Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 17, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 17, 1867 Page 3
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IOWA. Proceedings of die Stale Board of Agriculture. "Interesting Pacts and Figures from , the Secretary’s Report. Exports ami Tmports of.--Lire St bet ant] rrodneo. rCorfcsjjOCdcEcc of she OjiaßO TiHmwc.l Faiefield, lowa, January 13. The lowa State Board of Agriculture con voued at Dcs Moines January 9. About thirty delegates and members were present, Peter Jdelcndy, ol Cedar Palis, was re-elect ed President, and J- D. Wright,of Charlton, Vice Prcsldi nt, and. J.M. Shaffer, of Fair- Held, Secretory. George Sprague, of Butler Comity, was elected Treasurer. After a spirited contest between Dubuque, Clin'.tm and Washington counties, the four teenth annual Stole Fair was located at C lin ton ; and Hit time fixed fur September 2»lb, ISdT. General Baker, Smith and Mr. Farhorl, the delegate from Clinloa, assured the Society that no clforl would be spared to make tho Fair successful. The rollowluc pronilunis were awarded hy the bfvrnvl co ufthc foelely : taik SuT. Ucj aiolnoj, ho.l report of the lowa City. hpl <lyo poandj -or ahwinrnsar, diploma *2O: h- hanain an. to tr» City, Sienna bc-tnvi pound, of torenma .near, Slo; w”?. Vnn'ey. sl.rlnydale, third beat Ovo poaad. ‘Tfircrominrsyratnore, HI., hn.t .ortrhnta synip Peter Thuiaaa, bprlngdale, second te . i; o.ahnn S np.*o. lor _ c ,„. mriis. dluloma S 10; I*' l * A. Wum. Jollej%>Uc, on general fanning. Jl3; Hark \tillor, Des y olncf, on tun-ct* tujurW to vcgciation. dlplo -sni,|« ; 1». W. Adaa.N Waukoi., on nppU cul lure, dip omit, 9H' J M. V. Ashby. Jollmllle, on ricMhurnl ad'-smoge* ol lown, tbo ImluccOJcnls lo immigrate, diploma, ?10 The following Is extracted from that part of the Seerctai v*s Ueport, trialing to arllll* dal groves ol'tltulicr: ThocciiMif oflOHaTeturm in tofll, K-J aero* of ilmher planted. Ar that tnmv !»«:•• wen* ».«**.*« acre* oiw.e/ntd haul; «Ucp»"p»rilm ufmtlilclal ctuvcM ol limber, was one ucn; to every .flitter «>r laodcitcluM'd. in there were ncies Oft rcloscd land, and vci.4*i acr- s plaai-d in iln.brr, mi luc;*:a-c «*lTwu biinJrol auU per cert tu two ven>, cud (educing the propeiumi of cncacrr, insist )one sere hi ** r enclosed land. IWr is n most gratifying result U/novs Umi oui pc do a*c to Ihe n«.cos§uy and imi-oitiince *.i nriHclai grov;*» IllusualluK the uecs of wood, the report savs j ihere ere SCO mile* {to of rail wot sin operation In the Stale. Snpp >*« *hat but four li aitJ- a day post. over ibcw ila -s, and tha* n alow estimate. Suppose that, taking out Sun dtfv*. slonm*, &c., that ibere ara oaIySJU work ing days. *Ti:c distance irarclJci then u 3jo,'»tn miles annually. It is stated by K. IC. Perkin*. Use energetic Saperlntend*nl<ir the Bailiagtan <t :jisM>mi Kivtr Railway, that ft.c cord of wo.»d will run a train fortr-oue mile*, irhiietatemmi a- well as lhn?e below, are applicable fo tb- Bur lington Missouri itaflroad. Toe/arc not e>tlcu t iticnf , but actual rigiire* m*m the ;cco:d.J Tasc the average for the State ai forty mile*, and oar road-consume 21,0t0 cord* of wood a year, or cMitr cords per dar. Three hundred ties to tbe RjlieSecavand rcqu’rc replacing each yaar: thll is arotluu item of iI'VOJ tlicks of timii-T. worth Thcctuior.uiQti at hah'.tegs is -sil per mile, making anolhei hem of Ih, - 100. rhe lo as of inulKT in bridge? is *250 ;ur-mile, making auottev item of t2»>u,UCHi. or In the aggregate lor fuel and repair* afire. In one yea*-, clo'J.Ueii worth oi wood i* cocsamed by the railroad* of lowa. tajjrlc it* :u iu ibe of timber i« e'shorat' d tl at onr people may more clear.’y tbi* Ecev-i-iiy *‘f earetuiiy preserving whai fore-fts thue arc fr.V* wasie, and oi tomnieudng a - onre a sTsteni which will repair tre loss of oar wood, cud provide tdrllic cmcigcacies ol ilia future. Some further figures are added : CATTLE. The* progres? ot improrcment In 'bis braccb of stock, ha* been gracurd bur ceitaln. Th_* great majnrhv county societies reportlhcintroAuc lion of’Cnrhiius sod Devon*, and congratulate themselves upon the incieased iniereil mai.lfested in superseding ike o»dinary scrubs, by cj'Ue laat have a proud and noble pedigree- Importa'ious from ahtoad have beta made, aud these are prov ing so mat>3 .eabai.-putsfrom olacbrn-liatcgood inilnonce-. Tb-.* subjoimd t«ble indicates the ►bipments easiivard through the potnees named, lor they tars moicMcd: , , • ISIL IVm. 1501. MifoiSffippi ci M'.esonrilt. -M.Ti'n U1,0.)<) Dnbnguei MausCily IL 1t.... S,«to 7,*15<» J ,s*o Clucngn .V IT-ir.bweslern it. 11 . .. T;i,Ct.“ iP.tWI * tder Fulls Mlane-o:a If. It s.TJ.I !C*o Dubiiqu' -:Si ILH. .... .... gic Totals hog?. The fallowing table? show the exports of hogs for tie yea;- named. through tbs following sources: ISCL 157>. riUillcjrtr.T. Slo, I?, tvi;2 0*!,51Q cc i!o. I!. U... 81,003 CI,ISI Dm-nqne & £. C. A; Sj. W, Itailioad 26,715 13,-fcO 9,753 cijicayoui Ni*nhwcjjl Hall* Tiay Cedar Fells & JUQLCBOta i:&ilr«n<] Untmqnc i Sonihwcst Kniiioad ,25U,3G1 13t,:iC 214.1UC Totals. Ani tl«*p. Caure* are bnt a very imported state ment of the value of the entire crop. Tbcrc are no means or dctenmolut: wbal Is consumed at borne. 'Hie census cl lSi» return* 1,n17,UT noji. Tbr subjolucc (able will jjlva further evVaeuoc of tue Immense value ofboga u the revenue of our people; * mooters cAßmp; tASTw.vm Lard, Dressed Doric, icon IDs. l*>s. Oh. l- ur i Mo. Tiv.K. Tl. 217,716 7iV*Hl 1,633,23: rhicero & N. W. 2,51:).«3 &Mo 4CC,:;;O 1,066,331 Dub. & Sioux City. Dub. & Southwestern .... SW»Tt Cedar Falls «fr >l. .... B'«,CTI Or in ;lie Bjjprcmte, trom these source? alone, lI',SW,C3I tc ol laid, drowsed boss aud pork. 1-rfrd, Dressed I'ork, I*JT, lbs, Uo:>,fln. o>*. Hur. *V 110. Iliv. R. 301,013 T.*5,139 cute. & n. \v. it. n Dub.&S.W.II. It ... .... 8,'T70.r.|9 C.F.&M. K. K .... 1,'1«.5J7 Diib.iSlousCUrU IL .... .... a.T>7,7® * vo.ft .. .... *“'■ " MlfS. & >*o. j:. K .. .... .... 4,3N,»r»ii Total— or an increase ol Cy'.3:,i>l D>;. FItEEP. Tim following tariff tvlli intllc.ite Ihe condition of thi* brunch of tannins. T:.e flmrc* «>ho»* ex port* null import* Irom Ills mma Bourses as aimvo: Auprt'ttalo?. If 0 TGI It oh] oo'voao curious umUor oflilAory lo nolo Mint In lli*» Mi ck* jcar of I.VII. Biit*"n wen* lUOtlt’lli llllu iti** Hat'*. belli;' «tU L'SCC'H or above ll.c rivporli' fuim the prune sources fir the ycar « IS £. *GJ, *G.'i mid Y/». It N worthy of pn’eUml in Hie )m: ort* were leu Hint* trunU r thou nrb"H*; while hi 13 ui, the rule icn« lonsul, oml lo*n ciuried io the KiiPtoru umbel Un •Jtnes qb tunny sliruji bp rhe imported. Vcr* fotr nfilmTu oi conmr Middle* give anv : of laihiro «f l- Mcnij*. In |,v*t oil ; enntli cncoiirnuliicljuir the .ddil, amt It may In) rani in tmrraf term* to • *»‘PP<I thal- *'f| nt.vimr. Imth In iinntlly and •jiinii'.lij. It I* t.j he rcar*. , n* , d tlmt mi Inti*- irmnl farmlna I- 5 r»lnrv«l In IS* mill* >niton of wheal. 'Jlioupuihl* of »i'U‘« o* Fjirlnif v in al are mmv?i nti com Inml, wlMimit, n»ii nn-nlr l»r linrto«ine la tin* foci! In lln fix Ini'. T'f h'cthnoii.vl unlfnmi in favor ut deep I,»U phnvify (inn ml* •| In* fallow imiMindiU *»f vihlwuhl, lln,uch ihe nvi’iitiop immi’il, will ho dmllml wllti ISO. 1-I*l, c. ,Ui I‘nU-<V Miimoßiitn Unit* hn '*«. mnit tt'M.'iit *ti| linhinnn’ & Mmu t-'ilji Hull* ■ >k _ rmni.. H Scial i)nhii<iwe»V;m»mlm-«’»n*inlhul' rot «2,-h*3 isvns *lif.i-Mi<itl Mlctiiutl Illvur 1' t . , .1uma, v ...... .......... Vii % m ( Uifi’i'o *t NuiilavcotuMi 11ai1r..r.a... r ..r.a... . S Mu-tourt lllver Kuihoud To iat a.rcn.TGU Ur an iLcieaao carried eastward of l inlri! rccelptr of übeal m Chlcapn In IJtffl, f.mi up tl.tii M«:<1 htitdjrl-*, amlnst Inifli t-1- in IHIS. is cttili-d to tbo mills ot I.avu by raihoatU U may bn Blah-l tluHimUi <iiip-iLlrd of tb« entire receipts In Chicago come lowa. ThN, If anyttdnc near a cortoe; innt-l bo Liable inatiiylns; to every one iniortßicd hi oar prosperity. Forty oir.cere of as many different cnurtyor CJiciwnioLH report in trcneial terms of thN crop: alt rpeau dtri-aracinuly of it. The unusually wet f jiricc delayed the jilumins—the memorable heal unci diyncso of the gro*iii2 season, retarded the "ro«th, and the heavy frorl of the uisht of Sep tember COlh, all conspired to lo»cuthe yield in auamltT and materially detract from tie quality ol the train. Number of acre.* estimated at l.Tjt-M'iO, averaensbnthcls per acr*-, an astro* cate ol Hint of the United States ?01,127,M>3 hurheis, of which Io«a lurm-ncd one twentieth, apaloM one-teeth in 13‘v. Compara tive! v but little of (hi- crop is carried out of the State In kind. The tollowins tlatteilcs ?hmv that but a fraction ot It Is exported through the crcat avenues ca&t.watd. How much of the Immense ptoduc*. is cairicd by steamers on the lli-elselppl and iU a soui|, ana how much wesf w-rd, there ere no means of ieLin*. Chicago «fc Northwestern UatlroaiL... Uccclved by C, I*. & Q. from B. & M Dabnqcc & Sou«h*Aca;cm IhHroad.. I)nbnqnc& SlonxCiiy Itallioad.... ZJissUelpp! & Miesomi liailroad...." Of only 1.ih«,0-3 These figure* could be grc.tOy enlarged, Inc other crops and products; enough has been written. It Is conceived, lo ehow that lo'va will toon rank No. 1 in all the elements of material prosperity. The Society is under irreat obligations to Messrs. L. Carper and E. I*- - Holers, of the Burlington 6z Missouri: T. P- Hart, of the I‘incaco & Northwestern: \V. McCrcdlc, of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy; W. E. tVichc and W. F. Blake, of the Duhnqac A Sioux City; L. Vide, of the Chicago, Bock island jc* Pacific, the officers and agents of the several roads named, tor their Kindness in furnishing the statistical tables from which the above figures arc taken. Twcnly-iwo Proedtnen Barnet! In .South Carolina* {From iheCharle*ton (S. C.) Mercury, January;).) The jail at Klngslrec, in this Slate, was totallv destroyed by fire on Monday night last, ifrorathc Information we have received we learn that the fire had gained so much licndwny before It was discovered that Its progress could not bo arrested. One white man only was in the jail at the lime, and he escaped, hut twenty-two of the negro pris oners i>crisbed In the flames. Their shrieks and screams as they were grad' ually shut off from all hopes of escape were sickening to the helpless spectators, and with the hissing and crackling of the, which seemed to take a savage de light in their work, formed a scene that, in , horror, might have rivaled Pandemonium itself, in u very short time the cries and groans ccof-d. and of the twenty-two ne groes nothing woe left but a dinned, black ened and chadless mass. It is supposed 1 hat the jail was fired by the negroes In l!ic hope of making their escape, but their effort only worked out their entire destruction. The flames from the burning building made King street nearly as light as dny, mil the 0* iik* clouds of smoko were visible lor many lullca mound. A Heavy rniUirr. ISntiogflrldHM Correspondence (January nib), of the Cincinnati Oarette.J Our elly ba» had finite a sensation tun past w eek In Clio failure of Hie firm of Cltorpcn* nlng A J.ydu, both of llila city, but Irmiswct* leg butlncsH in the city of Pittsburgh. Wo Jtuow nothing of the amount of IlnlmUlos of said parties in tbo city of PlUaburgb, but they aro nab! to be mmo large. In this city fttttf vicinity they will loot up, U U laid to the amount of $150,000. Mr. John E. Chor* penning la a resident t»£ this city, while. Ms uirlncr, Mr. lyda, rceldta In ■Pittsburgh. A number of business men of this cltv lose heavily by the failure, they having endorsed bvavlly for Mr. Ghorpenning, One old busi ness man loses everything ho la worth, while others will feel the shock very perceptibly. Mr. tiiornennlng Is an old resident of tno place, and tor u number of veare. in company with others, did business of various kinds in this city. He made an assignment on Wed* tiesday, h!a assets. It Is said, amounting to tome $05,000 AtlUotlmoof bU toilaro Uo m a member oftbe Crm of torrell, I-uilovr A Choipcunlnc, proprietor, of ono of oar paylnir manufacturing ca'.;ibUblimunU. We ire Informed, borrevor, by ono ut lbc mem bers of this film, that tno rmsjKnraent of Mr. Chomcnnln". will In no wise bort the firm. Mr?Sori!cnnl«g Is a member oi tbo English Lutheran Church of Ibis city, and most of the debts arc due members of said Church. A number of his personal fnends East will also lose heavily, os their unbounded contl* In his honesty and business capacity Induced a number of them to place all their eparo menus In bis bands, m»"*l of them do* iuii so without auy security whatever. As a matter of course there are many stories alloat In regard to the failure and its extent, but from the slow manner In which truths leak out it will lake somo time to arrive at the true amount. The business of thoritts burgh firm was speculation In oil. THE STEWART DIVORCE SUIT. The Seventh Day of the Trial The Defendant’s Detectives—Da senption of the Female Syren and Her Conduct. An Author in Counsel—“ The loves of the Ports”—Testi monials ns to Character — Itilicls Uoux. Anollier View of the Douhlo Do tcctivo Gamo. Ibt* Court, inry. counsel and other parlies to the btewurt divorce mil weicoll present prompt ly upon the tlrukc of the clock yesterday morn- Ing; the public was then admitted lo tliu extent ol tho capacity of (ho Court Doom, oud tho case pi ogixeted on tho part ot the defendant Mr. Arrington stole*! Hint bo doalrcd to call Mr. William Tunic,who hid boon subpoenaed,but aor vice Lad not been pictured npou him. am*. SMITH, a fistcr of the defendant, was called to the stand again for further ciuss-cxmmnaUon by Mr. Smith, for curoplalraiit. Upon the Obridtm&s evening 1 bare spoken of wc lived uu Indiana etrecr, north ot itlnzfo several nliectr. (J. WiHyon stale lo the Jury at what time she said she would Uavu him teat day, ulica she raid the would separate from Stcwnrt i A. She called at U) bouse lu the mo; ulng, and when asked by my motlicr wbu; she would uo to relorox him. she i-sid the would tell him at noon that ?ho should leave him tliul poos, i asked hvr “ llo# my broib ercwr been nutioc to you. Emmat” and she suli *-ldo roiiLinl: he Las.’ 1 Q. What was her luunncr during the Jnten icw ? .\. Jt ncs vr:y com and stoical,ad n lesson IdmiodtUatfebobadcomo to repeat. ITho wit iiem ;vu« here c'oppcd, the ststcrucct being im proper.) I*. J will atk if she manifested any feeling, and v/bulUwas? A. Not any, except stoical. The dcfeuuanr# ulhc.