Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 22, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 22, 1867 Page 4
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Cfyicagtf tribune. TUESDAY. JANUARY 2J, 13« r. THE CITY. Bohmias Club.—A meeting of the Club will be held ott Friday afternoon at fonr o'clock— prompt—lathe CJnb rooms, McVlckcr’s Theatre JJ all (line. OMoßnssx.THoußx.-M the Police Court yes* terdty morning £smi Glenn, a keeper of a low terase on Clark street, was fined $35, and four in mates $lO each. _ gGAimoTK&s Abroad.—At a late boor on Son day night, two brothers named Scblodek, were attacked, they alien, by Are men, at the comer of Clinton and Ewing streets, Joseph Scblodek beir g robbed of $35. Pukxbax*—Mr. Mills Olcott, who was formerly well known in this city as an Insurance agent, died recently In Hew Mexico. The funeral ser vices will take place at two o'clock this afternoon in St. James’ Chnrch. _ i -’ Em quart.—A general meeting of the Scan dinavian Emigrant Aid Society will be held on “Wednesday evening, January S3d Instant, at balf past seven o’clock, at th* Scandinavian Methodist Episcopal Chnrch on Illinois aired, between Mar ket arm Kingsbury streets. • TbsOl© Wat.—Mary Murray, a drunken and disorderly character who makes her appearance at the Police Court scmt-occaslonally, was yester day morning fined sis for her continuance In the ways of sin. ScirpAT School Tsaimxg Class.— The second session of the class will be held In the Young Men's Christian Association Booms this evening, under the direction of the Chicago Sabbath School Cnlon. Hon. J. I- Pickard will speak upon the ‘‘QutllCcaUors of the Sabbath School Teacher,” and Mr. B. F. Jacobs will conduct the “ Practice Lesson,'* open Matthew£lll: 44-46. AUare In vited to attend. To commence at o'clock* The Yorxo Mxh'b Xjteuaht Association will bold ita rcgnlarsession at the Circuit Court Boom this (Tuesday) evening to discuss the following iDlcrcsiicg resolution; “Jfrso/trrf. That husband and wife should not be divorced for causes arising subsequent to marriage.” Afflmiitlvcdlspnlants, W. 1. Culver and 11. 8. Goodspcert; negative dis putants. Ed. T. Jcttecys andJ. 11. McCauslaad. Ail lovers of debate are Invited. Oops* Pratiko iUns.-A hcuoflt for the Homo for the Friendless will bo given ot this park Jo* Diehl. The Ice If In floe condition, the nioonllchl Is bright and a lull hand will add to the enjoyment lijr Uiclr imphlmr mtiflc. Kefreshmctita will bo lurdidied by a committee from the Home, nndlbo procicds will go to the benelM of the Institution. f i tilo allnrds a Soo opportunity for combining pleasure with bttievolence, Or thu healthful ami exrltlrffrierclsaof akaitna for s moderate sum width nball ok direct 1 / applied tu (lie wauls ul one of our jiobleM and moal cDlelctil charities, which iHlalJoceare of the llllle hmurlims one* who «mild oliorwlse atifler and perhaps pariah lu Ihlf rold ttJinrr tu n I her. HfuiiEjt Dkatii.—A Touncftlrl employed na a servant 10 a prlrale boardme house. No, ISI Weal Monroe slrcel. came in Iter death on Sunday nlcbt rnidei romewhnt mysterious ciicuiusiancM. The Indy rho keep# the boiiM*. Mra. Lcdden, hired her on Tuesday last at Mrs. I’ratra Julcllluoncs o(Hr<*. Booth < l«ik street. On Humlny eveciiig nlun tho family weio aOouMoretire for tho nlcfit* lh<’ chi snddemy cntnplolned ul a choklnc senss* thin in the throat, ami called loudly for help. Or. Sullivan was promptly called, but he arrived only to itnd liit a» lire (cry point ofdealh, under aruip* (ora of Mi."uratlon. She capped al a quarter past olmpii o'clock, ’Hie dmasrd wa» known by Hie name of nilr.s, She nas previously employed as cook In a buaid* It'C lioiwe on lirarbnm slteel, near South Water* »u lore her am den iHims* she was beard to slate (list she bed two eUleis living {omenberuun Cab mutt avenue, A . A t’niot'er Weentff held an ltHple«l nn the body mh’hlfi) BrieniMOli, When Hie Miry rclutin’d a \ctdh l in amu dative wph the fuels. M-ctbtMAb l>*A‘rH.=VeHeUlay blnfblbg about lri, oh lock, Mr. Iklward W. Hnttry, a young matt Iwmiy-cne years of aye, and a unlive of New Voik Pride, toi l Ms death by (be caving of a saint bank ninl'i whp'li be was ai worn, Air. HoMry In Ihe employ nr Mr. Wbliain llniker. diriwim* unml i)u- lake shore, ro-nf Ilm IVsi lhmee,l>i Dm NVaebiiifeMobMHi.tTunnel, Asllmbreakepinfibu lnl*e wetibi pil» up Hie «m«i linn mound* mol thn .•met bevre, tb« t«en employed In drawing owav ill., entid were nrcuaioiued lu iiifiiu Ibe sand and leave the frozen crust aa a covering. Veeierduy mornins Mr. (Jntlrr was mo P »yed In rut of theca cavea procuring a liiiio, when ibia cruel gave away and tell upon him. burying him alive. Home time afterwards tnlivr tfimwtetfc came lor loads, ar d, imaedag a teem rlacdiiig rloce by, 01.0 a shovel, their suspi* clous were a> uneed, and they commenced a search beneath tho Iglleo cnui. In a short lime they dls* covei in the body of a man, and at twelve o’clock ibey ban gone to far as to tho (inform* nate man aa one of their fepnw workmen, Coro n.r Wdunerwus summoned, who hud tfae body removed to (he CTiy Cemeiery. Yesterday afUir noou sn inqu.-tt was held on the body, and a ver dict cf “sccMlfulat death by the caving of a bank,” was rendered by the jury. Amairm> Scjcide—About ha l f-pa?t four o'clock yesterday afternoon a gentleman dressed in military nniform was observed to sink down upon tbeeldcwalkat the corner of Dearborn and take street? as it in a swoon. A number of people at once ran to his assistance, when It was found that he was In a state of total insensibility. A stiongodor of ctlorofomi which arose from hltn afforded a cine to the cause of his sudden fainting, ntd on searching bis pockets they were discovered to contain a hoiiie of morphine and five bottles of chloroform. Tie gentleman w«a conveyed to the Central Police where, by the aid of power* fnl restoratives, he very soon recovered his con sciousness. Ihe came of the unfortunate suflercr was given as General Champion Vaughan, who has been resid ing In thin ntv for a few days past. He wan stop ping at the Encgs House along wiib his wife, who went awry on a visit to Milwaukee and was ex pected to return last night. It !a said that he made an attempt upon bis life a few davs ago. bnt was prevented from carrying his criminal purpose intoeCecl. The Genera) declined to give any ex planation of his singular conduct, and it might be improper to give calculation to the rumors which were afloat regarding the cause, lie was taken last night to the JUatfeson House, where proper care was taken of him during tty night. It was elated last evening that the General bad made a similarattempt ahoucaix months ago in tt. bonis. it Is. howexcr, supposed by some that he he has been in the habit of uring these things as nervines, and took overdoses, without intent to commit suicide. Hicawat Robjuiet.—A German named Joseph Mcakle, irom Milwaukee, went into Clements' sa loon, al the earner of and Clark streets, on Sunday altcrnoon, lor tbc purpose of getting a glass or lager beer. While standing al the conn* ter he ehowco the bartender a tallroad ticket to Buffalo, and inquired of him the way to the depot whence the tram be should take would leave. The barkeeper was about direction blm upon his war, w&eu a man named * -heater, who was fining in the room, vojnnfetcd to show the German tbc way to the Great Union Depot, remr-rkioxr that lie lived near there, ad It would be no trouble. They went out together, and the neit that was seen ot fu* unioriunate Genaati, he was looi.d prostrate oo the pavement, near the eerier of aveane and River street, bv a policeman. He bad bees knocked down and roubed of s2* in money, hia railroad ticket, and a baggage vrc-ck. He was conducted to tbc City Uott-l.' ve“»errtay morning he made application al the Central station, about'cleren «»clock, for assistance m obtaining redre-a for the outrage and robbery. A description of the man Chester was obtained at Uie saloon referred to. at-d one honr taler Detective Kills found the burly ratal in an alley between Madison and Monroe siM’fte near JjtS*lle. He was much larger than He officer and at first assumed a bullying air, refuting to go with him, and »'hen Ellis took h.tii by (he mm, ihc nifTum diew back to strike. ne'er unpropaied lor such little diversi fying Incidents in his profession, quickly droT a revolver and placing!! al the fellow's bead th*ca’- cned to blow his b»alns quite beyond recovery of collection, if be didn't *• come along." "Lel'a g > and take a drink," said Cheater, and be meekly accompsiiic'l the officer to the Station. He was at cnee recognized by the angry Teuton, who de manded of him bis money and baggage check, lie will be examined at the Police Court lids morning. ITlomluc ruluu l*ruycr Hireling* lion. J. V. Parnell presided al this meeting, yt-slerday rooming. After reading Irom the last chapter ol the Gospel ol Marl:, from tbc Uth to verses, inclusive, Sir. Farwell remarked (bat wbilelabcrltc among the innate* oi tne Bride well upon babnath nionung, two verses of Scrip ture came into bis mind, preccmlog a (bOßght which he desired lo give utterance to The dying thief, hanging m»on (he cross bv Jesus’ ?iie, oa f'alvan, cued “Lord, remember me when (linn comeet inlo thy Kmirdcm.” >!arr Magdalen, possessed of erven devil:!, came to ebrirt. To a penitent lltlcT came the znoi-t precious of all me?- sages delivered to man from Christ's lips, “ To day thou shall be with me in Paradise," and to Wary Mifgdalcn was vouchsafed the drat and most gloilona debtor a ri-cn Savior. In Ibete two cases, to lost and beyond the reach of ba nian liibtrnmtrlaHtlcs, Christ exhibited hi* great power, not alone from the glory which would re sult from the salvation of these two fallen ones, but tor tbc Inspiring ot all those who should at tempt a similar worn among those In like cir cumstances, and tor the eccoaragctucnt of (ho«e who may be srct-itig a Savior, after having fallen low in sin and shame. yany of tl.c Inmst'fi of the Bridewell exhibit a lively intctcsl in th** subject of personal re ligion. ana some uu rose for orayora, on Sabbath rooming. when an opportunity was given ll.t-TD so to qo. These meetiugs are continued every morning In the audience r-«m of tlie First ilc’.licdi-t iipi-coi al, comer Clark and Washington streets. d. I*. Mtllson. of Hochcswr, T». Y.,w11l conduct lb-- meeting thi« morning. Tbc largest union noon-dav meeting since the great tevivs) ut IK.V7, assembled In Iheaawe place vesUrday, D. L. iloodr, Laq.. presiding. At the Invitation of this meeting a large number ofstn dents from Kastman's Business College were pre* si nt. Itcv. K. hj. Ha'Celd, of the Wabash Avcooe Method)*! Hi Iscopal Chnrcl', made a practical and noqncnt address to the young men. 31 uch inter est was manifested. Tbv Mtidcai* of Dryant A Stratton’* Boeinces ColJcpe bava t>ce>. lovlird to attend to-day. lie?. It. M. lift'Ceid will teia the mcciinjr. commcnclQjj U Vi o’cUckaad co&Uauu.g one boar. All are welcome. ASHJSEnifiVT.S. Ristow.— Owing to the snow storm a great I many people who had purchased tickets (n the ex pectation of seeing Riston last right in her groat Impersonation of ’‘Medea” were disappointed, ibe great tragedienne not having oirtvcd in this citjal the appointed lime. Tie special train cb rtered from Cincinnati to bring the company to Chicago,was snowed op, and though not autTeriac severely they were unable to reach their destination. Risiori bad not arrived at twilre o'clock last night hut the tui\ undoubtedly be here long before this reaches the public eye. At ten o'clock last even in'* bcrtcU and company were thirty-six miles on the other side of Jtlchican City, the train having just been put upon the track, and with tin- road said to be clear of snow between that ->olnt and this cily- A telegram elated that the “train would probably arrive at two o clock this “itmav’he veil to Flalo that the del«y thm occa atoned VIU not interfere uhh the arrangemente llrcSr iredc. The tickets are iramMrcd t. 5.3, lafl heme for the matinee perform ini to that the Uctete lor Monday will cnnUe ““iihteS to rests on this evenmß, and ao Cn t?lfan llnSni Um Mows nohody frond. The ahVcn “of Eistotihadlhe effector nlltar np me reals In the thcatree more than la generally the cate on a Monday night. At the lICBEU* —The return of Ur. John plllonlofais old position In Che company crowded tne lecture room to llantmosl capacity. The playaeleaiM tor hU reopening night was the comedr ot Ev erybody's Friend,” In winch DUloa took the part of “ Wellington De Bools.” Bis rendition of this eccentric character was fall of humor, and drew . down immoderate shouts of laughter from the audience, who seemed,- however, predetermined ‘ to lengh at every point The other leading parts In the play were acceptably rendered by Mr. Alien, McManus, Urs. Barry, Jenny Bight, and hits. Btoncall. The same Play this evening. JjcViCEEE’sTctAmi—Mr. Charles Dillon made tl* fi«t appearance last ereulng as •* Virginias ” before a lull bouse. Dillon rendered full Justice to the Roman, and the audience evinced their sat isfaction by cauiog him before the curtain. This everlrgUr. Dillon will appear as “Macbeth.” BKaTxso—Bad many votaries yesterday, all the public resorts being well attended. Herr SUtows kl, the renowned stilt skater, gave bis first per formance, in presence of c large crowd, at the Central Park. He disported him on stills as ..gilt and gracefully a* on ordinary skates, hit ' juorerocnla being executed with wonderful rapid ity and ease. THE OPERA HOUSE DRAWIHO. The Great Event Decided. NO. 68,600 THE WINNING . NUMBER. A. H. Ice, of Prairie Du Bocher, Randolph County, Illinois, Probably the Winner. Nearly all Uic Tickets Sold—Prepara tions for the Drawing—The Process, Freaks of Fortune* and Fantasies of Same Bamor. The great excitement la over. The problem which baa vexed the world of chance-operators for months past is solved. The Opera Honse Is drawn, and alt the two hundred thousand losers now breathe freely; a thing which 'he majority of them have been unable to do for some time past. Ihc excitement which bad been gathering steadi ly lor more than seven months culminated yester day. 7bc drawing came off according to promise in the Opera House, and the magnificent structure was drawn by ucket numbered 68.600. We need not to tell, what everybody knows: the history of the Opera Honse. its sublime concep tion, its scientific completion, its artistic success as a place of amusement, the disastrous failure of its proprietor, and (he magnltudlnona scheme which was devised to set Mr. Crosby on his feet once more, t>ya change of ownership, and with accompaniments which should herald the fame of the Opera House ten tunes more widely than did the announcements of Its building and Us suc cessive occupancy by operatic and theatrical com panies, magical savane, and lecturers, scientific, political, spirltoaUstlc, charitable and Ihcolog- The scheme was, In brief, to pat ap the Opera House for disposal by lottery: and, lu order (o offer a sufficient Inducement for the rale ol tickets, a number of valuable ol) palatines wpjo offered as subsidiary prizes, while each tlclcol