Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 24, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 24, 1867 Page 1
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FROM WASHINGTON. Rcghlrniion of Votm in ilie JliHtricl of Columbia. A Veto Expected oa the Terri torial Suffrage BUI. (WRffi Senate—Bill Introduced to Amend the Homestead Law. Further Consideration of the Tariff Bill. Senator Sherman’s Speech on the General Subject of Tariff and Bevenne. House—Passage of Mr. Bout well’S Test Oath Bill. Yeas 109, Hays 42. Bill Introduced to Provide for the Presidential Succession. Passage of the Post Office Ap propriation Bill. FROM SPBffiBFISID. Yesterday’s Legislative Pro ceedings. Debate Resinned ou the Agricul tural College Question. The Resolutions Regulating Railroad Charges Sure to Pass. Slate of Feeling in Regard to tlin Chicago Warehouse Monopoly. Proceedings in Other State Leg' islalures. ■Messrs- Pomeroy and Ross Elect td United States Senators from Kansas. FROM TTASfIIKCTOJi. (Special Despatch to thu Chicago Tribune.] Washington, January S 3. protracted session or m noeax. Tie House rental red in session all last n'eht, but did nothing more than It usually da«* on such -occasions. At eight o'clock this morning a sort of compromise was effected by which (he Dem ocrats were given an bour for debate, and a recess wan then taken.dll eleven. From Hut time ill! five mir me* oufore twelve the floor was occupied l>y the opposition, not more than half a dozen Ke publicans being present. THE TEST OATH BILL TABBED. The bill oas finally passed by yca% 1(0; nays. -12. The gnster part of the day session wa* also occnpiid by proceedings- connected with thu poi rormances of las' night, and the Hpusc, worn out witb tL* labors, adjourned soon after three o'clock. lIEGISTUAnON or VOTERS IN THE DISTUICT. The registration of voters nnder the new Suf frage BUI began at eleven o'clock to-day. In Gcrrgetown. Most of those who presented them selves dutingtb-i day were colored men. Their conduct was entirely civil,'-and no disturbance of any Mod occurred. The follotvlurqucstions were n k kcd of each applicant: What is jour an** Where do yon Href Umv Img Lave yon lived there? Dow long have you lived in the .UJhSnct* Were yon ever in jail or penitentiary, and If to, bow long, and what for? AU the negroes ansv-ered promptly. About twenty were fuiird curing th«> day who conld sot meet there* <p:iamenltof ihe law. Nearlythree hundredand fifty names were registered. Tne registration •cOLiioues to-morrow and next dav. mtu re Tiir. ruteiDEKT’e hasps. The time vAihm which the President can veto the bill cor cemlng the next Congress on the fourth of Match, and the bill establishing negro suffrage in the Territories, expires to-morrow. Some ot hb T«nucsfcc Mends say he will sign the first named and veto the other. They further hint that the vllo of the Colorado and Nebraska hub is n< nrlv CnL-hcd, mil be submitted lo the Cabinet 'll! Friday, and scut iu on Monday. PEKSUNAL. Gcreial Gvorgi* 11. Thomas arrived here to night. THE DAVIS ASsASfiJSATIOIt conrucrrr. Tbe committee charged last session with the duty ot examining into the complicity of Jeff. Davis in the assassination, have recently rcoocn cd the question, and have b-,cn considering the expediency and practicability of cxannnlug John 11. Snrrati. Thr Secretary ol War, thi Judge Ad vocate Genera! and the Secretary of Stale have Im-cq consulted in premises. Ihe members of the committee mo very reticent about tbcir conclu sions, but tbe:c if rctsoo for believing that they Lave not yd determined to take Surratt's evidence. coaustmxa sot is session. Tbe House committees were not generally In <-v«»ion this morning as they usually arc on Wed nesday. owing to (he all night session. SUSRATT. Tbe steamer Swaiara, with Surratt, tbe con >l>l rotor, on hoard, i' expected to arrive here about the latter part ot the month, hat should ibe ice continue in the river the will probably stop before reaching the Potomac, aud communicate v itli »be Navy Department. wanuKranraiEvT odder. The Secretary of War directs that where deposits arc made to the credit of the Treasnrer of the United States by disbursing officers or areals under fhc direction ot the War Department, or Its bureaus, tbe original certificate ot deposit should be sect to the Secretary of tbe Treasury mrongh the bead ol the Bureau and the War Department. CEDEsruoK or ccubexct. The United Stales Treasurer has Issued new rubs for Die redemption of fractional and other Untied Mate* notes that from whatever cau<c have become unfit for circulation. Under these n U s all National Banks that have been designated depositories of public moaey, are required to cn operab* In the work ot rudaupUon, except such rotes as are designated as mutilated by the De partmint. sew KATIOVAL BASK. The Acting Comp .roller of the Currency to* day authorized the cstahlishmety of the Cleve land Rational Dank, with a capital, of $100,003. but without escalation. HAIIDAU. ASDTITE TEST OATH DECmoS, .It Ik understood ibatl'oermxstej General I!an dell has requested tbe opinion of (he Attorney <»ftr»al upon (be bearing of the laic Supreme Com t decision, regarding the test oath on (he ope* rations of his Department In (he South. What be seeks especially Is authority fbr neglecting the t«*t oath, instead c» continuing to neglect it • Miiboat authority, through each agents os Byron Tyson. m z cask or »oncT, Tim iturcois boldieo. The Attorney General has Sent to the Bouse sn opinion npon the case of Amos B. Morey, late j’tlvate in the One Hundred and Twenty-fonrt’i Illinois Regiment. It appears iron the pipers thst Morey was detailed for detective duty in No veraher. KkS, by order of General Grant, and re tnalnrd cn such duty until July, ISW. During that Broc/and in accordance with (he Instructions at General Grant, In such cases, he took from a rnlmi mo tents bcltercd to be the property of the United (Hates, and turned them over to the Provost Marshal. Be now stands indicted and l« • now under bail in the sura of 13.0 mlo appeal- for arisl betore tbe civil L’om(«al Vicksburg, Missis sippi, for stealing these tent*. The ri.ib'd Stales Marshal of Missls-lppi lom.eht (he matter to ueuerad Grant's atlebll.m, and be rofrtM Hie tiaUeretn -*‘ * had obeyed bis IttsdutUnhs, shq should not \>P i. id u»tm(>slh|e Id the etvd Buutla, Mf. ninotiiii asked .Mf. (danbetryV advlro m tu the piopvr UMirso to pursue id m-ute Mf. Mmey's re (case. The Attorney General says tire fan* i<Kog hi* »•»«» »hhi« dm proiatitnn ,if dm founli nmt liUU speduu* ot d.o (•upma nri o> »nd »dvUts him to mak« dta* act hi* d> fere. IncldanlsUy. to bis opinion. tm says *b« (jnebals are bringing many * n ,u ofdtls »lmf> biKfej.'Biiittloyal men. lUfiiTß UK THE TAJIIfP HIM. The di'hsio on the tariff hill >v«s continued lo day. Hcvcral amoudrauata were raved hy'diff«r cm Ht naiora, but mod of them failed, the Hunsta proton lug to stand by the bill's* ft came from the Finance Ci.nitclttee. The chief of these was in regard to tall. U lead to a lone debate, but was loti. Thu rates fixed are iwenty*fonr ccnli In hulk and thmy cej.te )o packages, being tlx cent* ndvacoe on each form over erutlrg rates. lUKoru ctMua. The Commissioner of the General Land Office has prepared an elaborate and lengthy circular • in relation to mining claims, nnder the act of Congress approved July aeih, 18S0. By the flew section ot this act all the mineral lands of tae United Plate*, surveyed and noinr»py#«l. •** teld open lo all cl'teon* otitis Ufilled Pi»tw. and to tbeie *»)»•» have OscUtfd Uielr tateuUoo lo Iteteae such, and also to the I *tal customs or satesof iiieurs lu (be a vefai milling dMrki 0 , not in dull i with Ihe lavra of (he l/uiied Slate#. Commissi n*. rr W||m*u Infoint* (he llegistm*. and Itecslrais. end Mirvtyor Ornoial lhai K is Ihrl duly (i ao* qUfllnlUtttoasivr* will* Ui i local mining if* (heir dMrlote. Mimotf etelms reay lit p inrad fit any ItisltteU.sml Office In llio UMted Hte’as nnri.r (Me I w »y utr tentm or tsiu.lslloo oi |.rr*on« ( corpmate or incorporate. In .1 aklnt the miry, however, such a dewiptloi if lao (met nmet ha died »• will indicate the vein or lode, oi part or portions thereof, and I e local laws, customs or rule* of miners ol (be district. No sm too ground la permitted to he occupied /oi mining pnrpoeea except ibesnrteee or therein or lode, and the walls of such vein or lode are uiaectrtalned, and the lateral extent ot such vein or lode unkaorn. It should ha stated ib«l (fir client of such rein or lode cannot h . a*> certalnrd by actual meaanremoot. but tbai the raid vein or lode U bounded on each »Ho by the w»U of the same, and to estimate the amount of ground contained between the given end lines, and ibe unascertained walla of the vein or lode, and in each case the patent will Issue for all the land contained between aacb end lines and side walls, with the right to follow ancti rein or lode with all Its dips, angles and variation?, to any depth, although it may cuter the lands adjoining, provided the esti mated quantity shall be equal to a horizontal plan© bounded by the given end lines, and in© wall* or the sides of each vein or lode. By ihe third section of the act it la n qnlrvd Iba* upon the filing of the diagram, as is provided In the second section, and posting the 6am In a conspicuous place on the claim, with t oticc of intt ntlon to apply fur a patent, the,Regis ter shall publish a notice of the-amc in a news paperneareat the location or Ihe said claim, •sotucco JLiKnrxcTroEns’xATrojrALCo vsktiok. WxstuKaTos, Jaumuy 2-I.—-The National Con vection of tobacco Diaunfactarere meets here Feb ruary Cth. Tire ntrEacnxrsT qccenox. Wasrinctok, January S3,—A prominent Re publican member of tee House, fa recently wri ting ton Blend cays*. “Touching tbe impeach ment business, my opinion is and has been teat it will amount to nothing. All reports that the Committee on the Judiciary have been taking u-tulmony bearing h&ra on the President arc false Not a single wlizir-ss bas been examined. The c« utmilec &>© proceeding vrite great caution.” SALARY OF GOVZnKVCXT CLYCBS. It is said teat Ibo Finance Committee have agreed to report a resolution giving clerk* and employes of the Government Departments twenty percent increase of compensation, irrespective <>f tormer legal provisions, and commencing from teo first of July last. AUIEST OF A BAKK FUESIDCKT. .n ■i■ i I i. wi M **.*•. a A MMlyhA A. Lc- nard Bnycfc, formerly President of the Her ebaute' National Batik, was to-day delivered Into tec custody ot tbe United States Marshal, having beer airw-ted yesterday In New York, on a requi sition of the court in lids city. Hnyck was in dicted on Monday for larceny on the reccca ot Anril of thirteen United States bends, valued at $13,1X70, the property ot D. ft. McNelr, In trust for Mrs. coy!©. haval. United States steamer Rcsaca "as io leave Per nambuco December '•?. lor (ho Pacific. Ttr* Brook !«n, iVnsscoia. and Wasp, were at Momtvldlo Itecombci I‘, the IVnsacola being on her way to 'hi* I'adiic. The Kansas was at Ducnoi Ayics. The Moti'can "os at Rio. December IP, bound to Montlviillo. surunrs courrr matteos. In the Supreme Court to-dav tbc case of Good* neb & Drew. appclDnU, vs. Oitv of Chicago, rol ;«tlve to obstructions to navigation, was argued, lie argument was commenced in the cave of frcudioi:. plaintiff in error, vs. City of Kenosha, Wisconsin, it. reference to municipal power*. niK t’ATTLS ruvort IN OEUUAST, Consul Ewjcg, in a letter to the state Depart ment. daUd Hague, January HI, savs: “About ibc latler partot November, according to (hocus* if m of tho Netherlands. tbc entile wore housed tor the winter, tduro when the rlndtrji'nt ha* In* rirnscd, notwithstanding the efforts of toe Gov 'unnent to arrest its progress. From tie Ist to the !C.b of December the number of animals at* 'ticked exceeded Uml nt the previous week, by 3’.0; from tbc 15ih (be epidemic diminished, the number attacked being fi,073. From the time ft n adc tin appear aucu In the country to the 15th of December, 50,fU) animals died of tbc disease, :ind 21,‘ibO were killed. Previous to tho outbreak of tin? epidemic, bvefcftUlc were largely exported to England. This exporta-lon has since ceased. All uflbrs to discover a core bss been fruitless, and the Government ha* confined Us at'cnllon to ihu Infested district, so far with no success. DiLLAnmovrn. Tho President has approved tbuhiU for the meeting of Congress on the llh of March; aim oi.e npproprtoling #sou,oro fur the nurchtsc of tbc tower pmtlon ot the City IUU Bark m New York fur a post ndlco «>l(e. THE wniSKKT TAX. Hie lUraUVa Washington special says there Is no pinbuMlttv of a reduction of tbc whiskey rax, tl.c Commissioner of thu Jtercauoaßd the Sccrc •ary of thu Tieaaary being opposed to it. . rue tax on incomes. The amended tax bill Is gradually passing Into shape to the Ways and McausComml'lcc. J»).d#y they agreed to exempt trom the Income tax SI,OOO incomes. NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. Washington, January 23.