Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 19, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 19, 1867 Page 3
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nswrcßUCATions. THE SCIENCE OP-WEAETH: A Manml of * Political' Economy, : embracing the or . Trade. Cwtcuct and Finance. By Ax&ei Walksb. Lecturer on Public Bcooonj In An betel College. Cloth, 4™. Prtcc» S 3. Boston: Little Brown <& Co.- Sold by Callaghan & Cniler; Chicago. It U claimed by some oftho grcntcalmmdfl that no science he® so Intimate a relation to the destiny of mankind as political ccimomy; and yet it I® believed to bare no concern ■with the morality of the race* Either) therefore, the moral® of men are not subject to law®, or Ibey havellttle affinity to human destiny, or the economist® have put too high n value upon the science of wealth. The truth is, the picacbcr and the material scientist dp cot occupy antagonistic positions; and most of the better sort of moralists have been deeply read in the new sc’cocc, Raskin to the contrary notwithstanding. <ln Dr. Chal mer'a work on the subject bo says: u Wc cannot bid adieu to political economy without on earnest recommendation of Us lessons to nil who enter upon the ecclesias tical profession ; M nod while bolding the chair of divinity in the Vuivcrslly of Edin burgh he delivered lectures on the subject i« his pupils. Bolter. Dr. Uclhune fills U “Unit philanthropic science which, next to the Oospcl, whose legitimate offspring it is, will do more limn anything else for the ele vation am! Ihitcrnlratlon of our race.” All society, considered ns n wenUhpro dm-leg body, Is the domain of political economy. It*slnties arc nil atUlnnble Ini* ittnii minis, its dynamics nre Included in the itmxim, hitter fitltr, Iho " let ahum" of Mm man of nclloti, who Is supposed to know hU own Inislnrss ln*tl»*r limn polllU-laus Know U. The hihrrr ,fatre pHildplO Is to this wtMivo wlmt that of wwltMitaal alnlles U to physical wUmen. Thu Ullur treat® of f(|iillllirlnm, Its omidlthm*, IU oh. f>(iiic(loiiH| 1 riellun, Am.*., the |nnm*r, in like iimiiitcr, treats of (he nuinml eimdltlmi of eomninidhu* and what mint he allowed lor, prcsnppoffd, done .or utidmiu (o give Iho theoretic "laj atone*' the sniifilmi of actual nlHity in producing the greatest good to the urealist number. And as the self-framed luwfl ol statical scltiieo vary in Iholr applica tion to the lever, Iho pulley nud the screw, so the taws of wealth apply in n modified de al ce !)• the differences of climate, soil, race, culluie and antecedents Vet Political Economy 1« eminently Inductive and appeals to fuels in nilmito deiflltt otherwise It lind already died out and Uetiry Thomts Hucldo hud tieu i dreamed of exabtiig AdttuiHmUh to be the foremost man that over came Itilo the world. Aiul bow c<>mes Amu«n Walker, of Mas?u ihiifillo, inlo that mMmmiy field, Mr. lb ihuiie's" t f iiilolittiI 1 .rpliy eeloime," nml we wrlcottm him «■ a worker needful lo the hi* , tri. cic: oi our llepublie t for the poiltieian whopiHlon nb>oU government wllhout the mof wenlih U lift** the tyro who iitumipls am vising wUlmni IhmMd, or Urn ipmek wlm p.-Ui-iiß bln puihiil for lack of ?!/«•«/» id, Tbo work before u® la among Urn ImH AuutUvu ircul-ti ann the «?Üblecl which wo h; ac tnii, Tln'iiutlmrlovwhU work, and claims the single merit of earnestly and per (-intently bcareldna for the truth. That la the mmt of men for any hninonUarhm effort, ttic Uibt mid heal (ptalidcalion for all useful iiiiiulure. Tin- uiithor divides hid suhjact Into five books. In Ihe first he defines ttie terms used in discussing the laws whl-U govern the pro duction and consumption of wealth. The science is positive, became man is always Iu want and nature is comtant in her supply. Wuilth includes all article® of value; and all objects ofbmnan desire, obtained by hu man effort, have value and none else. It is the rclat ion of two services, the exchange j power of commodities. TLe blind man says ! lo the paralytic, “I have limbs; you have eyes—3 will carry you; you «hall be my guide.*’ Their services are raltud by each other, Just as the bootmaker give® a pair of boots tor a coat. Nature adds value to nothing. She creates utilities beyond 1 computation; but she docs it gra tuitously. There is no value with out work. __ Labor is the voluntary cutirt to produce objects of di*sirc. Slaves arc owned like bor-cs ana oxen, and their task is not labor but so much capital, which again is nothing but the accumulated labor oir the past* There is no rcalantagonism be tween labor and capital, though they have coroe to be very distinct. Both arc interest ed. They are partners ; and the only trouble Is that capital takes too large a share. They ought to be fair coopcralors. Production is divided into transmutation by the faiaier. transformation by the manu facturer, and tiansportailon by tbo mer chant. The conditions ot‘ the highest pro duction arc the division of labor, the co-op eration of capital and economic culture. Di vision of labor gives increased dexterity and a better knowledge of business ; it saves lime; it facilitates tho invention of tools ;it secures better adaptation of abilities ; it in creases tbe power of production ; it shortens apprenticeship, aul it aids social develop ment. All capital is .wealth, but all wealth is not capital; for capital Is such port of wealth at is employed in rc.prodution. It arises from the net savieg* of lab ;r, and , wastes without U. Tbe two co-operate where a due proportion of each Is louud. Labor Is more fixed than capital, because the former depends upon the Increase of population, while tbe later may, under favorable circum stances, be very rapidly accumulated aud in other eases just as rapid«y wasted or dis persed. Capital should, at least, increase In a degree corresponding to the increase ol population. 11 it do'uol, labor i& crippled, wages fall, and starvation approaches. Ire- is an illustration. Four millions of pounds a year passes out of the country to landlord absentees without a shilling o:‘ re turn, aud eight milliots sterling arc taken by taxation. The people multiply, but can make no savings. Tbe inevitable late, if there be no heroic remedy, is starvation or emigration. Exchange brings the man some object of Lis desire for something he docs not want: aud it lias its origin in the division of labor. Trade is tbe sum of all exchanges. It is ex change realized. Commerce is foreign or international trade. Thu'wealth of a com munity is not determined by the extent of tchli trade. Ohio is vastly more wealthy than Rhode Island, though the latter has a larger exportation. A Slate sells that which it can spare; and other things being equal, the mm or people whose productions differ widest will trade most with one another. Tailors do not traffic with tall *re, Illinois docs not. trade with Indiana, Sweden and Prussia have UUlc commerce, but both trade with the West Indies. The character of every country’ll products h determined by its soli and physical con formation, its climate, Its difference of race audits social condition,. China produces silk and tea ; Cuba, sugar ; Sicily, oranges ; America, grain 'and cotton. Suppose our } 'topic should attempt to produce oranges. It could he done, but at a cost of n bushel ot wheat for every orange. The demand would be met'; but few oranges would be ■wanted, The divUlon of labor, which we fonnd to he so bcnctU-ial Individually, i* equally true in application to communities; Indeed, Us necessity In relation to the latter Is more positive, for there is greater dUttactkcncss among national productions than among those of Individual men. That would he a hold philosopher who should declare a country one-sided that docs not produce everything it consumes. It not only pays best hut is highly desirable on many accounts that countries should develop their own distinctive productions to the pSrtlal-ne glect of other*. Every nation Is useful to every other. All are Injured by one another's calamities. Not a savage of Abyssinia or , New Zealand that wears a rag of cotton about him -but suffered from the {treat rebel lion. But many obstacles interfere to hin der that extent of international exchange which Is known to be of the utmost utility. Those impediments are physical or natural, social or incidental, and legal or conventional. Vermont wheat has a natural protection against that of Illinois, because the distance Is considerable and freight high. This pro tection of locality builds up in every country a large number of Industries. The people of every nation must erect their own houses. For the same cause mining and manufacturing interests grow up. But this condition is nature’s; and man can only bring countries nearer together by quick and cheap transportation. The slave holder's re bellion is the best Illustration of the social or political obstacle to trade. The produc tion and sale of cotton was.almost entirely stopped ; and no more complete protection to the planters of India could have been devised. If the. Gulf of Mexico were so infested with pirates as to double the price of sugar in New York it would operate as a protection to the maple sugar of the Green Mountains. But the conventional you-yole for-me-and-I'll -rote-for-you protection is, according to Mr. Walker, the one great curse to both commerce and manufactures. This is effected cither by the prohibition of Imports, or by a direct premium on the pro ducts of home industry* or by the Imposition of discriminating duties upon the foreign article. The Orel Is outrageous. The sec ond, tbougWhe most economical method of favoring axflass, is not in lasblon among the “ powers that he." The third Is In vogue In this country at the present lime. Mr. Wakler's argument runs thus : Legis lative protection does not increase capital • a law cannot create capital; since, if it could, there would ba no necessity fur any other labor than'that of legislation; and. In order to grow rich, a nation would have nolhirg to do but meet la public assembly, and spend its whole time inznsklngandhcar* ing speeches, and enact lug laws. Neither can protection attract foreign capital, for that depends not upon the statute book, but upon the rate of interest and the security of property, both ol which arc considerably disturbed In Ihofrcertalnty by any artificial ? meddling with Ibe lflws of trade., And if the general average of profits could be : raised by a restrictive tariff;' as the Protec-' iionhta say, then let Government place auQl cient restriction or tariff to carry profits np: to a hundred per cent, and when all trade > has coated everybody’s profits will bo Im- ( menso I ' Nor can' such legislation increase | the number of laborers; for that is as the j number of Inhabitants, and politicians can- 1 not legislate men Into being. If food bo cheap • population will increase. The higher the wa ges the Wore laborers. The foreign working.! wan will corofi here If ho'can gel bettor pay; > not otherwise. But protection changes only ! the mode oflal)or;it takes men from one In- ; duutry and employs them upon another. gjf, • then,one class of workmen bo thus encouraged to emigrate nil others arc discouraged. In ' like in turner the Increased stimulus which Is fald to he imparted to the protected in dtistry has Us corollary In corrcspoudlng de pression ns to other industries. It may add an Immediate Impetus to the manufacture of woollen goods If the price doubled by stop, plug importation, but the man who buys them must suffer In proportion to the ben. efit of tlio favored 'producer. Government possesses nothing. All H docs is io Irons for revenue from one to another, take money out of one man’s pocket and put it in Unit of another, Just because the latter Is rich enough mid base eunuch to buy u tar* Iff bill through the Legislature. But again, as the price of tbtl article Is Increased, the demand for Uls diminished. This Is Inevlla* hie, whatever ho Ihu disguise under which It I* brought about. Li-sstlioproteeludarttctu Is produced. Thu demand for labor falls; the price of labor Is diminished; and tlio Mltiinlus (o labor Is decreased. it must ho cunulinUd, (horulhro, that in, (ho long run the waiiuftu'lurvr will not ho puiimnuittly benolUod, for his profits must evuiiuully find the general level of other employments; and that (ho diminished eon. sumption created by the higher price under protection will rnlso the cost of living and diminish the wages of workmen. Protec tion reduces the profits of capital and labor In thou hole community lower than their normul CLiidltiun, for Us fundamental prin ciple ts to rclhso In nvutlimireolvcs of the wealth of the milsldo world. Uonco the protected claspus themselves suffer by their own net, and liko the drunkard begin to ask tbr tuurj ruin, or more protection, as tbo ease may be, llcnco It ts that no amount of protection Is (bund to satisfy the protected trades mure limn two or three years. Tlio Inure they violate nature’s laws, the more resolutely nature vlndieules them. The author has given much attention to (he eurieney and trade and business gene, rally. Taxation, almost a new fraluto in Ah'eik'an economy, is healed at considera; Ide b imlh. The National field and pnhiie ilmtuve are eobeisety imfi skildilly exam ined. lTofr*t>or WttlKorM #tyk> is plain, lonvord and popnlnr. Up In tho »*inle«>jnh M of Ida M'lonno, him) ndvonnles I’rco Tiuilu with no oninli mirnostnusa us p asor Vnrrv, of WlUlitm# Uollogo, Utouglt tho luller wio|o Ids book nndur thu kuat of Ida own recent conversion, for liu Imd bron uu old fit&lilunetl I’roteclionlat. Thu nuttior holdan bijtb destiny for nmn’s material lit lure ll' Ui'bla