Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 17, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 17, 1867 Page 4
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€l)icago THURSDAY, JANUARY 17, IMT. THE CITY. Baax Ban-—-A meeting of the Excelsior Base Ball Club will beheld tbl* evening at their rooms, Nob. 64 and 86 lasallo street. Business of Im portance will come before the meeting. laransKT Pms.—A small flro broke out about half part seven o’clock last evening ia the freight office of the Michigan Central Bailroad In thU city, the floor taking fire from a defective frxrnace, J t was soon extinguished. Etssivo PnEACmso.—Bev. Clinton Locke will preach the second sermon in the coarse at St. John’s Church, Union Park, to-morrow (Friday) ermine:, at 7H o’clock. The public are cordially Invited to attend. Beats tree to all. Cnrncn Fxmvau—The ladles of the Park Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church are making preparations for their anneal festival this evening in the basement of the church. A choice supper and a eoc al time may be expected. JcsrmißLE Homicide.—Allen Smith, the man who killed XhOversht per, late of this city, a few days ago at Denver, Colorado Territory, was ac gained of'he charge of murder, the Jury decid ig that it was josuflabtc homicide. Emplotmxjtt.—Ail persons having employment of any kind for men or boys, are requested to ap ply at the rooms of the Young Men’s Christian Association, Methodist Church Block, where numbers are applying dally lor work. Tableaux awd Musical Fe.»ttvau—A musical entertainment will be given in (be vestry of the Chnrch of the Mes-iab, corner of Wabash avenue and Unbbard court, on Thursday evening, the 77th Instant, at eight o'clock, for the benefit of the Sunday School. TmuD rntaßTTEniAif.—The social gatberlog of the Third Fteebyierian Church and congregation win he held to-night at (he residence of Mr. Wil liam Lee, comer of She’don aud Fulton streets. All the coLgregalion are cordially lavlUd to be present. _ A Cold BATrt.—A mao whoso name was not ascertained (ell into the river yesterday afternoon near Madfsbii street bridge, but was rescued from dronnlhc by ibtee hr four taeti who wllnbs«ed the occhtrctcc. It Is hhdeis tiod that the wbict- gave him shtb 8 tliifJttiPicc’ plioii that he fesolreu hot fo tfcll tjpfllii this WlliUi. tifcihd A PfforH.-bJoafd Allllef fiolihlnil. yesttiddMndjoldie piling Uidstoteot Fiftlik hnwftl.l oh slilwfttiked fiveldie, took n p.Mti tlu»*fci ifufii t.<?Bt the fldu*4 fitfl tretit "HjfihMittfAlhtJS.V. IVlmna/fpjM Hftd b/ufi«li{ d-mfiftlip.h/j/K? VmuL \kmMkiiimum *?(tl tic (<M'b It In lidi./ikrt hk ffitMi Msi'Pf'ii/t hiliim rH* hiH*iMi s*.Jib Hbj> wi*>l\( halfmtJHk, tin limp'/ (niilrt aif,. f|« *• m. (ifalil rot Miltmi /•*: km'»iMlnn(on#t InbMlof |p«(; A- ntma yAima. Ikp Hnpiiai Nifudlpy nf (l/d Hm|,imbj.<rs ot (Im finl/ip Uinrk ji/idmi i (I. siinv tail. 7 t ihi etmisi mil pf tn.lmi linhirt tepibiaklnL jlm f tlt*Mitog wnf,. lull, M MrlNI j. I kfiHf ibp I ilTf ftiii-tiAtirh' I'diH'.ttty.— i'liH I .dlliriMi' 111 MHr f H*fr; (irti rt rrt«b hritillnl M hkft Injtjil'k hi flf-ImfS; wkfi tin- rtifhli i/t tlftl kid Mini jith'|diit,;/•(!**fi/hfy WhM*; lf“,liDl'Wll M «+(») )•; IlmililUli Ilnir-A Kl|"'H| 1114'/' HIIIIHI (""IFI.H tlKl'lHHl'llli ll«ll*'( II" fllHHf HHel;") 111 llnift iirjui.HHiil', cl fuh j, d'Hirii* *("•*(, «'"( h Hh(H, (h (ih ' ("" (■■" IIH III" I Kin,l) (("lib.:, Khih Hl'li'l) ||U nli'i;"| I'll nu ni|)|, TKii iklih'l l|ni""i iini pm.lnr« .icpjc.l hpi km.»bd«o nl M.itrHw, kkd, on ippidsy mulii tmcu.ku fr. Ik'ibaigu p.ur /..1 for m bg of muMt.ii lie wus viruluklwey .irrce|- t.i. A. tpu I’.ijicu I ki.h >t»|.iul«v l.u «««corurnmed f..r(rl«l (i. Ikilf i»f flmi. U Hoi.n.—Tl.o we.dhur HiHijitMtiua aeutncil dolor miiiLi) lust night on a freexing apell,nni) tiiccuu.l cl bowell (hat ihc nluhl wna prolubly li.u cold est ol Ihu fccoMiii. Tito wJuUt hundoluru has been ..niio mild In this Bccil.m, but It would scum that his not torumimto to. The chilling wind* of laßtevL-uiiig remin.b-it us of thuold wroo, HOoreal u lutuiiic with obi Moure ibal ho lined It In every oms of lib almanac* • "Ae the days begin lo lengthen, Hi the cold pm imps will s’renglhon; If to good fUoa will never barm us. Hal useful l»o to cheep and warm us.” Tint u epu/,J If vul et'iithutitlal. CoK'nKiTP.—WiiPaui Thompson, charged with an assault with intent to kill James Human, at HurdetlV Cottage Organ factory, No. ‘,7 Sedgwick street, Tuesday afternoon, was arraigned before Justice Sturievant yesterday rooming. Ucnll m was made of this atnay In yesterday's TnmuKE, Thompson and Hinton appeared to have been In* dulnlng in some sbaip joking regarding young ladh-s of Ibelr acquaintance, when ICinoon said something which marie the former very anery and caused mm to assault theyoung man wMb a knife. It is understood that the wound is not a danger* ous one. but Kinnon wa* unable to appear ycsler> day. Tbcca«owas continued ten days, Thomp son being requited to give ball of^i.O’jO. Ax Amazes Mceiciax.—At the battle of Fort Pisncr, among the heroes who were wounded at tbc explosion of the msgaziuc was 00c Bernard Tobey, both of whose' arms were blown oik He is a native ot Holland, and carries five different medals given him by the Governments of Russia and Hollaed for gallant services, and one from tbo Soldiers’ aud bailors* Uniu’j of the State of New York. Deprived as he is of ability to labor, tills armless hero Is cow travelling about cbe country with his little son. ten years old, and a beauliiol bard organ, with the aid of which he makes mnslc in order to earn means lor tho sup port of bts family. Tobey is now In Clucago, and has received permlfslun from the Common Coun cil 10 perform without a license. He Is a wormy man and tbould be encouraged by the public. CoaraiiTEp fob Trial.—Menrion was made In the Xiubcke of the 9th instant, of a riot tn the sa loon of Demy Coleman, at2so. 1M W*e»t Randolph street. In which James Kelly was badly injured. ica3on wag* Itcl JTSt‘lhe’t'oficv tJourt, r^{si l< tise T was continued until yesterday afternoon, when Kelly w able to make an appearance. The two fld«*B ol the cos * teemed to be nearly equally di vided between the Germans and toe Irish.and teelnnony as to “"bo struck Bi:ly Patterson” was not attainable from any one. Enough was elici ted, however, to cause the discharge ol all the panics but three. Henry Coleman, Ibury Uetle.r camp atd lieorge Olio. These men were commit ted for trial In bsil of SJOU each. Kelly Is ranldly rccovci mg from his wounds, though Lla head was bundled up yesterday In a manner that was Bug gt-sihe of a tile and death struggle. Iktcseehno Facts.— the closing exhibition of the Nitrous Oxide Gas was given by hr, Colton, at Music Hall, on Tuesday evening, to a large and iuteUlgvat audience, in his opening kclate. Dr. Colton Katrd that at his office. Hi the Cooper Ic pinute. New York, (where he originated the anica* thetic use of nitrous oxide,) they had given tin gae to ]7,WS patlenif, all of whom had written tidi DtjrcponatriolLcoiiifylnelbat Hicopcia* non «as painless and the gas pleasant. Each of the name* was numbered. This scroll of names was tfickco on the front ol the gallery, and encir cled the entire ball. Hr. C. stated that of this vo?t number, nvfonr had been Injured by the gas, nor bad one complained Ibaf they had experienced pair: In extracting their teeth. IVoI. WorMI, from New icrt, who was present, maJcagencral menu endowing tbo pas os sate and efficient, and of the admirable manner in which It was managed by the Cotton Dental Association. An Auxoed Vaohant-—On Tne-dir afternoon officer Ul.lch obsmrd a young man named Sy|. veptrr Mooney, banging around the Galena depot find especially watchful ol two or tbrcunvn irhoni the officer supposed by ih> lr appctnance to be rlrovi rs, wj;i» rousiaembte money In Iholr po«- session, Ur bad seen Mooney hovering olvuit the depot like a bird of pier, upon sernat pre vious occasions, aad he now none d that tne Toting man nn« dogging tbrsb-ps of the three men alUtdftl to. Atlnfloodol ibv men seemed lo in a^ 1 are of H and ealb d the officer's atlc iiPm to H Üblcli then spoke lothcToiitigmanamln-ko'! him It he nss a passenger, lie was (old ii reply tint it va* none ol bu business, ml addcil-dllti. veiy narm lailiude-lhil In* w.ti (hr. kind ol a pour- man. was. 1 ’ Ctvlrh Ihen nr rested Inm. lie found upon him a small tlal of rlilnrolorm and akoiit e:ghfy cent* in tutmiy. At ihe I’oMer fouil yeslrrrlny morulng Mnnticr ‘tati'd that be bad been euploved tor several month 1 itmil about six weex* a»o l»v .sir Phlo. man. oho bad nuoffiee at No. In tlia Chainlier in I'l'intneire. Tuesdayfin Mid. he was gyln* oftt m fin- Hriin (« Hfctilnmi Bark « ben the nttlter am sod him. lie ttas vagrancy; l;f:i:t?rt tms—A fc**njnf irte; llpg of (hn Erthffis’ As blatluit W«*»bHd Oh i jtbMlijr bvbh *ti|' IP il;Hf UlUliis IP fiPic«liijry J S IptlldlPc; j‘ ; Falter luesidHl: h«a PhiHfnO’l-lv Di‘PhU'l Ip b!lßp{fd flffi U^h,:rt<iUp-tV: Jt^ l P|*f-D lEPl: , im jou~i buq t-Hty—J- Murray. b»;cruta:y-}(. |}»if»|. r» ni-j k . Huaau |(»,Mileu|<*-r'-il. ji’Tiunl , «;oO.WIt|OB-W» I «l4ofl s . r». I|c|4n«, H. I»4il, }l. Hilt#-, ,1. B. Uua «ml Ealoq. H. nu- of ihe tact that dm(u^ Jim uluicrmoflih# niauy ,H (|.u n.aiil.r.i-ltgiuuu’rr Of ll fl eiiy I|4VC p.t j.bice tur litv.aiy culture or omimeoKni, It ba* l.t to derided Hi open a reading room wnt:ru tpu Uoiiy p;;s.u-fb villlmkepion fllu, uod prubahly a luvv licoi..- wilt l.u place j llierc fur the uso of the inuuibuie. ibc W’-veinuri )• a laudahlo ope. A luur lltcovtUEu.—Uviwucn two and three nim.lh* aj. - ** two hoy pickpocket*, named William <». Hire anil Edward I‘iimlivtlie, were commuted from ibe Police Court for trial. l(!c« war a«nl t„ Joliet lor Ins oßeicce. PnmllvU:*! was kentuncea to eighteen mouths at the lliidcweli. ami made Ills ctcupe fr*»m lliat lusiUuUon about two weeks apo. lost week llte police ambor- Utea beard of the young man «u heUtg at Cioctn null, sod Detective Ellis was soot for mm on San ds j night. Arriving tlicrc on Monday, ho look thca«ou;glnd l‘rui(llvillo Into custody, and re turned to this city. At Crown Point, Indiana, where they slopped to take sapper the yoata tnniiaccb to K-crctcaca<Q knife upon his person withoutbeing obs-ivvd. With iliLs Instrument, lafUioncd Into a saw, be attempted to escape from Ibc Central •tailon on Tuesday night by dime A'vay one of Ibe bare at the window; bat the noise which he made attracted Ibeatu-mion of ibe ni"kt keeper nml the youth was locked ap fa* Minin yesterday moreup, when he was again removed to the Bridewell. Okk MontTniAi,—The confidence maw, Jam*e n. Bingham, found himself m a t'gbtpliceyes tciday aliemoon, at the Police Court. No wit nesses appeared against him for actual swindling, but one young man testified bow nearly he came tobLing *‘kt in” for 810: bow Johnson and an other man were gniled, imo alloutbeSuLn-,,. clakalop onpincss, whichßingbamhad i over the name of Russell, “ * eru - cl Be denied IL Uc - «o work on Tuesday morning, after out of jail, kr Mr. Cameron, at No. 140 , <y -.oometre«t,atsWamomh. When the St. a-ouU clerkship businere was brought to bis notice he said - that the advertise ment was In good faita. Tbe tlO re cetved was to pay their fare to Sk Louts, afterwards to be refunded. Finally Bingham cbangidbU tactics entirely. Ucsaidlf be could only nc let oc ue would quit the business and be an honest boy. if the Judge would give him an opportunity to reform he would leave tbs city, feinni to his Irienoa to Jackson, Michigan, and •cad on honest life. Hercpreaent-dUiitho was a son ot Mr. 3. H. Bingham, who Is now holding on official no-Jtloa in -he Michigan stale Peniten tiary, ana a nepocw of Kinsley b. Bingham, a former Governor ol Michigan. The court as sessed a fine of 8100 against mid, eu-pendm* Us execution till Saturday morning, after wuldi time. If be be tound within tbe city hulls, be will be sent to Bridewell. THE CANALPORT AVENUE MURDER. Trlcl of James Foley tor the Harder ot Jacob F. Facias—Third Day— Close of the Testimony— Argnments of Counsel. The dial of James Foley under an in dictment for the mnrdor ot Jacob F. Patios, was continued yesterday in the Supreme Court, before Chief Justice John H. WUson, It was tolly expected that, as- there were only one or two more witnesses to examine, the trial would be brought to s close In the course of the day, which may account tor the great Increase in the attendance. The court room wa* crammed to the very door, and the spectators, among whom were observed many friends ol Foley and of the murdered man, appea ed to Uke a strong interest itt the investigation. It mat seem Strang-; that on such a solemn occasion a grurt many people would come there to he amnseu. Such, however, was the fact anting the examination of witnesses on Monday and Tuesday. The andiencc appeared to see something exceedingly amnsing in the scene, ana ecfzeo every opportunity to indalge In merriment. Mo each unseemly demonstrations took place yes’erday, the audience remaining quiet and attentive during the whole time. The prisoner came luto court attended by bis mother, who-took her seat beside him and never lelt him till the adjournment of the coart. Her thin, worn features boro nnmiatakablejmarks of deep sHireling, and there was a world of trouole and anxiety in Her eye which seemed to express a reeling too deep for team. She fixed her glance with trembling earnestness on the counsel while they proceeded with the argu ment, as If upon their words depended the Cite of herunbappy son. The prisoner hlmsell looked a shade sadder than before. To oae a lamillar ex pression be was “rather down in the mooch." Ihe jury was called promptly alien o’clock, atd the bearing of testimony for the defence waa resumed as follows: DAVID WTtLZAMS sworn!; 1 live aIK7B Slate street. I own a plan ing mill. Know the dilendant. Have known him since 1961. Ills character Is good. I never saw anything wrong about biro. EDMI'Mn I. ÜBBADD sworn: lam a Frenchman. 