—The National Demo cratic Association held a meeting to-night for tho purpose ofccDsnJllag.upon toe expediency of bolding a National Democratic Convention at no very distant day. Evolutions were adopted re commending the citvof New York as the place, and the 2lst of May a* tho lime for (be meeting of the National Democratic Convention. Kepceaeo taiive lingers, among others, addressed the meeting. COXIiRF.SSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Washington, January 23. SENATE. Various petitions and memorials wore pro rated. on motion of Mr. HKNOERSOF, the Military t'ommittre were Instructed to inquire whether,no deitbcprescuilcgislaUnn.thetenrrgimemsorMls- •oitrl Mate Mlluio. mustered into the Untcei to'ca service, arc entitled bounty; and if not, as »othe expediency of so amcntujig the bounty lows that they oo so entitled. Mr. HAlrifiS, from tbc Jndlclary Committee, -cpoMda bill giving persons confined to tbe Male Penitentiaries under sentence of Federal r’omie who thall conduct themselves so that no charge of misconduct can be sustained o"aln«t ■hern, shall have a deduction of one month in each year made from tbc term of service. Mr. (CUaNDLEH introduced o bill to construe he act of tr-CG, to prevent smuggling, ao it shah •-ot c ftect any right of suit or prosecution which " oy have accrued under any prior act of Congress previous to July 16th, IHK. Mr. NOUTON introduced a bill amendatory of he Homestead Law, providing iu ca«e ofanv i-err on who was In (he military or naval service st tbc date of thu passage of said act. and who was resident on any public lands under pre-ctup ion. or upon which owm/ftfesettlement had been made, the period ot five years' fettlcraoat requir ed by the art shall be estimated from May 2d, iSSi. tbe bill was rcicrrcd. Mr. RAMSEY introduced a bill amendatory ot he portal Jaws, which modifies the fee on the postal money orders, viz: Ten cents for an order not exceeding ten dollars-: fiuecn cents for au or ter from ten to thlr j dollars, and twenty-fire cents for an order above thirty dollars. »be compensation of Deputy Postmasters for tbe payment of money orders is ral-ed to one ourib of cce per cent. Among other pro visions »s one for the appointment ol a Jrurerintcndcnt of Foreign Moil In lb* Po-t office Dcpanraesf, at a salary or?1,0!W, and i • npcrti.t- ndcnl ct Dead tetters, at a salary of The bill was retarred. Mr. HILSOX Introduced a bill for the ostab i-hmentot the Howard University for the edu cation of y oaths in the District of Colombia, i.'dcired. T.c House MU proscribing the test oath for >awTfVß practicing in the United Mates Court?, ’vas referred lo the Judiciary Committee. A bill passed confirming the iHe of John E. DiiPhsny, deceas'd, former member of Congress, :o a tract of 75.000 acres of land la Louisiana. ihe Tariff Bill was taken up. Sir. SPRAGUE moved to amend by Increasing theda’Tou brown linen, dock canvas, padding, etc., to four cents per square yard and thirty-five per cent ad rclown. 31r.Tn0MI*S0N Fpokc of the cCLcral subject of Inriffand revenues. lie paid all the revenue re quired to be raised in gold mast be raised by rev* cluc on imported goods. While we have appre ciated currency, it would be ’die to require do mestic dative fa gold It would ho to legalize a cumncy any repudiate it. With Imported goods it ip ditivrent, All imported poods aro bought with gold. All transactions in imported cords are based on cold, and being the product at a foreign country most be paid tn cold, the only money known to Ibe commerce of ia«? world. The financial policy of toe country during tbe war compels us to rala * a . very large amount ot money la cold. Tne inter est »<• now pay upon ontataudinc gold bondsot •he United Stale?, according to a statement of the Secretary. Is tSVSfUKU. By tbc terms of all om s’amilng bonds, except compound interest notes, they are convertible Into gold bearing bonds at rixper cccl. This convereiomnust be met with in a year or a HU»c more. Wbcn they are converted, the amount that will oe rcQOlred In gold to meet tbc interest obligations of the Government will be $131,353,377. In addition to this there mast be raised an amount required to maintain our foreign, International and other Uabiluiej grow ing out ot treaties, Ac., which it is estimated u ill amount to SOOO,OOO. The aggregate amount of cold necessary for tbc present fiscal year will be not less than one hundred and forty millions. In addition to this there arc bouds which are to be paid in cold, sixteen millions of which will ma ture with the next fiscal year. With tbc necessity for us to raise one hundred and forty million dol lars a year in cold, it Is absurd to talk of a free trade tariff, and It l« unnecessary to talk of a piotective taring because wc cannot possibly f ame a rarifflo raUc $140,««,W0 in cold without protecting to a very large extent our home indus try. To the extent that this amount Is levied on articles that may be produced In Ibis country, it operates for protection. The rale of duties to be levied on articles of Ibis tied, under this bill, wi'l not be less than fitly per cent ad ralortm. It Is manlb-st, thou, Uu.t ibe main object of the Tarifl Hill Is to produce one hundred and fifty million? of dollars. We may very probably, leave the question of production 1 * matter of detail. because it would bo Irapos- I Ntmo to tiamc-a tariff bill without protection. , present Tariff nm I i? amount, because doting the last I >f ‘V luced J? n e hundred and seventy iji.e mi lion debars. This In not correct. Dur ing the !«**» year our lnu»onaU?»ns swelled beyond any former experience in this country. It yielded us a revenue of ?Ksi,UK),(W3, i,m iiJJ? tJJ Z?v *r&Wwn lh Ti *** U wfs •miy |F4,tX)O,Ui'O. The cause of this great Increase Is easily explained. When ttra *«rr)o>ed Ibe Southern States were depleted of •urylblt c produced by foreign as well as do nicttic mstitiftcluro. Merchants in the North had been letting their slock? pel low, and with the sudden fall In gold which followed the close of the war they Imported very largely. We cannot depenn for the next fiscal year upon Ibo present Tariff Bill. It will col raise more than $123,000,000 or SI3O,WO,Wt). The pending bill proposed an afl »ame of about 10 per cent on raaunftciares, Mr. HIIEIIMAN then examined the derails of Inc bill, eiplalnlnr the motive? that actuated the committee In adopting the didbreiit rates estab lished bribe bill. Mr. FUBBKNDISN opposed Ihc amendment Of Mr. Sprague. I| would not do to leave ibe for mation ofllie tariff In the manufacturer? Tli- v have 100 n>u;h Inlcrest in 11. and, a* U bn? been ►ala, tiu jc is n great deal of hnmau nituro in IIH’O. M*. JOHNSON spoke In favor of ibe principle of protection as essential to the wellsreuf the connlryat nierie«pnt flute. Mr* 81’IMfiuK'H nmetirtinetd wt? dt»a?fo*(l Jo* a? wen* several other? of a similar nature. Mr. POMTIiK iimred an ahiemlinetit fcditClhtf tin* duty oh sail, which Was tebeted Adiuutued* 1 tmm, . he llotire rrmathfi ttt awttm lilt eiatil o'd«rU ItiU l(i)t»IIOUK, ttljp'i fl Mt?M WAf Ifihci nil eIBVPII UCllHti, n»Mv a PiienU mmiml Mr. IhniiwellV ItilUo lm« h>->w n Im| oNtli on miofitp/rund cuuiiaellorii wac* n'l’iMnred'irat i}iinrt». N|Ji|,A< 1( nii'l llOViilf followed tunin' MOHP * A 1 oii« mtnnle before twelve o'clock Ilia niUoHMiwrt, biiiwM Immediately puilurt to order All dilatory mmijoiu wore «lUid«a'in, dud Mr. liuVUu oautmuua M* re» mark?. Mr, iiOUTVVHM.rlnaed the debate In favor oi ibe bln. and at iiaibpaat twelve o'clock a tola on tlio |)IH uai taken, and ft pamod-yoM, lUJ: non, 13. Mr. conn proaonlod a memorial ol tits Wiscon* •on reference to (bo aurvlvlnc eol atet* uf the war of IMS. On motion of Mr. i’iRR. the Committee of Weanawcre tnitructed (o Inquire the expediency of ftbolißblnu in whole or In part the tormape tax, and of adopting a ayatem of differ ential dmlea uvoring American ehlpa, that they mayoato a anare io the importation of foreign Mr. from the Judiciary Committee, reported Mr.6hellalj«rger’ fl bill iodeclaruand pro tectail privileges and Immumtles ofclilxens of the United btatos in the several States. Ordered tmntud and recommitted. On motion of Mr. NIBI.ACK, the Judiciary VOL. XX. CcmonUce ontained leave to >eport at any time a Mil establishing the eight hnnr labor system. Mr. MORRIS, from the Judiciary Committee, reported a bill providing for an additional term of tee Circuit Court of teo United orate* for the Eastern District of Arkansas, ai UiUe Rock, oc (he second Monday in October, annually. Passed. Also, reported adversely to the House bill to amend the act to regulate (he time and manner ot the election ot United States i-cnHiors. Tabled. Mr, COOK, from the same committee, reported back advirrtOy tee following bills, which were UMcd; To amend Jans relative to judgment on Uuw; lo enable citizens or the United Males to record deeds of lands lying in Stairs other than the Fla es of their reddenco, in case? for the re lief oi loyal and Innocent part owners of personal property forfeited on account of cilminal ads by other pan owners. Mr. OOOK also reported from the same com mittee the following bill to limit the time for bringing suit* before the Coart of Claims, oron dt-d that petitions shall he fllea within six years of the lime the claims arise. Rasped. To amend the act ol February SC, lSs*k lo regu late fees acd costs of Clerks and Marshals of the C icuit and District Court* o! tee United 81aie c . By a previous order of the House Inc Sergeant at-Aims presented at the bar forty-tonr members who were under arrest for being absent withont leave yesterday. The Souse agreed to discharge loose who were brought in alter the first call, aud the others to be discharged on payment of doable tee usual fees£ The bill laat reported by the Judiciary Commit tee was discussed and recommitted. Mr. bOUIWELI., from tee same committee, re- Sorted back the House bill to amend the act of larch, ITD2- declarirg tee officer wbo shall actus Proidcct of tee United States in case of tarancles in (be offices of Prcsidcn r and Vice President, ft provides that, to case of removal ny death, resignation or incapacity, ofboth tee Presi dent and Vice President, the President of the Sen ate pro (rmnore; and In case there shall he no Preldentot the Senate, th«-ntee Speaker of teo House: and in cose there is lo Speaker, then the Chief Justice of the Su preme Court; and in case there be no Chief Jnstire, then the oldest com missioned Jostle© of tee bnpreme Court ehall act at* President of teo United S*otea until the disa bility be removed, or a President elected. The Secretary of Slate shall. If teo Senate and House cf Repicaonlntives by concurrent resolution so request and direct, forthwith cause a notification ot the vacancies lo Ire made to the Executive of -very State, and cause tee same to he published at lease In one newsoanor of every Mate, requiring electors to be chosen wite l n a I days of tee precedicg Tuesday, after teo