Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 25, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 25, 1867 Page 3
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FINANCIAL ACT COMMERCIAL MOHEXAET. Thcmpat Bmanro. Jar.u S4. , The money market was exceedingly stringent to-day, and at many of the discount houses it was found Impossible to accommodate any bnt their beet customer*, and only there where a«erage bal ances entitled them to it. The general business ofthcclty continues doll; collections ire being made with great difficulty, and amot c capitalists there seems no desire to loan fund? except on the Tory best of securities. The rates of Interest are unchanged. Exchange was firm with sales between banks at par. In some Instances this figure waa allowed to customers, bnt the general baying rates were 3-10fl.l-30 discount—selling at 12C@l-t0 premium. The I’rodncc markets were dull and onseUled. Flonr was slow. Wheal ooened 8c lower, bnt subsequently rallied Sc. Coni opened dull and 1c lower, but recovered 3fc at the close. 4>at-weie dull and carter, live and Bsrl-y were almost reflected. Whiskey was unsalable Provisions wore dull and lower. Mess Pork declined 25350 c per brl, and Lard 14c per lb. Dressed Hogs were dull and dragging. Gold was without any very material change. The market opened at 18»&, advanced to 1813 and closed at 131?$. The Allowing quo tations were received by Boyd Brothers, gold brokers: 30:25*. m iw»; I 12:00 m ISljr licSO h. id I3i»j iKXip. m ujy | 1:30p. in 131^ 11:00 n.m r.l!i| S.-o'lp.m, ’3lv4 31:15a. m 15<?j I 5:15 p.m. 131*. UrnOa.m l3lJi I Here tbe market wa* quiet bat firm at 181318114 —clofinc at ICIJf. Silver was nominal at 123 buying. T!ir Public Fund? were a bctler today— the dcclicpjrslerdny hating been almost entirely lecovemi. 1 tie following table shows the closing j>tio's to-day compared with those of the three dajs juctlouf lilnn. Tn«». Wed.Thnrrt IUT« IJU3 tllj'i of VI rivc-Twcutics, *•« ios mi?; vnv t imv FhcvTwcuUta, *Ol lUjJ£ lICiV jiijii .l*«vo-T«ri'iit>es, ’<s 100 100 10."»Jf llfti? •Jcr-ForllM WJ{ WJJ* H;|.j tfoj fk-Tcn-Tlnrtic*, Auc.... 101 ft lU|>i JOlft Hini Hl’M'h-Tlililus. Junc; 5 ..10:? a limi* KH I . ]Ot>i tevni'ililrUr-, Jtllv. llMft 11*114 jnift |mu Here the martcct was quiet hut firmer. Wo quote* UUVEUNMHIT SKCL'mttßfl—CniCAOO HAItBET. -vmvfl.iu aAlin»l. Buying. Selim?. ...IWS JOT JU7«i ..«04 1(13*4 .llttl* * 103? J V.». Plxci, of 1831. U. 8. D-*(¥, VJC& V. 8. IHJI V. 8. B-?*, IWW U. H.naip'tuiaH..... V. 9. I'MI'S. I«rjre r. S. I "-It's, uttiall. IK H. 7-fJOi, HU lll(»i IK 5.7-av, *1 M>«h* |(ll H»ji* r. B ;i«i relief HU inju IKS 7-alp. f« «!!.... 1UI!i C'ooitinuud. June*. IWI 1I«;» '* .itiij, imi.... *. i r.ji “ Anif., H 4 ......lirui “ Oct.* “ JHc.j I 1 V; “ Way* “ Ai!«* rim.*.; “ IPQ i.HWH “ Ocli* IH&ji.tiutJl-d ‘lltpppcnhil Nftllnlial IlflliU cites tlie fyltoiriijg •Itmlallntis Inr Hie I’iilitte f ' o * jiiiiecutmiM (IWBH. -I**l/ •* “ « DM nHjfi u u ;; fill iMh«m.; S tos cuuot* oeG “ “ « i»J !n J'IHM-ItMH?! »K', “ '* t| Ih'ti'-K.i; •* i-t>3u lu J’l.t'U'HMMUia, “ 11 ~ IIU fa-. :: “ •* ...IIIMtf *»:!«»• RIB«‘l:l"t *-• 4»t It « »• t.ltKli] ridlh ‘ilip (jift(jpfaflre if fi t hhatH f« |«| li i, Biid I'dMt, (Mind* 1* «UM, -- (iin|‘iuM»ilj.)M4 PiiMiy*ih#»«mis« t M .(lb> ear»n»i bi m»v Blurm h»» amnawiul u*i-»d Mllll iillHI""* lllltll.taa. |il)| )I|U ujnsr u( (lih wain nfuriiti'y ib id liHi'alu.i-yi Imilliliie hi WiieliJuUlUll, wh||>h fcluh" ffli)l|.|a|l' : e 111 Hit; tlfiliiUl) ill llllliru tallies. I iHiU Wlpl IMVB tin- iljd.t mil i f nu yiiiiuj dim pudjiiUmpyiD C-Ml niunriuig till llii! miuii-y nitty may reijai n nieavun per ctiti, and iipun l>nvi*:iimunl fHVurii|e» |y lar.jti turns ul »Ie |.ui rmi. '1 lie n at muni)u.ri'il papar ai tliuii dale ia placed at T&e per tciii per annum dlscuimi." —Tin; New Void t’ohiMfirinl A'inrflifr aiye; “For ir.nncy iliiTi: is nnl>|4 nmduralu ItKtut y, and \'c i.niir. ib,: niaikfi us u thune ei-dcruuciii Hi bou’ii |n;t fi'iit. l's|itir ie witloMi' euaixe. I'lio bus; m.mud are rilptni at euvcii ui per rout, ni <i lliosc not hi imiiii in favor at nine to icy. W v dear ui'tutv actual irmieuciljUi law ra Ihe bank tUniinutit le lookutl upou m fsv.uunl.*. It nhuu> a dui'rua>u of m llju l_um, f 1,d17,41)3 in ilic ilupn.-iis. ami ? : l(l.aivl iu iho b tenders— tbu la-Uuacli less ttmu wu J wrimcierl. The fperic has increased sJjl,7:;ii, and the circu lation ibe iiank ofllollatid has reduced its rate ot discount from 4’i to 4 pur cum. Thu | iuoU‘ious bow arc: kondon, 3 1 .-—.‘JJ, ; Pails, a— ; Vienna, 5—CJ*. Heillc, 4—3i£. Fiauki'ort, Sij—. 3*i. Amptcioum, s—l‘i.—o. Hamburg C—3>£, - St Pctotfbnrjr, 7—3. —The return from the Bank of Et gland for tbc week cndiiu» January 2, gives iho following re sults when compared with the mevions week Tie-t*. £3.**9'i,2. c 5 Increase.. £3\393 lUrhllcMepo-Ju H,Hii,l3o Uecicasc.. GI Other depo.-its 2(i,5U2,£W Increase..2,o3o,la) On the other side of the Account: Gov’t securities...£ Increase.. £W,sn OtherHcmiuea... £2,Mfi,3(J3 Increase..2.sTs.-1»7 2»oU>s unempluycd 10,11-2,255 I)ccre.ise.l.2l2,2ftl Ihc amount of notes in circulation Is .£23,230,*>15, being an Incicasoof X1.~52.15J; aud the stock of bullion in bo»h departments ia £1D.125,262,ph0w1ng an lucreas: ofXPS.SjC, when compared with th- preceding stitenieat. ‘lias ftatcmcci presents numerous points of In terest. The Government payment* at the cod ol the year have caused a diminution of £511,231 iu the Treasury balance, and have, of course, tended to swell ins chrnnmou. imnnc tu- week XSCP.OiO became payable on account of the divi dend ol 4s in the poond lo the creditors of Ovcrccd, (.jimej & Co.. vet, onin" lo the anxWv of mercantile Aims to have conn balances at their hankcre on the3Sst of December, the private de posits inacased fully too miliums. On rbeolher hand, tbc demand lor mooev usual it the tarn of the year lias caused a suedru increase of more Han twoan-i a nail millioas in on “other-* securities; out, viewJnc W* item Ju connection with the increase «n the private de- 1 posits, itwouldappear that Ihe demand is of a tracflint nature. The cir.-ci of these vnrjou chances upon the reserve i< a d-crea>e of! £1,165,U77. li is somewhat r«.n a.-ki(hle that the Iccicase iu (be com and bullion more turn ex ceeds the amount sent into the bank f; out abroad during the week, so that the demand lor coin fir the muitku.ic of small yavm- rt- «-.« »l at tUN sea son must have b cn supplied fioiu other -onrees. —lTie weekly return* of’be Hank ofFranrc shows tlie following results as compared wnb the previous account; Increase—Utils discount cd. l.£C,ni) fr; Advances. rs*.,uai ft,; nates. 7nr>,oUiifr. Dccrcafc—C’ash in hand,*.* 3,50 '.COJ tr,; treasury balance, 45.33 -l ,oiii) lr.; p Uaie acr.nuts, H.SCIkWO fr. On this statement I’m £nrou-cn Time* observes that “ihe commercial -mttleai -ns at the cud of ihe year In Frar.c- is always »vrv heavy, ni.d full accounts for the clung-s shown In ’he above rclun , which are extensive crum-rii had they occurred here, to Lave *-an-e<i th* Bonn of Enghn rt to put np Us rateofdl-emn.r Tlie bank of trance, however. Is hapnllv in a heft r position to utidei*tanrf ana saii-fy the legitimate requirements of tne trade, and Us confidence is invariably justified hytln; res-du” —Advices dated Munna 30. h December say; “The financial law for IHm was pubh-hod to-d-iv. ’flu* rntirc revenue is esllaiand at 4' florins, ai d the i-niirc expenditure a* 13 l.SW.oinj florins. The extraordinary addiitonal taxation Is to he maintained at tin same amount as jmt v-ar. A credit 01'•9.4’. , 5.<AU ll»iin«. still avaliahle from the financial operation* of the sth of Mar, the 25tn of Slay, and f-c of Au-m-t of the cur nnt year. Is opened to cover the deficit of •2 florins, n> well as the Mini of 51.u;»."0’J llnrins, heinp the expenditure which mamci! un provided from Ihe Ja-t exercise of Ihe ‘•tided.” Tbecmrioms receipts In smll at New York, and the cold Interest on the public debt paid out M the office of the United Slates Assistant Ircas urcr, since July Ist, were: Customs FerM. Gold InUTald. fii.MT.'.ru 5 o^rt.srs i2.:iui.irtit, 12,41 i.nro II&C.IW 215.121 JsINr.SSI 11.7<C.2til S,U.L*TS I.TtMO kS'Kam .•j.uii.b'io I.UIS.UK) 2,22'1,1M1 2,31 l«lh«U ol'i.L"o August.... Septernlnr. October.... November. Dicemoer. January!».. January 12. January JU. Total Irayin.wo Mi.Kri.un To date. km —Atmcicd arc the amount of galea returned by tl.c leading drygoods aneMoneem of New VoiU lot tie hf I tlx mottle oml the year 13%: Last 0 mo?.. For ilia rear it**;. islo, W llmcidlnr* aul Mount... fs.S.ii,r>73 l«‘Wi.K'ud, 4!u«tant*V C 0... 2.S I,‘WJ (1.371.t.*W llnjrc’rlj ACo Jvl2',;f74 ".Hil.a'O ilmercnitg, llocnul A Co.. 0,«m3 Hit T.S‘IV»t7 tMiligm Nojiplng ACo l.ll.'j.OTfl «L71:.2U » nrtl« A C 0... ytj.!•*»; I obbe A: Co lics 1,7(V ,3*3 2 M«5 j;*j Itml'icrow .Junta & Co 4 u,V.