Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 23, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 23, 1867 Page 3
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—The PhlladclphlaTrbrtA jlrisnaanßaji Some ol the New' EnijUnQ baafes if we are pot nilsinfonaed, train tno habl’ ofrtJadne to lend their disempured rands in meir own neigh borhoods at 6 per cent, which is the lejjal rate la New England. The bans* pjcftr to eeia their landafor inveaUnentm Wail street, where the/ canpetTper cent for cslHotm, and where they can occasionally bay very cood paper a* Stftli per cent. The following leiterebo«> that this prac* ticc, as that of opening branch banks, la forbidden by the Banking Law, as Interpreted by the De partment * TnEismr flETiimiarT, 1 Orncs or Coxrrnnixu or me Cunnnrcr, V WasiiikqTok. January 8,1687. | Sm: lamm recelptol jonrleiieronho ilh of Jan* parr. SccuoncicnthoT the National Cutrencyacl contciß upon National Banks “all such incidental powers as shall he necessary to cairy on the busi ness ol banting, by discounting and negoua’lng promissory notes, drafts, bills of ezchaoze, and other evidences of debt,'' and. closes with this provision: “And its usual business shall bo transacted at an office or Making-house located in the place specified in Its organization certifi cate.” , As the lawconfora no authority upon a National Back to e>lcbli!b a branch, or to carry on the bostcesß of banking at any other place than the one where it is located, ft most follow that a'l such basking at other points is Irregular, at>d in violation of section eight of tbe law. Such banking is also in violation of the pro ■vision of section thirty, which restricts National Banka to the same rate of discount or Interest al lowed by law la the several Mates where they may be located. National Banks have no authority conferred on them to '* discount or negotiate notes" Otherwise than under the rctirkiion# of the ihbaerh section of law; therefore *• a New York National Bauk is not authorized to "hoy commercial paper In the open market at a rate creator than seven per cent/* Vciy respectfully* 11. K. lICLBUBD, Deputy and Acting Comptroller. J. TnoarrsoK. Hs.i.,New York. The section of the act on which toe foregoing Opinion Is founded rcaus as foltowa: S*c, tO. And boltfuitber enacted, That every association may iah*« receive, reserve and ebatge ou *ny luau «i discount made, or npoa any note* hill or cxchacce, or other cndeoccs of debt. In* terest at tfac raw allowed by the laws of the State orTirrttory nhetc the hank Is located,and no more, except that where, by the laws of any State, n dlcvrvnt rate Is limited for banka of issue organ* leva nrder State taws, the rates so limited shall hr allowed for useodatlons orcanlzod In any such Male under this act. And when so rate Is Axed by the laws of too State or rctritory. thohanU may take, receive, reserve or charge a rate not exceeding i*cv«n per centum, and such Interest may be taken la advanc”, reckoning the days for which the note, bib or other evidence of debt has to run. And the knowingly taking, receiv ing, reserving or charging' a rate of Interest greater than the aforesaid shall beheld nr.d adjudged a lorlclturr ol the outlie interest which the note, bill or other evidence of dehl carries with It, or which ha* been agreed to ho paid llicrron And in ca«e a greater rate of lu ll rest has been paid, the person or persons pay* Ingtho same, or iht Ip legal representatives, may r« cover hick, in any aitl n or d bt, twice the amount of Interest thus paid, from tho association Inking or receiving the same: I’rovhted that such nctlon is commenced within two years Imm the iiniethu usurious traUMCilon occurred. Hut the purchase, discount or rate of a bonn Jtde bill of i z< hunec. payable at another place than the piece of such purcua*« a , discount uc sale, at not more thnn the cutteut rate of exchange tor sight draft* in addition to the interest, shall nut ho considered ns taking or t crowing a greater rate of Interest, Mc*r Vork Mock Market* Cloaing prlcna lor catit, January 33, iaG7, rocelred l>y Jo*ciOj il. I*lima ft Ca„ UroVcra; * * fit su I lat M wa. U’«j. im. ird. N.Y.On lUHtf mx I" )irit*<rom)..... w\ 01 I l*md«. 1'M1.«,103 107* M. b. 7H*» 7C>U I*. h > tt !*■< cvul «3V; awcmju’fiiios M7* UiK-k {aland.... ttiu 91V }U. *>. d prr cent c.&n.w.::.:. « v«coap.,’iiuoi* h»v C*. a- N. W- I'fJ 7*5» 77;. |U. t>. 6 per cent I* Ft W.&C. 9i>X Wj* | OulCKMlvif.... 40i* 40 U. •*.s|wfceot W. Union ivl.. «v ! 10-13.......... WV 93* r. A A.tcim>)..los lua iTr. Nolf*.7S-M Itur.ft -..1 UUrrle« KM* IW* (uu-cm... »v to iu. 8. :a.i#,sw Iludton Ki.Y I «rnia ... ....UI.S MIX 111. Central....lHW ms tU.5.73 M. Sd ( J*. A l.'ead ....10JX Jo;’j| M-rlnj.... MIX Ml* Cierr ATcJ.... .... Ito | &ruer. u01d....73bX lij>* T-ft7Va**«h 41 j MnfkfWlat Hoard CoMJiXEEGtaL. Ttesdat Kvsxßto. January 22, 38Bi, The follomn? rallies show the receipts aort ship- Tncnts of Produce during the past twenty-lout hours: nCCEOTS FAST TWESTY-FOUB ROOBS. ISC7. ISG^. «,«« a,jm Flour, torlfl Whwu I'll. Coni, bn. i:>c, bu 3'arliy, bn ..... </.ra>a l-cvd. 5»«. C;oom Coro. IBs. 4'|licd Meat*. IBs. itoet. oris i’Olk, IttJr* Lam. £>&..... Biuicr. Ths .... H. No Live Hop, No. VatUe, No Hides’ hs'.y.ll.l 112,5'<t 231,103 h;ls 0 7,010 13,2-14 t.umber. m,....... ......... . ... 10 1 13 Manges,m 34 70 etUTSSEMTS PAST TWESTX-POCtl norms. ia/r. i8 r »c. Float. btls IVlffi 378 Wheat, bn . 17,331 1,050 Corn, ha 4,503 . . Oats, ba 7S! 2,CIS l:j«,ba SCR. Bailey, biu... 9,031 <;ra«s Seed, Jfts 90,957 Broom Com, lbs Stltlf vurta Heats, 5b .1,3»:,JT0 2.2« • Feel, brU M* Gil Perl;, brls W'Jl Laid, lb* 723,198 {I9,W> Tallow, lbs 63,103 13.735 Batter, lbs 750 .... I)ie*i-td tUpe, i*o... 1i,£53 9.535 < suit, So .' ' ia,9i: Hide?. Ibs ....... 81,7f>3 6J lllpbuicce. brla 227 .... 7V001,n>9 SJ.TJS 377,0JJ lumber, u 121 9j» SMn-Jf*. m ... 432 31 Latb.m.. II 71 Sa!?,brl* 073 Salt, bass 150 ...... The Provision market «jh dnP, a»dprlc;s a* ■compared with yesterday lavoicd bare*?, who wcretlow to take hold, prefacing to wait for * lower fiecieii. Mesa Pork .was doll and easier, viihtales of 700 btls at 513.5U3£19.C0, acdtJl'.M for Mess Ordinary—closing wi'h refers of gnd brauis at tld 7T>, ana tio buyer- ore.* JIS.StL Tncro nothing transpiring in Prim? Mcjb or Extra Prime, and tlie market may be quoted atsl7o.) andSlUfl. ExinUsh Meats were dull and noml* nal. Hall: Meals were quiet, with rales at 7Jsc for Dry Salted Shonldciv, and $3.13 lor Comber s Jactlr loose. Meats were quiet and steady, -Ith transactions ai C*jc lor Shoulders, (d. o j; i ;c tor Hams, (a. h.), and l**ic for do (d. h ), and .*>c for Sides. Laid was dull and less Arm, wlta talcs of 43U tcs at 13c for S>cam» aud l3«4c‘foc i iit-ulc diicd~clo:*ln;r with no buyer* over 13c Tor Ftcam, holders generally asking 12‘ic. Street Pickled llama were firm but qui-t, with Biles of Sy< ( les at lU}rc at MU ankeol. o. 6. till opening of natation. A lot ot 100 tea told last evening at lujic here. Dre.-ted Uoga were dull and easier; with. etlca at f C.lOfiT.5U. closing quiet a*. $7.00@7.25 for good 3olt, dividing on VOO s>a. Contraband Whiskey la reoerted to he selling on the elf” at prices anywhere from $1,73 ftS.OO. Bonded i< dull and neglected. Duty paid lann* tainhle. Flour wa? quiet and unchanged; with sales of some 3,OtU brla at £13.00 for lieu Wlnlva; £9.50® • 21.35 tat Spring Extras;'an.SO tor Spring Supers, and £7.9oviS.l'o for BneU-vheat. The mai ».ct lor Wheal was qu*ct, and on No. 2 spring we sole a decline or Ic, hut Js’o. 1 was an* changed, {(ejected was dull. The sales foot up •FOMj bn at f3-l7 (or Xo. 1 In U. 1.; £3IJ for do i.’egnlar: £2 (rt.'Q£.U2 lor No. 2 In A. I). & Co.; £i.'fcfTti.u;itardotcgn»ar, aod Sl.fth&t.iu for lie* .tacied— closing qntet at £1.82 for Iv’o. 3 In regular house?. t om was slow, and the market declined with sale*? of 00,000 bit ai fnr No. I; 5»2f Oi'icfor Injected, and JCcior Ear Com—closing at TC<«;C? lor No. 1. Oats were quiet aad steady, with mlca of No 2 • in Moic at -tic. Nothing doing in No. I. Krc was qulot at an advance or le, with sales at yic for No. 1, and PT‘5fVSc for No. 2. Then* waiwuoro Inquiry fur Barley, and tbe market sra- flfc. with sales al 7l£jJ7l}-iCfor No. 2 in k. i.,aud rcic for Kcitular; 47c lor Rejected, tr Tallow quM hut firm, »llh tales of IWbrls <‘i!y Butchers' at City Packers’ is held at Vr-rU i 4 r. Seed* were qniel bni firm, with sale* at $10354 for Timothy and s7.7s3S.iais for Clover. The following telegrams were read oa ’Change 10-day; N i:»r-YorK.*Tannnry 22.—Flonr Iteitcral $10,333 fr 1-2.2 D Whca' caner at s2.*isCc r 2,y«. Com hcavv, at* in stor»*. Oats firm at OftCTc. Old I’ork lower tit 1 10.02!, ; New quiet at f21.3T«4. Laid tin» at I'ir.'C. How sitontf at $*.W. Oold. latch. Flonr rirorjr. Wheal heavy. Corn qniel ai 41. 17 In ►.ore. Oats steadv. I'ork dull and Lard a shade firmer and qmet. Gold, LATER, In ihe afternoon the Grain markets were qnfet at the ilorlnj; figure* od 'Chang?. IVovlsiiM dull, iriUi raUb ol lOO.offl lbs Clear Sides al 101.-P. Reef faille were doll, and cnUrely nomfnst at Saturday's laics. Tbe iccelpls were 320 het tbe cctt-rcd talcs 50 bead. Prices range at <IOO • C«.«. The market for T.lvc Hogj was «»01l and 15®-20c lowtT, with sales nt ss.tlO(S;fi.Co for cymmoti to choice Hogs. The market, doses heavy at the aboic quotaiiojw, inlb nboot 1,600 head unsold. Pork PacfciDs In the West. A forrw.vinccol of tbe Spilnrndd «)».) J,>uranl Pin** ti.<- t.umwr of bon packed inUte \v*m( UiU «*• »v<a (joi.Hi iiL-tant) a#follows: No. UU«»euon. No. lasi season. 382,000 iUl.i&t 13M00 116,:C3 IBXOOQ st^xn K2.0T0 93,000 2XOO 26,163 50,139 35,001 ItSOO 11.517 ICUUQ 8 >O3 11,500 11.VU 10.000 S.OOJ 16.000 c.soi SW) 31,001 3VH 22.11 S ,«« 3,730 WOO 5,033 1C.600 500 M 3 6.003 5,C£) 2.W0 19.*iT7 MO . 3.JM 500 • 2.W9 WtO 2.00 J 3J 00 1.U19 i,ia3 3.500 soda 2X003 7,431 3N>X uoo*! XMO 3JOO 4,000 1,100 Clllrapo cinrlunau.. ht. Lont>Tille Milwaukee OolLcy Indianapolis • imr;ipj;u.n J'jinnat.c'.il (It'UIUKU J'e* Molnr* D» LalaTfUf ilu*ea(lce. 1-ilpW 'line Haste .... lx)raD"j>otl Luor IVcrla . Fan itcton. lowa. XC-istoti >H.‘n I lazereton.. Musif-e. Ind »« castle Ul.btnoLd .Middletown JL-»rd«0wn........ .1,406.239 Tntosnortatloul «i Spirits m n OB d. Tt c Comiaife.locer of Internal Bereauv has Mined the following circular concerning tie traaiporutlon of t-plriU lu lu.nd: Theascw I)KPACT*E*T. 1 OvttceotJxrrrNat. Usvexr*, > . , w**uix«;to.v,Jaauatv »6,isst. \ I Oder »&nter buiuu-a aod regulation*. it a person lia<l execute: a I -owl iyr the lrao?t> -.rialioa of dUUUod H'inu- to a uonued wari.-l,ouH*-. »nd paid -ne atnuuat of .ice upon huc.i ►piriuu, the collector Uutdlnsihe io cli-.r| r , l ,, lo^n . l „ a „ r ths sct ot jc-> mat all splrtu .pmored cn lrr traarporia* lion l«i a ►,’ia’J 02 deposited m t>ond*-l wire ioas!-*. and Hie -tamte* socxp lcUiy df Uresib- r,rf|uare ot «i.l spirit- wMrir Elmll De foacd in r«:.rti-d w »re(i u*e*. not baring tw«n remnred th-rU. jiom in pur nan ;e of law, that it Utwhjwui tx oc no P n.*-r luii i-urv to fo;era‘<*. lht§ p.'V.Pm. At me Min.c tl: v it would be regarded as anptcsdVß If seu un- ►lioal.J l,r niadr- of »pirlU which w-re p aced ux ihv marti-t uiuiom going into ••wareboos - , wacre the t-l.ipp'-r t.a-i 1 c.'ii in ili-: nabil of tnakhieihHdlipasp tjen ofsri-i'-end ot canceling hU boni by the p»y*. TO ,r.t ot the tax. Collectors win therefore notify all perso-s who may In- r the tr*n«porUUoaofsplr jt to bonded war that such «plnt» will be K-ircd 11 found usohere thsp 1q translta to toe warc b'-rse for wlil-'h a p-rm-t is vsned; and Coliectore «U pelce »II splriw w.-.uh may be looad la th-Irteapoctive tlistrlct* Pond'll for irar.nxJrtation, and which are evi dently tot nic-arsect iratudt to me proper-vare nn.c»s It snail appear to their utUflcUon that ,i,e “ftoch spina «u comaicnccd prlrr 1 1 tbe Win inttanL 3hv BOoier ah flUatuicn and pcrsp&s engaged In the purchase and sale of distil icd spirits tre njadfi aw ire that o< Ir thos» spirits which have bera renlaiir wlto drawn warenonae. opon payment or tin tax. can be recard-d as Ir-emtnate objects of tr aide. the better will itbeior tbe interests or the G cTemmeat atd ot all bonc‘i dunilora. Collector* will also notlfr all oer* ia> who may hereafter ticcuf trau Donation binds, (bat in no event will the bond bo cancelled except up.a Drool oCthe ta-ceipt of a.lrlla Into ta« proper boaec, or nroofofrone special clrcnmataoces whlob have rendered a literal compliance with tbe cotdlneu of Uic bond Impossible. F_ Commissioner, Provisions In t*bl'adciPbfa-JavntUT I®- The maikrt, aawe have noticed for some Urae out, continue* very doiLtmi prices are with nt any mats rialchance. About 4.0 brJ* of new orti pirsawdat Mesa bed mjU to lots at *ls.OCtero.Oo for Wesicra, and .00 per brl for city pasted. Beef baas are • held at *32 OC&WJXI per brl. Bacon coatinnes inactive. Small aacsof plain and fancy caarasaod bares are matlna at Halfc; aides at italic, ajd shoulders at naivwrtk. Green meats are also ve*y doll; new Picktedhaos tell at Hattie, and 100.000 bs ssit shoal- Sera at from per B. In >ard there U very lUllc dolnr. Rates ut barrels ase tierces ore made atUt* Ul<c per B, and kegs at IkeUc. CHICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET. TCXSDi The Pry Goods trarket c mo»t Cotton goods hire a dc ■re In tight stock, acd the t best maker. which are hnn. lower on etoodaiaa* and on CtlcolT. fcorac brands ot B 5 eader. Lew grade Pcnlm Drill* we lower onr flgnres: «**h ~ u Mcmmac D is Americas ....17# Mernmac W .30 Amoexear .16# Gocbecv... 19 Dichcssu. 15 l*ac)Cc. 18 Mounting. 17 Gamers... IB# Alan's 17 Spraguea...., ....18 Frorldence 17 Hunneii’e ....17# James 5a0der5'........16# Manchester. ....17 Glonccater. ij L0we11..... u W. w.Precoanft Co..u Arnold's 18# Union 11# Lancaster.. 17# WamaaUa .U Richmond.... ....17# C010mbia....... 13 OtVd&AMS. . Clinton 31# I Glasgow 73 Laneaater. 31# I R0an0ke...... ..19 sbows sjiirmxoe. _ Hanner 31# Atlantic... 30 Lawrence. £l# FcpperdlO 18 Mark 4-4 U Great Falls M 13 Appleton 4—4 33 M 8 17 Medford 4—1.. ..31 Indian Orcbant A.... 31# Nashua VJ •* M C A)# Indian Head 4-4 33# “ M HU... 18# CabotlA4—4 71 " •* -W.... IT# Atlantic 4-4 S 3 “ •' L.... 16# AmoskiWg 4—4 33# Root Mills 17 16 SslmonFaimi—4 it# 11 “ o. ie# Agawam F 4—4 18# * “8 33 Appleton U 4—4 30 Western World i«# Illinois A 4-1 10 Arkwright. 301* Swl'tltlW 4—4 t 7« |»jrUraoaUi F........ W# IVpperell K........... 33# Napoleon ....17 b u 30 Quaker M rcppcreltN.... 16 nLxscjiKDsimmKos. K.r.llllte 4-4 ited Hang 7—B 16 Wamsti(ta4—4 33# “ •• 4—4 ...18# HntM 4—4 80 Lonsdale.. ........77 White Rock 4—4.. 37# Arkwright si Hills 4—t .........30 Wambccb ......31 - 7-a..... J.ft W.Hitter4-4 37# Masonville 4—4.......,3*# Canoo «—4 ...i3# tier Mill* 4—4.........3K Htatervtllet-4 ...70 Aidiwoggln 4-4 77# Uiackstone Hirer *' 7-8 71 A 1.... 4 * t and0n?—a............33 Hlacksione A A........Jt - 4-4 33 llallou ft Hon 4—4 S3# •• •• 7-8 30 fAPkROAMaRioa. L0n5da1e.,...,.,.. so | English. 70# Cambrics...... 13#016 I Amoftkcaf... York Main hitler. tufbrd s*v Union mo Uoynißykefa *0 uTmitDi AmoakMg. York .3 l&Tt ....a American. Hull* Itoanokc. TH Amojkcag A C A •• n'.*.*.’.’."*,*.*.'4o •• c a “ i). ao Vork Skiocb 40 Albany 15 Vork S-incb. .50 Aiaoakeag. Halt* . ta Naumkeag tiaUwo... J&X CAJiTQK 1 liamUUm Moot. SO KJlerton T n0n..... Laconia. Manchester, sew .35 | PflciDc, sew 75 I BaUtOUA oiihcrt’e ....t&so | Whcox. .'«5 ] ( > i Waminptons!dJs....iso ! mci J. dr P. Coats fuo Clark's 1.10 Hadley* CoV 90 Woreiel liraids.... so SutTord. 70 j Hamilton .25 I All Wool 40W0 iL fIOET?. I Miayac* MolieKen4?j23 | Baiiecn's ■ Bruner 2JS i Belle oi Uieseason.. ust. Oram ft Daniels.... TJX IVbltcS&eln 90 cord Wmuaanoc B2M COTTON TABJfB, *TO. G2X I Carpet Warp 55 .GO I Cbltaso Batts .|it9o _ CACPETtw ja.Tin 10,1171 i%pi li'iio ia,wj a,uni i,tiuo i,ja 35,3 O 81,115 Eagle.... Hope Franklin. 17,000 2*,S*l ISI.Ud 1 'MO Sot 01,17 a 121,7 H -.1,003 2,2!G SUM Ajssa C,»-£l 8,9-0 a,wi 70 4‘<ii LowetL 3 ply (3.15 sapcrtae (IJOciIJO •* fiot'Ct 1.73 Cf>»«> | .'-y« s'aUTapcs “ tnrdium.... I.fio 19.9# Uaitlort, extra 3-p'.y t.2i Rnxbury Imp’l 3-ply‘i’JJt Empire Mm 5........ KSS •* Bupor. 1 R Belgrade I.SS “ median)... 1.6 C cisorcscs. __ P. I II ... J. ,(..111. g M I T Ml/ Fanners & Mech’s.... A 5 | Everett 1.. Wabash so I Everett O. CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET. Office of rue cnicano Tcnnrvs. > Tcefdat Bfektso, J«nnsry SbJ. j BEEF CATTLE Trade teas stagnant, llfslew. There was but a meagre supply Id the per e, and the tew ottering were generally of the Inferior order, lor which at present there is little or no demand. Tne weather was doe. bat there were few bayeraout, and tramacUotswcre limited to tUtyhead. Eastern ad* vices were rather disccnraging. which odisd not a lit tle to the.general depression. The iresb receipts to> day number 5?« heal. The market is dull and entirely nominal at the following quotations: CLOStKO PRICES. Krtra Bfrtw—Fine, UU wed-formed- 4 to 6 ytarc old bleer», nod averaging 1.330 fts aid upward* 5150®6.75 Prime ib-cr«—Hood, well-fatted, fairly, formed Bleats, averaging from 1.104 to 1.100 tta, at &00®69S Fbtr Grades Fair steers, in fair flrsn; ar eracitcl.OoO®l.2N »*,at 1.... 