Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 18, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 18, 1867 Page 4
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€l)tcago ■FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 1887. THE CITY. O. A. R.—The second monthly meeting of Post 27 win be held this (Friday) evening, at Uhiich’a Hall, at 6 o'clock. * Lcxserxxr,—An adjourned ireettng of the Lumbermen’* Association will be held at their room*, fool of Franklin street, on Friday after noon at S o'clock. Brzx Bnnnsa.—The fteealsg weather unite reaned the Police cilendir jeetertijr momme. Only ttrcnly-fonr eftsee were on the docket end Jl™— lb „ c „ nl0 ,“ “"»Plcßone cases were throe ctfisS elch ‘" bom " Uancd “ 4u “° ott - A Turns Aisinic.— The third alarm of fire yce terday race from box No. 142, between ten and eleven o'clock last evening, was occasioned by an inaplent fire on North Clark between Superior street and Chicago avenue. The damage done amounted to lessuuo SSO. 00110 Scnnrjv Death.— Michael Mines, an unmarried man abont thirty years old. an employe In Grif fin's packing house on Archer toad, died very about alne o’clock. 4 n to ? a est held by Coroner S'.fc„ra y S^wlfh*fh"?,'S, nrC! ° 11 ” d ■“* Tordl “ Soldibbs Hzuzr.—The benevolently disposed, and those who lore sharing. If not so disposed, ate asked to remember that the West Side Skat ing Kink and the Washington Sharing Park are Open afternoon and evening during this week, to holders of tickets for the benefit of the Soldiers' KellcfFnnd. Tickets may be procured at any of the book or mntlc stores In the city. Thb Jewish TkHPLE.-Sunday School teachers will do well to visit the rooms of the Chicago Sunday School Union, No. W Washington street, this week, to study Dr. Reeder’s beautiful model "s‘b® U if d I 0 "! 1110 * “! l ?•» » the days of nulsl. Dr. fteedcr epcnl three years In Us con struction, and baa produced a very floe piece of wurk. teachers sod others arc tnvlicd to call from 9. a. m. until C p. m. Ta* Alieoed False rnrrxncas.— Wo arc re quested to say that In the case of Messrs. Stall & Carsnna. who were.’on Wednesday last, adjudged guiltless of the charge of obtaining goods under false pu lcnces, had money In marges' Dunk at Iherim? to Ihclr credit, bui that Uie senior mem ber of Uie firm, whose slgnsluro was required to the thrrk, was temporarily 4b«etil when the de mand was tusd l for payment. The esse seems to have hoeu a simple misunticielsnditig. tin DAouaiitmurms.-Tliost* who hive i»M of deceased frlt*ntf« aw Invited lo «-«lt Mint •«•!« orwt'J’ittir m tbe gallery ♦'l (inuiirc Jl. Disco. No. lira lAke s(u-nl. nr m Ulo Uun i« cmliM lo malts old and fc IMI jjiitiifi'p look frpsn Htitl tmnifHi, ah w{ j*Uh l a **' Mo V rfl l t,,lr .*" r * will (I» well )o rail mi IHm. wltllti iW m«*Al r«*«lnrilcin 111 ihlcm rniiilmlJ Iht tabs* photograph* for oiiodolUr per (tiimin UnM.imon.-1 h* (rarka at and near lh« lUUrond .Imirllnn, ahuul aU mllna aotith of thlr city, warn fiinmihrml nlth ■nowdtlltaou Wudnraday mcht. and ipvrral loror.inUrr. wnra aimt out to clear llio rmU. One ol Uinie, on Ilia I'lll-lnirjflj \\ oyne liallroad. cot ntnek fail In a •imw imilu ,l n t I ,olU { on waa run in'nhy minthnr I’tiMne and badly nmaihed. whllo ihu amiallant did h. I Parana iindamoßod. No ptirnon m»»tnlncd In* Jury. 1 lu» hacka woio ontiioly cU'irod ol obilrnc* Ilona by ycaiaidaj uiomtiig. Tita llacki.ton I*UHo.-ni o amenta for I tie Ilmllnn Murom thladly-N. Uyn &, Hon, No. I<>! llamlolph all rot—dcrlro tin In cßll,ntluntlon lo lh«- lollonjiig nolo addroamd lo (hum under dlto of November 13, bv A. Do Ancnera. tuner atid lepalnr. at No. 'd\ Dark ovenuei After o.imH.r’Y'* n * t * I ||l,| o foitf lunor In V'draco. I ronehler llaxptimi llro-.* piano, for dui aMIUy, rvt tiuesa oftom» and olastlcily of touch! C 'U!"l V? B, 'Y pl"bc» ntado In this €0001^.” The llaxctlun baa never failed. Morkimu Union I'halkh Mmtjro.-NolwlUi* tit* extreme* coldnoaa ofyeaurday morn* lh« mecliiiff waa well attended, a „.l the | n . lrri - »i not Iran than on Hid jirocodlni* momlnjr. IN'v. U. M. lUlfltld, I), J),, presided. and apnko eloquciilW of the result* which would neceaaarlly lolluw Chrltuan eflort when Inspired by a clear f* pD n. c M?" ? l dignity and ro.pon.lbllUy or ! 5 poaiuon. The racoLln.* thU morn- OK will be led by Mr. I). 1* Moody, President of place of Itev. Ur. Matson (announced), who can not be present. hoondajr meeting atlll continued in the audience room of the Meihodht Church, coiner of Clark and \\ atreeta.* The Ancnc Expedition or IKSS.—A lecture was delivered last night. In the First Congregational Church, for the benefit of the Chicago Sunday fS°A O JJ?P D ’ aK Ca P taln s «nuel Whiling, on ,b ® Arctic Expedition In search of i)r. Kane. The speaker was Introduced Ly E.S. Skinner. Esq., President of the Union, and proceeded to give an account of the incidents and results of the expedition, which was composed of the steamer Arctic and the bark Release, under the command *£“.7 AJUrlUrfn. and sailed from I*ew \ ork May SIbL ISSS. After a five montlia' cruise, during which the fcarlul dangers of the N orthem Ice fields were met wltuout barm, aud the vovsgera stood upon the eighteenth decree of north latitude, the adventurous band returned In safety with Dr. Kane and his party, whom they found at last, alter having lost their chips and sus tained great sufieringa from hunger and cold and omcr privations. Ihe lecturer Intersperses his account with poetry, descriptions of natural scenery. Incidents cn ehipboai d, the habits of the native?, and other matters, and groups together many things of in terest and profit. b The audience was not large, which wa» owing, in pan, no doubt, to the extreme cold of the night. College Lectcezs—Utgeine.— The inaugural Jeciure of a course on Anatomy and Physiology by J. W. Brooks, 11. D., before the senior class of the L’nlvurity 0 f Chicago, was delivered last evening. As a preliminary discourse the lecture die not of course, enter deeply Into the topics to be diseased, taking rather a sweeping view of the v.bole field of observation, noting the extent and importance of the stndy, how much has b-en acaieved m the past, and how much yet remains unknown of the relations of man to ihe earth on which be treads, the air he respires, aed the food and drink which sustains life. Tno historical re view was exhaustive, sketching *hc pro<reci»s of the healing art from the days of EscnJaplus in the twelfth century before Christ to the present day with a glance at the state of medical knowledge in each of the periods named, and at the principal works which were written down to the time when the flood of medical writings rendered such a summary impossible to be continued. The lec ture room was well filled, there bein'*'many citi zens present lu addition to the stuihnta. The dh-connK; was listened to with great attention. ABICBK.TIENTS, Risroni.—The anxiety to see and hear the great Italian tragedienne Increases daily, and the indi cations arc thathad the Opera Uoaec been twice as large, ihcseats could ollbavebeen sold- Ristori opens on Monday evening as “Medea.” Of It and her a Cincinnati exchange of this week Uins dis courses: “Tbc tragedy of ’Medea,' in which Ihe great actiesß m.-iac her first appearance here, as else* where In America, has a plot of naked simplicity. There is no coomcrploi—no divergence trim a plotting story mat begins with a woman’s wrongs and ends with her awful veng ance. A great but simple sorr ow nebers In the play, and a tragedy of thrilling loftiness ends It. A discarded mistress— a mother ronbed of her twin boys—a noble, bot fierce and passionate woman, who is lorn with anguish and driven to frenzy—this much ami no more. But it is enough to make an audience breathless, and bi ing a glistening to eyes unused to U oking other than coldly on the studied woes of the stage. “Riston was greeted with respectful warmth, and we will say at the start that intelligent expec tation was satisfied—more than tatlsfied—with her credentials as the first tragedienne of her age. It was surprising to observe how little her speak ing Italian stood in (be way of a complete com prehension of every situation, and even of every salient phrase of the dialogue. ’ I am astonished,’ said an Italian tn our bearing, ‘that they applaud here just at tbc points where they applaud in Naples and Paris.* That was a doable compli ment to the genius of tbc actress and the keen at tention and quick Intuitions of the audience. If it is a pan of the gre t general to force the enemy to battle In spite of blmsclr, it is no less the pan of a artist to be master of that more unlvcr* t al language which defines definition in damb sym bols, yet Is most easily Irons laud of all. A hush frequently tell over the audience. There was an instinctive concert lu that. The leaves of th-* libretti turned over with a simultaneous flutter, like a quick puff of wind. The cadence step was In that. It was la the whole performance. “Ibstorl’e acting Invites study. I's complete ness grows on one ns Ills followed more and more closciT. Hhc Is as scrupulous In details as she Is majestic and startling in ber eventual grasp of her character. Wo have heard, and we credit the piatcmenl, that none admire ber more fervently than actors and actresses—people oi her own pro fession. who know Us shoals and difficulties, and have felt how next to hopeless it la to triumph over -all. She has, in amplitude, gifts of nature that Itacbal never possessed, and the fibre of her genius, though different from Jtach l's, Is not less rare and subtly capable. “ Her Italian school of acting Is very dltfeiont ! from the «:ie famtUar (o os. It is loss demonstra- 1 live, yet more !i tense. The points arc made by a subdued but irresistible article force, and never br Innous declamation. There were no finer phase* in the play than Bistort's withering ear coma* of manner In her first Interview with her fnitMcFß lover. The concentration of Irony In tone and rye was overwhelming. What must U be with the Italian text added f “The great actress was demanded before the curtain at tbc end ot the first and last acts. Tim c«ia*troj)he that ends ibe tragedy was brought on with s swiftness Ibst puzzledthe audience lortlu first time. Until too* breath ai the curtain do sfruderl, and the next moment frit howclimtclr vivid tin* culmination wa» made by the Judicious burry of Us action.” itiNxm*.- fo-nlghl will bo one of benefits. It will U benefit*everywhere. At McVtckcr’s The atre Corlle Unsh will take a benefit to Ida l«e : at the Mmeum Miss Ulcknrds will Uvea b-ueilt as I’anheiila In lugotnnr. and at the Opera House John Dillon la announced for t benefit. In what tv/rts not stated, 'then, too, the W»»bin"ioij Hkating Talk and thu Wo»t Hide fltuk are open for Ibe benefit of the soldiers, We trust that each and every one of the bincflclarica will ba maleri ally a gamer by lbocca»lon. McVincrn’s Tucstup.—Mi*s Cecllo Ru«b has been plavlug, so far, a very profitable engage ment, aud Las won gulden omoious of the large nr.dlrnan who have attended her performances i.icbtiy. Her assumption of “Isabel,” lu Iva t Lyuce, marks her us an actress who may bu re carded as a formidable rival to some of tbs lead ing lights In ttc profession. We anticipate for her a bumper to-night. . i * t ?.^ UK .““V 08l ittDondon”ha9torcd much bet- IK., i?* 8 °. r the Museum .Company daring 11 u ‘onld fare with moat Olliers. U.b » wtsiij-wmsby play, with little to recommend it save ta«mtan*f to which Itianro acted and the J:ffi:renl parts ktSulnl!|l 1 a better bill la offered to-night on „ c „,io n “lf Hiss lUckorda’benefit, which we doubt *‘ot will be a grateful aotitenir oi tbc c ß tecm of herthon sat de of Chicago Inends. G. r. A. licaiy, Efiq., the great portrait painter is sot in New Orleans, as baa been stated la a New York paper, but in his studio in this city In company with other Opera House painter* ali of whom lake an Interest io those who cultivate the voice and (be drama, as art, and who have met Mias Bickorda at Professor McCoy’s Lectorc Room. Mr. HealT will be present at her benefit at Colonel Wood’s Museum this evening, it will be remembered that at the inauguration of the Opera House Gallery, when Mr. Heaiy at the con clusion of his remarks, called noon Prolcssor Me - Coy to speak, and when the Professor tried to ex cuse blmatllbv saying. tbat“not being an artist himself, he felt It quite out ot nlace (or him to rpeak on art In the presence of artiste” Mr Itcalv immediately interrupted him and said: I •’But you arc an artist : we all regard yon as a biotber-aitl*t, and a distinguished Instructor ot one of the highest ©fail arts—the art of Votes ” Otxba House.—The Dulon-Clauasen season draws rapidly to a close. These two artists have been weil supported by the public, though we cannot say the same for the company. ILisquzJLkDE, —“ The first grand Masquerade Ball of (be season” was given at Turner Hall last evening, and was well patronized notwithstanding the very cold weather. Skatzso —The -Skating Parks arc tn all their e>ery lust now with renewed cold weather, clear, nnclondcd aides and a full moon. There was good sport at each of them yesterday. Incindiog < the Rinks, the latter offering a grateful shelter during the coldest hours ot the day. This even ing a second lancy drees carnival will bo given at the Centra! Parle. A large number of costumes hare bees prepared, aua as the weather pros pects are more favorable than at the last one, we may anticipate excellent sport. THE STEWART DIVORCE CASE. Eighth Day of the Trial. The Michigan City Fiasco—Where Were the Coal Hearer Deteo- ' tires?