‘ detective WILUA?I KKi5, wa«* then sworn and examined.* He said: ~13111 acquainted with Hurt T». Stewart since Fid.ruary f lt*w. 1 performed service for him about thcSfitn of dune, ISOi. I don't recollect wneu ho engaged me, bat It was about the Mlh. S'cwarf showed me a note, and i diJ not look at i’. 1 considered 1 thought Stewart was out of bis mind. IvvtnUntbc SGth to the Briggs House »i d lollowed him to ihb woman's room, lire. Mcilactue, to coiled. Ti-.oyjcame down stairs to oit ner. In the evening he retained to the hotel, ai d ihc and lc went walking. He brought her backandlcfliheladyaUbe steps. i’Oe next day they went ont ildmg, and I stayed round *he hotel until they returned, about eight or nine In the evening. Next day be went ont walking with the tar, c Judy; became np Michigan avenue to the J-iiropitn Hotel; he went fa. there aud stayed an hour or an hour and a hall; then he went to the B:!ggs Houhj with the lady and stajed five min utes. Ou the Suth, he called thete about tea o'clock, and on the n> x> day wc went to Michigan Ci y. Harsh went wlm me Ui.rc; wo were dressed as coal beavers. 5Vc got to Michigan City ; we leftoor sbov is in the wood pile. Stewart and the lady went Into the hotel; they came out in a lew moments and walked a feu* steps, when Stewatt dropped a card w hich Marsh picked np. I should think this is Ibe tamo emu. We proceeded into the house at the private entrance, and we went np -tains quiil; y, and Mr. .Maon went Into a small bole, and 1 wi nr cn to the balcony. FTnally.bc whistled ai d 1 dropped down. Marsh wcut to room No. fi. T be weman was about five feet lour inches high, or a Imle taller, dark complexion, hair chesnut, end hazel eyes. She woro black ail the limes 1 saw her. At toe Briggs House dinner table she sat to the left of me—about fifteen yards from toe. Stewart dintd with her. That was on -Tuac 2Gih. 1 taw Slew art and the woman go Into the hotel at Michigan City the firrt time They went to; they then remained in twenty mlnntcs to half an boar. 1 raw Marsh open a door when I lettliim, lint I beard no noise iu the room.* I was fifteen or twtnty feet away, with a brick wall between os. 1 have not eet it that woman since, to my knowl edge. I should say sue would weigh 1W to <4O bounds perhaps twenty-four years of age, and of pleasing countenance. Croßt~unnih.a‘wn,—l have lived In Chicago about a year liom lat>t September. lam n carpen ter. I Wlm present when MambtcsUflea yesterday r.Uc'ir.con; li was bis suggestion that we dress as coal heavers. I have known Mar>h -ome years, hnlJ did not know* him when be was la Texas. .35,012 81,932 76,0)3 41,311 SG. 2,220 1.203 1 Lever was in Texas. 1 laid on the coal heap and threw the coal dual on my face and hand*. When 1 eat at the dinner tnhie wuhStew at t and the woman, they bad a bottle of wine. I ua.' ualthlun thiin, bat 1 did not ecu Stewart or hci drink. Iluy eat at dinner twenty minuter or more. I was ihtongb lire*, but J ate mils and apples to keep from being nouecd. They left the diiiinc room together, and 1 did not fu.’o v thsm, and don’t know where they went. For ancht 1 Know he went up In tics room and they wore there ft.ken wIuulCE."- 1 did not tee him.**'! have drank v,Ph Stewart. The eccoud time 1 tow thorn to p<thur '• n~ neat day, in the evening; Uu.v went as far as KlOndgo court and bark to the hotel. The next day 1 t»w them eel Into a liiigsy at Hie (biggs House. 1 did not follow them, ami limy may hire been go orn hour and n half or two hours. At.MlcM iron City, when btcwait and the woman went first ; nt» the liuM, they stayed about twenty minutes orlmiron hour. 1 knew thev <vcrc coming out; when liny old they wrenl south, hut wo did not follow them only until «o had the card. 1 don’t lemembcr ecokij; anybody roll'd the hotel when we went to. i hero were eoino pcoplj In the ofllcc flump, nml I did not ece nuy one up stair*, nor did 1 want to. There was a light tlicio, I think in tlic boll. There mnel have been one there. That hall, I should think, would be dark Id me day thin*. Wo vent tip about otrhl o’clock. I stayed on Hie balcony liki- n fool till he whistled. 1 coiieiaci 1 stood there like » tool to stay there so lone ns I did; It wn* Inside of an hour. 1 Just ■lend ognlust the v.alt and wondered what I was time lor. J In-nrd no noise nml saw nothin,*. Whin Mnrsh whls'led 1 t-jt mysulfdown and wo notour shovtlsnndwcm down ,lo the lake; we i<>i'ie washed tmrsulves. We threw the shovels awny. took a good wish, nml scut our overall* to been company with the shovels. Wr li id In wall at (lie dvnot tor the cars nud I uucss 1 whittled, I wnsnol nlmmnl, hut irh v tit)o I was on the hoi* ri’itv ns lhnm*li I tntcld he taken tip ns a IbltT nr burglar. I did mu engage Mnrsli, hut I Ihluh J lob) him nbnutllm case. 1 Imvo lived Hi Ohio. ItiliioU nml Michigan. I was horn lit tin Htnto In wns in February, I Ml, Dili I msde Ihn nrniinliilmico of HeWiul. 1 wnsiu the Truitt Mli'lifcnu Intimity. amt wn« In the army nently Clvo venis. *i ho Imicotiy nn which I stood vns net haps twelve feel from the mom Marsh went Itiln t held n pieliv rinse wnich ni Mr. Hiewnr', lor ho owed me a Iltlto money, and 1 itmiiL'lii ho was n ItimUlo. nml 1 wnhltua Mr*. M*Ju»eii;in ft* cb*»e|y n« 1 did him. . , if, Whsi wne his nets ami declarations evincing menial exeihmom f , ~ , . objerted to, nml objection overruled. . A. He w ould nm around the room n* If be bad all the hu>Uti'«sn( (ho country on bit inlmJ,«ud Itu woulu UifLi mo and nut know me. mu osmmimNK was wow recalled. Kta additional testimony was a* follow* •. I convrrsvd with htuwart in the early part of April, 18M. 1 was then <;ulte Intimate with him. He always romplnlned more or less nnoutasnru Ihtoal, and lie ucneiuliy aflur October iswuron* united me ofhh> malformation. He always evinced a ureal deal ul nflcclion for hU wife. q. What was tbc stale of his nervous system ana Intellect? A. I never rollecd nnyiblngabout his Intellect, hut he was *»tj nervous. I thought ho was partially a monomaniac la respect to tho subject of hie wile, „ , # 1 did hot discover nay* thing the matter with hla latellcct. Bam«i«nTs work Is an authority on Uic matter of winch ho treat*. Ido not entirely acrcc with him tn ref* ercnccto balanitis. 1 prefer lilcurd Js ilantrrs " Dmt.—Uc always expressed to mo that be thought she would return to him. riu nonBKT j. Aumsox was then recaUed. lie said: I think Stewart commitcd me about March, 1S&;. He had balanitis; (cannot state tho causes or It in his case. The pnrport of his declarations was that be thought be would get bis wile back team. I was visited by a rather stout man, about five feet six or eight Inches high, and of rather ruddy coiuucnanc-3, Croet*xosn\naHon.~ lie was affected, as I have stated. In March or April. Bnmetead is a recog nized authority. 1 dider with him as to the causes gen r rai)y exciting the disease I have mentioned. 2, ‘-*5. 5*»2 Export*. Imjioria. -0.13* ra-iia ;cum 5 »M .Si-rKi Bu»hcl«. •v:vrui ta.S»7 C50.M7 was then called and examined. lie said: I hare known defendant since the latter part of (be 9am* mer of isK», and bare since becu quite Intimately arqntdokd wllhldm. He has been much in my society; wuhave visited each other frequently, lie always evinced exeat aOeclion toward bis wttc, always when bo came to me speaking of her. I went to visit him one evening. and went on a walk with him toward the Adams Uonsc. We were standing outside the floor, and I saw Mrs. McMastors come in near* nacc with Witliam Turtle, and *ho went into the house. 1 went up stairs after Turtle. atStewar-’s n quet-t, and saw him talking on the landing very closely with the woman. I saw her trcqaeuvly at* tcrwaids; once speaking with a Dr. Mills, and I taw her frequency on the street. 1 was not em* ployed by Mr. Stewart, My seeing Turtle and Mrs. Meflasters was accidental tome, but subse quently 1 observed Turtle and the woman, to see li there was not a close lutlmscy between them. Ciosi-exairAnaHon. —Stevvnrl told me the woman was Mrs. Mcilastcrs. 1 am not personally ac* quanted wiib her, f never spoke to her. 1 only ! know her name by hearsay. • lama medical stn. oenl Jest now. I have been In the city since 19G5. For some tine I was the editor of a paper, and I wrote a woikentitled “The Lores of the Poet* " lidlrt not rotate to their intrigues, but 11 treated of their loves. I included Dyron, and ifgSTO a history of bis love for one woman: the same Is trnc of Harps. Stewart and J (icqucntly discussed the votk. We have drank together perhaps a dozen times, more or Use. Jlfi Mr. Dtnf.—l learned the name of the woman especially from Dr. Mills, and horn others. I saw her conversing with Dr. Mills. When we dtank II was beer. Ihj Mr. Fthlfk.—U wbp Ihrce days alter the first time I saw the wenar. that 1 taw her talking to Dr. Mills. was next liitrodnccd. lie said: 1 bare known Mewart Intimately icn or eleven years. 1 have lived at Evanston. 1 know bis gmcra] reputation among Ids associates. It was cood while bo lived st Evanston, tml since that I have not known him su Intim'atc'r. 1 think his reputation was good until July. 18(30. „ Vroft’tjattd*aH'in.~ l lived at Evanston and spent the day mostly at Chicago, at business. J never heard ot bis celling lutoclrl scrape* and thinking at Evanston, iglehail lived near Evans ton, but I net cr heard of Stewart's Betting Into a scrape villi his hired girl. I never heard hi • char acter talked abonl unfavorably. 1 never heard or fats getting erary drunk when the boys took him into the woods that be might sober np. Ilf ilr.Artii>gton.—\ met Ktcwarlnllrrthcaepa ration, in Ohio; bo told mo ol the separation, and he seemed U» have the strongest alloction luw«rd bis wife, hoping that a reconciliation might take place. we were on the cars toecthcf.and wo rodo peibaps an hour locc'bor. j have seen him seve ral iltuei since, atm his declarations were of the Mtnenalutoas 1 hate described. waiJAM a. raoi wsstwal examined, He said t ..... . lam an attorney* and 1 reside In the city. 1 became acquainted with tMtwarl when he wav at college at Evanston. We war* fallowHitttdenta. 1 knew hu genaral reputation among bis Maori* ate*, and It «aa good. 1 have aeen hltaTroqnrai )y since thesetmrathmi he told me be had been lobbed of ids y> lie, and be evinced groat •ftooiion for her, making her always .the su**j,’d of comer* tß £T. l ojra-ncnilrta'lan.—When at college I boarded at the hotel, and n»y mother ima at Baltimore I took part in the college sport*. I drank occasion* aliv. I never heard mention of hUgetllaj on drunks, and 1 did not hear of a tempo oi his wrh any girl until 1 came to court. I .rasa younger sindent than Stcv art, and 1 was there irom IS3» to Ibe Court adjourned nnlll two p. in. ■ ArVKHNOON ahe first yriOitse called at this session was oroBOB i. roavsn, who tcsdUcd: lam a ship chamber and sail* maker 1 have known ilia dcJoadaut, Stewart* about twelve yea’s," 1 think. I am acquainted .with bH central character lor virtue and chastity- I ihlnk It was good. bare beard ay two sons speak olhls character. w w. swim, thonexl witness, testified as follows: I resided with the hmbaml of Stewart’s etstcr, who U ay brother, about Cbristaa*, rCS. Stewart was Ihcrc and was sick. J think on New Year’s night of ISTS be slept lit the hoaee of ay brother, on a sofa in the back tiar’or.>atlon.—l have not been round with alcvvait cinch. 1 have drank with him at the home at dinner. Ido not know of-bt* being ronnd on certain expeditions. 1 have no definite recollection of the date of his slck'iess.- Jiy Mr. Arrinqion.—l believe ale is all 1 saw him drink. *1 be brother of defendant. w. w. stewart, _ _ wa* then brought forward. So testified: My business just now is in connection with building the tunnel under the river. 1 ama brother of de fendant, and I hate known him fifteen or sixteen rears. 1 saw him the month after the separation, atinybo’-se; I bod just returned from NcwYork, and be was in the hou-o. When 1 wcniiabe ccmmci.ccd lo weep. So Indicated that it was by reason of bis domestic difficulties, and ho always manifested the greotest auction for hla wife. In tho following January he went away from Chicago, and I saw him in New York Cuy in Ecbiuarj, 1803, and ho called on me frequently, oily boat ding whore I did. lie continually spoke ot his wife and evinced love for her; he slept bul Ulllejuio spobcof her in Ins dreams. I saw Mrs. Mi wait in New York In August, ISM; she was at tho st- Nicholas Uriel; she told mo that she had been there a few days. CrOtt’CtominttHon.—l suppose lam alawyer by yjoicttloa. HORACE HEED, being sworn, said: . 1 have known defended since IKw or m max ing his acquaintance at college. 1 think I knew bin general reputation for chastity, that u was C °Cross^9 , GrMlnoMon.—Stewart wai round a good dcnl with the collugo hoys. 1 nover heard of bis dunking or being In any scrapes with women, nt d did not talk with Du«*ford about it, 1 uover heard ot Baer's grocery at Chuten Jcu. onniNi.ToN o. rostcu testified, riming IMownn’s guneral reputation for cbaMliy lo have been good. Ho was cot nls ••chum.” wn*» ext called, 110 testified as tallows: J teMdeatlsU Weal Jackson street, and nm a detective, having been connected witu the police business about Dvuytar*. In IB'S Iwa* In tho employ of the city, urd In left! with WUIUm Tuitlo&Co. ] do not of my own knowiedco knew that uny dclccive agency was * • woiklngnp tv Is case, 'fhttterm **wor w “.,',, 0 i» tA .pm-tlu" a i ecfl la Wine*. In'tft'bU of l£C6l a noto from Mr. W, Smith, ro queting an interview; I went to tus place of uiifiness, acd sneke with him. Shortly alter 1 went lo h(s residence, and bad a conversation with the complainant, and was then requested to find ont uliciv Stcwait was going, and what ho rardo«rg. I accepted the icquest, after hearing the name oi the Sine. Nothing was said about nay. I saw him ptobablv about a week after the Interview at the bouse. I have not the note but I have looked lor it. I was at the time of refcolv ivg it at work fo? Chicago. Hell that employ January Kith, lECG, r.r.d in July last I commenced wo;k tor Turtle & ic., and I tulnk I received the note in the early pari ef .November, ISUS. 1 think I taw Mr. TV.bmitb, bail u dozen times. I made noarrang merit r.s lo pay.altboucb I expected to re ceive wkr.ll paid out 1 had nothing to do with the care after 1 went In with Turtle A Co. 1 think It is over tw o mi mbs since 1 saw W. Smith at Turtle’s office. I called on Mr. Robert Hoivey, ba‘ did net him from cont’nuiug in tho suit My object was to pievcnt theproduenon of Mrs. New port, my Met* r, as n witness. What passed be tween us wap fell Icily confidential, ami it was eo rndeiefood between ue. I called at your(Anlng ion’s) office the day V loro the trial commenced. II Dink I asked lo ecc you and tho defendant alone Mr. Airiogton staled that the conversation was nrdcJMoo,'to bo confid-ntiul, and nn implied fnomlsc was given that in a cei lain state of case ic should not lie called Q. Did you tell me Mrs. Newport said that W'sMilneton Smith and Mrs. Stewart came lo her and she got on berknees to gel loformalion ofher knowledge? Iklo by Ibe Court that tho matter being confi dential, the witness may or may not refuse to state tbc matter of the conversation. Witness.