Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 19, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 19, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Last Evening’s Despatches by Ocean Telegraph. Conference Proposed by the Great Powers to Consider the East ern Question. Italian Church Property to he Heavily Taxed. Discovery of a Plot to Assassin ate the Pacha of Egypt. Further Honors to the Winner of the Great Yacht Race. FROM WASHINGTON, Provisions of the Randall Cur rency Bill. Text of the Bill to Regulate the Tenure of Civil Offices. Belligerent Utterances of .a Johnson Organ. Resolutions Adopted by the Republican National Com mittee. GONGRB. Senate—Passage of the Bill Regu lating the Tenure of Office. Senator Sumner’s Speech Urging the Necessity of the Mea sure. Ifotisc—Fiii-llirr Dulmfc of flic Slovens Iteconstruction Util. Damaging Effects of the Great Snow Storm at Ilia East. I'ni'Uier Prlnlls of (!;e Lmvrr Jlln nlssljijil Mi-iuiilmut Olsinti-r. FROM MEXICO. The Liberals Closely Pressing the Retiring French Forces. FROM EUROPE. IIV OCIJAN TliMUmAl , ll. Tlllt KASTRbN qi'TSTinN, I.ONPON, January H. *ltm morning journal* tm’iiHoii n rumor Hml Ihe Great Dowers have resolved |»> urgn Die Huh* lime Doric to call a conference to consider Die Dsn Mil question. xTiiriikit i-oPNTastxa to rtta winnkn or rue OUK&T VAI’IIT lUOr, J’aoi.. January ifl. Tim liAiiqimt exiended hy t’e Aioprlvaii* lo Jnim’s Gordon IMuMI, Jr., orcurrud last ovoulng* Mr Klng.lsnd, son of the former Vlci> AdmlrJ* of Dm New York Yacht Club, presided. The American Minister and representative* <D Dm For eign legation were present. It was a grand affair. 'mere waa great emlmtivmv at vhuhaU nl the Tnlleriro, Wednesday evening. The Kmpnror and Kmpieaa personally coiißrutouted Mr. Ucnnctl on his victory. I’LOT DISCOVEnXD to assassinats toe tacoa op London, January 17. It is reported that a desperate plot his been dis covered to assassinate Die Parba of Egypt, the p!ol lo Include Die sub-officera of the Government, and the investment of ihe reins ol Government in the harms ot Saline I’acha, who Wa* said to he nl the head of the conspiracy. The affair was dis covered and the design frustrated. FtonKNCB, January 18. The Italian Finance Minister has confirmed Die annonncement that the Government Intends to tax the CUnreli property lo the extent ol OuV'Ou.tOO lines. Flouence, January 17. 11. Tonelllo's mission to Home relative lo the Hifebop. has been sarttffactoniy ended. He wilt soon take leave of the Pope. ifesoany. Pesth, January l c . The Upper House of the Dungsriatt Diet unani tnonsly parsed Peak’s address. Latest Foreign Tlarketa, LrrtatMOL, January 17. Bale# of cotton to day, 13,001} bales. Prices nn changed. Tallow and lard firm, tingar tends upward. l.tvxnpooL, Jtcoary IB—Noon. Bale* of cotton for w<tk. <2,000 bales. There has been a decline of)<d per poana during the week. The market today Is dull, with estimated of bates, authortmd quotations, midollnc upload?, at lik’d; Orleans, 153^(1. l/>xi>os. January i“—Evening. Money market Inactive. Conjcls for money. t»v« J’auis, January I?—Evenluc. Flve-Twcatles, bonds. 73}*'. London, January 18-Xooc. I*nlted State* bond# 75*; -Illinois Central SlJ,'; Erl ; Cvoivlt for moßej- l».vf FROM ITASHDiGTON. (Special Despatch to the Cht-jago Tribune.] WAsnisnroN, January 18. A. J. EEVERELT DANDLED. The great event ofthe day in Congressional efr dr*- was the speech delivered this morning by Senator bumper, regardlug (he ITealdcnU Ilia wotds were probably as severe as any ever nsed In the Senate, and the speech created a profound Im pression and Is the general theme of conversation this evening. No one interrupt, d him while he was speaking, and Tteverdy Johnson was the onlv man who ntiemptcd a defence of the Executive. * Bod. E. B. Wasbotime, by advice of bis physicians, has determined lo'go abroad far the treatment of hU spinal complaint, and will leave lor Europe In the steamer I’treia on Wednesday of next week. SLANDETtOt'S ACCUSATION DEECTED. The oi can of tha Iron manufacturer* of the country, published at Philadelphia, tn its last is- Fueha« a slanderous article Insinuating that Sen ator Grimes is part owner ol a hardware store at Burlington, and silent partner Hi a cntlerr eslah- H.hrncot in New Vork; that :n InfCfinrseVcsppci- Ing the Tariff CHI he lias been governed by per *on«l motives, and dial he has influenced (lie Fi nance Committee to R? act/ob oh certain vlnm»« of Hit hill. The Senator lose to apo sotial uapta radon Hit* afternoon* He satd he had hut spoken lua single member of (he tnmndileo nliuitl tlio hill l dictated he never had been Inieresled In a t-ntWy store In New York, end staled that he dls p.i.P'i ol ids hardware tnleiest at Ihtntngtou In Aliens!. Ip*n1 4 stiure which lime In* had l td lifiHM dlixlli ot Ihdlfcrtly ioiimhclo I wllu Silt hlNlil'htif Ihs (loil hllafnpss, to t'dicl'lsdlh h« riiMsuUMlrnt Hie whole milde•lhml'-'imu, end «sid M- riuesis w until not deter him (tout do tnj* Ml. whole defy, Iteierdy doliosoo paid n tif MOiiidlnicnl (n (he liiipesty, iiprpriii fpp| tnc ii. tmUiiidjr o( dmaioi ((rimes, ami said eve«t mm (i (Me Henaie iiiiew him as ope of dm lad of oimi who i mild he liiflneiiied hf personal nr pinmhtiy r onkiibiadoiis In dm dlnliait/e of liUihiifuia man Hint n legfriator, Mr, Piwsenrtan, mi hehaif id the HnntiM! I'ommidee. dm led dint Mi. ((rimes Mad cam led m silt-mpliil to esiot any influmice upon din eonmililet) nliilo prepmlng (ho hill, nnd hlmi (estifled lu Ida nntlin honesty a§ n eltlrrtn and a Henator. a Johnson nnn*N nru.iociifor. T»if VrtitfHutloHal I'hUm bar In-t-ii unusually Tlfjh-nt of Isle* and Ms Mirf-alcalces hare hceti hm j ixtltl ntnl Imputlehl silica the limnnnralluii (if Hit- °Hi i>) JafaM ntr bohwlrhtft ‘to hltfil H Mr# : *' f.ttnla bate already Inuiighl Ihe Ptjdlli to the terr tciue of ahti'.liet fetululiom if li.e ila.lUl niftJoHlr hi ConcieM puistlca M* UmiuM* (•mtix- mod;i hd-iM t, tltfc ftjiiMh Id mil dr to » U «; HnIMMW hm to aim Ms sttj.j.mlif*; At n.c ifiti of Hit? iVMidHihkU his iHtmd* tiuHii mri th» afHif HbA tin- hm th Midi * whteM Mm fIHHi- htir huthM Mik-h hh Mm lom of I'nMn*., l.di wlimi viijWi..&; ,ia ai.ldh'ra of Mm *mi ( )t . tmimi nMiiimy om Mm Mo* »|i|o»«Hlim m Mm flat 1 coMM fort Mmi Aprtiuw.infip.op will i.u\u nut M« <mp*miiMmiiii t« rw mrtwj, u TMB «|s.) MW , Th(.’foh«s prep ffwdf (W«w«»t to-day op (he iMlu -lu.u yhtn m Judge FMd |P»( account i.ihisetrUciirimhe Supreme Couubuinm | t i„ hie mind to appoint hu hrolher Uatld |»mji ey field as Minister to England, vuuKiKti or tub rnßamsNT'a coKSßtiyaTonr. The Imniing, (his roornha, of (cu IVealdunt'a fOnscrvainry, is a great pnhMc calamity, ‘I ho damage to the hulldlne can be repaired for four or five thoussud dollars, hut Ibe money valoeol the plants conveys no adequate idea or the real loss. It will probably reach two or throe hundred thousand dollars. Many el (ho plants were tare, sad have been accumulated for tba put flfUeu or twenty year*. They can not be replaced for any ram. Among the me plants destroyed was a my large lemon trco, four rspfoa In foil bloom, the largest plant In America: aAmdoriut Grforore, or screw pine, very rare and larre; one cycut rrtvfcufo, Imported during the administra tion of General Washington, and a large number of camellaa and Japonic**, the doeat In this country. TUI sill nioCTjtnxo nr* raxen* of civil ornoas. The following la the (all text of the bill regulat ing the tenuro of certain civil offices, which, after more than a week’efdchate, waa- paaaed 'by the Senate thia evening—yen S 3, hays 0, the mvallvee being Buckalew, Cowan, Bison, 800- JliUe, Hendricks, Nesmith, Patterson, Kiddle and Banlsbury ’ lie U maetfil, <tc.» That every person, except- Ine the Secretaries of Plato, of the Treasury, of War, of the Navy, and of the Interior, the ron martcr General and (be Attorney General, bold ine any civil office to which he has been appointed by and with the consent of the Senate, and every person who shall hereafter bo appointed to any such office and shall become duly qualified to act therein, Is aLd shall bo entitled to hold each office nutil a aoccceaor shall have been lo like manner appointed and duly qualified, except as herein or otherwise provided. Sxo. S. Andbeit further enacted. That when any officer appointed as aforesaid, excepting judge* of the United States Courts, and excepting those specially excepted in section one oi this act, shall during a recess of the £cna'c be shown by evldci ce satisfactory to the President to bo guilty of misconduct la office, or for crime, or for any teaaon, shall become Incapable or legally dis qualified to perform Its duties, in such case, and in no other, the President may suspend such of ficer and designate some suitable person to pci form temporarily the duties of such of fice. until the next meeting of me Senate, and until the cases shall be acted on br the Senate, and each person so desig nated shall take of such officer the oath and give the bonds required by law to be given and taken by toe person ap pointed to fill such office; and m such caseit ihaUbcthcdutyof the President within twenty days after the lint meeting ot such next meeting of the Senate, to report to the Senate suchau-- pension, with the evidence and reasons for his action In the case, and tbo name of the ntrson so designated to perform the duties of such office; and If the Senate shall concur In such suspension and advise and consent to the removal of bach officer, they shall so certify lo the President, who may thereupon remove such officcr. and hr and with the advice and consent of the Sonata, appoint another person Uo such of face. But if the Senate shall, refuse to concur In such ausouiaton, such officer so suspended chart lorthnlih resume the functions of Ins office, and the powers of the person so performing its duties in bis stead shall cease, and the official salary and cn.olumuii- of such officer shall, during such eau pension,beiong to the person so performing the duties thereof, and not to 'be officer so suspended IHotidtd, hoiceter, that (be President, In case he clinll become satisfied that snch suspension was mode on Insufficient grounds, shall be authorized at any time before repotting such suspension to (he benatc as above provided, to revoke such sus pension and reinstate such officer lu the perform ance of the duties of bis office. ttc.a. And bt V further enacted* That the Presi dent shall hare power to flit all vacancies which may happen dutlng the recess or the Senate by icaeou 01 death or rc-lguaUon, by granting com missions, vhicb shall expire at Ihe cod of their uext session thereafter. And if no appointment by and with the advice and consent of the Senate shall betnade to such office so vacant or tempo tartly filled aa aforesaid daring such next session of the Senate, each office shall remain In abeyance without any salary, fees or emoluments al'achcd thereto null) (he same shall Le filled