Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 25, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 25, 1867 Page 1
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FM WASHINGTON Randall's Currency Bill to be Reported from the Ear.k --„ ing Committee. National Democratic Convention Galled for the 21st of May. CONGRESS. Farther Senate Action on the Tariff Bill. House-Speech of Mr. Morrill on the Finance Question. fie Approves the Financial Policy of Secretary ficCnlloch. FROM SFMWIELD. Proceedings in the Legisla ture Yesterday. Bill Introduced, to. Create a Board of Eailroad Commissioners. The Bill to Regulate Railroad Charges Passed in the Senate. The Warehouse Monopolists Coming to the .Rescue. Lincoln, Logan County, Bids for the Industrial College Location, FROM MEXICO. Maximilian nil! Leave Willi (he Last of (he French Troops. Great Reform movement Inanju rated in the Catholic Church. Speed) of Wendell Phillips in Op position to tiie Constitu tional Amendment. FROM WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Wabiunuton, Jan nary 21. IK Tltfi HOUSE. The debates in the IIon«c to-diywcreol nnu-mai Intercut, and tlx* floor and gslierli-s worn crowded throughout the day. White Colonel otokes, ut Tennessee, was advocating the bill granting his State land In aid of the Agricultural College, he- Rlond, of Ohio, tauntingly referred to‘the De- > znecn letter. Colonel Stokes, in reply, said sub stantially that was the only error he c onld find in his coarse, and (hat he had purged himself trom that a lew days after writing it by entering the Union army, and that It might have been wrtl for the gentleman trom Ohio if he had left bis Cop pet bead friends and purged himself for hl« short comings. Ibid was and with marked force, and elicited hearty applause, noth on tin floor and la tho galleries. The speech ol Mr. Raymond, on Mcvcne* bill, was one of the ablest be fits ever delivered, and was listened to with unusual at tention. But the great effort of tho dnywa* ttut of Mr. tthcllaharger. lie held thi bre«th'ess at- Icmlon of all. and the opinion of most of rbosc -who beard him, wa« that the speech will rank as the most powerful one of tho Thirty-ninth Con cuts. Tin: case or hev. am. rtsenun. The Pcci clary of War, to-day, e nlto the Bouse a communication covering a transcript of the record of the County a-id Superior Courts of Kke County, Georgia, in the care of the Rev. Wm. Fincher, tome lime ago allud-u to In this correspondence. It appears tlierclroiu that a special preeentaieul lor vagrancy was wade against him by the Grand Jury of the county in August, 26GC, and ha was arrcptc lacd tried at tne ferro of the County Conn for that mouth. The cvtdtncc against hlmcoiiaWtcd of the iiUegattans of about a dor.en witnesses to the vtf«t chat they had seen him going about Use couiitr wltlimit any opren-iblc busi tic«s ; Hint they did not know os he was- in regular employment; that llu-y were not aware what ow-ao* be liafi ot living, kc. It was all of thl* general character, there being nothing lo show that he was In any r**pect a bad man. The tie (tnee proved that Fincher was Vice-Pre.-ideat of the Equal Right* Association of Pike County; ihat Ids- ?alaiy was thirty dollars per month; that if Ihc freedmen and their friends in the county were not able o par tUU amount It v*a« made up by the benevolent friends of the K«*rth; that there wa? nothing nn lawfolln the work or objects of the association; ;bat the Vice President's doty was 10, establish ‘cliools amwig the freedmen, attend the sick bury the dead, aid the poor, assist tlu freedmen in asserting and maintaining their rights, and do what was possible to promote good leeiing he twvcn the negroes and their formci owners; that be was in Icthlc health, and was not able to do hard work; that he occasionally did something as a mechanic; that he was a preacher in good needing among toe colored people; and iLai be was doing much good among them. The stfloclation, of which be wag une ut tbe officers, was organized under theauspiccsof General Till tou, the head of the Frcedmcn's Bureau In Geor gia. Ihe Court chargt d the jurj In a very file manner. A verdict of guilty was rendered, Fincher's counsel appli-dfnrawrit of “cre'/oar o#»” to the Superior Court of the county, on the grounds that the verdict was agaititt both the evi dence acd the charge of tbe Court. The ca?c was beard at the October term of the Superior Court the ctrrivarari was dismissed, the defendant re manded lo the custody of the Sheriff and after w«fig Bculencvd lo twelve months' labor ou tbe public roads. Thu case Illustrates the working of the borrbern Vagrant Laws in a most striking light. It will he fully Investigated by one of the House rommloees, and an effort made to dosoatc thing for Mr. Fincher’s benefit. ncaocßXTic nxtiosal coxvxynoy. At the meeting of the National Democratic As* snclatiou last night, at which U waa determined to hold a Democratic Convention on the Sist or May, the address telling forth the object of the move* mcnl waa determined hy the Prebident of the A-*- soclalion, Charles Mason. Its tone may be jndged from the close, which was as follow*: ‘‘We should be derelict In the dnty we owe to oar country and to posterity, if we failed to ticrl all the energies we possess In an effort to mist the nvolu-louary measure* (bat are daily developing tbem*ehc9£Uiroa?ti tbejnress and In Congress. Sincerely believing that ajwtdcsprcad de termination exists to swallow up the Executive and -Judicial branches of (be Government In the U-gl«- lallve, and thus lead the wav to the overturning of all onr most valued republican InsUintluns, we are cotalllberir to remain passive and eareie«n while this revolution J# in progress. The const’* tt'ltontl Oorerrmci I which has come down to u» from onr fathers must be transmitted unimpaired to «mrpoeter)t>. .We have no right 10 slmd by sin! see It overthrown. Wo most ttsu (he means ttcessary for Its preservation and perpetuity. Wo trust Unit peaceful means arc oil that will ever be tn'ssaty for Ibis purpose. Iml if lb* lime shsl I ever come « hen these shall be found Ineßsc, lint, we shall not hi ihe legitimate offspring of Iho-o Irorn whom we claim to bo descendants. If we do not proeme that Jtrpnblicnn liberty we hate Inheiited, whatever may be the haraut of •he sacrifice which Is necessary for ils preerva. nun." tmtgarrnr* ncMoriuTtc ohoak. Tljo VonnUu*lot,ut VtiUin U tin- of llm*m- ingagtd In tlila movement. Thl* waning U «sys the llmlhn) tnames should ho timilolo under, stand ihal ihoin is u very large majority of (ho PchMiig men of the counlry who moan to pro* smn (he Union and maintain V e (hinslHullon. It lias also (heap threala: “Wo, IholHinocnllr party «'( Ihe Dulled Ntatoa oi Amorlci, mean to hup (he Kedlcala from mining the country, j stivaldji it we can, forcibly if we must. 'I hi* ti mi llmo t» mlneo words. Wo are on the eve of n UMiicuduuß ipiich. The llepuhlic -must live, the t muii imisl li> |iii<srru'd. the OoniltUilion must rrmsln Inlari. if all olln r nnatu fall them Is filvruya an appeal to the Uod ol hatilcs, and the laid resort I" always open to a free auJ enlighten* < «1 and a brave people lo maintain and preserve iludi ( unslKutlonal rlglilv," Ilesardlug Ihe Don* vpiiUoih* saysl 14 The tuuvcineul Is one of pecu* llnr significance al this lime, and we hone mir filetnl* will eider heartily Info lh A Presidential el* rtinn Is iiitin to cutno off. nnd there ate thirty* ■li Plate* in this Dnloilt Provision musl he nude lor coWdlhß Ihe l U'Moral voles Of all of them. A von! lo the wifo it suni'tent ’• idMinAOEPihtoai.L-eniPA nnNfcMfcgeugahtaa. A very handsome oflon was inn.ip tM* w „rnlng by MeplesrMhllve Cooper, ftf ‘l e!,n« aMP| il- n (‘resident's inosl inllms'e friends, ami Mr some Mme ht< I'fiwie Herr clary, lo is IniMidtifH the *Uv«d(tvsr*iul plAiiutlon style of manners lo il.c House. Judge Krllsy, In some lemaths. had spohrn in liciu rai terms of (he President's usurp, atl«n. Mr. t.’ooper responded, by saying that if he were allowed by (he rule* of Ihe House to do so he would ttjl mo gentleman that In charging the President with usurpation he lied. Mr. Uafley answered thul Mr, Cooper was not In a position to defend the President, for at the time Urn aria complained of took place ha waa his confidential fie rttary and friend, and a party with him In the matter. Whereupon Ur. Cooper hrraVlng over crea a ahow or rraoocl for the tolm,liibolcoil7 and domisoortoglj charged Jodgo Kelly wlio neiiiff a liar. There waacooaldaraMe excitement on tbo floor of the lloaia. and Cooper wea at onec called to order. Some farther notice 01 till performances roll poanbly bo taker. before the cod 01 the week. tub new itoinnr win. Ibe Homo Military Coromlileo bu Instructed General Schrnck lo report hie new Bounty Bill. Itpoivldcs th&t all who have been In (ho military amice shall be paid at the rate of elehl and one tblid dollar* a month, bounties already recatved to be deducted, Including the deduction of any made undrr the law ol laat union. It alto pro* vldce that all ctalma on file at the data ol paaa’oc the bill, shall be paid under the preaeul law, and (bat all who have loal their discharge pircm may bo paid upon proving tnch loaa. Gen* e:al Schrnck baa also draft'd a bill, and tbe milt* tary Committee baa Riven him leave to report It, providing (bat service in tbe volunteer* thill In all recpecla end for all porpoiea bo deemed lo have been service in the aimy of tbe United Stiles, sod that in all questions affecting addl tlona) rations or extra pay for length of service, or assignment to dot; on that account, the whole time ol service In the volunteers, whether con tinuous or at varlons times, shall be credited to the volunteer. tiib exerto* bbidob. The Senate Postofflce Committee have not yet laleu action on the' House bill legalizing (he Clinton Bridge across the Mississippi, and mak ing U a povt route, but there are good reasons for beUevlnc they will report upon it favorably. TOE TJOUFT nnx IN TOE SENATE. The Senate gave another day to the Tariff Bill. Tbe only set speech was that of Mr. Grimes, who made a furious onslaught upon tho lobby, which is continually clamoring for a higher taritf. Amendments to tbe bill were prepared by va rious Senators, bat most ot them were rejected. Aniajmor toe tbesidkst on ixpeacomckt. The manner in which tbc new friends of the President propose to meet on impeachment of the Executive Is (shown by one of tbe leading mem bers of tbe lower branch of the Maryland Legis lature, who, in a significant speech made yester day, said tbe President would demand that his impeachment sbonld only be tried before a Senate In which all tbc States were represented, and that if this were denied he would appeal to tbc army and navy, and tbe war would be carried into tbc Notthein States. > DINNER TO SENATOR CONELXNO- Mr, Wctmorc, of the Ohio Agency, who is a for mer townsman of Hod. Roscoc ConUllog, gives the Inner a complimentary dinner this evening, in honor of bis election to the Senate. Chief Job* iicc those. Justice Swain. Senator Wade, and General Schenck, of Ohio, Governor Morgan and Grntral Miller, of New York*, ana Senator Frc* linghnyser. will be of the party. TDE KANSAS SENATORIAL ELECTION. The election of Senators Pomeroy and Robs gives keen sail-faction hem where it is so well known that every possible cflorl was made by Mr. -Tolin«or. to defeat them and elect men pledged against impeachment. pension decision. The Commirsioncr of Pensions has decided in the case of n father of a deceased officer, who an* jdjen for pension under the act of Jane Cth, 1808, and where the mother of the officer bad already claimed received and a pension under the act of July 14th, ISC'2, that the application ol the father could not he entertained, on the ground that the act of June Cth, ISGO. exclude! the fither (ram the henettts of the Pension taws, if a dependent mother ho living, and that under the Pension taws the survivorship of a depend* ent mother is a bar (o the claim tor pension of any of the heirs of the officer, soldier or sailor, of whom the mother takes j.rcceden:e. It is believed that the mother, having been pen* Honed by teason of the sc:vlcc and death ol her fon on whom was dependent for support, all right to pension terminates with her death or marriage, and docs not vcst-lo any other heir of tbc roldicr. An appeal was taken t-> the Secre tary of the Interior, who affirmed (be decision of ihe Commissioner. randall> currency sill. The llonse Committee upon Banks and Cnr* »ct cy ogrerd 10-dny ny one majority to report Katidali's Currency Bill to the Bouse for us action. Five ofthenlne members ofthccommit* ico ore opposed to (hi* hill la fora, hut one of them was willing Randall should have an oppor* nmll> to lake the sense of the House thereupon, uinl it was accmdingly reported. nrem-m to db bent forward. General Grant has ordered upwards of 800 re* emits to ho immediately forwarded to the regl* tuci-tn serving at Potts Carpo and Phil Kearney, Dnuolnh Tnrllory, and t amp Douglas, Utah l ct rltory, to serve against the hostile Indiana. APPOINTMENT, t'nplaln Q, 1/. Ji. Bull, of Obcrlln, Ohio, has been appointed by Major General Howard, of the Crreomej/s Bureau, an Rmployment Agent, with bl» bembjtiaiteiH In Mils city, and tic will receive application* from person)' winbing to obtain from among (be fteedmen good farm hands, mechanics or female help. another reconstruction teak. The Tim**' t-pcnnl says that since last Norctn* her, leading politician!, North and Small, Repub licans, Democrats and ex-rebels alike, have been ni work on a rdui wheieby ilieaUreroneo* between <na Noth and South, and between the Executive ni.d Ixglilttilvo branches of tbc Government would bo sailpfictorMy adjusted. Suffrage end nmncHty forms the bahiit of the proposition. Pur iustarco: if South Carolina will adopt the Mas*** cbiisctlnbnflrago bancht-e. the President ta wlll inc to Issue a proclamation ol amnesty to all who approve of 1L The people of South Carolina, blacks as well as whites,can elect loyal Represent* atlves to Congress, and congress ran deiermtuo on (heir admission, the Administration Is so* t lonely considering this proposition. rnEEOMEN'H SCHOOLS AUODND WA'fIINOTON. 