Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 17 Ocak 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 17 Ocak 1867 Page 1
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FROM 111111 ; Last Eveniugs' Despatches by Ocean Telegraph. The Hungarian Diet Condemn the Reorganization of the Aus trian Army. The American Church at Rome Ordered Outside the City Walls. fROM WAiifiTON, Sill Substituting Green backs for National Bank Notes to be Report ed Shortly. Statement in Regard to A. Johnson's Wholesale Pro scription. Qualifications of a Texas Con- pressman. COMB. Senate—Colorado and Nebraska Bills Pass, with the Hons 3 Amendment. Debate in the House on Mr. Sic* sens’ Reconstruction Bill. Sfcech tf Mr. Biagliam in Opposition to tbo Monsurc. FIIMI milWlliMl. .(’loccodlnyfi in tbo Lng'iHla* turn Yotitonlny. Scnnlor Tiiniiluiirn 1 Icclluii HiiiiM in .lolul Ctuivbiillon. Tlio Senator’s Address Before the Two Houses. Debate oti (lie Industrial College (piesliuti. lloirilila Tragedy at Valparaiso, liiillnna. Two Women KIM nnil tbclr Bmlirs Binoml. A Young Girl Shot and Afterward Brutally Boat an. The Brutal Murderer Still al Large. FROM EUROPE. by OCEAN TELKGBIP H. UASQrET TO TOtJSO HENSETf. PAmc. January IC. Ul,e American! In this city gKc a banquet to morrow lo Jos. Gordon Dennett, Jr. JtCTUXLH OF Aaicnjcos TACimCE. Londok, Jflcnary IG. Captain Samuels, who commanded the IJeml cits. Mr l*onllard, owner of the Yea)*, and Coin ed Taylor, ol the United Stales Army, to ■Cay by steamer for New York. ACSTSXA. Vienna. January IC. The Russian Minister gave a dinner lait night to the Greeks lu this dry, at which be presented a toast to the wdlare of Crvece, XiEUnlOUe INTOZXIIANCE AT ROMS. London, JamtpjylQ. The iTnif a publishes n letter from Florence, widen aaya General King, onr Minister to Home, lias been invited to remove the American chuich outside the walls ol the city. Mr. Ki eg has c im plied, and will hhc a place for the purpose of wor ship. mxKCC. 11. Thiersls about to give a grand banquette the Opposition, the Oilcauist and Democratic dep uties bavins united. nC3JGAUT. Dy nearly n unanimous vote, the Hungarian Diet have agreed to 11. Desk's address condemn iegthe reorganization of the array. Latent torcign .Harkets* Tovdov. January 15—Kooa. TUc tacncy market Is unchanged. Consols and American securities are generally unaltered. Erie opens with a slight advance and Is quoted at 13. I.ivecpool, January 15—Noon. Colton opens steadier a*. 1 i;<c. Losntvs. Jarvtary 16—Evening. Con«ols close at W;* tor moacy; i-iiX TJtf; Illinois Central, «•<; Eric. l«V- Pali?, January 15-Evening. Ccltcd States bonds, 7!. Liverpool, January 15—Evenlns- Cotton firmer hit quotations traciaoged; sales, 10,003 bate*, lircadstufl* steady. FRO 51 WASHINGTON. j Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Wasiiikotov, January IC. THE DIART OF WILKES DOOTIT, taken from his body after his capture, is now In possession ol the proper investigating committee, having been handed over to it by the authorities. For some reason its contents'were not used on trial. U shone that he was an agent of the Con federate Government, and received none/ from It, and that at one time aiicast. the plan was to kidnap Mr. Unroll. It is Wdvved to implicate only Booth and Uarrold In the assassination. The entry made on Friday, 21st ot April, one week after the murder, shows that U roast have been written in a perfect agony of mind- It describes his posi tion with a hiokcn leg In the midst ol a swamp, alone, an outcast, an a*sas-Ir, weighed down by hie guilt and a feeling that God would refuse for gjvincffi. It is altogether such a cry of human agony as seldom finds expression is words. KCBUASKA ASP COtOUADO lULLfI. The action of the Senate to-day on the Ncbraslta and Colorado Mil* was unexpectedly prompt ami deduce. They were called np dating the morn* Inc hour. Mr. Edmunds wa* the only Republican Senator who opposed Ihc Hoatwcll amendment. Uwa« of course combatted hy three or four Deni* cctatlr Senators, hut both bills were pul throusb -wittiJn nn hour liy a vole of to 12, sbowto# thil they cat) command a twodhlrd" vote If necessary. Tory win co to Hie rresHent to*mofrow'tnoralng. Ji-sTict miixcu’s opinion ik Tilt rear oath casks. Wi* arc anlHirtr#il by Mr. Jn»Utr Miller lo ray 0 that the foilotvlntr la n win! and correct synop air oflfcc dlMcnhng opinion delivered by him hi Iho tal oath cn«cMJ)i Monday t He a aid lie hoped Ibc exceptional cticmnManrta which Rsvomolw lbo*o taron would Boonumi away, and wllh Ibcai tho uecrMlly of such l«v»; llialilunyA dclicalv tnal* ter (o declare alt act of Congfe## In. be * vnddbm or hit) I'oiirthuhor. n« (he member* of that body vrrt* bound »»much a* tin* Judge# by their oa'h to protect that InatmniMil. Thn CwtnlhiiHon ati* Court*** to v*tablUU Court* interior to ’11,,. supreme c'ourh and il had ordain <1 Circuit Court#, District hoiirl#«Md Tcirlto/lal Court*, and bad provided for their olHcor#, a# Marshal#, Alter* rryr, Halllff#, Juror#, Ac. It had th« same power to prerenho rule* for the admission of attorney# * amt to determine their qualifications. ThoJawun* der consideration wasnothing morelbauibl*,*ltice | ji only required of attorney# hie aawo quallrtra* | Items which It required of every officer Id the Uov ernmeut, civil or military. It al#o required the ratne oath a* a means or ascertaining this quallfi* cahon. The law was not n bill of attainder, be* cause il worked no corrnptlon of blood, which was a leading feature of all attainders in IV English laws, nor did it prononucs a legislative finding of guilt against any person, or pronounce any sentence of condemnation. It wan'ed all the elements of bills of attainder, nor was It an ** pott facto % because it instituted a civil and no: a criminal proceeding. ♦ provided for no charges, for no mat, for no con demnation, fornopnnlsbmeat. Themajoritycon tended tt was so, if at sU« In no legal sense, which helllnstrated by various examples in the sense used by Uic Court. Anything unpleasant, or , which inflicted loss or pain was a punishment. ■ but the law only spoke of punishment as a pen alty for ita transgression. The act was a simple .requirement of loyalty as a qualification for office or place, and was not intended as a punishment for past .offences. If this proposition Is true, the pardon of the President can have no effect; If’it la riot a punishment, the pardon can only remit pnniah jnecta. • In regard loAIr. Cummins* case, he said: The ConMllnlloD of (ho United State* afforded no pro* (rcutmto religion* opinion*; this wat left to the States and to their Constitutions. If the Consti tution of Missouri exacted of a minister of the Gospel loyalty as a condition to the exer cise of bis tanelloiH, this Court had no nebt to pronounce the lasr unconstitu tional* lie had maria ro allusion, be said, to mheondne* on one side or hardship onthi other; but had fought only the aid of principle In tte solution of a grand constitutional question. He had not inquired what (be law ought to be, but what it Is, TTTEBKSAT* ____ _, ... , ■ . f * w AM 4kn 1.1 t I M* IM II 1,1 Im m IW, concluded Its sixth day oo tho bill regulating the president's power of appointment and removal, ■without teaching any result. A vote la to be taken to-morrow. spent the greater parlor tho day on the Stereos' Reconstruction SHI. It u the same bill, substan tially, ibatvras rejected at tho last session by a large majority. Among the persons on the door of (he House to day were Secretary Seward, cx-Governor Hamil- ton, General Sickles, Horace Orceiuy and John JL Bolts. Mr. Seward came up to consult with Mr. Stevens about some of the Hems is the Civil Ap ptoprlation Bill. A. TEXAS COHOOESSKAir. The resolution- of Colonel Washonrn, of Indi- ana. providing for an Investigation of the case of George W. Chilton, a member elect from Texas, was prompted by these facts: Governor Hamil ion was piloti d through the rebel lines ont of Texas by Captain Moptgomery.a Texan In oar service. The Captain subsequently fled to Mexico, when Hon. Giorgc W. Chilton, with a body of men, eroded the Bio Grande, kidnapped Montgomery, took him hack across the river, hong him, cul oil bis arms, end sent the mutilated corpse to tho town where be bad resided, as was said, to show the fate ol traitors. To this act more than any other Chilton owed his election. sner COCBESPOSDEKCE. The following correspondence concerning the resolution of Mr. Cook, of Illinois, suspending the operation of the act authorizing tho payment of loyal owners for slaves enlisted into tho army, will explain Itself: Fiusktout, Ky., January IS. Hoe. Saveei.McKee: Have the Senate delay action on Cook’* resolution regarding elavea until von bear from me. The bill will rnln oar p'Vty here ifpassed, and Insure your defeat. (Signed) T, C. L’ahpueUm „ „ - w WASHmoTDH. January 18. T. C. Campbell, Frankfort, Kentucky: 1 our tcb.grauj has come to hand. If our parly in K' ruined by the passage of Cook's res OmMot), ll Is best that U fhonld be so. lhavc been offsin?t paring for slaves, s-» expressed myself in the last caucus, voted for this resolution, and am prepared to stand by It, Ifonr party la Kentucky is organized on such flimsy principles that It can not stand nun-payment for a few negroes, the raonur fur eight out often of which would go into the pockets of rebels, lei the potty go. I shall wa*li my hsrde clean ol such an orsrauir.stlon. and will try to start a new one which will nut be frightened to death every lime It hears the word ‘•negro* 1 mentioned. (Signed,) Samuel MoKss. BOATS PESTnorUi ON THE MISSISSIPPI PUDINO THE KEHEJXION, A table from (tie IVsr Department shows tbc imincF flint character of tbo rations floats de- Mtoyvdon the Mississippi Utter and Us tntid* Inks. Jrom May fel, 1801, to tlie surrender or Hhby Pm' tti find the cessation of hostilMos, June ?(). ire*. An osßtnitmtloh of this (aide shows Hint most of (lie boats were steamer?, berlmps oiic-lenlh bc«bg tng boats, ferry boats* Ac t Hie HlutHog Is n sttbtmnr/ of the table of bonU d~ sltoffd by (be tasitalilee of war t Cap'tircd and btimetl by the l.'ntbd Platan Ibtee*. Iwonly.lbttr, Tallied, na Alleged, to bo worth tto'MUU t e.ip* (med rtbd burned by Hie ieiiel force*, nineteen, valued al #BMWM \ burned by the Hnltal Plate* forces to prevent eapinte, tan, valued at ftf>B,in»i burned by rebel pliers topievenl taplnie. Ililrly-iiliie, v» tied at tliViin.i’in i sunk by rebels <u (iiislmd fbAmmK imolHliite, valued el (Htnjntii captured and biniiHt by piMilllaa, (weiily.elyjil, valued at fW.iiiH*, Tbuenmnmry with regard to lnnita d«. ctioved In (M’l-lduiital eattaea is as tallows i Rant mi by rebel Im-eodfailea, Ivvmily-nnio, valued at <im,n*ot by slilMiir enaus,alUy-flve, valued at fl.Mn,(tH){ by piimlry neddems, tweniy-eigbl, valued at «fM,tK)U| by cutlleUm, eeven, valued at f lia.H'O} by explosion of bollets, nine, valued al fs(R.ri'io; burned accidentally, bnty-alx, valued at ?