1 have known Foley since Ud July. 1 live one block east of Padua’ house. 1 recoiled Ibe evening of the murder. Saw Foley offer It occurred. Mrs. Foley came 10 my house greatly alarmed with an infam In her arms. She threw tt onto some person’s lap. I went out nud loucd Foley. He staggered and I took hold of aud led him In. h'e went luto a sal oon and he ordered beer, but could not pay lor ft, souegot none,and then 1 took him home, fie went part way up stairs aud lull back. Then 1 took turn up. He totalled up elans. Saw the floor covered with vomiting. Foley was not at home during the. evcolug. , . CfOM-'damlrmi.—Hire In the lower part of the hollse. iwasslllihglkfioolallMmm-dlhg. The fits! (hihg he did When lie catne home was to ask file whfil uas Up. / wih ftt home when life police, fhali eahip (o forest him* i waa In my fdottfr 1 did tint kfebW (fie pptii-ctilrtn tsttiti alter Foley* ~1 kUpw at dial llmt* (fml rai-nm w«b him-di 1 din hot sUcpetl Wkhl iimpollreiiiHh .tame for* twin; 1 lUe (Imm/t (,‘ti. Aw wu. MUtHI ll* fttUilUJtll linin' Jftlfl, llilrs WHt/l I'll, ift iiit (i'll/.ti'w*,, tit* ,tiM * ijhH |K-Mi>*fior>* wiiiii min (ii/ilihil in in* iimliim*. KWIII ) 1«H! 11l *l»/(inl)„)(rim*, (lUP 11/IMtlll-llll'f ) lltltiHlttfl). .1 IW'llM Mil' (mil •fill'll I mill/'(I"|). ( h»nin "I 11.(1', fnllnw* (IB Out. Kil llj.i /fiildifiß J .B*uv ('l''W (i ilimmp «««i ili'Sl, miif ln>( (mijit, II trnn Mmui 11 ill If lllSllllllHll , ’ .Tim Biliifiifv^lifiiljf'(•'lwfVt 'ifimii 'IV i/iilmi. ■hi iliifl m iiri»i'Hi|l|i l |i, iiimM jlm mniimmi lUi.l'jiiiy, In mi iiiilm Hipmli, itliMi iismi i)m iJi>;iiti,(i«iir(iiiil » (",fli'Jib ilcAißnl'llm «H 111 (III; (:«•!*. ijiii( iimi||i:il Im cviilmii"-’, Hlilfli in iiiiimi l/ml Mhi ill »|;im- Dim miy iimnwminn 'ml lii i n Binw eiinidi.-i)( in lu. liy i SJ I. ",-, on li* i "f (il* (iHiurU Hi* Uimn ml- Otttpt>fli Jiiibn «f|efpnmt Mr. .Millar nprno.l (bu argil* niMit for i) c ilcfuncu. Ilia inMreaa (o friu Jury UmißCtmUim by great (etsligg and narnent mus t ns will iih closo muimlhg on Urn law ami llm (eetlnmny In the au, Hu dwelt almngly on ihu pruvlmiß good character of ibu nrUitnur, ntul utptn <1 rJmi thai, inguther Hph ihu fact of hu he uiginloxiailed, was an Impmtanl point fnrtho jury to consider in deciding na tu whether ho had been liduuted by mulidunH motives when im stiuck Ihu filial blow. Mr. Miller mtoku for throe honrs, and (he Court adjourned at live o’cock Mr. Von Atninn will coiiUinio the argument tor • he di'lciiCu this forenoon, IHIIUH roil THE PUIIbNULim Anutml iTfreling-llcporU-Xho Alau* agemeiit. The clglitb annual meeting of (he Hoard of Managers of the Home for the Kneudlcrs was held yesterday afternoon, In the Prayer Hall of the Young Men's Christian Association. In tfacM. E. Church Hlock, corner of Washington and Clark streets. Tbc rocitlug was opened with prayer hy Elder E. M, Boring. Mr. Boring then read tbc report of ibo Home for the past year. The following is a summary of the facta: WATOOW’S DEPOUT. Number In the Home January Ist, ISGI 115 Admitted during the year— Adults 528 Children ;ts*J Whole number in tbo Ilome during the year, .1,030 NallonalUKa of the children— Americans 033 Americans (colored) is Irish and Irish descent iffj English and Canadian 81 HcprcsentaUrcs were in tho Homo daring the jem from nearly every State in the United states, and from nearly all tbo States of Europe. Pismlssed to homes el&cwhere— Adults 500 CLUdteo 405 T0ta1.... Hind Run a wav... Stolen away. TnSASVBSB’B HEX>OBT. Balance on hand January 1, i&M f 1,02J.G0 Ueceipla up to January j, 16G7 .ixusiy.'io Ulebtuecd Balance on band Janaary j. 3SG7 Indebtedness January 2, ifeCT... In excess of receipts SS9«,U2 In addition to the cash receipts reported by the Treasurer, ihcy have received childly from tbo country, large donations in fed, produce, boots shoes and clothing, upon n pan of which uo price has been put. MANAGERS AND OFFICERS. The Committee on OQlccra for the ensuing year repotted through their Chairman, Mrs. Cray, the following officers «cd Board of Managers, which report was accepted: iloar*! of .Van»Ts»r*-Mrs. E. S. Wadsworth, Mre. M. Clark, Mia. A. U. Hoge, Mrs. N. 1). Jndd’ Mrs \anil.itlpglns, Mrs. .lames l-armon, Mra. T. M. Av*ry, Mrs. T. M. Kddy, Mrs. Caleb Mor s.*an, Mrs. 1). P. Livermore, Mrs. George A. Gibbs. Mis. T, D. (tray. * Representatives from the various chnrchos: First I‘rcsbrtennn—Mts. Charles Whc-’lcr: Sec* ondPnebytoilan-Mrs. Dr. Andrews; First Bap tist—Mrs. Robert Harris; Wabash Avenue Bun* list—Mrs. C. N. Hills; Olivet Presbytenan— Mrs. Fdwnrd Ely; Dnliorlan—Mrs. N. P Wilder; St. Pauls Vmvcrsallsi—Mrs. Puldfcr; Wabash Ave nue M. E. Cburcb—Mrs, T. W. lUrrerr: Clark Mrcci M. E. Church—Mrs. Hr. Banks; Trinity ?i* » E *. Cbnrdi-Mrs. L. Iltlchcoct: Calvary Ptcrbvlertau—Mts. O. S. Newell; Trinity pt>u. copal—Mis. J. L. Stevens; Grace Church—Mrs. t 1 !/ W. Hillsdale; Plymouth Cougrrgatlotml I hnrch—Mis. A. 8. Parsons; boutb Congregation al— Mrs. Mcclc; Holy Communion—Mrs. freHy: Bapllst—Mrs. Alonzo Snyder; Unity— Mrs.,l. 11. Moore; West Indiana nreel Method st I-.plscn|m) Chnrrh—Mrs. J. 11. Ultt; First Consre i'flllounJ—Mrs. H. F. Cohor; Chinch ot the Re deemer—Mrs. Samnel IJnrmtm; New Jerusalem— Mrs. W. DogglH ; North BapiM-Mrs. Bristol: New England Gongrcgnilonnl-Mrs. Carpt-mer; MeMmlnrtcr iTcrbylorlati-Mrs. IVaPe; North Ptcahvlcilan—Mts.ll. (1. Miller; Grace Metho- Wallop's Episcopal— Mrs, 8. A. Ford; B|. John* Episcopal—Mrs. Buchanan; Third Presbyterian—Mrs. M. s yim onds: Union Path Congrcgnllntia)—Mis, 1) » Bornron; Contcnnrv Methodist Episcopal l hutch— Mrs. William Mat lev ; Jcihr* tP n . Bfclhoillwt Episcopal Chinch— .Mrs. A. K. Bishop; Dutch Kekrmetl-Mls* Buxines bettndi /'rcsbyierlmi-Mrs. Hr. MrAlll«Urs Christ s Episcopal—. Mrs. It. H. Monro*': Fullerton Atrtitio Preshyietlop—Mts<i Rato Clark I Church Oftbe AsreuMou—3lts, T- M. Hubbards German l.tilh'-tnli—.Mrs. fotson: .Maxwell Street Slethodist Epirtmial-Mrs. Fischer: ituUann Aiteitttn Hap* M-Mrs.SWi* n * J.^b'io CongiegaHondt i ; Jh Nftifb Pe-brlerfau-Myjt. nHih M MJlrheit j •raberurtelf. I'lingroi-iMnHaT— Mif. EiirtH'S InbleHtoH Me ttimsF Ertiseoiml- Min..l l icbmilfs VaG lUrritstroe MHb»l.lm ISia: cPM-VD*. .llfcmtllMekhati: C.ltbntNPe AiM 'fc&'.Tf: = I m» (Waul. m m M dW ■pdtd^i-fsbbifiMbevii^Fi .Mr-dwtttiMh llmr, IfHIMHH-Wf: h. lb RMilp-f: Dbi( f*innißdf l? ; Mr Ml'GlWr lf , Htid Mi*. V, Jlii* h pnmiHiiittP in mm all ,1 , ViSS’J?]?. 1 . \\\%\ %\\ \m* ijus Tlmmi nut * I pipton c,i iivo (lavs iirtivii.iu to do 1 of the iioatu of Miinuucra. A cmiimnmraMou uaa recolvotrfrnm Mr n, otiering to honor all Hchtia of it;a Humri for |no weak ending January hi, for ad jul«lou«' the VVatUlnclontiicAUiic Park II oas accepted with thanks, and luferrad lo .Mrs. Moigan sud Sira Avery for their manago menu • Mis. Fndy announced that there would be a hruelli given ai tlic Central <i.ating Park, the pro ceeds to be divided between the Orphans* Home aud the Homo fur the Friei-dlcsa. MLCUAMCS’ iINSTSTCTB. A I-olTlnbiile Course ECeaolred Ou. At the regular weekly mectlnc of the Mechanics’ Institute, held on Tuesday evening, In room Nr a Masonic Temple, Ibe resolutions passed M a former meeting• In favor ol the establishment or a Pyrotechnic College were amended and adopted Ilttolua, That the Mechanics’ Institute believe that the true Interest of mechanics, as a class, as well as the Interest which the whole country ba in the progress of the mechanic arts, demand biller facilities for mechanical education, and a more general diffusion of the principles of science and their applications to mechanical furcations and improvement 2. JUtclTfd, That while other professions, and particularly the agricultural pri fesslon, are boldly claiming large appropriates from the public treasury to schools for their benefit. It la not to be forgotten that no proieasion is more Important to soptty, nays a larger tax, or more needs seden tiCc education totnc successful pursoitof tbclr calling «han the mechanics. And that, therefore, we bail with lively gratification the recognition by Congress of the copal rights of the mechanics of the Totted Stales to the grant of public lands to the several States and Icrrtloncs, for tbo estab lishment of colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanical arts, and that in the appro priation of that noble grant, pending be tore tbe present Legislature ot Illinois, we demand the plain Intentions of Congress to be carried out, and at least one-half of that grant “be inviolably appropriated ip tbe endowment, sup port and maintenance” of a college for mechani cal education, 8. Metolwa, That, accordingly, we respectfully ask our Senators and Representatives from this county to use tbclr best endeavors to procure the nareage of a bill establishing a Polytechnic Col lege In this dty and appropriating one-half the said grant to Its support. 1. The name of the institution to be the Chica go Polytechnic College. 2. i bc President and Secretary of tbe Cblcaso Mechanics* Institute shall he ex-c&eio members of tbe Board of Trustees of the said college. 3. The Chicago Mechanic*’ Institute shall for ever be lUon-cd to appoint fire students, annually, to receive free tolllon In the paid college. 4. Thai one student from each county Is *be State o( tllluoia, and one addition*! tor evert 9,COJ inhabitants In each H-7brporaled dir In the State by the Board of Education op Directors 01 Pubic Schools in each cities, Al-o. out* student from each of the other mechanical associations ot Chicago barloc a mem bership of over one hundred. Alto, the sons of all officers and soldiers from the t-tato of Illinois who have falUn In battle cr dtvd In the service shall be received, fret of any charge for tnltlo’i. inioalldcpartmcutaof the said Folytecbnic Col- §? The aa:d college shall be bound to give in struction in the various branches of practical Ecicrce, not only during all the ordinary teaching hours, but for at least two hours ot five week-day evenings for four months of each year, for the special benefit of mechanics, whose daily labors no not penult them to attend daring working hours. 0. The members of this nod all Mechanics’ In stitutes and Associations in the State shall have free access to all cabinets, muacatns of natural history and other illustrative apparatus of Ibe sulci school. 7. That said school shall annually provide for a course of public Icctu’cs. to be given in the ball of the Mechanic’s Institute, in this city, on sub jects connected with mechanical education, which aball be delivered in Ihc evening, and ehall be free to all members of this and other mechanical asso ciations In the Slate. fieeclctd, That Mossre. Jioraaa B.Jodd, John M. Van Osde;l and W. W. Doynlonbo a committee to present a copy of these resolutions to each, of onrbcpators ana Representatives, The minutes of the last meeting were altcred ao as to correspond with the resolutions. The following persons were then, without dis sent, elected members of the Institute: Messrs. Jacob Barney, Charles Slack, Thomas Blanchard, Edgar B. Chase, John Kirk, Veter Bostirlck, F. W» Cunningham, 11, W. Brvan, Gilbert Baxter. D. W. Stencil and George M. Gubbln. Four addi tional names were proposed for election at the next meeting, The committee on procuring a permanent ball were granted further time, and were also author ized to secure a room for temporary use. After the tiansaction of some other business, the Institute adjourned for one week, to meet at (he came place. AmUSBOTLENTS. niPTom.—Tbe rash for seats (o the Bistort (mgic representations continued yesterday, with mile show of decline. By nigbilaU there were hat a very few seats undisposed of for either of the four eights, and (he chances are that the remain* lug ones will he all taken to-day. The total re ceipts to last night were yi»,5(W. Home little dissatisfaction was expressed yester day at a rumor which gained circulation to the cP.ccl (hat the peformnuce of (ho fourth evening would be butn repetition ollbat of a preceding cn-tilng. The lioKeta of season tickets would, of course, much prefer lo see the great artiste .In lotiHhiccdles as was originally announced, til stead oHhiee^ Tbp sbtacwlmt flteaty eehtlhieulnl fltntnn hi “ Lust, (it l.o^}^ut^ , • was tcpeatedlast en'fip/ptdfcd vjtl he given tat Ihe /asU/mo to plpltt.. m FHflat nvniltirt Miss Maty UlctW* (uue« lu t flfpf pehoiii in l ift < ny 4 •• Jimomar, (lie HftIbHHHT is id tehifltsni*«t!(l will fm ptesmitfetl lor Ihe OH-ftfjllti, AlisN lIK-liOids ftsslliulflg iltu |iihll»/i( till*.lift',(ill'll mid f(irtij*liiiMi(i f'linit* liiili.hll mi'il hIIIi »it'; i imi»li‘ili!m'|iil. I iilli'i' Inn i'iiiim'''iii| ijl,m i/i'.' MilH'ii'ii .lih im Mini'll I'i/ih/Ii l"i"i«liinii'il » 'l'l'hii Hi In' ini/: fMiciiilit'l'Mi i lii""'i'. l i'l"l ,l'i I'"',"mi'iiil ii'l"(li lull "1 Mil (i, i|"(ii in mil 'I (ii" till* ("i< nittminai) i(»/f"// mi'il/ in («i(«ii“f l«m, MI'VK iimi’h 'Jiimi'f. v)‘ji«l I,,iiii»",U ilmii. mil (c liil l""H( , n iiwHy rrnii Im. 11l I'll* llll'HH. 