Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 18, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 18, 1867 Page 1
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iii nn tm Uiwpftteben toy Qmn Telegraph. Another Reform Demonstra tion Preparing in London. Troubles Increasing Between Aus tria and the Hungarian Diet. FROM WASHINGTON. Meeting of the Republican Na tional Executive Committee. A National Democratic Conven tion Strongly Talked Of. CONGRESS. Senate —Further Dehate on the Bill to Regulate the Tenure of Office. House—Passage of the Leg islative Aporopriatlon Bill. Farther t’ocsidcration of Mr. Slovens’ Reconstruction Bill. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Provisions Contained in Gen 1 eral Hurlbul's Railroad Bill. liDglslntivo Aolfou Looking to tlio Oollltig of a btttto flouailtu llouttl OoiivouUoii. Tin* l.egbliilnre (iilicn ii llcei'W ilnlll Tni'mluy Nexl. Next Amimil Bdile Full 1 to In Ifrlil ill Quiiiny. Fgqilhl sißanilmn! Disaster o the Mississippi. Ono Hundred Fonoiio Snjijioioil lo ho Drowned, LitoM r.imoiT.. HY Odlt.tN cum tmiTMM. l«aMi)QN> Jauutry K—Noon. TJie Jteform U'agUß mia preparing Anottmr won tier acmonairallim tor lha Jirii of yeUranrj. Apurnu. Vienna, January 17. Tbc Prtnt to-day **ya a large Insurance* baa been cßeclfd at Hamburg on MttximMlan’a per sonal cflocta, to be shipped by steamer from Mexico. nuNomr. PesTii, Janaary 17. Tbc Hungarian Dirt evinces a disposition to break their negotiations with Austria If the latter coutinnee lo oppose tbo wishes of Hungary. Latest Foreign HXarkcta. LtrxnrooL, January 17—Noon. Cotton opened quite active, with a alight advance. Sales of 10,000 bales mlddiuuoplsndrf, quoted at i<y«l. London, January 17—Nooru- • Consols unchanged ; 5-20’s, T.’X; Eric, ; Illinois -Centra], F 1& FBOM IfISHLVGTOX. (Special Despatch to tie Chicago Tribune.] Washington, January 1" all ABor.T a roijrr of order. The Senate cot Inlo a most remarkable snarl this afternoon over questions oforoer. 'Mr. Sura tier was speaking and urging some action on the part of Congress to protect Republican office bolder*, when be said, “This Is the duty of the boar. It was not the duty of the fathers, nor of <mr recent predece-fora here, because there was then no President who bad become the enemy of hi? country.” For the u«e of these words he was called to order by Mr. McDongall. The Chair, Mr. Anthony, decided that the words were not oat of order. Mr. McDotigall took an appeal. In which he was sustained by Mr- Doolittle. A scene of gen eral confusion ensued for half an hour. Messrs. McDougall, Lane. Sumner. Grimes, Howard, Doolittle, Cowan, Wade, Edmunds, and Sherman taking pari In the noisy debate, and points of order being plied one upon another till neither the chair cor anyone else appeared to know whar was uppermost- Mr. McDougall insisted upon making a speech, thonirb toe was called to order half a dozen limes, lie finally withdrew hts ap peal, hut it was at cnee renewed by Jlr. Doolittle, wbo also insisted upon making a considerable speech, after b*», too, bad been called to order, and after a motion had been made to table tbc ap peal. Through what parliamentary path a vote on the mam question was reached, no one knows; hut when it was reached, the appeal went to the table. Mr. Stunner was declared in order, and mat ters were set at rest by an Immediate adjourn ment. new oulean* iuotebs excited. A private tetter from New Orleans says that the city aulboriile?, and others who look a prominent part tn aQdrs about the time of the riot, arc great ly exercised about the recent investigation* of Messrs. Ehot and sheßabargcr. The President bavmg prevented the military authorities from doing ocytblug to bring the guilty to justice, tbc rebel leaders believed nothing more could be done, and they wetn much annoyed at the action ol Congtess lu ordering an Investigation. They admit (hat the committee examined alUhclr wit nesses, but ore not al all satisfied wUh Uio rcsuU of (he examination, and arc verr severe In detion clarion oflawycv Rnsciltis, who managed matters on behalf of the city. They complain that iic al lowed bl« w itnesses to be forced Into teliingcrerT. (Mug. and they admit that the committee cut tnnch evidence Dm was kept frarn the Mllltsrr Commission. lbs Union men are represented as very hopeful lu view of the report that will probably bo made by the committee, thouah many of them say ihit tin less Congress on tin* showing of this report, due* something lo check the comm? of llm ichels, Uu inutstu will soon tie out in the Htate. rnnxinK ArroikrMaßie. TbeHrpaiP Committee on Foreign ItofaDooshave ("iltrl acted on stiy of Dm (mmtnalfoiis h"f«»re t to m. Urn chief nf Mie»e are tint likely M tie reac!ied f<«t »oine time. It seem* to he generally believed stimog Henatm* Him Mr. fmvaT* appMntment e»|l not be eoufliim d by the Priule, While ihe cop. flmiNlloa nf GeiiPtsl Hu (« thought by many m< mhets to lie |en«l (bmhllnl. (Mfetmt. KXTfMPf, 'I be Wsya ami Menu* CommtDce |s allll al work npmi (he Iblmnnl llmenne Hill. To-motrow. (’oimnlsslmicr Itnllliii will appear lirimr ihu comrnlDrc, to conlcr. regarding (heammmt of re dnctlon In taiaibm wbteli can he snb’lf reeum mcmlHi. 11m commlltce is of opinion (bat (hern '•nti !»• a turiher ibcirasn of filly milllnns lor (he nmiml year. Ihe tnluiUmi last year was fifty* fim millions. Midi ilßLATitlttS WITH fcRXIfU. ’Hirre la a trpoK tiial the ami Mu Pruatd am airatigUih Mr a h«i* aUuke ta Mrilcah anhUM.asefl utwn the id** il»al flllhf.ufll. Wain,; S iron liaa IrUlidrakh Ibe Prtmfeii iitwits, tie itti Uni (iMiV)i)rd iuf Ulilbjl bttk lit* Aitftltifcft* hr Itimtdbf lirtii ftitd Hi«( lUp* UOIt ftfftMllhle it fliuitii *)*mehl ,i)U,Ub*O 10 ft liUiifft) _ t I'hUfeUfeiifAiih ill* rnrHlftk-* lift* M>( oFd*F^lili* VfttiwW of iMuuhfti) rtoUnF# m t», tt*n A !•«:» Hi MfUihMt, ftjf UtelFMlKimFliltaHpf HHlis duly, l«i^ : l*Mf inn of i»ip*ei>ar* ti*o mill has ftfmV iMil» ra.-rtad wMMo l«* «rmy 11pm, m ium« \m\* itgMari*- Ujf !!♦« MdvwftmttMi hi m was sprrM)|y Ofd«M Ibaf puula thgahi ht: urMn) free. tmb nnii)THgl»MirrnMo)fnu,. ii.6icfldr*| remn,jpg |o Maw i*orif| PlUproccail (o tian Franctbco, SLSBitIA PATnffl ItEBXp WiU DXBTS r it appears that, Poiwiihatandlnc Alabama nom inally repudiated the rebel war debt, she baa paid during the paat Tear snoot tiui.Oou to various tivil and military otficera of the rebellion, among which wete tbe Governor, executive officers and conscript officers, keepers of rebel prisons, a his torian for rebel soldiers* and, In addition, over grS,O(« on two bonds for loans mafic lu Goofed mate money. TO fit' CHOPPED. It la not probable that tbe Senate trill bo called on to take any lortber action on Mr. Howard's resolution respecting Mexican afialra* as be been satisfied by private conversation of tbe In correctness or his views. the utcaxacxq coxpzxßJknoif wtT.r.. Tbe Govenjtncm clerka arc very much dbea'ls fled with the Increased Compensation mil passed by the Honse, and a committee of their number Wl tofBK) IS" PfIWfHIIW (WIHMBttd HFStegffiWPlltolhlWiff: _ „ HIBffIMM ffIRHFWi TI(S PflflFfWlflßßl PflßllfW t'wwHW'*ffl (rttflßllß|<lltj»prppP»*P Iflf BHBP)»tB» 188 tlBTr BFWBBB* IfIBHBM /)(«« With rtW jIWBWVUf H»» BfP«PW. «BW«VFlll tofffPM fflP iPH.HtW fine iltoounfl rcawi, ihd all vHI P* hfW PR H»® Patopary. • JIEQVHTJP ft* rPR TAP P4*PW**TIW PF SABKVQTH. Trcamcr spinner baa adopted pew for the cancellation asddeatructfop, and (be pay* ptioaUon of (bo eyldence (hereof, of National notes. The nutes when redeemed by Ibe Ticaaurer are to be aUmped with the word “can celled" upon (be face, u often u once In three montha, and when cancelled shall be tnuunUUrd 10 lie Secretary of the Treasury and the Oomp (roller of the Currency, when, after punching the name of the President and Cashier, (he note* are to be burned to aabee In the presence of fbnr per* sons, one to be appointed by tbo Secretary of the Treasury, one by the Comptroller of (he Currency and oco by the banka, or, If Insolvent, by the Re ceiver. Certificates of auch homing aro to be signed by the parties bo appointed, and filed with the respective officers. nans xoirrr is due fno oQL’crs and crews of the following named vessels for tbe capture of the blockade* runner Cell and cargo: Acada, Amaranth us, Aults, Cambridge, Canoutcns, Catalpa, Catskell, Commodoie McDonough, Flambeau, Gladiolus, Hale, John Adams, GongoH, Laburnum, Uaho* pcc, Mary Sanford, Monadnodc, Mahant, Nan* tucket, Sangamon, Sarah Bruen, South Carolina, WnmtuUa and Larpsocn. cuaroxa nEcarpTs. The receipts fiom customs at tbe (our principal poiis during tbe week ending January 12th, tvote as follows: New York, $3,301,105.10; Boston, $£6,327.21; Philadelphia, $105,485.11; Baltimore, $109,007.43. The above returns show ibe receipts to have Increased nearly two millions at the port of New York as compared with the previous wet k, and a corresponding Increase lit tbe several other mentioned ports. POSTEABTEHS APTOntTED. Postmaster General Randall has made tbe fol lowing changes since the 13th Instint: JWirflAtu—Blue Springs, Gage County, A. L. Corwin, ttcelu Anthony, resigned. iotra—Bloomfield, Davis County. J. Boyer, rice G. W. Sailer, non-resident ol the postal district. Michigan— Siony River, Genessee County, J. Hadley rice A. S. Andrews, resigned; CU/ford,' Napier County, J. Hamilton tier A. W. Lyman, resigned; Lafayette, Gratiot County, 6. B. Rich ardson tlce J. L. Groato, resigned; Ncwborg, Cate County. M. 11. Barnum tlcf A. L. Dunn, re signed; Delta, Eaton County, E. B. Oakley rlc« It. G.Burlingame, resigned; Rosedale,Madison County. E. S. Roeberry rice J. Fox, resigned; Bci-ton Bailor, Benlen Counly, H. C. Martinric* C Hubbard, deceased. IVttcvnein— Hampden, Columbia County, W. Bradley rice B. Chase, resigned ; otephenavllle, On'agamle County, C. Grencnst rice J. Ross, re moved ; Washington Harbor. Door County, 0. E. Uauney rice J. J. Sobdell, failed to give bond. C?Alo—East Fairfield, Columbiana County, J. B. Morgan,otr Isaaci/jwe, resigned; New Pales tine, Clermont County, J. Pearce, vice J. W. Riley rsipned; Saxon, Meigs County, W. F. Thorn, rlceT. J. Thorn, mbmed; River Strx, Medina County, (J, A. VanNaasdall vice T. BawbelJ, re signed : Highland, Highland County, J. M. Moore »Ice F. W. Paslgntc, resigned ; Anclalxe, Tanwert County, A. M. Clelaus rice G. £. Oarkeda]), re signed : Ne * Cbauibersbarg,Columbiana Conuty, C. Shaffer tic? H. Oust, resigned; Newburgh, Cuyahoga Counly. M. Fish vice A. I*. Lelaod, hoi cutiitnisrlooed ; Smith Solon, Madison County, tt. Cuny tier W. Curry, resigned, call rofi A Bcfettim or the ncEbbtlAtr, Obatles Ihesiticulfif Ibo National U&hin- cfallt Assucinlloib has tsstß’d a call lot a tnealltu 10 tnbcUleHlie |i(oiulply of tailing a Nalluua 1 HeimitinHc