Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 22, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 22, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. latest Despatches by Ocean Telegraph. PartM Reorganization of the French Cabinet. An English View of Napoleon’s ” Future Policy. The English Ministry Will Bring Forward no Reform Bill. FROM WASiMim Text of Mi. Garfield’s Bill for the Examination of Treasury Accounts. Prevailing Opinion in Regard to tlie Currency Question. Hie Low Antborizins Monthly Con traction will Probably be Repealed. CONGRESS. Senate Action on the New Tariff Bill. Alterations, Additions and Ex emptions Proposed. House—Bill Introduced to Define tlie Powers of the Supreme Court. Passage ol Mr. Morrill’s Gold Sale Bill —Its Provisions. Effect of the late Snow Storm on Railroad Travel. New York Central and Hudson Hiver Bailroad Difficulties Settled, FROM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. rAimAi- heoiujanization or the fuencu cab . INET. Darts. January SI. All the members of the Cabinet tendered their resignations to the Emperor, but six of them ■were not accepted. Tbc resignation of M. Fonld was among those accepted. Si- Ranker remains in the Cabinet, and at present will preside over the Finance ard State Dcpanmcnte. Gcrwiliy will take charge of the Naval, and Larsqustte of the Agricultural Departments.' The rest of the Cabi net la unchanged. liberal french rourr humored. Fairs, January 2t. It is elated in official circles that tbc powers of tic Senate will bo increased. A majority of the journals declare that the terms announced by the Emperor are very liberal. Tams, January 21—Evening. The ilorilteur says the Govcrnmect is anxious to explain to the French Chambers its foreign policy, and will accept questions on the subject at the opening of the session, which mil be substi tuted for the usual debate upon the address. BAZAIKX REMOVED. There ie a tumor that an order has been Issued which relieved Marshal Dazatne of bU high pow ers in Mexico. AN English new or napoleon’s future policy London, January SI. It la reported that there i'a much excitement in Paris over the changes in the Cabinet anti it is thought (her indicate a mom warlike policy on the part of the Emperor. The French press ap plauds the refotui wade bj Napoleon. so Huron* bux to ee rnESESTEn, It Is eaid Ixird Derby has concluded not to pn cent a Govern tDentHcfarm Dll) to Parliament. EEKEWEXJ DISTtrniJAXCES IS LrUAJ.'OS. MAtx«£iLLE«, January 2t. Despatches from the Eaet elate that troubles in Lebanon have been renewed. ercaßiEitaitun'AL. Queckbtowx, January 21. Hie steamer City of Washington, from New York, touched here to-day-and proceeded to Liver pool. Lutret Pereira Vlarket?. . LivKeiH>on. January 71, Gotten to-day shows-n declining tendency. ~oc n»ar ktt is doll and salts amounted «o 0,000 oalcs middling ujilai ds at liy.'il. -T/»?:ncjf. Jaouary 21. Conao!»,9oH Ihr minor? American securities—s-235, ,*<% ; Illinois Central. £o# ; Erie. 43. Lxvtnroou January 21—Evening. Cotton ccntlnnrs dull but.prices are unchanged. Petroleum ecld to-day at Is Cjfd for rellucd. LmouvoL, January 2L Uraeed cakes £ll per ton. Low*. January 21—Hvenlcg. Orm: consols closed IWV lor money: Five twenties, 72* ; Illinois Central, fO*: Eric. 43. Pacu, January SL Vetted States bonds, 72. fuajtkfoct, January 2U Tivc-TwetUei, 75. BK STEA3IEB. Political KxileM Tall for tlicOrcrthrow of the Pope—American Rifles for the Swiss Army—Tlie Xnrklub Gororn ment and Its Revolutionary Sub jects, J’onrLASD, January 21.—The steamer North American, from Liverpool, ifith, and Gieenca-*ue, lUh, arrived to-nigci. News mainly aatici patt-d. The political exiles at Bologna had largely •signed an addiera wbjch virtually calls fur tnc overthrow of tlr; Pope; Liberty, it declares. Is only to be won by bloodshed. - The Introduction of tnc Winchester rifle in th- Swits army is delayed by the refusal of the Ameri can xoanniacloiy at New Haven to nuke rides in Switzerland. The Turkish Government has received Info-ma lion of plane fanned by the Greek party of action fur fomenting insurrection in other islands of the Archipelago. ’lhc redaction ol the Bank of England's rate of to three per cent Is expected soon. mo3i Washington. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} * WxsnisoTos, January 91. novEßson olux’s scheme or recoxstccctiox is being vigorously urged. U Is substantially universal amnesty for nuivcre&i snSiage. except ft at the booth is not to grant suSragetttt the Northern State agree to do the same. It Is claimed by the Southern men that President John son and ceitam members of the Supreme Court are now committed to the plan. Few Congress men favor the project, while most denounce it os a frank movcoem in favor of the President, THE CUBitXHCT QUK9TIOK. Hr. Morrill, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, and Mr. Uooper, Cbalrmm of the Backs and Currency Committee, hate prepared speeches on financial questions which will be delivered at an cad; day. The Ways and Means Committee is not ready to report regard ing contraction. -The feeling in the Committee la strong against Mr. McCulloch's policy. The Committee and many members of the douse hare received a large number of letters, most of wb ich urge that oven the present authorized rate of four millions may be reduced or taken array entirely. Mr. dockland, of Ohio, a member of the Commit tee on Banka ana Currency, has presented a bill and had U referred to his Committee, repealing the law authorising the contraction of four millions per month. The opinion of financial men in the Hoards that It will be re ported and passed. A resolution will he soon of fered fixing the amount of gold that shall he kept on band. Tbnsfar the Committee ofWsysacd Means have heecttnablc to agree upon the amount, hat it is thought certain that the House will fix a sum. TOE COLD SILL was pet through the House by an almost nnani auons vote this afternoon, hardly a dozen mem s ben answering when the negative was called for. it will entirely break up the custom of selling gold secretly, as It requires tbat when the Department nas any for sale, notice of not less Than elx days shall he given by advertisement here and in New York. Sealed proposals shall be received by the Treasurer at N w York, and the highest responsible bidder will get the gold. Compound interest notes win be received In pay ment at tbeir face and accrncd IntercdL It Is un derstood that the Department till &a make any •farther sale for some weeks, whether the bill does or does not become a law. lUI RANDALL FINANCE DILL. It has been Incorrectly slated that the House Committee on Ratios n-mt Currency had agreed to the Randall hill import ed last Friday. It was merely -reported without recommendation for printing, and the committee *lll consider it on Wednesday. It (a believed tbat a majority of th-committee arc opposed lo Its passage. nETEJfCE SOHINATIORB. The Finance Committed reported to-diy upon * contidciaolc number of Infernal revenue nomina tions sent In by the President, and recommended their rejection by the Senate, and the advice of -the Committee will undoubtedly be followed w hen action is taken. OH TUB SBTZSKD LIST. It is understood that General fi. D. Townsend bus been appointed Adjutant General, vice Gen eral Dorenzo Thomas, placed on the retired list ; TE* irODRUN 3COBZS UEDITIVCS. A delegation of negroes ’ recently called on Mr. Johnson, when ho *sli to thorn: *‘Bo you bare decided Co cist yonr lolwllh lbs Radicals, and mike Sumner yourQod. If yon bad placed moroeondden'ota mx, 1 abotrid hare been able to help job, hot now 1 can do nothin}; for you. Aitxront waxtxo. An attempt was made tn the donate to-day, of Senator Wade, to brier the remainder of tht DoolliUo-Ncsmlth Indian U.hf, but Senator heinith I Dilated that thee baa bean no suppression, and that the report woo'd be shortly made. His own report has been fn print nearly a year and carefully guarded at ihc Government printing office, where it now lies beyond the reach of Congressmen. ToorxesßX coktwtxd exit. The Douse Committee on Elections hare been on- able to make anything oat ol the paper* and argu ments heretofore submitted In the Tennessee contested scat case of Thomas against Anieli, and to-day they repotted a resolution calculated to brier matters to an issue. Thomas Is required within eight days to serve upon Arneil a specific and detailed claim for the seat. Arnell moat an swer In eight days more, and then eighteen days will be given to an examination. The case would have bcen.decldcd before this had Mr. Thomas’ papers been specific instead of general in the first place. oocKcntrcnrEua. Quite a number of counterfeiters of our nation al currency hare been convicted at the recent term of the Criminal Court of New York, and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, va rying from one to twelve years. The parties were ail detected by the officers of the Secret Service Division of the Treasury. ACUOUTSOW. A row occnrrqfl at Willard’s this moralig be tween Mr. Holbrook, Delegate from Idaho Terri tory, an 1 Ex-Governor Cummins. The Srar says tnvy met in the ball, when Holbrook asked Cum min* if bo certified that the facta were true contained in an article published tn the C/>romclf‘ot ibis morning, charging that the ucw ly-appolntcd Governor of Idaho, Don. John M. Murphy, bad been indicted for malfeasance in office, ard that the county safe In his possession having bees broken open..eomcoftbeparloloed moneys were subsequently found in his bed. Mr. Cummlrs sold that Ihe charges were true, when Mr. Holbrook sold, in effect, that he might as well charge that the President appointed thieves to offic. Mr. Cummins replied, and Mr. Holbrook struck him in the face with his fist, and then, using his cane, knocked him down. Cummins immedi ately regained his feel and and afacked Holbrook wUhMafisfr. At this point other parties Inter fered, and further figbring was prevented. FUZE KOSXT. ** The Fourth Auditor of the Treasury, on Satur day, Issued a certificate to Commander George M. CoKerdresser for £19.101, being hia share of prize money arising from the capture of the blockade runner Stephen Hart and cargo, during the war. This is the largest sum overpaid to any one per son for prize money, with one exception. counterfeit plate. The detectives of the Secret Service Division of the treasury Department have, within a day, of* ieclcd the seizure of the plate of a counterfeit on ibe tmaJl Issue of fifty cent fractional currency soles, bearing the vicnulte of Genera) Washing* ton. The pUte was cautured in Cincinnati. severe snow Fionas is texas. . The Commissioner of Agriculture has received p letter from a farmer at Son Antonio, Texas, staling that a terrible enow storm took place •here on New Year’s Day, nnfl the weather con* tinned very cold. Over 1,000 head of sheep per* Ifhcd from the cold on several farms In the neighborhood. FAIR WEATHER AO AIK, Tbc sterm has ceased audit is clear Ibis even ing. Thu New York trains have been eight hours behind to-day. There isno expectation thauhey v.III run on time before day after to-morrow. The tiau.s from the Weal are not* ns seriously delayed. EXAMINATION OP TREASURY ACCOUNTS. Washington, January ill.