'll'lllllH il'll II lillDlllll H tm# W.CT, iwrriM MwwNlm llifela fMnl n> mnulin, ■iwmlf inmnlmii nl ilw, e hii S(l*|liiii )lih).,ii', t -t| i ii Miiiurpini iml.ltu ft iwera uuu|. In lm)iler« of lick, tin |o{ipl>unu«l u| n,u book or |||ll< h *loh:b, suj.nick.ils hujiig uo|il mo bulmlf ol lb.; city f.iiol of Dm ». M. 0. A. •/I,n u»t pighl g«v« prumUu ul glorious Übivß mi Uiu tee. Timoult rmit TiirnplUn, (Mir telegram* ot yesterday contained ibo an* noiinccmcM that t Mr. Stevenson, of Honk, bad Mtlruiiiicud Into ibo General Assumhl) of this Halo a bill lur Ibu incorporation of Ibu Oak Park lluud Company, which company altouid have • power to rim a turnpike road iron thu western city limits, at such point »a lb 17 may tolocl, to J)i>plauio«, running through Harlem. Wo arc Inloitucd Umt a number of the prominent citizens of Cicero und Proviso townships met a day or two since and denounced ibo scheme aa little better than an intended swindle, alleging that Ibo company proposes lo select that place where take street cuts Uto city limits aa a Binning point, and uso the rood which has been already bnlU across Cicero (some six tulles in length) as tbeir own, collecting tolls thereon. Uls staled that the county and the town of Cicero have expended some thirty then* sand dollars oo Ibo Improvement of that road, and there certainly is nothing In the bill which would prevent tbc incorporators from adzing on that road. If thu bill should pass in its present shape. At tbc meeting above referred io a bill was pro pared, which seems not (0 bo open to'tnwo objections, ana was ordered to bo presented to (he Legislature for passage. It provides for me extension of ihe above named road lo the western limits of tbc county, for tbc appoint* ment of trustees, who shall file a record of ihcir proceedings with the County Clerk, and be per* sonally responsible to Ibe Oormiy lor thu faithful petiortnance ot their trust. It provides, too, lor tbc improvement of two roads (now laid out.) both branching o(T at the other side of Cicero, and rnnnlnr westward, and has this most Important provision, that the tolls levied shall bo expended on the improvement of the road, and that, wbeo the road 14 purchased and paid for, tbc tolls shall be reduced as low as U consistent with keeping the road In rcoatr, A reading of this bill does not indicate to us any scheme tor Individual profit; the other may he made available lo individual advantage. More Costtdekce.—On Monday last an elderly gentleman named S. J. Pbilhrook, arrived In title city from Racine, Wisconsin. Re bad been mak ns a pleasant visit to his friends In rations locali ses tn our sister State, and was on hl< way home I?^Wjaa c «ri£«;ih-sia^%- t ,a r FS?- posed etaylntr over one day to take a dance at Chicago. Last evening he concluded to proceed on his journey, aud while standing on the steps ol the uotcl he was addressed by a very polite, well dressed young gentleman, to wtiom he shortly imparted the Information that he was in tending to go to Adrian. Michigan, by the Michi gan t-outbem Hoad. 'lbeyor.ngtaanwas pleased to leant the happy coincidence. He was also going to Adrian, and had sent bis trank to the depot, Intending himself to walk. Uo was a merchant in Adrian, he said, and hntl been “In ” buying goods. Pleased with Ids society the old man said he would walk over with him. On the way over, the yomig man «os accost* d by a third person, whose manner was somewhat brusque and business Ilk'*, who demanded tbo payment of a bill lie held in his hand. The young man apologized fur his forget full-css. and said he would pay it at once: but upon looking in his pocket book was perplexed to find himself considerably short. Drawing tbo old gentleman aside he explained to Ulmhowho had forgotten the bill, and that bis money was all locked op Ja his trunk except a few dol lars for current expenses. It Mr. Phllbrook would accommodate him till they reached the depot ho would be gicafly obliged. “Ilow much do you need*" Inquired the unsuspecting Phllbrook. “Ucll. bis bill Is f. 1,000, bat ho will discount It some, J think. 1 * The old gentleman was amaxcct, bat fnfho generosity of his heart pave him all he had. which was ?ST», hoping that he might “case oil" the man until they gut. to the depot. The pretended merchant took tho $33 under protest that it was an insult and would t.o t tic received If he was not so well acquainted with his ctteloracr’a soundness tn llnanetnl matters. This matter disposed of, the yomic man and bis aged companion resumed their walk. Opposite tbcMethodist Church Illock the young man begged to be excused for two minuter*, just to sec a man uo-stalrs. He disap peared np the rlalrs. A few minutes later 'he old gctillnnan went after him, but found him not. Out of money and In dejected spirit*, he went to the Central Station tad related hi* grievances. For on hour or two ho could not understand how a man could net so meanly ns that fellow did. lie s«fd fie Pad not often mot a young man who was so ttißch of a gentleman, lie coaid cot under stand It. I.TtT.OO ANTtQt’AfttAN.—An auction sale of coins and medals, honks. Continental paper money, old newspapers, Ac., took place last evening in the salesrooms of .Mr. Daniel Pcott * Co.. No. 181 Ijike street. The nitendance was quite large, but ihe number of buyers small. Below we give ns Bpethneifs some nf (he articles sold and (he price which they tironghl: A linme eoblamlng (weniv. eight half tHils from lit') lo brought |H. A cbbiiilbie M-l of cehls Iroirt ilWin JfIST; (lm* bVilUdrtibd. l7!i(; brOUchl fi.3.1. Tim CniohUls KtejltijHl hlioMl t*. EleelroiypM aterrtged tint velds each, i’oHilcai Tokens; sold hr (be qnahli -14?». WttWj HlHjife Medals HVptagetl llillJWilPtlirliPltijt bolo.*-AlHe;lc!l(i dullaf pyihsftvetabHi fit'PHl (I »nch; liwittaht-H oy-msi rt-hMeaclii seH'Pd hlle*-p b>hU Mein Hmd liinssj iiijHiteems Hint; l.’UPpuf Hitblfslt hilumv: t eems Mrtt; ie|»e|s nf WHrtfH Van MHifb h lutrf> i ol hlh»*f« ill I* Igmd, f-hhifly rolmU, ItfunohtFi m.- lip* 'jlhUs jmlil bill' tfp;p).i Off*JMnlrt'ldHHjtW cHp migi)(i;Hlipl(i|l-H Of M»u uiaaisa MPtlfOrt lor vn)m Oit lo I* op mmslirtß hpt Mml the prtcus paid “uiu.ltUii, Wn dophf, if Mrnv Mil liimb oiiurod In ihe hart io (lm aiHlquarUosihure, Misnluumtwil nf anica would have been art great- ]]iu )(tmuu cimiic, ycruud bfHBB, Here u very poor act auj (q |H.ur eiipdipun, Done; tic Diaroim.-Micbacl Bell came home from tiv work al sevu-n o’clock on Monday even ing hungry and tired, bupper wa a to tar from bolue ready that even the toa kettle wax nfll b« <iiK*’bo(lci|. M Highly Indlgmi.l at thiadiscour su-lnc *tatc of things, Michart proi-eeded to make uiniiura wont.* by upselling itio table, kick ing ihe lea kililo itiiough the wintiou*, and ?nmhlDg things generally. Ills mother-10-taw, a Mrs. I'ickit. poiiiripaltd to such an extent in the domestic riot that both were arrested, and at the I’ollce Conrr yesterday morning wore deed $5 • neb. Tue Afsavlt Cack.—Charles Dyer, who made a derpciatc attaint upon officer Lull, as mentioned in yesterday's Tuinros, was examined yesterday afternoon at the Police Court Ills wife* who was to ♦•fierce” logrt a warrant for blta on Monday, failed to appear against bio and an officer was sent lor her. When ehc arrived she declined to testify Charles wan one of the best of husbands " j ?»“ ,k WBR bat he was frequently drunk, and that w«s the extent of her testimony. Dyer was discharged upon that charge, and fined for assaulting the officer. llxavt Loss nr “ Cokfidcxck.”—Yesterday morning an elderly man named EUlIs, removing from Tloca County, New York, to Qreenougb, lowa, was victimized at the Rock Island depot by the usual confidence game out of the sum of 81,465. JHs family had preceded him to their new home, taking the train in advance. Ills new found irierd claimed lobe welt acquainted with the olu man’s son in lowa, Id fact to be a brother Mason Tn the same lodge. They were met by the Inevitable business man with a bill, and Mr. £IIU was “ done for.” A Bum.—Kelson Johnson la Infinitely ugly In appearance, and no one wbo bad ever seen the man would be suspected of perjury if they testified that he abused bis wife shamefully and got drunk frequently. For thlshe has been fined on several occoelors, and lor the same offence be was fined 825 at tbe Police Court yesterday afternoon. Disctunosn.—Mention was made In T&s today's TnzntXE of ibe arrest of Messrs. Stull & Cavatina, commission merchants, charged with obtaining five hogs of Thomas MUler, a merchant In Indi ana. order the false pretence of having money in bank to pay for them, their check for Sie amount belt g dishonored at the bank. Tbs two mm were examined at tbe Police Couit yesierday mo mine, it appeared that aside from (be (ket that the al leged false pretences weie made by Mr. Cavenna in the Stale ot Indiana while pollening (he pat* ronace of Ur. Miller, that the law upon tbw quca (lon was ao modified In 1857 that agreements in orOei to be legally binding mnstbc made in writ* log. Ihc prisoners were discharged. Tna CwwniwaLT Idls.— The oR-repeated ad* monition **remember the poor'* baa never had to be Impressed more eameflUy upon the hearts of oar citizens than now. when the winter has set In with all hla terrors, depriving many a poor family of the means of living. It is a startling fact that tboi e are at this time In the city a larger number of honest laboring men whose families arc almost perishing for lack of food and inch The frost has compelled them to be idle, and either allow their children to ataive or eat the bitter bread of charity. Moat of the men Urns situated are persons who are able and willing to work if they could find employment, but there would seem to be no kind of opening for them tocarn a dollar. The Belief Committee ol the Young Men’s Christian Aaso datloubare daily applications made to them for aftialance by large numbers of working men. or men who would be working if they could get work In do. An appeal ia made to all clUzen* who may have small Jobs of work, each ns sawing wood, cleaning sidewalks, or putUn? In coal. If they will notify the Belief Committee, they can at any hoar secure the sc: rlcoa of worthy men, whose families are now snfitrnng from want. Mosnxko Uktoh PiiaTcn llEErraa.—This meet ing was well attended yesterday monung. Bev. E. J. Qoodspced presided. The subject discussed was “Theconsecration of the Church to God. and the Individual responsi bility of every professed Christian." The leader said, it was the privilege of every follower of Christ to make Christianity attractive ami desirable to the unconverted by living a life resembling the life ot God when he was walking with man on the earth. A poor photograph does not recommend the gallenr to the publlc,and idle, thoughtless Christians do not recommend the Christian religion to the world. The imago of Christ should be reflected tn all Ills followers,and then, as God’a Instruments, they would be Irre sistible. Encoutaglng reports of the work in Knox Coun ty were given. Meetings have been inaugurated in every township in the county, and many who came into these meetings had not heard the Gos pel for years. Hepotiß from tbucity churches indicate an activ ity on the port of all denominations, and many conversions are being reported. Bev. It, M. Hatfield will conduct the meeting this morning in (he audience room of the First Methodist Church, comer Clark and Washington streets. Moon day prayer meeting In the saute place from 12:DUm. to 19:15 p. m. CmcAoo BotLtiro Mots.-The Chicago Rolling Mill Company has Just completed on the North Branch a new building which has one of (he IflfCCfli, tf hot Me largest, silicic span took lit the States. Thejoof Is seal-elliptic, and Its spah hi thccliaf, wltlmut stlpputi, la one hundred ahd leveliiy-ilx.jeel by tno hilhdfed .dfa'f fp/ty-fodf tool lit length, aUU SfeTphly fefei htem. Tit l ; jiiic /lot of ills hnineltye pile Is eithrelf oh klitlttnihs. sHtlim ft few blßftßftftfl holt tie torts, |-[tlbp ii jlew wiieU lb o perahufi that Is Imposing ('IlKAtUi# I'illtt.-lll** tMIffIMUIIUII Hi ItlS (V‘ Ml 1'tt‘li;Il'IlKII t'llllMtl 111 (lit* Hl* HiS(!lHlli«<rt (111 tllMllN* l*K , l)lll|! 11l HI. IJHIIKrt IIHII. 111 Dllllll. flllHllf II til llUlllUvti « a - “T Dili l‘li|rll»Mlttlllllll lll“C In Ml (Mini inn iilaiiliK, llmiiif Mih* im fl((U(itc»i (rm«.l«0"li mi rip. Ulj'llTfj liKftlMf Hitt Enmflj liljjllj i fl/i ldH ,,r V t! M' f f «Mfl iftb Vfeife -'•"t 11/ I lid, w tiii ii| I'WW/lf )/H IliU |()»nflefiw)- HO* MU jl|> Miifl fMjf ilwlm ««(jjOAftiHi hm (mini fykitfilwly- *Wu ♦kmiimiolmp iHninyiiW^m »nhim MiKMit 1 1 wallet, il«n<iiul« Ihu mu* lllllfH M j «Hf Ml « I\hi 4 four (Wlb ft* )i Vift* UitnMi m p* uhmw uf k-MHf jmutj Uml hmilMlynfiM lw« Iwi) imunt («r. llmjn tUu itW W. Ilia pm(#u I alum, (tv Mylni* jjcucliulilc u musses, (|i!(iiiiit«|rj|ii Ibu fact, IliHI uvt'ry inuli.ilul statement (> ndinu (o establish nny Improper intimacy nr ro»nlm;|, iKitueun tbo {ilalntMV* MHu ui(i|niyat;|f, wtivlliermsdu hy Mary U')lrli!