Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 18, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 18, 1867 Page 3
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THE GRAIN TRAFFIC. A Bill for tbc Regulation of Warehouses in the State of Illinois. Important Provisions Concerning the Storage of Grain. Proposed Restrictions on Ware- housemen. ' The following Iso copy of llic bill intro* duccd in the Illinois State Senate, yesterday, by Mr. Eastman, of Chicago,- in relation to grain warehouses and the storage of grain: Sxcrtojr 1. Be U traded by the AopU Of Ute State of lUlitoU , represented lu th*, -*•- That hercaltcroltpersona whosPsHkcga a wsrebonto in tills Stale nr the j b *°™q» in vluch the grain of each person In aaeh warehouse shall ho kept 10 a separate hu. distinct from tee cram of all orbrr persons, shall be dts nominated nr fvr.ta rarchoneemeu; andlhat all nettona keepne a warehouse for the storing of £«t£fnbulk andlo which tbcgrain of different sSllwSf way bo mired, shall bado tomlnalcd nubile warehousemen; and that no nnhllc waichouse shall hereafter bo kopMn this unless a license shall be first übuinid for keeping the same as hereinafter provided; and anr warehouseman »bo aba.l keep such “och public warehouse without such Jcease shall be deemed swiUyof a mbdemeauor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined tu a snm not less than one thousand, nor more than five thousand dollst**, and ►ball. If be!» found guilty of keeping Mich warehouse without a license, be pcrjretua'dy ut-jolucd from so dome. . r , Sec. 2. Every public and private warehouseman receiving grain Jn’o store shall, on demand of the owner thereof, Issue a receipt to such owner, eel* tire lot ih the quantity, knid, and grade of each Crain, and Sts condition when received, which re* cc‘pt shall be conclusive evidence, in an action stalest such warehouseman tor damage to such grain, or other causes, of the condition of such grain when received by such warehouseman. . Sec. 3. Evety prlvara warehouseman shall keep ! the grain of every person that may ba stored witu such warehouseman entirely reparate and di-Unct bom lire gram or properly ol alike nature, Wind, or qnabiy, of any other person or persons: and, ■upon the surrender of the warehouse iceslpt pro* vided in icfliou two of (his act, shall deliver to the person so surrendering the same, the Identical grain described in each receipt, and lor waich said receipt wa« issued. . , , Sec. 4 If cut private warehouseman slum mix Ibc *naln or property of any owner * Uh the grain or property of auv other person, such warchoose j«an euall b 1 * deemed cmltv or a mhilemeano*. and, upon conviction thereof, *h*ll be subjected to the renalUes of the keeping of a public ware* borne uiiiiout a Ucti.M*, as provided in section one of this net, and shall be liable to such owner for the lull value of the grain *o muted, together with such damages as the owner may have sus tained bv reason oflho mixing, by such ware houseman, of the cralu of each owner. Sec. 5. Any person or person* dcrinng to keen a public warehouse for the stomg of gram shall file an application with the Judge ol (lie County Conn of the founty inwhica such -rare-houra Is to be kept, setting forth the name or names of tnc person or persons desiring io keep such public wart-house, the capacity of each the place where it U lobe keoUand shall file In the County < ourtn bond, running to the Fberii! ofeuch antin'-, with good and enfilcicntsureue*. to be approval by said courl, lo on amount equal to twi-my-flie cents per bushel foreachbushel of grain snch warehouse shall bu capa ble of containing, and conalUoned lor the faithful penonaance of the duties nod nqu-rcra-us in litis act pravided, and for the payment lo such b«*crid, for the nsc of cuv person or persons storing grain in such wans boo-*c, of o*l damages Out shall It a-»y way ac erne to Mm orthem in case ol failure ;o comply with and perform sneb dudes on-1 rcqnbemecu; sed upon the Cling of such application and the approval of tudi bond, tbc Judge of men County Court shall iStuelothe nereor* or persons filing tufh application mid bond, a license to keep such public warehouse, wiudi ]icensvsha:i no: be trans ferable. and shall be terminated hr any violation ; ui ibe rule? l nnd legutalaoe# prescribed In this act. or aty act which way Ih* wade In amendtneul , thereof fci the conduct «>f pauhe warehouse*, by the persen or persora to wb m sucu hcs-ire shall bnve been issued, or by their agents or employes } Sec. C. it shall he lawful for public warehouse. r*en to «ioxe crain In rulk.nod mix the grain of like kind and qnali'y ol different owners; cud the kcep'TS cl suen public warehouses are hereby exempted from to- p-o visions of tb:s act prohib iting the mixing of the grain ol different owners, w Lich provigiouß apply alone to private ware housemen. . ... .. Sec. 7. AU public warehousemen shall, on the second Mcadav of April of each year, prepare and publish. In a newspaper puhlUht-d In the county where lua or tbidr warciiout-u shall be situated, a statement of the rates ol storage for the full cal endar year next ensuing: which rales shall In no manner be changed lo toe injury or pn-jndlce of the person or persona storing grain la euch wure- L S. In all places where lawlully authorized issoectota of grain shall be appoh led, it aaail be tbelr dnty, on the application of any public ware houseman or bis ageut, to Inspcctan? determine the giada of any grain about to be delivered Into or out of any public warchou***; and no public warehouseman, in euch place »here'awfully au thorized h»st»cctore eliall he appointed, shall re ceive onv grain for storage until it I? so inspected unn graded, aid such gram anal! he, by such wn.-Juoiisemin, placed In bins containing gram of the same grade and kind, and such bm shall he marked in Mime conspicuous pljce with the kind and giade «f grain such bins contain, and tne grade ol such craiu shad not, while in t-neb warehouse, be changed or raised by any process of cleaning, drying or mix lag, or by any oU.rr process: nno no such ware* liutii-cinsn rhull mix, in any manner, 'lie aiaerent grades ot grain: JVvtiil.-d, It shat) lie lawful for tnchwart-kodscmactal the rcifucetoi the owner ofauv Jotoi g am, to tots, dry or dean any grain lieluiiglut; t>> «ucb owner, and to place the same m a ecpa.ate bin, snbiitcttotbe omeranddu-poaition of such owner; and in such case, d siid totol grain, alter having been cleaned and dried, is placed In the inspected grain, it snail be given the grade U received hum the inspector when received into store, and shu.l nut be mixed wi’b gram wblca, on being, ncctved Into store, inspected as a higher or heller grade; nei ther shall such gram, alter having been dried aod cleaned and placed in special Mus, be dulivemhlu ui on any receipt of such warehouseman calling for the dcllvry of any grain by grade, save upon receipts calling for the same grade given each grain aocn inspection into store. - Hec. U. Any public warehouseman who shall be entity of mixing the (UlfeTcuigntdiH* f grain, or of selecuDg. or causing to be selected, choice lu-a of any pfttUcuUr grade, for Ibc purports of taleins the tiado taweo*, or of placing »be mum in spe- | ciaf bins, separate and apart from grain of the -Ktue Rind . snvn npou nppllratluu of the owner of such identical grain, or elull lie guilty of raising the gride of any grain, uc cau-uig the grade of anr grain to bo raised, so stored wKu him as afuicyaid, sh.ill he deemed guilty ufa tmsdcmratmr. and shat, oc fined lu n sum nut Jo b than f I,O’H) nor more than fo.OdO. - nml lmprt»»»nwl In the Comity Jail for a period «l not Ict-s than twv&ty days nor more ihau six Hr.c. in. AU persons beeping public wnrehousM - shall file with the Tieik ol the County ttuitrt uflbo lounty in w kit Hurh wmchmisCit are kept, on Monday ofivacU week, a statementshuwlug Mm amount of each kind and grade of grain received at men WBM'butisos during ihu week cudlng the previous Vfttmdny; and elncc the statement ♦ last pr* ceding, the namca of persons to tvcolpts are Issued, with the nuiuu-nj ol such na-lpts, tiud ttm amounts, kinds and grade* of grain for which Issued; also, the Dinouui of grata of each kind and grade aftippod •luring the week, the number of nroipti*cancel lud.wttb U'uaniouut,klud uud entries of grain fur whkli buih iccelplH were issued; also, the amount ol each kind and grade of g.-uln iu stoic at the time* surli statvmvut.t* made. Such state meet shall be sworn to by the poisons keening sorb warehouse, or by tlu-lr agents, amt »h*U he r o made that the uggicgutc of sadt -.mterticotß during the year will eiiuw* an exact statement ol the amount of grain received at and shipped from >ald wnrclumscsduilng the- year. And any per son refusing or n<gle-:ting lo comjdv with the provisions cfihis section shall he subject to iho prnal'lc* jnorided In eertion one of this act; and, jncß-eauy perron tnaklcg anr such Blvlcuietil shail he guilty of false swearing, he rha l be. and i is tcict'y, made subject to the juilu* and pen ulilcs o* p«-.-jory. ; f-tc. It. iso public warehouseman f-hall enter i.-to uuy astecmcnl with any Inspector of gnlu.or with tLu owner of any grain stored or in he stored tu his warehouse: neither shall :ho owimt of any gram cider into any agreement with any I spcctor of grain, or «lih the keeper of any public ware l.misu; nclUicr shall any turpcvUir cater toto any agreement with tne keeper of any public ware house, (he owner of any grain, or other p-rson. concerning tPo manner la which eucn grain snail be tusjrcctcd or grad<d, with an intent to ptvo any grain an improper rrado. or a grade to which ii ctues not bebmg: and any nersuo so oii-ualng siiub l>e deemed guilty ofa felonr, aad. on cou \lrn»n, shall be fmpilsoacd In the penitentiary nut bss 11.jili o.e nor more (ban five yojra. si.c, IS. All wnnhoufie rcalpt* U«ned to tho owners ofgialu eCored fit any waiehouto slutll be cotisicutmly nomiicred, and no two rrcolpta tu anng Uiu same number shad bo Issued by nay warehouseman or from any warehouse daring the t ante calendar year; nor aha'l any warehouseman htfuvto auyju-rhoa any fccoud receipt far any grain In store while any former or other receipt lor tbc same grain, or any part thereof, shall lie oniMandlug ai.d nncancelVu ; tind no warehouse receipts fclmll hu I-rsucd except upon the delivery of grain in slur*: lor which auch receipt Is ls>ucd; nor shall any receipt be issued to any petioo for a greater amount ul gram than eo;h persou ehailha\o delivered in store at tho time of ttv) Issuing of such rccciit*.; nor sliail any rcccint ho relsancd on w-blch gram hi* once been dt-'iveied; nor shall any receipt he I*.nod uuk-'S the grain for which fiuchrocotpl 1* t*«ucd shsl! he actnally in store and under the control ot the warcbooA'-man issuing auch receipt ol the time such receipt ia Issued; nor shall any ware houseman remove or sell, save as nowallowcd by law, any property covered by any outstanding warehouse recciot; and every receipt, when once furrenderod nnd the grain for which It was baaed dellveredvfcball have the worn “cauceliea” writ ten across its rare, and shall never thereafter be ■nut in circulation. Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of Uil» section, or who shall uego'late or put in circulation say ware house receipt issued In violation of any of the provision* ol (hi* act, knowing tbc fraudulent character of auch receipt, shall l»e deemed guilty ofa felony, and, on conviction thereof; shall bs fined in a sum not lee* than $l,OOl. nor moro than and imprbnumeutin the penitentiary not lose than one or more than five year*. £no. 13. All receipts fur grain issued by any warehouse shall he negotiable, byendorsement In blank, or by special endorsement, in the Mao j manner and lo lire same extent a* bids of ex ■ change and promissory notes are. Sec. U. 2*o primed or written conditions or clauses Inserted lu or attached to any warehouse jccelpt, which In any wav limit the rn -iraon law liability of warehousemen, or the liability Im ;>oscd on them bv this act, shall have any force or effect; but shall be void. Sec. IS. AU pcisous Interested In any grain stored In any warehouse shall at all times bare the right to visit such warehouse, aod every nan thereof containing grain, and shall have the right to examine the bio or bins into which fats-grain U "being delivered, or from which it I* b*‘logtak*:n, or In whtchat f* or nay be stored, and shall also have the tight (o Inspect and test the scales on -which Each grain U bring weighed. And all per . run* authorized by law to Inspect or grade grain fhati have the rl«*ht, during Imsloc** hour*, to visit and examine oil the Litis of each warehouse, and th<r grain therein stored. sec 16. Any person who shall bo the owner of scy public wan-home situated within one mllo of »ny retbosd track In thL* State, shall have the f-amc riebu that are now possessed by railroad companies in this State to condemn toe land and property ol uiy person, or of any laihosd Com pany, or to u.-c the streets and alleys of an incor- IMjinndtopn nr city fur the purpose of laying a i:atcb track coucecting bi* catld varchousc with retd railroad, rand chan have snthoiltv *n con ntmci and luamuln sucu UraLctiirack. And when EUcb branch has irccnsocomtrucii-d. such rall ruad company with whose track It connects, ahull have the right to para trspjr car* ov. rlt to and Lorn each warchouM wlihooe* charge; nnd a? tmg at ntalnialned by said watahontc- I won. enen 1-t.vnch track chill bo considered a*- a part of the track of such railroad. U shall he the duty of s-ich rallroao company tb leave st such . •warehouse any and *u carswhtcli may bo con ptpncd 'hereto, and to remove frum such ware- 1 Loom* such care os xnay be laden thereat fur trans j)» ruillon rrom rtW vrarenoura; and, lo th« caws «rihe refusal or neglect of such raiirosd comaany <it companies to deliver grain % Q consigned to4' Bitch warehouse, or to receive lor Iraostsuriatton to such warehouse, grain or cars so consigned, hitch railroad companies shall bo lUbto to tho per con owning such warehouse for two mouths' htoiogc of all sneb gma so consigned or re fused. and nlso be IlaSlo to each warehouseman and the owner of euch grain for all other dam. ages either ol -4bem may have sustained in consequence of such refusal or De<l<*c( of raid railroad company. Including all lawful ex penses by him or ihr to incurred lo tho prosecu tion of any suitor suits agahstauch railroad com » paty orrarlroad eompautes to rotovor (JiopotuU tics or en'ore tho provisions of this act. Brc. 17. And all public warehousemen shall re ceive upon the same p-rms and tho same condi tions au grain consigned U> thorn whuu their ware- houses are Tint Ml, Irrespective of tiio ro&di over *whtchl(Msstranrpo<tcd; . It tliall bc.unlawfnl for aay ratiroid cuupauy lo deliver enj train into flay warehouse without the consent‘or the owner orcoasigune thereof, .until alive* such- owner or conslgice shall have bad lucuty-lbur hoars or other tw souohle notice ot the 41 rival ol -such grain, and opportunity daring that rime to renire the tamo from the ca« of- «aid nllroto . compary— lo allow ot which, toe cars of aaia rail* roaa company mast have been accessible to each owner or consignee, and toeownpor coasijnce ot any car of ctai"* °P° n lt ® reccjpl °f n °rico of the arrival of fboesuus, may direct Into whjto varchousr accessible to the car* of raid railroad company finch train a hall be -ricHvetrd; and it shall he the dnty of such railroad company to ne wer euch grain, accoidlns to the. dueettoo of toe owner Or consignee thereof. And, for the f-i’Jnre to deliver grain according lo (he direction of the owner or