—The Card of Di rections—Sot in the Stewart Boom. Different Opinions as to tlte Bopntatlon of Defendant—Good, Questionable, Fast and Bad. A Disturber Pined. TheeirhlhdAjorthslurcsUjraUoa In the case of Stewart vt, Stewart dragged its alow length along wearily yesterday, (be interest of the attend ants being sensibly diminished. The testimony adduced, however Important it might be as weigh ing In the deciding balances, was lame to the CB P«®{f ,l J t by comparison wltn that o , dock I * Bl>reCedca beCoart opened at ten . . . »• O. TAKEED being continued upon the stand: ~ S*, ,*L n 2 Il .° ***« time, did you have an In attwhLmlf D to detectives being .Objected to. and held that the defence cao show lowed^** 008 ° f 018 bc3,ef ttat be waa so fol- . A : dnd C ln s from what ho said, I should think he did, dotrn to a period considerably snbseqneot to what Is called the Michigan City atialr. Marsh and Kean never communicated to mo what Ihey have testified to here. J Q. Did Mr. Stewart ever consult you as to his crnjsnhacyt acl oli a K amßt Washington Smith fo? Objected to, mid objection overruled. csrt,?n Jnl?; A™ 0,0 lolter P“> of *■«« or Uter d “'‘ '“” k 11 couldl “" > •>«" , , .. n. w. CLAUK “ id t ; , l haTu l lvcd in Chicago twen ly-eightyutrs, and 1 was a lawyer nntll four years ago. I hare known (he defendant sixteen or seventeen years. So fbr as l knon?his general reputation fbr chastity was good. 8 ‘ •«./wfK‘ r *VTf r, *s?ir 1 know his Associate, !ffift&ie3. dUncU r 1 ° eVCr hcard hlB cbßr * The next wllticss was 4 . . ... OIS . Ha, I AL ~AIIT b. STBWAtIT. who testified i Defendant Is uiy ueptew. nml t Imte kiiunii him itiiituololy. 1 suppose I know b«", general tcpuialtun, and 1 heard tmihlm# against him, end never knew anything agaltiA .. - . UMAIILM R. AYltß* itHinmli inm n nintpr ui ilin (otth iiri.titn I have hhujifi (IHcmlnM tisatly multi yitruß. ija l)in« n good irpniaium fur tlmnlir and vihub/ I linn ii „ fATUMPtM., ‘ KUi»* ‘lcfßiulfliii. mill imNrdml with him on ">c«. nik »(««).,in.....,i I ,wj Ami'i ''ffew, m " 1 S“iiiiiSll! or u lili win hor »li nii-miiif And dntiorlnioiit to* ««ril (tin ui'fiinilmi » A. Hlu ahvnv* hdhiiioil tu 'Vi 0 VimV lo ?° will* him linn anybody «U«. rtS:yi»r? i, “ iu »«>»»<■«“«**«- o|ijr»r|ril to mid ohjcciion inriirriilod, A. Ho did I'liuca* that belief, Iwuilnya, I think aMnrahn catmt llinro. llu|ioitiloil out to mua man «liom Imi immhl wn a <it-u*cllvai| ilminirnun (■(•l'lni’O (o iiowalcjilng tliu liuiiao. Hitman iiicd jm .i lor*itonKrou jflw'cll IoAUV ‘| I a"n • u a*i ® n‘l I^lyou^’S^l, n o r.?rn 0 "°' ou ' m ,lu . Vt ' r hcifOofironlilo abont llmt hoiiK* s i mil nul lirjr any lull: nlmni Milris or washing, nor of I'M the hoarder* denouncing him. Thom woto rUiyli' timloH hoarding there, Wilson. Hm<akmati nihitV* 1 I doi/i remember any ulliori*. Tlio wontou avent out with him several tttnrH alone—thtt-c time* llmt I know of who auk* id him toco and >lO old nol.ihii I know of. oh* Inim.- » J liV i° 'l 10 !’ 1 l n «i'»hpr In tho parlor, hut olhoi hoiitp'rs worn itiom. 1 do not know thn man ho pointed oul lo ho a tlutorllvo.| Htuwnrl told inn ho wan :he aromml lo ho watchlug Esoctm dto lAAiife lii v ill tic him to co ulili her. Ttio Iniihp (mu >t ■...*>< by « laJv-1 ihlSk Wlfion. lA* to [bo uota n !d 94 I !*.£* 10 now wn« written |q pencil andean* lalnml five or six lines. I did not .ee Mrs. Me* .Makers give the note to Stewart. then testified: * llß ’ U * B ’ na * NAUD d . e t since SoptemborSO. J Jgj K n a Jm *i th me fro “ that day Ull May hi?w?fL*£ JFi d fi dce . conrt * .Doalways spoke of !? 108 of the highest aflec bur^^S?. bo asoai:ly spoke of their separation and tn*i>ul££ 8 >i 0 £ ? He seemed always I? f s r 1110 separation, Mrs. M. iivi i i 6r * boarded at my boose five or six days; fiini S.Ar?K Ctl S'L lhe 2d da y°f April and remained SUSi^Sfi* 1 * Sh ? wa S vef y anxious to be intro fhf«i£ h i n V a ? d u mydau S btcr Introduced him; she seemed to take more pains loget Into con t a n? n h,m tban wUb any other gentleman, h’n. B r W ,° she gave me aarefer «rce*«i.bul L a ° n . ot remember the names or the parties I caned on. I did not hep her invite him to no ont with her, but 1 knew he wbenhe came back 1 said to him “I $£ k £ ol l are verT imprudent,” and be said he thought she was a detective and be thought ho wou»d see bow far she would go, and she Invited faun to the Richmond House. He had told me oe- Imdl^hinb^? I * o^ 1 £ e !» ccti i ea vere afUsr blm < b .£i. eaidho . h \ d otber detectives. I saw ..S^ Blers ,n August I think, on a Mad- Stewart B P ent bia evenings In the hn^w??£ e Uian , lb ® oUier young gentlemen that boarded there. 1 did not see, but heard oh a note purporting to he written by a Mrs Wllaon. »-e«wilnation.—l thlnx ho went ont with her three days after the introduction. Idiacov- no backwardness on his part to the iutro- B.C. mssm then testified that ho had known the defendant for years, and his general reputation was £o°d- He never heard iternvassed. r • Atthig juncture A. Miller, County Assessor ££& e .?* < e ,h an-ested for Improper fI II A f ?, rdD ? h ‘? t *»y Into the room. He was fined five dollars lor his contumacy, lie paid the entered*] * Dd departcd moro snadenly thu he NATHAN O. CHEAUT was again called. Ills additional testimony was ts iciioWß: The tail to the roomsfive and six was dark, and the numbers were varnished over. I met Turtle in room twenty-seven, bclorc the arrest. y. Boat did yon say as to the woman being a detective? Objected to, and objection sustained. .. «,r. Turtle paid for the wine that was drank. 1 think he gave me a twenty-dollar bill In payment, ihere were two bottles of wine drank. Turtle paid the woman s bill at the bouse. «.h r ?K«^?/ /ilnaf,on *rlhe Tarnish on the doors was the ordinmy varnish. They were varnished before I took possession of the house. UOBEltr KENNT produced. Uia testimony was as fol xvi\l OCC nJ ,a . t l°? 18 keeping a detective agency. William Turtle Is my partner; wo entered noun ihe business about a rear ago. lam not able *of my own knowledge, to state If the firm was em ployed to procure evidence In this case. I have seen a woman who I was told went by the name °f ilcSlasicrs. 1 have seen her once or twice at par office. 1 did not converse with her, but I have seen her conversing two or three times, ner haps, with Mr. Turtle. This was during the last summer. I coold not stale what time It was, for 1 bctt l a majority of ihe time. I know nothing of an excursion of Turtle and TunmcUfie to Michigan City excepting what I have heard and read. I was at Cincinnati at Ihe time. Ido not know of Mr. Wtbb having anything to do with the case of my own knowledge. Igo to the office every day Inm in town. Mr. Webb is In our employ now. I presume perhaps W. Smith was at our office on Monday week. I have seen him there. I could nol slate positively that he wan at the office within two weeks, bat to mr knowledge I have not seen him talking to Webb. Ido rot know where Turtle Is. 1 saw him yes terday- you asked me IM knew where be was and l told you I did not know. 1 saw him after ward and did not tell him, os 1 remember, that you wanted blm. I think, perhaps, 1 told you 1 would tell him yon wanted him. ) saw him In the country yesterday. I think mat Mr. Turtle is not now In the employ of Mr. W. Smith In this casc-hc is not to my knowledge. Mr. Tamil clmc was In our employ last summer. I could nol tell yon where be is. Turtle did not tell me jeeterday where bo was going. 1 met Stewart in March or April last on the avenue. A boy was with me. I can’t give the name of the boy, ho was not In our employment. I did not scud him to the bouse where Stewart lived to see If be lived Iborc. and Stewart did not ask of me what 1 want ed with blm. I do not kuow that Mrs. McMasters. and don’t Ihink I ever spoke to her. 1 do not know thatebo *is a detective, but I think 1 have heard in the office that she made reports. Wo have had from six to ten or twelve persons In onr employ. I don’t remember that we had a person of the name of Brown employed, but Thomas Harris and Duvall Page were employed by us. I Hams at the office this morning, and hols In the city unless he has left elnco 1 came to court- I don’t think Page ta In the city, but he and Harris arc still In our employ. Croti-rraininaHon.—l know the attorneys for (be complainant by eight. Nobody connected with this case has anything to do with Turtle’s aesencc that I know of. The lawycia for com plainant tent for blm ns to his bclug a witness the night before la«L 7b Mr. Arrinafon,— l dli not tell Mr, Tnrllc that Goodrich, Farwcll & Smith wanted him. Mr. told mo be wanted him ns a witness. 70 Mr. Smith.— 1 did not Inform anybody that I saw Turtle yesterday, ALLAN PINKERTON was next sworn. Ho said: lam by profession a nclrclKo. I have bad no connection with this case as a detective. Stale whether Stewart applied to you last spring as to engaging ibo service of your agency f Objected to and objection overruled; tfao evi dence tending to show* whether or not Stewart supposed he was followed. A. Of my own knowledge I can only nay that on Ihn Tib of April last 1 saw Stewart In my office. 1 think 1 had an interview with Stewart. Oeorco It. Hangs was thu Snin-rlnlendent he would speak to. I hate had the office searched for a note from Mrs, Wilson to Mrs. McMasters. Vioit caimlnaHnn~l do not know that any such letter was left in thu office. 7b Mr. Arrington—Mr. Dangs would know as to this tact. He has not been bero for three months. The Court then adjourned until 2 p. u. AFTERNOON SESSION. The Conrt re-convened at S p. a. O. U.TIIUCL was sworn. He said: 1 am at present Superintendent of Pinkerton’s orcc In li fs cliy. In April ln»t 1 saw the defend ant at the agency. I have an indefinite recollec tion of hU leaving a letter at the office. 1 cannot recollect the contents ol ihe Irlter and 1 cannot recall the writer, or to whom it was sot t. I made an entry of lb" cab at Mr. Bargs' dictation, proba bly on the day of the call. I mink I saw Stewart In the office the following day. but! had no con versation with him. Ills first call was on the 7th day of April. JXVIB v. A. BUTLEB then testified: 1 am a law student In the ofilco of Arrington A Dent. I was present at the interview between Mr. Webb and Mr. Arrinsrtou. Q. Will yon state what occurred? Objected to; counsel for the defendant claiming that be can show the statement of the witness Webb upon the stand to be false, and that the wit ness bad as a patt oftbe transaction complained or. endeavored to induce him, the counsel, to abandon the case, objection sustained. The question waa now raised by the defend ant that sufficient evidence has been pro* dcced to ahow the existence of ft con* eplracy so as to allow the Introduction of the declarations of co-consplrator*. The Court held thaltbellnkslnthe chain ot evidence of such a conspiracy arc not complete. The connection of Turtle has cot been shown, as with the comolaln. ant, in such a wav as to preclude the Idea ororon er botioess intercourse. w uuiwvu imeivuui^. W. B. HAPTLXTX was next called and be testified ttaatbc bad known the defendant aoout ten years and that nis ecu* era! reputation was good ». J. PAGE testified next as follows: 1 am at work lor W. Turtle & Co., and have been under Mr. Turtle since the first of Jane, and was under bim fur two years on the city force. 1 have perhaps seen ten persons employed by him. 1 never, that I know or. saw Mrs. MeUasters. 1 have seen a great many ladies In the office, bat I could not say If they were connected with the Agency. I think 1 was in Chicago on the Sthh of Jane last. 1 never heard anything about the Michigan City affair until this trial commerced. 1 did not know or Turtle or TtmnldlCc going to Michigan City. 1 think I have seen Washington Smith in the office once qg twice; perhaps the last lime abont two months ago, and before that perhaps abont tbe , i&stof July. I did not ascertain his bnaLnosi. 1 sta2V“*^. w,lh ,. I,r - AWoH. th« Becre 7h?. .'' !v b,re b "“ jwlupi Iwo-lblnlß U» country. Ttaamu Hurl, waaomployed in the oQicoldce myself. Croes-cxamlnaUon* tired. _ uims om&SD _ UAiiABS iirrminn Cposiel for Ihe defence tenders letters front com* plait ant lo defendant, including the correapond cn<* on her part from the early days of courtship to Angnst 34,1864, two month b prior to the eeoa ration. Complainant objected to thote on the Sonndol irrelevancy, and the defendant claims e right to read, as exhibiting the terms of their tnterconne, and to rebat the Idea of Impurity of conduct on the part of the defendant. The letters were not received. gxxxjuw. t. sammoi fl . e sJi lAt b®btd known the defendant since about IBM. and before IS6I be was acquainted with bis general reputation, which was good. _£*fSleuurt TOM In regard to this matter, as an attorney. xns. eca&ir TIPIE ni»t testified. Sbessld: I hare lived In the cite Jatce jests. I have known Louisa A. HHler about ore years. Iknew her reputation for truth and aDd .l t ™wj tad. I could notbelloTe her under oath. Crott-fxentnafhn,— She sued zny husband fbr wanes, hut sho nerer earned any. She replerled a trunk also. We were beaten in the salt fbr Dent— The case went to a Usher court, and we bare not heard of It since. The defence then rested their case. _ REBUTTAL. • The case for Iho complainant was then again taken up. ..... n. B. HSUOXB testified: I reside in West Chicago and waa a dnstlce or the Peace for eight years until this last fall. I know Joel Lull and Mr. Kinney, who have been witnesses in this case. I remember abont the time of the publication of this suit oelng com menced. a conversation in my office between them On.reading this article Mr. Key sildS me (I think Mr. Lull was not present at that time) he thought he knew about It. Lull came In and he showed the arUclo to Lull, and be said. th^° U r£L ’' i bß k ft nn. WltnMa In *r at Ba,d be, “Why!” Said sf* V° a ., remember seeing Stewart at Mrs. Dudley s?” They had c -nalderable converaarion, and at last Lull said he remember ed seeing a roan there but he could not recognise mm, If he should see him; he said he did not 0,1 i l ? b l m * _.t n lhls conversation he did not attempt to describe the man. There weio many conversations between hlmsell and 1 1 ; 0118 being c 2 u witness, he being an old man. Lull shortly since came In, and lie said btewart called on him the ©receding evening, and that waa not the man : hut to lhal time he never undertook to describe the mao whom he did see. CYoM-examJmz'Um.