mnrallzlnff in comdiislon: Wealth bus Us gcueraliuns. The life of mnn is brief, but lie outlives properly. A few articles of value may endure for centu ries; but, in the average, their term is very tOiorl. Simply by wear and tear, the earth would be left, destitute in a few years, if no provision were made for reproduction. Our kind Is placed on the verge ol such a change, and can never go away from it. The dreary desolation of many nations illustrates the tremendous possibilities that lie la tbo use made of wealth. There is no economical reason why every people on the face of the earth should not be rich, prosperous aud In deperdent; every person free, comfortable, &4Ptiou6, with plenty at band and every* thing to hope fur. As It is, the homes of competence and decency arc, the world over, hardly more than islands struggling up from the ocean; a few spots redeemed from misery and ruin.” THE SATIOXAL SITUATION. Extract from Ciorernor Geary’s lnau< gural tnc&sage* The following are the concluding sentences of Governor Geary’s message, delivered to the Pennsylvania Legislature on Wednesday Ids! : We arc confessedly in A transition state. It is marvellous bow prejudice has perished in the fur* nsec of war, ana bow, fium the very ashes of old hatred*:'and old panics, the truth fires purified and triumphant. The consent between th* Exccu ilve and a i engross twice elected by suoslautiaily the same suffrages—a contest t-o anomalous la our experience as not to have been anticipated by the framers of the National Constitution—has only served to develop the remarkable energies of our peop.c. and to strengthen them lor tuiare con* Diets That contest is virtually decided. The victorious forces, physical aud moral, of the patriotic tnUtons, are etmpiy pausing before they i cricct the woikcf reconstru-Utm. Twenty tlx Slates have not only been save i from the con flagration of war, but bare been cryetaMr.ed In the eavne. The ten stilt disaffected and still defiant, seem to be providentially delaying Iheir icinni to the Union, so that when they re enter upon the obUtrn tons and tea blowings, they will be ihc better able to fulfil the oae and enjoy the other. Their condition l» a fcsrtnl warning to men acdnallons, end especially to out selves. Übtll slavery lell we did not fully understand the value or lepnbllcan Institutions. Accus tomed to tolerate, and in many casus to detenu, slavery, we did not feel that its close proximity, so far from assisting- was gradually destroying onr liberties; ana U was only when rebellion toie away the mask that we saw the htdeons tcainres of the monbtertLat was eating out the vitals of the Republic. It we ate now astonished and shocked atth' ex hibition o: cruelty amt ingratitude among those who having Jnauguratca and pros*cutc*l a cause less war against a gcucroiH Government, and bav- mg been permitted to escape the uaclshmcntiher deserve, arc once more arrogantly clamoring to assume control ot the destinies of this great na- tion, bow moth grealei cause would we hav e had for surprise baa *la very been peimti<cd to in ciease and multiply? Boast as womayofour matcri-il and onr moral victories, yet is it not true that there is no such thing os a republican Government in the ten Htctcs(tbat began and carri don the war? There Is uoi, to-day, a despotic State in Kmope where the rights of the individual man arc so defiantly trampled under toot a* in sections which were supposed to have been brought Into full submis sion to the Government ot the Unltt-d States. But the ducaso has suggested its providential cure. The abhorrent doctrine that dticsted treason shall not only be magnanimously pardoned, but Inltodnccd to yet stronger privileges because of its guilty failure, seems to have been Insisted npop, as 11 to strengthen the better and the con trastirg doctrine that n ration, having conquered Ua freedom, is Sts own best guardian, and that (Lose who were defeated In honorable battle should be constrained to submit to all the terms of the conqueror. The violators of the most solemn obligations, the pcipetrators ofllic moat atrocious crimes in tbc annal* of time, the murderers of our heroic soldiers on Helds of battle, and in loathsome dun* peons and barbarous prisons, they must not, stall not reappear m the council chambers of the na tion, to aid in its legislation or control its dcstl* nice, miles* it shall be on conditions winch will preserve onr institutions from their hateful pur poses and influence, nnd secure republican forms of Government, tu their purity and vigor, .In every section oi the country. *— That they are indisposed to accept sorb condi tions is manifest from their recent and even arro gant rejection ol ihc proposed amendments of the National Constitution—amendments which arc believed, by many true and patriotic cltlrons and statesmen, to be too mild ond grucron-. They have, however, been fully considered by the people during the late elections, and approved by majorities so large as to give tnom a sanction which it would l»o Improper to either overlook or disregard. And certainly, in view ol this fact, none of the laic rebel States should bo admitted to their former “practical rclaMons” to the general Government while 4hey continue to op jkisu these amendments. A Tragic Aflblr In Cincinnati. (From the Cincinnati Commercial, January 17.] Coroner Emmert commenced an inquest yesterday rooming at bis oillcc, No. 1(1 Court House, on the body of Mury J. Thompson, late a resident at No. 212 Bnyculller street. The inquest was instituted upon Information that a hasty burin) o! the deceased was about to be made, whereupon the Coroner stayed thatjirocecdiug and entered upon the lares* The skull of tbo girl was found mashed In os li by a heavy weapon, and other marks of violence were found upon her body. This Is the extent of the Investigation vcslcrday, but It will be resumed at the Coroner’s ollice this morning at nine o’clock. It Is rumored that Miss Thompson had In the Intlmacv of a married man, whleu coming to the knowlegc of his wile, excited her Jealousy to such a decree that she threatened ix> km the girl If she ever knew her to speak to her husband again. Dis* recording the threat, however, the Intimacy continued until Monday, when the outraged wile sought and found an opportunity to confirm her suspicions and wreak her ven geance. She caw her husband cuter the girl's house from a neighboring locality selected for the purpose. and immediately followed him, obtained entrance into tbc and : caught the guilty pair in confidential and in timate conversation. Kuraor farther says Miss Thompson seised a poker to defend herself, but the superior strength of the infuriated wife enabled her to wrench it from her grasp, and with a sin* gle blow she laid her bated rival dead at her leet. The tragic event with its terribly mortify ing circumstances was taken In at a glance by the friends or relatives of the girl, and by the husband and wife, and It was agreed by all to bush tbc matter up ; hence the effort at hasty burial and the general air of sus picion it wore, the Information to the Cor oner ond the decision that a post mortem ex amination would be made to-day. The developments will be looked forwlth intense Interest, for, not since the murder of Kate Bureau has a circumstance of a more tragic character transpired In this city. A licnglliy Foot Knee. (Nashville (Tenn.] Despatch (Jannartf 14) to the Cincinnati Commercial.! An extraordinary foot race will take place next Saturday. Two well known German citizens of Nashville have made a bet of one thousand dollars a side, and the money has been already staked, on a foot race between them from this city to Murfreesboro, some thirty-two miles distant. The terms are that each contestant shall be at liberty to take the pike or pursue any more desirable route to the point of destination; that nei ther shall taste food from the moment of commencing the race until Its completion, and that the one who shall first report at Murfreesboro is to be considered tbc winner and lake tbc money. Very considerable In terest is manifested in ibis run, and betting Is expected to run high and Targe'sums to change bands on tbc result. Iho ro ember* or the Maine Legislature have voted themselves ■ copy each of Webster's una bridged, Uppincuu's Gazetteer and the Bible and |lO woilh of postage stamps tor each member. Csrpenteris Portrait of nr« Lincoln. I To (ho~Edlior of the Chicago Tribune: — } | Aeyonbave.puDltEbcdln your columns a very s! elaborate ciKichm of Carpenter's great standard 11 portrait of-Frctldenl Lincoln, yon; cannot com-i plam lf its friends bialra ibe right to preasntto! your rvaden a few comddcraUons In reply. 1 am! aware that questions of taste arc but partially! amenable to the rules of logic, and prejudice nt-j tcily Ignores them. Bot If any of your readers, ( having escaped the piejudlco vrhlcn your article; was so well calcnlated to excite, desire a few data from, wbicbji-er can form a judgment of their} own, ft shall homy purpose in the present comma-; eh at 100 to respond to that very reasonable desire. I A prt-limftary question, first In order, is this:: Which of the two'artials, Marshall and Carpenter,! Is beet fitted by previous pursuits for painting a i correct likeness? The facia are these: Carpeiler, Is on experienced portrait painter. MaisbaT |sj not. Carpetucr has painted portraits of MUlard l-lllmoie, Franklin Fierce. John Tyler, Williami L Marcy, WlUloui U. Seward, Lewis Cass,Salmon P. Oißtc. Sam. Houston. E M. Stanton, Uideon Welles, Schuyler ColEix, Edward Dates, Caleb l Cashing, Montgomery Blair, Jobe C. Fremont, Horace Greeley, Governor Myron □. Clark, Jadce Stephen J. Field, Ur. Lyman Beecher, Henry Ward Beecher, Bor. Urn. Cox, Field, titorre, Bt-. con, BusVmcll, John Ticiponi, and many other . dislii.guUbeU men. According to your article Ur.' Maieball Iran been a distinguished skater, and has , atartlcd the “ fashionable world and lb** Eropcior br his tnutrailed ehatlns pranks with Eugenie. 1 ' And ytm It-Umatc tbnlbo onto or twice bc.ore at*. tempted portrait painting. Now this may bo all auQiclcnl schooling lota "vaulting young gon* : ins," os you mnko your hero to bo, out most peo ple would pto'er to employ for their own use, an expert, deputed artist to one it that description. «. Which oftliotiTo artists had tlu» best oppor tunnies for painting n portrait of Abraham Lin coln? Kvcn If the qiiNlincntlbtis of ho'li were equal. 11.0 opportunities enjoyed by each for aimitlng Mr. Lincoln must have welghl. when yon nru Inquiring which would bo most likely to bo iticcop-ful. In answer to this the facts aro that Mr. t-’srpcnioi spent six months with him, «ml made Mm a special Mlmly during (hat time 11ml he waft imlliltu I* sho.vrt by the fa'll (lint he has produced n pmntltn* nl Bn l Ami leading of the lliumictpn'tnn nuelftiuallmi, which has tilled the mcßHuro of ins fame ns an artistj and a huok, M tytx filuttlhs nl the White House," which s now in the full title nf a popularity, recotirt only, If nut equal to, that of •• Utcle Tom's Caldn," >u H» day. 'Hint It ahmilo appear "allly'" to nun who can ii-copnlatt no duty to thu inntchlesa porliah lu qiicMl. n hut to i>n k Haws, ur damn with ralui piaise, la certainly no matter of emprise, but the vmdlel of the publie upon noth la mimMaUMe. Mr. MuttbaU, on thu vuulrary. It n said, never nw Mr I litcoln nuionce, h« lierotluduwu Broad way, hi', Marshall, Branding on the sld'.nvMw. Whither lu drawing the famines iho study of epeichi'fl and iirurlamationa la o (mralem to actual tltllccs, Uio thinking reader will bo able to ibcldo loi fmiwelt. True, b- bad photugranbs, oi d the value of those Is unquestioned, fhllo their Insudlclcncy is well understood; but Mr. Carpenter had nil those and actual sit tings also, ns ninny na be desired. At the under uneul the last of these. Mr. Lincoln rose, and, standing before (lie plcimn a few minuter made this uiiueilu ** 1 foul Ibnl Hide Is mot/*, if, mb In tbk potUaU than w *nv teprwwlaliowJ.'.WeU has eter hmnnade."— resiJmnn.»*of Hamuel Sinclair oflltu New Voik THhunr* lu whom hespohe. No man rah deny Hint Mr. Cmpemci's oppuituoity was tar botlei than Marshall's, . , :i. w lik-ti plrinii*, now It !■> I'liaiatn*. lias given tin 1 (no;t ivniplcio satisfaction to 'lit l family mid Ultimate filthth Mr. Litmoln? 'litis Is luetic I‘MH‘ijiimllohnlhmß. These, amply. are euuu hub nl Judges (t! Hint which is best a iapted to oou> tey to sirniipeie nnrtlo iiy n iruiMiil and m cumin irptusebialioU of (ho mall. W (tills thole verditi? All the o wmo plmKfd wtlli MafshatN lotnine when ll np|n<Mimi, mu) sittthe well ui It, inn on Hu** nt v'an.pnipf‘a, wtiimm i» • mullet 1 (t wmd Hmy him smiMn firm 1 ni thm, 11-ty « o in itiiMiioun, h» ((iraa I am n*«ro,ln fa« vm of Iho, Mnbt-ti l.iinmlu wrims us followsi cmioawo, l)tH , omht»r«l, Inst. Mn V, H, CUppmim—My Mw mn Mr, Ilnipin liar luul moot oxiraoHnury micco»s in on giMMßg jimr norlraU of my fathsr, and has inadu ilia b. »i Jlhii tes |lmt I havofoou. 