Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 21, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 21, 1867 Page 1
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I'llDll EUROPE. The Disaster in Re- gent’s Park. Forty-one Known to be Killed. Garibaldi on the Situation in America. Another Victory to the Cretans. Important Decree From Na- polcon. Designation of His Ministry. Recovery of Hie Empress Car- lotta. BOM WASHINGTON. A New Southern Plan for Reconstruction, in Inside View of the Rscgnt THE GREAT STOitM. Depredations by (he Indians on (be iVordi Pin((c. Porly White Men Eepoted iLllletl. £ipli( Tlioiimiiiil Troops Ordered for bcrvicu un the ('lnins. F««M liUHOFE. KV TIIIC ATLANTIC CAfILH. The IMsnMer In Urgent’* Park—Forty* oucl.lvt** I.o»t ami oilier* itliMtng fi. Elrrad Itloi*—Garibaldi on tho Ameri can Munition—Another Crdim Vic tory— lni)H>rtaut 111-ercr by Napoleon —llwovery of the iiuijircn* Curlolta— Pni**la-S\VPtleii« At*. THE Dti'ASTCU IN,UCUCNT'S PARK. London*, -January 10. Tothcpicscnl lionr forty-niie jnrrsons are re* ported In have lost heir lives by the breaking of The lee in Begem*- Park, others are still missing. Hi.LAD more. Livcnroor., .Tananry ID. The atmtnallv intense cold has so aggravated the distress of tin* poor o' Uits city, that it resulted to-day In a bread not in the streets. 'ibedh* tmhance was nut kciloiim. Attiuvro. Queenstown. January ID. The steamship Palmyra, horn New York, ar rived to-day. CAUIBALDI O.v THE UNITED STATES. I-umiok, January PJ. Garibaldi, at tbe request of an American friend, ?jsh wiltica a letter giving his opinion on aflaira in the Culled States. He applauds the election of colored members to the Massachusetts Leglsla lure, and earnestly expresses bis hope for tbe .preservation and inlure harmony of tbo Union, and urges the President to come to turns with Congress. OSEECC. Athens. January 19. Advice* from Camlla slate that tbe Cretaoa fettebt another battle, and claim a victory over S,UK) 'l'urbs. Tbe Cretan Assembly .baa addressed a call to *li tbe powers of Europe, to witness aud report tbe condition of (be country. Vienna, January 19. The Porte has agreed to evacuate the torts held by (i.e Turkish troops In service. AN 1341*0DTANT DECIIEE. Paris, January 90. .Napoleonhaslssued as Important decree. It oldens tnat the address 01 the Clumbers, tu reply loSqe speech from the Throne, shall be discon tinued ; crants to the legislative hod; the right 01 questioning the Government; directs that offen ses of the prc«** be tried in Convictioaal Courts; llml the etamp duties be redressed, and the rghts -of the people to meet Id public bs limited only 1>; those regulations necessary lor the public safety. The decree concludca these reforms will conn the edifice of a Slate founded on the Na tional will. Ibe Cabinet have tendered their res ignations. TmssTß, January i;». The Empress Curious has recovered from her m mtc iiluess. ACtTIUA. Vjekxa, January 29. The rc-tHganlna\lon o' Aiiibiau armic* will not lie can led out. GREECE. Arnasa, January 29. The Greek Government has sent General Kab.-r -- on a specs*. mle.-ion to the United State?. spain’. Madrid, January 20. Ills icporti-d that the Government is about to vend Facundi Join Minister to the United State*. swirzcuLAND. Reeve, January 20. It is reported that the Prussian General Molcke is blayii.g in this country lor a strategic par- SWEDEN, SrocKuotra. January 23. The Swedish Parllamcnt-was opened yesterday The Kicg. i-i hi* speech, fold Sweden would al ways endeavor to remain neutral In the various difference a between European Towers. Porrlm illarketx, LrrEcrooL, Saturday Evening, January 19. Cotton—Tull. Sale* 5.000 Laics middling uplands at HVd. Bieadstuffs—Active and buoyant. Cora advanced aud -old at v>« Gd.* London, Saturday Evening,JanuaryW. Cocsols—9oJ.' fur money; 5-20 s, ; lutnola Cen Jral,fhJi; Eric, «*'. BONDS. Pahs, Saturday, January 19. United States Roads. 12 k. FRO2I WASHINGTON. \ Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, January Sfi. SOUTHEHX ttECOXSTBUCnOS. The Governor ol South Carolina la here. It U wild that Alexander H. Stephens will soon arrive, and that ibey ore seeking to detent all disfran chisingclauics In the reconstruction measurer, bv proposing, on the part of the South, lhat Congress pball have power to establish a universal talc of suffrage lor the country, and that the South, on agrcelc g to this, shall at once be restored to rop xctcnLalion. onto anuTAJir agenct. The Ohio members here bsve been moving on* crgetically lor a fen* days past lo try to delay the action ot the Stale Legislature upon the bill elosieg the Military Agency here till ihc great Im portance ot contmoicg it can be made kno »n. It is charged that the whole raovemen' has been en gineered by Claim Agents, and that the Losrlslv tnre is acting upon false information, designedly tarnished it. the xunsrs or cwios soldiers is soctu cano- UNA. The committee to investigate the murder of Colon soldiers in South Carolina, will examine Secretary Browning during tbc-cotning week. He vlll be asked respecting IQe fees in the ease, and •what be knows retarding the influences brou?h: to hear upon the President, SEN ATOII TUtmUCtL returned to the city from Illinois this morning. WXIAT WILL HE DO WITU TUEVI Tfce bill providing for the assembling of (he Fortieth Congicss ou the 4th of March, as well as Hint establishing negro aut&age m the Territories, was scut to the White House on the 12th instant, and the President can ke-p both till Thursday be fore declaring Ms purpose regarding them. The Colorado and Nebraska hills he tan keep till next week 1 needay. THE CDEAT STtiZUf. Representative Eggleston has arrived from Ohio, hiingir.g snen accounts as to show that the storm novr prevailing a'ong the 'whole line, is almost un precedented. The storm here Is tciriQlc. The enow la driving furiously before a strong cate, arc It la almost impossible to face it in the street. The borse cats have stopped, and no trains will leave the city la any direction. BKBEL nE/TJAKISM. It has transpired that one of tbe principal ac tors In the disgracclul treatment riven Represen tative ilcßec, in the Fourth Presbyteriau Church last Sunday, was an ex-rebel officer bel online to that congregation, and that be carried toe matter t-o Jar alter the services closed as to try to pre vail open n party of bis associates to offer Mr. AlcKce personal violence. litimsAt cEvzxm _ ip . ....... WasmscTOW. January 20.—Receipts of Internal revenue Yesterday. <ias, 726.01; total fur tbe week, 5‘.',2r*0,“F8.51: grand total for lie fi«csl year up to date, SITT.TUI.tfJt.TJ. The amaßues* of tbe re ceipts lor Friday and Saturday was owing to the fact that all trains into ibe city from the north have 1/tCD checked by ihe late heavy snow, thus cutting off means ot receipts. FEO3I CAIRO. Tlie Great Storm—Dcatlt of mim Hamit Porter. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Cajbo, January SO. It has been snowing steadily for twenty-font hours, and continues. The enow Is now four Inches deep. The weather is moderating. The train on the Illinois Central Railroad, duo here at font o'clock ids morning, baa not arrived np to Dice p. to. Tbe Colambna packet u above Co Inmbus. trying to cel up through the ics, which » nrmlrg very heavy point, fihelaoow nine iiouis behind time. M!«a Nifiah Porter, eldest daughter of Thoma* Porter, £ao M died yesterday morning from th effects cf burns received fut Moaoay morals* while utln* coal oil to kindle the firs with. FKOMSETY YORK. 'I lie Weather and the IflnlU— Found Guilty—Fatal Holier Explosion—Vio* iaitoua of the Excite law-Shei by a FoUcemnrt—lmportant Decision— Somclmldo History of tbelato fflloxl <■l,l. niulou-Prom Asplnwally dec. New ions, January 20.—'The delayed malls from various points reached here yesterday, ana several mails which t-larted hence nave returned. Calvin Nonhrnp has been fonnd guilty or an at tempt to pol<on ms wire in Bedford, Westchester County. Sentence was postponed until the first Monday in February. By the explosion of a boiler la the Washington Iran Works at Nowharg. Thursday, Hugh El wood. foreman, was killed, and Owen Murphy, Jno. Hush, Tho«. Parrott, das. Ticraay. and Jas, Culver wore seven ly wounded. The holler was defective, and tbo owners of the shop were cen sured hr the coroner's Jury. A large number of arrests were made yesterday lor violations ol tbo exlao law and ninety prison ers were required togive boll. A man named George Hull was shot last even ing oi No. t>S Cannon street, by apollccman named Browning, who discovered Hull on rather 100 in timate terms with bis (Browning's) wife. Tne wound. It U said, will not prove fatal. Another account says iiod was omy trying to prevent firowniig from doing violence to his wife. John Hctt -iow ami William Brown, counter feiu-re, were yesterday sentenced to twelve years at Sing Slug. John Bradley and another received light MUitii.cea lor a similar offence. Sisty-flvc tliouiaid dollars have been received for licenses under the excise ]aw|dJting]ibe last three days. Ibc chip Mercury, with a cargo for tbo Paris Exposition, still lies at her pier, unable to sail, owing to tee la the harbor. Judge l)«ly has decided that fines imposed on members of Trades' Aecociatluns, according to b'-laws. for working under the scale of prlcas adopted by the association, arc iecal, and can b 3 collected by an action at law. the same as any other debt. The UeraltPs Washington correspondence gives a little inside history of the late mi-tion of Sher man and Campbell to Mexico, ibo expedition, according to Mexican advices, ha« proven a posi live injury to Juarez, and a windfall to Ortega. The two envoys were at odds with one another from the start, Each claimed to rank the other, and each bad separate instructions. This led to a stormy discussion between them, in which per sonal allusions, by no means complimentary, cul minated la an open breach at Malamoras, when they parted company, returning by separate routes loNcw Orleans. New Vock, January 20.— The steamer New York, Asplnwall. January 12th. brings £531,939 Cl iu specie. The brig Jacquid, packet from Singa pore for Melbourne, was seized by the Untied Consul at Asplnwal), tor an attempt by the captain to sell ber cargo to tbo Vcngaaeiiu Opr uiuiaetit. A mUacuyvAto* puf aboard.# 9hc.< & nlitarmh. * • • . kAt)aiTiAry®'2“—The Hudson Hirer Ifinlroan Company announce that passengers wilt lie ticketed and baggage checked over the Central itoad on at>d aUcr uos day. Freight will also be transput led as previous to the recent troubles. FROM TUE SOUTHERN PACIFIC. (Jilll itcriiwi mediation—Attempt to iUxivoiiioic Hao President— New Gold in AustralU-Pallurot In DrendKiuir*—Heavy Flood*; Ac. New Yoidt. Jaunaty ‘ifi.— Tbo at-amcr New Voik, from Arphi"all. arrived to-day. Advice* from to December I Sib ;-iu.' coi.flrtoaftoo of tbo rumor that Chill fats re* (used the inrdlarou ot England and France In tbo I'paulsh quertton. The American Congress Is to meet at l.lmo, and Hie Kc-piibdrs which bavo not yet glue in tbctradbcsluu to Mil* League are to be in ti cd. Hie hork Tecninseli. with sixty cannon for Val* luniiibo forlifinitlyua bad uolved. I.]iiir ad vices to the ißtb ull. say that an at* o mpt was made on (lie nigh' of (he S'lrh to nssna* -iniiie tim J'ichidcut m Callao; a sho* parsed •lireucb Ids sleeve. The asßassan, a Ctnttau, had been nrroMtvi. 'i he tlfinmcr Pa Val had arrived from P.mitu i nhh-Melbourne dales lo tbo gtlih of November, -Sydney, December 2, and Wellington, Doc-rulnrr s. A new gold Held of great extent bad Inwo ills coveted in the Wnldlti Memmalns, about eight mile* trom Sidney, which Lovemmeut otllaals state will give employment to a large number for three or four years. Striking about Uftv feet Mir* npb bard soil, and the Index bottomed they .weld an average of about flvo grains per dish. About H.IM) miners are already on tho grotimi ■J Im yield of the gold IHd* generally show a fall* tngne In DUG to 195,(W0 ounces, against li-'JI.UOII m wa. Several failures occurred in the hrcadslalft hn-io.lcclmlir.g Mnveimm, engaged (nha-hnst with America. California wheat was held atHyd m*y alCi , o&a”d, ami tlunr at £13013 IDs, an ad* vanco. *i he ships Pioneer, Hun-blue, Bertha, Wood* laiidH, hplilt ol llio Seim, Watrlor. and Mara, bad uiimU from ban Fmitcieco. Tbo oulk of the t.ew wool clip bad tdilppcd for England, i (to wheat harvest had begun In iho northsi n dU irltlr, ned promised unusually large. 