5.35®5.<5 J/rdiuTH ilc-ucm Steers and good Cowr.flt lordly slaughter, and averaging £oC*il.tU) BS. at L2iuts.o3 Su> or Cauu~ Common Cattle In decent nwh,ar#'.r«clD?B»jH,o(» Jn/'Tior—lAtht and lam • uwa and Steers, roucti and coarac, arcrsclns C23£3ji) at, at a.soaxso XIOGS—TIte market opened qolct, and coaunad doll aDdbcnT7,atadccilQeorlS>3Soc perlW fts. Tlio rc ttvpis WLirS.iSOtirert. thelarger portionol which acre flcscdont at fS.9O@P.i3 ft>r common to Air lot*, acd s<‘>3s<s€.j«.-(orcoodtQcholceHope. Tbe market cloaca call and weak at the above roege of prices. Vfc note the fo.lowmg uanaactloas JIOO RALES TO-DAT. y. At. Price. C 8 medium Bacon Bos* .ail 16.03 •■5 ji oil t-rcn lot JU3 (Ui <4 iKlrlißlit Ui*Cß 133 6/0 43 Rood Ist lichl Bugs IS9 CSO 31 g"od lot *74 6<5 :5 «oruraun onttcn Horn 3 '0 5.93. 74U»l.tnoc» iw 6.03 1.1 gfOd Bacon graces ..233 6,90 65 COCK) liclit llogs 164 6.00 50 good Baron Hops 22) 6.55 MptKderen J0t,.... 211 623 3t5 choice even liog? 313 630 250 prime eten lot .....300 6.10 BUEEP—‘There were co receipts ta*dßj%nor say talcs cuccted. There I* & fair d*m«d lor good to choree turnon qnalitlea, and a moderate supply ol such won id flna ready talc at (1.753&35 per 100 ft#. Common de> icnpUocaatenotlnqnUedtar. 'Weqaoto the m&rcct nominal at $3.f3®5.35 for tnftrtor to choice grade*. WEEKLY HEVIEW OP THE CHICAGO iIIAItKGT. Jtil roles of Grain reported *n this market rtport tire mane on tne bntts or winter (Jcj storage, unites vthtTtn»e expressed. Tcksdat Evesixo, .Tannary 22, i5Si. I FIJEIf-llTS—KAiutoan FBBianri-Dm'ediloga 1 »;», ic iowit to >ev Vorlc and tfcMon. and t2Vic lower lo Albany. We renwoar rales. The follow* fuels the Joint Mrlilon tbe£asu.’rn roada: 34 4tb DraM lUP-* from Chicago to— claw. c a««. Floor. Do^. tattalo, N. Y .. 63 «* « MO -s» ~ loronto. c. \V. Moi lieai.C. E. Alfany, K. V >cwYort>.... Doalua and Albany 1.35 05 1.90 1.3 J ItO'toD rla Grand Trunk 1.35 93 1.93 1.33 j-ortiatd rhf Grand Trunk 2.10 1.60 Philadelphia**,. JUitlaorv.....!. 70 50 1100 *7O Clwrlisd, 0hi0.... 43 S 3 79 95 .leUcm-nvillc, Ind 43 33 70 .... Cincinnati. Ohio 45 W 69 69 ► LOCK—Received, B.MI btU; fcblnpsd,o.l3l br!». Rutlnr** In thladcpartmcnt or trade ttronenont the ■week has been Mea-iy. spring Extras aad Supers h*vc bv«n In fair teum*!* while mete tja* beeuamy atml «-r»ic demand tot the tetter brands. Sale* were: Ren \vrera«*~iuubTlauotaam»d atft2.(b; Mtxxn Win- TEi<a-3QohrU M Acme” at BrciXO Bstuas—lo9 1-rls (choice) s»t named, at il’.tt; 13u tirl • a>» at {U A 3; 100 hr.s no at J3,Vo;loUbrl» do at fPAO; 100 brli do at $9.40; FsfovKn—3o3 brls not named at s3 r v>; 50 brl« do at $9.1X1; 103 brls do at $3.931 bi’aixo Bi*t*s«a—loQ brie not naimd at $9.50: IWbrls do at|; loobrl* rtoattibO; ill hrltdo st $6.33; U.vsoi'.vi>—lo3 brU “Sparta” at $7.74; Di'ckwueat Puhjb—2o b»JI at; 19 brls at $7,83; Cobs Meal—lo torn coarse si We quote the rWlng prices a? follow*; Whiles Xtuiux— Choice So3tflcrnimnol*fi2 50ailAO Choice Schools I 4 o>X<t7.U3 Wisconsin, iLShtma SPUING EXTCA9—Fancy brands 11.C0312.03 Choice til., Wis., Mica, and lowa lO.QjfclUD Fair Oradm IJ.OCUIOJO Low Grades 9A0^«10.73 sprint Superfine. BJfi« gju IC)*4 Floor 6.MU 6.73 Buckwheat Flour 7JO«- H.OO Mar* n quin at a decile of in on So. 5 Spring. S dea vt-res MM bu No. 1 at $7.17 K. I.: isMbudoai sl.ll (molar); 5.C00 ha N'o. 3 at SI.W; S.OUU bn do at Si.SJV: MiObu do atsl.tsw: ai.CTO I<u do al |lJ?(regular;: Who do at SJ.O‘; 409 ho do at $3.00 (A. I), ft Co.); SOO hit Utioctcfl atsL'o; <OO ba do at fl.w—doting qaiet at fcr No. 21c regular boos**. 110 K X—ltccci red. IS.7M ba; dripped* 4.505 bn. Mar* ketqnict at a decline ot V(*Vc. B»ie* were: SJM) ba Xo. 1 (early) at tfic;4io taco at 90ue;34.t00tm do at HK-, 10.UX) liudo at 12.6X3 ba Rejected at 51c; 4.M0 bu do st 53*ic; S.ODObu Ear at 55c, Closing at VJV uivvc for N o. 1 in store. OATri—Received, It?,«l6bn; shipped, T? 1 bn. Mar* k-tquurt and unchanged. Sale* were; 13,099 bo Xo 2, at Hr. UVE—Received, 2,W>bu\ shipped, 806 bn. Marxn lc Metier. Bale* were; I.«D hu No. lat Jlc; 2.4 JD DO dr. at 90c; too Im So. JatbSc; 2,005 bn do.V. BJVe. JtAU l.E* —lfccclved, I.«J bu; shipped, 2 OU ba. Meractqolrt bat Arm. S.«u« were: lOu bn So. 3 at *t>*e; twi bn do at Tic <U. I.); 1,300 bn do at «c (Item '•".rj; <lO bn U-h cted at 4Tc; 200 Dans at ( l.1>; M) bo at toe; i«* iiape *t «sc; 200 bags at UObaRJ A M'OllOL—Nominal. itt1.313 MO p-r gallon. JMCOO.II tlOlCN—there w nulhin-d'ittn:,andthe market is doll and nominal at 1100.00*333.00 nerton. as to quality. __ BE%Nt»-A«selling tt|lJS^\AC. ItUTTElt—UeceWcd. 9,m as; shipped, TVS as. There Is no material chance to nots Id t&ec-oeral coaractcr ot the market. Choice r>U continues la siendj iijr demand, and unde; moderate arm* «lspri. c-* thr each are tolerably well so* mined; bat common Firkin and common Table are doll nod easier, with an cslvwltc tnppiy la the market. The demand u cou nted almost exclusively to supplying local wants. Wo quote; _ «;hoicctoDalry <35 GW « J2 . Common Firkin »«.«lt «J 3 c Pnm-Firkin c RAtJtSING-Contlauca quiet, with prices torn!* nail? tuu-itanecd, «a follows; National A. 7 bo, seamless linen. L'nion A,3bu, da llbtols A,2bo, do Com Karhanne stark A,«uonaeamWs*. lunmron a, Andicscogsln do €6.00 American, co Cfi.oo H«at« Mills, do 66.03 I’moje-d p, uo CAM Pam Mills, do iOvl Fort PJU, do TOM siko, do erw Saco, linen and cotton mao Ridgewood, do 63.00 6nnni.fctld. ta.oo Bnonffs .. S.OO )lnrSap».4too. No.l ®.CO EnoDlretlHT 40.00 CTlEENE—Thedcmaa-ltsllmltal to email orders lor supplying entreat wants, and under smole stocks, pnet* arc oy no means llnu. IVequote: New York Factory (genuine). l ®l9 c Factory (Illinois) 38 t*iT c Hamburg.. .6 (»i7 c Western Ursirre cti& c " Young America" u US3 e 4UlAl<— ‘Trade la snppl? ample, and Erlcva Heady and firm at the following ranee: ;ns-liruoVflda it.w do Urn shy lI.M CLEmasj)—nnar JliK jt.oo do Mineral Klepc. lO.M co Widow Bank 10.90 do Tunnel 10.00 wo»tbnrs 12 (o LotnpL»nl?h 13.W516.00 Lackawana, prepared 00 Scranton u 00 I’ltutoc.. U.OO Illinois e.W'k 8.00 do cn track... 6U» aoucbtnrtiraj*.. it do t-O f* FEB—The market is moderately active, and w a WrderoandCjrUiebeuef grades, which are i<«La. vretjuove: J*'a. „....gS At) c Itto, common to tair.. .liu'awwt* Kjo, good to prime .... ..Hoa'itWo lilt. Wipe loch.,U*. ..... ..!7Ual7l.'e PEKAt; E-The acncriimarket l« dtm, and mclnde: BC Lard Tierces at »">«• « ,!•» OCUTCTOIi 1M I Wer^»cqnoUtlccß: lyy iii I Lard llcreea... sium) Whiskey Barrels..... 3,992,913 Cutter Keg*, |» dozen. Lard Regs, etch 1.10 Floor »mu. ronndboop 70 Floor TUI hoop ua 60 noon Poles, Hickory ANiSJO Hoop Poo*, Oak ,tOOi«SJD • Hoop*, flat Ask. 5.M* 7JO CANDljEsi—ThemaTkelU »teadr. Wo quote: Pairtmnk. Fee* £ Co.'s Lard Stearins 10 Al 7 0 hxtra Tallow, b«saruie live Tallow, Vft .. itvaiftSe Vaxlme, 9 ft 14>J.41«Sc Star. Vft (BcfcntWcr A Co.’bl VJ all c . OHUl.'g AND flemtnd ti ImproTtbs, bi d Uierr> 1b a lair trade dolor tor tbl« acftßoa of toe year. We rente quotations: Aioc*, Bocoinoe, uamTrtr torts. 653 7Sc • ft , 83^.608 Amm 5 c Anaatto .VOC&tIAB Arsenic, p0w.... stsiOc Arrowroot, Jam. 90c Ber. We Hal. <\»payla.... Bal. Tom *.» 81-carb.doda. . 11 -carts. Potash. & Borax, refined,S7®S9c Camphor, do i.W Copperas, Am... Stfato Cream Tar., pore COw&c Cnbet* sic Uloe, white 6tt*6c Glue, com UA3Oc Aqoa Ammonia. li»lSc Cbrntai SUlcate 9j<«loc Bal Soda 4)«23Vc K4SUH—Were lo moderat 38c (<>r limed, and 39i23bc to; The atipplT Ufalr. __ FnOITs*ANf»MJTS tlnnca quiet, with do menu la a lair supply of mustdea may be quoted steady at ttai oßxaa i Apple*, * brl Tensors, Malaga Cranberries.. Cranberries, culUrated...,. I>El*t> I Fin Dates Can I’cacbes. V dor. 3 a cant,, Apples. otw j*caches, balrea and quarters,.. reaches, pared DiaUbemea, now. V a llaspbenlr*. new, V a Ctn rte*. pitted Elderberries, 9 a.... , Kalilsv laTers Italsms, Valencia , feardl&e*, V boxes Bardlacs,h b0xe5.............. ixr ETXjenro. jaasarytt. coniltnea rery quiet, and downward tendetcjr. |*nntj demand ta confined to the Brown Sheetings ire vc light welshLi price* me X Jesched Good* *tb ashade oi are lower. On Brown »Jc. We rerlje quotations: VkTk. Almond*, bard abetted.. Almond*, soft addled.,, Almondvpaper *b tiled. I’csnnta, w & BratilNnts Filberts French Walnut** oewi Kaplta Walnut* 33 19 31 reruns. email ana urge .. 38 a M lllrfciry NtHt, Vbu SXO a &M ChfftnuU. V bd 7.00 (4 8.00 I'lMl-ConUtbo flail aod almott nominal. be ofciy inquiry is to supply the local trade. Tbs market is steady at previous gustations t WldtcQsD, No, 1. )(S I>n .f 7.509 7.7% •• NO- 8. H Dfl 72)9 7 SO Trout, So.l.Mbrf... 5,009 5.71 •• No.3,#t>rl 42A* 4.75 Mackerel, No. 1, «hn,nsw 11.1091125 »• No. 3, H bri 1023(910^0 11 family. fKbrl 9J»A ».U “ ciUttnsa,V H brl 15.00*1350 •• vlat s.TVjs 4.00 * No, 1. klla. BPW 3.55(9 3.73 •• rsmiir. kiu j.n* w) Codnsb, Har.fc, Vl'«» 72098.00 *» ticoigos Hack.,... aiah* ».0t flake 3209 «.00 liming*, dried. No. l,i< bux rah 53 - »r*leii 7ft* 75 Labrador UcmuKa. V bit... tl-OutlXA •* ** If Ml 0.00(9 5.35 Norwegian •• Km, Vtir1.,,,.. IH.OO , •» •• it'ii. V brl i«.« O l{ liAhk—Market dm. bales wore SObrii VoJloir Oc; 10 bn* brown at kc. MIHII WINE*—UcCdTOd 300 b'lil Shipped 337 liri*. Cuntialiatid arc selling at anyitdng between It .75 aud3,cuper gallon. Thera (• nothing doing tn iiiiibnl. and duty paid are unaalaids. IKIPM-The market U uuUavs’<tWc&ir Eastern, and 45«tUc tor Wn.trro, Connecticut.... ..nv Waahlncton T 0 Utliurd Improved » time Jfitl. 73 Corn cur.............. 30 I’awnoe Wt i»nrnno». WliUicodeo C !OV •* A au T7qamv)llA .» 070 Thorndike ft»V Rbctnckct SR. Hamilton, regular 37V * I> 3JV Pemberton K 37# “ X .30 Drift Hirer. 36 mar Milk ai-lac* - “ bOlach .35 II It II tM 1 *-ltacclred. tyovhlpped, Utrkcl tlult and a alvade caalcr. Bale* wero; U •• 77 »*.at.......................... G M Has dividing on 2U) n». at |7J» and 7JW Sh 9 •• »> 7.00 and 7.35 —riming qn!cl at 17.00 and 07.39 dlvldlne on 300 B* • IlA>—ißduietbui urm at our quolaUuni, which area* follow*: Timothy, roller and i»at«r pleased Timothy, loose pr«Jcd. ITalric, butler prosed srrAtx.mcca. ' JXANB.' | Indian Orchard. AndroscoKln., COISCT ... ay | .a* | repperell m Itllobe.. .IS flJOiNEtfi. t rhorodllm ....25 1 Kaiuotteagbleb .ai Httothy, toller and beaur prea*e<i iC.oOat'.OO Timothy, loose presood 16.0frjciu.o0 prairie, rol er hod beater prcuod 11.00 <15.00 ITatrle. !-«08A oil Varov, delivered ODU-tIO.OO IIII>E!'*--Hecelv»-d 112.556 tt*. Shipped £2? Jta. Tlide U no LoUcc*nie Improvement la the lappiy, and with a continued active ccmona price* are utidutthe teceil advance. "Werepeat onrlUt; Grwnuutctiera’.............................. 8 8 8)j( DEUX*. I Beatusston. 1 Peoperell... antes. BCOWJf ....33S I ....£>« 1 CEU Green bi.tcO, trimmed. Green Calf. KlrvOrrcu Salted Dry riu't. trla-incd Dry sailed, trimmed..... Circa Sailed, par' eared. IKON ANJ) •‘TKEl#—The demand 1* only mode* rat*, and on round lots prices would only be shaded. Wc continue to quote: Common Bar. SJf® c Xc Horse Eboe Iron^ Heavy C-aod ... .. Iluopaad Light Hand. Uouud and teqaarc..... Oral.. Half CvaV and n"alt "uoatid. (Sheet Iren, caramon fche*t Iron, Galvanized, 17x78.,. sheet Iron, charc0a1............ Sheet iron, Jun.ata Norway Kail ItoU now Steel,Goman l“.ow Steel, cast spring and Tire Svel, English. loot cast Steel, ordinary sizes. Tool rx»t Steel, Aaerican Itit’tereil Stee* 3.753« 50 08 4T& S» S 3 i.» a j.w l.a» 1.83 1.13 W j.a 90 i,2J j’.lj W l!~D 1’.40 1.19 85 1.70 1.13 .**3.M ,4QJU . 37.03 tium Trig. Sake uiui.n Gum MyrrVriqr 75c Uom 0pium...... 9,»s Ipecac.. 5.0) lodge.. i.asai.a lodine 7.0037.25 lodide Potw 8.75 Jalap .3.9033.00 Ju&ipcr Horry... folOc Morphia* 7.35 OH Castor. 7.3637.50 QalckxUrer i.oo Qulnlu MS VltroLbioe 153160 Boda Aab Giaobcr Salts.... Stf3ofc CaosUe Boda loc Carb Ammonia.. 2*aj3c SD.Toroeoane.. 9531.05 ite rrqaott and alow at a&* ir iieah in boxes and tube. i—'ni« general marker coa. lal change In price*. There w-rlDtlntu. and tue market v price* glrenbelow: raona. .............. 9,00 <4io.m .............18)10 3)1X0 tune. as a ao as 3 aa si 3 as .... 3 « .... 68 ... 19 3 16 .. 4XO 3 4X9 • 19 3 » W 3 » 83 3 43 10 averaging 80l Da, at.. to ... jba,aL. 70 *» 550 ft*, at., »» “ iMfcf.nt,, WnOLEfiALK PDICCS, Itm Eta, N OS. 9 and 16 i 3 «2) c Ittifsla, ADU Ist quality, ? bdl c«>3 C RusMa, inu Ist aaailty, ? sheet..... r<l9 c Itchßla, Am- 20 quality. ¥ sheet i*l6 c I.EATilEU—There 16 no essential chance to note In the c“ccr»t character of the market. Train u flack, though there i« no deposition evinced oa the partcfdealerstoehadepncesin the least. Wc Quote the market Drm, with an npward tendency * lIESU, City Barnees, ? c. 4 S9(a 40 Coon try Harnett 3l?i 83 Line,?® 4*s| 44 Ktp, medium, ? nl i.Udi.3o Tati; V n LsOot.fiO Upper, ? 100 t... 29u# SO Ctentry Upper.. fSM S 5 Collar, ? t00t... 23m 24 os Slaughter Sole.. sss 541 Harnese,? D... 4054 46 Upper SOp 82 I Kip. So. 1, me* ' otnm lAo®t.3o K IP, No. l, heavy......... So&l.lO, I,I;.11 HER —Daring the week trade Intbe yards ha» been active, and lull prices were readily obtained. I Dealers are firm In their views at the following prices: I UcwuiX—First Cie*r.l»lJ4.i;f and 3 Inch . i |* .f£O,OO(%<S.Od I Second Cleir.J, Ilf, IK and 3 Inch I Third Clear, inch M.W335.00 I hirst and Second Clear Flooring, to - ct ihtT. rouch. the same os Second Clear I wide MJWftSSJO 1 Cnn.tnwU Flooring, rough 55.00«31.W Matched on,? Dres edCommon Flooring. 40.00ptt.00 Matched and lircaaod 8-inch Common Flooring..... .•» 34,10^9.00 First and Second G ear Siding, together. 30.00p33.09 Kim Common Dressed Siding.... £)o3p£.oo "Wagm-Box Boards, select. 15 inch and upward* 39.00P1J.M A Mock Boards, tt-lnches 80.0C&32 00 Slaughter, Sole, Uotl&lo t 40® 43 Slaughter, Bale, Chicago, Ko.l. 40® 43 Slanehter, So e, Chicago, Ko. 3. St® St Bncnos Ayres... sa® 40 Orinoco Bole . 37® 33 Uttnooo. good, „ damaged...... 81® 33 LK. french CalA 31 ns®3J» french Call, S 6 tta 24»®3.10 Frtnch C&h. Lc tnomea, 7> dotSD.W®W.OO a Slock Hoards l2*mchca 26.00^31.03 Como-on Board#, Job’*, Scantling. Fenc ing. ana small Timber, 12 to iC feet lone 21.00332.00 Joints and fccantilnc, 20,22 »nd3l fee 1..... 23.00^30.(4 Joi»l* nrd Scantling 2j.00 SnixcJLte— A or blar SUared Shingle*..... I.SO AorSlarbawed Shingles 5,003 5.50 Ko. I Sawea Shlndes Woa 3J» iATß—l'cr m to yard* By car-load by -\onhwestprn Railroad, delivered in any yard where cars can be witched, or any depot: A orSurSaw cd Shingle*,by cftr-load, oh trace ... 1.35® 4.50 Aicr Star Shaved car load, __ on track 3.75® 4.00 Ko. i Sawed Bhlnclea, by car-load, on track 2Aj Time dollars a car-lcad added when transferred, vhlclt charge follow* the Shlscle* to lx eight bVU. 9QI.NQLX BTAXDABD. Tblckncsß—Flvc ehtscica to be two Incbca In thick* Lrnpth—Sixteen Inches, liatids—Twenty incites. rotim*—TTeotr«nrc _ _ METALS AND TINNERS* STOCK-TJt' n.oiket te nrm and prices nnchanped. ni quote: *ra. Box Tin Plate, I C 10x11 f li.oo Law lips _ s: Hit.all Pip .*S bar Tin..... S 3 COPI’EB. Metallic Ai' 801t5... Si zero. Ist quality, cask 13. y Ist quality, sheet It Slab 14 BBJOttT \VIKE. Ito 6 I,»»Dd V>. 1U and u. 12 ! IS ami 14. Cupper bottom Braziers over 10 Tt>f. IS ud 16. Min Unc*. 14 to 10 oz 45 Tinning. is I .’.’.’ 19 21 . 20..... ..23 Fcace Staples 13 Veonoie: I 2d . |9.00 l3d,flnehined 9JO 2>l. One ntned ....lUJI BABBIT ÜBTAU __ I Ist qua.ur 3) | ASUzuoqt TO Fine tioldcr SO K a Il*?*—are steady. > Ox V kcc. »7.» M “AO M I.V> Cot Sf»l*ei 7 00 11 Clinch Net 9.00 fbo market It steady, vita >te: 1 1 Lath Vara Manilla. 1 1 Manilla Hay Hope 29c (Manilla Hope.. 24c JW 1 .•SAVA I, r*T«HKH-Tl pni ea utidiaoffod. « t qool Tar JB.OO Vankcc Pilch 6.00 >*. c. Pitch... BJJO Italian Flax racking. 30cl Marline 30c Italian Hemp racking jOcleaab Coni SOc /Inp.llcnip, t»DD 33c I oakum ....|7.M£8.00 Am, Ilftnp. No. 1.... SOc] HcmpTwlnc SfcttOc Am. Hemp. No. 3 13c I Paper T«me 33410 c HI ..r*—Are dull and nominal at the following quo uuona: Unset*! Oil Lu.sertl Oil. boiled. ob’ve 0i1..’ bale OH. W.B. UntOll, rxhn Lard Oil, no. 1 Winter. Untrt Oil, >O.?, Winter. Bank oil. round 10ta.... Mtrblscon sperm 011,3 V. D l.almraline oil CasuirOU 3.tV3JO NtubfubtOll lJft«l>4o ('A <t DON <111«—1« in Mr consumptive demand itul unatr a fair supply remain* steady as previously ouuleo: __ _ rn.boiC V cat load, carbon, fman lot*. Jjevzclp, SOc I*UOV 19*10 XS—Urc* ircd, Sfi.KM as Cum! Menu, 1,:*0 t rie* l orL aid W. 171 ft* Lard; dripped, LftLSTO b» CunC Meat*, 10*4 brl* uttf, 1,581 Urls i'ust sod T 3.1 (S B« Lara. Diraa Fork—Market doll and la favor cf buyers, who w»re boldine off In nnUdpnrion of lower figure*. Kales were*. ICQ brl* at $19.00-. wo brls at $13.75; 100 brU at $1«50; 3M brio M. O. at $ ISAo—all cash. rwret IMrUJpd llama-* Quiet. Sales were: 300 tes at iuwc at Milwaukee r. o. till opening of navi gdtoi: iim toe <ln*t erentnc) at 10J»V* Itßik Stems*—Mattel octet. Bales were*. 50.000 B* Dry Saltedbbooldcrsat .^c,loose; <I,OOO Ba Cum ber land* (|a*r eve&lns) at g. 45, loose. Itrcen Mrata-Market firm. Sale*wore: -10000 B« Rouen Mdtc atsvc; 1.500 ll*ra» (*. li.) at9.Sc; fi.