by appointment thereto, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and fluifop each time all the powers and duties be longiig to such office shall bo exercised hv such oilier officer as may by law exercise snch powers and duties In case of a vacancy m snch office. Sue. 4. Andbe if further enacted, That nothing In tils act contained shall be cotwtrned to extena the term of any office, the duration of which Is limited bylaw. Bee. G. And he II further enacted. That If any person shall, contrary to the provisions of this act, accept any appointment to or employment in any office, or shall hold or exercise, or attempt to hold «or exercise, any such office or cmpinym -ni, he shall be uceitu-d and is hereby declared to he Etilliy of a high misdemeanor, and upon trial nnd cyuvicflwii thereof be shall bi‘ ptinls'ied (horcf-ir by o flue i.ot exceeding l**ti thousand dollars, or i.y tmpihntiutcat not exceeding ten years, or iiolh • tiM piitilrln/ienis. In Dm illscteiioti of tbo Court. Btc. it. And belt further'navffd. That every re moval, appointment or employment made, had or exercised contrary lo the provisions of this act, nml ihe mnl:lm>, signing, sealing, countersigning, or Issuing of any commission or Micro! aulUottly for of In mjierrio ativ sttch appointment or cm* idoyiiMil, shall he deemed and me hereby declared lo he high misdemeanors mid upon trlatnml couvir. Hon tin icor.cvciy person guilty thereof shall ho (itiiiMu d by a lino hot exceeding ten lltoiisimd do|. Inis, or by imprisonment not excsedln* five years, or both said puiilshtm'ots. in Dm uhnotlott of Dm Ihvml, /Vorhlrri, that Hie President ehail have power at lee the adjournment m make out and deliver (ho ('■immiM-lun of persons whose appointment to of tin ioi-Imtii advised and cunaeuted to py the Heuatn. hro. 7. Ami bell Thai it shall bn llu-duly of UioHecret'iry of tho HunaK At Ilia clou’of em it sotrsinii Ihoreof, (o deliver to tho Hue. (etaiy ot (Ito ireasuiy, mill to ench of hla assist ants, nr.d lu each ol Dm Auditors and to each of 'tliu Complrullcra lu Dm Treasury, and to tho 'liensurerand |o the Deglalor of mu Treasury, a full and complete Hat, ciily certified, of alt Dm pctpnuswbo shnll have poen omolnilod to and injected hy the Hcnnln dnrrnc fltith session 5 and n line list nt all thu offices lo which nomlnatlona -hall have been made, and not couDrmud and flih'dal such sessmn. bic. 8. Atidb* if further That whenever the I'reptdtiii ehail, without Hie nil vice and consent of (ho Semite, rtt-nlgtinle, attUmrUu or employ any person to perform tbo (lottos of any slntll furihwlth notify Dio Secretary or Dm Ticisury Mien of ft, nod It shall ho the duly of the Scciotary of tho Treasury Uiorctipun to coinmitul rate such notice tu all tho proper accounting and dlshtu sttig nfficets of tils (lennrlmcnt. Sko. P. And hr If furfn*r r«gjV(/, Thai no money shall ho paid or received from Dm I rrasti* iy, nr pnldorh-cclvnl from or t clalued out of any public tnunrrp nr futtilH ol Die United HiaUis, Mhetlier In tfm Trensttry or not, (o. or hy, or (hr ihe hcbofll ot any person appointed in or niDhor )rrd lo act In, nr holutiig or exorcising Hid duties or nitirihUisofaiiy office,eouirnry lo Ihe print* slotsnfthtsacl. Nor shall any claim.account, voucher, order, rcrlflcnte, warrant, or oilier in* siimnoM providing fur or relating to such pay* merit, Prelpr or retention Im promoted, passnii, rtlloMcii, nppiDvcil, leslifled or paid hy any officer of Dio United Himes, or hy any poiimui exercising (he function*, or per' fuming Dm dnlies of any office or place of irnvi muter Urn Uf.ltcd HuUee, (m- or vu respect to snch office, or Dm exercising or rmifonulng tho rmcilonsor dudes thereof; and every person who shall violate any of Hie provisions ot this ►ccllun thaU Vm demrd culUy ol a high iwUde nmnnor, and upon tilnl and conviction thereof -hall be imnUtmd Iherefor by a flue nol exceed ing ten thousand dollnra, or by tmprlsoom<snt not .-xcecding ten yearn, or both said imntshnienU, In the dli-crelton ol tho Court. ACTION OPTUE IIEruntJOAN NATIONALOONMITTEB. Wabiiinutqn. January ia— Tho Union Natlonai •'on.mllivc met pursuant to adlourumcnl. In ed >’iUou tu those present yesterday were Messrs. Greeley of Now York, and Johnson of Arkansas. The lollowlng preamble and resolutions were iinammomOy adopted: WiiEitcae, The desertion by the DreDdent of rhose whoso generous confidence placed him in his high trust has bronchi the National Union party Info a new and untiled position, at a time of great trial tu Dm Government, thereby calling for Jio exercise ol the cn-alcst vigilance, firmness and natriollem on the pait of tho*c who would npnold ■he- pnncltilca and snstaln ihe measures which have carried the nation through ihe war; there orc, Tlint Hie Execntivc Committee be di- and suihorircd to make a tfaorungh orgaqi ration for the failuic to confirm Die sneresa of the :«u-l and to secure the fruits of onr fairly won tri umph, and tor that pnrpose they may estahlUb U:<dr headquarter* hi the city of New York, ap point a Secretary and each assistants as the? mvy gccip proper, a* d to take such other measures as may be necessary to give effect to th<* rcsoln'ion, tfenolxtd. That the membere of the Union party in cvcrvpart of the country, be requested to err respond wilh this committee, by addressing Us rbaliman 'at the headquarters aforesaid, giv ing infoimniion as to the state of affairs In th-(r several localities, with tho general condition and requirements oftheUnion cansc. 'ihe following reflation wasal-oanaolmonsly cdnptcd: fiftolwd, Ihal the Union National Committee congratulate the people of Nebraska and Colo rado on their admission by Congress Into the Union as States, and they would respec'fully ex press to the Legislatures of those btales their confident hope and earnest desire that the acta of admission by Congress may be promptly accep'- cd by thvro, placing themselves thereby on a Into ground of equal rights to all men as proclaimed In the Declaration of Independence. Jiftoltui* that this sommittce congratulate the country ou the steady growth and’progress of Laitonal and patriotic sentiments throaghoat the Union, as evidenced lo our last, Plate eh‘ctlon<, and look with couflde»iccto the Union party, and especially fo the so-called seceded Stati-s. /usotcfd. That anxiously desirous that th n States lalelv In revolt shall be restored to their rorfeited position lu the Union, and to reptes -n --tafiou in Congress at tne earliest dnv consistent wlrhj national Intccriry and national sccn liv, and uirolarndnghD Impulses of vengeance or re eeclment, we wordd respcctlhUy suhmll lo Cm gievs end the country this avowal of our eanv -w romlcrion that no rccuns-rcctioD can be sate or just which docs sol secure Impartial suffrage to at] lojal people ol those btates. Committee adjourned sla* dU. THE RAKDALL CUnntNCV BILL. Washington, January It 1 .— I The bill reported to the House (o-dar by Mr. Randall provides that aft’r Its passage it shall be unlawful to Issue as tmiucy anr twice or bills not authorised by Con g«-sa: that (ho Secretary of the Treasury is authorised to fcane not exceeding three hundred miliums in United States notes, not Rearing in terest, ol such denominations as bo may deem ex i rdlenf, not less than live dollars, earn of which «ta» be lawful money and legal tender, said notes to he used only »n exchange for National Bank I*. Mus.nrd fur the pntebaso of such amount ot United States bonis as may he necessary lt> carry out the true Intent of (his act. All circulatin'* note* of national hanks heicatter paid into the lirasnry shall pul again be put In circulation, iml iheKecrclaty may pay out an equal amount of I'nltrd Histe Issues. National hanks must redeem •\ Itliln lliiity days their notes (bus retained In the I'lrnsnrr. where ra*d amounts are not less than luno.and tuesent them to (hr Becrelary for cancel- InUou. who will ritmn to them tbs proportion >le amount ol United Hlah-s bonds dep-sited a« scrurllj Ibeisfor. The bill coiilnltis olher prd ‘is!«'i.»i Pul (h< foregoing are IU iiiaid fealuio*. Hi* Tien* (try, Attorney Ueiiera). iAS ll l " I< ‘ Ihleflot* Ttvasmet and Comp- Vi’LtL i i n ir ?in fllMHflHb d Uomml*- V/.is u ..ini * |hki»B UiiHl lit the bill, whose dnlv II (‘hffll be in isreive hotti (i<s HeirHnrv nil t'triitli* and oilier evH»-‘i'e» of deni tdircttnsnd. pioneriy stump Ibem ami tt-r. np (lie iitlete«l 'll •■Hiiiy iiimii if in. mi Ill'll III.MI u(|" « 1 1 ii»,« •o !»*• Tnti'sU'nlii bond* Miter iil.n"* .li'A.imf deIMC hi I lie I'pllco MlHife, nmi heromi* pattyj .... ... 1 ,’tH w*>* mid«wn \w\V\. Hood In l»tm n or iln? Hhlolo-r Ini, THU TAIMf P 111f.j., M l|« HIMMIiI ‘■liNl'M. i* IMr In fall in H,i, -Hifllii Mln fcl(M(n|||nl t| In Mix oiilnlmi „r ||| H Cretumy lit-parinuMil dm* li «nidii toaucn u (( . (immiil ixn-lpis of cii-|>imu nnc lialf, am} |tn,- <nrii r ntif mlnrllmi In inlonial revenue Ini (•i atflilp, 1 tin i'lnanrn I'ntmnlMne lr>v*< weed In amend Mm Tar|d HIM |)f rljamrlng Mix •jii-i lllr duly on limiks In in uiirahmm duly, mill* duly on wlm* at Uft* cenU a pallmi If :ni|>(ir(et) iu casks, and iwn dollars per dozen jj !n flips, unuMUtßjm.u flip Way* add Mean* CrniitnUlpi* readied no iliddnn <ti Hip Unlit Bate Hill, ami (be Hiam*ai hip atralnM any Iblerfereiice itilhlheiirMPUl »lf«. pipiinttatT tmwpr oMhe Bmplary m Hip Treasury. . r* AimtrttH tii rnAVTire. . WAPltlMtiKiai January .Ifl.—lM Hip Buiiremn t’miil (tt*ri»y lUodtpt T. Jobii»uh« (urnleilt n td»H ijptipfaij ttap atllrtiflpil 1H (be bar übder (lie iti-tr rule IHflbflliip tin- IpM dflllt; i i . < HTtnHf UPpfciMf,. . ((H*l(iW M tbshibis bf hr* Uriahs fttitu (In* I*l (bib*foil Ilisljf^M |iprti«lHiM hi-ip iiWftNV **ll wiiinbiidiijj fh#»< (hp.ipiiiriy ('uftoiiif »i( iiileHtsj j i iwujMnalH « LMiMii'a jilbili Aitiniiam, a|iiffmil|Prt h *(Miki iiMititijfiMtf nt iM*mmiwhimiili , An iiiVMilitfaiiiiu HfiwcTiln< b*M> HHillllllWl Ilia fjiliwaniif III* HM’H Hill'-' i m»ij ; 'im4 MitiibfbK 111* (b>itimif»hiiiPi was ni»: I'iUhl TiHpiPHraiilr b( il»» Hired of Hfimy him M«larPOfliHfGP*, Anri cniirliiiMiiiMii liuhM ill Vw dnwyftwts w»y*> »<| V\\m UANAIU. PrnHffM of il»e Pdnißu Trlal»~ t ii* rnMafrt KaelteiiicMl tmuromiiiff (Me Hold I'lHrta o( nadoo-HialUiloa or Tmdo liiitvcon CumbiU uud ihuCTid- U‘A Mlaui-Uiivtval of ibe Anutxa* •lon Uuoaiion* ISpeciaHlcapaicb to tliti Cblciyo Trlbu- e,) ToaonTO, C. W., January is, I'eter Paul bed with was this morning ed for parik-ljmioi, Iq ujo Fenian raid, and found guilty. Oihcr Inals era now going on. John Marshy was acquitted. The gold fields or Madoc are attracting Increased YOL. XX. attention. A great nuh Is anticipated In the spring. Gold In paying quantities has been found In sevetal places. Tbo export* of produce from Canada to the United States for the year ISM were as follows: Wheat.CHl,7Mbushels; barley, 1.070,70* bushels; flour, 143,8% barrels; batter, 650,578 pounds; lum ber. 12G.TT3.43a feet. The total value of imports at Montreal In 19% was *28.703,821, acalnal>lo.Bli4lS In ISBS. The value or exports was (8,009,030 in 1800, against (7.512,752 tn 1806. New Tons. January 18,— I The Time i* Montreal special rays: The "Bods” are Indicating their desire for annexation with less reserve than for merly. The subject for discussion at tbe Institute Can adian thl- evening, Is the question. "Whether ihs Banks proposition for tbe annexation of Canada to the united States ought to bo accepted}” Ibe Am, the principal Rouoe organ of the city, refers to-day with approval, to a meeting ot French Canadians In Detroit, at which B. Cadloux delivered a lecture in favor of annexation. Tononro. January 18.