Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 21, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 21, 1867 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND CDBJME&OIAI MOUBTAET. Satcrdat Evrsiwo. January 19. The following u Manger Ires' exbibii of th? bnelncfs of the dealing llosec fo.* the week cad* u>S to-day Clearing*. Bilaoccs. .51.55n.933.12 $112,333.7: . I,SJ3 231.»8 SVJ.S-J.79 . 1.845.(131.29 2V..931.53 . 1,T30,4U(J6 l»<,ttt.Uß . 1.H53.0 6.31 121.391 0| . 1,387,123.92 193,011.58 January 14. January :s Jannary JB. January >t January IS. Januaryl9 Total *10,405,33 .01 f 1,112.531.13 Xast week 11,4C2.H31.ti3 1,335.1*91.31 The week doses ap on a Money market which presents no features differing Irom *ht>»e we have -daily reporlro during the past month. Currency shows no shuns of case. Deposits arc still ran. sing light, end exhibit no evidences of rccapm* lion. From every source there fs an active de. xnond for accommodation both In the shape of re* scwala ac«l fresh paper. Thu banka In some quart era ate contracting tholr drcnialioo, not knowing what . policy msy bo adopted by Congress, but preparing themselves for any contingency ihat may take place, and at the same time ibe discount lines are being proportionately decreased. Until we have a decided financial policy on tlio part of the Cor el nment, w e may expect very little relief from Ibn stringency aud starnailon that is so marked throughout the country. Capital la proverbially sensitive, and m'sey lenders act exceed ingly cautious. In the financial centres of the country a mmked preference is given to call loans on Govornmcnl Securities and other good collate, rals. The rate? of discount In our local market are unchanged. Jn the forenoon a few lot# of Exchange were sold al 25fi:i"c distounb but in the allev noon there was an active demand at psr.bul at this figure there was none to bo bad. The counter reinsure steady at 1-10 dltcuuut buying and par, (it MU premium selling. The demand for Foreign Exchange has been quite active during Ibu week, aud the Currency rales are hlgl.ei, owing to the nuvancoln (fold, 'ibe lolloping are the closing ra'ci fur short slrhi; Currency I.otulnD, jior-l* rltf. fcO.ud ircll.lK) i’ntin, |i^rl* VO iVtfa !W Ht rlln, |jpi I’m*. TlmUr..... 70 MW tfit.Dl Utiuilmti', j«cr Marru muco OH 01 «i> Ml TVorv o>, )>u iUx .M)»u ;;o H ot, n Sweden, jiersperle Dalcr... I.MI 1.0) rpUWi <»«ld wn« moro rciilcd 10-ilay. Tito market o|iiiu-dot ini’i, advanced to closed ni IM»s. •Jim ‘uilou'lng qnotaHoti* worit icculvod hy Hurd Hroa , broker*: nwi 4. m i i;im p. m •.♦..wit: itilfta. m lap, I i;jr. p. m i.j.j , 12;l«Mu HO** | IKuvtkr market wua.qnM at buv. jujj-cjosluj: at 130. 'silver iwu uom'ual ut 120 bnyiutr. Ibo lodowlng tatyo «lto«a ibo daily raugc ai d pi leva dunne tho wool:: »fan*jo. Clo-ln?. IHI7J 15j‘a Monday. Tuesday. VQV* AVedci'Miay. Thurfcday.. X'lidnv - ...ItXi’i&iKU ItiTU Sutmday 133 •* Tlic I'nbllc Fnnda weiu tcarc ly eo strong to day, tboupb iderc was do vc»y marked clungc in valors. TLe followlnjy laWo shows Ihc dodo? prices to-dsv comjiarcd wUli those of tic tnreo previously*: __ _ Wed. Thnra. Frl. Sal. 16S 11W lIKJi 10S Sixes of’9l. Ftv«.T«rfrtie?, ’ 2 1073 J»T3 JOS M 3 >'ivc-T«cuJiw. 'CI ’.o:j3£ iu:»y wr.v Jr'!vwTn-«irei. , 0.......2'«*i IW J«:‘j«i jf« 'lwFosties o.*ii 93?* M.iy WJS iiyve.'.-Tlinac-- AHC.... JOIJi I'll 3 * lUJa; -(ijai tvvi s. Juce—.KiJS l*U 3 £ K«*i 10l»$ Sevcu-Jniriie-sJnly. HM?» 10l 3 i iMjg Here t&e market was steady and firm, with a good demano. Tire amount offering if U-bL We <jnut*-1 COVX7.TOEST SECCCTfIES—CHICAGO 3UBKCT. Buying. ...iuTi£ C.S. Sties of ISSI L'. S. 5-*Jts t lid 1‘- - V. s. s. .v.*'*'. IMJI ISTi.. .101«4@IOC2£ email, U s. 3.51: U.S.'iUHft*, large U. S. lb-ms, email U.S.~-fith, '« t-erics H)l4 Hlir; U. S. T-00.-s id t.jrics HH»S !•»:«' U. S. V2te, fid strlcf 10-I*4 lOI S^ C. S. 7-:{ 103^ Compound. .Mine, IS»<4 110 July, !*>!.... .. I 5V4 kk Aug.,lßrl 115 “ Oct., IS3I ..11l *• Dcil, ISdl HI kk May, 1W IU«4 “ Aug., l-« 3 »l» kk Seui., isns •* Oct., 1605. l«9 Tbc Second >'a»ional Bank* quotes Government Securities as follows; * d ' Vi'coupotiE. {.June Comp.,*> • luijr *• kk o**ii*coupons, J Ang. 41 “ ..U3 (small).. .lOSUQJOC’i I Ocl kk “..HI l(Mf)conpous, I Dec. kk k * ..111 (latge).... 1 May “ 1«R3..1UH -U.4U conpuu®. I Ann. “ k * ..Hi) (Mnall).. ,I'ri Cb j *»epj. kk kk ..iiyjJi 7-fios;larrc).lf-l!aCl» I Ocl “ *‘..103 Local JTcenriilefi ore inactive. Tbc broken* are boyicp Coot Coumy Sevens at 03;;, and Chicago City sevens at ifl. —The Boston Journal eays: There is lees demand for money to-diy. and the symptoms gcneially point to an easier market fortnelutnre. There la usually to i.e noticed at the liepinmn" of the year a sirtMt'nhenlnij of the rates, which lasts for two or three weeks which Is followed by an ea-y market. nils year appears somewhat exccplinn-i!, and though wo snail ho re lieved from the extreme stringency which has de pressed cverythitj; since the 2.el of the mantu, we cannot expect \cry easy limes, rh- funds re- 3 Hired to carry the lanje amoniit of "oad*, omestlc and loroijrti, which are now held for a better market, w ill keep the demand tor accounts Motive. The hanks, wlib their loans no.v at nearly J?li<«>. cannot do more than discount their receipts, and may he oblnr-c from legislative action, to pursue a more conservative course. \Vi:b an Immorement In confidence, which np feme to ire already cabin? place, private cap* lalirta .m]l seek employment for iheir balances iu tiisconnls as in times past, as credit-* take Uic placed taeuradoal withdrawalnfcurrency. The Louisville Journal observes: The Ijonl<vlllc and Frankfort liaHnad Directors ha<e decinro to catena ibelr branch road tu Cov ington, Kentucky—to branch off fom about Lv prance. 'IU-* extension of our r .llroa I facdUlc.* will bDoii] a competing line ivitli I he A'liutics-.i* Vonrd and inintieo'mlc lire* of railroad, and must iito.Mflrllv arid i really *o nttr ommerca ami trade, os well as afloid comiM-thnm for tram poitfliltui ofboih JH9?enperaan<l freight, nud pos t-Dhjr \>iil result In some reduction of present ante*. The Philadelphia remarks; “The money marketls unchanged. The sup pi) is ample at 7 per cent, with exceptional Iran - actions nt lower tales. in cuni«nciclj( little is doing, and Ibc beet bills pass slowly al 7 tu s. ■* CoMMEECIfIL. s?.\Tn:PAT Evrinxn, January IP, u»7 ( . The following tables *buwibc receipts mm ship mmls ul Produce dining the past, iwoipy-roiir tium*: uccLirw past xwEnrr-roun mi mis. JWT. iw, I'lniir. I'tl« a.iiio I,(lilt VM-cit. bu 1.123 i,rH| coni, lm 11 * Gats, I*'! .... in. •M 2 (irxM sn ti. If*# ii.Kii lliixim <‘urt>. *i'P. . ... .... 17,‘tii Meats, lbs UVViM) H-M.brl* it ‘XU IV»k, lu|« 711 Inhl.P'ii ..323.311 jr.J.IH *noiri«,P'« ... .... ai.rijh iiom-i. it- mm Mnn u. s« ........... ..... i.ity l.h»- iHufs, Ni» 319 ' nil)-, No, l.'ll |i)| ni.l.r, MS) tr.iiH nij-llr lIHK, III) ~ II 1J Until. ~ |,IKK| 3, Dl:| j.nmtii-i. ti'M , ...«iiu,noil Iwllll.Jir*.- - 12,HDD .\iui > ill. nri*.... us :jr) uiiii-jskkt* rAsr infianMuiw WiT. tfiifl. riKlir, Inl* f 1,571) i-ih 13. W) in.SJiil com, hu n.iwo in,no ij.lln, bu iu.o;s U.tilJ l;v.\ l.u 4.«7>» TJj lintloy, tin . ... .. U.-1.15 .... «ii#M >ce4, 1*« ...98,033 93«? J Elintim I'oru, IT '*,700 HI,III i ur. ci Ural*, ft* 71,9 a) 41,070 l*( rk, bri-. 790 C« Ijira, lbs S.\»7U 11V43 Tallow. Ihe U,720 1',91t) Uullcr, Tl.s 30,4*) 11,83!) iJictM'd Docs, So 4,918 IJvc IlogE, No U. 115 4.571 *'suit. No MO 037 IlMlert. Ow 131,b31 103,770 iUehuhics. bri* 47 00 Wool,r>a - ctf) 2,310 lumber, m 2il 13 m 8! .300 The market for Pork was firmer hul quiet, with saK*s of 2.2(iU htU (part last evening at flU.On feller February; *l3 00 caeh. anil $18.50 curb delivered al Peoria. At*tuc close there were buyers of pood brands at $13.73, bat sellers re* fill'd to accept less than sl9 00. there was more activity in Prime 31 css Pork, and- the tnarhoi ess firmer, whh sales of l.iOObrts (part last evening) at $17.00 cash. Bulk Weals were firm, with sales of Bhoit Itlh at 9» 4 c loose, nod Bellies at 9«sc packed, cash: and Dry Salted Shoulders at loose, deliverable at Peoria on March IsL Greco Meats were nulct bnifirm, with sales at 9j;e for Tlame and r.ue for Shoulder*, both from *i*u"h tered hoes. I.ard was Inactive—buyers and sellers being apart. A lot of 2»0 tes roM Ust evening at 12 MOc, and 87 ics country ket le(to-day)atvi4c. At the close* there were sellers of prime Steatnat 3^ 4 @l2Vic, With bnyers at I2(a'i2«4<*. Dressed Hoes were slow at abon*. yesterdiv’s cloMng rat'*®. Sales rang'd from f7.o3tffc7.4fl— closing at $7.03 and $7.83 lor good lots dividing on 900 fi>a. Whfckey was neglected. Flour was tame, bat prices were unchanged. V7e nols>aUs of someI.T3XJ briaat Tor Spring Extras, and 57.0359.U0 for Spring Supers. Wheat was quiet, but firm, the demand being iCEtrhled to No. Saul Rejected. About 23,003ba chanced bands at $199 for No. 2inA, D. i Co.; f I.KiQI.PO for do Itegnlar, and $1 37@1.?0 for Re jected—closing nomlusl at f 2.13<*fc9.i4 for No. J, and for No. gin regularho isca. Com was dull, bet prices showed nomatcriil change. About fid.OOu no changed hands at 79tf No 1, and 33j£5fc31i£c *or Rejected closing at 7i«i*p7y»ic tor No. 1. Oafs were dull, with trifling sales at 41c for No. 1, and 4lc for No. 9 in store. \ There war rather more doing in Rye at previous prices, with transactions at £9JfcWc for No. 1, and £otfi,?Cuc Tor No. 9. Harley watoull, with sales at 71<4c for No. 9 In R. I.; 47c for Rejected and »stffc9oc for sample lots. Tallow was qnlet. with sale* of city .batchers at ‘Jtfc; packers is nominal at lotffclo}*c. The following telegrams were received on ■•Change to-da> Nett Yens, January 19. Flour beilcr. Sales or Western Extras at SIC-JU&SI4.IO. Wheat steady and quiet at rt Com Arm and steady at f 1,13 in store Oat* better at MCfcSCc. Pork. Urm at for Old, and for Kenr. Lard firm at 23'-;c. Jloga acarce and dnu at SS.SO. Gold I3d?i. LATEU. Flour and Meal quiet but Ann. Coro|l.l<H la store. rrovialona firm. UTEB. In the afternoon the grain ma-kete were quiet oi about the dosing figures on change. Provis ions were Inactive, bnt firmly held. The only tnmeact!on that transpired wa* ion ic* prime ket tlcKitiul lard aU2*«c. The cattle market was quiet with prices steady and unchanged. The receipt* for the week num bcr2,Blshcad. The receipts to-day were head, and the entered salt’s 981 bead. Ha market doses firm at for Inferior to choice grades. Ihe market for Live Hogs was active at|a aiding advance on yesterday. He receipts were U,IU, which trcic taken oa local account at f<3S5®6.S» » foi good to choice Hobs, and f0.7.)@G.12JJ fjr common to fair grades. The receipt* for the week were «,W8 htad. Receipts and Shipments of hive and Dressed Boea from October Is. to Date—Approximate Packing. Tbe following tables ehotr the receipts aad shipments of Uro and Dressed Hogs from Octo ber Ist to dale, for too years: nrcciTTs ot poos. IBOC-7. :865-C.. Week ei.4’g. Lire Drea’d. Lire. Pros’d. Oct. 6 84,004 .... 31.910 18 1&09 .... 22,795 2U 25,3*1 .... 17,617 27 3c!«0 7 14,900 3 Kov. 8 IRTSa 68 84,763 41 10 ai,S93 838 17,683 10 17 15.7 W 150 27,750 20 21 18.403 SSI 88,818 23 L'CC. 1 W.ISO l.Stfl 15,737 185 8 84,105 1,718 «.m 180 15 81,613 2,506 19,618 633 22 W.K4 16,383 27,273 5,062 £0........ 30.118 20.963 21,433 13,936 Jan. 6 JA77S 27,621 55,585 53,257 13 (4.OA* 61,910 26.411 01,U20 19 <4,971 87,5» 63,672 16,6 6 Total 413,201 160,839 837,i«3 110,601) Add Dressed.. ICU.SBB 119,663 Total. *(31.083 .... I siaritsvTs or noos. ISbG-7. Week Live. Drcs'd. live. Dres'd. Oct 0 22,911 .... 18,820 13 15,01* .. . 19,7*8 20 13,518 .... 15,131 27 10,261 .... 7,2.59 J?OV. 3... ... 8.797 ... 11,419 11 111 .... 10,374 .... 17,010 W 17 9,283 88 13,668 21 4,8C3 90 10.709 Dec. 1 6,513 <l9 18,499 75 8 8,063 GlB 4,160 J 0 35.. 713 lU3 10.1)r.2 53 22 2JKO 5.613 s,tiSs 8,911 21* T2t 11,263 B,W» 10.768 Jnn, C 9,603 1,9)9 9,533 12 3C6 10,864 4.1W9 16,0-4 19 GO 12,013 107 8,7*0 Total IHCI7 60,981 15M10 00,711 AMUrmcd.. Go,im JJOjll Total .... lor.Bn Grlicdtictti'R Uic phlpmojili' from tbo receipts. the should Indicate approximately (ho uum* bcroflloHs packed tuicl butchered for city con* BUUIpUoU Uccvtyli*... Sliljnuvuto. I’ Itukhcml. and lupcnft...4Gt,!tfH UfJ.WI JU-e»iN. Mlhvurd & Co., In tticlr Circular ol to* iln.v,n|i|iioxiihnte ilie packimt lUlnnoonoii. up to (Into, ot -IIJWW. Jit (Ida cmiucttmt II la proper to ulatMlial diirlni; the j>n«t tw«* nook*, Ibo tucalpl* of DroaiMid lion* pur latniKM' tvngun* Imre been rpilio buavr, Inti m> flppmxlrnutf Idea can no tpvoii or ilia miniber, n» it in ImpoMlble (o obtain hh . data for tuck calculation. Tito receipt*, however, exceed lit*; t-eemlng dbcrepnncy between our ilpitrc* aud il.usc ol'Jlener*. Mllwaid & Co. Clihnuo I'roviHloD llnrkoi* Cu i.