Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 16, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 16, 1867 Page 4
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Cljicaga WEDNESDAY, JANUARY M. 1667. THE CITY. Ikdictwj.—-Emanuel Bnschsr (erroneously printed as Borges in a previous mention In these columns), charged with assaulting Lonis Wiliich. the ** local" of tne Sraa’* ZAtttnq, was indicted bcfoie the Grand Jury on Monday. Bonncia a Thunk —At the Police Court yester day morning Napoleon Bosser was held for furth er examination until Saturday morning, in ball of S3XI, upon the charge of sli-aling various articles from a trunk in a uuuon on North Kinxle street. ComnrrxD.—Charles Asbwood, one of the youths examined at the Police Court on Monday for breaking into the house of Mrs. Wilkinson, being too old for admission to the Reform School, was yesterday commuted for trial In ball of SIOO. The Coat Timms.—Newton and Andrews, tbe (wo men arrested by Detective Simpson on Mon day evening for stealing a coat from the New York House, were examined at tbe Police Court yester day morning and committed for trial in bailor SoW each. Fine Azjuix. —The* alarm of Arc sounded last fuelling fiom box No. 29 was occasioned by the t x{>loficm of a ems metre iu a brick residence on Wabash amine a little south of Ilarmou coart. Loss trilling. STTALinn Fho* .roiiccKK*.—lsaac Abraham, a colored Individual, who has recently been cm* ployed a boat Ihe Armory, was arraigned at the ToUce Conil yesterday mnniing for plesli"c a pair of bool* each from Officer Pclilcgd nnd Ber rrnnt Merccnthaler. Tho properiy was found on nihd avriiuc. Isaac was commuted for trial In rail Of |jOO. Htfamro l>Anßß.—William Cotigln, an agent lor a brewery, II la alleged* sought to promote bis pnviic interest* by the appropriation of' occa* flciial*’ qtiatillliea of beer for spectrlallflg pur* j'o«e- on bis "individual carte/' lie was broiiglil I'rfme.ljfjHre Plurictatil yesterday tnuming, and hi P b«U ol tmtli ealutdax Inn r»MM<iN Cuimm.-A i|iiurumiiMli)> Ahtet. nu n uni 1..1 "ifiiliiu m ilm L'iiuiicll nmii.i.M, ilm •tll(.iittit.l i.m.iliiii i.( ilm i'imiiicll ««. "..I I" 111, 'I Imi" «l.|" Hul.l ii'i, «"■" ilm li.ii wu mltmil, Alili.itimn Uiil.lmr. "mV 1 11 ' "Im'ii*,, I, li.lii.i , Wiiiiiliiii), 11ii1.1.-n lliiiai.ll I, HlMckl.ini, l.nw.i." mi.l ll'Hiilllvan Hilt i n, PinrcTnna op ma ciiicaoo (Jao CnirpAnr.— 7tm slorMmlileri ofilm Chicago daa Mglil A Cokn (empuny iiiflaltim olltfsnlMm nmaptnf on Mmi. day aIP itioon and olecloil Ilm followliig Hoard of lllMMuisl 11. T. lllikey, H. H. C’ubb, I*. 1,. Voe, /. Mieihci, H.A.Htiilih, K I. Tloklmui, 11. W. Kay. tuutid, ily, Young, Now Voth. Tm: llai.p UnriUN Anvi.KM.-A mr gmieral ift iltir MitMtuir tlio in vlcluii/ of ihn Half Orphan (lucntnl on llio ctirm-r of I'Kiiikllii mnl WliconMn MrrW«) tfm* Hid In.lltu tioiiHMiun) iio leinmed to •omo niin-r lomllnn. Tln’i n-fi’il lliM whenever* tlb<<»i'i> bleak* o>H In Hid Aklbnn. Which l« |ki| foMnin, )| InvrtilublV »’jo mi" lo /anill/e# unbone Hip wall*. How much or riiiiniifiifoM me u im Hie cuhiiilmlim wo know t <>'. Imil Hid levling >■ Mintiif mol general. rmon«io«=Ni.xoVAi.«W. 11. Underhill, long knoi'ti uiiiodt* in p» «li'mJlny Dour aiul timiii tVhimMmt Merchant, hn* lemuved Aom No. Hi W« (•Inti aiirelluNo im U>ii!ld kirm.l, Moc oamup block, where wlik largely li»rr«<Ma«*4 fttelll. }»«•" hr will he at all linn * reaiiy to «nn*mve Hie Injarptiii oi ku pairon* in that careful, |ir«»nii*ioi»d reliable manner lor which lie hnw uniformly been ‘l 'ilnLiiUlnd. Wr Hum that inn only mill nil liU oiil filunu* gainer toinul iilia, nm mm n 0 will ilnd many ni. .v one* In li!« preeent Incuilon. A Cold JUrn.—'Yesterday forenoon an W, 11. Ful on, a kill pouter for Ike Michigan Southern Ksilioad Company, wan oianrttng upon the Icoat Clark street bridg.;, placing his Dills on the pier, the rntiio Ice suddenly cave war, and bo 101 l through Into ihe deep and chilling water. The accidmiwaa toon by a few bystanders who haa tcLed to the spot and Anally rescued the almost drowning man with a ladder. £1« was nearly nnmbed with cold, and probably rendered faint by the odor of Chicago River water. I he ice on the river is v eak and nntinstworthy, aco care should be taken lu venturing upon it. Till AtIUESTED PUEVEKTIVE POLICEMAN.— The TnmcNE of about a month ago contained.a re port of the examination, before Justices Quinn and Dresser, of a man who had been in the em ploy ol Mr. Pinkerton as a member of his pro > entire police force, who was chained with break tug into the -nloon of Gbio & tVrrettl, oa the comer of Dcaibom and Randolph streets, and stealing therefrom dears and other articles of minor value. Be was held over lu the Recorder's Conrt and yesterday he was honorably discharg ed- lie claims to have been always houe-t and coirecl, anc never to have been fomiti otherwise Positive Saxe.— The co-partrereUp of G. T. Ddoing & Co., clothiers, at .Nos. 9?, WO and 1W Randolph street, expiring by limitation the present winter, their mammoth stock of men's and boys’ icady-made clothing and gents' for nn-htnc coods, l* now being o'Jcred to the public at prices which must command a sale. Thev au nonnee their determination to sell ont at 'somf pnee before the first of March next. The public w;it also remember that Messrs. Beldia" & Co have a custom room for the maumacture’ of fine clothing to order, which is included in this per emptory sale. Messrs. Beldiug & Co. manufac ture inch entire stock, and for stvle a-«l work mamhlp it Is unsurpassed by any house, Bast or vVcit. Tho?c in want of clothing for men or toys will do veil t. call on them, opposite the Mattcson House. CmcAco Sen-day School Union-.—The first of a series of meeting* commuting a training class course for Sunday School teachers, was held last eveuTgatibcrooinsof Ihe Young Men’- Chris tian Association iii the Clark Street M. E. Church Mock. The opening devotional exercises were CO. ducted ny l»r. C. If. BJackall, General Super iniei dei.t ol the Fnnday School Union, an ml dre-P cn /‘The Sabbath School—lts objects,” by .dr. E. s. SUnrer, President, and t*-e practice lesson from Matthew XIII: 3»«da. by Mr. LIB. Speare. Hi* next meeting will he hcM on Tnc«dav evening next. The course promise? to be Inter’- crimp and profitable, and teachers are tonka to attend. Uhe Ice&on will no from Matthew XIII: 4J-IU. The Watch Tiiiep.—Tee girl, Barbara Ingram, charged with the larceny of three watches, as mentioned in these columns yesterday, was again np for examination yesterday afternoon, fche is only twelve years old. aud for one so yonug seems singularly haulcncd In conscience. She told two or tun e dlih rcut. stories again yesterday regard ing the mining watches, hut finally seuleJ mou one thu; the text duy after New V.-ar'a whc‘*c- Cider thuu under tier ml-trcss* hon-o behind the licnkhtg. In con-eqncncc of her statements ot Mnmbiy her brother-in-law was arrested ; ana verit-rdav nrietnoon her sworn testimony caused his dlsclatgc. To await the test of Her veracity once mo; i*. the case was again continued till thi* atlcjiiixu. Hoard or I’oucn, Ac.—The regular semi-week ly meeting of :he Soard of Health. Fire, and Po lice ( omutist loner«. was held yester my afternoon Jr tin Ir rooms allhc Central Station. com n r of Washington and 1-aSallc street*. Pruieat—Pres idiot Dioivn. and Ccmmitsiorur* llt-woith and Grind. J he various bills of the Fire, Health, and Police Di-pmlm-i'ts for the month coding January 14th. veie ]i»es* Tiled, andltvd, and ordered to here, corded by the Hoard. Fire Marshal Harris reported the trial of the new steam- r “A. D. Tilrworlh." on nmtjon the steamer was accepted, ard will be placed iu the new engine hou-e on CjtUge Grove avenue. A communication waii received from Mr. W. 11. Myers, icpuirer of the al trm telegraph, asking for an allowance «I s.dsry for time lon in recovering Imiiii injniles received white In tin? dl-rlurge ot hi'duty On motion the petition was g<*antmh bnpcriniemtctii Hehm preji-utcd the resigna tion of OUjcct Henry c. Mnsberg. liwoa ac cepted. A petition w*« received from the Pound Mister of tbe North Division asking for the appointment ol new special p .llccmen lor duty at Ibat place. Tl e matter was rclordd to CominNsioacrGund. Thu trial of Officer Thomas U. tipcldcn was post- I (md lor one week. Adjourned. Au.Ecrn PiiArp.—Thoroaj Miller Is a merchant rending in Indiana, who occasionally consigns tc;aU qußuiltiec of butter, pork, potatoes and other articles to parlies in this city. A r*w daw fcircc he mane an arrangement with Stull ’& Cciatma. who assumed to l>2 commission Sictebatits doing bneiness at No. IDJ South " atur street, to receive certain articles and make advances thereon. Air. .Miller Lroagnt five ho*s to tbe city and sold them to tre firm. After cou hiderahle trouble he finally snccccded, yesterdav, in procinit ga chuck for thevaute ot thorn, $72.03 cpnn Stnigea’ Sons, hankers, atoll A (avannn, ills alleged, represented that thev bad plenty «»r money m the bank, but npon the pre- Miitntion of this citcck Messrs. Stnrge-' Som d< cl;n du» honor it. It appeared that the Com nil-r)o*j hoti-e had about 4lrj dcpunited, upon "liHli the 1-cnk had a prior claim. Mr. Miller return* d to Messrs. Stull & Cavanna with the check. Stull, who drawn it, wus out, and Mr. Cavfinua sntd heft'avanna) knew It would not be paid when Stull filled It up. Mr. Miller then procured the arrest of tbe tw.i men. charging them with obtalamg money by fatso pr<iumccs. Air. Stull stated that unite rocenuy his temporary absence from tbe city ted • created a report that zte had abjLonded. This, npon his return, caused some mii-Duaerstindicg w ith bis partner, who had git cd orders at the bank that SlnliV chocks should not be cashed.' Ihcy proposed to settle It by sending to tome place ouNouh Clark street for the tnotuy. An omccr was emit with one of them U. piocurr It bnt thev failed u> get it. Cavanna gave baij lur his appearance al the police Court to-day. end Mali was Held tor examination at the aumu time. The Utwx Book in Wonsan*.—The Preaby tiT>- of flic Relortntd Presbyterian Church met last evening Jo the church on the corner of Pol* lon and Jederson streets to take action on the resignation of Rev. Robert Patterson, D. D., irom the pectoral charge of that Society. For pome time past there has existed a dlflerencc of doctrinal views between the minister and congre gation. Last Sabbath be was invited to express his views from the pulpit but declined, and oro al lied lo do the same at the mooting of the Pres* bytery. This caused a large number from the congregation to attend. The following is a synop sis of Ins address: He claimed that the doctrines of the Re formed Church permitted the use of church tmiric In any manner by which the ch orcb might advance its interest* me ben. The Psalms ot David were written tor use dorm- Lis time, and the doctrines advanced by them are eminently Jewish The example of oar Lord Jesus when on earth and his Apostles, is what we should follow. Wemustnowtake the New Tes tament as our guide. Itcontain* no more direc tions that wc man worship by song, than It does by nraver. There a*e rescrictions given, out if wegobevood them wc can find no special hymn book mentioned. It also mentions the Psalter, hnl refers to all manner of means of song worship in use by the Church. It is the main doctrine of the New Testament to aDow one to worship according to the dictates of his own conscience. While Christ was on earth some who observed the chshgc made in Ihs methods of worship churned that the Church should return. To this Christ said that men were no longer ser vants, but sons of God. In fbc Old -Testament worship was at*endcd by great pomp. In the Kcw Testament dispensation alt this Is done Trct. What wc, as a Church, should consider Is ow the people may be the better «*elided. The children in the streets of the Eastern cities sang i wrrompfu songs to our Savior. He did not re buke them, but praised them, aod set them as ao example to the woild. He admitted >bc Inspira tion of tt'clValme, but thought tuc songs of the Kt w Testament none the less acceptable to God. The speaker theu went on to consider the ob jections to the laws governing the camunalon table.' Ueo -iccled to the law requiring all woo became members of the Church to sign uis *• De claration ” when they did not fully understand, the teachings. He then spoke of bis long connection with the church aod his many stroeg attachments to It, hot he considered it us duty to pieach in a field whore be might worship according to the dictates of bis ow n conscience. Rev. A. IL Galley then answered some of the Objections raised by Dr. Patterson, reierriog to the time not long past when the latter very strong ly defended the very points to which be now ob jected. On motion, the resignation was accepted to permit Rev. Dr. Patterson to connect with the Old School Presbyterian Church. THE STEWART DIVORCE SUIT. Sixth Day of the Trial. Further Eeport of Testimony for the Defence. B Detective in the Witness Bos. The Scene in tbe Hotel at Michigan Cily—A Man Under the Bed. A Cloud of Witnesses to Nothing but a Fiasco, Cariosity yesterday succumbed to necessity, la 'bo case of the Stewart divorce trial. The Coart Hoom is so small that Ihe crowd of anxious by slanders, recognising the fact, have, to a great extent, accommodated themselves to the circum stance, and remained away. There was, however, a lair attendance, and not a few wno desired to but conld not, obtain admission. The case pro gressed so for as to bring forward the evidence of the detectives procured by the defendant iu con nection with his trip to Michigan City, which wa« spoken of in the oi>eulng of respondent's counsel. Tba first witness was JOEL LULL, vhowaii rcullcflbr<facd«r7nduit. lie testified Mr, Klmiej I could not |F™£® h . er wl»o the man was 1 saw pass through tliohltcbcn. Kluaci admitted last nlchttbiti did H..