Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 19, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 19, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. SATURDAY, JANUARY 19, 18CTJ THE CITY. Fon Rxnt.—Messrs. James <t Davis, Insurance agents, Oder their office. No. 187 Htndolbh street, comer of laßalle, for rent. It Is a first-class lo cation tor railroad office, bank or store. Fins Alim.—An alarm, rang from box No. li between 7 and B.o'clock last evening, was caused by the explosion of a gas metre Intheaaloonof Mrs. Tierney, near the comer of State and Monroe streets. The damage was only trifling. Comxmm roa Turn-—George Joseph, the brute charged with a crime against nature, (of which mention was made In yesterday's Ttubuhe,) was examined at the Police Court yeatentof morning, ana committed for trial in hall of 91,000. Pebsokal.—Hod. N. B. Jndd returned from Springfield yesterday. H.W. Bellows, D.D., President of the ‘‘Sani tary Commission,” is bn a lecturing lour through the West He expects to spend Sunday and Mon day in Chicago. FmciKTiix Noirm Division.— About eleven o'clock lost night an alarm was sounded from box 158, which was caused by afire in a small boose on Weed street near Clvbonrnc avenue, tbc roof ,*>nd rear ol which were slightly damaged before tbc flames were extinguished. Lecttmu— At ten o'clock this morning Profes sor H. A. Johnson, of the Chicago Medical Col lege, will deliver an address In the lecture hall of Bryant & Stratton’s University. Subject—“ The Physiology of National Life.” _ This institution is in a very flourishing condi tion. Every facility Is afforded for obtaining a thorough knowledge of business transactions. Young men fn 'he city who can spare the rime will do wcllto.avail themselves of the facilities here ottered for obtaining a good practical educa tion. Chicago Joumtila.—A new wteUr sheet nsder the title of the Commercial Free Prt»s has nude Reappearance—devo'ed as per announcement, “to the banking, mercantile and manufacturing Interests of UmNorlhweit.” Published at No. 113 South Clark street. The “Northwestern Insurance and Mercantile Journal” enter* on ita second volume with every indication o! prosperity. The present number contains a acncs of articles of great value. A ComstoN—Tosterdav afternoon a horse at tached to a dray was proceeding along Wabash avenue in front ot J- V. Farweil & Co.’s store when it was met by a wagon drawn by a mule and rnn cirg at n rapid pace. Owing to c ome carelessness on the part of the drivers a collision took place, one or the shafts of the dear running Into the mule’s breast, and the tongue ofthc mole’s wagon pcnehallug the breast of the borer. Both the animals were severely hurt and the mole la not ex pected to recover Irons the injury. A GEvxr.orß Cm.—The congregation of the Pec ond Presbyterian Church, corner Wabash avenue end Washington street, has offered their Pastor, Rev. Robert W. Psttereon, D. P., a vacation of months for him to make a visit to the Holy Jjed. Paring this time the congregation will cootiLOe tie regular salary, while a number of the members have ollcred to pay all the expenses of the trip. Beside* this testimonial of friendly feeling, tome one whose name was uol reported ba« tiicsenlcd Mrs. Patterson with a check for The Pacino ItAiuroAD.— W. W. Maynard, Esq. editor of the Connell Bluffs Xonpareil was In this city yesterday. He reports that on Monday last the great Pacific Railroad line was pushed through to within f-ur mills of Council Bluffs—a distance 0f4?6 miles westward of Chicago. The rale of progress is - necessarily slow during the winter, but that short gap will doubtlessly be covered wtth the Ironrall within a duyor two. and then there will be one nnbiokcu route of railroad ex. tending eight hundred tnlies westward ol Chica go, which lenglh Is heloc rapid’y extended to ward California. A stretch of eighteen hundred inhes of road from the seaboard is “ eomu” of n railroad. UKPEiiwurrtn'B Aoenct.—Time# like lire pres ent, when ffres are of every day occurrence are apt tn cause an examination of Insurance poli cies. nt-d the slnbllllv of Insurance companies Is a more Important consideration llisti rates, lire rodflwrHer’p Ageitcv otthis city—Messrs* James A I’btK charge lair talcs ahd offer over three milHofcs of cash secdHty* . . Messta* Jatofe* A I’ftvU Will HlrWvft Uim office next inohMi lu lie* Meteauhle HtilMlHg* opjiusllt* the noafd olTiaije*, Fuf the bfcnhl they wav n-fmiii-l 9 ( (licit-old nfflccj No, 1&1 Ihiliaiiljiu slfetl* Foil file h»iiH:»We ( ; all hl'MfjlluH (t) itir* htfreh IfrHhui* 1 of « |e» ; HII§ lyf list heiiefll of til' 1 I'O’ii. HhU ; Nl'l'ty»i«la ii'ioilief r- ly*iui i( T(u* NUm* HMMiuUMUvuiunlii lluv; }», W,, IliOfflMn lit hi. clerk nm) M« p iiu.|ii tiiuti*. KmhdnJiiyuvuniiig l .rNiiii<try vm>: Ae h ie HuiMihuHM (tmi liiuie (pa fl oruiti Ininy »«.niitnpa fnim wannW»r-mrt Mirt tlia-tvy «.( Hit) Jtar, ft o pieru m.noiUiPßUiui.f of |l|<l |m:l|iro oiiphi in hu offtHt iupt In Nururu a |4<’gn *tlt<i|ir)Hiiru t Wi! iitalurelfiml (hat Ihulurfrifnlo h.i dulivofrij )* a my I'linufeifnaono, and will not only uftord pliAeuir, hut will repay thnau who rmilrllnilit lo thle riiainahlc ohjeci (ha imull tmm charged for (idmieblun. I'ZNBioKfl.—E. F. Adame, Claim Agent, so long and favorably known lo this conununl'y, obtained a Bevoliilionary pension aoveuly-alx yuara after thol war, nod an 1612 |»cn»lon loity alx years after that war, and hfa claim to having obtained Iho flnOfUilMioanly nndenhe new lawol ihu Wrat, la utidlßpiit' d. All Boldicra who were disabled lo ibc rtrvlcc, and ait widows, minor chlldien, minor broihcra ana slaters, and parents of «oldtrrs who have died rlocu being discharged, may find U lo their advaiitaco to address him, on the corner or “Msdlfou and Hearboni stneu. lUtTmtfc'o TUtLnoAD (Jutor.—llto first numb r of Baldwin's free Itatlroad Guide and Business Bin dory is before us, -nd we cannot speak of it in too high terms. Uls peculiarly n Western on teipilsc, l-elng In fact anew idea. New York aim llofinn have lb* l< Bstlroad Guides for sale; lit the W ol n valuable (ini Je is distributed gratis,mid whil U imt.otlsiil, )b>- InfornisMou w.h ho posted to the la'cst date The Bu-Incss Directory Is a Icatnrc which will be regarded highly by all our tncicbLDis, and none will fan to see a benefit in being cla siSta In U. i*bo second edition will now he cai. vailed for, and i?s-'i > ri on or annul ihe fif tcentb day of Fclirnary. We refer to the adver- Uscsunt in another column. Police Coxuissiokeos.—llie regular acini weekly niecang of the Board ol Police. Fire and Health Commissioners was held yesterday after noun ot police headquarers. Present. Comrois rioter T. B. Brown in the Chair, and Commie* rioniT F Gund. The minutes of last meeting wore read ami ap proved. Chief FI-« Marshal Harris explained with regard to a complaint made a * to the working olbbc new et-inc *• A. D. .'lHewc.rib.” ilial. the mmhlu arose from n nnstake on the pari of I'.e engineer, who filled the boiler and c- amber with wa’cr. A communication was lecclwd Horn the Super- InhudentoiibeFbe Alsim lelegraph a-kirg to have his office a* the cupo a remov -d to the cum ber 11 ccuily vat a cd t y me "Water Comp my. On moiiur, the Superintendent was anthirlzcd to remove Ins office to t e rooms duMgaavd. Thomas C. Kp.idon sent In hSa resignation as a member of the police force. Accepted. Ti<c Ikaid thin aujiurned. LmunEnarwi’s Mebtiko.—Yesterday attemoon the Inmlicrmcn of Chicago held an ndjinmed mectirg in the office ofthe Lumbermen’* Associa tion al 1* c foot of Franklin street. Mr. Eliphalc. Wood wca chosen Chairman, and Mr. George C. Morion Secretary The objects of the me*Ung were to take action on the report of their committee given *t the p*c vious meeting; also to art on a resolution design ed to form a Lumber Board of Trade, with a thor ough organization and a charter from the Stale authorities. The meeting unanimously voted down the resolution. The loliuwuig was offered and approve!: Hefoltfd. That a committee be appointed to ex amine candidates for anporntmci.ld as Inspector* ol lumber, sblngb s. lath, &c~ &c M for the city of Chicago. That they give certificates and appoint ments to such a« aro found capable and bdiovcn to I>c honest, reliable, and responsible men. and to none “them*. Dial the names of all the inspectors be posted In th- cxciiangc room*. Jam- Ik t offices, and other public place-; all certificate* to t>c revocable at the will of the committee after :» fair awl full examination. On moti »n U --as. agreed that the Chair should appoint said com luiltec nt his pleasme. On million the Chair waMinrinu-lcd to appoint two lumber manufacturers two lumber dealers, and one lumber commission man on said com mittee. On motion the committee ns appointed by the Chair was Instructed 10 examine ihc present tins «•( inspection and ask the OtJcago Board of Trade to make such alterations as tlic committee sug gest. On motion adjourned to meet subject to the call ot the Chair. The EnstorALCiutncn.—An Intctcdlturmeet ing was held Ja«l Sunday nfl-moon lu St. Jaroe’s Cbiirrh to tale measures to increase tho extent find iiM'tuiiiCeH of tbc- Episcopal denomination 10 Ijiiiu-M n marks were made by Revs. Cl In 100 I. i.f MnceCbmcb, Dr. Kelley of Trinity, Dr. l utk. prli ripal of Eiuonuel Hall, Dr. Bishop ol Ht.JoM.%. i:. C. Porter of HI .lames’, ami 11. , 11. Cole otM., on the pail of tho laity, by Mr. Nt*e!<<y and Mr. Lee, Treasurer of Ihodio c* s« , Stmo toils were slal»w] lo regard to the Episco pal Church In Hus Male ai d ct’y which aro not L-tiH'Oljy known snd which indicate a lack of i.uuibers mid *ln ngth liolh rcmtrkalilc and to nianv urexi*ec<vd. It um earn thnt lo tbc North DlrDlon, with a tioj-ulation ot W.WW, th« dcnomitaflt n t.aschurch arcoinmodarions tor tint 9,iski. In the whole , ij t 0 j- f,„tn <J to 23u,0U0 people there are hut l.wocommuijtrants. ol whom hut 3*' am mates, end thmrh arcouiino'luttons lor o,ts4. The ctiuirhes of all Dimes aid dcimmmaVimt*, in riuding Catholic and Jewish, enu uccommudatc but V>JW" Ibivnna. . . Tin re *tc but t Ighiy-flghl EpDcopal parishes In HUnolr while tbne are mu counties. Hflf-flve counties ore ctdticly de«iMwte ol church** of the denomination, ard 37n tuwus of one thousand tuhstittaiitsandmer are utiocmpleO, Tlie lifly five destitute nullities cotibilti !ll sqnare mil's, wbh apuptilaliOM nl Ml,'**), equal to MsrrUud mid Veitiiont together wliicti have PUuarMies. iPi clergymen H.""" rommunlcatils ami hh,M ■ Ahbsili school scholars. Hir »r< Mlty lor intro troM >ti-) vlifflroo..c --llul!Ui » toll »''<l .ckliimloilfcil, mi.! llio rcinll i.f Hi" imulli'K will J’" A OU.UK.I. »w Uk'ii “I?/" 1 ;'.' 1 ." wotk of tlie churrh. Paiitcularly lu Inis City, amoimlli gtoovi r Sl.'isk |)YMnn<rt.nTiraC , «imi!m , iALA*i» Rimicatioiui. readvra cunnot he 100 often re* minded of tb« superior advantages and unusual facilities pnaet.trd by this establishment for clUier a thorough comae <,r commercial training, to ibote desiring l»> enter lnu» nu.iue.s pursuit*, • mtui-leie ah'i accurate classical and mathemati cal nreramtion for graduation lutuetuier of onr sft.t universities, to those desirous or Pursuing ■ mofeaelunat course, or lor a sound English <kld caimutootben who may flotlre to carry their ,l to&e" d!SSSS.> acp.rtm.nlot th.coll.s. lu director* have long striven to make It equal In resect, if not Bopcrior, to the more re c more meritorious classic achoola Sr the E?rtSs"ts which have hitherto been I^^ JfefSf lEe Vidc-apread fame It poascssta, and ol ibuhcary cood will and goo d ot all who ihtSntS," “l convince ml ofihe wide and com; Sf Silf e oaturToi the studies punned; and Die Skill anility and success of the profeaaon Is beat ffilSwS* Wei de ? re , c of BOUSIICIiOO ci piwldb/ »U wIiMC ret.tices hive entered Utc ■well known to need farther comment, and If U d id, tta hells. crowoed with students, would ho the test. Apart from the pracrical value and applUa- Willy or the course of instruction adopted, un; MtuU facilities are also presented either for those ■fcnt imperfectly acquainted with our langnese who S«Jn?S perfect themselves in it, or lor those of onShonns icllow-ciUwms who desire to nolle a famUiar knowledto of German and n W ~N t SfmiirehcnFlv® and accurate acquaintance with ♦hfnrlDdplc* and practice of commerce. The StrffislK Dybrenforth (who ta so well known fftkto itf as heme one of the best oflte Ungulate m well aa otiti business men) so*radri ffndu eOiis department, and admitting an, of Its JSoentßlo the advantages of his valuable instruc tion. TOG STEWART DIVORCE CASE. Ninth Day of the Trial. The Testimony on Both Sides Oon olnded. The Character of the Defendant— Bis Demeanor While in the Post Office—He is the First to Propose a . Divorce. jlodcl Family Convenatinni—l Hatband Boasting to His Wife of Bit Own Unchastity. Preaching in the Post Office* The testimony iu the Bart L. Stewart divorce case, now on trial In the Superior Court of this county, has so far nested a conclusion that at noon yesterday the case was closed as to the ex amination of witnesses, and the afternoon was occopled by the first argument, Tbe probability Is that the case will be given to the Jury about Monday nlcht or Tuesday rooming. The Court sat at ten o’clock yesterday morning, and tbe cross-examination of BENBT ED BBT was continued: A person might go np the stair way without my having noticed lt« if he sneaked up, I went over to Michigan City to make a dia gramoftbcsrcond floor of the bon<eforneeon this trial. I saw the defectives and the woman have trine.hut I din not see them drink it. After the arrest they were In the room together. I saw them have wine In room No, 9 and m room No. 6. The last 1 saw of them they were in room No. 6 together, and abont twelve o'clock 1 went to bed leaving them together. To Mr. Smith.— From the second story there is a atalrway to the hall, from which the dining room opens, and from the dining-room out of doors the party must come through or go up and then downstairs. 1 don’t recollect any wood pile at the depot-uulestf yon mean the railroad wood shed, which is fifteen rods cast from tbe passenger house. On the map 1 think Michigan Ciiv is set down at 8,800 Inhabitants, it may have 4,COu people. ] was told to go to Michigan City by yoiutclT or Mr. Goodrich. jonu x. ernimnoK was next swore. He testified: 1 was Chief Clerk lutlie Post Office from 1858 to 18C3. and Stewart was Deliver; Clerk In IBCI. He was there about a year. I then lost sight of him until last spring. 1 knew his general reputation while he was in the Poet Office; it was not good. Croti-rxcnuned.—Biti character was canvassed pretty generally among the cUrks of the Post Office. 1 do not think he was oltsuaive to the clerks because of his reproving them, but I bare known others to reprove him. I remember one ititlance of this kind—the case of William Tooth. From what I heard he would have been consid ered amy fast man bad he not been aiming at the ministry. 7b Mr. Smitfu—The clerks said be was in the habit of frequenting bouses of prostitution. 1 think Stewart came into the office about June, after Mr. Scnpps took charge ol the office. To Mr. Arrington.'- 1 think some of the clerks spoke as of their own knowledge of Stewart. 