Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 23, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 23, 1867 Page 4
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(Etycago tribune. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY S 3, IB6T. THE CITY. Fnrxn.—At the Police Court, yesterday after noon, Edward Bigrins. residing at 1?o. 317 Math er street, was fined SSO for neglecting to comply with ths city health ordinances regarding the keeping of bis cattle. Co«cnrtD.—John Chester, on account of whore robbery of a German named Menkelwaa published In these columns yesterday, was exam ined at tho Police Court yesterday morning and committed for trial tnbsjl ot <I,OOO. Horn FUBxitnnte.—'We call the attention of parties about to replenish their residences to the Urge and varied stock of carpels, oilcloths, rugs, mats, Aa, which Messrs. Darnel Scott A Co. offer by auction at Mo. 184 Lake street, tins morn ing, at 10 o'clock sharp. The Vox Hons Cass.—The case of John Von Horn, charged with an attempt to kill his wits, was again called yesterday morning, at the Police Court, bnl as hie wile Is still unable to appear In Comt, the case was further continued for ten days, the same ball being required os before. Fmx-Between ten and eleven o'clock yester day morning a fire broke out In a batcher's store, situated near the corner of Chicago avenue and Bremer street. The <hot» was destroyed and the fire Injured au adjoining building, occupied by Wil lazq Briefly, as a noccry store, to the extent of S7OO. The entire loss was about $2,000, which ib believed to have been folly insured. PnEramnoy.—Captain Hamblin, of (he West Side McJcbantfi'Pollce, was on Saturday afternoon presented at their Station, Mu. 81 Milwaukee avenue, with a magnificent set of fore, by the offi cers and mm of the fore*, as a mark of their esteem. The presentation speech was made by Officer Fink, and btpplly responded to hy Mr. Hamblin, who In the course of his remarks com plimented them highly on the efficiency and the good reputation the force bid attained. Boaud or Poucx.—The regular semi-weekly meeting of the Board of Police. Fire and Health Commissioners, was held yesterday afternoon In their rooms at the Central Station, corner of Washington and LaSalle streets. Present, Presi dent Brown. and Commissioners TPs worth and Gnnd. Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. The bead officers of the three depart ments having so report to make, the Board ad journed without farther action. n&xn Books.—Hums Blanchard, the well known map publisher ot this city, has Just issued two new hand-books—of lowa and Minnesota— containing in email space a vast amount of infor mation of the utmost value to parties doing busi ness with that Ftatc or Intending to settle there, as well as to the general reader. AH the state ments. geological, topographical, vital and other wise are tironmi down to the la est moment, and will be found accurate In every particular, very convenient in shape, and cheap. A SrqmxTo ax Iruf.—Mr. Cobb, residing on Price place, was fined tor ejecting a lady from a little skating pond near hi* house. In conse quence ot the circumstance, hie eon Charles was Friday ntgtt insnltM by another la*!, nsmed Sam uel (inerujev, who shouted at him and asked how his father liked being fined. Cbailes wan highly indignant, and •* took alter" the youth. Over homing him near a lamp-post, be threw him □own. and. os Samuel alleges, kicked him “a couple of times in the Jaw. ’ For this offence xnaMer Samuel “went to law," and yesterday morning Charles was fined $5 at the Police Comt. Ntwsrirsn Urcirws.— I The books of General Wallace, Uw United BtMc» Assessor for Ibis Dis trict, show the tecclpta from advertisements of the dally newspapers of this dlj, fyj the year ISW3, to be ms follows: Intnvxft Tinier . Journal . .s’Vra'a 7.'\fury . /b*r (tm.p months! All other Lnßllsb dallies, fit*,*# I’ccrlpts of all English dallies except Tmni'Kß ftt 1,1 lift Krcdttt of TninuNe *l7,Mil All oilier Eng’lsh dallies in excess of 'i'juiicnx, only fo,nc.*l In niln r warns, the receipts of the TmmiNE for adtrnlsinc, during 1608, were u trlrto leas than per cent of those of all other English Untiles iu Chicago combined. McciUKicii' Jmmttute.—An adjourned meeting of the Mechanics* Institute was belt] last evening io Masonic Ploek, Dearborn No. 8. In the absence of the Occident Mr. d. M. Van Os* dell, Jr,, was chosen temporary coatrman. The Secretary. Mr. J. Jenkins, read the imimles of Uto InM to- eilug, which were approved. Several new members were elected; also, a number of names were pioppscd to bo balloted fur at tie not meeting. On motion of Mr. I. Spear, the committee ap pointed to confer with the executor* of tbo will or the late Asahd Peck were instructed to Qnd out bow much was due the Institute, and to report at the next meeting. On motion, Messrs. Isaac Spenr, John Jenkins, Jacob Seallc, William Smith, and J. W. Over* acker were appointed a committee to revise the Constitution ana By-laws, and report to the InsU* tute as early as possible. On tnotiub, adjourned until next Tuesday evening. & Swift's Guam Sepabatob.—The at tention of farmers and grain dealers la asked to the following document; the machine can be seen in operation at Room >'o. 20, Post Office Clock, opposite ILc Post Office on Dearborn street: We, the nnderstrncd, having examined tnc Gram Separator patented by Wim & Swift, of Medina, Michigan, Oct. 9, IS6G. and find It tne meet practical machine for trading wheat, and separating all kinds of grain, we ever yet have seen; ato wo take pleasure in recommending It to cve-y farmer and grain dealer throughout ih counliy. . Jno. Cfark &Co. C, B. Poi*, E, It, Spear, GeOi w. .Allen. Chap. Randolph; (jndi mg from model cxbtl itcdV D. C. Dscklason, J. WidoiSrCo., F. 11. Duller, Chas. Sanford, A. ,l. Denison. D. Metcdhn, Ctfo. Edison, ?•!. t*. Baker, B. I*. Hutchinson. C. p. HamOl, Ifafle Hirer, A. G Mvift, Wlaan® <fc» o.» F. M. Mitchell, IL W.^Dnnham, Isaac Bind, O. 51. Zloilfctrr, 51. dose*, •T. W. Woodward, L. & D. Illgglnp, I. Y. aicut. Flint, ThoroppoiJ & Co. J. C. Dorc. John I- Hancock, A I‘tEsierrsr Kiktomaxiac.— The readers of the Tiumnrs trill remember a pa~armph la tflesc colnmnssome weeks ago regnt clog the arrest or a young lady calling herself Miss Emma »Tach-*on. charged with stealing two or three valuable dia mond rings. It was alleged in her defence tbat she wa- very respectably connected with a family in the west Division; that it was her first—a temptation she had fallen Into for the procuring of means to purchase her a set of furs and other articles of comfort and adornment, as she was shortly to bn married. Upon these various rciwcs.-ntatinns »he*va«dis charged. though not without such crave and ad moujshii.2 counsel as should have deterred her irotn ri-kin.- her reputation and freedom again In a fimilar manner. Mir seems pritohave profit'd by her narrow CM-ai'e from imprisonment, but Ins agrin tried }ht bet kleptomania. Yesterday afternoon she wasaneslvd in Shaw's Photograph Gallery on Clark slietf, having m porsej-rion four or five valuable gold rings which bad been “picket up” nt various pi ces. Deneuve Elliott, who had bei n watching her more recent wanderings, ar i**ft<<l her arid locked her np at the central station. She will probably be examined at the Police C*mst Ibis rooming. Ax rynnsp Pakest.—George Bonham, a man i;f tdxty y« arp, residing at No. 57 Clinton street, is the unfortunate step father to two or three youths. It is alleged that Mr. Bonham docs not contribute anything to the support of the family except occa* sionly a little flonr, but beseems to fill no ibe de ficiency by a 'cry decided exercise of authority and mar agement, which, under the circumstances, is of ;en cfiecslve to the older member? or his fam ily, and almost unbearable. The oldest Mep-son pays the rent of the house, andcontri hn'Cß In other wavs to the maintenance of the fanri'y. Another, named DeWitt Cook, a yonng man of nineteen years, tins been employed nnlil xjuiic rcrei.P'y in ibeStarand Crescent Mills, but u now on( of employment. On Monday, Mr. Bonham learned this fact troro young Cook, and took occasion to tell bim that he would be charged £ a week for his board after this. Some words ensued, and presently Cook wa? ordered (o leave the house, lie refused to co. Pbc old gentleman seized apiece of stove wood, it is alleged, with the evident intention of driving Cookont. when tbe latter wrested it from Ms hands and struck him over the bead, inflicting a fieth wound. A policeman was tben sent fir and Cook was arrested. At the Police Conrt yesterdav altcrnoon he was discharged. Ills mother was a witness to ihe whole affair, and gave an account of it without manifesting the least ill feeling to wards her husband, bat ft showed quite roocln- * jv* ly that her son was acting under the Influence of a v« tt strong provocation, and tbat his step father was an arbitrary, tyrannical man in hts family. < LORk or -HE Evekixo Schools.—Tbe evening school? w ere closed last -evening for the winter. The teamen ot this early closing movement, not quite so commendable in tbe case of ihe evening spools a? It would t»c tn regard to retail stores, is mukridood to have ensued through the Inset fluency of the appropriation made by the Common Counril fur paying the expenses. Six tnonsond dollars was thought sufficient to pay tbe expenses of tie retools for the wfe'er. Tbat sum has been ex fired' d at least one month earlier than was cabed or bv the edrcattoval necessities of the pupUs; though, not perhaps, sooner than would be Indl cs.tcd by a judicious expenditure of the money so appropriat'd. It U due to ibe schol ars to ssy that they, one and all, seemed to regret tbe necessity of suspending th*ir tdccsUocal faahlies lor at least eight motths. when the term should have been consul etaUy rhoiler. The clos’nir evening was marked in tbe Dear born school by exercises of a aommvbat public character and they mav perhaps be accepted it a sample Of tbe proceedings In tbe other schools. The pupils were all called together ; a general review of thdr progress t n study was instituted, and the examiner* exprr i ng ihemecl'cs as highly aatfefltd with the attainments of tne scholars. After thin the teach er* were severally presented with souvenirs of the esteem mamtestefl for them by their chort term pupil*. A short address was delivered by Alder man Woodard, in which he compllmcnfedthe stu dents upon the progress they bad made, and ex pietEer! ihc bope tbat they would all tn* in attend ance next n inter, and that then a longer time of study might be afforded. Dally Noonday Prayer .Tfeetlncr, Toe audience room of the First M. E. Church, comer of Clark and Washington streets, waa nearly filled at the Interesting meeting of yetter day, and a deep lutercet prevailed thronabont. Etv. B. SI. Hatfield. D- D., presided. The meet ing wae opened by elrglng “ All ball the power of Jesne’name,’ and prayer by Ecv. E.J. Good, speed. ABer reading the lltli chapter of Eccleu astc« the leader eflio: When we come tosoend but a single boor in the consideration of such in terests. so numerous aud momentous, one could but feel contused In the responsibility of giving direction to ihc thought of such an occasion, and vet but one thought in his Judgment should pos sess them at this lime, to the exclusion of every thing else. They nad come to test, even as they hid before, tic power of faith and prayer. Dr. PaT»on once tald If he could feel th»t It was re nnisileto the advancement of the work of the Lord, be could pray for the creation of another world. Such faith should possess every heart which came that day to plead oeloro tbs Lord for ll r advancement of Ills work in the saltation of men. Dr. Hatfield then made an eloquent appeal to «Ii young men present who were disciplining themselves for active bueinesa lift to fix deeply i„ their character the principles of a Christian life, and at cnee eommenefe hr surrender of their hearts to Christ, and thtis dignify their manhood by embracing Christianity. Majo. I>. w. Whittle will lead Urn meeting Ibis j-.oot) : meeting rotnn.encing at twelve o'clock, and .. , . A more than ordinary Interoat waa manifested at the morning me-tmg, J. B. Stlllson, Esq., of 2,'cw York, pre-lllng. Alter reading from the Ss'b chapter of the Gospel of SL Luke, he made eome verv pertinent renurks noon tbe subject of the Importunity of prayer. In the same current of rcmer'.e Mr. D. L. Moody related an incident of the conversion of a noted Infidel In this State, who had bera tbe snl.>ft of earnest prayer by a wlffe and family, and who. after years of resist ng all ffPP’Sis, has at last become one of the most devoted Cnnslian men of our Stite. Hr. TnlhUl King will lead the meeting this morning. RISTORI. Her First Appearance in Chicago. The Tragedy of Fifed «a« The story ot Modes has been a favorite theme of the tragic writers. Eerbeanty.berfasdnation, her fatal power; her history, which presents an epitome cf woman's love and .woman's hatred, have been sung by poets whose lyte, tuneful at ol Orpheus is, like his. Immortal. Of the Attic tragedians the only day on this subject which has been preserved Is that of Bnrlpldes. Several dramas by the Latin, writers upon this theme have come down to ns; and It has been succeed* ely chosen by dramatists in Italy, In France, and in England. The present version, by hi Xeeonve, while It cannot lay claim to original* Hy. deserves praise for its artUtlcal construction, and for its faltblnl adherence to the classic itory. Its author exhibits an acquaintance with the Greek expression, and an appreciation of Greek thongot remarkable in a Frenchman ot out day *, and we recognise in this drama the most successful of modem efforts to interpret and preserve the legend of Medea. Occasionally, in* deed, wo perceive in it passage* not in harmony with (he spirit of the story; and which remind us more of the modem playwright than oi his classic exemplars; but, for the most pait, be is true to the severe almpli ityof the Greek original, while throwing over it a tender ness to which that original was a stranger. In troth the Medea of Euripides would scarcely he comprehended by a modern audience. The re sistless Fglc, In whose hands human beings are Imt passive Instruments, Is 100 foreign to onr habits of thought to be easily appreciated. lie pictures to ns Medea ae a beautiful fiend whose power has commanded the terror, as her actions have deserved the execrations of mankind. In the Greek drama she first appears, wan and deso late, in the vicinity of Jason's palace, who has wedded the lovely Crcnsa. Her children are eetmngedfrom her; she is desolate and broken with grief; and Crcon, fearing her malign in fluence, condemns her to exile. One day she craves to bid adieu to the spot where her husband and children live. She feigns submission to her fate and sends to Creooa a costly veil In token of her friendship. Crensa dies in torture, and her lather shares her fate. Medea next destroys her own children, and In a chariot, drawn by dragons, she takes her de paiture tor other climes. Departing, she taunts Jason with the death of Lis sons, bids him go and bury Us wife, and grow old In sorrow. Far dif ferent 19 the Medea of the modem drama, the loving mother, the fond wife, who has traversed sea and laud to seek the hero of her early love. The Greek play displays but faintly the conflict between love acd revenge, between hope and despair; that tomn'l of the passions which la the tme foundation of tragedy. In truth, the motive of the pure Greek drama Is scarcely Intelligible to ns; wo cannot recall the belief* and the passions ol three thousand years ago. Hence it Is that the modem interpreter ofltimes places ns in sympathy with the spirit of the post more tracly than we conlrt realise that spirit from the original citations of classic days. Ho stands be tween ns and the buried dead; through him wc breathe their native air again, and color Into communion with their thoughts, their life and their religion. Tho poems of Shelley and of Keats, to the readers ofoor day, more truly Inter pict the spirit of Greek poetry than the originals themselves. Some small part of this praise is Justly due to tho drama of M. Lcgonve; though there Is In him. It must he conlcssed, more ol the playwright than the poet. Tho opening scene between Jason and Orpheus, though In U elf graceful and poetic, was regaruod with little Interest. All were watting fur the ap prentice of Hlstorl, the artist whose lame has tilled two hemispheres, and who, despite the dlf- tm.sM . 