—Tho following arc the (Cannes of the bill introduced by Itcprcscnta live Garfield, to-day, to provide tor the aopolnc meat of three citizens, uot holding any Federal office, with full power to examine alt books, let ters, papers, vaults and deposit* in tbo Treasury and f»uh-Trcasnry. They are to report to Con gress in reference to the receipt and disbursement ol public money. Second. The actual amount of money in the Treasury, specifying the amount of coin. United States and Nationalßanknotes, ihird. The Qinonrtof public money deposited with designated depositories, and mode of man aging the same. Fourth. The amount and dcsriplion of bonds deposited in the Treasury bv National Banks to secure their circulation. Fifth. Tire- manner of paying Interest on bonds ard tafegnn’ds against duplication and counter feiting of coupons. birth. The sale of gold, purchase and sale of bond* and other securities of the United States, amounts ana rates of purchase a*id sale, amounts of commUstou paid ami to whom paid. Seventh. The engraving, printing and issuing of National Bank notes. Girted Stoics bonds, legal tender notes and fractional currency. Eii-Llh. The redemption, cancellation andde ►liticuon of all Dniti-d States paper representing value. Ninth. The manner ofkcoping accounts,ond'tlng c'alms, and h-sniug variants lur the payment or money trout the Treasury. Tenth. An' oihcrsngccsUonorrecommcudaUon affecting the efficiency and security of transac tions In tbo Treasury Department. I lie examiners are empowered to administer oaths to witnesses, and to employ a stenographer. SUPREME COURT OASES. James C. Borrows, platmid in error, vs. Gran ville 6. Kindred, in error, to Circuit Court of the United ? tares ter the Southern District of Illinois. Justice Swayue delivered the opinion of tae court reversing the judgment of the Court hi-low. The Mississippi and Missouri Railroad Compa ny, plaintiff iu error, cs. Patrick W. Rock, ft all In error, to Supremo Court of lowa. Justice Ml ler delivered Uie opinion oft He Court in tnlscasc, dismissing (he wm of error for want of Jurisdic tion. The ronrt announced an adjourned term, com mencing on the first Monday In April The pres ent term will elope the first Afocdjy In Marcn. WITNESSES IN THE SURRATT CASE. John >!. Lloyd and David Deed hare been bo* fore the OranJ Jury In the case of John ll.'Sar* rati. Ibe flirt named kept the Surratt Tarera at Siirratirvllle. tus TiitAicnT pKraßnrmrr ctmiOAt roncß. In euchcnnence nr Congress sinking out of 'be DcUcici cy JlUi the danse appropriatingsso,ooDfor temporary clerks hi the Treasury Department, that Department will be compelled to discharge fifiy-lhc clerks on op before the 15th of February. ’I he secretary regrets very much throwing dis abled Mildl.-ra and others out of employment during the present inclement season, and espe cially In \tew of the fact that there is plenty of «oik tor them. EXPECTED VETOES, The general Impression Is that the President -.till veto ihe Colorado anu Nebraska bills, and ibal both «111 l»e carried over hi? veto a soirru caholixa tetitiox. WAsnnfOTOx, January 2l.—Five ihonsand clli ztns of Western North Carolina have pctliionod v c House for the formation of a new State on the lecosEtiucthm of North Carolina on a loyal basis. akotuxu fixaxciai. measure. Mr. Allison, of Ohio, bis prepared a resolution, which be intends lo offer n the House, author- lEirgiheifsnc of fifty million io notes, at Urn per cent interest, to late the place of compound l-K-re.Hiirtcs. Jho resolution has been o-lore the Committee of Ways and Means, but the mem bers are unable to agree upon it. TEIOUTOniAL MOVEMENT AT TTTE SOUTH. l.w -I. At *Tk.. V.w V .bt. New Vobk, Joimitty 21.—The- New York 7rii<imc'aWashlnc«ouFpecial says: “A promi nent Southern editor, formerly a rebel officer, made a remark recently to »omo Congressmen that be was convinced, from experience with in ilucniial men of bis Slate, that they intend soon making a movement to have Congress declare the Southern Stales Temtoiles, thus allowing them delegates to Congress, thereby getting a beating, and thus hasten reconstruction." 2IARTLAND SEKATOUsnir. New York, January 21—The 'UeraJcTM Wash ington spterial says: "There is a dead lock in the Maryland LccifJatnre which promises to de feat tbojJana of Governor Swann to beclected as United States Senator." MILITARY AHPIOXMEXTS, Wasiiikctox, January 2!.—Brevet Major Gen eral Wm. 11. Carlin, Major Thirty-fourth Dal ted States infantry, is assigned to doty as Assistant Commissioneroftneßurcan of Itefogees, Freed men and Abandoned Lands for the State of Tennessee. Ucuicnant General Sherman, commanding the military division of the Missouri has made toe fol lowing assignment of officers in bis command: Department of Arkansas, to be commanded by Brevet Major General Ora, headquarters at Fort Mnith, Arkansas ; Department of Missouri, lobe commanded by Major General Winfield S. Han cock, headquarters at Fort Leaven worth, Kaunas; Derailment of the Platte, to be commanded by Brevet Maior General P. St, Qco. Cooke, head'- quarters at Omaha. Nebraska: Department of Dakoiah, to be commanded by Brevet Major General A. U. Terry,headquarters at Fort Sacll ing. Mmn. *J ho following officers are announced as the stair ol the Lienfcnapl General: Colonel W. A. Nichols, Adjutant General: Cap lain It. M. Sawyer, Twenty-fifth Inlantry. Assist ant Adjutant General; LUntenont Colonel U M. Dayton, Military Secretary; Lieutenant Colonel ,1. McCoy, Aid-de-Csrap; I.icnlcnaatj Colonel It. B. Moty. Inspector General; Colonel J. L. Donaldson, Chief Quartermaster: MajorT. 7. Haines, Chiel of Commissary; Major Elmer Otis, special inspector of Cavalry. xiutaut onnxn. AlJ4»Ata» VIWMM Gcdcral Orders No. 1 from the War Department direct* that offices of Assslstant Judge Advocate Gincrel, established at Louisville, Kentucky, bv General Orders of July, isftl, be discontinued. Lrovct Brigadier General William U.jDnno.Aasist ant Judge Advocate General, Is assigned to duty at Wasmnaton, D. C. RATAL CHARGES. vnuuiio. Commander Irwin, and Commodore Turner, Lieutenant Commander McCauley, have been de tached f.omdntyja; League Island; Commodore Gibson. Commodore Hansom, and Lieutenant Commander Henry, ordered to lake their places, several other appointments made to the League Island Iron Clad Department. B"OXGBESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS, Wabuisqtor, January 31 SENATE. \. A T^) l l , °. pr £ v . e oc , d pnnlxh illegal voting In the District of Columbia passed * Onmoilonof Hr.WliJaAMb, the Committee on Indian Affaire.were! Instructed 1o report the facts connected with the late mssaacro at Fort Phil. Kearney, and what legManou'ls necessary to protect the sealers from Indian depredations. Mr. SUMNKK called op hla resolution railing npon the President for any correxnoudence with Mr. Motley respecting his resignation as Minister to Vienna, The resolution was agreed to. Mr. BROWN Introduced a bill to amend the act entitled "an act emoting lands to aid In the con blmctlou of a railroad and telegraph line from the -isles of Missouri and Arkansas to tho Pacific Ocean, and to facilitate the early const ruction of the Atlantic A Pacific Railroad,'' which pro \ldts that the company shall alto have the right to coreirnct a branch from a point on the mam line to the southern boundary of the United States fo the direction uttbe waters of the Gulf of California, and whenever the proper authorities of Mexico shall have made tbo necessary toners tdom* for fo much ofa connecting toil a< lie with in the Territory ol Mexico, this comp my ie empowered to accept such cances sfon and hold the same as a part of its franchise and co-operstlvejproperty. Mr. IlEl'iDtlhiON introduced a bill to aid the construction of the Kansas A Neosho Variey Rallioad. Referred. Air. WADE offered a resolution, calling npon the Secretary of tho Interior for copies ot all re pona legargmgtbe investigation feto the condi tion of Indian nflalre otdetcdjiy Congress m igcs, and tabled. The Tat 10 BUI was then taken np and read bcvcral amendments, most of them verbal, were adopted. Verrlutb was inserted so as to include il among cordials, liquors and hitters, npon which a duty of $8 90 was imposed. In the paragraph on wines, Irrespective of valne. fiftycenta per, gallon, the words ** cost of ca»k included” were stricken out, and “imported in casks inserted. The following amendment was adopted: On all trines Imported In battles, not otnervlae herein provided for. $3 per dozen, bottles ol loss than a pint each; s3per dozen, bottles