Conreniluu at an vntlv day, 'Jim meeting i» t-lyM aud “ebM'igeiil/* 11 l<* lb Iml a «eco«(l step In (tie HMginbtbm fimiitHiialatl at Hi# Dmhcmllc L«mjiitb» HiMiiinliutil Hi# HJimlir mt .fmnnf* pili, Tim iui|*#M-bfii ludns as lolbmsi *» Nv«<#f iwwh Morn «nypmlmii oMI»u MiitM bldlas wbob*Ha Hm h(i|im)«m»* uf HMflt'atmlbg (o ilmt'k tfia duwfi- WHrrt m*li lo rulb im HlilMi lbs majml'y lb Gmp HI ll IlM'll fill|i|im|nffl, flfii eiliivMiuDly IM#: in/r MmNitHiiur mu) m Miwm) imiimiimiib, i? i HfilUlly litvllt tl to illimnl,” iUMirtVSM.'SKOMi IKUm *lb« Ways m»d Means Cmumlllen will labs up Hih llmilwell GoM Mill liHiiurmw fur niml nnllim, nuil juuliftlily nmltii bmiiiw in|iinl im It ilmlup lliu day. n»w roiimim nuns hbuim,atkin*, Tim Hmunlniy of (tin Tmnaiiiy bus Isancd im-w •uiibillmi* govniilog listl't Imlwnm; Aaia amt (fitiojM*, nbli'b provlilna fou (liu llflbspor* IfliloM ul fitnrrltamllsu mid irmuls (u and Mom Hiiropn nml Asia by way of Hm Fintidseo mill Now York, Goods shllipnl Mom ('lihnifo Hn't Frmirlsro, llinticn In New Vmb, nml lioim llirm lo Pmojn’, savo lllfunii days'(lino l*y Hus umv nmuigmiiniil, mm. r. u, wAnttummn In nfiffmlt'fi no imuii from a npimil <lUna*a Hint Im coiilrmplnlns going to I’min for nmrtldnl tivatimmt. , tmw igrrAUMMUNT ntojstrr. Tim Iniiirnclminil nromri nmhns no nroartwa, 'ilm.lmllrliry Umumnea li«v 0 ( ,ui ynt began tbe , It J« now iutnorvd lhai nuiblug wlb lmfiomi (Ids wliiirr, an an Impeachment by (lio llotiso Is ImposnMiln for waul of Kmo. MtUTAIir TlUNcrKlia, IlfflVflt Major liwm'inl UurUcr' U RMWtunl to »t«iy «■ Artltnr OnsHnrjHwtPr \ llrovet IVrltfndlar Hny«« la reljnvwj mb u«artarmtui«r ll«* liaiUUPlil oflljo l-akita ; llruvut lirluncllur Uon«r»l Umrico Mrl, tracer,tor or rutoml Troop*. U orrti'ifd to report to Hi oven Major Umiernl Hcuit* Aa-latani t'oromlrmlonar lar South (Volina, fur iloir : ,Hoi!timl l.inHomiDi Homiy, Forty-fifth Li.l-ort Man** Infantry, Imvtutr pawed •allsfactory *-*BJnnjailon Wore the iJinmlnliur Hoard at CUP rago» \vl I return to LouUville. rOLOKKI) MEN ADMITTED TO PHAOTIOE. This morning, ou motion of Represuntntivr Oar* neld, duo. M. taogaton, ol O lerliu, 0., a colored man, was admitted to practice at Iho baroftbc Supreme Court of the United States. NAVAL. Commodore Aldon has been detached from the Suftjuebannsb, and Capt. Fairfax ordered to comrormd her. AN the present officer* are also detached, amt most of those on the Rhode Island ••rJered to her. TUB AMERICAN COLONIZATION BOCIKTT has nearly seven bundled applications for the fprloc expedition to Liberia. merits or the patent office. During tbo past year about 5Wi,000 were clepos- Red in me Treasury by the Patent Office. after paying all expenses of tbo offices. This makes a ipioi amount cow lo tbo credit ol the Patent Of fice of ncarlys3oo,uro. ersroar HEcctprs. Receipts far customs for Ifco week ending .Janu ary I2rh, #I£iM4CS: Boston. ?22C,327: rufladel oLla, #IUj,ISS: Baltimore. This shows considerable Increase over roe receipts for some «lme past, owing probably to the new tariff, toe deposition being lo pay all the duties before changes are made, particularly in ca«es where ibe unties are to be Increased by un provisions of the new bill. ketuhucan national Extern ve comnrrrs. Washington,January v?.—AtameeCng of the Lnlon .National Committee, 10-nlgm, there wore present Governor Ward, of New Jersey, Pro*!- dent; John B. Clark, of Ntw Hampshire: A. B. Gardner, of Vermont; Wm. Clailln. of Massachu sclta; J. It. Fowler, ol Tennessee; U. C. Cook, of lllmol-; Senator Kirkwood, of Iowa; U W.HofT man, ol Maryland; N.B.bmlihcrs, of Delaware; W. t. Corning, of Virginia; W. A. Windnm. of Minnesota; Dr. Ooodloe. of North Carolina; Thomas O. Turner, ol Rhode Island, and John D. licfro's, of • Missouri—the last named be ing Secretary. Horace Greeley, a mem ber of the committee, la In Washing ton. engaged In lecturing, in tbc course ofma remarks In calling the meeting to order Governor Ward said Ibe faithlessness of the Pres- Incut to the principles of policy Of the par»y which elected mm, has difficult the work of restoring the Colon on the basis of loy ally and freedom, out those wbo have conquered treason will prove equal to any remain ing danger, since wc last assembled the people of the loval Slates have teat!- bed anew their adherence to the Republican creed, and their unwavering determination to build tbc future of the nation on the enduring Maria of justice, humanity acd freedom. Ho favored the carrying out of the plan of Congres sional Reconstruction Committee, and the cilen- Mon of the franchise to all men, without regard !"»<« content to rcjl the whole «oh ject lu the ha-ds of the present and succeeding congress, 1 here was (ice cnnversailna in nla- Gun to the condition of the country, and the measures which would beet secure the trulls ol victory. PUEfIIDEKT'e DECEPTION. The public reception of President Johnson to night was largely attended. dove niton onn i* here on business comi'cied with South Carolina. Among other things, that of im migration into that Staff, and relief of porimas tens who had made no returns to the Federal au thorities, and who are now hammed by Govern eminent claims. The Governor Is not in favor of the adoption of tbe Constitutional Amendment, by South Carolina or any other Southern Slate, bul favors a graceful submission to anything Con gress may demand. w the tax mu* The Wars and Means Committee are steadily nt « ork on ihe Tax Bill, and have obtained leave to sit during the sessions of the House. II Is not probable, however, that they will agree upon any material mlttcllon taxation, especially In 'lew t»f thr posslbllliy oflhc success nr a high tas la. ihe income lax will hot be modified at all. and the lax oh whiskey will hardly he reduced Mow one dollar, which It is hoped will lend lo increase. instead oi dlmlning the revenue. CONGRESSIONAL I'UOCEEDINOS. H’AstttNotoM, January F HKNATK. "rrp'Mrfrpii, Inrlnrttaß one *?t *V.JS JT** 1 ’ Vtiimiifid for (he in-intruhiMlldH •wuMiffi W, P r,nm P ottsmiiloiphnm, ,-f r u\\J* |«“cSSAKMf |!SI-fl|tt{. # * I|,M ' irt " 1 invu.lnl tty limw MU lor «»Ihb tan ton,.'mu! (Inn of i*o*l olMri* nj"l umio at nm «"« tami final imr »mu* limn ll.tMt «mmaU;. l\ m\ 1 " »in»oUimi>f Mr. UIIANIH.IMI, tanta‘nata. h* « lif «J)avatn«t in, Imik up flic Niagara HtilM tama) lull nt iswl sesrimi. Mr. I!DMiJNI)H mtmd tn strllie miltae tnrUnti pmvnltau thM taencUbal) nuMaktt Mlrrl ttulnst ihe l,i«Ulfll«io of New Vmh ghe Ha assent nliliiit ntnviars, *1 he In)) was Iheu wade the special oitlcr for m-imutow, lip- llouft bid it> fttaewi ilii> an anUiutltlim iltt* Hslimime A Ohio llstlrotti) t*Mmpfl»y In cnoMrnn HniUnatl hmn a pninl. between 1-enmurilh* Mi] tnitirar r olitnilttlii Mftitlahih thru Ibe IHsIHcl I'blmuhlSi hr a u/utlslmi Hint thi* silHlalnn Ibln lb* btf HU sm-b Hhe Mini in piste ftsßumurleSd by t*«b||H*ssj a (id bo ulliHfe, ''%'h V'llMliJ, k lillUu (itHtnii hlml H'lll!4< Hi IVlllhllllll nilli WfKiSrt I'tifj’t'***; . Mill Klii.KlUJiKilJ.; .;(Ijf ok iiiFltiK anniiißunnn •t 11 'B .•'liWonieJl I.lFlH Urdu* lllfc. t'l kokhimi Inf (in* i-lit nf Ws»|ili«imi, Kiin ijifw w ni'-.tliy tt! l nwi(«Fin*H, I »iimiiaiii> ft tUti. ('if,itiiiil'yi Hi ll ytiinf to n Bi)iiiii,'iii iiif iiifii <«i buuiailon «jnuin*«l l«ih« aiip-pdifmnl var-* liny all orticaa filled «|ih:u 'lt«J )sl o| OclnW pending tlm courideuiluu o» the UiU the mom pig hour exidfvri, and tae regular order, which was die MU (o regnluiu (ho tupurti of office, was tuv eu «n. Mr. Vr.notTGAT.L spoke nnatnat the bill. Mr. WILLEY replied to Mr. Cohan's remarks ol jeeierdav, staling |ba( the President bad ap pointed in Weal Virginia iht»#e woo abused him most. One wan named line; bad been annotated Uortmuler at Wheeling, lie was editor of tbe Wheeling JlfgltUr. Mr. Willey read extracts fiom tbe paper named, data of March J tih, mb and 15lh. IMS. Id which the Prealdeul U denounc ed n* a drunkard, an idiot, &c. Mr. JOIIN6ON asked ■wnen the appointment was made, end tf U bad bees coofirmeiL Mr. WILLEY said the appointment waa made In Acguet. and bad not been confirmed. Mr. COWAN Mid it was impossible where so many appointments were to be made to avoid an occasional mistake. .•Hr* H£? ,l)lUCl£B > replied to the former remarks or Mr. Turner, defending the President for re moving men from office wbo wore opposed to bu policy, ana placing in office metLffho wore in aym patby with him. Me said in nine cases oat of ten where the President bad romorod anybody he bad appointed in hla place a mao wbo voted the Lin coln and Johncon ticket in 1564. Alluding to the YOL. XX. alleged remarks of the President, that be would kick certain men oat of office, he expressed a doubt whether Ibe President need lt,thongnbe bad sot taken upon himself the task of readings!) the speeches made by the President on his way to Chicago and back. Ur. CONFESS reviewed the political differ' cdces between (be President and Congress, say lug the responsibility was not with Congress, The President, be said, would not bare restricted him self to 4,000 removals bad not the Senate stood in the way. Ur. DOOLITTLE favored a tenure of office dar ing good behavior. The pontr of removal, whether Disced In the Btnate or the Executive, was liable to abase. As to the Philadelphia Con vention and the gentlemen wno participated In it, be claimed for blmsclf and those who acted with him the most patriotic motives. He would not speak at length on this subject now, hot at a fu ture time ho (zpectedto prove that the poller ol the Administration was the policy of Lincoln, and from wblcb the Kepnbllcaa party bad departed. Ur. HOWE said inasmuch as bid colleague bad spent a good deal of time In attempting to demon strata that ptnblem already, and as about two third* of the people bad failed to ace It, be did cot ibtnk that it would pay for him to try to dem onstrate it any more. Mr. DOOLITTLE slid be could demonstrate It from bis colleague's speech ou the question of ad mitting Arkansas ro representation. Ur. HOWE denied that any such thing could be i proven irozn bis speech relerred to. Ur. bOMNER replied to the remarks of several Senators against the pending proposition, which was the amendment offered by him. lie congratu lated the President on having found so able a de- : fender and champion aa sir. Hendricks, and 1 would say, before (bis controversy was ended, the President would need all the ability, all the ex- 1 perlcnce and all the powers of debate of the Sena tor from Indiana. Mr. SUMMER advocated his amendment He said it was the duty of Congress to protect the loyal people against the President of the United Mates in ibta uarUvutwr. , Mr JlcHOUCALLroseto a question of privi lege. He asked Mr. Snmnor If the words written by Ur. famver were: “Never bclore have we bad a President who was an enemy to btecoun- CHAIR (Mr. ANTHONY) decided that this did col go beyond the general bounds of debate. Mr. McDoCa AU. appealed, but after some de bate, and the statement of Mr. bumner that Mr. McDongall had not quoted correctly, the latter withdrew, remarking that he had ? very bad pair of ears and a bad memory. Mr. faCMNER proceeded with bis argument. 