‘auo, January 19. ]t Is dllßcult to Account lor the anddaa change In ito cpliftoreorp »rk packer* au<loperators which im« la st n place daring H-o pa*l week. Lust weak taeir clews wert weak turn vncvllUUng—now mty are firm uod tUlonmitd Continuous nrouis are rcganlo loa cor tam.oitl auy possibility oflo-si* «t once no;.-tuvnd Previously ft waslield to Pea matter lor vital outbid (-ratlco wfmt should l»c done wlUt the surplus of a cro .•hi. equal to lost year's. If the AceuitouiM q i until should not be required lor England. Nowtliduu e«tlo i» iu>y oraMutton, vt«— I that Ml of Hand lar more wli N-required to supply the home demand. but tacts are stubborn thU gs. We never hare been ahli; to consume the crop ufthe Untied Stitcs wilh.ut f-.relenalrt, ye the late excltexcnt In Uio marcel hat fia<: the elltrtot causing Cumberlmdi and other cuts, specially manufactured for Knctand, to be us'd for c-D'iiHiptlon at home, mere are no llivorahle vlvlcei trum Kn. land, and tne usual shippers there fr..n ths Ea.-t stood oy listless and Indifferent. Meantime. our parking at tnc West progresses EtcaHlr, although fa sunden cts.-allon ban been predicted for some Hiu j psst. At our own point, the supplies not oaiy head the corresponding pe'iod list year, tut for the pas: "♦•etc are larger than the beat week of last aeasaQ. The rr[Kias from ah other parti rcnrc»i-nt tiio ptcclmr ns steadily lrrrca'l g, yet a crop of 1; njw rc u;ir>)<it ns harmless, ihe excitement, however, seems n.lMJlclom, The old law of supply and demand will regulate the tiadc. At pro ent i.cmand has Utu masterv, mil from ;«;'p'-aranccji snpply v. 11l soon n.scrt Its claim with fci.tllcteol cllecl to render the trade If not unprofitable at Hast dull and di ageing. The receipts of hoea for the we-*k sum up as fallows, viz; Dressed, 37 3'JJ; lire, 41,071; total, Sf 556. And ihesMpmrets: Dressed, li,Cl); llve,rt»; total. l«.i!3; lea vim; lor packers, city consumption. &c~, ft>,yi7 head. Tor the corresponding period Hstycir the lecelnts were; Dressed, IS.GC3; live, 33,672: total, 51.T;7. And the thlpmcois; Droned, S,TSO; live, 101; tval, 5.557; leaving for packers’ use. &c., ta.130 bead. The pack inn to the present date approximates to 4CV>A) head. The weather has been intensely co d and most f*vor able for the shipment of dressed hop*, yet the r< i ccip*-* ol such by railroad have not been so large os was an* ticipated. Large numbers continue to lie brought In. by wagon. The market for roirsbas not shared to the mu In the cxel'emeat ut ter provisions. Live have advanced some 23-oOc V ICO oe—closing Arm at Jo POA6/.5 for light to cti-.lce. Dressed have been In cooa demand, and vcstcrdiy, with the appearance ot Inquire fur saiD-r.e: t, tne market advanced t> f.r light to choice, but speedily fell pick t> htfTJfc, ritvi<|i*g on 2M oi, a-.d to-Uy clos-sat t7.10(j7A5, Products have been tn most ac tive dt-maac. M*.a pvrk closes Arm hut quiet at the !a , ».-rl»r delivery In F-hruary. The st-ipwcnis to New Orlt-nn- have been he-ivv, that market Kins cut oif from her usual supplies by inl ine In the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. It will not, however, take much to surfeit her. I'rhuo mesa has savaceed considerably. Bales hivlnc been mace nt $17.(0. £ztr.i prime U nrra at ilt.Ol*. and rump at $15.00. Bulk meats have been In rest active demand bath for shipment and speculation, and the market closes Crmattjfc for >]>uij:dern. sVto 9c loasa fur sides, Ureon meats »11 freely utfijfc lor ►boulders; 8K to 3\c for si lo*. andPXc for hams. Kn/Ufih meats have been in brhk oemnud. but chleJy fur home consumption. Short middle* have comma ded loose, and aife nacke-*; short clear JoJ<c loose, and lU>t to lOlfc packed: Cam hcrlaod B»fc loose and B% c packed Tlie demand for lard has been very active, with lares sales fir ki ttle rendered, and Uto TJ.'ic for prime steam. J*o. 1 tlnu ntll Vc- Urease scarce at 10 to 10Kc for white, 8a to t*c f irycllow, and 8c for b’own. Ueef licet Imm* sold at S-ThO). Tal ow Qrm at 10: for city, and a to for country rendered. Freight un changed. Hcsrsr Milwacu * Ca. SillW* IDS 103 Baltimore Provision dlnrkot—Jnmtnrr IC. Our market pr» tents no new features, receipts »ml trai sactl'-t a mntl»u|nl»c very moderate. We qa ife bacon hlionlders at sides at IStftsbte: imms ;iUi(,;,Uc,<)Lly lutev hranca of Western comm»ndiQ< tli> latter price; bait; oliottldcrs at B*c; M liS nl 'J ICc; mt-8« pert at £ per hr); city and Wester t lord m Lrlb at J2V, and DatUaiore ref-aed. In keg*, ut 10c. I’nchimr nt liOntsTilto* The Coi;rOr say*; “Tlic Imp t-lauclitrrlDff and pork parkin*: sea-on Is nhont closed, tbc hoinw of HauiiltOD & Brother lisvliu r,rntl lor the season. *rltli the slaughter nfX.s'ii l.ors. The JcJlcrio&Tllte packing house ot V. .7. Martin .V Sin ha® also ci*>srO. with the total slaueh'er cl U/jsa. Itili* make* tin* full number ox Lokb packed around toe falls sum up X 70.573.” ri-itvlalonn in Pbitadctpbta-Jannnrv 10. provisions c'ntlnne very owl), bat priori are mi* chanced, email Mies are maklngat fJI.Cu pep hrl fir nw ii-efp porh; ittel'c per n> for u au. »mt P»ncv twuß'dbaconbams; 13«WVc fbr plcctcl do; forrsltsliut-ldcrs; and li3us*c per tt for prime lard lubrlsand Ice. CIllt'ACO iu*v <;oi»U8 MARKET. Fattcpat KvcKtiro, January 19. rnteiiitlo worthy of note lias In this •b p.irtiiiinl of trade, during the week Just r|n««d. Trade has been re.souslilj active, with but mUht Im provement In the demand. Prints are steady uud firm tbribvbrtierstyieswbicli arc scanc. llroirn sheet, insr'nroln s.ood request and dcslreblfl brands are resili'T taken np. Mirctlpjrs are In fair demand and to mneequenre of :ij:lit sb rks. full prices are obtained. iKUlmuntt war.-tt.and lb-* supply Is Inadequate t«> iln- demand. • Prices arc Blcaily, wltUuut ouututdu • iiunce. M'u continue lu quote: rKIMtt, Mrmmw: !»...♦ .»sj* [ Aiucilftin.. Mernu ncVT... • «»<n> | AtiKc^Mir. C«k*}i; , ci W | irarhoM U. .W a!ouru]n#.V.V. S'? -ii;» Al;cu*».« 17 * .n »*rorlttpm*c ....17 AV.f .Inu-M Handera’ in* ~1l t(iuuwrtcr*«»« ...vj ■ >'• 'V.l'fPCiuau tk Cu-.b ..It'S I’tilnu. |i<. •US li ..ns f.iuuiUla ,*..i:i «MNntl«*ie. 'dMVMllaectl# 71 .Vis I H'.ermkf................19 I'artllr Ucmm Irfim-lt AtwhlX.. i Mlilnn ... Lniii'Hßtcr. nnousMiKirmuH. Italihrt Vl'4 .Mt»»nu..... 7> ijmrriM* WV I‘oi*iht«‘l| o ~ tH^ Murk 4-4.... W** Ufrnt KnIU M liW Al'l'H"ll4-l itViy '• " K IW M<«ln>hi 4-1.... tt<« litiiimi uri'lmcil A.... a*’ at ** •• v wu IMlnii lli'Hl 4—i a.i •• •• itii... itf CnltMl A 4-1 tt y *» ** W. M , In AlUhllP " " t I? .MtHwHH 4-4 VIS Iw'tAMUUU 4HV Krthu.'ltlfllWl—l,.,,, V(V “ " It UO AuiktMim lU-4...,,, JHi, * ** H, Jl*4 114-1 at* 4Vo«ti*ni Worm I«J| a 4-4,, )0 AihwnuM.........J., »'«i*» Itly r-r 4—4...... 'H I'rlMi.mUt I* mi* I'l'l.lMiiil K .....3VW Sftfwlnoll ...17 ■ K soy giukur it IVpufrpJiN, pLiucnm muinmmi. N. V. MlUa 4-4 4ci KM Bank 7-d ..16 WtHumuu—i *• 4—4. 19 llmlui 4—4.............. CU U.u*<U1d..,......,.....27 tVlituillorb 4—l 2J*' Artvriltfhl .!» ÜBUJ—4 'lYanßxvk..... s.i .. 1 2 * J* *W, biaurt 4-4 r.x Mafc.iivilln 4—4 Canoe 5—4.............i3s Bav MllN 4-4 ,2S HlatfiPTlU«7-a a) AtUrwoscla 4—4 W liiaefttooe JUvcr ) ** 7-f 51 A J.... 2 * T-octfcm 7—f a Blarkauice A A v 6 ** 4—l X> Ballou & Son 4-4 - •* 7-e 30 p*rcßCAMßnir». Lrn5da1e.......... 31 i English jCk Cambric* J2>,«16 I PKSIKS. Amoskcar.. 40 Connection .23 w York ......37V Washington n' Manchester ~...,30 Milford Improved ;u> O*ford JTSV Blue Mill r? Colon Com City. .22k flayinayker's Ai Pawnee 25 sretreo smerrsos. AmnsKoip..,.. .S 3 WblttecdenC York. .31 *• A.......... 30 American. Zi&Zt 11 a I i*. 23 Thorndike 22k Ifoaimke 20 Sbetockct.... 20 TtCkt*. Amokeac AC A 57« UamtlUn. rrgnlar 37V “ a .....43 “ D .........UtJV “ n in Pembman K ns *• C S 3 “ A..... . ..S3 •• 11 .Si SwlP River .2A* York SHrch 40 star MtUaSMnch Alhanr.... 15 •• •• ssinch .35 York S'lacb A 0 •COSSITJX.VJiS. Amoakeac 2JVI Indian Orchard 16k I.aroma Wtf Atdroseofgin tsv Naunikeag I Globe 15 CAXTOK FLAKNXLg. Hamilton float 31 i rborndlw.... 37k EJlcrtcn T. TiklXaniukragbleli.. . BCOWJf HULLS. r-0tt....*. so* I Pennington ..21 Caeoai*. 2{ * | pepperell tj# . DZLAI3Q. Tira- » t u ftm Htoij 25 Pacific, -I All Wool 40*50 .mik—**. nALAioniL*Knrra. u-nJSJ* * 1 Maoyaa&MQlleKen.?2A3 I'llro* ....’JQkUO Rti «h<i *m Puntoosac......lS76UiO ißrnnJr * 135 Washington MU1*....2A0 I UelleolUieaUaoQ*'. J. &P. Cent* fIJO Green & Daniels.... r>u C1nrK’5........ UQ White 5kc1a...t....; 90 Hadley & Co'» 90 Cord Worstel Braid*.... 90 W11Umta0c......... *B2U Stafford •..... 70 ' COTTOS TAES6, TTC. Eagle.. £2V I Eastern 55 Hope G2k I Carpet Warp 53 Franklin CO ] candlewlck fia^ss Park..... CO I Chicago patW...,..t13 M casrm. „ Lowtii. 3 ply 32. U I seperfine..... AIAOoIAO “ 6oi>cp 1.73 |cruMley> Fat. Tapes ** medium.... I.TO I VmsseKs. W.2V Hartford, extra 3*p?y S£s (TVixborv *• Itap’lS-ply ZSiS I Empire aims 1.25 *• roper 1 a | Belgrade. VS “ medium... I.W | Fam,er»& Mfch’*.... J>s I Everett L. Wohcah. SB I Everett o. CIUCAdU CATTI.E DIAiIKET. Pur the Week Eodioir Janitor? 10. OPTICS OF TUX DAO.T TRZBt’A'S. » EATUCSAT KteKSSO. JftSQ&T? 19. $ BEEF CATTLE, The roTjowla* table B&otr> ibc dally rcceteaaod sWpmrat* ol B«1 .Cattle donas the wett csdins u>- day, compared with the receipts aod shipment* of the com* pcadln* veet last year: . lieceiptt- ISC7. 1868. 1867. ISB6. Sunday and Monday ato .... 1,543 Tuesday Ml 55 SU *4O Waltesday. 1.17-J 461 171 205 Thursday <43 1.017 679 129 Friday 440 Saturday »s cai sii i« Total TJiIS "5,783 . 2.169 • 3^19 Ia« week. 8.74 J .... S&K ■ .... 53 eek before last. .hycoinparingthcrrcupu for this wockand last we find the following: Be-clp» lea* than last week.. ...2.W7 Shipments lesa this last week *o nicy compare with the receipt* for the corresponding wwk ofISCC, as follows s Uecopu this week ....2.813 llteelpu for oorrw ponding week of !*€•«. 3,738 Ucrelntaless this week. ... tgj For the same period in the year ibOfiS are find: BecelpU this week TJUs ItccTipu lor cormponding week ot 160 4.601 Jleceipia leu this week...... ujt tub h&ckwt. The general character of the market for the week dues Dotdlflcr many eifcnlial particular from that voted tn oar last WMiiy review. The receipts hare been tight, lalliac some 2.9C0 bead below ttnie o> lut wots, but to be extea oi tne offe law the m rke has been fairly acli•c and alldcelrab) •;o a bare beet r»ad lly takio op at folly ibe closing rat's of lut woe*. Toe oti»Uu ot the arrlva a, though no; entirely aa-lkCaro ly.hta bees folly opto, and per'-aptbette* teas the arrraKt; embracing aoveral dror't ol rery f *:r Bol lock*. 01 thlrcl-N aboot 400 head wtr tbs worshipped Gut on owners* scconot, holder* aot be ing altogether satisfied wiib the retires offeied muis market: While common and Inferior description* have cot been tv* jdeniy u dnrlng the two or three week* pro mdlngth a, the proportion or the M ac*laWag’' order, lim been hr tor too prominent, and forty equal to, and looted In excess ol the demand. The demand for ontchma' Cattle, though ahowlng comlflerabie tm« provtmcct orcr that of last week, hac not bea ani mated. too a comparatively small proportion ot the tCO ipu were taken for city alaashter, Good to prime ablppuabt-era, and fair to choice Cows are the grades chiefly in demand, and of eneb drovers need entertain no Iran cf overstocking the market. Eastern boy in •haTC been the prlimpal operators. Sew Yoi k, 'Dnttolo and Pittsburgh hare each had their representatives lo the market, and the balk of tbs offerings were for these points. Common and inferior stock, embracing coarse Cows and thin rough Btcers, have been very doll, and in a measure neglected, with sale* slow ami generally at reduced rale*. The weather ha* been coldand rough, Ihoosb this fact seems not to bare diminished the at tcucance of boy era, nor checked operations to any con sldcrablo extent. 607.704 !. 15654. Wo qnote the market for the week as fairly active for good shipping stock and firm at full rates, but doll, and a shad* tower for all other descriptions. The matkfct closes strong at the quotations given bclows ♦ „ ctosofo rmcra. t'j-fra tlerre*— Fine, lat, wc.l*fjrmM. 4 to « Iran old Steers, and arciniMtif 1,900 qi . upwards 115029.73 lUlme Hffrtt—Uv od, wellfattwi, fairly, forrard Steers, •rerajrtag trom WOO to 1,400 OS, at a OOaOJQ /Ltr Grade*— Pair stern, la fait (Uttiav. .fIraKILKJ.OOOAI.2OO o«,at 0.2339.73 i/ffUutH Cw**—Medium Steers nod eood Cnm.fltlurvltr Blaauhtcr, and avcrailDK Wor*l,oio 08, Hi 4J0A9.00 M'cA- uini'—Common rnuio In doom! Ucsli.avflrajrtnirWOnl.OOO 0i.nt...., 8.7331 SO /n/erfw*—Mint soil Uiin i:uw« nnd Steen, ruusli ana roane, ATcroKlns CAS»O Or, nt *.5039.30 The fallowing are the receipt* and shipment* for the rmr-nt week, ami far iho currcapuDcUac period last year: Kcoclpt*. HCfl.7. 191541. ,<ni,ow on.uu su:,hw ibtf. iwu. i»n, Hiimiar aim! Monday urn Tnwrtny . 7.V77 1.310 WHUH’wlay V. 373 Ji.MI Tliiin*<tny .. to«o l-'rniny «,nw MlufiV 'UK f,.i Totnl a 5.071 i« wmV 4011 .... CQI VVuk U i diM , :n»l, M.lltf .... .... ihnlved i)ii» week.. .........................M.eiti It* Hvte la-t trr<k lUmviNllvtut tbu week..... ),yj3 Thr rmliiw itiU work compare wlUt the receipt* lor I lie aanta period lu ibUL u lollowi j i «fM>l* tilt* W»l*K ii.eis uecelpt* for roppe» ponding week In WM..,..,.