of more thin a pint. An amendment was adopted repealing the act of 17W allowing for drawbacks npon wines. The words ‘on pain of torCeitare” were added after the words‘‘and no entry of any imported cigars shall be allowed of lees quantity than 8,000 In a ctnrlecsto.” , . ~ The Only on flax packed and known os dressed live was exchanged trom twenty to thirty dollara per ton. The words “on oilk plush fortno menu, lactuieofhats, thirty-five percent ad retomn.” sere insetted. Tbc on valorem duty on linen .threads, yarn*, lines and skeins, Ac., was chtnged from 03 to 35 per cent. A proviso was adopted that no iron' except raO- Cfyicaga YOL. XX. road Iron and scrap shall pay a dnty of leas than 25 1 er cent cd valorem. The doty on nickel was changed from 15 per cent cd valorem to to cents per pound; on acet ate of lead from 10 to 15 cents per pound; on acids from 10 to 15 cents; on cream of tartar from 7to 10cents; on bromine from 49- to 75 cents per pound; on bromite of potassium from 65 cents to £1 per pound; on corrosive enblimate. cyanide of mercury, red oxide of mercury, acd other salts and preparations of mercury, not otherwise pro vided for, trom 20 per cent cpf valorem to 15 cents per pound Muriate of lime and citrate of lime, from. 20 per Muted valorem to 1 cent perS> on muriate, and 3c per tb on citrate; on oil of ergot, from $3 to SI per lb. A provision web adopted, that upon all medi cine compounds, of which distilled spirits are a component part, the dnty upon such distilled spirit shall be added to the duly on the manofic tored drugs. The dnty on grindstones, finished, was changed from £0 per cent ad valorem to £5 per ton; on building or monumental atone, finished, from 33 per cent ad valorem to £2 per ton of thirteen cubic feet. On Import'd hooka acd printed matter, from 3Cc per m to 35 per cent ad valorem. On barley, from 15 to 10 cents per bushel. T he following items are added to the free list of the printed bill: Animals Importedas specimens of natural bls’orj; regalia need for religious cere monies. The reading of the bill was almost concluded when the Senate adjourned. BOUSE. Mr.BAKED introduced a joint resolution declar ing that the fen comm unities lately in rebellion were left without a civil Government on tbo over throw of the re' elUcm, acd that the pretenoed Governments since set up therein through milita ry interference of tic President of the United States arc de facto Governments of military origin, without civil foundation, arc not valid State Gov ernments under the Constitution of the United States, and can only become t ueb, if at all, by be ltg‘o recognized ard declared by Congress In dne form of Law. Deterred to Judiciary Com mittee. Mr. BROMTCEI.L aped leavetolnirodnceaJoint resolution declaring the power of amending the Constitution. Uiesoives,afUra lone preamble, that in notifying tic amendments to the Constitu tion, as veil those sow pending as those which may hereafter be proposedby Congress, the States not represented mConCT> 88 shall not be entitled to any vote, and shall be incapable either ofac ceptii'g or rejecting any eucn amendment, and that when any amendment to the Constitution is propond by Congress, U shall be adopted by two* Ui rd,- of the Plates recognized by Congress as lawfully entitled to vote on U. Air LbBLOND moved leavebenotgiven. The vole rceunlted yeas W. nays 3-1. Thu resolution was intiodneed and referred to the Committee on r.tccjifUucUun. Mr HILL introduced a Joint resolution sub penuieg the retirement or conciliation of legal tender notes f- r two : cars. Deferred to the- Judiciary Committee. Mr. WILLIAMS asked leave to introduce a bill to reguluic the practice and define the powers of the Supreme Court In certain cases. Jtpro vide* (bat all cases of \m* of error from and ap peals to the Supremo Court of the Dulled Steles, wLciem is shown in question the validity of any statute or other authority of the United states, or the validity of a statute of, or an authority exercised under any-'date, on ground of repugnancy with the Constitution or lows of the United Stater, the hearing snail be bad only before the full berch of ibo Judges of such Coar, and iiojudgmeßtrhallbercudcied, or decisions given agaiin-t the validity oi any stetnte or any authciiry exercised by the Uclled Stales, unless with a conference of all the Judges of such Court. Mr. LeBLOND objected. Question taken— yeas. ltd; nays. 39. The lull was therefore introduced and referred to lie Judiciary Committee. Mr. MOKRILL, trom the Committee on Ways ard Means, asked leave to report a hill to provide tor the talc of gold, for the purpose of patting It on its passage. Mr. WILSON objected. Mr. MOitltlLl. moved to suspend tbc mica for the purpose of enabling him to report the bill. The bill was read. It directs that wheueverany sale ofcolu la made from the Treasury of the United Flutes, pub.ic notice of at least four days shall be given iu nue doily newspaper of Washing ton and New York, designating the amount to be offered, In stating proposals for aay part then of, and naming the place and hour up to which such sealed proposals will be re ceived, the terms of payment, and when and where such proposals will he opened, lobe ad dressed to the Assistant Treasurer at New York, and opened aud declared by him, iu presence of such persons as may choose to attend id the lime designated tn ibe notice, no proposal to be con sidered unless accompanied by a certificate of de posit of the Treasury of the united States ot five per cent of the American coin bid for in such pro posal, which Is to bo received in part oaymunt when the proposal is accepted. *or re funded to tbc parly when not accepted. The payment for ccm may he received in compound interest notes, with interest accrued thereon. Tbo Assistant Treasurer, with the ap proval of the Secretary of the Treasury, la to have tbc right to reject the whole or any part of such proposals, provided that none but the bfghca> bid shall he accepted, and different bids at the same rate shall be accepted Dro-rata. limes susdeoded, 119 against 89. Mr. DELANO moved to amend the bill by making ibe notice not less than six days. Mr. MORRILL accepted tbo amendment Thu Mir parsed. Mr. DOCKLAND introduced a hill to amend the act of March Sd. so as to prevent any farther withdrawing or dimmlnutiou of legal tender notes. Referred to Committee on Banking and Currency. Mr. MAYNARD introduced a bill for the publi cation of the laws in States recently In rebellion. Deterred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. STOKES Introduced a bill for the improve ment ot the navigation of Tennessee River. Re ferred •ibe f-PEAEER Introduced a till in relation to Uie Michigan dry Harbor Company* Deferred. Mr, WakP.ol Now York, asked leave tooSe tbc follow Wj Wuebcas, Br the laws Slab? of Maryland, persons who were oUloyal to tbc Government or t'-o United States, or cave aid and encouragement to rbo recent rebellion arc deprived of the elect* i\i>tronebito : amt Whereas, ItlsaT-gjd that at the lost election In tbc Slate of ilary*aud large numbers of per sons disqualified as afoneald‘lid vote for a Dep loemalncof tbc Fortieth Congress, and other officers; and WirarcAs, Hie further alleged that the armed forces of the United Slates were ordered by the Federal authorities to, and did co-operalc with the Executive authority of iho State of Mary land and others who were engaged with them In overriding tbc ConsUiutlon ana laws as aforesaid, snd s«*cniing the vote of rebels and poisons disqualified as aforesaid, and whereby quallfli-d and loyal voters of Maryland were de irmd from tbc tree exercise M the elective Iran chh c, at d from rtslsllcg and preventing the vio lation of ibe Constitution and laws aforesaid; tbcreloie, Jf'tolrtd, That the Commissioner of Elections shall inquire into and report whether the Consti tution and laws have been violated as aforesaid, ano whether the President nr any one under bis command has In any manner interlcrcd. with spill elections, and has in any way need or threatened to use the military power of the nation with teorence to ra*d election, and if so, whether It ws- upon the tcqul-lUun of the Gov ernor of Mary’and; and tbc committee shall have power to send fur persons and papers. After dheneeion the resolution was adopted— 10H against So. . Mr. NOEL introduced o bill to amend the negro suCiagc bill for the District ol Colombia, by abol- Isbioe all disfranchisement on account of sex. | Deferred to committee fur Ibe Distric’. Mr. UPSON introduced a bill to provide for sup plying the Slate Library of each State with a copy or each volume of reports oi decisions of iho Su preme Court hereafter, annually, as published. Deferred. Mr. DDIGGS introduced a bill to authorize tbc pre-emption and sale of town property in Great Sait Lake City. Utah. Deferred. Sir. FERRY introduced ablli to amend tbc act limber to prevent smuggling. Mr. WILSON, of lowa, introduced a bill to fix and establish thezeis and charges of agents and attorneys for collecting claims for pay, bounties and pun-iocs. Deferred. Mr. ( oBD introduced a joint resolution propos ing an amet dment to the Constitution. Deferred to the Judiciary. Also, a bill to provide for the distribution of tbc •aisul olTeicdby iho President for the capture of Jcfl. Davis Kvlcn cd to the Committee on Claims. Mr. GAPFiFLU introduced a bill tor iho exam ination ot the Trtasury DepartmenL Deterred tq tt.e Ways and Means. Mr. INOEKSOI.L ashed leave to introduce a icet’lullon appropilatiuir Sio.tOO for cl*tribntlon to the poorol iheDirtrics of Colombia, through Major General Howard aud the Mayor of Wash ington. Mr. WH SON objected. Executive commnucalions were received Iran - mUUnciherenoittd ihe Secretary of War on the cafe of colonel Si. I«gcr Gtcnfel and other mat ters cl minor Intercut. On motion of Mr. FADQUHAD the Select Com mittee on tbc murder ol United States soldiers In