Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 24, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 24, 1867 Page 3
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FINiNGIiI ARD COMMERCIAL MOHETAEY.' Wmsnour Brmrao. J.ouvry a.. Om'local Money prcocou no .OilurM illtelng rrom those o! yotcrdiy. Molt oflko blrfa report lie Jemino less prra« nr. not«(he rolttineolcnrreocr H crcctinjly llrUt, be nr- Veil. itQlstnnscnti « J »* »”f mo-cent liable to. ~ HWt a pinch an wm witnessed last week. 3ntos ot Interest are nnehanned. The amount ot Exchange belns made Is hardly eonal to the demand, end the mirh. tcpn-iones fflrm- Sales between tanks at 23 cotta discount ® par—mostly el the upper tenet; [Some or the houses were payltur pa» to .their customers, bnt the burlne rates were generally. 1-JOOI-3O dis co no t,*io(l selling at ial®l-10 premium. The Produce markets were quite 'doll ta-day. Plonr wan dull and oaalarv.' Wheat declined' Ic on Ho. 3 Spring, com wna heavy at a deejne or 10 IHU. It.ic was dull. Barley was flat. Mr ssed Hogs dragged and closed 10@15c lower. Pi ovts lona ware dull and Ihebted buyers. • Private despatches received from Ifcwtoncrc port a ehaip decline In atocha and announce the allure ot Quigley & Co., bautrrr. Tbere aro rn mors tbit Mother concern-one of the.oldest .to the city—bw also suspended, but as these have not been confirmed we omit names. , apdn lower to day. It is nndetetood that the Government sold four millions yesterday. The tuaiket opened at 1351,', ami closed cl I3IV The IbUowleg qnoteUona were received by Boyd 1 Uros- cold broilers; 1 10:85 n.m - '®l I Herclbe market wes quiet, at ISIBIIIS baying -the iniiacttgure hid nt the close. Silver wasln achvc end nominal ut 1-JSSIBI hnylng-lhe upper figure for large- . .. , . IK* Public Funds were lower throughout the list Sixes ol'Sl declined ?$, and on Flve-Twcn tics of *C2we note a similar depredation. The other Issues were ? 4 lower. Ten-Forties recoded V. Seven-Thirties were U lower. The following table shows the closing prices to-dav comiiarcd with those ot the three dsys previous : gat. -Mon. Tnes. reed. sixes or*Bl 108 107 S IWU mis T«5-TwcttltHi>« 1»8 103 107'S Vlre-Ttrent'e*. ’W -«?X l^-*!i I'SSSSbS:'®.; i£ Scrcn-rli'lrtAiiV.'.'.V'l'M * *101?* P’lH Wli! «evru-Thlrtiea* June....HUM MIS' •"•■4 Wlli «SS.TbiSS:«V IMS «»s *<•*•* wfs Item the matkcl was lowiv. hill thin at the decline. We quote! oonmnsnttst h»nucr, P.F. Flics, ot 1B61,:.. ■‘.“••i'Bh f, B. u-sos, ires •“««!» (I.P. Ml*. jj‘p,fy-sita! )pnr«iu* *• • V. 9. VUIPJU lat-eft »»»» im )f»*V Wft ir p, f.ftu, W sefK-s . t V'.IH ft, g,- gilt** M Mllitt.inmni Na }' P« 0,8: tHM". •: I.« .1 < »MS N* " .iiiJo t",t MA « WIMnW . *♦ (toe,, it n lt , Tl.ebepmul NmloPUl lUnh HtmleJ lit* 1 I uunu FiiuUm follows? , 4>v L'nnnu’bli.,<• . I T'HfotWd'iUin • • v S-Siconpuitti, I Jaua(Jorai),, ln‘y V. \\ I Aog, ” (email).. .105 QtUOUiOet. ” * 304ij coopoos, ,P, CC, M 1 .in'Ting (la.ce):... WtfO.... .May *; t 31).4U coupons. I Aug- ‘ ••JS?* (eraflll).. .lia ft T.Md»larcc).lW?flft.... lOcu “ There is uoiliiuc dolnc jo Local Slochfl, and quotations a«c noiblßallj nnebamred. blocks «xperlcuced a murkifd decline on the flise call, bur on - the second boird there was a skadicr fot Hr.", and In some In-tances a slight re* coverv took place: The XolJowimr shows the cur rent rates to-dey with those of ycalerday: Tuesday. Wednesday. iVr, si ist. sd. x.y. c...: jits*s « i s Krle (c0m)...., HJfi *4 W>i Wi M.S, (com.).. dt l *# *L> u 1..; s-J'j !»‘?i »?• O.&XW -12 40=i «»U 40Vi C. Jc NAV- (prTU) 77=i ***i ‘<*’s J* % Ft. W.:.. Mil U3»4 Sl?i tU;i C &A. (com) IfS 1«?5£ l«3 • H. U-It H. 7.. I2T.S IVM tii 121 ft. Central iHSk JWS4 1K« The Cinctnunti Gc-.tiU of yesterday ?ays: , The ui.dercarreut of the money marker Indi cates an Improved feeUnjr, and matters are «ork iircelowlv toward a more heathy condition of affairs. In 'be operation of flic di-count marlcct, however. Ihtxc is as yet no mater ial change, ex rr-it that the pressure for loans Is wing mode rat. d. Thcsuow blockade delayed reratttauc?s to-day, bar this Iras only a V xnoomy .••iect, Hales of interest remain at l)®12 per cent between bankers and deposHore. and I3.rr,*ii per cent in the open market Jt Is more diihcnlU ho. ever, lo get good paper at over Js|>cr cent. • Exchange was In morel mitel supply, cird the uiarkel closed flnu at M 0 discyant biiym- and par selling. —The Boston A4tfrl\e*r remarks: Financial matters to-day remain qu»e», and bant officers have generally had an easy day. the twou tv-four hours’ embargo on all the mail'- aud the "’eneral retarding of all hnslwess navhrjrsfiisibty lessened thetr dally labors. The most active bnalocss to-day has Dean “on the isireeu” there hnvlii" been a great ran on the snow banks, whose deposits have been largely reduced. Thetr soundiicas Is not. however, aScct ed.asthey have still strong reserved tofall back upon, and will doubtless be able to supply a good circulating me lumioibe commanUy. is ion; a* the present cold waiher lasts. The modetnte demand for money has been eastiv n et at about previous rates, call loans on good coilelerala being acccsobbr nt b per cent, ana dl-coau s on approvedfiibt-cktss paperat per cent. —The Xcw Voi k Skipping TAsf ears: The money market presents no new features, tboucb a few favored borrowers, pirhan, (Ini ii-=s oHDcolly in obtaining tccommoilailon nt the current rate of 1 percent. The.ieporw about a scarcity of cusretcy are soroewb it orc>drawn,and it la more iban hinted tha the eio' ts to prove that It Is so. are designed 15 havean ef *c« a: washing ton The fact. is.Jbero is no »cal r-tarcitv of money, the comliuon of onairs b ln? the remit ot agcreial unsettling of confidence, and n natural d&uuf-t ot commercial crctlks-incideni to thi stagrallon of trade, and the doubts and uncer tainties as to the results of the political aglt itiou i at Washington, and Congrefl-nonal action upon •Jr the fiscal measures. We quote: Per cent, pc'flnnnm. tonnaoncall, stock securities —7 t.oaLfl on bond and mor sicc *fth 5 Prime endorsed bills, fiOdsya .ft “ Pi Ime endorsed blUs, 3® 1 mouths . *J First-class ?lncle names 5 Other good bills — l The Bank at OrecncaMle. Ind., tailed on Frl dav Its lb Hitifs arc Mat*d at fid I.CKW of which I* held by one huulted and slxiy-three depositor!*. assets are o timntfrt at fHU OOU. snccula’ton Itt pork In gold Is said lo be he cause of tbelalluic. . . . . —The london JVonowilat regards t.*o working oi our Internal llevenue system, whl h gave 1 i.n year a receipt of over £CO.tXO,(tt’, M “th* nmrl fact in financial bistonr,” ciailv as it was a new burden, which “in any o her counlrvwoubi have canred a vcvolnlion. For el'Tifinancier-* will doubtless be still mojeaston rehed when they become folly aware that we have ini cren* strength and vastuess ol resource, suf ficient to enable us to return to coned principle* in finance, without Invclvh g the country iu wide .-oicac commeiclal di^ai-tors. Krn York Mock .Darker. rjfgjr.p prices tor caFtu January 2i, IrfUT, received l-i Jo>c|.li M. HroVem: M u*o. RM. 1 U’d. ifd. S v tVo if;'. - -; W. <5 per cent Kno «Hj,i,):.... k£ Cl'*] I- mis. XJW...107V WV >. <r..f ).... *3 WS I V.ti.b per ertit c.inns.: ..m wsiW6«»,«nai wx »• ~-v tbtanil.... •.*»>; 9>»> 1L . S.C per c*-ut I !•*” x. \ w ry\ 40*<1 Wa- v Vv rri zsi v. s.« p.f wet V* vu \V * i vn\ st* VWc‘*ao.-«.lOfi HD* W V ; »h'nTvl.. «W 1 10-n P9V c\&,A.<cfia)»k' U« l T C*? o, ‘7 ,73 ' ,o t»,ir uui. Pur a-o ia» ••••I KM* ii a* m Jv-i. T.v -r. ii U. t>. “ 3-W, W vinfc mi 1 .trU ..V Vix Mix .Vi’.•!....W VW t Aaier. Gold.. 131 \ \tacvet^l9t‘Hoard lipavv: 2<l Boardsteady. CCHHEECIAI. \Teiwmdat Evejciso. January 21, leVi. The folloum? rallies show the receipt* anrt ship* mvnu of Produce during the past twenty-four hours ntctirrs r-ur Twuxrr-i-oun norms. 19t*7. IW. ju;2i a,w3 10.M2 7,;ci ,10.07*1 fi,3T" 8.330 8,7; S.-. 50 1,4*. . 4.T« 1.2*0 . 41,48) 5J.121 . 12,000 . €8,5211 im.nia . 1280 Jill .211,030 80.000 CIO 88.037 14.350 4,8*5 4.3-1 3.3 ii a,OSO 8,510 503 Oil 02,833 25,9-50 93 111! V 4» Til Flour, brla WbcaL tm. Corn, bu. OaU*. bu. live, ou.. Barby. lm . ... eirats Seed, las., Broom Coen. P-e. Cuied Meals, lbs. J’oifc. •... lard. P'S TalloV,P>s. Butter, tbe. D. Hopi live Hop*, No.. CalUe,No Bides, B» lllchvriuct. brls. W 001... I.nmbcr. Slunc'e?, m • J Latb, pcs 3**W sutr»ESTs rxBT Tweamr-roca uocns. latt 1,-ws 4,212 1,335 312 Vlonr. torts \VLeaL bn Core, l»u * Oate, bn.... Bye, too Barley, bn - . <ira?» Scud, Cw.... Broom Com, fts... Cared Meal?, ft*.... Beef, brls Pork, torts Lard, ft* Tallow, ft>6 . Butler, lbs Bret-ced Does, No. CfliUc, No ... Hides.®* Ulchwlnca. bri«... ■Wool. E>9 l.nmber. ra.... ... Shlnato*. ta.. Lath, m Sail, tori? - FLOCK ASU CHAIN J!T .*tORE. The follor-ir;: table*, complied irom the oHclal reports of the Warehousemen to the Secretary of tbe Board cl Trade, exhibit the amount of Grain In nore In this city on last Saturday, aa compared with the amount in store at the same date last year Floor, brie. W 1 eai. bo.' Com, bn. Oat*. \m ; (>iu.o& K*c, bn V 25 f 'W) im.S'JJ JJarl er, ‘bu V3>.VSS 3Di,UJI 1 bctc wsb a good attendance on 'Change, bat thi- leading Produce and Provision aaiketj -were doll, and j.riccs faro-cd buyers. Tbe Provision market was doll, o«1n;j to the decline In bop*, the fall In polil, and Inc nnJavora blc advlccy from Kew Yotk. Mrs* Pork was dull and almost nederted, with salon of S'Ubrlsat «IS.DCO>IB.7r, cash, and *19.00 seller la-l ball of February. At Ibc close there were no bnyer* over SIS.:X) cahh for tbe beat brands clear Po;k sold to tbc extent of 100 brlsat «suim. Extra Prime Pork was onll, with ealcsol CO brl« Milwaukee Cutat9l4.&i\ delivered here, Unit Meats were in fair demand and steady, with talcs ai 1 «jc for Cb nr btdes packed : for Short lUb; 814 c lor t’nmbcriandi, fled 7h&‘H c * or Dr * Salted Shoulders—all loose. Green Meal* were quiet and titichanc-d, with, sales of Hams at 9*4 c from Uret sed and Hlauehtorcd Ilnurs. Sweet Pickled lUms sold to tbc extent of 109 tea troai Drcßficd Hone, at J.ard was atasnaut vrUb retail (filer fit for city fiettlc Uiltrd, ami lt?i * ©ISMcfo country Keltic. Prime Blcaoi may be uomlnally quoted al 12c. Urca'O tvaa tu good dr* taand afid fl»m, tvltb eelc* of lUU tee White at Ifc. Drceeed were dull, dragging, and HJfitlßc were -made M ?o.oC©«,l£u>r Rood lota diridiug p» S> 1 '*'V--' ■DQtypatd Whiskey .is'unsalable, and «»■* »»• possible to give a quotation,- J.ho contraband «r- Uclele befog surreptitiously sold ** p-ice* rang togfrom There H «» demand lor Bonded, as bo jew arc nnwHltos iowTr»t,Tjot knowing bow long they may have to compete wiot the illicit manufacturer. ' k Floor was dab, and toe market was » her in favor of borer*, who hcli off for * farther wnM.. etorr. which holder* wire oowmho Wg'ret Wc nolo sole* of eomc 2,3 W brie, «t 113.. J f'r While Wlcteft-' ii » for tied Winter.; t9.0T3X0.53 .for Sprier Extra*; n.ffiadfO tor Sprite Super., ' and f 7.00 Tor Bnchwheat. ' „ , The raaik.-t for No. S Spring "Wheat w M doll,and rricca declined Ic, owinjMo the Jess favorable ad vices iron the East. No. 1 waa a modems mili !nir reddest, and a ebadc firmer. Rejected was noil. The ealcs foot op *O,OOO bti at S 3. IS for No. UnA.D. JfCo.; J 9.15 for do Recnlar; Sl.fS© l.S3lorNo.2Begnlar, andtl.s3®l.«o for Reject ed—closing quiet at *i.BS lor Nb. 2 la regular bonecs. _ _ , . , fihe unEsrorable advices from New York bad a very depressing Influence on Corn, and the mar* bet declined About 63,000 bu changed bands at 73®S0c for No. 1; s'Wc for Bejected, and Esc for Ear-closing dull at the Inside figures. Oats were In better demand and the market was a shade firmer, r%lth sales at4lotlSjC for No. t, and for Rejected—closing at ll(2U?<c for No. 2.' Rye was dull, with trifling sales/ at Wc for No. 1 In store. % „ 'there was very !HUe doing In Barley, ona the market wni> dull, with aalea at 09c for No. 2 (in B. 1.), and oG@9oc Tor aatnplu lota. geeda were firm, with sales at }3.«0®323f0r Tlmolbv, and $2.30©2.JD for Flux. Tie following telegrams were read on ’Chang® Ic-daj New Your, Jannwr S’. Flonr Innclttc and steady atfclu.4oeua.tQ. aun at R.WCM3. <;om u««j at 91.]7 In Mora. Oats heavy at i.15M.,c. roilc lower and heavy at sfltf.2a for Old ■‘O'd '-’-'y for New. tloo** quiet al fB.JT7Jt* kard A™ l al 18«4c. Gold,m*£. _ WTEB. ... r> flour lieavr. Wheal unsalable. Cornua* set'lcdlußlorc. Oaleheavy, tork dull at fiO.KJ. , h.\TKI(. In tbe afternoon the Grain market? were dull ami easier. ‘Wheal closed al tI.M for No. 1 Spring. Cnm was neglected. i’to'lfluna were {.nil. Mess I’oik was heavy and nominal at The Cattle market was dull and lower. The re* reipts uere 1,110 head* only C3l of nhicli found hiiyi rs. Then- were divided between aWjn*e« uml cllr Inttiliorp, el fiOWM for common to prime l»i ides. The marhel clones doll and heavy nt f t.Hitfld.7s lor InfPtlor lu choice. The tire llu«tiiarkilu|iehedd«ll ami continued tti 119 In the close. fluyeia tvew aim rnlts dfa*»ijed fit n dvcllbe of UKHkItW. Pnlea mutt* bet Wtabud, ‘llteeeheie laheii mliHvelyoh lm«l Bieomd at hikes utifiUid fr«*ti w.tii (or to* tnili.i lieia finds. Id to* thohi* even lots, ami sales thinly at ■liip \Vnri>iiiiiiM< (imMtiiii. Piif n (toy or iwo |«nst« of il»* HtomfoM* ••r H.p Itonrcl of ’i’r-oM' Iww Imwi Ihli*ip|i»« ffl |Ht«l 00 Of (116 VtolV# Of 111** l*ill Hltofd oo lit#prom|t=ivd( liaviua worofioiiMOff of urMiu (aihU ol(v, foimolM livl«iWHilv*«itop»muHli «oo oppUc«M"o wm m«*1« lo iho Aomil of Olw* mrt In nivo \\to sniiH* rriim) up, Tio» toitor, of* or fonbiiMuUno, (toclftofl upon Muffin# IU m«t> lorli-flirafl special mceiliiff of iho Bnard. lolio jieiij on Hm.irrtay evenln# next, To thto ilia nmjoiliyof tlio members of the UoanlonJ. cltd, und at tlia hour of adjournment, to-day, an Ira proraptu nieoifiiff tvs* held, Mr, J. «>. Itfcthud* jirvddlnff, and Mr. F, U. Mllch&il, acting oa Sue it-iary. Mr. Bichat d* stated f-al tbo Board was an In corporated body and could moot at any lime, Inopcctlve of the will of the iriredors. wlio wore e'hlcnlly In league with toe wureLonseracn, else tV.oy would not have postponed the discussion of Uic quortlon till Saturday evening, when U won d he 100 late, as tlio I.cgialature will decide on the ljU » b- ion on Friday, lie then read the following preamble and Tesoluticna, which were uuaui- mousiy adopted: WuECEAS, This Board ba? learned, with plTa»are, that efforu are Delnc made at SpOnudlrld t j accare the uitmtte of laws to remedy the evils which cxlnl In the MhbnnfffrMnwarchonßli.ff hi this clly, ami that n ini* (or this purpose has been already introduced lato thr State Lvclrlntitrr byoncot onr ropnr^iitaUve*: and we ondvrrtacdothrr bills will be presented; and WntXEAK We hellve that there arc serious aba-cs cx:4li a Id the vvstvm of craln warehousing which tue Wukreas We believe those abures are i-xrrcwlng a depT«-t>lcc tnlluctiCc upon the craln trade, and thronch 11, epou the general trade of the city, aui abotUd be remedied; Ihcrelbre, b-; It . . 'otntf. 