1 donoUpo* that 1 can express my idea o it bstfar than by Htyiigiimi I um perhciy eaiiidnl wilhfi ft«a liheino*. Mr. Maifehsll made a vtnr good pic ti.te, but there is something nnsalUractory about it which I cannot explain, and X would l>avu no bihliallon in choosing between llto two Mr. rub ler.o. contra gentlemen in .vhOHinfllcelara toady irg, who was an old personal friend of my father, on*aboutpmehaetne MarsbalPs purtraii, baton ert-iug ibis Immediately said that your* was the one he wauled. Sneaking on tbo subject a day or uro afterwards, tie said Iba' your plcln'o left a toibflta Imptctelou on bis mind, which Mar ihull’s, tbmigb plear-inc while he was looking at it. Old not. 1 mention this to show wl at h inonpht of your engraving by the only ouo of my lather's personal mends who ha* seen It. Ve«y alncerely yonrs, (Signed) Bosent Ltxcolw. Mr. Herndon, tbo long-time partner of Mr. ids* coin, writes thus: „ tiruiNOPiELD, December IS, IbOo. iin.F. B. CjotrLKTEB—My Dear Sir: • * • 1 received per express yesterday moraine your admirable and exquisite i-neraviue by Hatpin. When I onened the box and unrolled the portrait, ilr. Lined* J!af7ied on me as never from picture. As a portrait—a llkenei-s—llls Lincoln. His bead rests naturally, easily, symmetrically on bis shoulders; his hair parted upon the proper aide, the side be cbo«o to part it on. ♦ • * It loots to me, and a belter portrait and llxen*at than Mareball's. It seems to roc to be a superior work of art. If arc is perfection and ex qnUUe calmre oi execution, then 1 give voar picture the decided preference, • * * Now let me give you a thousand thanks. (Signed) Your friend, W. U. Hersdox. To tbe same effect might be quoted Don. Isaac N. Arnold, Mr. Lincoln's oltf friend and btog rapber, and .others. Bat kt these eafficcfor tbe present. Bat bow is It with tbe artistic execution of tbe engraving Itself? Has not Marshall excelled Mr. Halpln In this respect? In a case of such extraordinary and Indisputable excellence on both sides. It would be too much to say tbero Jb not room for difference of opinion. Neverthe less the wclcbt of testimony seems oven here to be in favor of Halpln. Pvrbaps toe best cmic In the United Mates, writes thus In the Now York fiction: "Tub mechanical ex ecution of the engraving Is extraoidinarlly One. Nothing at all approacoicg it in excellence ba* appeared lu this country- In the case ot Mar bhaU b pounut we had to call attention to the fact (Lai the somewhat coatee and inaccurate engrav ing tonouely Injured the expresMonal value of the picture. In tbe plate before ns the engraver baa none exactly bis duty; the painter and be have worked together to produce a faithful and spirited and truly retired engraved oead. It will take rank with toe few engravings la whlcb the v< ry high muni has been auah.ed of absolute ac curacy of production.” Sec tbo whole article in that paper of January 3,IWT. But do tho artists themselves, (be Aral-class men of the profession, coincide in this view? Alfred Jones, n line engraver of the highest standing, SupcilntendeDt of the British Bank Note Com puny, writes thus: Ottawa, Canada. December IC, ISOO. F. B. CAHrasTEn—Bear Sir: lam umlllar vl-h Halpto’e engraving tram your portrait of Mr. Litcoln,navlt.geeen It inall its stages. To eay that it is the best work of th-j kind ever executed in America. Is as little a* 1 can say. and do the tn giavlngjustice. Bedcving tbsl this portrait will I e accepted as tbe sfandord portrait by toe pub lic. I um, very trnty. yonrs, (Signed) Alfced Jones. See (ho following oplclou of two otter uogravers, al the very head of the profus ion : 48 Frajjkuh Stbeet, New York, 1 December 10,ISM, f Dior Sir: It gives me pleasure to testify to the excellence of the engraving by Mr. F. Ualpio, frcmjonr portrait of Mr. Lincoln. In my Judg ment it fs beyond all comparison the finest work o: the kind ever cx> cuted in this country. Respectfully, &c., (Signed). J. C. Bcrrnx, I fully concur In tnc above opinion. . A. H. Rrreatn. Thanking you for your courtesy m extending me fo much space, 1 am, very respectfully, voars, C. A> The Half Orphan Asylum, Editors Tribune: Ibe statement made in your issue ofthcl&h inst., that u a very general feeling exists among the residents in the vicinity ol :ho Half Orphan (located on the comer of Franklin and Wiscon sin streets) that the Institution should bore moved to some other location, because that when ever a disease breaks on| la Uio Asylum, which is rot seldom, it invariably extends to families outside the walls," calls for explanation and correction. The Uaif Orphan Asylum is an Institution under the care ol a very clllcionl Board of Lady Managers, representing tbc leading Evangelical Chuichc* of the city, has been In existence tor over seven years, has had under its care and train ing over one thousand destitute nnd needy half orphan children. Is sustained by the Christian lib craiity of our citircns, and is watched over with great interest and care, and has done and U doing a very important work. Nothing should be said or done, therefore, without thorough knowledge of the facta in the case, calculated to impair confidence in or binder the usefulness ol a benevolent enterprise of such ImpoiUnce. In ragard to the complaint made, as above stated, toe Board of Managers bad no intimation ol its existence prior to the publication of the statements to that effect In your paper, and they have had many assurances directly to the con tiury. 'I bo statement that whenever a disease breaks ont In the Asylum, which la cot seldom, it in variably extends to families outside the walls, they know to be untrue. Tbc institution has been In lie present location abortl> two years. During that time 11 has been remarkably exempt from the contagious complaints incident to childhood. There has not been a single care of scarlet fever or measles in the bnUdi' g. 1 hero wire a lew cases ot cholera, which It la held Is not contagions, and there were within a few weeks past two cases of email pox, and five or six cases of varfoloid. All.lbnt could be re moved, so soon as the disease made Us appear ance, veront once taken to (he nest house, and the two that could not ho removed, wera carefully , pursed, and have recovered, and ail the others weto at once carefully vaccinated. No new case has occurred, and the house and all the clothing has been thoroughly cleansed and fumigated, and the institution has been wholly free from the dis ease for two weeks. And after diligent Inquiry tbc laoy managers have been unable to find a single case of small pox or vario loid, or of any other disease, which baa been communicated from the Institution to env one in the neighborhood. A health officer bos nulled the institution with in a few days, and expressed himself not only satisCed,bul greatly gratUU d w Ufa the neft*, health ful, ard comfortable condition of all In the build ing. 7 be Institution has had during tin* greater part of the last year about seventy children under Us cat c. It ha»in Its employs matron, a teach er, ana six female servants. No institution of the kind in on’ city Is more care fully watched over, and kept in a more perfectly healthful and cleanly condition. It Is in all respects a comfortable Christian home for the poor and destitute little ones tak»n under its care. Is Bedalt or tux Boass or Masagkiw. Tlie Catholic Poor and the Y. HI. C. A To tho Editor of the Chicago Tribune: In your issue ot last Sunday, Mr. O. C. Gibbs, ot the Young Men's ChtUtlan Association, In answer to a charge of sectarian partiality in dis tributing tl«- relief funds of that organisation, has collated several t mistical items concerning tho distribution ofpnblir charities, and took occasion to make some animadversions on Catholics and Ibclr religion, which 1 have taken pains lo revise, and beg leave ro oscr to the public tbe following rtCicnons: Ibe cist of the writer's computation maybe elated briefly as follows: Estimating tbe total number of Catholics in the city at sixty thousand, and the whole amount-’ of relict at f/i 1.000, he states that of this sum $40,150 arc distributed to Caibolics as follows: Bv the Young ileu s Christian Asrodahon.l 7,500 By tie St. Vincent dc Paul Society 16,000 By the County Agent 17,250 Total .? 10,750 The gentleman suggests the following reflection founded on the foregoing: “Uow fiir may that Cburch (Catholic) be held responsible for this state of poverty, etc." And again ho ventures the opinion that tbe Catholic poor “shall bo ald-d, I/' at Oil, by their own Church, of whose teachings tiny may bo regarded as the legitimate fruits, they most abound where Catholicism holds nrdisputed sway, as In Ireland, Italy.’’ etc. Passing over toe statistics ns given above, let ns fircmlsc a lew observations. There la not the cast doubt but tbal tbe great majority of the Catholic population of Ibis city Is composed 01 emigrants ft cm Ireland and other portions of Europe. That emigrants, as a general rule, are poor. Is not to be questioned, and hence that the Catholics of Chicago arc Individually the poorest of all religionists found in this city, no ouo need dispute. They arc generally of the laboring daises, who bad Just acquned sufficient means to land them on the free soil of America, which they love, and which they had heard of id their Euro pean home as tbe “beautiful land of the West.'* I think tbal by tar the greater portion of onr labor ing population is made up of Catholic foreigners. Now It would bo reasona ble to expect that the greater number of cases 01 destitution found In Chicago would be among this foreign Catholic laboring class, and we sec no reason to wonder—as the gentleman Is of opinion— that 68 3 3 per cent, or even more, of. the charity /onda of Uij cltr—kom every.aoorco wonld he distributed amongst tlnm. ’the rich abonld support the destitute poor.anJ, ereoxp-cled to do so In every civilized country, and that Independent of religion* belief aa3 pro bation. ibe business men of Chicago, aa Mr. Gibbs remarks, have con-ribuled to make 'np a •city relief land, sod committed It to (be Christian AeeoclalJO to b* distributee ; and would It not appear reasonable that more than half of that fund wonld be divided among the poor, scoring classes wnlcb arc mainly Cataolic—ln place or ui.lya'llKle ovr one-fourth? Bat moreover ll Is coteworlby that sixteen of the forty thousand dlelrlhircd to indigent Catholic*, are contrlbai-d by M o fcllow-mi-mbcn of tnelr own communion. HV hare nude no distinction between tbo poor as to rillglon In distributing our fund*, nor kept lists ofihe cambers of the various aa shiedbytbo Vincent deFaul Society, and hence wo can certainly claim that if the Association ha* given onc-lotut of its foods lo Catholics, and care fully kept record of religious distinction, that we who pave distributed without dint notion, have given i>> ibe some proportion at least (4,000 to con-CathoUcs In Ilea of the 17,500 distributed by the Association. But Ido beg leave of Mr. Gibbs to lake exception to that Item ot (7,500 which he >ays was distributed among Catholics. It appears that after keeping a list of the number of Catho lics relieved, bo takes half of the number who arc marked "religious faith unknown, 1 ' amounting to C®3, and courts (hem a* Catholic, lean see no reason for admitting this, and herd claim that the contribution of the Catholics shunld be re* dneed ot e-baif. and that In place of *7.500 Mr. CJlbbf should nave staled that about (3,733 were distributed to Catholics—a less emu than wo can suppose nas distributed by the Vincent do Paul Society lo Indigent tion-Cotaolica. Nor need Mr. Globs remark that only “a single case of the fatho’lc society relieving outside of its commun ion” has come lo tils knowledge, for tho writer can with (he same confidence aCirm that although lie has had not a little (o do with caring lor the poor, he terur beard of a single Instance in wlnch Hie Association relieved an Indigent Catholic, Although be has no duttbl that it did so. atd vould he far (torn questioning Mr, Gibbs’ slntemriit. 11 1b dißOcrcrnbl? to ho obliged to cutor Into Hippo dclniKnfd I rc«rot tliat tltogrtiUoman rop* rtnnikig Hie Association thmuHii U well to ro* Hod kO Bcvcrplf oo Hie Catholic *'liitrcti to nomo of Mb remarks. Tho poverty of (tie Irish (u Hit* counlty ttmUl have been snUpfactotlW oiplahod tmiti ftiHr romhlion mb ntilitrflttiß dtlven from Ihelr unlive land hr the lumius amt oppressions of a ttmimirnl lluvnrnmciii. and link let me observe In, nil rosport, a iUotttUtnt vimimn, IMm had idvmi im>n* attention loth# poiißhM*ratkm ul the condition or tun poopls of tlto Oli.i'ieiii Kurupumi nation* he would have recog nised mote poverty. Imiomncn, and mU'.’ir Fn Uuidoii nloim, Ilian In all lltly.and ha\ • con clniietl, no doubt. mat tlm lower class ol Kv a «.:c< k t' leal Hcandlnnrla unsmvo (o lake thu same posl tlon as io momal ami moral cuhuro and domestic tuinloils, an the monulnctmlug and mining classes of tho Inland of Un-at Uritalu. liialtlUfl dismiss euch consideration*. Wbal I dislike nioßl In the answer of (ho representative ol tho Association la the tone of his co’iiutnulca lion, which amicars severe towards (,’alhulkv and would Inrluutle that (her, sa ocummnolij, ru a huiilhon to their fellon-chlfjns. Thin la 0.. j ut. and l hope wa** not intended hr Mr. 0. 0. L'iMh. Ipt m* jusi glaece at whet Catholics are do'n; In a pnliltc «av. iilllmiiph they are Individually !b'MH>oip*lpuiliun ofonr population. The average munhor of orphans in the Calhollc Oiphnu Asylum i? 101, mid If ftnu tier annum he allotted for pai li—winch lr helow (ho actual cstl maio—ttioMiiipoilol the Orphan Asylum would nimnint lo f in.flnn. 1 he Catholic lleform Pclmol support" on an at prßpp 110hoys conplauily. Now*for Hie support ol n less tnnnher or boys, die CldC4«o Mefohit Pt lionl iect ivcfl hohi the clly*'>9,liW. We miy fairly venlnrp to etnlo Urn* If the ytuillis in the Cftthnl'v Uermwa'tiry ttmestuiimiteiUii the city lllPllhlllUU, II ttUtlld I'OSlJtl ICftßl IVI.WO . . 1 help me at |ifc?iul 7. inn clmdreii ieHvliitf tin tr riltHiiiliin lit iti'* Caiindtu so’uiol in jitUt’liy. Thetenon orthoMoatdor lidncMinm (Wlusi year fliottn »li«i iK4i»t tlio pnliltc per pdiolnr «l iriiriniy ihr iHihtir m’lmmiU. rroni widen we tmio t iling tlitt dm cuiliolic srlioolsnf the idly are a f.Atinplo ihßrnil.llulipaMiry of fitl.wpar annum. 