7 hoc ate in the District uf Columbia, Alexao* •bia ana Fairfax Countv, Virginia, and five conn* tics In Maryland, lac liroedman’s day and night •chools, 143 teachers and fi,fvw schools. RANDALL'S CirmrENCT DILL. Washington, January* 51 The Committee on Banking and Currency agreed to-dav ro report to the House, for Us action, Itaudail’s hill to create & .-inking fund and retire the Naliocal currency, 'i he vole lit committee was five in favor and thr»*o tmum Iy, Pomeroy, Hooper and Defines) against ■ln bill. One member was absent. Two members of the committee who arc In lavor of (ho nrinetpie of tbc hill wib probably oppose it when U comes up for consideration, as they entertain doubts about the passage of the hill at (Ms lime. ADBANBAS APFAIttS. A letter from a high military source, received from Mttle Kook, states that Genera! Ord’a cir cular lor the protection ot treedmen and others, under the Civil Rights Bill is nut earned out for want of adequate military force and a competent ••onit to try offenders. The worst sections of the State are poor and thinly settled, remote Hte United States forces, and iu these Federal ■imlioiifr is not rcgaidcd because it has no* i'ceti fell. The writer says the class of men ta •hese sections who have always resorted to brute toice, were nearly oil rcb-Is, and io make them icspcct the United States authorities, there must netuorc military force. These facts have been luongbt to the oucoliou of several Senators, and it is understood that Gcncial Grant has ordered ■ he requisite mili'ary n*ststnnce. I,'NION PACIFIC RAILROAD. Tiic C'Dion Parifle Railroad Ucmuany, Eastern Ditfrioii. yesterday received f 1(10.000 in six per cent bond 1 *, thirty years to run. the same hiving ruenri cel ted in acceptance by the Government of ix tocliocs, twenty-five miles west ot Fort Ulioy, .Kansas, complied early in December. order mux ocneral howaiip. Major Gcnc*at Ifowoni has issued a circular to Assistant CommUsiontrs of ihe Bureau th it, until further orders, no fees or charges will be ended by officers or agents of the Bureau, for services they may render in connection with contracts be tween Deed people and their employers. an unfortunate hank president. I.cnnatd Iluvrk, late President of the exploded Merchants’ National Bat>k,bas been commitied to jail m default of bail in the sum of &M. 030 to an swer to an indiclment stated to have been found against him. Some tew person* offered to become security, hut were rclused by the court. HILL TOlt THE TRANSFERAL OF TUB INDIAN BtrtiEAtr. Washington. Januarv 41.—'The House Military Committee have agreed to reports bill transferring ire Indian Bureau front the Interior to the War Department. GOLD AND SILVER TIELD OP THE PACIFIC STATES. The gold at d sliver yield of the Pacific States and Territories lor ISCS Is estimated at one hun dred and six millions. THE NATIONAL ACADE3IT OF SCIENCE iheld session in the Capitol to-day. Profe sor Henry icfsirlli.g. Reports on different scientific subjects were presented. COXCBESSIO.NAIi PROCEEDINGS, Washington, January 9L SENATE. Mr. MOTHHLi., from the Committee on Com* meice, reported a oil! supplementary to the act to prevent unugglli c, which passed. The 101 l to grant aid to the San Francisco Gen ital Pacific Railroad. was considered and post poned till to-morrow. On motion of Mr. WI7.SON, the Secretary of War was instrnctcd to report the names ofolUcers appointed order the regular army bill last sum iu- r, who have failed to Jolu thetr regiments. The credential? of Senator Ficllngbuyscn were presented. Mr. \V ADE. from the Committee on Territories, reported a bill amendatory of the act providing a Tviritorldl Onvcrnmenl for Montana, defining die power* of the Probate Court* legalizing public acts of the second and third sessions of the I,cgl*. Inilve Assembly, until approved or disapproved by the m-si session : fixing the salaries of Terri torial otllccrs. and repealing the act placing Dako tan and Montana in one surveying district. Mr. VANAVIKKLK, from the Committee on Finance, reported a Joint resolution suspending the coHecllua of direct taxes In West Virginia, nub the llnlse amendments, and another amend ment author>xtug the Secretary of the Treasury to charge the State with an amount proportional to the value of real estate which her counties bore to the v hole Mate ol Virginia in 19*1. Mr. FKSSKNDEN, from the Finance Cornmlt ,rJ't repotted ihc Dcelslatlee Appropriation illll, . * C T amendments, via: For lomporary hSWJS rjetsory Department. fWMM); Uu ,or facilitating tele ?J!.?fl' P «Vr\Vi? , ' iS Mo ? , ' cIWpCD the Atlantic and liJn?r c*"kVl, A'S'”** '» Mr. WADElnlroduccrt a hill to provide for the by lito Chief .Justice of SbeVsot h? huiircme Court among the Circuits and the ap pointment of a Marshal at a Mlary 1,1 1 I be Tariff 1111 l wa* taken up. * Mr. OH/MES delivered a speech In opposition •beifto, claiming that two or llueo law mantihc iijnntr interests of the round? are dissatisfied I nllhttieh enormpus pri-llls ofibe last *|x yeara, and dtimnlned at wba’ever co«t to put more money In their pockets, To llila end they i have peistiaocd •mm* and eorrred other msttntar. tilting laleresls to untie In Itm detnind for pro. « i'tb»n to American labor, but vital some oilier people with more Irnili call robbery of American Isbm and agriculture, Mr. (iriKies then procrerted to examine and con dnnii the details ol Die bill, which he railed • hill lodicienae Urn rovenun and destroy Hie com mereeof Hie country, and Ignore agriculturists, In pieteiireto nroteri Mr. r.DMHNHK'amendment loimtbonks,maps, and chart imported fur the use or public and col lege libraries, llteiiry mcUilus, Ac., npoo Hie bee list, was adopted. Heveial other amendments were offered, Includ ing one by Mr. Wade, to Increase the duly on lin seed or flax seed, which were nil retorted. Hie amendment ollcred by Mr. KHKIJNH- Hl’iKl.ft to lncte*s« the duty on lluseeil or flax seed to twenty ten's per buMicl, mid on linseed oil lo Jhlny cents per gallon was, however, rdonlrd, IhedNaerermentof the House on Ihe Penile amendment lo Hie bill relative to Hie appointment of pension agents, was announced. 'ihe Pedate Insisted *hd agreed to n Conference Committee. Adjourned, llulifrit. Mr, KAPsoN. from the CommUteemi Appfn* pilatlotis, teiiuried Hie Indian AppropriaH'tn 11111, and It was made Hie special order for Tuesday. Mr pciiHIXH introduc'd a bill fur holding Hie Hi lled Males Climill Hoitrilti Erie, (’*. He* f« ll' fl commiHcp. Mr. PtllivNt It wave hoilc« tlial Im should la* morrow, or haimday, r«moi Hm hotmiy Hill, amt n»l. ihirilt bo put on it* pMMgn, , Mr. j’KtlllAM* from!tin Hommlldmott Invalid lb nrion*, 101.011041 a Joli to pi'iMon (h 4 surviving Mitdieia of tho war of mis, oidemd iirltimd. Mi. JHHWT.M., from lb« H.mnnhiV.mXgn* . ntllute, lapofted a joint resolution lo attend tba r provision*of ||.o AgtlrUlHirel College Act to ‘fVn* . IUISM2H, Mr l.vhi.ONl) did notice why (bareshonld hs ’ 5V “• r ?l*dnn in favor ol Tennaiaee, and why all ' ntauiN uittiv to rebellion tlmuld not bo embraced I W 1^. 1-100 * oi Ibu bill. Ml. MA> MAUD protested against bU BUU bs mg put in companson with Stale* noi represented * 1 1* 1 4104x1 D P°° en Hr#ly different Mr. BIOSES look tho floor In defence of Ten* i Cfjia^o VOL. XX. neuM> The Government of Tennoiaee was now In the bands of her Icyai people, and Or O'tJ, who made him. It would ho kept thoie. (Applause.] Mr. LxBLOND inquired on which side the *cn tlcman stood In view of the Duncan letter, in which be had declared he was for patriotic Daria and against me tyrant l-lncoln. Mr. STOKES said that that letter was the only word any man conld put bis finger on as evidence that bu bad deviated from the track. That Mter was written on the 10th ot May, and on me I2th of May be took tbe stump In favor ot Lincoln aodibe Government. He bad fought out ot the Duncan letter as LeDlond ought to have done out of his Copperhead connections. JApoianfc.! . . Alter further debate, Mr. DONNELIA moved an amci dment that the land granted should be bc-ld b> tbe State of Tennessee, subject to tbc con dition that no person should be emplovcd os pro feSFor or teacher In such college who ever held a military or dvl( office under the Coutelerato Gov ernment or under the rebel Stale Government of Tennessee. Adopted. The previous question was seconded. Mr. COOPEIL In noticing a remark of Mr. Kelly, denouncing Johnson as a usurper, said that II be were permitted bv parliamentary de corum, be would reply to mm in tbc language of Marlon, “Lord Angus, thou ha»t lied.” Mr. KELLY said be had been informed by those sitting around him, that tbe gentleman from Ten nessee bad made some ofieueive allusion to bun. That gentleman was, while usurpation was being plotted, (be confidential and paid agent of tbe usurper. He knew all secrets of usurpation. If conscience bad not been extinguished in him. It would not permit him to deny the charge ho (Kelly) bad made of usurpation. To this Mr. CASPEUrep'led: “IJwas confidential friend of the Prea’dcnt of the United Stater, and I glory in the fact. Bat not one dollarof hie money Las been handled by me, and when the gentleman from Pennsylvania says 1 was Ibc paid agent ot Mr. Johnson, be lies again, (aeasatlon. j The SPEAKER called him to order. Mr.KEI LY—l know It was not Andrew John son's own moiwy that the member from Tennes see bandied. It was our money, the money of the people of tbe United States. The member from Tennessee was a member of Mr. Johnson’s house t ol<t. and was paid for bis services, bat 1 will not bandy word? with ■ Im. , _ , JU 4 ... Mr. JENCKS made a point of order that this dhcussion was not in order, having no reference to the fubicct, , , , . . TheSPEAKER sustained tbc point of order, and the personal altercation was stopped. The j< lot resolution passed wilnout division, with Mr. Donnelly's amendment, by a vote of HC The House ptocceded to the consideration of Mr. Stevens*’ Reconstruction Bill. Mr. RAYMOND addressed the Boose against 'tilt Mil. . Mr. SBEUABARGER made a speech In sup. port of It. Mr, STEVENS Indicated an intention to call no the Reconstruction Rill to-morrow, mid In vlevr of the coi-fllcllng opinions of the Republican side, move to lo; 1* on (Re tabic. The went into Committee of tho Whole, and Mr. MOKHIJX made a speech on theflnaucial question. ILo resumption 01 specie payments ny the Government cannot ho obtained until mere teeomc cuilallmcni In the circulation of lend lender notas, say JSS'UXKMJOO, nor,perhaps, until by stiffening the tanlf, we check the out-going Ol California cold, hut when resumption does occur, it will at once unlock the large amount of specie biihcrto withdrawn from circulation, and prices being also reduced, a lees amount of currency will be required. No dtsssfronfi effects need follow !