South Carolina was directed to inquire tuto tne public whipping of United Smtes citizens In North Carolina, particularly inltalcigh and Us vicinity, and ibe homing to death of citizens lu Sontn Car olina when confined in jail. On motion ol Mr. KEICHUM, tbc Commlltce of Ways and Means wa* instructed to inquire into the expediency of providing any law for the re demption ot onc-cent. two-ceot, ihrec-cent and Qve-ccst com at the Treasury and Assistant Treas erv of the United States, when presented in sums of not less than ten dollars. On motion of Ur. BANES, the Committee on library were authorized to contract with Bier ttadi tor two paintings, thoroughly American In chancier, representing some prominent feature ol tcencry or important event in American history, to fill two unoccupied ponds In the House Cham- The Honso proceeded to the discussion of Mr. Stevens's Reconstruction Dll), and was addressed by Mr. KERB. In opposition, and Mr. HIOBI in support of the bill. The former sustained the President’s policy in reference to establishing State Governments in the booth. Recces till half-pastecven. rvxxixo SESSION. Mr. TRIMBLE spoke against the Reconstruction Bill as a bill of attainder and fac'o law. Air. DODGE opposed the bill. He differed en tirely from the general sentiment on the Republi can side of the House. thinking himself that Con gress had already committed uscli against tbo vtcn that Slates recently In rebellion were not Sates in the Union. He had failed to find, either In Mr. Stevens' or Air. Ashley’s bill, toe first thing that promised peace, conciliation and oar mouy. lie also deprecated the Impeachment of the President. Mr. Ulfc-E made au argument against the bill, uc orclarrd himself opposed to giving any sub •tanilal caneo for revolution and resistance. Ills • pinion was there hat. never been s Slate out ot the Union, tod that none but Stales could govern or l*c governed by Congress. Tho power was lull to admit Slates, but there was u n power contorted upon Congress or reserved by the Slate* to expel **r take a State out. The details of the hill went to show that it eontcmpUied an establishment of a despotism in the Somh—a despotism in a coun try where nothing but a freo representative Gov. cromcot had ever existed or conld ever exist. He contended that cot for a momott was the repre sentative rights of tho bonthem States ever de stroyed. House adjourned. FROM ST. LOUIS. Effects) of tbo Great Snow Storm In miiaouri Steamer Burned Oilier Flrce* Ac. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Ixitns, January The snow storm which commenced Saturday morning continued till last evening Total fall eighteen Inches. The wind caused heavy drifts, and tho storm Is regarded as the heaviest for manyytaif. The Ohio and Mississippi, Terre Haute and Chicago Halos met with some detention. The Pacific and iron Mountain roads escaped serious detention. The scow appears to hare cessed west of Jefferson City. The Northern Missouri Rftlbosd did not send onttralns this morning to consequence ofthe ice at St, Charles. Tbc street • Bilroads were blockaded ail day yesterday, bat to-day ate in woiktsg order, ore flue suhstiiutlog bkJgbß for cars. The sleighing is excellent. The weather is milder to-day and the river is gorged : above, thinning out the fee In tbc harbor. The water, however, has fallen so much that naviga tion to oatro la visually suspended. Th e steamer Mexico, formerly • Izctta, wa burned to the v-aier’a edge at S a. m, near th? Arsenal. Nothing can be gained of the origin of the fire. except that it was occasioned by a defect ive floe. The boat waa laid up. with nobody on board but the watchman. Tbo nature of the lo cality prevented the firemen from doing anything to save ber, and the boat Is a total Toss. The steamers Illinois and Marietta laid in close prox imity to the burning steamer, and at one time seemed in imminent peril.bat were fortunately hauled away, with bat trifling damage, insured for £7,000. Three fires occurred yesterday, only one serious, dfs;rojinp the Irivoli Saloon. Loss,£d.oou,dam aging the Bon Ton Saloon, belonging to Mr. Franklin, of Cincinnati, to the amount of £II,OOO, and adjacent stores were damaged to the amount of £lo,6(o—partial Jnsnra»ice. Judge Prlmm. of the Criminal Court, decides that ibe prohibition of the aale of lottery tickets under former laws, though debarred by the new Constitution, Is a ve-ted ngbt and contrary to the Constitution of the TnUea States. Wood, Eddy & Co. were interested- TLc o>d King’s Hotel building occupied by 100 families, narrowly escaped destruction by Arc Sat urdaynight. FEOJL SPKUiCj FIELD. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Spncronmi, Hi., January SI. JTOBDEH CtItXNACD CODJTTT. Our neighboring village of Athens, In Menard County, was thrown into a state of considerable excitement on lasl Thursday, over the unwonted occorreiiceofamnrderlotncirialdßt, The facta which led to the fatal denouement are these; John T igbtucr, the murdered man, was a witness against Hubbard, the murderer, in a trespass suit, and proved some facts detrimental to the char acter of the latter, who, on tbe day following, had recourse to a club, with which be dashed tn the skull of l.lphmcr, who died in a few hoars. It Is said that Lightner drew a revolver on Hubbard, acd that after all, tbe killing was done la ten derer ce. Hubbard was held to ball in $5,000. THE GnCAT 650 W BTOIUC. The mow storm which commenced on Satnrdav morning last, contlntied without lutermlsslou un til last night at 12 o’clock. A northwest wind ac companied the storm and piled the anow in drifts of several feet, while upon the level it la not leaa than eighteen Inches. Railroad travel suffered a temporary suspension, though judging from the energy displayed in clearing the track the delay will be of abort duration. The train from St. Louis passed north about two hours late, aud the Chicago tram la expected about live hours laic. Old inhabitants say that as much enow has nut fallen in the same period in Central Illinois in iwclve years. ABSENT LEGISLATORS. Most of the members of the Legislature having gone to visit their families during the recess, it Is doubtful whether a Quorum will be here to-mor row to resume business. SPRINGFIELD HOSPITALITIES. The Register this evening donates four columns of nonpare l to extracts from country and city papers ot the State expressive of their hearty compli ments at the efforts made by our city and citizens to contribute to tboir comfort and graliflcallon dutng the late Convention. Judging from the tone of (be extracts there wonld eecm to be but one opinion on the subject. AMUSEMENTS. It affords me pKasnro to state that for tbc past two week* Mr. Dcsgle, the manager of our new Opera House, has placed legitimate pieces upon the hoards with a company not excelled In aay other theatre, and I understand that hh intention is to continue to put on the stage plays worthy the attention of the most Intelligent aud refitted audiences. SECOND DESPATCH. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Spbincfield, 111., January 21. J ALL QUIET. Owing to the prevalence of the slorm, and con sequent blocking np ot the roads, the absent mem bers of the Legislature have not yet returned, and nothing particular is going on. Governor Oglesby’s reception to-morrow eve and (he sleigh-riding furnish the staple topics of conver sation. THE INEVITABLE M’OTNNU. People wonder some here attic ignorance ol the New York Tribune in not knowing who Is McGiunis. Everybody here knows that be is cs- Govcrnor Matteson’s son-in-law; that be was one ofthoflnnofE. S. Fowler & Co., army contract ors, a shrewd young Democratic person, etc. That etc. may be understood as referring delicate ly to his little transactions la the army contract line. THE INDUSTRIAL COLLEGE LOCATION. Several of tbc lobbyists Interested la getting tbc industrial University located In their particu lar counties, are again moving about, waiting for riio Legislature to reassemble, that they may re commence their work. A certain eastern county is deemed to have a sore thing of ft, if a vote can he pressed while the country members arc fresh in the belief of promises: but If other counties put ready money Into the field, and a commission is ordered, then a desperate fight will be made to have tbc commission as small asporelolc, for self evident reasons. CniCAOO WAREHOUSE SYSTEM. The Journal of this city will come out in a leader to morrow In favor of Senator Eastman's bill, regelating the warehouse business in Chica go. The Ritter will take the same position. Leading SL Loots men in Springfield arc trying to obtain a charter for elevators at East St. Loals. ills said that half a million of money is already subscribed for this purpose, and that contracts are already ont for an enormous elevator at Cairo, to be owned and eordoctcd by St. Louis mm. These men all complain that Senator Eastman's Dill is a blow aimed at St. Loms. STATE LEGISLATURES. INDIANA, [Special Despa’ch lo the Chicago Tribune,! IxmAXArous, January SI. SENATE. The Senate met at two o'clock. The action of the Senate in voting for Commissioners of Benev olent Institutions was revoked, being in conflict Kith the Joint role which provide* that elections shall be held simultaneously in both bouses. Bills and resolutions were Introduced to amend the actio relation to the organization of County Hoards! authorizing assessments upon lands ad jacent to clank roads for their improvement and maintenance; to lease the Northern Prison to IticbardEvarsonand David J. Silver for a period of .ten years, free of expense to the State, the les sees paying fIOO annually to the Prison Library Fund; to punish election officers for rccordiug if legal votes; to define and punish sodomy. The hills were read a second time and re ferred. ihe bill to amend the License Act eo as to in clude coi.certs ard theatres, was passed. Several