|t. C'llu nine, nruiiv other person,ls nn* quatiflodly faho. Nouiicli inUmacy uvor dialed, uur did any auch conduct ever transpire. ad, (1 has already ho«n proved in (Itu cash. by way of cross-examination of one of ibo piatntirt's own witnesses, dial bu bad tried lo bribe tbo wit ness to swear to having soon ma In improper relations will) Mrs. I’eiris. Without uofnglnlo particulars, 1 shall dimply slate (but 1 shall bo able (o meet, and moat triumphantly over come, any and ail of iho charges made against mu liy ibo said Henry Metric. I have traced him Ihtoush mi the lines, nUe.vs.and byway#, through which be baa sneaked to Und evidence for too purpose of talcing thu reputation ot Ula wife oa well aa Uiat of myself. I have do fcara as to the final result of the case. A. J. Utouix*. LOCAL MATTERS. norsdrn’s Pectoral Balm for Catarrh and Inllaeoza. Brown’s Bronchial Troche*) when allowed to dissolve In tbc month, have a direct Influence lo tbc affected pails; the soothing effect to the mucous lining uf tbo windpipe allays pul monary Irritation, and gives relief in Coughs, Colds, and tbc vanons Throat Affections to which public speakers and singers are liable. Jnnt Received Seven more of JTTar srhall & Mltiancr's celebrated Pianos. F. Zisa- Held & Co, 155 Dcarborn*st. Just Received Seven more of ITlar ecball & Mittanors' celebrated piauos. t. zeiq vxuj a co., ISff Dearborn street. We will Teach oar Susy” to Say, « A blessing od Mrs. Wfusfow,” for (helping her to survive and escape the griping, colicking and teething siege. We confirm every word eel forth to the prospectus—the Soothing Syrup pcrlorras precisely whet It professes to do. If «e bad tbo J tower, wc would make Mrs. Winslow—as she b—the physical eanorof the Infant race. Extract from Rev. C. Z. Wciaet’s letter. “FormodonUi ll TootU iconic preserve the teeth, preventing decay, making loom white and beautiful. It Is free from all mlnrlons sub planer* Uls used and recommended bv the best Ot-miSlB. Mnuttra«tMM>a eclclr \jj CASWELL, MaCK & Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. A Sure Pile Cure,—Dr, Gilbert l * Pile Instrument positively cares the worst casih or piles. Scat by mail on receipt of ft. Circulars free. Sold by drurclsis. Agents wanted every where. Address J. B. Roxaxnz, Manager, No. 675 Broadway. New York. SUPREME COURT OF ILLINOIS. Dcclalons. The following syllabi of recent decisions In the Supreme Conn of Illinois will appear in the forthcoming volume of official reports: janes u. baker vb. soctueus anentoAN and NOnTUEKN INDIANA UAIUtOAB COStTANT, „ fAprll Term, ISM.] 1. Contract— uritten and verbal. Where an agent ol (be owner of a lot of freight went to the general freight agent of a railroad and contracted for tbe shipment of the goods from Chicago to V heeling without conditions, and to be trans ported in seven days, and two days after the goods were delivered at the depot, and still two days after the a®cntof the company made out a freight bill, bnt did not deliver tt lo the agent shipping the goods, which contained a number of limita tions of the lability of the company, not to the verbal agreement; held that It was a question for the jury to determine under which agreement the goods were shipped. * 2. Evidence— for (ht contlder ifion of th< Jury. It Is error for Ihe Court (o Instruct the iury what verdict they should And. 8. rLKADiNos—mi</olmfsro/par/ls*. It tq not n misjoinder of parties to sue several railroad companies In tort; as a part may he acquitted and a part convicted as In otber cases. HILTON O. muOIKS VB. BENJAMIN T. CUO9DT. [AprllTetm, IMiJ.| 1. Pied— /Vims coverf. tVhtro a feme covert owned land In her own light, lying In tills state, and, with the husband, conveyed It after tbo lUth dor of September, 1813. and the 2Cd of February, 1817. her title was not mlectcd thereby; but her husband being tenant, by the courtesy Initiate, his HR* estate passed to the gran’ce. But there being bo law authorising a married womnti to rnnvey her lands sllttnlo between these dales, (heir deed, purpottine to eonvey a fee, only up etaled on the huitiaud s Interest fn the land. 2. (.tutTATtoK-poss'ssfon—pcpmrftf of tarn. Possession, and payment o( taxes, for seven sue cestlve yenrs, by the grantee, under such a deed, does no! bteotnc a bar to the reversionary estate of (he wile. The possession not being adverse until tlte death of Hie liitslmtjd, (he wife’s title rotilii not Urns become barred; although the bus bnfid'.s would, ». Hi«e— lilabi of entry. To become a W; under the Mutate; Ihe jiiisspision must be adverse, amt there tnuM he a light of etiliy ihe. stnlntory betted; btlore Ihe title sought to be barted can benfivcletl;, A (cittftltideHtiau Of Mersjonct h«< (mlllicHglil b( chtr/ (thill IbH baHlciirit- >*ta(a f Hrt# beeft «(igliioUiiHy ihe Viunlle will not (wfiililMGih; ... . I; ’I AArs-f’'tyn»*«r/iV If i a iibsliel Inal iijf (eWaftnleHHMt or ieVetahihei enhld hiGe baW I**m übe/.ln sev»H ant) ihH« Htv-wWI (hebAf: i( U ihe ridi* «f\hs leh: Mitt Jot IMF m bar lacesi dhti lit eaidiHl Ihbetie ItjffiVHdMWfth m levefslpUfi «bd,t{» il?d HdiiiMwi.inti Mi) id fijb, m\m IdUhiMeed U mm Id I'HV liwidi ' JMIIN iApnliefffii )sm,) far ns mil tfUh inletn. a imrsnH.tbdiuud b*» « r«psj if )Mu uvbiuncu fa hdMua it, f««f lm rouvlufMl nf an a*MMT WMb hitaid pi uoiiiimt arspa- ihoacsjuli unh ituem ui fm.inat a rant: U In flibiurt in it>u enma ufrapo, and Hut such a pros ecHhon tall* wilhm the rulu that a parly indicted fof (tin Ufa’lief crimd may tw convicted of (bet smaller, if thu latter Is necessarily Included In (he humor, as iliu party Is deprived of no light, nor con he i>e taken hy aurpruo. Ji ac'ue—t i.lts of. A rnla o( practice which re quires the attorney* on both sides lo prepare and submit to the Conn all tn«trnctions they desire to be given Id a cs»e, before (ho closing argument to the jury commences, is reasonable, and calculated to deepateb business aild promote the admlulsira • ion of Justice. J»*Jnicfloei»~ rules of practise. lustrucilons re fnsed because they were not fornUhed to the Court in compliance wiib a rule of practice should appear Id the record, and appear to be proper to bo given in the case, before this Court will delar miocwbe'bcr the rule I* rowonable. eoioaox htiijLs at xl. vs. r&ixois eotoza. (April Term, 190C.1 1. Evtoekce— jtartr.frtftiji—admlfHont. When three ate sued, and one pleads the ccncral issue, be thereby admits thepartnorabip. The other two plead In abatement fit Dying the partnership on which there Is issue; the admission of the o'her that the; were all partners- is not admissible, as hfa declarations could not affect their rights. i. lumivcnoxs—ortnrtswons—partnership. In etroctlons which Inform the Jury that such admis sions supported by other evidence is proper for tbetr consideration, is wrong. The other evidence should be considered, but not &is statements unocr tbo Issue. WOXIAJ* STAXS VB. SALFQ DAX9ON T~ AT._ (April Term. ISU6.J 1. pAßTsmsuiP—good tciU. Where two per sona ate encaged in business as partners, and a third person pays a sum of money to become a partner In the business, the money thus paid be comes the property of the members ot the first hrm, and not of the latter; nor is it a part of the capital rtocU of the partner who paid It to become a member of the firm. Not Killed, CuxsTUjrx, 0„ January 16.—A report, origin ating at Sandusky, some days ago. stating that John Thompson was killed at Mansfield, Ohio, by the Sandusky, Mane&cld & Newark Railroad train. Is incorrect. Mr. Thompson, who Is fore man of the Ibilahurgh, Fort Wayne * Chicago Railroid machine shops, is alive, and will proba bly recover. Attempt to Bam, Auuxr, N. Y., Jannary 16.—An attempt was made to burn the printing establishment of Weed Parsons & Co. The fire was extinguished before more than three or four hundred dollars damage was done. Death of a Naval Officer, New Yobs, January IS.—Captain Samuel Qax aid, of the united states Navy, died yesterday mommy. mom CAHAD A. CootUiantJozi of the Fonlan Trials— Another Prisoner Convicted—Homed to Death—Bxcltomont In Bedard to a Beeent firisli Festival, &e« , [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Tocoaro, C. W., January 10. The Fenian trials were resumed this morulas before Don. Justices Hsgarty and Morrison. The first prisoner placed tn the dock was John Uyan. He Is a satire of Oswego, N. Y., and bta counsel claimed for bio a trial by a Jury one-hall American. An old English, law provide* for trials in ibis way ol aliens. The request was granted, and alz American citizens were sworn on the Jury. The erldence showed that the prisoner came Into Canada on June 2d, the day after the Ridgeway flcht; that be remained In Fort Erie, where be joined the Fenians, and received anns from them. He was clearly identified as having acted as guard over some property seised by the Fenians. Uls counsel, Ur. McKenzie, made an able defence. The Jury, after an absence of thirty five minutes, brougnt In a verdict of guilty; sen tence deferred. James Spaulding, & native ofDublm,but claim ing to be an American citizen, was next placed In the dock. He asked for six America*} jurors, and the request was granted. Bu trial is now going on. There are about twenty Fenians to be tried yet. The trials will last several weeks. Mrs. Cockburn, mother of the Solicitor General of tbe Provinces, was last night accidentally burned to death at Coburg. It is rumored that Lord Monck will return to Canada no mote. Lord Naas is spoken of as bis successor, as Governor General of British North America. There ia quite an excitement in Montreal re cording the St. Patrick's Society Festival, a few days ago. The room was decorated with the names of Corcoran, McManus. Meagher, and other Fenians. The National Anthem was not sung, nor cheers given for the Queen, as is usual. A proposition to alng ''Wearing of the Green” was cheered. The feeling about the aQhtr is running high and increasing, and trouble is feared. There were six serious Ores In different pads of tbe country last night, Kingston. C. W., January 16.—The ice bridge to Cape Ttncenl la complete. Stages are running re cloth mills, near Wddcssy, baa been burned. Loss f 10,0v0. Quebec, January 16.—1 t la reported that a gold nugget, weighing thirty pounds, was found in tbe Gilbert River mines. No official report has been made. iIIOM MADISON. ltt«4illlUotifl DFliotincliiß Ilmillltlp .<1 111 (he liftililAlUte bf ti Tntl- A lilmlk Vole—A Alllddle Otet- lllel'Hill. •lilt or 1(10 UotcHlOflS IttMAdtee-Uollt tvewliet. INtietkl Id llic tlllcldi) tHIIBHS.I MAW‘U!Ii WI-.i Jkiibsi, 10. tlm tele ot lue A“"inlilj lo dof on lh« ie*oiii lliit,o IhtlHulthif fejimo, lull,mils Id (ejiaii rut Hlllilellll-. A U'lflHll'H tu III! CiIHIIIIIKeij nil W/li'Ml wp« ihlmti hf u Imlhhilf iil|oj AHll Hid IMUlilllllll. HU# (ll«ll ddlllilod I); « Will/lilfl 111 #l, l!l«IJ |ll!|l|||>| (Il#wi||l ut (||i. (|«|l|,to t) illli HhiiaUh llioilml# 0Ht»,lil» HOfll to oil on 1 000,1 poo ill. Mmoii. or SiilhsoSh# ilioiooilii Mil'')Oi||lOf | iil| and IliiiOfllf 10(1' 0 tin ii«Wi> ii'ia of Ilif.lWfJj Ho on# Imil « hoii In.mi yi I iii n'lmlol 1 # ili'/'Miin, , , Ififfili 1 riirii'jiiftr mill ttUji , tlnfnrtthf) /j//i 'll l-t ttiWj Miti ilihthiHit)(j|(if Mi I'lioii'iiinii^i'ONrroiu. limliiMipp, lllii,, ll(»ICII»W|-'l'IIH ItHlfMt ilHllep lllllllf Hum-iiHMiPtimih ywiiHHnlnH(»H nJc*»»(VUtl «MiV» mi DMfMi rtf**), » |)nv'Hluju«)(|u|,i;i!, ngyurn) liiHUn, am) M||.icUjj (in; ifmruti ftfiUAk*, ijiiu pfihu lim/u* mm- 'ffi«flruiirwmsM In a firlck uliuu WcupM »y.l. 1). I«wi«, it IS riijijioiieii, (rum a Jcfutliivu liiu 5 lull tvliui) Hr* I ilj»i:(»varu<l 11(0 wljrjju of Hie iilvrior was nmi imi»s nf Names. Thu oioru ail* olb ng, in the aaiiiu Mock, occupied by l.owia M. liunjtm, «incur, fcpouiUly lw»k flro, Iml, by well directed dlims, must nf Ihu slock was re* moved In Urn slreut, Thu ofllco of Dr. Davis, a small wnodon building ni:xi, was torn down to pm nil lli u spread of tlio tire to ibu llurrmt ilouto. Across the alloy, on thu oilier side, was a real* donee occupied hy ilamoy Armstrong, from which moat of Ida household cited* wore re moved before (ho lire overlook It. The stables In the rear then caught Arc, creating such so intense heat (bat the Darrell House look lire on Its west side, bni by the moat vigorous exertions of our citizens the Homes wore subdued end the damage confined lo about <I,UJU. Thu toss ofj. p. L-wla wasf-1,000, insured for|9.s'iO; of L. M. Ilunynu, <1,000: Dr. Davla. $500; Jj. C. Armstrong, <ji)o; on buildings, <ls,ooo—owned by Thomas Hedge, Dr. U. Hansom, and Hubert Stewart. NEW UAMPSIIIItE DEMOCRATIC STATE CONTENTION. Don, Jolm Sinclair Nominated for Governor—lkcm»lutlon* Adopted Com* mcadlug the Action of Andrew Jobnaon. Concord, N. n., January 10.—Tbo Democratic State Convention met to day. About SOU dele cates were present. Don. Edward Burke, of Keene, was Fjeslucut. Hon. John <l. Sinclair, of Beihlcbcm, was renominated for Governor by acclamation. The resolutions adopted approve of holding a National Union Convention in New York Stale; thattbe |New Hampshire Democrats adhere to their part principles, and insist that (ho powers of the Federal Government are limited by the Constitution, and that all other rowers arc lescrvcd for the States. They bold that the right of extending the sofirage be longs to the States alone. All States bare tbo right of representation In Congress; that the Uni ted Slates Sapieme Conrt has manifested by Its recent decisions respect for the only authority which has legitimate power; tender thanks to President Johnson for hie support of constitu tional rights, and hold that the Impartial Imposi tion of the burdens of taxation is needed lathe State. They also declare that all efforts tending to subvert Inc Executive ore rebellion?,andpledge support to the nominees of the Convention. Alter brief addressee, the Convention ad jomneu. FIIOM. NEW YORK. Postal Can between New York and Washington—Soils against General BatlerTrannlcrredfotlic VnltedStatcs Coart—Verdict or IVot Guilty in the Chicago Elopement Case. ,New York, January 16.