«o do ia.b.)at»ke;2,Wopc*and <9,000 Bl SnOßldw*(d.h.) at m«p. i.nrd—Market doll. Sales were: UOtcaKcttlnDrled at 12yc; 200 tea Steam at 12c; 209 tc< (lad even log) at iCe—cl* ang wtlb uo ncycrs of Strain over Ire. IV c quotu doping prices as XoUowa: Cicartark $20.00351 M Mecarorg ISAO3IO-00 Prime Mew (317.00 Kura Prime Uotnp* Mm Beef.... .... Kura Meu Beef. Uecfnama 6«e«tMckied Haas. rombcriano MlddieaVboxed). ehort xtib ilk dies (boxed)... Short Clear Middies. fttrettord Middies. Lone Cot dam* . uiu.qi I*, fc. 6bouidcts(packcd>. 7.V« s c I>. b. bhouldera (loose) “V^ ItouehMder 6V«9 c Green 12am* 9ua 9;,c Green Shoulders €kc Green Side* P*4«* SVc iTimeUru is QUwe om lw« ll,y«*u£c No. l hard <4ll\c jnn, uTk \ —ba'eslnclnde 17 do* Prcasod Chickens 002 Co 11 3 do* Prcsied G*c*e at #ll.00;5doi PicM« packs at *3.73; 500 »s pressed Turicis at 13c; 1W ss at llc;W0 Bsatlsc;Xdo* si *10.50. PtMVUKKAKD SIUIT-TSc market Is stag nant. TV e continue to quote: lUfle Powcwr... Blasting powder. Shot (Prop) Buckshot. SJO^XS* Bar Lead. V B is f*u e PA | NTs*—Arc qnlet and altogether nominal at the loflcwlng Quotation*: „ , , „ U. L. Pearl b00w....*13.00 St. Union flUtt McCormick & Callci* Superior UJ3 dcrxpnre ;.... Premium jO.M oriental IWD 1£de..... «A 0 ItrdLcad 1SXO O'Fal.on's Standard FrencbZloc, rure.... tsja ly-ad 16A0 Amer. Snow white., ijao St. Louis Star. 15JO American Star. 10.00 p.D, blpman’spnrß GartlenClty uao moil 17.00 Diamond ........ lIM Chicago Paint Works _ p.D. Shipman's Zinc, moll 15.00 pore .....15.00 Dearborn in Oil 13JB parlor Snow White, New Jersey wxo zinc, pare 1U» St. Louts, pare. M-00 PehUh 1*1(2 IBON—Diolklr demand and steady at the prlc-*«tTcnl>c»oa : , acotcn Pig, No. 1 V ton VtfAtt&S Massillon, No.l Sf# MassHloo.No.3 - W.OO IrontonTi'o. 1 * 50.00 I 53.00 « Ko. a..*.'.'.*.*.*.’.'.'.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.'*.*.*’.*.*.' wifl LaknSopcnor, i'o.l Morgan 60.10 “ - No.l Greenwood 60X0 PAPEK—Dcmams quiet ana steady, and firm at the prices glrtn bciow ; Book Paper. ♦ B *33 @SI c New* riiper, 2MS 6*30 c ' V f*A wife. ftTOCK—ii m*dtm»DdaV the following mmd SX®H'C Dope and Baeglng. we’noto’a decline «f><conCarolina. TPeqnote: .MVaiOVc * .»n»ui4c fcjTAKCli—The market is quiet. we cootinne to quote: Klrgaiord. Com..; Klngsftrd, Pore Stafford, 8ef1&0d....;; 18 alt# Kinv fbrt,Bllrtr Glow UfdUV Pnrr Lwoorr '» 31a otuvicom...., ..... 13 m!3 Watp. i M'JC/lie*—Arocuy. W« cooonne uoaaia: Prpptr..... I A 3 88 rtmcoUi «3 *5 Nuiqhe»,No.i. Naimrr*, No. a. Cloves HO A p*—TMr« li a (Ur tnde dolor, and price* rule etcaor at theioJiowlD* qqouiiooi : ii. SUmeloerft Co.'* PaUa ...... 8 c Pstxtor AQamOle’e Uormia Mottled. .113(913 c Ca» lie x>ip, Am ; 1* 91T < ForeucnCaatlJe. 3S &3S c Zhrlrut** foil weutbt. .. r ,om Kosiith (uli welgbt u »ntf. .OjflEi.allidw tMrtirtleW., ~>....,.10 9U*e : Kirk’* German Mottled. ....tieVGMI c > Kuk’a Aoatrtan B*9 9Xc IKlfk’aNo. iFalm 7 9 7*f , Rlrk’e Pale Family 10 OlOAc ' VaOKrO Chemical — 'fcSitfc Emery’* Improved Erafllve. 9H(2iD t IftlrbA&k, Peek A Co.'s (lermaa Mottled..... “ M *• 8r551re.............. B*4 9ko ** - Palm lh& 8 c 800 A ANP HA IjKttATDa—Are Steady at . the price* given below: Babbitt's Medicinal.,,... ,UVaU e “ Pure.... Delta!'* ChcmJcm1...................c •• Qt*m>r. ** Pare UjaMilSc HBOARH—The general market role* Arm. Tna stock* 01 Circle “A’’ are light, and price* are steady. Weqoote: Co La : .llxslSVe Porto K1c0... ItVOISKo H. V. BeQa- a, Powdered, *nd Qr*aalaled....l6K*l6jc White A i»j?Aie o rircieA ~isK<*tiWc White ts UXttUSo Extra C .U&aUxc Yellow C ....12 c«l3 c Oxnard c iflkGkU e Oxnard C, extra v ' Kew orlcaat prime.... ttrw fair..- Orleans , f«y RUF! I *—Tlicre l» no chmre 10 note. The de tbbdci u moderate, tod prices are .nacbooffud. TVe quote r • ~ " .$ coal. 13 , U’Xjl.M Tto » 80* B 5 nil. 00 eo* a i.oo*uo 90 Mew Tork Syrup* rvetiow Drlpe .Cub* Moiataca J'orTo Kite J»ew Orleat-a I'tuiadelphU Bee Hire.... Chicago iteflncry, Amber. •• *• Golden. '* '* Mitar liouae HAI/T— Uecelrert, none: i flipped, im brli. Market firm, t>aj«wcre: 800 brU 93M delirerad. We coo* timic to quote: New Kmc *3.55 Coarse tJO UroondAlam 5.05Q2.10 Turi't iaiattd,ban.... 150 tirouad Polar,> |)airj, with sacks no » 88 (« 43 U » U U u u S 3 17 a is li 3 S -Iry.wiifioat ascki, „ - B.JJ , SWOO lint #hlpp®d. 2WM ft#. Market uteaoy, t?alp* Include 15 biubcls TlmoUiy at 18.60 s IWbflK*do»t 13.85! atObftff#dost«3J»: iub*ei if>xi_ J3.IJK; 10 btubeU Clover at *UUX t 1 da ■ demand In Mr. Block* aro light and Drier# arc orni, at the tollowlmrquotation#: Voun* H>»od, inpcrtor toflne, V ft..........1U0qM0 tic extra to clinic* f ft.. Imperial. loperK Mo floe, * ft i/ftai.oo -tlr# —— _ do extra to choice. Vft 1.K41.W Ouciijwdcr, atmcrlor to tine, * ft t.iu^i.uo do Cilia tOCIIOICT. V ft..... ...... IJtyt.'Q Japvn, taturai leaf, Cnr to extra nnr, H ft.... 1,041.18 do do flnplocbolcc, 9 ft.. 1.7U1.30 do do colotid, Vft. ' TAl.l.O**’—Market quite Bate* vretoi tOQftt ttmjicraatpv. . KlltA* tJW—Cottlwiea Inactive. AaWo from a modrra'a Inquiry fur prime quaUitea, there U icarcelr out Ume dome. We continue to quote t fine Cur cuawinu— Kxtro t»UO Cbutre.................................. i.oo (ot.n Medium mo S so tiMfitum................................ Man Duokixu Tumaoco— Vlrulma’* Favorite. B 9 01.00 C'liKK-e..... ai <4 80 Midium at (4 n Common 19 is SO PU'O TOIIAITO— Lo>al Cittzra. 15 A 90 Famm* Ddteht........ ........... 70 <4 73 Natural Leaf. 1.40 (42JX) Half itrlitDt Ri SI.W Choice Ulark, lonod 73 « ho Medium TO <4 71 Common flo & 70 Karlra « VlrelnU lOiand ftt..... ... M a ft) Flounder*. 73 & 83 WotiU—U quiet, though kteady and Orta at ful raun. U'e quote t Maple, V cord, delivered.... Mapk-.fteordtln yard lUccb, fi cord, delivered.... Reoch, v cord. In yard..... Hickory, ? curd \VI>K-AN»> L.IQDCJ prices arc w~c»lc. _ <Vu tepet .ft3.00Q14.00 . WJJOmIUX) DOMESTIC GOODS. HecUC«nVhi*key,a) •rcntU.P........ #1.83 00, 20 9 cent U. p.. 3.10 Moimnrahela V.A.B. 3.0 Uf-Whiskey (Chic.). «.M U-orboc do(Cblcaco) 7.5.1 l*orv Epims rproon. a.*o Ccloyne Splriu, 99 * „„ cent 2.€0 Chicago Gina ...| tsusra do Br»wUesJUOC4-l-00 do 8urn5....2.50*2.75 do i't.\V>ne.i.7s(i2.(n do SVy do.. W»l do B*aUca...l.'<s«2.lM Oinper Wire i.73c<3.00 Cherry Wine. ltimaqo Black berry WJne.J^OMHO Raspberry Wtoe.j.Sott3.oo K. England>»&so Pena Bye Wins keys..:. SJOdUO Brntucky . Door- , boa Whiskeys. Ohio Catawba . „ . wine mxaa.oo is «i 5 c 14 MIS C VI MlgfcC IP |Xc 6Xc fyaioxe 3J<(£ 9*c 5,S(f 6UC 6XO ■ Jffs .JO 4. .. . 9X« .... c ii taUKc BAILBOAB TX&E TABLE* can c .17 C«IS C .11 C .33 @33 c . @25 c .30 «so c OEIOASO AHD ROKTHWtmtBH—DXK« oos. wxn WATXE AMD KOTO*. Depart. Arrive, Day Express **oo a. m. *8:30 p.m. {sight Express •£-■’■o p. m. *5:45 a. m. Janesville Accommod’n. *s:3op.m. **-sp.n. Woodstock Accota’d’n.. *3:00 p.m. *9:00 a. m. fi&LCKA DIVISION. Fnllon ana cedar Baplda *5:15 a. m. 7:2up. m, Fulton and lowa t7:3op.m. 6:00 a. m. Freeport and Dunlcith.. *9:00 a, m. 3:00 a.m. Freeport and Dunleith.. *10:00 p.m. S;-*0 p. m. Bockford and Fox Fiver. **:00 p. a. 11:10 a. n. Dixon. *£M P* m. 11:10 a. m. Geneva and Elgin * teOp.m, 8:45a.m. «u,wiczn DrvwiQß. Express *9:00 a. n. *3:50 p. m. Express * *£oo p. sl •l&OO m. Sight AccoßUßOdaticn.. 1.:45p.m. &3C a. m. Kenosha Acconmod*a... 4:40 p.m. 9:15 a. m, Waukegan Accommod’n. &30 p. a. B:SG a. m. Roeehlll, Calvary, and Evanston 1:80p.m. 3:40p.m •Sundays excepted. tbatnrdays excepted* liloncays excepted. igohibas uiHiHiV a»ir.noxp—tiMiox oxcot, root OT LAXP STBirt. nomine Express *5:00 a. a. *8.45 p. n. 04W Express *7:00 a. a. *l!«Cp, n., Evening Express t5:30 p. a.J*l2:-6 p. c. '•urht Express f*%4sp.m. a. m. I «XSCI>KATI AMD XOOI9VTLLS 7IUXME. rtomiDjr Express *7tOoa. m. *w:3oa. a. jJiaU Espies* ta:w p. a. *u:w ?. I?. tpreiosM soptbsoh amp akb buot»s usi-i-v tor uobksa vam nuitEM amd sebmxab ernssts. UKB. avail... *4;lsft.ia. *8:55 p.m, Ua; Express New York Express... .. 1 5 p.m. c Klifrt Expree*. fl&OO p. ri. *fcOC a. c DETROIT UKD. Mali *4:45 ft. Pi. t&OU ft. m. Nlcht Express tlftOO p. m. *333 p. m. ermauiwH* was xtatk* ain> cbu-ago. idai1....~ •tsoa.n. 6:00 a.a. Fast Unc 8:15 p. m. 7:40 p. c Express *ro:oop.m. 11:00p. m ILLiaOZa "XRTBAI* oiy Might Passenger jilkOOp.n. *C:45a. n?. RanVakec Acconmod’n. **;osp.o. *ft2sa.m. Uydc I'flrtt ann Oak Wood *630 a. m. *7:45a.m. *i •» *» ........ *l2;lUp.ia. *ics2a.iE, « »* w .... *3:sop.m. *l:sop.a, •* « *» *5:55c.0. *7:30 p.m CHICAGO, PtniUKft'OH ANu QDCtOI. Day Exr-rees and Wall.. *3:2<' a. m. *3:00 p. m. c«arc*hmc Passenger.. . *a;oop.m. m. Aaron *t:oop.m *3-Wtfi.r., MifiblExprefift $12.00 c-id'ht t&SOft. a. TBICAfiC Ai.“- *>T. 'LOtJia. £xpreia and Mali 5:05 a. n- 8:45 p. a, Xlch: Express 2:15 p. m. 8:60 a. n. toUei one Wllmltirtcn Accommodation 4:00 p. fix- 3:45 ft. la HICAOO API- BBCAT BAa«K«—UAT* CBSOKHAB AID list)—JCLIVAOSBa &AJ&BOA9 PXTOX. COS. iNAt AKI/ aixnft BTBJUrtB. OavExnrcs? 6.30 ft. tt. 10:55 p.C. XiphtExpreM fcOOp.m. &50 p.m. »ca muiASAPOus, Loiojviu-a aso cjh-.thvaxi, OayExprwe 0:30 a. m. 10:55 p. m. Xiphi Express.lhOOp.m# 8:50 a. m. Oojunhu 3 Express . 0:30a.m 10:55 p.m. •» « 3:00 p. m. 830 a.m. i-ansine Accommodation ft:* a. m. ft(W a. m. “ 5:15 p.m. 5:00 p. m. CHICAGO, SOCS IfiLAKP AND PACITIC BAJLIIOAP. Day Express and 51aP... •fcOOa.m. *5:30 p.m. Might Express 12:00 p.m. *5:45 a. to. .'oftet Accommodation.. 4:40p.m. *ft4U a. m. •Sunday excepted. tMonday excepted, tbatnrday i txccntcd. The following lathe now table for the arrlra and dcpsrtnrc of mail* from the Chicago Tost Office for the winter, and non in lorco: MAits <no?n. r. o. Chicago, iu.. mails atuutb. o. io. p. m. fl- m. p. m. 2:00....JJicb. SOftth. R. R. .... 12:30 .... 9:15.... ** " “ &55 .... l&uom “ u “ &00 11:00 .... 12:00 m Mich. Central R. R 12.00 &i 8..., •• “ ** .. 6:00 6:15 ... fcoo....Fltw.4Ft. Wayne 12:9) .... 8:15 . lv * v " 7:10 t&oo» « “ * .. c.oo iw» 13:00 4:80 ...Great Eastern R. R.. 6:80 10:00 13:00 17:9)....Mew Albany <lt Salem 5:20 11:00 ftiO 7:15....0a1ena Railroad 3:10 2:40 13:00 t'cOO,,,.Dixon Air line.... 6:00 7:20 12:00 B:oo....Rocklsland Kallroad 5:45 2:30 12:00 f:oo....t'.,B.&Qnlccj_U.R. fr.M ft.oo SjiO a*oo....MoTthwofiern K. R,.* 5:15 6:80 &00 2:4s....JUl«antce Hallroad. 11:30 BSO 12:00 7:45.... Illinois Central R.K. 7:00 3:00 12:00 7:00....8t.1«0a1s Railroad... 5:85 3:15 KOITT. A. UILMORE. P. M. . tfi.ta (42.6 D 1.3*41.40 UV^l^O i.iirauo «3.M 'i'RUSTKE’S SALE—Public notice is A bcrciy klvcd that I, Samael Cole. In punaance with Uic power* Id a certalt Instrument contained, caivd November Ath, A. D. ISM, titcuied by U. M. Whipple ft Co n and given to »ecnr>J the payment of the promissory note of sold Whinple ft Co., ox date last altoresald, in the sum oj t*m thousand dollars, pavable to the nrdmtcord or order, on the 7lb day of January, A. V>. 1567, will, on the application of the legal holder of said note, on MO.SIIAY. the 2ist day of January lu»L. at tbe boar of ten o'clock in ihetorenoon ot said day. at tbc office of Lazarus Silverman. No. Vi Dear* bjrn »treet, Chicago. fell at public auction, for ca«h, to the blchrst bidder, 100 share* of the capital stock of the ‘'J'elcltSauonai Bantu" of tie 1 flu la tbe Mato of Wis consin; on«proc.l*»,ry now, dated Chicago, Hay id, 1566, cxrccted by Warrick Slarlic. payable lo ll M. Whipple & co„ M caya after a ate, acd betas la the nm of J-i,000; cue ptondtaory note, dated December 33d, ISIS. vxccntcd by S. K. nrsscalmcr, id the ram offljiO, and payable to G. M. flushes six months after date; <>ce tote, m the mm ol ij.isusl dateJ jaaoary fi, tSM, executed to w. B. Ftneb, payable to u.e order ot John \V. llucht*, dxe montbs at ter date. S. COLE. Cblauo, Jaaoary :tth, issT. wu.oo 13.0ft416.00 16.00 tiisjjo Hie above *aJo is postponed until FRIBAT. the m d*j ti Ftbru&ry, van, a; the same tsar .and «as» Oiife, ft. COLS. 10 tcHi e 8V<«» c 9V*lO c gTrangportatiqUa io\(*u e sfctt »yc ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE The General Transatlantic Company*® HAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW TORS AN} HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. The splendid new tcmcU ot this favorite roots for toe Continent trU3 MU iron Pier No. 30, North Bits a> follows: VILLE PEPABlS..Eorope.....Jat»arrJß. KUBOI K Feoroaty 9. ST. L ABSENT Becandi....February 23. _ i'EBEIUE Ducnmc—iUrcna. j v**9 PRICE <»r PASSAGE IN GOLD. First Cabin, #I0J; Second Cabin, fIOO, including tabu vine is cither i*ls*r. Tbs steamers ot this line do net carry necratepae ’'passengers intending to Had at BREST will t>e tnx ! lined with railroad con non tickets, aod their bagga« checked to Pari*, at an additional charge cf $9 tor err aad f 3 fer second claw. Medwalattendaficelrctofchargß. _ _ , „ apDlr. la Chicago at tht FRENCH CONt«rLATBOFFICE, 233 IllinoU-sL; IT New Tort, to Q&>. MACKENZIE, Agent. 3S Broad war. TTILL’S HAIR DYE—SO Cents—Black ,1 1 or Brown—lmtantanross, natural, datable, DeautUul. Tbe best and cheapest Innso. (tootalns as much as as any dollar size. BILL’S ARCIXC. or ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable tu general ointment rnitoM-s. DepotGG Joha-st»Eew Xork- Sold by all orccgUta. HAIR DYE. Tfi» splendid Bair Dye is tbe b«t in the world. UarnJrsr. rebsbic, loitantmeocs: the only Perfect Dye. NodlsappcUtmeoU No ridiculous Uma, but true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH FLO it. tola of lirnyauu and t'erfumer*. Factory, *> 1 Barclay-»U. New Torn. QWAYNE B ALL HEAUNG OIXT- M' NX cures. In uom 13 to 43 hoars, ITCHING PBIiES, SALT BHETIM, SCALD HEAD, BASH, AND ALL SKIN DISEASES. ABK YOUR DBGOGI6T FOB SWAYNE’S ALL-HEALIXG OIXTHEXT. is an u all* ;TbeGortiam manaftetarliu: coupanri ■6UteJ*mHbt,of Providence, B. L. lofunn the tradf , that th< y u e producing m« £vxtro.o sled Qtods, ooto •prising rati Dim er monies «*tvicn and Tabk Wu«ol every dmcnpuoo, of a Terr superior quality tod oj ’ new snoeesant designs.' The base ts Nicks tiiiver. uponwhl hUadeposDot pure Silver et suth thlck ,n<a* that they pmmm alt tae adraaisges ol •oJld direr ;tB utility,aooirombeauty ot d*aiga and supstiot fin- Mi are KSdutit ealabab-e from U. < The UornaiaMaßufectsnag Company refer with Cou* ,bdeace to the nigh reputation they hare esubll hco la Qie oroCBCUco of Solid tllrer warn, id which they have been for many year* eongee. and they new as •are the public that they will ftuiy sustain (oat repot** ttoo by the production of Elfciro platea Wart* of such qua Tty aad exfeme dorabi Ity aa vm insure entire satisfaction to the porchaaer. All articles made by them are tumped thru: SXM 8) 90jl S 3 And all #*ich are folly guaranteed. They feel Itnecos* Saiy partiCbiarly to call the attention ol porehaMr* to the aoove trade-mark, as their designs hare bosa al* ready axtcnalvsiy imitated. These goods can only be procured from responsible dealers throughout the conntry. The good things cf this world hare each their bp* potbteo mlttlou. It Is the mission of noSTCTTEB’S STOMACH BIT* Thßti to prevent and relieve a great variety el all* Burnt*. For twelve years Its snccest as a protetUte and a remedy has bevn without a check or drawoack. I: is strong mtfeac* of tnu feet, that tbs efficacy elite ankleasaspicJlc lor dysp't»ia,blUous;ea«, cofis:ipati<»n, oervonsoeis. general debility, and inter* mlltcntfertrs, t as never been questioned. A» proo/to-.ltlreot H» InfsiilOiUtr to each cases, the statements oi nubile men whose names are tamiliar as household worlds, have from time to time been stvea to the world. .11¥C4ll*c .