corstcnce thereof, such railroad compa ny ebsll be liable to the warehousemen to whom th>’ rame should have Veen delivered, n»*d the owner of each grain, as provides In section six* teen of this act. Ai d for failure lo give notice to the owner or consignee* of the arrival of grain, or for the delivery ol each grain into any warehouse without such notice and opoonnuuy to remove the same from the cars of such railroad company, such railroad company shall bo Ilaole to the owner ol such grain for all damages he may have sus tained by reason of such failure or wrongful de livery'. Including all lawful expenses- Incurred hy him In the piosecntion of or salts ecalost sneh railroad company to recover such damages, and all lawful expenses Incurred by him in the prosecution of stills against other parties to recover the possession ot each pram. And it shall bo unlawful tor any ware houseman lo receive Into store from any railroad company any grain, when the notice of arrival and opportunity for removal, as provided, in th<s act, have not been given the owner or consignee thcieot; and any warehouseman ret riving grain Into store In violation of the provisions of this act shall not be entitle? lo receive or assess storage for the same, until after the owner, his consignee, or asslcnce, bos bad twenty days in which to re move the same; but such etoraec may oe collect ed by eaid warehouseman from each railroad company. THE OCEAN lACUT BACE. Honors to the yachtsmen—Xlxc Ban quet at CoWM-tbe PrcHcmatlon to me <lnten—Trie Dinner with Pilnco Alfred—Movement* ofllio XachM. (From the London 1 Imcs, December 31,J Tbe extraordinary yet very natural excite ment under v bleb Cowes lias labored during tbe post week, and in which, indeed, every town aud hamlet in the kingdom have in a certain lesser degree participated, reached Us culminating point ou Saturday in the banquet given by tnc inhabitants of Oowes to the officers and gentlemen amateurs of the New York Club squadron now anchored in Cowes roadstead, and comprising tbe three beautiful schooners Henrietta, Fleetirinjr and Vestn—namcs Uml are “ household words” In every city of the great republic by reason of their yachting tri umphs, and for the same reason equally familiar to every . English vachtman. The banquet was given In The (lining ball of the Glostcr Hotel, the old quarters of the Royal Yacht squadron, which was tastefully decorated' for tbe occasion, tluiul wicaths aud festoons running round the cornice over the trophies of Hags and em blematic devices, the panels of the walls of the apartment being filled with paintings and Illuminated photographs on glass Ulus (rating episodes in the careers of the most celebrated of our English yachts. Among the moat noticeable of the mottoes on the wall were: “God bless the Quccu and Presi dent:” “fcnataled, not Divided:” “N. Y. Y. C. and It. Y. S.” In tbe immediate vi cinity of tbe chair wns placed a large engrav ing representing the delivery ol the Arctic ship Resolute by the* officers of the United Slates Navy to the British naval officers at Chatham, after the arrival of that ship in England on her recovery from the Arctic Seas by our American breth ren- Sir John Simeon, M. P., was in the chair, having on his right Commodore Me- Vlckar, of the New York Yacht Club, and oa his left Major General Seymour, Equerry to the Quccu; the other guests in the imme diate vicinity of the chair comprising Mr. James G. Bennett, Jr-, of the New York //<ruW, and owner of the Henrietta; Colonel Tavlor, United States Army; Mr- L. Loril lar'd, of the Vesta; the United State j Consul at Southampton; the Mayor of Newport; Captain Luard, Her Majesty’s ship Hector ; Captain Brown, R. N.. Secretary Royal Yacht Squadron. The vice chair was filled by Mr. -T. Bmfic'-d Bird, (he chairman ol the Banquet Commit tee, having on ids right and left Captain S. Samuels, of the Henrietta; Captain ’I homos, of the Fieetwlng; Captain John son, ol the Vesta; Captain Kitt, Mr- S. R. Fisk I and other American gentlemen. Cowers I wire laid for one hundredand ten. The cards oi irritation issued, were beautifully got up In colors by Smith of Cowes, and each was bended with the flags of America and Eng land, bold with clasped hands. The dinner and the wines were most creditable to the Mossrs Jones, of the Glostcr and Fountain Hotels, the purveyors. Speeches were made by Sir John Simson, Colonel Taylor, United States Army; Major General Seymour, Captain Luard, Mr. L. W. Jerome, Commodore McVickar, J. G. Ben nett, Jr., and S. R. Fisk. THE riIESEXTATION* TO THE QDEEX. [From the London Times !>«. til.) Yesterday, by Her Majesty’s csoruss dc «lrc, CommodoreMcVlckur, ol'thcJJewYork Yacht Club, and Jlr. Bennett, Jr., the owner of the conqnerinir Henrietta, proceeded to Osborne, accompanied by the Hon. Dawson Damcr, M. I*., It. V. S, and had the honor of beinp presented to her Majesty. the dixxcp. with rnixcE aldcut. iFroin the London Times. Jan. 1.1 His Ijojal JHghnc-.* the Duke of Edinburg, 11. N., attended by Lieutenant 11aIp, honored I Lord Henry Lennox with Ills company at dinner at the Admiralty ou Friday last, the JiSiU Instant. Sir John Pakiogfon and other distinguished truest* were invited on the occasion, among whom where Mr. MeVJckur, Commodore of the Jfew York Yacht Club, and Captain •Tames Cordon Bennett, Jr., the owner of the >ticccseful yacht Henrietta, who came up from the Isle of Wight to hare the honor of meeting his Koval Highness on this occa sion. MOVEMENTS OF THE TACUTd. (From lon t.omhm Times, December 31 ] On Saturday morning, tlio Henrietta, Flcctwing and Vesta weighed in company fi oiu Cowes Beads, and, setting all canvas made soil to the eastward for the inspection of the Queen und the royal family from the grounds of her Majesty’s Marino Palace nt Osborne, Abroad *f Osborne the yachts nmntcnvrcd and tired a royal salute, Ibo Queen ot ibc time being unnerved ou the beach nt Osborne with several of the royal family .evidently looking with great interest at the throe noble vessels as they salted grncrftilly past in review order and fired tho salute from their miniature ordnance. It was Intended ns part uf I lie original pro gramme laid out tor the yachts, on their ar rival in Europe, that they should sail this morning from Cowes for Havre; but, ns Mr. Kci nett uud his friends put it, they Ami themselves so kindly treated In England, or rather, so far, Cowes, tbat they cannot tlx the dote of their departure from lla famous oadstcad. • The Mayor orVorlsmoulh hos invited Mr. Bennett and the other American gentlemen of the yachts to a banquet at the King’s Booms, Buiithsco. Surratt lu Horae* (Home (Pee. 20) iorrespondcnco uf the Now York Herald.) A word about Surratt, and I have done. The interest manifested here lu the man's capture, esi ape and subsequent recapture, can only second that felt ia die United Mutes, Every little Incident of the conspir ator's former life Is eagerly talked over, and forms* Hie subject ol many a quiet cotrrir. The Zouaves, In whose regiment he sirred ten months, and particularly the Third Com pany, of which he was a member, Hud them selves made much of on account ot the in formation they can give respecting hts life with than, his habits, doings and character. From tills source I glean that he was an un obtrusive sort of fellow, u little insubordi nate nt times, and perhaps too reserved with bis comrades to ou a general favorite. He passed his days on guard in writing on the wall phrases decipherable by none hut himself. When In barracks he would write on paper by the hour, and then tear up tho manuscript. He read little, talked less, Iml evinced much partiality for wrest* ling, at which practice he was an adept. Sometimes he was seised with fils of nervous frenzy, when he would attack the person next him, nm\ desist as suddenly and with ns little cause as he began the assault. Ho proved himself very active and zealous on several occasions when In pursuit of brig ands, and gained the credit ol being a de termined, energetic, lawless dare-devil, a character which bis previous career certain ly shows he richly deserved. it Is no easy matter to enlist Into tho Zouaves nt the present lime, and wheu he en tered them it was still more dldlcult a mut ter ; his admission into the regiment was duo to the interest taken in him by on American lady resident of Komc—a rebel of course— who, knowing his previous history, wished to befriend him. Too wise to manage the mutter opculr, she requested the assistance of another lady,an English person, who, un aware for whom she asked toe ftvor. obtain - cdhis acceptance into the * 4 Pope's own." From a guide here. I a1«o learn that Watson or Snrrait was made much of by a party of Americans during the summer mouths. These used to send for him, entertain him and always sent him. back pretty liberally supplied with lands. I regret I cannot ob tain the name of this worthy family. itt .c r £ r T 1,, V? Accident, (From the Cairo Democrat, January 15.1 Ills. Sarah Porter, e ia CTV daughter of Thomas Porter, of tl,I« city, was shocklndy and probablf fatally burned yesterday morn i» we understand that the Are had been made, and tho unfortunate girl on getting up, examined it, and thinking U was going out, attempted to rekindle it by can of coal oil and commencing to pour it on Ibe wood. The oil caught fire, ruunlog up the stream and into the can, which ai once exploded with a terrible concussion, setting the entire clothing of the girl on Arc. The poor sufferer ran screaming into tho street, appealing to the passers by to save her. ana for the shame of mankind wo say it, that ai least two men who saw the awful condition of the girl, Instead of trying to help her, actually ran away. Young .Mr. Albright fortunately was pasting Mr. Por ter’s residence when the accident occarcd, and the moment she ran Into the street be bad the presence of mind to take off his overcoat, pursue her and wrap her In It. He bad almost succeeded lu extinguishing the Aumcs before assistance came. He had the lircsencc of mlud to wrap bis coat about her lead and the upper portion ofher body,so as to prevent as much as possible her inhal ing the flames. A physician was at once call ed and everything possible done to relieve the excessive suffering of the patient. U is Impossible to tell at this time wheth er she Is fatally burned or not; at a late hour lest evening the physician believed she bad inhaled so much of the florae that recovery would be exceedingly doubtlul. M Novel' Telegraphing. A system of telegraphing Is now In opera tion lu France by which exact copies Of the original message arc produced at the termi nus .of the lines, solely by mechanical mean*.. The Ulogrnm Is written on paper coaled with a lead colored non-conducting surface. The ink employed changes every point touched by It to the opposite electrical char acter. Two pendulums at either cod of .tho eh cull swing In uplson ; tho upperend of c»ch !• divided Into many points. By this contrivance, the message being passed over these atone end. a current to correspond with the writing Is lent, and a facsimile copy i on prepared paper, held to tho vibrating pendulum, Is produced at the other oxtrem- THE CAHALPORT AVENUE MURDER. The Trial «f James Foley Concluded— ligaments—instructions 10 the' Jury—The Verdict,' The PrJoocnr—His Demeanor—flls Door Bother. ‘‘.Gollty of IQarderyU with Recommen- dation to mercy* Ihe trial of James Foley for (ho murder of Jacob F. Paelas in the Superior Court,before Chief Justice John U. Wilson, was concluded yesterday. The evidence having been closed on Wednesday, andtbo oranment open d on the part Of the de fence, there remained hut to hear the closing ar gument, ana wait for Ihe verdict. The court town presented tbc some overcrowded aspect as on the previous days, and the benches seemed to be occupied by the eelf-samo Individuals who had patiently sat through the proceedings from the common cement. The prisoner took feta seat and maintained the same aspect ol composure, which might hare been mistaken for Indifference bat For a perturbed cxprce-ion ot the ore which plainly bespoke the anxiety of bis mind. Beside him eat bis poor old mother, ana It was really painful to observe with wbatagotlziLg Interest she listened to the argn meats, and gazed Into the frees of the Jurymen as If she would read there the dreadful words which wore to seal the late of her unfortunate eon. Fo ley’s wire and his brother were with him during a portion of the afternoon, and his father*—a respectable-looking old man—was seen among the spectators, but none of them all, not even the v retched culprit hlm-elf, manifested half the anxiety, apparently, which tills poor mother betrayed. The Jury was called at 10 o'clock, and John Van Arman, teq., took up the argument on the part of the prisoner. It consisted principally or a review of lac testimony adduced on the pari or the peo ple. which was ably dissected. In ibr afternoon, llr. Heed dosed the case on the part of the people. Hu address to the Jury occupied an hour aud a half. iKsntucTtone to tub juht. The Court then instructed the iurr to the follow ing effect: it you believe, beyond a reasonable doubt, that tfecprlfiorcr Fojey kicked lbo dog, aud ttm In consequence thereof a quarrel store between Foley and Facias; that Puclus durlug that quar rel pulled Foley iu:o the saloon, and afterwarda shoved him oat and pushed him os bis way ; that Foley then went away and being gone from two to six minutes returned and deliberately and in tcmloi.aUy assaulted I‘scms. and killed him as chanted In the Indictment, aud that Foley before stabbing Padua was actuated by malice, the jury will oml the prisoner entity of murder, and in such case Mjmicr dmnkenne-a nor the previous good character of the prisoner can shield lum from the consequences of his act. tf (he Jury believe that the prisoner acred under tbe influence of provoca tion, that bis passion was excited. and bad not sufficient time to cool, aud that the stroke was given without any mixture of deliberation ou hU part, they will And a verdict of manslaughter. If me Juiv. ou the whole, entertain a rea-oniblu doubt as to whether they should find him guilty of murderer manslaughter mdeterminingibetr verdht ihevebsll talo into account those facts and clrcmnt lances which will render him guilty of murder, snd ascertain whether thcrare capable of two Interpretations, acd If s.*, the jury should accept >he construction which convicts him of manslaughter. If the Jury And that the deleudant was influenced by passion, they should consider tbe evidence m relation to Intoxication acd nrc vjous goou character, and all such evidence a* will raise a rca«oi ( ab|e doubt os to the quality ol the crime. A reasonable doub: Is a serious and substantial doubt The lory retired. In charge of the officers, at ten minutes past four o'clock’, mid (bo court was hrid open to receive tbe verdict until nluc o'clock, when It was delivered. Iboreidlct was agreed upon at ten minutes past clgb’. Tbe Presiding Judge and counsel were at once sent for. anu the prisoner was brought Into court, whore daring on boar he was engaged In earnest conversation with a friend. His relatives had. ml retired, and there were none of them pres ent during that hour of fearful «aspen*e. Foley at thi.* moment hud a weary und somewhat hag gard look, although he did sot betray much oat ward signs oi emotion. As the jurymen oneafter tli* oilier entered and took their places he be stowed a kecu,lnquisitive glance upon them as though curious to know bis Cue. lUE VEItUICT. Tho roll of the Jury was called 1 at nine o'clock aud all Its members I being present,ln reply to the question of the Clerk, I the r. J. H, Aldridge, staled that a ver dict bad been agreed upon. In banding the papera to tbe Clerk, ho also announced (bat there was an acrompanytng document. Che tenor of bo'h these ] Re was well understood by the bystanders. It susnalform recently adopted In our courts where the extreme penalty of (be law ta about to be decreed upon a prisoner.