-Il was an (die talkbelweon these iwo. almost every day or eo. I think Kin poy said at limes to Lull that “he must remcm brr the msD.’’ I think Kinney always tried to satisfy Lull that ho was tlgbL There was no aß ,l°i bc *? na unUI alU:r be said he f*w # B, S ,ta jl , fi.* l was the lore part of November JbeUrhlleaia it was a tall man with sandy or red JAUKSL. UOCff was next sworn. Ills testimony was as follows! h*! 0 " 11 dp f«dahl hr sight for several T'W*. 8 n^‘ bc JV* 8 al wbpol at Albion, Michigan. .Mr'JVT I ’'';'- 1 " r " 1 Iu AH'lon In IBHor and the rircumslaiices of his helugthero ■ud’, «* cntised Inlri ahuul him. I left AlMou Ini ififio. lie whs pointed out to mu In connection wllh a cltcumsjnurp I llioii went to Valparaiso. JpulaiiSt niid I lliiuh I suw him there once. / "Ifp ' ViLm el 7. ri^ r , *bsii. lie has a mar. .If. Ibfß'i In IMW, Aiiuiuu I esute to ! 1 ' , kV«Wpi«apiinaihXw| with Ids Jen. eral rpjiulailoii In t-lih'ftgo rinro timri ilttnuuli tita asMU'lsles, Irom llm lime of dm a«pHrAliohlo lus prosml lime, I wss lollmsifliy aeiiuainitia with some of his Aiiorlnh's, nml lih iiiiui torail ni a rooui wheio 1 worked nlmpil dally. I rnmr (o hi" repiilntlou ftir chastiiy nod as n tt>mpt>iMnoa man. I pitiamnii I Irnvo lii'-nl uumi ilisu a Imodrod iw* sons sttoiili of him In ihoait rrunrils. ||<i wiiuld rail at tlm nfflm and go out will! innin of th!K jmiaora, and whim they camn hack I would aoml. Iltiiua ho lold wln'iii limy wool to, IIOIIXIITJ. HUNT tlirn Icutlflctl I llinw'nwl'lmlinnilrnßO utioiit iliirlcinn roan. Iliuvu hiiu»n lilm fur flvo anil of lilm forolulil J nii. I know Mill common frlomU aalil ol lilm, nmt t)it* ri'imlnliati liu boro wan bad. ' on*n/tnhaflon.— l can only cl(o Calon Ham* fnlllnn onr I Inmril niii iik or him. Ihcio want nil ornovfti 6fliln Bcqtialiitnnccn 1 know. My know!* viluu In Ourlvcd from tLo ncln ItlnaoiiinlnUncoi rrlnioil. Tliry (uptnntl to Dunk lio wm a tirclly boy* nml Ulkml in Hint way. v 7 ...... . w« L. H. nAItBY lopllfled tint ho bad known defendant aomal yearaalhvnnidnp. Ito wna retimed (o ho very ‘•tanU’; orpeclally for a mlnMor. lly “nn»r' I mean ho would by thrown into the company of thorn he ouuhl not lo bo. 1 don't know what ha would do when ho gol there. 1 don't think Ida renulnlton ibflmhd ndullrrv, hut It entmt next lo It. I mean I think hla naroclallona worn Mich aa led him Into the company of female* of bad character, hut »»y iwlvlaic opnilun la that ho waa only toolioc with ilium. Ho waa well acquainted with my Maipr. v**o waa twlcu an oid aa he, and he uaod to be at tin-houre and talk religion to tho extent that Ii became n boro lo me. . . . ,m». *•.*. weixm Wrllfled : 1 rciddud in Kvanrton from July, I C M. milil November. ldG6. J wail Doitmantur un to AittlJ, Wd, and have known the defendant nearly all that time, 1 think 1 badagood opportunity to hnuw about hlu reputation lor chastity, and 1 Uiluk I hnowll. Ula repntalion waa that of a fast young man until ho attended a camp meeting where It I* popularly said he experienced religion, the meaning of which 1 do not know. Among me aeeociaUa bo had a questionable reputation bmee the camp meeting It nas been diUercnt some what, bat he baa travelled on the vergoof fastness. , inamr HJEKT then testified: I reside at Michigan City, Indiana. 1 have lived there twelve year* last April. 1 was norler at the Jewel House from January 10,156 C, Heft for one month, and I went back abouttbc middle of May until August. The only male help we had In June and July was the clerk, Joe Mct ttlf, and myself. I recollect Stewart coming on the Bom of Jane to the hotel on the 7:15 train from Cblcaso. He came with a lady; they wore walk- Ing side by side. I waa at the depot when the train cametin. 1 got to the hotel about the same time they did; 1 followed them. They went Into the hotel into the rilling room, and I told them to go np stairs to tho first door to the right. Idid not go np with them, but I went to the office, as the clerk was gone to see his folks. Stewart cane down In tho office and registered a name. Doom No. 8 was assigned him. He signed. I think, •* Buckley and lady.” I showed him the room No. 8; that was my bnslncss. They went into the room, and be made a complaint abont the room, and some* thlcg about the lady bclrg tired. 1 went down and told the landlord abont it. I then showed them to room No. 5, and sapper was ordered for hem. When I got to that room the dbor was locked. I went and told him supper was ready: be came down and took ol It, ana then they went back Into the room. 1 think I then saw Stewart come down stairs and go np again, and I didn’t see him until the landlord ordered me logo for bfewi'e. 1 don't think the woman went ootof the hotel until the police made their demonstra tion. Stewart came down once and spoke with a yonng man named Brockway in the office. I Uunk these two went somewhere to get a drink, not to exceed ten or fifteen minutes, and then ho wont upstairs. When I heard there was a fuss I went up stairs. I saw Stewart when he came to the office; bewentto the register ana rubhed oat the name. While 1 was at the depot 1 saw no men with ehou-le and dressed In bine overalls, nor did 1 see any men abont there, orfollowlng him, or loitering about the hotel. Tho stairs have iron on them, so as to make a noise when anybody Sees np them. I old not meet anynoav coming own the stairway, nor did I say to any myi. “Wliai a’c yon doing here S” In tho “coal heav ers diagram the rooms arc wrongly numbered. At the lima the policemen weie put in roomG, S*cwart and the woman were in No. 5. Crost-exanilnatton.— l saw tut* diagram, first ycsteidsy. 1 was subpoenaed Thursday of last week. Ibad a diagram made at Michigan City the day belorc yesterday. 1 went there on pur pose at the request of Messrs. Goodrich and bmltb. ipnr diagram is wrong also, in a room not being in which should be there. It waa light when the train came in, and 1 was on the plat form. 1 did not see Turtle and the other man come np. but one came there and registered the namellntson. 1 saw Stewart and (be woman be fore mo on the sidewalk, acd I caught up with them. ben the man Hutson came I showed him his room, and five or ten minutes after the other came and registered the name of “ Biown.” The first one had a kerchief to his month, and 1 passed some remark abont him: the other had his hand lo his mouth, not describe the men, but one of them was heavy set. 1 could not describe the woman, bat she was dressed in black. I attended in the office after they came. They had supper, after that Stewart came down and went out with a friend lo take a lemonade. He came back and went np stairs again, and 1 don't think be came down unlll after the arrest, which was abont ten o'clock I think. The Court then adjourned until 10 a. m. this day. (•rand Jury of tho United State* Conrt. Yesterday the Grand Jury of the United Stales Court finished Us labors after a sitting since Janu ary sd. Tho following Indictments were found: James E. Champlln, two indictments, for coun terfeiting. John A. Metier, one Indictment, for counter feiting. Edward Hurley, one indictment, for counter feiting. John Mangle, one ludlctmcnt, for counterfeiting. A. 1.. Bomherg, one indictment, for bribery. Nicholas Williams, one indictment for violating Internal Revenue law. Ernst W. Utenackcr, 010 Indictment, for violat ing Internal Revenue law. Herman Tobias, one Indictment for false return in manufactures. Albert Mlcbaolson, one Indictment, for viola tion of Internal Revenue law. Christian Kasslng, oue indictment for false re turns in manufactures, one for false returns of In come, two for perjury. One of the late acts of the Grand Jury was Ibo passage of tho following resolutions That the Grand Jury take this occas ion of expressing their appreciation of tho valuable and efficient services rendered by the Hon Jesse p. Norton, United Stales District Attorney, and bis able Assistant, 8.11. Bonlci). Esq.« In Uie prostcullon of ofienccs against the Government, and that the thanks of the Grand Jury arc hereby tendered to them for the gentlemanly and conr icons manner In which they have treated the mem bers of Ibis body. Sanuxl Hoard, Foreman. Cnnnt Against Natuuk.—A brute In human sliapo, named George Joseph, an Englishman, re siding on Fourteenth street, was arrested Ust evening on a charge the most aggravated which could possibly be preferred against anything In human shape, sod could never bo predicated of a brute, lie Is charged with the crime of sodomy, and as If this were not enough to sink hts soul to perdition, the victims are hts two sous, aged re spectively nine and eleven years. The details of the crime against nA'nro, with which the prisoner Is charged, arc unfit for publication. If the accu sation no substantiated, ihe prisoner will bo prov en to be a fiend unfit to live. Ho will bo examined in tho Police Court to-day. ExoMNiott B. B. Club.—An adjourned mooting of this club win held at their rooms, Nos 81 and flfi laballe street, last evening,which was numerous ly attended. A comtnllieowas appointed to make application to the SUie Lecislainro for a charter for the “Excelsior Base Ball Club.” A committee was also appoint'd to procure en graved certificates fbr honorary members. At the adjournment of (he meeting tho audience were delighted by bearing some choice selections of music oy the “Mnsaws*' quartette,consisting of Mcssts. Unbhsrd, Jacobs, Stiles, Bowen, and Gooding, who were presmt. Fntc Auzufs.—An alarm sounded fromboxNo 4 yesterday morning, about elebt o’clock, was caused by the breaking out of a small fire iu a little bntldlnp at the south end of Wells street bridge, occupied as a cigar stand and shoe shop. The damage was abont $45 or SSO. An alarm from box No. % between eight and nine o'clock last evening, called the engines to River street. An overheated slave in a front room oftbe second floor of the store occupied by Wil liams. Young & Haas, at Nos. 33 and .It. set the celling on fire. It was speedily extinguished; the damage was trifling. Skatiko TnotmLSS.—On Friday last Mrs. Alfred Kusscll. residing at the corner of Price place and Ilalsted street, accompanied by Miss Swift and Miss Walls, went ont upon a small skating park near their residence to enjoy an boar or two of skatltg. They had permission and bad been often invited to do so by Mrs. Shepard,a near neighbor, who for two years bas had a permit to use the ground summer and winter. Another family named Cobb occupy premises immediately ad joining the nark, and the ladles had not been Skating long before Miss Lucy Cobb raised a win dow ano objected to their proceedings. It was alleged that ahe used offensive language, actually calling theta “things. 1 * Then a wordy dispute occm red between Mrs. Russell and Miss Lucy. “Abont this time," at the almanacs say. Mr. Cobb dashed two or three palls of water noon the loe, and he told Mrs Itasseil, It is alleged, that she was nnlaoy like and had said enough, and pro ceeded to push her of? the park, She returned again and the next time, as she alleges, be threw ter off. This occasion'd his arrest for disorderly conduct, and at the Police Court yesterday after noon, bo waa fined $3 and costs. It appeared that the owner of the land had given permission alio to Mr. Cobb's eofl to prepare the ground for skating purpose*, and it was staled that Mrs. iheparabad done very little In aid of the work ; hut It Is lo be presumed the owner had no Idee that two or three ladle* woald be excelled from the place, ena If they hid no legal right there. OCBLIAO, Match Between the Clubs or Chicago •ad Alllwankee. The ont door game of catling it of rery recent Introduction In this country. One year ago the game was Introduced In Chicago, and to-day rery few tides in the whole United States can boast of a Coiling Club. Though the gene is a new one In America It Is not at all a stranger to many of onr citizens. The “ Und o’ Cakes.” the home of Boras, claims it as its national amusement. *« England boasts of Its cricket, Spain of its cock #nd America of its base bilLso do t v e Scotchmen claim the game of curling fas peculiarly Ihelr o»n. The name only adds to our cnnoeity, while the bet that it la an ont door win ter sport raises the seeming absurdity almost to the ridiculous. Bom in Scotland, where the “lochs” remain frozen for many months, it would naturally ding to a cUd clime. There the “ould lads 1 learnt it while young, and as they hare grown to the age of maturity in acme adopted home, the fond recollections of their youthful sports have Induced them to reproduce their games on this aide of the ocran. For a number of years the Scotch residing in Canada have played the name, and now we can trace it down the shores ol the f" e® nnttl we find it at our own doors. Though the Scotch now monopolize the came, and as it la a very exbillrallng ont door winter amusement, they cannot expect to remain the sole enjoyers of Ihe snort In time(to come. In a few years we pro diet that they will be made to work hard lest their liurel* bo taken a war, and American boys bear the conqueror s wrratn. The game Is played on the Ice, and In many re spects corresponds to the game of “quoits/ 1 The c ? lled lv !