(jino.DOO. Thu Intdo further shows that Iblrly four boats were lost in IFGI ? clpbty-tbree In IB'U; PM-enty-slx In tWJfly iituely-eiubl In Ifldlj nud thirty-six In IPO?.. Tbo aggregate of these figures I* !ji7 bonis destroyed, with a tonnage of 1u3,t3[l tuns, valued, ns alleged, at |9,2jj.n'J(li A LIST OF PAUHUHRD Uf.HP.L9i Ati muilisß ol ibe list of pardons granted to Ibe blebonicffllfl lalely iu lebellluti, shows lint (be futtmUlta liuVe been jiardoticd I Cabinet Onicers-Oeo. trehbotm, Petitelary of the nir j ffeorttn Bails ami Wade Keys. Alturney timimtiisi Asslsiabt Ttibisiifer, R< n. ißmofet MfiiUlef lu PfoKct*. ('(mo. »l. Frtdlhltei i Adebi Hi kmimi'p. Plates JmtuN, MafsbaUafidßlsiiidAllurbevs. clfliU Otmfetß "rale -Irnlime, Mmelmls And BMriui Attoritaya, (!w>i i"lvl CommMuitata, three I rebel Hovx "fiuird, i lelwi MeMenapit Odvernota, two i oM'Mtad Niaoe naval oftiiwe, nMeeni rebel naval oltloere, nfito i privstee, «Ut IdoekAde-rim lipid, (brea; usrUoltad Blatea Oonfireaamen, eleven I reb«i) Oongiestmon, nlnoiy-lbreo j retie) Colnpels and l.ioutonant Colonels, flve; rebel Iblgudtur Generals, Aoventydhree; rebel Major Generals, nine. A IIEIMTTATIOM rnou UTAH. John It. Witter has arrived from Utah to lay (Ua wrongs and oppressions to which the Gentiles In that Territory are eubjeetad by the Saints, before memherb of Congress, with a view lo ibelr cor rection. BEVKICE ATrOINTSIENTa IS KENTPCKT, It Is undeivtood that tbo Senate Commlltcehav- lug revenue appointments in charge, will report to-morrow regarding three of the Kentucky ap pointments as follows: Sayers, Assessor, SlxUt District, to be confirmed; Cockerill, Collector Highlb, and Duke, Collector Nlntn District, both to be rejected. n'cciuocn’* r-cncBATOB ot com. The Honsc Committee on Banks and Currency, under an order passed at the last session, have jnst begun an Investigation Into the pnrchascs of gold last fcumwer by the Secretary of the Treas ury. THE STEW ORLEANS MASSACRE. Tbc New Orleans Investigating Commlltco fin hbed examining General Datrd this morning. It U underwood that tbo Commßtce'bavc come inlo possession of some corrcspondenca relating to the riot not yet made public, between the Presi dent and some parties In Lonlslana. RUSSIAN SEED WHEAT, AC. Hie Commissioner of Acricaltnrc Is In receipt of a large quantity of Spring Wheat from Odessa, Hnesia. which la desired for distribution among agriculturalists. lie baa also received numerous varieties of apple and pear trees Irom the same olace. to be used in the experimental garden of the department. AMERICAN ORES FOR TITS PARIS SSPOSITIOR. A committee of gentlemen wilt appear before the House Committee on Foreign Allaire, and Ixr fore the Senate Committee on Foreign rclttlons. on Friday, to urge more liberal arrangements for exhibiting American ores at the French Expo silicn. TA3IS January 10. Senator Sherman said, in debate to-day, that none of the appointments made in Ohio during Ibe Congressional vacation had yet been sent In. xii e i ate atAasAcnn op moors ok the flaiks. Pb«tii, January 10. The Commissioner of Indian AQ'alrs to-day re ceived reports from his agents, giving a fall ac count of the recent massacre of United States troops l by Indians in the vicinity of fort Phil. Kea rney, a short time since. The reports have been laid before General Grant for his Informalloiuand to assist him in the ftrure disposition of troops In the Western Territories. The noose Committee appointed to investigate the contracts recently entered into by the Com missioners of Indian AlSUrs have completed their labors, and will make a report on the subject at an early day. sstznus or ivronrno nguoiw. Thu Custom House official# at the various ports continue to make seizures of llqtiors imported in casks, and packages ot a less capacity than thirty gallons, in violation of the tariff act of 1350. A number of cases of brandy, valued at $ 100, were yesterday seized at Baltimore. joimfos's rotmcAt paojentmos, The Senatorial debate on the President's course In removing office-holders has brought oat from him n atatetocnl, which Senator Cowan presented In discussion to-day. Ho claims that he made only lour hnodred and forty-six removals daring the Congressional vacation. This may be, techni cally, but everybody knows thata very large num ber of officials were torced Into resigning by the Itandal) circulars and the action eftb • chief John son tneu here ond In the various States. COWAK. It l« reported that the War Office has been ten dered to Mr. Cowan. WAFraNGTorr. January Id.—Tho P/estdcnt hap approved Uie bill suspending the payment of money to persona claiming (belabor or service ol colored volunteers or drafted men. THE CIItmEXCT ljUtaTlOK. At a meeting of (be Banking and Currency Com* lulttce to-day, an unmistakable feeling was (level* oped In Uvur ol Mr, llamlalt'* bill. substituting greenbacks for National Hank Issue*, and tlie in* dicatlonearc tliitl tbc l»lll will be reported upon favorably to the House in a few day*. Tnn norm cahouka Mimnan. General Sickle*’testimony before tbo Coaerc*- •lotia] • omtniiiec In telatiun to aOfclrß in Konlb I'arolloa Ik v«nr Mrone. Ih* declare* that mint rountirt rcrjalrccnt'iranttnnitarrcomroUoeccaro to tbo freedmen any or (heir rirfta. The Way* ami Means Committee bold a ■pedal tnro'im; to-morrow to consider Mr. Uoatvrell'a <iold mu. PATItSU DOPHTVP. Jfrtv York, Janrnin JO.—A Waihlngton d™. patch says It ts understood (lint Hie plan ?givcil m>on by the leaden* In (ho ltmn’«chmcnl move mentis to suspend the Pro»tdcol n« soon as aril, clcs art* prelcrrcd, Mr. Wade stopping lnl»i bin (Ibn I’ushUnfs) position. It la (bon proposed to prolong tlio ti lal tititll Mr. Jonnsou*a regular term of ofllco shall Imvo expired* and lu llio meanwhile the South Is to tvo reconstructed over again. Washington. .'annary 10.—Tl»c Commissioner oMi<U'rn«l Kvvrnne Itaa issued a circular to col lectors that In rcarur alt spirits lor which bonds fournnspnildlnn have b'cn pjvcu, are to be srln d Iffmind oPewhero than In transit to the warehouse for which n permit Is Usurd. unless It i. eh nr that transportation commenced bolore the jjrth Inst. Only those spirits which have been rrg ula*ly withdrawn from warelioaso npoo payroeni of tax can he regarded as legitimate objects of name. Ilonds mnst not he cancelled, except on proof ofreedpt Into Iho warehouse, or proof of tome special circumstances which have rendered a literal compliance wltu the condition of the bond impoeslhlc. <• post orncr. rrmovau. Front Ihc statement made l»y Senator Cowan to-day, It appears that of lU7 removals In the Post Ofticoiicpartmrnl, idl were for political reasons. Of 2»7 nomination* to civil office made daring the nretem cession live bate been acted on. TUXinoKAirDSTECfcITrattBST-XATAU The United States steamer Asbaelot arrived at Singapore November 12th. All well, and would tail for Hong Kong. ..... Nearly all the States are represented at the an nual meeting of the American Iron and Steel Association In ecsslnn here. Mcoil>ere generally report the trade drpreeced, owing to the Inability to com* netc with foreign manufactures. The meeting v 111 probably take some action In reference to the TttriiriJlll pending in CongrefS. . WA*mSSGTOH. January IC.—The Iron and Steel National Acsoclailon held a public meeting to night Many members of Congress were present. Horace Greeley, CommlMlon« r Wells, Hon. John A. Covode, Messrs. Dodge, Kelly, and others de livered hilcf addresses, advocating the necessity of protecting home Industry. Mntwns, Jan nary 18.—A ppecuU to the Am* JaneJie. from laulo Boctu ea/s: Both Booses of U>c Arkansas Legislature have passed Ibe bill re* doclbs tbe State tax to one-hill per cent; also the TttE HOUSE PERSONAL. bill providing lor the support of disabled soldiers and supplying them with Artificial limbs ; also for (he support of widows and orphans of deceased soldiers. In the Senate this morning Senator Ward of fered a resolution In regard to the Industrial Uni versity, whten, with his bill to Incorporate the Chicago Polytechnic College, was referred to tho Committee on State Institutions. Tho bill pro posed to divide tho Industrial University lund v lib (be view of locating two colleges, ope for the education of the agriculturist and the otber for thatef tho mechanic and artisan. The bills covers an offer from tho city of Chicago to pay to Ihofand $50,000, and provide laud and erect buildings ol sufficient capacity to accommodate at least 500 students with all the conveniences therefor. The Trustees named shall receive from tho Governor one-half of the script donation for tbat purpose. The (senator In bis remarks estimates the value of this proposition * a t SBCO,QCO. Thla,hosatd, was equal in vain'. j 0 any oiler sow made for the whole *•» the fund, and all he asked was one-half tithe fond. The Committee on State Institu tions, to whom the hill was referred, shortly after reported It back with the recommendation that OUIO APPOISTXEitTB. IKDIAX APPAtBS. VOX AtTUOVED, cojtrrnjuxo wmattr tx transit. ABKAHSA& fill ywXjjjfi YOL. XX. Hum SPBIKGFIELD. [Special Despatch to (be Chicago Tribune.] SratHcriELD, IIL, January 18. IKDCSTSIAZ. UKITEUBITT. il Ho on the table, which wsa concur* red in. Mr. Word then submitted a minority report, end gave notice of a substi tute, with a view to bring np the whole subject. *he resolution of the Senate Inregard to tbo in divisibility ofthc fund was debated at length and passed—l 7to S. Ibis docs not preclude a pro* vision for two or more colleges, one for agrlcnl* tnre and one for mechanics, bat that the fund shall remain under the control of a Board of Trustees. Champaign bas occupied the Held al most alone upon this college question np to this date, bat now Bloomington and Jacksonville have each added a heavy delegation. Tills will be, with llie exception rf the canal projects, the absorbing question of tbe session, and the rival candidates seem deter mined to leave no etune unturned to capture the price. JtPOB TnWDPlli' k fl ELECTI OK. The election ol Untied Btalcs Beunlor, 10-tlay, or rather (be comparison of results in the (wo boti'DF, was a very tntuc aflnlr. Aft-T Ibe Heltalc was seated, McCuiitiul) moved that Ibat part oflbe Jottmn'e of (bu Beiiateani House bo read wblib tebriie'l lo Ibo bnliol yesterday, This was dotie by tbo Clerks of ellli-f bmiso. Btul. II apjieiH Kißlbnt (be two Imtises bad agreed upon lion, t.yiuaii Ttutubui) fur Senator, (lie Bp-iahei of (bn House declared Mm elected. A cummtb tee ol Mime, ou mmluti of Mr. ilplnr, Pemm tbl, «fls H|i|uilii(ed lo w«ll mi Mr* Tutm bull Nbd I'vile Mm lo mliltera Ibu JMiil Ho ly, wbnb be did furuboiil hvetity iiAmled. No deeply tiff Med was .Mr, Tnimbull Hmi lur a few iiMimetila )m rould baidlnm** a Tim mirilnire were deeply moved lo sympathy, end ) saw (enrs running down (hu duetts of many Hruaturs and Representatives, TUB JIAILiUUII KnKnrnl.r In the House (be ralliosd tuumipoly questluii agflln came ti|> fur discussion. Kpeecbos were made by (leuernl Uutllml, Mceßre.Bbliloy, Bailey, Hbepnrd, llutiil and Bruner, all against the monopoly. Tlie speech of our young and talent ed representative, Mr. Bhepnrd, was a very able one, being clear, concise and logical, lie Insisted (hat (hero would be no loliercnt right In a legislative body, unices (he Couslllnllon In ex press terms cave them the power to give