'Urn Muynalfen Asjlnm. Ihtmaigo ol dm ladle* oflhuGtuin nlmi'lnod, lm* «n fu«0«(jo of Uil in* muuiß Uiroiiyli dm yewr Wo ran (airly unppnsa ilnil half the nnmlmr wmtld lie contlnons hoard' i r» ul tho Uny Ihidotvoil if Uu< Asylum wuru not »nnpor(i<d The api'ionriittiim for the Cliy llrlde wi ll |» isi.a.fUtU, aim if wo assume the maxi mum hum two of inmate* through the year tl 1511, It would lake to aunpmt eich individual; and hence (he .Mapdalen Asylum Is sparing tho Cliy Tivasiiry the amount ol 17,405.10 per annum. Putt'd to (to publicity catholic schools. Saved to Uiejmhtlcby deformPchooi... 50,(K)i>.Ull Paved to the public by MugdaUn Asylum 7,105.00 Total Fared to (be pnbllc treasury... .<119,693.00 1 uleh to remark that our contributions to oar Ornhan Asylum, hospi'ala and relief funds— xvVtch exceed, perhaps. those of ull oilier denomi nations token collectively—are not Included-la tbc above figures. Thcao ?I£u,COO wo send annaally to tho public revenues by Catholics lu ways which arc not at* tempted bv any other class o> oar I How citizens. I leave these figures without comment, hut with the request—since the Christian Association is ILc recognized organ of distributing the city relief funds, which are made up of contributions from ail classes, that all odious distinction* of creeds and natWnalltlus would bo excluded Irora the action and records of the Association. Perm Dnifjfß, Trcasnrer Vincent de Paul Society. P. S. I rcprrt to observe that the County Agent has considered it his official bnsmesa to require a profession of faub from such as may have ap plied to him for relief, and respectfully request tVatthe Board of Supervisors would take Ms con duct into consideration. P. D. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL MONETARY. Pbidat Evening, January 18. ISt7. In this morning's Tribukz was published in fall, Mr. Randall's hill, which substitutes a new ia?ue of three hundred millions of legal tenders, to take the place of the National Bask currency, and requires the hanks to give up the bonds, de posited as security for the circulation and take in exchange therefor the proposed issue of "green backs.' 1 This bill la the embodiment ofacom paratlvcly old Idea. In November, 1865, latlcll’s living Age,submitted to Congress the following: WHAT TUZ SA7IOAAZ. TUJVK BY STEM THU. COST TUB uxrrso states. "In return wo ect noMag: lor the greenbacks ere a better and more popular currency than the not’sol the banks, which owe their circulation and credit entirely to the United States endorse tiienf. '• From January, 19C6, to the same date in 186 T, the banks will receive from the Treasury lutcresl on 3to million bonds—l3m. "In 1663 the banks will get Interest on that Ira., and again on the 300 m., iSm., making Him.- 37. "In ISGH the banks wilt set late cston that 2m., and again on the 300 m., 18m., making 20m.=5«. “ Xu 1B:0 the hanks will get interest on tbat3m., and again ontncSOPm., 13m., making 21m.=73. “And so on, acm in 1000 the case will stand lima: •• in ]OO6 (he banks win pet interest on that Iftm., and again on the 300 m., ISm., making 17-:m.=2,TW ‘•Here is proof that in forty years the amount (bus gratuitously presented to these put banka would pay the whole war debt. This calculation is won the enpivoslUcn that the present limit of Bank Notes to fdOO.COO.UCO shall he maintained. A clamor is already rising for Its extension. Woudilnolbc butter to keep tor the nation the >rofil of Its currency, and make Of It a Sinking ?und which would untie its hands and lift tue burden of taxation entirely in little more than a generation? “ilus could bo done by anthorlzicg the "Treasury to issue greenbacks to all applicants in rtfumforNaQouai Bank Notes, the notes so re ceived to be presentea to vhe banks lor payment — which would be out of th ’ SUO.WW.OvO bonds— which bonds, ns received, anonldbe piss’d over to the Kinking Fund. This operation would not m any degree disturb the currency or trade. “All of which Is respectfully submitted to the Trcosuiy Dcpartmcnland to Congress, by •• £, Little.” No donbt the great mass of the people would rejoice at jhc chance, as the saving of interest (steadily' accmuultung each succeeding year) wonldci.ahlo the Government to to Vi c a proper* donate reduction In the taxes and Imports levied. In addition, a legal tender currency would be ob tained for one which Id only a quasi legal tender, thus tcmovlog the vexed question of, central re demption. In order to prevent the National Banks from purchasing other bonds, and organ lalrg under the Stale laws, It would be necessary for Congress to keep on the books, the acts taxing all State bank notes uJt of existence. This would have to be done most unquestionably, or the conmry would be again flooded with a miscellaneous assortment of “ wild cats ” such os made op our currency previous to the adoption of the national system. The change proposed by Mr. Itandal] would also give the people seventy live millions more currency than they now enjoy, as undet the present system thd banks nrc obliged to keep this amount of legal tenders as a reserve for tbc redemption of their circulation—thus re lieving the stringency now prevailing throughout the country, caused by Mr. McCulloch's contrac tion policy. There are no new features Is financial affairs. There is an active demand for Money, both In the way of renewals ami fresh paper, and the banka find It extremely difficult to accommodate those whoso claims cannot be overlooked. The rates of discount arc firm at 10 per cent per annum at the discount houses and per cent per mouth in the open market. Exchange was lower In the forenoon, and round lolswuv placed between banks at SO&oOc dU couni, but lu the aiternuon a firmer feeling pre vailed und no transactions were made below par. The counter rates were steady at MU discount buying and par®Mo premium selling. Floor was slow and unchanged. Wheat and Corn opemd higher, bat at the close the advance was lost tn both esses. Oats were higher. Itye advanced Ic. Barley was qmot. Whiskey was neglected. Mcfe Pork was dull and easier. Bulk Mvata were about >£c belter. lard was mod erately active and firmer. Dressed Hogs opoued l5&2Cc higher, bat al tbo close tbe advnncj was almost lost. Gold opened a trifle higher bat closed a shade lower than on yesterday. The market opened at 157*, advanced to 137* and closed at 136*. Tbe lollowlng quotations were received by Boyd Brothers, Gold Brokers: • 137* I IST* KhSOd. 157,4 I 2:00 136* 11:00 a. 13-* I 3:00 p.m 13(J* tt;lsa. m 187*1 3:15 p-m 1 5K4 11:15a.m 157»* | 186* Hire ibe market was doll at 136Q137* buying —closing al the inside figure. Silver nominal at 125&187 buying. Govrrntncnia were firm and a shade higher os the gold beating securities. Tbe following table shows the closing prices of to-day, compared with tbe three days previous: Tnes. Wed. Thnrs. Fri. Sixes of’el IC3 lOSfl 103 103* Flvc-Twcolles, lU7H Iff!# lU7* 103 Five-Twenties, '6l 105 H 105* 105* 105* Flve-Twentiea. *OS 105* 106* 106 J 064 len-Fotiles »H 93* 99* W* Seven-Thirties, Aug.... 104* *ol* 104* 101* Seven-Thirties. Jnne,...lW* WS I»4* Wi* aevcn-TnirUes.Jttlr. .. I'M* 1«* IW* 101* Here the market was quiet bat firm. We quote: oo\T»yi«vnT_BKccnrms—cnicago xansrr. Baying. Selling. D.S. Sixes, of ISSI IW* JO3 U. S, 5-2 Cs, 18© 107* 103 D. S. 5-20 s. 1301 103 S? 105* U, S. B-50s. IS** 105* JOG u S. 5-209, small IMK©«*s£ U. 8. KMOfl, largJ WH U. 8. 10-tOs, small 109 D. S. 7-SOs, Ist series 101* 101* u. S. 7-30* 2d scries 104* H. 8. S-aOs, 8d series IW* IW* u. S. 7-SOs, small 103* Compound. June, 1664 110 '* July, ISM 1154 ** “ Oct., 19M U 4 “ Dec- ISM 113 « May,1865.. JUH , ** Aug., I k CS 110 “ sepr., 18H5 JOSH •» Oct., 1b65 109 a The followfoglqaotattons for the Public Funds arc given by tbs Second National Bank: Conp.,*Si...id9 Q... . (7-80s(smaU) !OC* 5-20conpoiis, I June Comp., 18M..116 I latgc)....los*@lo7* ! July “ " ..115*5 5-20 coupons, I Aug. M w ..115 (small).. .105 OlOG* OcC “ “ ..H4 10-W coupons, * I Dec. ** “ ..US Oarge)..,. W*Q.... [May *• 1<65..H1* 10.40 coupons. _ I Aug. u ** ..HO ! (mail).. .10* © I sept. M M ..10**4 7-Coß(Urgc).m*© | OcL M “ ..109 Lunl, Preston & Kean, bankers, renort consid erable activity In tbo purchase, sale and conver sion of Governments. Tho demand for Cook County Ta is moderately active, also for Land Warrants and Land Scrip. For quotations see Messrs.L. P. & K.'a Dolly Ltiitr. In liocal Blocks tho movement la light at pre vious tales. - ls the Hallway,'Bill introduced yesterday by Mr. HuribuiV * r. l>« : '..1- r -.:.i S«ctioa 0 fixes passenger rates aafol’ows: Prom any section In IlUn<la to tnyothrr to. nilcola,iOP firet-class passengers above- ten years o>d, three cents per xnDcl Under ten years of ago, half the above, For all grain in balk or bags, not to ex ceed tbnr cents per ton per tnlie- for all farm pro* flnctlcns,except Uve stock, (he same rates; for coal, three and a half cents per mile; lor all other freights,.thirty-three and one-third per coot redncUm from the rates of freight In force on January I,‘l6tfT. *_ _ ' These ratrs artTmorcllfeeral than was supposed would Vo fixed, t and ought to he'perfectly satla factory ’to all ‘the lallroad companies In the Htatc. , .. The Kcw York JHstma*sWa«hlnglon special says the Ways and Means Committee are divided on the Tax and Gold bills.. They agree that sold should be soid in open market, out ate undecided on the amount or wanner. . —Tlie Boston Adttrfittr of 'Wednesday says: Ibcro has been quite an active demsud for money to day, and although the aapolyof availa ble concocy la rather on the'lncrease, there la still considerable difficulty lo negotiating the loans unices the standing o' the parties applying Is considered bcVonde doabt. There baa been no very mntkcd uresaore, but the financial at moephere Is In such 0 stale (bat a degree of dis unsi and uncertainty aesma to prevail, which baa a tendency lo unsettle confidence. The payment of enrrercy Interest on the Hovcn-lh riles, which be gan to-day, doubtless tends to relievo too mirket eomowhau but Its Immediate oiTccl is scarcely perceptible. Ilatca still bold firm, call loans ruling at O®C!4 per cent on the bait collaterals, am) prime commercial paper passing cent. The banka aro accommodating their ensto met t moderately at Oat por cent on abort dated pnpor, hut in *tio negotiation of outside notes much discrimination la used, the proicnt sta'o of business luiuc'tur crcat caution In the selocUnn of imnios. Long dates aro not generally dojlrcd. audtbto.Q atid lour mutt h* paper cousldcmi go id is nogoilatcd wlih dimcilUy at trim 8 (013 por cent, . . —Thu Cliiclniiall Cotnmmlal obnaivoit 'Hit* inoitrv timrkrt relAXci nono of ill rigid (*ntmo»« ntirt hom>*nm im* not fow who ato oo* t*m to t**r ih«MH por mouth fop «ceomu\o<tt* iiotm. 4'(iUitim)ii« of country due* improve *oim», bin no iiorr i jilluln ImproftfcliHi U uudii by thorn on tltf coiiiilltnn of thn tnurkcl. —Tim IMillmlelnhU romarkot Pu*ntp«« ia dull, and Iho dumaml for money Terr moilrrnlp, which account* fur (ho trailer ralua niiuU'il. Uuiruwura Dud uu dlfflctfUj m oUUlmnu call loitui on nock collateral! nl 7 |ii<r cent, uni! iiiii’ii (luvoriiiiiuut aocitnUea, lit laruomtni. nMi |>ur ci'iit. i'lw range of diioount forth* Util cnmimiiclul paper, «l etiort dale, U 7®9 per cent per ui.uum. lliu Treasury now holds considerably more cold than wits In poiacialon of all the binka of Ibo Uulim dnrlbff llio seven years preceding ibe war, as will appear from Ibe following comparl* sou ! is Lcieln flanks, 1951-5.... ..|M,0H,510 c iit'rit>in flanks, 1933 b................. ob,'Jll,Wl s} tcie In flanks, lbM-7..... 1» flanks, 1*37*8....* 71,m,9H Sm-cle lu flanks 1858-W......i . .......104.537.919 Specie la flanks, IfT.IMW ....... ... Specie lu flanks, I'/W-1...*. ........... 07.074,M»T Aveiatfv Ibr lltc eeveo year5..7),DP),377 The average nfflolUil of specie In the banks for tbs seven years nest preceding Ibe war was tf4«tw),Uooi ur |aa,WtHi less than tbcatnounl held by the Ticntliry on Ibe lil lust. These fads short how utterly tmmtidle's are nit (be iheurtes based upon I bo MippustlUio Ufa gCAtvJly of specie. (Wit MiirUtMi fU'W Yurh m* rMn« lifter tor Ch»lu hy JweHi Mi Lyuiti * ro. Ml. A :::; 'B K kl.f> Wl bftfciau;:" w.i o, .... M«5 ijuln»»ilvur. ! ., ~,, 40*5 W, UliluiiTel., .... 4n}« i C.A A.(COlll).. .... lUO Uur.&Q ..... <>. & M Ilmlton lilver 1W 111. Ci-mnil IWK I*. i Haul HU cu vp. *rd lit T. Ai Wut.aili 4it* Market—4d Hoard went. tUniurr W, IWI, fe«lvai M llrykem tit y«i U. '' (kjH'U. i*ii,,, Mil IMK V, ft,Spur wart Jlrt U.b.d (ior cent .... jay U. t>.fl pur rout 8-weoiip„'6ft. .... HhUf U.«, Spur coot 10-1 a... ,...... pjv Tr.NolPS,7a-lQ 111 eerie* 101 H U. 6. TU-IQ, U 5ene*........ .... 101 H D. a. 7 310. aa eerie*.... 101* Amur. (i01d..,. .... 