1 bat acy action which may be taken by the ttale Leclslrtture tow ards l-lSDinc th* grain wan hou esof (bis city mulct wholciomc lecal rc trjcMjis Trill ni«ct with tiie ar qusllßcd approbation, and the coraUlarffinnihrnidsurpoJtol Uibßowd. Jirt-olnd, That me Secretary ot Ids, Board be In structed to transmit a properly attested cupy of tho-c t tcaw.blcs and resolution? to each reprcwa'-ituv of CockCouutrla both branches ol the SuieLegisla ture and ihut these rcpresectauvvs t*c reqaesi-J to coirmonicatc the Fame to their rcspictlr* b »a3 }•>, and the pa-sage ot « law which will civc to the nc pie ample protection fr. ui (he abases which have nocomn so oppressive la connection with this warrtionw system. this cisNTAti smen. .Action of tlte Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce. [From tbc Cincinnati Gazette. January "&] At the repularscssion cr the Chamber or Commerce, veaterday, Btveldcnt Ifewlon caned attention !•» the Vtoi>>Uloaot several Bonds of Traded ih-> country to adopt the cental system of computations to the hai.cilte ot craln. and eatd th*i the waller had lntm retorted by tuc BoardofOfiicera toa sp jcial committee, whuhad made a report, and sabmllic l a series of rcso lutn rs fur (lie coneldcratlon of the utiaitier. The 8-cn.tary then read the icport, which was as 20 °belimnlaf Officer* o/the Chamber of Commerce; Vour committee, appelated to consider and report upon the proposition oi the Albany f.Vcw Toik) Hoard ofTiade. to attempt to secure, byc'iivcnllan*! corpo ration ot Boards »*f Trade and Chambers <Tc imtncrce. thcadonUcn of the cental system in tundlhu train, take plessare in noting this single step toward tueli troouctlon into gerexal use ol Hie much needed decs mftl »Ttscm of eomputaTon, ih»t thle Association pro- I tranced dechlcdly lu tavor ol several years ago. and | lor k some step* tea aralpaoenratins. Your comiu-ttoe rices not discover that the adoption of *|io plan prvpo.-cd need work any seno-t* Ineonrcn- I-cve to th« various trade Interest* that mav beajei-u ed by it; but Uta deemed of in cat c.»n§eqacace that so linitor Mil a change in commercial computations should become universal thiouchonr thee-Urecono in-, nod have the rtipport as welt as tne protection ct Uic law. We consequently lake the liberty to urge a renewal oi the ellort hcretof.-ro put f.wlh by this rnamhrr to attract proper alitaUoa to Urn matter, in order to i evure the r*quHtc Concresslonai ItcUlauon. Avlion In sympathy with what the Albany Board ot Trade has recomir.nidca. lr is believed, would mean while l« Judicious. hut wo would urge that It would pc well to Imre a uniform ststem ofwelcnu adopted lor standards ofqavlUy ofgrom or other commodities that may t c embraced In this rdortn movement. It weius nl*o pertinent hereto recommend that other trade commodities than grain should be Included in the uttcmrtedC'RDceofmessurcmeat. In conclusion the Pillowing paper is rcspocunuyaab touted w the Chambers, If approved. . 8. C. Ncwjo*. 8. Lkstek Tatlob, Jon>‘ A. Gaso. Committee. Wiaxksfi. The imitative taken by this Ch tumor ol Commerce teveral rear* aeo, In favor of the Istro lu.;- tlon ofa ui»fonn decimal «y-tem of wcicfit- and meas ures by our Government, ano the elions ma le to swttrefor this Impotlnnl question a promt*ent place In llwddibexaUusoflhe Detroit Heard of trade G-m* veul>on. fteld In ;S3k axe meeting with some practical rvtpocae tn the motirmendstlons of the Albany IS. V.) Board of Trade, <o other Boards of Txa je. urging the adoption of the ccnui computation tn weights fur tin* handling of irralo, Ac.: _ . „ a. That the cti cinnaU n»ambor o. Commerce approves ih»- rcrommcmlatlons rf the Aibaiy Bo%rd m Trade to enter inV» conventional atranacraenls tor U»v n mputatlao or quantities rt grain by the hundred that the time proposed fjr ths change, March let, i evt, be agreed to. That other Clumber* of Commerce atd 15. ants of Trasc be solicited to take step* to secure such ha button at tec hand* ol the Concrcas ortho L'tdU-d fcUtes as may be necessary ta make legally nni form for Uie whole country this proposed reform, and to rdoptsarb other measures as may introduce into i cm ml practical use adcnmaUyslemot compulations for the mcasurco-cni of alt quantities or value*. , llial In order to make more cdecuvo lbe chance nn-po'ed, and to give force to public senti ment In rvgaid to the nccessitr lor iegi«latorunp|»a this suitfreu this Chamber u me coasid vratlonol Chamber* oCCooitnrtife and Boards ol Trade the pr> erlcty oicalline a«onventlon ol delegatus from Uivlr respective associations, to meet at an early day at /v*™lrVll! standards of qual ities of groin and other ccmmodule*. the welcnu pro vided bv our Maw laws to govern the tnca«nr-m-nl of the bnfhel, gallon, &(%, be required asblndtnc. nnd (tint etiorta should bo made to wcure untiormity in thr-w-standard.for the whole counlrv. . _ APcr the report was read the lollowtng resolu.lon Iwas eubmltteri: , , Bm.trrd, That at to the time proposed for the cliancc. Hu* Chamfer urge* Uiat it would be much w ere .uttatik to n-ake U September l«t next, wh»n ttu new crop of cereals begins to move, and when the chance In »Utlstlcnl table*, will much lOMtcoufu*- tt c than If made w the midst of the tea-on, and that the Cliaml>er» of Commerce acd Boards of Trade he in vited to recot sldcr their action, provloinetortho in trodcclioa ol ihcihancc on the Ist of ilarcli. Mr.G«J. F. liavis then n.ovcd that final action be defcmd tmUl Friday next, and that, meantime, the re port hcpuhluhed. and slips ftm.tsticd for th- conMd trallon cl the member?. Tlte motion was udoptobas wns also a sneer*tlon of president bewion. that the Ic-ilowinc n so.ntlon be Inclnded In the panllahea slip, “Serf. That the Board approves the BMgrothniof 1 the Ptißalo (Kcw York) Board of Trade, that a barrd 1 o.'flour should weigh W C.? net, aac nxommead* U> > the Chamber that action slmaidhe tak-n toward j curing the nccc«ary wcUlatloo In regard to the m»t* i‘i» tot. Dressed llotrfl In Albany* T»ir -frur.vol of Moncar aays: T»« bp*As «hi llnllroac announce the pecelpl of «3 head »inoe <>ur last, but tbe trains aie snow bonndat We«t AI !>• i;y, ami tin re art no rew lota on tne pUlfi>rm»i Tuc demand eottmnea active, and. with a dlndMiPfcUup pit, better price* rule, l»e inquiry Is to* nn'.klrp, ihoosdi a few lets were t*Wea by out t '9? J®?* uuvvra. Cord State and vi»tcn> bopa saltalile for packinc brine readily f&TS. and brlibt fat and fancy tifure. and only obtainable for fertber s*Jl* to report yesterday altemooa and last hirsute. ft*, 3r *• »♦ “ 3M 44 h'ts £ ** •• •• 2SO 44 at 9.00 n« “ WcsUro, to arrive, at..... 5.63 i;o 44 44 44 at «*» ru 44 11. oka, heavy, at. £•»* « 44 44,.—........ 9.13 Tm* tnornlrc the market m'.cd verv firm, ani moot of the buyer* ifere awaiting Iresh arrivals. Tbe only sales riSKvitcdweres 63 bend Mate, averattng 7T6 ns,at..,, (9.UJ a« 44 live, 44 gro - at. 7.35 1,313 6.050 i,-wo .... W 3 4,ttTo Wheat tor a Barrel of Vlonr. Ttoe qnestioo. How modi wheat qo< » u take to tnake &tiatret<>( Hoar? isolten as*cn,»nJ tbc auswei Uof a c»nc»al character, **Fircbn»hels are At the annual Fair of the Dubuque Couuy AerieuUur*! Mx-lety in 1506,» premium offd was it the beat barrel ot floor made trom Winter wheat, aal also the same from ?prtnc wheat. A firm onterea one bar. rrlcreach.accompans<M with the aUtcment thatslx ;'tetntou*btlaof Muter wheat yielded three barrels and one hooctot and three pounds of floor—at me rate <t lour tvuahcta and flttceo pounds of wheal to Uicharrcl. Ot 6pruu: wheat Aftr |.uahel» yteldMe'evcnbjrruUof 'Hour, Ikjcc four bushels and thirty-two 03001* to the barrels. The wheal was a fair qaalliy and no more. .ravna 4i >1 . eh* iC2 .ISI'OQU 11S,S« S3tl 9.1/77 3)5 I.3it .... STS .... a».!«i SI 311 c,«io tv,mm 4J3 22S 131 IS THE CHICAGO LIVESTOCK MARKET. Omct or rue Dah-t Tstsuint, I WcuxspiT Etkxiso. January A f Tli! ftillowup table ibowa the a ally receipts and Miip-afttsol Ur- stock flattop the w eek op to this repot tel hy the Secretary of the Union Stock Tard Company Sunday and Monday. ■lx.wCsJ Wednesday ISC7. ISGS. : 74183 46.371 1,070.713 Total Same time last sre-i, Wee* More last.... '306,90; .Gl*.'3S Ttc rrcclrU to-day were by tne following foatra: Came. IJi'g*. sowp. By Illinois CettraiKoad....... m 2.R98 By BarUniiton ft Quincy iUito. «« Wy By S*t. LonU ft Alton lfo*d JjJ •••; By sortawestero lload 217 WJJ *7 By Mtcbuan Central 1* nr>«f*»JeaoSoultcra w Hr Great Eastern Urad *: •••• By PtWtmrch&Ft-W, Koad.. .... !*• •••• Driven In *® Total 121 S 11.118 »4 T\.« sMprnm' to-<S*r. and lor Ute vcet op to Dus U 3„. 913 80 97 966 f Atrc time Unt week. tVCfK iMlcrclMU Bale* ttvdar, a* entered at the different Scale-liouaw, were aa follow*: non. bb*P. ■M l,l» 1M J7S VM 131 «i 311 iiW At Illinois CcsltaJ Scale* AtC.,B.&Q. VcaiO..... At Alton t*™te.. At hcalc HCfcF CAITT.I!~T»IC d*V- TM a fine orcrlear *ul iprtnß-lIkP. Tno receipt* were liberal ant the attend* at cp or buyer* talr, yet aotwilhHaadlng these Kvora* blc clmannucca trade dragged heavily throughout, atd the ftw tales cficctcd were generally at ansdue* lion. The view* ot buyeta and teller* were apart, the f) rmtr demanding a conceatloo ol U0&Oc, and the lat ter, In most tnitancta, holdltg firmly at rat<s. Tniranl roen, however, at It became apparent t hal »aki cotild nut be cficctcd except at reduced rates rfellert-'Rsve wmjrend tbrfeinnlWTffaflf urirt at * de^ , dJneoMs(*»9 per 100 the closloj range of I*l. w«k; “ --- \ ]’ ■ ■ embrace 7» hs*'U which were .taken bji shipper* acd city, batcher* at *1 rawed lute,including .a»r*e’ Cow*. Iblaj Slip, dull# ana Oxen, to fair, .fleshy Steers. and. «o->a_ -flrttratcbcta’ Cowvaud SSAO»<» for go xi to prime shipping Mock. The character ofthe oemaoa was «*• stamlaliy theeatne as coted Jo.our pretlOn* pood to prime shipping iiecros and f*lr to good.natoh-. era* Cow* being about-the only grades ,iaqnlred for. The z&arkVt close* quiet, with I,too head oosold. -.Thotoltowlngrare the prices current: I c - : cwtetKQ wees. . ’ . ' Extra Fae.l*u VeU-ropanw.4 to *_ . y»n old bt*er», aid aTerajUiß l,tW .. anoupwirca Prime welMatwd, Bilrlr formed ttecn, arcrajilcg from UN w - - - 1,4(0 »a, at. .••• 6i03J.» Ftrir Gro ßieert, In fair flesh, »t --ereclngl,O(OaL?oO ft*, *••• 8JX55.75 J uaium Cvcm—ucdinra Steers and Rood Cows, ftforatvelaucblcr, and averaalnß inß«ft?Lt6ofla,aCr...... Suck Oittle— Common Cattle in decent '• , fle'b.arrrajrtOfrW'SUMfis. at..... 8.«5aW p -/ft/erff-r—l.jßht*nd tUnCo<rs and Bteflrs, rough and ooane, averages 6/kSBO fts, CATTLE BAI/ES TO-DAY. - Seventeen head medlnm Biters, averatlflg lA** ®*‘ fedandwtt*red.atf4.'.o. „„ bead common Cow», averaging «* »*• iM and watered, atiwo. . Eighteen bead fair Oca By Steen, averaging 1,031 as, fttfUO. stx head fklr Coirs, averaging 1,013 as. at 91.75. FourOow*. averaging 930 at, at 915.00 t»h«ad. Flghtv-Trmr heart good smooth shipping Sleets, aver* aping 1,2 W lbs at f&a. „ ,** Tmrty*two head prims shipping Steers, averaging l£i« the. at t&». beveatceo head lalrihlpplngSteer«AVefaglng9W 1d ! , head good shipping Steers, averaging 1,163 lb*. a Vmili*efh brad common hitcher’s Steen, averaging prime *hlrplnsSt*er«,averagloc 3, market Opened doll and heavy. Qayers vere not altogether satisfied to pay the high rates that obtained on Monday and Tuesday, and, with laru ar ilTals repotted en route, they wore generally holding off. In hopes of forcing the market down, and In UiU they were sncetninl, the ba’k ol the sates being nude at a reduetten of 10*l5c. About 7,900 bead were tak-n —all on local account—at prices tanging fnra |0.70^ 6.tfitbr Interior to lair lot*, averaging frim 210 to 413 tts. and ta.»a6da far good to choice Hogs, averaging Pom SRO to 4tl tbs-with sales chiefly at and within the range of 86.00*6.25, The market closer weak at the above quotation*. '''“'■“l'SSS'ioMr. v- Ar. JVice. 11l fair even lot «A 3 IS good Hoc*. 3W BJW St wane heavy lot rn 0. it Sitniodlnm lot Itoes •*“s?2 5-^1 2T, cunttiu n iirewi ’0t.... «* 3.W «? roam uneaten 10t...*...* *)M 6.00 62 *** *fsl 299 81 choice), cavy Uoas BJO mMf M.. 4.444..... »».»....4...*•**...231 (U 0 common cnsrnf’nt..... **'••*& 6.93 M llftbtwaw n««e.4..-i4 B.M RU-<mi«10t110t.*44*4..444 444.4..4 4 4 ....44.4 442*J 0.93 osisir even 101444444444444.44444444444444444213 o.« |9Cn»«lll0B«. ..4.. 444444444444.44.144 4.4. 323 8.33 MttonderMilnti4 44.4..t4i4..4» .4.4.4 4 444 4418 B4J 5!lll«j|«m IlSWtll HOR«4 4 4 44.4J4144444414414W2 S‘l3 179BMO(U‘tCU |t1t4444 . 4.4 444444444444444 l“Vl Jj.JW 4? I'HO'I Iwl - 41 1144 44 4 4 1144441141 14444 41 ,W M HI Wj.lft.ftMft ...W 6,M J\ Il'fMtofJltl. 4.444444 14,4 4 4 4 iW Ol? 9 IfiHfl. 44 14. II ,• 444414 141 1 4 1 41114 4, Kl PS mwliuw Wlititii|iummmniiiminj['( «U«J WMIHIIMW Hj»»* 1,44, 4.1, ,11114114, , ~,?)) nW lllj/.III.UVVK >11,,,,1f,4441,41, llrUl HlßW’«TVfftWft ß ft rm\ Iwlry toatoy «nincM Hmmi.l.ftfdwwrft «'ftn ; Uy yx\v<* advft«wdrtcp*«r UOpt, li,e low nil*r)rw wsra f"fitly clo.u.loiiui llitmhriVf impraviiiiHit, Tim Inquiry, as horetoloto, was chiefly in good Mutton irrml.a, Wo quntßthu market Arm at 51.0du55.50 for common to chilce, (JUIUAUO IIAIhY nUUHBT. AO *nltt uf firait* trwttd <u fhU j>tartrl rtpar* ai r made oh fht bath of winter (If) ttorii(/\unle*» olio cuht tijirr**rd. WcnKcanAT Rveniso, January Ts, 1867. I'll El < HlTS—UAU.un.\l»Fi;EuinT>r—Um*ed Hog* ar< ere lowtr to New V, rt and noaton, anil riwc l> wer lo Ainuny. We revise our rate*. The following is ibe joint urtu on the fosicrn reads: 8.1 4ih Drs’d 1 nates from Chicago to— class.clos*. Floor. Hog*. Buffalo, NV. S -I7* W HO Trronto.C.w C 8 «jj so n Mm treat. r. E 1-73 » I<U UO Albanv.K.Y 1.20 «J< t.« I.UW Xcw tvtk 1-35 SO l£j 1.3 Hostonand Albany 1.73 93 IDO lia Horton r fa Grand 'frank. LS3 93 1.93 1151 l\.i (land rla Grand Trunk. 240 I.CQ riiUadcUihla 1.13 65 J. 70 UiQ ItoiUourr* ...1.15 td 1.70 til iitt-tmigb 70 50 1.00 70 Cleveland. Ohio.. 43 S 3 <6 53 JctVerrotkMlle, Ind 45 70 .. CO'•innaU. Ohio .43 ~33 66 63 Fl.CHilt Itecolvcd. 8.621 hr!*; shipped. 4,132 bris. The market ruled dull, and Belter's, In order to dOcl salve, were obllcvd to make concessions u( lOklSc. hales were; Wurra Wisteks—so bfls “Comet” at SIU7S; lfw> Winters—Coo brls not tamed at $12.33; hi*i:tso Ertte —Itt) brls “Golden Pbcnl" at?li.>3; ICObrJa “Big Loaf” st*lO&: lUO hrJd «t 40.10; 250 brU cot named at ?10 «3; 400 br s do at lO.fC; 1(0 brie do at $9.73; KObrts “Biddle A U\" at ”50; Ermso brlsmit tamed at <8.03; tto irlsdoat?3J)o: ltd brla coat f7AS: (trr Ftoca—l3o hrls < n private terms; 50 brla at fOAO; OcrßWae.iT pj nnr—tO bris ftt *7.00; 3.C00 b» at $3.75 f 103 ft*. Wllß%T—Becclvcd,tiUl2bu; shipped, t”lt bn. Market orntt at a decline Qt ic on Ao.2Sprlo«, Xo. l wo* aeb.ido firmer, bales were: 3,600 bu Ao. I (A. I), ft Co 1 at ; 400 Vu do at $2.15 (rc-cniar); tt,oo) t>u No 2attli9; WOO ha do at nu do at «ld® (rccuUr); tOO ba at f 1.70; 4i\J ba do at $1 CS; 4(0 bu do at $1.60; bOO ba do at ILSS—closin.; at $1 lor Xo. 2ln remlar rooses. CIIKX— Ite"etved. 