Vested rights to a public corporation, and that Ibeie was no such power iu our CmistUulluii. Tills point 11 seems to tuc Is Well label). Mr. Bailey, of Freeport, also Wade a capital speech, nud in tael all Urn speeches were good, febUAtA. In ibe list of ayes atid tides In the Petmtoflnl eaiiciwiwu names get Uatißfmfed. Mr. Pfiawti, of Mviopsim), voted imamst the secret bnliol, while Mr. )lam>oii,or Mcßotioiigb, voted (be mlief way, WRti iliesee eKoeiHlune (tie nabius hid all rlabl. Mr. Plrawn, vdm Is a eon ot'tbe tale well known Jacob Ptrawn, Is one oftbe etromfesl friends of Judge Triiml/stl in Hie Plata, and (am triad to put him Maht on the re cold. iitopos fnnvnflen. A joint resolution was puasmt to-day Rial the two Houses adjourn to morrow evening until Tuesday morning next. Tbtata done to allow Ibo Coro* mtilee on Htate Inelltullocfi to visit Ibu objects of iliidr charge. Most of (be members not engaged In this duty will go home. STME LEGISLATURES. IXLINOIS. [Special Despatch lo (be Chicago Tribune.] SmiKcriEU?, January 10. house. Opened with prayer by Her. Mr. Collins, at 0:30 a. tn. The reacting of the Journal was dispensed -with. Several unimportant petitions of mere local Interest wore received and referred. The bill repealing Increased fees of certain offi cers in St. Clair Conntv, was taken up, amended so as to go Into Immediate effect on Us passage and ordered lobe engrossed torn tnlrl reading.. The bill for the incorporation ot tbo city of Mailoon was read three limes and passed. Dills were reported by comtnlttect|and ordered to be engrossed for a third reading. General DURLBUT ottered a resolution incit ing Hon. Lvuian Trumbull to address the General Assembly this evening. Adopted. The honr tor the special order having now ar rived, General Pavne'srcaolßtlons and toe various amendments to them, on the railioad question, were taken up and discussed at great length. Having been subject lor talk nearly two hours, the whole matter was !&tu over to be taken np again by the Dense as Committee ol the Whole at two o’clock. The House then notified the Senate of their teadincss to receive them lor the purpose of can vassing jn joint session the votes cast for United States Senator. A few moments afterward the Senate entered, and were received by the noose (Standing. The roll of noth House and Senate having been call ed. and all tbo members answering except one HepivstntaUvc, Senator McConnell proposed theorder ofbuslnese for the joint session, and his motion being adopted, the order proceeded. The Secretary of the Senate read tbo record of that body so far appertained to tbo election of United States Senator on the 13th instant. The Clerk o! the House read the Journal of that body so far as belonged to the same subject. Ibe SPEAKER then formally announced: "Bv a majority In each house, Hon. Lyman Trumbull was duly elected to the office of United State* Senator to represent onr State in the National Ci ngress for the next six years." [Great applause from tbo crowded lobbies and galleries.] Mr. EI’LER moved the appointment of a com mittee to wail upon Senator Trumbull and an nounce to him bis election, and invite him lo address this joint body. Tim motion was carried, and the Chaw appoint ed Representative Kpler, Senator Adams, and Representative Uunbulas such committee, SENATOR TimtSClX' SPEECH* Mr. Puevident and Gektixuzx of ttre Oek i u,\n AefEMUETFor this renewed mark of con fidence in electing me a third time to the Senate of the united States, I desire to return to you, ard through you to the pconJe of the whole Sia'c, mv most grateful acknowledgments. It is tne more grateful that I go back by the general acclamation of my political friends, and without any feeling ol iwkindness on my own part, and so lar a« I know, on the part of my more earnest and active t-npportcrs.towurds those who, at any time, would have prcfrrn d another. It is also s satisfaction to believe that 1 possess the respect, and In •ome decree, at least, the confidence of those whose political views would not admit ol their giving me (heir support. [Applause trom (he Democratic f-ldcorthel-onsc.l To the people ot this state, one and all. to the promotion of its great Interests, and prosperity, lam bound by tb»* clo«est of tie*. Hero most of the vears of my life and nearly all the years of my manhood have been passed. Near this city the companion of my bosom.-the closest of earthly friends, was born, and In tbc cemetery near by lie bnned the first bom and two other of our chil dren. But as tbc Incidents of thirty years come up before me, crowded with the honor* which the people of this Stale have repeatedly conferred upon me. and the many events, bolb of sorrow and Joy, which have occurred during that long period of human Ufb. mybosom swells With emu i ions too btg for utterance. , 1 should hardly think It proper to allude to any ol the Incidents connected with the canvass lor tbeposlnonio which 1 have Just been elected, but for the act that some of my friends arc la boring under m!rapprchcnsions,arlsing doubtless from the unwarranted as sumptions of ovct-icalotts Mends of those who at ono Ume would have pre term! another, ... , 1 have been furnished with a copy of a resolu tion adopted at a meeting of the Republican mem ber of the licclslaiurc, expressing the opinion that Congress should immediately pass a law protect ing the officers and soldiers of the army of the United Slates from prosecution for acts done un der the color of military authority during the late war to suppress the rebellion, .It affords me pleasure to ssy Ibol I look nn acme part and was somewhat Instrumental fn the passage of such a law near lour rears ago. [Great applause.] The lonrth section of the act ' relating to habft»§ eoiyvt. Ac, approved Match >(1, ]h:;, ('echoes that any order of tho President, , m mderhisauthority, rnndeat any tuncdutfng i ♦he rebellion, shall bo a defence In all courts to 4tiy action or prosecution, civil or criminal, pend hum lobe commenced, for any search, seizure, 1 amst or Itmirisotmenl, made, done or com- i mitiMl. or net* omitted to Ik* done tinder color ol | any law of Congress, and such dolt-nee may be mndo by sperlm pica or under tho general issue. If by decisions of courts, or othotwlae, this act i •liould be found Insufficient lor >ho purpose, i 'peaking for myself, and as 1 believe, Ihp I uilce of Cancrvss, 1 assure you Hint such laws wilt 1m passed as will rflVctiißily protect nil j (.oisons from prosecution for nets d«u« uml«r 1 colut of authority in putting down the late rebel- I lion. [Applause.| No Government could or I ought to bo defended which does not protect Its , defenders. lUnihoriiutic applause.] 1 Somemlaspnrelo-t'sionnlMi exists In regard to tlitt Civil Rights BUI. 'Hist bill Is not made up of I cllilcjlrg generalltivs.bat was Ir.iendod mm prsc- Ucri right measure for (he fnolectioii In bis equal right* of every human bring m tho laud, no mat ter from what quarter of the globe he or his an ersloia may have come, or what color may have been stamped m*on his thee by a European or an African line. IJtc words declaring uil persona of African descent born in the united Suics to he citizens coiutltute neither the soul nor tho body of the bill, nor aiu they any pat tot it, as enacted into a law. The amendment was not acceptable to the Senate In that form, and it bad to bo withdrawn the next day ana a sab i<riinteoflend, which now coDßllturaspart of the act. ihe bill, as introduced, was completed, abolishing all discriminations bet-veen the Inhab itants of tho United State* on account of race, color or previous condition of servitude, and se curing to ill alike the equal benefit of nil laws for the protection of person sod iprooerty, and sub jecting alt to the same punishment and none ether, for like oflences. 'The insertion In the first section of the word ♦♦eitizee," eld not In the least alter the legal effect of the section. All tbc rights be longing to the citizen were secured to any inhabi tant of the land hy the terms ot the first eectiou, ce originally introduced, and which at the time and now constitutes the vital part of the bill. In dh cuffing the first section in the Senate, I treated it aid not the words declaring "persons o! Afri can descent bom In the United Stales as citizens," as the essence of the bill. ll was tbo generally re ceived opinion lhalaftcr Iheadoptlonollhe Consti tutional Amendment abolishing slavery, all native bom persons were citizens. It not citizens, what wncthey? But this being so oc not, the legal * Sect of the Civil Right* Bill would bo precisely ihe same whether the word "dozen" was In U or not. Without the woid every inhabitant of the land bos secured to him all the rights pertaining to citUcn«bio. The words declaring all persons boro In tho Hoi led Slates and not subject to any foreign power i o be citizens were only declarations of what the 'aw already was. The only thing I have to re gret In regard to this act. Is that we have not a President who is disposed fillhfblly and efficient ly to execute Us provisions. 1 shall not. on the present occasion, undertake to Indicate my future action in regard to the com plicated questions which are upon us. It Is unsaio fora public man to commit himself in advance to any prccl-e course of action in regard to the details of measures which are liable to he changed by the varyltg circumstances of the times ; hni In the fundamental principles of right and justice there con be no change. Icstcad of making promises for the future, I may be permitted sim ply (o call your attention to my post action upon one or two questions as the best Indication of ivbat my future course wtll be. At the last ses sion of Congress t said, In my place Id the Sens e, that the colored people of the united States must be fully protected in all tbeir rights of person and property, [applause], and that twas prepared to do whatever was necessary to accomplish this, ctl-u It it were necessary to place in their bauds the ballot and the bayonet. IKalhnslastlc ap plause.] Not thirty days ago 1 advocated the over throw of the disloyu political orcaulza tions In the late rebellious states, and the placing (hem under the control of loyal men. IHcnewed applause.] Within the last ten days I nave voted for a bill securing to colored persons in the District of Columbia, the right of suffrage to tte saiuo extent as It is possessed by the whiles. [Cheers and applause.] My past record commits me fully to the protection or all loyal citizens against the oppression of the dis loyal: to the necessily of placing (be organisa tion oftbc late rebellions Btatea la tho bands of the loyal; to Ibe security of perfect freedom and equality; to the protection or person and prop erty to all the Inhabitants of the land. And now. le-cndoracd by my constituent*, I shallgohsclt to myplacelnthe Senate to laboi with renewed xeaf (ortho restoration of all the Slatis to their fotmer position m the Union innn a loyal basis, and upon such principles as will. I tins!, forever secure to alltbe inhabitants *»! (be laud that liberty which belongs to the free citizens of a free Republic. Again thanking yon for the dlsUcgtilslied honor your partiality has conferred npuu o.c. 1 bid you farewell. (Long and loud ap plause.] At t'c commencement offals remarks,Judge Trumbull was very deeply affected, and could scarcely give utterance to bis thoughts. Arrsnitnoif session, Ui{{» Inftvductd. Mr. rmr.DS. of DuPagc—BUl to perfect cet* lain rontls—HUta Hoads j act concerning tbc fill* nois M*tma) lllslory Noddy—Mato lustUutluus; oh flit for ibe relief ol F. tJ. F. Ptowart—Petitions. Mr. FTAUKY—To anmnrtdiaplerelalitatiio Ibo * statutes of 1*1?). cntUled blrlbs and deaths ;to In* , hipoipoifllp Kuobahue Lime and Ptouo Company j to el ntipe the times of bolding court iu (be Tweu* ly srconddiuliclfllClrtulti pawed. 