first Wednesday in December. It is made tec duty of tee prison discharging the duties ana powers of tee President, if Congress is not in session, to convene Coheres** Immediately. Auer some discussion the htll was ordered primed and lecomnditcd. *1 lie Posiofllcu Appropriation lull was considered ar»o passed. The nuns (hereof have already been published. Adjourned. KtOJl SPKINOFIELD. (Special Despatch to (he Chicago Tribune.] KrniNcrnxD. Illinois, January 21. CHICAGO WAREHOUSE MONoroLT. A strong feeling If maoifueted in botb House* of tbc Legislature and lobby on tho subject of the ••arehonte monopoly In Chicago, which has been inf, unified by the editorial in tho Tribune this morning. There is » determination to pass a stringent law regulating the business. Senator nocs not claim that his lull Is perfect, bid is willing it should bo modified, but not in the (merest or the warehousemen. A number of warehouse attorneys are here to*day, and a bill was introduced far them, by request, by Senator Ward. Tboy pretend that tills bill, drawn by tbcmseivrs. will corn el all existing abuses. Senator Eastman's bill, they say, is not Just the bill the monopolist could desire, and therefore they aro opposed to lr. Tboy will not deceive or Imluuucoany member who is disposed to be honest. Dan Able, (ho representative ot the St. Louis groin interest. Is here, and it Is In teresting to know that ho Is Infull sympathy with the elevator monopolists of Chicago. •mt nrovsTniAL college question. Mont ot thcmoroinglnlbc lion-c was exhausted in discussing tho Industrial College question. On a resolution to extend the time for receiving bids, the discussion was participated In by Men"*?. Eddy, Bond, Wukoaisu. Dlnsmoorc, Bailey,Gt Jggs and Bunn, all of whom took grounds In favor of the General Assembly making thu loca tion after ibo expiration of thlny-three days of tho session, which was regarded as sufficient time lor all who wish to pat in bids, and by Messrs. Baldwin, Pierce and Moor, in favor of appointing a commission of one from cacb Congressional District 10 make tho location. Be fore the question was taken the House adjourned until to-morrow morning. Tho interest in this question of the Industrial University is dally be coming more Intensified, and there will be warm work before it is finally settled. Thecbamplbns of vacb locality aro hero in force and make a good show on paper. 1 regard the Champaign people fib still considerably ahead, but this may all be chsnged by new developments and combinations. TUB BILL TO BfiQCLATE RAILROAD CU&DOZL The aitemoou session of tho Senate was ex hausted in discussing the resolutions offeied by Genera! Fuller la»t week, and published In the Tribune, to regulate the freight and passenger tariffs on railroad*. Tbc discussion was opened by Senator Mack, who offered an amendment to (he second resolution, that charters of railroads which contain specific grants of power to regulate the vales of fore nod passengers, shall be except al. He defended the vested rights of rail roads, and spoke against tbe proposed law to regulate their freight and passenger tariff. General Fuller contended, first, that tho power and right of tbc General Assembly to limit the charges for the transportation of IreUrht and passengers was Inherent in the people, through the Legislature, unless It has been la ex press terms relinquished, and that this Is no Inter ference with vested rights, nor does l*s exorcise impair toe obligation of contracts; and, second, (rat each power ban not been surrendered, and therefore when the rates established become ex cessive and oppressive. It is the duty of (be Legislative Department to interpose its protection, sod the liberty to fix the rates found in some of the old charters does not constitute a surrender of (bis sovereign power, but can only bo held lo mean that the roads may temporarily fix the rates until otherwise provided, to meet the exigency, when the Legislature may act. His doctrine, propet ly understood, does not involve hostility to railroads, but only a reason able curtail ofthemand (heir Gen eral Fuller cited many decisions of courts to sus tain Ibis position. Mr. Ward followed on the fame side, and contended that the decision in tbe Dartmouth College case, which bos been urged bv the friends of vested rights, did not sustain their doctrine, when applied to railroads. One tbing that decision docs say, that corporations are created for th* public good, and the public good ought lo be their chief con sideration. If corporations use their powers to thi Injury of tbo public, the people have tbe right to resume tbe powers and relieve the suffering people. Mr. Ward asked, “ Can railroads be pub lic corporations when they went to condemn lands for the right of way, hut suddenly Income private corporations when they want to oppress the people tmb exorbitant ratess” If these railroad charters arc continuous comrade there most he two patties to them, the ucopleon tneone ride and the railroads on the oibvr. Non* if the railroads cease to benefit the people, who arc one of the contwctlugparties,and lx come oppressive Instruments of extortion, the contract becomes void, and iho railroad cannot hold the people to a continuance of the contract, lie denied that any corporation conld he created with power to oppress and extort from the people, that the Legislature could part with the sovereign power of the people. Happily the courts have not decided the question against the people. If they should the people would decide a* they have In former Instances, that the people had rights which tbe railroads were bound to re spect. Mr. Ward contended, In conclusion, that the people had the same right to regulate the lares of railroads that they bad to regulate the fare of hnekmen, draymen, Ac. Mr. Ward was followed by General McConnell, who advocated generally the right of the people to control mo nopolies. The resolutions will pass by a vote ot about eighteen to seven. JUDGE CATOS. lion. JohuD. Calon, late Judge of the Supreme r> omi of Illinois, Southern Division, made bis appearance in that conn to-day as counsel, lor the fl'st time In S 3 years. In ISIS he was elected Judge of the Supreme Court, then scarcely 80 years of age, and for the spaceof v 2 years, until lt&t,hcld that position without Inter ■ option. Six years of that period ho was Chief Jn-tlce. The Judge Is now St years of age, and dthougb he wears silver locks, he is, as every- body knows, In the very zenith of Ms Intellectual strength. This 1$ a ■ ndlcial experience that few men have reached. Probably no man wore such hon ors whhmoic general acceptance to the people. Uobvld the scale of Justice with a firm and even hand. Ido not believe that lawyer or litigant ever I arsed t broach tbe ordeal of the Coart who ques tioned his perfect fidrnrsa aud Integrity. Ills ap pearance af couniel bclore the Court In wlTc i he so long presided Is an event worthy of special mention. THE STATE LEGISLATURES ILLINOIS. (Fpcclal Desoalcb to the Chicago Tribune.) BPimroriELD. 111,. January S 3. SENATE. Mr. KASTMAN presented a pellUou from Ibe Chicago Boa'd of Trade praying for a constitu tional Ahichdinchl abolishing alt distinction ol Political tights on account of face or color, lie* tiffed to the Judiciary Committee. The Mil lo amend die ptaedre net was fpporled nnbrimabty on by die Uoumtlllw on (iieJudletarv i did labum (be latde, .... IPe bid lo extend die JurtsdU’ltnn of Jinnee* o( tbe lVa<e to cases of taibmul cmopatties, tuet a •tin lias foie, Mi. Mltlt'AM’Altered nh-sotiitbm looking lo the piMieciion of Illinois fio>o die i.peeisof per* uln dykes being limlli aboro Hr. ronU, whM'b ma •aid to throw die Haters of lhi' Mississippi diver mi dm illinol* shore, and are ivaabbu? «*Giy (ho Ameiiran llodnnis.fc'llitworoliiGon rmjitvsu Got* e nor Djli-sby in open n rorrrsjmi.deiiee >«)lh (he (■ uvenior ot Missouri on lint anbievt and veimu to the henaie, desnlution adopted, klr, BUhllMil.l. railed up bis resolutions on die Moi<roe,dnr(i)r.e, amt moved Itcir adoplloii. Mi. MKTGAI-K said be oanled to nmlersiand Ibo object of the peuolndons before voting. If It ruvem that we should go UlUbttaUring In Mixico, It foreign ir.terfcrtncedldnotco&re tnore, ho Has opposed to tbo rcsolntlons. Motion to adopt was withdrawn, and the resolutions were on'ered printed. JilU* Introduce!,— To speedily punUh persona lr. Jails sctuowkUgjng themselves gulliy or crine* not capital; to regulate the ma-iuer of cpplyn.gforczucnlirepardon; to ameni the col lection and tevunue taws; to tncieaao ptr dvm allowance* of Assessors and Collector* of conn* tics; to reduce the Klcctlon Last* to one act and amend them; lo li corporate Ibo Graf on A Alton Kailroad Company: to rcrulale the warcbooaiug ot gram m Chicago-ordered printed ; to create the MiUopolitad Ootid of Uiallh of Cncspo ; for the re.tef of agr em tnri-ia and frnit growers; to Incorporate Poll man’s Pslacc Car Convnany; to incorporate Oal condft & Dn Qnom Railroad; to provide tor the anpoiennentofa boperlolcndcatofteo Peniten tiary. lo pi came same. Adjomned nnlil S p. m. ___ t _ inxsxooK stsstox. Mr. FUI.LEU’o railroad resolnlkm* came np as the § pedal order at two o’clock ibis afternoon, Mr. Mack’s amendment being the question pend ing. Mr. MAf’K look the floor, contending that the chaxierol a railroad company was a pmate cor porauou and could not be clstnrbed by the Legis lature. He quoted numerous legal authorities to enstain hie oontlon. Mr.FUM.ER followed !c opposition, making an argument of considerable length, in which bo maintained that (be State had control over rail roads; otherwise (he people were at the mercy of thcfcC cornoraMons. U-less the charters con t-lned in clear and unmistakable terms provi sions surrendering the control or the State over railroads. It retai'ia the power to regulate them. Mr. WARD made an able speech in favor of tee proposition that (he State bad the power to regu late the rates of fare and freight on railroads. Be disclaimed aoy desire to rob railroad companies of any of their rights, but only to bold teem in ctcck and keep them from oppressing tee people. Mr. McCONNELL spoke to similar purport. Be said it was ImposFible for one generation to rob the nest of any privileges, and, therefore, impos sible for tec Legislature to divest itself of control over corporations created by U. Mr. RHJLY rose to say teat bo put this Railroad Bill In motion five years ago. In solitary and alone, in Constitutional Convention. Without coming to a vote on tbe question, the : cncte adjourned. HOUSE. A petition was presented, signed by one tbon 6and citizen*, ot Ford County, against allowing the franchise to rebels coming lulo the Fturo. Tbe committee reported back the bill tor the incorporation of th? Chicago Astronomical Ba ckty. and it was ordered engrossed for a third reading. A number of bills were reported back by com mittees, and dispesed of !n accordance with their r. commendations. A bill wa* reported by the Finance Committee, and passed, granting permission to members sod officers of tee Boose and Senate to draw a portion of their salaries. A Mil "as passed removing the comity seat of r asa County from Hcardstowu to Vlrslola. Alto, a bill ametdlng the existing laws protect ing the rich's of married women, riving them the right to irrmsfer property 1b tbeirown natnea. A resolution was adopted calling on the Secrc- of bis expenditures iinacr tic $50,000 appropriation for contingent ex pcns> 8 of 100 Assembly. Air. THOMPSON offered a resolution calling on the Committee on Education to report a bill for Uiccvcn dlstrlbalion of tnc School Fund to all citizens of tho elate. Adopted; 00 yeas to IS nays. Lieutenant Governor Brora trap, by rerolotlon, invited to lecture ou Thursday evening. Pending action on tbc reaolmions protecting railroad*. introduced by Mr. Alexander, the time fixed for the special order arrived, and the sub ject of the lecaiion of the Industrial University was taken np Unite a high dincosslon sprang mi between the filcJ.ds