1 lure was no auco duty on our fathers. There was no such r.uty on uur predecessors in Ibis ( articular; because there was no President of (lie Tuned fatale? who bad become an enemy of his rountir. Mr. DUOLVPTLK rose to a question of order, that such language towards the President was cot t.cimlrsable in 100 Senate. The CHAIR decided that the words did nut ex wed the limit of debate. . ... Mr. DOOLITTLE appeal'd, and ranted, in order list bermots might have an opportunity to con sider Ihe uiicelloo. tbe Sctiale adjourn. The motion to adjourn was disagreed to. 4 4 Mr. LANK moved to lay the appeal on the table, earned—yes, SP$ bays* Ith Adjourned. Uulisft, , 1ljel]otl?d tteht Ihto OominUte? .of Ibe Whole bit Dm utjls|ttl!te AjqiHJtiHatUmJill!*. . i Mt. B*i evens utiwed gti mtietiflnielit as mi ad- Ihfoiisl imtHon, oiteuilMiff lo the L-ourl or t.'lsim* 1:0 |iHM Mills bt McmDl IhieP ((film Old ill li roh qbft-b bHWies .(list tit lit* l colitis of lit? hldd-pm* Hfi ut'imim ofeofoi, noMiitlHl Rhilniis, u+miM* ihls/H'sHvliiboime/HsiediH hi*lssimi Hio», lit* Ml Hi lltu TIOIH .IMtttlml •bill Him U v>tt« ityl « t/oiif I m ill'* (Mmwl Mm* t Dm* fen (lit! imimd'iMi M< . JhiMOiuiMluitdll.ltfl'd « *h»M dlsMlsalull, was fpiml lit- 'Hi" lul? limb laiiiiDw) Id Dm l iu mil' id hi l«w. An Dint fin fnillmr H|i|iro|uljDim klmlllm MtHdn fur suppling > tuntdaiu aids nf tint f’oi>l/iri*|oiiiif (ilul-t ami HpimiidU tu ommbnra or hiii Hiinii'odliiif MiintDwss, a till a iimilio Dial Mm limird Mains Hi)) mrnj|iral«, «t (he rluiii of tin* pntmuM uiiMU'HH lira pumluumol omi emupmln set nf |lni hliOmi lor iin li Huimlur, ll' iiritsiuiliiilvii and Ihrawilw, was siloplsd-HlagaliiM M, 'Mm (uimoiaidi nppiopi biting flu,Wit for fiii’ill• Imjnn li'li'titMililv vmmmmliAllim ImlwwMi Dm Allimlli) hum j'selflo was slrurk mil. 'Jim (iNiaiDanli sbjuiiprlntlutf flf'.iKKi for itol li (hog sinlisin s of fiiliiriiinilim lit legaiil In Dm mill ml n Sonne# ol DinNi)i(hWP#lorliiMflliw« Hna slioci, out- in mmliml ill, 'Mm unmnibiieiil limiting nn nii|iroi>iinllon fur an liutcftMi of ininpensH'lnn to cluiks mol uiuplnyos ot Dm Hoiiae ua*ni|opUd. 11m bill Hu n pnarru 'Mm Toimntllim on I'flnllny w#s Inalriirlint to emit bier llm oipedleimy ol ntllclAl report* of Dm j.ioumdlngs ol Tongiess by reporb’rHehosen by nub Dolin', miml lor IboJf piibliraDnn nl Dm Hot* eionmnl luiiiDotf oilin’. On molb’ii of Air. WAMIMIUUNU. of Illinois, DmHierntary of Dm Treasury was IftslniPlad In irpoilHlut flliiniliil dim by lh# United fatalaa lo i oAsa, pievimm to Dm rabrlllon, remain* nnpatil, and Hlmlbi>r f>iaa acrniiiimd for Din munoy ai d sliiies iskm by )mt fur Dm Confi derAoy. Un inoDoii of Mr, IDIiWID-Uof I'mioimoDciD, IlmWuysand HomoDitee was instructed tu Inquiro lido die i'lpeitmuoy of mftUmg Dm buill on silk goods Specific according to weight, Jnaimd or oo uilurftii. fai'\«THl bills from Dm UommUioo on the Ills, trlct of C’ohunbltt were pa»»nl. Ur. L'UUK tmrodncoit a blit to enable the United Dtates lo recover iiropertr formerly belonging to thu Toulvdcriilc Hiati-a that has been lost or smug gled away. Referred lo the Judiciary Commit -•e. 'ibe House Uteri considered tbc Stevens* Recon* at»ucUou BIU. Mr. iIAKRR spoke against (be blit In its pres* eat larm, objecting jo several points lo it. and ex* picaiing doubts on the constitutionality of the third section. Ilia chief objection, however, was the sixth section, tu combating which be denied that the people of ibe Southern Stales were aliens, or could be made eo by any .law of Commas. They had i.ever ceased to bo citizens of the United Slates. Übeir Government bad never neon recog nized by the United States or any other country. Ite objected to other e< ctions of the hill, dud do* fired ft referred to (he Committee on Kecoostrsc* lion, warnlcc iho House ag aliet degrading ordis* honorinir the States of the Union. Mr. ORINNELL supported the bill. Ho was not prepared to yield up ail bis judgment to the Committee on Reconstruction. The session was wearing away. He wanted the matter disposed of bj Congress. Congress would deservetbcrcproacb or the world, If it dla not see that the >1 tends or the nation In the rebel States bad full protection, extending over their lives and political and civil lights. He would not advocate me execution or banishment of rebels. He wonld place black men by *hclr erdcswlth ennui rights. Mr. HOGAN introduced a bill to rcpcaf (he pccliou of the Railway Bridge Bill of last session wbich authorizes low bridges. On motion of Mr. BRIGGS, the Secretary of War was miked lor tbc results of Surveys for ini* piovcimniain Ontonagon harbor, take Superior, aid if none bad been made then to order eneb made. Ur, DHIGGS introduced a bill to amend the art for tbc disposal of certain coal lauds and town property. Referred, Mr. LAWKEN JE, of Ohio, stated that ho was nsavoldablyaoeent for the last three days of the week. If present he would have voted for tbo bills admitting Nebraska and Colorado, and in favor of Mr- uoutwell's amendments. In reply to the Speaker Mr. STEVENS Intimated that he would try to dose the debate on his bill next work. FKO3I SPRINGFIELD. [Special Despatch lo tbc Chicago Tribune.) SrmsoriELn, ill., January 17. competition ron tub isdcstiual college site. A petition was presented from Morgan County this morning asking for the location of the Indus irinl College at Jacksonville. The petition em brace® the following offers for the Institution: Grounds and buildings of Bercan College In Jacksonville, and recently donated by Mrs. Ayers for this purpose, and valued at f-tS.OOO; 150,000 cash os voted by tbc town of Jacksonville; f (0.000 rash or bonds to be paid out of subscription by the conut) of Moreau; the {welt known farm of 010 acres called Diamond Grove Farm, Immediate ly south ofaud adjoining tbc Slate farm attach 'd to the Insane Asylum. The Diamond Grave Farm is valued at J’2Tl,noi, A part of (be grounds being lo the corporate limits o r Jacksonville, and therefore convenient, consisting of wood land and prairie, could bo reserved for <xperimcntal agricultural purposes; other tracts ot lands, tots, and buildings which yon will read ily concede arc worth from $!»*),000 to fIW.OOO, making In tbe aggregate #523,000. nAIt.UOAD BILE. General Knrlbnt Introduced a MU this morning in relation to railroads, which embraces tbe fol lowing provisions 4, beclion first declares all con solidations of taliroads, without first hiviug .ob tained the express consent of the General Assem bly, lo tie mill and void. Rodion two provides that when railroads propose to consolidate three months* notice must be given by advertisement In one daily published each in (he cities of Chi* raco end Hprlngttcld, and in one patter In cftdi cotiMy Uirottgb winch the road pusses. (N'clloh three prohibit! (he lose of any other name or designation, or the etcreNc of any oilier, or OiCemil franchises, by one rand over any other thtn designated In their rharier, and U»e doing so shall he deemed an usurpation of the poweiMiMlie people of OieNtntu of Illinois, and render void all fisnrhlres vested tn (heir charter. Her Mon lonrassetU jurisdiction as lo freight ami passenger tales over all railroads tn the Hisle. Portion fire provides for raoa in blank. The blanks trill be filled when tepmled from Die mm tulllen, flrrtlon ala piovidea for (he ererllon of scales al earb station on Hie road, for the weigh. Ingof grain, Ac., wllhmil charge to Dm shipper. Pcrllon seem provides Dial all charges fur frcluM and passetirort shall ht in atilrl conformi ty wllh the dlitsnre travailed. Rectlon field makes ihfc notation nt sectiuna five* six and seven « imnlsbalile by a flue of tiui leu Uistt #vhi nor mure than f l*P«l. or he HmHlioned for tint less than sixty flay* hor tnore (had sit imlulha. Jbesr«,nil ofiHieftls pnnlshsd aecoidlbo to Die maxllmim id both otMiees (‘Ohihlnedi Peelldh! bine and len provide fur Ihe hiabber of pfnceedlns Hi wiiUn ImMsh riotalioiis; eectloh blelen le peals Ml arts th eobniet Wllh lhts ; 1* HikHikflftk, . Mf; llaiUjf IMfiidhcriU fPsMimtih IririW H‘i« IP fi Ftale UouriifiDoir, (n b« '•MI! HWrtfilM pbb b Ml Dslleif iifflimsss is in have DiU ts‘di«U (life in sire Die fall, (hen Feslan atm the vs.- fsbi-le? hi be filled si the «wUt elefiiop, Dm l-fylriMiireilnia Mepied lo ftil var-uncies, ibe bill Ins shape to raHR Ponmnlon fpßowHitf, tup mmiamr faw, tacvvial reeolmiup* waiw lßlrodwf«d from Dm HvmtvreDc kUte of Hu Mupip lookififf to Dm ra peil o» Rib Registry Jaw, knv they were al) s(piddied by Ihu msiorjiy. coNTcarcn beat. Tlie Bergcaut-ai-Arraa of ibe House bss gone (o razvwrll County (o summon a score of uiinudsea in the couleslod Representative case from (bat county. SOCIAL PABTT. O. M. Smith, Esq., of this city, and fits excellent lady,extended tbe hospitalities of hi# elegant man sion to tbe ciiiteot, members of the Legislature aid other sojourner*, last evening. The parij In eveiy respect was a moat attractive one. Chi cago was represented by several of her most beaaUfal daughter*, while Springfield did herself more than Justice In the line of female loveliness. Of this bcaallfnl element of her real life she has reason to be prood. Hr. Smith lafe princely gen tleman end joat the host for such anoccarion, while Mrs. Smith, a slater of Mrs. Lincoln, Is ov cry way fitted to he the wife of such a man. UOUUTITS DKCBBO. Tbo House yesterday passed o Joint reaolnlion to adjourn from this evening until Tuesday morn toe. At'be commencement of the afternoon ses sion in the House to-day a quorum could not be found, and an adjournment became a matter of necessity, involving a loss of tbe entire afternoon lo tbe business of tbe House. Tbe Senate was In session bat a ebort time. In tbe Interval ol tbe adjournment the committees on tbe Penitentiary and State Institutions will visit these tnatilo uone. cormxos's beceptiok. Governor Oglc|by baa issued invitations for a psrtT at tbe Executive Mansion on Tuesday even* lug next. AXVtVEBSABT CSLEBBVnoX. To-night tbe prlntere of tbia city are celebrating Franklin's birthday by a grand banquet and ball at tbe Lcland Bouse. SECOND DESPATCH. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] FpunronzLu, lIL, January 17. AXXTAL STATE TAIU TO BS HELD AT QUIBCT. The Executive Committee of the State Agricul tural Society for the years 1867 and 1803, brought their arduous labors to a close this evening. The question o* locating the State Fair for the present and ensuing years was the special order for nine o'clock. Ibe cities of Jacksonville, Peoria, Mst* toot, Decatur and Quincy were competitors. In secret session (be committee decided in favor of Quincy. The next two Fairs will therefore be held at that point. Tbe entire premium list has been overhauled, and tbe figures increased from ten to twenty-five per cent over past years. The officers for the various domrl mens of the Fair have been appointed. L..d tbe business relating to the society's Interests pla in shape for the next two yeara. UXITBD STATES niSTUICT COCUT. In the Cnlied States District Court to-day Geo. Jones was Indicted for passing counterfeit Treas ury notes, end hie trial la fixed for next Tuesday. COLDEST or TilE SBA9OX- This h i» been the coldest day of the present win ter, the ibermumeler at S o'clock (his morning In dicating a temperature of 6° below zero. hlflTE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. (Special Despatch lo tbe Chicago Tribune.] BpnmoriELD, January 17. 4 Mr. FDLl.Rtt'B resolutions fleaihnl Um consoli dation of competing lines til tnllroad# without I hew cohseht ol thu l/’pWamte, atm mautue such tub olldaUnniuill anil, void. ahd dec atthl lhal the -enlslßltiH? lm« lull authority (d provide tot the liiillallon of Bl ight mid pa? ; eh|»er rales on rati toads whose olootevs ate Uetlvedfiom the people of this Hiftli** fraiue up n« (he speHaiotnet alien (much. Afierfliseiisrinti ntuuitou pu<rati<Ml to •uM|ioue lia Inrihm Hip- uftftllyli uiilll U'h ■[Jjjtotk m hill llitt Piumiit KM Hli'Oll- Slii.SfjHH HfUlitf, ayalllßf llil' K*s(lltlll«|if, fn|; uhm! »y ~Mh FiHP'f mi >f«-asfa, Wnifl Ml:d I‘,M«IOtHH Spoilt* ItiHHljfi Ht t PfM''tHjhil tojslv MHIMH OH W» ttHpOMHIII H Wmml o‘flhou(/l Of mine iWUHMh HKIIItf lulu lht‘HM'l kA'D'" 1 {MM'aMoU 111 l}tl|ni)i .M/.II’JiMI b {tijoiHMil (ho iiiokluii |o iifialiiofiA Oil WMdi|U»ilrty MfkMitmii, »v (mi u't luvb, nfol 11 mi IcaHTMAN Inlmdnil'll 11 hill I'nnrmiilng I usiwhmifctuy of main, tool pinvhllng fmlli«»mi* ait in 1 !loo 111 inlhiiail Irani* with oaitiUouiua, iiidi’H'fl ikljilml. Mr. APAMrt (iirsuuli'il a luniiiiolnl for llio no omiftl ol lli« ri'timliiH of (Pimnur Blssml (» dak Millin' Cnim'lnry. uml fiiMlm I'raillnn of a niiilalilv tiiMiiiiiiriil jo hi* memory. Kiifuiruii 10 lim Com* lull 100 oil Htalu liisllliilhi'is, lulls JnUvilucttl.-T % ivlhtw Madison County lo honow 1110017, ami |lo Imy adillilnmil tm for mildly inn linn s 1 lo ImnrpnrnUj lloi Mmllsnn l.'mihfy lUnhuiq Association 1 in loi/iillac lloi war lioiojs I‘ain'il hy Ksyt'itn i.'ounly t lo relation to .loillnV mu) CnusfahhV hum to certain vasts 1 loKHioro certain poisons loci l*'j«slti|i \ r» no UiOilao ('lav County lo lasim hoi'ds t 10 lory a Ink (oM Hlalii Improvoiilnnla 011 Wahnsh Klvrr | lo jmiohd fill lid IncoipoMiliifl (ha National Tianllm's Insiirnnie (,'uinpnmri (0 Incorporate llio litiiivlllc Nftviona laiao A Trial t'onipany t to iiooipoial" iilooiiilhtrlon llorso Knllrpail <’ooo oany | lo Hirmporme the I’ronnccr'a WatuhunsM Company I l» mneml diopter UK yf r, vised slat, nlcs, cnndcil rmonuoi In Inmrponili* urn Union Hrrcw A lloltrnmpnnyt lo inrorporalo ‘i‘nnl«ie l.lto Insnranrit A InveslintmlConipanyi In change limn of holding elu'tui Court lu f’uinam County, Adjourned midi two o'clock. ‘llio President being absent, Mr. RUIXKII. of Bonne,was nimlo I’lesldoill pry fm, Mr. McCONNM.t.'H roanliulmi ratalUii to aiHftuMituiliuhuieCohsUuivitmcamo tvi> a* ilia special ontor. .Mr. Itlill.V stop'll Uml Mr. McConnell was on* welt and could not ho present, nnrt moved tlmt Urn couslileratlon of the subject he noalponod oqo week. Adopted. 'ilia Jluiihi) resolution empowcilne membors to draw f'O from tin* Treasury vraa passed. Mr. MACK, from tUo OomnuUea on Banks and r oiporadons« ic ported favorably on the following LIU.-*, recoumicndlnc Unit ihoy ho eocrossod for Ibtrdreaainu: To incorporate tic lljlnola Cross HadrotoCmupony, from Cairo lo Hprincflold; to It’KulUo the Qulury Itallroad Erlr’ge Company, and to facilitate sdq encourage the construction of a railroad budge over the Mississippi Ulvcr at Cniucy: to Incorporate the Ottawa City Dome llailroad Company. Recommendation adopted. Mr. HKJI.V coin'd np bis resolutions rclatine to ibe duty ol meroben to bear all bills read that are Introduced, &c., and urged Ihelr adoption, ue animadverted vntb eome severity on the loose menner in which legislation was often carried. The resolutions were unanimously adopted. BUIs Introduced— To Incorporate the Dixon, Hannibal & Peoila Railroad Company; to locate a btato road on the county lino between the conn* Ues of Clinton and Si. Clair; to incorporate Me tropolis Seminary; to incorporate Bloomington Uon-c Railway Company. Mr. BOVD called no bis bill relating (o married women having the right In equity ror mainten ance, when tbry have been desert'd by tbetr hus bands without tank on their part. Recommitted to the Judiciary Committee. The Committee ou Banks and Corporations re ported favorably on Ute bill incorporating the Boone County Monumental Association. Bill passed. Mr. REILV Introdncod fa hill to amend the act providing for the construction of a levee on the Mississippi Itiver, from Jlllnolstou-n to Ilarrf- JOUYIIIO. lie House messages were taken up. BUI for appropriating $50,(;0u to am (be Lincoln Monument Asroclation was lead a third time and >ai«evd—ayes, n»; nays, 3. The bill providing for a State Entomologist was referred lo the Committee OU Agriculture. Mr. WARD called np the bill to Incorporate the Union Club House of Chicago. After a number of humorous suggestions by Senators, the bill was passed. Adjourned until Tuesday, at 10 a. a. HOCaE. Opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Davidson. The leading of tbc journal was dispensed with. .ttrl/fona—From Champaign and Vermillion counties for a now comity to be called Lincoln County; from Bureau County for thereptal of me Registry Law; from Morgan County to locate the Industrial University at Jacksonville. 2HIU Jitportcii ifac.V—To incorporate the w ysncl Railway and Transportation Company 1 with amendment; to incorporate Fox River Hy draulic Company; to Incorporate Lumber Manu facturing Company; to amend the charter of the Stepbensou Hydraulic Company; to Incorporate Journeyman Masons' and Bricklayers' Society of Chicago; to Incorporate the Public School Library Society of Warsaw; resolution lo publish the re port of the Adjutant General; but relating to cempensndon of County Judges; in relation to vonsolldalion of incorporated companies; to pro tect married women in their separate rights; to amend am to authorize tbc formation of mono- and mining companies. The resolutions of tbc Wcol Growers* Associa tion were reported back by the committee, with amcndmen*s.tni<rely altering here and Cncrc their phraseology lu a slight degree. They were made Die special order for Wcdnesdayocxt at two p. m. The Committee on Corporations reported hack Jhvorably the bill lo incorporate the Soldiers* Home ol Chicago. Ordered engrossed fora third reading. * The Committee on Stale Roads reported favor ably on the bill for a ferry at Lawrence, across the Illinois River: also for a ferry over the Wabash River lo Crawfotd County; also for the vaca 'lou of certain streets in the town of Tuscola—the latter was ordered to a third reading and the others to be engrossed. Mr. CHILDS Introduced (be following; AVsofrrrf. That In the Judgment of (he l!ott«e of Representatives of this kSVIh General Assembly, ibe raising of (he minimum sum of |n (o #25 to consutulc grand larccnv, would lead lo the de crease of crime )□ the State: JYo rtrfsd, work houses or lijsiltnlintiß for tbe restraint and re straining to habits of industry be created by coun ties orcltlfs for petty ollhnders. That the Jmilciary Committee be tiislioctcd to report a hill for (lie amendment ol Die criminal code in coufottnlty lo Ihe Judgment ol (he Uo»\*c. Mr, fill LDH, in sttppori of hts resntullnns, spoke briefly and pointedly ol (be evils ot Die present system, a" mnnlrested In Ihe presence in (be Pen ifetirißry of an ovciflimihg ctnwtl of petty ofUna* era, Ituarcefaird fbr minor thefts, under #3l or |<h. He belie led Dial not only ootild Die propos. t d inorm work (o great advantage in lessening Dm imtnbntPf ptlsmiers In I'm rciillemUry, but their wonltThp less contlnnauon of young omind> era by mining tn mnisrlvriin tb.nse hardenrd In rim. (here would bu some just reUDon net'vreu tin’ rnni" and (U great luinUbmeiit of dUffm. rbUrtuciit when gtstid Isreetty oas roiiimlDsd. bast, hot oo| lessl, ymmg mfetider' l , It lienl In ronniy «oik timikcs, nliere Dn-y were knmro, woiilu bn niom niiep lo reformatory Imlii'-nrct. Rir. (IHI'.I'N. of IMVin, spobn with mum teal log of the great nri-t-f*(iy tor a reform of llm sys tem ol trrnlment of Juvrnite nlmitiai*. tin *ng gcstetl flmisps of I'miecitoo or Deform HrbmiM, sml It thr#** mnld not he bad, that It should b<- made obligatory on connUcs (o provide separate places for tin- eonflnetucot ot youihfni oiU-ndnts. Jlr Die tirrsstti syvtHiii he said, the Inv ami Its nnlccfSj if tlicv drecha'ce their uliote dntf, camiol but feel Dial they arc tonriantlv educating crimi nals In crime by ihe eecessitr which cmnoels ihem lo a«suc!i|p lopclber, In Dm IVnDeiinarv fitid. common jails, the young In yeara alul old liuiji In tears ami vice. . , Mr. fIANfiON moved lo luferl the Wonlt IhJHf niMlollajs Ibstcad pfinetiiy-flri*dollar?* and«d ; roHiled (be wlsjillriimriif oid Hefinm Farm; , ArncmittiHil lush kbd DmiirigHml ie«olil!tnl(s *’ HMlifuliWi' MKSf WiitllM 111. liHIMiM 111 IllivUp. aPfnssjbe MiMifaipi't of re*s spmt scribed hr,Mi ofjfiumres- <jdii*isdr „Mr s Tm'F, piViM ii iiwiimnM HmsaiM of lltiiiofst Mm ('oFiMidiidn »n MsnnispiHfos and UMfl He(v|i D |Hirlbd to report 00 ofpro: tyoDtiK o|«esred being brought Mint (it* pfaju, and ol oonibaMOg Ibertlke*** irtOirodnced, Mr- PhEsj.H> l|oß (lib OnipndMva on rlnspcu in report on (be expenlmcy of sppropi|*|lrg |M,oooin aldohhe Honglaa MnnuroerJ Aaanclaiion. Adopted. U'nu CommiMce on Railroads were IcstrnctoAlo report a Mi) resrrtcttng railroad lanfl's, and lor other purposes. The CoiumlKee on (be Judiciary were Instructed > [pfiolie into (be expediency of emending the *viir,wa so aa lo cxtmd the lawa of evideacofn al) civil cases. The Committee on the Judiciary were ifiitructsd to report ou the propriety of giving Justices of tbe Peace juitsaicitun over uses of prosecuUou for liquor selling, where the penalty was not over #IOO. The eecrelaty of Htato woe Instructed to famish the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House with suitable journal hooka. A resolution to Instruct the Judiciary Commit-* tee to renert on the propriety of repealing the 1 Registry LswV or realrlcUna it to large counties an deities, was introduced and tabled. The Committee on the Judiciary wore instructed toyeport a bill for tbe better protection ot the me chanics of this Slate; al’oto report on the expe diency of remooe ling the Revenue Laws. Ihc action of the Uovernor In pnrcbaatng tbe •stray and maps of the Illinois lilror for the use ol iße Mate, for the stun of 91,600, was, by rcaola boa, approved. < Member* and officers of tbe House wbo wished CHICAGO. FRIDAY. JANUARY 18. 