■ Clerk now read the verolcl, which was la the tallowing words as amended by the Court: “We, the Jury, find the defendant guilty iu form I and manner os charged in (he Indictment.” The second purer was a recommendation of James Foley to Executive clemency. j The record oi the verdict having neon made, Mr. Miller, iubchalt of the convicted mao, demanded I the polling of Ihc jury. This proceeding—nearly I the last hopeofaprlfloner so cucums'ancod—re- I gulled as usual In hut a moment's further l BUBpcree before, In the ordinary course of event* the prisoner should take big last look upon the outer world. In response to the question “Was this and Is this now jonr v«dtcl!”»atb juror lw turn enunciated those words which subdue all tinpe“ltwasandlß. ,> Ab one by one each mem ber cf the panel made this response, a marked change was* noticeable In the demeanor ot the prisoner. There was an evident internal working hc'okciiiug a rcaliz ition of the most un happy position that any human being can ho olaced In. The hands which had been for an hour at Idle play with Lis cap, lost their almost Involuntary acuvtty; the mutclea of the tace visibly contracted themselves, the lips closed, the eyes seemed heated, and a paleness came over the enure countenance, showing the effects of the tearful Intelligence so suddenly received—and yet perhaps so long expected. Ho suddenly rose n omnia chair and lurched forward, his left arm falling lo'o the grip ot tho Deputy Sheriff, who wns just then advancing to conduct him Mills cell. For a moment fee staggered, but quickly recovering himself be moved torward with a steady step to (be county Jail. Notice of a motion for a now trial was given by til*- toured, and the court adjourned. TUB BOARD OF HEALTH DILL, TiioObjccllonaof (ho Common Coancl —Reply by the Citizens’ Committee. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: A sl’Ott tine since some of the “survivors" of the ravages ot the cholera a**ctnolvd together for Die purpose of cousnUtrg upon the subject nod of taking measures to prevent the retain of that scourge among ns. on the opening of spring. A roiiuiilltec wok appointed to iaveslurat.* Die rani irr and diow up a till to bo siibroilhMl tor the ' ominnn i.rmncil, which should proviso for ooro siriuci nt sariiary rccul.nlioQP, and to ask lactn to take Immci'fato steps to organize a Hoard of Health which should carry out (host* rcirnlatlon*. The committee devoted considerable time to the matter, collected facts mid statistics, drew up a report, nrd prepared a bill which was submitted to the Common Council on Monday night* for lluir " amendment, adoption, or re jection.’* The report and bill wore placed to (ho hands of the idly Clerk to bo presented to tho Council, but Ibo Conned, wlthont having read tbs report or lull, disposed of tho whole subject In n summary msimor. They impeached the hill in fifteen distinct articles, and threatened with dorlrucUun m>y l vglMnlurc which should dare to contldir any of Usprovltdons. It infty seem strange to some that the Common Council, which had bad one ot i<s own members removed from their midst by cholera, and Mho bad but a few week* before followed to the grave tin Police Clerk and numbers of our most promi nent citizens, who were ent otTbytbe same fell >de*ttoyor, should have treated this subject so fummartlv. Bnt rhuy condemned the whole mat ter without a heating, Id d series of fifteen objec tions. These objictlons, when investigated, will bo found (tulle as remarkable as any other objec tions over urged against any ptilllc measure. 1 hey arc hosed either on misrepresentations or misunderstanding. nicy state, Ist, "That they arc opposed to the bill bccanso a leas expensive und ample power Is now provided lor in the amendment lately asked to be passed,"as amendments to the City ('barter. This will be Appreciated when It Is considered that the Common Council do not mention the tact tbat by the proposed bill It la ospeciallv pro vided tbatlhe city shalljray only throe fonuhs of the expenses, and the county one fourth. The Connell seems to think if (ho city pays all the expenses of any character and kind, U will be cheaper. 'i. The Connell object to the “appointment ot five Commissioners by tho Governor.” The Com mittee. In their report to tho Common Connell, say. expressly, that os to that ma'ter. they have uo choice at all, and ark the Council to fix tho ap pointing power to suit themselves. Were they powerless to act, or did they refnso to act ? 8. 'J bey say that “the bill is not demanded by any considerable portion of the people." This la pure assertion and assumption, and is not to be nut by argument, as wo believe the contrary to bo tho Ilict. -i. Tho Council *ay “ that It provides for (be I creation of expensive offices." This will heap* I predated when It la coneldcted that no offices aro nropotctl lo be created, except those neces-ary I for an efficient health bill, and that the salaries of ) all the principal officer* aro Io bo fixed by Ibo ( council Ihcmsth os, and la a matter wholly and I entirely under Uielr control. I S. The Council »av/*.hai it appoints Inspector* I at a lanre expense." Do not inn Common Conn- ) ell. by Itnlr plan,propose to have any Inspectors? I Dirt they noMa« summer, appoint from two to | utree Inspectors for each' and every Ward la the 1 city? There nre twenty Words lo the city. The I MU proposes hat one inspector for each Ward. I Dmlncibe laetsmurocrandantomn the Council I artually employed and paid, as we ate informed, I from two to three Inspectors for each Ward. I *hlch would make, in all. from lot*/to alxte In- I specter*. ibe Dill proposes oue-ihird of that I number. I A. Tho Council say * l it allows of the appoint- I mentor an unUmltcd number of clerke." Do I Iho Common Connell iu and by their plan propose I to limit the nmnberof dorks, and have they done | so In the proposed ameticntems? ( Do they propose to operate without clerks? How can tno number be limited except by the ex- I fcende* of the times? I 7. The Couici) further says: “ That the bill ) proposed lo ictnm to the old sewerage deposit I system." The bill was submitted to the Council I for the purpose of amendment." .1 The bill provides the most ample guarantee* for I ibe faithful discharge of the duties of tbeTrcasu- I fer—vlth snfl eicul bonds— and on complaint of } anr dtlzcn, the most summary remedy for Invea- I nu'atlonol charges and removal from office of the ] Treat mer, ann any and ail of the officers and I agents of the Board. I Is there any law now in existence which begins I to be so strlc', and have the Common Council pro poeeo any buen ea'eguards? I Sec section 7of the pioposcd bill. I 8 The Council say that 4 * the bdl gives power to erect an UDlimited number of Imilulops, Have the Common Connell, in their proposed amend ment*. limited the number of buildings to be circled to meet cmcrccndcs ? If this is an objectionable feature of the bill, why did the Common Council, iu propoalngthetr amendments, confer equal powers on the Board of Health proposed to dc orcauiced by them ! I . 0. The Conned say that “the bill gives to the Poaid extraordinary and dangerous powers." As the Cental did sot enumerate or make men tion ofanyofthcßcextraordinary and dingcroos I powers. Itjls no wonder that an unsnsual excite- | meol occurred when this objection was made In I view ofibe fact that the Council had already ap ptoved. Id section 5, ofthollealth Department, of tb«ir amendments. eonurrim: upon tbrir Health Board, equal powers, but without the aalocnar&a wbich are contained it the bill suhtaltted to them by the Glutens' Committee. . 10. The Council further say that the bill “enacts an extreme ptunity for client violations of rules of the Board." This objection will be appreci ated when It Is known that tbo penalties fur the slUbt vitiations have been »aken dlrccTy from the el’y ordinance (ice city ordnance, p. S9O), and that extreme penaltlca arc only provided for wil ful violations, and lor obstructions and Interfe rence with the oClcora In the performance of their d, 11. e The Council say the bill prov'de* for the In stitution of aril emls, Iu me discretion of the Board, lor violations of Its regulations.without li« li." This objection Is of equal validity with some other*, as will be seen by reference to the present City Charter, p. 78, sec. 81; see also p, 891, »cc. IC, where similar remedies are provided ■ for, and have been practiced in, this city lor 1 13. The Connell say that the bill “brine* the Board of Police under control of tho Board of Health."* Section II of the Health Ordinances of. this city, found on rase UM of the Revised Laws and Ormaancos at made bf Judge Gary, U a* fol lows: rFor the purpose ol cairylac the forego ing provision* into effect, li shall be thodutfot tho Hoard of Police to detail a auffideot number of the police force, not less than two from each dtvlilon ot ibe city, and said foies to bo ondit the control of the Health Officer, V Ac, And by tho aaae ordinance the police are to enforce all of the health otdus. Tbo proposed bill asks more. 18 The Council furibereaylhatlhe TldC; for t xauon, without responaibltiiy for (be ufo ot the amount le* led,” The most perfect *nd complete answer to this objection Is section 7of the proposed 'bin, which provides, as has been beto'e vlsted, for removals for sny dereliction of dmyor malfeasance lo office; and the present criminal cc£e ol the &tate is sufficient to punl-h all cnmoa and mlsdemeano'B. lewaanotnecca earyto pnparea whole code of laws in order to c-eate a Board ol Health for this dty, and the ob jection above mentioned could be urged aealoet every public officer in the bratowllhenual force. 14 '/he Courcti farther object to tnobUl be cause they say that “Although mo snnaal expend iture 1« limited to fhO.OOC, r«-t, in case of peril, to bo lodged of oy the Board, It may use an unlim ited amount of money.’* This, it will be seen, la urged as an objection against the bill, but the animus which dictated tola objection will be appieciated, when It la known that the rarae Identical tbmc was proposed, and sdonted only la*t week by the Council. Sec tion sof their amci.dmeuts is as follows: “In the piesence of a great and imminent peril to the ' publ e health in said city by reason of impending pcsUleneefor epidemic oiscasc,tt shall be the duty of raid Beard, or toe Board of Police, to take such mcasuies, and to do and order, and cause to be doae, such acta and make fqcli expenditures (oeyond (hose duly estimated fot or provided) f>r toe pr. serration of (he public health, though not herein, or elscwbeie, or otherwise authorised, as It may in good taltb declare (be public safety and health demand, and the Mayor of the city shall abo. in writing, approve.** Now (his section is verbatim literatim \be same as proposed by the cltiwae* bill, (see sec* linn Ss\ wliS the exception of the won's, “orepl rnm'c d ecosc,*’ ard alter the word Board, ** or tbo-BoardorPollce.**andthe Council giving Ihe po *or cot oily to the Health Board, but also to the Board of Police. And this Is done without proclamation cany notice whatever, by which the rtlfsene may be informed of tbeirnori): while, bv the citterns* “Metropolitan Health Bin,” due notice 1* to be given by proclamation, (bat all cit izens mar he duly notioed of ibutr peril, and warned to take proper measures to avoid danger. jfi. 3bo council further say that, by the mil, they “can make no health order, law or ordi nance, without the concent or direction of the Beam of Health.'* Thu is undoubtedly true and without the City • Council desire tobetncmsclvesa Board of Health, and direct the entire action in ail such matter*, this provision of the bill is the most wise and pro dent ol any that has yet been mentioned. The very object of creating a Health Board Is to take charge of ►nnltary matters, snd to guard the public against disease and death, and 11 foe Board is properly constituted by the appointment of able and Judicious Commissioners, will scarcely be necessary or jioftiofc ou tbe occurrences of emar ccccy requiring piompt acton. to consult with or await (he approval of any other body. CmzEMs' Coiismrcx. THU AVKATHEU. Although we have now passed mld-wlotcr, and (be ennuis well on the way toward tbe summer solstice, ihls region has as jet experienced very • little ot tbe severe cold which usually comes long before this. tVc have had many windy, bluster log days, many damp, sloppy days, end some genome snow-storms, but In ordinarily well-., rilt houses (be Inmates have not arisen in the mornin* to find the water on their dressing tables solid, the pitchers and bowls cracked by the expanding Ice, and their coses and feelings In the blue and wretcbid Hate which a “ bitter cold morning” produces. This has bren a cause of gratitude to a'l, especially to loucly bachelors—partic ularly if the horrors or abating In cold water are added—and to the thousands of the poor, who areobilccd tocounl the cost of every slick of wood or lump of coaL and to whom tbe degrees of cold caca day graduaie the amount which tfcev can afford lor food lonbem'dves and their children. “An open winter,” while it Is a gratification to the man of business wan has to lace tbe outer air In bis dally pursuits, nod to the yoneg aud pleasure-seeking who prefer lac ex citacnts of skating, sleighing and ball-eoiug without tin* accompanhn* nu of frozen ex’remi ts qb. Is ablc’SiQgwbicb others cannotapprcclate— those who arc struggling witn poverty and lack of eroplnyrnfriiduriugiuc longwintr cays. lit the Eastern and more Northern States the co!d thus far ha: been much more Intense than wjih a*; nmnrg the bleak blip or New Eng land Iho mercury has been discovered shrunken down to between thirty and forty degrees below i.olbluuncse. The snow too has steadily aud thickly alien day after day.plliug high the moun tain tops. Oiling the deep valleys, hldlinrroadsand fences, and blocking np tut-iron noth of the rail car*. In about our own longitude north in Wis consin tbe cold bas been- much more severe, and I ui Su Paul It ha* been wcil-oigQ hyperborean. Wednesday night and yesterday were perhaps our c-Itltsl sea*ou Urns tar. Yesterday mooing at Madison, Wisconsin, only about eighty miles lurfter north than Chicago, the thermometers re- I corned twcn’y fonrdciTvca below zero. Here they j indicated twenty-two degrees briow zero during I the night following Wednesday. eighteen below j ota quarter past seven, twelve below atholf-pvt I eight In the morning, and three degrees above at I three o'clock. At nightfall last evening tbe mere I cury Mood at five degrees above, nod from that time till o late hour It gradually grew colder, bat not very rapidly. , , , , I Much as we nave fcllotntrd ourselves during the Past month ou the clemency of the se-a-ou, we may not ling too closely the ploaring Idea of a ndla winter. Nearly a mouth and a half Inter venes between us and even nominal spring: mid I the spring days which begin iu March arc not commonly. In this latitude, overflowing with the ethereal mllducs* ” of which Thompto ) cmarks I In lambic vciecs. Before that Boreas may blow down such a blast of storm and cold as shall mike j us envy the dwellers In Southern clinn-s. lost i thosewhoha'e fncl, aud shelter, aud clothing, I sufficient tor any coming day be thankful therefor j and remember those who have not. Prujunr and LincENV.