Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 20, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 20, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune.- THE CITY. AcxwowtEDOMDCT.—We are Indebted to K. D. Colvin, of ibe United btates Bxpr.eae, lor a copy of the San Frinclrco Al'a CalirotnUu rsxscsAL.—A. Blerstsdr, Esq., the well-known artist.' is at the Sherman Home. Major General O. C. Augur Is also at (he Sher man, en route for th« Department of the Plstt%. Dtseataacrn.—Napoleon Bnsser, charged with having ttolcn some artidse from a trunk at a Praieh hoarding house on Klrslc street, was die** charged ftnaa custody on Hatnrday morning, the evidence In the case being quite insufficient to hold him. Hxirmo TonwA*EKT.—Recall ibeLofenllon of skaters, professors and amateur*,»the.-fact that the Orest wU ■mw clfst ntisbsvti?*ra ..’e week comtnendng January CSib; no M fc * f*. ba* bocn etrowanv- Iv stated. The</U-*of (ftetLe will be there. •'* * RatTfl Waldo Exsnson.— l lke many admirers of this gentleman will be glad to learn that he will soon be in Chicago, and will deliver his raw lecture on “The Men of the World.” In Unify Church, toruer Chicago avenue and North Dear boo street, on Thursday evening next. Tickets Nicvnts each. Can be hsd at the nook-fore of 8. C. Griggs ft Co., and at J. It. Walsh's newsroom. Comurttb ton Trial.—John Kelly, the cbnrch burglar. Whose arrest was mentioned tn Wednes day's Taisnit, was, on Natnrday afietnoon, com milled for trial (mm the I’ollce Court In hall of SIJW. When (he Court, to Offing his halt, asked edit) if be had any fHeuds, (be litter i-cplk-dt "Not any of any account .” who wish to take ad* vantage of the bright wcalber and hate limit “heada liken off,** will And superior IndttremrH* hsldonlto Ihsm In ihe gallery of It. ll.Hieen, Ko, IHUka stteM, whets a doiefl may he pro* cmitd for ons mdlar. Mr.iiwn U aij •-anctl as* Hsi, and prod ness aAt Ulwd putiirs. He la nseu ilaiir suiTSssful in f(ip»tiiß t"ti»»M. and In is* pa atlhg oi sniaiKtng ohUnd faded ptiofoßtapiia, ArontanfTOAhTyoßTnAia. -’Thc tstmrt rur* isnl In UissvciiMig iiapsiaofyetforday'a Issue, tit mesAbcHhalaatiuklratiionlhe Halena Divli* Inn of Hte Northwestern lUlltoad, due hero Frl* day mmttltip, had ton off (he (rack, and that four rare woe (mown down an eotitaukment. was very much expanded. All lialna for a week past have aimed on Unit*, aid the HupirlnUmdeot of the road, tdegraplt openlor and employes have heard of ou such eccideul. ArnuiTtoK.—Mit/tnA Hamuel I’sHsrsnr, al tigrd huehsnd ami wife, vein brought before Die I'ollee Court <m Bahndej moitilnp, Maty tor be* li p diuht and Pimuel disorderly. Miry was evi dently « QertnaD Wumah, ft<>d Bam was ifThumli- Ulrablo rob of flam. Ati Investigation of Die madernenhed in a line nr fB upon the wife ami lie dlschstge of ber husband. Mary I* oMcn drdhl:. shd.Bsnt Is always imlnftliluus. when Ntii is drank she It iiertlßaclottriy anhuylug, •bd brings Unhide thin the shanty > A Libe. a isd of fifteen >esf«. when a<ked by dustlcc M>tliken« on fraiiif* day •ftertrcoii. II be bad been slealhuf. ff.dird Dial ’'u fkDer** .told him lo* and irn* didtrt, be would llrh him. lire contract waslbal be«bould «le*i a frilajrt piece of Iron. If MHH'wful hf was to r-f*]veflVecenMjD be nrlltHl, be Wa« lobe "lbra=bed.** ««vs lea» Dflenllral IVier'sebaraderwrealreidy murnlar> punsuoniba (.iiigiH of iioftllntr, conveytmr an inipf* s*ton Ibal" Ibi.lngs" wyulifl.eipijielii mder ..«tMuuanre, raUier itan a 10-naHy forratlwre. Iba boy waa held Dil Monday for miner fll=>- po*iDon, I.CCTOBE AT Cl-UAVAUVII4-E.—" Mfb 111 W#ilD«g’ ton" la toe Utlo of a lectnra which Mr. 0. H Draioard, of Doston, wKf deliver lo Salem Church on Tneadft) eiemngoexi, for the Joint benefit of 81. Mark's ard Salem Congregational Churches. Mr. Uraintrd waa lor many yeara ft roaident of WacOlneton, sod a correspondent of eeverel Nurtbe-n journals. He waa on intimate terms wtib Abraham Lincoln, Stephen A. Douglas, Hor ace Mann, and otb >r prominent public men, and ei.joyed pccolhr faclllUos furbccomltic thoioaeh )y rmrenant with every phase of life lo the Fed eral City. Mtstxiuocb DißArrrAnaacE.—Charles Pan ehaw. a working tailor, left his homo—No. 9 Twomcy street—on Tuesday noonhwt, with some dotbirg for an employee m (he West Division. He delivered tbo goods, and then started lor home, since which time nothing has been heard ot him. He disappeared mysteriously. Bhou'dany one know or him, alive or dead, they will subserve the cause of humanity by reporting at the Central Station. ’ The wife of Alfred Ecnnessy. N0.£51 Third cveuue, is also in sore distress overtbe absence of ter husband, whose whereabouts ate not known. ' EUcsxxs's Association.—An adjourned meet- Inr of hsekmen was held last evening at Lary’s fftiooc. on Clark street, Ur. F. W..Wanea in the chair. The Secretary, Mr. Q- W. Young, read the minutes of the previous meeting, which were ap proved. - • Five more of the backmen Joined the As«ocia tlon, end others expressed awilUngneas to Join at the next meeting.*. On motion. Meeen. Bacbus. Gray, Tott, and Warm were appointed a committee to'confer with the police authorities respecting a tusioreof the rates of charges. On motion. It was agreed that each member of the Arsodat'on have placed on his carriage the word " Union " as the badge ol the Association. The meeting then adjourned to meet next Tues day evening at the same place, at 9H o'clock. Elxctiox or Omens.-At a special nesting of the Chicago Typographical Union the follow ing gentianm were elected officers for the ensu ing year. There was abe betweta Mcisra. J. C. Bheft and J. A. VenDmet In the-choice for second delcrsK: Delegate—A. B. Brown. President—Geo. W. McDonald. V vice Pr> sldent—Wra. 8. llergle. Recordlrg Bceretary— 4. C. Ketchesoo. t Inandal Secretary—B. E. Pima. Correrponding '•ectetary—Jos. Newton. Tteat-nrer—B. G. Bonghman. ExccuUvc Committee—Harry S. Street, Janies Moflst. JobnT. BuascP. Board of Direciora—M. P. WalshT Chairman; E. C. Capncr, Theodore Tlilouon, Sauncf itas talt, John Gordon. Guardian—John Desmond. Gold xx Montana.—The Helena (UonlanA Ter ritory) fftreld gives eoffic interesting tacts regard ing quart* mining and crushing at the "Park Lo de" near that place, which shows the richness of tfae veins In those mountain gorges. The strata or crevice of ore there shows an average width of twenty inches. Ihe lead, unlike most quartz lodes, opcflbd on Inc surface perfectly level, hut changed lo a dip of about five d**grec?. Other narrow seams of quartz rusrtn DregtUar lines at different Inclines. -On one d«im alone there 1s lu riew sufficient rock to employ a twenty stamp mill twelve months. Th • proprietor has taken onL at a cost of three dollars per ton only, nearly one thousand tons or ore. nnleh has ytddcd In his ten stamp mill *3O to the ton. Great attention Is t>eing giv cd to this new and rich region,and ad ditional quartz mills are being brought In. 5 » Srsiors Accieest.—On Thursday morning Jut Mr. Max BJorlabefg, chief engineer ol the Chicago, Builmpton and Qnlncy Railroad, met with a action* accident while examining some; wort is the new Congregational Church on North Dcarbon street, bj falling thioneb un open apace In the floor of the Cbnreb. Mr. Hiortsbcrg, on Invitation of the Ctmrch Society, had oeen snpar* Intending the worn of building. and on Thursday, morning stood In the xlslc looking nteome new coloreo window*. latent upon the work, bo ■topped backward* and fell (broach tbo opening, sulking the back of bla bead on tbo edge of the Boor. Mr. Bjortsbcrg foil to the basement below, and w*a picked np In a sensoleaa condition by fotne of the men, wbo earned hlmlo the office of Ur.lsham. On examination It was discovered that tbo ahull had been factored* Mr. llloitsberg ‘Tra* conveyed to his room*, where be sUll rcoalua in a very critical condition. Fine.—On Saturday morning abont teno'clock smoke was seen issuing from room No. B, on the Uilrd floor of No. 40 laSsllo atrect, corner of lair,tmmcd lately over J.B.fibay A Co’a dry goodf store. Upon bursting open tba door it was discovered that the carnet was on Are, and Ibc Came* were making considerable headway in the floor and Joists below It. No public alarm was gives, bat ihe “Long John 1 ' engine was sent for, and In a few minutes the Ape was quite sup pressed. The room was occupied o« a slecplngapartmcnt by Mr. Cbatnblln. it was heated by a gas stove under which there wan no nuc platform ‘or oil cloth, and the supposition is. Rat tbo store be* cvme overbrated, icnldrg the carpet, or that the gotta xerct'B length of gas cm-ductor .extending from toe well to the stove bicaue dlaconnected at the atove and fell upon the floor, that selling fire to the place. Tbo water uved In quenching tbo fire somewhat damaged No. I,’ a Lawyer's office In the second floor, andterlonslj threatened ehcb f>orttrm of the poods of J. U. Shay A: Co. as were n the rear rati ofjbe slore.causmg a half boor's lively work in removing tbem In very disordered condition, and a good deal time In icplac log tbun. ibelt asm ago by water will mot exceed «1«. EnrcrtTrojtTxutß°Kxor tub FnncrnLßSs. Tbexeareveryfewofourrltizens to whom the name of "The Borne for the Friendless*' does not suggest thoughts of ayppaihy and grateful adml-. ration for lb* unwearied benevolence which actu ates thoie under whose charge it la conducted. The Borne is among the *moft prominent, ted tartly cae of (he mpst tuetu) of all onr charitable Institutions. Il**’ provides a rhelrtr for the orphan who la thrown unprotected upon the streets, for the deserted Infant, (or the old and Infirm, for all who need help and are found de serving of it.' Ko charity la more deserving of the active rapport of onr citizen*, and at tbeprea cnl time It la peculiarly so, seeing that the funds of the Inatitntlan are In a depressed condition. . Thetrearnnrla empty and the applicants more numerous than ever, owing to (be lata war and the ravage* of the cholera combined. The Home is nowjecclviag from eighty to one hondred in mates monthly, while it provides homes for near ly as many. A good opportunity is now offered whereby the charitable can do themselves a pleasure, and at the same time lend a helping hand to the Home and Vs inmate*. The manager of the Ogden Skating Park baz kindly offered thon-eof It for the porpote ot giving a benefit to the come off on Tneaday evening, January 2M- Let ns hop* that there will oe a large sale of tickets for that evening, and for tht sake of the cause it may be suggested that the bold- rs ot Season ticket can pay their naual admission fee In order to rweil the receipts. Of course thl* cannot he ex acted from them, hot la only thrown out as a hint, which may be profitably acted upon. Refresh merits will be »oid at the Park for the benefit of tbo Home. Coxtik uru.—Anthony Mandell, arrested on Fri day evening upon suspicion ol setting: fire to his employer’s store at No. 301 Clark street, was ar raigned at the IV lice Court on Saturday morning for examination. Be was held for further exami nation on Wednesday next, in ball of ft.ono Ludwig Thleben, the proprietor of the store, went to the Armory on Saturday morning to in* quire sbontbts clerk, and was'at once arrested, ue first* gave bis name as Stevens, and said he lived at No. 171 West Madison street. Officers were sent to search bis honsc, but failing to find It, sent back Uf ascertain (he numbo*. He then mentioned No. 18’ a* the number, but this proved also to ben falsehood. By making some inqui ries In the vldoltr. It was ascertained »hat his family occupied • . boose at No. 161 and the premises were tboronghly searched. Several hundred dollars worth of la~ea. ribbons and o h-jr fancy goods were found Inrarloos parts of the dwelling. A locked clo-et, erder the stairs the officers were tola was used bs a family occupying apartments np stain, but the tenants of the chambers denied the statement and the key of the closet was peremptorily de* minded of Mrs. Thleben- It wss reluctantly ridded, and the closet proved to contain anile a large cuaolity of silk, velvet, nbbons and other roods. Mr. Thleben received a partial ex amination upon the .charge of arson, at the Police Court in the afternoon The good* al bis house, he said, were imparted from Ger many. Be stated that he vent Into business about two months ago with a man named Busch, the Utter having swindled and let! him. Ail in surance was effected on (heir stock for <l,OOll. and he believed that there was morn than thal amount of roods In the store on Friday night. There cer* l/tniy Aid not appear lobe over BWO worth. Bis csis was continued lor further examination on WedMiday nnanoOTf to bfitt of $*,W, THE STEWART DIVORCE CRSE. The Argument* of Comuel for Uio De fence—Legal Position, of ■ Hr. Dent. xne Topnonr of Bx™. Humphrey.. The conllnAation of the argument In the stew art diToroe caae on Satsrdayo drew mio tbe 3npe rlor Court Room (he ,oanal notify crowd of by* Blenders. Ibe representation of members of the “ ar ***» perhaps, for aneb an oceuion, nnn-usliv were of all agta and of many conditions Ver. «Sia* # S?&5 r #adltori were of the yomg wer® 10 W of Hw« of that class r«il. t 2i* 11 .7P n lb la age, and whose real arc never *2®!*-*,. ieemed to reach oat for every word lost fell iron counsels’ Ups. The remain. “™-bald headed, and thin n? and grey haired men—and they listened to the flow of lanenacc av though they themselves were walling for the verdict. The complainant sat by her mother, to all an* pearance quietly listening to the current of words, perhaps with a conscious expectation of success In (bo event of her suit, bat with an onx* Icly expicssed In the Involnutary motion of the lip and of the eye as to the result. The respond ent, when be was not absent frem tbe room, enter, (nlncd him* ell by wilting. he baring brought with him a morocco-covered portfolio on which to place. In true Bohemian elvle, bis paper, resting the whole upon his knee. Beside him be placed bis Polyglot Bible—'“‘morocco-bound in gold”— and ever and anon be delayed his task to smile as some woid of bis attorney tended to show bis af fection for his wife, or (ho improbability of bis gulll. The conns* 1 for tbe complainant listened, and one ol them took notes, lie Is expected soon to make a reply. He. too, watched each woid. aud not tuilreqacully fie pointed out matters In evidence to the comlrsdlcllod, or peihtps to the amplification of (be statement of his opponent at tbe bar. Tbe whole assemblage was. fur one nr the other trasun, Intent upon the language u-cd, and the insult wv a peace and quiet that, since (he case bcgati, has hern scarcely known. . Mi. DttiiL for tbe deb ndnnl, was the speaker on ttaimday, lie. as did tils predecessor In the argil* meld, confined lilmsitif mainly to the I'ridPtico tit tiieease, bu» in ititing so he spoiled It to eight rules width tie held To he Inn, These legal pioii* usiUutis ware as follow i » r * I. ThepiesimiplUiu of law la (hat the defend* am la innocent. il. Adul'sty la n crims of so high a gtade that ttionu P'Mltiirv la reiiuired (o eatahllsli ti. n, iMs high crime is not lUely to he openly t'oimmilcd. A, A tesi liinu.kUleiry of tiallmony will (on* dsr the uvirtci.m ol rton'tilol forne. R, Hiisph lon will heantuaed h> the astllns up of a islre rase. 0. Wtl al admissions should ha rerelved with rsnltiio, because of (he liihllity to ertor in the re* dial of lanniiagt', 7. If (noloniplalnant resorts tn Immoral agen cies lu makenni a case, Iho evidence produced will he looked upon with suspicion. h. The allectiuQ exhibited by the husband lo ward Hie wife, makes necessary tbe production of the cleaiest evidence, Having enunciated these problems of law Die sueakcr made bis ■ppliriUori of the lostimuny to ihem, fur (he purpose of sbimlug Unit they were each ami all ol Diem violated by tbo leAlmony pi educed In tble case. . . . . • . ibet’otirtßilJunißcd until 10 o’clock Won Jay. when Judge Anluuion will apeak in bcbalt or trie defendant. the entile day la to be devoted to bis flicitb. Mi. H. BmlUi will close Die case. mid oti Tup*day evening the cause will be submitted 1° DUMeMtlftf. We t*D* Die fbflnwlng verbatim report Of Die somewhat in(|'u-»«tit lesiimony oi Mr*. ltnm> iiiiir), mvrh yn Funny. and unavoidably omlited /ntui Issueuftntu *i«yI ti . Mis. llHtifeTiliDttt>lii(!y. a wiDipm called on be» balf of Die toitil'Miialil. being duly swmn, wm eisiultird 111 (!lfelby Wf. PinllU, and leiltßed as folmnai o. liiivmi imld* in (iMcago? A. I do. 0. VonarellieHliforltr.llinnidttryr A lam. g, AroyguacQiialhted with Die oom|'l>i)iianir A* i am. g. How lone have yon known barf A, Mnca \W fail nf |hfi(C g. Dow iminiAisly have you knmvo berslimaf A. her unite well for the ta») two yrnir, (have known her Ueiler for thaUat two years than for the five years preceding, g. Hut yon have keen acquainted with her all Ilia whiledurinptMaperlodf A. I hav«>, g. Do yon recollect the occurrence of the a«pa ration of ner from ber husband } A-1 do. g. Do you recollect about *ba date of Uf A. ll wsa two yeara ago last October. *■ O. It waa to October. 