„.,».0u !<•*• ii'tkinoretliUwAfk , j.aai Tlie week Ju»t closing lift* been AD active ono In thU department. Tim rccclpta have )>ecii moderate, and with continued Activity in Uie packing interests, e*»U day's arrival* have been readily clo*td out. I'rlct-s fluctuated komowhnt In (tie earlier pirioftbe week, but during Uie closing dm a. Imvo steadily ad* mured, showing to-night on Improvement 01 SOijlOc per ICO t>i. On Thursday vu received tbeflrst Instalment of the ‘•Kiponbi-t’* Hogs, cnmbcilmrabont 900 head. They av eraged about ICO ft a, and were taken by Cnlone: J. T„ Hancock at 1C.4056.75. With the exception of 60 head, the entire ccHpU were taken on local *ccouat. To hay—Themntket active and buoyant, and all the ottering*, cmhnc'nr about 6,300 head, foand qafck Bale at for common to CUr {trades, and fC.gfoui.lO l<-r pood to choice Hogs. The fill', a ice arc the closing prices for this week and last: Go'd to rimJi-c., Medium to Pair. C. smt.oii silHEl'—Tliß receipts have hc»n very limited, put the demand lias iK.fncorresprmllDKiy light, 90 that no serious im-onvcnlcnro has been experienced on this acv«ui»t, Good lo choice mmton Sheep are the endes chiefly lo demand, and for noth prices hare been thor ooclily tnatalneo, and. Indeed, bare rule! a ‘hade hlcher. Common descrlprlnnßcontlDue doll, and in a measure neglected, with so Improvement in prices. Good to chclcc mutton Sheep command f4.7535.0Q, and common to fair t LOOQ4JSO, CHICAGO DAILY (N4UKEr. All sous of Grain reported m th(* market report ‘tr<- made on the both of tclnter (1c) storage, unless otht 1 in*e expressed. _ 6'atdcdat Evrvn.o, January 19,1557. FRElGHT'S*— rutianrs—Dressed lion ar» ic tower to I»e v rork and doslon, and nue lower lo Albany. Wo revise our rules. The fcjUow* Jug latLejolnturlUontne Eastern roads: „ , S-l AUi Drs’d Rat.-s from Chicago to— class, c os*. Floor, lioss. Bunala.N. V BS He 93 so Toronto, C. W C 8 47« 95 80 Mo: treat. C. C 1.35 «3 1.90 l.fiO Afrany.N. V I.SO 9Z'X 1.53 i.jjlf >cwVofk* 1.35 w i. 89 Woktoo and Albany 1.35 95 l.yJ lb-ton </« Grand Trunk 1.35 90 1.9-9 1.35 1-oruuLd rfu Utaud Trunk 2.10 . I.CO FMladelpbla 1.15 85 1.70 1.40 HaitUuure..... 1.15 S 3 1.70 1.45 ITitsburub 70 50 1.00 70 iTvtilnnd, Uliio 45 33 75 55 .Mirers nviili*. Ind 43 S 3 70 .... CincdanttU. Ohio 45 f 3 Cd 65 • Fi.OlUt—Rccclvwj,b,2lobrU. Shipped, S^lOObrls. The market wa*quUt uud dc-tlcrs were timer to ilioir views*. ‘J here wa» a tair den:and lor Spring Hxtrasand Hup«rtln.p, u lli'ucb the stocks are ranch reduced. Sacs wire: Wmr* brls not named at 514.75; IdOlirlsdo aiflS.W); 1.000 do at $13.75: Kxtba.*—lW Lrli •• Chsmplom” at sll.i3V; 150 brU not named ut $ 10.75; 100 brls do at {10.55; eOd brls do at %10X0;1G0 brie do at, $10.z5; 50 brls do at $9.75; do (!<»«•) at $9.25; bracro Scpecs—Mbni notnamod fit V9.OJ; IMbna do al tSAOtSTO l>m do at $3.40; 50 brl • do at {S.'S: JBC brls do at $3.00; 40 brls “ At lantic ”si SjUO; 110 brls wot named al $1.00; Unsound -40 brls not named at $7.50; Cosrr Meal—sales of 2 tens Fine at $S 0); 4 tons Coarse at $29.00. WllKAT—Received, 13,990 bn; shipped, 1,10 bn. slarketo»lrtbutnim. Hslis were: 6.4oUbti N'o.3 at sl.i«;l2,C()oMirtoatsl.SD|regnlftr:> w bn do (A.D. & % o.) at $1.99; 400 bn RMcctcd at f 1-70; 1.690 bu do at $1.63; Hk) bn do at $1.60: Swtndoal $1.5»: 4t« bu do atsiX-7-cloelng with buyers at $1.89 and sellers at $1.90 lor no. 2 J: rccular Inures. Kwtlvml, 17,990 bu; shipped none. Mar* kctunl) and wltbont material ebanje. Sales w>-re: S.^Ctlbn N».l at79\c: 11.000 bu d< at I.ooobu lO.Ooobudoat ll.oOObndoat M<<: J.conbo co at 53vc—closing quiet at 19J»(s>«9Vc lor Ao.l. «* T;<—Received, 13,075 la; shipped, none. Market dub. bales were: J. 200 buKo.l at 41c; buA'o.3 at 4lr. ItVE—Rceelved,4,B7o bn: shipped, none. Market quiet, baba Tver'*: 3.U0 buh'o. 1 at9Jc; 4JCbudo at hO.'in: SOLu do at 89c; 400 bn do alSl.ic; 1,0)0 bn do at N • : 4i I. bu dont:4c. UAIt-.EV— Received, 3.435 bn; sblppc*!, non". Mi-rkttdnlt. Salc>were: 400buKo.2ai7l>»n (R.|.:> 409 bn Urjencdat 47c; 115 bug-, by sample, »t 99c; 40u budoul.j. A LCollOl<~Nomlnal,atsLM2l.4o. HUGO i> CO it .\—Market dull and nominal, at s!iii.ciy.«vi« .O' p--r ton. Its* AN-soai'nal,at f 13.00311.00prr10n, RE'S?*—Arer-eHing at sl.3sutsA) as to quality. Sat' h of s brta at ■ lICT’PKII—R»*i ilvcl. 13,720 : shipped, C. 564 os. Tl.f murk*! (ontnines Cn 1, va-codlnsly dull, for Ail exoptihulre ‘able qnaitließ,lnrwtdtrhthere haf.*!r demand, on local account, at quotations. Thu *u,ip r ol« oiMiion oewlcß is ticrssive, and sales arc 'low even nt litejrf] redncllous. balm 10-dar Include 15 nr. 10 ;>«. tu U (« al3oc. Wcquote: • InvroloDmrj’ ....21 CIS O tb>* 0 Toll.. ....31 (42.1 . •*( mnitit'-Firkin u f*l» u IVino* Mrktn 3j (all c IM(.(4|N<4—Hie maiket exblutu UtUc tire, and t»t d»r Hiniiie sirnks prices arc by no means Him. The li’ilow iiiit me tbernditg rates. National A. > bn, reamlcas 1inen..,,.., ftl.M t’n<«n A,2 Ini, do 49JN) llll' oh A. 2 bit, do 37.00 Cora FubamiC.,............. 40.00 'turk A.dllunfCHinlws... <0.09 h v)«l.uido ...70.00 Aitin do m.yo Attii'ricati, no nut) r.fxvct Mills, do (Vi.tK) t’iUstiP'*l e, do ....................... ... CUM IVnn Mills, do TfltrO loH |*lM, do TiMM Hlko. do 67.0-1 Hst'o, Hern and cotton si.uo Kn tc»* *Mi, iio Kv.wi hi rin, n«-ld rrv«o titn,nits.. n.oo llitrlnp*,«Ml, No. irt.uo I'.moitv tutv. 40.r0 I* n«> liii|irtivcinrni in the tie* i 41a l,—itfidph lively, ftUd tiocki are m»«ly livid nl I ill' ptlcc* Klvrjt lif to M' I Knur—iifootflelit | 11,00 do Ortt shy ......1....... ll.on <‘t,»:vM.AJ«t»“l>risr I hi......... it.M) do MUu'lftl UKbc,,., . do Willow jn.od do ‘1unu0t..................... . M.w Clitpbewa MMit tMu5Mirtf..,................................ _ t.innp 15.r0-Ain.uo tarknwsbn, prepared..... i4.u) Heinnltm . w.(V) I’Uuiou., 111in0i5..................<l do uttrsck,a.Mo* 0.00 loiithlogluiij'.,..,... msi.ti, hml me niarkitremains quirt and easy at jinx vlniis rales. We quote t New York Factory (genuine). ..........1 ®l9 0 FmdftryjllUttoit) Jft all o lUmburd. >6 t*l7 c Wcsirru Rcsme.... ..6 wiri c •• YntiUff Anutrlea".,., 15 «tt r Dutltic Die week last closed, IM hbu bu n niodcralciy active, (bll pilccs were generally «ih talred, ard a Muter fccllnp provnlh. We note an ad* vanruotuc on common lofuirlUo, and 3c on gojd to prime Rio. Wu revUo qnatations: .lava SR Rt) c Ulo, common to fair...... 2t.SU *9J4C Rio, good to ptltne 2»S(t)ssc Rl<. prin eto rbolre 27£uV7Ve COO |*KIC A UK—Market steady. Sales Include 500 I'ctk llarrvh (Prison made) At 41.r0 *. SSU Country <1o«t sl_*2 delivered; 1(0 Lard Tierces at f 3.40 delivered. Ef«l»S—Are in cood supply and qnlet. at 26i$28c for linn o. and SAHMc for fresh lo bexes or tubs. AMI NET?*—Tbe general market roles quid, with prices itearty and nnchangvd- Dried App'es nr<- in larce supply and dull; the smaller Dried Frails are quiet, though shady, and generally firm at quo* (aliens. Choice Winter Apples continue in good request sun turn at full rales. Nuu arc steady and unchanged. !>«, quote: Apples. Pk 1..., Ixraoi s. Malupa. Cranberries Cratbernc«i*cul*tl voted. Fin.. PftlU. Cmi roacnr*. ♦* dor. 3 & cans 4.0 ca 4.73 AMilw, 9 & 13 laches halve* and quarters 16 <4 19 rcuchca, pared t% & 43 niacklwmcd, near, ¥ B St a S 3 Itaepbcrrtra, new, V B €6 & 6d Cbmlf*. pitted (8 Elderberries, ¥lb It 9 It UatKtnft. Mten* 4.50 (•# 4X5 lUilP(li>S 18U1P....1 Kitstn*. Valeria, tatrtli C*s V boxes Sardines, X boxes. AlmcmK hard Micllcd. Attar«d',*oft udUfd.. Almond* paper shelled 90 ba 55 iv»imt*. * c 13),« 1* BriuilXuts .... 23 c 4 C 3 Filbert* 17 (.4 18 walnut*, new. 5i C 4 *J Naples Walnuts 33 (4 21 Ferae* small and large 38 o .11 nirtryxoi*. 4»bu sjv> «s^3 Chestnuts. bo t.OO (4 S.CO H«.n—The market la don and inactive, with no quotable chance in prices. Wc repeat our lut: Whlicfiie, No. 1. h orl* f 7ja.4 7.73 »• Ko. fi. h on 7.21:4 7 JO Trcnt,No.l,Xbrl.... 5.004 3,3 - Xo.2.#brl 4.50:4 4.75 Mackerel. No. 1, V bn, new... ILt 0411.35 - No. 3, £ bri \CJi£IOM “ family. P Vbrt 9-BX4 »-« *• eatr» m«*r 3»brl ift,ooc*l3K> VldL 3.73(4 4.00 •* No. 1. kit* WW 2.«514 2.73 M flunKr, kit* 2.204 220 Codfish. Pat*. ¥ IPO SI 7.504 820 ** device's Uank *54.4 9.0 c Hake. 5J04 WO lltnißKa.Urttd.XO. 1, P box G 5 , ** scilrt 704 73 Labrador Renlnc* V brl ll.OJ&tlJO ** . M Jfbrl 0004 6i3 Xorwrelan •* K**f»brl 19.C9 . * , M'e.pbrl 16.6) JV« EA**E—Marsel qmet pot tlrm. Wc quote: WnlteOrcaee.... 9X4410 c Yellow -SMGSic Browr. 7iSs c IllUfl kVJN’E^—Received, 47 brls; ablpmd. 14 bile. Marliti Jifeicas. Xolhng tlilnr. ImporsjDle to give any reliable quotations. HO|S—Aiediul at3si4octor Eastern aod4SA3Sc for Wcste.?. _ lim3H-necclvcd.4JlS; shipped. 4«. Msrket slow at about the cloalng rates of yesterday. Seles were: ' * 80 averaging 2SO ft*, at. *7.40 340 • ... ft*at» 733 I» “ ... 7.3 106 ** ... »*«... 7.i0 W •• 7.03 227 •• at~. 7JO 151 dividing on 200 US, at »i*M and7.4o HD - 200tt»,at 1.10 Ma,*3 211 “ Stotts, at J.lO and 7.30 712 * x*S s ?si-2 St 3 M 200 as, at 7.00 ana 7^5 ao M sooas,«t wb *nd...j tro *• 2wia*,»t. . » ana ,23 so •• acotts,at 7-S “SiS 330 M 200 ©s at 7.00 and ,Jn —cJdMr g at aboot f 7.05 and $7.35 for Rood lota dividing Ob2(Qtt« na 1 —l* quiet, tot with a light supply la the mar* kit: laflraJy held at quotations whicn areas follows: Shipments. wuoußiverucs, _ Timothy, roller and twater pressed fiS.ooai4Xo Tlnothy, loose pressed taaoJnUJd Prairie, beater prated. KhWttll.oo . (nMLI'UKB. 1 Itcolby, roller and beat«r 16XOA1<.00 Timothy, louse prtMCd 16^0*18,00 Fralrlr, rol cr and beater pressed 11^0*15.00 rnlrtc, l<x*e on wagon, delivered......... 9,Dowlo.aj IIIDK> iteeelvKl ISIS3O »s. Shipped B£QO tts. Thprecriptaatellghtaodandera continued mtlvude maud, all «rc regally taken op at foil price*. Wc aooieihr market tim alt he advance notedycatcrday: UrefßUQtcben'. . 8 A ttJic CrccQ bsited, trimmed . UKialik'C tircoiCalf........ » »l« c FIP. Green Salted ....14 »I 5 c Pry Tint, trimmed IT qti*Kc l»ry balled, tnmmcd UKfrttke i uteco batted, part cured 40iu#c lUON AND -TKEIi-Darlng Iho pwl w«-» tr»tJet*»be ti«ieady, ftnaprtceaiulod arm. Wo con tl- oc u. gcolc; < l.otbtzi(/t> dar 6#c Horn: Shoe iron liotvj {laud Hoop aad LUht Hand.... liouad and bqaarc.. C?«l Half ( vai ana Half Henna.... bhcet Iren, tlic-t Iron, Gaivan Irca, 17x2H.. fticet Iron, charcoal bhc*t roo, Porway hull U0dt............. Plow biee), German plow btcel. ca5t......... Hirlnir and Tire Bt»cl, B&eifih. Txil tail btrei, ordinary aixes. T 'CI Ca»t fcUtl, Aacricaa.. H I'lWd SG-ei B iina,h'oa. 9 and 16.,...... K *ala, Anu l«qnallty, ?> B a«ia, 9> B Mia. Am., 3d quality, v i • 1-EATIIKH-IWVi-l: trade, tU-oati under Hcbl at nr" it at foil rate*. Price* Wf quote: Lity iJiimeaa, ft ft 9 890 40 Conntry Hatp'u s& SO Line. ♦* ft 4VOS 41 Km. median), ft ft US9IJO rat, V ft Upter. loots»e 80 C nniry Upotr.. rag ;s CJltr, f100t... 239 21 OA Blßorljter bole., bag si Unmet*, V ft... 40M 4& Upper S 0& 32 Kip, No. 1, me mom 1.10A1J3 Klp, No. 1, heavy......... FCftl.lo I.LkM UKlt—Hitre u do chance to note la the reo* era! character t f ttie market- blncc our last report, pncea hare rmetl Qrm throughout the Keek- Wetepesi quotalloai: Ldubxb—First Clcar.l»l&tX and a inch ¥ in. .J V • ••> ;■ IW.OCaCt.W Htcoiid Clear. 1. ii<, and 3 inch w/VHfio.oo Third Clear, inch First and becond Clear Flooring. to* gi thtr, looah. the same as Second Cleat wide W-OOaSS.DO Cctunui FJuotJuk, ruujjh..,. ».oa£TJ.OO MntelinUncl l)r« *d Common Flooring. 40.00tft3.00 Mnlcbnl nnd Urcuc4 IMacb Common Kloorln* W.COfc.’B.OO Pint and Second Clear biding, together. ao.AK43i.ud Flm Common Jircwd Hiding.... JtMXiiu.w WagcO'Uoi Hoard*. select. 19 tocb ami upward* A Mock Hoard*, 1Mncb0a................. W.QO&U Ud llßtock Hoard*. IV-mrliea 9Q.0QJ77.00 Coiikluii Hoard*. Join*, Hcantiing. Fcoo* lug. and bmall Timber, 17 to 10 feet tong . at.notauoo J«tM» ami bcanllbig, 70, T 1 ami 71 f«U.... U.W.4W.VO 4<d»U and bcanlllng biimoLna—A or Mar Mlmvcd Shingle*..,., 4.r0 A or star Sawed blnnglr*., ft.oo* f..W No. 1 hawro Slilnulc*... ... 7.M4 3.(in I.aiti—l'cr O) Inyatila ~ o.W My raMnwt by Snr,b*c*trrn lUUroail, delivered in any yard when) car* can iw a*mud.or ui>y depoti a ur bt*tbaw> rci Hiingirw, by car-load, on irarg .... 43V||,60 A t.r Star bt.avod blilngic*, by car load, oitirmk 3.7 a 1.00 No. 1 Hawed HUUltttoa, by carload, on IMek . 7.33 Tldro dollar* u cardnad addod a'lnm trnivtl«.f.'ed, widcbcUargo lodtma tb« tdduglna in tittgbv lull. IIOU3, BlilpmrnU, im. to* tn .... HlllNOtK mTA.SOAIIIi. Thlrknt-M— Wveiibnialuilobe two iocuei la thick* DIM. lATBtP-filxiwn inriiM, lUMia-Twiniy induA. Cimufj—T veuty.rivu BIIITAI.S AMi TINNF.rtH’ KTOCIt-Owliiß to Uiu mWauv** In uiMil pikes weru tumor, though quo taMy um-hnnged. IVe continue to quote: nv, i aistc. Pox Tin I‘iuu*. I C liujuftllty, cult ,13w 10x14 |U.CO Ut quality, atiC«t......1l Lure* I'lim a. | blab .14 bniull I'iju. liar Tin.... ctii'i-Ku. 7,8 and 9 ia Metallic Al’ltotv... 