'l‘ho tiov cromeat of South Au-ltalla had abandoned tin • ÜbrlH ro catabbsh a coiouy or. tbe (-boros of Car peMarla The settlers would be brought owar. Very heavy Honda are reported In tho newly eo(. ■ led diH’ilcts In the fur north. Iho wheat crop of SmiuU Australia wilt leave a surplus of fully iOC.CCi) tons over Iln-Jr local eonsmnmlon. Codon at’d Mtipar i-lanting was more extensive ibis season Shan ever. The New Zealand gold fluids arc yielding Inieely. The Maori rebellion on the cast coast bad bees quell d. About fifty rebels were kilted, and a inure number captured and shipped to tho penal colony at Chatham Islands. *rn o’hcr districts, however, rebellion contimud. and tbe rebels seem bent on again attacking Hawk's Day. Mifp Princess £llcn arrived from Wellington. FUOM. SEW ORLEANS. narkePi Terrible Explosion Three X*etK»>D« Killed—Suit* In Court, Ac. Ni-w Oueeans, January tf}.-—Cotton unchanged. Silica were S.CtD beta. Low middling, :fc!c; mid- Uling, tile, Kccclptg, 4.CC5; exporj*. G. 500. Su _ur in fe-uod riemaud; fair, lie; lolly lair, Molucca t rm; common, prime tochoic-:. yf/Alc, Ftour higher; €ll.T3@ll.StU? extra, Com advanced to oats firm utSOc. Hay firmatjfSd.oo Pork Higher; racff. ♦iT.t’O. Bacon, none offering. Lard steady at 130 He. Whiskey Tobacco, mo- J um leaf, 709 c; fulr, 9011 c. Gold opened at Bank sterling. HSU. New York exchange unaltered. Freights to New York unchanged; io Liverpool, U'it l l U>c; lo Havre, l«£c. An explosion occuncd at Bollard's mill In Chick asaw Couniy, Mistipsipjii. u hcrei-y a sou of Mr. Uallind, a mao named a negro were Rilled, and anther person scalded, supposed t'aiallv. The fact that twenty-one vessel?, containing c>U,UiiU bides ot cottou, arc detained on the. bar for want of wafer cn uted considerable stir. Vigorous measures will now hr made to deepen the cbanneL Judge Tnonias to-day granted a maudamat m :bc< asc oftbo <Stato of Louisians In relation to I'. Alexander, ot FnUbuieh, vs. Stale Treasurer, -ayuig ho had no right lohold funds. The claim originated with Alexander's brother, who was ■hut by gnciillos in ISUI, on the river; bis estate ifli vacant; turned into cash, and money depos ited v.hb <be Treasurer, who refused to deliver to ■ Jaimant upon the order of Juagc Thomas. Tlc hclip>c Towboat Company sued ibe low boat Ouboitn for jflfeOoO. The Calhonn recently ci’llidcd witl die Gladiator. 'I be Eclipse claimed that the collision was the result of negligence on the part of the Calhoun. THE GREAT STORM. At Wheeling, intilntinpollft, Washing ton, Ac. Wheeling, January 20.—A very heavy snow storm bud been prevailing all day. Snow baa fall en to the depth of twelve inches now, (5 p. m.) The itvcr closed opposite ibc cl y on Saturday evening for the first time in five years. Indianapolis, January io,~Tuerc was a seve-c snow stoim last night and to-day. It is said to be the heaviest m twenty years. Saow Is cow fifteen inches deep and eutl snowing. It is (cared that railroad travel will be interrupted for several days. Washington, January 20.—A heavy snow storm commcLccd this afternoon and continues to-night with a fierce northeast whid, causing heavy drift?. Cambridge. Mass.. January 20.—The eoow Is about a loot deep and still falling, the railroads are blocked by the drilu Cairo, January’ 20.—The snow Is four laches deep, end still falling. No trains have arrived ■mco last night, Mercury twcLty-thiee degrees above zero at nine p. m. St. Lon?, January 20,—The snow storm of yesterday still continues, but not so vio lently. The storm has extended west of here, the rnow being from Elx inches to a foot deep in Mis s cmn and Kansas. About a foot has fallen here. *ihe Eastern and Northern railroads arc considera bly obstructed, but the interruption will only be temporary. i-rmNoriEU), January SO.—Snow two feet deep Lcje. New* Yoke. January 20.—A heavy rain and snow storm set In about 6 p. m.. accompanied bv a strong gale. FROM THE PACIFIC. I ? w*ni tlic Paris Bxpo*Ulon-«old Plgclog*, Ac, San Francisco, January 20.—Cunfiibullon? from California to the Paris Exhioltion, including a cabinet of taiccrals. on assortment of wouhen fabrics from the Mission Woollen Mills, were chipped bv the Montana ytsterdav for Panama, uhcucc u’will be taken to Saint Nazaluo by the FicdcU Ime uf steamers, A despatch from Unionnllc, Nevada, eaysibat She Notih Star Companv, a New York corpora ;!oe, struck a ledge id the abaft, and axe now getting oat splendid mineral. 'ihc Idaho Place, about which considerable ansiciy has been felt lest the Indians attacked it, has mrlvca safely at UuionvtUe. The Indians still continue depredations through out the Territory. A letter irom Silver Pity of th» 4th mentions a fcvcre snow storm. Everything woe blocked up whit snow. FKO3I LOUISVILLE. Market—The nivcr-Sluklng of Coal Bargest Arc. Icnenut, Jannary JU —Tobacco Is active, at JiU>Caix:.u. Superflee door, f 10.00. Prime red wreai, SC.SS. Shelled com, balk, 70c; ear, COc. dais, fl-c. Cotton, &)VjC. Bacon—btioajdors, tl'sc; clear ride*, i«Vsc: hams, 10c. Prime lard, foJiC, Bulk eboaldvra. loose,7 a rc; packed,Sc; char sides, Uaw uhhkcy, COc In bond. •Micai-carcrt hams, ISc. Tlic river Is using—debt feet three Inches. Tne canal Is fall of heavy ice. Six coal barges are euik on the Fails—part of the fleet that broke loose from Cincinnati. A number of empty ones went over the Falls, amid gnat apprehension of the lee. A pout ihrce inches of snow foil. At Cp. m. the thermometer stood at S 3. Barometer falling rapidly—2U;l4. FROM ST. LOUIS. Self llobbory—lndian Depredation*— X&cport* tliat they bad Kilted Forty Ifion—B,ooo Troops Ordered to tbe Plains. Sr. Tons, January 20.—A. A. Braum, the Lilch Cold merchant, who was robbed of gio,ooo in the Raet Hr. Ixmls dipot, on Thursday nlsrh, ba< myetcrlouEiy disappeared, and II Is now suspect ed that be robbed himsell, and ltd for pans nu kiuwu, to avoid (he payment of heavy debts agalna* him. The St. Joseph special say* a let ter, dated North Platte, IStn. reports tbe Indians very warlike. Several rnmoia are adoat tegard me depredations near ns. One, that they have killed tony men wot of here, and that they are matching fur this place in great strength, wlm the determination ol clearing the road to Fort Kearney. Elsht thousand troops have been or dered lor service on the plains ano in tho moun tain*, tbe &nt iDrtalmenl of which are now en rout' by the Pacific Railroad. FROM MEMPHIS. The Platte Taller l)Uo»tfr-.Tlarkets, Mcarnis, Tenn, January Id.—Tbe PlaltoValley ha* net yet gone to pieces. The stem Is out of wa’cr. borne liaggaire has been rescued by cut tin/ ihroogu the root. Nothing fuilbcr is known |u •ofetcccelo those lost, as they werechledytrom ibe North and all the books are lost, CoUcn is active and higher; middlings, 3!<&32e: receipt*, 2,033 bales; export*. TOG Corn la Active at from store. Flunr firm at tor all brands. Provisions scarce and firm. Pressed bogs, $8.00&0.00. ilcss pork, 525.t»@4<j.00. StstrucUvc Fire, Csora judge, lud., January 20.—A moat denme. tive fixe occurred ihli morning, homing the Post YOL. XX. Office, Steward's boot and shoe store, McCariery’s etalonery store and news depot, and Host's drug store and dwelling. Lo« unknown, bul large. Partly insured. The origin of the fire Is un known. Kentucky Senator. Fiuxxroirr, Ky., January 19.—The ballot for Senator to-day was as follows: Powell, 45; Speed, 41, and Davis 43. Arrest of a fllurdcrcr. Fiukcokia, N. n., January 19. Samuel Mill-, Mho murderer of Maxwell, ha* been arrested In Galena, Illinois. A MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR. Attempt to Folm>u a Xoung Lady. (From the Flint (Mich.) Globe, January ICth.] A few days since Mary Mitchell, a young lady, eighteen years of age, and daughter ol Mr. David Mitchell, of this city, while pass ing near the Iron works, was rudely seized upon by tw o persons, a man and a woman, and compelled by them to swallow a quan-. tity of poison. Dr. Axford was called, and the poison pnmpcd (Torn her stomach. A young man named Almon Parish of this city, and who had been showing Miss Mitchell some atten tions, was absent at Saginaw at the time of the occurrence; and was sent for. From the testimony of both Parish and Miss Mitchell, at the examination before Justice Bickford, on Monday and Tuesday, we gather the fol lowing : Almon Palish testified that he had been keeping company with Miss 'Mitchell (or nearly a year, and that lie lust saw her last week Tuesday. Since then be has been lu Saginaw, aim knows nothing of the alleged poiMjfife of Miss aUteVell. . V v tcW&S* That tbc poiSonlngi occurred one week ago last Mon* dav, near Hakes’ shop In the First Ward. She was going north and met two persons, a man and woman. The man had on a fur inufUcr. and a broad brim hat. The man grabbed her hy the throat and back of the head. Thcwrtmin look hold of liorchlu ami poured the contents of a vial she held in her fmi-d into her mouth, and compelled her to swallow it. The woman nut a revolver to her breast and said she imibt forsake Almon, or In less than two weeks she—Miss M.—would be a corpse. She said “Almon shall not he revenged, but von, Miss M., ©hull.” She had a frame or piciurc In her hand when J first saw her, which she laid on the ground while she was doing this, and alter ll wan done, she took nil the frame, and they hath went buck into the alley. After this ! went back to my sis tvrV. 1 had nut gone more than a r.'Us before i began to cramp. 1 was un conscious for a time after 1 got to my sis- UrV. J had met this same woman before, met her two weeks ago lust Sahbulh, on the cross-walk where Stevenson’s store used to stand- She asked mo If my sister did not marry n Mr. Parish Y I told her that she did. She wanted to know which one, and 1 told her Asa Parish. Hhe asked KM? if Almon was not waiting on me Y I told her he did, and then she said there were Unity of'other gentlemen In the place that I could go with. She said that she had seen him wiiii mo and another lady at the bury. Ing ground last duly. I was there at that tlincasshe mentioned, and 1 then saw a Mbs Ktdrldge, who live* In the country. The h tier handed me by this woman wus in u yellow envelope. I read It and tore It up. It was written lu ink, hy u woman, and (n veiy flue wilting. The direction on the en velope was In lend penciling, and directed to Almon Parish. The letter said: • Almon, since yon hove returned you have not called to see me, end 1 have taken this opportu nity (o write thin letter. In Uio llnd place, i ruined tin* ncq'iftlnlance of your brother Jap., unit be waited upon mo a shod time, but after I becoming acquainted with you, 1 chose you no my beau, 1 never was coiu-ldered anything in U o Rrst place, hut since 1 formed your acquaint ance my character is not considered anything. Now, for the child, what few days it llvel, never knew a bo Its parents were, and it Is burled on tho bunk of the river. You may meet me at Uio depot al precisely t»>4 o'clock this evening. Cornu well aimed, lorl shall he, for it doesn't make much dlUtrenre which leaves tho world, Iml you leave the world, and I will leave the place. This la from your revenger.”. “T hla letter was handed me Immediately alter church und 1 read It ou my way home. She told me to hand It to Parish secretly. I told Parish 1 had such a letter, and he denied ever having seen such a person. I have no suspicion who it was that poisoned me. 1 should know her U I saw her. Alter I was poisoned, the Parishes said that I objected to sending tor my parents, because I did not think they would care about H. Mrs. Parish objected to me saying anything about the letter. I was afraid my folks would object to my going with Almon It they knew about the child.” The foregoing Is the substance of the evi tierce, and if our readers can solve the mat ter satlsractorily to themselves, they can do better than we have succeeded in our own case. RAILROAD ACCIDENT. X Sleeping Car Thrown Into a Ulver— I'.levcii ror»aii!i Injured. (From the Richmond Examiner, Jan. 10.] The Lynchburg Virglnum records an acci dent ol a very serious character on the Vir ginia & Tennessee Railroad, which occurred to the up train Sunday night, a mile ami a hail' east of Central Depot. The train was running along New River bluff, and when at the point mentioned, the engine snapped one of the mils in passing over it. All the coaches of the train passed safely over the break, until the siccpiug cur came to it, when it was thrown down the embankment, thirty lect high, one end extending live feel Into the water. This occurred at cloven o’clock at night, and the scene which cn *ued in the darkness, the passengers sudden ly aroused from their slumbers by the dread ful plunge of the ear, may be belter imag ined than described. The passengers who ct-cancd the accident and the employes ol the train went to their assistance, and they were gotten out as speedily as pos sible. The following Is a list of the wounded: Colonel J.S Sidney,Galveston, Tcxa*; shoulder Uslocatcd. Major Uoulflroan, Galveston. Texas; bead, right ana ana hand feulscd. S.W. Bul lock, New York ; face severely cut. George T. Gregory*, New York; hand cut and hurt in fl.onider and reck. Mr. Little. Fort Wayne, In diana ; bruised back. Jdr. Parkman. Tennessee; shudder and eye bruised. Mr. Watson, Phil adelphia; hurt m head slightly. John