| U.M/.r.tJ —'lb» ►hlpinmt? ol coal by th» I’cnnaylvaula Cor! Cotojinuy are reported a* follow* Week ending .January 12, tsoi, ton* rivvloußly Total 'J o Mime dalo iu IbCT» IrcraiM —1 he mmlngi* of the Mleblrtm Ccmrnl UalJroad for (he rcruod in January weie IF«7. IbUJ Ircmue —TLc cem'nce OI the Tolcto, Wohith * Won cm lulmejr Compenj lor the eecond wtcU In January • iwr Increase, —The naming# of the Michigan Southern lull* load from Match I,ISCC, to the close of the accoad in January were 3SC7 3iOj Decrease ..... $ 93,312 —The Carolina of the Marietta & Cincinnati EaUroad Company for the same week were: 19C7 ISSC. S t,oii IJ.ISS u,;no 1,5U0 2.1U0 PufCDccrs Ficiebi •Mall, Kxprtta and Telegraph, Total Totil for the month. *23,593 215.572 43.432 41,«U J*'cw York Mock Mamet. Gostec price* tor cutu Jar nary ,'J, ISJt, received by Joseph M. trow & Co., Broker* lit 3d I lit m ITd. ITd. BM- ITd N. 100 iw*4i:-S.6{iprcea: £rtc(com) CSV CJJii oonuv. I>Si...IOTV 21. {?. (c0m).... »05f 71 ft. a. o per cent C.tHIU 83V MV! 4--*yc>ai.-*Vf.JO7« Bock Island.... 9SV 85 jU. ft per cco» C.iN.W 33* 56 1 &-'Ai coup,‘ol.losV <:. A- :c. w, pta 73V .... |C.e. 6 per cent I'm FCIV. &C. 91V W.V 1 5-33 c0up,'65.106V Quicksilver.... 3SW &-V 10. -.5 per ccot jJ- talon Tel.. «* 45 . 10-4C> 93V 99V C.&A.fc0n»..106 106 (Tt. Noum.7s-10 '• Bnr.iO .!» ....1 imb«lb« lOlJt O. &M. Icrtn. 22V 2SV D. b. “3-10, 2d Hudson Klver.LMx m i «ries IWV IK. Central,...ll3 in lU.S. 7 BH*. Sd P. ft Ke*d.....V)oV 101 VI terlea 101 V n S* | ***■<*>«-•»« Market—lit board heavy; 2d Board wok. COMMEEGIAL. . Thtoshat Evrsiso. Jtnaaeyai, lei Ti. The following üblea show the receipts and ebip ments of Produce during the past twenty .(our hours: EECEIPTB past TWEsrr-rotm nouns. Flour, hrls Wheat, bn Com, bn Oats, bn live, bn Barley, bn •Grass Seed. lbs.. Broom Com, lbs. Ctued Meats, lbs. Poik, bila. lard. The Tallow, 9>a Batter, lbs ...... D.Hogs,No .... live Boca, N 0... Cattle, N 0...... .. Bides, lbs... Blghwiues. brie.. Wool Lumber, m Shingles, m "•Sa cSi ;:“1« “gg .. 23,670 7%i»io .. 1,000 n,va .. 4.1H0 21.110 .. 2,012 7.016 .. u,&u s,&& 4 .. 1,901 714 .. 68,029 193,851 .. 473 60 ... 17.095 0,731 .. 83 ' « tuinuan tats TwxsTT-Toun noons, _ , ÜbT. 1816. pint. Mi 3,0 n JOl3 ft heat, bn 9Q35 Com, La /ijs Oats, ba css tjO no .... Grass seed, lbs .... 575 4,100 Broom Cora, lbs 4,413 P,819 cared Heats, lbs .751.130 370.410 Beet, hrla STT ltd Perk, bill i,isl l,oli Uru, 1be.... 333,263 283,700 Tallow, lbs ICO OSO 47,135 Bolter, Iba 4,4«2 - 7,971 Uxest-ed Don, No 1,717 1,46) lave Hogs, No 108 <'attic. No. 148 51 Elder, B* 70,233 112,33! Highwines, hrla 203 150 Wool, 1,400 I umber, • 451 ill xn 890 I'D Lath,m... brl*. bait, lines- The Provision market was very slavish to-day, and price* favored buyers for all description! of piodnct. Mesa Pork web very dull, and the ma> ket declined 25® 50c, with sales of 1,350 brla (part Jest evening) at f 18.25®19.00 for City, and $18.50 for New York standard—closing with co buyers over $lB 25 and plenty of ecllere at $18.50. There was nothing doing In other grades of Pork. Eng lish Meals wore dnll, with sales of 60 bxs Cam* lierlands at B*£c. Balk Moats were quiet and bcoirely so firm, with sales of 40,000 Tbs Short Rib at ri*c, and 20,000 Jbs Dry Salted Shoulders at loose. Greco Meats were slow, owing to the de cline In hogs,and a few sales wore made at Oftcfor Dams and Clic for Shoulders, both tom Slaugh tered Hogs. Lard was dull, heavy and iielower with sales of 436 tea, put at llffc for Prime Steam, and the balance on terms not made public. A nrnilllotof choice Kcttlcd In kegs sold at At the close there were free sellers of the best brands of Steam at 12c, but no buyers over ll Grrnfc was firm, with sales of 100 tea While at lie. Drcp*cd Hoc* were dnll at about yealerday’* figures. Pales mused from closing nt about SS.MJQT.Ib for good lota dividing ou 2UO JUs. llicio waanolblncrepoitcd la WhlaUojr, and It 1b Impopßiltlc (o give qnolalUms. Bonded U noniltialljr bold nlWc, but there la qo demand whatever* l lour exhibited no cbaase. Tbo demand la llcbt—principally confined 1o tbo lower grades. About 1,90 U brla changed bands at |lo.flU®U,()o lor Spring Extras;©M3lor Spring Supers, mid f' ,25(20.50 lor Ilyo. Al the ojieJng Ibcro wna a very depressed fo( I- Inif In \\ beat, and tbo market declined 3c on No. a Spring, but pub*cijmiiUy a mna'tdomand sprang up, (slid a roll; of 2c took place. The demand for No. 1 was (tidin':, and the market receded ItlSc. IlijVcted was dull. The ante* foot up. 40,000 1m lit (3.J509.11 for No 1; f1.av21.f17 for No. S, and Tl.&Sfor ll‘*J'Ticd—n!l In regular bouses, closing nmulmil at f 2 SI.E7 tor No. 2 Spring. font opened (nine and fully 1c lower, but sub* fcijtipblly rattled -ye. The transactions aggregate *O,( H) bu o» 71(2»T1?4C for No. 1, mid B3©j.'iKc for Itcjecled In slote-cluelng at 779|cforNU>E Oats were dull and easier, with transaction? at •tt'ltff/dtc forNoj Stand 334(273} jc Ibr Ilejccted— closing al about Ibslde figures. the mid Kml' r weto iltill at previous taW* T ti*H* Was nolhlmt doltii* Id Tttltoir, add (be itiatkcl (r tii'liilltal at iitettuus ijdiila'luhßi llte liillurthiy Uleafaiti? fteituead oh‘Change liHlaf I b t i toilf=Mpdhtfii hhd hlptt hiliib (dun Mum/ at •ij».s«rai#,(o? Wheat 5u i mid e (Wii jiOfdHtftl «f il ifTid hi rijiufe flirt liitef nl tlMetoi uld add ♦sibls foMipw, TshJ hh 4 «M .MJ't/ IHUOt Hugs dull HI te.Santamh hum Oimi nomliml «n»M'"H lilimore, n«uliunyy, In tip- liKen onr. Mi'ii' frafiiVisritfiis worn dull at li.r lldtilii/ Idigita Pli 'Pljaidju, I’tH'k HW dull mid iiDHUTiiti 111 f S|eala vu |i> (iiuiH amht'i with eal<6 of )o<l h*s O||ipho<v i«|i'l ill Site; Wd tile Hlieilonlu, mid ;uai hst t m Hume on j» f |, Hu)k Meals were flrin,wnii Hi ns of 4»,(Ml 0»4 Short Clear at lie, packed in hhds. Tho Pallia market was faiily active, and on uoi il fclnck, to which Hits demand wua cliiuily con di.crt, luircs expurtenct-d an advance of mai’icp Ift- ll>-. Common deacrlpllons remain quiet, with tmera uommally nurharjjod. The receipts uura bert,lßh, and tr.o entered tales I,KO bead. Tho bulk of Uieoseniißa were taken on shl|ijdi«p: ac count »1 n range of Thu maiket doves euoiigot S3.COG,C7j for inferior to choice urmlea. Thu market for Live Hogs opened dull end con tinued qnlcl throughout—closing dull and weak, wIthHVWO head in the pens nnssoid. Sales em brace P.'.fVj head, which were taken by packers at tn.TT' lor Inferior to choice lings, with sa'es rhlctly nt and wiibio the range of The receipts were 12,020. The Warehouse Question. The'warehouse question, or—to give it another name—tbc irreprcaaible conflict between monopo ly and competition, came up again on ’Charge to-day for ouscusblon. At tno close of the session Hu* meeting was called to order bj President Dorc, when Air. J. J. Richards read tbc following. preamble and resolutions, prefacing them with a few remarks relative to tbe action 01 the members yesterday, and the reasons fur such action: TVheueas. The Directors of this Board refused to the resolutions passed on 'Change on tbe 23d Instant, overriding the rights of members of tbU t>oard, and WiiKiiCAfi, Said Directors did send a bill to the Stale la clslature*, lor enactment as The expressed vv !#•!» of the Board, through their Directors, a-;d W i!EHEA3, fcaid bill was not presented 10 the memhirs Tor tlielr action, and only presented them thn uch the public press after they had caused it tu be presented to the Legislature, and \Viiuu.\e, Said bill and its provisions meet with the unqualified condemnation of this Board therefore. Jtetohfd. That this Board now assembled re onert ilio not to pass (his bill, bnt .bat n bill for the whole Slate In its general f.-a • ures like the bill Introduced by the Hon. F. A. Ea-tmiin bepaeetd. I!*to!uil, That a committee be appointed by the Doard to proceed to Springfield, to give Midi in- Ruination toiho me moors at taice as to euablo Un-iu to page a law general in its effects. JUcolttd. that tiro meeting called for Saturday evening lie Indefinitely postponed. A stormy debate followed the reading ol the irrolntionp, and a good deal of filibustering was resorted to to obtain an adjournment before a role could be had. Finally the question was called, and the resolutions were almost unanimously ear ned. Mr. K. E. Fairbanks requested the Secretary of Ihe Board to cuter his protest, on the grounds of and informality. Thu foliomrs resolutions were subsequently adonted: Jtffi>lced % Thai the Picsldent and Secretary b* luetmcicO to tend ua anthcnlicaled copy or these proccvtimcb to the Lcgis.’alure by the llrat mail. Jlnuietd) That a committee of Arc be appointed io proceed to Springfield to consult as to a bill for warehousing. Tne following gentlemen were appointed as “neb cnmmlucc? J. d. Richards, F. M. Mitchell, A. Wheeler, E. U. James, and Aloiry Nelson; end liny were instructed to proceed at once on their mission. 1 SrwYori Uracerr Alnrhct. „ . IFrouiUi* Shipping List.j SrOATt—«tno- the itmldcraltle bu-lm*' to raw on 1 utility 1 'M, the market has been rcr> quiet, nvllv ov leg. p» rhaj-s, to the heivy tnll of snow Thm-dav. j:rldcn*.!iowtTPf t lure liern very firm, trim llehl re* ulots ard dimlnlshl* cstork'atm enabl'd to onuiu a ItirUcr ceteral improvement of ono-elghih, ana Dr ► elm-dwcilpllon* cue-ou&rter of a cent P a. Our re vised llporHi show the venation in variation*. tlio iiiaikcl ebslug rtr.inf. the tendency being ►till rather Darard Improvement than other* Wife. We (jenle fair refining Cuba IOK®H)Vc, though it la understood there n now n. ne to t>e nad at the Inside figure; good da IOKfl%1(l Wc —IM-latter an extreme valuation, and bordering on lair cro« err: fOr to good gr-icery. 