Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 23, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 23, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest Despatches by Ocean ‘ Telegraph. The Rappahannock Case Decided in Favor of the United States. FROM WASHINGTON. Statistics in Relation to Five- Twenty and Seven-Thirty Sends. Text of Air. Bontwell’s New Test Oath Bill. Nominations Confirmed and Rejected by the Senate. CONGRESS. Senate—Another Bounty Bill Re ported from the Military - Committee. Further Consideration of the Tariff Bill. Statistics Brought Forward in Sup port of a Protective Policy. House— lntroduction of Mr, Bout well's Test Oath Bill. .in Exciting Debate and an AH Night Session. PROM Sl’HlWlElill. YcslitiliijV Lc!>islativi! Pro- cpcdings. Bill Introduced to Abolish tho Br cordnr's Conrt o t Chicago. I tilled Sfiites Senjfors Elected in ludiimu. Wisconsin, llissoiir) mid \ew .Icrse.v. .Summary of Soudi American News. FROM EUROPE. IIV OCftiN TICLIiIJUAVII. aittAT nniTAin. la>ndoh, January 51, The Court of Admiralty has Just decided in favor of the United Stales in the Rappahannock rare, making the third steamer tocoveied by Con riil Dudley. ■ The l/traid editorially says tbo Oorortmont has protected against the decision of Spain in the Tornado case. LITTER OPTRANK* PQOM TUECRETAN INaOUOENTi. Athens, January 25. The chief of the Cundisn insurgents has written a letter to the United Slates Cnn-ul here, thank ing the American people for ihclr sympathy with the Crtlanr, amt petitions to ihe American C n >-ul fbr ships of war to convey women and chil dren away. terco-italian cojmiormsr settled. Florence, January 22, The question between Italy and Turkei nhoul firing on the Italian vessel, is amicably settled. Latest Foreiiro Qlarhcts. liveepool, January 23—Xoon. Cottraopriisfiat- MiddUig uplands It.yd. Sales small. London, Januarr 22. M onr-y quiet and steady. Consols 7i,\ r trie f.ik ; 11 Ino s Central 81. FROM WASHINGTON. (Special Despatch .to the Chicago Tribune.] 'Washington, January 22. DILL TO EXCLUDE BEDRID THOM THE COURTS. The proceedings of the House this afternojn wire of great F*'orest and Importance, and excltnl the closest attention of a full gallt-ry of spec.*- tors. The recent decisions of the Snpr me Court regarding test oaths' was under discntsloo. and the gravity of the it sue# brought online treatpor tion of the gentlemen who participated in the brief and concise debate. The question was brought forward by a short hill reported from the Judiciary Committee by Ex-Governor Bontwcli, which Is as follows: Section 1. Be it enacted, &c. % That no perron shall be permitted to act as an attorney or a« counsellor in any Court ot the Culled States, who h&s been guilty of treason, bril*cry, murder, or other felony, or who has been engaged m any re bellion against the Government of the United States, or who has given aid. comfort or encour agement to the enemies of the United Stat-is (a armed hostility thereto. Sec. 2, And be\f farther *r t acUd % That the first section of this act 1? hereby declared to be a rule of every Court of the United States. Sec. a. Andbeit further enacted* That It shall be the duty ol the Onego or Judges of any such Court, when the suggestion la made in open '«■ Court that any person acting a* an attorney or counsellor of said Court, or ouering or proposing to eo act, is barred by the prortdoa ot this act, or whenever said Jndgt or •ludces shall believe That such poison Is barred, to Inquire and ascertain whether such per son has been guilty of treason, bribery, murder or <uncr leioty, or whctcer be has been engag'd to any rebellion against tbe Government of the United bales, or whether be ha; given aid, com lort or cucoragcmcnt to the enemies ot the United States in a r mcd hostility thereto; and li the Court shall be of the opinion mat such person has been guilty, of treason, bribery. murder or other felony, or that he has been engaged In our rebellion against the Government of th- United Sta'cs, or that he has riven aid. comfort or encouragement to the CLcmics of the United States In armed hostility thereto, to exclude and debar such person from the oQice of attorney or counsellor;of said Court: and any person who shall testify falsely In any examination mails by anvCourtas aforesaid, shall begnllty of perjurv, nnil liable to the pains and pcna.'lcs of perjury.’ In prefcullrg this bill, Governor Bontwcli f-aid: “If a majority of the hnprcm-i Court hadn't respect enough to adopt rules excluding rdwta and tialtors from the bar of that Court, It wartime for the legislative power to slip In and make rules for them.*’ The debate was briefly participated In by several gentlemen, every Democrat, and Copperhead who could get fthe floor, taking occasion to eulogise ih-j Judges who concurred In tbe lest oath decision. Mr. Bout well, In closing (he debate, declared wnh thrilling effect that ho would never subscribe to the doctrine ibst a Presidential pardon conid pnt murderers or traitors on a footing with men who bad never hern guilty of crime. The President might open nil the Jails and. penitentiaries In the land with bis pardon*, but while be bad a seat in the llonsc he would never admit that (ho President's pardon gave a bailor the light to enter (he bir of tbe Court, and assist In administering Justice. ’ Tho galleries and (he Republican side of tho House answered this sentiment with a quick and electric burst of applause. Tho debate being clo*ed, the previous question oo the passage of the bill was seconded nt a quarter before three. bylOf yeas lo 40 nays. The opposition then began fllll bustcring. Several adjournments, motions, via., to sdjoum for one day, lor two days, for ao boor, lor a week, Ac., were made and voted on by yeas and nays. A call of the Jlnnse was ordered at übout baif-part Ibnr, and some three hours were ■s consumed in cartyltte tt out. the BorgcsM-alAna* finding It t ecessary to go all through the city to look up member*. Much arnn«e* merit was created by the excuses and npologlcs oQcrcd by the gentlemen brought In. lin y were fined two dollar* each. A quorum hav ing been obtained, an cflort vvia made to reach mi understanding tor n vole lo.morrow, hut It was unsuccessful. Atiuther cull of the House vra* or dered about nine o'click, aul this Is now going vu, with a prospect of an all-night session. THE POUMTV EQUALIZATION BILL, Inboduced to-day by Mmator WiUnn. applies to sailors and mailnes. a* well aa tn subtler*. It oro tides tiiutull who enlisted for not less than two years in the laic war, and wno hare received, or aie entitled to receive, a bunnty of Stud and no more, shall he paid - bounty of eight and one third dollars fur each month's service. iVitfl money and United Bute* bounties heretofore re ceived are to be deducted. The law of the last si-felon Is repealed, and all bounty money paid out thereunder la to be deducted from the amount <Jue under inle bill. It may he atld |q mu con rectioo that there soema little dUpo«lUon at pu-K-nt to again open tnehonn'y qneiUoa. tue sixth fascnoK or tux ckioh racino iuil- WAT. The Secretary of the Interior has received the resort of the Government Commissioner's on the rlxth section of twenty-five miles of the Union Pa cific Ballway, Eastern Division, commencing at the l&Stb tnUo station west from the in! ial point west from Kansas City. The CommissloDer rep resents the section ready for immediate service. «nd supplied with all tbe necessary paraphernalia of a first-class railroad. Tho re ort was Uld be fore lie President today, who baa ordered tbc ac ceptance of tbo section and oclley to Ibc company of Up bonds snd laud patents dine on the cwmplatim of tbs section. aniDT ron as oumitoattow. Tfce Fostmaiter General sent a 'alter to tte House Committee on Post OCQcj Affairs tc-diy, covering copies of tbo Chicago Tara tins aid CindmaU Gazette* and callior altiotion to ler lets from their Waanlngtou corres «m l«t% to which comment was made on Mi official eonducL tic says he li ready for an lovasttration, aud is willing those gentlemen rhanld attend ihc com ralttoo while it is being made. rsmosaz* General Grant was on the floor of (he lloaso today for half on boor, occupying Ur. Wash home's rest. General Howard, General Logan acd Judge Holt were also there. nor nnumii. The time within which the President canid veto the bill repealing the thirteenth section of* the Confiscation Act expired yesterday. Dp to (hia evening he had not returned It to the House with his tig-nature, and It Is supposed he intends al lowing it to become a law without being signed. bdttiugb cr tbx distbiot. Tbe following advertisement, which appears Ibl* morning In the city papers, Tally explains llsell: Fnrx Somucr.—Notice Is hereby given to all tbe male Inhabitants of Georgetown above the are of twenty-one years, both while and colored, that the Mayor ana Board of Aldermen of ibis town will bo in open session in tbe May or's office between tho boors of 10 a. m. acd 3 p. m. on tbo 23d. 94tb and £&tb of January, ISGT, tor tbc preparation of a li-t of the names of all the persona they may judge to be qualified to vote in the voting pre cincts of ibis town, and lor the reception of evi dence of persons claiming the right to vote in all elections in this town, under the provisions of a Jaw act of Congress entitled “ An Act to regulate the elective franchise lo tbc District of Colum bia.” All persons Interested are requested to present themselves In accordance with this no tice. Ussby Anntson, Mayor. COWAX'fI KOXXKATIOX. Tbo Senate Committee on Foreign Relations bad np Cowan's nomination this morning, but did not take Anal action. There U no probability of bis confirmation. &ECXPZIOK6. General Grant and wife give their second recep tion and dancing party to-morrow evening, and Chief Justice Chase gives bis first reception on tbc same evening. Tbc President's third slate dinner was given at the White House tills evening. The Judges of the Supreme Court, tbe Attorney General, and half-a-duzen Congressmen, besides ladles, were present. The S'ar pay* that a slate dinner will be given by tbe President each Tuesday evening during tbe ses sion of Congress, to which tbe members of the Senate will bo Invited, beginning at tbc bead of the list, and Inviting a member to each dinner. A number of Representatives, beads of Depart ments, anil others, will also bo Invited each evening. no*. E. B. WABOBDUKK Lett for New York this morning, and will sail for Europe lu tbo Tenia to-morrow noon. The House gave him leave of absence for tbc oalaoco of ihc cession this morning. SEKT TO TUB BESATB. Tbe President sent io the Senate this afternoon tbc nominations of moat of tbo officials appointed in Ohio during tbc Congressional recess. ri-ontaneour combustion. Brevet Brigadier 0--noral liayno«, In command ol the WatcrrJlct Arsenal. baa reported to the Ordnance Office a case of spontaneous corabus* non which occurred at that arsenal recently. Thla combustion rcotud from the spreading of taw. dust instead of sand, as was ordered, on some linseed oil which bad leaked from a barret. Tho •nwduM, Ibus mixed with oil, Ignited sponlam-* oust; In twelve hours, In n collar where It had been plac'd in n box. but was discovered before doing any damage. The tempcmtarc of the cob lamas only ihlrlyslx degrees. the senate TAturr mu.. The Hetialo has sticni two days on thi Tariff mil. Ail the ftiiiendnionls of the Finance Pom* mtttra were netted to without debate or opium* u*-n. nt d Mr. Cnltell and Mr. Hpraguo made sol ■pec-elms on tho m< a«ure this nriortioon. rowrmvuTitms. 