16GIT A.'Yea. sir * g. Was ibere anything occurred to call your at tention to It at the time—to the separation? A, There was. 0. Will yen state whether you had an Interview with the complainant immediately preceding her separation, Jn relation to bur dHUcaUlei with her husband ? A. I did. Q. How soon before ?he actually separated from him? A. 1 think it was the day before. If It was cot the day before, it was the dsy but one before. Q. At woat place waa this Interview ? % A. in my own house. Q. Did sne call on yon to sec yon about it? A. She called on my husband. Q. Your husband was her pastor—pastor of the churchwberesbeaitended? A. He was. 6. Did you have an interview and conversation with tbo complainant upon that occasion, in refer ence to the difficulties with her husband and the proposed separation. A. I did. Q. Did ebe id that interview indicate to you her determination to leave blm? She did. Q. Did the relate to yon the cause of her com'- plaint against him? A. Bhedld. Q. Did she do that fnlly and In detail—pretty folly and in detail ? A. 1 think she did to me. Q. Was this a private tntemewwlthyou? A. It was. g. Your husband waa not present? A. He wa: not. 8. Will you please detail that conversation, bjeeted to. Objection overulcd. Q. Was this conversation short or lengthy? A.* 1 should think it was certainly an hour in length— it was pretty lengthy I think—as 1 recollect. Q. In that conversation did she say anything on the subject of Stewart's imparity in rospecc to chastity? A. She told me she had very sail* fac tory evidence to ber own mud that he was Im pure. Q. I don't ask you to teQ trAdf she said—but did she detail- ssy iscts and circumstances? A. She did. Q. Did she mention the names ff any ladies In relation to which Stewart had boasted to her of bis Intimacy; Ido not ask what ladles? A. She did. g. Do you recollect whether she said anything on the subject ot his mentioning or talking about lewd women? A. She did. Q. Wbai did she say on the subject of lewd women? A. She told roe that In pairing through tic streets Mr, Btewart had called h-T attention lo lewd women; bad told her who tney were and what they were; and that ho had boasted to her (bat such a woman had eat upon his lap; and that she hid ‘expostulated witn him, not (o toll her such things, and (hat ho bad ridiculed ber expos tulations. Q. What was Mrs. Stewart's state of feeling when she was stating this, ast evinced by ber acts ai<d declarations generally ? A. Her stale of mind was one of very great excitement, mat day pre ceding her separation, Und one of Intense grief. She had apparently wept all-day. 1 might state, 1 suppose, mat this interview which she had with me was an accident. Q. State the circumstances. A. She had seen my husband, confidentially ss her pastor, earlier in the osy; and she came again at tea time, or abont five o'clock, for tbo purpose of baring a second interview with him. He was not at home, and ebe nnbnnlcrdcued her heart to me. Crott~rxam\naHon by Mr. Arrington.— g. I have only one question to ask yon. When he beaded of bis Intimacy with certain ladies, men tioning their names (we don't want (heir names), she .mentioned their names to you? A. Yes, sir. 6. Were they not they names of respectable ladles? By Mr. smlfA.—'Yon mean ladles who bad* re spectable position? . ByMr. Arrington.—\en, ladles who bad a good position In society? . . .... A. 1 think not; they were ladies I don t know. g. 1 don't mean courtesans bo saw on the -street- Bhe told yon he had hoa-lcd of his Inti macy with ladies, whose names were not men tioned. Were they not respectable ladles? .A. They were considered so. 3. Did she not at the same time tell yon she notbcllevobls hoisting on that subject? A. No, sir. • THE VALPARAISO MURDER. Great Excitement In tbo Town—The Assassin Bemoied for Safety —Heartrending Scenes. As was feared bymauy,tho excitement at Val paraiso, after the arrival of the murderer I*agc bo* came known, continued to increase in Intensity aid fury until Friday afternoon, when a crpwd of probably two or three hundred had assembled about the jail, threatening an instant and com* combined assault, with a view to the seizure and execution of the prisoner. As la usual with mob assembll* *. many of them drank Irecly, and thus excited (heir passions to a higher pitch, mull they were ready to ewcep away tho restralnle of law acd order. *■ The scene which would -hare followed an at* . tack of the Intonated men on the log Jail, which could not tone have resisted, would bare added another terrible deed to those so lately enacted. We can Imagine them raisins a wild sbont of Ten* nance, rushing with axes, and ropes, and crow* bars upon and aronna the Jail, breaking through - tbe too! or the aide, rolling down the great logs until an entrance was effected, pouring in with ouths and threats, seizing the trembling wretch, and tossing the ready noose over his head, firm ing a long line with bands upon the rope and then rushing towards tbe nearest tree, dragging the helpless wretch behind, passing tbe end efthe cordorerablghltinb, and with oue will draw ing It down until the Btxsgsling form hung be* tween earth acd heaven. Then, as the death ago-* nlrs grew less strong and the muscles relaxed and the breast at last ceased to besve, a silent awe wonld take tbe place of the fierce passions which bad burned In those hundred hearts, and pity for the being who bad Inhabited the lifeless clay before them wonld mingle with, and yield to, the fierce revenge which had prompted the shocking deed, and regrets, deep and lasting, would follow tbe remembrance of the boor when the wildness of pasnon usurped the calmness of law and reason. Such scenes have oc entred elsewhere, and If no measures Sad been taken to prevent, wonld verylikaly have occurred yesterday at Valparaiso. When, how ever, tbe excitement seemed to bo nearly at Its height, a strategic movement was made. One of the crowd, who appeared *o be the ringleader, snegested that they had better go to a saloon at a Utile distance and strengths then courage with another drink, and then return and make the as sault upon the Jail. In this way they were In duced to leave the spot for a short time. In the meanwhile a carriage drove uo to the jsil, tbe prisoner was quickly and quietly placed In it, and then ell speed was made (or La Forte, some twenty-two miles away. The racing throng returned soon to find the crimi nal beyond their reach, and in a short time he was safely lodged Ins safe prison, where there ts little danger bf any disturbance, removed, as it is .from the immediate neighborhoodwf the crime. The few remains of the nnfortnnate victims 01 ■he murderer, whose bodies were burned in their boose, presented a shocking spectacle when tontid. Prom the spot where Mrs. rage fell was taken out a black mass of flesh and horned hones. The top of the skull and tbe brain was completely consumed, while the base of the skull still oeld a portion oi # the brains nearly roasted, the softer parts of which were oozing iromthe horndbeap. The aims were gone, hat the trunk waa made al most solid by the beat. Tbe lower limbs were burned eff near to tbe hip. and the face was so burned and dlsflgnred that lhe,fe*tnres were not discernible. All that waa founder theaged lady, Mrs. Long, were a few pieces of charred bunts with a small portion of olack. crispy flesh, adher ing to them. The emotions ol tbe venerable hus band and father as be stood by the rnlns cT his borne and saw the shocking remains drawn from the ashes, cannot be imagined Ibe tears conned down Ms aced cheeks, aud be seemed bereft of every hope In life. The young girl, Ml** Lndolpb, fUU survives and hopes are still entertained of her recovery- Justice has need of her to make the evidence against the awful criminal without flaw or doubt. PnrsroLOCT or Nanogat Lira.—Profeasor H. A- Johnson, of the Chicago Medical College, de livered a lecture on Saturday forenoon before the students of Bryant & Stratton’s Buttress College, on the subject “ Physiology ot National Life.” Beside the students, there were presents conald* erahle number of citizens. The lecturer intro duced his subjict by remarking that the same -laws applied* to nations as to Individual*,'and (hen proceeded to consider the history or ihe health and Development of our nation from that point of view, showing the Influence of our mate rial resource*, the healthiness ot the climate and the productiveness of the sod. upon the nations: life. The necessity of Intellectual culture was In sisted on as a basis of true success tn ; the nation. Freedom of thought and freedom of discussion wtffibe foundation of a nation’s greatness, and one ot the most striking peculiarities of Ameri can character was their ioto for open discussion of all questions. Referring to the question of negro suffrage the speaker said it waa one on which great mtoda might differ, but there wee one aspect of the queer tion, on which then could be no difference ov JPlulwi. umd r I hit nKu, •Ld?b^S™. op ?°i rtu t I . l]r ofodlWitlM I ‘hUudf m? 2jt7X?Ll* ulnr Si ,,, « ,,tn “ «qniUti with I oondnd-d hi* «“?■ by mgtrg tie necessity of morel ealtare uiLeomabdlßßtlraporunt element of inoceii in antltim, t&d In Illaalretiou or this he drew a •Utkin? costrut between the condition or the Italian people u they ere at the present day, and at they were iwmij- centnriss ago. Tne lecture wu replete with Interesting Information. and wu a carelaliy ptrpaietl and oolbbedereay. UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD. Direct Connection of Chicago With Kansas City anti the Union Pacific Ballroad, Eastern Dirhlon—The Mississippi and Miisonii fiirors Being Bridged— *. Kansas City and Came ron Ballroad. Mr. Kearney, President of the above Uallroid, In company with other gentlemen, visited the Board of Trade of this city on Saturday, and ,wcre introduced to the members* Mr. Kearney spoke at some length on the subject of railroad connections between Chicago and the Pacific, and asked for aid to Kansas City In doing her ihatc of the. work. The following Is the sob. stance of his remarks: ’lhey were here bi advocate a very Important en terprise, a connection of the Hannibal and Stmt Joseph Hsllroid at KansatjCUy with the Union Pacific, Basle*n Division. Tire tinkle onlv fllty mites long, and nearly completed. This weeks bridge over (he Mississippi at Ontncy. ami one over the Missouri at Kansas City enables Chicago to ship without break or bulk through and over tbe Union Pacific tiailrosd, which a), ready extends west through the towns of Law rence. Topeka. Manhattan, Junction Oily and Rorl llellly. It gives Obtragoa fair rhanco to compete with Ht. Louts for all the trade of the Plains, Including (he Hants Fo trade, and for (mulshing (Jovcmmcnt supplies for the Aimr aud the Indians. Besides Ihls (here Is In course of construction from Kau»a> City stothwaul a railroad to (lalves. ton. with ample means to •ccuto Its success \ thus giving tiLtiaeo the commaud of all the trsdoof Hohlliotn Kansas and Missouri, Western Atkattsai and Teiss. It., will make an tiomeiise rni irl for her moichaiidlse and tiimher. Ilipy did nnlhcllwre that any short link of tail* road could ha lonmi ihal would ulvn such Pm* iiK.hrpsdyanlaucs in Western and Himitiern con titii tons, The titiy of Kaiiaaa, so far tinaldsd, haa hullt Mils Ally miles of road, and It ia almost graded j carte for tim Iron. Him anil tits tummy or oiav have tupemlsd about (mw.lMi upon It. A heady contiai'iahave lu-en made and eouammnatsd wtih iho chlrago, lluillpf lon am] Uulnry ami (he Han* dial amf Ml, Jocoph llellroau coiuiuudea tn nuarsitieo (he paymeol of (hu hist inortgigu hmids of Uila company, to an amount stilhcieni to ttou (hu road and hnlld the tindgo over lbs MUsnuit Hlver. tint tiis company still had toutelMng to do to keep their part ol the rmtirart, that tffthey have to pm (he grad* of Until road dow n In flfiy feet to the mile, to cnrnlili (he tie*, and lay (he track. The people of Kansas Clly bare already exhausted themselm of ready mentis In grading Ibe road, end ttmv lack atmut 11(0.000 to coropMc the same, fnrnisb (be Hus end lay Ibe Hack, aud he waa hero with liUO.Utiti ot Itaueaa City bonds to dliitose of for Ibis pur- * The credit of (he city la beyond ell doubt rood. 1 bey bare a population ol Ift.tW persons. rapidly ucreaslitg. end built lhl« last year r early I.U(b tnuM P, arid Die whole debt li not exceeding 41W.. <OO doltare, Including Die bonds tieoffrra, they *rar debt tier wnl. inlnieD* payable seml-nunn ally, lie did OottliltiH Dial anything bad ever been Naked in Cblcaao so Dlfllna In auonbl and upon such undoubted sccutlty which promised such Blind rejiuiis. tie believed lb»\ (be lu> (leased trade of one reason would In prpnta nlone repine evety dollar that was naked. If Die cum* rally oi tain Dm aid a«ked for. Die road wilt be dbblw Dr Kansas I'lly by neat duty, over one llimissi’d lonaul hoiisie going foiward from tills cilv now. ana a (ante force of skills iabyrvri in noiN on Die Irfldue. niKfoui, The"Madonnaol Att" appeara bofhre a Chi cago audience on (he boaids of tbo flneil ojwra bouse In America, on Monday evening, In the tragedy of J ledta, Hits extraordinary woman, who made her appearance in Darla In the noontide of Rachel's fame, aod divided with her the ap planse ot Die moat fasMdlont people In the world, was, as It wore, bora on Die other side of the foot lights. Her parents were members ofa travelling dramatic company, and with them she spent her earlier days, sustained only by ber courage and application. Her path to knowledge in her vo cation was tedious. UtUe aid was found in the wsyol kind cilticlem.a matter eo Important to the devote of the muse of tragedy. Dut anxious to excel, and endowed with egro aptitude for the profession, she developed ber powers by the light ot her own experience; and now she has grown to the rank in the drama which Goethe held lo liteiatme. She avoids tbo coldness of classical rendition, as al&o ebe ebons the sensational. Neither the Scylla of the one school nor the Cba rydixof the other Diara the firm, original, pow erful stateliness of her acting. Adelaide Risrorl war bora at Ci vita de Friuli, in the year 16-26. Her fhtt appearance on the boards was at the tender age of two months. She was a basket baby in the play of the “ New Year's Gifts.