1867. to go home and were strapped, were authorized to drew 150 of tbeir palanes. !<<um cwui iwcii pajpiics. JThe Committees on Enrolled end Engrossed Bills reported a number of local Llilfl for engrossing and thlio reading, and their rocommendaoocs were complied with. The Committee on Counties also reported back for engrossing and third reading a number of lo cal bills, and one to authorize the Snpcrvlsora of Woodford County to bay a poor farm, they rec ommended for passage. The recommendations were all complied with. Mr. BAILEY oSercd a lengthy scries of pream bles andfresolatlons, the gist oi which was in the following: WnxngAS. As the chief obstacle In tbo way or the speedy calling of a Constitutional ConveoM-m lies in the fact that nearly two years most elapse before the next election of members of the Gene ral Assembly will occar in coarse, therefore Fhat In order fo obviate the aforesaid obstacle, and to conciliate the speedy calling of a Conetimtionai Convention in accordance with the teims of the Constitution. U is expedient, first, that the General Assembly at us present session, recommend to the electors of the State to vote for or against a Convention at the next election pf the members of the General Assembly; second, that at the expiration ofthepreacntscssion of the Gen eral Assembly, the several members of this Hoase resign their seats as Representatives in the Gen ets! Assembly; third, that Bis Excellency, the Governor, be requested iberenpon to order a BDCclai election for Representatives in the General Assembly in the several Representative Districts In the (state, to be held on the first .Tuesday in March next and that at such elec tion the electors of the State vote for or against a Convention; fourth, that In case of snch election the majority of die electors voting for represent auves shall vote for a convention. His Excellency, (be Governor, be requested as soon thereafter as may be convenient, to convene the General Aseetnby In special session, to call a Constitutional Convention, and to appoint the time for the election of the members thereof.for the assembling of each ConvenllOD.and thathfejw requested to call such special session to meetas taily as the first Monday of April dirt; fif lu (hat Uie time tor the election of the members ui mjl-u CoLveotiou ought not to be later than the tin t Monday of June next, and the date of the as sembling or such Convention not later than the 4th day of next July. Referred to the Committee on Judiciary, j A bill nas pa-atd authorizing Moreau Connty to borrow money to influence the location of the luonsttlal University. j A bill to legalize the sale of swamp and over flowed lands lu Crawford County was passed* muz uiT&omicßD. Ur tltlT Iht.nitn.ai4 a Mil 44.. Mr. HUHLDUT Introduced a bill to assert the control ol the General Assembly over railroad corporations.and to recnlato tariffs and prevent extortions. Helened to the Committee on Boil* roads. lo amend Urn charter of the Belleville A South ern Illinois Itailioad—Hsilrosds; lo amend town* rhip organization—Town and Township Organ*- eaiiont bills for the relief of hits. ColUua and oilivrg—Finance; lo cn-athe Ihe connly of Liu

coin— Catiniics ; to procure a historical painting of the battle of Missionary nidge lor placing to the state lldnse—Stalo Horary; to establish the Ttttnij-iiHiib Judicial Circuit—Judiciary; lo In corporate .ihe Chicago Fibre A i’apef Com i«ny—jlshfes atul cotporallohs j to incut, wrote - (he NaMnnaL iMsttrotjce UowpmiT— -■•upurhllnhsl In blonde tut tnieHpu ininfore oeiits tiynpelieial low—laid on (ante atm (wo imidietl t oiiippoulrict) hiiiiMj to Han to lim iniUd plim* iHtialu ittfUfljciiwtt. «H‘flAU«s tti i"*K i> tbiiiltilti'imimi untuKiii Hit* tMpMt l *- tiffin. ™**lMj( l l lli"ihihieii ('mil inn* Ilf I litll»|l_M(||||( |l||) fllllj ||I«KKIH(*P t Id ili» m, hiniln (inmil ... ;Phii|()_i,Wiiii! Ultl.lwl 111 Hlllllllllfii III* B.lrtllh.lhMllttlf » jluuatt (if ifhlllllM fitf j'ln flflii I|tl..||i|i.n 4ii|l|l;l|: "W««. B .«fiiifii hill I|||l«)||||| rufiifiliiiiliiatlna.llia intiihil flit nf (In. •JiHfilliiwiliijilif', Ifii.m.W.«fUißlrnm.iwiiU, Ivii ni Min f'.il* I, lllll*llllll11 hl.ii. m uni. nf Dili nub mu 1 lliihiii ni rulm/fu. him) or (lie UhsplsMi of tbji IVnliHnil/iij, min iitiolii liin .pulii) miiur tor Ibis aflt'iinmn qiiu f|iii*s-ln»<i nf Mni Inrnllfin nf Mia Itntiiilrhl UivlwiM y whs Uld mnr mdil Ttianlny tmxi, 'Dm Hl'MAHKllaiirmiun’cd lim fnllnwlng omn* InlHh's i Muiiltiiiiil jUfiiO t otul /numuiff— Kildy, Hhnn* inil> CasseP, islli n, Hv'llvrs. May, Itmlan.linliow* im«b and raitcU. Jiulhfrinlint l/it Wolf -Wakntnflii, IMilsy, Fniidn, PiscMy. Trim, Dpiur, Kuajip, Vnnui 1 /, AdjiMiinno MUB p. ni, * ArTRtIROON SMSION. 11m Clark nf Mm llmisa was illreclnd In have (Oinplnlit lists ni committal's publlstinil. 'Jiifhi’CAtp ii'purli'd L'lmoiirranc" in Mm rosoia* MnnmimHMiitf of iimmuon miu ufllcers dm wing ffiiirmh, A cnll of Mm llmisa was ordrrod, and ouly fifty nminimrs misHfrrd. No anonini bring prusauf, antfilmr call only bruiighl out ilfl/ llmm mnutbors, four los Minn a qiinrnni. 'The llotina tUuti «J* jimiiicd until Tncsiiar iiratacua. m, WWCONHIN, (Hprclul Despatch to Mm Chicago Tilhinm.l Mauihok, 'llttusdny, January IT* HJINATIJ, IUIU were huroduecd ptovldlng for Ibe appolnP Hunt by Jtidgis of the hupreme Court three proper persons lo revise the general law* of the Slaty, St Iwlng proDdvU that they shull receive no pay till the Judges shall certify (bat the work boa bean well and faithfully done; lo facilitate the con* Mrnctlon of a railroad from Monroe to Dulmim and oiler and amend articles of aasoclntiou of the Milwaukee £ l*rMrle da Cblen Uatlwsy Company so as to allow It to engage In such conslmcilon: to appropriate to the Boldlcn' Orphaos l Home, • Dills were passed, appropriating 150,000 to Ihe State Pneou Commiraloners lor suppllea t lo re peal Ihe law of last session lltmUog the number of officers ami employes of (bet Legislature: also, a.few local bills. Senators Bbolee, Proufifit and Hadley were ap pointed a select committee on tnat pan of the Governor’s message relative to the Atlantic Cable. ASSEMBLY. A resolution to receive no new business afler (he *-T h of .February ncx was adopted—ayesTJ: 1108 16. Bills were introduced to amend the charters of the several railroads of the State, and to provide for uniform rates of tariff; for a revision of the general statute*; to amend section 65, chapter 123, revlfed Blstutcs concerting coats and Ices: to amend section 9, chapter 12S, revised statutes, concerning place of trial of civil actions; to amend section 6S, chapter 165, laws IM>l, codify ing the school laws; also relating to loss of property In incorporated cities and villages by persons and corporations outside such muni cipalities; also for making jury lists In cases where lists have not been mane pursuant to the 'aw of last session ; to repeal chapter 75, laws of IfcfiC, extending the time lor paying taxes on cer lain lands; to authorize town supervisors in ccr 'atn cases to transfer money from General to School Pond. The Senate bill, repealing the act of last year, requiring payment from pupils received la the institutes for deaf, dumb and blind, was con carredin. MICHIGAN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribane-] LAsstsa, January 17. SENATE. The bill authorizing the Methodist Church at Lawton to convey real estate was Introduced, read and referred. BUI to prevent the adulteration of milk; also, for the Incorporation of Lodges of Good Tem plars. Passed. The Kalamazoo and Portage Legalization Bill was laid over. The Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Bill, and tbe bill relative to tbe collection of demands against water craft was passed. HOUSE. In the House the bill to provide for the erection of a Sib'c monument tras repotted from the Com mittee on Military Allairs without recommenda tion. The general order, the concurrent resolution for a recess cf the legislature from January 251 h to February Gtb, was adopted: also the concurrent resolution requesting the Congressional delega tion toseenrethepassage of a law patting rall load lands into the market at not less than four collars per acte. 1 be bill to repeal sections 133 and 233, compiled laws, relative (o charitable bequests. was read and referred: also, tbe bill to enlarge the boundaries of the village of Galesburg, The Mils were passed to authorize the silo of equitable interests in lands on execution; to legal ize tbe action of the towns ef Marquette and Cbo ci lflv, relative to macadamized roads: to author ize the levying of the bounty tax on the town of Osbtetno; bill touching limitations of actions relating to real properly. * ISDIANA. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnne.l Ikciakapous, January 17, SENATE. The Senate met at two o'clock. The Finance I’onitnlllco reported back Ihe spe rifle appropriation blit of (78.U00 for legislative expenses. Amended nod pa*sed. Mr.Steln ofibred a resolution authorizing the Auditor lo pay claims of Bhertlftr for conveying MUtmers to Pisces of confinement. Referred to Finance roimuliU’C. Mr. Rlctmotrdofli’ffdii joint resolntlpn declar* •UR Jnai a condition of war existed in tufa piiio at »be time of tbe arrest ot tiowiea, htiltigan and oth ers, the opinion ot (he HuprcmeFoutnuUtoton irar.f nolwiiit«iamilng. Bills were imronncrd to awem] the act (o incor pma e cities, tim law rmssed at ihe lna|sps*mn (•loving so dcicctlvc a* lo bo Inope rntivei autimnsltig iowna and cities (o pur visa**) ratiu'sd stock i pmuiblng ofilrera of ehctloos for.refusing («j recniva votes of legal joiers by disfrnnrhiilng fa nililllion to Crjot pro- Itidtint* eolmdstttitm for Rm pnrpoio of natbln- W yrft ! ry ' ,, ¥ hlerlmiis | IpeSiamish allmnonf tivtußO tor abtmlnoert ft-males | n ■irlngaor bill legnlatmg ilrn iraltle In fnrntlraihig flttiinri I a«l tiiorlslog t'onnly t.'omroliiloners to make amiro itrlatiittr*! lo aldtiit- ettabllihmeulof tuannfac loilea nmlmatblim shops. Peoals bills from SiioJPl were read a second tinre and referred lo appropriate ruutmlilees. Ad toornsdi , .. HOU9B. The llnttse tori at too u’elock. Tbs Stvakcr auuuunted lbs fbtioWlnj simdal rouimtifccs j 41 rnnpt/irlrhof Schehi- riti Uimneas, Pwlbert Ufeetij Oampbelh Me l.»