'Hie Herale to-day ronflnned (he following t Rd warn Uhl. of New York. Consul to William Averlll, of New York, Consul (Iniiernl of llilllsli Nottli Amuilfs: U'org" F. Uottell, of New York. Consul nt Klionlsti, mvarls J Andrew •I. Htepbuns, of |mv«, I'onstil at Windsor, C. W.; Mndlwin K. Hollister, of lowa, Consul at Ihutnoß Ayios; William It. WhlllaKer, Assistant Tress* our at New Orleans; l<eroy Tuttle, A»«l lntil Tiensnrur al Washington : Hioinas Mcßlruih, All* praiser of Merchandise of New York; 11-iboitH. Chilton, commissioner ol F.intgraihm ; Jam** •*. Wilson, Ctiinml-slotier of Ueneml hand Offic-i; H, ,1. Cullits, of Illinois, principal Clcik ofSurvey, Uem-tal lrn;o Office : Daniel Hlgler, of Indiana, Ifeplstrrol hand office Nstblt-'ches, honhlana; Id ward A. Allen, ll«-celvcr of Public Moa-ry nl Omaha; John S. McFarland, Assessor of Intoriial ;ti vet no. Hccond DDirlct of KonMid.y; J. Crock* it Hay-res, Assessor Intoninl Kevonue Hlxtli l)lf* •rtet of Kentucky; Benjamin Ora**, Assessor of Infernal l{c»TiiimSevcrjlh DMrlrt of Kentucky; lliMons.l. Carlls’e, Asseaeor Internal Hcvcotto liiSrd District or Tennessee. NOMINATIONS nTJECTED. considerable number of niMiiioaltons werj among which rco llio following: -tohn Atkinson, Collector of Customs at Port Huron, Mivlil. an; W. K Johnson, ditto, Philadelphia; .i,H rinnlenn. Naval OHlcer, PlilladelnhU; 15. H. Cockrell, Collector Infernal Horonuo, Eighth Dh •net Kentucky; 11. J. Illauion, Sovi-nth Dlh* Irlrt Tennessee; (100. J. Htoallv, Anscssor lu> let sal Ucvemte First District West Virginia; Thus. V. Hlmlllti, Collector Internal Hovunuc First District West Virginia; U*ruy Oaffroo, ditto, Ninth Dtsulct Kentucky; Jno. M. Duke, ditto. First DMrlct Kentucky: Asa Fauikuer, J lilru District Tennessee. STATE DINNER. Tho third stale dlmiur of P<o*(d-nt Johnson look place this evening. Cards oflnvltilioit were Bsncd to llioAuoinpy Ocueral. Justices of tso Huprrrao t'ourt. and numerous Nvnaton ami lanles. A state dinner u|l) l»e given by the Pres* (Pint every Tuesday evening daring tho session ofrougresg, to which members of the bonato will he Invited, begfnung at the head of the list, mid inviting a member at each dinner. A numh'T of Ueprcect-taUvcs. head* of Dopartmenlsaud others will t-lsn be invited each evening. INCOMPETENT fIIIITMASTEU*. The Speaker ol tho House bae submitted acorn n-uiilcation from the Secretary of the Trca-ury relarive to tbe lo« 3 ot tho Evening Star and •*om raodurc*. The vxumiraiou, he says, into the fact? nf b»* latter, has bci-n very carefully made, and though It Involves so great a disregard ot the pro visions of the uuv and regulations governing tUI< class of vessels, and iho lives of passengers and on.w on board, be regrets to remark limit Is by •m means of an execution*] character, save In ttii •jiipriice of b'y« of life. Our merchant marine ser vice Is believed to abound with incompetent offi «»■», end we mast not only bold them and ship-owners to an account ability as to the condition and equip n ert of their vessels, and competency of crows engaged, but must be required to consult and adapt tbclr navigation Co the ordlnuy aileguards ’.vit) which license has provided them, aud neg lect them at their personal peril. To this end the Vgtriallon must be adequate and radical. NAVAL. The United State? steamerlmckawaua urriveil at Valparaiso, December IS. tTATItsTICS IN DELATION TO OOTERN3CENT SONUS. It appears tha. the toial issue ol five-twenty bonds under the act of March 'id. 19-l>was: Of the nrst of January. 2867. t566.ii65.d30. at which nmnunt there hai< been issued Id conventions. viz: of compound interest notes. SVLIT-vSa: of five per cent notes $6,207,000; of seven-thirty cotes, f 108,253,100; certificites of iudebledasss. ?2fi7.(00. Total, SlftkltJl.SSO; leaving lo be ac • onn'ed ior as sales $104,733,500. Tbe avails of the bonds have been used In the purchase of «-cv- n-thirty no’es to tbe amouut of 5U.515,559. and (be balance In retiring compound interest uo-cs, certificates of Indebtedness and temporary loans. The premium on the $11,512,530 of seven- M irty notes purchased tinder tho acts of Jan *, IS6L and March. ISG3, was $1 72L533; Interest on the vamc, 1705,‘29i>; total. 54'1,71H,'J55 Ihe sales of Cvc-tuenty bonds amounted to $U£.T5l5')O; pre mium, srsQl«i.3iß; total, {ia.i,ejy,Btr>. The com nussioD paid on the sale of fire-twenty bonds weic as follows : Jay Cooke J; Co. on $67,940,760, at tbe lateof ?» per cent, s6l!U:t6; to P. 31. Mye»fi i: Co. on at the same rate, f-‘kTotal compensatiou, t&»5,755. Tae cmi imr-inn paid on sceoant 7-30 s, as >oliows: Jay Cooke i Co., sU.4'v»,Byo, at the n.c of per ciut, r'U.Wi; \\le“low. lAmer &Co., $4-i>,OO(J atihe <3Dic rate, $30,700; P. it. Myers & Co., si3t,9*>u at the same rate, $5,685. Total compensation, SISI,UU9. DisTfitcr surrnAOE. WasuntoToji, January. 25. —The Mayor of Georgetown lm« civun notice to all male inhabi tants, white and black, above the ihe age of twenty-one, lo appear before Ulni and the Bord of Aldermen at tbe times named for the preparation ofa list of voters under she provisions of the late act {of Congress t« regulate the elective franchise in the District ofr-alniabiA. in* NCCUO TDOUDLS IK SOUTH CAROLINA. Savannah, January 22.— General Scott arrived here this morning and kit for Sooth Carolina, where the negro trouble still exists. He earned wiih him tho negro lawyer Bradley, who, it Is said, U the cause of the trouble. sales or rt’Buo lands. Washlsuton, January 2i—The Commisslonei ofiltc General l-and Oiucc has received return* hbnwlng that during December, 11,834 acres of public lands were disposed of at toe local ofllceat Booccvillc, Missouri. The entries for actual sot it- tiicnt and cablva'loii nndcr the homestead act amounted lo 12,223 acres. TUZ INCOME TAX. Washington. January 22.—The Wavs and Mean# Committee has decided lo favor of exempt irg from tax all incomes below one thousand dollars. TOE IMPEACHMENT COMMITTEE. The Judiciary Committee of the House began ha investigation ol the charges against the Presi dent this tuomlug. CONCERNING NAVAL EMTIOTES. The Committee on Nava) Expenditures Is con- Kidcil' C, and will probably report, a revolution providing for an increase of pav of persons em ployed in tbe navy and dock yards, and nuking it a penal offence lor a Government officer to to :erti-rc In any manner with their exorcise of tho ilcctive franchise. nrdEOTED. Ml V liV t.l-i Washington. January 22.—John Bigler has been rejected by the senate as Assessor of Internal Rev enue In Caltfaroia. MfSTEUED OCT. Asalst anl • burgeon Tlliy, Culled States Volun teers, relieved Irom duty tm chief medical oltlccr of tbe Frocdmeii s Bureau in Arkansas, has noun mastered onl of service. Hurrcon General !tiv*an reals© relieved as chief medical officer oMhe Frecdmcn's Bureau tn North Carolina, and order ed mustered ou*. COLD SALE INVESTIGATION. 11. 11, Van Dyck. Assistant Tn a.«urer of the United States at New York, arrived hero yo«for ■lay tnortilng. Ul# unde> stood bis presence Is in r« Union to a resolution offered in the llnnsy by Mr. Cook, ot Illinois, last week, asking nn exam ination as towheibcr or not any officer oi the • iovenment bad loaned cold, which resolution was rep lied to the Committee on Ibdrvr.chinonl. Mr. Van Dyck was tu consoltatlou with the Com mittee last evening. rxn'wi «n Tim President Ims nardoued one tjninti.ron vici'd of robbing the united Mates mall in Mass* aiimrclts, upon the recommendation of Governor Andnvr, Postmaster General Uandtll and nu maious cltlxcns of Massachusetts. THE APJITANT oENKiutsmr. Tlie report wMch has been In clictilatlon, re specting the &npulntm (> ul of ihevcl Major General Townsend 10 thoposltlon of Adjutant General oi d o United Slate Anuy, I* at least premature, as Adjutant General rfioma* ha* not yol been re lieved, and comeqnenily his plscr Is not va cant. crNtnALoiiANTTo visrnttmorx. Genera) Grant and mmily Intend to astl for Ha rope in April next, and will visit the I’arl* Kx position. FROM ISDUJiAI-OLIS. Ciovcrnor ITlorton Uloclcd United Rtalpa bcuaior-Ncnnior fllorToii’a llcccptlon -The Noovv Blockade itemoved* (Special Despatch to the Chic u»o Tribun;.] Indianapolis. January 21. Tbo Genera) Assembly voted tor Uultsd States Sena or to-nay. lire Uonae votul at noon, (hi ballot resulting iu follows: Morion 00, Vooibee* S 3, blank 1. Iho blank vote wa* cast by Mr. Stackhouse, < Democrat.) of Change, who‘o con science would not allow* him to vote lor Dsn. Voorbces. The Senate voted this Afternoon aa follows: .Morton 23, Vooihecs 19. llcnirS.LaucS. Tliotwo AQtew let Lane were cast by senato -a Craven* and Ivlniey, who. it will be remembered, opposed Governor Morton In the cancns. The two house* will meet In Joint convention at noon to-mor*ovv, or the pa-pose of comparing the vote and declar ing Uio result. Asalniewasflred this afternoon by theneyly VOL. XX. elected Senator's friends, after the vote bad been taken In tbc Senate and House. Tbe Governor and lady nave a reception at tbo Executive Mansion to-night, which was largely attended by the beauty and fashion of the city. Tbc scow blockade la about removed, and trains are running again on all the railroads as usual. Tbe ilefphiDg is most excellent, and tbe sweets B>e eon»»anUy crowded with-all sorts of vehicles on runners. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. WasocroTOV, January S 3. SENATE. Mr. WILSON introduced nMI to equalize tbe bounties of soldiers, sailors and marines io tbe late war. Each person whubas been, ard Is here after, honorably discharged, Is to receive fh 59 per month for every month of service. Widows and btirs of deceased soldiers receive tbc same. He lerrcd Io tbe MEilary Committee. Ibc CHAIR submitted a communication from the Governor of Missouri, announcing the elec tion of Senator Drake. Mr. WILEY rose to a question of privilege, and read a letter from tbc Postmaster of Wheeling, disclaiming the responsibility tor alt but one of tbe articles formerly read as from bis paoer denunciatory of tbe President, - tbe rest being taken from other papers. . Mr. UENDEItfcON, from the Indian Commit tee, reported, without amendment, tbc Bonse joint resolution to authorize persons who settled aud made permanent lnmrovemen»s on land now Included in tho Sioux Reservation, Minnesota, before tbc boundaries of said Reservation were surveyed, lo enter lands thus settled as In other cases of pre-emption. Mr. GRIMES, from tbe Naval Committee, re ported adversely on the hill providing lor the ap pointment of a Naval Judge Advocate General aud Solicitor for the Navy Department; also ou ihc bill relative to tbc appointment of coUsteu persons at ibe Naval Academy, all of which were the following resolu tion. which was *gre« d to: WuruiLis. It Is alleged that by tbe construc tion of Hie Department of Interior of several acts of Congress, granting lanua to aid lo ibe con struction or certain railroads, settlers are de- E rived of tbc full benefit of the Preraption and lomeslead uw! therefore, , , Jttfoltxd, That the Commit’ec on Public Lands be directed lo inoutre what. If any. legislation la necessary to correct such construction and rcpon by bill or otherwise. Mr. CHANDLER introduced a bill to amend an acianlUtcd **An Act for the disposal ol coal lands and town property.aod the pinllc domain,” to give to persons in possession the right to pur rbasest minimum rates at any time before ibe day fixed for sale of lands, and also no entry of town site shall tivreaf'cr have validity until an proved by tho Commissioner of the General Land Office. iMcrtrd. ...... Mr. POLAND Introduced a bill fixing tbo sala ries of Judges of the Supreme Court of I'orrllo nesatßeferred. %M . . Mr. WILLIAMS lutioduccd a bill to provide for the icgletiaiioti of electors In Territories. Mr. LANK called up tbo bill to regulate the ap- imlnttnenl of I’ctislmi Agents. The Hen/He refused to reconsider the vote by which certain House amutidnicnle were concur* mi In. and, further amended, the bill goes back to the House. • . ’the Taiiff Dill came up. Home omvudmunli w*io adopted. Including one to make It go Into (Orel on April first. . . Mr. CA’ITKI-I. made a protective tariff apooeh. lr- the course of which ho gave tho fullomiif I'tVcial statlsilra; , . , Vfliue In gold of the annual product of the pco* pie of (ho United Matos fur J WD: AuilcnlMlKl «M?2 Mu HMK'SS Fishing ,#, 2S*SS Ihitiiing... \Vood Culling ... tlA.tNXi.Uiiu Domestic Commerce Foreign Commerce. .. .... HMMWb.WW Net annual onrn>nu> In exchange of products with foreign cmmtilu«,vU: Worn Imports ami oxpnita. carry* Total gold value |d,7W1,000,000 Iteduml to currency at lID per cent, thu esllmalti for JrOfl fWdVWfIJUIO In JSCOfcl* trillions, gold value, were consumed Uiuliu! lb. year, leaving surplus or fltttiiiu] gain, 'the product of IWil was about too sumo oa I‘PO. the Biirjilus amounting to Jl.ur>7.BCi\ooo In cuneocy. and of this amount Wl.OWi.ttlOwaßpaldloOovorniiienl in the torrn ofiovctitie. Mr SI'HAUOE called attention to tbe need of (ncicascd protection to Hie lluon Intvrcalß in (bis c.