bolder was to be entitled to an engraving wblcb of itself was worth a good portion of the price of ticket. Tbc number of tickets was fixed At 310.000, ami the price of each at f 5, equal to one million sod fifty (Uaurattd dollars; the number of was CCN, varying lo value from six hundred thousand dollars down lo about one hundred dollars. A committee of responsible ucnilcmsn were appointed to make the nrrangeioeuti for the drawing, and three hours were pledged lo its nuibfufatd lionotsLle execution. The tickets were divided Into two equal portions, one half bring k iiil here, and the other sent to New York. At fhel the sale of tickets proceeded but slowly, and many P ars were entertained nnd expressed llialiho rxbemo was of too grcnl a inagnitudo to bo carried out to any other cuusumma* tluu than that or failure, Jlut Hie committee stood firm. nnd as (he time approached fur the drawing, there was a perfect rush for tickets from nil over the country. The malls fahty groaned utul-r the weight of orders, and the magic tubes which cun* tamed the engravings filled the mailbags to a fulfill plethora. The force of clerks was several times HiienienU'd, and (l was only by Instituting relays that the rnsi mass n| cornfpondeiice was kept up with. The Inst A*w days of fast week sow pu ul crowds at Hie Opera House, filling the hails ard slslrwa**. all eager for tickets, all Intent on one thing—buying the Opera House for five dollars. The fiito ol tickets was not accomplished hr in* ulvidtm) risk alone,iltougbilils was n large Hum several gentlemen tAltlue from five (u fifteen bundled dollars worth, and ninny taking for one bundled dollars. The big feature of the sale was, howevcr.ihe clubs. One Unb of five ||iou«aini wns lortued, each member taking one ticket, and bis rnglAVliig, but agreeing lo shnru whh the olli» u» ihc fitvUie, if any, amtutig in the drawing. I 1 min these tirge clubs, down to asaurirw Hons Hi which Inc member* bald lwcniy*five ccills CBt'li, Mid tfllatlHuti i'l'hlntbed tilsiiy steps. Imii'id lue Inller was Hie mvorlieplnn with a grant number. tVe heard of ottoman who laid out mi W* limb hlty dollar* lit tmy «*m »hnra«, Joining in n* limit? oifierenl clubs, the tmaid of Trade sum n i-ii’ni plftce Mr clubs, Hvory day, when ibe Hill of mi«tnr-ss nltovs-mt n diversion of ihmight , d«K<imol (meitdoiswmiiUoituter round tuwual I came (n be culled (he Oimta Ring, and chnnrea were sold by Mioliundred.bMWcliiba being Mtpmd i (n Hu* iwir.Mbig of un eye. The loliowing list of i bib* embrace* a majority of Ihneo formed Hi Chicago, but doe* nut include I nil, ll may be imerrtUlmr to peruse Ibem r L’liaiiiler (foinmmce, Potk I'ac^ei*', Dead broke, l.uckv Ulu b, hcalpti'e Revenge, UulucUy cUuh, Hoard ol Trade, hbort chib, Ne Fine Ultra, Rejected I.ovora\ Plug Ugly, Accepted f.o>cr*\ Dig Dun, Hons Hide, I.ower Strata, Nary Red l-ctt,. Hlooay Tub. Bottom Dollar. Di ri icrHegsort, Forlorn Hone. Pig Thine, Merchants, ’ Kira Me Quick, Gopher Club. Upper Crust, Slow But Sure. General Sheridan. No Grade. General Grout, Poor Men's, lllter No. J, High Fly, Tiber No. 2, Arctic. Tiller No. 3, Boston. Pond Beat, Impromptu, c harter Oak, Boos Fide venture. Good T.nck, No Pins Ultra, Stumplalt, Albert Mose, Deadhead, James Mills, Old Persimmons, Poor but Honest, Last Day, Dare Dicks 1, J-aslDour, Dave Dicks 2, Inst Minute, Pilgrim Stranger, J jfct Sccono, HUiorl 1, Big Thunder, Rlstori 3, Insurance, Bully Boy n Modest Club, Ladies* Fnend, Pinch 'em Tight, Vcnl Vld! Vicl, Petition, Last Ditch, Eire Mo Quick, Patvpa, Bob Utdlcy, Wolcott's, Medea, Bedford, D. Buell, 12 end C, Bohemian Club. Dead Shot, At ten o'clock on Saturday night the Chicago balf ol the tickets bad been sold, and about too thousand of those originally allotted to New York. Jn that city the sales note large, but not eqnal to lho-e of the office in this city. At noon on Sun day they had about thirty thousand tickets oorold, which was subsequently diminished to, pernan*, fifteen mousand. hr sales hero and m that city. However, the drawing was announced without i postponement, and It came off accordingly. 1 rcxpaniSG ron the dcawi.vj. Early on Monday morning the appointed com* 0111(1*0 commenced their arduous and important labors. Owing to the storm of Sunday and *o other causes some of the gentlemen worn a dis tance pn’Vionely announced to belong to it were not present. The following is a list of those prevent and supervising tbe drawing. It will bo sect, that It comonse* some of the most wealthy and influential men of Ibis and other dues, whose names are sufficient guarantee that the a£nr was conducted with the most perfect fairness and care. Ira Y. Mann, Esq., of Mm.n & Scott. chairman. Amos T. Hall, Esq., Treasurer of UUlcago, Bu.- lintrton & Quincy Itai.road. K. G. Hull. R»u., ot Hall, Kimbark & Co. Ciiacncey I'. Bowen, of Bowen Broinere. Ex-Govenior Y. A. Hoffman. J. A.Ellis, Esq.’, Cashicr-SccondNatioml Bank. CHctcn Bih’g*, of £*inff, Brigg- & Co. J. V. Here, Esq- I'resident Board of I ra le. \V. F. Coolhanan, E*n , Preriucnt of the Union Naticnal Bank—all of Chicago. U.W. .lon an, Esq., Director of Brighton Na- 1 tlonal Bank, Boston, | 1). PnlcUcr, Erq . of D. Pnlcifer & Co., Bovtoo. R. E. iKremon, Esq., ITcsidcut of Howard Na- ; tlonal Bonk, Boston. I £. S. liowge. Esq., of Carender & Rowsc, bank* | era, Pt. Louis. i Richard Smith, of 1.. Johnson & Co., type founders. Philadelphia. E B. Ncvdlc*. Esq., S. O'. Wight, Esq., J. 1X„ A. & a. G. Wight, Du tieiL Hal rh Cheney, of Cheney Bros., Hartford. Conn. At halt-past eight in the morning, these cvnt.c --nu-o assembled in one of the large ioom.-> of Kins ley's restaurant, under the Opera Don‘e, and commenced counting the tickets. Two hundred and ten thousand pieces of hard, polished pinte bos>d, about an inch long and a Un-d of an inch utde, were printed with consecutive uumiers, in red ink, from one upwards, and arranged in picKage* of one hun dred each. Tbc numbering was done by the machine of Ibc Norib* r vstcrn Bank Engraving Company, in the same way that hank notes arc nmitu mQsothal U impossiblethattbenam* bcis couVt be duplicated The packages were roamed thico times before being de.lve-cd to the committee, and they spent the forenoon In again counting and examining them, to prertat • ho pos sibility of ettor. Uir ticket? mar*a n sol'd pack age (vvcu P cli-s dcoj>, 1 > cntr-nvo Inche- long, and iworiy-cightinches high. Un heavy tv o and u half inches long by cue inch wide, were plainly wtuten the three hundred and two pnzoi in tne sair-o order ard wuh the same number.- as In tbc pi luted catalogue «ilb which all holders of ticket* were furnished, the Oncra Hon-c being nmr.bcr one. Tliese ticket* were carefully exam ined by the committee, compared with the cata logue, and found correct. .-oouafierll o'clock the counting was finished, and each member of the committee fell satisfied that no possibility of fraud existed. The tickets were then placed in small confectionery boxes, and. each member taking under bis arm what be could conveniently carry, tbeangust body was piloted down Into the basement and through lab yrinths of passage ways into the rear of the stage. Here an elegant lunch wa* spread whet e the committee might refresh tbem-elro*. as thoro was no expectation of concludlagtholritbors un til lung after dinner time. A strong f.uec of policemen, under Sergeant Jennings, was on band toprevent any disturbance, nud about every doorway, front and rear, on the alalia and in the budding, the ainns of peace glit tered ominously for intending peace breakers. l.opg before eleven o'clock the entrance lo the Opera House began to swarm with the eager niitlUiudc, oH and young, male and female, rich and poor, all holding one or more certificates, the numbers ol which were firmly impressed on their memories or writ ten down on note-books or papers. Dunrg the morning, os well os for many previ ous days, toe wheels by which were to be decided the fate of so many hopes and prayers were on exhibition in Klnsley’a, and were the anbject or eacer curiosity and interest. They ate both of wood, octagonal, supported on high pedestals so as to he plainly vtelole to the spectators. The largest, which contained the number*. Is about Joerfeitin diameter by one foot thick; the other, rrrtrinlnj, the lUt of prizes, about twenty Incuca ta'Oamvtet by six Inches thick. Both were haa* tally painted in colors, which la taming blended together like tbc bnes of a kaleidoscope. Promptly at the appointed hour the great doors were thrown open, and the crowd surged In, filling at cnee the lower floor and the dm gallery. Many had come from a long distance towtinetaihcaCatr so unparalleled In Interest, and the anawmt a» stake by anylotngof the kind which the world has ever «iincss«l. Probably two-thirds of the crowd were from outside of the city, who .shall aar what various hopes and fancies filled the mind* ot tba* vast throng as each OM Imagined l6e «>«nW.! v u,, t tBo pnM mlchl be bu? The poor saw In (thread,clothing, comfort and necessaries which item fate had all their lives deprived them of. Those In comron able circumstances saw visions of luxuries and extravagance* of which they had only dreamed, and the rich imagined the splendid addition to their possessions which wonld prove them si 111 more tbc favored o! fortune. Sull the Immense preponderance ol chances against each one served in very many cases to keep down any shadow of confidence In the result, and some ones when tempted to the wild day-dream would men- 1 tally call himself a fool for the fancy, and reason against the dxnng hope. Though many of the long list of costly aud beautiful pic tures which comnituted the minor prizes were of themselves small fortunes, “ the Open House 1 ' was on the up« minds of every one, over shadowing, by ua Immensity, tbc lesser values. In spite ot the ti-lcnse excitement the beat of good humor seemed to prevail, and lOkcs, ofl re posted and threadbare, passed from lip to lip. The buzz of conversation fined tKe house, all npon one subject—^lbe great prize. Some eolaccd tbc weary hoar with such ‘ tight stimulants as peanuts, candy and the inevi table tobacco, and some chewed in eUeoce the end ot reflection and built splendid castles in Spain. All this while the number* condoned to augment.. aud when tbc most desirable parts or the house were crowded, the high upper gailciy.wfls quickly filled. Opera glasses were used lo bring the stage more plainly In view, that the slightest motion might oe caught, and many donb Jcas longed for ear trumpets to make the faintest whUporofthc chlclactoTs audible. The orchestra immediately tufronfofthe stage was cleared of music racks, and provided with tables, at which were repre sentatives of the press of this fipd otter ernes. An on cthe latter were J. Edmund Butke, of the New York IlerchL, and Ur. Ambruster. of the Philadelphia TUrgrcpA. A* the drawing mogreeeed. messages were despatched on ibe wings of lightning, and at tea time many thousands of people, to all parts of the Union, were eagerly reading ihotDtonly to bo dlsappolntcdTtvery one had the feeling which the Irishman expressed on weighing the porker, saying, "Xt did not weigh as much as I expected. and I never thought It would." Tho ball was not ready ao great as ll might seem, for erery certifi cate bolder ondoabtooij bad a secret “expecta tion" of drawing the Opera House, and yet none Ibongbt that be should. It was a strange blend ing oi bopcand doubt, desire aud despondency. At twenty minutes before twelve o'clock the scenes behind opened* and the iwo wheels were brought in aod p*aCod on the front of the atage about two yaida and a half apart. A taint bum of hpplaoac erected the apparition, and then ilu* baa was tamed on to allow the assembly to lo aned the sheets at their leisure. Fire minute? more passed, and then tbe statloucry was bronchi lo by a toUtary tndlvidaal who looked very modi embarrassed unoer the load. Save and except tho two policemen at tbe wings, nothing more waa visible lor a time so long that the throng be came Impatient at the delay. At abcat five minutes before twelve the members of the committee came in, Indian file, each bear ing a couple of the boxes containing tbe tickets. Ira V. Moon, Keq, then advanced to the front,and eaid: * “Ladies ami GxsTLKjaor: The committee will now deposit the numbers—each ticket, number ing from one to two hundred and ten thousand—ln this wheel. They bare received tbe rickets from the bands of the engraver, and they hare not been out ol Itelr possession. They bare examined and counted them and believe them to be all correct. These bores contain five thou sand tickets each, with tbe exception of two, which contain ten thousand." Mr. Mnnnthen took tho bos containing the tint five thousand and attempted to pour the tickets into the wheel. Several of them fell to the ground, and were gathered an by the committee very cartful iy. After that, a tew others were spilled, at intervals, bet without exciting dis ea'bracuon. This process occnpicd till about twenty minutes past twelve, and then Mr. Mann aanoancea that there was lu that wheel 810,000 tickets—one number for every certificate soil. The lid was closed, and then Mr. Mann took a smaller box containing the 80S prises and emptied them Into the lecser wheel, which was then closed, and Ur. Mono explained that the wheels had wires placed Inrldcof them, so that at each turn the tickets must be thoroughly mixed. Two men then advanced to the wheel and com menced turning. The wheels wore revolved slowly ft r some time, till everybody was satisfied that the “shuHling" was complete. The two be ings on whose movements hung the destiny thousands were named I’etcr Felersou and Cmil Itelskc. At thirty-two mtnnlcs past noon W. F. Cool bauch, Esq., “look the word.” Qceald: The committee had authorized him, la behalf of Mr. Crosby, to state that there were remaining un sold somewhere shont twenty-five or thirty than sand tickets, and that the 31",000 tickets then In that box represented from 25.tKW to 90,000 tickets which belonged to Mr. Crosby. That gentleman staled to the committee that it was Impossible for bim to give the exact number sold, In consequence ( f the absence of ofilclal returns from agents in New York, Do*ton, and rnlladeiphla, whose books were kept open till midnight of Saturday, lie hadgiven ihls as the approximate number of Hiose unsold, aud he had no doubt (bsttbe audience would believe that Sir, Crosby had done oil Id his power to gain an exact state ment of Iho fact*. Thu speaker was authorized an behalf ol the committee lo slot? that In consults* Uuu among themselves the committee had thought It expedient to designate from among (heir own unmoor the gentlemen who should do the draw ing, hut (bis question he was desired to submit to (lie audience, and lo say that U the audit'nee sow 111 to ik'slgnaiu two persons from their inhlstto appear on the stage and draw Urn prizes, it would meet Uio cordial approbation ol the comniiiteo. < hens creeled (ho announcement, and erica of “Tho committee, 11 “bet the commmue appoint, 11 «lc. Homobooy called out for Mr, lime, but no othir name was meulloneii, and Mr. Coolhaujrh Anmmrced lltnl be understood it to bo tlio wish of the audience thaUbu rominUb o should designate. Cheers, olid cries of “(Jo Ahead. 