10,673 bn; shipped, none. Mor ktt hcavv ar<dlAlKclower. Sales were: 5.000ba No. 1 at koc**s.oCobu«:oat 70J4c; (s,ooobadi at 7t)'(e;5.009 bn dr at 79c; 5,(00 bn do at TS.Vc; 15,000 ba do at TSVc: “OkObodo at TVc: NO on Dejected at 63Xc: SWba£ar atfli - —floslncdnll atTSc. « aTb*—Kecelvcd, WSO bo ; shipped. bn. M\r ket more active and a hbade firmer, sales were: 10.0 M bn N 0.2 atiiMc; lO.OCCba doat4lHc;ls,ooCbn do at 41c: 6TObulltjcclcd »l54Vc. itVß—Eecelv«l,2.sSO ba; shipped, none. Market dull, halt* were: 1.000 bu So. lat 9JC. ItAH i.EY— Itecelvcd, 4,<J) bn: shipped, Dane. Market dull, hbl-swrrt iu.X.) atOlo ; 400 bo by ismploat'JOc; 4W)bnfloat Wc. a lA'llliOli—'Amnlnalat ifitfJti'ti CORN—Market dull and notnl Daily oc- Nominal llllTTEK—Received, tbs; shipped 200 lk». The market continues quid, writh prices nnrhanßed. rrrm a moderate local tl>*manil lor choice roll, tlirre Is iUtiecrt-OtblDß being done. We quote aaiol- AO mIH a$ r niOilr oh btht »‘U'(kS tu cilofeto Dulrj g Kg c Ccoalub c Common Firkin J 3 «13 C m s— There 1b ll’tl* Improvement in the rte tumid.»(d ILn utmcral feeling 15 by no means Arm. Ittccs ranee ss follows: l a'loral A. 2 ba. seamless Knen fI2XB rnlon A. 2 ba do 42*22 Illinois A. S ba. do & C*‘tn F>xhatce«..... v S-TO ‘■lark A, cotton seamless 2>‘» IrwlMonA, do *Wn Anrlrc srOßffltt do . MOO American. do * *5*22 Waver Mills, do * PittMhid 8, do 6WM mn 5t111% do *J®o Fort put, do *2s H!lUO, do “*.03 i-nc«». linen and cotton 55.00 ItWcevood. do »•«> Fpnncbeid JWa Gunnies n*-rJaw,4 lm, J*o.l 2*-0” K ’’market* exhibits ’little liri% and win) a ni l supply cm band. dealers are ceneraiv offer. i nc inductions on r*und rots. Tit* demand Is conffocd chiefly to small orders for supply In? cnrreu waau. New Totkyaclory (ccnnlne) 18 (318 c Fact «ry (Illinois) » <»}• c llnmbnre 16 (4l» c western Mates 1* «*4 c W» rteru KeSetTC 13 (-515 c ••Tonnx America".... ................... «» c (•(>> I,—There Is a steady aud fairly active dea<an<l r, V, i,ib article, and prices arc fully sustained and firm atouolattcM. Thest«.ck*«»t Anthracite are abundant, bat onto better varieties cl »011 Coal thesupply 1» rather limited, atdootsid-i ptlccs are generally obtain ed. We quote: , ~ M Keie—itrcoaflcW I 11-JjJ do 0rni5by.......;.* J*S9 SS Sg Chippewa l®w IlloMlmrs.. Lump Lcbisb is.ttV®i6Jjo Latkawana. prepare*! 1* w M intsion .-.‘[S Illinois. |sgß*S9 do on track 5Aaa nM ibero l* an active demand for the bet* ter eradfa, and prices rule firm. Wequote: * .inn S' ft« c Ulo, common to fair Klo, rood toprlme Riel otlmelo choice C’tlOl EUADK—SaIcs were 200 Lard H«c«nt sot) J*ork barrel* at ft.tO; 200 do at f 1.35; SIS Were qnlet ard slow at fbr Limed and SSteSOc for fresh Jots to small packaiccs. The i einand is exclrslvelv on local account. PKIIITS AND NTT?*—Cndcrasllchljr lncrra«* cd domami.a better ftrllnc obtains, and prices are llrmer. Much of the stock now on band was bouebt when cold war nlflOc premium, and dealers have oocn otTvrlne their sood* at a small mareln; not advsnclns ihdr mica with the advance In cold, so thatwitotno nn.onnt ot their new stocks, pMccs mast evidently take a hlifhcr ranee. Choice Winter Apple* are In loud rennrat and firm at a wlaht advance. Dried Apple* are la latRC supply and dull. We quote: Apple*, * tort LCH.on*. lltt cpft LrniiPcrrlc* Cm*tocnltß, tuWv*w*j. ns*.. 1)0U*. Can PcarbVa.** Cot., 3 B. cans. Apples new JVacbt*. halves and quartern.. Pcarlits pared Dlsrkberrle 4 , new, FT> luopberrlea, new, F a.. . . cncrnca. pitted. Kld«rbem*a, V ft,...- Kalsloa, layers lUlstn*. Valencia. ............ sanilnt*, V boxes bardlncs,# boxes ••■•••• Almonds, hard shcllrt 2 S « Almond?, soft welled.. 5 <# S Almonds, paper shelled.. 3? * H Peanuts, I* ©/Wilmington U 2 2 BraillNuta 5 « *5 Filberts S? 2 French Walnnta, new |l ® S Naples It atoms " I* r* pecans, small and large _® g » Itlek.rySuis, *bu « Hg ‘ronlVnnJi"vVVr alack, Ihoncl with lull. Wcrepcaionim; _ „~ WUttrti»h,Ko.i. jfbri. * I*S® i*H T r gt ■§ 44 tamtTv. F J< brt 94*X4 9* : Sgg ® 44 ?io.!.Wta,new J£» 3.75 44 family, kit* <b2s>4 IA3 Codfish, Pant, * »w. 44 itocrgv's Bank Poire. ®«5 UtrnngF. dried, N'o. 1, F box «« g 44 fjjjjfi <t(4 w lAldafier HerrlcfN * 44 44 )% 6t»A Norwegian “ K'sVbrl 44 44 M 4« V br1...., 16^0 F»iF.D~Sa?crl“ ten*at s.73.oodelivered. _ t4 l-HEAr.E-Markctf.rm. Sal-’SwereHOtresTVbltc stioc. Y*ii<iwi§ar3irb‘'idßißya9c. 4 .. a brls; ablppsd, 3t bn*. Market Ufd«a—no demand wbatever. , lltJ(S?i—There is very little the market Is n< mlptil at Ukarcr for Kastero.and 45®5Sclbr Western. l>i:E>StD ablpped, 315. Narkftanil.and 10315clower. Ealeswerc: S 3 averaglns sir. n>* at <•» 39 *» 37Sft»,at~ 7.W 10 * 4 3?l»s,at 7AO 11 « 2S t}t>u at,. 7JO 4 44 jsi all under ti** ,44^S, S tbolvKUrtcoaSOO oa,at ..05 and .A» to 44 soots*.at. 7.00 and7Jo i in 44 3fot»a,au 7XO and7.l3 43 44 HO Ba, at 6XO and 7.10 ana (7.10 for good lou dividing on 1 oalet. tbOD&b. tmdw a moderate sncoly, T rl«t s kirn well up. and are tolerably ftrmatonr quo i Utttt*,*liicUarea«CoUowa: I _ humum came, non. steer* . SCO 9&D 93 .1,713 11.418 »i ..1.779 2!.0» 241 601 *1.931 ... 831 I*oll 1« TtracUiv. roller rdA theater pro*»cd nu itliv. lot M I’jairte, beater rrc* w^. jictau. mica. Timothy, rrUcr and heater preareo 1 tl® w 8 Timothy* H**e prcMPd IjSaSM Prairie, rollci and l**tcr owed. 'JeuiSflO p mun£iS^rSS 1 W^si*v»Dac receipt* cmtume UrM, «id taken rp at full rate*. Ike inquiry la for •nipmeM. itonsli local ttniwa ato not talc. Vi e quote the ma'ketftrm at the prtct«Rl«n below. R Ortca Uctchera’,. 8 »."«« I Oicca Salted, trimmed *| £ Orem Calf. ~ » 8 gg £ Kip,Ortrn tailed.. ;5 J*;s k ® l>»» Flit t,trimmed... « !*J£lss® Drf Ea tee, -U*2i«S Ur«D Salted, part cured viyso , IKON A Nil *TKM.-Thcr« U ro pmeUbta chanpt to note alucc our laat rcporiU Vie continue to »SS*S H 0,., V'lo, W* }K IBS SS Il.Tl ut.l .ml Ii»lt Kooto »<■* «*■> »•*»• -*■{*<!, wtJM. . _Baaala, Am., J#> qua]| r.-j Mi.. *•••• gIS-S <*“ * ■ a« , ■whlihaterAlolUwa; i .. azalea*. i , C »9 «.'«£..?%.«•« ai s **:» nip. medium, V isitOßtitcr Sole. . c,.ueai«l oioniM; H 3 S Caß. »•»...1AI«I.U)( nneaoa Afnei... ||» w Upper; a t00t... *9os SO I Orinoco 5015..... -378 S 3 Couator Urpc«.-'3SB-'g Orlaoco.~ goxt. ■ • • ■Collar, V f00t... 33(8,3*1 damaged....... 818 « S'nß»!t«... W u rirac6 C.ll, B twk.Vb.... «« « CPWC •» » K»* L *f S, ,ri6Mll) »agif§ r iSSMw»o» T6n?l* . moderate boelaes. doll l4 * AtMtfall prices arecbUtnecl. Wocon'l'iiM* W quote. LrxrEE-FJrsl Char,!, IH. \H * J^JjaMWCMe TTilrd Clear, locli 50J*U»-W Tint and Second Clear Floortpc. to- Cfihtt, root», Uie i une u iocood urar asgass SS.»WSM Flnt »nosecond Clear aidjntr, together. FlraCommon Dre#«dfcldlnc •.••••••■••: 73.00^15X0 "Si'.'S’. 1 B ° '. ' tts-owum A m 5 k iwrdV. islnrara S-S^S U Stock Bosnia. K-lncllea..•.•••••••••••»• 2j.W837.1W b triron Bo*«Ja. Jolsl^caoUlnff.Fcn^ Inc. and Small Timber. 12 to 16 feet ,ra«f in ™i ioc.'s; a oci V! i^i:::::»:«« woo jowu and ScaDtJlcc......... »•» SnisOLca—A or Star fabared btUiif 1M , J*x2 A or Mar f awed sdibrlc? S^SaS }Co. 1 6aw«d Sh’nele#.... m dellrrred in anr yard yrhertcancan be switched. or any depot: Aor Bwr Saw. ed Shingle#. hT car-ioad,on track....... 4.258100 A or Star Shared Shingle?, by car-load, nn Itnrk . 3.*3(51.W KnV l Snred BUr.Riet. tij rar-lovl. on ...ftlr We Three dr>Vlara a rar-losrt added tranafferred, which charge follow* the fchlnele# In freight hill. wu,tnt 6 nnrtoua»Tasi>*Bo. v t Thlcknesa-FlTeeWDßlwtobe two Inches In thick n?.encth—Sliteen Inrtir*. Band*— Twenty inches. « Sale# were S') tea Kettled at iff” » tea KWilcd at at ««4c: H lea Country alite;lMuido ntll»<c. Prime Steam H nominal at “nitTAl,* ANI) TISNKII*’ HTOCH-Tli general market mica quiet, and holder# are tmu in twlr view# hi thtlhUuwitii quotation^^ Bri Tin ITatc, 1 0 lei quality, raw, jr< mi 1!"...... 1*5.00 ulquality.«Mat u Larce* Flc*.*l* b1a1)....,••.11 Bmalfria#.. 52 , tetuiirwinn. Uatliu ....... w i’oitsh. 7. ” and 9.*....}• KMaltlu AV Hulls... 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Shlopel, UiuJO Th» Cured Meats; C. 5 hrU l*ort. and IM.OOU maJUrd. nif*KaP«'rk-MfttkcrtJt;H. Sales were: MOhrls fli tIH.Ti; J 0 Liu ut lisio; M hris (second) at 51M...0; 30) nrK seller last half « f FH.roarv. at *1? to-rJoaioff with no havers ov*x<lihsocash for thebest liranila. i)l**ar j'oVU—Sale*were: 100brls at fWX». Extra Vrjmc t urU-salt®were; 5) oris Milwau kee at JimdcUvctM^ Ctuik Mrul*—Market quiet and ftcailr. Sales w”e W Jb» cTrar Sld-sat BO.KDlhs Short Itlh at uvc.lcooc • do ata Iwsc; IM CtunWrUtwlaat 85*e, !<»««. ' b 2 Dry Salted Shoulder* at steady. Sales wereCo.oDo iha llamsrf. h.) al9«c; '.>0,000 U>s do (d. 1U at 0-« c. j»\T»>cl I'ltaicd llama— Sales were 100 tes (d. h.) rfl/PRV—Sales Include 4 doz Pressed Chlefc* ctw ai V< ft* -3 dor do at *3.3o:«dotrtofttWW;sdot %>pt« *t I1.W; l dot do at *3'i>. •■WMaa Pme'-dTSrSsM at lie;TOIl«dual M» SAI,ER* TUS-Arc steady, and without decided champs to prices. We repeat quo,** UclniuTe ChemYealV.'. :: ?sy“ r ;;"""v;;:::::"v::::^ Vlll . . tm»ta ii aMlclit ImProTL-meaSlo too a™\ SAtln tlttlr views at tus Id- Inwinn P rtc “ = HKaISKe CQD& N?T^!ifl°rtVl£wdOTK^^ mute A SaSutM a»£ vv;;rr;".;::;:::::;:»Hill^ SSc;;”;r:"v:.v;::. - ;;;:;::::;;:::::;::::::;;:::::!n-Sii ? nfnsm ■Uw«lt*c Kew Orleans V.**“l3 rtWVc K tVir 'no ewatVal touj in tUo\SS4I ciiSirter of too market, Pncea rule ptcariV. >'«■ qoolo: « owti* s«» S'ffiS"'"* vj Cut«Mo.a*Ma fijf: » K?S“v; ---:;;:::;::;::::::::'.: : w-s m gacar H0u5e......--* JBv. ® , Rpcclved,4l»W » *Plpl'f'f* D ?°s;«. *X« I Lpt Sale*pnciune4T baas TinurthT ai f ;73 tlzZoo l'l *131); 13b.P Flax tu 12*'. 10 t»«i do at 1 /T—Bcctlved. 901 brts; shipped. cooe. l»e* Flue.... ...........••••••♦•»••••'••••* jo Hronno A1ntn........ Turk's Ulapd. bags - rg i;poiina>olaT.... . • Hajry,-wlih MH*ka ..... *w rcafonibiy an.) a bet t. Jiwiliir Lrevnil.. TLcre was a stlßiil aKanc-m tchdoyln New York. although pnoea ? ! e qaol * \A\ untbaucvdbvre. wqu W* 11W) 4Q | tapcnj!, - ;®| do coloieu. 9 •«....... dSlbc tlexica are moderate. Vo colUbuc to .hitoo- „, 15 Hi™ V'V."V.“ ... i.« »i.u S»v;rr"";;";..: g « « C*« «»cn * tu « 4a S«okim> 1 nn.\cro— «. VlrplnlaV Favorite ® g**® £ g 5? Medium g 5s Commen Ktetn* «»(£-* l*ixo Tmuuroo— —, /a t« 1/jvM Citizen.... ii g S Farmed ™ g-g Xa’tuul Leaf. -• 1 5? g?g Half Tsncht « g**a : HI Virginia 10s and ft? g® « ® uw'io-ls p'lcci oncl.acnl. SXSf Hcllir™! M«p>. V cord, in yard.. ii o& iVm» nwlu vcnrd.Ueimwd lOjStu’ofl 852 W Sftr? yard...........'..*--.**.* » B usJs*i-B2wiTeo, WW »■; c.«w ftg * Market nr*l<ctrd. —— A 11R1VAL AND DEPAUIDKE OF TB.MSB. Winter Arrangement. ciiicaoo axd noimnrESTlß-v nAILnoAD-osAilA PACIFIC USE—DETOX NODTTrWEUS BXnEET^ Omaha Fail IJpe OmahaKichl Eipicss... «p.B. »C-»a.m. Dixon I’nwenger 4-rt)p. m. ll.oos. m. rnrxronr like. Vrßdnnrt l l Mf(!£C6Ta> »< • O, ID* *3i J 18> ffl- Wa. -. H %xSaSuaf“ •F.OOp.m. *11:10a.m. G fcSSr‘° a . E .'. Ri ”.. r ”: *fc 15 p.m. WISCOSris DIVieiOK-OCTOT OOESED or CASAD U&KXTi FBCITB. - _ _ ~, —rail’ •'SJM (^iUM runts. akd sxsctc rrnsrr. imrExnref* •fcOOa.m. •fi3oo.m. JanwSS Accommod£. *5:10 P-m. JJgJ-®* Wnodutock AccommoO’n 3:«o a. in. mSSSS'Dms.os-ocroT comm or canal AM) KIXZIE .STKr.ET. Day Erpreas. ftOOa.m. 1-W m - Hoictlll, Calvary and _ Evanrton V.n?iH*S* *SSS’ Kicld Express SSi S’ Ectiorha Accommod J~. C«p.m. go a. a. WauUcrar. Accommodn, J-SOp.m. &M a m. Accotumml«. B F.PAtirtCK, General raMtnger Agccu <3«il*.AS OaSTEAL «»*VT, ?ooi s a » » (* 39 4.0 « *.ts 9 H » 18 9 U 43 14 43 S( A 88 66 <4 ® 68 13 (% 16 4.53 «4.® IS|» 19 . afl (« a . S 3 « 40 I&MUUJU 10At011.03 .11 QX'Mfi (a 14 C 17 §43 C 3Jailraatoa. OF LAW Nicbt Ksprcaa,. ». »»&. »• * dSCUWATI MJ3 ,t. -omine Krprws ?s?£*• ™* •IvSna siffht 6rpn>B« $5.00 p. a. luttp. »• mcScS BOOT«TO?A5T» iu iim ton->>* rot CCUKIR TA.S BCUSX «EXBJU» fTBOTK. ‘ arrmn tm. TZZ, •4:15 a. O. *&55 ?. XL lK?£p«“ c New York ExpreM •-*,SmS'S* ~ IS»RV«-Snre— 10, ** ** arraotr m.ii .......... *4:454.13. ttcu>a.m. wi»ht&n»uU tlftOtir- «» m. **ssss*«« ™s»»*rss fci-;;;::::::...::. |“ l _j£? e *t:ttOoS.m. 11:00p. b nLaoa oomuLL. « ** a " w •ftso jl a. *l*so p. a. Us} FssfCJUNI... *.».*•• *tivnti»i a *&45&. Ii Night Passenger......... g “ S»o.S; S' ckicuo. imnam «»«n»A n Day PxpwMaad Mail..- HiS**™* #?*?S’ m' c ; rfwbmtp>»ra*tt... 4 0^.31: St£ KtS ?oll« «n 4 WUmtattoa ?£gSS** ,l#, rSiS. ■*B^ _ ggp-g: ,|g£S. EzfKtty... • BJCta fautojAccocwdatlOß ggj-.g*. ?:SoJ:S ou'cco, bock iniso iirarjicanc bmuuud. Day Rip res* and Mali.»• e" *5*43 Su s. Klgbl KJCprCM *s.jn «' r' *y*4o a. EB •onet Aocwranodaricr.. t.4op.r •Sunday accepted. xnaturuAj “iWollOßtaC 1.8-0 and departure ot mails ftosa, tbc Post Office for the wU,lct, an« now la tofa i. mails close. r. o. ciucabo, a—. naMAßuivK. *I. I f’ 'fcW*....With. South. tt.R • ' a. in I. K •* KM • ife{S*tt “ ** *• •• fc°° *’** i*co m Mich. Centralß. R«* •••• c. b ... »• *‘ .. &*) k» *** £[*)....PUu. *Ft Wayne • iSJSm •• ■■ • X iVji 11:00 ti-tO £m ...Great Eastern R. R.. Ss’JiJ Jsim tfun +*:•»■,...New Albany Analcm F:SU Iti'p ™ io ?:49....catena Kaltraad 8:10 9.4J| ,v|2 ttS l..W*ooAUUnc.... 6:00 »“ kuo . Uock Island Unßroad 5:45 *3° !SSS qciociit. ii. km ».™ d-tw ..Rottiwwiwit «.R«. &W &29 Sill £«. ?n-“nl.M lUHtold. IMO e:« -SijS! vis, no fra i:so m.ito'. tuitioid... sun „ «u IKW 7.00.... m. , T A UILMOUB. P. M. : : .. Elelmbokl’s Daqhu . ~CWe» htalUrnnd to ike Iram' aurttdeow *® S? piHlfl che'lt.. Deblutj i» acoompani'dbf - in* symptoms. and u co treatment D labmltteato, ■;con«utnir|qD. insanity, or CDUep’lCuwcnsae. ■ _ -,l i l»r. j&mcft -• • Hospital, CnstooHanw-at., NcV** and conducted by him for 13 jinr#,fijru«i*rtsix'ye*»located !■ Chicago, wha»o creataucoea* in thn_tr<atrarat of Brnnw*. SPMua* rorcMtoia and all discaies at a pnraie natnrei baa pivcoMsiawMld-wtdt celebrity, can bn consulted at mi office ltd parlor*, Ot and 93 Bandolpl«L, corner • cl Dearbom-st., nearly opposite Us old office, Chlcar*. ; lD n from'3 a. m, u/9 p. m. p.O. Boiflßfl. Ponaal* uocna private and confidential. ' , Take no more Vopleoranl and troaafo Renn«lte« for unpleasant and daigetotx* pw Htlchold's Extractßaconand Improved RossWtaa. —THc'fciorToC 31 an u Therefore, the nervous and debilitated should Imme diately um Uelg-bold’a Extract ttocfau. irrannood andTontbflU visor Are, gained by HelmbohTsExtra Bachn. Dr. Blceloir, Having the confidence of the public «od the medical faculty at ur«e, t» the most repsble phyitclau »a the c«t fnr chronic nervous and sexual nueasw. Cail at his cOte. Iyp Sooth Clark-sC comer of Moame. Kotins separate. C-'nsuUado* frtt. P.0.80x 131. Hl* guide to health, published monthly, scut free to anj addme. Melmbold’a Fluid Kxtract Bucbii liD}ea»apt In taste and cdor, free from all injurious properties aid immediate in lu action. Shattered Constitution* Bettered by U elm gold’s Extract. Itticha. A Beady and Conclusive Teat OltheprcpertiisorßelmholO’a Fluid tr S will be a with those act forth lu toe United State* Dispensatory. . Enfeebled and l>cllcate Constitution** Ol both sexes, use Helmbold’s Extract Ducha. ll> win glrenrtiltata eneicetlc feeling* and enable you to siwpwcU. ■in— jHcntctwgl. 'll CHI ITCH! A SCRATCH NO MORES SWATVE’S AH-IIEAT.IM> OINTMENT. SWAVNE'S AEL-IIEAI.IMJ OINTMENT. SAVAINE’S AEE-lIEALINU OINTMENT. ATiKRABIED 10 COBK I m 48 aoPßgi wo , lsr UAB , S( nr Sold -T .11 (Sift ISutctptbcn. rVIIEAT 'WATCH BAM «(i THU IMUTLAIt <INR I'HIOK j*Mi N. UWiwe eveiv pattah a shtl feilitfiM Watch i $ lijUfiM' WaUdu*. Iw 'I 22 ' l vw!