«*»H o .13 «»Vc If its reputation ts col fboaded In feels, then truth is a shadow, and the utterances of conscientious cltueux are or no m«-re value ih«n dicers’ oaths.” And «tat (i lu reputation f Let the prosm* of ttt •alts arswer the inquiry, whsre twenty docen bottle* ot Uoeutiefi Bitten wets sold la 1&&. jfre hundred noun uc dUpoaed of now. Con d public opinion be more ilfftilflcantly expressed than by its unparalleled Increase of con»omptura? U ibe preparation haa been imitated. Where are the Imitators? Echo an* were, ‘Where?” Tatne”tlmbu” of thlnrsloston isith they are cltberall gone or gjlng. Peace be with them I The Bitter Frail* of Bad Bitters. Invalid reader, do you know what Dire-tenth* of the bitter compound* you arc *olKUcl by the proprietor* to accept aa ualveraal panacea! are oompo'Wt of? Giro bo*d for a moment. They are manufiaetared from unpunfled ale.hoi. contain'nx a cnaiderablo portion otjuul otf, a poison almost a* deadly a* pru*. aicaein. Thcba*J»of theregular tincturnaot tbs Ma teria M«dlra 1* the name. No amountof “herbal ex tract*" can ovrerome the bar tendency of thlt perni cfuosclcaent. The essence'’fscuml lire, thoroughly rectified, la the only stimulant which can be lately D*r<l a* a coinixii.ciil ul a Tonis Alterative and hall- Dillon* metlli lDf.ana HOSTIITrKII’S STOMACH BIT TEUb i* t» e only c cdlcinsi preparation la the world In which tht* aiU' Ie |* u*ed as an locredlcnt. Hence the cxlranrdlnarr effect* of thll treat ipecinc. U iotu »Um>kUi witbuut prodnetnr cxeltemrm. No mit-rloncooiwUila. AM tha ordinary Diu*r* flu»h the thee and atnrt tbe brain. Hosteller's uiuora dir luaear agreeable calm through the nervous ayaloin, promote digestion. and produce »le-p. No other toalo ro mitrkly revive* the appetite, and remove* the gloom m «f driTiealou which alwaya accompany weakness of tboimdil) power*. Poland’* White line Compound, advertised In ourcolumm.laasacmasfUl attempt to combine and apply tbe medicinal virtue* of the White Pine Hark. It haa hero thoroughly texted by people in thl* cltf sad vicinity. and the proprietor ha* watlmouUU of its value irota pct»Ofc» well known to our cltlxena. Vl* recommend it* trial In all thoae ease* ofdliaaae to whirh it la adapted. it u fbr iaio by all oar drag* gI«U,”—(N. Y. Independent. The Great New England Remedy I Dr. j. W. I’oland’t WHITE PINE COMPOUND is now offered to tha af- Ulcuxl throughout the conntry, after having baea proved by the teat ol eleven year* in the New Boland States, where lu merit* have become aa well known a* the treoQom which, in part, It derive* It* virtue* The Wlute luce Compound cure* Bore Throat, cold*, Coughs, fripnihena, Dronchm*, Splttuut of Hlood.acd Pulmonary Affretlona general y. It la a remarkable remedy for Kidney Complaint*, Diabetes, Difficulty ol Voiding Urine. Bleeding from tbe Kidneys and Blad der. Gravel ana other complaint*. For Piles and Scur vy It will be found very valuable. Give It a trial if you would lean the value of a good and tried maaiciLe. It la uieaiant, a&le and sure. Sold by Druggist* and Dealers In Mooiclne* gene rally. BURNHAMS A VAN SCHAACK Wholesale agents. u.o»«u.oa ............... iodoaiuo HOOjjtS W lit.**—uotiectt Indun,and it quotations: FOBSIQK GOODS. BiuxDr— Comae |7J0(313.0C Gin— Holland 9.00(3 6.79 Rmt— Jamaica 8.00(310X6 be Croix 7.75(3 BJC w vonT. 4 joa 9.0 c blicrry. 4.00 a 8.01 Madeira. 4JU3 BJX cag» GOODS. Prepared OU of Palm and ffiace. For pres erring, restoring and bcauoiymg the hair, and is the most delightful and wonderful article the world ever produced. Ladles will find It not only a certain remedy to re store, darken and beautify tbe hair, but also a desirable article lor the Toilet, aa it u highly perfbmed with a richanddellcaie perfume, mdcpcadcntof the fragrant odor of the OH* of Palm and Mace. BITTKE&— Ue 1 JacketStomacD. WC Drake's piantatlon-10-M Ho# tetter'asiomacb UJC Wise— Sirawoerry. 9Jt Cherry 7JC Raspberry B.oc Blackberry 9JC GiK— Oil Tom G1a........10Xt Holland Gin. It.Ot Tux Masvxt, or prtro—A new and beaatllal per. fame, which. In delicacy of aceot and the tenacity with which it clings to the handkerchief and person, u one* qaahed. Thu above article* fbr tale by all Druggist* and Per turner*. at fl per botUe each. Seat by express to any address by the proprietors, T. W. WRIGHT A CO., 10U Liberty New York. For sals A CO n 6o celebrated throtgboot the United State* In the treatment of Pbitatx Disxaaxs without the ose ot mercury or any other puuon, bat with a neutralizer, • perfect cure f*r Syphilis, ot however loogeiandmg, can be ccosultcd at hla office aod parlors, 91 and 93 Kandoipb-su corner ot De«rborn-sL, (nearly opposite bis old offic 0. Chicago, in. Imputtncc—sexual incapacity—cured, and full vlror restored to the debilitated organs in an Incredible short apace of lime, by Dr. James. a Office hours. 9a.m.t08 p. m. Ten separate rooms. Consultations private and confidential. P. O. Box cue. Raring the confidence of tbe public and the medical f*cu,t> at Urge, is tbe moat reliable physician m the city for chronic n* front and sexual olaease*. Call at his office, 1?P tionto dark-st.- corner of Monroe. 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Quaxtxsiuitxx Gkxkbal’s Orrrcx,) „ WaiUlNOTcvs. D. C., January 15.1667. s SEALED PUOPOS ALa will be received at this office nmli i? o’clock in., on the <Hh ol February, IW7. for the transportation of Mlilary Sunpllas unrlng tbe year commencing April 1,1867, and ending March 81. 1819, ou the lolovrlng raotva: HOOCESQ.U ILcgal. Jilc^lral. Special No twee A Beacon of Health. “A Valuable ntedlclue. Dr, James, Dr. Bigelow* proposals. From Fort McThcr«on. Nebraska Territory, or sack pouts as may be determined upon during the year ou Hu* Omaha branch or the Union raclflc Kabroaa, west ofVort ilcl'bOTon. or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Ter* such post* or depots as are now or may bees* faUltbcd to the Territory of VDra-ssa, wp.t of load* tutta H;S decrees, in the leiritory of Montana, south of latitude-iti degree#, in the Territory of Dakota, west ot lonjmudelM decrees. In the Territory of Idaho, south of latitude 44 decrees, and east of I jnzltndo JU decrees, and In tbe Territories of Uub ana Colorado north oi latitude 40 octrees, Including, li necessary, Denver ROUTE No. t. From Fort Jllley. State ot Kanus, or inch points u may be determined noon durtac the year on the union I'ariflc Railroad, E. D„ to any post* or depots that arc now or may be ctlaMlMicQ in the State of Hannas or in UicTemroiT of Uolorad», sontb of latitude 40 do ptoe* rortli, ami to Fort Union. New Mexico, or other o«pottnatmarbeQmcnv«aiQ that Territory, and to any ether point or points on the route. J . _ . UOLIE No.a. From Fort Union or fuch other depot m mar be estsbiuhcd in the Territory of New Mexico, to any p<m» or Hatton* that are. or may be established la that Territory, atd to tnch posts or stations as may he dertcnaied In the Territory of Arizona, and in the State of Texas west oflotcitndc ICO decree*. ROUTE No. 4. From St. Paul, Minnisou, to each posts as arc now orniaybec*labN*ncd in the State of Ml:ne*ota,aod Id that portion of Dakota Territory lying east of the Missouri River. The weight to be transported during the rear will not exceed on Route No. 1, pounds; on Some No. 3,20X0(1,1 00 pounds; on Route N*o. 3, SMOJ3oo pounds, and on Route No. 4, A 500,000 poandi. Proposal- will be made fbr each routs separately. Hidden* wilt Hate the rate per 1U) poundsp<r 130 nllti*.ii which they wnl transport the stores in each month of the year, beginning April Ist, 1601, an J end* Inc March 32,1M8. Didder* should give their name* In lull, tv well as tht lr mace* of tcsloence, and each proposal should bo accompanied by a bond m tne sum ot ten thousand I dollar*, slgutdby two or a ore responsible per mits, guaranteeing that in case * contract U awarded for tte route mentioned) in the proposal to tho party K tlDc.Ui'contract will be accented and entered and good ana sufficient security tarnished by mW party in accordance with the terms of this adver tisement. Thecooiracuirwtiiberoqoucuto give bonds In the follow lr g amounts: On i.oute So. 1. |25C,000. On Route So. 1. sno,(ML ■ On Route No. 3. too.oco. On Route NO. 4. KIOOO. SMlsCictory evi(le:ceof tbe loyalty and solvency of each bidder and person offered as security will be re quired. ITrposals trust be endorsed “ Proposals for Army TraUM-ortailon on Route No. L 2,2. or 4, as the case may pe, atd nene will be en:enamed unices th*y fuiiy comply wttb the requirements of this advertise mint. The nartv lowborn an awordls made mutt be pre pared to execute the roztract at once, ana to give tbe nqnirrd bonds for the nMtiifm performance of the con tract. The right tn rqject any and all bids that offered It reserved. Iheccntractor cncach route must be In readiness for service by the lit day of April. 1567, and will be re quired to have a place ofbaslocss, or agency, at which hems} be communicated with promptly and readily jut Route No. 1, at Omafca, N. T.; lor Houle No. 2, at Fort Riley. Kants*; for Route No. 3, at Fort Union, New Mexico: lor Route No. 4. at Salat Paul. Minne sota, or at such other p--lni for escb ot me several Rente* as may be fodteated as me star ting point of the route. Blank Urns showing tbe conditions ot the contract to be entered into for each route, con be bad on app l ration at ibis office, or at the office of the (joartermas ur at New York Saint Louis. Fort Leavcnworta. Cashs. Santa Fraud Fort s-ceiUcg. and mart accom pany and he a part ot the proposals. By order of the Onarterma-ter General. ALEXANDER BLISS. Brevet Colonel and Aas't Quartermaster D. S. A. p OVEKNMENT SALE. ■Ke prenerty known as the “GOVERNMENT TAN NEuT aND STEAM SAWMILL,” with sev enty-five acre* of land, near SAN , . _ AMOKIO. TEXAS. Sealed Proposals, ta duplicate, will be received op to the Out day ol March, 1867, for the purchase of 75 sertsot land, imore or '•«•) together with the build ings cjecl-d ituton, and tie anportenancm appertain ing, that is to aay: ONE TANNER Y.c otslalngfwelve Stone Line Van*, FIFTY-TWO WOODEN VATS, SEVEN sTONE POOLS, and capable of tancinr 15.CC0 hides per anrom; ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable of sawing 3.W0 feet ot Lumber dally 5 OKS EMALL SIt)NC BCILDINQ. The above property is situated abont two miles abeve can Antonio, on the Sou Antonio River,and the water Dbopdncted to me establishment by a race of hews strne laid In cement. The land was tnreasedard improvement* made by the late so-ca led Cun*aerate GJvernment, and are estimated to have coat (UO.OOU In poll. The property nas hem under lease tor the year 1566, at a monthly rent cf (300, payable in advance. A se cured ttletairc simple will be given by the U.S.Gov ernmenu proposal! win be marked •‘J'ronoiala for Govern* inert Tannery and Sawmill*** and ad-iressod to J. B. KIDDOO, Brt. MaJ. Gtn. Aks’l Cotn'r Boreas A.F.&AU, TTARBOU WORKS AT GRAND HA n VEN and Black Lake, Mint igan. OmciScnmxTrvDisa Essurxgß, Bksaosf IWPFOTWWCSTS, Viyv MICBtOAS. 4 Wavirai, Wisconsin, January 1.1967. ( Sealed proposals, in duplicate, of the form famished by the und<-r>lgiied, wli] be reee.ved at this ofllee until Thursday, U»c lllb d*y cf February, 1367, at improving the harbors of Grand Barca and Black LaKN Uiehlgao. TheimproTcmestsat Grard Btm will cohil*t ot 15,PC0f«L, mf r- ur leaa, of cio»c piling to protect the south bank c.f the river nrar toe entrance and an ex tension of the sonin pier tor 600 foes by cribs filled with store. The Improvements at Black take win be extentmu of tnepresrat piers, 512 running f«t In all, and dredg ing the drecglug wilt be between the piers, and tor placing tbecew crlba, and will amount lo 6f1,0W cubic y&roa. more or U*e. to ana and are on Ole la the ofllse, and will besh-iwp to ai! wbo wish to examln* them for the purpc6- of esUu.aucc. T( r trop*.*a> wiC be separate tor each work, end let cvrh claw cf material or lab-rtor even wort, toll wUlbcrrctlreotora part or tar the whop* of either work. The work to bn imlthed hr October j, ish. T, esc works will nelol to the lowest re-rotilbUhld dtr, reserving ts the United blatea the right to reject am-nr all bids. Bidcrra are requestod to be preset! upon the opening of the bid*. . . The cnplicate proposalt win be endorsed, enclosed ts acnante envelopes, and aodreeied to MAJ alt J. U. WBBELBB, I 0. b. Engineers, Uuwaukee. Wls. Slelsfiß* gLEieua. SLEIGHS! SLEIGHS! Wehavenowon haod the most cuasrolflcont aaairt mwt of FINE SLEIGHS ev-r exhibited™ thlacoaotrv. Kli* well-known fact that tUa KIMBALLS take tin Icadoo Fine Finished Sleighs. Porßtyie,BesntT ol Finish, aad Durability, they art pot eqosJ ea In u>c world, * Fine Blasts ofoor own make, from |B3 to MOO. ■ riaePoiUandaodotherSleighs, not oar own make. Crom ta to u». t&~ We cannot be undersold on any Sleighs la thf mutant. KMBALIi BROS. & CO., 110, 112 and_lX4_Sndbnry_Strect, tGift iSntetptiges. "VVATOH BALE ON THE POPULAR ONE PRICE PLAN, Ulrlng every patron a iaad«ooie and reliable Watch lor the low priced Ten Dollars, without regard to value, and not be paid for unless perfectly sstufecloryl 100 BaUd Gold Bunta eW.Mchcs fSO to BtbC 100 Magic Cased Gold (Vatcbea. 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The return ol any of our certificates entitle* you to the articles named thcreo'*, oponpaymenmrrcspectlv- of Us worth, acd as no article valued ins than 810 la named on any cer tincala, Uwill atyuce be seen that tula is no Lottery, but a itralghtforirard legitimate transaction, which msy he participated to evet-oy themo«t(<aUdiaaat Ailnsle Certifieste wlli he amt by (call, post-paid, upon receipt of £ eta., five for |i, eleven for IL thirty* three and tleKant premium f->r 15, sixty-six and more valuable premium lor lid. oucbuudivtl and most su* perb WatcUtur|i3. to agent* or those wishing eta* plnymrt r thu l» a rare opportunity. It is s Icgitimao ly conducted business, duly authorised t>r the Govern* moot, and open Uttne mostearciut sernttcy. iry us AddfessJ, mCKLLNG ftCO„ 1 All Broadway.N.Y, business ©albs. noMMissioN house. Seaton & cook, SucccHsom to Ingmoll & Eaton, (t-UMUU.a in l*J.) UEMiIUI rUIIMISSION 51EUDIIJNTS, 13 dtate-st., Chicago, Give prompt and pcrMoal attention loallconJlgn menu. r.U. DIIAU KU (1073* coniniSNioN rikiioil'ANX*, OFFICE, 301 FBONT-9T., Literal cun advancement* made on consignments QEaT, BATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission Merchant, No. GO MoGao-etn Between FandG-stSn) DENVER, COLORADO. T}R£SSED HOGS! STENCILS AND WEIGHT LISTS Furnished gratia. Richest market price* guarantnec Prompt return* made. Correspondence solicited. REDMOND A CO., fien’l Com’n Merch’m, piS Waihtagton-sb. Cttcaro.ul. fflltg Notices. COLLECTOR’S NOTICE.—State ol Illinois. Cook County—**. Citt CotLxciot’s omex, Corot Horae. » Kckiiu No. 14, January 17th, 1867. J pnbbcnoUceis hereby given that the following dry scribed Warrant* have been placed In my hand* fbr collection, to wit: % Warran* No. TS4. West—Dated Janaary H. 1666, ana i.«*utd Ijt the collection oi a spedal aasearment Icvltd for eiaewaik e>.E. aide Milwaukee arc nae, \jttwern Hotsiem aveaae and Western avenue. All persona interested in said special assessment art requited to make itLOirdiatt: bayment at my office. In default of such payment th* said aascssacu. win be collected at the coat and expense ot Dervms liable ihertfor. A. 11. UKAI,i>, City Collector. COLLECTOR’S NOTICE —State ol Illinois, cook County—as. Cm CoLLxcTuk’a omet (’ocbt Borax, i , Rook No. It, Cmcaoo, Jan. lllh. 1957. t PahUenouc* is hereby given that the following de scribed Warrant* have been placed In my hands fbr col lection, to wit: Warrant No. 762, West—Dated Dec. 27th, 1666. and is sued tor tho collection of a apt-cM assessment levied fbr opening no alley, f’orteea fret wide, tnrouebtb’- aouth part of block 47. in Canal rnuteea’ Su&dinaiot of Section 7, Town S 3, N. li. 11, £. from Paulina street to Wocd street *o that tbe north tine of said orono*od alley shall be parallel to and US 4-10 leet from the soatt line of Wsmut street Warrant No. 783. West—Dated Dec. 19th, 1666, and Is sued lor the collection of a special assessment levied fbt leioostrncUng side walk, on the weal side ol Central avenue and south aide ot P-arce street. Warrant N 0.559. booth—Dated Dec. 37th. 1666, and is eaed lor the collection of a special as'easmeot levied fbr the erection of eight (8) lamp ooata on Fourteenth street, betweec State .-trect and Indiana avenue. Warrant No. MO, south—Dated Doe. tfth, i 960, and is sued tor the collection ot a special assessment levied for the erection ot seventeen 07) lamp »oat*. on Prairie avenue, between Twenty-mth and Iwenty-nlntb strtcu. All persona Interested tn said assessment* are re qneeted to make immediate payment at my office. Ir dcfaultOfsucapaymeutUutaald awuasmeat* will be collected at the cost and expense of the persons liabl» tbtrcfbr. A. 0. HKALP, City Collector. NOTICE. omci or ms boabd op imtoltc Wobks, 1 Chicago, January 19,1867. j Whereas, the rommon counoi of the City of Chicago has ardered that the eighteen tool alley ranting ea* and west In block 116, brhool Sccticb addition to Chi cago, he widened to too width ot 'St leet, aod extended, of tht same width. ca>t to Clark street, making th sonthllnetlieieof parallelto,aad 177 1-10 feu north from the north -Inc -if M nroe street. Now, therefore, public notice Is hereby given to all person* Interested, that the Commissioners of the Board oflnbllc Works will meet at Room No. I, (up sialrs) in bullalnc Nos. 15 and 17 Weds street. In *alo City, on tho srth day ol January. A. D. 1667, at the hour of ten o'clock a. to assort Uu daraacts that win be sustained, or tbe bene fits conferred,. together with the awts of tbe pro ceedings. by re*sou of the doing of such work and tbe making of said contemplated Improvement. The general oca riptjon of the land to be coodemnoc L« a amp of land abbot 9 feet wide, from the south cad ot sub lot 7 of Aa***or’* Division of lot 1 and E. V io s.MocK 116. School Section Addition to Chicago: m strip of laud alxut 3 feel wide, from the south undo: the wertp-trt oflolS; a stop of land about S feel wldi from the south *>de of snb lot* 8 and 9 of lots 1 am *4; a amp ol lapd about »J feet wide from the north end o. lots, and &<>m tfic ea?t'half of I t fi, and a etnp o; land abonll2 feet wide from l"c n->rth end of the west h<«ll(V)of)ot6nndiromlotß7andß,Bdln block US, ScbcoJ Section Addition to Chicago, „ J. O. GINDELE, FRKD.LETZ, O.J.KOSR. Commissioner* ol the Board of Public works. rpAN COLLECI OU’S NOTIOE-Stnte I of Illinois, County of Coox, City ot Chicago—ss. Cm Cou.xctob’s omet, Room No tl, Curar Horsx. Gnicuoo, January 21,1567.) Pnbllc Notice Is hereby given that on the first Mod* day la February, being the fourth day of February, A. 1). met, at a regular tern ot tbo Superior Court ot Chicago, to bei-egnn and holdeolo the Court House, la said City ot Chicago, on the last mentioned day, I shall make* report to said Bnprrtoi Court of Chicago of all the This# and Assessments remaining unpaid upon the Real EauieTax II t lor the moniclnal year, Isfif., the warrant attached to »ald Weal Estate Tax list, being dated the Tweofv-Nlolh day of October, A. It. lefts and ask for Judgment araintt tbe several lots, blocks. Fleets and FarceU ot Laud or other I’rot «m described in aald Tax list f.