10,\.$llc; prime to choice do fCo. 13 In*, molasses sugar ti.tH)irs,9*,t*b*Xc.aiidtncMinc In hluU. Unlove.! inos, Refined is steady.but late prices are nut sustain.' cd for toft « hue. Motrs. Heart bare not varied their ticures. 'lbesa’esolrnw are Hi I hhds thiba at lU4llWr: aactnrired Ditnetara. r.*c; Tfli’orto llieo. liv-ri3e; IC M. t r«lx, 10\c;10 Pew Orleans, IP.nand SSJ Havan*. S.Vtli.Vt , t mos. The sloe* riwtenlay was air lit fs.ttM bi«f% li'sWO bsa, amt 113.750 bags sugar, anOKiJihii" Melado. * OHEE-Thein«rket forltlo in quirt. l.ut there is prth»i<t> ratb»r nitre r*nr or, net) prrvlon* rat** are w«-ll t-npportcil, e«i«*H-lany for Uie bolter grade*. wht<-U >rr li. atul in requod. Tli« ul*i ate »•*» 111 >• P-r lirinin Knyidmu.a-ii, 5M d» p*r \alu>rttT, and&ta «‘o p*r enamor (Snblmz Btar.«m ylvala U;nu«. Olbor kmdaarr qUot, The *a'o* are 3:0It.l» leenatrn at llso;m Maracaibo, 18c; 103 piau Java, L> c, pull; JiudiMbaa* Ceylon,on term*wo did rot In ni. frtir-li c blpbo* polnl* for po'd nifTc*.* thprnr* renjy j>rlP4»et mod tlc«ril|dloin of mill, and Uie <li«. Twlftim I* to ndvain o qnnintior* aomowh »t. The only ,M «m« rlmi ir, Jnwovpr. I* In nl«tna. wtnrn bavo aoWV p bus blgtuT. Tbc bn»ln-M 1«. from ran*** tmlrd in onr editorial remark*, vrrv light Half* ijsm ultHXi fit* Inror raldnt at i.rl. cop. rm t«nt l/ValSVr: lJra*kflTnrkl*h I’rnnm, lPo;7i om .innmiia torn* inns. In lots. *jvnos «ob*l* Havana onduea, poridramor, 11.1.00; UK) da .1 amido* do.«| Xo(h lorom*. fi Mr Malaga and Mo*M*a: ICO l> >*,.* •oedlr** ralMna. S 3 rark* lurkbdi prune*. 100 bosw Vaifiii'lavhillivtalmotnl*, f.O bag* tdollv lilbcru, and K..C00 c.» I*fvmi nnta. on term* nnltranrplrvd. Dotio*- tlr dried trad* are al«n quiet t Western appba maybe qmdoo 11 J»kl2Hc s tbepo arc no Mate entmne forward, roimitm jM-acho*, sß(4.ific Dr pooled; lJv*l7c (or tin* pealed bahea. and iVUWor quarter.* .IVBJ • SW.fiOl .n,;i* I'lillmli-lphtn (’mile JMnrKrt—Jnnnorr 22. TheanlvaU and sates of beef cattle at the Avenue Drove Ynrd were small thin w*»», reaeWnc about l.ttoa luuil; ttc market n it* v< ry doll, and pi ice* weraun* •■tibd amt rail rr lower, evtra Uoniuiylvama and VN r»t* tn met r» arjllnc at trut7e; fair to rood *c It V'A I.V, am] mnmon at from J 3 *lic |» », m to onallly, tio marketcioMnjj very dull wlibln the atane ranee of price#, floe* were did) atd rather b'wer; übonl J,vn heart armed and aolu at the Union and Avenne Drovn Tarrt», nt price# ranelne fhim 9&30&9.a V 100 its oelL the latter for prime corn fid. |7i,m U,103 THE CUICACO LIVE HTOCIt MARKET. in.4na.i7 _ office of the iutit TEimrx*,) Tiiccmut Ktextmi. January VI. j The foilowlcg table >turns the flail; receipts and •titpnifDUoi Live stock daring ilia week op to Uili ♦•vrninc, »• reported by the Secretary of the Ddlon stork Yard Company: Sunday and Monday,.. CaWe * Ron. Bleep. \Vm!mSut •••••’•'- «• 9.090 • "« Thnrrtw* 11.418 »l Ttmriday 1,139 13,0 a) Wta W«* Instore Uit Sm kS •S? The receipt* today were by the foilowtna to«»: nylllioosa Ccotralßoad a jsn Sbc S?» »y Uurhnclrn 4-Qnlaey llou, 553 k*7» By t-t. LonU & Alton I toad... . 13 *« Or Northwesternltoad 25.1 i-aa *«ti Hock Island By Uictucan Central ire ltt> By MlrbmnSouthern 4* **•* By Great Eastern Road 43 **|* f4,1M,6J1 4,381,766 Tctat USO 17.0 M 1,10 The shlpmenu to-day, and tor the week np to this crcilop, were : . . .... Cattle. Hoc*. Sheep. .Sunday and Monday TuixUv .... .... Wednesday us .... .... Tharscay t.tCO .... .... Tctal 1306 “ “ sar-etimrlsst’week 1.1*4 so .... WeeKlttiere last. $66 .... Bhl{ menta to-day were by the following routes; BTUlchlcu.Eo.thn. “I?'- n »^ nyMtchiratrc'-ntmi 403 .... .... Hyl’llMburcbil't.WayDe.... 330 .... .... By Great Eastern ICS .... .... Total...* 1,18) .... .... Sales to-day, as entered at the dUTercnt Scaic-housce, were as follows: Cattle. Hoes. Sheen. At Illinois Central Scale. US 900 is AlC„B.d'o. fccaie 640 5,119 413 At Alton Boale 187 443 .... At C. & N. W. Scale. 187 1,705 IW* lOtif lev 105 V IM* 101 K mx Total 1.170 8£69 6>B BEEF CATTJ.E—Trade was not particularly brisk today, though showing considerable Improvement In this respect over the half dozen days preceding this. The weather was mild and lavorahlc for active out-door operations, and. with a Ihll attendance of buyers and a liberal supply of stock, business opened wtth a fair decree of anltraUoc. and continued thus to the close. The quality of the re ceipts, though not entirely aatl'tactory. was above the average, and to this fact, perhaps, more than to aty other, were (trovers Indebted fbrthc improved condi tion ot the market. ISR7. 18TA. G.ya 2.900 10.221 8.750 12,819 11,075 10.540 12,171 *25 730 5,525 Among the offerings, ve noticed several drove* of really Ccebollocfrs, which Kond ready eale at an ad vance oi is&2se on the ruling rate* or yesterday. Two orthrceof thebe»tdroTvawere ehipped Eaatesown* **■“ account, ho.dera not being able to realize hH 1 * figure here. Cleveland, mtuborgh, ColZaio and Baltimore each Lad their repretcLiativei to the market, atd ths great .bulk of the uSerlnca «eie taken tor these points. Tram* 5Sf£K.S?$W» ,w ***■*•»» s4.ooas.g tor common mlacd lots. Including common coaree Co * a, thin roof h Steers, Stags, Bans and Oxen, to Mr flesh y Slurs sad good fht batCb£t''C«i»«;|s.soa6Js for Isir l> good smooth shipping Deaves,aAd JBAU3S.7S fbi prime U choice Steers. The demand for cornnon butchers* stock amounted to a mere nothin*, and holders ol this class ol stock experienced co&sla'Tßblo difficulty ta el ftc mg sale* at quotations. ) The market olosesitroa* at an advance of 15330i0& gooo shipping stack, bat with other descriptions nomi nally unchanged. ihe following are the I _ . „ _ closuto races. * Brtro -Cre«j—Pjec, tat, well-formed, 4 »o S yean old bt-era, aid aversilng 1,«00 ns I anU upwires..... uwocb JVlms Serve*— Goo 4, well-li'ied. fklrly , fbrmea Steen, averaglcg from i-100 10 1 1,4)0 Its, at. &SOaS.B ytrtr Wnw>»-P»ir Steers, in fair flesh, av- 1 •,erasingl,WoCM,KW as, at .7,.... 8.250575 Mtdium C7o<#— Medium fitoers aad-gwod . 1 Cowfcfll fcr mtvsUugnier. and averazlag “w. 4 * at S.7SOIAO fiiftrlcr-tipii and thin Cows and Steen, rough and coar»s,aversgmg6A*3so as, at. ~ 1«S 79 1,4*9 917 -900 78 CATTLE SALES TO-DAT. «S??iS?A , Sfi£Siffl|fa SiSSS* Steen, averaging 836 ««) D^ ,ten . bo4d common packing Steen, averaging 1.00 Ail lad me walcroJ, at WJoT , fcetcatcerhcad common mixed lot Cow* and Steen. av»annp97J»».»tflJo. ? , Ihlrlvaeven head choice State Steen, avenging 0 tt«. ©0 car*, Lt O&TO. . Bcvtml-cn head mctUnm fleshy Steen, averaging 930 BMIIUIi. “ | FutT'ibar head medium Steen, averaging 3,030 aa. ltd acd watered, at $3.00. • Twenty Lead common stock, averaging 1.010 ft*, led and wairmhai f4.ip. * , l,W?i«I at* M w** 1 eommon P* cWn C Steen, averaging Foartret bead"(food imoolb i hipping 6teen, arerag* lot 1,250 Dr, at (i. 3, w*u“«k at wSo. flll Cowß< avera f ftn K liW fta, led and Thtitv-Mx bead good straight Steer*, arcraglne 1.375 Ibr. at *0.25. Tern tirart medium hotchcr*’ Cove, arcrarinc 965 SB. led and watered, at ll.tsj,'. * h IJooß—The market opened dull and depressed. There were soar n.OOO head In the sate pen*, this mornltg, and later arrivals swelled tUo number to IR.COO. 'WIHi the excessive saeply, and la anticipa tion of large rectipts to-morrow, buyers wore thy and scnctnliy refused to operate at the ruling ratun lloldirs, however, were lo'crablytlm In their views, ami tbe balk of the sale* made, were at prices well no to the closing rates of yesterday. Oaly WOO head changed hands. These were taken exclusively on local account, at prices ranging from $3.1003.90 lor Interior to common lot* t |e.OO®KJS fur lair to good grades, and (6JS96JO for prime to choice Hogs. One IctollOO extra smooth heavy Hogs, aversgtng t? 7 lbs. Bold at IC.T3. They were taken by Hooker. HwarU ft Co. fbr the Albany market. Among packers tbe op'Mon seems to he pretty generally entertained that the hulk of the sain* to-morrow will be made at prices ranging lOftlSc below the quotations of today. The market closes dull and weak at the above quota* tattoos, w lih 10.000 htad left over unsold. Wo note the folio wing transactions: UOU BAI.EB TO-DAT. No. Ar. Price. 113 •*Nri>pn*ll H Hop* Slid (6.n S.'IS taint eta** KfIMIMO.SO 40 jtrHne tfrii Hugo «.33 I0*»n t (juaHty..... e.3l«f 13 itiHilmn rmrofi Hop" wi «'« TUliolvo ll'iftf 31) 6 4'J lECUinoara-lot ?hi lulu 41 taint quality IS3 C. 13 fcPlHlrroiirao ilnp....a »ri 8.|3 111 fair baron gradi* no c.lO Ufa Interior t-naiae 11tea......... . 11l 9.19 13 light baron Nov*, f, ft w 9.10 •/apooOrmi lot, c A w o.n 41 emal IH pa... ....,,*....919 G.:W. 49 twine duality. .318 031 ♦ U i Lititiiun liefil i10ea.i......tnj fi’oj OGminimmfeiatae lot,. ..*'♦l gm IT ntHilitmrrairr* n0p*.. ....,1391 b.m Mtams t|iin 1y.,0.i0 M Hunt niiailli......n 10 41 awn*a| iniap............... ............or 8«i W l»lt I'BH‘II fit !»