Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 16, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 16, 1867 Page 3
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THE CANAIPORT AVEHUE MURDER. Irial ot James Foley for Urn of J. F. Paclns Second Bay-Tes timony for tlio Defence. Ttto ITloro TTMncaaca to Ire Examined. The trial of James Foley, under an Indictment Tor the murder of Jacob F. Fames. was coatlnnod yesterday In the Superior Court, bef ntJ Chief J ub- Uce John 1L Wilson. There was a larger alten'l* an c o &t the Court than on the first day cf the trial. ' and dminc the ailernooo the rgoio became so unpleasant!? boated that 000 of the witnesses tatnU'd away while gl'lo2 his testimony, Ihe prisoner appeared to five h'» utmost attention to the teMimoiiy. “® ookedoonon*and careworn, ont tno e«me quiet dem-auor he has all along oxbiniwri, ncrer once changing his potlllon the »»holo loiw were railed predrely ••*“ when the nearing ol testimony w “ *f iS? naVt of mass of cndencc was the | ®j the defence, v.Uh a Tier of time Polcr .truck the Wnl Ido* on I acin,lK T.M in tbe heal of pnedon. lt"> fb« “‘i™ Immediately after tlic prereratton. aud a minute*, intendcl.P*cd bclwccnlne protoca-ioa “■TheMrtwi called tor the proeecnllon yo»- boose rs ahoti* on? ymu tol’iutcs SS?Vo‘ev £S m myVdmm. lie n.Uod me for a S’Kml-SomW-I dam only eera Poloy twice . a . a d, v Torre were two junsotwwuU him Sbra llisScii myedoon Ono of Uicm Henry Tnl - n i:pp.Ni*i;. qi,a urnscctiHon hero rested tnelf es'C* Tjio vllllc.«.torlilK defence rcre Uicn called In ilw fiilmnloit «■*>;; o. macK'raUi «norn. 1 11.7«,;; rVo'Tn «<« Ln»lur*«. <*nd I’Rvr bid d >ard forolkbl yeira. 1 l»»ve km-wo dcfci'dfttt lor about too icBT«. ll« v>a*m wy employ for tevott yearn. I futmln.* o plaiiini; mjlU nod hr worked with me from a toy. For atom Hirer year* t« worked m mtlueer. ho left my employ \u WM. thuwiiod * «*■» • puucvaWo, faut* *\U tuau. 1 huovv Ul» ccomal character fur peace* ♦euoM «vd oidur. H wan good. ~ ■»uiik*l for itfiula n«r now jiroflereil evidence •■mr that the lUndjut. m> to ttu day wh«“i. •inter «aa committed, tad been aaober osccnilos o».jeclcd to the ad* ■( bucl* testimony, ou tta ground tut bj« *%' i. -nclcrjor>obuciy did u'llafl'Ci I' lo 1 2S&HIt6 — tied (list (he tael ot his being luloil* -,‘ufiiflcfttinn fur the crime. DIUS Pr* was euetauicd. Ui« court ruUtu I ,-UlliO ** nony was not competent nl thU A as no evidence bad yi been ad* "■» the prisoner was drunk wben 1 n cons , 1 . vrbcrc the wound was in- Debate in tbc rtddw be in the breast. VCDS 5 Reconst 9 aadfe divided tlctt u as Jtonvnres _2* horizontally, and — 1 «<j e r the arm pin , - near where ,tc .Sj.eech cf Mr. Bingham m-„,d ? ot«« to the Measure, character of w v*kv *«• clgc o p lutoo - *,Qlch made the was wider at flic top FROM «• AN'SA CHAVES iiivaJlCu.aa Caralport avprne lam .uli lay iui-'-aui. i Urn occeawd, jcius. since lust -March. I lived nest door P_ioWs place ofb 1 know the Thi? wlic end child by eight. I rcco.lcd Uc cation ot Mr. Pact us being killed, I saw the cfendanl ra»s our door. Ujs wife and child and another man car* with him. The oilier min was earning the cbitd. The defendant was prftty riiuak. lit eiai'geicd. as ho r leaped 00 the suit-, walk he «*avc *Lc dog a kick. Air. ladiis was fitflurting’ ihorc, and ho tools hold or him I saw Paciu- raise hi- hand to strlße and Foley stag* gcrco back. They commenced lighting. lacma took hold of Fofcy and dragged hua imo nxa •saloon. When they came ont Foh-y said “Hid I strike yon first? Pacius shoved him away and said “Oct a ‘ay, 30a tl— loiisv s— of a b—.“ With >hal Foicv tnr,«eJ back; bo cid not po -out of my si«bf. He went nbonl iwcnir fool from Paclu* place, uc came ar.M ViJ not s..y anything, bat stabbed rac««»- I'acius was standing on the left hand yule of the door. I did not see ulm mace the blow. Alter Folt-y kicked the dog b« came mwr racins, who then raised his hand. Foley, at that time did not strike Pacin'?, as far a?-I saw. ibey con tinued fitting for two minuted. 1 was weere 1 could i;c the contest I yaw no b.oua pti ncl:. Padns na" dragging Foley 10-vard* the m'oou door. From the time they went In till H,v iS ml not more Una amraott ckl*ct. l-i* Other MU ana Fate V w.fn i,. »«U llmm. Mm. Fakir neared Paolnn to let Lira no. lie dla not mem u> knrv kimot hla ar“. C jWii»:w not coniiilr ""I. bvt r«,u o ,i Wh *n Foley came ont ol n c saloon h. hart bis baton. lam certain of that. I tttd t*H Kiro'he j 0 v( t,J« hat, 'J here was a con c S i i«*i.vccn Foley ami Poem* aa thi T came oni. \Uien 1- oUyMurlert home Paclut* wrnl I unde and then came hack to Ihc door. I did not *ce FoJev that tiighl n-alu. 1 ht-aid Foley say toPncJus, “Hldl surke oral) 11,-0 vou urst?* I‘acluH leplicJ, “t.o, op 111 makL Voir d—- quick." He did not drag Foley that I know of. I don't know if Mrs. Meyer wa*. there. , I saw her on thc-irtcwalk when Pacta was tasHc, niter he was stabbed. Faw the son of i aclna there Wb«n the two wem fight m 2 ‘he boys came ont and set the teosulww. the dog commerced barking. When Foley returned ho was^walking- When be finally went away 1 don 1 know whether he walked or m-. liv J Jr Quinn— When F oley went awa> v the ol.icr man was in front of the duor-. Tla-y wont »'uy together. the man firm and Foley nfier linn. Folcr had not to pas* my bouse coins home. Mrs.’N.ycrV house is we*i ot J ama* him.\ if Mrs Mover was on her eldewalU anewonld have t*oon nearer to Foley than I was. I am posture Foley had bis hat on when ho treat »war- I *%r , him hcr-dnntrclhrforehcsi'uid.ibeniou. Ho esme from Ihc blacksmith 9 sh}"uulk. '\h l -f , h*; wcniawar helor* he struck tbe blow bo went to the end or Uiusldewntk. I can't my * pec or pot. When he returned lo come to Pawns 1 wns iihn.M fifty feet from him. There wjfl no on the sweet. Ho went in the direction of his Tne first I saw ot nlm m he returned wn* to front of Moyer’S house. Ho dirt not CO <wt of my sight. Ho did not go lurdier than M.-rcr’s sblcwilk. Hhru lie siailcd before the ala'-plng « ‘be other man w«s ahead ot him. He t• turned utnne. Isawhim miikethv W»w. 1 was aW-ut twelve feet from bim. He thou started to u» n l '! "urel. Hei-ntbe »lde*mU .nM1 »« on U) the *itr«‘i. lb* did nnlco olonff the side v «ik. /h/rt./«rcr 1 ani i*ot urtatert t» holey. la t-o hnofe bclwem radus\ aaloon .and Hie WncksniiUi'H shop. The Unrkanriito a shop Is s *'//l' > Vr ,, r V »'/J/i/»--Foley was nht« lo walk nlone. J saw Lo one a*slp»nif him. Ho w,h nut so nrunn bt;l he rotild stand and walk ny lilnmnl. Tt,.* foml then artjourntd at 0 tjuurler-pft'rt tr M T |rnll-ra«l two the Court rc-ronvrned. when the hc;iilii2 ul tcsllumny «a* nafolluwa: »»S. J,oV|«\ 11MIVI.Y, re on*; I lire til r»n- *’U I’jumlpott arcmi-. I am in'Miied. >i v husband*? mulcts Ftm.cls Harvey, \ i.«V.uiakci: I Itunw l oh-v i.jr sight- I know Mi. Krill. I Hvol lira llonw rnjl 'll Will, on lilt- rnmr -III" of llni .Ilrrt. I irroM.-rt l ii iirrs fiuii o( 111- iloiilli. I raw FoW wilh.t rHnl»s. I on-. ati'Tidliii* hi the door while 1r I'*'“ , ed Willi L'« H.. t ,1;.... 1.1. ally mil rlilW. .llir I m ii I'.ctin- "11- iitt.liim; Fiui v mil of lil. .111000. Foirv mimii mo.'ll bmimcu 1.1... -.,1.1 “i.M roiir unr. or I I n, o U'n vnil. M 'Kidey wrW west Pout Uv M.heii.'*"' HW «hkw.dh. Alter ho hst r.r,. a I- u tisres pm in* went Into t - e sabrnti n..d ♦ tJ" il .umn ntid called l'oJ-y ad . vnil » W cflineh-ic h. I il l lort see if I I*.o« n: lUilh< r«l Ml MIC lihtrtniiljlh e shO|i. At* i , , Wll* n«ni H«rtvM«e**lwW he P»«w.iJUtety r 3 ) («' ft t*Pvh si ft IftHwmh. VaM* *ft‘ hi hi"own Ih.’.V ( ...w Foie) limhft 111 * hhl‘. tie waa out ~f !.U st/'lit not mote Ilian h"U a ♦nhMitewhMilio ••-iruino nliei to ngauay- I d*»n i nuownxmny 1 mrV *! | ..\\•• imtiM. I-. 11" Innih t Hmohitfubt , i,i,i,..ii..., 'r,.i.7««. ■im'. *•«<•*• »'rt n.* ! s\. I'lbii* to tb‘ iu ** t.etv I le'Od Mis. ruM Mia was Lorn-hv M'" liiin* l«otil|‘ '• ,i„ m, FoVy did Mrt mah« tt ny vv%Wnw« b» t'.n ilia nimn he iniiivd Inin oui. 1 saw notdiiua '■'i'Ve.V.inmlm'-A-Ml ilcMl fs t'm sflr'on.J limuft i , lr ) t,„i u Fai uo * talooj.. There woiJ Iwelilji' or il.ui> iin n '-n the sldewdlU. 'lliey renrilneil anil n v ere tin !■’ nheli Foley Cairtu Imcli nud s»nir’i lha * i.liih I V.Mitrt see loltm rtlslHi.e’i ot twftiily I ~! mi dll oV p »■e miyrtveleet. After Fol .V aUt.tia.l Pudus no nim Utert m nrrcst or J ,u r*«B Jdm. I!” . (l . ucn>** (he stnet In«*rjtv»*r» ten or J, , ,o i'.-....i..0n i1...«1.1."«1U,'c*.ii mo H.i.l ihr iJiuiie- ..bill the fatal blow vra* ruuck. Fo l.-> I aim- fiom arrow the street when ho slrnck J 7 (hi* him.. I coulrt not be mistaken abmit that, * if nile r naiti.M said lie camo along the Rldcuatk V inn/t liilsiukcn, lam positive he came l ur /iy p!VVcV/>lniian-l have no very correct Idea • ot lie dl-larcc. Some n«Tsoli« Mood between Sw and Foley wbi-n the blow \vm simch, hdt I could see through between! Uiom. I knew foiue or the people. Ttn-y wcvc Imddwd around ;j*.\ucl live .t.ft.r. When t dcycAltic back to MrlwC (be blow be came arrows Uie etiect. There wa» a « wagon in front of the saloon, i saw idmcooto over oy the ws?on loueue. That was bah a min ute alter I bad seen him so away. Jty Mr. I>wt»n—-Vlbrtirachc passed the wagon tongue tic was colnc slew, l did mrt tak** pir tu'ular notice, but I saw him coming atoua at a nn lty coodjjg. He did not stagger. Itebn.ttn come across the street ip gc: by Ihc wagon longue. There was a Undo! bridge alPaclo* bouse where he cunc across. nns. ELIZA oeittes Mvnrn: lam ajmarried woman. My husband* T.ji:iie i* Bmlel tJcrten. Hui« a *bos»«ak«r fltjn Cana!pO f t avrnnc. I knew Mr. Pacini in bis Ub *tlnie e’cv-n years. 1 lived two bonsw *ooth from him. I donT know the defendant. h»ever f»wbfm before to-dav. On tlie evening Piclus was killed I taw the defendant pass hv my house, going west toward Jetierron street. rhere wa« a woman, a child and another man with him. lie looked oc If be <w badly drank. ou the fiduwalk- I eaw him ?o Into Paclus m* loon. I did not see wbat iianpcned tnlne aa* loon. V.Tren Paclu* was la front of the blacksmith's tlion, Foley and be had a quarrel. Bolorfe that 1 heard the dog cry. 'i-'e hijhy be tween FoU v and Paclos was in front of the black* emit*-.’* shop. I did not sec who commenced It. I heard losnelhlog £a!d bot did not oi.dcraiaoa it. I did not tee F'oley go into the saloon api X did no: t-ec him come out- 1 eaw Foley standing outside oi I’acios' sab on door- I did not ace him do anviiaajr. I did not go over to the saloon, nat stopped at my own hocse. My boosts was at utai timencxt door to Mr. Pacin*’. 1 saw Pjclqs take htldol Foley and strike him In me face. That . was ou the exde walk. . „ „ * remained a 1 the toe of the difilcnliy at my own When Pactus struck Foley they were ln , r /° thohlackHnlib’a shop. My bO i»e I* ou thp.vast I lie. and the blscLemUiV la pa the *^ L ' Padua* hou s e. I was about thirty to thlrty-Avc feet from tiirm. I don't see very sharp. The blacksmith's shop was not Upbled that evening. •Between my hontc and Pact us bouse ihere ls ten fce\. Bis fol la eighteen leelwide. Tho black smith's ahop is right next to Poems. There was W_ Jhoat forty.flx feet bet *• ocn where I was aUndlng Foley and Pacins. I sro ralhcr near iffifhtcd. Witness was here asked lo Id*if phe could. what time U was by the clock »n the conn room 1 cannot tell- I eaj that t could tee what parsed forty-sl* feet from mp at nicht time. 1 know Mrs. Harvey. Mte stood rearer to Foley than 1 was. I flrat saw Mrs. liar* • vcy that evening when Paclafl ws*» In Ills door. When I'acln* and Palcy wrre Cghlloe, I don t know where Mrs. Harvey stood. Mr*, tjwes was in the float of her own house- 1 saw Mrs. Pi* clus take bola of her man, and would not let him out jibe was walie from ihtrtr door, That was after Ur. Padilfl struck Foley. 1 saw Foley C n towards home. I did not ewi when he cine back. I can IcU the time by th<* dock when I am at Lome. Witness was requested to look al two pollfceincn among the audience about twelve b-et from where she stood and say if she paw anythin? pceullcu on their do not pee ftOTtblac on them. I never had any trouble with Mrs. Pious. I have not been on speaking ’ term* mill her for a year and a half. I have lived Itcfldc her as a neighbor fur a year and two your dsnghter arrested and broughl ho* # fore Justice rcbocnwiM on complaint oi Mrs. J *i*S**iuefilon wb" objected to aslnMmpcloat, and the objection was ft.-labrnd by‘ « |^«rt* Hu Mr. \vtiAanan.~ When I saw Wdu* strike l oir* on the sidewalk it was knii Into the saloon. 'Jho light camo from the by which 1 could sec. I tm netr*i«Utefl. J do not know how uiaoyflnpcrs you hold tip. J do iiul ki ow whoi yott bold In your baud. jiy a Juror.