1 ’ Mr. foolhaujrh then aatd he was n1«o dotted to announce In behalf of the committee that U Honld In* Impossible lor (hem to announce to tho audience the namea of the successful draw ers ( nil they could do would bo to announce the iitimbeis. C ries of “Shako up the tickets,'* **BHr Ihom up; 11 etc., wero flow beard all over the house, and in iespouse (hereto the wheels wero turned aealn. Mr. iltiiin then proposed tu the audience tu ou* point a committee tu look Into (ho wheel", Ac. Tho only i espouse war, “Ho on wilh tho draw* Ites* 1 “Ho ahead. 1 * Air. Mnnn Him announced Hint .lobn H. More, Ivmi . Piosltleiil ul Mn> Hoard of Trade,would draw the (ili krta out of Hm big wheel, and Sidney Pub elfer, H«q., Would draw out (he prises. These prtillrinen advanced In tin* work, stripped oil their coftfonitd toll'd Up (heir slme«, amid much cheering abd suino calls Itohi (be audience, tit# AllhlTllAMfiHT. Hip pKcUcmu!»i| n| Oils poltH was Jntpiinpi dnttq lo imti flic wheel »bmo«u»biy. lu itti-n tin* oilier way, in begin, to proceed ptowly.lo*H down, rto., wete iiimo'ioiip tool niiiioM denienlmr Ai in«i, Itntvrter, mder was (iMoipil, noil Mr, Moon lit# 11*1 In Hm* l«rt»« «li"ol ni ww. whll* Mr. Horn pulled mil Il'Ml'Pl HimimiHlrAittrtMt'. of M, l.i>«U, who irtuUumio l|»a fttnUmwei the Wt« woo lilt'd rend oft It/ lilio nml recorded t»y ilia hsp» rtmtu , 'Urn molirnra lUlemol vary attentively to (lie ndltrg oft til too numbers, tuouuU tUa nifiitTo ovory earn eilciieo soma Jocular remark. When lit" pamttug “Chickens" wss called uIT, somebody *mtd ll was “fowl play/ 1 and ilia men* lion of •*fttrawbi , nU>“ was preubid wllh an al most universal request lor “cream ” No exception wan taken In Mm of Mio crmmlilci\ except in one instance. When about forty numbers bad been drawn, agautleinan i ofi - . trem the orchestra chairs and requested Mint Mr. Mnnnanould standoutoTtheway. Mr. Umra was engag'd in bonJbur thenilzc tickets as drawn from the man aline whet 1 to ibe reader. The breaker requested that the Uckct be taken directly fiom Mr. PuMtcrhy tiro reader. Mr. Mmm replied thalhewasaidlairin thcunal ness, and bad no Interest in tbe drawing any way. The obtector attempted Spain to speak, but was 1 blfi'co’doWD and the drawing proceeded. Ibe interest culminated at. twenty minutes be fore two o’clock, when annonnerment was made —“No. CS.COO; No. 1; Opera House.” Ibe excitement was not so crest as might have been expected; & t-ict, the new's was received rather tamely. There wore a few calls for the number, ana It was read again; then several calls of “Who is it? -1 to which the committee responded. “We do not know.' - All was again quiet, the drawing not hav ing been suspended half a minnte. ll may bo taken lor graded ibaitbe owner was not in the bouse, or If there, was the owner of so many tick ets that be nr ehe did not recollect Hto bet of pos session on tbe Instant. About om-third of the audience left within tbs next five minntes. lielorc proceeding with the drawing, Mr. Umm esid: “Ibe committee would like, at this point, to know of the audience, ii in their opinion, this drawing has, so Ur. been done honesty and fairly. (“Yes, ycs,“ and “Go on.”) The drawing was proceeded with TUB LIST. Tlic following if the result of the drawing: the fltst bung ibe number or ihe ticket drawn, and the second tbc corresponding prize. All the rest were blanks' No. Prise. Ko -1&14S 2C7 ’ 41,130 »« 4-1.031 191 20,5 1 103 JH-S.TSfT 14D ISTvIGi 40 82,377 101 JW.SSI 40 29. CW 301 1*5,503 10 cum 3 s i 110,821 S 3 15*,596 129 55&47 15» Hfe,oPß.‘ 43 101,401 1W 95.633 81 iar;.r,:4 « 20.900 108 201.80 S IJ2 49.K53 2?6 UW*O 116 ! >*.8.672 281 81,390 27 42.691....... 156 5T.,400 5 s*,!?> bn 139,493 S6J. SIMS 1 2111 170,2?!. .. 31 «»,614 ... R 5 72. US 74 15C.331 105 181.073 21b 41,-41 2*2 «r.8*4l SCO 12L444 103 178.160 ssc 48,271 10 68,326 24 177.179 17G 00,200 166,818 (a 1 96,626 65 I iiß',a»i M 3 116.851 118 1 3,0 W ...936 i ! 10,418 84 17.65.* 15S I *,2.9*7 241 i 110,150 44 18,251 275 I *81,517 IS 2t0,-ai» lIC ‘ 1K5,40G 287 169.656 216 r6,‘60 8 162,970 1M 10,972 207 79,073 117 201 :ci 121 I 155.187.' 79 123.M9 ,«8 | 180,110 279 411,081 157 32,fiC8 80 00,wa 208 7.120 100 157,214 126 46.065 M 28,043 277 1*9,130 ant , 168,116 . .236 ! 80,702 2C3 59,170 30 21.530 6 : 59, 292 , 40,202 I*o 80,076 173 16,«55 48 J2C.P-9 221 55,041 257 159,322 fQ 2C7,4U 223 noo , <5,465 101 ie,Ma I3i 5,557 W 172,471* 219 79.870 329 101,202...,..., 87 50,18! 96 28,l« 106 159,571 M 7 40,133 C. 298 37,023 73 32,735 98 12,149 210 77.020 S 3 141,204 191 121,141 15 77,657 238 39,059 HI 20,907 56 151,808 1U 7.1349 242 72,493 « 7(',b01 161 50,000 1 135,&S 171 126,487 92 15,377 Jl 33,669 .«8 . 150,604 HO 207,651 .261 41.V75 290 92,018 If 6 92.505 144 70,970 301 907.610 SC 161,972 S 5 114,281 60 19t,*=S0 182 127.610 254 19.720 99 71,609 225 123,587 S 3 90,237 254 51.481.. ....... .257 78,979 165 203,297 SO 83.403 209 20.438.. I*2 iisXn ,-p iHSi -li? tm.4=n -g 1 ,2] 7RJSI 151 1 28,016 165 30,48- 1* 17G.157 3 124,129 45 1G6.1M 185 804,622 HI Alter the grand prise w tnent manl'csilT lessened wore along many began physical wants ana to sh ward. Oibert came in, I waa nearly filled to the 1 lew momenta after three Cram the email wheel tall et, ana It was thought th till an examination shot wanting, A part of th< 110,0 tc. 69,163 2,0-12. W 2,250, 73,9‘J0. 41,707 *62,(151. 95,839 men iTO.oyj. 161.632. IH/SO. 48.021 120,4:3. 13,303. 8,241. 35,633. j 209,694. 7-i.ew. 81,837 183,2215. 14,872, 151,220 113,2*1. 67,102. 202.791. 61,013. 59,276. 198,198. 142,617. 87,101. 82.215. 145,500. 2.1.616 182,161. 51.012. 41,101. W,9*S. r 2,291. 121),2t;6. 201,931 C 3,6:«. 41.650. 193, *29 15.589. mjm 181,659 111.071 77 95,291. 25S 93,761 m lavieo 273 31,901 :JO2 5U,fi52.,... 9UJ C3,*6S 293 7.9 m 3R 202,658 215 208,296 *IOO 9U,«1 5S 00,071 16 Sl,fill 25 71,671 fil ifli.aoo ua 151.61 J 53 133,260 320 180.027 803 88.720 2«2 S7,S« 11 70,311 70 165.91 S 213 , lis.svi 170 ■ 105.470 300 I 47,Mi Wl I :i3.35l Ml SOU, 153 183 101,409 253 75,7781 203 15.618 174 107,021 189 72,036 210 165,781 137 2i,v80 ira 21,490 190 «a,4ii .212 102.028 08 .108X60 150 177,806 ... 73 63,371 . 78 105,895 SSO U«UM 181 37,173,.... 184 140,905 40 . 117,583 8»5 105,980 22 1*1,65l 0 168,174 153 209.2C1 26 17l\00a 291 106.514 109 174,418 90 159.705 127 01,912 7 23,883 300 205,610 196 155,787 U 9,112 2^o 71,W6 IStt 45.022 229 6.728.. .218 48.559 186 74,365. 4 183,170 IS7 178.143 103 67,740 131 171.811 81 60.607.. 15 161.706 93 101,030 12 105.639 185 93,712 217 46,448 115 69,051 107 98,918 .. 91 26,396 S 3 156,823 183 18,714 272 14,539 120 110,899 181 13,091 173 160.413 891 31,334 199 75.409 97U 94,815..; 253 104,729 149 3:»,053 237 60,791 241 23.420 76 50,437 130 129,282 211 115,913 CS 143,602 27S 192,374 59 4L550 172 70.238 J9S 209,633. 17; 2WLSSI ; waadUposed of the excite* a, and a* tho afternoon i to retain to a sense of ilowly snore oqt dinner*, however, and the boose last moment, Pmiliy a s the gentleman who drew lied To find another tick* iisi the work was done, iwcd (wo nttfflhers (till ic wheel was taken ofl; amldaotae good bnmorod observation* of the aowd, and the remaining tickets lotted wedged in tithe attic, A ptome&t sufficed to draw ite«e out and at three aod a quarter o'clock, Jwt three boon* and iwtntyxnlnnias after the drat ticket was draws, the lut number was called oiT. Ur. Mass lira announced that the drawing was complete, aod said; “Tbo committee believe that ibis mailer baa been conducted with perfect fair ness. They think that Mr. Crosby has not drawn the bouse, and they trust that it has gone to some poor mas who will make good use of It. rhey do not know uho bare drawn any of the prizes, as the Docks arc sdalcd up and kept subject to the order of the committee. We thank the audience for tbeir orderly atteDUon.and trust that the draw ing baa been satisfactory.” . . . The great audience then slowly and quietly dispersed, each ohv finding comfort In hiajaUnre todiawthe great pme In the reflection that the owners of two hundred and nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine tickets were similarly disappointed. Such is human nature. Every one, however, seemed perfectly satisfied with the manner in which the drawing had been con ducted, and the hopes of no one, probably, wore so elevated mat the revulsion will be serious. The following la the list of prices with the win ning numbers, arranged In ifio prder of value of the prizes: Prize, Ticket. 1— Opera House £8,600 2 Blcrfltadt'u *• Yo Semite Valley*’, 161,312 5 Cropsey’* “American Autumn*' 176,187 4 Washington IrvingandHUFriends... 72,363 6 Bart’s “Woods in Autumn *’ 33,460 6 Mayer's “Recognition*’... 2*,996 * 7—Beard's u Dter on the Praufe**,.. 61,912 8— Gignonz’fl “Alpine Bccn«®*,v 56,960 9 Volk’s bust of A.Llocokb*. 101,531 10— White’s “Old Keel’* .. 4* 5 871 11— The Fishermen of Normandy 16,377 19—’Thompson's “Deserted H0me'*.......101,580 13— Crosfine the Stream 87,614 14— Attack of the Deal, by Drury 112,617 15— View In Gcoesace Valley, New York. 121, 44 16— Edwin Booth, as lago 50,674 17— Landscape, by llonoell Ik),480 18— Glimpses of Palisade*, by Wiles lol.&47 10—The Jewel Case, by Wight 175,593 SO—The Frosted Bud,by Bigelow*. 11",231 21— Scene In Tyrol, by Itoeih 09.013 22 The Twine, by Miller 165,90 23 Tho Brotlicre, by Miller 123.597 , 24 —Nairaeanrct byllaiolUne C 8,3.-6 25-lsndsCape,by ilcnry Bt.SU SC—Selecting the Bridal Dross 369,267 27 Marine Curtis 81,723 28— Double Treat, oy Kretcbmcr 113,747 S»—landscape, by Sonntag 121851 30— Marine—Fort Warren... 69,176 31— On the Hudson, by Beers.., 179,834 82—Flower Girl, by Von Letan %.. .139,311 33—View in Weslport, N. Y 110.821 i 64 Sunset, by Pyne .’ 174,831 1 35—landscape, by limes* 161,979 ■ 35—F00l Ball, lu Tyrol 207,810 37—blaster and Maid, by Nehllg. 61,942 33—Vase ol Flowers, by Matthews 7,219 SO—Do»cr Wells, by Koudcll 79,809 40— lliyon—Gulf of Mexico 110,063 41 - Bot govil—France.. 197,674 42 Little Daisy, by Cogswell 172,616 43 Boy Hloulng Pigeons, by Kanson 108,099 44 he Pol Cat, by SuJobo 110,16'J 45 Prayer, By ileait 121,uu 40-Pltto Apple, by Drury 12.1,4113 47—Biook near West Point 181,659 4B—Sampson’s Pond, by Bigelow 16,023 49 On the Ksottus Creek 109,811 Ui-Basket of Peaches, by ilait.. 1it,991 81-Uy tho Stream, hv Rondell 4t,«n M-Caravan in a Band storm 15,581 K-ln the Helds. Wimer/W Smith 9,611 M-lha Choice Mortal .... B‘J,IM 66- Making, by Halid 82,991 65 View In OBter County, by Sloan 30,007 67 The Sultan's Daughter 87.101 6h—Muvy, by lllddeman 181,061 69 Village Toussalrt 102,371 50— View on lire Moiltanou.. 72.19;) 61—view mar Waukegan 14,872 52 May and Docotnoer... 113,913 81-Ulrl and Pei llablilla 20.016 64 Gathering Ches Units lio.utn 65 In Weber . 16.063 GK—General Craul, by Uvulae 33,CM 07— BivcrHccuo In Jamaica... 71,571 t‘B— Basket of Flowers, by Matthew* HVJ/fH 6'i-ThoCia»esters,by Webb..,. OLfJU Hl—View lu Ihe Tyrol, by Cbsvaunee...... 70,Ml 71—Mary Queen ofScoU and HessPlerponl 186.787 75—*1 lit* Savoyard, by Muller.. . ......... 69,371 711—ibe WatcVlui 5p0rtMuan............. 57,211 74—Down by tbe Willows... ............. 75,u*U 7iv—Fruit Piece, by U0m1e11........... ... t>t,WJ7 70— Maccena’s Villa a(Tiv01i.............. 54.12'! 7T—Going to School, by Matthew*., . ...141,071 7n_Hi ( .P|i, hy Von Hevtidunh.............177,800 79—Young min,by (1uui....>... Po—View Oil LiMeitp Hirer. Vt...... ~...293,2*7 pl—Maiqiiclle Rapbls, by 11aw50ti....... wijns PB—l'rtiu ami C1imuii^np,.,,,............ n0.:i28 Allis, by lUffmii..,, . ..77,016 lln> reopit" creek.....;. MMII woodsbirk, N. It.. ..100, opt Scenery, by J15t1............. oa.MM p7=AVsl(pnslndl. b/ ilaififllti........ .. .. I'U.vSj byiiefau1........... ....n...,,,, Oivui I by Unit.... ....... Vl.fl'oY mM’miiatl of Mnenln, by Cogswell.... ..)74.H’i V)»pfl»tmn*,by tmin... ........ ivrji b2^(*tPt,ertil, by Bsrtbnmmw,,., ~ W-Foit Pjrlmns. I»y Hmlih.Mll.TiMi UlttViow near Farmlmiham... ...... 2o‘j,! tm lift— lml j an» and C#»0e.....,,,,,,, 8,057 05— l andscape,hy H011and,.,,,,,,,, 85,051 U 7— Ijikti George, by Column,,,, ..1.7,194 W—Flab, I>V HeWnw 02,705 HO-HreH Scene. I’tiarde Ctrtuy 10,7811 100— Fnill, by Williamson 8'i3,8:»0 Jill—J'aily Momino. by Brown -IS.-pia 11.2—The Shadow Dance 03,761 101— Basket of Peaches 154,1*4 104—Music and Flowers, by Kondoll 92,277 11:5—Tlie I’nnpau Zee. by wiles 19V221 ion—n he Y’oucg sportsman 23,532 lU7—lhe Foster Brother 50,Ml 119—The Happy Dream 30,980 ltd— I Cavalcade by Lemrnen*.. 7,MQ HO—Spanish Lady, by Hail 155,591 111— Medfleld, Maas., by Snow 131,*i3 112— Knmlnc Girt, byßoser 509,M0 1K» —Dancing Jack, by Nolillg 204,5(8 114— Yonng Skaters, by Von Seben 39,559 115— Beach on Northeast Coast 59.332 116— Kveclug In the Country 145.050 117— FourSi-asone, by Cote 79,073 118— Frml Piece, bv Stearns 160.191 lilt—Taking & Smoke, by Randall 103,031 18)—Valley of Oetz, by Bnglebart 14,539 121— On the Narragauaet Coast 861,151 182—Tbe Lovers* Quarrel, by Banner 39,4-36 123 Strawberries by Rondell *.199,301 124 Saule S|. Ma' Kawson 162,051 125 — Old Dutch Cboich 35.033 126 Vnnr.g Ameilca, by LcClerc 157,514 187—Fiogal’s Cave, by Smith... ..159,795 128—Coast Scene, R. J 67,162 189—Chickens, by Lcmmcns 131,585 130— The Dlslli golshed Guests 80,437 131— Old Fisherman, by Jourdan 102,530 T2—Farm Yard, by Somers 51,(W3 123—Sunset, by Church 67.740 134 The Swamp Sunset 19,512 715—Eastern Scene, by Frere 105,039 135 Sketching, by Kondcll 41,859 i;.T—l andecapc, by Blakclockr. 105,781 138—View on Lake Superior 36,241 130—Palm Grove m Tropics 107,511 HO—children ntPlay 202.797 lU— Flowers, by Rondell 804.6% 145—OO'the Coast of Labrador 805,564 14^—Near Morristown, N. 0. 176,039 114—Sheep, by Co e 92,505 145—Lsudsc& Richards 49,443 DC—Moss Rofcbnd, by Cogswell &0,87il 147—Cherries,by 57atvhewe. 95,859 118—View in Essex County 156,831 149—View near Tyrone, Pa.. .....105,759 130—A Rocky Coast 106,000 161—White Grapblsby Hall 78,151 155 Minlatnre. by Ooeawcli 35,447 153—The Path,by Veddc? 163,174 194—Autumn on Shenandoah 162,970 135—YT-wlnKoxburr. Mass 21,930 166 'TwElebl In Winter 42,621 137—Doge,‘by Drury 40,051 156 Aiuonc the Sbaudakeu Mountains.... 17,^53 159 View fiotn LJrilo Mountain ii,900 ICO—Cbrfj-lraas, by Sr. John 186,498 161—Lake Beig, Switzerland mU9i IGs—Sea Snore, bvOrsood 67,511 ICS—Pictured Rocks by Ransom 191,i*0) l&l—Fruit, by Reed 70,891 165—View In Tyrol, by Euler 73,579 160— Near Bolton, Lake George. 22.018 167 Storm on tho Atlantic ....801,951 tCS— Rarbel, pyAmcs sV>l6 I*>9— Trailing Arbutu*. Eaton . .....196,511 170—Landscape aud Chickens r 3,393 lit—lliudtcapc, by <Jtwn 135,663 I'iS—TunuicapC, Rondell 11.339 172—Ricd’s “An Sable Diver’’ 174 Drnry’a slrawbersles 13,616 175 Tlie Lesson of Ludwig 5.6V2 17f>—View on River To, by Bauvsrd 137,179 177 RowdtliV Landscape and figures ....809,631 178— llart’e *• Adltondacks’* .... 