>r the amount of Taxes, Damocts and coats respectively duo tnereon. A 11 persona Interested arc requested to attend at the aforesaid ten* of said SupenorCourtof Chicago ALEXANFEK U. BEALD.CIty collector. TIX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE-State of Dilpol*. County of Cook. City of Chicaso—»s. OiTT COMKCTOR'S OmCX,RoO«No.I4, ? Com flocse. Chicago. January 14. led?. 1 Public N< Ucc ts hereby given, that on the flr*i Mon d*y of February, being the 4th day of February, A. D. UW, at a regular terra ottlic Superior coart of Chi cago, io be begun and holden lu the Court House, In said Uty ot Cnlcauo, on the last mentioned day, 1 shall make report to said bnpcrior Court, of Chicago, on the to lowing Special Assessment Warrants placed in my hands for Collection on or before the last day of Octo ber, A. D. ISM, and a-k for Judgment against the mjv erst Lots, lllocsx, Pieces or Panels ot Land or other property detained In »nch wsnonts, on which the assctsmenis then remain nnpsid. tor the amount of assessments, damages and costs respectively doe there op, to wit: Warrant No. 43, South—Dated Fehrnary 7.1565, tor filling, grading and planking Court Place, between la Salle ano ‘Weils smet?. Warrant No. 4S - ! South—Dated March 9th, 15*36, fbr filling, grading and planking ol an A'ley, runnlngfrom ism to 2Cth streets, between Wabaeh avenue and btate street. Warrant 463, South—Dated May 4th. 15C6,forcurblnff. craning ami gravelling and park* cutters, wUh boul der stone. Prairie avenue, (him tilth street to 2*l street. W arrant 484. Sooth—Dated May 3th. UCA, for curb ing, graditgond raving culler*, with boulder ejone, fcizteenth street, from Piste street to Pralne avenue. Warrants.South—Dated July 12ih.1866. tor era ding and cindering Archct Road from Reuben street to Western Avenue. Warrant 4S», Moth—Dated October 3d. fbr gra ding and ti.acaQaa.lzUg IXalSted street from UUt street to Kagan avenue. _ Warrant 489, South—Dated October 3d, 1566. fbr curbing, filling and paving Monroe street, from State street to Michigan avenue. Warrant rjo, sontn—Dated October 3d, 1866, for open ing and extending LaSalle ttrect tmtn oactocn to von Raven street. All penens Interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid tern of said Superior Court of Chicago, A- H, HEAI-D, City Collector. rpAK COLLECTOR'S NOTICE—State 1 of XillroU, County ot Cook. City of Chicago—«. City Coujcctos's omci, Boon Corgrifocu, cmcaQo,januaryaut,ise7. { Public notice U hereby riven. that o j the Ant Moo* day of Februarybelngtiietoartb day cf Feouary, A. D. T li«*. at angular term of tbe Superior court ol be begun and bolden in the Court Hoa»e. in raid City ol Chicago, co the last mentioned day, I shall make a report to raid Su perior Court of Chicago, «.o the following special Assessment W*r r». ts placed la tar baud* far collection on cr betore the last day ot October, A. D. inland ask for Judgment against the several Lou, Blocks. Fleet* or Farce.# of Land or other property octcrlbCd in suco warrants, on which the assessment* then remain cnpaid. for the amount of assessments, damage* and costs itt-pecUveiyoue there<3, to-wit: Warrant 5«, South-Dated Oct. Mb. isss, tor fijinr ar*dine and plonking of the alley running north ana south between Twe.lih and Fourteenth streets aid &tatc and Waoaah avenue. Warrant SOI. South—Dated Oct. 3th, 1868. (or private drama on Washington street between State street and Mlrtilctt avenue. Warrant &C. South—Dated Oct. Oh. 1968, lor curb ing mitre and pavtai; GrUwotd street, from Vaa ba ton to Hoik itnet. Warrant NB, Sooth—Datri Oct. 9th. 1*66. l»r filling pavtogato gracing LaSalle street from itadlsou to ''wirruut'wt^Scnth—Dated Oct, ?uh.X36&tor filling, grading and pJanJung Couch place from Franklin to Warrant Wb South—Dated 0ct.5Uh.1360. second as* .*«,menu tor curbing, fillingand trading South Water street tram Michigan avenue u> Wabash avenue, Warraotsl<6,soaih-Daicd Oct. 2«o. iSofi. secondai tmmenu ur cradles and planting Benton place from stats street to u aM»b avenue. Warrant 507, South—Hated Oct. 94th, 1366, for carts ins Gilmr and plankm* alley running north and south between Eldrlace ana Harmon conns through Block 19 fractional accLon (IS) addition to Chic tgo. All prrsotalßtrmudaremjaesied to attend at the term of said Superior Ccurt of Chicago. A. fc. HBaLD.CUj Collector. rpAX COLLECTORS* NOTICE—State I oCn'.lnol®, County of Cook, City of Chicago—is. Cmr collect* b*s Omen. > Booh Ko, K. Com Uocss. January nst. 1967. f Public notice Is hereby given, that on the first Mon day cf February, being the fourth <uyofF;braarr. A- D. ISK7. at a regular t*rm of tne Superior Court cf CM caco. to be beenn and hoiden in the Coon Uoase,'n said CU> of Chicago, on too tan meaDoted day. I shall make rvpoitm*aid Superior Court of Chlcsg),oa tne fOitoairc-f** o1 * 1 Assessmeat Warrant* pla'rdlomy bauo* for collection on or betoretne last day of Octo ber. A.D.ISiA and asktorjudrmeat against toe several lota, blocks, pteceorpa»ce»sol land or other property described to such warrant*, on which the asscysmeats ttus remain unpaid, tor toe amount of assessments, dtsiißji and co»u respective l ? due thereon, to-wit: Warrant NO. fS6, West— Dsud Oct.Sl*t, 1563,10 r re oot*trucUne a sidrwaik In tront < t or adjacent to the following dofrtbednroperly. to*wlt: Warrant No. G>7. We>t—Hated Oct. Stst, 1363, for re* coustructltg a Mde-alc on the north etde cf Wvet Lake street. In front cf or adjacent to the following de* *’ tt^arrimt^No^^-, West—Dated Oct. Slat, ISw, for esn- a Mdiwalt m front cf or adjacent to the tol lowing acMVlbed property, to-wlt*. Warrsut 690. West— Hated Oct. Slat, 1545. tor the e-vn strucuno of a tldewala in trootoforotUacentto me lot-, lowing desmibni broperty. to-ult; 1 Warrant No; SB, Wwt— Dated Oct. - Slat 1935, (or re constructing a Mdewaik in front«( or adjacent ta the tor coo* Btructirg a ndtwaik la frent of or adjacent to the tol 'lewlneav^^ - All perveu lutmsteo are requested to attend at the atozenlJ t«m ot laid Superior c;nrt at Chicago. A.Q. HEALD, City Coltect-r. (Hits Notices. rpAX COLLEOTOK’B MOTIOIS-State JL ol Illinois. Conaty ot Cook, City of Chicago, m. Crrr CoUFCTora omex, BoohNu.h, 1 COPBT House. J»n. JUL 1567. f Public a: uee ta hereby given, that oo the first Moo* < ajo» February, being the fourth day of Febraaiy. A. D, J 667, at a regular term ot the Superior Cnnrt »f Chicago. U> be begun aad holdenln the Court ilooee. in earn city ot Chicago, on the laitmeotloced day, I shall tr ate report to said superior Court el Chicago. ol tip followlLg Special Aiiesamcnt Warrants placed in my bands for collection on rr befere the last day of oooncr. A. D. I*6, aad a<t for Judgment agaluatne' »*vcral Lota, Blocks. Pieces or Parcels ol Lsao or other preperty described in such warrants, eo watch the asacasmtDt* then remain unpaid, for the amount of aftessmenu. damagee and coats respectively duo thereon, to wlv: Warrant K 0.790 N anh—Datud erection of twelve lamp posts oo North LaSatie street, between UlTiiioi street aad Schtuln street. Warrant 2SI North—Dated Oct. 21,1856. for erection of 6 lamp posts • a North Dearborn street, between Oak street and East While street. Wartantt&Nutib—Dated 0ct,24,1315, tor erection cf 4 lamp posts ou North Water street between Rush street and tit. Clair street. Warrant *B4 Norto—(rated Oct. 84.1866, fbr erection ol 5 lamp posts on Huron street between Pins street atOSu U»lr street. Warrant fcc North—Dated Oct. 4,1366. tbr erscuon of 2 lamp posts on Chicago avenue between North WeiU street and North LaSalle street. WarrvnttEC North—Dsted Oct. 24,1366, for erection of I lamp post on the east side of Pine street at the corner ot tie al ay north of Superior street. Warrant art North—Dated ocu Jt, ISMpfor erection of 16 lamp posts on Division street between Sedgwick street anu Korin Clarkstreet, except the Intersections ot North Welt* street. Warrant 298 North—Dated Oct, 84.1866. far extension of West Hinsdale street Bom Its present eastef a termi nus. eastwanuy, of the width ol .66 feet, to North La* balle street. All persons Interested aro requested ti attend at the aforesaid term of said Sanertor Court ol Chicago. A 11. UEALD, City CoUeClof._ TAX COLL ECTOR’ 8 N OTIC E. State X ol DlinoU. CouutyofCook—vf. Car Collector's omo,) Boom No. 14, Court ilocss, > , . . Cmc*.oy, January id. 1557. ) Public N oilM Is hereby given. that on the first Mon* day oi February, being the tonrib day of February, A. D. 186.. at a mi alar term of tae superior conn of CM* cago, to be Ik stun and tivlden in the Court House, in •aid L'U) of Chic* go, os the U«t mentioned day, ( shall p ake report to raid Superior Court, of Chicago. on the following special Assoment Warrants placed Id my handset collection on or before the last day ..f Oc to iler, A. D. 1666, and ask lor judgment aralu-t the seve ral Lots, Blocks, Fieces or Farce)* of Land or other l reporty described In socb warrants, on which toe as sessments thin remain nupald, lor the amount of as srMirmts, damage* and costa respectively doe there; Warrant No. Cti, West-Dated October M. 160, lor constructing sidewalk to front of oi adjacent to the fol lowing deaenbod property, to-wit: Warrant No. CM, VVot-Hatcd October 31, IWJ, tor reconstructing a slot-walk on the west side of Bober street, lntwccn tisOl«rm and Warren streets. Warrant No. Ml, West—listed October 31, 190. tor construction ol a sidewalk on the south side cfßamson stmt, betwten 'ihroop and tiuckcr streets. Warrant No. f&v West—Dated October 31, IMS, for the rccot sirticiiun of» sidewalk In front of or adjacent to the following described property, to wit t Warrant No. 657. West— Dated October 31, HW, fbr the construction of a sllowalk in front of or adjacent to the fodoalug clearnbcd property, to-wf s Warrant No. cU, Wcav-Dsuxl October 31. IMS. tor urontirnciiug a sidewalk on tbo south aide ol Milwau kee ntcLDr. Warrant No. (41, Wcst-Dftlod October 31, BM, for (hu construction ol a sidewalk in (font of or adjacent to ilir follow in gih scrl(ml prop-m, u>-wlt t Warrant No. caa Wo*t—Hated October 91. IW, fbr omsinKimgasiflowaikouiho north side of Jackson street, between jiaMted street and i)o*plaincs street All prisons interested are requested in attend at the slumalu w rm ol said H»t*r|nr Court ol Chicago. A. lI.UBALD. City Collector. r PAX COLLECTOR'S NOTIOB.-SiMc X oi Illinois, CouMy of Cuuk. City of Chicago—as City Collrcvuh's Orr ids, j lloou no. it. Conrr nousc, January 3isL 1867. t Ihiblio Notice is hereby nlven. that on the first Mon day of February, belli* the fourth day of February A. H. 11*7, at a regular term oftna HuperlorCnurtoi Chi cago, to b* begun and bnldrn in tuo Court Home, in said City of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, 1 shall make rrpotlto salt Superior C,mi. of Chicago,on Ufo iollowluc Special Assessment Warrants placed In my hands for oil.ecnon on »r before the jast day of Octo ber, A. D. 16M,and <uk for Judgment again.! the seve ral Hots. Blocks, Ideces or l*areels ol Land or other property described in such warrants on Which the wMcssmeuts tnen remain unpaid, tor mo amount of as i-ecsmenta, damages and costs respectively due there* on.uawU; ♦ Warrant No. 664 West, dated October 31,1905. for the ecastrnctloh of a sidewalk «-n the east side of South western avenue between Watblngion and Madison streets. Warrant No. CGS West, dated October 31. ISOS, for the construction of a sidewalk m front of or adjacent to Hie following described property, tu wit: Warrant No 6fF West, dated Octoh-*r3l.lS<i5 t forre laying sldewaiksln frontofor adjacent to fob following described property to wit: Warrant No. G7t West, dated Octobers). 1863, for con ftrncUog a sidewalk on the cast tide of May s*reci be twcmFuUooouit i.ake streets. r Wan»ntNo,€73 West, dated October 31,1365 for re constructing a sidewalk on the west side of Sheldon stmt between Madison and tsa-hluctnn str-ets. Warrant No. 67* West. Haled October 31. 133, for re- 1 consiinctlsg a sidewalk on the e*st stdeul Paulina stmt between Pulton street and Carroll street. 1 Warrant No. 677 West—Dated October SI, itkß. for re constructing a sidewalk on the south side of Washing ioi street, between Bishop Court and ». W. Arenac, Warrant so. Cfts West—dated October 31. ISO, for constructing s sidewalk in trout of or adjacent to foe following described property, to wit: All persons Interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid t«Jtu of said Superior evurt of Chicago. A. u. li&ALD, city Collect jr. 'J'AX OOLLEOTOK’B NOTlCE—state X oflUlnols, County ol Cook, City oi Colcigo—sa. .Cnr Collector's Oftice, Booh it, i Coclt House. J.unary 'll, ls« 7. j rnbllcNotlce Is heieoy given, that on the firstifon day oi Febmaiy, being the fourth day of February, a. H. Ibt7* at a regular term ofthe Bnn-rlci C-mrt of Chi cago, to be begun and LuMcu in the Court House, in said City of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, I shall make report to said Superior Court, of Chicago, on the following Special Assessment Warract* piaied in my Canos for collection on or before the last day of Octo ber, A. D. fb&c,ana ask for Jnd%meat against uve several Lots, Blocks, Pieces or Parcels of LAnn or other prop erty described in such warrants, on which the oaaesa men’s then remain unpaid, lor the amount of asicss tueEta, damages and costs tespeclt\ely due thereon, to-wit; Warrant No. 271 North—dated Oct. JUb.lßC6.for reconstructing sidewalks on the streets named beiow ; Warrant No. 773 North—dated Oct. rtih. ISM, for constructing a sidewultoa the south side of Centre street, between Clark street and Sedgwick street. Warrant No. 27t North—datedOcC tilth, 1806,f0t con structlt g a sidewalk on the - >nth side of Menomonee street, between Mohawk and Sedgwlckstroets. Warrant 373 North—dated Oct. Jttn, 1365. tor con structing a sldcw a kon south side of Asylum place, between llalsteo street and Franklin slreet. Warrant S7S North—dated Oct. »4Ux,i656. for con st’ ucttng a sidewalk on the soudi side of Willow street, between Orchard street and (l&ltted street. Warranttn North-dated Oct. 31th, IW6, for con etrnctiLga sidewalk on the northaideof North avenue, cetwcen bbt-Uield avenue and North Avenue Bridge. Warrants North—dated Oct. 34tn, 1866, for cm tttuctlng aside walk on both sides if Howe street, be tween IV blow street ana Centre street. Woaraat a*3 North—dated Ocu gllh.TiSo6, for cons tntctlng a sidewalk cn the south.aide ol Blaektuwk street, between Us sted street ana Clvboarne avenue. All persons interested are requested u> attend at the afortsald term ot said Superior Court of Chicago. ; A. U. HEALD. City Collector. COLLECTOR'S NOTICE-—btaie X Otl«UaclS,CoaLti- Of City oroUlcagu.M. COT COLLECTOE'B Omct, COCEf HOL-SB, » icocm No. 14. January 3lsr. IWT7. | Public notice 1» hereby given, that on the first Mon day «.f t tbrusry, being the fourth day of February, A. P. 1E(.7, at a u-guiar term oi tbo tuperl >r Court of ChlcakO, to be bcccn and boiden In the Court House, In rala City o| ■ bicago, on the 1-at mentioned day, I stall make report to said Snocnor Court of Chicago on the folicwingsped tl Assetsmcr t Warrants, piaccd m tny hands for collection on or before the last dar of October, A. 1), iB6O, and ask for judgment against ue several Lots, Blocks, Fleets or Fsrcms or Land or other property ceecrtocd in such warrants, on which the osscctojei ts thet renaln uipald, for the amount <>r assessments, damages ana costs respectively due 1 iM-roon, to nit: Warrat tNo. 469, South—Dated Oct. Slst. 1975, for 1 .the oom-tnictJoncfa Sidewalk in front otorodja ont to, the following des.nbcd property: East Part Elas Acnltior, Bub Lot 1. Lot 51. and Lot 7. Warrant N 0.470, Souu—Hated Oct. Slat. jSfiS. lor coo •trading a Sidewalk in front of; or adjacent to, the property hcremafirrdejCilbcd. Warrant No. 473, t-onth—Dated Oct. Slst, 1865, for cd'tractlngaSldewalkslzfo'twldcoa the cut side afFrairle avenue. Warrrnt No. 476. South-Dated Dec. ISth, iocs, for me rxtcnil-naud widening ol Laurel meet, of lac width or Mxty-six feet, from centre of Douglas place to Tfllrty nm street. __ Warrant No. 477, South—Dated Jan. 37th, 1566, for the erection and rerrorai of Lamp-post on South Water street, between Clark and Franklin etrecta. Warrant N 0.478, bonth—Datrd Jan. 27th, }866, for the erection ace removal of Lamp-posts on South Water street, between Wabash and Michigan avenue. Warrant No. 479, South—Haled Jan. 37t0. 