«. *. nct ?s told him 1 could not dcscrib" the f 1 hafl n ?* pa,(III WM not Blewirt, be would have (worn that 11 was him he Panin 1 * V .oepohe of the appearance of Hits matt, at toy first cojjtcrpnliun. The flr«t time 1 ever saw Bienart he ralM ai i?/p *"«*»«'.* "«!’• Ido nut remain' llh^KL 1 I l '£Ms'*? e } ,r /‘ Dudley wnt puuiiiy I * ?• 1 k **" 1,10 oi ati j he said (hat Mrs. Ihiitlcy must have a curious (as|o to have suth a man a* that annul her,** l nut innier the i/i'.V ifn*.?* « nv '' «H' tlw bittia of the lUllli and after lie sain tin wits n pimp, (was suliptettfled In this t I have conversed with ;Ki« , v ,, s "O'* .• *m ** um* onh'« V». W* Iwlca shii'fl I was aiiliiMetiatol. 1 '■' , f lakeil alumi Iho rye mid )h« lesjimoiiv , '.' n Mr. Hmilsioiry. William {down, end olheis, I uaa snlip'i'iMiui I Ik* V 'V 1 '/ 1 * hTmiiil four vent a | for a roar niml a had iitfoio that i was not lourh In huaiiiesa, foil «yna emi'iovod In niy son's plsolnu mill. fto> Vonilonu" 11 *° ro * tf>> ■'* Windsor Uumiljr, Hits, isanfi.u n. I,om,ah, „ ' V' r I, 1 ' 1 ;, nefrliilinl. wu limn nnllnd. Him I 'ft'.";., ” r . MI " I m»o ill No. U)U o«{ Un»liln«l(m Mrrol. 1 have lii-ph «Mi Aim. tf lownrl since wo worn liitln tj. Voiinmjr slnlowhnt worn lliu ncls and derj». ?! ~-p ^,,' u r. , V !, ,h,,. r . , ,vh,rlnt f ntr-cllim, or Ilia .■'•utiarr toward M* ulfn, Trom ilia Hum oldie son nrnltoii to duly lidiu. ihou. • ‘ Omened |o Hint arirr Urn (>mnli>ytt]rn( of rouu* frl, ftovpinlujr lilli. 1M.% ni« ncl'BiiddcrlMru'.iim* mluiuMc shown. Hold Mini if >■ incmiiopjoiil to l*ir. ,l '" W"*" ilMHlitf Uiti (lino In* I'linU'd in llipciimi»ci of adultery, .A. Urn leurtoron ro« fetnd to Imr always i aim moat aiwsya dm !!, V/i» , 110 f|pt|iiPidly anld Im JilUfoVi.i. p i''ft Id tmrn'lf aim would «•}. mi.! il"'ll. 1 ii '"*• """"I'w .lwiiiwSrr ,o ‘ ,r ,rwUn,e, ‘ l ol ,l,m ,n rt *» ,lrd Ui oi.jiH-rd to mid objection MUlniimd. i’pum. vxanmmlhm wjdml, Nllrt, MAIITHAJ. RVITII. Another nlHor oi ilm roijmndent wm (lion m.’uiV m. SWW follow: Inin Urn witv of V. 11. hiiilili, mul n .hur ofjim doferd* ;mi. I liu'o Uioiwi Mia. Ht.-wmi *>lncd I was a iHIIo irul. Imtwiu only Iniimnte wlili Imr from J,, i h »iJ!! e ' .!’* , t 0 ,ny . bfoilim-'n iuurriaK<r, omt I'liljo iin'y lived together. 11m we«k previous to i hrUtnuis day ol Id 5 tlmdcfdmlnntwa««lcUat mr **' lie 101 l the houimi:lul ß inuwdiiyaud returned In the cvculiii:, lie wan umn unwell until about New 1 car’s eve. when be snout ibo niuhi th'-re. a* he did the ulcht of New Y.-ar’s day. He always cvlr.c-d the strongest aOccilon for bis wile until I told lum not to speak her name In my house. It was Imre pioilercd to shown determination on the part ol complainant to rid herself of her husbai.u. Ihe question hclu? ** Hid you call upon *.is. Srlcwart two or tiireo days prior lo the sepa ration, nnd what old she say to you?’ Held that the evidence is competent, as tending to the piobnluhtv of conspiracy. Q- if she visited you a short time before the scpaiauon. state what she said in relation io bvli-jj wuh het bn* baud f A. She came and told myself and my moiher several little things she had against her hnsbuiid, for which she ceased to love aud respect him. and she Intended to leave him. slv mother asked Ir Hart has be n doin'* v rone what do yon intend to do to reform him? Answer me, I am hi? mother and will help von.” and the inlended to tell him this noon •* I shan’t •ive with him any lonecr.” Q. What things did ahe tell you he had done to lose her aCrcfion? Question withdrawn. . Q. Wtalflldshe say asto thccaoso ofli^rwlih tog to separate from him? A. The principal cante vns that she had ceased to love him, hut she salt] the reason lor her ceasing to love him was she Lad found letters Iu hla coat pocket, anl also thought that he plagiarized; that he hid maunsmipts ol dittere'if ministers—soma persons East—l don t know who. She 10M me she never heird him preach a sermon that was pla*»i ir- Ized ; ihnl she went to bear him preach one, unt he did not preach it She said her father, I think she said her father, found the letters in bis over coat pocket Q. Stale whether prior to that time she had a strong aversion to having children? Objected to and objection sustained. Cross-rxawxn&lon— U’hcn defendant was sick Clmstmaa week he had a col and some part of li e time he was confined to his bed. lie was out Christmas day, bnt J cannot say when bo cim: tack. 1 could not say U was nine, ten or eleven o dock. By Mr. Arrinuton-q. Previous to the separa tioti and dunngthc marriage. did not Mrs. Stewart express a strong aversion to having children, and old she not give as a reason for ibat that ihev ii ieki inherit Ihc natnic of tlielr father? 3 Objected lo you objection sustained. «.ns ihcn recalled and she saldT* - i Mow r.f my brother and Miss Smith, as she then was, bemiralA F. ia-«'s school. E C. LARKED war :utn iccuilcd, tie testimony he gave being as Ionov.«; m \\ hen S]c»art railed on me, Ihc first proceeding lujq Ii! view was tniczutf outaAeo.<atcory)u*,tbat ni L:l<t have an in ervievv. 1 was satisfied li won’u »or amount to anything if she remained awaylromhtm voluntarily. The main obiect m all n.y Icfera was to get" an interview between Hcnsntond his wife. Ctotf-'vcnh.ctiOH’-i was retained forSlowart in rc f cmi«* to his wltc being improperly detained bom Mm; title never was out oa»* retainer, ana we fin il tlm answer lo the bill 100 nut recollect ilat ale told me he had had interviews with her. :i «d the la-l WH-* giat le !on Ihc condition that!: -bonlu be the last; 1 in! a strong lmprc*-lou t‘ia’ he never bat) an interview. ! ih'nk I have not hdviFt d any -tepj in Ihls case, bnt on a s'ale m«et of circumstances a* to ho pronriely ol n citcngo oi rfnvf from Chief Justice Wilson. I * xptes-cn the opinion that il would be proper nr.- Jcr the fac*.'’rlattd. . Mli ■'• r q f on— Q. \\ a* Mr. S cwnrl pul on itl« gnaidasto detective" bclng'looklncout lor Mm ? Objcrl* <1 to and objection atNtalrcd The Cju:l adjourned unlit till p. in. AFI KItNUON SKSbIUN. *1 lie Comt re-convcted pursnanl to ndjonrn ment *i ho defence propo.-ed to read the mruMTiox or wacox o. cnsAnv, to the n ntluur of which the complainant objected nil tne ground that the deposition conlaii.lti" evl dtnee c-ti.y of an affair at Michigan City upon which nociulm Is made. It is immaterial to the Is-nc. The • ourt showed the deposition to he read. J deposition wu» taken on the fid na* of No ••etabo- at Michigan City, Indiana. and states: lowa hotel-keeper in Michigan City. 1 kepi the public house in June, P-Cu. it is the Jewell t-mi-e. Hart h. Stewart came to my house about •hn day. He registered his name aiiontH o'clock in lb" cutting, i cannot my t-.n'n woman came ■'lll* him. He cam-- on the 7M*> train on Saturday <vi iting of tbe >th of June. He applied to me fora room, and 1 gave him one, tnc number of •■inch 1 cto not recollect. He wanted a better room. I understood his wltuV health was not good, and 1 assigned him another room. Ido not ecoljcrl* the name Stewnrf registered, but it was in pencil, aud I think ho cra-ed iu Uu nnd the woman ro’.lred to the room nbont r ine o clerk, but rlld not sec them in the room. :hi defendant and the woman left my houss on Sunday morrtng. toosr-fjo»j|Mo.’lon.—Stcwartgave hi* name to ueand stelcd to me the matter of hie dlrtlcnl les. The woman was nncated .by detectives from Chicago, about nine o'clock, and she remained la iheir charge nntil the morning ofSnnday. j, k. roiXAcn, a common Mena of the parties, was then intro duced. Herald: I am not in business now. 1 am acquainted with the panics to the suit,and have known them five or six scar*, and Mrs. Stewart longer. Stewart called npon me last summer and requested me to take a biter to the house. 1 look it aud can led It to Mr. W. Smith. 1 should think this was tn May, ISGG. I did not see Mrs. Stcwai tin regard to (ho letter, nor did I aitcr wardscchurtu have an. conversation with her. Fbcwiotca note to me staling that she appreci ated my good intentions, bnt too did not desire to have any correspondence i n regard to the ma<- f * r. 1 remitted tbe lefter sent to her to Mr. Stew ■irt; she refused to receive it, Stewart read mo :be letter, which amounted to about the idea that he desired to hive an interview with a view to re conciliation. Mrs.Stcwait never saida word to me atmut employing detectives to follow Stewart. Crv*t-examina f ion.~ l have heard about Stew art since 1 knew.bun. <4. Do yon know bis reputation for moral char acter J A. 1 have not known enough of his char . cter only what people say. 1 have not known •;«uch 01 him. 1 have beard different persons make remarks about him. I have beard people speak about mm, and tiny did not seem to have much confidence tn him. Q. \\ hat (ben was the general speech of people as to bis moral character? A. 1 should say It was bad. Jiy Jfr. Arting'on.—l have spoken to perhaps • alf a people who spoke of him, aod have heard doubts thrown upon bis integrity and vir tue. I do not know intimately his character mqoup Ms associates. I only know his reputation craong those I know that he also knows. Jiy Jlr.HniWi.—l havoheanJ numbers of people f'peak of him before the divorce suit was com ntencui, and they did not seem to have a high opuiion of him. 1 should say at least half a dozen, “u i perhaps a dozen, of people have spoken slightingly of him to me. ion motion of counsel lor the defence, the cri dincc as to reputation ' was stricken out. -ho counsel lor toe defence claims (bat under the admission of the testimony of the father. Rev .A. u. Stewart, this Is admissible to rebut] I might, perhaps, eay I know what his general reputation Is among the people with whom be associates. I have stated ft By Mr. Arrii<y!on.~l know many people of btewart’s association ; a dozen, and perhaps more; perhaps a hundred, perhaps fifty, that 1 have seen him with. I remember Mr. williams, now dead, did not speak well ot him, and others have spoken in the same way. 1 have beatd sov cial say they did not think much of him as a preacher • that he did not amount to much; they spoke In that sort of way that people speak of a mm when lh f , tuok UUlc or him. . Mi.bmirh —idrew the inference that he had M- l^.^ l i her i pco * , V 5> ® thunder and claimed It as bis own hratn-woik. ~ J 7i!?'? ,, - - 7 T hl> .hont his stealing sermons was, 1 think, after the separation. nzv. z. k. tiuKPunzr, d. d-, lows' o6ll * worn ‘ **** ICBU »nony was as fol- lhave hem pastor of the First Presbyterian Church about eight years, and hare known com plafnatit since then and the defendant since his marriage. I married them at ibc house of Wash* ingUm bralth. Alter the separation he cdied no on me several times with a view to procure a reconciliation. 1 called upon Mrs. Stewart at his request His declarations were to the e fleet that he loved his wife, and he called upon me five or six times. 1 took a letter from him, intended for her, on one occasion. I think ibis letter, dated October 10th, 1853, is the letter. I am not acquainted with Mrs. Stewart’s hand wri inp. laid not deliver the letter to her, or read it In gcncial 1 communicated its contents I stated to her that X bad a letter on a subject which was probably not new to her. I think 1 had seen her before at bis request. I do out re member asking her to prefer charges against him before any tribunal. Stewart expressed before that to me a desire to follow bis profession, hot 1 cannot say that I (old her of this. Croit‘txamU,ation.—l think Stewart handed me this letter at my house. When 1 took the let ter for her 1 met her casually lo Faxon's paper store. Her reply to my statement was that she was unwilling to receive the letter. I then knew of the separation, and 1 supposed 1 had koo*n the grounds of the separation. 1 did .not give ler the loiter, but returned it to Stewat ver» econ Biter, I think the gave the general reason for not receiving the letter that it would do no £OOd. Ilie teadlrgof the loiter was objected to bnl tt was admitted as tending to show the elate of his feelings. Counsel for the complainant giree notice to the defendant to piodnce the letter she wrote him, civttg the ;ca»ona of her separationtrom him. . . „ nrv. iie>ct BANwmxn, of the Garrett Bllilical Institute, next teatlfled to the follow inc effect: 1 reside at Evanston and am engaged as a Pro* fif*ot at the Garrett Biblical Institute. I have l*ccn acquainted with tbe defendant daring ten ycaie. Our Intimacy has only been a general so* ciety Intimacy. My acquaintance with him In 1605 ■tkd 1860 was only very general, for he was not hvieg in Evanston. JOSEPH W. SMITH wasncitewom. lletes'ified: lam agent of the Merchants Despatch, and am acquainted with the panics to this suit: the complainant for eight or ten years, and the defendant alnee the summer be fore ms marriage. Tne defendant has requested me to call on Mrs, Stewart. I Lave never seen or heard anything about him (hat !• d me to believe }ha* h«‘ loved her. Ibe first time I remember of his requesting me to call upon her was since tbe commencement of this suit. 1 think the first time be caih d on me to see if I had seen her, ho asked mo bow she fell, and I said badly, that It had to be. 1 (old him 1 thought a reconciliation was ont ofthe question, and that the lather had not advis ed it, but only promised if ehc bad decided upon It to snetam her. Subsequently be asked me to seek an inlcAiew for him, and the proceedings In Ibeinlt having commenced, 1 told him It would be manifestly improper, but 1 would prefer bis request U he rtl.l desired it That was three or four weeks ago 1 have no recollection of Mrs. Htewart about Hie ciiiploiment ol detectives. 