•:..,,,., , ; JiJ j)|M 51 Itw M Miiieti'i'illlr ........ .....<1 ft iw JU ft bill rV( ll I'I:;..,;;; i....V. .V.i.i.lln..iWO IM ,5U fill! iMlu.. ..VmVm ,» ~„ ** fi n lt;j H II f.l< H fill,,,,, uutuuimiui V*l 8 W HI! MtH Mlrlll I ti'iflj i ju.j tut it .it 1 uIM fill w ihif i.hHin itaa’.r ,v, u.i.injn PllfclU'f'lfntlt lu (iHfif ( ililMlbil Unify Hte IliHfi tHa HmfrtHdiMdibFiill'ii'a 111 llil# lirniidi uf Mm Livy Pl‘(( ; h IhHfkt-l Ibf llMliy (lluFi Hifif# HH4H HlOfnllll: Hal Mli'MV Id Ihl IH-lin, |||||| llll'ltFH yilM’t lilHtl iIM lirttl'l Hiw»f>«FMl with Lthiv milt* m nil mlvmiwnf «*<» m ImluK 0 .(limHiia, DIIIdAIJO IIAII.V rtUIHiUT, AU mlh o f drain niiiiittil in Ihli ma rl.l rrpnri Dir miMc i>h ttie uan* ul icdtur (let unit** fidfi'H l«s < *i,re*»ut, Turroiuv Kvekiko, January 31, |=«7. FU Kl t il ITH-itAiLimAi> FkKMiura-liruiica lloia BM 2.r li.w-I I.) Vh Virlc oualmi, Iki.l |jJ u '• w .* r . l 9 Ah.Htiy. Wo rnvn-o our rules, iho fullowim: is Die joint Urlif on Die Uuetcrit r.iutls: iiau* ft om Chicago tr— Floor. Ungt. Itntluio, N Y ui 4*JA *Vo T. a fr* £ S •MO. trial, C. E 1.65 «3» I.M I M AUianj, N.\ 1.23 jjij , New itrk ~. 1-3 90 ISi I a lU'btotaml AltiuL) ijn 33 licibtou r/rrUruncl Trunk 1.33 93 1.93 1*35 I't ri.niia r ia Uraud Trunk 2.10 i.w riillHildiilila 1.13 65 1.70 1.40 Sf, 1 ."?' 1-U M I.M I.U lUMmiph... 70 30 1.00 7u U. onto -13 33 75 55 JoilcrM.mUh*. Jnd 43 as 70 Cft clm-Bli Ohio 43 33 CA C 3 Fl,Ollu—Received,S.WJ hrls; shipped, 3,917 hrls. il irkil qiiJcL Sales « ere: Si-hIXQ trrcAs—23o hrls mlnan.en ntfll.OO; 25brls ♦•Atlamo tloj.jpn Sncat” at <10.65; 100 hrls not named ab 110.73 : 53 bm do at <iU.ft!V; COhrlsdoal <1050; 400 hrls do at $10.23:100 hrls do at $lO 00; Uxtotwii—*W hrla not named at <9.0: biTiMi Sri'BEH—no hrls 11-jt named at <6 a,; 300 ?* C: 100 hr *« do (low) at $3.53 ; Rvk FIX)DC —ISO brlsat< lOOnrlsat <625; Com? Meal—Sale ol JCoMcoarw* at <29.00. U’lltA’l'—lteceiTed, 10,'/II bat shipped, 9,<KB lm. Market opened doll at ndcctioecr Scon No. 2 Sprlntr. pat tuliKfiaeDtly rallied 2c. No.l w*s dud and laac Mile* were: M 0 bn No. 1 at $3.14; 403 bu do at | l*u do at f 2.10 (rcenlar): 10.000 lm No. 2at <1 H 7: s,4tomid»at<l.B6«f; 11.400 bu dual <1.86; 3,190 liudf'at<iUVj !oXcobudoat<l.» (rcenlar): 400 »m Rejected at <l«)8-clos!ne nominal at <2.l2ft2.i3ft>r No. and steady at <1 .jfl for No. 2 Spring in regular ,CO II N—Received. 13,W0 bo; shipped. 9,031 bn. Mar. kei opened dull and declined le, but aubsMuemiy ral lied %r. s-deaweru: 5.100du No. 1, at 77*c; lOcOO hu ooati;>,c; 7;j 4 'c: 10,000 bu da at •<c ; I.CCO bu Ileleclcd at 53J»c t 1,000 bu do at W.c • 1 B,uxj bn do at Sc—closing quiet at 77*t.ior No.'l ia BtOIC. OATS— bn ; Bhipocrt.639 hn. Mar ket outl and ea»Ur. Sale* were: a.OOooaNo2at4lc C.ICO tm do at 40J<c ; 1,200 Du Rcjtcled at tßh'c; COO on do ut SCLc. ,lt»E-ltecdred,TOhn: shipped. 410 bn. Market uni . Calcs were: 400 hu No. I al93J,'c. RAllhhi-Received, 5.523 bn; snipped, 410 bn. Muikci mill. Sslrswere: 4i>otm uy sample atfl.2o: 1&* Mgs at 6T; 175 barest 75c; 403 In do at 7*. A l.< 0111 l L—Nominal at «4J30Cr4.10. IllCAN—Market quiet. Sal-s were: 10 tons at track. CKOIMI r*»RN—Market dull. Salsa were: l tan con iron at {115.(0. ItiiTTElt Received, 4,910 its; shipped. 4,413 tvs. ’there Isa Mearty, tdr rt-aaml tor the better grades of Hum r, ard owing 10 the nuxterato supply of oicli in the market, prices keep well nu ni darcn-lrrstilv (irn niq-oiutline. Indeed (hr somethingvery choice, an advmc-e cf 9fa So ts occasionally rea.tzed. Comapu rrferlpilone, which are in large sappr. coollnuevcry *tau, and Mice are alow. We repeat our list as fol lows : U.olreto Dairy 23 «38 c Good Tub 28 «ii c Celliujuu Fl'kln Mis e I’ilnic I jrkln ?» c SHAGGlm;—the market cnntlnaev dull, with m mutcnal changed In prices, The demand is caaliued to »mml .Trtera to supply current want*. Tlia blocks arc lair. We quete: r a'lunal A. 2 bu. seamless linen f 12.10 da 40,01 ■ Nmols A. 3 bn. do 37.00 Corn Fsxharxe. 40,00 v Urk A, i oitya acsolcse 70.08 Txwlrtnn A, do ADflrrsroßgln do Amerlon, • do rrfi.uo tiarrrMllls, do c«.oo fittM>.lrtß, do ivrn Mills, do tom Fort PJtt, do Sitco, do C7OJ Mico, linen and cotton sVw Itidgewood, do 53 00 Sprmcncid Gunnies 3^oo r>ir>aas,4 Ini. Ko.l 4, ioi» Anmlre «Itv jj'oo CI)F.P.?»E-1b quiet nndprlees are by no m-vans firm. 'lbeMockf arc not tmrara«ta> t, though fully equal to ptrerntdemacds. The following aruthecur mtrotca: New York Factory (qfnulnc) , ts CM9 c Kact-ry (Illinois) to 1417 c lUoiburc.... (417 c Wi»tun Males an c Wistern KcfH-irc c “Tnonc America** «J 3 c l?OA I,—The ilcn and was Im# active 10-ilav. thonMl tlitre was a fair trade dolnc, ana price* were wed eui- Ulncd aid tolerably firm. iVcquutc: Ewr.—Rrr oxfldd « do Urmrbv nOO jj.oj do Mineral Ridce do Widow Hank 10.00 do Tunnel 10 00 riuopewa 10 no llWfbnrc.... J7.(w Lehigh 15.00*16.00 Lnckawata. prepared 1101 Mtamcn. 14.r0 PitiMon.... noo Illinois. 6.00* &M) 110 .on track 6.(0 Ivophkghrty Cl) Ft- EE—Then* It no visible chance to note tn the pmeral rburarlerof the market. Quite a number ol com-try nnyrrsweretn town to-day. and d.alem bad bnt little trouble la obtaining full trices. MV quote: Wo. common to fair ats«»j.r l»o, coimi m prime ih^Kdl.n; Rte. ptltneU* choice... sN‘**3LVc rOOI'KII AUK—The market 1* dull, and price*arc nshaclcnnkr. Sale* includer<otant Tl» redat |M\i; do at | wo Fork Harrtle atft.49; tTO.loat SI-.V drllveicit; 410 do at 11.39, delivered: 116 do at |l..f>. orlivcrnl. |- l i.i;.*—VV P r o nol*v plenty 10-day.and with a fair ocai iiiqulM dealer* were innerally lioMlns al mi ail. inner < f irtJc. Pale* wrr* mode n( 4<V<ca«o for limed I- i:n nmi H'o*-? 1 ' tor frrtli in imac* or lab*. i*lt l> IT* AM) l*TK—Thea«»neral market am* tintnn mdet, »>ut mid comparatively nrm nt quotations. >\c moke no chance In our qtiutatloaa mi ioUowb: owner ntrmi. Apple*. * lirl f 3.00 A 6.00 wn-nnt, «.00 («Roi) t r anhrrrle*. is.w (43U.M cranberries, cultivated ~,..ia,gg W 4l.<W wittn rnrtr*. pi" 23 A M Date* » 14 w Can reaches, |J doz., 3 ft can 5...... 4.03 1.73 Apple*. new ... y oft 13 l*cailic*,bilvc«andquatlcrs is a 13 reai he*, pared 43 A 43 Itiackbcrrle*, now, V tt„ si 14 si Ua#|it*rrlp#,now,l* ft... . so (4 at Ctmnu-a,pitted (W Kldi them#», fft 13 a 16 ltal»tn*,layera 4AO (.ft 4.63 Kaioina, Valencia.. is u rj tanlliic*, v buxta.... 30 <• 53 ? ardlaco, Ji boxes S 3 ($ 43 KITTS. AltDOQda.birdiheltMl 73 Q U Almowlt'toß ttfllcd S 3 a 43 Alamooc..paper iheltcd 50 u 65 rvaouui, *», WUmlngion n a is IlratllKnta n <2 £3 Kllb«ru 17 $ 13 French WalnoU, new.... Kaplr* Walnnui JVcann, tmali and large, lllrktrr |»bn..- Chestnuts, 9»l)n 7.00 a &00 Fl*> ll—Themarker continue* dots and luacttTc, and quotation* are aimo»t nominal, Asidetroma limited local irqulry tLern li solbiog dolnjr. Itip« tor most dcsalpuuns are well sustained, tboacb Whiiehsb were rmerany otfmnc at a redaction vfiic. We quote: Wbtte&sa, No. 1. v brl $ 7.50 W 7.73 J<o.iX b« 7.«« 7JO Troot.No. r vbn 5.«0 “ No. 2, £ brl 4.53 d 4.75 Mackerel, No. L S brl, new ll.iXKs lu> ** Ko.2,Xbrl 10.1X* 10.50 “ tamlly. |> X brl 9.000 9.35 ** extra mess, V }, brl lUO ** „ “ * Kit 3.7V4 4.00 ** No.l. k!ta,new 3 Out 7.73 J 1 *. f*»llr,kltt *,TS todflth.Fauk, v ino v>* 7Jba 8.00 „ ** Uccrgt's Bank 8.50(4 9.00 Ulkt... M 5 Vv> fiflft litmnge.drled.No.l.F 600 75 , , tralco Tta 73 lAbrado, Herring*,» brl ll.« 511 .SO ni ‘"**,l3 SK ~ u * rt,;l Cral’siilW were: VtO trea Wtlu! brli I< iSmnrdSniE; RCCel7Cd * *™ brU: sh,ppM - ™ rns , &Kfc£ tor Eastern, and 5V4 \>eatern. fraica were: 30 bales Eastern at Gl<t DUKSSH) nor;**—'Received, 2.913: ablgpcd. Market slow and wltbont decided change. Sales US averaging 3CO bs at. 7«j U - SO BS.DU 7^ 53 *• 385 »B,at . 7«o «5 “ ro Bf, at 7jS i» an under ao as, at « 81 dividing on Sft) as, at 7.00 and 740 65 *• SOO B», at 7.00 and 7JB 53 M 5C385,8T 7.00 aad7.25 a» ** 2Coas,ai *4O and 7.25 54 ** 200 BS, at AM and 7.10 443 M 200 Be, at 644 V and 7.73 QA V—There le little doing In tills branch of trade, though with a rather light supply in the market, prices are comparatively firm. We continue to quote: * wholesale rcrcss. Tlmothv.roller and beater pressed. Tin cthv. Itn K prrsteo Prairie, better pressed BRAIL PUCKS. Timothy, rnlcr and beater pressed f1fi.00,317.00 Timothy, loose pressed Prairie, rollM and beater orated !4JXV)-5-CO Frame, Kose on wason, delivered 9.0k«1i>.00 H IDES—Rectlvcd.(s,63l as; shipped. TtUTU as. The maTactiontltucs active and Orm. The receipts arc Utbt, and all are readily absorbed at fail rates. The dema: dis principally for shipment. Wc quote: Oreca Botcher*.*...; 8 9 Sjfc Gieen Esited, tnmmed is c Oram cair. IS Ql9 c Kip,Crtra HUM. ii mu c Di) FIUU trimmed 17 O'Swc Dry Sated, trtmmM HU'jlSve UrctS Salted, part cared 10 uIOHC IH OX AMI u i icodente da* maud and price* rule steady aa follow*: . Cotnstob Bar. 5V<» 6)fe Doj*« tbo« Iron. 6V4 7*c Utarj Bat'd. ( a 6£o Hoop a»d Light Band Botaaaad Square »*c • ral sva «Ue Balt o»»i and Balfßoasd sy* Bye Sheet Iron, common.... rue* hh-.ct iron, Galrailzed, 17x23. 