-aiv w tilet} Ross, Woods; (tnbo: ' L.t' Ot 11| W;. .11.. ■■ bht otntsndert nod bm nfi««ad=:D‘M • eppuiPWlßi fMflittildß rutifytng ihs OnnatL tfftippfi was reiaffud m spscis) 10 " w “ KANSAS, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.[ Tomka, Kansas, January 17. SENATE. The Senate to-day passed a joint resolution to amend the Constitution restricting aoflrago to loyal men. The proposition to exempt those who voluntarily abandoned the rebellion and became supporters of ibe Government prior to the close war, or those who bad voluntarily gone ji^iT sß rebellion bnt who could show honorable discharges from the United States service, was voted donn, and the resolution passed with hot three dissenting votes. . The lotui resolution rati lying the Constitution* 1 Amendment not being reported by the Committee on Enrolled Bills In time for the signature of ahe t'overaor, came up again on roconaMerallon and passed unanimously, three Conservative Senators voting in the affirmative. HOD9E. In the Eonse, the contested election case of Hollecer vs. Ballard, was argued at iwtgih. Bal lard, the sitting member, as ousted, and the seat given to Dollcgcr. Ballard was a Carney man. It Is the opinion of the best politicians that Sen- alur Pomeroy is oat of the woods, thotgh no proposition in politics la admitted here, except that donhtfal things are often uncertain. The PnhUsherrCoDTcntloa of the State is In session. Colonel Vaughan, of Leavenworth, de livered the annual address this evening. Colonel Martin, or the Atchison Champloruvvts chosen to deliver the next address, and M. w. Reynolds of the SUite Journal, was chosen alternate. TENNESSEE. [Special Despatch to tbo Chicago Tdbnne.l Naaimtxz, Tenn., January 17. A quorum was obtained lu the Senate, iu which body Judge Brlen, Conservative,from this county rose to a question of privilege, and denounced the .Nashville Gazette as a vile and infamous sheet. The Gazette , on Tuesday, published editorially a scurrilous article from an equally in famous sheet, the Metropolitan Record , viUifying In the coarsest and moat disrespectful language the present Legislature, MISSOURI* St. Loris, January 17.—A concurrent resolution passed the Renata approving tbe coarse of Governor Fletcher in suporcsslng outlawry in Lafayette and other counties, and pledging to sOSUIa. him is the adoption of each measures necessary to maintain the supremacy ot theUw. KENTUCKY. PrujTKroßT. January J7.~The Legislature had one ballot 10-day for united -tales senator. Pow ell, 89; Harding, 20; Davie, 23; Pratt, radical, 4. PENNSYLVANIA. Babrsbuso, January 17—in the Bonaea res. elation was introduced expressing Indignation at the nomination oi Mr. Cowan as Minister to Austria, charging President Johnson with con tempt and direct GistUt upon the people of Penn sylvania, and calling on the Republican Senators and representatives to oppose ms confirmation. HEW YORK. January 17.—Hesolntlons bans parsed llie Senate Instructing Senators and requesting itcpresentatlTea in Congress to role Tor a suitable lanff on wool soil other foreign product and msaa’aclnree for the protection to American la bor and InlerceU. HEW JERSEY. Tnrjrros,N.J., January 17—The llepnbUcah Lc* E leisure cancns nominated Frederick T. Frcyllng uveen lor United Plates Penator. George t. Cobb received elchteen tales* abd FrevJiijghureen twcnly-ffte. The election will be held on lues nay next. MAIIVIiAJHIi . Ajtll.lHiLl*, Jill,, JihlilHlr ji.-11l 111.! AlHhi-Ulid 1 1'ci-r.i‘iiM- hi-tln* Ituhti tttif. .mihill Jului Mini) Inf Slfllb- Spii.hif. lull tin dii ilfii!'. ■l6i hunt* |ipiii]hitf A inulliiii In fh- I'Ml III* .M fw(ii liiii if Ulillt'ij Sulei g.ii.ioi I (ilit‘ HKiim tihin lim l:n>|niii piiiii u. Mt.XICO. I’rtiHiliiPiil lit I'oMmlitii n( Itip l/lln.rwU I ( nrMb Nmiilmmil i**imU)is I'tillttw flu* llntlilim Urcmli Trmnm «t| Ohimulhk Uofc»'« -lln* taliie'ii dlmilur in lim irrunelt Tnmpa, Hah I'Hinmsun, JHimnry 17.—H* lim lluinul hiatus ■tuanicr Hsiaimm), ulipih nril/crl rioiu Ms I'nibui )c»Icm1»/, inttura nm rocuivad strlni/ thnl it unit 1 a is ll IhitHUiio. 'ilm Mlmrals AVrrn In (net In imsspulnn of Ma fsltsn. (Jiin)iiiAs anil i,n|aiiii, Mnijcan edvlcns tin Havana 1» Drrmnbnr 71st, stfttulliKt (be nt Ibc Uuilml Hiatus In irivoi ol Jnan a liasimtnccil uuuiy tiUtii'rlo ftuatusl ilisi rmiilia to dnclarn for It. A largn miinlwr of fntnll ns follow (In* iHirlmf visnclt ifimn*, fonilmt vrnnlmt oicom by lim utter tllflS tv( vlUßtt'H. '('tie nOMutmuiunt nf UundalalatA was teuarded as n sliuuollc none, and Its occupation by an in* force mnlci Mirntmm was i'«jioc|tH|, Suysti would soon comm-urn a cmminiin Ibo I.lttctaU \{\ (bn Vminy of Mnl 'tt. rlorplants reunited defeated In two on paumneofs in dm MA(n or o.tjscn, mid Iris boon comjwUcd (» nsfluimio ((in city of (bat ttmnn. Nsw Oni kAMs, dnnnary news to dm ir.tb bas been icrrlvcif (bis nvcnliti*. Ksmlmdo and Ms ciillrn forco left Mont.iray on (bn U7ib for ban Unis U hui tmsio for A Hold with Ibn Finncb, CoMtuaa was loported about twoWo leagues nom Mnumoras, wnlilng for Jiisrcs, Hanjaaba, commanding at Matanmras, had hip. ceded In tM»!na by loans.some money loimyntY ( oitlnaa a troops and »nnn (b» snmn to him on Die JSth iiiataiil. 'ihU will probably nnlc( (hem. No new morenmou from Ortega. Otllcjsl InP roiutlon has boon rcci-IfoJ Dial (he Mlmrala occupied nan J.nls Totosi, Zacatecas. Aniicallcic, Pnsmmo, Gnadaljaraand Qnernfaro. Canaloa)« ot Victoria, Atcxlco, hut a flgbt la ex* peeled to taka place, If U bat not already, he tween the forces of Mella and the Liberals, some* where near Dolores Ulua'QO. A grand banonet was given Escobedo previous to bis marching from Monterey on the Trench. Navorjo'e headquarter* are at Mler. Ittmemcnt has Issued a proclamation in favor of Juorex, mil of Litter language against Maxi milian. Great preparations were making atSaoLnls, for the reception of Juarez, who was expected to make that city hla capital. Ortega's faction is reported to lie training ground. Curtlnaa lias oiticlally announced to Barilzaba'bat Xairptco, Tnlla, and Rlctoria had proclaimed for Ortega, who was occupying them with military forces. From the lUo Grande Courier, of the 15th, vie Lave the following news: By private letter from San Lola, we arc Informed that in consequence of the retreat of the imperial forces toward the capital, where they bare receiv ed orders to ccncentratc, Escobedo must have commenced bis march on Qucrataro, at which ptace Bazalnc croectcd to meet him. Bazalnc has issnen the following circular: EzrnjmoxADY Conra or Mexico, I UcosquauTEiis Starr, f No. 3,334.] [Third Cabinet Clrcnlar.] To all Mexican Corps: Relative to soldiers of the French nationality. thcWarebal-Comaandlng-in-Cnlef has received a telegram fiom i'aria. dated istn instant, express mg the intention of tbe French Government to ret am to France not only the Foreign Legion bat all soldiers of French nationality who were for mcrly authorized to enroll themselves into the service ot the Mexican Government, and who are actually among tbe general army corps of the Mexican army. However, if any of these sol diers, having knowledge of this circular, d'etre to remain in tbe servlrc of Mexico, they are authorized to do so, and to remain in the corps to which they actually belong. As to the French, whatever Is their actnal rank in tbe Mexican army—officer-*, non-commissioned officers ana privates—mani festing a desire of discontinuing In Mexico, those who are yet attached to the French Corps will be. transferred into the Foreign Legion, where thev will have their former rank. As to others, thev will be relumed to their coantrv at the cost of the French Government* Consequently there will be made tn each Mexican corps a nominal report of all Frenchmen serving in said corps, which report will be forwarded to the Marshal commanding. Each soldier will have written opposite big namo the action by Mm voluntarily taken, If he Is de teimlned or not to remain tn the Mexican service, ooldl-rs taking the first determination mil pass themselves to the nearest French detachment at tbe first secure occasion which shall offer Itself. •33 General A. D. Osmoqe Bazaike, ; Marshall Commanding-in-Chlef. (A true copy.) Copies of ihi* circular were pent to General Mejia on December Kith, to be enforced Imme diately. FKOTL CINCINNATI. Ohio Blvcr Nit vlgjktirm—Damage to Mcamcrs, Barges, Ac,, by an Icc ftorge. Cikcikhati, January 17.—The steamer United Stairs arrived here nt fire o'clock this afternoon. She got through without damage. Tte Magnolia arrived from Maysvllle at tour o'clock this after noon, and laid np In Licking River. Tbe Ice is increasing and navigation Is virtually suspended. From Pittsburgh to Cairo there were twenty-one loaded and thlrty-occ empty bargee and floa's swept off by Ice, all owtH-if here. J«o*s. (10d,000.4| CurcmwATt, January 17 —Tbe weather .sudden ly turned very cold list night. Tbe (bmnometer a' eight o'clock this morning stood eight degrees above zero. About tour incncs of enow has fallen since two o'clock yesterday allernood. The ice gorges In the rlrer above broke lari ntefat, and came by here at It o’clock, midnight. The Ice was fiom three fo finern feet deep, md running from shore to shore. Tbe head of the drill struck eortie coal and flat-boals lying below tbe Water Works,carrying eighteen oftiicm down stream. The gorge neat struck (he hull of the steamer Argyle, lying nt the loot nt Ludlow street, riming her bull badly, and letting some tour tecl ol water into ber (told. A heavy rake neil drilled again*! ber, and carried her again*) (be America, the new boat building lor ibe idiulavlUe. mall. Hue. ilsr line* pure way stid liotli boats drlned down stream. The America lay tteM above (ho Pin* Grove, se-i •inick her wllji great lorce, carrying away tor treaty* and cook house, itl*» breaking herry. hi> d.r i damage aliout two ihonaand dollars, "lie Newport Belle, n ferry boat while making ier ttiti UMRUorautthl lu th«|ce and carried dawn sirmiii. logelher with (lie oljter fttmjs. Tim lor ry boat and America were landed bslow. The Ifrllcr bad her wheel carried away, anil Ilea below Fifth street. Tim America lies nt the head of Ticaymm bar. The Argjls at Haven o’clock Ibis morning was doaiing down stream at the bead of Alci’nllnm Itiffin. film jilted pa one aide, am) wilt probably sink on lire Ur In lire rhanitel. Htt-wo* being dismantled at the wharf, and bad ber machinery all out. She ti as bull! at illisburgh sometwelre years ago; Wo Insurance...... . , ~ The coal boats* nl tail arcquuls, were floating dufib SlrvShi below ihe loot of Pllflr slreeL . iiepurla are currentJhallhf Meniphia iuickelj AliceDepbi hud lire Nasbrilie itaekeL.Wdwsira, were rub* lasi blßlr* hear Afel’MlMim'* lllfllsi firiil die (spuria are believed lo be HurmihtletL. lb** Boaifl ol UijdeiwHtera ItatSHliiri dtlwll dll (be loalst Abu Wdi bul.nlbriv any Id Irtts Khfle the«tnUief tfliUHi. » ll 1.,- .tsofiiEiTsmjirirrAT itisASTen. KlfiUlfiff 01- fits Meaiim* Pintle Vallef |HoH VH»haIiHFB = 'PIIP ftH'HIH’F Of DFOWHHI HI OIIP NtttiUli •fMfflUf hull# V*|r ImJ. VicMhmg UmQtu Afr«if {wkw, «ifoci4 ftu ht#cli or a, F«mr»»«M aim m«k #l - (ha ID *tiiW)|l)f«e mil); nies. «shfl was crowded with pasaupgars, a Urge nnmher of Whom weft* lost. It U aitlmapm oy the BUtMfore lint one hundred persons were drowned, Among those Joel ere Judge Mcßride. uJ jsonroe County, Mo.; * family ofnficen per* tone, hound for Texas. wore all lost: the steward end about twenty of the crew ere believed to he j os t The: captain and pilots are ssfe. There were come fori)* women and children on board. mo*l of whom were lost. A Inc passing nn took off all who had presence of mind enough tu stick to the wreck, amt brought them here to night. It is impossible to obtain full particulars of this distressing calamity to-night. FROM SEW TORE* Coods'for the Paris Exposition—.kn ottier Ueavy Snow Storm—Berenn* Officer* Resisted, Nrw Yobs, January 17.