—Mm. Oravt'f lived la the **®® bouff with me. M cnwAiib CAftnotx . , •trnm : 1 #w abas maker. At tbo Umo otPjclua Vi. tf ji 1 ll« d a uhwk and a half from him. On the m sight of Hu* dlfUctilly be* him »« d Fmey. I know Poly Uu nni Dul klckcfliho doc* Then Tucms colhola of hVm slid backed into the saloon bull nff • vri?ev him. Af'cr they were Cher* a UUlo the'camooot w the floor, whoo Paclua sUofed him •od Foley paid “DldleMkc yon r , j n^Hn fhired him-a second (lon and a«ld.Get’ yo «r ; oa 1 yon a- or a h Foley «J»«I u.d came tack lu about a minute andla »•*§.* asMi r ffiSiSE** wlun Foley took hold ol Mu■ J f Polar aald toiacina Iwc . anymore around ibe intoxicated. xrttr. andrte oth r mtu. I door roundihc fi mr nil alter tfce didnotacea y °iu*.ve known Foley aoooia ™°' r '?hKecam .huhabit of taking a glass Pacini; called Foley a e-fo?» b—. Foley went away » 1 did «°} ■**-» fS^Vffi C Mro «en them. There was nobody SJ4 buußoec 1 have mentioned. joint oiuru . ■worn* I lire at 33 Canaiport avenue. I knew Paring* for ahont three mouths before he wat killed. 1 know Foler by sfgbt, I*raa present at tli«* time of the difficulty between I anu« end him. I vos sitting on the sloop wine feet ftom them. I •aw Foley cbmooP with his wile andcalM Odd another mnu. Aahccame uphoslumblcii end a 5Kg bSkcdat Mm ami he kicked It. nm lotwatd and crabbed at Foley and they clinched. I’ncinn dragged him into the saloon. and tw, “Tl? cried out ;‘E ? c»oI bio,. »e rirm.k ** Poems and he soon alter enmoout ortho saloon and Foley sold ‘‘djdlddt son U«tr FaclTs ahoved him. eayine Oct ai-jay ioui-of a b—Two or ihr«m minutes after ilial Foley came back and attack Facias. From the time J*a plus shoved him oiitiolf/ did •'Otgo out of my S He went about two hundred fee; or so. I saw some women ««? "°™ tnvnsfandlnc round at the lime. I did. not see what Foley had in his hand. 3norc ' Vfl3 v 0 «Ji?vs 1 before Facias house. Vlhon Foley re.umcahe rover pot offtW sidewalk. 1 am poaltlro about ' viuneta uMtvwc ..... rwnrii* I know Mr. Partus. Ho lived n, »ont ft mmSwl fc‘" «c.l of me. I ™. mil wnon vLtra* «n» killed. I doa’t Know Foley. I sow mo mm who was said to have killed hitu. 1 actus khniwvi h m avvftv, ii*d the man asked him If ho » reMm. 5 Vnclns told Utomiw Uwww S? to «.»hl d- -■>■■ m=Kc Wm. A«sr l>“ « turn tiwav he called him it S~oj A Foky came nael nnd struck Padua Vi? m!?* 0 a l ioti und a half or so. lie came across sttMi. There was a wagon In ftort. llv came near the wagon. •I beta were about six or seven persons on the ■ i<iAun)ir mt to the time the blow was struck. ear ssri;r» ! r js& a ™ «• I SiKS.’W ffl»vs SM rl: (,Vo.< oamM-the first I of Hmdifflcolty n> I’.citw l>«« Folcj oof ol K°o r ? Xn“”i '&n. 1 "V* V.m rs•>&» .ttWSSBAUK nheS ihcfname was called. Ho returned inabonl asSpotc and a half. 1 don't know w“t Into a saloon. At the time the Wow was struck there weic tome three or four on 1 -win* sidewalk. There were not t n persona hek'Cen trio or my wife and Paclns at the tl®® ?j) e ? etruck him. There was not a crowd huddled around the door. Foley tan towards the street after be sliuck the blow, vatoicu no'ssnoiwS eworn: 1 have lived In Chicago about ?, ea J?‘ icvcw Mt. Pacme and where fitted, ttwas .bow sevenlT-fivo steps east me. J «•* »"* tlero at the comraencemeni of the ciftncuicy. h% 0 first thing I saw was two men and- a woman coming out ol Facias sa loon. Aftci coming out one wont oik eud after ievas gone a few steps Mr. Paclns called Mm a nfaV. I dor-T know ho» ft»r the man went. I’j.cins Ihco went in and stood by the door The then c.tncbac»* and struck Mm* Find was between nvo and three mlnnlcs after Paclua used ,l cJSlrStMft-SWley o l‘ hc .£, o , o l r lie did not Foyo ylhing to Paclns that J htaVd. If there wa* any werda I could nave bewd it I did not remark where Voleywenl. Foley struck the Mow he returned, the same way, Ucdldnotnintowurdsthegtreel. vlluefiscs were iht*n ewornaid exam* i.-ofi tiTi ri-u»rcncc to Ibe character ot tho prison. art SSESSuai w re Ocr he w»F& ei«ady and P^. c ®9^|®2*A ail ‘ UL ‘ * siitf. KaucaUET o buikn morn: 1 sow Fries Wien on the day Pnrins« UUl.d, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, and fa to the evening. When I saw him the hut nine he wta dninU. MR*. noRK sworn: Iknow Iht*dclendant. Isawhtmonlhe evening Pneiu? was killed. I EMwceulli street. Ho wa-» drunk and Bt3ugcciL 0 along, hardly able to walk by himself. Connie! lor the prisoner »^ Kn . bad one or two oilier wiUusscs to call, but that they weie f°t In Court. . ... If> .... ’Jbe Court adjourned ol 6 o clock ill l) inis forenoon. COMMON council. {OFFICIAL REPORT.} illicllns—riiicago, January Util, IS«7. jywnf-llts Honor the Mayor. tjnd Aldcmcii Knickerbocker. Cos, carter, H Vi 0 !!:,. 'Xjnnri!' liarntl, Wilmnrlh. Calklns-Kono, Uolcli,Moon , Prii.litp IfnCnrti. TalCOil, wooflurd, fllxby, uol* JL r „ l\u»seU. AcUUoff, Oastfidd, I'rontlfool, Frai'Kcn. Hub, Engel, Lawson, LMarjv2 r k“ &«'- 4b*tn}-~ Aldennon Hnnucan, Wallnork, faebu Icr. Huntley, ghackford. ' MINtTEB. . nt .. Aid. Wllmarlh moved that Uio raiontrs oT thc piocvedlngß ol Ibe regular mcuimg of D««smbir Its*. and Ike special meeting!* of l January Cd, January 4ib, Jantinry 8;|. January !Mli and January lllb, l8o«, be np i roud without na-lln". The motion prevailed. eußpnwstoK or THE RRtEB. Aid. Costfl' Id moved that the rulesi bo *nfpon»l od. and mat the Council go Into election for mom* her ol the Hoard of Education to fill the otcoalorcA Irv the tcsrgnullon of John Von Horn. Ibe motion pievatled. r.LUCTION. AUI Caslficld nominator! Emil prior n» member ortre Hoard ol Kducinlon totlll the vacancy ature ’"tVetc tieuia no other nomination the Connell to Ballot»llh the lolloirlnc re.nll. • Wlude number ofltmlolp. ~ I mil Drier received.... *i Win. (Inslfiold received ••♦•••• \ Aid. Ilnb moved that Emil Hncr be declared fleeted. , M . •i he icolloti titcvallfd. nVUVIt'K* A*w COHMWKtCATIOK#. . aw. iiohivn. AW. Wirkcr* and AIJ. , on DH-f-crlrti n |»rcnml»le and ,W’/V. ~IUUS' r«-i” ti*n f<> I lit* ‘‘MctnipolMan U'-aHli WM. . Aid. t:h«U woven thattho cairns t* pa^cd. AUU Hidden demanded Uu> flje.-i anu tioi-a. _ Iht tnollutt jiittvalled njr V »nv n ir Kinckerlmcknr. to»* (.after. |) \> oir, lismlt, Wilmnrlli. CnlMii* Haru, 111 ch. M•”«£ C Aow-AlVll'Vtoffi'rl?. IlOHejl. Prooafjul-1. Thr ftdlowlnc l» tins i-icttuibla aud resolution i at l*nj '’“iviiiiiUP, An ncl lid« iH'cn IrilroOnml Inis >ljn 1 > otlslalnio of Uio h'aio lov lhwuurim?o t»f li- Jifre a lloartl of JltulJli for llic city of i ut V cciwmy i't C’ouh. l» tw known «u<* Mu* M jMt'ltojmlilan Donrtl of llvallli of ClUlcarfo. , V,' l rTlnbl i'j the Common Connell of |lj" «Ux of clmn«o. Uml wo nr»' uUrrly 1111 l urad l'ccui»l*na !««» for flm iultoirlutf»««‘ M i'Jfi Hecatiim It) the wHltig Owitef «hA H» tm>* iitlfril nliKiulnit'iilP Vivit'Ut, ,a l »TtiVi/h i'niiiifil ii mill'll m*a C , X|ii'lH , i)i* Im/Wii ol ll>aiui U u m«v ati lilt C&.nt vrhi ttic* P|»r«’Bll Ol <Uat'ftPO. I Mlj»l«' ** t «»>iu\mnii (*f ilia ftlVi rttirt li» n»» miHM' U* uo«*r ■nfv fm Mm tmnUli mol »nl«lvwl Ih»* *WMje< in wKn ll™ litll |>mvWrt <«' 1,10 »>'• •'l( l, j!Vii l !;S5^ ihnT»tiy uUMwt from lli** uU/wvu Mi'l Vw rewrh «r the ulanwii U, l»* e ilawawnn* Uv>ii»« Ih«« ?iii imi v fiiioui imy yuort or i’lMilrollli'H m «<oim. ‘ ill fccauw rtttV Wirt um irn- M»lh«rn ««>l U i ol (|»imniuli‘il »i> miy coiisU«»«>')o ol the ®“jS«w. r SM» iw»vH«« lot the i util of fir* I wry Hnpi-rltiM'iirt'-lit. « lli'piMfrof \ I MI hUIMI'J. all nf vliuiu aiu uvi.Vmly inMmleiltol.c R»nsiU uitn of atlaiomonu cm tciunci', mid who win ux t ill lo tcctivu fttUrlca lauglus: itoin thrt* tu pet oriVr' viioiir aio’ uv»«V.-liny ini*mU*dtM.c R'nslU uitn of atlaiomonu cm i-ctcmc.*. imd woo win ux t.vvl lo tecuvu caUrlva taiiglug icoin <Ar«* tu flc {tm.uurd cellar* \icr 5« r % m«l‘lnir jnio'ft y« aViyontlaynf froV&VwJ toUO.itixi. fc Mh. mcan«’b»H provide*forthcappoint menuf not nctcAiw twvxVj Sanlws U W(> ealaiiea cauuut well he lee*» than cl,* lll carli per annum* amonmlug In the aggregate to l Oh Ml s.M Board of Sanitary Commissioners to appo)* l } *" Mn,IM ' IN td number of flcrhs* agents, ana employes* 'th liccauec uld act provisos said Cotanus* .toStVi3 %.“lntone of their «n«|J« treasurer of the gai Itary funds, ami order biro to deposit the tome where inejtn!!, lhu« Inannurat- Inc without Its safeguards, the old sow r rage Ichcme, by which the cU> lost a large amount of .aid bill nuHjorlzoa Mid Board to nett and i-iimvort au uoluoUcd number at | bnlld; luce for Ferrous cnmlm: Irto uio CIO lu tlmM of .udemlc, olibonttegard to cotl. _ ,• 'Jib. Because **ald lull confers on eaUl Boardcx* ttaoruinmy and dangerous powers, to be txcr t i-cd at th« discretion of raid Commissioners. Ktft. Eccausc said bill provldes.that auv person mnr be flrvd lor violating or foiling to comply wtin any role or regulation of said Board, no, ie,B lljm tv cnlj*five dollars, no tattler how inslv his ° L mii? Because said bill provides said Board may ai inflame and lo an nuUmUcd extent commence and carry on civil soli* acalnrt ptr*oa9j or tcclmc to coiuonn to its rules and regulations, thn» making It possible to create a large iudebt et ucss for costa and expenses. . . isih. Because said bill places the Board or Polite entirely midcr the power and control oi told Board of Health in the execution or Us or ders, tlitis making It possible for said Beard to weaken or destroy the efficiency of tbe police as bD l3tn. Because said bill provides that tbc cx* pcnEe«and coj-i* oi said Board eballpj paid by taxation of the city of Chicago and county of Cook, thrcc-lonrtbs oy the former and one-fourth by the latter, wllhont said Board boles icapoa elMc lo either city or county ibtonch lit Council or Upard of Supervisors, for the manner la which the same is expended. 14il». Because, although the annual expenditure for tbe expenses of said Board la limited to <50,(00, vet as In caeca of ’‘great and Imminent pent," (of which said prac tically tbe ludgc?,)tho Board way Increase said amount InocCnltcir, Ibcre is great danger the city mat be plunged luo extravagant and an mcesearr IndcMcdncss. „ „ 15th. Because tbe Common Connell cannot, by the provisions of said act, (see scciiou 07,) matte or pass any law orordviaM* concerning lift or i.hllic hecUh, exerpt und*r eatdacr, and unlft itvthorittd and by S' Ul Hoard or Health. JUfoirtd, That this Couccll.|fur the foregoing amongst other good and substantial reasons, do hereby protestasraiostth? passage of »W m , i«tabftahing “The Metropolitan Board of Health of Chicago, or of any similar act. Jletolred, That the membera oflho Boom of Rep resentatives of the General Astembly of llunola Cook County, be and they arc hereby rcspccJnlly Tcnucslvd to vote against and use all iber infln* cncc to prevent Uie passage of said bill, or any other of* similar character. . . ~ .. , Uttolffd, That the City CJerk bo and hc ls hurc by instructed 10 s'md a certified copy of tlio foro colntt preamble and resolutions to the members of the Legislature from this county. utiXTii mix. ... „ Tbc Clerk presented a communication from B. Antiionv. Pr; J. V. Z. Blanoy. A. C.Coventry, tw. J c J . Hanch, CommlUcc. asking thcCoaucll to adopt the bill contemplating the ««•«»"L" r n n r •* Metropolitan Board of UcallU * for the citj of **Ald!'Kann moved lo lay Ibo commnnlcation on I *AW. Carter moved to amend by tofemnp the communication iu the bpecul Cuumlllce on tho Revision *’f the Charter. . .... The amendment prevailed, and the bill was on notion of Aid. Kann laid on the table icwpo* rarity. rrrmoWß, ao. !•« til ions of J. 11. Wood and A. 0. iloroy, for atisicrarnt of peraoitil ta» lor JBM, was, on motion of AM. Moore, Helmed to tbo Comptroller* . . , , I'cUiloo Of until A Hclwlck* fop remission of fax™* ww, on motion ol AM. Knickerbocker, IlcfciioU luUxt Comptroller. . .. j’cllilon ol (illliiTj ilunhard A Co., and others, for l IttimO at afroet, was. on motion oi Joint Committee on Blrccli aodAl* leva N J). 48. U. retitlon of J. Vouu/t Hcammon and oilier* for a tnunvl al Laßallo alroct, *u, on motion of. AM. Claik, * Itcfmcd to (he Joist Committee on Street* and A joaolaJ* 2abo and other* for a, tmjnol at TsSalie street, was, os motion of Aid. Clerk,. litf. rred to Jotal Committee os Slrceta ana Al- o?’a*T, Wheeler and olberi for o I ronel at LaSalle street, was, os moaonof Aid. ° *iio red to Joist Committee os BUeoia and Al ia ' x*. D. & S. D. P.-ililoo of Billings & Dliruy for abatement of ta ref, u on, on motion of Aid O.ark, —omjitroUur. „ _ w . reunites ot B. H. Com 1l« and B. C. VonMcbr> wf «vx»«on lot* in 113, b Addition, w*-*. on i..o*<oo of Aid, Wiliaarta. IWerrcd to urn Comptroller. Petition «t i ili>ten Briggs for abatement of tixca. v*a. on muiiwit ut a>... Barren, Hcn.rmUo the CoiupUolter.* _ . . 