*' From the ace ol four to twelve she played children’s parts, alter which Ibc was engaged by tbo celebrated director Montalvo to sustain the roles of soubrettcs and similar characters. At fourteen she was entrusted with the part of Francftea di hlm\ni la the tragedy ofthatname. Her course ofllfe was now decided. Blie abandoned tbo wandering career, and joined ibecombany of the King of Sardinia, then under the management of the most intelli gent of Italian directors. She afterwards played in the Ducal Company of Parma. But It was at the theatre of Llvourae that M’Ue Bistort made her ttrst creations: and from ]644 to IWO she was known simply as one of Italy's most accomplished eomedvnnet. Dor genius was Pot yet awakened. The diadem of the tragic muse was In waiting for ber, but she knew ItnoL Love converted her to a tragediennt ofanlreraal fame. The Marquis del Grillo loved the young actress, and ere long ho ollbred to‘her himself and his vast belongings. Dot Ibis young nobleman's. father opposed the match, as is Die wont of xnost fathers in like orcum- Btax.ce*. Posterity will say of that Duke who ppm tied the greatest woman In Italy from bis household, very much the same thing it says of (be Bcottuu noble who condescended to invite Robert Burns to dinner. The loid's name is caved trom oblivion becanae be bad the honor of titling at the came table with Scotland's greatest poet. And certain it is that Italy has no pedi gree that might not shine In chronicle by the reflection of Kislori’s Came. Bat like trne lorcrs the Marquis and ibe come dunne were married, though calammes and par* tial tmpriconment woo employed to produce an estrangement. There came a reconcilement, and cow the highest honors of the stage hare moro than appeased (be wounded pride of Italian no* blllty. A lozorlona retirement coaid not satisfy the yearnings of a ppetic soul to oc once again tne In strument of embodying the beauty of the highest art, the art of (motion. An opportnnlty was at band. A director was imprisoned for debt. Con* tidciable (node were needed to rescue Dim (tom confinement and despair. As a benefit to the unfortunate manager three rep* rcecntatioDF bT the yonng Marchioness were announced, and ItistoiLmonnted up to a success never dreamed of by (ho plain Adelaide. All classes flebotd admiration, and society garc back to the stage its greatest living illustrator. Puilnc the Exposition Unlverscllo of 1853 Uls ter! made her tUour In Pans, with a new company and In a foreign tongue. It was a hazard thus to Tint the home ana tnrono of Hacbel. The main cbaiadcrs of that season were “Myrtha" and “Wsrto bicart.” At first toe critics were mule; for (heir own Idol was In town, and men arc loth to give Bp Ideas Ion? cherished. It was siflcd among Ibem that there could not be ' an equal of llachcl. Bat soon they bnnt forth. Jules damn was the most enthusiastic. •* lltstgrl, lllsloit I , bbc Is the rage of the day I She la tragedy Itself 1 She Is comedy Itself t She la the . drama 1 She reigns;, she governs; she com* mauds; the crowd oleys.” Bnt wc must take leave of thin pleasant study in the biography of a great woman, a noble lady and a true anisic. Onr people of taste may soon look upon the eßrnmanfllng figure, grand, majestic; a countenance In which intelligence beams from oenr feature: eyes that apeak of Intensity; a forehead that I>c tokens purity and power; a brow arching end brlllant; clattering tresses of dark balr; a stately carriage ;an artiste who can win . with gentleness, or awo with cassion, sotten with a late olionow; elevate with heroic appeal: kindle enthusiasm; appal with the freusy of rage; draw tears ot sympathy, or pot all pleasure tn woman's smile. Vandalism. Jobs Aotrobns, Esq , (bo well-known artist of IhU city, sends us a communication detailing pro ceedings la tbe aclroro and sale of bis property* which bo would seem Justified la terming "ran* dallsm" and "an outrage.*’ He atatca that a flan boldine an loteieal-bcarlng note signed by him, for about two hundred dollars, having sued and obtained Judgment thereon, look occasion, dar ing bis absence (tom home, to Issne oxccu’ton op en bis slndlo. jle at once hastened home, on bearing of this, and made an arrange ment for the psymeut on the 15th of De cember of the amount claimed. II waa duly forwarded, and lay in the offlfe of tbo United (states Express Company In thla city on tbo nlghl of the 18th ot that month. On tbo I2tb and lata the door of his studios were opened, and "a work of vandalism took place which beggars descrip tion. Only some six or seven persons attended the sale at which property valued at upwards of two ihonsann dollars waa sacrificed on a Judg ment of two bnndrcd dollar*. The dismantling ot Carta Ins and tearing up of carpels, the rude forcing from their frames of portraits, the prop erty ol citizens, the scrutiny of private papers and drawing*, and the scattering of the latter abont the floor, arc some or the restores of the work of havoc which has changed bis stndlo into desolate* a ambers containing fragments of various article*, and the portraits ot bis friends despoiled of their Iramea and rudely piled upon the floor. Ue says, also, that on his return he discovered to his astonishment, (bat hla keys would not un lock his stndlo door*, and that the manager of the building bad, without giving him any Intima tion, removed hla pictures and furniture, and In stalled another tenant In one of tin rooms. Mr. Antiobaa admits that he was in arrears for rent, but thinks that It was neither Just nor cofeteona to take forcible possession without even giving him notice, and without due process of law, there by subjecting him to great loss and Inconvenience, aud damaging bis reputation before the commu nity. lie desires us to Inform those whose property was taken or destroyed In the manner stated, that hewill soon open a new stndlo and take mea sures at once to make reparation (or their loss, as well ns to have the whole matter Investigated. The above statements are nearly In Mr. Antro bus' own language. He evidently h*< reason to leel Indignant at the method which was taken to lotce payment of his debt, though the letter of the law may have been followed In tbe process. Ee should nave been notified, and every pama t»y» n to spare unnecessary lose and mortification to one who was in misfortune. UW INTELLIGENCE, Tbe United States Circuit Court waa on Satur day engaged tn the trial of the case of the United States r*. Carpenter, tbe matter being submitted to the Jury. The Indictment Is for stealing trom the malls. la the Circuit Court of the county the follow ing results were arrived at; Pasquale Brignojl vs. Jacob Gran ct al. Debt. Plaintiff takes a oou-snlU George BllgU ct al. va, James Bltgb. Assnmp alt. Judgment fstfi. Appeal allowed. Joseph B. Lathrop vs. Edward 0. Qaakto. As sumpsit. Judgment lor **TO. Ezra Adams vs. F. M. Weller. Dismissed. Henry Schell ct al. ts. D. Kalman. DUmiseed. 1 he new suits in this Court Included only a con pleof appeals. Judgments were given In the common law branch ol the Superior Court as follow: McGrath re. T. Moytnban : <183.(9. The same vs. Greene; <168.69. The new salts In this Court were of The National Insurance Company vs. Jacob Bcrrcr; assumpsit. Damages <aW. David C. Thatcher va. Samuel D Towle el al. Jeffers vs, Elizabeth Morse. Case. Dam* ages laid at <3OO. _ _ Charles H.B|ilvcnvi. Angus! us S. Seller etal. AtiacfcmcnL Damages <C,7b7.C7. City of Chicago vs. David bagglo. AppeaL Ibomaa □. Mars vs. Homer J. Barney. As* eompslt. Damages <3DO. , , , „ Thomas W. Baxter vs. Frekerlck J. Hutchings, etsl. Mechanic’s Hen. . . Asaß. Cutler vs. Charles Hamel. Assumpsit; damages SIOO. Theodore Kraefft et al. vs. Theodore Fallon. As* snmprit; damages <BOO. - sAlfred5 Alfred blnger el aL vs, John Abraham, Astnmp* U damages ton. In the Recorder's Court Frederick Scheney, ailai Schoene. was convicted of larceny, hia punishment being assessed at eighteen months in ihe Penitentiary. William McDonough, Indicted for robbery, pleased gnlity o( laiceoy. Michael O'Brien waa found guilty under an tn* dloteant for larccnr, and m ordered to be tent to t&c Penitentiary (or two yean. Under a rtmllar Indleiraant John McCarthy waa decreed to atay during thirty months at Joliet. Patikk Lynch and Polilp Moran pleaded guilty of riot Henry Olay entered a plea of guilty of petit lartrnr, he having been Udieted (or the higher odvnco of larceny. AnCSKRtBNTS. The week haa paaaed away without anything of special note having occurred In the dramatic world, (he annals of which are somewhat Vican*. Tbe Opera House company closed a bnaf and not very iuccmfnl season on bainrtay night with lbs production of “Peep O' Bay." ThesUcndtuca ■ on the lint night ol lacir appearance showed that the public were willing to support them had they offered anything to the shape of talent. As they oepended solely, however, upon tbe merits of one mao, the combustion soon collapsed. ' BisTOUi.— Appearances indicate tbatau enlhu* elastic reception is awaiting the great Italian tragedienne In (his city. At the closing of the of. flee on Satnrdar only about twenty seals were left noflold In the house. Including tbe parquetlc, dress circle, orchestra chairs, balcony circle and boxes. Tbe family circle has no* yet been dealt with, as It bas not been usual to reserve seats In Ihtlpsrtortbeboose. Ills probable, however, (hit (be scats In the upper gallery will be sold, hat the managers will not come to any determination on this point till Monday. Many people would ddnbtiess take a reserved seat (n those exalted regions rather than not see Bistort It Is expected that Oran, accompanied by Bis* tort, and ibe other members of the company will arrive In Ibis city at eleven o'clock this evening, s special (ram having been chartered from Cln climalirortboonrpose. The Indications are that, favorable as has been the reception of Itl-torlln every city In which she ha* yet appeared, Chicago will outvie them all in their reception andappre elation ol tbe great artttU, as baa already been the case In other Instances of a similar kind. MuVicbkr'b Thbatux.—Mlm Cocile Bush took her leave on Saturday evening after haring played for a fortnight to good bouses, aud with much ac ceptance. Her name was vm little known hero prior tn (his engagement, ami she made her f!r*l appearance tinder not very encouraging clrrum stance*. During her brief slay, however, Ml»s Bush has so receded In making such a favorable Itmitessloti tint she will always hereafter bo a welcome guest. tin Monday Mr. Charles Dillon, Ike groat ting* lls|i culluqulslM, will make lit* appearance In the* character of ”, King tear.” IHtlofi haa an estab lished teptilallnii aa a HhikeapcrcKti delineator. Hnd wohtie no dmihi his present engagement will tome as pleasant o (he t>iihltn aud pruQlabte In ll>* tOßitagement as liU Iml wi*. Mt sst'k,-*” liiMomar.tiie llathulau,” was pre. ■Wi'etl for lliesecond timeyu Halnrday nlglil, wllh WUa Maty inchorns fit her Uiarimng lm* persnimiinn of ” Paillienta. hUAiimi. -HAtiiidiy waa a gala day upon Hot Ire- a miWuiaat fAinliial over all Die pulilic re* •iota, I|in wenliier has been |u*l )u llm conrtl* |ioi. that ahatira would have It lia l (hay (ha reuu latioiM.f It, alwnva euldnnough to kavo (ha Ice eund, and never too cold In prevent enjoyment. A luige crowd were Present nt (he Waihmalun, which praseii'ed a beautiful surface, while the tlnbn and oilier ponds were well patronised. On Monday, Herr HiiowaUl, the great tiuaalan skater, will lulindure anew (eat ore at tbuCeulral I'nrh, where he will appear on eillt abates, on « him he Is said to lie qtitle at home. Maoisal li.U'-inNß.— tiobiri Mckle, the Justly celthrnled preatidlatiali ur, has arrived lu thla clly, and will open (or a short season at thu t'rnahy Music Hall, on the aeth Instant. Mr. Nh kh* has been calfed 11 1 he gientust wonder ol the see,” and is a perfect gentleman on the siege, avoiding tim vulgarisms In which so many pro fessors indulge, m. hops to see Ins performances iccdve the palrouage which they so well de. erne. lIBI.IUIUUB nimi.iuiuiiK. Hie mortilny Dnloii Drsyer Heelings held dur ing Die paai Week In Die Clark PUeel MelbndUt Dtdscopat t’bmch have been largely alleiided, and inueh litleresl baa been tnattlbsled in the seekers. Miuil addteifes have been delive cd during tire week by some oftheinort aellvework* era on Die MaMera viiieyairt, In our Hiy. lie Iwowreka otyrnyer wbkb have nraikcd tnalre* gmning of Die) ear. lmv« baen Hie ur* ana or great and mau; noula have been gatbefed into reebmeb mljlfanl. . V l i. W??' .D ee der, who apanl thre« yaan in building Ilia buanuiill modal of Die Dilld Temple, pa U was in Dm days of Die Havlor, wilt give an explanatory lecture upon Die model DrU ov>-ntng, at ifi o'clock, at Die rooms of Die L'blcagu Sunday Hctiool Union, No. Ur Waanlngton airoet. Dupar* tniendenta ami Icacbera are Invited to attend BAPTIST. First liflptUt Church, Wabash avenue, aontb of Hubbard blreet.. Hcv. Dr. Everts, the pastor, will preach in tbs morning at 11. Itov. E. J, Good speed, pastor ot thu becond llaptiat Church, will nrcarb in the evening. Hahbath School and Dlnla L’laeecs at S):*0 a. m, Bible Clara at Bp. m. Young People's Prayer Meeting Wednesday even ing. General Prayer Meeting Friday evening.. Wabash Avenno Baptist Chftixh, corner ot Wa bash avenue and Eighteenth street. Preaching by Die pastor, Itev. Samuel Baker. D. D., at lU'.i a. m. and TU p. m. Babbath School at p. m. Prayer Meeting Wednesday eveningat7‘f. UnlonPork Baptist Cbnrcb, corner West Wash- Ingionand Paulina streets. Preaching morning anil evening ot lUH a- m., and 7H p. m., by the Eutor, itev. E. G. Taylor. Babbath School and iblc class meet at 9 a. m. • A. McLusb, Superin tendent. Finn Baptist Church, DeKoven street. Preach ing st IPH-ft. m. and 1% p. m., by the pastor, Kev. C. N. ColvOr, D. D. Bible class atttlt a.m. by Dr. Colver. Sunday School at 3p. m. 'The morning sermon will be oce (hat every professed Christian in Chicago should hear. North star Mission, corner Division and Sedg wick streets. Fnachlng at 10$4 a. m., and 7H p. m.