—l sought the Interview, and 1 under stood it to bo confidential. 1 told yon I under stood It In that light. You refused to confer with me lalone. My object *m thet interview was tuo same as I bad -ben 1 weot to Mr. Robert Hervcy. Mis. Kcwpoitdid not tell mo that Mrs. Stewart got on her knees to proenre the recital of what she knew. Ido not knowMig, M. ll.McMosters, std never saw her to know her. ido not kmv of any f« male dctcctlv.* by any name. [Note shown.] I do not know the bandwiidug of that note. CYosSHAOWiIfIC/iow.—lt was at the bouse of Mr. Washington Smith, by hb daughter, 1 was told v» hat the case was. She stated to me that she be lieved tbat Hart f- Stewart bad been, and was at that lime, keeping company with lewd women, and shouqucbteti me to find ont the names of the parties. Statement of complainant objected to. Allowed to state the nature of the employment. Mrs. Stewart requested me to find ont If Stew art was going with lewd women, the names or the parlies, and where they lived. Neither she or h»*r father ever made the proposition that 1 should make evidence or employ any witnesses. I did act somewhat. I saw Stewart several times on the street, and did nothing more than watch him fora short time, and that notcontinouely. 1 think 1 saw him on the street perhaps half a dozen dif ferent times. Prior to the time 1 learned that W. Sml’h and his daughter had been to my sister's, I did not Inlorm anybody or what she knew of the ca-e. j did not' go to Mr. Ilcrvcy in behalf of the complainant or any friend of hers. The only ob ject in that visit, or in the one to Judge Arring ton, was to prevent my sister being called on to tesilly. Mv sister left the city oner to prevent a call upon her to tc*tlf>, oed at another lime she kept tier Douse locked up for a mouth. jiff Mr. I)en>.—\ did not turn the ca=e over to any one when 1 quit the police business. 1 saw my Mslor when she lived at No. 0 tytlocv street. I aid not go to see ber. and was surprised when i saw her. fur 1 did not think it n respectable neigh borhood. I Ibink this ws« In the month of No vember, but lam not positive. I did not know that she lived there then. 1 do not know where William Turtle la. liy Mr. Smil/t. —l am connected now with Tur- He's fleonev. _ , liy Mr. Mint.—l saw Turtle about three days tlrre. Wlircss —I paid 1 was snrpnsod to sec Mr«. Newport at No. 0 (Jaincy Ftrce'. I went to sh> wholuro In the hoa*e, meaning to po Into No. 0 ami fluuing mjeelt In No. C. william annorr ncxltcetlfled as follow*; lam secretarylo Wll- Ham Tin (1c & Co., defective*, and have been suca February. J6‘jo. To my hno«lcdire they nero not cmplored by the comida'nanl nil 1 know U outside or hearsay. I don’t know mat 1 Know anythluc about their pnlnc to Mlciu* rnn City, or mj o • iiknow ledge. 1 don’t know If Turtle on» at home on the «Mli of June : he poos away ficnnenlly, but I think ho was. i made no incmurauaum on my book* of his comp awny at that time. 1 hnowa person of tho name of Me* Mailers. 1 cannot pay hcrclrcn name. Iliato Fcen ber hair a down Units, perhaps. I have pren a person of that name In 1 urilo s offire,amiiil ilio time of the Mlchle.vj city affair mu talk of. 1 bare seen her before that ami since. 1 have spoken to the lady myself. Bhc was not much anout the omen. I have ecru her in with .Mr. Turtle, Imt 1 don I know ol her conversing with Mr. TiinnlclnT*. 1 did not hear ‘I urll’ca conversation wltn her he* fme the Michigan City odnlr, and I couldn’t nt (ho lime when she cared before that. After the nflalraho mlchl have called soon. My cojivcrsa; Hun with her wan lo pun tbr limp of day, I alters I hate keen her writing, bnl I never saw hoi write. I suppose wbnl 1 hnvoaccn is rur hnnu* minim. I did not see her writ** fl l«tlor lo Htew* art, nnd no leaf was lakvn from n hook In our of* flee for hirto write ou limit know of. (Note slimtH.l . 4. « 7b Hr, Mnl/A.— l have never pern lior write, rum ol mvown knowledge, I never knew any llml l 11l i:»atuu!aHm *\Vr?/|nt/rr/.—Hiio nt\rrlnft any writ* irii tinner* with mo Hint she m'ktiowlrdged. 1 linvi* pooti n toller wnl n to|»>rl from lirr : limy never cam® into my melody. I unes* >»'• } ttrll*' hei’t.n those b-tlers. I know her handwriting m» fur n' it Ip given l» me l>y number Mnrjy. «m\ !»<*• ).A|i> It* thni wav have mum it limit « tl»«m t me*. *1 In* Itdivr* I have a«*rtii were signed. 1 tlilnU. by hiillnla. Icnniroythnilhe lolioni wvrervplUd ,n /Jw (fie four/,—The report* I have even were fllnfnwnv In ihn regular tourte of Uiialnww. Wilneae- 1 hc’hvo thin nolo U In the liniulwrlt' Iminf Mra.Mci!fl»t«*r*. I donoi leim'iubornf her ►ending A letter to HowAtt after Uio Mchigan City # The letter was then read In evidence a* follow#, UD -I L !tS b Kfc at iLo Briggs llonie where I have been for a week or mote. U otiM be nappy to have yon call. My room t# number ‘it3. “Yours truly, “M. 11. Monasters, of Dixon. “Snndav evening. June arth.” I have seen Stewart in the office and have seen blm tpcak to Mr. Tnnie. He came to iho oiUco with a Mr. Goodwin, boll do not tblnk Turtle was In. That must have been beioro May, iswf. I mice* It waslailcr I first eaw Mie. McMaaier*. I don't Lt-owwbat his business was; 1 don I think lie staled bis business to me, ond 1 don't think be ever alluded to Mrs. Mc3lastere. 1 think he called after that, out J cannot say when. I can t tell wbat his business was, and he did not then allude to Mrs. McMastcrs. ... Crott-fJOrntnaiion I never saw this letter be fore. and have no knowledge as to wbcu or whuro can't tell you where Ur. Turtle IP; I understand he Is ont of the city. I have not seen him since the day before yesterday. 1 beard ho bad concio Kewanve. WILLIAM PITT SLACK TATJUCK CLTUtAN auxk nan* JAMES WEDD next said in testimony i _ , . . - lam# law student tn the office of Arrington & Dent, and was present at the Interview between yonmll andlir. James Webb. Q. Did or did not he state to me that Mrs. Stewart and her father called on them acd asked her what she knew, and Mrs. Stewart got down on her knees to her? , . Objected to. and objection sustained. NATHAN O. CUEABV whose deposition was read, was recalled, and far ther said as follows: , _ . I live at Michigan City, and I keen the Jewett Donee. I rerabemher the aunlr spoken of. I know that Mr. Turtle save me his t ame os a detective from Chicago. «ua j suppose an assistant ot his and Mr. Stowait. Tnrtlcs as sistant icgistcredhis name a* Brown, and fartlo did not enter his name. I think it was ioJno*’, about the Stub, that I saw Tnrile; hw assistant camo to the house and requested a room for him setfand partner. I asked him If they wanted a room wiib two bfds, and he said they did. They called hie to Ihe room. Turtle cave me his name, and asked me If a lady and gentleman came from that tram. 1 said there had. and told (hem they had room No. 5, and showed them into No. 6. 1 went down and sat In front smoking a cigar. Ihe belt rang and I went up. and they , weic standing in front ol room 5. They asked me I If there were any ladles there, and 1 sent for my I wife's sister. We went into the room No. 3 ami had a holUc of wine. They adjourned then to >o. C and had another bottle or wicc. I assigned them rooms, and they stayed nntil Sunday. The lady was veikd and was dt«sed In black. I think she anlved at the house at about eight o’clock. 1 did not see her enter Ihe honse. Tur tle and Brown came to the honse each with a white handkerchief round their months, and with whiskers. 1 should judge tley came in tea or fifteen min ntes after Stewart came down to the office. Tnrlle made himself Known tome and said ho was 11 on a big thine." Thai was In connection wiihhis chancing bis room. Uc stated about it (hat there was some one ho wanted to arrestor detect. 1 think Mr. Stewart left on the same train as the others, at 8:35 Sunday morning. ! Diagram shown.] No. sroom hereto numbered ft. The numhcisarc wion*. Ibc lady was In (he room numbered 6, and hero called 6. The door between the locum is correctly shown. 1 think I first as- I signed Stewart to room No. 8 orb, bat lam not CC CVo*f-«mri!ard.—l was at the office when Stew art came to the office from np stairs, lie regis tered a name, but I could not stale what It was, 1 think “ Buckley.” lam not sure he add-d •* I la 1 dy." Ue did not register Stewart, lie called lor a room for himself and lady. Ido not remember that he said wife, i think I assigned Mm room No. U. The porter showcdbtm to the room The Sorter is here. 110 objected to the room I gave tm, saying that Ills lady was tick; be warned a better room. Then 1 pare him No 5. 1 think we os’ianed him three rooms. Uc had no wine in (he room to my knowledge, but 1 think be had supper. When 1 saw| Turtle In the doorjof No. f>. Btcnarl was in the room, and 1 think ho came down stairs as (ho others went Into (he parlor. 1 think ho ctased the name he had entered on the book. Uo asked for a lawyer, and cunanltcd him as to whether (hey had a tight to lake the woman away without process, Hook him to Mr. Thorn* , ton. lie fltsl went to the Mayor and to a Justice ortho Trace. 1 saw no one tip stairs that 1 did not know. I saw no coal*bcavcts|and nn such birds round (here. The party sal tip all night tin* I heard fllowarl eonaolt lawyer Thornton, but not the Major. Alter the arrest I think lW'> oman occupied room 6, and to Turtle I arnsned No. 0. Stewart was upuUinjaaddowra etmrs and In the street until tw.returned to Cnl- defence offcrcl two letters end the com* plainest admitted one or Aneiiet 21. IBM, a* sr«* sis*, butoscdaleil Angnst 24, 18H, ha«la lorced aonvpce— ’* 1 i now >ou ora good” in It, and noon which under the words "I wish I could ?;o yoa tblsnomcni" has been nnder ecorcd, the lino no* li tt added since the loiter was transmitted. * £. O IATIVEO was again recalled, Uie subject of iho introduc tion ofthe letters belnjr, tor Uiotlmc, waived. Uts tdditloDßl testimony naa as follows: . Mcwa-i nrst told me la the spring of 18.0 that he thouehv noicctives were after him. I can c locate the lime, excepting that It was cold weather. Ho told me of a fact tbit occurred the ■pievions evening. la vie* of ihat lict I gavo him a certain opinion and advice; 1 tala to. hi in that a person acting a» a soy or detective was pm uno J him to Inveigle him Into, or prove, adultery noon him, and he would have to bo very guarded an to where he went to, end to have witnesses to testify. He acquiesced In my view of the fict. The Court adjourned until 10 o’clock this day. A tHKJOTET COXHUOTOU w Tboubix —Lifiyctte W.-Carr, condnclor of a freight train on the Chi cago & Dock Island Boad, was arrcMed by de tective Kelly* on Tuesday evening, at the office of the company, on Dearborn street, charged with larceny. Ill# alleged tnaltboHeight trains which have neen lo charge of Mr. Carr have usually bad a paspcncer " caboose ” attached, for the accom modation of people living along the rord, and that Mr. Carr has In some instances made false reports to the company of the fares collected on certain tripe, and appropriated a ponton or all of the money be received. Ho was particularly charged with the keeping of 811.83 In fare# collected on Tuesday. In, explanation ho stated, before Jus tice Stnrtevanl, yesterday morning, that be had no Idea of wronging tho company, bnt kept the money simply lo make change with, ns passengers sometime* odcred t 0 notes In payment of faro, lie was committed fur trial at the Docorder 6 Court la bail of SSOO. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL! nO'BTAIIY. Wednesday Evening. January 10,1867. The Money market shows no signs of relief from tho exceeding closeness by which It ha# been characterized for the past three or four weeks, bnt on the contrary each succeeding day adds lo the stringency. Tho general business of the city Is dull. Deposits show a very marked fc'ltog off since ” statement day,” and collections aro re ported exceedingly slow—about 60 pur coni being returned unpaid. Th* currency, which has boon shipped lo the Interior during past two or iurcowoik. to n’cniutolM™'™"'”' I ''' crop loom, to move T. ,| owlr ,hroa»ii Tho ovo uttes of trade, as Viono of it baa yet made it* ap pearance. The shipments to the East aro on a very small scale, and until such bvnn* libera), wo need look lor no dour of cuncucy from tbu East. Tho demand for money Is Icmj pressing, as tho largo majority of uurrowora understand tbosltuatlon.bnt the mar ket if uoro the easier. The hank* are discount ing at 10 per cent for Ihclr most favored custom on only. Others are entirely Ignored. In the open market there Is a good demand for money b; speculator*, and loans are made aC } per cent per month, according to the of the borroner and the nature of the collateral;'. Exchange was unsettled In the forenoon, and pales were made between banka at C 3 cents® I*lo dlfconnt—the latter figure for an outside lot, but later in the day there was a stronger feeling, and some banka which were short paid par, at which there were not many sellers. The amount making is light, and none of the banks have any surplus. •Ibo counter rates are steady at 1-13 dia. baying,' and psr®l*lo premium selling. On 'Change, Floor was lifeless. Wheat opened dull bnt closed firmer. Corn closed firm at an advance ol He. Oats were dull. Rye and Barley were quiet and uuchmsecd. Whiskey was entirely neglected. Mess Pork was dull but firmly held at an advance of 25c. Balk meals were firmer and in good demand. Green meats were qnlot but stronger, lord advanced H@U2* Dressed Hogs were active and 10®20c b s ghur. Gold was on the “rampage' 1 to-day, bat at 'he close had tamed down a little. The market opened at 135 H, advanced to 13121 and closed at 135. H The loUowicg quotations were re* eelved by Boyd Brothers, sold brokers: msfta.m J33UI 1:15 p. to 13fia lUHß X*« 1:30 u. m....'