of tho proposed measure of establishing the location by a commission, •no those “bo favored the public, bonus' and disinterested action of (bo entire legislature directly upon U>o question. Messrs. EDDY. DUNN and BOND showed Die advantages of the latler course to tho satis* faction of the public, the appreciation of scrip inevitably consequent upon JL etc. Men.. BAI.DIriN and riEIICK argued tor a commission. Homo twelve or firhoo room hers participated in the dl-cusslon, and finally, ponding the decision of tho question, the UotiMi adjourned. Hr. MackDn being detained at homo by Illness, (he Speaker appointed Mr. Holiowhuxh in his place on the Commit-co on Privileges In Elections. INDIANA. [Special Despatch to 'bo Chicago Trlbuno.l Indianapolis. January SENATE. Ibo Senate met ot eleven. A petition was picacntod for a Uw protecting fur-bcatlog animals. A majority of ibo Committee on Elections in tho case of Kohmson contesting the scat of Hunt, tho silling member from Madison am Grant coun ties. reported in favor of ourting Hunt and recog nizing Koblnsonos the legally elected member. A bill was introduced lo provide for the organi zation of CLcnlt Courta and election of Judges tntreof. The Senate went Into joint convention to com pare votes for Senator. afternoon. Bills were Introduced lo establish a County Court in each com iy of the Stale; defining Ju dicial Circuits, and fixing the lime for hording courts therein; disfranchising deserterslrora the army and navy; requiring plaintlfla to give se curity for costa to slander and divorce suits; and for the Incorporation of Steam Packet Companies. Aiesolnuon was adopted, asking the Governor to report the disposition of the soldiers* Kriicf Puna. Senate bills, from fifty three to elsly-soven, were read a second time and referred. The Senate bill making appropriation for tbe payment of mileage to Sheriffs was passed, under a suspension of the rules; also, tho lull fixing the r alary nrd increasing the powers and duties oi slate Librarian: also, the bill prohibiting officers authorized to administer tho oath from charging more that, fifteen cents in cases of application for bounty and back pay. Tito amendment to the School Taw, authorizing s levy of fifty cents on SIOO as aspcclil school tax, instead of twenty-five, was passed, after a warm discussion-^27 to 18. HOCHE. A bill was reported bock from the Committee on Kailioae*, marine It & misdemeanor to back car* on railroads containing passengers, and re* commending us passage. Mr. Chambers offered a resolution that a committee of live be aopoimed to draft a bill ap po.tloniDgSenaioisaiid Representatives accord* log to population and geographical no Jitou, with* out regard to Its benefiting political parties, which was laid on tbo tanle Mr. %awter introduced a bill making Illegal voting a fv'lonv, punishable by imprisonment tu the Pcnitentlaiy. Ibo specific Appropriation BUI. for legislative expenses and support of benevolent Institutions, was passed. A committee of one from each Judicial Circuit wa* appointed, towucm all bills and roomtlon* should be referred on the organization of Judicial Circuits. jonm* corrvsjmoK, The Senate and Donso assembled In Joint Con vention to compare the rotes of cacti for United States Senator. The journal of both branches having been read, and it appearing Oliver P. Mor »on had the majority of all the votes cast, be war declared Senator tor six years from the fourth ol March nexu ASTERSQOK. On account of the sickness of the Speaker, Mr. Uterine was elected Speakcf pro f*m. The joist resolution ratifying tbo Constitutional Amendment being ’be special order, was taken np and discussed. Speeches were made by Messrs. Greene and Baker against, and Messrs. Dunn, Moore and Sbncy In favor. The previous question bavins been demanded and seconded, the resolution was adopted—£s to 3C—a smelly parly vole. Adjourned to two o'clock to-morrow. TViscossrs. Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.) Maduox, January -23. SENATE. A memorial from citizens of Pond du Lac was presented ashing an appropriation to pay the ex* pctscs for forwarding contributions to the Parle Exhibition. The Assembly resolution to receive no new busi ness after the S7tb of February, was concurred 10. The repot! of the Lumber inspector of Eau Claire District, was presented. It showed that 00,02-1.681 feet of pine logs "ere scaled in idOO. A report of the Governor was received giving the pardons, commutations, and reprieves granted by him during the year. A few local (dlls were introduced. The Senate then adjourned lo tbe Assembly Chamber tomeei Assembly in Joint convention to canvass rotes for United Stales senator. ASSEMBLY. Mr. Meson ashed leave for Messrs. Miller, Gage & Frost, who were absent yesterday, to have their votes recorded for United Slates Senator. The Speaker ruled against ibe request, and raid such a proceeding was unauthorized. itrsoluUons were offered to instruct Congress men to voie tor a suitable tax on wool and other products and maulacturea; also to instra.’t the Committee on Benevolent Institutions to report the amount ol necessary expense for the present year for these Institutions. Mr. Cotemao introduced a preamble and resolu tion. allowing in the preamble that the resolu tion introduced on the sl-t ln?t-,cbarging bribery and corruption among members and corporations In the last two sessions, were Injurious to the Mate, retlectiag upon the characters of members, Ac.; Ihereiote, Jfciolnd, fbat the pci yon Introducing them be directed to fnrolfh the Information without delay on which bo base* his charges of briber;. AtvsolmlMi Instructing (no Judiciary Commit* tee to rcrorl a bill regulating the tarllT for rail* roads was adopted. Bills were introduced to repeal the registry law; fu lidui tlie powers of County Bosnia; to hold special eieciion lor Clerk of Court of Wash ington County; to increase tbe number of Comity Superrisoia of Koch County, and aomeloeal bills. Assembly bills were passed to authorize the Governor to appoint commissioners to tte Paris Exhibition; to provide for making Jury lists in certain cases; to authorize Prairie da chfcn to raise money to conetracl a court house and Jail. JOIST COKTESTtOR. At 19 o’clock the Senators came in. and with the Assembly arc to Joint convention for the purpose of canvassing the votes forTTolted Slates Senator. the Journals of the two hou'es, relating lo the voting fur Senator, were read, ami Mentcnanl Gotcmot Spoincr declared llmothy O. Ho"e to be duly circled Unit d Sulcs J-enator for six years from (he fourth of March ilex'. The convention then dissolved, and both houses adjourned. MlCillUAtf. IFpcclal Despatch to (he Chicago Tribune.| fiAASiRo, hitch., January **. Wonr members bare already left for home, and and as lbs Saginaw excursion parly leaves In tbe morning no session will beheld to-morrow. The Fenale pasted a bill lo authorise Sheriffs to serve civil processes Issued bv Justices. Hie Marshall Tst Extension Bill, the Grass take Fchuuj Enabling Act, ana rarma School Bid passed both Houses. .. . .. lb t ie Bouse the Grand Ibrotds A Indiana Hall* road ini* was (eporled from die committee ihvpf* ably without attippdmeiil, and made die special imieflorVeliMiaryhdt. , _ . . Ibe following bids were passed I flnn»dtmlnnsl < eiiyendoo liifl I Kaiamaaoo and roriage tayab lullj Jiihd desoiitdoH framing lands to ins tap U iMle Harbor Company. the nucdsa Tritium*,l Toi-BKA, Kama*. January gi, 'Hie l.eplriainre In Jnlwi couvi niton |o day r?t ilocrud Henaior IVwrroy fur the term of six years, ami elected K. 0. floss to All the vacancy camud by the death of General !.ans. The vide stood 1 Pomeroy 61, General Loo 8V For llio abort term—lloaa 09, £t-Govenjor Carney 41. The election ol Major Boss created unbounded enthusiasm and applauae, which continued for sours) minute*. member* rising in thotr soars to swing their hala In the atr, and cheering uproar iously. The Immense crowd outside took up the applause, aud continued it fora long period. The. ctmonsuation over the rc-clecuou of Senator Pomeroy was less violent, bottbt congratulations ard rejoicing were not Jc>s sincere Blare* election was a foregone conclusion from the start end subsequently there was less excitement over the result. A croud at once repaired to the Capitol Bouse CHICAGO. THURSDAY. JANUARY 24. 1867. and cnngrainl. led the Senator* elect. They rented and made brief epopee In re«oon«». Slicing addresses were also made by Don. bid* Dey Clark*. Colonel Anibony, General BJaut, Col onel Moonlight sod others. A reception will be siren the Senators elect and Representative Clark, at Lawrence to-morrow night. TENNESSEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) KAaHvnxz, January S 3. Both bodies of the Legislature hive got under fall headway In the way of business. In the Boose to-day Hr. Smith, of Baidlman, introduced a Mil providing for the organization or the State mlUtta. This will embrace all. wbtte and black, between the ages of eighteen and forty five. From this organization am to be echoed etebt regiments, one from each Congressional District, srd composed cqiully of white and black troops, to he denominated the State Guard. Tnls shall be a strictlv loyal organization, under tbe immediate control ot the Governor, «ho shall be Commander-In-Chief. The term of service shall l« three rests, and tne tule? and laws governing tbe troops shall be the same os the regulations controlling the United States army. Tbe bill parsed a Bret reading, and will undoubtedly be come a law. Mr. Garner Introduced a bill, which will also pass, that the word “ white" wherever It occurs, shall ne stricken ont of the franchise. Speaker Helskell baa been seriously ill for aev trial days, bat is now convalescent SETT VOEK. A uja?.t. January 28.—A resolution was intro dcceclln iho Senate to-day that our Senator An Congress be Instructed and onr Representatives requested to propose and advocate tbe passage of u bill ty exempt from duties and taxation all ma temils need in the cnnslmcUon ofeU-am and sail ing vessels built id the United Stales ; also to ex tend directly tbe aid of Government toward the establishment of mall and emigrant steamship lines to Europe, to consist of three vessels owned by American citizens. The Senate to-day confirmed Alex. Shatter, Major Gccorol of the First or Mew York City Di vision of the State Militia. KENTUCKY. Fiuxkvobt, Ky., January 23.—1 n the ballot for Senator. Powell received 43; Harding, 49; Bris tow, CU; Robinson, 1. FKOM MADISON. LrclftlatlTc—Senator flowc’i Election Ratified In Joint t^oaventlon—Consti tutional Amendment Ratified by the Senate—Condition of the Whcomln Slate Rank*, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wisconsin, January 23. There wn« Rule of special Interest in the general proceedings of tbc Legislature to-day beyond the meeting of the Joint Convention at noon for for mally vompanvg votes on United States Hot rtlor, niter which lion. T. A. Howe, the people's favoiUcrcprcecmallvcand stcadftut champion ot light through good and evil report, was elected United States Hcnalor. This afternoon the Senate was occupied bv Democratic speeches against iho Constitutional Amendment, by Houston Heed and Hadley. The former’, the Garrett Davis of on» 8 talc, road a speech two and half boms long, going over the whole ground ot political tosucs, indulging In a violent (trade against New England, (be tarifl, Ac. Scr.nior iindluy, who by bis brief remarks yes terday. led some Hcnalom into Iho belief that hu should vote for Iho Amendment, while he ap proved some sections, declared he felt bound to vote against It as a whole. Ho was Imthered somewhat by sharp questions, hut no Republican occupied the time In discussing this hackneyed subject. The vote, taken at »lx o'clock, after lour hours' talk, gave 2* votes for ami 10 against ralid rallon. One Democratic Senator. Meade, voted for ratification. 