*| |lw‘W*S /'S ♦ g« "Mi-'«•• (ft? i ks Si n«ti| ||*« liiiK WbWM Iw • fffl BSptesSS 1 I Si:! J hvety i«truu, uhUlnJa iffi J ftwniM mu HO, vrJumUmikjf iw wurthl? so ’ Nwl'AU • Co.'s Owat Uulon WftichCo., Mmmfsaums. I .||» |l>roa away. N, Y. Cuy. wU u> (utiuwiiatali dUtK‘»B'illliealn>Vßiuß*niflceiit' , UH'W.tcr* flr*U*i.Btnlm» nitlrlw are placed tasualiM envelopes. „l, lcr - mu tutu mI tu tha art ciet named on their car flratt. npoti payment i» Ten Do.laTi, VhtVhtr It W a \Vatrh worth «7Si or o 1 ts worth le*a. The n-tarn ot any of our crrtlflcau-s entitles you to tse art.cim named tberao. .upon payment, irrespective oflU worth. and at no article valued ic»s (haniio is named on au> ctr* tliii ate. It will at once be Been that l* no I<ottery, hot a fctrelcliUdnrard legitimate transaction, which maV be participated in «vet ay ihemo^iustldioos! AMticle Certlt-cate wih be sentby mall, PpU-paJd, noon receipt of us cM<i Ova fcr fl« eleven for}«, thirty' three Md drtraut premium for »3, slxty-nlx a’.d more valrahle ptewltxm Kit flthouchnuhed and most tu* Mtb WatH tor Itf. fn amenta or those wtshln* en nloymcit rtwL a weopoortanlty. Ittsa legitimate ly“ft wtaeltd basint**, duly authorized by the lacnt, and open t • toe moHearuul scrntl.y. Iry M ! AlJrr»< ,f. HICPTINOACO..H!I Broadway.>.Y. Business Curbs. • >LAIR & JEFFERSON, u commission me,bcHants, OFFICE, 201 FEONT-ST., j.T.mnt. { AiEti Pills*, TEN!* a.W.Jm'ERVta.i WißiiruK, ACi UUral casn sdvaocemecta made on conslganeati. Q_EsT, BATTEN & CO, Wii-desiUo Coauaiacica aiercJiaat* i«o. 50 MoGaa-«*U PBSVKB. CGLOKAPO. V at TARESSED HOGS! AND \VEI«UT LISTS Famished gratis. (llgheit market prices posnmtcscj prompt return* wade. Corrftjpoadeoce solicited. HEDMOND * CO„ Ren’l Com’o Mentis, *3 Waimneton-fit- Chicago, m. ©trait grtcatncrs. OULT TVEEKLT MAIL LINE TO uvuuoou INMAN LINE. Cne of the Liverpool, New Tort and Philadelphia Co *s c acnlflcnu aid p. wcriui steamships, sails worn WEH 45. North River. Neff York, EVEUY SATURDAY (mall steamer). AND EVERY WEDNESDAY (extra steamer), Tnronchont the year, parties niUltg lb* Paris Exhibition will And this, for sneed Mjdftccrtii'ooaatiou, equal to a--y other mail I ne. Hio v»ry much cheaper. Passengers booked from C “?&S , .S S: r!?S , |S , itWcEO RATES. A limited m-mler of storage passmeen will be takrtiatlow fare as by a« ? other line. For particulars and to secure Gcn't West’n Uearboin su Chicago. EranspouanoiL X’EvV ORLEANS AND MISSISSIPPI I > river PORTS.—The Atlantic * Mississippi Suanismp C-.’s to-t and elegant boats Jeavc Cairo on orrita) of Dlinois Central truing train ftota Chicago MV SU'R.S, VICKSBURG, SEW ORMAN.. «. For Dsß^sre»pp > to JAb. WAKKAt>K, p Wtvvu Agcnl. M Chicago. ffrflpnsalg. Proposals foi: army trans roniATioN. QrjkntsßMiUTXß OKcnuL's Ome*, ? VTAfiuxOTOR, 0. C.. January 15, f SEALED HcuI'OSALS will be received 8l Uiiapfflce omit »2 oVJock in., on ihesSih ol Feornary, WST. for Uie lran»iH>rta«on of Ml itary dnpptlsi curia* the jeaf comtueaciuc April l, 1867, and coiling March 31, Isui, on the to lowing route*: hODIE bo. 1. From Tort Mcrhcfton, Nebraska Territory, or such r>out' tu> niav iw determined upon rtnrinc the year on iheOniulm branch of iba Union l*acl9c Kabroao. west of Fort Mal'bcrH}B.orfrt>m Fori Laramie. Dakota Ter* fcnch i>o»u»or dcp_i»a« are now or ouy be es tablished to the Territory of v-oraic*. wert or lomri; tude 112 decrees, In the territory of Montana, south of latitude iCdegtn-s, la the Territory of Dakota, wait ot longitude iw decree*. it. the Territory of Idabo, routh oflat'iotie 44 degrec*.abd eaat ofl mcltnde 111 decrees, and in thcTcmuwle* of Utah ana Colorado north ol laiuucc 40 m greet, including, li necessary, Denver Ci l* Clli ‘ IinCIE So. 5. , From Fort Riley. State o| KanxiAoriueh points as xaav tve dvtermluetl upon during the yesr on the union ; Pacific Railroad, E. to any post* or depots that are cow or tray be lutheTcrtliory of Colored *, south of latitude 40 do- ) gierevorth, and to Fort Vulou. New Mexico, or other j depot that may be d«signa*ed in that Territory, and to any ether point or points on the rente, ROUTE No. 3. ’ From Fort rmen or such other depot at may be established In ibe Territory of New Mexico, to an 1 mrts or station* that are, or may bo established in that Territory - , ard lo such p«*ts or stations as may bo designated In the Territory ol Arizona, and to the biate . of Texas west of loccitnde 105 degrees. | UOCTEKo.4. From Bt. Paul, Minnesota, to such Po«l* as are now ! or may be estabn-ned in me state of Mlino*ots.nad IQ that portion of Dakota Territory lying cast of the , ‘The weight to be transporteddorlncthevearwill , not exceed on Route No. 1. atUfCtOOJ pounds son Route i \i,.0.2C,(0C.'00 pounds:on Route No.d-S.'WWfcOpaanJs, . and on Rome No. 4, pound*. \ Ptcpoval? will be mads tor each route separately. i Bicuers will »»ate the rate per XUO poundspirlDO , mi!(«.»«which they wj;l Uanspjrttbe stores in each ; tnonthoftht year, beginning April Ist, ISo*, and end* , their names lo lull, as well as thtlrpiacescfrcsluence. and each proposal snonld bo I sccvtt panlcd bv a tend la me i no ot ten thousand (#1W«(1) dullara slcntdby two or n ore responsible per d guarantcviiig that in case a for tte route nirntlonrdl In the proposal •"thepirir oropcslcg, the contract wilt be aroepied and enierid into, and giod and sufficient security inrnished by said party Ta accordance with the term* of this advar 'lThe*roniractorwiiibereqniiewto give bond? in the • follow Up amounts; On > outeNo.l,#2sW®o. On Route No. r. 2UO.M <*u BauieNo.3, ItO.OOC. .“SPA. S-ilMaciury rvidet ccor the wyatty mm » vcocyot each bidder and person offered as security will bo ns- must be endorsed “Propoials for Army Transportation on Rome No. V 2.3. ors, as the mar and nene will be en:tnained un!e« th(y fmiy comply with the teqniremcaw of this advertise- party to whom an award is made must be pre pared to execute the coi tract at once, «tba required bonds tor the luithtol pertormauro of me con ,r ihe right to reject any and all bid* that may be ° l lhc < ctn£ractor rn each tor service by the Ist day of April. ts 6», and will be re quited to have a place of huslorss, or aceuey. at wtlcn fie may beccrorounicateJ wlta promrilr for RotileEo. l« atOtuaha, N. T-; tor Foil liner. Kanrai*; tor Route No. S, at Fort Lnloo, New >lca;co; tor Route So.i. at saint Pauh Mloae* rota, or at such other for each ol the itontw m may be indicated as the starting point of the trnrs showing the cnudlttonsiCt the cnntract to into for each rente, can be hai on app l rauon at this office, or at Die office of the Qnartetmaa tcr at New York Saint Loma, Fott Lcavenwortu. 00-aha, Santo Fr and Fort feteUlCtt, and tnurt accom pany atd be a part ol the proposals. W ortcr olio buss. Brevet Colonel and Aas’t guanermaatcr C. &. A pOVERNirENT SALK Mipettyknown as the M GOVERNMENT TAN ™ vtSviND STEAM SAWMILL.*: withsev * enty-five acre* of lami near SAN ANTONIO. SealcdPrupoeau.tndoi.llmtie, will be received eg ’ to the srat day oTMarcb, 1957. tor the purchase of

i acrrtot Und,«more or teas) together wltu the build log? erect’d tlmon, and we apparteaaact* apperiam mS, .bn »io «r: , stone Up« Vats, FIFTY-CWO WOODEN lATa . SEVEN* tTO-SB POOLS, and caoable of tannine 15-ttO hides per ansnm: ORB STEAM capable * of »a* ice .sjeo feet ot Lumber dally; ONE sSiALL proc«ty t* Wtuated about two mile* i. ivy; san Antopto. on the san Antonio River, and the ; water v* conducted to the establishment by a race of iMd"aaft ar.d improvements made by L the late ao<a led Oon-ouerato O rvernment, and are “ estlrastcd to have ccsl »1».0W It fola* 1M » L The property baa twen under i«a»e tor the year 136 S at a monthly rent of #SOO, = 4. *f it cured file to tr e simple will nc given by the o. S. lov u -111 M MIW “00-rcro- I D«. Otß- AU-t C.H.T B-r... K t U, HARBOR WORKS AT GRAND ha ven and Due* Lake, Michigan, Omc* sci'KDPn»o»o Esourns. Oannoßf I uprovuiENT?, Lao Micato o, < Wn-wAroe. Wisconsin, Oanaary 1,15C7. ( Sealed rroncaaia. in duplicate. of the fora ramishec by the undmltncJ. wIU be tens ved atJhla office until Tnunulay,tbeHthcUy ,f February. at >* “a® r tiDprovmt tie harbor* of Grand Haven and lilacs **Titp m.p*ovementi at Grand Haves will conil*t ol IMtjO fret. ts< r? or lea*, of close pmac to protect tie i (lie rivern-ar tnci entrance and an.ex tctsicoof the south pier for COO feet oycrlba filled with ft Vb- Improvements at IMack Late »«l be of toe present ptera, 61? rtmnlce foil In all. aad Unwe ll, g The dte-'eln* will be between the piers,»ud jor placing the new crib*, and will amount to WFd cobit 1 3 *|%«“n”ipcclflc : atlOMtrepn file In ibeoa-'e.RPd 1 willbeab •wutoai: wbo wl*h to examine them fur U»f ; *tg34SSNB% HWUt. Hruoh wort .ndttr eictirlaMofmaterial or Wr for «ca w..rk, PM* ■ win I*e rcc-ltco h't a part or for the whole of MUiO w k Tbr votk toV *nW»d hr October 1, I**. Ti «c wotka will w lot fo U e I we*t rc-rn.i*lidi li!d* itcrlira-rvlnc U the United Blatf* the rUbt to rrtect “Mom «rf*rrq aural to M pimit opo» ttt opmlM °tSS oiiliu'o woixuUi jrtll M onlottKl. mslowl U . ;, iagtitcal. i • 'M-'M ♦♦XUsronaenaiprocraasotiiieaiea.basa* ; ~m-r dtutnstoeirfi«tci«B<(rr’*<miy,ma&eslt{ios > Mr Üble rertoecoiACleatloiuPaj'iclat to dr *r eJarv trow, • that Co»roa«io:r uucu TitnT cuctd u /n (iTtn'Wml /cf-r. and u c*» .TaoriT ptarcmD as Arrurll /*«.!’—£**. cnerlw r KinQ % M.D.U~H*eu-. ECS CPS PBEPAEED PRESCRIPTION. Made from toe Preecripuoa ot Rev- CBaS.E.KINt - M. D. IX. IT-. etCn tot toe prarcntios ana Core cl ooTsrsuMiPTXoisr ■ fUJ itsmost advanced stages.) Fertile Radical Cure ot AST EDI A, OKONCHITIS.C* TAIUUL and all iffecncca t>ltlieLUhoS.TUttOAl •ad AIR PASSAGES; ftr and Special /W rtmtymmU of Urn NERVOUS SYSTEM; tor lU*orrUr otUie BLOOD; and or all Functional DUnrder* ot tt StomacH and Bouxit. . liUnui'diatelii ißcreudi tte-sfrCTin/t and rf«r«r. theco/or of the pdie owed. U inbdnti ton Olll* an? • /rr<r. and diminishes toe ll cJiuk* tc nioftt wMti, always. laltem *nm tofbuneen <Vjp> The aftitiUe >9 at once mttooraud. and toe patient ru vldlu oatpsjuth: toe un»oS, oaitbe dijfieuttbreai* i/jparcsp*ecJly rwietul; too sleep beccaca calm aac rimablnr: toe eratvoiion* rrpiiiar and unirorn* AIaTTUt GENERAL SYMPTOMS OF CONSUME ski yasssftr fSS'SbM^ 1 Tb»PBEt»CHIi* r ilOS tUmid be wd in every tan where toe pbyiiclan prescribe* “Cocoa Marcus/ jbon, acids, Bus. Qvnsus, Cod Lim Oil. ffoiiOT, Ac- and In every Dlacase, by wtuirv ks KAsrarsows. In ablrh there » exhibited ,any cm I oriDoreolt>ielbllowlUßSVMPTt>M , >‘i ' t Difficult *or Irre/niaT Drea thine. Loss* ol Breath, i Couth. Wasting ol Flesh. Klehl tiwew, BJeadincrroa toe £utua. Los* ol Strctgttb. Lew cj Aprctite, DebmtyTDebUltyor Precnaucyaod NnrrtDg, Flylsi Palm «hm«ii»h tue Shoulders, Cheat, Face or Limbs, Keuralcia.Nervoas llnaduhe, Nervoai Proetrstloc NerroDt Irriutltm, GWdJneea or nuzinesi. Bxceaair* Paiescta. Soro throat, Pruwslncis, sleepletsoeas. Pya Mpsla. Sour Stomach. “Heart Doto," Oppression a felufclue of the Stomach before or after eatluß, Lonstl nation, Bemlllcnt Fever,-tc., 4c., and EsercuxLT U all Female Dtsnrdert or uterine lrre*ularme», snchi v Difficult, Painful, buppteaaod. Scanty. De laved, Premature or uofreqaent Menstruation. (&ttttemcß(n From Pnttcut*. dkc. “Tour Prescription saved my daughter's life, anc bas saved me hundreds of dollars.—Bav. E. QpJtPB- the benefit we have received ftou. roor prepared Prescription.'’—Bar. P. PBcaouunt one'towhom I have reooaraeaded It has ben efited ttmebby It* u*e-”—Uev. U. D. Jokxs, Uaclue V pnu Uot-Et un rue,. S. V.-Ia tto pen ol February, WO, 1 waasutftntc Rout a violent const or which I bad beat treated dunug tlxmuolhapte vloualv without benefit, 1 htd Aipfti-AireoM wtucl completely prostrated me. in ibeevtaduc, noarsener would come nn, which would prevent medtom *t>eak In* above a whisper. 1 bad then had two attack* c bleeding from the lungs. Uy family Fhjrlclaa a««urw me that he eould do no .more forrae. f wußrowlei rapidly woise, and had been compellea to leaveb«J ness for nearly two tnontba. AU rated. unmUtakahly. the pretence cl CONpUIUTIUH la the hegtuulug of February. Mu. Umbt buiiSE Trtattirer <>f tftf Aoi'ftcfio oiM-* fibcf'li*, preseflleif ;^i'uirt>!'uienru.rriiF.p,»Enin\F>Mßvi , '';op la a few ilsrs my appetite (whlenl had entirely lo*i> rttiironli itllliliia '"I “”*5 1 tel me t and in le«s than two weeks the AloAi-.V'uli wen tiruki n up. ihrttceß'rwarC I regaliiwstrength rapidly am! am now regnlsrly sitrudUi* tu mr duties n« clrrl to the AMEUICAN ml BflClKtV t In wlmse etr. ploytuenUbavol*«bbl» , 'yi»ra. 1 aiu «>iw wibylrn Kwel toallh. Tour PUF.PIJmmOJJ tile- ted a Of/ll? when my IMwnU dnspalriHl of te'pvcrr. l-aos. “I hare had.flWtvtibs Amhvi. Pv fteyentw*. timide iV ta«t sit year* I hare tiers (ml au utiluletiutitwi nit'if* lest; It "Hen suit ed ! me that f wytiid Ole b«->ne 1 Potiid P“t fill M'UW ••Ifil'iV-P' sfi2'-wS s X»i»4l> .CMh was iVwnfsl I "VSf bftose-1. Mil IJlilmi l i<i| tlip fetne-lr, I l*M'g a leMiHMilhi at l**e>n ami a sal! M"hlppl.andslejda MdHh? Withuwl Wakb‘gr \piV' kmftAliAHN.aakaiMhi'atikfii sikog, *, • • *i Imretp*# p-'iijl'lelwf jireiiglh and m-M (is,and am rii«fVl **>l anlhdwl **m UfWH ~,n „„t m«... „ N TheopllfiPAilEl) PUKal , ni(*TM>H ,l W pijllip.dll I It ittiijjiJ. ltd usiAdny hhlpp Ablt Altl i I l f ililiuni, lift nark-al.-,d, PAHuUHd s. Hi.ii ««k«, i Uticms,, ji si ijKvJ'iifJt-l wTuiioiald SucnU for VAN hUAAUU, andbv lirnggubi; orrtan may l« addrwwert to the Sola iniptlfltnrr. UhfAli 6 Jdt/dKSA CO., 87 CiOircamiT-irr., NowTork. Con siduilon free. A Circular, containing vaimmrcag* ol wawy oasss surceesfnlly tiratod, wtu be ten! tree, bj 1 mall, to nil who will wrliofnr It ?l)aiv IDi'c. TJ ATCHELO U’S HAIR DVE. splendid flair Dye U the beat in the world. Uaradm. reliable, lusUataneo&a; the only Perfect Dye. Nodtaappctotment. No rldlculona tinu. hut true to oatiiTc. Oenolne slimed WiLT.IAM A. BA ri/fl* ELUK. sold oy Drnpßtsm and FerlumeM. Factory, SI Daiclsy-st.. New York. ilegal. fTUUtsTIiE'S SAXE —Public notice is i hereby alvcn that I. Samuel Cole, In pursuance with the powers in a certalf InMnuEcat conulned, cated November Adh. A. D. 1666, executed by It M. Whipple A Co., and ctven to secure the payment of the promissory note of said Whinple A Co- ot date last id the sum of ten thousand dollars, payable to the iisaerttuocd or order, on the 7Ui day of January, A. U. ISC7, will, on the anpiicaiU n of the letr« holccr of said note, on MONDAY, the 3lst day of January Inst, at the hour of ten o’clock In the torenooa oi said day. at the olllce of Lazarus Silverman. No. 72 Dear brrn street, Chicago, sell at public anatom for ca«h. to the hlcbfst bidder. 