7MIGI . cm;; . W.rt-U . 22. KU . 67,033 Icjoicc oflargunro and tbc prejudice ofsclMovc, eminlalns everywhere on undisputed supremacy. Down the rocky path comes slowly the lonely Medea hading her children by the hand. The giacefu] and pliant lorm, the lair Intellectual features of Hisiorl, am before us. Ity a slight Inclination or the head she acknowledges the greeting ofthe audience. Even this wo could wish omitted, as a custom lUllo honored by iU nhtcrv* anre, and which for the lime living utterly tie strays the illusion of tbc play. And yet, to con* fots It c truth, there can be Mule Illusion in listen* Ing to a drama In a foreign language. It ia only by n c« ntilnM cfiott that the Auditor remain* in sympathy with the performer. Nocommon talent la required to oveicotnu thla barrier pud cn chain thu ntiunllon or an audience despite the drawback of o foreign Idiom, llenco the smo< elates of Madame Bistort deserve a lenient judg ment before an American tribunal, and we r« cos* nizo in tbcm caielul and painstaking artists; though for the most part their perform* anco was of little interest and their gestures were as when one saweth the air. For Bistort alonc all eyes waited, and npon her they lingered. The distracted mother, the deserted wife, the woman, tortured by tond memories, torn by cruel tears, and whose cool, at last, Is horning lor revenge; ibis alone was the picture to which all eagerly turned. Bistort's voice Is clear and musical; her mien Is noble, and her action 1s ns* tore Itself. Medea's description of her parting from her mother; her joy at the Intelligence of Jason's safely; her announcement of her awful resolution to lako vengeance npon any rival that should step between her and her husband; her anguish on first learning that ho loved another, and that her rival was the woman who had befriended her and her children—were depleted with a naturalness and intensity altogether unequalled. A real shudder ran thiongh the audience when she told Crcusa uhat site would do 11 the should ever find another woman occupying her place in her husband's erections. *• Medea. Thou s»i.«tttuc v-tiat im Sot nnit dues the leopard in t'C fores* depths, wlro poui.cii'g on hi? prey with hideous roar? He bears it to bis cave, and eagerly divides the bleed* irg limbs!” It was a powerful scene also where Medea, rc* solved on the murder of her rival. Is suddenly confronted by Crensa, who seeks to save hsr from the pursuing populace, and nnconedou-ly excites .*n Medea's breast a terrible struggle between gratitude and hatred. Tee tragedy hastens to Its close; the awful catastrophe decreed by the Fates is accomplished, and the mother who has mur dered her cbildten stands, livid, despairing, yet defiant, to confront her own destroyer. In a play so remote from common sympathies, and before a foreign audience, no one hut Bistort could compel adnmation. Koi the least remarkable feature of Madame Bistort's acting is fits uniformity.' All (he emo tions arc rendered with equal truthfulness. Tin* fctarUvug passages, of course, leave the moil vivid impressions, bat there is s marvellous lonndne?* , and completeness In the rendition There is no mom for commonplaces In her rule. Every move ment is etriklngand every word impressive. But the magic of her acting is her womanliness. Above all women who have stood before the foot lights, in this generation at least, docs she "hold the mirror up to natine." I<otc, jealousy, ami the matttral Inatlncis have probably never bad co faithful an Interpreter. She does hot hold con verse with the gods, nor descend into hell, as wa* tlflchcl's wont. Fhe conveys to ns no thought •bat six belongs to another sphere, either higher or lower >han this breathing world. She appears I I'clcre ns in Modes, Horn first to last, as a Jlesh | cud blood ('Oman, of most superior mould in d*'cd t but pilll r-.ovyd by like passions with our selves. Behind this Careful study and p*ii.r«- taking which mark every step and syllabic ofner rendering o! Medea, we sec the woman's hcarl as piain’y as though it were undergoing anatomi cal investigation—now melung with loVe for h-r children, now curdled with Jealousy of her rivil, acd at last tortureo 10 frenxy by her iccumulalcd wrongs. In her baud' LTcdta Is one who might have been •he loveliest and happiest of her sex—a devoted wife, a tender motbir. and a sweet friend to all the world. B'Cante she was a devoted wile she braved all things for her husband, and faltered a: no crime to serve bim. She gave everything for Us lore, and so intertwined herself with|Urn that Io he separated from bim was death, and to bi •limit away by him to make room for a rival *«a< itlU Ihe closing scene,where she tn»n*fire'> •lason with the spectacle of their slain children, ned breathe* the awful "■Thou” in bis cars ::A&cdy Pmir. It Sfiaie]>earrbs& onesacbinter ureter there would be nothing left to be desired iu dramatic art. 1 he audience last evening teas one of the largest and most brilliant which Ifas ever assembled in Lee's Opera House, as might well nave Iwen ex pected. The reputation which Bistort has gained in Europe and during her brief presence in this country, had preceded her, and the mere an nouncement of her name was sufficient lo fill the bouse. The parqnctte, dress cltcle and balcony were crowded, the fam’ly circle well filled, and hn: dreds who bad been unable to secure seats, stood in the lobbies. Ihe opening scenes of the first act passed along smoothly and uninterrupt edly save by the annoying rustle of librettos as the leaves were turned, until Bistort made her apnearance with the children among the rocks, when a very warm welcome was given her, which was enthusiastically repeated as she descended and came forward to the footlights, and again re treated, by a recall, at the end of the first act. A rcry graceful national compliment was also ex 'ended to her during the evening In the shape of an elegant boquel adorned with ribbons ol the Italian tri-color, which was thrown npon tho’stago from the parquetlc, and received by the tragedi enne with a pleased and grateful look of surprise. TO-MGUI—MAUY BTUABT. To-night, Hchiller’s drama of Mary biaart will be ji.ctcnUd. Tbe following re rue cavt. Mary ptaart Accrar>k Butoui Elizabeth Anumlclia CoUId Anne Virginia C'ssaii Margate! Cur) Giulia Bovine I .eio Giacomo Uleeb eel) Centre Manclm r»lbo* Centre Klntori Melville Glo. Merit BorgU Moitlmer Giovanni Csrbunl Panlet Gialto Bull Borg-ono I’lllt An Officer ....Kr«d«rlco Vcrzora The argument of the Italian version of Marr Stu art starts off with the astonishing assertion that “fins tragedy Is the ma*terwork of Hchliler,** which la about aa true at It would be to at; that ijiC Ucnryt are the masterpieces ofbhakupeare, or Egmont of Goethe. Wallenstein, Don Ctrlor, Joan of Arc, WiUum Tel), the Bride of Medina, even hit youthful offtislon. The Bobbers, lake rank above It as finished productions. lilt msi terplcce U undoubtedly WaJJcnstelo, although lit extreme length and peculiar tnpartite construe tlon always unfit It for the stage. Ills moat popular piar U William Tell, and the most suc cessful npon Ui- because the most dm. xn&tic, Is Joan ot Arc. in fact. It It evident that Schiller him Belt never regarded Mary Stuart as his masterpiece, and all of bu editors and reviewers , have pronounced It the weakm of hla produc tions. But this, of course, Is only relative weakness. Compared with the mass ol modern tragedies. It towers above them all. In two places only docs it thow the traces of BcbQlor's profound genius— tbe meeting of Elizabeth and Mary in the Park of Fothcringay, which la a crescendo of power aa magnificently worked up as a movement of Beethoven's symphonies; and the denouement, which for touching simplicity and pathos, has seated? been equalled. A rare Instance of Schiller’s skill Is afforded in this act. In place ot actually bringing the scaffold and the execution, with all its attendant horrors, before the audience, Leicester ismade tc hear It and to recite It In solil oquy, aa the terrible scene mores on to comple* Mon. The audience Is spared (be physical horror, and yet It la brought before them none the leaa tiddly by Schiller’s graphic word-painting.- In tracing the historical connection, Schiller baa been very accurate and has entered more closely into the actual spirit of (he tune than we should naturally expect in a foreigner. Stilt, there are divergence! from the historical narre tire aa usually delineated by the authorities. Bcblller makes Pa old a man of unblemished honor, while in reality be was a spy. He rushes Burleigh suggest the secret murder ot Vary, while In reality it was Leicester, «ho advised the' atrocious cilme. Be makes the detection of the Babmgron conspiracy known to Mary, who was really ' fgnorimt of it* and makes Burleigh announce the sentence of death to te-, an act which Beale, Clerk or ths Conceit, per* fotmed. The nmortnnate Davison, who In FchU lot's version elves the warrant to Burleigh, In bis* tory save It to tho Saris of Shrewsbury and Kent* And so we might go on with other minor diver gences from the strict truth of history, but they ‘ are only of slight Importance, and many of them were undoubtedly adopted for greater dramatic effect and to preserve unbroken the dramatic unity. The librettist who starts out with the assertion we have *qooted, could hardly he expee'ed to achieve a very meritorious production In the way of transcription. His version is so frightfully abridged, hacked and mutilated, as to he scarcely recognisable. The literary merit la entirely ab sent. Some very effective scenes are slurred over and utterly stripped of their power. The famous Interview, however, al- though much abridged, preserves largo degree the spirit of tho original, and in the hands of eneb an actress aa Bistort is capable of being made Intensely dramatic. As a whole the libretto scarcely exceeds the operatic libretti in point or merit, and Is evidently a piece of literary slopwork done to order. That the actress with such slight material produces such wonderful efiects is not tho least of her triumphs. THE STEWART DIVORCE CASE. Twelfth Day Closing Argument. Instructions to the Jory-A Verdict Not Bendered* The closing argument In the Stewart divorce case was delivered yesterday In the presence of a crowded court room. The argument wasdellv- ered by Sidney Smith, Esq. It consisted chiefly of a compilation of the eviaonw, parts together to show that the statement which he, aa counsel for the complainant, in opening the case, charging the adultery of the defendant, had made. The results ol his argument are fairly shown in the Instructions which the Court gave on his side. The argument occupied five boors In Us delivery, during which time the audience sat or stood in patient attention. Among theerovdasscmbled there were many expressions of opinion. Borne thought divorces to bo all wrong—that decrees should not be in any case roederd; others thought that desertion, with or without cause, warranted a casual act of Infidelity. Some thought that a compromise on the cross bill should tie cCccied; a few thought that the detendant should lake a verdict, and many said that the complainant should receive the decree. The thing was generally mixed as to opinion among the bystanders, but (here scarcely seemed to be a reason for much guessing, when the end was so near. The case wont to tho Jury at about tho hour when the Court mostly adjourns. The Instruc tions were to the following effect: yon TUX COMTLAIKAST. 1. Under the law of this State, anyone act of adultery commltt* d by the defendant subsequently to the marriage is sufficient to entitle the com plainant to a divorce, and tf Uie jury bollcvo from the testimony that the defendant has been guilty with any person charged In tho hill, known or unknown, they will find him guilty. 3. U Is not necessary to prove adultery before the separation, nor that the separation was be cause of a suspicion of odoltery; nor Is It neces sary to show cause for the separation, if any of (he acts of adultery charged are believed to be proved. Adultery Is usually commuted In eecrcsy. so that this offence Is ordinarily established by cir cumstantial evidence •I. li ilic Jury believe tbc defendant visited the home on fforta Welts street, knowing Us ebarne*. ler, s’.lrclcd a prostitute and retired wi'b. her to s bedroom, vhoic ho ■' ut himself upforastidl clrnt teucth of lime In which to have commuted nuuiu*ry, these facts would bo sufficient to raise a ■trstmiMtlon to be regarded ns conclu«lv**, unless I ho rt-bu tud by explanatory evidence. B. Fmiuci I visits to lh" house, the character of It bong kuo«\n, uutxplulrod, warrant a verdict of K, fl}Sf the Jury believe Vo admlllod that he vWl* ert nod slept with n woman at the lliiwro Iloti-e, and tbnlthon'wna no collusion in hts admission to enablo his wife In obtain a divorce, they will And Idm guilty. * It the Jury believe Uml the dofeudaul and Mir. Dudley wcu* in hod together, this would aimiiii! *o strong and clear evidence of adultery, i.oi in In* vebutted by her denial. 11. It the Jury believe that ho «a» Intimate with Mis. Ilmllvy, visiting her dnrlna the day and at night t being In o bearuom'atoou with her with the door cioiert, nod ibnt she was a lewd woman, these fuels, unexplained, ate nulllcicct to authorise a verdict o| guilty. 11. If the jury oelfcvo that defendant was InM-e. Uurtley 1 * apa'lmcnt rally in umlrcss, she being in her night clothes, or only partially dressed, and on another occasion they vmro sporting to* fjethcr Mid playing on a bed, and it they believe at another lime rhe was discovered titling on bh lap, unless explained, this wit) be sufficient to wairaM a divotcc. Id. fhe testimony ol Louisa A- Killer and Minnie Wood is not lo be rejected because they ere believed to be unchaste, if they am cjrroho rated, auclif their testimony has marks of intrfesic truth. 