1* le understood some Demo rri'te In the Assembly will also go for It. 3he Comptroller's semi-annual statement of the Wlecmihiu banka, published to-day. shows eighteen banka doing business under the State law, with *(ISS,OOU capital, $5t,232 circulatlou. deposits, f KP.TI2 in specie, |H8,572 cash itema. ¥21,510 la public securities. 1). C. Aldrich and 11. P. Chamberlain, arrest ed yesterday for firing property belonging to Hie former, to secure the Insurance thereon, has been held to ball, the former In tho sum of ¥B,OOO, and tbc latter *3,(100. The evidence against (hero is very strong. Ihc annual meeJiigof the Slate Horticultural Society ticmu to-day. and 1* well attended. Hon. A. Van Wyck delivers an address before the State Histories! Society this evening. The vote for Eioridee yesterday lo ihc Senate for United States Senator waa nine, not eight, as printed. FltOM ST. LOWS. Railroad natters—The Scheme Tor Ad ditional Bridge* Across the Rlhsb atppl—steamer* In Dancer from Run nine Ice. (Special Despatch to the Ch'cago Tribune.] Ht. Lons, January Si. Tbc scheme for selling out the Pacific Railroad Is supposed to have died oat. Iho law under which the road was completed nan the proposed sale, the company having complied with its pro visions. The success of the Iron Mountain Hall road speculation emboldens speculators to pro cure the sale of the Pacific Hoad. Lppcr Mississippi pilots have protested against tbe cooetnictlon of the Quincy bridge, Mean while tbo movement procresses to secure Cod* rrcssloral action allowing tba same kind of a bridge here as at oilier points along tbe river. Merchants here need fid no alarm about tbo rapid progress and preparations to build a bridge at Kansas Clip to connect with the Hannibal and SU JOfepb Railroad. it ts alleged here that the capital for the bridge la all snbscnbed For in Bos t«>n. Tbe road promises to be a good feeder to Chicago. Considerable Indignation la manifested because tbe Ohio and Mississippi Railroad declines earrv -dc delegates 'o Cbo proposed Mississippi Valley Commercial Convention at Jess than rnll fare. As St. Lonls subscribed largely to the road, each re fusal la const!ned pn Judicially. Tbe steamer Luminary lies in a dangerous posi tion surrounded by ice above Wittenberg, xhe Enterprise and Anna White arc near by. also aground. Tfcc river is Calling slowly. The shore ice is heavy and the floating ice Hgh\ A gorge ts reported a; Cog Tooth Bend. UcdorwrPers are still obdurate. A large amount of Southern freight* await shipping facilities, Ft. Lome, January 33 —Tbe Democrat's St. Jo seph special says all tbe parties implicated in the attempt to blow np Demand's block, some time time since, have been discharged. A band of Arrapaboe Indians is encamped be tween Forts Lyon and Dodge, on the Smoky Bill route, and sm assuming a hostile attitude. They have already driven off several station keepers. Tbe wait roach trod Denver was robbed on the 15th near living Spring by a partv of highway men, deserters from Fort Morgan, on the Junc tion Station, who arc completely equipped for a life on the toad. FROM LOUISVILLE. iflurdercra Convicted and Sentenced—A Y'outnfnl Forger# (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] LOCWVIXI.X, January 23. Tutwcllcr. who murdered Brady, a few days since, was sentenced for ten years to bard work in the Penitentiary. A young man, named Stillwell, was arrested to day for forging a check on bis motoer for SBOO. He was ptoven galltr, and was committed lor

tinal sentence. William P. King and Abe Owens, two of the train robbers, were tried at Franklin. Ky , and sentenced to l>e bung on the 23a of Match next, for the murder of Harvey King. Harvey King was a brother to William P. King. The latter divulged tbe plan, and was murdered by bis brolbcrand associates. FROM CAX AD A. Provincial Commissioners en Route for the Paris Exposition—llclltloua matter—Receipts of Canadian Roll ways-Clouting for tbe Fenian FrU> oners. Mjntreal, January 22.—The Provincial Com missioners leave on Monday for New York, to take tbe steamer for Brest, en route to UteifarU Exhibition. Tbo Council of Roman Catholic Bishops his se lected ibice names for each vacant Sec In this province and sent then to the Pope for bis selec tion. New York. January 23,—the Times' Montreal special says Mr. GaT* mission to England has nothing to do with the pritoctlon of the educa tional rights o? the Protestant minority of Lower Canada. The scheme as published In London om>i« the guarantees on this subject, but notwith standing, ula regarded as the most important feature ol the Confederation project. The total receipts of tbe Grand Trunk Railroad In irGO, were su Increase ot $53,067 over 1S». . _ Those of the Great Western were |3.SOS,Ios, an increase of Those of me Northern, J3l2,ST*,an Increase of fin. The recelplsof all the Canadian railway* from which there are returns. Including the ahore,wore fio. an Increase off 175,533. Toronto, January S3.—A large package of clothing for the Fenian prisoners arrived here a few days ago. The person (o whom it was ad* dressed refused to par the customs officer until Mr. Tbnrston, American Consol, paid the charges, and sent the clothing to the prisoners. Toronto, January 22.—Michael PnreHl, Fenian, sentenced to be bung; Owen Kennedy, guilty, with recommendation to mercy—sentence de ferred. Fito3l TUE PACIFIC COAST. Dig Rainy Reason In California— an Kanliqitake Hiory Exptoded-He« rndn llntldts the Constitutional ARitodinent-Leree In Honor ofSrn« atop fiyc—ldaho Legislators Uelllger* enl. Ban I‘uinriACo. January ft.—'Wm. D. Plrmsn, lone a prmuloftu member of the Fits Depart ment. Oled in Ibis ctlf last bight. 11 lias been mlulnß Incessantly for the last Ihtee date. The rivets and creeks lu trte ttorthptfi j'Hil ol (lie Plate are higher than in IMI and ‘nj. The slot? of q terrible earthquake al Fort lilnmaUi Is denied. The Itevati* legislature rallfledtbe Cohsltlu* llotial Atnrimttlrni yerteidsy. The fetee* at ls»i night ta hobMof Sen* Bll'Y N}P. WM H bPlllhlll BfTHlf, The VukoMbW ihntut ol Iwemher UMi, *%a (he dA|>RtiP«i> Custom Mouse authorities have given notin' that t/iev will acceM Mpkipah dujtara [« imuml ot dulle*. Th« shin wwrsnee, fi,n« hew VorMhas «(rtv<m> ,tm lun«rt*Vr atni Phanishooijv.ror Mvsipnfll. and (tie Invincible (or rhllsfloltiliU.salM yesterday. Han Fiunojupo, Jantiiry v 3 Iho steamer* Coin stlinilon, Panama and oritUtuiim, from Portland* wirh ITN.ttsilii treasure. arrived 10-day. A despeiih say* Hie Heoreiaryof Idaho Terri* lory tia< hc»n compelled to aeah (he isolation of the United Male* troops from the violence of memhera of the leßUlaiure, because oflo* reuuM to par ihclr per diem until further inaiructlona from \Va»lutiß|on, i’ilOil M3W YOKE. Failure of a Stock Operating FlriUt- WltUKoy DUtlllerx Sold Cheap* , New York, January 83.—1b0 steamship Cnbi, from MrerpooUbelSib, and Queenstown the 13th, arrlvtd to-day. No news* The failure of Quigley Bros, la announced. 1 hr; are reported to have had heavy cncae»menta on Cumberland andaomeotbertpecnlauvesioeks. Peter Alien waa 10-da; bold to bail to answer a ebarce of cmtH-«di»ff 53.500, tbe property of How ard & Lincoln, in Warren street, for whom be was clerk. An Illicit whiskey distillery seized by Govern Qlxxhxwxt* ujem, and entlmauo In value at *is,UuU to |-2u. w.< •vfts knocked off ait private auction sale to-dsv, tor tins, to one of Jie officer* connected with the United States Marshal's office. The sale Is said to be nominal, and the property tobavebecn boucbtln for the Government. The auctioneer etaleslt will bo sold In Wall street on Friday. f,o notice of the tale was sent to Collec tor Shook, under whose auspices ibo seizure wa* made, and whose expenaca were one hundred and five dollars. NzwYouk, January 23,—Steamers took out for Europe to-day *76,0C0m treasure. _ Between lour and five thousand people croaked Cast Biver on the ice to-day, lor the first time for fifteen years. The lee Is broken now. FUOM 5 ASH FTIXE. Sentence of Tiro fffnrderers. [Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune.] NasnviLir. Tenn., January 23. In Fnmk m, Ky., to-day. Ring and Owens, two of ihe railroad robbers whose trial has been go ing on foe some time, were sentenced to be tanng on (be 29th of March next They were convicted of murdering one of their confederates. FBOM CINCINNATI, Crushed to Heath—Divorce Case—Dis covery of Human Bones—Elope ment, CizciSNATi.Jancary 23.-A laborer named George Gtdhla, empliycd at the Commercial Hospital, was crushed to death yesterday by the tall of a coal pile. Iu the fpdlmlro divorce caae; yesterdav. Dr. Tomlinson, who Is charged with having had Itn yroprrrelations with Mw. SoellmlrcrSaa under examination, and swore positively that nothing of tnc kind occurred. \tsterday morning a rag picker, walking through an alley running east from Walnut street, discovered some of (be bones of a human bodv, to which were still attached small portions of flesh. Notice waa at once given to the police, and the conclusion that the remains were from a dissecting room waa arrived at. Prom the an- Dcarauce of the small amount of flesh remaining, )i la supposed that (he remains are those or a col* ored person. P. Haradoa, of Mississippi, eloped the other day with Misa S. J. Collins, of Bourbon County. Kentucky, It was tndr design to have the knot tlefl by the aged Justice at Aberdeen, but the deep snow forbad, and the maniage took place yesterday at Hillsboro, Ohio. TVEST INDIES. Trouble with the Negroes ontbolabor Question. New Tons, Jannary23.—The Herald's Jamaica correspondent rays tbc negroes of Hi. Thomas in the East and Bt. David’s, have refused to tnro out to wmk on the estates except they get on In creased rale ofpay. The proceedings of iho Jamaica Committee are producing in these parishes the greatest amount oriiosittity toward those in authority. Dr. Fiddrs, iho opponent of «x-Oovcrnor Evre. leaves for England to testily against him at ’fats •rial. EBOM CAIBO. Pleasant Weather—.UtMlssSppl Open Uclow tho City, Cairo, January S3.—The weather Is mild and tilearanl, the mercury rising to 13 during the af ternoon. Persistent effort on the pari of certain panics at Memphis and elsewhere to close navigation below Ibis point, has proved a sienal failure. The river will not close, notwithstanding their heavy despatch. J The Columbus packet lias left upon regular con nections ufth all trains The ice has at no lime stopped moving below this point. FKOM EIUE* Occident on flic Pittsburgh Hallway— lynnim of Iho Injured. Ennt, Pa., Jarmair 23.—Tho I’itbdmrgh expres train, on tho Erie <fc Pittsburgh Hailway, leaving here at 10:25 a. m yesterday, was thrown from the track when three miles south of Pulaski, by n ran taming out of place, or removed maliciously. Two coaches left the track, slightly injuring a numberof passengers, and three are roportedseri ously hurt, although no hones were broken. The names of those receiving the greatest injuries ait Dr. Drake, ol Hochester, N. Y.; Mrs. ofoss, Mer cer, Pa., and Mr. Neshm, Greenville, Pa. All the passergers continued thvtr Jonrney except the three named, who ortjat New Castle. Family Poisoned In Portland. ’ Fortund. Me., Jamury 28.—Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Clark and four boarders. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kingsbury, and Mr. and Mrs. James Dyer, came near losing their lives last night by poison. Mrs. Kingsbury and Mr. Dyer are still in a criti cal condition. The physician In attendance pro nounced it arsenic. Bow it waa administered la a mystery. Connecticut Republican State Conven- tion, New Uatek. Connecticut, January 21.—The Ho- Eubliran Convention meets hero to-morrow, and i likely to he fully attended. Appearances Indi cate the nomination of Gorcmur Hawley. The resolutions will doubtless affltm the policy of im partial intelligent suffrage, and perhaps that of making eight hoars a legal days' work. Removal of ilie Remains of General Johnston. New OnreANS, January 23.