other bills were read a third time and laid over for want ol a constUu'lonal quorum. The rules of the senate were ao amended as >o refer bills on a first readme. HO I'SB, The Hour o met at 3 p. m. In the absence of the Speaker, Mr. McLean was elected Speaker pro few. Bills and icsolntlons were Introduced author izing tberemovai of convicts from the Southern :o Northern Prison, and to provide for finishing the iuttcr;U> amend the taws licensing the retail of Intoxicating liquors: to suppress tippling houses; to apportion the State for Senatorial and Keptcsentauvc pnrpoees; providing for do ting up Mutual Insurance Companies t to ‘ Inquire into the title of University square In Indianapolis, and the best mode of disposing of it: to Inquire Into the expediency of teaching the German language in pnhlic schools; to Instruct ihc Committee of Ways and Means to acep a record of their proceedings to be printed with ihc Journal of the Home; requiring the Auditor ol the State lo giro Information in regard to the disposition of soldiers’ relief fund; to amend the divorce law. The House resolved to proceed to the election ofUnltod States Senator to-morrow at 12 o'clock. The joint resolution, ratifying the Constitu tional Amendment, was read a second lime, and made the special order for to-morrow at 3 o'clock ■WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. Masxsox, January 21. SENATE. A petition was pretested from the Wisconsin Wool Growing Association to Instruct Congress men to rote for additional protection to their in terests. A resolution was adopted to rote for United States Senator to-morrow have a Joint Conven tion on Wednesday to declare the election. Bills were introduced to amend the law In re lation to cstrays, and several local bills. ASSEMBLY. There were Introduced; Memorial of the Chamber of Commerce of Milwaukee, for pro viding for inspection of steam boilers, to guard against explosions; joint rcaoln'too to Investi gate the legislatures of 1565 and 1S&0, to prove or disprove alleged bribery in connection with rail road legislation; also, a resolution looking towards bringing ail school lands into market at one dollar per acre cash down. Bills were introduced to regulate the salaries of dnoccs of the Snpreme Court at $5,000; to amend the law in relation toestraye. and to amend the law In relation to highways, bridges and tomes; to establish iho salary 01 Snpreme Court Judges at (-LOOO, surf for ten local bills. The resolution to have additional employes meets much opposition. MICHIGAN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. Lasroro, Mich., January • SENATE. The Senate spent most of the day discussing propositions to be incorporated m railroad bills to guard the rights and protect tbo Interests of, municipalities In furnishing aid to railroads. HOUSE. tn the House the bill to authorize the towns in Calhoun. Kalamazoo and Barry counties, to raise moory in aid of tbo Mercantile and Agri cultural society ot Battle Creek was Introduced, read and referred. The bill for a resurvey tao vil lage plat at Galesburg was reported back with an amendment acd placed on the general order. A joint resolution for the protection of the fish eries In the upper Peninsula; bill to exempt dis abled soldiers and sailors from poll lax; bill to authorize School District No. 4, Schoolcraft, to honow money; hill to legalize the tax roll of Rockland. Ontansgou County, were parsed. Also Senate biU ter incorporating lodges of Good Tom* A majority of the members will Improve the re ces* commencing on Thtueday by an excursion to Sagtiaw. There is a large feu ox of lobbyists to night. KANSAS; [Special Despatch to Ihc Chicago Tribune.] Topeka. Kansas. January 21. The Senate met to-day, and postooned the spe cial order, being the question of amending the Constitution allowing negroes lo vote, for one week, and adjourned without doing any,business. No business of general Importance was trans acted in the House. After two weeks of canvassing, the re-election ot General Pomeroy Is now almost mdvcrsally conceded. Balloting commences to-morrow. The election to fill (he vacancy ot General Lane CHICAGO. TUESDAY. JANUARY 22. 1867. u> in doabt, and may take several days’ balloting- The combinations against Senator Pomeroy hare been very strong. Ibewarof thcPaclflc Railroad has been spe cially better. The weather is clear and moderate. No snow. SEW YOKE. Azjukt, January 21.—A bill has been Intro* duced In (he Senate to enable husband and utlo to bo witnesses against each other in certain cases. FKOM MADISOS. Senatorial Election to Take Place To* Day-igrlciUtara], Ac. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Mazusoir, January SI. Host of the members or the Legislature, absent since Friday, have returned and arc prepared to resume bus ns ess, A vote will be taken in both houses for United Stales senator to-morrow forenoon. The Union vole wfl be given for senator Howa without any cancns. The Democrat* disagree ns to wnom they will compliment; some arc fur Bldridge, bat some record him »9 too ultra. Randall's name has been mentioned trot not favorably received, as it is charged that be failed to falsi bis promises last fall, and deserve* no consideration. There is considerable feeling aboat the Legisla ture among Union men. on account of the ap pointment, as Clerk of the Railroad Committee of a regular Democrat, who was a member of the Chicago Peace Congress, and Is now correspon dent of the Milwaukee Ntict. while a crippled veteran soldier, of radical policies, went home disappointed. The Executive Committee of the State Agricul tural Society mee* here February sth, at which Umc it is desired to settle the location of the next State Fair. FROM LODISVILLE, Sloblrinc Affair*—Excellent SleUrlilnz- No<>razlus for Stock In tbe Jlonmalxi Uhtrlctfs &c. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Louisville, January 21. A Blabbing affair occorred In Dulchertown to* day, between two Germans named EmboWcr and Weisner, In wblcb tbe latter received sis wounds. They are considered mortal. A prominent tailor of tills city to-day attempted to kill a Mend or his, bat only succeeded in cat ling his coat to nieces with a bowio knife. Sleighing Is the order of the night. Snow Is ten Inches deep, Many encounters occurred dur ing (be day oeiwccn sleighing parties, and crowds on the street. Many mtlecs were the conse quence, but no one was fatally Injured. A gentlcnm just from the mountains of East Tennessee reports the snow very deep, and no

man I for stock. Many are driving hogs from the mountain districts to places where there Is enough mast to keep them alive. a Ore occurred to-night in a millinery store, but the loss was light. FuUyln-ured. FROM. ST. PAUL. Indian Relocation lln Route for Wash* Ington—The Resolutions Censuring Senator Norton. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Paul, January 31. Major Joseph R. Drown nnlvcd from Fort Wadsworth with a dcVgflii-in of tweaty-ons Sioux t'btefs, rn I’oufe to Washington, where an effort will be mads to make a treaty closing up all Sioux troubles. Among the party are Other Day and Gabriel Renville, who piloted aome sixty whites to a place of safety during the massacre of 18J1. They held council with Governor Marshall to-day. The resolutions pissed by the House, Saturday, instructing Senator Norton to resign, were re ferred to the Committee on Federal Delations in the Hecate 10-day. THE GREAT SSOW STORST. Amount of Snow Fallen at Varloni Points— Condition of tlio Eastern Hail* roads. Cincinnati, January 21. — The weather Is cloudy. The thermometer at one O'clock this afternoon .toed at twcoty-curht degrees It snowed from Saturday evening till this morning, in which time nineteen and one-balf Inches fell. Railroad com munication has not been interrupted. Trains on all ibc roads are running nearly on time. The following reports of the weather arc dated Januarv 21, ten o’clock miming: Kt. Joseph, Mo.—Vory little snow; weather cold. Kansas Cut, Mo.—One inch of snow; weather very cold. Jefferson Citt, Mo.—Seven inches of snow; weather very cold. M. Loins. Mo.—From eighteen totwenty inches of snow. It Is now clear and moderating, Die sun shining and snow thawing. Evansville, Ind., January 21.—Snow seven teen inches deep; weather moderating. The river is full of ice. Vincennes. Ind., January 21.—Snowing hard, with over two feet on tbe ground. Madison, Ind., January 31.—Snow sir inches deep, and still snowing a little. Tbe mercury stands at 28. Lexington, Kv., January 21.—About ten inches if snow. and still snowing slightly. Indianapolis. Ind-, January 21.— About cigh cen Indies of snow—weather mild and clearing up. Louisville, Ky., January 21.—Snow Alteon inches deep. Mercury 21 degrees, and still snow ing with the wind northwest. Pirrsnoßon, Pa., January 21.—About six Inches of snow and still snowing. Twain Haute, Ind., January 2L—Snow two feet deep Weather mild. wasuinoton. D. C., January 21.—-It stormed nod snowed last night terribly. There la about one toot of enow on the .ground, but it U now warmer and cloudy with an appearance of rain. Wheeling, West "Virginia. Jannary 51.—’Thir teen inches of enow, weather clear and cold. Cleveland, Ohio, Jannary Sl.—Eight inches snow on 'he level, and still snowing, bat the weather la milder. JUiHCTTA. Ohio, January Cl.—Heavy snow has been falling almost constantly since Salaroay night. There are twelve inches on the ground, but tt Is now moderate with light snow. The river is gorged at Newport, ten miles above here. The shore ic* here Is heavy. P&BKcnsEinio. West Virginia, January 21. Eighteen Inches of snow leu yesterday and lost nicht, and &UII snowing. Copnanr*, Ohio. Jannary 21.—Snowing slight ly, with about twelve inches on the ground. Patton. Ohio, January Sl.—Snow from nine to twelve Inches drop. Zanesville. Ohio. January 21.—Snow eighteen inches deep, and slid snowing. Matsville, Sen i nek v, January 21.