1 remember one who so seemed to speak; it was Copt. O/am, who Is now in the Post Office. sms. itAuntcr Bimpirnsr. being then sworn, she les’lQed: lam the wife or Iter. Air. Hnmphrcy. I have known the complainant since the fall of 1659, and quite intimately during the last two years. 1 re member the separation of herself from her hus band, two years ago last October. 1 remember it by reason of having on Interview one or two days before the separation.'She called upon my Imshand in lelntion to It, and I bad an interview with her. She Indicated her determination to leave biui, and eialcu (he cause iu detail to me, in a private couveita lon. . Cf. Wilt you slate that conversation! Objected to ami objection overruled on the grouLd that the cxhibiiiou of good faith on the part of the comulaluai.i in the separation tends to ichut the loca of conspiracy. Q. Yon may proceed and state the conversa tion, but vou mnv omit the name ol anv ladies that were mentioned, but that should not lie men tioned hcie nnlcs* they want them. Was this court rsalloo short or JenghlTf A. I should think It was nearly an hour tu length. She told me that she bad very satisfactory evidence to her own mind that he was impale.. She detailed facts and titvutnflances; tj. iMd she mention any names oftanics that PlewaH bad boasted Iu her of his Ihtltnacy.nKlif A; Plie did* Phe also Inch llohetl fils talking nlnnit lewd women? she told irtejlnil Mi passing through Iho afreets .lie had called lieraMciilinii io lewd women* aha id'll bee phu they \xm add what ther wme* ana, timing Ufl Waleti in hef llml , frit* timi sal (Itudi Ids lain and,Hu* exiuMumied wifll him iihtipieli Imisitch ilnugniinidi that lie lisdiidp hi led In f t‘*fmsiiiht(!oh->< pmi itasvmv mtielt w tid'd, mm sljM aiiimaied in Ik* iiiiitu jiiieM*, Tim Hiimmwbilli m was PHidt-Hlsifstmliadawm I i»kldisdaiHiHtffr,amlaMfiwanl aim twim hi atm tiniiHL'Hihißmisiiuniiliiifrmiimn^Ftmarihima, mMimeydie maiiloiimil tfidi'i MMiHhI ol nmi«« of rM|»in«iM»ii | l iny Hum riiiMKiiureii »m. hin> din md mil urn Mhl did y,u\ lusfryvo Ida lumMfrias (Ml Rhfr wMaui, Til-. IMij.imuuK waatiiunsHnnir llubgldj . - „ 1 nm »t p»itold t'Jduf r'WU Hi fria#uM Office, ami Imvu limn Hiimhiyurt lliuru ufnua jm}|, lima hnonnllm drf miaul alnru lot rauiu |o |lio Pout Uillro, When hu uas In Ihu Pont Olllco 1 heard hi* rliarirlur Iruuly spol.un of, ami 1 should think Ids reputation fur chantity was bad. f,'rinf‘tjviiniiahon.~-lU» character wii freely dimisard, ai d a majority of thu clerk# spoke of him disparagingly. I can only at this inomeui remember laiitsiu Oinm, who oi umed to snuak (nitn personal knowledge, independent or hla osnlrailiina lo the ministry, I should call his char acter bad. i Imvu eeru him preaching to a little Knot of the dorks, ami 1 look it to bo in bar lesqnw. 7b J/r. Atoil'A.—ln hla preaching I haveapokon othu was dlgrd&cd In his manner, but the young men around would be laughing. X conatdorod them mock performance#. Counsel tor complainant tattlers in evidence a Idler of Hart I*, bicivnrt to L. C. 1% Freer, of June 22rt, 1600? Chicago, JnnoSS, lUOQ. I». C. P. Freer, Esq : Drill 8m: I enclose you a note to my wife, Mrs. Siewarl. anuounclng (be fact that 1 bavo Instructed my attorney to adopt measures necessary to se cure a eivoicc from her. Will you please forward the same to her, and oblige yours, truly, IlAirr 1.. SrswAnT. The cose for tbo complainant was declared ClltCli. Oo the pattol tbc defendant CUAiatß E. OLCOTT was sworn. lie lot idl'd t'-albo knew tbc defend mi whip- bo was living In Albion, Michigan, and lilf ccncrnl repuratloij was very good among all classes ol echulaiH. NATUAN O. CIIBACT was again r« called. pcisoDH might ;o up tlairs without being ob s. rved fr« m the ofllce. Standi* glnfldc the desk a peuon cnlciliig the din'ir-room could not be f-een. 'J he case was berc eft eed, and the Court adjourned 3 p. m. 'i he afternoon Motion war entirely taken np by the sjcumcui ot Giant Goodrich,Kfq ,on tite part ol the cnmpTalront. The argument was confined co urtly to a review* of tbo ■cstlmuuy. 'I be Com! adjourned wnUl 10 a. m. this day. THE VALPARAISO ASSASSIN. 1-ouml lu tliis City- He Gives Himself into Custody—Tugc Denies Hie Crime. Me -Is 1 niton Buck to Valparaiso ami Ludgcd in Jntl—lntense Kxclicmcut. The horrible tragedy enacted near Valparaiso. Indiana, on Tuesday night, when an Inftmilcd man shot dead his young wife and her aged mother, shot and beat a girl of seventeen ua‘ll ho thought her dead, and then act the to the hou-c o consume the silent witnesses of (he deed, is fresh it. me minds ol on> leaders, and still a sub ject of tbcddrting comment. nib first chapter dosed with Iho discovery ol the tragedy In the dames which were consuming th- bodies of the victims. Tire second Is now completed by tbc arrest and •‘retire itnpnpntinieni of iho murderer, who. all lovcts ofjiuilcc will rejoice to know, Is awaiting 1 i« tilvl and punishment is the jail at Valparaiso. Itvns stated in our tcoori ofthr deed on ihtirs- •lay luoitiing tbn' Tare, tho mnidcrt-r, had on .Monday registered his name al the Gould House in trntplace as fiom • locago. 1* now appear* .hat h did go worn thl* cl.y on that day. &• on ri’«> bonk uf the CPy lintel f«r Sunday last appears *he emiy ”C. I*. Face, Dv* rr r-laliot).” A* thi* latter place hi 4 wolltcr cow resides. 1 Curly on Wednesday morning, while very few wens stirring. Page came ;igsin to the niy Role! and cetoicd his name ss before. Ho then told the clerk that bo had taken supper there the night previous, and would regis ter ms name for Tuesday also, which he did. The elcik did not tcmcmbcrscclcg him at sapper, but of course did nut think of his having a motive for so stating; yet the very 'act is strong circumstan tial evidence Against him, ns it shows that bo w itbed to have it appear that ne was there on the night of themurdei. He was assigned a room. In which he stems lo have remained during the day. Onlhitrsdsy tnomlcg, nhont tea o’clock. As sUlHiii StipMluteiMient .Sihon was silting In the tn>rrm m ofthe (‘eiilrnl Station, behind Iho desk, cogitating over the uiutdcr* anu revolving In hts iii n l U.cdrstiiprioiiof the murdertr, and won what were the chances of bis coming to Ificsgo. when tin- matt uAleid in and inquired 101 the -tipo'iirlendtn*. ”• nplalu' 1 Nelson looked .it htw, aim Involuntarily he sennned the photo urnpb. It an Itwtant beconrludcn that It most be 1 nee. and on that Instant he replied, ” 1 he Super .numlcut Is here,” ami as bs srld so rose to his (> cl »n«' walked toward the gateway In the railing .'lllioul giving lilmscll time lo Ire porphxed «houl the Initnotiahllltr ol the murderer thus •rssrdit g the lion in his den. The Inquirer stood •■till till NcUno bad passed through the tailing, iiirttlieuas Nilson advanced toward him. the nan ezit rded bis band, which shoitk slightly, slid said slinirly, *‘My name I* Pago; lam from Vsluarolso. Nelson took Iho prollhred hand •lih as much ftoUl as he could muster on tiro Instant, and without another word Invited Mm to wall down s’alrs. j’/tgu preceded t*>e Hu* pi ilirleiidnil down sta rs, and n« he passed tho •tooiway into tho romlvlng room, his rye tncl . that ol Detective Officer Hale, who sat al the iii'th. Halo had been thinking of tm* ••mr thinp. ftPdal tho Ural gtnnru ho 'prana lo hi'fret with llm exclamation. “My 5 Unit*' P«un P TIIO pi i'uncr 'comrd 10 tike lllllc notice <*l thr ovtOrfht interest )m cxclled, 'lmply 'flying t •• Vo* 5 I Ait* Para, t know yon wanted t» *eo me niiO i cnmelu deihor tnytelf up. 1 read hi the •imrt Imr paper' that i»y wife waa (tract, and (hat I had h**rn acm«rd of tmudrrlng her; 1 fame horn Dial Ibere might tie an opportunity or ch ar' Inc «ny'< If, #'l did not know anything about It (111 1 trad It in tiiu paper*." 110 apukn ihla to our tirralli. without pause, aa If ha h<d previously made tip hia mind what to say, and wanted to get rid of It aa aonn aa pos sible. T Ida waalht only sign "f ncUrmonV, I) that may Unaccepted aa one. lie waa aoarcbod, ■nd on Ida pef'on waa found about twenty dollara :n money, a couplu of cold rlmr*. formerly the pronetty of ht* wife, and a few trifles. llio priaoner waa then placed in a cell. Officer ITalq keeping him company, teat lo hia despera tV<n be might Attempt nla oan den traction. In •he cell be wo* very qnlet end undemonstrative, lie merely denied that bo bad committed the I awful crime laid to bia charge, but did not attempt I an explanation, and, indeed, sought to avoid all I conversation on the subject, Aa It U were an an* uoyance. ileatebla noon meal with apparent relish. Ibeprlioner being secured, the next (bug was to take b<m back to the scene of the crime, or at least to Valparaiso, four mliea distant, tbat b* Inp the location of the jail. It wa« known tbit the ex citement was very strong, and n waa feared tbat U the presence of tho pruonet waa known there would be great difficulty in preventing Judge Lynch from asserting bla rights. It waa dolor* mined lo proceed with the utmost secrecy in order 10 nrevenuho amest from being known. Officer Tom Moore waa despatched on the three o'clock train to Valparaiso 10 sec that secure quarters w ere in re* loess At the jail and to have a carriage et the depot to convey the prison imd hia escort without observation or molestation thereto. A Mule before teno’clock a hack was driven up to the door of the Central Station which opena oniWashrngton afreet, and while the n*ual crowd of policemen and loafers was gathered In the back office, the prisoner, handcoflfd and disgnleed in heavy - wrappings, ««as onlcllv led up from hia cell through the ha.l and out at {be front door, without being seen by anv one, and placed In the carriage, followed by Oantain rlelion. Then they were rapidly driven toSedepotof the Pittsburgh and Fort Wavna KaUroad and At once tnm alerted to a sleeping car. where they were entirely safe from pbserya- Son. Tho tram started at ten o clock and should have arrived at Valparaiso at sUdoLbt bnt being delayed by snow, which caused fre quent stoppages, and a return almost lo Chicago, ft did mil reach tbe destination fall nearly four o'clock in the rooming. At that quiet boar bo one uu stirring mine town, end. entering a clow carriage which stood reedy, the prisoner sod hU cwoit wete boob eafoly mala* of the coontyJsU. This I* e solid log structure, Ibe entrance to which la from the second tlorr, whlcb consulates the hherUTa anartmente. Prisoners are token tbroush a trap ooor in the floor, by a ladder, Into the cclla below, and the entrance securely bar red and locked above them. _ .. . DortogUioioneJonrneyfrom this dty.Pacca unnatural coolness ana ludtflfcrenco—which a truly innocent man conld not have erinced during the redial of horrors bo nearly aflccUng him—be gan lo cite way, ana Anally he wept ukoa child. Ho said that ha had had trouble with hi* alfs, but continued to deny hanne any knowledge ofthe murder, and even that he had ever known (he girl who ao positively swears as lo tie Identity, and who la now barely aarrmng the botribre treatment which ahe experienced from hla band*. Her affidavit has already been token, bat ill* strongly hoped that 6he ltyfl to confront him at the trial. Tee families whose men>T>ers have been the sub ject ofthemaoman'afrinxy, are among the most respected and worthy In thatreglou, and the la ran circle of relatives and acquaintances, as weilas the whole community, are unanimous In the feel ing that the murderer deserves to be summarily dealth with. Murder is a rare ihine In that quiet farming country, only ono before this being re corded elnce Us organlTation. Early la lb**- day the knowledge of the arrest began to spread like wildfire, and crowds collected about the Jail, the hotels and principal places, eagerly diecosslng the case and breathing out vengeance. It la sincerely hoped, however, that the law-abid ing cumene will not give, way to the impulse, snd add another deed of violence and horror to the already nnparalled tale of crime. They should remember, too, the bare possibility that Page la not the mllty man. True, the evi dence, direct and circumstantial, is almost be yond the shadow of a donbt. Bat human Judg ment and canity at the best are but frail, and not tew are the cases la which Innocent men have been punished for the crimes of others. Justice will lose nothing by a fair delay, and when the in vestigation comer no one doubts that the weight of evidence will bo so piled upon the bead of the gully wretch that all who have the com mon instinct of houanny against deadly crime will feel that the severest penalty of the law should be visited upon his head. COMMON COUNCIL. The Gas Bill Adopted Tilth Slight Amendments. A special meeting of the Common Council was held lost evening, ills Honor the Mayor in the chair. There were present Aldermen Knicker bocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolr, Wicker, Barrett, Calkins, Kann, Hatch, Wallwork, Moore, Talcott, Blxhy, Holden, Bussell, Ackhoffi Prondfool, Franzcu, Engel, Sbackford, Lawson, and O’Solli- On motion of Aid. Knickerbocker, the Council rc-olvcd itself Into Committee of the Whole. Aid. Talcott In the chair—the matter under con sideration being the draft of an act to authorize the city of Chicago to manufacture and supply caa for said city. After a lengthened discussion as to the manner of considering the bill it was resolved to take it up by sections. The only amendments oroposed were by Aid. Russell, to limit the cost of gas to 12.50 per thousand feet. Lost Aid. *1 alcott, to change the time allowed for the payment of sas dues, without penalty, from live :to ten days after the flnt day of etch month. Adopted. With the exception of the amendment so adopt ed, acd one striking ont the names of the Com missioners of Investigation, proposed tn the bill, to allow of their appointment hr the Mayor, with the consent of the Council, the bill was . adopted by the committee as published in iho ItunusE. The election tinder the bill Is to take place slmnl taneonsly with the next tall election fur county officers. BOABD or Ftmuo WOUKB. On motion of Aid. Wicker, the committee then took up a section of the amendment of chapter —, “ Bojird of Public Works,” lost on the former consideration. This section is thatwblch provides tbat uooD application being made to the Board for the tmoruvement of ary street or alley, if, afirrlnvesilpation, it bo deemed necessary, a re port shall be made to the Council, with an esti mate and a statement of ibc expenses properly chargeable to teal estate, and how much should be assessed upon (be general fund. This matter was postponed. , . , The committee then rose, and reported the ap proval of the gas bill. The bill llitn passed. Hu- Connell tueu adjourned until Monday oesl aI7:3U p. m. LIVING IN THE CITS'* A “limb of illond (o the uol ddvisaiile. >h Mnhtalthb itho lerrely ahd esptcssitely de life “a flcffld tlb|ilea?fthl tfrihd/ 4 may be inbvn ibe tepfesebljillve of Ibmisahd* Ui Ibis tlh (iI lit* HptpliUltiii l ) ttlun llitollgb lllgll bflteg tahfl VumlofeliiptyviiiebL tilld Ulft lof ealpfeiiM-- and HieiutiiMJlildlHUtHiiftaud (u tifji ibeiii«tbiw‘iy of (be bodf fumdou, 4«ud of mu tiiif f if (Him (lit- Kiufpp Hint wuh*i Wm iwjf van ho, liu* Hoi-. K‘ltlhili w)ni la ttllfl tt tOOft* WjmJ'Mtj* Will „ IMMWIUU’B btlll'V'W iimhi ill*' mrNf «f . Bii.