31 lu sod 11................1it Copjwr Uotiom S 3 13 U UrailcraovcrlOfca.. -U lUaud U. U Shifting*. llloltioz 45 15 and'ls 15 Tinning* 10 17 I n lUHUIT iIETAL. 18 IS Ut qua1ity..,,.,...., 30 10........... .91 AliU{Utii>y 20 50 ..*2 Flue Solder 30 Fence Stages 13 NAlL**—Thedemand Isfalr. blocks arc light and rtlu-b rule farm. We continue to quote: 'VtVkcg .fi.25 2d..... |9.«J 8d 7.50 3d. fine Meed 9.20 Cd 7.75 2d. fine olaed 10.51 4d 8.00 Cut Spikes 700 3d Clinch Net 9.00 lllLs—Trane la almost At a stand still, and quota* tlcts are aliogttucr nominal. linseed Oil Linseed oil, boiled, Olive on n hale Oil, W. D. Tills wcct. Last week. SG.‘J3S,S.43 sn.«>3 C JO 6.*or* . Ijinion, uua 1./ft.jUi Lard oil, no. t Winter...... Lard Oil, .No. 2, Winter 1.0V4M0 liank oil.round bu 5........................... 1.i5«i.20 aiirlilneOll 1.0>4M0 Sperm Oil, TV. D &&S0 Lubricating oil sngi.OO Castor Oil S.2.T*aJO NpaUf00t0H.......... ... UO&IM ('A 1C HON OIL—Is m moderate request, and sternly at ilie pricer* given below? Cut boo, car load Me Carton, small lots && IMtllVlMON***—Received, 71,7 MBS Cared Meat*; TJd ©9 Pone, ami %MtQ BS Lard t stunned, *.0,.50 Bs Cured Meats: 41 bna lieixf; i6l Oris Fork one 335,»a Bs Lard. nil Ha Fork— Market qaietbut firmer. Sales were : LOCO tirls (lust evening) at {19.00 ( 50J brls. seller Feb., at *19.00; SCO brls casli at sl9.oo—closing with no edi ct» below {lO.oi—buyers otTcrlni; $lB. TMortood brands. Uicnr I'ors—Sales were: 3) brls at{3J.OO. t,rLU< I IIKP «UJU "W,. UIU ... I'niue AtcfiM Pork—Market firmer and more active, bales were: uXi brls (last evening) andsCo bns at 117X0 cash, tin ik AicniH—Market firmer. Sales were*. 60,093 ebort Rib (part lost evening) at 9!<c ns bellies atuxu packed: 100,0(0 C>s Sbouldcrs ut at I’cortu. fur deliver)* March 1. (ircen SlcutH—Market nrm bat qalct. Sales were; 40,(ill 0 » Hums (s. b.) at 9,Vc; 3,00 u pcs SbjUlderd (S. b.)atokc. Ltini—slnrkct Inactive, sellers asking an advance of kfeXr. balosweic: STOlcsPrimestcimat 12 WOc (last tvmlrg); t 7 tes Country Kcttl d (today) at 12)fc —etching mia sellers at 12U(sl3JiC,bnyers otiering 12^ I’UOLTU V— Sales Include 2 doz Dressed Chtctcns at s4.ui; 5 rtoz do at $3.75 ; 7 doz do at S3AO ; 5 doz do at s3Xs;4 doz doatfl OC;4 dozdu l>ncksht|4.oo:2dozdoat S3XO: 3 doz Dressed Gcusc at $12.C0 :1 doz do at : 1 doz do at $8.00; 3 doz do Atsti.oo:2ccopsats9Xo: 100 lbs Dressco Turkeys at ICc;SW) lbs do at 15c ; 850 lbs do at lie; I,CM lbs du at 13c. M)UA AMI S4LERATrs-TLcrcIjoochaagc tcfioU 1 . l*nc«* arc firm as follow** JJabMlfa Medicinal, •* Pure..... Pelano’s Chemical. •* Pure U^l^U^C SIICS A It!*—'Th« marbtl dance the week tastcuwtd ba* oevo reasonably ai-uvc, and prices Were Urmlysus taim-d. We continue lo quale: Cuts . 13»481SVc Porto U1c0..... ........13 VdtfXc S. y. liehaVa, bad GronnVated.... iiVij iojc UliluA UVifllS c » ircic A Ij.HuiJsjj'c Whjtei; »*ttls*e Extra C YiUow C 12 aw c oxnnnl C c Oxnard C. extra ..U&£ll£c Ncu orKaiib pntLe ....... , 13.<»(4U c Kew Orh-flu# lair It 9> I 1C t!’?•>—'l he dea aut Is fcilr, nad tn consequence of tin- reduced rendition of the stock. prices ruled Urm. VTc repeat quotations: N* w 3. it tjrun? f KVit.lS Ye lew Driitf..' U'\2Uo Cuba Moiarsc* . Tft.* ta I’otU Kuo 80:i 83 Aew Orleni h 70&1.00 rJi)ladrl(>lil i Dee Hive. OJu* 63 Ctilmico Ucflncrr, dmher l.POat.lO M •“ Gob»cu Na M “ “ tuear Home T*« 83 ►F.EDS—deceived, as*so lbs; stitppn), none. Mar* ketquii-t. SaleslnmitcMbagaTlm-tnyat |3.35;4U0 line* i*o ultS.Ki: 1« taas Clover at £1.33. SA I.T—lies clvrd. none ; shipped, «13 brig. Market Dm,, talcs It-rlode 810 brls nno at f J.SS, del. We quote: *r* pine *3A3 Coarse.... 3.6 a uroniHi Alnm . 2^03^10 *1 titk'A lt> amU tap*............................ 3.W (in.unit Polar 2.KV i>a.T?. villi Mick* 6.00 Dairy, will iut 8Bik(«.. 3.<5 TEA*—Were In irvrirrMe demand, aid price* were ale'dy At ibe lulloirttis iiunlHliot*: V<un, Ilytou. superior to fine, V B c*» csitu to rltolcc, V Tb Imperial. ftiwrl. r In line, ft» ... do c*»ra u- cli dee. > P>.. Hum* viler, Mimlor to tine, & On e*Un to fholrr. V 0>..., IX<iit.lK> .tni'SD, i>atur«i imr. fnet.» extra iin<% V 0,.... Uo do flmitodiolre, ft ft....... l^Vil-TO Oo On colono, f> ft.... 1.3331,00 1 lil)Arci>-l« Hull, with price* uaciisn^od. Pipe err Cntiviao— Uxtr*... Medium. N u N 1 mutt mi...... 0} u to SMOUtMilniiAi 1-0— Vlr|£lit|*V i'AVcritc. rin'iiT,............. Mi0imn............. Common blrnn.... PLt'd.TctMiro— Lmat tMIUptl it am PannPiV ........... in n 73 Natural (.car........................... 1.4') < Halt iirlaio.. M fft.ifi tinnre Mini'k. Aottinl. P i| M MrOtntn.... ID i« D ruimnun................................ (4 in N4Ur*....... fIJXuA NU ViriiiitlA ion mnt tb» w (# 01 „ PiiMiitifpri*,.... W H 5 . \\ OOI»-iminloi, but niMOy ttinl nnn at our quo* aiimia 1 ‘Uplis ftforO, Oellmnl Map!*, Kfiinl, in vnnl,. u.nirili.ed • mil, iproM, DPIIVPrrO,. , m li, p ronl.lti yani......... in.ovjU.tO irkory.ft firO. iMAaivw \VO|il,-ll« tnv«f,Kra jaa \ anipixvl, t.oOJ t»a, Mar* keiiimi, iieiilecu*l,ami entirely nominal, Vi aau« omoAso axd noiiTirwraTtaN—pbpqt oob. «w WATSI ANOKIKIIX. Depart. Arrive. Osyßxprcs# *teooa.m. *fi:iM) Plight Express *4:30 p.m. *3:45 a. a. Janesville Accommod'n. *&4op.ia. *2:3op,n. Woodstock AccoroM’n.. *3:oop.m. *9:00 0.0. fIILKNA DIVISION. Fatten and cedar Rapids *&ls a. o. 7;5U p, o. Fulton and lowa t*:3op. m. 6;l0a. m. Freeport and DnnleiOi.. *y;ooa.ia. S;W)a.m. Freeport and Dnnleitk.. *10:00 p.m. &4O p. ns. Rockford and Fox River. *noop. m. 11:10 a. a. Dixon. *fcUo p. n, 11:10 a. in. Geneva tndElxln • sr«op.m. &Wa.n. uu.wi.nxtr division. axpres* *‘WVa. a. *siOp.a. Rzprosa ........ *4:00 p.m. *12:00 a. Accommodation 11:15p.m. s:3l'a. m. Kcnosna Accomciod'n... 4:40 p.m. 9:45 a.m. A’auketran Accommod’n. 5:30 p. m. 9:56 a. m. nofetlu. Calvary, and Evanston . .... 1:30p.m. 8:40 p. a •Sunday? excepted. tSatrnnayt excepted. tStoDdays cxceotcrt. xt:*bx6an caarrsuL sXuao*> oxmx oiwt, vooi OTLAi) f-naw. nomineExpiesc *5:00 a. a. *3.45 p.n,, -jar Exprru............. »»;Doa.m. *11:00 j». n, Evening Ex?r.vs tS:SO p. m.**li: X p. s. Night Kxpres* 1*9:45 p. m. tf.-is a. a ait;* xodiwuxb thaw. •fomlnstKxpn*a........ *7:ofla.m. *w:ssa. c.» Mrht Rxdm« J&OJip.m. *11:00p.m. atcni6A.*;eoi.nu3SN AKn axs scstu un rot rosvn van pcuen and ssxar an arrnt' TOLXDO UN*. .*3,50 a 5.50 , 9.00 taU'.uo .13 00 (416.00 ■IS.OO (441X0 23 a 36 Ji & 26 19 a jo ao a » S) (f ti IVfaIWV util *1:15 s. is. »S:K n •>ay Express *7:00 a - m - *" I t New York Nidi: Exnreac t*lo:oPp.«. •*■-•{* a. “ r»«n«oiT uxr. n»bU *4:4sa.ii. tau.a.:a s'lcht KxpieJS ilfcOO r-cx. *SuV, p, m. WKt»nvaa, ?o~.* watk* a.- i> cu;. i r c. - &w) a.ta. repress •»;00 a, zs. ?a«-onc .... 3:15 p. a. 7:4Cp.xr sxnrc«> *2IO:OO®.Q. ll:0Cp. t ruzsoia oshthu . MUVI m w n « & S 6 S? « tt i 1.1. mil. « ff.l ■ Pay puaenger *920 ft- m. *l«So p. m. Night Passenger.... lUfcOOp. ?a. 1. n, Kpnbflke.* Aceocinicd’ii. *4:05 p.ia. ft. a. avile J’ftr* a«o Oak Wood a. n. '}*?, 3 * = * ■vi »t ♦* ... ... •J'sldr.iD. •‘*:j*3a. it *» it .... *2nop.n. •I:spp.c« « » »t CFt.-AvO. BUKLIK.TO'i ANi> qiltSOi. Osy fxpresaandMsU... *£:2P«.m. *9:00p.0. f»alesbt*rc Passenger.. . *B;oop.m. j-“♦ Aurora * *9-&f3.r:. Night Eiprers jJiOOdd'ht tMSOft- O. . •-■Hicxao 4Ki> ft. ion*. >r v. »B!i Mat 1....... S’Gj 8. IL* &4J p. 26. SlS*. W 5 p. a. *W »- «• rollet and WUmtagtoE q.,. _ accommodation... ... 4.OUP.Q. ft-it. caicspo *>i> on*at saanoct—<tits ouJnjtJiax. am tnrr>—»n.'wanxr« osrot, cou. ..'AKALAXn iTftkOT. Pay Exp res- Ift3sp. X 2» ’ 0:00p.a. 3:30 ft,n. .‘Oft uocnnLLft aft® cwos.vAn. SSES Colapinu £ifr«u..... . ‘gSf-g; UjAlag AcconmodatJoo 0;M ft- •• ™* t. >t JciSp. n. c:UO p. in. CBICftOO, BOCS ISLftXP ftKOPAdUC B4nJlo4l>. Day RxprcssandMall..* *9:ooft.ra. *s:3op. n. Right Express liWp.ia. Joliet Accomnodatton.. t4op.ff- WO[ft. in. •Sunday excepted; tMondaycxccpibi, rtatnmay , txcepted. ■ The foil owing is the now table for the arriva and departure of man* from the Chicago Post Office for the winter, and now In force: xjliu cLosft. p. o. cmcaoo, j*aha idmrrx. a. xa. n.n. ft. o. p. m. .... &00.... inch. South. R.R. .... Jiao .... M “ •* 6:55 .... 12:00 m ** w W» lit®) .... Jitt> m Mich. Central B.R 12.00 ... “ “ .. t>:00 &15 .... 2:00....Pitta. &Ft. Wayne .... 8:15 . “ •* •» 7;fo liOOa “ “ * 6.00 11:00 12:00 4:80 ...Great Eastern 8.R.. &30 jiOU S>U) 7:4S....t»aJcaa Railroad 3:10 2:40 10-OO 6:00....Dix0n Air line 0:00 7:20 12-no B:oo....Kocklslan(lßaDroad 6:45 2:30 l*v-C0 feoo...,C.,B.&Qtdncyß.H. ScGO 0:00 &i 0 3:oo....Northwestern K. H.. bC 8:30 6:00 2:4s...*VUnanhee RaOroad. 11:30 &20 12-rt) 7:4s....lllinoisCentral B.H. 7:00 OtOO 12:00 7*00....5t. ItOttl* EaUrosd... BIBS 6:45 Mew coB ’ Tf QIUIOBB, P. H. 7*c c a Cjfc •V «v®to*e .... SX& »*c ....;. s*® «*c :::::::.A*t ;;;; ."".".'."iixStii* c c*u c i.n ais c ,.U »«5 c a aw c Ml «lfl c '•tett (419 c •beet ml r little doing In lhl» branch cf ttocke dearer* arc balding i tend to a higher range. Slanettar, Sole, iluflalo.. 40® 43 Slaughter, bile, Chicago,tfo. 1. 40® 43 Slaughter, Sole, „Cltlcaro,No.|. 81® 87 Ducooi ATrtu... SJ® 40 Orinoco Sole SJa 83 Orinoco, good, damaged 81® 3} French CbH si fc5........ 1103M5 French Cslf, SC an............. a.«@uo French Cali, L» domes. V dczjC.9la9o.oo SH OUIOUT WIDE. S) Ihii .$ @l^ . (ftJ.Vi . &tco . LSS®I.M .13*313 C P 3 041,00 •n oi no 91 l« 9) 10 14 23 BAUiitOAU HUE TABLE. IJST OP LETTERS. “LETTERS REMAINING UNCLAIMED IN THE Post 012 co at Chicago. State of Illinois on the 19th day of January. 16C7. K3r To obtain any of these letters the applicant most call for ‘AnTEcnseu Lbtteks.’ give the daU of this Hat. and pay one cent tor advertising. ttf“*‘lfnote*llod terwithln oa« kohth, they will bewnt to the Dead Letter Office. |7‘ M not advertised until they have re* maincd In the office ooe week: and on Fridays and Sat* urdaya letters to be advertised an In the bands of the Transcribing Clerks. “1. DIRECT letter* plainly to the street and Bomber, as well at the Port Office ana State. . ***• HEAD letters with u»e writer’s Poor Owes and state, stceit and kvxbkt. sign them plainly with f&ll name, and request the answers to be directed sc* cording!*. " letters to «tranccra or transient visitors In s town or city, whose special address may be unknown, should be marked, la the lower left-hand corner, with the word Transient.* . “•». Place the postage stamp oa the trim smnr ba»i» corne*. and hEAVkspacie between the stamp and dlrcctloofor kwt-maxxuiu without interihrlng with the writing. **N. B.—A REQUEST for the RETURN of'a letter to the writer, if unclaimed within thirty days or less, written or printed with the writer's wave. Post Omci and Sr ate across the left band cod of the envelope, oo the face side, will be compiled with at the usual pre paid rate of postage, payable when the letter Is deliv ered to the writer.—(See. 28. Law ofiaa." fyr Free delivery enfetters to any part ol the city can bo secured by having them addressed to the street and number. LADIES' LIST. Adata* Frank mia Alien Warren at* Adams Tal«s mrs Anderson f-aura L tars Adler Jebbc miss Anderson Carrie c mus Adam* Wm mrs Anaervm Elizabeth H ml'Q Adam> Marla D miss Am*den Sarah K mrs Ahem Agnes miss Anderson Aonll mrs AklnMattle.mlis Anderson Thetma miss Alklu Ma'in miss Andcrsoa Carrie mi*« Alien Cells miss Armstead Jennie miss Alvord J M rars Ashley LG mrs Alcxacdcr Charlotte miss Atwatter A mus AlUuon iiattic miss Avery i*hebe A mrs • U Baker James It mrs Bower L P mist linker (omclia mrs Brady Msry miss BsmisHMuilvi Bradmrd uamr* mrs tul'on Bose miss Bradley Ellen miss Hall Hannah mts Brandon trn lunc Eljrsbctti mrs Brannon Marr mrs llurday F M mr* Hrswdr Mattie mist tarroii Chstitw tors Brace Thomas mrs torron l#oii<s* mrs 3 Brennan Marr Ann (any DsvldK rars Bredeea Jennie W larger Frnuk an Brewer II M tmu <*rl« r t'lira n.r* Itreusier Era hum tanas Mattie J A miss Brennan Aggie A mus ii..i.vy linn' ■! mr* Briggs Glarin.U mrs >ar»towTht*lnrmCmrt Brignam hmrs lanum) .JrU'oi A mrs Brock K'lcabuUi mr* tnmr* l.ydl* mrs Brook* llotans miss urnciUAtnrs Brooke* Mary htHPl.m-y tniM iirooklug* Hninnit mrs icrtM'icy A Klma tnlM Brown .Pn|m mr* loiini'itt Amdciiii»i Brown Msry a mrs terra Cliaro'a li mrs Brown Ant a in lKi i/mua miM Brow* Maggie mrs hwl) Baltic nilas Bruwn M J mUs lu»rl| K M iiilm limiting K Mt*t iUK<*('«tirMnn Bulklof A mrs Mary 1. ims* "liming t>«rnh A niUs Hlak»y A O «.U* Hu'Tmnb A mIM M.iu k 1.11 t.ira iiirnnam Nmito mus u„i.*. .