—A gun-boat will he sta tioned at Kingston in tbe spring, m consequence ot the number of Fenian convicts In the Peniten tiary there now. A gun-boat will also bo ata- Uoncdjjennanentiy m the Niagara River. CONQKESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Wasairtotog, January 18. SENATE. The Cbalrlßubmitledthc resolutions oflbc Ken tucky legislature rejecting tbe Constitutional Amendment. Tailed and ordered printed. Various petitions were presented and referred. Including oneaeklng tbe passage of laws against the present system of extermination of tbe Indian race. Sir. HENDERSON presented tbe petition of the citizens of Missouri for Itcreaaed duty on flax wed. Tabled. Mr SUMNER offered a resolution calling on the Preeidiiit of the United Stales to send io the Senate, if not inconsistent with the public Inter est, any correspondence with Mr. Motcly relative to bla reported resignation. The CHAIR said that It required unanimous consent to consider this resolution to-day. Mr. BUCKALEW objected. Mr. WILSON, from the Military Committee, re pored the till of the House, of lost session, to es tablish and protect national cemeteries, requiring each crave to be marked with the name oflbc oc cupant, and each cemetery to be enclosed with a stone or Iron fence, and appropriating (30,000f0r catrytrg ont the purpose. Ai the suggestion of Mr. WADE and others, the bill waa laid over for the present. Mr. HENDERSON presented a bill declaring the bridge built by the North Missouri Railroad Company over the Missouri Hlvcrat St. Charles, Missouri, a legal structure ami post road. Re ferred. Mr. HAULSDUIIY moved the Senate take op hla resolution calling upon the heads of depart ments for llela of removals from office made be tween March Ith, 1661, and March 4th, 1605. Mo tion rejected. ihe bill to rcgnlatc the tenure of office waa taken up. The qacsUon waa npoa Mr. Baniner's nmendmentas an addlllonat auction, providing that all officers of the Government, except clerks of oopnrlmenls whose salaries exceed #I,OOO per annum, ehail ho appointed by the I’resl dent by. and with the advice and euix-eiit of Ihe Hennlc. Mr, BUMNEH said! It la nowltlle more than a year ago since I felt It tar duly to tli'iactcrizo u iiicsfiiec of the President as whitewashing, that message presenting the con dition id Dungs lit Die rebel Plates as fair and promising when the prevailing evidence wa* the ulber way. Of coarse the message was white washing. amt this was a mild term (branch n doc mnuil, and yon do not forgot liow cetlalti Mona lots. bnrror-flincU at Hits plainness, lenmnl for until In vindicate tliu iVesldeni. Veslonlny some id (bcio same Bcnslors.horroi-slriitk attain leaped futward to Dmsamo (i*U. Time lias slumn i was rlybl »m the former ww»»ltm. If anybody doubts dial 1 was rtghl yosfoidiiy I commend him < to time, and tie wilt md have to watt long. For myself I shall Insist always on tlm iron exercise of debate, and shall exercise tu Tluuik tlnd, tmw tliu statu niHslnrs have been driven limn ibis rlminlict, smh at l«M is (bo liberty of mi Amurlemi Bennior, UlriimsotbouM'an ho im tillsen t>f n flopiihlle lon high for exposure, ns them run lie urn■« tun low (or proiecilnn, ihe exposure ofttie I lull end pMilefiliiii of Ihe weak—these are not in ly Invulnerable prlvlhges, hut duile*. At last the t nuiitry la turning Its eyes to tho ncmnl comll lien nr things. Already It sera (hot Andrew John son, who tame to supreme power by a bloody nceldeuf. linn heroine the successor of Jeff. Davis, in Ihe spirit by whu-h hois governed, and the misery whlrli he has inflicted on the country, it tens the President of (ho rebellion released hy the President of Ihe United Btates; It area that tho vol nccwblcli|tool( the lire id hi-1 lu-irloiispredo terror, la wow, by hla perverse complicity, extend ing Uitongh (he ichel Htales. making all who love the Union Us victims, and Oiling the (and with op pression. IK sees the war upon the faithful Union ists Is still continued under his powerful (inspires without any distinction of color, so (hat both white and black are sacrificed. It soca he Is a rnonslcij of discord and wot n minister of peace. It sees, so loug as tits opinion prevails, tin in is small security, nr tranquillity or rcroncll- Italian! that the restoration of prosperity to the rebel Plates, so much longed for, must lie delay ed, that (be niisiiass of (ho whole country must Do einbartnssrd, and those conditions upon which tesla sound cunen-y tntisi be positioned. All ihese things the country now sees; lint Indigna- Him Msitititea Ihe fmm of judgment when it Is »rv«. This fat-reaching mischief, seeoudly to Hip lelielllnn Itself, of which H t*n continuation, is invigorated and extended through a plain usurpation, Htr. in , holding up Andrew John son (i» Judgment I do wet allude to hi* exposure of himself In a stole of bestial in toxication while he wan inking Ida oath of office, nor dn I allude (o Dm maudlin speech hy winch he tins disgraced the country na It waa never hotore ; nor no 1 hearken lu any reports of patdonl«alea nr corrnpUon. lids U not Uto rase against him which 111* my duty to iircsam hi Ibis argument. 'lhnra'htnga are very bad. but might not, lu ihu opitden of some Henalors, Justify us on Dm pres ent occasion, in oilier word*, it might not ho >utUcii-ut reason for the resolution 1 have ot tried. , Hut other reasons are ittnplo. Thu ('resident hits usurped the power ol Consruxs on a collosal scale, and he em ployed these usurped powers in fomenting the n-bvt spirit and awakening anew the dying fire* of the rebellion. is a great and unpardonable olleocc, for which history roust condemn him, if yon do not. 0c Is aosnrpcr. through whom Infinite wrong has been none to hla country, lie vs a usurper who employed bis powers for tbo removal ol those who would not become bis bartizans. To me bis on n w kicked out those who v ouldnot be silenced by his menaces. Mr. BUMNEU proceeded to argue that the dnly of the hour was to protect the loyal citizens against the President. Mr. EDMUND* replied briefly In tho remarks ol Mr. Bumper as to the necessity for this amend ment, arguing against n. Mr. JOHNSON regretted that Mr. Sumner, in his discussing this proposition, had seen fit to al lude to (he President m terms in which be was sure he would, upon reflection, see reason to re gret. lie (Sumner) had said almost in words that the power oi removal from officeonght (o be taken trom the President because he bad proved himself an enemy of his country; because no bad proved Mmsclf an usurper in this Particular condition of Htl-lrr, unknown to the Senate. Mr. Johnson thought it not proper for Die Senator from Massa chusetts to express the opinion he had Just in dulged in. A resolution had been formally offered in the Donee of Uepreeeotallrcs looking to Impeachment. Should such he ordered by the Donee, the Senate would be the judges whether he was guilty or not. As near os that particular member is concerned, what sort of a trial would the iTcsidcnt have, were he to be imncacned as an enemy to his country or usurper, cither of which, inlho contemplation of Congress, lathe high crime of (teuton! In a trial ol impeachment, that light exists which common law secures to every citizen where common law prevails, of bar lue a fair tribunal to decide upon bis case. The honorable member from Massachusetts would he challenged (or tho cause. In what attitude would (but place him or others of us who would follow his example, without bearing a worn in defence of the I’tcsiQcnt. w ithout remembering the past conduct of that officer, considered, un til lately at least, and perfectly patriotic as showing a devotion fo his countrvoia most fer vent character? The Senator from Massachusetts (targes the President with being false to the coun try. Ihe Constitution of (he United States, which rays that a charge of this description Is to be lusfcd upon by the Senate of the United States, -opposes that every individual member of the r-rnate would bring to the consideration of thst wtusitan a mind an white as t-aper, upon which nothing is written that can liiilneoce bis Judg ment. Yet tbo Senator, urged, as 1 think, hy what has occurred in the past, bnrtfu) to himself, when he was, ss he thought. Improperly treated by thia officer, has sullfcred his feelings fo lead himastrav, nnd pronounce a sentence in this chamber to-day which will icrder it improper for him to sit as a jiu'gc upon snch a ease. Nr. JOHNS-ON regretted the tone of the Presi dent's speeches ofiric22d of February and on the trip to the We«t. as beneath the dignity of hts of fice : but Dint did not prove him untrue to h*s rotinlrT or a usurper. In concluding, he said the biPirapher of the President would say that no President ever labored more zeal ously lo cme the great wounds which a rebellion Inflicted on Ihe counlry, or more hon rsiiy endeavored to place thccounhy on a footing In which it would command the admiration of the -.■-orld, not only to work onf for us a national re union, but fbr that greater vlr.uc of securing to every Individual citizen the rights which the Con stitution hid conferred upon him. Mr, HOWE vpokc hrlcliy of Mr. 'pecth as commlfling htm (John'nn) as much In mvw ot the President In case of trial lor impeach mini, ns Mr. Bumtirr bnd (iluiseil against him. Mi. I.AM-: Itrclc«i<d BCBitiat nil nltempln to itiridpo ibornflrst liberty of debate In the (Timm* '■er. While it may Dot Uc Improper to «(>cak Ut«- rmitleottHy ol the brail* Ot other l»raOtlie? of Hie iitmminrul. lie rlnltnvcl tlio tight to cHtlclac the :ictton" of yttclt offlelala ohen measure* nrre tut* -tet roMtdeiaHim tpofi*dli't* limit mmcta. Mt »,«i p Itirfi I'HHTPJtfd to rmitldrr the liece««ltr -hit pHiptMir Ml iltr j'B?«nap nf the hill. Mt. khvMMUt ottered n immWtAHoii of hit mmtirtmrfih making nil pm*pihlnm«i" or MlaHea ••lfl.t'*U'r Hilirj by the IVtahlclH or hrml* oMmpatlmrtil*. unit nm mime ami emt *-P|i( Of tllh MphUli', Hill) 110 ttHMtililllKitll* ran t'P mailA 011)1001 amli action or niwrti'tnlo, . Mt, Uuwr.iHiorti'd nU nmpiM)iii"iii. rpjppial a iko titiM *|tiip, in fciilt-p mil tint mmifmin of 1 ntdiM 1 M|ot>mra, lit III" ft Ml appthm of Hip )«t)|, Mu fminrl a tmmiu nroinmiil for >1 lo Him an> oiiiiiiiiHiil iimi Mr. row in miolrt prnhahjr he i»-HlPffi) Him of War. 11° mnild "IlflOtO Mljf • 1111 l H|l|MilMtlllP||t, Mi.riiWAN Mid Mump wm not a parth-ie of '• iiiuialinii for thn eloiy, Mr. llnnr’i muonnmrnl wpi lelattert, ’ Mr t.UMI'MiU ol'eml vim fullnuma Rtivrml ;««il|o UiR pcvnilli FiTilnn, prciTldhijf ihat the* * ,in, l !