-ulw , i wia. laiiM a nab to a tom km ilia |i H luittor* «l »Mur« m hi* tHiiiHir, fMMIt wiiih liMlly iMMtor lm alimtu of n ♦J«itt|U(!i«riiMiMiMtii# inio fila mmiili tor lUiunFli id ptlmotf* a liiung In Hu I'livnul by |i*»ihu Hlom llio fiaritll hilly of lam||«rn*, biilrluini, l-uktra, imllmi 0, bminualrers and milKnura kuup in a cupelaui fcjalu of Bniliarrassuiunt «nr) ironiilu. 'I lined who Ijvu in country viiiagua or the aunnlur r>liu«, ibmifik dmilitbss tblmilmi that (heir uk |ii;iibob nro BUillrlenily ureut, can hardly appre ciate Dio mat of living in Ghlcaao. A single man on an oidinary salary, can live comfortably j hut when ho thinks of matrimony, wth lis bmg list of expenses, ho trembles. Thu sum which will support one comroriahly will hardly uupporl in rnnal comfort two or two and a half, with a prospective addlltou «l frocllom and whole numbers, and expense* Increasing In a geometrical ratio. In fine growing towasoi from five (o ten thuiuand Inhabitants, In (hi* rosnuo, a man and Ida wile can board pbuuantly and well fur tun dollars a week. In 'hisctiy similar accom modations would cost double and even tripplo dial buiii. ami too much creator oipeodlturo for lucl, wariiing, servants’iced, fashionable amnec mcnls and stylish clotbiug bring the total up to an entirely unproportional amount compared lih the ordinary dtilbrcnee in salaries between cliy and country. If housekeeping «>u tiled the difference m nearly ft groat, owing to ibo oxoihliant rates of house rmt servants' wages smJ other concomitants. Young people opcclully cannot olio-, be content with the quid ur.d eiU'phcuy which often characterize small places, but. amid tbc glitter of so much woilth about them, arc Incited to ambitious expenditures which their means do not juatlfr. Ihcso linos, tl rtiouhl be icuemncred, ato written to regard to those In modcre'-e circumstances who cousiilacu the va..i majority. and tbc most otlicieot and valu able nait or our Inhabitants. The comparativuly few wno do riot know wbsl economy means, who ai«t<Ulelly aolUl.oua to And ways of r-pendlug thcii nuT.ey, aii* r ot supposed to be Interested ni these practical Ideas. City life, ol comae, oCcrs many counterbalanc ing considerations- There arc more avenues for Uieexvieise at.d growth of taten l , more iutltum tlslpofci'hns to fill, more money to handle and male; n*id the strife open for all Intellects and aims. But these Discouraging considerations übich Lnvc hevn stated bovo this practical appli cation, wHcU is the object of oor sermon' Let theta w ho are now In the country stay there, no lens ibey have a sure prospect of bettering their condli on by coming here. Every man of bu«- lcs« i» annoyed by frequent call* from those seeking employment, a lie Young Men's Chris tian Associarion Is overrun with applications not mly from toldims, whom U seeks more especial ly to aid, but Iron hundreds ul others,mainly from the rural dlrirlcts, who have rushed hcie Vv lo seek lltclr icrtnn-," without any promise or duo to employment. The rloniig of navigation bns throw i. nut tbosscgis froni vjj-ion? brandies of bu^lixs.- 1 , uho bdp to swell the stream ol the great uncmiilovcQ lUronglug tbc avenues ofbnsl rct-s seeking not only common manual labor, but al-o the higher gredca ol wo.-k, physical and men idl. Many ol Ibcse arc doing well wbetc *hcy are. or Diittlii if content to stay until opportunity rimiild offer lor a cbituge. tvj.o through the want ot employ moot line, or the great cost of living If filnaticP 4 sboniil bo obtained, would have reason Bimy times to regret the hour that brought them to the city. Tbcic Is no place In the Union where ability at d Integrity, with a good foothold, will sooner win tlnir vvnv, lu spite ot the pecuniary dlfficnl tics winch beset Bui let the aspirant keep con tentedly on In bis quiet way until fortune shall open up a toad foi ins coming. If the crowd of placclcf* comets could bo kept away, the extor ttoiotc clorccK ot boaiding bouse keepers and laroloids would be lorcei down, the rotes of iva i:r>- would rife, and business be done generally on n more l callhy and safe basis, while flic country lowustiß't cult*.- would renew ibelr youth and vlcor by ttr rcteutiou of the youcg muscle m d brain which are now ilowlnp nuay l.oui Hum, manufacture* would spring up. more laud would lx* titbit and the tillage'would be won* thorough and productive; and economy, cot ten'ment and conduct would help to displace extravagance, wearying ambition ana haste. Ibotc from the country, who wearied of llnng in “lire cool tcnucslered vale of life,” are think- It c to take the first train for the metropolis, th. ro to “ wait lor sometbuig to turn up.” will do well to take n second sober thought of the expense and unccrirfli.ty of the project, and see if thoy had not better rtav where they ate until better times, and labor as well ns wait. Western Patents. Tho following patents were issued from the United Ftates Patent Office fur Ibo week ending ; January £. ]£U7, as reported by G. L. Ctiaptu, Patent Solicitor, Chicago: Composition for Roofing—C. 0. Allen. Chicago, Nutmeg Graler—S. V. Badger, Chicago. 111. Apparatus lor Forming Boilers—W. W, Horn* herprr, Chicago. ll]. loria Indicator, for Telegraph—E. DcLoss Sweet, CTilcsgo, 111. Cultivator and Sulky now—J. Barringer, Hills borough, HI. Brick Machine—J. T. Carman. Springfield, 111. Cultivator—ll. Bassalow, Si, Anne, lit. Flour Sifter—lL C. Smith, Champaign. HI. Sicnto Generator—U. Kama, Maroa, Id. Evaporator—.!. A. McKlney. Grlggsvlllc, 111. Magnetic Drake for Cars—J. Olmsted, Knox ville. 111. Cultivator—B. B. Parks, Neponsot, 111. Wt'-nch—T. Pratt, Vahiaratso, Ind. Coiislincllng Latch Boll*— S. Uppcnholmer, Pern. Ind. plow—)■ ami K. P. Mies. Bloomlngdalo. Ind. U ater Klevalor— P. Scholx. Siouben, Ind. Feathered Cloth—A. A. Condlt. Mnncfo, Ind. Rotary iSunp—W. Ilnlterfleid, Madhnn. Wls. Device for Protecting Horses* Necks-J. Mycr, Waukesha, Wls. Portable Fence—P. 8. Dontonbury, Bos f,\Valcr Wheel—W. IL Rimer, Fair Water, Wls. Rvspuislor-J. A. Stunt, Urvenslmrg, hid. # Centre Hoard fbr Vessels—H. Chambers, Do* (mil, Mtch .. .. . ... . Propeller for Vr#sels-0. W. Kaynal, Hlrtnltig ham, Mich. Water Wlieel-J. tlemlnwav, Dnrfletd, Mich, steam Engines, Side Valve—W. U. Hubloson, Detroit, Mbit. . . I'mialile Krttrf-I), Unlliank.Splcolflud.lnd. Steam Gcnornlor—W. Hiannagnu. Burlington. ,o nii CoopUna-i’. n. Cady, West Union, lowa. Wind Mill—lt. <>. Lowiev, fahor. lowa. Appsratna lor Wai lung Orca-R. Ureue, Hough ton, Mich. (lirr Cojtcrur Winraa,—The gift concert of WltifflnV, Ilradloid A Co., advertised to come o(V m ihia city on March 4*, 18M and M hurst up" by the unceremonious departure of (he principals for pnrte then unknown, baa not been forgotten by the people. In our list of advertised letters wo have noticed some weeks as high a number as 133 letters, noted as lying in the post office subject to the call of these distinguished men. two weeks sgo the number had dwindled down to £7, and on Saturday U bad simmered down to one. It would he interesting to look over those letters. It Is on charitable to suppose that any of them contain money lor tickets; a fair Inference would be that the great msjority contain questions as to when the drawing will take place, complaints that pre vious letters have not oven answered, threats of exposure unless a satisfactory response be sent forthwith, promises ©flaw sous If restitution be not made, or offers of compromise; all of these or cither of them, according as the writer thinks, this or that coarse the most likely to draw. Wc need scamly sty that all arc alike unavailing. The letters arc unanswered. The day of gift concerts seems now to be abont over, though occasionally one springs up, with a great flourish of trumpets and golden promises, to live long enough to draw in the hard-earned money of the credulous, and then explode, leav ing the stench of rascality behind it, nod the mourners going about tho streets and «ct'pirc tor their money, bccanro it Is not. It is to he hoped that tho ratnor expensive and mortlfiCrg lesson which thousands have learned by investment In those •tapendous Impostures, will serve to increase their stock of common sense and prudence. It seems singular that among a people who in ordinary matters exercise these qualities, the flaming promise of lands, gold, silver and other valuables, for tho moderate annrof Iwcnly-flve cents or a dollar. Is Implicitly believed, and money Invested with the expectation of a rich return. These «»«»» would think twice before trading wit h a neighbor whom they have known for yearn, hnl wlliaendoa money by mail, five hundred or a thousand miles, 1 to names totally unknown to them, a*d very U>V ly fictitious n*roe» at that. Ope of the results of such folly U the Tax inn receive*, almost dally, UVers 'lomvsrlou* parte of the Union requesting Information of the whereabouts * ugTß obtained the money ot the writer*. Maw l to send the prom ,J h *2ti} C arc not answered In ti jvldnally—the writer bare been advised in ihoso columns so to beware ot awted lei s of every de^ri pt f oD> frojjj the profesaora of thluiblo-rlCTrtPg and chuck-a-lnck at country race*, fcWeet gpokon confidence operator who borrows a nuilc’s money on the strength of a bognr, check, that it would he time wasted to them now that they will not realize a he&vy profit from their Investment. We mingle crur letrs with theirs, and wan them to go and he foulkb no more. toestrnctlTe Fire on Wells Street* At abont a quai tor before two this morning a fire broke ont in a bam in the rear of the build ings immediately north of Wells street bridge, and In a few moments the barn was consumed, with seven fine bones, belonging to Hiram Wheeler. Tbc fiie spread at once to the row of one story buildings on the west side of Wells street, and fonr orflvt* of ibem, with their contents, were destroyed, as follows: hto. l—A saloon occupied by George Thomas. Entire loss. No insurance. No. 8-—A doable store occupied by Louis Randolph with conlec tloncry and ilqnors, Total Joss. Probably In sured. No. s— confectionery store occupied by August Goaall. Total loss. Probably insured. No. BJ4—<Confectionery and eating shop of J. I). Bernard. Nearly total loss. Insured tor t1,20Q in .tEtna. of Uartforu. No. 7—Tailor shop or N. Cramer. Partly acstroyed. No insurance. At three o’clock the firemen bad succeeded m checking the flames, and they probably have not extended further. The buildings were all owned by Timothy Wright, and probably Insured. Sergeants Fox and Jennings were on hand with a full police force, who assisted much In carrying out goods. The flames spread ao quickly, how ever, that little was saved. The total loss cannot now be estimated. AMUSEMENTS. lUbtoui.—The sale of seats for the Rlstorl sea eon (next week) Is sear)? completed. Only a very few seals arc llefL These include a few of the balcony boxes, which the management have decided to let In single seats, for the better ac commodation of that portion of the public who do not need to take a whole box, and yet would be disappointed tn not being able to see and bear the great tragedienne. The decision la a Judi cious one. and will be appreciated. Opbui HOC6X.—It was benefit night at all the theatres lost night, and each one of (turn was con eronsly patronized, the attendance being pretty fairly divided between the Opera Bouse, Me- Vicker's, and tbe Museum. Mr. Dillon's benefits have berctoiorc crowded tho house, whether it was the Museum or tbo Opera Boose, and doubt lets last night would have proved no exception Lad ibere been anything like a respectable com pany to support film. Bat Mr. John Dillon, fa vorite as be is, cannot expect by bis own unaided efforts to carry through an entertainment. With the exception of Miss Clanssen—and she is not well adapted to take 'be part of leading lady—the Opera Boose combination ts about the poorest that ever presented themselves before a Chicago audience. “When the pio was opened the birds began to eing," bat when it was found that Mr. Dillon was toe only blackbird In the dish, Ibe public, who had been promised quite a dainty dish in the dramatic company, felt a little disappointed, not to say “ sold," and after tbe first night the attendance foil away materially, last night the friends of Dillon rallied round him once more, and received m return a very tame rendering of “Pcop O'Day.” This evening mil see the last of this united troupe of artists. In the afternoon and evening “Peep O’Day” will bo repeated. McVicKKß’sTnxATßS.—Mias Cocllc Rash took a benefit Inst night, and appeared in > the role ol “Ida Lee” In a domestic drama of that name, adapted expressly for her. This evening la tbe last appearance of Mlrs Rnsb. Jn the afternoon | she will repeat her rendition of l.ady Isabel in “East Lynne.” In ihc evening, “Ida Lee,” 1 Mcecw.—fast evening Mias Mary Rickorda I took a benefit, choosing tbo part of Par* tbenla in “lugotuar, tbe Barbarian.” It was tbe first time that tbo bendtetaire has had tbe opportunity to exhibit her talents in a prominent character, and she well Implored It. To say that she was equal to the beet representatives of the character we bare seen in the city would bo more complimentary than true, but it Is no mure than true to say that she gave a very acceptable torsion of llteUrcck maiden, whose simple love transformed (be bar barian to a civilized being, and held him spell bound when all else fallen lu more him from Ms purpose, bhc was vociferously cheered, and wa» twice called before the curtain by a very full bouse. Tide afternoon ‘‘Robert Macaire,*’ and “ Cali fornia Diamonds j” at ulgbL “ io^omar.” John Dillon ifc-apoeata on Monday evening a? a member of Colonel Wood's Museum company, lie avows Ms lOlenilnu Pol only to keep Ms eu gagetuejils, but to take, a higher position limn ever in Ms profession, lie slated to some friends yeslertlnv tlifll lie intends lu heMn at once (0 study fuirte new comic purls 10 Phoksoeatei ami also for tie voice, with Piulessor MtCoy* at thn opera JUMjse. ll UtlTntl Mil! nfc|* conquer liMtimMitM Pi tUht' iiinHiiHv.miu tin jurth*, nr slimy, in his remit fine dianisiict'enhiMie mtoVei aim Mesi ir Jo’ltis piolessfniml emihHiCs, sbfl Kolnnif 10= t/sHi.Miloveh Md on iwj aiwm (Hid Mvoi of (lie 1-nlillV, ami j*y (bo (iMHiflsliob ul nil ampluMiHipelehee,, .. ... .. . ... p»AiihMi=ilM» st»9ihnfwiiilrt(sH)Uiildw wlib eni liemeniri'iiliiiiro nnj Iwiiijr >of W-"*;. mi tMldMi.aa Now >oik |a »aM in Mb WMfi >m» »v*inl‘>n of np« pain, wbfrti baa )hm>p w-unilv (l.miiVil, ibo |m In flvat/ eilc|oaiiru wm o‘<wr<nl |uH imuiing. Pwlmday Hfluinnim \» always a nrnrry day mi Ihu ice in tin ekaling season, wnmi the wcalbm is not nnfuioraMo. It la lliun tho cliMarco ol Ilia pnhlic schools cornu trooping on tbo lea by thou sands, fnnmvlmr lie smfiru with thuir skates. Bird making the air ring with llinlr marry peala of laughter. To day bids ialr to bo a bright uzamina ol balmday akallng—weaihcr clear, mil not too cold: Ico ilrst-class, and tho attendance largo. llKLiniOim INTULLM3KNGB. Tlio following services arc announced lor this evening ami the Sabbath: •ATUnbAT. Illinois Street Clmrch, between Welle and ta- Halle. Young people’* meeting tnla evening at 7‘4 o’clock, aunday services as follows: Ulbto class tor seamen amt others at 0 a. m.; prayer meeting at ID; preaching by the pastor, «ev. C. 11. Wheeler, at Hist *• m.; enobatu school and bl hie clauses at 8 p. m.; preaching ut 7J4 p. m., by I). I M bioooy. Itov. Thomas K. Coleman, of Brooklyn N. Y will deliver a Icctnrc on “Symbolism* 1 In the Cburcn of tbo Holy Communion, corner of Ban tiolpb street and Wabash avenue, this evening at 7U o'clock. After the lecture a collection will bo lakcu up for the benefit of tbc parish. BAUOATU. A number or the members ofthe Reformed Pres* hyurlau Church, wltn tbcir pastor, Rev. Robert Patterson, whose views on ptnlmodr and close communion were more eoiuprutuiistve than the oxoer of that denomination allowed, have united with a number of gentlemen of several branches ol tbe Presbyterian family lu an Old School Pres byterian otgaulxailon known os the Jeucrson i’orU Piorimerisn Church. They have rented the Free Will Baptist Church, at the comer of Peoria ai d Jackson street*, for the afternoon, nnlil their ctmch t* eiccicd. Services to morrow. Sabbjlh School at 2>i p. m. Dr. Patterson will preach at p, m Second Baptist Church, corner of Morgan and Monroe streets, Bev, E, J. Goodspeoc l . pa«tor. Preaching at n. m., and by U*'-v. W. W. Er r ett, D.D., at 7}» P- in. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 0 a in. and 5p m. Young people’s mcctli.e on Monday evening and general prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at o clock. New Jernsalem Temple (Swedonborgian) on Adams sheet, near chelate. Services at I-H : m and "V 4p. m Subject of evening lecture— : “Who is nv neighbor and what is It to love him.” Free Church,(rswcocnborclau), comorof Ihlny- Ibird smot and Kankakee avenno. Services at ;»p m. seventh Fresbytctlan cbntch. corner of Barrl ecn and Deleted eirccts, Bev. J. W. Larimore, pastor. Service! pi a. m., a discourse to children and youth, object lesson, “the clock.” Evening service at «H* lie one hundred and Iwcltth mooting in the Interests ol the Voncg Men’s Christian Associa tion will bo held at the Plymouth Congregational Church, at the corner of Eldnrtgc court and Wa ba‘havcnnc, at 735 p. m. First United Presbyterian Cbnrch, on Green sheet, between Madlson and Monroe, Rev. W. C. Jackson, pastor. Services at 10>i a. m., and 74 p. m. babba'h School at 2H p. m. American Proetcelant Association Hall, Boom 51 McCormick’s Block, sontbeast comer of Ran dolph and Dearborn streets. Lectures at 2*4 and 7o’clock!).m., by Elder George Moyer, sub ject;—” Tne Natmc and Destiny of Man.” Tux Vtmtran Kvxnxtu—lbcrea-ca greatm&ny people whose blood Is just now at fererheat on the subject ol lotteries, and many a one would give half bis bead If ho could only And ont the vvtualcg number a little while before a grand event comes off For the Information uf the seek ers after knowledge, we hero ••tth present a method of solving the problem. It Is very easy 11 the op'ra-tor I* willing to follow ont each step la the process singly, without trying to d(#tx> much at once: . ... First—By. the rule of proportion: If It take eleven and a ball yards of butler milk to make a white flannel petticoat for a mad hull, bow much red tape did McClellan nsoto measure off the craves dug In the swamps of the hominy t _ , Bfcouil—Add the numbers so obtained (in French metres' to the number of sighs heaved by ft lube on that Interesting occasion when sbo w “all tears.” Third—Divide this hr the product obtained by multiplying tbn number of office* Johnson ha* filled (from Alderman op) Into the number of disappoint! d applicants fur Post Offices under his Administration. Ibis quantity Involved four rimes (In contu sion) nndl the nth tool, extracted to fourteen ’drclmnl places, will give a quantity, which call Then: nt XlstoU H, so Is 9M to tho number required. 1 f ibis ho thought rather tcdlons, thou the result msy bo nblnlnen by guessing nt (he square root of the number, aud multiplying the guest Into Utolf. AixcupD InccnniAiusM.—Between nine and ten o’clock last ovrnlng an alarm offiro sounded from box No. !P. It was occasioned by the falling of a stove to * store occupied by a man named Thlbetl ■ at No. atlt Clatkstrvet. Ibo coals from the- stove set fire to a matlrass near it, and It was very soon tn Bill blsxe. btrangcly enough, about tea feet distant, In the shelving of the store, afire had broken ont and was climbing to the ceiling wh o the Fire Department aimed, and very tpcedlly extinguished It Tho t>roprictur of the store was tcporlcd to have gone home to the West Hide at seven o’clock. leaving tils clerk at the place, Iho tatter being a lad of seventeen or eighteen, named Anthony MamlctL and not overwhelmingly bril liant. Ihe boy was so utterly Ignorant of the origin of the file (though be aald he bad stlrrni the stove with a poker, which csn*fd It lo fall), and regarding whether his employer was Insured, that the Flm Marshals o>dered his arrest aud Officer blayton took him lu tho Armory. There was not en apt raranee oflfti worth of *; notions’* In the esbihllslimrnl. 'ihe building la owned by D. Melrer and Insured (or The lose was toss (linn ffiu. F*»t Dmvmo.—Tho Wt of tolerable sleighing we mo M'w having has brought tho throe minute horses on to Wahash avenue, and has again vsuied a necessity for tin increased vigilance of (ho police anihoiitiea to prevent people front tiring run over, and demand an atiiteroent of •need on the Part of the driven of last going ••quadruped*. Yesterday afternoon. M .thei Po lice Court, a vaunt! wan was required tit pay * flno offhand advlaed to pay for repairing an ofllMT’a coal and boom, the laUer htvlrc tried to catch the horse*by tbobll*..and,be ng thrownto the ground, and losing a skirt of bla coal, In try* Inc to prevent the young man from going sjxioen mUea nn hour-as was illegal. CoMxrrrxD von Tbiaj..—The ease of James Davis, continued from time to time before the Police Court, was yesterday disposed of by com mitting him for trisl In ball of 11,000, upon the charge of larceny. Davla was arrested about two weeks ago, at No. ISO Griswold street, charged with stealing a trunk and contents from the Rock Island depot. Hie tronk and a ponton of the contents were recovered. The property belonged to Marlin Lee. who was an employe of the road, and was killed about six months ago by an acci dent. HU trunk bad been left in the office of the train master of tho road. Davis was a brakeman on the road until the time of his arrest, and be has been an occasional visitor at tho nlacc named on firliiwold street, kept by Ed. and Ida Stockton, TtaJSIfdiSWSK against him was Ida Stock ton, whoso testimony thongh somewhat rumbling and unceriam, was evidently Intended, as on many former occasions, to screen herself at ail kaxaide, whatever might happen to the prisoner. n»mmi'g Association. —A meeting of hack men was held cn Thursday evening, at No. 0? South Clark strict, lor the purpose of forming an association to protect the public against over charging by dishonest haekmen. Fifty-four out of the seveetj-fonr engaged in tho dly were pres uit, and organised by the election of the following officers: President—P. W. Warren. Vico Presidcnt-P. Ualey, gccretary—G. W. Young. Treasurer—Peter Johnson, Tbti toUowfag rates of charge* were agreed upon: From ell place* north of Twelfth street tad sooth ol Ctaleaso avonne. to theatre or Opera □cose, and west to Besplataea street, (be price li to re trree dollars; (Or all distances oeyona it Is to be four dollars. They will employ acne hot courteous and competent drivers. The meeting adjourned until this evening at ths same place. Hour ora Übiob Pnana Mxrrnro.—The meet og yesterday morn log was weU attended, and a h»gh degree of Interest manifest Hon. J.Y. Par well presided, and alter rootling of Scrlplore re marked that more of tne“spirit of prayer should be courted ro these meetings to render them of the greatest possible benefit to those present tod the community around, who could but reol the power of these daily gatherings. Bev. E. O. Taylor, of the Union Park Baptist Church, will conduct the meeting tols morning. A greater interest than has before been manifest was exhibited at the noonday meeting yesterday. Ibe meetings are held in the audience room of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Clarkand Washington streets. AU are welcome. LOCAL MATTERS. The Exprm and Telccraph CTlab Is now foil, and 10 per cent premium is offered for ita shares, of which there are 1,200, beginning No. 45,001. Disappointed applicants for member ship m if. bad belter Join the Railroad Clab, (500,) of which a few shares are (or sale by A- L. 3 dm eon, at the Americas Bzpreas OfQce. Ita cenia* calc* In the Crosby Opera Bos <o Art Association rommcsce at No. 48,001, and proceed consecu tively, with the exception or the following num bers, vlx.: 4?.053, 49.055. 4?,OSn. 49,033, 48,080, 48,01 ft, 49,093, 48,094, 43,097, 48,009, Bad 43,099. namdeai* Pectoral Balm never falls to relieve and cure. Dr. Kcdlmdi Chiropodist, extract* coma without pain. Ingrowing naih cared. Dr. K. has operated oo the feet sixteen years In Boafon and Chicago. Rooms fot ladiea. Office 119 Clark. We will Teach «nr lt Su«v*> to Say, « A blessing on Mrs. Winslow," for tbelplng her 10 m-vive and escape the griping, colicking and leciblng siege. We confirm every word aei forth In Ibe prospectus—the Soothing Syrup performs precisely whatli professes to do. If we had the power, we would make Mrs. Winslow—as she la—the physical savior of (be Infant race. Extract from Rev. C. Z. Weiaoc’s letter. The Beat Tonic.—Caswell, Black 4k Co.'s Combination of Iron. Phosphorus and Cal* isava* known aa Ferro—Phosphorated Elixir of Cafisaya. The Iron restores color to the blood ; the phosphorus renews waste of the nerve tissue, and the cal Isays gives a natural healthful tone to the digestive organa. One pint contains the vlr* tuc ofono onnee of callsaya, and oneteaspoonful a grain of iron and phosphorous. Manufactured by Caswxll. Mack & Co., New York. For sale by all druggists. * Brown 1! Bronchial Troches, when allowed to dissolve in the month, have a direct Influence to the affected parts; the soothing effect to the raucous lining of the windnlpe allays pnl* monary irritation, and elves relief In Coughs, Colds, and the various Throat Affections to which public speakers and slngors are liable. A Sore Pile Core.—Dr. Gilbert** File Instrument positively cares the worst casce of piles. Sent by mall on receipt of $4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted every* where. Address J. B. Boauunt, Manager, No. 575 Broadway. New York SUPREME COURT OF ILUSOIS. Peclalons* The followlDtr *i iUabi of recent decisions in the Supreme Court of Illinois will appear In the forthcoming volume of official reports: JAMXS ». TOTTSU ET AX~ T 9. JOUR POTTXU XT AL, (April Term. 1966. J 1. Evidercr —ejrcepHont to how fa.’ten. When ibc etaluk- has declared tb&tacertlQed copy of the afodavU of the exccjlion of a will filed in the Pro hilo Coart shall be evidence In a snit In chancery to set aside the will, and de;endants prove the am darn as having been filed in tbo Clerk’s office, and alters the otlglnal, and complainants object Gen erally In Its being read, 'bis Coart will not bold It to be error, in permitting it to be read. The party, to have rendered tbc objection availing, .-bon'd have pointed out tbc specific objection. 9. Will—Us wreufton andpu6{lca!ion. Where H api'esrs dial tbo (eeLilor was of a disposing iulml t and 'he will was written under bts dicta* dim. was then read (o him, end his name is writ ten hr his direction, amt ho then signs It by Ida mark, this Is a sufficient execution* and when Ills attested by two witnesses at h!s rei(de*t and lu bis presence: (lint is sufficient publlcadon* and conforms lu the requirements of Hie statute* , 3. 18-tni' tr mhs—ri ronrous6« # cdnnol mtsfedtf* Aidiotieb Jn'di-uctioha ate not accurate in their Malelutfalordu* law* If.lhfcV relate to eut«» iptes tloy Hbotd dliicli fhere Is bb i-uitlilcl nf eVMelite; add Where (liu Conti esiisee that idnler proper llm HhUrtlMtitf H»t‘ iH*nd fidfdil tin] harebeendm-ren , the inurt will not re^eifei. Before tin* Uoiifi Wit tin mi, u tiuiM ept hftf tt'fli Mm iwutu-dmw mluhi nave iHUfoti iin* rut in the injur* l , nfllie It itiM nt evidt-mfo Hiidtf Hlntli h jiif* mitfhi (tint e UWf Hay, JIiHN w, PIIHIUN VH, AAHON FldtWr . lAbfH jVm, IM.I a a I. NftTKsfAftM hmtr=V* ujt, A nm« fnf flvu hiiiirireiii mnlMMtif dm mud doMurs, jnar naps? pletned, Hpil (hu fimmitd tiiud by ina p)iafikrm<trk in dtp niurgiM. hut it B ill tmt siifody wlntlly optjiii'd, nr ()i«ngi> nr rnnlru(f|c| dm amnnm plulnly wrUfon-ii can only ukplsht an imronsin (y, hm notcnnltsdldl or vary an amount which Is certain. 9. assignor iN7> Assigns!.—ln in anion hy tho asftgneu aguiiiet assignor of such in Insirnmuni, Iliei nuck-roarK and a Jndgmuntconrosiud by the maker In favor of iha assigned for thd amount In dlcalod hy thu r.lit!ck-m«rk, hinds the assignor to that sum as tbo amount of tho nolo thus indorsed hy htm. 8. WtTNtss— compfteucv ofmaiir. At between tho assignor and the assigned, the maker ie a competent witness for all purposes, except to im peach tho validity of Iho nolo, or to prove its pay ment. Ills Interest is equally balanced between the parties. ■I. Insolvency op tub March— proof. When the assigns* avers Insolvency of tho maker as an excuse ior not Instituting legal proceedings, he mnst prove tbo Inch lie may do ao by tbo maker. 6. Convktanos—parols rridrncs. Tbo assignee must prove a conveyance of real estate by the maker, in astabUshlnc insolvency, hr producing the deed, or accrtiflodcopy; or showlls loss with out being recorded, or bis Inability lo produce it, befoto he can prove it* couf* nts by parole. U. JNsTiiUcnoNs— Unpeaehinff tcifnett tvi iw ofuimntwachtd tctfMu. A witness is nsa ally impeached hy showing bis general character is fiaa for truth and voracltv. It la error to in struct the Jury that they cannot disregard tbo orl deuce of an unlmpoarhed witness. Dls manner on the stand; bis relation to tbo parties; bis evi dent Mas, may all satisfy the jury ibat on uolm pesched witiifsa Isun *ortbv of belief, and war rant them in disregarding bis testimony. 7. Sane—lnstructions sbonld inform tbo Jury what consiltnle.l a valid sale as l>> creditors ant oonaJUU purchatert, ontil Uiodcfectis supplied by the I&s'rnctionsoi the other party, U will pot be grounds for reversing. 8. Bane—Having failed to so Instruct tho Jnry, bat instructing them that every sale was pre vututdtobavo ocen made In good faith, it was cnor to instruct the Jury that it devolved upon a creditor to prove the sale fraudulent. The party iclyirg upon a ealcmust show enongb to prove prlrna facie a sale in good faith, before a parly rcsirtingtbc sale can be called upon to prove it fraudnhnt 9. Msasdpb or Uaraoes— intereit—.Judgmtnt. As between the assignee and assignor, the kuid appearing lo he due noon the time of me assignment, with all interest whichmayacctue, may be iccovered. Or, if anil Is InsUuued, a re covery bad, then the judgment, interest, oed as sicneeV costs lu proieenting the jndgmeut. Is tne tnVasnre. -• 10. Verdict— w:\giit of evidence. A judgment will be reversed, where it is manifest that tho Jury have found against the evidence; or have misap prehended the law or facts, or both. jajces n'rKTTr.K vt. the rcoFts. [Apnrrcrm, 1866.1, 3. Practice— fhe ojficerltaring'diarqe of a Jury i P ct urinal cast tnu*t bt ticom. see- :lon of ibe criminal code requires the offlcar hav ing charge ot a Jnry in a criminal case when they mure to consiocr of their vcrdtc*, to be sworn, and it i« error, for which the Judgment wilt ho re versed. If the Conn oralis to place the Jury In the cbarcc ofsnch an officer. 