4 - Pi lion of Mioiea, Matey A Co., fbr abatement of laser, was on motion of Aid, Calkins, hcfrrrco to the Comptroller. . . _ PeUlUion ofMatbanW Notion for romlnlon of drmigo* (or non-payment of lazes.was, on mutton 01 Aid. Barrett. . Bofencd to Commits** on Flranee. Petition of Piank Mrtthowfor transfer of saloon *A:cn*c. on mot'on of Aid. Clark., Helmed to the Mayor with pow er to set IVlFllon or lessees of lots lo School Blocks 87 mid PP. P. H., for abatement of Lazes, was. os mo tion of Aid. Barrett, ttefem-d to the Comptroller. , PetiUon of citizens asking for Ibo planking of an a!i*T in tbo block bounded by Indiana avenue. Twentieth street, Michigan avenue, and Llght ccnlh strocl, was. on mouon of Aid. Barrett, Mcferrcd to the Board «>f Public Works PciUloo of Marlin McOJaw for ireo dray Jicossc, w»a. on motion of Aid, llarictt, Pcilllop’ of Dan. O’llara. Clerk of tlccordcr’a Court, asking lor WO Jurors for tho Ilecorder • Cour% was. on motion of Aid. Kngcl, ordered to Placed on flic. . . . ~, _ . , /Id. Holden nioved that the Aldermen cacli lifliid to tliO Clerk, the names of Jurors, as re* prevailed. . . . Petition of sundry lessees of school lot* m Wool Division, a-ktne tor abatement of lazes, ws«, oo motion of Ald./looro. „ , , Jtoterrod to Committee on Schools. Petition ol sandry citizens nr Ibe North Dims- Inn 10 change tbo tamo of firoen Hay street to Kn-lj slrrH, w«s, on motion of AM. Lawson. Inferred to Committee on Btrcols ami Alloys, of 0. H. Urtffln for free peddler's license, was, oti motion of Aid. Moore, Pctnlon'of property owners to omit paving Kotin dark street, from MlMsloa street to North avenue, was, on motion 01 Aid. Calkin*,. . Kvlcrrctf to Commutes on BliouU and Alleys, of Karno Anderson, asking for payment of clothes bnrncd belonging to lier lato husband, was, on motion of Aid. Knickerbocker, iloftiiK d tu Committee on Finance. Petition of M. Ulodgett, for return of amount jiald tor sample license, was, on motion of Ala. Itcferred to Committee on Finance. Communication «t Banner, BUnleA Co., a**.loo to withdraw former application for a loan, of ISS tW on account of contract for deepening, me., the Illinois aott Ulcblcan Canal, was, on motion ol Aide TalrotU Referred to committee ob Finance. JViilfon of John Forsythe and others, for per tnUrloa to lay a railroad track oo Water vttcct. Bridgeport, to connect with track of St lAgts and ( blcaco Railroad, wa», on motion of Aid. raicott, Referred to Committee on Railroads. The CommiUco on Public Bondings presented a comma; icatlon In elation to the rooms In the Cnait House vacated by the Hoard of Public Clark moved that it bo referred back to ibo tame committee, together with the Mayor and Comptroller, with power to act. Tbe motion pxcvalltn. The Hoard of Education presented a comratim caben ufekir-e the Ismic of twenty-live Consrrnctlon Honda for tbe year 1857, as provided lor in tie act of RCS. which on motion of Aid. Barm was ordered to be placed on file. Aid. Wood -id moved tbo pissage Of an ordin ance autV prizing the Issue 01 the bonds as praytd for by tbo Hoard of Education. , , Ala. Iloldcti demanded the ayes and nocs, and Ifcc ordinance was passed by the following vo»et Knickerbocker, CoX, Carter, H’Wolf. Barrett. WUmfttin, Catkins, Kaun, Haleb. M* ore, Fnshle. ItotolT, Talwav. Wooa uro, Hixby, Holden. Russell, Ackhoff, OasWeld, I'io’jrifoor. Franzfn, Rnh, Engel, Lawson. Clark, O'fcWllWdn—SJi. A’ore—None- , The foliow-Irc Is tbo ordinance as passed: As otousasoß authorizing (be Is“ae of “School Construction Bonds.* 1 . _ , J3f It ordained Vy the Common Council of tn« City af CAlcoffo. Section I, That for tbe purpose of creeling new luUldlnin. for tbe accotmnudauou of tne schools, the Mayor and Comptroller are authorized and empowered to fscnc twenty-flre bonds of the de nomination of one thousand dollars each, to be dated January 1, >O7, and payable in the city ol New York, iwcnty years alter the date tbereoj. with coupons for interest, at the rate of ?even (0 ter cent, per annum, payable semi-annually In said city of New Y ork; said bonds to bo Issued In conformity with Section thirty-one of the amend mcn*a to toe Chatter of the city of Chicago, ap proved F'brnary »51h, ISO 3. Aid. Holden presented a commnntcation from E. C. Lavnca, Esq., chairman o! Citizens’ Com mlitte. suggesting that he had changed tbe pa t hip to cos respond In some degree with ibo views of the Connell, and asking Us adoption as amend ed, which, on motion of Aid. Woodard, was Referred to Committee on lias Lights. Aid. Holden moved to Isy the gas bill on the tabic temporarily. % Tic motion prevailed. petowts or omcm. . , The City Physician suhmlltca a report In reply to a resolnllori passed by the Connell. December SP, mifi. asking by what authority he bad caused il.c clothes of patients In the Feat llogse to be burned, which was. on motion of Aid. Clark, Accented and ordered to bo placed on Die. The counsel to the Corporation, to whom had been referred a petition presented by Aid. Baon, relative to the right of railroad companies to al low cars to stand at the crossingofsandry streets, submitted a report, which on motion of Aid. Knickerbocker, was . , . Accented and ordered to be placed on flic. The Board of Public Works presented a report. Inquiring If In the passage of the “Eichillour Resolution” It was the oiucr of the Connell that the Board mV the same wages as have heretofore been paid for ten hours* w ork. Aid. H’Wolf moved that the Hoard of Public Works have leave to wtfndraw the Inquiry. Aid. Woodard moved to amend by sending the communication to the Counsel to the Corporation The amendment was lost. _ ~, The ciucailott recurring on the motion of Aid i i-o motion prevailed. Hu* Hoard or Public Vkorba prmenlcd a com* mmutation enccc"tioß coria;« iiiortiflcahorH of UtopriMiOffd amend mcnla lo the charier, adopted by iVc ('uuncll. , . . .. . Kai ii moved lo lay oti Ibo table. AUI. Meotc moved to amend by laylm: on the table temporarily. „ , 'J ho flffMlmetU prevailed. 'lfceJloon! nlro pro/enicd a report and oral* iwvcr jcpeabnß the utdlmmre and order of enn* Ihomilon of ilie ■•(•eeaim-iit lor macadamizing Kuith dtfirrton rliccl from LaVe to Uubbnrrt Ktilckrrliochi't tnnv«fl to pa«§ ttio oral H«t»«T. .. , *Hic jflnMon prevailed. . , . AM. Moore moved to reconsider HiC voleiasi token. . „ , llii'tnotlmitirpvoilcu. . ~, AW. Knickerbocker moved the powajp of (be ordiunnce. . . . A'rt. Holden demanded llio a.vcssna now. •n, c niollon tirevnUed ami Ike ordinance vim vnwvH by Hie lolk wimr voloi tmtr Kiilckcmochcr. Cerlor, HJVott Wicker, Jk rrelt, WUninflk, i.-alktii*Harm, Hoick, fume. Kibble, IfHKcrlv, Tnlcoll, ')«odard. Hu l*v. HnWee, Huv««‘ll. AcuknK, Unetlleld, Kroml u'*i»U Ktahtcn, UttU, KurqU I.owpoo, Clatk* O’Sul uvmi— if «r mile Work, lircrnlofl n «»■ wmilrslUm n"il ouMiance. far bi Wee. lit rw.imt, < tatittwlU. V«H lliirclt «.U .M CkK’O l « Rvoiitte, m kick on motion of Ald,Llrttk, V ' ,n |(rP'Mrd lo CouitiilHfo on llnrt*of nhil l)rnl«e*. hah »u.i. . ... AM. Kftm worn! (lint (h«; vol* Mowllw# AMi r«U«> piiMlmhc* lor !•'« "Mn» iIUP* nl« out. tniMiug l*o rccoiirmcTPii. . Ald liolnoiHlrtuntnluit llu« ijyc? mill nooii. 'Mi*'tmnion niifl iW voiw was tcfon* rtrtpii-rt \if »>e totiowW vob i Atitt* Aid. KMrliPMiortuT, IflftPP. //>Vv r » Wtclior, liirn M. OalMiip. KnMi, W•»« f «■. If f | ■ *» J* JfMttr-rfP« JM*l*y» IMldPii. iiiimpNi hiMniiiMii, linlii ifofiol* J»«w#on, Ulmw *AW»-AW WIIHWIh. lUU'U. TnlroU, Woort* rt r.l, ApMioil". O'HiilllviHi-tt. .. AM, Kiim» nn)v«'(l lo Iwtofl MP tli<» *!«• Will MTilopp dim) coiMlrtur tin* wuno. m „ An . An’. I'mirrmoved |o,u.--Hioßin..mutcrpWi tldcrtHi COMMITTER Of THE VVIIOI.U, (| I Aid, TalfO't united lli»l Hie Cm.(»rlJ CO IMo Ctinuohlt-e oi lho Whole nn tlm {lax Mill and ml)* aittuu', Aid. Woodard in llie chair. 'i’lic motion picvntlvrt. ... Alter aiding liieCoimnUtoo rose, reported prop* u«w, and a»R»d leave to all asa«. . Aid. Unwell moved to accept ihc report, and that h ave to *ll again hograuicd. QB Md.™Sdckm^ck« fl prcacntcd certain! re so hi (Tons relnllte 10 (he nmendmenta passed upon by * h JVM° Wicker moved that they he pawed. Ain. Holden demanded the aye* and noc*. Tfc* motion prevailed, and the resolutions were pawed by the foUowloK vole: n’tTfllr * Ay«-AW. Knickerbocker. Carter, D wolf. Wicker, Barrett. W’umarth. Calkin*. Kann.Moore, Taleolt. Woodard. Blahy, Holden* Hnssvll. Ack hoir. G«Mfleid, Kranecc, Jlnt, Engel, Lavraon, Clark. o’esulUvan—sa. lhe*foUowtag Is the preamble and resolutions aS \?u*aKAe, The Common Concert did, on the S?ib day of September, iStfs pa«s an o rf Jer an* tbintore thu Mayor, Comptroller. Counsel to the Corpoiatlon «nfl City Attorney, to ibe several departments oftbo city G , n '.v£ reftnnee to any necessary amendments to the city charter, ano to prepar c a MU embodjlns the same, to be preeentrd to this Connell J or -,V.® .®£* •ptoval before tbe next meeting oi the legislature °*WHnreisl The various departments of the city Govcnimem, through said committee or o?i«' i wise, have prepared and submitted to^e^om mon Connell varions amendment* £ th« charter, all of wtlcb have been Ar kpfib by the Council, and revised as bereniiD presented, and as in the Indgment o t th* 1 Is for the host interests of the city of Chicago, T Jtefo? the Lepirtalnre of Ujo ®J£J® ?* Illinois to earnestly tcQUcetedtopassthoamend meat* herewith submitted o> t* l ®fc?s«Ki«? o fho 1 cj» and to pass no amendment* a-ecn» ? the charter or City Government of Chicago otbcr.lhan | those embodied In ibe accompanying w JlffPlnd, That the City Clerk cause prof«lj certified copies of Ibis preamblcand woliuons to be attached toj&eh cony of the amendments to the City chart irom this'Council: to ihe Senate and Bouse of Representative* of the “ AW?iio!m:rfmovcd ibat the City FJ e *J® JS thonaed to proenre the printing of- the proposed Charter Amendments, at anv office, where the {‘umc can be done most expeditiously- The metlon prevailed. ... „ , „ I Aid. Jloore moved to adionrn until Tnesoav , ctenlcjr. at 7j4 o’clock. The motion prevailed . and the Connell stood ndjonrncd, A. U. BODMA29, C.ty Clerk. Adjourned Ucpnlar Meeting—Chicago* January 15th, 1807. rnt*nt~Ulß Honor the Mayor, and Aid. Knickerbocker, Carter, H'Wolf, Calkin*, hamu Moore. Frtrtdo, I’altolt, Vfoodarrt, Holden, Ua*» •oil PiaadlooU&hack'oril, Laweon. O’MiUlvati. iftwiS-Ald. Cor. Wicker, Darrell, Wilmarth, Furman, Haleb, Waljwork, Schnltr, Kaffctlj, jilxbj, Ackhoti; Unrlfleld, Huntley, Frawren, Hub, L Ttic C u'.fe no I^bSSSS?,^®". 4 - The Late Kdmund AihcOi E»q. A rocclal meeUojr of the Cblcapo Clearing House AModatioo wa* held jMletday afternoon for the purpose of taking action with ! *® the demise of K. AlkcO. Eaq., First National Hank, of UlecUy. TJ» Pre» \Ae»U iv v {’oflihaDch Kid., occupied Ihc chair. A committee was a’ppolnlrd *° draft They presented toe lollowlnp, which rverounm* AaaoctaUon ha* heard w»h pro faned eorroir of fbc sudden rcnioinl by utim from oar midst of one of their oldest and rai'il honored AModaUf: an event, eo solc ®R, mi cctcd. which, while reminding ui of the uncer tainty anh IntlahlJlly of all earthiy things, forcl* hit recall* to our mind* Ihu prominence and upc- Ihlnci* of oor deceased associate. and renders approiirlnle some official notice ol hi* dem>c. *K*"Sr. Thatto the death of R. Aiken. TUq., lalo President of the Finn National Bank of IwU i city this Association has lost on* of It* woj' val* m‘d and wpteted member*, whoso devotion to hilr lntcrcai*. and whom larco huaiuwa oipo IKe Md gimUomanly rtepoftoem nlwa re cttvcd their confidence and endeared him lolhi 1 hC jlriclr*a, TJiat Hit* AasoclflUon attend the funeral of onr deceased brother to a body, Jietutrid, That Ibl* preamble and nsofotlona he placed upon the recorna ot the Association. liub- Sabrd tu the dally paper*, and a copy hereof property certified by the Manager, be soot to tbe f .mjj* ox the de:easeJ. . ■ . After rensibe on the subject by soon of.tbo members, Vbo Association adjoumea. j TusNxwFmxEßontx,—The trial of the new simmer. “A. P. Tits worth,"took place yester day afternoon. In the southwest corner of ,the Court Uouae square. The examination tircly eatltiactory to all tbo authorities present. Tbndto w*a lighted at thirteen minutes past throe. In six lulimtca and ten seconds u» ##■ cine was In motion. and through an inch and one c obih nozzle It threw a stream nearly one block, and over Ibn Court House cupola, one honored and forty feet high. Tnree noxzies were tried, each increasing one,el»hil» inch, and wim all it accomplished equally gwidwo-.U/ ' Thi* steamer weighs 4,01)0 pounds, cost ♦i.row, and was manufactured’l>y the works oi Manchester, «. II- It Is a double actlnff on gtee. and hasten pumps. During toe trial itsst Mild a* a rock, so Mill that a glaaaof water would bare remained motloole-s no one of the wheels. Akotuzb Wire CSiTnv.