‘ A* rink,'* and must he for ty-two feet In length. The tees are placed near each end, and are the “hubs 11 In “quoits.’ l Around earij tee are three circles, the lesser eighteen inches In diameter, the others Increasing in a two-fold ratio. At rich! angles to the line Joining the lees, and one-sixth part of the length ?f the whole rink arc lines called the “hog. ll JJlrectly through the centre runs the “middle H?s* f nß, ?ad °f pitching for the tees the player slides over the ice the curling stone of a circular “’‘SP®*#. “ Btono moat weigh between thirty and fifty pounds. Imperial; they must not be of greater circumference than thirty-elx Inches, nor of less height than onc-cighlh part of the cir cumference. The players alternate, and have two chances each. The side who slide their curling stones nearer the lees are counted winners, the same as in quoits. A certain number may be nlay «df.Pf « gamc.or for the greatest number of points made In a certain length of time. Each side la o. l “O'wlhe command of a “skip, 11 who shall de cide all questions, the umpire deciding only In case the skips disagree. iJ^!Ll r(JaT .i. a,ler r. ( !? D , th « eccond match J. b S Milwaukee , and Chicago tHM.r* oV , M b * W £ B ,Pl»Jed at the Wash- L D vi*--. uh a t fl, f . The gsmo was a very spirited one In soilr of the cold wealhsr. Each party seemed determined lo win, and every man worked with awlll. In fsctlwo games were Vl B *# d n flß M ,c, l ,Mbß .* e,e «U v, d® | l Into two Kinks, t he following Is a list of the pisyets t M, hWAt;kas club, umoAtio clou. IJhUihjlnVil £l%. ‘ (I, McAn'lJjm.^klp. tew™ teb. «teiKi?li;i)! r||ll " m ~r“ 'l a,nl of 1,,,, o ~i <'l | |<-»nr> lil.ynd flirntliat (link Nil, ", “I Mllw.iiki.., nm| i||,ii rtr>a. Tho lollu.lnu I, ill. .com from lli.jimiiai " llililnu., U, It, M. 11. inning., M. It. 0. 11, I"o a S J 1 JJ J • I) 1 4 R ! 4 i ii 5 ii I n ii i 5 a o ii oi 1 II 8 7 10 Jj 8 0 « 0 1 « o a u ou 111 0 9 10 II l U g /I 1! o a 2 2 f i« a o I'7 0 9 J.l 0 9 » 0 1 J 4 U 1 0 9 0 ID 0 1 12 u 1 10 9 0 17 1 0 12 9 o |H 1 0 0 1 *.!! 7 b iu ii a uo u a so in «I 1 » VI 1 w a (1 w 1 |i “3 V 8 M I 11 i o vi n a as 1 U 85 o I ati a a 87 4 U Total 10 91 I Total Total: Mllnankee,4s; Chicago,-M. At Hie game played last wloler ibo Chicago Club SfiTO cu> . rlo "Ji l,, *?.V 0 P o . ,, * t * Tbo return match will be Played in Milwaukee. Home or tbo men JinnSfe 2?.* .““P* McAllliler.of CMeuo, and Hair, o; Milwaukee, stand at the head. Mr. Ilalr played the winning carl by knocking oat the driit cnrl ol the Chicago, and leaving four or the Milwaukee stand first. Our New Firo Hnglne. Editors Chicago Tribune: At thcflre this morning, comer of Water aud »ells street, the new steam fire engine, A. D. iliswortb, made a fine display; time of getting up steam at least twenty minutes. A trial wis bad of this steam engine this week; reported ttmo for steam, six and one-half minutes. I have noticed this same trouble more than once, hut then It was laid to the engineer. Now on this oc casion the agent had ihe entire management, os at the trial. As a tax-payer, 1 would ask for some information. How many gauges of water had the engine when on trial, and what rule applies for firo duty? Watxh Sthext. LOCAL MATTERS. .Railway Company—office Western Passenger Department, Chicago, January nth. The attention of New York, Boston and Iscw England passengers is called to the lollow b.g notice of the President of the Hudson River Railroad Company: Ib° Hudson River Railroad Company give notice that the arrangements hereafter existing between this company and the New York Central Railroad Company having been terminated by the directors of the New \ork Central Railroad Com pany, this company will after Tnundar, the day of Jannaiy Instant, only sell tickets and check baggage over ihelr own road, and will only recognise tickets sold at their own of fices and by their own agents. Passengers will after that dale be ticketed and baggage checked to and from Greenbnsh or East Albany, the terminus of ihe road. The same rale will be observed as to freight. C. Vandbubilt. President New T, ork and Boston passengers will observe by the abovo official notice that the great broad gauge Erie Railway is the only through route from Dunkirk and Bufiklo, py which they can procure thronch tickets and checks for baggage. The track of the Erie Railway is in perfect order, < be trains are all running on time, making con nections t nro. Passengers for New York, Boston and New England ehonld be sure and procure tickets and check baggage via Erie Railway. Tickets on sale at all principal ticket offices. F. Is. Mouse, Western Passenger Agent, Anatomical Ifiuicum —Hundreds of gentlemen are dally, with catalogue In haLd, threading their way through the Jvast collection of Interesting and instruc tive specimens embraced in the New York Museum of Anatomy, at Wllkowsky Hall, comer ol Clark and Monroe street'. Aconplc of hours passed In examining the cariosities, peculiarities and monstrosities contained In this Icsntotlon will prove more instructive to the seeker after In formation than as many weeks of lectures and studies of diagrams and plates. A greater por tion of the specimens arc executed In wax, to die color and sue of life, and so strikingly true to nature arc they constructed, that one almost im agines himself going the rounds of a vast dissect ing room, even fancying that he breathes the sick ening odor peculiar to dissecting human ficsb. There Is that contained In the Museum which will invite the attention of the automatical student and thrill wlih surprise the unprofessional and ca rious. The Museum Is destined to take rank as one ofthc leading, striking features of Chicago. n. It. Club of C. «. H. A* A.—The Railroad Clnb hold Crosby Opera House cer tificates commencing with 43,001. By an error at the office, eleven certiflcafoa numbered respec tively 49,<553, 43,085, 45,080, 45.053, 48,039. 43.(02. 45.1113, 45,l W. 48,097, 45,098, and 4W, (In the lot of 600 scl apart for this clnh) have been sold to outsiders. These eleven, therefore, must bo re garded as not included m this orgaulxatlou. A. L. Stinson, Secretary. When *u(lcrlnc from Consumption. what would not the patient give for a medicine Hiat !■ certain to care. We recommend Marsdeu’s Pectoral Balm to all so afflicted, knowing from experience that tl can bo relied on in all cases of disorders of the lunge. For sale by all druggists. Buhsiianb & Van Schaacx. Chicago, HI., Gen eral Agents for tho Northwest. ITlotcaire’a Groat Rheumatic Remedy Instantly relieves pain, and never fails to enre nemaigla, nervous headaches, and pains In the head or face. Lord A Smith, agents- line lire original genuine Woodaon’a Instantaneous Window Polish, for cleaning "In dews, glassware, marble. Ivory, stiver, and tin without slops or litter, as fast ns they can be wiped over with a cloth. No houskeeper or shopman can do without It Sold bldrnggfais and gro cers. wholesale for the west by Boon oaks & \ AT BCILAACN, Chicago, 111. Jnat Received Heven ITloro of ITTar schall & Mltiancr’s celebrated Pianos. F. Zieo field A Co, 183 Dcarbom-st. Wo win Teach our “ Suit” to Say, <* A blessing on Mrs. Winslow,” for (helping her to Mtrvive and escape the griping, coltcklag and teething siege. We confirm every word set forth In the prospectus—the Soothing Syrup performs precisely what It professes to do. If wo bad the bower, wo would make Mrs. Winslow—as she Is—the physical savior nf the infant race, 'Extract from Rev. C. Z. Wclset’s letter. llnlr nrcMing without a particle of grease. “(ilycerla” restores the hair, common!- calct a delicious cooling sensation to the scalp, cleanses It from dandrmr, and Is absolutely free from grease, so not to. soli the finest fabric. Cowell, Mock & Co., New York. Sold by oil druggists. Ilchl Ncralch It lloyd’n dedicated Croora cares licit, scra»ches, end oil okio diseases, II to treat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain- BjiecUUj adapted to children. Sold by alt drag A Hare Pile Cnre.-Dr. ntnx-rt’s Pile InatnuncU positively cores the wont case* of plies. Sent by mall on receipt of IL Circulars tree. Bold by druegists. Agents wanted every, where. Address JV B. Romaine, Manager, No. 675 Broadway. New York Crime In France. A Paris letter says. ‘*|Tlie French papers of the last week have recorded some frightful murder almost ev ery day, and in many instances the mur defers were (In respectable positions In aocl ety, persons above want, and moved to crime by the vllo«t and most sordid passions. In Paris a young man, thinking It wrong for his father to marry a second time at the age of sixty, took upon himself to condemn his parent to death lor his oilcnce, and executed the sentence with his own hand. In the country near Rouen, a schoolmaster of good character attempted to violate a niece who was under his protection, and to escape dis covery murdered her and her aunt. These eases, and others equally atrocious, have already been referred to. Another has just been disposed of by the As>ize Court of too ludre ana Loire. Some years ago a chemist and druggist named Flnoau set up a shop in the market-place of the little town of Levroux. Shortly afterwards his sister married the brother of a grocer's wife, named Damault, who lived opposite. An intimacy arose the two fami lies, which resulted In Pincau at tempting to alienate the affections of Madame Damault from her husband. Being repulsed, be took a pistol and shot her dead in the market-place at ten o'clock in the morning, lie was defended by M. Nogent Saint Laurent, the deputy who last year took a imminent part In the opposing M. Jules Favre's motion for the abolition of capital punishment. Now he had nothing to say to the jury on behalf of his client— who being a well-educated man, had deliber- committed the blackest of crimes—but that It was notcxpodlent to send murderers to the scaffold. The eloquence oftboadvo cate succeeded in obtaining extenuating circumstances, and the adulterous and mur derous chemist, instead of being guillotined was sentenced to hard labor for life. FROM WASHINGTON. The Test Oath in the Post Office Department. A Cnrlooj Expoae-How wtaii con t tract* an Peddled Oat for the Bene * fit of ez-Bebels air. Byron freon r and His Official Circular. [ [Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune ] ’ WASBxaroTov, D. 0., January 14. [ I bare been considerably Interested during , tbe last week in a matter connected with the Post Office Department. Ei-Gorernor * Handall is certainly as clever and accommo . dating toward his political friends In the * South, the late rebels, as any one of them can reasonably wish him to be. He can’t ; exactly set aside the test-oath, for it Is em bodied In a law of the land—passed by the : “ Rump Congress,” to be sure, yet hardly to be Ignored at present—bat he kindly con nives at the most flagrant violations of its spirit, If not of He very letter. The case of Byron Tyson Is In point, and ftirnlshes a charming illustration of Mr. Randall’s fit ness for a place In Andrew Johnson’s Cabinet. It is not probable that many loyal North ern men saw the advertisement that Mr. Tyson had printed in the newspapers early last fall, for it 70s intended only for South ern circulation, He offered thcrem to aid the ex-rebels In evading the test oath as ap plied to mall contractors; bids could be made In his name; he would take the oath, and then, for a small per ccntagc, he would assign the conti acts to any Southern man who wanted them. Of the Northern men who did see this card, probably nine-tenths supposed it to emanate from some one of the numerous half-crasy creatures drifting about the capital. But Mr. Tyson knew what he was about, and knew, too, who was at the head of the Post Office Department. The books of that branch of the Gcucral Government show that ho is the os tensible contractor for more mall routes than any other one man In the country, lie bas just published a circular letter ” To the Peo ple of the South,” setting forth ”a plan by which native-born Southerners can become interested In mall contracts.” In this ure. clous document ho gives a list of twenty-six •‘routes upon which contracts hare lately heen awarded to me.” Mark that the words slum these to lie only a part of his contracts. The list covers routes in chrhl Southern Slates, and gives the names offlio persons to whom they have been assigned. Mr. Tvion’s business is sol forth as follows t ‘ Acroiditiglu a Isle otder of Hie Puslmssler General, smlee tstimH he vmmueiiced uu any imile utilii tliete nie st lessl two scling niMiiis*. leis itn»«o»,ofie at «neli uiidul the rmjfo, rf "ibjj.bß'fnot bum smtolhiedi see Ihslti’oiisr lenilons ahi romanhvi dim mmi<>deny £* X* he rmivriiisM. * • AmirSihitf "o "nil,, ilsben laws, iioiie others eieojit l'o*tmsi|urs, nuu> rfactors anil nisil earilers will Im reiiutnol to (nUu the os )i, ilHliig r Nsiloimj Union man. SJ wlildi 1 mesn mm that Is alike opimifin loUie !-1!-".i " <*• l l'J» u* 11 om)• l« Mono sinl Nouilj, irm, isko llui r.onhril iistli ss rim rsntnrt and having Uom; mis Iho ilrslcunttsa I oi.utnrd, U Will miK Ace for all 1 oliisin lo ilm rnliini, ha tbu mimbar snisllerorgr.'Rt. r. Par reason* lUal niusl ba an imrent. I cannot sot lorlli any terms for hlilJln*. !^ r, V u !. c 2? Bd i““ ,0 mr jii'igmont will rrcolvo Iho boncfll of a very extensive exneilunco. In tit's fisc II would be well lor you (o statu Ihovmloaust fluufpssi which you would have ! ,l ni ,t ‘ r »\ 1 ? 