—Tlje remains of General Albert Sidncr Johnston were placed on board ibe Galveston steamer this afternoon, for removal to Texas. The procession was qu»c large, half being ladles. Among the Confederate Generals present wore Generals Beauregard. Bragg and Hood. Tim eorvicc was solemn and impressive. Harden in Texan. flew Ocleans. January S3.—San Antonio pa pers confirm the repotted Killing of seven Texans r? a party of Mexicans near Frio Hlvcr, in retali ation for the killing or Mexicans at Rancho Frio, by Mr. Gassetf, In self-defence. Tbe Texans ban surrendered to Colonel Benavides for trial, and were killed In bis hands. Womens* Bights aud Cnivenai Suf frage. Aidant, January 23.—Mrs Elisabeth Cady Stanton and s-nsan B. Anthony appeared before the Judiciary Committee of the Houses this alter ation. to argne in favor of women's rights aud universal toQ'ragc. Conviction and Sentence of a ITlnrdcrer. Louisville, Ky.. January 23.—N. P. Tntlwollcr. for killing Biady last Jure, has been convicted of manslaughter, and sentenced to Imprisonment ten years In the penitentiary. XteAtrnctive Fire Id Cleveland. Cleveland, Ohio. January 21.— Benedict & 5-hay’s drug store, PlotTs confectionery. Weed’s shoe store and Beckwith’s photographic rooms, on Fear] street, weie burned this morning, Loss about $25,000; insurance. 1 1S,COO. New flampitblre Item*, Manchester. N. 8., January 23.—The Demo cratic’ Convention for this district nominated E. W. Barrington for Congress. The New Hampshire Agricultural Land Scrip lias been sola to L. G. Lewis, of Ohio, for eighty thousand dollars. Settlement of the South Carolina segro Trouble. Savannah, January 22,—General H. K. Scott has returned from south Carolina, after making sati-factory arrangements for tbe negroes to leave the plantation on contract wnblu one week. murderer sentenced. Bingitaxpton. N'WYoik, January 21.— Henry Gardiner, of Elmira, is sentenced to execution for murder on the lOlb of March. Cnttcn Sale at Louisville, Louisville, January 23.—Fifty-nine bales of co>ton sold at auction this aftemoonat Ss£®v>> cents. No Cable JVewr. NewYobk, January 23-—The Eastern lines are stHI down. No cable news to-night. SUPREME COURT OF ILIIXOIS. Decisions. The following *tj7labi of recent decisions In Lhc Supreme Court of Illinois wilt appear in the forthcoming volume of official reports: RICHARD ATKIN VS. NtNEItVA XEOUELL. 1. Dowin.— Euyltable estate. It Is tbe settled doctrine of this Court that a widow Is entitled to dower when tbe husband was seised of an equit able estate of Inheritance, unless she basrcltn qnlefaiditin (hemode prescribed by the stalntc. 2. Same. Where the husband has rally paid for lands, and can enforce a conveyance, he is seined of snch an estate, aud Us widow may recover her dower In tbe lands. 3. Fi'adingt. Even If the bolder of the legal title subsequently acquired an cqnitablc Hen or mortgage on ibe premises. the Conrt could not adjudicate and seltle hi* rights under an answer. To have bis rights settled be shonld have died a cross bill. 1. Durr op Co*3sißeiosva—cllofment of dorr rr. It Is not error to require the Commis sioner* to set of! and allot to the widow her oowerby metes and bounds, according to quan tity and quality. Such Is Ibe rnle prescribed by (be statute. S. l>awaots—renfs. It Is error to allow the widow one-third of the rente which accrued upon the land in wblcb ale is decreed to have dower, before demand of dower and a refusal to assign 0. Saxe. After demand and refusal to assign one-third of the rents subsequently accruing. Is a proper measure of Ibe widow’s damages. 7. Pucpiiitt wot suscarrtßLS nr mnsiow— rc/i/i* stressed by fury. When Commissioners report that Ibe property cannot be divided with out great lujarr, ibe Court should impanel a Jury to iDijulre of toe yearly vrlue of tbe widow's dower in each separate tract, usd tbe Conrt should render a decree against each tract for tbe amount of the annual value of the widow's dower In the i tract. And It Is error to find the erms annual ralne of the widow's dower in all of thesena- I rale tracts* and to render a decree making (be i entire Mini on tacb and every tract. (lEonoa onxivan rs. toe aw antra* kapbksb co. lApflllertp, IHW.) ‘ 1. CoHJios rjprftttom Kaprcsi companies arecomtaon carriers, and ate beta lo tbe same degree of responsibility as are oilier such carriers. 9. Ilavibif received Ibe Wnhey, tiothlntf could relieve I belli from responsibility but a delivery tti thepetvoft tu whom It was sent. miles# eaciisctl by I ii n I pefsott.of be sltotviu* dial 11 was prevent* ed by (bruts iiMJiHfor M faufaltc fH*Hiyi n, Piiett cemuum camera are tin hi# fur a failure (o deliver to ltit 1 consignee, Aiiiiotuli lltey received die pftthaae urn another e*pre»s tompauy, who iiatl Ural received anil manned lor I;. . 4. Unless It appear* dm ffiaii iirdona were Mcepie.t ip at tne time ihey wereghen, ihs pwimnotUm u thei wereuivm) whimiii objection, and diet will Bi<i Mcoßsldered | b> tbe Wtm. piiancm va. Attcmiuw) hoop. 1 lApul Term, IfrUd,) , }. pLeAptxoe-bfocdM. Where a contract ta 1 co frr pfi loymed (hat nothing remaiua it) be dono , iml (he payment of the money, It may be recover* ed mulur Hie appropriate common conui, wlUiuul doclarlno apeclatly on pie •tgreftment. S FrnitwcE. The iridtneo of a witoeaa who drew tbe conveyance ibat no money was paid for the land, when ibe died was delivered, and a , villten agreement, which declared that the ven dor might apply that sum payment ol the land, out of the Dm moncra received for him on Iho rale or patent rights, proves that tbe pnrebaso money was not paid, coiwlthslanjinc Us receipt la acknowledged Id *be deed ol conveyance. 8. Rrcsirr is a deip. The rale la well recce nixed that the acknowledgment Id a deed of tbe payment or the porcl ftse money, is only a receipt, end may be explained, varied, orcootradieted like any other receipt. 4. rAiiisrnanir. Tbe lact that partlea may be partners orjcli.towuers of a patent right, la no I evidence Uat lie land or the money paid for Up I purchase Is also partnership property,bcMOaclbe former o*m-r convoked the land to Urn owner of the patent nshtat the same time be transferred an Interest In the patent right to the vendor of the land, and the venoor bad a right to retain pay for the land ont of the vendee's share of the pro ce* ds of the sale of tbo-patrat right. 6 M ottct—vTuti £>u. When lend Is sold and conveyed without any tune being fixed by the par ties lor the payment of the purchase money, it becomes doe wben the deed Is delivered to the pntebater, and it may be recovered by action. JOOM PXHUT XT it. V*. 6XOOO* KDTEEJUt CT Al_ [April Term, iffitlj 1. CoaKcmr—tr jrnc'fon, bill for. Where a bill for an injunction bos been filed, and the Injunc tou issued to restrain the issuing of a county order, and the Board of Supervisors rescind the order, bnt pass a new order, after tho injunction is served, that tbe Clerk issue and tbe Treasurer psv the same earn to the same person, and for the tame purpose, It lx an evasion of the Injunction, and is a contempt. In such a case, a stipple znenul bill U not necessary to brine the ticts be fore the Court, as that may be done otherwise un der proceedin'# for a contempt. 2. CocnuEß— L'oard of Buptrr\*ors - their power*. Tbe Board of Supervisors of a county are a quasi-corporation, and can exercise no pow er or perform any act that Is uotanthorizedby 'he statute. And if they exceed their powers their acta are void. 3. Sam— appropriation of money. The Board of Supervisors -have no 'power to appropriate money out of the county treasury, to pay the Jndge of the Circuit Court for tbe performance of hia official duties. A. Bam— jHnoerto Uty foxes. Such bodies are only authorised to levy taxes which are provided by law. Every inhabitant is protected against the seizure of uis property except for lawful pur poses ; Ihe levy and collection of a tax Is the seiz ure of property, and wben it is illegally attempt ed, courts will interpose to afford preventive re lief; and restrain its collection. 5. Ijmchctios— when decreed. The appropria tion to pay a Circuit Judge a sum of money from the county treasury for the performance of his duly Is illegal, and a court of chancery should en join and preventita payment; and it la error to tefnae such a decree. ABOHDALP T. GUAUAX ET AL. VS. nOBXUT HOL- LOTTAT. {April Term, 18(50,] J. Contract— revision Oysulf. As a general rule, a anil and recovery for a breach ofa contract terminates it, and the parties arc no lo:ger bound by Its terms and conditions. 2. Siut—Umaybe rnmrfd by the partlss. Af ter a breach and recovery on a contract. Ibo parties may by agreement renew the contract, so as to make Its provisions equally binding as beiore •he breach occurred. Alter a breach has occurred, the parties may waive it, and insist npou the per formance of toe remainining terms ol the agree ment. 8. Sjuiz— teflof amounts to a reneical. When a party sued and recovered damages for the breach ot a covenant to convey lands, and afterward died a bill claiming a conveyance under the agreement, this evinced an Intention to waive the beoefl's ol the Judgment, and to rely upon the contract, which mil bind him unless the other party ob ject*. Pa us—jHtttlf* mutt be bound by ichol* or non*. There Is no mloof law which authorizes a party to repudiate some of the terms of a contract, and to rely upon and enforce others. Ho must he bound by the entire contractor no portion of It. •I. CuANCEnv-rtf'CTss binding tut rtetned. Where port!** Die a bill to enforce a contract upon which o breach and recovery has occurred, and inc Court tinders a decree recognising the vilidl ty of the contract, the parties will be bound by the decree In a subsequent proceeding, nod can not be permitted to icpudtato the agreement or the first decree. s. Bale or land—possession r/ci/fou of sal/. Where porlic* purchase lauds, pay for tliem, enter into po>scs*loq, bnt afterward sue for a broach of ibe covenant to convey and recover damages, to make ibo recirlon binding on lb: vendor they should restore the possession so os to enable the vendor to dispose of the property and pay the Judgment. 0. Salk— under a d'ert/. Where land Is sold under o decree to satiety a vendor's Den, a second vendor by purchasing at the sale docs not thereby —of the rights of vendor. Nor can be do so by procuring an agent to secretly purchase it In hi-* own name, tor the use of his principal. 7. Decree— iHircfianiie mcUr, A party who purcbaics lands under a decree, ho thereby accepta the bums and comlltlm.* imposed by lha decree, utd is bound bv them, and bo cannol repudiate •ho conditions of the purchase Imposed by the dicicc. CnCAP Jewelry —A .couple of peddlers, named Kchn and lllrscb, were Quca |U> at the Police Comtyesterday mortlnc, for peddling “gold” breastpins, sleeve buttons, hr oches. etc., without a license. A great many families la the city would be very clad to have a law passco which would protect them from the incursions of tho entire pack-bearing fraternity. frwjt IT UKOTuBKa. AUvrtiiatns Aa’is I St! Dcnrb.irn*flt., receive odvoroaementa tor all the lendiog papers ibreugfaoat the (lotted Stales and Cannons. Ucn'oturals. 'JHE GALAXY FOB FEBRUARY 1, 1807, CONTAINS t TRISTAN. A Story in Three Parts. Part 111. By toward Bpeaccr. GEORGE BAND. By Eagcnc Banco. (With an Illus tration.) THE NEGRO IN BLUE. By James Franklin Fitts. FENWICK. By E. B. Seabrook. THE BRITISH STAGE. By W. Wlnwood Beade. HORSEFLESH AS FOOD. Br Piem* Biol, THE CLAVERINGB. By Anthony Trollope. (With an Illustration.) ON THE STAIRS. By Edwin Rassltet Johnson. OUR TAXES. By George A, Potter. THE PARABLE OF HABSAN. Bv H. U. A DAY WITH TQE PAINTERS. By W.L. Alden. ANOTHER “ PRETTY BOW OF RIDCUNV* By Car oline cheschro. NEBULA:. By tho Editor. In the next namb*rwlli be commenced thenewstory, “WAITING FORTHE VERDICT,” Oy Rebecca Uar&! Inc Davis.authornf “Life in ibe Imn Mina.” “Mir erci Fo»tn,” Ac. It will be illustrated ny Hcaaesgy. In the next number will al»obecoirtncac*d I*o series of articles by Richard Grant White, on “WORDS AND THEIR USES.” THBOALAXY Is pnbtlshcd twice a month at $5 a year: S 3 f«,r six months; six ccples one year, f&. Specimen copter, 30 cents. Address W. C. it F. P. CHURCH, No. UP Park row.NewTork. f-Huistcal. 