—Twelve inches of snow. The river Is railing and full ol heavy ice. The thermometer Is at about the freezing point, Milwaukee, January 21.—Tbe weather la mild and dear. No snow for several days. Dktuoit, January 21.— Noon.—Snow about twelve Inches deep, mow cold, and snowing bard. Kxrtcr. Ohio, January 2J.—Ten Inches of snow fell yesterday. Weather freezing. Mercury 10 degrees above zero. Itlver failing slowly. Mapi-on, Wls„ January 21.—Four Inches of snow. Weather clear. St. Paul. Mlon„ Jannary 21.—Six inches of scow. Wcathcrclear. pinLADEirms, January 20—Midnight-—The storm Is tbe most severe of the season, and the. snow is much drifted. The New York mails have cot arrived up to ihis tame. Pbovidencc, January SO.—A train passed over the Boston Road, to-dov, and badness will be re sumed to-monow. All our roads are now open' Boston. January 20—11 p. n.—Snow has com menced falling. The weather is comparatively mild. Th*’ railroads are now nearly all open and will resume thdr regular trips fo-morrow. PfiTLAPELriiTA, January 21.—The Penn «v)vauia Central Railroad Is clear of snow and trains ate running rt-gularir. Louisville, January 21,—Private despatches tromall (innrterslndtcatctbatraliroads north of nc:c have resumed their connections. FROM IDA.UO* The Territorial legtnlaturG Ignores the Oath of Allegiance—The Government Withholds Their Pay—Bills Vetoed by* tbe Governor* San Fuascisco. January 91.—A. despatch from Urlonvillc, Nevada Territory, has the following: “ The Idaho Srofcwan says that Secretary Hew lett received a telegram from Mr. McCulloch, Sec retary of tbe Treasury, prohibiting him from par ing or certifying to members of the Legislature umil they lake the oath of allegiance required by law. Tbe members manifested great indignation. The opinion among the majority is that the dcs patch ts bogus. It appears tnat Bonlctt tele graphed to Washington for Instructions and re ceived the above answer/* The Governor vetoed a hill appropriating thirty thousand dollars fbr the support of Catholic schools in the Territory, which defeated tne bill and give* general satisfaction. He also vetoed the bill providing for tbe appointment of a Com wlsiocer to proceed to Washington for the pur pose of procuring a settlement of finance affairs Det-tcn ihs Treasury Department and the Sccre tarv of Ihc Territory. Three bouses were blown down to-day at Star City. FRO 2 MOSMOUTH, ILL. Disastrous Conflasra lion—Loss $50,000. MoxirouTn, 111.. January 21.—The most disas trous conflagration that baa ever been known bere occurred yesterday morning, during a driving euow atom). About six o'clock a fire was dis covered In the cultivator factory ol U. S. Wier A Co., which was soon reduced to asbes, together with Grcenleafs bakery and a number of adjoin ing buildings. Total loss about filly thousand dollars. The heaviest losers are Wler& Co„ $30,000 ; In sured for f15,0u), and B. H. Green! ear, about 55.0C0; no Insurance. For a time the entire ranee of grain warcbon-ca were In great danger, and they were only saved br the ntmoatcxertlozu. The origin of the dre is not yet knows. FROM; PAJfAMA. Serious Diplomatic Difficulty—Onr Tflln inter to Colombia Demands His Pass porta—The Tonnage Tax Remitted. New Tons. January 21.—The Bt raid's Panama correspondence *ays it was rumored that the Unlt*m States Minister to Colombia. Ur. Burton, bod bad a serious diOrnltr with President Mas quer* and had demanded hla pasaparts. Mas qneia told him be did not reqnlre a passport, and conlogo or stay as be pleased.whereupon Mr.Bar lou broke oC all communication with the Colom bian oOlcmlr, and has referred the matter to the United States Government. Tho tonnage tax on vessels entering Panama and Colon baa been remitted, bnt the order di recting all malls in trantllu across the Js-bmos to be distributed through the local postoClce has been rellerated. • FROtt KaSHTILLE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nashville, January 91. In the municipal election In Cleveland, East Tennessee, the other day, the Radicals elected their ticket by a handsome majority. The town was noted heretofore for going the other way. Ihc Senate is without a quorum, and no busi ness has been transacted in cither house. There vail bo jiitle done this week. Kentucky United Staten Senatorablp* Fsanktobt. Ky., January 21 —There were two t-coa;orial ballots to-day. In the latter Povell received CS; Harding. <6; Barstow, 38. Carrcii Davis, by letter, withdrew. assigning as a reason bis desire that Kentucky should bo sueodily rep resented in the United States Senate. A caucus ts holding to-night. Demand Tor i«abor tn Texas. Galvestox. January quiet I*3 W middling SSc In specie.. General Kiddoand staff have rowuned from an tExxhxxw* extensive tour through me bt tte. They reo'eseat the negroes everywhere comYcllig and gettlcg to work preparing for the y cit’d crops, and there ore not laborers enough to till. Another Diabolical fflnrdcr, Lewistow, Me., January Sl.—Two old ladles named Kinsley and Caswell wtie murdered in ibtlr own house, two miles from here, on Thors* cay night last, A man named Johnson Is arrested on tu*picioa. The New Fork XtnJireaa DUSealtf Set* tied. hißwYoiiK, January 21.—A despatch read here, yesteroay, says thetrouble between the Central and Hudson kltct Kailroada is selUed satisfacto rily. Through trake run to-day as betore. l>ealb of S. F. mills. Nnr York, January 21'—N. P. Willis died at Idlcmid last eveninir of paralysis. DEATH OF W, P. WILUS. Nathaniel Parker Willis, the weU-knawn author and poet, died at his residence at IdlewCd, near Newburg, N. Y., on Sunday evening, which was his sixtieth birthday, Mr. Willis was horn ar Portland, Maine, January 20,1807. His lather and grandfather were both printers, the latter haring been au apprentice In the same office with Benja min Franklin. Bis father was (he founder of the Boston the eldest religions journal In the country. Mr. Willis has been quite well known'to the American public as a writer of prose and Terse since (be year IS2S, when be established the AmtrlcoTL Zlonthly Mcffastns, which was sub sequently merged in the New York Ulrror, a weekly literary journal published by George P. Morris to which Mr. Willis contributed bis ‘Pencilllngs by the Way," a scries of sprightly sketches of European travel. From 1830 to lift) Mr. Willis was constantly employed In literary work. During this time he wrote “ Inklings of Adventure,” “Loiterings of Travel,” “Tortesa, the Usurer,”“Blanca Visconti,” “ Dashes at Life with a Free Pencil,” “Rural Letters, and other Records of Thought and Leisure,” “People I have Met,” “Life Hero and There,” “Hurry- Graphs,” “ Memoranda of a Life of Jenny Lind,” “Fan Jottings, or Laughs 1 hare taken a Pen to,” “A Health Trip to tbc Tropics,” “A-Sum mer Cruise to the Mediterranean,” “Famous Persons and Places,” “ Out Doors at Idlcwild,” “The Rag Bag,” “Paul Fane,” “The Con valescent,” and a volume of miscellaneous poems. Of Into years Mr. Willis bas lived a secluded and misanthropic life, spending much of his time in a room In New York City, which be allowed no one to enter If he could' prevent it. Occasionally hU wife would cd'ect an entrance to it daring big ab sence and put It In some son of order, wbeu he would immure bimscll again and be eecn nomorc for days or weeks together. Mr. WElls was twice married. His first wifi* was a daughter of General Stace, commander of tbe Woolwich Arsenal In England. She died in I&J4. In IBfG he married a daughter of Hon. Joelab Grinncll, of New Bedford, Mass., who survives him. Mrs. James I’arton. otherwise known as “■Fanny Fern," is his sister; COMMON COUNCIL. Proposed Amendments to llio Charter- Boards of I’oWic Works and Ucolth—Aldcrmauic . Ex emptions. A Lobby Committee—The Illinois and Pllchlgan Canal. A special meeting of tboCommon Council was held last evening on the call of the Mayor lor the consideration of general business and charter amendment. There were present Bis Honor, the Mavor. Inthc chair, and Aldermen Knickerbocker, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Wilmarth, Calk ins, Kunn, Hatch, Wallwork, Moore. Rafferty, Talcott, Woodard, Blxby. Holden, Rmscll, Ack hoO. Franzen, itnfa, Bagel, Shackford, Lawson, Clark and O’Sullivan. STIIEET ASSESSMENTS. On motion of Aid. Talcott Uu Board resolved Itself into Committee of tho Whole. Aid. Woodard in the chair, for the consideration of the amendment proposed by the Board of Puh 11c Works, which was recently voted down. 'The amendment is to the effect that in the making of Improvement, of streets and alleys, the Board of Public Works shall estimate Us cost, specifying bow much of the expense may bo properly chargeable to real estate benefited, and bow much may be properly paid out of the general fund, or out of any general tax authorized to be levied. When such a report is made the Council may or der tbe doing ot the work, tbe order to specify how much shall be paid by tbe city or tbe property owner. The section was adopted in Council, and the Boatd then returned to Ua labor when the ecclloa was passed. Aid. D’Wolf called up and moved to pass the proposed amendment that no Alderman shad during Lis continuance in office receive any con sideration for bis service, or be appointed to, or competent to hold any office, the emolument* of w bleb are paid from the city treasury. The effect of the aiueodrecnl. Is to allow Alder* men upon resigning, to take other office if they shall he appointed or elected to such au office, (be amendment changing me present law. whlca en acts that they shall not hold other office daring the term for which be is elected. The amendment was adopted. BOARD OF HEALTH. An amendment was received, proposed by the Cflicaco Medical Society, as follows: liEball he the doty of the Judges of the Superior Cnmioi the city of Chicago, on or before the first day or April. 