« by the pastor. Kev. O. L. Wrenn. Sabbath Brbooi at 3p. m. Prayer and conference meeting every evening except Friday. Ben ices In the First Free Will Baptist Church, corner Peoria and Jacksoiwstreets, to-day at 10K a. m., andTH P- m. Bnbjmfor the evening: A voice flora thecophntts, by the pastor, Rev. Dr. Graham. xrrnoDtsT zpucopaz. Clstk Street Church, Methodist Block, comer of Washington and Clark streets. Preaching-tot lUH ft- zn. by the pastor, Rev. W. C. Dandy. Sub jeet, "Church Extension; Social and Moral Re construction In the Boath." Bcrrnon at 7>( p. m. by the Rev. W. 0. Qneal, ot tbo Oneida confer ence. Babbath School and Bible Classes at Slip, m. Prayer meeting in the Lecture Boom at p. m. West Indiaca Street M. E. Church, corner of Sacgamon. Rev. Robert Bentley, pastor. Ser vices at 104 a. m. and 7H p. m. Budday School begins at S:UI p. m. Young people's praver meet ing at b:3U p. m. Subject or evening dlacourac, " ibc Gospel for Rich and Poor." Centenary Church, Rev. C. H. Fowler, pastor, will conduct the services at 3 o'clock to the Second Universaltst Church, comer, of Washington sod Sangamon streets. It is expected that this coa {negation will worship in the lecture room of their large edifice aront the second Babbath in Febru ary. This room will seat, with the parlors, about eight hundred. Rev. J. B. Beyliss will preach. at Park avenue Methodist Episcopal Cbnicb. at 10>j o'clock a. m., andat7‘4 p. m. Sunday bebool at SU p. m. Religious services every evening during the week. Rev. J. C. Terrill will picscb in the Foster Mis sion, Si * Jcfleraon street between Folk and Ewing streets, January SOth. Services *loa. m. and 1H p. m. Rolling Mill Mission, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, services at 1U p. m., eenrtce by-lter. Btoihci Copeland of Wisconsin Conference. COSOUOATIONAI. Fhsl ConercgaUonßl Chnrcb, comer of Green and West Washington slruels. Services at 104 a. m. and 74 p. m. Preaching by Professor Hivcn. Sabbath morning Bible class at 94. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3p. m. Cmuch prayer meeting Wednesday evening. Young people’s meeting Friday evening. Plymouth Congregational Church, corner of Wabash avenue and Eldridge couth Uev. L. E. Matson,pastor, Hounofservice: morning. 10u; evening, "4 o'clock. Sabbath School and Bible class at 3 p.m. On Monday evening young peo ple’s prayer meeting at 9 o'clock; on Wednesday evening church prayer meeting at 74 o'clock. South Congregational Church, corner Calumet avenue and Twenty-sixth street Kov. W. W. Wnebt, pastor. ‘Services at Pi a. m. and 74 p m. Kcv. J. P. Gulliver will preach In the morn ing' pnctorrcniAN. Seventh Presbyterian Cborcb. Her. J. W. Lari more, paator ol the Seventh Presbyterian Cborcb, baa Usnen a circular In which be oflera favorable inducements to tbofc assisting the congregation in rebuilding the cborcb and extending ue good work of the Foster Mlaalon. The object or the circular will no donbt be apcsdilyrcallxW. Olivet Presbyterian Cborcb, Wabash avenue, corner Foortecntn street. Rev. Mr. Johnson, or Waveriy, N. V., will preach at the naoal boor* of worship, vUt lOw a. m. and TJi p. m. Sabbath School meets at UK a. ro. , South Presbyterian Cborcb (Old School), cor* oer of Wahaab avenoe and Congress atrect. tier* vices by the pastor. Rev. Mr, Uaraha, at a. m. and ‘K p. m. Sabbath School at U'i a. m. First United Presbyterian Cborcb, on Green, street, between Madison and Monro.', Rot. W. C. Jackson, pastor. Services at 10H a. m. and "H p.m. Sahbatb School at SHp.ra. Third United I’rtfbvterlao Cborcb, Snperlor street, west of Wells, North fl »de. Pastor. Her. John H. McConnell. Public worship at 104 a. m. and'H p. m. Lord’s Sapper adminutered In connection with the morning earvicca. Sabbath bchool and Bible clam it C p. m. Flial Scotch Presbyterian Cborcb. Rev. J. Thompson, of Port fcarnlt, will preach In St. George 1 * Rail, 396 booth Clark street, at 10K a. m. and 3}i p. m. cnacorat. 81. Mark’s Protestant Episcopal Cboreb, Cot tige Grove. Divine aervidcitJUH a. m. aad?H ?. m. Sunday School at SK p. a.. E. B. rnlUe, lector. St. Luke’s Church, comer of Sixteenth street and Wabash avenue. Dev. B. 11. Cole, Hector. Morning service and sermon at 11 a. m. Sunday School at S p. m., followed by evening prayer wltn full choral service at 4 p. m. Trinity Church. Right Rev. Dr. Cummins will fireach In ibis Chnrcb ibis morning at >4 to U and n the evening at o’clock. mnvtßaaurr. 6L Pad’s Church (First Untversallst), Rev. W. D. Ryder, D. D.. pastor. Services at 10H a. m., and “H p- »• In the evening Dr. Ryder will de liver a discourse in exposition of the creed of the Unlrcrrahst denomination. Dr. Ryder’s sermon In reply to Dr. Hatfield has been pnnted, and la (Or sale at aim’s. Church of the Redeemer, (Second Universalis!), corner of West Washington and Sangamon streets. Rev. T. E, St. John, pastor. Service* at lUH a. nt. and ?H P- at. Subject of evening dla cnnrrc: " Unlvenalltm In harmony with the Word of God.’’ KSCSLLSXXOr*. Ftrat United Brethren Church, corner of CUc ton and Wilson streets. Rev. K. A. Tan bant, parlor. Services at lOtt a. m. and 7H p. m. A series of interfiling evening meetings arc In pro. pros. The ordtcance of Baptism will be admin* Istered this evening. The doors of the church will bo open for the reception of each as may wish to Join. A discourse will be delivered soluble to the occasion. Church of the Messiah, corner of Wabash avenue and Bnbbard Court. Her. R. L. Collier, pastor. Services at I0»$e. m. Vespers at ~Hp.m. Christian Church. Services at Kfc a. m. at the Chapel on Cass street, between Michigan and 1111* nols streets. In the house recently occupied by the Central Presbyterian Church, known as the “St. James Church." Charles A. Hayden) will speak In Washington- Hall, Washington street,opposite the Court House at TH o’clock. Fust Society of Spiritualists. Services in Crosby's Music Ball. Children’s Lyceum atlOH a. m., at the dose of which there will be a con ference meeting. At 7*4 p. m., Mrs. H. F. M. Browv wtM deliver a lecture entitled -The Betray* al and the Betrayed." Reformed ProiiMant Dutch Church, corner of Sangamon and Monre* streets. Preaching Son* day, 10U a. m.and Tli p.m., by the pastor. Rev. James Demarest, Jr. The Brethren ot the One Faith cordially luvtt« the public to assemble with them on Sunday, January stub. In Ihe American Protest and Association Hall, Room No. SI, Metier mick’s Block, southeast corner of Randolph and Deaborn streets, to listen to two discourses by El der Moyer, on some Important subject relating to the faith once delivered to the saints. Lectors to commence st half-past two o’dock In the after* noon, and seven In the evening. meteorological. The following is the Meteorological Record of the week ending Saturday, January 19th. 1807, as kept by J. G. langgntn, Jr., Optician, No. tIS Randolph street. The temperature ia taken In the shade. The direction and force of the winds are given approximately, with the barometric a!U* tudes—the small letters being the Initials of the words “high," “breete,” “gentle.” “veering," “rain,” “snow," “moist atmosphere,” and “dry.” TSIBIOXKTU. Kit-M air ia Klcht Stf Rain to Date, preewfog. BV(a. m. Bp.m. r>. to. p.m. _ r. B. F. K. P. B. F, It sun ta » a- i b -1 30 s .ns Won a —io n— s as o ao t .iu rwc* —io ai—am—s » » Wed.... 10 —lO 23 —423 4 8 —lO Thu 23 —3l 13 —l9 a —lB 4 —IS Frt 13 —li 0 —l4 13 « 13 —U bat 8 —lff a —9 CT 8 77 3 8K a. m. Ip.m. Date, Merc'r. Wlnd. Kerf. wind. Mer*y. Wind. enn.....-»A4WN WN.W.b. SJ3 WNW.g. Moo tejo NK.T. an E-u. an ns.cs. PW.....M0 BFAT.gri BWJ). 33J0 Wed. 29J0 ... WX 39J0 w.h. 39J0 W.b. Tbn ».*• WNW.b. 39J0 W.tuJ, js.gj W.gAl m 39A1 W.V.O, 39.69 BW.g. 3MI wi.T. Bat. J 9 43 Bk-r. 39.38 Lourra Tuocnxxs—Josephine Neary, a Wells street courtesan* waa arraigned before Justice MBllken oa Saturday afternoon, charged with an assault with latent to kill Hiss Jeany Grant, an other woman of abandoned character. Tha cause of the assault did not appear in the partial ex anlaauon held on batnrday, ha: It ts undwstood that It had its origin in lealonsy, Jenny’s attrac tion! hiring quite fisxxlcd the tender-aaswpti btliliea of Josephine's "Bin," Thereupon Josephine visited n bouse on Quincy street where Jenny was stopping, and requested to aee her Ilona At 'he fint Interview (here was only a collision of words, but at the next, as alleged by JeniiT. Josephine, after calling her a vile name neenfiar to the nomenclature of the fraternity, a oirctr or sharp knife tod made fire thrusts upon her. four of them with Intent to mar the reincuncs* of her features and the other upon h«r wrist The wounds left hot one or two small Vou», hul Jenny's feelings vrere cruelly lacerated Sd hence the arrest Josephine not iwlngready lor trial. the case was continued till the in trant In hall ofsl,BtX). The Winning Ptnmber. To the Editor oflhe Chicago Tribune: 1 notice In your Issue Sf Saturday an essay on . Winning Numbers, or the ail of finding out the tletel which Is d«linf d to draw the prtxo In anr given lottery. I Ihlnk-wllU all due Jefcrencc— I have found out a better way. I havcsolved the problem by calling to my aid the vast resources of analytical geomeWy and the cat rnini 1 give the result ol my labors as follows: Take any number of tot.OOO—and suppose the numbers to represent different points In n curve, the distances on the curve being ennal to unify. Now, all that la necessary is to find the locus of that point In Ibe carve which Is nearest to the winner, he being supposed (o stand at the axi* ofmotlon of the generating radius: In other words, to find the point where (he radius rector Is a minimum. But because the owner of the fortunate ticket may be presumed to have the ticket In bis possession, os also the capital price after .the drawing, wo are Justified In assuming that the pole of motion lies lu the curve, tlx . In tbv locus foughti the radius vanishing at that noinl amlthedifferential of vcnnals nothing. 1 Admitting—as some might argue—that the mom bers would lotto a straight Hoc, Ibe differences being equal, Ibeu In (bat case the above dcdoc* (l< n would be accurate, because Ibe rate of cut. valnre being Infinitely small, the radius must be Infinite Now, If this radlns were perpendicular to the curve, (bo pole wonld be at an Infinite dis tance irum it, and the winner could never touch tin* prise. This baa b ed the case with two or ilitoo gilt coticetl swlmles in our city reretiltr. In the case of one which is honorably conducted, It I* necessary, therefore, Ihsl the sal* should to* Iniide with the curve. 'llm OKfereutlala of the axis fur each successive polni tit Ilia curve would then be equal to the ( of lire tmmbetst iti other wont*, if *i equals dl l equal to mm. Iltillllllsmiiarlghi hue, so says dm law \ ergo It must be crooked-lhsi H a curve. Nyw, admit* ting be proceeding lo be tegular. It immtima regtilar rurve-atin a« atirh rcdmlhlu to eerfalu Ituu lavra. itefoie prcreedlug to ttesF wllli hm rqnailoii <o the <-uiv«(wtmlhi'r live nmis. one dollar, or any. oltur quan'liy of cents) it whi be wall (iraiammu Uio curve syulhelicallf. Ida oof a circle, because, althouith the dltlereneds of cutvaime would appear to be unjfmm al (list plants. tl la plain ttial any line culling the curve must uo so in two nnhiis, ami (hare are never two For tlie same reamu It cannot be an ellipsis. Ihe parabola la abut out Itecaiißii the condition will not aallrlf (he ctjiia'loin eddud to which, a proportion be. (ween whole i.nrnbera end aquarea la 100 comlitl valid for so wimple a thins as a lottery, It taunt a hyperbola, became in (bat the axee lie outside Ibe curve, which doea not agree with the former statement ol Ibe function. Neither can Übea csicuary cnive, unless In hie casu where severe ticket holders Join In a club, and thus lorm a chain, it Is more likely to be a cyclold-Uial curve belug formed by flie rotation of a wheel. The spiral comes nesreri. that eallsfying many of Ibe conditions, added to w bleb it Is ibe only curve around which nn air castlrcanbe imllt. lluUhre 11s no doubt that It Is a curve ml osnsrls, and tie* li'fbdlns a dUUncUve name. l«us call Kibe ” l.oUerold,” Row tor the equation to (he curve, The oHtftti In the curve a . I.) only one axis !• neces* satv lu he noted, If the carte he reducible tot biafanauitMe/atid two, If reducible tus aemu«> itlm. 1 '?t (Ilu T. ,I tll’ tJP, .. NVp "'I I •'OhfldwUott Ibeflisl basis, cajijtj Hi" number rtf tickets «*> ftnd.»ty.^veiirmh.f (ef %. Ih * .iff 'M' WS ll« erptauou (he expression ■< .* finals ii ky«iaq\wlilM, Mere the ennJnli.n I* «vhi«Mtl|y Jr Mntf rH||« i .Miiany imssthahle value not ureater than ff. I his Ui attoiner innnienl In favor of the *plr«l Iheory, whhh require* the employment of a .mind ml* i end every null eommeteit imtery l< i aniiit nn with two uuevU, each revolving oh tla nun AXte, Ihe aits of s's thus comes into play. Its orlelu hefmo j Us dlrenioii perpendicular, Hie value el l MR only he determined by a reference lo the condition! of the problem, lbs only Ira. portaul one being that the winner Mull draw the prke. little difference of opinion rosy he entertained even among pood mathemaiiciana as to the functions cf this axis, bnt they will be forced to concede that the ratio of its increase will vary with Ibo inclination— whether of the apiralorthe computer, we will not say. Calling this Inclination ctt will he t cqunla a divided by the tangent of c and x equals n, divided by a. Then a Is to xas a hy tan c, to n by a. It is unnecessary to prove the question further The train above wMltnttd Is a sufficient clue to the rood mathematician, to whom It would bo an Insult to continue the investigation, and we pre fer not lo make the solution clear lo the ordinary comprehension, lest lotteries should be rendered impossible in the mturc by giving lo rho mtUil tsde the power to aaccitaln the winning ticket, in which case that would he the only one sold, it is better lo lollow the example of the alchemists of former days, who delivered their formulas in par abolic language that the art of gold miking might not be acquired by any bnt the scientific, who would not nee it to make gold worthless by flood ing the world with It. 1 do ent charge anything ibr the above, hat I would like to stipulate for a royalty of ten per cent, on ail money made by using this formula. 