11. II the jury believe their testimony to be sub stantially true, tbeir testimony alone is sufficient to wsnant a finding ol guilty. IS. The habits and character of defenaant, be fore ano after marriage, may he considered; and if the jury believe that bis associates, male or fe male, v-erc dissolute. (bey may consider this, if tlic Jury believe that he knew ibelr character. 13. Conspiracy io tramp op talse charges, or to suborn or nribe witnesses, is an indictable otlenco ot ac aggravated character, and the jury has no light to determine that tbo complainant or any others have been guilty of such crime uulesslhe jury sluill belie ve they have oecn proved guilty by clear and convincing proof. 14. It is not illegal to employ detectives to as certain whether material evidence of a (act exists, ana the jury is not authorized to disregard testi mony merely because Its existence was a-ccr mined by detectives employed by the com- jila-usut. 15. It was lawful for complainant to watch dc ‘fmJeni'f conduct to ascertain anycvidcrccactu .-ill- existing to establish her charge, and the tact il tlifhi did so would constitute no defence and -o reason for the relor.ion of evidence so discov ctcd. It;. Tl o Icehmony In relation to the Michigan City allalr was not admitted as a defence hut only as a link in tbo chain ot evidence proposed to be preppt ted by tnc defendant to show a conspiracy lo irakc evidence; and if the Jury ocllcve Hut the adultery In Chicago was committed, they wlllfinQ a vor'lci, notwithstanding they also find that the woman who accompanied him was set upon him dt Turtle to induce him to commit adultery. 17. Ihe jury has do right to surmise, guess, or imagine that any one has been guilty of so great onoucnccfl* suborning witnesses, hut must tvst upon clear and convincing proof. I>. There Is no evidence, in tins cause. sufficient lo prove that Wentworth, Wadsworxb. Mr J . Sloan, Kiuney, Lnnlra Milter, Mi-nio Wood. ITnlburt, port, and Mrs. Newport, have been suborned, bribed, or iU any oltiri ««jr mdao-d fft awoor faltch in this case, and in ibe absence of such proof the jury have no right to infer su<*& a cor rupt state ol tilings to exist as to either of these nitric ecp. lit. It the jury believe Sire Dudley intentionally swore latscty to any material part ofhertcsit ;m'i»y. they should dt-rrgard It altogether. £{'. Ifmc jury believe that 3lra. Dudley he a lend weman. and lrom .be other iesrtm>»nv that r l e and the defendant have been guilty, she being I'oi. ionecriii.inif, her denial should not bo con sidered to rebut ibe charge. 21. irthcji.ry helii-vc that he committed adul tery i». tbit ago. it will be no defence to show rtat rh'cetbc separation be entertained a sincere af foci felt for her, and his declarations In this regard were admitted only to show the state of Ids mind, and rn rbc quo*non ot the probability of the com mis-ion of the acts t»y him. rOU THE UESPOKBEKT. ?. The hnrdea of proof is upon the plaintiff to make out h r case, and unless Iho weight ot cvl derr. Is In her ravoi the jury mil find lor the de frnjm.t. 2. Vnlesp Ihc jury find adultery In Chicago In ISS or ISPCcn ire part of the oeiendant, and be* Jem- the commencement of this sun, they will find fot the oeTcmlant. Z. Ihc imy should not fled Mm gnilty on ac count cl h:3 being seen at any particular place, rnlcss th>y ielie\cit to be a bonso of ill-fame, tor mi that case, unless ttc visitation U shown to he to; tn> purpose ofcommluiugadnUcry, unless ;;dti!t iv bcactnailv proved. •1 inismonvbrought forward by resorting to unmoral scmcics, snonld be closely scrutinized, \icvcd with snspteton. 5. If lire Jury And that the plaintiff herself, or her actus, athtnptcd to make ondcuce by cn irapi'ii-r difci-dant into the commission of adul tery v;th M. B. NcMaslcrg, they will not find him irtMMy, unless they find adultery aa otherwise charged in the bill. f-. It tbe jury believe tbat Turtle or bis arency acted under her authority, expressed or Implud, cndcavoicd to entrap him intoadnl terv. the ]my will find for the defendant, an ess they fli.d adultery with some other person os' cbaieedintbc bill. 7. Inconsistency In material part* of tbe testi mony raises suspicion which is to be considered by the jury. S A witness being believed to have sworn fahely in one materia! fact, bis or her evidence may be wholly rejected. «». ihe jury are the judge* of the testimony as to a conspiracy to make evidence. 10. Verbal admissions are to bo received with caution. IT. Unless the jury are satisfied from the evi dence that he was not gnllty In 1885 or 19G6 as charged, they should find for defendant. IS. statements of counsel, not of evidence, are not to be considered. U. Iftbejnry believe that any witness has been engaged in a conspiracy io aid in the procurement ofa divotco, tbe Jury should consider thefictin dctcitnlning the weight ot hla or her evidence. 15. The fact of tbe arrest of Mrs. Dudley and the Irmates of the Oumcy street house Is not concln the evidence ofcbaiuc'er. 10 Tbe bitter hatred of complainant, if It be toned. Is to be considered In regard to the evi dence ol conspiracy. 17. Thu taking of tbe deposition of Crearv, at Michigan City, In relation to tbe affair there. Is to be considered, in view of a finding that Turtle was cmrdoTca by her. or her agents, In connec tion with the evidence tending to proven con spiracy. 18. If the jury believe tbat the charges were the mull of a con?pintt on the part of Turtle and ibe witnesses, or any of them, this fact is to be conridcrrd. IP. The evidence in relation to the manifesta tions oflovc and aflectlon on the port of defend abt toward* l>la wife Is to be considered to view of the probability of tbe commission of the acta charged. kD. Belli fon the part of defendant that defect ives were upon bis track Is olio to be considered tn th'-a »aac regard. kl. The jury Humid unit consider Ihc dreiara •tnr f ot th** complainant as to the cause of sepa • a'fcn, as bearing upon the question of her good b i b in separating. ttl. Tlie defendant Is on trial as a man. and not • • a tnmUier of ibe gotpvl or preacher, and the fart lhai tornaaaneb. If each waatbe fart, should i>ot be allowed to bavr any bearing agaioal the tfefendant a* di-cldtt.g if b«* committed tbe act St 3. I!nl«»s the Jury brifeve Mrs. Dudley la a i>ro*T<ol« no Inference adverse to tbe defendant I* io hr <lre"n from bis visiting her. Hi*- Jury thru retired, and Urn llonrl remOneo otH-n until right o'clock, when a verdict not being adjournment waa '.had uutil feu o'riock ibis day. Hcxdat Hciiooi.Tiuimwo Ctoas.—'Tbe second session of ibla <lsm for the training of Monday School teachers was btW last night In tbe room ol tbe Young Men’s Chrl-tlan Association, in the Claik HUet-l M. K. Cbnrrb Block. Tbe alt«nd ancc was much larger than at the Ural meeting, and much Interest was evinced. After opening devotional exercises an address was dellvotcd bv lion. J. L. Pickard on "The Qualifications of the Habbalh School Teacher." It abounded in naefol and Important bints to those engaged In this important work, and should have been bran! by all the teachers in the city gome of the main pomta were these: The teacb«’» work relate* to manuen, morals, tbe mind, the bean, tbe life, lie should have health, comeliness. Intellect, piety, lie should be an example to his pupils by punctuality In attend ante; should carefully prepare hie lessons i should be simple to attire, eo as not to attract attention; simple In language, so aa not to bo beyond the nudendsiiding ofcbildtcn. while be should nut bo too childish eo as to cxdlc disgust: should bo humble in manner; aympathizc to tbelr wants bedily as well as spiritual: be kind tn reproof:too ra injunction. Scolding does more harm tban coed. Earnestness i§ essential. He should study one prominct t point in each lesson, and concen trate tbe attention upon that. Do must hare love to God In his heart, and then lore of children, remembering that he via once a child; and must lore the truth and lore for trriptnral truth, tor tbe Bible is tbe foundation o r all truth. Entire consecration to the work, and prayer for aid, are indispensable. Perseverance (« an element of tbe true teacher. 3 hose who are mwiijtpr to devote Ui*m*elv*B thoroughly to the great work ehooid leave It. Tbe true, devoted tearber will continue amid all discouragements, nod tu the Better World ho will rejoice *o meet tnc little on* s whom be baa been Instrumental in leading there. The practice lesson was then taken np, under the conduct of Ur. W. H. VanDorcn, the passage d ecussed being from Matthew xUL,4i-48. At tho meeting next Tuesday evening. Dr. C. B.BlacktU will give an address on “Sunday School lit-qnlfllles,” and Ur. U. T. Penfleld will conduct the practice lesson Teachers seem to begin to appreciate the value ot this conno cl Injunction, and the attendance next week will donhUesa be much Increased. TH OPEBi HOUSE DRAWING. Tlx© Winner* and the non who Ought to U. All uncertainties and inrTusea regarding the winner of tho O, eta House have been finally set at reel. The name of the lucky possessor of Mo. 58,000 Is, as we stated In onr ls«ne of yesterday, Mr. A. B. bn, of Prairie dn Bochcr. Randolph County, Illinois. He. and not “Bock” Meyer, or Jones, or Brown, or Thompson, is now the owner of the little lot at the foot cl Washington street. Unless he has In some evil hour sold ont his debt, title and In terest in Mo. 58,600 to another, A. H. Lee Is at this boar. In all human probability, a happy man. He bos arisen and loand himself famous. The eyes ot all America are fixed upon him. The entire population of the United States ore think ing about him. A very large majority of the peo ple are envying him. On fortune's cap he Is al most ti e very button. He baa Jumped, or been hoisted, m one joyful moment, from the condition of a simple obscure coon try grocer nearly half way up to a millionaire. There 5s no doubt about It. The committee have verified (be fact that the name of A. H. Lee was written opposite to number 58,600, and a despatch has been sent to the gentleman acquainting him of his good iorinne. Some dissatisfaction seems to have arisen in the public slnd because no official announcement was made immediately after the drawing, it does not appear that there was any inten tion or desire, on the part of the gen tlemen composing that committee, to conceal the result of Lbc drawing from the pnbllc. It Is asserted that aa soon as the lucky number was announced, (be books were opened and the clerk made known to them the name of the win ner. A suggestion was made by one of the com mittee to derer for a time any public announce ment of the fact, hot (bis was opposed by all the others; so that. If any confusion rf ideas arose upon the subject, it was not the fault of the com mittee, hut of the public themselves Jn their 1 eagerness to credit every rumor which obtained drcuiftUon. _ TW wno u . Notwithstanding the assurance* or (be commit tee, and the expression of opinion by the meeting, thegreat public would not stifle their suspicions vesterday that all was not right, the question ‘W ‘hy dla not the committee announce the namef' was on every lip, and it was a difficult thing with many to believe that there was no collusion. The opinion was freely expressed by many that Ran dolph County, one of those tracts of country not yet pierced by a railroad or electrified into civil-, iration by a telegraph wire through its whole ex tent, was Jnat the place to locate a mythical per sonage. Of coarse there Is no foundation for the sus picion ; we only chronicle it as a boat in the pulse of the popular icellng.l to a the niaurvuL owvmt. In another column trill be found a letter from a gentlemab who hid calculated out the number which he thought would be on the ticket which would win the Opera Bouse, and which be par* tlslly indicated Inonrlesne of Monday. The lot* Ut war incomplete in one respect. The gentle man u evidently somewhat weak of memory, as bo has forgotten that when be mailed the letter In the editor on Saturday he delivered with it a document which bad evidently been ■prepared with great cate, Intended to be published by the Tunjvjr* after the announcement that he bad obtained the great prize. It would bo tiresome to the reader if we were to give the document luifuli: as it is prolix and contains some rarratlons which wonlu not bo of general Interest, and would nut raise the writer In (bo cs> umatlon of the reader, as it conveys the Idea that hisbumpof approhattveneea fa mmsually largo. But that the document may not be lost to (Ito world, we present herewith an abstract of Its con* tints: •• I was bom early in the present century In an otherwise ohrearo town In the kingdom of Egypt, Hltlo of Illinois. As my parents arc not known Tor anything else than having the honor ol my cornrution, 1 pass them by. At an early age 1 dreamt that 1 dwelt In marnic halls, and strange to say, although opera bouses arc not common in onr vicinity,] ircqnently Imagined a spacious building full of ri'sinmnms and md'lnrry oMnblliM'mrni*. which horo a great resemblance (o the nohlo building of which lam now the fortunate owner. Being of a speculative and retiring turn of mind I was often called cross-boy, which I now see was a corrun* Hon Tor the nnmo of the former ownor of tho Omm House, w hoso name hss in a measure be* come mine In connection with bis properly. Work of any kind was always dlstaaloiul to mo, ami mv fntoim* fancy always waa to bo able to wear very new and showy clothes, and to sin-mi my tlmo In drinking hranrty-smashea and smoking clears, «>c* rationally making protano reroute to my ser* vnnts. |am told that these are all marks o> a true gentleman, ai d that they abow that 1 was intended lor a station above that In which some combination of the stars decreed my birth. I al ways iclt like a gt nllcman, hot unfortunately was never able to act entirety as one till now. 1 married at (he mature ace of thirty, to a lady of mv own tastes and aemimcnta. and she having a few niggers, L tell myaelf raised all at once to the dignity of a (orally mao. without having (o wait for years for that blUshii consummation. lam sony to say that my elmllea and my natural . aristocratic tendencies necessitated the soiling of tbo*c niggers one by one, the last being disposed ot at a good round sum, but a little while befo>c the breaking ont of the war; that was a fortunate aalc, aa be would not have been worth anything to me In a llillo white after. Since then I have lived—l pre fer wot to ray how. Suffice It to eay that I prefer to draw a veil over the scene farther than to indi cate that my recent pecuniary trials have in a most especial manner fitted me to appreciate the good fortune row fallen to my share, and that I intend to show the people ihat their munificent tin has not been unworthily bestowed. , (We suppress the name ont of consideration for the ehlpwtcckcd feelings of the writer.—Ed.] AmiisiiiaEiSTS. McViCKtn’s TnKixnE.