. Win 11:1)0 a. m 133*5 | £UO p. m 131 U lo:15 a. m 133 H | 2:13p. m 13i% 11:30 a. m 185 HI 3:00 p. m issg 12:00 135? i 1 3:15 p.m....- 185 S 12:15 p.m 18C | 4:00 p.m 135. Ji Here there was more demand for cash Gold, and the market was higher. It opened at 13tl(, ad* vanccd to 23% and closed at 133®135.H—baying. Silver was n ominal at 12fi, bnyinfc. Government Secnrities were a shade firmer to* day, confined to the gold bearing bonds. The Seven-Thirties were unchanged. The lollowicg table shows the dosing prices of to-day, compared with the thtce days previous: Satnr. Mon. Toes. Wed. Sixes of’6l IDS 1 * 103 103 103 Five-Twenties, ':5 HRH 107& ll»7H 10"’* Five-Twenties,'W lUSJ£ 103 H I05?i ItT.y Five-Twenties, 'CS 105 H 105?* 10J3£ 2lK*»i Tcn-Fortlca 99a Wa ! Wj* 9.% Seven-Thirties, Ang.... lot's IM?* iota 10la Seven-Thirties. June....HUH 10% iota iut& Seven-Ttilrtfos.July. - 10% 10% I'M?* iota Here there was an active demand and the market was firmer, bnt the general unwillingness of holders to sell greatly restricted operation*. Wc quote: 00VXRX3IE5T SECOTUTIES—CHICAGO MABKET. Baying. U. S. Sixes, or 18S1 JU72i U. S. 5-208, ISO 107*4 U. S. S-tlUs, ISC4 103« u. S.C-209. isos.. ma U. S. 5-Sos, fcmall 101?i@10ei4 U.S. 10-tOs, large 30*5 D3»r U.S. IMOa, email lU2»* U. S. 7-30 s, let series 10!*$ 1(11?* U.S. 7-308, Sd soies HUJS l»l»i U. S. 7-80«, 3d series HU** U. S. T-IJKb. small... 10U^ Compound, dune, ....lid 1 ‘ duly, IN USV4 “ Aug., 18 1 115 u Ocl., 1351 11l Dec,, ISSI 1M “ May, ISCS lil«i « Aug, i*(S tut “ Sept., 1805 lOilU * 4 Oct.. leC5 103 Tho Second National Bank gives the following ? notations for the Pnblic Funds: 0np„*81...107ii@... . "-B*»lsmaU) tOGsJ WSOconpous, -Juno Comp., 1951. .!!•» (1a»gc)....105*i@107?4 July *• “ ..115*5 C-20 coupons, Aug. “ “ ..115 (small).. .105 ©IOCJi Ocu w M ..1M 104 d coupons, Dec. “ *• ..111 (Imce).... UUf®.... May “ 145..111»i 20.40 coupons. Ang. “ ** (email)...lC2 © s*op». “ “ ..UNJi T-COsUarKC^.UilHlft.- Oct. “ “ ..103 Local Securities wero dall. Wo quote: < Buying. ficllllng. Chicago CUr 7e mu rook county 75... 35*J I*7 Chamber of Comm'rco 31 It* Cook County Sevens sold In Boston on Satur day at 37. Tho ntlehnrgh GazcVt of yo«tcrday to marks t “ Jho local money market assumed n less slrln cenl tone lo*doy.a»da largo quantity of payer wa« put through by Hie various discount ima-ds oftliocily. Hates outelrto rule pretty sleep, tor lone paper. Iml slinit time notes arc pnrcbas> d at from ten lo twelve per cent. Wo are luclinc'l to lliu oiduton Dint wo will soon have nu abundant supply of money (hit will sillsfy all legitimate dcinunds nr timie, and sufficient to ncnumumul's niciequircmcutaor the general business of our conminnlly." I lie total number of National depositaries br tlio Hulled mates Treasurer since Ihe ti)ntiitmn*itm ofthe system of depusltina Hi»v eminent fumlslhlliotiamliof disbursing officer* wllli National Hanks, Is tUreu Imnilred ami tilney nine. In otdertn proleel Hie United Stale* from natid. itiese rurpumltons have been required to dept'sii nltheTreasury securities in bonds valued niul dangerous tmltallon of Hto five dollar note, national currency, lias quite recently bren afloat In Now York and other ones. The on graving Is said to be finely enrolled, and Hte hill, in Hie main, well calculated to deceive, mm. It may readily bo deluded. In (be ytnuln* the groupof Oolnmhns and bis companions I* corn, pond of/Jr* persons i m Hut cminierfelt more mo but four persona—ilia oao lu the back ground at the (xmqneoml, and Ute moat obscure figure In Hie group (a muting. In the counterfoil, also, Ihe extended arm of Columbus la without a baud. Udla oftbla description un five different banka, Imvo ulicady appeared, and others will doubiteas lodaw. Tbe»o five are ou the Fifth National Hank ofthe city of New York, and the First National Hank ot the following places: Washington, Dis trict of Columbia; Scranton, Bonn.; Cairo, 111.; Bor tor, Mass. —There arc quite a number of s'a of the “OH City Bank” m circulation. As these notes arc tinted “green" on the back, they arc very apt lo pats In a package ol “greenbacks,” The bank is worthless, having “busted * in company with Culver, Penn & Co., of Venango County cele brity. —The Boston AdcrrHter of Monday remarks: “Ibc demand lor money to day was apparently less active, but tender® have no difficulty In ant ing employment for their surplus funds at ihe rates which hare recently ruled. Ihe general dis tnut of commercial credits, which is Increased by occasional small failures and the long prevailing stagnation in trade, serves to retard the move ment tu business paper. •be amount on market Is said lo be not very large fortheseason.bat there la scarcely any demand except for the choicest description. The banks arc accommo dating their customers at 607 per cent on ebon dated paper, and generally have tittle left over tor the purchase of outside paper, wuch parses slowly at 7to 10 per cent, according lo quality. Call loans are quick at 6 per cent, with many transactions at higher rates. «• in general trade there has been little improve ment to notice, transactions being light in all de partments. The condition of the currency and I the uncertainty in regard to the questions oi tarift | and revenue natnrally occasion a good deal ot nu- I csMucsp In the minds of merchants and until the 1 policy ofthe counixv in regard to those important matters shall have been further developed if not settled bv some ocflnlte action on the part of Con gress, bdv active movement in trade is hardly to be expected." —The Baltimore Price Current gayti “ Money continue* In good supply, and the de mand Ib fairly activa, and likely so to continue. Kates are a little better—say 6to. t? cent, on caH loans. 7to 8 ?» cent. on p«tmc oitMncss, paper: less desirable names fetch it with some difficulty at higher rates.” —The total value of foreign exports from the port of Baltimore since ihe is. m-tant, was *255.518; included in the shipments were 95j Midi. Maryland, Ohio and Kentucky tobacco. 142 co Virginia, and 150 do stems, 827 bags quer citron haiV 3.256 brls flour, 500 brls coni meal, •UGbrls bread, 21,352 bn com, 2.200 brls refined -near. 85.057 lbs lard, bams, hotter, ta-low and caudles; 25 brls beef and 960 brls pork. —lhe following table shows the progress of the reduction of legal tender notes since Juno 1, ISOS: June 1* SfiMU'P.rW May 1 •S&tVi'S* September 1 nsuasiT* June 1...... BM.UO.«v October 1... OW.MW August!.... B6S*ST3,SC3 December 1. 620,256,(33 September 1 isol October 1... 854.67v13J January 1... 614,750,430 November 1 &,70T,n5» February!.. 61*,«1,8H Decemberl. M2,323,tb9 March 1 April 1 603,203.238 January!... C25.v35,<35J By the above it will be seen that the reduction between 1305, and at the end of 1856, aggregated |ini61,387. The progress of inflation by the Issue of Nation al Bank notes Is Indicated by the subjoined table ot the amounts outstanding at Ibe undermentioned dates: icStR 1956. jane 1137,779,703 March 4 $933,189,703 July 10 7U9JfAjm April 1 2S?»SJI»jjS August in... iiiy,r.Bß,ww May so Bvhlcmbera. 137.487,920 Jane 10...... aUWS.ftfS October 0... UM,182,52Q AugOillß... November 5. »Q7,919,U8Q September I. £J.0t5,39i December 3. 925,109,835 October 1... IFW. November!. t03,C51,58t Jannarr 7... 9i0.051.5Q8 December 93 8»,«I3,8H» February 4.. 251,360,050 The tola) Increase between June 10, 1969, and the end of 1966* was, therefore. ♦100,510,514- If we deduct the decrease la legal tenders during the corresponding period Horn this amount, we find that the aggregate circulation In Irgal ten ders and National Bank tuxes has been augment ed lo (he extent of |97,(n9,W7 since the beginning of June, 1968. -The following U an exhibit of the timing# or the Chicago & NortbwestefO Ballroad (or Ibe wccLcmiluc January W 18C6. 1837. * 5f1.183.59 8 42,Q3i80 2,753. UO 7,62U>n 1.587.83 8,103.41 PaiFOiccr. Ficlgbt... Esi ree?... Mai!,...... T0ta1.... Increase. ltC7. Tlic canning* of the Western Union Railroad for the firm. vrcck In January Trere 19.7 K. (in.oie same lime last year; dec*.*aae. fsJL The receipts of the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad loribe first *o2k in January were (81,1-JO, against (70,139 eame period in lefid; Increase, * 'ihD earning* of the Michigan Southern Railroad for :|ie flret ucek In January wore (67,WU, against (75.C50 corresponding periodlaal jear; decrease, receipt? of Iho Marietta and Cincinnati Rail road for U.* murtti week in December were against(39,B77 ram© lime last year; in crease. (2,oSX Heir York t*tocJc Market* CioslDß prices itf cash. Janaary ifi, 1567» rocelTed t* Joseph M. Mora 4 Co., Broken: Ist 3d i l»t 2d li'd. B’d. | B’d. B'd. N. ittUf tT.S.dpereeot _ Bnc(com) 6*X boada.ißJU US M. b. (cum) WV* 6pcr cent . O. .... 90K 5-30coap„*6J Mljf Kuck Island.. ICIV 8.6 per cent C\4K.'V MOconp.,'sl. .... 103 Y C,4K. W-pfd .... w TJ. B.eper cent P. 101 QuicMilTCT 42k C. ».# per cent • W. Union Tel 46* 8M0.......... .... »k C. AA. (com).. .... 100 Tr. holes,«3-10 Bor.AQ 131 Istaerla* IMX 0,4 M. Cert- *iW U. fl. 7S-10.M lludioo Elver iriklsenM........ .... IDtH 111. Central 120 K jU. S. 7 3-10, Sd p. ftllwtf iwfl I series.v, 10IH Curve. * Tol 1» f Amcr. Gold 13JX UXi , v Market—lit Board weak. aluoardwear. CO.H9IEBCUL. Wedsmdat Crnraro, January iq, ISO**. Tbc following ta:-loa ahowlho receipts andthip* ireutb of Produce domur the paat Iwonij-fouc huun nccEzrxs past . ~ . *.«» W.IM'J 8,300 . 21,390 10,977 . 9,709 13,45*1 . 1,193 1,973 . 8,139 . 43,630 19,HU) » 0,700 eoljio J7J ai 91,380 13,000 4,310 2,171 18,160 a,mi 0,091 3,873 9,318 0,017 918 461 77,350 41,133 09 SI 33 CS 810 00 Flour, brla tfbeat. bu Com, bu Oats, bu Barley, bu. . (Jrart H ccd,lbs.. Broom Corn, lbs, Cuiud Iklcou, Da. Pork, btJs..., SiW-"" "■ --.IOW, Ibß Dun or, tta I>. lloia, No ... Uvc liour, No.. t'nlih*. No. Hide*, Dili nii'iiMiics, iuid. Lumber, u in..... fluuj4W<Ta rAßTTwejfrwocii uocss. 1307. 1810. . 1,031 1,001 ... 0,900 8,470 .. 650 890 .. 1,125 040 440 .. 3,370 40,500 253,120 .... 120 J3O . 3 SIMM ' l<87l) 552 Flour. hits Wheat, bn Corn, tiu Oats, ba Ityc, ba............ Itatlejr, bn ~ (>rat>* lbs... Broom Coin, H>o • ■ cured Aleut?, the.. bett, brig Pork, btl? Lara, lb? Better, lb 3 Dieted Hops. Ko. Liv Hoes.... • aitle. No. Hides, ins I’lghulnes, brls, Wool, Os lumber, Shineles, LalU, m,......,.. Salt, laris flour ajto g&atk xk store. The Folio wine table, compiled from the o facial reports of the Warcboosemcn to the Secretary of the Board ofTradc, exhibit the amount of Grain in store In this city on last Saturday, as compared with the amonut In store, at the same date lost year Flour, hrls. (float, bo. Corn, lm.. Oats, bn... '. 124,513 101.465 Barley, bu 332,MS 306,775 Owing to tin* advance in Hog*, the upward ton* deucy of cold, and tbc Improved advices from New York, (here was a much-firmer ftcliog in tbo Pro vision market, and kicker prices were asked all ronrd. Mess Pork was held at an advance ot 25c over yesterday's extreme figure, with sales of 1,255 brie at $18.75 (or City, lor Country, cask, and $18,55 for City seller first week in February. Buyers were extremely reluctant to follow the advanced views of sellers and at the dose, round lots could not be placed at better than 113.50. In Prime Mess or Extra Prime, there was nothing doing. English meats were quiet, but firm, with sales of 290 bxa Cumbcrlauds Bulk meats were In good demand and a shade higher, with sales of 50,000 lbs Short Bib at UJaC, loose; 20,000 lbs Dry Salted Shonlders at 7*iC, loose; 00,000 lbs Bough Sides (a few days in salt) at S£c, loose; 50,000 lbs Dry Salted Should ci b ai7c, teller February, deliverable at Milwau kee. Green meats were quiet, but firmer, with sales at 914 c for Dams from Slaughtered Dogs; 6»4c for Country Cut do; 6*40 foe Should ers from Slaughtered and Gc for do from Dressed Gogs, and 8c for Bough Sides. Lard opened active /and the mar ket advanced HQUc, with sales of 2,455 tres at ll’jftlic for prime steam and llVjc for old—-clos ing with no buyers over lir*»c, and sellers at 15c. Tncre was more doing In Grease, and the market was firm with sales at SJiGSJjc for Yellow and MJc lor White. Scllmc. IQS iQS'i lU3i£ The offerings ot Dressed Docs were liberal, ord under an active packinc and shipping de mand. the market advanced ll'SHOc, with sales at $0 7C'(37.2s—closing steady at $7.0u©7,10 for good lots dividing on SOU lbs. The WhhKcy market is lifeless. Honest man ufacmrrrs cannot compete with the Illicit distil let?, vho have now the complol? control of the business. Free Whiskey is selling in a qmet way a*. tS.ISigS.SO, and Bonded is held at Sue. We learn to-day that Alcohol can-be imported here at a cost of S3.SS@a.SO per gal lon, vlille the lax on the Llicbwit'cs mlflclentTo make a ration of Alcohol is SC.7O. There Is a gigantic fraud being committed somewhere, and the sooner the lean Is stopped up. the better for the Government and the honest manufacturer. Flour waa lifeless and not enough was done to establish quotations. We report sales of some ao brls nl JJW 5(3 10.73 for P]i tine Extras, and 17.00 for spring Supers. Wheat opened duV, but subsequently a brief speculative Inquiry sprang up, and the market rinsed firmer. About 03.000 bo chanced hands at for No. I; $ 1.87@!.8fl for No. 2, and fi.CS for Rejected la regular houses—closing firm ot f|.B3!sl.£S7« for regular No. 2. Corn opened stow, but subsequently became more active, and advanced jjc. Tbc sales foot np K’.COO 1m at '.“hdfc'SWc for No. 1 and for UiJi'C’td-dositiß Arm at ISMOmBIJc lor No. 1 In stoic. Oats were dull and unchanged, with light trans actions nl for No. 2 In atore. Jtfo »as quiet and rtvfidy. with sales at tor No. 1, nud MtoliftC for No. 2. Unity was quiet, with rales of No. 2 at (13371 c, according In location 5 43317 c foi Keiccled, and l.vrtrf f t.% for sample lots. Tallow was quid, with trifling transactions at I’.'aC. bromic* worn Arm tinier Ibc Influence of (bo mlrntirr In but J'Hcm were miclmnacd. Tbe following tclotfiiuns were n«d on 'Chang* In-dayi Nkw Voiik, .linmitry Irt. Hour 10c Imvor nml nnlri m siini.VflilP.iiP. Wlu'fil rn«l(’r fliid iih«riitt<il nl (s.ttv'WHn, t orn Itcitrrnt'il iittlrt n* 5M7 in olnro. Oi»u ph«W. mm iiiitft nMi’:«MkV. I’orlt iH'MfPftl fMPftT'4 fir n,ii, ninl s.