1866. for the erection offline Lamp-tosts on 1 1 dlana* tween Twen»y-«ccoQd and Twro’y-fonrih streets. Whrrant No. 460. booth—Dated Jati.77tb,ls6S, far the erection of one Law p-pobi on the Southeast comer irsixtecsth street and Fralne avenue, and one on Fralne avenue, about US feet south ol Sixteenth street. AH persons Interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term of sala Superior Court of Chicago. A. 6. HEALD. City Collector. '"PAX COLLEG'i Oil's KO'llOD—State JL of Ulinols.Counly otcoot—u; CtTV CsiLUCTOB’a Orptcs, Cocbt Home,} „ Boon no. ii, Chicago, January 21.1857. f rcbllc notice Is hereby given that on toe first Man* day of February, being tne fourth day ot February, A. Ik li6‘, at a regular Wjn cl tbe Superior v/ounol Chicago, to be beenn and holden In tbe Court Haase, in said Ui> of Chicago, on Uie mt mentioned day. i shall make report to said Superior Court, oC Culcigo, ou toe following Special Assessment Warrants placed in my hands for collection ou or betorc the tut day ot Octoper, A. D. 1866. and ask tor Judgment against tbe several lots, oiocxs. Fleets cr carceisor land or other property described in such warrants, on which tao astsffstceatMben remain unpaid, for the amount of auessa ent«, damage* and costs respectively due there* on, to wit: Warrant So. TU. West—Dated Oct. Mb, ISG6, for pri vate drains on \Ve*t Randolph street between Hals ted street anc tberl'er. Warrant No. 715, West—Dated Oct 6th, 1866, fbr gra ding and macadamizing North JeffrT»o& sl-cet. from tbenonbUneofWcsiLakestreet to the south sldeof llnbbatd street Warrant So. 716, Wm—Dated October 6,th 1966, lor filling, gracing and planking the obey raoning north nnCfwrthlnblock*3l nuc 30, Cana* Ttnrte** suooi vision ofß E M Sec. 17. T 39. N B 14 K, and thatpartlon ot the alley running ea»>t and west tnrougb said block M.c\tcn<iicg tromdlalstcd ttmt w tne west due of alley above named. Warrant No. 707, Welt-Dated Oct. Bth, 1366, for the extension cf al6 tcot alley ta the N k ct black i, hADirroo and Green's Addition eastward* ol the same width to B Island avenue. Warrant Ne. 719, West—Dsted Oct. 33d- 1566, lor con structing atldcwalfcoulhe south side of Warr«n sheet inwten Be bey street Boyce street. Warrant No. 771. Westp-Dated Oct. fSd. tatAfor con* strutting a sloewslk on the north side of Hubbard strt<t between Robey street and Leavitt street. Warrant No. 711. w\.st—Dated Oct. Co, i96a,forcon strncting a sidewalk on the south sldeot Warren street between Face street and Paulina street. Warrant No. «2£, West—Dated Oct. did, 1866, tor con structing a sidewalk on the west side ot Paulina street between Chicago avenue end Cornelia street. Warrant No. 733, We- I— Dsted Oct 23d. 1866. for con strnctltg a sid«-« oik on the south side tf Walnnt street between Lincoln street *n J Robey street. Allpeisonstnteivstrd are requested to attend at the aforesaid term of said Superior Court of Chicago. ‘ A.H.HEALD, City Collector. rpAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE—State JL of UUlols, CountyofCook.aty ofChlcago,s«. Crrr Coixxctob's Omcz, > Room No. 14, Court Reuse. Jan. 3lst, 1967. f Public notice is hereby given, that on the first Mon day of February, being the 4lh aay of February, A. D. ISb,, at a regular term of the Superior court of Chi caro. to be begun and holden in the Court House, in fafd City of Chicago, on the last mentioned dsy, I rhali make report In sMd Superior Conrt, of Cblcago, on tlcfollowing Special Asse-smcnta Warrants placed in my bancs for collection on or before the last day of Uciotier, A. D. ISM. and a-k jor judgment against tbe several Lots, Blocks. Mecca or Parcels or Land or other property described in such warrants, on which tbe assessments thin remain unpaid, for tne amount cl asseetmenta then remain unpaid, lor tbe amount of assessments, damages and Cilia rapecttvely dee ibcrc-00, to wu : Warrant fc*. West-dated Oct. 3in.iCos.for construe- Utn of a hidcwalk In front of or adjacent to the fol lowing described property, to wit; Warrant No. Gfe W«i—cated Nov. 19th, 1863, fbr the extentlrn of Walnnt street East to Reuben street, of the with of 68 feet. Warrant No. C 99 West—dated Jan. 2<Ch, lS6G.ior rrevijon of 4 lamppoeia on Fulton street,between ' Sangamon and Peoria streets. Warrant No. Tfo West—dated Feb. 33, IS6S, for tbe erection of 6 lamp pa-u cn Hubbard Court, between Wood and Lincoln streets, __ Wsrrast No.TU We*V—dated Feb. 33d. 1966. for the erection of 4 lamp povs on West Twdith street, be tween Morgan street and ujoE. Line of Brown street. Warrant 7D3 West—dated April 16th. ISO 6, far wlden- ItcoiWamn street to the width of 66 feet between Hoyne ano Levett street* so that the same shall be on aUrewitb that part street east of Boyne and we»t of Levett streets. Warrant No. *O4 West—dated May 4th, 1566, for fin ing. grading and planting ot as alley in the north halt ot block 53. section 7. township 39, range 14, east, run mng fiom Hoyne to Robey etreet. Warrant Nu,7»West—dated May stb.tS66.for the duration of Rupee street from West Eighteenth street ip Canal Port avenue of the Width of fifty feet. AU persons let*rested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term of said Superior Conn of Chicago. A. IL BKAi-D, City Cohector. rj AX COLLECTOR'S NOTICB.—State I ofminoL*. County of Cook. Utyof Chicago, as. Cm CoLLgcron'B umo.Boea No. it. { * Cocsriiocs*, January 51st, IS6I. J Public notice is hereby given, that on the crat Hon da* of February, being the fourth day of February. A. 1). 1567, at a regular term ot tee bupenor Court or Chi* caco, to be begun and m Idea lo the Court House, la said city of Chicago, on the last mmdoard day, t mall make report to said Superior Court, of Chicago, oo the follow log Special Assessment Warrants placed in o.y bands fur collection on or before toe last day of October, A. D.ISCC, and ait torludgmcni against the eer< oal Lots, Blocks, pieces or parcels ot Land or oth er property described In such warrants, on which the iwsMEinis then remain unpaid, roi the amount ofas* leamecta, damages and costs respectively due there* Ol Vamm{ssi South—Dated Oct.24tb.tS66, for erection ot tour lamp posti on Van Burro street, between Sooth W*Hs strict and Griswold street. . _ Wrmnt 53 South—DatM Oct. Silh, 1566. tor erection ofclghllanppcjis on Indiana avenue, from Twenty, ninthstreet n< nhward. Warrant £3B South-Dated Och 51th, 1966. tor erection of tour lamp poets on Twenty-second street, between Wabash sou Indiana avenues. Warrant 529 sooth—Dated Oct. 39th. 1966 i, tor recon* strnctlsg sidewalk on south side of Tweatj -second street, between Caiomet and Kankakee avenues. n arrant 531 booth—Dated Oct. 231 a, IS6C, tor side walk reconstructed on the west side of Indian* ave* sfrcrMDg sidewalk oneast sloe Kaakskea arotne be tween TwcatT-slxthandTwcnty-Nlothsirecw. w*mnt .'-S3 Scnth—Dated Oct. ami, jSSktor neon* strseflne eiccwaik, on the west aide, ot .Wabash are ■n tor recon* struc’inc siee«>konw*stnd«otßaSaßo street and oDthesoutbaidcdfilooroerrect,.. j ah peisons ictcfrtieri are roquesioA to attend at the aforesaid term of said Superior Court of Chicago. , n m>, TT, €lts Notices. r I 'AX CUiiL£CTOh’a .NC AlUl^-otatc JL Ol HiltOU, Coocfrof COOfc CUjLOf Chicago-as. ' Crrr Goixccrors oinot, boom it j CDctt Hoes*. January Jl,lßiJ. J m Public notice is hereby era®. that on the arvt Uoooay or February. bel« tW fourth day of Februa ry, A.P.U67, at a regular term of the superior Court 01 cblc'go. to bo betma and holdea to tbs Court house, in said city of Chicago on toe last mentioned day, I shall make repose to said Snpenor Coart of Chicago, on tbe (allowing Special Ajsoument War- i rat is placed to roy bands tor cf.tectioaon or before ! Uipiast day of October, A. D. ISC6, and atic torjudg meet againmbe aeveralloU, blocks, plecesor parous | of fabdorotoer property describ'd is snob warrants, ; cn which toe assessments then remain unpaid, for the I amount ox assessments, da maxes and costs respective ly due loeroon, to wit: : Warrant No, 747 West—Dated Oct. 51th. 1585. for constructing s sldewo.k cm the sooth side of in clans streoL'bet* een Wotd street and Ooaley street. Warrant No. 749 W«l—Dated Oct, ?4tn, 1363, tor constructing a sidawaik on tbe north side of Van Bn* ten street, between Thriwp street and Bucket arrest. WairaaiNo.'tsrWest—bated Otfr 1iui.1366, lor con structing a sidewalk cn the north - side ct Smith street, bt tween Jhauboa and Wood streets. Warrant No. 770 West-Dated OcC 34th, 1866 tor con structings slcewalk on too south side ot Tyler street. btiwreoßorkirttrevt and Aberdeen street. Warrant N0.73t We*t-Date<l Oct. 31m. 1363, lor till, ay, trading and p snklna of tbe alley In block 83» i larpentet’s Audition tu CLlotco. Warrant No. 755 West—Dated Oct. 51th, 1366. tor widening Seeley street, north of West Jseason street, to the width of 66 leet, corresponding with that o>r- Won of Seeley street now 68 D-et wide, between West Jackson and West Adams afreets. ' Wanant No. <63 West-Dated Oct. 31th, 1966. tor ■ opening an alley 16(eetwlde,frot& Paulina street to Reuben street. running east and west, through lots 8, 7. and W, blocs bt. Canal Trustees bob Division bee. 7, T.59N..8.11E. Wanant No. 764 Weal—Dated Oct. 74'h, 1366. tor opening an 18 toot miey, running from West Jaczian street to West Van buren sircl In block i£,Daoc*n's Artdlaon to Chicago, making the division line between lets 1.2,3.4,5,0.7,8, and low V, 10,11.11,13,14, 13, and ; 16, the ctpire line ot said alley. All persons Interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term of said Superior Court of Chicago. ( . A. U. lIKALD, City CoiieciOP. ( 'T'AX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—State _L olDUnotaCoantyefCooS.CltyofChlcago.ass I Crrr Colucctob’s orrica. Boon No. is. i ■ ■ CocßTUorsr,Janaarr3'»t,liWT. ( ■ . Public notice Is hereby given, that on toe am Hon* 1 osyof February,bciDKtoefonjthdaj - of February, A. , P. 11*67, at a regular term of the buperiur Court oi 1 Chicago, to be began and holrten tn the Court House. | in ssldcUy of Chicago, on the last mentioned d«y, 1 shall make report to said Superior Court, of Chicago, onthofudowtogbpectat Assessment Warrants placed 1 In my hands tor CuUectien ou or oetorethe last day of Octtoer, A. D. 1301,and ask tor judgment against the 1 several Lota, Blocks, Pieces or 1 “areels ot Land or other property uctcnl*d to such warrants, on which the a»se«*aurt)U then mualn unpaid, tor too amount of asreasments, damage* ana costs respectively due there on, to-«lt: Warrant No. 53. South—Paled October SCth. 1938, tor reconstructing sidewalk on the cost aide ot Church Flare. Warrant No. 596, Sooth—Dated October nth, 1808, toe rccrmtroi.tihß slaoaaik on the coal side uf Clark afreet. Warrant 537, Bouth-PafM October »th, 1988, tor reconstructing sioewalk on too north side of Twenty rrct&sirocUig sidawaik on the cast side of ituUsr street and on the sooth side cf TwcUy-ann street. Alt person* Intcrraud are rtnuwwl to attood at the atorrsaid term of itio said .Superior Court of phu-ago, A. fl. fIKALD. City collector. , T\X t'OUaEOTOR’ti NOTICE—&Uitc of Illinois, County of Cook. City nf Chicago-**, crrr Cotxuno*’*umc«. (torn No. u.l Court House, tnicago, Jan. am, tB(T7. t , l*uM)e notice Is hereby given mat on tho am kiouusy of February, being the luunb day of February, A. D., W 7, at a regular tom of tho Hut erior Court of Chica go. to h« begun and holJon in tho C *arl House, In said CU> of Chicago, on tho laat mentioned day. t ttioll maac report to said Muperlor Court, ou the following Mx-cial Assessment Warrants placed linny nauds fur collection ou or heftro tho last day of October, A U. ISui.smt aak tor Judatnenl ai alnst Uift several lota. Muck*, pitces or parrels of lend or other property , ncflcrlbcolnaald warrants, ou which tho a«seosaenu iheomualfl unpaid, tor tbe amount of aaaessments, Oamsgus and coats ro»pecllve)y due therMo, to-wln Warrant No. C9I, w<wt—Patud Oct. Slat, 1565. tor moi'Btiucttnga stdewsls on north aide oi Lskeurect Letaecn Ada and Sbetdon street. Warrant No. css, W'e»t-Dat«d Oct. Slsfr 1965, lor recon*tnietlcg a sioewala on the caat aide ot recktureet between lake atrer t and Full' n street. Warrant No. 643, Woat—Palcd Oct. Slat. U/a. tor the rcccmtiucilf.tufaaaidewalglnfrontoforadjsceni to the prop*riy hwelnafter described. Warrant No. 641, West-Dated Oct, Stst, ISKWbr construe ting a slcewalk In front of block 15, S. b. Ad union to Chicago. Warrant No. Wd, West—Dated Oct. 31st, 1565, for re constrncCuc a etdowaik on the north side ot Boodolph street, between Curtis ana May street. Warrant No. 613, West—Dated Oct. 31st, IS6J, for re courtructingaslaewulkoncast elae of Looau* street, between Acams and Jackson streets. Warrant No. 6*4, We*t—Dated Oct. Sl*t,i9n. tor con strncting a sidew»,k tn front of orodjacent to the fol low U.gucscribtd property 10-wlt: ■. Al persons lutercoudaro requested to attend at the more?aid tern of said Superb r Court of Chicago. A. H. HEALD, City Collector. TAX COLLECT OB’S - NOTICE.—SIate of Illinois, County of Cook, City of Chicago—«. CtTT COtAEOrOB'S Omct, > Room No. 14, Cover Hoes*, January Jlst, isti. f I übllc notice is hereby given. lh*t on the first Mon day ot Fcbrnaty, b-lng the fourth day at February, A. D. IBt7, at a regular term or the Superior Court of chlcaco. tobe begun and holden in Hie Court Hou-w, In said City cf Chicago, on the last mentioned day, i {hall make report to fatd Superior Court d Chlcagj on the following Special Assessment Warrants placed In my hands lor collection on or befbre tho last uay of October, A. D.156C, and asx lor judgment against the Severn, lots, blocks, pieces, or parrels of land or other property de*crlo-d in soch«waTants. on which the .assessments then remain unpaid, lor the amount of assessments, damages, übd costs respectively doe Uimoa, to w U: Warrant Nc. 706. West—Dated Sept, ITlh. 1556, fbr grading and cindering Noble street trom Milwaukee attune to We«t Norltj avenue, and West North avenue from Noble street to Elston road, and Ehton road Horn Weal North avenue to West Cly borne piace. Warrant No. 707, West—Dated teot. I7tu, 1566, tor fHUn/, grading, and planking tho alley running e and . w. through the*. x otblockhkCatpenter’s Adcfilionto Chicago. , Warrant No. 708. We*t—Daitd Scpu nth. 1366.f0r filing, grading, and planking of the alley running n. and s. tbrcntii block 73, Russell, Maih»r & Robert's Addition to Chlcaco. W»iraat No. 719. West—Dated Sept. I7tb, ISS6, lor filling, grading, and planking the alley running e. and w~ In the norto Uol block S 3, sec. 7, i. au, r. li e. Warrant No. TIC, West-Dated Oct. 3d. 1566, tor ex tension cf toe 13-foot alley running e. and w. through block), Magle & Sigh's Addition to Cnicaco, of the same width, and m a straight tine eastwardly to Ann street, mrough lot a. block 38, Carpcoter’a Addition to CtUaso. Warrant No. 711, West—Dated OcL sth, 1566, for curb ng with corn walls, filling to grade, ana paring with wooden block pavement Milwaukee avenne from Us uneilun with North Dueptalncs to West Ktnxle streets tolls Junction with Nonh Moisted and West Indiana streets. Warrant No. 713, West—Dated Ocu sth, 1666, for pri vate drains on Caholslreot, between Lake street and lladlron street. Warrant No. 715, West—Dated Oct.slh. 1866, for pri vate drains on West Madison street, from Hoisted street to the river. All pereons inltrcslcd are requested to attend at the aforesaid term of saldsnnenor Court of Chicago. A. tl. UEALD.CIty Collector. rt'AX COLLECTOU’S NOTlCfc^Statc J. of llllnoir, Conntyol Cook. CIIVQfCM/*«9«. oai I’n-V r(iu.«c tuvs U»li:s, BOOS No.lL > Co cur Hocsb, January Slet, 1367. ( ; Public notice u nert-bj given, that on tic first Mon- 1 day of February, being the fourth day of February, a. : D. IS(<7, at a regular term of the superior Court of CU caeo, to he bc.un and holdtn in the Court House, la said City of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, f shall , tnako report to tsld Superior Court, of Chpago, oaths ; following special Assessment Warrants placed In my I hocus for Collcct’on on or before the last day ot Octo ber. A. P. ISCA ted ask for judgment against the sev eral lots, blocks pieces or parcels of load or other pro perty dercnoed m such warrants, vn which the assess meuts ibcnreuflln Ui<palo, tor toe amoont of assess ments, carnages and costs respectively due thereon, to-wits Warrant No. 363. North—Dated Oct. 4th, 1866, for fl'llLp, grading and plaoklcg of tie Alley mnnmgnorth and south In the wot put of bik 13 Johnston, Roberta A Etcrr's Addition to Chicago. Warrant 964. North-Dated Oct. Ctb. 1566, for curb ing. fining, grading and planking of the running ea»t and west thrwusli but 4, Emile's Audition to Chi cago. Warrant 965, North—Dated Oct. 6th, 1866, for filling, grading ned planking Al.ey in blkl, Wolcott** Add lion to Chicago, and blk 3, Klnziu’s Addition tn ntd- 3W, North—Dated Oct. 61 h, 1555, for re grarcllcg Eu«b ttfeet from Klnzle street to Chicago avenne. Warrant 567. North-Dated Oct. 6th, 1556, for the ex tctelon ot Golhc street c.T'twamly to Wolcott street of the width of 40 feet In tbe tame line ol that- west of Clark street. Warrant 2fiS, North-Date 1 Oct. 6th. 1560, for exten sion of an Alley souih to Wendell street through oUc9, Johnston, Roberts & Storr’s Acdltlon to Chicago. Warrant'69, North—Paled Oct- Bm, 1566, for grading and macadamising Pivtalon street from the roadway ofNortb Ciark »t>ect cast to Wolcott street from its Intirecctloo with the* macadam of Pinslon street to the south side ol ScblLer struct. Warrar t No. 370, Norm—Paled OcL 9th, 1566. for widening of Laßar street from Vine street to the Alley west and adjoining <ot 51. Bntterfield’s Addition to Chlcsso. to the width ot CO lecL AH persecs interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term ui said Superior Court ol Chicago. A. U. REALU, City CoUeCtor. TAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICB-Jstale of Illinois, Cook County, City ot Chicago, as. Cirr Coti.rCTOK’a uniix Conn uucsx, { Boom No. 14, January list. 1367. $ Pobllc notice Is hereby given that on me first Mjh day of February, Irlnc tbe finnh day of February, A. 8., 1567, at a regular term of the Superior Court of Chicago, to be begun and bidden In UteCoux Uoos& In said City of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, t shall make report to said Superior Court of Chicago, on tbe following Special Assessment Warrants placed In my bands for collection unor before the last day of October. A. 1)., lsG6, and a»g tbr Jodement against the several DlwWs, Pieces or Parce.s of lAnd or otbrr property described In sneb warrants, on which the assefsa cr ts then remain unpaid, tor the amount of assessment*, damages and costs respectively das thereon, to wit: ujricuu* iu ,i». WarranVNo. 