100 shares of the capital stock of the “Beloit National Hank.” of Bel. It, Id tne ttatocf »ls- Constat oneppoa-bs-rT mte, <lalcd Chicago, ilsy ,*J, 1866. executed by Warrick Marun, payable to H. 31. Whipple A Co.. stO cays after date, ar.d bciuc in the sum of et.CCO; ote niomtswry not**, dated December tad, 16fj. executed by S. I*. lligKCUbneb. m the sum of (1.M3, and parable to l>. M. ilUßna. six mouths after date: oieiofe.mthesumoi 52.133.31, dated January fvisoo, executed to w. it. Fmco, payable to the order o» John W\ lluchce, live months alter dale. b. COLE. Chicago, January 15th,1567. r The above sale la postponed until FRIDAY, thf let day cf February, i&i7, at the same hour .ami saut XiiACe. b. COLE. (SUE ■Notices COLLECTOR’S NOTICE.—State ot Illlnoia. CookCoonty-M. _ „ cm CoLutcrot's times, coctrr Hop?*. I Room No. It, January Uth. 15C7. f Public notice n hereby given that the following de scribed Warrants hare been placed in my hands for C Warrant No. »SL West—Dated January Ifr iSSt and usobd for the collection ot a ew>c lal as*«s ? m «|pJ h: lor constructing sidewalk: tidc MllwaukeeaTe nne. t>tiwe«ti HoUmn * T «nue »udWe«tero a» enna. All persons interested la asid special wsesramt art requested to make Immediate nayment at In defsnlt cfanch payment the said assessmen. win be collected at the cost and expense ol oenons liable theretnr A. 11. iiCAId), tterewP * City Collector. CORPORATION NOTICE. omcK or rn* Board or works, ) Cdioaoo, January 19, lSe>7. j Whereas, the rooinon Coaocti of the City of Chicago hssaruuted that the eighteen foot alley ranting <ai’ and writ lu block iLt, School Sectjcn addition to Chi* widened to the width ot Jtt loot, and extended. oIW same width, eaot to Clark street, making lb somn line theiKif parallel to. and IJ< X*U fett north from the uortU .Ine *»f M woe sweet. Now. tbcteforc, public nonce h hereby given to ail uefsons Interestwt, that the Commissioners of the Board of Public Works will meet at Room No. 1, (an fcinlrs) in tmliafrur Nos. 15 and 1. Wctl* 8l«ct, ln said City, on the 2Stb day ol Jaaoary, A. D. IBu*, at tbe hour of ten o’clock ». to assess the damages that will be sustained, or the bene tits conferred, together with the coats 01 ti e pro . cceding*, by rvason of the doing of snch work and the making of said contemplated Imorovcincnt. The general oes. rlptlon of the land to be condemnec is a strip of land about 9 tort wide, from the snntb end ot mb lot 1 of Asstfoeor’* Division of lot 4 and E. H io. 3,blocc UP, School Section Addition to v.hlcajto:» tlrlp of lanj atxnt 2 feel wide, rremthesouthendoi the went DartoflotS; a strip ot land about 3 feet wide Item thf soalh side oJ’suh lot* 8 and boflow 1 anl2; a strut ot land about Si feet wide treat the north endot ?ot L and ““m the half of l>t A and a, »tnp o Una about U fvet wMe from t* ea»rth end of tho we*i half (Ul of lot 6 and Irom tots *audß, a.l In block US, Scbcoigection Addition to Chicago. G> GIVDSXBt FRIU). LETZ, O. J. BOSE. ComroUslooew ol the Board of Public Works. Tax OOLLECJ ou’a NOTICE-State of Illinois, County Of Cook. City oi Cnlcago-ss. Crrr Cou-kcroa’a Owici, > Boom So 1«. Coxnrr HoiraE, > Cmcxoo, January at, 1557. j Public Notice Is hereby given that on toe Ant Moo* day in February, being the fourth day of February. A. I). iSoT, at a regular terra ol the Superior Court ol Chlcauo,u» be Begun and holden lo the Conn House. In sal i City ol Chicago. on the lart mentionedflay. 1 shall make report lo said Supvrtoi court of Chicago of all the 7brt» aid Assessments remaining unpaid no n the Real EstateTa* 1M lor the municipal year, l&tftbc warrant attached w reld Real Estate Tax list, helnc dated the Twcatv-MDth day of October, A. D. leW. and ask for acfclmt the severai l-ota. Blocks. Piece* and Parcel* ot Land or other ITorcrty dacrtbedluealdTaxlist for the amountof Thacii- Damages and Costs respectively doe thereon. A n arc requested to attend at the aforesaid tern, ot said Superior court of Ctucaao aroraaia BEA.LD.CIty Collector. rpAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—State ; I Of Illinois. County of cook, City of Chicaao-ss. I , crrTCoixkCton’B urFjck.KoosiNo.l4. > I Comr itoCf*. umcaoo. January 14. iwn. i I public Nftlce IS Mrebygixen, that cn the first Muo- I , d«cfFebruary,b?lncthe4thd.»yof February. A-D- ( Itbi. at a tegular terra ot the bnpertor court of CM- I caco, to be begun and holden la too Court House, lo j said Clfy ot CMcaco, on toe last mentioned day, 1 >hall 1 make report to said Superior Court, of Chicago, on toe J toilowlsgSpccial AfcstosmrotWatraau lu my I bands for Coilcvnoo on or before the last day or Octo- I her. A. D. I*6, andaik for jadcment airelnsi toe, sere erai Lots, blocks. Pieces ov Parrels ot Land or Qtocr 1 property detenbed to «uch warrants, on which the I aseusn.tmts then remain nnptid, tor toe amount of I assessments, damage* andcostsrespcctlvelydoeihere- 1 1 4?l. South—Dated February 7,1966, tor I ’ flihac,Rvadmg and piaakinp Court Place, between La I , March 9th. 1966. frx I uiiiDc. craning and plunging Man Alley, ronnlngfrom I , 453, Sooth—Dated May 4tb, 1566, for curbing, I Kiaotog and gravelling and gnUera»wlUi boul- 1 I i Warrant4&l,South—Dated May sth,irtks for curb- I paving cutters,with boulder srrae, I I fitxtreatoeTrreUfromSWebireettomlne avenue. I Warrant 435. South—Dated Joly Kito IS6O. torni* I { ding and cindering Aithcs Boad&omUcubeastTOtto I W t?«rant lra, B^hth— D*Md October 3d. 1966 for era- I ding and xtaredamUtogHalfitod street from Slst street I “feTWhauJ October 3d. 1866. tor 1 curbing, flilloe and paving Mouroetlreet, from Btale 1 onoher 53,1966, lug audextenotog LaSalle itreet trom Jackßcn to \an I “aTAVc'S; uwtaud arc TOiialca 10 amnd'at the tenu of »aia Superior court of c^mago.^ City Collector. TAN COLLECTOR’S NOTlCE—itatc I of UUtols. County ot Cook, City of Chicago-as. I CxTTCouAcros’aOmca.BooijNu.i'i.l I Comrllorsk. Ctncaco.Jaouary2ist. Mrt. 5 I Public notice 1* hereby given toatoa toeMnt Moo- I day of February being toe tourih I D. U 6«. atateguSw term of toe superior court pi I Chicago,to be begun and holden to toe Roa?e. In I NddXJtv ol Chicago, on the last mentioned I dsr I shsll make a report to said sn- I p«rtor Court of* Chicago* \n toe foUdwmg , apcctal A»«pncut Wsrrartsplaced to my haudsf-fr 1 collection on or before the last day ol OciabjT, A. D. I t«£6, and ask for Judgment againrt toe several !/>», I Blocks. Piece* or I’arce.s of Land cr other property I cctcrtocd in such warrants, on which the meal* then remain unpaid, for the amount of aswasments, damage* and costs to-wit . warrantsoo, south—Dated urt.sib, JSGts tor films grading and ptankioc of the.aney ruttunzuonh *an south between TweJto and Foartetnlh streeu aid Och 31b. M rprlr. S drains on ■Washington itreel between btate street ami M 1 1966, lor curb- InchlUiig and paving GrtswoW meet, Horn S»llsMlb-n»««l0«. «h. Vtt. torMhmr navluga:* graulne Laaalle street ITOm ifadlson to *^vamfif oet. ?Jto.iSßß, for lUilng. ciSdiugand p’anktnc Conch place fromFianklln to «)£reci &a.‘SoutH-D»ted Oct.24to,lSe& scecoda?- ■Mrmeot, lorcurbtng, fillmgand CTadtog South Water fgs ttSa Michigan avenue to Wabash avenue. lt w^reutSfl€*Suth-DaicdOct. 2un.t«A. Mconda*- irreoem. i:r grodieg and plankmg Bcmoo place from 6! fOiA t S , b£.?oomi™M“>cu «,h. Inc Short and plangto* alley runnln* tonh and sooto iS-iweeu Eidrioee ana Uamon courts through Bixk ««- •OHfii «<I "‘'^^U.'^EiUhCUyliuSwr. rpAN COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—State dw cf February, be Inc the fourth nay n dser.aiaitsaiar term of in? bopsrtor houil o ‘.9^\r case, to be boenn and holden la “®, ailan uidcit) of Chicago, on toe ia*l nieutiotedday.l shall fnakTfcrci tto raid Superior Coartol COloigo,onthe foiW«tcc Special Asscaament Warrant' tana* for collection on or before ine Sr. A. I). ISM, and ask forJuOcmcnl a«a*^ I*®* 1 *®* ii<a. block*, ptccc or parcel* ol land or other property U such warraat*,on which the then remain cnr&M. for the amount of as«e«Ticat». cu-ragra and com* respectively Our U>*lt. Warrant >o. fS*. Wen—Uatid Oct, SM, 183, tor to rorstmrtlns a »ld*walk lnUoi*«-l or adjacent to the lallowtoc described properly, to-wllt tuw . _ Warrant No. M 7, tt c*t— l> tied CK t. 3t «t» IMS, for convlnicUtß ■ able*ala on the norm aide if West L«Kc sirtcifln front cl of adjacent W the lollorflng dt ' 'uit-D.1r.1 Oc!. JMI. ISO. |ir» atructlnc a aldrwelk in frotl cf or adjacent to the lol function of a tUcwala in ironl of or adjacent la 100 10l "%'SSSSS?!f ’ok SUI. WO. tor «■ rcvatrncUn? ft sWewaik In Iron id or adjacent lj the HiSE&«r awiraaio twm « » u j JKAU)| vAtJ Gvfocltts ®itS K itoesf, „ttj; .0- "TAX COLUECTOK’S NOTICE—SIate I (,1 Coooly 01 Co ncur of Chicago, t. CiTTCiooiitornsrTO*. ! ~ coOBTUocp«»J»a. a,, ti s «l:p \*L, PnWie c tlce la jrtrco, that on me flrsc M-ro c»\ oi February,tortus tht fourth A .1), I an. a; atc kqUc term ot Uie. : l Üblc**o, to be tevun and hold* o fa th«j Court Hpo*fr tn «&utCUT cl Uuaca. oa the. UUinrtUotK» iJ»y. 'i itaJlrriseWortto said Superior Court Chicago, ot u» foUo»ngSpecial Asir^o-t'-tW ! i ,4 S?r, la n»y ft>» collection on rr before ttt«la»t a*rc»t ou'orxr. A. D. ISO, and a«K for Jod?mOit atvexal Loia. blccta, Pieces or Parcel* ol Lanoor Mbtr property ccs«u*d la tucu warrjmta,on W“*cn tac Me«6muat< Oicl remain oapald. for toe *n»ooot of assessment*, damazea aad coau riapcctlrelj one tbereos. to wit ] ot tweire Ismy posts on Korth LsSa'ie Street, Between DlrutiiCt'ireetaud Scholl* I tweet. _ . . I W Warrant23l North—Dated Oct ‘11.1568, for erection i of 6 ian.p ro«t» ■ nNonbDcaroom.sirect. between Oat' i street andEettWliUe street WaneatvßiNorth—Dated Oct.2l,lS<4,Tor erection ft 4 pnais a n North Water street between Kush Oct St, IS®, ftr erection cl 1 lamp post* on Union street between Pine street *W Oct.i,crwion of a lamo poata on Chlcaeo avtnnc between North W*U» street &nrt Kortb LaSsEc street. Wajt-nttSSKorth—Dated Oct-91,1308, for erection cf 1 Jaap poet on the cast aide of ptno street at the corner oftteal «T t*ortbof bopeilor street. Warranter North—Dated Oct for section oM6 lamp tost* o= DlTtalou atreet between Sedjrncfe street ana Kr.rth Clsrt ilreet, except the intersections Oct M, ISM. for extension of wm Hinsdale street Crcra Its tweaeo* nos. eastward!?, ol the width ot ,W IbeU to North La oenSnslnterested arerecineatedti atteadai the aforesaid term of taiQ Superior Court ot Chicago. II.HEALD, Cl>r Collector. TAX COLLHUTOH’B NOTICE. State I c! nunoli. ConntyofCook—*». . „ ’ tITT COLUKCTOS a OITIC*, ) nOO* KO. 11, COCRT HODSE, \ Chicago, JaantiT loffj- ,) Public Notice Is hereby riven, thatoe the ntet Mon* day ot February, belli* the fourth day of February-A. D. lbC7. at a roc ular term of the Superior Court of Chi capo, to to tiitiin and hold*n lu the Court House, in said cm cf rtlcago. on the last mentioned uay,i mvi it &kq report to said Superior Court, or Cbleaso. on the following Special Assexmeot Warrants placed lu my hands for collection on or before the last day of Octo ber. A. D. LW, and ask tor judemcai ncalml the seve ral Low, Block*, Piece* or Parcels of Land or other properly described In such warrants, on which the a*- ameraenta then remain unpaid, lor the amount of **- munents, damages and cost* respectively due ttier^ OU \Varranl No.fitS, West— Dated October 81. ISO, lor constructing sidewalk in front of ot adjacent to the fol lowing described property. to-wlts Warranth'o.FOO, West-Dated October 31, ISO, lor monutrwtlogawucwalk on the west tide ot Iwbey street, between Madl-on and Warren streets. Warrant bo.ffil, West—Dated Octolier 31, 190, lor construction ot a sidewalk on the south side cf Samson street, bctwieolbn-op aid thicker suert*. Wariest bo.«a Weit-DtUed October 31, the mm slrucUonol a sidewalk li* front of or adjacent to tbelbllowtncdis«lbedl'ropcftivlo wU{ juon'trurtjbgasfdewalli on the south ride ot Mtlwart. wi. West—Haled October 31, iSW, f»f lheccn*lrnc(!onol asidswalk in trout of or adjacent -ni-MHict'im a sidewalk Oil the norm sld* ufrfachsyn Blleet. iM-tw'eeti Ualsted elnJrl and pwitfalbw street. All vetsoli* ti.u'ti’Hed are reiptesledlu aUenil til Ihe 1.,,,, *, u& > r etnl ? m iiiihui*! day »(*/ id frh/itaFfc A« .Mail, in iahtat«i)and m'Mti. in I'm i’-ih/i (»>m»a,in nfd hi* *-f HfT)Wi»'*i on Um u«» niJ(*ii<mo.i nny,f aMi |i«l»ef>i**iiihiaa> pmwrpipO iijn, nf t?i‘U'sifo t ontha apt* >»l Vomauu j»)a»-«»UHwy lai.tW f«? i»itW'Uot» W jf |iapjf«Wn» »aat May vd (w«* «st. A,D,Wi l auda*G Or lu.umcut ai4Ui»c Urn •**>»» ralUlfe, lllocU, IVcnr Panwis olMi.d of other in iHiriif iieicrlti«l J» aw-h warranU uw vihlcU tUa 4«*a»nieni* tuen lemaln non&i.l, l»»f the amount of at* etmniui.u, ilonmyei and cotta reapeeilvtiy due therj* ' cl No. Wi W««l, datei) October for the roiutrnctiouof a ejdewalk «-n the east aide ot oontU* wrtiero ttycatiu between WaUiloglun and Madison Warrant No. MB West, dated October aj.1365, for the l OJin'ractkiiof aßbieaalW in front of or aiOacenttx the follow ina described propnf. lowtl: Warrant No 668 West, dated Octolurlll.wa. fbrrfl* Ja J Inc sldeirulka In front cfor adjacent to the fellowlns dcwriKtl property to wit: * . Warrant N<>. 61t West, datedOctoberSt. 1965,f0r con* stnictlttir a sidewalk on the unu side of May fwtrn Fulton amt l-alw street*. _ Warrant No. 673 West, dated October 31,1363 tar ro constructhii: n sldcwalU on Uie we.n sine of iheidon htrert bttween Madison and Washington WarranlNo. 67* West, dated October Si. lb*, for re* rosbiiucitm: a udtwalK on the «*st aide ol ihmllna •treet between Fulton street and Carroll street. Warrant No. 677 West-Dated October at, ISO. fwje* eonstrucunc a sidewalk on the south aide of Washing* tot atreet. between BUbop Court and S. W. Avenue. . Warrant tvo. 683 West—dated October 31. ISO, fprr coneiructlni: a sidewalk In tront of or adjacent to the Mhiwloc described property, to wlti All persons interested are requested to attend at the temot rpAX COLLECTOR'S NOTlCE—state I Of UUnols, County ot Cook. City ol Cclcaco—ss. “*■ .CITT COU.KCTOBV omex. ROOJIJI, 1 Coult Uoi’Sß. January 31, iso*. Public Notice Dheieuy given, that on the Oral Alon* day oi Februaiy, being the fourth day of February, A. D. tfcb*. al a regular term otibo Bnptrloi CiMtoicnt cauo.t'j be he«un and boMen In the Conn House, in safa city of Chicago, on the lost mentioned day. I shall make report to said Superior Coart, of Chlcaco. ot the lOilowtaß S;e«lat Ae«»»m«m Warratu placed ta my hanas for collection on or oefotothtt last day of o*:U> t<r,A. D. iKttaßd ask for jnd«msnt asalQßline several Lots, Blocks, Pieces or Parcels of Lanu or other prop* erty dtscrlbed in such warrants, on which the tuseas tncaiß then tcmalt unpaid, lor th* amount of assess* luetta, Uantaßw and costs teipcdtvely due thereon, l °WiirfaDt No. 271 North—dated Oct. 2|tb, 1366,f0r reecLHirocttae sidewalks on the Simla named below: Warrant No. 373 North—dated Oct. sl*th. la 6«, for coniitocUugastdewalkon the south side of Centre street, between Clark street and Sedgwick street. Warrant No. 2*4 North—dated Cot. 31th, IftVsfor oon smictlLc a eltlcwalk on the nuth side of iteoomonte Btrtet, between Mohawk and Scdgwjckstreets. WciTsot 275 North-dated Oct. 3ltn, las*, tor con- BtructtaK a sldcwa kon sooth side of Asylum place, i ctwfcn Dslsteo Urm and Franklm ilwt. , Warrant 576 Norlh-datrd Oct. 6b ifttmff a sidewalk on the sooth side of Willow street, between Orchard street and Uaiited street. TVorrant 277 North—dated Oct. 24th. 1866, for con* slrtictujc a sidewalk on the north aide of North avenue, t etwern fehflllcld avenue and North Avenue Hrtage. Warrant tTS North—dated Ovt. 34th, ISC6, for con* tunctlng a sidewalk on both sides ef Howa street, be iwtcnWHlyw sUeetaaoCenireßireci. ■ Waaranl 270 North—dated Oct. xtth.flfcW.fot cons iruataK a sidewalk tn the south aide ot Ulackliawk street, between Ua sled stmt ana Clybourne avenue. All persons interested are requested to Attend at the Mom.W «rm o. 