A. T<ce, Lynchburg; slighliy cut in bead. Mr. Miller, conductor on sleeping car: badly hurl internally. Necto brakesman. George; collar bone broken. Mcichanf. porter on sleeping car; leg badly loathed. This is a long list of casualties, but it Is niinosl miraculous that it was not worse, when the nature of the accident is con sidered. Ti e wounded wore conveyed to Dublin depot, eight miles distant, where physicians had been procured, aud every preparation for their comfort provided, *by directions from the headquarters of the company In tills city. By this timely provision they were no doubt saved much suffering. Tills Is the first accident that lias occurred on the road lor a long time. A Rrtrrtblc Outrage. (From the Ottumwa (Iowa) Courier, January 17.] A young German girl who has been living ut Keokuk for some time left there on dny bclore yesterday to go to Burlington by way of utttimwa, arriving here on the evening train night before last. When in the depot and in tlic ears of the B. & M. Railroad, a young man from Agency City, and some one else unknown, both apparently under the in fluence of liquor, made her acquaintance, and finding that she was young, unsophisti cated and going to Burlington In quest of employment, ‘'represented to her that thev ‘lived in the country some dis tance, and that If she would go with them to their homes that she should have a comlottable home and permanent employ ment. Under their urgent solicitations she finally consented, and jnst before dark she started in company with these Incarnate devils, who, after going about a mi’c out of town, forcibly threw her to the ground, and «hcu both of'thcm repeatedly violated her verson in the roost inhuman and shocking manner. Shu was then left to return to the depot, where she was found yesterday morning. nearly frozen and dead from the 'injuries re ceived at the bands of these fiends. Marshal Milligan arrested llarvoy Enyart, of Agency City'as one of the perpetrators of this diabolical deed and as wo go to press he is being tried for this offence l»cfort* Mayor Hawley. Stiles & Hutchinson for the cjlv, and Wm. M. Corey, for the defence. We are Informed that the girl recognizes Enyart, as one of the parties whdSvlolatcd her person, and that several persona have testified lo seeing him with her just before dark trying to take improper liberties with her in the cars and in toe depot. A Cowardly AksastluaUon. IFrcm Ihc Nashville Press and Times, January IC.] Late last evening we received the hor rible intelligence that Hon. Almon Case, member of the Senate from the Twenty second District, bud been brutally murdered. There cau be no doubt of tbc correctness of this information, although as yet but few particulars are known in this city. It seems i hat a few days ago, a man whose name we could not learn, but who was a resident of Obion County, iu which Dr. Case lived, rode into the town of Troy, and np to a number of persons standing on the public square, ana shot one of tbc number down ; who this was, however, we could not learn. Imincdi. utely after this, the roan rode off, and going to Mr. Case's house, inquired for him. Ills wife told the man where the doctor had gone, which was gome miles distant, and ho departed in that direction. When he had proceeded a few miles, he met Mr. Cose com .ng home. Both being on horseback he turned to accompany Mr. C. to bis home, as Hie latter evidently supposed, and they rode on together for some distance. When nearing the home which the villain was to make desolate, they met two other men, coming up In the opposite direction. When they were suffi ciently near to afford assistance to the mur derer, tn ease be should need It, the fiend drew a pistol and shot bis unsuspecting vic tim dead on the spot. The three persons then rode off. Mr. Case was a man nearing fifty years of age; quiet and unassuming in his manners, but of unflinching determine *lion and incorruptible integrity. There can be scarcely a doubt that his murder was the result of bis Union sentiments. One of his sons was destroyed In like manner, a few months see. audit has been known for some time that ala Hie was not sale at his home, from the murderous hand of the assassin which has finally fallen upon him. 13 rp ffiooos. GOODS. DM £OOI. DRY GOODS. THE OLD FIRM IN TICK NEW STORES, 32 and 34 West Randolph-st, COUNEK CANAL. DA KOMAV, JANUARY 21 St, TM PUPS & CO,, Will Open their Now Stores with an entirely NEW AND CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Fancy and Staple DRY GOODS Embracing nil (he Choicest Goods of (he Season, at prices FAR BELOW those of any other Rouse in the C.(y. Raving purchased our Goods in the East (his month, After the Late Decline IN PRICES, We will be prepared to offer tbe most desirable Bargains to all fflio may favor ns with a call. Our Mock embraces a FULL LINE of ere* rything pertaining ton well assorted Dry Crods stork, nnd we arc DETERMINED to &<ELL TFIE3I at PRICES which will GUARANTEE SATISFACTION. We cordially invite the La* dies of Chicago, Particularly of the West Side, to call and examine our Stock before purchasing. r&eznexcber the NEW STOKES, ’ 33 AND 34 WEST HfIUDOEPH, CORNER CANAL-NT. THOS. PHELPS & CO. fP.asonic Naticrs. jyjAgoKic. Attention Sir Knights. A »t.ited rotelnve of Chicago Commander v No. 19. K.T.. at their Hall, No. S 2 ffest itandolph-sfe, this (.MocOai) cvealog, January Work on it C. JOHN WHITLEY. Recover. CTrussrs. Al\T ASSOCIATION.—Notice to holder* of ticket* in tae CUONBV OPERA ROUSE. Tlic Raid Rubber Truss wIU cure Hernia or Rupture of thtrtv years FUndlrg. This Truss Is sJcdfuUy ap plica and satisfaction guaranteed at I. H. SEELEY ft CO.’S. Igfi South Clark-sfe Blanks. IySOHTGAGE BLANKS, With Tower of Sale. Adjournment, pnsar.QC?, Tax Cl&uats, for tale at Tribune Job Office. All Kinds cf Legal, Conveyancing. Perelon and Donniy Dlanßs. ip. jg- M. THOMPSON & CO. The firm of IT. M. TROMPdON & CO. expires and is dissolved this date by limitation. The business will be condoned as heretofore, at 11-1 and 116 South Watcr-sfe. Chicago,by n,M.THOMPSON, who atone is authorized to use the name of the firm in liquidation. H. M. THOMPSON, L. W. McCOSNHLL, JOHN SCUMABL. Chicago, January 1.1367. Business ®arßs HANoON & CO. ooiaiaiesioN merchants, For purchase and sale ot Country Produce, 197 South TTator-at. JjTATON & COOK, Successors lo Injorsoll & Eaton, (EiuMWitamiia.M CEJER.U COMISSIO.V SERCHim 13 State-st., Chicago, Give prompt and personal attention to all conilpn &enU. r<) drawer «072. qilbert & field, GENERAL COMBOSSIOir MERCHANTS, (Successor* to Gilbert, Updike A Co-) 103 Washlngton-st. CHAS. J. GILBERT. GEO. FIRLT -yy XGHT & BUTTON. Storaec, lorwardlnc and cornmlwirm D>crchant*. 101 the rnrch»‘c and rale of alt kinds of country produce and cite special attention to sale ot , llroom coni, llldhtvlnm Urcrvd and Uve Stock* Alio agents for sale or SAGINAW SALT. K. B.—Onr rates ofooa.miisloc are thoseeslaMishec bribe Boanlof Trade, uom which we da not vary. Consignments solicited. SSlantcu. PURCHASER WANTED For a fctram bswmlll. with 4?0 arre* of land, situat'd in me best oak and pot lar region ot s'oatbera Illinois. Bii.alncs.ieattsaadcTcythiog necessary lor cany i:p tq *a extensive imuoerlog are on me pr.mlses. Ihepropcrty will be sold tor *16,003. aad is a? unusual opportunity flwa treat bargain. A large amount ol manutacturcd lomber may be purchased if Q(sired. Addrets 1). H. Vjctauc, DU or J. bIOUUR, Chltaco. r jpo PRINTERS. FLY WHEEL ASD STASH WASTE!'. A good second-hand fly wheel and stjwd for drlvin r a machine press ly band. Address ROLNDs & JAM&e, «16 miMt. EESIDENCB WANTED—The sutecrl • her want* to purchase a sood family residence. In seme Suitable location,etthcr on lha South or B cst bide, say to or more rooms, vita tbe ordinary coo venltoeca, worth say or tAtOO. more or leas. Ad drew, giving location and foil description, t , Box SQOO. Chicago Post Office. ©Sootj aria deal. XrOTOHIOGHENT COAL & COKE X Con Office 17 Chamber ol Commerce, and comer Wet Elorte and Green-sis. Coal at redneeqj*rtcc«... _ . Lrbl*b.lA<*awanna.ToagtloghuM, Briar nilUErte, CanneT, and Mineral Ridge, Pittsburgh and Couoeiu- TUieCoke. AMEa A.CO. CHICAGO, MONDAY, JANUARY 21. 1867. (Serittal liarfc. HERR SIT THE GREAT RHSSI TFtfl skate at the Central to-night, on Stilts 12 and 28 inches high , a feat never before attempted in thi% country. Cije Skating Season. •y^EoTeIDBRINK. Great Attraction all This Week! MUSIC EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING! Exhibition of Figure and Combination Skating by Messrs. POWERS AND LAFAYETTE, Oo Wednesday evening. GRAM) CARNIVAL OX SATURDAY IUKK. CLEAR AND BEAUTIFUL ICE! OpenallDayand Evening. bee Tuesday's papers for particulars of THE GIRANS BSHIBZTION Or Figure and Combination Skating, Dy POWERS AND L&PATETIG, A List of ttelr movements have been printed and will be lonilehud on the evening of theczlnhltloa. Xleclatcr your names for the GRAND MASQUE HADE on Thursday. 'J'HE Great Russian Stitt Skater, Ilcrr IHUotrski, win make his Jlrst ap pearance at the Central, Jlonday Sight, Q RAND NATIONAL. Skating Tatarnamont. COMMENCING JANUARY 28,18G7, AI Ccniral Skating Park, IMI Th. XJUIIGIX, PJ3XN., Prize* fieo nnd ftftoin Greenbacks, and the Champion Medal worth #tw. the heat gentleman skator will re ceive a in Do ol fKXi lu OrM-obneka and toe Champion Gold Mtdni worth *lO of America. The best lady skater n prize of f.TOo and the Hold Medal, Three ol curb to satire n Ihu winners. If clmll-ngod next season to skate (ho contest on till* Park. Entries loClOsConth-VOth. Address THOMAS A. KI’ENCK. hcemaryCenlPnl Hkntlng Park, Post OlHca Dos ,TJI, I’Utetitircli. Paw lor cuttles and particular!!. jFor Sale* J ERCIIANTS’ UNION EXPRESS STOCK for wile, as follow*; fUpald tn. at (3 It paid In,at 11 17 paid it, ul ~.,11 Alto. American. United States. Adams’ and Wells, Fargo A Co *s Kxpres. 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Übe only era nine Eotptiak Oistski tor sore and inflamed eves, also the ex tract of different Indian herbs employed by in halation with great success In Pulmonary diseases, can only be obtained of Dr. de Castro. Private references to the most distinguished citizens Of Chicago can be given. The Doctor may be cousnllcd tn all the modem languages. A Few Words of Common Sense, How few there are who are not subject to some affec tlon of the lungs or respiratory organs, who, by neg lectisc premonitory symptoms, aggravate the com plaint, until disease strikes us shafts, causing tnex prcesible torture of the patient, and anxiety and dl* tress to friends. •• Only a col" t ” “A slight son throat! ” is the heedless remark of many when so al tcctcd. Tee; M Only a cold,” was the thooghlle's ex presslon tf thousands whom death has marked fbr hit prey, Forewarned—Forearmed 1 should be the motto lot ever tnthe minds ot ail subject to Cough!-, Colds, Ca tarrh.or Influenza. Words of advice should be header by all suffering from Asthma, Bronchitis, Consumr tlon. RtUtf Is within their reach; and, U neglected, fatal consequences ensue—o me of misery—a dalij hourly struggle tor existence. A contest In which then can be but one victor—Death I Does It not appal the strongest mind to think of tht result caused by neglect ? Then why delay i Wha* excuse can be offered, when timely warning Is sounder in your cars 7 When the ’danger! is pointed out, wty not avoid it? Maesuxs’s PicroaxL Balm has beet used with success In nearly a million of cases, and u endorsed by the Medical Faculty as the most prompt and efficacious remedy that scientific research has dia covered, to relieve and core all cases ot Coughs. Coldt Influenza, and Consumption, if the case ts cot beyond all hope. Even when the snflerer la in the last stage*, he wilt find relief by using this preparation. 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Choice hind, llnng water, great orchard, mtgmficrat loraticn. on themo»t puoltc road. Will WARRANT IT TO PLEASE any person. Close to me unrivalled tonne cut of Lincoln, on ihe Chicago A Bt. Louts Rail road-handy to school, college, church and market. All klcdsot choice mat to great quantities. Extra nve plantations ot evergreen*, share, orvameotal and torrst trees, at; very large ana tnntty. Improvements worth the morrv asked. Can ctve foil dm titulars by addresstagG.w.nooi.liTLE Llpcoimiil. Extract of 13cef. ■'J-BT TfiURTELOT’S EXTRACT OF BEEF For Family Use. INVALIDS AND DYSPEPTICS, Should not foil to use 11. For sale by all DfOggtsU and Grocers. Bcntistrj). ''T'KETH. ■y'O EXTRA CHARGE for ExtractlCcTrelh WITH OUT PAIS, by the use of Mirons oxide eta, wben arU (Utalonea are inserted, at TREGO’S Teatal Rooms, 7» Sooth Clark-st.. Chicago. . Bew Teeth inserted wane day as extracted.. T"\K. J. O. FARNSWORTH ■Tfihi no extra charge lor Extracting Teeth without Fain, by the use ol yitrons Oxide Gas, when arttflcUl ones are Inserted. „ il6Randolpa-sL. cppofiteWootTa Mascam. Sets cf Teeth on Rubber. fILDO. <aSJO. jLEgal. A DHPaSTRATOR’S NOTICE. parties indebted to the estate ot Isaac Crater, deceased, ore herebvnoufled to con at the Photograph ic Bocmsot D. F. Brtodoo, IS4V Sooth Clare-«U, oaa.eeaie ttexr aceoanta. Cartas de Visits dalshed and not delivered mar Do had Drj&ilnrhad paying for the same. Jo3h F. CRATER- Adß f- Cits Notices. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE—State ol Illinois,Caanty of Cook—at; cm Collector's omc*. Court Horse, > Book, Chicago, January 21, iss7. f Public notice Is hfrciiy elven dal on the first Mon* cay of February, being tne to of in day ot February, A. D. lSG«,at » regular term ol the superior court ot tbirago, to be begun and holdcn la the Court ffouie. In eala City of Chicago, on the list mentioned day, I shall make report to said Superior Court, of Colrago, on totfollowioe Special Assessment Warrants placed in my hand* for collection on or beiore the list day ot October. A. D. ISM. and ask lor Judgment scamn the severs. Lots, Biocks, Pieces or r&rcri? or Laud or other property described In such warrants, on which toe then remain unpaid, fbr the amount of asiewja cuts, damages and costs respectively due there* oiuto wit: Vh iu nil ; Warrant No. 714. West—Dated Oct. 3lh, ISM, lor pri vate drains on West Randolph street between Ual>tcd stmt anc therl> er. Warrant No. 715, West—Dated Oct 6tb, tS6% for gra ding and niucadsmulne North JcScrson >t-fot,froa the north line ffWestnaie street to the sjuut side of llubtwo street WarrantNo.7l6, West—Dated October 6,th 1366, tor fitting, craning and planking the alley running north andsonth in blocks2l anc 30, Caoai Tra-tets subdl vision of S E J< Sec. 17, YS9.N B 14 E, and that portion oi the alley running cast and wen thrucch *al<t block ao,cxtenaicg trom Daisied street to tne west line of w IIVUI UAUICU Bum M IUG IfCTI IU.V W, alley above named. WarrantNo. 707. Welt-Dated Oct. Bth, 1366. for the extension of al6 toot alley m the N H ct block 9, bamnsoo and Green's Addition eastward!* ot the same width to B Island avenue. Warrant No. 718, West—Dated Oct, 53d. 1*66, tor con struction a sidewalk on Ihe eombnde of Warns street betw« en Be bey street Uoyce street. Warrant No. 720, We»t—Dated Ort. 23d, 18HH for con structing a sidewalk on the north sine of Hubbard stm t between Kobe? street and Leavitt street. Warrant No. 721, West—Dated Oct 330, 186% for coo strnctlnc a sidewalkon the south sldoot Warren street between Page street and Panllna street. Warrant No. 722, West—Dsteo Oct. tfd. IS6R. tor con* strutting a sidewalkon the west side ol- Panllna street between Chicago avenue and Cornelia street. 77 arrant No. 723. We*t—Dated Oct. 23d. IS6C, for con struct) l r h siclrv aIK on the south side «.f Walnut street between Lincoln strict an j Robey street. A)) persons liitf n sted arc rwjtieeted to attend at the aforesaid term of said Superior Court of Chicago. A. 11. UEALD, City Collector. 'P AX COLLECTOR'S KOTICE-afnlc J. of UHtois, County ot Cook, City of Chicago—ss. „ CITT COLBICTOB'S OlTlC*. DOOM N-J. It ) toon floor, Chicago, January 3UI, 18C7. j Public notice la hereby given ihatou thcfiral Mou. day cl H-htuarybrlng the iuurtb Uuy cf Feouary, A. u. 1567, ot angular term of the Superior court ol be begun and tiolden In tbc Court House. In ►ala City ol Chicago, cq the last mentioned day, | shall make a report to emd su perior, Court or chlcaco. tn the following rpeclal AsseiiincDt Waira;.M plan-d la my bam!ar»r runc-ctton om-rbilorc the last day ol Uctjber, A. D. isf6. and ask lor Judgment ogatn-l the s-veral Lot*, ilUu k», I’ltTi's or rstci-.s of Land or oilier property iietrritK-d In tiicti warrants, on which the ’hen remain unpaid, fur the amount of a'»c‘»mcnta, damago- and costs respecclvelyoue there m, tu-Wlt • Warrant&W, South-Dated Ocl. 3lli. IWhv |or filling erudlngnnd piatihlngor the alley ruining north snu routh between Twc.lth and Fourteenth streets aid htit» nnd W nossh avenue. Warrant Aoi. Smith—Dated Oct. 3th, IMfi, lor private drama <ui Washington atreet between Slats street and MlrldgtQ avenue. Warrant Sir.*, Ponth—Paled Oct. fth, IWS, lor curb fug iillinv and paving Orlsu old street, irom Va-i D un il to I’oik street. Warrant KU, Snath—Dated Oct. Pth. MM. Ivfll.tng j.aTlr’gfttn gmuinjc LaSalle street from Madison to ,lnr|>»< nstrict. Warrant PW, bonlh-Pated Uct. Pita. MM, for tilling, '.radiiiuanil plonking Cuitch place from Fiauklintu Market slleei. Warrant MO, South—Patcd Oct. 21th. 1W second as. t s»inrnl, tnr curbing, Oiling and grading South Water . tn rt from .Michigan avenue to Wabash avenue. Warrantee#, Sotiih—Paicd Oct, 2lio. isl 6, second a«- MSMiiM.i, Lr grading ami pi inking Demon place from State street hi W avmh avrutie. Warrant r<o7, South—paled Oct. 51lli, 19M, for curia Jnc illlmg and planking alley running forth and south between Fidrlugeand Harmon coons through Hlxk 19, fractional sect on (lb) addition jv Chlctgo. All jmtsoi s Interest*d arc requested to atlind at tie:

aforesaid luni ot said bnperlof V< urt ol' Chlengn. A. 11. UEALD.CIty Collector. 'PAX COLLECTOR'S. NOTICE—SIate A oflhtliois. County of Cook, city Ol Chicago— s*. City (kii.i.Kim kV oeririe. ) Room No, ](, Cofin, .lamurr:lsi, )n)7. { Pntule nnlleo Is hereby given, that on the first Mon day r f February, being Hie fourth day of Fibruury, A. I>. M-7, nt a regular term of tin* tun-rior Court of Clip i ago. to |»c- begun ami bold, a tn (lie Court llouve, «n raid Ul> of Chicago, on the -n>t mentionil day, I shall make fepoi t to *ald HuiHTlor Court or Chicago, on tne 'oilua mg hpei Ini Assessment Wnrrunl- plu odlnmy hands for collection Mior la-fore ino Initdav->fO<'to ner. A. I>, Inf*', mid avkforjiideuicnt agaltisttliesiv'crnl ■obi, blocks, piece or piitce., ol land or other property •leM-rtbed It, pitch u arraii's, on which the BM.psu.rnts thmrenalu unjald. tor the amount of n**e*--TuTiu«, dati-rgrs and costs resis'Cltvely due thereon, (o-w|(: Warrant hu. ijwi, West— l<ai»d Uet. :iM, isib, tor re roiMriidlng U‘hh walk lnliunt<-l or adjacent to Ihn loltc.w lug detf rlbcd properly, tc-wlt: Wair.itil No. f‘S7. W«wt—listed Oct. 3t«l, IWI, for TO icii-trucllig a rliiewulg on Ihu north sidn if West l.nki, In front r for adjacent to the lolloalngdi-- a-nh-d; Warrant No. i*r, Wn>t-Dated Oct. .TUI, JSA*>, for cop. ftiuc-jng a walk m front of or adjacent to thu tub lowingdcarnbed property, t ».wll: Warrant i!*‘. West—Dated Oct. Slit, I?C\ for the con* struetton ofa sldrwali m tront of or adjacent to the lol •owingdc*cnl»ed property. TO*w|t; Warrant No. fi!U, Wot—Dated Oct. SWU ISS3, tor re* eonumcilng a sidewalk In front ot or wujaccuita tho following de»crll>ed properly. to*vlt: Warrant No. t 9 J, West— Dated OcL Mst, 1563, tor con strm-ucgaetdiwaiklufrcntof or adjacent to the fob Icwtngamrlhcd property, to-wlt: All persons lutcnstci ate requested tn attend at the afulcasld teim 01 said Hupertor G .urt ol Cbtcogo. A. U. UEALD, City Collector. rAX COLLECTOR’S NOTiCB-State cl Illinois, Comity ol Conk. C»y of Chicago, as. errr Collictob b orrica, Koox So. ji, > Uivwr Uot>x. .IkQ. UUt, 1567. S Public nrtlce Is hereby given, that on the first Mon • aj ol February, m-lnc the fourth day of February, A. D,lb<> a regular term ot the Superior Court or Chicago, w be and huldea la the Court Haute, in said City rl Chicago, on the l«»l mentioned dar, I it.all trake report to paid Superior Court ot Chlmigo, on tai-followtbg Special Assnwaent WarranU placed In toy baud* fot ccuectlon on or beferu tho la?t day of ticfow. A. D. ISOrt, and a«k for Judgment against tie w veral Lot*, utnvks, Pieeea or Parcels ol Lauo or other property de*cMt*d In aucb warrant*, on which ilp a.spf«Mi»nti lhi-u remain uopald, for the amount of damages and costa respectively due ihcrct-n. to wit: WarranvSo/,80 Forth—Dated Oft.2bW6G.foT erection of twelve lanij posts on North LaSalle street, between DlvtMot rtmt and street. Warroat JSJ North—Daust Oct. 21.1856, tor erection »f ti lamp poets • nb’orthDearborn street, between Oak rtrcct and East White street. WanautvSlNorth—Dated Oct.2Lists,for erection f 4 lamp posts on North Water street between Kush rtnel and ht. Clair street. Warrant Nortn—Dated Oct. 31. l&tf, fur erection at 9 lamppostsoa Huron street between Fine flrcet urd St. Ll«tr street. Warrant 355 N'.<rib—Dated Oct. 4,1566, for erection of 2 lamp posts oa Chicago avenue between North Well? street and North LaSalle s'rtct. Watr- ntt‘6oNorth—D»*ted Oct. '.’i. ISG6, for erection ef 1 Ibidp post on the cast stdeof Fine street at the corner crtu-al er north of Superior street. Warrant »7 North—Dated Oct. 2», iSiifi, fbr erection of 16 lamp posts ot Division street between Sedgwic-k birttt ana North Clark itmt, except the intersections ot North Well- street. Warrant 2SS North—Dated Oct. 31, IMS, fjr extension of West Hinsdale street from Its present eastern termi nus. outwardly, of the width ol .66 feet, to North La iaile strict. AH persons Interested are requested tv attend at the afun-sald term of eala Superior Court ot Chicago. a. n. hkApp, city Collector. /CORPORATION NOTICE. \_J Omcx or m* Boabd or Public Works, ? Chicago. January 19,15*7. $ Whereas, thi Common Council of the City ofCJilcago btaaruertu that the eighteen fool alley rooting east and west In block 11A School section addition to Chi* cago, be widened to the width ot S 3 teet, and extetdcil, of ihr narco width, east to Carb street, making the sonihlincthcieof parallel to, and IT. 1-10 fete notth from the north .Inc of M< nroe street. Now, therefore, public notice Is hereby given to all persons tnwesica, that the Commissioners of the lloard of Public Works will meet at I loom No. l,(un stairs) tn building Nos. 15 and 17 Weils street. In said City, on the 2Uth day ot Janaary. A. I). 1867, at toe hoar of tea o’clock s. m- to assess the damages that will be sustained, or the bene fits conferred, together with the costa of the pro ceedings. by reason of the doing of each work and the making of said contemplated Improvement. The general ocs, rlptlon or the land to be condemned Is a strip of land about 9 feet wide, from the south end ol sob lot • of Assotors Division of lot i and E. x tot U, block US. School Section Addition to Chicago: a arlp of Jana sbv-nl a feet wide, from the south cudot the west part or lots; a strip ot land about 7 feet wide l!om the south side of sab lots a and 9of lots I an fit a strip ot land about Cl feet wide trom the north end ol iots, and trom the cast half of lit 6, and a-trip of v*to about M fwt wide from t- c tv'rth end of the we*t b-ll (Vlof lot 6 and trom lots Tand 8, an in block ns, UcolsecUou Addition to Chicago. J. G.GINDELE, FRED.LKfZ, O. J. ROSE. Commissioners ol the Board of Public works. proposals. PKOPOSAX.S FOr AKiIT TKANs- X POBTATION. QVABTnafasTzn getzbal’s omet, > Waaoucotox. D. C m January IS, 1867. ( SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office until 12 o’clock m., on the iStb ot February, 2867. for the transportation of Military Supplies during the year commencing April 1.1867, and ending March 91, 1808, ou the lo,lowing romrs: ROUTE NO. L. From Fort McPherson. Nebraska Territory, or snch part* as may t« determined upon during the year on ttw Omaha Branch of the Unton raclflc Raliro&d. west of Fort McPherson, or from Fort L&ramte. Dakota Ter ritory, to such posts or depots as arc now or may be es tablished tn the Territory of Nebraska, we t of longi tude 103 degrees. In the territory of Montana, sooth of latitude 16 degrees. In the Territory of Dakota, wmi of longitude 1W degrees, in the Territory of Idabo. south of latitude 44 degrees, and cast of longitude IN degrees, nod in tficTcmtorle-iof Utah and Colorado north cl iamtte’e 40 degrees. Including, U necessary, Denver City. J" ROUTE No. L From Fort EUey. Slate oi Kansas, or snch points as may be determined upon during the yesr on the Union pacific Railroad, £. D., to any post* or depots that are tow or tear be cetaMlsbeo in the Slate of hau-as or in the Territory of Colorad >, routh of latitude 40 de grees north, tad to Fort Union. New Mexico, or other ■ ipotthat maybe (Ksignaxed to that Territory, and to any ether point or points on the rente. ROUTE No. 3. From Fort Halos or snch other depot as may b* .ftsbtubcd in the Territory of New Mexico, to any pett* or station# that ore, or may be established to (bat Territory, and to each posts or (tattoos as may oe .teslgnited in the Territory of Arizona, and in the State of Texas vest of longitude ID3 degrees. ROUTE K 0.4. From 6t. FaoL Minnesota, to soch potts as are now crmaybecstablfmed m too state of Mlrocsota. and In that rortloa of Dakota Territory lying east of the Missouri River. Tlie wclaht to be transported daring the rear w| I r.ot exceed on Route No. 1, SU-'O,OJJ pound*: ou Route .N0.2,r0,CW,r00 poundston Route, S,OOIXOOO pounds, and on Rente No. 4, sjoojno pound#. Tropcal. trill be made for each route separately.