• the people and the Secretary ol the Treasury only exercise com mon prndenec. All expect (bn couuiiy to taco u sumption at some'time, and It K after all. a qnct-ttun as to ulint time wilt be the ba-t, and pro ductive of the least Inconvenience. For my own part lam pnreunded if we start now, wc shall teach (be coal of resumption earlier tbau the most devoted patrons of the exclusively paper money system would wish, l/ lns rather strive to give to labor Its largest constant re raancrulion, and equally strive to sustain the Government by the smallest amount jf taxation. Nevrrwns it more Important that wo should fix our tax revenue system upon a staple hotls to stand lor a solicit of years. Hut if our political condition did rolfoi bid this, the un fundi d National d< bL and above all immense vol ume of National Rank ami legal tender currency, v 111 not penult It. Tlic United States mu<l bo a grand power among the nations of the earth, or noiotnir. T>ie first sign of exhaustion will be the signal for oil our toes to crush our national exist, enec. We must not forget that in cruel ccriuiei at home, wo have been furnished with » eiilHrobur.onuie of evidence Hint those who gov* ern foreign nations sro by no moans our filcnas. Earmetly seeking pence, am! believing honoiabh* pence possible, wc maybe flitted into war, «c may bo assailed. and Urns called on to defend ourselves wlin all our might. Jf our nnnncini condition is only sound, wucati easily bear tho strain, but until we havo our debts solidly fuurdcd, until (hoy are held whore liny will not leap into the market and crush all domestic credit at the first croaking* ot alarm, an addition ot another thousand millions debt in to bu avoided; a oar to be supported by Inflated currency is devoutly to bo shunned. 1 do not like the Idea of being under perpetual hocus (o keen the peace. Therefore, jc is oar highest duty to insist on a rigid economy, ami. second, to restate onr finances to a normal condl Uou— to a specie standard—at tho corllcrt pencil cubic moment. Producing more gold and silver than all the real of the world, let us not endure tie reproach Unit we do not Know how to keep it. Able to bring Into the field the mightiest armies,let ns also be equally strong in our meats of (definite and independent support. Let any who may seek war with us know from tho outset that it will bo one commensurate with our physical and geo graphical proportions, and in no way inferior to our past history. Wc must look at solcrfacts. ThefmviUble ex reuse of the Government must be provided for. The Interest or. our public debt U estimated next year at f UC.W1.512, and unless the perpetual piper propaganui-l shall prevail, upon the final redemption or the h eal tender currency this will bo it creased about |fiU,UUUXKt to S2S.utKJ.UOO, or, in the aggregate, more than onr whole public debt in l&l. when U reached the highest point, 3. prior to the recent rebellion. Our navy haa been very largely Increased, and it is not probable It will over shrink to Its former nfli row proper ions. In this department oar an nual expenditure will he or nearly twice bh much os before the war. The rcgulir at my is now fixed at about fit. Goo, but we bare to provide lor nearly nO.UUU for the coming year, n.rwi cr IP,CCD are foicvcr obsolete, and !♦ must bo kept capable ol Instant and formidable expansion. The estimated cost for the War Department for the coming year is The extra Imnwty we provided Tor last year will be *30.000,U"b. All cf which Is yd to be paid. 'Hie ' pension appropriation requires *13,177,440, or as mnch as the whole expenses of the Govern ment in 183-1 and iftK Tlie new claims of several that of Mireonn. already repotted upon at 57.0(D,00(i, may be regarded as a foretaste, will weigh heavily upon the treasury. The Indians require on annual perpetual expenditure of *3,5(0.(100 more. The Freeamen’s Uureau will cot l tor the coming year *20,33(1,2(5.55, but It has an unexpended land on hand ol two-thirds this amount. With the most Inflexible economy, without any guarantee that the hills of Montezuma shall have icrtored ihc gold abstracted by Cortez, or with out the Indulecnce of any other splendid f.tliv, our expenditures for all purposes cannot be brought down to anything like the old standard of flirty or seventy million dollars per annum. Heavy taxation is at present unavoidable, but this will every year be diminished by increased wealth and Increased population. The Pam Ex hibition will attract Americans ever addicted to travel by thousands. It will be a very modest estimate that 7f1,('00 persons will this year cross the Atlantic, and the cost will not be less than fi,£Uo each in cold, or a total of K!!S,SUI,COO, which in currency would be over : fir-0.(i00,Pfl0. Some will estimate the nnmbcr mnch higher, and the expenditures greater. This will swallow the production of all oar cold and silver 'or the year to come, or. what is more bkcly, Its equivalent in United States bonds, to be disposed of as exigencies of individuals may require. Such a dram way he ill-timed, bat there is no c.-cape f om it. For the present our lesson as a nation is economy, rest, abstinence. 1 know that excellent men eniertain mnch afP-citon for paper moo»y, although no one al the time ot Its Intro •'ocHrn dreamed ot its overgrown proportions nor of using it beyond toe war exigencies ortho Cover meat. Its nsc was justified only by overwhelm ng necessity, which was to be terminated with the first dawn of peace. 1 contest to a feeling almost ol mollification in having the conviction that tots question requires sober argument before the American Congress. How any fnend of American industry can espouse the caoscof an endless reign ol paper cmrency. ol w.->ch It takes one dollar a*d thhty or forty and fifty cents (o buy a dollar* .jla specie, is to me Incomprehensible. Our paper currency represents dimension without gravity, and Its per petuation mUhl prove destructive to both employer and employes. I am no defender of the politics of the Secretary of the Treasury. They have been, and arc, dis •aMefnl to me. The political sins of the Secretary arc patent, but we know not what has been re shied. Should we diire him from hts position. Is It likely that any successor would have more the confidtnco of the country. His recommendations. -o tar as I am concerned, shall not be condemned becaa-omade by him—only scrutinized. I don't think it vnll be very wise for Congress to get wrong on financial questions, because the Secre tary happens to be right, though wrong political ly. Formyself, 1 shaltnot make the mistake of opposing him when my conscience assures me that be Is sound and true, alibongh I think be bos named a day for the resumption of specie oav ments somewhat earlier than it will bo possible lo achieve that. The unalterable purpose (o re sume at an early dav is sound In principle, poller and morals, and If Congress shall thwart this pur pose it will hare doomed the country to nng tea’s of suffering. On the HiQ lof May. I PCS, the premium ou cold bad fallen to issii per cent, bating fallen from WJ tier cent in Match, and liom a much higher point than that in January, without producing a perceptible ripple In financial circles, and tar less •ante. There were a,7W failures m imo, In the Inilrd Stales, amounting to *'K,7i!i.t7o. but Is I son there were only D»i, amounting Ptsi7.r«j «.(W, or about one fourth the averse*' number, and (be amount of mortgages made light had been liqui dated. The old system of mercantile credits, hy common consent, had been banished. The B<mth, in losing all, had tost Its credit, and (rust In that direction was imporelhlc. All (ell that to "pay a» jon go" was the sound pnllry. Tli>* srrtpturat Injunction 11 owe no mm anything" had been Implicitly obeyed, and then wa* Hie uold-n moment not oiiiy for political reconstruction, hut M'lmn In specie payment. Then the capital of Hie country was Idle, and might have been hrcrlv en* tlsied Inin ibe/eivlce til tbe rmitilry. The Vatu, t sign ol paper currency was over, ami walled only in !.«• honotably discharged. Useful once, it was mm onl* an tncnmhiAnce. I lo W cstern Htab s, prior In the war, were large. '* i(ivn>*'n In dr-til, and ihey not only pmd off ibdi n firblednes* of not |c»a Hun • Un0,0"0.000. but they brrome large holders of United H'ales se. riintles, with the mesnsol becnnimlng still larger hnldeis. Up to this time neither In the West nor any oilier part iff the euumiy have our people ssaed or received (he aneletit measure of cn-rtlts. Notwlthilanding the drain of war, the great manes of the people are free Irom debt. Tliankr. at losif, lo the Hccretsrv of the Tress nry tor having borne* atoll the miller of early re- Minipltan of specie pay menu. This, || uo more, has promiled the cmtnliy Irom holcMinllo expan sion of credits, from plunging heiullodi' into debt, and never. In my opinion. Blind we have a more suspicions moment lo lotilate measures for n vigorous retirement of the excess of mir paper cunenev. ] wish I could believe that (he Treas ury estimates rtf (he receipts from customs tor (he years tttfl and IPOS were nut lou Urge, but 1 catiuol. and Intend l f|l4fi,wp,urei. II wegrt les*hy*WM».WMtomjhl to I'OPteni and be sallsUelory to (he country, Hie eni ncllyol (ite Hotilh (oeoiisnme ayd pry tor Im mense Itiipwrlallotif’ has been VAMIr nverrnhd, a lid (be tatre (rads alone, it Is iitoUahfs, much ex ceeds Hip eiitPe aggiPßStool (he Himlherii trade lew Idly restored, Trotnpl action, so grnrfally *x priled on Ihe In*lit t>ii) now pending In Kip Mm ole, by which rales of diiltes would be sotiipwbal tnireased tor« Hum. great 1 * slimuUlH I’iipoMa* HoM», ami hp have had tmlli a glut of in"ieliMt (llreaed iff tevcmie, ny no lupniis lo hemiibipa Irdlurtliernmingyiar. II U most hkrfy ihat the Herrelary of dm Ti"ita' my ha* linden♦limnh rt the smmuiui of United males hni.ns in Id abroad, and 1 hot ln»|r>s<lof jJitli.iKMi.nco. not less (hail of ourna- Kona) sneurlHi'M ars so held, Ho long n« Hiey re> main below par abroad Hrey will be held mure or b-sa as slock*, likely to be relumed fur re* alluUon at any moment. If Hu y could he made equal Ip par, It auea not seem that boldeis would pan with socnilUes lor which they ware receiving kixiwcent interest in order to accent another no heller at three and one-half, Beyond a question, when our bonds btlag what they represent, dollar tar dollar, • new • loan payable abroad could be negotiated It Jt *ero desirable at flVPrremt, sod perhaps at four and a half per cent We shall ere Ion? demonstrate (bat It Is safer to trust lit* United Stales at three ai d a half per cent than any other nation in the world. First we moat make our present obligations worth thclrpar value in gold at homo. Mr. WORBILI* gave statistics showing tbo pres* ent paper currency at over £903,000.000, with acto olly less buelness than we *ere Quing six years aao with lets than ouo-qnarter the sum. Ihoen tire amount in Great Britain in 1865 was hardly A* £0,(00,000, while her trade and commerce exceed* cd that of onr own or any other nation. Our own Mchtti bank note cxrcalatlon before was £514,‘<76,8&3. 