—Sbakspearo'fl tragedy ol ‘•Macbeth” was p csented last evening to a moderately foil honse. Charles Billon assuming tberofaox *• the guilty rhane.” The pcrcormapce was. on the whole, an unsatisfactory one. air. Billon, allhonch a careful, and. In some instances. « wat aclor. falls short, both In h’a conception and execution i>l this cirnntcter. and whether It Is that bis peculiar accent Is unfamiliar to Chicago cars, or that he fails to accommodate bis voice to iht capacity of the house, a great dealer his utterances are completely lost upon the audi ence. m» rendition of Macbeth may bo charnc tcnrxd as an average performance, but in no sin gle scene docs be exhibit any real excellence, vhllcbv tails to give proper emphasis to many of me mo.-t impressive passages. We might make' an exception iu regard to the banquet seen •,which -wasgiven wi*b etlVct, andinoneortwo rotated passages turonghont tne play. The per •o m:.nce on tne vpi-lc. however, impressed one with no verv high estimation of DlUon’s talent aa a Shakespenan delineator, fle was well sup liostcd by Mrs. Cowell as * 4 lxdv Macbeth,” and Mr. Waldron rendered Macduff m a manner not unacceptable to the andtenec. To-night, Dillon v 111 appear as “Kine Lear.” MvfcEiK.— 1k * HvcryboJy s Friend” was repea'ed to a lull homo last night, and supplemented by U:e farce of the “Horse Railroad,” which kept the omileurc In roam Ol laughter. "Ibis afternoon “Everbody’s Friend.” In the evening “’I be Serious Family’ and “Who Killed Cock Robin i” The Masquerade.—The Chicago Turn- GVnu-Indc ore making extensive preparations tor bohPngagrana masquerade at Tumor Hall, on Noril* ClarK street, on the evening of February lib. Tbe programme has not ret been made known, hut if •* e arc to credit too promises made regarding Jr, tbe ma*qucradn will bo oncottbc most bulltaut afiaira of the kind ever held in this cliv. The role ot reserved seals will commence nr hicllali to-day. Bkatik«.— The parks were all open yesterday. Altec Ogden an unusually Jaree t.nmbor wore rresm:, a carul'al bavingbccn given for the bone flt of the Home for the 1- ncudlcta. . LAW INTELLIGENCE. Tlic Tarlety ibeatn Imbroglio—The TrnsMll Estate* Charles M. Chadwick who has daring the past two years figured in a number of mlts involving the property of (be Varieties Theatre on Dear born street, was yesterday before the Ciicull Court on a wnt of f/obeas corjrvt. He wa« arrest ed a few days since on a writ of satisfac tion, sued out by Thomas Hall, who had recovered a judgment of ll.noo and costs in an action oftrespasa agalnsthim and Henry Pilgrim. The writ was Issued on the all lecco ii efficiency ol the writ, the seal ol tbe Court being not sufficiently dtsrinct. Tbe Conn held that tbe point "as no t well taken, and the F’Ctluoner was remat ded to i&U. Ue suPaequcul y satisfied tbe judgment and was released. Tice following cases were dismissed: Hugh lewis vs. James Itynor. Assumpsit. Anna Day vs, Margaret Donnelly. Appeal. James Robb vs. Tobias Jjwsen. Garnishee. Nathaniel HalUnan vs. George Horn. Anpcal. Elizabeth Dean vs. Julius Cook. Appeal. Henry Ulrich vs. George Dupont. Appeal. John Middleton vs. Thomas MUner. As sumpsit. Nine appeals were filed. In tbe Superior Court, the common law branch, tbe follon ing orders were tsadt: Calverly vs. tanbom ct a). Motion for new Dial ovenukd, and judgment against defendant. Brooks. Gilmore vs. Schwarz, verdict in favor of plain tiff, and damages assessed at £4.000. Motion for new trial by defendant. Motion denied on tbe ground that tbe subject matter is now pending on the chancery side of me Court. Doggcti vs. The Chicago Nursery and HalfOr fibau Asylum. Trial oy Court: finding bv Court o favor of the plaintiff: defendant guilty, and writ of possession ordered to issue. The new suits m this Court were as follows: Daniel W. Gale «l al. va. Janies P. Uoats ct als. Assumpsit. Damages laid at $3,500. Andrew London vs. Alice B. Smith. Assumpsit. Damages laid at £ 1,000. WilUtm J. Killcti etal.vs. John J. Fox. As sumpsit. Damages laid at £OOO. b. 1). Hastings ct al. vs. John S. Bollinger. As sumpsit. Damages laid at £I.OOO. Sigmund Jacoby vs. Thomas Bllgbe. Assump sit. Damages laid at J3.CTO. John n. Girard, vs. Wo. Eschcnberg et al. BUI for injnetion and relict. Philip Wadsworth «t al vs. Edward Locke. Assumpsit. Confession of judgment for £918.30. Mary Preston vs. John Preston. Bill for di vorce : cause desertion. John R, Hamlin ct al. vs. O. A. WUcox. As sumpsit. Damages laid at £3OO. In the County Court claims were allowed against jbe estate ol George Truseell as follows:—'Wil liam Riley 123; Phillip Carter £7; P. R. Morgan f.U; Clerk ot Superior Court $34.44; 8. W. util £83.00 and John Trainer 15. Ia ster L. Bond was appointed guardian of Tc roroo D. and Willie D. Wilkinson on a bond of £ I HjO. Timothy Lynch was appointed to administer cron tbe estate of Frank w. Johnson. KUnbtth Wilson was appointed guardian of Prank J. I'arker under a bond of £4 000. In tbe Recorder's Court the bill for divorce be tween Wllbrlmtna Weber and her husband. Georgs, was decided by a decree. Tbe facts of tin* care wen* lately slated in the TotnuHX. John T. Franklin was acquitted of a charge of pleaded not guilty of receiving ■totrn goods. (’hallo* Jobnsou vu found gnllty of burglary and !<U nurhhment aasessed at five yean in the prtJtUiliary. . Locxxn He Aoaix.—James fl. Bingham, the young man who baa • cc-ntly figured bo success folly aa a swindler, and to whom Judge MU liken was no lenient only last week aa to suspend bis fli euftlOO on condition that be should leave the city test baturdav morning, was reamated yester day afternoon by Officer Paine, and locked up at Uir Central titation. Bmpbam had npon his per son two bogus express packages, one marked ** fJLW<O” and the other “fWJ." Bingham com plains of being persecuted by the authorities, and raid he was n<> thief, lie was told that the police force regained him oa Infinitely meaner than any thief lu the city. Aiw.ozi* Diiocoixo axn Bonnoto.—On Satur day night a German named Jacob Oing visited the rsisiillahni' n( i,f Mollle Gels on.Clsrkatfcet.and while flb«rt> ws< robl»ed, he alleges, of fW in money nnr a hagenae check lor his Trunk. Oing t.Bil been drinking considerably, and aa there was a \>al of chloroform found upon the premises It is -uvreclrd that ho was dragged, tiamnel Gels. Mnllle Gels, ai d A mile llealy, were arrested, and yesterday morning at the Police (-ourt they were examined. Annie was discharged, but fined M) as an inmate oft disorderly bouse. Samuel and Motile Gel* were committed for trial In bail of 12.UU0 each. Nor Die Wat.—William Crowder, residing in •be vicinity of Cottage Grove, an apple peddler by “profession." Insnlled a lady on street ear*, and was srddraiy arrested. Be assured Justice Millikeu yesterday morning that U was a v*ry nn nsnal U log for him to commit such at> offence—be mart have oeea drank. It was »-ot s habit of hla, such tiddenti tcifling to Injure his otul>es«. The Coi rt thought p oper to fix tbe matter la hts memory byujCeblngafineoffSt&flcosts, The Olan who utd not oraw the Opera Houe-Anoiber Letter from To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Xan the moel miserable of men. 1 hare lost the Opera Donee; and ullh It my peace of mind (a gone forever. For many long months I have beat firmly con vinced that* on ana after the day of the drawing, the Opei a Bocae would bo mine, and I had made all my arrangements accordingly. I Jud (leaded on taking a salts of rooms on the upper floor, tar nishing them in the beet style, clearing out all the rubbish wLirh bad existed there under a high eounamg name lor so long, and making of xt a real palace for the occupation of the leases. I have not drawn the Opera Boose, aed 1 am In despair. 1 have been the victim, not of a delu sion, bat of n conspiracy. 1 know it and feel It Was pot the Whole lot of ticket-holders arrayed against me, to say nothing of other forces to be mentioned presently f From my youth np 1 hare stud ed the theory of chances, ana deem myself to be on fait In that branch of calenU'lon. my onlr misfortune being that 1 ban looted chances of using the vast stores ofpowcrl have acquired. I have compatcd the chances of tbe earth being struck by a comer, of a man bolog aback by lightning, and of myself being struck with a streak of good fortune. 1 sever before net with a mistake—at least a proven one. Bail here lost confidence. }1 have no longer faith In anything, neither In figures— which they say cannot lie—nor in spirits—which seldom tell the tmth. 1 have come to the conclu sion that man docs not know anything, and >£ki the idea of the ancients about a me l ' knomn* himself was a mere wUI-o'Hhc-utSp. lam nros trate beneath the bio*?. v 1 wrote yon a letter a few days ago, giving the bold outline of my plan. That plan I matured after Immense siurfy, some time ago, and felt sore 01 success. 1 calculated out the number CO BbQ, In the way there Indicates,and sought out the ticket. I paid five dollars for It. Fall ol a baminstde sire lor verification, (a process which wematbe mauclans are especially I'ondof) I sought out a medium, and on payment of a dollar, was assured (bat the nnmtjf r I bad chosen would draw the Up pers Bouse, tilt!* anxious, I enclosed the ticket m a sealed envelope to one of those people down East who profess to be aole to answer questions by merely feeling the outside of the letter. I en closed also three dolla-s, and a tow days there after my envelope came back, apparently unopened, with the notification that the wish 01 my heart, as therein Indicated, would be accom plished. Simultaneously with th* above 1 des patched a letter to a celebrated professor of as trology In London, England, enclosing a dralt for tv o sovereigns, the time of my birth, and the ex act instant when 1 bought the ticket. The answer came to band promptly. ibere was a printed blank, which was filled up with a mass of hiero glyphics, representing, as] suppose the positions of (he stars, fixed ana wandering. That part of the ppewer which 1 coukt read was to (he follow ing effect: ’’The native was bom under the truly regal sign Leo, and the benefit Jupiter was in the ascendant, prime lord of the boroscrope; he was In benevo lent trine of Mercury, which signifies that tbe na tive shall become rich by the fkvor of fortune, in matters pertaining loan or the drama. This good fortune will fall to his lot some time during the letter half of the Ptolemaic year, which la ended : when the solar nrb next impingea on the cusp of tbe vernal cqnluoz. if the native wishes the time to be calculated more closely, it will bo ne cessary to enclose five pounds additional to pay for the time required In taking out some five ban died and eigh'y logarithms to the tenth decimal, which is needed to compote the exact punctuality of time when the centre of tbe celestial Jove touches the medium cocli.” 1 did not send the five pounds, for several suffi cient reasons: First. like the great ”780 Zee.” and other great scientific men who devdtc their time to studying out tbe secrets of nature rather than to the amassing of filthy locro, 1 am poor; I had It not to spare. Secondly. It was turn acces sary. for tbe time of Ute drawing was already fixed, end besides, a day or two would make no difference. Third. Even had thccalcnlatlons been instantaneous, there would not have been time to send and get an answer before tbe drawing, an* less indeed the nows came by Atlantic telegraph, and that would have cost more money which ml?bt have been more judiciously expended on (ickota. Fourthly, and lastly, I did not think It wim worth Ibo money: if bo had only sent tnotho formula 1 would have worked It ont myself (or a tenth pail of the money. 1 have taken ont thou sands of logarithms In my researches, and never got a cent out of me operation. 1 tell secure, and spending one day more in looking over my It gurus, in order to MtHtymy* sell that Iheic was no possibility of a mistake, 1 nave myself tip u> the lull intoxication of the bo iler. home few trifles, forwlilcb I bad long pined, 1 proemcd, giving mv nolo for sixty days, by tbe end of widen time I felt sure that I would bo able lo cancel all claims. I got a now ault, fitting (very well) for the proprietor of the Opera Uouso. This secured, IvMtcd my Mends to congratulate mo on my good fortune, and what with oysters, champagne and cigars, 1 added somewhat lo the Indebtedness. 01 course i could not think of dr meaning myself bv labor of any kind—even in* lellcctuftl-nnd so I did not attempt to make any money in the interim. Indeed, had I boon so disposed, it would have been nltnply impossible. My mind was so much fixed on tbe certainty of the Immediate fninif, that 1 was incapsniu of menial exertion. 1 thought of tbe Opera House, dreamed of it. Hiked of ft; and got turned oat of none day by the Janitor, who found mo examin ing my own properly. Aa the time approached I became more calm. 1 had nraduallv gained enough of philosophy of the stole bind to oc able to contemplate without perturbation the prospect, and to receive the con- Simulations of my friends, who. when they board ic sure basis on which my hopes were bail!, never met me without patting mo on (be back, calling me a lucky doe. and asking me to stand treat on "'he sate thing.” 1 borrowed another hundred dollars for “incidental expenses," and that, too, soon went tbe way of all flesh. The day came. Armed wrh my tlcketl wended my way to tbe Opera Boose, and seated myself m the front row of orchestra chain, right in the mid dle. that 1 might be ready to mount the stage and make a public acknowledgment of my goid lor time when tbe happy moment should arrive. X had my soecch all prepared, of which I can now only remember tbe words, “ Proudest moment of my life." and "will 117 to make it worthy oi the owner.” I watched tbe preliminary movements with an air of sublime indifference, and when tbe drawing commenced I actually laughed aloud—at the aux irty which marked tbe reception of tbe first an nounce mcnis made. I loos It with decided good humor. Bat when subsequently some of tbe Ill mannered fellows had the impudence to make ill natured remarks olKmt the prizes and the process 1 felt Insulted at this interference with what I knew to be none of Ihelr business. I rose with the intention of ordering them out of my house, but recollecting that they probably would not go, and that 1 should be laughed at, 1 eat down again, tkmklng it would not make ranch difference to bold on for a few minutes longer,pend 1 knew It cooid not be very long. I tbercfoie listened pa tiently. No not listened— l sank into a reverie, from which I was startled by bearing, "Number one—Opeia House." 7he number of *ho ticket coupled with it I did no* catch, hot 1 jnmpcd np excitedly: my head Hitr'y swam ; at this instant the gentleman in the centre read again: "No. CB,(toil—No. 1, Op " When next I looked around I saw people leaving the room. I supposed the drawing was over, and mechanically I followed them to tha .door, and ib*n when once in the cold air I lell to tbe ground. 