- Bjddcrs trill »»ate the rate per lUO pounds p-gIOO tillts, at which therwi i transport the stores la coca monthof the year, beginning April Ist, 1357, and end* <ck March SLIS6S. Ulddtrs shnnid give their names In mil, m well as dMlrtUacesofrcslocnee. and each proposal mould be iccrspanlcd by a tend in thesom ot (eatl>oa#ana ,f 10,cm3) dollars, slgncdby twoor n ore responsible per sots, guaranteeing that m case a contract U awarded for the route mentioned in the proposal to the rarer propcslre, the contract will be accepted; and emared into, and good and solDcieat security tarnished by said party to accordance with the lenns-ot this ajver* tlKme&t. The contractor will be required to giro bonds In the foUowltg amounts: On Toute Ko. 1, fS?,000. On Route Ko. -J, 300,060. on Route So. a, ico.ouo. On Route No. 4. CWDO. Satisfactory evjdetce of the loyalty and sorrency of each bidder and parson offend os eecarity will be rc- Qoind. Prcposal* cest be endorsed “Propoiala for Army Transportation on Boole Ko,l<3,3.ors l as the case may be, aid none win bo etuenamed oslom tbty muy comply with the requirements of thin advertise* afnl. the party to wheman award is mode most be pre. pared to execute the coitractolocce, ana to givetho rc qntred bonds for the lolthfoi performance of me con tract. The right m rrtect any and all bids that may be offered la reserved.. The ccmracton ea each rente must be in readier for service by the Ist day of April. 18« L *»d will be re quired to have a place of bnsluet-a. or agency, at whicn iicmaybeecromanieirttlwim promptly and rendilc for Route 80. L at Omaha, y. T.t for Route No. 2. rt Fort Riley. Kansas t for Route So. S. at FortUriw, New Mexico; tor Route N 0.4. at Sains Paul, Mloco soia, ormt such otter print, tor each ot me sevjral Rentes ai may be tadicatod aa IhftitartliJiC point of the Black ft nr s showing the conditions of the contract to be entered into for each route, can bs ha-i on app i* ration at this office, or at the oflTee or the Qoartermos tcrat Sew Tort Saint Louis, Fort Leavtnwortn, u&aha,SautaFeandFartMeUlcg,aDd incut accom pany «d be a part ot the proposal. Bjrort W tflt.<l»»ttr» £ l S g ? nusCi Jtrerct Colonel ard As-’t Q-»artcr*"a«ter U. b. A. (ctuce READ THlS—Opera House Pictures— W« are framing these In 24 DIFFERENT BTYUVS, Tosnlt everib-uy » lower tuan other toose in the city. Before buying call at J. &. ►bawaccS.'S, 1W anl A liberal discount to dqb*i NUMBER 227, Citg Xotices. 'T'AX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE. Sate J. ol Illinois, CoontrofCook-M. Boo* No. 14, CocgrHocrt. V _ „.. , CaiCAGO, January 31,1967. J rnbllcNotlca Is hereby zivea. that on the flist Mon ds v m Ftbrnary, belng the toorth day of Febroanr, A. D. 19C7, at a reeal&r term of tne Superior Court or Chi c*fiP^2.beJ t, Sis? a #cd Molden la the Court House, m said City of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, I anali n ale report to said superior Court, or chlcaco. on the following Special Aeet»tment Warrants placed In my nsnoa coiiecilcnoaoroetoretholaat day of Octo v&s. D * V s6 ®’ aDd lop judgment az&latt the fere* r&l Lcfr. blocks. Pieces or Parcels of Land cr other property inscribed launch warrants, on which the a«- •esfmenta then mnam unpaid, lor the amonnt of as. teatmraia, damage* and coats respectlrety doe there- Warrant No.Sti, West-Dated October 31, 1555, tor constructing sidewalk la from ofot adlaceat to the fob lovtngdeacnbed property, town: Warrant No. 6M, We*t-D»ied October 31, ISO. tor reconsunctlnk a sloewalk oo tne west sido of Bober ttreex between ttadison and Warren streets. Warrant No, Gsl, West—Dated October a, 1963, ior ccnstrocilon ol a sidewalk cn lie south side cf Samson street, betwten Throop and stacker sire.Xa. WarrattNo.6ss West—Dated October si, 1355, for the reepi struction ol a sidewalk In front of or ly ij to the following described property, to wit: Warrant No. 657, West—Dated October Si, 1965. for the «»D«iroction of a sUewaik In irons of or adjacent to the to-lowing dtaenbed property, to-wti; Warrant No.US, West—Dated October Si, 1965, top reconstructing a sidewalk oo the south side ot Milwau kee avetep. Warrant No. CO, Wast-Dated October SI, ISS, for the construction ot a sidewalk tn Croat of or adjacent to the tollowincdescrihed property, to-wlt: Warrant No. 663 We»l—Dated October 31. ISdi, tor constincftogasidewalkouthe north side ofJacksou street, between Halsf-d street and De-platnes street. All pcifons interested are requested to attend at the alcresale term ol said Superior Conn of Chicago. A. H. HEALD. City Codec tor. TAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICR-Siate X ot Illinois, Coouy of Cook, City of Chicago—a* _ „ .. „ Citt CoLLECVQR’a Office, » No. lt, Co nrrn Jupury 3L«t- 1567, [ l*ubfic Notice is herebygtvefc that olithe first Mon of.ttbiuary.beli.g the tomth davof February A D. ISh., at a regular term oftneSopcrtorCJunol Chi cago, to be begun and holden In the Court lloaie. in s»ld Uty cf CMcago. on the Inst mentioned day.lshai: make repcittosau bnivenor C -urt, of Chicago, ou the lotlou lug special Assessment Warrauts pUcvdlumy lianas tor cvl.oction on <>r before the last dayori>ci> per, A. D. 1966. and a-k f>r Judgment flgaln-t the seve ral Lois. Blocks, Pieces or Parcels of Land op other property ilcscrllHtl In such warrants on which the uss* SMiicnta tutu remain unpaid. lof the amount of a*- sresim his, damages and costs resi*ccllvciy due there on, to wit; Warrant No. C 64 West, dnltd October 31,1815, tor the ccnMroctlon of a sidewalk < n the cast side of South western avenue between Washington and Madison streets. Warrant No. CCS Weal, dated October 31,156?, tor the ronstruetbn of a sidewalk m fund of or adjacent to Uie following ilrrcnlH-d proivrtf, to wit: Warrant No Ci« Went, datec 150, for re laying sidewalks In fruit ofor adjacent to Uic toMowlng described property to wjt i Warrant No. C.l Wr»t, dated October HI. 1*55, for con* »tnicUn»a»»dcwalkonlhfePßt tide of M*y t.reet be> twn n I- ultun ami luike sirt-cu. Warrant No.CTI Welcomed Octnbir 31. H 25 lor re cotutriiellinraslfli-w-alk on the west !ld« i.f slicM.m nr. .| bttwrrn Mndlwin And UndilngUin str'ela. Warrant No. CTI West. d»b*d October 31,1*«. tbr re eonstincilne a sidewalk on (be oust sldeut I’aullua street between Fulton atre-t and Carroll sirwl. Warrant No.CT* West—U*Cod Ootol>er-’ll, IM-'O, fur rc coDrlriiftjnc a aidcvralk on llio »mtli M.l.* of Washing;, toi fttm-t. lioltreen Hlshnp Court and p. W. Aremii?. Warrant bo. W West—dated Ortobef m. Is-O, for ronstna-tlmc■ aiduwftlkinirontofor adjacent to ihu icllowlnc described prntH-rty, lo wit; AM persona Interested are requeatptl to attend at the aforesaid leini of said bnix-rlor Ct.iirl of CUK-nko. A. H. 11BALD, City 'I-AX OOU.EOTOK’B NOTICB-slnlc JL cf Illinois, County of C<sik, City o( Cnlcico—s*. City CoLnavTowaOrricic. ttoua n, i «... .. . . fot-i.l ll(a-sk.J*uuaryfl.l«7. » ruMb* Notice I* lierenj-kltcii, Hint on Hie nrsl lion day id tebniniy, tx-ini; Ui<* fourth da)’ of Fcbntnrc, A, IK IS6i, at a reutlar term of the bnprrlot C-.nrl of Chi. capo. t<• !>•• beviim and liolden In the Court House, m said CHy of Ctileneo. on the lost menllotuil day, I shill t&ukp ri |K)ft to said buperlor Conn, of Ctdrauo. on the lodowiiiit niiedal isM-sMia-m Warrauts pia-i-tl lu my liftmiafori olliriloiionof foroUi -laat day uflK-bv tier. A, D. lHba,auu n»k for nttnlnsiiiie several Lots, itiocks, ritrrsor I’arr*-i»of tana or other prop erly described in such Warrants, on wlileh the asses*- ti.cnta llicn retnali. tinpald. lor Hu- niueiint of as«iM«. mel ts, dnmnees iihd eoau reiprcltvcly due llien-uii, to-wlt: Warrant No. ?•! Nor Hi-dated Oet. 3Uh, reeimstruetliiu' sl«b-w»Usoii Hu- streets uamisf br-ma-; Warrant Kcr» 8?3 North—dull'd (K't. '.'Uli. lSikt. fur cnn*iructln« ft sidewalk on tin-somh side of Contra strrt-l, l etwren Clark atri-ct and S'tlg'vlck street. Warrant No. 37t Norlh-doiwl Oet. JUIt. c in slnietlien sidewalk on the ftonih side of sl<-n«»uonee •tri-el, between Mohawk and Warrant 375 North—dated <K-t. Jim. tor eon stmeilUK n sblenn k on sooth side of Asylum place, Petweeu llftlstec itrert and Franklin street. Wnrratii 376 North-dated Oet. tfth, (S’Vi. fur con st! iictintr u sidewalk on Hiesmi-hsldo of Willow street, between Orchard street and limited street. Warrant SH Norlli—dated Oet. 21111.1306, for con strucliiiK ft sidewalk on the north side of North avenue, between fcbillk-td avenue ami North Avenue Briilse. Warrant 77S Norib>nlatedOt u 34th. iSiM, for cm ilrnrtlni; n sidewalk on both aides of Howe street, be tween Widow street ana centre street. Waarunt 279 Nortii—dated Oct. 2lth.|t*66. for cons tructing a sidewalk cn the south aide of Ulackhawk street, l>etween Ualsted street »na Clybouroe avenue. All persons Intircfliol arc rotuested <o attend at the aforesaid term ol said !iai» rlor Court of Chicago. A. 11. UEALD. City Collector. r PAX{CO 7 .LECTbR , S NOTlCE—btaie JL Of fdtnclA, County of Cook, City ofChlcftßo, sa. CITT COLLECToU’s OFFICE. COCdf lIOCSt, » Kocni No. 14. Januiiryaut, 1367. { Public notice Is hereby given, that on the drat Mon day cf February, being the fourth day of February, A. IK a tegular term ol the bupemr Court of Cblcftao. to belK-uonand bolden In the Court House, In *ala CUy of \ hlca?o, on tte list mentioned day, I scan make report to said Superior conttofChicago on the following Spec! il Asseisacrt Warrants, place t lo ny bands fur collection on or before the last Uar of October, A. D. IS&>, Mfl ask for judgment agalu«t the several Lota, Blocks. Fleets or Farcej of Land or other property in anch warrant!, on which the aascsameLta then retcaln unpaid, tor the amount of atuesstrenta, damages and costs rcspectlveijr duo ltcreon,lowli: Warm t No. 469, South—’Dated Oct. SISK 1563, for theconstmctloncfaSlrtewalkin font ef,orad*a ent to. the following dea.nbed property: East Part Fieia AduUlor, Sub Lot 1. Lot 31. and L it 7. Warrant N 0.479. Souk;— Dated Oct. 3fst. 18-75, for con structing a Sldcwaiß la front of, or adjacent to. tho property hereinafter de-eilbed. Warrant Ne. 475. bouth—Dated Oct. 3l*t. 5365, tor enrstruettoga Sidewalk six feit wldeoa the cast side ofPralrlo avenue. Warrmt Sc. 476. Sooth-Dated Dec. 18th. 1363, for lb* extvnH nnutl widening ot Laurel siu-et, ofthe widih of flxty.*ix feet, from ccdk-c of Douglas place to Thlrty-Aret street. Warrant No. 477. South—Dated Jon. 37tb, 1366, tor the enciluE. aul reu oval of Lamp post on South Water street, tetweeo Clark and Franklin streets. Warrant No. 473. booth—Uat-d Jan. 971 h. 1866, for thc'rectlcn acu removal cf Lamp-posts on Sooth Water strecK between Wabash auu Michigan avenue. Wanant No. 479, benth— Dated Jan. 27tn. 1356, fir the erection of aloe Lamp-pwta on lidlana arcs ne. be tween Twen*y-9econd and Twen'j Ibnrth street*. Whrtant No. 450, South—Dated Jaw.27th, 1366, for the erection of one Latr p-post on the Southeast corner of Sixteenth street and prairie avenue, and one on mine avenue, about U 5 tost south oi Sixteenth ftrecK All persons Interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term of said Superior Court of Chicago, A. U. OEALD. City Collector. r PAX COLLECTOR’S .NOTICE—State X of Illinois. County of Cook, Clcyof Chicago—i». Cm ComunoVu office, HooaNr>.U. I Cortrr Horse, Chicago. January 14. lsf>7. y Public N< tlce is U»reby given, that on the flret Mon day of February, being thelth d»yof Fcbrnary, A. D. at angulartciniof the Superior Court of Chi cago, to be begun and holden I- the Conrt House, In said City ot Chicago, on the last mentioned day, t shall make report to said Superior Conrt. of Chlrag*>, on tne lu loMugSpccial Assessment Warrant* placed in my bands tor Collection on cr before the last day of Octo ber. A. D. 1866, ami for Judgment against the sev eral Lots, Blocks, Pieces or Parrels ol Land or other property described in such variants, on which the assessments then remain unpaid, tor the amount of assessments, damages andco&ts respectively due there on. to wit: Warrant N*o. 481, South—Dared February 7.13C6, tor filling, grading and planking Conrt Flaca, between La Salle ana Weil* street*. Warrant No. 4bv. sonth—Dated 21 arch 9th. ISC6. for filling, parting and plunking ot an Alley, runningfrom 13th to iiOlh streets, between Wabaeh avenue pad ntate street. _ Warrant 483, South—Dated Hay 4tb. 1866, for curbing, graulng and gravelling and pavug gutters, with i>ool der stone. Prairie avenue, from ICth street to 3idslreet. Warrant 454, South—Dated M*ysth, U 66, for curb ing. padltp and paving gutters, with bonlder none, Sixteenth streeb from Stale street to prairie avenue. Warrant 49. South—Dated July IJih. 1%6. for gra ding and clnderiig Archm Hoad from lienbes street to Wtatcrn Avcnne. Warrant 4SB, sonlh—Dated October 3d. JS6S, for gra ding and macadamlzicg UslSted street from Slat street to Eagan avenue. Warrant 459. South—Dated October Sd, IS6C. for curbing, filling and paving Mosroestreet, from State street to Michigan avenue. Warrant <9O. sootu—Dated October 3d, 1866, for open ing and extending LaSalle (tre-et trom Jackacn to Van Boren strict. All person* Interest*d are requested to attend at the aforesaid term of said Superior Court of Chtca«p- A. H. lI£AIJ>. City Cojirctor. f| AX CULLEVTOK’S NOTICE—State X of lUlcols, County cf Cook, city of Cnlcago,o*. CtTT CoLUXTToa’S Ovrioz, » Doom No. 11, Court House. Jan. 21st, 1367. 