7) <4 ...; ehcetlren,charcoal sya hnret I'os, jnnlau .....iik(*i2 e K'nrayHsii uods csrtyo |lo« btccl, Oeraaa <*tl o Hsw StcU, east. 17 wlB o Mxlrgaid lire Steel, English t< <*u 0 Tool Cut Sreet, ordinary sizes .22 q Tool Cut .-tea, American ait o Otstemi Steel „ (*») c nufs's.Nos.9»nd 16...., ....28 (*29 e I-orala. Am, lstqca'l t, V bdl uis c Kafc-ls, »»sheet ai9 o Boon, Am. 2d quality, P sheet. c«l6 a . LfcATllEtt—There Is s slight Improvement in ths doin«io,awlthomarkiVruies very firm with an Dp ward tradeicy. ’With the excepiloa of *a adrsace of lo on Upptr, prices an unchanaea. 37000010: HZWLOCK.- rn, n.wM, & ei...,iu n_. ~ City Hines*. ft ft 7TT...* 399 40 CODBtrr tt&raeM SS Une.'li ft 499 44 Kip, medium, V - 1.1891J0 » Can. v » Upper, a t00t,.. fflM 31 -Cosatrr Upper.. 3i4 39 Collar, V f00t... ska 31 Slaughter 501 e... Ktp* o« Harness, ¥ ft.... tore 46 I’ppcr K& S 3 Kip No. I, mo- - R2Q1D..1 1J0Q1.20 Kip, 2i«. 1, heavy 86® 1.10 LTJinlJFlt—'Theret* a nnc firm at the fonowlne qi LuMßxn—First Clear. 1,1& Second Clear, j, ix, i# and 3 lacn Third Clear, inch 50.0CU55.W lint and Second Clear Flooring, to* rrrber, rough, Uie tame as second Clear wide..... • 80.r0a55.00 Common FooMnz. roocb 55.0%337.00 Matched and Creased Common Flooring. 40.00311.00 Slate hi *d and Dreued B inch Common rioorlng 84.01338.00 Fim ana second Clear Biding, together. so.oo^j'.oo First Common Dreasedßldlne 23.0038.00 Wagoi-Box Boards, Select, U Inch and Dpwitdl 33.003(3 00 A Htixk lioardi, 13-lncees SO.OMJr •» II block Boards, 12-lnchos 23.00377 W Common Boards, Joists, scanning, Fenc ing, and Small Timber, 12 to 16 feet lei 21.00372.00 Jolrts and scantling, 30,32 and 31 fuel SS.ooa:n.QO Joist* and BcantUuc a.OO Siiimilio—A or Star Shaved btungles 4.10 A ortlar tawedShingles 8.00 »3.M No. 1 Sawid Sh’nglca Latd—l’*r m In yards j.hj By carload by Northwestern Uallroad. delivered In any yard where can can r>e switched, or any depot: Aor Btar Baw* ed Fhii*alrt, by car-load, on track U3AISO A or Btar Bhavcd Shingles, by car-load, on track 8.7!>3t.00 No. I Sawed Blilrglcs, by car-load, os track ?,jj Tlirto dollars a car-load added when tran«fcrrcd. which charge follows the shiagi** In (Might hill. rillflll bAT P I lll>« Thicker**—Fltc inlogies to bo two locbei Id thick* DtKK. IftieUi-Wxtecn Incite*. • jrituls—Twenty incite*. Courses—'taeniy-tife. AIhTAIiW AND TINNEICB* STOCK—The demand U fair, andprice*arelinn. Wequtitot Tit#. «,W. Ilnx Tin Hate, 1 0 Ist quality, cask 13'< tuitl J 15.00 lit quality,inest II Larue lies in felali bmnlll’lg* sw iiaiuiir wtea. liar Tin i<9 ' come. Metallic Al’Holts... 83 Center HoHotn. 69 lirazier* imr 10 e>s.. 43, Meeiluys || tulGoe Hi llimiitxs 10 . iilrniraKTAL. Ist qtialHy....ool Atiiinmnr an Fine Folder. ii taUi i 001 I* AlLH—Are iteadr. V fltfvhenauaa* ia.fTJll ,OT 8(|....... uiaaia.a 75»j| M 0 Olaiitoi taaaaaa 7.73 ).W ti.a au a,u...aa. P.WM f.W fl'laaa.j fI.W 1.00 Oil sMhereisiimiie.l •-?<! Ohi imiiHOHMiin im? (he , i>i itulein lln'KiarkM. Meal ;|ttj ;liy almost itomlual at out as Site;;;;; | atlnrllll; nmiiimiin V<£ #»((UM III).,,, J.ifl Mil |<ijHnitnti>')Miii|s(«a>l> amt I’Hdinn, Irar j all-all •T. ,tI II .WC Htiixnin..... rkic w(, |d|,lb#l llik {’nrr.l Mc.Ui I lf-j| l.rU (ink wi ll aCu7O llm Jjir.l; ibliipu.l, 731,1 Uhs (iireil Meat*, Mt lirUllecf, J,lll l.rls iWa, aiU His lanl nicxN I’orli— I Marketdull and 35Jt500 lower. Bales Wrn-illOi rlaat (lU.OO, SO l»ris at »W.W, 10 urls New \ ark MstKianl at tUUtI, 61 lirls oiul -luo urls (last even* lot ICI iracohluiitUm HltlS.nO. 4U) brls dual |14.53 florins' with no bnyers over I'liuliali Alcala—bales were 60 bn Cuinteriamls at t-v. iluilc Mnnia-Market quiet. Balm: were 13.030 His Miort H b atOjfc, loose; 23,000 U)i Dr; Sailed bin ulilers at »},(’• Crct-ti .UcntH-Q’.ict. Kale* were; 1.030 Ham* (s. It.) atOKc; z.uoo pea and 70,00'.. os Shoulders (s. l.) at t*c, I»nr«l—Market dull and kc lower. Bales were 136 Ice i-rimc Steam at lljfcj SOU tea oa p. t.; TO kors KvU tied at iiijxi*. riHU/l'KY—Sale*were: 2ftdozUrcwert Chickens at »1X0; i Cor. do at 13.79; 7 doz do at |3MO; 6 dor Dnased Ducks ats4.Co; ZWitts Turkeys at 13c; 1,579 tbs d-> at lie; (CO tbs do atlttvc; 190 lbs do at 13c. Mlli A It*—The central market is active, and we uctu ua advance of j<c on New Orleans Sugars. We to* vlm* quotations: forio I'bo. XV. Ktttaed, Powdered and G runu' ated.... IG.v.uG t c IVfcite A 13V<416 C Circle A 15*»!3Jjc White It..'. Ultra C Yellow C Oxnard C Oxnard C. extra..... New Orleans prime. Sew Orleans Culr I3 l iu*l t.wc j»VUUl’s*—Ate in fair demand, and priced remain nnch»DCKl. ITe quote: Sew York Syrups.... Yellow Drip* Cuba Mo.a^es... t’urto Kico Sew Orleans. Philadelphia Bcc Hire 60a a Chicago IPflnery, Atnb»r LOfctUO “ 44 Golden fcOft 90 44 44 Sugar House 75k 83 DEEDS—Received, 02.708 shipped, 573 a«. Market quiet. . Sales Include 18 bags Timothy at f 3.70: It lags ilioiceFlax attg.43. S»a |,T— Ktctlvctl, tote; shipped, 1,139 brig. The market mice steady. Sale ol 213 trie at $2.53 del. New Fine *9.55 Coarse 2.*8 Ground Mum 2.0532.13 Turk's Island, bags.... 2.53 Ground Solar 2.63 Dairy, wph Barks 5.00 DMry. without sacks 3.75 TEA !>—l be mar» ct rules firm, and prices are with out decided rlianre. We continue to quote : - .1 Young By«on,sapcrior toilnc. p ft.... ft.10^1.13 do extra to choice, p ft 1 tiVtl.Bl Impcnal, superior to One, p ft 1.16.^1-00 do extra to choice, V ft 1.53 ?i.3u Gunpowder, snp'Tlor to tine, p la t in'^l.63 do extra to choice, p ft 1.8>41.93 Japan, natural teat, tine to extra flue, p ft... 1.u5,* do do fl"ctoeh lec, p ft l.?)Tgljn do do colo-cd, pft Ta lit.fl'V—Ma'ket inactive ardenttrJrnostnal at OXG-.V\c f< r lity 001011016’; WJlOuc tor City I’acki tV.atd lor Country TOBACCO—Ia dull and unchanged. We quote: Finn err Cukwinq— Ultra Choice il-illum Cirrmcn Smoking Touacto— Vtrplola'fl FaTontc. Choice Mcmaoi * Common stems rtto TOIUCOO— Loyal Ciarm 7s a s~) Fanners* Delimit 70 (3 73 Natural Leaf,.. j/»o «i.fO Half nnisht KJ «M 5 Cticlfe Diner, fotino ts *1 Vcdlum 70 73 Oinmon 50 a 73 Navle* WV.« 8J Vlreli'lalOaanatt* so a oo Flounder*... . 73 Q S 3 WIMm-In In moderate rpqnnd. and steady and Arm at previou* rate*.« hlch are at fallows: Maple. « coni. delivered f 13.00411.00 Mi.p p. V i-«nl. in yard Ij.ooaiu.flo »im h. 7' ci’id. dellv> red tl.o->Jv 13.01 Hicch. V cord.ln yard to.oo-ttt.uo Hickory. Front JUCCm.INJM WOO ij—Receiver, 17,0 5 fts; tnip.-et.naao* Them Ism- Improvement In tt*e demand, ana the market ixailroaba. AUUIVAL ASD DEPARTURE OP TRAINS. Ifluict * Arrangement, CmCAOO AKD MORTHWCSTCRN IIAILROID—OMAHA pacific one—depot NoiiTit wells street. Omaha Fast Lino Oamba Night Kxptess. Dixon raesenger mEE POUT I4NE. Freeport I‘jwfctcer... ~ *1(1:00p.m. *3:loa.m, Freeport rwpcnjjcr *11:00 a. m. *9:10 p. m. liocklonl, Fox Htvoraud State Line... *4:00 p.m. *11:10 a. m, Geneva and Elgin Fas* pencor. WIjCONMN DIVISION—DEPOT COItHKIt Of CANAL Day Kxtircaa Nli:ht Expiess •Inoovillv Accommod n. Woodstock Accommoa'n niLWAiKtc Division—nrr< AKD EOlZIli Day Exprc**... HorebilU Calvary and Kvon*ton 1:30 p.m. 3:10p.m. Nlcilt KxpirM 4:00 i*. m. Accomtood'n... 4:i:ip.xn. IMSo. m. Waukegan Accommod’n. S:;:o p. m. S:si» a. m. Milwaukee Acconimod’n. 11:13 p. ra. fkftia. m (•co. L. Drxtar, Ucn'l Sup’t. 11. F. Patrick, (Uncul i’*Mingcr Agent, KIOUIVAM VXRTKAL n*UJ*OAu—OftiDA /OOt or utx* mint. Morning Eiprcee *3:00 a. o. *843 p.n. Day Express *7:w &. a. *tt.*oo p. c« Ktcnlpg Express... 13s30p.m.l*li;'4Jp. a. Mgbl Express 1*9:43 p.n. l&tta, jd. rt*«:JNNATI ASO> tOOTSTILLB THAOtf. Moraine Express *7:oo*. m. *1(1:83 a. a. Night Exnre*« 15:00 p. o. *ll:0u p. a. MtCUUiARBOUTUKUM A5T> AES Mldd* UM—ON* rOT COKXU VAJf KVUKK AMD lOXUtAX It&UR, TOLXDO uir>. Mall n:ulo. •aJßp.n. Pay Express.... *‘‘.;(X)a.ia. *U:oOp. m New York Express...... 3: sp. a. tl&Mo. a Nigh: Express t*io:oop.a. *&9oa, a DSTBOR UMB. Mali *4Msa.a. tfcooa.m, Night Express 110:00 p.m. •SA5p. m. riTTHBCMB, TORT WATKB AJt» CHIuAQO. Mall *UBfta.n. fcuo a.n- Express *1:00 8. n. 13:31a. m. Fast line fclS p. m. 7:10 p. c Sxprcas *l!0:00w. a. 11:00p. n fTj.ntnra pwrtt. Day Passenger *9:80 a. n. •ICCSC p. n. Night Passenger lUkOO p. m. •&« a. a. Kankakee Acconao<?*n. **:osp. m. »*2i in. Uvdc Park ana Oak Wood *8:80 a. n. *7:45 a. a, •» ** M ........ *l£lQp.m. •xMj.c, *1 “ u .... *3:30 p.n. *l:3Gp. c. « « ,« *sSsp.n. *7:90 p. a ai a 33 a *« 21 23 (4 30 a s^o okxcam. sratniatos ura gunini. Uay £xpro**and Ma 11... *S:iOa.a. •ftOOp. m. (jaicubuicraaecDgcr.. . *8:00 p.m. a, Aurora. Sight Express $12,66 cid’ht t&Sba. cu csicjLfiO tin> er. LOua. vuwbw anw Sxpress and Hill B'osa. a. &45p.ta. Night Express 9:15 p.m. 5:50 a. a. Touct and Wilmington • _ Accommodation... ... 4:00p.a- 9:43*.m '7HICXGO 4J«l> SBXAT XAiT*B5 —(TATt CiyoSSITJ 4X5 t.TTTI) —KltWaUXB* XUXLKOAD SX7OT, 00*. 1C4J14X.4K0 XIHXtS Rllßi . Dar Express &30a.a- 10:55 p.m. Night Express 9:00 p. a. 3JO p. a. ros HimxsAPOXja. louistilli *sx> ctkcisnax;. Cay Express ftSOa-xn. Htss p. a Si At Express 9A« p. to* &W a. a CoTnabus Express 0:30 a. a. 10:55 p. a. •* m 9:00 p. a. &50 a. a. tjtmtpg Accommodation 9:55 a. a. 9:00 a. a. ** •* s;isp. a. 6mO d. a CSJO4SO, BOCK IBTAKT kTZ PACIFIC HATLBOAP. Day Express and Mail... *9:00 a. a. *S;SM p. m. Nlchi Express 12:0° p. a *5:45 a. a «o»et Accommodation.. 