'lbeeptctal md't of the day, the Pblh Crthal resolution olteted by Mr. upler, several days olnee, uw tcfertctl tu (be CututaUlce on tutcruftl hitjitovt minis. TlnOflllMiHtl tariff rrsoliillyn urtstfliipiMiptn •‘mi'iniMre ol lb" Wliol", Mr. ctiltiis In the chair. ilhnemt lUIIII.HIM' addiessed tlieilmtdd II" b«'Umt the Plata of (lllnuta bttd « Mtmi loemo l■ ol ml.nri.orulliiii-'i übme they were imljnivata KpioiiuitoK" t'lipdirtt'la belmirn iliM Niafn Mini irtviile I'oiiioiAllonn be irHflfibnl rt<| Inviolitbl". uuUU dwtfcum ut the Hupiutue Cmytt nwra ilion*, n 1 1() uni public corporal lona, ~, , Mr, Hill KU.V fsvnrud Ibe posillon of (taimral lliiflimt. Him ill" l."ul»MliM" linl trontnd over 'orpoifllloiiß. and was opposed to nlaclno rea'rln lone on new curpoialluue übkb did nut gurent spnho on tboaameßlde. Fla denied tbo L'eiieralljr anserlcd ptoposlUon that Lastern lapllallflla had Imlll lllimna tallrußds. Tiiey were milt by Ibe people on their lines, and purchaacd by Kasiein canitallela at lees (Inn the value of llie rolling stock. This naa true In regard to every flliuuls railroad excciit Ibe Central. Ibe Hlntebfls » njaanlflceut fniure, and (lie fllatus or ralb oocls should be fixed now, and not let these evil« of which people now compl&m continue ami ,U Mr. fI HHEPAIIJ) Insisted Hint Iberc existed no rlubl In tlie legislature to grant perpetual rested ilelils lo corporations. Much honor rould only beconlrried by virtue o! such permission con tained IU the coUflltullou. Ite lutlevad lu the Held ol Ibe l.ogtstalure lu cuulml|Uiim, ami be tB K iWlWil Hit* Vested lights of Hiipurallons Was, ft si’MM tiUesllnit, hill tlnlriied llittl we had a (iidiee Hght over ibem which eodld bepAeft'lsed to (iipPklch) Wbltb Hie People m is iiiiiim. lie botied MmemutiUllpp wouldfetioH « i?«iihh) mw m* me tpgolanon of faiiiond*. fir. P'lM'ld I'putmuM that It, the jftlU lOHtis lisp, vpsbii j’Wl'fs limy hud tbe'ii on tohiiiiloiis wiilt'b msy. have eimitdy nj|iotednmtiein e ml m ii'i’ngntsp, mid ii“ w«s for M'inilniiiif it mu m ih*> nsiramis uim b llm pspple dnnumb Uti\v«efor new of commmm'a imp, whirl) ibu Aumgbty bwa opmied tor u« to of th» cicaitvopONVur, If ibU be rtwtdert, hum H,oia iu no mmtvofor creating. Ilu was in favor of Urn I-ecleluture contrnlllnff those cori'orailona, und believed In IU rigid in do so ■J bo committee rose and reported progress, and asked leave to oil again. 'Hid House concnrrcd la tbo Senate resolution to adloura fnira Thursday al the close of the sea felon to the morning bonr on Tuesday next. mils I’Hroduxd— For the repeal of an act to am* nd the charter of the clty t of AUon- PnnUa and corporations; to keuo bonds by Ibe town of, Kewancc; to build woollen mojiufacforlts; ’to incorporate „ Ocrroan Savings Bank of Freeport ielcciion for Prosocuu irg Attorney in each comity in Jbls Stale—Judi ciary; to commence sails on prommlssory notes —Judiciary; to Incorporate the Wasnlngtonian Home. Cblcago-Corporallons; to amend cbit.dcr of Grnccland Cemetery Company-Corporations * Monmonlh Manafaclurlng Company —ilann ractares: Alonmoath Horse Bailway and Carrying Company Kail roads; Do rator Dorse liailway and Carrying Com pany— Kallroads; lo amend Great Western Horse Insurance Company acainst Thieves; to amend grain Jaws and protect growing crops—Man übc rurea: repeal the charter of the Southern Railroad Compatv—Radroaos; to change the time of bold ing courts In Pntnam County—Jndlciary; to I amend the charier of the city ol •lolict relating to dntles and appointments ol Countysupervlsors—Judiciary; Charter of EfHng [ bam—Corporations; to incorporate tbc town of (n neva ; provide for tbc compensation of county * Judges—Jndtc'ary: to Incorporate the city of i racuenvil'c— Corporations; to increase ices of . Notary Publics—Finance; lo incorporate enroll , County Waiebonse & Transportation Co.— s ComJies; to Increase the power of Jo i Davies* County Agricultural Society ; to > Warren County to issue bond? tor railroad purposes—Finance ; to incor r potato tbc Urbans «£ Champaign Gas Ught&ad • Col.e Company—Corporations. 1 Adjourned. SENATE. Senator QUEEN obtained leave of absence for one week. . Mr, HUNTER'S resolution oo tbe Industrial Unlvcndij, the special older, was called np. It provides that thu University Fund remains undis turbed and not parcelled out among several insti tutions. Mr. WARD! was opposed to It, savin; that a bill for establishing a Polytechnic College In Chirac wttn aporilon ofthe funds wss pending, ntd he hoped that it would bavedne coneldea'loD. On hi-motion the resolution was referred to the Committee on Slate Institutions. . . Honse message from the Governor that be had signed Mils to provide lor the postage for the Gen eral Assembly; to legalize assessments by School Directors In Md-c.ia County; to cede to the Uni ted Stales Jurisdiction over certain lands in Cook County for a marine hospital. The Senate concurred in House resolutions to invite Judge Ttumbull to speak. Mr. FINCHF.U presented the petition of George W. Kinsley, praying the State to appropriate twrntv-flve thousand dollars for a enre for hog cholera, which be claims to have discovered, money to he paid alter be makes public the cure. Keterred to Committee or Agriculture. Mr. EASTMAN prcpvntca the petition from 1,U)0 citizens, praying an amendment to the Con stitution abolishing all dislinctlon of political U-hts on account of race or color. Mr. METCALF, from the Committee on Banks and Corporation!,- icported back tbe bill to tucop derate the Chicago Hacks Brewery, and recom mended Its passage, with a slight amendment; also, reported favorably on Hyde Park Library Association. recommending Us passage, with amendment; also, re pelled on the bill establishing the Soidicie* Home in Chicago, that It be referred to the Finance Committee, as it asked an appro* Priatlon of ten thousand dollars. Recommenda tion of committee concurred In. . Hr. FULLER, Irom Committee on Public Insti tutions, reported unfavorably on Mr. Eastman s bill establishing a Polytechnic College In Chicago, and recommended its re icctum. Mr. Kastman’s bill proposed to divide ti o Industrial College fund. A motion to lay on the table pre vailed by a vote of 18 to 6. Mr. B AUD made a minority report. ' . , , Mr. Hauler's resolution relative to Industrial College fund, was then taken up and placed on U y?*M CTCALF spoke nralosl the resolution, lie said agricultural colleges in Cenaany and France had been failures, aud were generally hU Mr.* FUILEB frvored the resolution, and was astonished that anyone was against It. Mne temhs of the people of the Slate were la favor of the non-division of this ftmd. Messrs. EASTMAN and WARD were opposed to the tcsolation, though they thought U was Im material. as It bad no legislative lorce In anv event. After further debate Mr. MAtK moved the previous question, on which tbe resolution W Introduced a hill to cede to the United Slates jurisdiction over the Island of Rock Island and adjacent shores. Kales suspended and btil pastpd. ... Mr.i WhBbTKR’S joint resolution providing th«l when both houses adjourn on Thursday, it be lo the following Tuesday, was taken up and a *Mr. ,P MACK , S tnollon to mcol the Honsc in Joint session tor canvassing the Senatorial vole was ° d Aficr\*he adjournment of Ihe Joint session the Smalt* adjourned until hall past two. Mr. FULLER, from the Committee on State In stitutions, reported back hla hill providing for the nlSrationf endowment and Imalnlcimnco of the Industrial College, with mmuportanl amend* moved !o alriko out aoctjop rh-ven of the hill, which provides for the appoint* uteni by U»c Governor of a Conimlsslpu of one person from each Congressional IMauicL to re ceive offer* for the location ot the University, and "■&«S'TlNcSitll. MUNN uA nUKlgj]l g.4c speeches for tbe motion, and CUKNM, MccUN* NHL and FULLER against It. The further eoi * stdeiation of the subject was postponed until f reported, from the Committee on Hlato Insiltnilons, a bill raahilps towns, conn* ties and cities, coropoilnc ter «he JocaUon oi the Inuoslrirtl College, W iawe tnonot for inn pur pose. lim passed virtihsUßhtamcndnwnuu The Commlileeon Township OrganUstion re ported t>ark the bill to amend the u '" a * h] X° T ’ conization eel, and proposed a substiluio there °!l’he following resolutions were Introduced: Mr. MUSS—For employing, one or iwo ad ditions’Engrossing Clerks. Lie* oyer. a Mr. REILV—One to ihe effect that member* should listen loall bilia road, and that the Gener al Assembly could compress the record ot its pro ceedings into one-fourth Ihe space commonly oc cupied. Lie* over. . „ .. Mr. PINCKNEY obtained leave,to call tin the bill to charge the time of holding Court in the J vventv-secoud Judicial Circuit, 818 passed. The following bill* were introduced: To amend an act Incorporating Chicago aud Plainfield Kail send Company; to amend that section of the Chancery Act requiring summons to bo left with feme white person over ten years old. by | finking out the word * v wblie;” to amend act Incorporating the city of Kaatbt. Louts; to in tori'Oiaie the Illinois Land Company; to attthor- Izcthc (own Of EdwardsviOe to borrow money; to mcorronto Springfield Savings Bank; lo incorpo rate tee Valle Iron Company: to attacn Alexander County to ihe Ktoelcelh Judicial Circuit aud for other purposes; to amend an act incorporating Hcn'lcello Railroad Company; to Incorporate the Home Hre and Marine Insurance Com i>snv of Paris, Illinois v to •rntint a Medical Examiner for tho Public At-vium «to Incorporate the East at 1/mls frans •er*Company ; to incorporate tho Northwestern silver ware Company; to amerd th* Charter o: the Harbor and Land ImDrovt-meot Company; to oromoio medical education; to amend the law providing for township organization ;towwt a CHICAGO. THURSDAY. JANUARY 17. 1867. Metier standard of medicine and Barbery Is Illinois. Toe bill lor as act to relieve Wabash County was passed. Adjourned. mscos.'L'f. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Mapmon, Wia M January 11. SENATE. Petition of Daniel Baxter, asking payment cf bis ancient claim against the State for work on tbe Territorial Capitol waa presented. Senator Clark waa added to Committee on Benevolent Institutions. The resolution instructing Railroad Committees to inquire what legislation was necessary to pro tect the people against railroad monoyollea waa amended by reqoesilog railroad companies to furnish a statement ol rates of tariff, and then adopted. Toe resolution in regard to default of pay ment of taxes by National Banks waa amended so as to direct the committee to ascertain wbat banka wore in default, and wbat proceedings had been taken against Ibem and then adopted. A bill was in trod need to amend chapter 195 of laws 0f1859. relating to Jndgmenta. Tbo Governor's Message was relerred to the appropriate Committees. ASSEMBLY. Ur. Dyen's resolution, arraigning Senator Doo little and instructing him to resign, was adopted by a strict party vole. Ayes, 73: nays, 51, wnlcb was greeted with great applause by the anll-Doo* Ilule members. lire resolution lo print the Governor's message in foreign languages waa adopted. A bill was Introduced to repeal Chapter 63 of the laws of 16G0, and revised section 47 of Chap ter 10, Revised Statutes, relating to highways and bridges; also, a bill to repeal the act of.last ses sion, requiring payment item Inmates of insane hospitals who are able to pay; also, a bill reducing rate* of interest lo 7 per cent, cxcentlng in or three kinds ol contract: also, a bill providing for the appointment of an Auditor tor the city of Mil waukee, and prescribing bis duties; also, a bill to limit the power ol Supervisors of Milwaukee Cotintv in iccaid to changing Court Bouse she. Tiio'Afßeiubly refused to concur In tbe Senate’s resolution providing for additional employes about tbe Capitol. IMHASA, (Pjicclfll Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune,] iKutANAPObis, January 10. BRNATIs. Tlio Petals met at 9 o'clock. The Bcnote Joint rtsoludcn ratifying tbe Cou sllttifiutial Aoicmltnohl came up tu (be regular mder of business. Almost the entire tnutnittg ressluti was constiturd In dlspodugof It. Messrs, llniitm nhd Hbeirud hind? speeclies of alioot one iKMtieacltn/ftttisjtftUrjitta It. The liwimbllreh •M-nitioredecliucu discussing ike question. rite prevltnt# tiuesUnH wn» moved by Mr. Uenueu, titUlllipfesidUlloh htsscd-S’flO 18, No oilier business uns linusicltu. lining. Ihespitlnl mdcrufu Jmbm Mitelim* Mil to inavent mini mu brnti nnu. nity, M«Fad» ilea, (i"liyln« ami Untie sunk* against It, ami llimtm*, ihilhird mill MaOhU in Ik fivnr. Jluluu Hughes said liu hml bdt the lianinniailo pMlj Uaeitsf, hut w«a nppiMsn tu tmiUumlMlm* ilm oenlhern Hairs mid in neyio snniage, lie woe fen iliiealfiiir the negrms, mnj il penaitled riilfunre, he would ptcPtr vnlbm w illi I’lillMus and ItnaiflHs* niftier (linn will) Honlharn rebels nr Northern cowards. Tho bill was ordered lobe engrossed, ami nintle the special order fur to* morrow at two o'clock. Mr. Vftwer olkted a resolution Instructing Ben* ntors am) reiitiL’stuiL'lli'iireseiitatlrca lu rote fur

Ibo Immediate admission of all loyal men elected (a Congress hum Hmitbrrn Hates. Referred to the Committee on Federal Relations. Adjumped till lu-murrow luruuuou. MICHIUAK. lF]icc!al Perpalcb to (be Chicago Tribune.! hAKsmo, Mich., January ID, BKNATB. The (trfibd Itaplds * ludtabß ItuliroAd bill pa»prfl the CohttuUlee of the Whole Hi tho Sen* ntc. The vote la apparently decisive t also (he bill lu legalise the bunds of the town? ut KaHlUa; sup ana I'ullage jit aid of the Uahtmetfou & Mmukieft ItaUrufld. iIOUMB. The vffcoimtim iidityiiid the t'lmslimthmal AftiiMhieUl ('""Pt'd hv a Vide ol llhi tn, , mil iamdlHiiy Ote to** roll Qf Ilia town of Hnclr* lat>u, cidmmpau Cmm'v. and the Jolnl r<i«otutt(m hipilißprutrt lhm id pie nsnerjes of the upper ware (tail him) referred, , 'i he lull letmlve to hoimUea In (Jphtemo, piltt«f) h, |bu Committee of Urn Whole. SIINNKBOTA. [bjitclul Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] br. Pavte, Minn., January ID, The Constllntional Amendment passed the Uouee yesterday and went through (be Senate to* day by a strict parly vote of sixteen to five, one liepnldlcan member being absent. Ihith branches of (be Legislature have Accepted Itc Invitation of the Winona & St. Peter Railroad to visit Winona next Wednesday. They expect lobe absent Uaco days. . „ . The ptircipal Interest In the Rouse was the nrtv* ilegt'd qncßtion arising from the criticism of some member by the city pancre, lUU bus been (be coldest day of Iho season, the Üb’licfl ranged tbe thermometer being aixde grees below zero, and moat of the day Uhae been ten or twelve below. Last night it wa» twenty* 1 two below zero. _ ALIBA3IA. TtfowiVOMEBT. Ala., January 16.—There was a nnonim ic both Houses of the legislature to-day. jV peso In t Jv' n wns adopted to extend the session WEST VIRGLNU. • Wittet-ixo Va ’"■V'nuary 16.—The West Vir fricia has ratified the Constitutional SwdtSnLThe “te l\ the House stood « to HAI3& Avgusta, Maine. January JO.— Maine Senate has concurred with the House L” 1 ratifying the Constuntlonal Amendment. COXURES.SIOX.LL rROCEEBISCS, Wasbixotok, January W. SENATE. Various petitions were presented. Including me from the citizens of Detroit, again**, the re duction of the currency; one from the loyal etti yensofNorth Carolina, asking for the passage of Mr. Stevens* hill fortho reconstruction of that State; a memorial from the Oregon legislature, for establishing a branch line, was presented and tabled. The bill to admit Nebraska, as amended by the House, was taken np. Mr. TV ADR moved concurrence therein. Mr. EPMtTNDS hoped the Senate would non concur. Hither Congress had a right to impose the conditions of universal suffrage, or it mast bo left to the people ot the Territory for their decision. * There was no middle ground. Mr. JOHNSON agreed with Mr. Edmnnds. Mr. HENDRICKS was opposed to all the con ditions mentioned, but if any were to be imposed they should be left to the people of the Stale to comply with. TVie question was farther discussed by Mes?rs. HENDERSON, MORRILL and others, when the momlnglioar expired, and the regular order of business, the bill :o rcgnlate tnc tenure ot office, was called for. On motion of Mr. WADE, the regular order was suspended by a vote of 21 to 17. Mr. HENDRICKS offered as a substitute for the House amendment wbal was known as the Brown amendment. Dleagtecd to—is to 21. The House amendment was then concurred la— -. 8 to 1L The nays are. Buekalcw, Foster, Norton, Co"on, Harris, Patterson, IMxnn, Hendricks, Riddle, Doolittle, Johnson, Sanl-hury- Edmunds, Nesmith, „ The bill to admit Colorado came tip. The House amendment was concurred In, and toe bill goes (o ibf President- Mr MORRILL, from Ibo Committee on tbe Dis trict of Columbia, reported a bill to protect the rights of married women la rbc District, substi tuting a new bill and chancing to some extent tbe provifictiß of Uie original mcasoro of last week. 3Jr. SUMNER. from tbe Committee on Federal Relations, reported a resolution similar to that of tbe House on Monday, relative to tbe coolie trade, which passed unanimously. Mr. CONNESS Introduced a resolution author izing an ocean mail service from San Francisco to Cortland, Oregon, in continuation of the service from New York for Panama, at a cost not to ex ceed f 25,000 annually. „ , . Mr. GRIMES mirudcccd a bill to amend certain acts in reference to the navy, making certain changes In regulations as to rank In conformity to an# already passed; repealing the laws requir ing that cadet engineers shall bo antler 18 years when appointed, and have been employed two years in the fabrication of steel machinery; nnihirizlng payment lo enlisted persons who served in the navy or Marine Corps for twenty rears, without misconduct, when discharged for age. Infirmity or disability. In Ilea of a home In the Philadelphia Naval Asylum, the sum equal lo balf tbe amount of their rating. 4c. Tbe bill was referred lo the Naval Committee. , . Mr. UOWAIIb moved to take up his resolution of Inquiry by the Foreign Committee into Mcxl- , Cfl Mr. WILLIAMS hoped the Senate wonld con rider the reenlar order, the hill to regntate the Uuurc of office. .... , .. Mr. SUMNER bnd no objections to pare Mr. Howard's resolution, provided U was amended so as to leave It to the discretion of the committee to report. He believed the inquiry altogether un necessary, as there was every evidence that tho French troopa were now leaving Mexico. Hu had official confirmation of the tact. Mr. ItOtVAKD did not believe all those rumors about Uie departure of the French troop#. At any rat* he would like to have A report from Ibo committee- Ills motion was disagreed to. Mr. FKFSfcNPF.N announced he would call up the Tana 011 on Monday, and expected tokoep It before the Senate until disposed of. The Mil to regulate tbe tenure oioffice came ap. Mr. homnci's amendment was discussed si Mime l-nuth by Messrs. UOWK, SUMNER, LES !-ENItV.N and others. , , , . Mr COWAN* said the whole number of remo vals by the President w«a lift, of which 33* liod Dc«n pi nt to tho Senate. None had been removed who bod retrained from Improper and disrespect tat Isucasge HKatnst the President In the last cam- * >:, lir)s>rMNEU could not think of a single prom inent officer of the Government in bla Plato who had uot be n removed for political purpose*. Without action, adjourned. HOUSE, Mr. BP.VUHNG asked leave to Introduce a bill that the Committee on Judiciary report to the House In writing respecting the necessity of ob taining any further sanction of the Constitutional Amendment than bv thvee-tonnhs of tho Slates actually represented In Congress. Mr. PINCK objected. On motion or ilr. ALLEN, the Secretary of the Treasury was directed to furnish the House in formation to reference to the disposal of United states bonds, 4c., as required by the act of April IStb, ISbS. viz: the amount of exchanges made or money borrowed under It, of whom and on •what terms; amount and character of indebted ness retired under it, with a detailed statement or tbe expense of making such loans and exchanges. ' Mr. JUJ JAN, on leave, introduced a bill to ex tend the provisions or tho act of August 4th, ISM, granting the of way for all rail and plank roods for five years. Referred. the House considered Mr. Stevens 1 bill for the rtcocstruci'on of the rebel Slates. Sir. PAINK spoke at length in opposition there to. He denounced the present State Governments as piratical governments, which to this time boo rested on the souls of Andrew Johnson and his Kot then) and Southern satellites,hut would hence lorth rest on the soul of the rash young gentleman fioro Pennsylvania, Mr. btoveca. It would really teem as if be (Stevens) had some lime longed for the President's bread-ana-huttor. Mr. BINGHAM opposed the measure bocans* he recognised tbs power of tho people lq qstab- ISsb guarantees, and the safeguards of the peop'e depended on the incorporation into the Const totlon of tbe great amendment proposed by the Reconstruction Committee. That did not pre vent farther Constitutional legislation, bat ihG bill neither stood with the Constitutional Amend ment nor the duty of Congress to give due protection to citizens of the United States within the disorganized States. Let the f attire aafety of the Republic rest on the irrepealable guarantees imbedded in tbe Constitu tion, and not opon respectable legislation of tbe Insurgent States. so he would hare the lately rebellions States go on and perform acts tor the ratification