1667, to appoint three well edu cated and competent physicians, residents or chat city, (or one in eachot Its tbiee general divisions) who shall he added to the present Board of Po lice, as members of the same, whenever said Board shall act In (he capacity of Board of Health, bnt In no other relation. Such physicians so ap pointed shall possess the same powers and duties and shall be subject to the same responsibilities aaare conferred upon the members of the Board of Health as heretofore constituted. The three physicians so appointed shall hold their offices respectively two. font ai d sis years; thus causing a vacancy every two years which shall be filled by said Judges o( the Superior Court, aud each ap pointment made to fill a regular vacancy shall be for the teim of six years. Irregular vacancies caused by death, resignation or r .-moral, shall he filled by said Judges when notified of such vacancy by the President or the Board of Health. The salary ot each of the physicians appointed to act as mem bers of the Board of Healto, shall be fixed by tbe Common Council, and shall not be leas than foOQ annually. Thu amendment, on motion of Aid. Knicker bocker, was referred to the Committee on Police, with instructions to tepon. at the regular meeting of Monday. INDEMNIFICATION The Finance Committee reported ftvorablynpon the claim of captain George M. Miller, late of the Third District Police, for indemnity for an injury received in aiding the arrest oi P. Oofieny who was behaving riotously, when tbe accused bit se verely the middle Huger of tbe left band of the applicant The committee presented :m order tor tnc payment to Miller of £2oU. The order passed. ADV2HSE TO A CLAUt. ZiTbe seme committee reported adversely to the claim of Charles Theodore Jansen, for pay tor in juries sustained by him in lolling through a de fective sidewalk In front of Magee’s building, during November last. The report was concurred lu. A motion to adjourn was lost. TUE CANAL ENLADOEXCNT. Tbe Finance Committee reported upon the ap plication of Lcdlie, Lowell & Co. and danger, stcelc vC Co. for a loan of £25,003, to enable them to piosccuie their work of excavating upon the Illinois A Michigan Canal. Tne committee report that they fail to fird any reason to grant the prayer of Saucer. Steele & Co. to loan item Jf2s,wo, “even though we were so (Deposed (which wc are not), tue charier of oar «.ltv prevents anything of the kind hclng done, ai.d «e report adversely to their request.'* As re gards the communication of Messrs. Ledllc, Low ell 6i Co., one of the firm. Mr. James H. Stoke*, states that they are going forward with their work and prosecuting the same as vigorously as they well can do at tbe present time. The adverse report was concurred In. On motion or Aid. Wicker, a committee of three was appointed to proceed to tbe State Capi tol In charge of tbe charter amendment. Aid. Wicker, Lawson and Talcott were appointed. The Council then adjourned. THE STEWART DIVORCE CASE. Argument of A. TT. Arrington, Ksq., for tlie Defendant —Tito Case to bo Given to tbe* Jury To-day. The Superior Court Room was yesterday com* pletely crowded to listen to tbe argument In behalf of the defendin’, in the Stewart divorce case, to be made by Judge A, W. Arrington. Hecommcoccd the closing speech in behalf of bis client, ot ton o'clock, and occupied of tbe day five and a ball tours In delivering bis mmaxks upon the evidence and the general probabilities of the case. The tar miration of tbe parts of bU discourse at the noon* mg, and upon the adjournment of iho Court at eventide, was followed by outbursts of applause which marked tbe interest which bad been felt in the course ofhls eloquent speech. Ibe speech was of course mainly devoted to i tho consideration of the evidence In the case, but there was much other matter Included In it to make it complete. Tbe iKjcuiiarlty of tbe case Itself was drat spoken ot, and here the counsel pointed out the ill-as sorted nature of the marriage In tbe temperament ot the parties. In their financial condition, and in the contrast of mentality, where his client was the feminine character, while tbe complaisant has the mind of a strong man, and tbe education com* patent to sustain its force. Tbe witnesses on the part of tbe complainant, or nearly all of them, met the force of the gentleman's denunciation, and he grouped their testimony to the mu devel opment ofall the strong points in his cheat's ta vor, while be also struck at weaknesses sod In consistencies wbten were tuthe record. These witnesses be spoke of Individually, as parts of _jhe cloud of witnesses that were to prove the overt act as charged. He denominated them ‘••globules In the complainant's mud cloud," and be limited some of them as such. Tbe learned counsel examined briefly the evi- . deuce tn relation to character, the result of which, i cn Ms bide, was to show that Hart 1_ Stewart, since he embraced religion, bad led a life which I, ad procured for him a good reputation among bis fellows. Then, coming to tbe defendant's case, ho held that It overturns tbe complainant’s ca*e, ami throws suspicion on It, because It contradicts by. unlmpeacbed testimony Hje statement* of the wit nesses for the complainant, and because it shows (bat a dangerous agency having been set a mo tion in tbe production of evidence, false charges have been set np, which always call down sus picion. Concerning this evidence, he made the points (bat the intense love exhibited by Stewan for hia wife raises a question whether be would commit adultery. Starting with the nresmop tion that nndtr such a state of case the act would not have followed, he enforced it by cxbibittrg the evidence that he was during all the time Included in the charges of the belief that ho was watched, that evidence might bo forthcoming. Then, to show that the probability is (hat these (bets I vsitbtn. bis knowledge were true, he mentioned tbe "bitter, concentrated hatred ot hi* wife." In | tonowirgtbeccorse or that hatred the detective , force had been called in, and they bad availed themselves of all IniuuU) to earn their fees. He tbotubt be bad clearly shown a conspiracy to And and 10 make testimony, and although net person ally liable for any set done, be felt he must faolo the complainant responsible for tbe result of he« course In starting the bounds upon hia client's ■ btels. In concluding, the speaker made known that, while under these charges, bis client will al »ayr, oppose divorce, be is willing that a decree be ren dered on (be erd-fi bill.where defendant a legal separation on tbc’rronnd of desertion. ihe case will be considered this day, Mv, Smith epeakiuglnbeb»irorllf».&iowirt, . - t ®j)c jpfcattna Reason. ABASH-AV. HIKK. UNPRECEDENTED ATTRACTION! OBAIVP EXHIBITION Of figure and Combination Skating, This (Tuesdaj j Ercnluj: by the nro most Accomplished and Graceful Skaters OP TEE PRESENT DAT, Geo. Lafayette and John Powers. In order that tfao«e present at the exhibition may better traders tied thelvarioos evolutions that Messrs.- POTTERS AM)- LAFAYETTE execute we printed »• list of the same, (la the order in which they will be performed.) which wilt be furalabed to each person as they pass In at the ooor. This list embraces all the evolutions poulole on scales, mu! ament; them are many never dreamed ol by the celebrated JACKSON SAZNBSa TnSX Great Union Band IN ATTENDANCE. Doors open at7p. m. Two admissions charged on Commutation Tickets, Grand Masquerade ON TDDBTDAT. Register yonr names at once. SKATING PARK. OPEN THIS AFTERNOON & EVENING! Splendid Sheet of Ice. FULL Great Western Light Guard Bond IK THE EYEKIKQ. SKATE WHUE THE MOOS JSHI&ES. Special notice for the Juveniles.—On Saturday ol this week, the SIXTH AKKtTAI/ School Children’s Carnival Will toko place. Free to children of the Public Schoo> of this city. 3LISQTJEKADE. By special rcqne»tof »large number of oar pttrocs. some t’f whom were unable to train admittance at the Ma-cjueradc of Saturday last, owlets to the immeta-t c rnwd, a second and Fa-'-cv cuttuaia Car- nival will !»e given at the park on Thursday evening )1 tliis week. Register your catnoi at the Park otQee. QRAND NATIONAL Stating Tournament, COMMENCINa JANUARY 28,1867, At Central Skating Park. PITTSBURGH, PENN., Prizes I4CO and |3OO In Greenbacks, sndtheChamnlon Medal worth AM. Tee host geat.vniaii skater will re* (-eivtianitzeutfltolnGrocabicki and tic Champion Gold Medal w««rth tW of America. The b»« lady -Katcra prize of f»o and tlis Gold Medal. Three ol each to suture a content, the winner.. If challenged next season to sfcs>e the contest on thl4 Park. Knir;ns toclo«e on th* 50lh. Artirr*-* THOMAS A. SPEMDK, secretary Central Skating Park. Post Office Box 371, Plttetmrch. Pa. for entries and particulars side kink. GALA TIME! Great Attractions all This Week! iviueio EVERY AFTERNOON AKD EVEKIKO. POWERS AND LAFAIETTE, Will bo oa hand to Instruct every afternoon * evening. Grand Exhibition of Figure and Combination Skating by Mem I-OWEIUS and LAFAYETTE Xo*morrow evening. • Grand Masquerade on Satnrdaj. Register your names. Sec to-morrow's papers, a JJEIUt SITXOWSKI, THE GREAT RUSSIAN STILT SKATER, Whoso appearance at tbe Central, last evening, was greeted with ihc most rap* inraas applause, will appear again this evening on stilt skates* Ills wonderm! llch'nlngmovciacnts on low skate* must be seen to be appreciated. QGDEN SKATING PARK* BENEFIT FOB THE HOME FOR THE FRIENDLESS this EVENING—TUESDAY. (food Ice Moonlight FnIL Band— Re freshments bold by a Committee from tbe Home. %»jotostapi)S. 'THE OPERA HOUSE IS OF SMALL I eon«ldcratlcm in comparison with those decant sew Picture* which Bratd is Just Introcnclng. He is always inetirctrosu in the business to brine out any thing new os he was to reduce the scale of prices. Call and tee Fpeciroeas ol the new Photograph. Cartes do Visit© or ly <I,OO per dozen, at IDS Lake-sU- T SEE HOW IT IS— mvethe people the worth ol their money and they ate sure to patronize you. Who wouldn t give 75 cmls for a Dozen Photographs ? Tley eat he had for that a* 157 -Lake-*!., corner ol LatfaUeT O. K WKAVEK, Proprietor. ■you SHOULD, IF YOU COULD— And von can. have c. W. Florence take vonrncea •ive. Dehas fix Mtdsts received at state Fair* for thi BB&T PICTTJSD3.. X. BOW .