41,630 179 New Hampshire Scenery 80,626 180— View in t3taler County 40,502 I«l— Goodkm Red Wlebiog Can 188—l.lnd’a Pond Idilea 19L8S0 IS)—'Who Goes Ihcre? by Naet 800,453 184—Shrep. byScvoidonk 97,173 ISB—Schenck’s “Jjmdscapo’’ 164,701 188— WHea M... 123.121 IST—Oppenbeimcr’e “little Cobbler’* 1*7),170 ]6B—V .cw on Rock River, by Ford 155,32-1 189— Winter Lscdrcaue 47,532 190— Cole's Tele tloCroWaey 54,490 191— Griggs’ Early Mottling ....141,591 lU2—Cole’*. On Ibe Seine 7l,*w*s Jl«—Sontcg'e Cannon Mountain... 505.566 191--Non England Homestead 4LTU lffr-U» go’s Liitic Pond 70,298 iPfi—View at Fish Pond 205,610 I9T—SaotnenY Bay or Naples 83 439 198—^Waugh’s Pawnbroker 178.112 i TJ!L~CbßaVenonScaS&ore 31,336 | 2fio—7i:cke»manN Brig at Sea.... 41.164 i ybl—Faulkner’s Bcu Nevis 29.006 1 898—ilmmerman's Dead Slag .....l-f1.627 I 260—View from HllMde 123.11$ gl|—bt John’s Dog. 179,190 80S—On Charles River, by Sawyer. 73,75* 200—Red Grapes, by nan 195,416 507—November, by McEutee 10,975 B(>S—Mount Sinai, by Rawson 9 '.97 ’ 809—Pansies, by Stetson... 33,403 510—Croton Meadows, bySbaltnck. 15.149 211—Colts on the Hillside, by Troltcr 129,232 21S— Harvest Flrlfl, by Beer* 32,424 213 Scene Dear Chelsea, by Fuller. 169,912 514—Western Virginia, by Sonutag... 89,334 215 Reading a Sioiy, by Porter 199,439 210— Ox Team on ibaines, by Drury ao,s« 517—UUudlau WUlUms ..... 93,7(2 51K—Ocliysburg, by Trego 0,756 219 Retain fiom cnrtstcnlng 173,470 120—Lunch, by Reed 72,036 221—M1. Jcncrson, by Yonng. . ...183.911 252—Blowing Fresh, bv Srolih 89,803 823—Landscape, by Balrrt 891,-U7 %I4—Winter Landscape, by llHccrs 186,819 523—Alpine Seemry,by l.aatncaa 71.6H9 886-Uopcless Flight, by Smith 188,560 837—Sbylock and Jessica, by Rotbcrmcl.... ‘59.371 528 Landscape, by Casilear 79.270 883—Winter Scene, by Morvelder. 43,0-23 B.SU—ltnloed Castle, by DeFelgrom 49.5J3 831—Grapes, by Matthews 193.557 ■*^2—ln Woods, by Whittrcdgo... 3,511 -View near Conway, N. U 41.489 -Magnolia, by Ordway 137.010 Bay ol Naples, by Haseltlfio .161,409 530—Lazdscsoe. by Smillie .178.350 B^7—Study In the woods, by Bellow* 30,085 28fi—Mt. Desert, by Frost 77,057 239—School Examination, by i11ddeaan..,899.694 54b—Doc's Heart, by Vertot 145,500 341—laoinpil Easy, by McEwan 60,791 549^ Collage Boor, by Smith 79.549 34?—Ysse of Flowers, by Remington 73,900 844—Sbtpatri Girl, bv Drury 508,791 245 Cattle and Landscape 808,(38 246 Waif from the City 109,a*A 547 Lost Farthing, by Hahn lt£,sS6 2tS—f-ove Letter, by Lambcln.... 19,8 is Bt9—View In Mexico, by Tower 99,083 250 First Coat, by 251 Near Fordbam, by Wiles 15,8*3 353—Y’lew near Germantown 94,815 353—Child’s Head, by Snilv 95.5 M ISA— Child Beading, by Johnson.. 90,-217 255 by Hart 3.C94 256 Winter, nj Slraolrlgh 168,415 257 Moonlight, by Reed 54,431 Ss6—Barnlng Casdo, by Llucbaner,... 53,u63 259—Rain Drops, by Guy 90.800 j 86C—Scene td Switzerland, by Holman 83.805 1 861— Pprocc Creek, by Ford 03,131 : 862 Coast Scene, by Gerry 58.739 263 Fly Catcher, bv Gavntbrr 65,555 : 264 Twilight, by WBea 807,551 865 Hollyhocks, by Rondell 189,435 . 866 Grapes and Apples, hr Reed. 90,331 807—Where’s LILT, by Reed 18,145 SfiS—Sawmill on Bosbblll. by Sloan 193,810 869—Moonlight In Cordilleras 80,733 279—Love and Old Ago. byTonssalnt 75,409 871— Bocks at NahanT, by Freeman 151,530 S72—Twilight, by Sloan 13,714 273 Interior, by Guenther .125,960 274 Landscape, by Lamhdm 183,465 275 Seaside, by Brown 55,534 276 Tho Coantry, by Brown 103,455 377— Ijtndscsne, by Rondell 2 *,319 87S—Evangeline, by Sterne 149,698 279—View in the 880—KlUT’e Toilet, bySL John. .. 9,115 2Sl—The Listener, by Roslerse 197,872 283—View in Sbokan, by Sloan 41,744 SSS—Aotatnsuby Faixman... .... 81^57 891— Orange Connty.N. Y*.. by Brcvoort.... 198,672 2r&— Landscape, by Barland 117,553 2f6— Wislj Wornlcc, by Heade..... 163,833 2r7— Baltimore, 1865, by GltfOid ,165,406 SSB Flowers, by Rondell 46,183 BS*—lake Geneva, by CUavannes s,6ia CO—Hay-Wciilnc, by Hubbard.. 41,P75 991—Tbe Well, by Drnycr 101,415 892 Sunset off the Coast 09,641 £sß—Marine View, by Wllsop... 63,881 C*l—Kaatskill Cove, uy Lewis 170,''65 895—Birds, by Dc Blots 181,5173 206— Scene in CaUkills. by Talbot 87,695 297—The Meadow, hy Brevoort 65,H1 29(f-Connwiicnt Valley, by Darrah 84,616 993-Frnlt Piece, by Q. Fqrstar. 11,362 300— Scene In Catskills, by Somers ISLBSI got—Twilight, by Bontelle 70,970 302—Scene on busqoeha&oa, by Ta1b0t..... 81,204 Prize. .433 . S 3 .263 .247 Cl .271 va—' 834- \mo BBXW IT* Sdon after the termination ol the drawing* sum* bcrlaaelorieewere pot In' circulationinnwmrd to the loentiij and residence of the holder of the Incky comber. A Canaan phyiicLu. reported to Hvo cm La BaJlo street, between Washington and Uadlaoii, war credited lor as boor or two with tho poaeeealon of ticket snmbered 58,600; then a rumor was started that the grand prtxe had fallen to tt e lot ot a jocnjf woman who boards with Hiss Severance, on well- street: the next small hoot of excited individuals whom one of oar reporters on countered were ducaumc Sam.' aack maeler'a good fortune in very emphatic style—one ot the party saying, with a preface prefix, “Il’a Jtut fiam> lack: I’re known him for twenty years, and can teaUfy that be always ‘corrals* everything he goes for.” So the War den's Star was In the ascendent for a short time, bat soon to sink out 01 eight when the report was started m “Billy's*' caravanaera that the new owner of the Open House was one of dam's un willing boarders, who had a year and a half longer to serve. Again, It was a sewlog glfl, living on Weal Madison street, near Peoria, who bad won the monster bolldlng; and quit* a good many earnest wishes were expressed that she would have sense enough to collect her rears regularly, and invest the proceeds to good advantage. A telegraph operator In thQ pfiloe of ill, BnpertUea4Mit ■>* lb; IV/.noU Central *ni said to Save drawn the entire institution; and the *Kne story was cold and believed on dlfiereut street corners in regard to George W. Gage, of the Tranent. Bather a cruel Joke,eofar as thetap* ping of lager beer kegs, is alleged tohsrcbeen per petrated npon one of oar rood German residents, Mr. Merer—familiarly called “Bock.”—who dls pcosea fluids on Randolph sfree*. tw j doors west of the “Sharp Corner/* Seven kegs are said to have been drained before the owner of their contents discovered the “sell." At abont five o'clock the minor was current in base ments and in saloons on a level with tho streets, that the splendid prize bad become the property of Hart L. Stewart, ana some who canvassed the probabilities of such a result, were kind enough to express many wishes that the title deed, when passed into the reverend gentleman’s ponestlon, would contain a guarantee that the property should never b* troubled with pbymosu or any disca;e u r a similar character. Abont the last story tnsi nan a ee«£! lon ?l . rnn war in regard to a back driver, who Is popularly known a* “Shanghai," Whether or no no had a tick) two cannot fay, bat we arc informed that half a dozen of bit boon companions conspired BCBiuit him at six o'clock in toe evening, with a view of making him believe that he was the owner of one of the finest buildings in the Northwest The uncertainly in regard to tho name and resi dence of fortune's favorite was so groat for three or four boars after tho drawing, that everybody appeared to take considerable pleasure in selling cvcrybodv else, and many of the most Improbable stones Imaginable were loM by men who earned straight faces, to other men who, while listening to tue same, kept their eyes and months e aring and stretched to (he outside limits, and appeared to take everything on long credit, without asking for any kind at collateral sccuilly. The saloon of Ur. Mcyor was soon fitted by a crowd of congralnlatorv, nil anxious to drink at his expense to bis good fortune. When the place was Hist Invaded the good man was not at borne, but (be one in charge felt himself Justified in re sponding to the call from about two Hundred, and rolled out (bo lager lit voluminous style. Pres* rntly the owner cams puffing In; be bad not heard the story, and hi* first exclamation was, “Mein (tuttl vat leli dlshf" When told that he bad drawn the Opera Bouse, and that they wore con cratutaiipffliini, he rushed behind the counlor. with “Uott In llltmnolll feu no ticket in dc (am ptaco ut ail I No more peer goes from tils placo unless 1 tits dc monish. And ho wins* good as his word. Botno nf the crowd sneaked oil, but bv vigorous canvassing b« tunnsged to collect a good per ccntactf on that already sold, (shout seven Kuos), auu made a tittle extra out of tho great iradi! which remained. It was staled (bat Mr. Crosbr caught tho infection, and paid a visit to the unwilling possessor of (he Opera House, and offered him a round quarter of u million for his bargain. tub omfEn. Ibo question orownersbtii la not yet rathtac* lorily aettleO. Oiouab wo believe that the chances arc In Inver or Mr. A. 11. l*cc, o! Prairie Oil UucUor, llandclph County, tlllnola. The cumultreo ex amined’ho books .but declined to make an of ficial plskmenl. Ihe ticket was sold In August last. Mr. Lee la somewhat welt to do la the world, being worth some two to three thousand dollars. lie ban been a miller, niid more recently qipUII merchant.. He was telegraphed to la?t etemnp to Inform him of his good hnlone, and nuneslcd n«l lo dlsuosc of the tlcuel. Mr. Crosby Is reported lo have drawn tho"»o Fcmlto Valley,” ** Waeliltißlun Irving and lit* Krlcnds,”nml perch other paintings. Mr, Kinsley drew three t he Is beil-sved to bate been a largo ticket bolder, as be sold a great thirty Bird took out nil Ills ommnlsgloha id (ftheuu Hteubeu It, dale, Ksrin held (Wo htilidfed tickets atiu drew no iirlae. Ki»i IW—“A liockv Coasi* —was drawn by the I’otk Piieher** members. . tap mioeass. .. . A torftt many People eapres«ed dissatisfaction Hi ibe met Hint tim number*, wore tint mad off ns ilipy nero piiMhloilie wheel! they did am leileoi Hint such « tiling would be Pimply Impossible Alter ibn Dial lea ilkhi-hikl, (he hunting of Ihe iM'hels fouldiml lie nrooeeded with HtMor Hum nPont twemy per mlmtio. or one in ihree seconds «twli HcMlmMuu on U half * d«wn figum*, ‘I hie would require no Use than one hundred and aeveniydlve hoiira (o bo ihrough the whole list, or apventeen nnri a half days ai ten hour* pur day, No one would wish lo watch that dreary process for three weeks, end iho public would have bean unwilling to watt (hat lime before Urn drama# should begin, Equally unreasonable waa the demand that each wheel khould contain *410,000 tickets, the teumrt having over *4UU,iiOU blaiiks, and but three bundled, i.utb prlsev, Each ot the tickets, wltb He coneepondmg blank, would require, to draw aim i»-gls er.futiy live seconds each ; wltb three or four secretaries, beside* ibe drawers. Five times BiO,HQtJecc nda would equal 252 hoary, or on the same terms as bcfoie—thirty working days, or five weeks. Supposing that the Opera House ticket were among the last drawn, and that both these suggestions were carried oat, two months would buve elapsed crc tbo pablic bad been made aware of toe creat bet. to astertaln which $1,050,00(1 has been paid by tbe pobllc. TLe ronnonemcm very wisely decided not to Involve themselves In tbe dilemma Incident to tbe carrying out of these measures. Should it be thought necessary, however, lo verity the honesty of the committee, a committee might be appoint' cd with iomocUons to coant oat and register the numbers of all tbe tickets remaining in tbo big wheel after the three hundred and two “lucky” ones bavo been selected. If they should report “ all right,” • the ticket-holders woald have a right to be satisfied with tbclr en gravings, and the knowledge of the fact that tfiey have stood a fhlr chance and helped to put the Opera Boose acd Mr. Crosby on a sound financial basis. Wo suggest, however, that the investigation would be naelcas, a»no one hu any doubt that tbe drau ing was conducted fairly. TOT PUEASDBES OT BOPS. Whether from confidence in tbe teachings of a higher (?) power, or a belief In their own unfailing “luck,” or ffom a> y other cause, certain it is that very many people had fbll faith that they would draw the Opera Boose, aod nothing leas. The number of persons who bad haiit elaborate air castles on tbo root of that Opera Honse, towerin'* to tho sLics, cannor bo told, nor tbe number ol those air castlea which have been toppled over so rudely by the onromantlclactof yesterday's draw ing. A good deal of eas has been expended, many people talking about drawing the Opera Boose certainly, for the sake ol tne fun; but the number v* as not email of those who hod thought on tho subject ao much and so long that they bad succeeded in deluding themselves into tho pleas ing but short-lived monomania. LOCAL fILATTERS.

The imbecility of Physicians Is bit terly mvclsbcd against, by vendors of patent med icine , who caonolpejTaado members of tbe pro* JVpsU nlo use or recommend their preparation. Ihe proprietor of Pectoral Balm has no such com plaint to make; be has reaaon to rotarn thanks for tbe cordiality with which the ablest members ol tbc prolersion recommend and use this tnyaln able medicine. For sale by all druggists. Barn hams A; Van Vcbaack, Chicago, 111., general agents for tho Northwest. Cmbyis Ait Association proved to moot ticket bolder# a failure ; but the Lamb Kmt llnc Machine is worth its price to every one. For particular*, sample electing and circular call on or add. css i*. Buoksok, Agent, 83 Washington eiicet, Chicago. To the Pnb‘lc,wl>r. Bibboi’«tlmcl*«<> completely occupied that ordure from abroad for bis remedies for the hair and scalfL nuist (to re echo prompt aitcnllonl state age, color of hair, and If bald, ol how ions ata~ U - D F" No remodv can bo reliable, nnlese adapted to re- Saiccmcnta of the case. Entrance No. <3 Sooth lark street Brown’s Bronchial TrochfSj when allowed to dissolve In tbe month, have a dir/ft Influence JO the affected parts; tho soothing effect to the mticoos lining of tbo windpipe allays pul mot.srj Irritation, l"‘ a . r S lle ,{ Coldr, ami tiio ration. Timi:! towblch public speakers und singers are IC * Oar Infant has bren bronsht safely tlnoncb (he critical period of teething by the solo aid of Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup. Wend vue ail parents to procure ll.~JJtesißtlppl Bap lift. It corrects acidity of the stomach, relievos wind colic, rcgnl-tes tbe bouele, and. by giving rest and health to the child, comforts the mother. A Snre Pile cure.—nr* Gllbert , i Pile iDMrnmcnt notltivcly cures the worst cases of plies. Sent uy mail on receipt of 14. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wauled every where. Address J. B. Homaine, Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York Jmilper Tar Soap enres chapped hands, salt rheum, pimples, and all cotaneons srrctJon*. rendering the skin soft and smooth. Mannfac'nred by Oaswnx, Macs & Co., Now York." hold by all druggists. MARKETS BT TELEGRAPH. New York Financial New*. Nrw York. January 21. wowwr. Money steady and unchanged at GO? per cent, chiefly at the latter rate for ca.l loans, tobxiox xxenoxoa. Sterling exchange quiet, at iO9>ieiO9H GOLD. American gold without decided change, opening at 136 V, oeolnint to 136)f, advancing to 13654. and doing at \«X. OOVKESVXSTB. Government slock* MOftXT.' iloney casr »t 7 per cent on call. GOLD. Gold doted st ISC.SfUM*. uoTnmmmt uu>wiwi>< .. , ~ Government securities steady tat doll* Tbofollowitijr tre tbecJoslng pucesj Coupons •si..r.lo7«fiii«'J< Coupon* ’©....XOgajMtf Coupon •a....107k«108 1 99^100 Coupons , w....io6\<*t« j MtrcxLuuraics troacs. MMMK tmtxjuCrtt.,jis*«ns*R.» nta mu K. T..CenU,..aOSK«I«H I Ohio cem 3S.H mtsbarcb »Hte o*l W.U 4RW« Northwestern.. 