—Charles 55eU, » Ten* tonic icildcnl of ItoWcat Division, was Hoed |3% \jy JnMlce Blortevom, yesterday mornlnz, for az rravaled abuso oflilavrlfe, acd after the flue I* nnld or cancelled by labor at tho Brlde'niV, Cbarlet will be required 10 give bonds of SSW to keep Ibo peace. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL IROMSTAttt Tvsssmr Etshwo. January 15.1807. -3be lollcmlnz is an exhibitor (ho bnalncse of tho Fub-Treoaary in thla city dating tho week ending JanaatylS: aconra. Customs....... Miscellaneous. Total ni»nuitssm»»Ts. Hpcclal warrants *®ia IS'S l>lsbtm lug officers W 4,* OAltt OM UAHD. uT.wos Coin.... Currcticy. Total. S 1 Wl'Ji o alcadv reduction In the deposit Ilnoi, and active demand for Mono/, themarkellework* inj? cloaer cacb ancceedlmf day, and many ofttio dlrconnt bonaea report that tlic market baa not been eo stringent at any time during tbo pail Ibtce year* a* Ula at prmnt. Tbe banka arodU* counting only for the most favored customer*. Other borrower* are entirely Ignored* Itt I**® open market firßt-c»a« signature* are taken at 160.30 per tent per annum, and second-rate name* at 30.-1* per cent per month, lutbe forenoon the market for Exchange waa unrollled and lower, wilb sales between bauki at SiGCO cents discount, htthsoqaeuUy there was a reaction and sales wore made at pat, below which there were no sellers at the close. The counter rates were steady at MO discount buying, and l.fil'&MO premium Belling. The Interest on the July aeries orSavcn-Thlftlea became due to-day. All coupons of this eenes wlh be redeemed onpreecutallonatthc bub-Trca sury or any of the depositories In this city, 1 Flour was dull and heavy. Wheat waa a trifle firmer. Coro waa tame and J4@i£c lower. Oata were dull. Kje firmer. Mote doing to Bailey. Whiskey neglected. Dressed Hops active at an 1 advance of B&Wc. Mess Pork doll lor cash, out moderately active tor future. Bulk Meats firm and more active. 6»een Meats quiet. Lard ac tive and a Bhade higher. Gold was Irrccnlnr, though a shade higher. The market opened this morning fit 135, advanced to 1351 i. declined to IMS, and closed at 135*5- The following quotations were received hy Boyd Biotters, gold and slock broker*: liter, fl.m-... 133 U:»a.m lC:£Ofl. Jr. 135 U I*ls p.m 31! I* 11*15 a. Wp 32!& ll;VOa.m ...135 •sOOp. m ll:U) a. JB4JJ *°° P- ,3j? < Hero the market was dull and nominal at 131J4 (ffUkJl.lmylng. Tbtnewaa no demand. Silver nominal at 125. . Governments were without-umch change. Five- Twenties were** higher- Ten-Forties declined] I *. Seven-Thirties advanced H on June anUoly Is eaea. The loUoulca labia shows.the doting prices of to-day, competed with the three days previous: Erf. Satnr. Mon. Toes. Sues of’ei ~.30TS 10S?4 1(H 103 |h“THCcmlcs,Vß 100?' 107 H tm JO7H Five-Twenties, 10j*$ JOS I * 10j?« Flr^TwcnOM.'CD 105 H «3H m 9$ &U Wi Seven-Thirties, AUC..— 1011* lW?i 101?* 104?* SUS-ThlSealJulV. •• Wifi VUii JOlJ* JMJ4 Here the market was firmer with an active in-1 vestment demand, but avllen were holding on for | better piles*. We quote; GOVEUKMWtT SECCUITIZS—CHICAGO lUJIKEt. Baying. Selling. U.S, Plica, of ISSI JU72£ U. S. 6-20(OsCS 107 . 1^ 0.8. 5-208. 1501... 10j5s O. S. D-20b, 1805 11032 i U S. 5.205, small Mnfc® 100 mu V. UMOa, large »« 03 K u. S. 10-lOs, small. l}» t/ • O. 8. 7-30* Ist aeries... 10IM lOjji 0. 8.7-308, 2d series. ... 3 ?.|H U. B.t-SOa, 8d serlee 10,54 U. S. T-So®, small 1032£ Command. J«M. IBM;;-; ** Ang., 18»<4 H 3 « Ocl., 1801 Ml " Dec., \m 11}., May,lWT» lUH “ Aug-. PCS.... ...HO . ‘‘ Scpr., 1B»0 JjgH ♦ The Second ISotlonal Bank gives the following quotations for theFaVHc Fonda; C-SOcuapotis, I -June Comp., ■■! jl (larpp)-tnly “ " •■•W4 0-20 coupons, Ang. u *;2 (►m.ifi., .103 tiioc'i ecu “ ;; -ij* 10-10 coupons. J Dec. (imcc).... W«®.... u«r •' 10.40 coupons. 1 Aug. --Jo ft— P*oi't. •* “ -iWlft r-CO-(largcM«« GriOJJ.IOct. “ lioctl Securities are exceedingly doll. Wo nom inally quote Pitying. Bellllng. Udc-rco i'Aiy 7* WKtoW 1}« Cook county 7* Jf)U |2 Chnmbci of Commerce B* w —TheAe«’York.£’cfHl*o iWf remark*: „ •* I lie loan market l» eaiy and Inactive at 7 per cenl. The speculative hank olllccra \vno ore al leged to lie enilir of sacrlflclng their honor and ihelr positron by acting 1m collision «lih (no firm clmito of broker*, to produce atrip* pcncy In money, arc vaguely talked of »n wo ►lirei: l>nt the grave charcce inn Jo do not a coni up jel to have Ih-pii brought homo to any loalvlcl nnf bank it p* rson. 'J he rumor K however, re vived t)t o Concussional hmulry. and several In stitution* will find tUolt staudinit mi i Blrrft The discount domnud »a dull and few bilk arc oiler liitf." —The Cincinnati (iotttu observes: There was no cessation la the demand for money Hoinrday, hut the accommodation* ex tended by banka and banka* wore confined lo \ho»e of tb* Ir own cu«l* met* whose claims cornu not ho Itino'td. liefldea tire continue! heavy ahlonicwts of currency to lire connlrr* thcrcanr lu-iins of bankets has Ven further reduced lining the inMf«wOny« by ino collection of lb ’ largo clo ck* given for ike payment of laxe-«. It i* erilitioti’d that fMA'M ha-> hern Inched lip rmm til- aimree. Hales ol iiilerort ire firm n( i‘<ant'er cent, h twe«‘ti hanker* and their en«* lotrirt*. VorvMHo paper U taken at leas than the ouMtle flfiire. and t'octil paper on'aldp can he badM tr-vkt*' per cent. The market tur exchange well afiah'hti U MiiOrr a light supply al l-m discount I'hjlm.*, and nnr scum*, "ii* f*'-! 1 Uutinl UonmTloiif between banner* nt Wh<b7-c dl*('f*rint< • ofTltlernhh* pyrlnnge H*« V* the anre of iluvcrnmeiileetfiMlllea >U Now \otk. -TV I’hHartelphla ftitfulWMysi . , The money market continue* to he ahtitidaiitiy supplied. ('all loan-are readily oh inf led aJ > eenl 1 amid commercial h pVeiii. fliToriilmf to yiia' ly. viih nUlatviaU, 1* nwottatud ftl tl V buitittl Mie«UlWa*Rh>nnl»hvns*>. — l ha remarks j Monej Is ailll in active refiiie*tanddiniriltor nrera*/ Finintltol par cent is hfttd for all loans mi the In at collaterals, and business paper nujvaa slow ly at the mumuutn mt« «f 7 per c«nt, wh h « wide range upward, dcveral falloua are report od to-day. but none of apodal Importance. ■ilio r.fincipsl banker* and brokers of Boston Imvu laton m- amrea to establish a Hold Hoard Hoom In this city widen wvU tompwe lssoT «Mv m all respect* with tbo t-old Hoom In New Votk. Ah vslaWUhmenVof vhl* kind has long hi en deemed desirable, and wo bj'o oo donht die enuTpiwlnp orlginaiors of U will he well *Q* '“-Tho Now Toil; ll.l trtwcnrra: The Custom Uouso etatUilca of the Import and export trade of tho pwl calender jwir cob; nleicd. Thevaldo of the imports, reekoncd al ihelr cost In coin abroad, cxclua»ye of frelffh 1 choree- and dimes, as compared Wlih those of is*-*, are as follows: __ ’ ronamx mtobt? at Tons. ,*312.508j3Gl liSI.WST 10.m637 J5.001,5^ 2,193,231 a,515,012 Pnllalrtc-... Fr-c Goods. SprcSe TOW 5W4M19 tSaO.6t3.tßt Ot the large Import? of tbe past rear, more pan *IS*S,UKUW collated or dry goods, am* tie less iftan *171,000,000 of general morcbaodlac uto »y,500,000 of sprcle. Thorewlpw or cMjom* duties rvacbcd a tittle more than acinel *101,700,OK) in 1K&. TBo exports, reckon ed at a currency valuation on the date ol clearance* MIC IMM folio' IWS- ISOI vwwVVrec.. &UL4SS 1*30,735 .0-i^SS Sr Boa.“»» ll !'-»fteB.Ba 30.003.fif3 63,553,700 Total {2?*,«V63 *303,630,45* *2W,053,23l The disproportion between the Imports and the extorts redecta the disturbance In onr foreign tioae crowing out of a debated currency and an ill-adjusted revenue system. We hope for a bet ter exhibit in the future, thonch there issnch a conflict ot views andtacorlea presslognpon Con aim regard to the fiscal measure*, that it 1* impossible toforetell what will bo the result. --The if an Francisco i?WWi«Vananal ( «raa»l of cold and silver mining interests of California 2f sSSSt shows that At Gould & Curry mines produced In bullion last year ; dlvl- The Savage Mine, since Jojy Urt%ided *1,000,000; dividends, f-W,OOO. The Ua!o •& Norcross mines during the ykid* rd 51.2C0.0C0: dividends, *u3fl,UOO. The Yellow Jacket mine - yielded *2,500,00"; dividends. §Sui«. The Crown Point mine _Tte\dei} Sj VnLtOO; dividends, *231,000. Tbc Opbir mine yielded *450,000; no dividends.. The Li-m . Tlclded for the past. eighteen months S £S,OuO-di?Uma«,*sre,«» n, Eareta mloo, last year *000,W". and earned *420,«w net profits; recent sales °"S' lortletli of their interest amounted to Ilia EnrcVa mines, of »ic',iri) xriih a profit ot *l3i>v®o, The sierra ?nu«%sm yielded last year *225,000, with, net SSgsol VISoW. For the last five years iMs tfsa avftarod allot* the same, rejulta. and “« rec”'V«®“ r “> rhms ‘ V *“ K “" sclear, of hew York. —llie New York S/Ap}*ing Zi*t soys. There Is no relaxation of the emecmcj ln the ninracl. ibe demand contlnms veT 7,? c Uv ° with 7 V cent as the minimum rate on call ■t. c of many borrowers being *o creal StoSdS“fhSlo par hlßher ng IWWagoj ilcTc "sTsSmS’e'do'inß Mml». x-ttKficr iff h«! e^cV? r ;«S. fe cent for high grades. Mo Quote. percent per, annum. Loans on call. Hock •crarill*.... ] g S " bond and mortcagc...... i W« Primeendorsed bills, Wi day 5......»•••••? ? •• »• o©4jaonihs 8 J» ■ Firsl-closs single names BMi hltl, I” —A Hartford paper circs a list of fifteen of the soundest nm! moul wenUby insttMOCO compnwtoß intbo country, for (lie purpose of sno'wi'nsbow | mmrofltablo me Insnranro business has been of Sio. In Mil, l«t. rtptjKMlln* M.|. ml only three have thm capital oolopairod uy in»vr* and they have only a surplus n ol about j jnifooii (,n a capital nf about f V*s f , ,| N\ As an , ofl/ft lathis H must be lemembetcd that lh«* In- 1 companies barn, until recvn’ly. been l«Sc‘mlD«. uni 111*' tUoir pmrnt c.p11.1. | Kuroily ri'iircMiil a«:I«n;ii no .lock Mt D< a'w.UUQili oP<i 1110 Knßliill louroil. .«omi«nloailr Morton rrto <na In. iwtijr mtbuSuiiUT.OMfollowml liocliocrloloi.ioplo 55 M. SlTioi of “'“hi •>» Spoil; tp.oS?i°; ''•rS 1 ' 1 ' 1 - * re ilio.vuy; bl* »'»cta 4JLOOCI. ■SoS'l. tiff"«« Of •»«> '« «■", In conncdlon with the nnforinnate political a (Tales, there can scarcely be anoobt Ml , tbotistloaalcredit would haro occupied a much Diore exalted posit!-tnbaalt floea at pio»ent, t«i view ol tli-.ioiniense revenue collected past year, and the cbceifolDCM with which it was come by thw people. Too public credit and the commerce and Industry of the co*miry are we principal attf'erers; enterprise of all ktnda baa become restricted. and business rtmoered er ra hazardous by tee high an j contlnoalli flnctnatlo prices wl Idi are ibe. direct rcanlts of preaent uncertain condition of Ibo fltianclal a*id political afliirs. It to plain* wo thick* that there can bo to pet mauenl prosperity foe any class or any sec tion urUl there shall on an cod to the present anomalous condition of thlnca; for nothing can compensate the depressed commerce and mans try ot the country to the absence of the leading condition* «t success! ul progress—nsuou&i unity and slahllLy. New Von rtsck Marker. Cloalng prices lor cash. JaanaryU. IWI* received by Joseph U. Lyons A Co., Brokers: lat Sd Ist 3d B’d. B'd. B'd. B'd. N. T.Cco IW KHtf tT.B.Cpercent _ „ rte(com) CSX bonda. ifiSl... 108 108 S?b.foJinj.,.. TVV B. 8.6 per cent ■ U. A KtU...... 50fc 51 MOCoaprt'W.flW.V 107jf Hock 151and....103 102 W U. 8.6 per cent C. AK. W-pCd 81 h o*B.Bpercent . P., Ft. Xf. « U.IM n qnicksiiver.... «v 4J£ U.B.Spercent W.UnlonTel.. 4«S ».1 »* C.AA.(comi,.tro IWK Tr. botes,flMO Bn* A Q.......U0 380 tstsertei IW)J i0l?< O. M.Oerts*. WV « »• IMO. M » iKStS.’“:SX Beard wioic, 4d Board strong. vonnßttui&b. .1 7'Kua , 71.UU.30 TtntiDAT Ergxnro. January 13,1657. Tlio following (s' los show the receipts and ship* menu of Produce daring tbo pail twcaiy-four hours*. .9 ■WM.W HSCEtfTI PjMT TtVfXTT'POUn HOUW. IdUT. IWw. uSc5i b i ‘ ASS A«* 5551)0.... . ...... M.IW 10,405 OaS 5n...... ... . I%BM W.W» K??;b«::::::::: *w wg Hadiri. bit 7,373 iw litoom com, J J}>“s Cmod tIMU. DU 01 >5“J l»oik tirlM ~, 707 Bw lirdfta. ... ... «U(W BVW iStTowJbi nfi» bmm.'S! «vjg | v| Lumber. id. ■ a> BiItPMCTTS PAiT TVT*JTfT*TOUB BQPBB. 1807. 18M. 11,115 8,586 , 14,603 *,470 811 16,202 . .... 18,710 2,125 1,200 . 1,742 315 I . 2,330 10.856 . 12,010 23,636 .860,2*47 4SWBO , 40 121 . 1,823 1,337 .410.492 531,259 16,030 l5,tT» 1,100 7,485 3,536 J. 553 810 ;"802 70,914 U 2 231 6,510 13,410 3(1 101 151 18 79 Flour. hris. Wheat, ba... Corn, lid Outs, ba Rye, tm Barley, bu...... • Grass Seed, ©5.... Broom Coro, ©a cared Meals, Tbs jscef, brla PorU,bcla. Lard, ©a Inflow, ©s Bauer. ©8..., Biessed Hoes, H 0........ ... t'&Hlc, No.. Uldcs.tos —* Hlgbwlncs, brls Wool, ©9 lumber, * sVjlneleß,m... we» »» Salt, baga k , „ IW The market tor Meaa Port for preseat delivery was da«, but holders were firm in their views, aud showed no disposition to force sales, though there was a slight inquiry a( » conccsslonof 23c on the price generally demanded. For forward delivery there was considerable speculative dc maiid, and the market was firm and well sustained. Wc note sales of 2,000 brls at SIS.B7H cash: sjg,nfl buyer 10 and seller February, delivered here and $18.50 seller February, deliverable at Peoria—closing with fellers at $18.50 cash, and no huyeta over $‘8.23. Prime Mesa Pork sold Iq a retail way at $16.50, For Extra Prime Pock there was more demand, and we note sales of £lO brls at $13.50 delivered here, and $13.25012.50 at Milwaukee. The de mand for Bulk Meats was more active and the market was Arm, with sales of 20,C00 ©s Clear Side* at w»j4c packed; 120,000 ©a Roueh Side* at BUc loose; 20,000 ©a Short Rib at 9c loose, and 100 bxa Shonldcra (part last eve) at 7c packed. Green Meals were quiet, with sales at B»£c for llama and sjjc for Shoulders—both from Dressed Hoes- Sweet PicKlcd Hams were Arm, with sa’ea of 250trcaflU0«eilc. The demand lor Lard was qnllo active, and the market was a shade firmer, with sales ol 3,030 tes (including 500 tes last. eve)atllJi®n>dCfor prime Steam,cash; ll?i® 12c for do, buyer January; lljfic foraecond brand; liajc for Country, and lie for No. I—closing with more bnyers than sellers at ll&c for prime Steam. There was nothing doing In English Meats. ‘ Grease was inactive and nominal at our quota tions to he found elsewhere. Dressed Dogs were in active packing and ship ping demand and the marker advanced 5010 c, wllh sales at ?D.97J}®7.05-clofling firm at $0.73 and $7.00 dividing on 200 ©a for good lota. Whiskey was lifeless and It la impossible to give other than nominal quotations. The unfavorable advices from New York had very depressing Influence on Flonr, and the market ruled doll, as holders would not respond to the decline at the East. The sales foot up 1,250 bris at $11.80014.35 for White Winter*; *11.25 for Red Winters; $9.73011.00 for Spring Extras; $7 0009.00 for Spring Sopers, and $3.25 lor Buckwheat. There was e better speculative Inquiry for Wheat, and the maiket was more active at alight ly bclivr prices. About 70,000 bu changed hands at *2.1002.15 for No. 1 Regular; fI.HC for No. 2 In A.. 0. * Co.; SI.B*OU9H for No. 2 Regular, and SI.SU3n.SUH Rejected Spring-closing at s!.f-6H<a»l.tJU for No. 2 In regular bouses. Corn was rather slow, and the market declined '•o3l®. though holders were exceedingly reluct ant to submit to the decline. We note transac tions to the extent of 05,000 bn, nt 77079 c for No. l.and SIKO&SUC for Rejected In store— closing «i7!fc®7<UcforNo. J. Gala were dull, though there was no change la valuta. Bale* were wade at iOHSfcMi® fof No. 2 —closing at the tnrldo figure. Rye was tinner, with sales at for No. I, and &ltUsc tor No. %tu atofc. 'iho demand for Barley was more active, and the market was firmer, with sales nt 6376UDC for regu lar No. 3; 45c fur Rejected, and 73c0*1.1t for sample lota. Tallow was quiet but firm, with saws of Coun ty ai w3-t»ic-nuistly the tipper Bgare. CUyls wemi&al at wic. Timothy Feed ra« firm, with sales at f3.W08.35 lor prime. In other Seeds there uas nolhlng do* ug. i UtocerlCFtrcro Arm. and on Coffees and Bubmb | ifavrawßilMlor feeling. Tne JoMera report a r.liptit lm|itnvcmcnl lit trade. ll»o M'luwloP telegrams were read Unlay oo ’Clinr.pei K*vr Yotitt, TftOttufy Ift. Worn ft&Wt Wvirt.U . Wbt'RUin. mW'i w«v* m fiWWW. Coni timtittiM at f 1.17* nflnnl. Uni* linijat Vf»hl hrltrrnl Hu*» min nl l ;w - Uenvy. uuivi nnrt Imivy. Onrij «»»• .di.nlßi *Mhni.Jft}4. )i) slot*. I'otknmt Ur<l Dim. UolitiUMiji. i<.vriciK< Wry lilih* ir«n»i>lfod in (tiedMln ninrhct In ftio Wwwcbwv<lntMat i ntV»,awl N<v 1 Hu«l»itf nl |IM Provision* were Him, wlw n«m« „1 mum n>« Pry Halted Hhmdduw, at 7t*c Imui*i WKI l.rU ,Mn«i Pmk at ll&W w-h, and **i brl* do nl<MM»,littjror in. TbuCatut tnMkftUu daUaud Inactive, with no tMenlUl clmngu In value-. There wm e mod* vrato Inquiry Cor good -hipping 6War*, bat Iho view* of buyer- ami rebera were apart, *o that tittle was arcompllabed lo the way of aalca. The rcfelole since Saturday number Ml head. En* teml waka day Wi b«ad, ttl A * 3 ’’ s q,5.40 lor common loftdr lota. The market tlowa strong at f-i.TSGfl.'i for Inferior to cholco Grades. The Uvo Hoc market opened quiet, and durlnc tiro forenoon price* ruled a shade lower, bar later, urdcr a brisk demand, recovered, and the balk of the otfctlnge were taken at prices well np to there of yesterday. Falca number about 7,SCW head, which wore linen on packing account, at $5.85® &/i5. The receipts wccc about O,OCO bead. CHICAGO DRY noons JIARKET, Ttksdat Brsjfnro. January IS. There {a bnt IHtJcchaDpeionotc tn the ceneral fea teres of the market >lnce oor last report. During the nMI week there has been only a moderate trade dome, aod pnc«» have ruled steady, minis are Arm, and on medium Brown Fheetlnm prices are a shade easier, VTc mtic Quotations «*K»T6. ' Memmac n is* American MtniDicVT.. ..20 Atn^SKeac........ .....WJi aSeSn.”*.,.l » bncbtas tt » VSrtSSv.. ■“ ;•;•■;}«*"*..*.. ....VI tfflSi..*. \yi ?* S/fSfSSsar*c;;; 5 Arnokfs AiH Vaion AtS f!ff2a.;.! »h J|

wfflad. H Clinton ‘IjK 1 isiwiH j Banner Lawrence. slart 4—1.... Appleton*—l SH MtnOrd +—l- ... Nashua » Indian Heal *—4 «-3, CaPoti A 4-4 S* Atlantic 4-—4 53 Amo6kt«« 4--4....--- AH saltnon Fajte *—* -IX Acavam F4 —1...... 18* Appleton 1>4 —*....•• $ ■ Illinois A *-*.. W «wn Klver 4—l J 8 I’cpjjcrtU £-•■•■•■;;■ g* PcppertttjJ •..••♦ 16^ s. r. siu;« 4—l « w*m*nu*4-4. .» PstCS 2 , White Rock 4-4 .37 S mu* 4-4...... -»K *• 7-8... •••••24 MaoßTille 4-4 as Bar Hill* 4-4........ S M«in>JCOE6lc 4-4 77 1 eud0n7—8............33 - 4—l » nvn' Lcwdsle...—.... » dnuhrtc*....... 13*919 Amofrkti* •« York Manctiftler lUforrt 2»S I'nlon n*yxß■Tfcc^ ,, • .51 mtnp Amoflcc&e. York AtntrtcftQ. 1u11*.... Uomaokt TIC AniMkeftff A C A «H •• c » •• It 90 York a)-tocl> 40 AH-ftPy. 15 York sM&Ui .50 AttKwkrae zi\ 1-iioni* 7J.H Untrt. AH Kfcanik»cß«Umi....JJH I CAJCTOW 1 JlwuUtyn ttotil M Kdertoo T ..WH nrowx Y0u,.... ttH L*conJ». atkl x»«u MunrhwW. octr a I IHclflC, o«r. ...» I n*i.t!nnAL Hilbert's S*.«JH Pontonsue 3JTJI4SJO Wai-blliKUm T|lß«- j. & r. cost* »uo citik** uo lUdICT* C0**,..... 19 Worsted tvralda.... tA SUfiord 70 u ' • COTTOX TABKB. rro. Bams. Off 1 Eastern.;. lope 1 Carnet W«P * g Fratklla...... ...Ml I Caodlewlck. »$?•• I Chicago 8atu.....41W0 cabfxts* Lowt'J.S pnr bupcrtß*-.....»t*plJd - s ttter U7J croMicrf^at-Tape* * tuuUntn.... UM TinastlJ Uartiord, extra s-py in Eoxbwry i«H •* trop’is-ply S-trx Min* ** t0per...... UTS lieurade 1~3 ** Bedims... I.® CABSTKsnca. Fanners A M'Cht;....96 (Everett I*. -S* Wabash. AO 1 Everett O •»> Dressed Don at Albany. .The Journal ot Batardaj evening says: 'The receipt* florin* th* week ol drestfd bogs aggro gate behead by Central Bautoad. Dario* tie weep Uie market lia* roled pretty steady, though Uie attsad anc* of bnyera dally was not large, yet IwJucff bare worked off Quite* targe comber. There i*adnvl:g tmatocu utue carried on at all ‘hsettv pis’dag «•}*?' UalmcoU, at which the poor are enabled loony* the straw, head anl feet** at coaiparallvuly low prices. A tbouEh some m the trade hire received largi coa- HgnmcDti fh?m the West, yet alt have purchased pret ty largely flaring lbs week of th' receipts of the mart, tint r,t town hnt»rebsroi»»ea treely, ib*mgh hut row ct them were taken Bast. Since Friday of last week the market was qnlie active, sad id? aalrn were full} op to the receipts, this mot ulus me attendance waa small but die market ruled Arm at Or good heavy btalr* and Wcsp-ro hoes. In n rotajl war. some receivers are enabled to oroaln * fraction over that flg* ore, butler UrtMou 18JO litho ton price. .Pits arc salable at the latter price for Itzht amt fancy. The rales ihla morning embrace tco following l a*bca(l Bute. arersßlngViO ft*. at *2-5?. 1 so t»ad Bute, averaging ziu tss, at £~U St head HUK, light nmlltcavy. at.... AM N headMifbleatsnTeragltiß *■» 4;u bead on toot, westerc, averaging W 7 7.J7V lloston Provision .ilarkrf— January 13* The p»rk market I* rather qul-t. so tar as the recnlar trade is ouMcrned, with salosof small lots pair, at a little r.dociloolrom last work's But there U ionic specolaiivo donund for future driivcrv, as. in tne otiuloool oiKTstors, prices wll. materially aurain’o durinif the tejt two monan. PfoaucU sro very doll, and both lard and bacon arei ftirihar lacll jed to> sltadu. packers, noth hero and at tba "psl. wllh larorablo wcsUicr. are more actively engaged, with J«cros«cd rtv ccthis of Uie hoc crop t but the barrel mean now tuing piivoownaremosUyoUhsiiiftriorßfa'los.^ ¥ Wo tiou small aalea «*f Prims at Si7JO hf;*•* WI.MUZ3AO j Clear. »WJ;A-*Ji.PO Flf 1., Mrdla atull and bUnty,wl«h »al«ta large Ukc I* tfe. PmCkM hams are In tnooorat« demand and lower at I9<»rivn A ft for tVoalrrn and Boston. Jlerl Is nol"t and unrbanffcd. thonuh tlie s'inply It well uo to Uiotumand. and ilio roorloli of j«"•’/'*«• tlnuo to Increase. Wcsuirn m«wi l« • Bl bng ai*l«.WA )9.a i «ura mesa. IW.OdiIIXW \ latully oaira, atJOFbr), cash. I’nrkloir m Hi. Louis, Thfl RrnuhUntn *»y*« The niamrhtfrtnff of In® wee* suits up 3&M lioct.wluUl thorn tor flu* seasoni U> daUarekiW head •ittlMt toMM rea-onm ia»tytftr. iho recnlpu continue fair, luol* r*tlnu»»Uuffnt«ror JSo.ojoiol*l,ooUljefta before the season shall nave Closed. TIIBCDIC’AOO LIVESTOCK MARKET, omc* of nt catcaoo Tmnus*. > Tcxsdat EtCKisO, J aauary 15. S The following table shows the oally receipt* and slupmrtta of Live block daring the week np to this evuunc.a* repotted by lb® Secretary of the Union Stock Yard Company: BhMp _ »i -:.m :::. Same time last wetk. Wl 12.0 DID Tt e receipts were by tho following routes s Cattle. H"«. Sfceep- Dr Illinois Central Road-. 47 i.lio .... By WurrttMiWQ&tiuUicy Itoao. 56 4.®* By si. Louis ft Alton ifoad I« Oi By .Sortnwrtterr By Ilock Island fload... 3M i&O By Mteinpan Central 80nd... « •••♦ ByMlclnpanSouUiera. *4 By Great Eastern Itoad _*« By Total SOI 7.9J7 .... Tbe Btlpmenu 10-tlaf. and lor Ibe week op to tbis cyc-lnjr, were Sunday and Monday. Tnttday . 3X5 "M III'. „ ume last wccJc..* 57 855 .... shipments KKlay were by the following routes: €nt«e. Hera. Sheep. ■ JSi so ny Michigan Southern. llj Michigan Central.. -day, os entered at the different Scale-honscH. Sales to were as fc At I'llnols Central Scale. AtG.,B.&Q. Scale At Alton Scale..... AtC.&K.W. Scale BEEF CATTLE—LittIe cantos saldof this depart Bent of the market, other than that It was exeesdicciy doll and Inactive. The receipts thus for lo the 'week hare been very light, end consisting, In tne main, of a claes ot stock toot poorly soiled to the wants of the tradejnst at this time: common roach Cows and thin light steersmaktngnp the hnlkolthe offerings. The weather was" tine, iboocb with comparatively few buyers In attenflance,llttle was accomplished In the way cfsalw. Tratsacllon* were limited to 203 head, which were taken chleQy on local account at prices ranging from 13.75 for Inferior Steers, Cows, Stags, and Balls, to fb.4o for pood fleshy Steen. Two or three of the best drove* were shipped East, on oweera' account, holdm not helnp able lo realize their dgnre here. The Inquiry,a* heretofore, woa principally for good, tlrst and second clan Steers and pood hatchers’ Cows. Common and inferior mixed lots are not In demand, and sales can barely be effected, except at reduced rales. In sympathy with an advance la the East, pood shipping stock was held more firmly to-day, while for the poorer grades there was no Improvement. The market closes firm at the following quotations: Extra Floe,tat,walMhmetLl to • yean old Steers, and averaging 1.200 , and upwards prime Brercs-Good. well falted, fairly formed Sims, averaging from I.HJO to 1.400 AS, St - 0.0038.23 ih(r ffroifr*—Fair fair fl«sn,*v ernglnc 1.00001.300 tt«,at v^ B^'9 j jfiUnm C/u*»—Medium Steer* and pood Cows, fit forclly ilanghter. and averaging fiNaiV&O .................... I»»W» Slock ui«fe-Common GatUo in decent AS, at.......... 5.753*50 /nfrrfoi —Light and thin ''ow« Stecrt. rough and coarse, avcrailog 630093 Q . CATTLS SALES TO-DAT. good fleshy Steers, averaging 1.132 "aSiStWSS-fifiSi. averaging 1,101 As. fed twelveheaifacodhntchcr*’ stock, averaging!,o3*®s, he'Ml medium Steers, averaging 1.033 as, to Twensdwo^^adSir a oc*hy Blew, averaging 1,100 A*, off cars, at |3.7>. Hire fixrn, averaging I,B® ft s» ntfS.oo. fIOGS-Tlie market opened very quiet, andcontlnued ►lack during the entire forenoon. Buyers held off. and were united,Vtn an effort to hear die market down, hut holders were nrm In their news; and later in thoday. buyers finding 11 Impossible to force ■oilers to terms, t»ok hold sharp, and most of Mm otman wereicl««*sl outat priceswMnp tothocloslDPrate*of yes^rday. TransncUcina embrace7,77o held, which on parting account at pnera ranging from S™mrmlnWr«t»ta**w4 ,«00a«.,5 twpwjf. C hoice flops. With large arrivals It Is morethin likely that price* would reredevalOc from tho above range. 