1 hare heard a good deni about the detective business since the trial commenced. • Hint tho Srsl llan ho called ho übcu me If oho pare anr reason, lor Ihe Fenariilion, and I told him that lasted no reasons, anil 1 old not "nnj lo ktimr them. 1 lold him I jhpnthl oho reprctlcd the cause, hot 1 did not think she regretted the olcn. 1 think he said, “ 1 had doncwioug, and Emmie has done wrong, and vc ought to get together and IU It up.* 1 The next witness ms utnur a. marsh, who paid! I became acquainted with defendant about the 161 1 flat or pine asl. 1 was oopllod toby him to ferret out anything like a conspiracy that exist* ed against him. and f accepted the aertlce. About that dale Hi. Otidordotik and Hlowart came lo urn, Jmw|' Hie service tinder their propoilllou. Un the With ol *1 title I went lo Michigan City with n gentleman on the 6,w train. Wo arrived at about eight o'clock. A Indy in company of Hiowarl wcidto lliedewel! House. Wo followed them, lu about twenty minutes lie came nut amt went soutbi Aflcr going (on or fiMoen ymds. Hlewnil dropped n cnid, allowing nn lie bad (imaged, It simply says, "Hoorn ft, siconif niuler bed, and mmon piaaaa." He went no mails aim i went upstairs, After some time Htewart and Hm lad? leiuiiieil j Im complained of Pfling Iblfsly um| went iloun amirs, him took on'tier diesa and innla. Ilncanm up end took oil bu cost linn bools, nml b« said. "Magulu, lam not going In sleep wllli you tiHilghi j* r *Tlm until* "Yon ain't come all Ilm way in Michigan city and not have any fnn sbn took blni then by the arm and pulled him toward Ilm laid, f should Uiluk, aa neio aa 1 could judge by tho ammd. lor I could nut aim bocansu I was under Mm bed. | ationld think she dimed blot onto dm hod and tbon gave a pcroicb. At that there woa a door Itoui No. n lolu No 0 opened, and two men stood iliero—at least. Micro were four (eel on Hie floor. One says, " I decluro If (Ida ain't Hlewarl." "Yea" aabi Hlcwail," I am hoie." and (ben the man said* •'Now Hlcwmi wc don't want yon, wo are alter Mils woman, and we advise yon (ogDloutot bciet lor father Is down at Hie oilierhotel and will shoot von If bo area you. Madam, ilrma yourself mid come out of bote/' Him dressed hersoll n'id they went nut, tind I ben Hlowaitwetit ntil, mid I followed tlmn! and ranio in on the Hi If) Main. I dm not aoo Hlow* ml on the train coming in. Wo dressed ourselves a* conMicavers, jrellihg ourselves tliislcdaud look shovels nn out shoulders. Ibo woman In n nolo toHN'WnrUUfiM.,I her nnt.m ns Mrs. MeMi'leia. ? S L i fl, n jtbio I saw the woman was In Mletilvnn VJ’y* He me 1 came (o Hhicngo I waa inmeluin* v^i!!K( 1 ! 1 .* ~ Hi lb" Hlgblh Missouri \ ojmdeeis fo> about tbhleen mouths, VtOo*.tfaihU-o,'u,H,-i think I flint enmn lo Oln* J«ih of June. HU), about. Icmimfroin ■fHKi.iid was ibere miy Icnirlhoi time bo* loro I came here, | was Hmre alioul a nmnili bo* Hto f Jolicd Mm lommmit, in April or May, HU. I enllsie-. an a pilvuie at hi, I.miis, the ici/linei.t being nt lUniun Barracks. i*o Ht, Imuils | cmno fiorn Aiisilo, Travemo Comity, 'Joxn. where 1 Ihcn blioiji i Jghl yema. To Texes 1 went In IMP ; in if.Mi l tame lo Missouri nun returned In abom Him* yours. Ihifuro tnat I was at Syracuse, New' lork. i enlMed lor three ycaia or during (be war. I una wounded In my right foot on the »uzoo Paps expedition, mil waa discharged at Mound CHy.t From Mound City I went to hi. Louis, and remained four weeks. I sold I rtti not tray any lime In St. bonis, and *«bai .•* four weeks of time iu five years. Does (balm, yon; 1 did say so. When J came here 1 r;:na ho;--e car three or four months; th-n for tcaily twoy.are I wag shipping grain for Flint & 1 huupcoi). 1 went iliero mJuoe, ISCI, and left «( fJ**/’f I'tj, in September. Then I ran a horae car all ;• st winter until I was discharged In Marc h. Then I went to the Madison bridge ele vator, where 1 remained until September, 133 C. I was employed In the elevator when Slew-art applied to me to look after the case. A man by the name ol Kean, an ‘ acquaint ance of raum v accompanied me lo Michigan City. W«* woe** common bloc jeans overalls, and had a bine shirt over that I bought IhediesFes with my own money. Wo went down to ijiw s coal yard and got dusted, and w*c were traveling dlny When we wont into the hotel we ran up Into the room. I should judge that room six came plnmb lo the north end of ihc building. This is the cam he dropped, and I picked it up. Alter the whole thing was over 1 wnisUcd to my comrade to dron down and come The bed was a small co'tage bed. It wa« trouble •omegettingundrr it,because it was 100 low. It scemrd .10 me they came in In about two hours aid a half, but probably It was about half an hour. They came in together. Stewart then Ictt the room, and was gore about flve minute*, and while he was gone she took oh* her dress ann shoes, and looked out ol the front window. I think there were blinds to the window. When Stewart came back he pulled oiT his coal and boots. I think there were two chairs, a wash-stand, and a bureau in the room No. U. My comrade swung down from the balcony, and 1 got down by the staircase. The Solice did rot come In the room, they onened the oor, and I saw four reel: they were in room No. 5; they eonld not git In, bccan*e the head of the bod was li. the way. Toe first remark made Was, Stewart." JBtewan said, •‘Yes, gentlemen. I am here/* Tl 1 *" Hicv raid "lie had ocitcr get out ot the way, because tb'-y didn't want him. and her father was at the iijher hotel and he would shoot him." Then he •aid. " Perhaps yon have done It;” and she said, Hon’t pr.". *rrn r . mo «r conspiracyand HbO "uvea shriek, and it sounded as tnousb she stan dee him in the race. lie then nut on hi? clothes, Lc leu the room, and she went out mahout i w o m.notes, i did not sea the women or the po nce n'tcnvnrds. I saw* her face when she was taking oil uer dross; I squinted out to see how -he locked. Ipm my face cloee to the floor, and -i had an angle ofaD.ut foity-fivo degrees, and beu It struck her face I saw IL 1 never ban Men (he woman beloie. and never saw U since. 1 non t claim to know that she wrut-- ih- It Her tinned McMastcr?.** As I went •mi I wci n man who asked " What arc yon do u.c here." 1 eld mitrei-ly, hat ran away. Bclorc •• e go: on the train to come home, we threw the •hues and othi r gnises Into the lake and washed on:irht>. 1 should judge i» was between ten and wtieu «,• ion (tie noiel. The cane wa< mr r.lrto lo the room, auo I go( In there 1 judge at ’•:ill-ru?l eight m. the evening of the Oih ol Jane. I here wii; a light In the hall, and it was 100 dark (lie day nmc I should juepe lo see the umber of (he room wlihout o light. I think ibere was a light standing upon a box ear ihc entrance ol flic* stairway. It would not lu ihc ball by No. C. iam not doing any ; iidiic-iii at pitvent nor have I b. cii for ab ml i;vo months, as near as 1 can remember. 1 lire at No. !i»;j roiquer street, on *he West Side. St.-w --;irt drew ihl« diagiam, I think, four or five days j.f'er we tame back. The Court adjourned until 10 o’clock this day. HANK SAFES IN ENGLAND, The ICcquislit* of a Dank Safe Lock, Theflcr.clUh Ingennliy and the allied despera tion aid skill will, which professional burglars ni.d safe robhers have, willim the pari few years, ciiiiUd on their nefarious practices, especially In England and the United Stales,pnfllngnl defiance the l*c»t Octccthc* ami hiirstirg the hc**t locks, has Slimulatul sonic ol the first Inventors of our ago to invent n lock «f such cotuhlnution and pattern us would put at defiance the mo>t Ingenious picto-r run! rim-iil no hope ot a crevice through which tin- lib w. r coulu introduce fulminating powder m nnv quantity, even the most minute, cannuleof being igutted-to produce n bek which, if fn-tned to the ln- M».e if a sate, rendered absolutely iinpcnrtiable by the number of alternate nUtes of -.feel ntid wrought iron which compose Iw walls, would pt< sent about as inviting (and hope-gtvlnc n front to the burglar, blower or picker, as the nulwatk ot an iron-clad monitor to a bullet pro .•icled from a pocnet pistol. Mr. Joseph i„ Hall, well known In the West os identified wnh the sale business in Chicago. Cin cinnati. St. l.onis, Milwaukee aud l-ouisville, has succeeded In producing this n* ulut ut'ra. the value of which for purposes of rvof palely cannot be better cxhbdted than hr the fact that an emi nent banker of Loudon, England, after spending many . months In visiting the cities of the United States. and after inpnccling the banks of London and Paris, in order to examine the roost famous hank safe locks, mtbe hone of finding that one which could be most reliably ttnried, coming hither, with no favors to show and no partiality to betray. In his own individual capacity, foond in this lock the goal ol his ambitions search. Ho found In “The Patent, Victor Combination, No-kcy-holo, Bank Lock,'* that which the mechanicians ot London, Paris and Nen York would lain have supplied, but did not possess— a lock whose title is intri cate enough, bnt la facility itself compared with the lock, until Its operation is explained by exam . tning its conslmcuon. Ibc banker above referred to has purchased of .Mr. Hell three of the aforesaid locks, at the mod est cost of ft,£oo. It may seem almost merodlolo that such a sum should be given for three locks, but any one who may inspect them and see tnc workmanship,the actual labor ofcoostrnctioa, tod then consider the absolute safety they afford, would deem them “dirt cheap." We scarcely* suppose description to be necessary, as, judging irom the orders now rushing in, (hc'bnsiQCss men of the West arc cither well posted with regard to its construction, or satisfied in general of its su perior worth. Neverthehss, lor the information ot others, w e clip the following description from a cotempoiary: “Two of them are the so called ftalee-tumbler and one tlx-tumbkr. They arc of Immense size will bo fastened inside the vault or sue, connect- Jng “dial," without, by an" arbor," so called, being a stout cylinder of hardest steel—so hard and so shaped (hat no human power can force it inward—nor can It be approached by •cols of any kind, as it presents a surface as smooth as a mirror, and too hard a enriace. In lact, to be worked npon. When the dial by which the tumblers within the lock are reached through the arbor," Is set, no power can open the lock save the party who set the dial, nnlcss said party chooses to disclose the numbers noon the dial leading to the various tumblers, and thus bring into one hue the slats, ot which there is one to each tumbler, and to do which without being in possession of the flames to which the dial has been eel. would take a life time, and then perhaps wuhont success, even if no watch whatever were kept, and the wonld-bo picker or blower were left entirely nndisturbed for so long a time." Wc point with special pleasure to the above purchase as a compliment ol no moan order to western ingenuity ond skill. The peculiar con struction ot, and absolute security afforded by, this lock are known to hundreds ot our hankers and other business men, who have tnis safe-reard in use, and they will he pleased to learn that their own recognition of its value has been thus prac tically endorsed from so for across the sea, where the people pride themselves on the perfection in the mechanic arts to which they have attained. AnnxrrrD Agaik.—ln the first week of January an account was given in these columns of the swindling operations of James H. Bingham, a young man in the employment agency business, last located in the Morrieonßulldinge. Bingham was committed for trial wtlh a fiur prospect of going to Juliet and the cordial wl-bcs of all good people that be might safely arrive tbc:c; hut when his case came before the Grand Jon-, the principal wlinesecs against him tailed to tell the whole truth of bta nefarious dealings with them, and he came bom the balls of justice on Monday after noon, once more let out upon society to victim lz* the unwary. He was not slow to Improve the passing moments. Yesterday be bad an adver tisement In an evening paper, over the name of °T. B. Russell,” stating that be wanted u T«o first-class bookkeepers and three salesmen to goto bt. louts. Steady em ployment and good salary. Hast he good, sober, industrious men. Apply between 4 and 6p. in. to-day. at room No. 11, Masonic Temple.’ Be tore night the men had called, and had proved themselves satisfactory by paying him $lO each as tempoiary security for the faithful perform ance of their duties. One ol these men, named Johnson, In some manner expressed his good luck so that the police authorities were able to to trace the matter to the original James U. Bing bam. He was arrested ana locked up at the Central Station, and la once more “Swingin' 'round the slrUe.” He says the police amhorl ilea nor “any other man 11 Is going to break op his employment agency bnalneaa. BXSTOBICA.L SOCIKXT, monthly {Hooting—Donations* «kc. The regular monthly meeting of tbe Chicago Historical Society was held yesterday afternoon in its horary rooms on the corner Of North Wells and Kinrie streets. The following members were present: B.W. Raymond In the chair. M. D. Ogden, E, S, *ll®!'* On, GeorceF. Bnmiey, J. B. Tamer, C B Mccagg, bamocl stone, Robert Harris, and rbomas H. Armstrong, Secretary. The minutes of the last meelmg were read and apornved. The Secretary called the attention of tbe Society to the death of Her. William A. Smallwood. D. D an original member ot the Society. Tbe chair appointed Messrs, sbeldon and MeCagg a com mittee to prepjro icsolutlons on the subject. Hois. E. W. Blatcbfond and A. W. Hunger were unanimously elected members of tbe Society. The Librarian reported the following contribu tions to the Horary for the two months ending January 14th, 16C7: Bound book*, m: onbound and half-hound. 