—The ship Mercury satis to-day for Havre with 1,500 packages of goods, {□easuiingnot less than 1,000 tons, for the Paris Exposition. Ibe atons to-day enured delay on the Eastern and Jmey roads. Toe Hudson Eiver toad Is 11’- tie troubled outside the aty, bat trains were mostly delayed in the upper part of the Island. The river is foil of drill icc, and navigation is difficult. Building No. 119 Walker street, occupied b Charles E. Barthorne, fire-engine builder, sod Aagnatc. McKinley, manufacturer of plumbers* brass works, was burned this forenoon: loss |2fl,Coo,partially insured. The Inspectors attempted to seize an illicit wbLfcey distillery in Brooklyn to-day, bnt were badly beaten, barely escaping with their lives. A votee of police was called on, bat when they reached the spot the still and whiskey had all been carried o SL The still was owned by Thomas Benton. Despatches from the East report the heaviest snow storm foryears. Bailroad iralnsalldelayeti, bat the reads are expected to be cleared by to morrow. Good sleighing on Broadway to night. Several violators of the Excise Law hire been released. In consequence of a technical error in Soperlnreudent Kennedy's order to the police for Its enforcement. FROM. CANADA. Progreae In the Fenian Trials—Two drier Prisoners Acquitted—Damage by- Overflow— Dissatisfaction Among the Canadian Volunteers; Ac# [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Tokokto. C. January IT. In tbo case ot James Spaulding, mentioned in my despatch yesterday, the Jury returned, a ver dict of not gmlty. Wm. Baker was next brought np tor trial. He claimed to he an American citizes, and was tried by a jury one-balf cf whom were his fellow-coun trymen. The evidence showed that be came In with the Fenians, plundered with some of them, : but was not armed, and did no lighting. He la a man oi weak Intellect. Other prisoners consider him half wltted. For thU reason the jury return ed a verdict ot not guilty. The town ofßeUflVfne is partldlr'submerged i by the rising of tie river Mohs. Fully one hundred houses are partially under water, and ranch dam age is done by tb« blocking np of Ice In tbe £l. Lawrence. It la feared that apart of Montreal nlB be flooded. Tbe water Is now very unhand constantly rising. Mu.h dissatisfaction Is reported among the volunteers on account of the conduct of the Gov. eminent. Men are resigning, and some organiza tions are breaking np. The commutation of tbe .ententes of the Fenians bos much to do with It. Volunteers sayLiuch and others should have been banged, and that they will never serve spate. A great enow storm has raged over the country for the last ten days. In some places the enow u several feel deep. Election, of Halted flutes Senator from. Nevada. . BAk FnincLßcn. January 17.—The Nevada Leala* (rttiire to-day elected James W. Nye United Stales Senator* • pfllnl Ancldnul from ilUatltigi January 11,-William )Vtk«, m tnt|ito)o bn liie. Si. I’mil A raelnc ttM 1.111*4 IffbUslltiff ftftf.eli iat 111 fu thij. fv-MVA If (Jllllfll KM, iVdf.Fll.lH. Aa'l, HO IfFHflhlHli.ln H(t**Him.l*HH hi* Mil IMS IMHIIHII |Wf«l. (lithllUMUtll (If* ( Hill ll .(HIM mill r«HHifH.a arvcfjby gin gumorluibm. Otuh'VH /Vs#* Cfrtljlnth'H hy wttlt jVtwt uv to JO to oh, Hutnnlau, umt rvtfhtvmi amt maiitut ttvj’ovv oihtoff/ttt, JHvvvt to V.V O/ic/Vf Hvimv, Thv Dntivhw O'Ut vooioii'w'o Ofcrho/tf at naoo tso Mooitau ovjpt, t/iv 'JJfil hint, 3njc gifaaon. QKNTKAI, I’AItIC. GRAND MOONLIGHT MASQUERADE AH II FAXCV BUESS CAUSIYAI,, TO-NIGHT. Tito r.rle tr&nilormod Into . of Bewitching Splendor. Ice the Finest over Shatcil on. Over SCO Indies and Gentlemen'* xume* registered to appear la 1- aney Costumes, THE FULL MOON Will light the Park eqasl to daylight, so that emy conmziecan bedlsunctly seen. t3T MaU-at. Cara win land yon at the Park. gOLDIERa* RELIEF FUND. The West Side Skating Hint and the Washington Skating Park are taking up the tickets lainca by the Soldiers' Relict Committee, good for any afternoon or evening during this week. Bny the soldiers' tickets, and thereby save the little cues, left by onr fallen defenders, from the biting cold and starvation. Help the loved ones of those who laid down their lives to save the Government and ns the protection of the law. Their protectors helped ns la onr need—let ns not forget their cry for lood and shel- ter. •^TASHIKGTON SKATING PARK. BENEFIT WEEK FOB TUE Soldiers’Widows’ and Orphans' BELIEF 3TTJJTD, OPEN THIS AFTERKOOK AKD EVENING. BAND IN THE EVENING. BRILLIANT MOONLIGHT. MASQt'fcHATE To-Morrow (Saturday) Evening. pEALS OF LAUGHTER, AT THE FUN AT THE GRAND MASQUERADE AT THE CENTRAL TO-NIGHT. QGDEN SKATING PARK. BEAUTIFUL MOONI FINE ICE STASODSBADfi ON TBO 335. QRAND NATIONAL Skating Tournament, COMMENCING JANTJABY 21,1867, At Central - Skating Park, mTBBUKGU, DEXN., Prlfcn (ICO and MnOlQOrreabtrkv.andthaChsrDnlon Mmlsl worth (50, The best centietnao skater win re r<Mvf aprize ol (IWJ In Greenbacks and (tie Champion tinltl Medal wntih S3O of Amsrlr*. TP! »?•» Indy ■ftstcr • price of (.to and Uts Gold Medal. Threo «ii rich to *wiirr a ronleu, Ihe winner*, If cliaH-oß*} nest season to skate the conteit op till* r*rk. Kniri«'« 11 close on the WIN, Adltrs* TIIOMA* A. fif’KNCB, herrelary L'cntfal Pkaling Park. p<»*t tJfflce Ho* :|yj, Pitisiiiirg!i. ra,. r»r enirie* and particniafa, Dljotoatnplja. A OAHD—R h. miANI), ol IMinln- I V IMpWo U*«a UIU iqrthmt «»< aiiumw. tiitl'ildarrlfiiiUßij'lrinloiinrilili full ami aiiilrti nt»- r*r lajimi ul llirlr ml/urm kitHlm-ai ami poiiijiWiihm In *•»<«!. *i iiatituUf Pip tk.-tp » ( iA. ,M« «u»H< • ■!»(). imi, inn ftiafi i-r lr>iliUp lia-ln I'Hiie r»r^r («> n llirr* Mpi a Bfamml IriiiinniU a out of Hip »?nr«, *llh U‘«»' !'*<rq nf mmlrniMut »aT|rm,i(i* not InniitMiiinoUirr aprrmtioUtinp itl *mV fiTtr ImiirtUfif Into !»]" •RJt.f Pf-rliid u) limn a*a|n, ,'lptnHnl to Ihn Bn fill p |-<r fait faTiiM, lip wciili) twa »fon!lnnanp« «T Ihp. «rnf, (ir«ui|«|ne to 'Hil'nttbVUwot* lietfaflpf in Ifin ihnriHi |i nuMn mjp, tlriantft of ilmili, ami mtli ►ailre aatlUacUon lu all. {'nrlts <lc Viatic. 1 jiei* Mo*pll. tfiau ijitviure. jjhut i LIGHT! V KEROSENE OIL o-.a.ip BURNER! Without Smell, Smoko or Chimney* SEE IT AT THE ADAMS aOTJSE, A. R. SLOAN. Ucctmm ■REMEMBER THE POOH.-The Rev. «»V &n^'h IUORDA *»7.) u '<*W™'u St John’s Hjth ollc Church, ci rmr of Clark and EietUfieoth-«ta on next ftntdas evenlor.Jst.Wvb.aviiao’clots, for’tue l> so f r ll^^S?»?f>or,n V der l h . e *o*Cjcei Of the Society n l ßu T l . oC « lt,,e subject: -TneTnumuh of the -? « l . c srt«?. n i r ? pe . l A n 026 Maetecntb Century." TLk cu ot admission, so cents. artificial .-yiotoers. I\;T A.-PONOELIiT, the only an* ITJ. porter direct from Partf in this city. In ARTIFICIAL FJLfOWjGRS, Has received the Is test novelUfs In flowers far ooerss *ud panics; also white marabout feathers crystal or :sa.CLt«, corah Ac, Cl 7 Udiana-su,East of Kona ciark-d., (Dwelling house.) NUMBER 224. (glotfling. J)OWN THEY GO, DOWN 0-0 PRICES O£T CLOTHING Mr ENTIRE STOCK MUST BE SOLD BY FEBRUARY 20th. And lu order to make a e>onoral clean ing out of WINTER GOODS, I HAVE! KIUW TUI IB Full 10 Per Cent Below Present Value, REGARDLESS Of COST. This is not mere talk. The Prices will show that I am offering GREATER BARGAINS Than can be found at any other House in this City. ca THE GOODS MUST BE SOLD, and (he prices now marked on them in PLAIN FSGURE§, cannot faU to make purchasers of every one visiting my establishment. L. DeGraff Corner State and Rnndolph-sts. Stjosfcrg. •pjOSIERY. HOSIERY. Ladles’ Wool Hose, Ladles’ Cotton Hose, Children's Wool Hose, Children’s Cotton Hose, Men’s Wool Hoso, Men’s Cotton Hoso, Ladles’ Wool Gloves, Ladles' Berlin Gloves, Children's Wool Gloves, Children’s Berlin Gloves, Men's Cloth Gloves, Men’s Berlin Gloves, Wool Shirts and Drawers, Merino Shirts and Drawers, Hoods, Caps, Nubias, Wool Yarns, &e., Fur >kia at toir julert by noun, ciiiTiiii & no. (Wlllfei HOHUSh "iWlSfca, iftii Aeeni* l)F eekinalwl •'gtAH' l t'ipyf BB SjAJSMhS'B. Kfto luWkiiKonfl, A NJjMPOHTANT gPBSOIUPTIOJf Hoa r 4-(f|a&<L 4(li Broadway, Hava h'eaily tor Publication, HJfiTOBY OP THE HAVY DUHINO TSB GREAT REBEL!,TOH. BY THE REV. CIUB. Q. BOYKTQJf. ...... fbanlaln ofite Room of Kaprtscnutire*, 45aK* Pn fciKir st the V. B. Hsrsl Academy. 9 r oli '» tt vo * WiihnnmeroQa (iioitratlons. . “Through ibe kitilnrfg oft he S «-t e u rT_o 1*“ r., a J/J the author has bad free acc*»a to l ? v / n rtMn 5 thlps, and to the Ordnance V* ooLhlnjr baa been withheld that be granted. Washmeton bare'iflTen uiat”e*Te mile or nothing to desire. Tte i?ateniu*bM been wroUEbt into Ha pment shape to twpo tbs* it may aid in setting tbo worr of the vlryln im true light before the public, so aa to iv-nirirM the people how much ibe country la indebted Jorlta prompt andpreseot security to» those who or- Suuiedwi directed U» operations and w those who rnrrr»«fuHT guarded oar lone coait-llne ami the com* muntraticns of the army, and Who fought oar battles cn tl c rivers and on the sea.” . _ . Karirappllcftllonshoalo be made for agencies. Ad drtM D. APPLETOK & CQ„ X«w York. picture jFtames. “IF BAD THlS—Opera House Pictures— £V Tie are framing these in 24 DIFFERENT STYLE*, To suit everybody's taste, acd lower than any other home Is the city. Before bunar elsewhere, call at J. E. t-HAW & co.’S, ISO lake-au, and be coartaced. A liberal Olscccnt to ciois. llm (STocrofl, 44 QUBAPEB BTH-L." ROSS & GOSSAGE, 167 & 169 Lake-st, &BB SOW 6SLXJKQ GOOD ALL-WOOL FB’H HUM FOB 50 CENTS. EXTSA QUALITY FRENCH MERINOS FOE 75 CENTS. FINE EMPRESS CLOTHS FOE 75 CENTS. Extra Quality do,, $1.00.' rich DouiiLE-wiryrH ALL-WOOL PLAIDS For 75 cts.; {ormer price $135. Satin Plaids and Striped Valencia For 25 rts.; former price 00 cts. EITRA QUALITY MOHAIRS For 311-4 ct£.; wortii Five Shillings. DOUBLE-WIDTH SILK AND WOOL FIGURED POPLINS For 75 cts.; worth |1.50. ESTBA QUALITY PRINTED AIL-WOOL MERINOS For IB els.; -worth SI.OO. S2.SO Dress Goods litebbOHß To * $3.00 Dress Goods BfiDUOlSt) to tUd, WINdEYS IIEDUOI3D From ♦Kill In If) ut«, mulfl 00. AwtliUHehUMmio iM »**>.» 