6ateelnclude toe folio «lngdrove*t M(( l SprimfiV'SfrjVr'niidwatVrVa''.*." :*H Vfo ft 71 common mixed lot -rS STOih nice 1biif8....... 41 coarse, uneven lot OT rAJ* ft! 2‘Sj l.nriMmc* quality • -Hi S'K M tkir 10t..... ••‘••“•“SI so* IH same ft, n‘« :>9 choice even lot il| ya ikl prime H0g5.......... 2‘ffl fU«*r*e uneven Hops ...............**.**773 J'Si lOOfalr light w2| IP* Mine cpiatur. •“••“• *•,,,* 0$ prime*<uu' , (hll"«a ..... ...,..» Wsoch!heavy !I(*ks.......****..***.*‘**-‘*‘v, nliu 41 sania quality-,,*************** ■**».*»**.• »..MmwiM.llt.iroit.lilr. tlicfe wa. * mit'l.Mte in. the fesiibg was brill* Iflw* af9 uotnliiaily uu changed* WUUIU.Y UUVIUW III# THU PHIPA' maukut. ,ut nilri *f flmw t'W*** <*« w „,,Jr 4M« «Ae V I'Clnl'Y (VI tithit .Ummv lute !• u»0“H“ larW ,m ,I, ° K *s’ m r »uf* nr.v, lUt«lwn»Cblwwof«- clm<j flM*. Plo«r. lioira. IDllllUlOf N. -y. ill* yj jfc) ToraUo, 0- .% U* ,<S |S i.S eu i.ho j.m and Atony....*. ’*« iioiionri.MirandTronV...... » *•’£ J*® i'tiriund rlo urandTrunlf.... .... « **lg H» S | *-55 » ,JMT»r*onrlßf.!nd —» +' S S "U — tWppwl> u.Uibria. The market ruled dull, and on tn # belter wuro steady. but oft tl»e lower pradw* ftHriadoatHttSiii* Ml" 00 ax 55.15; IJksoo*®- imhns not named at <8315; 100brladial#7.00; nj’BiMi brt* notnamoa at *8.00; wo DfU doat 6raso and lowa Fair Grade# 10.J3911.00 Rworada MJ*»{g srrtrr Soperflse ;••; Rye F108r....* »..»«.»»• tjvx*n eir cti., iixo bn 5 J: Sarfcct a trifle Aimer. na!«s ?Z r V/'Zv A b n‘ *Co ) 12.15; 3,0(0 im co at #?.!s: WO bn >o. . (A. u. iwo cf Ik • id 000 bn do at 11.53 U «15.000 bn d j at *t,B3. 4flobalic|cc»dat#l.M: 2.00) bu do at|lJOX—clo*lo« trV?«*c ]oSr. “iS »crei sWtu Vo- 1 « ».; GM bn do at 52c; 23D no do at 51 KCtl**. bu kSki? *«t On U» Ma?« gn “> <* J '> •*s,c -‘'SKSJSS&'SS’ biV^'^b T ««• t*t dull and unchanged. Saieawere: fi£Woui«o. 3at BUtyMMSm bn do at 73c : 4CO bo do at «c. «. ■. w to M «aS.«BS, B N—There » »c»E;It MW dnuiM .u‘JlhV“ "m« <>»n«|«M»- TM«.«fcUßttW ’'beVsb-Hmm •» «■“>”* ■«"' lc,u tbrwarkcu ine . e.Qstomera, andwltbnota llnll BnltCTto anPP-y. tbatntrKct. price# arc well *ns cimmon Firkin and xalncd and Brro at roil ” heeled .and quouilon* are Common Tub U dnll“WfjS ane W flrt'n« com oooie: „ » »33 c CboWetoDftMy****""""*** .....30 OU C r.owSTnp. v . v ..***' jj cam c Common Firkin • a c "iiTtVi oODdjne. «»W « }»' erSi'eroid Vctertu-. we repel our mt uM %Sma\ a.; tm. k«o>«* v:.v;.v:;".v.v. , «S Ml A.Jbj 4® .............. li;mola A.lbu do ««.« Coro ttenanre.. • 70.00 Stark A. cotton acamloraA**** 7>ij» J«w|»tonA. a® C' s -® ArdroacoSS 1 * 1 4® ** .. American.,, . «M 0 Bearer MiW* 4® ft*.oo 3° I.!!. 7b.« rttts muii» . Fort Htt 3® Ktturu uwi “» jjjrtcrwood, oo at,oo 6ptlr«BolcU ' jt.oo Uunnica.-A** v«**i *’**!! **.‘P imiaw.«b®* No * woo Drioo factory Checan therol# a US® KSSTBSirwiia n ronSlo«rrofrodi?m*U». Vo maw no cbxnsn L^'v?,;»F l ” «8 5 3" c - YPHft* c *ntl»0« APtlw. and with a lull a"£ market Srti*a remain atevly M orerlOttM* SM“ T?t<A«l”« «e me prlcr. >1 re'.ll; l" l S,™il7<«weW , li ro ■i? "'sSJiW'i.f'';”.'..: cu y 3o Willow Dan'- $ T-nneJ..- l »rr*»* ■ Mic«burr..v - “• * * uniD L*lditn..... ••[ ti&ana, preparod, ♦wrantfO ..«.-••• iHttatea. Itlinoia...* do onUrfc*. Tongldofluny. 1 Gtongrrr.. I Roenoke.. inmoa. .. lAilMmc.... w. | frpoercll O JSH Crest Fell* M " “ S. t"K in dim Orchard A.... Sin “ “ C i!OH • “ H 8... 19 “ “ - “ L.... « BootMUUll. , ** *• o. I * ** S 315* Western W0r1d....... l«k Artnmcht 20J»' Portsmouth P. 13* Xspolcon..., 17 gusher. 18 ismsTctoa. Bed Boat 7-8 18 ** - 4-4., .W Lrosdsle .77 Arkwright ....Si I j. * W. Sister V~4.,'.,77* C«BM S—4 .13* Sl»lerrniß7-fl 30 Bisckstone Hirer ?....£ BlsttVione AX! I.lhß * Ballon & Son 4—1......53* “ ** 7—i 30 kwames. I English.. crnmnetient. Wartdncwn...,...- <* MiUord improred » Bine mil. S. Corn !*»«)«., gfncnjfns. IWblUeoduC. .g* H neurtll e.... .'.Vie' * . Th0rndike.............21 !< Shetoekei. 30 tan. .....w .39»3t .....21 ukatiuo. I VcjribMWn^K i»l#r Mill* 31. Inch *> •* *• sciocti A [’lortiVn Orchtrd A# I Ati<Jromv««lo... .....toy pla*xxui. t I'tanrmllke TW |K»mnkr*«b(oU.. I MUUJ. Utonnintton •••••'* 1 iVDPeroli.... «*^>H kixw. [ Mnmltttti .•» t All W00U..........«A50 L MUSTS. ,„ MsnvsnA 51ulleken.|1-H lUilp«n*« 1M Itrnnrr *‘2 IkilioofltaeiMuoa.. 9A9 un*bft DsnleU.... White E Cord... lArt wmioißouo COFFEE—The cental market to ' ■ bAm» leeiio* prevail*.- Pnccs are fl-rra. atthsCiUpw me quotation*: «tj c . Rtofcoatmos to Calf....* • *|j (§j|<{c K ftttfio 1 BJtv nrlm" to choice 1 irOUP&tt ADE-Tbe m srket,l® Ann- r J * MponcWn*!* at»?A3; 40C Lard Tierces at .-M. CS^=r.™~-“rr-^B no^ K ■ P j g Floor Dam-la. tlst hoop *jamf© DO noop Folea, "S&maSS Hoop Vo o, oak fs.oort^S (\2nDl«BS—The‘K>fßaodi* steadr, aodpricesare nthaaeraaier. We rtvlacflaoUtlpaa: - Falrhsnk. Peek & Co.’s Law Steam® •» Extra Tallo v. 6 tearme ♦, ivauuc Tallow. F » tiuSuSe UIICTiBA SD tfBBAI IV A OH-lbe taaraei I* moderately active. TVd fi-srae too ~ .... S«« clQum Trat. flak® lAO^l-p ApnTtoi .BOcailXO ] Onto Sfyrrhtliqr .<55, OomOpium *•»* Arrowroot. Jam. SOcl Ipmsc —_vg Arrowroot. Dcr. Wc Indigo pal. rpnarla.... I fndlue.... wdi-i® i Dal T0in........ t. 15 loilljetolas...*. J-2 miarVdoda... PXfrWHc ' H<arb. IVitaaU. _ & iy M VL2 wr, ~ 7«S ! Itoraz. roflocd... JKd33c M0rbhi0*........ 7.» Mf) oil Castor. j.0&1.i0 ■ Copperas, Am... WCDc OatekrtWct Jl3a Vßl CreumTar.,pore «t*nloe.... 3 -W;J } Cnt0eba........... Wc vlirol.blpc i (tine.white...... W(ii*fte Soda Aah........ Uluc! cum....... lSo*»c OiaoberSalla.... i Aqua Ammonia. 11I CaMtloffcxia..-. . Cfirrstal Silicate I Sal Soda SW.OHC I »&.Turpentine.. saai.US ! KIUJw-Woro In roll supply, «nd wD* want® to meet were slow at stone tot limed Esß*> and 3f«:ilrp>rlft*h,ini-oaraortHD*. . _ , ..tiu- FItUITH AND NDTH—Trade was nnoatialljr slack to-day, and under ample stock* an easier obtained. VhoiccWmUt Auplot wero la'lcmaM Md firm at Quotation*, hot common dcicriptlom wot® he* iraoTTcred at a reduction, nnert Apaica are in Ureo iiiPhD and alow at Cranperrlea were io rtlt rrmi'st aodMebcr. ttoaisonote asllaiit a*l»aticein lirled iTachra. were 1® belter »'irr*)y. and dill) and #J W) lower. Nnia were Qtuet, ard Almonda andchoaoau wero a HUIe off. Wa rvrlso utir tut as 1 oMuncm. ifiiti.. I. ti.i ki*iki».tUO A SAO Applet, nbfl Lemons. Malaya.... «lsuo Crahlwffiw, WJ> 9'?-® '""'"‘ir.V.-i viv*;; ® IU “ mr».. » S 3 Ca^lVwnM.'VVorV,'vt* • Jav'Uci/hAvJ4‘in<i qu»V ter*.'i.*'’’ ‘’ » S » 8 | g \U«pb«m®*.hew.V* “ ® Si Cherrle*. anted ~ n V* Wderherrlc*. V , H ® . 15 lUlslns. Valencia 2 g S Sardines, H bores «? Jf is BafdmeS.Sbo»M. V AS « « 19 S>| » French Walnuts, new ?l « » 1 Naples Walnuts.... *» % , Pecans, mall and large * « .Jg S» 13S, I. .At m n .rtPdmunf fil fIAtA IlltOA dl wiafi—'rtcre I* no Improvement tonowmtna dfl c Trom, So.J. M i <• *• V EH 3w»3 1.00 1 , S' j?o.l. kits. new. 3.6002/0 * * •• family, klu -S? Sm ’ ' Codfish, Bank. V MOW *-s»s S.M ** Oeorgt’s Bank « . Bake. V box J5«3 ® ( Utnulor S«SB I *S : Komdn;; 'S - ItUVA^E—The market is quiet at the following : «V£ : Tcllow Grease • B»own Grease nn;m\lsF.l-Received, ICO torts; ertupprd. 112 tori*. Market recivctcrt and entirely nominal, at yj.*o duty Paid, and 25c10r bonded. lji)i>(<i—ihe market is quiet at a range of 35360 c lor£asiero.«nd436sscfor'VestOin. IJUES-ED nc*CsV*—K-rcivcd. 5,931; shipped ' AK6. AfarEtt active, atd 5310 c higher, bales were: ltd ** SCO As, at 7.00 • fO •• 273 AS, at 7.00 70 *• 173 AS, at ■l.CCldlVld*goo2C3 AJC, aU 16.5 Md *.PO 2.CQ •• 200 AS. at 0.70 sod *.£» it,9 *• 200 AS, at «Ud *.t>9 TB *• 2W as. at. C. 4 ® and G^j tfit « voo AS. at and 6^ 10 “ ‘M as, at 6.73 and B.W 1 431 ** 200 AB,«t. ,6^7oanrtfi.^ ! 550 “ 100 A*,ftt .6jnj4*nd 675 1 firm at |ti.«3 and JT.Do dividing on ‘AO As for 5 c *ua*V—I* quiet, with prices steady and firm, at the ' following range; . IV,*/ **** wnntrs ALE PRICES. , Timothy, roller and l>cater pressed H3.W3t3.50 , Timothy, loose prt»ecd 5® * prairie, heater pre»eil V.oiUio.oa , CKTAILPBICSa. . . ... ' _■ .< ... tsn^crfli Cattle. Uog». Sheep. Cattle. JToks. Sheeps . H I^oo . 51 4.550 .. » 451 .... .. 8) M« 76 U.iAlif 4 bIVJ.'. . Timothy, roller and beater pressed tg-Oftat *.»3 ( Timothy, fro«e ITstrle, roller ana neater pressed.. 1*.«U|5.93 ITalrle, loose on wagon, delivered ] HllvE?*—Becclvrd. 116,900 As; shipped, 317,331 as. : The demand is brisk, and the receipts, which are com parailvcly light, arc readily absorbed at fall rates. Tne iDanlrr Is chiefly on si ipplng account. Wo qnotc the market, firm at (be price* given below: GreenßutchersN—,.... J ®7Hc Green galled, trliCDced 1* nmt Caff. « Kip. Green Balled 1* gfo c Dry Flint, trimmed. f? % Dry Salted,trunmed..... 1* Green Balled, uartenred.....^.,, ® ® 91<c IRON ANI> S*TBKlj—Thereissbrisk trade do ing for this season of the year, ml dealers are Annin Uiclr views at tho following prices: ... fomm.n a¥3 SS Horse fchoe Iron ®Vg 7x leavy Bated • • loop and Light Band Bound aco bguare * ;$«• Oval ?WS Hair Gval and Balt Bound.. bhect Iron, nlX® •• Bhm Iron, Oa vanlxed, 17*38 30 a .. utect Ucmcharoo*' .ra&iV* Mu-, t Iron, .Tutlata.,... Norway Kail Hod* U Plow Bt.fl. plow aicel, cast 17 »18 Spring atd Tire Steel, English U «« Tool Ca*t Steel,ordinary sizes W «•» Tool Cast Mcel, Am'flcao WUtcred H 0 » Itns*ls,X«.s*9aod d Unwin, Am., Ist quality. V 0}» Uuwla, Am., t\t qua'Uy, V sneot 0l» s {tiksis. Ani.. 3daimlli.r. I* sheet »••*■, . 1 I.EATIIfitt-l* quid though steady and firm at qnotfitfons. The slocks wo light- Mo continue to ‘l"'" 1 nr-tne. m • m « , jsj 5- m u ii« tuultuni. V Hlai.tfiit.r. SoHs l>*. ~,,, I.JKaI.JO Clilc»ci>.N% 2.. Blfl 87 CaJf'vtb.’ . U'CTI.W Hue-ot Ajrw,... Wj « ippcr.7* t00t... tX* W Orinoco 5W..... .V* W Country frrrr.. sac-* 35 Orinoco, soetl, _ OTKVftot... &1» *w»B*» 81* « WwwWw twle.. H* H French Calf. 31 ' I'ppcr OTufr M Franch oalt, JW /|ii Vn, 1 ni(S ft* >iii*-ii mi fiW(#,ilo '■"*'* r SSK%&*»*»> cwr... ssssis Flrut aul wwnul Clear Fioortmr. ,o **‘ t ' l ; •ft, «'“*»*• ia& tfa r.%te w»".mw; fflSftlS pirat am Bccotii'l Clrnr Hliiliiß. logpllier,. fean4W«m«*aa ,t (11 • )#« (1 iVkbVi I ('Vi k w,»i «ml SI wlhimi S itnlula Bliil Pfnlilhim.«nM **•,,,/»;••*•• “J'lH i 1 iMjWrdm iiiy >*rt| wit <aenf*rnit W 1 kM i j»y far low on • 1 '»* r*nf * wh-ul J, , vl , A 1 / erre “*‘ . w bub tli*r*p‘ |ul|ow* tb« nhiiitfli* in rrditbi bill. i. Tblckneaf-flva ahlnjiTea I© be two Inch®* lulblcK* o or**. 4 . ) jmnh-HWcpn inehf*. JU»o*—Twenty tnrbr*. MT.TA 1 iV* ANU* TJ N N Ell *’ HTtlf-K—TItMo la only a luodcraw Ucuuuiil, uml price* aro »ic*Ul. W o continue to fluotet COni|BUV|U<|tM>>C> . Tjv, *IN”« ] 65SK5SS:;:::::;::: 8 •. liar Tin 89 VS™*** U cdt’Prß. 7, H ann a .»* Metallic Al’ KoU»... g* iJaaUtt *••};? Copier itoiiom » {vir**;} * ,« nr*zlcr»orcrlO»i.. 4J >3 and H » BhrrtlOßOtto 1601 » Timing* 10 *!• is tUSBIT *XTAI. IS. lit<jnal»r « ffi®:::::::::: 8 >'A ll.**—Are in lilr demand. and price* arc a shade eailrr. We revise qßotauons: S *■ t r c .v.v.v.-.-.r.::v';S as««iva:r";:;;:SS S'**! * 7.73 aLCneblned 10J0 S * p,oo cot Spike* I.® S*. BJO Clinch Vet............ W» NAVA*< f*TOKEa»-Are eleady. aOd wltbont ?«”• UUmraMwato. ...J£ r*nk«ri(fh 6.n0 Manilla Hay Bope 25c c; 9.1)0 -Manilla Itope 2Jc Italian Flax Packing. Me Mw11ne...... •§£ liaUan UempPaCtan* *oc »“J» £o rt J liEs^/S'*viJSpSSrJ?Saa-^fflS Unseed 0i1........ * gHg 1-a,™. Mlrf St® olive 0n...- .*♦ • evaijii Wb«le on, w. a laSiS Lard Oil, extra.— Laid Oil,*o. I winter. ♦ i*isSiu fjrd OIL ».7 Winter, VSlijb rank oiunmnd lot* Jfl&liio Sperm OIL W.D LubncaUne Oil aJnakS -I:;::;;;::;;::;:::;: fj&SS ' CABBOy Q Tf » -I* ta demand andarmatoor goo- tau*-u«.: aca» . Cniboc,* car load- 5555; ; Carbop, troaU lots V'"\\V.V.V. * hri» at Sl9J7vcAfbt SOObrls seller keb. at 1 hr »CO Mnflr«e "eras; MO brU bayer 10 atnSLSOjiW i • {K? 2® u*i&mL delivered at l*K>m;-cloil3B with set* lS V( at SI9AO cash, and no buyers over i *t M « Park—Soles were: GO brl* at HWO. PrtSfe I torn at SWAO; MO brl« at*s Sakata*? brl* at »li 23 both at Milwaukee. Bulk Sleats-*Urtetarm»udmor«£U*e. Sales j vtrr; ae.cco ti *'lw Sides **i*£ c _W**& itonch siot-s at sic iocs*: ir .OX Bs short Rib at Sc We; 1(0 bxs Dry Salted Shoulder* (port last evening) a Vj°rrJn Mcnts-Onlei. Sales were:,l.soo pcs aud solooCMM flams (cl b) at si'c; par shoulders (1 h) Bt s**ct pickled Hama—Market Ann. Sales vat: and. a .bode firmer. tisf ajg? arTafftee; I®dortoat »2c: iMtc* (weoi'Csi at »V« iidtca CaOhUe Wire Settled at lIVCt 50 do on Dt•»tS T »o i »t iio-eUMUMC With more buyers UUHW?