In a handsome speech. Mr. Ccnkhng followed Tn a speech of some length, in which ho controverted the opinions and positions of General UurlbuL He claimed that railroads possessed vested rights which no legisla tion could touch. Ho alsodemcd the axiom that tbc.crcaiot of law woa above tho creature. Such a proposition was founded upon a false theory and was false In assumption, lie claimed that if thc chargis of ibc railroads were extortionate, thc Courts would supply thc remedy. Colonel Payne strongly endorsed the position of General Hmlbnt and insisted that a case was never heard where the Courts supplied a remedy :rr (be extortions of the railroads, and he doubt , n if there ever would. Mr. Green, of DcWltl, defended the railroads, and insisted upon their vested rights. JUDOS TnUXDULL’fI KE-ELECTION. The rc-elcctlon oi benstor Trumbull was accom plished in a very quiet and orderly way. Mr. Eastman nominated Judge Trnmbull in tho Sen ate, and made a brief and telling speech on tho creation. The venerable McConnell nomi nated T, I.ylu Dickey. oCuntig his name with o few remarks. Thu Senate adjourned Immediately after thc vole was taken. senator ontrN. Dr. Green, of tho TMtd Senatorial District, \otedforTrmubntl. He tavorytiredof tbenn* healthy organUallon with which be baa been identified during tlic past six months. Uo wont into tho caucus last night, hut was hlctcd out. Tho members of the caucus declared U to ho their pmposo to apply thu ilUrlplino of thr Methodist <'hnrch, with which Green Is connected—six months probation. If ho slandi straight up for k nlon principles, n! ibc end of Uut Umcho may come wilh a cotdlal welcome. VOTE roll BXNATOU IK TRK lIOUS*. in the'House, at Uift appointed hour for tbo election of a Senator, there was a large audience. T he gallery was filled with ladles, a very fair pro portion of which wore both pretty and stylish, 'icucral Uurlbut renominated Lyman Trumbull in that peculiar stylo of Ms which few men can Iml ale. After the roll was flubbed, «;nd tlu.’ Clerk was repeating the names to see ibal all were cor redly reported, It was discovered that tiio name of Mr. Uarapton, ibc Immediate co Icage of Gem • ral Ilurltmt. was counted for Dickey. Huilbnt—That 1? wrung. My colleague it not po Gud-foraakco as to vote for Dickey. A Democrat—lie is, piobably, not a aoldler tnen. ' Huilbnt—No, air; hut I am. This waa said In an emphatic and meaning war. when the Democrat subsided. ° mmosi you cira, monr?. During the afternoon quite a number of reaoln- Hons were Introduced, on tbc Democratic aide to restore civil right* to the perrons therein named, t is suggested that these petitions must come Dom returned rebels, uraft sneaka and peniten tiary birds. nreoLCTioxa ojt the surniaoc quEsnojr. A number of raolnliona on the suffrage ones tion uent to the .ludlcltry Committee, where tOI rcrolnllone end Mis or tide elute trill go. TOE UKCOia XOSCXEST. Thenooeelo-deritatacd a hill nnanlmonilj to eonltlbttle the eumol 150,000 to .Id tohit ldlmr the Lincoln Monument, the enmoot lobe raid until the on tiro amount now In posscaalon of the coumiUcc ia exhausted. TtJiispncn noao mon cmcAoo to DEaptamta Mr. Stevenson Introduced a btUiathc Hon«o ‘nis afternoon, which may be regarded as of im portance to the pcoplejof Chicago. It ia t> char ter tee Oak Park Hoad Company to bnlld a lorn- P 1 , r °** & t °“ »ooh point on tea .westerly lino ot Jbe city limit* ot Chicago as they may determine, to 'fcc Dcsplalne# Hirer, tee road passing thronch Ilarlea. lie capital .lock Is named ml fln, thousand dollars, with the rleW to Increase It to YOL. XX, one hundred thousand. The bill gives Iho usual powers to enter npon and condemn the neocssary lands for their use. to pat up one or more toll gates* and collectsucb tolls as they may fix npon In the bill. The maximum of lolls Is not limited, but will be before the bill passes. To this the corporation have agreed. No 101 l rates can be put np or tolls collected until $1,500 per mPe have been expended on the road, and the proper precautions hare been pat In the bill to have this part of U complied with. THE KEXT STATE FAIII. The Executive Board of the State Agricultural Society have determined to take up Ihe question of locating the Sta,e Fair lor IMJ7 and ISC3 on Thursday next ot nine a. m. The Fair this year will commence on Monday, September 2-3 d, and continue aix days. The preparation of ofthe premium list Is progressing, ihe disposition being to Increase (be amounts in alt esses. SECOND DESPATCH. SruixoriELO, January 15. TOE CAKAL MIOJECT. The friends of tbc canal projects had a large nnn deeply Interesting meeting at the Leland House to-Mght. Quite a number of members of both Houses of the General Assembly were pres ent. Interesting addresses were made by the fol lowing gentlemen, each of which etmdaled some new and practical facts upon this great question: L. D, Whiling, O. W. Mlnler, Mr. Billings. L. t. Bond of Chicago, Mr. Stacey of Princeton, Chair man of the Douse Internal Improvement Commit tee, U. M. Singer of Cook County, W. Prettyman, of Pekin: Wm. H. Van Epps, Esq., of Dixnn; Major Allen, of Gencico; Ooscpli Utley, Esq., of Dixon; Major Bowen, of >lOllOl, nnd others. There is onung the people and representatives hero an earnest dticmiitmllmi to accomplish the great works they have la view. An Interesting tetter war read by Mr. Stevens tfrom W. Good ing, Esq., bupcrlnUnd in of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, and very properly regarded as the father of canals in (his Stale, In which he lakes strong and practical ground* In fnror of lunmdlately commencing those great works. The I eglslaluru of ihe Stale will second the desires of the people frilly tip to Iho measure of tlirlr wishes, AMUSRMfiKTS, Atnufcmetils are very plentiful here Just at present. George Beagle, the HI, l/mu immngcr, Is immltig n theatre In n now hall Jual campteted. mid known ns Ihntntpira npern lloure. Beagle's emupnny, whuh cnniptises much tliniunlic nnd imp leal lalenl, has dining (ho tmihlntivo sesstmi iMM'tipHr.iiidiigHilmhNhty nsrrhH of ilia fined old Rnglioh mni'Mllea and dMinn*. A itramiittc cnlmhilmtiMil of an mnrh real worth is rarely hm'ii oiifsldonl firs* great Hihi. F,anU J.nmhsid ftndTmn Cmwlnare nlso here, giving anum of their PAtMdlerd cmnyrl", and, It la gratifying lo Mate, are qultu as popular now, whefj 11 cods fometiili'p lo hear them, as they were In (tin nun pnignwhm "Old Hlmdy " hot'rimi n liiiuoulinid wind. Muearlhv, llm iinlhorof Mm rebel song. "*1 he llntinln lUnu Flag," Ii ntso Imre, tn com pnny with n woman whom ho d inomlnnlea laiHlo Estelle, giving a sort of varletr show. Three amusements, together with ‘ pulhlciit aqiifthhlos, wlte-wi,iking, lolrhylng, Irclur* Big, Ac., keep the evenings In Hprinaflidd qiitle lively ]nsl now, 1 might lo add that Inst evening, idler tho Henaturlnt contest wna scltit’d, an era of excellent good fooling was tstiihllFhed nmong tho lielligcrehU. Home wtno was di'niik.aiidoiiishlarnhlo noise made. In the w ay of deportment I not happy to say that Young ChlfagiMlld honm tn Iho city, hut the old logics, ttio grey In amp *w P lt, no mniter. JPtmRIMPMHPI.t. U rtill 10-re, Ho will Iflnre tn-mmiow night tor U imhinglon. STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. [Ppcclal Despatch to tbo Chicago Tribune.] BeniNopjEU), 111., January 15. HOUSE. Mr*2Cjs° UfiC Ol)cned " llh P«y«r, by the Kcv. Vl° r?f v£t'idi«nensea wMi, Mr. pI.NsMUOK fiilrodoecd a bin legalising I 1? *HS t0 "' lj8 of Tampico and Jordom, Whiteside County. Head three times ami pepsed. Sir. SHARP—BiII for (he relief of Wabash County. Read three times and passed. Mr. tiIUGGS, from the Committee on Manufac tures and Agriculture. reported in favor of a nro petition ot f 2,010 per annum to aid the Uorticul tmal hcciety. Mr. i’AYXE, trom the Committee on Finance, reported favoiably ouabiii to procure for the Mato Eoa*e the portraits or Abraham Lincoln, 6. A. Douglas. The bill was read a third time ana passed. u , committee reported favorably on the b-tl legalizing the acUou of the Supervisors of McDonough County. Mr. CO.NKLiXG.’fromthe Special Committee. rcporteQa bUI appropriating 610,000 In aid of the National Lincoln Monument Association. The b;li wrs read n third time ana passed. Mr. COREiNS offered the followiug: • V, The question is now bolnc agitated »n the S.ate to allow others tbau white male citi zens over the age of twenty-one years to vote tm-rclorc, ’ Jh solo'd, Thai it is Ibc sense of the House of i.cprescnta'ivog, the Senate concurring therein that if the right of iranchisc is conferred upon black men, U should be conferred on .lie tv ihen Cf That wo hold tl ey should not be placed in en **°- Mlion io the black race In political privileges, and ‘•c pltdgc ourselves to maintain at lea«t an equality lor them as their wines, InU-lligoncc and moral power entitle them to u ana to more. /*reW, Thai oar Senators In Congress be In ftractcd, and onr Kepresenubvcs be requested, to .ucorporatelhft principle laid down In Hie fare going resolution in the organic acts ofTerrito lies, ard sec that It Is incorporated in the Con«*ti ulp? of new blatco before they are admitted Into the Union. Ileferrwl to Commitlee on Federal Kelations. Mr. iSAOhli mirodnced a resolntlon to print the L ovcriior h Message in tbs Bohemian lan guage. Tabled. i be Governor sent Into the House the rrnort of aeTrastecs of the Illinois and Michigan Canal. iuetenalcmessage announcing the adoption ol resolutions, including the Constitutional .imttdnicnt, in that body, was taken up. m AI I {,t ,. ovcd to relcr to «»e Committee on Federal Helaiious.. Motion lost by twenty font-ayes to fifty six nocs. ’ ibc House rtit-n adopted the Constitutional Amendment by I he following vote: • -Alexander. Allen, Bailor, Baldirin, S? ~d’ B °- v Ter, Brnncr, Bunn. Cassell, Child', Clrmcns. I’low. Coe. Collins Conklin"! Cox, Dmsmoor, Eddy, Enoch. Fm an. Fox. Pnuk G.ray. it. Green, H. S. Green, Griggs! iiampton. Hanson, Hay, Hewitt, llurl but. Jones, King, Leavitt, Moore, Oilman. I atker, Taync, Pierce, Pope, Reynolds, Ryon, Sellers, Sedgwick. Shepard, Singer, Smith! Stacey, Stage, Steveuson, Slrawu, Taylor. Thompson, Tiuc, Wakcman, Webber, Yeager. Mr. Speaker. c . arD Pboll, Casey, Corbins, Cor well. Dcnni?. Dolan, hplcr. Farrel. Gregg, Han na, Harlan, llollowbnsb. Johnson, Knapp, Mack* hr. Mure Morphy. Odeli, Ricks, Sharp, Sbir lere \ or is. W arren, AV libers, Total: Yeas,Mi; nays,-if.. A lengthy petition signed by 1. N. Arnold and many others, protesting against a law wnlch w ould allow mamed women to be imprisoned lc ' s«'. insanity without the tigbtiof trial by jury, was read and referred to the Com mittee on Judiciary. The special onicr of the Tloasc, General Pavne’s ictoiutions restricting Railroad aud other Cor pciailons, cjj-’cclally in the matter of paraorger aud fieiaul taiitl?, by legislative action, wa* iffen inll tnUP ‘ 'have already been re]»ortcd In General IKRI.IItf made a lengthy and able speech showing the extortion practiced bv the railre ad companies m this Stale, aod advoottinc the‘theory of the power of the Legislature to con -11 el them. As Chairman of the Railroad Com mittee he pledged that that Committee would not ct courage Um lormation of more grinding mon opolies without responsibility and beyond tho control of this oody. hi*. TAYI.OIt objected to Ms pledging the the Hailroad Committee to anything, and in some brief remarks dnnMed the conslttmionalitv of such a law, as suggested by Mr. IlnrlnnrL'and still more questioned its advisability. Mr. coNKLING next spoke in reply to General Uurlbut I In the Interest 01 ’hcrjllrotda. Colonel PAYNE followed, strongly In fhvor of restrictions, and eoi.trnlltrg thc roads. Mr. GREENE, of DoWitt, spoke on tho op posite side, and ennoraed thc news of Mr. Conk ting, that remedies could be had in tho courts. UursUon postponed until 10-mortow at ten o’clock. Adjorncd until two o’clock. , AFTERNOON SESSION. Mr. WILLI ARD asked leave to record his vote on Hie Constant lonal Amendment, and voted aye. GENERA]. UURLBUT nominated Hon. Lyman Trumbull for re-election to tha United btates Sen ate. Hr. F. R. CASEY nominated Hon. T. L. Dicker, oil Senile. On motion of General UDRLBUT, a call of the Rouse was ordered* and all the member? an auctcd except Cornell, Greene of DuWUt. OW tnanm Uampton, Ryan nnrt Smith. During the vote Thompson. Camel) and Green came In. The lobbies and nailery wore at this time densely crowned, and maty oi the nudltora were ladle?. The vole, taken tin? cocr, resulted a? follow?: ,J* 7)rvin2iuM—Alexander, Alton, Halil win. Rale?, Bond, Bawycr, Bonner, Btnn, Co well, .Child?, Clemens, Claeo, Cot, Collin?, Cotikllng, \ ox. Binamoor, IWdy, Enoch, Funds, For, Funk, Gray, 11. Green, 11. F. Green, Green, Uampton, !lau?on, Haya. llewett, liurlbul, Jones, Almr. I-eavitt. McMlliard, Moore. Father, Bayne. Pierce! Tope, Ueynolda, Ryon, Seller?, Hcdwlck, 8 hena- d, Hagt-i, smith, Moicy. Stage. Stevenson, rilrawn. lajlor, lhomp?on, Tmo. Wakvmcu, Webber, Meager, Ur. Sneaker: total ,59. /or r. L. IHrtrv— llceslry, Campbell, Casey, Conklin?, Cornwell, Dcnnla, Dolan. KnW Par nil, Gregg, Banna. Uarlan, Uallmvhnab, John* V«PP. 3»arlcjln, Meta, Murjhy. O’Dcll, . I{ lck%Sbß r p, Shirley, Vorl?, WarrenfVithcra; total, *i*s Ibp EFEAKTH declared Hon. Leman Trnmbnll <hc choice of Uip itepreeenlallvca, and thorenoon too auditors and many members Indnlßcd In pro lotipco and beany aoplanao, ’I he SPEAKER presented a report from the Adjit lam General, of the pi caem condition of the battle nape and trophies of Illinois reclmcma In bis rosseaaloo. licrcrred to the Committee on The resolutions of the Wool-Growcns’ Convention were taken np and referred to the Committee on Matutaciuroa and Agriculture, aa wore also the bills appointed a Commission relative to and fixing Ihe Jccal’on of the lodnstrial University. • State mirages were taken up. The Douse concorred m tne 1»ill incorporating the Western Mctlodl«t Book Concern ; returned bill for re newal of the Great Seal, in accordance with Ornate request: concurred in bill legalizing ccr «atn taxes levied by the Supervisors of Rock Island County; concurred In resolution appointing a Joint Special Committee of five from ibe Scnote and eight from the House, on rc-dlstrlcling ibe Stale; a resolution was adopting to appoint members ol said committee from Coa gretelonal Districts not represented by appointees Irom the Senate. * Bin.-* txrroDcCED asd nrmir.rrt. To amend Charterer city of Altou-Corpora tlons; to it coinorate Alton Fhamshootcra. &c.— Corporations; to incorporate Quincy, Alton & St. Louis Railroad Company—Railroads: to amend Assessment and Rcvenne Laws In Cook County— Judiciary; to rcgnlato costa in certain cases—Ju rldurj. .H,«,S.l I I?.vl 8 «P I ? poecd ■»*odmtnf to the Con stitution of the biate, extending the right of vot me at this juncture and with several kindred resoluUons was turned over to the Committee on Jndlcary. BILLS UmtODCCXD. To incorporate Garden City Manufacturing Si ; to incorpo rate Oak Bark Road Company— Corporations; to Incorporate Chicago Caledonia Club-Corpora. T»i° Chicago and IlH nols River Railroad Company Railroad* • f? .?J 1 T bt ! r “£ Supervisors of P Lake County 110^ d &™t£S m l ly Monument Assocl? iSu7S?£H. f ; #! 0 lftCO *Pontte Vincennes & De- Sf«^rS!S o,d V’rapany—^Railroads; In relation County—J ndf cl ary. • resolution that the on ? Bnks Corporations bo in «« ed! ? repor s, no P r,vtto which cannot be covered as well by genera! laws. • U.SS Connf 7froia ibe opera °roU,cr l0 “‘ “* Adjourned to 9a. m. to-morrow. • SENATE. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Tinrch. frora House that It had concurred 1 v., ? * 881 for organizing Boone County Agricultural Society with o B Ji"hl ment.and lhai it bad passed a bll? provldJS for the appointment of aSrate EnlomomSlt * f ° r xi l;.n.\i bT ! AN presented a petition from 1. ll.Siorkcr, Aaron N. Skinner, and one thousand Ds rorlboab °l ,t,on of all poliucsl on account of race or color. pouucal Mr. CUIfTENUEN, from the same commlitee 7 on c a ü bll , for regulating the payment of on School, College and Seminary Fund. filn* f f TOrflb| y t 0 transferring surplus oMoterest LhM rc.ain V^““ C " 1 " 1 ' ° ,d ' n:<l cnsTOMed for hlfl rcs °Bttion opposing t»?.. of Jhofanii tor an Industrial College, .i^ 01011 aaile Iho special order for ten o cioca 10-monow. ..liSf™ “f l;re»™red a resolution that the • lectors vide at the next election for ora'ralnrt tni off* COUTCn,IOn 0 torn.iHiwßUtoubo-11. Mr. McConwel presented a resolnH«« ii.uti peutilc have the riabt to lorm a n»w ConMUmion lu nny nianuer Hicy cuonse; and were not bound lV» n .^ c .V d IJtHje jray provided In Hie twelfth art!- tie of the Conslllutlou; that they have ortelnnl sovereign right to supersede the present Conatltn Hod wilh a new one. The resolutlon alsn niovldrsfor Instrucilng the Judiciary Committee 0 b * prevldlng for catling 11 Convention wlih the same number of delegates a- llie lto iso nr|fenresciilallvcp,vrhtch shall dx oday of olljc® lion for delega'es and time of meollugof said f- l . J . Tc . , . ,Uon ot . The rojoliniou was mm e the special or der for Thuredav afturnnnn. 1 I 't^r 0 °'Vt ,lk Introduced ITo fur tilflh jnfoiinollon lo school olllcerot to lucurnor. ate Holdlora Home to l.'hlcatoS to t®, severa ini* relating to the town of llyUo l’nrk. took t oun y, luio one act, iL-llnhig ine duites «fh.-M;oft lo liieniptirftln list li|m|m<r Mnmifiulmlng (.utnpoity tlo ninntirl the art Inriir. poiiillnu the limn ot Ogle" 11 "miiiil: «Vrei < liange Tin tinihn I|n 11 mllror iirraonat llhorl vi In i»«it?*V ,lW Ih l ** Ii" 1 "' Hli'iitiilnist Com v/rt * 1 Iki'nipniain |lm Ni»ihwi>Nlt>rn }' *»'* he«nl I'umpmiy j i«» ai aV} eaiah. lalituif 11 llmnn lor Hniillera' OriiltnuH 1 VJl r ni , V r ~in liieoninrnlhiii of the illy of Hsnvl In 1 to liiMir|inrnln NadhT’s Ivimiorlmui L a mpn-l (tie Hinrh M.fllio llthmfl Inlllana t, r J! " h'Coipt’rale *hi- American Anil l unslnlmii C(ini|inny ofCtilcngo j (11 lin'in-minKe lliu Maiislleld Ivliisilc Frog (’tiiiiiiauv of t lifiuiuo i o anpn nt n Heieitline Vmun Imio J"® 1 uatn tho hnnlts of certain h"r.|J whirl, llio law 111 nliitiltn from being dcalrunni 1 o lurorpo/aln thn lltlnuln l!i% SnwiSraiiCH ominnyj to Ineurriointn the Niirtlme»t!’Mi Coirit»Vny. ,|,B,lJft |U ' nc '"l'rernto lllltiuls Wtiin During the ItiUmlitrlloti of hills, Mf.COllim nl>- jfM'{*„ v !V f *V« resulnHon lumiitiling inn ■‘minle Hint Jhkcwo I Couiiiy had anncdti.r. ated two hundred thousand 'hdlnrs Vscc ire he r t n JvM u^ l r,n v ,,,,vprp, 7 ,1 w i' " ,lw .l •'» ofii’red n resniuMou, Hint when t!« ? r o 11 .ri ,, ' iv. fl,h s n '* ’•bursdny, It mljniim mli|{ | l *!r i nVJ!!!HH» f l t> i« > . t*vri? ny /s 1111 ’ nu (he Ii •« h * b Ijmlsps having agreed lo vtslMhn l'rnlleiil nryThiirsday night. 8 1 m'H'i.nin rOhrnrreil lo the limise ammidnient fi A rwiled ini t,l« icaoliiiiitn ln»inmu Ing the r iuniu|ii)iti on tluiliMmds lo Inn i|ro us 10 'm i'TV d \ y In Illhi'liJtrum all touru’s, ttie rusnliitioii nntlinriKOit thn commli. P ,V d !l r Demons, pflpnra ami honks, and to ndoiiieV, im * ~m,u ' co uf witnasses, Ku.olutlun ..’min ~» n u^wt^ wt * r 0 ca,,cd UD third i« nriing and passed r To incorimraiM the town of ranimoa; lo inconmraie Chalk Hank Perry Company: to muoed iho act cimliPsiiiug a furry Elver nt ~rn,^u.!i» N . cn kd ,l,e House resolution up j roprlallne an amount not to exceed onohundred dollars each lo memb.