••*« power to wake nnd delhvr "J rr j p, , '' , oi r i'rnp , tt of the Henate, nmunlMlmia for nil pnicor* whoee appointment ehatl hare hewn adt/ml and toumitoU lo ti* tins Remit. Tlip amendment uaa adopud, ami the lull para rrt—yraaSi'. narali. ' Mr. lltllMFlß tore tn a perfount explanation, lie trad an article Irnm (be'*/*,,n A<j»r h »te«a mm ehatcloc film whU ftnieatmttiß to tnflwenre ifo* Ffnante C owtnlllee (rmn Itommed njolirea, and Ihalntiatlnir thal It wb* mi art-mint ol Ida emi hrrHoh With UO! httHtiPM amt hr a rnllrry Akop Itt Nt-tr Totk. Mr. mimea dpi honm-rd the Malemrht «a n ct««* elamier, Up tta? ohre enbaerd lo Die batdnajp trait*. toil tin 1 hail horntitik-Doii nllli tl Mtiti* AtmiiMamih Juiit, nlijl hail hert*i,m-ji Jjiletpftlejl ML® t'Uktr nrim JlVMlf. dUUftPMW Aton- Im a/Mah Hho Mh ihlwm thiu*)f lit Ills fttHfn* (if M* Wiafti*. rjiokopf HhWPM t}'f AMfit-k* Mtihln IHiOtl PfiMHjtl voUai Aiw raid \w* tt4ttf moduli: Mm inMlo* llatthFiMtl . 'll’toff/HInnHAMi/rt'OfHn. Imii huloro nrp»-Bnd low m ii* omißidoMimn Ilia hooato »6»*i 1010 huYKtlvu M««imti ami norm Afit>railjoiirn»<l, HOWE, On tnoMnn of Mr, MI’hON, (fie post Offlfe Com mittee was insirnnled lo inquire Inin Mm exjrn rtki cy o| ealabluhtna certain post roada tn vlrhivsr. On motion of Mr, KITTEN, lha Committee on Agricullnru was InCruclud in (nqnlrn into the expediency of reporting a hill prohibiting the Commissioner of Agriculture from the purchase and distribution of seeds, plant* and flower* inirmun to the united btatea. The HPBAHhIt presented Executive dben unit*, Ac., as follows: From the Uoternor of Kentucky, announcing (he rejection by that State ot the Constitutional Amendment, Tabled. From .the Attorney General, transmitting all papers relative lo the case of a. D. Morey, In dicted lo (ba local court* of Vicksburg. Miss. Beferred to Committee on Military Affair*. From the Secretary of the Treasury, transmit ting copies of the drawback regulations pre scribed under the Internal Revenue law. Be ferreu to Committee of Way* and Means: also transmitting a statement of tbe disbursements of the contfngentiund of the various offices In hi* Department. After consideration of some District of Colum bla business and the private calendar. Including the passage ot a joint resolution to pay the claim of Fuller m Fisher, of Missouri, the Mouse agreed to bold evening sessions for the deliberation of the Reconstruction Bill. Mr. KILL gave notice bo would Introduce a bin suspending for two years further the retirement or cancellation of Dulled States legal tender notes. Tbe House then proceeded to tbe consideration ot Mr. Stevens' Reconstruction Bill, the pending question being on Mr. Bingham's motion to refer It to the Joint Committee on Reconstruction. Mr. DONNELLY spoke in favoroflhc blti. The Government bad the same right to subordinate tbe wishes of rebels lo tbe welfare of the nation now that It had during the war. It was the doty ot Congieea to commence at the very bottom ana build onward. Slavery having ceased, the blacks become Inalanler apart of the people, and Con frress should recognise no reconstruction which snored them. Sooner or later the American peo ple will reach the reconstruction of rebel Status on a basis of Impartial Justice and equal ngbls,andall attempts at a reorganization on a different basts would be but temporary and destructive. Tbo American people would not long tolerate the car nival of violence and murder cow raging in the rebel Sates. Mr. ELDRIDOE spoke{in opposition to the bill. He knew It was of Utile avail to offer any resist ance to the settled decree of the majority ot the House, hot it was sod to sit silent and see the Republic go to min. With the passage of this b!U must die every vestige of a con stitutional Government, if the bill Itself did not proclaim the facts, Its author, (Stevens), bad boldly proclaimed that It was revolutionary and submissive, and Mr. btevens' will appeared to be law to this Bouse. But would Congress, and would (dc people enbmlt to such dictation ? Tncre was no constitutional power or authority for this bill, absolutely none. It* principles were titise in theory and In lact, and as destructive to Ibe Federal power as of the titate’a. There n«:vcr was n more abominable doctrine than that which asserted the right of tbe Government to bold the late rebellions State* as conquered territory. If persisted In, and ac quieted In by tbe people, it would overthrow the Republic and establish a despotism on Us rntua. Mr. RANDALL, from the committee on Cur rency, reported a bill to authorise the Issue of Treasury notes not bearing Interest. tajl>e used m providing a sinking fond for the extinguishment of the National debt. It was ordered printed and recommitted. Keccaa until half-past seven. KTKNIKQ SESSION. Not many members present. Messrs. WAUNKU and BENDEHSON spoke lu favor ortho Ileronstmctloo Dill. Mr. CtAitlCK. of Ohio, mode a speech on tbo financial question, arguing against a contraction of tho currency, lie professed hlmsc fan enemy to the Nalioual Hanks, and held that Instead of Government paying eighteen millions a year (o those bantu for the use of their paper money, (be Government should Itscirissnc ull the paper cur rency. and continue to do *o until Ihe nation nl debt is extinguished. If Ibo Government were to Issue one thousand millions of currency and redeem its Inleresi-benrliur bonds, tu that amount, the amount of Interest would be reduced to f0b,100.000 in gold, and the dubl would be lu rapid prepress ol ciltiictlon. Mr. KUYKKNDAUiPpoIte on the same sub ject. contending that Die Treasury Dcpnrlmcnt should he reorganized hy the appointment of a Heard of Control of four or five members. Inclu ding the Bccreiary of Dm Treasury, Dial alt hanks, Htnte and national, should ho abolished. Adjourned. iiioM Hi-uisurna.n. (Hpoclal Dospalfh lo the Ohloago Trlhutio.] Hi'iiiNunxM), ill,, January ly. PiatltTXl). Mptlngfli-hl, doierloil hy ihu leglatatora, lallknn Hloto liom which thn Hiock luts been sold hythe slier IH, In too had a lorotlon{(or any hmly to atari it again, Nothing now In lobe round In Dm vi cinity of Iho Nlale Douce, nnd consequently no thing anywhere else. No nolahtus remain oxcopl Hemitur I’ealmiin, who huglus to (1m) petitions from I.iH'Uutheia accuuulaling on his bands lu Uio brief vacation. * BOUDEN Drum. The sudden death of Mrs. DUmars, of Kew York, wito was one ol tho gaeste at C. M. Bmllh's pnrty the oilier evening,has surprised and shocked every onr<| DIOOSSAM CONVENTION. A Diocesan Convention of minlstcre (a In session to-night, and will ho (o-morrow night, TIIEATUICAL. Mrs. Warren lakes a honcOt to-night at (be Op era House. IXUIBUTIVB DiftINCSR ACCUMUIATINa.XgO From the tnanner In which Irglstatlvo malt mat ter Is accumulating, U may ho expected that tu Dm noxl week’s session another avalanche of hills wilt ho puuird uu both House and Bonnie. WIATItKII, Weather moderating. STAIE LEGISLATUHES. WIHCONHIN. (Hpoclal Despatch lo (be Chicago Tribone.J Madison, January 19. H ENA 18. nil!a nere Introduced to repeal chapter OCS, Ijwd of l£w, and revile section 7, chapter 60, tie* vised S(atutc« t relating to cuavoyancoof land held in adverse possession; to amend the law relating to Inqncslof the dead, bo that the inquest shall he made by Coroners, and cot by Justices of the IVscc. The Assembly resolution to entertain no new business afier die 27ih of February was referred to the Committee on state Allaire, and the resolo lion Instructing Mr. Doolittle to resign, to the Committee on Federal Relations. Both bouses have concurred in the bill, and amendments repealing the last winter law requir ing applicants 10 ibe several benevolent instlm tlocs, orlhclrlriends, to pay expense of support or make affidavit of inability. A message was received from the Governor rela tive to the Pans Exposition, unking an appropria tion lomakclhe display of Wisconsin contribu tions, &c, ASSEMBLY. Resolutions were Introduced Instructing the Judiciary Committee to report what action is necessary to avoid local legislation; also, for a Joint committee on election of United States Sen ator on Tensday next, which was adopted. The resolution to print the Governor’ll message in foreign languages was rejected. Three hnu dred were ordered printed In English. Bills tntroducvd to provide lor a revision of statutes; also for the purchase of a portrait of the Into Pioaidcnt Lincoln, to hang in the Capitol; also in relation to (be admission of patients to the Hospital for the Insane. Tbc Assembly Rail was granted to the State Historical Society for the annual address next Wednesday evening. Both bi inches stand adjourned to Monday even ing next HBUSA. i Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribane.l iNDtANAEOLta, January 19. SENATE. The Senate met at mno o'clock. The Honsc was requested to return to the Senate the joint rrsolntion ratifying the proposed Constitutional Amendment, being without ibo resolving clause. Bills were Introduced to authorize the school iax on properly to be doubled; to regulate the icsponrlbuiiy of innkeeper*. Tbcjolnt resolution ratifying tbc ConsUtnllonal Amauamcnt, was received from tbc House and icfcrrcd to a Special Committee for revision, re ported back with the necessary amendment, and iLcir adopted—ayes 29, noe* 16. On moiiou, the rules were suspended, and the House bill to prevent the breaking of a quorum in (he General Assembly, was read for tbc first time. The t-cnate proceeded to the election of three Directors of the State Benevolent Institutions. •TolmS. Spann was elected Trustee of the Blind Asylum; John W. Moody, for the Insane; Hr. Burt, for the Hear nnd Dumb. The Committee onßenevoieotlnstltnllons were Instructed to investigate the charges against the officers of those Institutions. AFTEUNOON. The House bill fixing the -time for holding the Conitron Pleas Courts in the Eighth Dtotnct passed under a suspension of the rules. A number of bills were read a second lime and* p ferred. The lolnl Tfsolnliou fieclsrinc (hat a slale of war rxlsteu In Indiana at (he time Milligan and other* were arrested, was read a second time and referred totbeJodiciarr Committee. Adlontccd to two o’clock Monday. HOUSE. The House met at 9 o'clock and a report was read from a majority of the committee to whom It was referred, recommending the ratification ot the ('onsdtndoeai Ameodrarnr A mlooriiy report was read recommending It not tn pass, with rea son* therefor. ilr, Hughes Introduced the Agricultural Col lege HU, locnth eU at Uloomlugtou, Referred to i cmtulHte on Agticulhite. Ihe Upiiri* and Ssbatc met In Jolnl cohtrndoli for die election «tofficct* lu W nilefl by the Leg* ndsUite, with the folliiwitigtcsmit , Agchi Piale-Gci.eisl (liesbnm fecetved W voles! Hrtiersl Mafison, M. , , . siiirrilnler-A. U. UobhtiN69l )<*!