0 Performed ralhor Ibsn mbs. In nocaao v w,,r fl « l| r° Gun 1« thus set forth ho dejiodlfd. \on can, If you boo nroiior, loovo ! IV r ?. r n i°G) determine. with iho fluiita lion alorusald. • • Tho tlino fop receiving tilib expire* ntep. in., February 28, IN);. All proposils should bo mailed an as to reach mu In due sosson, A rtoclslun will bu rendered within ■ 'Gf I '. * * * wiji as n commmsaiion fop iho smlcc to percent (ifall moiinyo received rrom ho Ueiiarimoiit, payable at the end of each enar* ler. According la exl'ling laws guarantors are not reipihTd to subscribe to (ho lost oath; uof Is AfaffniM* . a i w, ° t,rnv,,nl tile, as contractor, from obtaining the necessary stock. Ac. from those guarantors, or any other person whom they may rncummenii. for iho consideration ofW per cent or iho entire proceeds, or any other sum 1 that may b« agreed noon. • • Psymont Is usnallv mndnby Urafu on tho Poalmasiors of U |llorc. apoctlvo routes. Iflhis source bo exhausted sue t»m ~ ,ols SPc o» d rttflll •.«» then given on the United Hlalea Ireasnry, easily converted into ” »|)y.porllOD of the fcnltod Htaies. These drafts, whether on Postmasters or Government, 1 fi. 1 .» urn ovcr or porvons perform- Ing fho scmco. when the money can ho drawn wrthoul any dmiculty. This method has been S?»i°2 ir, ? 3r t!“ ted ’ M ‘i U orkß 10 the «tlrc salla faction of all concerned. Hot la cider that you may ho perfectly safe, I have made an arrange vunt by ichtehpayment tcitt be made you In cate of any cominoency whatever. • • ichnivdu ten&b.ation to so conduct this mall Imslneas as to wlu the entire confidence of all who may tom me tnereia.” This whole circular rcreala such macalfl cent contempt for law, alltco on the part of Mr. Tyson and Mr. necessary to call attention lo salient points. It Is something, however, to know that it is necessary to have at least two postmasters on a route before it can be opened. It Is also something to know thatthcTestmaster Gen oral now requires that contractors and mall ! earners shall take the test oath, or that somebody shall take it for them; for there ' arc cases of record within the last seven or eight months showing that rebel baggage masters have acted as route agents and mall carriers, tbelr pay reaching them in some roundabout way througß the railroad company. It Is worth noting, too, that Mr. Tyson can refer to ‘a very extensive experience” in this business of helping the rebels evade the teat oath. I call attention, ftirther, to what is said about naming the lowest figures at which the service can be performed and ■ about leaving the bids to the discretion of i Mr.Tyeon—the proper conclusion seeming to bo that he will consult with somebody in the Department, and then put tho figure os high as is advisable. It will be observed that he gives the use of h!s name for five per 1 cent of the contract, which, con-id- 1 ering that he is a “National Union ! Man, opposed alike to the Extremists North and Southmay, I should say, be considered “dogcheap.” The amicable re lations existing between the Department and 1 Mr. Tyson are delicately hinted in what he says about the drafts received In payment for ' the service: “ I will turn them over, and the • money can be drawn without an difficulty; this method bos been thoroughly tested, and it works to the entire satisfaction of all con cerned.” The cleverest paragraph of the whble circular Is just at its enff. The plan of turning over drafts “ has worked to the entire sutisfiiction of all concerned ; but. In order that you may be perfectly safe, 1 have made an arrangement by which payment tdll be made you in any contingency whatever.' 1 ' 1 shrewd Mr. Tyson! Accommodating Mr. Randall! Par nobile jratrum / What shall be said of a Cabinet officer who thus openly and shamefully violates one of the most Important laws upon the statute books? For if anything more than Mr Tyson’s circular be wanted to prove his '< guilt, it can be found in one of the compli mcntaiy notices appended thereto. The ad vertisement was published in a paper at Staunton, Va. “Before Inserting It," savs the editor, "we wrote to the Department at uasbington and received assurances that Mr. Tyson is worthy of confidence, and that his plan will be bcucficial In sections where 1 the people cannot take the required oath.” 1 "What shall be said of a Postmaster General

who gives an official endorsement to such a man and such a plan ? Israel. ! .31 33 FKOM DES MOINES. Action of tlicAcrlcultura! Collcsc Board —l’rocrcM on the College Building— Tbe Weather, etc. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Dm Moctce, January 17. The Agricultural College Board, which has heen In session for some days in this city, ad journed yesterday, after baring transacted all the business before them. The most Important mea sures adopted by Ihcra area general plan for the farm and building, according to which all future Improvements In building, tree planting, etc., shalll conform, and the appointment oft commit tee to visit other similar institutions to ascertain their workings, and at the same lime look oat for suitable professors. Tbe college will not be com plctcd inside of a year, but ftls expected that It will be ready for the admission of students In lees, ibe college building, when completed, will bo iho finest building in the Slate. The farm la being well managed now, and some first class stock baa hern procured for it. Hon. B. M. Tbompton, of Scott County, for several years member of Ihc Legislature Iromthal county, has has been circled Superintendent of the farm. Ihoenaowmcntofthts Institution Is such as to make It, with proper management, one of the flnrst In the whole country. The weather Is the coldest of the season. The snow Is deep In some of the Northern counties, bm lUcio Is none here. Clam Ration lectured last evening to a do* lighted audience. 1 ho ties for the Sion* City Branch of the Pacific Uallroad have been contracted for. “lh« Slpnc-Orwlg ttlal la still programing. Orwlg and the Governor have hcon ezatmnoj, hat a dozen more witnesses are yet to be called. VRO3I NASHVILLE. Pnrtlcnlan of a Decent Druml murder •—No TeuncMee Cousrtssnun lo Do Itleeted at Pmenu [Special Despatch (o the Chicago Tiibnno.] Navnvnxi, Jaioary 17. Further partlrulara of the assassination or Sen* ator Cara on last Monday, represent Uaa a moat atroclom and dastardly afialr. Ue was kitted by young man named Frank Farnoa, who lad been a guerilla during the war. It la now stated that he lulled two o<bcr Union men about half an hour previous. The murderer fled and haanot been arrested. Tne foul dted Is general desonneed and reprobated by all classes here. There will not be any Coi-grcsMon*! elections In Tennessee before the present session of toe Ijrcrslatnra has completed its labors. When an election does take place, negro enfranchisement will be an established fact. Aa u la supposed Congress win adjotun after the meeting on the Stb of March, It u not considered urgent that the Tennessee delegation should he on hand then. Ibe term to which 'he present Congressmen were elected expires with the Thirty-ninth Coagrcss. FROM ST. LOUIS. Arrival of Colored Troop*—Theatrical LUieaift*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Locis, January 17. The Wet/Hch'Toet assails the Mlssonri Demo crat to-day violently for tta abase of Senator Trumbull. The Sixty-fifth (colored) Missouri Volunteers, commanded by Brigadier General Edglcgton, ar rived In the city last night by rail fron Cairo. The regiment was mustered ont at Batoi Rouge, and came here to get paid off and receive dis charges. The regiment, since Iti consolidation, has been on duty three years. Tne men were originally mustered in at Benton Barracks. To-day has been the ctf deal of the season, the muvmy ranging only ee?Bn degrees above zero. In the Circuit Court suit has been brought against Moses C.Flannigam John T. Clapp and Charles E. Maurice, proprietors of the Olympic Theatre, by three members of the stock company, viz: Solomon Smith. Jr.,and EmmaasdDavid flanchctt.' The plaioufls state that they were em- f 'loved for the reason, ten months, commencing q September, and that the theatre closed Decem ber Slat, and that in consequence they were de prived of appearing before the public, aad drre ceivtng their salaries. Smith states that he was engaged as an actor at 537.50 per week, and a ben efit. Mrs. Ilanchc tt alleges that she was engaged as first old woman, at thirty dollars per week, smith snes for fi,2fo, and the HanchetlS for S7UO. Thompson and Bell are tho counsel for plaintiffs- Belligerent Councilman. Pim.iiiin.Tini. Janaary ll.—ln the Common' Connell 10-nlfiht a personal altercation took, place between Messrs. Miller and May, member*,' i! n .f *on(;h and tumble flc.*, T&o hl'f” P l J* ,dl ' l S fifflcorclotrln? Ito the K u Wmcd orr. Alone msd biso»“ .Vj££d. * l whole d “ mb “ FROM MILWAUKEE. Anniversary Buqnet-ToiHl Sale*— of”aa p 2 <srana Encampment £B»cui to ib. Cblc»m Tribute,] _ MnwAUKxx. January 17. Tfie Franklin banquet at Kirby Douse to-night by toe Typographical Union is progreaalag with Ut.tunil loo a chtcr.uid .11 go., menra a .mintage bell. lion. C, L. Sboles preside.. Fred. Kcpp, of Endue, bu ..Id tba Kbooner i e I, S5 ‘' ,Notm “Ctarkud B. JoduforSl-LOGOt SS"- *° ld thl! La rk ttadl MrS^r'sS“ to , E - Mniltam. *nd Jim. Pita. SSI' i i,.?be“ U orwbeV 0r * M ’ Co °- faS2ss , *ils9“ l,l^ aent of odd Fellows is now IS V¥l OD '- v n , a *■ wel] represented. Tbe order is *Lj?°ot ; , B blDg condition In this State, and tbe "Pidfr. The following n o el u led for >sS Dext Jew* G »nd ofWaupun; Grand Dlgh Fcrfn!? W. Wheeier. of dancavUJe; Grand »?i RG!®* of Madison; Grand Senior • u’ of Milwaukee; Grand Jumor JwßnM Albany; Grand Treasurer,- at Milwaukee; Representative to “ r c .Y, l ? nd fodse ofthe United Settee, H. L. Page. Milwaukee; Wormy Grand Sentinel, W. St twJ’ H 0 • Worthy Grand Meesenger, N. wank« o U TT aa p ke li n. L. Page of Mil- Hv B , Barron of Fox Lake, and S. A. Dldamer of Salem Station. FBOM MADISON. Tl»c Cold Term—LegUlatnre—Building Progress, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] tp Madisox, Wla., January 17. weather here to-day was tbe coldest of the sea son. This morning the mercury stood at eighteen degrees below gero; at noon six degrees below, and at sundown four degrees below. w Jn!u « “ 9 ulte a ,p Bgfoy debate In the Aseem mornlng over tdc resolution which nusod cotih.gpff new business after February 97th. (lie thl D «r.«^ 0W ° B i he P fßßeut detprmiualida to make “e session as abort as possible. Statistics published Jin tho Journal show that Si^Lft Yeil T fi » e h n, W | »M erected in this city last year, Including some handsome blocks. CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA. Account of the Cholera on the Isthmus —Destruction of the Chilian and Fe. rttrlnu Pleels. Saw FttAticisco. Jaimnry 17.-steamer Auierlci. flam Ban Juan del Bur, has arrived with ossseii* ms. Bbe reports that seven parsengeta arohow aboard on tho sick list, Five soldiers died during (he passage, of cholera, nml itiren cltiaena of to. tcrtulileiit fever. Forty soldiers died oil »h« fa fit funs, and about the’same number of clvlllsu*. Ihe steamer was qiisrahlltied as a lirt'cauilon "KP.G'iMbc spread of tin* tilsease, Her p«s»cnaers will hu tihded there snd sheltered |iy lejits, " fuwVoittt. January 17.~Wp WwWva|. w . rai«u I'lifieiimndi'tii snv* the rumor of hu smsiiee Mweru Hpnlu ami ftraairis iVot OMillt!! .TIJ Ihliihs t.npe llom the d«stli.«ijnii of the (litlUu FROM LOUIHVILLE. Trlnl «r u I‘rnjrrl, i. n ln n .il'?M l, i l h ’j U ?. ! ’ H lon * Frankfort Railroad tmvo decided In lap llieFr mads at UGranuo, Ky„ and thonco build a now road lo Cincinnati. 3 * Hcaitier llepoiia. n.i!{Si ,^tJv*», » , ’. ~,ai l U.—Trains on tba roads ViSi vS!l cl ‘ ) ' ,rc '"“ill, ilol./cil Iron RIIOW, Gila morning did uol i. B h, h - IB 1 W f " I’ l m - Iho UnnlraJ rond Sioltlmore ° y * u procccd Bov ®o “Gas from I’msntiiim, Junusry 17.—ilelwoeo four and flvo Inches of snow fell boro last night, nils Is Iho coldest day of this season. Trains on (ho railroads ore very much delayed. No trains bavo n r niGn».i°i Jl *i r f 'V n ,‘ lll °, I***. 10,1 Gie I’oiiaaylvanla l Ws‘ , ±i"t:,Sc c i;»'‘ ,nowi fo ° i Br^‘^nbnvo N ’ 17.-Morcary 13 do* gry;:b K 0 | ( InJ " Jnnnary 3 do* rvR^ N * n *. Jo !!** ar y 'L—Wind blowing hard immlng rdMay* Gi«»niomolor 1U degrees above— WAPtoow, Iml’. Mannary 17,-W«atber clear aud cold; morenry fl degrees above. I.OUIBVIU.K, Janoary 17.-Woathcr closr and cold; mercury Bdegrees above. »..f. w ALnANY ’ JauuaiY 17.-Weather clear, with a RlGo snow; mercury fo degrees above. J , alluar J n.-Wo.Umr clear; incrtnry ID degrees above, UartNCASTtK, ind., January 17.—Wrather clear; about lour Inchea of snow on the cronud— mercury 10 degrees above. k Evaxsviixi, slnd, Jnnnary 17.—Clear, wind north by cast, mercury 14 above. 17.-Mercnry 31 below. irRrSr 102 ’ UIC co^eit dsJ or ca'^TS,o^ ~TI• lnd -’ January 17.—Clear, aer- PonTiMourn, O.rjannary 17.—Woilherl cold and clear.- Mnrcury 6 above. River Ailing last with heavy ice. Caibo, January 17.—Very cold. Mercury 5 above. CcrccvxATT, January 17.—Very cold. Mercury 8 above. Barometer 29,05 rising. 7 Portlaxu,-January 17.-Tbe storm has beeir terrible. The etreets are Impassible- ior slclgns. Four trains are stuck between Portsmouth and Boston, on the Eastern roads. No train left here lor Boston or the north this afternoon. Mixwacicxe, January 17.—The thermometer at Madison, Wis.. at 7a. m, was 21 degrees below xero; at bl Paul, 23 below; at linwaokee. 18 below. West India Items. da ( l ." ar y l-.—Havsna advice toti. 12lh etote that the small pox continneo In Ma« tanxxs. There weio over DOO cases nndhr treat ment, and there-had been fifty deaths In one day. about -IS per cent of the cases terminating fatally. The financial crash at Havana was about over. The Caban Telegraph, CnantrsTOH, Janoary 17.—A letter from Super intendeniHeuia, at Jacksonville, Florida, states that he Is about commencing tbo construction o* a telegraph cable to connect Florida and Cnba im mediately. Burglars Caught, I.XATtNwoimr, January 17.