*ru for stationery. It drew out opposition ironi Llr.chey, IMliy.and McOou np»*’ Ike amount too large. Mr. sialic tnough* it was a question of constl !hsf Members would u.o tbe piper iney required and no moie. * * vJS? J£K lwl1 ??’ w l lh . Ul ° amendment by Mr. rn ® kin " t hc whole amount not »o exceed PnVi I ce lhoaßand dol,ar8 ’ t 0 the Committee on . wiS-* 11 to P??'1 do tor lh c poor ol Stephenson county was called np and passed. Recess till two o'clock. „ AFTERNOON. Hie Senate came (o order, when the President announced that tho election of United States senator was the special order. Sir. EASTMAN. Sir. Sneaker. I rise lonAim. S"JJ? r Ur ; llr J Slilcs Scnslor. for t4o term com .t OUr . h °' lUrCII nclt - thc llon - Lv “T* ? !lsl “ Inclination, besides the nenal formula of a mere nomination! J9.fpd «*ew words of praise of this dlstmgnlshea l? c f r ?, ,irl01 ; ? r n>y dolus JO ml-ht tS?™ I, 'i!SA“SS niwa b ? t ‘ho ren.oi.tOat •Indeo Trumbull 8 residence Is among the people ol my own district Indeed, /fear «hai, notwithstanding that fact, some may charge me wilh an ostenta tious desire lo coaple my name with his on this occasion, lor. lu reality, can It be properly claimed that Judge Trumbull belongs to my district—to one dinrict more than another of oar noble state? A great intellect imbued with ri"tit polit ical and lolly moral principles, la not the posses sion of a single district, or of a single State, but The beat expressions in onr lan guage would n*! !*“ In a dulogy of tni* ever raithlnl public servant; but It Js notmy pur pose, even If I were aide, to do mo.e than briefly to notice the shining gronp of his acknowledged virtues. Happily, there is no room for envy to play a part here. Judge Trumbull is too sccnrc m the esteem and aaectlons of the people of Illinois to ever detract from others that iu ~are. lJie , Potest glory : It la not tans that trno mi rlt seeks Its reward; and his rival* jfbe have any, are too honorable greatly to covet a place that the people have with tm.-xampled unanimity aasLmed to another losa. raatjud"o Tram bnli fills bis great place in tho Senate with marked ability 1* only saying what bis political opponents say. Every loyal man In Ilfmois i familiar with his magnificent arguments against .but worst of acosta-cp. Andrew Johnson, and is settled In his own mind that our Senator La* no superior, and few. :f any, equal* iu tho Senate of the Luited Males, lion. Charles boraner not longeintc inquired if there was any doubt ot Judge Trnmnnll sreturn? lie was told that there was fcarcelya donbt. n« JndgcTrumbullwasrerardci by the people of Illinois os an excellent Senator. *• Ibc |K-ople of Illinois are rigbl,” was the reply ot the eloquent son of Maasacbnsctt*: “ Jud-re Trnmbull Is a very eminent senator/’ I will not presume »o define precisely Mr. Sumner’s relative position in thc United Slates Peltate, bat ibis is tine, that no man is so competent a inJco as he of the imaliflrations of n very eminent Pcn ator In all this country Sir, we do well to con tinue this senator In our service. Men who do not fear to deliberate when grave questions ol state are pending, and who know howto wcl-'h their ntterances, aro not (permit me to say> so no morons as that one such can be spared from thc public service without detriment to the hpbllc weal. The times are not what thoughtful men conld wish them to b». The •sonutry has a need for calm, judicial. stable minds nt any time, bnt particularly at thl* time '1 by are wc impatient ? The toi ch of libcrtv, like that earned In the Promethean games, is in as great danger of going out from too rapid as too slow a motion. The mighty Lincoln’s patriotism did not kindle into 9 rage, and men compUlned but it held ont (o the tragic end with a steady clou. Thc Judge is neither too fast nor top >iow. He wisely moves along with events. In* heart i? with thc oppressed; bis mlcd take* Imbc whole situation of Ins country. Witness his labors m the present Congress. Fonr mil lions of black men and women aro in his "Teat act shielded by a law that not even devilish Immunity cannot evade. By his powerful logic the deeply pondered arguments 0 f Andrew John eon pud bis advisers arc overthrown; by his timely firmness tho ndn~ hones ot defeated rebels arc dashed to U is not necessary to assert, nor will i. that Judge Trumbull is the only man m Illinois who is cana blc of these great thing?. It would bo absurd to pretend that there are not others who have just pretensions to the highest honors. The intrepid and ultnud Logan, the wtso and gallant Palmer, tho brave, large-hearted and eloquent Oglesby arc brilliant anti worthy leaders ol tho Rcpnbii can party, as they were bold aod successful cap tains ot thc host* that were hurled against rebel lion. Itts, poibsps, painful to select where so many arc deserving; bul, iu this instance, it Is not difficult, for the pcoptr have <ll?UncUy pointed onl the ctUxcns whom they would honor now. I submit the name of Lyman Trumbull to my fel low Scnniors. .. *KKATpn M’COKXXIL 8 arisen. Mr. McCON.NLLI. pm in nomination T.Lylo Plckey a* follows: I rise for the r>nom«e of putt ing to nomination for Senator ol thc United States a gentleman, a soldier, a Statesman and a Demo crat—one who Is known to bo a friend to bis country and tho Union, and a supporter of the Constitution; one who in the nouroi bis country's troubles, when rebels, sc scsslonlstp ami traitors sonubtto overturn and destroy the sound institutions Icfln* bv the fa ihcrs of the Revolution. left his horns of peace nrd comfort, and not being subject to military duty on account of his advanced a.c.drcw bU swotd and betook nlmself to tho tented field, and tmt his life in Jrottrdy to i.pho>d the dag and honor of hlstonntry. Although neither this gentlcmau nor his supporter* in tho Senate belong to the boartlhg, solfculogtring, office hunting. Gram! A»my 01 the Ilepnbllc, nor come here under the patronage of any orgnolxai'on ex cept that of thc Democratic party, yet the friends of the gentlemen 2 am nbont to mention, glory In presenting him as one of the bravest of tho brrnfl, and will frel proud to do him honor by casting for him their rotes for S-mator. 1 now call npan the Republicans on this floor to makegood Uidr boasting that they love the sol dier and the patriot by voting for Colonel T. J.yle y iJ? ll . o,n A l)0w Ctaco In nomination for the office of Untied States sena:or. ■ibe roll was called wph tho following result* I'cnl.vjiANTuL'nnuix—Addanis, Boyd, Bnvh nelL Cheney, Kastman, Fort. Fuller, (srecti. Mack. Metcalf, Mnnn, Patton. Pinckney, Strain Tlncher, Ward, Webster—l 7. I-onT. L. DtCKXT—Chittenden. Cobra. Hunter. Kelly, Shepard, Weicotl, Wood- Adjonrced. INDIANA, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] iTOiixapouf, January 15. HOUSE. The Speaker announced the Standing Commit tee*. Select Committee reported In favor of the joint re*olntton recommending the payment of the in let cat-bearing portion of the national debt. Laid on the table. Bills Introduced: To repeal all acts under thlr Ucmh Article 01 Constitution; tu give cities power to control debts for school buildings* c ndcmdngAct of Congress conferring suffrage upon negroes In Iho District of Colombia; to ammd Constitution so that townships can raise revenne tor common schools; a number of bills tor rc-dlßirlcling Slate for Congressional and legislative purposes; to license loco motive engineers: to prevent break lrß onornm In General Assembly, making It a citmloal oScncc. subject to fine ami iromlsonmcnt, ana eiTjng Jnrlsiictlon to the Criminal Court of Marion County, which was made the special order for to morrow at 9 o'clock. ATTIBXOOS, Mr. MUlot’a lilU prmidine a Registry Law was taken no, real the second time, and referred to the Judiciary Committee. crtyu 10 Adjourned to two o’clock to-morrow. SCNAIH. ATTSBXOOX. Ihe BWMtserf' the Governor wm referred to appropriate committee?. Xtie topoiounent of clerki for cozanitteea wtf CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16. 1867, CM.*idtrcd. and one authorized lor CcmmiUesou Orcanlzatlcn, The* joint rescluhon favoring a Ship Cacil around Niagara passed to a second reading. Bill to appropriate seventy-five dollars to pij Ice expenses of the General Assembly passed to a ■econd reading. I Ur. MASON Introduced a bill for Congreasiotil apportionment. \ Mr. Bennett, a bin defining who shall be comte tent witnesses, wuich admits the negro upon tie witness stand on an equality with white citizen*. , The House resolution suspending the sole of tie sinking fund building for sixty days,was adopts 1. large number of bills ptesed on second real- A MU authorizing the purchase of rail, plank and turnpike roads under mortgage passed. Adjourned till two o'clock 10-mor ow, when de bates on the Constitutional Amendment wIU be In rder. WISCONSIN. ISpeclnl Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, HVIb., January 13. SENATE. The Commissioners appointed at the last session lo revise the law ror assessment and col lection of taxes, made their report. Senator Todd Introduced a resolution Instruct ing the*Railroad Committee to Inquire what l-?tff!£ < SM Taß i ,e S CBeBr y to Hontand regulate the citizens from exorhl- E 1 if 0 ??, 1 * 8 ’“ nd lhe commllteo were nulhorired j" ( c"™ e , n s™rh." i, " p ' rs ' nnd con,pei t-cnator Lsrkms ocbrcdabill to amend the aril 9, ?. 0 association oftho Milwaukee&bt Paul ilallroan Company. r r 1/1 e 6,0.0 to mediate chapter nineteen ol ciicotds 16b ' ,v * Ure 10 tll o custody of the pub- ... ~ assembly. follow* j a!ldit,ff UoQ,ni,, ke9 wife announced as uJCTaUr.’'