-niitry. He thought the unmanufactured flax ought to he admitted duty free, so as to encourage the manulactiiro of linen in this country. •jin- Kcnato went Into executive session, and ccvirefls: BiSJoaracd. Trove of absence was granted to Mr. Wash* bnrne, of Illinois, fortheremalndi'rof the session, bis health reqninngtravi-l forrclltfand relaxation. Air. PAINK inlroduci’l a bill to pmilsh obslruc* ttoua oftallvvays used foi transportation ol United States mall*. Deferred. „ „ . Mr. HCHENCK introduced a bill for the sale of the Hot Fptlugs Heiervn'.lon, tn Arkansas. Ho* rtr Mr. HONNF.I.I.Y Introduced n hill to facilitate the coiiMincUun of the branch of the Union l'a clflc Hullioad irom Monx city to the head of tauo Superior. A ttroJullnnlopny Messrs. Colfostb.of Penn* svlvanla: Voorhoes, of Indiana, nnd Brooks, of bew York, mnnereased compensation trom tbe beginning ot the Thtriv-nlnth Congress to the lime they were nmea’ccl.was adopted—Ul to PA Sir. WflJsON reported tlie 4 tlou*e bill Introduced by At r. lU'a-lmin. December in, to declare valid and romluaivc certain proclamations oftlie President, n d nets done In pursuance thereof, or of bln or* u« n> tn tbe mpprchuton ol tbo late rebellion In rite United States, with eni dry amendments. Tbe amendments wore agreed to, and tbo bill rcrom milled, tbe committee to give odd day's nonce of lih being reported. Tbe bill an amerded, legalize* all nets of tbu Piebidentaftcribo fourth of March, 1961, 10 tbe Hist of Dc-t-mbcr, 1665, respecting martial law, initi'arr trial < or commissions, arr -sis and I npr a ounent of rebels, or tliclr aider and aberors, or oi vin'etors of laws, and n*agc« of war, and of those ch'Pt of HIsloy.«l rrac'tcca Mr. BOUTWELI-, from the Jndlclary Commit* tee, repotted a aab.-timic for the House bill to prescribe an oathtr public officers, members of tbe bar, Ac. The snbstltmc provides that no per son shall bepcrroled lo ac* as an aUiroey or counsellor In ary coart of the United Slates, who ban been gull y of treason, bribery, mnrdor, or any otter felony, or engaged In any rebellion against tbe Qov« mment of the United States, or given aid, comfort or encouragement to the ene mies of tbu United State* la armed hostility thereto. Tbe second section declare* the firs section to be the nils of every court of the United, and tbe third section makes it the duty of judges, when the suggestion is made in open court by any person acting a* attorney or counsellor of tbe court, or proposing so to act, it barred of tbe provisions of this act, or when the Judge shall iinieve such .person to be so barred, to ascertain whither such person has been guilty of treason, murderer any other felony, or has been engaged in any rebellion against the Government of the United States, or has given aid. comfort or en couragement to tbe enemies of the United States inarmed hostility thereto, and If tbe court he of tie opinion that such person has been guilty of such crimes lo debar such person trom the office ol attorney or counsellor. Mr. noCTWEUs in a bnef explanation, advo cated the bill. He said there were five Judges In the highest tribunal of the laud, wbo had not suf ficient self respect lo enact roles and enforce reg ulations (bat would protect themselves from the tun* contamination oi conspirators and traitors against the Government of the country. The time had come when the Legislative Department of the Government should exercise its powers to declare who shall be officers of (he Government in the administration of courts of law. This bill was for that pun>o*e, and tie hoped the House would pass It. He moved tit* previous question. Messrs. CHANUiII, ROGERS and HALE spoke briefly against ihe bill, and defended tbe Supreme Court _ AJuefrs. WIISON of lowa, and BOUTWELL spoKclnfavorof the bill. The previous question was seconded, and the bill ordered engrossed, and read a second time. Considerable time was consumed in dilatory motions by Democrats, during which the -PKAKER presented executive communications from the Secretary of the Treason- transmlttlug the information required by Mr Allison's resolu tion some days since, in reference «o United •'••arc* bonds, die. Referred to the Committee on Wa; b and Means; also, transmitting reports rea rin' to the loss of the livening star, and the wreck of the Commodore. Ujforred to the Com mittee on Commerce. xvrstxo fxsnoy. The House spent the whole evening on dilatory motions on tbe part of Dcmocra's to prevent a vote on Mr. Bontwcll’s Test Oath Bill. At 11 p. m. there wav uoprospect of a compromise, and an all Light session l#ocomcd inevitable. FROM SPKIMi FIELD. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SmiNOFiELO, ill., January 32. the nous*. There was Just a quorum in the Honse to-day. many ot the members having failed to arrive on account of tho Inlcnnptlona of the trains by the -now storm. No afternoon session was held, there being each an accumulation of business In tbe hands of the committees as to render (bis re cess positively necessary. This amngcm-.ntu 111 continue during the week. A DHL TO ABOLISH THE BEOOZIDBa'S COCBT or Chicago. A bill was Introduced In the House this .morn ing, by Mr. bingcr, of Cook, to abolish The Be , order's Court of Chicago. Fcctlon one provides that tho Hccordcr’s Court ut Cblcaoo be abolished, and that proceed! gs, noth civil and criminal, now pcnd’ng, be beard, irlod and prosecuted to dual Judgment and execu tion in the Superior Coart of Chicago, in the same manner as If they had been originally instituted la •bat Court, and all papers be delivered to tho clerk of the Superior ComL And tho Superior Courtis invested with ihc same powers in every • crpect (o enforce compliance as those pos sessed by tho Recorder's Court, Srctlon two provides that tho Clerk of the Re- coidcr'e I'onrt ol Chtiago shall have tree access to i*-e said rrcoids, dockets, Ac., after iho transfer. u>r ibe collections of unpaid fees, Ac. Pccilouthrvo provides that hereafter all prose* cutton* tor criminal otttnccj shall ho insUtuled amt piosecnted tn the Superior Court of Chicago, ‘iil'icci to iho provisions of the law regal itln* chances of venue. feos ot Clerk, Sheriff and Slate's AUornoy of iho Hcvenlb Judicial Circuit, la criminal cases, except when they can bo collected fiom defendants In cases of conviction. The sala* ry nowpalil to IboJudgeof the Ih'cofder’* Court hy iho Mate end the city of Chicago shall ho here* Alter equally divided between iho Judges of the Superior t'ouil, and the compensation of the Stale's Attorney remain aa now provided. • Section (our provide* that hereafter there shall be elected in the manner and at the time now pro* tided, a Deputy Clerk, instead of a Clerk, and said Court ahall from lime to time designate *hich one of the three dopull.* shall be the Cleik ol the Court, which designation may he changed ol iho pleasure of aald Couit. All provisions of taw requiring the respective term* of aaid Supo* »lor Court of Chicago to clo»o upon the last Bai mdny o! the respective monlba arc bcrchy re pealed. Section five provides that this act ahall take efiect after the S3d day of February next. ArroitnovitKNT mix. Colonel Taync, of lake, will to-morrow Intro duce a bill to apportion the State Into Con gressional. Senatorial and Representative Dis tricts. This bill divides the State into fourteen Congressional, twenty-five Senatorial, and forty eix Representative Districts. Cook County is given one (nil Congressional District and another In connection with the counties of Dupage, Ken dall, Will and Kankakee comities. The basts Is on tite censns ot 18R5. In the Senatorial appor tionment, Cook County gets two tali district and another in connection with Will County, and In the Representative apportionment eight fall members and tour more in connection with Will and Dupage counties, or about equal to ten mem bers in all. nzsotcnoKs crrnoppcxp. Ur. Eplcr Introduced resolutions to Instruct our Senators and request our Representatives In Con gress to vote for a repeal of the protective features of tbe tanffi and also to make United States bonds taxable the same as other property, which were inferred. A resolution was also passed Instructing tbe Judiciary Committee to report a bill to disfran chise all rebels and draft sneaks m this State. THZSUULTZ. Nothing of Importance transpired in tbe Senate. It m as not In session to tbe afternoon. nra Govanaon’e hxceptxojt. The Governor and Ida estimable wife received and entertained an Immense number of invited gncsla at the Executive Mansion this evening. Chicago sent down about a score of her most beautiiul and fascinating women, wblle Spring field gained new honors In a place of her social life, wherein she has a well-established pre-emi nence. Springfield was never so gay as this win ter, and she Is, or at least her daughter* are, win ning tbc beans of tbe people's representatives, and can get almost anything she asks for. STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] SrnnronzLD. January 2-3. SENATE." nesoLvrioKß. * Mr. EASTMAN presented petitions that all polit ical distioctlens on account of race or col r be abolished by constitutional amendment. Mr. 23USUNELL ofl'.red a resolution re-affirm ing tbc principles of the Monroe doctrine, and In structing our Senators and Representatives io Congtcssto adopt each measure, by honorable diplomacy as will prevent foreign Interference with republican Institutions on this Continent. In case inch diplomacy ful's, to adopt sucb other measures a* will cncctnally picrcnt such Interfer ence. Laid over. Mr. HUNTER- offered a resolution requesting tbc Secretary of Stale to furnish the Senate a complete statement of the cost ol blanks, paper, priming and sending Into counties the papers necessary for carrying Into effect the registry law. Laid over. nnxa nmtooocßD. Pills were Introcnced to provide for the adoption ot minor*; to disfranchise all persons who left the State to Join the rebel army, and all who a:mcbi to evade the draft: to Incorporate the Peo ole’s Elevator Company, of Cln capo; to incorpo r«lo tho Chicago lion Woi ks; loauitaortxctbe Cor* oner of Cook County to npuotnl deputh t; to la corporate tho laSalle & Peru Hons Hallway Com* pauy; to amend the assessment and revenue laws; to amend the banking law; to restrain the sale of Intoxlcatlig spirits. sAVtTT orrux ri'uuc rtmoa. Mr. KAHTMAN otibred