11a. LOCAL MATTERS. RUtori,—-Choice Seat* for ShtorPs concert can he had at 87 Sooth Clark street, room S, on Monday Slat Inst, from 12 to I o'clock and fromGto7p. m. What more can be desired to the suf ferer from Concha, Colds. Isflnenxa or Asthma, than Ihe assurance that Morsden’s Pectoral Bala has never failed to relievo and cere. To make assurance doubly sure, he has Instructed bis agents to rctoud the amount in any Instance where it falls. For sale by all dmggUts. Barn hams & Van Schaack Chicago, Illinois, general agents for the Northwest. , Tbo Story of an English Yacht—A Two Years’ Voyage, In a schooner sixty tons smaller than that of Mr. Bennett’s, but iron-built, an English Yachtsman has recently returned from a cruise which Is to that of the Henrietta what that of the Henrietta Is to a trip from Cowes to Cherbourg. The story, too, nas a sadness about it which makes it, perchance, none the less suitable a yarn for Christmas time, or to the yacht match itself. Captain Hannam,ofthe schooner yacht Themis, one hundred and for ty lons, left England in April, 18J4, two years and a half ago. His wllh went with him : be sailed his own ship; his chief officer had been a Lieutenant in the Navy; aud the crow consisted of eleven others, all told. To touch at Madeira, at TcncrilTc, at Rio, all this was holiday work; It was just the Ideal way of passing a summer that many an Englishman uasjearncd for ; bnt afterward the Themis boivstcadlly south, on a track which few people ever followed for pleasure. She touched at Port St, Julian, that ill-omened harbor where first Magellan and after ward Drake, had to erect a gibbet, and use It; and then, on the SOth of August, she fulrly entered Magellan’s Straits, the naviga tion of which— though not so terrible to modern seamanship as it seemed to the brave old fellows who first gave ns the chance of trylnjrlt at all—ls yet about os unlike -the ordinary notion of a yacht’s proper work as can be wall imagined. Still, aid not Lord Danfllrln sail till he saw Jan Maybcn In the North, a cone of snow through the gray Arctic clouds? A fig for the Straits of Magellan t Exceptionally for tunate. Captain Uannam got in twelve days through the dreary channel which took oven lucky Francis Drake seventeen to traverse, and . which the unfortunate Ryron, “Foul-weather Jack, 1 ’ could not clear in seven weeks. Off Masafucra—a lonely Island In about the sumo latitude as Juan Fernandez, but farther to the west ward—Captain Hannam's lieutenant died; and thenceforth the duties of command dc- Tolvcd exclusively .upon llannam himself, lie touched at Callab, and leaving It on tho IStb of December, sailed right across toward tho Sandwich Islands, a distance of dvir five thousand miles seaway. In fortvdayshc reached Owbyhco—the scene of Cook’s heroic death*; not yet a hnn*:ii years ago—and spent the greater part of 1660 In cruising about that archipelago. Leaving It in November, he tailed homeward, patting In at tho Mar quesas; but before ho regained Valparaiso there was another death on board, and Cap tain Hannam was a widower. We shrink from intruding on private sorrow, bnt It may well be that this loss made him under take the roughest work -Tie could And. And rough enough. In all conscience, It was t lie determined to sail back through tho Straits of Sormeuto, a branch spreading to the northward out of .Magellan’s, and n&med-'kfter the gallant leader of a Spanish colony who perished there miserably nearly three centuries ago. llannam entered 11 near the dismal spot where the Wnpcr was lost from Hud son's squadron, and he stayed two months In that dreary region of almost perpetual fog and bitter cold, exploring every 4nlet, examining every anchorage, sounding every chauncl, while the storms, came thun dering up from the South Polar Ocean, and tho long waves broke os the most desolate land In tho whole word. Leav ing it, at length, his self-imposed task being thoroughly done, he touched at Montevideo, and then made the best of his way to Eng

land. The remains of his wife—for there had been a coffin on board all through the lonely time—were buried in a Dorsetshire church-yard; and It was bnt a week or two ago that the Southampton shipwrights were busily at work dismantling the brave little Themis. Death of tbe Japanese Tycoon. Subjoined is tbe official notification of tbe death of tbe Ute Tycoon. It lscadous as an Illustration of Japanese ceremonials. The Japan Times, from which we copy It, re marks that “tba orders to tbe public would seem to Imply that disturbances were feared.” Knbofam*havingfallen sick, and ibe remedies used having tilled of success, be departed tbU life at Osaka on tbe 39th August, at 6 o'clock in the morning; all building and we of musical in* *truments are, therefore. to be intromitted. Shot snhaahl Cblonaron, who had previously been ao- B stated bis heir, is, from the S9th August, styled vesama. This decree bark* been issued. yon will take note thereof, anffeOmratmlcale It tosll householders without exception. Given at the Government Office. I'obe. In consequence or I' o intromission thus decreed. Che war gates will be shat from 6 o'clock In tbe evening. and tbe side cates will be left open to passengers. Tbe nann* sht and lardlords will patrol day and nl&bt. in unoccupied Usds, and where there cx* Uts no war pates, socb are to be provided at onec. Id ail tbe streets the shop curtains arc to be taken down, the efcnfera on the left and right tobcW down, and perfect order to be kept. In the i«M* held of theGoremment, water-buckets. Hampers corresponding to the length of frontage, are to be placed befoie the houses. Baih. bouses, medical ano ordinarr, buckwheat shops mid other places where business requiring large fires are carried on, must dose ate o'clock In me evening. Fi<*hu quarrels, and other noisy proceeding* mun be carefully avoided.'. Tbe above ordersliaving'beea IssuedyouirerequcimdtoaffixyourseU in ac* knowlcdgment and morn the circular after It has gone the round, October S, 6p. m. A Woman’s Life Sawed br Her Corset. [From the Boston Jonrnal, Jaq, m The Manchester ITirror gives the details of a somewhat tragical affair which occurred In Fleaaant street In that city on Sat urday night. It appears that Hen. rr t. Batch had fallen la love with Mrs. Amelia Bachcldcr who has a husband living, as she save, in Boston, and desired to marry her. This she very properly reftaeed to do, but Hatch’s Importunities coaUnSS until he grew maniacal on the subject and be threatened to take her life If she persisted in her rcfhsal. He even openly stated that be would murder her on Sunday, but little heed was paid to hU threatening*. About 6 o'clock that evening ho called at her board ing place Md found her a# he enteredmit tine wood into the store—a man namedna vls bring In the room at the Umm Batch said: ‘‘Ton could not ask me to take off my bat and coat, coaid youV» syp-m. asd fired afc Kn. Batehclder. Kn. B- nuked frantically cmt of the room and dowm ttalra, exclaiming: **My God, I’m killed* Harry Hatch baa ahot me.” After ataooUog nor Hatch said: ‘‘Hero U one than Jell yet,” tVhether he meant Darla or hlmaolr, the former did not atop to see, bat loft for dear life. Immediately there was beard the re. port of another barrel, and a lady who had cone to the room was In season to see Hatch shoot himself and catch him aa be tottered to fklL Mrs. Batehclder was hobarmod except by the fright and a contused wound of little ac count. The ball struck a steel stay and was slopped from going fhrtber. If there had been a bard resistance behind the star the ball would bare passed through, but the ridding flesh of the abdomen prevented it. Her corset was her armor, and saved her life, probably* The ball passed between Hatch’s third aud fourth ribs. through the • lungs, and Indeed. His physician thinks his chances of living small Baron* Paaeh'Bourl. The London BuUtUr puhllshca the follow ing letter, hitherto unpublished, from Da via Roberts, the painter, concerning the Masonic punch bowl of Robert Bums, made by the hands of the poet’s brother-in-law, Armour, Ihim a well selected piece of black Invcrory marble: >* Firmer Brastr, November 23,1557. *• i eend yon onclosod, a catling from the Scott man newspaper, relative to yonr Interesting arti cle on Burns’ ounch bowl. There Is, however, one cap In the narrative which you may, u com mon with myself, slid deem or some Interest— the name of the ’vintner publican,* who at one tune prised the bowl so highly, bat ultimately parted with It so easily. I think 1 can supply this deficiency. In IttW 1 was scene painter in the Theatre Hoys), Glasgow, under the management of Uenry Mason, who married one of the Kem bles. In the company was an actor called ’Jack bbaw,’ a rather impulsive aud eccentric charac ter. a lavqrllc with the nudloncr. from bis skill in slccmg Scottish songs, particularly (hove oi Darns. I nave often beard film boast of Ibe happy (lavs when he kept the house alluded lo and was the proprietor of (he celebrated runch-Bowt. and of the tunny distmgnlsbod countrymen It brought to his house to till and rarotivo over It, 1 do not rememtwr that lie over staled why be Joel tbs howl, or rather Ibe house (in the Htesnd, I al* ways tindershmd) that conlalueit it t hut his own impulsive chancier, lo say nothing ol the vlcUil* (udesplnti actor's Ills (10, with that of'mine iioai l he coupled that of clowna.ttiMier of (to?sni umitett), wsa quite cumigli to account for Ida iitedgltm ike howl, and slterwaida sqlling (he du* plhatefoMr.llaslle. I’durJachl Its musihave Um In great slralte hcfnie ho fsltnqimlied this tvile of our nailobni pod. " David llonnim." Tliu //01/.freaihlat “Wo may uhaorvo, l»y wny of imn-nthußla or posUrrlpt, that Iho ample mid weU piopiutlumid piinelt-liowl of Hoiicri llnriia was hoqueathcil by Archlhald Hustle (h saddler by trade), In November, IH&H, to the trustees of the lirlilah Museum. " fllr* l*lit(‘o!u*a Views of CJortfirvaa* IFMim the N*w Yoik Evening Post,] In IH4H, wblll Abraham Lincoln was a' member or the House of UcnresonlaUvos, auys Dr. Holland In ItlslUb nl Lincoln, he admated the choice of General Taylor Ibr the Presidency, who had Bald. In a letter lo Mr* Allison t "The will .of the people, as expressed through their representatives in Conercfis, ought to ho rcstiodod and carried onlTtv the Executive. Mr. Lincoln, litre* marking upon this, said l “ The people sav lu| General Taylor, * If you are elected, shall we have ft National Uank V lie answers, All ÜB.u n nnuviini unnn I mi niinnrim * Your will, nenllemen, nut 'What about the Urlin* 'Hay yourselves.' 'Hliall onrrlversftitdharhuraholmproved?* 'dust as you please. If you doilru a hank, an • aUeralion or the tariff Internal improvement. any and all, I will nol hinder yon i If you do not desire ihrm, I will not attempt to force thorn on yon. Hend up your member* of L'ongreM Irom the various dtstrlote, with opinions ao< cording to their own, and If II ey am for the inraeitre, or any of them, I shall Imvu noth* log to oppoau \ If they am not for them, I ahull not ny any anplluneea wimtayer Attempt lo dragoon them Into their adoption,'" From thU point Mr. went on to show lu what respect u » r«p* p P < ‘mtA» live of the people. He eald: "In n certain sense, and to a certain extent, he is a repre sentative of the people. He la elected hy them as Congress Is. But can be, In the na ture of things, know the wants of the people as well as three hundred other men coming from the various localities of the nation? If so, where is the propriety of having a Congress?” Foreign Item*. The Lisbon Journal of Commerce regards as certain that, In the mouth of January, Kim; Victor Emmanuel will visit Portugal. The Journal de Bordeaux , of December 29th, says : “ The convocation of a Diet—called for 1 the coronation * at. Prague—appears imminent. The Emperor Francis Joseph has announced to M. Bolcredi that, la the coarse of 1567. he desires to be crowned as King of Bohemia.’* The decision of the Provincial delegates assembled In England to place tho£apltal of the British North American Confcdcracv at Quebec instead of at Montreal or O ttowa, Is a concession to the delegates ofthcLowcr Provinces, who believe that any poinfwvcst of Quebec Is not central enough for the Capital. The decision will he very unpopu lar la Canada West, the most of which will be as distant from the Capital os Nova Sco tia. marine Disaster, Boston, January 12.—The fchooner Sophronia aas wrecked on Cape Atm on Thursday night The mate and one sailor were drowned. MARKETS BY TELEBRAPH. Now York Flnaoclal New*. Nrw Yobx, January 19. MOMKT. Money quiet and ateady. romo*.' Kscnaitos. Slullng doll, at IC9K®IO9H. GOLD. . Gold opened at USX, advanced to 136 g, and closed at )3C*f. Government* doll and drooping. LATEST. MOKZT. Ucney dosed easy. TO* BANK STATTVKNT on Monday will snow a decrease of about tt.000.000 in loans, and an increase of a raullon inapocie and leeal tenders. The banks have Rained currency not withstanding the drain lor the Booth. GOLD. Gold firm, aIISW. OOTKBNincm. Government secorlUes dull. The following are the closing pilces: Coupons *81....108 aicex I Coupons *a....lOßvaiMX Coupon# 'GL-..107M510S 110-Jw 99k(*UO Coupons *64....t05K&t05X | „ *!H:aLI.*!fKOCB STOCKS. K. Y. CcnU...JOSH®l«* 11L 1 »?v/a w Brie N. W 4tVf4 43 Fittaborsb 88*a .... IW. D. T. 43i«.!.. TUK NTW TORS BAtLKOAD IXBEOOLIO. Rnmor says the whole quarrel between tne Central and, HodsoD roads is a stock Jobbing mansavre. to cegress price*, and thus break up securities gene sinnrrwr or spKCT*. Rteamer Baxonla sailed tc-day lor Europe with |156,0C0. NINTNO SdASKS. Mining stneks active. Gregory opened at 103. sold down to ISO, and closed at lsior4lS3: €OO share* Corydoo sold at 60S, seller 80, and 651aC0. regnisr: Smith A l*armelee, GtjO; Qnartx UiU, 5. Tnc Produce nflrkcti, MILWAUKEE. [ Special Despatch to the Cblcsgo Tribnne.J Milwacke* January 19. Flour—Very dull, bales, ISO brl* fIOJOjUO.73. Good city sprlrg extras nothing tn. Country tt, |'jj choice super stock moderate, holders firm. Wheat—Closed dull. Bales at morning board, 1,000 bn; sales at noon hoard, U.OOO bn at 1t.98ai.93v for No. aln store: f 1.98 seller's option all month; 91.99 bny<r*s option all month; 11.77ai.78 far No. S Instore; 11.73 V seller's option, February: |IJ»9 far refected. Cats—tractive. Buyers otter (Sc far No. 3. Cora-Dull, bales, (00 bo new shelled In store at 65c. Kye—Nominal, at 90c far No. 1. Provision*—Quiet and firm; fIBAO£I3.CO far mess pork, and 913J0 for X prime t MVc far prime lard. Dressed Hogt-Firm. Sales, dividing 200 lbs, at t7.1t«7A0. Batter—Steady, at 13c far common, ami He far choice roll. literlpU-i,;oo brls floor, HJtOO bn wheat, 1,000 bo oats,lJtfldo eora.l.CCOdo rj6,3.loodrea»edhOfi. Shipments— 1,6C0 btU floor, and 700 bo wheat. NEW YORK. N rx To**, January 19. Cotton—Unchanged. Salta 800 bale*. >- Flour—Doll and urcoping. bat price* art unchanged, lale* 3,600 brls. . Wblikey—Nominal. vrbtat-Qoict and iteady. bales 1,790 hu amber State at laoo. Kge—Firm. Salaa 8,000 bn Canada Writ tn bond at harter-Qalet. Sales 13,000 bn Canada Ea*t at BOc In bond. Corn-Doll and unchanged. Boslnera 1* restricted by Ice embragn and scarcity of freight room, bale 31.0 U) bn mixed Western In atore at 91.17at.17V. and afloat at Sl.ifai.t3V- Receipt* I,RN bn. Data—Steady. Safes 11.700 bo Western, at 63aOe* Ilercipta, (jao bo. Grocene*—lnactive. uiuvcijn—i.bvui Hop*—Steady. Petroleum— Firm. Coal and Leather—Uncharged. Woo:—Firm, sales 33J.000 lb* domestic fleece, at S 3 ftUc: polled, (Sc. l*ork— oulet and heavy; sales 3A brU sew mesa at $30.79(2:1.43, closing at 9:1.37 far Western: old mM IW.TJwtO.OO. closing atllo.73cash;prime 916.73ai7.00, apd heavy;aalra (to bn* sew plain mesa at flLOua IS.CU: extra. 117.0Ca9D.00. - f Boef Bama—Dull; aaiea 330 pea at 973J00X3J0. Bacoo— enchanted. Sales 600 bxa. wmuwKou. otmsw ■■ ■■ Cut Meat*—Dull. Sales 379 pkga; ahonlders BVi29Kc*. hams, KUIJc. u.-eawa Hoe*—Steady; Wenera Sv^sve. Lard—Heavy. Sales 479 tea at 13*13 vc far old and Batter and Cheese—Finn. wxxsiT untv. New tone. January id. Tbe wholesale trade baa been very doll the paa, week, owing to fears of a crisis la! tba mosey market asd the storm, bot Karapets advices cf small stockt baa caused confidence on tbe part of bolder* of grains and more active trade U looked for In the analog week. There areman> order* firezportor grain. Floor—Has been proved cm taemarkK, partleolarly low grades, by weak bolder*, wboee margins are near* It gone. Prices bare declined 40 to SCc. bat toward tie ck>«e a portion ot tbe decline was recovered. Whcai—Neglected. taiUer* balding off. owing to tbe decline In floor. Those compelled to tell subsumed to adecltaeof&39c. Pork—More active. doting strong. CINCINNATI. Floor-Poll, wltb bat a enchanted. Wheat—Dull and lower. Nothing doluc. A local demandlorNo. 