™- 11 ‘ oma, ■ ' oolcm “' Tnffin.M«"nT M ' r "- N ° ,CroM ' Vmr ' Bralll '' o^^o , %M’™. l "* sra - ° mr ' ° !e '- ‘ Sc “ lludr ’ art '™> Nccaimm, n,rr “"' ,tcl,or ' "' ta ' Ikmiiit oijATioHs-.Moiars. I'lilclfer, U. J. Mur rey, Jmid, Kmd. Itnyc*. * ur t IlAti.tioAiia-Mcnrta Fmi'o Graves.Skceli. Itnh. FlibL F. Allen, J’lillllps, Abrams,Diiunlwld uic. Htatk Fiiisor..Messrs. Iboclor, Whiling, t'nt ••ift-r, (Imncr. Himlny, H A !\ U f , *WU' r «I.«IST iRSmPTIOHS- Mc«srs. Heed, t’arey, .lnnr«. Monnm, AUremi, liIWN ANU t'.H'Htr GPIIANiaATIUN-MlMSfl. Mom, .1 Allt-n, DPmnr, Wtiifsworih Msr**on. ASKresMkMrAMptbH.uirtioN orTAxxa-Mnasrs. Meek*, Watcihnry, Wilding, llssi'Hlim, Waxuii. Rohblna, Van Vulki'utuiig, Kllbmun, ll.vtln, Millxr. HnmoL AHIi I'NIVBIISITT I.AMII*-Ml>Mrs. Mo- Dill, Hlbilj, Folilo, Ib-nnolt, Wntcrlmuy. hwAire ANit Ovkurnowßii LAMUs-.Mossrs. Himp, lliiilmv, Nichols, Wilcox, Jloenu. Amiiri’i.TiJiia—Miissi*. Btishuoll, Trucsdeil, are, Hkupl*, Gault. MiNißii AKiiHNiutNit-Ilbm Hoolcy, Grocn, 1 nllinnl. Dow, Knidl I’uiviLctiKf ahii Hlark, IliTtirl', (.alhc irl, PruUli. McGrath rcMtimi am» MANi , rACTnniM.'‘-tt' , Hrii. I’uuti'l, »fcMvc*l* lln«on, Kvtilirdy, McDlll, n.V*"~Messra. IVoiillm, MrNiilr 1 , Morse, Iliicklwr, Wm»iier. ' Mn»u ,iK ' lUaollllK*, Walt oil*, ‘Mrssr-. Hobart. Dyer, Hyde, W. D. Alton ami Ifnppdpll jvpip appointed u eeled cuiumtilou uil Mm Klylil Hour I,aw, i *V r :i 1 ! y . or / I’* NW , y , » yl»> wiim«ohi« dm amsih. Itlv dlNiritft ln uhlrii Heimior lloimilln oio'rpd ilu> foljoivtoir pu;mnblen nml loaolituoiui \) mtmuH. Joint M'BOluitmia were jm«o I n( dot of Hut h’t-MfUimi of WUrou»lu,o" Plmllitf JMo l»u MimHiiy of tlmu Juinos It 000. Hlli'lii iiiil|{ii Ilio ofllco of UnUml KiattM Honaior, In which n'Boimloni .hU courso amt voioaumn muubiitfla rtaviiml liy Conaivm to secure normi. n«*M peace nniliiroft'clloo to ilia peopl-, hU dim. beduuce of Inslrucilona by the Legislature to volo for the passage ol the Civil Rights Hill, and bis desertion or iho can»e of Unman nirhu wore fatly riTllod as reasons for Ihua declaring It to bo his duty loresign: and U iiereas. honalor Doolittle bus disregarded »t> resolutions and the wishes of the people nr Wisconsin therein expressed, and yet adhere* to h*s seal in the Senate in violation of duty, and did In a speech In the Senate, on the s>tn of July last, wrongfully attribute the of raid .resolutions to a tyrannical Republican caucus able to control a majority of the Legisla ture, and has repeatedly declared in public speeches that Iho Legislature which passed such resolutions d:d not truthfully reflect the voice of thepcople; and, '~A9i Senator Doolittle has renounced fidelity to bis lonner professions and principles, and has deliberately pat himself in active antag onism to those principles of Justice and equal righ'a which should oe the foundation of. repub lican Government, by unit-ng his political for tunes with those of the enemies of the Republic; has grossly betiayed a constituency that elevated him to the benatorshln, and by faithlessness to the high trust confided to him, has shown him self totally unworthy of fanner confidence and snonort; and Whereas, The people of the State of Wiscon sin, nulLnc their voice with that of the nation,- have delivered their solemn verdict in direct con demnation of the purpose, policy and coarse ’of the Senator, and thereby adjudged him guilty of u flagrant breach of political fast; therefore. Urtolr.d By the Assembly, the Senate concur ring, that berator Jamesß. Doolittle be, and he If hereby, instructed to resign Ids Senatorial of fice. That the Governor be requested to forward to the presiding officer of each bon<e of L’ongiess, and to each of our Senators and Uenre feiitativcß *n Congress, a copy of the foregoing preamble ami resolutions. feeler Inirodnced a hill to repeal the act of IS»Wi, relating lo tnu Mineral Point Ratlroal. Several other bills, local and unimportant, were introduced. . „ . _ , . . ihe bill Introduced by Larkin, re’aling io the St, Paul Railroad Company, provides for raising additional stock to cover the cost of con structing the road from Colamb>iJ to Porlacc, cud iron Watertown Junction to Milwaukee. MINNESOTA. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Part, Minn., January 13. HOUSE. The Consttutioual Amendment passed the House to-day by a vote of 41 to 5. Every Rcpub- Mean present voted lor it. and three strong Democrats, namely: Wm. Brisbane, M. Kanin H. Ilalpccr.

E. F. Lewis, C, H. IJenrfn, A. K. Maynard, N. n. Winer and Edmnntl Bice distinguished them* selves by negative votes. Tlie resolutions oCcrcd yesterday, requesting Notion to resign, were to-day referred to the Ju diciary Committee. 'lbcStandmg Committees were announced In both Houses to-day. The Chairmen In the House are as follows: Ways and Means. D. D. Johnson ; Judiciary, N. P. Coleman; Ballroads, Dana E. King; Public Laid*, C. S. Brown; Federal BelaUons, VV. W. Buck; Education, W. 11. Bunnell; Towns And Counties, I*. W. Savage; Mißtarr AsTuirs, h. fl. Kennedr: Incorporation, W. n/fwizard ; Inolan Aiulrs. Bowen Yates; Agriculture, B. F. Perry: State Ptl*nn. 11. A. Jacbmrn; Claim*. Felch; Insurance Companies, A. C. Smith; Charitable Institution*, L Pope; Koads. Bridges, ami Navigable Streams, J. K. Smith t'Banks, C. K. Baris; Printing, Aaron Gould; Elections, S. W, Knapp; Commerce, J. H. Donaldson; Emigra tion, L. K. Ackers; Public Buildings, P. W. Stvapc: Bales and Joint Buies. J. A. Becd; state library. C. A. Wheaton; Mines and Miner als, J. K. Bandall; Change of Names. S. A. Kcnin. Joint Committees—University Lands, Dana E. King: Taxes and Tax Lanas. Bicdgett; Agricul tural College, A. K. Maynard; Printing, Ayers. SENATE, In the Senate the Chairmen of Committees are: Finance, Samuel Lord: Jndiclar~, 11. L. Gordon • Elections, Warren Biistol; Claims, J. V. Daniels* Education, D. P. Temple; Public Lamb-, A. Arm strong; Internal Improvements, J. S. Armstrong Federal Relations, Warren Bristol: Agricultural and Moimfaclurinc. Lewis Porter; Military Affairs •LC. Whitney: Corporations, J. 8. Pillsbnry: Banks, J. B. Wakefield; Railroads, W. 11. Gale: t heritable Institutions, O. P. Perkins; Towns npfi Counties, Adam Buck; Indian Aflalrs, Lewis Porter; Public Buildings. 1), P. Temple; State ITison, N. C. Draper; Slate • library, D. P Temple: Printing. N. C. Draper; Immigration. Adam Buck ; Change of Names, J. V. Daniels. Joint Committees—Taxes, Luke Mt Icr: Agri cultural College, J. 8. Armstrong; State Univer sity, J. 8. Pillsbnry. KANSAS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnnc.l Torxxa, Kansas, January 15. The Senate to-day defeated the Joint ■ delation relative to the school fund.which It was afraid, tf auipl'd. wontd have made a dangerom Inroad open Uat fund. The Joint resolution to amend the Coniilmtlon restricting snfirngc to loyal men, wai ra*«ed. A lapse number of local bill* were Introduced. brutoiUi ilMk uncharged. Senator Boss ar rived last nlchl and waa eerrenadod. General lllont has alro arrived from Waahington, bat Is not now considered a caudldatcTcancuse* aa< held every night, but no results arrived at. ben. ater Pomeroy has a plurality, hot as rot cot sum i tent to elect. MISSOURI. Jtrruuox (‘m-. Mo., J.rninrj u.-Tbo ioocl.l order of the Home to-day, the resolntloos recom mending the Impeachment of Provident Johnson, weremetred to the Commltleo on Federal Kela lion*. Concurrent resolution* wore offered that a Con* vcntlon ot all the States of the nation be called by Congress on the 4th of July next, for the purpose of amending the Federal Constitution; also, urg ing Congress to provide for the early Improve ment of the navlcutlon of the Mississippi River, by removing the Hock Island bridge and other oh eductions. Charles D. Drake was elected United State* Senator from Missouri by a vote of 113 to 47. Blair received S 3 votes. WEST VIRGINIA. Wmtrujfo, West Virginia, January 13 —The Legislature organized to-day. Hi the Senate Hon. Wm. E. Stevenson was re elected President, and E. R. Ball, Clerk. In the House D. s. Pinnell was re-elected Speaker, and W. P. Hubbard dirk. Governor Boremau's message speaks encour agingly of the renewed and increasing prospenty of the Mate. Bo recommends a repeal of the con fiscation law of ISGL because It has never be *n entorted, is wholly inoperative, and embarrasses business, and recommends the propriety of re pealing the usury law, as repelling and driving untcapl'al and enterprise. lie says the revenne reports exhibit a gratifying state of finances. Daring the past year personal properly has increased over S 3 per cent, and real estate snows a great increase In value. Be re commends prosecution of 'the work on the Insane Asvlnm, and says the report on fmblic schools chows a gratifying progress n. the. work of education. ue urges the iao?t liberal legislation in support of the schools, ard provision tor tbo Agricultural College endowed by Congress. Be advises die legislature to provide for s speedy geological survey of the Stale, and to encourage Immigra tion to the State. The mcstacc concludes with an able argument In favor of ratiMitg toe amendment to the Con* filiation oi the United Slates, and saya it was the at-solnte duty ot Congress to take cortrol of the rebellious Stales after the war, aud under the circumstances, the terms of restoration proposed are cot vindictive or unkind, much less unjust Greater maroanlml'y was never shown under kin dred circumstances. The resolution ratifying the Constitutional CONOEESSIOSAL PBOCEEWH6S. WaanaoTOK. January IB SENATE. A number of petitions were presented. Inclnd. ing one from the citizens of Bellefomalne, o Sa. asking Congress to prohibit any person addicted liquor, from holding office under tbe Cnitcu States Government. Mr. FESSENDEN, from tbe the Committee on France, reported a hUI authorizing the Secretary ol the treasury to delegate to oneol his assist ants authority to sign all warrants for tbe pay ment of money imo the public Treasury, and lor the disbursement of the same, certified by the proper accounting officer. 