—Three burglars, while attempting to plunder tho house of w. H Marks, last night, were ponuccd upon by the no tice. One of them was killed, and the remainder captured. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. NcxrYork Financial News, N’xwTobk, January U. . MONTT. Money ratter easier at 637 per cent on call. - EICnASOK. Hilt2ii2fbm?“ se m gold tor gold. American gold without decided change—opening at **V. “dronctng to 137. declining to 136*. and closing „ cwrxEorexTs. Government stocks dun and a shade easier. _ , _ , FOBBION FHItOIITB. m Liverpool with eneagemenu of 31,010 bu com at s*u per salr and 6d per steamer. LATER. Money doted easy. * OKKT * Gold considerably »ctlve\t J 7. „ . roKKtOM EXCHANGE. Sterling exchange quiet bnt Arm at KSHaiWv. _ dOTTUS KENTS. cto.°s™“OT:" C ° rIU “ ’ tc * t ' r - HuMlowln*«n>tl» Coupons *81...’.108 lCi»tai(MV coupons ‘63.,..w7*aiw* | .1 „ ~ . STOCKS. _ Sallro&d is better; demand higher. W “t 0 ? 1 ?- x I .i 01 ? 10 i»faiS3v ssu-.v.;iSi3A I SS: Vk;;;:;:v.:;‘SSS 1 8S nSte™;;.| H a,gs 1 i&rfe;;: Sig Mich.« 0107 iu. a....: ..tovST.II 111.CcD.,.. 120 ttiaifc C.ft Alton 106 h« Pittsburgh Wtfa W»K lMU.*SUl‘pf4 6l a ..11 ... , EIXtXO SOABB9. Kis.}2L D f» 9 VSJ. w^ re Gregory roonp to 15?0 S2S®jSi nrm . » l ' Hold Hill, 425 , Uunncll, U 7; bmlth ft Parmelce, 7030; The Produce markets. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] * Milwaukee. January 17. Flour—Quiet andnnehangod. Sales of 900 brls, at t10.35A10.63H for choice XX; $9.75019.00 lor choice X, and $13.00 for superior winter. Wheat-Dull. Sales at the morning board. I.OCO bn ; sales at the noon board, 4,000 ba, at $1.9314 Ajj No. St 11.75 for No. a,andsl.sß for rejected instore. No. 1 nominal, at $2.19. Com—Unchanged. ®* to_Wp * ,r . *>alcs of 3,000 bo, at 45c for No. 1 and 49&4WC for No. 3. Hye—Dull and weak. rrevUiona—Advancing steadily. Sale* of 300 btls clear pork at $19.50; mesa pork la held at $19.30; prime lard, 13hc, r Dmscd Dogs—Firm and higher. Sales at 17.0C&7.33. Beans—s 3.23 per bn. Turkeys—l4c per ft; chickens, 10c. Eggs—37o per do*. Recclpta-ijOO brls flour,3 000 bu wheat, WM bu oat». 1,100 bn corn, 3,100 dressed hogs. Shipments—Woo brls flour, bu wh»t. NEW YORK, 5«o tor middling uplands. Fiotir-Reef.!pta, 3.4 W brls. Market dull and noml naUy lower, but quotations unchanged. Balts sax) brls—markit closing quiet. * WM»key—Nominal? ■JJ**-rfSf A 1? bn * dull and drooping. Bales 7JCO bu No. SMllwanke, at $3.19. * nye-ln bond Is scarce and Arm. Free I* dull and hn»vy. Bales Ateo bn Canada In bond at $1.15. llarlrr-Dull. iCccclpiiofWOon. Market quite Arm, at 31.17 for mixed Western la atom, and $1.19 for do afloat ; also. la«l evening. 31.(03 We,terft “ l l***X»i.n)» instore, and $1.13 G»ta—Receipts uf 3-500 bn. In moderate reqnest, with sales of iKfiCW l>u atCL(65e for Chlrago atfl Milwaukee. «m?'teMSsaifuaI*■ 1 *■ ** mcruil '- *»>»« Groceries—Dull. l‘ork-nrm and qnlrt, with sa’es of A3Mhrla at $30.50 Uri® ftr mw doting at $30.87 fir Uciterns ? ar oW dosing at $19.37 cash ; fIBJW 017.00 ter prime; a'so. l.7slhrUnew me«a at $3,350 31.75, seller and buyer February and Vlarrh. Bcef-vutei and aieady. bale* of 530 brls, DeefUaras-Uochanged. Bales of 100 brla. Bacot—Quiet. Bales ot 200 boxes at lOolOVcfor Cumberland cut a*d lO#oUc for short rlbbeo. Cut Meats—lnactive. Bains ot 390 pckjg* at 6VO9Ue for shrnlders and 10GU4‘;cfor bams. Drased llogs—Firmer, bales at S.HAS.Vc for West- Lard—Quiet and steady. Bale* of 1,900 brlsatDHd 13c f. r ola and !3i4tl3Xc fbr new.t Butter—Firm. Cheese—Unchanged. BALTIMORE. «, . . . Baltwoee, January 17. Market very dull, and prlcoa unchanged. CINCINNATI. » —. CcrcccfATi, January 17. Flour-Dull and prices uomlcaily nochanged. Wheat—Dull, nothing done and prices nominal. Com—Doll, and to demand worthy of note. Sales ot Oats—Dull at 49c lor No. U Rye-Doll at $1.15 for No. 1. Harley—Unchanged. Cotton—Held lc higher. There was 1 good demand' at Sic in middling, but holders askedSlfc&Slc. Whiskey—Dali at36cln bond- Hoc*—Firmer at f7.35a7.73. Receipts, 8.600. Mess Pork-Bold at $30.00320.90. with a fair demand. Bulk Meats—Firmer. Shoulders 7Yc; aides 9 He. Bacon—is la demand at 13Yc for clear aides to come out of smoke; shoulders are held at HHc. Oreea Meats—Fraer and prices higher, closing at 6V«b«iouc for sboolcers. sides and bams. Lard—Firm at fer prime kettle; 13ctor prime ateam and 11 He tor head and gut. Butter and cheese unchanged. Groceries—Firm bnt quiet. CoUee 23H355HC; sugar lltbltc. Gold—tSsV. The meney market la unchanged. Exchange steady. ST. LOUIS. , . St. Locts, January 17. Cotton—Dull: 3Sc for good ordinary. Flour—Firm and unchanged. Wheat—Firm and unchanged. Corn—Easier at Tbessc. Oats—nisher at 63068 c. Lord—Quiet and onenanced. Hoc*—Finn at S6JOa6JS. Whiskey— ttrm at $lO5. Sngar—Advanced IH93C. Commonio choice Louisi ana selling at 1201 lc. BUFFALO, Dcttalo, Jatuary 17. Flour—Steady and In moderate demand. No. 1 spring $11.75013.00. Wbtat-qmet. Nothing doing. Cora—Quiet. Moderate demand; |IJM fbr old; ©5 for new. Oats—Nominal at 50$ 93c. Barley-Quiet at sl-100149. Rye—Nominal at SIJO, Provliloos—Quiet. ** Mess Pork—tSOAO tor beary. sad st» 50 tor light. Lard—NomliaJ at 17*A1S(L * Drcrod Hogs—Demand moderata it $7.5038.08. Whiskey—Pina at ta, retail. NASHVILLE, _ ... „ , Niazznzxs, January 17- C-atton—Market active. Bales 0f453 bales as 333t5c, maadranoßpf>,c, Received,SlS; UUpped,B7. Sl o^T^• le, atf n.W#Hj3. Com--9jVcsgeA-. Qay—s2o.OQ&37.oa per ton and scarce. MEMPHIS, . . . Mmmits. Jianrv n. i snd steady j middling, 90c. Uoeejntt, 1.61 D belt*; export*. i.SS tnies. Floor—Steady, at MJOaiLOO. all brads. JHt* —90c, in ftoroT w^ Breaaed Hon~sc)9e. co»:« bulk •honioen, ioc ; clear Moot, l4xc. SAN FRANCISCO. Sax Pzam cisco, Janoary 17. uJ^cat— 200JMO aides good shipping sold at 75c per Flour-Extra, fSJO; inpsrflne, %6JU. NEW ORLEANS. Krw On. kami. Jsscary 17. . and hlgber. Sales of 6330 Dales of middling ar mjftgkte. Ra eelpta, WOO halts; export*. 8,667 bale* Snaar—ln aetiye demand. Salas of fair at 120. chdSatTfoSe!I®' 1 ®' Bale* oftotrat 60a65c; prime to niSSialoo rm * * Sxlei 01 Bap “ •* ■« corn-in wod reonest. Sales at SLO73faLU3f. Hay-Plrm. sales at |39.00®30Ja * Beavy and advanced. Sales of mess at $25.00. Bacon—none offering. Whliter and Tobacco—Unchanged. Com—o6KLetoUngcx chant e I7jf. New York Exchtoce— V dlaconat. Freights—Unchanged. PHILADELPHIA. axnr .term .Imon ...JS3A’ , b^S. J ““ rT !7 ‘ DqU. Roar doll; advanced 10c. Wheat No * 2 *P. rir, V »t $7.63; winter, $9.15. CorndoJl; new yellow, Oats unchanged. Albany Lire Stock market, {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] AtaAST. January 17. Fair to good Illinois storra treadling at 7®Bc per lb, butthedemand thus tor Is comparatively light,and only on hew York account. Dogs, 6Ka6Ve. New York Provision market, {Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Ngw York. January 17. Pork closed firm with sales at $71.35 land generally held higher.! Forelffn Prelshtg, {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toes. January it. Freights to Liverpool—Corn, by sail. Bjfd, with small sblpuicnls. Itexr Fork Uroeery Rlathrii fPpwlnl Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) .. Nkw Yobs, January 17. Grecerles-No sstes. Pugsr—Nonilnnlty upehlttswl. UofTee-Nomlnally titichshged* New York llreailsiutfk fitarkel. tnpKlftl llwpßicb to ths I‘bleßgo Tribune,) Ml ... Nmw Y«mn.J»ftUßrrn. rjoiir and wheal tieller lish), but the stunu eheeheJ tni.lhp*,. Corn .ml li.uei ion.. Nm York llrr flomi. iriurkri, lirr,..l „i,iliillr*l(» , l3fcil*" , | , i r tilJ«, li'imt, *' ' Ml ‘ ' ,ll * l 'm 7 I'fVi'i iii. Now York Mvo NlorU rriurkrt, “rn»l MHPifr l legl u ‘” 1 P ur,, " Mln F* '">» plodsil Uyund Hluo|h-Gidrl at 7We for hsal drnvm. Hwlno—Htosdy st YumKo for primo «im to<J, llalca of Kxchanuo In Nan I'rnnrlseo. Has FRASrinro, January IT. r™\ ltf h^ ll ffJl"?!! d , '.'. , . 11|0u f,,r "‘wninr sroi Coin flrnrts cn AtlsnMr rlllrs, 3W iiri’iniiini i toli<itrsDh< Rmlum." 1 8 P * f c#ut ‘ u ” ,c “ d «»»fS k W evil t PlttMbiirKli Pcirolcuin ITlarlcet. Tl etr ivn, not . .1n,,. T? r '!,\ Kilr , { K9«2!t n fnwM a tolrdeniand for reniwd m tmiiil,» II the Olowinx snlrtiMO h*l». April d*« m rJ.'l 'ri'il!1 p, Phl |1 * »*«!•*; NO hrl«,.inly, stiur. slid hono hris, tor Ju.y, ssnis r*to» i mw hr)* stondsnl white. Tlirro ■» ffl A Itici I! I) , MOI.KV.'Jr Sii/ffi •"'* Ml " “• AssJ Ini this city. Jan, ifttti. t»y llrv. IV, W. Marshs. I'sitnr gf *br bcuth Pr«»i»ytorlan I'tmrrh, Mr. grokiik !jkk. U, “ tOUIK I,O ' VA! '- DIED. Athrrrcihlener.ln thtsclty. Jan. 18th of ermsaniD. mS.Vi?’ UAKlllEr UASWEu; VII. or Wl°»m %r lft^.ol np r? , .7 ni . ukß P lMefroi « her Isto re*li!ence. No. SI North ClsrlC Bt., Jm. isih, «(1 o’clock. Friends of the family arc respectful y invited to attend. In lids city, Jan. 16th. Mrs. BUIDUET McOINLT, mother of Jchn, Jamca and Uharloa McGlniv, in tbu Tuth year ol her arc. j. *** The toneralwtir take place Jan. 18tb, at n o'clock, from tbe rcaldetccof Jaa.McGinly, No. 113 £a*t Jack son-fit. amusements QOl. WOOD'S MUSEUM. COX. J. H. W00D,,,..,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,, , PrflnH<tAr p - *• AIKEN Stage Manager THOS. BAKBY „ of MART KICKORDS. her first In her aktWn E F^Wu t aiKi,^“ D4IUA - v - Flrst 1 Smwil? BARBAIttAS. To conclude Hif. Me VIOKEK’S THEATRE. CKER A MYEItS UANAQEH3. and lan night bat one of tbe great CficiZfts ansa. cSf.aS."iSls3” uc * nu ' a ”P'ailr for IDA LE E | OR TUK ORPHAN OF LOWOOD. Ida Lee Cecils Rash fcAtarday Afternoon Matin--c—East Lynne, Mocday-The Orest Trsacutan, Mr. CHAS. DILI-ON. QROsBY’S OPERA HOUSE. Last Night bat one ot Chicago’s favorite Comedian. JOHN DILL.OX, and- the charming Comedienne, filiss Johanna Olausson, andthencwDramsUccomcvny. 9 BENEFIT OF JOHN DILLON. evening. Jnnnary 18th. will he pre second time, lb» great dramv, written by tdmnnd Falconer, entttied PEKP o’ D \Y —-Wenrtnc of ihe Green." and "Shan Van Voeht." Donnybrook Fair, Ac., Irish Songs, Irish Dani cs. Grand Matinee Satnrday afternoon, 3 p. m„-Pceo O’Dny. Admission 30 cents. v BRANCH OP TBE New York Museum of Anatomy, WITKO WSRT HALL, 170 of Monroe. . T* I lsJraP'*rte , nt and hleblv Instructive Moj*nm con u>!?f WONDRBSOF CREATION from tba first month. Miniature Wonders of the World, as alto Beauties of Osteology, Myology, Dermatology, of Medical Science. T D^i^f cn U ls Physician, the NataraiUt, the Man of business, the mao of Leisure, might ess-iy In vain % wnere they coaid spend a more profitable hour. Open tor genUemen only trom 9 a, m. till 10 p. n. Admission 50 cents. ~n v _ Cl lourNlghts and one Matinee. MONDAY, Jon. 41, First appear anco in Chicago o! ISad* Adelaide Historic In her crest role of MEDEA, supported by the dra matic company secured exclmlveiy lor tne trnnsat lanilc engagement. , Tneartar. Jan. ?l-MA RY STUART. Wednesday, f» n< ’5~^ I iJZABETn. Queen or England. Saturday afternoon—Rt»tort Matinee. The sain of seats for any ot the four nights will commence on WMnwday. Hc served seaa. f-'-Nh Boxes, 13, Notice-No application will l e received foi tree admission. auction Sales. VX GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. On FRIDAY, January isth, at Ift o'clock, we will sen A.T AUCTION, AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OP FURNITURE, of even - kind lor parlor, chamber, library and dlntnc room, Rrniiella, 4-ply and ingrain carpet*, blanket*, illrer-plated ware, mantle and oral mirror*. *c« with a Erneral OMortrurni or household Rood*, at oar sales, room, 47 and 411 Dcarboic-at. GILBERT A SAMPSOV SCOTT & 00. GILBERT AjAMMOK. Aoctloawri. ADCTTONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, lU4 Lnke*At<* cor, LaSalle, Chtciuro. Cash advanced oo Merchandise consigned fbr sale. Out-door gfcloi promptly attended to. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneer! & Commission Merchants 4ft A* 4(1 KANtmi.PlI-HT*. Between Statist, and Wabash-av., Hem regular sales, at their salesrooms. oi DRY GOODS. CLOTKTNQ, BOOTS, 811083, AC., Every WEDNESDAY aad THURSDAY. FURNITURE. CARPETS. Ac.. every SATURDAY. 4UCTiqN— Wednesday, Jnn. 33d, 1801 —Speelil 8»Jo of Velvet Idle. llraseels. Tape*try, crmclitcr, Ta o and Three-Fly. Ingrain and Felt CABPETING, n «'«> jnw*. *c ii*ooi IPO roll*. The large»t and most varied assort ment ever nir, -ml in this market. W- iro fstmcled br ttietinroripu k> Mil ihea’MTfl Urge assortment of \ c * 0,1 Cloths Ac- amount which will l>e found the choicest d'slgn* and patterns oxuns selected expressly fnr this marcet. bill it 10 »..harp. i>am£l scorr A co„ aaet’re. Poods on view Moulay. AUCTION— Drv Goods—Monday, Jan. Slat. UK. at 10 a.m., at 101 UkMt. We ire initrncted to aell tho following Dry (hues Including Tweed, Mt ton and Hob Hot sums. Slertno Shim m 3 Drawn*. Woollen Yarns Hosiery, Hlantets. Shawls, ttlack Satinet and fanimerea. *e„ Ac, 4c. „ DANIEL SCOTT A CO.« AneUoneeri. Oeodsonvlew Saturday. (General Notices. jyjONETI MONET! MONET! The bc*t Invention of the age, and more money la It than any other sow known. Mansfield’s Non-Explosive Oil, Tie only article of the kind ever patented In the United Mat *. Can be ganotactnred bv any one at a PoatrfTWSVTY.PTVE CENTS FEB GALLON! Will born a*lon ras kero«ene, with no explosion, no amok* Ine. no unpleasant melt. Can be need with or wlttaont a chimney, in any keroteae or Hold lamp, and can be sold to every family in the United States. Thexe Is a mu tot money in this article The rights to manufac ture In and eleven other States are already sold. For every person who can be lonndwhohas purchased a right for State, connty or town, and H not making mcney. we will pay fifty dollars - County rights In Indiana, and the following state rights, for sale: Maine, Sew Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connec ticut. New Jersey. Delaware, Maryland, and all the Southern Slate*, (except Missouri.) atabarealn. One hundred good live agents wanted, who have a little money to invent, to canvass for the winter. Ca 1 at onr office, and be satisfied that yon are not being humbugged, or send stamp for circular. * D. MANSFIELD 4: CO., Boom 11. No. 17 LaSalle-st, Chicago. &tal Estatc-gtounttg. TT'OR SALE—Or Eicliancc—Ah elicibly Pj;?, pei S of 110 Kn ** six miles east ot the air of Janesville, Wisconsin, on whlcn ts a cottage and ten acmcf improvements, with a we’l, for a a’oek of goods, groceries prelcrred, or tor city prpp-rtr For ftinher parneu , ari. address or apply to H.NE .VTB 60 North Chicago. ®«. KOB*I*NOOK.