452; newspapers. It): maps. 7: miscellaneous. Q, Total, 037. Tbe following are the names ofthe contributors: Board of Public Works; Uon. WlllUm Dross: Rev. J. C. Thomas, Now York; Richard Wol cott, bprlmrfleld. Illinois; Depaitment of the Interior; John D- Caldwell. Cincinnati. Ohio; Union Continentals, Buffalo. N. Y.; Pennsylvania Agricultural Society; Nathan U. Parker, 61 Lonls; Young Men's Association, Milwaukee: Now York State Agncultiiral Society: Wslt-r Dpatta, W. 1,. Nonborrr, Ohlcagi. Jolm A. Clark, Saul, Fc New Mcilco: Sainnel Juhneloti. Cblcaeo; Ucloit College. Wuconaln: Henry M. Lyman, 11. D„ (Jlilcaeo s Brtnlna Jour. m?/,'Boston Public Library; United States Po»t Ofllcc Department; Providence Athenremn; De partment of Agriculture; George Wilson; Anti* qnsrlan Socli ty, Worcester, Moss,; Samuel Drake, Boston; Prof. A. Williams. Pennsylvania: ii. Johnson & Co,, Philadelphia; Secretary or the Nary;ll. 1». Chandler, Chicago; Uon. .John w enlwotth.M. C.s Colonel S. P. bltni)Pon,Jett««on HU. Afu.; Ilrm. Efra Cornell, Now Yo«-k state i Wisconsin Historical Pocloly | Buffalo Historical MlftMESf aiifc. 4 "■ ou “w On motion the (hanks of (he Society were ton* Om-d (o the above named donors, Wt. McCnßi? read n resolnlton paying a high u" l l , ‘. HmV'VMv BtAeiM/ ami Lb Inatlan ot the Horlely. as very largely liislmmenl* ill n prodndng tin* t'le-eni lloiirWiliiir eondlttnn ofilio Horlely, and lhatihliui him lor his servli es. Ihe M'sohillon was adopted nnnnlitiotisly aud or* rh'frd plarrd iiimiii the niliinfes. ' tin'ineeiliiglheii niljomtferi. AITIIINItITIICMTN* Ihstoni.—'l'ho salit ol «smoii kiaU for Ilm iraifln icpisfsnlAlloiiH of ilm nmowneil 1(111(1)1 cum. iiisiin d yoilorday niuiiiltig at His box ofllcn of ilm ttpem Hume, The ruili wai iimumiao, ami by lilxlit nearly or tiuilo oiir-lialf of (he aeata were aold fur Mm lour iilghla, including, ul cuutao, many of Ijm besL Tim oftlco will ha open this morning for the aalo of single seals, and lliofu wliocoiiieiiipluioallnidliitf any of (ho porfurm uncos will need lo apply early in order to bociiio sea aiii ativpartufllie lioiias. The attondanco wll piuhablv bo grnalor than whon tho ho mu wnn first upotied to (ho public. Moro tfun |».QO« were (trolled before noon yostordny. MoMt-Ktß'a TiiKATtie.—Cccilo Hush is draw* ! P K0, ’. , 1. Hi bar powerful personation of 'lsabel" in " Hast Lyrnc." Tho same hill lo* iilpol, ,n Hobd'in/* (Hid "Calllortilu Hlntiioi'ils" nro nlirncling heavily, Tlm>wnibc opiated Mils cveniug, and atmailuue Ihloafioi* OI'MU llniwK-Till Jiilinilililiin mil Jolismm tlnii#»nti cotiililtmliim last etciitntf nl tjio <n*f« ll**un« to n ctumli'tl Niiillciico I'orkM mill rlnk-nro Ini, .nf Ml ff°' , ' irill ‘U lor " llori * tlio umifiu- Mily mild wcmiicr wlitch Itiu lung inovniled. and, J»l»l now, Him atlinettobn or tnoiMillultl, templing mmiy to vUit tlinm, For (iiuMti who cannot a mini ti» I.wy UckHiji natijptj h«>» provided Ivm »momt! Mint nrUforifljlc arcnmmodailonH on ilm broad mirmco of Uio iivo», and, near the bar- Hup moulli, tijujelniiy, large number* oi imformcm dally cxercUo their skill. Al the J Union blreet Hkallng Park a carnival and ItmcydrcaH promenade will tale place ihlauven mg. Messrs. tawm X Ilrowu have Urn direciloo or the nnalr, ana Intend lo render the occasion pleasant with skating, music, and dancing. and ihc presence of vonth, beauty, and fashion. Masquerade Hall—Tho first grand masqner ado of tbe reason w ill ho given on Thursday even ing next, In turner Uall, on North Clark street. Morning Union Prater Mbrino.— Tboagb the week of prayer which has been observed by all the Evangelical Churches of our clly has end ed, the Interest which has been awakened in many oi the churches Is noon the Increase, and ihelr meetings are announced to be continued. The morning Union Prayer Meetings are still held,ami attended with even more Interest than during the past week, targe results are depending upon three Union gatherings. The Christian people of ibe Northwest have their eyes upon this centre of spiritual Interest, and arc stimulated by the thought that there ore hundreds hero who are dally uniting In the plea that this may be a year of unprecedented success to the Church. And al ready, iu answer to these nulled pleadings, tokens of promise am dawning, and deeply interesting meetings are being reported as commencing in many localities. Major D. W. Whittle, just returned from Oales burg, lit, in the yesterday morning's meeting gave an eloquent account oi tbe great work which bus Joel commenced, after a week of prayer, in that place. The largest audience room In the city was crowded on the evening of the Hlh inst. Such a spirit as has never b<.tn known among tbe Christian people of that place was pervading the whole community. Moved with a desire to reach tho surrounding counuy as Car as possible, they had sent out the most thorough and earnest young men, two by two, upon the Saboalh to preach the Gospel to those whom they have beretotorc neglected. Re ports bad been received from eleven of the dis tricts visited, and results of gieat good are ex pected. Other places have been stimulated to inaugurate a.similar work with equally as prom ping indications of success. No more promts lug matures could be looked tor than those which ?i e 5? w apparent Iu the Christian world, in that the Church is moving ogt Into a larger and more »omprch. naive field of act Jon. Tbe morning Union Prayer Meeting, held from nine * n too o'clock in the audience 100 m of the First Metho d st Episcopal Cbutch.comerof Clark and Wash ington sticetp, will be led this morning by Iter. I-,. J. Goudspted, pastor of lie Second Baptist Church. A coidia: invitation is extended to all. Tue r.\n ED states Arctic Expeditiok. Cop miti Sam. Whiting, who commanded one of the tc sole of the Ilartelcno Expealtlon whic'.t res cm d Dr. Kane, will give a lecture at the First *:oigreguUonal Chnrch, comer of West Washing ten and Green sheets, on next Thursday evening. The New * oik 7/fOvr.atlnu speaks of the lecture us given In New York City: “The gallant com mander of Hie atcamstiip Morion, who refused to lower the United States fisp at Charleston harbor, delivered a lecture lastnlghLou the Uartstene Expedition In seaicb of Dr. Kano, of which be was h member. The lecture proved n comulclc success. Clinton Hall being well filled wt.h re ?pecunl auditors, who applauded with n.ich spirit toe closing remarks at the speaker touch ing the seizure of Ibc sleamahlp Marlon by the South Carolina authorities, with a view to p ur smne the Star of heWm and linking her with a 1 on board. Cnptatn Whiling gave all the clr vuinsiaßcea of lids nfalr. During twenty-five years, he said he had been a world-wide rover, and he had never seen the atars and stripes lloal ing to the breeze without a reeling of pride ami •"Vc which ho connld not describe. Union or dis union, be would adhere where the stars ami stripes were maintained ns the national stan dard. * Sscow os THE Sipewalks.—Citizens will do well to notice ibat the police authorities of the eity have determined on the rigid enforcement of the following—section 13,Cbaptor 13—revised city ordinances: “I ho occupant, or owner if there bo nooccn pant, ot each and every tenement, building, or , Chicago, fronting npon any street the siaopalk of which shall bo of plank, sltne, or brick, shall clear the sidewalk in from of raid tcDcmc’t, building or lot, of soow and Jco by nine;« dock in the forenoon of each rtav. and keep the same clear of such snow and fee under a penally of two dollars fora failure so to do, unjilrc like penalty ot two dollars for every twelve hours Mien sidewalk shall remain incum bered with snow or Ice, after thereof to such occupant or owner from or by any olllcor of said city.” Elgin Condensed milk. The following testimonials Irom the first medi cal practitioners of Chicago, have been given in favoi ot the purity and wbolcsoracness or this ar ticle : Alter having personally examined the process made use of bv the “Elgin Condensed Milk Com pany, and having carcfnlly examined, chemi cally and microscopically, the milk after consol l online, wo lake great pleasure In testifying to It* excelled qnaltty. It | 9 pnre, clean milk, of uniform strength, In no way altered Iu constitu tion—the wider only being evaporated at a low temperature, in racuo; the cream, cheese, salts and sugar bclcg retained. There is abs timely nothiLg added to the milk; bnt a sediment will be found occasionally after It has s-ood some time; this is sugar of milk, which requires for its solution more water than cane sugar, and is re dissolved hy the addition of water. This deposit is on evidence of tbe richness of the milk in this important element. *\ e firmly believe It superior totbaf fnrnt«hed by milk venders; belter than that procured from cows tnat are kept confined In close stables, or driven to distant pasturage; and beyond com parison to be preferred io that of slop or distill fed cows for the use of families and especially as food for children. U. A. Joiixsoa, (Signed) R, C. ELajull, _ .. Brock MoVickar. The following resolution we take from the Jfofi cal Journal ot ibis city, which was unammonsly adopted by the Chicago Medical Society, after hearing a report read oy Dr. Hamlll, embracing tbe facts stared above. The following resolution was introduced by Dr. N. S. Davis, and, on motion, unanimously adopted, viz: Unolred, rhat the great importance of having milk pure, uniform In quality, and capable of re maining sweet longer than that ordinarily ols tnbntsd direcllr from the daVT'Dakes the con tltnsrd milk fnrnisbed by the Elgin Milk Con densing 1 ompany an article of great value to the commnnity, and one which we freely recommend for general use, and especially for use in feeding children.” LOCAL MATTERS. An Affidavit,—* s Isaac L. Ttanenbcrry, of No. ICO North Seventh st., WUllarasbarg, N. Y.. being doly sworn, solemnly declare that, last Dcctmber, 1 was so severely afflicted with Rheumatism as to be unable to move for three weeks: and that after having taken but three doses of Mctcal e*a Great Rheumatic Remedy 1 was enabled to walk wuhont assistance, and otherwise restored to perfect health. Lord & bmltb. Agents. It Is an oft mooted question, can Con sumption be cored! The j>roi and cons are al most os Imumerable as are th-? victims to this fatal disease. On one ground all agree, that Mars den’s Pectoral Balm will relieve every case and cure a majority. Forsalebyalidnigcfsts. Bubk haks & yak Scziaack, Chicago. 111., general agents for the Northwest Jnrt Received Seven fflore of inar schall & Htitaners* celebrated pianos. t. zeio veld a co., Itt3 Dearborn street. Wc will Teach our « Suer” to Sav« « V blessing on Mrs. Winslow,” for {helping her to survive and escape the griping, colicxlng and teething siege. We confirm every word set forth In the prospectus—the Soothing Syrup performs precisely what li professes to do. If *c badtho power, wc would make Mrs. 'Winslow—as she Is—the physical savior of Ihe Infant race. Extract from Rev. C. Z Welser's letter. Janlpcr Tar Soap cores chapped hands, salt rheum, pimples, and all cutaneous af fections, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by Caswxel, Macs & Co.. New York, bold by all druggists. 1 Itch! £rraicnt! Boyd’s medicated Cream cures llcb, scratches, and all skin diseases. It Is neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain: daily adapted lo children. Sold by all drug- Colgate & Co.’s Winter Soap.—Re commended for chapped hands and for general toilet use during cold weather. It may oc ob tained ol all druggists and fancy goods dealers. A Sore Pile core.—Dr. Gilbert’s Pile Instrument positively cures the worst cases of piles, bent by mall on receipt of ft. Circulars hoe. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted every where. Address J. B. Boxaixx, Manager, No. 675 Broadway, New York. FROM MADISON. Tho Legislative Resolutions Denancla torr of Doolittle’s Course—Anemblr Committees—Rnn Over and Killed* [Specie! Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wls., January 15. The temper of the Legislature is shown by the resolutions which were unanimously approved by the Union members, condemning | n severe tenua lie course of Senator Doolittle, and de ¥£J!SKi?*. 1 hl ’ I* 0 * 1 ® ““ " cat l>o dishonors, rbe’®huve Itnado more emphatic by the fact teat tbc regolntlona were Introduced by a member from Kaclne. (be home of the recreant Senator. There was some debate in the Senate to-day on a resolution to print the Govemer'a message. In whlcn some of the Jobnsonltrs ahowed their dis like of its radical sentiments, though obliged to pay tribute to its value aa a document embracing eo much valuable information abont the State. Ihe committees of the Assembly were announced 10-day, and gave general satisfaction, though In their arrangement It is, of coarse, impossible to sub everybody. A man lying on the railroad track drunk, near Cross Plains, this county, was run over and killed by a freight train last night. Sleighing la first rate. FROM MILWAUKEE. Scalded to Qcam-Flro-Tue Weather. [Special Uespalch to the Chicago Tribune.] • Milwaukee, January 18. Daniel Lawrence, a fireman at the Gas Works, attempting to cross over a cistern filled with hoi w ater, slipped iu and was scalded so badly that he died soon after. A fire this forenoon destroyed the two-s’ory wooden building, Nos. 502 and 201 Host Water street, occupied by Simon Kukyser, clothing and bat store. Loss, f5,00U. s Weather pleasant. Sleighing good. FKOM KAUUI.mtUUO, pa. *pcce!i oi irir. Cameron Subsequoiit to 111. Hlecllou a. V tilled stale. Rena, lor* ,18,-Thl. arteranoa • fi,-iuS"l'J n .’ ’■T 01 01 y*o liolela In Ibis city, at which simecbcs Tern made by Altor hoy Uenernl llretretur, Bctiotote Lowry and Litig don. and Ocooral Camcruit. x Itt the course nr ins tomnrks. Mr. Camm-on Midi 1 tliank Upd lliatiitapHeofllm tlntidehituyoh tlufl IlM® l ‘ pft i ,e p Won W 0 for twenty years; my b'lluw-ciUsecs. who fiau'seen my lifeYrum day !l * y "lhiVi' d ‘ 7 W/W" i,,rt ihe m lli tc|*»'l .. (he n. Inis sirtiirulg or wy . i'l'll lest life I.M etuied (u victory. I flcsjfcij Utls as no AHNwef to vlumeaio my Honesty lo my elilliiion snd mantis. mw )irii)ioso jo mil i o-sa slsmters tmlilmi urn, Mini for. pel «|H« tito liars wtio nmroi'iml ilmiu slid ihe Jscl that good men in soma cases, by r»iuMl>ton of tvio imhictul to libjlhvo and repeal Hmm " .Mr. rams cohijnuml t -'hli y.mrs ago I t'o.i übl sMyery was Urn •treniflb of rsimlilon. rind nil?. J« •' B,| |py«d willioul delay. I wished nlso iu arm all black men Wbo would volunteer. 01 otuitto 1 tliunvbt ctoiblng a black man In Amurlcan utilform tlmlind blm with tbo rights of an Ainctlcaii clllscn. Am I always to *co a bißOk spjdior, and n>noct dial oven l’onni»|. ynnls dcnlcil jm a ballot, tbn only wratinn where by HU can prplocl tilrnsrirt |j l Iu Ivo to Voo ho word wbit- nlrlclti'ii from our own Consiltu lion, and the spirit upon ctdor utterly doet’nycd. Ihe smith, however, ('controlled more rJ ln f lu, *»'C»> Iboti by political pilnclple*. If toil are wise and linn you tuny possilily edit* •ato the r •Itiggcm-rahoii into loyally | bill there I* no method of slsi»Ptiiniislun wblcb will make bis gcnorsllon nr the Hpnlb loyal to IbeUnlon and of thirty years esmiot bo eradl* rated by lliosubscivlmu'y of (be i’rnsldcnlur by tin h? us look tbi* (mill lu Ibo face. Hie Moulb-’in territory tsdlsloyat, •b*' loyal wen of loulay must guard Hi"lr (hlldreti against another m-asotmldo rnbolilon. ihe t oiisiiluiiioiat Aniondm nl and imparnal sullfflvow!li ludi)to do ibis.tun nnivcMlaii' tosty win help lo undo it. oV Andrew Johnson I said long mru, lm was a t*Altor to bis party mid an enemy or tiU rujiniry. and a bid mail, lie has dom* many bad mil nothing worse (ban oitptuig the unices of • ine cumi. r L 10 V"* 8 P w unpiJnciplmi men ■ "n°, agreed to de«ort and betray tbo great llepnnlicau organisation for bis patronae." Ho joined the Dctuonnilc party long ago. lie has a right to giro thuin olllcos, but bu bus no light to dlspo.u of thtm at nnciloo to weak* tnecd llepubncaus. The pauper labor ol Enrona (a again compoltng with our labor, and our mimifuctureni langut-h for want of protection ngainst It. Pennsylvania needs no assurance of my devotion to her interests In this regard, which are the Interest* of tno whole country, I will con tinue to labor to season or oat of season, to nro-. ltd our manufacturers from ruin, and their work men from being thrown out of emolovracntor tbch- wages reduced to the starvation point, for I bold that the true welfare of any nation depends on tbc welfare of Its laboring class.” * FROM CANADA. Fenian Trial* Continued—Conviction or Two Other Prisoners—Strength of flic British Forces In Canada. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Tobo.vto, January 15. In the Assize Court this morning, the Fenian trials were resumed. The first pilsoncr was Patrick Keating. Do Is a Canadian, and his family still reside iu this country; was arrested at Fort Enc on June 251 h. His statement Is that be cane from 'iVunetsee with the Fenians for the purpose of getting home to Canada, bein'* with out means. On an Ivlng here he left the raiders, and while proceeolog to his home was arrested! His trial lasted abont two hours, and resulted la his acquittal. John O’Connor was next tried. He was arrested at Fort Erie on Jane'2d; was seen with the Fenians acting as despatch bearer for Gen eral O’Neil. He was armed with a bayonet, and acted with somcantborily. Several persona for the defence swore that he was in Buffalo on June 2d, and therefore could not have been In Canada. Uc was an Irishman, and formerly lived in Oil City, Pa. His Ctmlly live in Canada. He was found entity. Sentence deferred. Daniel Quinn was next tried. The evidence against him was very strong, and he was found guilty. Sentence deferred. The trials will he resumed to-morrow. The strength of British forces iu the country are 23.000 men. New York, January 15.—The Hfraid's Toronto special says General Michel has received word that the confederation would bo sanctioned if the

people endorsed it, and ho was anxious to submit ihe oill to them. A petition has been forwarded asking the dis bandment of tbo Society of St. Patrick, on the grounds of Its Fenian tendencies. 1 BOM CULOBABO. Proceedings or Ike Lcsldataro-Ihc Removal of Governor Camming* Asked For—Forty en route to Attack tlic Denver Oank«« Denver Crrr, January H.—Tbo Lcclslalarchas adjourned lo Friday. A resolution against making Colorado a Slate was passed in tho House in ihe ab-cncc of several who were sick, after having bean previously voted ao*n. The Council passed a resolution asking the I resident to remote Governor Camming. Mo is charged with malfeasance. ,The negroes are rejoicing over (ho action ot congress In granting Impartial suffrage. Two Inman d slgrc 1 n peiltlon lavoi lug the admission of Colorado under Edmunds’ amendment. Forty armed mounted men deserted last week f - m tori Morgan, ana am reported on the wav ■o I)<*r.\cr to rob the city banks and Wells & Far "O t CIpTCKS. FROM TOPEKA, KANSAS. Froercss ortboKansna Branch Union Foclllc Railroad— Entltnated Barn lnc» for the Promt Year. Tf.rrNA, January 15.-The Union Pacific Rail i cad, Kansas branch, I* completed twenty mile' west of Foil Riley. The road is graded forty-live mllt-H beyond, ant! under contract to In* flni->h , 'd to the three hundred and etghD-flftb mile po»t by Januarv 1, IMS. The earning' of (bo road in November were nearly *6o,tWu, ami It Is expected lhai an average of Sion.ooii per month will he earned Ihe present year, GovcmmenPexpects to transport 20,000,(00 pounds over the road this year. Maine. Auoctta, Maine. January 15.—The subject of the a*sas?lLat(on by me ilormonn lu» Sheen presented to the Legislature, and referred to the * otiimiitt con Federal Relation*. Dr. Robinson was n former clticen of Maine. The Lingering Spirit of Rebellion. New Your, January 15.—The l/rrahTu Rich ip°"d speeja’eaya: “General Rosser and Uonry A. w ise addressed the cltlr.ena ol Richmond lasi evening, on the subject of the relict of tho widows of Cottfodcralo soliiers. Both expressed the opinion that the rebellion had still a talr prospect oi success. Wise said (hat he would never give up, and that ihe South was sublimely nticonnncr cd. He paiticnlarly dc'lrcd to be hbried in a grey overcoat, when hi' time should come.” Work at Ik© SurlncflPld, (Hans,.) Armory, SmiNoriELD. Mass., January IS.—Preparallons are making at the armory hete for work on the order for 25,000 breach-loaders lor tha Govern ment. At the present about fifty guns per day nIR he turned oat. They are the old Spangfidd muaketa altered. Election of Fulled States Senator In Pennsylvania* IlAnmsnrno. Jannary 15.—Simon Cameron wan elected United Stales Senator to-day by a strict oarty vote. The Senate stood—Cameron, 19; Cowan, 10. Tho Uonsc stood—Camerou, 02: Cowan, 87 ’ __ Prize Fisht. PniLiDruniA, January 15.—There was a priae £gbt this nomine, near Hanisbarg, between Polyer and McGlade. Three rounds were fought in ten minutes. Colyer was the winner. Bowing IQatcli for Poor Thousand Dollars. Boston, January 15—Walter Brown, of Port land, has arranged a rowing match with Hamil), oi Pu’ebnrch, for $4.»00. over a five mile coarse Brown Is allowed (30U for expenses. Ilndaon Hirer Railroad Arran cement. New Yens, January ir..-The Hudson Hirer Kallroau will on and after January IT, sell tick ets and cl eck baggage only brer Us own road. Hon. Boscoe Conklin? Elected Senator from Near York. Aijunt. January IS.—Roscoc Conkline was elected to-day United States Senator for this Hate. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New York Financial News. N*w Toss, January is. HOJfXT. Money rather more easy at p cent lor call loana. „ „ rocnoN Kxciiaxas. Sterling firm st lor flrst-clasa bill*. _ GOLD. . G ?!... ftnne l ; opening atISS, advancing ISSW. declin ing 131*. and closing at ISJ.V. K »*»*,uociib _ oovxcnuL’ra. Government stocks without material change. *w. w. . , isnusa rastnun. rrelchts to Liverpool a sharia firmer and raoder {^i.M!i ady * Engagt-mcals for 7.000 ha corn and bar »ey hi an per (all. LATEST. Krw Yoke. January u. _ xoxrr. The money market showed an Increased ease at the taSe 14 " ,trol!|:cr short lot-natu Tory , roKxios xxcnaxox. blcrllng is a tract! on firmer at lOauaiOSU OOVnUtMENTB. uovernments arc qolet and steady. g!sfi.*4g;;®giSs | Stock. «cO™s7 LL * : ‘ lot: ‘ SIOC "- - viHnntl x. w„ p& jr*a Bo,M “““• . sunsa eaun. Mining shares are lower. a'r;z!lga 1“°““ ‘“H xa *— Tkc Frodace market*. KEW YORK. _ New Tosx. January U. m^ouK^SiTJ^ 6 ,ower * KMcaofjoOb.lea Ohio tor cotnndß co myi • ch —— Dye—Firm hat loactire. y^^«s^&fflrsjßrs?jas Gr. eerier—Doll uxl steady tand B «TrSS? tU ' U s ““M“ a d«.K axe; rained In Hops—Firm and unchanged. , quieL Sales of M3O 19.37 trr old rows, closing at lI9JO cwh; *2fi3i/t23(X> “Si'iHSLPiV!! A “°, a -0W brls new meet at 1&739 * l^s, _ Bti rf r bojer January, February and March. Bca—Unchanged, with tales ofSTSbrU. TlereebeSf steady, with salra of 330 tea at S39AOaSSUDO lor nrime mess, and tn.oUsiJofor India meat. salsa of CO brls at JS!? Sf« and H3tfc ftir short clear. • w —tor short ribbed, reuo il “^ e# °* LIOO brU at 12313 c for for = ■"“•■.so hratuul Putter—Unchanged Cheese—Steady. MII.WAPKEE. [Spedal Despatch to the Chicago tribune.] Uilwaukkk, January 13. F i^”?,„lA nd n »m!oalljr 35650 c lower cn spring grades; |10J0@10,73 for XX city; 110.0'Jai0.23 fbr country brands; «9A0310.00 fbr common to choice extra. . WhPst—Unsettled and lower. Sales at morning board 15,009 bn. Noon board—sales a.OOObu, at 11.91 V »!•»*« ibr No. a; 11.W9i.97. seller** option February ; ft. 95 seller’s option all month, at 11.71V91.73 fbr No. 8 in store; |t.&S(or rejected. Sales 400 bn new shelled in bags at Oats—Dull and weak; buyers offer 4io for No. ain store. ,tsm ,l "° t ’~ r!rm ' r- B,|M M 0 brl ' me ” P° ,k •> Hams-Mtrcs atßjfc. Lard-100 trci at lie. Dressed Uogs-Firm and unchanged at 19.7Vu7.09. Live Hoga—Firm IteuelpU— l,ooo brls nour, 80.000 tm whest, 8,000 bu oau, 8,000 bu corn, 1.000 bti rye, 1300 dressed hogs. BblptneuU-LIDO brls ituur. CINCINNATI. „.. . .. tTNCWNAtI, JSbHAfJf U, «iV« Hmtß l JhV « s! «ut]«»flrio rftewJp iw “"“‘ i " "■"’■m-* 5 »« .iSrw •I’wiu I ,.^' ‘“ r ilm " ul • 01 m ' •> m« i "" nil "" t *• Mill Kir cliolw. in ifflM’lMr 1 '»•"'«'*»" **l« ■ ad* at )| MVAT.bO I. «•! f«t'fl|pl«, M«l *V,’* I'/ ii'rit al Iw.iPid WiMi. Mtilbaa washed ai rnn at liis pinsa. (irur>n uikaU Arm at VaSfiifM, will) a r»H» iipiiiatirt. Unis ineat• firm. wllli islm ufkhmiiiiers Rt7Mnimj«*aiulit<|i<aalllWP, lUoon •ellliig LiiVimn lllVr iWos^ 8 ,l * n Uf , ' lt,u|l ‘ m * h 3 fur iHieree— klrtu al 13fl. liitU'r—iiuli, lint not lower. ,1 nitetlOll—Hull at,) Irorerlre-Curliangsd. (ioti|-init<. Money—Rtarrn aim the demand pmilng, Kitliengo—Bleeily. * 11UPPALO, ...ffilTffll.’SS! 1 Wlu'sl—Nmliltig dulritf, (kirn-Firm. Hums HOC bn No. | Chicago at 11.00. Ityr—iJulot* M -"* PO' l * qaloli.ll3oAO. Lira llrrM(Mnl>iSS-l>U'di > l *IBV9M. wi,iik»y-.(4ulurst|lJ»t. I'UILAMLIIIIA. n JJ liira oi rcu at ■j|y<-lUkal,<o. , IIAkTIMOI(R. lUU'iMom, J«n<iftrjr 13, Plour-Dnil and heavy, W beat—No rm-lpu. t'<>rn—Niradvt mlxeu $1,03, OhU—bicndy At loanvr. Coiiw—Ulu cvruora held At r.!al3kc* gold, In bond, b'i\ LOUlti. Tobacco-OoUt at $3.30 lor common for common Val. Ilctup—Onletat 13.C0 for unlreibad; (3.10 for dressed. Flour—Hrm. Good order demand at (3.0C010J0 lor spring »nd bill ruprrflnsj (10.50611.50 for alnirlo extra; |fooo®ll.Mfar dooble extra. M Wheat—Firmer at $3.5803.n0 for choice I*ll. Com—Firmer, bat lieavy for want of shipping fa cilities. baled at TTftSJe. ° Oats—UccUangcdat CL&Oc. I’roTlßiona—Dull and unchanged: bolt meats, packed, 8c for shoulder* ; 9Vc lor ribbed sides; lie for clear sides; bacon c;car ►id“B, 13Vc. Hoes—Tolerably firm at (3.50a£30 ftr Ucht to heavy. Whiskey—firmer at $2.15. New Tort lire Stock market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] New Toek, January 13. Dogs-Flrmer at 7»;@7Jfc. Receipts, 8.100. Foreign Freight*. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trihnnc.l New Toek. January 15. Freights to Liverpool, by sail—3o,ooo hu corn at 5c per bn. New York Brcadfttnm and Provision Export*. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Kew Tope, January 13. Exports past week—tOJCObrla flour. 70.000 bn com, 22,r00ba barley, small parcels wheat, rye and oats, 2,400 brls p0rk,709,0X1 ns bacon, 561,000 tta lard, being a felling off in brcadstnife and a large Increase ol pro visions compared with corresponding week last year. New York BreadwtnfT* market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New Toes, January 15. Floor—Again depressed (by receipts tolly up to the wants oi the market, and buyers generally insisted on a material decline. Prices were about 50c below the highest point of last week. wheat—Was entirely in sympathy with floar, and coarse grains were unsettled. New York Grocery market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New Toss, January 15. Coflee—Firm and tn good demand; Rio. 21@24c. Sugar very firm; felr to prime grocery lO'fJJllHc. New York Provision market. [Special Dosp itch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tore, January u. Pork—Closed qoici at $30.79. La rc—Leas buoyant. New York Dry Goods TlarkeL Nxw Took, January 13. Dry goods quiet; but few lareo Jobbers are hnsr. Prills—There Isa tair demand. Merrimack W. 20c: Merrimack D. 18c; Wamsntu, 13Vc; Uovey’s. like; Loneii. iSc; Naumkeag, I wc! 3 * .h-iK£.Mo’rEe t lii.T uh ° llmllcd rc ' loest »* l ' azk - Brown Sneittngs-Saics at U*©lSKc, the latter for Atlantic A. Pt-achcd*MnMln— Firm and In limited demand at lull's - '* C ’ th ° la,tcr for KcW York UUIs;3OXc lor Warn- Domestic Woollen:—lnactive and depressed. Ft retire goods without movement ot Importance, prln s brine fully maintained In anticipation of an in ert aacd doty. * PlltaburcU Petroleum .Tfarket. „ . . , , . PtirsDDßon, January 15. Not a single sale of crude to-day. Smith’s Ferry oil qitiHHlat7>,®iV»:: A!l«ghcnv Rtvcr. BipaDe, barrels 'i fof former, barrels included s 14r% fVS? r S fl S ed ,nbonrt quiet, with sales of Uw) tirl»,M,rch delivery lu Philadelphia, at 30Vc; 2.