3 The credentials of Senator Campbell, of South Carolina, were presented and tabled. Ur. HOWARD called np bis resolutions of In gniryimo Mexican affairs. offered on the Bth inst. tic alluded In his remarks to the unjustifiable nsnrnaUon on the part of Napoleon, the pretext of which was the debt of Mexico to French sub jects. Nobodr could credit thal this was the only copse. Its object looked far beyond, and was the entire subversion of the Mexican Government and establishment of (be imperial power of France m.fltr a sort of Protectorate. Onr Government did not make any very strenuous efforts to procure the withdrawal of the breach troops. Tlie war has been prosecute by tbe French with bitter ness. and has grca’lr involved onr rotation* with the legitimate pmrom of mat llepnbllc. Our In terests, and those of mankind, require its termi nation as ipccdlly as posslb.c. He desired infor mation on the subject. •Mr. BDWNKTI gave notice of an ameudmi-nl that U-o comiulttrec be instrue'eu to report If, in tbelr opinion: such a report Is expedient. Ur. KtcUOUO.'LIi said ho wonfd object to such amendment. . ■ ti.® morning hour having expired, when the hill to regulate tbe tenure of office was taken op. Messrs. JOHNSON and DDCKALEW spoke against ibc Mil. r wl r ; DOWK, at the request of Mr. Edmunds, Withdrew bis jmrdlng amendment. Mr, HENDifiCKH renewed his atnoodmcnl, of fered yesterday. Mr. HUMNEII offered an amendment, as su nd dlltonal notion, that alt olllccrs or agctili ap pointed by (tie President, or hy the henb of any Department, who e salary or coiaponsniton, Uc lived from (fees or othervtae, exceeded fIJJOO ntititiHlly* shall be appointed by the I'rwliiont. wy "htl wllh I* o advice nml ropscnl of (ho Hcuslo, "bdlbolijui of ait piuii officers niitio’ntod since 11 i^lri B ‘"* n ' wn Ul " *“ Bl drt > Wr.kllMUNtlH oiiposp.Hha ,amendment ns de rtl‘7 (be mil, >i .HUMNf.II hoped It would hn adopted Tim * H'wlnuiil piof|«ittH'(l Ills IntcoMop to knock nieii oul otomu'. li was ilia duty of Congress to pro* o, ( I •' mpMl»iujli« ah'im.l ' Messrs. CKAGIN and FEHMENDF.N opposed tin* llOK'lldlllMit " •••» «'■*> «ofit'Si'H a resolution calling npim Ilia licads o| UcpuMtimnta corn 11*1 of mm iVi I '?.'!!* ,n, ' , i V , . ,lrM ,r,, n» Mnieti lih, null, to March ilh, IM<h,witlt|ihn causes i f m t. o\al. Ac. Uhjoclcd to uiat goes over. 4 Vt lullng Dm eooshhx at I o ol tlm bill and amend iimiU the Henato mljiiiiiiM'd, Go miPion of Mr. HPAlilifNd, »Im rmumiUae mi loniinnc-* was reqimsieil lo <mns|dor lh» pro posed Iniiuovaiiiptil of IlioKt, I’lulr Flat*, Mfrld mill, by a how ehnonel or eannf, and report a hill, tnahlng a spi'illle np|iio|iiinlton lo defray Iho ex penses. , . Gu motion of Mr TIIOWniMUGF. Iho Meere •n»y “I JJ nr wu* directed lo commuoirnk' tlm re* pori of Brigadier Gem rat Crane, of tlm survey for .♦ho Improveinniil of Hie HI. • .air |lais, ami all olhor reports of survey ?.« *f«Vi h . ~# » r ? f, i r l ' ,, ‘ tyl'rnvonieiil of navigation on the Great J.nkes and eotmocilng ilvrs. , Do umilon of Mr. conn, lim mlticooti *»'nlM | t‘ , nl Id report Urn farts con ticclt d with llm ramnreof Jeff Davis, nml tlm n> iitcclloii of Im Fourlh Mlrfilgan nml First W isconsin Cavalry llpulim-nls iiiereuiih, On imilloii or. Mr. DKMING. or Conn,, IlmU'itya and Means Commiitre wax requested (olmjmro imoilie oxpßdiHiryof repodliig an mi re/«»wn iixondeiimsito rltfars.nnd leduolng the specific Inx Use dollars p«r I.imhi. * i. o, ‘?lM on<,fw . Pl * toSH ' , i‘e Commlllmi on In* •Han Aflftlrswna ln»Murted lo inquire dlllßetdiy and orompily Into the nooimgo slave trade exist ing to New Mexico and Colorado, ana report an ret lo aernre toj>pis«ns wlihlo the nation llherly ami vqnallly heforo the law, without dUlliicllon o. taco or ro'or. Mr. DONNF.UA Introduced a hill to provide for I be construction ofa wagon road, fur military mid tioslal purposes, from Fort Abercrombie, In Da hotab, to I-orl Denton. In Montana Territory, ard ctvlng four sections of public laud therefor. Re fciii'd. On mnlfon of Mr. ICOOK, the Joint Committee on Dencnchmcni was directed to Inoubu why. In the strlngi nt condition of ihe Now York mouev market, the current balance In the New York Sub-Tieasnry is constantly Increasing; whether aiiy of such Increase arises from the sale of gold; whether any gold belonging to Ihe Government ~ , t>ei ; r ] loaned to any pen-on or Institution Wiibln thirty days, jf so by whom, for what pur pose, on wbat securily. and to what amount. Mr. WARD, of New York, asked leave to offer a preamble staling thnt It Is alleged thatla-ge numbers of disloyalists voted at cne recent Mary land elrctious; that tbc armed forces of the United states now oidcred by Federal authority to and did co-operate with the Executive of the Slate and others who were engaged with him. In over-riding the Consttrntion and laws and securing the vote of ieh<U and disqualified persona, and deter ring loyal voters from the free exercl«e of tbc < leclive franchise, &c., concluding with a resolution that the Committee on Elections inquire and report whether the Con stitution has been violated as aforesaid, and whether the President, or any ot-e under his com mai d, has in any manner Interfered with said election, or m any way used or threat- ned to use the mbi'arr power or the nation with re'ercnc-* to said election; if so, whether It was upon the requisition of the Governor of Maryland. Objcc lon being made, tbc resolution was not tceelved. On motion of Mr. WASHBURNE, of Ind., the Select Committee on the murder of United States soldictslu South Ca>olina was instructed to In quire into the murder of Coptdu Montgomery, lu lexae, by Confederate soldicts, under Geo. W, t bilton, cow seeking admission aa a member of this House. Mr. EOONTZ, from the District of Columbia Committee, reported a.-ulret th«{meraorlal of the citizens of foreign birth asking the same rights as negroes. Tabled. „r M r 1 of Mr. BOUIWHLL, the vole seconding the ore viou- question was reconsidered. F nir. 1-Cv •'.VSJ-1- S>» v, . - i ;= amend Ibo third rectioir, known as Edmunds’ amendment, aa fol lows : “And npon farther fundamental considera tion, that me legislature of said State, by solemn oath, shall declare the assent of said State lo said fundamental couditioc, and shall transmit Co the President of the United States an authentic copy of said act, upon receipt where of, the President, by proclamation, shall forth with announce the fact*, whereupon said funda mental condi'ions shall be held as part of the organic law of the State, and thereupon and with out further proceeding on the part-of Congress, the admission of said State into the Union shall be considered as' completed. The said State Lcgis’atnrc shall be convened by the Territorial Government within thirty days alter the passage of this act, to act upon the coedition submitted therein. Mr. BOUT WELL spoke in eunport of his amend ment. The dabalc was continued by Messrs. HALE. LrBtOND, MAYNAHD, DELANO, FAUNS WORTH, iiIGBKE, KELLEY, ALLISON, HILL. STEVENS, RAYMOND, WILSON, BINGUAM ASHLEY and DAVIS. The discussion was limited to the question whether Nebraska should be admitted as a State while her colored population were, by ho Constilu'ion, de prived ortho elective frahchise, and also as to the t-ractical eScct of the condition Itanosed in the third section. Mr. , ‘ i amendment was adopted by a vote of 8T against 70, when the bill passed— lo 3 agalns t 55. Ihe bill for the admission of Colorado came up. rhosome amendment as above wa,« adapted, on motion of Mr. ASHLEY, by a vole ot 81) to M, and the bill passed—96 against 60. Mr. KELLY presented the petition of 2,171 citi zens ot Richmond, Virginia, for the ‘appointment of a Trovi ional Governor, naming Judge Unnct weed. Referred to the Committee on Rccon etruedon. Adjourned. FROM ST. IOC IS. How Ilic Test Oath Decision Affects the Conservatives-Tllstakcn Identity—A New Radical Paper Talked of—Ha beas Corpus Case. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Lotts. January IS. The decision on the Test Oath is claimed by the Conservative" bcrensnitVir.-lng the voters’oath. It is proposed to make a test case of a few voter*, and carry the same to the Supreme Coart for de cision. Probably the Legislature will amend the new Constitution, striking out the oath referring to teachers and preachers. The Mayor of Belleville and other parties ar rived here tbla morning, for the purpose of identl ;>lnc t he man arrested yesterday, as the murderer of the Belleville merchants. It proving that the prisoner’s face only boro a resemblance to the real murderer, he was released. The Treasurer of tho Southern Relief Eair pub lishes a statement from which U appears thrt the ■o’** receipts of the grand fair amounted to *; expenses to f1U.04.L55. Balance to be rrer lied to the charily of SIM/hW.fQ. Oflhl" fI2LT43.Cs was paid to t6e Distributing Commit tee, tbr remainder being applied to the relief of applicant-, or sent in goods to the Sooth. it In reported that a new Radical organ la to be established here, nndor the management of Charles A. Dana and other parties not named. Acutlon* aofi«ra eariivt case via decided yes terday in the Circuit Court. Mrs. Bhd claimed ):o.