110 also argued that gold was (be cheapest thing «u bad to sell. Governmen requires gold to be paid at the Custom House, it pays odi an equal amount at the Sub-Treasury. This is 'be Inflexible and perpetual measure of our wants. So lone as this continues we are maintaining tbe paper svsttu- to the great disad vantage o! foreign nations, and onr own loss. While It continues we shall bo the subjects of foreign plunder and spoil of gold speculators. Every man's property la at the mercy of the wild waves of an located currency. It Is often said that if lepsl tender Issues were withdrawn, we fhonld be the loser by the amount of increased Interest The commercial health of the country is of tenfold more value than <3I,CXXJ,OOO to the Government- With an inconvertible paper, health is impossible, but with health we coutd negotiate all loans for one-sixth lees inter* cel. The £00(1,000,000 of National Bank currency tuelf would be convertible, being over fifty per cent more than we baa. While we have already entirely extinguished, or propose to extinguish, the circulation of State Bonks, we have supplied its place, and much more, by the creation of a family of National Banks whose Issues alone are £HX), 000,000 greater than the circulation displaced —issues everywhere practically Irredeemable and inconvertible, and only claiming to be convertible at some time or other In paper currency of stilt larger proportions, which the Govern ment will In some way and nt some time redeem, if it does notchoooc h.,-*tevd to go more deeply into the monopuW offaucy colored paper money. A bill of exchange and checks of individuals really possesses in col lateral transactions ail the functions of bank note currency, and in modern times are tired at least tilr.c times more extensively, and therefore in proportion to the business of the world tar less money la actually required than formerly; that rapidity of circulation of money, or whatever cir culates as money, grea'ly magnifies any currency which maybe usedu the Bulled Stalest; be im mensity of our paper money circulation tends to tbc spread of unthrifty habits and induces extrav agance on the part of Congress and Executive liepartmcnla as well as the people; that spost ponement of time and resumption will find our people leas prepared, more deeply in debt, the banks with a heavier tine of discounts, and the credit system more exoanded everywhere than now-, for a wise, steady and prudent adherence to tho Idea of early resumption; and without this cardinal idea always m front, wc arc in danger. In the face of a tltmltuf blog revenue, of no retiimp* tion at all. A violent or abrupt contraction of tfie present volume of paper currency might not be advisable, and with even the present interest of tho Pro usury urging the maintenance of an easy money market there Is no danger of Us occurrence; but a mode rate and persistent contraction of the flood within its old embankment is advisable, in order to re store health and vigor to the languishing Indus tne*-, and In order to build up our greatness as a notion upon an impregnable foundation. On motion of Mr. TRIMBLE the Committee of Ways and Means were instructed to inquire into the expediency of repealing the tax ou cotton ; nice allowing cotton to he removed to market wtthouta bund. Mr. I’AINIJ. from (be Committee on Milllia, reporte d a trill to provide for organizing ana dis ciplining tho militia. Ordered printed and re commit'ed. ’ihr SPEAKER presented a communication from tho Secretary ol War. relative to tho riot In Norfolk, April Kith, ISfifl; also relating to the Im prisonment of Rev. Wm. Fonchor, a missionary to llicjFrccdtncn. iten rred. On motion of Mr. DODGE, tho President was requested to cominimlone Information In refer ence lo the removal of the Protestant Church, al the Amcticau Embassy at Homo. Adjourned. FROM SPRINGFIELD. (Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune.) SrntNoriELU, in., January 21. mix* to cheats a hoard or uailiioad counts- SIONKRB, Senator Mack introduced a biti to-day to create a Hoard of Railroad Commissioners. It appoints 11.1*. Mason, John i’ulmorand Ham. U. Marshall It&ilroad Commissioners, and authomoa them to examine acml-anmtally tho schedule of rate* for the transportation of property on every railroad in the btulc; and whenever raid Commissioners shall ascertain that any railroad company Is charg ing for transportation to or from any point on its lino an oxhorbltant or unjnst rate, the Commis sioners shall make application in writing to said company to rcdjme such rate to the extent which said CommiestSbrs may require. The vol untary compliance of any railroad with this re quest shall not bo taken as a waiver or surrender of Its chartered rights. If any railroad shall re fuse to comply with this request, the Commis sioners ore directed to make application to the Supreme Court ot the State, Jurisdiction being conferred upon the court lor a writ of mandamus requiring the said railroad comnany to appear forthwith, and show cause why it should not com ply with said request, and upon a bearing of the implication the court may issue a dtcnlal order directing said company to make the redactions in its rates required by the Commissioners, and H the company shall refuse to obey this order within twenty days, it shall forfeit Its charter. The salary of the Commissioners Is fixed at $3,000 a year each, in full for salary and expenses. The re mainder of tho bill Is devoted to details. GENERAL FUIXEB's XIAnHOAD BIZI. The Senate occupied aportion of the morning session in discussing General Fuller’s Railroad bill. The final vole on the bill was, ayes IS, nays 7—precisely as 1 predicted In my despatch of yes terday. This is a very emphatic expression of this branch of the General Assembly, upon a question which bos occupied the public mind for the past ;eu, THE WINNESHIEK INSURANCE COMPANY, of Freeport, which has occupied a rather promi nent, bnt I may say not popular, position in the minds of the people of-Northwestern Illinois for the past twelvemonths, put a hill into the Bouse to-day to change it from a mutual to a stock com pany, with the privilege of changing Its home of fice to such point as tho Board of Directors may deem fur their inicrcst. THE CANAL QUESTION. The friccds of the canal improvement are very busy in maturing a bill whl-h shall meet the wishes of the people. They have almost dally sessions, frequently in connection with the com mittees of the General Assembly, to whom the till will f>ccommitted. Colonel Gooding, Colonel Morse, Colore) Huduolt, Carter Randolph, Major Allen aud other gentlemen of ability and expert cure are here giving their attention to the details of the bill. It will be ready for Introduction to morrow or next day, and (ho very general impres sion is that it will become a law. ms WAREHOUSE MONOPOLY. The elevator question la hourly becoming more absorbing. Charles Randolph of your ctiy, reached here lost night, nod, to the astonishment of many, announces himself as the champion of the elevator monopoly. His folends explain bis position by asserting that be carries in bis pocket a charter for a new elevator company, which he anticipates the General Assembly win pass into a law. ‘3. TV. J. Colton, of tie firm of Morten, Col ton & Sprague, is here os the champion of tbe Eastman Bill, or something like it, and is work ing with a wl)) against the monopolists. He Is backed by several other gentlemen from the Chi cago Boatd of Trade. 31tc fight will prove an ex citing one, and will doubtless enlist a large num ber of champions on cither side before the ques tion is finally settled. ixprsmuL couese site. Dr. A. 21. Miller, formerly Representative In the Legislature, ip here from Princeton, Logan Conn* ly, wiih an offer of fooo,ooo In cash for (he location of the Industrial Polverslty at that place. This Is a handsome offer, and comes in a tangible ehape. UEV7SKAXT OOVEIWOtt BROS 9 delivered his lecture, “A Trip Across the Conti* uent,” to a large, highly respectable and enthusi astic audience. In tbo Representative Hall, this evening. The Icctnrc was delivered at tbo Invita tion of both houses of the General Assembly. THE WEATHKS. It commenced raining hero about seven o'clock tills evening. and continued up to tbls hoar, ten o'clock. The rain freezes as It fail?, which ren ders navigation through the street? of a slippery and somewhat dangcrone character. In fact. It requires a deal of strategy to keep In a vertical position. THE STATE LEGISLATURES ILLINOIS. special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.) Hrmnoimi), January 31. lIOUHH. r»TtttOK9. For Uio removal of (be county sent of Leo County from Dixon to Amboy; from the clllxcns of Chicago for a law authorising the municipal authorities of the city of Chicago to make gas for the use of the cltyt from the Uvatutoti Philo sophical Association, fur the Introduction of the metric system of weights and measures In the public schools of the Htale. tuus tKTiionucKn. To provide for recording wills i to amend lh illy Charleroi Clnragoi in (eieii military lactic* hi lie normal schools] In change Hie Hme of holding courts In ihe Keveuleenin Judicial 111*. irlci—pß*ssd| to base Ihe penitentiarys to In corporate Ihe Juliet A Aurora Itallruaif I’ompv uy t to legulaie warehouses and auihurue comtruclloiis of railroads and warehouse nod oilier ptirpo#et| In provide for Iheamliemi. radon of documents by the Secretary of Ml ite 5 to Incorporate (ho Wisconsin Hial.r Line lisllroad Company l to omend the revenue law; (os-cure personal Jlhcityj in Ineurpuratc Ho* Illinois Hub dlers* College at FulUm j to amend Ihe charter ol lioiltv ofl'corls—ion pages legs] rat*: 10 apportion the Plate Into Congressional. Hrnatorlai and Ucprefcnlatlve districts i to increase (ho eID cbncyofllie ecological and Muicmlogkal Survey of the Stale 1 lor the prcscrvailuu of garnet to appoint an inspector ol slcarahoal boilers t lulu* corporate Ihe Chicago. Itranstou & Lake Forest lialiroad Company t to Incorporate the Chicago & JaSalte llalltaad Company. tub cunitm nrtinnß. Mr. CHILDS moved (0 suspend the rules In order lo withdraw from Ine Penile certain tesoltp lions In«U tiding Congress sgsiusl the granting ol a hildgenciossMie Mississippi, nob's* said bridge had an enormous ami unnecessarily large span. Ti c icsoiulP'ps weie adopted by a mistake on Ihe perl nfthe mo»t of (he members, having been lushed through without debate at mi ntietuee'Mi Inohit'iii in ihe hasty manner too common hero D ihey wete sent lo tongiess mid •mounted lo any* ihmg si nil it would lie 10 ttet'easilale the (earing down of Min plesenl latbige, the stoppage of (he pfl' ldi 1 mail, and of sll ('sme on Urn tiroai I’nlou •rmine llsuiosd, ami would beof InrilniUble damage, wiilmui any corresponding lii’tiPiD, He Iheh-foie urged a more (borough nnner»mnd)ng of Ihe niatior before commuting (be L'gislature Ibe House reinsert hi* motion, prefer! Ing to gJ H blind. Jllponrs OP OTANPIMQ oomrirnrea were next In order, and a great number of bills wme reporteo back with recommendation lor en* grosament, third reading, or other dupo.liloa, which recoramvodatluna were adopted In all in* •taseea without dUeuaalon or vote. am rou run odioaoo »*» and saw iirnnHAnr. The coflualtiee'a labstltute (or CUUo'e bQI CHICAGO, FIRDAY. JANUARY 25. 1867. appropriating s.%ooopt;r annum In aid of the Chi cago sno Ear Infirmary, for tbe purpose o» supporting fun; poor patients, came up, cud was discoMCd ut length. Messrs. CHILDS end TATLOR armed Id favor of, and WHITE, KNAPPaod EPI.EB opposed It. Tbe latter termed it a local measure, and an Impu dent attempt to plunder the State Treasury. His conoty, he said, night not have a patient In the Institntlun In Ira years. Mr. SHEPARD responded that a meat portion of the Inmates were ex-soldiers of the Onion army, and be was ready to believe not many or them would come from Cass County, indeed the presence oc this floor or the gentleman from Cass (Epler) rendered the supposition very probable that that couLty did not have many meu in the war. {Applause on tbe Republican side of tne House.] An attempt to adjourn was made and failed. Alter-ome filibustering the bill was orucred to a third reeding. Adjourned till to-morrow. SENATE. A BOAIin OF DALROAD COJQOSSIOHEBS. . Mr. MACK obtained leave to introduce* bill to appoint a Board of Railroad Commissioners, and define tbe duties of tne same. Ordered to lie on the table, and be printed. xn. fuller's railroad BEsoLtmoire. The Senate resumed the consideration of Mr. Mack’s amendment to Mr. Fuller’s railroad reso lutious.'tbe debate having closed yesterday with out arriving at a vote. Before tbe debate be gan, Mr. EASTMAN rose to a question orprlvilcge, and presented a preamble and resolutions passed by tbe Chicago Board of Trade, relative to the warehousing of grain. Referred to tbe Commit tee on Railroads. Mr. MDNN then took tbe floor on Air. Mack’s amendment, opposing it. Messrs. Cobra, Met calf, Webster and For spoke on tbe same side, and Mr. Gunter for It. A vote was taken and tbe amendment rejected by a vote of 7 to IS. Mr. WOODSOts, talking in favor of tbe amend ment, explained bis position and made a speech, claiming that railroad cDarters were contracts, and could not he abrogated by tbe Legislature. . Mr. AIACK offered another amendment to tbe resolution, to the effect that the Legislature could not tecnlare railroads till some clearly established case of extortion by railroad companies bad been proven. Rejected by a vote of 19 to 7, The vote was then taken on Mr, Fuller’s resolutions, aud they were adopted bv a vole of IS to 7—Messrs. Hunter, Mack. Shepherd, Wes cott, Woodson, Cbcney and Chittenden voting in the negative. Adjourned till two p. m. Airmoos BEBSIOK, Before proctcaing with the special order, tbe following Dills were introduced: To Incorporate the M Ustsslppi River & Wisconsin State Line Rail road Company; to incorporate the Orphan Asy lum lor Southern Illinois, at Cairo. A REW RAILROAD BILL. Mr. STRAIN obtained leave to introduce a res