5 Public notice is hereby pven. that on the first Mon day of Fcbrnary, being the 4th Uuy of February, A. D. IS*;, at a regular term of the Superior conrt of Chi cago, to be begun andboiden in the Court Ucm*e.ln said City of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, 1 shah make report lu said Superior Court, of Chicago, on the following Special Assc smeots Warrants ploroa in my hanas for collectic □ on or before the last day of October, A. D. 1966, and aek tor Judgment against the several Lots. Blocks, Pieces or Pamds of Land or other property described in tuch warrants, on which the assessment* then remain unpaid, for tne amount ot afstfwrcenre then remain unpaid, lor the amount of aMcasmeuts, damages and colts respectively doe thereon, to wit; Warrant 636, West—dated Oct. 31ifc.t663,f0f construe* tfon of a bidcwalk in front of or adjacent to the fol lowing cescribed property, to wit: Warrant No. £» Weat-oated Nor. 75th. 18C5, for the extent!' n of Wa.nat street Boat to Brobcn street, of the with o£Cs feet, _ Warrut No. ©9 Weft—dated Jan. J7th, 1866.lor erection of 4 lampposts on Staton street,betwton Sangamon and Peoria streets. D arrant No. 7W West—dared Feb. 33. 1566. for tbs erection of 6 lamp po<tscn Hnbbanl Court, between Wood and Lincoln streets. . Warrant No. 7Ct West—dauai Feb. 33d. IS6-s for the erection of 4 lamp posts on West Twelttb atretu be tween Morgan street and We E. Llco of Brown street. Warrant 793 West-dated April 16th. 1366. for wlden- Icgol Warren street to the width of 66 feet between Tloybe anc Levctt street* eo that the same shall bo on ; alinewtlb that part ofWamn street east of, Hoyao • and we*t st recti. Warrant No. 701 Wcat-4ated May 4ib. for flil- I Ing. craoing and planking ot an alley in the north halt oiblockii, Mctti.n;,lo-vhatjp33,r*Dge 14, east, run ning Itom Hoyne to itobey street, ■ Warrant Nu. TOS West—dared May sth. 1866. for the ' extcotion of Bubec street horn West Mghfeeoth street to Canal Port avenue eftae Width of fifty feet. An pereons inforcst-d are requested to attend at tho aforesaid termof»ali.Soperior court cf Chicago. A. B. HEIAXD. City CoUeCtor. ' I AX UULLECTOK’S NOTICE.—State I ofDlisols, County of Cook. City of Crrr Collzctoe's ommlioox No. 14, * C« cbt HoCf-x, January list, ISul. f Public notice ts hereby given, that ou the arst Mon day of February, being the fonrt h day of February. A. D. 1567, at a regular term 01 ice superior Court ol Chi rac o. to be beguh and iu.ldrn in tho Coon Hou*e,ln. said City ofCUUago.on the ]*ct mrotioaod day, 1 snail; make report to said Conrt. of Chicago, on. the follow ing Facclti Watraals placed in my hands for collection on or -before tne last day ot October. A. L\,l££<, and ask for judctocnc against dm sev< oal Ixifo. Block*. Pieces or Parcels ot Land or oth er property described in each watrants, on which vbe aaeesrinents then remain nunalu, foi tt>c amount ofas ics>menu, damages and toils respectively doe (here on. to wit: Warrant 334 South—Dated ot (our lamp post- on Van Burcastreet, Cctweca sooth W*l;i strict and GiUwld street, W rrraai 525 South—Dafon OcU 5 ith, ISC6, fw orofUon cf eight lamp posts on Indiana avenue, Twenty ninth urcetnorihvard. Wazrants3GSouta—Dated Ocuaitb, ISGCs iar erection otfoorlamp posts- on.Twcaty-aecond street, between Wabash and Indiana avenves. Warrant 523 ?ooth—Dated Ocu 39th, 1866. for recon structing sidewalk, on tooth side of Tweut]-second, street, between. Calumet, and Rankakce.avcnocs, warrant 531 south—Dated Oct. 35tn. ifco, for aide walk reconstructed od the vest sldaof Inal ana ave nue. Warrant 522 South—Dated Oct. Sth, ISG6, fog con structing ndewaik oncost sloe Kankakee avejmebe twtcu Xwi-cty.MxUtaudTwesty-NlnthßVecta. ' : Warrant 533 South—Dated Ocu ftlln, 1555. for rtcoc structlnc ilcevaik on the west side oi wshmh ave nue. Warrant SB4 Sacth-Dated Oct. »h, 1866, lor reeou struriog *lceKaJkonwestsUleolLadal'e street *° Q on tbesontb side of Monroenreei. AllpeisonsloterreiedareroQueFicdto nUKfoMOfo afcKfala t«ty of said Superior Co ar 10/ L lilcmro. - T>AX COLLECTOR’S NOTlCE—state I cf UlncL*. County of Coot, City otCricago—ss: . crrr collsctob's OmcsT 1 No. 11. CocsrfljrsE, Jaacary aist, f labile notice la hereby given that oa the first; Mon day in February, being the fourth day of February A. p„ i£67, at a regalar term of the Superior Court of ChkßCo.tobcbenuuandholdca at the Court Bosscw in ihe said City 11 Chicago, on the last mentioned day, I shall teak* rep rt to esfl Superior court of Chicago of tbr w arrant for the collection of Water Brats or as* sctsmtnts remaningcupaldfcr the year ending May l»L. 1868. and a*k for Jodemeut asalnstihe several lots, blocks, plecels or porcela cf land or uther property de< emit ed in mid warrant for the amount of water Beats or stterusests, damages ana cost rcspecilrely due thereof. All person* interested are requested to attend at the •tortaald tens ct said Superior Court of Chicago. * ’ - •A. a, OEALD, City CoUeeWr. ®ltß NolUea. • r | 'AX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—State JLo a toot*. Comer of Cook. Cltr of Chicaro-u. Cstt Collxctob'B office, Boo* 14, > Co £ rr Hoc**, January n, 13i7. f mmS?t «?'.f lTaß « 11011 OQ tne first Mooa»T of Febrotry.bftli* the fourth hay of Fcbrua ® n-ftdar term of the Superior Coart nnksr?* 0 I 6 ® eaa “A hoWea In the Court ,fl i , iS^ Wti i yof CWc*». on the last mentioned rtfjJ-i b £i “f** ffP«l ta «»ld Supetwr Court or Chicago, on the loßowmg Special Aiscymrat War- Pj*s M In my hand* lor objection on or before the last (Jay of October. A. D.lSt6.and ask for Jo Jk tnent again* l the several lota, bocks, pieces or paresis of land or other property described in such warrants, on which the assessments then remain unpaid, tor tha amount of assessments, damages and costa respective ly due thereon, to wit: Warrant So. 747 West—Dated Oct. 21th, 1566. fct constructing a sidewalk on the sooth side of Indiana street, beta era Wood street and dialer street. Warrant So. 749 West—Dated Oct. 2tih, 1366, for (•i&strucUng a sidawalk on the north tide of Tan Ba rcO »lrw:t, brtweeo Throop street and Kucher street. ■W,WTEntNo.7» West—Dated Oct. 21m. 1566. tor con struct. tR * sidewalk on the north aide ol Smith street, between' Kaohna end Wood streets. Wanm’tSp W West-Dated Oct, 34th. 1966 lor coa* strcctUg > slceua.kon the south side of Tyler street, betwem Eu’ktrstrtTl and Aberdeen street. Warrant N.o 7SI West—Dated Oct. 24 tn, 1966, icr fill ing, grading k nd p.anklaa of the alley la block 35, Carpenter’s AA. «uon ix»cnleaco. Warrant So. *52 West-Dated Oct. 21th. 1868. tor widening Seeley 0 tree I, north of West J act sou street to the width of®* lect, corresponding with that par don of Seeley strerl now C 6 fret wide, between Wes’, Jackson andWoa Ajiuns street?. Warrant So. 7» .West-Dated Oct. filth, 1336, fbr opening as alley 14t wlde,frota Paulina street to Ken ben street, runntof .«*£• and west, through lots & 7, audio, blocjtGt. Caaa*. Trustees nab Division See. 7 T ,9 \ It 11 £ Variant No. We»r—seated Oct. 2t*h, 1353, ibr opening an IS foot alley, r» mice tram West Jaccion street to West Van Horen su eet. In block lfi.OjoC4n*s Addition to Chicago, matter .the division line between It te 1. fi. S. 4.5, 6,7, 8, and lota Sf, 10. 1L 1A13,14, 13, and 36, the ctntre hoe ol said aßey- AH persons Interested are jeottested to attend at the aforesaid term of said Snpertsr C'onrt of Chlcngo. A. U. HKAJ-D. CUj Collector. -T’AX-COLLECTOR'S NOTICE—State JL ot Illinois, CooLtj c f Took, City of Chicago, ss: Crrx CoLLtcTOk’Sotn'wu. \ Court bocac.Jaaj.UTßfi'jJt.lSoT. f Public notice la htrer.j given, ttua cn the flm Mon day of February, teicg the tout th da»'* i f February. A. D. 1367, at a ngnlar term of the Court ol Chicago, to be begun and holden tn tae Court House, insaldcity of Chicago, ottthe last meatioued day, I shall make report to said Superior Court, of CTucigo on the todow tug 3p«iai AsscsamtOt Warrants pweed in my bands for Culmctlat on or oetore Uwr last day of Octc cer, A. D. ISC6, and ask tor judgment against the several Lots, Blocks. Pieces or Parcels ot Land or other property described In such warrants, on wtUcn the assessments then remain unpaid, tor tne amount of asssssments, damages ana cost* respectively due there cn. to-«it: Warrant No. 53. South—Dated October 2Sth. 1553. tor cecoutrucUug sidewalk un the east side ot Chorea place. Warrsut N 0.556, South-Dated October fifith.lSC6. for rectn>troau.g slaewalk oa the coat nhie of Clark street. Warrant SJT, potiih—Paled October 29th,-1396, tor reconstructing sioewalkon the north tide of Twcmy nm street. Warrant 539, South—Dated October 29th, 1966, tor rcixustrcctlis sidewalk on the east side ot Duller street and on the south side cf Twcut-flflh street. All persons IntrresUd are rtqureted to attend at the aforesaid ÜBra cf the said Superior Court oaohmago. A. B: uL.IXP. Ctty cjlloctor. 'PAX COLLECTOR'S ROTlCE—suite JL of llllnoll, County cf Coot, Clt* of Chicago—sj. Cirr CoLLiCTOiiVdrrtcc, Uoom J»o. 1 1, 1 Coon Honw, Chicago. Jut. Slot, HUTS. ) Public notice Ik bfrrby pvm uuito: (be Lrst ilomuy of Icbrnirr, being thoiounii <l;*y of February, A. Li.. IJO7. at a regular term of (tie Su. enor Court ot Chica go. to be began ud liOlUcn la thi? C >;trt House, la m!.i "•Tc-fChl the*"* * - ♦ • •• Cityc. ...leaao.oa the last mmtloocd day, I shall nuke report to sold superior Conrt, on the Special Assessment Warrant* p'aecd In my hands for collection on or before the laii day ofOctoln-r, A I>. lS*£.nnd ntk for Judsniuit luatust the several lota, I lock*, plecct or parcel* of land or other property ceecntrvd in (aid warrant*, on which (he itsaessmeiitii then remain unpaid, for the amount of assessment*, (Jamam* and coat* respectively duo (hereon, to*wltt Warrant No. Kil, Uc»I—D»UM Uft. aist, I;XS, far ncot’fti n »ldc« »!• on north side ol Lake street J cl t* ei l» Ada and ftheutou street. Warrant No. cs», Wiwt-liaUii Oct. Stst, IW, tor rccoiisiriictlticaaiaewotkori the cast side on’ecktim-i between lake stre* t and t iiifti *irt et. Warrant No. HP. West-Dated Oct. Slat, IW3. fur the r«'d 11M1 iittk in fa a sidewalk In front of oruatacent In the ny hereinafter diferii'ed. Warrant No. til, Wr«l— Dated Ord. ISO, pir constrin Ur it n ilcettala In front of Moek U. s. Ad* dllton t' Cht* »gu. Warrant No. i n, West-Dated Oet. dlst, l*u\ for in* i»>ti*lrui lli k a sidewalk on the north aide ul ILuidohili alrert, betwieti rniil*utin May atrret. WarrattNu.dl. Wnd-D.-di<<t Ocl.Htst, INAY, for n>n*tri.i Uni; a fine* nlkon (•*■! aide of boom)* street, Itlwton Acnm*imd.lackwin streets. Warrant ,V . 611, Wc*t— Dated net. .list, IMO. tor eon* slrtinlni: n sliltvfsik In front ofora lj.irenl to tho fol* low it it omrllmi property to-nli: Al p< rsoi.s nm rt-Ud nro rcipu-tlc l to attend nt tho lUnrceald unit of said Superb r Cetirt of ciiUmuo. '’PAX COIaLKC'iOU’S aVoTiOß—fcliilt; JL of illlTuia, County of cook, City of Chlea^o-Hii. city* cou.sminrs o»-ni-*,> Hooji No If, Coffer Horn, JauiaryHsi, 1.«7. » I nl.lle liotlre is licr-ti.v eiY'ii. Ih <lrn the ilr»t Mon day ol Fet riiaiy, leiitit the flmrlh day ol Fotiruarir, A. I*. IN-7, nl n rrcnlat term oi Hie Superior Court of l lileairo, to be Ifuiu. nod Lotden In the Court House, In said C-iiy * f Chlesko, on the ln*t mentioned day, I tliull uukereyofl to said Mipermr Coutt ul Clileak i on Hie follow int Special Amo-s-mrut Warrants><i In my bauds lor rotlcelloii ot. or Iwfore Hie last nay of October, A. IK urn, and asa tor Ju-ikiiii-nt aaalnsttbe sfvem. lots. Mocks, plnrs.of pan els of Innu or other property dmtlo-d in such warranu on which the reimiio mit-iild. l<>r Hie aiii-Hint of sHsrsm-nia. damattes, and emu resimeiivvly due tie mm, to wit: Ill* lw w ii . Warrant No. 706, WVal—Dalwl Sept. I7lh, ISM, for priidlßß and clniierine Noble Street trom .Milwaukee avmue to West North avrntte, and Woal North ammo nun Noble sheet to KUtoii roud, ami hlston road Horn West North avenue to Went CDliuriiu pia<x*. Warrant No. 707, West—Dated bent. i;m. indrt. for milnv. Knuiine, nndplanklUK the alley running a and w. Hirotigh Hies. ,V of bluckfJ, Carpenter's Add] tlon lo Chlcuku. 