‘Svsaion of a xnnl.lto child, whom she had adop,cc from Tennessee. Having allowed the gill to visit Mr*. Pailmore. tho former preferred remaining there. The Judge decided that the girl wa* free, and could do aa the pleased, so the />o&A<*«'orpua was dismissed. Weather milder; Icc hcav.v.abd navigation sus pended, excepting for ferry boats. FKOM JLYSCUBUttO, YA. Serlona Railway Acrldenl-Cap Thrown from Use Track on the Virginia Ar Tennessee Railroad—Bleveu Persons Injured. f.pjcbnrno, January 11—The Vitvlnlan has In telligence of an accident of a srrious character on the Virginia Si Tennessee Railroad, which oc curred to the up train on Sunday night. a mile and a half east of the Central Depot. Tor train was running along the river blofT, at which point the engine snapped a rail in parsing over. All the ears passed safely over the break until the sleeping car came, when the tram was thrown down an embankment thirty feet high Ihe accident occurred at 11 o'clock at night Eleven of the passengers were wounded, am on-’ them Colonel J. S. Sidney, Galveetom Texas, shoulder dislocated; Major Gonldmaa. Galveston, had his right arm and hand inlured: S. W Bollock, New York, face severely cut* Geo. T. Gregory, New York, hand cat and hurt In the neck and shoulder: Mr. I.ytle, FortWavne Indiana, bark injured; Mr. Packman, Tennessee’ shoulder and eye bruised: Mr. Watson, Pniladel ytla, brut in the head slightly; Mr. Mellon cociinctcron sleeping car, badly hurtlnrcrually’- The wounded were conveyed to Dublin, eight miles distant, where they were properly cared far from Havana. Continuation of tlic Financial Panic— A General Bankruptcy Feared. New Yobk, January 14.—Toe Herald's Bavana correspondence of the Ttb says the whole capital of the Banco Espagnol baa been disposed of far $1,87t’,000 over and above it. There Is $3,000,000 is circulation besides. The people entertain droug doubts of the financial fumreof the Island, sad many predict a general bankruptcy. Cotton Steamer Runted* Hoxtooxxut. January H.—l he steamer Sunni South, with l,<is bales ot cotton was burned on the Alabama River, below Selma, on Friday night. Los*, $175,000, mostly insured. One paa emger supposed lost. Tbe Currency Question* ~-Tbe Philadelphia Inquirer says: following has been circulated among those SSeS ffiffiKr 10 H* Bystem °SirfwflSSanl £s»h?«%iL pltn of returning to sp»de payments i!KSK^ WDld ko cosnuenog. Hi? P, lain le S»i tenders, even at tne rate now authorized bv law m ono ooi ■ monOi), Is likely to M ’ 000 * OC3 a ton 13 no Proof of there being any mon *7 to enable the bn*lne« o 011111 1! to move emoolhlv and the banks pro? 6l, rcaervoe and prompt reoemp thiHSl.*® 11 ,fle contrary, there his been at times Pf* 1 J«ar a scardiy at certain points that & Mnk no P tS. Sa ‘ tendCr notei at 8 prcmiam 9. Because contraction will he constantly mak ing the qttandty of legal tender notes less and le-s m proportion to the quantity of bank notes ; tenting to make the legal tender notes, as they oof ome scarcer, more valuable in popular estima tion In comparison with bank notes, and leading, as the process goes on, to boarding of tbe legal lender notes by tbe people, to a possible premium on tbe legal tender notes aud a consequent with drawal of deposits, nrd not Improbably, to pan ics and runs npon (he banka. 8. Because in 18C7 and lender compound imprest notes will como due and be withdrawn, and as these ore largely held by tbe bank as reserves, this will, In itself. I># «d important contraction. Spech* payments wtu, at some time or other, and in some way cr other, be resumed. Noirrv dttmabU paper money system can lost Alt finsccisl history proves this. The Interest nf the batiks Is, that the legal len der notes sbaU not be contracted. On the other So I .'fl'JiT BaDtesystem will never be safe nor firmly ( stabllshed until wo again pay specie. m*ni? , . erL ’**°£* ho "mim,l c”n“r\c'u™. " C,m 1,0 ‘"'’“S' ll «6>«‘ conaillon of the backs, all over the Do^o " cn . k onp - Their reserve of legal wtln'ii 2? o ft* ,o bc •nfHctc-nt, as compared N ,hc?o legnVipndcr roles, wnV.i L^li nkJt wcrL * nil gold, the batiks JJSSJ l ,?^ y - be ~ t i a „ Boaud. „ Boaud . condition as specie if n^ B ‘ .. Ir » the Govornment can. contracting Ihctr quantily, convert Ihcso egal tender nolcs into gold, the l*ank« tberelre •ccome speck-pstlng hanks nlthout cnrlrnrMtig '• iilVuUtiVrkk? B ° ntS UoUar, nllb '’ at »»•/ ollbrk The Government can do IhU If li wilt. Dm Government has no x alloat Ta 3 MHX.qi«j of V.""’ cn,i wc.hwke these iquknlent lo gold f Mete cotilrncll'iu will not do I. For when only inilfllnil ntiomit of legal, lender t otes had been Issued limy were not tquei lunoid. ('onlmelloit t* likely to Innict .i*ltcss and expose u« ktphtilrs. and (hen fall In •hi l object lor which Him distress was inrliued. < on mclhn tuny. Ihrouulipunotal distress, lessen iilhli'uui lo sucli an exkni as in nnikq Hie iminir li M mi7 y ttlll 'u'i«hlhere will bj loss uf »i7i. M *2 ll ' ll * •'« u rerrnim In yuUt of, any flMi.GHi.iinnycsr. It Ims to pay lu gold ovmj jm»i, lor nh iesi, I'iii.ikhi.l'Gi. Here remains a ■ imijns ol gold remnin ol DH.ikni.wk) b year Vt Iniiever (l*n Goyenminnt run save up half a« much gold ns H im* |,>gnl lender mtes oiil, nil tils legnl lender nnlcH Will hr eqiml to uohl, For If ■he hnnlis, oiih n reseive ol Iwemy-iivn imrcenl of epn ieminr Holes, can keep (heir notes eqiml .o lignPeniln*. surely llm Govermimut. wufi n I esorfe id M y prr cctil in gold, rnn kei p)(« notes Hjiml In gold. If, llieti, llm Trensuiy timl Imtf ns t.nirh gold on mml ns aims leg* (ruder tmlos 1» chculsUoo. M'O legßl lemlet notes canid Im kepi at uarwlih “Pjcle, pinvljeit the gniii wn» s)mrlHciilly appro mlid.d fls s reserve ngalLst (I,* Holes., InVndi ,r . L ' nl vw***. ,| * nfiiie i nnhs would he turned Info gnld. In such V M, I ~ MI **| vjrnGlsj ssh of tlm hnnhs noy* blue hn(‘egni leiMler potest nop, the notes he* k g n lawful tender, could invililng rtso 1m do* nmndru oMhem, if our hanks are now ready lo puv h'gal lender nole*. limy would he equally ready (o do so (hen, wtilnmt any change bniiefr business, *| hoy would Ihus liticonm siieclo nay »l*g hrtPka wllhnulcuuliiuitltig their own business one dollar. hl *?. '.‘ mv o, ‘ Iwirt nlimil eih.DUO.tHKJ in specie. m has nmimiMnied this P.iifi' lm.l .limp. Nn one has frli any |iie<mvotil> imu Horn it, II has nm iund>< money srnirit. nor • Ulsnl Hip pilfo of gold, Unlit was higher last .lima, when ilmlraaiiiry had Uula op no coin in iMiol. Ihan lima liven alnco, under Mia ucrumii* anon ot gold, Kenplmr gold In the rreasmv. u la proven, due* not male- money semee, no)liner gold, and laimig In greenbacks, invariably mahea itunoy acaice. ' 'think whether 11 ho not Iho Interest of the bon**, to have this question disposed of at once and loreverby ( bo as not io leave It to the discretion or any a law •o this eflect: * l. Repeal foe laws for contracting the legal ten ner currency. si. Forbid t els'ning.ot prpi/nf, of any more -•Ofl.hcnnnp bonds; because the gold intcrcH rata np the gold revenue. a. jipju oprtafe by law aU tho surplus gold rev enue beyond what is needed to p»y interest, to a fund to do kept In the Treasury for the ftituietnot •mmenlatß) redemption of thn legal tender notes. The gold must be appropriatui by law to this specific purpose, for otherwise the people rannot know what is going to bo done with If, whether it is really to be kept as a reserve against the notes or may suddenly some day be sold. In this un anccrialpry the gold In the Treasury does not ».ava Its Just and full effect in Imparting credit to uud raising the value of Iho legal tender notes; or, |J» olbef words, in pnttlng down the price of gold, wton you make greenbacks worth more in gold, you clearly make gold worth less in greenbacks. The advantages of this method are; 1. No contraction of the legal tender currency. 2. No contraction of the business of the banks. 8. Noscarcflyofmonoy. 4. The prt-sent state of doubt and uncertainty would be done away with, and business of all dcnce l)6 frCe t 0 S ° ° n octiTc] ? anJ confl- 5. V, hen the legal tender note* are (without con- Unction) raised up to the value of specie the Gov ernment will be, practically, specie paying on all its contracts, and Government Securities will ne worta as much in cold as thev now arc in paner. for the paper money In which the value of Gov ernment securities is measured will he Inst as abundant as now. and will be equal to cold. 5-20 bonds, now worth lees than eighty cents In cold, will then be worth nt least par In cold. Twenty per cent will be added to the value oi the Govern ment eecmitics held by the banks, and twenty nor cent to their negotiable value abroad ; wl.icb, on the whole debt, amounts to $500,000,000 of addi tional strength. * * ’ Ul One more year of such revenue from Imports ,' T « had last year, to wit: *199,000,000, would, alter deducting for the year’s interest, leave SICy.(KO,OOO more gold In the Treasury than mere is now, making sl7<,ouo,gio. Hus would accrroplitb the whole thing. The whole work v.onid bo done nt the custom honao, without pinching (he business of the country. If ibis process should, at times, make cold a ljjle»carce In New York, that would trouble no one, except the few who pay duties, and would >imply oblige them to bring In Irom time to tlrao irom abroad, wbat additional cold they needed, importing so much less of other goods. or would 1 rurent the gold wc ourselves produce every year from being exported. It would not raise the price of gold, as has already been proved; lor last summer cold was, at one time, \° scarce in New York that one per ceal per day was paid for borrowing 1L and the Cus tom bouse was then taking in $501),000 a day :at • iiis very time gold did not rise In price—it tell uainiue ibis well, and ll yon agree with its con clusions, urge Congress to have these things done rhfs winter, and so put an end totbis troublesome question, which, so long os It is open, exposes the banks and the basme.