906, South-Dated Oct. 31th. 1964. To make i>p a teficitLcy for grading and planking Couch- : pure from Dearborn to Clark street. i Warrant No. scy. Sown-Bated oct. 21th, ]»SA, fir finite and paving South Water street, from Clark to Franklin street. Second Asseurmcnt. Warrant No. 610, South—Baled Oct. 21lb. 1566, sec one assessment, for curbing, flllieg, gradtngand plank ing the alicjs In Block 4, Fort Dearborn sedition to Chicago. , Warrant No. 511, Sootk—Dated Oct 21li, 1566, sec ond assessment, for making np the amount wblcn the city failed toft-llecton an assessment for opcmcc a street to becatled Thirteenth street, from State street i to the lands of 1, C. K. R. Co. 1 Warrant No.sl2.’sooth—Baled Oct.3lth, 1866. Per erection of (Sflamp po*t> on Tweoty-mnth street, be tween Inclsoa avenue and Calumet avenue. . r. .-V U m.U VMUUtCI AfUIUV. Warrant No. 515. boom—Batec Oct. 21th, 1566, for erecting ot (2) lamp posts la Peck court, between Wa bash and Michigan avenues. Warrant No. bit, boutb—Bated Oct. Sttb, I 860; for erection of (13) lamp posts on Michigan avenue, be tween Twenty-sixth ano Twenty-ninth streets. Warrant No. 513, South-Bated dec 24th. 1566, lor erection of 4 lamp posts on Twenty-fifth street, between Indiana and Prairlearennn. All peisocs Interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term of said Sopcrlorttourt of Chlca^to City CoUectof- PIX COLLECTOR’S NOTlCE—state 01 UltooU, Cook County, city of Chicago—sa, CtrrCoUAcrob'aomcx, I Comr Horsx, Boom No. U, Jan. 7UL i 507. f Public notice Is here-y given tnacon the first Mon day of February, being the (bortn day of February. A.D.lS67,»taregniar t*nn of the Superior Coart of Chicago, to be begun and holden In the Court Boose, in said city of Chicago, on too fait mentioned day, 1 tbal) make report to said Superior Court of Chicago, ob tbe (bilowti g Special Assessment Warrants placed In my hands (br collection on or betore tne last day ol Ottoprr, A. B. 1666, and ask for Judgment against the several lots, blocks, pieces or parcels of land or other property described In snen warrsnts, on Which toe as eessmau Urn remain unpaid, tor the amount ot as sessments, damages and costs respecUvdy due toerepn, town: WarrantU«South,dated Oct.3ttb,lsC6,forerecU3n ot two lamp posts cn Fourth avenue, one &t s w corner of Fourth avenue and Taylor street, and one 125 feet south of Taylor tweet. Warrantsl7 South, dated Oct. 24th. 1556, for erection of tl lamp post* on Prairie avt-nue. between Twenty second street and the second post souih of Nineteenth Street. *» Warrant $]S South, dated Oct. 24th, ISC6, tor one lamp post on the n e corner cl Twenty-third street and Prai rie avenue. Warrant 519 South, dated October 31th. 1566, for erec tion oi six lamp posts on Karri-on street, between Weils and Clark streets. w arrant 33> South, dated Oct. 21th, 1566. tor emtlou ol nine lamp post! on Calomel avenue, between Twen ty-rixih and Twenty^•ninth streets. __ WaTiantsMSoutn,diiedOct.3Uh,TS66.for erection cf i 2 lamp posts on Indiana svesos, between Foot uontb and sixteenth streets. Warrant 5« South, dated Oct. 21th, 1366, for erection of 2 lanppos'j on Fourteenth atrtet, between State street snd Inela&a avuue. Warrant 323 Sonto, dated Oct,3Uh, 1606. l*r erection of S lamp tests on Van Burcn street, between Wells meet and Bcotb Market sweet. Ml persons Interested are requested to attend at too aforesaid term of said Superior court of Chicago. A, H, HEALD. City Collector. TiX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE,—SIate of Illinois, County of cork, City of Chicago—Sß. Cut Collector's omen ) Boom No. it,Cor»rnocs*, } Cnicjtoo. January 31, 1557.1 Public notice Is hereby elves, that on the Urn Mon day of February. A. D. 1867. at a regular term of tbe Superior Court cf Cblcaro. to be beeuu and boldes la the Court House, in said city of Chicago, on the list memkoed day, I man make report to said Superior Court, of Cbicagaon the tjllowlng Special Assetstnen t Warrants placed In my hands for collection on or be fore the last day of Ocl, a. D. 1866, and ask for Jadg ment against the several lots, blocks, pieces or parcels of land or ether property dcscrloed in said warrants, on which the assessments then remain unpaid, fbr the amount of assessments, damages and costs respective, ly due thereon, to wit: Wa:ranti9i Scnth-Dated Oct. 4, ISOS, for curbing with curb wails Washington street from State street to tbe main allej between state sire t and Wabash av enue, curbing with curb stone said street from said al ley to Michigan avenue. paving with wooden block pavement said Washington street from state street to Michigan avenue. Warrant 49* South—Dated Oct. 4. ISVS,Ibr private drains on Walaah avenue between Twelfth and T wenty serond stretta. Warrant 493 Sooth-Dated OcL 4.18*5. f.wcurbing, filling, grading and paving Shemifin street trots ,as Buren to Uamson street. Warrant 4W south-Dat-.d Oct. i, ISO, private drains on South Wells street, between Vsnßurcn and Taylor and rc-craveiUng Michigan avenue from Park Place to ; Dattrt Oct i, 1955,f0r grading and macadamizing South Hoisted street from Archer tsad toThlrTT-flrvtstreet W arrant 497 South—Dated Oct. 5, 1886, for private drains tn Vanßnrtn street between Michigan avenue ■ndSta'e street Watrant 49S sdeth—Dated Oct S, 1865, for private drains on LaSalle street between Madison and Jackson‘ South—Dated Oct. A 1866, for private drain* on Vanßnrea street, between state street and the river. All persons interested are resonated to attend at tha afo:c-ail term of said Superior court of Chicago. A. Hi HEALD, city Collector. *Cl^rCoU«tor ffittS NOtfCEB. : ,:i r\ 'AX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE—State JL of tlUnols. County of Cook, City orchiea'go—sa. Crrr CoiAacroe’s orncc. Kook No. :l r - CoCTT-Bouag,JaniJMSm. {• pnbllc ncmea is hereby el v«a that oa the flrst ttODdir ot Fehrwy. being tbe roorto d*y cf Febraary. A D. 15*7,ataiegnlartermof U» Superior Court of Ctdco * be begun and - bolcehin the court ilua>e.*la said City of Chicago, •on -the las* mentioned day, * I shall maze a report to tatd- Superior Court ot Chicago, on thb following spedai AsseaaracnVWarranta plavc-i la my hands tot coUecooa on or bdbro *h- lurday-of Oc tober, A. p. issi, and ate for Juagtnvnt; against tun sot* erallots, blcckr. pieces or parcels ot land or other prop erty described in »uvh warrants, on whb-h the asseas meut* iLca remain nap*id, mr the amount of awess- &na ccou refuetUTtly doe thereon. Warrant No. 70. Oct. 33d. 1336. to make ap a ccflcleocy tor fliiins. curbing and panne Ctnel street fiomljiketo Madison street, , Warrant No.T&t, West—Datra Oct. 3vt, 1868, tomake up aaencleiicytorranacocaatzlsrCojolstreet.lfom Ac ar:» V° Tweifln street. Wiinkt No. 755 West—Dated Out. 37d, ISM. torflll it g. grading, grading, paring and cornlnc Hslsted street,from Harmon street to the C. B7io, K. B. crcsslcg. Vr arrail No. 738, West—Dated Oct. 53d, 186*. for ernstmetifiga sidewalk on thosuath side of Jackson , street, between ReobC'-and Marebflejd street. Warrant No. 739. West—Dateo Oct. kid. ISCo. for I constroctUga sidewalk co the west slue of Hoisted street, octweea Wright street acd Railroad crosdoir. Warrant No. 741. Wret—Dated Ocfr it>h. IS6&, tor constructing a sidewalk on the eo*t tl« of Fig street, Horn Milwaukee avenue to western terminus ot Fig Street. Warrant No. 743 West-Dated Oeto*34th, 1968. lor constructing a sidewalk on the west side ot Joansoa street, between Twelfth street and Taylor street. Warrant No. 7(3. West— Dacca Oct. £ttn. 4866. Mr coasttacUng a sidewalk on tn«north sldeof Van Boren street, between Throop street and Locals street. Airpataaai interested are request to attend at the aloresald term of said Superior Court of Chicago. A. a. HEALD, CU? Collector. n. a. ur>ni.i/ t vuj vvuwhii. Tax COLLECTOR’S NOTlCE—fetnte oflhlnols, County of cook. City of Chicago, as: Crrr Collbciob's orncc,) Boon So. 11. Oocbt Uocsc. V Jaxoanr 31st. 1867.) Public notice Is hereby given, that <>n the am Mon day of February, being the tourth day ot February, A. D, 1867, at a regular term cf thoSiptcine Court of Chtrago, u> be begun nnd holden In 1 us Court House, In the said City or Chicago, i-n the la.*' mcntlooed day, 1 shall make report to *nM dnperlorCjt-rt. of Chicago, on the tolmwlbg Snrelnl Aa»o*-mcnt Warrants placed In mr hands rorroliecllon-'n cr b.: ire mo lost day of October. A, D. iB6O, and ask Xot Judgement asalast the eetcral lots, blocks, pieces ur parcels ot loud or other property described In each warrants, on which the as mameolsfhen remain unpaid, lor in© amount of as acMtncnU, damages and costs respectively dun Un. 1 fo od, to wit: Warrant No. U 4, West—Dated Oct. 33d, Wirt, tor eon* •tructlng a aidewa k on the north side of Wa-hmgioo street, bet* eco Horne street and Levett street. 11 arranl No. TA. west—Dated OcU »kt, isod. tor con strut ting a ridevstk on tha south -mo of tanalport avenue, between llnlsted street «nd Brown street. Warrant No. 7JB, West— Dated Oet. XM, IW, fireon strutting a sidewalk on the bortb iido ori wslrtbßirwt, between u*omii street and Thruup street. Warrant No. 777. We»l-Dnt«Kict.?M. 1888, Mr con structing a aldtwajk ou the south shin of Walnut street, between W:o«. street and raulltm street, Warraut No. 738. Wesl-DstM «vt. 7»t. VftJ. fir roc slruiUug a sbk-vNiK cm in© aonib »Wo of Tyler streak bet's mi Kotiey street nnd Hoy no strruU WarrsotNo. W, Wrst-Daled Oef. LM.HkUI. tor con structing asldswalk bt> the north sldoof Cornell itreet. betwrtn Jtllwsiuce avenuu »u*t Noble street. •Warrant No. T.V, Wosf-Pntcil tK t. tM, Ml, for con slrucllnc a sidewalk on Oieaoutr aiderfihirkavmne, betwcroLeavtn street and Oakley street. Warrant No. tn, Wrst-iutM oct. m, IWA tor con suuctlngaaldewatk onlbenonh aide of Milwaukee avenue, U-twren Wtnxi sir* ft and Western avenue. Atl p-rsona interested arurniucatod U> attcuaat the aforesaid term of said Hnpertnr Conn o» Chicago. r PAX CULLKCTOU'S NOTIGE—Suite X ct lUiculs. County o(Cook-«a. . Cirr CottKCTofa Omo,} Room No, 14, Couvr Uocsk. v _ ... . , Ciucaou.January2i, 1567. J Poblle,nol!cf ishenHif giver, thvtimlna nritMun cay.ot February, being ilia fourth day of .February, Aa>. IM»7. at a regular term ot live Superior Court oi .Chicago, to be twgun and holden in tbe Court House. Ip said city of Chicago, on the la-t mentioned day, I jhaUxuaU report to asid bapenor C-mrL of Chicago, on tbt following hpcclal Anaouicnt Warrauu placea tn s y bands tor tollvetlou on or netore the last day ot ucibuw. A.P. lofiA aid alk Dr Judgment against the several lots, blocks, pieces cr parceiaof audoroih-r property dtrerlbed la such wurranc«. on Whl-th the saiaaMtumn u thro r mam unpaid, for the aroouat cf UK&snveau, damages, and cuata respectively due wit: W arraui No. 70 West—Dated October 24.1866, for erection of two Ump tosU on Hubbard street between Tage street and Wood strett. \\ arrant No. 7«. West-Dated OeL 34.1566, tor tree tion oi c*vtn ]au>p-po«B on Warren streeL between Robey street ana the west side ol Hoyne street. WirrantNo. ltd. West—Dstmi Oct. 21,1856, tor erec tion of twenty latnp.posta on VTwl Madison street, be tweeaßuboystrevtaudapotutaboutoue hundrodfoet ws»to) Oakley street. Warrant No. 766, West— Dated Oct. 24,1566. tor free tlou uflwo tanip-posla on Ftuton street, between Ada and sbeidoa streets. Warrant No. 767. West—Dated Oct. 34,1866. f.»r erec tion of ent* latup-pcst on West twecnHni tedatdftrecn strict-. Warrant No. 70. West-Dated Oct. 21.1866, tor erec ttouot two lamj-postson W»st AdamaatreeL between I’eorla street aid SaogauioL street. Warrant No. 769. W eat—Dated Oct. 34. 1566, tor crea tion offuor tamp-poau on Ueubeu street, betweta West Lake street auo Fulton streeL Watrant No. 170. West-Dated Oct. 9f. 1966. for erec tion oi toriy-eevcn on Km-ser streeL be tween siuc bland avenue and Adauw street. AH person? Interested »re requested to attend at the aforesaid term cf Bald Superior Conn of Chicago. A. It. HKALD, Cuy Collector. HP AX COLLECTO rt'S NOTICE State JL cf Illinois, County ot Cook. City of i’hlcago-€B: Cm CoLLxxrroß'a omct, Oortrr Hot-Hg. > Roust 14, January a, 1567. \ public notice IsheMiy given, that on the first Mon day of Fei>Toary, being ibe fonrtn day of February, a. P. 1567. ala regular term of the Superior Court oi Chlcego, to be tx gun nod hoUcn in the (ourt Uonsi-, la said City cf Chicago, cn tee last mt-ndoaeida’. i shall make repot tto said Superior Coun, oi Chicago, on the lollnwinc FpicU: \seessmcst Warrants placed tn my hand.* for Collection on or before the last day of Octoncr, A.P. 1866, and ask lor Judgment against ih» scleral Lota, Block*, Flcteaur Furce sof Lamx or other proiKTty detcrlbed in suen warraaca.on w&icn the as acseiucuta then remain unpalo, for the umoju of as segments, damages and costs respectively due tuereon, to witt Warrant No. 775 WcsL dated Octobir 31.1566, tor eree lion of 3 tamp posts on Green street, between Madison and Washington stmts. Warrant No. 77J We»L dated October 21, 1566, for erection of 13 lamp posuonJeilemn sireeL between Jndd acdMitchc'.tst'ots. T’arrant No. 714 West, dated October 21, 1853, for erection ot one lamp post on Peoria streeL about 145 feet north of Mauuon streeL Warrant No. 73 v\ eiL dated October 34, 1556, tor cmuicacf one lamp port on West Adams streeL be tween llalstcd aid G ecu streets. Warrant No. 77» West, dated October 31, lSC6,tor cxecuoncf9Umpposu-oD West rwcfdi streeL tw twttn Hoisted »ud rstown streeL W arrant No. 77S WnL dated October 39,1866, for re constructing sidewalk on theeonib sideot Madison sti teL between l%*vlUstreet mod Western aveuue. Warrant No. 7fi> West, dated October 39, is-jtf, fbr constructing sidewalk on both sides ot Elgin street, between Purple* treet and /tewart avcuuo. Warrant No. 750 West, CaloU October D, ISC6, for ro cocstrcctlngslai-wa k on wc t side of Wood *trvjt, bo tWevn Fulton «r>p Csrvult tttteU, Al> prnonst&teteßtcd are requested to attend at the j aforesaid turn cf said Superior Court < f Chicago. ) A. U. HEALD.I : Cl»y Cohector. rpAX COI/LKCTOK’6 NOTICE—Suite . JL of Illinois, County of Coot, City of Chicago—as: I „ _ CIXY CoLLECTOn d OVriCk, > Room No. 14, Com 1 Iloce*, January ruollc notice is hereby given th»c on the first Mon day of February, being the fourth nay of Febiuary. A. P-,15*»7,ai a regular term ofthe Snpcri.-r Court of Chicago, to be begun amt hold *o In the Court Hons-, tn salu City cf Chicago, oh the last mentioned day, I shall maxe report to Sjld Superior court of Chicago, on the f> Rowing Special Asiasmeat Warrants placed, in my hards Dr coucctloo. cu or before the lost dav ot October. A. P. and ask lor Judgment against "the several lota, blocks, pieces or parrels of land or other properly described la such warrants on whl«<i the as* si-hMuents Ui nremain unpatdttor the amount ot &*. ecuments. damages and costs respectively due thcre , on, 10-Wit J : Warrant 346. North—Dated OcL SUL U£A Dr the conftnictlou of a sidewalk in Lout of or athaueot to tbe f lilt, wing drarrtb»<l rroprrty. to-WR. ti arrant ?<J. Not th—Dated Oct. 3UL 1965, lor ni> stmctlcn of a sidewalk In front of or adjacent to ’he following described properly, to-wIL Warrant WB. North—Dated Oct. SUL 1&3, lor recall strnctlou ofsiuewaik In front of or aalaccnt to the foil* wing described property, to-w lt. Warrant2l9,Norm—irntwOet 3lsr,iS«l,Dr reevu structlng a sidewalk In front or adjacent ra the follow ing described property, 10-wlt. Warrant *sc. North—Paled Oct. SJsL 1565, Dr cot strucUngof a sidewalk In front of or adjacent to the following described proi>exiy,U)-*iU Warrant 23L North—Dated Uct.3:*L 1365, for thh re construction of a elccwalk In trout of or adjacent to the following described property, to-wJL s Watrant 533. North—Dated Jan'y g 7. 