13g£ CoMMEECIAI. Fhidat Etzxiko, JannarylS, Ifift. The following tallies show the receipts sod ship* menu of Produce during the past twenty-four houva; RECEIPTS PAST XWESTV-POCR tIOUBS. •Flour, brla Wheat. Im. Corn, bu Oats, bu... Bye, bu Barley, bu Grass Seed, lbs.. Broom Cora, Tbs. Ctucd Meats, Sis. Potk, brls Lard. lbs Tallow, lbs. Bnticr. Sis D. Hugs, No ... Lire liocs. No.. Cattle, No Hides, C>e nlcbwiues, brls. Wool Lumber, m. Shingles, m. aatPXENTs past nvENTT-rocn qoubs. Flour, bils Wheat, bu Cora, tm Oats, bu Bye, 1m Barley, bu Grass Seed, lbs.. Broom Cora, Tba, Cored Meats, lbs. ncef, brls Perk,brls.. Lara, Sis Tallow, Sis Baiter, lbs Dressed Hops, No, faille, No.. Hides, fi>6 Ulchwlnee, brltf... Wool, fits lumber, Shlutlcs. m Lath, m... Fair. brls. Sait, baas. There was a heavy feeling In tbe market for Mess Pork, and although sellers were disposed to make a concession on the asking price of yester day, buyers held off In anticipation of lower rates. Wc note sales ot 850 hrls at f 18.7 S for City: $18.50 delivered at Peoria, and £18.12*4 for Country— doling with free belters of good brand* at £19.75 without finding buyers. Prime Mess was quiet, with sales ot 200 brls (last evening) at £ltf sn, de liverable at Milwaukee, sellers, option all Febru ary. For Extra Prime iherc was a slight specu lailve Inquiry, with sales of 800 brie at £ll.OO, seller lost half of February, delivered at Milwau kee. Sweet Pickled Hams were quiet but Arm, with sales of 110 tcs at 10*4ftUc. There was on active shipping and speculative demand forßoJk Meals, and the market was ebent Jic better, with tales at for Short Rib loose; 7Kc for Dry Salted Shoulders loose, at Keo kuk and Peoria, seller last half of February, and T}sc for the same seller February, delivered here. Green Meets were firm at an advance of *4c, with sales of Hama at o*sc from slaughtered, and be from Dressed Hogs, ned Shoulders olfiJift GJSC from Slaughtered Hogs. Lard was firmer ami moderately active, with sales of 1,600 tea at 12c for prime steam here and Hagerstown, Ind., anilHiftltl&e for small lot of choice Kettied (NasVa) sold at 12J4C, Kettle Dried—a favorite brand—sold on terms cot made public understood to be Grease was steady, with sale* at 10c for TThitc, and 7*i ftSc for Brown. Dressed Hogs opened rather slrorg at au ad vance oi 155620 c, and. In some Instances, choice lots brought a greater improvement, bnt towards the close a reaction set in, and the advance was almost lost, bales ranged from ST.ouft7.Ts— at $7.03 and $7.93 for good Tots dividing on SUOfUrs. Whiskey wn? negVeted/and ihe market may l>e nominally quoted at 22c for bonded, and *2.15 for free. Flour was slow, with a moderate inquiry for the lower grades, but prices exhibited no change, though if anything holders were firmer in ihcir pretensions. The sales foot up, I,Boobrls at $13,00 ftls 50 for White Winters: 511.25 for Red Win- tors; 18.75ft10 73for Spring Kztias, and 17.253 8.50 for Spring Supers. Wheat opened Iftltfc better nndcr a strong speculative feeling, bnt at the close the advance was more than lost. The sales foot up. 83,000 bn at fl.KHsi.Olj4 for No. 2 and f1.57ft1.60 for Re jected—closing quiet at SIF3 foe the former. There was no movement In No. f Spring, and (be market may lie nominally quoted at 12.133,2.14 for No. 1 in regular bouses. PAt the opening there was a stronger feeling in Coro, and sales were made at an advance of ft Ic. but at the close the improvement was not sus tained. We note sales of 43,000 bn at 7lM4ft Q lc for No. 1,70 c for No. 9, and 53ft&5c for new Re jected—closing quiet at TOtfc for No. 1. Oaia were quiet at os advance of H&Hc, with sales to a small extent at 41ftll>4c Rye advanced Ic, with transactions at S9ft9oe for No. ]«and SGftSTc for No, *2 in store. Barley was quiet—the demand being limited to sample lots, which sold at figures ranging at 90c Tallow was quiet and unchanged, with sales of Country at Oftfkfc. The following telegrams were read to-day on 'Change: ‘ Nxwtouk, January 18.—Flour 10s belter and quiet nt tio.lCftl3.lo. Wheat steady and Inactive at 12.2Cft2.33. Corn strong at tl l7Uftl.lß in store. Oats firm at 65ftG5c- Old pork better and quiet at (-20.00; new, dull at (St.SlftSl 87. Lard nrm at l»4c. Bogs scarce at (S.B7Ji®;-.fS}j. Gold 13C*£ lATEC. Flour strong and quiet. Wheat dull. Coro quiet at #1.17(3.1.1"U in store. Port doll at *•21.25 for new.nnd $19.9S for old. Lard Arm at i:.Jic. Bog* tame at 5* 30. LATER. Id the afternoon the Grain marheta were quiet but fiimaifl-SO for Ko. 2 Spring, and $79>4 Q, 50c for >o. 1 Com Provisions were quiet but firm, with sales of COO bris Prime Mess Pork at $17.00 and 40,0(0 bris Short Rib at OHcioose. The market for Beef Cattle was active to the ex tent of iho oflerings, near]/ all being readily taken np at fall prices. The receipts were 540 held, and the entered sales 500 head. These were taken for shipment and on local account at a range ot for Common to Prune grades. The market closes strong at 53J057.65. The live Gog smarket was acllvc at about yes* lerOaj'e rates Trade opened a little slack in the morning, bnt soon became animated, and the pens were cleared at 55.WtfJ6.-10, with salea.chiefly at and within the range of 56.15® 025. The re ceipts were 1t,145; and sales, 10,800. The market closes at SS.BSS(LSS for Common to Prime Bogs. Philadelphia Provision Slarkct—Jan« 16. The market contirowtrery dull, there being ao dl»- petition on the part of the trade to purchase beyond immediate wants; about 300 brll of new mess pora sold prime tneaa at &1.00. and prims at sl7.tC¥ orl. Urmcd hoes are selling at $9.00 f» 100 B§. Mess Peef toil, in lota at for Western, asd (SS.CCuM.Ou ¥ brl lor city racked. Dedham* arc beta at(3i.(!OASt.OO p bri. Bacon continues inactive, brcall sales nt plain and fancy caavawed bams are making at ll®lfie: sides at iSvSUc; and shaallers at pickled ham* »“'* " |<( sl>V« and salt shoulders at fromfikftScr » . rd there Is very little doing, naira or n&m . xea are making at iM»<3Ue ¥ 6,andkc£»*i '• Floor r 'rnde efTicenah nod yicnnnba. The Keen*!, Time contains Use follow* Inc: . ‘ “A very tdrMea ot (ha extent of basinets done bv tba Conrlag mills of Accaah and Menasba. may be firmed from Uvi ftltoving statistics: one firm. Smith A Prcctnr, of Vie IVluarbsCo Mills tn Keenab, shipped to lb* East Quttnr Uta three months, commencing on Use JKb of September aid coding on the lath ot Dceem* Vr.tPCfsuosva*thaaVrvcnthousand parrels of flour. This Is probabt} theft.-gnt amount shipped hr my single firm. In Seen*)- and Mrnasha, though some of onr r-llift earns i.jr near'}* to t*cs« ticarrs. And tld« W»« at;a time when the water wm lower than <py other period dunor the year, •o that the \ matrtUsctannc capacity of our mills m«ym sit at 'hguree of orer three taundred tw nsand barrel* of four sArly.' it would bo a per* IccUy file, Un< l a 100 low. estimate, to avertgn do elenn mll» oiswnaa and Ucuaiba at WOO barrels each, which wA>a make a total of sixty thousand I flee bundled >/rr*!» bf flour snipped from this point by car and NAt durlag the three months above men* ttone*. WereoiiTßinikeptnttDinc steadily at this aaW.'perflgnm- -Woß.cL.taaw a.-shipmoat ve»ny or

J«aXia manufactore talsniunoty o floor. ,1,11C.C00 bncbv* ofwh*,lar«j. required, whuA, ai'a noil of *1.«5 per bnshef.'tequlns .osa million nine hundred sad' forty-iwu dollars' la money. ' And i& this are have taken no account whatever of the local trade In flow. Ptockol Tra 10 New York* Ucssre. Toung & Knapp have complied, from cmclt* sources, the fullowiae luieosOngatatiaUc-sof the stock ot leas remaining la bond, duties an pm, on. (he tst of January. 1S«. itwaiot umnileraole lamrost,and We submit in fbUow* ; Green, Japan, Oolong. 'Direct Importation .;.1,1i»,757 3.461,133 5J851A15 Indirect importation 333471 Total stock. 1,93,04 8401.U3 Coacon and tknehoac. Poachonc, Total, ft». AS. ft*. Direct Importstmn. 100462 831,677 B.SU4SS indirectHaportauon..,. DBiws ....... Total stock.... 30U87 890477 9,15i,«J We haw not deemed It advisable to famish a de tnlJK itaictECDtorthelsir Invoices of greens, uacolor edJapars and Oo’oofrs.dnty paid, in Drat anaseennd 1 Bbus, In an out of boided warchooso, the quantity be ing Uiconilderabie, ard a Portion pelt g already in pro ress rt CDtrUmUon in lines (0 the trade. We subjoin tha estimated itockottesa ou hand. In unbrown par cels, whether ]o bond or dntypMd, at the correspond idb period tor the last (bar years, remarking on<y that v* believe the atota in previous years ti have been made op t/om unreliable data, and ib iold therefore, be regarded as only approzlmattiy accurate: , cstf- Orccmtti. Japan, ns. Oolong, fts. Jaa.i.isw AUMeo ioo,8» Jan. 1.16ns 54 0.000 1.1VQ.010 4.009.000 Jan, 1, 16*4 8. 000, WO 430.000 94W.U00 Jan. 1,1869 8400,000 41r,000 3,000,000 Congou and . bouchuog, i'onchong. Total, . Date. B«. fts. fts. Jar. 1,1KJ6.. 01411 70.663 6,191400 Jan. 1.1603... 1.CW.000 579.000 17,1D,000 Jan.l,lNß4 I'gi.OOO 810 007 O.tKW.OO) Jan. 1.18C3 3,000,000 509,000 9.029,000 OUIOAUO LIVK NfOUK MAttKCT, Orrtroor rn« cntoAw Tatnc**. ) Fhiday Br«NiMO. January is. J Thi fbltuwioß table itiowa the dally reoelpie ami M»« mock dam* the week up to thl* cvtiinr, *, reported bp the H'craUry of the Union MtorkYanU’omt’anyi Monday end Monday,.... ToUi ..wii ii,m i ah Hattie iitim last wiwk...,. I.twi if.wd hmi IVw« uinre Ull 0,111 41.HJ9 3.l>|| The rtielpu unlay wore by tlioruUuwhKiouiMi .... Untile, IIof«. Sbeei». ly llltnou Central T1nad.,.,,,. 01 1,7« ly iiurjinßUmktUiiiflfy Hoad. 197 4,079 .... if nt. Ijjuli A Ailim l(-iaxl oi .... If NorluwMiern H0ad......... lilU 1.8/i .... if (iock |ilan<l Itoail...aj Mil .... jj MlcbiK«ußouU)uro...... 8U .... Total "sia 9,119 ~~ TlieiUJpmcnU today, and lor the week uptathti ereLIDK, w#es „ . .... Cattle. Uo*i. Bheep. Bnmlay and Monday ~ . .... Tuerday............. 819 S 3 «... wedm-eday..................... m .... .... T11UtM8f........................ on .... .... FriJaj ... «... .... TcU1........................1.1M W .... PBinellrnplMl week,.,..n.01l 690 .... \V>fktKktclMU..............Via .... Bales to-day, ii ebteled Bt Hie different Beale-hotiie*. ........ . . IMttle. Hogs. Bhefp. At tlUbAls Central 8ea1e....... ill f.?iw AIUuU.AU' Ma1e............ IM) 9,100 1... At AiiiHiMtie........ tm .... At U. A NiV, 8L'815.1.......... I|4 l),?w .It. ....................... 491 IMti .... likEF UATJ LK-Ths pfwuM ito fiew iv<c itirwiMuf. Tiithwhii Mir «tinmun"«» uf KoM'rn Imypfi, amt Utt. imm ot U>* nilwf tog* wars w»w> for Ilia Itmfoioi hii.iHirrili.iiM Nov Vork niArlcK At t*,in* *.»'M»r mMtmnvi prims shipping Bman, m\ i)i<* re. nmiuw on i>u ai amum*. a( 9t.tA44.ilS nr comm mi toßOml ImiclM* 1 Camls, TlißtdiArAfilerufihddamAml (he sahib a* iioM in our provtau* reports. Huod #tr»Mhi shipping Bieen, And gaol mi Cows, Are riMWily taken up Alfutl rub*,while common de«crtvU«un ate neglected, sort only salable m a »t --tiucibm, All dwlrahla lot* ware taken up, Ana them are less than 600 head remaining In the pens, and ib«n generally of an Interior order. The market clobcj etrung at the quotation* given below: Kxtra flrerr*— Fine, tat, well-farmed. 4 to 6 years old steer*, atul averaging 1,900 B* avd upwara* 14.6039.16 J’lituf lUfcet—Hood, well fauwi, fairly* formtd Ktc-ri, averaging trom 1.10) to 1,400 at, »t 6.003915 f>ur finds*—F»lt steerMa fair flesh, *v eragligl.ooo3t.Boo B«,at 5,«35.75 UftUuus Clatm— Medium Steers and good Cows, fit tor city slaughter, and averaging SOOaLOUBa.aI..... 4,25*5.00 Stuck t4iui<— Common rattle la decent Owh, averaging SXULOW at, at 3.7531 SO fnA/dor—Ueht and thm • ows aud Steers, rough and coarse, averaging C 393350 ss, at . . 2A033A0 CATTLB SALES TO-DAY. Sixteen bead medium batcher** Cows, averaging 357 ae.otr car*. at aios. .. Eighteen head mixed lot Oxen and Steers, averaging 1,213 B»,ftd and watered, at $5,23. Eighteen beau lair batchers* Cattle,avcraglng9l3 &s, nt 34 75. Seventeen bead good botchers* Stock, averaging 913 bb, atgLSO. Thirty nead lair shipping Steers, averaging 1,175 lbs, at 00. Twcnty-flPht bead fair batchers’ Stock, averaging 914 nß,BtflJs. Forty-five bead prime Illinois Steen, averaging Wto 88.f1f6.C5, * * * * Eleven bead good smooth shipping Steers, averaging I.imbb. at *6.15. BOGS.—The market opened In tbe morning allttlo quiet, buyers holding off iu hopes of forcing price* cown, bat I aiders were firm In tbelr views, and tailing In their pnrposf, buyers took bold sharp, and tbopen* were clear, d, at prices tolerably well up to tbe closing range of yesterday. Transactions embrace 10.300 head, which were tasen exclusively on local acconnt, at prices ranging from f5.90@6J5 for common to fair grades averaging from £0 to 895 as, and f5.W35.40 fop prod to choice Bogs, avenging from 350 to 417 bs. Tbo avenge price paid to-day lls somewhat larger than that of yesterday, though this IB dneto the Improved quality of the offerings, and not to any Improvement In tre actual condition of the market. All are sold, and the market closes steady at the above quotations, bales Include the toUowiue droves: HUG SALES TODAT. 9,310 2,82* 11,-53 11.405 11,140 8,270 b,UI3 12,300 1,330 700 1,200 689 C 5.510 23,2'j0 y,ouu 25,5’0 167,710 733 759 73,6-70 67,053 35,720 10,5:10 0.334 10,470 8,384 8,033 0,303 3,637 639 1.233 58,830 60,237 .... 193 S 3 43 I*7. 2876. , 4,824 4.7 H 8,613 3.400 ~ 6,326 2.363 . 2,611 .... . .. 202 . 5,035 3 210 . 2,0-00 V7io 578,956 429.440 . 95 CVS . 1,077 093 .215,485 229,933 . 1,750 . 22,212 21.033 No. Av. Price. S 3 fair Hogs, fed and watered....... 2© $6.15 47 pride even lot, led and watered 364 6^o lit some Quality, led and watered... 335 6 a ■93 ccod lair lot, fix! and watered 306 6,4) 55 course lot, fed and watered ..SSt 6.25 DO dir Hogs fen ana watered 773 6.15 93 good oven lot, red aaa watered jso 6.35 4S prime fat Hogs let and watered........ 331 fl^S 45 s\mo quality, fed aid watered...,......351 GAS 57 fair even lot fed 6.15 73 ro: d Dacon Ho<9 ...337 CJS 161 fair baron cradca 7..2J7 6.12 V 271 r.edmui lot .256 6.17 V 108 avmequalltv, fcd and watered 773 6.17 k 45 extra Hjes xu 6JO 153 p> lute Jot SI6 6^o 40 pr me Q-'ca .717 6.35 91 earns quality .373 C 33 95 good lulu llocs .....320 6J53 HO good lot, fed and watered 779 6.23 47 fair c<«ar*c ,6t 333 6,33 56 eamequallty.'.; 241 6.33 160 lair uneven lot 291 6.20 SO pcod tiacoo Hogs, fed and watered 271 6.20 1*651 I,SIC era 31,16,'J10 S 3 4* 10.125 10,050 ,874,000 210,000 431,000 238,0011 3-' IKK) 1,000 1,692 SI) 100 46 good lot.. W Fur ticn.'