‘iP,hi for now. Uni firm nt f.iVi'% (iolit, 14-. S I'ATKn. Flour ftiontW. Wliunl’lli'ftvy, Corn dull at ei.n. Uva, ir.iic. uotit. iso, I/ATKII* In tlie Qlkrnonn Hie Drain markets were qnlot at Hie closing figure* on ’Chance, Provisions were firm, with soles of 100 hr)* Moss Fork at $ pj.U), tioUverud; .NX) lul* do at $18.75, buyer first week In February; sfXMtila doatFeorUon |i. 1.5 40,<*u(l lb* dry sailed Shoulders at 7H<s looio; 40,04 h) !?•» green Sides at f*»c; fIo.OOO lb* green Short Htb at S*£c; 20,000 ft*s green Shoulder* at OUc, delivered. The market for Deer Cattle was fairly active and steady. and Ann at previous rates. The receipts were 1,17 C bead, and the entered tales 1,917 bead. These were divided between shippers and city butchers at prices rouging from $3.73 for Inferior mixed lots, to $0.75 for choice shipping Steers. Nearly all were sold, and the market closes Arm at the above range of prices. Jive Hoc* were active and buoyant. There were about P.GOO head in the sale pens, which, under a lively compeiiilon among packers, wore readily doted ml at an advance of s®Wc on the closing rates of yesterday. Sales were made at a range of $5.75 for interior, to $0.30 for choice Hogs; chiefly at $0.1036.25. Annual statement ot ibe Commerce of New A ork, [From the New York Journal of commerce.! We have compiled our n*ua! returns of the total tor* clgn commerce of New York during the last ytvr. ibe total Imports have teached the enormous au-n of three hundred an! Ms n nitons In foreign gotd vsiuc. If the freight and duty Is added to tbl*. and the whcle Is then reckoned in its relative value la our paper currency, the total will fall very little below six nuudred million dollsr*. We need hardly add tost as tblsaaountof imports is without a precedent in the history of the pert, so it I* likely to remain without a parallel In Uio «rcceedlnc return* for many ye»rs. To snow at a dance the«bange* In this trade since ISM, we present a comparative annual total lor sixteen years: TORXSQS U4POWTB AT WZW TOfiS. DatUMr. FrPeGooot. Specie. Total. ISSI fll9-iab26l I 9.719.771 f 2,019.543 IST.? llS,:»'s»»3 12.125.WJ 2.4J5.2J3 129.5t9.6W ISa 1T9.9t5.413 1215«.:57 - 2,4».053 194.097.01 ISSI 1i0.49Um 15.768316 2,107,572 ISbotl.l 73 1555 )43.t«a.661 14.ir0.9J6 (C\&lt 157.860.133 ISC6 t«37 154.V79.0r* 21.4JV.W 7S.«9Vm 25X61X129 l-v ? 15X57X256 TXffit.fitl 2,261.120 1M.567057 icj9 VU6«-V«3 2J.TW.TJ3 2.816,4*1 243.16X316 icm ?n.*JI.W3 2-.OOsi.4JT X»2.330 235.J60.160 IBCI »,3Xi59 3X-CX9I9 S 1fi«.78X790 1562 .... 150..... 17021.756 11,567.000 U 25. S U 197.611.377 l«»l 904.125.136 11.731.90 J 2.26X673 31S-IS.7W 1565 512,70X501- 10.110.537 2.121.751 221.712.t10 ISCC ;S4,PU.3OT 13,001,598 W7S.OW 306.613,191 Entered for Coaiumntiou. 1563. 19M. ISSI. IS*? T0ta1*...f114.577.459 fIW.9SS.SII $12X457.175 *163,900,623 AViKrnl /or Wtrefoutino. ISM. 19*4. :565. 136*. T0ta1.... fCO.IJi.S37 f99.139.4S f 53.711.116 |120,3J?,*53 Ene (tocdJ. ISWL 19W. 1956. T0ta1.... fn«3C7,CCO f11.731.50J *10.110,837 fI3.CCt.SS3 Specie, 18*3. 1564. 1573. 1865. T0ta1.... 11.525.511_ TWO*** Imvortf. 15WR. ISM * I<W5. is*. T0U1....»1?7.r*».5M fns.l»,7rt) f3C4.71tU9 J 306.613.151 Tl74M#o«i» from Warfhome. 1563. ISM. ISO. I s *. T0ta1.... f30.W1.1C7 fC7.450.7W CLX*HrICATIOS OK 111 POETS AT JftW TOSS. ISM. ISO. Ifttt. nrTcoodo fn.N0.733 Wi/Vs,iss tiajiuns ««*ralmd»e.... 141.5m.3W m«M.fuO »£»£» Specie S.sM.Ga 3.133.731 170.513.300 Total l9port»..rn'.m.7n 1V4.74U19 W3S.GU.IM MSTXJfTK FKoa CTROIU AT K*W TOW. J? 64. I«6J. ISM. Total fiXvWI.m.Tl $101,771,905.91 f125.0W.761.60

TTetowtnmtotftpexport**and the fleurp* which lo low are cblfflj representative* of p«per njon“j ml* ur*. The export* or nre mostly elrca at their couctrdorule ralne. hot shipment* ot merchandise are rechered at their market irice in cnrrency. Be fore amne the montnij detain we preaent a table of the export), firing the total shipment* oi the year, cx* cltwlreof theprc-lnns metals: xxrcffr* rsoa mw to*k to rnnxtov roars xxetr- Btt> or sracta. 1S«1. IWM. I*o. l**. . T0ta1.... fiw,*i*«a (nt,sa£i3 tm.crww iirsajwsi Krt>ortt if Domettlc Product. IMS. I«l. _ IMS. , . IMS. Total f164.N9.1T7 lIOI.SM.W) f 191 «7,«l 1130,013.90 KbrnQtt fret. \m. IBA|. IMS. ll«. toui n.unjii u.ia.ui IJB.W lai’ /l»pr<0« PitHabtf. uwu Inst. iw». . um. Total.*** fyittle and Jhtlhon, IM9. IMI. IMS. IMS. ToUl Kt,WH *30.T0.«1 momoj *»» Ibtal Kjeporit. Toui...,|t»lS>,i»i mimu,io U«M».«i iuuuM* 1 Drceaed Dora In Detroit. Tlic TriLuue ofyeaterJat saya: iho receipts rail yrpurtedUUamorciacon'Ubaate a ten Ratal D’loar ca-hCfl. nearly and which wore lor cny consignees. Tbecemano bas been unite, but Bayer* oad s.-iicr bave been a pm, and the lnartol oa the whoU hi ruled roJlier qaicu l’ack«w freely bid 7o for Mary Me. lint *eniTß demand TKc. The Uteillß-nce from, the New York market read on ’Change, In lic&ltaz s . unproven «xt of ,HOVc. rather alrcaiiiriea <, 4 their vl »>, bot buren* mil rvxvraed the nnretta* tto rmallto admit of an advance,and hence tney h*r* Generally mil end tj Satirday’* rales. white aed»»s pave Hr red tbelr sucki lor another marcnl rather than ptrt with them at any conresitnn*. The tram* action* haveb*tnS6. dtrldmc on SOT lbs, at *3.71 and »7.CO;a3»«ncdlvl*loD,ai#roOan'if743; 9 alt heavy. Bte7 00;35,aTcraj:lDs2'j0Ib«,Btr7J5,aad 60, averax -ISB 273 It*, at 17.125. . | Philadelphia Provision market—Jan. 11. Prices are onset* ed. and the market eoatmus* very dull. Boa 1 sale* are mid-.c at *31.50 F brt for t two ere Pori; jiaiPcpn lorptalo •udlancr h.e ten hseoo hams: 13313ife feTplcileddo,aadSX®9c IP a for calt shoulders. Meeds in Philndelphm—Jannwrv 14. The rrcclpu ofUovcr *ced are Irtulor.aud prime or.hluy is wanted’ small •ales werj made at Feins. 200 bn prime Ttto'thy sold at 63.73. Flai led crate lorward alowiy.and coomaads 9 bushel. ■ Hblpmcotßor Wheat from Oresnn. The British ship iUry Ann cleared Iron* rortlio't Orrcon. on December Sid with Z 1403 sacks—iSJOo hnahsis—of wheat for Liverpool. The quality of the wheat was excellent, and a larce trade la craia be tween Oregon and British porta will doubtless spring up. Philadelphia Floor .Unmet—Janvnrr'* 4. Ihc market wm QHlet to-dar.lherebetas no demand except from the boa.o otuatncra. who par/’, oQ iy enough to BDpplr ixmetUate •waaM. 8al»- ofaao h r ii. Inclndlm: tnn*mne, at f& extra* NonhwertertrafamUyat ntao^i** blcl Ohio do at (IUMUA and * ••£ • I £B2 S«u*o <SUIio. acccrclnx to anaMjr. 0 ?I?u, *t »7¥ brl. Nothin* dolwr in ©o'- Byeflottf sciuM p jfflea!. Baltimore Prow* Btockaarall**-' . *»ion MarUet-Janaarr 14. which a Tif» .1, but with the exccnllao of bacon, for In very Ur , tatr laqnlry preralu, all flojcrlD'.lonj are Uftliy' '*itat demand. VTcanotobaconahoaidan at Aliy >forjc»bt*tneJoU: old stlrt, rib and clear, at u h' .‘/-•.‘lew dost l3rtl3Sc; •n«ar*cored hatn« at 17» *«•**• "iikafionlrtcrant tw; «Jd<*» at V}{e. ctj a~d it- - .»*rn lard In brl* at ItSfe, and tUlttmoro retlnci do If*.. Market Ann at U»« dote lor bacon, and , > cry UMlc buJJi meat offering. Seeds to llnltlniore—January XI. CloTcr it ouli t but firm at f? J« th<s mrrtet be insittbtlriappU'o. Kotti’ng of IxporuncoUuinß lo olbci varieties. Umolhywe quote at SJ-30£'J.W per bu, aid flaxteed at (2.W 4 3.03. emCAOO LIVE HI'UUK HABKEI, . . Dma of nu Chicago Tiubdxi, 1 wkuncsdat, January 10. { The foltovjßff table ihovri tbo Q»Hy rcccipu «ad »btpmrctAof Lire stock darlas the week op .to title ermine, o* reported by the Bocreury of the Doloa block Yard Comp any: Hand*; and Monday • Tup* day Wednesday Total flame time lau week., Wets tociore tut TtercceljiU today were by ihctolloirlocrouiai: Dy Illinois Central H0ad.,.,..V1*?' * oW £j Hy lluriioirU n A Quincy lUiao. n,7ss ltd By Ht. LodU 4 Alton Hoad «J jm* .... Oy NortMrofctcrr. Hoad... 117 j.ow .... Hy Hock Island Hoad M* l*j« .... Hj Mlciiicui Central Hoaa i 7 »,i Hy MUhiqnnl-ouUirtn iro Hy tirent Eastern Hoad 53 Hy rnubur*li.s:Ft.W. Hoad iw Total 1.178 W 73 337 The shipments to-day, auditor Ibe week opto'uu* cT«Jnjr,wm: Rnrdsy and Monday. Vfetettdsy 3i5 Stt .... uen 0 35 .... . 13,010 437 ’ 121 313 131 93 30 930 559 Total 4Sfi ' SO .... •acc time tail week..... 1)2 3C6 bhJpmetta to-day were by thi* folto'xlnc routes: cattle. Sheep. 171 .... .... By MlcWean Southern. Uy UlchUun Central.. Tetsi jn Sales today, as entered at the different Scale-houses, were as follows; At lillncla CccU nl Scale. AtC.,D.&g. scale At Alton Scale AtC. A N. TV. Scale Total 1,377 S£CO 191 BEEF CATTT.F.—Though showing considerable Im provement In point 01 activity over the three or toar days preceding this. the market was tar from being In 1867. ISG6. . 60.157 49.587 .674,023 I.W-J.730 .535.941 523.439 .573,9:1 702,835 a catlsiactory concltton. The weather was severe, thoneb not eo much so as to retard o;entlon8 to any considerable extent, and with a fair attendance 0: bay, era and s liberal supply of slock, trade opened with considerable spirit, and with the exception of a elicht lull about midday continued active to the close. The quality of the offerings, though not folly up to th? rev QUlrcmcnts of the trade, was better than the average, and to tuts fact may be attrlouud the improved coo* dltlcn of tbc it arket. Trao69caocecmbracel,?77hc«rt, which were taken lor New York, BuEalo and Pittsburgh. and oa local ac coant, at prices ranging from ea.TV3I.OO for Inferior mixed lot*, Including poor Cows, stags, Bulla and Osen, to lair butchers' Cowa and fair stock Sierra; f 1.75(39.90 far good Cows and good clock Steer*, to fair fleshy Steen, and $5.753.6.73 for Rood to choice shipping Beeves. The character ot the demand was suUtaaUaUy the same u rioted In onr previous re port?, good tint and second class Steen and good butchers’ Cows being the grades chiefly inquired for. Twocrtlirceofthebest droves were shipped Etst on owners' account, holders not being able xo realize a satisfactory price here. Frlccs were fully sustained, and the market closes firm, with less than SOD head unsold. The fallowing are the prices correct: Erfra Dferea— Fine, tat, well-Cjrro»d. 4 to 6 years old steer?,and averaging 1,300 ns urd upwards $5.5036.75 Prinir Rs'-rci— <>ood. wcllfatlcd, fairly form'd Steers, averaging irom I.IJJ to 1,400 tts, at 6,0036.23 Fatr Grad**— Fair Steers, in fair flesh, av eraging 1.0003U200 ft«, at.. 5.0535.75 ilscUion C/r7»«—Medium Steers and good Cows,fit toretty slaughter, and averaging SOOei.OJO lbs, at 7 4.25a5.03 Stock Caul'— Common Cattle la decent flwh, aTtrnginc SDoiat.W) tti, at. Inferior— Ujht ami thin • tows and Steers, ruDgti and coarse, averaging GK&S3O ibi, a U . - 2.50£3.50 Forty-six h**Acl extra Illinois Steers, avenging 1.373 »s. oil ears, at $0.75. Ihirty-nveh.adßood Steers, averaging LKC a». ted bdi! wairred, at 13.75. Thirty-one tu nd clWre Cows and latr fleshy Steers, averaging 1,14'. as- at $5.13. Fonj-mnebcadfalrsteers,averaging LlB3 as. fed ai d watered, at $3.29. TM»tp#nUc»a fair butchers* Cows,averaging J/J.’S tt* at *4.55. I'oiiy bead common mxetl lot, averaging S3O as. led and watered,at f I.CO. Ekhtcen Lend medium butchers* clock, averaging I, as, Twenty beadmctllom Steers, averaging 1,073 at, at head prime Illinois steers averaging j,335 a*, at $6 so. Tlilrly-foQr bead common butcher s Steers, averaging J. tt(«,atf 1.10. Sixteen bead mixed lot, bteera and Cows, averaging POO as, at $4.40. Ten Him good stork Steers, averaging I, O.j as, fed end watered, nt $4.•’3 V, Twelve bend good butchers' Cows, averaging 931 tt*, olTears, atsl.s;*<- tlOUS.—Trane opened lively, arcl nnder a cond licaitby eompetflon nmone packers. prices on prime grades experienced an advaneo of 3<>loc per 100 at. Fop vobipc. uneven lots, tor which there was a less ac tive Irijuiiy, there was no essential Improvement, though yesterday's tates were folly stutatood. Tran sactions embrace P.MO head, which were taken ctclu- Fivojyon local account at price* ranging from C.'.9 (Ur coarsclleht tloasto lair grades, averaging from 1% to ar> as. and $5.10(30.30 fbr good to choice lings ftvcmglDfjrrtra tlie rales wcie matient and within the range off led® t.7>. The p-.tis are nil cleared, and the market closes steady at therangc of prices clvcn above. Bales Include tue fbHotlngctrorcsj , HOlhlrtinroti 11pcp...... 4'.'euo<l cri'ii li t K'i;cMHll>nrnti Ilo»P... Ri• liolc*'rvcu lotulTuirp...... hi I'flmr Hoc*.. famine nna11tt................. U>TOftTM>UH»IV 11-w 4>C(x>iiov«tt ltV«M«wl Imion 11uu«.......... 91 41 Pnliid ijiimilr........ 4f. imvf’im Int rci'ottiin'inlnt........... i*liii'r)ntlii(lil !!«<• ........ t0**11ii(4*................... M'.|iriitin 10t........ ............ 4fiii<iti , *"rrii ili'tfn ........... ro r»if Ini M KiHNI IiBIHiII 11 lift ftijfi tvh Mdmxt rvvn llctf" «■}},, )rOf* P4in«* W »*.nW wm a lair ilomsml UMayon local arrmtnl.and lit* few offering were readily clo»e I out M Ml Tin* generalfeAinfp* of ilia inarselilo i,.n rtiiirr in any wwnlini varllvnlAr (tarn U»i iwv**l In «iitr prrvlniurtpcriA. Moot) to< n*>lra muttonu<inUtt«u imuboni (tie only gradra Icnnirvit for, ami for<iu'U Hi* market 1* Crm At |>reviou» quouUom. J’rlcM range at |3.«\is.W for Inferior to rliuiee. i r mail* <•» (A' tain o/ utnler (4e) ttorage, uulcii othtt »n»e fri rr»*eil. WFnXDiiuTEraxmo, JanaarylS, is6fl. FRElGHT?*—u*ii.i:o*t> Fitaionre-fhe fallow* log is the joint tarm on the Eastern roaiU: U 4Ui T)rs'd Kates from Chicago to— clan, c aw. Flour. Dogs. DcCblo, N. Y (« 47* 94 .so Toronto, C. W 63 47V 93 80 MoitrrauC. E 1.33 » I.W X.« Albany. N*. V 1.30 Wtf X.S3 1.40 NcwVork 1.35 90 1.10 l.:u Do*ton and Albany I.SS 93 1.90 I.M Ho-u n r(a Grand Trunk 1.33 95 1.93 I.M PorilaLdrfd Grand Trunk 3.10 1.40 Philadelphia 1.15 S 3 1.70 1.10 Uaitlmwre 1.15 » I.TO 1.45 i’lttsbnrjth 73 30 1.00 70 Cleveland, Ohio 43 35 70 55 JcCersonvUle, ind 45 S 3 73 .... Cincinnati. Ohio 43 S 3 64 65 F I.OU It— Received. IW2» brls t shipped. 1.U31 brl«. There is but little interest manifested In this deptrt went of trade, and the roatket to-day was dull and lifeless, with but lew buyer*, although prices were Eonilnailv unchanged. Sales were: Wlvteu scpsus— ;obrU(Du:namcn)at (T.OCUT.IO; Utfeocxn Wiatecs —O6 Iris (not named) at $9.50: Sntiso Enti«-230 brU 4not named) at (10.731 lOObrlsrto at *9.7}; 1M bris do at (9.37 V; XW brls do (I. w) at »9.23: 1W brh do at fll.tOi Sprite tn-EBS-iybrls (col lamed) at*>.£U. Coss Meal—Sales of S h»r.s coaree at Sa.OX \VIIEAT KcceiTCd.2o.ol9 b3j ihlpped, 2JWO bo. Market rather dull, K ut closed inner, bale* were: Sncto WneAT—ijOObuNo 1 at (2.13:409 tm do at *2.13; 400 hu Sc. 2 at fU-9; 37.000 bt» do at #IA ; MKObudoat I'.Flw : 21.000 bu dr* at *l/734; VTO m do »t l-SIU; 2.0 T l>u do « ,1.5'; HU bn BokrWl «l «l bs—an In regular houses—clOrins.Trm at (Ua»l.B)V °C*MlV—R?wlvcd, 54,790 bn; shipped, none. Mar- Vet opcnedddUbot suosoquenily advaicea >»'c. sales were: 16.W0 bn No. lat 7S,V«: 1.7 Wbu do at 73 ,c; 70.