5\ arrant No. 708. We«t—Patrd Sept. i?fb. |SfA,f»r Mlmk. kradlnp, sod planklmrof the alley runnlnrn. and a. Hirouch block 70, Husk-11, Mailur A Hobert's Addition to Clik-neo. Wuraut No. 709, West—patod Sept. 17th. W/i, lor fllllns. eradlDK, and blanking Hie alley runnluife. and w.,ln the norm i* ol bkek S 3, sec. 7, i.i*. r. lie. Warrant No, 710, IVeat—Dated Oct. 3.1, x.SGd. tor ex tension of tne IH-(bot alley running e. and w. through block 1, ?lat;l e * Hikh’a Addition to Cbleaeo, of tne same width, and maatrftluht line castwardly in Ann itreet. tbrouch lot &, block &, Carpeuter'a AdJIUoo to Coliago. Warrant No. 711. West—Dafeil Oct. 3th, ISM, forenrb cp with curb walla, illlltu. to urade, ami paving with wooden block paveuit-nt Milwaukee avenue ftum Ita udcilou with x*orih Drsplalnes to West Klazleitreeta to lujuLttkn with North Hoisted and West Indiana atrccta. Warrant No. 712, West—Dated OcK sth, 1866,f0r pri vate orulu# un fsual street, Letween Lake street and Madison strerK Warrant No, 713, West—Dated OcKStiu tor pri vate drains ou West Madison street, from Ualsted street to the river. cucrv. tu .ne iiiwi. AM persons interested are reqne.«led to Attend at the aforesaid term of said Superior Court of Chicago. A.ll. UEALD. City Collector. r |'AX COLLECTOR’S KOTICH^Statc JL of llllntm, Coimty of CoaW, city ofChleagp. as: Crrv CoiXJtcrok's Offick. Kooa No.lL I Covjrt lloraw. January stst, 1367. > Public notice is ncreh) given, that on tre Drst Mon day of February, being the fourth day of February. A. IK 1867, at a regular term of the snp. rlor Court or Chl caco, tubebe f un ana huidcQ In the Coart House, la said City of Chicago, on the lost meml'med day, 1 snail maku report totnld Superior Court, cf Chicago, oath* following special Asasesment Warrauu placed lu my Landi- for Collection on or before tbc last day ot Octo ber, A. 1). ISC6. and ask for judgment against the sev eral lot#, Block*, pleci-s or parce.s oflacrt or other pro perly dftcribed insncn warrant#, cn which ibeanse#*- iiients then retrain nupalo, lor tue a smart of a?sei9- UiCnJs. camngts and costs respectively due thereon, 10-wut Warrant No. 263, North—Dated Oct. 4th, 1556, tor fl’llrg.g'adlngan-i pljnklrKoftteAilryrnnmngnjrtn acd tor.lh in the west port of blk 13 Johnston, Ifbberts A Suirria Addition to Chicago. Worrant 364. North—Dated OcK Cth. 1856, for carb ine. Piling, grading and planking of the At cy running can mid w eat through blk 4. Einxle’s Audition to Chi cago. Warrant 365. North—Dated Oct. 6th, ifisu, for llllH?, grading and planting Alley In blk 1. WTolcoit's A-:rl non to Chicago, and oik S, Khule's Addition to Cal caso. Warrant 266. Nortb—Datcl Oct. Clh. 1566, tor re gravcUcg Lash street from RUizle street to Chicago avenue. , Warrant 2C7, North—Dated ocu 6th, 1856, for the ex letslon ol Oothc street eastwajcly to Wolcott street of the width of 40 feet in the tame tine ot (bat west ot Clark street. Wsrranl2fß.?»orth—Dated Oct. Stli, 18CT, for exten sion of an Alley tomb to Wendell etreet through oik 9, John-ton. Heberts A Store's Audition to Chicago. Warrant?©, North—Dated Oct. ytn, ISOJ, fur erailng and macadamizing Division street from tbu roadway of North Cisrk stteeteaai to Wolcott street from Its Intersection with the mscadam of Dimlon street to the south side 01 Schiller stmt. Wart ait No. 2T3, N’ortn—Dated Oct 9th, 1366, for widening of Laßsr street from Vine street to the Alley west and adjoining >ot 51. Butterfield's Addition to Chicago, to the width ot CO (eel. , All persons interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term ot said Superior Court ot Chicago. A. U. lIEALU. cuy Collector. TAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—a tale of Dllnols, Cook County. City ot Chlcazo. as. Cm CoLLzcroß’sumca. Coen Uocsc, 1 Boom So. 14, January 21st, 1867. i Public notice is hereby given that on tneflmMon day «*f Fcbrnary, beinc tne fourth day ol February, A. D., l£*A, at a regular Urm of the Superior Court of Chicago, to be begun and boidco In. the Court Uonse, in said City of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, I shall make icoon to said Superior Court of Chicago, on the following Special AAseaitnent Warrants placet in my hands for collection on or before the last day of October, A. D„ liC6, and ask lor Judgment against the several Lots, Blocks. Pieces cr Farce s ot und or otberproperty described in eneb warrants, on which the aseesaaet ts then remain unpaid, tor the a-nount 01 msiCftmenu, damages and costa respectively duo thereon, to wit: WarrantNo.Ste, Bomb—Dated Oct. 3Uh, 1966. To make pp at eficlr-nry for creutug and planking Couch pisce from Dcaru-rn to Clark street. Warrant No. SW, Soatß-Dated oet. 34th, 1366, fir flllltg and paving South Water street, from Ciark to Franklin street. Second Assessment. WarrantNo.slo, South—Dated Oct. 31th, 1356, ecc one assessment, for corbltg, Clhrg. gradingand plant ing the alleys in Block 4, Fort Dearborn sedition to Chicago. Warrant No. 511, South—Dated Oct 21th, is6f, sec ond assessment, for making up the amount whlcn the city foiled tocblkct on an assessment for opening a street to be called Thirteenth street, from State street to the lands ot I. C. It. H. Co. Warrant No.SIL South—Dsted Oet.3Uh, 1366. Fcr erection tf(B)iamp post* on Twenty-aii,Uistreet, be tween locisna avenue and Calumet avenue. Warrant No. 513. eontti—Dateo Oct. aith, 1866. for erectlag of (3) lamp posts *0 Feck conrt,betweea Wa ba&n ana Uicnlgan avenues. _ __ Warrant No. 514, south—Dated Oct. Srih, 1856, for erection of (13) lamp post* on Michigan avenue, be tween TwcDty-elxtn ana Twenty-ninth streets. W arrant No. 615, South— Dated Oct. Jlth, 1366. lor erectun of! lamp oortsonTwenty flAhstreet, bclweea Indiana and Frairteavenues. Ail pet sons Interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid form ofsaidSuperior Ci/Urt CMca^o. Uty Coilictor. COLLECTOR’S NOTlCE—otate ol Xlltsob, Cook County, City of Chicago—ea.. Crrr Collsctos's omet, I Com Horn, Boom No. li, Jan. 3lsl 15 1». ( Public m ticc lahere >y given tnat,on thenmiMoA*. day of February, befog the fourth cay of FeCnsary. A. O. 1567, «t a regular form of the Superior Ccortof Chicago, to he began and holdm in the Courfozloase, lo said city cf. Chicago, on tha-lait mentlonedday, I shall make report to said Superior Court of Chicago, on the fotlcuit g Seeds! Aiacrament Warrants piac»n in my ou oc before tne last d*y ol October. A. D. ISCB, and ask for judgmcnc ezpDut the several lotshlocla. pieces or parcel* of land or other property in sncn« an snt*. on which the as seianetita wen. retrain sspalAlbr the amount ot as scMiccnta- panuges and axis respectively dna thereon, to-wjt: WarrathslASoato. dated- Oct 3ilh t ISfi6,Q>r erection ot two lamp tests rn Fourth, avenue, one atsv corner of Fourth avenue audTiylor street, a&dr one 135 feet, tontb of Tavlor street. Wat rant South, dated Oct. Hth.2B6(\forerectlr)B of 11 lamp post* on Pmrle avenua between Twcntr sccond and tho second post Ma.aot* Nlaeteentb acreeV Worrarrf 513 South, dated Oct. 31th. IPGB, for one lamp post pntke n ecornet<£ Twcnty-ililyistreet rlen>ex^e. Warrant 519 South, dated October-illh. 1366, tioa ot six lamp pose* cn flarreren svect, between Walls and Clark stfeots. WanaoiaW Booth, da'ed Oct.'rith. 1576. for erection of nine lamp peats cn Calumet avenue, between Twen ty-«xxib and fwenty-ointa strests. 'Warrants3l boutb.d«lcd 0cL2Uh.1566.f03' ereetloa of 13 lamp po>b> 00 Indiana aveaus, between Four fertitb and at2le«»b st reek-. Warrant 5W Sonlh. dated Oct. J4lh, lfi66 K lor ereetton of 2 lanp POL’s on Fourteenth street, bqswecn State street and ladlac* avttoe. Wanants3SSouth.datedOct.3Ub, 123S.l'rcreeU»n of fliamp tosia cn Van Daren streeL between W&s strut and S-nth Market street. AU persona interested are requested to attend ad the afote-arfctcnn of said superior cotxrref Chieacm • A.U. HEALty City Colk-ctor. *TAX COLLEIiTOII'a POTIOR—SIate JL at Illinois, cf Co* k, City of Chluur>—S3., Crrr Coujctoh’s Dynes, i BOOT* No. IkCOOIT HOW*. f Cmc-ico, January 21. iSj*-.. Public noticeis hereby elver, that on ter nrst Moo» d.y of February. A. D. 1861. at a regular- tartu of ibp Scperlcr Court if CLltato. u be oeitua and hoMeata ihe court Hcw,ln»ald city of Cbic« the last miDlKntdday,! snail male rrpert tosa.d Superior Couruof Chicagoan the tdiowlßcSneclai A»«s|roent Warrants placed la my wndf for ctwlertiou oa or be fore the laa^tfayofOct-A.D.iajvaadasfcKir jade. awnt against the oevenii iota. DlocSik pieces ot parcels - of laaaor otber property deacrioad la saktvamats, oa which the aj*sra«=snM then re mfiln unpaW. tor the owe out of ae>«ao£3*s, damagps arul ccatarvspcclire 1t due thereon, to wjl: Oct. 4, is®, fcr curbing wlii. curb walls Washington street from State street totaemalnallet be nr feta state stre-taudWabosh av enue, ratting wish curb slona said -Aree* from said ai iry jo Michigan arcane., and parte r with wooden ®ald Waudnaton, street from slate street to Michigan avenue. Wamuit49s South-rated Oct. 4, i«3,ftirprivata drains on Walash arcane betweenTweinh aadTwenty terond strata. Warrant 493 South—Datea 0ct.4.15C6. far carbine, filling, grading and paving Shennanstreet from Van Barca v> H&rrlsca meet. WuimA m Saulh-DntidOct. 4,1866. private drain* on Sooth Wells street, between Vaoßarenand Taylor strata* Warrant 495 South—Dabvl Oca 5,1866. ftr curbing «r 4 re-ers veiling Michigan aresoe from Park Fl'cntu Tvelfh street ~ iYarrant 496 Sooth—Elated Oct. S. ISO’s for gtvilog •ad madodamUtec South Hoisted street from Arutier ruad b> Thlrtr-Pm Street- Warrant 497 South—Dated Oct. 5, ISB6. fbr private drains < a Vanßuren street between MJsulgaa avenue a»4S«a*e»&e«t. _ WamatcaSbcvAh—Dated Oct. \ 4966, tor private drains os BaSallestreet between iudloon and Jac&wa Warrant <9O South-Dated Oct. 5,198*. ton strata drains cn Vanßuicn sue**, between Mato street and '***'<* term Of city Collector* ffiltp Wmicre. TLX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE. State PC Conaty a Cook, City e r Chieazo-e. Crrr cotacros’a omo, Room No. is.» „ w Coctt aoPteTJan.-4», tan. t Fpbilc node* U heresygiven that oo the flm iloadsr otPebroary.belng the fourth d»ycf February, A D 1967, at a regular term of the Superior Cmm of CUat go, io be begun and holden in tne oonrt Home, to mm City of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, I »>■■« make a report to laid Snpenor Court of Chicago, oa the tchc-wine apedai Assessment Warrants placed la my bancs for collection on or before tilt last day of 0> tober. a. D. 1566, and ask tor Judgment •«gainst the aar *£« iota, blocks, pieces or parcels ot land or other prow* erty described in snrh warrants, on which the smbm- Bl ®?r t s cnicm,Ull Unpaid, for the amount wf *-«*«• meits, damages ana costs respectively due thereof Warrant No. 732. West-Dated Oct. 23d. tWS. u makenpacrtdracy tor fllllnc. curbing panne C»i»l stietAfromLakelo MsdiscnatreeL *** *“* t . Ko *‘s?* Dated Oct. Ha, i>s», to make up nOftclenry tor remacaoamtzleg Cat al street. Dom Aram* to Twelfth street. 6 ~ * 33 - Weal—Dated Oct. 33d. 1366. tor flD rrsdlag. psrlag and corning Balsrert craalsp oo Damson street to the V. B. % <*. B. B. on the south sldeof Jacksow street, between Reuben aad Uarshfieid street. Warrant 2»o. 70, West—Dated Oct. 23d. 1366. for SSJttnetti ga siarwalkcnthe wm sioTof HiisSd ttmet. Detween Wright street and Bailroad crovstn*. Warrant No. «U, west—Dated Oct. Sub. isss, lor constructing a sidewalk on the east slaeofFijc«rssu aveans io western termlntaof Fig Warrant No. 742 West—Dated Oct. 24th. .1366. tar consirnctlnensidewalkcothe west aide ot Joimaaa street, between Twelfth strectnod Taylor street. Warrant No. 743, West—Dated Oci. 24ta. 1366. far tonsiructlnga rttiewalK ontfcenorth sUecf Vaaßurea street, between Throop street aad Loomis street. All peieons Interested are rtqncst to attend at the aicie*aia temothaidSopericr conrt ofCbtcaco. A. B. hbd.t), citj Collector. TAX COLLECTOR’S NOTlCE—state i/IKJnols, County of Cook. City of Chicago, ssc Cny Cou-eciok’s Ornct, l Boo* No.ll, Cocct Hoes*, f Public sjotiee js hereby irt venjth^mthelam 1 am Moo- l ay i, of ,c^ >T3ary ’ the fourth day of February. 4* D. 1567/ aia regular tenn of lhc?opreme Ourlof Chicago, to be began and holden In the Conrt Boose. Mi'he said City ot Chicago, on tbeiast cremluned darl I shall make report to said bnperlorCc*ift,of chlcv^'o! on the following Special Assessment Warrants placed lame hands loTcoUettion, on orbetoretae last day of October. A-.D. iWai, and ask tor Jndgemc&t-asalnst the seycral low, bicrka. pieces or parcels ol land or other property dcscrlhed In sach warrants, oo which theaa tei<>menu then rcjialnittf'dld. lor the amount of s*> smmenta, and coats reapectlrdydue there or. to wit: War rant No. 75*,- West-Dated Oct. 23d. kfc«. tor co*- strncting a alcewa ton the north aide of Waihingtoa stmt, beta ctnHojne street and Lerelt street. Warrant No. T.