.'.', 48 roufh Hogs roucb u-.,- . «. *3 choice heart Hop* 175 6.1- 44 c-'od lot, tfd ana watered sit 6.23 34 cholic eren lot. .391 6.49 116 Cboln* Stn<<oth 339 6.40 65 good bacon nos* 826 6.13 47 uooti ereo lot • .249 (VO 08 cr.mtnoa coarse lot J 39 9JO » £3 5-15 UOMmc quality sTift 33 Clolce heavy «oja 6.40 SHEET—TIi* re were no receipts to-day, and with n very llchtsnpply In *he pens transactions nro neces sarily limited. Wo quote the market qutet and mml lal at $3.TX*5.00 lor cymmoo to prime Sheep. CHICAGO DAIIjV ffIAHUF.r, All sales of Grain reported in this mnntrt report ure made on tae oast* of tetnier <4C) ttorage, unless othenevte expressed. Fktdat EvEvtJTO, January 19,156 T. FR El IJllTS—Haiuwud *7tzianrs—Dressed uom ar» *&c lower to he» Tort; and rfostoo, *ad pjwc lower to Albany. We revise oof rates. The follow ing la the Joint tariff on the Eastern roads: Sd 4tb Dra'd RaU-s from Chicago to— class, c ass. Floor, llogs. Uuitalo, X. V 63 47* 9) 80 lorsnto.c. W ® tlw 95 8) Mot weal. C. E 1,35 93 1.90 1.60 Albany, N. V 1.30 93V 1.85 1.12 V hewYnrt 1.95 90 1,85 1.3 T Roe-ton and Albany * 1.35 95 I.W Uo-oonefo GrandTmnV 1.33 95 1.90 l.'Jj l*ortlaidr/<r Grand Trank 3.10 1.60 Philadelphia 1.13 83 1.70 1.40 lUlUainrw 1.13 S 1.70 1.43 Mitaborah f. 70 50 1.00 70 t'lcvrland. Uhlo 45 S 3 76 S 3 JcrrcißfDTlllo. ind 43 S 3 79 .... Cincinnati. Ohio 43 83 66 65 Fl.lipit—Received. 9,316br18; shipped, 4.5.1 brll. Market nnner with a tetter demand for spring Extras and Sopers. Prices are nominally unchanged. Salty were: wmrs Wistsest—CO bris "Little Beamy" at *18.50: U 0 brls not named at fia.oo; Rio Winters— lOn brls, cot named, at (i 1.73; Sphisq Evraaa—3J brls ••waliasbaw” at>jr.73; 100brls, not named, at* O.ta; 30b bris d<> at ( 10.R3V: Wwl* do at >10.50:101 brls do at (950; IX nrls do (low) at 48.75; Ujtaouwn—loa brls not nnmwr. at $7.79; tern two Srncia—l33 brl«, not S&50; »> bris do at <7.87* ; 110 brls do at 17.73; 200 i>n«<to at>7.50:100 bris no at *7.33; Us forsi'-jOO hrU"Twln SUItT” at *7.10. IVIIEAT-Uecelvcd, 11,SX) bo; shipped, 6,613 bu. Market opened icUVc better on 50.2 rpnnc.bnt at the rkse tbe advance w«a more than lost, Nothin* ibinv In No. I. Sale* were: 4CU bo Nn. Sat fl.OlV; sf,ofobo do at f 1.91; 30.000 bo do at >1.90V; 6.000 nude at 81.90: 9,000 bn do at ft 82*; 3.0u0 do do at (i.tO free nlar); Vw bn Rejected at >1.60; 400 on doat|L97— clMlsc quirt at fLffl No, 1. Mills- Received. 11.110bu;shlppcd 6^26bu. Mar ket quU'f.oprnlre SCMc better, out lost at the close. Min were: 3.000 bn No. l at 81c; 15.000 ha do at!OVC: t.OCObu do atrOr; JsCfObU do at 79Vr; 1,600 bu No, 3, at 70c;fs4M bo Rejected, at Me; 5,00! bu do at 94 Ve: LTCOba do at 94Vc; 1,300 bu do at t4c;BoolmdoaiUc —closing Qtm-taiTOVc for No. I. OaTr*—Received, 8,018 bo; shipped, none. Market Su vc better. Sales were; 1,600 bu No. at 4lVc; ViO bn do at He. 11YK—Received, 1300 botahlppod. 3,611 bn. Market lebetter. Sale* were: SJObuNo. 1 at9oc: 400 budo nt£9.Hc: 400bodoat89et 400 buNo.a at 87c 5 4M bu do a; »c. lIAICI/KY—Received. 1.200 ton; shipped. none. Market qolet. Sale* were: 5.000 bo 0/ samp.e at 91*%: 165 bnc* it 91.00: KMbo and 31 bans at 90e; IM bat* on p. t. - All OIIOL-.Noalotltt (Ui4,40. llKANf*—MoreactlTf. bale* were: Starts choice, at s 16 brls latr. it|L7S; 100ba poor, at BiiOO.ll COHN—Doit *td nominal, at |loo.oo£, mto qnalUy. . . B It A N—Nominal at 9lS.oftJtll.oo. _ UUTTKlt—Deceived, 9.Slsas; Shipped, W. 143 ftj. Choice qumUies continue In steady, fur demand on to* cel account, and, under moderate rec-lpu, prices lor such at well assumed. Common Srcln and common tub are in exceaslTr supply, and with scarcely any in quiry either lt.r shipment or lor home consumption, tales (Iran nraelly, and e»nerally at reasced rates. We make no change la our quotations ‘ Choice to Dairy, G. oo lub OoratnonFlVian ...12 <513 c prime Ftrkln ... .« ©M c Sales were: 500 ©s roll at 29c; I box roll at Sc : 2 boxes do at 26c; 8U) ©a roll at 23c; 6Jars at 30o; 140 asro.iatsce. _ BAGGING— Themarketlsqaletand easier. The stocks are fair. We continue to quote; National A,* bo, seamless linen tW.OO Cmon A,3 bn, do 40.0* llluol* A, 2 bo, do 87.0 P Corn Exrhance. £M® ?urk A, cotton seamless. <o.ts VewwtcttA. do . jOSO Atdrcicogjrtn do M-W* Americas. oo 66.00 Hearer Mils, do 65.00 rntsoe'.d a, do ®f.oo Penn Wills, do 2» fon«u. do 2« SIICO, do 6J.OU gaeo. Uses and cotton. ».00 Kidccwobd, do 55.10 Ssnasteld -SOD Gunnies Hnrlans * bo. No. 1 33-W Empire City..... «.00 There ts oo essential chance to note in tbc crucial character ol the market. Tbe inquiry Is malted. «d with a liberal snppiy on hand, dealers are Mr so meat a firm In their den anas. We quote: New York Factory (yennlne) t 3 ©1? c F«ctory(Uilaois).... W »J 2 c Bimhorr. 16 Oh c Western Restrre 15 «16 c ••TonneAmerica” . Ctao e CO A b—Trade U scare. the stoekt are abundant, and pric«» swdy as previously quoted. We repeat oar list as follows: Etui—tiruol field - do Ornsby ....... Clithasp—Briar 8U1... do Mineral Kldce.. do Willow Bank. __. do Ttmnel....- Chlpoewa.. 10.00 Biowhnnr.. „ 13. W Lump Lt nigh 15.00316.0' prepared J 4.00 Pcranton 11.03 Ptttston „„ U.V: ill tools.. 8.0*5 8.01 do cn track 5.VX5 6,00 COFFEE?*—'The market ta moderately active lor this was*n of the rear, prices are generally well main talced, and In some grades we note on adranc of 1 «<c. Wc revise quotation* : w JUT*. S 3 «9 e lilo. common to fair. J»U( J 4 , W<e u>e, eooq 10 ptitn* .sindiTWc Kir. prlae to choice. 77&i27J£e C»‘o*-E«AUK—Market quiet. Sales Incla-c 20 Lsrd Tierces at J hts; SCO oo at (2.10, delivered; ICO I*ort nanr!«al(li*o. _ Were In moderate request and alow at 2Ta Mr f'tind, ano sng»V tor fresh to small packages, gat* ► of lODOoaatStc; 9hrl«at2Bc , _ . PuriTst aMI n»i ecneral marked l« quiet. with prices nominally nachawwd. There la n fair local m<juir» lor choice winter Apptra and with a f*rrt »npp riu the mark*t dealers are boldine firmly at Hill prices. The market fir dried trnlta la doll, and for most vanmit* prteca at© bttni Started to a limited extent. cr*rb« fries are In demand, ana am. >uts art quiet. We repeat oar list: Apples. V brl Lcmoi s. Malaga. cranbenl**........ Cranbemia, cultivated. Fin Dates Can Peaches, F dor, 3 » can5;.,*......... 1.0 <a 4.7* -Apple*, new 8-9 1> reaches;halves and quarters*'* .. • 16 9 19. Peaches, pared....l O S as Blackberries, new. V A 91 9 ,81 Raspberries, new, F ft.. 66 9 63 Cherries, pitted...;.. ' C 8 Elderberries, F a ; » 9 t» .llaltlrs. layers. ...1.53 aiSS liatnnr. Va>tcla „ 19 a 39 iardlLe*. J< boxes.. 39 9 U Sardines, ff boats. S 3 a U sort Almonds,hard shelled 39 ft K Almondt, *oft atetled... a a Q Atmonrta. paper abetled M S 55 Pcasmv, F & wipa 14 Brasil Huts . It 9 a Filberts 17 9 18 French Walnuts, new 31 9 2} Naples Walnuts 33 a 31 . Pecans.nsali and large..... as 9 so HlckiryNuis, F bo ..I/O 9 BA3 Chttt&uta- V no 7.00 9 BAO tales of 57 hrts choice Michigan Apples at 10^c; 30 br* crime peaches (»7atX7Xc. UMl—The market continues inactive with prices steady and tmrhanetd. We quote: WhUeflsn, No. 1. H brl 9 7J09 7.79 *• No 2.>4h1l 7J59710 Trout, No. 1, U brl. 5.009 9.39 M No, I, * brl 4409 4.79 Jlactrrd.No. 1, w bn, new IL>O^lU23 *• N0.3,£ brl ICJS9IDJO “ family. f vbfl - 9.9** 9.19 •* exit* me»s, F vhri isuswisso “ ** FtU. 3.159 4J30 No. t, uu, new y. 699 3.75 “ family. kIU U 39 3J3 CodCsb, Dank, V iro ft 7 MM B.CO *• George's Dank...... BAO3 9,00 Hake 8409 8.00 UcnlPßs, dried, No. 1, F box.. *O9 fb *• realen.. 7D9 73 Labrador lien inn, F ht 1................... 11.019U.50 •• Jfbfl 6.009 6.39 Norwegian M KV, F bri IS.W " •• Jl>, F bn. 16.60 FK VTllEtt*t—Sate of 300 lbs at 750. <4|(KAe*l£—Market steady, sales werei 40 brli Whitest net 59 nrls From at 6c130u0 alive. . . 11144119V1 NKM—ltecelvert tmnei shipped W hria. Market diui and nominal alkie mr bohded and 13,13 Pit free. IIOI»t*-Tlicre li very little doing and the market la nominal at a tango of aiacoeftr Eastern and 49939 c lor Western. IMIKH-KI) tIOUM-ttnwlrsd, B.WU ahlppH. }.<ai. Market oneticd Uta.v'o higher, but alttio close the advance v»*» nearly lo»t. ttaVes v»eic» CO averaging W 4 fts. at |]<79 ro •• *mo ns, Ui w> 11 m»«, ai 1.99 m •• mft«,ai l.m 1.1 " ill ns, at 7.10 70 •• 1.60 fe “ iiSS!:!!:::::::::::::::;::::;::::: j:8 rn lam .iS s H its ion iMUdlvidlPSonVoOfts, a(!|f.'lVi' aiid j,IS ‘S S is; ; ; tJS dll 4V9 “ fco a*, at 1.03 an< 1.33 Ml “ SCO »«, al 7.03 and 749 M ? . . WUW.a!.. 1.00 andlSi —doling steady at |US and »7.a mviillng on 100 fti. IIA V—'lmre Is no material improvement In Hie de- Siaml, but whn a rather Halit supply in the market a finer feeling obi sins, and dealers to-day were holillna al an advance ofMe at wholesale. We now quote 1 U*UW, Uo*l., Mhw-p. ’.v. *wi r*ii :::; , i.i ia tan ifl| . vruoLuAtt PBicxa, Timothy, roller amt h»aur pressed ........fls.ikMU.M Timothy, loose pressed.*,.... 13.mmU.5U ITalrle,healer prnml. UKWMII.W ... . wrtAit rmoM. 11molby, fuller and beaUr pre55ed......... l<M» Tlmottiy, nn»«e pressed....* to.uoals.W Prairie,rol er end l*ealer pr«*wd,......... iI.TOii9.OT I‘rrlrie. l -nseou wagnt-.iieitterw.eoorilo.W Hll>fcf*- i U«PIVeiI.U>,MOB Si 1W tt». The B’lieia) ehntattorufllie market remains I'lbaUtiHaHr ie same a-holed In mir previous report*. .There is LH(lluii«l«rti»iiy in ilie shlntnha tjeinsod, under vs liltit the receipts.nTdcli are liiiil. are readily absorb, ed at fill) rales. *ye«pMMhe tuarkel firm at ad aa* vain'enritCaslbllyssl I urefhf1Hit'Vhi*....,. ..........4 » ny.» i liko |%>i i 6s k us IMO*"?^) f .9 1 i I«il'n.i.=V^Vo'‘Md'l) l , “il® j tflNssfertnn. wemiuiei liIXI iniiiiilandk»jiirtfnui............... *M6» o3u )?al 11111 ». LViJJU'""ri limn h.mimim S'*® Bug flsif «>vat ami fluff iiMturiDVA five i hlipcl mini,l«d rlit:tiirnn,flsivßiil«'4, $ ~,, tiiHit Iron, i bttrum1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, blurt Iron, Jim.ultt,,,,,.Ujdlt c KonvarNsii Buds.. ~,,..,,.11 aNKo Mow bleed, (ItJfinan.ftll u Mow Staid, rail 17 $lB o Spring ana Tire Si»el,Kr.i;ibh....... It sls a , 1 oid Cut bled, ordinary sizes., 28 &TO c Tool Cast bleel, American.................... ,*25 u lituicrcd 51eet.................................T0 S4O c Humus, Noa.fl and Ifi JS c UUMda, Am., lit qnsUly, V bdl $lB e Buatla, Ain., Ist oualtty, V shstt sl9 c Itmsla, Ant., 'Jo quality, V sheet $lO r. I,A Ull—ilarkei firmer—Salat were: TO tea Kitt ed at (Karh'r): 4TO tea Kettle drlrd on pet.; TOO trs frlnietteamalK’c; 200 do(at Hagerstown, Ind.,) at it*; C 4 tea No, 1 at like; 17 tesdo at ll\'c. liPAl’MKlt—Thedemand Is limited. though the stocks, which arc con*ldcrably redaced,grc flrmiy hold at full mu. I’ncct are unchanged and we continue to quote: HEMLOCK. City Harness, ¥ Slaughter, Sole, ft t 3*3 40 Buffalo *.*..s 40$ 43 Country ll&rnrss SVa 35 Slaughter, Sols, Line.? ft 42$ 41 Chicago, Ko.l. to® 42 Kip, medium, V Slaughter. Solo, ft UsslJ» Chicago,No.3. Sts 37 Caif, V & Lsost.Go Ducdoj Ayres... 32$ 40 Upccr. p 100 t... 29& SO Orinoco Sole . .37$ 33 Ccnntty Cpoer.. 73$ 15 Otlnoco. e;od. Collar, V 100 t... 35$ VI damaged 91$ 33 OAK. Slaughter Sole.. 53® 51 French CalC 31 Harness,? tt... 41M 4b »a 3.105&35 tjpptr 30$ 3! French Call, 30 Kip. No. 1, me* T&s 2.003.740 atom 1.10Q140 French Cali, L«> Kip, Ko. 1, motnes,?dos^UXis9d.QQ heavy 6EA1.10 1.1) .11BGIC—The market rules firm at the following quotation*: LcvnEß—Flrtt Clear. 1, IK* and 3 Inch 9 fj0.T0a63.00 Second Clear. J, IK. and 2 Inch S3.TOSeo.TO Third Clear, loch 50T0555T0 First and Second Clear Flooring, to gether, rough, the same aa Second Clear wide SOTOaSSTO Common Flooring, rough.... 55.00537T0 hlatchcdondUrea cdCummon Flooring. 40.00$ 12.00 Uatchcd and Urcssod 8-lnch Common Flooring S6.CQa33TO i First and Second Clear Siding, together. 39TO$:U.TO Fim Common Creased Siding..... 33.D0539.1i0 IVaxCD-Box Boards, select, 15 inch sod l upwards 3S.TOa«TO A clock Hoards, 12-tnchcs... 50.00531 TO BStock Board*. 12-inuhen 36.0U5'.T.0a 1 Coma.on Board*. JoU's, Scantling. Fcots . leg. and Small Timber, 12 to 16 feet ' u lone atTOatlTO .Tolfts and Scantling, 20, 7 i and 91 feet..-.. 15.0C3T0.00 Jobte and Scantling 2>TO SiiLvor rs-A or star Shaved Shingle*..,.. 4.50 A or star Sawed Shingles 9.00$ SJO Ko.lSawcc Shlmtlcs JTOS 3.00 Lath—Fer to In yards STO By car-load by Northwestern Railroad, dcilveied in any yard where ears can he switched, or any depot: AorSurSaw* cd Shingles,by car-load, on trace .... 423$ 4AO AcrStarStaved Shlngtc*,by car load, _ on track 8.730 4.00 No. 1 Sawed Shlncles, by car-load, on « „, • track .TT,..: 2AS Three dollars a cor-lcart added when transferred, which charge follows the Shlnclef tn Irelsht hUL bOINOLB BTASDABO. . ... Thickness—Five biungies to bo two Inches In thick ness. Length—Sixteen Inches. Batics—Twenty Indies. Conrfcf—T venty-tlve WETAI.S * ft D TINNEHB* STOCK.—There is a lair inquiry, and prices arc tirm at the tollowins quotations: > M m. znre. Bor Tin note, I C Ist quality, cask 13j< 10x14 (15.00 Ist quality, sheet II Large Pics 37 Slab 14 small Ptga. as duout wise. .. Bar Tin 33 I to 6 ti corrnu 7.8 and 9 « l Metallic Al'Bots... 33 Wand U. 13 I Cupper Bottom 53 12....... ....11 Braziers over 10 Bs.. Cl Wandlt .is l Shed Inn, 14 to 16 oz is iSandiO 16 ‘ Tinning* 10 17 i; nafinrr nrrau is .19 Ist qua'lty 3ft 19 31 Atmoieny *0 20 •« Flee Solder. 30 fr cnee Staple* 10 {tAlLS—Are without chance. We quote: 6d> keg (7-23 i3J. (9.00 «W 7.301 Sd, fine blned 9-TO 6d 7.751 3d. fine Dined Id 8,00 Cut SpWW 703 Sd Sa'Cl Clinch Net 9.00 (|j | s—■trads fs stagnant. There is not enonch be ing done to istabllsh rellablt quotations. The follow- 1 trie are the nominal quotations: • Linseed Oil I @L3S ' Linseed Oil, boiled (41.40 Olive Oil «2.6 U IVbale Oil. W.B 1.35,41. W L»nlOlLezUa..r L'OaiJD Laid OIL fto.l Winter..........