a resolution that a spe* na: committee of Unco be appointed to examine .lie vaultsniit) ssh s In thebiau* Treasurer’* office, and see if anv precaution* arc necessary to pro* tervo thepubhclunds. Adopted. ItOAll LADOtI LAW. Mr. WKBHTKITK bin automllng the road labor law catne tin for a third reading, giving tl*o to a prolonged discussion. Thu ninln point al issue was as to the amount of labor that should he re united of the people, particularly poor people. After soveial amendments had been prnposed.and voted down, an amendment was agreed 10 Uni no assessment shall bo mndo on properly for road labor, to exceed forty coni* on ono hundred dol* Inr* ns valmd on tbr assessment roll of the pro* vlouaymr Passed. Adjourned to to morrow, HOUHIS. mu. ron tiix uxntEr or TAX-rAtam. A bill was p iaied fur thu relief of tox*payora In CvHioton, Cook Couniy. nu.m iNTimmicßO. Bil'a were In reduced hjr Sir. TAYI.OII to In cortioroiu the Chicago Art union, and the Wash ington hhairne Asssociatlons. By Mr. UAHLAN, to enable prisoners to plead L-niliy durlm- \snt]on. By Mr. HINOBIt, to incorporate Chlcrgo Glass « on-» any. By Mr.’BHEJ’AHD, to oermlt the 11.8. AN. I* Ifai ruad Company to hold property In Cook County. ByMr. PAiNE, to •ocure personal Jlbcrly of pe.snns Imprisoned for debt. By Mr. I.KAVITT. to incorporate (he Chicago iluiu -1 Safe Deposit Company. DKPAItfKKNT ItEronrs. A mcsssgo from the Uovemor communicated U'o sixth biennial report of Ibe Huporlntendent of Public Instruction, and Iho report of tho Chid of Finance. SWAMP AHD OrCRrXOWXD IJLKDI. Mr RI’LKK Introduced lengthy Joint roaoiß' Horn iccnrdlng the reclaiming of *\romp nml overflowed JaoUi. Referred to committee on tbai ‘MlllJtfCt TAiuvr resolution. I Alums UHUHUIIUfIi Mr. RPUEU introduced ft rosolutloo cftlllog up* on Congress to repeal the present Tariff Lflwso far a« It In protective, and to require that United nifties bonds bo taxed the Name ax otherpropertr. 'the resolution "as divided, Ami in He ssnaruie parts ictcrrcd to tbo Committee on Federal Kelt* ilona. mu. TO DISrUANCIIIfB TRAITOR* AND DESERTER*. Mr. HOWYKU Introduced a resolution Instruct- Ingihc Judiciary Committee to report a bill (o cf- It ct tho dlsfrancW-emetit of traitors nod deserters uom Hie dralt harboring In the state. Mr. SIIIJtLRV moved to amend eo as to dla itanchlioall persons coming to 111 nols from tho south. Thcamcndmenl was lost. 7 bo resolution was dually adopted by 13 ayes to is nays. LINCOLN MONUMENT AIITJOPniATTON. A Senate message reported tbo adoption of tbe bill in ala of tbo Idncoin Monument Association. industrial university. Tbe Senate bill, Mo. 105, on tbe Industrial Uni versity, providing lor means of competition bo iwren counties, for location, was taken up, amended and passed. Adjourned to to-morrow. wiscoasiy. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Madisoh, Wls., January 35. SENATE. The memorial of the Chamber of Commerce of Milwaukee, asking a Stale appropriation to de fray the expense Incidental to displaying and for warding contributions to the Fans Exposition, was introduced. A Joint resolution was adopted allowing the senate seven additional employes. A resolution was introduced by Senator J. O. Thorpe, requesting tie several railroad compa nies to fumtsn a copy ol freight tariffs for the yeara from iB6O to iSGu, inclusive, with a statement of expenditures for operating (be toad daring those years, which was adopted. Bills were Introduced to exempt from taxation certain lands granted by Congress for the con struction of military roads; to amend the law of last year ratifying the organization of a railroad company as successor to the Wisconsin Central llailioau Company. The Committee on Federal Relation# reported In favor of adopting the Constitutional Amend ment, Senator Thorne (Dem.l dissenting and making a minority report against it. The Senate took a rote for United States Sen ator, resulting: Timothy O. Howe. 23; Charles A. F.ldi idgc, 7. Senator Thorne voted lor General E. S. Bragg. Resolutions Instructing Senator. Doolittle to re sign were (hen taken up, ana tbe Senate nut Ibis afi* moon to discuss the same. Adopted by a vote of Si to 11—a strict party vote. Senator rsboles I# absent, called away by the death of his father. TLe Constitutional Amendment was mads the rpecial order for to-morrow at two o'clock. ASSEMBLY. Rcsolnllons to investtoato tbe briber; and cor fuptlon of the last two sessions was referred to the Committee on slate Aifilrs to sleep awhile. A resolution was adopted to Inquire Into tho adequacy of tho salary of tnc Judges of the Su preme Court. . .. „ A bfll was Introduced directlcg the Secretary of State »o procure authenticated lists of deserter# from military service and furnish the County Boards with (be same, and for distributing tnc same; (o amend the iaw relating to hawkers and pcdlers. The Assembly voted for United States benator as lollows: Timothy O. Howe, 72; Charles A. Eldrldgo, 23, and Mr. lioharf voiodfor General Joshua J. Guppy, and five were absent. The two houses meet to-morrow, at high twelve, to canvass the votes for United States Senator. MJCniGi-S. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lansing, Mich., January S 3. SENATE. The bill to reorganize the Judicial districts in the southern pan ot the Slate, pasted the Com mittee of the Whole. norsE. The bill to provide for boldine the Conititn tional ronvenuontwas agreed ioin Committee of the Whole without material amendment. The bill provides for the election of d legates by Hop* rcsenlalive Districts. The dl»cnsa:on was qnltc lengthy, chiefly oo the proposition removing the restriction of color as a lest orcllgiMlitr to seats in the Convention, which was not adonted. The bill to extend the time for collection of taxes lu the city of Marshall passed. 13BIA5A' (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Indianapolis, January 32. SENATE. Senate met at two o'clock. DIUs were Intro* dttctd to amend the incorporation laws: toregn late tic stock lußDratco companies; repealing tie act authoring the redemption of proport* held on MierLTs tales ; to equalise the freight tariff of railroad*, pnUlne way ttctpht on the some looting as ibroneh ; amending the act fora more nt Kortn mode of doing township bnslneis : autbo'iiing the incorporation of slick water navigation companlua; to Increase lb«t salary ot prosecutors in Criminal Courts; regulating the Interest on money. The Senate went Into election for Colled States C ilr!°lVinna nominated D. \V. Voorbeos, and Mr. Dnrnelt Uovemor O. I'. Morion. The vole re sulted as follows : Morton 28. Voorhecs l», llenr* S. l ane 8. Messrs, rravens and Kmley voted for t jine upon Uio ground that they bcUovod Morion Ineligible. HOUSE, Afrr.nxooN session. Petitions were presented for 'ho passage ot a law proMUillt.p the «ale o( Intoxicating drinks. A resolution was offered Inquiring Into the ex pcclency of extending the term of lonmsbtp Trustees to throe years. Bills were Introduced to re-dlsltlct the BUto for IcgMslivo purposes ; regulating Insurance com* panic* doing business In Indiana; to define the crime of conspiracy; authorizing incorporated towoaand cities to purchase land* for cemeteiies. An article from the Indianapolis correspondent of the Cincinnati Ooxetfa w»» road, charging officer* and attaches of Iho Quote «Ub domanalug compensation for office* at their disposal, which, after discussion, was referred to a committee to ascertain the author oi the communication, ex amine him on oath, and IT he could not give sail** factory Information, to abandon the investiga tion. ihe Governor's message was referred to the ap pilale committees. Ihe revolution asking that Interest on the army debts oi the United stales shoold be first paid w'os discussed atlei,glb. Mr. llnehes ih ugbt ihe Legislature was coins out of its way to Interfere with such mstter, and thought the Secretary of the Treasury under stood financial questions (ally ss well a« mem ber* of Uic House, who had never made them a study. Do defended Mr. McCulloch from the charges made agatosi him. The resolution was made the special order lor Tuesday next. Ihe House proceeded to cle.Uon of United States Senator. Governor Morton received eUty votes and Voorbces thirty-three. AJrxnxooir session. Bills were Introduced providing for the C3UD- CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23. 1867. lUbment of a reform school, sod to regalaid foreign Insurance companies, doing business In the State. . , Tbs Jomt resolution raU'ylng the Constitutional Amendment, was read a third time. Messrs. Kiser, Rose, Bird and McFtdden argued against Its adoptioa, alter which the special order was postponed to to-morrow at 3o'clock. The Boose concurred is tthe Senate resolu tion to compare the vote of the two boaaea for United Stales Senator, at twelve o’clock to morrow. _ MINNESOTA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Pact. Mum., January 33. A Joint Convention of both branches of the Legislature convened to elect Surveyors of Logs and Lumber, bat, slier electing C. B. Gardner, In the First District, adjourned for a week. A resolution was introduced in the Senate in * trading the Committee on Education to report bill making the Superintendent of Public lastrnc tlon a separate bnrean, Instead of attaching it to the Secretary of State’s office, a* at present. Tbe Legislature has adjourned until Friday, and starts at half-past six to-morrow morning lor so excursion to Winona, and will return late Friday night. An Indian delegation left for Washington this morning, KANSAS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Topxka, Kansas, January Si. SENATE. Senator Pomeroy was to-day re-nominated on the first ballot by the Kansas Senate for Dotted States Senator for the long term. The vote stood, Pomeroy IC, General Lee S. The Senate then bal loted once for tbe abort term, resulting as follows: t'biney, P; Thatcher, 5; Boss, 6; Kalloch, S. The Senate then adjourned. HOUSE. In tbe Bonso a spirited contest ensned npon which should be filled first, thclong or abort term. It was agreed to vote for tbe short term first. A vote was taken, resulting in 83 for Carney, 39 for Ross, 91 lor Thatcher, 8 lor Kalloch, and the bal ance scattering. Thereat of the day was spent in QilbhonlertDg. There is scarcely a doubt of the re-election of Senator Pomeroy in Joint committee to-morrnw. Southern Kansas bolds a cancna to night. The contest, It ts thought, will bn between Ross and Carney, with the cbsoccs la favor of Ross. NEVADA. Paw FnAKctsco.jßnuaryM.—lothcNevadaLog- Is’atnre yesterday, the House appointed a com mittee to Investigate the alleged charges of cor million during the Senatorial contest. the bcuale passed a bill authorising the sale of £OOO,OOO worth of Slate bonds bearing one and a quarter percent Interest per month. NEW JERSEY. TnKKToir. January 82.