1 at 93-S3 tor spring, and s2JnatS3for winter. Corn—lc light supply, and held rather firmer. Bar. at W«ssc ; shelled at 60e. ’ Oats—Dull. atsCc_forNo.l. - Rye— Held at IU7, but this rata was paid rehtc tanuy. Cotton—Firm at SIASIVe. * Whlskev— Dull, at min p?nd. Bccs-rFlncrr.aadratesasnada higher; closing at *7-10»S.OO. Receipts 11,000. Mew Perk—Was generally held at (SUM at the close, a Uh buyers at wio. Bulk Meats—were bold at Sc for shoulders, aad9V9 ICc for stoes. loose. laid—At jsve.with tome demand at live. Green Meats—Told at 65.9 H and Wife for shoulders, stiles and hams, but holders were asking Me higher tor next wnk’s delivery. The general feeling at tbs close was less buoyant tor all articles, and buyers manifest ed a disposition to hold back. Baron—is m demand, and shoulders sold at live and clear tides at ISc, to be delivered on Monday, but they would not bring over U®I3VC tor delivery a wees bence. Cooperage—la more settled, holders not being willing to accept the panic price current on Thursday and Friday. To-day Ocrcaa were held at 13.40. and pork bai re& at trsmr city made. Uam a trees are held at a large amount of cooperage has been sect in from tbe country, the Interior packer* being anxious to sell cut, ana tbe market Is now over stocked. Butter and Cheese—Steady. Central Ohio butter 364 Sc; cheese lIV9ISC. hugar—6tcidratilV®i4c-. CoSes In fair demand at •3*36x0 lor common to choice Bio. Gola 15V9136 buylng-doctng steady. Mr&eymaraet unchanged and not any easier. Ex change 1-10 discount v ST. LOUIS. v _ __ _ Sr.Locta. JaauarylS. at |IO.73®UAO for extra; »1t.133U.75 for double extra. at teTftggLSOfor prime; tLMlordnlee. Oats—Lowtr at (S^i& ITovtiloes—Flra»r. Pork. fTOJO, delivered at Cairo. Ram*, sweet pickled, Wife: bacon ahooMtrt. 19V 1411 c; clear sides, UVOISUr: sugar cured bams. ISwm 17c; bulk sboulders cackru.6c; nbsldes,9lfe; clear do, lie. Lard. nVAtSVe. d ? o^coo dTBBCCd nm^er packed to Wbltkey—Nominal at IUJV&LIS. Plttaborcli Petrolcam Market. PRTSBraoa, Jaauary 19. File of crude, LOCO brls, tor iprimt detvery, at Sc. Market dun ana neglected, with frwlnqntrtee sent or future delivery. Smith's Ferry oil liquated at baireis re tuned and included; raflaed tjoDacdoli. xoahaaaeeoftalea,ls quoted atOe, free on cua bare, aid sm foe rtuiadeipu* ccUruryi frea oil quiet and uxfeucsd* . HnrToril Un •»* (I««UI DW.KH to U. HofUjlnneri W»W. Kona npodl*!' - How York Dry GooAs Haw Tot*, January is. Dry Goods—Extremely qqlek without change prices. New Tork Frowtalon Mart®** [Special Despatch to the Chicago TrtbuneO K*w Yoxx, Pork-Sales at and doll at the close, flog products in mnen leasdimaod. Row fork Bwadstoffli Jilnrkel*, ... [Speelal Dwpatch to the Chicago Tribune, I Nuw You, January l». Breads taffs—Business la nearly suspended, owing to the difficulty of making deliveries— closing heavy. Row fork Grocery market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Nxw Tobk. January It. Coffeo-Rlo dull. . ■Sugar—Fair to prime*rocery 10,V®11K C t firm. Foreign Prelybts* [Special Deipatch to the Chicago Trtbone.l Kbw York, January 19. Freights to Liverpool-SWAO bo cornbr aalkitfd. 19ABB1BD. Inllilaclty. on tee 13th Inak,ter the Bev. C. B. Che ney, of Cbrlvt Charch, Air. P. B. CONE and AllM LIDIA n.UOBDIE. At Dwtibt, 111., January 16tta. by Her. J, A. Moot* gDtnery, fir.J&COR SWlrZEft, ol ilacoln, and Ulss eAltAii J. WEBHTBK, ol Dwight. At Dwight, 111.. January 16lh, by Rev. J. A. Monte gomery, Air. EDWIN V, WEDStEU, and Miss IIBLKN CAIAiAIB, both Ol Dwight, DIB1), In this city, of membranous croup, WELLES ft.. Infant nmol U.J.andU. W, 3!ar*b. aged 7 mouths aud n days. No bitter tears for thee be shed, lllo»soin of being, seen and tonci. With flowers alone we strew thy bod, U« ever dear, dcitirted one. Funeral at 7 o'clockkwlay, (Sunday), from Ibclr rev* Idcnce, No. HO West l.akMt. si. Paul papers please copy, in (hiscity, <>n Urn loth 1na1... tIAUVRV T., only child of Edward t. ami Fannie L. Aubrey, aged 7 years, I month and W day*. .... Ftqlefai setvlma io*day, (fiunday,) all o'clock pi to,, al iMfrpuih state »l. soinii onHoialasulaoe. fitrmoulty ms Her, Allred Knov, rastor, AiUny papers plsats copy. (in the IN(U lull., olwmsmnutloa. WILLIAM, sldesl Itmi'i I'hllip liirka, Kaq., ufUU rlly. Print rsl aarvltaa will lahanlww alltitt p. m„ al IW Wtst pHitnu il* Dari laava Mllwanape tfeputat liM. satnu^cmcTufl.’ Me VIOKKITh TUMATUB. ICKF.II A UTRItn .....UANAUBHS. Engagement of the Uelihraleil Tragedian MB. OH&BLEB DILLON. MONDAY, January list, VIHQtNIU9i Ur, THE ROMAN FATHER. . *....... Mr. Chariot Dillott /^tslielr«>l, A| 'tiehiiieitor, Hitt Mountebank. 11 On&AT ATTRACTION. Afpestatauee of Die (Jut*)) of Sun*, Nlillililiil TAYLOIt, jiwr* And the great Star (Muipauy, lit rehtafMl, and will iob b« produced, '* Hell tlpen Nhhlii er. The fleill nml Ills m»»i»n ilftHuhtprs. f)01u \V () U D l l3 M UttEUM, l\tl. J. It. WOnn,,,,...Pfnprleinr i •,« hd? Tlis present w»k win W devoted to iha represents* (inns of sums of (hi l.oslnf thou udmlraVilo Complies •o kitecfamity parfnrmwl at this utablUhmeni. The fimof L ll f, ,e ‘? » , ‘l Iw.KVKfIViIODV’a PHIKNU, m Which Ur. pILLUN will make his Aril appear.nee In mu. ILonb". MopJnv, Jan. Jia, ilia aamiranlo Comedy of EVERYBODY** PRHSKD. To conclude with the ItOHbK RAILROAD. Wednesday Afternoon-Giand Manned, TUK DLOUENOT CAPTAIN ta In rehearsal. *OlETOKF—Orosby’s Opera House. X\ untECTOR J. GRAD. Season ct toarNlghU and one Matloee. iIOKDAY, Jan. 31, First appear anco la Chicago ol ZBad« Adelaide ZUatorij In her great role ofUEGEA, supported hy the dra matic company secured exclusively lor the transat lantic engacement. _ Tuesday, Jan, 73 MARY STUART. Wednesday, Jan. 33 ELIZABETH, Queen of Ensland. Saturday afternoon—His tori Matinee. Reserved scats, Seats In Boxes, fS, None*—No application will be received for tree admission. ■VVnTKOWSKy HALL. BRANCH UP THE New York Museum of Anatom 1 WITKO WBRY HALXi, 196 Clark-iL, comer of Monroe. This Important aSdrliUblT instructive Museum oou- LMns WONURRS.OFCREATION tmm the fintmooih. Miniature Wonders or the World, as alto Beantlss cf Osteology, Myology, Dermatoloary, And in fine every department of Medical Science. The Student, the Physician, the Naturalist, the Mar of Business, the manor Leisure. mUht essay In vats where they coaid spend a more protuvhle tnnr. open for genUemcn only tram 9 a. m. till 10 p. m. Admission 50 cents. A NNUAL MASQUERADE PARTY ii of ins es CHICAGO SAHCIHO ACADEMY, Comer Clark and Monroe-sts., MONDAY EVESTVO. Jan.2lst. J. EDWIN MARTINC. TICKETS FOR SALE. TBSSB OBCBSBTR&. SCATS for Monday night. Apply at 13 Cbimber ot Com mercc. auction Sales. Q.LLBERT & SAMPSON. U ■AT -AXJOTIOIV. Will be sold tt onrsa'mooaif, 47 sod -19 Dearborn* *U, on TUESDAY, Jan.32d, at 10 o'clock, a Ist re and superior assortment of FURNITURE, For Parlor, Chamber and Dining room. Including ele gant Oil Walnut Uarbto-lop Chamber Suits, Cottage do., Parlor Suita In Rep and Uatr Cloth, large new French Plate Mantel Mirror, In rich ear red Oil Wal nut Frame. SPLENDID ROSEWOOD PIANO CARVED LEG MELODEON. In perfect order, and Is a beau'iml Instrument. Also, a case of Stuffed Birds. ,• Blanket*. Dinner Seta, Linen Coeds, Brnaaclls and other Carpets, Silver-plated Ware, Crocker?, three sma'J Melodeons for children, with a general assortment ol Housekeeping Goods. GILBERT A bAMPaON. Auctioneers. SCOTT & CO.. Anrrrnvßitnß AwnrnMMK«mv urrhuahtn AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 l>oke>*t„ cor- Laetallc. Chtcnso, Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned fbr sale. Out-door sales promptly attended to. , RUCTION Monday, Jan. 31st, 1567, at 104 I.ake-st,, atIO a. m. alary* aasortme&tofFars,tnclodlcc ladles’ and gen tlemen's hats, gloves, caps, o qD, skating caps, cads, collars, 4c., Ac. DANIEL SCOTT 4 CO., * Auctioneers, A UCTfON—Wednesday, Jan. 23d, 18G7 ii —Special Sale of Velvet Pile, Brussels. Tapenry, KlddermeUtcr, Two and Three-Ply, Ingrain and Felt CARPETING, Oil Girths, Btove Rags, Hearth Rugs. Mats, Ac* ic eboat 100 roll*. The largest and most Tarred assort ment eve* olftred tn this market. We are 1-etcuclcd importers to sell the above largo assortment of SMata, Ac- Carpel*. Oil Cloths, Ac- amoogit will be found the choicest d’sign* and patterns extant, selected c*prra«'7 far th'.d market. Bale at 10 *•£2,f bMp . DANIEL SCOTT A CO- Ancfrs. Pood* bo view Motftay. At 1M Lakfrit. A UCTION—Dry Goods—Monday, Jan. XJL Hit, iSb«. at 10 a. to- at 101 Lakc-at. we aro Instructed to Mil th* fallowing Dry Ooota. Including Tweed, MMon and Rob Kor Sblrta, Merino bbtrti nod Drawer*. Woollen Yarns, nmerr, Blanket*, Shawl*, Black Satinet and faislrocres. »c;. Ac., Ac. DANIEL SCOTT A CO.. AneUoneen. Ooodi on view Saturday. ■yyiL A. BUTTEItS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 44 A 40 BANDOI.I'II-KT.. Between State-«t. and Wabaah-ar. Hold regular sales, at tbdr aalearoom*. ot DRY GOODS, CLOTfItS'O. BOOTS, SHOES. AC- Every WEDNEBDAT and TUDRSDAT. FURNITURE, CARPETS, Ac., every SATURDAY. General Notices. TyjDNEYI MONEY! MONEY I The best invention of the age, and more money in it than any other now known. Mansfield’s Non-Explosive Oil, The only article of the kind ever patented in the United Mat-a. Can be manufactured by anv oaeata coat ofTWBNTY-FIVE CENTS PER G ALLON I Will hnni aalooe as kerosene, with no explosion, no amok ins. no unpleasant iroeJl. Qafc be used with orwtttaont a chimney. In any keroioaeor Hold lamp, andean be sold to every family in the United state*. There la a milt el money In this article The right* to maantac nsrelnliUncla and eleven other States are already told. For every person who can be loondwbohaa purchased a right for State, concty or town, and l« aot making money, we win pay fifty dollar* County right* in Indiana, and the following Mate rights, far sale: Maine, New Dam pa hire, Rhode Island, Connec ticut, New Jersey. Delaware, Maryland, and all the Southern states, (except .Ml»«onrL> at a bargain. One hundred good live agent* wanted, who have a little money to mrest/to canvaas for the winter. Ca 1 at our oOce, apd be unified that yon are not being humbugged, or tend stamp for drenlar. D. MANSFIELD Sc CO., Boom 11. No. 17 LaSalle-fL, Chicago. (Somsponbence &aantcfr. /CORRESPONDENCE—W ante d—A \.J yonng man of moderate circumstances, and very good looking, wunes to eorremend with several yonng ladles. Photographs exchanged. Address “J w L,” P.O. Box 2004. CORRESPONDENCE— Wanted—ITwo 1 Two ) girls wish to correspond wlib so unlimited num ber of gentlemen. Object, fun. and eerhtM matrimo ny. Please addm* Ml*e AOOIG SMITH and Mis* gMMA GRET. Chicago Post Office. gorges, (Carriages, &c. T/tTASTED— Sleighs—Any one hartm fV a couple of pair of Mb sleighs or farm waipni can oefi a purchaser by addressing **L B 8," Tnfaun office. A TEAM cl bav horses, of about 1,100 J\ lb* each, 7 years “old, for tala. Can be seen at UllTiken A Cotton's Stable. No. 147 State-st. For farther particular* address Box 17117. jgtiapb ann Stolen. CTRATED—Or Stolen—Prom the sub- Oecnber, near the corner of Lincoln and West Wash- Inctomta-abaypony. wnn two white hind feet, and forward off foot white, the other dark, with white sur in forehead, tall not reaching quite to bis gambrel. Wboevsr will return said poay to 677 West Ma?l•ou st. or etve information wherebe may bo found, will bo liberally rewarded. E. B MANNING. CTttAYED—Between 4 find 5 o clock, O a bar*bor*e. wHb bead-stall on, round sbo*on nlgbiore foot and sore on same toot, a liberal re ward wtn be given by delivering to PATRICK KEN NEDY. No. P 6 ShalioH. Estate—(gountrg. TTOR SALE—Very choice white pine J 1 umbered land*, road cut, *c.. of fcsglxaw River, on liberal terms to ty. Abo. iblrtv-one lot*, on eaiy term*. p*my im proved, with rtnuee infflclecl W meet^“{f'JJlted *sffi?s'iiSS“B6.f , S! I S , 2a.®d5SM LoanßtnkCT.QSLahallc-st Ssss-ssssgM and ten »w£ka}rm»toc* of goods, gtoeerlea pfricrred, or tor For further parUcnlaHTaddre** or apply tQ u»IU6ATfi 60 NortESUtaat, Chicago, tea imt-emw. rpo RENT—Three now two-storr j|^^aßv. H s&D , a , *vas#(Si¥fsK npo KENT—On tlie bouth bide, house .1 137 Twooty-nlnUi-flt. Hu 12 rosms, pantile* «nd c.o#eU, wits rnooem ImproTciaeate. Seal, fiO per month. Apply «1033 MlcWrtn-ar. rpo RENT— Cottage house, brick base- I .reot. B room*. No. 40 L#*Titt-*t. Inquire of BlLLf* WHTITLK. Uoai Kitate AsonU, 138 Dear* bora-et, Poem it. rpo KENT—A nice cottage on Wabash- I bt-nearTblrtietn-«t. A1*0,4»0 story, Rallied ,{~ un set month for two yeare Dart uo beaut. UEOIIQK A WILLIAMS. 7 Booth fiarK-tt. TO RENT—4CO Olark-Bt,new store and boardloc booaa; 3'i(J FourtVar H two-ctnry frame bonee; 404 Bmoli and-ar., two-etory frame hoaso: neir iwo-atory Damn booM corner Twenty-ecrenlh and Oanbaldl-eta.; I*3 and 134 a fine bokrdlna honae; tour ronki* at 237 Hark-at. Poasee* ■ton at once. Apply to J. M. MARSHALL, 97 South Olark-it. XO RENT—And furniture lor sale—A nice cottage 00 West Side, between ted and Deeplalcee-iu. PoaMailoa alren Imme-* dlatety. pUITU A HIIAW, 80 LaßaUe-et. XO RENT— Honse 178 North Franklin it.• contain* lOrooma. Pueeeealon Risen Immo eiy. Inqnlreat 17MMlcHlgta-rt. TO RENT—A cottage olsixrooms, &a, with water, 330 Carroli-»t. corner of Ann. Im mediate pOHUMlanklren to a prompt-paying tenant. Inquire at 333 Carroll-it., on Monday. rpO RENT—Collage No. Cl Thirty-lira*.- I tt M Are room*, hydrant water—•?« per month. T. 8. FITCII A CO., Room 2| 1117 TO RENT —A neat cottage, containing •eten room*, lermi rerr rc*‘ouahlo, and Im-n-- diato tioMCselon rlrm. luqulrc at Room No. 0. third floor, JflSWnt Ksndolph it. ®o Itcnt-Hooniß. TO RENT —Ami lumituru lor side— Two Plcely InrpUhnl rooms, witttltt two minuter' waiknl the I’ort Ottice, lultatilo Inf a man and wtfrlo keep hotieeln. or twoelnalo «cul« lo k"rp "old tta- h** hair m—dl'hm. cookitia «h.»e». A**.. Ac. Eof lurlber bartlcul»r», rad at 170 smith Clark si., or addroaar. 0. Uo« 8 IOT< RENT—i’leitfani mul coinO’rUMo X. uparititrhtf.eornrror lteii»K*ti aitifie. rtai lb-til Ito i*er inoiitli. Apply to A. 11.1IILU. eof* tier ofCarpehltr atut West Ktnrln ate. RENT—6i»e large - arid Tin# wniall, I fnridOietl •lerplfii rooms, to two or (life.. grottA. iil'NT—OllliTH nml •li'cnlni! room, oiarli-*l, RENT— I'looimU and dosirabln (nr- J nlahail roaini, autlalila flir lentlßiirii.ruiifedlaiit (u hnalneia. App-y at B2Q.<i HUtu-al. IbAreiuea re> qtilml, rpb RENT—The limum, 80 mnina, OUO I, Btatfl-al., now nccnpleo tu'r a Ixiardtnc limns. Part n( furnUorn Arr Bale. Inquire, for twu day*, on (lie premise*. 'VO RENT—A nicely furnished room. I Can be seenil»jf apply Ini al 114 Mouroe-il., oppo site the I*olll fllce. '■po RENT—A newly Itirnishml mom. .1.. Can l» seen by applying at 1 tHMonroe-sl, up pL-allelhet’oitumcc. Vpo"RKNT-lly Wul D. Iferlbot, 00 I WMlilnnlnti*»l,. the llppst part ol a two »(orr franin home on North Clafk-sl.