• Ocriln, hhfm|Mi-fl. P. Posfef.rttf If; A, Ummnt. ftf fsi Mllroy, namiml 11. Imrciios’pf dm Hmdhsrn l , fUon=l , l M. Msrm m P,H * w w w I.MrsrhVa.ol ilia Noilliuni ijjiui.Uilllsm l». Cf<‘dmr<a«l A, H, jlamrick, 11. A, I iikbii, .1 I). Mrliniiflld and I'aplAlii Hroidd. ft, ') he dolul Uunvetdlnp adjourwefl. . . dills weie InMndtircri in suspend die law ahol tkhipß the alnklMK litud for (wuiity days t to renr* minin' the ( nmiuim I'lias foil la and Increase die nuinher ol Judicial Ihairicla in the Hlale, ArrvimnnN, Tiii'Pi'Oflle hill noi'roiiriailoff fTS.tHU for Ipcli* lallrt* eij'Otifpp, waa dUeiiMed atm teietn-u to it 0 Hmmnitue ot Wajf toti Mtaoi. 4 Mr. Miller eii'posrd tiiejiarracp of the hill, «• lie niolcretood the Itrmorrauc Henatora Introded hteakmo the quotum ooUlub the bill* a«d vtld out rtßnl Ihrtn tl-rtrlntn to dm* hi ti The lolnl twulmUm lu regiud to (be titytneni o( (he it'tereet ht-atitft purtiuu of the national debt nmjMlerldetl (bat Hit* rltrlloti of trrialeea ot hri-etoli-nl iiiailHtHone eohedfretit reaiou- Holt Vta? hoi lb ortlbf; . . , , i be ot,minium on itualetruy ibd ClilWa were "' ilofllllVaffimltid hiltcAde klien Hire hhH l hi ijo Diet l\td tul«» (d bU;tn , tt|Ueilji l tom hi Hi t» IHSIb I'H tfllly ff AHi fill* Uwa fir* jinn# Al? optflled tilijll Mia tMiM'uft; fttiuiirn mil *** liamail, Aujoitnivti ttbMl Umryuffc M \m*f AtlAniiHMi. MIOIUIUK. I t pep)t.) JiaipMph to Mm PhIMBO Tribune,) Jsimsrt }d, aPNATM, The Judiciary Committee reported a h||l (o juaku J.tnawui; County ft separata Judicial dis trict- The MU In amend (he cbaMerof lUtila Creek was pin roil on Ibe general order. A terolniluu of Inquiry was adopted as to Ibe propriety of piovidhigagatnit the ImpoMallon of pauper children tuto the State. TboKalamsKOQ and i'ortatre legalisation bill passed, to go Into Immediate efleci. lathe House Ibe lolloMdu bills were reported and placed on the ponecal order: For executing certificate ot lauds to the Marquette & Wisconsin State Lino Railroad; lo Incorporate the Central CHICAGO, SATURDAY, JANUARY 19. 1867. Michigan Agricultural Society; to enlarge u corporate limits of Galesburg; I tint resolution spline a grant of lands for the 1 nprovement of the harbor at tbe month of the Oo’ooagon River. Sills passed: To amend the chanrr of Battle Creek; relative to time of bolding elections; au thorizing School District No. 3, of Hillsdale, to borrow money. Both Houses adopted a rcsolotlon to take a ro ceaafrom the 84th to the SOth lost. MINNESOTA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnno.l St. Pacx, Minn., January 16. Tbe Legislature passed tbe Per Diem Bill to-day. It allows members live dollars per day instead of throe; gives the Chief Clerk and Secretary seven dollars, assistants six and other officers five dol lars per day. The House decided the contested election be tween Mr. Dofncr and Nathan Richardson in favor oflbe latter. Thermometer has ranged a few degrees above aero to-dsy, KENTUCKY. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Fruxs»oin,Ky., January IS. Tbe election of Senator is postponed until Tuesday next. Tho ,Umon * Conservative Convention net to-night, hot eo few were present that 1 adjourned, most of them having gone-over to the Democrats, whose roll la fifty-two. - The Radicals bad a caucus, and will hereafter vot e lor Trap, notwithstanding the note to Attor ney General Speed. Today the Democrats adjourned their caucus until Monday nest. NEW TOBK. Aujakt, January IB.—A bill passed the Senate to-day requiting adjoining railroads of ibo some truage to pass freight without breaking balk; to sell passenger tickets and check baggage through. A bill was reported In the Senate giving the sole right to lay electric cables between this titatc and France, to the International Telegraph Company, represented by Charles C. Leigh and Charles Howard, for twenty years, on certain conditions, one of which is (hat the lino moat he In success ful operation wUbin two years. Axbant, January 18.—Resolutions were olicred in the Legislature to day favoring Territorial Governments in the States disorganized by rebel lion ana clvii war. Referred. ALn A nr, January 18.—in the House Assembly arcfolutlon was unanimously adopted that the Railroad Comtnltleo be directed to maho Imme diate investigation of tbe facta concerning the dis agreement between the Central and Hudson River Railroads, and report as early os possible to the lionse, together with a bill for the protection of tho public. A bill has been introduced Into the senate to prevent delays In the transit of pas sengers otid freight over tho railroads of this State. AtBANT. January IB.—Evidence taken to-day

before Ibe House Kadroad Committee shows (bat « lew n ecks before the expiration of the term of oftlec of tho old board of Dncctore ol (ho New York Central Hoad, they passed a resolution giving Ilio Hudson Itlvcr itallrnnd Comnaor a bonds of one liiimlrcd thousand dollars ior the business ol (lie season, in addition to tbc usual pro rafn allowance on freight carried over Hint road. This resolution was icsclndcd by tlio now Uonrd of Dlndor* a few days after Ihelr election. TfaeUctierot Freight Agent of the Central It-md Issued an order to-day, nmiounrlng dint Ilio road ♦*-wtul not iccelro any New York Irdghl. because they lind rot itie ability to deliror it at Us dcstl* nation. (Hvenly-flve rnrlondnof cable wore re* fused yesterday ni lltttDilo. and comiiolliul to lake tlie Itile Hallroml. It Is estimated that one-third otfhn Irvlutit from Chicago roeshe# lido water by Itie i.VMial Itnllroml, bill mine of It can hike this ron'o blnle Hie diMU’iiliy Is unmijusicd, Tlie testimony showa Hint (lie dbumreemi'iri must result In dl> urging a va»t nntmtnt of mtaluf *a from Now York 10 ollm Hiab's, while at Hin same ilmo U seriously cripples our interim) business | Mint In fact It omnum* to a prohibition of commerce over Mils route at Mils aeasort of (be year. Tin' commutes havu summoned odicers of the lludron lilvrrand Harlem Ifallronifa, and Hmy will be examined to-morrow, KANSAS, TorKEA, Kansas, January IB.—Tho Legislature Is doloirnoihing In cotisorim-ncc of the excitement uuthuheQßtorlaltiurstlmi. In the ludamoutof the best Informed politicians, tho retailor a wock'o caovnsilngimlicatofl the re-election of I’otooroy. The bouibmt Kansas members hold a caucus to* morrow night for UiC nomination of n candidate for the short term. The contest Is mainly helwson Honator Hoes and Judge Iliatcher. Balloting be* gins ncatTnesday. Governor Crawford li appointed on the National Hcoublicau ComiuiUec In place of General Loue. JIAUVI.AM), JtAt.TiMonr, January (“.-In Hie Maryland Leg* Islnlure iiMjny Hin bill to cal) n Constitutional convention occupied most of tho day lu Hte House ol Delegates. A joint hallnifnr United (Hales Henator occur* red. Tlie vole wasseattenDg, and with no choice. IUOM TOl'llKA* l*erMnni»i lloitia-IClortlim of Judge Tnifiilnill IfndarMtHl by cho K*ui«n« Hnolrala, (HpucUi Despatch to lha rhicago Tribune.] Topeka* Kansas, January lit. flonoml Frank Rlnlr wan In the city last oven* Imr, ob Ida return from the examination of an additional aecllon or the Kansas branch of the Pacific Railroad. Hon. J. H. Usher, ex-Secretary of the Interior, U here in the Interest of cx-Govctnor Carney, for the Senate, Representative Clarko arrived last night and was complimented with a serenade at the Capital House tills evening. Tbc action of tbo Illinois Republicans In their choice of Judge TntmouU has given great satis faction to tbc Kansas Radicals, and they will re turn his colleague. General Pomeroy, to the Sen ate, FROM ST. LOUIS. lilitshtippl Hirer Navlgatlon-RlMtlDg 10 Forward the Bridge Scheme—Jour* Holistic. ISpcdit Despatch to tbo Chicago Tribune.] St. Louts, January 18. The weather continues very cold. Tne river Is ml! of heavy ice, and only ferry boata are moving. Underwriters have notified owners of boats at the levee to seek safer quarters, and decline insur ance of freight alloat between St. Louis andCalro. At a meeting on ’Change yesterday afternoon, tbo bridge question w«» agitated in a discussion between Dr. Taussig and T. J. Homer. The tact was elicited that an organization of corporators already existed, on whom powers to bnlld a bridge had been conferred by (be Legislatures of Illinois ami Albeonri, which charter bad been confirmed tty act of Congress; that at a meeting held in December the corporators were unwilling to solicit subscriptions until they had agreed on tbc kind ofa bridge they were to build. Upon these facts being made known, a resolution was carried tfcat the chairman appoint a committee of seven to consult with the Committee of Corporators os to the best method of bridging the river. The fol lowing are tbc names or the committee so ap pointed: Dr. Tansstg. Messrs. Jomb Fogg. Olive Garrison. 0. F. Filler, Samuel Kaos, David White and D. C. Moore. Ihcrc Is wide difference of opinion as to the proper sort of bridge dcsirabfe o( Si. touts. fhe-Emti/Jp Africa, Radical, is to be merged next wed; Into the Evening IHgpaich, Conserva tive. The movement to establish a new radical paper is supposed to have fizzled oat FROM MADISON. Lpglslflikp-Call for a Grand Reunion of Wisconsin Soldier*—Railroad Col lision. [Special Despatch (o (be Chicago Tribune.] Madisok. Wls., January 18. Tbc action of the Legislature in adjourning over till Monday evening, and of the Senate In reftr ring Assembly resolution cnttlog off new Imsiucss after February 37(b, does not look like hurrying through the session. In the debate on the ques tion of adjourning over Saturday, Mr. Clark, Dem ocrat, said he wanted to consult bis constituents as lohow he ehou’d vole on tbc Doolittle resolu tions. The Democrats bad been sold out by him before, and probably did uot have much more re spect or love for him titan tbc Union m<'n. Governor Fairchild, of the old Second, General Allen, oi the old Filth, Captain Watrous, of the Sixth, and a number of officers oftbese and other resiments have Issued a call lor a reunion here on March Cth ol all Wisconsin soldiers, who served In tbo Potomac army. Those Intending to come are requested to notify Richard Lester, here. The Supreme Court gave a decision to-day de flating Edward Sweeney entitled to the office ni Ttf asuret of JeflfersonCountr, which Ibe old Lira surer retained because the canvassers refused the certificate ol election to Sweeney .on account of tits first tame being given wrongly In some returns. By the misplacement of a switch, the night ea rnest itain west, tahjnlo a itelghl (tain at spring lircen. lasi Mehl, The cars were some injiued* but to one wns badly butt. 1110 M NAyItVILM!. ■Hie Herein ftltirdoN In Obion County Iho I‘oiitltliillmiHtUy of ttio l ? mi» plilm* Hill—A llttbciiintory Hoveinriii, Mr# (Special Dcspsb It to ilia Cltbaifo Tribune 1 Naiiinu e, January |rt, Tba Sheriff of Obion I’miniy, who has arrived bare, rmiflnna the