—Frederick T. Frellntt htiyscn was elected United Slates Senator for two tears, to fill the vacancy caused by the death o( William Wright. Tho vnis In the Henalo stood : I'i for Fratinghuyocii and 7 fur Stockton, and in tho House, 01 furFrollngbnysen ami 35 for Stockton. MARYLAND. The Mayor and Connell ofllalllmore to hrOiinted—No tiiniro IWr Nnmtor Veh AhHAroMB, January 21,—Another formal vote took pmcf for I'tiKrd Slates Senator to-day, re sulting In no choice. In the Hi-nnlo the llniisn Inti providing for the i-lecllon of a Mayor and City Connell of Batti more, on the first Wednesday of February, was parsed, and Is therefore now a law. This will displace Iho Mavnr amt City Council chosen at tho UctnluT election hy about 0,000 volas only out of -j',ooo registered under the construction then given Ihu rrglpfry Ijw. FROM MADISON* Hcltlpcllon of Nenator Hoove—Senator Miolcm’ Speech In iriaklnc (he Nomi nation—Finn! Passage ofthoHcsolu- Huns Instructing Doolittle to Kcslgu. (Apodal Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.) Madison. January 22, To-day has been (be most important of tho version in b political aspect, having been signal ized by tho re election of Senator T. O. Howe, and tho final passage of (he resolutions demanding tbe resignation ofHenalor Doojltlle. In tbe Assembl} ‘boro were no proceedings In con nection with tho election of United btaica Senator beyond (bo simple calling of the roll, resalling as given elsewhere. In tho donate Mr. wholes ac companied the nomination of Senator llowo with lh« following highly complimentary remark*: Ma. PittstUKNT t At the hour haa arrived Used by our resolution under act of Congress, to cast tho vote of tin* body for United blatea Senator, I B resent fur that high office the name of Timothy .Howe; not, Mr. President, as a Republican nominee, for tho usage of party caucus in this In sianco has been omitted, and consequently no nomination haa been made by protirrangcment; but 1 present his name as the Republican choice, •filled by tbe clearly expressed will of tbe peo ple. Never before in Ibehistory of this Stolo,«nd seldom lu (he history of any State, has there been so unmistakable an indication of tbe popular will and so groat unanimity among the representatives of the people in accordance with that will ts to tender the usual preliminary action of a party caucus un necessary, and In regarding tho popular will on this subject (hero la not a Republican representa tive hi either branch who will not at the same . ume express hts own conviction* of duty. Uts seldom tbe lot of a public servant to receivcso cordial an endorsement at tho hands of bis con- Mhuents, and it Is seldom, perhaps, seen an en dorsement Is so well deserved: bat however strong the manifestation of confidence, and bow. aver high tbe compliments involved in the expression we ate shout to give by car voles (or tbe reflection of Senator Howe, oar justification will be found i the record of ms six rears unfaltering, fallb fnl and able public service, daring that most try ing period, when Ibo nation's life was In danger, and when tbc statesmanlike qoailtlea which char* arterized and directed bis action were, os they ftlJJare. invaluable to the State and Nation. In view of bis able services to the country and the Importance oi a continuation of tbit sendee; In view ot bis unswerving adherence to the prin ciples. end bis fidelity to thecreat cause of Repub lican Ilbeilv be was chosen to sustain, bis devo tion tc the Interests of bis Stare and bis snccess lul representation of those Interests in connec tion with bis high moral character and personal worth, bis rc-elecllon may be considered a doty wc owe alike to ourselves. to the State and to tbc Nation. Senator Meade of Brown County, a Democrat, voted for Howe. A prt traded discussion sprang np on the resolu tion ins'iacttng Senator Doolittle to resign, start- cd by Democratic speeches in his vindication, which lasted until tbe close or the morning ses sion, and occupied three boors

In the afternoon session most preposterous ar guments were presented against the pa-sage of the resolution. Among other things it was charged that they were violating the Constitution. Finally the Senate by a party vote of twenty-one to eleven, concurred In tbc resolution, which by a vole of seventy-three to twenty-one, passed the Assembly last week. Thus emphatically has the Wisconsin legislature declared tbe voice of tbo people cu the course of tts Senators, most em phatically approving that of one, and in the strongest terms condemning the other. It was Intended s’so to press tbc Constitutional Amendment to a vote m the Senate to-day, but at tbc entrvitlcs of some of the Democrats, who wanted to speak on ft, it was made the special order tor to-morrow atternoon. Senator Morgan recorded his vote for C. A. Hldndco for United States Senator this afternoon, making bis vote eight. Senator Sbolcs was called home this noon by tbe news of the death of hi* father. Mr. D. C. Aldrich and Byron B. Chamberlain, of Ibo town of Windsor, were arrested to-dav on strong evidence that they set fire to a large amount of gram aofl other property owned by tbe former, and heavily insured, lor the purpose of getting the insurance. Weather pleasant here: no snow for several days. FROM ST. LOUIS. Reported Libel Salt—River Navigation —Railroad Collision—Tbe Search for E eo—He la Reported to be Rich bat Reticent— Rebel Attorneys Admitted to Fractlcc. St. Loro, January 22. It is reported that Governor Fletcher has Insti tuted a suit against tnt proprietors of tbc Mu scat I .ff«7>uWfaa» for libel; damages SIOO,OOO. Tbe alleged libel which Inflicted these costly Injuries on his Excellency's character was the letter ot General Vaughan, published in tbo Kfpuollcan last week, charging the Governor with various misdemeanors in office. Tbc weather continues cold; sleighing excel* tent. The river 1« open to ferry boats, bnt there Is very low water to Cairo, rendering navigation hazardous. The gorge above Alton bolds fast. Two freight trains collided at Alton this morn ing on me bt Louis, Alton & Chicago Railroad. Fortunslclr no one was hurt, bnt one of the en gines was badly smashed up. A special trom the Democrat?» Topeka corres pondent today says that John D. Perry, President or tbc Union Pacific Railroad, bat* prepared a cir cular to members of the Legislature, to be circu lated to tuortow, giving bis reasons for opposing Pomeroy. This has been threatened as the last card for some davs, 1 have se<*n tbe proof sheets and think it w ill have no effect whatever. Mr. Pomeroy has a clear majority, and cannot be I?ro messengers have been despatched to Mr. Lee, bolder of tbc Crosby Open House ticket, but t.o word h« been heard from either. Mr. Lee is a substantial miller at Prairie dn Koche, ihlrtr miles from 81. Louis, well known here, and held onh one ticket. , . tl*e supreme Court sustains the demnrrer to the telKiou (or a mmidomus to compel tbe Governor to issue a certificate of election to the Conserva tive candidate for Murid of Calloway County. A ca«e is now pending Involving ibo right of Judge Durkhardl to restore John T. Morrison, cx- vbcl officer to citizenship, qualifying him to bold the office ol Sheriff ot Howard County. All our courts admit attorneys declining to take the test oath, according to Urn United titalcs ba ps emo Court decision. FROM OMAHA* Flflcen fkllleru Surrounded by Indian* —Cattle Driven OIT-Cold Weather* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Omaiu, Jaotutry 85. The Jt'jwbtieon of this evening ha» a dcapaleh from Fort Laramie, of thla date, that the Indiana have fifteen men anrronndedat Spring Creek, flf. toco oika from Mud Springs. They ran oft Cole £ Donaldson's herd of cattle on tbe 90th Instant. Th« se arc doubtless the same Indiana wno drove oC ib« Government herd Uom Fon Laramie a lew dara aloce. The weather la intensely cold and pursuit l» not attempted. And unless they are stopped aoon all the tiock in the country will be run otT. JFUOSI CANADA. (Vnlan Trials Reanmed—Three Other Pnaonerx Condemned to Death—Rail* roads Ulockoded by Snotr* (.Special Dcapatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] London, C. W., January 33. In the Aaitre Court yesterday the Feolan trials were resumed. Tbos. Corncy was found gnllly by a jury, half American. The evidence against him was strong. He was sentenced to be hinged on March Jib. Ucorce Matthews was acquitted this morning- Michael Pnrtell was placed m the dock and pleaded gully, and was sentenced to be executed on Match ith. Owen Kennedy was tried and found guilty. Sentenced to be hanged on the above date. Ihe snow qw lha country throe foot dee*. It haa been the greeted storm k .ora fur many Tears. Ail raii«av communicate i la cat oil; and there has been so for two days. The enow ls|sQ!l falling. TOOK LOTJIiTILLE. Bobbery—Palled to Agree-Fan In the Ice, etc., etc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trflmne.l Louisvnix, January S 3. A colored W « B to-day robbed the drawer of Tboa. Shelley of a considerable sum of money. The jury In the ease of rutweller, who killed Brady a few weeks since, failed to-day to agree. It Is understood that only one mao was In favor of acquittal. The ferryboat from Covington Is still Cut in the Ice at the toot of Fourth street. Several difficulties occurred to-day between crowds and slelgh-rldcrs. FROM. ALTON, Fire Last Evening—Loan 925,000. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Alton, BL, January S 3. A large fire occurred here last night. Lossabout £35,000. Tbe fire originated In SUfa’s tobacco fac tory. Be was insured in the Metropolitan for •5,100: Biggins, Alton Mutual, fSSOO; Spring field, Hats.. £I,OOO • Smith, Hartford. £3,500; Ne w York liotae. £1,500; Brennan Simpson’s saloon, InibeS&nngfield, Mass ,£2.000; Cincinnati Home, £6OO. There was slight damage In removing the goods. WESTERN RAILROAD ENTERPRISE. The Chicago ana Northwestern Rail way completed to Connell Bluffs. Council, Brum, January 32.—The hying of tbe last rad or the Cedar Rapids A Wisconsin Rail road at CooncD Bluffs. giving ns direct railroad communication wbh the great metropolis of tbe we«t. hts been attended to-day with appropriate and tmposit g ceremonies- The Mayer, Common Council, guests from Omaha and sajscent towns, railroad and other officers, proceeded to the depot grounds to witness the spiking of the last tail. 1 lie procession composed nearly the entire rommnnity and numbered over 100 sleighs be sides 3.000 on toot. After witnessing tbe spiking, and firing of can non. the procession adjourned to tbe Board of Trade Rooms, where speeches were made by Gen eral Dodge. Hon. L. W. Ro.s, J. p. Cassady. Don. C, Baldwin, Hon. A. V. Lonmer, and others, of Com ell Blnfis, and Colonel W. H. Gross, and W. B. Hibbard, ol Omaha. SOUTH AMERICA. llo«lllr Feeling Between Pern and Bra zil—A Blare sculptor—Arrival of Uni ted State* Emigrant* at 1110 Janeiro— LIUIo Fighting Between the Para guayan and Allied Armies-luaurrcc- Hon in Paraguay. Krw York, January 22.—The steamer South America has strived hum. Rio Janeiro, Decem ber afilb. The Peruvian papers are vny hostile toward Urnxll, and It Is ealo n small bady of troops hare been sent to the frontier to pimw •galnstoggiw •ton. Public meetings were being suppressed In Pmismbuco. A alive had carried off tho medal for sculpture Inlho Provincial Exposition. Ho also received manumission. The keeU oi flva monitor* have boon laid. Nearly too troops and seamen have been dcs patched to Paraguay. t ohtlouod rains worn doing much damage to the roads ami railroads. Two hin dn-d emigrants arrived from Now York and -100 inoru expected Although (hoy were hue. pliably received complaints woru made ot tho feet [bat Ibey w ore not agriculturists, which i« contrary to tho stipulations between tho company and Ibu Government. The collection of troops by draft and conscrip tion In tbe provinces was progiosalng with tolera ble success. . ’I ho cotton crop promises an Increase. There has been a discovery of rich gold and diamond washings in Bahia. In Paraguay the to has been no fighting except artillery exchanges. Two Bras.iliun vessels had entered lake Piers and bombarded the extreme right of the Paraguayan army. iho reported insurrection Id Paraguay appears confirmed. A Paraguayan Cantata seined a depot, tho garrison fraternizing with him. and when Lopcxscnt a force to chastise him, ho retired to tho mountains and brat off tho troops. A second attempt with 80CI men and two cannon, was re pulsed with lose of cannon, and at Inst accounts the Captain bed COO men, well victualed and sup plied with ammunition. The Indians on lh.» northern frontier, taking advantage or the absence of men, wore cruelly ravishing tho villages. FROM NEW YORK. nicotine: in Aid of tho Southern Poor- Amount of Mold CcrUUcaio# Notv out. Nxw Yonit, Jannary 32.