of the Cotmltutional Amend ment, even though they were not regularly organ ized States, and the ratification of those acts sub sequently by Congress, wo aid legalize them. Aa to the Supreme Court, its powers were very limned. Its appellate powers reared npon the will of Congress and could readily be taken away. This bill was very offensive to him. It attempted to restrict the right of petition, which the Constitution express ly fa;bade. It looked as If drawn by a crowned despot. It declared that all persons who were in rebellion, and bad once taken an oath to the Con stitution of the United States, were no longer cu- Ixtna ofthcDi.ltcd States, and conld rot become so except through forms of naturalization. lie submitted that Congress bad no colorable author ity for declaring, first, (hat a tni'dlon of people of this country were no longer citizens, and second, that they conld late no steps lor organizing the State Governments un til Congress passe an enabling act permuting them to do bo. Id answer to a question, what ' remedy be himself proposed, he eata he wished the measure referred to tbe Joint Committee on deconstruction. Mr. Bingham also objected to other provis ions of tbe bill, one of which declared that no per son should be deprived of his right tovotobccanse of conviction and sentence for any crime oiber than treason. Icanrteution or misprison of treason, it was declaring in otTcct that thieves, robbers, murderers, and midnight assassins should never be deprived of thejclcctlve franchise on account of being convictedoteucb crimes. While he was wil ling to assert all the* rightful powers of this GoTercmcLl, he would never consent to Incorpo rate hy law In the slalnlcs of the nation a provi sion that would deprive the people of the right of altering or amending their legislation—a provision which this bill contained. Congress had not even the color ufa right to pass such a law. He Whs not going, under pretence of pt electing the col oredpeoide of the South, lo declare that tbe peo ple of any Slate were not to have tbe right to alter and emend tlii.Tr laws at pleasure. Wr- Bingham also opposed Mr. Ashler s hill as a departure frCmi ! >:n Vouslllutioiml Amend- Mr* BA7VBON followed in an argument to frbOW that the I’iealOctitml pulley was the true solution rl i». " C‘oh«lllullonnl dlUlculUo". . .... Tbe llbttie h-ciu Ul ° Coiiimlllee nf tbo Whole titsflis* J.-rtflOallvrtv ‘«r On motion of Mr. « AwmiUHNb* of lUinnis. the Bi'pioptUltou for steumbmii tuspeelowh Ac*, was 1 limited tu fl'WO. fdf etnetisea blade lliM’UHli lire lnvcs|l«Bllntis of rccml diyisfaia. He utll’riipmljnh of #UMfU fur rocnlbtllna ImmftHti*' cwmmuuWjtiUUi btftwcvu \«a Mbvuiw HIM] I‘irlrtr •driifk Hill Pit IlfailiMl **f Mf« VVAMIm'iiNK. of 111. who cMlhicil mwimny liail Iktieil m fulfil Dm oupMii, ip tditttu apPMipilHtil'g f im.mmi hip cuiilluulmi llm »m| brtinu »*t iMlnbiw wbtilsMt'* vmu'»Hd»w nuld Niidsllvu hiitiKnilnaiut dm Htii^aud juinfallt-a bus amcM'ii nut, On iiinlluii nl Mr, rAIINdWOUITI the Coni' Widen twee tml retmrM (|tu hill. Aujmumni. KANSAN. Meeting or ll»o Old Pioneer nimrtl- Ihniliilicriici's oi' tlio llarlj llajs of Kenans-Tlie Henaturlal ((uestluii. (Ppoclal JJespntcb to Hie Chicago Tribune.] Topeka, Kausat, January ID. The Oldduardof 'CSaud’M held n social re union lu the Senate Halt tail night. Btlrrlng speeches Were made tiy lion.lM. J. Parrott, (tov etnor Robinson, flrst Free Plate Governor of Ran* pas, Caleb May, a Missouri Free Plate titan, slid others. Much untie secret bistort mid hiiioy In teresliog lehilhlscences ol those early days was hlotiplO ohl. The Idea .was repudiated hj a IrUml pi Old John, urowti ns a ta«Uiig pbatue to hfp htetui'rjr that he was tahoniiL* muiei 1 an nbermtloti of uil'id in his allaek noun Harper s Ferry. BlpJis wete lakuh rofn pehtliitieui urantii fslliih to jiiepGfVe the iceords of (he emty plo= tt is now i‘Mtipidp|p»l diMthlntl whetti*.* emtibhtrn IliHis pntt befidtiteu to iiiMhu the ileellop m uni* hut Btntep buifthop tu'bup mu» .wr. tntne 'Uv» bfllh.lim- J( Is I'omhnhete wlllhetuu Imta tfpivfsl lput«lfltiim limit liu* mmatmlal tpieslion a deeiuetf. Tj;mtniM: thahhuv, Ttoutdn JTlurdvr b«w Arson ol Vnlftft* roUo, imllniiA-'JAvo Women Murder" ed t u Child Nearly Heaton la Uealli, end llio ItWPlllng lliirned to ilia Ground—Betella ol* llio Crlme-Tne Wretch Bscnpon—imemm Bxrlleinem -licword ullered fur llio Criminal* (Special Dospaich to the Chlcsco Tribune.] Vau»aiuiso, Ind., Janaary 16. A lonely Utile cottage, about tout miles (Tom Valparaiso, Indiana, and forty mites southeast of Chicago, was the scene, on tho cold midnight of Tuesday, of one of tho most horrible and cold- blooded crimes that it has ever been the doty ol vho press to relate. VTbito 'lie quiet farming neighborhood was Plcepimr. a man—rather a fiend In tinman shape—burets la the door, ehoois dead two of the Inmates, an aged lady of some eeveriy year*, and bis own wife to whom be bad been but two years married; shoots, heats find braises a young girl, and then sets fire to the house and bums it down, to cover the silent witnesses of hie fourfold crime! The circumstances In detail are as follows: About two years ago. Chauncey Page, a man about Jhlrty-two years old, now the murderer and tr.ccLdijny. married a yonng, nay girl of only twenty summers, named Emma Goss. She lived with her mother and her stepfather, Mr. Benjamin 1 one, a wealthy and esteemed farmer, whose home was in the town of Union, about four miles west of Valparaiso. The old people were mem bers of the “iianeese'* orderof Christians,® sect re sembling the Quakers in dress and customs. They never vote or resort to the law in any case, are unict and peaceable, and bear the best of character among their neighbors. After Iheir marriage Page and hlt» yonng wife moved to Valparaiso, where' he worked al the watch-maUng trade with Mr. A.’ Kogera. ilc appears to have been of a very quick tempered and tyrannical disposition, and In a very short time iheir married life became intolerable (oboth. In three months they separated, the bride return ing to her stepfjiher’a root and the husband starting off on « peddling ton-, in which occu pation be La? he-u engaecdmoet of the lime since, travelling through Indiana, lowa and Illinois, and having no permanent abode, though frequent ly returning to Valparaiso. Previous to his marriage he had lived in California fur some years. Be bad some properly in Valparaiso, be- I sides hie slock ot jewelry which he carried, and Is supposed to be wonh some JG.WO or 57,000. I About a year ago hla wife applied for a divorce on the grounds of HI treatment, failure to render I support, and abandonment. The case was dis missed for some Informality, but a new applica tion was made about two months ago and the trial was to come off this week. Page has made fre quent ond open threats that his wife should never obtain a divorce from him, sndwvnt so far In his malfpnUy as to offer a mao fifty dollar? to seduce bis wife so that hcwoaldbave ground on which to base an application for separation I On Monday night r«ge returned to Valparaiso and stooped at ibe Gould Uonso. Bis name I* «cen on 'be register, giving his iesid“nco In Chi cago. Be bod first written “lo"—probably intend ing lowa. On Tnesdav he wml out to Mr, Long ? honscand eat some time with bis wife and her mother, apparently in s friendly manner. About eleven o'clock, when the family were asleep, he retn - nfd asalu and knocked for admission. Be had learned during the day ibat Mr. Long was absent, visiting a sen some ten miles away. The o'.d Indv came to the rioorand inquired who was there. It- answered “Pace,’* and she told him that he could rot come in at (bat hour ol the night. IViihont further delay Page burst open the door, and drawing a alx-ehooiing revolver fired, and the old lady of seventy years felt dead al hU feet. Ills wife, who was sleeping in an adjoining room, rusted ont and laljiugon her beg ged him not to kill her mother. Wlihou*- a word the fiend raised her by one arm, placed the pistol at her head, fired, and his yonng wife too fell, without a groan, upon Ihe floor, a corpse. In the bed with Mrs. Pago was a young girl, diu'-htcr of a near neighbor, Mr, Martin Hudohm, about seventeen rears ot age, an invilid. She was called “Hetty' 1 llndolpb, and was spending the night there for company’s sake in the absence of Mr. Terrified by the fearful scene without she drew the bod clothes over her bead lor coccealmeal, and in doing so left one foot exposed. The Infuriated man Uncovered this, and rendered more desperate, like a beast, by the taste of Wool, or determined to leave no witness behind him, rushed to the bed. seixed her by the foot and threw her upon Ibe floor. Then raising the helpless victim by tbe left arm and placing the revolver against her face he fired,and the ball passed Ihrongh beneath ihe upperpait of the nose, coming out below the other » ye. Again he fired and the ball passed ’through the right shoulder; ogam, and one of the feeble wrists was shattered; still again, and the load passed through the thigh and lodged in the lower part of the leg. The contents of the revolver were now exhausted, and the three victims la» at the murderer's feet, appa rently dead. lint when Ibe morning should come Iheir cold faces and bloody wounds would bo tearful evidence of his work, and so tin Ir honsc must become their tomb, and fire ob literate the trace of blood. So tbe murderer took the lamp which had been left, with me light part ly mined out for the night, and dashed it Into fragment? upon the floor; then teaching up to the bureau, he lit a match ned applied It to the oil, nml the room «ns In a blase. Then be seined the rirl and dragged her prostrate form into the I'ame. bho crooned and moved, and seeing that bis work w»s not complete, tho fiend mired a heavy chair and da*hed It npon her head. Iho poor victim groaned again ani arnin tho tonrderons blow fjiinwcd. with riiOiiHh of life left to think that she nui'tfticn' dsa'h. she 'Oppressed the cry which her agony would extort, Placing his ear to her face, nnd hi nring nohreslh, the murderer deemed niswoik complete and fled* 1 , , , . _ qjic flames of tho burning houoo shol up t.rightly Into ibo air and gave tho first liKnoMhohorrlJ de;d. In about a half hour a neighbor. Mr. Onshore* camel up and found the gkl Ijtng near the gate, whither ►he bed found str.ncfh lo crawl, nearly dead Item her wound" and exposure to tho hitler cold,'*uh no covering but her night clothes. Within the burning house he saw tho two bodies consuming, but was 100 late to rescue them. The sutfecating clrl was earned to her fathers hutise and Dr. Prtramore, of Valparaiso, sum moned, 110 thinks tt possible that she may re cover, though doubtful. tebebaa been perfectly conscious thronghonl and gives a cl**ar and posi tive statement of the lerriblo aflatr, to which she has made affidavit- 6bo refuses to have the ball extracted Irom her limb, saying that she will car r»u Bsatemleder of the night. the old man, Mr. Long, some seventy years of ace. ami a ectopia, came back to find hjs house in mins, and a few charred remains of his "tie and daughter