'J'HiS BURDETT ORGANS. The enviable refutation attained by the** Instm tn*nt» has created a constant demand for them. n->t unit in tbe West, bat throughout the emir* country, fo steadily have they gained in tbo estimation ol the public, that as odd)'loo,to the cxUnsive factory hai wenbmitto me»t the popular requirements. Toev nrenowforsaieatrcinlljn all the principal elitesot the Union, and are Airnlshed to the trade in IDcir re- M>ertive localities by the following old established and well known houses: PETERS, WEDR * CO_ Louisville. O. DITSON A CO- Boston. SMITH A NTXON/Ctnclonait. THADDEUS FIRTH. New York. B. KLKBER A BKU., Pittsburgh. 8. H. WHITTEMORB. Detroit. MUNGER BROS., St.P^nl. C. D. BENSON, Nashville. F. KATZENBACU. Mtmphl*. The Burden Organa are nni np In ea«e« of Walnut. Oak. or Eoony, plain, glided and orna mectnl to match any style of furniture. Prices range fromflOO to |I,OOC. Each Instrument lolly warranted. LYOH & HEALY, Geneial Agents for the Manafhctarers, Clark and Washington-* ts. CMcarn. Krto JJuMications jyjA fcSAC HU &KTTS IN THE REBELLION A. RECORD OF THE Position of the Commonwealth, Atd the Services of (he LEADING STATESMEN, THE MILITARY, THE COLLEGES. •ad THE PEOPLE, In tbe CIVIL WAR of 18 61—6 5, ByP. C. BxADLrr.anthorol “Josephine,” etc. ThtMmportont publication has been prepared with the U'TOOM care, and wt I be pronounced Incomparably (be mr>t valuable lend tbmton to tbe history of the Rebellion ret paMMbed. Its interest to every son rr daorbter of Mossarkcsetts. or. Indeed, of New Eng lai U, cannot be exagxeiated. It contains Eight Stccl-Plate Engravings, IncluiUuc JUcneesM of THIRTY •TWO eminent cIT.J' iani RLd military men, living tod deceased. Price, in cloth, $4.50; theep, 86 60;half calf,B7 PUBLISHED BY SUBSCRIPTION. Copits ce&t by mill, pos'Aß* palrt.onroeelplot price GEO. C, RAND & AVERY, Boston. Maa*., Publishers. fT'Affrots noted erer/where. Addresa GEO. & C. W. SHERWOOD, 103 lUnilisoß.it.) ChietßO) Genera* Aerats lor the West asendeg, OTIOE, J. M. BRADSTREET & SON, InijiroTcd Morcnnlllo Agonor, (DHANCH OFFICE,) emOAOO, Jaa. A 3, 1107. Far I in* Mtef siYaaißia.litiaa el eur subtenMi, a"ll»r|vn» IfiCUldp.}), We tINV« iHtfefl A llV# *WIS* )M* from MAf it lM)r. ufOienarih eaMloaef*c»« offlw* paw llte lloefc Wsixl IlsHfiwHMmpdby, ovpMfwllPiptiAeu* Levina*. Lain nn*l Tro«i Cor*ip<%> io 1 . lori rr ©I Prarboro and balmt*. tepiraßM on ;, JB .VBTT. « Biparlntentant. ‘ fflasonir WotlccgV AJAHOXIO. 1m Itrgnlar Conrlare of llonrni finvereUi) Chapter H*‘Si* Croix Dali. D. D.M. wilt beheld at the iUu.ulc Temple, vl'U tT nuradaj) evening, at Ijf fur bu ““ E “ ““ ““'‘‘‘■JAMES n. UII.ES. Grand K.S.anU A. jyjASONIC. A Feimlar Convocation of Wasblncton Chapter No. is U.A. M„ win be luld st toelr ball. No. 83 West Haodolpb-it., Uus. Friday, evening, at<V o'clock. John wniTLor, Secretary. ■jy£AbOKI(J. A Kevu'sr Communication of Cleveland LodzeKo. 3)1 A. F. aid A. Mn Will be bed at their btlhNo. 8* WcsiKacdoitb-su this, Thursday,eveijny, at To’ciock. W&rkoutbeE. A.Deetce. „ JOSS WBITELT, Secretary, NUMBER 230, 3Tf>r Seating Reason. ■^y-ASHINGTON SKATING PARK. GRAND MASQUERADE A.VD rAzrovr cosTtnss cdnmvAir TjaiS EVENING. Over Four Hundred and Fitly mas- queraders In entirely new and elegant cost times* FULL Great Western Light Guard Band Splendid Ice. The coetome list o| the ermine embraces s large number of beanillnl rich ana chancing coslnme*.a* well m Inaamerabic liughab'o •‘•tt-ups ,, ~prodnriac strange sod ludicrous eomhhntlona, such. tor tn- Jtotty* fl " MABV. QUEEN OF SCOTS ARStm? »hc ‘•Flying Mercury” wtih PAUL F3T; BAMLOT cat tlDcsdcnbln mnwe eight wlib DnOTfIEU JONA THAN; CIIAFtLE» Tl armln*am with TOPS?; »»na a pooCeipos BESRY VIII vsln'r endeavoring to h Uialc “K aN.TUE HOOD FOB NOTHING’' In'otne myslcrlr* ct the -outside edge." Beauty and the Beast. Bwleqnlr, Columbine, Snow-Flake. down, Gotiaesse* of Liberty Zouave*. Amcacs. Tarts, Arabs, Kings, Queer*. Courtiers, KalshU-i n-Armour. J'ages. Gipsies, j>—ls, tod Ghosts will circulate in large run ber>. loimlng one of lee most attra'Qre enter* • talmue; w of the wind ever given in Chicago. At sine o’clock o portion of the Park will be set aside fljc half an hoar, exclusively tor masqoeradets. giving spectators an opportunity of seeing the cos* tonus to the best advantage. Complete arrangements hare been, made to secure easy enracce to. and exit from, the Parc, no matter bow large the atuawianc-*. M.*" I4> DV VW)> Bk)U))))|Ul.^. ilatctoiph-st. car* land jott at tho Park. MIJJKm-lt. can Tt-lthu a b'.ockotu. RINK. Grand Masquerade And Fancy Dress Carnival, TBZB STONING, THIS BVDNINO, ATTRACTION. Over 200 Uenntlfal Costarica on the Ice. Pcau to accommodate 0.000 persona and a p tried rlcw ol tlic grand scene. GREAT UNION BAND IE FULL FORCE. THE RISK AS LIGHT AS HAY. At ftft). (tint bugle call) the Ice will he cleared of all but those in costume. At 9. a’l Hi* skater* wlti take ice again—o:ls, (second bugle call.) masks off. Huy ynnr tickets at RINKLHk and avoid the rash nt the door. . Dior* open at 7. Admtulcn to all part* of the bonus BO cents. SIDE RINK. GALA TIME! Great Attractions all Tills Deck! Music every afternoon and evening. POWERS AND LAFAYETTE, Wilt be on band to Instruct < very afternoon & evening. Grand Slasiiucnulc <m Saturday. Register your names at the office, or at Johnson’* Skate Depot. QENTKAL PARK. The Dcnntifal and Artlatlc Skater* MISS NELLIE BEAN, AND OAteXilfi COSTIS, Will appear at the Park to-rlght. The Ease, Grace and Wondetlnl Reflection these Artist* nave attained in Heir roleof Professional Skater*, la club engine the admiration ot the world, atd stamp* them as superior to anv and all other*. OT January Mat. Managers* UIcht—BALLOON AS- CfcMSIOy and GRASP DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS. QPRN AFTERNOON & EVENING. Ogden Skating Park ICE IN GOOW CONDITION. Q.RAND NATIONAL Skating Tournament, COMMENCING JANUARY 28,1867, Al Central Skating Park. Pll XfiBTJBGH, PjBNN., Prize* 1400 and |3to In Greenbacks, and the CharaoJon Medal worth *SO. The best ccntieman skater will re ce-veap’UeotttOtJlaGf-euDuct* and tee champion Gold Medai wenb 5W of America. Tns bzsc lartr Skater a pme of S3OO and the Gold Medil. Three ol each to secure a contest, the winners, if cba;l*nped next season to skate the contest on this Park. Retries to close on the 30th. Adireas TUOMAs A. SPEN'CK, Secretary Central Skating Park, cost 01D« Bor 371. Pittsburgh. Pa., for entile* and partlctrara. (gift (gnterprise IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE PEG- J. I'LE. ONLY A FEW DAYS MORE TO SECURE TICKETS IK KELLEY’S GRAND NORTH AMERICAN PRIZE concert: Capital Prize $30,000 IN GREENBACKS I TIME FIXED TO AWARD THE PREMIUMS, and the Concert to be given at the Wabaih-ar. Bmk, Chi cago, 111., SATtTSDAr, Jan. 25th, 1867. This Is the greatest dUtrlbatlTo of t?e I9th Centu ry. and the most tncccsrial enterprise of the kind ever Itananratedln the World, 250,000 Tolnnblc Prize*, valued at (Tall a ill 1 1 1 too Dollar* fnclndiou £IOO,OOu la Greenback*- Will be presented to tickrt-hoKers. Every other Ticket Draws a Prize. The demand for Tickets Is without a par allel. All orders for Tickets mailed Id the West ern State* up to Prldar NTsbt, January 251 b. will reach ah ta time to be fitted and mailed before rbe clmwlmr commences. All Aaeni* con continue to sell nottl 6 p. m„ Saturday, 26ili Inst., warn all reports mast be made with returns, or they will be cancelled. Agent* having Tickets unsold or contract, cd tar will please forward them to oar ad* dress, as they are required to fill orders in Chicago. TICKETS |l EACH. s ticket* to one adore**, mr to *• •* *• - 9.00 ;« *• *» *• «• *l.njo Sent everywhere on receipt of money, with stamp to p.y PM tag.. REFERENCES: Ttsran. McKeHop a Commercial Aseacr, Cht caeo: Louis r«urbach ± Scnwerz.importers. Phllvdel phias Sam'l D. Burlock. pnbll«her. Philadelphia; Vau valkerbora 4 Co., importers. New Tntk. send ite name cfc»cli with their Tost Ottlrt adder**. Money by draft, Po«t Office order, ciprers, or in registered letters, may be seat at oor aii common!cation* should he addre**ed to A. A. KELLEY A CO., KO. 105 RAM3OX.PH-3T.. CHICAGO. HI. .-yinancial g SQ To Lpan,onflrstclßSSc.ty property, ?o»mra to salt; and 13.1.000 to loan on uncteucbeted first clars real estate outside Uiecity. ApPIJ W «EO. fl. HO7.RT, Heal Estate and Loan broser, 08 La3«H»st. $3,000 To loan lor W days or fix months on collateral to entity. AWo tnneer t<» 'o&o uo lona time, secured upon Clilcaxo Ilp.ia.ute. o (IMITEV Beat Estate and Loan Hr*'ter, ?BL>9a |e*sf« $25,000 To loan. In ora »nm, fbr Ore years, at eight per cent per annaui, cn Qr*t class store*. PAIIKBIt «e l.rilAN, ID and IT PorHand Hlo-k* Co *tcnt. n-'IIE STORE I now occupy, 45 South Water-st., r,r llflii, (tem t>t BA WOOL axtaa. giißvablng, nf'III3LADTICt)' NKW OALMNO OAIIO X JIWI'.VIKKTWI.THI* rSAJIIs OAX*X*INO OAn»* Tlih mnsirWanl nrlinlas.f ilia kind av«f Irt Ills iaiMm Ala world Tu »« Ud wi\» *i W, J. WHIU'b EPFravlfcirhlHi:#, l.'O a-uih CIWMI,, Cldcaun. l*.u. Box ittltl. _ 33c»itl0tri». TAR. M. W. bIIERWOOD luw given Xj pure MTHOITo OXIDE UAH for DenUi opera* tun s to more Mian 3,M0 por*on» rtunnfj ice past year, lii thl> city. So ati-ldci.l Us occurreit, or Iha leastnn* fie.iant *ymptom been observed. Uo gives nn pain, tlstlie un place to aet teeth txlr&eted. Artldclal freth iok , «i«j, «r anyotheraenialoperartons. Booms IS and 10 LtmbatdßiocK. ?aolton dental association a • onclratod the anxitbeilonseol NITRODB OX IDE UAS lu the extraction o( t«eU>, and have is to; patient* at cfllrn in New York ffrw. OCT A bIKOLE ACCIDENT. It t» oui satclaHv. Wc BOaraciee “no paio.” Coma to hea lqaartera. Of fice, 118 Dearbota sa, Chicaxo, over TimeaoauA. T\R‘ J. O. EaUNSWORTH Malta ncpxtra chanre lor Extracting Teeth wlthmit Pain, by the use or Nitrons Oxide Gas. when artinclal onc» are inserted. _ .. 11UBaudolas><L,cat»oUte Wood s Uaseuxa, gets of Teeth on Bub&ct, TViWv Cl)t Jfiwe J^Allb/l rtW/S LINCOLN. A, CABD. 8f WnabU«i94>«(, i!ln«n«a. Talhr Public | Tbpotol* mlWacloryparintU el Mr. Llb ailKliibeAiiewilßred and engraved bi Air. Mara**)). '*rbeen«raTinal« oneolikrflaeat lathe world. HI. Coalorr#ofParlr*oao «r the »m» lest Nlnien ol oar d*r. tfras ■peak* of it i. (FromTloi.Coitnre, thegreat Pre.cli Artist. J flfr. W. V. Marshall. Mr Dear Mr. lUankall »—I an nry naeb gratified with roar kindranenbraoce ufoarj aa well aaa«toaiohefl»i the wonderful pr« ■teas that you have aau>e In your art. Your enslaved portrait of Jlr. Lincoln is rcallysii* perb i It la striking. Arm* and nost adnlni* hlela ltse«lor. In orderto substantiate ihr sincerity ol my admiration, let menddtbntr 1 shall be happy wEftmeyer yoo awfensßeto engrave one at mr palotinn. VtoQil tnla hope never be realized, let It bear testimony, at least* to the blah esteem in whlcbl hold yonr talent* I bare just written a book on the art of painilnKt which 1 intend to dedicate to 5 the American people. This wirtgiveine tfae ml. ▼aonuteof boldine commaalcatloa with my true though distant feltowonthts. and of mitigating* a* mock as possible* the regrtf wfalcbl feelinllrlogavray fnm them* Accept* my dear sir, my warmest admtra* lion foryoar last worn, as'*ci)nsibe ex* prcaslon ol'nv matefal aciroo.vlednseDis. Year devoted irtend. TDOS. curmE Paris* Dec. 4, 1566.! This engraving la done in pare line.- and it Isthercforea work for all time. Zt-ls-tbe only style of engraving that can bo' Lotted artistic/ If yon wont a sood portrait at Abraham Lincoln—oocrihot combines truth fulness a* a portrait withirreat excellence a* a work of art, he sore aad subscribe' to Marshall's. I. H. AMMON. laatems. JjMJEOPEAX AGEXOY' FOR THE EXHIBITION AHO SALE O P American Patents and Namrftnrtam. The undersigned hare established in Paris.