2. Bane—U is not necessary that (he record should show that the officer was sworn, as It will he piesumccl tie Court did Its dnty; but if It was not done, the prisoner, to avail himself of (he error, mast present the lact in a bill of ex ception*. 8. Fame—ll is not error for (he Court to Inform vhc lunr that the Court will oc kept open for a particular time to ascertain whether it is possible for the jU'J to agree, loand at the end of that lime that the Jury cannot og'ee, that it would adjourn over until the next morning. 4. iKSTnucnojcs— It Is error to Instruct the jury that to reduce the crime ol murder to manslaugh ter owing to Intoxication oi accused, that he should he nccooeclons of his act*, or unable to lono In his mind a deliberate intention to' take the life of deceased. . .. 6. Vcnnicr—r«vtr«f after adjournment. Alter the Court adionnis on one day till the next. It Is not error for the Court to meet the Jury and re ceive and record their verdict before the time ex pires to which the Court had adjourned. _ 0. Jlotiox nr Auntar— hoteot'rrvlrd. The ren dition of a Anal Judgment overrules a ponding motion in srresl of Judgment, without a formal order lor that purpose. ouvxit c. martin va. jacoh bahaaudt. I April Terra. 1. Junt— ttfim rmjianfllfJ. When the record re cites that the Jnry were duly sworn according lo inw, in the absence ol a bln of exceptions shoe ing that (hey werc'not the law will presume that (he/were duly elected, tried and sworn In the mode required by law. X. Jldombxt- Informal. When the record only contains a rvdlal, “Judgment on verdict for three lliousond dollara and costs," U is too Informal, and must l>e reversed. , . C. sam»—tfor* to mor* for Judcrnent on r>rd\ei. If no erro> Is fonnd In the record previous (o such j recital, and Ih*- verdict la sufficient, this case may be remanded, wlih leave lo move the court below for Judgment on Uio verdict. A COLORED TRAGEDIAN. Ira Aldridge (he Celebrated Colored Ac* (or—Anfttxlraorditinry Career—luler eattiß Feraonnl 9hsle!i, The dramatic critic of WUket* Spirit of thr Tlmrt lias the following account of Ira Ald ridge*. the celebrated colored nclor : “ About thirty year* ago, ticlug a youth of twenty, Aldridge wont to Kturlnnd with the oldvr WjvlUek, In the humble capacity of hmly servant: but so grant wni his aptitude for the dinmniU* art, that, without any In* (*trncllon, by mere association and contact with Ibu great aclnr, ho Inlmlcd and nh* Borhrd siiinolunl skill to cuino out a* an

ne-tur himself. Ui OUicUo. In the slave, and In several other jmrU with which ho ww Idrntltlod by hi* color. For many year* he struuKlod on in England In tho arduous on* denvor to wtu fame and fortune upon the sUco. At time* ho was In tho greatest poverty and dWrcsa; but ho hold <m bravo |y, und at Uat his reward came. Out he did not wan bb cvcatost tuccea* tilt he went upon tbc continent In 18fKJ. There Ids v!o» lory was complete end overwhelming. •‘ln Austria, llermany, Franco, and pre eminently lu Uuisla, he has ever since had the most stupendous triumphs. In Moscow and St. Petersburg so great b hU popularity that tho students have often unharnessed the horses ol tala cbarlot,faod drawn him homo from tho theatre os a conqueror. An extra ordinary fact about this success la that he does not know the continental languages well enough to employ them upon the stage ; and that from tho veiy onuet ho hu »pohcn hla own parts la Enguab. It Is high cvidt-nco of hla ability that la a language utterly strange to his audiences, by sheer force of seeing, by look, tone, gesture, attitude, movement, ho should cleettliyand delight the most cultivated nations of Europe. And (hem the deep poverty of hu early vmrs he has risen to opulence, mobility and roy altv have showered upon him their favors lie has been knighted and bears the title o chevalier. He wears rings given tohim by klocs and queens; aud ho could load his breast with the decorations and medals o the different orders he has received. “His wife is a Swedish baroness, and bis residence is a splcnded mansion In the sub urbs of London, near the Crystal Palace and ho owns not onlv the house which he oc eanic*. but five villas of equal proportions. There Is not alive a more successful man than Cbcvnller Ira Aldridge, K. S., thirty vears ago Wallack’s body servant l What are the practical bearings of thxa career f I They are essentially to this effect. They show the negro wndoHyou^U only 1 cWe him * chance. Had Ira Aldridge re- I maiaed In America, amid the cruelties of old social customs, he would have probably re mained a boot-black and a balr-dreaser. He baa had n chancel And see what be has be comfr—not oalj rwj rich, a numofnnk, title and bibb consideration, bat u redned and elegant a gentleman as walks in Pic cadilly or drives la Hyde Park. Tet he U a pure black, baa ibo thick Up, the flat nose and the curly hair. Give the whole race the same open, untrammelled field la America which Ira Aldridge has had In Europe, and who shall eay that they will not prove their fitness for every utility and for every duty.” MARKETS Bl TELEBRAPH. New York Financial News. Nsw Toss, January is. rather more active *at fta? per cent lor can »trniwn» huom .t iaxamn m gtu i, r • ootn. AmertcoagoM firm—opening at urv, advancing to IS7K. deeming to 136*. mod closing at ISSX. 8 oorscnDEsra* GoTernment stocks a **vif higher. Freights to Liverpool shade firmer, and eolec. LATBR. Gold dosed weak at 15C«. liie amount ot cash gold on the street being steadily augmented by gold sales. OOTSBaaSSTA Government securities firm. The/allowing are the doalng pHees: Coupons ;81....1£er aite* t Conpons *a....108M0106M Ccnpoea g....10T*«:» IWOs Wk»l» Conpona’ra....iC6XolO6 | * xiscxuammirß stocks. Stock! heavy at iaatopeo board, aod 193 per cent lower at close. Market excited tiding down- N.T.* Cent,...d« 1 Do prat T3*<* 73 fn-. WK® .... I Fort Wayne.... 93*0 OX SitoT™ ays;;;; S.ff* I r ° M ° ~ m alw * . , . aernto stuscs. At mining board Consolidated Gregory was active at ISOOAISM regular, and npto 1343 boyer SO; FCorydon more active and np to 6iV bat afterwards feu oir to 640; Gold Hill firm at 4A0130, and sold largely, other changes not important. The Prodace BKarkeU. CINCINNATI. tSSSfm%SS& t^iWSSRSi. Wheat—pull st <3/503.95 for No. 1 spring and winter. Corn-rirmertor ear at 54c, but doll at 60c for shelled. Oata-Doll at 49050 c. No sales. Itre—Doll at $143. Darley—Unchanged. cmi-D—Qnietbntflrmat SKSajfclbr middling. Whiskey—Dnll at 36c in bond. Bogs—Firmer. Sales 0(3.600 at 37.4007.85, and at th* close holders asked 38.00 fbr heavy. Receipts. 3.600 r Mess Pork—ln good demand at 335.00. Bulk Meats—'Firm at 7X(j9xc for shoulders and sides, loose. Green Meats—Are higher. Sales of 8/CO pcs at 6X3 S for shoulders and slue* and hams. Lard—in demand at Ufcc, bat ditficuluo buy below * ifacoa—ln demand at I2*c for clear sides to come out of smoke, and 11 Vc for shoulders. Butter—Unchanged and firm. Cheese—Unchanged and Him. Cooperage—Very dull and prices nominal. Lard tea to'd at <2.00; pork brla not salable at over ft. 75. The market Is overstocked, and the packing season being now pretty near over, U is difficult to sell at any price. Groceries—Firm and without chance. Gold—lrregular. Bankers paid ISftol o'clock, bat at the close did not exceed 136*. Exchange-Steady, and the money market continues cl use. NEW YORK. New Tost, January IS-€fp. ra. Cotton—Very Arm and more active; sales of 3,303 bales at 35c for middling uplands. Floor—Receipts 4,?3S oris. Market rather more ac tive. Prices withoot change. Sales of 5,700 brls cioars steady. Whiskey—Nominal. Wheat—Receipts 239 bn. Market oolet, bat closes without change. Sale* of 12.C03 boa: (2.13 lor No. 3 Milwaukee, and d'Z* for No. 3. Bye—Firmer for bonded, with sales of 8,100 bn Cana da bond atd.l3—closlnr with CI.XB icfused. Western and State ne held «t(1.33&1.30. Barley—Quiet and steady. Corn—Receipts, 4,100 hu. Market a shade firmer. Bailee***restricted In consequence oflcc ennirgi. at d .1754 for mixed Western instore: (1.1931.31 for do afloat. Coin—steady aan (inlet* with tales ol 15,500 bn at me for Chicwto and Milwaukee. Oroccrles—Doll. Hons—Quiet •tTVjGBe, new crop. PeirolMitn American—Finn. Sales 10,011 br’s rc- Pn?d in boul at 30c for crude ami for reflned. Pork—Flrmc't w)th a moderate acinsml. Sale*. 1,100 at (3i.00ct21.50 for new mess, closing at #H.3r» cash; |>9.R7<aai.i3for old raw, cloelne at (19.87 rath, and (>n.7Ti(%17.i3 for prime; a'si* 1,350 brls new mess at (3M(iASI.7S, seller apd buyer February ami March. Heel—Firm; sales 5W brls at about prevfou* prices. D»>efHams—Firmer, wllhsales of 450brls atrWJna Baron—Moderate request; sales 500 bts at llttil'iQc lor I’timbcrlaml cm* lie for short ribbed, li for short near ami 12** for font cnl Pams* . , . i ut Mmls-rAnlte: sajes 150 pkgfl at 9j|39Jf(-‘ ior shnul'lers end l«Wl2e for lulus* ianl^Gate P aW^ris ,l at iaalffe fof old afol Wald*(6iof (ieHufol «l mate* MltiWAtmKH* I Pi'H-lii ixopmdi to (lie lililewo f fiiimuM MlhWAPhfcH* tlflllUMJFifti EtlillFsHfHlH'i lull ifolllllHl fhflbgs 111 pFfoM, (Im h+ spring «ihs hh«i*i m fiiMn, coiiitiFy A* nmit'iml: f'Hv (ipmiilsheld n( Mi<Fnhigiii<(FdiMNi/hOtHn no*m |ifard,ft«(MU;fiii»Ml,Al< <},WfoF No. <1 In sinrsi li wtuiuf.' npiion m>il wwtln foFMMI <hte.ij.lrMfor rnlw-Mt HAl«nf«wfo»n)d No, (at flop, tiaia-Meady, HslisnfH.noo mi sMDvufor No, 9, Barley-halos of UGH fot good, delivered, at fl-W, Provisions—Very firm. liny* ra ottering ||3AO for mraapork. Halo mafia at (Is.dlQ, Extra prims held at <14.00. pickled hams held al <10.0aj1Q.35. bailed »linii|(lrr»7He. Prime lard HQc, « Dressed nogs-Firmsr. Hales at 17.D0A7.35. * the Hogs— Unchanged. Hales st (SAfiAfl 3). Jterclpli—7,ooo brls Hour; 10,500 hu wheat; 5,000 bo oali; 1,000 hu corn; I,(toodressed hoga. Shipments—3,3oo brls fioiir; 5,700 bu wheal. BY. LOUIS. Hr. horns. January 17. Colton—Qnlet, at noc. Selrcted middling hemp, <3.00. Flour—Quiet and unchanged. Wheat—Firm and nnrhanecd. Corn—Dull and easier, at 786190 J<c. Oats— Unchaneed. _ Provision*—Pmer. Bacon—Clear sides held at UW: shoulders, llcln bulk; clear rib sides, loose, 10c; lard, U Waite. prime to moire, flog—Steady, at <fI.PVAB.6O, Now York Dry tSonfia Market. Maw Yonic, Jaanarr 17. The dry goods market Is Inactive, but steady for do mrallca. CoUons-btandarrt sneoings firm, at 33,* S3Wc for the best In the market. Bleached mtuilna in limited re<ioe»u Slight com ctsslcns on a few styles. No rhanxe In prints. A . . Woollens dull and price* unsettled. BALTIMORE. DALTiHona, January 19. Floor-Choice City Mills extra 911.75; prices nomi nal for Wcatern. Wheat—(3.ooA&.ls. ... .. . Corn—White fi.oo®i .OS-closing at the inside figure for prime Pcnuaylvaola* (>ats—Steady at 58A50C. Coffee—Quiet; 1110 cargoes aclling at 133U>fc. • PHILADELPHIA. niiLAPSLpnu, Jannair !8. Petroleum—Reflaed petroleum active; sales ert3,WW brls at 39c, la February 29c, In March 80, and each nonth 1c additional. Flonr—Doll and nnchanged. ___ Wheat-Prime wheat scarce; red (3J035.23; white 4(J Corn-Dull: sales ot 4,000 bn new yellow at 96tfa99c Oats—Unchanged* Whiskey—Bull, clover Seed—italic. MEMPHIS. UKxpnia, January j 9. Crtkoc—Qnlet. Sales of middling at 30%31e. Re ceipts ttMliv, 3£tS bales: export*, U 77 Re ceipts, for the week, 11.747 Dales: Exp iris for the week,UWmbales. Storknnhan't,29Jßl bales, Flour-Firm. Sale* at *14.03^17.00. Corn—Sales at |i.oo®;.ta. „ . Hay—Scarce and higher. Sales at 935.00 Fork—llljrtier. Sales at $31003*3 W. Paccn—bale* allSftllc. Other markets unchanged. HEW ORLEANS. Naw Onutix*. January 19. CottoO— Higher; sales 6.0U0 bales; low middling3lc, mldd.tnsSSc. Receipts for the w*ek®9.7t» bales against r-.noo hale* J>t4t week. Exports 90«uoo bale*, stock 221.000 bales. Sugar—Lower;»fair 11c. .. Molasses—Common VJc xprlme to choice R3a i Jc. Flonr-Bnper fil.Sftm.7s: extra *15.00315.53. Corn—Richer; f1.12J01.20. Gate—»c, Ray—Finn at 930.00. Pork—|2fiso. Bacon—None her®. Lard—Advanced to 13914 c, Tobacco—Unchanged. Discounts and freights unchanged. NEW YORK LITE bTOCK. MAUHET. Hales of Cattle at Demon. [Reported by Telegraph exclusively lor the Chicago Tribune.] Nrw Ton*. Friday Evening, January 19. licet Cattle—There were yarded at the Herjmn market, and mostly so'd lohntchcra to-day. 3.831 brad. The weather Is cold and rough, hut stock is selling tol erably quick, and nearly all will heelosed out at I4sc for the best, good at i&atfic, medium 15c, and poor KC<l3c. which Is about the same as last week. The snow-storm threatens to cat olf (he «npply, and the fact baa stimulated buyers to more activity. The river is blockaded with ice. Ebeep-The snpoly Is light. Bales are quick at fraTSe. which Is the same as last week. TTogt—Received 18 cars. Prices range at * W3Wc. Western dressed at B*®Bj<c. Albany Lire Stock market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) ALtuxr. January 19. The weather Is Intensely cold, and high winds pre vailing. The tevcral railroads are again blockaded by snow drifts, and hnstneatln live stock Is almost at a stand sttl). In order to sell, holders had to lower their views He P a, and even at this sales are few. None of the stock sold has yet been shipped, owing to the em bargo on the railroads. CATTL* SALXS. Henry Livingston sold 108 prime Illinois steers, aver lug 1.510 as: 4S, averaging 1,100 as, at “c; 90 Ken tucky, averaging I.N*O &s, at f 139.00, and S 3 Illinois, averaging 1.6(0 »s. at 7Mc: George Dewey sold M. averaging 1.100 as. at 18.90. and 19, averaging I,HO as. at iMci James Farthing sold IS, averaging 1.700 ft*, at gss.OD. supply for the week, MOD. Fiiiaj'-Ilecelpts, 4,000: sales 3,000 at 4,Vc for Inferior CaCNc tor ordinary to extra, and Itfc for premium. Uuos—Mcdertte tales at <K»Bjk'c. Receipts, 8.W3. Netr York Grocery market. (Bpeclal Despatch to ihs Chicago Tribune.) Nsw Tobx, January 19. Coffcfr-’lUo steady at I la 33c. Buur—lo good demand! fair to prime grocery to.V New York ProvUlen ITtnrkrC (Special Dwpstcb to th« Chicago Tribune.) KkW To«A, jAOOArr i*. lV»k-CJo«ed quiet at lIIJA ragulariMUO scHrf, VltTfU. Dry Sailed Shoulders—Sale# Included** but tollor*. Foicr a iiAifii. New York iir*«ti«iiiflk fllarkeh ibpectal Despatch to tbs Chicago Truto&e.) Nrw York, January M. Flour—Was more salable and firm. Wheat-City and country inlllor* were in tnarkrt, And bid briskly, especially Itorhiwgrodreof •pring, bn! At price# lower tban would h« Accreted. Corn—Wo* wanted tore*- port, hat holiness wai limited by an advance of Vt ta frfirht, and 3e increased ro*t ot delivering alongside •Lip, owing to Icetatbe harbor. PKUbarsU Petroleum .VTarket* mrasezoa. January 18. DuStnea* In the oil market u anil, me only transaction In crude was ?,000 brie of Alleghany oil to be delivered Miron and April at 9e, dale# of ►mltn’s Ferry made at 7k(A'Vo. Pacxaires returned. The newt from the Bast says there is a better feeling for refined la bond, and the market here Is locking op. We note sales of brU. to 300 hr] lots, March