1 bad not drawn the Opera House. I am in debt. lam me sport of all my acquaintances; they ail ask mejcfrinply when lam coins to move h, and commence the oft propbecledwork of re novation. I ilo not swear; lam too desperate for that I would buy londannm ana end my sorrows, bnt 1 have not even money enough for that. 1 dare not drown mvsclf as I always had anch a horror of water that I never drank any. What shall Ido f Pia. LOCAL MATTERS. »Hang Out Your Ranncn on the outer Walls/’—ld obedience to tbo command of the great bard, an enterprising gentleman from New England proceeded, this morning, to bang om a banner of each imposing presence, as to call forth the astonishment of all who gazed upon Us huge proportions. Snsprnpcd across the street, directly in front of the Justly celchratea wholesale drag boose of nnrnbams & Vanbcbaack, 16 Lake street, and on n level with the top ol their extensive building, may hr seen a large and elegantly painted flair, bearing the following Inscription: “Poland’s H bite Pino Compound for the core of congbs, colds, sore throats, and all pulmonary a flection*. Ills a remarkable remedv for kidney complaints. The Great New England Remedy. 1 ’ In Us originality cf conception pad artistic ex* coition. It throws BarnttmV “What Is it?” and “ Fat Woman ” entirely in the shade, while as an advertisement it must be conceded the most con* sptcuons within the limitsof Chicago. Of the merits of Dr. j. W. Poland’s White Mne Compound, it is not necessary to say more than that its already extensive sole la constantly in* creasing. The moat Wonderful medicine ever known to man is SletoaDe’a Great Rheumatic Remedy. -Tell your afflicted friends to try it. Lord & Smith, Agents. marsdcnis Pectoral Balm for Asthma and Consumption. Shirt* Shirt*, Shirt* Tbe Sam Brown shirt made to order, all qualities and prices. Six good shirts for 131. BbownASct tok, F 4 and s« Sla’e-ft. G, G. L. Faxon & Co.—Removal from our old stand. No. 11l lake street, to onr new and commodious store. <4 and “6 Lake street, two doors west. Salesroom on the second floor for a few davs longer while refitting onr salesroom on tbe first floor. Mattxaascs, bl&Lkcta. comforters, feather-beds, pillows, all kinds of bed furnish ings, paper bangings, decorations, &c.,&c. E. Faxon & Co., 14 and 76 Lake street. To the Pnhllc*—l>r. Slbbol’a time to »o completely occupied that orders from abroad (or bis remedies for the hair and scalp, most (to re ceive prompt attention) elate age, occupation, color of hair, and If bald, of how lone standing. Ko remedy can be reliable, unless adapted to re nnlrmcots of the case. Entrance No. 73 South Clark street. Itch! Scratch!! Boyd’* lUodleated Cream cures tlcb, ecra*cbe*,and all skin diseases. It Is neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certaln sprciaily adapted to children. Sold by ail drug gists. _ Colcate A Co.’a Winter Soap.—Re commended for chapped hands and for general toilet use during told weather. It may be ob tained ol all druggists and fancy goods dealers. Oar Infant baa Oven broacbt safely ihroneh the critical period of teething by the sole aid of Mrs. Winslow’# Soothing Syrnp. We ad* n«c all parents to procure It.—J/taaiaaljfpi Bap- It'corrects acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic, reroutes the bon els, and. by riving rest and health (o the child, comforts the mother. Jnnlper Tar Soap cores chapped hands, salt rheum, pimples, and all entaoeoas af fections, rendering, the skin soft and smooth. Mannbctnrcd by uuwxll, Macs & Co., N«w Yotk. Sold by all druggists. A dare File care.—Or* Gilbert’s File Instrument positively cores the- worst casts of piles. Scot 6y mall on receipt of sl. Circular* free. Sold by dronrirts. Agents wanted every where. Adrtresa 3. B. Roxainx, Manager, Sic. 073 Broadway. New York MARKETS BY TELEBRAPH NctvVork Financial Notrs. Now Toss. January 21. XONTT. Money quiet at < per cent, chiefly at the latter. ronrtQK gxcnaNo*. Sterling exchange quiet, at K&jtfklOW* GOLD. Gold lower, opening at ias,v. declining to 13S\, ad vancing to 135*'. ard closing at l»X. oorzmnDßtrs. Government stocks without decided chance. LATEST. oovzEuncm. Government aeourlUes closed dun and lower: Crnpona •51...J07««1C6J< 1 Coupon* Coupons I Coupons xisoaxaNsoca stood. The stock maaket closed heavy and lo««w. The great fluctuation* of to-day were a decline in Cumber*,

land from as tc 54. Toledoto *l9; recovery to Ml. Mar ket active at early board, with large sales ot railroad, but closed very.dull, having been hammered severely by beats. CLOSING PBICgS. , Ohio cert* »*« inunolaCenu..l»Xg ts i- W.V 45*0 to* I Toledo -ULg** Y. Cent.... ioa*<aiD6u I R. 1... ••• Pnr...TT7...... «*» M V Ft. W 95*3 Hudson 11* <iU** I _ xorwo anaics. . v „, vittrr shares were generally firmer to-day. out bunn&waTimUelight. Consolidated GresroryroM to and Corydon was more active at CjJsPmu . GcM Hill was Cnn axd to better demand; Prs Moines sold freely at Z23O3S* Other changes not Important. _ Tito Frodnee markets. CINCINNATI. ISpecltl Despatch to (he Chicago Tribune.] CisccntATi, Januarv St. Flour— Unchanged and dou. Superfine s»AdaiO-®; trade and fancy brand* Hl.OOfiKAd. Wheat—Dull, tut prices an nnchasged. Core-Quiet, ear t shelled 60s. Data—Opened firmer, hut closed weak at 51c. Bye—Firmer at ».tS®l.5O. nariey—Unchanged and firm. Whisker—Dull at S9c. cotton—Del at rgsivc for mlddll&ts. Bogs—Opened firm at $I9O»&0Q> tet dosed raotr dulL Receipts SSJW. Mes» Port—Firm. Sales 500 brli of city at Hue. DnlkMeat —!lcldirmlyat7*9l*o; aal Uyo for shoulders: rides and hams closing doll with more sell tn than unjers. Loro—Qt3* atUtfe. Not much demand. Groceries—Firm, hot prices Barar iiheite; «onee»j(9»*c. Cbeeaeaad Butter—Dull but unchanged; the demand U chiefly peal. Gold—AtlAft; Exchange steady at l-U discount buying aal par selling. The Uosey msrketti quiet at 9$U per cent. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to th*. Chicago Tribune.) Mn.wi.uxx*, January 33. Flout—Market ccnUnuasduU, and prices are entirely comical atYesterday’s quotations. Wheat-Quiet, Morningboard,tales 9Joobn; noon board, sales Weft bn *1)3.13 tor No. 1 In store: t3fil tor No. Jin store; ILOOa.o.aQweek; ILTi* torNo.3 In store; |L6B®I.O tor rejected. Oats—Quiet, Bales were 600 ba at 4Sc;torNo.3ln ■tore. Corn—Dull at 68c tor new shelled delivered. Bye— Firmer. Sales were Lft) st 91c tor Ho. 1 87e for No. 3. Provisions—Dull andlaw*r. Bales wereTWbrtspork at |ILBO tor dty meat} $13.50 for extra prime; SILSO lor do list hall of February; SOO tes pickled hams at lOQlOko; :0) tqs and U brls prims lard at UdlSjfO. Droned Bogs—Doll. Bales of g jod aver ageist S7JC» 7.f0. Live Hogs—DoP a $6.10. Sundrieo—Eesis, $2.33 f hu; turkeys 15c; chickens 10c. . Receipts—l,loo trls flour, 16J300 bu wheat, sjjoo bn oata,3.oCo bu corn. 800 bn rye, WOO dressed hogs. Shipments—3,toobrls floor, 4QDbu wheat. NEW YORK. Nrw Tobx, January 77. Cotton-Shade lower, with sites oISS bales of mid dling uplands at SJLc. Floor—ls 10c utter 00 common, with fair de mand; others doll and unchanged. Bales ofSjtohris wjot Slate and Western at MAO; extra Westers. t10.603U.90; choice. $13.00913.71: round hoop Ohio! $1340*13.73. Marxet closing quiet. Whiskry—Nominal. Wheat—Dull, with rales cf 7,000 bn Chicago No. S at 12A0 u’oo bo white Michigan at $3,25. * 2ye—Quiet and steady. Earley-bull. Lorn—Dull and drooping, with sale; ot MM bu mixed In store at ILI7-, do afloat, 11.30: do deliverable to day. $1 a. . Osta-Dnll, with sales of L&OQ bu Western at 63$ 63c. Groceries—Qnlet but linn. Sugar, lOWAUe. Petroleum—Quiet and Ann, with sales of crude at 30c, and refined at sSc. Pork—Drooping, with sales of 4,600 brls old men at _|l9A(®W.’B—cloitn gatfmjAcaui; new me»s,t«A7— dosing at fliA7; nrlme, $16.75917.00; also. 4.3C0 brls pew ness at $31.50971.63, seller end sod March, * ' Beef—Unchanged. Bacon—Quiet. Beef Hsms-Steady. Cut Meat*—Heavy but not lower. Dressed Hogs—Heavy at sec. Lard—Heavr, Butter and Cheese—Firm and unchanged. NT. LOUIS. St. Lous. January 33. There bclPgnoiblpplogfkciUUes markets are quiet and scarcely anything doing. Floor and Grain— unchanged. Provisions—Are In better Inquiry, but boMnessia small. Pork unchanged Bulk meats sell atlOkctor plckledbsms. Bacon, clear sides at Lard firmer st 13J4C for country keg. . Hn«u-Hlsher at«S»6A3. Wbukey—Unsettled; me only sale reported being at $3.10. PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, January 33. Petroleum—Finn; refined 38H93»e. Flour—Dull, with a declining tendency; sales ol ttonthweatern at IllADatkOO. Wheat—Finn; sties of red at SSA))fd3JO; white $3.2(08.40. Ilje—Scarce at|\A*X* ... . Com—steady and Ann, with sales of <,OOO bo new yellow at 96c«51.r0. OiU-sttady atiSC. Me»« P0rk—522.00023 AO. Lard—l3VC. Hover tserd—lßAoOß.7s. Whiskey—Doll. BALTIMORE. Baimxoas, January kt. Couee—Steady. Block of Rio reduced. . FU.ur—Dull. No quotable change. * Wheat—No rwclou or sales. ... Corn-Dull. White ana yellow at 11.0091.10. Ost>-Daii attfle. . C over Seed—Scarce: held at U.(OQ9J)O. timothy B«vt—HUadyt at |J.uJ'k3.«3. Fl.ii bcrfl-H-JO, Sncar— Qtil't but firm. Whiskey—Uncliaugod. SAN FRANCISCO. bax PXAxctsco, January 23, Floor-Extra, fS.OOi inpcrtino, WAO. Wiical-l-rlme shipping. 91.79 per 100 fts. NEW ORLEANS. Naw ORtKAKs, Jacnarr 33. Cotton—Holland eatler. Lov middling at flwot iiilrb.llntf nt 37Kc. lleeripta (tor lour days 10,000 es, against IftJCOt exports VOW. bugar—Active; droiamt fair,at llKe. . Wnlasao*—h air at CHcj prime at Me; choice at Wjnc. Hour—Firm; iuprrlur at 913.001 extra at 913.799 1 a191.309iaa. 1 lata—Largo advance to one dollar. 1 inca* 931.00; baooa, none offering. Vard-Klrnrat i3*Ol«<e. „ Tobacco—Medium 19.1Mi10.00. ew*\l!r(f kicbanae-Xt discount. Frelghu-Unchauged. Now York Grocery market* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. I Nxw Tout, January 33, Coffee—lllo 3KJ»c; doll. Bugar-Falr to prime grocery lOtfailKc. Holders not so firm. New York BrcadutolT* market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l Naw York. January 33. lireadstufls—No (how (hr business for some days, owing to tbe obstructed condition of the streets and harbors. Foreign Prelchts. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tore. January 22. Freights—Small shipments of com to Liverpool, by ail. at 64. New York Live Stock market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune-l Now Tore. January 23. Beet Cattle-Receipts to-day. 900, weakening the market, but not quotably lower. Good to prime HU nots*steer«, 15®16c. Hogs—Receipts 300; sold at 7tfc. Weekly Export* from New York. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nsw Tobx, January 3). Exports for tbe past week—3,6oo brls flour. 60,000 bu com,4S.OCO bubarley, 1,200br1ap0rk,318,003 ns bacon, 762,000 ns lard, being a considerable Increase In barley, bacon and lard, and a fislllnx off In flour and pork, compared with tbe corresponding week last year. Now York Provision market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nsw Toss. January 23. Pork-Cloied flat at 931.50, seller March, and 521.38 regular. Other hog products flat. New York Dry Goods market. New Toss, January 23. Dry goods market still dull, without change In prl- New York iavo Slock Worket. New Tons. January 23. Dcevos—Heavy, depressed, and only ‘SO offered to dar-eco not sold. Tnere win be a large quantity here Thursday. The ranee is 9@i7c, wltn a few choice at like. Cows-Oolct. Veal—Finn ataaHc. . , Shetp—Strong at the close, at 6®3>tC. Lambs noml- ° a HoE9-Stctdy; Receipts tor the week—l.63l beeves, 614 vests, sheep and lambs, JW3Tbegs. San Francisco mining Stocks* San Fa an cisco, January 31. The following were the quotations lor mining stocks Savage -Iff? 3 l Imperial 1H yellow Jacket. ICCO Belcher 1M Crown Point i 325 0ptdr...... 154 Cbotlar... .......... .. 231 Legal Tenders 73X Fltiabargb Petroleum market. Pirrsumon, January 33. Business In the oil market to-day was very dull, with IMS oisposltton to operate. But one sale of crude. 55 brls Smilh’a Ferry, at Itfc. Allegheny River Oil is Quoted aißk<£9c; but little on hand here, and no pros* nrct of any coming. Refined in oond quiet; sale* of 2CCO brls, tor July delivery; terms wlthhe'd; rates about same as previously quoted. Free oil quiet; snail sales at 40345 c. No Inquiry lor residuum or naptha. ~ BIABBIBO. At the AdamßHoose, I'th Insf., by Rev. W.H. Ryder, D. D., Mr. QkLANDO FARRINGTON, Of Bocbclle. 11U to Miss CZARINA A. SNOW. DIED* In this city. January 33d. SAMUEL UEAFFORD, ♦ornery of Essex. Conn.* at the residence of his son, ♦fewestJack*on-*t- ~ _ Fnnrral this day at 1 o’clock p.m. Friends ol tbo tornily are respectfully mvlteo to attend. In thl* cl’y. Jannary32d, BOBDTH., son of Robert and Mary Stafford, age Ove years. „ Funeral trom the residence ofhla parvis, 32* Fonrth* av- Wrdntsday, at 1 o’clock p. m. Friends of the fatnllv a - c invited to attend. Pa»er on, Nt w Jersey, papers please copy. auction Sales JQANIEL SCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 Lakr«stM cor. LaSalle, Chicago. Cub advanced on Merchandise convened for talc. Oot-door talw promptly, attended to. A TJCTlOX—Wednesday, Jan, 23d, 18G7 XX —Special Sale of Velvet Pile, Brussels. Tape>try, KiddermcUtor, Two and Xbree-Ply. Hu rain and Felt CARPETING, Oil Cloths, Stove Rocs. Dearth Rags. Mats, dtc* Ac* abont 100 roll*. Tbe largest and most varied assort ment ever offered tn this market. W-* are I’strncted by the tmrorters to sell tbe awe large assortment ox Kngs. Mats. Ac, Ca’pet*, Oil Cloths &e- aoougrt which will be (bund the choicest d signs and patterns extant, selected expressly Tor this martel. Sale at 10 a. n, sharp. DANIEL SCOTT AGO, Anctra. Goods on view Moiday. At 164 Lake-st. AUCTION— Friday, 25th Jannary,lß67, at 13 o'clock a. m., we arc Instructed to sell at oar rooms, 164 Lake-«U a largo and varied assortmeatof csetnl and ornamental bonsebold and office FURNITURE, Including Parlor Suites in Mahorany. Rosewood and Walnut, liming Boom Chairs, Extension Tables. Side boards, Hed Boom Snltea In Mahogany and pain ed, Solas. Louneee. Reccing Chairs. In hair cloth and cane. Office Desks, si tola and Chairs, What-nots, Plated 1 * CO. Auctioneers. QILRERT & bAiIPaON. Elegant assortment of second-hand and new Furniture, Carpets, Mirrors, Silver* Plated Show Case, Ac., AT AXTCTIOIff, Atoor lalecroomi, 47 and 40 Dearborn-rt. on Fri day. January 15th, at 10 o'clock, eonatittwrof a large ataoitmeit ofrtch and medium Chamber Suites, Parlor Suites, In hair cloth and reps, with almost ererynod of farm tore fbr parlor, chamber acd dicing room; Parlor, bedroom and stair Carpets, marue and other Mirrors; one Jarre Silver-plated Show Caie, together with . SMOTI ofM-ghtid o; _ Auctioneers. A. BUTTERS & CO. Auctioneers & Gommission Merchant; 44 A* .46 RAXDOI.PO-WT- Between State-st. and Wabash-av., Hold regular sales, at their salesrooms, ol DRY GOODS. CLOTHING. BOOTS, SHOES. AC, Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE. CARPETS, Ac* every SATURDAY. ggcal Estatc-Countrj). F)R SALE—The subsenber offers tor ■ale his residence In Elgin. It Is pleasantly Jltu atcd.flne large natural tbsde trees, good garden, fmtt trees, well and cistern. Ac.; Is convenient to the Elgin Academy; la considered the handsome*! place m Eistn Price $3.000; SUcO down, bslsnce 00 Uns If mured. A liberal Discount fir all cash down. Apply or adcrefs L. H- Y ARWOOD. or consult M. 3. VAK WOOD, 160 WaihlPgtin-sL. Chicago. FOR SALE containing 40 acres, under good cultivation, well divided into tillage, mowing and pasxur*. all well fenced, good house, fine