olution Instructing the Committee on Railroads to propose a bill regulating tbe tariff of freight and passengers on rail*oads. in accordance with the principles of Mr. Fuller’s resolutions, and to pre pare a bill declaratory of the law of railroad con soldatlon, as enunciated in the some resolutions. I Aid over. PATSnrKT op TOP LtOIStITUnS. The bill to provide for the partial payment of men bets ol ibe Legislature, its officers and em ployees, wax taken up aud passed. TDCIXUrsmtAL COLLEGE BILL came up as the special order, Mr. Tincbcr’s amendment to strike out the section providing tor tbe appointment of commissioners to locate the college, hclnc the pending question. A vote was taken, mid the amendment adopted by IS to 9. On motion of Mr. AIACE, all the bills relating to the Agiicnltarat College wore refertedto a spe cial committee of five. Mcsers. Mack, Colds, Btndmcll, Tncker and McConnell were appointed said committee. The btP to amend the charter of the Agricnßu lural College was called up nud put on Us passage. One of Its amendments prohibits the sale ul liquor near tbe College. The bill passed asanendou. Mr. WOODSON gave notice of a motion for re consideration. Mr. STRAIN int'odneed a resolution providing that the Special Committee ou the Agricultural College bo increased to nine. Rejected by a vole of 12 to PI. . Mr. STRAIN introduced a resolution providing (hat In the exercise of Hie right of eminent do main. tbe Irnnchises of one railroad company may ba taken by another upon pojmonl of damages, U the public good requites. Mid over. HILLS IfCTHODOCKP, To Incorporate iho Youug Indies* Atbeurcam of Jacksonville: to Incorporate the onwsimner com ® called the Chicago Apr ; to incorporate the va Cottmi Mnmiincturlng Company; to on* courage faihlrg mllllasy science in Uto Normal Univi ralty ; to levee the Wabash River. Adjourned. INDIANA. ISpcclnl Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Indianapolis, January 21. SENATE. Tho Senate met at two o'clock. The rules wore amended so as to have one ses sion dally for the first thirty Instead of fifteen days. A petition from the S'ato Board of Agrlcnltnro and the Horticultural Society, for an appropriation to pay for the publication of the reports of these societies, was referred. The Specific Appropriation BID returned from the House with amendments, was taken op. The Bouse amendment making the pay or tho Clerk and assistants four dollara and pages two dollars per day was chanced to five and three. The Sen ate alfo rctnsrd to conrnr In the Boose amend* ments making appropriations for the benevolent uiMuntlous. The special order being the contested election case from Madison and Grant Counties was taken up. Ro» intor, the contestor. was admitted to the floor with the privilege of speaking. The majori ty and minority reports wore read Mr. Richmond, regarding tho minority report as reflecting upon the Integrity of a majority of the committee, moved Us rejection. Alter au ex citing achate and various motions. Mr. Robinson addressed the Senate In behalf of bis claim, and farther consideration was deferred until to-mor row. The following message from Governor Morton waa lead, resinning hta position: governor mouton’s nrsiaxATiON. To the General Assembly of the State ot Indiana: (■Having been elected to Ibe office of Culled totes benntor, I desire to express my deep sense of obligation for this blab mark of your confi dence and esteem, i his election Is more precious to toe as an endorsement of ay administration extending six years, than for >ho Intrinsic value of

the office which It confers. To the large body of friends who nobly sustained me rbrongb Ibe difficulties by which I was surrounded dating the dark and perilous bouts of the rebellion, 1 am hound by sentiments of affection and gratitude which will •nd only with my life. To the officers and sol diers of Indiana, whose devoted patriotism and her ole valor have shed so much lustre upon the Slate and nation, 1 return my hrartfdt thanks lor their many manifestations of confidence and re gard. My connection with tnem lu the organiza tion and tupport of the armv will ever oe Iho proudest peiiod of my life. May the people hold them in grateful and affectionate remembrance. Oar beloved Stale has ottered upon a new career or growth, prosperity ard honor. To your charge her interests are committed, ami yon will ere to It, I am confident, that they are carefully and wisely fostered, and that no reproacn shall be bionght upon her high character. Governor Baker is able, patriotic and faithful, and now with a consciousness of having tried to do my dnty. and with earnest prayers lor the prosperity and happiness of the people of In diana. I hereby resign Into his bauds, under the Constitution, the office of Governor. (fcicncd) O. P. Morton. ExsemvK Uetajityent, Indianapolis, January 21.15C7 • . "Lieutenant Governor Baker acknowledged the fcimh'css, courtesy a 0 cot slderaUon with which be baa been treated. Ibe Scna’c unanimously tendered thanks to Mm tor bis ability and impartiality In the dis charge ol the duties of President. Ibe Serrate then proceeded to elect a President pro ftnt. Will, t urnback received twenty-alx vo’es. and BayKras W. Hanna eighteen. Mr. Cumtack returned thanks for the honor, ai d paid a high compliment to the retiring Presl dmf. Adjourned till to-morrow at nine. HOUSE, Ibe House met at two o’clock. A number of petitions were presented for a prohibitory liquor law. A bill was introduced, leasing the Northern Pitson to Samuel P. Kirkpatrick. Also, prohib iting animals w ith contagions diseases from being sold or running at large. A message from Governor Morton was read, re timing tds office. Mr. Hughes proposed an address to tho retiring Govenur, which dr read. A motion to strike ont of tho address so much as relcrrcd to the Governor was lost. Mr. Hughes expressed surprise at this act of dl>resprc(, ar.d read from Voorhees' speech be fore the Virginia University In 1300 to prove that be was In favor of secession. After debate the resolution and address were adopted by a vote of M t*» 34. TbcDvtnocial'c members objected to tbo ad dress, as it went beyond personal compliment and endorsed the aamlnleiratloD of the Governor. Mr. Carey said tba: the abuse the minority, un der (he protection of (ho previous question, had received to-day conld only come from a coward. Mr. Hughes asked that tho words be taken down. Subsequently he rose to a question of privilege, and ofierco a resolution censuring Mr. Carey tor using tho word " coward” as applied to himself tn debate. He said If It was Carey’s ob ject to Insult him bo cannot do Ufa this House. ” If he wishes to Bud oat wbeibcr lama coward or not he can do so In flvo minutes outside of the House.” Mr. Corey remarked It matters not whether the vote of cciisutc was cast upon him now or at some future lime, but wished an opportunity to defend himself before the final vote was taken. Mr. Hughes said he did not offer Ibe resolution to vindicate himself, but lo protect the dignity of tbo House. Mr. Carey remarked ithal Mr. Hughes dented lultig personal, hut he had •ildtUathe (Carey) Iran skulked, nhlcb was equivalent lo calling him aco» ard. After further debate, the House adjourned till to-morrow morning, to give member* lima to sleep mcr matters, pending a motion to suspend (hr subject fur two weeks. IVINCONHIN. (Hj»c<Ul Urapnttlt lo (ha Clilraro TrlbnnM WIi„ January 9i BKNATU. Additional memnilals were presented In rein* Hon lu the I’srls Imposition | also** petition far a taw for Hie Insurance ol sfeam-bollrrs ami «g« emlnnllon miu the qualifications of engineers] alto a reioltiUou for 3,000 copies, In Installments of sixteen luges, of the laws passed at Ibe present session, al a cuel of three cents per copy of sixteen pages. lillla were Introduced fo amend the act of IM3, antliorialoir the Fifth Ward ol Milwaukee to par* chase grom.,l tor a market equate, and a bit) r«*» luting to documentary evidence, and several local bill*. Ibe Berate blit (o amend the charter of tho Winnebago A Lake Buptrlor itallroad Company was pap«ed. Coiipideiahle time was spent to Committee of the Whole considering (bo report of the Coimul-* plntieip (o revise the assessment and but law. No ilefli l'c action Was taken. Tire bill lu Incorpmale the Boap Blotie Btdve ManulaclMtlijtf Company caded out a teel »o'e Id dciiiip bhellicr RetißiuiP would legislate in ftUl* lets where Hum Ms sought could be Obtained un* dcr the rcheral taws, The hilt was mitered (o a thud iraillmt by an unanimous \ ole, ho special legtsialli'tvl* In order. While here id It he siaied Hjal the jh ivain mm local taws of la*t winter cover ffflFeil hundred pages. a—lmply PtmcaamNus, A million r,(im walwmin County was miro oiiccti asitli.g a change m the ay-mm of h.huul rniieilnittiulcma, mol a nt.nlnHim desiring dele* gain- In (‘.oigit-Bs to aid In Hie removal of the blockbilduo tiuttaiiP Mom bbawni’e County, and a joint ruautitilmi tor biennial >o*-iuua of the l.egis ipuire; also, tor another bookKoeper and three mmc nu-pnencera. Mr. Coleman's mediation rslllng on Mr. Uoeer to lujrry up his cb«'ge* of bribery and co'rupilon In ibe la-i two beaHluiik came np for consideration. Considerable sharp uu was had, and dushy the resolution was referred to the Committee on Bute Afalrs . The Committee on State Aflklra reported on Ur Uortr s resolution lor raising a commUleu to in ▼efwga'o fbe bribery and corruption m 1961 and I6no. alleging in their report that the committee failed to flud any evidence warranting the expense of an Investigation; that it was beneath tbe dig nity or tbe Legislature to beed tbe ru mors circulated for political onjects, or lor oefsmlzg the names ot persona bolding po litical trusts: that the Legislature should not make themselves defendants in # libel suit, the., £c-; but for ibe vindication of those Legislatures leeommended that tbe resolutions pass. Lany dilatory motions were then made, and much wrangling, but, finally, under tbe spur of the previous question, tbe resolutions were adopt ed— ayes, 5.* ; noes. £B. Tbe resolutions ratifying the Constitutional Amendment ere made the special order in tbe Assembly on the evening of February Sth. KANSAS. 6i. Louis, January 2|.—The Democrat* Topeka special says the Senate to-day defeated tbe DiU for a Constitutional Convention. A bill was introduced Is tbe Senate providing for*Board ol Immigaa'ion, and appropriating slo,o*o f<>r tbe publication of pamphlets and tbe establishment of agencies in the Eastern States and Europe. AH tbe Democrats in tbe Legislature except one signed a request for Colonel Blair, late Johnson candidate for Congress, to go to Washington and assure the President that the late Senatorial con te-iwas between Radicalism and Conservatism, in which the latter was defeated, but urging him to stand by bis friends in Kansas who aouered to him, and not allow tbe Radicals lo hold the Fede ral offices. Colonel Blair will start to-night. Senators Pomeroy and Ross have a reception at Lawrence to-night, and another at Leavenworth to-morrow. Snowing all the afternoon. MARYLAND. Amrirouß, January 53.—The Maryland Legis lature has passed an act abolishing the article in the'code permitting tbe sale of negroes into as punishment for crime, lucre will hereafter he no distinction in the State in the mode of punishing wuite and black criminals. Tbe Senate adopted a report against suspending tbe bounties to colored soldiers. The bill to repeal the act compelling tbe Senator to be taken from the Eastern Shore was dis cussed In the Senate, and meets with strong op position from (he Eastern Shore members. Toe Hou-e voted again to-day for United States Senator, with no choice. , AjtJtapouß, January 21.—The Eastern Shore Rill passed the Legislature to-day. The Enfran chisement Bill also passed the Senate. MISSOURI* Sr. Lons, January 2L—Both houses of the Mis souri Legislature have passed a resolution urging Congress to repeal tbe act appropriating money lo pay for slaves enlisted In the United States ser vice; also instructing Senators, and requesting RepfcecDlauvc? in Congress to procure, if possi ble. the rxt«saec of an act giving tbe Missouri State Militia the same County as received by other United States volunteers; also appointing a spe cial committee to investigate the sale of certain railroads in the State by tfao Governor. KENTUCKY# Fuaxktojit, Ky.. January H—Oa the Scnatoriol ballot Powell received 48, Harding <l7, Brlatow R and Robinson 1. OHIO. CiKcmKATi, January 21.