—Principally open the testimony ol Mary Jane Filbin, a colored man nafikd John McPherson was committed for trial Irom tbe Police Court about the second day of this month, npon the charge of stealing {SOO In Government bonds, acceptances on the Union Despatch Company for {iWO, and some clothing from room No. 2?, at Nos. lb and IS Dearborn gtrcct, the properly belonging to Albert Wiener. lbe colored man solemnly protected bis Inno cence, bat tbe girl wo?posture In bgr tes»lmony that she eaw him take a large-sired package irom llic room, and that he proposed to tnvo her $lO to eay nothing about It, Unable to giro ball as a witness, Mary Jane baa been bold to appear against McPherson, though grave suspicions Luvu been entertained that the girl had nut told the truth. A lew days ago her conscience was relieved to the extent of say ing that another person took the things, and aeiecd lu rclnm and give her half that she got for teem. She made this confession to Deusettvc Kelly, who at once wentbefoio fie Grand Jury and procured the discharge of McPherson. Yes terday aficrnocn Mies Flibin was brought before the Police Court charged Mill mjiiry and larceny The miserable creature admitted (bat ehebad previously sworn lo faUehoods, hut denied ever having made to Kelly the confession of the troth In the matter, the was commltK d for trial In bail of 51,000 each Upon the charges of larceny and prriury TnrtD and bsKTENCKD.—Kdwnrd Miller, who trad examined ou Wednesday at Hie Police Court upon (be charge ot stealirgn grain shore! white lie was intoxicated, was veatetday Hard fin and sen tenced to Urenty-flto navaot the IlfldcAuli. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL' nOABTAIIY. Tm nsDAT Evening. January 17, IHo7. The Money market continues veiy stringent and bon on era Cod great clinically in ncgo'lafing loans. There is no chance in the rales of dis count, and the market generally presents no new (ualurvs. Exchange was In llmllrd supply and fl»m, with iroutactluDH between banks nt VS cents discount Qtpar, The conntcr rotes \vi*r« steady at MU ills count buying, end pai&MD premium selling. Flour von dull, though fur the lower grades there wan mote Inquiry. Win at was qnloj, but tc higher on No. ? Sprint*. Com advanced ii&lc. Oats were lie higher. Jtyc and Barley were quiet and steady. Whiskey was neglected. Mesa Pork was bold 20c higher. Balk Mcata were firmer and in rood demand. Lard was steady. Dressed Hogs were KH&SOc higher, though at tbo close the extreme improvement was not sustained. Gold was somewhat excited and again higher. The market opened at 13514 and dosed At Hie following telegrams wore received by Boyd Bros., gold brokers: J3SK 11:45 a. m 130* 10:15 it. m 135?, fcUOp.m 130*4 ll:li(la.m 130*4 Jfeoop.m 11:15 a. 130* 3:1.v p. ra l.’tti** 11:30a. 18ti*i 4:W)p.'tn wlft Here the market waa quiet at baying —bid at Ibo close. Silver nominal at Five-Twenties were *» lower, but the balance of (be list was steady and unchanged. The following table show* the closing prices of to-day, compared with the throe days previous • Mod, Toes. Wed. Thura. It* m 108 IDS Sixes of’6l, FlvtyTwcnUcs, v* lOTtf JOTjf JOTS JOT«£ rivo-Twentiw, *&» lK>j» vx,\ Ktrc-Tvendw.’Gs JPSJ* 1M Icn-ForlScß. ..y. W 54 tti** »»»$ ttm SwcifThu-ticv, An&.... IM?> 101 S 1'4?» ScvcmThlrtua. June....101*4 lots uu»i &eveu> , l'btnta.JaW* .. IUU4 it’-ts liu?* hh?u Here Uic market was steady. ■ Wo quote: covuasnn stcvnirica—emoxoo xabket. Dayiiig. ..lU72i .IHS«S S. Sixes, of ISSI. B.6*SU», 1&3 S. Mb*, 15Gt...., S. 5-2 Cs, 18C5 u 8. MOn, email lOlwfifclOCH U.B.nwus, larpo 10»4 U.S. 10-iOa, email HIS U. b, 7*3os, let eerie* 1014 1014 U. 5.7-30*, Sd eerie* 10*4 1014 13.8. Sd eerie* 1014 1014 U. S. 7-80*. email 103$ Compound, done, 18W 110 '* July, is-tf lieu •* Aoc.,l9>i 115 M Oct., ISG4 11l *• Dec., ISRI 1M “ Jdar, 1565, 1114 “ Mia .iiv« ** Sept., ISKJ 309 H - OCU. lb© ICO The Second National Bank quotes the Public Fnnde a* follows: C0np„*51...1073*0... . I 7-»s(8TDalI) :05S : S-SOcoopous, I Jane Comp., 1851.. 1W I (large)...,losJi@lo7K July ** “ ..115»S 5-20 coupon?, 1 Aug. 44 41 ..115 (email).. .105 ©lO6 Oct. •* 44 ..114 10-10 coupons, ’Dec. 44 44 ..113 (Urge)!,.. Wjf©,... I May “ 1«5..1HH 10.40 coupon?. 1 Ang. 44 44 ..110 (rtnall).. .104 © ibepi. 44 44 ..109*4 7-Cosilarge).lo4}>Cs I Oct. 44 44 ~109 Id Local Securities there la no movement, and prices arc nominally as follows: Buying. Settling. thlcvgo City 7s BSJ-4©99 fM Cook county 7e 83)4 87 Chamber or Commerce 61 96 The n iladelphU Ledger of Tuesday remarks: The mosey market Is inactive and without ma terial trance. The demand foe money la mode rate, asdlbo rate nearly steady at 7 per cent on call, with some lU'le bnaincas in commercial pa per at Ito 8 per cent. Capitalists confine thetr operations to short time paper and on what are esteemed the moat reliable sccnritica. Paper that docs not coroc up to first-class U not in fhvor, however tempting the terms. . The Louisville Courier of yesterday ssys: The money market was working somewhat easier to-day. with very little dtxnaodamonrpork men. as the buying season Is pretty well over, and the returns for sales of the hog product are coming In rather ftccly. Hates of interests continue at 9 to IS per cent for first-class paper, while all other is dlfllcnlt to negotiate. Eastern exchange is in very limited dcmstid, tha rates ranging at a small discount, though the banks quote at par. _ The KowYork Herald of Tuesday observes: Thr money market was throughout easy, not withstanding the efiurts of the bears to create another spasm in It, and borrowers on good col laterals were freely supplied at seven per cent. The statement of the associated backs for the week eudlngcmbalutdayl* topic favorable than was gebcrally expected, and its Influence was re- Msnnnc. The first Hem that aneste attention to Uic mum Is that of the specie, which shows an Increase of 11,618,065, and the second,‘hat of the legal tender notes, wbicb shows a decrease of ft 779,751, the Inference to bo deduced from which is that the banka lent lenltcndcr* on-gold, (he drain of currency southward being smaller thin U generally supposed and Insufficient to ac count tor the change. The loans show an In crease or fi,otC.oS*, and the circulation of (<•2,041, while the deposits bare only decreased In thcUiClngenmoKir.'JoO. The totals of the pre sent and previous statement* ore as follows: January 5. Januarr 14. *257,852.401 «ASltf3,4S3 15,TU,791 1t,<115,177 89,768,779 84,825.103 WWSLB6I 992,517.008 05,020.121 65 910.870 480,987,7*7 016,152,003 10,769,003 90,001,315 Loses Specie ....... Circulation.... Deposits tenders. riearlnrs Balance* Ito dliconnt Xit>c remains Cull, owing to the dcptrselon In trido. but Htsl-cljus commercial paper pwcea at per cent, The mercantile commonliyaro analotuly awaiting the action of CobEfcaa with regard to the curroccy and the tan£ and the subsidence of tbo present political commotion at Washington. We*, therefore. renew onx call npon Coogtosa to immediately lake tho financial- aocstlcm Into consideration, for Jt Is one which cannot be deferred with Im punity, and • the po’.lcy ot-> the Treasury 1 excites nothing. bat apprehension. The cur rency contraction law fhonld be Irataedla^ty.ror Scaled, and tbe cutrvncv left 10 r gnJate It-elf. bt only sbonld a foil atop be potto tne with drawal of_UpUed States notes, hot of compound mlereti notes, which aro used aslczal tenders in thebank reserves, anoot wWehuearly the whole oi Ue hoc end and forty-four millions-ouartaading ’xnatnre during tbe orcsent year- The necessUles of the Treasury will, however, doabileas compel it to redeem almort all of these notes m plaln legaltesoera as they mature Tbt Treasury, by Its preecnrcoorsc, U seriouslyimpairing the vol ume aid paring the way to Its ownbasKraotcy, to escape lima which t* will not improbably have to resort to a second inflation of the paper money Isencs. Tbv d*D2 p rfrom this goatee is imminent: but tone are so blind as those who will not see." The Kew York Brprett gays; “The depression of business In this city Is 11- lo&tratcdby the important statement tool one ot our heaviest and moat prosperous firms, which paid a tax noon several millions of income last year, will this yerr be m-aoltj to pay <t sluric cec:. owing to heavy losses and general dullness of trade that reduced the receipts heloiv th- nctual expenses. We understand that a number of large firms in Broadway and down-town arc nearly m the same condition, the New Year balaocea pro ducing unfavorable results that were not alto getter unexpected. Tbe large returns which helped to ibo Internal Revenue receipts to so large a figure are evidently not destined to be repeated this year, nnleas some unlocked for favorable contour ec cl ea arise to give a more cheer ful aspect to bumneae ” conneucuL. TncßssAT Evrxofo. January 17,160 i. The followin': tables show the receipts and ship* men la of Produce done# the past twcoiy-four tours: REcnrra past tvvtari-roun noroa. 19G7. 18W. .... 7,21*2 2,;58 i&mjo iivtjo 17.700 7,350 0,730 5.518 1.632 1,256 4,W» SSO C9.20H 20.809 12,850 .... ICO. 150 1,351 461 74.550 45,170 Floor, btls Wheat, ha Cora, bn.... .... Oau>, bn Ityc, bn......... ... Gragg Feed, S>s.. Broom Corn, S*e. Cmed Meal*, Sis. Folk. InJa lord, lbs . TaU00,1M...... Batter, lls D. llocb, Ko ... Uvo Bore, Jfo.. Cattle, 2*0..... . Bide*, fta BiCllwlllCß, Blls. W onl I.omber. m •Umg'ef, m, eutrarars fast nvanr-roun notrsa. Vfifi. 18W. G.aoa ijrao 1,883 8,000 .... <OOO 2.305 1,020 .. 8,250 .. 85,417 5,030 .1,5C0,750 63,000 .. I,SV) 47 .. 9,261 911 .103,535 23,00 .108,008 Flour, btls Wheat, ha .. Cara, int Oalrf, ba Hjc, ba bo Crafb b’ced, lbs.. Uroom Coin, lbs. Cured Meats, tt*s. P0rk,bt1»........ Lora, Cm Tallow, 1b5....... Euucr, Ibn, Dressed Dogr, No. ‘aide, No. Bides, Tbe lUcliwlnes, brie... Wool, S»s lumber, m ■Shinties,in Lath, tn 121 27 SulL brie 1,207 707 There was a good attendance on 'Chance to* day, and the Produce markets generally were characterized with a timer feeling, thoogh the volume of business exhibited no activity. The farther advance in Boys, and the Improved tone of the advices Irom New York, caused a stronger feeling in tbe minds of holders, and higher prices were asked all ronnd, hut bnyers were reluctant io follow. Mess Fork was salable at yesterday's outside price for good brands, but holders advanced their news fully 25c per baml. We note sales of 1,000 brls at $18.75 tor City and New York Standard, cash, and SlO.lO for City, buyer first half of February—clos ing wllh sellers of good brands at SIO,OO cash, and no huyc's over $18.75. There was no move ment In Prime Mess or Extra Prime, and the mar ket may be nominally quoted at $17.00 and $ll.OO. tinphsh Meals were firm but quiet with sales of 2fo bxs Cumberlands at 9Kc. Tbe demand for Bulk Meats was*quite active, and the market was firmer, with large transactions at Bli&S*ic for Bough Side? loose, and fc and do packed ; SS£c for Cum berlands loose ji’c foi Short Rib loose, all cash,and l0?ac for Clear Sides loose, seller February. The amount of Crccn Meats offering Is light, and with ar. active demand the market ruled firm. We re port sales at fiCfiU&OSc for Dams—tho npner figure from Slaughtered Hogs, Cc for Shoulders from Slaughtered Bogs, and 814 c for Green Sides, l ard was in fair demand and steady, with sales of over I,oooles at72iic for Kettle Pried; 11£©I2e for Steam, and ll?fc for Old. Grease was firm, with sales at CiUfilOc for White, and fijic for Blight Yellow. ■ Owing to (he dcclmcin freights there was a more active demand for Dressed Dogs, and the market advanced 15©20c, under a strong competition of (b« packers, though at the close tho extreme Im provement was barely sustained. Sales ranged from ?fl.n»©7.C2lt—closing steady at $7.00 and $7.25 for good lots, dividing on a 0 lbs. Whiskey was dull, neglected, and entirely nominal. We omit quotations, as it is asserted . that contraband can bo bought at almost any figure over fi.75 that the purchaser chooses to name. Floor was doll, though thclovrcr grades In there wae ratllcrinorc activity. Friccs, however, wore nominally unchanged. We note aalea or some 2, OU'barrels, at $13.U0(&11G0 for-WbUo VTimers, fIO.-13<3,11.73 for Spring Extras, t0.505J8.U0 for Spring Sopcrf, lor lijc, and *7.50 for Sack* wheat. Wheat was qnict batflnn at an advance of lo on No. 2, hot No. 1 Spring was neglected. Tlic sales Toot np 47,000 bnfhcla, at $1.97 (or No. Sin A., D. &Co.,fl.S9©l.Sl'‘4lor N 0.2 Regular, and SIAO for Rejected—closing nominal at |2.1:J©2.23Ji for No. 1 and Arm ut $1.65*/* for No. 2 In tegular bouses. There waa a moderate speculative movement In Corr.ard (be market was *U®lc bettor, with sales ort.7,rco btt at WG7f«j for No. 1, and Sa!iQG3tfc for Rejected—closing firm at outside figures. A lot of ]S,OUU bu No. 1 was sold for delivery In April at 75c almost, seller's notion, t Onia were q"lol at an advance of tsc with, sales oM i.cwbu at -lOiiQAlc for No. 2, and EOc for Ke- Jeftrd, Rye was quiet and unchanged. Wo bear of a few sales at for No. 2 in store. Barley was rather dull, with sales of No. 2 at TlfTc 71 Jtr In It. i., and G3c In regular lioiucs. Tallow \vn» quiet, with light sales of Country at PCthVc. 1 lie following telegrams were rend to-day oa ’Change: New Your, January 17. FJonr heavy: Wcidern sili.rtK!7U2.o(), Wheat misettled nmlheavy m ?2.3tia2.33. <*«)rn almtu? at f 1.17 lo store. Oafs tlrm nt Cl'-Siloc., Fork buoyant nt f2».S7*} for New, and JUI.-'i* for Old. Lard at 2d> a c. linga notice at &.3t>« Gold Kit!.*,. LATtn. Flotirqnlel. .Wlinat(ancltve. Combnoymitnl f 117'* In store. OqU stronger. Now I’oik ilr.OO ; Old do {IU.&O. Gold m*i. IkVIKK, 11l the afternoon Coro was Holc bettor, with sale* at R/08O?|c—closing at the inside figure. Thera was no movement in Wheat Provisions were firm, with cates of SCO hrl Mess Pork at fIPJO, buyer first half of Febnnry; 200 brls Prime Mom at flfi.CO for February Ist; 150 bxs Cumberland* at 8&c: 10,000 lbs Short mb ttlMlc packed in hbds; 40,000 Os Green Shoulders nt tic. The Cattle market was fairly active, though owing to (be short supply, transactions were some* what limited. Shlprcre were the principal opera* lorn, though packers and city batchers bought to some extent. Sales number 01 2 bead, at SbOU for common to $0.50 for choice grades. The receipts were 4 W bead. The market closed strong at fall pi Ices. UvcHoca were qntol until about ten o'clock, when trade became lively, and all tbc ofl'erioes fonnd quick ealc at an advance of.’Hj}l''c onyci terday’s rale*. Tbo rocclpla wore 10,019, and taken exclusively on local account, at prices at $5.90(110.35 far common to choice prados-chlcfly at and wUUIn tbc ranee of fC.mGC.2S. PIIOUTACJE BETWEEN CARRIERS, Important Decision by Ibo Supreme Conn on ihrOarstlOb—Tbc Law ot Commercial lUMDIIIA. (Front the Detroit Tribune, JtntuiyW.l In the rawer H. Norton Mronc against the Grand Trunk Hallway Company, dedsn Cooky delivered the opmlon < f the huprtme Court at Lansing. on Monday, seining for this aute a very Important que'Uoa of commercial lav, in retard to which there baa been much controversy and litigation. Tto race was ar* gned at Detroit In October, and from IU Importance and supposed dlfflcultv.w at hod over for advisement until the January term. The question was asio tho proof cf the railnitr cf a tncrcauiUe custom, by wtiuh an lilomedlate consignee la authorized to deduct frem the oack freight earned upon the same, the value 1 ol any deficiency in the cargo, os shown by a compart* ton of the bill cl lading, with the endorsement of the carrier rtctlvingtt. It appears that «•«. tns aoueoner cm *■ tum, tcCK on board a quantity of corn at Chicago, consigned to the Bai K of Montreal. Cohere. a=d stated laths Mil ct lading to be SWSM 3MC bushel*, This was tieiDeatnmnrct at the elevator In Chicago, and was supposed at the time to be correct, Oa the delivery of the cargo to the defendant*, as intermediate consignees at Sarnia, a detetet cy or 2td -VMd bushels was dticov* cm*, and toe defendants (hereupon refused to pay the freight earned npon the amount sctcallr delivered, ex* ccpt soWect to a deduction or th* value of thu deaden* cy; Juttl/jlrg tbclr refusal upon Ihi* custom moiilos* ed. The evidence of the master of the vessel, tf trait* worth!, wouhl show very clearly thit the apparent deficiencywas In consequence or erroneous measure* icctit at CMcago; and as the supposed custom tnik*« no exception ot the case where the master is not In tacit, the coart dbenrent toe Question of lb validity. 