cellar. MabVng.weUs, stock water, large bearing or chard ot choice frtut. plums, pears, email fruits, In short a fine cozy place—ehou-d be seen to be properly estimated. A'to Sa for jmjyo would be sold separateor tomher. Two acre* rf timber. Address T. S. CLOUGH. West Paw Paw, Lee County. I». fß.orscs, (Carriages, scc. ONE OK TWO heavy Draught Horses lor sale cheap; one second-hand farmer’s wagon, ana me second hand Dray. Apply to A. 9. BAILEY, sonU west comer of Market and van Boren sis. T?OR &aJaE—Light single cutter and t? buggy. *ln<le and doable harness and saddle. Can {oseen at 330 Folioa-at. amusements. T>lbTOKl—Croebv’s Open House. Xt DIRECTOR. ,T~ .. J.OBAC. HAST STUrABTa Tina WEDNESDAY, Jan. 33d—Second Bistort Sight. ADELAIDE RIBTOBI HAST STT7ABT THURSDAY— ** Elizabeth, Queen of Entionl.” FRlDAY—LoatNlght-Benefito! Use. BISTORT— UoataseUl’s celebrated tragedy, “GAMMA." BATUBPAY-BISTOEI RI&TINEBi AT ONE O’CLOCK. NOTlCE—Tickets marked So. Z, Wednesday even tog:No,B. Thursday evening; No.LFilday evening; No. a. Eatarday afternoon.' Beserved seats tor any of the tour nights mar bo had at the Bo* office. Beserved scats, JIM. Seats in Boxes, IS. General admission, $1.50. Family Circle, 75 cents, pOL. WO OU’B MUSEUM. rot" J* B. WOOD.. Proprietor Director of Amusements. . v « atkKN btaceMansger THOS- BARRY Revival of Charles Mathews’hlthly successlnl come dy, vhiph on its fbrmrr repr« senutlon was received with shoots of laughter. it wilt be produced in con nection with a great Mnamm specialty. This (WEDNESDA> } afternoon, Jan. 33d. at the Grsno _Matinee—K oast 3 o’clock—tha comedy of EVKBTBODY’S FRIEKD In the evening, V iwlore B—WHO KILLED COCK BOBlN.wlte the sERIOUB FAMILY. THE HUGUENOT CaPTAIN Is In rehearsal. Me THEATRE. McYICKER ft MTEBS MANAQBitS. WEDNESDAY, ME. CH&ELEb DILLON, In hit great character of SWa Z.BAB, KINO LEAB ..Mr, CHAS. DILLON _ lurch tarsal, “Bctphtaqr, the Mountebank,” and Lord Byr< n’s Trasedr ot “ wemar.” npHE CHICAGO TUHN-GEiIEINDE J. rcsoectiuily announce to their friends and pa trons that their GRAND MASQUERADE Will come off On MONDAY, February 4, At their spacious hall on North Clark-tL, above Chi csko-ay. COMMUTES. Full Proeravme will be announced. N. B. Bale of reserved teats will commence Wednes day. Jon. 23d. at iO a. at the Hall. QBOSBT’S MU6IC HALT,, CHICAGO CAZ'BSOZrZAK CZ.UB, Second Grand Annual Ball. The Chlet Chleftalcs and Clansmen of tea Chicago Csiedonlsn Club respect lolly onnoonou to their IfeUow-cUUens ol Chicago teat tee SECOND GBAUD AfiiiUAL BALL of the Club will take place at Croiby’s Music Qa'lon FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 37,15C7. (Anniversary of Bams* birthday.) Mode by Cleat Western Light Guard Band. Tickets, $3 each, admitting a gentleman and ladies, con be bad of any of the officers and members of the Clnb. Every preparation has been made to make this the great ball of tbe season. ROBERT HKBVET, Chief. Wx. M. Dais, Secretary, Chicago, January 7,156 T. TTTITKOWSKY hall. BRANCH OF TOE New York Museum of Anatomy, WITICO WBILY HALL, 270 Clark-at, comer of Monroe. Thifl Important and hlthiv Instructive Museum ooq. tala* WONOKBS OF CRB ATKIN from tbe flrst month. Miniature Wonders of the Worm, a* alio Beauties of Osteology, Myology, Dermatology, And In fine every department of Medical Sclrtce. The modent, tbe i'by»inao. the Naturalist. the Mas of Unslneea. the manor Leisure, mlaht eariy In ram where they cooid spend a more prohtaalobour. open for gentlemen only from 9 a. m. till 10 p. m. Admission 50 cents. LECTURE will bo given by EAXPH WALDO EMERSON, In UNITY cmiißTi, corner of Chicago av. an t North Drarborn-st., THURSDAY EVENING, Jan. 311 b. Subject—“Tlio Man of Ibo "World.” TICKETS—M Ccnta each, may bo bad at the Book, store of H. C. UUIUUBft uo., and at J. 11. WALHU’H Newsroom. Heal 35statr-ffifig. IKIt'ItOVKD. Ij'Oß SALE—lt‘yon want to buy a Reuse, i 1 rent a bom<>, or a*-Tl a bonne and lot, call at our office. Great Inducements always offering. CiEOUUK A WILLIAMS. 7 Sooth Claik-st. T?OK SAT E—A desirable residence, No. J? Ü, North Hide, next to corner of Cass-st. wlUiln fl«e minutes walk ot Lake-it. Lot 50 feet tront, running back to a wide planked alley, wl'h good barn. The house has hot and cold water, bath* room and water closet, np stairs. A now LUUcdeld loniace. parlor, sitting room, dining room and kitchen on tint floor. Inquires! 80 Sooth Waier-st. T?OR SALE—A first-class stone front X* bouse and lot with bam, on Wa*hlngtoo<su, east of Union Dark. SNYDER & LEC, Real Ettate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. F)R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Beal Estate Attests No. 4 Metropo'itan Blocs, a new brick b n oae of 11 rooms and lot with bam. on Waba»h «v_ near Twer A brick house and lot on Wa pash-av., mar Twenty-Third-at. F)R SALE—A two-story frame boose of 11 rooms and lot. No. 48 South Aun-st., be tween Madison and Washington. SNYDER ft LEE, Beal Estate Agents.No.4 Metropolitan Block. Ij'OE SALE—Two new neat frame J? houses of 8 rooms each, and lota, on Washington, st- between Lincoln and Robey. 1 ROMAS D. SNY DER ft CO., No. 4 Metropolitan Block. F)R SAJ.E—House and Lot on West Fulton-»t* near Robey—Lot 25 by 121, win gcoti two-story frame boose. 8 n’oma—for sale far f 2.7 M, for a few days. A. J* AVEBELL, Real Esttate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. F3K BALE—A new two-story house and lot,brlrk basement, 15 rooms, modem Im rroTem*nu, on near Van Boren. Terms easy. Apply at 1 a South Union-et. F)K SALE—A new tw'-story house on Wabash-av.. containing 10 r'oms; water sewer ana cm, and lot. Price, asAOO. Ctaeaoest house in market. ARTHUR ft SOYPEN, 1210 Slateut. TTOR SALE—A raluable lot on Cottage U Oiove-av., between Twenty-third and Twenty fourth-sts, MxloO,at tne extren e'y low mice at taken tumedlateiy. Title perfect. WARREN ft GOOD RICH, Real Estate Brokers, 135 Dearbom-et., Room 2. TT'OR SALE—House on leased lots. 17 Cottage corner of Robey and Washlactm-at. House No, 13 South RuckM-ai. Store No. 109 Blue Island-av., at a. SALISBURY'S office comer of Canal and Bandolph-sts. UNUfIFBOVED. F)R BALE—On Wabash-nv., a lot 63 feet front, foil depth, near Elghteenth-st.; 50 feet front on Wabaah-av.. near Twentlcth-at.; 50 feet tronion Pralrle-av., near Twenty-firßr-bC; 50 i*et Cr.«nt cn Calumet-av., pear Twentieth at.; su) feet front on Inolana-av.. near Twenttcth-et. A. J. AVERELU, XUal Estate Office. No 7 Mettopoliun Block. TTOR SALE—On IVaslnngton-st, 60 J 1 fret wesi of Robey.J fronting north—4 choice lots—l3o tort on Washington, tor sale, tor a short time only, at (40 per foot. cash. UEO. 11 QIGGINSON, Real Estate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. F'OH SALE—Valuable Clark Street Property-41 by 125 leet, to a good alley, on Clark, near Madison street. E. H. CUMMINGS. Ror-m 19, No. 132 South Clark street. FOR SALE—At the merely nominal price of (533 cash, a beautiful lot on Wahpanseh* av. (Cottage Grove) 30i99. fenced with shade tree*. Ac. WARREN A GOODRICH, Real Estate Brokers, 133 Dcaiborx-at.. Btoro g. iSusincßß ffiijanetß. TT'OR SALE—Daily Newspaper—One ot X 4 the proprietors of a Republican daily newspaper, situated in a thriving town of twenty-two thousand Inhabitants, acalree to sell hit Interest, which is a controlling one. In consequence of other business rn raeements. The paper has a bindery and Job office con nected with It, and all departments are paying well. Dally circulation over I,soo—Weekly over 3,000. Ad dross -J P J,‘* Tribune office. TT'OR SALE—At Mincnk,- IR, a good r store and stock of hardware, with tln-shap at tached, Apply soon. Tbe above establishment is la a first-rate country, and Is doing a good business. ADDIS A ANDRUS. FDR SALE—Millmcry stock. An old establish'd house. with large trade. Population 14,000. Thl* Is ft chance seldom found. Address Q. Vf &J. M. WETHER ELL, Chicago, or J. N. AVERT, Oabkoeh, Wla. Tj'Oß BALE—Boarding House in a first r class locality, centrally located, on South SHe. Further particulars furnished byJ. R. ANDREWS, lioom y Methodist Chorea Block. TTUR SALE—Lease, stock and fixtures X 1 ol a well established erocery. In a ptj'Vi location aiddclngagcodtrade; will be sold at verylow fle ore# tor cash. Rent remarkably low. Invoice $1,500. Inquire of C. JEN ESPN. 3‘J Weet Lakc-st. FOB SALE—The lease, fixtures and lor rltnre of a Ant-class hoarding house on Wabash av, now fall ot boarders, and enjoying a high repara tion as one of the most elegant and desirable estab lishments ot the Vlml it Re city. The lease ha* thr-*e rears to run from May next. W RRKN A GOOD RICH. Beal Estate Brokers, 123 Dearbom-it., Boom F)R SALE —Bouses and lots, saloons and boarding house*, rsrtanraata. farm*. Also, bouses to rent, cheap, by CHRISTIAN A CO., Real Estate and Vessel upeais, Room 3 Lind's Blocs, Baa dolpb-st. bridge. F)H BALE—One-third interest in a good paying manufacturing business. Profit. 23 per cent. Small capital required. Addrets Q. M. FECTORr. F)H SALEr-Ore first class saloon, fixture*-, 4«fonSouthßlde,dotog stood bail* new. Ihls will be wid cheap for cash. Good reasons forselling. Aptly at Room 4.100 Madmm-rt- F)B SALE—A first-class saloon in a rood location. Cheap rent, and plenty ot hosi ers* that win pay f!5 per day. price, (tto. Cali at 210 EtatMt F)R SALE—At a Bargain—A first class boarding boose, with a splendid asloon at* tarred, centrally located. Inquire at W. SENG A PRO.. Grocers, comer White and Cass-sts. personal. T)EPSONAL —Will the jmmg lady with i the black velvet cloak apd ermine CUr*. who sat In the p«rooette at Wood'* Mmemxu Monday evening, please tend her addrm to her impertinent admirer la the balcony circle. “3,” Bjx 1003. PERSONAL— Yonnp men in the city or country who are out of employment will learn something to their advantage by ealllig on or ad dressing J. K- SHAW * CO.. 1 *»0 Lake-»t-, Chicago. JHacfnncrg. T?OB SALE—Or Trade—2 double floe r K feet, 40 Inch shell boners and a 20 bo«e power enctnea, together with the works of a Linseed Oil Mill, and Flat Machinery. *ll for sale, together or sep arately. fbr r»«b or desirable lands. Address M. C. CASTLE, Sandwich. PI. T7OR SALE—Three 8-horse power up j' right engines $ also six borUontalengines,B, lo ard 13-horse power. Larger or smaller enjrtuea fur nished with or without boilers- 12,15,16 and 20-horsc tabular and locomotive bolters fbr sale, beat make. Also one 4-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery. Iron Biant-rs. belong, sawa. flies. 4c. Machinery Depot. ay eaibom-sU, CMcago. OREKNLEK BROS. A CO. FOU sale—Portable Engines— i, 8, 8,10.12, IS. 2D. 25 and SC-borsc power, new and secobd-hand • one 90 and one S5-hor*e power. Second hand sutlonary Hi innea and Bniien, Portable Saw mills Woodwcrtb planer* and Matchers. Shingle Mills and wood-workltg Machinery. Power Com Sbe'ler*. So all nan Mi ls. Iron Feed Mills. ShslUnc. Pullics and Elevator Machinery bnllttoorder. UICBAROS' IRON WORKS. 100 and lg-4 ITOH tALE—A second-hand Buckley r fo.dlng tnachine—in good condition. Price, ftOC. Apply to the TItIBPCT COMPANY. T?OR SALE—IO,I2 and 14-horsc porta r ble EntU-e* and Ho lers—very low,by GIUFFIS BBOTHEIUs, I3S J-onth Waters. _ _ fpHB LAKE <fc BODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM SHOIHES, Shingle Machines. Cora Mills and Shafting, Wocd- working Machinery. __ LA!6k «r BODLBV, Comer ol John and Water-ats., ClneUinatt. AppltcaMa tor de*cnpave ctrcnlan win apeofr the oiachJaay they jgSSSd-fpmu cco iEUitt-36ouse0. npO RENT— Three new two-story JL dwenUeboose«.Noe, 138,i60aa4164!f0rf0 MorgaiHU. Apply to OGDK2?TFLEETWOOD * CO -131 LakMt TD RENT—The new house, 20 room?, S(0 Btate-st- now occnplec lor s bo utter boons, kart of tomtthre tot file, Inquire, tor two date, on tbs premises. TX) RENT—On the South bide, a good X eomtortaalo coctaae, 36 Alaxandei-«L, (bar rooms, closets, wood ibid, Ac. Inquire st 34 same street. r pO BENT—New and beantltnl lesi- X .deuce at'Onion Park—with all modem Improve ment*. E. H. CDU3HKQS, room 10. So. 13J fiostb Cluk-st. 'T'O RENT—A neat cottage containing A seren rooms; terms reasonable, and Immediate possession gven. Inqolre at Boom 1.194 East Ran* dolph-it* or Boom 3, third floor of 109 West Ban* dolph-st. npo KENT—No. 10 Cottage-place, near 1 corner of Cottage Grovesr. and Thirty .first^t, new bonse, eight rooms, hydrant water; bee a fine ▼lev of the lake acd Chicago harbor. S3O per month. T. 3. FITCH, Boom 2,167 Dcarborn-st. r T'D KENT—On the North Side, a new J. two-storr and baaementbrick bouse: also a cot tage. Inquire et J. E. SDITIBBLUi. 36 Lombard Block, IQ9 Mouxce-it. T) RENT—House No. 167 Park av„ ten rooms. Cottars boose No. 231 Firat-st, Home on Trust* e-sL House No. 33 South Jelerson st. Store No. 109 Blue Island-ar. Rooms at 124 west Lake-et Inquire at A* SALISBunrs Real Estate office, comer et Canal and room No. 6* Gateq’ VUildlug. KENT—Dwelling No. 26 Walnut-st, J. ten reams, gu and water. In good repair, for rent until May Ist at amocerale price. Apo r to WILLIAM H. BOLDEN, Attorney-at-law, 100 MsClwi-it. ®o Bent—Booms. TO RENT—A suite of front rooms, and ftiroltnrcfor tale, all new. Appijto Room 13 Fauertcn Block, between 10 and 13 a. m. and a and 4 p. m., or address Bor 20t O. TO RENT—A nicely furnished pailor and chamber suitable lor two gentlemen- A> ply at 1 tfg South Clark-ot. RENT—And tnxnilnre lor sale— J Two cicely furnished room*, within two minutes' walk of the Post Office, suitable tor a man and wife to xeephonae In. or two single gents to keep “old packs’ hali n In—dlthes, cooking utensils, stoves, 4c„ *c. For tnriher particulars, call at 176 South Clark-st- or 157 Deaibom-at. TO RENT—At 24*1, Thwd-av., np stairs, one large and cne small, furnlshe t sleeping room, with closet and stove, to two gentlemen. Booms cared for. T 3 BENT— Pleasant and desirable tar* nlshed room*, one front room suitable far gentle* men. convenient to btuiness. App.y at S2Sxßtate gt. Reference* required. 'O KENT—Room suitable fnr one or A two gentlemen, with or wtthont board, to a pri vate French family. Address ‘‘if,’’ Box 12S, Chicago. TO RENT—Three pleasant rooms, and some inrnltnrc lor sale-411 a month. Water Handy. At 13U West Bandolph-st. up stairs. TO RENT—Rooms for two gentlemen, also single rooms, well famished, with stoves g»» and service. In a prtvato family. 108 Cais-it, Es 3£lent-Stores, ©ffices.&x 3'o KENT—One-half of a store on South Clark-*'., In the very best location lo the dir. drcaa P. O. Box 303. HPO RENT—Very desirable office rooms, I ontheseefindfloorofOl Randolph-*!. Apply to DU. JAMES. 03 liandolpO-»t.. leooaoßoor. TO UENl—Brick store No. 27a South Water-gt. loqulruon the promise*. rpO RENT—Part of store, Acted tip tn X Rood style, rotted for ofllce or any amall bndnow. In one nfthe best localities In ths tWy, Apply nt 45 BUtc-st. I'O RENT—A tarm of 120 acres of the beat prairie land, only iff mile* from Chicago, with constant railroad connection to the city, about two-third* under cultivation, with the privilege* of a vegetable Barden and on--ba'f of a Uirlfty cherry ntid apple orchard i baa a good tenant turns* with cel lar, barn with ciil* rn. Ac. With ltd* will b* lowed 10 of HO aero* of land at n low figure. tor tmvrlig pur- Kl»C*. I|a» been used with great success a* ■» dairy rm. KorlorllierparUnitar*, apply to l RUM AH B. BUT AN A i. 0.. Bryan Hall, Chicago, 111. TO RENT—Nice store nod dwelling, No. 170 BonthWell»Jd., with shelving, counter*, kbs.