47ua «*) >L 8. 79%9 *3Jf IHI W&* ' 3 num. drooping. > I Donnell 11 Quarts Bill. ■Dm« Wit irg shares QBlet and d Gregory iso Gold BUI 4401 SEW YOttK. LIVEbTOCK. BIAUK.KT, Rale* at National Union Tarda, (Reported by for the Chicago Krw Tons. Monday Erenlog, Jaanary 81. BEEF CATTLE—Then ore on said 913 bead. The new storm and the railroad ttebt between thi Hudson River Railroad and New York Central Railroad kept the cattle back at Albary, tboogb sixty-seven cart are onllhe way for to-morrow. The weather la toft and cnfovorable for trade, wbjch Is doll at tbt foLowlog quotations: Pint Quality, Second “ Third “ General average. A ftrW extra State sold tt 18c. A. LlTlngtloa, IC6 bead, wholesaled to arrive, aver aging 1.185 tti at Albany. at lIPO.OO each. & T 7. Clark, SO head, averaging 730 ha. at 15e. D. Allen. 53 bead Ohlo,areraging 630 &•, at 15®17c. Boot A Co., 57 hcaa Ohio, averaging US ns, (poor,] at Uc. Scott A Con, 116 bead Indiana, averaging 573 n», at Ugife. W. J. Templeton, las bead Indiana, avenclng 6(0 »», at italic—all at Bndton cltr. J. h’eQ, 47 bead Ohio, averaging 700 at, at UX*lsl,'c. K. 54 head £ht Ohio, averaging WO »*, at 16»17c. K.T. Holton, 51 head Ohio, avenging 650 ns, at li£l6c. SHEEP—Are xc higher on the best at ft£Sc. BOOS-Twenty car* sold at 7d7>tfc. • The receipts Ibr the week were: Cattle 537» Sheep 16-2 d Hogs 13,771 UU3 O? WXSTTKN CaTTtX. Allertoa A Sherman acid 156 head, averaging 636 ns, at, 14<»1SKC. Cox sold 100 head. «60 As, at!4®l6c. John T. Alexander sold SSS head, averaging 679 hi, at iSQiSc—all at commonipsw and Rodson City. [Associated Prose Report.] Nxw Toxx, January SI. ThekOpplyotbeeveittwiaT o*lng toumsaew were only 1,000 head, and a quantity of good cattle were run oO at an aovence of half a cent, bat taken on the whole the market was too sparsely »nppll*d tomakeqaou- Uoua. Serene® cents tame top ot the ealea. Tnere i are Cxty-Ovo ear loads back tlabte to come mat any I moment and boatoeaa drag* heavily. i Sheep scarce, sad prime eell aa high lha I Is tier tor extra. ■ ■ hwiaa sell fiy quantity at 7®“Kc forUye, aadSdWc I Ru dnsaodbogt. The Produce n&xketa. NEW TORS, Bvw Ton, January St. Cotton—Deli aad dots Inal at ISSc lower fialM of IMnateaatStKctormluausgnntaada. r BWfl> 01 flour—Receipt* ysw orl* market a shade firmer, wtui more doing. Sees were: 0,303 brla at s3.t&au so dnotattons unchanged for superfine State; for median extra Western, the market WhUkc'—Nominal. Gram—N» ifwlptsl Wheat—Market a ait and nominally Eye-Firm. Bales of 3,000 bn Canada, la ooai, at JUS, eloelnt with SU6 refused fbr Ponded. M Uarley—Qalct. Corn— 1,155 bn. Market firm-' Sales 73.000 bnattUSKftrtntieaWestern in stare; sutotor do aaost toad mixed Western at SLI7 in store, check to-day, Oats—Becrlpta, 3.150 bn. Market a shade firmer. Bales of 3J.CW on at 6306»c thr Chicago and Milwau kee, anu 63®7Ccfor state. Total auxucofgram la warehouse. January a. 1837 Wheat, L7H.SOI bn; com.3,Tß.lSlbn; ne.&tLmbo; barley,iMWbo; malt, bn Petroleum—OnJet, Bales of 500 brla ail9KQ3oc (or crude, and 39033 c far refined in bond. Kicc—Xs scarce and hrm. L'odee—Elo is steady with a fair demand. Bales of 1.50 a bags m bond at Uc gold. Sugar—bteeoy. Molasses—Steady. Provision*—Fork a shade firmer. Sales of 1 (£OO brls at f J 8.90 for old mesa, closing at $19.70 csaO ; $30,750 31.56 for new mee»—dosing at $/l£o for Western and |t6.73oli£>o for prime: aifo, 3.750 brls new mu* at s:i£ow.3l>79. seller and cuytr Feornary and March. Beef—O neb aired. Beet Bates— ul changed and quiet. Bacon—lnactive. Bams. 3(5 ooxes at lOfcc for Onm berlmd-cnt, :ox<3llc for short rlbped, and ukc lor ebert clear. Cat Meals— <teadr, with Bales of S9O pkn. Dmsei—Meady, at b jfSShc (hr Western. . Lore—Unchanged, bates, ISO bris. Better—Firm. Cheese—Firm. CINCINNATI. CixoixxATi, January 51. Floor—^Unchanged; not much done, stioerfino, s9£o @lO 35; trade ana fancy braids. $11.00311.53. Wheal—Doll. No. 1 spring, $3.33: winter, |3AO3 S 'coro—'Unchanged and quiet. Ear, 53@SSci shelled, and quite active; closing at 53c for No. 1. This movement it coiueqnent npon an expected scarcity, owing to the tnowtriockade, Kyo-A shade firmer. No. L $l.l8@ld!0. Bailey—Unchanged. Whiskey—Dull; nardly any demand. Itwaitn small lots st 36c in bond, but can be booght in lots of GO brla andopwardattfe. Cotton—Unchanged, and held firmly at Bt@3lNc Ibr middling. Hog*-Finn at $7.5038.00. Receipts, BAOO. Mc*s Pork—^Held firmly At $31.00 fur mst-closs city brands. Bulk Meats—Firm at «H3Sc (hr shonffierx t (brsides: andlOkclorhaou. OrcenMeat*-exc,B<fc,andlOKc,aod not many of fering. W«c. . , Bacon—Firm: sales orstioulders at 11 Xc. sod of clear sides at 19c, packed; sugar-cored naau,| 10c, psrktd. (iroceflcs—Steady. uo>d-i36@tWM ouylns. Nothipg new in the money or exchange market. BT. LOUlti. Hr. Locu, January 31. Flour and wheat firm and unchanged. Com—Firm at7Hs»j»jc. Osl—DuhatKUWc. ITotisKips— Fltm. hut nothing doing. . Ilngs-Flrm attw«xc. Parkers would pay B\ctor choice lots, hut bolopfs a*ked 1c at the cio*o. tvht»kpy-i'n*»uted. uuusaid nude at fl.Ufhr free, and fi£oln bone. New York Ureodirtiillb fflorket* (Special Itopaicb to tha Chicago Tribune.) Naw Tong, January 31. nwlatnffa—letters atd clrculsra t>y lain aleamera /ram Liverpool were not delivered eat)/ enough to la Huerce Ibe market. The UrlUalt Brain market* are eery buoyant, with reduced slocks, except on oat* ami barley. The average of Bugilalt wheat baa advanced to W shillings. Ibe Hour market li quiet, owing to the Impaiulilo condition ot the atreeta, but speculators were buying •owe. Wboal-More steady. Corn-Bold lor export, and (here were libera) con signment*. Foreign Frlrluii . lepcclslUeipalch to lbs ClibuiguTrjbnQe.) Niw Tosr, January 9), Freights more active lo Liverpool* tO.VTOhu corn at »Vd by sal) aid Id by steam. Nciv York l a r»tlHlott Market* (Special ilespslcb to fb» Clilmbo Tribune.| KawYtxia, January 31. Turk—Since 'Cliaiige, dull at fJI.W. Tickled barns heavy ilVesleru active at Hi'. New VorU firocery [tinrMet. (Special Uospalcb to Hie Uhloaau Tribune.) Naw Yi'ha, Jaitimryvi. (■„itrr=Marbct aciim. Trlue« Meady. UMiaiVi sain*, IP.P(aM>aaa. SiiK«r=Very firm. FMMa Bfooery lfl,V*ll»f«?. New Vorlc Dry 9)oo<i* inorKfL Naw VtiHK, .lamivry 31, lUy dull, but *(«*«!/ and un< clmnaM, f New York Weekly Hank Statement* N*w Vohk, January il. ?SUJ() aa.'tjs i,ai7.iw I/iani.ilecrraae,....... miens, increase, Llmilallm, Increase-., |.ei;tti tender, decreaeo. Jtepuslu, decrease m&iin i u d * At Davenport, lowa, Tneaday evening, January 13 at tte residence ol the bnde’a father, John O. sprager, on Jersey Hldae. by the iter. A. o. KenJla, EARL HAMiLIOK. ot Montana Territory, and Miss R. EMI LY SPEAKER. DIED, Tbe luneral services of tbe late MILLS OLCUTT will take place at St. James* Cocrcb on Tuesday, the 23d ini’., at 3 o’clock p. m. Friends of tbe deceased, and of bU family, are Invited to attend. In this cltv, Jan. 20tb, ANNIE P. WAD LOW, wife of Edmond T. Wadlow. _ Fan oral tbia day, at 101. Rom tbo Church oi tho Ascension. In Leyden, Cook County, Jan. ISth, WILLIAM H. V* ILUB, late ot tbe Stb liunots c&Talry, aged •& years aid 10 months. „ _ . enncral at tbe JeSerson Church, on Wednesday, Jan. sad, at 1 o’clock p. m. Friends are invited,! amusements. TJISTOKI— OroEbv’s Opera House. xti DIBECTOE J. GBiD. NOTICE—In consequence o! tbe severe snowstorm, which prevented MAD. KIOTO Kl -(tom arriving in time to appear lost night, tbe manaeemeat begs to an nounce that the debut of tbo celebrated Tragedienne bas been postponed until to-day, and mat MADAME RIBTOKI Will appear to-day, TUESDAY, Jan. 22. la her great role ot MKD£A. Weanesdav.Jan. W—MARY STUART. Thursday, Jan. 31— ELIZABETH, Queen of England- Saturday afternoon—ibatorl Matinee. Reserved seats, fASh, beats in boxes, $3. General admission |IAB. NOTlCE—'llcreli marked No. Leood f)r Tuesday; Ticket* marked No. 2, good for WednHday Evening; Tickets marked No. a good lor Thursday Evening; Tickets matted No. 4, good far Friday Evening; Tick ets marked No. 5. good for Saturday Afternoon. LECTUUE will he given by RALPH WALDO EffiEESOff, in UNITY CHURCH, comer of Chicago av.aad North Dearpom-st., THURSDAY EVENING, Jan.3llh. Subject—" The Man of tho World.” TICKETS—SO Cents each, maybe had at the Book store of 9. C. GRIGGS* ctL, and at J. R. WALSH'S Newsroom. AT c THEATRE. McVICKER & MYERS MANAGERS. Last engagement of the Celebrated Tragedian. HE. CHARLES DILLON, Prior to his departure tor Europe, wliero he is enraged to appear in Pans and London. TUESDAY, Jan. IJd, MACBETH, Kin? of Scotland, With all tbe original music. Macbeth Mr. Charles Dillon Xd rehearsal. “Bclpbcgor, tho Moontebank." /"r OL, WOOP’3 MUSEUM. cbi. J. H. WOOD *i.Proprietor Director of Amusements F. S. AIKEN Stage Manager, TUGS. BARRY Tbe present week will he devoted to the representa tions of some of iht best of those admirable uomeuica so successfully performed at this establlthmeat. Tbe first of the senes will be EVEKVnoDV’S FUtEND, in which Mr. DILLON will makehls second appearance lu four motth<. Tne*d»y, Jan. -■2d. the odmlraDle rn>*''* d >’ °f EVERYBODY’i FRIEND. To COflClndO SSih'th* ”«ltoK RAILROAD. I,,'Vmoon— Grand Matinee. THE HUGUENOT CAPTAIN u tn rehearsal. T\7 ITKOWSKT HALL. ’ ’ BRANCH OP TQE Sew York Museum of Anatomy, WITKOWSK.Y HALL, 176 Clark-et., corner of Monroe; This important and highly lastractlvc Muslim con tains WON DRBS OP CBbATIOS from the first mouth. Miniature Wonders of the World, as also Branttei of Ostcoloiry, Myology, Dermatology, And In line every department of Merttcsl Science, The Stndent, tbePhyslctan. tbe Naturatlst, ttie Man of Business, the man of Leisure, might .essay la vain where they could spend a more profitable hour, for gentlemen only trom 9 a. a. till 10 p. m. Admission 50 cents. Eo 9£cnt TSfAEBINGTON HALL, Smith & Nixon’, Bnildin?, On Waahlngton-»t., opposite the Court Doase. The above Hall is onth e dCo o nd 1 1 we 1J ar lanced for CONUPRT9. LECTTDREb, EXHIItVTIQNS and BALIA Bos (Mat and private entrances. Can be bad on BBASONABLE TERMS. Apply st the H*!|. auction Sales. WILL SELL At 193 South Claik-atn at 10 a. m. this day. Lot of Unclaimed Baggage, Farm la re. Store, 4c. AlM.etnlffbtdQrtnc tb« week. Clothing, Notions, 4c. • WM. GRIFFITHS 4 CO,, AocUOßers, JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer. . * I*l7 DEARbOBS-^T., **n* on WEDNESDAY, January 33d, at 10 o’clock, a, in.. One Borae. • Biz odd and Silver Watch**, and MltcellaaeonsOooda. pi ILBERT & SAMPSON. A.T AUCTION. Will be sold at cur satcoroom*, 47 and 4 9 Dearborn tt, on TUESDAY. Jan. B*d, at 10 o clock, a large and tupertor assortment of FUENITURE, Parlor bull* in Bep and nair Cloin, lar« new French Plate Mantel Mirror, in rich carved OU Wab “twwrim ROSEWOOD PIANO CARVED LEO MELODEON. tn perfect order, and t» a beautiful inurnment. Atso, a aMof StaUhl Bird*. Dinner Sets,Linen WarerCrcckerr, amaU Melodeons for children, with a general Mortmtetoi Tiiuisgtaa fitt.BifHT & aAMPSON. AnCQooeert. .1« @l7 e 'iiKofctte .14 e .. U c SCOTT & CO.. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 Uake*st»» cor. LaSalle. Chicago. r t »h advanced on Merchandise coail gned for sale; Ont-door ealea promptly attended to. „ A ACTION— -Wednesday, Jan. 33d, 18G7 J\, —Special Sale of Velvet Mie, ftruwela. Tapenry,- UldderaeSter, Two and Xhrco-Ply, In*rain and Pelt OAKPEXING, Oil CletM, Store Ron. Dearth Rug*. Mats, A&, AC., about IMroli*. The largest and m<J*t vaned assort ment evrr odered in this market We are I'tmicled byiheloroheratoeeil the above large assortment of t&m, Mata, Ac. Ca’pcts, Oil Cloth*. Ac-, amonjnt which wtU be tound the Choicest d- alsas and patterns extant, selected expreaaiyjter rnarawt Sale at 10 *.tt— sharp. DANIEL SCOTT A CO-AncPr*. Goods Svigw Monday. Aiiwlste-u. yy*L A. EOTIEUS & CO. Auctioneers & Commission merchants 44 A: 46 BANDOI.I’n-ST.. Between Stalest, and Wabath-ar- Hold regular ealea, atthdr salesrooms, ot .. DOT GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOTS, SHOES, AC IJWEDBEBDAY M4TBDBSDA.Y. roirarnjEß,CAEwrs,*t, tjwj saxtodat. 9£cal f&statt-®Us. inp&ors*. fjH)R SALE—Cnenp—A newtwortcry A framehouse, ofn rooms. h*t andeold water bun, marble manUsa, and lot No. South Ano-et., be tween WashloatonaDOSlaeifon-st. THOMAS D.BNT DEU ACO., Beat Estate Arsuu, Ho. 4- MctrepoUlaa Block. I?OK t»ALE—Two new first-class bnck. 1; , bon-ee, 14 room* each and lots, corner of Adas* and I/OOEDIa-eJu, fronting Jetferson park. THOMAS pobua Stock* Co *' Bstate Admits. No. 4 Metre- 1701? BAJjiS—Cheap—An elegant mar* 1 We Iront residence. Ko. 168 MlcWean-ave. Fur niture will be sold with me house, If desired. Terms easy. Aj. J. AVEBKLL, Eealßstate Once, No. 7 Metropolitan Block? T7OK SALE—Three first-class stores, X centrally located, and paying a large per ceataga 00 the price asked. A. J. ayESELLT rf—t Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Dlocfc^^ F)R SALE— If yon want to buy a house, rtnt about*.or sell a house and lot. call at oar ofilce. Greet Inducements always ofi&Gns. GEOEQB A WILLIAMS. 7 Booth Clark-st! FOR SALE—A desirable residence, No. SfSSlcdlaas-st, North Side, next to corner of Ca*s-st, within five minutes walk ot Lake-ct. Lot 50 fetl front,running back to a wide planked alley, with scod bam. The house has hot and cold water, bath room and water closet. up stairs. A new Littlefield tnniaee. parlor, sitting room, hitum room and kitchen on first floor. Inquire at 89 Soott} Water-st. T?OR SALE—On Wabash-av., a three* i’ story brick boose, north of Twembst., S9,OCD; also, a frame house, with 3sW test (root, near Barmon reart «.«». A. J. AVEBBLL, BeM Estate Office, Wo«7 MctropoUtan Block. *T7OR SALE—Two story building on 1 State-st M north of Tan Boren: good store on Oral fwr and residence; ail in good condition. Lease ol lot, IS years, to run at tow rent. The cheapest proper* *.7 lo Chicago. GILBKBT A BCNEDIOTI33 Clarx-et M Boon 7. FO K SALE—A two-story house of eight rooms on Scdtwick-st., North Side, brick cedar, large cistern, tire shade trees, flower garden, grape tines, Ac., good barn, new sidewalk, and all in first* class condition. Cfitanproperiy. GILBERT A BENE* mcr, lag Clatk-«L, Boom y. T?OR SALE—A first-class stone Iront J* honne and lot vtib barn,on w«thlngton**f.,cast of Bolen Park. BNTDER A LEE, Beal Eitate Agents, Ko. 4 s!eUopol>tan Block. 17011 BALE—By IVm. D. Kcrfoot, 81) ; Washington sU floe brick house, with SO loot tot, on Bus&.st.: marble Root, with 35 foot lot, on Indiana st.. near Cass-*:.; brick bouse and lot on near Woolcott-sl.: frame, on lodlana-at., noarMarket, with lot j frame, on Canal si., near Harrison, with lot; frame, on Feorla-st, near Muaroo-st.. with lot: frame, on jUfmoD-st.. near Maxwell, with lot: frame, with 17 rooms and largo lot, on West Jarksoa-n. rron BALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real I Hi talc Agents Ko. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new nick li'Mtse of n rooms and lot wild barn, on Watis>h iv.-tiesrl wcctlcUi-st. A brick house aud lot on 3V*. jatu-ar., niarTwcuty-Third-et. 170 K :NALB—No. .OIIU Wabftsh-fiV., 13 rooms, water, gas, bath-room, fumnrr. hsrn, Ac., only $11,500. tf taken at once. $1,530 rash, Imlnm-o l» one, fwo nri'l three years, at 7 per r*nt. Interest. Title miqiifitlonmie. WaRIIKKA GOODRICH' Real K«Uto Brokers. I »Jfl DcarhqHi-st.t Herein t|. roil WALE—A two-story frame homo ’ or It rooms and Ini. Nn, 18 Hohlli Ann-st., be. fOi MadPimamt Wa*n|nat<»i. HNYPRIt ft LliK, alKitate Agent*, No. -I MrtrcpuHlan block. 7*oll BALK—Two new nent frame . boiiaea pfH rooma each, and lota, on W’aiblngton • ..hetwmi Lincoln and lUmt-y, lIIUMAH Q. SNY* OKU A CU„ No. 4 Metropolitan block. 7011 SALE—House and Lot on West . . Kulton-at., near Itobey—Lot ft by • til, with gcod in u-atnry frame home, H room*—for ante for ; ''.'.ISO, fhr a IVw daya. A. J* AVEUELL, Ileal EatUUe Olllte, No. 7 Metropolitan llloca. 70K BALE—A Now House on W«* 1 bsil’-sv., north of Twenty-nlntb-st., just rtimplPinl, with to room*, Ar.i lot 31 by 191-(Ua rlaatiest residence In msrki’t. at Bl.fto, Title mnimllnie pnsMiainn, WAUUKN ft OOiIUUIOII, leal Estate Prutetn, 1*2.1 Pcstborn-*!., Uojm -j. 17011 BALE—A Desirable House nod I 1 Lot on West Wsshiftaiut-st., near Union-*!., Vl Dome. Ac., lot ai I't.ljT, wltti barn, Price ttnlr sriOO. ■i-ry • beat* . IVAllllfcN ft (IMOUIIIt'II, Ueal kAale Iti'korr, IgA Drartmrn . si.« Ituom a. tINKUHMUIVUI), l?nlt BAT.&-H leu tn liloek Vi secltmi IM.brlWwii Knliey HMI Moyne *irp«u, »»h Fmiflli etui hpHihri •ire*'i», mol «|fv, ap>i very da*lrat)ln vrAP;ttrAr,i l r<¥^ lyea • I7OU BALE—On Wrtlmeli'ftv., a lot I’ r>3 fen troui, mu (ta{Kh,n«nr KUUt«>< vcl ffniil.mi iVHba*lM4Vii np«r fwentißmat.i M ieat fimurn Pfalrle.av., n«*i ml ell near TwenHaihai.l feet front OR pi11.0..«»„,i»«r Twpnit.Mt.j, A, J,’ AVKtIUI.I.. It at K«taio<>ffl( M. No 9 Metnuminan block, Ij-OR BAl.K—Tsvo tma ImiUUng Uila, 1 autjo, to an alley oni-VrolUt., near lloyne. part on nine. R. fi.FQy.-jpa Lako-al. K'Olt SALE—By Wm. U. Korfoot, 81) J. IVaahinfiton-»e., ft, feet ou Warrcn-*i., near Hoyae ei.i CO fi«t on l*4rk-ar.,oear Oakley gi.tAl feet on AiU et., near Lake-si;; 25 leei on Ureen-si.. near Maillion; lot on HaUtea-t-st., near owing; iota on \> almii-tt., near Hovno; 47 feet on Uaaa-at., near Clnraco-av.; SS fort on LaSslk-st., near Clilcago-ar. Al»o, very fine residence property IQ all parts ot Uie city 17*OR SALE—A Ynluablo Lot on Cot- I 1 tneo Crovo-av„ north of Twenty-tourth-aL, 51 bv 100— at rnly MO per front tool—a bargain. WAR BEN’&QOODRICU, Real Estate Urokcrs,lS3 Dear bom-st., Room a. F)H SALE—A beautiful lot on Wnh nsnseb-av., near Vlncennes-road, S 3 by 93 toet— omy fSSO if taken at once—trOU less than market price ofadjotntoglota. For aeomprebeiulve ilstof va cable real ertate.see our bulletin, near eontb deor In the Post Office—ladles’ delivery. WARREN'* GOODRICH, Beal Estate Brokers. l‘J5 Dearbom-su Room S. "C'DR BALE—On ‘Wasbmgton-st., 60 X 1 fret west of Robey, fronting north—4 coolco lots—UO feet on Washington, for sale, tor a short time only, at {4O per foot, cash. GEO. iL HIGGINSON, Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—Valuable Clark Street Property—ll by 12S feet, to a good alley, on Clark, near Macßou street. E. H. CUMMINGS. business ffiiianees. T7OR SALE—Dailr-Newspapcr—One of X? the proprietors of a Republican dally newspaper, sltDstedma thriving town of twenty-two thousand Inhabitants, desires to sell his Interest. Which IS a controlling one, in consequence of other business en gagements. Tbe paperhas a bindery andjob office con nected with It, and all departments are paving well. Daily circulation overl,s(o—Weekly over 2,000. Ad dress *‘J P J,‘* Tribune office. TTOR SAXE—A rare chance—slo,ooo i worthot Boot and Shoes selected from a stock ot *50.000. belonging to the estate of tbe late A. G. Pearson A Co.—all toll cases—staple goods, bought since beptemper Ist, and adapted to the early spring trade. Great Inducement! Mill M offered la order to close them oat immediately. Apply to H, H. TOWNS. K>ccnlor,so West Bandolpb-si. TTOR SALE —One-hall of a retail drug l X store, at 30 per cent beJow coat. Inquire imme diately of BURNHAMS & VANSCHAACS, wholesale druggists. ICUtMIn Chicago. F)R SALE—At Min Tick, 111,, fl good store and stock cf hardware, with tin ship at* tached. Apply soon. The shove establishment Is ja a Crn-rate country, and is doing a good business. ADDIS & ANDRUS. T7*OU SAXE—Cheap, or to rent, bnsi- X 1 nesspremliesdolnga good tnde. la best part of city, near Post Office. A eood chance far small capl* tal. Apply to P. 9HIMP. 98 Monroe-at. FOK bALE—By Warren Sf Goodrich, “Oyster Bay," No. 151 Dearbom st, the best eating boose In iheclty. I? OR SALE—A lady wishes to dispose I? of a good boalncts and a handsome store, with fnrnltorcand fixtures. Fanuiore all hew. Will sell cheap on Recount of Ul health, partlea wishing to be settled for spring business win do well to call, or ad dress 144 Madlson-au immediately. F)R SALE—Millinery stock. An old established house, with large trade. Population 14.C00. Tbl* is a chance ssidom found. Addrcssfl. W. &,r. M. WETQEBBLL. Chicago, or J. N. AVERY, Osbkooh, Wts. T?OR BaJ.E—Boarding House in a f.rst' a class locality* centrally located. on-Sonth Side. Purtbcr particulars furnished byj. B. ANDREWS, Room 7 Methodist Chnrcn Block, FDR SAM—A No. 1 Family Grocery store, two first-class saloon*. two houses and lou. and one provl-lon and baiter depot. Apply at 100 lladlson-at. Boom 4, T7OJR SALE—A first-class Restaurant on 1* Desrboru-st.. now doing a splendid business. Offered for one-half its value, as tbe owner bos other business. Apply to GILBERT A BENEDICT, 103 Clark-st, Boom 7. TTOK BALE—Tne lease, fixtures, and r furniture of a flnt-c]ui boarding home on Wa baab-ar • completely filled with boarders, and doing a large and profitable business. The lease has three years to inn—a rare opportunity. WARREN * GOODRICH, Heal Estate Brokets 125 Dearborn-st., Roonf TT'OU SALE—tfaloon—Good Location, P cheap rent, and pirntrcf Also, a Bs- Ecrv. with largo oven and all the equipments, worth gl.ffO. for (IDO. ARTHUR HOYDEN, 210 Smte-st. F)l4 BALE—A Defirablo and Weil located Eating House. No. ttl Dearborn Will be sold at a bargain, by WARREN A GOODRICH, I£3 Dearborn•*!., Room 2. F)K SALE—Alaßnream—One of the best »tranced boardlor hoaaca, with a splendid ss’orn atiacbcd. centrally located. Inquire of WM. LENG A DRO* grocers, comer White ami Cass-ii*. %orseß, (gattiaseg, &c. ttttANTED—A customer for a hoise, W boggy, cutter. Buffalo robe, blankets, har ness set, etc- which will be told at a bargain. Call at No. M) South Wem-et. XXT ANTED—Blcighs—Any one having VV a couple of pilr of nob sleighs or fkrm wagons, c«n tied a purchaser by addressing “L B 8," Tribune office. T?OR SALE—Light single cotter and, r buccy. sloale and doublebarneasand saddle. Can b* xcd at HUPFoltomst. /^IXJTTBK—Wanted —A light second \ ) band totter, cheap for cash. Pltate elvoi-nrtea. and state where Item, be soon. AddressDrswero7B6 r.Q. _ . . _ asoartr iSSlautcit. T>OARD —A joxmg gentleman desires fl s room and 'bosrd In * prtrate family. Noftb two preferred. Hdercocts siren and required. Ad dicts. stating terms, “K, 11 Box 004 P. Q. BOARD— About the IBth ol Pcbruaiy, by a cetUetnoo and wife, untarnished rooms la s cood locality—Michigan nod Waha*b-avs.. or West Washinctcn-at.preferred. Noaebutthoseharlaif Orn elas* board oeco answtr. price bo object. Address, stating location and tcrmi. Drawer Co2J. BOARD —A well furnished room, with board, by a.young gentleman and wife, lo a private familr, or with few other boarders, on the writ Side. References exchanged. Pirate address, with location. tent*. Ac.. “E." Buz 1387. #lscf)iners. F)R SALE—Or Trade— 3 double flue Oftct, 40 inch shell boiler* and 3 80 horse power enetnet, together with the works of » Linseed Oil Will, and Flat Machinery, all for sale, together or sep arately, for cash or desirable lands- Address M. B. CASTLE, Sandwich. 111. T7OR BALE-iThree &-horse power up f right ennnrt; also six bortwotal enctnee, 8, 16 and li-horse power. Larger or smaller ensrtne* ror nlibed with or. without boUert. IS, 15, J« and 30-horse tubntar and locomottvetollcrt.for asit. best make. Also one 4-roller Union Watcher and Placing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, iron piaarrs. bftlOne. taws. file*. Ac. Machinery Depot, sa Deerborn-SL, Chicago. GREENLEE BROS. 4 CO. TTOK &ALE—Portable Enumes—4, 6. X' 8, ID-12.15. 20. 25 and 3C-horse power, new and •rcoao-baDd; one 30 and one 33-hono power. Second band Stationary Engine* and Borers, portable Saw nllto, Woodworth plan era and Hatchers. Shingle Mill* and Wood-worktop Machinery. Power Com Bhelleis, Small Bara MUU.lron Feed Mills. ShafUnr, Pnllica and Elevator MacMaerr emit to order. KlCu ARDS’ IKON WORKS, 190 and IDS Wishinctoa-st. F3R SALE—A second-band Buckley fotdlnx machine—to cood condition. Price, two, APPIf totfreTRIBUNE COMPANY. TT'OR SALE—IO,I3 and 14-horse porta- F We Eat low and Boilers—very low, by ORZFFIN TSM South Water-ct. - F)R SALE—The entire machinery o‘ afirst-clais flooring mlO, of lour mas of 4 for tuna, tarn bolt ot foot mala, separate tsntt mill, seven scales, all the ehaßimr.and three waterwheel*. All of ihu machinery Is ol the very We wish to Mil tl to pot paper machinery to. Parties wishing men machinery will do well to-make application Immedi ately, aa wawlH dUpote ot Itveryaooa. Portnuma tlon apply to FRIEND, FOS A CO.. IjocKlatJ. Polo. r£HE LAITE * iiODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE BTRAiw EHGIHES, Shingle Machine*. Corn unit and Shafting. Wood- working Machinery. •, U&NB A BODLEtt Corner of John and Water-ats- Cincinnati. 3To laewt-Sjoiiaee. RENT—H^nse—A. nice two story X dwelllegbonse, Oarce garden; oleMant altaa* U on), with Berra rooms, ail newly pipe red md punt' M—J3O per njrnUj—toe'ihcr with tbo whole or por noa qi uirtdtnru or sala if dealred. luraire at ILT. QUIMBT A. CO., 133 Lake-au, corner ol Clark and Lake. XO RENT—Three new two-siory dwellUg booses, No*. liiS, 160 sad Ifi-ANorttt 1 ?-fwe-rt APPI7 to OGDEI ** fLEKTWOOP A CO.. TO BENT—I 69 Olark*st,new store and bearding botiu;2'lo home; 404 Brne Is and-av„ frama house ;■ new tw&«orj frame borne corner Tweaty-aovenlh and Oanhaldl-sta.; 1 *'i and 134 Etaeraan-stv a fine boarding home: tour room* at 337 Clark-et. Pom-»- •lonatonee. Applytoj.M. makswatTi^,yrsnoth T) RENT—The new house, 20 rooms, 800 Blale-aL, now occuplrc lor a boarding borne, fart ef fornlture for sale, inquire, for two days, on the premises. - TO RENT—A cottage of six rooms, &c., with water. JT29, corner of A»a. Jta mediate po»»«#lon clven to a prompt-paving tenant. Inquire at 333 Carrol Ht. v vt 6 TO RENT—A pleasant house for a small family, 300 North Stat Mt. Apply 34w iiwithClart-st. TO RENT—S6O month lor two ve&n bays a nice two-atory hou- e on Hshied ■ t.; also. neat cottace of six rooms on Wabash-av., cheap. GEORGE A WILLIAMS, 7 death Clark-su TO RENT—On the bouth bide, a good comfortable cottage, 30 fear rooms, closets, wood stud, Ac. Inquire at 31 earn; street. TO RENT—A two*story trame house on West Side. Also, desk room In a pleasant office. Apply to a. B. MEAD, Real halite Agent, 131 Ban dolph-St. 'T'-O RENT—New and beautiful resi- Ji denee at Union Park—wltb all modem Improve mrata. E. B. 19.N0. 133 South Claik-at. 2Eo Kent—liooms. 'O RENT—A Fumifbod Room to let. Apply at Boom No. 70. Kcypolds' Block. TO RENT—Olficca and sleeping rooms In Larmon Block. Speed Block. Lon* Block, nnd omtr Blocks. Apply to J. M. MABSUALL, No. 97 Clsrk-isl, T 3 RENT— A sleeping room, lor a sin glc gentleman, in a private family. Inquire at 203 llllnois-st. XO KENT—A Uont room, with board, for gentleman acd wlfo, or two single gontlemcu \ , a bed room run lm hod, by addressing, with real nnae, I*. O. Box 27311. r PO RENT—A desirable suite of front 'T’O KENT—At 202 gtale-sU, up stairs, JL lU’n'sbM rooms, In sultnor tlcgiy, wllb closet, gas and sieve. T’O HUNT—A suite of llonl rooms, and I, fnrnßnretor »ab'.nil new, Apply to Boom 111 Kullarlon Block, between 10 amt 19 a. m. and 9 ami 1 P, m.i or iddreas Box 8919. ''PO RENT—A nicely inrnUlicd pmlor L Mil vhainUet suitable lor two jtsaUemm Ap ply at iHfl Pomh Clark-«t. 'T'O RENT— Pleasant and desirable lur* A nlihtd room*, nan mart room snltahlo for uenllN wen. ronvetlcmto business. Appyat 7 JUV HI»lo st. Ueiemicw required. r PO RENT— llonm—A nicely liirniflird 1 front room to two single eaHhmcn, or eeni enian Ami wile, with rrlerencee, ai 217 Lake-sl., third lluor. Apply upstair*. T v O RENT—Four Rooms on Slate slreef, partly furtilriied. Also, Restaurant mod UUildr Baloub, lu row! location. Hont (.vv per month. A HTlll'll liOTluN, 310 State nt* r PO RENT—And luriilltire lot* side— I. Two tlrelj* furplihnd room*, within two ralntile** WAikof the I’oiHHDt*". suUahle lof a liiaq Bh l wlf'lo awt* Ikoiap In. or two alhalp e°nt« lo keep 4, 01 i! t-Ach*' huh'* In—dHiP*. rimkttitt «lrn»rA| An.. AC. Foi iurttifr harili'tPdis, tail at 170 South uisrksl.* of 107 lienrlwrn-M* JEojKcnl-Stowß, M’tniEN’f—OiM!' Imtf<’tt u titiw tinHoulli 4.i.^^w&. l ir«r 1,l " t, " 1,1 l 111 "* rf’lt iflSjfT— Vury ih tirslili' mlli'e rnnnis, tA.jaAi? w rwrfta ,^ l v.t.a.v. Miiii> 10 r |'o IIUNT—A eoml stnlile, with uiri'd .I alalia*M |7A WaMdrav, TV llENT—l’nn ol atnro, lined «ti In Bitmt aiyle, siillwt for otn*'<i or any txiiali hnainaa*, 111 mot of (lid prat locAllllda It, ipe cliy, Apply At 13 fatateat, RENT—At ft low hguro, two pood .1 offlepi, la beat buatnts* locaUob. Apply at 33 apd 31 TMallc-tt. IT'D llENT—Bridi More No. 276 Bomb J- Water-Bt. Inquire oothupramUea.. rpO RENT—Store, or large and elegant X cfllrc, 100 Monroe at. or wilt aoTOatnoilato at least six buHoesa tirms with desk room. Item low. KUtnrcs, >350. Apply at lU7 south Clarc-st, fpO RENT—Panel* store, fitted up in X goodatyle, suited tor oftlce or any email bmlncss. in one ofthc bc»l Iccallllei In the city. Apply at -13 BUte-iU nPO RENT—Nice store and dwelling, X No. 170 South with ahetvlns, counter#, BV.SC. Apply to GEO. r. u. fltranE3.77Ddar bom-at-, room 23 < 3rd floor. TO RENT—Store No. 100 Monroe st. Lombard Block, next to Post Office. Rent ttOO per month. Store fixture* worth *BXI, forsaiefor G. U. H. EPQBE9,77 Dearbom-st.. 3rd floor. rpo RENT— BuolbMar l Wct-gt. c. MCDONNELL, Ag«nL 134 South Clark-at. ffiJHanttb-iEo ISent. TXVANTED—To Kent—On and alter T V April 1, a comfortable furnished boose ol seven or eight tooms, tn good locality, B>r gentleman and his wife. No children. Best of references given. Ad dr a*. itatlng terms, HABKY RICHMOND, Box TXrANTED —To Rent—Four or five V V good rooms. In a good locality, suitable for a small lamliy. Beat of references given. Addrua*,sta* tug location atatenyo P W,” P. 0. Box 1250. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A pood house, YV north of Harrison and east ofClark. WiV pay from SI,OOO to (2,1X10 per year. Room 2. No. 48 South Clark st. jjoarmng. TJOARDING—Two gentlemen can find XJ a good room and f.rst-cls‘B board at 11S Stato *u, one block from the Poet office. Alto a Itw day boarders wanted. TJOARDING—Two pleasant rooms, JL> with cm clou board, where mere Is bat lew (warders and a pleasant hemp, at 311 State street- TJOARDING—Two gentlemen can be D accommodated with Board and Boom with » store in It, at 53 South Green street. OOARDING—One large unfurnished I_> front room and a large ftirawh-d room, suitable for two,gentlemen, or ccot'emao and wife, can be ob tained, with tint class board, at 290 lUluou-tt, North THyielon. _ BOAbDING— Neatly tarnished rooms, with &vat ci&ts boatd, Vn a private tamiiy, at 176 bomb Cll&too-lt. OOARDING—Two single gentlemen D can be accommodated with rooms and board, at 175 Wabash-av. ■ ■ TJ CARDING—Several handsomely tar- F> nlshed rooms, with hot and cold water In each, with fint-class board, can be bad at 11-k Eist Ad ams-sc A few day boarders can also be accommoda ted with board. TJOARDING—Two rooms, soluble for D two or three gentlemen, at 143 Wabash av., be tween Madlscn and MoaroMts. BOARDING —Five or six gentlemen can be accommodated with board and pleasant rooms, a» at* u* tween Ilike and Bandoiyb-sts. Also, a few cay boarders. TJOARDuTG—Two young g6miessn D that would room together, can have first claw board, with a private family, ba f block from street cars. No other boarders. Apply at 340 Ewing-il TjOARDING—A suite ot eleeantly for ty nlrhed rooms, with first class board; in a private family, on Thinr.first-«L. convenient to Indlana-av. street cars. Also,one large room, e cgantY famished. Terms to unit tne tin eg.' Address Box t|l27i or call »t 144 Thmy-flrst-gt; TJOAKDING—A smglc gentleman can 11 be accommodated with good board, p easant room, with home comforts, by calling at 159 Wa batb-av. TJOARDING—Nice rolle of frortparlor n and bedroom; also, single rooms and day board, fit 17 Dearborn-it.,up stairs. BoaKDING —With a handsomely <nr dished suite ot rooms, to; two single gentlemen, atgo7Mlcblgan-ar. Beftrences exchanged. TDOAEDING —A few wees or day O boarders can be accommodated at 429 Cottage Urove-a<\ TJOARDING—Two centlemcn can be JTJ accommodated with beard sod pleasant rooms, stS-V Adams-st, "D CARDING —A famished room, with n gas tod stove, suitable a gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. Apply at 174 West Washing ton-su • TJOARDING—With furnished rooms, I* for gentlemen; also, day board, at 153 East Midlson-gt. TJOARDING—A plcarant room or snilc r> of rooms may be bad, with board, near Union Park. Apply at sil Cairoll-tL BOARDING— At the National Hold, corner ot Washington and WeJs-stL, on* sooaro vest of the Court Uouse. Good board ao«* gvod rooms andcoodtocttaio teuton reasonable terms to Uml lies, or single rooms. Day boarders, #4 woek. Irsnueut boarders, #9 per dsy. A call Is solicited. We warrant to giro satisfaction. The bouse li near all the railroad depots and bosit c« centres. I> CARDING—In a private family, tor > gintlemraand their wives. or single gentlemen, it ago niiaols-sh, two blocks from Sum; bridge. OAKDING —A room suitable for two gentlemen, with stove. Apply at 33 nilnoU-at. T> OARDING—2I meals at sloo—Pieas |> amrooiß«.ant-cJi*ibiard wlthecodattendance, IXOI per week. Belfast Home, 13S next flOor to QirncryoTtlM^HlLiiii— —^ JLGBt anU dFounU. I' ObT—Dog—*lo Itevmnl—A Elat pap j py.cfthecoachdogbreed. Whoeverwtilretnm said poppy to the distillery, corner Kiozla kct>i»l, win xecaive the above reward. P. B.UASOS. 1 ObT—A pocketbooh near tbe corner of I j Etate and on ttaeiMhißsX.oontalntQg money and valuable papers. The finder win be Über ally rew arced by leaving the same at the Tribune office. . ______ T OST— On West Lake-st, between I j mien and Anr-sts.. a pocket diary fbr 1869. marked ••Frans B. Mills.'* containing some money and capers of value only to the owner. The finder will be saltan ty reward'd by calling at the office of the N. W. MANUFACTDRIhO CO., or at .371 West Lake-st.. ■ ■ T OST—A pcctet-bcok containing about I j eichty-«evcn dollars, between Church & Go*d mao's, 31 LaSaJle*«t, ana tbe Post Office. The dndtr will be handsomely rewarded by leaving it at Tribune Office. T OaT—A Coral Ear-Rmg—The Finder I j will be liberally rewnrded by calling »t the office of the Briggs Home. ■ • . t OST—At the Washington Skat luff Ij park. Saturday night—EUcfc and VThlto Plaid Circular, gimp edged. HIH.DYEB,I97 WcstLake st. • t OST—A Purse— Between 11 and 13 JLi a. m. yesterday. In the tlty Limit ndlroadcars. or sc twees Clartjand LaSalle, containing C 10.3, a tsmll key. and other pipers or noose to anyone bat the owner. A reward of *3 will be paid to any one leaving it at the street-ear office. North aide. "FOUND —On ft cross street, near Wa- F bash>*T a Isay’s fur cap. The owner can have it br Proving property and paying for the advertisement. Apply at tfOM Michigan-*v. FOUND —A port monnaie, on the comer r ofitaAdolbh and DearboßMta., containing cur rency. The owner can have the same br calilogat onf office, proving property, and oaring for this ad vertisement. ba££. Chapel a co, commission Menrhanis, 200 South WateMt. rpAKEN UP —At the Union btock I Tarda, a small brown horse, Which the owner can Mayaggag* apwj : rpAKEN UP—A brown heller, 3 or 4 I years old, hornatorn in toward thehead. Apply at 4 b 3 JFirsbaL, comer Hoyne. * rpAKEN U 7 * —A bay mare, with bar- I ne«u which «hP owner can hare by applrl°C to L, Df NDAB>CH. 544 Milwaukec-av. ; personal. PERKONAL— Anton Torgcxson, please callalWnUama'BoieL Tom fatter w*aw to see, you immediately. A«tbß6£hsoN. gjßawttn-matc *«?• BOOKkEKPBKSi SAlißflnißll TXTAOTED—A first-class salesman, at Xir D«*rt> to-BL 3991 or drawer TXT ANTED —Salesmen—One for 110- _t“- .*2l tndJsnipolu, and ooe for Quincy. BUoatlcn* hm<iaa« and Dvnsnot. in. quire of J. H. JONES. Loom l?,No. IviSlMMboro^t. TXT ANTED—A competent man to su- V V peris tend the maumactartog department of a lard oil, soap sod candle manuiacury. Extra in doermeats will be offered a mao who sthorouhJr (to* dmtaode the wbo e bosnesm Eefopeocv* reunited, address the Lard Oil and Candle Manufactur ing C 0.,” Toledo, Ohio. TXTANTED Two smart salesmen to V V travel on salary or commission. Apply to BALLS* cushion CO-, southeast corner of Clark and Randolph. TX?" ANTED—A teacher for the guitar, V V ooe that can sire a eralleinM lemons tn the evening, a lacy preferred. Address THOMAS BROWN. 44 West Atlams-at, Wf ANTED—lmmedmtetv—A male V V teacher to teach s country scGool. a few miles from Chicago. Inquire at once at the law office of JOSHUA C. KNICKERBOCKER, No. 14 Metropolitan flock, Chicago, Illinois. TRADES. TX7ANTED—A few good cutlery gtind- V V era at the Chicago Cul«ery Works, 3J3 Ewing bL. between Ealstea-sL, and Blue Island- av. WT ANTED—A Mcltcr wfio thoionghly ▼ V understands themaoacrmentofscuPGla. Ad* dress HALL A BBOTBEK. Omaha. Nebraska. agaawteb-jpcmaU ?Bclp. Wf ANTED -Amonthly nurse,about the V T JOlb February, for lour or five wce’ar. |I3 per week. Good reference* required. Address, with lull paitlcnlars, "L M B.'* Tribune office. HOUSE SEUVANT3. TXT*ANTED —A competent girl to cook, f > wash and Iron. Good references required. Call at 00-1 Wabasb-av. IXf ANTED—A girl lor general bouse* Y> work. Apply at 101 West Riudolph-BL TX7 ANTED—A cirl to do ceneral bouse* Vt work for a small family, at 134 West Wash* Jostou-st. TXT ANTED—A gtrl to help do bouse* VV workandscwlnsnoall fomlly. Call atU33 Statc-st. _______ WANTED A competent nurse, to lAkeearrofanlnvslidi «S',a voting girl lo a»«uting«vv-ralhoascwwtk. Adiutea'TiTDß I’AUK,” Tribune cfflco. WANTED— A competent girl to do rooking and washing la an American family. Apply at 930 vrabaih-av. WT ANTED—UIrI to do gcncml linu.w IT work In a small family. Good wages td a good girl. Inquire at ÜBII Carroll-si. \v ANTKD-m an;) Michlcitn-av., two . T T etpeftrncTJ etrl« (t»>l Irish) a* cook Mil ehsm* Ix-rmsM. Good tf nTcnci* required. \\T ANTED—A pcctmil utrl to do house* Tv woikalDHThlrd-av. German or Norweslan (deferred, WANTED— A cnini'ctciuclrl, tlmtmn rook, wiuh nr<l iron, In a small family. Amsr. ir«n. KmtJuh or German pri Drink Nope ether need Apply. Must brine referer rsaa to hoaesly, Ac. Ap ply at oil! Hnldmrd-st., IVfiTeiilp. TXf ANTED—Two cmul timing loom Tv gltls and one g-nxl scrub gltl at Wrlghi’a llo tel, 2‘J anil 21 N rih IVells-it. WANTED— A good girl to do kitchen work. Mil* morning at 233 IUInol«-»t. \\T ANTED—'Two good gltlA oho ns > 7 chnnilter tlrl one A*illttllie fiKiio elf I, at I*J I Stftte-<t. Noiip tint IlM>»PtUat nmlpralntid tto-tf bn*)- upp* iienl apply, tlpruiau pfelmed. Uefetcncp fe qulrnl. . _ AAr~ANTKD-“A gitllmlocluuttl'cf work* TT vew, ah'l lake PAPporflllhlfeli 111 rt vhlitl pfl l Vale lan llr-hnlie lull a eonit'hM’hl tteftl'B fcW<la|lpiy» at 41l ilarrloiti il,, hpaf VVftl>n»lt ari “\\f Hintmn'eiii'fi, T.V >H*h Hlid lloiltAlk'li i -die ijall lllhl A KUO*t IW&e »U 177 » iainploinncriii gLgciuh'gj WANTEn—I.OUU num to ko Pomili, Ty tMaHMfMo iftdAmmuhan.lhoard, AM. rain % a , .'» p i'i,«,B!i l *gfA i : isfl ' ii,,, " iM - 41 \\T uifm in sfiwpli ol cm. T T nliivnirni nf any amd lo apply to UAUSHALI. A AMITH. I*j*« tioinit tlura-at., liiuni 11. App.t- CAtilaby niaileoultoulOceou torluilpßnlvuiira/ WANTED— Meat roeni t i nil kinda— —lo lor UlMourl. waeea 11 tn ITM par <l*t «*9 bi »i.3i)Bnrt Ijoartl: nliivmfn w bo South at IIS awt hoard. Aipiy to PAKbUALL A SMITH. 13* bouth Clurk-.t, Koom 11. * WANTED —Young men tn the conn* try, wishing to obtain .UnaUtma, aoch as hook* Krepera, salesmen, colleciors, axorn*.tn«a, clerks, trakmrafD.Ac., Ac, to apply at lUI Daarborn-at.. H.rfim 9, or address M. E. JONES A CO., lios 20-10. cnclcslng ten cents, for full particular*. Wf ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 TT collector, 8 drivers. 4 agents, s entry clerks, 3 conductor*. Apply at 134 Drarborn-gU Boom si. WJ ANTED—1,000 men to go South, VV wapesfdS tof:o amotth ard board. Also.rail road nitc. and all wanUns employment. Apply at 153 Sooth Clark-ei. Boon a. TA/AN TED—Three hundred labor- T T ere. at (lAO per day and f card, 173 men at |IS to (.to a mertb ar cl ard, S 3 wood choppazs, dc. Apply at 100 MsduoE-aL, Room 4. TXTANTED—2OO men South, wages V V (2XO per day; 25 wood chopper* for Michigan. Aptly early at Room 3. Lina's block, Bandotpnut. Bridge. WANTED —Men, men—lmmediately, 30 men for Missouri, arises ii to |IAO per day; a at *1 AO and L&*cd4& w zod chuppets; also, men to so Eontb at (iSper month and board. Apply to PAR SHALL A SMITH, 128 bonth CUrk-*t., Rjom 11. \A / ANTED—Men cut of employment TV to apply to PARSQALL & SMITd, 12S South Room 11. Aopltcants by mall ea closo 10 cento rorfuP particalar*. a^antEb-JHiswllsKMug. TXTANTED —A gentleman of ability and Y* good address, with one tbnosaad dollars c»*h. to engage In a gcod paying bnalnes*. as assistant. Cad at 133 Dcarbcrn-st.. Boom 3,1»r particalar*. TXTANTED—The celebrated Gypsy wo- VY man. If yon want to learn all the secret* of jour past and future life, the knowledge of wnichmay saveyonycaraol sorrow and care, don’t (MI to on mlt lie Gvrsy P&lmin, Consultation, one dollar; Residence a? 0 bcuth CUrk-*t. TXT AN TED—D ay boarders, at Gilbert's YV Dmios Booms. 46and 49 CUrk-st., the bsat place to board in the city. TXT ANTED Purchaser For. a V V steam Sawmill, with 4» acres of land, situated in the best oak and poplar region ot Soothers Illinois. Buildings, teams and evc*yttung necessary lor carry ing cn an extensive icmwrlng bnainess toe premises. Ihe property will be sold lor #16.000. aud Is an (mason) opportunity for* great bargain. A large amount oi maaoiactnred lumber may be parchaaed if desired. Adrtro** D. 8. PBRI.Y. Wetang, IB* or J. bTQUGS. IlSClarr-it* Chit ago. TXT ANTED—To inform our old patrons VV. and thn public generally, that we have rees tablished car sash, door and blind factory at 97 North Fraeklio-st., and arc prepared to fill orders on short nonce. Send Ibronr new price lUc, WM. WISDOM A hOX. TXTANTED—Piano-lone Instruction— VV Ladles or gtutl-moc desirous of learning the piano-forte, can receive cveslor Instruction. oo mod grate terms.' Address “UPtf.” Bax 5955. WANTED— Our Weather Strip and Bobber Moulding are nnequal’ed by anr is the city- and lor aa investment are ahead ofaL others. A. C. SHOWN A CO., 128 Lake et. TXT ANTED—You who have a tew hun- VY died dollars, more or less, which yoa want to sat5 at into sometbltg which will give yotf a good pay igbtutocts. lnm*(Uatclv, can learn of one ot tns best chances ever offered in Chicago, by calling on J. F. WHITE, Metropolitan Hotel, this week. TXTANTED Patent Kicht Aeents — VV Rare chance to make money. Apply toll ALLS’ CUSHION COnSOQthjiit corner Clark ana BaadMph. TTTANTED—A man having #l5O to YY #2OO cub. as General Agent in each of theta States; Michigan,^Minnesota. Missouri, lowa, Karsts, and Wisconsin. Article U new, novel, secetsary and no hnrobog. Call at Boom 2. No. 4M south CUrk-tt. TTfANTED—A business man to ta^ce VV charge of one ot the best offices to theelty. Must m»Ve a deposit usecDrtly. Apply to HALS ft TXT ANTED—To hear ot a young widow Y Y lady who wants to n>»ke a homo pleasant, with economy, far llletlme-aaswer only through the best of church reference*—who win olenso address, with fall name and number. M. J. LUTHER. Chicago, P. O. 'tXT ANTED—Parties laving honsesand W lots to rent or sell to call on CHRISTIAN ft CO* Beal Estate and Vessel Agents, Hoorn 3 Lind s Block- Rendolph-st. bridge. TTTANTED—AII who did not win in tnc VV Opera House schemMocall on ns. We bare something that always wins. 129 Lake-st. A. C. BROWN ft CO. TXTANTED—A few good men to can- V V tase and sell a new mveonen that m west hasp prcval cf everv store and faml-y.Any SP-tmvS #lO a day, with a very strati GUNNELL, 204 B«»t Kinxltrst* corner Noitb i>eat bora-st* Chicago. Hi. _ Ttr ANTED—Dry goods, clothing, boots VV and shoes, and other m-rchonilrse. Muit be cheap. Parties wishing to amt business, from. aay cause In city or country, can close out their stocks confidentially. JOHN HEMPHILL, P. O. Boa 2976, Chicago. TXTANTED—SoIdiers interested to call VV and ace genuine checks received Uipavmtntrt additional #IOO bounty. Adranees made on good claims. A. GOODRICH. Attorney at Law, 126 Dear bon»t.. Bcom3. TV 7 ANTED—IOO mcA with cash capi- V\ tti of #SO to #3fO, to engage la sbu'lsesstnat wllMray #3 to 110 per day. Secured by two patents. Una no competition, and Is tbe only article cf the kind ever offered for sale. Every family wants from wow adoien. call, or address, with iuho, J. H. NASON, 122 6ontbC3ark-it* Boon 9, Chicago, 1 1. TT?'ANTED—By a younelady trmn the V V Easta home !a a private family, where there tiftA other boarder*. Best of rrfertued. Adirtas *»W II D." Box 200. gortcspnflence gflEantefr. /CORRESPONDENCE Wanted A V f young gtnUeman who desires the acquaintance, and society cf a young lady, invites correspondence. Addrets p. O. Box 1798. C' lORREaPONDENCE—Wanted—Two ! yeurgmen wish to correspond with a few yonpg ladles who are fond of gelng to the theatre. Object-- fun. love and us natural corseqoences. Address lor one week JAMES at d ALBERT. Chicago. P. O. OORKESPONDENOB— Wanted—By I / a young fellow with sotne/oung ladles la town and country fbr fan and it* ,^ , °* e 1 aencei * Address G. F.. Drawer CO3B. Chicago. /-i. OBKEBPONDENCE Wanted By \ ! a widow ladv. fbrtv years of are, of good cb-vr actci with a gtnUeman older than hcrselt with Object, to pass lonely hours. Address“X. 0-,” Chicago Pott Office. _ partners tESaanteh. J PARTNER —Wanted —With a capital of 11X000 rrfaiOCO, to take an Interest m a bolesale Grocery Business already established. None need apply except those who can influence* good trade, and understand the bmlntas thoroughly. Tbe best of references Riven and required. Address, with full particulars, P.0.80x 1064. Correspondence strictly confidential. PARTNER— Wanted—With $2,000, to engage In the maoolaetnre and sale of anew pa* tentrd article worth flDJno a year. Address Boom 14.147 Eonth Clark-sWChleago. PARTNER— Wanted—With SI,OOO to engage In a profitable manufacturing.