< Z 57 OOLUIEB, WILL YOU WORK i oOf comso. Twill. Just call and see me rattling tithe Ithoiograptis, and 1 only charge SCTenly-nte Cents per Dozen. Gocd as can be made el»«wL''re. SaUrthctton warrant ed. mvaMO. F. WEAVhU, Proprietor, 157 LAkc-st., cirner ol LaSalle. 2Tije dfiue Erls. CARD. The Publisher* of Marshall’s engraved portrait of tUr. Lincoln ore advised that a cheap stipple engraving after Carpenter** painting. Is pat forward u being a better engraving and a better likeness* The Publishers of Mr. Marahoirs engrav ing ore content to let it stand on merits | and the best war to Judge of the areal superiority Is to compare It with the : other engraving. •The Publishers pm Mr tn«r before the public as bom* by fartho best r< presentation ot Mr. Lincoln that bns yet been made. IT IS* THEBBST, nadla wortk exominlnff both on account of Its great artistic metlt and superior excellence as a portrait. Both engravings are on exhibition at No. ST W«shlngton*«,» Chicago, and the pabllc are Invited ts call and compare them. XJCKSOR & FIELDS, Publishers. artists' ffiateriats. MATERIALS. Artists’ Materials OF EVERT DESCRIPTION. AT JfcVWE Sc AUVXINFS, 132 and 134 Clark-st. •JO LOAK. $20,000, In sums of K.CCO and upwards, to salt borrowers. Apply lo BORDEN,fcPAF*oRI>&.MtI>AID* No. £3 CUtX-st. gfßbrrttslng gtgents. N OTIC E. 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Xowon exhibition, comer of Randolph ctd>fate-st«. Office, at Johnson's Great bkate Dept t. op stairs. There being no cotnpe i* tlon to »ald machine, we offer great Inducements for parties to hoy largely. Amcntr the many prominent persons who have ex* amined and endorsed the principle of silo machine, We are happy to oiler a few names as references: AC* chrtects-o.i» Randal*. W. W. Boylngloo; Builder!— .1. Clark &8r0..J. Middleton. EaUa 4 McCanlr r X. Uoyeejllrarson A rafne.McKUlsr * Fulmer. Hamil* ton A weed. Comity and State Bights fijr sale. All correspond cpre tn territory should r*raddrascd to G. n. coo*f} Jflff west Ibdlats**L, Ch’OicO. G. D. COOK, _ . Get erai Agent ibr the United Stated. Omoe hoars, trom 9 a. m. to-ix p. m. GREAT IMPROVEMENT IN Artificial Legs. MCIUHC.*9* PATENT. AtGTJST 7, ISCtf,. We claim a perfect combination of the lateral rotary and posterior moTemenls. For flail Information, ad dress NICHOLAS ARTIFICIAL LEG CO., ISsTBKTOKS-. 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In accordance with nrevlous InCmaapns to the De positor* with the Chicago Axraer of Bank, me Bank has ceatcd and clicoLt l nn r i d U« Ban km? and De potllbuylrrasm this city, and those Depositm jho bare sot already signed the miuialta . receipt lor their balance* axe requested 10 call and. da to, and receive their balance*, at their eartlca* convenience, at the of- WM.H.EAKK.AOTt Chicago. Pec. SU ISC6. 3Legal. A DMINISTKATOR’S NOTIOK . uartiea todehtri to the estate 0! Isaac Crater, t> c*U atthePbolo*raPb- Icßocmsol D7F. »r»’'loii, I.V-4)* South Oarx-au. ■bdnotdellToeotnaT he V'*d bycalUne *.d naylug ?grtto»tß«. SDUX f. CBATBB, Ada*r. gfetttg. JpAbHIOWS DEMAND J. TV. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic (OB DOUBLE SPREJO) S SS ISTS. 'nary Sauta are ttrown eS3 aa tueitm They eombu"* eeoßomT with cm eteg»ta g*MPdwni» ttas xMdv Um • DUPLEX HLLfftKT e™ 9 STANDARD JSJKIRT OF THE FASHIOUABIE WORLD. At wholesale by the esclsstre msaniacnsra* aaft sole owners of tfie pafcct, WESTS, BRADLEY St CAST, w'jramnse and Offlc*, 97 Chambers dtf 79 and 81 Bsud»«mtewTorK. Auo,atwlmlesaa3T tia leaf lag iohberi. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic SMrts, lift 112.114 and tie Lace>tL« CficagO. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For Blesasee add Beoaoor arenKsreuwd. For s=2t atwboleeale 07 . JO Hi.’ V. FABwBLL A CO, dM; 44 ’sad 46 WaiasfraT.. Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, The Urhteat, ntest .j£T«abfe and perterf'sbrti "■«* For sale at wholesale. - st»W ’ES BEOS- Iff sad 21 Lake-r'C. Cblcaw, Bradley’s Doyles EUiptie Ekirts, P.-tTjfanty, coc&rt and florabicty saperiorto afi ott ers- For 9iiestv*bo)esa%h7 TORKKNCB. OUU'NIlfa *CO, 33 Latent. aeC J9W*t«Ah-flr, cnS^ro- B/adley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, At wholesale, at aam&gfarerV prices. KPJTH, WOOD A CO-i Bradley’s Duplex EUiptie Skirts, For sale tx Msua&ctsrm 1 msif Tort TTholeialc Prices, by EEYItOUK, CASTER * CO LUhL ©totems. GROCERIES! GROCERIES 1 FIEBEttC &. LOSS, GROCERS AND S TEA DEALERS, 433 STATE-ST., Arc aeniag goods cheaper tian any other house lotha cif/. Alt kinds of Canned hrnifr Cutter, £gu *** Poultry always on hand. Goods delivered tn any port of the city, tree of charge. y. B.—Give ns a trial, and ree t .r yonttcU. agents g£tgfftch. ]y£O3TEY I MOSEY! MOJfEYi The bear tnreatlon of the age, rjsl more money tn 1C than any other now known. MansGeld’s Non-Explosirc Oil, The only article of the kind erer ratecsed in tha United Mat s. Can bomannloftandAir anv one at» co*t< fTWESTT-FIVE CENTS J'EK’eeAI.L'ON 1 WUI burn as long a* kerosene, with no explosion, no amok* Inc. no tZDpleaaant smell. Can be 0*3.1 with or without a chimney, Jo any ter:rear or Raid lanrp,- and can be sold to every family Is the United States T&ere l*a mil xof money in this article The rlgcU to rnosutsc tarefa Minds and eleven other Staid are already 30IJ. For every person who can be found who haa purchas’d a right for State, county criown, and l« not making mcjjey, we win flfty denars County nshls in Indiana, and the lollowinc Sute tights, tor sale; Maine. New TTampahlre. Rhode Island. Couaec tlent. New Jersey. Delaware, Maryland, and all thus Southern States*, (except Mlswmrt) at a bargain. One hundred good .lire asenla wanted, who have a little money to invest, to con v.n« for the winter. Cal at cur office, and be satisfied that yon ue ncaDetaz b3shoggcd,or send stamp for circular. D. MANSFIELD <fe CO., BMP 11. No. 17 LaSalle-st, Chicago. ©cusses. T-aussm OR RrPTURE Cured bv tne BAUD KDBDEB TRUSS. ThH trnas win never rnst, break or become filthy. Sat vdarfoa dvealaevery easy, or the money refunded—at the Tmoand Bandage Instltateof ea 1.8. SEEXET 126 SontU Clarfc*st. |3l)pstgogcoimsf. Ti l Y FACE ?—WHAT OP IT I WALKER, The Pbyalomorefet S 9 Wasblngfon-sf.. wm "IvrTdtt a clear description of your buslueva capaeitle*. with advice poldißcyua to happiness to Marmc«*. to ttealta aid Sneers* is Life,- Examination (private) ILUk Written snide, fi JO extra. (Seuetal Notices. QICOUND Oil t AKE is the Cheapest Feed in the Market Fcr stock of oil kinds. Orders oromntly tilled f-ircaab* by 2. W. TLAtcnFORD & CO M . Sex. 70 North CUuteusV - SDsmspartatinn. CENTRAL ROUTE EAST! MICHIGAN CENTUM :oad. AKS. GCKKSCTIOiaS. Track Clear of Snow. Four Dally Train* leave Great Central De- FOLChlcago, atfi:oO a. nj„ 7:00 a. ra., 3:13 p. and- 9:1, 1p. rm. connecting ihroogti to ait point* EasW-Kcw fott,Do*»n, AC. We tronld reapert/hlJy Infnm the public that sfeaell Thmnfh Ticket and l-Bectt Baggage Through TcrA.BoeteD. and ail-Eastem cirjet and t3fvns,»la Nctt-irxX Central, and linden Kiver Hallmans, ansX hat ft at no UnoDISCONTINUED DOING SO. ,• T*i3?et«r» still have Choice or Koutn. between Cficagoasd New Toifc. and are not fas. adfortae rneats of on opposition Una would have pea obliged t* travel hy t&a GREAT Lake Sliora Stnnto OS THE GREAT Erie Ballmr, Pasfeoqcncars still continue to ran 'uetweenfiaspeß sloa Erldgo-ood New lark without chnnse,. Three palace Sleeping Cara of Pullman's xua upon all Night Trains. for TUrungb Tlcketn and InCorniiUpu apply at Gen eral GlCcs. in Tremoat Block, and at- Depoh. tbot ot fnieii- OEm’ C. WEIiapWOBJir, (iatral W>staroPnWnjcrAagit. iiartnrtsDi?- Dissolution of co-partner s-Ulr—Tie- Jiczctoisre exutlng under the Orm name «nd rtyle ci „ BCILESTDT Bt C3MSS3, fa the Whole sot* and Retail ’Bn* and Idcnor business. 1h dissolved hr nnitofl! coaevat, tjiis latdayof Jaauaiy, IHT. will b« wetmued ?4-the o d staid, by FBEDTUIS W. SCUiliat, Who .it alone author ized to wstChtfie accounts tithe |.' ti^n^, ‘ cn y l p T T. KRAMER. 1 JJ UL THpHFIiOIf (fc-CO. The Crraot H. M. TEOMPSON <k CO. eiplrm *ad la dlseolv rd this dalcby Umuatlon. The basic cm will be continued as hereto&fe, at .lA4 and 118 ?catA Water-tChieako, by \f. THuMFSON. who alcno te authodryil to use tho name cf the firm In HqaiOatiaa. a. U. THOMPSON, i. W. McCONNKLL, JOHN SCHMASU Jannarr J. Beal Sstate. OREAT BARGAIN—Bare Chance.. 330 Acre Pars for 933 per Acre.l Half cash, balance In one-and two year*. Sack a Cum cao'tbebooghtinlHlncisfi'r less man per acre. Choice i«no llrinz wator, great orchard, OHRUflceoc torsaon. on thatnost psnllc road. WtU WAHaANT IT TO PLEAS® any person. Close to tar unrivalled Toona aty of Llncoiiuan the Chicago* 6tt Louis Rati* road—band/ to scbouL college, church and market. •All Mi diet choice ttmt In great quantities.- Exten sive plantaUMii oi esergreeui, sh»fle, ornamental and tofe«iref» % Alltrei7-*i3f<eaM Omity. Improvement* worth thomduey alrfeed. Can clve roll particular* by addressing G. w. IKKJLIITLE. LiaoJln, lil. 3£,'gract of ia.Brf. rj-P.Y TDDRTBOT’S EXTBfiCT OF BEEF, For Family. Use. INVALIDS &SS> DYSPEPTICS, iflunld nsLfail to a»c U. gortsieby all Dmislsta and Groc«vt. ©jmiigttE. r'OLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION \ / t)Ti3to»t«l’hean«thettco3ior SITROTJB OX IDE GAS la the turactlcn o| teeth, acd harapimi Ifi toVJ.G>ipatlettjaht*eir office in Sew Tech, WITH OCT A PIXGUS-. ACCIDKSTi It U oar. soeclaim We guarantee -co yam.” Come to headquarter*. Ofr flce.YlßDeubi.rat)L, Chicane, brer Times Office. 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