April and May delivery tree on tnard me cars here at CSC. The transactions la crude here ore confined to small lota vo nuu-n at 4%£t&t oer (taVlon according to Quality. BesldnQ’p And hapthadall. HIABRIGD. In thU cUy. Jan. tTth, by Rev. R. M. Hatfield. D. I>„ HORACE M. CBAFMAS and MISS EMMA BROWS, *U oft&Uclty. In this city, Jannsry I‘ih. at the residence of the bride's lather, by Ber. Arthur Bwazcr. o§«i«ted by Ber. l)r. Z. M. Uuo pbrey, Mr. CALVIN DU RANI), of Durand Broa. A Powers, and Miss SARAH (I. DOWNS, eldest daughter of M. D. Downs, all of Chi cago. No cards. In this city, Jan. 17, at the Church of the Heir Name, by Bev. Jos. P. Boles, as»iatcd br Rev. Dr. Mc t£»vrtn and Rev. Father Mr.MICHAEL KEB LEV and Miss KaTK McCA RTHT. all of this city. A* GUnaale.Ohlo, Wednesday eveatar, Jisnsrr 16th. the Rev. n. A. Tracey. ALFRED C. TITDjj. of tlilcaco. ana MART daughter -of B*nJ. Stcrrett, E*q. ■ . DIED. ' Is til# city, co tbe l*tb Hut* JEiKU daughter of June* nod ilamnt Kennrftfy. , Mimnt-e and Kalamazoo p»p«s pfeaae copy. Id tils cl’f. on tbe ISth of roaiomptlon, tVTL* »JAM h. HICKS, ton at PMUp uS )Urj Aaa IT.cts, U tte SJd jcar ot hl» age. ,■. V. > ~ _ Funeral ftxm tbe naldeoc* of bli fttber, No. 105 Fol toa-eu oo Sunday. (be touusaU at lt-0 o’cloct p. m. FtltmUoi tbe.’lamliy are *e*p«fUoUj twitoa w as* uni, • r. ~ * a ffitosbg art association. THE LA Do not wit till Evening. Come early and avoid the ru*h, and tecure your Certificate*. amusements. TyiTKOTVSKT FIAT.L. BRANCH OF THE New York Museum of Anatomy, WITKOWBRY H/LliU 176 corner of Monroe. This Important sod hlehinortrartlTe Unsworn con tain* WON ORBS OP CBBaTIOS Irom the fimoraO, Miniature Wonders of the Worio, as also Beantles of Osteology, Myology, Dermatolozy, And lo fine ertry department of Medic* l Science. The Student, the Physician, the Naturalist, the Man of Bos Incas, the man of Leisure, mlebt essay In Tain where they could spend a more profitable boor. Open for reauemea only trom 9 a. m. tin 10 p. m. Admission 50 cents. Me YICKER’S THEATRE :CKEB * ‘iw- Last aiternoon and evening ot cecim rush. Saturday afternoon Matinee, EAST LYNNE; or, TUB ELOPEMENT. jSa! V l aS a “ i CECILE BD3H. Saturday evening, IDA LEE; or, THE ORPHAN OF LOW OOP. Ida Lee .....Cecilo Rush Monday—Tbe Great Tragedian, Mr. CHAS.DILLON, as King Lear. pOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. TOL. J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements .F. K. AIK&S Stage Manager TflOS. BABBT Great attractions at Matinee and night. The Barbs* nto. Two Murderers, and CautornTa Diamonds. This (hatoraay) afternoon, Jos. 19. at the Or sad Mat inee, at 14 o'clock, will be oertomed the new com* dletta of CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS, received with abonts oflangnter. To conclude with tbs melodrama of HUBERT MACAIRB. In the evening. at a 54 before 8, (for the second time) the play of INQOMAIL To conclude with ROhEBT MACAIRB. Monday—“ Everybody's Fnead.” with a great east. QROSBT’S OPERA HOUSE Last Night ot Chicago's favorite Comedian, JOHN DLLIuON, and the charming Comedienne, SZlss Johanna Clausaon. and the new Dramatic comcany. Last night ot Edmund Falconer's great Irish drama, entitled PEEP O' DAT. “Wearing of the Green," and “Shan VanVoght." DotmyhrooK Fair. Irish Songs, Irish This Saturday) af'ernoon, January 19th, grand DU* len Matinee, Peep U’Day. Admission 30 cents. 'OISTORI—OroEb>’s Opera House. ±V DIRECTOR J.UBAU. Season of lour Nights and one Matinee. MONDAY, Jan. 31, First appear snee la Chicago oi XSads Adelaide Sistori, in her great role of MEDEA, supported by the dra matic company secured exclusively ior tne transat lantic engagement. Tuesday. Jan. 23 MARY STUART. Wednesday, Jan. 35 ELIZABETH. Queen ot Rutland. Saturday afternoon—Rlstorl Matinee. The sale of seats for any ol the four nights will commence on Wednesday. Re served seats, (Q-SO; Boxes, Fh None*—No application will ;i e received fur tree admission. auction gales. , TJ.ILBERT & BAMPSON. AT AUCTION. Will be Hold st cur salesrooms. 47 and -19 Dearborn at., on 1 UE&DAY, Jan. 51 d, at 10 o'clock, a latge and superior assortment of FURNITURE. For Parlor, Chamber and Dlnlag room, Including ele cnniuil Walnut Marble-top Chamber Salts* Cottage do., parlor Suit* In flop and Hair Cloth* large new French Plate Mantel Mirror* in rich carreJ Oil Wal “'aiTENDlD ROSEWIIon PIANO CARVED LEG , . JIELODRONi . , . 4 . In perftet order, and is a henutdol Inslrnmeht* Also, a esse of stalled Birds* Blankets* Dinner Sets* Lmeu foods* Brussel's, and oilier Carpets* Bliref-D'aled wale* Croekorn lhr“e sma t .Meioileons for cMldtetn W.U,. JVAIOEL BOOTS' & 00.. AUetiHNEEiiS AND I’OUMISRIiiN MEEUNANfE, Mi l liHlifMiii UHFi lirtNHtlfi (illtPdkfli Ussli oh fof safoi did dnoF fslm PfmmiHy dtfomlwl Id, A UGTiOff ,M(dPls?i iNfli H>K t Wi «t Iff 4 I Mlfk«fr ( {Slidlit m nsj/teP'sJutMi HPIVtSi t ; Hj'S| || Hfl»| •SHllffl) l : 9J'«r fotK' \ ,Tnn, OIM, lain ./\ -Him rial H*lsnf Vuivßt (‘lin, (iniMiili.Tspii dry, |Ut»dcrmetktcr,Twn*nd rprtß-i')y, intirsln aud HU CARPETING, Oil Cfotlis, Glove lliurs, llcsrHi llugl. Mats, he., An., iltoui 100 mil*. The Israeli and moil T*r ; ed aiinri uent ever ottered lu 4l>U market. Wt «re t*struc.ted ■y tho Imt nrlrrs to Kill the attove Isrga sisartment of fnas. MsU. dc., C«'pol«, Oil Otothf, Ac., amnnait which will he found iho choicest «| signs and patterns extant, selected expressly for this martnt. Hals al 10 a. tr., sharp. DANIEL SCOTT * CO., AnclTs, Poods on view Motdsy. At 1H Lake-st. A DOTION—Dry Goods—Momlny.Jan. XA. 31st, I8»i*. *t!o*. m., at 101 Lake-st. we are mitmctrd to mu ih"faUowlngliryOoova, tn^ladlng Tweed. Mhton and Hob Hot s&trts. Merino bhltls ami Drawers, Woollen Yarns. Hosiery, Ulanccts, Hnswls, Black Hatlnei and Ac , Ao. DANIEL scoTT A CO., Auctioneer*. Poods on view Saturday. A. EDTTEUS & CO., Auctioneer. & Commission Merchants 4. Sc 411 RANmil.l-11-HT., Between and Wabaah-av., □oldregnlar sales, at their salesrooms, o| PRY GOODS, CLOTHING. ROOTS. SHOES. AC.. Every WEDNESDAY aad THURSDAY, FURNITURE, CARPETS, Ac., every SATURDAY. General Notices. jyjONEVI MONET! MONET! The bett Invention of the age, and more money in it than any other ew known. Mansfield’s Non-Explosive Oil, “he only article of the Kind ever patented In the I? nlted!*tat a. Can be manufactured by any one at a cosIcfTWENTY-FIVE CENTS PER GALLON! Will tmrn as lone as krro«cne, with no explosion, no smok ing. no unpleasant «melt. Can be ns so with or wlthont a chimney, in aaf kercseae or flnld lamp, andean be sold to every family In the United State*. Tnexe Is a mu tot money in this article The rights to manoiac tare In Mini Is and eleven other States are'already sold. For every person who can be lonndwhohas purchased a right for State, county or town, and I* not maxing money, we will pay fifty dollars County rtchU in Indiana, and the following state rights, for sale: Maine. New Hampshire, Rhode Island. Connec ticut, Kcw jersey. Delaware, Maryland, and all the southern Slate*, (except Missouri.) at a bargain. One hundred good live agents wanted, who havoa little money to mvest,*to canvass for the winter. Ca I at our office, and be satisfied that yea are not being humbugged,or send stamp for circular. I). MANSFIELD Sc CO., Boom 11. No. 17 LaSftlle-st., Chicago. 33 oath siatautcb. BOARD —By n gentleman and wile, on South Side, witMnitfteen minutes walk of Late st. A liberal pnee will be paid fjr hancsome apart ment*. A pnva-e family would be prelcrred. Address box aion. i*o»t otace. TJOARD—A young gentleman desires a room and hoard In a private family. North Side prelrrred. Rdercncc* given amt required. Ad dress, itanng terms, W K.'* Hox S!H P. O. *DOARD —Two good tront rooms, with n flrvt-claas hoard, by a gentleman and wife ant in fant (and accommodations for a unrse gir). on the South side, east of etato-it. and north ot Eighteenth. West of references given and required. A fair price wilt be paid. If satUlactorv. Address, giving location and nrlre. j>. O. iv»x GOOD, Chicago. None hat those having Orat-ciasi board and rooms nted answer. T>OAHD—A furnished room, with hoard, by a single gentleman. Address P.0.80x T>OARD—A young c'crcyman wllh his l» wife and one child, desires a home with some pri vate family. torsion. North Bide, near Ooio-su Ad dfcSSP.O. Box 1313. TJOARD—About the IClh of February, i> hr a gectleman and with, untarnished room*.in a good locality—Michigan and or West Washiogtcn-st. preferred. Nonebnt those having first class hoard neof «n*w*r. price no object. AdCrcss, stating location and terms. Drawer (10211. Botox Rontxsox. Fon SALE—Pnrlnhlc Engines—4, 0. K tO. 13. 19. 30, as ami ar-lmrae power, new and second-hand •. one w and one Jn-horse power. Second hand Stationary Engines and IbiHera, Portable Saw mills, Woodworth Planers and Matchers. Bnlnglo Mills and wood-worktng Machinery. Power Corn bbsllers, small Darn Mule. Iron Feed Mills. Shafting. Itallics and Elevator Machinery built to order. itIOIIAHDB IKON WORK*. IflOand l»i Wasbington-sl. T7OK SALE—A sc«ind-hnnd Duchlcv r fo.qtng machine—in mod condition. Pllcc, (Wo. Apply to Uie TllinUNK COMPANY. TTOTI SALE—IO,I2 and 14-hoiso porta- V hl»* Fnrlnw and Hoilers-vcrr low, by OBIFFIN BBOTHBIU*. 158 South WilfML 170 R SALE—Three 8-horec power up- P right ennnm; m*o #ll bortiootal mrinc*. V lO ard lihorse power. Larger or smaller raulo"* ror* nUhcd with of without bolter*. la, 13, Id »pd W-horsc tubular and locomotive bolters ftif •»!•, l»fft make. Alto one *-roTlpf Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Pawmill#. barrel and wowbworkln* machinery, iron Plantm. peltirr. aawa, *?• Derf LO3 IHjaflinrc-et., Chicago. OUKKNLt.It lIHOP. ACO. IT'OH PALE—One of .1. & J. 0. Holy r land’* cracker machine*, ncariv nmr. Ahm an M|f.r»p niwpp rt-Blin* and Inilipf. lIiOMt'SOK it TSM I’LKION. 90(1 llAUdoildHit. Op HE LANE * UODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, ■ FOBTABUS STEAK ENGINES, .Moll, Uaebln™, Corn Min. aM Dlunlni, Wood working Machinery. LANK* nOPLIYi Comer cl John and Water'll*., Cincinnati, Applicant# top descriptive Cl real or* win ■Barninffrr tb#v r>#rd- qfaa?eMggiß_ " flloms. (gattiageg, See. TYTANTED—blclclts— Any one Imvtng VV a conplo of pair cfW »lri*h» or farm warm*. cmj find a pnrehaaer by addressing LB B, M Tribune office. A TEAM ol bay horses, of about 1,100 J\ Ibaeicb.T year* old, for sale. £aobe*ecn at Ulllikeo A Cotton** Stable. No. 147 SUtO-st. For further p>rtlcol*r* address Bo» 17J7. A GENUINE CONCORD BUGGY lor We; been iKd but. t»» umg! the whole rig wUI be sold cheap. Call at JO4 Weal Madtson-*t. l?OR &ALB—Cheap—A pood driving I? tt*ret alio ibe whip. Inquire, to-dav. at Room 7A. Keypoldgjiock. sKcal ggtatc-fflountrg. X?OE SALE—Or Exchange—An eligibly r loMitJKi orooertT at 110 acres, six miles east ot the ffi . a *eul fsr'.°i!S CO North t hicaco. TTOK SALE—Or escnanire for real es- P tate.« rood 7 octave piano. &&& jotect fSAr H. 0. STOSE. 107 SUte-ac UOFSALE —And to llent—New and I’ iw> c ni| * and nlUSfc ODPdoubl# fOOUeJ. nilodM tTrta JSoTB-pslttoe pcomour *K«3ed S MartrtsU corner ol Wash ington-*!. F)R BALE—One ot Hsllet & Davis’ ol Boron beat 7-octave Piano Foma. ov*mruajri carrcUlegs,dc^ncvr. Aitotß f.Oiß#il737< ST DAY. nro RENT Three new two-story 1 dwellltg bonaea, Kos. 158,1 BO and 163 Norm Morcan-U. Apply to OGDlffl; FLEETWOOD ACO. 131 lakc-aL TO RENT—On the booth bide, house 1 137 Twenty.nloth-st. Hu 13 roams, paaulea tod moaeta, wtta tnoaem Improvements. Bent, tio per month. Apply at 103-4 Michlgan-ar. nro RENT—Collage house, bnck base- I cent 8 rooms, No, 40 LearUHt Inquire of BILL A WHIPPLE. Hal Bs'ate Agent*, lay Dear bora-ftt. Boom a. rpO RENT—A nice cottage on Wabash- X ar.,ne*rTblrtleth-it. Al»o,lwo story, Hslstod •L. ta> per month for two rears trays the house. GEOBQB & WILLIAMS. 7 South Clark-st. TO RENT—A very pleasant cottage ot seres rooms, at a reasonable rate. Inquire at itoota Q, third floor, 109 West Eandolpa-st. imme diate potseseloo given. TO BENT—469 Clatk-st,ncw store and bearding house; 220 Foartb-av.,two-«nry frame bouse; 404 Bine Is aod-sv., two-story frame bouse: new two-story frame house corner Tweoty-serehth and UanbaJdl-sta.; 122 and 134 Bh«rman-«L, a flue boarding house; tour rooms at 337 Clark-st. Posses sion at once. Apply lOJ.M. MARSHALL, 07 South ..MANAGERS. TO RENT—On five years’ time Irom May Ist. IWT7, the three-storybrick bnUdlog.Noi. 144 and 146 Maduon-st, adjoining the Young Men’s Christian Association Hall. £l. 0. STONE. 107 State-sC rpO RENT—And furniture lor sale— i Two rlcely funlsbed rooms, wlthlu two minutes’ walk of the Post Office, suitable tor a mao and wife to Keep house In. or two single gents to keep **old baebs* ball'’ in—dbhe*. cooking utensils, stoves, £c„ Ac. For further particulars, call at 170 South Clark-su, or acorns r.o. Box 2457. TO KENT—A nicely furnished iront room, with bedroom, la a cottage, Ko. 51 Mlchl gat-«L, near Franklin. r PO RENT—Three large, desirable X rooms, with closets and other conveniences. Price tio per month. Apply st -ISO West Hubbard-at. TO RENT—At 202 State-eL, up stairs, furnished rooms, In suites or sinsV, with closet, gss and stove. r PO KENT—Pleasant and comfortable X apartment’, comer of Reuben and West Rinse »«. Rent no per month. Apply to A. D. BILLS, cor ner of Carpenter and West Rinse sis. npO RENT—One large and one small, X ftffifched sleeping rooms, to two or three gentle men, VrHWgas at d care of room?, Wabasb-»v„ near Harrlaon-st. p. O. Box 1234- References required. r PO BENT—Offices and sleeping rooms L InLflßnoaßlock,Spent Block, Long Block, and other Blocks. Apply to J. M, MARSHALL, No. 07 Ciark-sL r) RENT—A furnished lodging room tocenUetnen only, by the month, at Ibfl Sooth Clatt-st.. up one flight ot naira. QLo lacnt-gitoccs, Offices,&c THO RENT—One-half of a store on South I Clnrk*«L,ln the eery Beat location la the city. OdreesP.U. Pox 303. 'T'G RENT—Yeo* desirable office rooms, k on the second floor of Ol Baaaolph*at. Apply to lilt. JAMES, |I3 Randolph-at., second floor, 'T'O BENT—Third, lourth and huh X floors ol new store fW Mlchlean-av. Posse sion Immediately. Price. $1,500. Address P. O. Box 2370* r PO RENT—Desirable offices, on the A second floor of “ Dicker's Building,'*’ corner pf Lake aid Dearhorc-st*. Irom Ist of Slay. Apply t<j JOHN DaKOVENj Northwestern National Bank. 'PO RENT—Store, and lease and fixtures I Air sale. One of the best lucatlonsonLske-el. Inquire at No. ? R Lake-at. XO RENT—A tarm nl 190 acres of the best prairie lantl 4 oeir is mites rtontChlcneo. i constant raltrond crnturlipn to the city, ab-.