« a nr stie ht-ml li Philadelphia In April. May. June ard Only, In lots oi 500 briacach month, at 3tr far April; 32c lor slay; aacf«r Jnne,«na me forjulv; tree oil dull, from 42c ©tic. Nothing doing in naptha or real* duutc. DIED. At nowseiae, Mleh...Tsnnarr 14th, ol bruin (ever. MAIlfcJ., youngest daughter of Harvey I*, and Addle 1- . Ilnsmer. aged 11 months anti 17 days. ». I » n v^' l *.Ci ty .”! a r* , 1 5 . U *l of ,UD * f«W» MARIA LA MAN, wlfhol John i! human. Tho funeral will take place on tho 18th tn»l., atone O’clorlf, frem thelfrerhlencc, 415 Sedcwick-st. OTlJutlalo paper* plenie copv. iHAUKIED. In till* ekv. Dec. Slh. IStVsby Rev. R. Patterson. D.D., Mr. A.W. WTSEIo Mias FLORA McKAY, Doth ol New Brunswick. In (hit city. Jan. 6th. by Rev. R. Patterson. D. D. Captain J. F. BMALI.MAN to Mis* AUGIB LITTLE! both ot New Brunswick. lnthUnty.Jan.l3Ui.hrß«r. B. J. GoodsnoM. Mr. Fij-'NK.x- Lyman to llm mabv e.<jc\ciiEX. DUMI, all of Chicago. In Cincinnati, on the 10th (o«t.. at the residence ot the bride’* father, JAMES C. DKOOKd. of the firm of Mowrs. Bate* & Co., to ROSB IL, second oaaghtcr of S. T. Hombletoo. lathi* Rev. rilnton Locke. w.M. GOOD, of New York, to MUB JOSKPUINB L. WITH ERS, ot Boston. In this el’y, Jan. isth, at St. James’ Church, hv Rev. EdwardC. Porter. Mr. MARSHALL M. DUTTON to Miss HARRIET E. LANDER, loth of tht' city. Slrt Slssorlaliou. Orders for Certificates by mail fitted up to 10 F. 31., Saturday, and registered and mailed before mid nig UU auction Sales. /"'ELBERT & SAMPaON, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. On FRIDAY, January ISth, at 10 o’clock, we will sell AT AUCTION, AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF FURNITURE. ?£.—*£■ Wed tot parlor, chamber, library and dining inrw’S2?ii e l!sr pljr ai ) d laeratc carpers, blankets. • m *P tlp wJd oval mirrors, Ac., with botti(*hoW goods. at oar sales room, 47 and 49 I)esrt>oic-«t. GBBtKT A SAMPSON. Auctioneers. Q.ILBEIIT & SAMPSON^ EXTRA FINE FUR GOODS AT AUCTION. P, 1 } °l e,ocl£ * sen, at our Dearborn-eL, a choice and eery tone consisting ofex- JJpe *2’—iw real enota- ftf cn collars, t almas. u:d •<P> , rr*l seta, cent*’ otter anS bcavir skating cap*, ho xu. Ac . ,A n *!»« B«oda were made expressly lor first clua uiSri^^-rh^Jv, 101 * P"? 160 !" attenaonofthe ladles wSLSSirSoSSn' 111 “ ° P “ ror ““•»“»« »” GILBERT A SAMPSON, Anct’n. SCOTT & CO.. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 cor. LaSalle, Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Ont-door sale* promptly attended to. RUCTION. WEDNESDAY. 16lh of January, 1567, at 7 n. m- at 164 Lake-st., Coins, Medals, Contlneotal Paper Money, Old Papers. Books. Also. Diamonds. Gold and Silver Watches, 1 Kleuaat Cluster Diamond Pin. te.'kc. CalafcVeJou view Tueadav morning. Catalogues to be had at Auction Booms. DANIEL SCOTT ft CO„ Anctloarcm. RUCTION SALE OP DESIRABLE REAL ESTATE On Tbnrjdav, Janaary 17th. a: 10 a. m., on the nrem lie*, corner Pratt and Pcarl-aia., lots 32 and si, id Phil lips ft Fay’s enb-dlvulon, (West Side.) oneb'oekwot ol aillwankee-ar. Ibis is very deababte. either for re*ldenreorbn«ine«Bi>rooertT. A flnt-rate chance la now ofierrd for a good and nrofitiole invettmeat. Cars run within one block oi the property. Term*. c«‘h, title p- tfeet. -»AS. A. MAKSRALL, Anctloueer. ofilce C J Reynolds' Block. A UCTION—John Jlortnn will sell at J,X Adcuod, crcrv and Friday, at th* cor ner of Market and Waahlngton-sts-, and every Wednea day and Saturday, at It o’clock, at the Green Tree House, on Twelftb-IL, Rones Carriages, Wagoos, UarnoMoa, 4c. Ont-noor sa ei attended to. jorn morion, Auctioneer. iSußlness Cbaneeß, W4^ T£^h7*A n enterprising, pracli v w«h* coo a record and SLSU) cash, to nf.^s5 11 **hajf inlereat la an Mist) 1-hrd, permanratand payingbaalnug. Address “O K.-TOfcSaeomM. ■poa 3 ALE—A bakery, worts $1,5U0 ,^fijs?va s^s e a as'^rsM ?AWi D n & ™ C’OR &ALE—(Jheap, a nice Boardinc wimmflvemlnnu* boarders, particulars *»*■*■ - ..'l?!?,.®* me Court House. For V uucuian M B D, Tribune office. F)R RALE—Pine Chance—s2,ooo to buy a paying, well established re- JEi ti ?. and store tnulneaa, In a good loca- Chlca k°‘ ,f t i ie buyer Is ready to act promptly, o!BoaMTl* 148 ° thfTta£lnMa la Address F. well-established and w Profltmble maTmfß and Jobbing bailnea* P'^ 1 1,w S A. IjE ~ At 8 sacrifice—*lo,ooo W.1537' SmSTVAIS? “Vte; sj!Sf n 's^* on, Al obbl "s °«tse «“,«■ Sill £ AP^<»En! o TowSSao F9 K B^ E — A. stock of hardware call on or aqdre>s L. A W.THOMPSON. QlfmMftlE” F°iL«tat , Jr tcr , enil Uno salooM and F9S.5 alb T: a 1,001 slin e slock, {ait »SSi ctß ?t g J? 0 ? , W on * w * ,ll, tted nr. rmi re. ffiVio%tLmcrtiS. fW “ w# ' * F?.H offer for sale our book- J.„/torpstij news depot In this cltr. The atmir ssT*f‘mmSS:\u: 1 Win t,Ti y n '& r - kALK—-Vnitmis Ihisliicm duuii’pg a (limits. ttIMl Hist. Uavinrvß JtCilnmrti. IJAIITNItU— Wmiicd (Villi hum slgp«»;a«i I ‘AIITNICII-Wmilwl-Hpri'lnhirtiouvn, rf.iiiiuJ* B'*w 8 ' * w I'* fhi.uuo r»|i|tsl, to Inoresiß 11.<* ■lilil f . Bl f * fl'l'l'Mm Imjijss In Hits oily. Trnrin well »«i, I* I!! ii,i. i7iuV. wl11 w|,i "« i» TIARTNKR—WnnIod—AVilb f'J.OOU to • rns-Mijnl lnl*rnst In mm u f (lismoii [irarllrsl RKrlrniiiiisi hnt>i"iiipnls in tiss, Rvnr» Mf*r mcr uses Ibo n.»( dim. A<liirr*B I*. o, Ho* iili or modSl cin 0 ;/;2*VnV U '* Mlnw, wl.uro s Vulklng pAnTNEn-IVnnlotl-WUli ft.fiuu lo Inlcrpit In an pstsidlsWl. paying tiiatmfk'ltirjngntißltiMs. A sipiars young mstiwifi I' ”, 1 . n» iirlifr opportunity to engnts pi a p"fmiU*uit hiisPiMß. Aiklre«s,tor orm wnek.»lf h.” , ffHiiinw l . m ,»” I> A 1311—- Wnntcfl—w.tli ♦IO,OOO to A.i i (^.! B i*?y fsidlal It! S well csl«lill*tiivl, rrspncUtiln OAIIT NKI !~W iniiu 11—Willi n tiimll Aarnu. No. HI tie; irniiw Hlora.* 1 fWarhtncyg. iryi* •’Al.H—Pormblo Eiißinos —4. (1. I*l 1 0, Wi W Ahd !lfdlnr*o (h)wnr, |jnw And •• (wiil-j'aiiii j uun M and one Hl-ti'irae power. Krniond* han't Atiil Holier*. Portable daw* iblllt.WrMNiwortii planers And Matchers, rtnloKln Min* sn' -n *1?!J W< V.l l i n **,■' * l '^t* ll r 1 v ».Corn Rh«llers, *V. ,r ‘ )ri l Hlihfltnir. Pulltrs f. n /AK , ?I?A.TLMaf , hlnery tmllt loonier, itlutlAltus* llttlN W OKRti. 11)0 and Ift t Washlngton-st. A fieccml-haiul Buckley 1 folding maphmc—ld rood condition. Price.* Wo Apply U> the TIUIIUNR COMPANY. 1 F3R SALE—IO,I3 and 14-horse porta ble fcnjlnr* and QItIFPIN huuTUERH, | as Booth Watcr-au FOR SALE—Three 8-horse power up* right engines; also tlx horizontal endue*. 9, io apa 13-norse power. Larger or amaller engines fur nished with or without boilers. 12, is, IS and 20-horse tubular and locomotive hollers fur a.%le. belt make. Also one 4-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, iron manere. belting, saws. Ole*. Ac. Machinery Depot, a a Dearboro-sL. Chicago. OREENLSE BKOS. &W. T?OR SALE—Cheap—A medium (Jvlin- I der press and paper entter, at MULDOON & TLEICiEi’S, 17— Michlgan-at. 'J'HE LANE & EODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Shingle Machines. Com Mills and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. LANK & RODLBY, Comer ol John and Water-sta., Cincinnati. AppUcantsfordescriptjvecircutars will specify the machinery they need. aaSOet-lnxim amusements. Me VI PEER'S THEATKE. CKE%£ MYERS MANAGER*. Great success of the truly great artiste, CBCZZtS BUSH* Wednesday, the great emotional play ol EAST LYNNE, OR THE ELOPEMENT. Lady Isabelle,) ' _ Madame Vine! f Cectle Rash fe Friday—Be i.eflt t f Cecils Rush. Saturday Afternoon—Cettlo Bmh Matinee. QOL. WO PE’S MUSEUM. COI. J. H. W00n.....,,,,,,,. ProorMor Director of Amtucmenis p. r \IKEN Stage Manager TOOS. HARRY For two nlchts more. The great moral drama and t™ 3 (Wednesday) afternoon, at the iVfninr^V Dc Pi« 2 o'clock, and also tn toe j, t * ®* 7 111 Porlbrra"d the cele tnd 1 7 ,0 . r * 1 . drama, entitled LOST IN’ LONDON. To conclude In theevcnlig with the new fonepf CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS. lircrofeo” 1 beoflai *° ber MUT9 City of Mis* MARY INOOMARIs In rehearsal; also, the create*! sen**- tlonal drama of the age, the HUGUENOT CAPTAIN. p ; RObBT’B OPERA HOUSE. Second Night of the eccentric Irish Comedian JOHN DlliliOJf, ned the charming Comedienne, Blisi Johanna Clansaon* supported by the fall Dramatic compsny. WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jau. 16ltu th* pcrfurraance will comircnre with Morton’s braatlft»l Comedy of ALL THAT RLITTHIIB IS NOT GOLD. Ibrco of NAN, THE GOOD FOR NOTHING. or Grand Matinee this Wedne-cay aftcrnoon-Marrlod Life and Swiss Cottage. Admission to Matinee, 30 ct«. In preparation—PEEP O’ PAT. ■yARIETY THEATRE. This Evening will be presented the great Nautical Scenic piece, entitled, C.A’PTA.IjST TCiriD; Or, Tho Wizard of tho Wave* First Appearance ot MISS SINCLAIR. tsr Remember the Great CaiOe for the Font, Matched Black Trailing Team. Dusey and IlnracM, And superb Gold Hunting Watch and Chain, valuedatss,Vo. Rattle to takepUco FEBRUARY FIRST. 1987. Tickets $1 each. ■yyiTKOWSKT BALE. BRANCH OP THE New York Museum of Anatomy, TNITKOWSKY HALL, 190 Clark-st., comer of Monroe. TbUlmnnrtantnod hlghlr ttutrucUve non tains WON DKRS OF CREATION jrom tho Orst month. Miniature Wonder* of the World, as alio Beauties of Osteology, Myology, Dermatology, And In fine every department of Medic*’ Science. The Student, the PhyMctaa. the NatnraUst. the Man of Business, the man of Leisure, might essay in vsm where they coaid spend a m-»re profitable innr. for gentlemen only trom a a. m. till 10 n. m. Admls'lcn SO cents. T) IbTOKl—(Jrosb>’s Opera House. AX DIRECTOR J.GRAD. . bva»on tf tourNlghts and one Matinee. SIONDAY, Jan. 21, First appear acce la Caicxgo ot Bind. Adelaide Histori* In her great role of&IEOE.L anpporlod by the dra matic company s<cored excloilvely lor the transat lantic engagement. Tuesday, Jan. 73—^MARY* STUART. Wednesday, Jan. 33 ELIZABETH. Queen of Eucland. Saturday sfternooe—RDtorl Matinee. The sale or seat* for any ot the (bar olehta win commence on Wednesday. Re served seats, $2.50: Boxes, $3. None*—No application wlli;te received for tree admission. ‘‘T'HE c. s. akctic expedition JL OF 1855.” LECTURE BY Capt, SAM. WHITING, (Commander of one of the vessels of the expedition.) FOB THE BENEFIT OP The Chicago Sunday School Union, Aitberimcongrec»tlo:»l Church, eor. West Wash ington and Grctn-sts* THURSDAY EVENING, Jinn ary it. 1557. commencing at 8 o’clock. Tickets a cents. A NNUAL MASQUERADE PARTY JIX. ofthb CHICAGO DANCING ACAD E 31Y, Corner Clark and Monroe-sts., MONDAY ETEMNC3. JANUARY ‘Jlac. Register names at the Academy. J. EDWIN MARTINS. Chicago dancing academy, Corner Clark and Monroe-*ta. GENTlifiillEN’S CLASS Mceta Wcfineadny nnd Saturday Evenings. BALL TO RENT one evening each weak tonrlvate parties. J. EDWIN MAHTTNE. XTOKTH SIDE DANCING ACAD- Xi KMT.—Marline's Tcrpalchoreaa Parlor. 2IS and 3AO Ohlo-aL CIIILPHRpi’B CLASS—Meets Wcdnoirtay and Satur day afternoons. LADIES’ CLASS—Thursday afternoon*. GKMLKMKN’B CLASS-Jlccta Tnewlay andThor*- dayevmlnga. *J. EDWIN MAKTIXE. T AUGDING GAS.-Mureli’s Dental Xj Rooms, S 3 \Tp»hlnßlnn-«t., eor. Doarhora, nearly opposite hi* old rooms. Teeth eitracbal wlttnnt pain or no pay, by the nae ol Mirons Oxide Gas or Vital- Red Air. N. D.—Thalantblnr Gaa will pot hnrt you In the least. Come at <t try It i yon can wltnena 1U effect be fore taking It 11 yon wt«h. DON’T FOIIGRT Uic old stard, 47 Oulney-sL. where boys and girls can get their MASQUEKADE SXTXXS FOR TIIK HIK. «S>H. KOII-I-NOOU.— -Four hundred bands of the celebrated ROIM-NOUR. or lllnmoml Carbon oil, MnatlxtonM to clcs# cotwlgtimral. Country orders aollcllcit. . J MKH McCAULKY ft CO^ roiimilMion Mcrchaais. 311 SmUi WalOMt. auction Sales. WM. a. IIUTTEIIS & CO., Auctionoera & Conmissioii Merchants 44 iV 40 HANUOI-PEJ-ST.. Hetweeu Stalest, and Wabash-av M Bold regular sales, at their salesroom*, ot dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes. 4C„ Every WEDNESDAY aadTHUBSDAT. FUUHmms, CARPETS, fto., every SATURDAY gEc Kent—Rouses. The marble front homo No. PGA we»t Lake-st_ opposite Union-park. All l^aCjohn?pS2* a ‘ App,y 10 JOD CABPKNTBa. T© The first-dasa brick house, i«'mal o *aj1 6 ™r>^. 0 ’ # V < Raek »*«t) containing » fipmfenin medern Improvements. YOUNG A a Metropolitan Block. House—No. 18 Ada-st., bc- Apply f at?*** n»m., eloseta, .ha-l, Ac. T O sJSF?.T“ A house on ** n ° rM Hallway; in a good MowoeSu 0 * 1 * * J °P ermoil “t* PETER SHlilpf 92 T° ?P^ — £ dwelling house lo rent s*. a “a'fflSS5 r . , f£. WrSa.-ft'KSS- O' wth Bide). Rent |7W per annum" I MeLloa hmtfFebinary. TO KENT—Twc-story dwelling, on West Side, with large garden and barn, at tl) ner SSoim S mreonVM ' WALIE * 101 'TO KENT—A two-story frame house . op West Side, contains seven room*, water In. r "> 'TO KENT—Two new and tl fl ck houses. 11 rooms each, and hath Ac 'J » llh * ,ot and cold water. Calf at premises, 837 and 839 Stdgwlck st, halt blocklrom r F°nS EN, J“‘ A fine h °UEc near the Post Room 8, BTo Hcnt—litoomgT 'TO KENT—Furnished rooms, with or Wnlccyil. 01 h o4l * ln 4 P f ' T *‘ef*mliy. at No. 13 go Tfrnt-Storrg, ©ferro„Vr T C rt«w?X'Ti 0n(! ' ,m,r nf nOnrc on South Aflrt• A"-ui y r J bwl '"•“oo 'o "fr. rpo RENT—Vpiydcfimblo odlco rnnin., TpO KENT—A Inrm nl U? 0 acres, mi wnmrin n ivmrnliy rate 'I'OIIICNT-Tlii' Muni. nmrlU iiiuMilMi ,1 , fl'M)ra t*f IliP t»||l< |MH« Nit, 1/11 Vl't I Dll lti« > ,fca. mif l'-T HI .“ r ‘'i , ' r ilnl-oliim nllli'i'. I t'linnon i<<r ativ uno, P(l HEN'l’—Ami mrnllurc I'nr nnlc, n ■Ji.’l. ' l " lr '" , n |l •l'|» mi',. JDffilamcu-iiro Kent. \V AN 1 KD—lo llcnl—l oljrunry 1.1, n , V..I'Ll? "il 1 P' r ? llh,t *Mr rent will Im \Vlrm>«« II *H'l(l' , " < ' r liiil'fuVDiiiriil. mi ulijiwillim. t.XT,w/' 1 ’ 1 1,, 1'l wlfL'lWlli'Mlirrwnwilli.fllf »"IIII| di'if, uU "“ WAN I ICP—lo Kent—A lurimtuM l*rrtn.