011 the assumption that the facta were as claimed by the plaintiff. At the outset tee question as to what would be the rights of tfac partita In the absence ot any such custom warcrtndtmi.csweJiasthe changes uproposed to mate is the law. The Court holds: All customs must b« rei»vhabu. If ml.* custom ucrc oontinoi to vest* iLclniheluteriLedlateccusiccee the same power to icicselorayfrelgbtwhlcb the owner hlmseli possess es. u would net exceed the reasonable province ot a men asuie custom. But very much further. A» between the cam*r and the owner the bill ot lading IsnotooßclaslTeoftheqaantityibut tnl* rtiPn mattes tl cooclnilvc in tavor of the intermediate consignee and sutlers no explanation. As between the earner and ih* owl cr to deduction can bo made fur any loss ex* ccpt ttoae occurring to the property while in the car* rltr's charge; but this custom allows no inquire evaa to Qiscf vtr whether any lo«* at all has occurred, out condemns the carrier upon the reading of ht« receipt, wltbcnt a lowing him an opportunity to tnxke his de fence, and proceeds at occe to assess and enforce the damages against him. IhMSndiamsioromaybeconvcnUnt 1* very true; but It must rest fonts ibaervance on the consul ol rartlcs. If fairly administered locates where the car* rterwas to taulc,tt could r«H operate unJasUv. nut applied universally. It violates legal maxims which custom Is not allowed to control. The law can nn regard a custom reasonable which confers upon the asect In behalf ot the p r lnc!pal a privilege greater than the principal hlm'eli poi-essea. or wnlcn aa*es«es damage* against a carrier who t« cot In fault, ot which requires him to suomlt lo an exaction and then follow the rnrocr to some cist nt place or distant country, and resort to amt to recover it bach again. Aftfrcuminlne casta on thegeneral subject of the validity ot customs, the coart close by saylog that they have not deemed It necessary to consider how fir. If tbc custom were In other respect* valid, an adjustment bitwccL the two carriers tor an actoallos* or conver sion could bo binding upon the owners In the absence ofratincanonbyuen. nls sufficient that there are in the supposed custom other elements which prevent IU being accepted as a part of the law made compulsory. The Uicuit Judge erred In holding it valla, and the Judgment most be reversed and a new trial ordered. • The above Is a full synopsis ot the opinion, though wc have omitted all the numrroos authorities cited, ai d condensed, somewhat, the reasoning ot thecuurt. All the judges concurred lu judge Cooley's opinion. Soiling. 108 10T« 1«5 H 103 ft The CiDclunntl \f lii*ke}‘ Trade* It ere is trouble la tbe whbkey trade, as will bo seen by the following commmuratton: To He ITrsidrnt and Hoard ot Directors of Cincinnati Chamber ol Commerce; Ukkts: As oor legitimate trade la “bonded whl*- krj“ lias tx-cn fcrtotuly injured by forced sales of “froo whiskey," at prices tar below iLe cost of maoafactur* Inc.wewoebt respectfully call tbe attention of yonr Hoard of ofllcer* as to tlio propriety of (resting all ••lire whiskey" M contraband—or rttusal to quote tne pruts of aald whUkry cltiicr or our “book ofsalaa" or in telegraphic despatches. Iberr can be o<> doubt lba( tbe true Inicalloa of the law was to com pc* IbodUtlllcf to sell a)) bis whlskrV 'MI bor.d," dlbcr fH>m bonded warehouse U. or while In transit from boius ctau A to class U, In either ease •« coring tbe ux upon tbe laspecttoo of ware* bouse It. . bow. as this “freewhiskey'*does&otgo Into wrac* bouse lb Milti Utore, pied while la transit, and sold at loss price than It wou u bring If bonded la U. Ut jrrima /ucl< etldeuca is, that the Uotextuacat may be .defrauded, tad an such whiskey most be looked upon with suspicion, no matter who may offer it for sale-..—, Tlila view el the case mates thetralSe to this article unpleasant, both to barer and seller,' sad heaca abgaid t ot bo corn tex meed by the Cb amber.- • James P. Torrence, St :l*sum ft Dennesa, J. L. Pocb,. SarldO-bsonftCo., ~c jT: Wilson ErpJefiton ft Co„ Prseomao ft Co„ namJ.tOD, clay ft Co„ Frtcbergft wont am, Foote, Jissh ft Co., Hotfhetracr Brothers, Oiinm, Ofbore ft Co., SsmoctN. Plteft Co. -'a ■Fr.fcklanerftCo., - Port Baron (Slicli ) Lotber Trade. ’ * The operatloni ot oar lumbermen during th 9: yes* IBM bare been more extensive tluo in any former year. Aside from tbe statement glvtn below should be taken into account at least teet of lots, which have paised down oar great thoroigh/are, Black Hirer, to tbe tnatnlaciaienflf. St, Clilr, Marine City ana De troit, a large amount cf which hare bees handled by port Horan Lumbermen. lh*ee cUtlooa ol shingles hare been msnaficrared by tnt'ls in PoitHurcs.9 000,003 by Barlow it argil, and VW.OW by Messrs. N. ft RliUli. Tliere bare also b*en chipped from this port 900.000 whltcosk stare*, which, when ehinnta at thiapulLt were worth (6W.0U 1 . STATCXECTS OF AKOCITT3 OF LCJfBEB XAWUPACrtTBCD at row acros a>d viccnrr nuncio tbb tkab *• 4U4.4 *4i.4M4A* UUiUJU 4UA «4M ISO. John Wei's* Bcu, lumber •UOO.ft'U M “ lath a,ODCMWO Ccn.Wcr. Sanborn, lumber aiCo,tfio - “ “ lath 2,000,000 John Howard & 800, lumber. sjooooo - *• nth 3juaooo W. B. 6 J. Hibbard, lumber 4£3OJUO ** ** Kit 3,oayx» J. F. Batchelor, lumber 2AUQ.OQJ *• •* lath, Atcjt. Murphv & Co„ lumber OOT.OOO

'* “ lath 1800.0 W A. & H. Fitb, lumber S.oqj.DOQ „ “ „ ** lath AjOOJW Z.W.BnEce*6oas,Jnmoer ifiOOJKD •* “ Ifctb 100*00 A. AD. Unis, number Aotxuxio . “ ** Wh %OUO,OCO Aggregate on Black llivcr, above Fort Huron, . innjfcer 5.000.000 Bo do lath 1,003,000 Total lath, piece*.. Tolat lumber, feet. Sc. Croix Lumber Trade. „The Polk County Pr*ta ha* an article on the St Cr« lx Valley Lumber Trade, showing that 4S£OC.OOO feet otloca were tent to market; 41,100,060 feet ol lum ber aawed. shlnelcs manufactured with lath, pickets, po»t4, dc„ the total value of tbs lomoer pro ductions was n.GS.uOO. It U estimated Ui,t fruia of losswj]! be col out UiU winter. A rabbit boot by two rival parties It report, od. In which VK were killed in halt a day. The ther mometer is reported to have cone u low at 29 below zero, one day l&t orst week cf the year. There U some Slow, andlravclllnson the icc Is dnt rate. 15.33 J O,US3 16.C73 6,559 f 1.223 2,183 2,373 9, SSI 1,176 U)IT 74,375 57,053 SO 102 iTUU 1,21X1 121 83 ISO Philadelphia Caulo Market—January 13. Cattle—The arrival* and sales of beef cattle at the Avenue Drove kard were large this week, reaching nUnt&tovbead. Ine market was modci»t*Jy active, and 1 nets remain nb' nt the name as ls»t quoted: extra I'entsTlraLla and Western itecra telling a; from icitft l.c: aftw choice at 39c: tntr to good atJSftlOe, and ctimncmatlrotuliftUkc B, according to quality. llooi—'Were dull; 7.X0 bead sold at the different yards at ftoa f5.50y9.30 ft IDO c>s net. the latter for prime arc led. Eric Canal Tolls. The crets receipts of raosl toils for the oaricatloa season of 1666. are reported r»> the Albany Aron* at |4,l SlfW. This show* a fraln of *503.118 over the re ceipts of 1564, one a sainor fV£,l3l orerthoseof igoj. The receipts of 58'XiareUi" latest of any year except those of 13c2 and ita since tbo canals were opened lu sai6. CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET. Jfilfltf IMli omcs of tos Chicago Teibc.vk, > TotnsDAT Evrs', January 17. 5 The fallowing table (bows the only receipts and shipments of Lira Stock daring tbe week ap to ibis evening, &i reported by tbe Sccr:tary of tbe Ualon Stock Yard Comrany; 8,731 177 12U *0,003 1C,,570 113 IS 23.437 1"W JKXJ 72 500 72 . Cattle. Hogs. Sbctp. Sunday and Monday .... .... .... TueMl»> SUI 7.937 Wednesday U<* 9.X7S 547 TbureQay 449 10.949 355 Total 2.117 27459 <WJ fisme time last week. 4,113 . SU76 * 991 ■\Ycee bclore last '. 3.1C8 2S.7KJ 1435 Tto receipts ;o-dsy were by thefbliowlne ionics: ’ , „ _ Cattle, Hogs. Sheep. By Illinois Central Road S 3 j,*u 10 By iluriioaton & Qnlrcy Roan. ftn 4,345 .... By bt.Louisft Alton Hoad..,. 275 .... ny Ncrtowcrtcm Road 1,909 .... My Hock Island Hood 46 1.V71 .... By Mlcmcao Central Hoao 48 By Michigan Southern 201 .... Total 419 10,013 ' 331 XheslUpmcntfl to-dor. and lor the weeu op to ttua eretlPfr, wer« Sunday and Monday. Tuvtdav TTCdatsday.,........ Thursday Tefal 456 90 ban e tune last week 1,993 32$ Week heiore last... ....1,301 .... ui gales to-day, as entered at the different Scale-house*, were as follows: Cattle. Iloas. Sheep. At Illinois Central Scale fi7 1,900 ivi AtC\ B. A V-Scale ftl 9.J00 -j< At A’, to a Scale 51G 973 At C. & N. IV* Scale. 57 1,8 S 3 Total 914 9,431 313 BEEF CATTLE—There was a fair attendance ot buyers at the yards today, nnd notwithstanding the Inclemency of the weather there was considerable In* tcrckt manifested on the'part of buyers generally, and all dcslraole inis were readily closed out at pricer fully up to those of yesterday. The bulk ot tbe oHermes, embracing all tbe best droves, were taken on shipping account at for thin, roaghlsh Steers to prime grades, and tbe remainder for city slaughter at t 4.00& Mflfor common to good batchers’ stock. The demand was principally tor the better class ofCattle.bat in the absence of a sufficiency of such, holders cteom tnooaid medium descriptions succeeded In closing ont at good ngurc*. The market closes firm with nearly all sold. No shipments reported. Tl c following arc the prices current: £r/ra Beetr* —Fine, tut, 4 to 6 years old Steer*, and avcjnidnz 1,300 tt« ■ Bid upwardi t&SO3&*S Prime Jirere*— Good, well-faUtil. fairly formed Sint*, awraelaz irom 1.100 to Fair Gradt»-~ Fair steers. in totr flesh, ar eraifltK I.OCO&1.30O tt«, at M 555.73 ilfillum Steers sod good Cow*.,fit lordly slaughter, and aver»| log HWG.I.OM as. at 4J5i3.M Stuck tmf/f—Common Cattle lo decent flpfh, aTbr&slncK».ai,OOQ B s, at 3.7a®150 //iy>rh>r—J.Mit and uun * ow« and Steers, rough and coarse. areniEine 6303350 ai, at... ...ZZ 3.5013.511 CATTLE SALES TO-DAT, Forty-Dloe head good smooth lava Steen, atcragtvg 1,184 B>s. fed nil ft wnterfrt, nt Eleven head medium batchuiß' Cows, nvemctng 9G3 C.B, »t $iM. - sixteen head choice Coirs, averaging 1,105 ns, oQ cars, at t*rvcaccQ iiciul medium Bt««, averaging LCtS S>r, fed and water«d, a*. f3.eo. Seventeen head fair Ccsliy Stecra, averaging 1,113 ot) earn, at fc.\co. Fifteen brad packing Steera, averaging 1,713 as, led and watered, at J 4.73. Thirty-one hcau Tuxna Steers, avert»Blng 1,370 £>B* ted And watered. nt ?1~0. Sixteen head lair lleshy Stem, averaging 1,100 768, ltd nod watt red, at #MU, One hundred and seven head medium shlrmlngStcof*, averaging 1.136 As. fednnd watered, at ft.vJ. TMr t-lwo head talr shipping Sleet a. averaging 1,130 A*.»t 15.60. Inlrty.four head good shipping Steer#, averaging 1,70 a a*. Ted and wau-rud, at aVio. fifty-two head good smooth shipping Steers, aver itßli-C t.voo the. »t f.\w. aevcuievnhemlfalrshlpplng Steer*, averaging 1,101 A*.«U3.30. Twenty-two head packing Steers, averaging 1.030 As,fcd iu.dwalm-d.atit.B7S. one hnndrrti head packing Stock,averaging l,i}o As, at *4 87**3.11*. One humimlund forty-one head Air packing Steer*, ATrroßlng 1.110 A*.atj>4.t)l. Thirteen hcan good flc<by Bteer*, averaging 1,353 as, ltd and watered. ul£ti>o. Thirteen head Cherokee Cattle, averaging A*, at 14.30. IKHtS-Owlngioihe detention of the stock trains AtdUineeverltr-of the weather, trade opened a little Mack In the moroinir, hut there *o >n * prang np a brhk dcmti-d, under which most ofthc otTorings were lateen up at an advance of finite on the cloilog rates oi yes* tetday. The «n*rrcd sale* number 9. til bead, which were taken exclusively on local account at price* rncglng from |s.9uartXo ibr common to Air Brads*, artraplnc Horn 173 to 350 A* and 16.15,1*6.35 fbr good to choice Hog*. averaging from 344 to 350 At. Thu bulk outie offerings went at and within the ranee of M.oo<s> 6.25. One or two car load*, very choice, sold at 10.10. The market closed sharp at the above quotstlons, wliU hss than fcso bead unsold. We note the following transactions: Ho. At, Price. 51 good bacon tloa* „.au <ui r* «nme quality f. and w 5711« M Hoc* ...173 6.00 44 ««**! even lot, f. and w rw fljs tCO r&nte quality 753 0..% <3 llshl uneven Hog*.i. and w.... ...Sit fi.OO '47 choice, heavy Hog*, ovr car* £l7 fi-n lit *hlllP(iUHlltr 311) c«o 51 good Miicotb lot f. and w..... 377 U3O 31) good even Hog* 301 fI.JO 5t prime Hog*. wx Second lot 2*l <1.23 93 choice Hoc* 330 6.33 30) good even lot ..,..133 6.V3 iMrtine quality T.....2M 6.23 71 fair lot, 278 6.J7V 50 »»mv quality 7T7 M7x 200 good Ixtcon line* Kl, 6,13 00 common roucii lings 219 3.00 56 fair uoron grade* :i3 6.00 47 good Hogs, ..773 6.15 40 coed Jot ~29i 6.20 53 tnlr bacon Hog* 23d 6.03 fcHEEP—There was a lair demand to-day, and the rte< ipw which were light, frond ready buyer* at lull rale*. The Inquiry wa« almost entirely of a local oa« tare, and good motion Bhocp are the grade* chiefly In demand. We quote the market firm ai53.00d4.00 far Inferior to comtLOc, and ()JOi*S.OO for good to choice qualities. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET*' All tales o/Grain reported (« thU market report are man* on the t>ai(i of tclnter (4c) Horace, unlett vthrrtrue erpretted. Tucesiut Evestso, January 17, 1597. FRElGHT?*—lUtutoan mataim—Dressed Uojs at. see towvr to ,Ne» Tort and doston, and lover to -Albany. TVe revise our rales. ibo follow- Inc is the Joint tarlfl co the Eastern roads: 8d «h Drtfd Rates from Chicago to— dais, c at*. Flour. Bon. Bumiio,s. vTTT. a r.H » . * 10MU0.C. IV 68 47* 93 so Moitreal.U. E 1.35 95 1.99 1.60 Albaf.J.S. 1' 1.20 92V 1.85 1.12 V >«wYorK. l.s» 90 XAO 1.2 f Boston and Albany i.SJ 05 1.99 llo«on rta Grand Trunk. 1.55 93 1.99 1.33 I'oni&ad rla Grand Trunk. 3.10 0.60 hhlisuelpbla 1.13 S 3 1.70 1.40 Baltimore 1.13 Si 1.70 1.43 i’m*{mrj:b Cleveland, ujilo... .IciTerKnvlllc. Iml. Cistlanall. 0hi0... fLOm—Received, 7.213 brli ; shipped, 9,4C7brls. Here if but little change to &ot«la the general tons of ite market, since our last report. The demand Is Itc&t at d conAned principally to supplying I?cal wants, sa cs were: Worn; Whstehs—3o l»rl* sot named at *l4-50: ICO brlsdo at *13.79; SOhrls do at *13.00; swaxo kxrn*a—loo bns **B«.ckcr>" double Extra at *11.75; 1W btls “WftbaadaW’ at iIOAOiIOO brU not earned at *13.50: UVbrls do at *13.13; Ustorso—M brie not named at f&a; Sntnto Srpras—?so brie Dot Domed at >3XO <fO b:U do at *7.37 V; IDO brU “Monitor” at *773 ; 67 brie not named at*.o3V ; 130 brie do at *7.00; 33 bf IS do at *&S0: U.vsorxp-ltO brie Dot named * lire Flocti—too brie a: ju); BcrsmtEAT Flocb— lo nrls at *7.50. \VIVEAT—Received,IWOO baieblpped. G£3l bn. Marketqmer, bmtallyicbettertmso,4 Spm,*. Noth inc doing ta No. I. mUc* were; (#0 oo So. 3 at *137 1A.D.&.C0,); 16.C00bndo»t«.RJSf; SajOO bn do at *1.83. rtpolar; 4CO bn Rejected at #t.»-<io«la* nomi nal at 33.13P3.13V for No. 1 and Arm at *l-30.* rbr No. smtrtclar tiousw. ( CO It .V—Ueol ved. 17,760 bn; shipped. 