—The steamer Ger mania, from Southampton bib, has arrived. Tbe committee (o rank'- arrangements to aid the suffering poor of iho South has resolved to call a public meeting at tho Cooper Institute on Friday eivnfng. Peter Cooper fh expeclo-J to preside, nnd Henry Ward Beecher, Horace Greeley, and others will deliver addresses. Edward Morccrcau, a young Frenchman, was arrested for attempting to draw a lorgcd check to day. 'i he total amount of gold certificates issued U £170,352,680, of which £147,879,000 have been re deemed. 'the Persia sail* for Europe to-morrow with about 111,000 in gold. The ship Mcrcarv. wi'h goods for the Paris Ex position, silled to day. FROM GALVESTON. I. arse Receipt* of Custom*—Acquitted on a Charge of Smuggling and Ar- retted for Perjury, Galtbstoh, January 22,—Cotton dull and trices unchanged. The Custom House recoip's or the week are the largest ever known at this port— $82,560 nearly three-fifths as ranch as New Orleans, and abont one-third as mneb as for the year >MJO. The smsidpal antborlties and citizens are mak ing acraopementa to receive the remains of Gen eral Jobnsion. captain James E. I-awton, of the brig Golden Light, charged with smuggling, was acquitted In the United stales Court to-day, and immediately re-anested on a charge of perjury. FROM CAIRO. Railroad Travel Renamed—ntulMlppl River Navigation, Canto, January S3.—Trains arrive and depart on lime. No Ice Is coming out of the Mississippi River owing to a gorge above, bat in tbc Ohio tt is heavier than at any time during tbe season. Not withstandii g this tbe port list snows arrivals from Lonlavlile, Evansville, Nashville and New Or leans. Connections are made with regularity from this point, all reports to the contrary not withstanding. FROM ALBANY. Settlement of tbe Railroad Irifllcultlfcs —Cause of the fiisagrfcmcat, AutAXT, Janttary 22.—At the session of the Rath oad Committee last evening to Investigate the difficulty between the New YorK Central and .be Hudson Kivcr Railroad Companies, Wo. H VanrterbiP, Vice President of the latter company, made a statement which did not differ from those alrcadv h* fore tho public, showing that the New York Cential Railroad Company had not carried oulanagrcemcnt whtch had been entered into by the foimcr Board. It transpired that tbc asree nu-ui row enter, d upon providca that the Hudson Uivtr Hoard shall receive pay from the New York Ontrcl a bonne on tbe ha«is of one hnmlred tiiousann dollars np to the IStb Instant, when the Hndson Is to do its own business. FROM NERT ORLEANS. Fire—Talk of Impeaching Governor Well*. Nxw Onmuxs, January 23.—Three buildings, on Josephine street, wire burned this morning; loss, $19,600. A number of members of tbe Legislature have arrived. The talk of tbe impeachment of Gov* irnor Wells has been revived, but It |U generally believed that nothing of tbe kind will be at tempted. Sandwich island* News. Sax Fit ax asco. Cal., January 22,—8y tbc bark Fonaica advices to Jannaty sth arc received from the Sandwich Islands. The Golden Fleece and Berenice from this port bad airbed at llonolnln. __ A number of Chinese merchants at Honolulu expected to lake passage by the steamer Colorado for China. They will be disappointed, as tbe steamer does not touch at that port this trip. Jho schooner Mot KclU bad been wrecked on the southern shore of Malakal. The massacre of Hawaiian* by the King of Bltt’s island is confirmed. Mexican Item*. V New Tour, January 29.—Tbc iTcr-tW’a Vera Cruz correspondent says a force of fifty negroes *cnd Algernons bad burned the villages of Jamaasa and Caustic, nnder orders from the French Com mandant at Vera Crus. A severe conscription la going on at the cap ital. Maximilian intends going to Madeira. It is said. In case tbe National Congress docs not sus tain him. About 1.7U0 Republicans, under Diaz, were re ported in tbc neighborhood of Mexico City, awaiting its evacuation. Fastern Telegraph Line* Down, New Yoiik* January 99 rbe Eastern lines arc down to-night. No cable news. Bxtcoslvo Fire in mobile* Mo»rt». January S3.—By a destructive fire on Dauphin Hf«rL last olghr, foar houses were dc •iroyed- The loss It aboni fSO.WO: partially In- Mired. Three firemen were Injured, out nouo ft* tally. Fatal Bxploilon lit ilte Ilooaac Tunnel qpor. N. Y., January 53.—0 n Friday la*!**! captation occarred at the £a«t Ilooaac tunnel, by which one man waa killed and three or foar other* more or icie lujnred. Fatal Ntioollue by on inasne Flan* TnoT, N, Y., January S 3 —John Morton, an ln> •ape dealer In •econ'i*nand clothing at Saratoga spring*, on Sunday fatally abol a cub to sac: named Michael U'.NeU. Death of an old Fireman* Boston, January 85.—Captain Wm. Uarnlcat, (or many year* chief engineer of the UoiUm Fire Department, died yeaierday. aged 7S. Suicide* Jlixxiurowt, Minn., January 22.—An Insane mao named B. Bata hung blxaseil la the town of Meufoid, Mien., to-uay. Supposed Privateer Expcdlllon* Kiw Yobs, January 23—The Herald?* New Orleans special of yesterday ears much excite* meat has prevailed among oar Irish driven* to* cav. from some cause, possibly toe Head Centre Mcl-arrr, calling on all able-bodied Fenians to report lor dntj Immediately.- Several proaitaen- Fcniasa officials irom New York, yesterday lefi here lor Mobile, where theblockadcr Mary, Cap* tarn Bares, fa being Prepared for sea. but whether tv the Fenians or the Knights of Arabia, la no* known. She baa a pretty largo ampins crow on board, and It ia pretty well established that she is des tined for some mysterious cruise; me 71m*# eay* foe Ran Anto ia, Cuba, where sho will receive her armament, ÜbcDoputyComuiandcrofKnightao Arabia left this city incognito on the 9d Inst., leav ing part of his navgage behind- SomeTblm? la in the wind, bnt whether (be expedition ts against the English merchant vessels, <>r a raid npon the St, Domingo islands by the Slights, can not he discovered. FROM SAB FRANCISCO. Sl9pmenti of Wheat—Duties Collected since January I. Saw Fnaxctsco. January Sl.—Ship Isaao Joaoes cleared to-day for New York, with a fall’ cargo of wheat. The Forget-Me-Not is also load ed with wheat and cleared fbr Cork. Brig Virginia, from Bio de Janeiro, yesterday, brings five hundred thousand poueds of coffee. Dntfes collected fbr the pa«t week, one hundred and nineteen thousand dollars. Total since the first of January, two hundred and fifty-four thou sand dollars. A Million Deaths by Starvation In In dia. Nrw Yoke, January 33.—Tho official report on the famine In Eastern India shows that there were a million drains from starvation THE RAILROAD WAR. The Disagreement Between tbe Slew York Central and llndson Hirer Bail roads. [From the New York Tribune, January ID.] The chronic disagreements between the New York Central and the Harlem & Hudson River Railroads, which hare been threaten ing a violent outbreak lor the last sixteen years, reached a crisis yesterday. We have no means of knowing which of the companies Is in the right, or with which the victory is most likely to remain. It only concerns ns to know that, however the quarrel may have arisen and however It may be settled, the public Is certain to he a sufferer by Its con tinuance. The cause of the trouble seems to have been the adjustment of rates for tho transporta tion of freight between New York and the West; though the occasion of it, no doubt, was the recent election for officers of the Central Road, when Mr. Vanderbilt, who had already- obtained control of both the routes between Albany and New York, was defeated in the attcim>t to secure the management oi tho great thoroughfare from Albany to the West. CIo?o upon the heels of tho election followed an open declaration of war. The apportionment of freight tolls was made the ttw«* belli. Mr. Vanderbilt proposed that for every car-load of freight sent west over tho Hudsou River or Harlem Rail road the Central Company should send one cnMoad south from Albany to New York. To this the Central not unreasonably demur red : the length of their road being about double that of either of Mr. Vanderbilt's lines, they claimed Unit they were entitled to send two loads to Mr. Vanderbilt’s one, or Unit the lolls should bo divided pro mM. The couscuticnco was that Mr. Vanderbilt suddenly broke off nil Intercourse with the Central Road, and put a stop to all tho fa cilities usually granted to passenger* over connecting lines. U was announced that on uud after the 18th Instant, the Hudson River and Harlem Roads would trail*- nort neither freight nor passengers beyond Hast Albany, leaving both to maUo their way across tho river as best they might, amt would reeelvn neither cheeks nor tickets from tho Central Rond. To counteract this arrangement, wo learn that the nminiurni of the Central have made a contract with tho Ilotualoulu Railroad, and fur tho present will send their freight by that and tho West ern Massachusetts road In Bridgeport, whence then) is communication both by tho Hound and thcNewilaven Railroad wlththls oily. The opening of tho Hudson River In the spring will of course introduce u new element into the light. While tho railroad men are thus cutting each other’s throats, we arc glad to see that the Legislature Is coming to tho rescue of the outraged public. In the Assembly yes terday. an motion of Mr. Wood, tho Railroad Committee, by a unanimous vote, was In structed to Investigate tho present quarrel, ard report such a bill us they might Judge expedient. In tho Senate, Mr. li. C. Mur phy Introduced n bill, which was promptly ptisseed by yens 10, nu>a none, which scorns ions to go to the root of tho nmltor. it compels connecting roads to sell tickets, check baggugo ana transport freight, with out breaking bulk, to all stations at which trains stop. In case of n disagreement be tween companies, IhuSlnle Hnglnocrls toaet ns umpire, and an appeal from Ids decision is to Ho to the Supremo Court of the Albany District, where It shall have preference over all other causes, no delays In transportation to be allowed while tho appeal is ponding. A refusal to comply with tho decision Is to sublcct the President uud Directors to a lino of £3,000 for each day’s neglect white the ease Is pending, and utter the decision of the Engineer iu court to a flue of £5,000 and Impr'sunmont in the county Jail for a period not exceeding one year. Set ting aside the merits of tho present controversy, of which wo profess neither to know' nor to care very much, we shall be de lighted at the passing of our measure which will teach railway corporations that they arc created for tbe public convenience, and not exclusively for the pecuniary emolu ment of their managers. And wo know of few companies which need this lesson more than the Harlem and the Hudson River. How fur tho new managers of the Central mean to study the comfort and safety of their patrons there has not yet been time to learn; but as to the roads which have so long had a shameful eminence for their in solent disregard of the convenience of travel lers and shippers, we are not without hope that the present battle may result in doing both them and as a little good. Tbc rommercc of NevrVork. IFrom the New York Tribute.) In 1554 tbe imports and exports of the United States amounted to $530,000,000, ot which New York had $3*8,000,000; while in 1865 the imports and exports of the United States amounted to $571,036,933, of which New York had $420,030,533. Should this process continue it will not be many years before New York absorbs nearly the entire lorciun trade of our country. The following statistics will give still further evidence of the rapid Increase of tbe foreign trade of New York: Imports. , Exports. .