*I»X* roiMPTlmn SIKOO. fiS. 1 ””' ixrosuwio StSttSES gSSH dir^'JSP^cffi^ly^v;::::wCtiiShS MreUbrd Sliddie* (Sst-ked) 9 W «MC too# Cot Hams (parked) , }),H. Pliourdctstpaekcd) 7 i n. B.Shoulders **? c D. B. llama (parted) S 2S I 2„S llouah aide* BH£BYC drren sticnlilcrs..... ® c , ilreeaiuma W»»Wo (Irccn »T¥2ii./2 New sicamLard J! k 2*lii2 iud bard.. « M«MO «0.l I nrd. , ® POULTIIY-Sslo ofs dot Prea»i 1 Chicken*, si >L> II IIMI to. 00 w.w 10.00 m.oo iswaM *192 KAO VXOAK.OH 5M* >.OO UJ» KA fER—I* qalet but .Arm at _ fall fate*. Wd a % Kews Pape. # c 1 V SR% hTP V: h-ia VteadV trtth a toir demand at thcprlcaasvenßelo7rr SVdH'o I Cotton Rare, mixed 4^c Rone aad 5 »5Kc C prtl =»* r '°S a* fellows: ' * .lIOXQIOhC Arr»can.. tOkaU^C * 10Sf€»U c. C ®sW«K * tt 'aMurcelr* i? tbU’brandiTf^trade and quotation* arc entirely nota- Sk3m&s?£ ASiV'Sntr SIS D b n 11* S5JM?:::r::: <>» as •sasr.iKs M ■ft’aqoote: «• nii , Alogstord. - It ®}T^ Eluxttoid, Pore... * *1 “licj ' Kinxstord, }L3mS . w»n?»ibTd. Blivtr pore - .5 ”kBB - I market U qaleu Vfa eoattaae to 1 SS 5 \i a\me ur.‘ 5 -V. V‘ ‘‘ ‘ - ’ ' ’■ ‘ ? mn,fxs.No. a v;v/.v.v:v/:.v.« cl pilcei re* main uoehaafrd. Vie nuotei Tlwlehl’sfuU it "{inns ; old Rtiaiuh. W» ‘J otrtKußllsh. ?c»£}?"£ * < “'“‘atuiuc * Kirk’s Austrian 5*3 78? * KUVsSQ.U’RJm--* 5 A The *. »• •» p«mt W*« 0 ANI) HIIOT—The market rate* dun, lygis n It nr tj*flf( P fttiiiiiiiiiiiniMMiiiiiiiM'. 11 (•§!# O I’lfl UIOM-l*mtnjueal owl steady at pmww «?&O.IPIOU WW»*gS M MtMlllon.No. S K-ffi Iron tor. No. 1 v ......... KS Tuaearawi*. No. 1 gg « No- N'** Lake Bupcrior, No.* i* Morgan- -•- S'm •* « No. I Kre! UMIUe atiTnAllA—'ibo marketia steady and without da* i“»iS oiitewa Sugar. Is light, both here and Bast, and prices role firm as Rim' K. Y. Re fined, Powccred and Oranulaiod....lfi)fcii«kc t.unv r ......12 913 c SSSS L c , § 1 ‘demand is'Vropramg, ami prices are without cateutial change. We quote: New York Syrups », Yellow Dm**... —-2 a Cuba Moluae*... S Porto Rico S®.|S New 0r1ean5......... Philadelphia Bee W ™ Chicago Refinery, Amber. LTO9I.W j •• Sr* s t ♦« *• gucar flense Tkh » t s M *T— Received, none •. shipped, ,l.l® W«. ««> I tet active and firm hales were r SiObrls at fLSd; IKK) . bags Turk’s liland at fUO per ba. Wequows ! New Pine * Xti » «««■,**m Grcnnd A1um...... "JWSyM 1 Tort’s Island, bara , Groumi Solar 2-S , Dairy, * Ith sack* ■ sfccfired,”"ct,t»b P»«; kSSY Market stendr Sales wire: CSbags Tlmolhf atss^a, ; AreVfeady and without particular change to pllCtS- VreQUOtCt M-ii in Yeung ilyeon,ttipenpr to Use, J. n*S4i » go extra to choice. ¥ » *•»;}• f* '■ Imperial, superlcrwttnr.P do extra to chotcr, W Gocpowoer, superior to flnr.P » J'Sfflia ‘oo «xirat0«1»tw,............... Japan, natural leaAgne to extra fine, F 0... I do do fine to choice, pt> 1 ’ do do colored. ¥ * taLl.oX\—MaiV>t quiet. Sale* wore*, td brls 5 Country a: 9Kc •, Ifi brl? do «9c. . TMllAt’CG—Trade Is very (ini), with prices easier I Con-trion coeds are oßcml at a slight reduction frore : <t«r Quotations: put*CrrCMwnro-- f IXB I't'l Choice Medium Common Smobiso Tobacco— Virginia’* Favorite Choice Medium Common bums... Ftto Toturco— Loyal Citizen..... Farme»» Peilpht Jfatnral Leaf. . • Half Bricht Choice Black, round.... Median; Common Kavles t irglnm 10* and &*..... tHoanders WOOD—1» qaV«V and price* are steidy and un chained, »• follows: *.•«»*»*«, Maple, V cold, delivered *ss»£.*(S Maple .Beard, la yard,.... Beicu, B cold, delivered Ji-jSMlflfi Beech. B cord. In yard H «&}!£{ Hickory. B com • WISEJ* AND I.UjrtiilS—traoe is quiet, and there wno change to now ia prices, tv c quote; powwmo ooons, pobuon 00000. * ...» “SSKoT. «-a»* V.A.B. s’lt 3-M3 6,7 S Rr-WbWccvfChUT.). M» Rni- aon^iorr UmrhoD do(Chlr*so) ?.» .Tnmalr*. PnrefipmtiMprooi).> , tu troix "‘"Vk »-* MO '&£?. «M#M6 “SP-aStafflSi SS3fc|-£«3 is do Rrnna....MOnH.n W- C«« °O°DS. SS w7 r .iS!; UM IS do Mal«Ka...l.‘*sr<2.Oo praVe’s l*laniaOon..lUiC Ginger HojicUer’sSwmocttU.Sf Cherry Tfme t.TWUTO T9t»K- _ . u BllwknefrvWlne.S.T’OijeS.OO Strawberry SJt Ilayibcrry Wat’e.J.MyCl.OP Cherry..... 1~~ N. England Bnro..loOij3Jo 5*2 Penn Rye Whit* „ Blackberry *•» Kratnckr Dour* 11U Tom 0 1n........10 .Otj Holland G1U.........U..0C Ohio CftUwb* t* lA'in'ii^lHecelvcd.3W lbs s shipped, R£lo lbs. Mar* knViUlraikofS.WO »s medium tklr cauauloaat (Sift gntctpttetfl (-1 HEAT WATCH BALE \ •J. THE rillTl.AU ONE PRICIE I’t.AX. ] cutweatetf natron « hand»«mi« itndrclUb’e Watch W, Sr thelowVilcool Ten Jiollam. wUhodiiregard to valnc, nnd not ho paid Wi unlwi yeiCvcUy y*ati*hclofT t 100 Bolld Hold *2? ul lUU Mfttlc Cam! Hold W aVch;-*. 100 Ladies WnICM-a, iniainelleil.^..•.••••» V»W SWlUotdflu:unit ChrwnniuftcrWalchw.. -Wjo wu WPUolcl llutillMß hh«II«h XJIg Sn WO thud Hunilnit Pnple* 'vatches... iwto m Ml thihl llin tin* America VVatchiw 1^1“ OWBllver limiting S[? W 0 Miser Hwrtlstt. 25 J** go MOUoitlLurie** \VnUdits *•*•••• S[S « l.MO(»t,ldlluiitirKL*;ilMft>....--. » ” ,/,« ),000 MJ«c*l»»nsnue Sliver MW 'S 9dCO llnutlnk Bimr f.J* 2t roatlne hut |io, whtic U tuny lw worth ITSO. No I‘Atti* * G»-'« f't-iil Union ivalrli Gu., lltli'Me, upon paymcul m T*‘‘ ivatrii worth fiwi i*r pi t* worth lo»e. The r*iuru id any if i!urturilOcfthset.mi<**roii I? u.p thenw'i. upon psjmcuU Uiwsls’Ctlve of ll« wofth. «hd ttMin ntlirlc valuwl !«♦« Uiatt *W U bjitnil oh Rni ate. It will fttonce he S' en lint this la h" l/ , Jtl‘ , rr, Put ft s rslulilndward Wtimtalft llahwlhju. wh vh J.,iV Vp iiarllrll'rth'd th V€h I'T Hi" tnn«t (a«M-ll dlaf aMw«* iwllfrhtjewl)'^'l'• Cl > \V,Vrtft tiiuili rnt lid ut A I'la.i (It? P«t fl, eleven fpt H< llll“»»* lldrsshil 1 legAijt pteuilMuv |v» »l»lJ>»*V sh'l Jiiute t*fllcaulc IdeiuTll*!' hd llMhipli'l idii l, t ahd tiiual *U nrllwalVhlid ltV »« M*>«U“» "V , ‘ lifi., iiii i.i Hvu \»% faro omtoflmiUVr U la a■ iegMltunl*!* Ijl & iiittK’lnl Inijiiife*. ili\iy *• *J• V.VTLh**«■ liT J ,|B -I rr li^t if,(’ii 1 . mid iiiihi {■• me (n*»»a I'd'iin ••‘finl’ r. ler ii* .1ill..!.I. ini'M.ISHAW.. > lII«WW«.>A. <gaVHCT. T>LMlt & JKPFIinSON, conmiKNiON ini«i»«!iiAN’rt*> «rricK,*ui tfiuiNT-ar., Xi W/Amo*.l lUKWIII*, trj*h. *UUi»I c*«u advaccemcco tuaqa oa wa»U&maaU> QEaT, IIATTEK & CO., Wholeaale Commiasico Merchant* jVo. ISO MoQnft*ftt« Dressed kogbi MTFNCIF.!* AND tVEIOUT MfiTft Furnished m«». UUb«« market price* iru*riat*ed| SoiLpl Klara* made- Cones aoacliejL ITW kedmOSD A CO-Gea'l Com’B Merch’U. buihu. t»« Wajturgton-#u Caicago.DJ. €Ua Notices!. COLLECTOR’S NOTICE.—SIate of WTg&gSSSSfflttn*. 1 normXo. 14, January pnhllenoilcels hereby Rlrcn that }«b followlnK d£ scribed Warrant* have seen placed la n>y hands ftr c °Warran? Xo. West-Dated January ll« issued for the collection oi a special assessment levied lor constructing sidewalk h.£. tide SUlwanVeoaTts nne wtiwetn BolstelO avenne sod Western avenue. interested In said special a>aca*®cnl ate eratwated to make immediate ourinent at myoOce. laildknlt of such payment tW said thexttor, cjty collector. r'IOLBECTOB’S NOTICE State of JK wmKe l*o Placed la my hands Or col lesSantSdlS.TP»»-D»toJ Dec.37th.p£«d£ HasSS'trc.t-D.toi Dec. asm, ism. «m it arena* and tenth side o! street. .!*•« «g, sssss mmsasm i Central Koticeg. 09 00 afcSSitcf, eoidirn. everybody. Lienee c*II on, or lAWUs CRSOS&CO SWO<*rer»<uy. jilair txcstotatitie. jjuy iti but iti London Holt Color Restorer end Dressing. London Hair Colorßostororand Dressing. London Hmr Color Restorer and Dressing. TRY ITI TRY IT I TBYITt fpUE GRAYEST AND WORST LOOK JL R*o UAIH nmr emor Kwwrtt*’ “London fiuiunft it. iuir I’o'or Batorer* “Loraoa jtitt Color Uottoicr" “Coition [lair color •Motion JUlr color BeitorsT" “Uiadon lw c»c. llaJr •■J-oDdoa . .. «. lt t, Q t ft ct» as % rUmmwt n( It flow rfim ihftn vim new lift »nd tonJeiniM» iJ ** B Yrr.b»r»li,dc l Ml or fliirotored »n* ooiotln* niywr. * * mn«ed w »Ulwn« mate age. -OATCHKiOU'S HAIR DVB. IWBB&a u«ci*ri»c* K«* rjss ot»ce». IlieCorlmm naautkctnrtner^mpanrt sllr«a*mltha,cf providence, B- L, itforo lh- trat> inat th» y or e prodociUß C w KiectiO'p'*ttjii Gooda, coia nrtslQK rail Din: cr saa 1 c* otrrlcr* *na Table W*ie of every dc.-cnptioc. cf a very *upencr on alter audoi Mi<i eesaM tie* Ist*. Tto t*a« 13 swsai surer. depoSlt ot Pure silver of such thick- i gfNihitWDcrSs«» treadvamace^ol stiver ic utility, and from beaatr ot d»*lgi an*! superior fin ish &reDßdt*tlr<enUhab-e (rntnlt. _ &WSS«S|K gEytSTSS sure the public that they will BUG * t “SJ*9J?** tion by Ui-productiaaof Eieetro-plsteo '7 4r f*°LsirT quality and *Xf*m« dutSM liy «ati«&icUoQto the porchaocr. All article* mads by them arc slamprd tuns: (HOIIAMWCf,, And all ff.rh arfl fatly guaranteed. n»«*r Ucl It aiCe*- #jo y particularly to call the attends of purchaser* to itx toote tewse-roatt, na their (iwlgn* bate bee* ai* ready extouircly untutwl. Tlvvae qoo<ii cau only bo procured front ropondDl? craters Uie cxjaciry. The Bllfrr Frultsur Sad Ritters. Invalid reader, do you know what nit e-teath* of the i bluer emtpound* you am soikltci by the proprietor* I to accept as wdrcrsM pontrea* ate conc»»*od of? I Oire b«d fpr a mutarat- They are aamthetured I from vopunded sic.hoi, cgutAln>Dg a casldsraul* I portion ot jutfioti, a poi*onnmio*t a* deadly as pf«»- f *ic acid. The b»»l* of the regular tlftc-lure* nf the Ha- I lerlaHnllraU the same. No amount of “herbal ex* I Uacta'*canot»rfomeUioba< tendency of HUr poful* I duo* clou cut. Thcemtißef »enad ilTe.tboftoifaiy 1 rectified, i* the only •umuiaat which eaa bo t»l<dr ti'«l a* a component 01 a Tonl<**AUertMvp and An*!* mtlOQ* mcdltinland UOBTRTfEICS STOMACHIWT- preparation In the wtwtd in which Mil* aiUcle I* used as an ingredient. Ilcnre the axtraotillnarv rtfrrta or im» great specific. It ctTea itrcoetti wltbuat umlocltu excitement. . no oiler (orlc doe* thK a»T Bitter* flo«h tlmivoand affretihc hr*ln. Koatetrer'a miters dir> i«»e*t«aanrccaidecalm through tft* nrryoti* pforoot** digestion, and produce *le»p. No oihnr tonio 10qnlrkly rrvivr" thenpprtue.and remote* the gloom aaddepprsaton which always accompany weakness of the bodily powers. . Dr. Formerly of Junes’ U*k UostMV . C«Mom ilonsc-tt.. | New OrloaoA, La., can bo confidentially consulted at j hi* office and parlors, 01 and OH Rmdolph-iL, nearly opposite bis old office, Chicago. 111, lor the core of hecret Diseases, and all disease* of a private nature, | Office hour*. 9 a.’ro, and ip. in. T. O. Box COO. 1 TOE MONITOR— Rcvjiod, enlarged and greatly tm prOTcd, hut U»ned by Dr. James. Conlwta of book— IllitoPT.oHfflß, nature and danger ot arc ret disease and disease* peculiar to female*. wUh pmcrlptlona for self ueatmeat. An important feature ot the book la how to preTcnt conception. Buy the book; readll; UwlUbmtfll all,old and youpg. Price,M cents, with I centa postage. Adcreas Dr. James, P. O. Box GOG, Chicago. IU. - - - •»A Valunßlo Glßllelne. “Dr. Poleud’s White pice Compound, mdrertued la our column?,laasnccrstfUi attempt to combine asd apply the tuodicloal »lrtue» ufuw wwu It has been thoroughly teated by people in this dcy and vicinity, and the proprietor ha* tmttmonUla of •** vain* from persons well known to oar dtirens. we recommend la trial In all those case* of disease to Which It la adapted. It is !br ss'e by an oar drug adtw.’Ml'.T. Independent. ... The Great New England Remedy! Dr. J. W. Poland * WHITE PINK COMPOUND a new ofitred to tha af* flirted throughout,the country, after ha**®* proved by tnetebtof eleven yd* in the New England SUb-s. where Its merit* bare become as well know n a* the treefiom which. In part, U derives It* vlrttus. The While idne Compound care* sore Throat, Gold*. Ccccta, Dtpnthena, Droccbins, Spltur* of Blood, acd Pnltronary Affections general y. It is a remarkable remedy for Kidney Complain'-s. Dtabetw. Dimcolty ot VctdlncErloe. Bleeding from the Kidneys and Blad der. Gravel and other complaints. F»*r Piles and acur* vy it will be found very valuable. Give it a trial If you wculd tears the value of a go<x. and tried meulcise. It is pleasant, sate and *ure. Sold tyDrncgUis and Dealers In Mestdne* ceae* rally. EUUNUASIS i VAN SCttAACK Wnoltaale agents. Prepared Oil of Palm and Mace, Fcr preserving, restoring aad beantuying the hair, and is the most delightful and wccderlui art de the world ever produced. Lediti will find li not only a certain weedy to re (tore, darken and beautify me Hair, fiat al*> * desirable mule Write Toilet, as it li MgMy perftwed with a .fU3 «1.50 . I.M fIUS ♦ 80 (f# 90 • 13 13 . 95 £U.OO 25 & SO .. 21 « 23 .. U O 21 lien and delicate perfume. independent of the fragrant odor of the Oils of Pa*n> ana Mace. Tint Mastw. or pise—A new and beantilnl per fame, wbleh, in delicacy of scent and tae tenacity with which It clings to the bandberchld aad person. U une- qualled. The above articles or lalehy all Dmnsists and Per* ttuners, at *1 per bolUe each. Sect ay ospress to any address by the proprietor?, T. W. WRIOITT A CO* 10(» Liberty-!t., Kcw Yct£. for sale bjrd.U. UEED & CO., Chicago. . . Yonr ncstinr* Whatlslt? Goodorenl? Rich or Poor? Djbned or exaltfd 9 Are yon lo rise to eminence. hj.i wraiUi and oower; or arc yon to emit Into oa ount* and onllTlon? What are tout fatofe »ro*P*d* todifo —Co be or n«.t to f» the unestloa ?’ Wh> »m solve It? Ur. Raphael can soivc It; anl eulflc tne unsuccessful to wealth and Mnlnoa'W. and‘the nnpjr* tunalu to Impflntr*. All whose f.>nd hopes have be.n rtusppolnUo, crashed and Wasted; ladles wh'* have been seduced, act! whose Injury keeps them from uet* twvc n>snml, can be cured so chat jvj one can iwuw it. HU prerrutlve against he vies children Is sate and sure. Gallon i)!b KAPIIABL, 21J East SlidUon st«, upftaus. iQlervlcwiQQOCdtatiM. Consalta.lun lee, one dollar. - Hr. Thomson, Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical tooth Clwk.»l.,haancaiC'l ail urouoC ventral dU ewe with unprecedented success for ne»flyl.»rty years, rpcnuatorrha'* aid impotence treated 1 - cst rcstm*. PatUculara of the ' ld * tn«»lc«i tree to anyaddrew. P. <». Dox7k, cnicagp, IIIII.UH. - - Tito llrnllne PovUnd Ilouw of3l«rcy* Howard Association report*. for ruung n,e t °*,V® *®* crime t>f solitude, and the error*. »hQ«C9 an<l djM4sc* whlchdcstroytliotnanWpowet*. *' ll S l tiicnin to n arrlage. with *uic means of r P;}',f* **??* j 1 Kitrr envr h nee. free cf charge. Address ur. J* SMI/ 111 UoI'OUIOJi. Uuwani}A»oglallon Ihladcl* phi*. Pa. _ ’ - _ •- . <H -11 I_ « I*l ll v Tho Only nicdleino In the World tkw.W'iiw^ saa? Jr is ns& ». ssa?® ft.fftn noittr. Sfdd»m>«h*ns Slcl8l)8. CLEIOUH. SLEIQHS I SLEIOHS I VVrliittcnotr tin hand Hit* must riiaePint ent a««ort , rFi;,>-J»liKl(»llHc»' , rfthlhlie'l iMhlscoiiwlrT. H 1» a weli-itt.o«tii that the HIMUALLB lake lh« Iced on Pino Pini«hod Sloigha. for Hljlr, Jlcanlr t>l Flnl'h. and DuraMlUy, Her * ff « make* ftmu |W l‘» . , \me j'nrilrnd taul oihcf £h-Uii?. hut uur own tu-dte. f f tnatict. UimUMi & co., t in. ua mill 114 Hiiillmry Hlrwl. {Evauapovtatlou. 'fflTllX^OS.' ' llt'nornl Trnn««tlnntlo Comimnj'u mah. , A i* W lrhß l *2ftnaeff^| , ’H 1 l < *tna do col cany steerage paa intending to land at DKKHT will bo (ax cl,lied with railroad euopun licketa. ana their checked in part*, at an addidonaj charge of |i fur drt> and m for freond cl«J». Medical atlendante itee of charga- KcwVctt,UGtO- SIACKHSZIK, Asent, SS UrMi .»v. - - - /~l OVERNMEXT SALE. ts the M OOVEPSHE22T TUC * will. «**■ rnty-fITO acm of land, near BAN ANTONIO. TEXAS. , „ Bralr d Proposal*. tn duplicate, will pe reertred ap to the nr*t d*r ot March, !So7, for the poichaac oi *3 amsof land, (more orJesi). together wUb the balm togs ciccUd ttereoo. and wc ajmiirtenaocea inp, that l« tow s twelve stone JJme Tata, KlFif-TWO WOODEN VATS, SEVEN STONK POOLS, and capable nfuncVnz U.CtO hides per ammto; ONE STE ajia A WUILU“P*? I . B of m«!oc SjCCo feet of LomberdajJr; ONE SMALL u ntoated about two taUea ®sS“e‘iS»strfi. c s^gfk&sj^sss^swf-^ “Sillrtl M mulred “ITopowl, Kr Oorun mmKKicrlM<>s»»iiiUi. Bti. iI»J. Gm. AM-t Caa't B °”^^ A T,tu. Harborworks at gbandha- VEX and Black Lake. Micetgao. _ f Jitick t-cnrtsnsDrxo E^o'^^hf** 800 ) IWfBQTTaiZSTS. LAXXMiCBtOAS. \ Milwack**. Wisconsin, Jannaij ‘ Sealed proposals, ic duplicate. oftbe form wralsßM hr the ohderilenw. will t»e «s ce.yed 1 toiwlw, tlelimiUy.r impioTina the ha: bora of Giaad B»T«n aad wacs • M 01..4 B«e» « u “S“.‘ , ( g IS.OOO feet, mrre pr less, of close piling to protect we tSoarttSfi >com r pte tor Mfi'eS By cnPi filled Witt ,nc . » l '3-,£f?,ES plMiMthenrwcrihs, aad will amount iosW*Wcahtc 2^SwSsiswssafiSßffl&« iSFa^vsaasasst^: works wt« be lei to the l*we*t re*rposlblt.blfr rterj reS'TTtae to the United states the fight to reject ‘"Sm en SWiatoa to w> pTßCfit opon tpe opcolM °ThtSp«cctc aMma a eepirele CTdopra. wheel!® U. 8. 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ISTELtIGESTTESTUIONT IS AS IMPORTANT RT MEDICINE as in law. The great Patrick Henry »»1d that the lamb hr which hla fr« were gnldcd was the “lamp cf experience." The statements oi meaef character and standing In relation to the property and carets ol a medicinal preparation which they themselves have tried, and the operation of wbifch they have had abundant opportunity ct witnessing m a great variety ot cases, are absolutely conclusive. They art so considered by the public, who very natn raily prefer this species of testimony to any other that can beoifmd in behalf ot a proprietary r.*m«df. Volumes of such erlJence have bean published In Ovor ot HOSTKTTEIfS STOMACH BfITIERS during twenty years that the uncdoalledTonlc and alterative has been before the world; and allhongb ita reputation as »• STANDARD SPECIFIC has long been estaaVlshed. tbronebont the ■Western hemisphere, it is still deemed advlsab e to exhibit, through the press, from time to tunc, new proofl cf its success. Recent tbets add per tlcepce and three to tact* more remote, and serve to show that the great remedy Is prepared with uniform exactitude and care, and that it Is still, what It ever has been, the PUREST ASU BEST OF ALL VEGETA BLE INVIGOBAATS, aa Inevitable cure for PT SPEP bIA and ail derangements of Che Stomach and Liver, and a perfect antidote to the unwholesome influence* which produce and aggravate epidemic fevers. The subjoined letter* are all trout citizens well known and generally respected in the localities from which their cctamnnlcaticns ate dated, and arc published a* specimen* of aa immense mass of correspondence of a similar tecor. Some idea of the quantity of UUv kind of testimony in the bands of the proprietors of BOS TETTEB’S BITTERS mar be formed by the reader, when Ul# stated that the cotnmnnlcaUors on the sub ject of FEVER AND AGUE ALONE, received by the Arm doling the last three years, number upwards ol TWOTfIOUSARD. They arc all to Hie same client as tLit ot Sir. Bourne, given oclow, and It ever anythin* , waststabl -bed on rincontrovertible evidence. Itlslhe important Uct that CHILLS AND FEVER can be ! bttkenut mil radically cared lo a very short space of [ time by t: zuscof this incomparable ionic. Nortavhla ail. Ertlr j exemption from the distressing malady.and all lomis cf Intermßtent Fever, l» guaranteed to *nch rcsldectaot Feveranu Ague Districts as may he wise enough to lake the DiTTEKS da a preventive Though malaria maybe prestattug their n-dabbor* oo the right haudaadoa the left, thooewho have taken IM prvcaa- Uoo to lortJir thrir system* and consiltutlos*, la ad* raflee, with UU* COUNXEBBtAST TU ALL ATMOS* rtIKRU' I'OlgON, will sorely escape the tccurge. The physicists and other* whose name* annexed corrr* penitence, are ready at all times to con firm verbally the italemcnt* made over their sign*. lU r«Up« one of the moat striking proofs that can bo elied cf the Intrinsic excellence of the BITTBUS, la the general adoption of the'preparation by medical men. the prrfeealonaa a rule ret their lace* agntust adver ted medicine*. !.«t this utieq called vogelaida 'onlu haa 1 vanquished llietf prejudices, and they recommend nod I administer it to thcli patient* a* the purest stimulant laml beat stomachic that money ran pmiee. The pi went season or the year U a trying one to the feeble and cncrrausl-lmlefd li all. In >llll/. in Annual nod Scptvmbei heavy di attclUs arc made «p,‘Q «w sys tem, and It la necessary I»hare a reserve oi strength •t«i vitality In order to meet them without flinching or breaking down. IIUSTL'tTLII’S lUTIEHH AUK A BTAMI.NALMEDICINE,sustain* the vital ami mus cnlurrnew ol tlieframn with this powerful ami gen eral teg* table restorative, ami any tomperanm l , ary climate, any coudlUbaol t£e ainmipherc may be en countered with comparative Impunity. Head the tallowing letter frem £. I’ort-ve. a well. kuuwutlUtcnot liUahurtU.l'aa i’tmnt'suir, M«y 10, l*sW. Mi-sera, Hosteller ft Pmllli: . t . Oafni eMEVi imrlnaa visit U» the West, lavl fait, t contracted ddll* ami filter, which hionsiitme to toy bet*, nini nnaliy leni.iuaied In typhoid I ter ami con hnen tie to my rmmi lor several ummh*, during wMeh uwwlwtw.Vbls'caUy,*** prostrated that 1 tdmo't de spaired id er* r recovering my hestili t having enllMiy lost mr oi'pcilie fir dan, not being ainetorsup’or ♦tit added M which I was tuucbdivlr.ssed with a reel inssnsatloniti my head, anil basted iimuv stcepleM idiihls, ad from den'lll* raiised by mr Pfintrnln condi tion, bruiiaiii almutby the lever. Alibis siaaoufiny u tniMl'di, a Itiend ieipmtTiM,i(*d me to use your< em hta«rd>pUiMACH IUVIMMhi but, ueuit morally on i oswl fo the u»ecf stlnmiams in any ronu, 1 at first rte t luted, Imt Mtewntd* jrl'ldnl my puhirlb*’*. and afur inking Urn medfclep f-r several sww, »J directed, mr apiodii** ipiuftmd, ai.d ini'. |l I am faptdiy rmiamltiß mt ftm-r Mre*fcih ami vigor, My Mm* lUoui tfo* lo*s of wniili i had siiimred morlir has nrvsr i,«f>n miirrMioi it I* imw, ,* ,1 r*«iliitf "01*1111011 fh,for >l niiii'’e'noiii4a>mnrshs tU me, M> bowels, whlvli went mm (1 •'oaMUj'tlwl md irregular, sf* imiw dull*? imhisui, a'i'l m nmi I am imd to say ihsil h’el mistiianew min.atdU-mbrymi fids le*tlbi"ii at or tnjf apkcitiUou ♦*' t‘ »»t vaiuahl* 11l MHtaf tljat oll.ef* aHlfbidog aalliatd day aval} tVi'’*s|»i*yf • virtue*,mmli pf"}ndb'rt i<r»vr)>ini m*« m»m rni'iing h*f long 4 i iimy aim aim dial my piiysmUn. af*«r *<tdng Urn b«na. riidai riH’i tour niitsra bad on me, rtuminiimmM Dial 1 u«e thmH (sgdUrtv, .. Aiintber |aM«r, irom a w«i| known elmonof mu* Imrgh.iuud mdtiemwr I, |wA» . lusieiu-r * riiilui, IdiVbnrgh, Pa. 1 (ixaTi VHvgt 1 ihUk lam only ootug thopArt of a tiotiii iiureo when I lestify tn ih« great Denum* I liavo rwcitnl from yonr eUiU,acb Umors nuriug urn lust fivuyear*. being m IlieOlirtgloro* |n dl lh»*lusevers tmiian* attack, and being dlsimplir. which left me very wrax, Iwaaoilviscd to uy yourllilters, iproeurai one Dottle, ami they woilced u a charm on nm. la one week 1 get eiehtoA pound* tmutter, amt I suomtd U» hate got new Ufa In me, so mu- h so that Ihatotunl them eviry gnmuicr since as »tonic. I think me? ore invaluable. This summer, bavins another hlliioua at* lack, and much reduced In weight, being tinder the cars of an A No. I physician, I again had to have recourse to The oidimters, with the same good remits, gaining six (6) pound* in a few days, I have bought a half doo en h-ultß ultw week*•loco, and (ulend 10 keep tacnx regularly a* a conic and beverage. WLmlngyou every 1 . W Mlf.t.Rß, ffirnpogal« (Legal. AND Errrsanxv, Enrcraas* Coc-vtt, 111. M«m«. Hostetler* Smith; Gutubk. 4 ; Witapleaaaro Xcan «r that your BlT tfc.Ua are *uperior tu any other*. 1 have natal them in my rami jr xbr a loos time, soa nlwaje with heae tcuimoiu. Tow, 'ho3i!q£lbeet. BCCKLASD, PBIXCK VIIUJAX COCXtT, V*-, > Jantury <*MaC6. > Mesm.Hoetetter* bmlth- .. . _ , Sits: 1 believe jroor KiTTEBSsre the best in use. 1 tried Item tor art pepsla In and they eared me. It ire* notfoitb that old It* for 1 bad bo UlOt to item; 1 tried Uicm if please a triend, 1 ted been prostrate fer several weeks with dyspepsia. «n<l chronic olar rbeca. Jea pec ted to die: bat jets than one bottle no for rettored me tbstlccotd attend to mrbasiceu. ZteS October! overworked myself, wblcn malted In th« return crlbc same disease, sccoropanl&l with bron chial affection, when I nsun nsed your BITTERS, amt was toon restored to health. I nave recommended them to hundreds or my acquaintance*, and have never known them to foil in effecting a fpeedy care. Tmlf voors. 3 1URjSiDA CSAFPtX. Fostraaster at Bae&ia&d. Ya. Eidkktojt, Pa-, Xorcmber 6, la®. jr Me«rs.Ho‘tetter&Smith: - . r*- tGorautx: We have been eSteryor i gigi%fc£w! fcITTItKS tLT eighteen months, and flnd lent medicine. Ail that Js necessary!■»ie» pie know their Time, aad they wld ns«J“ ie (^;„ I t S*7u tried them mrseli. aad aow rooonaaod ru.n to au who bare weak itonjacha, Jtti-VC. Dnßlr - .-. - . flensw. CotagrrN. September $ oc ny cgStSSr ■; v irtliuelWve been afflicted wiinVrtiwlfdel , MMTas nnabie u» attend w'SviSSSSL ' • " ioar OITIEIB, which I did-and benefit to toe- I believe had It hot l - x«>r them I affe^een iro^°ToSm^“ ft ?ofev°o'Bissu* llcwrs. Qcatettcr A “& iiSfe.'SSp actosWeyourßlTr^ o uusl ' E.-ANGLE, iL El tuarltj menu, Gaixatia. Saline Const;, ID. M r»srrr*«»l* 1 taedldaetor many vstZ«b?Sw««*®4 rwx BITTERS m* number of- crcat success,and take pleaanreta recoai tt®nt:thcmtoiiieimSUcmßeneral. ft \ cxj respectfully, J. SIIITH, M. v. iUnoos, UL, January a, ISO. >lef7T».UestctlcrfbSmilb; nrP OxyTtUKK: I tell more of roar STOMA H HIT TEKS than of any other medicine. nave trtea them speak in very hteb ptym virtue*. 1 ware men them mywU; and pnaaß» taaaa vrtihaaparaKeieiancce**. ----- tot U “xotu, Clay Canary, UL t' f.-'Sil, B 9 otti, pt-crtN*. “JU-" 4 ‘ pr “" “ as one of the beat moOlclce# of it D. r **** = :‘ :, gSSS"£ , ■ sspEfigtsfis iilllillliliiS pnrcnaafttteni. of If Ton «m «*« j CJM| wl» >s*l! D -„ r !o?J.VntwJ. Voo«.tw»T, tot m to he what *hey are "Jyp j, y, UlTTfUlfilUJ** rUEPAKED ASJ> SOLO BY BOSTETTER & SMITH, httsbu&rh, PA. for rale l»r rll OnujKU, |Wm