lying as sickening wuncssei of the torrid talc. Bo himself would no doubt pav e stand the fate of the rest If he bad been at home, as his feeble powers would have been so match for the maddened asaaasio. »Page seems to nave contemplated this cecd for some days. Haw iccenUv went lo a photographer In JTal para iso, who had taken bis ilaeness, and as«.cd lor the cecaiive, intending to destroy It It ®na not found then, and he went 1 away without it: bat It has Just boon discovered , •i.d conies have been printed and sent to the an- SotSes of the principal cities. Already the I wines ot steam and lightning hare spread flic story, and the murderer cannot long escape do tecdoc. For a while be may wander wittt the curse of Cato upon Mabtowacd every man'shand him, hut justice must surely overtake so Mother, trto Hvm at Dyer Station, Will County, Is nearly crfxed by the news of her 1 cn*a crime. She was attached to the young wife ftjidtoalT thcfamllr, who wcio much respected aid beloved by those who knew father ba? been dead seme year?, and baa thus escaped the anguish of this hour. . . .. . , .. Tape is a coco looking man, six feet In height, and weighing 105 pounds, and when spoken to smiles blandly, displaying hUUei^romlneotly. Be he* Ughi hair* and a 101 l ruddy heard about an Inch long, llewah dressed in a light gray salt, over which he wore a dark over-coat, with metal buttons down the breast. In his shirt bosom he wore gold studs, and altogether be bad tbe ap pearance of a well-to-do, respectable individual, of somewhat quick temper, tie was never known to drink, and was considered a straightforward man. A subscription was raised daring tbe day among tbe citizens amouni&g to f 3CO. which was offeree aa a reward for the arrest of the' criminal. So con scientious is Mr. Long in the belief of hia denom ination, that he refnaea to Join in the offer of re ward. Page has late’v lived at 'Wyanelle, nine miles from Princeton, Illinois, and left property there. It la thought possible that, supposing that all trac-s of bis crime were honed in the embers of the house, be may have returned to settle aphis aCairs, though it Cs hardly probable that be would so venture. Valparaiso is In a state of Intense excitement, and tbe dreadful talo is on the lips ot all. Tbli is the second murder that has ever occurred in the county— and one of the meet horrible that man conld conceive. FROM CAIRO. The Accident lo the Sam Goty*— I The Weather. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune ] Canto, 111., January 16. The steamer Sam Gaty, reported sunk at Devil's Island, ire tho Mississippi River, arrived here this afternoon. Instead of being sunk, as reported by a steamer passing, she waa only fast on the wreck of a barge, and succeeded in getting loose by lighttiling np. She la not damaged to any ex tent. The weather la clear and turning cool. FROM BOSTON. Failure of Bii ISxicnalre Soap idanu* lecturer. New Tons, January ir>.—A Boston special lo the Ti tot/ns savs the oldest soap tnamiTacturlug bouse in (bat city has failed tor $225,U0U. llluesd of Kx-FreMdout Pierce. Cnsconn. N. Il.f January 11.—Ex-President Pierce has been ill for several weeks, bulls now thought (o be much better. Fatal itotlcr Uxt»lo»lom J'liltAPEtnuA. itaiutary JiU-PiiiWs plpiui piaster mill Was to-day lUfnusi entirely de.Mr-tye, by a boiler esploilolii One hi an was killed am tinee IhjmpQ. Two tVuMnt l.lvuialn n Hollow IFfomlkMahtevllWKf') Courier, daimaryn,) A |>)tllniithmt'tM yi’iiltriiniM, who HVO" In ))tM»»w>rwtrtu))wtMy. vfft* m W* Ytnjt .mi In Hi" (Mitmirv vpolonluv rtfl*mihhmi, mi llwohlHnU lUmitwil. JiiHiitf thu (UWlmi b||OW aluilll, will'll III) (Itsi'IIVIMPd It wmilllll vmHlmflhMl'UvuUdu u worn) pihMutu lu*U milaUlu olllip I'Uy llnillfl, Hlih was thinly i-liml. shivering In Ihni-ruH hltul. nnil u«vu nhhuini nfsrvtiruilMlUutluiMiml luml llv* . Not sci liik »ny Inman iicur, ho won. iti-nil to himself whom Uiu woman wua jiilng, ami railing her, (|iiea||niinl her n* to Ih" fittiso of bur being out In (ho storm. film n.pllnl by nvnslvo answers. lint on liU iinustlonlmr her morn closely, sbo tolil him that Pliw lived with nmdber woman In an n|j hollow tico In lh« pasture, ami hail been slaving Ibcro fbr over four months past. Tho t'cnllcinuti laltuhoil tits horse ntul proceeded to Where tin? wo. Hiatt designated her miserable velreut lo ho, mid there, wrapped up In sumu old army blankets, he discovered the other woman, sleeping lb (he hollow ol the tree, sheltered hv *niiie old pieces of hoard add hark, lie tvahebed the tiiifuriuimle wulurttl tip mid asked her tier tmtuet etic tave U «« daily lluttotb the woman he lty*»t incl gave her biihic ns ISllint Harris. They said they Weie from (.Toss KeVS, hear Atlanta, Urmtthi, and had eomo up in tills eltv some (until Ic ago pcclilbif holl-'Fid'le emplovuidiit, hut had taUed tu tMf elhwU, •uni had been since that Hum nafidtht a live* lihaod by kHlherlud sltupk#, dnluij ««»)«««, ve„ mietfitij mlshirtnim with a herntam worthy of the mildest ol women. Thu awn* tleimm who fmimt them soon made llmir .'twe known to tlm people of that vhdnlly, •md In a few hour* the poor women were Milieu iVmu thetr nneomfurtahle relutfe ami well provided for. irtVAIT IIUOTIIBRN, Ailyertlslnff An'li l*jll l)pnrbi»rn-«iM receive mlveriUeioeiiie for all ihe leading papore (hrouuhuut (he (Julfctl HlnteenodCnnaitas* avt association. THE OPERA HOUSE DRAWING. now IT WILL BE BONE. TBS WBEELB. Two wheels ore to he used, octagonal Is form, and revolving on pivots. This form is adopted In order to more thoroughly mix and separate the tickets. The diameter of the large wheel la 40}$ Inches, that of the smaller one 91 Inches. The numbers will occupy about onc-thlid of the .arger wheel, leaving ample room to sift and mix than at every revolution. TBS BCXSEBS. Two hundred and ten thousand numbers (from 1 to 2iC,[*oo Inclusive). reprcsentine»he certificates issued, will be placed m the largo wheel. These numbers ore printed oU ft, noll, white tickets, made ,if imperial photograph pape?, aad are as hard .md smooth as metallic checks. The tickets for •he small wheel are prepared by writing on small er cards the names of the premium?, the Opera House on one, and each of the remaining three hundred anyone premining on others respectively, rbese three hnodred and two tickets are deposit ed tn the small wheel. THE DBAWBfQ- These numbers having been placed In one wheel and the premiums in the other, and the wheels having revolved a sufficient length of time to thoroughly nix them, a number will hi drawn trozn one and a premium ticket from the other, and the holder of that number will become entitled to the premium written on the ticket. It will there fore be' seen that the Opera Boose may be*the last premium drawn or the first. It will he observed that there is a doable chance In this method. If your number happens to be one of the three hundred and two drawn from the wheel yon get one of the premiums— whether the Opera Donsc ora painting depends open the ticket drawn from the second wheel. The wheels are now exhibiting ai Kinsley's. The drawing will take place on Monday next, and w ill commence al 12 o'clock precisely. facßUai. DR. de (TOSTRO, from Barone. PHYtslCIA>\ OCULIST AKO AUKIST, 3*5 W^bash-av, near Garrison-st. Office honrs, from 10 to 1 and 3 to 4. The lector has certificates from irciTpart of tne globe for the speedy care of Deafsess, Diseases of the Etb, TimoAT and LiTfos. Dr. de Coetro employs his Self-Adjust uto, Anxxncus TnerAse*, approved by the Medical Society of London, for the relief of deaf ness, attended by loss or Injury of the mfmbrma fymj.-cni.Mii lor the care or discharges from the car. Distinguished members of different medical societies and colleges of Europe and XovrVotk have borne personal testimony to the efficiency of this remedy. The only genuine Eottoar OurmESrfor sore and inflamed eyes, also the extract of different Icdla herbs, now employed by inhalation with great success In the hoeolfals of Europe for the rare cl Pulmonary diseases, can only be obtained ot CosUo. Private references to die most distinguished ell mo* of Chicago can bo clvcn. The Dr. may b< consulted in all the modem languages. Cfic Ball Season. GRAND MASQUERADE BAE.D , f the Hi I ram Literary Association *111 Ik* irlvcn at Ui-OM lloßnl ofTiatle Matt, corner «MtdU asd booth Water** t, oa Monday ovcblne. Jan. 3lit. ximr.xs 8i.oo» Supper Ala carte. r<»tuwe«ra' i»e had on application iittU' hal: or at'dflO bouih Cl»rk*«t. Ilrcturcs. r ECTTJHES ON PHYSIOLOGY—The L inaugural let taro of a conr*« on Anatomy and Physiology UrtMe the senior Cla»» ol the UalTenUy of Chlcaco, nr |)r. Jonathan W. Urook*, win ne delivered at ilia LDlvcralty thta evening. The oaMlc are Invited. artificial jflotocrg. a. PONOELET, tbo only im porter direct from Part* In tbi* city, la ARTIFICIAL FiOW£B!r, IlaancrUtd tbelateat novelties la flowers for owns -indiarUea; alao white marabout leathers crystal or. Ac. SI 7 Itdiaoa-su East ol North Clark-feL. thweillne hooae.> ©ycra %ouse ffirtures. READ THI c —opera House Pictures- TVe ate fratclne these in 21 DIFFERENT STYLE**, Co suit ercrylndre taste, acd tower than any other tiofljc IE He city. Before bunas elsewhere, call at J. k. MIAW & CO.’S, ISO -ake-st., and be convinced, \ liberal dlnvmst to claH. <3To Kent STORE TO RENT—The second, third, fourth and OUhHoora olthe New Marble front Spacious Store, Xo*. UT and 99 Uaadoiph-at. They an 30x168, wed NUMBER 223, 33*2 ©OOOB, QHANGE IN BUSINESS. DISSOLUTION or THE FIRM. Money we must and will have. TOE STOCK TO BE REDUCED $200,000 xmnß&iAVßbVi ip ni.i.i.iNu duumt Without Regard to Cost or Value WIX.T. 80 XT. “We mean what we say, And say what wo moan." wefihAtieommww Kiti mi# TttPti&DA? MJfiN* INKi.fftmmfjfWMmt U worn dsp to tlfty nuUlUwMtd wUWtOR U Eftlh wt every I'lteo of good* In Uts store will W Marked in Plain Figures, The oil and new price. NO DEVIATION From the new price wID be made in any ease what ever; 6o yon cans* the price yourselves, yon can boy quick, enabling ns to sell many more goods In a day. FRENCH MERINOS We bare slaughtered unmercifully: some of them wo have MASKED DOWN 75 Cents per Yard From oar tormer price. Dress Goods ibe tamo. Empress Cloths less (has Cost. Silks mere so* •bawls* some ol them Oae flandridlDo) lam on a Shawl •Ilk Velvets at Cast. Old Clonks at Half Cost. Cloths at Coat. Blankets at Cost. Flannels at Coat. Linens nt Cost. Domestics at Coat. Balmorals at Cost, Hoop Skirts at Cost. Hosiery and Gloves at Com. Gents’ Farntsbiog Good*at leastbao Cos) Monrnlna Goods at Cost. Ulbbaos at Cast. Feathers and Flowers at Half Price. Hattons and Trimmings at Half Price. Lncc Goods at Cost. All the best Goods in the Store COST, AND-TUB POOR ROODS At much less than Cost. tTo invite all fee ladle* ol Chicago and vicinity to call on n« Immediately. aafeU "ill be the lait ehaaeo tliU acaioa to bay cooda at such ruinous price*. PUTNEY, ENIUfIT & Sign of the Golden Eagle, 105 and 107 lake*St. CBICA.G 3, Jaa. tf, 1557. w u.—AUp-raona indebted to POTHfiT, KNIGHT nAMUN arc reqnMtcd to main tioawaate par* meat*. otg ©OOfIB. 