—Tbo bill authorizing ho dlv of Cincinnati to pnrrhn«c its ga* works, nMra the Legislature at Columbus this afternoon jyavolo ofCTtuSl. HI EX ICO. Arrival or French Transport* at Vera Cruz—Colima Mailt In i*u**rM«koii of llic Imperiiillftt*— Continued Siiecesie* of (lie l.lbrruiM-Oplnloit* of fflcxlcan Politicians. Ntw Oni.VAKs, January 51.—Tbe siearoMdp Victor arrtved this morning, from Vera Crux on the mb instant. She brought the remains of ex- Governor Alien, ol this state. The French transports bad arrived, and were expccteo to depart m n few days with the French troops. A regiment of Egyptian* had left on a French mail steamer some Jays before. Maximilian had issued another proclamation, condemning lu the strongest terms tne conduct ol General Sedgwick lu taking poscsslon of Mat atnoras. Both tbe French aid Mexican flags were over tbe foil aud Custom House at Vera Cruz. The Liberals arc camped within twelve miles of Vera Cruz. No hostilities had taken plsco np to the departure of Iho “Victor” train, with $&000,000, tor either the French or Maximilian. Ban Francisco, January 24.— Colima advices by the Constitution, January 12, says that the dry Is still in possession of the Imperialists. Guadalajara was evacuated without a battle by the Imperial force* and occupied by tbo Liberals. Lar.odo forbids the passage of Corana'a troops through his territory. Four French war vessels were In the harbor of Acapulco. It was reposted tint the fort would be evacuated on the arrival of the flag-shtp-V ctorle. Bsowßsvnxß, Texas, January SO.—Qneralaro, wbererMejla retreated trom Ban Luis do Poiaai, Ip to boevacuatlrt by him as soon as the Liberals advance upon that dty* Keenhado left Monterey for the interior on the niWnriant. Be is at the bead of the largest Lib eral army ever got tocctbcr. Borrlaxabal succeeded In raising several thou ranu dollar* fmm merchants in Matumora*. and sent the money, ic., to Cortina on tbe lithio -tact whh orders to proceed at once to Victoria Cortina, who Ii recruiting and arming all tbe lauebero* still in Hie vicinity ot Alatamoras. say* he will be Governor of Taraoulipas. At all events bo will likely pronouu«'o for Onega. Eoi-Uo Jaaiez arrived at Durango on tho 26th ultimo. A fine of f2SO,rOO was Imposed on and between ihreeclli/.era, and a monthly preatamo of $ >O,OOO upon the clto. to replenish his treasury. Preparations an* mi king at Sou tms Poldpl for the reception of Juarez, who. It I* eoiJ, will estab lish the seal of bis Government in that city. Ibe negro patrol guard at Brownsville, trilled a rhizen and a policeman on the evening'of the ffiih Just. Mexican politicians arc certain that Ortega will soon be President of the Republic of Mexico, It Maximilian leaves. rbeMatamoras Jianchfroot January 21 says a new and great movement of reformation In the Roman Cfanrch is being Inaugurated through Mexico. Rev. Raphael Dins Manency has been elected Bishop of the new Catholic Apostolic Na tional Church of Mexico. The object of this movement is to break oil' from the old church, for the reason, as is charged, that through Romish Influences come the French arms wHch have in vaded Mexico and deluged that land with Repub lican blood. Rev. Father Hernandez, captured by tho Impe rialists, was shot by (bem, after suffering unheard of atrocities, too charges against him being Liberal tendencies and bis breaking off from the Church of Rome. The whole of the Sierra Gorda, Including the Old Church party, had pronounced for the Re publicans. The I ibersls wore fortifying Tampico, Tcrcrlno was lu San Luis recruiting. Mejia marched tu the protection of the city of Mexico. Eighteen thousand Liberals surround Cuerna vaca and the city of Mexico, under Avarez. Mexican news via Havana gives a report that Maximilian, seeing the Impossibility of calling a National Congress. has determined, in accordance with the French idea, to convoke a meeting of the soeshUsto dcclan{to them that tho Empire is a fail me. atd to base upon that declaration bis abrti rath n and withdrawal. The Church party, seeing the instability rf Maximilian, are now trying to make their peace with the liberal party ana refuse to advance. Mitamon teat Queretar*. Die Ulc was attempt ed twice in ibe towns he passed through, in many ot wnlch the people were obliged to de cline for the Empire; be threatening oiherwi.-e to bnm the houses. It Is considered a settled thing tba* Maxi mlusu will lea>e with the la«t of tee French. The greater portion <d toe merchants of Mexico hare invirco Poiflrio Diaz to occupy the city as torn as the French leave, and have already raised $200,000 to maintain his rrooos. The Imperial Genera] Iramandrld was defeated and killed in action near Caernavaca. FROM SEW YORK. Failure of (lie Brokerage Firm of Meyer* & Co.—Tliclr Bonk Account Largely Overdrawn—The Bank of North America the Loner (o the Amount of 8219,000—Sudden Death of It* Prcnldenu New Yore, January 21.—A. J. Meyer & Co., broken*, have failed, and their account at the B«tk ol North America is overdrawn to the amount of $219,001. The bank has a reserve of over $300,000. and the assets of the defaulting firm arc reported to De accessible, which would covet (be losses to various parties by the failure. Merer came here three years ago from Chicago, and bi« house has b* cc In good repute, its business being said to have reached f-LOdO.IXMi annually. John P. Yelverton, President ef the bank, died lost night of anpop exy. it seems that yesterday application wa* made to the paying teller to certify to time checks of Moyer A Co., but as the amount wos large, and there were no depos its of the firm in the bank, the bank officers de rided to assume thorrsposnilify. Mr. Yelverton waa appealed to, and having the utmost confi dence that tho deposit* would be promptly made to meet the checks, certified them. Thu loss sus tained by the bank so worked on Mr. Yclvertuti's mind silo occasion the sad event recorded. It la repotted by Meyer's friends that be did no' intend to defraud tho bank, lint was unable to meet his obligations in consequence of having sustained heavy lo«res himself. Hla barely pos thlr n compromise will be eflpctod, a* persona in tbs clly ate understood in hurt targe amount* m sectulUel tu (heir paiemaluu belonging to Meyer, Mi w Tofitt. January 91.-An engine wtlhlwcnty • midoyea tm board was thrown from tlm track nt ilm l«ot>g Island Railroad* near Jamaica, yester day. one man. James McLaughlin, being In 'Unity klllui, and iiuothcr, the engineer, horribly ami, perhaps, fatally mangled. . , 'I he German Emigrant Horjely ha* Just Issued Rianmitl report, (tom which It sp(»eara Hitt of the SffVm emigrants si this port during (he veer iHid. were Germans, most of whom left for the Western Wales. ... Ilia tveokly returns of emigration show that }.H9 emigrants landed here |a«( week) making the total since January I»f, I I,UW. fhom euiiope. A Hew i*lau fbr the Partition of the Turbtali Umpire— IKunala the illoal PrUndtr Power to Vrme, Ntw Yens. January 91.—Tho /'s Berlin cone«poudebl gives ibe outline of a plan Just pro posed lo Ueruiacy for tho psrulion ol the Turkish Empire, and lie obUlorallon ol the Pone tlovern menl, winch, if carried out simultaneously and in the InWtslsof the Christian subject* of (be Rnltan, ano by Hiibplb and Austria, would be likely to eflbct (be object without Monnsbed llupsla lake* to herself the credit of bqlug Hie (■nly plnctre triebd ol Hie oppressed people of (hr Turkish piurtnces. atm the ebllre subject wa« csnvapppd with periods mtenHoh, htHB by (he slalePhiPhl ahd people of t i >al Rmplte. Hu*pls watches the t«»btfie«s of the Austrian egltathm in Poland wim much anilely, ai d Ip lihci* lu«uHob pale (he liipsburg movement bra bold eouuief rlluke _ AUIUMA. ThO RillirflilP Court Decide- (tint llif ItitMrnre of Hie male was mil De stroyed hy fwressliiiHiraniHilluiu In . Jlrlrcl Uerlaml Valid In Cor* lain Cases, MOMTansrur, January Si,—The finnrema Court of Alabama, in tho cs*«onan anpe«ifrom H.e Ixtwdca County Court, baa decided that the exikU-uca or the butosis not destroyed by se cretion, and the military blO poll'ical events dial followed. That the CJovortimeot 01 ibe Stale wt* a tfsfacfo.OoTurnmeoU though not to harmony with the United States Constitution and I CiOTwnmcßt, and that all acta uadsr Uta aotborliy of srch de facto Government before tbe anrrender, fo far as they were execute 1. were valid. Tic validity of such acts does not depend on the con formity of taw to the Constitution of tbe Doited States. Guardians who have made investments In Contortetate bonds and received Coni derate treasury notes under tbe authority of an act of the legislature of December, 1861. in good faith, arc entitled to ccoll on account thereof. This decision settle'* tbe question of HabSPy where an administrator received Confederate treasury notes in payment of debts due tne estate. Chief Justice Walker delivered the opinion. TV EM)ELL PHILLIPS. “ HU Speech Before ihe aiaiucbuietti Legislative Committee la opposition lo tbe Constitutional' Amendment— Speeches on tbe Same Side by Dr. feandolpb. of New Orleans* and Oth ers—A ftejectlon of tbe Amendment will Probably be Recommended. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune ] Bostok, January SL Wendell Phillips addressed tbe Committee on Federal Relations of the Massachusetts Legisla ture to-day, in opposition to tbe ratification of the amendment proposed by Congress- The bearing was public and was very largely attended, and Ur. Phillips' address was one of his most eloquent efforts. He spoke of the lapse of cine months msec the amendment was first proposed, which be considered almost a century in the present condition of the country. Be believed that If Congress were acting upon the amendment to-day It would be rejected. Tbe country bas floated far beyond it. For this reason be did not believe that bo was speaking against the purpose and wish of Con gress and the dominant party. Tbe amendment has floated so far hack that it has become for most of the States a superfluity. Since the South, backed by tb* Executive and Supreme Court, will not touch it, ami the North alone cannot pa«s it, 1 tie now perfectly impracticable, and nothingbut a historical attempt If this would become really an amendment to the Constitution it might be worth something. In regard to Ibe South coming in upon the basis of the amendment* he said it was understood by them, as one* expressed by Its leading supporters, as tbe final conditions for their admission, and for that reason be bad tbe right to discuss it as the plan of Congress, as shown on its lace. If Massachu setts accepts it, abe pledges herself to this plan of reconstruction. Thirds no reason why the North should pledge itself to principles, while tie South will not. 11 Mr. Boutweli's bill passes, the South, trembling for their own safety, will n'torn the amendment and Claim Its provisions. Thu North should not he shackled by such a principle, and the legislature ol this State should postpone action upon tbe amendment. If thev do not reject It. Ihe lesson of the war to-day is, “Don't put the Ideas of the Declaration of Independence and of a while mao's Government into the national code ot laws nor the future." Congress cow says to South Carolina, “ Come back os a white State ” What more could she desire, for wc have granted her the very principle that she thought the war bad taken from her. Should the South come in upon this basis it will he two Presidential terms before the black race get the franchise, at a time when legislation «u the future policy of this country U of incalcu lable unjust iind a swindle of our colored allies. It the colored race were consulted and would show on unfortunate lack.orslato#2?. tt! “lPl bntn« It is now, It is a meanness that no words pi the dictionary can describe. Wade Hampton be lieves more sincerely than Massachusetts docs the opposite, that the admi-slon of tbe negro lo tne franchise will be anarchy. You cannot dank, out weigh orneatiallxe such n mau by the trimming process. The North, to meet that South, oust be a North ol conviction. Thu South hove not given up their conviction, and they Intend lo fight that battle further Inside the Union. South Carolina ami Massachusetts arc alike In their flrntncs* to con viction How many Hull Runs would It lake i» whip the Declaration of Independence ont of > Massachusetts? It would take Ju.ti as-many de feats lo whip conviction cut of South Carolina. J-ectlon third Is a perfect shame, because, for six ty years the North have foiled in their attempt* to keep the South by the principles of the Const I-• tution. He cited extracts from tbe noutiiorn press to i-how that tbe disfranchising clause could no a* be enforced. You can’t govern the South by parchment amendments, or Wade Hampton with primed paper. Twontr.ioar thou snnu votes changed will re-elect Air. Joh"s .n, and the rcm< dy is to put seven hundred thousand negro votes info tl.o ballot boxes of the country, and then Wade Hampton ami the South can rubefy he trusted. He opposed the {lnsertion of the word “man,” for this, the first lime. Into (be Const tution, since H was formed with such o flexible character that It will adopt itself to the changing conditions of 1 the times. In conclusion Mr. FhllUps made a resume of the points previously staled, arguing that the proper course of reconstruction was to have an amend ment wttich was possible, and establish In the South a loyal civilisation. Then wc have the blacks and tbe large mass of the Gradually Intelligent whites- on our side. The first thing la to get rid of the man iu the White House; not to punish him, but to get room to work. In the menntime.while nothing orsc-Ical In tbe Govcrnmentis being done, Mr. Phillips urged that Massachusetts, to which other Stales arc looking for guidance, should uot com mit herself to a useless and tmoracticable • fiuallrv. Dr. Randolph, the mulatto, from New Orleans, and other speakers, addressed the committee in opposition to the amendment. Tbe committee is very radical in its composition and will be quite likely to recommend the rejection of the amend ment. FROM CANADA. The Fenlnn Trials Resumed—Tlio Pris oner Franck Kins Acquitted—A. Frau dulent Distiller Ucavily Hoed. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Toronto. January 21, Francis King was to-day tried. He claimed to bo an American, and bad six fellow-countrymen on the jury. The evidence against him was that ho was seen in arms while the Fenians were in Canada. For the defence General Early and otherswero examined, ail of whom gave him a good charac ter. lie was formerly In the Confederate service, and lives In Nashville, lie wig acquitted, and l.ennily congralnla’ed by a lot of Southerners, who were m court. A distiller, named Holliday, was yesterday sen tenced to pay a fine of $17,63ii for defrauding the Government iu bis returns. TEXAS. Civil Authority Ignored— Freedmen’s Atiulrs—General KJddo Relieved* Ac. Brownsville. Texas, January St—Captain Bedford, a Bemoers'. recently appointed by the President Receiver of the 1-snd Office, He* Charles G. Dor:-cy, procured a writ of replevin from the Mayor ot the clly, by authorJiv or which the Dep uty Sheriff look possession of tho records which Dorsey bad refused to deliver to Bedford. At dark to-night, about 100 of Dorsey's friends, irmed with hatchets and revolvers, proceeded to the room where the Sheriff deposited the records, and took forcible possession of them. Great ex citement exists tu regard to the afihlr. Galveston, January 21.—8 y order of the Sec retary of War. General Griffin has assumed the office of Assistant Commissioner of the Fiecd men's Bureau, relieving General Klddo. General Griffin forbids Ibe contemplated honors belug paid to (be remains of General A. S. Johnston. Captain S. Newton, of the brig Golden Light, cbaiged with perjury in falsely swearing to bis manifest, has been acquitted by the United States Conn. The cotton market is very quiet and prices are unchanged. Gold I£JQI3I. No Cable Noivm, New Tons, January 2L—The eastern lines are pun down between Picton &ud Port Hood. No Cable nows. trwMt BROTHER?*' Ailverltslua Aa'i« 1211 Drnrbam—lM receive odvertlsempnrs for nil the lending papers ihreoslront the Cnlt'd Sintra mid Cntinrtos. fHasoutcKoticcs. JJABOKIC. A Pegultr Convocation o! Wmhtnrton Chtpter No. U. A- M.. win he hfld »t tnelr halt, No. S 2 West Bondulph-kt., this, FRIDAY. cvenlns, o'clock. JOHN WHITLur, Secretary. A rAfcOXIC.—A Special Communication iV I of Ashlar Lode*. No. SOS, F. A A. U., will be held at the Util ol tt>e Apmlo Comtuandery (Masonic Tern rlc), on this. FRIDAY evening, at 8 o’clock, lir the parr*cs**cl Wert on M.M. Degree. Tbe Brethren are cordially invited to be present. Bv order of the w. M. HENRY TUCKER, Sec. ffijofosraiHjs. XyHAJHD lOB IS—loB THE—IOB I > MAS—IGF. Coptw from old plctnmi trade la the bent «trte of tl)* art. f'arttrnlar attrition given to children. Namber of smitu* nriitalied. promts shown. CartPMle M»lte« only |l 00 p?r dorca. Obi. net n'lntoprnnh* rrdaerd to ami the limp*. Porce la(i>« t». E.L. Pit AND. Proprietor. IQSUtfrit. ©ass ,iFfrturcss. QAS FIXTURES. JAB. WINQRAVE JR. A GO. Hoom ,V aijocg. HOOTS AND SHOES. WANTKII, TO IMIUCI!AHK* A Hoot nml Hints* lluhliiomi A.tdrru, wMh tmi| rams Jb>« -I IN. Muling amount M bnsinpss, tiock. value o( niittres, pmnta. location, tent. Ac. fttuafcal. TNfcTnUCTIONH ON THE PIANO AMI IJIITAH. Mr. W. B. liATIIP6ON hai taken room* al Ko. 9.N|I llllDf'ir *t., »hffp he will live liaiructlooi tm tlie alnre i anted iniirnn rnl*. Lessons win I«h firm •i private midenoei U desired. Ibe ben ol mertnees aivm. dfluatutat. jyjONEY TO LOAN On I'llr Klorlango biiil Iltuln™, l‘nper. Also, tIBAL KBTAfE housbt tnd soldbt EIM.-t.Altl A TOMPKINP. HtoinMMaPutiinTtmpie. 525,000 to loan, in oes *m«. ,ff»r fits years, al eUht per cpiii per annum, on first class store*. I’AUKUU «i I.VMAN, IA and If IViliand Übwir, d'O I.OAN riVJD TnoDBAND DOI.LAZIO, on (Ht. ,cr.'linn*, wh.t In.-;—. *1 t-n p-r per awmw. wIUAW VMlf-H. I«» SUf-tt, v * STo l\CUt, 'J'JIE bTOIiE I now occupy, 45 South Water-st., For Kent, from February Ist. Marou BUMi NUMBER 23U Skating Season. ■^yASHTNGTON SKATING PARK. OPEN THIS AFTERNOON & EVENING! BAND IN TBS EVENING. ICE IN' GOOD CON DITION’. TO-MOBEOW (SAXUEDAF), Sisth Annual School Chil dren's Carnival. Park open from E£o a. m. till 5 p. m. Free (o the Children of the Public Schools* These Carnivals have assumed the fi>rm of a rem’ar lurtimilon at this part, aod are looted forward to by ihon>ai da ol boys ana girls In all the various quarter* oi the city, with the greatest pleasu’-e—the attendance at a similar Caralrallast year haring been estimated at over SIX THOUSAND. To add to the pleasure of tbe children, the Great Western Light Guard Band 'Will be present and perform daring the afternoon. QKAND OPENING OF THE HYDE PARK SKATING CLUB Friday, Jan. 25th, ArTBRNOON AND EVENING. AX ACEE AXD A HALF OF MAGNIFICENT ICE! NELLY DEAN, CALLY CTJETIS, And other Champion Skater* from the city, ara en gaged. and great sport anticipated. AN EXCURSION TRAIN Leaves the JH. Centra) K. R. Depot at 7A I , and returns at 10:45 p. m., stopping at all station?. Cr Admls.U nto the Skating Farit, 25 c-nts. a ~* txcUTtlonTickets for the,ouud trip, Including ad irl»sirn to the Skating Park, to be had on tae train, 30 cents each. Brine year own ekate*, as the Club have none to rent, at present. . Splendid Ice. OPEN DAT AND EVENING, Cnrnlvnl To-morrotr Aitor* noon *& Bvoulutfa Gents’ Tournament Thursday Next, Open to the Northwest. The Splendid Meant* wilt bp ou exhibition on Monday at Giles Bro.& Co.'f,Lakc-*t. ■^T EsT SIDE RINK. Music Afternoon and Evening. GRAND MASQUERADE Tomorrow (Saturday) mnlnjf. tW Register your name* at John»on*a Skate Depot, or at the Kink, ami procure tickets to mask, which will admit yon at the door. QENTUAL PARK. La»t appearance of the beautiful and artistic skaters Mlaa NELI.IB I>BAN and CAI.LIK CURTIS. January Stllh-Manncera' nUht. RAU.OON AS CENSION and grand display ot FIREWORKS. QGDEN SKATING PARK. OPEN DAV AND EVSNINO. splendid Ice. Good time gtmrnmrcd.' Q RAND NATIONAL Skating- Tournament, COMMENCING JANUAEY 28,1887, At Central Skating Park, PIITSBURGH, PENN., Prizes 1400 and |dOOlaGrocDbacbs,aQdtbcCbamplon Medal worth S3O. The beat ccntieman skater will re ceive apt Ueot SIOO to Greenbacks and tne Champion Gold Mcdai worth S3O of America. Toe bast iadr skater a pnse of S3OO and the Gold Medal, Three of each to secure a content, the winners if cboiltoged next season to skate the content .m ihH Parle. Enlnc* to close on th-20th. Ad inns riIOMAH A. fiPEN’CR, bectetery Central Skating Park. Po-l Office Box 871, I’lttsbnrgh. Pa. for enttl«*« and ©cnrral Retires. -£0 RAILROAD CONTRACTORS. Omen LorisvTLLc, CrxrrxJfAn iso) Lxmvmw Railroad. v J,onJ3TiLLE. Jatnary 21st, IbCT.; In cor sequence of the snow, the time for examining work on the LoaUrllle Branch ol this Rood Is extended until Fcbiuary 15th, when the letting -will take place, as previously advertised. J. U. ST. JOHN', Chief Engineer. Q.ROUND OIL CAKE is the Cheapest Feed in the Market For stock of all kinds. Orders promptly Oiled lor cash, by E. W. BLATcIIFORH & CO„ No. 90 North Cllnton-sU ffionstgumenis. pOTATOES, POTATOES I CHOICE PEACH BLOW POTATOES, For sale Is quantities to salt purchasers. BATES, STONE St CO., 151 South Wator-st. 100 HHDS * N - °- SUGAK. 100 Crls, N. O. Molasses. 100 ilrla. Texan Pecan Nets. Just received and for sale by J. W. DOANR A CO. 2t£lui3ioh) Glass. J WILLARD FOX. WINDOW GLASS, so 8 3LA.KIE-ST. agencies. ■YyiIOLESALE AGENCY’ PRICE BROS., nALTinOHE. Fresh Can Fruit. Cove Oysters, And Jollies. IS STORE AND FOB BALE, i'liiio 51J5& any CA9B4 JfeLLlE!*, in Ulna** The nbor- goods are all of the b**sl qaalltle*. and warraotcdly the maaolactor et«andagents, Jobber** orders lull Ited. wtimvonin. mniuno a french, 11 Kinmat.. Chicago. til.. asiantcb. -yyANTED-TO INVEST— Perm or eight Ibousiod dollars in an established h«?ltw*a tn Chicago oi vicinity. Any party bating n desirable at»n legillrtinic inler-et to. o(T*-r, will ailortMi "X." Uos <IS 11. Chicago, giving that* acter of business, Ac, Ctl' nnA TO *IO,OOO WANTED—An e!M)aw\M/ eirp"rlenc*H| builder wants thaalmra aw*»uiYioj , caWe him I * buy land and *r«*t Mininas ihereon. the l-t-se securitygiven, and an iiMarnii in thenronu. Those omy w|Dfthe money and liihliirm inlcnllnna need apply. The l*«t referanres given ami required. Room L_ll)U .Manlion it. pARirOH FUIINITUUI3 AKDPXANO WANTED, In riclianrr for a Trust peed ami note of |KF. due Jan uary, j*a wMh Inert*! at 10 ptreem, seen red on lam ina Und. Furniture mutt ho new or neatly an. In quire ol F. 1.. HMCKMAN. -11 l t.atce-at. EOitcanonal. YOUNO LADIES,’ tEJONAUV, X AT XsASS FOREST, The Fprlnt Term will cohim»ne# on TllUßbllAr, Ihelili ui F»bruaiy a«>t. Anrdffirjbß a place aa Bvatdtcj Bcbolata may addicts \Ue uudM«ltne<t. _ Lake Forest, Jan. 31.1901. O. LIGKISBON. TNSTITUIB X trying ahd CI»U Ktmtbecfln*. at Totlwofl. Lake Lui«Andinna.>ntil!e;(rtitii ciiir«c<i, pMMPtiig of M. </• and l\ ( Ft. w, tt c. 11, fl.s, e.iwjnn April n, n\ rn wp.y In. f«Mn lie a iiranemsii, lit) a Pnrteynr, »«J a t’iv'l gnslneer. l>fii»lnFl«H'li-‘/f«rnl Pi clubyof eitioiars. Address, A. VAN DNnNAllLißN,l(iradr< vuiar. ISiigraliing. T*'K Ninv UAI.T, u INO UAI‘O rsAxtt* OAXsXsiNa card. The uHrfirlriranl arilfla i-fJl*« kind eyerlmro.|nMk| u* tiw able world fu ho had only at W, J, tVMUK'o .Nnura' li.g Offluj, y-ju NouiN ClarK-SL, Chicago. I*. O, |iox UtlO. agtltulturnl implements. PLOWS AND 6CLKV OOX.TIVA TOUS—Superior to ail others. First prsmlna awarded at the deld trial over alt campauiora at UlO Mate Pairs oi lowa and Uinoesdiat aiao,ai the utate Fairs of I mooli and WUconalo. Agents wanted in every lawn. ~ _ As drees UAHJOOD. YOUNG A CO-Uanafiictbrerf, lowwenti Tfo. b. I «ui A 1 GaU*|4« .TEE ILLUMINATOR LAMP! CMtotto&M,sadMo tbsgraatMt difeorerr of tta train h# way of a Lamp. Thooal/“NO-CUuefET*' EeroMßt Lamp tbit bu be«n tovoated that ctr«f a 1 area and brilliant light, and la perfectly froc from aaoka. They are waii adapted to atreet lighting, a* ■weUupjriOmoatlcporvcaoa. ihe tamp* are maun taotoredoQadeatiflo principle, and are aeemred by tetter* pa tea • Several of the eltlea or tba State oi QUaola an bow Betas oar limp* to light the streets—vhreh can be done at leaa than ooe-baU the coatoffM,—eqaitiyaayooi, and to maiy Instance* much better, and without inclining the expense of erecting ezpecaira gas works andplpelat the street*, which ii an important liem. One of our street iaiapi can bo seta, at the entrance of Col. Wood's Muieum, every erentog, Any one wUhlag 'o tet inti a Rood paying boatneas ca a amail investment*win Cowell to call and exarelne onr lamps. Territorial Bg&u for aaleatocr Office, Boom S P. O. Block, corner Dear* born and Mon*o«eta n Chiuato, Ql., or at the UaUeson House, tn the evening. SCHEKCE A HOFFMANN. J£UBOPEAN AGENCY FDR THE EXHIBITION AND SALE American Patents and Manufactures. Tte uodentgiwd have la Parts, France. (Ko.St SutUcvard de behastopol), a rasniAMSKT Aazr&cT ft* tfc ? ahibittoßMd *alc of American parents and Manolactnrea in Europe. -.’