* near Dlv Isioe.rirmimi. lietilfiJ per mouUi- Also, the upper part of a huiul [tig on South Cla*k-et. t hear Itatrlrjti 'l., er»mtsi mAsis® I*' 1 *' AM,ir *° ?v “* l,l R ‘ i, * Four ' I gentlement ale<>. elhgte fmmie, furbish*! wllli liubejl-loaeta,A^ t Hl lOM 'I-0 Ii I‘N'i—A nice lurniflieil mom, lor X gentlemen, wlllttmatd. *l3lO Mate*!. 'TO HUNT—A sleeiiine mom, lor o rim tOU V lflnnil l ai >>An< ln A l4n, ny. liMpitrg at 'ro lIKNT—A nlonsrtnl'lrnnl room, tor- J l.leh»l,l(de«|(P4l, wlllinr whlmni hoard, H«tep. enrei requited. Ii qulVeat Co iarnt-iSitovcs, oßim<,.\ v c nPO UENT—OntbJmlf of nsioro on South JL. in lha very beet location In tbs city. Addrea* I*. O. floi atlft. 'T'O RENT—Very tlci-irnble olllco rooms, 1. on the second itoor off) 1 Radoolnb-at. Anuly to Pit. JAAIKb, DU Uandolpb-«l.,eacoadOoor« r PO RENT—Third, lourth and tilth I floors ot new storeHS Mlchluan av. Pooeoe* aion Immediately. Price, f 1.500. Address F. O. Dox 3370. TO RENT—Store, with sit rooms, cor ner or WeULako and Oakley Btd n nnlttblefora mfat^iuarket,^roccry,or feed store. Inquire aISI TO RENT—Aipood stable, with three stalls, at 175 Wabash-ar. TO RENT—Stores 210 and 251 Sonth CUtk-st. Stores and rooms at Jill. 2SO. liSOK, 316 and 479 South Clarb-su store 4H3 West Mad* uon-it. Apply to J. M. MARSHALL. 07 CUrfc-sU TO RENT—A good store 75 feet deep, X on south of Washington, and lease fcrsale. Address‘*J y D." office Chicago Fosu TO RENT —Part ot store, filled no In good style, suited for ofllce or any small boslnass, in one of the best localities In the city. Apply at 43 State-st. XO RENT—At a low figure, two pood cfllees. in best business location. Apply at 32 34 LaSalle-lt. TO RENT—A tann ot 120 acres of the best prairie land, only 10 miles from Chicago, with constant railroad connection to the cltr, about twodhltda under cultivation, with the pilvtlrgre of a vegetable garden and one*half of a thrifty cherry and apple orchard Lhasa good tenant honss with cel lar, torn with dstmu Ac. With this will be leued 40 or BO acres of land at a low figure, for mowing pur poses. Has been used with great success as a dairy farm. For tnrthtr particulars, apply to THOMAS B. DRY AN » Bryan Hall. Chicago, HI. rpo RENT—A desirable suite of front I (fllcct at IBS Randolph-st. Apply to GEORGE MTDIOD, 164 lUndoiph-st, Boom 12- ,• ffiaanteh-Co Kent. WANTED— To Rent—On and alter April 1, a comlortable furnished house ot seven or eignt rooms. In rood locality, for gentleman and his win*. No chl.dren. Best of references el sea. Ad* staling terms, HARRY RICHMOND, Box TT/’ANTED —To Rent—Four or fire V* good rooms. In a good locality, suitable fiira small family. Beat ofrefsreoeea given. Addnws, sta ting location aedicnt, M c g W," p. Q. Box IK3O. WANTED —To Rent—A house ol 0 to II rooms, In a goed location. Address, with rail particulars. Dpi 1737. T\7ANTED —To Rent—A house with V * about 6 rooms, on Wabash or Mlchlgan-ax., or ou North Side, east ot Clark-st. and south ot Chicago* av„ rent not to cxrced *1.001; win bny furniture. Ad* ply to WILLIAM D. KEKFOOT, Ileal Eitato Broker. Stf Washtnctoa-st. \\T ANTED —To Rent Two fur- V* alilud rooms, with board, suitable for a man and his wift*. nr two other ooar Jers. on Weal Side, con* Tcnlent to street cars. Address **C C A,” ofllce of Evening Post. 33oatbmg, T> CARDING—One large unfurnished U Cent room and a large faroWiad room, snltable for two genUernea, or gentleman and wife, can be *.b* cIMI board, at »99 Illlnols-st.. North Division. T3oAßDlNG—Pleasant rooms, with ran bo obtained at the SI, Cloud House, 114 Franklin-at., only two blocks west of the Court House, \ INIQN A lIATNE. Proprietors. T>OARDING —Pleasant rooms and first I f claw board car bs secured for farallioi and sin clegentlemre by addreaMnc real name to P. O. Box 144 U. Referencerequired. TTOARDINQ—At 8 Eldndge-court, one 1 > suite ot fN nt ULforelsbed rooms, on second Poor, with gas set bowl, with hot and cold water and cloael. Also, hoard lor cue sing.e gentleman. An DIN iQ —lnn private faraUy,where there arc no other bosnlpn*. A large front room tor a BceUman and wlfo or two eeallomon. Location U^IVVO* 11 h o " o ** 1 * ncar "*ba»h-ar. AJdrcu 130ARDINQ—A lew day benrders can 10 * Pirate family, at No. aiWbUte-it.. at |3 per week. * T>OAHDHs'G—A nicely tarnished room, U closet and dressing room attached, tollable far gentleman and wjfa, or two gentlemen. to rent, with board, at IS7 Wabaah-ar, A fan day boarders can b« ncconunodated. r>OAhDlNQ—Neatly furnished rooms, 1 a with Oral clan boatd. In a private lamlly, at 170 booth Cllotoo-it. T>OARDIlkG—Four or five gentlemen 1J can Qod pleasant rooms. wltb’Ward. at isa mate*;., up stairs. Uooms large, with closets at* tached. TSOARDING—A few gentlemen can find JLI f cod hoard and pleasant rooms at 337 Michigan* •t.(n*tr corner Norm Bute), and very convenient to linemen localities. A few day boarders wanted. Terms moderate. CARDIN' « > cm be accommodated wltb room aad beard. at 173 Wabaab-ar. "OOARDINQ— Pleasant -.rooms, with JT) board, may be found at 330 Ulchlsao-st., North Slde.atboitalstaoce from Bute*«(. bridge, verr coo* renlcnt to bcilceri. Dir boarders accommodated. TXOARDlltG—Several handsomely tur- XX nUbrd rooms, with hot and cold *>t*r In each, with drst-cltas board, can be bad at 11*4 But Ad* aros-st. A few dir boarders can alto be accommods* led with board. TXOARDING—2S boarders wanted at I J‘Ti!ice Dill RestaorsnV 133 Dearbom-st. Al* so. a well lanusbed room to rent. T>OARDING—Two rooms, suitable for XX two or three gentlemen, at 143 Wabaib ar,, be tween Midisc n sad Moaroe-sts. TTOAKDING—Five or six gentlemen XX cts be KCoramodtinl with board and pleasant rooms, at 40 ana 42 Franklin sk, between Lake and Eandoirh-sts. Also, * ftw ca» boarders. BOARDING —A widow lady wishes to obtain a lew boirders. Term* rcaaot able. Add r at No. Wt nnt-at between Paulina and Wood, one block Crcm Lake-st. can. BOARDING —Two young gentlemen ; that would room tocetho 1 , can have flntclaaa board, with a private family, bar block from «erect can. No other boarden. Apply at 246 Ewtng-it. 4 BOARDING —A suite ot elecantly fur nished roc mi, with flnt das* boards Is a private amily, on Ihlnytlrst-sL, convenient to Indiana-av. •treetcan. Urge room, e egaLiy furnished. Term to colt the tinea. Addreaa Box 1927. or can at 144 Tbirty-flrst-st. T> CARDING—A single gentleman can I) be accemmodated with good board, peaiaot room, with home comforts, by calling at 139 Wa basb-av. BOARDING —Nice suite ot frert parlor and bedroom; also, single rooms and dgy board, at 17 Dcaftrro-sC,apstairs. T> OARDING—TVith a handsomely lur £) dished suite ot rooms, tor two single gentlemen, at 207 Mlchlgaa-av. References exchanged. T>OAUDING— Furnished rooms, with O Ik art. Reterencea Exchanged. Apply at 60 North Green-st, Uoartr &3antcb. BOARD —By a gentleman and W’le, Ob* Booth Side, within fifteen minutes walk of Late-' st. A liberal price will be paid fir hancsome apart ments. A pnva’w family would be preJ erred. Address box 3109. Post Office. BOARD —A young gentleman desires a room and board In a private family. North sidepreierr'd. Reference* given and required. Ad dregs. «unag terms. -K.** Box 594 P. O. BOARD— A young e’ereyman with his wlfo and one chltd. desires a home with *ome pri vate family. Location. North Side, near Onio-st. Ad. dress P. O. Pox 1013. BOARD— About the ICth ol February b> a getUemaaimd wtft.untarnished roomOn a cord locality—Michigan and or Weat Wssbisglcn-st. preferred. None but those ha ring flrsT class board neoa answer. Price no ohi*et. Address, stating location and terms. Drawer 6023. T]> OARD —By a single gentleman, a iur- D nisbed room and heart,, In a strictly private fam ily. Atromtnoi'atlnnsmnßtbe Snt class, for which > rood price will be paid. Address p. oTlkix ’J2SST T>OARD—By a competent and exnen- U raced teacher of mnslc. a boarding place. whe» luiructioDS can be riven fora partial comMssatinn Adiimi or.csU at 131 Mlchlgan-av./orladirom^Mu.* Ttlbone office. Oooa reference given tad re- ©U. TT" OH-I-NOOR.—Four hundred barrels XV of the celebrated C Diamond Light Carbon Oil, Knit be soil to cloae oonainment. Country order* HHawtto-jaait jqttp. gWKhmmi, MAiiKsstßn W xn*n to bu l»Td o»Jlww^d^S“ nUct “ la *<ep"»=«to< » ■<Jdr«athß‘'Tot!S^iV e l*”*- Reference* required. Itg Uo..'-Tolt&Tohmf d 011 tAadia Maamaclnr- stout boy. one able to m!J mJr «,5; a U Mb £ llls J OO4 rerommemla- KiwiL. p £ r ' “"“‘•y. «**»•«o'«ocic..t99 •TBAOBS. APP^m- \\f ANTED—A few good cutlery grind fV era nt tha Chicago Cotiery Works mA ■l. between lUlitea-atT, tna Ulna Kwln£ ’ \\T ANTED—A Mellcr who thoioughly V* nndenland* Uietnanagcmeotoracunoia!? *3. dr«B HALL A IIBUTHKK. Omaha. Nebraska. • aiaawteß-jfemale %elp. UOU9H SERVANTS. TXTANTED—A competent nurse. Must VV come well rccoraienacd. Apply at. 2IIG Wa baib-as. TXTANTED—Wet nurse, lo go to Frec- VV prrt, 111, fir child (Ire month* old. Innulreal 1 HO North State-it. WANTED A competent nurse, to lake care of an InralhU aiai, a young irlrl lo aa«l*l la Bereml housework. Ad(ireai“nYDß PAIIK,” Tribune cilice. XXrAN'rED—Seivant girl, Inquire al VV 373 Collate Urure-ar. WANTED— A competent girl to do ( m>ktii(raud wnrlilou lu an Auiatlcan family. Apply at fliil Wabash nr, ■\X7ANTED—A good laucdrv girl at S. VV H.THnMB«N'H.4« I’nrk-ar. WANTED— A good, reliable girl lo do swopil work, at .|J| Rail Moutoc-Tl, TXTANTED—A girl lo do kitchen and VV dlnittk num work. wnOilns and boiling. Mint tom* well recommended. Afpljf at a« Skat Vmi litirtb it. 7 ANTED—A good cook amt lauu< 1 iirrss, at Mb lilyaft ky. ISmprojimcut Kqcuclck. VV ANTl'il) Muir, nml lonmln-i llml VV hayefUolintoiiireiMo aiputdpulM imp imM to rail i*> addir.s tjtj, Hl'KVh.lH, 12 4 MU (hartal,, llomiig | biplU. V\f ANTKD—Vnunßinun In llw enun- V r try, wtailing lo obtain ■(luailoiia, *iia|| a* Iwma krri>er*, aalramrn, t'ollrrioM, <i«tirr«sn:«n, «-|rrka, hraliMiiifn.Ao., Aa.t.i apidf at Itl I Imartmru-ai,, li. i.m nr .ruVnoi U. K. jnNK. * i'll. Ilm III) 111! eiii-huliitf ten is-uta, for full parttnilara. XXTANTED—U aaaiatanl bookkeupera, t W rolhctur, I tiraketn*n, I nremen, I porter, V drlyera, 4 aemta, IlHilry e erka, | cur.ditelJit. At-uly al |;M IN arburn at.. {(wuu 3. AMKU-Early thin tiny. 200 labor en, M ft,so per ilaj nn>l I until, To turn at ft) to »ni ier iiH'iilh hi n le-srd. wood rhoppets, dp. Apply at 100 >lxli»uc Bt.,Uoum 4. TAfANTED—Monday— 40 clmmiora for V Y hall tfmiMnrtaU ’ii futnhVdi to men to an ?omln I waeon inskef fl-r the p|ty 4 ftpidjr early atUcHiin 11. 1 Inn's Hlm-h t fUmlu pii *t. Hrlifgr> , \\'A NT HI )-AgTtl Ui he Ip drt Vv work and ibw In n email iShtliy. Call *1)1114 PMh-«l. Mtlaiiich--JWlficrUaufoun. VV (tinihg llmime. 4llniht4*UMarlt : if>iUmtieai plane tuliganrm tlmiOr. buy itn ongliio nml ,Y> b'-lUf, imm bmv to »w niy iiojtMMwar, j b'dier.aiM.nt ililfiv hard* newer, whieh iwytp'l lisa intra.w and payUrflllmfrliW. P-Hiilt Wateret. Mm*. WANTED— I'rHim Imvtngft mAmifto ttirinylMefrtl Ahlrhlliymtr «fieh |.ieo!l|nr rain, may A|.,| a pnfcbaeor by 4dJree»|fl£ a Una (u 17 it 7 l*» 0, ANTED—Tn inform out old imtrona yV ami the puMtf generally, that ws have ra*ea> tabUebcd »ur ee»h. door and bund factory at 1)7 Nnrtb t-’ransiln-il., and are prepared !<• rtll ordera on ebnrt nmiee. bend frr our new price Hit, WM. WISDOM TT7ANTED—Anvpersun torwftrtliDc2s V» rente, wlihrtd ilninp, to I'.O. Ilox ISO Chtes go, will si curo hy retnrn mall an Infallible receipt fur neionng ’.oet hair. EatlefacUon guaranteed. TXT’ANTED—Piano lortc Instruction— YV iJMdea orgeulymen destroos of learctnetbe piano forte, can metre evening tnitrcctton, on mod* crate terms. Address -u Fll.'* Box 3053. \\J ANTED—Our Weather btnp and Y T Rnbber Monlolng are nnequalled by any la the cltv. ano lor an lureatroent are ahead ofal others. 'A. O. ouowy A CO.. 12SLake St. TXT ANTED—IOO men, with cash capi* VV tal of |SO toSSiO, Co engage in aba;ines* Inat will pay fS to flO per day. Secured by two patents. Has no competition, ana Is the only article of the kind ever offered for sale. Every family wanu from two ro a dozen, fall, or addreat, with eumn, .1. H. NASUN. 132 South C!ark-«U Boom a, Chicago, 11. TX7ANTED—So'dicrs interested to call VV and see germne cheeks received In oarmentet additional SICO bounty. Advances made on good claims. A. GOODKICO, Attorney at Law, 120 Door* born-st.. Boom 2. TXTANTED—ParIies having housesand V V lota to rent or s*ll to call on CHRISTIAN A COn Beal Estate ard Vchjol Agents, Boom 3 Lind's Block, Bandolph tt. bridge. TXT AN TED—The widow ol a soldier, V V having one or twostna'l children.will be helped a few dollars each month through the winter and spring, by adarc<stng “A R." Tribune office. Give name and residence; yon will be called on. TXT ANTED—A lady haying become VV weary of teachtm-, would llkra piresart, qirtet home In the family of a rcapcclable gentleman, or widower,wlcietna pleasurea ot a bomocould b«*at tained, making lierscifnseful la caring tor the house. Address M. CLIFFORD, TrlDonecfflCs. TXTAN TED—A party to take ono-hnlt VV Interest In a un-acre block for subdivision. ICo per cent guaranteed. Apply at 132 Clark-sU Ikrm 7. TXTANTED—A customer for ahoisc, VV buggy, cutter. Buffalo robe, blankets, bar- Call at No. »t) Sooth Webs-st. •** TX7"ANTED —A medium sized second V T band life. Address, stating make, size tad price, P.O. Box 7033. \\T ANTED Master mechanics and VV boiler makers to call aid see aon.e curiosities; alto, wagon mv ten, stage agents, and those who wish to cross the Plains. Boom g, No. 49 Sooth Ciark-st. SALE—Cheap—A new two story JF frame bouts, of 11 rooms, Imt and cold water bath, marble mantles, and lot No. 4S South Ann-*:., be tween Washington and Madlson-su IUOUAS D.SST DER ACO., lltsl Katate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, TXT*ANTED —To Purchase—A residence V V property on Wabaih-ar.. Inside Sixteenth st. GKO. □. ttuZCT, Ileal Estate and Loan Broker, 1)9 LaSalle-st. ’ iScal IBstatc-ifiin. lOIPUOVISD, I7OK SALE—Ey Wm. D.. Kerfoot, bO J Washlngun-st.. Pnebrtrkhrnse. withsofoot lot. on Bush »t.; marble irunt, with 33 to «t I ot. oa Indian v st., near Ca»s4t.; bncx home aad lot on iturou-sL, near Wolcott-tL; frame on lodlaua-sL. near Marked with lot; Irame, on Canal-sC*rear Harrison. with 'lot; frame, on I‘eoda-st.. near Monroo-«t.. with lot; frame, rn Jcffersoi -st.. sear Maxwell, with lot; frame. with t? rooms and large lot, on Wcat Jsck«on-9t. I7OR SALE—Rv Wm. D. Kcrloot, 80 Jt Wasblnator-et.. COlret ou Warren-sU, tear lloyrc at.: CO feet on Park-ar.. near Oaklcy-st.; Z) text on Ada-st.. near Lag.; 25 feet oa Urern-st., near Madi son; lot on Ha sttrd-aC.nrar Ewing; lots on Walnut »t. near Ooypo: <1 lest on Ca**-»l., near Chlcago-av.; ISleeton Lafeal e if., near Cblcago-ar. Alio, rerv Pnc reaideare property In all parts of the city. FOR SALE—Two new first-class brick hou*e*,ll r-’ornu ach and lota, corner of Adams nod I Jefferson parte. IdOUAd D. hNYDKII A CO., Ileal Estate'Agents, No. 4 Metro* pollian Block. FOR SALE—TIic undersigned will sell two houses and Job, 011 and (13(1 Somh Canal* *t..ror caih or on terms, at a very low price, l*orau«e tljelclcidi tolm.tbpir oertnany. Inquire at CAUO* LINK 11EL83, 7T Llberty-st,, between Jefferson and Canal-iU. I7OR SAL-fc—Clicnp—An elegant mar* I Me trout red lance. No. IBS Mlchlgan*avc. Fur* Ulore will be toi l with the how, if desiml. Terms easy. A. J. AVRRKLL. Heal Estate office, No. 7 Metropolitan IPrck. m... F)K SALE—Three first-class stoics, centrally located, and paying a large per centagu on the price askrd, a. J. avKUELL, Ileal Estate Office. No. 7 Mewopalitan Block* ■pOR SALE—lfyon want to buy a house. 