murder of Hie tan llapitlv H.erlrtli of the ronnly-ona on Ilia day dial Hen#- »nr Case was aisniMusted and the mlirr on tbe eurm-rtlng day. Tlip; am (lie fiartfea referred to In jrilMila)'# despatch. Tliay were all sbinucb Union men, and Ilia flemlUb sisssiliis are return id guerillas. A bitter fiollilral fued bad exlete 1 for rome time, and which ba# etilminaled in tbl# shocking (rsgedy* The sflsfr bat created consid erable b rllnr. ami it la expected the l.egblatme util not totnee umbra la passing Ute prepared torat imllha bill. . . The carta I‘itoltlpff Ute constitutionality of (be FiarcHse lull will bi- atgned before the <t tipretne rontJ ctmimencltie ott next. Wednesday; A de cision on the question fa looked for l*ltb ho little interest. . A , A (oovetnenl Is oh fool here loobihif to Uie fe* fmtaaUuit oi (lie. phisDluteib of.the c!ly, nope of thebhlttheh ilrtcfc hauled.Wlabh left to-dat hit Pb touts to thl“| » MatfdfttfeH Aiyljth) there. . RomifliHahilihis iw aHtHiiifl of lnmtle{*u ttl Hit* fteerttHeb* ntilV trvo»if Ho* HUnlbsF th tint tb •Mtrmih/e fallow ftMitafVtH' lioiH ibujiila. niti-te mts neaio (UU*H( , s ft* f* : jle) In Inn biliMd hi Hljhll la aiileO tinl al tM*! hail KQmteuitf ttltHeaabftly uu efiau^ riioM Mn.WAimiii!. Hfdlini nr OnuiMillninn-Vlie I'rlnlor.' linnqiiM. Ui'tfUl hrspsicb to (ha PblMgo Tribana,) MibWAunaa, Jsnusry is, Tba election for Oouncilmim yesfardsy reiidlod in tba election of U, U. vlbspln, Uepobllcsn, Pout lb Ward \ Jsmea Drown, Republican, Sixth Waul: WblUm Donlaechln, Democrat, fievemb Ward Haroatd Drown, UepobltcAc, Nlntb Ward. Tbo Praokiio Danquei Uit idghl was presldr-d over by 11. h. Herron, O. (, (iboles oolbeing >,b]e to attend. Dev. Dr. Dixon invoked tba divine btemag, vben tbe typos made a raid on the lempltiiC repaet set bet ore them by Kirby A c bate, ot the Kirby Dante, dome ample Jnadre to The tame. Tbe Aral total was “Benjamin Franklin, printer, philosopher and statesman; hla achievements acquire additional lustre wllb ibo lapse of time." Responded to by H. D. Barron. THE GBEAT SJiW SXOItS AX THE EAST. Condition of tbe Various Ball roads In Uie New England and Biddle States— Snow at Some Points to tbe Depth of Bight Feet. New Tonx, January 18.—A fttrlons wind storm prevailed thronghont this section last night, and the enow hereabout* la drilled in some spots to the height of eight ieeu Bof-ro.v, January IS.—Tbe storm yesterday wss the severest since 18W, The enow Is three feet deep, and all trains are snow-boond. NewYook, January is,—A few passengers who left WathiDgton last evening arrived to night, but none of the trains over the New Jersqr acd Camden & Amboy Roads arrived. Several are blocked up at New Bruns wick, and a large number of passengers are congregated there. One train, which attempted to get through, wus thrown from the track, bat nobody was hurt. Those passengers who got through, crossed In teams from Rahway to the New Jersey Central Road, which Is In running or der. Riiuucßtmo, January 18.—For thirty-six hoars there hss been crest detention on the railroads. The greatest difficulty la on tbe Pennsylvania Central Railroad, on the Pittsburgh Division. Tbe train which left Pittsburgh at eleven o'clock Thursday morning arrived to-day at noon. On the Philadelphia Division the difficulties arc main ly between Dowulncion and Philadelphia, drifts being from one to live feet in depth. The freight trains on the Pennsylvania Central Road were all taken offi To-night at] trains are again running regularly. Boarox, January 18.—Snow still places an em bargo on some railroads. The mall train from New York bn Tbureds morning arrived this ov ‘eclng. It Is hop'd That to-morrow’s trains on all roads will make regular trips. Harmons, January is.—No trains from tbe eastward have arrived since last night. Naviga tion Is entirely suspended. The ice In the har bor is ten inches thick. MEXICO. Juarez’s Troops to Follow Up and lianas* tho French Troops—Column orFrcnch Soldiers Caught In Ambush and Badly Cat Up—American Officers on Juarez’s Mtair, &ak Fraitcisco, January 18.—Correspondence Irom Durango, December aath. stales that Juarez arrived the day iieloie, nod received the most en thusiastic reception, lie was escorted by over o,wo citizens. The next day tho President com menced operations against the invaders. An urmy S,oou strong was sent In the direction of Jansen, with orders to join a division of General Arza, and follow (he French on their way to the City of Mexico Official news Is received that a column of French troops, l.ooti strong, fell into an ambuscade near Ban Jnsn Los Logos, and were entirely cut oh, losing all their arms and tnntsrlai of war, borides snn prisoners. General Rikna commanded the victorious party. General iMacidc Vega left Durango December SB, for the City of Mexico, In command of a brl cadc. I’rcvloiis to tbo arrival of duarox tho French evacuated the (Py and went toward Znca* teras, fighting nil the way to GuartelnJarA. Colonel I’rjcs was appointed Military Comman der tod benor Anmdo Dovoruor of tbo ttlalo of Durango. on the staff of I’rcsldont JuarCM are eighteen Amnlcnw oflims. lately arrived Horn CnUfutnla. The Untied (Holes steamer harnnae brought from Msaatlan W.W'lt Mexican dolUts, which net crriHea cotialdemhlu uissnllslactlon among mci ehnnts. m It fttmeacs there wan imt such dAttuur an to rujutro Hie intervention of Ilio United Hiatus navy. mh Fiunnsro. January bi,-Corona Inn Mu* rallnn before tho sailing of (ho Unis, wllh n.noii nifp, oernpted Gnmiahtlarn, and Mini passed on to inierc«|d a colnnui of French uoona hutiml for ban (Has. Jhesldcnl Juarca linn appointed Clunornl Da* clinUn Vtga Governor of Hlnalou, corona ropndlalea tho action of Hin Frealdonl. and says Vega shall not enter Hm Htalo. As Ills Hoop* occupy Hlnaloa, ho l« able to mnUo bu threat good. FKOM SlKJll’lllS. Del n (In of llirl’lalto Valley Bliaslcr- Mxty I.lm now tliongdt to be l,o«( Al lmt n Heroic Woman Accomplished -Names of Homo oflbo Saved* Memphis, January IB.—Ahoul sixty lives wore tost by the sinking of Hie J’latio Valley last night. She struck the wreck of (bo gunboat Jeff. Thompson, tearing away Hie starboard aide, and sunk In o few minutes In forty reel of water. Most of the cabin has* songers were saved. As far as Is known, there was no list, and It is Impossible to obtain correct Information. A familytismed Hobert*'consisting of thirteen, were all loti. The boat was loaded to tho guards, and was under full headway ni tin time, colonel Otis. Henry mid wife weroon hoard, blit woic saved, losing nit Hmtr baggage, Don iius. Henry, hen., Ms father, was oh board Hie Fashion when she sunk, Colonel Henry says one woiimn. through her own exertions, saved Iwr drunken husband and four children by wading Ihroueh the water on thn hnrirane deck, and put* Him (hem on Hie wind houao alter the boat had seiiled and careened. The hoar sh* owned by Captain* Johnson and lllakr, was valued at f-to.iNHi. mid was partially Itikund, Hhe was running huiweon here and Vjck«hiirgunrter the anspla-s of the Womphli & Ht. LoulaTackcl Company, FIIOMTUE FLUSH. Purtltcr lodlou Pepredatlom-A Con* oral Indian War looked For. , Fort Mirctixu., January ]B.—A Government herd at Kurt Ijrumlc, consisting of alxty horses and mnlea, ««HHolfn ntcht befaro last by the ind'ans. in their flight they killed two moo banting telegraph poles, and took their teams. It is thought the same Indiana were eecnfrom this pon to-day. The troops m this country arc entirely Insuf ficient to protect tile and property. WaannroTO*. January 18.—Information re ceded here from different sources, official ard otherwise, leads to the conclusion that a majority of tbc Western Indian tnbca are cow on the war path, ready for a war of blonder or extermination against toe whites. Quito a number of specula tors have gone from hero to Omaha and other Western cities expecting to be able to secure contracts for furnishing supplies to troops whtca are being sent to tbc ironttor. FROM CHARLESTON, S. C. Trial of tbc Alleged fflnrdercr of B. B UhetU CnantrsTOji, January is.—The trial of the ne gro Horace Greeley, for the murder of Rhett, be gan to-day. It Is the first capital case tried under the new code. Ihe Court assigned I’nited State? Senator Campbell and other eminent counsel to defend the prisoner. The evidence for the prose cution is given chiefly by tiegroee. and is conclu sive of Ibe prisoner's guilt. The case will be given to (be jnry to-morrow. The fnaiexcttrs much Interest, and the coart room is cro«dcd. Under a provision of the new code, the prisoner made a statement on tbo witness* stand. FROM NEW YORK. Tbc Fenian Stephens Reported as Be* •Iding In Brooklyn—l cc Embargo In the *tarbor. Nrw Yobs. January 17.-—Tames Plopbcus has not sailed for Europe. Be is residing in Brook lyn. The North and Ei*t rivers and Bay are so full of ice tbls evening that must of the ferries were obliged to suspend operations for hours. Interruption to travel on many of the railroads continues, bm a better state of affairs Is likely to be bad to-morrow. FROM BBS MOINES. Discharge of Alleged Abortionists, Arc. Des Stourcs. January is.—The examination of parties accused of complicity in the recent aoor tlon-nmdcr case, heretofore fully reported has re sulted In their discharge. O. St. John, of Waterloo, the yonag lowa Naturalist, has been appointed Assistant Slate Geologist. FROM RICHMOND. Tlic Virginian* Waking Up—Great De crease in tlic Negro Population, New Youk, January IP.—The Herald'll .Rich mond correspondent save the people ol tbc Sonth have made up their minus to shake off (he Inac tion ofthe last lew months, and lake bojdofthe vital questions of the boor with vigor. There has been a decrease in the negro popula tion of Virginia amounting to 180,DOO. Tlip florlli Carotin*Apprentice System* VTasoikotoit. January IF.-Drtnsdier General Scnall, Inepcclor General of Dcingies Freed* mils and Abandoned bßbrte, hnfbceb ordered In North Carolina to Intcfllpalc WSPcre of crnU’talht Browitiß ont of the acuob of the (Mate conHa lb sppreMllrltttf colored Children lu their totnter toßtlora. Governor Worth bia re* queued of UeiietßMloftfttd a Joint CotU'Clfatan ioeßMbttte the slipped abttfr of <ln> Mittifemlce, (Jrto-fiir Pcnsll will act fur (be Ibifestt Intlif# cmuttds-luit, A tepurtwlll be ttmdo to the ruhtmiMjober aba aim to the Governor ut iNotiti csiollns. I'nprunihlita nhh* orAitotr* In Awlti (moHim. N«w VohHi Jatmarf from NnrMi Canilina |i (it llih piftf itiNf crel with revoliitnuiarr oh. fw it, ft J>| 1« I'ljJufj t'jomif, Oiilfflwe* of an jfinuM nature ftrebiluu ituriuilrui* II on m*aru'«i in W ujtic ('minty, ami the nHir<ra of Ibe hm con» futf Ku-insclvca afraid to pm-Mte the perpetrators with Ilia rctnedtra prothba by lair. I’lxll lllttliia In Ueurstiii PatANNio. Jactisry 11.