‘business which pays large profits, save sale, and no risks. Ad dress -AMITE." Tribune office. PARTNER —Wanted—A good business half a interest in & good, safe and permanent business, that will pay 1000 ner month. Capital required, EStO. Call ntgjQ SUte-st. PARTNER —-Wanted—Active, with tLKOcash, to invest In an old codwell estMrits&ed manufacturing business located in this city. Profits fair. First das* references given and required. An dress -MANUFATQBT." Tribune OSlce. PARTNER —Wanted—In the Palmyra Fkwrlnc, Carding and Saw HI1J»; bunding M bsioclet land. APTBimA DBTDES. aiQStotfrst. Sttageb am? SiolfK. CTRATED—Oa Friday last, Irom 125 o Coolicge-«L, a small dark Di owe mare, with while spot ca ull. Any o=ereturning her,or leaTtng lunr isailon at the above addicts, will bo Über&Qy re warded. _ : OTKATED—Or Stolen—From ILU West O Lakfr«L.»sm»B cream-colored mare ouay, black ■fter mate and tall, without harness. The flaaer will ‘receive* liberal reward by retarnlng her to the gob-' Sbinumtms eeuints. njXER. QlTUATlON—Wanted—By a young * Qcm o t Btb jean experience ta the tartwoe trade as aaleamaa or travelling agen*. Casooetrag cocoldrrabla ends In QUnoU. Address tax. 83* Macomb, m. ClTUATloN—Wanted—By a practical C 5 tninerofffrrt-clJ»ahiiltle«; can formal* H»e best ef recooiueodatlooe. C*a*e of leaving present pi we. bcllera explrdinr and mill total wreck. CaabrueNo. lM**nd miner. Address Box 94. Auburn, DeKalb Co., lud. • CITUATION—Wanted—£7 an engineer O *bo understands bis basinet. Qoodreiireacos. Aodrcss -J all." Trtbuas ogles. - ClToATlON—Wanted—As clerk or O light porter in a grocery note. Can famish city references. Address I7 C B» ,f at this office. CmHATlON—Wanted—As bookkeep ly? er. or to post up books. Best of city reform to* 30?7 far ne,ty “ rw T lir ® tJ ’ Address - J A,** Cox ClTUATJOJf—"Wanted —By a young hrf n f?*2 E good peotaao and accountant, as Jrnt?rn»* ftT/ 111 ** cjerk * or M clerk la aur capacity re* Sftilf* *SS- Et> °J£Jl na W nr » r >ow* Good reference* given. Adds ess** Frauds,” Tribune Office. jonng man, last dollar, wtahisg lor cm* SK^ 1 ?-Cff° 43°ll°pt.-- te ' 1 S»°>- AH- FE3IALES, SITUATION—^Wanted—A lady is deal- O rons 0! S'cur Joe a position as hoasrlctveer. where sue can find a comfortable borne. References given and required. Address 694 f nlton-st. SITUATION—Wanted—To do chamber O work and sewlne, or anr light work. Can run a Grever A Baker and singer Machine. Bcstofcttyret crcices given. Address *'A M AJ* Trioate office. CITUATION—Wanted—By two respec n table slrls In a private tsmilv, one to do first Md the other second wort, call at 330 Waat looiana-st. QlTUATiON—Wanted—Bj an espe- Kj rlrnccd perron as cook, nr tn do recond work ar d sewlrg ins private l-imllr. Good reiercoccs given; U ttqulttd. Icqulie at 110 West Colcago. ClTßATUlN—Wanted—As Seamsttess O and drrssmakrr bye l*<lr of rtocrlence. I left recces givra. it rtqolrw. Call at37H 6Ute-sL SITUATION—Wanted—As lady’s or tTi slrknarvp, being qualified for cither. Apply at 97 Blue Uland-av. ClTEATION—Wmilcd—Uy an export* )Cv cnerd pastry eoik.orwnuld have to ablution to tike vbnrgc ut meat at.d pastry. Call lor two dsj* at Ni». 100 East Madlson-sl. CITUATION—Wanted—Ey a girl In a private lamllf lorln grnrral work, first of rrlrr enre given. Address No. 319 houih, Jraorsyo-st., Chicago. cnUATlON—Wanted—A young indy n wisbrsaMhMllonlorsowlngln a private fhinlly. hiuibw-tiDna to liutnewnrg. litsiof r*frfencea given, hrmraditrms Imutcdlafely 11 Ml«« A F," IVtsi Urducn Post Office. QlTtTATlON—Wanlcd—*A j?irl Wylies to 'ln grnrrai li<niM*(»tk la »nr l*sie family. Can i« seen fbr two d*va at 1.11 Imrnslde at, lt*itwei*i Hemii*-< nlh anti FUMreMh-MS. SlQcntfs ffiffilanup. A QKNTo—Wanted— Evorywheio to vogAßr In Hie sale ot prlie itatlmitry package*. A *lluer watrh mveo with ev-ry nn** hundred ami lhnn*aml rrtlrrnl. Also, books* eiicstings anil other arllele* upon wh|< It nvent* nre mukltitt if* dollars per day* ken I •tantn fbr sirenlar t * MUH RT 4 t’n., K tv tins TOJlH.opronm »7. Reynold*' Bi.-ek.ciu m«n liilnrh. AGENTS*— Wanted— Gentlemen ntid ladle* thtnhclmnt the lit lt»d Mai** to ’-‘li "«r dpw fled#, "AiutoriV rim ofthehiksimr^t?*•■ rotn WA*|tlitßlin» to Wepfwnl ilme* in one lobmus ot nhont two hevitinHlP II u*irsl«' l | with *fn*M P)i«fA*|tig« i TUN Tt*k*-tlt* TH»k», IheetPAAnt *l»ie and wwiefAle price, ah rpmhiim to fender tldsntiepiihi* in si Attr*Mi»p, iiapfut yni o)p iHMiim ever in mi* iHniptrr, to etpn* flei',\w»*eht? iwe ti n tn>e iltmo n to A Jl'lPtnlld Nn*. HMi ho (Jtlrttv* i*lMl«V eiA* tilkt-rvl t‘Oi»M‘i\«l"li Blrrn,. vHuih ftr eit* Mi.r. i fii ipfim, e,«, iruKliliM, jii ebfL'.i„ wi rAkdi 111* \ OHNTfl=tVtiiilfil=H,'(|iiinniii , i"l rtrsl. A'l.“* ''.(l.-t.-Aff, .H'l Ivlim Ij'f " I'M!* FhA> Kh A» VAl.l KV hMMIk, ,r ,d n«nv and iiujhHi* eritlaipplrdMiAfihtfi iifii’efrtW., |Tmiwniiarrenom. manitaioiria wnh<h pai«*a II lo Im a>ioitrc<l U? avery Ainpn*Ah.olwl>H|evef ayei ir Pitfiy. Ae"«u avertf* Ht.rra apV <ito.itti*jj with impAinilcftiil *ij..•.!*<, |»nth UalirfB 1 hletiatl rommlation Jtvtt|>. AdiUru, ataniß etn-hueti, a, a, |Hiyf>Hs : , 7*l t-lArk-*! * ChtfAgo t hi,_ 9 A J \ ♦ywralttfs. Hit ft-mAtr, to *di ilia URMU t\F COMMON AKNbK PAKIL.VafitVINd \t AOXiNtf, inujTralMl invintti.n nt iheaee. Pflic 11". fiveri tr.ilitLß w»rn* ile>tt>.riey6*r», A Q 'Ueu ■ ClavalAnd.Otito. A GENTS—Wnhtod—Smirt nncl nctivo -iV Agcalx wantril In every county tn »eU U»a t'tyr- TON P-fcKKH hAFfc-TV II AMD LAMPS. Meryhhty want! Uient. as they are the moAt amt ron vetknl, give a hrtlltani llehtwl bool rhlniiior, ittoka or ontvr. Mil warnnttd *»l«. ervcral mharitew ar» ttrlei for acmta. (Mrrnlara aval free on applli-alton U) KlHlMt A CAVAN, Ntw Ymk, AGENTS —wanted—Everywhere, both local and travelling, male and female. StMdy employment tbeyearrnuad. ami no capita! rcqmrc-l. Unslnrsa rev. Heht and desirable. For particulars, Address CONKLIN & CO., UroOkUtv,N. Y. AGENTS— Wanted—Messrs. Ticknar«fe Fields, ’ioiton. have pobltsbcd aaic-l cnsravloi; portrait Cl ABHAUAMIJNCOLN 13 a perfect lUunew and a work ot art. It 1# commended os tne beat like* ne*a of Ur. Lincoln yet published. IT ROBERT T, LINCOLN, Mr. L N. ARNOLD, Mr. HERNDON, Mr. CHASE. CHARLES SriINER, Mr. STANTON, Mr. TRUMBULL, GES. GRANT. Mr, COLFAX, GEN. BURNSIDE, And many olhe-s. ThU nertralt I* Incomparably the heat.. Cal! and se*s It aide by side with that of Carpenter’s. Critic* can not differ In the merits of the two portraits. It 1* sold only bv subscription, and agents are wanted far tu sale. Liberal commission* arc given to canvassers, sod sccrersfui ones can Lave rood territory to operate In. Acdres* JOHN H. AMMON, PtxblLbcr’s Agent, 87 Wasbwcton-st. Chicago. A GENT^—Wanted—s3,soo to $3,0c0 a XJL year. A sued chat ce to mate money. An agent is wanted In every t'wn In the Union to maaofactaie and sell an article ofoaity consumption to everv fami ly. • an be manufactured m the agent’s dwelling. It la entire.y new. secured by copyrlsht. Sale a.* per manent at flour. No String no ta be done. For fail particular* addrrea. with tfamp rndosrd for return. LOUIS CORLFNT2. Middletown. Maryland. A GENTS—Wanted—THE AMERI CA CAN CONFLICT. A niTOBTOFTIIEGnBAT RPDELLION. J.r Hobacb Ueizlxv, is now complete lo two volumes, and ready for delivery.'-, AztnU wanted in every town In the Wert. Amu having the right to deliver vol. 11. are requested to aendio thrir ord.ns immediately. GEO. A C. ITI SUIdIWOOD. 103 Cblcago, 111. 46£NTb—‘ Wanted—To canvass that creat Picture. “WHO’S BEBK HEBE SINCB hFKN GON E.'* feend stamp fbr circular to U. O’BRIEN. Chicago. TH. . AGENTS Wanted—To sell a new, highly totrreftlne and rlchT mbelllinsd work: THE PICIOBIAtiBOOB OF ANECDOTES AND IN CIDENTS OF THE REBELLION .civil, military, naval and domestic, embracing tbe most brilliant and re naritab'e events of the great American o nflict, he roic, patriotic. pollMcat, romance, ham'Toa*. and tragical. Tbrllljng teats ef bravery and daring; wit, drodfry. comical *td lad. cron* ailvertann: famnaa werds and deeds ot women: a beanllftii roval octavo r-olnme. 700 pages and over Bto engravings. This work is one of the finest productions cl the age, and the non oopolar bock of »he war. Over 15.0f0 cotiii ordered the drat two aoruu. One Agpct Just reports; “lock 77 subscribers oat <>f3i ssi cited the first n«u dsy and at la first two davs. Gtnrsctml the best selling book everont. and the largest commts- Hons given, with exclusive territory. Address J. A. STOT DARP A CO.. IQS Washlngtoa-sk, Chicago, 111. AGENTS— 1,000 Wanted. —The best chance yet. A woik cfbUtoncal vaioe and national importance. The only work oq oor Navy yet Id (he field. Agents find so competition. In press, ODB NAVY DURING THE REBELLION; or, Faß kaq cf ajtd Otra Naval CouuasrEKs*. Bribe wond renowced historian. Hrn. J. T. HEADLEY. In ana hardiotne volume, with twenty-two ipundid steel oor irons and battle scenes—comer sins the early life, pub-’ ltd services and naval csre-r of Admiral D.G Farra £nt,Vlce Admiral D. D.Porter. Rear Admirals Foite, opopr, Smngham. Davis, Go’dsb-rongb sod Dabl gren; Commodores Wilkes, Wlnsl :w, Worden, Bailey, aid many other oromh ent naval ceietmtlea. written is Mr. Headley's graphic and liltaliablc style, with aa antLeotlc acconct of battle;. altgen and bambanl- v. Bitftr* B.u u.oiuiuu .nenle,lncndlagine recent flscovrrles laco&dacttog naval v arts re bygneboats and iron-clad vessels; also, thrllilf g descriptions ot the moat brlUiaat eiplotw and aehW vetnenls of the rebellion. The authenticity at the worn is bcycadadiaht. as moft ol the material concerning their early lire and public servlets was famished directly by the officer] or their friends.' He Book will soon oe ready to deliver, and agents are already meeting with almost unparal leled success in taking orders. Our terms are nowhere excelled, and, taking into consideration the great popularity of oor publications, oar inducements to agents are uneqoal.ed. Don't r-u to send foe our circular* and outfit at once, as a day's delay mav make a hundred dollars dlfferrnce. Address a W. iILLEV, Publisher, 26 Reynolds’ Block, Chicago. AGENTS— ‘Wanted—3or 4 tanners in each conn tv 1b tbs West, to engage la a business paying irom #lOl to atso per isoutn, from bow until spneg. Address ZEIGLEk,McCUBDT ft CO^Lom bard Block. Chicago. HI. •, A GENTS—Wanted—To take orders lor J\ onr new work “CHRIST"AND THE TWELVE.’* Edited by Dr. J. O- Holland, author of the "I.'fe ot Lincoln/' “Timothy Tltcflmb.'' “Outer Sweet,” Ac. Beautifully tllaitrstcd. Agents already In the field -re taking from BO to lOOorders per week. No other book now published sells so rspldly. Largest rommlMtoea clvrn to sgest*. For trras sod territory, apply to CIIAHLBB BILL; 433 feoath Clark-st* Chicago, lIL AGENT©— Wanted—3fale and female, to sell a new article in great demand that every tamtly wants. #4 per day made without leaving home. Travelling sgects can make from #5 to ISO per day without IntcjL fence with other nustness. Tre article shews fjr itself. Samples, with terms and particulars ot the business, sent fbr a cents. Address B. W. CHAPPELL. Dfawea,os33. Chicago. \ GENTS—Wanted—#s per day puar /A artced ormr-neyreloaded. Applyaloncc top. CCTBBOP.JR* Office No. 10 M. E. Church Olock, Chicago, or Office No. 4 Lymao's Block. Cleveland, O. A GENTS—^Wasted —.Male and female, Xl a good paying hoalnoM. Call or address Dr. sitfD'S, I*3 boalh Clark-#C. rooms 1 and 2. Chicago. GENTS —Wanted—New book. The Black Crook, a most wonderful hßtnrr now be ing performed with Immense success In all the princi ple tVatrrs tbroueboni ibn United States—sample sent on receipt of M cents free by mall, by H.C. LAN |H)N. 5S Mlchlian*av. Sox Sale, T?OR SALE—A Wheeler & Wilson f* Bswlcg Machine,- b'ftclc walnut. half cabinet case. Very cheap. CalioraddrmTiy WeatLakfrt. FOk BALE-—Prop. “Genesee dneC’ X 1 now lying at Detroit. Michigan. CHaw AJS-JTot. race (eld Anpiyto WM. E. WaB KINER, Detroit, Mu or to n*Hßifi * BKO„ 84 Lumber-sx, Chicago. F)R SALE—The propeller “ Alle ghany," asr tons tnessnmnenvialdap la Chicago Elver; is in qood ruining condition; will oatyretjolro palatine In the Bertas. The bailer was thoroughly overhauled and repaired In the winter of 1363; basal copper fines: makes all the steam required,easilyv bad a new shaft and New Tors wheel in November, 1566; was docked and caulked same time. She U one «I the fastest sad beat seaboats on fresh water. For price and terms apply to C. J. MAGILL, comer Sooth water and WeHs-sts., Chicago, IP. FOR fcALE—Schooner A. Q. Morey, rate* A S. 13,500 bn capacity: schooner SeandJnt- Tisn, rates A 2,13JC0 bn capacity; schooner Baclco, rates B L 13,400ba car acily; t chooser 8. G. Andrews, rates 81, 14,010 bo capacity: schooner Wm. F. Allen. laUeDI.IXCCO bn capacity; brig CUy of Erl - ,ralesß 7.1*0 m lumber on ms than 9 ft*l of water. Ihe above vessels are all laid up to Chicago River, and fbr sale by C. J. MAGILL, corner of Wells and South Water gu„ Chicago. 111, FOR SALE—WiII be sold cheap, a large size standee office desk, aa rood a* new. Taqulre ot ASBIXT & No. 4, MazkeML. near Lake-st. bridge. T?OR SALE—Schooner Kate Richmond, JP A. 3; 15iCG9 bosh tuwlu, or ISSm lumber. Schr. Balpb CamoDeD. B. I; IXCW bush grain, or 233 m lam fcer. ELKINS A MERRILL. FOR SALE—Cheap—SOC.OOO leet torn ber, m low to watbuytM. bundle es known aa floral ban. south'am Dltbeatre, mechanlca* bone and cattle shejfr. all at the Chicago Dmmg Park. AUihßibovewtilbeaold at very low and le qnanUtles to «At purchasers. Also, on* anc clasa cocking rasa*. Urge atd neai ly new. ahoteL CHA3. H- J 3 Chaobtrof Com meica. - F3R SALE— Cheap—One set Fair basks* Sca’ws 6 ions- • CutriiS-?, BSOWI« 13 WeatMadlsooet. . . _ TTOR SALE-Shiito, shirts, start. The J ssm Brown sblrtaade to prices. Six good shirts for *31.. BBOWi-A H 4 and Sgsute-st. : _ FOR SALE—IS tales ol superior-shoe v *ctf Vi- We will sell very low to close OBoFFLtN 8803. A MALL, la ScU’h Wells su • ~ ' 1, OR SALE—The fine stock o( clothin* r ln Sioro>o.B9l«.Mt,« x f J,, wce k. or would exchanga same fbr anlaennt birtwsi7»uie. Also terras, atom9o Laks-av. SSAxtumfbrsale. ApplyttiHora t OK dALE —Corns—Set oi. cents, ball cents. tsedalXmlosTepha,’**- inquire at 209 scnlh Oark-st. - I?OR BALE—Three Biffiaid Tables, one 1 tecoad»lee,fcorpocJret».-njqoftett lyiSUUt a;., Chicago, oi A, B. QBlff