1566. for the enttlon of lamp-posts on North La tjaile street, be tween and Division streeu. Wanant, 25t, North—Dated February 7th, Ibofl, for .filling, grading and placklagan alley to olock 9 Wol ' cotfrt and block II Klnzle’s Addltina to Chicago. All person inter- stec are requested to ailtod at the . atomald term of said Superior Court ot Chicago, j A. if. HEALD, City Collector. 'TAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—State A. of iidnou, County of Cook, City of Calcago—«. „ , Cll T COLLECTOb’S Orriirt, # Roog ho 14, Court Hors*, January 3J,W7. J Ihiblic notice is beteby given, tbat oa the tlr«4 Uoa dsyerj-ebruory.b*lngthefourUtd»y of Febtutry, A. I>. I&C7, ot a tegular term of the Court of Chicago, to be begun and holdeo in tne Coon House. InsaidCtt) of Chicago, on the tost mentioned cay, I shall make report to said Sup-rlnr Coirt, of Chicago, cn the following Special AsMinment Warrants«l In my hands for collection on or before the last day ul Oct’-ocr, A. P. 156®, and ask for lodgment against the several lot", blocks, pieces crpa*ceia ot laaa or other property desmbed to each w-trrants, oa widen tne jo-vetsaents then remain unpaid for the amount ot ••sttMuents. damage* and costa respectively doe tliwrcp, to wit: 'Variant No.gM, North—Dated March »th,lSoC,for filling, grading and plankingoi an alley In blocks, hlnztc’s acatuon to Chicago. Warrant Ko,»C, North-Dated March Mth.1506, for filling, grading and Piandng ot an alloy rnnnlog nj.-th and south through the n S Of block «, WoicolV# Ad ditloo to Chicago. Warrant No, 37. North-Dated C3th, ISW. foi fliiisc, cranlox ano planking oi the alleys in biocklo, " oltolVs Addttion to CUKag”. Warrant No. tin. North— Dated May stb. 16GS, for filling, grading and plintlcg of the alleys in blocks 6, 7, b ana hi. lielcvan‘9 AdciUuo to CUtcaeu. Warrant No. 559, North—Bated July 13th, for filling, grading ana planking of the alley rucnlng north and *ou(b through me west part of block Je, John* ston’r, llobvrts* aud Siorrs’ AdulUon to ntdeago. "arrant No. 260. North—Baton July SJd, 1K66. lor tbe wldcnlcgof Market atreeT. Kuulestreet, Slithlgan ftredandOhtOftrectlnDuuer,Wright and "ebsur's Acditlun to Chicago. _ Warrant No. k£l. North-Dated September 17th. ISCA for tilling, gtadlcg and planking of the alley running ra*t and west thronph b.oek 3, Wolcott's Audition to Chicago, Warrant No. 262, North—Dated October 4th, ISO. for opening a 12 loot alley running east and west, between low y, 10.11. 12, and lots i 3. it, li and IS, block 26, •toLnalon’s. lioUgia* and Storr*' Addition to Chicago, sons to make the rear line of said lota the centre une of said alley. All persons Interested are recnetted to attend at the alurtwld term of said boperlor Jourt ot Chicago, A. Q. HEaLD, etty CoUector. 'T’AX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—State 1 cl Illinois, County of Cook, City of Chicago—w. Crrr CoLtrcroa'B Orncz, j Boon No. 14, corn Horse, v - January aut, 1567. Public notice Is hereby given, thitoa toe am Mon day of fcTioary. being the fourth clay cf Febniiry, A. D. 1567, at a regular term of toe superior Court of Chicago, to b« begun and holden in the Court liotue. In raid city cf Chicago, on toe last mentioned day, i shall irake report to said Superior Court, of Chicago, ODihcloilowlLg Special Aasessment Warrants placed in ray hands for collection on or betore the la»t day of uctooer, a. D. J&6, and ask for Judgment against the several iota, blocks, pieces or parcels of land or ocher propetf> described in snch warrants, on which toe assersmects toon remain nnpald, for the amount of asserauieLt*. damages and costs respectively doe there on. to wit: Warrant No. 755, West—Dated OcLTUh, 1866, forre conitrcctltigeldeasik on the south of Jackson strut, between II ala led and Green streets. Warrant No. 756, West—Dated Oct. at. 1366, for recon structing sidewalks in trout of or adjacent to pre mises herein be:ow described. Warrant No. 737. West-Baled Oet.W, ISC6, for recon structing sidewalk on tonb side of Lake street, be tween Ann ana May streets. Warrant No. 738, West—Dated Oct.Mtb, lSs»,forre cocitrcctlng sld-walx? on west side of May street, be tween Lake and Fnlton streets. WuraDtNo-759, West—Bated OcC 3Uh, JS66, for re constructing sidewalk on north side ot Madison street, beta ecn Pvona and Sangamon streets. Warrant No. 7&k West-Dakc Oct. 21th. ISC6, tor re constructing sidewalks on west *ldeol Ada tween Lake street and Depot place. Warrant No. TCI. West—Bated Oct- 21th, 1565, for erectkn of two lamu-posts on West £ne streeh be tween Union and HaUtcd streets. ■ Warrant No. 732, West—Dated Oct. 34th, 1566, (br ns pairing ridewa!ks on east side of Soutowestem ave nue. from Madison to Monroe streets. All persons interested are rvquesttd to attend at the aforesaid term cf said Superior Court ol Chicago. A. H. HEALD. City Collector. rpAX COIILECTOH’o NOTlCE.—&tato J. of Ihinoi?, county ot Cook, city of Chicago. »- Crry Collector's Omcx t Hoorn No, It. Court Hotwc, J«naary i pl‘t l S Public totice Is hereby given. day of Fcnroary. being the fourth day ol A, D ISB7. at a regnJar term •’f mo rai-n to be b*tp° and holden in iho Court House, in Bawclly of Chicago, on the *a*t mentioned day, I shall make report to on the following Special l Worraals placed ln my bands for collection oa or beloro the last day ol Oc»- ber A. u. IS5*. and ask for Judgment against the sot- Sui lots. Work*. Pi«« or parcels of laud or other rroneriy described in eucA. warrant*. on which tbe a.«<rVa cßt* then remam unpaid, for the amount of as re&smect.-. damage* and costs respectively due there on * ... Warrant >'o-259 2»orth, dated October fttb. ISOS, for filling. craciEg. and paving and curbing Sotih State strert, from Michigan street to Chicago avenue. . Wniracl 300 Scaih, dated Ocioncr *ilh, 13C6, for filing aca grading SI. Clair street, from the nor th side ol so ptnor s'reet to kilchican street. All persons Interested are requetted to attend at the aformaifl term of said burerl >r Court of Chicago. *.H-Tvrav.-n,City Collector. nriX COILECTOR'6 KOTICE—State X of lUnols, County of Cook, Cliy ot Chicago—sat ; Crrr omex, I . Boon No. 14, Comr Hoes*. January d^ u i t roSf“K®“o.w^r^T boTS™ S.S in tbe%d CHy tfenicaeo. on the last mcaUon«lday« isballmakereptntosaW SuperiorCO'wt oCChicago oTtb" warrant Ibr the eoDectloo of Water Beats *ctnnentire»»mnffunpsldfi'r»h«year or astetioents, damage* and coat reaixxilvUy due ?AO^o3. tttraM.ioreqootrfla.tyod'at the ’"■=>« “‘CTmASTcttr uSgfer. OP THE PEOPLE coKCEKsme HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS. PEOTECTION FOR THE HEALTHY, A TV D BELIEF FOB IKE SICK. INTELLIGENT TE*TUfONT IS AS IMPORTANT IN MEDICINE iu in law. The crest Patrick Heary Mid that the lamp by which his feet were folded waa the'•lamp of experience." Tbe stateae-uolmeacf character and atacdlnc in relation to the property* ondcflccta oi a medicinal preparation which they themselves have tried, and the operation of which they have had nbundant opportunity of witnessing la a great variety ot cases, are absolutely coocmalre. They are so considered by tbe pohde, who very oats'* rady prefer this specie# of testimony to any other that ran bcotr>rtd la behalf ol a proprietary r-mrdy. Vulunosofancb evidence h*ve been pubit-hed in favor ol HObTKTTEirs STOMACH BUTTERS during twenty 3 ears that the unequalled Tonic and Altera live has been before tbe world: and although irg reputation a«i STANDARD SPECIFIC hasloee been established throughout tbe Western hemisphere, it is still deemed advlrabe to exhibit, tbniuclilbi? press, from time to time, new proof* of Its success. Recent Acte add per titence and *brte to tacts more remote, and serve to show that the great remedy is prepared with uniform exactitude andcare,and thstu isatlll,whatlterm has hero, the PUREST AND PEST OF ALL VEGETA BLE INVIGORANT6, an inevitable cure for DYSPEP SIA and all derangements of the Stomach and Liver* and a perfect antidote to the unwholesome influences which produce and aggravate epidemic tevexs. The subjoined letters sue all tromcltUen* well known and generally respected in the localities from which ItdrctramonlcatloM are dated, and are published aa spc« Imena of an Immense mass of c*cresp:adeace of • similar tenor. Some Idea cf the quantity of this kind of testimony In the hands of the proprietors of EOS TETIEK’S BITTERS may be fbrmcd by the reader, when. tlt« slated that the cotnmualeatiot s «n tbe sub ject of/EVER AND AGUE ALONE, received by Che firm dating the last three years, number upwards of TWO THOUSAND. They are oil to the same etfect as liat cl Mr. Bourse, given below, and U ever anythin? was establish d on uncontrovertible evidence, it is the important 1 .t that CHILLS AND FEVER can be btvkenupai. iradlciUy curediaa very sboit apace ol , time by the vac cftbls Incomparable tome. NorU thla ail. EtUre iiemptJOn from lb- dDtr casing malady, and - ail tonus cl Intermittent Fever, is guaranteed to such icaldctisol Fever and Ague Districts as may be wise enough to take the BITTERS as a preventive. TiMugn malaria may be proetatlng their ndcbOors on the rlgas Hand and on the left, those who bare taken the precau tion to lortity their svf>tem;i and constitution*. In ad vance. With lb'B COUNTERBLAST TO ALL ATMOS fII ERIC POISON, will sorrly escape the scourge. Tbe physicians and ethers whose names appear in the annexed corrwpcnoenee, are reacy at all times to cos firm verbally the statement* made over their signa ture#. Perhaps one of tbe most sinking prooto that can be cited ol tho intrinsic excellence cf the BITTERS, is the gcntraiadoptiooof the preparation by medical metu The prrfeesion as a rule set their laces against adver tised medicines, bnt tblanoeqoalied vegetable 'onlc has vanquished ihnr prejudice?, and they recommend amt acmlMster it to theli patients oi the parcel atin.tu.m and best stomachic that money can preute, Ibc Dtesent season ct the year la a trying one u> the feeble and enervated—indeed tn all. In July, in August ondScptimbci heavy draughts are made upon toe sys tem, aqd it is necessary t> have a reserve ol strength and vitality la order to meet them without fi.ncalogor breaking down. DOSTEITEB’S BITTERS ARB A BTAMINAL MEDICINE, sustains the vlt-I and mus cular energy ol the frame with this i-oweiful and gtn eralveg* table tcstotatlve, and any temperature, ary climate, any condition ot tbe atmosphere may be ea . countered with comparative impunity. Read the lollcwleg teller frem E,ikjrrsx,awell knbwhcltueuoi FtUaourgh.Pax Pinsnrton. May 10. ta» Mmre. Uoitettcr & Smith: * ’ Dnrtoc»vlsittotheWwt.jajr (Ul, I contraileo cults anil fever, which mourns mrf n> ttv bed, and finally tern, mated to tyrbuld l.ver ami con fined oe to my rooiti tor several nonui, during which time I was,Physically, copramated tr.vt I wlniJ.t De spaired ol evir recovering my tte«i;o; having entirely lost tnyappetUefcroa}*, not being able to cat a mor te>; sdaeo to which 1 we*muchdi-trvssed wubareel- Ingseisatlonm tbj head, and pasted many sieepla* biebu, all from dctriitu caaeeaby my pruj irate condi tion, brongnt about by Uu* (ever. At this stage of kj ctPdulon. afrieud ie» ommcndKl me to me your bratcd/STUMACU nilT'EH^; but, buisg morally oo- U*edtotoensecf stimulant* in any form, I at lirst de clined, but auewatd* yielded my prry»dUc.s and af > r taking toe nmllctae C>r several weeks u directed, my apfetUe returned, and wiv. u I am rapidly retaining my former itre-gih sag vlgcr. My *Uep tirom me 10-b of which X natTcred much) hay neve? wa better titan it l» iuw, at (I the nellcgseosation (b- fore Alluded ioj nus entirely li ft me. Uy onwei*. vnlch wete moth coastioated and Irregular, are now quire natural. a-dln Cicl X am ciad to ray that I feel myae.f a Dew mao, at a lecd-ryoti tbtsteailmoolalof my appreciation ot year vaJcubic ptvpanttina la order that bluer* aeffenne aalbave may avail therrselvev of It* .virtues, which prejudice prevented me from enjoying (or so long a period. L may al-so add (bat my physician, tTcr seeing the beco flciai effect yonr (Jitters baa oa me. recommended «»•* J use totun regularly. Tours, very respectfully. £. UOCBNB, iS Market-U. Another Wter, tram a well known citizen of Pltu* Dutch, dated beptemoer 4, is&S: - Jlcrar*. I.i Metier & Smith. XTU-burgh, Fa.: UxsTLiareN: Ithlzk 1 am onlyoolng too part of a good iltlzen when I testify to the great neaoflt* 1 bar? recelvtd (ram your stomach Omen during tbs last five years. Bring in the Oil regions in*6L I hid a severe oujjous attack, and being dt# peptic. whfrb left me very wtaa, 1 was advised to try yonr Bitters, i procured one Dottle, and ifiey worked us a charm oa me. la one week 1 sot eight w> pounds heavier, and I seemed to tta-.n so tiiat 1 have used them every summer since os a tonic. I turns tney are Invaluable. Tbta summer, having another blllioos at tack, and much reduced In weight, being under tb-care of an A No. 1 physician, I scatn bad o> nave recourse to me old Bitten, with the same rood reiotts, ralnuu; sic (t>) puonda In a few days. 1 have bought a half dox cn b. riles a tew weeks since, and laUndtokecp ttwri regularly as a tonic and beverage. Waning you every tutcejs, 1 remain years gratetany. WILLIAM MILLER, . „ Ei^miniac,EmsoiuacCotjyTT,lix. Mrssn. flostelter A Smith: Centlestx:;; With pifeasure lean say that your BET* TEKn are superior to any otters. 1 hare nsed them In my famt y for a long time, amt always with benc ' j-„„„, K ,™ a , iDEKr _ BrcxnaSD, Pnacs Willuu Corsrr, -Januaiv 2d.1566- 5 Mc*irv. Hostetler * Smith: j fettft IbeiieveynuT vtiTTEßSarcthe pest tn use. I mod tbem for dyspepsia in 1563. and tti«*T cured me. It wv not fimb that oin It, tor 1 bad so faith la tbem ; lUleiUhemu please airland. I had. been prostrate tor several weeks with dyspepsia and chronic oiar ihtra. I expected to die; but less one notUe so Car restored tee that I ccolu attend to my bostpeas. Last October I ovtrwoiksd myself, wblcn resulted in tbs teturneftne same ctsc«e, accotnpaule>l with bran cblal alfection, when I asatn used yonr BITTERS, and was »000 restored to health. 1 have recommenneg them to handreos of my acquaintances, and have never known tnem to fill in ejecting a speely cure. Truly vours. MIRANDA CHAFPEL, Postmaster at Bockiand. Va_ Eldsctok, Pa-, November 6.ISS. Mefirs.Hoitetter ASmlto; « «GSNTi.cycv: We havabeen. eHIngynnrSTOMACZT BITTEBS ar elghtoen months, and find them an excel lent medicine. AU tost is necessary is to let too peo ple know their virtue, aacl they whl use them. I bars tried them myself; and now recommend totmto all who have wreak itomachs. Rcspcctfuilyvotus, . WATEESON A McFABLAND, Druggists. OGDERBUEOB, SC&SSX COURTT, S. { .. _ September IS, *B®- j Uesm. Hctftetter ASmttbi _ FGs&tuq(ss: for a loo? time I lure been afflicted with a disordered stomach, oca was enable to attend, to any bosmeea. Ivu advised tb use your BITTBItS, u-hico t did, and foouct tom a great benefit to me. t believe bad n not been for them 1 aboold bare been la my grave ere mi*. I write not omy to teatlft'tothft virtue of your BITTEBi, bat also to bare sou ship mg two dozen as »oon as possible, a? I am now keeping A store. Toora, respectfully, JOHNM-GEEACBN. ileisrs. Bcstetter ft Emlth: Gesh: 'lt Is vita tbe greatest pleasure that I re commend yonr STOMACH BITXEttS <3 the pnbdc.l thing it the best BtTIEBS or tae day. uu soodaOy adapted to tbe Sootb »n rt West, where biliary derange ment* of the liver are prevalent Ten year* eapert— ehcelrtheuse of comncoßd-, as enrsora, eomoea me to give roar BITTERS marlty mertta, £• uutci m. D. GAiduna, Salted County, HI. Messrs. HcstetterdSmita: . ... , Gtstlzhzx: J have practiced medicine for many rears, and have used veer BITTERS in a number ot cases with great success. and take pleasure mendiDcihOTtotoewbUcmcaieraL M _‘' • - Voj respectfully, J. SMITH, U. , ifaTToos, DL, January £L, IS®. Uessrs. Bcatetter * Smith; OKSTtisrtst IMB more cf yonr STOMA E BXX TEK£ than of any other medicine. Panics who haw tried them speak In very blfb praise of their virtues. I have used them my self: and prescribe them, with unparalleled success. T^ru, P «^ 6r m siLSEßia Itata. Clay County, CL. Messrs.Eosutter A Smith: _ • . G»iTLmrsrl rave used, and otteu your STOMACH BITTEBS. atd wkc pleasure m re commending It to ail whose stomaens are debilitated-. It is an excellent appetizer and tunic; and £ praise it u one of tt.lMtm.ajclM.ot FRASXuy. taintcn County, Ini, ? ’ AtSMT’s Messrs. Hostetler & Smith: . Gan; Some eighteen months since 1 was tronblea with weasxxsß cl tbe stomach, had c^appc- TtEA which had tbe desired efiect of restoring me io hutittuhntoflatel have not been able to obtain tbe BITTEBS toour plate; pkase inform me where I can purchase them, orlfyon will send me some oa aalea wiu be pleased to have the agency, as I cap. ncoaom “‘= “»■ pRf.P VRT.D AXD SOLD BY EOSTERER & SMITB, PIIISBITSEH, PA. For sale by all drugglsu, grooenaad storetoepera throughout the world.