'AX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE —Stal e ol UllnOS County of Coot City of Chicago, 85. City Coiutciua’a owe*, cobey Hoc#*, I tto:m No. It. January 3Ut,lat>». { Public notice D hereby Riven, that on the first Mop day cfFtbruarv, being the fourth day of February, A. I>. jSII, at a tegular term ot the fcupcrtw Court of Chicago, to be begun and bolden -to the Court aonse, in utM City cl. blcogo, on the l*at mentioned day, I stall make report to raid Superior Court of Chicago on ihelolUwingfipccld Aswasitct t VTarranu, Piacwl m my bands for collection on or bclvre the u*t dav ot October. A. D. ise&, and ask for Judgment a»lost tte scvcial Lota, Blocks. Fleets or Parcels of Land or other property ceicrlhed la snch warranto, on which the assessments then remain unpaid, ft>r the amount cf assesjtrents, damages and cost* respectively due U W^i t tNo'‘4C3. South—Dated Oct. Slst ISO, for the construction <ra Sidewalk in front cf, or aojaent to. the following dcs.nbcd property: East pm Kitts ArtolUon,Sub£oll.Loisi,anriLot7. W arranlNo.tTO. Sent—Dated oct. SUL 1865, lor con structing a Sidewalk la front oft or adjacent to, the property hcremnftir described. . * Warrant No. Lj, south—Deted Oct. SUt, tor coratructlne a Sidewalk six Gxt wide on the east side Sonth-Dated Dcc.lSlb, *B®. tor the cxtcnM-nandwidenlorol Laurel of rixty-»lx feet, from centre of Douglas place to T Sonth-Dated Jan. JTtlj, 19», fbr the erection aid tctrovai of Lamp-poit on South Water stre et, between Clark and Warrant No. 418, South—Dal-d Jan. Kill. 1506, for ihe »rectlrn arc removal cf Lamp-poite on South Water street, between Wabash and Michigan »venuc. Wan ant No. SW.s^oth—Dated Jan. S<Uu laOS, for ihe erection ofalne urap pwt? on It dlana ovenue, be tween Twen‘y-«econd *nd strwts. Whtiant No. 450, South—Dated Jan.2<tb, 1568, tor the erection rfone Latr p-pod on the Southeast corner cf Sixteenth smei and ptalne avenue, and one oa j'ralne avenue, about IXS feet south ol sixteenth **AU*per»ons interested are requated to attend at the afomald term of CQUmor. 'I'AX COLLEG'IOK’» NOTICE—State 1 - Cornrt noose, f Roov So. 14, CntcAOO, January 21, I**.. f Public notice is herciiy ntven that on the first Mon day cf February, tetog tL: fourth Ua>;M February, A. D.iSrt, at a regular term at the Superior courtel t bicaso, tobe begun and holden tu the Court House, in salacity of Chicaco, on toe tart mretlonrt toy.l shall u age report lo said Superior Court,J* Cofoago. <>n tue following Special Afsessment W arranto placed in tut hands for collection on or bciore the last day ot October, A. D. IW6. and asK lor Judgment against the severe; Lots, Biocks, Piece* cr parcels of Land or other property described in such warrant?, on which the (w?cesn;cnt> then remain unpaid, for the amount of avessa cni*, damages and costs respectively duo there- VaronlVo. 711, Wert-Dated Oct. sth. XS66, for pri atc drains on West Randolph street between UaUted .AIVUIfIIU, VV .WWWV...I. ,t W».™iss.'m,Ve,t-Dalrd Oft 6th, IW6.for CH dlnp ttd macadamutnc North Jeffersoa stree Lfron the north line of West Lake street to the south side or "w.mntjfo.Tlß, -JTut-D.tol October 6,1 h 1866, lot ' fllilug, gracing andniantonctoc l fT, r ™^’ Q a c ,^ o r L l | l 1 t,nft iJoLih id blocks 21 anc pO, Canal Tru*tets snbdl* or 8 E * Bel 17. “ ».NR UK. ana tost pwtton ot the alley running east and west through said block ui. extending trotu Balitcd street to tne west line of ■''temi™Wh Trat-D«tol Oct 81b. 1366, prthe exunMon cf al6 toot alley in the N~J< cl block 9, sampron and Green’s Addition eaatwardly ol the same lor coo; strolling a sidewalk on Ihe south side of Warren street 1 wKh'TlKfwc?°i".wS\at »«,to.- con strutting a sidewalk on the north side of Bnbbanl »trc* t between Robey street and teavltt street. ‘ Wxrrani No. 721. w«at—Paled Out. »J, 186". tor con structing a sidewalk on the south sideol Warren street , between me street- . ! Warrant Re. 75*, West—oat«i Ocj. S3o*U>w, lor con -1 sirocttng a sidewalk cn ad* o* i,eiwf«» Chicago avrnue and CornHia street. Watt ant No.TtS, Wm— Dated Oct. 23d,iSKhfor con struciltg a aide* ate on the south side tf Walnut street between Lincoln street and B-" 1 bey street. . ... I All persons inurertcu axe reoueated m attend at the I aforesaid term of said superior tomt of Chicago. I qtj collector. ' I AX OOLU-OTOR’S NOTICE—State I pt uilnols. County of Cook, etty ofpilcaß Room No. U, Court House, Jan. 31st. 1567. i Public notice t» hereby cly«u that on toe first Mon day of February, being ihc 4th day of February, A. w. vhj,, »t a regular term of the sopertor t-oort of CM cage, to be begun and holden to toe uourt Bouse, to »&ui cuv of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, 1 .i.ii make re port In said Superior Court, of Chicago, onthe fwllowtog Special Asset in my hand? for coUtcmn on or before toe last day or imobcr. A. D. IStA. and ask tor Jndgtnenl »c*lnit J he teteral iota, Blocks. Pieces or Parcels °f Land or oroDcrtv detenbed to such warrants, on which tbc aaMSsmeiits into remain unpaid, for toe amount ( then remain nnpaid, lot thei amount of ! ossesatbents, damages and costs respectively due ! ‘“xvSSmtsKfrtft-dated Oct. fflsu«#rcojwtra£ tltn ofafcwewalklofrcntofor adjacent to the fol- of Wainnt street East to Eenbeastreot, of the ’wraft'Si. 699 Jtn- I ercotioa of 4 lampposts on Fulton street,between S Feb. n ISW.for the I cnctoto^f*6 lamp ports cn Hubbard Court, between ■ I I N 0 Frb. 23d, 1966, fbr the 1 I poms on West Twtlilh i 1 tween Mcrgao street and tne E. Line of Brown street, j I 1 Warrantin'West-dated Aprllieiß. iSrt. for wtoen- | I !r -Ol Warren street to toe width of 66 fret between . I UoAc amtlSvett street-so that the same »hMI be «i I a line with that part of Wamn street cast of Hoyne ] 1 ’XZmMVo'-M u«r }Uu 1966, for 811- I inr creel nc and planting ot an alley In toe north hall I east, run- May sth. 1866, tor the 1 retention of Bubec stre-et foora West Hghtoenih street a,t?A uru. ■' i-AX COLLLCTOH’B NOTICE.—State > 1 0 f minoV*. Coonty of Coote. City ofijW«ao, sa. t x errx CoLL*cToa*« omc*. Boom >o-JM 1 Cocbt Uoca*, Jaatury Slat, 186 1. S \ PnbUc notice t» hereby stvrn, that on the, cm Mos» ; day oryihtnary.beloßihclocttbday of Fe^iarTjA.. 1). 1561, at arejrnlar teiro ot ice beperwr Conrt of Chi t caco, to be bocua and hr Men In the Conrt In aMd City of Chlcaco. oc tbo laat mentioned day. Li 0 ? 1 - 1 ir she report to a*ld Snnenoc loutU of °° ; the to? Special AMea.menl HilwmU tdaeedln ( ilj band* for colUctlon on or Jwforc ue .*“1 October* A. P- ISM. and aakfor Judgment the fevtoal Blocka, llecet or Parceia ot Laodor o b* „ r tiTunenv Ituaneb warrant*, on which the then wSatn onpalo, tot the amoant of m tcsetncnla, damacea and coata reaptcilvcljr don thexo °Wts£iS« Sootti-Dstcd Oct.2Hh.tSW.fbr erection cl lour lamp post on Van llnren »treet. between booth Cl f Uht tan p peats on Indiana avenoc. ttom rwcuiy* O! mSSTsSSSu oU.3lU,lSOMcrcrKtlon offonr IntEpjKwta on Twcniy-aecood itrcct, between tVabarh and Indiana avenues. , _ . _ Warrant la eontb— Dated Oct. 131 b. IMS, for rocon* tticeilDC eldc» alt on south aide of Twcntj-wccond 5??cL t ctweea ca'nmct asd KanKabeo avrnon. ~ V haVantsSlsoulh-Daied Oct. »1u.,1«6. 1 for "Me walk lecoualrucled on thowcatsldoof Indiana avc* structieff sidewalk on the waat aide ol Tfabatb, arc “wantblWßcmtt-BilrtOckmM'ft *?*.• recon atrncthf aWowa’iconwettudeofMaallo Street and ontheMCthtldeofMonroeaUMt. .. . ~, °AU petaona Intereatrd are rr>qtie«u?d to allcadjil (be aforttald term ofiaid Boporlor court of jjbiraao^^ CUf Collector &Tn> 'iSJottres. . , : i AX CuLLfcAJTOK'a iSO l luii— Xo. Uinols, County of Cook. City of Chlca*o-»* v . . Crrr Cozxacroro Ojttjk, Kook 14,1 ' . Cocsr UoubX, January U. li m. I Public notice is hereby give*, that on <b.* CM Monday of February, bcltK the fourth day of Februa ry, A. il.lhfi?. at a regular term of the Superior Court oi Cblcico. to be- beaua and heldei la the Court House, In Mid <lty of Chiocu, on the last n.enmmed i day. I shad make report to raid Supen »r Conn of "Cbtcaco, on the joliowooa Special Aise«m*Bt war- * ra;U otaccd In my hands lor c> lrcUouoa or Oriote j the last day of October, A. D. ißofi, and ask fer indg mtatacu&»ttheieTemlots.b>ockaipit!eeaor pazixa \ of tafid or other property dercrlbtd in such warf*nta» j on which thd asen«mcnuthea remain unpaid, mr the amount ol aase**menls, damaac* and to*t* re*bocUve • l W«t— Dated Oct. 21th, ISCB. for consimcUnt a aldcwa.t on the sooth aide of Indiana street, net seen Wocd street andOwley awcet, • Warrant Ko.7W West-Dated Oct. omutructlnc a sidawaik on the north ride of von Bo ren street, wtweeaThroot* street and Hacker *'tca. Wairan(Ko.«l9 We*t—Dated Oct. 2ttn, 1866, Ibr con • etractlcg a «Uea alk on the uorth bide vl Smith street, htiweea Faulisa and Wood street*. _ , Warrant >*o 710 Weat—Dated OcC. 3Uh, tSfr> lor coa structlce a sidewalk on the south side of Tyler street, betwesußatkirnreelandAbcrdeeQ street. Warrant No.TU Wc«t-Dutel Oei. Situ. 135 C, lor fill- Inc, andlog asd p anklns or the a;tey in block «, > Carpenter** AcdlUon tj Cblcairo. Warrant Wo. 732 West—DattsJ Oct. «lth, 196* for wldeolmt Seeley street, north of Wm Jaciwu street, to the width of 66-tect, cotn*pondln« with that per* tlon of Seeley street uow 66 feel wide, between West Jackson and West Adams atreets. . Wan ant h'o, 73d ft eat—Dated Oct, ,lth, 1966, for openicc an alley l6feet wide.from Paulina street to liaben street,nmnlntrait and we*t, throuch lota a, 7, and 10, block 6A Canal Trustees hob Division bee. Oct. V'.n, ISK, for opvPibc an Ufooiauey.nmnlDt Jacsson street to West Van Uorej stmt Addition to Chicago, maklm? at 1 1 »“•* 1 kl» 1.,6,7. H, asm lot* 9,10, It. It,«, M, 15, and 16 AHpcr^.'tafoiew'st^areMqowted 11,8 tforcMC term .r M.a 'TAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—SIate ] Xol Illinois, Contty cf Cook. City cf Chicago, sa: 1 . Crrr CoU.ncTOß'* omc*. Boon ho. U.» “ Covn toous*, January »*.st, VW7...5 f Public notice Is htrnnyjtlv vn, that un ihu first Mou- * dnvcf Febrasry.lnittg the foot Ui day of February, A. j D, 15*7, at a regular term of the biipctlor Court ol J Chicago, to be begun and holdeu XU the Court House, ... In salsaty of CWraco. cmili* 1 shall make report to said Superior V°wils^.»S h if2SJl 1 on the following Special Assessment P'Ap-~ , In my hands for Collection on or before the last day of Uc"”u. is«s«nJJtt to l»gs22!f ' several Lots, Block*. Piece* ot Parcels ol Land at other I'ropeiiyAeserlbw! In such warrants, Uie aswesmtnu then remain unpaid, f»r the amonnl of aiEtsimenis, damages ana cotta respectively due there “raSt KO. SB,;l Oclobtr ISW for reconstrucUng sidewalk on the cast side ol Churen 1 Warrant No. 530. Botilh—Paled Octobir «lh, 13G5. for nccwtrutilng slues alk on the east iiue vt Clark “vvarrnnt 537, Soulb-Dried October, Wb, W». for reconslruiUng Blutwalk on Uie uorlh ilde of Tseniyi * T Surr2nt ten, October 29th« i9‘A for trctusituclUe sldewa'k 011 the w«l MAe of Butler •toto «>=>« ««'MffilSllr rpAK OoLLEOTOII’B NOTlijr,— Mnlo ' ; 1 . I ttdt*? f tpofi Id *fti»l Bdpofiyf C Vllf k»|« % pp*Lisi A»s««itifiil wk/Mbl* IM for i 71.)fcViivit >'!• I'fWfofP ihulrtWilAif ui ihsftiißf, A r»* , , jo.hV*. niM'rsiif Mfi'ri* of ivmj.f'f 1 . il.p.t rMiislH.uiii'ri'i, for tfi« Miiiwiml of ttatwsm*nK ii4iust{>4 and iuiils rpipeoitvaly toju uiefs»uv, vthWUi Vananl W», BSL. W»»l«iiai«i ifef- Bi» ( L f teim.ttipcuiißa »l(itw»U««u.unU*bfooJ LaMsfruei no., m... m. to r «snu:WslkoniUueaii(s)diM)l tVuk«iruc| u Utw«snt*koslawlamlFulfnsireal. i- warruut No, idu, \\ ut-Huicd t(cl, aitt, low, for I. Ilii! rnii luituciu n* fa n sofotfalk tu frontof ur adjaceut It, itoe properly licieliufltrdvscntjed, oi . ~. e Warrant No, <HI, \\u»i—Dated ot-u 3iiu 19*5, for i- coitnU'ullfol a sltivwnlk In front of block 14, h. n. Ad “ Ui SWMI-D.1e.1 (VI. 31st, IMS. to re e tohalrurttr.g a sidewalk on the north side ol Randolph i street, I evwveuCuitts turn >'ay siroei, - „ WaiiantNo.6l3, \\ eat— Datret Oct. Jjsl% fof r< j" *■ ctm*trDcilhsft*laewalkoncMt siaeofLoomw 5 r con. i- sirurtlng a Kldewiik In front of or adjacent to the fol - ■»= 3. uorasld tom of Mid ri'AX COLLECIOFS NOTICE.—SIate I of Illinois, County of Cook, City of Chicago-**. Crrr Cou.Ecroß'B office, l Hoorn No. it. Coror House, January *J«. „ 1 übiic notice i» hereby oven, that on the ur»t:Hon* day ot Fcbreaty, Mop the dsy of Febnmry. A. D. IK", at a regular term of the Superior Court of Chicago, to be bceua and holdcn to the Court Hotwc, in sa«l City or Chicago, on the I att mcntlonodjlay, I lliall make report to imd bapenor, Court tt Chicago on the tollawlng Special Assessment Warrants plated » bauds tor collection on or before too last nay of cr, A. D. 1866, and aak lot Judgment against toe several lots, blocks, pieces, or parcels of Una or other property dcecrlo-d in such warrants on which the wswroienta then remain unpaid, lor the amount of assessments, damages, and costs respectively due “wirroS k'J. : TO, West—Dated Sent. 17D;, IMS, Cor CTLdlDeand cindering Noble street trorn Milwaukee avenue to West North avenue, and West North av.-nuc from Noble sweet to Elston road, and Litton road from W est North avenue to West Cljboroo piacc. Warrant No. 707, West—Dated beat. l«tb, lsdu,ior Ailing, grading. and planking toe alley running e and w. through thee. Jf of block 13. Carpenter's Addition to No. 763. Weri—Dat*-d 6ept. VTlh. 1966. tor Mime, grading, and planking of the alley rannlogn. and £ through block 70, llmscll, Mather & Robert 9 A WMraot°No! C Sept. 17th, ISB6, tor filling, grading, ar.d plansing the alley tunning «j.uad y,-„ to ib« twrtu 3kot bltci 52. sec.«, «..W. r, II e. Warrant N’e. 710, West-Dated Oct. M, Wets lor ex tension or the iS-foot alley running c. and w. ihrough block L Magic & High s Addiuou to Chicago, of th« samewWih.and in a straight line castwartlv to Ann street, through lot 5. block 38, carpeuleris Addition to C WanaatNo. 