—Jnrtef Flewtar. of tba wiijiiiine ( uml, bar tefnred, under (tip Mata (aw, tin-application nl Aaron A. lbndt»‘«, n colored member of (be Ualoe Bar, perminlon to practice law in (teorgia THE CAHAL niO.IEOTH* The Ititetrfthi of frtorHa In Hie Proponed IHlpfoteHiema. ■ ICorrespobdebce of Ihe Cbleaed TrM»Hhe.l_ .Mnimt*. if, (907, Cohfldciflhle ibtt*H‘«t l« fvlt in tills eoutily entnerliltm (he (•ht|nise() eibtiiiid II the i-diinl iibtl (I vet-, l-f tiiHiHid Hie wdlei Into (he lUlf l(|-htl Hu. ewl ship "f (tils UHtihti-j Hlltl frniii (hd( ('oliii tthfliuiniiiiuf ilu> mm hiul iiftiid the (ivt-F li.F Ffllhil hHiUi Should (his IrndMi'Pi (hf Kdiihtthee uvtfHio i»i*sj>)Hihp*, wmiid Iwvp (o w ft»s tuuv'il, ftiKliut whH»p poiiltl hP i’flfflpd Inlo llu> (Htiidli HthMmh (hU tMiinly. THU would niUi uwr(» vvm hMaimi«# imui lit this ptoom NooHmrdoimiy nn Hi? lino would ho in ; jnred.nanaaf tno anmdy in (he amnoonH would h« biiDhdonl, und weal Hio mum( wi-uidbHU hnniHH'Uoit trnm iU« VmUWor ' paeder, 1 he rich bottom lands of thU prising many thousand acres, would ho ru (nea by the dam {.miHiecd to he built below here, to make slack-water sulUclenl for boat* to pm on the river. UUwell known that Mr. Ooodhig favors the plan of abandoning entirely the canal through this county, ami expresses tbe hope that the cltUens ofUrtm* dy CoanVy wtU not let ihvtr local later* esta Interfere with this groat work. All bar* have the greatest respect for Hr. Gooding and bis opinion, bat think that "charity be* gins at home.” The Inhabitants of this county have always been foremost in every public enterprise, have Inaugurated the "movement in this State fora“flhlp canal, "an ti-monopoly” and "direct water communica tion with tbe ocean,” and are willing to make great sacrifices for the "general good,” but do not care about being sacri ficed for the benefit of 'Will or any other county. Either the canal enlargement should be continued to the vest, until it meets the Fox River level, or sufficient water from the ship canal should be allowed to run into the present canal through this county to keep it fall, which could be done without any expense, if the “ deep-cut” Is completed so as to feed the canal from Lake Michigan. An Ice-Boat Base on tbe Hudson—Filly Biles In Sixty .Hinnies* * [Prom the Now York Bcrald, Janaary Ifl.J A lively sixteen mile race took place yes terday between two boats of the Poughkeep sie Ice Boat Association. The affair was In tended more for a recommitting expedition than a trial of speed, the officers of the Asso ciation being anxious to ascertain which course was the best to sail over for the grand race for a service of silver. The two boats were the Haze and the Snow Flake. The time made was very good, when the feet of the terribly rough state of the ice is consid ered. Both boats left Poughkeepsie at three n. m., the* Haze In the advance. Off Blue Point, tbioo miles sonth of the starting point, the Snow Flake came up with her rival and from there to Marlborough they ran comparatively side by side. From the last named point the helmsman of the Snow Flake pot bis boat directly into the rough leaping hummocks here, dashing into snow drifts there and running from one side of the river to the other with fearful velo city, managing to keep a frill mainsail all tbe while, and beating the Haze to Newburg dock at least four miles. Had the owner of the Haze risked his boat in the rough ice the distance woald have undoubtedly been greatly lessened. The running time of the race, including the tacking from one side of the river to the other, wnsnt least filly miles an hour. On reaching Newburg one of the party on the Snow Flake derircu to take the next up train back on the Hudson River Rail road . The Snow Flake carried him over, and on the return, while going at the rate of a mile a minute, carried away her rigging, the spar, shrouds and all of her standing rigging going to the leeward as quick as a llasn of lightning. The occupants of the boat at the time of the accident were to the windward ride of the vessel and thus escaped being hit. When the Hake arrived she ran down to the wreck and towed it to Newburg dock, A team of horses was soon procured and the vessel which met with the mishap was towed hack to Poughkeepsie. The Haze also left at n>* o’clock, beating back the sixteen tulles against a light nir of wind to the north* ward, the thermometer making zero, arriv ing home in good season. It would not bo luoleloiis to sail again to the southward, ns I ho tee Is ultogethor too rough In that dlrcc • Hon. Tomorrow some of Hie honisoftlie licet will git to the tmriiiwiird, probably ns (urnsKsnpus Meadows, twelve miles from Poughkeepsie. (ffvcflbjj Sirt stooorlatloii. 77i<* hunt Day* The Hook* clout' at 10 i*. M . The lMt*t J)ay* The Hook* clone at 10 V, ill. Job ijlvlntinjj. RAILROAD, COMMERCIAL Is GENERAL PRINTING ojtfioii; 51 Clark-st., Chicago, RAILROAD COMPANIES, INSURANCE COMPANIES, STOCK COMPANIES, BANKERS, AND BUSINESS MEN, CAN GET THE IB PRINTING PROMPTLY AND AT FRIGES AS LOW As any Printing Haase in tbc Northwest, at the TRIBUNE JOB OFFICE, 51 Clark-st, Chicago. FOSTERS IN EVERY STYLE. Oar assortment ol Poster Type Is the larg est and best selected Mock In ibe city. COUPON AND LOCAL TICKETS. We ore prepared to dll orders (or cod srcoilvelr numbered RAILROAD COUPON nnd LOCAL TICKET-?, at NEW YORK. HATES, BOOK PRINTING. Large Fonts of the Latest Myles of Kook Type, five Adams Rook Presses, nod w flrdrnullc Dry Press, enable ns to excel In this Important branch ot Printing, ELA3STK.S, A fall nssortratnt of Legal* CnnTeynaHog* Pension nnd Homily Hlnnhs, nt > TRTHUNB BOOK AND JOB office, PI Olnrloßt., Ohlongo. It ml lantnlr. iiicAi; rl jiuiJ-miN oi' WARREN & GOODRICH, year bdiilli door nl I’rtt ooire. UlijiclDosKoiiilßl,. itabi trATjunnj the rtijrlngionilit.tell# rnnr hn«lne<« rapaplHer, and ritrra.ltlcerexartUiia ht«lUt,,tnarrl««e4.ri’iilyi Ac,, sd Wr(|i fielou ft., KtruimaUun ft. Adrertire la WalkerMtty Circular. ‘£(1100118. jjuoiiE’s #AMl>rjV] BOOM, No. 101 §tate»Bt. gjg w .1 JUrriuvre. TJEMEJinEn TOE F00l),-TI|0 llev, 11- K Vr. itllJlutAH .lit Itcmrom bi. J.d,.'. (’.Hi. oilc i hurcli. fe of (MaiW and Kiatiti'afith »t»., on r.tsl fciunst Bvrnln/,.15i.10.h,a«?K o' lhu Iwntfli of Iba poor, undtr tbe autnices otUm brndely • f6l. Vinccuuie i'»ul. snljeri; -Tbe TrmropU nl Uia t'bnich in Furopi. In Die binotccntli Leniury," Tick* eU ol ailmUilon, At) Peiil*. picture jftameg. IV Tr e ere freibloa tbei o in 24 DJFFEKKNT HTVL.KM, fa (oil everybody's tails, sed lower titan any other home la Ueclty. Ueforehanaxelscwbr-re, call at J, K. Ml AW a CO.'S, i NO and be ooovloced. A liberal discount U clult. NUMBER 225, ®je Seating Season. ■^TASHINGTON SKATING PARK. masquerade ASD FAXCT. DBESS CLEYITAI, THIS EVENING. TOi Great Western Light Guard Band, Splendid New Sheet of Ice. BBItXI ANT MO ONUGHT registered their names, and win aopeir In costume* unsurpassed in briUlaaer at any masquerade erer held In Chicago. The Parts win present, oo this occst 100. a scene ornwlraUed brsnty. Hundreds ol g»Uy at* tired skaters. glldlngwltti the grace of fawn* over the •“jwth and mirror-like surface—the parade* of ice glittering In the moonlight iuo dlamoaos (of tbo first nnlQne transpareacles adorning the Parc building—while, to complete the semblance of fairy land, strains ol music are watted to the cars by the genUebreeze. This carolr®! will afford amtuenent and Instruction to theyonog. while entertaining those ofrlperyears. Ko one should Call to be present. XsADZSS’ CAKNIVAI. AND BAND IK THE AFTERNOON, With Great Display ot Figure Seating by Favorite Amateur*. Randelabit. cam land you ai the Park. oiadi*oD*iti cars land jon within a block QRAND NATIONAL Skating Tournament, COMMENCING JANUARY 21,1867, At Central Skating Park, PITTSBURGH, PENN., Prize* <4OO and <3OO In Greenbacks, andlhoChamDlon Medal worth <SA me boat gentleman skater will re ceireamiteot|lOQlnGr*enDsckß and ttc Champion Odd Medal worth Wo of America. Tne best Fady skater a prize of 1300 and the Gold Medal. Three ol each to mure a content, the winners, if ch&iknsed nest season to skate the contest on this Pare. Entries to clo*e on the 30th. Addrra* THOMA* A. SPENCE, Secretary Central tikatlng Park, post Office Rox 1171. Pittsburgh. Pa., fur entiles and particulars. BIDE RINK. SPLENDID ICE Poll TUB Ciriui'l Exhibition of Fancy Skating tty Mem*, t’OWttUtf, t.APAYItrrP, and At.t. of Hip Hft*T BKAIHU9. holh ladle# nod gcntleaiau, of mo tliy, Iti Alii of lltt* Nolitler*’ llelloC Fuml. TUI* UVUMMU Tin* KVKNIMI. roi.x. onnAT uwiow damp. "YYAUA.SII.AV. 111NK. HI’LV.N 1)11> ICE, Music this Afternoon. MUSIC ALL THIS EVENING. No belter sport can he U&d than at our SATURDAY EVEHINO CARNIVAL! QENTHAL I’ABK. MUSIC TO-NIGHT. Monday nlgM first appearance ot Hew Sittowski, Tlic inert Itunu BTII.T SHATKII. QODEN SKATING PAtIK. GRAND OARNIVAZ, TO-NXOIIT IIOUM roll AM,, Best Xoo in the City. I‘t.KNTV UK rilN. Full UrusH liuud lu Attendance. DON'T FAIL TO ATTKND. gOEDIEHa’ RELIEF FUND. TJ»® West Bids Bkatln* Kink and tha Washington Mating Pork ars laklnjMtp the tickets lunet l>y the Soldlera’ Rellel Committee, good for any attcrnoon or erf Mag during this week. Hoy the soldiers* tickets, and thereby save the Utils ones, left by our fal.endefenders, trom the btung cold and starvation. Help the loved oast of those who laid down their lives to save the Government amt u* the protection of the law. Their protector* helped ns in our hecd—letns not forget their cry for tood and shel ter. KEALLV Beautiful Sheet of Ice AT THE WASHINGTON SKATING PARK OPEN Alt DA?, iacrtohicals. Q.IYE2T AWAY. WHEELER & WILSON FAMILY SEWIM MiCDLVES GIVEN AWAY! FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS TO THE WESTERN RDRIL The Westsbn* Rcbal Is ft large elffht-picc. quarto, Acrtcnltora'. Hort<cn'toral. MErt Family Weekly, pub lished at 161 and 160 Haniolph-st., Chicago, 111. The WsiTEßs* Herat, possesses unoommoa excel lence as an acUcnltural Jourral, and has woo ft very laree circulation throughout the lVc9t.-£ Chicago Journal. Onr readers rbould clve it preference to any Eastern agriculture paper.—iCblcago Tribune. $3.50 per Year; $2 In Clubs of Four. ninpnificcnt Premiums to 4sent*. 81.0001 a Seventeen Cnsh Prize* for Lins. A IVhcflor Ac Wilson SOtj Family Sewing Machine for 23 New Subscriber*! SI,OOO In Cash Prices! Other Liberal Premiums, Specisl inducements to disabled soldiers •.•Srcclrarn copies and Hill particulars seat on ap plication to s* w. r» z ,swi& f 104 and 100 tlnnilqlpb-etH Chicago. crije Hall Scauoit. grand ntASQUBRADn BALL rl - Uh* tllefiH- Am'” IslloH »|tl !