\j «r> I n»rs tiirhm ArmlujC mrs Bryan Halil" Kmn 'mil’ck Msry p it. hnin-uti CarrloU mrs lurdlcx unUcmr* j.tiiic mrs mr« Caihcioc mrs tm * kiT Mary a tor* 3 lurgn* Jma H mrs Hovm :■ Bridget miss ituttenlHd oiari mUs lUiylM.n A It mrs Butts l.uny .lane nils j U> tMuro" £ miss luumr U mn Bo; ntui> M W J mrs Biril EJcu miss (eolM* "outer Martha faldxeit Eilzn rors Clark Mary miss Cam - a c mra ci.rk Anulo Amrs • Catirey Mary miss Clark E G mra Campoed Fannie miss Clop*ndle C inn Curiivi t*-r rr.ra Clare liacti<) A| mra CarlUlu >Ury mra Claaelmr M iry mDs Carry IUUa mUs Colei Jennie tula* 3 Carr M Henry u*n Coleman DeuonU mrs Carroll N*Uy mtM Collies D AV am Case C.l mrs Cone SI mra Carter Emuy mra ComdonMary miss Ca«y AUry Cone MarEUT mra Caebtm Jolla miss Connett John Vf mn Case MM mra CookUGmrs Cntu Matilda J ral*a Cooper Mary mils (heney fcyivla mra Costello John mrs Char « e Anna mra Corlle* Jolm mra i haft-v Vo*Uta mra Corey Sarah J rrnpmsn Jason mra Cotter Mary tT.nplt. Elate mUi Crate Ellen mn Chaplt. At e mra CrawforJ Margaret mn Chapin Adule m'si Crooßer Emlyß mlas l 'hUh dir c tv nir« 2 Croosmar. E mlea ciutu noen Elizabeth M mrsCro-ikcy mrs Clancy Margaret miss Crosi :k Jennie AV miss Clauey Iranltl C mra Carpmlll KUza Ch unions isahci miss Curtl-a Ja ocs □ mra Clement Cordelia miss Cas'imm Cttra mis* CliukJetcluiulas Coughlan liannorah Clark D SI mn D Dallrv Eliza ran Podion Sarah J miss Dub:.* A J mra. Donaldson K H mra Dal.on Eliza mra D,.ngla«s Tli AV mn Davis M A mrs Don er Marg»*ct mrs Dav la F.mnm mlsa Dorothy miss Dat Is Morj* C Di ias Doner SI F mn Dai is (Uorclo mp 3 Doran ( buries mn Davl«Sarah Jans mrs Don* Ellen icl« Davis E Dmn DoreSCmn Day Daltien 1« Doyle Margaret miss Bran farah A mn Drcvcr Pctermra Dean nattio »ips Dow Fannie miss Dean Jane miss Drake Ancu*ta A sirs Devmv E miss Dunning E rani Dcvetirks Man* Ann roUs Donning Jcannle wd» Denis Vnrta DunopEonlce Dillingham Catherine missi) wall s A ran DleksuQ Imranre J) mra Dnlt Mary Umn Dickenson Della S a i« Dye Fanny mra Doane Bebccca mra Earll SHlta F miss Elllnc Mary miss Kkw« 1M mrs Eldrtdgc Lorenzo mra E&nMuUlemi» Evans M*ry Jana Kidrcd N J mrs Ester Flora tuba FMredsoMary mra Emmett mra EUioti EuzaheUi rare 3 Fnrnum Mary mrs Fl-ov! Mary A mra Farrell Marr A mrs Flannery Kate ihlsa Faxon Anri*- E mrs Forsythe Ellen mrs Kocks Thomas mrs Folcv Slleamls* FUlier L G mn Fowicr Emma miss Flnmy Polly mra FaxJoUuaturA Full lieten miss Foster .11 mrs FUherTEtnri Fox EJ mis* FinUy £ mra F<btcr Sarah A mra Fitzgerald Marsarot Fo-ter Came mrs FUber Joseph mrs Freeman Nellie miss Floyd Belle Q miss . 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Burnet Douglass Bel] Jos Brant Eugete D BeßOeidWm BrsntßecMu BurnßSvnuelK BeUiu.ay Ctxas T uraiwa J Rums James p Benue Wro D Br ulo F R Burpee AVarrcn E Bennett J Dexter urew»ter Cha» Barrow* J S Bonnet AVm Brlckctt GtoF Crßarrou^lisCP BeanettD M Itrtckh y A Burton Uihert Bennett AV li Brlcktuan Sol. 3 Burton Chas Ucnnttt Alonzo Bridgiat.l AH ilm-h Wm U Bennett Stephen Utldg-man J AV Butterfield AVm BcmlsPAV BtlJcfl UitchlC Butler JH Henson Andy S HuiiurJ Benson FH Brink JV Butljr Henry Henson F li A Co BrlnorWroO Byrlngt*»t ifn Benny Geo Briflot.l Aco Butter Walter Berry Jar E BrUtei. Peter ByrceAßrewmaa Berry J as Britten Frank r Cadwalladcr A D Clark 1. N Cormacli Alex Ca'dwvlltnr CiarkJtiuCsF CorreyMU Caldwell Stephen Clark James B Cortus J H ColtsFrancuH ClarkJ*iud>N CortnrAcoFA CalklrsJasW Clark TU CostonPC Callmon John Clark Sat Cotter L Catreronß Clark Editar Cotter AVm Campbell capt J SCI ark Stewart AV Cotton Rll crmphcli James 3Ctara D AV Cooioian Bro’a Campbell! Aarut- cmrkAugustas P william Can pCe dDavtsTClatkN Court George Cannon Jamrs Cinrk rev Mexu CowpcrWraE Career Chas H Clayton FmiC Cox John X Carey Phtruk Clement dr E u t:oxJc»sc CatietonGny Clemmons Lconl-Cox H-ury CarmlinJnoA dasD Cox Alfred A Mflr ___ __ bViOUIVI Carmodr William C.eveland W H C tyle Sir Cleveland Fred C (trail It C Carnts John Carp-nur JasP Uo.tJU CnwfnCC Catp* titer C U Cohum LL Cramer iilcharJ Carriel Edmuid ACochran James L 3 CarrollTC Coedloi-.n CarraarPS Carroll John Cogswell A L Cramer Fred Carlcrcapt CoihnrnßH Cramer J Frank Carter ACo 2 Coicordc Lynde ACrauaali J K Carter Oil co Crandall Jll Ca*a A R Colcord EH Jr Crocker Frederick Castor CC Cole Fred w Crogon Henry Catiilce AVm A CoicM.uesS CroWAint D J Cavaosgh Mu-haelColeraan rev ThosCrokcn J dm Chamberlain UAV K crook Lawrence Chamheriam Cai*CoUs AVlofleld h D Tin CoMnsTs Cropper Patton A Chart,bera Austin Collins B O AV co Chawct©* s -Conoon Robert Crosby V B Chandler Francis fenlit 8 crosoy Nichols ft Chapin Lyman li cdnq& Patrick co ChaplnftMilla ConewJ CroMJohoß CtaomanJL Conlan Thomas Cro.*aAJ Charles dr L Coinlm William Crowley Wrn Chanty Lucas A Connors Richard Crnmliy Denala Chase Doty Com era Thos Crnlzcr John CheneyEawß Coirud Ja.-ob O cammlusJohnß flu-*? Smith ft CoCouroy Juitrlck Cummings <Juo Vf Cheater Ueury Cook Benjamin CmuutUu curls* Child Chailes Ladd topher Chalo UeorcQ N Cook Geo IV Cummins TelaUah Church CB Cook James O II Church G Cooke J M Cunningham Carter CE Cooley Ctas C Thomas N ’Church ft co WT Ccoiey chas O Cnnnlnifham T Clapp dr J X> Cooper Alex 3 Cuo> Insnim Ed* Clapp John Cooper ft Shcr* ward _ Oiapp»>rt 1 rank mans Oarlian Edward Clark ft Taylor CopciaidOeoS Curtin John Clark ft Yuitne CorM> J Frank Curtis William S Clark UutchlcsorCorroran M J Cttshln Edmond ft cn conies Wm c C ashman. S R Clark ft co oacecll* E Denison Frank* Douglass Oley lalby Jwl lln 9 _ D..U3lv«s Wni U ;)a>hoQLH Denny Geo W Downey Peicr Dalhbs .(an B Dcdmov Marlin VDo wna Augustus Dalton N F DenvarWm Doyle Edward lancerfleld l baa Derby II C Djylc Jos )*ni«-I*BA Dcvtucy Jos Drake Geo JaMeie John Dew»r*Vm3 DrawiU-o lanlel* II &Co newer II»' Droier J »n|el» At dr 8 DeWolfSE DrlmianlJß Daniels Andy IHtkmon Kd Dolly J F Darrlogtoo ucu Dickerson John Duggan GE Dawson J Brer Dickeruiau 8»ml Dumond David Harris Dlitpau) Dnnhaa Joim Davtd Cyril DuaneL Dnnlev inr PnrlrannJ Dodge Clas II Ilium ftins Dana Enceuc )o~k*i Wm cupt Dmn I’airidc Darla D O Doegeit A Son Dunulne Charley Davol Joseph D*HnuJai Dun* in* It J Day Drua >»tia dsoti John LDnutm nn Daniel llracon Oeofjrr M>i ochtte Mlclil Dupuis I*o IHanl'airlek looien Jaa Durand W W Dellarcn Jus K irndmit Ezra A Dnrfeo bydn >y S lielaopy Henry mollttlc II Durham Gorham Delaney n.r HumierJoUnWllDmkro mr Delaney Jaa .Dnuirhcny ‘llios Dolton II ft IH-Loor i Uns D capt Dwyer Juba DjcbcDUur FftM ACo Dr •Filnmnda Dll E 11a IVe.ley Knalmnn Vrtd A UEdson It Kills j K Kastman LIV Edwardi Allwft ImaUiurge FJ Faslmati L II Kdwunl*> John Ktuuna IMulul 9 Eaton Frank K Egan dlt Klim rt J nifrs tlatnanl Ek»« Wm Elmer t Henry Ebtr George F hfl'era BlanlorK Kimiry F A K*len A Wnila* Fjdnsl Joseph ? iile;|eACoDr I. worth Elkins John K Knswmih Chas F IMrtfomb Clma AMnl tpiy tl \y Klilaon IUM Kvntis M M Edmonl Orofgo Ellioti OeorgoT K/rtcf Cnpl Homo |r ‘alnrO Finney ilro F.inrihllU I) . 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Hannan Tw Dickey Michael Hoac anJobnC Hamer B F BicStu George Hooper E Harper John Hl< k* Philip* Il.nisel John Harris T to* W Ulcbee Charles Howard Franks Harris Andrew J RUI Peter Howell C 8 Hands Page Hill WHils Howell A A 2 Harms if Hill Frank Hoyt Jo« A Harrison X B HIU Ueat Chas Hoyt Jff HartWluumH EIH C Hoyt A Smith Hart Aco 1111 Hill A COLD BcrCmTHj* W nsrtJH HIH Uoyd Klt-HurtraL Harter ABecnett tredge HuilneGeoree G Hsrtman ucalHin A sobs DaolelHuanewell WmH John ft Hills Alf C Hunt Robert I (Urre? J D Hilliard XoMe Banter Henry HaslettGK . 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Leonard Ellas Lotey Lewis c Lancdi'n Arthur PLeonard c U Louis A Childs Languor J E Lester i U Loocka A F LancsUff John Letter Wm Lqtcwelt George Larmon simoa Levene W L Low Jos M LaihropD Lewis JC Loyd B B Lauchiin Michael Lewis Herman 3 Ludwlck Jas LawiesceLU Lewis Frank Luresden Thos LawAK Lewis AC Bale Lawrrct e John Lewis Wm Lundy John Lawson Nicholas Linaoe Patk Lnnt S T Leedle Bet ry Lincoln K B Lusk Jas 2 Lee A Howard Und‘ayJa«N Lusk Jas B LccCftco LlndsajWilJL LuUInPC Lee Wm 8 Lindsay W C Lyman .las Lee nhi Little. John D LymanC Henry Lee blmoQ LttUcQG Lynch J Vsdan Patrick Mather P MonkEpt hiadlU Noman Maiutr Charles F Moutatrue Daniel MahonThomas Mather James Moon Henry MabonyJas Mathews Alpet EMooney Patrick Mains Chas W MnteonET Moore U ' Maker Oscar Matte*onHP M-oreLC Malior* Fred A MaifleldAexß Mtwre Wm M Sia'ouey John Muvei] Rdbl AlooreJ N ft co Maltn.anAJcx Maroß . -Morlaftr Ambrose Manchester MU- Movo, Wheeler & Moran Martin touß co Morgan mr MongateJobn Miraeher Joseph Montan A Mann John Median dame* MsrnardG Mann IIA Meeker *rm Morrlce Albert MaaoCbaaC MelvilleA C MorrlaJom F Manning Jolm Melvine Geo Morrl*oa Patrick Manny jamt* n Mcmuctr & Tarr 2Morri«nn joba Mantfleld Ctta Merrill Cll3 Mows .100 Manaci * ** -• •-*- N lar Ma&ael Allen Merrill Him A MwM.toim Maurer Jovpb Merrill riillancer Mom Boinmcn J MapeaJotiD O Mo'UcMcph Hatlnot Frank Mraeray Geo L MoUram |,B Marlon 11* Metrsar U L Muir lurid capt MatktUobwt Me.ymHrnry Mo'korln oenuta Mnrke* Iraac W Michael I. 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W SlariMia’Jolin A Mitchell K A Murray HobirillS Matllniicoo MUeMi IMtnek MurreflKM Marlin Geo II Mu chaa Frank MurUia lUrnard Ma*on M l> MuilcU a U MurUia Patrick Mama Henry Moiuiey Jaa Mu«*elman Jyim 1 Mniiirny M M-.lonry David Mmiy H L MmitorlKjAlex Monacnar John Myna Uenry E MftUier C C Monday IMidU MrArthnrßfltx*rtMi , f>i ,<J ,1 n Mi'KoomanJohn McHane Autfu«t McDonald vt'iliiamUi'KlanuU tt’m .McUriiiui)tHiri!ol)M<*l>OD»l<t >1 U McKinnon I> Q .Mi Utide Wm li McDonald Jm W McLean D C MtCislry l**tnc« UrtKmaU F W McLe *1 ffm McCary Geo H McKnteetVHH unCMeMaban \V R MrCaiuky John McUtUU Uonatd McMitun Ww .McCarty jobo 2 Mctilnn Jo-enb McSlillen A MiClarujf- McOivrnTlius ? MeMIMeaPT McCnjouch J A McGiraoJotm M"MUtea Hash McCord George McGregor Ale* McMlileaa Wm J McCormick Mi-McGulre Frank McKanmra Ml cnncl McGuire Tbooua chad SloCotinel Brace MasatreSam'l MeKamaraJaa SlrCowfll Peter Slclnorny ratrlckMeVamaraßobcrt McCoy Blrhard Mclonl* Peter McNltt All McCullaUoodmaoMclDtlre Joseph M<*NBe Henry McCulloch CO MclctosliDaiie: SleKnlirJU McCullochCU dr Mi-Iniosh TK SlePbarsrnCQ McCone liobert Mclntosh TL McQuald Stlchacl McDarmoo JolmSloKny Angus SleuuatdPeter B McKee Ihth IX MrOncen Peter McDermott John M«-K*eman Ml*Sic'fi l rrryWimsra McDermott Hugh chad McSorley Joseph jNmIiCIimAV dr Hid Peter s»orris Wra major ..NartrldsmT Aca Nile* 11A co N’orrl* A Brown NatUngerJU NoaUM AVm NortbwooiU -NelioaJM * Nolan Morgan Norton Jasjj / S>;M>nJa» II Noll Philip Noye AVm Newberry AV TJr Nocnan Patrick Noyes John T Newell k G NorraanKrcderl'dcN’oyes J H News.l Nicholas Nomi George Nf J fMwsrdQ 2 Ney Henry M Norris 0 Sidney ANelson M H Nichols UtO AY -co O'Erarmon £d-o*Conner Francis Olmsted Samuel T ward O'Flaherty Tho* Organ G O O’ilnen Dennis O'Grady ‘lhomaS O-b jurne TLosAV O'Brien Daniel H O’Nlel George Ostrander Th<vj B O’Brien AVm o’NlrlJohnD Odrander G AY O'Corner EdmondO’ltaarkc Tcmmyott Cornelias O’ConueU .leromcO'llyftaC D U Ovort-n .l M B O’Connell TbomasO’imUlTaaEtigeceOwens AVm L 11 O'Connell John Ocatupauah I‘cterowen 3 U O'Cotmell Michael A*3 Paddock WII Perkins Norton Portrr John paddock A co Prrkia*GcoAV Porter Ira Porter O R i riAIU.UVU .V Pena John P Pace Geo Palner J S nrof Perry Horace Porter ETV Pulmrr G AV Perry S E Porter Edward AV l*adcr B B Perry A Tatra age Porter D off Parde- P Pcrnora AddlsanEPortcr P I’orter Parker Chancy Petrie Palmer Parker Chas Petty Jno FostGe>AV I’arkhnrtt JohnMPoelns Geo F bon I’ost AVm U A co miss IJ C Phllhrlck G A Pa*t HA co a hi uw iiuiifiiLK ua & wb li iv vii; I’athChS A H Pbtilt: cr AVUHe PostiCthwaltc Jas Partington John Phtln AVm Potter Henry S 3 Patch OB Phillips Amos Potter u iratierson Wm Phillips C L Potter M PaturaouEAV PhMlps Uy Powell EB Puttcson Bobert Phillips John Powers CH Patrick Chas K PhlHlo* L H Powers Jas A’ 6 llckley Jerry A Powers John Hayden Oliver Pl»r-c Addison S ITatt C M Payne A A IhcrceJ H PreadeoleJohn Payne Robert L Pierce John Prendercast Bicb* Pi ahody H li Pttrron Elijah ard M Peacock AV Idera&nJ Prettymao A Gll* Peacock JJ I'.gcott George more Pease .IN Pinktn Andrew J PrlcCTTnmis l*ea>e George Pitcher H l*nce Geo a A co Pease It MS P.suklnton A I’rtoce IClchird IVbSIccGAY Armour prlneoCha-' S PokAco Platt.lL Proctor Azarlah IVtii AVra Plumb John B Proctor Fred D Pecte G A Plunur P xvid 8 SProctor L» W Pierce JD dr PlnnkcttJas .ProntyA Lnnrlka3 Per* ee W C PococknT K Pulling Harry O HrunsChas Pomenyßß Pullman Kimbxl. I*crkln9&co3 Pond D W Altamssy x ci»iua & * vnu u •< ftiHuimi Perkins Living* l*onlln H C PulslferUco ft co eion ft Tost Foorman Milker purdjr Warren Q Q Quslley Patrick QnimbyO H Quinn Michael Qulp« David QalnlavlnJas QaukThos Ralcforth Sara Rice Henry 113 Bo;ers A R capt Ramsey CTT Richards John Rogers Jaa RatidHW Bh bards It l*aac 31 Itaml Frank Itlchants Frank Roland Cll ft co I land Herbert J Richards 'I bos Rollins Frank J RandtHFA KolsJ_ R*rcy William H Richardson Frankßjmor Thomas D Rawson A L O K-tnsn Patrick Ray MV BleliardsonJosephßoooey Christo* Raven J as Henry pher Raymond I. R Richmond ft Be an Boot Chas M Raymond John Kiddle Henry Boot chav Rayicoco T RiadollO W UostbonooehJohn RavnotasWC UUeyJohn