*ut (wo-thlrils under eulUyattiim with. the.prlrllecea ol »yMMftbieß»ri!ehj*nil wue-nn't of a tiirlUt ebetry atnl apple orvliat'li has a eood tenant bntlsei wllh esi l lat, bstij( withdste.rttiftc. W"h this win be leased 40br90acfes,Mtlamlbt» low tlsiUbj tot mowlbc.inir poMf*; Jlss.ltHitu*edwith |jrea* *.ualtr ftturijinctfi. ffianfls. Ctosbg art association Club order* wiQ be fined vp to 10 o’cfotfc P. M. t when |7w book* tnU be doted. Eo l£mt—houses. SEo Llcnt-lxooms. UBtlf=ifEe Uiifil, iwiflti tin.J IjftU JL p«f td,w»w mil »K-i. |>\* j s|(T«r r pn stolilo, wiiii fhroe J ala)l»|Ht Wabash av, rpo llßNT—Htnie, or firet oinaa nfllra, 1 1 (Ml llonroc si., admlrablF a>lspicd lo tho bank Ira, insurance, real cttulu, nr nlberSDo.lltuilnusa, Uontlnw. Apply at IH7 hdiiUi Clatk-al. rpO RENT—fitnres 310 ami 351 Smith X r.ltik-at. aiorcsandrnmnsaljnjL'JHfl.’JHtlW, 3Hi and 471) bomb IJiarl it. buirs 4tjTl West Mad lioiwt. Apply to J M. MAItSIIALL. »7 Llark-st. rpo KENT—A good stnro 7fi loot deep, 1 ottnrarbora-atnsnnlh of Washington, atwl ls*a« fer sale. Aiblrcas **.T N 11." oillco llhlcago host. affilantcli-®o Brut. TSTANTED—To Kent—On and niter V V April 1, a comlnrlnhle furnished hnuso ol s*veo or eight rooms. In good locality, fnf gentleman and his wife. No children. Best of references given. Ad* dr*sa, Uatlog terms, lIAUUV lUCUkIUND, Box asau. \\T ANTED—To Rent—Pour or five V V cool rooms, to ft good locality, suitable far a small lAndly. Best of reformer* given. ting location ard rent, **c I! W,'* I*. O. Dot 12.70. \X7 ANT ED—To Rent—A house ol 0 VV to it rooms, In a r»<d location. Address, with lutl particular*. Box 1737. WANTED— To Rent—A house with about 8 roc m*. on Wabaabor Mlcbleftn-av., or on North bide, east ol Clark-at. and south ol Chicago* av., rent not to exceed fj.OOi: win buy furniture. Ap ply to WILLIAM D. KEHFOOT, Real Kitata Broker, HI) Washlngton-at. _ Business tShanees. I7OU SAJjE—A stock n! hardware. I sieves ard tinware, with tlmibop attacbel. Good location, with a good run of custom. For particulars call oo or notify** L. A W. TUQMPdQN, Gl.niao, 111. IT 1 OR SALE—Pacicing bouse lor hand- I? line dressed hors, with Ice house *ll complete, with lard kettle and press and vat* for .pickling X3&.0 pieces bacnaor shouiders.uew last summer. Price 11.6C0. Wry conveniently located. Address “J fl 6," Tribune office. F'OR SALE—A diy drne store, in a good bttslnesa location. Stock ana fixtures win not exceed $3,300. A rare opoortuilty for a physician who (lesltcs to establish an office or general practice. Must be disposed or rocn, ns other business require* the owner’s time. Neat aparttm nit can be bad for a small family In contecllon *tth the store. Address. ior one week. "PHYSICIAN," 166 .North We D-eL, Chicago. 17 OR SALE—At Miuvick, 111., a good F store and stock of hardware, with tin shop at tached. Apply soon. The above establishment is lo a fim-rate '■Anctry, and Is doing a good business. APDIS & ANDRUS. 17OR SALE—A fine restaurant and F saloon, centrally located and doing a good bu*l ness; also, a Orat-claa* hoarding house, cheap lorcuh. A. J. Mit.l-S ACOn 1&3 Pearbora-st. I7OR SALE—Saloon and Restaurant. F Hast be sold this week. Room 2, No. 48 Sooth Clftrit-st. I7OR SALE—Or Exchange—Pine gro- I 1 eery fbr boose and lot,orhonse on leased lot. Room 3, No. 48 South Clark-st. FOU SALE—Two hrst class saloons on Booth Side, one on Wcit Side, one laml'y grocery store on Sontn side, one provision and batter depot. Apply at ICOMadlson-st., Room 4. . T7OU SALE—Lheap, or to rent, bast jP nrs* premises doing a goo* trade. In be*t part of ntv.ncarrnstOfnre. A good chance fir small capi tal. Apply to P. foaming. TJOAUDUTG—One largo unfurnished ll> front room and a larco fnrnNbed room, soluble Ibr two gentlemen, or gcotlcmao and win. can be cb- with first class board, at 280 llllools-sL. North Division. T>OAKDlNQ—Pleasant rooms, with I / br*rd. can lid obtained at the 8U Qiood llon«e. 114 fiat'klln-au, only two blocks weat of the Co trt House. VINION A HAYNE. Proprietors. BOARDING— Four gentlemen can be accommodated with board at 13QThlrd-av. HOARDING —Pleasant rooms and first 1 # claw board c*L be secured for families and sin gle gentlenur by addressing real name to P, O. Box 144 U. Reference required. HOARDING—A lurnbhed room, with r> gas and Hove, snltab'e fer a gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. Apply at 174 West Washing ton-sl. HOARDING—AtB Eldridgc-court. ono I y salte of ft* nt nnftirelahfd room*, on areonu floor, with ea*. aet bowl, with hot and cold water and closst. Alto, ward ior one sing.e gentleman. IJOAHOIEG—Inn privnto (amlly,where lj there are no other bearders. A large front room lor a kpotleman and wife or two gentlemen. Location roith of Van borrn-st., dear Wabath-av. Address Box 1770. HOARDING—A tew day boarders can I y |h> accommodated la s private fkmllf, at No. *JIW Statfrri., at per week. TJOAIIDINQ —A desirable room, with |"> gocd board, can bo bad In a pleasant family, by applying at || | west MnJl(on-*t. Terms reasoo*b‘e. IJOARDINO—A cnmloitnbly lornlshci I ■> room, with ont clan board, lor rent, at No. ‘Jill liJlDolP-rt. corner North Btato-aU Ucfere&cea ci cllßlged. T2OAUOINU A n!cc]y lurmsbed room, Jjl cloaet and drcMißß room attached. sulUbla H»r gentleman ami w|P% or two gentlemen, to rent, with hoard, at I H7 Wabasli*av, A raw day boarder* can be accommodated. 130AHDIN0—Neatly furnished rooms. I lwuh first clan boaid. la a private family, at 170 (ninth rjOARDINO—One ilculraWe roomwllli It flriKiMi hoard, twrtnanwit or tramleat. lulia* We forgmUetnanand wire, or W»p one or Two day iioarder*. Aardy at 407 MlohUamat. MOARDINO— Good bonrd, nml n rdciu.- ant front room.with gas. (bra gen'lenan and .» ho will fun. t»h It, 711 aaat Adama-at. UOARDiNG—Four or five ffentlemen I > can find pleaiati rooms, with boaffc at iN.*t fuate-at,. up italra. Rooms large, with oioaeu at* t ached. TJOABDING—A lew gentlemen ran oml II food board and pleaaaet room* at 957 UtchlnO' at. (D»ar corner North bUte), and very convenient ro burnea* loeaiittea. A few day boarders wanted, lenni moderate. T3OARDING—Two single gentlemen * I) can be accommodated with rooms and board, at 173 Wabaah-ar. T>oAßDlNQ—Gentlemen wishlnprood r» day board can be accomtnodakid at ROTIIS A BKoh’.Betunrant,22B atate-at. Fim-claae board at |b per weca—having ona ot toe beat eoou In the city; also, a nice lot of gentlemen boarders. T>OARDlKG—Fleasint rooms, with r> board, may be fonod at Side, a »ho:t olaiance Item btateC. bridge, very con* vtnlcnt to bnatnwe. Day boarder* accommodated. X) OARDIh' G —Gentleman and wile with JJ front parlor, and two alnclf gentlemen; alsi. a lew day boarders at93JO per week. atNo.7 Bandolpb at, cor. Michigan-av. ■DOARDING —Two young men can be J) accommodated with board In a private family, by applTina at No. 12 South one door frem ftaadolph* T> CARDING—IS day boaiders can be Is accommodated at the Dining room*, 144 Dear* boip-«L,rearibe host Office, for #JAO per week. BOAItDINQ— Two gentlemen or two young taffies can obtain pleasant rooms and gobd Doar(fonmoderat(>(era.s,at3lsState-st. A few day boarders at #3A> so 94 per week ate wanted also. S>OAKDING —In a private faunly. A ) famished beoroom to rent, widx board, at 33 nib Oretthik. near Madlaoo. (jgorregpmtheotc aeiantcb. pORKESFONDBNOE—"Wanted—By two yonng ladles ot good character, wttn two cr more young gents of respectability* object, fnn. love and the coaseqaeoces. Address MADOiT and - bLAHCDE,” Chicago P. C, aggantco—jgate jgetp. \jif ANTED-—a competent man to sa* V T peftot«Mltte maatuactarlsr departmental a lord on, ooap tad canm* muoach ry. Extra lo dacrmeota will oe onfrat a qu who •tboronxhly nn d-rttands thewbo e wamn. References rec aired, addreaa the *Tol«eo Lard on and caadla ManMsctor lax Go.” Toledo, Ohio. \\f ANTED —A drug clerk. Apply at W 80 WcatMaditoa-ok * TXT ANTED—Salesmen win can engage W peranaeotly. Apply, between tbe honrj 01 3 asdita.rn.or 3 aod 5 p. m. at Boom 17, speed's BtotiuDeaiDoia-st. TXT ANTED—Competent male teachers Y V tor freedoes on - Soauenplaatadon*. The rerr brit of relerencea iran:r*d. Apoly In perscy, or by letter, to Ret. 4. EL SHIP HEED, Boom 39, Lombard rupee. Chicago. TBiDBS. TXT ANTED —A flrst class carriage VY painter, one that caadooraamcrtlozanda rood Job of rarplshlny. Aooiy sSP.BRAIKABO’S Carrlaze rooma. Ifo. 103 Btato-sL ggaantea-jfemale %elp. BOUSE SBBVAMTS. ■VXTANTED—Wei nurse, to go to Free* _V j port, HI, for child five months old. Imjnlreat 180 North state-st. \A/ ANTED—A good girl for genera! v Y heusework la a small fhnfliy. English or Oer man preferred. Apply InmeJlafay at USSWeet Madlson-st. TXT ANTED—A good cook, washer and V V Ironer, cither white or colored, at 51 South Curtls-sL, near Madisoe-sL, West Side. WANTED—A girl to do general house .f T work In a family of mag, wife two small chil dren aad sune girl. Beieresces resulted. 84twen ty-second-st. WANTED —A German gnl to do gen eral housework. Apply at 184 West Monroe- \xTAN TED—An American or German v \ girl who understands doing general hoiue work. Apply at 298 West Wasbtngtoc-iL TX7 ANTED—A good cook, washer and JIT Ironer, for a small family. Apply at 549 Wabash-sv. References required. Smplojntieut agencies. WANTED Males and temide^that have |3 to flO to Invest to a good paving oa-t --ness to call or address DR. STEVENS, 13 | South Clark-sU, Bocms 1 sad 2. TXTANTED—A competent nurse. Mast .V V come well recommended. Apply at 296 TVs barh-sv. * TXT ANTED—I advertising agent, 2 so- T v Heitors 1 salesman, 2 coopers, sod all other? <at of employment. to apply to PARS BALL A 811170, 128 South Ciatk-*U Room 11. Applicants by mail enclose 10 cents forfoll particulars. TXT ANTED—This day, 15 railroad men, n fbrCamron.Missouri. *a«es|lt>#hsoper.;*v : also. 33 me: at $1.50 and board. Apply to PABSQALL A SMITH, 128SouthClart-U.. R-omli. TXTANTED—I.OOO men to go South, » wigesMSto 150 a month and board. Also, rail road m»n. and all wanting employment. Apply at 133 South olark-sk. Room 3. TXT'ANTED—EarIy this day, 200 labnr- V y era, at tIAO per day ao-i Kurd. 13 men at IIS to SSO tor menth aid braid, wood choppers, dc. Apply atlOO Madlaoe-st..Room4. XXTANTED—Young men in the conn- V v trr, wishing to obtain •ttnatloca, inch a* book* krepera, salesmen, collector*, exprrvstce?, clerks trafceamrn. Ac., Ac., to apply at 131 Dearborn-at.. It. cm 2. cr address M. K. JONES A «:0., Box 20 10, eLClvatrs ten ceuta. for Bid pattlcu ar*. TXT"ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 T T roOrctor, a brakem-a, 1 Bremen. 1 porter, J driven.* az?uts,3cntr« c etks, 3 conductors. Apply at 134 Bearoorn-sL. Room 2. TXT ANTED—A man having SIOO to VV #sCocssh, a* General *c»nt m each of these States: Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, lowa. Ran>a.«. and Wisconsin. Atltc’e 1« new, norol, necessary and to hombug. Call at Hoorn 2. No. IS Clarx-st. aClarnrh-ittisrcllaiicous. TAfANTED—A pnrly Imrlhs SIP,OOO In » ? noollien etnlapulr—t a'rri , lMal*'em*ri* uftrtunnc business, wlicro i|ie» Vno l*e pprlbctly .8 > - enred pm u’tourit Ihr stisi. Address JAMB 3 HL ; DHED, Bex OtttOiDhttatm TAfXNtfiD=DasJiiWfilnfs, til lillltol-if VV, Dlnlhe Rooms,-10 and •ISCiafk-st.iilieitMl plnee lo toardUi theeMyi_ A.VANTF,II=IOO liit'H, tvltll Hitjh Mill VV tslcf m id »bd M\*** IhHl felll Payfflloklohef (Ufs PeMlttbl t*jk »*►»♦, i4*ilt*t»t«j flss mmimf'pin’blt; hbd l« Hie Hhjf aftbjle "f 111 - kllj'i eref tMh-fwl,tt*tsate. R»#ft mtitUf wajilsfruw {Wofii TX/ASl'MH—fn tuiY on onelue «m) TX7 A WJffTSTfiitl own won liift itWlle .* V .n.) w ;.nf flfji'l put mii.i wf m Wfl«jti;r, iiaitii»|«il hoviimbar'JTlh, jlaifi- T''U |ny*«- M*irj fjiißi/Hllh Iho pliiitifs H'rlnkitr. and li mußMnrf Hllliltri'alsdftrcas. Ateiila aru lalilnu irdm WtY m atiny, tuMin blshi* alfnailf Buld. lien win) liHys taken Ini’ll ot U am coining mono? rapidly “Blial man has ilonn man can do.” tor a raw wenta apply In nr addruas J. F. WHJTEt Huiropolllan Mo ld, (ihliaffn. XXT’ANTKD—A com! reliable man, with VV a canital of fva) nr f|o,o», to sß«»win im nianufariure ul bard wimml lltnb*r. Tho establish* ment Is situated on the b-st water power »nd host ttmnerot reubm In Wisconsin. Machinery now; now running and doing a iirofllstilu htiiinuas. Apnly to It. C. tmßKV'trcu., Ucal Estate brokers, H Mttropull* tsn Block. WT ANTED—Porlica Imving a ninimfuc- VY luring Interest which tber may wish to sell lor cash, may And a purchaser by addressing a lino to Uox 1737 >*»D» TXTANTED—-Men of.«mall means look* V V Inc for profitable Investment* ca't nnd are us. Hale* nnlck. Proflu largo. I'JB Lake**t. A. C. imows & uo. TXT ANTED—Soldiers interested to call VV and see genuine checks received Inoavmrntrl additional fiOO bounty. Advance* made n*i coid claims. A. boODRft’Q. Attorney a; Law, 120 Dear bornsL, Koora 2. TXT ANTED—To Purchase—A Drag V\ titore. Must bo well loc\te>l in a thriving town, and doing a good business. AddreiS, with particulars "FRANKLIN." Drawer 112. Aurora. DU TXT ANTED—Houses on leased ground, VV ve«s«l property or Imorovel farm. lor stone of groceries in tbe city. Apply to fi. W. 6EA, laud Of* flee 11*1 Adims-st. TAT - ANTED—The celebrated Gypsy wo- V v man. If you want to learn alt tho secret* of your post and future life, tbs knowledge of which may save you years ol sorrow and care, don't tall to con* mlt the Ov«sy Palmist. Consultation, oac dollar. Residence 370 Bomb Clark-st. TXT ANTED—Proposals to mnnufactnre VV 500 fanning mills Immediately. Caliatßa->m No. 20, Post Office Block, where a machine can be seen. TXTANTED—A second-hand medium VV sizedflreaadbarglarproofsale. Address“M K.” Tribune office. TXT'ANTED—I want a man in an easy T> position, that can loan me’ from 83W to 1300. Will pay a good salary, and give roxl seeanty for the money. Address "ROBERT.*’ Tribune oTßce. TXT ANTED—To inform onr old patrons VV andthepnhllc generallr. thatave have re-e*. tabilshed nor mb. door acd blind factory at 07 North Franxlln-st., and ere prepared to flu orders on short notice, Send for our new price list; WH. WISDOM & MJS. Ural 3= state-® it g. IJIUBOVKD. FOR SALE—The undersigned will sell two booses and lot*. 01 land BSH Sou*.h Canal st.. for c»*h or on term*, at a very low price, because *hcli)te-d« to Nave r»r Germany. Inquire vt CARO LINE RBCSS, 77 Llbcrty-et, between Jefferson and Canal-sts. T?OB SALE—Pour houses, ironnng JT South, cn Fnilon-st., near Lincoln-**. A gjod In vestment, inquire ot HILL A WHIFFLE, Real Bitate Agents, 17S Pc»rborn-3t.. Room •£. Foil SALE—A story and a half cot tage.atSHD Park-av., rentalnlrg 7 rooms. In quire of HILL A WHIFFLE. Beal Estate Agents, 128 Dearbofu-sL, Room 2. F3R SALE—Chenp—An elegant mar ble treat rotdcnce. No. LOS Mlchlgan-ave. Fur niture will hi sold with the easy. A. J. ATERELL, Real Estato Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOK sAlxE—Three first-class stores, centrally located, and paving a Ib*m per centaie on the price aided. A. J. BUELL, Beal Eitite Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. T7OH BALE—A new two-story house I 1 and lot* btirk baiement. is rooms, modern Im provement*. on FVorla-*L. near Van Boren. Term* caiy. Apply at 77 North Morgan-*!. FOR BALE—Three bnck houses on W»b*Ah-«v,,jmd one bare—k^soo,l3.Wo.llffJW; one corner lot, sszw—(loo per fbot. tall on T. F. BALDWIN. 104 Fandolph-nt. F)ii SALE—lfyoti wnnt to boy n house, nnt t tionw. or i'll * hoit** and lot. call at-oof office. Great indue* menu always offering. UEUIIUK A WILLIAMS. 7 Sooth Cla»k-it. _ _ __ UNI!BPBOVBD» TTOR SALE—A fine lot on Wabash av., F between Twentieth and Tweatr-n'IUM. flOvlT). all a»r«amenta paid, A. .1, A\bltLLL, Heal Estate office. No. 7 MctropoUtaa mock. 170 R SALE—Two choice lots, near Lin- F cola Faik, r«m each, offered f»r a ftw days at a low price, inquire at Room ‘J. NI2U pgarbern-st. FOR SALE—Corner lot, 125 feel on Van Buren sl. by 15 fteton Feoria-st., IDiJVifect on Llarkat. near Fonr'eenth-al. t a trend lot fbr a inannfactorv or roal and wood y*rd. |I.W i W*t9o|wt on Acaw*-«t«neaf ilaiitad-at.. plaokni alley |o rear t TliWilM fret on Fultnn-il., near Elltaretli-i'., #CO per loot, a large Bat ot improved ami unimproved prop erlv In different part* «1 the city and county. 