4:40p.m. *9:4l'si a. •Sunday excepted, ttf onday excepted, tsatnrdaj •xecpted. The following is the new able for Ihe arrira and departure of mails prom the Chicago Post Office for the winter, and now in force: Vails close, r. o. emeseo, tu. jlulb ajirxtx. a. m. p. m. a. in. p. m. ... 800.... Mich. South. R. R 12:30 .... &15.... 44 44 “ 8:55 .... 13:00 m 44 44 44 .. fcOO 11:00 .... ItOU m Mich. Centralß.R 12.00 8:5.... 44 44 44 •• 0:00 &45 .... 2:00....PUt5.& Ft Wayne 12:00 .... 8:15 . u 44 * 4 7:10 . 134041140 .. 10.00 j 11.00 .... 12:00 m 44 44 4 •• R-00 11:00 l&oo 4:80 ...Great Eastern R.R.. &tU 10:00 12:00 +7:3n....NcwAlbany&»aJcm 8:20 11:00 8:00 7:43....0a1cna Railroad 8:10 2MO 12:00 (<:nu....Bixor. Alt line.... &00 7:20 18:0'* S:uo....Kocklelan<lßailroad 5:45 2:30 12:00 .C..8.A Quincy K-R. &so 9:00 &00 2:4s,...Pilwankee Railroad. 11:30 S;2O 13:00 7:45 Illinois CcnlnU R. K. 7:'Mi 9:00 12KM 7:00....81. Bonis Railroad... 5:35 &«s ROB 4 T. A. GU.MQHB T» M. §SO 000 ToLoan » onfirstclissc - t y property*?u»ntr* to nit; tad $23,000 t 5 loin on oner can bend till class real estate outside ihecity. A F W *° RBO. H. ROZRT, Betl Estate and Lota broccr, 98 LasaUe-st, TlfCorham Illumikcailnx'Oonptnjt Prutldeuee, u. X- tbe tradr J£?A m Xmntin , 2? c^J“***®?ro^ 1 O<xxl«.oon>- pruun Am Dirtier aruflea atrricci utf Table Waioof **w) (Utcnpiioii, of a tut iBMriH enalltr iii 01 BewimcMßiMm Tb# bS u NicW BH»er. cponwbl hUadepoeltol Pare surer d aacb iblct n-a* that they paercHell t»eadvaat»*eaot tend Hirer la uioiu, aoJ ffom beaaty ot a«<ix- ud aaperlor fle- Ub ere ood]aUrcaUba2»e from iu* ’ Tbe Oonam Manulkctonn* Coespaay refer with eon pdenre to the tucb npauuea they hare aatahJl-hed Ip Uw oredactlon of-Solid SHrer 'were, to which they beet fur but yearaenracecratdtheyaow aa nte cte oobllc tbai will foljj isatam tn»t reputa tion by the production of Electro plated Were* of anch qaaityaod utt-e&a doraUlty u wia injure eottre •aUafacUoD to tbe purchaser. All amclea by Ibctp are stamped thus: BUachler, Sola, BoSelo $ 403 i 3 Slepghtor Sole, •Chrc»jro,Ne..a 403 41 SUueUKr Sole. ChXayco.No.?, *•' OSXSWHTaco ! And all such are fully guaranteed. Thdrfeel ltase»- saijr particularly to call the attention ol purchaser* ta thr ju.oretraoo-mark. M their designs hare'been at. readr azteostvely imitated. These seeds can eoly be procured from responsible dealsra throughout the co on try. ... IT 34® 37 Raeaot Ayrci... S3® 49 .Orinoco Sole 37® 33 | Orinoco, good, I damaged. 31® S 3 Flench Call, St uodias French C» C S 3 »• S.WSUO French Calf l«- molnes, f doxßo.ooa».M Formerly, cl James* Lock Hospital, Custom Hoose-sL, New Orleani,'cores SmaATOBEBota wlthsalnliUlble method, laving time and expense, from Spermatorrhoea, or lots ol semen. Thiid.btUty Dr. James will obligate himself, in every restoring lull power and vigor to Urn deblltlated or* gaus. fat r trace doing, and orlces notations: , tj< and S Inch Byphllie, either entailed or hereditary—This terrible poison elTcclnally eradicated from the system without thcaidofmercury,lodide potato, or any poison, but with a neutralizer, a positive cure for this much-to-be* dreaded disease. Dr. James* offlee and parlors are at Ol and 03 Ran dolph-# t, comer of Dcarbonwt. nearly opposite his old office, Chicago, lIL Separate rooms, and all consults tlcas confidential. Office hours from 0 o’clock In the morning till Bat night. I’. O. Box 09(1, Chicago, 111. Th- good things of this world hare each their ap polMcil niUMon. K It Is the mission of IIOSTftITER’S STOMACH DlT* TLItH to yi errsu and rtlitce a great variety ol all* For *twclre years Its mrce<s as a prnterilre and a rtmnfif has been without a check orurawoack. It la ittonknrmi re ttulntcr of this fact, that the efficacy cftLe ankle asashtciflc (or dssp-o* llouncs*. cocsripatlon. nervousness, general debility, and inter* DiUii uifevirs, Pas never bern questiooed. A# i*o*ii(r<*ol Its lafaiiioilitv m such caves, the staiemrtits ot imbllc men whose names are taiutitar as iiimsthoiil world*,havefrom Umetottme boon given to the world. li its reputation is not founded In torts, truth Is a shadow, and lbs uUo'smrs of con«rkntlous clttzeoi are ot no mi re value ih*n dlevis* uatha.*' Aul w hat f» lu reputation ? Let the progress ot its tap sai swer the inquiry, tfhvrs twenty dozen botucs ot HnsMier 4 ! nuwa weiesold In IKS, jtr« Aum/rwi done ate dispusad of now. Cd'j d puUl>- oidoion be more slgnlflctnlly etpressol 'nun bt its imp iralltlcd Increase of cunsauiption? II m«in* iiii|His*ihie. , ll'i- prrpuration has been Imitated. Where are the Imitators/ Kcbuatswers,''Where?" Tothe“lliuho" "f thln» s lost on itith they are cither all gone or J’mie he with them I non 7. Rand 9. ID ami |>. It • II IS ami 11..... 15 lb dial 10 in IT 17 IS IS <0 ?| Fence Rlrnjlm.i.i.. iI .IO > eontlnas ta quotes Ht|*iin# 9.! td* flae blued. u•. i u.. io.! 7. Clloth 9. f it'jr htqnlrj for Lini*.* icto i« no iHjpHteuiHil (Jc'i-rMdloin nrc Lisectl hjuolalloiiS) *bitb are iiiitmiimitiKi.l n> ii.iimijiKiiiiiii ''V.V.V.Va'V/.V.ViV. .in? :83 SJ miiimiiimmii p=?i ' flrmaUfm prlout iil> "Dr. Poland's ITbite Floe Cor-pound, advertised In our column', la a tumssfui attempt to combitis and apply the mertKlnat virtues of the White Pine Bark. It has been thoroughly tested by peop'e Id this city and vicinity, and the proprietor has testimonies of its value irom persons wall known to our cltlwns. We reeotma*nd Its trial In all those cases of disease to whulllt la adapted. It is for sa'e by all our drU«- Tf* liideyehdenU the nreal Sew Holland Itetoody I tif. A. W, Ward's tt IlliE PlHfe CUJti'uOSD Is he# olftted to Ibe nf= Ilk-led llifutifliohl the toiitilry, aftef hatltijf I'fot ed by the lest ol eleveu yenls hi Ibi Hear Hnalah'l piali-s, wlnde Ha luerlle bat e as Well Ithowii a 4 (be (fra H*Hi which, In j-aH, M dent* Its vihum ‘1 ha WMM I'lbe tuif* aw? 1 bfoai, toMf * Hhfiil*, IllPb'bafia, HFohiblli*, Pl.liUhl b( Uludd; a'id I'hlH.hhaFf AlhhMdh* U?PPfa| f, h N H reiilAMiAlOe mw-ilt for Hl-Nm (lompiaifiis, niab'ltfi DiMi/ of Vobilae Drill?, Mt?wliHi fton, Hi* Kidnsyg ahil Iliad ■W, iifatcl aitd 'tllc f ObhddMrtM, Hhf HiN Hhd kwr* vy M Hid ho|'Mlli-i Very VHblftnK Diva lift IfUl if yell WIO Id (ui»ra Mm V*bM pf a good aipl ||M«t it.adb'iha. |( |s umasault sata and sura, duiiti.y Drnputsu and Deaur* In Mouulim yepa rallF, lILMNIIAMh A VAN hC))AAUK Wbaluala HKtali, Vour DeHitnv—Wltat la 111 CJocml or bvil? Ilieli or Poor? Debased or esaltcxl? Ara >c,u to rls« to en inenro, hnntr, wealth au l J»"Wurj 01 are ><mi to MnWlnlo t»>cumyand oullrluo? W are your future pro»iiivt*ln life-to t»<s or n >t 11 l>f—Ui»l la the (innunop Who wld sdvoll? Dr. Kupliael t-an soive it; and culde in# nni'icceMful >0 wealth und »>nlnunrp «nd tho imf.rl.*-»t- to Uap.>|. n«»a. AlnvUusef.iLii hopc-c hiNe ho.-a di-App.iini- 1, rrnshiit nnd blh»U‘d. c*-t •AiufAitlou. aud Ih fcu lades u hose Injury ketp, them from evtuue married, can Ini rured llu.t no me can know it. Cat) un DU. II V> EahtMnditon-it..upstairs. Interviews cout Jtnual. Consultation leo, ono dodar. Having the cmfldenceof the public and the medical f»t n,(j atMrae, M the most reliable pny-iclon m tba ciry for cluoidc DTvout and afxual ulaeaaca. Call at hta cfllic, I?f> South Clark->L. corner of Mumne. IhK-ms separat-. C-nao'la 100 ftee. p. 0. Box lA-l, lira guide to health, published monthly, sent free to an; adurcse. The Iteolixic I’oolnud lloiiho orHlcrcr. 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M. whlpo.e A Co., and given tosceure Um pa.meM of the pr< n l-r'.rr not-of said Whmple A Co„ ol date loft af.<r*sald. in the sum o| t<-o thoiisvn 1 dollar*, payable U) the imlet signed «>r order, on the 7ih day of January. A. D. IS(i7. win,on theMptuuaiiva of Uie legal tnUer ot said noi.% on MONDAY, the 3l»l day of January ln*L. nt the hour of trn o’elm-k In the lorenoou ol svld day, at the office of Lazarus Silverman. No, 72 Dear* b- m street. Chicago. »nl at public auction, for c*«h, to the hlrtp«t bidder, iUOstmrrs cf the rapi’a* stock of the ‘•HetfUNstinuai iteh-lt. lt> the state of Wl«* ts n«ln: oiit*pron.l*s rv nr.te.dated Chicago, Mar 2d, tw*. executed by Warrick Martin, payable to It. M. AMdplirA C.>.. » cays after calc, n’ d leingln the sum of 14,000; 01c prnmDsory note, dated December 3JJ, IsfA. ezecuusl by s it the «um of #l,>», and payable to G. M. Hughes, itx months after dale; ot e t ofc. in the sum ol *;,iiui. dale,! January «, HK executed to w. it. 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Special Nonces Dr* James) A UcncoD or Health* “A Valuable medicine* Dr* IIlscIoTr« (Bift Enterprises, IVo. IH> McGnn*Ht*« 3Lcpl. SUigijs. transportation. IQait Bse. . ffitopgsalg. UOPOSALB FOM ‘•A-fiMY TRAtf& l r>T . -PORTATIOIf. OCAidciuiTii'ijuiui'i Ornoi. > ’ -0~. w “OD rE. No, l i NshrMtaTarritorr, ar inch i* w detenaU«l opondarlbc (bo T«r on ° r ‘filOaloa R*l mm. vui Hto??