«m, with flrlna m,ii h>Mtr<],mp n iiiuM armmitmp, in « prtvpip un>iiy, Nmni kHa iin*tor> ml. Mihmuii, r, ‘ , \\/‘ANTKI)—To !Jont—A house 6r 10 ,V * I»MI room-, fop nrtt'PlM* hountlnff [imtiij. Wmihi (Until tm*cliM« iiirnlliira mu i,«v ift 1 l*h l ',f l|r { or liKiu.lmpiiu, AiMrnw "Mn \\, ANTED—To U( nt—A. cnmtortublo _» 1,, Hi.furnMiwl nliwdlik ro«.n>, nit Ur tlia ifc'ilV.'o’fowMOlH* ftow ftU uuUl - u “HI. Ail* Hemming, r>OAIJDING—A gentleman and wile Ml.?'i* r o!il U ii; g'oi ot” ’• J ' ,wo "■? l»«nler«. TJOAKDING—A gentleman and wile ii.u t v^°J ,ll -!r wntlcraro car. he accommodated Tflih pood board and rooms at No. lOS Wtst Indiana- "DOARDlNG—Pleasant rooms, -with or -*J without board, at No. 9 East Raodolph-tt, snlt able far gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. TJOApijING—To rent, with board, fur nn.i»JlT?» room? i* ? ? ltatlle for a cenUcmaa and wife j&Sff&Mrff*"’ ce '- lli:1 ° al ' « 33 E “ ! - s ‘- T3OAEDINQ—Two or three centlemen cin he accommodatol with wecklyboardat No. on®hc r rcmK^ b ° ra ‘ 8l * ,laa prtvat£ latnll^* rj^AßDUfG—One Janre unfurnished XJ nonl room and a large fhraPhed room, suitable p u n , llc i n '“ a * or scnilcman and wifr, can bo nb- SotS’dlvulot!* CtaM boßrd * M 259 llltnotMt - T> O AhDIN G—A pleasant suite oftront Ari Wrlor, suitable lor a twnUsmanand wlie or two single pen* ernen, can be bad at IS7 Cal ami r-av., with board in a private family. State-at. car? rno within half block of the door. References r£ qulred. Cali at the hoose or at I{o3 State-st. T3oAßDlNG—Pleasant rooms, with ■tii*£iL r i?f« the bt. Cloud House, \?£'tKfS£'g&sSS£ aa Cmrt T)OARDIIsG—Ten or twelve day boarccracan be areommooated with cood hoard et 303 East Madlson-st, at $4.00 per week. T> CARDING—Four gentlemen can be ±J occommodatec with board at 159 Thlrd-av. TDOARDLNG—A gentleman and lady 1J or two single centlemen can obtain board and %wii22 , ?i in t» p Z? v#teftßll J jr * Apply at 661 South Jenerson-tt. IbJerence each anced. T> CARDING—Two gentlemen can be JL> accommodato-t with board and rooms at .Tl 3 atate-sL Terms to SI.OO per week day board, r>OAEDING--A lurnisbed room, with A 6,0 ' “• 4c, salub.cfbr two gentlemen. Locft’ibb \ery plca«ant. At ply at m West Wash luelcn-st. Kefcrencw required. OOAftDING—I have opened a first *--? class Prt fate bow dlnz houM, and hift 80=n.*S4 c 1° Chicago. and can accommo l’a^.£° Hrtl * , rf wjthflrst-clwa rooms; o to, fro3l 2j to * bottrtew. Erurythlnz served !n flrat-cIaM Bq. Meila at any boar to salt men of haai neaa. 100 Eitt Adummt. T>OARDING Pleasant rooms, with l l , * v J J 2. lound atNo 22f» Sllrhlenn-it., horth Side, a short distance Irom state-nt. brloee.Terr convenient to DUBlnesa. Day boarders accomm Jdat-d. r> CARDING—East of Stalest. and north l-Joniol.bard-canri, a pleasant iront room with sinall oca room and clo«ct ailjolnine, to rent nnlnmlsn cd.lo a gentleman and wile, with board and n*c of hath tnb. lo a private family. Apply to P. O. Box Befcrencea required. HOARDING—2S day boarders wauled JL> at Illxon's BcsUnrant, 133 Dearborn-si. Good board and ample attendance. Only f j per w -ck ISOAUDING—Wanted, boarders at the 1.) American Exchange. comer of Welt* aid North " alersts., which will epen o*i Saturday, the 19th Inst. under the new proprietor. Mr. CUAS. KINO. Mm cia>B «.ccomrrodaU'»n oa the n.ost reasonable terms. OGaßDlNG—Gentlemen wishing good 1 J hoard In a private family, ran lln.l such at 2110 U Icols st.. two Mocks from state-st. bridge. OOARDING—First class board in a ,h rlTflt '', Ia m!ly. with p’easant, furnished front f.vv , i'l l T r t c rl'-l > . e . 91: ,ll . codon reasonable terms, Address * » taT LAUh, * TribuneOlUcc. OOARDiNG—.At 102 Slate-st, A front I I led room with choice cf other rooms, oclweca Monroe and Adams-su., Ifl3 Stato-sU r>OARDiNG—With famished rooms t 9 h»r gentleman and wife and siael* ceotlemen Also t'ay l<vnrdcr» at Ifl? Hast Madison-*!. liioarb a&iamca. T^OARD—By n gentleman and wile, on Lf South Side. wiDuntlftcenminnlca walk of Lake »t. A literal prlee will be paid for bam some np»rt rie_n!j-, Kn t> o va .‘?vCs n,l,J ‘ w «oId be prejerrt J. Address dpi JIOD. Ponomce. BOARD— By a smele ecntleman in mtflncM in this cur, whorea fine- room and other conycnlciici-a can he had. worth from *l3 to f?a per T>OARD—By six steady young men, d j » prlratc hotuc, within fire ml-.- utes walk ol wols ano Indlana-su. Sura pay. Ad gjarseg, (Carriages, Set. FOR SALE—A patrol large hay carriage JofWft s ’U,?J ß .°\ d ’ balfbrotbcrs. well matihSi. fT^ivxyAmo!” lo wt par - A ‘ ,plr « <o - 170 R SALE—Or trade—The 3lorgan A stallion. “General Grant,” seven years old. « clgbs eleven hundred pannes, sired by Ethsn Ah leu/Dam “Ball Hush.” V»ry handsome.and good breeder. Fcrtull particulars address W.J.NEELY CUntopTlilc. Kane County, ill. * WANTED— Now is the winter of our dlK'ontent. msde glorious by this bully sleigh ing. and now a'solsthe time to brmron your sieigti*, wage ns, buggies and carriages to be repaired and painted, atljOM State-au, with despatch and cheap for cash. N. 3.—A1l work warranted. QUANT BROIIT KBS A MIU.S. 3Lo£t anß jfounb. LOST— In gome from Indmna-st. through Korth Clark to Lake sc. or In a Stalest U Side Railroad car. a small agate and cold uofary. The Under mil cower a lavor and be suitably rewarded bvretnrnlrg It to the undersigned. W. T. BHUFELDt. 40 SooTa Water-st. S * rObT —$5 Reward—Strayed from the j subscriber, on Ust Friday morning, .Tannaiyll, Jto*. a cbcatnnt sorrel mare, with hind tool white. Any cnebrlnging her to 130 North HaUted-at. will get the above reward. IOST —$5 Reward—A Scotch terrier u dog. eats and tall cut. Anyone returning him to Fr. fccnoch, southeast rornee ol Morgan and Tar tor-gta., will receive the above reward. LOST— On Saturday afternoon, in the vicinity of Rush and nitools-sls.. a black cloth cape. The young man who found U will bo suitably rewarded by lea ring It at 287 Ind Una-st. T OST—SSO Reward^—On Thursday -Li night, Janary Kth, a black leather pocket-book, containing about **3. a check tor gun— payment of which has t>een stopped—and some papers of no value but to the owner*. The above reward will b* paid by returning it to E. P. TOUKTELUT a CO., 60 Caial- T OST—Monday evenme, on Wabash .L' ar r between Harrison and Tweiflh-sts.. a young and tan dog. Had on a German silver collar! with small padlock. He aa»wera to the name . pf ..Any one leaving intonaatton at this oHIco leading to his recovery will he amply rewarded. TOST— On Monday morning, a larirc V doc. Had a small pitch ol ij root - retarne him to •14 Lakc-su, win be rewarded. T OST— 3londay afternoon, 14th mst-, -Li_ oa Randolph or Statc-st. car. between Market bort-monnale, martted out side K. W. to 8. ii, JL." containing a half eagle, a Quarter eagle, and some fltteeu or twenty dollars to greenbacks. The Coder will b« suitably rewarded by Ira ring same at 317 atatc-«t. T OBT— On Monday evening, at the -Li Opera Honse, at the close of Tilton's lecture, or betwwn there and the City Railway Station, oa Stale st. or In Bine I»land*ar. car, a ladr's line hunting ca*e gold watch, whith small neat gold chain attached. Any one finding it wilt be suitably rewarded by giving Information to JONES A GIFFORD. 17 LaSalle-at. TOST— On Tuesday, January Blh, a jnlece ns yards) of brown velvet nbbon. Thaflnd cr will be rewarded by leaving II at No. 7 North San gamon-st.. West Side. IOJsT —A portemounate, containing 3 j ten-dollsr bills, either In a Blue Tsiand-av. car or on Clart-st,between MadUonacd Lake-sts. Anyone having foanu the above will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at Mrs. BELL'S, 372 South Desplalncs-et. 17OUND —A jar ot candy drops, which },- the hare by applying at the office ol ALLAN Hi N KLitriiN. T7oUND—Devon cow and caJ£ Oow J* deer red, bread home-tail; calf, wnlte, a month eld, with rope around his neck, inquire at No. 4 Portland Block. L OTJND—h ear the Rost Office, a pock- X ct book, containing a sum of tnoiey, which the owner can have by proving nropertv anu paying fur rills advmlscmcnl, FTj. MARSHALL, Boom ©3. Reynolds’ Block. ■ 77OUND— On Lake-st., January 15th, a J pocknt book, which the owner wid receive by ap plying at 51 Lake sL, and proving property. XAKEN UP—Two cows and a steer. Tbe owner can hare tbs tame by prorlnsr property paying charge*. apply to CoRXKLIUo BHBA. HAS, uumia-eu, one bJocfc foaUi or l>oaiia*-place. Maawten—jQatc %gg», BOOKEEEPBBB, BALBSWRH Inquire li o. D. ORVI8.1& D^rtSra!!? 2* 7/ oracdressp.O.DrawerftOQlTchi?^ tij PSlllri ’ WAITED —Life Insurance Agents— _ A large commission or salary win A mt n ♦„ two or the beat (American and German) nii agents for this city. Address t. O. Box O»4?S»iS name and ezptrlence In the business. * mo * TX7 ANTED—Business men, booVkeen * • ,oti, and professional men, to >u-t m saiMmen and «ndnct Irashmss correspondence APp‘7 toJ; n. JONRB. Boom IT Speed*! Block, la* or ad tire* a, with stamp, aa above. W ANTED—A man who is thoroughly J acquainted in the city and oodentanda 1 filing eooo? nym a wagon. To such at one a good situation y'lje givta. Inquire at ?8 Randoiph-gt, W ANTED—A young man to drive a ..T-J ?l“‘r 1Q T?^ !s , njaae himself niefhl In the !oml APr 7 1 A * 874 south Jcfler- W man who understands thehardwaro buMoesa. ana Is comnet*ntt/> keep book?, at 174 North Clark-at, M. Lotto. *° \AI ANTED—This monilng, a good V V Mleeman, to take orders and sell meal from a a. , °° a Appir »t 135 trades. \\7 ANTED—An upholsterer on com ulLßEur * W — A first doss carrinee .*Jj,h p .r”^i«sS^kS!^' , S» 0 D a MAI I wABV?-S Carriage rooms. No. I».l Ante-si. u «AiNARI> 6 fflglanfcti-dfcmalc jQclp. lIOIISK SUIIVANTS. WANTEn-Agirl.lo iln gcaelnt liruw .»lL. work *.M ~pl * aoi*! Cook, wa»hef ntiii ironer. SlidC.' *' »"«iinewl«l. i.'lO ' 11Sir WH 41 WJwIomIJWmS "VAT"ANTKD—Aptitnrl FIN to ltd nt’iirr/ll lAil+.i'T'/'P"'. H'XPojnfwlir. Aptilp it 11111 iTiitt>lim„unii.^iji'utip.i, "■iii WM (u " l ti'Klti who cun «»T..f1..j I «.vrai;'/i.'.r ) Vi: l 'i!liri';;!.? l .T 1 .' ,tn "" || *" ,IH " V\/ ANTk.Ii—A uiiiui uirl ili'r gchi'rii) «," ~w " ,h ."' * iin »i.i "\\r Antkj)—a pin in I'lmii, wiiiii ini'll fT I roil, mi llin West NMr», nun w||ti |ikh| refer. I£iiiplo)i.iincnt Jlufuclcfl. \vANTHIJ—Thiii T)ny—in wnml rhnp ,\ * |*pr« fnr liMlinnnt po fititmait uihtr<<ra. #|’y> ji'iiiSM::;*!? 11 '* a * n ' l WAMTKH-Viiun* man m tliu cmm »r/, wlfhlnit l»» otilMlii »Huill(in», m.'li «i lmol> riri'pr*, nitlriM*!/*, Piiiri oWm. Mr om tt, or Biiilfpti M. ij, .ionki* if nV, litu 'iiMii Phclulmt trurniU, fuffrl) iMfiii'iimN. WANTI'U)--!) iu'HlrUuil hiiiikktu|iom, 1 jv rolirciof, it l>r4kßMt*it. i nrrmnA. i rkn*7. v i!i%fV|i?g?J;"'[ia , ; , !y.‘ l (u^iicl ' i, ‘- A| "' | > \V f ANTKI>—A* nmn In each li*s ifflji "’.'I 1 with from SJ; iJ' trf.'«m i».« |v« «n<i ui iu« nrin. t'jl'lp. VulHu per»im,»i mmiii a, WANTKD--1.000 men to eo Homh, .»*.?*** V' i‘? * M *. m °n*h»n.l luum, AU>».r4ti* iaa&yii!‘!li^!iasr i ''‘’ irKI ’ n '' wfr •' ’\XrAJJTKD—Live men to soil our pn* oAKi. 1 /. 1 ' 1 v uc . ,l l n * ,I>r ifrimUnu KnITM, »hfl»r*, reap w»B?i V n.’r J/i o,l '. * l '‘ • s “ »**m>peUHOts novip »»In* «?«rywli»rf, ttn* it fruit tuiupi y,* 1 CUrkl “* **°ujn *«• Two 41TANTED—Twenty men to go sixty irTiih J nl,> ‘hecoiinirv, for«»t«im saw mill. * olf il o l^,* 1 .* prrferretJ.i Tr«n«nirtaiu>ufrn*. " ell*-#!., corner 01 audUoa. frac ato 3. li>r two day* ooiy. SS2K& XS“; “ P ' lJ •• “““ »• ■>“»«. IyAKTEn-'"- {\ t A£iTlvD—Wc tavca lln top winter 1 ? hull’ «*»; cunt he best. We *re wJMne to clre rri«rv^lnrt r, ?«£ , * c ? M * Bootl cnaQce * A. U. LI.OWJ, A CO., 12S Lakc-st. WAlTED—lmmediately, C railroad . ▼ V Mtchlcan. to c-, tilt* erenlne. 7 firm raLi! . u) rallt n«a men far Trnncs«ec and Mt<«oort, U 0 L *2* S?^2V? nCT t"S» Sonth Apply to PAR MJALL* bMITD, 12S South C!«rk-su, Ftoom 11. \\ T ANTED—A pood girl to take caic T> of a tnbr and nuke lirmclf prncrnllr n«efal. one who ran wort? a Ororrr ADafeer machine nr.fer rert. Apply at AO* Waha«h-av. y ®Slantcb—lHiscfllaneaus. WAITED— To dispose ol the school inrnttnre, lease cf building, and good will of a n"uitsnlng private school. situated In a favorable 10-11 11 - Al) P*J‘ Immedlatrly, at 113 \\T ANTED—A lady perlcctlv comnc _? ; wtshc* a limited comber ot pn mis (on the West Side) In vocal and instrumental mu sic. Audrcss ‘‘MUSIC TEAC[lEß.* , Tribunc offle*. T7T7"ANTED —Ladles desirous ol oblain «»Pal»le telp for the approaching season of \Pw D ’tsr C^w C L 6hP a nl i , . nocl F at Sin. «me?s 1 « s “"='«- W ANTED—Day hoarders, at Gilbert’s ,|U JSSShSftfSjrf ß “ J 48 a -- ■« ‘Wf ANTED—IOO men, with cash capi wmn,JicS r ,*^lJ?* sro t toea ? a l re ,a * buxines* that w'llpays?oto f-»Hlperdiy. Secured by two patent*. llss no competition, and Is the only article cf thefelod ever offered for sale. Every ramtiy wants from two to * all. or address, with (Utjp. J. H.N.VS3DN. 1*33 South Clark-st, Room 9. Chicago, 11. \\T ANTED—To buy an endec and boiler, irora Ofty to seventy horse powor. I hare an metre and boiler, about thlrtv hone power, which I would Mho to trade and pay th? dldereace. Address 374 South Water-st. Mills. T7tT ANTED—A second-hand soda tonnt _5 . rpn:srat9r SSd fl«r showcase. Addrcn “W wit" with description, Box 256, Chicago Po»l 01- flee. T\7 ANTED—I tv ant to hay a bureao, V » Irritation cj rosewood on Mack wal-ut, n arble top, with mirror. OTTO. P.Q. Box ais. H \\rANTED —Bring out your old goods , V .J Ti'h- Id three miles ol the city cf BnrJlnetoo, lowa. I win trade for any o» aU sorts of coo-ls or n.rrc*iandlse. Call or address "SAMUEL," Boom Bo.], 811 South ANTED—A room mate, by a yonna u*. D! ? n » *ho holds a furnished room in a "iod bwlneas location. Address W A S." Box fi oi£ \\TANTED —The celebrated Gvppy wo* ** tnan. It you wish to ksow af the secret* r.f your ra*t and future life. the knowledge of wnlch.mav sayeyou trirsof ,orrow and care, don't tul, to con. ii^!iiL?f. , 7sSS’&,t c .r“ iu,lo “- \/I^ANTED— A middle aged woman T t wishing a quiet home fhr the wfnt«r can oht sin such, on eo*d term*, by cal legal 313 But Malison sw. up siitim, . CC"-ANTED —A show case and two W ANTED—Business men of tVmne- L. Strong, AT Chamber of Commerce. Chicago, 1 j. T \T ANTED—A house nnd Jot, north of ▼I dsckßonandeastol Clark-at.. worm flNOor ®bc on Indlsnn-ar. or D.TUclas-nloce. worth 13.000 or more. **A W,” Tribune office. 