-s of the country to dan cer. It is a mistake tn suppose that resuming specie payments, provided it is brought about In the wav here suggested. will give any shock to the banks, or require them to narrow their business to meet It; they can keep up their lull volume of business, while the legal tender notes lying in ;hcir vaults are being quietly turned Into the equivalent of specie. it is a mistake to suppose that any share of the responsibility of resuming specie payments rests upon the bank', or that they have to do any thing, by contraction or otherwise, towards It. The (Jov. mment has simply to make its own notes (the legal-tender notes) equivalent to specie, and the work Is done. 11 is a mistake to suppose that Government can do this by merely withdrawing these legal-tender notes Rom circulation; it must also provide gold. Jf It took In all Its notes and provided nothing in their place, that wrnld not‘produce specie pay ments. it would simply leave ns wltbout any law ful money at all. To take awar even bad money, unless at the same time good money is provided in Its place. Is simply rain and confusion. It is full lime toa't some permanent financial policy were adopted, and that policy made known not only to officials, bnt to the whole business cnmmnnlty. To this end the policy mnst not be regelated at the discretion of any one; It mast be defined ny law. Steadiness and confidence are essential to the prosperity of business and industry. A policy which like this, docs not make money scarce, does nothing to Impair confidence; on the con trary. as. while leaving onr money as abundant ns before, it Is every dav making that money of more intrinsic will imparlootb steadiness uod confidence. Sicbixxoe.— About six o’clock last evening Dtt clivc Simpson founds man named John Kelly on Monroe street, trying to dispose of two large and msgnlficentiy-bonnd volume", upon which «cio engraved the name of Rov. “W. U. Ryder.” Simpson, after agreeing to take the books at S 3, though they were worth S3O, arrested Kel y and took him to the Central Sta lon. Upon searching him there was found anon his person a minister s jobeand port of a act of Dnrgfar's tools, consist •dp ot nippers, turnkeys and a boring Iron. Tho t i f agreed to “ turn np some points” to Slmn son. the latter asking him where tho sliver was. At about 3 o'clock on Monday morning Kelly en tered the Second Presbyterian Church, at the cor ner of Wabaah avenue and Washington street, stole therefrom two silver communion plates "“r.Vl.'.V* cup ‘ , Tb . oc bc “ snouted” with hi" l tide the pawnbroker. In certain circles John •skiiimn by the nnromantic name of” Nosey.” Staubwo Amur.-A case of unprovoked, itnd perhaps fatal. slabbing occurred abont three o clock yesterday afternoon at the piano factory on the corner of Sedgwick street and Chicago avenue. William> Thompson, a painter, who ban -thought by some to have been to the rebel service, became provoked ala follow* •unkmin named James Tonne, a voun? man almni (wt'iiiV'or.o rears old. on account SfsSss lirifSlrYlbiNSJ ”l D S “7 I'* 1 '* *n“ r *ij about six Inches lore, ihrust it into the side of the other. He was arrested at a ffi; a.'l lo« t d ’n l h™ N?r", ■bo hon«' oTib. 1 HS'' oundca “* nw M laketi to «> >ho foreman. corner of l.’nlrnco WTDMrafdiuSf. " re "’ Wh ' re b 0"« ta • «•»- Ac'i. lop ail .• ,1" ******* advertisement* b. ,e “*t*og papers ihrooahoni the Lolled States end Conados. Information aaaantrti! shepherd, Formerly of London. qootM to >«1»S be 1. tS B wotauuS flmllco. fagnoil LECK - 68 ClmrlOMt, 13j)otogtapf)a. “I srsfi ! J r SL IMPUTATION 18 AT Brand's Popular Art Gallery, are Y. Scamnoa aod CMonel w. o. sffira p w22^v p! i , * eo:or * llo oU * b r Proc, ftw&^^CHAT%p Y Mn^Si^.2 a^tUbiUon tot a 148 uSestZciviniM U 2k4 eb 8 T 1 ™ Art GaUCTT. NUMBER 222, art association DEA^TCVG OF THE ART ASSOCIATION, ON MONDAY. FDU, LIST OF THE COMMITTEE. Mr. Grau hating kindlyditpengtdwith the reh*ar»al <V the Jtistori Dramatic Company, and placed th' fviue at the dhpoeal of the O wmUife during forent on, the droving vitl remtnence at noon, inttead Qf in t*e«/r<rrnoon, at hat been announced. following gentlemen now compose the Commit. •IAMBS H. BOWEN, President Third Nations! Dank, Chairman. W. f. COOLBACQD. President Union Ksttonsi IVu.k. ASIO9T. HALL, Treasurer Chicago, Dur.ltutton A Quincy Railroad. J. A. BLLIb, President Second National Dink. K. 0. UALLi ol llstl, Rltnbark A Co. CLINTON DItIUUB, of hwlar, Drlggi A t’o. . 9l JlChß* President ol the Board of Trade. JAMB* C. FABOO. Ascot American Express. FJOVNCIB A. UumiAN. Ki-Lleounsut Oorefflof. I. 1. MUNN, of Muon A Bcoll, elerators. PUO.II AIIItOAII, It F.IikMMON. President UuMrsfd Nallout) Dank, llo'tnu. ' UAVJIJ PULBIFKILof FnWfcp A Payroll, iteaioi. i MAHLkH P. bIICRNBy. President MsMsoolt Hans, Pull Hirer, Mam. HAMPIcI. L'AM'NKII, real merchant, Trinity Hutld* Hit. New V« rk. 11. M, MKIiDF.N, late I'ashter Croton National llsiiV, New York. Mli'HAlitiHMiril.ol L.JplmaonA Company, i/jn PoMelm. I'liiladeli'lna. ’ ' Colonel DM, lI.TTIMMAR. Hour inorrliatil, PhllAdel* phis. PAtITI 11. Nlililil.RH, ilnifsiri, | | |illAd«li>liU. WAMT.II INdl’llfiUl.l., Cashier NmII-.mihl liiinranen linnki Unroll. H.H. HOWhK.oi Calender A II mac, hankers. HI. t.onls, Mll.lvN UURKN WOOD, Clnelnuall, Ohio. gTlic j&UaUtig gifnaou. SKATING PARK. iiitnrnr wtiim tun tint Soldiers’ Widows and Orphans UKLUiI P OPUNTIIIfI AVTUUKOON ASP ICVKNINO. BX»LKNDTD TCD. Full Great Western llslit Guard Hand tiiim byknwo. MOONLIGHT I arusic: mirth : JYJASQUEHAUE! MLLOW HIOONI.IOHT, Magnificent Music, Much Mirth. fy^ASRPERADE. merriment, mirth, 3IOOXI.IGHT, MUSIC, jypISCJDERADE AND Fancy Costnmo Carnival, At the IVASniKGrON SKATING PARK, to-morrow Clhanda;) evening. QENTKAL PARK. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT, great expense. 01 the “ ,cr7 Great Russian Stilt Skater, Kerr SiTTOWSKI, JHiose unprecedented exploits oo his salt states nave met with reptnrous applause In everv cltr in Europe in which he has performed, and the entire mtss arc unanimous in pronouncing max wonderful bf j-ond belief. Dne announcement will be circa of hi? first appearance. . * PAH]K, OPEN TO->’IGHT. Grand Fancy Dress Masquerade, Carnival on Friday evening. Januar; IS. QRAKD NATIONAL Skating Tournament, COHMENCIN6 JANUARY 21,18G7, At Central Skating Park, PIITSBURGH, PENN,, Prizes S4OO and fSXHn Greenbacks, and the Champion Medal worth SSO. The best gentleman skater win re* rciveapilzeolftOOlnGrecnbacka and tne Champion Gold Medal worth SSO of America. The best ladr skater a prize of S3OO and the Gold Medal. Three ol each to secure a content, the winners, if challenged next season to akatc (he contest on this Park. Entries to close on the 20th. Addres* THOMAS A. SPENCE, Secretary Central Skating Park, po«t Office Box G7l. Plttsborgh. Pa., for cattle* and partlcnlars. C|OIJDIEEs’ RELIEF fund. The West Side Skating Rink and the Washington Stating Park are taking np the tickets issued by the Scldl-rs* Relief Committee, good for any afternoon or evening during this week. There will be a grand Carnival at the Washington Skating Park on T hnrsday evening, the 1 »lh instant. Buy the soldiers* tickets, and thereby save the little ores, lett by onr Alien defenders, from the biting cold and starvation. Help the loved ones of those who laid down their lives to save the Government and ns the protection ol the law. Their protectors helped at In our need-let ns not forget their cry for food and shel ter. THE GRA3SD CARNIVAL AND FANCY DRESS MASQUERADE, To come off at the CLINTON-BT. SEATING PARK, corner Clinton and Jacksonsts., on Wednesday eve! nine. January 161 L. 1 Frre admission to those who come In fancy costume. Good music. Good Ice. ■^7" ABASH-AV. RINK. ‘ OPEN DAY AND EVENING. firandCarnival To-morrow Evening' Motor*. POWERS and LAFAYETTE will boon bund. SIDE RINK. (.mini Carnival This Evening. ICE SPLENDID. POWERS will be o& band to instruct, tbli aitemoon and evening. QGDEN SKATING PARK. OPEN AFTERNOON AND EVENING. The Best Ico in tho City. A GATTZUBATTBH CODS!?. gfeirts. gOMETHESG NEW. INVISIBLE HOOP SKIRT. A, a. DOWNS &. CO., financial ]l TONEY TO LOAN. ■*The subscriber has several small sutnaol FLSOO'and 11,0(0 to lean, tor a term oi year*, on real estate se curUr* C.B.HOSUER, Att’y, 85,000. FITE THOUSAND DOLLAES TO LOAN For sixty or ninety days. In sums to sult,atten per cent Apply to C. J.BAMBLEToN t Boomao Larmon Block. T CANS ON CXTT MAX. SSTATS. FABREB A LYMAN. Nos. 15 and 17 Portland Block, are now prepared to negotiate mortgages on real es tate in this city, through thclrcorrespoadenaiaNeir York and Boston. ffilofljing. QLOTIIJNO. GREAT (iim M E N’S B O Y-S ’ CLOTHING SIOO,OOO Worth PINE CLOTHING WILE BB SOU) AT SOME PRICE, Before Ist of March, 1807, TO CLOSE THE PARTNERSHIP A. T. HKLDINCJ & CO., 08, 100 & 102 liiiuilolpli-sl., IMirHly Oiitmallp Mmiimmi Huuai*. Krlu IJultlirntloua. m'M«m;innni'AV POEMS, BRAVE AND BAY. liyniKMlNi; AUMH.I), nullior 01 "Hfirt," Ono VOIUIIH' rlllftll Pd. lUO'lluit lurtf.U, Hill |n|l, fUO ‘'Ororjin Arnold po»m*m»«.i ih« PrompiimAimiiArlfoi ffrnltlß, mill l>rdrtimt A |>dP(tU UtO HtuVilnhlß Ufilrr ,if (lttmr»."=(N. v. iribarm. SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS A YEAR ' AAVuoUutl.-.riAiiomiviDtfua.lcrlJltfli prices. One volume, mmo, fl.oo MN«r#. Tlclmor A Field* have become proprietors oi the popular WORKS OF JAMES PARTON, and li»uo this day new cdltloD* ot the LIFE OF ANDREW JACKSON. Three volume*. Large Umo. |9.00 the LIFE OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Two volume*. Large l2mo. f 6.00. These works have been c&refully revised, htdssmely printed on tinted paper, are ot uattonn style, bound tn morocco cloth. For sale by all Booksellers. Sent, postpaid, on re ceipt of price by the Publishers, TICKNOR & FIELDS, Boston. General Notice?. CARD HENRY H. COON, ESQ., will from this date bare entire supervision of all the agctcles In the State, cutsldc of Chicago, for the Phams Mutual Life Insurance Company. For agen* cles, Ac., address UENRV H. LOO.N, State Agent, SO LaSaile-st. CIIAS. P. LAHEV, General Agent. 