*^S,?h , J on i. or tnm Forl Laramie, Dakota Ter tah»?i!S ?S < S?S-*“L? t de » W M are now; or may be w rad«ira^iSJ££, T i en l lol7 ° r s oraju*. we.t or tODjtl uutm<M to Jbe lerrlwry of M »auaa, »oaU» of loMtetjJfioiKSifll o »*» Territory of Dakota; rr««t ol SidtotSSft2S5 r sf , **9 a Js ,,at Qfl'ißfltaia It* dsfreci, fattiwr jwn T S£, l , t ? fl ' M , of , Pfrb *oQ Color*!# nottb o{ c R°DTE No;?. • St * tß „° t Kansas, or inch points as w n during the year on the Union f*S“ I 1“ E. D n to any post* or depots that ars t , e *W ,l f ,,wl “ State of oaa*u or m UieTeriiJory or Colorad», #oa»h oflsUtnde 49 do oenSttai^« t *i?« Fort Untoa .Kew Sl«ixico.or other i^£v,► Jl 1 J?? y .** orsirnvw in that Territory, and to anycithcrpolntorpointsoc the route. 1 _ „ ROUTE N 0.3. «. t»v?K► °5: ancb other depot as may b* SiW? «*t?#i!?J e ,7*r rl,orT or Mexico, to an u. a,^ or mi 7 be established in d«04«£1,i!7.V at 4L t<> >Dcb to* l * or stations as may ce lothe TVrruorj at Arizona, u the State of Texas west of lot anode ltd degrees! Arn£?&M?2!iV M is n t*oU» to°'snch posts as are now ?«hU'ned m me state ofMj*.nesota,aad >?t^onM°RjTer° f iiakoU Temiory lying cast of the te?aasponed during the rear wi 1 Kn ?M SJw«, , i2! ~e , No * KWW* 1 pounds; on Rout* p jMd ’- J* m *ds tor each route septralely. lb ? ”** pcr 1W pounds p-r 100 £#mlhl£/?k lcb the J w,| l lianipjrlthe stores la esen B?jitore4«fi«s: beslam ® g AprU l,t » lSs7 »*“lcn* • Bidders shnuid give their names In toll, as well as thtlr piaccftof reticence. and each oronjial smold bo hma mR 1 H n J«? J iy ,• lD the sum ot tenUno*aoi lfl0,00C)aolltri. Blmtdby twoomore responsible pern f.?Kt£^iLV ltCfUl, ; ,lia,,DClL * 0 • contract t« awaf!i« d st«i,SiL on «.® rßt,on * rt^,n the PPnpossl to the p irlr propcatcg, thfrontractwiii oo acccpwd aod «-nter«d i2!2v52?-F 00,1 ftn ? •ufllcieoi security tarnished by said patty In accordance with the terms of this aiver- e,£s»f?£ l i >elnr f lul>cm l QllW * lo bonds lathe roiiowug amounts: tin t-oute No. 1,100,000. on Route N»i r. stv.oio. on Route No. 8, IW.UiO. _On Route No. 4. 00J00. Si»<aPactory orsdorco or the loyally and so'yency of and person offered as security will be w lTi-posa]» most be redorsed •• Proposals for Army Transportation oo Koulo No. 1.2,9. or 4, as the case JSJW bp * *'■ d nine will be entenaioed uuloas th*y tojjy^ comply wilhlbercqulrcmenu of U>is advertlso* The party to whom an award Is made most be rre* pared to execnietba cm trai t at once, ana to give tho required bonds tor the faithful pertnrmtuce of tne ton* Ibe right In refect any and all bids that may bo otlercdls reserved. Iheccntractor on each route must be tn readiness ftv; service »*y the Ist day of April. IMI, and will he re quite*! to have a place «■( hnstnets. or agency, at which he may boconmumicaiei with promptly and revhly tor tloiitn No. l, at Dmata. N. T. j lor ifmtn Nn. 3, at Fort lUley, Kansas t tor Home No. 3. at Furl Union, Now Moxiiu; lor Itoute No. I. at Saint Paul, Mluno sols, tir at surtiotluT p"lul for each ol tm* several Itoutra ns maj be Indicated as the starting point of (he route. Blank tern s nhowln* the cnndltinni ol thl contract to !>*■ entered Into (ur emu mow, can be hvl on ton t. cation nt (his utilce, or at ibe olllce of the uuarterum. tor tt New York Paint Louis, Fort Leavenworth* (»n aba, Santa Fe ami Fort Mellli.f,and imui accum- P»oy at (I lew nan ol the iiropti*nU. By order of the MuartcrmnMer General. „ . . . . ALKXANHF.H BLIB3. Brevet Colonel ntul rtwi tjmuiefmastor 1 1 . S. A» QIoVEIiNJiENT SALE ffflr l!(jf!»']{« BA" B'.ifil t'pprl..)., I. lip hfc •"11.. ...I |1«, ..I SlmH,, i».t| 111,. 1.iiu1i.,,. „t ft juftHOl laMb thiordof m*» ic’sellmr « lli tip* luilt l* hMßiVßteaMirasii Miri u Mhifsl**! Hirniji iwn ibiM IL'ilS At . "I'i'i J'B !*“ Pit* A'HtIHKI lIIVUFj Mild Ilia l,f 4 ./Ibp|*Mdl wa* 1 iifciaseij ami |mnr»v«cno*M mada by M.B Uie amiA lw| U..n a-oiiaui ll cv«nim»fil, an »ia in iißva o.»t il-U.iuu in iropi, Ilia proiM ily cntajiem under Masa p«r the year iSAii. Hi h » onjbh raM c t WO, luyittiln m uUaium. ah» Hired ntu|u |=oa{|iiplii wlllbv il icr, by (baU.S.tluvr crnnu-iit. ' ► • HIM. I<*. Proix,sola will be inarno.l •• Itonosais for iloyernt meu Tannery and bawmlll," and ud ,reeaed in _ .. j. n. K/mmo. Ovt. U»J. Otu. Asic’l Com'r Bureau It V. A A. L, OatVMUm. Icxha. BAUllOl! WORKa AT GUANDUaI YEN ana Blark Lake, Mlcrlcat. Omen hu a Kr.i.\TkM*i.Mi Ksurscwn, nannonf lui'envKUEKTa, Lake JliraiOAM. } Mimvaukhk. Wiac-onalr, January Lisa;. ( scaled proposals. Id duplicate, of the form furnished 5/ the tindrralcnwi, will nc ui 0 ved at ihU otQcu until Thnrsdaj.the Hth d»y . f February, tu.provjnu the parlors of (ira:d Haven and macs lbk> . Michlcan. The itnproveuiocta at Grand flarm will conil't ol ii.fCofcei.mrr-or less, of cioae ptlme to protect the south bank «f the nvtr nrar tne entrance and at, *-z --tc i elon uf the south pier for COO feet oy cn ba tilled wltt ator p. llie Improvements at mock Lake win ba ext-nsiott of the present piers, 5Lf runnier; feel In all. a*_d drede log The dreuctna will be lustween me piers, aud tor placing ihe new crils, and writ amount to iO.OM cubic yarns, more or hss. Pinna ami spcclflcatlons arc on die In the offl.'e, and will beshjwn to &u who wish to examine itinm for the putpr.s* of esttu.aitrc. Tne rroptsals w|t: be separate for each work, andfor each cla.-«! of material or labor for eaca work. ui<|r will oe reC'iveiUor a part or tor the whol- of cither work. The work to be finished by October 1, IS6B. T:c*e works will be let to tho I .west re podsP-K bid der, n srrvlnc to the Cnlled btatre the right to reject onvorall bids. R'dCers are irqucsted to bo presect upon the opening of the bids. The duplicate proposals will bo endorsed, enclosed la separate envelopes, and addrcs.ed to „ MAJoUJ.It. WHEELER. P. a. Engineers, Muwaukee. Wls. fflitg Notices. pOLLECTOR’S NOTICE.—-Slate of VJ Illinois. CaokCoanty—>s. Cm QJt-hs cron's office, Corcr House, > „ ~ Rch.jdNo.l4, JsnoaryJSth, 1567. C PnblK\notlce u hereby given that the following do* scribed Warrants have been placed in my bands tor collection, to wit: Warrant No. 7M. West—Dated January 11. ISO, and d*eutd f r the collection nl a special nssesmteot levied It constricting sidewalk >v. E. Md-Milwaukee avo. nne. xutwern Holsirm avesu® *nd Western avenne. Ail persons tnt*re»led In said special assessment are requested to make liLu.*diate payment at my office. In default of such payment th» said asseisaoo. win he collected at the cost and expense ot ocr-ons liable thcnlor. A. H. HBAI.It, City Collector. CORPORATION NOTICE. Office of the Boaed op punttc Works, > Chicago, Janthiry 19, lSu7. f Whereas the Common Council of the City of Chicago h»sardered that the elahteen f<x>t alley runs.log ea« aodwcitln block H 9. School Stcuct addlllna to Chi cago, be widened to the width ot 32 leet, and extended, of the same width. ea*t to Cart etrret, making the soma line Ut-teof parallel to. and 177 MO tat north from the north. Inc of M nroe street. l.vui Kiruvi.u.lltVt'l .*1 UIUC-UCl'k. Now, therefore, public notice La hereby given to aH K psoas lntrrc*trd, that the i.omtnlvdoaers of t;ie >urd of Public Works will meet at Hoorn S’o. 1. (up Main) la buliclne Nos. is and 17 We.l* street, la said City, on the V9Ui day ot January, A. 1). i»>7. at the hour of ten o’clock a. m.. to assess the damages that will be sustained. or tho bene* fits conferred, together with the costs 01 ti e pro* feedings, by reason, of the doing of such work and the making of said ccatctnntaic 1 Improvement, The general are. riptton of the land to he Condemned Is a strip of land about 9 feet wide, from the south end ot sub lot 7 of Asset>»or*s Division of lot t and K. it lot S. block UK School Section Addition to Chicago; a strip of land ab-uta fi-el wide, from the south cod of the we*lp»rtoflotS: astripul laud about 3 feet wide Hum the sooth ride of sub lots 8 and 9of iota 1 am d: a snip ol land about ft feet wide Irom the north end or tots, and irons trn ca*t half of I 16, and a strip of lano about 1J fort wKr from f e north end of ths west ha I (V) of lotoand Irom lots TandS, a.) la bivck 118, bcbcol Section Addition to Cnlcagj. J. G.GINDKLB, FRED. LKPZ, • O.J.ROSE. TAX COLLECIOU'o NOTICE-State ol Ullnois, County of Coos, City ot Chicago—ss. Cm coLtccToa’a Omen, 1 Doom No I*. Cnctrr nor«K. > Public Notice islirrchy given iLatoa u.