Rose ft Ware Rcilfli'ld EC 3 Klordan Stephen Rose IV II Read John Rlvcru n Fraca Rose Hllft co Krcd MCft co Itoache Thomas iPisenberrv C 2 Rcnl Wm if Itohcrscn Ira Rosenncry IVm Reed Lewis D Robinson BF Koso It RrodFL RohltiSunTW col Reed AD RoblnsrnJ KcssSF ' Iti-idmr Robinson J*tnes2KuKßlc«G«oF Reese Tliomas J Robinson J S Ra . see H b eipt Hei'iy Thomas Robinson ft Holt Rmseli Sylvester twllly Michael Hobson John W „ RijiioinsA.l Rothe JohnJ ItnwlWF Rtyno'd» Patrick Koct>ct>ur C Kunlun Chas Reynolds CQ Ruck ft White RymWai Royno ds U Rockwell Dennis Ryan D W Rlnnsx\J RirekwelltJM RyanJa-na Rice John O Rockwell Alpha Ryder Ikabeall Rice Pros Rodger* apt Ukc Edwin A Roger* R A Sabin Drn Blirrt B starring F A Col taco A I. SlntwellßL btalierJolm Ualnlclalr AD* bhulta Wiley ASteadP Salisbury MHI Wicker Bt*nro«Johnß SanbomSA* SfcnrlerKV Blcarol Mr Hamleraon Wm Fl.lrbolbam John M*ele 8* P FatiKbnl WU Birman W 8 Steel OP* EamlthrdHß Pllle* Edward WmStmiiea* Hansom HaLillordKJ Hluionds John L h _ Fnndford Cbas Htiiiun* WO I* Bicphena Edwin banra I’rof Bjumton 000 D Rtsvent Alb-rt 0 Harueatcc MMinmr Bisreas C»as 0 Ur Bonders Austin Bknlra c H a . . hawycrJolm blallerrJas Bierens * A BajlcWtn HlomlMi BierensHß bsylerUroK bluan C U Hwrjiis Homer (I F< ale* Cba* It Email It O bleven* Humor F« rllevk BA eo FmnlMlugbA Bldvon* VT C Pi lirnk J * K Bmttn Matt Btcvrns Borden A tuiUOtl Btnlili M .. Hlersn«on (I .. Scott A- I'rlcfl 9 Smith M F Hlewart .lona II bcltTh'dras HmlihMUU SW*«tTK KoUcii A I I'VcU Btullli Will A HI .Helen Joseph PiovlUe J II hndiii W IS „ It. provide 1111 Bml'h J ilin BDiUell W b br Froniie It or Btnltii J D BtorknwnTW peribtiep wit PtniUi J.Fasoalilr htoeira M-when SenlairhCD XtitltU It f • HloKw lIDeZ wnternsTß Htnlih K M , ... Hhrao riwildr* N adler lit HmMii Wank II ft Hlono George II Sejs.inliWUn Mnllb U A Bpliftrsiipnrtfo mmili Kiuali . mone.fc penyanl me"bm »mjin i»e mil C Hiom* ll It n»v I’famw Jiilm AHiniiii rvrns iHnrov.l H be) incur a KwollomUb I'll Mimii HU heimmip llartiy xiniu* Charles mrader Jaenh . Kb4ri<Hainutl bmiin AC , Biratint liamnsl MmrpWm Mnlih iimijamln V . hlmrjt A Thcmp-gmhh Alrx j B ~,fl Mm RnnihKC „ mm Dm . bliover Oeorito K Bmlih FMA Co Stnbhs Win Major winner ciias wmliii« l)eu«r8 wniru I* 0 ill aw Ntlaou brnytii W 0 Hull van Jerry Hiaw John bn.iw WA„ Bulllvan Marena Bb«r Daniel Bnow Jaa Capt M ... Miefby F wncwdmHA'i Sintra A Mall- Hlu ppard W J Borer Thoa bhmuatt and Plc*bpalaln* A Co eet oamnel batberland Stow* Flierman A hro spencer Champ- art bherwood 11 C „ im ij Swan A II blierwood M C BpnrrWllP BwankD. Fnerwood A pro M»wy Mr Bwaney Jamea ShevMla John Stacey \Vo» bwarctiUd Bros Daniel Hbiacey ArlUnr bwMoy AM . Shively T S Staflord A Harris BwotiUcr Hugh shoemaker Aco BuntonTimothy bymta A Short c f StarreUDN T label) Berlamln TbompsccSamnelTllsworth John D •Tabor Wilton dr Am Talt o A Thompson Geo C Tomlinson J laicoitLS: Thompson OB Tomlinson &co Tank George Thornton C F Tompkins a F Tanfer Theodore Thomson JohnTopuff George B Taccuarilß Frauds Town Marcus Tanrey Thos Thompson John TTowne T Marlin Tappcn Chas C Thomt son W rev Tracy Jai Tarr & Merrehcw Thompson, Jobn-Tracy Barthole- Tarlor.SK son A co mew TnVicr John Thompson (tDartsTrtrgs Samuel Tariff WJ Thorn John A Trigg* Michael XaylorAS&CO Thorne W Harry Xriop Wo U Text Jas A Thorne Carry TroxcU J A Tetfalr Bronson Thorne GQUotfTrnman John dr Tewksbury . Eu- ham 3 Truman H c eenoP • Thcman LX rev Tneirer Henry IhalnßS Throop S A Totter Engeneß Thayer Alfred S Thorbni WlnfleldTumey Jaa A Thatcher Geo T S Toancsson John ThelenJoboA Ticdcsman 2* S Turner John Ihlne Ad win B Tier John Turner Joseph Tliomas Wm Tlldslev J S capt Tattle Holley E Thomas Andrew Tlton Theodore a Tuttle <tco Thomas WmO Tindall John W TweodcUJL ThctLpiOQjas TilcombSA Tyler i> Q D Under due W E Underbill Wood CUey £ P Van Cnren Jas Van Slykelssac B Vickery Robert Van Bneklrk Q Valpey dr . Vickery * ha* Wi Vat FleetWm Vanes Ja* Vowel!Sß fan Biper Abe Vaogbn G W Vrooman Geo H 1 WackennanJos Webber EE rev Wlllloms Asa , WtdeJohiP WedsewoodJA WlUimna John Waohairi Boyd Wccxs Chauncr Williams Jas S Waderronh & CWetrJas Williams Dial el I tact Welch Tobias Williams Edgarß ' WadawcrthEP Welch C C Williams IJ Waite O P Welch Richard C WiiiiamsJohn WaiteFP Wei lUD Williams> P WatcflcWßoberU w ells Wm William, N B , WatemanCW Wentworth Ben* Willis Herbert Wntemin A Jamin _ Wi'son Lnnaa WalbridgeKbcne-Wc»tAH&co WUsoaJas £ rer W**»t J M Wilsdo John W&ibndec E West J J Wilson J H WV.drcnFrank West John WiisonGeorge Waidrtsslte wmJA Wilson WJ Waiter t> il We»tEA WihoaThos Walter ham T Westbrook Chas Wilson Henry C Walker T* Weston MUton Wilson jN WalterCUbcrt Weston Jaa WilsonChssW Walker Geo W'StvonhJno Wll*onJasS - WaXerjJ WteefcrTaaH Wlboa Brlaat or Walter JP3 Wheeler II od Abram Walter .1 H Wheder H C Wilson Joseph i Waller Konert Wheeler chas Winder Lionel Jr Walter BW Whittaker John Milliard - Wallace Wm WUtePB WingateCE WallactThomaeJ White F C Wmoe F w Wallet WE White Frank Winslow 21C WdinnTbosS White Lyman A Wltuer ParahaQ WalnuleiEdward rapt ? Aco Walpole WB White Wm WiseHenrrV WaaerJohn WniteLFAbro WolottOroH vvalch ATE Whiting A PA coWoleoit DarldP- Walch Loole Whitman W G- Wolcott 3* i WaUworth W W Wlmtnore John Wolford A : Waltbcr Albert Whitney OH Woirjacwb Walworth J U Whitney C Wolfe S A Ward Willard B Whipple Jas Wood W B , Ward Also? WbUllerSA Wood Jas B Ward C E Whittier K H - Wood Hue Ward John Wicks Chas B Wood btephm Ward Joseph cape I£3 _ W’aroJ 51 WickerJT WoodEnoji Warden M 3 . Wicker Wrlirht WhodDW WareJß Wimrena. Brad*- Woodbury tori "• Warner* Fuller lord Aco 15 WoodeH m^tor WarwickACascidYWictatJ A . Wood'UffJ P , Washburn Fred Wilcox Wm B Woodrott chas D Waterhouse J A Wilcox S Wo3dcatdJoha Waters HQ 3 wncoi PtilandcrWoodworthFrank 1 Watson Adalbert Wildman D W 3 Watts Wm B WUdmanFH WaolleyTC • Wearer H H WUktns Tbomaa 3Woolaejrßß Webb CD WUIettHB WricntAHUla Webb Was 2 Wilier Chas WnthtJC • . WeboJs WHllamaPanQ Wrlsht.Ed Wether TA F Williams Georg© Wright CH Wthhcrcc El Wnatw John Webber u - Williams A Arery Tamihatr JM Yeager Aco Yeomans Elchard Tarnwocd Mark TonneD B 8 YeagerSJ Zcnot Berlin MISCELLANEOUS LETTERS* Agtrrt of PropeJer Union tminjr Co (Uunfactiir* Pox 614 era ot Panlurdl »(e&s Box IMS Generator) Box 47 KomberlM Ltuatwrd moot Chicago Clcct Co No U Metropolitan Block Cctraaodlße offleer 65th Oden Depot Coo-mleaery C 8 Cottony otsobrvteaoo ■ Commit*toner of the War pgiry ■ Deportment I*o»tDox 109 .... Correrpoodlnf Secy or QoanennVtcr IT 8 Amy Chlcaga Typo Union No 9*etyCbtcago,iPld£s 0» 16 9 Schoooa- Mary 8 QjLo _ % Drawa 5313 Sect Mythra i/odgo No EL 419 A FA A M Freight AstoTMo PB B The Amsncan PnblUhlng Back DriTir N’cll Co Baja Maple laady Warn- Waterbary Clock Co tactory Whipple File MaaufactßT- J c tn«C» Jooca&Mmlck MancCic- WhippleFUo Agency (TULUMiI«K bRIKI. From Jidboit fltb. 1807, till January , lUlb. 1b 67. 1— More* Moriseo •—K L Keao 2 -A*A Sctuckaert &—M M Karps tela S—ChrHoU*tiolett 7—George D nose 4—Barrett Doman —Office open from the ut ot April to the Itt of No vember. from 7 a.m. till Ta p. o.*, from November lat to April lit, from Ba. m, till» p. m. The Tcsiibitle wtD remain open until 9 o’clock p.m. 00-SnudayifronSis a. m. UUIO aan, RA. OILMOBE, P. 1L A aiiMine CuaDim. A French paper states that two* months since the Couutcs* of Schomberg left Eng beta. where she Imd passed the summer, and Weill to make various excursions In' Upper Italy before reaching Naples. She set out one morning with some friends for a woik in the mountains, and when about half way she was beset by such sorrowful presenti ments that she took out her diamond ear rings, which she always worc,and gave them to one of her comnauiocs to take care of r saying she was afraid of encountering rob bers. A low steps larthcron, she separated a little from the party, and from that mo ment it was found Impossible to discover the smallest trace of what had become of her. Tkllss WclhcrUl, author of tho “Wide, Wide World,” has la press “the Hoard of Israel.” 1 be death Is onnontccd ot the Ilev. John Qiud, M. A, a dlstingulsbcd mathematician, whoso works od astronomy, alccbra, Ac , were for many yenrs textbooks at Caiabridgu University. Sug laod. The deceased was second wrangler and second Smith's/iirifcmah In IM3, and was for some years Iclluw ned tutor ol tiidocy Bu*sex College. ZJorftq]j)c. DOCIvAOK— Tt» Lumber Donlcrs nod others wanting largo DOCKING FACILITIES, A limited amount oi Pock property, with tailroad la< IhtlLx, m thu new lumber <ll»irlet, m (jitcne's Byutn Hra&ch AUUUIon to cnicvgo, is now FOU SAI.E AtHM wrf-oLcr for rent at JU) txsr toot ant Uses, lots ltd hy 314 feet, with a street ifl foot crldo In the rrarof too low. It It expected that Canatport-av. and 'iwemy-seconu-it. will oe Improved to tho spring, so as to give Easy Access lo this Property. . For farther particulars, inquire of R. B. MASON. Landl Department, Illinois Central K»Uroad: A. J HMStLY, No. 15 Garrett blocg, of ol B. P. DCU ICKSON. on the premises. Krtu jluljlications. QEOI.OGICAL SURVEY OF ILLI- A. H. Worlhen, Director. ASSISTANTS-Prof. J.D. Whitney, Prot L;o Lea quereui, Sir. Deary Snglemao. 1 vol. Svo. Beanttlully Illustrated by the Western £cgraying Co. PRICE 84.00. VoI.I—GEOLOGY. TABLE OF CONTENTS; Physical Features; General Principle* ancSunace Geology; Strati graphical Geologv; Tertiary Deposits and Coal Measures; Sob-Orbonlierous Limestone Se ries—Bt. Louis Group, Keokuk Group, Ac.; Devonian nnd Silurian Systems; GrOloey ol the Load Region; Report on the Coal Field* oi Illinois; On the Origin ana Formation of lYMrios; chemical Report tor tnc Ueo.oglcal Survey of Illinois; Geology of Randolph Co; Geology of St. Clair Co.; weolojr ot Madron Co.; Geology of Linn ruck Con Geology ot Hardin Co.; Geolosyei Pn.aesl Co.; GOjlogvofMa'sac Co., and that part of Pope Co. south ol Big Bay River; GMl>- pv 01 that part of Pope Co. earth of Big Bay River. For sale by. S.C. (Slflfjns dt co.. Wholesale and Retail Booksellers and Stationers, 3f) and 11 Lakc-st. THEOLOGICAL WORE. LITTM, SHOWN & CO., 110 Wasblngton-st., Boston, have just published i THE CHARACTER OF JESU3 PORTRATED. By DR. DANIEL SCUTKKEL, Professor of Theoloiy at Heidelberg ; trams altd with note*. *»y W*. U. Feu- Nfet.u. V. 2 vela. Svo. *l5O, Sold by L. GRIGGS Ar CO. 39&ud4l Loke-at. stjair J3gc. HILL’S HAIR DYE —50 Cents—Black er Brown—ln«tsntarcons. natural, durable, beautllul. The beet and cheapest In um». Coatalas as much ns as any dollar elre. HILL’S ARCTIC. or ALL HEALING OXNT3IKNT, reliable for central olotmeat pm poses. Depot GO Joim-st, New York. Sold by all druggists. TJATCHELOR’S HAIR DVE. in is splendid Hair Dye is the best In the world. Harn.lee«, reliably Instantaneous; the only Perfect Dye. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints, but true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH ELOR. sold oy Drngelsta and rerfhmers. Factory, Si Barclsy-st., New Fork. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. Ths General Transatlantic Company’s . MAIL bTKAMSIILPb BETWEEN NEW FORK AKI HAVRE, CAJiU.SU AT BREST. The splendid new rebels ot this favorite rente fly. the Comment win sail tree pier No. 30. North River as fallows: TILLS HK PARIS. .Europe January 28. EUhUj K , February!). ST. LAURCN'X'......Bocardi....February 23. PK&KIUH nuca«t»--....M«rchl). 9 f>WM t’liiCE OF PASSAGE IN HOLD. First Cabin, fin); Second Cabin. 9100, including tabu wine lo either da*.’. The steamers oi this line do net carry etewava ps» ecogvre. Pauenerrsiotei.dihßtoUi.dßt UKKST will hu fat nielied with railro**! c-mixn ticket*. ann their bagßiui checked to Patl*. at an additional charge of 93 Ibr tlrf and fa far ircood elm. Medical attendance tree ot charne. . Forlurtber Infhrnatlon, apnly, Ir Cblrago, at tm FRfihCU CONhDLATB OFFICE, Qll.T lUln -h-fl.: U N*» Ycrk.toOEO. MAGKKNAIK. Agent. AN Druid way. jf tmiit lire FURNITURE. GEO. J. HENKELS, LACY & CO.. 13IUANU CHUsTNUt hts., PMILAHBUNIIA. Wc have a »uU« ol Nino Rooms, Elegantly Carpntctl And lunittbml complete m PARLORS AKD ORAMiJICRS. PiifchMerscan tnehow asuhsnl mroliure will ai» pear In Uinr bouse, and ran trom the** ftHiim, uiske a lu-nrr selection ihsu may can iroui furniiuro prgmls. cuusiy pUccd >o Urge oarg Sicisbs. gUEIGUH. SLEIGHS I SLEIGHS I WchavMiownnbsnd Ibe moil majnlOcenlasaorb meet of FINESLEIOIIS ever exhibited ibthlsuoaurv. It Is a weU-kbowa fact Uul the KIMBALLS Uke the lead on . ' Fine rininhcd Sleighs. For Style. Peanty ot Finish, and Durability, they are not equaled tn tue world- Fine HoiaLs of onr owo make, from fSO to SSOO. t-inc I'ortbind and other Sleighs, not oar own make, ft-OtnfStuiSO. fT - We cannot bo undersold on any Sleighs la the market. KISBiLL BROS. & CO., 110, 112 ani 11l Snabnrj Strect, EBusiness (Garbs. pLAIR & JEFFERSON. COBiniSSION MEBCIFASTS, OFFICE, 304 FBONT-ST., Liberal cash advancements made on consignments. Q.E&T, HAITEK & CO, Waolesale Commissiazi Herchant, IVo. 90 HoGnaHttn v, w v iuwuaiii*. Between F and T'VRfcSSED HOGS I BTRSCILB AffD WEIGHT LISTS* Furnished gratis. Highest market prices guarantee!! FKmnt returns made. Cormponder c* solicited. wiPMOSP & CO., Gcal Qna’t Merchts. 