&c. ApplvmoKo. It. 11. HDaiIK.S77 Uiar born-st.. room 112, an! floor. TO RENT—TlicstorcNo.2o Buoth3lar ket-st. C. MCDONNELL. AgenL 131 bouth Clark**. RENT—The third, fourth and <UU\ JL floors of liinbulldlng* IAI atd IA3 iCaodolph it., oppovlteConit House, suttaniu forotUeei. manulte-. luring piirpo*»*,etc.,clc. Bent tow to perntan*nl and retpoDiible tensht*. Appyt i JOHN GUNEENItAU HER. 151 Kanilolplft.. Boom t. TO RENT —A frott office In Afosonic Temple building, up »lalr*, ro<u» No. 10. one or the pest aert most neutral otllcea In the city. Apply at room 11,87 Dearborn-*!. JuHante'a--®o Kent. Wf ANTED—To Bout—Four or five Vv good room*, in a good locality, amiable tor a small family. Best of references given. Address, stv tine location and lent, ‘-o g V.* 1 r. O. Box H4AO. \\T ANTED—To rent—A house of eight VV or teotosms. centrally located, suitable for a boarding bouse. Address "T. D.'*'Tribune QfOce, WANTED— To Rent—Ey let ol May, aam class cottage, with six to eight rooms, gas, water. 4c., must be on, or east of Clark-sL, and north ot Ohio. Any one having such can nod a res ponsible tenant by addressing “H.” P. 0. Drawer TXT AN TED—To Rent—lmmediately, a VV neattomlib'dcottage, or about loar roams tornlihed suitable for housekeeping. "J. B. W." P.0.80x 6100- "WT ANTED—To Kent—By two ecntlc- VV men. an unfurnished room on the South Side, north of eltucr with or without b >ani. Prl vatc family pteiernea. **A. K. M." Tribune Ofllce, WANTED —To Rent—Too rooms imtable for housekeeping, by a man and’wife, (no cnlJdr»n). with a icwectable family, at a moderate rent. Addr» b* *O. C.” Itibune Ofllce, stating local- Uy aod terms. TTCr-ANTED—To Rent—A dwelling Yv house pon’aiiilng nine or tea rooms, within fifteen minutes* walk of Court House. Would not ob ject to buy a portirn of the furniture. Address Boom 92 MattesoD House. Koarhing, OOAKDING—One laree unfurnished l> from mom and a large far M-hf-d room, soluble for two gentlemen, or gentleman aod wife, can be < b uine*i. with first class at 2?i9 lUlnois-el. Norm Division. I3OARDING—Nice suite ol frertparlor JT) and bedroom; also, single rooms and da; board, at 17 Dcarbt>m«6l.,ap stairs. OOAKDING—Two ceutlemcn can be J i accommodated with beard and pleasant roams, atS4 Adatts-st, BOAKDING— A famished room, with gas and store, suitable 'or a gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. Apply at 174 West Washing icc-et. T>OARDING —At the National Hotel, 1> comer ol Washington and Wels-sU- on* square west ol the Conrt House. Good board an'* g«od rooms and good rooms to rent cn reasonable terms to fami lies, or single rooms. Day boarders, *5 p*r week. 1 ransient boarders, *3 per day. A call Is solicited. We warrant to giro satisfaction. The boose U near a.l the railroad eepota aod bosh ess centres. OOAKDING—A front room,with board, Ij for gentleman at dwtf-. or two single gentlemen; ilfc, a bed room cat be baa. by addressing, with real nanc,P.O. Bex 2739. ■OOAKDING —One larce double room t f tc rent, with board: also, on* single rotm, at 74 Jackson-st.. two blocks sooth ot the Past Office. T> OARDING—PIrst class board, private 1 J family, pleasant rooms, famished or anrornlsbed. tor gtcUanaa and wlfx.or filmic gentlemen. Rouse new, and pewly famished. with modern Improve menu. References exchanged- 64 Pafk-av. 73 OARDING—To rent, with board, a I I large fhrnlsh»d room, suitable lor two single f entlemcn, at 43 Rush-st. References required. T»OAKDINQ—An elegant suite ot front II rooms, with first-lass board, at 344 Wabash ay- Refercncfß reqaired. T)GADDING —One single room to rent, 1) with board, at 14 Ihlrd-av, T>OARDTNG--To rent, with board, an JO nnfumlfhcd front parlor, lit with ras; also, a Jane and pie&sai t Pont chamber. Day boarders waned, inquire at 435 South Clark-et. TDOAUDING —A room soitoWe for two O centlemeu, with stove. Apply at *433 IlUnols-U TJOAEDING—In a private family, a f) large frent room, with cloth's prc»s. lighted with fas, wtll tnmlsticd. to let, with board, ft a ctmlemsn and wife, or two or tbree single gentlemen. The boast Is pleasantly Ellnst'd, and m a good neigh lorhood. Apply at 343 Sonth State-t. "OOAKDING—One front mom, furnish £) «d. satiable for a gentles an and wit*, or two Etude gentlemen: likewise, one large unfaroMied room. Csn be obtained at ti 37 Mtchigan-ar. Befe rcnces required. BOARDING— 21 Meals ats4.oo—Pleas ant rooms, first-class bosrd.wUh good attendance, at per week, at the Beifsst Boose, lOblllcuigaa- to North Clark-Bt- T> CARDING—One nice room, with the XJ comfotta of a home, suUable for a gentleman aad wife, or single ccnti»mCD. Also, a few day boarders. Apply at 207 Mlchlgan-st. _ T> OADDING —In a private femily, for 1) gmtlemen and their wives or single emUnneical 339 utlcolMC, two blocks from btate-st. bridge. TDOAKDING— Pleasant rooms andeond f) board can bo obtained al Briggs Bouse No. 2. Monroe-et. A few day boarder# can be accimmo dated. - T> OARDING —An nnluinished Ircmt Jt> room, .’to ot«Ur,mroUbrf rmms -Itt «:«- cla»« bo aid in a private family, at 176 Sooth CUnto-- 33oat® Sffilante®. BOARD— Abont the ICth ol February, •by agtttlemanaod wlfo. untarnished room*.ln a coed locall'y-Mlchlgau.and W«t vva*h»rgtcn*«t.preforred. Nonebolthosehartncflrst dm beam pert urea. price to ohj-ct. Address, stating location and terms. Drawer 603 J. TSOARD—Ej- * yonne married couple D of reflneiteDt, In • r*?j*r ta?!r weirt* - mat be made agreeable* Address BOARD, Trl* boTie other. Hoet an® jyounh. rOST— At the Washlncton Stating - part, fiatorjav night—DUck and White Plaid ClTMK.SlnpSsa- mn.DiLE!S,IB7 WMtLdM et. . LOST— On batuiday niehl, between Tailor and Tweltth-sB., on Shalto-rt., Klsvcuth at. or Dloe ls:aod-iv.. a Laflyl For Collar. The finder •will be suitably r. warded by leaving It «t 38b West Taylor-st. T OST—A pocket-loch coutaiDiug about I , dollars, between Church A Go;d -man’ LaSallMt,aoo the Post Office. Taeflpdtr will be handsomely rewarded by leaving It n* Tnbace Office. LOST— On the 12th met, n red cow, with white line on back, about j ears old. Any one retort Ipgher matlon where she can be foutd. at 763 Arnoid-sU, cor. ofLyoo-av, will be rewarded. T OhT-A Fitch Collar, with ritlcketon J j iuMdc, wllh price inarkj»ra It* lljrkßloMlbe tween the coiner of sts., or between there and be well rewarded by TUabc’t grocery store, comer of Twenty-etsta-at. and Kanfcakeo-av. La&t* An Encl'sb briudle and white boil deg. about four months oIA Had on a leather jr w Vnnwert to*-«wieof *»lowser." Any person rctnniicgsametothe ccidct or state «nd F&adoVph ;ii!!wlll be liberally rewarded. L.DeGBAFF. T OST—$lO Eew&rd—From 1043 State -1 j «t-. a dark red, mcdlrm sizedtrtlth cow,la giod Alert had cotsldcrable manureon her hind quarters, acd tbe right trtc teat a 1 tUe shorter than the others. auv Demon leaving information where she can he III receive the above reward, and no questions £trt. C. W. PEIRCE. 1 043 State-st. O&T—On Saturday evening. Wth , test, cn Mltwanke**av. cars, or between Chicago, Bnrltuelon d Quincy crowing and Monroe-it.» an cpen-t*ce«llv*rw»trh.» Uh steel ch*ln. The watch teing a keepsake, trom a deceased friend, the finder will be liberally rewtrdtd by leaving U at 198 West Monroe-st. TTOUND —A sum ol money—The owner r will apply to BAABEB, HAMILTON A HOAD* LET, 133 lAke-tL T7OTIND—A larce black Newfoundland X 1 Doe, with white leetandhreut,wM» spot ontho tall aid nose, which •he owner can have by nrovloz orooertyand payme charges. Jt not adtedtof soon w lube sold. Appij et No. 108 Hnh&art-st, gglanteo-jHaie fgeip. BoomutEFEßik uunasn to TXT ANTED—a competent man to su- V V pmniepd the manntactnrliurifepartniaitol a lard otU soap and candle oaanfacurr. Extra tn auefmeoa wulbeosrred a bid wbostboroosblyun. dmtacds tbrwbo e tresmen. EetTrences required, address the “Toledo Lara Ou and «•*"**« Maanlactnr tag com* Toledo, Ohio. TXT ANTED—A »art young man rs If officeclerk. Onewharaatake fallchance *>( office atd make deport: as teccritr. Apply immedi ately at offlee of HALS* CO- 41 Lombard Block. TXT AN TED—Salesman—A choice ata* VV aUon fox a man of Bxptrteaee and the rtrbt netal. Cau on or address 184 Msln-st* Dnooque, lowa. Wf ANTED —Salesmen —Who cantor- It nUb aatlafectory reference* a* to boats? a qwlflcattma aoa jotesritT. Stmatlcns wnc&sest. Applr to JOSFS & ORVIS, Speed** Bloelr. Room 1 7. or mares* P. 0. Drawer 5991, CWca- go,HL ANT-hi'D—Business men—Who can V* et gage peraaaeatiT to act as salesmen conduct corretpendetce. laoulre ot or addreas, B. B. CCBRON. 125 Dearborn-gt.. Chicago. aggantea-jFemale %clp. TXT ANTED -AmcntWy nurse, about the ▼ V fttb February. for tour or Are week*: $lO oer •week. Good references required. Address, with mil paniculate. “L M S,” Tribaae office. wANTED—A wet nurse. Apply be- V V tween 3 and 4 o’clock p. at Dr. Me VICE" AR’S. 122 60tUb Clark-81, HOUSE SEBVANTO, WANTED—GirI to do general house- V T wr rk la a small family. Good wages to a good girl. Inquire at 6UO Carroft-st. *\\7ANTED— A second girl to do house- V V at og Ttlrd-av. Gcrmaa or Uorweglia preu- W 7 ,6'rl U> do general V* booseworP. P°wt reltrence require* Apply at 164 TXT’ANIED —A girl to do iw^ivorfc. i t Apply at 646 wabaah-ar. So IriUi i»C?“ »ppiy. XX7 ANTED—At 440 West Washington* T V fh, a elrl to do general housework tor s small family. References required. Protestant preferred. "TXTANTED—A respectable, tidy e*rl. V V that can wash. Iron and cook well, can find a flrst rats place at 195 Ontario at. XXTANTED—GirI to do housework in VV a small family. German preferred. Wages |3 50 a week. Appiy 199 Warren-st. TX/ - ANTED—A good girl to do kitchen Yv wrik. To one who 1* smart and active good wages will be given. Apply Immediately al 744 West Lake-st, between Lincoln and Bobey. German or Noiweglan preferred. TXT'ANTED —A smart, active girl—Ger- V T can or American—to do chamber work In a private family. Rote need apply oniess competent and a ell recommended. Inquire at 03 Dearborn-sC. first floor. XXTANTED—A good girl to do ceneral V ■ housework. German or Norwegian preferred. Good wages. |3H Sooth Green st. Emplossnsni agencies. TXT ANTED—Young men in tbe coun- V V try, wishing to obtain situations, inch a* book* keepers, salesmen. collector*, exnreMmen. clerk*, brakesmen, Ac., Ac-to apply at 131 Dearborn-*!., Bi om 2, or address M. R. JONES* GO., Box 3040, enclosing ten cent*, for fall Pirtlauar*. TXT ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 VV col'fctnr, 3 braxcm*n, 1 firemen, 1 porter. I drivers, 4 agaits. S entrv c etii, 2 conductors. Apply at 134 Dearborn-iL. Boom *J. WT ANTED—Men J Men I—l coopor, > * » railroad oen. WasevtltofTAOperdar.t3*t f 1.50 and board t also, men 11 (to couth nt 111 and hoard, and a I olheraoei empbymcbt apply to I'Alt- HUAI I. A UtlTlf, I‘JS Booth UatUsL, Room 11, By mail enclose 10 cento. TXT ANTED—UO good choppers lo cut VV *aw Incr. pine timber, Ac. free traaspirla tl« n. 150 laborers Houth, ft per day t 300 Ivvea bands, wsgc* |SO per mouth and board. Apply at 100 Mad liou-it. Boom 4. aglantcfr-jaigccllaiuous. T^7*ANTED—Dav bonnlcre, at Gilbert’s Vf liming Itoom*. 40and 4NClark-f(.,tbobnt > place to ward m the city. TV/’ ANTED rurclm-or For n V * Meant bswmlll. with 470 acres of land, stmat'd In the best uag and poplar region ot pnathrra Illinois, llullalngs, learrs and everything neeeavary for mrty mg cn an eilrrsite tum Wing busmeia are on ins prtoitses, ihe property will be sold forfif.OCO, acdls at unusual nptxirttinl’y fora great bargain. A large amount ol manuiaoture«l Inmlier tna) bo purchased if desired. Addrers I>, H. |'KKI>V, Wctang, 111., or J. bTUirnn, 11H Clark-*!., chit ago. WANTED— To inform out old patrons ami the public generally, that wo have ro-e*. tabilsbrd our sash, door and blind factory at H 7 North FranallDaU and are prepared to All ord*n on short mmre. Send tor our new price list, MTM. WISDOM WANTED— You who have a tow hun dred doiiara, more or less, which you want to fmt into anmcttlng which will give you a good par ogbuitue**, in mediately, ran learn of one ot tbe best chaneea ever oQrreo jn Chicago, by calling on y. F. WHITE, Metropolitan Hotel, ltd* week, ANTED—^To bcarol a young widow VV lady who watts to mase a home ptcasact, with eceuosny. f> rllteUmr —answvr only through the bevof church retorvßce*—who will please address, with toll Dime and number. M. J. LUrHKR, Colcago.P. O. "WT ANTED—All who did not win m tne V v Opera House scheme to call on ns. We hare somethine that always wins. IvJS Lake*st. A. C. DROWN & CO. TXTANTED—A lew good men to can- VV vass and sell anew invention that meets disap proval rfererv store and t&mi y. Any at ent can make |]Q a day. with a very sira l capital. Call on JOHN GUNNELL, 204 East Klnzie-st., corner North Dear bcrn-*L, Chicago, 111- WANTED— So'diers interested to call and see ger nine check* received inoarmrutcf addtctonal tIOQ bounty. Advance* made an good claim*. A.GOODRICB. Attorney a; Law. 126 Dear bom st,, Kcom 3, \\7 ANTED—IOO men, with cash cap! VV talof |SO to»ao.soengage tn abu'lnesttnat win pay 45 to 110 per <Uv. Secured by two-pateuts. Ras cncompetUioQ. ann 1* the only article ct tbekind ever offered for sale. Every family wants from two r« adoren. fall.oraddfe&L,withvUxo.J. H. NASON, 123 South c?