1 rent a houi*, or i«il a house and lot, call at oar office. (Srea*. In'lac'oenis always offering. UEURUE A WILLIAMS, 7 South Clatk it: F)R SALE—A new two story home and lot, bilct fragment, 13 moms, modem tin* provementa. on Peorta*»t- near Van Daren, Terms easy* Apply at 7 7 Worm Morgan-et. T?OR SALE—A good and comfortable X boose on Krle-st- North Bide, nnr LiSiHe-st- 9 rooms, sewer. A*.. with favorable l*a*e or lot. oolr 11,(00. immediate pc»scsslon. WARREN A aO(|XF> RICH, Real Estate Brokers, 1 Pcnrborn-nt.. Roods T?OR SALE—House and tumiture on X State-st, near Twenty-third-«t. Alio, one very nice rettare oi the West Sid* on North Ada-st. BUITII ASUAW roar be applied to by parties want* log good Investments, No»8o * TpOR SALE—Splendid residence on X No*lh Bid*, with comer lot 80x100 fleet, within tea minute* 1 walk a the Coart Hoose. Price tIG.OOO. nart time. SMITH a SHAW. HO USUIe-st. * V FOR SAXE—A desirable residence. No. US3 Indian nL, North Side, next to corner nf Ci*ml. wlthlt. ttvemlantes wukot Ulmi. Lotto ffeet rrcnt,rnnnicjr Pick to a wide planked alter, with good bare. Tbs boose bis hot and cold water, bath* room and water closet. op stairs. A new Uttlefield ramice. parlor sitting room, dining room and kitchen on lim floor. InqnUe at 89 Sonth Whter-st. T?OR SALE—On Wahash-av., a three* story brlckboose.north of Twrifth-st M |?,oO(f; also, • frame house, with 2«v te*t front, near Harmon comt. SS.O&. A. J. AVEBEIX, Beal Estate Office, 50.7 Metfopdltan Block. T7OR SALE—A most desirable brick X residence tad lot. eligibly located on West Wash tnglon-et: orviUrxchane-ltfor almllar property on North Side. CEO. H. BOZET, Beal Estate and Loan Broker, OS li&alie-tt. VIUMPfiOTED. ITOR SALE—A fine lot on TVabashav., I. between Twentieth and Twenty-fl'it-st*. 59x170. all asMaamenti paid. fUJO per toot. A. .1. AYEREIX. Beal Estate OCce, No. 7 Metropolitan Clock. F)H SALE—Corner lot, 125 feet on Van Burte-st. by 43 feet on Peorta-sL, 40x230 feet on Clark-st, near foureentb-tt.: a mod lot (hr a mannUctory cr coal and wcod ysrd, 11.290 : 50x190 tcet HaJjtcd-su, plankeo alley la rear; 2SKxl6t feet go Fnlton-st.. near EHxabrth-st.. S6O per loot.. A Targe Hit ot Improved and anlmproved Drop- and coanty. H. C. CO, Beal Estate Brokers. S Metropolitan I?OK SALE—BO feet on South Water- X it„ cor. Franklln-ct., with itreet and river front, at a low price.on long time, and at a low Interest. A splendid charee for a nrst-class investment. W AR ISEN 4 GOODRICH. 125 DearPorn-gL, Boom *4. TTOR SALE—On TVabash-av., a lot .a , *2 feet (Vint, fbU depth, near Eighteenth-eta 50 feet trout on Wabash-av.. near Twentieth-et.; so feet fronton Pralrle-av.. near Twraty-am-sL-.Mieel feint ;a Calnmet-av M near Twentieth it.; MO (bet tront on Inolana-ar,. near Tweatlcth-st. A. J. AVERELL. E»al Estate or ce. No 7 Sletropolltsa Block. jHactincrg. FOR SALE—Portable Encrnes—4, 6, 8, 10.12,15, 23. 25 and 3C-hone power, new and second-hand; one 90 and one 31-horse power, be&'md- Stationary Engtnrs and Bitiers, Portable s*w “^Kv.^oo4llloo!3 Planer* and Matchers. Shtse’e Mill* and Wood-wctklag Machlnerr. Power Corn nbellen, fctt Ail ßErn 2*»'l».tron Feed Mills. Shafting, Rallies and Elevator Uacninery hnllt to order. RICHARDS’ IRON WORK*. 19Q and 194 Washmgton-st. F)K bALE—A second-hand Buckley folding aachlne—ln cood condition. Pilce,|U». Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. TTOR SALE—IO.I3 and 14-horse porta _l_ bleEngluca and-Bailers—^very low, by GRIFFIN BROTHERS. 15M Sontb Water-St. T?OR SALE—The enure machinery ot X a first-Uasa flourltg of four runs of 1 toot bins, large hot of lonr reals, separate smut mill, seven scale*. and three water wheels. All of this ma'-bliery u of the very best. We wt«h to sell UtoputpscKV machinery in. Partus wishing inch mschlnery will do well to make application Immedi ately, as We will ffispose of It very soon. Forlnlor- Ohio 0 aPPIr FBIEND, FOX * COh LocklsaJ, jlianos.! BALE— One of Hallet & Davis* ot ypgp t**** 7-octave Piano Fortca, oventruag «atTwai(«s, *c n M V . Addrm P. 0.8ei1737. gumanong 91AL89. 'S" n « A Ji££^“luSrj 1 u Srjg t » youn? •n office or store. la a wmochof»nol.Wi s ,V»Un^si llL t .J* :v T u n 3 AdareM"itDO"TwffiagS 08 - Kef «^»dT^ Sfiassa^fflaaisS^sas > mot od miller. Addm* Box 04 Anwi. bTl r? 7}io - Co-. Ind. Anbam, DeKaR, Addreee U J HM.”Tribune office. 000,1 Wtreacea. CITUATION— Wanted- BTT^i —Wanted—By ft ytW vU n an. m a r rwry, or to dnre a *u un '» Enellt-h ano Geriran. Ha-try no olVl? r o^, H £J£ l S';,;.?;;?: n,tK Mm “«>=w -. VB9IUBS. CITUATION-W anted—Uy an EnS Ip lady, in a ornate family, to tnmnet tome.wY drenlnnuste, 7i Michaud Knaltsb.s“, n T M2?,5 f!>,, • tiecoontty . VlCdreu P. o. lfi« 4 80. AlcSw” 8 ClTUA’nON—Wanted—Tn do clna,w O work and "cwine. or anr lltht work r.,Y, oer nroter A Baker and Sinner Macnine. Um\ of 5* *Ufn. Addreu ? ‘A M A,” Trl .mc ”ri?« 7 fft- an^ ted—A vnuntr piri P ated l“. dralrea a sttualhn.ln a nrlratp d*» lleht wroii'l wi iklor her »>oanJ. •' * Sltrn. adilicsa>H<e ■■huh,"Tribune or% M,m * SITUATION—AVanIcd—IIy nn t»eS Cj lady, Mnur*«orlum»pke»pcr, who |. Mj lo lake charge »*l either. Wh» can i-nmn «,u n .‘ tnetidwl. Audreti 200 KaalAdama-at.' « rrUATIONS‘-AVfthlcd-Fc>r O lean Ift'lr, m hou.ekeetcr. »*o li.-.V ,- . ,rr ’ Al»ply ty Alt*. W 111 ITAKRIt. ajV* Ir," Cll UA HON—W anted—A Indvnt hmipli IP P*l‘rH»t*raat»dllttdt|rsllolHli|» fps r *.,, tl |, J BilNHjMHibtiiliM housrkpeprf lath" ts-.,n ? ,,, ' T -' , t ewrf. tlmar only who aM wdllM to trait i,.. f '.V* ;, mprcM* Bineit'ij'pct Of..a "f A tyj}|M3 tinner, ' ,v '>• v > floritifl Mlamm. A OUNTb—Wnnli'd—fldU t>ei iii Tim, IhrurtatMl lurrntl. II oiUihai*. >.U| 1 k,,?: AOEN'l'H— Wamnl l’riro IINIIKII arAfRM CUfrriHKNI IN hut n M Pkriit hit fold nearly fun ropin, 1.1. i I Vlps Niw {» MU!.Ki‘V«I V mint VnttK Vbh the V,.,7 I Lty th« rheajoii and uiosi aocalile m in, In [l | '«*{;f’' ( jj i nAdiire ,| tlilOllßl-EKil A CO . I IM U*.. A OENTfi—Wauled—Everv where, both I'O., llroo A DENTb—Wauled— Messrs. Tlrktmr A / V ti’thll»he<l aste»len-»*av|n« porllnllH AliUAiiXftl Uni ML* MaperhMHhr.,.2s and a wmk m art it !• tiimmemled as tne h>*«l iih*. V:\, H. At.SnLt,, Mr. TIIpMMI'U, CESI. aitAM, Hr. uuLtax. . •ifi't, liWi'kliih. „., ... And tfi*hirnltip>s. , thUm'Mfalt I* lue'diipafali.y thr tn«t. Can vh«m II atijp fir elite with th«f nf t aM'“tilef‘e, uiliNlsu hoi 111 Ihe meflle of (b tail pnftHll*. Ui. »*p| «wy and urntl* are, lrli.e»aj si» given He-thratter*. phd ißthe»»ni piiff lanliaveg.iM |eirtt;»v<joi.«iaU A (lliNTS—\V(UUi'il=,|;,r,lHl 10 iTow « ffV yfar. A g-iod.'baKeliiiuaVeninntiy, Aiiaje«.i •• 'jai.i..i in every town tn il.a I’ni.n, in Tneimfotairi and»eManarueWof>uily (.mininpil.m'in.ivV?. «emi- Wi i aniie in Dm aaeni'anwniimr. n Uenlfre.V hew, ee.-nrrd hy ropHUni. Mala V;(Mr* N.t lUdng no t» tu>d'<n>. p.irVih liaijt.'iilurmd.irr**. Willi aUu.l. •nd.*au;l fi.r r.-mfn amt.y.NTA Mt.l.liet.iivn, r rUuflt< A DKNTH—Wflutpil—TUE AM EIU -1,1 ‘TOHV OK 1 UK DIiICAT lirnKlUON. l.v H.ißAra (tUKiuer.i* now cornnlftd tn two v.dim.i!*, and ready fi»r daiivrry. XitAita waninj in ever)' tnanln ihe We*l. Ar-nU having ih.i rUhl mdriiver v.d. 11. aru micnie.l n ~.n,|,n iheir ..nbre jninu-dUitiy. iiKo. «c. H'. aUEU\VOt>U. A Gp:nTJ3—W’nnicd—To canvass that JT\ preat Pbiare. ••WUO’V. ÜBPS HKUK SINCP. atear fr-*'--'' 11 "- *■ Uusincss (Chances. P‘OR SAljE—Packing bouse for hand ling diwtfcd boas, with ice bon-e all complete, with lard KetUe and pres*, and vat? for pu VUn 50,0Cpiece* baiLsor*- laai satr.mrr. I'rice JUCO. Very convetlenUy located. Adlreas-J Bb." Trlboneofflce. Xi OR SALE—At 111., a pood 1 store and stock of hardware; with itnsh .pat. tsebed. Applysoon. The above establlshnunt uta a tlr»t-rate country, and Is doing a good b-idn.-si. ADDIS & ANDRUS. * FOR SALE—Cheap, or to rent, basi n«s premDcs doing a good trade, la br«t part of city, near Post Offl.T. A good chance f.r small c*ru tal. Apply to F.sniMF.Oa Monroe-et. • FOR SALE—By Warren & Goodrich, “Oyster Hay.” So. 121 Dearborn st, the Seat eating hocre la the city. FOIC SALE—Two first class saloons on South Side, one on Weit Side, one Uml y grocers •tore on South side, one provision and butter depot. Apply at 100 Madlaon-sti. Room 4. FOR HALE—For SOOO, the sole apenev tor the Northwest, of a busUe** just established and weU advertised, that will pay H<M> this year. Ad dressl'.Q.Dox 217. . 1 T7OR SALE—Stock and fixtures of a X fim-class groccrv. now doing a gor'd basinets, o* the Sooth side. GILBERT A BENEuICT, 132 Clark bl. Boom 7. • F)R SALE—HaIf interest man A. No. I bowl, doing a big business, only one block Iron the fnna House. Good partner. Terms easr. OIL BEBT A DBNSDIC.T. 132 Clars-at- Boom 7- FOR SALE—Lease and mrnlture ot a new bo Ml. in one of the best locations la OUcaip. doles a good baslucaa. f<t sale on. account of ih health. GILBERT A DEN EDICT, 133 ClaxkiL, Beotn 7. TT'OR SALE—A lady wishes to dispose Jj of a good buslneia and a handsome store. with furnllore and tmurcs. Furciinr-all ne t. vrm ten cheap on acconct of 111 health. Parties wishing to be settled foraprlng business will do well to call, or ad* dreaa 1-14 immediately. TT'OR SALE—A cigar and tobacco stand, I now dome a good buJlnes*: one of >h* beet l-’e*. tlosain tit tin. Will rc aol<i cheap if applied for icon. Call at 134 Dearborn tt. TTOR SALE—Or Exchance—Fine pro r eery, stock and Pxtures, tor house andlihor Loose on leased lot. Room 2. No. 4S South Clark-st. partners ggaawieh. T>ARTNER —Wanted—A business man, I with fLMO capital, wishes to connect himself with some cttaMiMied business Is this city. A-:drn«, staling particulars, ’‘A D." Tribune otllcc. PARTNER —Wanted—To take hah in terest In a good business already established; all It rrcu'roa Is more capital. Inquire at 71 oraudresa *'A o.** 71 Statu-at. Dersnna 1 .. PERSONAL —Whoever will give us in fore atlon conn mine' ho whereabout* of Mr. Hi hertue Scharwin cr Sobarder, will confer a fovor n>n WAKHPN A cOODltlcll, Ucal Estate Brokers. 123 Dearhoro-sL, Boom Tj. OERSONAL—Anton Torgcrson, picnic X call at Wl) llama* Hotel. Your father want* tores yoalmwedUfly. A.TQItOKRSON. ,-jTor Sale. T/OR SALK—Prop. “ Genesee (jluol, 1 ' .1 now lying at Detroit. Michigan. ClawAl T«'- M(»pjo|d mcasorm-ent), 351. Anply to WM. B. W . It* lIISKK, Detroit, Mich- or to CLAERIS A UK'».. *1 LaOibewt.. Chicago. TrOR SALE The propeller “Al!c* .1 gh*ny, M SKI ton* measurrm*nt, i&ld op In’Ch cago Hirer; is in rood turning condition; will omy retire painting In the spring. The boiler wu thuruugnly overhauled ami repaired to the winter of IW3: hw al copper Sara: make* all trio steam required. ca*tly: had wnew shaft and New Yont wheel m November. 1W8; waa docked and caulked same time. SbeUcno r t the Uatcst and beat seafronts pa treati water. .For rrtec and trmaapp 1 } to c.j, 'MQILL, corner South Water and Welu-sta.. Chicago, UK FOK SALK—At Granucr’s Boston Mer chant Tailoring Koann, 130 booth Clark-sl- ran stairs, frailness mlta (Uarrrowea A Caai) far $37. |Staod|a7. Parent is secondto cone. TTOK SAl«£—At Granger’s, overcoats I 1 to cldc*, from Ont-closs heavers, Oarryowvu*, frelae, Ac-, far |V3 to |33. Finest bcaveis In the car* kctforiaa. T?OU &ALB—Schooner A. G. Morey, X- rates A 5. IH.SOO bu capacity; schooner Hcandfns* Tun. rates A S, 13.CC0 bu capacity; schooner Kaclqc, rates D 1 Ja,<Whicaiacity: «ehuoocrS. 0. Andress, rates B 1, M.UO hu capacity; achoprer Wm. F. Allen, tat*a 81,15.C10 bu capacity: brig VNtyof Erl*, rates it r. 170 m lumber on less than 8 A*t of water, Ihca‘'Ove vease;* are alllsld op 1c Chicago Elver, and fur «aln by C.J. UAPILL, comer of Wells and South Water* sti.. Chicago. 111. FOU SALE—A Herrins bate, at a bar gain. at 133 Dearborn**!. FOK SALE—A private family,who have a well tnrnUlicd noose, with seveial flnuclus boarder*, hiving to leave the o«r. will sc" oat oa reasonable cash tem.*-' Location genteel aaJcontrca* lent. Address t ♦A!fbENT.‘ , mbotcoißce. 1?OR SALE—A beautiful lot on Wah- X panseh*ar, 50x99 l«t—only $l5O. If taken Imme* WaRBBN A GOODRICH. 133 Dcixbom-sU Pootn 3. F'OR SALE—Choice Ristori seats in Creaa circle, Iwo tortbe second and two for the third nltbte. Apply at noon O. northeast coiner ot Clark >ca op «taln. TTOR SALL—Shirts, shirts, shirts. The X 1 Sam Brown abln made to order, all outline* tod price*, tux good shirts for *3l. DROWN * 80T10N. S'.| aad S 6 atate-st. ITOR SALE—TV Ml he sold cheap, a large size standing office desk, as good aa new. Tonture ot AsHLEY & CO., No. 4 near Lake-st. bridge. r?OR SALE—Schooner Kate Richmond, r A. J: 15,00 bonh train, or 185 m lumber. Schr. 15,00 bosh grain, or 230 ts-lans ter. ELKINS a MERRILL. T?OR SALE —Cheap—SOC,QUO feet lum- X? ber, m lota to <nlt bnytrs. buildings known aa Coral ball, soulh’atDpUheatrv, mechanic** hall, and 200 bone and cattle iheda. all at the Chicago Driving Park. AU the above will be sold at very low prices, and is quantities to salt purchaser*. Alio, one first mass cooking ranee, large and neatly new. settable (hr a hotel. CHAS. H. WALKEB, 13 Chambtr of Com merce. . FDR SALE—Cheap One set Fair banks’ SCa'es, 6 was. CUBTU3, BROWN&CO-, 15 Weat Maclaon-st. Host anh ,-ffounb. LOST— Dog—$10 Reward—A slut pup py.cfthecoachdogbre-d. Whoeverwlntetnni poppy to the distillery, corner Rlnxle ana Msr ktt-sts.. will tactive the above reward. P. R. MASON. IOST —January 18th, one liver colored j pointer slut, and one white and liver colored pointer uer. Theflcder win receive s liberal reward cn retorting them th frSS MtciUaa-av. LOST— A fitch victorine, on Bryan p?ace, between Randolph and Lake-tts.. Saturday atternocn. ft the gentleman (with the pair ol statem who was seen to pick IT op, will kindly mom tt to 33 Dearbcrs-sL. he win b» suitably rewarded for his trouble. 1 OST—OI the- 24th of December, a I J round gold breast pis, with a Jet bar la the cen tre, crossed with pearl*. Any nee finding the same please leave U at the Tribune office. X OST—Kan from the snbtcnheFs house, I J on Thnndsy evening, January 171 b. a che-tnut bind loot white, and harness os. Any tenon brisglne hei to 150 North UiUted-su will be suitably rewarded. V OST—Either near corneriladison and I j Clark, or between Clark and Madison and 13 East Harrlscnsk. a revolver. Description and re waid given, by returning to 147 Booth C.ark st. LOST —On Monday . evemne, at the Opera House, at the close of Hilda's lecture, or r»<n there and the Cltr Railway 9is non. on Stale* ir_ cr in Bine Tslasd av. car, a lady% fine bontln* case ro d wateb. with sMwlbneat gold chain attach-d. Aar one rnoint It will be snltablv rewarded on giving fa. fnnrstloo to JcSES <t QIFFORD. 17 La Sal e-et. rfl'AKkN TJP —At the Union dtock X Tards. a smallbrpwnhorse, which theowner can have bv prs vine property and payt*ir charge*. Apply to HF.NbY tTKUMRB, Colon Stock Yards. r t aKEN UP—A hrown hcilcr, 3 or d 1 j ears old, horns torn lu toward the head. Apply et FI rite L. corner Hoyae. ri*'AKMi UP—A bay marc,-vr»th bar- I sms, which the owner can have by apply tag to u DtKBABtCH, 544 Milwaukee-at.