$ SU,rJOS,‘26 $ 33,1V),32G . 175.97U.1W) 78.290,290 . IM.OIC.TiO 210,956 203 1661 909.169,212 870,236,608 I®«s 219.0M.714 260.345,339 lS6C(9mos.) 285,753,667 193.935,000 ARRIVED. CtEARUD. Tims. Tans. IMI 519,025 407,935 IS3I 1,624,052 1,234,235 IMJ3 2,496,733 2,317,410 1564 9.9C»,9f14 2,259,412 1565 9,910.973 9,159, «2 1£60(9 mos.) 9.IW.WM 1,992,976 The amount of ngrtcuUnral products brought to the city of New York from the interior Is os follows: • Year. Tnss. 25 r—Bv Erie and rhamphln Canals 753.061 :fc'sil—By Erie and Champlain Canals..... 1.*5'>.947 By Erie and Cbamnlain Canals ....3.935,713 s*s—By canals and railroads, except U.R. R 4.500.000 A comparison of these statistics indicates that New York is to-day receiving more than three-quarters of the total imports of the country, aud that more than half of all our exports arc shipped from this port alone. A Cloud of Witnesses. [From tbe Rochester (N. Y.) Democrat, Jan. 19.] Tbe women of Greenfield, Highland Coun ty, Ohio, have a summary way of dealing with the much vexed liquor question, and in .) uly, 1865, they took the evil, so for as their own neighborhood was concerned, into their own hands, and made a general onslaught on all the taverns and. saloons they coaid find, staving in the beads of barrels, bursting demijohns, smashing bottles, and playing the mischief with drinking stock generally. The whiskey dealers combined to bring suit against these strong armed and minded fe males for damages, and the trial is to come off in a few days at Hillsboro. The most extensive ’preparations are be ing made to escort the ladles rfGreenfield, seventy of whom have been snbpccnsed as witnesses. Large wagons are to he fixed up, and their male relations will accompany them to Hillsboro, where the Court will be in session on tho HUh of this month. The ladies of Hillsboro, are making the most ample preparations to receive them as welcome guests, and they arc to be enter tained by tbc ladles of that place. There is little chance of a Jury returning verdicts against the husbands, so wc need expend no !*vmpathv on them. But think of the unfor tunate ushers of the Court; their duty to keep silence with seventy female witnesses in Court, each with a body guard oMocnl fe male friends I They deserve tbc heartfelt pit v of oil right minded people. tyWAIT nnOTlißli>. 1.20 l)rarb'iro*at.« receive odtcrtisouicnre tar all the lending payer* iltmuitNoat tbe rnttrit t*(nte« nod rnnmrns* JBuslcal. a lady WOO ISTBACniSO MUSIC ON THE NORTH SIDE. i!r»!r<**t‘’»rfnr"Afew mote pupt’s. Addrota “T. V K” Tribute office. fflSlantcn. IX7ANTED All tlmt wnnt gold, V V imrnbsca*, or iiioscy In nny shape, to rail on wr. and t wi’.l ♦bow jen « <' l*at tlitac to make money •»otMt baa yet come within the vistas of insni no iiumbus. hut a tuple article that every lamUymost bate, aadeveiy (foliar Itvravo la aura to draw a arise, Apple, nr sddfws. with stamp, CHARLES MKsbKNutU, (IS Wa»Unct«o**i., Room 3, Chicago, Illinois, w/» AAA TO #IO,OOO WANTED—An experienced Mulder waeu tbe above am-urf io ocaMo Mm ta imy land and erect rMidings ih-reon. The heat secanty given. *ad aa interest in ,p„ profit*. Those oa f with the manor sod badness intentions need apply. The be« reference* oven and required. call at Itcom 1.1(10 Maaison-st. A PRACTICAL 3tAN IN THE Wbo.eiale and KetallUard-wood Lumber Trade, vuaea A< SITUATION. Qubouchtand sold In Canada and tbe Writ far Rufialo and Albany markets. and fir the past year has tvpt the nook* tor an extensive dealer In bard woods. Hnflalo and Chic* to relerence*. _ Acdrcsa Box 1009.Ratt»lc, Vi-and DRAKE, CHAPEL * CO„ Commission Merchants, 200 Sooth Water bl. Chicago. pARLOR FURNITURE AND PIANO - WANTED, to exehtnre fbr a Trust Deed and note of fOtt. doe Jan* uarr, 1968, with Interest as 10 per cost,second on tana, aglsnd. Fnniltara must be new or neatly eo, ia> quire oIF.L, BLACKMAN, 43 Ukwu. NUMBER 229. HTfse Season. RANK. OPEN ALL DAY AND EVENED; MASQUERADE OS THDBSPAY. Please register your names and procure mask tickets. TBa BPI#DOTn> 2SS2>AIiS ftr the pent** prize, open to all #kater*!n the corth wm.wiU be 00 exhibition at GIl-EaBKO. «t O’s, Lax»«t., on ilontuj- next The contest w..l Uke place oa the Bt*t Inst. "WASHINGTON SKATING PARK. OPEN THIS AFTERNOON & EVENING! Splendid Sheet of Ice. Great Western tight Guard Band 15 THE EVENING. SKATE WHILE THE BIOOX SHINES. Special notice tor the Jnxenlica.—Oa Saturday 0! this week, the SIXTH ANNUAL School Children’s Carnival Wi'l take placA Free to the children of the Public Schools of this city. MASQTIERADK Bp special request of a large number of oar patrons, wm( of whom were ooabic to sain admittance at the Masquerade of Saturday last, owing to the Immerse crowd. a second Masquerade and Fancy uostums Car* nival will take niare at this Farkoo Thursday evening 01 this week. Register joar name* at the Bara office*- QQDEN SKATING PARK. GRAND MASQUERADE TO->NXOBT. Upward# of two hundred ladle* and get 11 erarn hare already registered for this a GRAND AFFAIR. The Ice ha# not been better tils season s the even lpc« arc Itnr. and a fail atimtanrp 1* aapreted. Ttoao deslttpgcan be accomodated with COSTUMES at ibeVafV. jyFuil bund and a gay time. jpiRST APPISAnANOE OF TUB Uenutilhi n&<lArllntio Hhntroa* MISS NELLIE DEAN, Whoafl flaiicrlnr reception In the Kaai la uoprot> denied lu I hr aunaU or ak«tmr. MIHH HKAN nr><l CM.I.IK UUUTB will appear lot arborlaeaßon earn evening at Itio CENTRAL,* mcncing to-nmlit. * RINK. ATTUAOTXON. TRIO EVBNINO, Tnciß avimmo, POWERS AND LAFAIETTB,' (the flmwtAkatep* on the Continent), wllltrlrean cx lillilMon urusute nod combination skating, embracing «v»r> roovemsnt noMible «n rtate*. I’rugramtm* will lx* ready for ipo.-tnlon. %3T Great Union Paud ta fUil decs. Q.UA.ND NATIONAL SUating Tournament, COMMENCING JAHUABY 28,1807, * Al Central Skating Park, I*ll TyitUltGH, PENN., Prizes ftoo and fawin Greenbacks, and theChamnlon Medal worth |M. Tun beat ccnteman akater will re* reiveaprlreoiftMtu Or*ml»arka and toe Champion (ioid Mcdai w»nh 230 of America. Toe D*t lady akater a prize of J.IOO and the Gold Medal. Three ot eatlitu secure a content, the winner*, jf challenged next season to skste the contwst cm lUt* Park. Knlrte* tocionennth*3olh. Adiresi THOMAS A. SPEN’CK. Heereury Centra) Skating Park, ro«t Office (tor 371. Pittsburgh. t’n.. for eotrlen and particular*. ppliu SITTOWSKI, THE GREAT RUSSIAN STILT SKATER, Wbese nppcarnnco at the Central* last evening, was greeted with the most rap* inrons applause, will appear again this evening an'stilt skates. Ills wandennl lishiningmovemcnts an low skates mast be seen to be appreciated, as no programme can ever convey o Just idea of this great skater. ffiatr jpclt. T DWELL FELTING MILLS, Manufacturers of all klads Of HAIR FELT, OF SUPERIOR QUALITY 1 . This coTpaoy’a Dctlcr Felt has been adoptcl as itandarrt by the United States Government. The Bolter Felt manoteclnrert by the Lowell Felt Mills has the following advantages over any other manudicrared, viz: it Is made from* ins tree frem lime, dirt, slicks, ftc„ hence will not charr as kh>b as ordinary Ifelt. It ts more thoroughly felled, of uniform thickness, trimmed to a nnuorm width «Uh stralcht edges, and 1* strong enough to hear the strain of loose hanging over steamboat or other nnbrtcked holier?, therefore not requtrinc a wool or canvas back to hold It together, as itthecasewKh all other Boiler Felts. This company also manniactore an entirely new ar ticle, called S*IZ,<I*W.t.FM»FR FJSZtT. Boilers covered with the Salamander Felt are more thoroDSblv protected from radiation, and the Boiler Kelt overling the same will not charr or crurooie away, as the Salamander Felt win resist the hcatol the hottest steam that can be made. We have in stock, of above company’s goods: Plain Boiler Pelt, Plain Pipe Pelt, Salamander Pelt. Dry Sheathing Felt. Also samp’es ol their UfIHOIATERT HAIR AND COMFORTABLES, MATIBASSE&. CUSHIONS, HORSE* BLANKETS, Atn. made of the same* NICHOLS, DOOLITTLE & HUSH, 201 and 203 South 'Water-sl., Gczeral Western Agents. %H>otostapjis. PHOTOGRAPHS OP BISTOBI. Pnl! length CARD PORTRAITS of the great Trage dienne a»"Ot»ecn Elizabeth" and In private costume, to be had only at cakbutts Photographic Portrait Gallery, X3X XjAK.E"BT. 1300 ts & S>I)OCS. $43.00 PER DOZEN. o*Wc" Lift lalalllaJoomalo!C;tnmerfe am! Chicago FrtePrca*. h. CHAPIH. 141 KUizle-sl. QALF BOOTS I CALF BOOTS I $51.00 FSB BOZEN. tV'Ptlcetl.Ula lull in Journal of Comm.ree .ml IJl^KuSlMt. fHebicinal Dll. DE CASTKO, Pbytfcmn, Oculist md Aarlit. 083 Wabaah-sr,. near llarrtion-tt. Itif Ucttor tnsrbc consulted In sll the modern lau* nuKcs. Special attention paid to dl«*a*r* of the HEAD, THROAT AND LUNGS. The Doctor list references to the moat diatinjnillhed clUicasot Chicago. Bcutlsttg. DH. M. W. bHERWOOD has given pure MTKUUo OXIDE OAti (hr Dcntai opera* licit to more than 3.000 perron* dorm* too past year. In this cur. No accident bat occurred, or iflt ictal an* nie »ani tjioploio been observed. lie aUosnopa o. Utsttie b«*t place to sot tceUi extracted. Artificial Trcib inie’teo. or any oilier actual operation*. Ilomn* IH atd 10 Lcmbard Block. nOJ-TON DENTAL ASSOCIATION I » onrlrtlcd Ibr anntbrlleoao of NITROUS OX* IDE UA6 In tbo extraction of 10*1(1. and baveffivra It to)7,Ußpstteou at ut.iroQi< o la Now York. wim. DIJT A MSOLR ACCIDENT. It \* out tpeclallv. >vosnArastce M oopaic. M Come to nesdijnarieri. Of* flee. HttPcarbora su. Chicago, over Tunes oaioe. r PLETH. ■**Ko EXTRA CHARGE (or ExtractlßjtTeeth WITH* OUT PAIN, by the oaeot MtrMxa Oi idv oat, wasa artl< (Malone* «« lawrted. at TUKUO’tt Tental Room*. 9;i Sonih Clark**!.. Cbiesuo. New Teeth mtsrted name day at extracted. TM{. J. 0. FARNSWORTH Makes no extra ebanro lor Extracting Tuedi Pain, by the ett ol Nltrotu Ofldd Oak wb«» amnoat one* are Intmed. _ ... 11 (i KanaolomtU rppostte Wood t iMOMBin. Sett cf Teeth on ttnboer. tlLOft fHagomc notices. -» fASONIC. —A Bcgtfat ConTocalion l\ I r r cortnthtae Chapter. No. fit. R. A. will be held in Kirwlmt S Ha* l * corner of North Dearborn land eienlng. January t£ fupViock.fbr bnameaa and work. Work ouP. M. and «• B* M. Decree*. „ V. D. SMITH. Becrettuy. TyfASONlO.