(00 hn do at 76c; 3.0C0 bn do at • >c\c ; 5.0/0 bu d 4at 77)iC; 4to bu Rejected at 52S ; 5.600 bu do at Wc—C OS- Ir UA^J^-BwoT(rt. C shipped 654 bu. 3Ur kctdn.l and ulthout material chaiute. bales were: 11.000 bn So. 2 at 4034 c. .. KYE—Becelved, 1,436 hut shipped, 1.12/bn. Mar ketquiet andsteade. gales were. SDc il.vOObadoaiSsc: 40C bu No. 2at Ssc; 800 bo Co I, £\lU.EV—lte-cKfd. 3.™ uu; m ilaraeiount and steady. &-»x« we. e: at Tic <ll, U; 45C bn vo at 67c (Rcsnlar): jM hn R?; jccted*i47c;4lObuoldai 43c: »v svjplk—SWbaa. |1.»; 440 hnatSOc: 400 pa at 70c; bust 60c. AlXtinOLr-Nominal at per ohcra. ThtrctsEcthiag of cotseqotncc dome ID the Jeait.- Salts were; 10 tons in bags at|U.oo;s >llddllcc> ftt 535. CW. ... . . . M -, BHOIIJt C’OltN—Dull and nominal at J100.M3 ■netta’trt coatmuos qnl-U with prices nominaty nnchatpTd. The demand Is confined tv choice table Icx-slarvocuU Other iceltd. note sale* of 12 3tan« CookUU B liter at 13c ; 5 flrklr.a prime at 23c; 11 packages at 2i»c. Fricea ratpe as follow#: a/ a - SSiJoriViiS'... g” 5 jifilNlJ—Thfre la no Improvement io note la Die arnerai character of the market. Trade Urerjr llsrt» and price* are by no means Bnn. «« ‘imne. m National A.J bn.»eanil<« linen. Hi 2 rmonA.abo. do Six, llluols A.Slm, do £*2 ComEarhancc * IX Stark A. cetton aeamlcM S-gX Lewiston a. »<o £•)£ At drciroßßln do S'Si American. qo S’S Hearer Mill*, do ntutdd e, do SjS I'cnn Mills, do mi imu do 2 2 sico. linen and cotton S7JJ incKtwood. do V.V.V.V.*. Bdo gnrinifitld jioo HnrlflpNlhu, No.l Jolt? E CHwSS—■ntM*iVUwV fcVoidonelitis dentrf mrntVt trade, the demand b-lo* wnSn«i dcrifttrropplyinc cttncnl wauls. luostocks aroam* pic. Tt'Clo lowlvcare theroltn# ratess New York r«cn»ry(aetiuine» •; £ Facto rydillnoi*) }S «|i ® 555 f )i¥cY«"tßsSh.l»'Vuu '.donjr. .ad yc.rtjrnrdtino* iUt.p..t Kr.u—ltri.'llliM do urn .or r - ( ‘go Clktx t, jui r*—' I V.t ■ r H'Jl-v*!* *“•*•* Oo MUipIW UKtOx* •••**» 'Mi „„ 23 3 | UctW«*£ y& fcWftUUm ” ,w Cattle. Hose. Steep. IUT3 997 ...1.*77 17,010 967 ~JWW W.'-'IO 477 ... 3 W Cattle. Softs. Sheep, CMMe. floes. Sheen. . iff* 2.750 w . 331 4,000 92 . 23 460 . 101 1,730 3.73®!30 CATTLE SALES TO-DAT. Doa SALKS TO-DAT. At. Price. ....VI „.,nw o.»i c.o) ....tii o.;w ....•■in ...,7TO n.n P.ia ~..bir n.n ....mi cum* ....MR fl.Ufj ...,7»n ....*» h.W ~.,31.} h.MI fi.d ..,.3*l n.»i .....nit n..'i n.i»» ~,..311 ft.M CHICAGO UAII.V MAUKF.r, Pitta toe; Ul'ooia., Tride*t&Sr*’wM*i’*oVfle b-.Uor, and pruts screens. We quote: - Bio, cemmou tn fair - JJ3,® u»o, “•ijA® . Bl*-. Prtn e to choice •• C«'o**EKAUK—MarVet Oro. Sales »ora. 4W rJrk Barrels ftfl.Bo:lM do at \ cj£lf»d do at *l.»de.: 111-l*rd Tierces (oo track) at do &t In moderate request and *Vaiy at 37@»c for limed, sod 30@33u tit Ireaa la tnxrs or tohs. Xlicenj.oJT Illiberal. _ is , FflClTsi AN« NETH-The wjersl“ qejet,withfricesnnchaoaed. WoeontloQelo.qaots. asm*nrens. . ... •Apples, F hrl Lemore, Malts* Cranberries, cultivated..... PUB) f CLUB. Cad Peaches, F dor. 2 & can*....— Apple*, utw l*r*cli«,baWes and tpiarter*..... Peaches, pared........ Blackberries, new. JR b Ilaspberrit*. n«r, F B —- Cherries. pitted * Elderberries, F B Raisins. Infers —• Ifclnnf, Tatercla.... • bests Sordine*,* boxes. , fit. F i Almonds, bard ebelled~.„ Alraondf, rott stellsd..... *"* Almonds. paper sbfiUcd. \ p&»nuta.F B Brazil 3«nta Filberts.. French Walnut*, Tie* „ Ksplcs Walnuts Pecans, msU Und large BldsuryHois, FS U * Chestnut*, F b 0..... 1 Fli-W'"- sxo S 3.55 . m alacic. bciiMT limited principally K> . locw lOT.M. ¥£ M «■*">. «“"*'> ■>« «• cwrtre. Weqnote: *•*«'» 7« •* W hfl . 9.OV* 9.21 “ No. 1. klta, new 3X£* 2*5 »• family. Mu l.a*iO Oodflah, Back, V IJp fta 2*&5 SHS »• Ucotre'a Hank J*! Hake .......... 9JtM BJH Uenioga, drl«ij No. I, V box « wwaior "iS"S ,w iViiaiwi **” WcCßWcd,!w WU; ’ ,Uppea ’ * bru. Warm dull. *’*■ w*c«Trtl, 0.0011 »MppM. I»UKH**KI> nOUft*. ‘■•Mif. Saloawero: jwn*. ilarket arilte, and 10£<Mc C 7 31 217 extra MW at . ',9 syoaa, at 7.13 S IQT •• ...ft*. 7.10 *.3 “ 330 ft*, at. 7.09 50 «• 7.m ao *• voo it a, at. 4i)o 37 •• rwaa,nt 7.00 ICO *• 741 fta. at 7.00 os •• JWltß.Bt 7XO 2l i *• .... : rjs W 9 In lot* at - 7.00 bUKUruUoROD3OO i>i,at 17.00 U 1 •* 300tt»,at 6.90 and 7.15 icoo u sco ft*, at 6.57* 71s •• TOO ft*, at 6.90 aud7.ll) 13 •* 3CO its, at fi.w and 7.00 SOI “ 300 SB, and 7XO 319 *♦ 300 ft*,at, 6,75 andT.W W) ' ** Be, at 6.70 an*. C. 90 « •* aoiftJ* »»••_> 7.00 and 7.10 —dosinir steady at »r good lota dlvld* 300 ft*. ft I, «... ft*. at, at... m “ 27 ** UAV—ls quiet iboagh firm At the prices given be- TVtrotEEALE PhICES. Timothy, roller and b«ater pressed ...fl2.»3lsV>o Tlniottiy.KKfcprrsscd ISOO.^mjIO I'ralrle, Dealer pressed 9.00£10.C0 BET.VtL rCICES. 1 laioihy, roller ard brattr pressed Timothy, loose pressed isxojew.oo iTalrle.roler and boater pressed 11X0313.00 Prairie, I on wapoc. delivered OXwtIO.OO HID El*—Received, 77XS0 as; shipped, none. There Is a continued active demand fjr »hlt*meot, and with no material Improvement in the supply, the recent ad* vant els fully BMUlncd. "We repeat onr qaoUUoaa of ScsTerfay: revs Butchers* nrec& Snltod, trimmed, tlrfiD Calf. Klp.Grccs Sailed Jry Flint. trimmed 17 &1S c Jry Silted, trimmed 14 <sis c Gtaen Patted, pan cored.., 9 ( t gu'c I ICON AND STEEL—The demand is fair, and prets rale firm at the tollowlnx quotation. We quote: i.'ud man Oar... Horse £tof Iron. Heavy Band loop atd Licit Rand. Jonod and tqnarc OVftl Half oral ana Half Round s *a 6*c Sheet Irrn, «■ «n moo 7 <a;.... Eheetlroo, Galvanized,l7x23. .20 a .... sheet Iron, eharcoal 9Sfa .... sheet iron. Juniata l!X'4n c Norway Kail Kol* .11 dive Plow steel, German ait c plow Steel. e»ft 17 «is c sprint* and Tire Si»cl.EnKil>h li ats c Tool Cast Steel, ordinary sizes .78 O-W e Tool C*a#t Steel, American.. a? 3 c nattered Steel 10 oe:tO C Ru‘(Ma t Kos.9andl6 13 c<Z3 c K«»»la, Am., Ist quality, pMI «;tW c iais«la. t u c Aiu.. SO quality, p sheet tUC c I.EATIIEII—Win limited demand, thouzh with a abort snrolj uu hand dealers are hukuhk flrmlf at full raus. «e ouote the rtaruct firm, with an upward las detcyln prices: City Harness, V Slaughter, Sole, t. f 80A 40 Buffalo f 403 45 Country Ilsrntw S6 Slaughter, Sole. Line, Vft 4£3 44 Chicago. No. 1. 403 43 Ktc, medium, p Slaughter, Solo, ft 1.15(31.20 Clitcaco.Ko.3. 31* 37 Calf. ?» lb. 153<*1.60 Bncnos Avrci... JW..« (0 Vpter. * t 001... »* a tltlnaco Bole . 373 33 O'unity Upoer.. 733 15 Orinoco, good. Collar, PJCOt... Z 3& 34 damaged 313 S 3 OAK. Hlaurhtcr Sole,, 533 5> French Cali; 31 flames*,? ft... 40-h 16 as 2.1033.25 Upper SO3 32 French Calf, 35 Rip, Xo. 1, me- tts 3.0333.10 Rip, Xo. 1, _ momes,Fdoz^o4XV3.9ihoa heavy fß®l.lo I.UWIIKIt—Trade In the yards to-day was brisk, and the volume ot business was somewhat larger than It lias been for the past two weeks. Prices are flrm’y maintained, and we ceneat our quotations: Lrvnsu—First Clear. 1,1 *4. IX and 3 Inch ¥ m V. $63.00*65.00 Second Clc-tr. 1, Ilf. Hi and 2 Inch hs.nj^eu.od Third Clear, Inch 50.03355.03 Vital and second Clear Flooring, to githcr, rough, the same os Second Clair wide 50.D3%55.n0 Ccnimm Flooring, rough aS.OD* 17.03 MntchcdanaDrca.-fdCommon Flooring. 40.0J3U.00 Matched and Dressed g-inch Common Flooring ,W O*5S 00 Finland Secosd Clear Hiding, together. 30.9.1*11.03 FlritCommon Dressed sU'mr ktdva-n.wJ Wngrn-l'ox Boards, select. 15 inch and upward* ; 36.00 *12.(0 A ttock Boards, fi-tru-M5....... W.W! 03 H Stock Board*. 12-inche» 24.0J327.03 Como-oD Boards, Joists, Scantling, Fenc ing. and Smalt Timber, 12 to 16 feet long 2100*21.00 .InUta nnrt Scantling, 20, 'l2 oed It feet 23.00329.C0 Joists ned BcanlllßS 2».03 SiiLvmxr—A or star Shaved Ehlngtc* 4.53 A or star Sawed Shingles B.oo* h£o No. I Hawse Shlndes 2.53(4 3.00 l*ani— l*cr m in yards SJ» Bv car-load by .Northwestern Railroad, delivered In any yardwhcrocarseanbe Bwltchcd, ur any depot: A or Stir Saw ed «Mn"lcß, bv car-load^on trac« . ••• * '*« AcrStarscavea omugn>.oy carload, on track ..... 4.00 No. 1 Baaed Shingles, by car-load, on track 2.33 Three dollars a car-b ud added when transferred, which charge follows tie Shingle? In freight bill. aItIXQLB STAMPAKP. . . . . Thlrkncsa—Five shingles to be two Inches in thick ness. Length—Sixteen Inches, llui iis—Twemy inches. niErAI.V'fSfiI'TINSKIIS- STOflK—pier. 1« no rlObftf clung- t<» rune in thi general character of the market. Wccotdlnnc to quote: TIM. ZIMP. ROT Tin rinle. I C tat quality, i"»sk ; *tW IP\H $13.00 Ist quality, she'll 11 Large Pigs OT Stab II Srrall ITcfl S' 5 .. untmiT wihe. Bar Tin W **"«•;••• \\ cn-fEtt. _ 7,Hand 9... H Metallic Al* Bot J... fn in and 11 Id Cupper Bottom 05 12................. .U Braidersover tap.*.. 43 1.1 and ti............... 13 HliMilngs, llloinox 45 Hand in in llAtmlT petal, m 10 Ist qtmdty 22 i2“* ?m Antimony 20 T? Fine Holder... m Fenfeatame*..........lo AAI l.s*-*Prlcei niloflrm. .Wo quote t M » keg..............fVat 3d .....................I’M* 5it,...,.,,,............. I.N) 1 id,0n01t1ued.......... 0.3 fl rd...................... 7.7T* I H» Ann nbinil,lo,7l Rot Htd<r0«............ 7 W ad A.D cmii'h Sei . ........ v.oa Ojt.h.Un market I* yrrytiwU. aid «u niwt dtj* petiiHi.itiaiiralrraaro shadmif mere Id otlrhl. We Inekr tio t iiAtitfu in utir «iu<>uuoi>r m fitilo .Ituwml 411 J.... I l* >l3 ,mured nU.tMdlr.i • JW (tlivr . Wlinlrmi. ,aft|(ii|,rtUn,. l'.? 1 j»r»loil, No, l tvtnier .ant oil, Mo.», * “J*) L* iauk4iit,roiiinMi)i i MlHdDrlMl..... HpenuOU.Sv. n ..4*150 l.n)>ri<«umt()il .'nfctiir oil H'.'M Smtifix.l (ill 1.K0J1.10 PAininN 011,-1. in ilcuiond and firm at iho prW« given nrlnw t , latlmn, I'farloncl Carbon, ■mall 10ta... (*540 Cored ««*»;» ITU Ul. I'urw, an't JClttJ ft* Lard, bhlppod, »a Cored Meats, and tun brl* fork. . i»n. Fork—KcM26eWshtr. Ralrewerc; MObrU at Sin. 73, ca»h; 50u hrh, first week !a February, at $46.75; 125 tirla Country Me** at 513 SI»<: 1.0 nrls «n on p.t.-clo6ltK with no payers over ilSwd. cash, tor City Standard. Hulk JOrftia-Martcetfirmer. Fales were: 5%0M Itk -hort mr*at9Hc,loo-e; 70.000bs Dry Salted nhonk ders at 7kc, loose; CO.COO as Rooett bide* (a tew cay* ]& .alt) at BVc, Icosc; CO.OCO Ba Dry SilCii bhould:fS at To, ecllrr rebrnary, deliverable In Milwaukee. fcncliMb tirnla—Msrlcei qnlet but firm. Saw* were; SW nxs Cumnoreands atuve. (in en .tlcnta—Market a shade firmer. Sales Were; 7CC iKa lUm (s n) at 9»,c; M 0 pc* countrv cut at fives fi.C4«pcssl outcere (d b>at 6c; 20.0001b* do (s h) at •A'.COu lbs crecn side? (last eve) at Bc-. lisrd—Market opened active and advauc®u IS9UC, theueb at the close bnyer* vrere unwilling to par the extreme Improvement. Sale* were; WjO tea p*lme •tramat«cs.V4)dealll!4ei do Gust ere) MttStt l»u-sold at live—closing with boycta of prime at ir.c. nndieilcpsatl3e. .. w . t . . i’OULTrt Y AM) GA7lE—Market steady, bales w»n: if* doz dressed chickens at *U3; 3 doa drrwed t. 700 Ibßdrersrd tnrklwatlSVv; 800 lbs do at 14c; C9O IPs <*o at Re; 4 drz lire dn*B* at f 350; 3 doz chickens at (4215: S 3 doz rabbits at 50r. NODA AND SAI ERATU*?—Trade is moder aieiy active and prices remsm unebaosed. *>e con tinue to quote: • « 15*bM«fsMedlclD4l Uft' 5 !},, ® ♦* Pure Delano's tbrtnlcil , c *• Oralthy. 12V»<UJfc ♦* UhKUVe The genera! market Is mojcrewiy ao tire, and dealen are firm in their views at the louow- latsiwc i Porto Rico .........12 fi4!3Vc ■ N. Y. ReOntd, Puwdtredaod Granulated.. ..16V316VC White A....; 1 irrte A .tik®!/, 1 !® WMtet( t -.‘tt 14HGU5VC Esiroc:::: Yellow 5?,®” ® Ornirri f«/S Oxnard C. extra New Orleans prise. New Orleans Ulr UJ»@t-W8 SYRIIFS—The demand la ataady, and price* re malr quottbly unchanged, we quote: S»w Yi rk Syrup* » Sfl*H VeCow Drips MM*!-" Cuba » Porto New Oflear* Sf 1 -® philadvlphUßee Olve tin c“s?*» Ke,: .?" r . 5 » •• •» bngar Ifcmse 75? 81 SYED**—^Received, 42.1P0 ft*; sMpped. 13701 ft*. Markrt Vteady. Bale* were: 5M hip* Timothy at sl^3; I do; IPO bags do at SUO ;SS bigs do at Hi* i'tSkSmS shipped. EObrU. Uirbet «m*ipprlV«llS “Salept hprl, >tsls3.dpUT ertd. We quote: * --- . IS Ground Al’am... Turk’s Inland, bags -•» Ground ?olar. * —J? Dairy, with sack*.... TLere*s a fiVr*trade doing fbr this season of the yrorT *od price* role steady We quote: f ftVa , (A Venn* ujson, superior to fine, F ft sl*#»3l-*® qa extra to choice, ? ft Impoial, turertcr to fine, F ft do extra tech-ice, V ft... i Gntpowder, inferior to tine. Vft i *do extra tncholce. ?» ft..... i Japan, natural leaf,finetaextreftne.P ft.... 1.»4t.n i do do fine to choice. I* ft }<2i4l.>J I do do colored, 1* ft -vA:'*”,'” , * se ’A , - J 0 TllßArcO-Conlmues dul! with prloM cajicr, I th r ueb nomtnallv unchanged. W« quota: \ I Choice. 01.J5 j Medium n « S j Common a (» ‘ a j SMoktitoToutrrp— „ Virginia’! Favcrlto ?* gl-W . Choice « 2 S ii 2 S i. Common !• a w Flvo TonAtco— „ _ e 1/iyal CJMrfti .... 75 (ft F 0 e rattucri* Delight W s* 73 I Natural Leaf l-« «W< c Half UrUbl.. gj MI.D r Chctre Dlark, icund il ® £J 5 Medium ig « S c0mm0n................... M « 70 10 Navies.... JJH® fi W VlfßltiU 1M and ft ....' (j (4 J K \VtMM» n -riV(oVf.*i‘iVtw(jy,‘asa Si b u;». v.-‘.tei'vv Co 'w.lluT-ii^VTWlVpnßV^VpprtVßoß.* ,gg quick Nviaicaiv(K)iU<l« KAUiiOAfl TIME : 14. U e.fca 8.00 5.50(* 6.00 CBZCIAO AMD WATBt AHD STS SIX DsjrErpra ' nighi •— j! 4 *?* JimM.nic Accoramod’n. - Fuitouandcedar Bap' _ mitonand 10wa.... • *d« ■tMAfUin .nil Dqt ...... I*»du pi A* OiuUa* IS 'D- jelfc.. *9:oßsum. 8:00a.m,, (todStortral* onlelth.. •IfcOOp.m. * dSST Fox aim. •nOOp.xa. llilPa.c, ■ §££?£*' i. *toop.a U:loa.iL tocngyattF -jKjp.n. e:«a.ja.. Sxqm xn.trA'CSEXPiTOiox. ' , ftsr •%ooa.B. •&»p.n s* -roT.!" »4:00 p.n. *UMO m. . • jght Accommodation. 1:45 p.n. 5:30 a. m Kenosha Accomaod'a-.. 4:4b p.o. 9:15 a. m. Waakepm Accomwoo'r. bWp.e. *:M a. rz. BosehiU, Calvary, anC • • Evanston I:Mp.a. i-JOp.a •Sundays ‘Satc’isyr excepted, tslondaje cxceotcd. wcaieAd cLXTOi.I s-tiu£i>—on ca orv&xx jr»s*r. ..T96h 0lW» ...13 0) ai«J? ..aaoo OHIO 25 » » S A S i.6s »ir P.i r <» « .1 & ss 63 © 6S C 8 15 » 16 4.50 « 4-55 19 H U , 33 (% 21 S V U 39 0 55 sa a « , 30 A 56 I3*« 14 . 23 & S 3 17 3 18 11 9 !U » a 2t #3 5 S 3 Morning Exprose *S:So t. n. *3-45 p. n. Daj Exprcar »»:oOa.m. •I’ffiOn. v. Evening Exprew 15r4Up.xa.