«. Wtit-Dated Oct. Xid, Ls&i. lor con- ' iUnctloga*ldew»lkoßlhß south fiueof Canaloort a w -<tt«t and Brown street. Warrant No. *,’6, Wc»’-Dafed Oct. Sid, ISW. for too jtnsciinjra rldewalk on the north side ori’wtiTtbsUeet. lenrcenLoomp street and lliroop street. W arrant No. 727. We» l-Dated Oct.23d. 1866. lor con simc.iEK a sidewalk cn the south side of Walnut street, between V.’c oc street and I’aojlna ilrret. H Warrant No. 726. West—Dated Oct. 33d. ISCB. tor coo strnfilng a sldcw aik on tne tooth side of Tjler street. Ktw ecn Kobey street and Eriyne street. Wsnani No.Ti), We.t-Daied Ocu »1, 1866, tor coo- Blructing'n sidewalk onthenerth sideofJNirnell »trcec between Milwanxeo aaenne aid Noble street. Warrant No. 130, W«t-Daf«l ocu 23d, um, for coo sinicUcg a sidewalk cn thesom sldccfParkarmau. Ictweca Learnt street and Oakley street. Warrant No. 73t. West-Dated txl. 33d, 1966, tor coa mucttcc a»ldtwa!jc on the nortvstdo of Milwaukee avrnur, between Wood strict and Western atcmic. Ail persons intenstnl are requested to attend at Uu alcruald tenn of said Supertof t* ton ot chtovto. A.U. liKALD, City Cullector. ''PAX COLL KOTO K’S NOTICE—State .L. oi lllltoia, County of Cookie. Crrr Collkctor's Orncs, > Rook No. U. Voewr Hon**, V . . . fiucacio. January at,ucr. t Public notice la hereby slvifeUinloQtho nratMoa *'•£, g * t lt * rl,,r 3 r * **««« the north day of Penmarr, A.IK IHK. at a tegular term ot the Superior Courtol Chicago, to he begun and hoUen In the Court Uncus, In saiUOtyof Chicago, «-n the la-l mentions! Jay. i t hull make report to ml<l superior Court, or Chlcago cn the following Special Aiauwiueut Warrants placed Inoy luHidsior toiiiTilimou or before UielaUdaruf, A.D. 1866. aid ask for Judgment agatuat the »c»cr»l lota. Mocks. plm- tr parrels of (andor other fnperiy tit scribed lu aucti warrants, on which lha faloaoHMiinrta thro Mtiam unpaid, for tin* amount II aaatMiiiniia, damages, and coala respectively aue Hinecn, tow;ls * * W arrant No. 7M W'e*t—Dated October 21, nw». »n. lion <>f two lamp t o*U on Hubbard street between Page-drcttnml Weod'trcrl. T,a " arrant No. 7M. Wcrt-Ditlnl Oct. :t, l-drf. for t.on ol MViti liiti p-po«h« on Warren strrof, livlwrea Hobry street nim Hie wrslsldool Hoyno sire-t. R arrant No. 7i«, West-Dated IKt.H. Is-yi, for e ro6- ll« o ( ’f twenty lainp.poata on Went Mauuoii street, be " W '“‘ " u ° " u,ul "-" "nrr.nt .Vi.Tw). \rr.l-n.ini (lei. 31,11*1. Sirtreo. tUiiMdlwo lamp-poala on FUJtofl •Irrc], between Ad ami elituMustrcvl*. * Wiuraut No. 7*7. Wnl-Dated Oft. 21, 1.-kW, forcrec -11. n of inr lamp-peat on Weal> tuecn Hal ted and l.fftn straat*. Warrant No. 7t*, Weal—Dated Oct. 31, 18.76, for erec Uoii oi two 7niii|*-p«ii>Uo» Wi*t Adaniaatreet, Iwtwccn I'r. ria »tn r| at d bnngfttnoL slrreK . 'V arrant No. 769. West-Dated Ot-KJI, 1*56, for pm. <bofr.,ur on lieuht-n aircit, betwoia Wr*i l.itNt*»fr»-**t aim Kullon street. , Wuiraiit No. iTU. Wrat—Dated Oct. 21.1«6, for rrec tlon oi torivsevnt laui|»p.*t« on (fucier air«.«K bo tnrfti Niue avreue anil A.lnma street. Ah pi r»oiu» ln.rri.Ud are r-ijoedcd t*> attend at tha afureaabl term of said Wiii-erlor Court of Chicago. A. 11, HhAU). City Collector. 'I'AX CUUsIiCTOw'BNOTICE—SIato _L cf I litmus, County Ol Cmik, CUy of I'hleai;»-Mi: Ciiv Cocuic-rou's iirni'K, coowy Houaict I'utdleiioHeelslif.rrbyßhcn.Hiaiontlic tlrst Mon duv . f pH runrr. !*rimt »lie fourth day cf February. A.d». ihu, at nrpsulftp term of the hnperl-.r Coit’t oi (■|.urj.o, lotebiuuu-iid boiden lu tba oourt Huaae, In saldCdy «f rt.lcatfo, «.n u.c Hut meaHonr«lda».l ahull make rrmdl to said Superior Court, or Chicago. <-l tbs (oiii.wmir Special ftssesameat Warrants placed tu my bauds lor Co.k-ctlua on or hefbro the lost aay of Octot er. A. IK InoO, and n*k lor jiidtcment acalust (hr* ae» eral Lola, Blocks, Ftrcea or Farcr.a of Land or other property detcrlbcd in hucu a armnta, on which the n*> •essniiuts then nuialn unpslo, fur the imuua of u manicQti, oamattet &Qd costa respectively due thcreaa. towtt; * W arrant No. 773 West, dated October 31, W*. tor erec tion or i tamp fo*U on lirven atreet, belwceu Uadiftaa and Washington streets. Warrant No. 773 West, dated October 31, ISC6, tor net tlon of 13 tamp postaon Jetfcmn street, beiwoe* Judd acd Uitebc i si-et U. T7arrant No. 774 West, dated October 21, I*B6. f.>r erection ot oce lamp post on Fcurla street, about HO feet north of Maiilsou street. WatrsntNo. 773 nest, dated October 31. isc*l. far erection of one lamp post oti West Adami atrect, tw tween llalatcd a&d tiieen streeis. Wsrtaol No. West, dated October 31. 1886.f0r erection of 9 lamp posts on West fwefih street, be tw»«o Iffliated and itrown atrecK WarraotNo. 775 WesKcUtcd 0ct0ber39,1866. for re constructing sidewalk on the eouin side ol Madison stxitK beta ten Leavitt street and Western areaue. Warrant No. 7.9 W'esK anted October 29. ISua. tor cousrrnrtlng sidewalk on both sides of Elgin street, oclwccn Purple strict sad btewart avenne. W arrant Nu. 7S) West, dated October 39. ISGfi, for re roubirueUngbiaewa k uu-*c»l aide cf Wood street, be tween Fulton and Corrufj streets. All pt raoua interested are requested to attend at the aturusatd term of said Superior Court cf Chicago. A. H. UEALD4 Cl»y Collector. 'i AX CULLECToK’S -NOTICE—StaIe JL ul Illinois, County of Coot, City of CUlcagu— 0: CITT COLLXCTOE r s o>rtob > Boost No. It, Com Horse. January 3.»t, I*7. t I’uoJlc police 1» hereby given that on Weftm Mon day of* ibruary, beJun me fourth day of Febj oarr. A- D.. 18C7. at a regular i«m of the Superior Court of Chicago, to be begun and boldeu In Uu; Court House, in wdii Lily *f Chicago. «>t the last mentioned day. I ahull maze report to a»ld Superior Court of Chicago, ontlicl'llowtug fcpccial Aanaamenl Warrants placed lb my bands tor collection, on or before the last day ot Ot loLt-r, A. D. ihui, and ask lor Judgment against the several lot?, block*. pieces or parrels of land or other prrperty described In socb warrants, on whli-h the a*- ettsmtiits tli-a remain unpaio. lor iho amount o> as> tv-ment*. damage* and costa respectively duo there on. to-wit: Warrant 216, North—Dated Oc*;. 31st, 1.568, for the construction ot a sidewalk In front of or adjacent ta the follow lug described propsrty, 10-wu. Warrant 547. N«»-th—Dated w-L disc. >863, tor con, strnctlcoofasidrwalt torrent of„r adjacent to tbs following described property, tc-wlt. Warrant24s?, North— bated Ocl.Slst, for recon struction ofstoewalK la front of or ailaccnt to the foil. wing described property, 10-wlt. Warrant 349, Ntrtn—uotea Oct. Sist, IS£B. for recces* sir acting a sidewalk In front or adjacent ta the follow ing described property. to-wtL \V 35*), North-Dated Oct. slat, ISSJ. tor con structing of a iddcwalk in front of or adjacent to tire following described W arrant 351. Nctlh—bated Oct. 31st, 13C3, fop the re construction of a Moewalk In treat of or adjacent to the following described procerty, 10-wtt. k Warrant 163, Norm—Dated Jan’y 27, 1966, for tbs erection of latup>poxt* on North ij Salle street, be tween him and Division streets. Warrant, 254. North—DaUd February 7th, ISC*, for filling, grading and planking an alley In olock 9 Wol cott's and block H KlwJe’s Addition to Chicago. AU persots inter*etcc are requested to atund at tho aforesaid term of said superior Court ot Chicago. A. li. Hh.AU>, CUy Collector, '| 'AX COLLECTORS NOTICE—SIate _l_ of iMm-is,County cf Cook. City of "Qlcaru—o. „ crrTCotiictoß'aOmca.l Boon No l4,Coccr llocss. January 21.1567, » Public noilre U hereby given, that on the tlret lloa dsy ulfcebraary.b-ing the fourth day of Ftbiuuy, A. D- 19C7, at a regular term of the superior Court of Llr.cagu, to be begun and boldtn in tne Court Souse, in said Lit) of Chicago, na the last mentioned cay 1 shall make report to said Superior Court, Ciucago, cn the following Special Aasarsment Warrants pia ea In my band* for collection on or before the lost day ot Clctcber, A. D. iS66,an<iosk for lodgment against tbs several lot*.blockspttcescrpa-cm ol load or other property described la sach warrant*, on which tne agfressneuta then remain unpaid, for the amount ot smtsxcnts, damage* and costs rssptctively doe thereon, to wit TVsriant No.North—Dated laog, for fitUnc, gtading ana pfonUrgol an. alley in block i Kmue'» 1' rumon to Chicago. U arrant Nc. 256, North—Dated Ltarch 2»h. 1366, for fijilsg. grading and piasklng ol an alley running north and south through the a k of hlosk jf, Wolcott's Ad onlon to Chicago. Warrant No. ?37. North-Dated Msrch 29th, 1966. far SUisz, craoing ancpUnhiogot the alleya in hiocklfi, Woicttra Addition to Chleag''. Warrant No. Korin—Dated May sth. ISB6. for ailing,piadicgacu plnntkg of Jhealieya iablocks6L 7.9 ana FA Delevaa'e AddlUon tp Chicago- Warrant No. 259, North—Dated July 13th, ISOS, for fiilu.g, grading and planking orkhs alley running norm and eouih through tne west part.of olock 2b,joha stunV, Hoberto' and Stores’ Adqlttoo tq.«.hlcago. Wairant No. SCO, North—Dated July Aid, 1365. tor the wlcenireof llarketstreet Kiszleaaeet, Uicbhms itm tnnd Ohio street Av rtldon to Chicago. Warrant No.26i.North—;>ated September 17th, 186*. forauinpgiadingand plabklnsr of the alley runnier can and wtsi through b.cuk 2, WoljoU'i Addition tv Lldvago. Warrant No. 262. North—Dated October 4th. 1366. for openUg&Utootailey rr going eaetand west, neeveen lots V. 10.11,13, ana rev* i 3, 11. ti and 16. block 38, JotLStoLtL Boberi*'an-LStores' Addition to Chicago, vq as' o make the rear ima of said lota the centre tine of said alley. All perron* intercfte'larorcqnsated to attend at thff aioretalu term of said Sopenor Court ot Chicago. A. 11. HEALD. City Cohector. ri'AXCOLLESTPIVS NOTICE-State X ot Illinois, County of Conk, City of Chicago—as. C.rv CoxxicToa’s Orsrer, > ' Boom So. 14, Corxr Houax, v January Mat. D«;. ) Public notice is hereby glvna. th«tom tna drat Mon da v of February, beutg i‘t*r fourth day of Februozy', A.D. lSC7,at a regular term of the sTperlor Court of rucaco, to cebrcunand hgldenia Loan House, imaidcit) cf t.Mtago. on the last mentioned dnr.l shall make report to raid* Superior Court.of CUlcigo, vn the loilou ing Special, Assessment Warrants Flared tn my hands for collection on or before the lavt day of L-ctoLer, A.D. 1506, acliak for Judgment against the several join Mocks, pluses or of land or other property described gfeaneh warrants, on which the UKHSintt then regain napaid, for the otto ant ot a!*casmect». damsgra and costs mepceUrelydmi there on. to wit 1 WarrattNo.'3s»' ! tt«t—DatediOcLJJth, 185 A torre ccsctraulug eldesaik on the sooth Side cf Jackson stmt, buweeu UaUted and Übseastreets. Warrant No. 73V Wet—Dar sd Oct, 21, for recon structing sidewalks in iron* of or adjamtt to pre mltfes hertlnb«*'ow. draenbed. Warrant No. 757, Wet—Dated Oet.3L 1966, for recon strucUxg sldewtuk on nonhsldo of Lake street, be twetn Ana snxJHy streets, *••- Warreot Na. 'CA Wet—Dated Oet. 3tth, IS6S, for re crßStrnctlng xlifowalks caweatnue of sray street, be twnn Lake aafl PTUton rarcett. * - ' Wimu.tNo.'SO, Way-Dated Oct. :4th, 1866, for re constructing sidewalk on north side ot Madison street, hi twtcu Ptorea and streelfo ■ Warrant; No. 760. Wet-lMd Oct, 24Hu 13C&. for re ’ ccnstrogtlngsldewahnon west sldvoi Ada street, be tween Lake street asd Depot place. v •vroTTKAsz: reStVet-Dated oct. 21th. 1366. for erection of two remo-poats on ’West Ene tw eea Union and SaiateiL streets. Nc. Weat--Daued Oet. 3»th,lP«,torfe ea»t side of Southwestern ave- from Madisoe to Monroeataeots. »Up<nioßsiatrresteoarererafeai*dtoattend at the aforesaid terra of said. Superlo-Court ol Chicago. A. H. FBALD, City CoUector, fpAX COIiLECTOK’fc NOTlCE.—btate jL of Tldnolf, county ot Caok, city of Chicago u. Cm Coii-ictoE’s Orrtcs, ) Boom No, 14. Court IhJuse, January ?i»t. 1377. f PcLUc notice la hereby mat ca the nrst uoa duy of Fenruaty. being t’te fourth day of Febreu/. A. D 16€ J. ac a retolar term of Use Superior Court of Cnl* ca:n\ to te btacn and t-i Men tn the Coon Hou»e, la a>fd city cf Chicago, cc Che »ftst mentioned day, 1 shall make report to said append? Court,of Chicago, on th© ftCowlßgSpcciaiAßs&mencWarraaCs placed In tax binds lot colleOlcuoaorbelomtnelMtday ot Ocw tcr, A. p. i£€6. and atk ft.r judgment aralnst the ser irallots,blocks.s'tw ot parcels or other I ropirty described ‘IB such wairanw,cn which tt« o>refsn enta then remain unpaid; for She amount of a*-, »c«mci.t(sdainasoi4ndcc4i« respocUveiy das there ‘ TtSSlt S.VE9 Kortlvtf.ttd: OctJtar f mßS.ciftottn.snd. paxuic asd carting sorth state t tre 1 f. trem xi'-iiifftp toChlcaao armne. e«ted October dith, . ClairatteeUfromlboowtSsideo, So yjgg t“ “<• rt ' . COI.LEOI OU’o NOTICE—Swto ' I m ! vaosty cf Cocs. City of ctrure —s*- A 1 Cuttaco, January at, ts« 7.) cay. I ih£jmibereportto said Burtirloi Court otChlc*-o cf aU itc Tb-Vi aid Assessmeato mnaimae ppald ancH the Beal EKate Tax V. t ter ihe unsilclwl year* liCS. »he warrant attached to laid BesllbtiW,Tjs|hh hd&g dated the TweotT-Nlnih day of «ctcj«f I». and ask Ibr Judgment asaltut UlO lois.Blrrt»- Kecct ana Par^ 1 * £} i rn-crtr described la sildTix list far, the amount ot il* persons Iptorested.are at Urn -•prr**vt t.m. Of said Superior ronTt of Chlb«o y* l Coii S? WI -