•# ftl UIP Ul'l j’tiHM pt Ttßife Hall. I"tM*r »•* W>ll* RLtJ FknllH WaUMtiUU Mott'lsj mwiie, Ja». sui. TICMVIM PI.OO. Ml l TOn l gl! l,,l (Bsrncvnl TSollim * WIIUHIT'H I OABBIMHBTSB. liutfc fuoilard Amrtiran apmlr are impia In a areal rarleir of mlei.anl drr all t.f ani>ertnr ati/tittr ana On tilt, nmlje/iirn unWlnr *ttthar njilfe ililie or sIrbIB ■ftinitina tonum «fwu| latte. t« writ an rr.otmmyi fir uivlna them live prffrrinre. For Bale by (be Met* inapt Tallow in all parli of llie pmtmr/i phound ouj i'are u tun Cllrnprpt i'pril In llm Market Fcr Btctk ef all kind* Order* hfornnlljr (Iliad Ij* c«bj & jIHjOtOBWyJIjB, \\f UOCAljß|sl)’ftllSOOjrMdtlOMl Mr ***** Ht h! ’ fbblOlfßbli Unb aoa MmUMM kttiMfn^i ('arlm do VlallOi II nor lliiiwi. gTlobifa. rr-wiNKS ONLY. 11H ., James P, Xr«v«i, 40 Esakman-it,, If, y, Twioe* Inroraln. Coftee, Sail and Quann 6 icki. Cot lon luica. Ham Ha«a, >V rapping, WrltioK, Ifear* Book ami Bar.ll Paper, j’ajier Hatmnga, Bfiino amiauiinc Kelt, Fly b"“« FPlnniaUandlnk and toom Cord To< liccn, hopl. awl Hop Twine. Uattrraa, Toftlng, Dlndlng, bowing, Ball, Carpet, and Twitica lor lUrdwarr, Dry Good*. Qro:sra.Droa iliu, snip cUanolcn, Do.fcDfcden, Paper and Broom blakera, Utatlcmrta, UpboUterert, rlibemen. Wearer* and all otberTraora. CoUoo.Cbalfc and Plow Line*, Trot, siaatac and (>nt Line*. Bamptea can be seen, and eraera leU Wltb BEADnBU, BUTTH ft CO„ Cblcaco,m. itoltttutals. 'J'HE NORTHWESTERN INSURANCE AMD Mercantile Journal, FOE JAFtTAEY, 1867. JtTST OUT. CONTENTS mss?,?! S? aD 4f J! - sraurr • jonnoorr. Jjowes^eGrocers. History ot CAKE* WOOD* fS?.„9 r 5 c * et . Maanficairera." Flro Charity. The .Flrca *■*. Prsud* on Insurance Comoaotes. Th.e Chamber oi Ufa Insurance. Financial. • To tV’* public the Jonrna! offers ralaahie indooe* meats fi r anoport, both as to sooserlpf on aod adver tising. Xt» sketches ol Merchants and Mano&ctoren. one or mo re of which win be paplUhed In ber.are tlttie wonhmete than the snMcrl&Uoa nrtca of the panel'. Busied* Men will find that the Journal Is valuable and entertaining and worthy ot their pat ronage. Adoreta aH communications to TOE EDITOR. P. O. Box 168, Chicago. HI. The Tiade supplied by the Western Ksws Company. ££latd)es ana Jetorlrn. J^IASIONDS. NOWLIN k M r ELWiLN Have a Sfiiin.l SELECT LOT or tho FINEST DIAMONDS In extremely Rich Settinrm ot (b« oewesf and moat noique atvlea. | n Sets. Kings. Pins, Ac. This partlcolar selection of the FINEST JEWELS CAS BE RAD AT LOW FIGURES, Nowlin & IttcClwain, _ _ 37 1.2 CURK.ST. aSloou anc ffloal. WOOD AND COAL. IF TOG IVAKT WOOD A.ISU COAL Goto JO OK JONES, who bn* Just opened bll old office, No. 19 tVcrt Uandolph-st. Will warrant weights and tcrasurrs. TACKAWANA COAL. ♦3 tote Lehigh and 3X ions belt auallty Lackawaoa Coa’, all sliva, oq consignment. Must bo closed out. Three wanting coat win do well to call oa as before purchasing elsewhere. RENO & LITTLE, 108 Klngsbury-st., N. W. cor. Indlanast. Order* through the Post Office will receive prompt attention. ZJciuiairi]. n\ENTIS?TUY.—The httl place to m* I " tinir pnn* nitron* niide ga» fur tfi" extraction of let 111 without patu. ami lor ail Dental Operations is at Pr. M.W. Slicrnooil’s Spurious Itooms, IS AMO 10 MMMIAttI) 111,0(11. J’ftions cm him to make ArtliUdal Tcolli will hot ImfliatKFil for extra. Uttir. inißberwmw win elvea nee ctdcruittmciu at hU rooms to the ladle*, on *Murday, me p<th. ut it o'clock p. m„ when they can te»t the p>a«ureoi Inhaling the aalwtUirut raMIOOnw thenceO"* mum me putdio stage. Knlrniicetn Moiifup sl. next door to lw imtcc. iyt. J. 0. I'AIINHWOIITH Makea nnetlta eharg* lot Kxoaeting team without Pain, hr meii»eo( Miron* (Mule Oa*. when artitn lal Otic, are UlsefjMl, ll«) litth'inloii si,, i;pi'"i»|ie Wood's Museum. tku c.f '<>.•!» Oil lUhh.-r. *lY(»). Ml,oo. •Kriuoluils. TJEMOVAI., W. CRAVENS & CO., JOB PRINTERS, (lira Franklin office.) Have rerouted ftom MO to Ida and 1 1 1 Hmih TValor-st,, Hilliard's llluck, N. U. corner Claik amt Beuih Water. * All hind* of dub Priming at the owAt rales. iLCfIiU. A DJllNli-TIIATOUB NOTICE. M) partfi* tiuUhM in Iha rsiafa ni Uiw Cmf/»r, deceased, are hereby notified t» call at the ptuttneraph* Icltiamaid It. P. lirnmlnb. I*l H Suuth (jlariMt., ann eettle Heir account*. CarlM Visile finished am) nut delivered may be had, lU and paying for me same. .HUIS KirTlAl'Klt. AuitPr. JHarlitnro. SALE HUTTING KIACHTNE. A NIJW Whce'er A Wjlsnu ha I ram Hewing M«> fLliii', rrsewnoii rase. Nnter liar been rrinnved from aatMrmmu Will t*» told, with warnmiy, at a greai roduettun Horn tuiml price. Alsu, A. NW PIANO, .....j’’ main and flnlih loauit purrhasar. Will fie «u'• t“ ‘bock regular iWVat*. Coll H *yf!■ .v- onicr.. m. . 13 lank H. mOBTGAGB £I<ANKS, With rower of Sale, Adjournment, |lnanfaw ce » Tax Ctanaes, etc„ Car tala at Tribune Job Office. Ail Kinds of Legal, Conveyancing, Pension and Doanty Blanks. 33ttplex Elliptic Skirts. JpAbHXOaS DEMAND J. W. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic (OR DOUBLE STRING) SKIRTS. TbeywiiiDOtbetd or treat at* the slneia sprint* bniwlU ever prescrrethrfr perfect and fceautllafshap* where Ihrrcorlonr ordinary SElrw are thrown Mld( m nseliss. They combine comfbrt, durability aac ecODomrw'lh that e*ecancn of ibape which baa madf the “ DUPLEX KLUPTiO- lha STAi\DM» SSillll OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. At wholesale by the exclusive manufacturer* ast sole owners of tbe patent, WESTS, BRADLEY & CART, Warehouse and Office, {l7 Chambers asd 70 and 81 ReadeaL, New Tort. Also, at wholesale by tbs lead Ins Jobbers. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic Skirts, By far the most popular and eracelol'Slrirt worn. Pc sale at Wholesale at ryarmfaemrer-’ prices by FI RkP, PALMER & LEI FBB. 110.112.114 Rod 136 Late-SL. Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For Elegance and Economy are nuaarpaased. For ask aVwboluaie by JOILS V. 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WANTED, A competent BOOKBBBPBR, one MQualaled wlin tbeGiaeralCommUaloo Bualarutn Chicago, will flml • ‘i‘“* u ‘ n "r ‘FP'i »«• 'SSSilow Vtotokm, ISM Sootb watefit. IT'D PRINTERS. rat wheel and stand wanted. «J machine prtaaty band, AddreaaßOUNDS ft JAMAS, 40 huu-at. Neb yufrlicatfamg. CECOND edition. O itiMt corns BALDWIN’S CHICAGO B. B. GTTIDX BTOIMZWB DIBTOrOHT, For Qratnunni Dlitrtbotloa ob incoming train*. tt fiuuooiu Hotel*, *lO-00 the branahaa oftba c. a Jl. W. It, 8.,U. C. RTu.,AndM.S.AV.I.B.B, ftam«fAOeni«ißi tstfcla Qille t WHOLE PAGB,Oea year. tnm do 'ks]B(bUii> im3 do IBribobui..,., *7* kS d* ■ On* month. &aa HALF PAGE) Onayear. m m do Six monlbi ~ * * do Three months STS . do Oee HWfttTf,-V--, i«m rouirrnPAOE,ooo ; gg do au m ooa* * SjS do Three tncnUu. «» ■* ... do Qua month US EIGHTH PAGE, one ytir.Q&r imtnnr cards In boitnosa directory)....,.*... -4/m do Bix months. Sw do Three months m m _ do One month atn FOB CLASSIJTIKO each aader *** RWprlata heantoe,ine*ehe«ii- . dob of the Business Directory Department of Oolde. one lasers Don, LARGE CAPITAIA. L» do SitALL CartTXLs « do Roman.... w _ Those who are not eaßed on, and who wish thdr tnae and bu*lness classified. can enclose card, naming BonAd§ms Wr * llrofclCoß,p * lUeS,eiltoa ft PF ac *“ ». 9. BALDWIN' At CO. 119 Mdnroe-au Chicago. Til. y INCOLN AND SLAVERY. NOW READT, The History of Abraham Lincoln AST) THE OVEBTHBOW OF SLAVERY. BTJUOS. ISAAC K. ARNOLD. In one yol„ octavo* of .36 pages. Bound in doth. 14; in library.». * „ , [From the Chicago Tribune.) More than TO) rages of csrrtully prepared m*tteron the most vital topic la American History. Mr. Arnold speak* wnn authority. 1 _ (From the Chicago Evening JonrnaJ.l Tbebook Is the best worknron ihesablectyet Issued snfl wedoobl whether u can ever be ccupsed. Tha leading men and psoets tn all parts of the country •peak oi It in the highest braise. ■ SOLD UX'LUStVELT DT AGENTS. PBbllahrr*. SO and &3 TSa«hincton-ttw Chicago. X>. APPLETON «S; CO., Kos. -M3 and 143 Broad way. Have Nearly Beady for Publication. HISTORY or THE NAVY DDBIHO ttte GREAT BEBELLIOK. . . - BT JSE cn AS. Bv BOTKTOK. Cbapitln oftLe lloase of Etepnseotatlvet. Antiiaai 1 tae lit 8 * Academy, a ro!s« 8 To. Wiln nmaerons IliaiDaUona. “Thrpncft ihe kttdnewi ot ihe Secretary ot the Kavr. the author ba* had trea acce»»to the K avy i *rda ml ehlp*. anti to the Ordnance Department, and nothin* bai been withheld that conld properlv be graotrj! which the coQLectton of tho writer with the Naval Academy, and rm residence in Traamnetoa have glm him ttdllde* that leave little orpothlog to dedrau Tbe material has been wrought Into Ua present ahaso la tbeearaeet hope that It may aid {n setting the wore of IhoKavy In it* trne light before the public, to aa to croritce the people how much the country i* tndeb(«l lorlu prompt and present security to those who ocv ganueti an J directed tu oj>crailon», and to tnoaa wbs successfully guarded onr tong costs-Ur.e and the eoos> mouieation* of the army, ana who lought onr batUcw cn tbe rivers and on the sea.” Early application should be tnado (br agrodes. Atfw drtii I). APPLETON A CO.. New York. hosiers. J.|QSIEHY. HOSIERY. 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January nth, is«?, In aiimnlng tbs entire holiness of the late Arm or SUMNER ft MINER, I would ask a continuance cf the liberal support 1 have heretofore received. t>. B. SDXNSB. QOPAUTNERSHIP. ' We, the undersigned, hare this day formed a copart nership, under the Una name and style ot MINE!!, SMITH & CO., for tbe purpose ol tranwctaur a GENERAL COMMISSION BUSINESS, ' fit l OOH Eoctb WatersL, Cblcago. GEO. R. MIXER, OKO; W. SMITH, CUAS. T. VAN VLIST. (Sipned) In retirinar irom the late firm ofSUMXBft* MCTEB I «oUi] Blmplr sav that I shall, At ail times, tv most happy to see my oldcua tern era and patrons at oar new place ofbuslncM. GEO. H. MIKES. JJ 51. THOSIP6ON & CO. TheftrtaofH. 11. THOJIPSOK t CO. explros sad U dissolved this date by limitation. Tbrbtutrea* vtß becontinued as heretolbro, at 11 1 and HO South Wa t et-t t_ Cbicseo, by £L M. PSOK.w bo alone ta authorized to use He same of the ttrm Id liquidation. H. M. THOMPSON. L. W. JIcCOSHSLL, ' JOQK SCUiUBL. Chicago, January i, 1567. J^IoEOLCTION- The copartnership firm of MATSOKA DOFS If this dar dissolved hr mutual consent. The btuloeas af laitsel thotataCnn will be settled by their socecaoc*. Uicnewflrm of K. MAIEOS4CO. Chicago, January 17,1567.* _ _' _ KEWELL MATSOJT. JAMES H. HOES. COPARTNERSHIP. K. M ATSOK, of the 1 ate lira ot Maf nn * Floes, baa this ray assoctfttsQ with blw la copartnership UJ. NORTON ard W. E- DIGLET, under the nama sad BtTlf of S. MATSON * CO. Chicago, January 17,156 T. IT. MAT3O.V, L. J. NOftTO.T, IV. B. HIOLET. ©as burners. I MGfiT! KEROSENE OIL BURNER! Without Smell, Smoko op Ctilmimr* fefiß it At tllfi ASAMS ZXOt7£M9« A. iI.WMMfL laAtvact of Ucef, fOUBTEIOT’S EXTRACT OF BEEF, For Family Use. INVALIDS AND DYSPEPTICS, Hlinnl.l nnt mil I* *•» 11. For Mia by all HrngaHta aiulUmeft. era Hern. ri 'O LEASE Poll A TERM Of TEARS. . ,1 V A*l if I»« Itei V" W frtitilj MktMt.VM Nilft# M eTOiiB yp, Sewnd, lliW, O lourll)KHtiniibliHdft>«7lb« flow SlftFtilii frimi Simi'lmis more. m^rnmNSST uaiFiitH. AH,Sit'd wovtitmiOf ao.j MflqMlnjf fuf 4» b? R**m 4» ntfcagtu b. AlUa. rj.A.«U'a I’ATEIiT WaCHINH. Otflca and manmaeroryfflftfoo*® m clWttl *B^ u g\ UD A 3 Siam Jefltraoc-aL. Cbicace. Agents. A GENTS A WANTB». BytbrPB(ENIXXIFE UNSHHANCE CX)« Of Hart renl. Itiroajlioot UlboU. cu4B , D , LIKCT . GCQfni Azmt, so USWMC.