$*li:iip. zs. Night Express; 1*0:13 p. mr {3:55 a, xc. cmcisKan asu LOCimixn taxnr?. Morning Express *7:00 a. n- *iO:Ssa. a. Right Express J&OOp.n, *11:00p.n XirEZCAH SOUTH XBS A2TO IXS UDOXX UN*—DP roz COBKSS TAX BUHTS AAB BanSMAX 3TB3XTP. roussu uan. H.lto Ml TV T. Mall *4:lsa.a, *5:55 p.r Day Express *“:»» a. m. *31:03 p. c. New York Exprtsi 3: i 5 p. m. tl'-hUi o. c Nlcht Gzpreu t*ittOP p. c. *6Ce a. n Li**. WaU.. *4:43 «.Ei. ffisW a. n. Nleht Express jlttOOp.a. *5:33 p.m. pirrusaags, toa* w*rsa as* Chicago. Mall *cSM«. n. fcl» a. a. Express •;:00a.t». 12:30 a. it. Fail line.. 8:15 p. a. rr.i.Txrua Day Passenrfoi ,332 Night Passenger t.fcOOp.U. a. Kankakee Aoconrqo£n. •<;OS p. fc. •'hjs a. o. llvdc l*ark ana Oakwooo o. m. *7:43 a. rr. u « “ ........ *is;iop.m. 'SiMic, u *• “ .... *3:3op. n. *l:sop. r, « ♦* •• *3:53 P.n. *7:20 p.C CHICAGO. BtmLIKOrOS AHO OnHCr.*. Day Express and MM... •SiXOa.m. *9:oop. t. GolcfbuiKPasecngcr.,.. *3:oop.m. m. An’-jra *3:oop, d. *9i^sa.r>. 'flight Exprow *12.00 mld’ht 1 5:50 a. a. CHICAGO AJU tr. tom. Express and Mall Si?s«* S* IS a m 9s«p.n. »do a. id Joua and VttaVagtea »ccotuiuodaUoii... 4.00p.a. ft” a. r jj-....., * a:iu uasat uu7*aw—<titx cuccnnuti UAtLBOAO* OITOt. CO». , '*T Exjirtw.,,, Night lZ;r?9«. roa iHuiAnirozia, tom Night Expre55..........* Colupbua Express tatalng Accommodation CS3CASO, BOCS UTLAVS A Coy Express and Mail.. Nleht Express Joliet Accommodation. •cunday excepted. tM nxeeptod. UNIOS STOCK Tj Leave Madison Street. i Ci.Hi a. m. 8:80 a. m. IfcfO a. m. liSO p. m. S:20„ ...p. m. 4:43 p. m. BPNDAT V 6:0) a.m. | a. to. 10:20 .a.m. 11:43 ...a. m. I'iiSO .p.m. I 2:30..... .p.m. 4iJd .p.m. I 5:15 p.m. The followlnir latte new table Tor the arrlva and departure of malls from the Chicago Post Office for the winter, and now in lorco: y lira CLOBX. <P» 0. CHICAGO, ILL. MAIM AItQITS. ■ m n m. ' 0. m. p. m. P iuS....JIIcJt- south. R.R. .... I*3o &15.... ** “ ** &S 5 *» u u .. 6:00 11:00 IftUim Mlci.Ccclislß.il-- Ij.™ g. ; g •* “ .. 0:00 8:15 icol—Pltu. * Ft. Waypo Ita; S;IK •* ** ’ *:I0 **** lift m “ •* *.♦ 6.00 11:00 ia.*uO 4;so ...Great Eastern 8.-R-* &5U 10:00 jgjt'O ..New Albany <t salt® 8:20 11:00 6:to 7:43 Galena Kaiiraad «10 ~40 12:00 ii;(>o....Llxon Al? Line.... - .;£) 12:00 g:w)....Kochl6lan<llttilroad 5:15 ijW S:)0 3:oo....Northwestern «. R.. 5:45 8:30 6:00 2:45 .VIU-aiTtce Hail rood. 11:30 &2J lil O 7;45....111in0is Ceulral H. B. 7:00 0:00 12:00 T:C3....5t. Lonls Uoilroad... HQB’T. A. GILMORE. P. M. 7 O 11 ®n;<c IS «w c It 615 C sva ch'c 6 (* fijfc eyaiovc 5 ifa a*<c Kcto jiluljltcattons. Geological sdrvet of illi • KOIS. A. H. Worthen, Direolor. ASSISTANTS—Prcf. J. D. Whitney,- Prof. Leo T.«* qccrcai, Mr. Henry Eugkman. 1 vol.Svo. Beanumlly Ulujtrated by the Western Engraving cc. PRICE 91.00, VoI.I—OEOLOGT. TABLE OF CONTENTS; ’ Physical Fratnrfs; General Principles and barjace Seolopy; StralHrraphlcalOeolocy; Tertiary Depaslta and Coal Measures; Snb-Carboullerons Limestone bo rlts— St.LoulsGroup, Kechan Qroup,dre,; Devonian and Slluilan SvsU-ms: Genlovy ol the Lead Redon; Report cu the Coal Fields of Illinois; On the Origin and Formation of PrMrles; Chemical Report Jor the (tcoioclcal Survey of Illinois; Oeolocv of Randolph Co.; Otology of St. Clair Geolocy of Mac Don Co.; Geology of Hancock Co.; Geology ol Hardin Co.; Geology ot Pu.ftt.klCo.; Geoloev of Ma*eac Co., and tbat part of Pope Co. south ol BleßayUlvcr; Oaolo pv ol that part of Pope Co. nortn.of Big Bay River. For sale by. S. C. GRIGGS As CO , Wholesale and Retail Booksellers &sd Stationers, R 9 and-11 Lake»st. THEOLOGICAL TfORK. rrrTM, saowif & co., 110 Wasblngton-eL, Boston, have just published J THE CHARACTER OF JESUS PORTRAYED. By DR. DANIEL BCHFNKEL. Protestor of Theolosy at imdtlfrtrg; vans aud with ni-tu«. fry w. U. Fen* D. kvols. Svo. st to. bold by t*. t. GItIGGS itr GO. U9aad-I1 LaKe-st. •VTOW BEADY. IN ONE HUNDRED CHOICE SELECTIONS o rVI---Mn S lon* of the flarrrsrt'’voeltcal a funded Imp nr. Byl’ref N.K.liichanlMn. IHOname pap*r.SOc.t Cloth,<ic. Address P. GARRETT* W).. roulUbets, 702 Chcslcut-st., Philadelphia. Mailed free t.n nrtlpt of priee ? ___^____^__^__ ©i ’it ‘“’learners. O' NLT VJEEKLY MAIL LINE TO LIVtIUOOL. ! £HIM LINE. Cue oflhn Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Cn > n ncnldcent at d P> world! steamships, sails Irom ' PIER dO. North Rlvr. N-nr York. EVBUV HATUUIIAY (mall steamer), AM» BVEIIV AVEI)NKf*I)AV (extra stumor), Throughout Hie year. l>«rU»« vtsUlns th* I’nrls Kxldbitlon will find IhK . fr-r speed and ace -mmudAttuu, equal to «">■ oilier mail imr, «tid very much cheaper. I'aMouaers booked from ; , ' A Pinned m-tnpif »'f sifetnaw paw*«ner* wilt bo , Inkenni anew rare R«hy any oilwr rmo. ! For particulars nud to secure ltcn‘l Wot'n Atfrtiti ft I DeaMiuin M„ fide (IT.(ft 3=iitcvpt , l3Cf.;. p HEAT “WATCH HALE ON TIIK I'tllHU.Ml ONK IMIM'K Utvii'if "Vyry pairoit * ua«'l«Mia ami rsilali a Watch for ihe low HfrnOi IVniMiUN, Without r«tf*M luvalup, aim u*d N paid fiu wi»lb*4 panvcily i»»iufactoryl 100 Mdihl (told llnntit BWatcimi.... too Majrlo c’a*mUuW fJ L» MO nwUiluV Ualobrs, enmiiPMrtl Wd W M u«Uu)<) llitLiihs uiiromuiuUjrtSatcbai,, #wui ,j*i SU» Gold llnntfntf ► tiuUsh levers Wj to £$ tthOGold lliintiiitf Dupli'i Wqh'ht’S JWJo WO Wi Gold HuuiUß American Walchea l«jlo U»l bliver llmmr.a Levers Mto 1M WU silver IlunUnu DOhlexe* WJ** <W &60 Gold LaolrV Wati Wto SSO l,Uo«cld\lnnttosUvlnea Mto .4 ).r«» MIH-thatii'ou* Klivtr Watches Mlo 110 Hunttnc Buver WatchM VJto M &!u0 Aosorird Watches, all kinds lOto W Every patreu uLUtnaa Watch by Uilaattanqemmt, coatlUß nut $lO, while It may be worth 1T». No pare* A Co.*a Great Onion Watch Co n Manufacturen>, J4O toroadway, N, Y. City, wbh, to tniiucdiatcly dUporeutibcaliavemAttnlfice&tatock.L-.r. ttflcatHi larnlne ar tines are placed to scaled envelopes. Holden are entitled to the arccres named on their cer tificate, npoo payment ot Tea Do'lar*. whether it be a Watch wi-rlh fTNA or <re wor:b less. The return oi any of our emtflealea eistlU*« you to toe article* named thereor, upon payment. Irrespective of Us worth, and as no article valnro ie.s than #lol* named on any cer ttOralc.ilwUlatODcebesmi that this Is no Lowery, but a elralcblforward Indtlmate transaction, which m»y be paniclnated In evea uy mo ** Aslncie CerittcatewUlbc ••nthy post-Dadd, noon recHpt of A five tor #l. eleven tor #2, thirty • Sirecardvlrrarit prcmlna firf3, aid more valoable premium tor #lO, one hundred and most su perb Watoh lor #ls. To acenw or those wi*hJn« em pfeymett toU 1» a rare opportunity- U W alccjH®*df* It ernducted bustncM, duly aalborUed by toe Govern ment. and open t*' the moil carvlul scrutiny. Try ns . Broadway. N.Y. TV’EW ORLEANS AND HIS&IeSIFPI \ RTVKB PORTS.—The Atlantic, * Mississippi S&amship Co.’s fast and elcctatboats Iwe Cairo on amval of Illinois Central evening train from Chicago UKMFHiS. TICBSBCBG. SENT tx. ce>. vnn' to J AS. VV AlllhAvr., for P«s-“ a cent, A 1 Cldcago.. 53usiiiESS Catbs. ■pum & JEFFERSON, COMMISSION IBEHCHANTS, OFFICE, 201 FEOKT-5T., J'SjSStso-J MEMPHIS, TESK. 'Literal cash advatceaeeta made cn conjlgigenta- QEaT, HATTEN & CO, ■Wholesale Commisaicn Sforcfcaati pro. 50 McGocpst.. Bi*.»g?pFltndG-aa..) DESVKB. COLOBAJXL -TkRESSED hogs I AND WTEIGUT LIST!# r?nrtitahed CTatl*. RUbeat market prices tusraateedt vncivlKtnnimade.* Corrwpoaderce aollcued. rrociptrcn: & CX) H Ren’l Com n Merchls. iu^> w VTashln gtoc-ft- Chlr.agn.llL TDATCHELOU’S HAIR DYE. -Vh| g gpicndld Hair Die la the beat In the world. tiata.l«e£ reliable, Inaununww;. the oalr I’exfect iw. jj 0 aisappolcHDcnt- No rtdlculoqs unt*. but irr:» to nature. Genuine algocd WILLIAM A. NATcn* ELOB. Fold nr tirnrslats and Ferfucerr. Factory, »1 Barclny-iC New_Torjk^___^^^^^—— rr'KUSTEE's SALE—Public notice is I hereby siren. Ui»t I. Samuel Cole. 1? P J ‘ , f 1 “.'”15, c with the power* in a certain inurommt contain*!, da “d November JPin. A. D.. 1566. cx«nM W »% Whipple A Co., and riven to i*mre«iq P*f JS c s«»ellwt *ip£uyff« »> *“» >'B*' boWr of raid note, on Monday, tlio 21st day of January lust., . tin o’clock la Ihc forenoon of laid day, •SitelSK. ciVmiSui Silverman, No. TJ Dearborn •*“£ rhfejtso. aeli!«t public auction, ibr earn, to Iho iVJhwi Mifaef, 1W of Iho capital Block oflho «ffli National Walk.’ of Btlolt, lit Mm BUtoqfW rnnato. one btomlMoty tote, dated Utucuq, May ij, fir ft b«s iMA errculMl by W. Il.ritmh.pailajjlflrj ih* ortlof a demo WaJUlhwi flto mon'b* Cblctrs January IMhlHtt Fcrnerly of Jam?*'J*ck Hospital. itototnJlouso-sL, . New Orleans, an<i {Jr the Isstslv years located In <2hl* cape.'Caabecnf.BnltedfQlilscew apartments, ot aad 93 ItandalpVsL. #ofn»r ot Doartnnvjt., CMcsjo, ll]., (NS.vtXT ofk’csn'H ms old OFrtcs.) upon'the treat. . meat atd core of STiminmc; Chk'mic, Sixacnßian, nrfl nil private disease a. ti Üboat Mercury. lodide po tash arsenic, w any poison. bat with a nectrallxcr,” tbe rair.B as used InblsTJowOrlesns practice for thir teen year*, and Whlofa galped'him SO great a reputa tion.- ■■■.•■■ Spermatorrhea ana impotencr* brought on by «aU abasc,exceta. or entailed* with all Its hereditary train of symptoms, treated and radically cored oy an lalalli blc method. Office hmr* from 9 a.m.toßp.m- Post Office Box C9C. CMcaso,m. Separato’rooiLS and consultations cocfldcctlah 0:90 a, m. lir.uo p. a. 0:0a p. tt. 450 p. m, n-tu AgD odtcisnstl tl:30 a. m. KW3 p. ts ftiiop.m. 8;80 n. n. G:3o i. m. 10;W p. rr.. ft do p. n. 8:50 a. m. fctJ*. a. ftOO a.r. s:uo p. c. ~ _ PA.COTC JUIUIOAB. ♦9:00 a. ♦s:.*Wp. s. liou p.ta. •5:45 4:40 p, bj. *¥MO a. c today exempted, jbaiortiaj TMB TABLE. Siocli Yards. 7:10.. a. m. •J:IU a. to. H:3O a. in. U3O p.tQ. 4:00 p. m. 5:10 p.m. trains. 9:3s gTraiispotiation. %air £>gr. ilcgql. ’is tmci'sM ; Bclxnbotd’s Bxtract Bactm Give* health and visor to the trams and bloom to the Eallid cbeck. Debility is sccompatu*dbyci*nv a’arm- Dgsymptoms, and ti no treatment U mb milted to, cocsumptfoß. insanity, or coUep‘lc «.ts ensue. Private Ulntten. In an Private Ustten go (or write) to Dr. CLARKE. 07 Clark st. Doth sexes consult Wta conedentlallr. fir Seed stamp for circular on late Invention for Uarrlad People. Fstnalt HUa (1 per cox. nr Setd sumo for book tor victims of setPabnse Address icttits DB.CLABKk, No. 4 Chicago. - Take so more Unpleasant and* Unsafe diseases. F*o ntlahold’s Extract Bncba »nd Improved Rose Wash. TheGloryof fflan la strength. Therefore. the nervon* nod debilitated should bams diatcly use liclxt, Extract Dncbo. Ur. Blgclcai □avtoe the confidence ot tue pub) c and the medical mcuivr at large, u the icon rtilab s pbys'etan lathe dtr fbr chrome nervous »u<i »cxuu. diseases. Call at his otfice, 170 South Ciartwu oonwr of Monroe. It wuis separate. Consultation free. P. O. Box 134, Hieguide tohealth, puWDhed monthly, teat fr» •* any audrtvs. fflenhood an* Vigor Aw cgalncd v> nelmbold** Extra Buchu, llclmbold’s Fluid Extract Bucbn I* pleasant In taste and odor, free from ail injurious properties, aid immediate in its action. The Wonder of the Asc, Is the great iucccm thst attends Dr. Iloscabers** treat* meat of all chronic and private diseases. Over WOO »tru restored to perfi'Ct hralth In England last year liy Dr. U-’n method of tremnmet. Cox»cltatiox K»««. V 25 ueaiboin-sl., Uooma 13and 14-P.O. Box,i,,»,uoiv.» r; - dlM '“ p«-»n«r to Cf fcpcclalaltCitW ftC ” females. —- Shattered Coiwu* tu ** on * l.rilorcd by iKmoold'# fcuroc* UUcnu. A Ready and conciuslvoTcat 01 the prcperttisoftfelmbuld s Fluid bxlrict Hocbu will he a ci.mrsrlvun with those setferth la the Lulled time# Dispensatory. Utt Tbonuon« Proprietor of the UMHd aad anrsica! militate,l7» south cunr-*u hat treated a:i !:rm» of venereal tUa* care with unprecedented lar nearly t irtyvvan. spematoTThtea and impulrncn treated vnth the nappl* rat rt»mu. . Particular* of the institute and thcQuldt mailed lr« to any acdroa*. P. O. Box 73, Chicago, llllLOl*. Enfeebled and Delfcalo t'/ODsUtutlouo, 01 both texea, uw Belmhold’a Extra;* Bacho. 1C will clvet>rl»k*x.d ci-asctli. Aulxus sad eosMc you to s'evp well. ißtbical. JL 1 h ‘TT.e wcndertui prcprtM or Medical beam* dailDcUiciiasi*^v<TTr#oniy,rcaJfrTi;r'o* w &L idhle for the conscientious Pi.yMclan U, <2» - ■ *i </ dare, now, UMtConcamoN la ns atß TAtXLT crcnxP a* /»» (rrmuimt >Vr *r. and as on TATCIT peeTEXTBD &9 .Small FOS,"—IUV. Charles 3 Sine, Jf. D. LI- *>■* etc . KING’S PHEI’AKGD PKESCKirnOS; Made frot" the Proscription er Ker. VHAS. B.KINS M. I>. LI.. D., eun, for the Prevention and Cure ol COISTSUMJPTJOISr OS ns MOST ADVANCED STAGES,) Forthe KaJUal Cure of ASTHMA, OIIONCHiriS, CA TAtvRIL ardall KtfecUru of the LUNGS. TUKOAT and AJU PASSACKs: for <,'•iirrot *od Special t* rantjenent* of the NERVOUS SYSTEM; tor /border* cf (beBLOOD : atd.'cr a!I Functional baoraers olSsf #?p* and Pcttei*. 1 Umuirdiauly tacrcases the ttrevgt* and Seepem the color ofthcyw/f otosJ. It soMoes tbo antf J-erer, and dlmlnbbcs the Hri-eaeratton* It cV.rSw tb« tiiabt eieeaU, always. la from atrm t n/ourUe* <wy». The uT-l'eUte la at oacc larv/-. rul'd. and P>e pitl.-at ro pUtta caiaijitih ; th** had tLc difficult relieved; the sleep become* calm anfi aiTtue uusbbal symptoms* of cossumf- TION, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, »C- DISAPPEAR WITII A HEALLi* *&TUNI6IUNI> RAPIDITY. Tins PRESCRIPTION should &e ostd to emy cast w here the physician prescribes ;‘Cocou Mt.vrrtKV •-To.vtr?.” Isos, ACIDS Back. Orcvuc. Cod Lives Oil. *'■“■ EsaAEKXSowft. In which sh»re i* exMfrlteii any cl or more nt the following s* VJI PT« »»?• : Difficult or Irregular Brcr.ihlcj. L.-*-‘a of Breath. Coagfr. Wasting ot Firth, Nlsfrr Swtau.BJcKllrgtrcr the Lours Lo*» of Strength. ixss tl Appetite, Gcutra IVMIlty, Debility of PiecnaacTerrt NnrMr.g, Firm Pains tfiroccb the Shoold- ra, Chtt*t, Face or Limta. Nrnrahrta. Nervous lli-adwhe, Nervous Prostration. Nervous Irritation, Glddlixw or Uferlsea?, Exo-asm Palcr ese, Sere throat, Drovialcesr, SI-«p’c.-«eA*, Ujl tepola. Soar Stomach. “Heart Barn," Onr-resiionor i-lnklog of the Stomach b*Tote or after eating. Constl patl 'D, Remittent Fever, Ae.&&,uQ EErxstALLT U all Female Disorders or Uterine It rcctilartUu*, enefc &> Difficult. Palnlhl. hnpprewu. Scanty. Exewirt, De layed, premature or t o friHiwnt Menstruation. Matcmcnis Proui L’micida, Arc, “Year Prescription raved toy daughter’s Ufr.axx has saved me hundreds of dollars.—Rav. B. Rcuph EETS.Eem.'cn.N, T. , •• W# bless God fbr the hoteflt we have iceelved front vi-nr prepared I’lcatnytlcn.’