—............ 1.1301.20 Lard Oil. fto. 2, Winter- 1.0&4U0 Bank oil* round lots i.i5«i.30 , SJf rhlnCOlL.... I.OOc-tt.tO Ppmn Oil, W- B r<f 50 Lubricating Oil Castor Oil Neaufeot Oil. l-3ftAt.tO l AltnoV OIL—Is in moderate reouesL In ftlr supp y, and steady at the price* given below: . Cat non, V car load. 50c Carbon, small lot* 52c Bfprole -30 c l*«€lVlsilONW—Received 35.510 lbs enrol Meat*; 733 Iris Pork and 73A30 lb* lard: shlpp«l'37HW&6 It* Cured Meat*; 95 brls Heel; L 077 lbs Pont andJ3I9,LD lbs Laid. MmH Pork—Market doll and weak. Sales were: 370 brls City at C 5.73; 500 brh« at Peoria at 60 hris Country at closing with seller* of City at (15.73 and no irawra. „ . V.xtro t rime Park—Sales were: Stt brls at Mil waukee at 114.00; seller tast half of Fcbrnarr. PrimeMe*s P«pK-Sale«were:3oo hrlsat (1G.53 at Milwaukee seller Fchrnary, (last ere). ftnert Pickled Ilnnm-Markct firm. Sales were; 50 tes, at Uc; COdo. at mite. . „ . Hulk Mrftta—Market about >(C higher. Salta were: 4M4Xt tbs Short Rib, at 9J<e, loose: 2.’p0.000 ns Pry Sailed Sbonldois at pcona*at 7Lc. loose, seiitr last half February; ICO.Of-O jas do at Peoria, on same term**, ICO.WO Bsdo here, at *Vjrcfl» Ilcnia-Marhet Inlly Me better. Sales were: (Wipes Hams (s.h.). at Owe; -*,ooj pcs, and 100 Bsdo (d.h.).al i»r: 6(W pea bhouldcr* (s. h.), at 6.VC: »,«<»»• do (s.h.). at G«4t. . POULTRY—sale* of 9 doz Dressed Chickens at KAO'. 1 box <lO at f3.S; 1 doz Deck-* at (4.0); it) B« Dressed Turkeys at Kfcc; 750 Bs do at He. 130 BS do at UurtsCODsdoatJSr. POl)A AftO St LEU ATllS—There la a fair demand, and the market is steady. Mo continue to UabtdiPs Medicinal..... 13VA13 c •• Pure nS(4UVc Dcland’a Chemical. I2v<«is c •• Healthy 12k>iUVc ** Pore Ui»«UVc HDO AU-»—Are without change,trade is improving and pruts role steady, as follows: iW. .. wwaisvc Porto Rleo 12 *ol3**o ft. Y. UeOrud, Powdered and Granulated,...lGwy*.lb-kc WhlteA UjftUGrC White if Extra C .tijJ^ijxc Yellow « C Oxnard »*»tt c Oxnard C. extra US'..4UYc New Orleans , c NewOrlears tslr W .®}?V C r-VKL’Psf—Tradots active, and owing to the llent rendition of the stock*, foil prices are obtaked. We Sympi ..I C&AI.IS Yellow Drips I.H\ai,3d Cnba Moiasaca Tfta’tS J’ortoWco 604 83 New Orleans ... W4I.W I*hiladflphla Bee Blve «?4 «• Chicago Beanery. Amber.- LCOaLIO ** •* 00)1*00 BCV» M “ *• fcnear Boose „ S 3 SEEDS—^Recsived, bs ; .hipped 8£36 BS. Timothy £e*d 1* In good demand, and the market roles firm, hales Include 300 ba«s Timothy (prime) at S 3 JO; 100bag*do at *!k2s; S 3 bags da at |ASl>:lS3bassdt> at 13.13; 29 baas do at!bags do at (340; 20 bags d< j*AL^-B«elved, none;iblpped.L692brls. Market • dim. Sales of IW brls Fine at (3AS, delivered; ICO sacks Turk's Island at (1 JO per bushel. We qnote: New Fine 4 Jg Coarae. J-® Ground Alum.. 2.05^2.10 Turk's Island, bags Lg Ground Z-© Dairy, with sacks SDD Dslrv, wiecni sacks , 3-S TfiA?*—The general tone oftbemwkctremalns tub -st»i uady the aamo a* noticed In <mr prevloa* report. Prtertaieftnnaudqaotably unchanged. We repeat Venn* Ul<om superior to line, V D..... (lJJjai.4o « extra to choice. ? » I.CO3LSO fmperlaL snperl*.r to fine, 9 B L’i4l.ffl do extra to choice. V B 135^140 Gospawder, snrcrlor tn tine. 9 B 1 do extra to choice. ?> B 1A4U95 1 Japan, tatnrat leal, fine to extra fine, V 8.... 1iW1.15 • do do fine to choice. (I B 1A0414D do do colored, <p B lAX3IAO* TA LLO aV—Market quiet. Sales were tSO brls Country *t 9Vc: 4 brU do at 9c. - I OBACCO—I*dnh, with prices easier. Weqaoto; Furs CUT CHKWISO— Extra tl-15 »LSO • Choice 1.00 01.13 t Medium 80 w 90 , Common 63 0 75 J vjioktxo Tobacco— __ | Virginia's Favorite S 3 01.00 1 Choice « 0 S 3 { Medium 21 0 S 3 { Common stems 19 0 23 } fLCO Tobacco- _ _ Loyal Citizen 73 0 SO [ Farmers’ Delight. 70 0 73 > Nat oral Leaf. 1-29 OIM I Half Pricnt... 83 01.1 s } Choice Blsck; sonnd. 73 0 so ; Medium 70 0 73 ! C0mm0n..... so 0 79 J Navies SO ) TlrstalMOs and Be, 50 0 M f F10under5......... 75 a 83 • WOOD—I* stea-iy and tmehanged, as lollows: Maple, V conL delivered. (134001140 Maple, » cord, la yard 124331340 c B-ech, f cord, dcilvared 11.034i2.00 e Beech, v cord, in yard 10.0fr%11.t0 - DickoTT.E rord U.00013X0 e WOOL—Received,none; shipped.lP,llS bs- Tho 0 demand U Improving. No tale reported. .JSI 6.4 .269 GJS .233 &30 ,2 <36VS c .90 c .1 11.00 . 11.00 . 11.03 . JO.OJ . 10.00 10.00 .9150 e ajo .. 9.00 HIP.UO ~1101 <%15.Q0 .JBLOO «11X0 25 a M « a n General Nortecs. OF ASSESSMENT. Garden City Wining Co. ThelXrectots havethlsdaylevled an assessment of Fifty Cedi per share on the capital stock ot t**is Com* wu,T. payable no the Jlth tut- at the oOoeot the MmUo-.So.a Secretary sod Treutrcr. Chicago, Jaa. 17th, 1367. BUUIOID TIME TABUS. emekan JJQ| IQ<HBWmiM*PiyOT MS. VUf wxtzs ahddshb. Depart. Arrive. Da; Express* ‘ *3:00 a. m. *430 p. su fngbtExpress.. ... *4:3op.m. *5:45 a.m. Janesville AccommwTn. *5:40 p.n. *9nop.xs. Woodstock AcconTd*n.. *3:00 p.m. *WOa,m. - BALXKA OfTOIOH. Pulton and Cedar Baplda *8:15 a. m. 7.-*j p. m. Fulton and lowa. t7:Bop,xa. 8:00 a. m. Freeport and Dtmleht.. *9:00 a. m. 8:00 a.m. Freeport and Dunlelth.. *10:00 p.m. ftsOp.m. Rockford and Fox River. *<:oop. m. 11:10 a. m. DUon. •t'OO p. m.. 11:10 a. xc. Gencva&ndEJgia * 5:-op.m, 8:43 a. o. mvixitnsmßox. Express. *9:00 a. m. *8:80 p.m. Express. *4:00 p.m. *I4OO m. Night Accommodation.. 1:15 p.m. 6:80 a. m. genoahaAccotnnod’a... 4:40p.m. 9:45 a. m. Waukegan Acconmod'n. 5:10 p. m. 8:86 a. m. BoeehUl, Calvary,’ and Evanston , 1:80 p.m. 8:40 p.m •Sondsva excepted. tbalordaya excepted* lUondsys excepted. ihobwak cxsrasT. uAjiauAn—■OK7c»xnwt,*ooi oruxa miiT, Morning Bxpresa *5:00 a. a. *&4S p. m. Day Express *7:W>a. m. *l’d»p. o. Evening Express 15:80 p. m.{*l4:Xp. it. NlghtExpreas t*ft4sp.m. cmcimaTt ahd tomsntLi naon. Morning Srpreas. ....... *7:00 a. m. *10:30 a. m. Night Express 1400 p. m. *11:00 p. ta. wcnxoaßsopTuanJi aso m noas unt-ap tVT CORK KB TAB nt/UEK *l4O IHIUUI ITS UTS. tuuroo umt. HM •4;13a.0» •SiSSp.Ci. jjaj Express.... ........ •'SOO a. m. *11:00 p. Hi He* York &tpr«»i i' IJJWp. u MghtSxpreM l*lU:Wp.ct. »&00a. la Dlt?01t UP», Mali.... *445 a. a. tfcOCa. ci. Malit Exprcas ttttwp.o. a. I'lTWßllSttßt WOT IfXnW ABP CfIJrACO. Moll *uana.ta. OUWa.ia. Kxprw *nooa.ra. a.uu Fnpt Uuu wap. a, 7:la p, rr jtxprwpt . ~.*l.otoou.m. inwt. u nwaoia shtiuv. Day *ikw a. a. •I** p. r.. mwp.ta. •<vtaa. n* Knnkako* Acconroo.l’n.. *MUS p. m. **23 if. ««n W «sf « W »• .... *3iWp.B* « “ •* ....... *B:Uu.m. *fnwp.jr imtrAno* »unM*«TaR an:i QOIMI* J)«f RxprvM nod Ma 11... • a*. c..fe.bui«l‘M.en«.t.. . .WJip.m. Hyili. w. Ay r0w.... *VWp. «• *y«v|a. *B. Mg Jit Kxpran tll.OPtnlcfM tSswa. in. oruixqo jmu it. vouw. VIUVMV MIX Itl _ Express and Mill fH»S a. a. P:« p. n., Right Express. IhlSp.n. «:Wa.n. Jomt nnd Wilmington . Accommodation. cuop.m* wu i. u CBK'AUO AMU ORIAV gABtaHH—<LATH UHUUOUJI AIB LIHt)—miWAURB* BAtt»OAH MTUT, COl, I pahacahd unu ttatatt. ~ .. Pay 0:90 ft. «* ltf:« p. ». MahiKapreep. btoup.m* ftWp.ra. ; ismiHAPOua, tomiTiu.* ahd uuii'MWAtL Pay Express.o:3oa.m. < MbWKip«*§..U-.LKJp4m» BtflO ** m I Cotumhm.E,pn!,...... . Muiim. 11MJ.J. | L.ti.UH AccomtooilnUtm a. pi«J «.u, ■ >* u cun p. m. kuu pi a . c«KA°O. UOCR IftUND Ahn ? Aotpid tuanuAD. Pay Babteji and Ma 11... *WW a. K- •«W P* a* Niebt Miuup.ia. u. doUel Accutumudallbßt. iU«p.W» *VVtU a. In •FUhUay cacepleii* tMo&day sToeR Mi|# -J3( g MHLi, Leave Madistm Hired, I* ate sunm Yard*. .....a.m. Jiw... .............m. PIIJO, niiiii imiiHi ID. 18. Wt«...........i,.,a.hv. Ui> HiDM....... ......p,in. n,iu. iisft dull. 0Hi)...............p>5. ICMBAT TRAfISi ! hjmi.a,m. mu,..,....... ...a.m, Ui^...............4. m. lining p.m hid,,.............P.m. dflKi,,,n,m, 6ii5.,,,,...1t.r0, The following t& the new table for lha mrlva and departure of mall* from the Chicago Tost Office for the winter, and mow la lorco; waiu cnoiK. p, o. cmoAQO. iix. mails Anami. a,ad. n. ro. a. in. p. m. ftOu,...widu south, n. U. - .... rh«n . .... " »* 5;53 12:00 m “ “ M .. 6:00 11:00 .... 18:00 m Mich. Central R.R 12,00 ** “ k ‘ .. 6:00 S:th ■... 2:00,,..Pitta. A Ft. Wayne 19:30 .... &15 . “ k> •* 1:10 ... 12:00 m “ ** * .. 0-00 11:00 12:00 4:80 ...Great Eastern R It.. &30 IChOO 1&U0 K:5U,...New Albany A Hslem O;2U 11:00 g:(P 7:4S....tialcna Kallrond 8:10 2:40 12:00 6:00....P1x0n Air line.... &00 1:20 12:00 &u 0 Rock Island R tUroad 5:15 S;3O 12:00 &:00....tJ..8.&Qn1ncy R.R. 6:M 0:00 &'0 o;Wl....Northwestern R. R.. 5:45 8:.T0 6:00 2:4s....Milnankce Railroad. 11:30 S:2O l&l’O 7:45....111in0is Central B. R. 1:00 0:00 l&OO 7:00.... St. liQOls Railroad... 5:35 5;45 ffiair Restorative. J^ONDOK HAIE COLOR RESTORER AKI) DBESSISG. The best and most reliable in are. Only 75 cents a bottle; six bcttles,**. hold by ad druggists, and at whole.ftle by SMITH & DWYER. ©ccan Steamers. ONLY WEEKLY MAIL-LINE TO UVIBxOOL. miAN LINE. Cno of tbe Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Co 's ttoenlflcent ai,d pcwcrtal steamships, sails trout PIER 43, North River. New York, EVERY SATURDAY (mall ttearner), AND i EVERY WEDNESDAY (extra steamer), Throughout the year. 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Tcr »?tLJumS and Coal Measure*; .*i®r rit*—St. Louis Group, Keokuk Group. 4e.; and Silurian Systems; Geology ot the Lead Regfent Report ou the Coal Melds ot Illinois; On the Origin and Formation of PrMrles: Chemical Report lor the Gco.oclcal Survey of Illinois; Geology of Randolph Co.; Geology of St. Clair Co.; neology of MaiPon Co.; Geology of Hancock Co.; Geology ol Hanltnco.; neology orPn.artrl Co.; Gcologvof M»*fac Co., and that part of Pope Co. south ot Dig Hay River ;Geolo pv oi that part of Pope Co. north of Big Bay River. For sale by. S.c. RUICRS £.* COm Wholesale and Retail Booksellers and Stationers, 39 and 41 Lakc-st. THEOLOGICAL WORK. LITTLE, BBOWK & CO., 110 Wo6b*ngton*t. t Boston, have Just published j THE CHARACTER OF JESUS .PORTRAYED. By DR. DANIEL SCHFNKKU rrofiatorrf Theoloay at Heidelberg: transiated with n<.tc*.’>y W. U. Fee* sssr,D. D. 2Toll. BVO. fLM. Soldby ». t. CJUKJGS Ar CO. . 39 and 41 Lake-st. Uiislness GTarßs. 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WLlpplo A Co M and given to secure the payment of the promissory note ot said Whipple & Co M ot date last aforesaid, in the sum of ten tnoosand dollars, payable to the undersigned or ord'-r, on tlieTth day ol Janua ry, A-D, 1867. win, on the application ol the legal holder of said note, on Monday, the 21st day of January Inst., at the hour ot ten o'clock in the forenoon of said day, at the office cf Lazarus Silverman, No. TO Dearborn etreeUCblcaco. veil at public suction, tot cash, tothc highest bidder. 109 shares of the capital stock ofthe “Beloit National Back.’ cf Beloit, la the state of Wis consin. One promissory note, dated Chicago. Hay 21, 15*6. executec by Wamck Martin, payable to B. M. VfhicD’e* 90 day* after date, and being la tne sumo* to COO. One promissory note, dated December XU. iso, executed hr s. B. Hissenbneb, In the snm ol SV.’OO. and ray aMe to G. M. Hugh's, six mouths after cate. Onenotolntbesnmofto433.34,dated Jasnary f. 1868. executed by W. 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To agents or those wUhlng em ployment this l» a rare opportunity, it is a legitimate ly conducted buuness, duty authorized by the Govern* tnent, and open to the most caretui scruUty.! Addreu J. uICBJiINU ft CO* 149 Broadway, h.Y, JBclmbold’a Bxtmt Buchn Gives health and visor to the trams and bloom to the Eallidcb«ek~ a'arm )C symptoms, and u do treatment is submitted to, cona amp-ion, insanity; or epileptic tits fensue. " lonr Dwnxir-tvnai la it? Ooodorenl? Bleb or Poor? Debased or exalted* Are you to rise to eminence, honor, wealth and novor; or are yon ta slat Into omenntj and oollrlon? lVbat ate roar future prospect* la life—to be or not to be—that is tbe question? Who «lp solveU? Dr. Raphael -can aoiva It; and guide tar oaaaccesrfalto wealth and *mlsen< ts and the .unfortunate to baa>l n*#s. All whose fund bores bnvo been disappointed, crusßM Bed Til-atttJ,p“t lausfAcUou. and whoso Injury keeps them from getUnc trac/Jed. can be cared so that no one can know it/cailon DB. 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A Itrady nnd ninrttidvoTMl Uf the pivtwrtH* rittld kxtraet lltirlm >•1)1 lif *c».tutaria>u mill ihw nt forth lit ilia United State* fUiptMUmy.^ ItnlVcblctl nttd Bh'llt'itln Poiiatllulloua. 0,1 bulb »e»P*. U«f M.llulH l'. |*|l ftr( U'ldltt. II Will rlre PT»*k WiA p»,pt«fllr frfilfj* uyi] oiultla you to s'wp Well, * The Only Medicine In the World Thai If wiirrnninl n Hnrr» mi.l icrOfl thira fur all klmU Of i'lLkM, I,KI*IU»HY. HUIIOMILA, HAI(T lilt ml ML anil uf Ui« hkl •, U FOm.K’H PIIjU AN it IIUMOu cUiIK. l-Uf uf luma who'ln hut riifliml Vliß Ciiitiiof lit emj cats nf (allure. r«r luirrmtl mult}*. prnalt>s*. No failure toreluht year* l« piles or lln> mors. |I.Wa Houle. Hold »yfrj when. Private nutter*. In all Private Matters gu (or write) to Or. Ut&URS. Uutli saie* consuli l>ltu oonfileollallf. ~nr Eeml slump lur iiicuUr on late Invention for Married People. FeuuU Villa M per cot. ri*~ Bp»d aianiD for hook lor victims of sell-abme Amin*** inlui Ult. CLARK*. No. 4 Larmon Bioci Chicago., Dr. uiaelowt llavina the confldPtice ol the rnblluaodthStnedieai ( the motl mlahle id ttv. vliy fi t curptJiqnervous aiitltexiitti tMievati Call at hie ufllpcj lift Sotith Clariwl., cofper of MoptPS. R'«tm*«e|*aM»e. CohsttUallenPM. .P. 0. pot IQ I. Ill* article tebeallb, published monthly, s»nt (Tee It thy amirws* IlCi UtOfUWIII* I'rrt.llPtof uf ilif MftUCal Mill filifilMl IHilllntf. |IN Bouih (hafhwti, ha* Untlad n’l l-tfliis t«f (ll«- ftwc A Ilii IKiphi'tilHilfHl tuliH.tHi* luf ItfflMr I tilt tMfe, tiintuftli-pw and Ufalpd wiiU Ilia liait|i)> Mi fMlllt*, Pnrili'ilt«r«ur 111? JintMJIIV Mild 111? liillilr lV.nil‘ I 'l trw ly flurnililiM*. f’.t', Ho* la.CMoHi', Imuro*. jlilttilfal. M •' I In* w.jtHpfiiU iiriWeN oi Mmw il'inn«»ln»>i»* *5/ w<(r«imtyiibft}it«Ujw* / i tii# hr rny«lpl%n wrt* y rtura. imW, OtM Co«i<»V»pnd* !