7U. Weal-Dated Oct. sth, 1666, forcurb na with euro wails fltliiu Vo grade, ana paring wi th wooden block pavement Milwaukee avenue from 1U unction with Ncnh Dcsplalnvs to W est Kliule etreet# to lu junction with North UaUted and West Indiana "'vSSstit So, 71*. West—Dated Oct. 51b, ISM. forprl vate drains on Canal street, between Laae street and “"ffiSn’tsilriS.TTcal-DMOdOct.slh.lS»,tot t>rt rate drains on West Madison street, from Hoisted 5 t AH t pcr»on »Vn tires ted arc requested to attend at the ■top-Sid lwm ° r » Md l u S. r i;L£uila.yS"gc.or. rpAX COLLECTOU’S NOTICE—State I of IJUnotf, County ol Cock, City of Chicago, as: cm* Collectors omi-e. Hooe No.n,) • CoiktHocse, January 21st, ISo.. f . Public notice is ncreby given, thatonttc first Mon- 1 day of February, being the fourth day of y ebruary. A- D. 1867, at a rceular term of the superior Court of Cbl* cftco, lobebciuuand hoiden In the Court Home, la satd City of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, 1 aball make report to raid Super lor Court, of Chicago, on the following Special Assessment Warrants placed ln my banua for Coilecfon on or before the last day ot Octo ber, A. D. ibdfi. and ask tor judgment against the sev eral lots, blocks, pieces or Parce.s of land or other pro oerty detcrlued to eocn warrants, on which the assess ments then retrain unpaid, lor toe aaioact of assess ments, camagts and costa respectively doc therein, to Warfant No. 363, North—Dated Oct. 4th, ISW. for lhUpg.giadingßnd planking of toe AUeyrunmngnortn and south in the west part of bik U Johnston, Huberts it Storris Addition to Chicago. . . . Warrant 264. North— Dated Oct. 6th. 1856, for curb ing, filling, grading and planking of the Al cy running vasl and vest through blc 4. Sinslc s Audition to Chl- C *Wartaat 2C6, North—Dated Oct. 6th, 1868. for filling, grading and planking Alter In blk 1, tv olcoit s Addi tion to Chicago, and blk 3, Klnzle’s Addition to Chi- , " l ft".'rr»n> 565, Sotft-OIW Otl. Un. ISO, tor re graveling hssb street from Kinzle street to Chicago "'warrant 267. North-Dated Oct. Slh, 1860, tor the ex teLbton ot Gotbe street eastwaioly to Wolcott street of the width of 40 feet Jn (ho tame line ol that west of C mS& Norlh-D«l»1 Oct. Sth. 1560, - for extra, flton of an Alley south to Wendell street through Dlk9, Johnston, Roberta & dtorr’s Audition to Chicago. Warranties, North—Dated Ocl eta, 1866. for grading and macadammag Division street from the roadway of North Ctark meet east to Wolcott street from lw Intersection with the macadam of Division street to tbo south side ol Schiller street. , 0 ,„ , , Wwratt No. 273, Norm—Dated Oct. 9th, 186®. for widening of Laßar street from Vine street to the Allay westaou adjoining *ot M, Bntterfleia’s Addition to the afore, eld .cm .1 Mid TAX COLLECTOXVS NOTICB-State cf Illinois, coot Count >. City ot Chlcajo, m. i UITT fcoLMßToa* om« Coon Hocs*. I Boom No. 11, January 21st, 1567- S | Public notice Is hereby given that on the first Mon- • day of February, being the fourth Uay ot February, A. D-, lee", at a regular term of the aqperior c °urt of Cblcaeo, to boEczua and holden In UieCourt House, In told c'lty of Chfcsco. on the last mcaUoncJ day, I thall make report to said bnperlor Ccnrtof on the icllowlns Special Asseumeat WwranU Ptaned inmr hands for collection cn or before the last day of I October A. Dm and aik lor Juannent against the I Kvcrd lits, 3®. Pieces or J Paree.s of umd or i other proof rty described la such warrant*, on which the aseemaeLU then remain unpaid, tor the amount ot astessments, damagea and costs rwpccttvely due I Ul vf«rrantKo*sflß,Sowh—Dated Oct. Sun, «KS. To 1 make op a c cflcivncy for gradicg ami planking Coach- I place from Dearborn to Clark street. ■ i * warrant No. W 9, boom—Dated oct. 21th, 1866, for i OlllLgand pavingiSontn Water street, from Ctark to I Franklin street Second Assessment ? Warrant No. Sit 1 , south—ua'wi t*ct. llih, 1566. sec -1 oat Msessment, fer curbltc, tUUr-g, pradmcand planji * leg the alleys In Block t Fort Dcaroom atdJUoa to : ‘"’wmSit So. MI, South—D&teh OctMth. use, sm- ' CBdMrtasmentfofmaiingnptie aaouot whlcn the I citvCallectocullectonan asscaamect fur openlcg a street to Detailed ThlrtwMligtreet from Slate street - to the land* of 1. C. It U, Co. . . _ WsrrSt JCo.sl2,south—Dated Oct.3ltb, lSo«. Fcr ! erection otiß)i*mppQ6iß on Tweaty ninthsucet be tween Inctan* avenue and Caltnactavenoe. Warrant No. MS. aontu—Dated Oct 21th, 106, for erccUiig ot (2) lamp posts in Peek court between Wa bash and Utcblcaa avennes. Warrant No.aitboilh—Dated Oct Tlth. ISSB, for crectloaof«3j limp post* be tween Twenty-sixth aco Twenty-nlnDi »tr««- * tc«?pint?io.sA South—Dated Oct. Util, usho, lor lamp post»on Twenty-fl/ihitrect between i toMod««h. afbreMdd term of said Superior tvnn of , t city Collector. rTAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—State 1 Ol Illinois, Cook County. Cltyof Oucmo-m. Citt OonutcToß a omev I Coen Hocsx, Koom No. w, Jsa. SMat. 1987. f Public noticels here -y given tnat, on thefiratilon* diT of February, being the fourth day pfbepniary, A. D. 1567. at a regular t»rmof the baoeftor Coart of Chicago. to oe pecan and holden In the Coart tlouSA InSS m otSißO.oii UW lilt menuoneajuy. 1 aball make report to Mid Superior Court of Chicago, onihefoilowtig Special Assessment ;«*»» 'PUctd innis h>n«ta for coUectlanoaor bclbretnolwt day ol t*tobtr. A.D.lSG6,and ash tor iwalnst the several W, blocks, pieces or parcel* «*iKi 0 / >l ( “ u 2£ property descrtbedln snea v arrant*, on which the as ■«s»aiexu uen remain unpaid. for the amount ol as* costs respectively due thereon, “vrifraa 516 Sent!:. d«Md Oct.Slll.lKlfrmcOon ol two lamp posts on Fourth avenue, cue at s w comer 1 of Fourth avenue and Taylor street, and one 125 feet of 11 lamp post* onPrairie avenue. 15255*.* second street and the second post south of Nineteenth e *TV.nrart3l9 sootu, d»lrf Oct. »lh, la*, sot on; l«tnp post on the o e corner cf Twenty-third street and Pral "SSSSal South.'dated Octoberslth.isaftr erKj. Uon ol six lamp poet* on Harrison street, between W wftSt sfSSuf Stei Oct. Sits. IMS. tar eiMUon ’ ol nine lamp poets on Calumet avenue, between Xwea -1 ' s^fS«“£Wßc%lh. l S«.for erection i of 12 lamp posts on Indiana avenue, between Foot* lUS»»ISt£Sl U S»»ISt£Sa Übcf.llth,lsaiarcrctaon U bcf.llth,lsaiarcrctaon ■ of posts cn Fourteenth street, between State i * l TVArr«S^thTtfctcd Oct. 31th, tre erretlrm I ofSismp posts enVan Boren streeVbetween Welts-. i etrttiandouutbMarVetstteet. . .. t t , * All pereons interested arereqnestcfl K) att«dat the. I «fni(isld term of said Snpcrfor t.ourr of Chicago, i | t g A Lp t Qty Collector. rpAX COIiLEOTOK’s KOTICE.-Slate I of Illinois. County of Co-t, City of Chicago—SS. .I. oi »«.«», v«uu , 0mcI( HoosHo.lhCouin- Hocsx. \ CHICAGO, J anuarr 2U 1367.1 Public notice l» hereby elvco, that on the first Mon- of February* A. D. IS6T. at a regular term of the Superior Court cf Chicaso. to be begun and holden In the Coart llenre, to said dty of Chicago, on the last numluncdday, X wall mate report to sail Superloe court, of the triiorrlog Special AMC»«meit Warrants placed hi my hands frtr collection on or be fore the last flay sC«cl. A. D. 18C6. and ask for Jartg mtnt against the several iota, blocks, pieces or parcel* i of land or ethecpropertydescrinedm said warrant*, on which the a>w>sujents then remain unpuo, ror me ; amruot cf asseayjjcnts, damages and costs rtape-iiro* ly Oct. t, i»». wlih WsshtocfCD etreej from State stree* totbemalttaljej between rmteetre tMdWnbasb a enue. cnr>fng with curb st r -ne said ‘trect from ww •'vX°J »ISF.'.id 0«, drains os Wnlash avenuebclwctnl««m n ana iwcnry !eivatU' £'tvi Bonth-Dsie«l 0cU4.1956. for curbing, m£rsUtogiss h p.s?rsto™« ‘»» i <»» v*» U ,v7 ll?, PSflgn,S3s«t-4 Oct. 1.-. WA, pilTite drain. rarS'ffilitii.W'™ Van Daren and Tailor Poiith—listed Oct 9.19(6. for curbing • Michigan atenoo from Pwlc Place to i SS^agMai^wffftjsiiaß ; : r -i"?.srffi-K.r&cd o«.s. wl td,d« ri*«V«*n vmPurcn street between Michigan areane ; cite TSmtces, ri sx COELtoa'Dli b NOTICE.—StMe 1 - I o£UHn®la»CatmtrofCoot, CltyofL'huaio—«. Crrr cozxzcTon'd Oincc. - * Court lioLtuc, Jan. dt,lS37. I imsllc BOtJca U hereby givtx. that out hr ini Muraiy ct lebruaiy. betce the Iburra d. r cf Ftbruarr. A D. IS>7, at uitvnJar term of the Superior Court ofculca- Si tobuhcannocdao.acn in ice court*4M irtf<bica”p, on thr last mention.-d day, 1 ihu n.*ie»tetortto jaiA-Soperior Conrtoi Cmeaam.oa Ur folAWine special Aa*e«»iueat Warrant* pUcel In tnv for codccliec on or before -hr lost day of Oc tober. A. Di 1966, and ask f.*rjnccnj*-nl -«ln>l it? sev ers! Jots, blccki. laetct or pvceD ot l»nA or other prop- • ortydeecrtbca-laimh warrants,on whl<-b »*»e awe*- merta then remain unpaid, for Hie amount of a-se«- tnei u, damagea ana. cesw reapecttvely ans thereon. Warrant se. 75J West-Dated Oct. 23d, .ISC«, to make op a ccflclcccy for fining; curb ng and paring Cscil sheet. Totn ukelo Uadiwn street. Warrant No.Tyt. AVe?t—Dasto Oct. W tomake up adefldmcytoeranacacamizli'gCalalstreet,troiu _ . ... Warru-t No. 73. West—Dated Ocf, 23d. 1966. for fill it g, ■ eroding, yradiug. paring and cursing Bs!a<ra street, trom Earriaoa street to the C. B. AQ- H. u> crossing. - • Warrant ilo. 738, West-Dsted Od, 53d, 1368,' ter rc Detracting a sidewalk on thesnnth stde of Jackson street, between Reuben and Uarstuinal street, i Warrant No. 738. W«t—Dated corstrcctliga sidewalk on the west tlio of llalsteU street, octween Wright street aca Railroad crosiloir. Warrant No.' TU, West-Dated Oct Jlsb. 1866, tor construction asldewalkuothceaw; slue of Fig struct, from Milwaukee to western termlnuolFlg No. 742 West-Dated Oct. 31th, ISM, lox construainc a sidewalk on the west side ot Johnson street, between Twelfth street and Taylor street. Warrant No. 743. West-Uattu Oct.Cltfi 1866. lor constructing a sidewalk ootoenorio sloeof >au Durcn street, tetwceuThroopatreitandLootcUstrwt. • Allpsnwns Interested are request to atlemlat the alotesald term of saidSnperlor Ounrt of Chicago. A. 11. tI£ALD. City Collector, TAX COLbECTOR’b NOTlCE—btate ofllUncls, County of Cook. City of Chlcano, sa: City Coixmon’* OrrtcE, 1 1 Hook No. 11, COCCT Qoi'dX. > jAJfWAjtraist, iS67. j Public noilee Is hereby given, tliat m the nra'. Mon davof February, brlccthc fi.urih «’.iy ol February, A. D. 1&67, at a regular Utci cf the ? ipicme Court of Chicago, to be begun and hoideo In C e Court nouve, In the raid City of Chicago, r n the las; .ncmloneddar, X *ball make report to >nt>l Superior C "irt, of Chicago, ou the foliKWlig Sdpclol Asstosmcat tTnrra&U placed In my hands lor coHecUouon or before the last d-nyof Uctobere A. D. DM, and n?k for Jndcement aaalnst the several lots, blocks,pieces or pereela ol lander other property dcscrltnd la euch warrants, on which the at eersment* th«n remain unpaid, lor the amount of as sessment*, damages and costs respectively due Uteres ou, to wit: ft at rant No. 721, West-Baled CM. 23*1,1566, for coa stnictlng a sidew* fcon the north ride of Warhington street, bet s een llorms street and Levelt Mrcet. Warrant No.7*. West—Dated OcUkkl, I*6o, tor sttuciinuasldewalh.authe south riaeof cunslpurt avenue,betweeu llalated stfeeiand Brown •ire'et. Warrant No. TW, Wert-Dated Oct. 2Jd, l»'i«, fur con structing a sidewalk t>u the i:nrMi«lrle on'trtllllistrcet, btlwetnLomub street ami ThroopsireeL , Warrant No. 727, WMI-D*tedoct.S:hl. (nrrott* struetim a sidewalk on (he south side nf WHlmit sireeH between Wtoo street and Paulina sirwu . Warrant No. 7«, Wt<d—Uatfrl Ori. xui. i 5««» fofeou ettuctlnga Mdewaiktinlueioumsidet’C Tyler street* > tatwmi Holey stretAaluV Boyho street) ... , r Warrant No.7W* Best-Jialed OH, coti* slrtiHlng d sidewalk cu the tiurlh Mdeuf Ourhell slteet* bi-IwHU Mfvwaukvt? Mtrtitiv Mtd Nnbfi sljt+L . Wsdtaui JiViTALW«*t»U«ted Ovl. Mdi I*** l '* fof dafo •Irnrlliiaft slilewnth hi lliesuuji slifoe! I’nrii itrehUd. fl A»\ pUsnhs Hdeferiiti n»nfsim?»fS'i 10 .djlshdat iiie , •"-•-b , « i " ui Mittm fI’AK Ot>l.l.KUTOU‘h«ol'tOls=Bw!« | A mm i , {MiblU* .WHlf® U hereby «irsi M*m* tM ol Uliruary, ‘«niirf the »Uy of a,i», iki, *U pillar ißfwwi.ilw auperlur t (Ihivagvt. in t« twann ami l>**Weu In |U« Ciiurt Himse, (n «aiu rili bf Cucsgui «-n iiiß|«-tmemioim.ld »y, I than make report to •ttJiloopjriorC.Htft.ofniu’.Mo. oiube following PprrUl Aiarthiiirnl Hurranu placal In my hands mr roileminn oc cr oeßna the tail day ot Oc uter, A D, frfid, aid *»k tor Judgment ngsiusl the veversl luts. blurt*, pltcertr parcels of land or oth»r iitoticdy lUsertliol In such warrant!’, on whtrh the raid auUkiuti U tbvu remain unpaid, tor the atnauut rf asaraeiiicnbi, damages, and lmU rtaportlveiy due tbeteon, to wit; _ Warrant N». 763 West— Dated October 21, IS6B, tor crMtton of two lampposts on Hubbard street between i-age street and Wood street. . Warrant No. 7W, Uost-Date,! Oct. 21,19u6, for erec tion ol eMtn lau p-po<la ou Wairen atrra', iietweea froliey street anu the west side ot Huyne stre-r. Wutußl No. 7v4, West—Dated tor erec tion of twenty lamp,posts on West Mmllson street, bt tween Uobey street and a point about one hundred feet west ol Oakley street. . Warrant No. 7i«, Ueet—Dabsl Oct. 31,1966, for erec tion oftwo inmp*posta on Fulton street, between Ada andsheidonstreets. v . .... . Warrant No. 767. West—Dated Oct. 21,1866, for erec tion of vne himp-pcat on West Chicago avenue, be tween Hal ted and Gretn strict. W arrant N o. 7t>a, West— Dated Oct. 21,156«, for erec tion oi two iamp-pcsu on Wtsi Adams street, bctuccn i'. orla street aid Sangamon street. . . Warrant No. 7eW. VI cat—Date«l Oct. 21.18G6, for erec tion of tour lamp-posts on itouben street, belwetn West Lake street ana Folton street. .. ... . Wat rant No. 570. West—Date«l Oct. SM. IS6B. for erec tion of lamp-post# on Rncser eireet, be tween Sine Dlscd avenue and Adams street. All person* latex e»ted are r« querted to otymd at the aforesaid term of »*W Superior Cotm ofchlcago. A. 11. UKALD. City Collector. r\y AX COLLECTOK’S NOTlCE^—State I cf lilraois. County ot Cook, City ot Chicago— « ; CITT CobUlCToß’a OFFICE, COUBT Uot’Sß, I Uoow U, January 21,1867. f pnbllc notice Is hereby given, that on the drat Mon day «,f February, being the foortn day of February, A."l>. 12n7, *t aregular term of the Superior Con»l «» Ctiicsgo, to beb-gnn and holdcn In the i oun House, to said City of Chicago, on toe last mentioned day. I shall make report to said Superior Court, of Chicago, on the following Special Ararsamcnt Warrants placed In my hand* for Collection oc-or before the last dav o 8 Octoncr, A.D. island auk lev Judgment several Lots. Blocks, Fteies of Farce.a of Lsmd or other property dreertbed in suen warrvus. on which toe as sessment* then remain unpaid, tor too amonxr of as sessments, damages and coats respectively due thereon, to VVairaniNo. 773 West, dated Octcb-r 31.1966, lor erec tion of 2 lamp po*tß ou Urccn btreef, between Madison acdWaalungtoastrctts. ... , Warrant no. 77® Wett, dated October 31, lsC6, tor ctetUon of 13 bmp posts on JetTerscn- street, between Judd andMitcheJsrci-t.-. ,_ . . .. . Warrant No. 774 West, dated October 54, VSSS. tor erection ol one lamp post on Feuria ctroet. about III) feet north of Madlaon street, Wat rant No. 773 west, dated October 31. 