— Four hundred barrels of the celebrated KOH-I-spoß, or Diamond Ugbt Carbon Oil, Most be sold to close consignment. Country orders solicited. jaues mccaulby a co. Commission Merchants, 311 Saath Water-et. „ ®Gjßem-isouoCo. 'T'O RENT—Or for gale, house and barn JL OQ the corner ol Waihiayton and Cllntoc-sts. In spire at no. 8 M. K. Ctnrch Block 1 . r PO BENT—Three new two-scory e I 1011 "* H 00.159 , 160 and 18A North ”°yyW- Apply to OGDEN/FLEETWOOD A CO., r rO RENT—On the South bide, house A 13T Twei»ty*nlnth4t. Qu U mim, pantiles ana c.o*eta, wltn mooem Improvements. Bent, iio pcrmonth. Apply at 1032Mlchlgaa-ir. s T) RENT—A cottage ot six rooms, &&, with water, 329 Csrrod-st, corner of *«a im* R2SA. P°!KS*5 lc o * tTen l ® * prompt-p*yin* tenant. Inquire at 333 Carroll-eu, from 8 to 10 a. m. TO RENT—Cottage house, brick base* pirr^AwnreoPy*^ o ; 1° Inn pi re of .SS* Sgng 3 - E “«» W D “ f ‘ Xo RENT—No. 720 Wabash a large Immediate pmic»* gTo i^ent—Hoeing, 'TO RENT—Two pleasant, unfurnished afiMr "“t.Mtfor amllr without ~iVe e3 A or Bfß ß*« centlcmen. Apply in brick home, southeast comer of >Ve!!a and IltnpiMts., np stain. Hr 0 RENT—Furnished rooms; with or Qnks-at? atl>0 * ril ’ la * prlT,t ® *t Ho. 13 KENT—Three Jaige, desirable -■JI and other conTenlawsv In a V ° E “ co “ m - A Ptlr « 4SO RENT—And furniture tor ale 1 — waTkiTSi 1 ®?. n« tohed ./‘S n,i * w,thln lwo mtentes* 3 L*£°. 1 0,1 suitable tor a mao and wife to 5*?RA ot *Hs *% or twoslnale «eau to keep -old tacts' tti—dl-bcß, cooking utensil*, store*. 4c« Ac. For 17 “ »■>«> of TO H£NT—A nicely nunished Iront ,a * con «'- No - »i 'TO KENT—And fnmture for Hale—A J- P J ”*ant and nicely fornlshed todalne room. In a new block, centrally located and easy oiacctas la. qnlre ol a. A. WIgWALL. 123 Ptale-it. acccM ' 80 go 9Kcut-sHircß, o{gcea. sct XO RENT—One-half of a store on South rSp.fofciSbS?* beat locßUon to **» <*'*• T° RENT—Very desirable office rooms, .A , t ’Pi, t l? c !f T l ?. n ' l ,floorof9l Bandclph-al. Apply to Pit. J AMKs, 11. l lecotul Unor. xv r PO, KENT—And lumllure I'or sale, n A iplepdld office and tld- root**, on Wa*UlDitoti-»t. T°. PENT—Tliml. liiurtli and mill .A ""T. .I' l ', ns Mlthl. ailjSl W '" '‘ * »>«• EI.SOO. AiMtW) p, o. u”. feir>?ifaropteh. atii lAiit!' r PQ IIEHT—An rlllco, with or without uIiJSII' TtlM * ® et> W « t ‘* Nd loa Mllli r r t L I # T r Hl ". r "i 1111,1 Idiwnml iimurpi IlfwM'u, uKi'J." r P () I, ®NT—l’nrt nl wlorn. ntltnl up in .1 «tr!<*, llllsd riiMiHl(’ni>r DUT ■mil) hnllnsH. yuSU-ln. u,# ,M|i ' u '’* m ' g * *t ui« m. IH jSlipljlVuS T° in)NT— Oui of thfl nimt ilcalnililo a l f'lllo*■ in Dili r||r. Kuml'iire mi'i (islure* tur JKoniWW. 01 ®* l '* n #l *"*• Ho, “« r PO. IJBNT—More, cnrnonnu on Olnrli- I it,holwiwn Monos anil Ukeils, Would mu f**nw. Sgllfliitcft—gro iicut. AA^ANThD—To Item—On nml niter ../li .i A brl * h I wnilorunlp furnUhrd homo nl s«ven i l '.l r..r «•! I’rm.n ami In. »m*. No rhl ilrrn. Ileal i f r'fiT'WM given, Ail* l¥i3b ,unn * ,crmi ’ I,A ‘ mv moHMoNo, no'. \v ANTKD—To Hunt—Four or live ..y.ii r n o, ? lt tnj>*>*n.>r(»mjr, ■mutiir (V>r# •tnill Ininlly, |lm ofrrivri'npra uivru. Aildriw, «ti> ong ioi'AiKin an!lent."i: H w, M r, o. llox I'J.if).' \V ANTKI)—-Tn Kent—A house o! 0 flTl parur'jt^^lo lWlV }crmon ' AiWwwlth W ANTKD—To Kent—A pleasant tin ilrrplrjr p*om, tear the |*nat Ortln*, •rrl^omvr. 1 ' ' ,Blcr ort “ KM * A, “ Jre ” ~|r «•*' •VSMOTEDtTo Kent—Parties who h?o*r*or roomi to rent, ami fundtute fhr aaie ( can makrt ttio aaln thronch a nraett- wan, by addnaaion- w 1. Z,‘* ioy near* J3usfncss fflftanccs. WSJ™ -4 1»rty having $15,000 lo KKSj£a“”" JA ' IE3 KL ' F)R SALE—Pine CUancc—s3,ooo to caab win fray a paytne. well established re |«'» tl? and .tove bounce. In a good looa* ««it, l * «» l i ca l°' lf y*® b ®r cr 1# r«ad7 lo act promptly. O 80i3571 h **° lh#rbtula “ # 111 v,e ’ r * Address p. l?OH SAJiE—A stock of hardware, * t £’ e *» c K d tic-shop atlachoa. Good location, with a Rood ran of custom. For partlcolara call on or addma L. A W. THOMPSOF. Oltmaa: 111. F’OK SALE—Various business chances. In CTOcery stoees, resUoranoi, saloons, meat mar. “* " ,c * p - AP ' F)R SALE—Drag Store. Any person wishing to bny s drug etore. will find a cood on poriunity, reanlrine only about tIJM. Ab"SiSJ. prisinir man can make money. Satistactorr reasons iaa "» TTOR SALE—One first-class store, stock JL and fixtures, on theSosth Side; aNo.l Mloonon 006 on Mhdlson-eU also, one family provision store. Apply at TOO Madlson-st.. Room 4. Tw'Oß SALE house lor hand- Jr,. u .a«. d ™^e d hoes, with ice house all complete. S,i. h A *. K * ltl ® and pres*, and rats for pickling 2vftS Plff** hameor Bhomdera,ncw last summer. Price f U6OO. \ cry conveniently located. Address **J B S.” TrlbnoeolDce. TfOK PAl.E—Grocery store, with stock J. and fixtures complete; lease tor one or flvt* rears * coed? new; trade well established. Reawn* for «eil- l n ? Jji l * e J ni J le known to Purchaser at the premises. 1 22 West Taylor-gt.. comer Clinton. v iSoothing, large unfurnished fbriwn2iJn2lsA lltlaluc ? ftirnUbM room, suitable ;2r^°£?. , l tl^! ne:i ’ or centlcman and wire, can be ob :SSS,dw.iS? bolir<l - at -*'■> OOARDlNG—Pleasant rooms, with Sf * be st - Clou4 Honne. U™l™ilSo\'S^i , gS.S£**' CJ “" TD CARDING—Four gentlemen can be accommodated with board at 159 Thlrd-av. T>OARDING—Wanted, boarders at the w^--^. r ? ar,c ?, n ,? xt £.* nKe * corner of Weil* and North iWVS?*** wblch win open ot Saturday. thelHh inst under the new proprietor. Mr. CUAS. KINO. PTrst claes accommodation on the most reasonable terras. T3OARDING —Pleasant rooms and first c >- t* secured for families and sin e»e «nt.emn: by addressing real name to P: O. Box 1416. Reference required. T>OARDING—Two good rooms vacant Aired** 48 jBCkBOn * one f “ rnlshwL Rrftionce re- T>OARDING—At 82JJ Michican-av. A 11. ba T lßtrß racaccy for gentleman and lam- or . SPPUemca will find thfi rooms pleasant with Bm-ciaas board. *OOAEDXNG—One desirable room with J„- \ flrst-clas* board, permanent or- transient, snlta fdr cenUemanand wife, or slnsls gentleman; also coroCToTplne. boarUe ”' Apply “ “AO» MlchUan-st. T>OARDING—A large furnished room, tw * or three renUemea. can b« ob « No- 302 OUmu between Hash "I3OARDIN6—One op- two centlcmcn ac:oramodated_wltb room and board at llfl Btite-st.; also, a lew day boarders wanted. "DOAKDINQ—Two gentlemen can ob -44. JBTSf 55* voonx* and good board on moderate tsrtrs, at 31. f Stalest. A ftw day boarders at S3JO - *4 per week are wanted also. n • J^r TDOARDINQ-A tumbbed room, with AJ gas and stove, suitable for a gentleman and wife toniT° * eDUemtn • Apply at 174 West Wishing- —At 8 Eldriclge-court, one 44 n , l room*, on sscond Boor. *u hot and cold water and closet! Al«o. board for one BLDs.e gentleman. -ROARDING —Inn private DimUy,where AJ there are no other branlprs. A large front room l, ?™ an .“ (lT,fßort,ro krtJtlemcn. Location hm * t * Dcar Wabaih-ar. Addrc#* Ic ' v (Ja T boarders can TDOAKDlNG—Gentlemen urlshlngcood AJ board In a private ftmlly and ntcaiant location can find sneb at 230 llilnots-st., two blocks from Stale-*!, bridge. TDOARDING—A desirable room, with 1J good board, ran ty had tn a pleasant ftmllT. by applying at <M West Msdl*«n-st. T«rms reaaontb'w. 1 13 oiii'li JlffinntcD. R9 A .l*Pr“ I tyv n gentleman and wile, on ??i n v h •“Mdtlflren minutes waft oMmlt*. A ,ll y r J‘iKl cp #? rn . , Ibo 1 bo , Cjr haarsoino aparu £.» ill oji!’K,*tum'c" '/ w °° l " to pwemu. AaSta. T>OARD—A young gentleman desires *r l S£? o,n In » Private family. North Hide prow- r? 9A n P‘T Two *.^ * r °nt rooms, with A. #SIV .A" l»»rt.Jby a gentleman and wife and In- I* M*£?i • cc ‘>DtOwaUoua for a nnrio gtr). on the Sontit side, eaat of stato-it. and noun oi Ktebtsenih rrfemee* gmn and required. a fairnrlco will be paid. If latlstactorv, Addresi, giving location «. !*»« entraw!' Shu® hoard and tooma used answer. iflarijinerg. F'OR SALE—Portable Engines —4, 6. B. |0. 1?, is. 50.35 and sr-hnrao power, new anJ iroond-hand l one§o and oaa 3Vbone power! Second. h and stationary Engines and Billers. Portable Saw. ™U ]l w °Z? U FUnert and Matchers. Sologle Mllli and Jvood-worklpc.Machinery. Power Corn Shelters. Mill*. Shafting, Pniiiea ninvwrinccA'o'TOSll l to order. IUcSaRDS’ niON WOBKb, 100 and 102 —A seci-nd-hand Buckley X fo ding machine—tn good condition. Price. I too. Apply to the TKIDUKB COMPANY. * PGR SALE-10,13 and 14-horsc porta* pOR SALE—Three 8-horse power up * . ,nnt engines; also six horlxontalengines.B. 10 pow '- er * lAnrer or smaller engines for mrtied with or wlthont hollers. 12,15. l« and 20-horse tubular ana looomotlre boners for «le. best make, yao one 4-roQer tJnlon Matcher and Planing Machine, -awmiiis. barrel and wood-worfcitg machinery, iron Pianers. belting, sawa. file*. Ac. Machlnerr Depot, aa Dearborn-su. Chicago. GREENLEE BROS. A CO. pOR SALE—Cheap—A medium Cylin ,,* ..dgrpresa and paper cutter, at MULDOON & TIERNEY’S. 17if Michlgan-st. wauvw* a \\f AKTED—Printing presses. A first ¥» claw jobber ; also; largest »lro hand press. Ad dress. staling kind, sirs and price, A. B. vrrv fp South Pend. Indiana. L’OB SALE—One of J. & J. C. Holv r land’s cracker machines, nearly new. *i«* i n R horse power engine and boiler. THOMPSON A TEM. P LET ON. gpQ Bando[ph-st. * iaM * 'J'HE LANE & BODLEY : Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM EBGIHEB, - Shingle Machines. Com Mnta and Shafting. Wood* working Machinery. LANK A' BODLEY, Comer ot John and ClnclnnatL Appllcantt lor descriptive circulars will apeciiy the machlnerr they need, gg-fei^poa %orseg t Carnages, &c. A TEAM ol bay horses, of about 1,100 X\. Ibaeach. 7 years old, for sale. .Can be sow at Sunken A Cotton's Stable, No. 147 State-st. For fsrther psrUcularsaddreH bos 1737. W c r aaantct-iHaie wtl». HOMMEM, RILKsnBN Ac, VV > T' a - competent man to sa tnannfartnrtßy department of a W»S^> dak - A pp’y »t TXTANTED—SaIesmen who can engage VV permanently. Apply, between the boor* o?a XXJ ANTED—Competent male taichera Vt torfreedmenon Southernplanutloni.The belt of references reoutred. Apply In penicn. or h» ie«er. to Per. j. b. BHIFHEBP, Boom il», Lomb-rd mocr, Chicago. \\/ ANTED—A good office boy, about .VV 18 years cld. one that writes stood hand. Ap. mas 12 ® Bomh Cl * rMt - 1800111 1- °* } ‘ OHLF* TUA9ES. TXTANTED—An upholsterer on ccnn- SAjpcnw°^s or^s7^rSlsLork *«*• OH.SE3T A BAMPSOH. 47 and 49 Pcatbora«9t. \\! ANTED A first class carnage „▼ I. painter, one that ess do ornamenting and a good Job of TarpUhtng. Apply at D. BRAIN ABU'S Carrlaee room*. No. i93£tat*«c. ® TXT ANTED—Tinners at F. A. Slack’s V T Fnmace Store. SS LaSaCTe-et. aglantett-jFemale fficlp. house sbbvants. W good S'rl to fake cate °**BapyaDd make hersclt zmtrallr iw-mt g 5! 'ip°,y.igg j W —At TJ6 Michican-av., a V Y good cooky waster and Iroter. ~ 1 TXTANTE&--A good girl to cnok, wash *od Iron. Ooelhat understands borbailnesr 477%t0t5S plaß9,td KOod wa 5“- Apply as XXTANTED —At yC3 Michigan-sv., n cA SrdgAßtyraSg”"* >nJ W^ lnß * A “">* T\TANTED—A good colored girl Uvdb r y tliamberwork at jQA tlichlsan ar. Employmml aßcutlcs. WTANTED—This Dnv—ls wood coon -1..P f *?. r ° f Indmnaj 3W railroad rA , 'n".T k ' ” “ o,rd - TXT ANTED—This Day— 25 vroodclion* •f ft H , l' , ’rlatl urntrnlaimt.** li?rj 7li ,h **'! .iiieker PTUn'MIy. ni».ly rarly at llomn ,j. firm s Ulork, lUivlo’pli M. ftri'MC. J W -a: u 3 a* .^satewiTP •wlialnit U'h rent*, bo full t»attlini7a»t, 1 '* au • U| tfrr/i 1 tw&wuwti; 1 WANTUD— I.iHK) nwiit 10 an hnjiih' wmreioi i *W) a iHdinii and thun), Alio, nil* \V ANTiji'l) —* Males "ami imnalpV that a2ilantclJ--jCllßrrllflKfoM« 1 W. AN , Tl ' :n - T '' <>l lilt’ k „ \J. tiitnllnrp, li'essi nri>.,lnHntf. nml gooil wt|inr rt irfiml. slliuUiml in * fsvorshli* In. W(lniv^nv! 1 Innntviut-lr. nt 11J W AN'I'KI)—Huy Imnnlurf, nl (iiltiert'a plLYte'iJaii'iirji;? ll "' ,l 1H t ' l,ril - 1 - men, with cash cnoi toaniiMP In »Ini’lnn* tUt "hi pay |Mo fin prr ilav. MpfnirriJ hy two pnlnni*. ivVf nffliri 1 "I 1 '• n !S ‘ m, r »nkJ« Of lllrt kllxt S'.tf«? ii Krvr, | wnuts from two io nr*iti|rr«». w|lli»U 'n*. J, 11. NASON. IA J Bouih c;l>rk'*i. t I loom |), ciiirogii, 11, WAJU'EI'-T" lmy~ nn onolnc nml Hnnp nut your old jroodn . “.JL* I'aTßlCOaorpiof Uinfijr woodland, lyimr wi*h. o 1 tlie ctty of Hiifltnulnu. lowa. I will J^i fl rt/ hr i^ n,r n !u fw.flW ° r good* or merrhandl*#. W A aw r at. JdrC,< dAMUEL * No. f, 31 f South \\T ANTED—That man who Ims a little tnrt . not sfrtt'l K> P« U rut, when he t>o raritnake a tort tine, lo rail at tne Metro* pniltan Hotel, ChU*a»o, ami examine IVhUe’a Mop wrlrcer. patentetj Noyember37th, 1866. Thla InTen. tlonrauUs with the clolhea wrlnrer. and |« meetlmr A ‘re nM *re icllini Irom '.>o to tb ?V* t . !^I fn ,. E f‘ ter P. bt *l« already sold. Men who «wh«*?sr« » 1,0 2 01 11 * r « coinlnß moner rapidly. w hat mao lia* done mao rao do.” For a few weeks j. r , WHITE. Metropolllia Uo! \\T AN'I ED—A good reliable man, with 'r *‘' a P} u *' Of JS.MQ nr, toenwiremtha mannfactnre of ham wood timber. The establish- Ji 11 }**®! 1 *l2i tb ® ?