13SS ba. ilarktl advanced Sales were: S,«D bn No. lat 79sc; W«) bn do al»,V'c ? 30.000 do at 70:; 13.000 bu So. i aOoat, seller April, at 79c; 7,000 bn Reject'd at 53VC; Laotm do ml 53c; 4,000 ba ao «lsJVc—cJoa tec Arm at 79 vc. OATr*—ltccnved. 9.750 bn; shipped, none. Market ouir. but Vc better. Sales were: 11.000 bn No. 3at 410 a J.'-o to oc at 40V e t 1.700 bn Rejected at 36c. lt\E—Received. i,«t bn: snipped. USS bo. Mar t*x acady bet qnlet. Ssleswere: 400tmNo.lat8Sc; l.«obucoat Wc. _ . „ lIiRI.EY-Recelred. 430 bn; thJpped. WJ9bo. Marset quiet. i-aicswcre: bu do at uc iU, /.1; 400bn dost C3c (Reralar.) 11A It LtV .tIAI/T—Sales ware: MuO 033 IQ do at >ll9. _ AMWUOb—Nominal at*133(21.1C. JtUAN—MarbctuomlnalarfUJOQUOO . niton ii i’Oli'-ibrtct negicctcd and nominally UDct»ficedat»m.oi\aaw.l(l. KtANS—Are retailing at *3 11l T 1 ER—Received, 16.C761;*; shipped, I«£J7R». TbeTr.»ikrtpment» the same crctrai cnaracterwics noticed In cor prerlona report*. Those Is » Steady fair lannnd for choice roll batter, and with not an ex . cesrre Fupp'y i f *och on hard, prices keep well np and an* firm at quotations. Toe stock* ol cotanno de* icrlnloLsare excessive, and with icarcely any de trawl, sales arrslow at any figure. Wc quote; CbocMo Dairy. ...» «« c Orollnb W c Common Mrvtn..... t 3 <*lß c trine Utkin .jj* vH f IlMUSlMi—TWTetnaud continuer li«ht,*Uioagß . vlik no lurDia* stock os band dealers areoolatjp ( tohrabiy firm at previous rales. We repeat our list as National A,7ba,icwnlt« Unen *O.C? Ctum A.Sbtt, do ; 40.® Iliitol" A,aim, do 97.(4 Con Exchange 40.(0 Marl A. cotton seamless 70. U) iDcWlstoßA. do * 7Q.00 Androscoggin do v JJ® -Ats'tican, oo • 6AJ« ”lt«iTef Mills, do 6NOO PltldJeWt*, do . .#.....£^15 ,IVoo Mina, do woo I Fort MU. OO 7000 Stuo, 00 <77.00 Paco, linen and cotton UOO Ridgewood, do &3.U0 BnriDkttid 19(03 (•sanies 'H.og Dnrtapt, 4 tro, Mo.l Aside* from *»* prune qsahurs. there u scareelr snr thing asd on rooad lot* prior* an giDeralty laartßd to tao eitcet 01 wave. The stocks are ample, wo make 00 cha&te la one qcotsUQQS. ai toUows; NetrTort FtctorrCccoalnc).ol9 o f Factory CllUnOis)..;..'. .1$ c ] Haatmrr. . - 16 17 ‘c I WenerajSeat-rre. a 15 ais c “TonneAmerica** «35 c | <;(| Ali—Trade e.'Mtcoca active, with-prices «taUr tad ncchsneed. Tbe supply.of -Aotbradto Coal ts abomtonljimtoltht bitter Tartetlet cfß«,ft Cotltha ttucisAniUbt.viUt prices rerj firm. Waqtwie: - En*-tfroofcaeld . 11.60 do -Prnaby Briar Hi 11..... ?-?»v’dd' * MlnoilKiecD-... do Wliiow 8ank....... ■J- do • , Ttuand Cbtpoewa. Bidtftnni.....'. .. Lamp Lehigh Lacxawana, prepared Scranton Plttstoc.l I. n»D013...v do on trad:... Vonsbloxheny.. CUFreE-'-lho general market rales firm, and we note an advance of Kctn all grates. We ren*e Quota ttoiu: J»t» *. - .... ..K j&ttKe Wo, common to foir. B«o,(rooa to prime- - .... 35&4&M0 Bio, prise to cliolre.-. Jli(3Z7Xc C» o*-KHAGE~Mirket seelectea. Sues were: SOD Lard TJecc« at f2.t5; 6CC Qo at ino ao at s ICO Hlcsbry Hoop Barrels at SL9O; TOO Oak Hoop d - at*iJ3. EGG!*—Were quiet to-aiy, atd lu talr aupulr at TtA&c tor limed Eggs, and soi&Slc fir treslr li noxrs or tube. The demanau entirely oi a local nature. PBCJTs# *.N»» MIT?*—‘Themaraet for Uio past thro* or four days has been very quiet, though for mo*t descriptions trices have beeu pretty wed sustained. The supply of Pried Apples - Is abundant, and under a lioilwdcemaoo sabs arc Mow at quotations, choice Winter Apples are In goodrequeat, and wltha rather short supply 1c the market, are flmlv held at Axil rates. Cranberries are m demand and firm. 2»uts are quiet and unchanged. We quote: OUKZ.V rerns. _ * n v.l . etu a (W Apples. V brl Lctuoi'B. Ualtga cranberries Cranberries, cultivated. nctan nrciTS. PICT. Bates. Can Beaches, ¥ dor. 3 ft cans Apples, new I'eaches, halve* and quartan Peaches, pared Blackberries,new. Itaspbcrrles. new. V ft Cherries, pitted Elderberries, p ft Raisl&s. layers lUlnns. Vatetcla Kardlter, U boxes .. . Sardines, >t boxes •WdWXW .83.2M.000 KCTK. ATnonds, bard BbclJed, Alinocd»,*cft srcilrd Almfinrtp.PftpCT«hel!cd....~... . PcaDQtS, I* BraxllNoU, 23 <a 23 Kllberta 17 d W French'Widnote. new 21 ft 23 Xaplcs Walnuts 21 9 2i Pecans, email and large.... 25 ft S 3 nirkiry Nnte, ?bo 3.ft) ft SA3 Cbnnrmtß. 9> no ?.oo ft 8.00 Fisil—The market «nlblu HlUeiUe. The demand 1j condord chiefly to snopiyinff the city retail grocery trace. Prices nro urchanged, u lollows: Wbliefian,No. !«>» brl f 7JU 7.75 “ h02,1»Wl 7.2V* 7io Trout, So. ti« '• 5.00*5.21 M He. 2. H brl 4 JO* 4.75 Mackeiel, No. I, V hn,otw IUO*IL£S »• Ko. a, £ bn jc .33*10.50 “ family, * Vlbrl 9.OK* 9.8 ** cun tnciß, ft v brl 15.00*15 SO “ •• V Kit 3.73* 4.00 “ 3*0.1, kits, new 2.65 ft 2.73 M family, kite ».»* ZSi Codfish, Haw, V WO S* 7.53 ft 9.00 “ Ueoict’a Bank.... aJOft ®.ou flake. s.M*&uo No.’ t| V box O 1-abrador Benin's*, V bri 11 CgllJO •• “V brl 6XO» 6.® -Norweclan •* k'e, I 1 toil ISM - ♦* itflo Gltß\S*K—Matkeiirm, Salcsww. IStcs'Wbuo sure; 11 flllJUWlNFS—lfccelred, 9) br»; nblppal, 112 trip. Market dull ana entirely nominal, we omit quoiaUon*. 110 PS—Xomlual, at S9Q6Oe for Eastern, and 43aS5c rortVeitcin. .... virvurjAJ. -.I)UES»«*EU Hons—Received, 6,775-, shipped. 3.731. Market active, aed 15&3P0 higher, throughout tbe close the extreme improvement was net maintain ed. Salesvere: T 3 u 200 Bj, at.... 11 “ 224 &(, at-., TO “ ...*e, at.... l» “ Robs, at... 8 * ... B>a,at..,. 113 ** ...85,a1.... lllOdindlng ooRO Be, at.. 12) • 3U08%at.. itvs “ ZtOttsau. :C3 200 bs, at. bTS **£*. 200 86, at. Cattle. noK>. SUeep. *. *Bl5 * SO r.',‘ TJ •2«JBs,at 7.03 and *.ijv 123 •* 7*o and 7.10 S ' “ VOJ lb a. at 6.90 ana 7.30 —closing fttcady at and t‘.as tor good lota. uAV—la quiet wltti prices Arm and unchanged. 3 tie »\ovkaarc moderate, ibe toUowlag arc Uie cur> rent rates: WHOLESALE PMCES, Timothy, rolleratd water pressed fI2JO@I3AO "iimetby. loose pressed 13«V:«14.00 i'ralrlc, Uatcr jiressed 9.00^10,00 noo sales to-dat. 70 SO 2.00 TO 43 as 76 55 13 S 3 TO .... 13 S 3 66 63 •*3AO Q SAO ..eon atom ~12 01 0*16.00 ..13,00 OIUO & tracing &W hs, at... IO - at>7 DS, au.. 70 *• 263tt-,at„., 73 •• 26S as ar.... 25 “ 2>ohs, a»^.. 42 •• V 73 ft 9, at.... 31 u 3SU Be, nu... 9 *• SSI lig, at.,., 70 “ 370t,5, aV„. |7.00 80(17.13 7.15 ana 7.30 7.00 ana 7.44 7.10 and 7.73 7.00 and 7.23 Timothy, roller and beattr presses 10.00^17,00 Tlmothv, loose prosed 1C,0C«K00 'l’ralrie, rol cr and beater pressed 1i.03j19.00 ITalrir,looshod wfleor.delivered 9.00^10.00 HI I »*;ehlpp?d I l6A'>.!Ds. The market presents no tew ft-atpreto-dav. The demand CQQVlntiks brigand thercceUitr,which are mxlerate, are readily no-orbed. The inquiry Is Principally for shipment. With the csccptP.u of ;4«s advance in l>ry riitt, p»lee« art- unchanged. Ihc following are the prices current: * Green Butchers* 7 Q “Wc Green Waited, trimmed 11 ftiivo Green Call 18 sl9 c Hip. Green bailee If sls e Dry VUnU trimmed 17 dISWc Ifrj* Salted, trimmed II (.u5 c (item Salted, pan ram) 9 « 9VC IKON AND market Is steady and without deuced change in prices. Vr e repeatonr quo tations : Common Bar florae £boe 1r0n...7. Heavy hand..... Hoop and Llshtßand itonad and bqunrc Oval Half oval and Half Ituund.., fchcct Iren. « on mon sheet Inn. Galvouitca, 17xllS, sheet Iron, cliarcoal blurt iron, Jomala ..11 (*U,VC .... otu c n c ....r...i; Gtu c ...,,.,...23 (S3Q C _ «w c ..............23 WD c a (*2i c 41 aid e iheel aio c tbe«t.... ■ RIB c a are coailderablf reduced, icd demand a better feeling ltd a leniency to a blgfe borwayKall Hixle Flow bteei. G0man............. Mow Slefi, ca»l bprlue and Tire SUtl,English. 1 uol cost StueVonlmtrr aUos. Tool r»»t btrcl, American..... liitfterod 5tef11.................. ItiiFfln, No*. 9 Mid 16 lta«&la, Am, m quality, 9 bd UimMa, Adi., IBtaaalUy, V*l liusßla. Am., 3Q quality, V at I.EAT IlKtt—Ttia kWcM and under a sllchtiy incrcaat mera'lc, and prices are Arm tr range. We repeat our Hi lmt* Simigtter, Sole, 'llnflMo t 40$ 41 Slaughter, Hole, Clucago,No.l. 40$ 43 Slaughter, Hole, Chicago, No. 3. 34$ 37 Duciio9 Ayrci... 40 Orinoco Hole ... 3.$ as Oilnoco. good, damaged 31$ 83 AK. Clty-Barncss, I m «» Country UaintM S4w 36 UUC. ¥ 4%t? 41 Kip, medium, V ft USCU.S9 fair, p n ru^ X'lter, V 100 t... TMs 30 Crtmlry Upper.. 730 15 Collar, 9 f00t... Sk*i 24 0j..-. SJftuthter Sole.. 630 M French CaH St Harness, V 8>... 4CK-e 4« 1« 3.11102.25 Upper.. SOtc a French Coll. 30 Kip. No. 1, me- „ fen.. 30001.10 Ktp, Ko. 1, momc*,V(loi.Bo.fX\3QajW heavy H 501.10 Mini BIHI-Trade In ihoyards la active, and price* wu tuny sustained. Wo continue hi qnoto: Lt-unui—First Clear. 1, IV. 1# and 0 inch * in 900.Mad.00 Second Clear, I, IV. IV ami 2 Inch IWXMCD.OO Third Clear. Inch.... M.MOM.OO Hi*l and swum! Clear Flooring. to* tn thcr, ronph. thn some aa Second Cloir wide M.MaM.OO Commun Flooring. rough.... m.M.4.17.03 slnichedandpres«edCommon Flooring. 40.000 UJO Matched and Drcswd S-toch Common Flooring HiftesiDO Finland Second Clear Siding, together, 30JM.kM,QI‘ Flr*t Common Dressed Siding , 2J 0d.v43.1/0 Wagondinx Hoards, select. 19 inch and upward*. 33.00011.03 A block Hoards, IVdmhea !W.od£t! 00 ÜBlock Hoards, IMnches <0.00027.110 Common Boards, .Tuim, Scantling, Kenc* Inc, and Small Timber, U to 10 Sect lone 31.00033.00 .Tout* and Scam line, 20,73 ond 31 feet..... 33.M&30.C0 .louts atd Scantling 59.00 SiiLvm.e>—A or Star Shaved Shingle*,,.,. 4JO A of Slar Sawed Shingle* 6.000 5.50 Ko.t Sawed Sblnslw lACk* a.OO Lath—l*«r mln yards 6jo By car-losd by .Northwestern Railroad, delivered in any yard where cars ran ln> aw Itched, or any depot: AortitirSaw. ed shingles. hy car-load, on trace. . ... 4 250 4JO A cr Star Shared Shlnctc*, by car load, on track 8.730 4.00 No. 1 Sawed Shingles, by car-load, on track 3.33 Three dollar* a car-load added when transferred, which charge follow* the Shlnglcv In freight hill. Thlclmta*—FlvcahingU* Wlw iwy lucho In Uilck nesfr. l.rnrth—Sixteen leches. Hands—'Twenty Inches. Coatees—Twenty-(lvc METALS ASn TINNERS* STOCK-The (Ivnmccl l» tnlr. at cl In ronsrijKence or ihe advance to roW, prices mV Arm. nukv to.low.apqttolMlun#: njr.'. n->x Tin i’Jatc, i-c litqaailtr.cask ICxll 113,00 Ut quality, ahwt U I.arcr Hcs ST Slab I' WroaU lies ns nmour wide. Utt &» \ to « 7. H and 9. tu and 11. cornea. Metallic aV 81 Copper bottom 83 Wmiltra ovrr 10 i>i.. 43 Plot lines, ii to in oz 43 Tinning* 10 IUJIIIIT MKTAIn 13* Mid It, is and 10. Ist qnaJttjr.. Antimony.. Fine Polder. 73~ I, 1., '.Zi For re 5Ud’c5..........10 uuyto to note. J'rlcca ore !NAIL!*-Th*re'tfl no c stiaiis. Weqaote:- M 7J»i I 3d |7.00 13d, fine tiJoM u.v> ifcl.flneoloed 10. M 1 cm Spikes t oo Clinch Net ..9.00 :CP«’ rets c!aU, tod oaotailou t r»icea»ft)Uowi: I AIJS OlLS*—Tha market is are about nominal, price Linseed Oil Lir.wcrt Oil, boiled. Cijnv 0i1... BfaaleOlU'W.U 1-3561.40 Tjrd Oil. extra l.vartK>3 Ijtrdon, bo.i Winter idSfeija lArt on, no. 2. Winter i.Oiitt.w Lank Oil. roand lots in mine on i.ooati.M Sperm Oil. W. B «3JO Imbricating Oil. 50*1.00 Castor Oil SAVfeSjO Ntaufoot Oil i-30®i.t0 .CA ItBON OIL—Is 10 demand, and In fair supply, and steady at the prices clvoo below: Carbon, Fear lend (9V)c Carbon, small lota cs'3>' Bczuole ®3oc Phi»nyiOMf*-R«*iTW. 1.551 brU Pork, and •»4Xfl fet Lard •. shipped. 1,369,730 6s Cured Meats; U£Q brls B«f; 2.261 brlsPork, and WLSSS as Lard. 11 tpi* pork—Market oolet—beid vsc Weber. Sales vrtrc: iOo brls at f1. w .73; <OO brls ** Kew York Standard" at tlS.TSwCaab : LCUO trio City Standard. buyers Ural half of February, at 219.0 U —closing with seller* ol K rd brawls at *l9 00 cash, and no buyers oyer J 15.73, Ensneli .Hearn—Marses Arm put cnitft, Sale* ttrrc: au bxsCuoiberland? atSWC. Bulk Mcatn—Market active and a shade firmer. Sam were; 60,000 Ita Hooch Sides at 6.VC loose; 29.000 lb# do at P.Sc loose; 120,PU) lb* Cumberland* at Bi*c loose: lbs Short Klb at 9c loose; 100,000 lb* Clear Side* at lOtfclooie, seller Feb; 21 bn Bosch Sides at 9c parked. lirrrn HI rnta—Market firm, with a good demand and debt stock. Sales were: 3)4)00 lbs ffains at 9*c (* M; ?,CCopc*do(s b) atflWc; 20,000 I-ado (db) at 9c; at S^e. Lord—Market steady. Saica were: 300 crcs KetUe dried (usttrve.) at rwc; S 3 rrcs Country Kettle at 13-»c; saocrca prune aleam ante; 403 ire* do set. Jan. at v.’c: too tree do (part last ere.) at lltfe cash: too tres UMatUkc; 12 ires Connery at Uk®U\c—c!o*vng trnu sellers at I2c tor prime Sieam. IMirLTltY—Sales were; I dor Dressed Chickens at fI.OU; 6 doz do at 12.73: 5 do* do at f 5.23.; 6 dor do at * i dot Lire Gei-eeatflt.OO: 2 dnz do at W 31; 22) ns Dressed 1 orkeja at Uc; M 0 as do a: 14c; M 0 at do at Me; itO Bs do at __ _ M)I)A A>D I*AI.EUATrS—The demaefi Is acaerate and prices are unchanged. tVe continue to quote: i Babbitt'* Medicinal.*. .13\@li c •• Pure X3&eUk'e Delacd’a Chemical 12*013 e ** Uialthy .....UvsHtfe u Pnre .Ulitfllkc •»rn Ml I wThere U a tair trade doing, and prices rule Orta at the joliowlng QcotaUoai; Cuba ~03V(213Ve Porto Rico IJX'aMk't N. V, Rrflot d, Powdered »nd Gr*nalatcd....i6 ; > *l6vc TOIItCA 13\i516 c Mrcie A ♦.ls,^(4t3^C White B. Extra c! YfilowC ouurtC ittvau e Oxmrd C. extra U wall kc ScwOrlcwj price ..UYftU c New Orleans t&lr HVQISKc H Y it () PK~Are steady and without decided change. We conunnelo quote: AvwTirJctsyrnp*, Yellow imps.. Cuba Molattce. i’orto Krco... New Orlenr*. Philadelphia Bee litre..«y OX4 G 5 Chicago Beanery, Amber.. l.oo^ug ** •* Uolden.. tKW 90 “ ** &aear u00je.............. tv* g\ Market itrady. Sale*w*re: JDOharfl choice Ttmoihr attXlO; IWbagado at fiW: 47 bajfa do at 0.30: so Sac* Co av (3.1 V; CO bn do at |iCo;9Uaga do at J 333. f*A LT—Rccelvcd. tone; ihlppcd. L 507 brla. Market Heady art! prices are tmrhanspd. Salcairere tllOPrts Fine at IU3, delivered. We quoted* BeW FU.e..». 3i3 Coarse. OnmtdAlam S.OMHO Torfc’s laiand. bags jjo Uround Polar 2.63 Da.ty. with sack* 3.00 Baity, vttfent sack* . 9.73 TEA*—The market la moderately active. Ad deal. era aie Arm in »bm r jtws at u>o lolfowlng pnetas Ycun> U>ion,«iperlortoflne, V & tI.OV?t.V) 00. extra to choice, f> & l.CViijtj Imperial.tacertur tonne.« B l.’oai.oo do extra to choice. V lsx*i.?o Gunpowder, sDDetlor to line. P » LKUI.CO do extra to choice. p> », IjoilJQ Japan, aatttrat teat, a&e to extra not, * ».... do da floe to choice, P b do do colored.? b lAaiJp ; TAIiLOW-Becelred. ISJ» ftlsisUMe&UUß mi. Market qeieu Bales were :> IS trla Conntrr at *xc: B brie dost fe. *■ • TrUßACCO—TbrreUlittle doing In tlila branch or trade, and on an.e*c«otcfcoioe varieties, prices are TielpgtPaded. we QQotcr FnrsCurCmnrzsa-. Ounce. ..... Medium. - Comn-0n............ Sxcsnro Tobacco— Virginia's FarcrUe. ounce. .Mcrfiom..... Common bterns.. Flqo Tobacco- 11.00 ' • 11.00 10.03 10.90 ■ io.oo . 19.00 . is.m 13.00316.00 14. U) Loral Citizen , Fanoen* DcMght........ Natural Leaf. Half Brixbt. Choice Dlact, 1aimd...... Medium C0mm0n..... 14.08 6.03 a 6.00 5.505 6.00 Viretola 10b and ftf M 9 60 nocadera. ’73 OSS \V OOl>—l* qaiet aad steady at tteftitowlngraEge of mice*: ir»l>le, V cord, delivered. |I3JJO®I4JO Marie, ? cord, Jo yard DJftilSJO Bcefb, Vcord, deilTcml u.a>3L>.oa Be«fc, V oerd, In yard 10.W1311.C0 BloKorr.f c0rd....;..... lUWwISJW W«i)k—Bcceired, 3,'CO Ds: chipped. 39.437 fca. TtamaraetrDlcgqalat. San cfaOJO pa Tab at 4Sc. _ RAILBOAB TESTE TABLE. CHICAGO AMD HOBTgWXSTXBN—POPOT 000. W3R warn ajtd Hzxm. Depart, Arrive, Day Express. ...... *%00a.53. *&'a3n.a fright Expirsa *4:30 p. m. *5:45 a. ra. Janeflvllle Accommod’n. *3rtop. n. *fc--op.w. Woodstock AccomM’a.. *£oop.n. •fc'Vjuo, guana nmaiOK. Paium and Cedar Baplds *&lsa.m. 7 2>- p. m. Pulton and lowa. t7:3op. bj. b:UOa. ed. Freeport arc! Dunlelth.. *9:00 a. m. S.UO a. to. Freeport and Dunlrtth.. *10:00 p. m. £d-p. id. Rockford and Fox Kvei. *t:oop. s. 11:10 s- m. Dixon *4:00 p.m. IklOac. Geneva and Elgin * bt>op.B. &ISs.d. 25 a 26 •is a w 4.0 W4.TJ 8 01 12 16 a 19 43 <* 45 31 l» S 06 (3 CS ea IS A 16 UAUS 19 <3 2U so & ai 38 @ 43 »() 3S 3S @ 45 50 (0 5S UHd 14 w2Lwaoxxs nmsjou. Express. **;00 a- ra. •%:% p. m. Express *4:00 p.m. nwc a.. Night Accommodatioa 1:13p.m. b3(a. m. Kenosha Accommod'n... 4:40 p.m. 9:43 e. m. Waukegan Accommod*n. TuW p. m. &S 6a, ru Boeehlu, Calvary, and a „ Evanston........ .. ... 1:80p.m. fit-lOp.ic ♦Sundays exempted. tSatanwya excepted* tMondnyr excepted. KXCHieaiC CXNTSAt BAUBOtS—TNION DlfOi. >CCT orsaxa rrain. uJ m m Morning Express *S:OGa.B. *845 p.m. Day Express *I:CDa. si. •i’njup. m. Evening Express 15:31 p. m.t*li: C p: rr. Night AXpreM £*ft4s p. rn, A D. aas® sortsvora t&adu. rfomlog Express *7:001.111. * , lUßsa. &.• Night Bxpres* fSjuOp.m. *11:01 p.ja. ainncAN aocTßkhfr am axs bpoas ups—ot* tor coaMtn vast nrruts aNs fißsutax arura, TOLXbO XJNS. Mall •■ *b:s3p.n. Day Express.» •T:ooa.m. *11:00 r- New York Bxprw* 4 sp.m. ttisbOp. m - * irrrtoiT ukx. ... a. . 1* • M Night SxptttM :10:00 p.m. *ij6p.m. PITTSBraOH, TOHT Ifk TK* AHT> OHKA6C. Mail * &UC Fast Use 8:15 P- m. »:4fl p. n Sxptt»; *1*0:00 ll:Wc. n HiiHOta cvbt&al. Day Passenger. *9:20 a. n. *ltfsL p. m. Nichl Passenger *fc«a. ®. Knrkake* Accoamcd’n. ♦cOSp.m. *sl» Hyde Pari aoo Oak Wood *0:20 a. m. *T;iS a. m. *k u ti *Vi:lop. m. *s;s3a.iE, •• *1:50 p. c* « u « »S:S d. s. *7:30 p.n CHICAGO. BSHXISWTOK AND <iTO*ot. Oay Srpn*? and M afl... *ito a. m.. *9:00 p. m. f.alcsbare Passenger.. . *3;oop.m. •4.30 b, m. Anron *3:005.0 •U O'Ta-C. tffcbt Express jliOOcid’bl t£sua. m. CBICASO AKP CT. tOmi, ixprasa and Hail 8:05 a. m. 8: 15 p. a. Sight Express..... 9:15p.n. IW to. foUet and Wilmington . Accommodation... ... 4:oop.itt. 0:45 a.m. CHICAIiO AMD BBCAT BAfiTXBa—{LaTX CQiCuntatX are Ltsi)—mtwatrKß* aaonoas dipot. con. canal and hmxis etamn. _ __ _ Day Express... fc3oft.B. 10:55 p,n. tilibtJvJroresd. ftOOp.m. 3;5C p.m, eon ikpianapoub, toroniAß airo otaciiiSAii. Day Express &30a-m. lft.w p. m. Si/bi Express * ftlOp.B. 8;S0 a. n. ColiiphUd Elf re-s Igjp.g. trifling Accommodation *»«;=>• J“j jj; £ CD3CASO, BOCK ISLAND AND PACITIC BAtLBOAD. 02?£iprefBandM£ril... •fcOOn.ra. *5:30?. n. Sight Express 12:00 p. B. *3:43 a. m. onet Accommodation.. 4:4op.ts. *9:40 a-m* •Monday excepted. YMondsy cxccptod, tbafcrrtUi excepted. UNION STOCK TABS TMB TABLE. Leave Madison Street. -Leave Stock Taras. ns* ...a. m. 7:40.. 0:10.. ...a.m. 11:30.. ...p. m. 1:30.. ...p. m. 4:00.. ...p. m. 5:40.. SUNDAT THAI *>'B. ..4k. n. 1.0:85. 0:30. 6:BU. 10:00. 12:80, 3:20. 4:45. Tbc following is the new table for the arrlva and departure of mails from the Chicago Post Office for tbc winter, and now in lorco: mini CLOSK. P. O. CHICAGO, Xlg* VIUA ARDIVB. a, m, p, m, a.m. p. m. .... 2;00....j11ch. South. K.B JfcSO .. . 9:15.... ** “ “ 8:35 .... 12:00 m “ “ ** .. B.HJO 11:00 .... 12:00 m Mich. Central B.R 12.00 M .. 6:00 &15 .... 3:00....Pitta. & ft. Wayne 12:30 .... &15. . M *• •* 7:10 .... 12:00 m “ »» » ~ 6;oo 11:00 12:00 • 4:80 ...Great Eastern R. R.. 8:30 10:00 12JL-0 f?:'io....Hew Albany & Salem 8:30 ii;00 g-CO 7:45....u01cna Railroad 3:10 5:10 12:00 6:00....Dix0n Air line.... C;OU 7:20 12:00 &00....Kocklsland Railroad 0:45 2:90 12:00 P;oo,...C.,D.«S(iulocyK.R. 6:50 ‘>.oo 8:io ioo....JJotthvre*teTn B. R.. 6:45 6:30 &0O 2:45 Milwaukee Railroad. 11:90 &90 12:00 7:45....111in0is Central tt, 11. 7:t» 0:00 12:00 7:00.,..5t. lajuls Uaihoad... 6:35 8:45 BOB’T. A. OILWORB. T. M. . sva eve . 6*» Ac .6 ®6*c • ?X WI 2^ C . 9tfc . s*« 6*c ; 6 *‘ .90 (4 ... . 9*(4 ... .11*(411 Hcstotatibe. (JHE Most Reliable Ralr Restorative London flair CDlor Restorer. % ever introduced to London tlatr Color Restorer, Tho American people for London Ralr Color Restorer. Restoring Gray Hair London Hair color Rcrtorcr. and Louden flair Ciior Restorer, preventing Baldness. London Hair Color Restorer. Only 75 cenu a bottle. Six bottles fI.OO. Gold by all druggists and at wholesale by GROWTH, VIGOR I LIFE. OROWfn vmnni LIFE, OUOWTtI. VIUOUI TO TOE VfBARRS'T llAlill TO TUB Wl-AKI>T IIAIKI TO TUB WEAKEST HMUt Bair Color Reatoror! I. on don Bnir Color Boatoror! Ziondon Bair Color Soatororl O&lrTSccnUa bottle; sit botllf*, |l. Solil by All U.uw.t., « U ...«^ (s||ni (Sift Enterprises. pREAT WATCH BALE (IK TAB POPULAR ONE PRICK PLAN* (jiving every patron a huml»otoo and reliable Watch fijr the low prlcuof Tun Dollar*, without regard to value, and not bo paid for oalcea perfectly isatufiictory > 100 Belld Gold nantlrgtt'.Mchcv. 9250 to 9170 JOO Marie Cased Gold Wattlw* «0 to MO 100 lAdica* Watches, enamelled UP to 30 9«J Gold Hunting Chronometer Watcbea.. 3W to 800 900 Gold Hooting Pnglliti invert 300 to TO 300 Gold Hunting Duplex Watcbea 150 to 300 KM Gold Hutting American Watchce...... toe to 35Q WW silver Hunting Levers 50to IN) M 0 sliver Ranting Duplexes 73 to 3W 500 Gold Lacies’ WaUbes 50 to 330 LGO Geld Hunting Lvplnw Mto 13 1,000 Miscellaneous Silver Watcbea Wto ICO 3,600 Hunting Silver Watcbea T> to M 5,0(0 Assorted Watch**, all kinds 10 M »5 Every patron obtain* a Watch by this arrangement, coating bat $lO, while it any be worth $730. No para* *HSfw**L*lllckllng & Co.*s Great Galon W rich Co, Manufacturers, 1-1 H fjiroadway. N, Y. City, wish to Immcd lately dispose oi the »bo ve nugnlflccLUiock.tcr tlflcabf naming article** are placed In scaledcnrelnpoa. Holden* are entitled to the ort’clce namc«l on tbclr ccr* tincate, upon payment ot Ten Dollar*, whether tt be a Watch worth |7f>o or one worth les*. The retaro ot any of our certificate* entitles yon to the article* named thereon, upon payment, trreapecttve of its worth, and ■i oo article valued lot than fio 1* named cn any cer* tincate. it will at once be awn that this la no Lottery, bat a straightforward PglUroatc transaction, which may be participated In even by the most taittdicoa I Aalniue Ccrtincate wlli be aenlby mall, post-paid, upon receipt of » eta., Qv« for ft. eleven flit $3, thirty* threeaud elegant premium for $3. stxty-alxand more valuable premium ar 9th, one hundred and moat in* perb Watch tor f 15. To agent* or those wishing cm* ploymnt tbta 1»a rare opportunity. Ills a legitimate* ly ccndocted buainose, duly authorized by the Govern* meat, and open to the moat careful aernucy. Iryas J Address* .L HICBLIbO ft CO- 14» Broadway. N. Y. 13uslncss$ €achs. ■J3LAIR & JLFFERPON, CO.TI.TIISSION ITIKBCHANTS, OFFICE, 304 FEONT-ST., Jl w " wski«ox.! ME3f FHISs TEN*. Liberal cash advageemeats cuds on conslgnmeatg. Q.EST, BATTEN & CO, Wholesale Commission No. 50 MoGafl«dU Between F and G-fllQ DENVKB, COLORADO. TYRESSED HOGS! AND AVEIGDT LISTS Furnished gratis. Highest market prices goaraateedl PruiLPt return* made, correspondence solicited. v keDMOND * CO, GeaT Cora’n Uerch’ta. 85 ChiCkgo, HL %att I3|)e. TTILL’S HAIR DYE—6O Cents—Black ll or Brown—lnrtaotaceona. not ami, durable, beautiful. Tbebestand cbcanmlnUM. Contains aa much aa aa any dollar size. HILL’S ARCTIC, or ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable fbr general ointment nnrposea. Depot 66 John-st, New Tore. Sold by all druggist*. TJATCHELOR’S hair dye. ibis splendid Hair Dye Is the boat to the world. Harmless, reliable, instantaneous; the only Perfect Dye. Nodiaappcletmeat. No ridiculous tints, bat true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH ELOR. Sold oy Druggist* and Ferfuaer*. Factory. 81 Barclay-*!, New Tork. . 'T'KUSTEE’b tALE—PaWic note is I hereby gives, that I, Samuel Cole, In puissance with the powers In a certain ln*tram*at contained, datid November 30th. A. D-18f«, executed by R. 51. tVhtpple ft Co- and given to see ore the payment of the promissory note of said Whipple ft Go- ot date last afcTTMid, in the tom of ten tnoosand dollars, payable to the undersigned or order, on the 7th day ot Janua ry, a. D-1567, will, on the application ot ths legal holder of said note, on Monday, the 31st day'of Jannary Inst., at the bonr ol ten o'clock in the forenoon of said day, at the office cf Laaru Silverman, So. Tt Dearborn street, Chicago. *ell at public auction, for cash, to the highest bidder, 100 shares of the capital stock of the "Beloit National Back.* of Beloit, In the State of Wis consin. One promissory note, dated Chicago. May2dL 1866. exeentod by Warrick Martin. payable to b. u. whtppie ft Go- 90 days after date, and being to the jnno l fi.OOO. One promissory note, dated D*cembcr 33d. IS®, exeenttd hr F. R. Tllggcnbacb, la the sum ol ti.voa and payable to 0. M. Hugh's, six months after date. One note in the sum of W. 151.31. dated January 6, iSfits executed hyW.B. Finch, payable to the order cf John W. Hughes five months after date. 9. COLB. Chicago. January IMh 1367. !il£su& 'Sii'e .* 60(11.13 . tO . Bda 83 to»!.w gLEIGHB. SLEIGHS! SLEIGHS! mSt SfBSI'6LE.® i«rffilW.‘?ssS«Sßr: KIMBALLS take the lead on rino Finished Sleighs. For Style,Beauty ol Finish, and Durability, they ora not raoai.ed la the world. Fine siaehs ofour own make, from |9O to 1300. p toe Portland and other Sleighs, not oar own mote, from f» to (TO. or Wo cannot bo undenoldoa any Sleighs la the market. Kill B ALL BUGS. & CO., XlO, U 8 and 11* Sudljorj- Stmt, TbeGorbam raaaqnw.turlnar Compu/j SllvufciltC*, of I'tosldeucc, B. L, liftna Old trade ' that thi yste prodoclcg hte Klectro-p'aiod Goods, cotn prlfilca ftiU JDlc: er sou lea services ■nd Tatis W«eof every dncnpooo. of ».TejT'BaD*no» Quality sad 01 ’ ne* - and eras# calms. The bass is JCtcke" Silver. .DDCAwtd blsadcpoeltotpnre-suver of such thick : dcfs that user ooesess all tee advantages of solid surer to utilitj, sad ftutn !)c*a3 ot a-sis? sod superior fla "fcilx srs nodistlo falshsbo iron* It. * TheGomamUaoctictnnDsCcrcpsnTrettrwlflicjo- they dsts -etsoU.bsa lo the'crodoctfca ofSolld enter ware, in which the? b»»e Deea for msny. years ervrazoc. ttd they cow m toiatbe pobUc that ibey will ruuy insutn tost repots tioo by tbs projection of Electro pitted Wstm of such qna’itj and ni e:te darabiity U will las are entire saUtfactloa to the purchaser. Ail arOdca tnada hr ltd* are aumped thru r .ius oij» . UO -01.15 . R'S w o 0 3 . ss aiio . a. A;so .. *i‘ s*» .. u (# a 5 » M «D 9 7S @2.00 ai «Lis 75 @ 80 70 @ 15 ‘6O '@ TO Ahff ansucharafullyguaranteed. Theyfcefi ItßSces aaiy particularly to call the attention ot porehaaer* to the score traae-rnart, m their designs havo -been al ready axtaarively imitated. These goods eu only he "prccared from resposalnle dealort thru turnout the coentry. Tne Bitter Profits or Bad bitten. Invalid reader, do yon know what mi e-tsntb* of the bitter compounds you are soHOied by the proprietors to accept is universal panareas ate composed of? Give heed fbr & moment. They ore manufactured from onpanOed sic.hoJ, coatsin’nir a cnslderaWe portion of j use/ oil, a poison almost as deadly u prna btcadd. Tbeba»l?of therrsular ttncfuresol thuMa teria Unites Is thesamc. No amount of “herbal ex tracts" can ov*TCOTnevh f ‘bv tendency ot this pez&l* cions elea cot. The essence of sound Bye. thoroughly rectified, is the only stimulant which can he solely Qfol as a component ot a Tonic. Alterative and Anil* Itrioua medicine, and HOST&TfER'S STOMACH BIT* TERSlstteoniy aedlclnal preparation la the world In which this u tide 1* used as on increment. Hence the cstrsordlßsrv effects or this great specific. It Sires strength wllbuut prodneinz excitement. Ho oUrrtoitcdOM this. AU the ordinary Bitters flush thetacaandafftcttbc brain. Ho*tc«et’s Bitters dif lose as acre?able calm through the nervous system, promote digestion. and produce »le-p. No other tonic to quickly revive* the appetite, and removes the ctoos and depression which always acjornriany weakness of the bodily powers. u Dr. Poland’s White Mte advertised la our columns. Is a ssful attempt to combine and apply the medicinal virtues of the White Pine Bark. It has been thoronghly.teswd by people in this city and vicinity, and the proprietor has testfrnonlds of Its Value from persona stall known to our citizens. We recommend its trial in all those cases of disease to which it !i adapted. It u for sa'e by an oar drug* gists.”—(N. T. Independent. The Great New England Remedy! Dx. J. W. Poland’* wans PINE COMPOUND b new offered to the af flicted throughout the country, after having been proved by the test of eleven years in tbs New England States, where Its merits have become as well known as the tree li urn w nScb, In port. It derives Us virtues. The White Pine Compound core* Sore Throat, Colds, Coughs, Diphthena, Bronchitis, Spitting of Blood, and Pulmonary Affections general y. It Is a remarkable remedy for Kidney Complaints, mobiles, Difficulty cl Voiding Urine. Bleeding from the Kidneys and Blad der. Gravel and other complaints. For Plies and Scur vy It will be found very valuable. Give it a trial If you would lean the value of a good and tried mealciteu It is Pleasant, sale and sore. Sold by Druggists sod Dealers in Medicines icne , rally. CCKNUAMS A VAN SCHAACK Wholesale agents. - Prepared Oil of Palm and 31 ace, Fcr preferring, restoring and beaunijicg the hair, sod is Uje neat deUghlftl and wonderful article the world ever produced. Ladles win find It not only a certain remedy to r> store, darken and besatiiy the hair, bat also a desirable article for tbe Toilet, aa It U Highly perfumed with a rich and dellcaieperttirne, independent of the Dragrsat odor of the Oils of Palm and Mace. Tnc ManTix or Pxhu—A new and beaaUfal per* (tune, which. In delicacy of scent and the tenacity with which It clings to the handkerchief and person, u cue* qnalled. The above articles tor t ale by all Druggists and Per fumers, at *1 per bottle each. Sent by expros to any address by the proprietors, T. W. WRIGHT & CO, lOOLiberty-ftnNewTotk, for sale by J. a. SEED A CO., Chicago. Celebrated throughout the United States In the success* fal treatment oi Srvaiua, SpscuaTosans*, and all diseases of a private nature, can be confidentially con* init-d at h:s office and pallors, 91 sad 93 Randolph* et., corner of Deatborn-sL, nearly opposite his old office, Chicago, HI., from 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. The MONITOR, or Hand book o( Secret Diseases, and diseases j ecullar tofemalts, by Dr. James, revised and enlarged edition, U approved and recommended by the medical yrotculon and tbe press as a book that should be read by tbe old and young of botb sexes. Address Dr. James.P.O.Box 696, Chicago, 18., inclosing 50 cents, with lour cents postage. | .s. m. .s. m. .a. is. .p.m. .p.m. .p.m. .a. m. I •p.m. I | Your Dcstlnjr-Wnat 1* It) ' Good or evil? Rich or Poor? Debased or exalted? Are you to else to eminence, honor, wealth and power: or are you to sink Into op'cnnty and oollvlon? What are yoor fetnre prospect* in life—to be or n«t to be—that Is the question ? Who will solve It? Dr. Raphael can solve U; and guide tne unsuccessful to wealth and eminence. and the unfortunate (o happi ness, All wboeefund hopes have been rtisanpoinieJ, crushed and blasted, get satisfaction; ladles who hare been seduced, and whose Injury keops theta from get tine married, can be cored so that no ono can know it. His preventive against liavite children lassie and sure. Call on DR. RAPHAEL, 213 East Madl«on-st, up suits, interviews confidential. Consultation tee, one dollar. « The Rtolioe: Fool and llon»c of merer. Howard Association reports, fur young men, on the crime of solitude, and the errors, abases and diseases which destroy the manly powers, aid create impedi ments to marriage, with sate means of relief. Sent In •ealrd letter envelopes, Ore of charge. Address Dr. ,J. BEILLIR BOGQUtOS, UovratdiAasocUUoa fhladcl phln. Pa. In all Private Matters go (or write) to Dr. CXAUSB. fly Clark st. Doth sexes consnlt him conidcnttally. rjr £end stamp for ctteular on