1166, tor erection of one tamo 9**l on West Adams street, be tween Habied atd U wafttreew. .. .... . Warrant No. 777 W»st, dated October 31.1856,t0r execUonofUlamppoeta on West I'wcf.b street, do twrtnllablcd ana orotrn street. „ ' Warrant No. 77S West, dated October 29, 1860, tor re conMßtctuig sidewalk on toe somn exdcot Madison street, between Le*viu street and Western avenue. Warrant No. 7iS West, anted October S), 185*. tot cooMructlog sidewalk on both sides ot Kigia street, between Fnrplc* tnel and avuine. ' Warrant No, 7W West, dated October22.lßCo, tor re reuitructineoiaewa konwe-sside cf Wood street, be tween Fulton and Carroll stract*. „ . . aJj pt-raoos inieirated afu requested to altjmd at the I aforesaid term of said superior Com ol k.W«Mso. A. ii- HCdtil/.J Al'y Coi-retyf- TAX COLIiECTOK’S NOTICE— State of Illinois, Conntv of Cook. City of Chicago— *a: Crrr Collector * office. I Poos No. It, Conn* Uur&E. January £,«(, IW7. ( Pnollctotlml* hereby given ihot on.tne first Mon day of February, iwiog the fourth day ofFebttury. A. D.. 1567, at a regular term of toe Superior Conn of Cblesgo, to be begun ann hold *u In toe Court Boas -, in said City tf Chicago, ot. toe lost mentioned day. I Miall maKe report tv s-ld Superior Court of Chicago on thcl'llowing Special Asw>*menl Warrants In my bands tor rouecUun, on or betore the lost Jay ol October, A. D. ISCJi, ana ask lor judgment against toe Fcveral lot?, block>. piece* or panel* of laud or other propertv described la sucb warrants, on wid< n the as- M-aamcnts to n remain unpaid, tor the amount o> as sestmem*. damage* and costs respectively due there- Ol Wareaßt 24®. North—Dated Oc*. Slsf. 1M35. tor toe construction of a stdewaiw in front of or odpeent to lb* following described piop?rty. to-wtt. Warrant re*. No* to—Dated imt. 3t*t. ISO, lor c .u --• eiructlcnof aatdewaU in front of or adjacent to the 1555,1.5 rram- Blrnciion oftiuewalk In front of or aolacent to tue toll. wiDgaescnbed property.u*wlt. Warrant 349, N<,rtt»— natea OcC 3ut, 1683, tor recon structing a sidewalk In front or adjacent toe follow tog dcacrii«a property, to-wtt. Warrant 2».No(th-l>ated Ocl. Slst, 1365, Ijr cot.- Btrucltocof aridewalklnfircntof or adjacent to the following described property, to-wlt. Warrant33l. Ntrln—DatedOcl.aist, 1855, for the re ronsmitilonofaaloewalkln tront of or adjacent to the following described propertv. io-*lt. , Wairaat-2iJ, North—Datol Jan’y 27. 1868. for the erection of lamp-posts on North La Salle street, be tween Elm and Division streets. * Wanant.2s4, North—Baud February *th, :ISMjtof filling, grading and planking an alley la clock Sdol cotfs mid block 14 Ktorie’a Addition to Chicago. All reraota inter, stec are rtqutt»i*«l to attend al toe . term of ■■«yJSa" c ygi„. HP AX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE—State 1 8 of Ihincis, County cf CooltCUv of Chicago—is. i CUT COLLBCTOB S OFFICX, I Boom No ttCotnre Uotsx, January 21.156 T. S Public notice Is hereby gSven, that on the first Mon day ot February, b»lng the fourth dsy of Febiowy, A. D. 1357, at a tegular term of the »op*n»*r Court of Chjcaco, to be l-cmm sad holden in tnc Court uomeu In said Cm of Chicago, nn the last mtntion&l cay, 1 shall moke report to said Snpetlor coo'tof Chicago, on the following Special A****»»awnt Warrant* p,a,ed in my hand* for collection on or before the las* da/ ol Ocu-ber, A. I>. 1306, and a*it fbr lodgment against the several lot*, blocks, pieces or pa-.ceis ot laud or other propetty dtscnbeu in such wtrramc, on whlcn the acMMsnents men remain unpaid, fbr the amount ol asactements. damages and cost*- respectively due tt W«?int No! 255, North—Dated March 29th, 13C6, for ClUng, stadia* and vUnklrgot an alley In black 5, , KldzTcV ACUllton to Cbicaso. ># , , WarrantNo.Ss6.Ncnb—Dated March 231h.16C6, for fililpc, grading and pisnalns ol an alley runnliu north ano south through the u of block U», Woicow* Ad- North-Dated ifsrch ZHh. 1356. tnt filling, s racing ono pixtiking ot the alleys tn btcesid, • Wottt.u*a AOdtuou to Chicago. ' Warrant No. 258, North—Dated May sta. ISCS, for filling, grading and planking of the obeys in blocks 6, 7.9 sod 12. Delersn's Addition to Chitaao. Warrant No, 259, North—Dated July 12th.1376, for BUb c, grading and planking of the alley running north and loath through tne west part of blodc Jo, John ston's, Bobcrw* and Btom AcfomontoLMcago. i Wotrant No. 260, North—Dated July 2W, 1866. tor the wldenitß of Market swett. MnHe sircvt, Michigan atreet and DWo street la Butter, Wright and Webster’s i Dated September 13th, 1366, for filling. Binding and planting of the .alley ruaalrg ! mt ifid west through block 2, WolcoW's -AddUlou to i C Warrant No. 262, North-Dated October 4th. 1864, tor opening a 12 loot aUcy running east and w«c, betweu lots 5.10.11,12, and lots i 3. u. U.and 16. nfockSd, .lolhs\oil’s, lioberts’ and Storr*’ Addition to Chicago, soasto make the rear line of said lots tta centre une 01 AM pmoi.lßt<!i«tt4 “JSSj.* l “* •friPfuifl term of said feup'irtor ijourt ot C&lcsgo. alortaain term ot aEALD. City collector. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE—State ol Illinois. Connty of Cook. City ot Chicago—es. Cm CotLsctoa’a Ornqn i Room No- 11, Corsr Hors*, £ January 31st, 1361. ) PubHc notice Is hereby given, th .t on me firstAlon dar of February, being the fourth day cf February. A.i) 15*7, at a regular term of the aupsrtur court of Chicago, to ce began and holden m ths court House, In tald city cf Chicago, on the last mentioned, day. I shall make report to»ald Superior Court, oo the lollowtcg Special AMeMmretWarean.a place* in my hand# for collection on or Delate the last day of ijetonet? a! V. 1566, and uk for judement against the Serreat Jot*, blocks?piece* or parcels of. I* o * SLP'JS propei t> described in sucb warrants, on whWi tte nssmmrets then remain tmpaW, for the amuutA ol aaseaetnetv, damage* aud costs re* pec lively due mere- O °n“r7iVNo.tM,We3l-D«talOcLJUh, 108, trre con>trnetltjKSldej*aik cn the south she of Jackson Habited and Green streets. . Warrant No“as, West—Dated Oct. SI. 1365. forrecoa rtrtcSv stdeiSto I# trout of or. adjacent to pee “^™S£Sw“T- b r2;<*l pct.=L in Or r^h. rttbwauc on cortb slut of lake atreaCbe "VffliSt yS£l , w™Do"4 oa.suh, raß.torK col.m“ioS«STs'.UL* on »d« ot SUy mu. he- W W.°rSsi”'wfwal-lSttd 0«.SI«h, IS*. Cn to coSSSSSt Id«*lh oo north.alde ot ill tom Krert, ta ?S»»™»wSeS!KiS!stti>. »B.fcrK. cctutructlis sidewalks on vest sided Ada street, be tweeniake street and Depot place. Warrant No. 761, West—Dated Oet. 21th, wr crectlea of two lamp-posts on West £bo street,be tween "Helen and Balkted streets. £ ._ I pX!Kd?«S'cn"^t U^o < ?B^iS^.T£ l i^^rf«4tog f to L Co S .o. t C^ £ _ rpAX COIXECTOK'o KOTIC^-Stato lof «-«**« \S&!®sz^£\ ltoomSo.ll.Ci>art Urst Mon- Tonic rotlcc 19 jay day ot I |be superior Court ofChi ll and Widen la the Court Eoaie,lu carp, ,Vl\ c r rhiScSon the ii't mentioned day, I shall w * t ’ls l i?nSrtto SldSflpcnor Court, ol Chicago. on the augment Warrant* placed In my KmiX ref coUccuod on or before me last day ol Octo- P?? d \o. judgment agalcst the bqv ?«f tots, block*, pieces or parcea of land or other property deiortbed m Bach warrants, on which the then remain unpaid, for the amo'int ofa»* sesements, damages and costs respectively duo there* ° n Wammt Ko. 289 North. dated October 'Wh. IWJ, tor Chine, Grading, and paring and curbing North State itrcct. trom Michigan rre . IVursDt29oSoith. dated Wtocvr J mirg aua Bnuilcg Bt. Clair suret from the not tn sue oi su perior •irt-ot to Michigan street. . f-.tfoidat the V All perwns IntercßtrtareroQW“ e afbresald term oraald bn| city Joticctor. m .\* noTJJSCTOIVS NOTICE—State T « SS“co.^. (^o^oJC;S «o-J.. 1 i swimmti r r“/‘J raetU* a nID* 1 M * cvf ro ' ,J ‘ 3 * M. jpe®, -h W^ f 7»Vcfor «.ihorrf *w»rtr dr orVweMOienW, damages »«».VnitftQaa. wfta atu* ftipfrtMd day i| uUHMi jHslirai. /JHU. THt HOUR - Of SICKNESS COMES, FKW CABS TO Read Anything ok tsk SUBJECT OF DISEASE. lathe year ISM, the writer of tbU article embarked la the Deco Busts tit la the city of Philadelphia, bat Ibr Hie lull 13 year* most of hlsilme hu beta occupied la the manufacture ol the various Solid and Fluid Br* tracts. The mcit promises!, and to which he dsslrtw to call the particular attention of the Faculty and the Public, are the Extract Uncho and the Batract Bar**- paillla, Itoih of which ate Wahly concentrated prepa* tints ofthe iDcredleabi entering lab their composl llob. One Mild of lh\ Fttlld kilrict Bdchtl cl Sirs*- I-aHtlttilUllfwiaHl 111 ilfeWlb b one*allouo» Xh« ojlipuf decoction* fci tUtiillj hi4de*ahd faumlrreU ol dnitelolslteoliabbtltte doddUr b**e adored to Id Hiaklhd llielf H ftt|w cf Ibis hsrtsft Aftd oft* IsWMPdofa fid, added b a wi el wafof* is may «4tui b ib*» touted LUlkjb illei liiticU u*l ia ycSfS W ptoUf* ehllvA ih-> bl-J>nu ddtl M«U/V Hi *a Mllifi t *\\mm wmf I *i*n ii disiiaetiy nßdspoi*Jdd Hwt ihey »?e aot PsisM Mtdklnc *» mn ef wbb'b aft* wmpoflfotai by pef*ot# too (iB«rBBf id iMd a physlelaa's simidesi piwviip* Udn,iwHtUieMe(<TOp«ei«ui yreptw pMrmaf-smiwt p»pafftiioß»r 'fbwepeM&ni vivntiws TMstam ( empsifcl la rid id bring mf mb»* Nfof« ibe ihSQMersatUfiOfly^^ lll w*\m mw *** mi (onl.he.i AI remsfM ainiiUp bine Mfowin*. wA Vh«a mddd b many ‘•a* 6l by «f n° opH»*w lnteiu» genra-?-fa Ml I IM» «m nwdicws bwlnw# U lha moat pMUhle-all Dial U ne.c»a»ry U fo *lvcrtM. Thou* acitt hare embarked with ouch W«w, and million* hate been expended Jo bringing them belurs the public, The re tall of such accumulated error*!*, tnat when brought to (lie tot, lacking merit, they have been short-lived, Dow few, of the many thousands embarking, are coni' pelted to uhandon tbo bnslnesa In a few year*, entirely bankrupt! Lcok hack tfly year*, and how lew have hern eacceetfUl 1 Ask the kkasos oi their sneesas, and yon will find my statement, In retard to malt, correct. The hclctco of Uodlclae, like the Doric column, should ttatd«fni|ifc, pure and /anJail lc, baving/ac* for U*bail*. Induction for Us ptUar, end 4ni4k alone ’ for it* capital. I contend ilurei* no bnslneu requiring thae qaatt flcarion* more. The medicines arc brought in contact TClih Druggists everywhere. lam aiso wad aware that persctu reason in this mscner-Oxai which may hcceCt one may be of no advantage to another. Bow. mistaken the Idea! A Diuretic tor one, a Diuretic tor all. A. Narcotic tor one,* Narconc toe a'L A Purgative lor one, a Purgative for an. Joet as much so as wholesom* food for one I* whcle some lood for an, with to mere dlficrence than that ecme cdLsUtutlons require more than others, ana that persons In disease are given to despondency—expect ing in a lew days or weeks, and perhaps with a single bottle of medicine, to bo restored to health, if not to yooth and beauty. These persons rarely recover, lacklDSPStleice, and considering a few dollars ex pended for me benefit oftteir healths waste of money. Ibcse lame persons may have been yean la breaking down their constitutions, and probably expended thoo* lanosot collars in mess and dissipation, and think nothing tf It. Such torget that GOOD HEALTH 13 TREE WEALTH. With upwards of 5C.C00 recommendatory If iters and unsolicitedcertificates, Ihavcxever resortsJtothelr pcbllcatlco. 1c this easel shall,- however. append a fcw remarks, tinrito* they may be appreciated. 1 as. to the afflicted and sutfertwc humanity- Their Bumble Servant, 11. T. HELMBOUJ, Matiotsclurer of Hclmhold*s Genuine Preparation* (From the Philadelphia Ledger.! pnn.vnn.pnuk, July 13, 186*. Oar esteemed friend and fellow-cllitso, Mr. H. T Helmbcld. infcnnansthaiheeoatcmplates removing to Hie city ot New Tor*, with a view ot talar gin? his business. VTe hare bieaacdoamled with Mm tor up wards ol tea years; tare h«a pleased with hi* Integ rity and latr dealing. Commecclng in a small way, Ms articles must possess merit to Itsora the success bo bat met with, ana from oar acqtuint*ecewitohimcA» confidently* peak that we do sot bettero ho is a maw who would wish to impose on any on*, much lest to* afflicted, and ready In oar long basin im experience a* an aaveriL-lng medium we have never heard ot the success of any medicine without merit. [From Hie Philadelphia KTeWmcßollettn ofJane Mtb, TTe are gratified to bear o t the continued succcaa la >'ew YofK of our townattan, Mr. H. T. Uelmbold. Drngjrht. DI» store, text the Metropolitan Hovel, t» « feet front, 330 feet deep, and flreatortea labaUht It certainly a stand establishment, md ipeaka Caror* ably ol the mtlt of.'hla ar.lclta. He feialaa bit oOJoe aa<i laboratory in this city, which axe alao model «*- tablbttnsnU of their claw. • [From the largest Mamaactnrinß ChsmuU in »*» Woilo.l 1 am acquainted with ilr. H.T. Helmbold; he occu ile* the dnur store opposite n>T tealdence. and waa roc* easftil in conducting the boainea* where othera had iot been equally §o beiore him. I hare been favorably mpmscdwitb hie character and enterprise. WM. WEIOUtMAN. Finn of Powebs* Wnounux, Manufacturing Chem ist*, Ninth and Urown-aW., Philadelphia. I Remarks from Chemical Analyst*.] AflsracarefnlaoaJiM* of Ilelnsbofd’B. Preparation*. • thfy cojoy onr utmost confidence. We consider tHera safe and reliable. Fhr.adclphta, 12th, 1560. HELMBOLD’S ii'LUID Esteact Bochu A positive and specific remedy fordlseases ol the Blad der, Kidneys, Gravel, Drcpsy. The utmost coifldeoca can be reposed In 1U cuiaUvepoweii laao^redisease*, alio in restoring the exhaust-, d powers of tutors which are accompanied by so many alarming symptom* among which will be tonnd indlspoelUon to Exertion, Lo*« cf Memory, Wakefhlncsa, Horror ot Disease, or icrebotUngs of evil; in fact, universal Usuted* Froa tration. sea inability to eater Into the erioymeaw oC Boclety. It no remedy Is used in inch cases, Consume tlcnor Insanity ensues. Visit our hospitals, asylum* and pmocs, and be convinced. The wader must aiso haavraro, hfvwavw , «U«ht to aJect his hodPy health, happiness, and that ol hi* posterity. Hclmbold’a Extract Bnchn win give yoa hrtshand encrgttlc reeling*, enable you to sleep wen, acd l* more strengthening than any of the inspira tions of Bark or Iren. HELI&BOLD’S EXTRACT WUCIKT AND IMPEOYED EOSE W^SH, Cures disease* arising from habits of dissipation aad impredcnc's, allaying pain mtommaaon, and for »hlcl» those unpleasant afid datgerooa remedies am frequently uied. It cures at Utueerpenae,Utile or ntt ebanee tn diet, no trconrenlcace. and to exposure. AW the above diseases require the aid cfa Diuretic. HELMBOID’S EXTH&ST OF BUCHII Is ths Great Diuretic. HELjWBOLD’S EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA Cows ScroXhia, Salt Ktearn, Scald or Sore Dead, Tec. ter, Woplcs outlie face. Erysipelas, and eruoUocaof wtatever nature on ttolace or akin, purging out the tumors which make dLease, enriching the Blood, and BEftllTlFYlfJS THE COMPLEXION. How to use th'M remedies so as to guarantee apet teetcurej la oil dU»*c» except those arising frea habits of dlJilpaHon or Imprudences, use Bncbn. In ticse-oic the Extract Itochu and EW» ■Wash. inHamofSoothet»oe.or»ay«adiiwrj« ol the body, uta Extract sawaparWa,appmag^* BMW. ~ Kr ° oU °“' ”.n ahare dl«as?B, instead cf restricted, aroldlm. »U »“* ,ndW^w.Mrf!bcO,Md«J«oloo.*^M“»^e ihott ptflod; bat In wsm ol loo* .UsdlMK I. b,B« io porchM .WW«"«“» tolly flccortlng to explicit dlrrttora* to .lilMcmo . wX«- ToI W^.W.BwTO.^MtltoM MUtan Hotel, or HELMBOLD'S Uedlcal Depot, 1«4 SulhTfuthit, Assembly Buildings. TUladeiphU. 1 Describe ijmptomilaaU communications. . gold bf nUDriffßtsta'ETCrj'nhort. BEWARE OF COUMTERFEITS. au stod* ofmu ‘ coawcetoi. V«nw noun SUBU- NEVSEBS frTAXU.