?*S. c . ee ? alt3 L of H®* 1 M Agency has lone been ap parent to American Inventors. We believe that we can on-r peculiar advantage# to those desiring the services of competent, reliable ana practical Auj-ri c»»_to attend pemnaliy to their Interests la France and Kurland. . One member of the firm was employed at\ae World's -jhihlilrn in New To-fc, Jn 1953. tc the gre« advan tage of»everal Important patents. Be has a practical knowledge cf mechanics and machinery, and is famil iar with the French language. The other member of the Ann has had ftve rears* practical «nr.e«lcn with the Cultwl states Patent Office, Is fully acquainted with the Pahmt system to this ccuLtry son in Europe, and speau the German lan cease. Addison M., Esq_ who has been for nine years ronaocted with the Examining Board of the Del tco state* Patent Office, and Ibr the last nvn years In charge otthe cla«* embracing-flarvesUnc Machines.” etc* u associated with ns at Washington, D. C and wilt attend to all business relating to Patents to thu country, either before the Office or the Courts. We bavoev-ry facility tor securing European Pat ents on American h ventions. Wecan fttralsh the best testimonials ot financial i mpmslbUity. *uo capacity to conduct to a succeaalnl IfFue inch negotiations as tnsy be Intrusted to ns. We shall give special attention to the proper exhib ition efartiebs it onr care at the Great Exposition, endeavoring to eecare f«>r them the favorable aiten tlonofC<iraittee*,aadltul.instlce la all testa ot their eon pantlv * tnulta. We invite cotrespocdenoe with American tovtnlots, owners of Patents and manufacturers. For circular am farmer information address BLAN CHARD a McKKAN, Box a«3. Washington, D. C„ or No. N 2 non'evard de SctuwaDoL Ports. France, or LorkDox6l2!LChicago. 111. H GXOEQU a. BUaNCKAKD. J. A. Merits. NEW BURNER. THE BRILLIANT LIGHT I LIGHT I The Last and Best Intention I Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner! R)»m ClitmnpiD with. A "TOdr, lirtllmtit I.inht, rqunl to (Jnm to barn ordinary Keroavne. ADAPTAIILK TO AXV LAMP. 11 To 000 is to bo Convinced!” ty Slate and Ccunty Rights for sale by A. U. &LOAN. Atlflms Homo. N E w VVX.OANIZBS ROOFING COMPOSITION. P'niierod with a trowel, on strong latbs, fop rooting; on Hie cutaldn of houses, for wall", anil penclhi'il (y Imitate hewn stones pm»ters cellar*. extern*, Ac.; U Ore nt u water-proof, cxiU'tly am durable a* alalo. lar rheapor than shlncler, nn*l NO MVTH ABOUT IT. ir yon want to make M Orc«*nhaekß, n call IN I’KU- M»N. IMMMtIAIKI.V. lit the City llylvl, Chicago, ana secure your tmltury. il. K. SCHAXCK. Patentee. GREAT IMPROVEMENT IN Artificial Legs. NICHOLAS* PATENT, AVHOHT 7. ISIiU. Wc claim a perfect combination of the latent rotary and posterior movements. For full Information, ad dress NICHOLAS ARTIFICIAL LEG CO., iao frmti. Clark-it., c-nicco. in. 'J’O INVENTORS. COBURN & MARKS, Office 11, Larmon Block,' Corner of Clark and Chicago. solicit patents for Inventions, sod practice la the Courts In lnfrintt*tncct coms Send stamp fbr the ••Inventor’s Hand Book.** r'J.AUD’b PATENT BBXCE MACHINE. Office and manutactory 93 South Jefferson-st. Infbnuatfon and descrlrave circular address **• R. R. GARO. S 3 Bouth Jcflersoo-su cticaxo. hotels. ipHE RICHMOND HOUSE, CHICAGO. SS. SO FEU. DAT. This nowe la located on the comer of Ssoth Water* si. atd Michigan.* v., ouo Mock from the rtarlloetan & Quincy, llllnole C«un*l, and UictleanCcntrM Rail roads, where I shall be happy to »*e all my fjrmer patrons, and as many new ones as will Ctror me with a ran. With largely increased accommodations, a boose with alt the modem Improvements, and prices reduced from *3.M) to *2-50 per day, 1 hope to receive a liuersi share of pohllc pateuaajre. R. SOMERS, Proprietor, I.ATE OF CITY DOTRL. iHadjtnera. J£hRRITT & COUGHLIN, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA DEALERSIH COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And WooUcn Factory Findings, New Factories tarnished with Machinery, Shafting. Eoclncs, Mans, Specifications, baptrin tendon ts too experienced workmen. BOLL CARDS Always on band. COTTON WARPS & CARD CLOTHES 6 01 all kinds. {F* Second-hand Machinery on hand, for sale cheap. (ClotljEs fHanglee. CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Heat. It vrlli do It In ooc-qonrtcr the time rN qnlrrd vrtlh hcnlrj Irons. It gives a gloa nnd brilliancy of lustre to linen*. ImpoMl* Lie to be obtained from heated Irons. NO EXPENSE FOR FUEL. Ko Hotel. Lanndrf. Restaurant, Boarding Hotye, Hospital or Private i amlly can aoord to be without one. IT SATES TIME. IT SATES CLOTHES. IT HAVES MONEY. IT HAVES FUEL. IT HAVES LAUGH. IT SAVES HEALTH. For psmpbleti, containing Bill description of so* chine, address AMERICAN CLOTHES MANCIE CO., 140,101 and 143 Fultoc-st., Chicago, Hl* Lako-st. Coal. coal & ookb iiflfo* IF Chamber ol Commerce, and corner Wwl eric ami lirwmau. Coal at fedm e'i prb *’*. . /flilfili.Ufanwanna,Yoimh!"»nnf». jlrlar mil, Kyle, rat-nri, and Mineral Ridge, IMtuourafi ami conn«t s. Tills f«.ks. AUK* AcO. ■VyiJvMmOTON GOAL. I am rfC*l»l/>B till* fnroflto Coal from the mines of RHODES GOAL GO., which 1 offer at the lowest rain, by tlie car load, or at rtUl, lpmujii (jimL I.AC'HA IVANA C'OAI,. MITPHTON L'UAL, ULOHHtIimO (.'OAL< IIKIAU HILL COAL. MUIR DUAL. WILLOW IIANIt f.'UALs Orders promptly filled fr»m «*/ y*£‘l* North Market st.t #O7 Arener-rond, and corner Canal and Vnn m,,n ' u ' a. n. wnnitna. IfflOtljlUß. E tMH FINS STOCK OF OLOTHINO IM Stout Ns. on MHO ST.) At 0 lim imlii If Ap|ilU>il fur Hill treok. Or would siphsßßa «am* /its ijnlnmjmfwwl ffal«raw, , |r Aieo Aw rent, owe 00 UHa-t,, and for earn. Apply tnsuirs. Dcntifittii. tSTI. M. w. tsnKRWOQP luvi givea I J pure MfttUW OXIDE qAßfbrieeniaropem. CftTaiomoreUMib LWQ per.un* dqrin«tna w\ year, In thl. city. No accident has occurred, or Wa least un. rdenant symptom been observed. U« gives It Is the beat |uac® to gel toelh extract** •- AOlnelal Treib iQM'led, or any oihor deaiaJoperatlona, nooma I Hand IQUmbardlllocx. EXTRA CHARGE tor SztraeUDf Teeth WITH* T M utn«Mi jFot tf>e Halt. 'J'O LADIES. RISTORI. Tho following editorial and cortlfl ealo to from one of onr leading Ja«r> natot 44 There are hundreds of worthies* hair preparations in the market— articles satbered up solely with the Intention of making money one of Use credulity of the people* (bat we bav have a preparation better than any other* and at a reasonable price* IT to the fashionable hair dnsitoc tn the capitals of Europe, and Bistort** en dorsement Is simply one among the many flattering testimonials which this article has received front all sources.” RISTORI. On September 291 b, ISOG, ADELAIDE BISTOBI, the “Queen of Tragedy,** as she has been appropriately styled by the critical world, sent the follow ing endorsement of ChnuMler’i “ErApfwt” for the Oatr to the present proprietors. If any other testimony* than that ot the fashionable world, who universally nsc this incomparable preparation to the exclusion of nil others, were necessary. It would be found In U/ most strong and positive this preparation, from tho Italian Queen ot Song: LADIES, READ THIS! Finn Arises Botei, Yew York, September 39th, 1566. Sltssiiras: I return yon my sincere thanks for the very accep table present yon were pleased to make mo. In Dr. Chanssier's Em press I re cognize an old friend, bavins: used it as a cosmetiqne and os a toilet article for several years. The bottle is not the same style as we have in Paris, hnt npon the nse of the preparation I find it to he the same as that pat up in France. It is tbe best article for the Uair I have ever fonnd, and am "lad to know it is becoming so popular in America. I am, i Voars respectfully, ADELAIDE RISTORI. Messrs. Burnhams & Van Schaask, WHOLESALE DEUGOISTS, 16 uiff-sr., CHICJGO, General Agents for the Northwest. iflcfttrai. A FEW PACTS j:\ For the consideration of all who suffer from Aslhinn, Int* icoia. Croup, Whouptuk Cough, KpltUnc oi Mood, IT n in the Side or Cheat, Bronchitis, amt all diseases oi tuo Lungs aud Throat, a IQARMDRNIB I'ECTORAL B.ILH Has been used with unvarying • ccma to over a mil ium caiti. and has out with Hie warmest eulogies from physicians. clergymen, and raScren from the spots olsetuca. a* can be proved by ovet 1,000 nnaoUctted tea* tlmoniaisnow on (lielnonr office. Atrial Uall that la asked, and a rare will be guaranteed to all wbo sul frr from any of the above complaint*. Toe prooi u within the reach of all. and It become* a trailer of self-interest to those stUTering Ip teat the accuracy of these assertions. Thousands have tested IL and are ' now >. cabby, linn a witnesses to the wonderful efficacy of thia truly mcrUcrloa* preparation. Want of *paco prevents our giving In fUUbuC a few of the many cure* eaected. “ BeookltS, Oct. 26. MM. “I found more relief from using pcctoial Balm to ray disease— asthma—than from any other prepara it on lever used. “ WM. TOHNOBI.OOD." “ Natal Asncv, PntLADiuniiA, Not. 19. ** I think-In a city Ilk* this, where so many are suf fering at thlaseasc-n with cough*. coMa, and nonebiol would be to yonr interest to introduce pec toral Balm, as i ftol fatuhed it should be in the hoc da of aUioffcrer*. ** B. R. LEbLIE. U. S. S." • ** New York, Jaly 22. “ I purchased a bottle ot Pectoral Balm, and tongue cannot express thofedingi ofsraltCudo lowotofun, as s y recovery waa Immediate, althoocb Circa over by my phj alclana as Ineorabie. T ** HENRI THBOCKiIORTOS.** ** BorroJr, Oct. 2,18C6L “ Prcrlonr to mine four Pectoral Balm, I bail taxm every j reparation I heard of without re UK I have u»nl but thiee bottles, and all siraptotra ofmyaeottl tins complaint—astlims—harodi^appcared. •* WM. BROWNING, Graductor C.8.R." “NEW Toe*, AOir.2.lßM. ** For the benefit otall who have or are auffcrine from bronchial dlrcaSF?. I lee Vt add sy testlm'>ny to the efficacy of MamlcQ’* Pectoral UalnuaA I eotudder It was the only thine that saved mr life when roanecd to n vtirleton and on tlie veree ot the [rrave •• MARGARET THROCKMORTON.UU slxtlvar “ DUHNUAMB A VAN SCIIA HCR. -VhnteAale tUccta for the Nnthvwt. SMITH A PffYßft, WholoaalS and Retail Agents and cruectete in Chicago. iSusinssß ©aces, UNDERWOOD & CO., General Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle asd Wastiagtoa-sts, CHICAGO Give particular attention to both haying and selling Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. Property bought and held on margins, and told etthgy In this or Eastern markets. |y Special rates ot Commission made to those whs tarnish their own money for large purchase* ol prep* erty to be held itr sale by ns. I*. L. Pcderwood, Ben, ff. Cnderwnag^ MALTING COMPANY, Noa. 2 and 4 Michigan-ar., mauDfactaren of irialt and Dealer* 1b Barley and Kye, XST We keep constantly on hand stocks ot Prime Barley and Rye Malt, which we are prepared to sell at tee lowed market rated. ILVNaON & QO. COBXHXZBSZON' BXEHCHANTS For purchase and sale ol Coon try Prodocc. 107 SottVh YYatcr-sU qilbeut & Field, GENESAL COMMISSION MEHCHA2TTS, (Successors to. Gilbert, Updike A Co^) 103 'Waslilnirtou-st* CHAS. J. GILBERT. GEO. FTEIP 33irtute •Jgg THE LUCKY NUMBER. Ciashy’s Opera House Pictures, Framed In Black Walnut, Gothic Moulding, and it olbft stytf s. lower that they can he bought elsewnera In the West. We have made arrangements with the United States and American Erpre»a Companies to deliver, free of etarge, onr Irsme* ami gins* complete, tnretaliy boxed, to all places on their lines in Illinois, Wlsronsio, Mltsonrl, Indiana, Michigan and lowa. A)ip*rions having these pictures shoaM ■end their address and name nr picture, and get our terms. Orders in this city promptly attended to. J. Z£. IBAW & 00., ISO Lake.«t,« Chicago. Wholesale and Keiatl Dvatora to Mirrors, Moulding** Pinnr— and I’lottirn FramM. dFot Sale. JfOll HALE. 100 SHARES. Merchant's Union Express Stock FOB HACK nY LUNT, PRESTON & KEAN, CANKERS, 4T (lUUKttT. jyjEUUUANTH’ UNION EXPRESS STOCK For salt, astdiuirst Itipaldlß.at 19 11 paid In, at...... n 17 paid In, ai... it Also, American. Coital Ptales, Adams* and Wells, Fargo A Co *a F.-ipr°?« P socks a» loweas market rates* by linUßftTAVfcll, THAtKtt A PU>*-Of», Cankers and brokers. 11 Broadway, ftew Turk. TSstratt of SJtef. T IIT TOURTELOT S EXTRACT OF BEfcF, For Family 000. INVALIDS AND DYSPEPTICS, SbfttilO not RtU <• U. goisaiaby all prqggM* amt Orocar*. ' lilauHfi. j;w - • mOBTOAGB BI.ANH9, With Power of Bale. Adjoommw.t, Jlnjurance, Tax Clsoaes, etc n fbr sale at Tribune Job Office. AU Kinds of Legal, CODTvya&CIQX, reufw Ui BOb&Vy B