11. C. MOBF.Y ALU-. RoilKiUlo Broker*. 8 Mo'rupolitan Block. FOn BALE—BO feet on Bomb Wider it..cor. FVankllP'it.. with itreet and river Irotil. at a tow price, on tonic time, and »l a low Interest A aplehOldrhat'refi’rft firal-rtaa* InvMttiietit. Will ur.w * cmonntc;». lap iturbom-iit.. ftoomtl. ,Ifot S>aU. (I'D It HALE—Prop. " GenMce Clncft" JT nowlying at Detroit, Michigan. C?ia«; V’tv-/t! Lmnbcf-M.. Chicago. F'OU 9Al*Fi—Tlio propeller “ Al!e* »h»ny, M 6Kt tona m t»« au f r r», ff» •. f» b* »l mvrr 11* in good rni ii 'm l will t>»*/roattir» palming In lhe spring.. ,&/t,*S overhauled and irtmired If. w l»»i »m *i Conner nop«i tna>>* all VS® steam fwitiira«Uoa»UT i hut a nawihaft and New Vor« wheel lo November. ItM; wm d«a<d and caulked aarno tuna. Hha l« one 11 iha iA*lMt and beat *eat>oaU on Ifoeh water, Yot prira »nd tefma apply w t'.J. WAfllLUtofnirßoiitJl water and W*Uam(a.»CttlcagO| ill. I?OR BAX.E—Pis Iron—3oo tons best r brand No l Uka superior Iron at |» per km, caah, delivered In our yard, i*. VV. QaIES. I*rr«tdcnt. FOU SALE—At Granger’s Boston Mer chant Tailoring Itoomt, lUO South Clsrk-aU nn atatra. bnaiceea miia lUatryowen & C&aa> for pi, 933 and 937. Oar cat t* second tu none. F)R SA LE—At Granger’s, overcoats to order, from fird'Claas beavers, Gonyowen*, fretse, for |2S to 933. Finest beavers In the mar* ket for 953. F)R SAl.E—Schooner A. G. Morey, rates A 2,15J00 bu capacity: schooner Scaodlns tjid, rates A S, U.OUO ba capacity; ecnooner Baclne, rates B L 13.100 bn car aclty; rchooner S. O- Andrews, rates Bi,UdSQ bn capacity; schooner Wn. F. Allen, rates Dl. JAOCO bn capacity; brie City of Erl*, ratca D ?, I*o m Inmberon leas than 8 feet of water. Ibcatore vesaejaareaUUldnpls Cbtcano Blvet. and for *alc by C. J. MAOILL, comer cf Well* and Soath Water* 8«„ Chicago, m. FOR SALE—A Herring Safe, at a bar gain, at 155 Dearborn-at. T77STTSALE —A private family,who have r awell tarnished Boose, with seretal flrst-class boarders, having to leave the aty. will sen oat on reasonable cub trims. lAcaUoo genteel aad eon van* lest. Address “ABbEST,” mbane office. FOR SALE—A good new Milch Cow. No. JO East Madlaon-st. TTOB SALE—A ieantiml lot on Wai- Ldr-ste^dsaas^fißSJSK Boom 13. mi. KOH-I-NOOB.— Four hundred ban els of the celebrated. KO H-I-NOOR, or Diamond Light Carbon Oil* vnnbeaold to clese consignment. Country orders 2qSSS. JAMES MCCAULEY * CO. ,oua Commisnoa Metcaaaw, 3116 lath Water-st, jpiwmons eetawcn. SUIiBRi wTruATlON—Wanted—By a yotax Cj Swede, to takeicovof.hone*, or aa poifcr la a atofg. AoplyatTTOlilwat.apitaifa. CIIUATION —Wanted—By a yonur O mao aa bookk*eper, or la any other rapacity, l!5 an office or ttore. la a eood. poamaa. Salary la ooc ao mneb of aa object at a aitnaeoa. Refcreace strew. Addreas **B PQ. Trfboae office. ■ CITDATI ON—Wanted—By a person O from Canada, who haa been employed !br Utelast etgM months as salesman la a.wholesale hat aad cap warehouse, and u acquainted with zederal office work, Eelmnce»4Sla3»~ie-sL OlTTJAtlON—Wanted—By a practical K. 7 tzutler can furnish thebeat of recotTßcadadosa. Canto of Icsrinj present pises, oeueraeiplrdla* and mill total wreck. CaabiiarXo. Dd miller. Address Box 94, Anbum, Do Kalb SITUATION— Wanted —By a ycranjr «n Ammen, to dome Gents’ rnrmihluc ° r^atJcn bouje. u riocfckMoer. BMgood ft* JApS i” Si JbLa ’ ” SBm - AMst * CITOATO O. *bonßdep»tac<jsijUi)taiaea«. Goodre*vreoc«. AddreilTrlboaeoQce. O ITU ATlON—Wanted—ln a dir goods O house In any Weafrt ciit.oq or before March unh, by »rouse mao of good character sad cizht rears* practical experience is the best English markets - wholesale Importers preferred. Will require two months’ absence at clom of anmotr't trade. Addreas, for eight days. ** J 8,” 168 Sonta Halsted-«L,Chleago. FEBULEsi SITUATION—Wanted—Ta do general Cl housework to a private tkmily. Address m 3 SJ* Tribone office.. . QlTlTATloN—Wanted—As cook in a kJprtrateftmily, No objection tv housework;wash lag excepted. Address *•llN,** Tribune ofifre; SITUATION—Wanted—By an Amerf- O can lady aged 22. to do plain sewlag lua prlraie family. Wages not so moth of an object as-lne com forts of a good home. Address “LK,"Peat Office, Chicago, XL. CITXJATION—’Wanted—As cook,, wash kJ er and irccer in a private family, by a respectable slil. who thoronghlT under? tvnds her business. Good city references furnished if required. Address M,” Tribune office. CITDATION —Wanted—By an English kj lady* fa a private family, to instruct younrcbll dren In music, French and English, No objection t» u.e country- Address P. O. Box 450, Chicago. ClTDATloN—Wanted—By a respects- O Me sjrl, as second girl. References given. Inoulre si 2!IN Warren-sc. West side.* agents aaaanteo. \ GENTb—W anted—slso per month, the greatest invention oftheage. price f is. Every Machine wanTmtcdthneyeart.* Address SECOMB k uu., Cleveland. Ohio, AGENTS— Wanted Price »aso— UNITED STATES CONTINENT IN 1900. On« ag-ct has Mid nearly 500 copies. LLOYD’S NEW GREAT REPUBLIC BEST TREK vUb the map. POSITIVELY thcebeapt stand most saleable maw In tbs wer d. Address GOODSFEED A CO M 148 Lake ■t n Chicago. A GENTs—“Wanted—ln all parts ot the ftx country, to §rU "THE HISTORY OF ABRAHAM LINCOIJt" atd ter "OVERTHROW OF SLAVERY,** In ore ret., vi • Ter *OO page*. By Hon. I. N. Arnold, i*.e member cfCinsreia.a:d lor over twenty rear* a eorfldentlai mend ol Mr. Lincoln. Tht* work baa Jnr: been completed, end will meet a wart t*lt fcrer ery intelligent clUxen. It presents feature* which hare not appeared to any other work. The Daily Chronicle, of Wathlne'un, lave: “It will urarae a thararter and hold a place beyond anything ret pro duced," For territory am tr»m». address the pub* )l»he» s. CLARKE A CO-, NO and S 3 WashlugtQMC. Chicago. AGENTS —W anted—For Frank Moore's rew work—" WOJIEN OF THE WAR;** and other valuable l!lu«trated book*, unlit only by agents. Address 11. C. TREAT, 117 Scath CWrk-«t- Chicago. -ijj AGENTS Wanted—For BARRETS LIFE OF LINCOLN. The best. most complete and authentic work ret pnbiMird. President Jncoln having hlmse f tarnished fhr this work alone, he lartt ol hi* early up*. We are pfbms agents, be elre# a tety nneil»t>i premiums, a higher rt>mmi«*fea than can be imertletl hr an? ether house In the West. Address ,LF; GOODMAN ACO* Publishers, 9 fna* tom Douse place* Chicago* 111; A Ol^NTfl—U'nnfpfi—Fnr THE AMB- I\ RM'AN FJUIMFH'3 hnßsfc HIKIR. hr Robert Slewartj SI.If *Vi s.* eelMvlhg the rettiHf or twenty years of yriglrai itmshgafiou.. The bock atm»e an olhtts. fl'rAkybleia* It ajinta's fo .the tir* e s «ttfc» ted kwMmrrwt ol a kerr.iiirgiu wealthy end InbMieenl ’hleac'ji IMs ’ A hiul 1 V. Jit S» M, a lit* -iMb-la lb efMt i SibShd MHf abiljt .w«bl«; ft per day main witm.iP s♦*♦♦*•*»- TfdkeUU;jj t flßSi(* Mb mab* kirn** lu ♦*' lu-f *is* WlfhohJ lltlbtl ftth-e With idbW -iHMbl***: ' It eatHHk •It'-ws f t tss»r-i44, Hlffi lefbts ’OiFim^ln 7\ M'fiM.diniy mifjii loamiagu <n a b‘i«D teiwfimla wnsif. f-MMtbHjif Mb»fr, tUilcaan, fit* A flK!fri^=AV : Sniin—f'i«ptifienii«i Ih iik ./\ wumn» Ura* aai* arrViFtoiiiitiis,bin Will *** l'*bl- AiMrc*#7in.UUß4 tho h Rttler I*. d.’» Thamtvtt jM»pol»t snpraTlng in Amerl* ca. IbuLvrntrir Journal n»va: •• ITj* miihiiiitam w.lii * blrh It w aa baiteil *1 the taat, has folbiwnd |l to Hie Wral, acd r.ono whogpo it fan to aoknowlodgo, ouiha InslaCL tno wobilerful spirit ol numv anil more than rarlbly beauty wllh welch the aillit has Invcalnl herauti)ecl. itlsone nflho flneat creations of liiixUrn art. ApltTuru lobs aazsdal frequently, and always with Increased admiration." EiclnaUa territory and Terr i«r*ie commission atven. Heed bit circular. J. A. bTODDAItD * to.. 10'i Washlngtoo sl.. Clilcngo, HI. AGENTS— Wanted—Eailtcsol respect* ability and energy as agents, either local or travelling, on coo.niU*lcn nr salary. lor the beat thing out. frorti large. Inquire fbr Inftirma inn between 8 aid Jp. tn..on Palnrday. UUh Inst., at 27S West iUmlolpli-ft., or addrysa “Mrs. E Ch," Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted—Everrwucrc, both local ami travelling, male and female. aUtdr employment the y**ar round, ami no rsp'tol rcqnimf. litialncas rew, tight and desirable. For particular*, address CONKLIN A CO.. mooklio,N, T. AGENTS— Wantedr*To Fell our new Cnpy Ftcm and Writing Ca«c. a most complete article that sella rverywbrrr. Profit 100 per rent. Hend so cents for article to PERUKE 4 AVashlPgtuc-at.. Chicago, 1.1. AGENTS— Wanted—Messrs. Tlcknor* Fields, ’loslon, have nunhshed a •«•*! rngravitug pi'nraiti i ABRAHAM LINCOLN as a perfect likeness and a work ot art. It la commanded as tan lx«t lUtu* neiaof Ur. Lincoln yet published, t-y KOBKRT f. LINCOLN; Mr. I. N. ARNOLD, Mr. HKRNDON. * Mr. CRASF, CHARLES SUSINER, Sir. STANTON, Mr. THUMBIILL, GEN. GRANT, „ Mr. COLFAX. . MBS. UUBSStDB, And msnyoibe*A Thu DtrtraUU tuomparnby tbt best. Call nudaea It side by side with th»t of i a*4>enter'a. Critics csu> not differ In the merits of the two portraits. It 1* sold only bv subscription, and agents are wanted tale. Libera) rommlsMons are given to cftn»a»»cra. and aocressful ones can have good territory to ooeratu in. Andreas JOHN U. AM3OS, Publisher's Agent, t*7 Wa»hlngtoc*«t. Cmcaco. A GENTS—Wanted—s2,soo to SO,OOO a il year. A good cha:ceto mate money. Ansgenl is wanted in every town In the Union to manufticlaie and sell an article of dally consumption In evurv faml ]y. • an be manufactured m the agent’* dwelling. It is entirely new. B«ored-hy copyright. Sale as per maoent as lloor. No fitting tin to be done. For full particular* address, with stamp enclosed for return, tOUId COBLBNTZ. Middletown. Maryland. AGENTS—TVamed— In every Cotmly for Caymoctl’s Lift .1 Lincoln. All reading teen know thl s to be the most complete and best vet published, and It con-cquently nj<-eu with the cost ready sale. Also several oth*r good books for agents. 11. M. SIIBBWUOD. 107 Monroe-st., Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—Teachers preter f\ red—ln every county, to sell Oavol’a Online Mars, for Schools. Series sfn. S are now paollrhed, aua from their tup* i tar tnerlU and low price, will meet with a large sale, Addreo* immediately, naming territory desired, HENRY M. SHERWOOD. 107 Mooroe-sL, Chicago. AGENTS— 1,000 Wanted. —The best chance yet A work of historical value and nanonal Importance. The only work on onr Nary yet In the field. Agents find torompclillco. In ptnw, OCR NAVY DURING TUB REBELLION; or. Fa»- EaooTAJtD Ouk Nav>l Couxawdvk*. Dy the wor.d renowoed historian. Hen. J. T. HEADLEY. In one hardsome volume, with twenty-two »pi*ndid steel por trait* and battlescenes—comer sing the early llf-% pub lic services and naval care-r of Admiral D. O Fstra gul, Tice Admiral P. D. porter. Rear Admirals FVnte, Dupont, Strlogbam. Dvvl*. Oo dstj-rouab and Dahl gren; Commodores Wilkes. Wlrsliw. Worden, Bailey, aid many other orotnKvnt naval celebrities. wrlttca Id Mr. Headley’s graphic and Irtmtiablestyle, with an authentic account of rattle*, niece* and bombard* scots. Including the recent Cijeov-rlc* in conducting naval v arfare bv gunboa’s and iron-clad vessel*; also, thfllllgg descriptions ot the most brlillatit eiploiu and achl* vements of th* rebellion. The authenticity ol the wora Is beyond a diubt, m mo*l ol the material concerning their early Ilto and public services was furnish**! directly by Ihc officer* or their friends. The book will soon no ready to d-llver, and agents are already meeting with almost unparal leled sccces* in using order*. . Onr term* are nowhere exce’led. and. taking into consideration the great popularity of onr publication*, our inducement* Pi aienU are nnequal-ed. Don’t Nil to send fbr onr circular* and outfit at once, aa a day’s deiav may make a hnndrml dolfara difference. Address C. W. ULLRT, Publisher, 90 Reynolds’ Block, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—THE AMBRI f\ CAN CONFLICT. A HI TORY OP TUB GREAT KPBELLIGN. l.r Hokack Oaxft now complete In two volumes, and rrndv Pir delivery. Agmu « anted in every town In the Wc*t. ArnU having the right in deliver vol. It. are miiietled lo *er»im their orders immediately. OKO. A C. W. SHERWOOD, |O3 Chicago. 111. A GENTfe—Wanted—Slwlo ami lemale, jCX. fbr a tLonry.making buslnera at home. Small rat crn.petliko acd no risk, and very desirahln forcrld weather. Call ar 47 Lombard Block, or *cn«t stamp f'-rpapera and coma coco at once. Audreia U. WAYVELL. Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wnntcd—To cnnvuss llmt J\ jocat PJrtufß. “WllO’a BSBN HSUF. SINCE rSK mPEN (JONB." fieorl Stomp ibf circular to M. O’BBIEN. Uhlrago. fll. » A GENTS— Wanted—Carpenter’s great Xi Portrait of Sir. Lincoln |a Jn»l out. It la pro. pounced far tnpertor to Martlialt’s bv Mr*. Lincoln. Bub’t fjnroln. I. N. Arnold, R. C. Lamed, W. |l. ||rrn d'lmanfl by all competentludgsa who hata *ren hotli. See communication in to-dav’a p»per,*niltl«l Furirait ol Un*mln. lllnted from lift, aa .Marshall'a ws* not, and finely engraved. It I»the only laultlea* Portrait. L«nvn*«pr*, now |a ynuf ehance. Adtlre**, with ftowp, c. AI.LKN. M. D. t fit! Wvnl"gion *t.. Uiloago. Partners aainmcb. AWf-VE it—Wanleii—lVllli n cn«b rap. lift] of IMO. No rl«k, HuMPon light nod nmiilt ImlTutSS* 1 * 1,0 MBt lA * a(to>ua OUJP * liitlAJl IJAUTNKR—WftnIciI —WHh tmnll I capital, In »n o»iabli*hed, Ml* paying ImMnoae. wem 11 * C(; " lipAt ° mM l>Airm:u—Wnnted—Oanitnl. *IO,OOO I to sift.too. it««in«a «m<tM*.t>rftnuUigft.tft* v» ■ipieiil •«(«», A neocbancu. ana ft»ra fewrtaysoofy. HKI.FIKU* > CO., j Q I*’■tOrttcrw tllorlc. * T>AilTNKU—Wanted—With a cnnilM I oi iwv to lagn a hair inierrat m a light, safe and nrofttabrooßleelmalnMa. Inquire atTremont* lUHlarg Room. for "ADVglfriitKU.** T)ARTNEU—WrtDtcd—A business man, I with 1 1, £00 capital, vtihra to connect himself with rome e«i&h||ibM hLi!n«»a(o thtanty. Address, statin® particular*, **A O,*’ Trlhoae office. personal. TJEHSONAL —Obsrles G. TVand would I I e pleaied to fee any cf tta Monlrral frl- nda that mlcbt call before t o’clcek tontay at the Sherman licnae. Host anb dFtmnb. TOBT— A large Newtoundland Dog, j black. Icet white anil brcaat and 1“ white apot on end cf tall. Had oa wrcn lMt a leather strap. #lO reward will M paid to the flader by retara* lag him to 27 Weat Rume at. T OST— On Monday evening, at tie I i ihwm iiAiitf at the clo«e of Tlhoav Itctora or t&S.®tha Hallway Sraaoo. on SUM gSSSwASES* I QyFVoSflTU&jgg ltt ~ T OST— Straved from the subscriber Jan. I , t;th. a sorrefcheitpat sfatr. with harness oa. $Ey Woo brlnglDg her to ISO North Bamted-ac. will be snUably rewarded. LOST—J 5 Reward— A Mink Mnffi on. Wedtesday afternoon at Crosby’s or eoingtiom mere on a Vadlson-st. car to 3DO Weak ifadison-u. Hie order will pieasorttora to tae above number. ■ -r OST— Yesterday atfemoou, on Jttida- I , .«,•»(, Bmbat. of Chlcaso-av, a rlfht-haad Otter FurGlovt Thr flndar wlllrtcelTealuitabter*- waid by leavlng’lt at 33 latMt fT'AKEN UP—A dark sorrel pony horse, I with bamrsa, baa been ttitaa op. Tboowref eao eft tbesamr, by paying the coat, of LOUIS BENIOH* BERG. 544 klU«ankeeav. GP—A brown heiter, 3 or 4 yean old. horns torn in toward Vie head. Appif el 4 63 corner Hoyue,