*** water power and best limbered resjon In Wisconsin. Machinery new • now r D mv- d^ d ni\5 Pr°S.i* b Ie b ailneM. Apply to a. 4 00 •* Rcal Estate Brokers, S Slctropoll- \\f ANTED—Parties having a manufac* e..!.’«^SI , SE. lotcr “t wlllc s tt «7ltnay wish to sell lor I^STP 7 © 1 ” 1 * parcbaßer bJ addressing a line to Box \XT ANTED—A man In every county in V V n| the West, wtm a capital of f3h to |SO, for the ever Inrimted. SeiU in every store tod boose. No htnabar- Enclose 50 rents and sample ??;.- b t.? ec return mall. Adoreas BALL dTHOMP SON. Post Office Box 355. Chicago. Illinois. " w ANTED—Men of small means look * ! Jbe,ft»r profitable InveetmentscaU and see ns. lilowli d^Oo 17001 * lar£e * I,JS LakMt - A. c. TXTANTED—A. man having $l5O to V, A«vnt In each of ‘.. c Ean, Mlnaeeola. Missouri. lowa. Kansas, aad Wlrconiln. Article is new, novel, necessary and i-c humbug. Call at Boom 2, No. 4S Sonth Clarx-eC Vy^ANTED—We have some Chicago property, that we Win exchange for mer «???« f !L d j T F l *®?** grocertee, clothing boon and paylDk%oslnc*s. Also, some prop- Stlite-et**^ o*® 0 *® for horee and bnpR y* atl •* 210 'lXTAlfTED—Soldiers interested to call - Sctmtoochecks received in oavmtnt ot fwiSSS 11 .*?* . Advances made on good totvSi, ttoom^ DRIL “* Attora «y a; Law. 126 Dear- taeal isstate—tgitg. • nPHOVBO. I7GII SALE—The undersigned will sell ± two bouses and lotvO! 1 and fftfl Soath Canal !,Vi nr on terns, at a very low price, beran*e T ivP l T SK!!V ,er, ? any * In( ialre u CARO- Canal-rts 9S ’ 77 Llbclty-9t * Between Jefferson and J7OR SALE—A new two story buildinc. A, with 13 rooms, water, *-V acd a rao«t advantageous I rears to ran. Rohm will rend -1 7 r *n}fO£l®Cpf* annum. Price only VUOO. if taken s*i2firS‘vJj e W?« l b< A l*o. » smaller boose, ad joining. no. 772. with Brooms, Ac.—luib tho ««™« otly*2.Too. WARREN & GOODRICH, Real Estate Diabers. 12.1 Dearborn-au. Room 2. —A large and elegant y fin- Ished hosse. No. 676 North sfith if d^ l . a^ e ,T B . co nTen»enc«e; lot 50 feet iront. running back to Uill-st: One batn. dc.t neisbbo'booa flrst-clasT. Title perfect. Price low. Terra* liberal Beal Estate brokers. 126 Dear&orn-st., Boom 2T 170 K SALE—A very desirable house . and lot. No, SOS Wabasb-av., 13 room*, water caApub room, tnrnace, Ac., good barn, price low. Tfi ry liberal, immediate poseefuton given. wiV 0 . 4 *? 11 w ,on 4 bl ?? darken & Goodrich; Real Estate Brokers, 120, Dcarbom-at., Room a. F3R SALE—Pour houses, tromns South, on near Lincoln-* t. A good la^ nsz'i&vzs.s'.'t Ert * ,b FDR SALE—A story and a halt cot* u s l 7.?i? tra ,J’.sr k- U-. coal& l c ‘** rooms. In- ..^ , l2 M m 2 Ljl M A ‘ aia - "J7®Jl SALE—Cheap—Naw frame bouse ss-4 igSi&a^ toi T7pR SALE—A new two-story frame JL bouse of 11 rooms, hot sndcoldwaterbatb,marble between w*ab l»WniJd Madlion-aU. THOMAS D- SNYDER A CO., Ittol Ettate Agents, No»4.MetropolUan Blo^k. FDR SALE—Cheap—An elegant mar- A'Lfi?'! 1 J6B Michbcan-ave. Par nunrowtlJ be sold with toe boose. If <Mslml. Terms rwy. A. J. AVERLLi, Real£sUt» Ollier, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. * F)K SALE—Three first-class stores, centrally locatedvand paylna a largejieecmtaao on the price aiked. A. J. avEHELL, Real Eilato Olllce. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. VNMIPBOVBD. |7OR MALE—Clark st. property—Lot A .. <lxl*s to rood alley, on riartiL. jtut soath ot MadUon-rt. B. □. Ct/MMINOS, Room 10. No. 133 boutb Clark-tl. TTGR SALE—A fine lot on Wabash-av., 1 between Twentieth and Twontr-Q*»U*t», UxlTO. allataeMtnents paid. H-TOperloot. A_ .1. avkhki.i. Ucil HstaieOfllcc, No. 7 Metropolitan Clock. TTOR BALE—Two choice lots, near Lin* I coin Paik, 37xt35 each, ottered f»r a ftw days at a low price, inquire at Room 2. N>. 126 Deartwnxt. 170 R SALE—Six lotsm Ashland's Addl* 1 tlpn, Ijlng between Jackson ami Van Baran-at*.. at touchless than the market price If taken Imnei)]. »w». t WAHItKN A noon KtCU..lteal Estate Brokers, taa Dvartwrn-st., Itoom a» FOR SALE—Corner lot, 125 feet on Van *0 fret on Poorla-»L. 40*2M foot on Clark-et, near Fourteenth-*!.: a good lot tar a manuiactory or coal an<l wood sard. fi. 3»; JoalM loot on -'oetr»■»{.. near iui»ted-«t., planked alley in rear: ?J»WxtMf«t on FultoD-al.. near KlUahoth-sv, Mo per KSr./. y** 1,,t 01 ltm >rprM and unlmprnrVdrrop- Mrnii?vj?^ , » n, «?* , 7« o,t,,e S u f. lßa ‘•nwnty. If. C. rjlock*' * C4l K,l#to Brokers, 8 Moiropolllao F'OR SALE—On Wnbash-avc., n lot Q fret front, foil depth, nrar Rlshtnonth-st.; so icet I root t n Wabaih-ttvo.. near Twentleth-st.; 50 f-« fronton Prairie-ave.. tear Tweoty.arat*«i.; M foot front on Calumet-ave., nrar Twenilctn-iu; 300 feet irnnt on Inrtians-ave., near Twenll"th-it. A. J. A> KRELL, Ileal Batata Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. jfot Sale. pOH SALE—Prop. “ Genesee Chieti X now lying at Detroit. Michigan. Claa* A 3. Ton aagejoid mouttrement), 3M. Apply to Wil. E. WaR. UINEH, Dflowlt, or to HABRIB & BB0„ &t Chicago. P!)R SALE—The propeller “Alle ghany,” 563 tons measnrement,lald up In Chicago River; lain good raining condition; will oa'yreaoire painting In the spring. The boiler wu tbarongnlj overhauled and repaired in the winter of ISO; bu af copper floes; makes all the steam required,easily; had anew ihafland New Tore wheel in November! docked and canlkediame time. BhoUone 1 1 the cutest and beet reaboau on treab water. For price and terms apply to C. J. MAQILL. comer Sooth Vt ater and Weltxta.. Chicago, tti. pOR SALE—Pig Iron—3oo tons best A w J ,T S Bd 2fp; 1 Lake saperior iron at f 55 per ion, cash, delivered in onryard. F. W. QATEsTpreildent! pOR SALK—At Granger’s Boston Mer- X chant Tailoring Booms, 130 Sooth Clart-st_ up beginp«s suits (Uarryowen ft Cass) for 137. *33 and *37i\ Onr cut l» second to none. pOR Sal^E—At Granger’s, overcoats A,*° otder. flrom flrit-claaa beavers, Oanrowcna, ket for ** *° * 33 ’ Finest beavers in the mar- "POR SALE—Two sales, at a bargain, Jj at 138 Dearbom-st. pOR SALE—The entire stock of fur nlture belonging to a boarding honie. Price *1.500. House can be leased. Addrea 186 West Jackron-st. near Halsted-tt. P)R SALE—Schooner A. G. Morey, rates A 2.18.500 bu capaaty: schooner Scandlnv tud. rates A 2,13.CC0 bn capaaty; senooner Racine, ratesß L 13,400bucaraclty; ichooners. O. Andrews, rates 81, N,otOhacapaclty; aenoooer Wta. F. Alien. taasßl.lSlpco bn capacity: brig City of Brie, rates B 2.1<0m lumber ob less than 8 ft«t or water. The above vesae’s are all laid up in Chicago Blver. and for »ale by C. J. M&GILL, comer cf Wells and South Water* Chicago, m. F)l? SALE—A Herring bafe, at a bar galn, at 155 Pearbom-it. pianos. FOB SALE—One ot Hallet & Davis’ ot Bowen beat 7-octave Piano Fortes, oversrmag, carved legs, new. Address P, Q, Box 1737. Situations Kaamrs. BfAXJBS* sTlTDATloN—Wanted—*By a jonnr O Swede, to take care ot tones. or u porter la • ■tore. Apply at 77 OHUI, * QlTUATlQN—Wanted—la a Cj boot itaop, either ss foreman. or a steady lab yea? round on call boot*, by a man of u Tens' n'4 nence. ■Aadreai-BOOTHAKEB/ T 3Baah-«:. QITUATION—Wanted A competent k 3 yotmgtaan.who speaks German and *u»a actuation ai bartender. Address *-G w. M 4s Wm Washington-**. ’ w SITUATION Wanted—By - a"Toun» inan as bookkeeper, or bx sny other capacity. in an office or atore. la a good penman. Salary la cat ? , c7£ cll f«f?J?^H£t* , * alni *ooa. Beffireace girdt Addreai -B D q, a Tribune office. SITUATION Wanted By a young I* both abiesodvlllipcto A SsSj!£ D ?£, , ,«* lß Js?l £ '-^ ori * not ware*, belmrtbe for my board. Ad °ltM RICHARD CLUTION. Tribune effleg. S l J Q H'r^?* 4 “^ antc d—By a person rtrttmom& I f-* , T bo Baibeeaemplotfffforthelait *al«map faaiwholnale bat and c»p BSSttSSuaSggf led irlth oSee work * CITUATION-Wauted-In-VfirsTcla^ ggg-g Mass® CITUATION—Wanted —Bv a youuir mao a s anUtant booklet per or clerk in a stnr? Befcreaeeasiren. Address jaaM," loaceo5»l FEHALEB, CITUATION—Wanted—A ladyot much widower. Tdoaeoply who are willing r> treat h»r in a*niL2^?WsAOTi?? oftbe ®*»»r need app-y Andregs “ C A D. 3 *»a Qntano-st., Ctlcsgo. 3 ClTUATlON—Wanted—A young girl ® , R hrf W. dretre* a situation in etrirab* family to do *0000(1 work.and recrlre In cocHdeMtion ter hoard and compclenr. Instruction on t"e Piano 0 KecoßmendaUcMßircn. Address-Miss M. oj* th* oanecmcc. *L OITDATION—Wanted—To do gaucml jQ,!> OO *fs ort or to'do upstair* work in ® nrirata U » h *" • /o °d Horae Ageme Mlautco, A c .?,?iTf^;'T? n, ' d ~ Sm ’ ,rl nnil "ciiv« fn\ p/rurml n i v , Jr tl v°. r , r . f "Jf. ‘ 0 Mil the l‘OT rra H |«it ll T** 1,, h* ,f V r nfp thP IflM l L fr^ n bil''V T ii^| b rrilr A (i KNTS—■ IVrttlfnl - Ofnttpinpii ninT llL*f*« .f 1 !* Ai*ttina-sHta ftne-riiit rtiHv*. liil!, 1 .Av 'VH PMr*»( an a.o»(f. I. ;• aWi*' ,ti ,|,ti Vo *«!».•. A (IHNTrt—Wunlfd—K»|inrion(vi| iini aiiiM A]m>rii«u, of wiUMvar snd ir perly, AutnUr/pryV Ilshnrr liltflmi) Aoinixtuinn al*m. AiMn** .1.,, mclosed. h. h. lUtrobN. T.'l t!Wk ,t .thif *»». mV 1 A GICNTb-WntUi'd— lift) prr nmnili, W?invftiltrn ni the igp, IK j.;Vrrv n..te l ;gu l a l j!' l "« *■'»"« "«i rAiV.7 TB—Wauled—»fl per day pimr* rmi-igo. er om.-c N { ,>. ,| i.vmn"'snS„rfc. AOKNTB Wanted Price <3.SO— HNITKO BTATK* CONTIiSKNT IS* lyuo* ihm f/IT?* 1 * N*l rotors. | f,i iV|rh SKW f HKNr >‘'»KK • IM* «.*• moo. ih«^i!i ,*!•’* r, ’ p ,*P”J » n,t , ««»t *Op»Mn mop. 1,,* it" *niV«ko. A,, ' ,rrM (uit)Ml ' aK,) * co - t lH ta«- A GhN Id—Anted—ln nil parts oi tin* CINCOI.N and Ifin ■•OVKMTMUOSV OKHLAVIvUV, ' W T ‘OOlMgra. nr non. I. N Arnold. rtP, J ,<>r over twunry yr«*j « tr end oj Mr. f.lnciln, Thla work l.aa i X “O.t will meet a wait foil pyVr fry init-Ulctnl cltlrm, it smania fpattirm wnii*h tjot In any o.hPr *or». r rh« nau? Cnruotclr, uf M a.lilngioo, laya: "It will aainmp I 5,^LV.‘. er i nd . h 01 1! • Pl«« beyond aavtniotf vrt pr 0 * {t, B ‘e«J. * For territory arrt toim». addri’M Hu* imn NO wxl S 3 \ A t j. EN ?' s —ante d—For Frank XV Moore's tew work—** WOSf ES OF TIIF IV Ul-*» and older Taxable nio.traiea’NwkV. aoi i oniV b» • Sico. ' l ''" K - g - TKEAr - U» »cnili'ct.rt«' AGENTS Wanted—For BAKUETS LIFE OF IJNCOLN. The b«t mofe complete tod antbentie work jet pobll.hed! mrntafieit fbr thu work alone, the I acta et bla early life. We are offErtos aceata, be* man&WSMa'bV P »fo n S a b^rn C ffii rumto't,. s u» A GENTS—Wanted-Fbr THE AME- F w 800K * b I Robert “*P • V, S.. etnbodylnc the Teanlt* of twenty jhr inyesamitton. Tbe book a bore sfi aa it appeals to the necessities and aeti'lntereef of a rery lame, wealthy and intciliemt nnomi e ?vl?? iai rs2 l r? , C Apply toor eSc^Tm 4 Custom Hoaae-plsce.* A* GENTa—Wanted—Male and female. .-f tosell a new article la great aeaand that every ®i f er day made without lesvlnz home, can make Ircm *s to |2O per day iVX?EiS° r &i? r V&:t «- w - \ —3 or 4 farmers m n-flipSl!?„* 6 “i: aas^iar 11 - “ccuEDv'i ”c«' AGENTts—Wanteu— Experienced bees asa cngranny canvassers, to whon a lit—* «•-. Hv? r «w2i l^f',, 2 n f 7 111 1)6 M, d- Address CQAHIKS ‘ BILL, l.ia South Clark-st-Chicago. 11!. f \ GENTS—Wanted—For the “Better moft popular engraving In Ameri ca. Toe Evrmtg Journal ears:: ** The eDtimsiasm to l til7wlst , a^» M,,alJc 'i ak tbe has followed U to Ida west, acd cone who see it All to acknowledirc. 25?,., , ?l l "5l.f b t SiK c? pn “tv »s more than earthly beauty With wMeh tbs artiA ha* ra^^,. bTODI,AJm •CO-lOSWasS^ ■ At GENTS—Wanted—To canvass this ' city for the sale of anartlele needed bv evfrr Calutß «>“ *i So- »0 Mmmr-lZ A- GEIs TS—\\ anted—Ladies cl respect- • jOl aWllty and energy aa-agents, cither local cr Kl2s*,®?' OIL “ 1 ? Mon . or for the boat thine ont. fronts large. Inquire- Or mfbmaTon between J aid 3p. m., on haturday, l«h Inst- at 27S Ware Randolph-*or addrsas -Mrs. E CB,” Chicago W A GENTS—Wanted—Everywhere, both l«*J and travelling. male and ftmale. steady employment the year mend. and no capital reouimf Bj.1do». re ? . llcht urf F*r p«nSlS‘ address CONKLIN A CO.. UrookUn, N. y. “' A GENTS—Wanted—To sell our new pfP7 t and Wntlng Case, a monromnlete artlclethat sella fverrwbfre. Profit ICO per cent. Fend » cenu for atlHs to FERRES d'CO 21» Wasbtngton-st., Chicago, 1.1. ■ £i ° A GJJNTS—Wanted—Messrs. Ticknnr ■JT\ Field*. Rostoo, have published a steel eairavine ♦ and^wnrv*^??^^HAHUNCOLN asaperfcctflkenes* CHARLES SUSINHSi ilr. SIWIOV to rnPwa’v °K». ORAIItI’ to, COLFAX, OEM. UURJaIDE, i. i And many others. itliriJ »»>« t>«t. Call and see tint rifftlw c » r P«itar’a. CrlOc* can mi* Vwo ?»i!T t »h2?*f rtpa<ra l a . nd are wanted fir its ST wj£SsS. , !Sg t rg^“ oif ’ A GENTS—Wanted—To taka orders lor AifLPK®;?’ AND TO B T WELV E. ,b Edited by Dr. u. Holland, antborof tba “L'fr of Beanllfblly tltaatrated. AgcnU already ln Uie field m StS. n JF«?i? “*0 JD®oMers per week. No otter book now pnbllshMtdla a? rapidly. Largest coamiaiuma S.*.!? 1 ,., CIIAULKS PILL. 132 bonth Ctark-sU Cblraao. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—s2,soo to $3,000 a x -cA. year. A good chacceto makemoney. 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T OST—A large Newfoundland Dog, f JLj black, leet white and breast and nose white, and white spot on end cf taU. Had oa waen lost a strap. (10 reward will be paid to the Under by retum tog him to 17 West Some st. ‘ J OST—On Monday evening, at the Opera House, at the cloae of Tlltoa'b lecture, or ;w»eo there and the CUv Ballwar Station, ouistar*, at- or lo Blue Island av. ear, a lady’s One bunting <ase gold watch. vltnsm«ll.Deat roid chain attach-dT Aar otefindlns It wlilbe loimatlonto JiSES ± GIFFORD, yy T LObT —ss Reward —An Autosrrauh Soot, troperty cl L. E Hanum. containing up » aid of 9500 in city ordets. near orXnutnols KlvS- Etrator.where flnder.on !eaylng.wttl racSverewajd v rpAKLN Ur—Two cows and a* steer. X Tbe owner can have the same by proving property .