89 WsshinstoMt, cmcasr.Ul. (Sift ißntccptiSEa. QJBEAT WATCH SAM Off THE POPULAR OVE PRICE IK* AN, tilting every patrol, a handsome and reliable Watch Or the low priced Ten Dollare, wuboat regard to raloe. and not be paid for anises yaftcttyjaaosaHory! 100 Solid Gold BanateWAtchei 4350 to f 7!0 100 Marie Cased Gold Watches- £0 to 530 100ladies’ Watcoe*, enamelled ,100 m 90 KOGovdHainng Chronometer Watacea.. 2Wto sx •dJO Gold Hooting JTO to ZS 800 Gold Hunting Duplex, Watches.— 1M to »0 501 Gold Baiting American Watches. lot to 23) UUm UM.UME OUICIM4 IV. w w soo Silver Bttntme Levert 50 to iso 500 Silver Hooting. Dnolexea...—... <sto 350 509 Gold Lacies* Watches SO to 230 LMOGcldHontmsLrpine* 50 to 25 1.000 Mlscelianeoua Silver Watches. SO to 1(0 2£oo Hunting Surer Watches 25 to SO s,fto Assorted Watches, all kirda 10 to 75 Every patron obtains a Watch by this arrangement, costing bat fio,wtaie it may be worth *l5O. No parti ality shown. Messrs. j. Hickllng 4 Co.f Great Union Watch Co, ilaautoctnren, 149 jßro*lw»y, K. T. City. wUhto immediately dispose oithe*boTemagniflcettitoct.Cer ttfleatea naming articles are placed in sealed envelopes. Holders are enticed to the arfrcJes named on their cer tificate, upon payment ol Ten Dollar*, whether it be a Watch worth 1750 or one worth tesa. The return ot any of our certtDcatea eattt3<>e yon to the articles named thereon, epos pa in: eat. Irrespective of Us worth, sod as no article valued teis than SiOU named oa any eex will at once be seen tnattnls le no lottery, bat a etraichttbrtrard leglttxaala transaction, which may beparlldpaUdln even by the osl Aslocle Certificate will be senrpy unit, po<t-p*», upon receipt of A ctA, are for *l, eleven far *2. threeacdelegaatpreinlnatorfJ, sixty-six•’’‘J,P;„ valuable premftim k>rSiO,onehacdred *cd •? perb Watch for sls. to agents or those riSSmffiC plcymchUhia Harare opportunity. *f{VtMSc«r2» lyconductedbnslnese,duly aatnontod PTtaa meat, and open to toe mo«t earejnl y » ! Adjrrg J .HICK LINO * l-*» Broadway, N .y. (general Kotiers. TXTHO WILL DRAW" TUJS OPERA VV house? U fa* question of to day, and who will snflhr witn itch, tetteb, Or. tn toct, any DliLMe ol tb«;Sk\tu when a positive cure is guaranteed by an appllce'joaoi • Swajß6 , sAH-HPflliDff Ointment? Special is'otUv’s- ThftGor'baxn namutetomur 0a ®P 4Q Ti .Frorldencs. B. L, Uftrta *,*&? ***** ££&JL I KW niiaciDß Cie Ktectro-p awrt 000, Com prising fall Dim ee ana lea -nrrtce* «oaTmtH % *?°{ every dsscnpnop. cf a very iiiNno: caalUr *v‘® °* new ana errant ceaicna. Tfca nsso la Nicks uponwhl hlaadeposuof pure silver at neb taU.'* that tbey-nce-as all tee sdvanraees ol solid mr* " »o utility. and men beauty ol a-stga and superior fin ish are undutlreuTsiiab c from ttT* The Gornam ktaciifactonag Company refrf with mu bdenee to the high i\potation Ujryhava ectaSH bed la the orodoctlon of solid SUv« Warn, to which they hate D«a for nu»y years engattrr. attf they low a* ante the public that they wiu fatty sustain tnat repau tiao by the production of Electro plated Wares cf such qoa'jty and rxt , «me dnrshtlty as will insure entire laUstacUoato the parch «T. All articles mada by then are stamped tbtu: ( £stgt&Hur&f*o AD ‘ , *L , "? cf,sr 9fany guaranteed. They feel lta*c«- muj pwilniieriy to rail the attentions! purchaser* to the aooTo traoMnarlc, aa ibelr designs bare been ol* ttady estcurively imitated. These good* can only be procured from responaloie deajsr* throughout the couhtry. The BlCtcr Frnltsofßart Bitter*. Im olid reader, do yon know what nit •.tecths of the bUtct ccr. pounds you ani solklisd MV.** proprietor* to accept as uuircrril panartyp &ie of? Dire heed ff*r a mom'-Qi. They nre oiaauPictaml Irom oaponflsd sic. hoi, eontaia'nr a cuslUcrable portion otju«rl oil, a prison almoit as deadly a* mu sic add. The tasjv of the reaalar tioctun-s th? Ma teria Medicals the same. No smoaut of “Irttbsl ei tracts” can orrrcritue the b« tcndencT of itife pernl clons eloo cut. The essence of sound RTMhorouchtr rectified, is tho cnly stimulant which can be ihlcit mod as a component oi a Tonic. Alterstlvo and Ami- Ullloos medicine,sad UOSFTKTf EIVS BTOM tCff BIT- T£BBUiiconlr«iallclaai preparation In-the worM m which this article l« used as an ingredient, llcwa Rie extraortllnarr effects of this great specific. It <Qt(S strength without producing excitement. No oiler tone doe* this. All the ordinary Diners flash the face and affect Ibo brsln. Hostetler's Bitter* dir lose an agreeable palm through U» nenfous system.- promote digestion, and urodeco »Ir-p. No other tonic voonlcxly rctjTcs the anprlllc, amt amoves the ctnom ana denrmion which nlwnys owoupany wcakneavof thetnoily powers. •‘A Valuable CTcUt.lnc. "Dr. Boland's White Pico a<!varUae>l In mr eolnmn*, Isa iure»*aftil attempt to comblno soil »rrty IBs mmliclnal virtues cf tho White Tine lUrk. It haa br<*n thoroughly Kauri by pscpio la (bis city and vicinity, and the proprietor ho* tMdmonUls of tie value from prno&s wait known to our ctUxon*. Wo rtcornmnnliu trial in all Ihesc easel of disease ui which ills adapted. U la far sale by all oar drag, guu."—{N. Y. lndrprmli*ui. Tho Orrat Sow yfagUml ItmMy I Dr. J. W. Pound's WHITE PINK COMPOUND is now offered to tho af flicted throughout the country, afur having boon pnwrtl by tbt test m **Utw» jmii in tho Now England States, where tu merits have become as will Inman as tho tree ft cm which, la part, U derives lu virtues Tho MTuie Ptne Compound curt* tore Throat* Ccugbs, Dipniheru, Uroncbitts, Bpltuuc of !doo<!. anu Pulmonary Affections general y. It u a r-marwabio remed) far Kidney Complaints, Diabetes. Difficulty ot Voiding Drlne.DlevOtng from the Kidneys and Dla.l - Gravel ami other curoplaiots. Kor Plied and scur vy U wilt be toQ»o very vainabln. Give It a trial If you would tears the vain* of a cool and tried irMtcue. It is o!ra*ar.t, sals anl sure. HoldbyDrßgcma'snd Dealer# In Mciitclaea cent rally. DURNIIAIW * VAN SCUAACK Waolesaio agents. Prepared OU of Palm and nacc, For preserving, restoring and beauuijnng Uie hslr, and Is the most delightful and wcndertol artclc the wond ever produced. Ladles will And It not only a certain remedy to re store, darken and beautify the hair, but also a desirable article lor the Toilet, as it U highly perfus'd with a rich and delicate perfume. Independent of the fragrant odor of the Oils of Palm and Mace. Tub AUevxz. or Pxhc-—A. new and beautiful per fame, which, in delicacy of scent and the tenacity with Which it clings to the handkerchief and prraohis une qualled. The above articles fbr sale by all Druggists and Per fumers, at |l per bottle each. Sent ay express to any address by the proprietors, T. 17. WRIGHT & CO -100 Liberty-fU, New York. For sole by J. 11. RFEP 4 CO- Chicago. The ItcoJlOjC Vooland House ofMcrcv. Howard Association reports, for young men. on the crime of solitude, and the error®, abases and rtU-*a-es whPh dr-troy the manly powers, at d create Impedi ment* to icamage, with eate means of rodnC. Seat in sealed Liter env<*i< pcs, free of charge- Address Or. I. SKILLIN HOUGHTON, UowaidJA<?<H;laUja Bhlolcl phi a. Pa. Dr. James, Whose great success In the treatment oi Stpjjjus, Spzt.itATOtEni£>, and all diseases affecting the gene rative organs and diseases peculiar to females, has giv en him a world-wide reputation, bag recently issued a revised. Improved and greatly enlarged edition of tie Monitor. w hich is complied trom bis experienced twenty year- m the treatment of these dUvaaes. U U approved end recommended by the medical faculty and llicptfc?, and presents lasmall compass the his tory, origin, nature, and danger of what arc called se cret or private diseases, how avoided, and when af fected, prescriptions lor self treatment. An Import ant feature of the work Is a treatise upon female dis eases and their remedies, the prevention of conception, and the necessity and propriety sometimes of so doing, with ether valuable information. The Mosrtog contain? only sich InJcrmattoa as should I c known to the cld and young of both sa\c*. Price of took. 5t cents, with four cents postage. Ad dress DR..IAMES, r.O. Box GO6. Chicago. H». DR. JAMES can be consulted at bis office and par lor*. U 1 and 93 Banrto:ph-st. corner of Dearborn 9U, marly opposite his old office, Chicago, from 9 a.m. to Sp. m. Sundays during the forenoon. Coufidcutlal Consultations. Dr. Louis Sinner, No. S 9 Kandolpb-M- treats all forme of Private and secret DUeoses It, both wl'h the mtHl bfll.iiUit success. L-ctaro on the pre vention of effsprinc rent to any address u»r 50 vents. Ai«o. bis Female Remedies are certain in a;t cases. Office hours frmp IQ q m.toSp.m. Private iHutten, In all Private Matters go (or write) to Dr. CLARKE. OT Clark at. Both sexes consult him contdeottsllr. fy* Send stamp for circular on late Invention for Married People. Fsraah nils J 1 per nox. nr* Serd Stamp for hook tor victims of sell-abuse Aadms letura DR. CLARK*, No. 4 Larmoa Blocs Chicago. ' . Ur. Olselowt Utving the eoatkeneo ct me panic ion the »rrd:c*j the mott reliable pbiaicun In the cUyfrr chronic nervous and rexiul at hia otßce. 1711 Scutt Clark-sl-, oarnu of Motto*.. ILoas»ep»r*tp. Cousmtatlsnfrce. P. O. Hoxt.V). Hi* guide to bca>tb, published monthly, sent fta: *o ant Mmtfft. S»to3o!3Ste. p^OTXCE. CrKrow Hoes*, OaoENsacßon, N. T., r Sri , iim!iTrutiK.vr , M*rnce. NorciniurW) iwi i Scainl proposal* will he iwelvedat the •UUaortlU Snpcrn lemlentof the new tli.-tom House «SOirJL*r> butsli, .toeZttlKiArorJmci-trr, 1501. for funnelling nud delivering dlmcuslrn stun •• fj» Uiouutslae stone work of the building nOorc* lUe suit rase. The *u»di* renolred It for hose amt h-otruura’Xi, window Miles,llntrl* it'xl naoeK impost muuMinas, archlTolu, coinuc, i>l 'i-king course, nuoimauil laliist <d chimney tops, and »Uo lor nslutr, ifd"ci-*HI f*r t'i< Intcroit of the Government to use ashlar in Ho* place o. prrsecd orlcK. At y spicits or eliroe, nhether granite, marble of sandstone. end’s, nr an >- other. may no suuniltted, Iml Wiatnver may lc prrpottxl, ll must he ut Ihn mint swd cuicnr. hue stain, tmperriuai tn water, tirrloellr unaffected by Irost and ca pable of receiving allnetinisU. Hie slro*,| tiiosU.cS rcijiilrnl are tariyUM tli-lr dliuMfioU* m«i Ik , iifocntnl ironi drawings at tt.» Hutwrm deni's oolci*. ibr total atinnul ot Itirse do stones. etcliHlve of Hie sshUr, *i|. he Hbuiil libtfCO ruble fin {, Ti.e sint.p must Ix'iHJiViu IMUsn"ialinnll»o•lieoftbohiUMltui. nr snrh rWI as may l»p drsiimninl hr tin? HuorflMpfiipni. and pre p-sals iiitist Ihi line h; the iuMoMoI of sP.nedMri'r. nt. Ut ludvc of an freight, h tilling, an. MoasitrmnvnU lo bo n srteou delivery, by (tulh'ifU'-il sgeuia nr the hui'<-ritiii ii<ii-ni.’tndtcnper rent, d all pa)emiii» r«> Uinist itnili coiiti-IPU. ii n| cniitfjieis, Ili» proposail P>r ••Mar iiium tsi r>r. i inch jml a-Uch adiUr, by lu« SUpcPrii'Ul r>»d el rsrh Mind. t »U lui'uw vulte. el the Moww propuMi lo must li-’siiiimitir'l u tun Hii|Mirtiusnd> Mil liM.irr Hjrt oivulUg id Ihn whu van* eu» at>|i ■ nf ruinug or )ma lurrUig u*el on Um class p| siniir. ami prnivrtly markci) with Hm uu'i.o cl Hi" rur tint by vOlum •oUmlUist. Ihnwnoieamimulnfthflstockrroulre-tto b« rtdhr fml by or luft.n me Ist t( 4ui r, inti, and ths ddlvnry |tiMiiii|oaorc>.oracNn| .tnimwirk u> boiin ornrn«* («ieX;iiy t!>uiMi', itm Ih'partmeut reserves um rlaW tu rrWf any or ad the proposals. All bids must lm accompanied uyaboud cl two •punaJhlc i>craoLS, in tho mm of |J,Ou), that Hie bidder will accept »«d petfts»ra the rot-trart it awarded lc. Inia. the auraeleocf nf Hia security to be certHM by tha Col.ectur of Internal lUivetma ot the District. Fr< [totals sboaic be endorsed "Hrop uat for Htock for Dreued btooe Work." and adareo*«>i to N. Etsterv brook, hnpfiilntoadeiii ot cu.tom UoQs&Oadenei.arciLu N.Y, NATHAN BAfiTEUUR'iOK, Sopertntecdest. Q_OVEKNMENT SALE. The property known as lha "GOVKKNMBNT TAN* NERV.\ND STEAM SAWMiLL," wlihacv euty-UTn ocrea of land, near SAN _ ANTONIO, T£&A*. Sealed rruporats, in doplicaie. win b? received up to Um nrst day ot March, l£o7, f»r the purchase cf 75 aerts ot land, more or Iras)- together «Its the boUd> lugs exect-.d ttereon, and tue appanenanrei appertain* tOf. that, la to *4V; OSETANXEttr.c -.ntilaliiz twelve - Stone Litre Vats, FIFTY-TWO WOODEN VATS, SEVEN* STONE POOLS, and cacabJo of tannine 13. LU) hides per ansnm: ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable, of eawiac ACM reel of Lumber dally; ONE SHALL STONE BUILDING. • The above property D about two miles above feaa Astomo, on the Son Antonio River,amt me wster 1* conducted to the establishment by a race of hewn stone laid la cecect. Ibeltndwaspnrcasedsnd Improvement l ’ made by the late ao-ca led Coa.eoem(e uivemmeat, and-are estimated to bsve coat SW.tiSJ lo cola. The property nas been oncer lease lor the yssc at a monthly rent cffS’JO, r&yabie in advance, A owed title la tee simple wuTbe given by the C.Sf. Gov ernment. Fronosal* will te martrad "iTonosals for Uorera meat Tannery «*n sawnLdL" and aduresseAto. J. 0. RIDCOO, Cri. MsJ. Gen. Ass't Ccm't Bortau IL F. LA. U. Galvestau. Tgxai. Harbor \y ork» at grani> ha ven ana Mlerlga:. Ojtkx scragcfneapoo Eyouxra, Habsobc iMPfoTTMCsrs Lake MiceioiS. 