'J'O ALL BITSIISTESS MEN, Id city or com try, who want to make so Invcstn eat by which yon can make ter fln'Urs for everv one in vested, in three months. Call, Immediately, on D. MANSFIELD & CO.. Boom 11. No. 17 Labalie-su, Chicago, Or tend stamp tor circular, "VT OTICE —Notice is hereby given that Edtrsrd Llchlenliitrhas rf9len**d El* position as fcwretarv cf the GARDEN CITY HIDE AND LEATH ER COMPANY, and Isno iongtr lu their employ. _ JOS. FARNSW ORTH, President. Chicago. January Ist, isct. jyjESSINGER & 'WRIGHT’S ‘ CASSIMERES. Those standard American goods are made In a great variety of styles, aud arc &11 cf superior quality and fln -Ith. Gentlemen ord-rln* either entire suits or single Laments will consult good taste, as well as economy, y giving them the preference. For aalebytae Mdr chant Tailors in all parts of the country. Q.BOUND Oil, C ARE is the Cheapest Feed in the Market Fcr stock of all kind*. Orders nromntl v tilled tor cash, by E. W. BLATcHFOKD A CO„ No. 70 North Cllston-sL fßusical Instruments. EA BENSON, 117 SOUTH CI,ARK • st„ Chicago, Importer and Jobber ot MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, Italian Strings, &c., &c. Western Wholesale Agency of the celebrated ESTEY COTTAGE GROANS. Also the UNITED PIANO FORTES. PLEASE SEND FOE PEICE LISTS. dFor MERCHANTS’ UNION EXPRESS STOCK For sale, as follows: sll paid Is. at «a 14 paid in. at It iTpalaimnt it Alio, American, United Plates. Adams’ and Wells. Fargo & Co s Mprej* Slocks ot lowest market rates, by HOO&hTAN hit, THAYER A SLOIIDN. Bankers and brokers, 71 Broadway. New York. ■jyjEHCIIANTS’ UNION EXPRESS STOCK ForialcV Qinxinv -i HAWLEY, *.ro>cf». No. 7 Reynolds* m>■ Dcst bom it. (Coal. J-JAHD COAL. Reduction. $13.50. I hare ICO ton* l.achnwans. Scranton and Puuten Coal, bought ihl* summer. tn U»bt. UVi Yard, all »l«w, well •crrcnnl. aim in-eimm *niw. which l win do tvrp anywhere Inside the cltv limits. in aty sue or Quantity, at rs.N) per toe. Will deliver promptly. Call at the office of riMs. niu H IMS Sooth Oark-st., Room l*i, old Provost Marshal’! Office. VOUQHIOGHENY COAL & COKE i co., Office 17 Chamber ol Commerce, and corner West Flnzle and Grccn-sU. Coal at reduced price*. Carmel, and Mineral Ridge, Pittsburgh and Coanells vUle Coke. AMES A CO. T ACKAAVANA COAL. «S tens Lchlcb and 300 mas bert quality Lackawana Coa’, all fire*, on consignment. Must l« closed oat. Those wanting Coal will do weir to call on 03 befbre purchasing elsewhere. RENO & LITTLE, 10S W. cor. Indlaaa-Bt. Orders through the Post Office win receive prompt attention. Sisaantefc. A BUSINESS MAN, expcneDced book keeper, desires a SITUATION In a ready-made clothing »to:e. to enable him to learn toebaatnecathoioarhly. Con lend his employer lIAXI. Address “ C A.” Tribune office. 2Eo Kent. nro LEASE FOR A TERM OP TEARS. - S 7 feet by 190 feet On South Wells-st., east front, between Van Buren and Jackson-st*. Bent low to respectable tenants, who w 111 bind themselves to erect good Improvements. Ap ply to JOHN GUNZENHACSBK. iHastmlc Notices. MASONIC.— Thos. J. Turner Lodee, No. 4G9 A. F A A. IL. at Blair Had. this (WED NESDAY) evening, January ICth, at TN o'clock. Work on the HI. XL. Degree. JOHN E. PETTIBONE, Secretary. hotels. T HE RICHMOND HOUSE, CHICAGO. $2 , SO PS3H r» a -y prssai R. SO3IERS, Proprietor, iaacfjincti). M ERHITT & COtGHLIH, INDIANAPOLIS, ISDUSi ■ OEALEBS Hi COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, ■And TVooUcn Factory Findings. SHI™- sssssm Roll cards Always on hand. COTTON WAHPS & CARD CIOTHINQ Ot all kinds. „ j _^"_EecQPd-tiann_Miu-tiUrt; r y on hand, tor Pile gft'Hp. toartitoare. stores. Bfct. JJAUDWARE & CUTLEiiY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Lalio-St. The attention ot close buyers Islnntedto our com* P’«te stock Cf COOrEllS* MACHINISTS 1 nr-l CAlt -I’BNTBItS‘TOOL*. AMERICAN TABLE CUTLKRy ami nu LI) tils* 11A 111)» A Up; direct Irom Hie best Wc offer, also, a complex nssvrtinent OfWOSTENUdL.M'S PUOREt CUtLERT. PPKAR A JACKBOfCB FAWP, JOSEPH RODUERP A SUNB* vV/vo" 11 , 8 Bt'.iyk" l ? l stuiius » iiorumirs Fn.F.s, also BKATF.B sq<l Rtraps of crery description. PC 'l,^t , M.&” El r A , 'ifT n ( ii , Aa &r ua * n '“ C. >i. Hfm*. Buw. pnageurr. B. ÜBUinMtt.. fJatfiictotil)), po-eAUTNEIIHIItf NOTKIIS—-I tmvu w ' JhiailAr flaa.irlaietl wi'ii toe In hn«lt*r«a Mr WM. MFlNkMANN.iiiider llicflnn twine of UM t«* Mtuy. MKH A i'll. CIIAH. eillMtUH. /{heiiiit|er«igtiH|lmreil.ta.tsyfiitmcd * i.i i.artrurr* slilti for im*|niMKM(nf carry In* on His IntaliiMsot uTiromiAPUY In all ti« tiranrtiM, nndariha natna of CIIAK HIIUIIDU ale CO* Mtlhrut Inereaie.) in iumhi, and hr nr.iinnt alien- Inn hi Imku’m#, we cut nn'r Imne i.» telatn ail old I jejiils, Iml also In an-nre a |[|»**pal slmrn nf new miss. Milne, loniiitail inriier of Uae and iilara-«la. niMWI.UTION Ot^'OOPAItTNKIT A/t.PA 1 ~' l v ; nr "‘ (.1 Klttl * “ u “ rOIMItTNKMHtIIi* *OTI('«. TUp hH.lpMlMfir.l, llrtrrl* 1.. I.»<poM, of ir»« firm <*i LoomM ,\ iliMKiiiptH. Oiilt'Kihui, OM.r, Anr* P’int Unit nttil PIT^V 1 * flfm Hint 01 Imuk'hl, Uitn *i u„ I■<»H;p imrtmtp rAmin* mi I*4 jMt!:. ,h ..UUMOVAI'.-llAVlng ip->««niiP m^ « Mr»'u.. w«» »m open ilit'ff iTti ihu toil tuy «»r Pun™. nitu-ij of t' luwiy nmn iwmiirwl. Msnnn.oi.i«/i’|oUw, PiiMimunt», Sriilutfß, aim tutior our •tmitir wri; rt, MurrU U Luopnlif, will 1 rmniu fn Now Vorif. Blvnltf liUmiir* miunUun m iliuimrmonir of utioou, enabling uu, ihermurt*. to otfur aui-crior Imiuiw* IU.TU Id onr»u’lduiur*. uml id (ha ir«te aenerilly. Oillct m Kbw \oik, |;it| rinirm-sL 1 i.L-orou), Rrrr * iro„ *JI Lafcc-ii., Chicago. V tlbbOl.UTlON,—The coiartncnhlp fT.. - a tliril ,•;« !♦»«#nn» DniJer Ui« name and atrte of J*° s. IMIli i.II’H ft CO., la this day ilUnolveii by mo tumcomru. Rutter partial will alsn in Unuldailoo. DANIEL UObS, WM. D- PHILLIPS: A. JL PaLMBK. WU. A. PULLaR. Chicago, Jan.l, 1367. T*e undersigned will continue the manlsctore of Doors, Blinds, &0.. As heretofore, under the firm name ol PALMER, FULLER & CO. WM. B. PQILUP3, A. tt. L'ALMKU. Wtt A. full Sr. Cllcago, Jan, l. 1567. /CHANGE OP FIRM.—I have this dav V ■ as*oclnlrdwlih roe tc *m«dn»»9. Col. W. att(T m3(Jer,b - nnn aimeofß.V. K ™c^o S ,J*S,.«7. E.V.8388158. NEW Flßai. Tfcencdemened have this day formed a copartner ship tor the purpose ot dome a General ComdaxtaM business under tlte name of n * roe E. V. BOBBINS & CO., And by giving close attention to business, and OSt hope to secure a liberal share of patrocan. jjg' Particular attention given to ailing order*!* Office 82 LaSalle-st. E. V. ROBBINS. W. AUG. KAY? C. M. HOWS. Cl icago, Jan. 1,1567. patents. NETT BURNER. THE BRILLIANT LIGHT ! LIGHT! The Last and Best Invention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner! with. A Heady brilliant Light. equal to tins, to barn ordinary Kerosene* adaptable to an* lamp. *So See is to be Convinced/* t&~ State aod County Rights for sale by A. R. SLOA3T, Adams Home. QARD’S PATENT EKICK TCLaCHIim Office acd manntactory SIJ South Jefferson-rt. For information and descriptive circular addrm „ K. R. CARD. S3 South Jeflersoc»tt-. Chicago. Extract of 13eef. >JRY TOURTEIOrS EXTRACT OF BEEF, For Family Use. , INVALIDS AND DYSPEPTICS, Bbonld sot fall to use Fcr sale by all Druggists and Grocers. gTongtcpiments. QOARSE SALTEOR PACKERS’ USB. 3000 bosh Coarse Foreign Salt, lOOObrlsNew York(o,forsalelnfots as wanted, 52 * UNDERWOOD A CO. *P|RESSED HOG&—WE GIVE PAR XJ TICUI.AK ATTENTION to th<» sale ot Dirwed Bogs, and always see that each Bos Is correctly weigh ed. Advances liberally made on shipments. Weight Rita and stccclls furnished when desired. Office No. 89 La*»aile-at. E. V. BOUDINS A CO. QASH ADVANCES Made on Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRESSED HO&g ToNcwYork. Also, CTIPROVIiIONii IN STO3B. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, 15 Chamber of Commerce. CALTPETRE. CBUDE SAZ.TPETBS, For Packers’use, lor sale by JOSEPH II.PIIELPH, Bcntfsirj). "TNO EXTRA CHARGE lor Extracting Teeth WITH* OCT PAIN, by the twcoi'NUnm* Oild.. Gaa. when aril, fldal one* are ins* ml, at PIiKUO'B Tcaul Rooms 7(1 Sooth Clark-st.. Chlcsao. IWttnu » Now Teeth inserted aoroeday ai extracted. T)R. J. O. FARNSWORTH Ajakea nn extra charge lor Extracting Teeth without Pulo, by the mo ot Mtruua Oxide Qaa. when artificial one* are Inserted. 1 llonandolon-st.,cppoaltoWood’! Masenm Set* of Trelh oo Rubber. 113.00, gjbjo. liJropoßalß. nro TELEGRAPH CONTRACTORS. A, “THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC TELE GRAPH COMPANY.—proposals for the Immediate construction or the follow mg divisions of the AUantle and Pacific Telegraph Line win be received by the un dersigned antli January ro, iss.; From New York to buffalo tfa Albany. Prom Buffalo to Detroit ria Cleveland and Toledo. From Detroit to Chicago cto Michigan Central BoC road. Further Irdormatlon and specifications will beftzr nl>hed on application to the onderalgned,accompaatet by proper reference. • ' E. IT. VAN KLEECK, No. 130 Maiden-lane. New Yors. iHtmirs anb s3irtures. Gold islow—new goods are LOWER. HENRY WIGGEES, 118 lofcc«st., Chicago, Has made new arrangements with New York and Teu ton houses, whlchwill fairish him tr e 'at- 8t styles a*d Eatterns or rich mcnors, frames ano pictures, which ewM sell lower than any other boose In Cotcago. Mcce he has reduced his old stock be lays In a larger assortment than ever. Pteare give bun a call. Kusineus €arTrs Q.ILBERT & FIELD, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, (Successors Co cflbezt, L’pclke & Co^) 103 W'ashlngton-et. CUAS. J. GILBEBT. QEO.FIAL^