—There will he a Regular I>l ConiTrnnttaUon of Hesperia'Lodnt No. 4rT,F. fi s’- their Hslh no. 8u West <WEDNE£DAT)eye»ln*albafpmTo’clock. Vlalt lc c brethren are most cordially Invited to be present. Work on the E. A. Degree. tiSO. 0* CD»TKB. BywileTOfW.Jl. SeCßtary, 4Par ttje ?Da(t. '|,i. LADIES. BISTORI. The following editorial tal certifi cate la ftom one tf oar lecdinc joar atlas “Iho’e are hundred* of worthlen hair ftepantfoai la ibe market— articles gathered op #oTeiy with the Intention or n. alc nsc xncnej oat of tho credulity of the ieopl:y{bat wo here luxe a preparation better than any oth'rj uid at a leasjnable price* It fa ih 9 laahionab'e halt drewloc la the capltrls of Europe, and Bistort’* en dorsement la simply one among the many nattering testimonials which lhl« article ha» received from all sources.” RISTOHI. On September 39th) I 860) ADELAIDE B1STOB1) the Queen of as she has been appropriately styled by the critical world, sent the follow lag endorsement of Dr* chatxssler’s i( £mprcsa” for the Xlairtothe present proprietor*. If any other testimony than that of the fashionable world) who antvemcEiy asctbL* Incomparable preparation to tbe exclusion, of all other?, were accessary) It would be found In this moot strong and positive endoraemeotfof tbx* preparation, from the Italian Queen- d Sons* LADIES, READ THIS! Fifth Arrau: nom, .Yew Tour, September 2t»f it, ISOO. . SlEssucns ; I return yon my sincere thanks for the rery accep table present you were pleased to make me. In Dr. Chaassier’s Em press I recognize an old friend, having used it as a cosmetfque and os a- toilet oniclefor several years. Tbe buttle is not the same style as we have in Paris, but upon the nse of tbe preparation I find it to be the same us that pnt'up in France, It is tile best article for tbe Hair I have ever found, and'am glad to know it is becoming so popnlarin America, 1 am, Yours respectfully, ADELAIDE RISTOHI. Messrs. Burnhams & Van Schaack, WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS, 16 URI-SL, CHICAGO. General Agents for the Northwest. <sslft igntcvprtsc TMPOIITANT NOTICE TO TIIEFEO JL I*LB. ONLY A FEW DAYS MORE 10 UKCITKE TICKETS IN KELLISY’.sI GRAND NORTH AMERICAN PRIZE CONCERT! Capital Prize $30,000 IN GREENBACKSI TIME FI.XKI) TO AWARD THK PIIRMIUMH, and thocotceriiobcglvca at the Wahaih-av.lU&k* Uhl* cage. tit., SATURDAY, Jan. 1057; Thl* I* tbairraiwl distribution M ti e I9ih Oontn* vy, and tbo t»o«t »ucro»»ml cnierpri'o of the kind ever i Ittognraicd in (he World. j SAOiOOA Tnluable Prison, rallied at Haifa Allilloa Doilnrs, mctualoa 9100,000 to tJrcpnboi'kn. Will be prmnted »o lltket-bolfer*. Every other Ticket Draws a Prlao* TUc aemaad for TickotM Is vrlibaut a uaiv allot. AH orders for Tlchcts mailed In the New England, middle or avo«.iera Stales up 10 Thundar Klaki, Joauary t£-l(b«- etill rtacb us la rime to he ailed and moilt-d before ilte drawtoor commences. All Aseats can comtnoe to Mil aolll 6 p. m.. barardny, vtdth lost-, worn all reports mant be made with returns, or they will be anitrlltd. A cents hawlod Tickets unsold or contract, cd tor will please forward them to oar ad. dress, as tbo* are required io dll orders Id Cbiraco. _ TICKETS (1 BACH. 5 tickets to one ado tom. tor IUSO 10 - •• *• - a.QO 20 14 “ “ *• ITJO 6Act fverywherr cn receipt cf mosey, with stamp to pay poata*e. bEFEBESCES: Taotan, McKeHoo * Cotmercla! Accncr.Cht* csbo; Lohlj dsbenwerx.importers, t'hllviel pbla; UamT U. Burlock. (>ubll«ner. Hbtiadelpbia; Vsa Valkecberc & C'*-. Iroportm. Sew T"rk. bend tre name of each subscriber with* their Post Office address. Uonej by draft. Tost Office order, eirreis. or in registered tetters, may be sect at oar All c3mn.milcations **>oald be addressed to A. A. KEXLEY & CO., No. 10/5 IIAM OLPH'ST.,CHICAGO. HI. Neto publications “'T'HE TALE IS WROUGHT UP _1 with a subtlety and skill and Invested with a wild and startling lot-rest that would do no discredit to the genius cl Edgar A- Poe.”- fDally Times, Jersey City* THE HEADING SUCCESS. Tbc remarkable sale which has attended the Issue of THE DEAD LETTER, ArdthcTALKlthaseicltfd.are tbc ben evidences of Its ** representative'* character. Critics, whose Judg ment i* neither servile nor biased again- 1 an Avxeicas Bomasc*. have awarded it such praise as no revest work has received; and it may be saf*'y Msnmed that it will be read, sooner or later, ny ail Intelligent and discriminating readers In the land. Two EDmo.vs now ready, viz: Cloth, 13 mo, aa pages; sixfoil page Illustrations on plate psp»r. price ft SO. Paper, "People’. Edition" (’be fifth now ready), double rolnmn octavo, richly Illustrated. Price M cts. Sold by all oewscealers and booksellers; or seat pettuoidaa receiptor price. , BEADLF * CO., PubUsh-rs, No. 113 Wllllam-st-, New York. picture Jgg THE LUCET NTOXBER. Jgg Crosby’s Opera House Pictures, Framed to- Black Walnut, Gothic Moulding, and 31 other styles, lower lhar they can be bought elsewhere In the west. We have made arrangements with the United states and American Express Companies to deliver. Dee of charge, our frames and class comolefe. careful v boxed, to all places on their lines la Illinois, Wisconsin. Missouri. Indiana, Michigan and lowa. Ailmnon* having these pictures should send their addms and nam- of picture, and get oor terms. Orders to this city promptly attended to. CHICAGO. ILL. J. S. BHAW & CO., 186 LakMt, Chicago, Wholesale and Befall Dealers to Mirrors, Mouldings, Picture* and Picture Frames. _____ "PRICES REDUCED OJf Eastern Fresh Pish. CODFISH. HADDOCK. CCSK, LOBs*TKRBt and FLOUNDERS Rerelrrcl each week. Sad for Price Lilt. Orders QUed per Ezpref. C. O. D. pAOB> no Booth Waters gtctoart EJiborcc (Case. gTEWABT DIVORCE CASE, In PAMPHLET POWM, coatnlolnka (nil report of the Trial—ramolctc Testimony of ibe Wiiopsws Arenoipon of (louanel, Arc •A c M now In pre** and will be burned Innlcwdnj*. Price 30 cents. Usual ills* coaat to dealers* Address nil orders to P. I- IIANMCOII. I*l4 IlpnrhoptHsf*. (thlcnao. ■pOB SALE— IDE SINE STOCK OF CLOTHING IS STOKE So. on EARS *V At n harffnln If appHcil for tills week. nr wnntd Mehtnco mu n»r nnlneurabcred real estate. a‘io mr till Uke-M.. sad oxtucct for »ale. Arplr m m CScuml Notices. JQQ HHDS. N. O. SUGAR lid Bill. N. O. Mslann. 100 Oris- Texui Pecan Nats. Just Retired and fcr tale by. _ „.m/. J. W. DOAXB & CO. p BOUND OIL CAKE is the Cheapest Fee 4 Id tho Market Fccsiotkcr .„ D * No. TO ypftb Clinton^ agricultural 3-iuplcmcnta. PLOWS AND SULKY CDLTTTA XOKS—Snnertor to ail other*, rtwt prenilani awaiGedSlbefiSd trial ot«all mo hUleFalrsot lowa and Minneaota;al».»*U«BX*ie F»irs of Illinois and wjteoaaio. if co- Mwnitatuno, «9C«jan » wm. b. Wa * », gTOOKS OP THE P«ank Ntttnat Bask* Firth NiU'Bti Bask, Treaanry fl*n*. , _ ProTldeoc Life Inavraaco Ac hveataeu of«* rhicaca leel'o.f Chicago cur Railway* SletcHUrllilM Sxsrea Co.* jyjERCHANTS’ UNION EXPRESS STOCK 5 npalala,at. tj Alio. American, United ?tatee, Adams* and, Fargo a Co. a Kiprea* Stocks as lowest mSrket rates. W TBATEB & Bankers and Brokers. y i Broadway, acw York. * JPOK SALE. 1 FLOURING MILL, Located ta "Wisconsin. accessible to both Chicago and Milwaukee markets, is octree tor sale ON LONG TIME And low rate of tamest. rhSa tain has all nodera l-ar promnenta. twin water aad steam power, 3 fixat ejastrepntatjoatonaprodnet. A small cssa naracnC wlu »tt urn a x ainaUa property. For In'ocmaZloo. id> Qt«» •‘CCaIHKSV T Titbrae Office. TTTOOLLEN MACHINERY V FOR SALE CHEAP. One set tujDch Cards. *7 in diameter, with DcmWe Barring Machine. Jfcarlj Sew, ana I» Perfect Order. Mad# by Her sited. Worcester, Maw: A set iikethea can be seen at Madison Woollen Mluia. Andrew JO LUMBERMEN. The undersigned oSers lor sale MOO acres of Clioice Pine Timber Lands, IN A I»DY, CONTAINING PKHT. These laodtrare si tasted in the heart or the Mlehlcaa Lumber llcglDc.wlt&m easy mcccaaoT Cactnaw Bax: Umber hu Dm colled: (rood log rd*d# bare bcca oonstrccted. and In snort the property poaseaae* every facility tcrilrsrclaw tombenng. it wilt be mja low »*tr outu elCtet by tbe arre.or at a certain price peril, guaranteed. Apply to URO H. IvOZBT, 9S LaSalleeu T 32 raw x>at. Thl* tlorws!• localcd oa tie corner sf South Water* Pt. ar.d>if.rnean-sr., onn lure* from ibt* minimum * Quincy. iilmel* Central, sa i met Iran CcaiMl iuu« nwli.twf* t rhaiihe happy ui *•« ati «ay format patron*, andu man/ new onr* a* mil ram n« with Inervas-d acccmtraodaiJon*. « houM with nit the modern lmpror« , m«i. a awl crief* rrilucSl firtitn um in U 99 per day. 1 bPFfW rtesua a ussra! ilmr* of publid patronage. ' * to COUUULIN, Iftni.lN.lPOl.lft, INDIAISA OKALKUM f.N COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory Finding** flew Factorlr* ftuulrhcil with Machinery, HbafthUL Rsatnee, I lan*. Procuration*, Bupirintoodenta acw experienced workmen. BOLL CARDS Always on hand. COTTOA WAlirS & CARD CLOTHINQ 01 all klndj. tlT* 3m>nVhand Machinery on livid, fnp tale ebssp. jOarmuarc, Stones, Set. JiJAKPWARK * CUTLERY, HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Ziolio-St. Tbeattixtlouof PJo*« .buyer* talantedto onroonj* puts aloe it ».f rOGPKItS'.THACmMSTI* s~rt CAB. VKJiTKUh'TtMILS AMhIUCAN TAUIK CUTLKUY ana IllIILUkUb* IiAKDWABK, direct trom th*» bets UiaiiUtkcturt-r*. We nibix. shto, s mutulnte asaorticeat of WiISTEJtiII'LWS POCKJft CUILHUV, * JACKSOS'b SAWS'. JOStKPIT HOHUKUH * SONS* prisons ami KAZOUS. STDBItS * ROTHBIIV’S FILES, sIsobKATKb sad fitrap* of every desertpdon. Wo also kwo constantly on bard mil cumbers ot ftCUOKNnhItUEU'a JUNIATA NAILS. C. H. Urcp. Eow. ihmcoTT- S. HgpiTMaLU N OTI'UE TO ADTESTI§EKS. We ere pleased to announce tbat we now- bare oar ** Chain oj Agenda" so perfected it NEW YORK, CINCINNATI ud CUfCA'-Q.ttut we can have sdver ilsemtnfs, or rollers of any kind.lntoned tn arv aswa* paper in the Eastern, iliddi-*, Southern or Western States, at short notice and at tow rata. Recent ties of ail newspapers are rent constantly r.t our oOce. fbr ttoexamlnatfon aadcuDvcnlecccof Advertiser*. Par* tlw desirous orbavlng their INVENTIONS. WaRBS OH MERCHANDISE ADVERTISED m any section of the United States or Ca'adas, win do well to call at our office. where any desired information will he dvea as to the rlrrnlitloa dl th*papers, rates, terms, <tc. OCJce, 37 Dearborn-st., Boom So. 11 (op stairs.) I’OIIK, COCtJKV Ar CO., Newspaper Advrrtlalng ARvet*- r£ O ESVESTOU9. COBURN & MARKS, Corner of Clark and Washlngton-sts* Chicago, HE, solicit patents, lor Inventions, and . practice In the Courts in lofriagrincnr cases Send stamp tor the ‘•lnventor’s Band Boot.” fiARD's PATENT EBICK BxaeaiNE, Otdce and manntactory R‘.t South Jeffersss-ct. Fcf Information and dtacrlpQvs circular address £. B. CARD, ‘ 53 South Jeflarson-st- Chicago. DISfcOLUTXON OP CO-PABTNER hOIP—The co partnership heretofore ensang. under the Orm name and style of In the Wholesale and Retail Wine sod Liquor bn'lsen,. ts dissolve'* bj motto) co'sest. this Ist day cl January,. IPC7. The busm.sH will lx* ennonurd at tbe o«l atard, by FREDRICK W. SCHMIDT, who Is alone author ized to salile the accounts ortho old Ann. F. w. SCHMIDT, F. KRAMER. HANSON & CO. rpnT TOURTELOT’S EXTRACT OF BEEF, For Family Use. mVAUDS AND DYSPEPTICS, Should net ia!l to nee M- Forsaleb? all Drngglite and Grocers. (Elotljiug. Sot Salt. For sale by QUIMBY & HAWLKY, Broken, He, 7 ggynolifs Block. Dewboru-st. For isle, m IbUowss F. BRIGGS & CIU, Madison, TSlt. hotels. RICHMOND HOUSE, CHICAGO. R* 30MERS, Proprietor, i.atk of vvrer iiiitki.. iHarijluctfi.' abbrtiisiitg SlgnitsT iuatrms. Oflce 11. Lnnnoa Olosk, fiatitutsluu scßznzpT & c aAnraa, Business €aws ooznzazaszorr szsHCBAjvTSy. For purchase and sale ot Country Produce, 107 South 'Water-at, * Q.ILBERT & FIELD, GESEBAI COUXZSSIOir KEECHAHTS, (Bocce*orsto Gilbert, Updike & Co,o 103 Wasbln^ton-tit. ca as. J. GTi.nEirr. geo, fthlp Extract of Beef. (SJas ISurncts. I LIGHT! KEROSENE OIL GAS RURNEfI I TYUlioot Smell, Smoke or Chimney. SEE IT AT THE ADAMS HOUSE. State and County Rights FOII SALS UV a* it. i*x.OAj<r. Ulankg. MOBTCACC BLANKS, With Power of bila. Adjournment. |la*uranee, Tar Clauati, etc., for Mis at Tribune Job Office. All Had* of Lena!, Conyeyacclmt, Prn»loa and Donaty Dlaan. (Coal. TJARD ' COAT. —Reduction, fIMO—T Xl bare ellll left more r t ihit L»cßawana and ifraElon coal, which I am detttertru inai«« «Uf at itico ner ton. Callao n. a» it la gotnsr Cut. Apply •I 6« «aS or CHAKI.eJ UILL. iAitjll.ner. 1113 acotb Paffc-tt.. Boora VJ. * VOUGBIOGHENY COAL &‘COKE X co^ Offec IT Chamber ot cotoauffc. taAcona We*t KlrzieainoGreeo-at*. Coal at reJutco price*. LehlEb.LarKawanna.Too£MOffhMf, Briar HIU. Ertp, cifneE Tmi JllMTri loccr. H«iootsS k« 1 CoimMta- TtlleCuke. - AMSadCU.^ STo Kent. rpo LEASEFOR ATBEUI OF TEARS. S 7 fccr W 190 f«* . sasarifttt’sriWMrS v 131 Baacotpb’**'* Eooa a.