—The malls between New York and Washington will hereafter here* ccivcd along thu rente by a postal car attached to through express trams. The fire for lalse Imprisonment, &e., against General I>utlcr, which nave been on the docket of the Supreme’ Court of Kow York, hate hem transferred to the United States Coart try or* dcr of the presiding Jmlgc, Barnard, of the for mer tribunal. A bill has been Introduced In tho Legislature requiring the railroad companies of this State to chuck baggage and sell tickets over all connect* lug roads. The Jury found a verdict of not guilty in the case olZadoc Street, whose evidence was that be never saw Mrs. Freeman, with trhom he was chaired with eloping from Chicago, nntll bo saw ter In rhlladclphla, and thftt he merely wcortcd her thence to this city. MEXICO. NiaxlmlllnQ Attempts to UcplcDlnh lit* Kxchccijucr—The Liberal Force* Ton cenfrntlnc at Vera Cruz—iTlazlmll tnii’s Trip fkom Puebla to the Capital. New Took, January ifl.—Tho Ilrrdd'f Nc *• Or leans special says that Maximilian demands tbc duties on all goons In the Vera Crnz Custom House, even thonph they bare already been paid to the French. The United Slo’cs Consul Is expected in New Orleans dallv, to confer with Minister Campboll. A private letter Bora Vera Cm* says the Liber als area)] around that city, occasioning taking charge of the railroad trains, and generally the people are worse oIV than ever, Twelve hundred 1 tench troops were to embark on tho I2lh. Vera Cruz advices to the 10th are received. Maximilian left Fncbla on Iho 3d for Iho Capi tol, sobering at the lime wllh lever. Notwith standing bis proclamation declining official recep tions, the people could nol resist the opportunity to show their affection lor Max, and came out In vast numbers In greet Ulm. Among the passengers hr Ihe Concordia, which arrived here to-day, is Mr. i.nne, United Slates Consul at Vera Cruz. THE (.TIM AS ISSUIIIIECriOS” Tin- tirri-li, Arnti.Mi 111 AM nr I lie HI, •HijtHll>~rlin stniiilili'U nr I lie l!lit-- ll»tl liuteriliiient tlliialemeili iiett tnlikj .tnmiirr In _th. Ixseei*. PifH Hitineoiiitiiife nil llte ehltnl-liKHI ,nt The (iteelih lm, Inilt htltii iiiiijfil 111 h.HKiitlhe lie fillpHilii «hi the leiijli el (iieite Me hi* -Wee In leiee iiHhiq-fs le «lil (he iTelshs 111 liielt lie,: tfiHtnui, wHiet) 111 •tinimliiV (hi the "lllri .ft-i rielntt*. Hml leeeliei!

efilsijifneillie, lie liuefinil«>e,.el«iiiifiißieieil (tine l(|« liwfe el Mleli! Tel, ell In, ,|ie.|| tlmiiinjiit W« t,mi-fnmem, Hint iseuHsliHsiniili: (tlf.eilllHllirirlß:. , , . . . Muimliyo, llm Aineimn ihisjHliii I, mmrtsilr li«,»HelleiT(liHi , FliHieiiiiiißiii fur iwrmi,,iini In t-melli! «e« nf Ike ie...|< si 111, ffll!im,(li! Id re: ninViPO |iiH‘-tii!i|ii«lii)!in Irunt Pr. ft-, fyiei'sili)' huh ilia urfon, l< ~.iH#dn*g p„ «)) sides, nm muntanai Dniiereie AtVraye Amontc tue Jllucra- Fnnr ftllird and a Number Wounded —Yield of ilia mines Burins One Week. Lsavenwoutu, January 13.—The Montana J\iit of the filth ulr. wives an account of a bloody affray at Cave Gulch, Dec* tuber lltb, of which tho jump irur o»' clA'ine wan the camo, Patrick Ok bum, John Ikmctt, William Cheevcrs and William McCloucb were Ulllco, and dolm Fahcrty and several others, nanus unknown, womded. J. L. lie Haven, John Bowman. Jacob Hart, F. Hick nor, J. A. flared. James Selgler, George Bassbor, F. Dnneaceui). &. N. Bateman. P. Constantino. Lnke Finn, William McCoy and Lewis Ficicb were arrested by ibe Vigilance Committee, and will fee bled. A miner in a dry gulch was mar. dered In Helena the same night. For tbe week ending January Slh, J,ITO ounces ol cold dust were shipped from Denver, valued at &0.000. FROM CINCINNATI. Ohio River Navigation—Snow Storm— Bold and InUuman Bobbers, Ciscixwati, January 16.—The Ice in the Licking River gave way this morning, and all run out without doing nny damage to Che boats and barges lain up In that stream. Three boats arrived from below 10-day, and the prospects arc favorable fora full resumption of navigation, know has fallen eteaallv since S p. m. Thermometer at 5 p. m. stood 85, Wind West. On Friday night three robbers entered the house of Fletcher Willis. near Union Chapel, Stark County, Indiana, seised Willis, and de manded his money. Willis refusing, they took ofl his shoes and f lockings, and held hla feet to the Arc until they were terribly horned. Willis finally ebowed the robbers nbcrc the money was, which they secured add decamped. Tbe amount stolen was two hundred and fifty dollars. Xncxe is great excitement in tbe neighborhood. FROM MFmPfIIS. Forrest’s House Entered by Xbleve*— Kils Waldi) money and Parole Stolen —Sbotby an Unknown Aasttasln—Uon« doctor Bon Over and Severely In* Jared. WntTms, January 16.—The residence of Gen eral Forrest, on Adams street, was entered by robbers last- vigbl, who carried oil two gold watches, a pocket book containing nearly 1300, ard oilier valuable articles, Including his parole. It is reported that Dr. A .man Case, btate Sena tor from Obiou County, was shot dead from tus bone, near his boose, lost Friday, by an unknown assassin. Mr..McCarthy, street car conductor. was rna over by bis car last night; both arms aad one Ire badly crushed. “ TEXAS. Removal of General Sydney Joliuston’s Remains— Freedmen’s Attain, Ac. Galveston. January 10.—Cotton market tin- easier at 220£3c In specie for Colonel A. Smith, Chairman of the Legislative Committee to remove the remains of General Syd ney Johnston fn-m New Orleans and deposit them in the Mate Cemetery at Austin, departed on hla mjreton to-day. The Pieedmen’a Bureau report the treedmen contracting for the year's labor with great rapid ity, Imputations of Georgia freedmen arrive almost every steamer. Fires. Eurnu, New York, January 16.—The clothing store ol Isadora Rechnor. and tae boot and shoe store of W, F. Gilbert, Jrith the upper floors oc cupied ao the reeldeuA of various parties, was burnt last night. The inmates narrowly escaped. Lo?e 115,000; partially lusnred. ronnuss Monbob, January 15.—Forbes * BuGa 1 hardware store, Fitzsimmons’ bakery, and Mules' bakery, at Portsmouth, were burned yes (trday. Loss $15,000; partially Insured- Fbanktort, Sr., January 18.—At half past six to-nlnht an Incendiary fire bloke out in the sta ble of Mr. Neal, on Main street, below dt. Clair, which burned the livery and two tenement house* on Mala street. The fire communicated to the Jail and county district offices, which were con snmed. Papers saved. Loss, SIOO,OOO. Small Insurance. The lire caused tbo greatest excite meet The weather wan intensely cold, and it was a long time before water could be got into play. A fortunate fall of enow in the early part of the evening prevented tbo conflagration from Igniting by the flying cinders. MARKETS BT TELEGRAPH. Kewlork Financial Netrs, New Tom, January ic. . kosct. Money market steady, at 6®7 per cent for call loans. _ BXCUANUK. Sterling eichange moderately actlveak 9H&9M* gold, for first-claw bill*. GOLD. Gold decidedly timer •, opening at ISIW. advancing to 137, declining to 133,h. and closing at 199. . (JOT tRS KENTS. Governmeol Block* dull and drooping. LATEST. . Money market raUior mWo T ictlve toward tbe close, buualet unchanged, (toll) nl ohr tltoc rtatlieil Ist Uo«™Wrtl ISMUWItoX 11 c,uinll ® M' l " 'lfiMgA teiips 'Hill iiHUtmn illHAhi-lili milM'.illltlik I HfiH Ml linimlfli iii liii> I'lilMielilliHliH.l rHf-lihi «inl iihHiwtH): tiii HiHimmwm; WllHll-1,,.|1,|. 111. jllif, Fill «||Ml||.>l I,Hi ,|U|«l|ll;ll; III: ,W«WIlHi HI B.fcMl.llll, Inf [til: M 1! L* W l uf Vw" hnijil-Mu eiV'isliiei itli'lHf ««■?•' 1,111 Hl "' “* | ™Hil<ll*wy ( ' ( ! Hi)ir el Hh fuf kfif it(-;-#H(fi.i el tie j»lil.;,r| |f|)l,j|(,(,l)l| ; Win li'»Kl|iir|4fHPte (ISffc l , J^!tl’J m ‘ r i »'••» Min m »i «*?il«. HV*- 1 , ,1f . 1 .! ''f l * l|,w ' Hi" 111 ft WIMI, J,I«H |ll| Hour. msw viiiis, „„ V»(ili,.(»mnrnil—«p,m, b‘«b' f,, r o;tr* ? Vl.WilTlo fir chdcul IS.iUidfiiJOinrsupdimrUcsicrni ato.fiUiidi.UOforcoiiii siVrifeiVS *!'!V , |* lr »' v "birai#ll,(rt l .ia,Dijrchnice\ lor cuiimion to imud exlra ntumi Uni “iu'rt I 'licaVy^' 1 ’ 60 ti)r UWel,r ‘*“ ,, »-«»«oi ctoaUig Wldabey—Nnmlnal. vVbeai—Hull fciul Uven buyer* i talcs of I.SOC b« Sn. s®n*,%ss^°“ ~a “ ~y wim ° °‘* Ji’S>;m^y,S , u T,i&tSS oam B 1“ fcSd r, Sf «8 U,ct 5 uf 3,000 10 Caa4a * West, in lt«ce*m•—-liorn, 10. W bn t market firm but very dull; iaiaso(Bo,Mo i>u at|j.n for mixed Wosurn la sVre— Clo*loff at il.lfl. dull and droopinir: isles of 19,000 iiu st ASAOic ur L’Licjigo and Mllwauxeo, cost—Dull ana oncbsnewl. LeaUicr—Uemlock qelct and very firm at 81®31cfor Pucnos Ayres light weights. Wooi-Hnn, wait sales of MO,WO As at 4l®(3c for domeittc Ueece. •'o-v-v, (V . Hops—Firm and In eood demand. J’cirolcum—Firmer, with aaies ol 3.000 brld at 00c lor crude, and iSH<&nc for rcnQ«a in boud. nice—Finn. Cofleo—steady. Sugar—Quiet, with sales of 200 hda at lO&ftllc lor Cuba: 11% lor Porto Wco ? boxca at I3kc7 Molaaers—tjulct. Fork-Firmer, with fair demand: sales of 4.900 brla at fornewmess, cr-aing at *19.37, cash; *M4S tor W»«rns fl**««J*.t'oforprlaiot ala i, 3AM tons new mess at {9l.toSJi.Bs, teller and buyer January. Febru ary and March. , Beef—Unchanged. Sale* of 450 hrta. Tierce beefla lagooddctnaud. bales of 470 tterces at tOOI R>r prime me«(;|33.i>?®39Ao lor India mess. RceTbama steady, tales ofwo &>a ar IW.fCfcJC.OO. Bacon-Steady. Bales of TOO boxes at lOfclOVc for Cumberland cut; 10x@Dc for abort ribbed: iWftllwc for short clear. AUusW) boxes Cumberland cut. teller 9\c; JOO boxes short rtbbcd, sale delivery, Cuv Meats—Blcady- Bales of TOO packases at BVr% OVCfor ibonlders: lOfcUc fbr bamt. Dressed liogs—Slcady. Bales at BX®3>fcforWeßt cm. AVfcEM? ond . ln good demand. Sales ofl,CO brls at I2,v®lßc for old andl2K@l3Vc for new. Also 1,009 brls, scllfr and borer, at wuctfskc. Butler—Firm. Sales at Ohio. Cheese—Steady. CINCINNATI. _ CutciaKATi. January 19—p.ra. Flour—Doll. There was no'hlQedoneof consequence. Wheat—Dull and prices nominal with no demand. Corn—wit* a ibado firmer, owing to me prospect of the resumption of navigation, bat prices are on* chanced. Ear, Me; shelled, Me. Oats—Very dull at 49c for No. 1. Rye—Dull at *1.15 for No. 1. Barley—Unchanged. Barley Malt—Doll and prices nominal. Brewers are not buying. Cotton—Dull and nothing done. Middling hold at3lc. hl»tcv—Drill at 29c In bond. Uogs—Firmer and prices hlahcr; *7.2537.73 was the whole ranee. Receipts, S,CCO. fork—Mesa pork firmer at f 20.00330.50. Bulk Meats—Finn at 7J»is9tfc, loose, for shoulders and sides. Lard—lirld at 12tfc, with small sales at I2)<c. Bacon—firm atiik&U,Vc for shoulders and clear sides. Green Meats—ln demand at <&S(3IDc. but holders asked }{c higher, and at the close purchases could not hare been made without paying the advance. Sutter—Unchanged. Cheese—Unchanged, Hold-133. Exchange—Steady. ST. LOUIS. St. Lotus, January 16, Tohtcco—Unchanged. Cotton—Nominal at TOC. Flour—Doll and ntchanced. jvhcat—Firm prime to choice tall. Com—Firm at tittSlc. Oata—Firmer at 6A-t66C. Potk T lS*«2Q«c. Bulk Meats—Bacon unchanged. Ijtrd—l2c for choice llcrcc. Whisker—Firmer at ll.ts. Government officers are feirlng all receipts free whisker. Uegs-lllphcrat «H£6j<c. Number packed to dale. BUFFALO. Buffalo, Jatnary 16. Floor—Ppmand moderate, market steady, No, I spring oUJc, Wheat—Nothlne doing. Corn—Nominal. Oats—gniet. at mw»3c. Harley—Unchanged. Bye—Nominal at (1.00. I’rorlslons-Stcady, moderite demand, lings—Quiet; sab » at »7 AO^S.OO. Whiskey— Firm at M-w. BALTIMORE. Flour—Dull and drooping. Wheat—No sales. Corn-Kpcelpu, 10.000 lm, chiefly renn«ylroola yel lop t market Pstnrcd buyers male; sales ot white mltcil at.f.M: good to prime white at; yellow prime ifnnsrtvania at ((.OAjil.tQ. Oft(s-c,ouol>n white. wiiPkry—normnai. Coiiee—Tim, v, itb reduced slock. NEW CHILEANS. „.. ... Nzw (iRLRAxa. Jannary Id. Cntion-Flm. Pales, l.nwi bates low middling at 3i tnldtitmc, 31.VC. Receipts, WM bale*. e*. purls, bale*. . . * t»ttMf-srmer. atßVerrflalr. , .