• M W T4|)||? Pl'HM> M I't feniUUr*is A rtf, Mini W HM6 TMSJ.V M A»MJ I *>(/, J/, A /•/* f'-, <I < KlMi*S VUEVAUER VUESCUIPTIOS, Uailo from Ilia Prescription of lUv. (JUAB. K. KIKQ 41. I). LA n., etc., fur the prevention ana Cure o| CO ISTSXJ MPTIO JST as ITS MOST ADVANCED STAGES,) forlhe li'iJUal Curs of ASTHMA, DKONCHITISvCA TAI.UH. and all affections of ibe LUNGS, TUhoAT and AIR PASSAGE* t for Umrrat and Spreiat JM r<r;i(;rmen/»of ihoNEuVOC6SYSTEM; tor Disorder, of the BLOOD t and 'or all Mm«iOHfll Vifordtrt ol thr Stwac* and liutrtlt. Ul mmutlattiy tncmaea the tirngih and detpm i Uiecolor ofUiepala oioc<i. U ktibdocs the tftllU anr /crrr,andiilmlnl»bes the Expectoration. It chtdt ttf night Herat*, always, la t ofourtren'dayt. The avrttite la at once Uirtooroterf, and the patient ro t,r.Kir ffninsjU*k ; tbe toupn, asdtte JUScultbpenU rnpareippcojly relieved; tbe sleep become* calm and rtfrcsblnc: tbe c*mt an'ofia rranlar and uniform. AI L THE GENERAL SYMPTOMS OF CONSUMP TION, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, AC- DiSAPPfiAP WITII A REALLY aSTONTSHISQ RAPIDITY. The PRESCRIPTION •honldbe ns«d In every caK wbere tbe physician prt-orll*a “Cocos Ucncvce.* •■Tostw,” isos, Acim, Bask, octsikw, ccd Lmi Oil, Vhumt, Ac n and in every Disease, by woaibv. ks save knows. In w bleb th<*re » exMhlted any onr or mote ol the following j* YJII'TO Ur* i Difficult or Irregular Breathlnc, Loss* ot Breath Couih. W&atlng ol flesh, Xlcbi Sweats, Bleadlsgfrotr tbe Long? !»*•> ol Strength, x>n«a c; Appetite, Genet* Debility, Debility ot Premascv ana burring, Flyltw Pains UwoOßhUie Shoulder*, Cbevt, Face or Litaba, Neuralgia. Nervous Headache, Nervous Prostration Nervous Irritation, Giddiness or DRztaes-;, Excessive Paleness, Sere throat, Drowslsef 8, Sleeplessness !>• pcpsla, 6oor Stomach. “Heart Bore,” Oppression u stnklmr of the stomach befbre or after eating. CocsQ nation, Remittent Fever, and sspxcutxt ;t all Female Disorders or Uterine IrreculanUet, >nct a> Difficult,Painful,Suppressed, Scaity, Excessive, Dr lay cd, Premature or tco frequent Menstruation. ( f rom Pa'lenti*. Ac. “Your prescription «»vM tny daughter's life, anc has uavtiLme hundreds of dollar*.—Bsv. £. Dcslth kwra, Ri®*n, N. T. . “ Tv> Ne>B God for the benefit we bare received true Smr prepared l > ieitrlptlgii. , ‘—lit* - . P. Psanosm losßbQrs,iMm. , .... . «• feTfry one to whom I bare recommenced it haabai cfltcdmuch by Its use."—Rev. C. D. Jojtxs, Racine Brain Goran. Aetok piacc. N. V.—ln the early pan oi y»bru»rv, ISCS. i wassnifenns ftomavuientconah, or which 1 had been treated donna «x months pre Tlonaly without benefit. 1 nvd X<oht wlucl completely prostrated me. tn the evening. noaraeneai would come on, which weald prevent taedrom actaX inzaboveawhlsper. 1 bad thee bad two attacks o: bleeding from the lungs, My Aailly Physician agorot me that be oonld do no more tor me. I w*s growler rapidly wotre, and pad beet compelled to leave bast* ness for nearly two months. All t=y_W*C£!?» lo cated. onniUiakably, the pretence ot roNhuSIfTiON. In the benlnninfi of February, Me. Ussay Ftatinn. Almoin Bill- &ei,ty. Proentct tc wish a bottle of the PREPARED PRESCRIPTION lo s ftw days mv appetite twbicu 1 bad entirely lort) retained: wlth&i a week, my couth bad almort left me; and m less than two weeks the were broken up. Th-ncefnrward I regalnedslreneib rapldlj. and am bow regularly attending Urn* duties a* rtiri to the AMERICAN Hllltfc. SCClhi\, whose eo pioymcnt I ba« been nine year*;. pood health. TonrPUESOB efl«.*tcd aCI/KR when my friends de*p*'*Vi 0 r «y recovery. allOS. .1. CONOBB. I narj. had Nkbvous ob Spaikonio Astuk* fa eltjvii tears. Dorlde the lost sis year* 1 have neve an tmlntenupied nlgbt'a rest. It often seemed If me that I would die b**mre I could get air Into mj Junes. 1 suffered sccreaUi from ‘shortsres of breath, that I was compelled to take frequent rests In waltity from try residence to my place of business. _ “The night bcioro I obtained the‘PREPARED PUB SCKIPTIOR* was the worst I ever passed. On obtain me the remedy, I took a teaspoonfui at nocn and mu at UcbU and slept all night without waking. 1 hart JfOT 11>D A EHOKJJi NIOUT'S RS£t StSCK. * * * * ■ have new completely recovered my strength and spU Its, and am not atail afflicted with ‘shortnereof Breath. - 1 shall be clad to have any one afflicted with Asihmt call and see me. EZRA C. LANUIXJN, “No.SJI forirth-sL,New York.** The “PREPARED PRESCRIPTION" A pnt up tn • tl bottle, nd is eo-d by BUSS ASHMIP, 144 Lake ft,; DUCK. !»a darkest.; J. PARSONS A CO., 41 nartc-st.; DUCRE 4 hTOREY. OJI Randcpb-st Wlio’esaie AC®** for Chicago, 111., BURNHAMS & VAN BRAACK, ano J>7 krosraiiy, or oiden maybe addressed to the liotc MOSKS * CO-, tt7 New York. Con snltatlon free. A Ctrctdar, contalnbc pAßncntAcs or jfxvt casks sneersffnily treated, will bo sect tree, bj mail, to all whe will write for it ytoposais. rpo RAILROAD CONTRACTORS, LortsrtLtr, CiscreriATT *so ) LXXINOttUi KAtLKOADUmCC. } Lorisriu.*. Ky„ 22th Dcc-mber, I**.) ec , irn ppapow *’ Bwill he receivedst thlvottlce, br.ALr.l) rKOrt , 3j»« • - •}.» craduat.un so t ir.n. on UieiUsUosaary. n»» . -^ e jectloc*,) of the sonry ut over seventy miles, (la n.. >cv * ” Cincinnati Branch olthlsrallroad. . . . The work Is of so unusuaLy desirable character ur cowl contractors. tie line accessible by steamboat and turnpike, at.d theconntir full of supplies. rrotuc* will be ready for examination on nod after 10th January, Payments for work done will be made monthly lb culi, atd with the u»uai reservation. IMcrrncea will bo required ftom contractors not personally kficwn, ard the Company reatrve tit a to reject any bids not deemed to thefr interest. I. M. ST. JOHN, /'j.OVEKA’JIENT SALE. •> Ihe prr'Pfrtv known a* tbc “'.IOVU’.KMnST TAN NERY .vNP STEAM SAWMILL,” with suv enty-CVr acre* of land, near SAN r ANTONIO. TEXAS. Sealed Proposals. in duplicate, will be received rp to the nr»t day of March, l3fi7, for the purchase of *3 acres ot land, more or lew) together wits the build, lug* ei cel* d tit non. and tacannurteuahi'cs appertain ing. that la to any: ONRTANNfiItY.c mtatnlng twelve Stone Line Vats, FIFTY-TWO WOODEN VATS* bKVLN hTONE POOLS, and capable of loaning 15.UU hldca per anrnm; ONE STEAM SAWMILL capable of aawlce AM) ffcct of Lumber daily; ONE SMALL bIONE BUILUiNO. The above property ts attnated abont tiro n.lle* above ban Antonio, on the San Antonio Hlver.nnrt the conducted to the establishment by a race cf h«iWnatcn»UldlnC"2«tt. . The land was curcascd and Improvcmncts made by tbc late Comoderato envemment, and ore estimated to have cost |UO.*CW In zoM. The property non hern oncer least* for tan year at a monthly rent of WOO. parable In ndvauc*. A ee cured title la lee simple will be given by the U.S.Oov* croxeat. . Proposal* will bo marked “Itopowla fbr Govern ment Tannery and Sawmill,’* ondjvd^rcs«*l Drt. MsL Gen. Ass’t Ccm'r Curran h F.iA.L, r Oaiveaum. Texas. HARBOR WORKa AT GRAND Ha ves »tut Block Lake. Mict igat. „ Omcx bot*xai.vrahDci>o Eaouisn, uakdocc Ibpsovemexts, Lakk Htcaioair. < ifrtwaCKxr. Wisconsin, January 1. IS*7. f Scaled proposals. Is duplicate, of the form furnlshec hr the uniWsUned, will be rece.ved at thii offleo until Tbursdaj. the IJtbTUy ■ f February, 1307,at 11 m-fjt Itnpronna the harbors of Grata Haven and Blocs Laur, Michigan. The improvements at Grand Btvtn will consist oi li.OCPfeea. mrr- or lew, ofekye piling to protect the soutn bant fflhe aver nrar tne entrance and ao »x* tension of the south pier fbr GOO feet oyertbs filled win St TTit* improvements at Black Lake will be extension* of me present piers, 512 running feci Id all, aaddrede- Inc- Thediecclne wlllbebctwceo me piers, and lor placing the new cribs, and will amount to 50,030 cubic yards, more or Is so, , _ Fiscs sad specifications are on file in tbs od-c, and will be shJwn to oil who wish to examine them fur mr purpose of estimating. . Tte proposals will be separate far each wort andfo* each class of material or labor for eaca work. Bldt will be received tor a part or lor me whol- of eltho work. The wort to be finished bv October t, 1368. Trese works will be let to u c fewest re-rossibh bic* der. reserving to the United States the right to reject any or all bids. . .. Bidden are requested to be present upon tb* opening C Vbe duplicate proposals win be endorsed, enclosed is. «»“•“ and SSol\l". WHEELEB. u. s. Eogtaee's, Mi.waaKee. Wli. ffiitg jSOtiCES COLLECTOR’S - NOTICE.—State ol \J Illinois. Cook County—w. Citt Collector’s omen, Cocbt Bouse. ) January J2tb,lSo7. > Public notice u hereby given that the following de scribed Warrants hare been placed in my haods for collection, to wit: XYamm’Kc. 764. West—Dated January 11. iS&s and Dined for the collection ot a special aasesnaent levied constructing sidewalk S.E~ ilde Milwaukee ave nue, pttwetn Holstein arcane and Western avecue. All pmons interested in said special assessment are reqrusted to make immediate oaymeot at tny office la default of suck payment the said assessmen. wwwj collected at the cost and espense ot t)er«ni UaSle . COLLECTOR’S NOTICE —State ol Illinois, Cook Connly-a. rnrT _ nnT -. r , Public ncttcela hereby sirenthat the following de scribe* Warranuhara been placed in my hands tor col* le t?m?iKo : 7?t West—Dated Dec. 271 h. 1668, and la toed tor the collection of a special oa-esiment lerled for opening an alley, tourteen feet wide, throoch the aoothpartot block 47. In Canal Trustees’ Subdivision of Stctlon Town 39, N. B-H, E. from Panlloa street n> wood street, to that the north line of said oroposed alley stall be parallel to and 113 4*lo Iset from the south line ot Wamut street. Warrant No. “83, West—Dated Dec. S9th. lass, and is* sued lor the coDecUon of a special assessment levied for reconstructing sidewalk, on the west sided Central arcane and south sided Pearce street. ; Warrant K 0.559, South—Dated Dec.27lh. ISO, and Is* sued tor the collection of a special asscsnnentjlevied tor the erection of eight (8) lamp oo«ts on Fourteenth street, betw err Slat© street eini lndwa avenoe. • Warrant No. MO. south—Dased Dec. rzih.isea,.andto tued tor the collection of a special *2 Pralrta the erection d seventeen fo] i lamp avenue, between Twenty-tilth and fwenty math ’‘jSfpOTOM Interpatcd la mid igtaitgpottation. * w nti al p,„ Krtt cuc»go. , jaenicol. pyEJJXBOLD’S BUOHU.-.. BUCHU. From Dispensatory of the United-States. DIOSMA CREMTA. BUCHU LEAVES. prqpsbtkei. Their o«lor U itronr.dlffuilre. and Minawhn-eni* niittlc* Uiflr (Mto Utterlib, and iiiiliboii* to mint. MEDICAL PBOPBBTIEB AKD USES. lluciiu Leaves are genera'ly silmolant, with a p«mv lar tendency to the Unmanr OioAVt, producing din* rails, and, Ilia other similar uedtotnea, axeUtag diaphoresis, wbta elttat&aUmcea f*rov this mode of idiom They aw given in complaint* ot tba Urinary Ortans* nidi at (travel, Clironlc Catarrh of the madder, Morbid Irritation of dm bladder and Urethra, Uheaae of (he Prostrate and Helen- Ilou or Ineoiitinenco of Urine, from a leu of tapa in tn« im» fonowM in tu «r**r nuiw. Tim rwrnty few *l** he«n in I»jrsj)ppsta, Cliroulp Illieuniallsni, Cuta neous Affections, and Dropsy, Relmbold's Extract Baclia Ii wed by persons from the ages of IS to fi, sod from S 3 to 53, or la the decline or cbange ol llto; after Con- pnenext or Labor Pains; Bed-wetting in children. In Affections peculiarto Females, Tte EXTRACT BTCIID Is unequalled by say other remedy, as in Chlorosi: or Retention, Irregularity, Paiufol nesr or Suppression of Customary Evac- nations, Ulcerated or Sclurrous State of the Uterus, Leu* corrfcea or'Whites. Diseases of the Bladder, Kidneys, CBATEI & DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This medicine Increases the power of Digestion, and excites the Absorbents into healthy action, by wblck tbe Watery or Calcetons depositions, and all Ccnal- ural Enlargements are reduced, as well as Pain and Inflammation. HEIiMBOIiD’§ EXTRACT BSJCHC Das cored every cue of diabetes la it bleb it has been given. Irritation of the Neck of the Bladder, and Inflammation of the Sidneys, Ulceration of the Sidneys and Bladder, Betention of Brine, Dis eases of the Prostrate Gland, Stone in the Bladder, Calcnlns, Gravel Brick-dust Deposit, and Mncns or Hilky .Discharges, and for Snfee- Chief Engineer, hied and Delicate Constitatians, of Both Sexes, AUcbded with the following symptom* Indisposition to Exertion, Lms of Power. Load ot Mem- ory, rrnflcnlty oi Breathing, Weak Nerrea, Trem- bling. notror oi Disease, Wokeftilnesa.DliiineM ol Vision. Pain la the Back, Hat Honda, Flashing oi the Body. Dryness of the* Shut, Eruption on the alild Connteoonee. Universal Lasil* rude of the ifasettlar Sys- ISEIiMBOIiD’S EXTRACT BiICHP IS DDERETIC AND’ 81003 PURIFYING, Aril cores ill diseases arising Iron ILmnsor Desem— TlO5, Prrg.cjTTH ASP I JtPBCDEtCM IS TJTX. 1 OF the Blood. 4c^ - enpersedloc Copabia In affecUonn jor which It Is used, soth as Gosobbkea, Glktts of *ocpstanding, and SiruHinc A/71cross~1q these diseases, used la connection with Hclmbold’s Boao Wash- HEOIBOm DRUG AND CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE 594 BBoaswa?, And by Druggists Everywhere. ask for HELMBOLD’S Take tto Other, Bcntro of Coanterfbits t tem, eten etc. SOLD AT