>rt-*L. Room 9. Chicago, 11. TXT ANTED—i»y a young lady from the VV kasta home la a private family, where there are ro other boarders. Best of references. Adrrvsa “W il C.” 110x200. TXT ANTED—A Teacher, bom Span- VV lard,speakingCerman or Bngil«h,tJ advise three young men in learning hi* latlve language. Ad dress **G. A- B.”Tnnune Office. \XT ANTED—To borrow—s3,ooo, tr*r W rtfoyears.on good security outside the-city- Address C» WILLIAMS. Drawer 6’J »S. Chicago. TX7 ANTED—Parties haying houses and VV lota forest or sell to call on vJHRISTIAN * CO- Heal Estate a-d Vessel Agents, Boom 3 Lind's Block. Randolph-st. bridge. T \f ANTED—Dry goods, clothing, boots \ t and shoes, acd other merchandise. Mail be cheap. Parties visiting to quit bailnest. from a-y came. Id city or country, can close out their Blocks ccnfideatlaliy. JOHN HEMPHILI- P. O. Sol 2*376, WANTED —A gentleman of ability and good address, with one tbonsaad Collars ca*h. to engage in a good paring business,«» assistant. Call at 1.13 Dearborn-gt., Hoorn 3. tor particulars. TA/" ANTED—Pediers—Everywhere to y t send lor circular ana terms ot a new article tbateTrrybody wants, and on which the profits are t<x) per cent. Address, etclcalng sump, P. O. Box 013.1. Chicago. ~ TXT*ANTED —A number ,ol good busi \y r«* men to establish insurance Agencies in Ohio sod Indiana. Address P. u. Box 2359, Cleve -1 and, Ohio. TXT ANTED—Ah persons wishing the VV original recipe for nail's celebrated Sicilian Hair Becewer. to cnclo‘« ji to Dr. C. A. FARWELL, P.O.Drawcr399l,Chicago,«bo will retain It by mall. ' TXTANTED—lnformation—Ol Henry V * Edward Turner, who idt Frankfort, Herkimer* Conntr, N. V M seven or tight years ago. The la*t time heard from was teaching in Ur bans, cnampatgn County, 111. Any Information of hist, addressed to Mrs. E. MARTINO, CWcaco. win be thankfully re edve<*. TnefetherofMr. Turner hu died, leaving property to a considerable amount. VXT’ANTED Correspondents for an VV Eastern paper- Lawyers editors, or other lU ersry gentlemen who arc accnttomed to write for the t ress, acd who are familiar with commercial and other practical sat Jects may bere find emolovment fortbonelsnremoment*. Address P.0.80x 1606. stsUngwbere an Interview may be had. Applicants will please fh’nlsha specimen of their style ot writing, cr give references. partners 553antelr. T>ARTNEH —Wanted—With a capital f of 115,000 «r rjaocc, to take an Interest in a Wholesale Grocery Easiness already established. None need apply except those who can Influence a trade, aod understand the buslwsa thoroughly. The beet efreftretcefi given and reqaired. Address, with fail particulars, P.0.80x 1061- Corre-pondcnce strictly coohdenttai. TDAKTNER—Wanted—With $2,000, to jl eccsge la the manufacture and sale of a new pa tented snide worth SlOj&O a year. Address Boom 14.147 Bonin Clark-sL, Chicago. ■DAHTNER—Wanted— Special Partner, M toiavestfrom|S.oooto» for fljeye*™,]tor which one-third of the profit# ot a safe which has been six vesfeestsbllsned It Chicago.wl l fl*slv«o. Ad«w* * GOOD INVES rsiEST," Tribute office. Chi cago TJARTNER—Wanted—In thcmanalac | taring baslpess. The goods are la general use. All ran be sold, and a profit ol *4O per day made. Cash rcentred to boy half Interest and furnish sufficient c«p- Ita! will be *LSOO. Business entirely with merchants at wholesale. Call at 124 Randolph-st-,Room I. ■DaßTNEK—Wanted—With SSOO to X engage in a profitable basinets which nays 1U) percent. No bona*. No risks. Address “ALBERT." Trlbone cffice. OARTNEK—TTanmd—A reliable man i with fSCO capital, to take a half Interest In a light, profitable office business. Inquire at Tremont House oliltsrd saloon for “ADVERTISER-" JFot gale. ITOK SALE—Prop. “Genesee Chief,” J? now lying at Detroit. Michigan. Cla*s A 3. Ton* nagejoldmeasurement),SSL Anpiy to WM. B. WdB BINEH, Detroit, Mich-, or to HABRXS & BRO„ 84 Lumber-al, Chicago* ' F)R Schooner A. G. Morey, rates A 2.13 AM bu capacity t schooner Scandina vian. rates A 2. liOCO ba caoaaty; acoooner Racine, rates B L 13,400bueaiacity; teboooer s. O. Andrews, rates 81,14,U0 bo capacity; schooner Wen. F. Allen. rat*s BI.IAOCO bo caoadtr: brio City of B #, i;o m lumber oo less than 8 fo*t of water. 3 nea-wre ve»e s are allltid op !c Chicago Hirer, and for wo by C. J. UA GILL, corner of Wells and Booth Water* s&„ Chicago, OL COR SALE—Schooner Kate Richmond, P A. a; lACCO both grain. cr ISS m lumber. Schr. RalphCampben.B.i;is,ooobosh grain, ot 335 mlnm her. ELKINS A MERRILL. 15 WestMadlson-tt. r?OR PAT V —ls bales of superior shoe r thread—JO. S ard U- Wcwtll sell very low to close eanslgßmnt. GBAFFUN BEOS. A HALL, 12 Sooth Weuast. TTOR SALE—In stock, and for sale ores* X* (change oo commission, at Room 4 Do'e's Block, fonih Watef*»U f3>.CCO worth of dry goods, groceries, tcoti, shoes, furs ard crockery—six country stocki st a sacrifice. Families sooptled. Also, a toner stock term, and fine bnck boose—U rooms—Lo sobarbaa rty» near Chicago, salesman, vessel, hotel fOrnltore, tons cjunenta oi goods and orodoee wanted, and «d* ran. rs made. For circular, address Box 1449, Chicago. FOB SALE—Three Billiard Tables, one second size, four pockets. Inquire at 171 State au, Chicago. 111., ot A. B.GRIFFIIH. F)R SAI*B— I Cheap—A No, Id Ev< nine Light” Stove, nearly new and In good c-j diQon. No. 6 Lomoato Mode. FOR BALE —One Herrings fire proof safe, price 8100. at 173 Stato-st. Foil SALE—A mottgage ol $1,425, secored, on real estate worth doable the amount. It bcinc one-half ot the pnrcahse money. Title per* foot. Will take f 1,310. Address “JMW," Tribune office. . F)R SALE—Cheap—An almost new No. 9 Eureka cook atovfl and pipe, for woid cr coal. Can be seen by calling at 348 Stalest. . Strageb an® Stolen. O TRATED—From the comerot Halsted O and one bay mar A one black mare ud cue small bay hor#e; ban *2? The finder wIU be ÜberMiy rewartad by owner of their whereabouts, at the corner ot Halsted and Meagher-sta. C TRATED —On Friday last, from 135 Poolit?ge-«L. a imall dark blown mare, with white root on tall. Any one return In* her. or leaving Infor- SSSKitm MfUM?wi4 He uoCTarn warded* Sttuamms asisme*. RALES. CirtTATlON—Wanted—By s practical p miDerofdnt-cfea*Maudes; can {Brush tb*best of recommendation*. Cants of leaving presctt* plieo. bdlmetpif ding and nrtiltptai wreck. Can hr 1 or No. iseoad miner. Addrew Box 94. Anbam, DeSsSb CA.lnd. ■ ' CITDATION—Wanted—As clerk or O Ujtbt porter id a grocery Mot*. Can ftitaiih eisr reference*. Address c C H. ,r at this office. OITtTATION Wanted—by an expe- O riac*d prescription cldrE. Best oi refereao* fjreo. Address **F. Q." TTlbona Office. - CITPATION—Wanted—By a yonn? O maw vho la desirous of maklig aa honest living. Is a toed penman and accountant. Any respectable boilseas tbatwiu afford a maintenance until Spring will t>« acceptable. Pim-rats <ity reler-ses area. Adareaa W. rOECTSB, Tribune office. CmiATlON—Wanted—As prescription clerk, by a Norwtrian with seven yesra* expert* coce. Hs speaks tbe English aaa German laC guace*. Address - L F.** TrtTano office. FE3UIKV CITOATION— Wanted—Bj an cape rlescedpenon as coot, or to do second work aid sewlßgln a prtraw lirailr. Good relcresees given, U required, loqniieatiio west Pointy CalaTgoT OITDATION—Wanted—A young lady Cj wishes a situation lor sewing lo a private family. No objections to bouseworr. • B* st of r-fereaces elves. Please address Immediately ♦» Miss a f." West Qnaok. post Office. -*»»»• CITIJATION Whnted^_^ 3 cook, and OtuHly. Can for. pub cits f*^®® Apply at 47 Butterfield st., opposite “ „ John’s Caurcb. CITX7ATION—Wanted —As housekeeper U or to sew la a private Utnlly, by a mlddle-ag-d American woman, is a firsKlass housekeeper and cau tnrnish the beat of rtlerencw. Address ** airs J L T.” Tt ibtme office. QITUATION —Wanted—By a compc kJ teut Udr who can tureUh the w»t cf temtnoniVa. i u srcTrrnos or he nvteeoer. tm country preterredl Address or app y to the Young Men’* Camfiau aw cla- Ido, M. E. Church Bloci, coma - Chirk and Wash* iBgtOP-SU. ■ CJTUATION— "Wanted—A seamstress X_s wlstesvcrkbyihedarinsoma respectable Ci mi nes. Apply at 103 Ontario-gt. CITTJATIONS —Wanted—For several n rocd German and Irish girls. Apply to Mr*. WHITTAKER'S office. 1228 Chicdeo-ar., cornet oC laßalle-st. Reference* given. QITITATION —W anted—By a urst da*® O cook, la a private famllv ora Crst-class boarding house. Cali at 341 North aacnts ffiSfauten. AGENTS —AVanted'— Gentlemen and ladies throughout the United State* to sell our new Hook, “ABBOTrs LIVES of the PRESIDENTS.” feem wsvhlnpton tv the present time, la one volume of about MO pages, beautifully Illustrated with steel eoatavingi. Tun Atnmon-jrns Ttma-rm Tnxx*. the elegant style and moderate price, a’l combine to render tbli one of th* moat attractive, useful and sala ble books ever published la this couttry. To experi enced agents this Is a rare chvnce to make money with a f pier did hook, and no compcMtlon. Publish ers’ highest mmmlfslon given. S »nd stamp for cir cular andtenns. 8.8. DOTDEN, 73-Clark-iU. Chi cago. IU A GENTS—Wanted—Experienced first jTX claw canva*«cr«, gcnMemcn and ladles, tor “THE PRAYER at valley FOHUR.” a new ana maguia cetU steel mtrraTln*: price. f3JO. Hi* peculiar re commendations which canoe U to be admired hr every American, cf whatever sect or party. Agents every where *re meeting with unparalleled •n-'ceos. pub lishers* blabe't rommlMlnn riven. Addre**. stamp enclosed, 8.8- HOYDEN, 73 Clark-sL, Cttlcaao. 111. AGENTS— Wanted— Gentlemen and ladle* thronsbont the Colt*d stat l ** to *»lt oar new Book. “AIUiOTTe UVF6 of the PRKSIDK.VTV frotn Washington to the present time, In one volume ot about MO pace*, beautltolly It nstrated with «UvH engraving*. Tn* Atrruoe—rni Tixia-rna Tnainr, the elceant stvic and moderate price, ah combine to render thta oneofth* most attractive, n»etol and sala ble book* ever published In this country. To expe rienced agent* tills Is a rare chance to make money with a splendid book, and no cumpelltloo. Publish er* hlgDest romail"«ioo given. Bent stamp tor cir* mar* and tern*. 8. ». iToYUKN, 73 Clarb 't., Chi cago. HI. A GENTS—Wanted—Experienced first* am cl*M canvasser* rcnll-men and ladle*, for “TflK I'ItAYKU AT % ALLKY VOBuK," a new and magnlfi crut steel engraving s price S3.M. lisa peemiar remm mrndailona which cause It to bo admired by every American, of whatever seel >r parly. Agcsts every where »r meeting with unparalleled success. pub. Haliers 1 highest commission given. Addreaa. stamp enclosed. ». t*. HOYPKN. 73 Clark-*!.. Chicago, 111. A GENTb—Wanted—Smart and active JT\ Agents wanted In every eouniy to acllthe COT TON BACK KB HAFKTV RAND LaMI-H. (everybody want* them, as they are (he most erononilea l and eoo venlent, give a brilliant light wt hoiil rhtuinev. sitoto or ouor, and warranted sale. Heveral other new ar ticle* for npenla. Clre- Jars sent free on api>t|e»ilon to KIKIAKA CAVAK.Mi»ir*ctDrrn>, 05 Maiden Lai*. New York. AGENTS— W.micd—Messrs. Tleknor* Flelcla. Kostno, lis'O nnhllshed astc-1 engraving portrait Cl ABBARA-M LINCOLN aa aperft-clUkeno*# aod a work oi art. It I* commended as Uto beat like* u«**of Mr. ROBERT T. LINCtJLV; Mr. I. N. ARNOLD, Ur. HERNDON. Mr.CtIASK. CHARLEB SUMNER, Ur. bfANTON, Mr. TUrMHCLL, HEN. OUANT. Mr. COLFAX, . . OEN. BURNSIDE, And many othca. This ocrtnlt Is Inr iraparnbiy tbe bear. Call and aed It side by side with lh*t of r.arponter**. Criuc* can not diOer In lb* merits of the two portrait*. It Is *oid only bv Bubscrlptloo, and agents sto wanted its talc. Liberal comml*»toea are given to andatcressAilonnicanhavegciod terrttory to ooerata In. Acdresa JOHN 11. AMMON, Fabll»ber*a AgeoU S>7 Wa>hlngtQ6-»t., Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—s3,soo to SC,OoO a year. A good chance to make money. As agent la wanted In every town la the Union to maantoetaxa and sell an article of ciallv cooßUmptlos In every Fami ly. i an be manofhetarea m the agent’s dwelling. It Is entlre-y new. Secured by copyright. Sale a* per manent a* flour. No fitting op to be done. For ton* address, with stamp enclosed for return* LOUIS CODLFNTZ. Middletown. Maryland. A GENTS—Wanted—THE aMBRI /A CAN CONFLICT. A HI-TORY OF THE GREAT BPBELLION, IT Hobac* GBCnar. i* now complete In two volume*, and ready tor ceUverv. Azenta »anted in every town in the we-t. Ac*dW having the right to deliver vol. 11. are requested tn send .o their unl-n immediately. GEO. & C. W. bHERWOOD. 105 Madison-*!- Chicago. 111. 4GBNTSS —Wanted—To canvass that great Picture. “WHOb BEEN HERE SINCE kfkjj gone.** send stamp tor circular to M O’BBIEN, Chicago. 111. AGENT* Wanted —To sell a new, highly lotcre-tlngatd rich y embellished wora. THE PICTORIAL BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND IN CIDENTS OF THE REBELLIoS.cmL military, naval and domestic, embracing the moat brilliant and re n arkab’c event* of the great American & ofllct, he roic. patriotic. polTlcal. romantic, hum' - roc*, and tragical. Thnlllogteatacf bravery aad daring twit* dro-Ury. comical «cd lud-croua advert arc ra; famous werds aod deeds ot women: a braaUtol roval octavo volume. Tto pages aad over SCO eegrannss. Thla work l* one of the finest, productions cf the act, acd the moss o«pu<ar bock of «ho war. Over l£o>o collet ordered the Qnt twometth*. One Agent lust reports: "toe! 37 subscribers out of~t sclented the first mu d«y and Win first two dvvs. Gnararteed the best selling bock everont, and the largest comsus slob* elver, with exclusive territory. Adore* J. A STODDARD <t CO.. 102 Wa*htngtoo-sC, i hlcagn. IC. A GBNT&—Wanted—3or d farmers m each conntr Id the West, to encase in a hminos paying trom *IW to *ls.* per month, from now until ►pnre. Addr»s ZEIGLEr, UcCCBDY A CO- lx>m bard Block. Chicago. 111. AGENTa —"Wanted—To take orders lor ' enr new work “CHRIST AND TUP TWELVE.” Edited by Dr. J. U. Holland, author of the “l.'fr of Lincoln/’ "Timothy Tile -mb.” “Bitter sweet," Ac. Beautifully llln'tmtrd. Agents already In the field rs tak'og from ao t j lodoroers per week. No other bonk now published sells a rjpkly. Largest»onmiissioas given to agerl*. F.-r teraa and territory, apply to CHARLES RILL. 1.T2 south Ciark-st, Chicago. Ill: A GEN To—Wanted—Male atd female, to cell a new article In great o*mand that every tamlly wants, *1 per day a.»uie without letvlng home. Ttav'Utrs asaus can make Horn *5 to fsa per day withAntlnten*rcneewtih other nunsess. Trearticle shews fur Itself. Samples, with terms an*'. particulars ot th* business, seat for a certs. Address R. W, CHAPPELL. Drawer 6333. Chicago* A GENTS—Wanted —ss per daypuar- J\ at teed or money reloaded. Apply al once to P. LATHROP, JTL, Office No. 16 3lock, Chicago, cr Office No. 4 Lymao's Block. Cleveland. O. AGENTS —Wanted—New boot. The Black Crook, a most wonderful history now be ing performed with Immensesnecees In all laa princi ple theatres throughout the United States—sample sent on receipt ol M cents fire by mall, by H. C. LAN DON. sb» Mtcbtgan-av« AGENTS —Wanted—To sell a senes of Pruts, which fer besnty rl design and ettectlm coloring turps*# anything lnisark*t. To FlctoreDeal ers this is an cpDortonlty never ottered b*ftre. We Earantee to selKO percent lowerlhan any other nense ib«* city. Circular sow ready. Call on or a<Wre a J. GEJIMELL, LUhogr.phcr aadPnblULer, 133 Ban do ph-sU. corner of Clark. ‘ A GENTs—Wanted—ln all parts ol tie Jt\ ccnntry, to seU “THEHISTORY OF ABRAHAM LINCOTJP' and the “OVERTHROW OF SL AVERY." In one to)., ol • ver TOO pages. By Hon. I. N. Arnold, late member r f C.ngre ; «. a: d lor over twenty years a confidential trtead of Mr. Lincoln. This work ha» jttstbees completed, and will meet a wart lett by ev ery intelllgtnt clttaea. It presents fratures which have not appeared tn any other work. The Daily Chronicle, of Waihioc'cn, tats: “It will assume a character and bold a place beyt-nd anything vet pre duced.' For territory ard terms, aiidrcss the pun- Ilthnt, CLARKE A SO and S 3 Wa»blngtoo-5U Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted —In every County for Raymond's Life cl Lincoln. Al! reading men know thl- to be the moat complete and best yet published, sad It ccmeqnenUy meets with the most rad; sale. Also several other good books |hr agents. H. M. SHERWOOD, 107 Mooroe-sc, Chicago. A GENTb—Wanted—Teachers preter r\ red—ln every county, to sell Cayot’s Outline Maps, for Schools. Series No. 3 are now pubUsbed. acd from thMr aup»ilor merits and low price, will meet with a large sale. Address H. M. SHERWOOD, JO7 Mooroe-sL. Chicago,naming territory desired. AGENTS —Wanted—Family records: New useful and ornamental. We wont a lew energetic young or middle seed mm to tell and Intro duce cur new and beautifully cosigner! Family R-cord, a tune that is woatrd ts every lai liy. Azeats are making Horn |5 to $25 per day. Call and see fur your selves at Boom 4. or*r 70 Dearbom-st. cr address HOPKINS & SPENCER, P. O. Box 1476, Chicago^ AGENTS— Wanted—iadies of energy, either local or travelling cn. commualcn or sal ary. Frrfltslirge. 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