*. Frsmw, (ho.U BouiCTsrd de Sebastopol), a psanrANaNT age state for the exhibition and tale of American Patmtl Manuiocmrva tu Barone. Tb» t eeeuity of such an Agcncr has long b«o’ ap parent to American Inventor*. We believe'ww can on- r peculiar advantages to those dealilae the services of competent, reliable ana practical Am*ri« can* to attend pcra:nalir to their Interests in Franco and Bmlsnfi. Oj.e member of the Arm wm rmplotel at the World's* Eihlhlllro In Se-r York.ln tß th* great advan tage of »cver*i Important patents. Ilv* baa a practical ‘ knowlrdaet.fmrihanlcsaad machinery. and tafatafi-- Jar «|th tbc French language. The other oinu-bcrcf the firm haa bad fire years* practical (vnrcctloti with tin; Unll-d State* Patent <*fflce, 1« (nlty acquainted with the Patent system in thlacrtaicyanaia Europe,and apeaaa the German langnsee. AddtsnnM. Binlth. E*a, who lias been for nine years connected with the Examining Board of fie Unl vo Mau* Patent Olllrn. nn<l fi»r the la«t ave years m cliarce ol the eta*- embracing "Harvesting Machines.” rlc-tt associated with us nt Washington, U, C and will attend to all twiatnem routing to IMtcnUlnlhl* country, cither before the Office or Oe Courts. Wehavpfvvn facility mr securing European Pat ent* on An trio*" it ventlom. Wo cbii flin.Uh thu ban todlmonlals ol financial reap' naiwuty, sm» capacity to conduct to a sueccsslal l>MH»»nch nvgttlatlncn a* may hetntnmed to u». Weahalldvc ap'dal attentton t»> the proper oahlb- Plmt rfartlcha I: mtreareat the (Ircat Bsp-wlMon. cniUnv«irlngtn»«cnref.'r them the IsvnnWo anan tton cfC< trtrltuvs, and fall justice In all tots at their con pnrative uurlti. We invite cot rwporditnce with American lavtntor*, owner* of Patent* and mnnnfactnrcr*. For circular an ♦ farther Information address BLAN CHARD A McKEAJf, TU** YV.vhlmrton. D. C.. or No. 82 Unu'cvant dc helmcopol, ParU, Prance, or Lock Ho* () 1211. Chicago. HI. OioiokA. IlLANnlAcn. J. A. McßKav. 1 LIGHT! THE ILLUMINATOR! Are you deflronaot making money? If sc, call at our office and examine tne only really successful and practical No-CRIMNET KEUtISENE LAMP ever in vented. It la equally well adapted lor domestic par pos. a and tor bTS*bT tAarx. 7lie Cities Of SrttINOFtKLP. Qciscr, ULOOYHNOTO.V and Lnccuns, in Illinois, ate n->w LtmrrsNd tqcts hTrecta with oor lamps, and oihcr elite* are negoHat ing for the same, Krpccw) for street lamps Last max ONR HiLT TJl* COST OF (US. One nl onr a*reet lamps can b« «em every evening at the entrance to COL. WOOD’S MDSKOM. t atile* ofobtalnioe so interest in the great est invention of tht age. wlh find It to their advantage to can at once. This mveMlon is fully secured by let* ter* pst'Dt. gar The tamps and Territorial Rights tor tale by SCHENCK & HOFFMANN. Krtom 8 Post Office Block, Comer Monroe and Uearbirn-u.. Or at the MATTESOX UoU&fcwlb ibeeventng. r£o INVEKTOUS. COBURN & MARKS, Ofllcc 11< Block* Corner of Cl*rk and Waehlaeton-su... Chicago. Ill„ solicit patent* tor am! pracucelc the Courts to iofrlnc» menr cases Scad ytaxcp for the "ln\tn'xn'i Hand Boole.** PATENT BBIGK IWACHOSIE Office «ad oanametory S 3 South Jefferson-*:. m Uiormatioi and descriptive circular address V. K. OAKD, S 3 South Jcfferson-vu Chicago. (General Kotiecs. JTO MOKE DEATHS 9R BURNINGS FROM BURSTING KEROSENE LAMPS. Uavtne been engaged in the kfroacne oil and lamp trade. «>• travel.tne agent. tor tnelirgen Arm It the West, for two and a half years, my attention has been called to the painful fact ct a urea: many acr|. denis and DEATHS <aosed hr LAMPS BURSTING. I have studied OW thoroughly. and hare dl*- covered a SCR t PREVENTION. Tljire Is no need of newtumetaoranrthttcelM.hut slmo’yti tblj-iw the rules, i have prepared a circular, containing th? caases and preventicn. Being so well mown by the tmdeaod many others In Wisconsin, Illinois, lows, Missouri. Fanrae.atd Nebraska I have no hesitation in signing my real name as a fcoacaalee ot Ita being so hmntmr. nut of real value. Enclose, flnv cent*, and' write yonr mime. Post of fice sddrtts. Const? anti State, plainly, and by return mall i wiu forward the circular. Address BEN. SHUNNING, Box 8-19 Chl'a;o. 2QQ HHDS. N. O. SUGAR. TOO Brio. N. O. Illolaaaea. 100 Btl*. Texas Pecan Nat* Just received and fbr sale by _ J. W. DOANE 4 CO. Q.ROUND OIL CAKE is the - Cheapest Feed In the Market Fcr stock cf all kind*. Orders oromotiy tilled tor cash, hr E. VT. BLATcfTFORP A CO„ Ho, 70 North CllnVin-st. Coal. TN7ILiIINGTOK COAL. I am receiving this favorite Coal from the mines of the . EEODES COAL GO., which I offer at tho lowest rates, by the car load, or at retail. LEmcir coti.. LACK A "'ANA COAL. PITTSTON COAL. COAL. 11UIAR HILL COAL. ERIE COAL. WILLOW RANK COAL. Order* pron ptly filled from mr yard* : 7 North Market iU; 2fi7 Archer-rojd, and comer Cana] and Van Dnrtn-n#. A. S. MSBgflH. TJARD COAL—Redaction, *13.00—1 I 1 Dare itlll left more ri that LaOtawana and Srranton coal. which 1 am dellverloa Insidectly limit* at y> ter ton. fall *o n. a* nla coins fa*t. Apply at the rlfic* or CiIAHI.ES BILL, Pnblliner, 133 bt-mhC’atb->t..Hootn VI. iFist. p RICES REDUCED A ON Eastern Fresh Fish. CODFISH* HADDOCK. CC»K, t'ldsTEß.** ami *LUtJSDEKB* t>cftr(U each week. Seed fbr Price Lilt. Orders D,i* d [—r EnirC’a c. o. U. |JW|< ~ pAMBi BO Booth Wstcf-sL TfOH HAIiE— IBS HNfi STOCfe OF o LOT 3E3CI 3ST<3b IH BtOIUS KMW lAKBst,, At a liflfgaln IfaiuillpJ for till, weak. 0* Would akeIHMF ‘JhlMUmhfffrl fNlMlftfd. tr** A'f'i p>r fHtti, *i"ie t>H Lak*BL, him flAitma mr»sltf- Ald«k-ih*lQt*j— . ilanliß anti JJAKK (JF MONTREAL hO'llflß *TO WIhPOSITOHS. Ir. aoieidancs wlihpravlfios jnnrosHoni wi the De, TV‘»Unr» with th« Oilmso Ausnsf of ihh»P4Qs*Uis Bai.W t.**a cea*ai) and n |ia<wtinned lU Baiikine and !►«» po«Uhn*»ei»inlhl* ol«, and thnaa Dei^Mlir* wno littV*MAattcadykißOatinareqwi*U« r«.aipl J a Li . l I halar-rrs are r«qoesird»o call arid Uo w, and rec«Wa theirhalitCM,«tUidir*arUea(coa?iial«ice,al Ow ef* WM. O. PAHK, AgwL Ltilcifo. D«5. SL _ _ CSSantca. fa GENTS Ity theFHIEKIZ LIFE INSUHANCE CO„ o! Hart ford, throoghoot UUdqSlj, D. LACCT* General Atcat. SO LasaU»st. •p ARI.OR FURNITURE AND PIANO WiJITED, In exchnnre for a Trust Deed and note ot J®C. daa Jaa* uarr. ISCo. wilh It lemt at 19 p*r cent, secured on farm loq undL new or peaiur « > dFor ibfWalr. 'J*O LADIES. EISTOEI. The folio wins tdllstui ead eortU e«ta u from one of otflegdigg Joor salat “There an hiiadnds of wordtXem balr preparation* Is lb* market artlelm gathered ap aalaly wuh tbs Intention oi maniac mosey out of the credulity of the people, (hot we bon hare a pitpenttm better tbaat asp oilier* and at a reasonable price. It la the fashionable balr dressing in the capitals of Europe, and Blatorl’a en> dorsement la simply one-among the many flattering teaftmonlsla which this article has received from all source*,” RISTORI. On September 201 b, ISdOy ADELAIDE BlStOitlf the “"Queen o# Tragedy,** ns she has beexr .appropriately styled by the critical world,-sent the follow ing endorsement of fir. Chanssier’s “Empress” for the BTalrttf the present proprietors', IT any* other testimony than that ot the foatxloaable world, who universally use thfk Incomparable preparation to the exclusion of an others, were necessary,' If would be found In this most strong-and positive endorsement*©/ihia'preporatloa, from the Italian Queen ol sonfet- LAMES, 11 THIS! Firm Hotel, New Yobs, September 291 b, iseo. JlissiEias: I return yon my sincere thanks for the very accep table present yon were pleased to make me. In Dr. Cbausaier’s Em press I recognize an old friend, barin;; nsed it as a cosmtrtiqne and os .1 toilet article for several years. Tbc bottle is not the same style as no bare in Paris, but' upon the use of the preparation I find-it to be the same as that pat• up In France. It is tlie best article foribe Hair I have ever found, and am glad to L hnon it is becoming- so-popular In ; America. 1 am, Yours respectfully, ADELAIDE 1 RISTORI. Messrs. Burnhams AVartScfiaacir, WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS, Id URL-ST;,. CHICIGO, Central Agents for the Northwest, JFot Bale. Ij'Oll SALE. • 100 SHARES Mtrchanfs Union Express Stock FOR KALB BY LUST, PRESTON & KEAN, 1 BANKERS, Q.ASSTOIK. ~ 85,000. Stock ot C. G. L. *C. CO. lor sale; Adfihnyp.O Box 1-10. HORSES FOR SALE op the GOIDDDST BREED, At Eden Stock Farm, eight mile* ftom-the city of Louisville, Ky. These horse* Include the tea that have challenged me world for speed and bottom. Ihrtmcb *• M llkcsF Spirit cflhe lime*”; also, LyiS Goliidusl. that woo torfeft ot Monoan- celebrate* Bruno In three r*ces;a!so, Matty Colddast, that won toDelt over tea ofthebest two year old* of EentncSv In the fUlof and the noted style and speed mare* Sne GoldtuPt, Ro*a Golddost. These, with men. er*. taaae up the best and most elegant lot of trotter* ever offered lor sale In America, t am now breeding over 75 mares annually of the most improved enwam ol Morgans and thorough-breeds, and can lopoly stm« gle and double driving horses, brood marw. or ttM~ lions, ot any desired ages, at the shortest notice. octbfiO-SDtTnnet L. L. POKSKT, JK. gTOCKS OP THE Fourth National Bank* Fitib Nnu-nai Bask. Treo«arjr Bank* Provident Lite fossmnee dk lovestarent Co>* f 'bicniro fee Co.* Cbicnto Hallway. Merchants* Union Exprew Co.* For sale by QCIMBT 4 UAWLKT,' Scoter*, K 0.7 Reynold's Block. Pearbanut. ]yfERCHANTS' UNION EXPRESS STOCK For sale, a* follows: |ll paid In, at ........... 09 24 paid In, at, ji 17 paid in. at ........... n Alio. American, United States.'Adams* and We3a, Fargo A Co ’a Express stocks at lowest market rates, by 800 RhT AVER, TIIATEtt A SLO*»'On7^ Bankers and Brokers. 71 Broadway. Aew York. PARTNERSHIP ncretofore existing .coder the same of. GILLKTT4 WATERHOUSE was dissolved ft otomber-3d, IBGS, bp mutual consent. . GILLETT 4 WATERHOUSE. The undersigned has re-opesed the old stand at 347 Chicagc-av., and is prepared to execute, all .kinds • Monuments, Headstones anft«Mantels» H. C. WA9SRBOUBXU TVSSOLUTION OF COPARTNER^ \J SO IB.—The firm el ANDBB-05 4.CALVEST, Tlnter*. at Evarston, RllcoK w this, day dissolved— F. Ancerson having s'dd tus Interest fa Wm. H. csivi-rt continue* the business, aid is alone author* ixed to collect all debt* owing to the Ute fins. F. AVDEKtiON* January Ud, L%7. WM. H..CALVggT. •pkiSbOLETION’ OF CO-PARTOTR- I J falllp—The co-psftnmhfp heretomru extsttns under the firm name and style of SCBSZZDT St CBAStfiB, In the Wholesale and Detail Wine and Lltitior butioee* 1* dlseolvec b) muaal cor.sent. this Ist day ot January, IW7 The bn*.n*-«* will b- cnnnnnnlat the oM ova, by FREDRICK W, SCHMIDT, wt* Is alone author. Utd to EttUe the kccoovt* of the old firm. f: w. scnMiDT*. Ft KBAMBK. Uustnrse Cams. H. ROZET, REAL ESTATE AND LOAN BROKER, OS LaßaUe-st* Loan* nrcollater on Real Banda, Bfoctt. Warehouse Recglptt.i td other secarttla*. . CASSIMERES. Those standard American, cood* are made tna grvffit variety of style*, at dare all cfiuperlorquaUty and fin ish. Gentlemen ord*nu<. either enure •ulta.or sisstd sarments win consult good taste- a* well as economy, by aiving them the preference. For sale by the- 3fet~ chant Tailors In all part* of the country. X\7ILUAMS, YOUNG & TL A AS, \ V Wholesale Grocers No, 34 Rtrer-sL, sole agents fbr Bsrlneer A Jones’ celebrated French. Ha» turd. Wholesale dealer* lappUM at towcstNexTo** price, audios Height. A FULL STOCS constantly kept on band* fa RNOU), PAYoON & GREGORY, Counsellors and Attorncys-al-lMr, ni Dfarbornsi.. W.lKji's IVjlloltur, Chlw*o, m. I. N. ABSOLD, Oenan* PsysoS, CHAN. A-QftapOßT VT Attention given to Chancery* Ctoonum Lav CrUrltvnJ and Extract of iJrcf. rj-RY TCIifITEIOT’S extbact.ofbeef, For Family Use. INVALIDS AND DV9PNMICB, slum id not nit 1 14 «w» H* by all imimlUd Hint Omeefd* (Sian Uutiuwi. jjouti LXOHTS Kf ROSESE OIL GAS BURNERI YYttUout Swell, Smoko or CWmnaf, SBU IT AT TBS ADA tin 00088. State and County Rights Ftm BALE dv A* R. SldOANt UJanfes. ■ N EW . nSOBTaA&B BLANKS with Power of silo. Adjoarpiaeat, Pnsnraaca, Tax Clauses, etc* fl*r sale at Tribune Job Office. ah Hoi. Ot Lr 1 r -„i rlmtjftlm II