*—Rev. P. P2bbge»b. Blo?BbutK,r-na. “ Every ope to whom I have recommended It freshes, cflted much by Its use-”—Rev. C. D. JOX3, Ifodcn W |m«.s Rocss. Aftoe Place, N. It the early par. ol Frbrnary. 1863,1 waasaff-nev from artolCi.t omen, or which! had been treated rtanne sixmottAspro vlouhlr ultboul bcueOU 1 ntd A-pM trWCI completely prn*trat4?d me. lo theevetiac. froarsetesr would come cd, whlcc would prevent me irott srtah inc ahf)\ c* a whisper, 1 bad then, had two attach* c bleeilLug irom the lures. My faT.tly PhrMclou fuser* be would oo to more for c*. i was growicf raoblly wotMLStd bad been compelled to leave ban* nms fer nearly two months, AU my tymptnms ltd!- caied. unml>-iatnb\v, tbepre>enctot COStRmiTION. in fhV UegL.iilr.B nr February. Me. Hesst Fisaik. TV.nsurrro/ iMf At».«rtran ureseniof me with a houle of the PREPARED PRB&CRIPriOB. In a few days my apptUte (which I had entirely let:) relumed; within a weik, tnr conah to-i Bhaost lefr me; ami in less than two weeks theA/flftPAiceap wen broken up. Th-nct-ftirward I reeatnedatrcmtlh rapidly, and bis now regularly attendlty to mr duties as elerl u> the AMMIICAN BIBLE Ba.CU.TT, tnwhwsecis o'oiment 1 havofreennlnoyeftrs,. 1 am nowenlorlni goo-l health. Your I'nESCItIPTION eOc* ted a CuKli when «J- friends despaired of “^^^OONORB. **l liave bid Naiivotn or SfAsaoDtd Annii foi elev'p years. liurldß the last six years i bare cnva bad an otilnlcriuplcd nlßnt's nat. It often seemed t< me that I would Ulc b'-fore 1 conM pel air into mi •vi-vt ..twilfTert Breally from *s*oi tne*f> of brcUh, rro-i. xnvWiilrnfi'A tt.’at; Hewlett rtata In waltou “The nlctit brio re I obtained the * PUKPAWRD PRL SCKIITION* vi> the worst I ever Passed. On obtain tre tiic remedy, I too* a tcaspo'.nlhl at no a oud acau at cutu, and slept alt cicht wnuout waktog. I havi k«t haD a bsokkh sMiut*f kiwi snow. • • * • » have now completely recovered rat stmuttb and sou 111. AM) am out at aJI afflicted wj to ‘shortoee-or urea to. 1 shall t-o glad wuh Asthsn call and tee ma KZRA C. LANUDON, "No.SM Fourth-at.. Hew York.” Tbc "PREPARED PRESCRIPTION" is pntun in 1 tl Imttlp, • nd Is sold by BLISS ASH-sR!’. I l l Lake ft tlll CK, fill Hark-'t. *. .1. PARSONS A CO* 41 Clark*!.; DUCIIK, A NIOUbV.,!);) , lUn;}'dph-«l. tvhr-.isalc Agent* for ilitvngo. til., HLKMIAiIB e VAN BIIAACK, and hr Drmants BenmUy. or order* my I*o addressed to tfi» Bole ) ruprtetoffjlHHAll G. MOSKBA CD* 27 iadiltAHirMrr., NewTork. U>u imitation frw. A Oirular. cuuialnlrß pAßttctn.ACs oi i'Arki sueccerfUHv treated, will be sent tree. b> mall, to all who will wtlto tor tt fUnpasaln. o fiAILnOAD CONTIIAOTOnA |jPi'ify||.t,*.Ciaeiu!*tATtAjia ) I.yxtfoTo.i lUn.rhMiinrnvt. > liAt’tsvihtik. Ivy.. Will iK-teidhof. I**.) HPAI.MI I’HOHiHAI.Bwm hn f«w|yffU» Ihljoniep, «u llmiifri January, leal, f.jf ilw «* J scdity id "*tr sevrnir inllps, ilu itiild iscltoM.Jol the IHu-liiUall llfali'U ollhl"railroad. n,l,»nrVl»i'fanun«*ua\.y dr»lfa\d*» Bood <<<diiraciiiis. n« liim acrrsfl'itn hy sh’aiuboal and tnruinhe. awl the iNiuntyr full nrsupiuW*. • cri.nm* * til he ready (or eiamlnatlgu on and afb't io |'a) tiVwaV'r work don» will hr madi uumUOy In’d with Mix mna) risorviuiim. . ."riu , » , » wld iw fcpitrisi from Mulrsi’tora nat n/i'konmly an* wn.anlihe IJmnP»nyrrvi«fvaiks rliihl to uny hl<U nut dP*mui to thnfr mwrt«i. I. M. ST. JOHN, Chief Fnaln«‘<r. p OYEKNMENT SALE. known as the uOOVEIIHMENT TAN* NEiiV .vMJ RTKAM. HAWMILL,” WUhi*V* enty-nvo acres of hnd. near BAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. SeaKd XTcpo*als, in duplloaie, will he received up to the l»-l day ot March, TAiT, tor Ihe patch we of U luirttoi lurd, (inora or leu), tmolher a lts tbe build* tnc» eitcl*.d U»r,on. ami tao nnnnrtsnanriM appertain* injr, ib*l l» to say r OSKTAN.SKIIY.c ahUnlntf twelve hloHc ijrc Vats, KIFTY*rWO WOODEN VAT*. IsKVEN BTO.NE POOLS, and cwable of tanxlmt IWW bioea per annum; ONR STEAM haWMIEE. capable of fret oi Lumber daily ; ONE SHALL The above property ts situated about two miles abevefcan Anfcio, on the San Antonio Jtlver.aod the water i» conducted to lbs establishment by a race of hewn stent* laid in cement. . , . The land was tnreased and tmjproTemetlf made by the I&ie M-cadcd Oomooerate Oivemmcnt, and are estimated to have costalM t Uxi in eolo. TLe property nas been under lease lor the year is-a, at a monthly rent of #3OO, payable in advance. A »e* cured rtie in tee simple wiU be by the U.S.Gov* er win he marked M )Tr*posals tor Govern ment Tannery and Sawmill,” and^ad^n^fld^to^ BTt. M.J. CO. Mix COOT HABBOK WORKS AT GBAUD HA YENand BUckLak?,Mlctlsap. OmckSCPEkimamao E.ngi.vbeii, nanaoc C laprorEmnvTS, Las* Micura-aa, < MhwaCkx*. Wifconslr, Jannary ( Scaled propcsals, In duplicate, cf the by Sc mid-rslßnof. will be «cc ved at this offlea n«« qnnrsday.tbe Utbday , f rebroary. 150,.a. ir aj-f-i Impmvins the harbors of Gtar d Raven and Plact L tS m'S'omicit! «t Gra-1 H-vpn wUI emit*, « LS.CCO feet, mer? or lcio,ofctosc pllins to protect toe inrti. tuint, t tbt o -ar lac entrance and an *x* tetslcn of tbe south pier tor 600 feet oyenbs filled wilt of tbePfwent rtcrv, 512 rnnnlac toettn all, a-ddijed-* IneThe dreodtHr will be between toe ond tot placioc ihe new cribs, and will amount to 30,C00 cubic ipecifications are on file tothvnfT v. aßd willbeshawnioat! wbo wish toeiamlnt Uiemf-rto< p woJIT tStto* «VniL-UrtM fttoMT mb. n>. a,. a will dc let to the lawest re*ron*toiv hid* ta the Untied nut*, the rlnht tomject “SldiOT to ho pinett upon the openlnt “tSI onp'iceie fjn hamdoissd, enclosed 11 flepansle envelopes, nnd .ddreejed to waEELEBt TJ. s; Encinte**, Mltwaokee. Wli. ffiitg Notices CI OLLEOTOR'3 NOTICE.—State ol VJ lUlrout, CookCcunty—-*B. > Cm coiXEcioL'fe omn; CorCT Horse. I lUK>m No. 14, Jannarr i2ta. iwf. f j®aßSs& ssKssrasa one, pt tween Ilolaieln *sc3ue ygcymmt me All persons m Wasted"f office. ’?,,Sh‘s*vfflcntiin'saidasscssmcu. will be ,n n p, »l2i t Sf ß *h?iwßl and*expense olo«r«ona liable collected at tne cost * UJU U. liEALP. tbutlor. city Collector, COLLECTOR’S NOTICE Stale ol Ibinnlm Coot County—w. „ L'm OLLiCToR'B omr*, rotnn Doran,» Uoou No.U.CtucAOO, Jta. UJh. f Public notice U hereby ftWen that tßa follow Ip, de scribed Warrant* hate becu placed lo mjr b*udi fiit col* **Wi»rra °tNo/TN.Dated Dec. I?C^ sued tor the collection of « »S2 I saKV.WSSS. n i?S»«» Vo T.V nS Rllt y elmll be parn'lel la and mMo l«t from Ukß wuia lint* of Warm* street A . rw rnih t*w,«nrtl». mSSfV "™feo o ,! ot..M«w ««f*;;sVrSS!isl BEWARE of counterfeits. A tit nr Ud«fcoian-*rt« n» other. : faepuat, rpiLL-THEHOUR. ‘ OF COMES, Read Anything OK TUB SUBJECT OF DISEASE. la the year isid, the writer of this artlda embarked In the Dtra Dcvnrxis In (ho city of Philadelphia, b«* for the lait IS years moot of hUUme hao been occupied In the manofhetare ot the various Solid and Fluid Ex* tracts. Tho most prominent, and to which ho desire* to call tbs particular attention ot tho Faculty and the Public, are tho Extract Dacha and the Extract Sana partlla, both of which are highly concentrated prepa- Uonaoftbo ingtedleuta enter log Into their composi tion. OueboWloof the Fluid Extract Bochuot Sirs*- par Ult is tally equal in strength to one gallon ot the •jrepor decoction,as usually made, and hundreds ol druggists throughout the country have adopted it In making their syrups of this name, and cue tablMpooc* fu), added to a pint of water, la tnlly equal to the cele brated ttibon Diet Drink, so much used la former ** partly, enrhh the blood, and beautify the» r» , nuenllon to my remsdles, I i compfrttorti la ■»UMtauuiitujiiiiaeMt<Na«»- te7 * te no ' Medicine*, mailof wblcb .T 0 composed W !»■«• too ignorant toModdphjJlclan’a sinirl* 31 Uoo, much less competent to prep’ar* pbamaceuUca* preparations. • These persona advertis*. 1 ana compelled to do to bring my cams before' ihe people* In eonvcreallon on various occasions I hare bedn as tonished at remarks similar to the fallowing, and than made In many case* by persons of no ordinary lateill 'gcncc—to wit: that-the medicine business Is mo most profitable-all tbatuweecmry Is to advert!*®. Thou* aide hare embarked with such Ideas, and millions have been expended In bringing them before the public; The rtsnli ofsuch accumulated errors is. that when trough* to the test, lacking merit, thty have been short-lived. How few, of the many thousands embarking, are com pelled tc abandon tbo business in a few years, entirely bankrupt I Look back fifty years, and how few bara been successful 1 Ask ih# bcasos of their success, and you will find my statement, in regard to merit, correct. The Science cf Medicine, like the Doric column, should pure and majestic, havlng/urt for Itsba«ls, {fidscUnn for Its pillar, and truth atone tor its capital. I contend there is no business requiring these quali fications more. The medicines arc brought m contact wUh Druggists every where. lam also well aware ttat persona rtasou In this m»im»r—that which may bcceSl oce may be of no advantage to another, iiow mistaken the Ideal A Diuretic for one, a Dlarctlc for all. A Narcotic for ose,a Narcotic tor all. A Purgative for one,» Purgative for all. Just ae mach so os wholesome food for ope te whcle- MDmc food for all, with lo dltlerenco th.ux that Kmc constitutions require more than others, anu mat ptreona Indicate ara circa to despondency—expect- Irg lu a Jew day* or weeks, and perhaps with a tlDßle bottle of medicine, to to health, if not to yoclh and beauty. These persona rarely recover, h.ftloc patlerce.aml tocsidcrtnjr a fbw dollar* ex 1, v-.i.idivr the benefit ofthelr health a vrasto of money. Jhctciamt persons msy have been years tubreaking ±>\\ n their constitutions, and probably expended thon r-Lceot collars in otesa and dissipation, and think untie" <nt. Such fijrgct that GOOD HEALTH IS TRUK WEALTH. With npw ards of K.CC-J rccomaerdator; letters and unsolicited cttUCcatcs, I have never resorted to thaic publlcatlcn. In thUeasel shall, however, append a few rem*»rlc»t trustins they may be appreciated. I afflicted tub! sotferlrg hamaalty. Their Hamolo Servant, H. T. HELMBOLD, Manclacturer ot UeJmboM’s Genuine FrcparaUoaa (From the Philadelphia Ledger.! Philadelphia. July 19. ISCT. Our esteemed friend and feliow-cltUcn, • Mr, U, T, Rclmlcld, Informs os thathecontemplatesremoving ta the city ol New fork, with a view of enlarging his business. Wc have been acquainted with him for ap> wards ot tenyears; have been pleased withhla Intog tity and lair dealing. Commencing in a small way. bis articles mnstpcssesß merit to insure the success he has met with, and from cor acqnalntaecewlthblm cas confidently speak that wo do Botbeitcvo he la a mam who would wish to Impose co any one, much less tbs afflicted, and ready incur longbtulnrsa experience aa an advertising medium we have never heard of th« sncceis of any medicine without merit. ; From tlic Philadelphia Bvenlng Dullctln oi Jono 23t>. ■Wo aro gratified to hear of the eoalfcocd iuect« ta New York of our townsman, Mr. n. T. Itelmbcld* Druggist. DU store, next tbe Metropolitan IloieL U . *■»» «uu memwtwa mhelaht It Is certainly a Brand rilsMl*hra?ol,and speak* favor ably al the merit vl bis articles, lie retains Ms offles and laboratory la this city, which ate also model es tablishments of their class. [From the largest MinnUctarioa Chsmtat* la kk« World.) I am acquainted with Mr. U.T.Hdmbold; bo oceu pics the drug store opposite my residence, and waaiue- r((«fdl la conducting the Imilneas whore otbaraliad nut been equally so before him, I hare been favorably tinprcisedwtUtblß character and enterprise. WM. WEIQUCUAN. Firm ••fI’oWEKsA WEtmmtAJt, Mannlnelurlnq Ch'ta l«(9, Mulhand lifowa-ats., I’UlladelpUla. (Hrtnartisfrom Chemical Analysfr.) Aflera careful stißlisis of llrlit)bold's (VparaUsna, Huy enjoy cur utmost confidence. Wo consider them safe and reliable. NF.VhKlie tr VATttlt. Fliliadelpbla, dtmc nth, I*o. IIELMSBOLIVS Fluid Extract Buchd A poiltire and sperinc uinrdy fordfreaaei ot the Iliad* d«r. Kidney*,Gravel, Dropsy. Tha utmoat couUdencw can he reposad In tt* curative powers In atiove disease*, alto in rcatorlne the exhausted power* of nature wblcU are acccmpanJed by so nun; aiarmiod symptom* atnons which will bo toned Indisposttljn to Exertloo. Lota cf Memory, Wakefolaees, Horror o! Disease, op of evil; in fact, anlvensl Lasiltadc, Pros* tratlon, and inability to enter Into the enjoyments of society. I! no remedy h used in inch eaiea, Consump tton or insanity ensues. Visit onr hosplto-'a, asyincs sod prl.ons, and he convinced. Tbe reader most also be aware, however slight nnybe tbe attack It Is sore to affect hla bodily health, happiness, and that ol hla posterity. Helmbold'a Extract Bccba will give yoa brisk and energetic feelings, enable yon to sleep well, acd is mote strenplbcnins than any of tbe Prepara tions cf oark or Ires. HELR3BOLD’S EKTESAC’F BUCMH AND IMPROVED ROSE WASH, Cares diseases arUlnff from bablts ot dissipation and Imprudences, allaying pain and inflammation, and for which those nnplcaiant and dangerons remedies are frequently used. It cures at little expense, little or na chance in diet, no Inconvenience, and no exposure. All toe above dl >p «a«»a require toe atfl of a Dlaretlc- EXTRACT 0? BiICHU Is tbs Great EsareGc. HEXjIxIB OLD’S extract sarsaparilla Ceres Scrofula, SaltKhcnai, Scald or Boro Dead,Tet ter pimpleson the face,. Erysipelas. and cntstliis cf wbateref nature en ns lace or akin, purging oat the toiors which mak&dUe«e, enriching the Blood, and BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. Ilowtocseth'scrttncdkseoajto gntrvrfceapct* lectcnre: la all disease? except those arising froa habitt of dlssi r ados or imprudences, oso the Extract Bacha. In these nso the Extract Bacha and Uose Wash. In Humors on the ta«e, or any and every p«» ot the bedy, mb Extract Saxaoparllla,appljCiß taPlai* plea and External Hamer* or EropUoni, Iwpnted Bose Wash. tTholesomalbcd tcoomaendcA mail toe aln»Te disease, instead ettesirfctad, avoiding etl fattx and high KiioQcd food, ncvl aeMnWns awl Btunalamr drinks. In men* caeer, a cote is effected Inaaaston* ißhtnelyshortpetkd, nat la cases of loo? siandlailt ta brtler to rnxchay, • half dcstn OJUiMt d 085 6»llh« iUlly according to explicit directions, in which case t an enabled to i* larantee a perfect cure. BueclloUetf to ÜBLHDOID'* Bra* end then leal TTarabottais QOl Droadwen BeWtort. nni Metro* pcllUO Uo'.ot, of ttKUIdOLB’B Medical Depi». l«* 8-titt V olh st.« Awemblf BulMlats. FhlHrlelphU. Bcjr.ibe ijtnptoiti in all commuhUaUwi. gold by All llrtiffSl»l* Ercryitbcrc.