laic Invention for Married people. Fsmali Idlls II per oov. ra* seta tMmo lor nook tor victim* ot sell-abuse Address IcUtrs DU. CLARKH, Ho. 4 Lannoi> Ulocx. Chicago. - London Hair Color Restorer. Having the confidence ot the*bueUc and the medical faculty si largo, U tbs most reliable phvwctan la tin etty for chronic uervons and texuat diseases, call V bis office, 179 South Ciark-sU corner of Monroe. Rooms separate. Consultation tree. P.0.80x! 51. Ill* guide to health, published monthly, sent free tc any aottms. * fcjnrn & dwteb. ilcgal. pOLLECTOK'S NOTICE—SIate ol \J Xltsois, Cook County—as. cm uruftcrows Unin. ronrr Horsa, > ROOUNO. lt,dllCAOo, Jan.llth, h*>7. i BnbUe notice ts hereby given that the towwing de scribed Warrants have been placed la my hands lot col lection, to wits Warrant Ko. 792, West—Dated Doc. -7th. ISCA and Is sued lor the collection of a sptclil aa«camcat levied tor opening an alley, tonrtem fret wide. through the soulh part ol block 4«. In Canal Tfnstcca* biitxUmloa of BfctlouT, TovtaSO, K. It. 11. E. from Baulina street to Wocdslrccl. to that the north line of said oropo-ed alley sbali be parallel to and liil4-ll>lt«C from the south rawest-Dated Dec. ijlh, 19GS, and I*, sued lor the collection of a special aMtf/rncni levied tor reconstructing Sde wai*, on ihc wwt side cl Central avenue and south side ol l<atc« street- ■ * Warrant Nb.SCOjaoulh—Dtted Dcc. 37th. WM, and Is sued lor Ilia eoliectioa of a special atvemment Icvlod tor the erection of eight (9) lamp op Fbartaeoih street, between Stale sfrcct and lnc»ana arouw. Warrant No. WO, X>oc. snd sued tor the coMeclloo of a special the erection rl sevfrlarn avenue, between xwanty-mth and Twenty -omm ,l xnMraoaalatafeeterl in sold aascwoifiM are re- SSSK? M “• ““ JSUigijs. ISsuccgJ “A 'Valcaltle Hcdlclue, Dr. James, Przrtitc Matter*. Dr. Bluclow, Lr. Thomsoilf Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical InitUutr, Booth Ciark-sC. has Heated a!l linns of vsncrcat dis ease with unprmdented suoivsu (<>r nearlyMriyynars. bpcrmatarrhma and imootence treatc«l -with the hapm cat results. Particulars of the loAtitute and the Quids malted free to auyaddress. P.O.Box73,CMcuco, imums. ffartuctgljtp. '■['HE FIliM OF JIcGINNESS & 00. I i% ibla «l*y dNtolvod Dv mutual conipnr, ADMIN cTiitfl firm utomnl Dr C, .Mu<jinn*M, unit he »lonc 1* ontliorlxed to pcrtlra moner dne tn in'* ut«* nrm. U. UcUINNKSH & C<>. Uilcaco, Jan.IT.I6W. C. MoOINN'ESS ttlll continue the bunlae-s of tranufat-tnrtrg Smut WiuhlnM and Oran lni«ter*. nmt Mi l Furnishing gna. urally. at the old Univl, S ill bUto-il. Th n«ful lor part larois, solicit* a continuance of public favors. C. McGINSKSS. Stangpottation. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE The General Transatlantic Company** HAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW TURK ANJ HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. The splendid new vessels ot this thvortto route Sit the Continent will aall jrom Pl«r No. at). North River a« follows: TKUFIKE .Duchcna.... January 13. VIU.E DEl'AlUb..Europe .January 2R. KUBOI K F<M ruary 9. ST.LAUBEKT Bocandu...February 33. PRICK Or PASSAGE IN (.OLD. i nivi. vi i ... <i viii*. First Cabin, VIGO; Second Cabin. lUOO. It eluding u'M wine la either claw. The steamer* ot this line do cct cany steerage pa* icnpcri. Passengers Intending to land at BREST will N> for UlsUed with railroad coupon tickets, and their pagg&gt checked to Paris. at aa additional charge cf 95 for trr and fa fbr second clast. t Medical aurad/toce trM of charge. For further Information, apply, in Chicago, at th* FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE, 333 IlllnoU-.t.; It N«w Tork, to QEO. MACKANIUB, Agent, AS Broad way. Utopogale. /-(OVEHN3IBKT SALE. The rreperty known as the '‘GOVERNMENT TAN* NEuYaND STEAM SAWMILL,” Wltnscv enty-five aerra of land, near SAN 1 ANTONIO, TEXAS. Braird Proporab*, ladoplicate, will he received up to the or»t dayot March, ISC7, for the*pnrcliaw of 73 acres ol lnwl. imor© or l€A»). Vrrethrr wlta W« build ings eject'd Ucr'-on, and tse apnurtenaoros appertain* tnp, that ts to ear: ONKTAKNEUY&mtaInIijg twelve btone Mae Vata, FIFTT-fWO WOODEN VATS, faEVEN a TONE FOOLS, and capableof unelog 15.U0 hide* per aooam: ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable of same* aooo Ret of Lumber dally: ONE SMALL STONE BUiLDiNO. The above property 1* situated about two miles above San Antonio, 00 the sao Antonio River, and the water ts conducted to the establishment by a race of hrwn Menu laid In cement. Tbe land was purcaacd and Improvement* made by tbe late aocaJed Comoierate Qwcmment, and are estimated to have cost »iso.ttW In golo. The pronerty has been under lease tor the year lS€d, at a monthly rent of SSOO, payable la advance. A »e --cured title la tee simple will ne given by the U. 3. Gov* er FTors*Ms win be marked “Proposals fbr Govern ment Tannery and Sawmill,” and ad^revsed J. B. KIDDOO, t Bvt. if«L Ota. Aas't Com'r Bturao K.P.4A.U Qaiveaum. Texas. TTARBOR WORKS AT GRAND HA.- ,rl VESandßlackLakF.Mlchlgau. _ Omcr srnKNTKSDixo Esoinexh, HaebobC IMPROTE3UQVTA LaKl MICHTOATf. I i Milwaitxze,Wiscoasio.January 1,1387. .If Seakd propots la. In duplicate, cf the form furnished by tbe andrrvlaned. will oe received at this office until ‘lnarsday.lhelflh day if February, 1367, at 13n4fbl tmprovi&K the harbors of Gntca Haven and Blacs Lskf, Michigan. _ Theloprovementsat Oraad Haven will conalW a' 15.CC0 f«u mere or leu, of close piling to protect tht Boolb bank efthe river n«ar toe enuance and aa ex* letiian of the south pier Cm COOfcetoycnbs filled with store. Tbelmprovement* at Black Lake wiabe eitenslou of the present pier*, M 2 running Ret la aU, *cd dredg ing. The diMKlsr will be between the piers, and lor placing th* sew cribs, and will amount to M,OX» cubic yaroa, more or le**, _ nacsundtpeclficstionaarooa file lathe offi**,sad will he shows to all who wish to examine them for tht of esUmaDpg. , . . .. The proposals wBl oe separate fbr each and for each cIM ot material or Tatar for eacn won. Bldt wßibercc»lvedli*r» part or torthe whole of either work. Tbe work to ta fiulsheil by October 1, isCfl. Tccse works will no let to the lowest refrocrihl*. bid der, reecrriug to the United states the right to reject any cr ail bids. . , Bidden are requested to be presert upon the openins oftneMds. The duplicate proposals will be endorsed, enclosed lx »ep*r»ie envelopes, and addressed to IL , MAJutt J. H. FBBBLBh. U. S. Englater*, Muwaakea. Wls. ffiitg ICoticcg COLLECTOR’S NOTICE.—State ot Illinois. CooSCcnnty-M. . CITT CoiXECTor-3 omcr, Corrt ng”*. I Room Ko. 14, January J JJJj J Pubhe notice Is hereby given that scribed Warrants have been placed la my hands tor «aggftA lL - IS6C . and isrotdfrr tbe eolfretloa ot lor constructing sidewalk W.E»std. aulwaukee ave nue, utiweenUolsieinayeuneandWcsteni arcane. Airoeraous utterete d In said special assessment are rconrsmi to make immediate payment at my office, la ucfenU ofsnch payment the said sues amen, will bo collected at the cost and expense ot Persons liable thenlor. A, IL HEAT.I), City Collector. tfJefllcol. OP bTAMUN’A, Cosstitstieial Weakness. EFFECT OF HOSTITTER’S BITTERS IK CASES OP General IPebilit!/. Harare Is sot impartial. Oa some of m she hasbe stowed staler art framos, strong coaitUatlotu. iron nerves; on others, hat little physical power, or const!* tnticsa] stamina, or nervous vigor. Let the feeble take heart, however. It they cannot become Samsons, they can, by the use ot proper means, make up la a measure lor tha deficiencies of nature, and may per* chance live at long sad enjoy Uio as much as thetr mere Herculean neighbors. Delicate machines under proper care sometimes outlast those of a more solid and ponderous structure. A floe watch will run longer than » steam engine ol a thins and bone-power. The first object of the weak and fragile is, or should be. to acquire additional strength IT possible. It u pouttu. It may be stated as a proved and established tact, that science has given to the world, in. OSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS A vegetable Ineffforttnt, trhlehpermansntt'j up <mrl 9utintns the fettle phytljut, tcA fiber the lack of Urmgth and »tamt:ia be an inherent defect or tka mult of eziranrovn carnet. If general debility Is not a dfroue. It U sosethlnif worse, viz: a condition which predisposes the body to succuroh to all mfiuenoes that produce dieease. We are costtnaally aunoonded and beset, more or less, by Iciccttng elements. Neither the purest air nor the pur est water Is perfectly pure. And In regions where both are absolutely poisonous, bow shall the weakly constl tutlon and trail system raWUbelr deadly effects unlaw fortified by artUcJal meaaa? If the BITTEKS are tha rctnfbtclng, vitalizing, tustalulug preparatloa they an ela'ned to bt—and on this bead the testimony In their ftvor Is overwhelming and Incontrovertible—thea it la absolutely faiultout in any man or woman, suffering from physical weakness, not to resort to so potent a remedy. Whcnaa epidemic Is prevslllng, or la proa* -peet, the best safeguards arc a perfect digestion,'Ann nerves, and a wise employment of the means wttiek science has placed at the disposal of the public as as* tldotes against atmoephenc Infection. Among the latter, ROSTETTER’S BITTERS Deservedly enjoy the highest repatattoa throughout the Western werid. gjrßemcmbcr that physical rigor Is the be* t defence againstdlaeaap.andthatltmay be Increased to an ex* traorcipary decree by theujeol this celebrated tonic. Bowel Complaints, Colic, Diar rluxa, Dysentery, Cholera Mor bus, fnu7 Constipation. BlUlous Colic U s disorder characterized by what Faracelsuac&llsatroocouspain. The torture extends over the whole abdomen, and a strong man writhes under It as if npon the rack. The BITTERS arc useful to relieve tbo paroxysms, bat It 1* as a sure means of preventing a recurrence ot the attack that tbayaxe particularly recommended. Tone the liver and the bowels with this gentle stimulant and corrective, and yon will never be troubltdwtth the agonizing and dan gerous cocpUlntknown aa Billions Coils. Chronic Miiarrbaa. There Is scarcely any difference of opinion among regular physician* sa regards the treatment of chron ic diarrhoea. Most of them hare heretofore recom mended a tableapoonftil or teaspoouful ct brandy to b« Uven several times a day. They one and ali admit thatastrlagentsandtoclc* arc required. This beteg admitted, the mala thing Is to give the hen tonic end astringent that can bo procured; and that has been proved by experience, and under the test chemical tala, lobe HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS Ibe symptoms of chronic dyspepsia are fprqufnt discharges generally, with some pain and grlpiug, mtlesseesp. thin*, poor appetite, detlilty, loji ot flesh, dry, rough, and somewhat tallow bile, the tongue dry and dark colored. The food often paswa through the howe’s nearly In tho condition in which It was swallowed, thus showing that the gastric juice Is either not generated In sufficient quantity, or that it has not the solvent properties necessary to dteompese the ttasilcattd (bod. Tho Uvtrii generally out of or der. and tte bowtls aOlicUd with a low grade ot in* flammatlon. Under theso circumstances a medicine sHHitiy apart rat, as well as tonic and antl-billous. Is absolutely re quired; mcclctce is IIOSTETTER’S BITTERS. Let It he borne in mind, however, that chronic rtlar rtora,aa w*,)] u the acute form of the dl«evcwiikh lends tj It, iray always be avoided br keeping up the toco of Ikestomu-liaml of the mucous memhr.moor the intestines with Ibis salutary and harmless tnvlso rant. It it a great thing to restore to regularity a etc ynlcrcd function, but It ]i still better (oesrtmie the necessity for restoration by prcvcaUflg irregularities. Ali slueeartls rcqolro to be sttmoJstcd: and yet strange toaar, theslnggiib bdwelc areoftm'snhlcctnl ro« ireatsrnt which m the end increases their tor ptdtty, and renden a complaint, rosily cured in the iwpinnipg, aNtlnatelychronic. Let the eonstlpatod hewaraofdrastic pill* and potions. The Inraruritx nrcrarsts the disorder. A combination of a whole, tome stimulant with a mild, sot thing laxative U what Uneeded. In HOSTETTERS BITTERS tbe sufferer huthiaimportaßidesUeratum. AoourM of thl« genial corrective will eventually cure every form of constipation, and nmore tho headache, dlzzf* near, frrcrUhness. nan*ea, and rrttUily-mtndejnr*s, by which Ills usually accompanied. gome persons whoan* by ccmtltutlon ot a constipated habit may overcome tbediflluityaod achieve perfect regularity by tiling the IUTTEKS dally la ccnlormlty with the direction*. The Three most Important Periods of jLife. Physicians divide Hie Intoflvc distinct period*-tha am extending Rom birth to the age of terra year*, the secondftom tho tevcalb to # the fonrtecclh year, ihc third fretn thefoarteenth to the twenty-ant year, >be fourth from thetwenty-nrst to tho fbrtleth year* the fifth Rem the fortieth year to tbocloaoorilfr'e ••strange, evcnlfhl Iristory.** Stuksposrc divides !ICJ Into •feven igc*;” bat five is the number adopted by the faculty. In what Is caLod the •• third period** the Important cbaaies occur which mark and separate thesexus. This Is the stage ot dec efopmeut, when the frame, la acquiring form, Proportion, and strength, make* ex* traordloary demands upon the vital and eoestitutbiaal lesoorcce. The weaker »cx soahrs mast daring this period. The vitality of womvo,brtngtaxed to a great er degree than that ot cmn, often requires to bj rMa forced by artlQclal means. Whenever this Is necessary. ROSTETTER’S BITTERS May be ccneclentloasJy recornmende-l *» tho moit harmlcf a and efTectlre of all (onlc*. The fourth period, embracing tbe maturity cf Hie, when the power* of body and mind la both vexes ought to be la ftR vßor, also bis its special dlfflculUcs. It 1* during this stage that the tgmata Is subject to most of the harasslnsjalliiients peculiar to her organization. So numerous and distressing are these complaints, that tbe patience with which they are borne, while it ex cites tbe wonder, demands the earnest sympathy, of the less afflicted beings who style themselves par ex cellenee the “lords oCcreatioo.** la forotado It most be admitted that the “ lords** are by no mears cqtul to the “ladiea.” To the latter It la Important to Know that in tho troubles which precede and f&Uow maturity, the BITTERS Are excellent, both aa a bodily and mental Invlgoran;. Thty will belfumd a capital means of sustaining tbe iemalepAi'sfque uades the heavy drains made upon it at the most Interesting and perilous periods of married HR. • The fifth stage Is that In which all theftmctlcns de cay and the frame gradually heads under the weight of year?. Durlrg this period, too. women softer ranch more than the stronger sex. la passing the line ■which divide* maturity from the dee'lne of life, they have to encounter more difficulties and dangers 6esar dresmcdcffwfceahecrcasedtheßahicoa, Depression sndgicom bordering on inasalty, together-with innu merable physical disturbances, art amnny the pains and penalties they sometimes have to endure as lhe*«> unit u well as at ihejtrsi crisis ot their lives. As a toothing and balsamic remedy lor their afflictions at such Uo.cs, the BITTEES Arc prescribed by many eminent physicians. The sthculctlngquaUtieiOftcepicparatios are so modl lUd by the medicinal herbs and roots Infused into It, that It may be taken without arprcbctslrn even by tho«c who ore unpleasantly afleclod by the cnlinary excitants. Prepared and Sold by HOSTETTER & SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa. iron SALE BY druggists, OROCERB AND STOREKEEPERS, Throughout tho World.