1 ‘ Wf ANTED—SI,OOO lor one, two or ▼ T three years. First-class city real estate given \\T ANTED—To collect the claims of .1* lhos ® cottthtl to the additional HOO hoantr. Adcanc»w made on g.KKI claims. A. GOOUBICII, At torney At lav, 1 ‘do Dcarborn-sl., Boom 2. \A 7^^TED —A boy to told and distnb np stairs® c,rcD,ft^, • al Madlson-st^ \\T ANTED—To mannfactnrers and wlcieaale dealers—A lady who haa a store tn a central locaUcn, at.d sewtng machines, would like to encaccany kind of work u» keep her girls empliTol dunce the winter. Address “LT,” Tribune otUc*. 7 Lvcal 53sta«-CTin3. mrBOVSD, F)R SALE—On Michigan-av., a sp'cn dld new brick residence, with all the modern Im provement*. and not a woman killer. Parlors, sitting roots, library, dining room, kltcaen, pantry and closets all on the first floor, and a splendid barn and Ice house For further trfomatlon. inquire at SO4 Mlchlgan-av. FOR SALE—The undersigned will sell two bouses and loti, 61 land Iftfl South Canal tor cash or on terms at a very low price, becan-e linfketk? wV I n, I n .. r «CABO- CanM-sts 8S * between . efferson and TpOR SaLE—Cheap—A nearly new two- Si.V^SSaSSBS^^^^SSS- FOB SALE—Two new two-story and basement brick bouses. Mansard root it noma each and lots, corner of Adams aau Lonmls-sts.. front ;jFl?(S,at*POMesalon. THOMAS poiftanßlo?!* 00 ** 14 ** 1 Estat « A K* at »» Kc. 4 Metro- F'OR SALE—House and iot on Calumet ay., near horse railroad cars. In a good neighbor. sabres FDR SALE—House and lot on Indi- ? n , a 'lt T * t HoMe “ (I lot 03 Wabaih-ar. flo-isa “ u .:l°L on . ta ngatnoD-«L, near Randoiph-st. Also marblcDObt cn Bangamon-SL, near Washlngton-st. n b /t&ww u S(!’l l May-st, pear Bandolph-st. J.D. HAB\ET,7BLaSaIie-st. 17 OR SALE—A good house and lot on I North Cnrtls-sL, close to street cars. Verydeslrm bl* property; terms easy; good nelghborood- AR> THUB A BOTDEN. 210 Stale st. FXR &ALE—Cottage house of six rooms, with lot. on Tw#nty-ntoth-st., South Side, also, cottage on West Md». with lot. at *7,900 and f 1.500. ART BPS ABOVDEN. 210 State-st. 170 R SALE— Cheap, near the Post Of -1? nee. a seven room house, with shop. lease of large lot. bams. Ac., and doing a good business. Immediate possession can be had. Apply to P. SOOIP, 92 lion* roe-st. ' 170 R SALE —A first-class Loose, fifteen 1 rooms, brick basement, very convenient. 59 foot lot on Peona, n?sr Van Bnren-st. Apply to R v CHAPIN, 77 North Morgan-st, w k, u TTOR SALE—A very desirable honse 1 and lot, No. 392 Wabasb-sv- 13 rooms, water, gas, bath room, furnace. 4cU good bam. Price low Terms very liberal, immediate oostesslon given nnqurstlonable. WARRBN A GOODRICH. Real e£ Ule Droten, 123 Dearborn-sc, Boom 3. T7OR SALE—A comiortable, two-storv A house, bo. 74Qulncy-st, near Clarfc-sL, with long and favorable lease ot lot. Only K.OPO, if taken at once. Immediate possession Sven. House will r-nt tor annum. WABkEN* GOjdbICH, Real Estate Brokers. 123 Room 2. I7OR BAT.E—Two houses, lust complet es. v!r; rear Twentr-nlnth-st-loti 36x 19 H eet * Termi easyTritle nartect, im Estateßrokers, 123 Dearbom-flt„ Boom 2. BMiUPBOVED. T7OR SALE—Olarkst. property—Lot ,7-Claricst-lustsanlhot S ciSwh tMMLVGS,Eooitt 19. No. 132 T7oK SALE—A fine lot on Wabash-ar., J between Twentieth and Tweaty-fi'iMO, 50x170, aUMWssmentJ pald. *l3O per loot. A. J. AVEKSIX. Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Clock. TTOR SALE—IOO teet on North Clark- X . St, 93feet onChlcago-ar.. two acres, with pica*, act house, on Washlaglon-st. * *|7OR BALE—Two lotj on North i? rank -1? . Ho st, fronting on Lincoln Park, 3< fhet cam br ia to an a'ler. Inquire at Boom 2, Cobb’s Bullring. 128 Dcarborn-si. • 170 R SALE —Lois near the corner ol .I!,. Hnirlson andl Eobey ito. to patties who will bo!id. *3VS each, part on time, 4*xi33 comer Tyler and Lots on Parkway* - n»arth« city liKits, ISO and *368 each. Other cheap mu In different parti 01 the city. 11. C. MORE? A CO. peal estate *roun, 8 Metropolitan Block. gittiaiuma sgtamw. SIAUES, C ITKATEON—Wanted—A ynwner col* Kj ored mas. used to domestic lemcr, wantsa alts. aJUon. Served a lose time la the National Washington. and recently with two families in Cniot po. baa been a Union soldier, and can giro the base Address “SAM,” Tribune of- SITUATION—Wanted—As assistant isv!S£* , K fpe, i c!erfc - shipping or entry clerk, t» the service of a good and experl -411(1 acco: tntnni is required, and only a tv^^£££? I ft?? wUo S ex ? < * ,<d - l ' y • Totmg man twa gywte jgy «”««Adur«, By a TOTrng tier. about the house, or workin a S n " S lr SA T iV iX - _ By a you iwerSyeaw** B “f® ct borM * 40,1 “ “w. Bm h 2 Chicago. ’«Perteace. Andress 88 ArSw“ 1001 Statist!,?hlcagn? b (0 * AddreM “C U," CITTTATION—\VmTcd—A commercSf kJ salesman of experience. &n>i atrade. desires an eneag.ment %hVflrsfdS?h!.Ss CrrUATiON- Wanted —A travelling Ms!arnnS!lt!.siL , ?h ir and extenylve bu«u aVltustlon whSTi!*! 0 ." 1 , a J Ute Northwest, desires paMlcnla?w^^ bo J M Jf , £ bo . ll, « ,n *«• clhr. SSt P. U. Bo» 0300* KlrcD. Address “ U.” SITUATION- Wonliiu WnidmishcT .O a ..voo.l workman at repairing^ S:« jUuatloo In the cltr or country j haVhvl Teriil KSIL‘2P« r,fnc r; t-’in furnish the Tenof %JSp? PfinALBI, ? o " ,,s ’ , * "i*' «*!?< Si 1 J"ATlON—Wtthlcd—lnn fiflvrtto /il r J . ufTl/X'rroN-iVrnQ~|j7X;;;:';’ : : ; :';;' : Jfj? iliilrHS, Jd IIIH eitllfslieine, whprel>ltl A|ii«r|i , ai<.aiii| wiieredht 111,11 il hsHiisri'Ui Asenx* ithi WajM tin/s.i mui'li an iilii.-, 1 a B#.lMih.r.t„V *»r? uitieli 11 refer uiJns West ii?(6ll» una week, HO W." dil.Lers, NeW V.lri 1 Ctl, AtlON-WnStn,'!lr.7i "1U",'1„1 C ITU ATION-Wi j “ l " 1 * '• 4?.Kl , "'A",Tiy , h frJ. A, i Kl!r,l ‘ liY * 00,, -'l 1 ' 1 " „.. *>»liiil.l'llni„ml|„ A ,,,, m Un'flATiOKn/~7-r= wniiwrr. iiw fTT'"" lr * * Vftv iMI'PrOr.IiTION, Tim ftll flPhlHPkl.l.* VofcNa>-w,iw V'v/'i.mVi'i'*, «V M;iff'l'i’, ‘ MoiiMm «pn» frwl oil up; . NtwVoft tAV AN ' Mmmftriiiwr-, 1)3 iun. *fco. A OENTb—\N nntcit—|lCU pey mo ivrlk .STf/X 1 * W»lt* *nrt ft-mnlf, b> Vel) Ifif dKt th J'?*?. hK MH. 1 LV Siiwi.NU MACIIIN mventlrn of Ihr a«e. !»r|ru sir*. !*»<■; Cu'ar'“M™,”i?lD“ r ' a SECOMB. A GElsTS—Waded—ss per day pear* /A ..•/Jiff. 1 ’,9. r n V? nr * rrlnnlrd. AppJr at onco to P. rAI nniiJ’. JU OflJee So. I« M. H. Clmrch HlixS. C»n apo, or OHUe No. -j Lrmaa’a IH<vk. C'leyt-land. O. Agents—wamtd—For life and I'Kvrn IX uehel ruisnxs. a .ihh.-iim i««n, A L l .\^^Du" , "“ , -' L Knn,El! ' a! * AGENTS— -Wnniert Price fO.fiO— LNITKD STATES CONTINENT IN VJuO One *“•'2* ha* uo’«i nearly WO ropim. LLovirti NKW kalrn7v& E £V, m *v C SEXT 7 BEK »lth the maj. rOMtiiocheap* *t and moHsaleable map* in the wor d. Address UOODSVEED A CO, US Lab*. Bt., Chicago. A v —“Wanted—ln all parts oi the <*F A lilt AM \ M lincoxa ni.ti tee “overthrow OS’" slavery” !d orr Toluol . vcr TOO pact*?. By Uc j. I. N. Arnola. : r orCcnsrem.a’rt tor over tweLty years* confidential Irlcnd o; air. Llncolo. Th!,- worfthai Josebeeo completed,abd >UI aeeti wi*t Mt bye*? hXe l 5L*» H ® Bt £*i tz , en - u Pweni* frunru wuS» SS”, 0 .® 1 * p P*S- r<s i, ,n M - T oTl>ef wort. The nauiy s*r. r .. 3 . CIe ’ of Warblnctoa, fays: ’Tt will *-«ome a Sn?^S f •V ,^ p 3,, hcl l .• p,ac * bcyttsrt anything ret pro aorta. P«> r territory aert terms. iwrlres* the nn*». CmSco? LAIIKE 4 C “-’ so ss wSSSmS: A GENTS:—IV ante d—For Frank JTX. Moore«»new work—“ WOMEN OF THE W \R-~ and other valuable llln-traied books sold only hr cSo. uc - TBEAT - n» scuuraSJ«i AGENTS Wanted—For BARRETS , LIFE OF LINCOLN. The tot, moft fiSSS^S* 01 * antbenuc work yet published. President Lincoln having bltpeTfurnOhed tor this work alone, the tacts ot his carl; life. We are odenac agents, be f‘ r " » T «J «* premlmnt, a higher commfratott than can be aflOrrled by any other honse la the Wet. Address J. S. GOODMAN * CO, Publisher?, 3 «S£ top noose Place, Chicago, m. * A GENTS—Wanted—For THE AMB -5«.\-5f C M n, FAiOtEtt’S npBSE BOOK, by Robert \ * a rodylnc tne results of tweity SS?JL c l o, 2 cis ? ! InT'Stizaaoa. The book above aC ° t .j£L Ac f cto * M If *PPcals to the necessities and o! a eery larce. wealthy and tatolllgist cl.vs Id every eommailtr. Atnlr to or ad<tm«j h cSSgttt * °°- *““»«**» htSii bSSS&A Ta—- Wanted—3late, and female. to tell a new article in crest demand that ertar 0»y mace without ißiVlne home. TravtlJltic. seens can mate from M to (20 per day 'i stti r, Dt Inter?-rente with other nunnes. Tie article i-r lt*eir. Samples, •* nh terms and particulars °* S Q "‘ nf »* Pf,n * frP A cents, Address R. W CHAPPELL. Urtatr 0333, Chicago, n RKTS-~W«-*-’ ' AGENTS —Wanted—3OP4 fanners m each county In the Wear, to cax»«e m a boat, negs pajlns «rom SUO to >5lO t>er mentis, trotu now nntJ? iprtnjr. Addrea* 2F.IOLER, McCURDT * CO- Block, Cfclcajo, 111. A GENTS—TVantctl—From Mr. Ban* ,£*- f* on. thy Historian. Kkwpoct. September ISth. ISCC-ilr. 1111 am E. Marshall'* cntcrarlncof Abraham Lit coin la by far the teal I bare seen It 1* rrrr like, and repr*4lucCs the best exptcs*ion of the late pfeai ccnl a < onntf• nnce. A? a work of art. it (g a nta‘ ter piece, ejpcntrrt witn eonsflenlioas Industry ana ad mirable skill. I bclleyc U will be aoneht for »n years nenee. ana btctt collection ol Americas eajrarlnca lhatlswltlirututrill Is considered impc-fa-t. UEO. PANUIOFT. On exhibition at *j7 Wasbltjcton-aL AectiU wanted for Its sale. GENT 1 - ' • - fc —Wnmed—Expcncnrcd bock - - eruratinff rasTaum, to whom a lanre r«r. ttn? r^®»2^i w *lw n .^ , u ,> * c A ,rt - AUilrcsa CHARIES BILL, t. 12 houttl Clark-«U CbIOTO, lil. A ?|^T|^Wnnted“-3l€asTs.Tickifi)r& tf if^w 0 5 toß »r^ ,T^ *»toe’-engrave4 ■ l *i* ,* , Abraham Lincoln. as a pcrlrct itkrmvs ud 19 cumma:il '-‘ d " Upbeat Ilkeatjs Tlobcpt T. LJccoln, Mr. Trumbull, Ur.Slaatoo. Mr. Herndon. Mr. I. N. Arnold. Oen «rSc Charles snnmir, Mr.Cba*-. “* oSi Donrtds ... ~ , And many outers. It Is sold only by. tnh>cr|ptlon. and Agents arw if* •*!?• liberal commissions are given * focctssftu one* can have cuod ter t?- Adarm JOHN n. Asimon Publisher*' Agent, NT Washltcton-it.. q>lcago i * A GENTS— Wanted— Gentlemen and to soil our r.iv t b of the phksidknts?," “,°tn Washington to the present time, in ona voiumo « •*»« Wlrsstw, beautifully ii“”faJS with ftSS engraving*. Tn* AcrnoK—mi Tmcs-xn** Tuxux renilol P »hJ'.V?. tTle »A mlt,,<> ‘ ,er * t? P tlce « »I! enrablnVto render this cue ofth** nv'St attractive. uiefdl acd sala. {fcJSi «o e „ T tS r .W b, }* hed ln ‘blsco’nntry. ToS with C a * ! arc c banee to make money ers*hiV?L» D 2 ,<lbo ? ,r t and no ccrnpetltlon. Publish commission given. Setd stamp fir cu caw. m. a tCnU9 ’ B * B, orDE - v * 73 Clark tt.. cS- A GENTS—Wanted—Bapcricnccd flrsl ftAvlffai'r.rri'wa'.t'ss' ”° u ,a,uea ‘ r,,r “ Tn, s i»i* ' ALLEi FOnOE,” a new and maznlfl 2** ’ PrlcctfSAO, nan peculiar rccom mcndatlons wlilch cause It to be admired be sserr Amenran, of whatever sect Dr partr. AccaU eV^7. rowiug will, unparalleled «acw“. pjbl Ilshcr* hlghc-t commission clren. Address. «tim« enclosed, s. s. Bovpgy. nt mp A GENTS—Wanted—For the “Better -AV. Lard. The most popular eograrlDg In Amert. ca. The LreniPg Journal saya: *• The enthn«im C Zl. with a hith it was balled at tbo East, bss miiowii to tne Wear, acd t one who see it fair to acknnwlefLe 1 omhfl instant, the wonderful spirit more than earthly beauty with waich h« inrwudhsrsubject, oftce fla«t cr«ui™ of raod»m art, A picture to he gazed at and always wlUi increased admiration*’ territory and Terr largecommlsstoa elver. 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FDK SALE—At Grangers Boston Mer chant Tailoring Booms. 1 30 South Clark-at. ot> baslneo salts (Usnyowen * Cass) tor *37, *S3 aad *37. Our cut is second u> none. FSB SaIJI—At Granger’s, overcoats to order, from firebclaas bearew, Garryowens. ket tor < |^ far 10 b*ayers In tee mar- 17 OR oALE—Three shares Washington * Address , F^JoS^ OEatCE > al a iar^am - 17®J^ W SALE—Lease ot fine store on L*ke»sr., eaatof Clark, Homvs, low, wLd lands, antfpatentrights. Room 2.No. 4BSooth Ciartat. F)K &ALE—An almost new No. 9 Eu re£a corking store. Pine and some furniture, enuee for wood or coal. Will sell cheap. Call at 34*3 btotvst.. Immediately, or aedres-* “H K." Trlbug^ Dcrsmiat PERSONAL— TVill the ‘ gentleman” who rnicrrd No. 146 Monroe-.t_. on the nl-ht of 1 January J3th, and appropriated several aulcle*,aatoug ethers, a pocrct book containing some mooev. a gold ring, ano some private papers, piease return the rinw and papers by mail to W, L. OGDEN, Tribune OfflcS and greatly oblige by so doing, a* the papers can be of no nse to any one except the owner. pianos. FOR BALE—Five new pianos, or to ex change tor city real estate, and w|,l mt cash with with them. PETER SHIMP. 92 Monroe^ PIANOS Alt'!) MELODEONS to rent Pianos tuned and repaired bv competent men. and boxed. WM. R. PROSSEE* "piANO tor sale or renL Seven octave -L toll roued carved lees, wtllbe so’d tor halflta value or will rent U by calling at a 03 Oourlo-SL 3Kcal 35state— ffitmntrp. FOR SALE—IO acres ot Land, well tim bered. and a choice tot torabom^Sd.on Lake bhore-rusd, within easy walking the Bvdo Park sp>clal »ilc, to NGTW 2 DHOOKED. 33 Clark-st.,np stalra NUTT A Straseb anu Stolen. CTRATEI) —Or Stolen From the" fi* UmfrlmitlMi. tha ana aao-mllcn on [ .*SISSIS b T ' »•» CUna" to tno Homo, on - ) i 1 7'i l of? " g : Anj peraoo eatntuln* mem to • -i SarnTO »ut jj