'l«i«ilih|«ii HHIKTHI t» 1111. Wi ll? PlHiinpla |nf SB pis, jiur /an), Ilea./ 'l'wllW All-Wiml l'lumwi«nUliiii(«, White anil tlelnreil Ithmliel. Ui,Uirml liu* low Ayunls' I'rlntn. Cloth & Velvet Cloaks AT CmiAMIIIiINAIIV lIAIKIAINa. DOMESTIC GOODS Of all klmU, lif (lie pM. M (lid Itonwit .AVii'l'rtcfr l*arka<fi Wire, HV dim h Krrjt mmr Anf y iN< <«n>l w* wuh it tlUMnnljy »»iirrtioo<i that i/v rrm (Ho hue**! in IAJ« nr ohu tiihrr mmkri, aan wiu, tor U« IIMII«K»U.I» OK AKV &RTIOI.K AT AMYTIUR Oft VNR«« any roaainui ojnoVNtTAKOM, |l" nd Imy vliewbcre at any price till you hara aero our llargalna. ROBB ft QOSSAQE, 107 and KID X.nlce-»at« jFtuancial. TV f ONLY TO LOAN ON CHICAGO I>X PROPERTY. WANTED, Fire or Ten Thousand Donate on improved and nnlm proved Janda in Ihli Slate at ten percent. * •". J. D. HARVBT. „ and Loan Dfotter, ?BLaßaHfr«t. TIfONEY I MONEY !-I have n few iU thonsanddollarg in band/or Investment in Bond ana Mortgage. X.A&ISS on OTBOBB, Having fbnds they wlab lortited. can hare it carefully dons by applj Ine to L. D. BOoXE, 106 Raodolpb-8t- Hoorn IC. ffinlcls. 'J'HE RICHMOND HOUSE, CHICAGO. S2.GO 3?BH DAY. This Bonce is located on the corner ef Sooth Water *U and Mtcblßau-av., one block from tbe Burlinatou & nlncr, IlUnoU Central, end Mtcntraa Central Kail roads, where I shall be happy to see all my former patrons, and a* many new ones as will faror me with o call. With largely increased accommodation*, a homo with ail themodem improvements, and price* reduced from J 3.50 to per day, I hope to receive a liberal share of public patronage. R. SOMERS, Proprietor, LATE OF CITY HOTEL.. Justness ffiamss. UNDERWOOD & CO., General Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle and WasUlngtoa-sts* CHICAGO. Give particular attention lobotb buying and tellisi Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. Property bought and held on margin*, and sold edtbe In this or Eastern market*. ty Special rate* ol Commission made to those vb* lumlsb their own money tor large purchase* of prop ertjr to be held for tale by a*. F. 1.. Underwood. Den, tw. rndfrewd, MALTING COMPANY, Nos. 2 and 4 Michigan-av., ITTauurtocturpm or ITtall and Heater* In llarley aud llyc. We keep coMtaoUy on hand itick* of PHfflf Usury ami Ilye .Malt which we ate prepared to *eu at the lowm market rales. QIUJEIIT & FIELU, OSNEBAL COMMISSION MMHOUANIB, (f*urcfMQM to UltMl, Updike ft C'd.,j ion Wthuhlniftun-nit CHAN. .L mUlßllt. OKO.Emtl yy flolTfc!* AiiFTpFNOv ““ i»n icEimoa, iiAi.'riDioiin, Fresh Gan Fruit. Gove Oysters. And Jollies. IN ATtlflß AND Fdfi H.AI.R, »«is tasite., Tim nW» *pmi« ate, ail «f Mi* n»initi)rn ami WKriAtitti} (it Ute mamilactatert ahtl aaetjl*; Julwefr ®e«i; ■Voiiomo I till, «»ii..*wii» wwi RHltlp jittn Xml lU lm.u t WkAWaM ~ 3HUISS I' tJOALi iS OOK oo^> y m*u Waoftwtf»J fffll •» we[f fc call oq m bOifß REHO ft UTTW, IflS Plngihnry-st, H. TY. cor. Indlanast. ord«r» thfonjh (be Pott Office will receive prompt attention. r * laments. pARD’S PATENT FUICK MACHINE. Offlc. and m.muacurr S 3 So tub Fci Infcm.aon and daertpaya cucolar»ddn» £, a. CARD, S 3 South Jeffers on- Chlcaro. •■ (General Notices. ROUND OIL CAKE is the • in the Market . For .UK* of all ’cof ’ oy No. 70 North CUoton-st. lIEo’ Kent STORE TO RENT—The second, third, fbnrUi and fifth floors oftbe New Marble Front Spacious Store, Vos. 27 and 29 U&ndoiph-st. They ate 33x163, well lighted ana very desirable. Apply at office '" IB" J^IS6OI,UTIOH. ft* copirtsmUp berawtoTß emtio* cadet On firs same oi BITUSEB * HIKER expire* toll day by Ua lUlton. G. d. KrruHßS will coatlsoe tie bosteMi * the oli iuad. ulu tioca satborUsi to receive eJ mown ted letUe *U oebta of too lata am (Slfiied) B. B, bDMHK, QIO.H.UIHCB. JiauAry ITtb, 1367- la uisalar ttts emirs btulacei of t&a uta am • SDUKEB * UEHKB, X,voald as* • coouaaaooa of tfe liberal support 1 bare bantolOn receirad. Q. B. SUiCTHB. QOPAHTNEKSHIP. We, the andmlgsrd, have tbli day formed a cooart aenMp, carter Um turn same aad atria at 3HNEB, S3HTH & CO., tbr the purpose of traosatoag a GENERAL COMMISSION BUSINESS, et 19flH South Water-at, CUcajco. GEO. B. MINER, GEO. W. SMITH, CHA3. T. TANVLIBT. <stga«d) In retiring Iroa the late firm ofSZTMNSB* MINES Z 'vouid simply mt that i shall, at ail times, be most happy to see my old customers and patrons as onr new place otbnalneea. ' GEO. H. MINES. J J SL THOMf aON & CO, The arm ofn. M. THOMPSON 1 * CO. expires a : UdiaeolTfdihladatebyilmlfatloß. Thebniiceaswi be conilnced as heretofore, at ill and 116 South Water-* L, Chicago, hy S-M.THOMPSOK, who alone U authorized to dm the name of the Arm in liquidation* B. U. THOMPSON, L. W. McCOMSELL, ' JOHN acailAEL. Chicago, January L, 1367. J^ItoKOLUTIOX- The copartnership firm of MATSON 4 BOSS Uthte day dlwoired by xantnai cen'eot. The bnalneM af. laiisoi the late firm will be settled by their cnccoMora. thenewflrm of N. MAISONA CO. Chicago, January 17, i«67- NEWELL MATSON. JAMES H. HOES. COPARTNERSHIP. 17.MA.TS0V, of thel»ttflfnct ila«cn ± Hoes, baa tMacar awoelated with blm In copartnership L.J. jtoKIOS ud TV. B. BIQiSTi coder the name and ItJ la of 9. MATSOH ft CO. Chicane, January 17.1557. IT. MATSON, 1., J. HOLTON, w. e. niGLsr. Dissolution of COPARTNER SHIP.—The ropartnerahlp heretofore etintcf oncer the name and vty le ot srOBE, FLBTL'HER « BARNET. U Uli day dissolved bv raatnsi crnnenl. 0. A. Stem* and n.B. FUicher are aloes anuiorbpd to sign the firm name In UtnUdatloa. J.- A. .. . , H. E. FLETCHER, Chicago Jan. 19,1967. H. J. BABShY. T'.I&BOLCTtON, —The rot artnctshln 1 / heretoftre eziflUoa Under th* bam* and styir od GO'M'IULUPF A CO.. IS Uil« dardlwlfft] hy mu tual consent. Either partial will jl»a la llnnldatlnai trUi A; rubuali iLe tthJc#‘!eblKi #1)1 WallhtiS Ihl fflliifttlHHat Miifch, limits ilium*. &0(i At hefelah'ftij aadef Ht« Aim flaw# t* MLMEB, EVllfia a 00, JlilrWnt. A PKW PACITH J\ tint niiHlilrMllon nfail wins sniMt i'l liiu l.imai ami Timrai, JTMIIHIIIIft'N MAI.T3 wilt, iiiitarvlnu nircoti In uvsvamil* lion nini Jinn nmt w|i|illm< wahiif>j.l.niiiMt<>4 rrmii |i i>»l.lmi».»lrPtM'turn. ni.ii rMn |li>< * ItlipHMg. m can l>» t.rnVcHi iip.ivei !,(«» nn»<t|ii |iia( (.«• llmM.ltth tu.w on hlo hi oof oilin', Unit Hint (• unit a corn will |>n (oaf) wlumil* mriT.’ii. an/ of Him nlm>vh .Vmiijiiaiiita. Ino im»K U wliiiin ilia rrn.'ti of all.awn ti )>*. , .ti)i*>* a ivatiar ot Mlf Mil* fpal H» Ilnulf fllllfeti'ia IdMwl ill# Dm'iiffli'y nf llipmi naierHoca. ‘ilHMiwaiitU liar* l«*l«D ii, ami am ii'tw I rfllMiVi llvnii wtineMM to Hm wtKMioihi) cint'anr lv am oUcflcc iifpi»hU.iii/«iYliia id full inn a frw or in# manr ciuw inUMiPti. „ .... *» HUiMim.YW.Oi''.HM, " I flniiKl morn reliif from iiatiitf iwimat tuim in my di»pnt^-fli(iiiiia—inajj from any uinnr pr#miraiiou WvpmM. ‘•WM. YOtINtIUMHHI." ...... ."^***l'A*ywsK.l*muw«i.»RU,Stw.i», * 1, T •I'lnk. ioa. iiy lik« |hU, wham, an many arn «nr fortnu at iJiU tp«Miu w|ih routna, col.U, and tr.ini-iii*! ni.PMP*. (t won lit f»« lo y nur tniamat to (nirottuca |'e«. B\ lulltrm * I* ahouJd be in iha tuula M n.n WfeMR. . “ Naw YoiK, July tS, o I pnrtbMwl n ImUle at pectoral Balm, aim toniran catnoirsprtMHmfcelinw nraratitmla I ownt,> you. aanr recovery «m Immadlato, allhoacti previoiulr fit CO over by my pbraleUna as tnnnratiie. miuuirv TmiocKsioirroH.'* *' rrevloai to oitntc your Pectoral Balm, I han .asm every) reparation I heard of without relief, l tm?Q cwctl but thiee bottlpa, and all si mptorsa <>r my ilug complaint—aalhma—have ditapprared. “ WM. BUOWNUJO,Conductor C, R, R. 1 * „ . “NftW YOK, Aog.l.lASa. ••For ibebaceflt ot all who hara or are aotferios from bronchial dlteaaea, I bea to add tar teaUmooy to the efficacy of Mandco'a Pectoral Balm, as 1 consider H was the only tninr that nred my Ufa when reduced to a .Kelaioo and on tne verge oi the crave. “MAKCAKET TCTBOCKSIOirTOK,9I3 fcLxm-aT.” BUKMHAMS A VAN BCHAACR. VboleMla AecnU tor the NwUvwm. BMITU A DWYER. WbOl&ade and Retail Agcnta and arogplsta In Chicago. HO, TE FAT ONES!—Now is the eca ton for corpulent people to *row lean by mr chop and easy metho't. One lady wbo directions lon 30 Bs. In two months, bite 11 now slim anderscetal—wefxhlnr. before, 190 at. Has bad mr direction* six montaa. Send immediately. Xo adds or medicines med. Sena »1 and prepaid Cardona to Mr*. 8. MATTEbOX. SU Charles; 111. ** (Clothes fHanglrt. CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Heat. It will do It In ane-qaarter tbe time re quired with booted Irons* It sires a s)ms and brilliancy of lustre to linens* Impowl* ble to be obtained from healed Irons. NO EXPENSE FOE FUEL. No Hotel. Laundry, Restaurant, Boarding Bouse; Hospital or rrlvate lamliy can aQord to be without one. IT SAVES TIME- IT SAVES CLOTHES. it saves money. it saves fuel. IT SAVES LAUUR. IT SAVES HEALTH. For psmphleU, containing fail description of ma chine. address AMERICAN CLOTHES MANQLE CO., 149,131 and 133 Foltoct, CUcuo, IU, OrJ.R.nXCE.I6I LtkMt. fHadjincrg. jyjJSRKITT & COLGIUiin, IS DIANAPOUS, INDUAA DEALERS 15 COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory Findings. New Factories furnished with Machinery. EMltm*. Fusin'*. Hat*. bpetrJl cation*, Buptrlnteaiiefita aaa experienc'd aorkmeo, BOLL cards Always 00 hand. COTTON WARPS & CARD CLOTttIRW 01 all kinds. Of* Sec oml-hand Marhlnery on baud, for sale cheap. ,-JFot Salt, jyptiGll ANTS’ UNION EXPRESS STOCK forMKMftilnvsi -AI»P. AiiirfMiu Unit*! NUNi Adumi' in«) WdH. UfliikeM ami litoadufly.NeN Yuri. UNION NXPRSga BtODK iiwntt of tfttfr (JTIy TOUBTEOT EXTRACT OF BEEF, For Family Uae> ISVAMSS ASS BfiPlffieg, *>basliJ B«t twll la nag lh ftmtiiii? »n Brawn tail §wm <g9ng>BUHK«<B, QAt*n ABVASoee Made wt Hhlpmenta ef DRESSED BOSS To Hew Yc tt, AUo, on PBOyToIQSS !*f STOgl* JOSEPH B. PHELPS, 1& Chamber of Caaa«rw« OALTPETRE. CBUDE SAIiTFZSrHE, For Packers’nse, tortile by JOSEPH B. PHELPS 1 IS Chamber ofCommaco* 3To Kent. £0 LEA&EFOK A TERM OF iEAHS. 57 feee by 190 feet On Eonth TTells-at., east front, between Tan Rorea and Jackron-sts. Rent low to reipectabla tenants, who «111 bind themselves to erect good improvements, Ap ply kt , . JOHN GUNZENHACSKS, 131 BaaCoJph-sw Boom 1. - 33entistrg. rrjnETH. ■*"NO EXTRA CHARGE tor SxteacUof Teeth WTr»- OCT PAIN, by the arti ficial one* are Inwrted, at TBEGirS Teotal BcoMfc 73 Eonth Clar fc ' r - MMW p«pHBaH