—Quiet. Common. tOct prime to choice^ Flour-Firm. Prtfrrv, |tt_T7,i<t extra*, 11t.75i13.00. ?orn-Ari|ve. Jsii-Flrra nl »<e. Isy-tlulci, at (M.fW'W.OO. . •etk-iukood demand; iieSh(?lM. vnioh-NnhewiMlpai . HtoStfMfclß,. , , CHlUlltilWmi ilttHWf It Kitov VmfU Pfo?MI(»h IVf hfKpls lld The ftylttlgd TMIHiR'M Naw Vnßti» itoRRW tot i p,irk-Ulo*sd Heady a( th® ipocnlHiya »|a waadrHuopMawbdHtvcirHilrtttßS at ie|l«f awtfJiftJhuybr, to a ywicial acMvlty laliuk prodwta, New York Breadstuff* market, [apccial pe»patt4) to lits Cnjcago Tribune.l Kiw Tobc, January 16. Flour—There was a belter attendance of the trade oq ’Chugs, and the market closed more steady. Wheat—Better milling inquiry at the decline. Corn—l# tiling shipped on Weitern account. Doyen for export ton tLelr atieniloa to ntw Southern yel low. New York Live Slock nttrket [Special Despatch to the Chiracs Tribune,] New Tone, January 16. Eof s—Firm, at TisTkc. Receipts, 3,000, Pnrelpi Pfrlghti, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Krw Toes. January 16. About 50X00 brnhele corn shipped to torelgn ports, at St,d by sal), sad 6d by steam. Near York Grocery market* [Special Despatch to theChic*«»Trthaao.j New Toss, January 16. Coffee—Firmer. BloJl3£sc. Sugar-Upward. Fair to prime grocery, lOVSIHfc. New York Dry Good* market* New Toek, JaauspyiS. Tbe dry goods market, on tbe whole, lacks anima tion, though there U a Air inquiry lor seasonable styles of domestic cotton*, prtcra showing Utile change. Prints—Are fairly active. Arnold, light stylet, re duced Ne, idling at 25c: Wamsutta, lie; Merrimack, MftSOc. Heavy brown sheetings are firm, with a good dc ma. dat 25c for all standards: Atlantic A tulogs njfc; Nnr York Mills, STtfc; TV amentia. Wide goods are a little lower- PepoercH IW, 65c; Waltham S-LtJSc: do S-J, «2kc. . Domestic woollens are doll and depressed, at 75c® SJ.63NC for Debt o&d heavy. Foreign goods aw nominal. PlttaborgU Petroleum market* PmsßTßon, J anuary 16. In the cil market there was not a single sale of crude We quote t Smith's Ferry at* we, barrels re totoed. aod JlVr. psetage* inrtuded. ooidmof 41- lecbaay River oil are returned, audlSNattc, packages Included. There was quite » demanc for retlned in bond, and we have tbe lolfowlnr tales to repert, all for Philadelphia delivery: LSOO hrls lor May at sic: SOC brls tor the same mombt at S3c; S.OOO brls in lots as fallows: 500 for May at sic; far .lane at S3vc; i£c tor July at Zic ; M 0 far August at Slhc; S( 0 tor September at SSc; 500 for October at S6c t 9 doO brls Id lots far April at Sic; 900 lor May at S3c; *4O for June atsse: 900 far July at Stc, all buyer* option* t,2W brls to be delivered. SCO in March at SuWc;9COU> April ataiwctSOD In May at STfetSO) jaueatSScaudSOOin Julvatsic. Also. 500 brls to be aUlvercdimnAunlto Aususi, loctatlve on private terms. Theaaleatmotmlea to ILCOObrls. PreoolUs mlet, with smaU sales to retailers ot OijMSc per gal- Un- according w quaUty. No Inquiry far napthaor residuum. RUBBIED, In Buffalo, Dec. »U>, Cap*. J.W. COMaTOCB.of the bar* “Ocldea West,” and Mias FUCEBE A. BFOONCtLoC Otdecabuteb. In this city, Dec. J3th. at SUJamm* Church, by the Bettor. Iter. Ur. Porter, MARSHALL M. DUTTON, of BacUie, W!*., and Mm DATtUS E. LANDEB, of Chicago. In this city, Jan. 15th, by Eer. J.W. Larlmore, at the trslcenee of Anns m. Brian*. Ksfl., Ur. ALONZO UANNIS and illaa PUBBB ANN DELDEN, all oi Chi caao. Kld this city. Jan. 15th, by Bev, J. W. Larisar*. Ur. SAMUEL MU AT, of Mabteoo, 111., sad Ills* NELLIE D EVERY, of Chicago, to thU city, jao. 15th. by Bar. B. B. TutUe, Sector of Si. Mark’* Church, comes Grove. Mr. James h. DEN SMOKE and Mil* FANNIE B. WALKER all of Chicago. InjolfeLUt. Jaa. 15th. at the residence of B. Cleg horn,£»q..hy Rev. Charles A. Gilbert, Mr- FRANK H. BUTLER ana Miss MAOGUS L. HOLLAND, both Of Chicago. ' - DIED. Ot “omutuptlon, at his residence lu Orange. N. J_ cn the Wb last., ADDISON QR \YES. of the late firm ot Graves A Irvin*, ol this city. Tb« tonerM service* ot the late EDMOND AIKEN. Efq„ Freslrtt-nt of the First Radons Bank, win taka Pi* c*» on Friday afternoon at oao o’clock, from hi* late residence. No. iX! Mlchlgan-ar. (Cicsbg art association, g Orders for Certificates by mail filled up to 10 p. pu, Saturday, and registered and mailed before midnight. I>lrect to 28 Opera House , amusements. QOL. WO OU'S MU BBC 11. ebb. J. D. TfOOt) .Proprietor Director of Amusement* F. g. AIR BN Stage Manager i.TBGS. BAHQT Lait night of the domestic moral drama and itoseum specialty. lupetltloo of a new semantic* farce, re ceived with jbouta of lauahler., A ureal colerlalo. ffeui. .TUlsnimtsday) evening) Jan. lYtht for the last time* the beautunf domestic and, morel play of LOS r ln "" “ stlri! cllr *fWi* 8A Ur “teiiuuAßK'i rue tttfaeiisot tAWAio m# IxiUi ifa lonw.lteie . . (l I « VI olt fl It 1 8 fUflA'fUjj, mil-HUH * -Mr0113........,,,.,..,/,HAHAIJt;III. Lmlulillilliiillftoof OBBlliH tUIBH< I') A « H', Kj V N,« lu , iu is (mi , On (KM(tlrfll'KMMN I‘. fIUWj 1 II I 111. 1 .11 II .1. Ml. HlWl MMIMIMUMiII tlmii lUlirua, f ii fi s n v'H niiinrnnjTO ijilfi U«rt y # iIN iilbLurs* fWM/R/T/! * , r/liia H itLijlt iKiKUti juiis. jjiuuji; \y I'l’iiiiw'RiiVrtAWn New York Mtieoum of Aiintom 1 MI'I’IIOWRIIV IliHdu nil lilHfk .111 MfWf «( MHMHH: «N(*i(ilfi|{)', Mjiiliiw, lli'nimliiln^', An | [!Miiofcv«vd''parimiTci .if I|ulh licmcro. Ibv atuduni, ibu VidMdsn. tun KimtaiUb (ho U*n nf.fondness, tlio man of l.eisure. niubt esiiy In vain M hc-rii iliev eon >1 s(kMii n more iirnniahie iniir. tews: ww " *• «'• mi mp. m. pibTOlU—Urnslii’s Opera House, IV pihkotuu J.UII.VO. bcsinnu lour Nlubts amt niio Mminuo. DONDAV, Jau. 81, Hist appear In L’hicsno ol flladt Adelaida nistori* Inberffffat r°te of MKUKA. supporied by the dra malic com petty secured exclusively tor too irausst- Untie cngatmmciif. TUeadny. Jan. 39 MARY STUART. Wfitnru-uy, Jaa. 83-'kLIZAbKTJI, Ijneen of Enutand. Haturdav a(tfnjoon-»i»tort Matinee. The sale of seats fo» any ol ihomnrnljrhts will eommenrenn WMncwiuy, up. served teals, t'iAO; Utvxr*, |3. Nottcz—No annucatloQ willUcrctem-d for tree mlmUsioo. ‘‘rpHEU. S.ARCTIU EXPEDITION X OFiea." liECTUKE BY Capt, SAM. WHITING, (Commander of one orthercaacla of tbo cjpcdliloa.) FOU TIIII BENEFIT OF Tlio Chicago Sunday School Union, At the first CotiCTcctUonal Church, cor. West Wash ington THURSDAY EVENTXti, Jnno ary 17.15C7. commcnciuc at 8 o’clock- Tickets Scents. auction Sales. Gilbert & sampoon, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. On FRED AT, January IStb, at 10 o'clock, we will sell AT AUCTION, AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF FURNITURE, of everr kind lor parlor, chamber, library and dlnins room. Itrusiells, 3-ply and incralo carpets, blankets. fUvcr.plated ware, mantle and oval mirrors, Ac., with a erperai assortment of household goods, at oar sales* room. <l7 and 49 Deartxun-st. GILBERT & SAMPSON, Auctioneers. Q.ILBEKT & SAMPSON. EXTRA FINE FUR GOODS AT AUCTION. On Thursday, Jan. I*. at:o o’clock, woshall sen, at our safe rooms. 47 *49 Dearborn-au a cbelce and very select Keck of ladles and gents’ turs, consisting of ex tra fine mink,Teal ermine and fitch collars, talmas, muffs and cuffS. squirrel sets, cents’otter ami beaver muffler?, cloves and caps, laltea’ skating cap*. bo ids. &c All ths goods were made expressly tor first class retail trade, to which particular attention of the ladles is invited. The furs will be open for exhibition on Wednesday afternoon. GILBERT & SAMPSON, Auct’rs. A UCTION SALE—On Thursday, .Inn. XI. 17th, 1867. at our saKsrocms. 73, 77 and 70 Weits-er., near Randolph, a large assortment of Acw and Second-hand FnmUnic, Car pels, Oil Cloths, Blankets, Sheets, Comforters, Feather Beds and Pillows, together with a lot of other Goods. To the trade, an Invoice of Mirrors, Cutlery, Ac.t also, 35 dealing Stove* and IS Cook Stoves. J. RKASEY & CO., Auctioneers. _Rcgu)ac calcs ot Furniture, &&, on Mondays and Thursdays. RUCTION SALE OF DESIRABLE REAL ESTATE On Thursday. January I7ih, at 10 a.m.. os the prem- Ism. corner Pratt and i'earl-sis.. lota :« and xi. In Phil* lire* Fay's sub-tumion, (Weal Slue.) one block weß of Mllwaukce-av. This is very desirable. cither for residence or huMness property. A first-rate chance is nowoOcrHl fbr a good ana pronttnie investment. Cars run within one block ol the pnpeity. Terms, c*«h, title petfect. .’AS. A. MARSHALL. Auctioneer, ottlce 03 ReynoloV Block. SUOTT & CO.. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 linkr-at., cor. Lnitallc. Cblcrtffo. Cash advanced on Merchandise conMuned for sale. Out-door sales promptly attended to. AT AUCTION—Thtirs- J day. Jan. 17th. at TO o’chdc, a general aisnrtm n nt ol Household Furniture, confuting ol Bed.tead*. Mat trca»u>.TaPlea, Cuntrs, Lournc*. StanUs, Chita’s Crib, Secretaire, t’ajpct, Cooking stove. Crockery and Tin ware, by B. t. LEE, City Auctioneer, ■yyM. A. EDTTEIISS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 41 A- 411 BAHIHIM'II-HT.. Between Plale-nl, and Wab.isb-nv., Hold regular sal**, at their salesrooms, n( imr OUOB9, CLOTIIINH. BOOTS, BUOE3. if.. Every WEBNRtUtAT and tIIUBSDAT. FUitNimtfc.t’AitßKra.&c.. cre.-r a.vtuimAT. iDrnrtal Kolirra. TV l ONBt I MONBV ( JIONIiY ! ..'lnbl-fsilrvepllfinnj litnage. and mole money lull Ilian anf bther now known; MtuiHlcid's NiiHallviilodve (111, WHtld.nfJln} kihd hvtf .Kitohtod Ih fli*j ImH sMfMflll tms hU«dfTdab{(iirvaikentoti>ntM|, Vno »t Itldu i»cm n 0) n-ywr, !•> fir thd Uail i,i)Uirn«n»iTantlbe»iiur;fc,ni*at you are ipH Murf bupibpyiiof, or fvpd stoipj) tor cMtojar, o..mNßPiEi.n*rn„ Room 11.K.i-17 I.esaUe-st.. flilcagJ. fttacljiucvn. T?QU SALE—Portable Euainea—i, fi, I 1 8. IP, IV, is, 20. 35 and Sf-lu.rse power, new and second-hand:«opower, second hand Stationary Engines and Driers, Portable Saw mill*. Woodworth planers and Matchers. Shingle Sill!* and Wood-working Machinery. Power Cora Shelters, Small Dare Mill*. Iron Feed .Mills. Shafting, Pollies and Elevator Machinery tmlll to order. illCu ARDS* IRON WORKS.IOO and 1Q J WiUhlpgUm-st. T?OU t-ALE—A Ecocnd-Uaml Buckley 1/ folding machine—ld rood cocdllloa. Ptlce, |WC. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. 1708 SALE—IO,I3 and 14-horse porta r ble Entln*w and Bo'lere-verv low. by QttIFFLS BROTHERS. 13S South Watcr-st. T7OR SALE—Three 8-honse power np r ncht cngln-e; also six bortxonul engines, a,IC and power. Larger or smaller engines for* aiahed with or without boilers. 15,15, ifi and 20-horse tubular auo locomoUve boilers Cor sale, beat make. <-rol!er Unloa Matcher and Plauiaz Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, iron placers, bcitine. saws. file*. 4c- Machmenr Depot, 93 Dearborn-sn, Chicago. GREENLEE BROS. & CO. TOR SALE—Cheap—A medium Cylin- F der pres* and paper cutter, at MCLDOOK & TIERNEY'S. 1?U Michlgas-st. T7OK SALE —The entire machinery of JU « tlr>t-elass Flooring Min, of four runs orl foot bins. large bolt of four reals, separata smut mill, seven scales, au the shaituur. and three water wheels. All of this machim ry is oj the v*ry best. We wish to sell It to put paper machinery In. Parties wishing such ma chinery will do well to make application ixmedl auiy, sswe itv-rrsoon. For infor mation apply to FRIEND, FOE & CO., Locklsad, Ohio. \\f ANTED—Printine presses, A first- VV claujohber: also;larcrstslre handpreas. Ad dress, stating kind, sue and price, A. D. MILLER, South Bend, Indiana. \A / AKTED—One or two Email engine V » lathes. Address E.E. Roberta, 431 South Clint on->t. L'OR bALE—One of J. & J. C» Holy- I? laud's cracker machines, nearly new. Also au 8 horse rower crrlne and boiler. THOMPSON A T£M PLETUN, 2QB Kaodotph-St. fJ»HE LANE & BODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM KH GIBES, Shingle Machines. Com Mins and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. LAKE dc BODLWi Corner oi John and Water-eta* Cincinnati. ndSffiu'J an ° l ' n "SjsSS&S 0 gEo .Kent—jeouaeg. TO RENT—The marble front house No* 364 Wear Lakq-aU, oopcsita t/aloa-parfc. AH tncajernl’itiorementa. Apply to JOBCAnr£NXisS» 17 fit.John*a-placg. T) RENT—The tirst-clasa brick house, No. SO Cs-'tTG-aT-, (Bnckm-at.> ciotalatnc H loom a, all mcriern Improvements. rOUNU A SPitiNObß. No. 3 Mtiropolltao Block. r PO RENT—Two new twe-story anil I tufement brick house*. II room* each, aad bath rooms, closet*. ftc H with hot and cold water. Call at premises, 237 and 239 Sedgwick st, halt blocktrom cars. 'T'O RENT—A fine house near the Post A Office. Two cottons on West Side. Boom 5, Ko. 48 bomb Uatk-st- TO KENT—Neatly furnished cottage, •443 North FraakUn st. Apply on the premises. TO KENT—Or lor sale, bouse and bam oo the eoro*r ot Washington and cilntoc-sts. In* qatfe st»o. 8 M.E. Omrchßlocfc. r PO RENT Three new lwo*sloiy 1 dwemt g bouses, jfoa. 1 3R, 100 and III* Norm Morgan- U. Apply to OGDEN, FLEETWOOD AGO., 131 Lakeit rpo KENT—A two-stoiy frame house _ A on West Bide. Also, desk room In a pleasant ot* flee. Apply to A. B. MEAD, real estate agent. 131 ■Randolph st. TO BENT—A new cottage situated on West with six room*, closets, pantry. Will rent cheap. Inquire at 380 West Indiana* or cor. Wood and Indlana-sts. npo RENT—Arery des'table two*stoiy JL bonse of t*n rooms, No. 87 Uoron-st.. with all modem improvements, $w per month, inquire next poor. ®o 3a.eiu—Uomns. RENT—Furnished and unfurnished RENT—Rooms, furnished or un- A. fhrnlshed lodsicg rooms for gentlemen. Beler* ences requited. Inquire after 9 o'clock a. tru at 94 Tblrd-ar. RENT—Cheap—One single, tur l nlihed, cost room, al S 3 Jackson neat State at. Inquire at the house. RENT—'Two pleasant, untarnished 1 roomp, with closet, Btiltalilerjr Cimlly without chiMtea.or tlcgic genUemen.. Apply la btlck mas*, sonlbeast corner of Wells and IMnali-Bts.. up sUlra. 3PO^MENT— Three pleasnhl Tooins at L , 821 rrolrle-ar., near c of on Blakeshore, BtiUablefor families. RENT—A weli turtiished rooin and X .cloiet, with pood board* tpjwo spn*ltitie:i nr la dle*. lo a private, famllti at ‘i3(J (Jblo-at.* between Slate amlDcaf uohms.* Not lb s d». r ru RENT—-A gebllematt httfi his itilp. Jl i/tkn HJigte kehtiebiebji-ab flbd a tefr towf-fi X wt a ir- f ** ®o Wrni-Siumb ©mriuAr j l ii ,ni'i t 'T-l)Mif(ih!i< lipuK.nirilin wgiMMayii ST nmi—A pnnilnrlitlilii V#*te* 4 AWTW WAT'lTi'in—'fn lii;nt-A fiirnieluM lm jHi/sssmb wmi , m ma' w AMMbWb, nWcwtfQ Vml flfflctf. Uiwlnrea (ffliaiwß. 1?OH BALK—Cheap near tlio Post Of- I tire, a lovtit rcnnii house, with shop, lua.ii or largo lot, horns, Ac., uni doimr • good Imitna**. Inmii) hole iio»im.|ou pm hu lu.t. Apply lol*,blllMl*,Oi Mon roc-st. I7OR RARE—Fine Clmncc—tS.HOO to . 