4 Mc.waCkxx, WtsccMistn, Januaar.l, IBS. I Sealed proxtosais, in duplicate, of the form EUrotsbeO by the usd?tslzned. wIU te xece.vcd ul UAs oMcountU Thnrßday.themhcUycCFebruary, 7££Z,at. 11 co-fct Improvise tLo haxbors of Grand Barca and Blocs Lax>. Michigan. TbeKSTkTOTenw&tSfttOratd H»Tro.Trt» canal*; «■ lSJVo&eCmrr«c£leMkOfcloM pUing to protect the tooti bank cf lh;nver near too tcuaoc* and aa -x --tcceics cftlie south pUr for 600 f«tDy crjM filial wltt stooe. Tbs improvement* At Black Tj*w exteottoti of the preacai piers, 512 rnnnics fketta all, md dredg ing. IhedreoKlng willbebenresatee piers. acd ;or placing me n»v crtbs, and wt 3 amount to cask yams, more orlrsa. Plans and specifications are on. 81* In the o£Bt.-e, aaC will be shuwn M oil who to examine them far ttu pnrpcst of esOmatm?. Ti e tropcmi* wiUbe eccarate Kr eaca worts esdfor each dees of material or Labor fcr work. Bldi win be rolved tor a part: or lor the wbol* of eltba work. The work to n- .'mlshod by October 1,1863. Tr «e won* will be lai to ts»lowest rttopoaslbio bid* rter, reserving to the United States the right to reject toy nr all bids. i Btddse are requested to bepresestspon theopealrs of Thu hide. Ul (ill. JfuE. The e apiieate pr/jcshla win be endorsed, enclosed it sepsraie envelopes, and addressed to MA J JH J. B, U. S. Eaglc»er« t MUwantca, Wls. Cue 'Notices OOLLTUCTOS’S NOTICE.—State ol \J TlUr.o!*.Gof^Ccmit7—*9* Carr CotLecroi>s omes, Cotet Boose. I ■' PchhcpoUceM^creby^ Jfe scribed Warrants have been placed la my tund* far January «• JS6B, and i»sntdfer'lbe concction n » g lg c^j>a MnSi^nl c i r caost^-enc^ one. athcMn Itotcrln »veoue JM ntsiOß STCjQfi, AA prerjon mt“ eswd u> 1111,1 assessment are t£’&v,Sx*to witt immediate oarmest at myotnee. Ic. tlebinli of each payment tie said assesenea. will b*! coUee.nSi at the «nt acd azpecse ol liable fhe.Pilor. - A. H- HHAIiU, /--iOLLECTOK’B NOTICE State ol 1/ Ihlrols.'Coob County—m. CmrCnixicroß'somcx.rocßtHorsß,) • _ VII Boom 2Co. 11. CHicaan. Jsa. lltfl. 1377. J PnbUcnotice is hireby given that the following de scribed Warrants have been placed in my bands for ool lecticn, to wit: Warrant No. TO. West—Bated Dec. 37th. ISC6, and is* saedßribe collection of » special assewment levied far opening so alley,- fanrteen fwt wide, tnrongh the soath part ol blocks?. In Canal Trustees* Bobdimtoa of 6<cUoa7, Town 32, N. H. 14, £. from Paulina street to Wood street, ro that the north line of said oropoeed alley ehsU be parallel to and 1131-10 lect from the south tine ot WamnVttreet. Warrant No. 783. WeaS-Oatcd Drc. 39th, idea, and Is sued lor the collection of aspeelal assessment lcv*od fai reconstrncUng side walk, on the west side ol Central avenneand south aide ot P«*ree street . Warrant No. 532, South-Dated Doc. 27th. IBM; mod ts sued tot the collection of* special assearaent levied far the erection of eight (3) lamp posts on Fourteenth sttrettbetweeo BtatoitrwtaadlndlansaTrane. • Warrant Ko. WO, South—Dated Dec. TUh, 18«, and la med lor the collection ot * special aueesment levied tor the erection cl seventeen 07) lamp *o»y, oo VTai*. lg srenue, between Twenty-ofth and Xwenty-c^nuj tntcreeted la sold assesyments are re auftet to make Immediate payment at my ogloe. u - denMUtormcbpaymriittbosald wUI be "\V'i fHemrat. ~VTGOR. PHYMCAI VIGOR the main safegniri of health. ft'repeU and Jipktt off t morbid element* tcfltdi mpertruiuce disrate. The K l “ d Q ne * u °o» therefore,-is,-How shall tala repellcn ‘pcicer^h e Increased where it is bat feeble, aao acQQi'reA where U icarceiy casts at aU ? There was* time *. w kea thja question could not be satljfac tofily Bat ihe problem la now solved. Is baa been prorv &7 the experience of more fourteen yean a ** HOSTL’GTTER’B STOMACH BITTERS Bo thoroughly relflftrco both t&g ca nstitatioa and the Bcerctiva ami the nerroae systems .** to render ths bo-ly comraraTtrcly Inruiatrsblc to fhs Inilnencw which prostrateatr many theoatnds on beda ofalrhuess, tuTMioos parts ot the worth’- *t alt i-a sous ot the year. As an Invigorating, ratal, ttlog and restorative preparation, suited to all climate* and to nil contingencies. II Hands anoas among a'odera mcdidncs.. It is the only tonic of which the sumntat iug principle Is perfe-uu pure. Be basts is tee e»*entto\ principle o/*numt Rye, admlttni by aaalyd ratcbrtnlsiaandmedlrai practliioiien to bo the most ccnlsl and barmlnsi ol sitmolU aod this Raid U rargnlofatl the crudities which belong to it as 11 tomes from the manufacturer, before t*tnena<Ht lathd composition of The Bitten.' Tho alterative, corrective s&J restorative properties cl the preparation are de rived cxclumsly from room acd plants tho virtue* of which are arkhowladged by pbarmaesuttsu and phy sicians, and which are onen prescribed wj»omMp by the profession. Never, however, were lhe«e loyal-• able vpfrtablo agents fimifc/nnl far preeentim sad ritntJUttpiirfHfitM until thchygetan compound. Hostetler’s Stomach Hitters, was given to the world. Tho stomachic anil antt-blHoov operation of the great restorative has long stneo rendered it a * tan riant medicine far complaint* of tho digestive org«uand the liver. In tfil part* of the Western hemisphere: but ins no lesa deservedly celebrated as a preventive of epidemics, and cf the various disorder* generated by malaria and impnre water. INDIGESTION—DYSPEPSIA. Psogesss has lu permittee. As the world advance* is civilisation, tt becomes more luxurious. acd the pampering ot the body seems to be on inseparable ac companiment of the cultivation of the mind. This ought not to bo; butler*. and no argument cu alter (be tact, (bough wholesome advice and Judicious, pre cautionary and remedial treatment may mitigate the evil, harages, we are told, are not troubled with dys pepsia; but this-dictum la open to doubt. Privation and hardship, a# well aahlch living and dissipation, engender the ducaeo; and it woold therefbre seem ***** the man ot the wilderness, as well aa the dweHer la cities*, most be more or leas subject to {L One thing, however. Is certain; la bo country nrnler heaven is it so prevalent as la the United States. Here the dis ease baa become" domesticated; U-H to be (bandits almost every household; and, conaeqatttly, & Household Remedy for Dyspepsia Is ot inestimable value to the American people. Few disorders Involve greater suffering; and, (1 not in Itself Immediately dangerous. It Is the forerunner and sorregof many deadly maladies. But even if it did rot tend to shorten Ufo-which It undoubtedly does—the mental and physical misery which it pro duces, and which venders life comparatively unenjoy able, la a sufficient reason why no pains should bo spared In the effort to prevent and cure it.* Physicians, as a general rule, admit that no disease gives them so much trouble as dyspepsia; but they attribute the difficulty of curing it to the unwilling ness of their patients to abandon the habits which occasion It,—each as excessive application to bust new, hastiness fn eating. 4c., 4e. It is no doubt true that the best treatment ot a complaint may fall to cure It, if the patient refuses to exercise common pnx dtnee. But it la also true that what am called the 4'Slctai rttmtiu* for dyspepsia do not under any cir cumstances produce permanent relief; On the other band. It Is a tact established by thousands of creditable witnesses, whose testimony la simply a statement o< their own experiences, that Hosteller's Stomach . Bitters wtft cure rfte mohrrfy, and that aa occasional uvs of the preparation after the euro has bcea effected Is a perpetual saftguanl against the recurrence of the symptoms. On this account many intelligent mem tier* ot the tenuity have abandoned alt the stereotyped prescriptions of the pharmacopeia, and now tuva rlably.aad, with great success, administer tnfs popu lar tonic. FEVER AND AGDE-INTERMIT TENTS GENERALLY. Fern Agc*, unlortunalely, u too widely known by experience to reader a lengthened descrip tion of Hs symptom* necessary. In order to escape lexer and ague la any region, it it only nciesMty to fortify the system against atm*a pbcrlc poison by the regular ns* of Jfoj.lfllcr's Siomacb fiitlcn. By this mean* all Onngprls arcldoil. Borne rules hara cxccpiltmsi tfiu 4«s nunc. So sorely at the tUTTRIia nre inlccn as a prerentlre, so surrly will the Imllndual w Im adepts this precaution bdexetnpted (rota the pains ami penalties ol one ui tbo most iitrassin* c-uup'slaU to which the tlweilet* Ui unhealthy districts am sulk Jccinl. Ada retiinly,Hi* preparation has njcoual. tVlitouteuliMlln* any of ths unpleasant and daugtr* tins cidi’«in9nc« wnieti nceoitifany and follow tun it*o rfdulnine.U breaks nplbe paroxysms and fsptd* ly mlwrrs the itmigtli of (be ooninJeaceui. If me jirepsrntlorv hnd no oilier merit man tu wimdcrful citltneynsn prerentive of, ftbdcuroloMoUrmlimni fsrfr, il would I* snanjolsofUtsdrst nmo«My mall new sriinmenK ami low. marshy dlsineu. Add to Hus Ms value a# a ‘inruaetilc and an antl-ld'lous atfimb and wl.o.will venture to aniiwar U« claims u> M« .tint p/ocs imnno PuoiUy »l»tlirlnc# < EIIICOS REMITTENT ESTER. Tut* U a dlsewe ot a more malignant type than ordinary "chills and fryer, "but it spilnga.from the sama came, muJorlo. xpd may bo foreataUed by tha samo macs, a precautionary coarse oC Hosteller’s Stomach Bitters. In order to render tbo- system it must be endowed with extra vigor, and put in all respects id perfect order. To effect these objects, the BimtKS lo. Eeiaittent is flrndy be littved, may be certainly prevented by the dally use of this vnapproaclqble prcualce prega&aum. If ths OiMcder La already la progresa, U thottld be takesbo tareen the hot stages. As the poioa is up to one hua gffd and. twenty or one hundred.and thirty dcrlng hot fits, v. would not, of course, tu jirndetu to admin ister tbo ton'crAen,’ bntwtenfrostratloneomeson, atdttopa!suJsthin and fteble,ltmay^beglrcawlta great, advantage, and also wbea the patient is recover ing. as a means of recruiting the strength. Indeed, In all case* cf convalescence this powtufhl but barm- IcastonJe should be admin Is l«red_ It lathe joftataa wel) aaths.bestot restorauvea. BILIOUSNESS. Tai; llrcr is tte’uircat gland la. ihebcdy, and the moat important of the aecrttlro organs,,except the membrane whichsecretes the parade Juice, the Quid which dlaiolres the lood. Wbenlttanalopertbrmlt* function!, the wt cl# system sixirarx. Its peculiar ofics is to take the eaperahundant carbon cf the blood. Tb la carbon it unites with otto .element* and thereby -faima the bVtttx-linll called 60r, whteh Is ponied 1 Into the npper bowel, and greatly facilitates the pro* reeasea ot dlgaatlou and.eaxction.. TThea the lira does not wcr>, the bile his. to be token oat cl the blocdbytho kidneys j at 4 hence In, bllloaa disorder* the write. Is ol a deep, yellow color. The kidneys, however* cannot clspote ol all the bile, and, cocao qncntly, much of It through the surface ot the bcoy, giving the iklaand the Whytes ol that saCros tinge which la one of the isostnotedsynptoms of a uscrdcred aver. It Is abtotutely euenttat to •xatth that tAU patrerfal glead thouid fa iti Ouitt Ckcrjugilx asd i cu\ cfocWtt* probably one-fcurth of the people or this coon try know what It la to be bilious; and In tropical dim axes me proportion of sufferers la much greater. If what are called “antl-bilhroa medicines” were reaQy.whst they purport to be; the disease would soon become ' obtotete; lorthtlrname is lesion. Bat.neither mer cery, the odclal rcmedr.nor the drastic adver tised under io many titles, seem to d©- aired effect. In diet, calomel and blue pTU- have pro* babiy born more lata) to the human race ,' than.'the tv rices ftrnu of Urer. complaint combined., ’ ■ Bosietter** Huten alone, ot s)t the medldaen at present In exist eace, fhlly jendea of wMtHtenned“oslZro«skastf <^b< >rfy.o‘ This pre> parsUon, ilKe the blZeitsem f*ju*|ml]d avert*ni pro* t erty, and therefore (whro*.te secretion of that nato ral cathartic la or. impeded* It 1* exceed irgly nseftl as * means 'oi prevontlns Itsr'l twretloa* tntte Intestinal canal. costtreoe*. it also nets directly moat htneflcially. npoa tho biliary orgasms* laTfqorent-and corrective regu lator. Fersoiu ruth a ronsttinttcnal taideacy to Urey, disease may a*«uie exemption trcm Us aUach» by tax ng a small 0\>»o of the DITTEB3 once or twice a day. EOSTETTEn’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS «*old by nil Reapectnbla Dranltts in all parts et ihe Weril. ; HOSXEXTEE & SMITH, Proprietors, P«*