44 gPECIALTES." Si 1111, 167 & 169 Lake-st., MAKE A “SPECIALTE** (77 KID GLOVES HOOP SKIRTS. They are Sole Agsnts la tills city for the celebrated “ Bouillon Harris'’ SEAMLESS KID GLOVE, And bare cow io stock a complete assortment, ram* B rising pome new and rery choice shades, embroidered i contras tin? colors, lor ETENEVG WEAR. Alexanders” Kids, (TYhen to be bad.) is all colon asd sizes. •» THOMPSON’S” HOOP SKJBTS, Made in tbe rerr best manner. Horn selected material, is tbe newest Paris shapes, and/or SKATING, PROMENADE, CARRIAGE AND ALL AT TUB LOWEST PRICES. ROSS & COBBACE. JEijc giftatino Reason. ‘^yASQiNQTON £|£ATHVCI VAX IK. GRAND MASQUERADE um COSTUME CARNIVAL MOONLIGHT MASQUERADE, The I’uttrc (!rc«l Wnlcru Unlit liiuml Dim I'lnlm iiielfftiterihl,' of I'rof, VAAS. llmiilrci].i of I,mill's mi l (Inillomi'ii, >n Hi? most elegmi cotbimei, ah) tbs MOST MYSTERIOUS MASKS. I'arh Uanilcnm? 1 lulu ft .ifftft uf Hi. most GORGEOUS SPLENDOR. Ice in Splendid Condition, VjiWAfiliinf llifpp btlh'lfed Lsiltr* nil! llpHllenietl fiftlP fttlPlf ini IliflMifttIiPP I" Kip itiH«i|liPrftite (if Kil« gltt* |'fo)u!«e of MBs! THE GREAT EVENT OF THE 3EABUH §KATIN« WO Ilftiufiih'h si, r*« Lnvl yon «t Mi# Part, >U‘l|srtn ai, Cftf l<B'l yon wiiWn »bit** of H. Q.REAT ATTRACTION. Amateur Skating. TbeinoMdUilnunli'hfil Amateur Skaters c( the city, among whom arc ibe following: MIhS SIAGOIK IKHFOnD, MIL LAKAVKTTK. mu. j’owkuh. JlMUl£ DOWRN. wiiLiE imoww. CONE. WEHQErt 8H03., Dare kindly consented to he present at the West Mile Itlnk. on Friday cvrnlmr, Wtli ln*L. »nd take part ta Ibis deUphtml atnusemeau and aUo at the WaxblnstOQ Ekallng i'arfc. batuniar »nernoun. ja(b for iba benefit ot the land for Hie relief of dUableU uonllerj, widows and orphaos. QGDEN SKATING PARK. OPEN' AFTERXOOX AND EVENING. The Best Zee in the City. A GA7 Tine AT TEB OGDUN, QENTKAL PARK. Music and Moonlight To-Night, Masquerade and Fancy press Carnival to-morrow night. Q.UAKD NATIONAL Skating' Tournament, COMMENCING JANUARY 21,1Q67, Al Central Skating Park, pittsbuhgh, PKVN., Prizes t4CO and fSX) In Greenbacks, and theCharanloa Medal worth SSO. The best gentleman skater will re ceiveaptlzeotflOO In Greenbacks and tno Champion Gold Medal worth £3O of America. Tna best lady skater a prize of #3DO and the Gold 3ta!al. Three ot each to secure a conteM, the winner- 4 , if chaiftnged next season to skate the contest on thl* Park. Eolnei to cloee on the 20th. Adireas TIIOMA** A* SPfiXCK. Secretary Central Skating Park, r*CHt Office Box 571. rittsbnrah. Pa., for entries and partlcd'ars. ICcto TUST ISSUED—Don’t tail to buy and fj read Itt THE WHITS CAPTIVE OF THE Rocky Mountain Indians, Aldncted by the red men. when only Are years ot a c?, ftom his hi me Ifl Jackson, Mich. Twectr-aue years a captive among the Indians ot the wild West—ln tho Mountains, where foot of wht ie man haa never trod. The mou thrilling and la fact tho only true descrip tion of the lift ot a captive among tno Indiana cf me Rocky Mountains ever usnedftom the American press. Splendidly illuMratod. * This book should be m the hand* at every person who wl«hcs to tsov bow thoroughly white persons can be Irdlanlzed. It 1* a narrative more Interesttna Mian aayibU-gof asltoilarchanicierlwoed from the prctS lor many years. It contain* one hundred razes ct Diets—not flctlop. This book Is for we by all Book* sellers it. the United stairs, and by News Agents on the rations tali roads leading to and from Chicago. Price. X 3 Cents. KILLEf i HAtLABh, * "* pnbluhem.P. o. Box 797, Chicago. rpUE SPIRITUAL REPUBLIC. A TVcolily Journal, devoted to Radical Reform. Published ttgtdDcarborn-st. Address J. O HAICRRTIV Drawer 0325. Chicago, UI. Specimen copies sent nr*» ©metal TyFoticcg. jyjESSINGER & WRIGHT’S CASSIMERES. Those standard American goods are made In a groat varl< ty cf Myles, aid are all of superior quality and On lih. Gentlemen ordering either entire suits or s-ngls garments w«i consult good taste, a» well a* economy, by aiving them the preference. For sale by the Met* chant Tailors in all pans of the country. p HOUND OIL CAKE u the Cheapest Feed In the Market V, t lWc k of fell kinds. OnJsra ntotntdly Wlcd tot cash. hi r,lw * w ‘ * E. Vf, ULATMIFOUn * 7 ho. to North JJAHD COAL. Seduction. sl3 Per Ton. T.srkawana Coal. HIM ror ton, delltfiM. I ham a latmiuamiiy oi thUccai In *-a» • \»nl, ail »irr*ideWcr anywhero insldo the city limit*. CalUltbonfficoof «,»**. HIM* publisher. 132 South Clark-at., XUdm 12, between 9 amt 4 O'clock. T AOPAWANA COAL- C j U IS wantingW»I Win do well to call on os before purchasing elsewhere. RENO & LITTLE, 10S Binssbnry*h.N.T7.cor. Indlnna-st. Order* ttrengh the Peal Office win receive prompt miii.tlon. _ _ _ HAMLIN, i-pO PRINTERS. PLY WHEEL AND STAND WANTED. A good second-hand fly wheel and standfoMrfvinr* machine press tyhaco. Addn»sßOLiM)»*JA3lA3, 46 ttair-st. A BUSINESS SIAN, aperies aid book keeper, desires a * SITTrATIOPT KJSSSSSS.?® A/MrWß**c aj* Tribune —m A GENTS wfirr A, , PJ < gBpB BrthePHfENXX LIFE LKSUHANCE CO, ol Hart. fi»w. Uaoughout UUaol-.. CHAS D- LhTvSY, General Ascot, SO LaSilwt. TMPOHTANT NOTICE TO THEPEO -1 PLK. ONLY A FEW OATS MORE To Secure Tickets in KELLET’S GRAND PRIZE CONCERT! Capital Prize $30,000 XS GREENBACKS I - - TIME FETED TO AWARD THE PBEMIDM9, ul theCoccerttobeglTca at iberWabisb-aT. Rmk,ciii cago.Xli., This Istbesreafest distribution of the i9th Ccata ry.and the most racceuial enterpnsa of tbe Mud m aasaraied is tbe VC and. Will be presented to tickes-hclders. Every other Ticket Draws a Prize. The demand for Tickets Is without a par* allcl. AU crderrforTlcbets mailed In tbeNatr England, middle or Western States, «a ALSO. Co Thursday Xlaht, January tSXth. wilt reach ns In rime to be filled and mallei before the drawls? commences. All Aaeots ca* eotilaoe to aefl taoitl 6 p. m.« Saturday, 126th Inar, waen all reports mast be made With returns, archer wtu be cancelled. CELEBRATED Agents bavin? Tickets unsold or’cdbtract* ed lor will please forward them to unr ad* dress, as tber are required to fill orders la Chicago. t TICKETS |1 EACH. 9 tickets to one address, ror , |i.u to “ *• * •* 9M 70 “ « •» •• 17.5 S Beet everywhere cntectlpl of money, with stamp li V.JPO.U,.. RF.FEUF.SCEy; Tapran. McKenop ft Co.. Commercial Aeencr.CM cuo; Loßlt Saarbacb ft Sen werz. importers. Pblladw phiat gam'l D. Burluck, pabll«ber. Philadelphia Van valkenbera ft Co., importers, flew Tots. bend ue came,of each sot*crib«r with thcJrPoat Oisre address. Money by draft, Poet mnee onler, eatress, or in registered letters, may be sent at aar ah comtEtmleatloM sßOdtd be s Wreaaed to EVENING WEAR IN TIIS IVILLIA3I FILLEV, <Coal. ffls3antca. as«ds* ©ift lEnttrprises. NORTH AMERICAN SATUBDAS 1 , Jan. 2Sih, 1867, lAMOO Valuable 1 prizes, raloAl at Haifa million Dollars. Inelndlaa 0X90,000 in Gr*eal»aetti, A. A. KELLEY A 00., Mo. 108 llAM'OljPlt-BTi.llttlCAtlO, til. a ttnrc&l) Ip. T'UbiiOlA/S'loN. —flic mi urtnomtitn I * liPfelolbftfpmpUbi tiliiW Uie bam* of »n)»P. iwiLmPp,* to" I* ihia Ua* tual tt'tiietii. killer pattia will •«« i« ijtmliUMiMi. ■ ffifc i'Mmim. I, mi. I'ip mnlfiiUßM »11l wulluue Ilia inmiluliin «f Hll»ll. I»lK)|'H. llllllllM. •V'l'i, A«ltpfp»o(tir«, iiMilr-r (hf firm nurnM PALMER, PULLER ft 00. mm c C!lfftg*,.lftH I. IP| U. /'mPAIITNHIIHIIII' NOTKJI3-I hftvo b f IhU if ir •ui'Hiitat wj'li me In builnria Mr WM, IfF-INRIlAMN.nnilerUiBPm liftii'P »f HUS Bllii (tUi ft LU. , CHAR. RIUHIHU, Tit*nncferilßnrtl bare Ihlftrtly fltrmftt ft rn-Oftrtnw* •lilpftr iliuif i-arriUmuu lUe InulntHiof UTIIOOtijVP 11Y In alt Itn lifftiirln'ft, UfcileHlie name of HltOllUU Ad CO. With nOHrn teiw(*iUtrinHp«i abd phHilfl rtllpji tlori li. r«» 4 *** tint nstf Inl-e fit rPU'ii ftll »*M fr( til aiftii l-i a liberal «ltfttp i f nftw up.f»* Udu-o. fumitta*l t*yf tier «f Lsftejrtnl Clftf ft-ntsi. ‘ilamus. * NJiW IJUKKBn, TUB BRILLIANT UCHT! UtiUT ! Him I.«»t mul !)«<>( Immitton. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner 1 lllnaa ChimnniH ilunen»Ptl wlih, Aaleady btilHuut l.iyhi, tiyunl 10 !«*»•, fa barn ordinary Keroaono, ApAl’TAlll.n TO ANV 14 To Bee is to bo Convinced*” |7*fitateanrl County KTBhia for sale by A. H. SLOAN. .1 ilium Tlmino. nAltD's PATENT BBICK IVIACHI3VS. Office and manutactory S 3 800U1 Jeffcraot-ft. FCt Infonaattoa tad deacrtptiTß circular addtwt 1L It. OAKD, 33 Soatb Jetferaot-fr- Cticags. Extract ol 13ce!. r £ RY TOURTEIOT’S EXTRACT OF BEEF, For Family Use. INVALIDS AND DYSPEPTICS, Should not Tall to use li. Foreale by alt Druggists and Grocers. ffionsegnments. QOARSE SAETFOK PACKERS’ UaE, 3000 boih Coarse Foreign Salt, 1000 hrld New Fork(C), foraalelnlota aawanted, y UNDERWOOD & CO. QASH ADVANCES Made on Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRESSED HORS TO New York. Also, on PROVISIONS IN STORE. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, 13 Chamber of Commerce. OALTPETIJE. ° CHUBB SAtTPETHB, For Pickcra'nse, ior»lcby JOSEPH n,PHELP!4, 13 Chaml>cr cf Commerce. IDcntisttg rTKETH. "KO EXTXiA CHARGE lor EatraellncTeeth WITH OUT PAIN, by the Uscoi Nllrm 4 OxldiGos. whea arti ficial one* arc Inerted, at TREGO’S Teatal Rooms. ' J,’{ genib Ciark-ot- Chicago. New Teeth inserted same day as extracted. -p»li. J. O. FABNSTVOKTH 3takes no extra charge lor Extracting Teeth wilhaoC Patn, by the use ol Nitrous Oxide Gas. when artificial ones are Inserted. .. _ 1 ] U Bandoioa-st. cpposltc Wood’s Museum, tit is of Teeth on Uabher.gU.o3. gad-M. proposals. /TO TELEGRAPH CONTRACTORS. I —THE ATLANTIC AN»» PACIFIC TELE GRAPH COMPANY.—Proposals for the immediate rorulrncll'nf't thelollowiccdlnsloesor the Atlantic andPaclflclclegraph Line will be received by the ua ’ aertlened on til January ah 1557:, From New York to Buffalo rfa Albany. , . From Buffalo to Dctrtlt r in Cleveland and Toledo. Frcm Detroit to Chicago cia Michigan Central Rail nl>he»i on application to the aoa«r*l<oed.«c , J®Panled by proper reference. E. It. VAN KLEECK, yo. int»aialden-l->nc.>New Vorg. fHitrots aub sJirt«tES. Gold js low—new goods abb LOWER. IIKNRT WIGGERS, 113 Lakc-st., Chicago, nna made new arrangement* with New Yotlc jttdtto#* too houses. which will famish him tno ptylcssad pnttetiw of rich moffofs. framw and whU* Kpwj.l mii lower th*n mnrcihefbniwo la th«c*<a. Hurf he line reduced UJn oia slock I n ,S!£ 3 L ß J?n a lafftT,r fc>nrliufnt ihtnerer. Uus(nE3S ffiarßa. BN OLD, PAVaON & GEEGORY, C'onnsollors and Attorncyd-al-Lair. 32 Dcarbom-sl.. tValkcr'f Building. Chictgo. I. N. AlhOl.t>, GtOBOII'ATWh. COAt.A.IIBWOBT Hr AttrMlon i;ivcn to Chancer/, U>u*bub Lair, Criminal and Patent ca»r*. _ _ •tYTILWAUS, YOUNG & KAA9, V y wholfiulo Uroccr*. No. «SI Itlvcr-sV., tola SKI" .uppllca nt iow.«Jin» Vgr* price, addin* ltduhi. A ¥ VLL BTOCK cnoHantlr fcrpt 00 hand. QEO. H. ROZET, REAR estate akd loan broker. 08 Lean* nreollfttec on Krai Eslate, Bondi, B rod*. WartbaaiQ ItecelptM cil other securities. Uanks anb bankers. ■RANK OP MONTREAL. A) NOIICS TO DKPOSITOBS. In accordance .Hh-nreTlnni InOmMloni » inn Sfcr tier. 48 Lajalle-st. -wy. H- I»AKK*AS enI * Chicago Pcc. 31. » jpot Sals. HORSES ECR SALE CF THIS SOtDDCST BBESD, cAl““ tS£ SKSKM that won ot UtmnoCs celebrated or ISB, nnauij noted SJ“f”4 l PgSni«lt "fiCSKSE'fIu