13,500 cash Will buy a paying, well estabiUhed n». uil hardware, tin and stove Piumeis, In a good loca lion In thlrago, if the hnyer I* ready to act promptly, ns Uitiown»r has other business in view. Address I*. o. Hoiawyi T?OU SATsE—A stock ot hardwire, •(area atd flnwarc. trlch t/o>«hop atttolioJ. (too.l location, wtthucood run of rustom. For pariloulitrt call on or addrete L. A W. Tllotifsotr, Oilman, in. 1?OU BALE—Wcctrer (or sale our book- I »wr#acd new# depot. In thla city. The atoct will Invoice nlvout fl.onj. Location of th# store u (ho hMt In thorny. Apply to ,t. U. WALRII, eoraet of Madison and Ocarhofti-sM., t?hlr»co. or to the uuder. alcncd, atlYllmincloD. 111. D'IVULF A FOX. TTOR SALE—A bakery worth SI,OOO ,1. . In a pood location; cheat) rent atd plenty ol bnslncs*; with larttcoven and all the equlpmonts for CHrrrloeon a RrsLclas* huHlnes*. ait for 1700 Al(> Timt & ilOYUEy.SlOStste-st. A - * T?OK BALE—Various business chances, X In grocery stoees. rcetanrants, esloont, meat mar. leeward a bakery—good Jocatlcns • sod cheap. Aji. TUUB * UUVDhy.2IO btate-at. 1?OK SALE—Lease and tnrniturc of a new hotel tn on# of tho b«‘*t location# la Chicaeo. colPcapood business. CiLBEhT A BENEDICT. 132 ClarE-fct., U*>om 7. trot! SAL.lV—Grocery store, now doing 1 a cood business, on the * i oath Side. GILBERT & BENEDICT, ms CUfte-sC. Rjom 7. ITOR BAl^E—Lease and furnUnre of a a 1 tote', centra’ locafon, only one block (com Court Uoose. GILBERT A BENEDICT, 102 Ciork-it, Room 7. I7OR BALE—HaIt interest in a well s’ established bnslrcss, capital t%O. Apply at 131 Dcarborn-Bt.. Room 2. T7OR SALE—Grocery store, with slock I* and fixtures complete; lease tor one or fire years; goods n*w ; trade well cetshll-hed. Reason for fld line will be made known to purchaser at toe premises, 122 West Taylor gt.. corner Clinton. T?OR SALI.—One first-class store, stock C and fixtures, on the Scmh bide: aNo.l saloon on Clark-ar.; also, one on Madlson-st.: also, one family provision store. Apply at 100 Mauison-st. Room 4. iSoataing, OOARDiNG—A gentleman and wife 1.7 atdlwo single ccr.tlcmi>n can be wltn good board and furnished rooms In a private Urr liy Di;ar 'laalson st. cars; also, two day boarders. Address P.O. Box 2010. J T> OAR DING—A gentleman and wile 1 > and two slnclc gentlemen can be accommodated with good board and rooms atNo. 16$ Wist Indiana- T>OAnDlNQ—One Janre unfurnished 1 J-Oopt room and a large funf-hed room, suitable for two gentlemen, or Gentleman andwlfr,can be ob with first class board, at 259 Illlnols-et., North Division. T^OARDING—A pleasant suite of Irani J.J rooms, with parlor,soluble fora csntlMnanatld wUeoTlwosinfllegcuficmen.canbehadat IST Cal umef-av., with board la a private family. State-st. cars rnn within half block or the door. Ref-rences ns qulred. Call at the home or at .TO2 State-st. T> CARDlNG—Pleasant rooms, with 1) hoard, can Iw obtained at the St. Clou I lIon«e. 1 l-l Fraeklln-st.. only two block* west of the Court House. VlNlos A HAYNE. Proprietors. T>OARDING—Ten or twelve dny JLjhoarrcrs can be accommodated with good board at 205 East Maitlson-sU at H.OO per week. BOARDING —Four gentlemen can be accommodated with board at 131) Thlrd-av. T>OARDlNG—Pleasant rooms, wUh LJ t'oard. may be Inund at No 2211 Mlchlgan-st.. North Side, a short dhtanre Irom Htate-M. hrloge.verr coDvcPlcpt to Duslncsa. Day boarders acconim-xiat'ii. T?OAUDING—Wanted, boarders at the IJ American Exchange, corner of Well* and North Walcr-Ms., which will open pi Saturday, the 19th Inst., nnderthe new proprietor. Sir. CIIAH. KINU. Klnt cla»s accommodation oa the nioM reasonable terms. *T)OARDINO —Plcnsant rooms mu! first IJ rla*s board ent be aerttfed for famlltoa and sin gle getitifipn: by addressing real name to 1». 0. box I'llH. ffeftreme rcquirw. T3OARDINO—Two good rooms vncnnl -IS Jackson, ono furalihod. lleftrenco re VlOAnniNH - Fleasahl tnohi,, with 1 y hoard, can be rMsini’tl at No, id.'l Uall'-rncM- Archer • t,ctre,:a Eighteenth 81; and ■|l(lAUnm(i-Al sail MichlfittH itv: A .11, hdj-hnttnßa.Vaeaj-pybtf aM h ra : fi»ila«tejujntrt/ir geitllMhett Sill find Utd rooms plcn»ant wlilt flfit-c'ass wird; Parp«*eoH-*f; 110At)(llM0=0fiHiloiiM wi«idnff iHiiid = lindiFmsliol'fnnmsinF TloAlil)(No=nnii ripslraWf rnnm wnli .1 I jmmimw.t nt itaaMrul, M.U flf AW jr’M i [|MUW«4n*«l-i llOAnniNO—,\ l«rBe lnrn(6)ie4 rnnm, 1) kt.lUMe for two Of three gentlemen, cab be nh- Ninfd ttllb board. »t No,aoa Dmo-it., between Bp»>i and Cats, T>o ADDING—Niro trnnt ronin, snUaWa |> for gentleman sort with. AUo a nine bed room, w|th or without board. A few day boarders wanted, at No. 7 East Bandolph-st. TJOAUDLNQ—A number o( gentlemen 1 I ran i-e arcomtnodaud with Draf-elaas board either bv tie day or week at 140 Uooroe-il., one block from Post Office. TJOAUDING —With furnished rooms, IJ tor gentleman and wife and single gentlemen. Also day hoard, at l.'ll East Marilson-at. Hoar® SKUante®. BOARD —By a gentleman and wile, on South Side, within nftctn minutes walk of Lake* it. A liberal price will be paid for hanfsome apart ments. A private famUy would be prdcmd. Adoresa box 3109, Post once. T>OARD—By a sincle gentleman in XX buslocas to this city, wherea fine room mad other conveniences can be bad. worth from $U to #2O per week, in exchange for a flrjt-class piano. Apply ac room 4, 05 Watblngton-it. TJOARD —With tunnshed rooms in a IX good location and oonveoteol to street cars, will pay liberally fbr good accommodations. “ J B,”P. O. Box 1753. TXOARD—Two gentlemen, desirous of I> the comforts ot a borne, would ilka a boardlok place tn a private family. Waborb or iHcnlgan-avs. preferred. Reftrencea ex changed. Address Box tfISS. Eofit mxn jFounl>. T OST—$5 Reward—A Scotch terrier I j dog- ears and tall cut. Anyone returning him toFr. sccccft, southeast corner ol Morgan atuiTay lc.r-gts., will receive the above reward. t OST—Monday evening, on Wabash- I j av*betwecn Harrisonand Twetlth-«ta*%yoane black ard ixn eng. Badona German stiver collar, fastened with small padlock. He sn.wers to the name of “ Fido.” Any one leavlns Informatloo at this office leading to hla recovery will be amply rewarded. t OST—A bay gelding attached to a I ventier: light bsroea*. with open bridle; onewnlte bind loot and a small white star on forehead. Wno> ever will return said property to tts owner, 97 Dear born-st.. Boom 0. wtu receive a very suitable reward. UP—Two cows and a steer. J The owner can have the tame by proving property and paying charges. Apply to COBKELIUb SOSA HAy. udmao-it* one block aontb ct oongiaa-piace. IDianos. XXIANO tor sale or rent Seven octave 1 foil round carved legs, will be sold for half tU value or will rent It by caUtog at 90S OntarlMt. agaanteo-jHale 'jljelp. BOOKKKEPEBfh SAIESIHEIT Ac. V\/ ANTED—A competent man to su* ..perlatend the maanlvctnrlnztfepir taicnt of a . ou * SO, P »ad candle maanfacury. Extra lo dttrt tuenw win be oflrrtc a man who kthorouKbly na * twins**, Bcfhrences reqnlrod. ■doreMthe ?©•««» Lard Oil and Candle Manufactur ing Co„* Ohio. Wi^M^. d ™ gcleft - Aprl7Tt \\f ANTED—A young man Irom 25 to \y aojearaofag&wima ihoroagbinsrcantileed ncatloa, good scconolant and address. TestmnniaU most be nmionbted. Addrca, B'.x 3074. TXT ANTED—A young man as |V keeper In the wholesale notion trade. Adlreis. staing terms and references, P.O. Boxiais. TX7 ANTED—To lightning rod “deaierl Tf E>per!cnced spent* to sell the mo»t oer&cl rod lonse. None except those having experience in this or a similar bcalresa need apply, Address **CoDD*r Scroll light. big Ucd Co-,” Freeport, 81. T XT ANTED—A business man m each W of the tbllowlae fctates: Michigan, Mission, Kentucky. Wisconsin. lowa and Minnesota, with fr.wn $l5O to 3200, to do bnalocss cn the lire and let lire prlo* eipie. tail In person, at 15Mm Z, No. 48 sooth Clark* \\T ANTED—Salesmen who can engage TT permanently. Apply, between ihe hoars of 9 aad 11 a. m n or 3 and 3 p. at Boom 17, Speed’s Block, Dearborn-si. TKADtvS. \Xf ANTED—An upholsterer ou com- V* rnon work, who can work fksl. GILBERT & SAMPSON, 47 aad 49 Dcarbam-st. T XT ANTED A first class carnasre !l painter, one that can do and a coco J«bcf T&rolshicir. Aopiy at D. BRAIN ABU'S Carriage neat, No. j 93 State-st. \\7 ANTED—An experienced driver lor ,▼ * an expies* wagon. Apply at 126 Dearborn st.Boom2. gjgaantcii—jFmalE ipctp. UUISE SCHVaNTS, T\7 good cirl tn do petieifll •tan. h,, “ e,ro,fc c * n " l * Uu S-JI.TTI J.L, op W^'' rl lo tnke cnlc OnM.hi.oA mrl.l?U«rw ifiSS s mSnl S'"-" 1- nred. Apply at 308 W ld . a, ‘ gftiefrtl gH«a. CUbli),«lib MB v - . l ..tfirteweli ICcphiuiefailctLcith Bud #ltil i«fa lit No. SU Sodlb L'lliiluti-sit A giihti fliflTif tfefiefrtl (^njj , b«ewofk IH a f>hlHllTlHi|lr fit J tTfflt •VAf AN'i'lili-AP H liiliSlEisi |^sjaßws«»»i artß«BEPfl»a I3li!jilumnru< A)|Fililin, mBMM lilifeii ‘iX'AiNtHI)— 9 ttiU-sniPijifl Miiwnrs, Q \\ moy**Hli.;cuiur», )M fitllfm»d men, 75 mUlpurt MuUUiiMkuiti »» {■> “i'i'U ‘O I'A/ISsh.lT I. A. bMlin. f'JH hi|ll(l| |!(.VK II. Auni;nitU|»y jOctHHfor H> panMi4f». WJ ANTED—Tins Day—)s wnmj chop- V% prr* f»r Indian*; sm railroad loiwrers. #ilmi p .?.iV’? , S l lM r, i, :w r " r l«v«w.irk,|a*aa hoard. A|||>l> Ut I IIP Ha.IIKHVH., Il l'illl I. iXTANTEO—Tins Day—2s wondchnp ,ll I'rrs, hull trnnip.irfall mi furnished. Also, onu hloekMiinh anil wruiiii maker for tin* city. early Ht R.vom .’I. Mini'# Itloik, R.indo'ph »t. Ilridge. fflffil a uf eh—fUto cell nr. eo üb. TXfANTED—A la.lj rl good education T ? , «n«l hiulcffi nitniitiius wonhl like In meet »nh a nihhlle afnl nr elderly irootlunitn, to ett.ihllsh a •mnll hhslnu.s with her, that irruM pay #eil. ThU li to hnDvhDff; to procnrft a phatant sllnathm tin oh* Joet. itiurmrcs Kttcn amtreomrM. After enm«- por.iirncr to Iw eonndenilal. Addrcw i|. OK.VN'T, Tribune oaice,ong week, TTTA&TED—'To dispose ol the school liitnltnre.lcia# ofbnhdlmr. and tnoilwlliofa Uonrlrhinc private school, situated la a favorable lo cality on in# south side. Apply lmmodlatßly,at ll‘i Col race Otove-av. TATANTED—LadIes desirous ot ohinia- TT Injfcapablebelp PirtbeapproacMntaeavonof aprtnff riennlnc. shoQt.l apoly at Mr*. MACKIVAT’b SowlutoUJircnce onic*. 327 Statc-at., corner of Alaalson. TXTANTED—Day boarders, at Gilbert’s TT Ominc Rooms. -1U and 48 Clark-st., the but place to board tn the cuy. TXT ANTED—IOO men, ■wltb cosh capi »T tal of J.V) tofCUO, to engnse la a business Chat will pay $5 to <lO per day. soured by two patents, n»s on competition, and la the only article of theklnd ever offered for sale. Ersry trolly wants from two to a dozen. I'all, or address with atamn.O, T 3. SA9DN. 1542 Sooth Clark-sL, Room 9, Chicago, 11. WTANTED —To bny an engine and T» boiler, trom any to seventy horse power. I have ah erclee and holler, ahoot thirty hone power, which I would like to trade and par ths difference. Address 274 goath Water-st. Mills. TXT ANTED—A second-hand soda toant, J» * tcmcerator aad clear showcase. Address ”W W M,” wuhdoicrlpUon, Box2B6,Chicago Po»t ot fleo. \\t ANTED—Bring cut your old goods > » 1 hare ICO acres of thnfly woodland, lying *i'h- In three mjleaot the city cf Burlington, lowa, twill trade for any or all ,on« of goods or merchandise. Call or address “SAMCEL,” Boom No. i, 211 south WaWst. X\J ANTED—A room mate, by a young V> man. who holds a furnished room in a coo'd hmlcw locatlor. Address ~tV A S. n Rot 11 Oil. \J\T AN TED—The celebrated Gypsy wo »» man. II you wl«n to know ar the secrets of your ra>t and future life, the know wine of wbirh may save you Tinratf sorrow and care, coa't tali to con ♦nit the Gypsy Palmist. ConsuJUU;?a, one d:llar. Residence :t?0 South Garkat, \XT ANTED—To collect the claims ol Vr those entitled to the additional *lO3 imuatv. Advances made on eiod cla'mf. A. ODOUlllClt, At torney at Law. 120 Dcarbort-st., Room 2. \\7“AN I ED—To buy a house on the V T North SMe than b« moved an far as city ilntt*. Address, giving description, •*.! W.” I*. O.UoxC t.T. TXT ANTED— I Travelling agents can Vr hearot Mipelhinff fo IhHr art vnntnco by scml tog their address to P. Q. Box INS 7. Chicago, I I. \]«TANTED —That man Whn fins d little V » capital and Is not afraid to put It t nt, when ho Is satisfied he can make atortune. to call at the Metro politan Hotel, Chlraao, and examine White'* Mop Wrltgcf. patented November 27th, 1566. This Inven tion tanks with the clothes wringer. arut l« meeting with great success. Agent* are selimz IromMtrlO snay. tfeven F.a»tern Mates already sold. Men who have taken ho’d of It are cotnlnc moner ran'otv. ••What oan ha* done tnatt can do.” For n few weeks ■Pr£ to or address J. F. WHITE. Metronolllan Uo tcl, Chicago. ‘T\7’ANTED— , A good reliable man, with VV it capital of f 3,00.7 or lIO.W, to ragac-* in the manufacture of hard wood tlmb*r. The ejuM!«ii ment Is sltuatM on the best waUr power uni tlmherc*! reclnn In WlsronMn. Machinery new; now running and doing a promaMe hitslne**. Apply io H. C. MOfiKV A CO.» Real Estate Drokers, 8 iletropoll t.m nioex. ivcal jsgtate-(g{ig. iinpiiovßn. *l7Oll SALE—TI\e undersigned will sell .1 twohou«esand lots, fit | and Hail South Canal- M.. for cash or on terms, nt s eery low price, t'cran«o •he lotei d* to Icavamr Germany, inquire it CAHM- LlbK ÜBL'HH, 77 Llbcrty-st., between Jetferson and Canabsta. FOU BALF—(\ very desirable lumee . and lot. No. liit2 Wnbash ar.. 11 rooui*. wolrr. aa*. baihronmiftmincr. Ac.; guml barn, i’rlcelow. Term* very liberal. ItniaedltteO'Xirif onalren. It tin unquestionable, WAUItRN ft lUHHUHCIT. Ue.l» E«- tate Jlroicrgi 123 Denrbotq-ff;. itootu 2. Iron PAIjE—A inminHafday , hnu«Ci f:0.,7 I tiulurt ar.. tiritr L'Wrlt *r,; With lons and ittofaldQ (ra»e of hit Uhiy If.trJ. II Ulpti at bm-t. immwUle IbjaWMiflti eiteas - Hodm r-ttt PirfWuctacniiiU,, tTAHtIRSft H'.i .IlijllUH, >te? if E-Mtcifipßcrr; lz3 br.’tr'Aorn-jt.ilPjbiii i. trull ftAfift— r«rti J(l9l MDIIllfil: I itMilr-bjhitl I?QF|ST.b=A m-w twit •*|ur mnidmg Ftt^Gsw3;4WS(.f% loi w frtt utnu £o«‘,nlri« Mckfo MtM; pna U»P, Ac.; naiabboihuajj pftl-clas». Title terfutL Price Uw. Tem* liberal. ' ivamhes Ar;oom{fCß, (£*l frufc EfoUrs. V-lfl (icacaara-«t. t {fapax •■#■ Hl SALE—Ontlago house of si* J rooms, wltb lot, on Twi Rty-Blntb-st., south Snu. Also. coltago on Wes( Mde, with lot. At 11.500 sad t»tMO. ARTHUR AmmiEk. alO SALE—A very desirable house ■1 . atd lot, 80. 3f)3 Wabaiti-av., 13 room*, water, gas. oath room, furnace. 4c., good barn, price low. Jenna very liberal. in-menlala nouesvion given. Title unquestionable. WARREN * GOODRICH, Real Estate Brokers, 183. pcarfaorn-ai.. Room a. T?OR SALE—Four houses, ironMrg X* FnlUn-st., pear llncoln-<t. a giod in vestment. Inquire 01 niLLd wrm-PLE, RcalfiiUw Aeenu, 198Pearborc-st., Room 5. T?OR SALE—-Two houses and lots, very X cheap, by J. M. BETNOLD3, Auctioneer, it»7 Dear bora-at. I7OR SALE—A first-class two-siory X house, is rooms, brick basement, all modern con veniences, Mfoct lot, on Peorla-st, near Van Baren su Terms easy. Apply to B. L CHAPMAN, 77 North Mcrgm-SU P}R SALE—A story and a half cot- Utre. at 560 Park-av_contalD|re 7 rooms. In quire of BILL A WHIFFLE, Real Estate Agents, 12S Dcarborn-aL, Boom g. |?OR SALE—Cheap—Ncwlrame house X of 8 rooms, water, caa, marble mantels and lota cn Waihlmrton-fIL. n*ar'Kobey-?t- Immediate p-tsea sioo. IHOS.D. SNTi*ERdfCO«Real Estate Agents, K 0.4 Hetrcpolltan Block. T7OK SALE—A new two-story frame X house of It rooms, bot and cold water bath, marine mantels, Ann-sk. between Wash lucton ana MadUon-sts. THOMAS D- SKTDER & COw Real Estate Agents. So. 4 Metropolitan Block. ITKiaiFBOVEJD, TTOR SALE—Clark st. property—Lot X 41xlS to coo d alter, on CUrk-dL. Just south ol Madbon-st. E.B.CtfatMl.VGS,Bx>m 18. No. IBS South Clark-at. t? OR SALE—A fine lot on Wabash-av., X between Twentieth and Twenty-fpst-sts. 50x170, aU assessments paid. fiaOperloot. A- J. AVEKELL, Real Estate Office, 80. 7 Metropolitan Block. T7OB SALE—Lots near the corner of X Barrlson and Eobey-sla. to patties who will build, IM each, port on time, 46x133 corner Tyler and HoynMtr*o4». Lots on Park-av. n*ar»b* city htzlts.*Soand#3soeach. Othercneaplotsladlffbrent parts cl the city- H.C. MOREV & CO* real estate rokers. 8 Metropolitan Block. ... .. , i?OK SALE—Ten lots, nuthm S blocks ' ol Hough House, at Union Yards. Aiy> brnffs and lot* ta aU nam oflho city. GIL BERT A BENEDICT. 133, Ctartt-sL, Boom. 7. vp g a t.t—Two choice lots, near Lin coin Park; 77X1» each, offered Tar •tew day* at a low price, inonlre at Boom ii. So. 126 Daarhorp-at. rpoß SALE—Six lots in Ashland’s Addi- X h cb . tying between Jackson and Vac Bnreasto* branch lee* than the market prlO) If taken fn-redl. tkARUSN AGOODRidajßeal Bsute Brokers, IS9 DeaxMZft-at* Spool •» Sbmuuums Egtanue. 3ULES. SITUATION—Wanted— By a yopng O man, toUke enroot horses and a cow. uS bid ’everaiyesra* txpexience. Address lit* Arnold-st.. Chicago. SITUATION—U anted—By a yomi O m»a of good character, as chief cr second cook ahotcL. country not to. Address“C( 11)01 Chicago. CITUATION—Wantea —A travellftg O salesman, cflong experience aad extensive bos* ne*« acquaintance throughout thaNorthweit, desires a situation wl’h a wholesale house in this city. Not particular what branch of business, as he Is umutar with su. Be*t of references given. Add rear *•»•* P. O. Box 630&. ulTUATlOlf—Wanted—By a young Cl Swede, to lake care of hones, or as oorter In % store. Atply at? 7 ohli>-3t..opatalrs. QXTTJATTON—WauIed—In a couufiy C? bott shop, either as foreman, or a steady Job the year round on call boots, aj a man or 13 years* exp*, nenec. Andreas ** BOOTMAKBB.” 3 Bnsh-at. SITUATION—Wanted A competent , O yonnr man. who speaks German and English, le- , M»<«asUo*tioaajbartender. Address KJ W,"43 Wmwashiagtob-st. jcITBATION Wanted—By a yoan^ mono bookkeeper, or ta any other capacity. U anomcaor store.. Is a good penman. Salary Is oot ¥LSISS?wX^?« t JtyL* iß#ltnatloa * Bcfcrence glrcn. Address M B DO,* Trlbnoe office. ■ CITDATION—Wanted—By a young V 3 man,asporterlnawhoirsaieboose. cnees famished.' Apply at 13Qjj Ohlo-st. SITUATION —Wanted—Bt ft yon*g O man of good and steady habl's • woaM prefer atr coeds* hn« bad experience In erocerl*«. Win stay far years. It Bailable. Adorers **Q 11 M,** Trtbane otnee. FEMALES* QITUATION—WauIed —In a private O family, by a young lady, as teacher, 9cam*T*»v, or would lake care of children.* The bent of riftrec ces given and required. Address “Mm c. 3.." Trio use office* OITOATION—Wanted —By an Araeri- O can widow lady, lo aflrst-clasa bosHlna ho:!.*?, or hotel, to taker ft arcs of Ihe dlnlsg room, or li r*- qulrcd. ol the entire bouse* where the raHtrw* 1* an Atuerloao, and where the would be treated si an Wages not so much $n owed as a good home.. WouH very much prefer eoiug west or soutli. Addrcai 4ur onewe<k-“ Slrt. M C W," Chli-aqo, Ui. » G.ITDATION—Wanted—A Indy olrahvh : C?,,«P«Uehee aiul honuejtlonabtd drsheiapoiltlouasljoostkeeperltt tbr lamllj ot a widower, rnoseocly who fre it b-r In trttl member nf the tainllf n?-l apPT- Addms»U A Chicago. Cl 11 M ATfON—lVithltit-UTSfi eipr thcßdwUrj!iti;asci»i‘kitiUrrli3l? -i'!- dfcsS“M B*“ ttlWne ftElee. U itti A'fl OM-Wh tilTin [frlT" ?;-i ' eiikfeifeteii' &%* A ® riunplcio and anthvnUc votL yet imhiMad. Prc»i,knt Lliitnln hot jn« Wmse-fftornuhni fur (Ms wntt ut, -\ llip UcU o( M» early life. >fu sra off* ring .uei.i. a*. plife»» rety (ton (lit of premiums.» uuh-r _ than can lie siPirileilPy any »U»t lu.mmiu the uv.t w Address. l. 8. nmiDMAK » i’0‘ mil# ef*. A VS* loin RmiißVlace. Chicago. l». 1 * 1 '* 1 '*» A GKNTB—Wanted—For THE AMR J\ ImjAK PARMER'S nOll»t UmiK, by Ihihm bluvurl. M.l>, \. b., on nnlylug tnr luaiy yrara nr unttlcnl inyrauirafton. The Ih*oV ab-vvo »n others (hr A treat/, as tt appeals to the mfe»#!tK-» *n,| ■eif hilerest t.| » very large, wealthy anti tnujliiaent rM)?.Vi. e 7v r $ l is >m ?, M lU > V AJ T'| *«*«* > o'hircn, .1. s. (iIIOHMAN A Co., publishers, ■> cut Cam cnicagu, iti, * AG ENTb—Wanted—Mule atil (iiiuule, to tell anew that every l.imily wa&U. f I jut day ti-aoe without le «v|n< home. fraVrlllPC acecu can make Irom «.’■ to *cn per nay witpcot Interh retieo wtili other mi*inr.«i. The nrile'e nhrwt tor H»«)r. bam pin*. w»ft term* nml parilnifara of in# misltieaa, mil fhr rent#. Addma It. w. UtATPKI.UU«wts o.T33.Chleaco. AGENTS— Wanted—3 or 4 Limiers m each county In the TVc«f, to ensmse in a lm*t ne#»payln«tromJifOto»ifp per month, irom m»w until sprin*. Aodre*# ZKIdLKU, McCURDY »t CO., Lombard U.cck, Chlcxo, lit. AGENTjS—Waniea— Experienced bcok and encrnvtac convazaers, to whom a lanre t#% »«2grcoinnili«iQnw{U be paid. Addruaa GUAKLBb UfLln t:is South Clark-su Chicago, ll’. . A GENTS—Wonted—Messrs. Ticknnr&f X\ Fields, Boston, bare nuhllHhrfl astecl-eneraTcd I'crtralt of Abtabam tincolo, a# a r*r(ecc likomsa and a work ot art. . It-is commended as thobeat likeness Vtt pupil* bed. by Kcbcrt T. Lincoln, Mr. Tromboil, Str.Staaton, Mr. Herndon. Mr. I. N. Arnold, Gen. Grant, Charles Sumner, -Mr. Chase. Qm, Borcnde, Ann many c there. * l ._4 aad Affcnts are Wanted for Its sale. Liberal comtulssloct are ctven to canvasser*, and successful one* can have pood vr mori to opersts In.- Address jony U. AjjMUh. rublishera 1 Agent, t*7 CMeagc | A GENTS—Wanted—For the “Better XX Lard.” The most popular eapravlns In Atnerl ca. TtieEvemr? Journal says: “The eothtnmsm with which it was hailed at the East, has follawed It to in# West, aco cono who see u fall to acknowledsf. on the Instant, tte wonderful spirit ct purity and more than earthly beaafy with wefeb (he artist has t Inveiud her sohject, it Gone oftnc finest of mod* mart. A picture to be r«edat fmvaenUr. and always with Increased admiration.” Evcluslre territory and verv lanreer.nimlsi«oa ulvco. Seed toe clrndar. J. A. bTODDARU & iU Chicago. 111. AGENTS —"Wanted—To canvass this city for the rate or au article needed by cverv brsinwa man. Call at Boom 5, So. 00 Moaroc-itl after 9 a.m. A GENTS—Wanted—Ladies ol respect jCX ability and energy as agent*. either local o--.- travelling. on commission or salary, for the out. Promts large. Inquire for lulbrtaa 100 h»tw'-ta 2, on Saturday, I'Jth lnsU at *»7S West Ihindofph-sc.. or address -Mrs. B CS," Chicago. A GENTi—"Wanted—(From the Sccre /> War Department, Washington* IP tJ ?e N ~! r:^Tonr engraved portrait of the late President, Abraham Llaco n, has beta care folly examined, anil is regasded by me a* a beautiful likeness cl that great and pood man. la many re sists Itrrpri-rents bis living expression with mora mcuracy thuD sty other that htn coraeondcr tay ob servation. As ote who knew and loved fclm. I rekuce ihatyou bare so well lurceeded In yonr Mforkhv a workof srt. In preserving thenumory efbH conntc i.atcp.&nd*tabUDClheworldtoknow what manner ol rrau he won. Tour obcdUnt icrvant. EnwixM. STANTon. To W. E. Marshall, Esq. Agents wartid fo: Us sale. Address ,T. 11. AMMON. H 7 tv»«hlnglon-!H.. Chicago. A GENT? —Wanted—Everywhere, both X.V local and travcUne. mele and female, at-ady citp of merit the y=»r n und. and no capital fcqnlr*«d. Business mw, light and deelraile. For particulars, address CuNKUN * CO., Urcokho.N. Y. JFov S>ale. XT OK SALK—PIop. “ Gcnepcc CUief," .1 now lyint at Detroit, Michigan. CUM A 3. Tor rnaMoldnte«»ntttr.cDO,asi. Apply to W3l. B. W.»!t- HlSEß.Detndf. Mich., or to DAUIU6 A DUU.. HI Lunihcr-e t.. Chicago. TPOR SALE—The propeller “Al!c- I ch«ny,”!iKl tons mc«inrrmrnt, .aid up lo Chicago Itlvcr; I* id good rot ulna condition; will omy require painting in the spring. The boiler was tlinrouzblf overhauled and repaired la the winter of ism s has nl copper Our*: makes all the steam required,easily ; had a new shaft and New Torg wheel in Novemhcr, 1?cC: wsb docked and caulked same time. She I* rnu «i thcl-vslcst and h?st fsaiinii'4 nn frc«hwatir. P'>r pTKtsndlstms apply to V. .1. MAOlCLcorLcr South water and Wsiis^ts. Cblcag»i, m, FOP brand No 1 bake superior lrmt at fsa nrrt.-«, casn.dellvcreil In our yard. i‘. w. H.tTES, rrniitfnt. 170 U SALE —At Grntiitcr's ilnston Mer chant Tailoring lto?m«. t *lO No-ttti Clarh-vt.. na «ralr», biiMr.eai still* Hlarrvpwen ft I'uaj ftr t'jf, |:q aid tJT. Unr nit H atcothf to none. J7OH PAJjB—At GfiibgcrV, nteteoftta tonrdpf, frmu Orst-rhs* he-irers, tiarryowcn l *. freJv.ftCMfhr fu to f«t. Finest brarets In the mar kctf:r|W. . . . ht rt ImfirdlHi X T atiflabeittbpri-?!;. .... ' ' li'Oll -S inty lilitrtff, lit Wail?! irafbduKs Htts lrt« J ltw..HepnrWi, slit) .MiftMri irotl PAt,F.='li.i‘ emiw sidi-li nfiiif: itm sui hiw wins iltfs'u kti f s!v T7PU BAhfctlut FiHaflmiiMa tiwalHiF J ,W.F»Ati ttSlV«Vu{ teSitriiteiiiMkya l |b: ffcrgoiiai. fha "gentleman" I ftlifi 1-1(1 lUmroc-*t.,oa the night ol January I3tli, an.) appropriated euyeral aitlclui among ethers. a poem twaKconumiD'C soma monur.a cola ring, and some private napeig. piesia return the ring and papers by mail to tv. L. (HiliEN, Trlhana Office, and greatly online by so doing, a« the papers can bo of po nee to any one except the owner. T>ERSONAL—'WriI the person who I pickrd up a dark green leather glove at the Ope* rn lionse, cnldcurtay evening last, kavetbe same at the Tribune office for IdemUlcallon? PERSONAL—“O.:” Your package re- X reived. Accept thanks. An rotry about the pic tures; will save them lor you. Write twice a month. If possible. “C.” ?v>otscs, Carnages, &c. TTOK SAXt£—Apairot large bay carnage X .horses, six rears old.holfbrothers, well matched. A light cutter «ui be taken la part pay. Apply at So. 17U SaUo-et.. rootnQ. f?OR SALE—Or trade—Tlie Morgan S. stallion, “General Gram." seven yean old, weighs eleven bnndnd ponnes, sired by *• Ethan Al len,” Dam “ Bull Btuh.” Very handsome, and rood breeder. For toll particular* address W.J.REEL7, OlntogvEle. gane County. tU. ■\A/ ANTEE—Now is the winter of onr V V difcontcnt. made clurloua by this bully sleisb* Use. and now a’eo la the time to brink os jonr sidsbs. wanna, bossies and carriages to be repaired and painted, at 39S state-sb, with despatch and cheap for cash. N.B.—Allwetkwarranted. GEOUT BEOIH* EBS & MILLS. FDR SALE—One two-seated cutter— cheap. To te seen at RtGGnts* Static, on Stale st* between Bandoipb and Wasnington. FDR SALE—A light sincle cntier, one two-ieated slelgb; al>o, a second-hand onen bug gy, cheap, at me Carnaae yactory. ffartnrrg ggaanteb. "OARTSEh—Wanted —SpedatoracUTe, X with i'OJXOto iSMXO capital to Increase the Cellules cl a wholesale boose to this cltr. Trade wen established. Address, with name and where tn bn go<D. p. O. Box 1901. • PARTNER— Wanted—In a travellrcg bus loess, paying #IO.OOO per aaanm, and to hnm bok. Cnly #iiCQ required- Call cn L B S,” Room 1. No. 197 Soath dark st. PARTNER— Wanted—Capital, SIO,OOO to *13,000. Buriness hm-class. proau large, tn veatnwnt *a2e. A rare chance, end fCr a tew days oily- TO Post Office Block. , r Stragch an® StoUc. S THAT EL) —Or Stolen —From tie Home lor the Friendless, the fine new-much cow. and wblti* calf, sent by “oanta.CUna** to the Borne,on Christmas tnnrnlug. Any person returning them to the Home, or Informing os of their whereabouts, wilt be suitably rewarded.