« nr«t Mon* day It February, being tho fourth day of February. A. I». a rvcular term ot tho Superior Court ot Chicago, tolchecanandholdcitln the Cour: Hoiiic, In sale c‘Uy ut Chicago, on the last mentioned day, I shall make report to raid Supt-rioi Court of Chicago cf all tho T>tze» atd Assessments remaining nnostd tip n the Heal FJUte Tur II t Inrthv mnciclaM year. Dttl, the warrant attaehrd tosalu Ihral list, being dated the Twcnlv*NluUi day of October, A. D. IrCa, and oMc fbr Judgment acalart the several Lots, Dims. Piece* and Parcel* «d Lmd or other Property described la said lax list f>r tho amount of 1 axes, fiamagts arid Costs respectively due taerem. All persons Interested are r.'qaestod to attend at the aforesaid t*r«, ot said superior rourtof Chn-ago ALEXANDLU U. PEALD.CU/ Collector. r PAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—State X of Illinois. County ofCo<>g, dry cfCliTcago—*s. _ Crrr roLLirron’a iirncß,UoowNo.l4. l Cover ilmi, cuicaoo.January it. inn. f Public Ni lire is h*rtby given, ihst on ihe flr*t M. n day of February, bclug the 4th day of February, A.D. anaufarteimottho Sui>crti*f court of Ctl* capo, to be begun and h-ildea li tbe Court Uonsc. la said city ot Cblraco, on (he last n.cntlnno>l day, 1 shall make report lo said buptrlor Court, of Chicago, onli.o lo losing Special AM-Mmm Warrant* placed lu my bands lor IvileUiuQ on r.r before the last day of Goto* be:. A. D. irtC, nod a*k for Judgment against the sav* cral Lots, ulockb, ihecea or P*r>el* ol Land or other property dcrenlnl In *nch wanants, on which tho as«e*>acuto thru remain utiptid, mr the amount of assessments, damages and costa respectively due ibete* op. to wit: Warrant No. 481. South-Dated February 7. ISOfi, tor filling, grading ami planking Court Piter, between La t*»lle and Veil* stm-t*. Warrai t No. ts/. bouth-Datcd March 9th. IMS. fiir filling, gindlne and planking <>l an A.lcy, running from Irtb to 30lb sttevta, uotweeu Wabash aveuuo and btaio Street, M arrant 183. Sonth-Datcd May 4lb.l?CG,rorcotblng. grading and gravelling Atidpavl cauttcra. with houi tier store, prairie avenue, fhnn Ifiih sirc-l to3«d«(rcet. Warrant tHt, South-Dated May Mb, DIM, fbr cnrl»* Ing. graillt g and paring cutter*, wilh twuiJor aj mo, bizlecnth street, from FUlc street to pralnu avenue. Warrant 433. bouUi—Daie<i Jmv iSth.L'ttO. lor gra* ding and cindering Archa Hoad from Itcnbrn itrootto We*trrn Avenue. Warrant 41W, bonth—Dated October Sd. 1W S (hr gra ding and uiftcadaiulzlng HalMcd street from aist atroct to Kagan avenue. Warrant 459, bomh-DaM October 3d. 1866, for curbing,mlinc and paving from Bute •trset to Michigan avenue. Warrant 490, boutn—Dated October 11, IM6, foronra ing and extending LaSalle ttreet irora Jackson to Van Dnrvn street. All perrons Interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term of »Md superior Court of Chirnso. A. U. HKAI.U. cuy Collector. rpAX X Of Llltols, County ol Cook, City of Chinaco—m. CTTT COLUtCYOI’S OfTICI, ROOM N«. It. > Covet Hoc**, Cmcaao,January3lat, 1367, { . Public notice Is hereby citen tnstoa the dm Mon* day of February being lh« Wurth Oayvf Fenoary, A. D. ISTm, at ate polar term of the Superior Court ol Chicago,to be begun and holden to tbe Court House. In said City ot Chicago, on the last mentioned day, l shall make a report to said no* penor Court of Chicago, in the following special Assessment Warrens placed in my hands for collection on or before ibe last day ot October, A. D. 1666, and aak for Judgment against tho several Jails, Blocks, Pieces or Paxcc.* of Land cr other property detained In men warrants, oa which tbe assessments then remain unpaid, for the amount of assessments, damages and costs respectively one therein, to-wit: Warrant SCO, Sooth—Dated OcL sth. 1365, tor ft ling grading and planking of the alley running north ana sooth between TweJth and Fonrlcjnth streets aid State and Waoaah avenue. . Warrant soi. South—Dated OcL sth, 1906. for private drams on Washington street between State ttreet and Michigan avenue. Warranties. South—Dsted Oct, 6th, 1366, forcurb* laghlllcf aodpanagOrtswota stiest, from Vaaßa ren to Poik street. W arrant 503. South—Dated Oct. 9th. 1566. lorfildug paving arc grading LaSalle street from Madison to JaekKU striet. Warrant MU, South—Dated OCLPlUulSoejlvr filling, ending and planking Couch place from FiankUato Market meet. _ Warrant 5C6, South—Dated OcL ttth, 1566. second as* tesrment, tor curbing. Oiling and -trading South Water street from Michlcaa avenue to Wabash avenue. Warranties, South—Dated OcL 3410,13*6. secondai* sessment, for grading and plsnkmg Benton place from' State street to naaaahavnue. Warrant 507. South—bated Oct. 34th. 1366. forcurb log Clhu: and pl&oku-c alley running torih and sooth between Eldriaceand Hannon court* through Block 19, fractional scct.on (15) addition to Chlcsgo. ' All persot * Interested are rrquesied to Attend at the aforesaid term of sold buperior Court of Chicago. A. H. HEkLD.CIty Collector. rpAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—State X cfH'.lnou, County of Cook. City of Chicago— 4. crrr Collscti b*6 Omen. > Boom No. 11, Covet House. January 31st, iS67. t Public notice D hereby given, that on tbe first Mon day cf February, being the fourtaosyofFsbrnar?. A. D. 1867, at a regular trnn of tne BcPinor Coat t of Chi cago, to be besnn and holden .In the Court House. »n said City of Chicago, on tae iast meutiotcd day. 1 shall make rcpoil to said Superior Court or Chicago, on ttc following Special Assessment Warrant* pis od la my hands fbr collection on or tx-fbretne lost day of Octo ber, A. D. 1966. and a>k forjudgment against the sn*enl lota, block*, piece or pa’cvs ot tondor otaer property describedloeuch warraois, ou-which the then remain unpaid, tor the amuont of as*e&«-nnitj, damages and coru respectively One uiercuo, to-wlt: Warrant AO. CSS, West— DaUd OcCGltt, 1353, tor re eocttructtnc a sidewalk in front-1 or adjacent to the Jollowinc de*crtbed property, ic-wit: Warrant No.CFf. We*t—Dated OcLßtst,lS&s, for re ronstractizg a sidewalk on the north side if Wot Lake street. In front rfor adjacent to the following de scrib'd prorertv. i>*wtr: Warrant No. &*, West—Bait'd Oct. SUt, IS2, for cm ttructlngastdrwalkinfrontcf or adjacent to the fol lowing drsfTibcd property, to-wlt: -Warrant <SO. West—Dated Oft. Si it, 1565, for the nn etrnctiPn of a sidewall tn txont ofor adjacuntto tne fol low tng deaenbed property, to-w It; WamntNo.»LWe*t—Dated Oct, SUL 1955, tor re cotatrucilng a sidewalk tn front ol or adjaceutis the touowlnc described property, to-wtt: Warrant No. C 94, West—Dat*d Oct- Sl*t, 1865, for cpo- Btrucangandtwaiklnfrcnlof or adjacenuo the toi lew leg Described property, to-wlt: • AUpersoaslntanstra are requested to attend at (hfi stbrißsald tntßt ot said Baperlor Court ot Chicago. A* H* BBALD, aty CoSectar. - <g(fg Notices. 'I'AX COLLECTOR'S NOTIOfc-State Jl Ot mioota. Oomtty ot Code. City ofCblaara. u. ! Cm CjLLXCTOB*aOmcX, itOOK Nu. u, > • M CoowtHocbb,Jen. lift, 1867. f » r«?«?pA’.s Cei *J , ff el| J£* T * n » Ul * toa,h * fir,t Men* e*^t O TJtT 51 ? 4r 7»lot,fourth day of February,: ™£‘ 1 „ J at a rollerl«na Jt tbe SaperlorOoari -.f aQ d boidea in the Coort Uoaie. isfn 1 »rJ ly * ttauc,ur ** #ato# last meadoaad day, I report bupmor Coonat Chicago.. P*if** o Special iuuu.»t Warrant* placed. . d *^ or .£? necUoa on or before thelaitdayor for jodgmeot acalnmia B,eck ** ftccea er parcels of Lana or SSriSy*"*?*!? 6llo ** l ® tucb warrant*, eo wnich JS«fSSSl nu ? t *J u, '* Teißa,n Qa P»Id t forth* atsoont! tb m!on*to t wu. tUma * ta •»* coat* reepectlrely doe, W arriniKo.w) Nonh-Datcd 0et.24,1866J , 0r erection' , am £ ®n Rorth LiSa'le street, between. Inniiui street sod hcbntlrr street. S™ l?il*<>«?—Oct.N.iSO.tor erection wmS’.U"™ 0 " 1 ”«*• n, *“ o>t WananUMNorihT-Datod 0ct.24,1546,f0r erecttoa .Ji«SaStiSSr?nS. w *" r “““■'»«> K“» 'i arrant XH Norte—u*Ud Oct. 24. IS6C, for erection ct 3 lamp posts on Huron street between Fine street aid Rc Clair street. „«£ a , tr4t,t 2a North-Dated 0ct,4,1566, tor erection ?,• ~! an’ P P° lt# oa Uhkago avenue between North Vjyi» stiver ana North LaSalle street. Warr. nt £6O North—D*ted Oct. 24,1366, far erection cT 1 lamp post on the east side of Fine street at the corner of ue a) ev north of Superior street, ,w amnt rs? North—Dated Ocu 31,1366. or erection of 16 lamp tests ot Dmslon street between BodswicJc street snoKonh Clark itreet, except the Intersections ol North Well* street. Warrant 253 North—Dated Oct. 21,1966, tor extension ox West Hinsdale street from Us present eastern termi ni**. eastwaraly, of the width ol .66 toet, to North La. baile street. Ail persons interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term of said Suocrior Court ot Chicago. TAX COLLEUTOR’S NOTICE. State JL ol Illinois, ConntyofCook— «s. Crrr coiuccros's Omoz,) Rook No. 14, Cousr llorax. V v .... . . Chicago, January 31,1961. ) Public Notice la hereby eireo. thaton the first lion* SWSL February, being ftj 6 ( aor tp (j ft; 0 f February, a. D. Jfctfj. at a,retolar term of the Superior Coon nrctu* S^°Nl?. be^ I SFy n * Ddbom » n “» “»® Court House, m said CIO of Chic* cm on the last mentioned day, I shall E. 0 ! 110 ‘V“ Superior court, or Chicago, m tho Aa#es*me»t Warrants placed In ray hands for collection on or before the last day of Octo- D. i%6, and a«lc lor judgment agaln-t the «»«• f2i, .V; t' 1 &cjt», 1 iccos or Parcels of Land or other [£f’. l !s£!^i 1 !? c,lbe ‘ 1 ln * uc h warrants, on wh'ch lbs s*> sasmeuts Uicn rrmam untsld, tor the amount of a*. duw. and costs rwpcctlTcly due there* Warract No. 613, West—Dated October 3L ISGJ. lor constructing sidewalk in front ofot adjacent to the tol* loving ilowribed property, lo*wit s Warrant No. nso. West-Haled October M, 19<B, iop rcconsirnctlntaplocwalk oaths wcat aide of Uobcy street, between sisdt»on and Warren streots, « arrant No. C 6), West— Daloa Octobct 91. 1863. lor Construction ol a sidewalk on tie south aide a bauson streo, tenm-ulhroop aid rluckvr streets. .u W “ rrai t . No - r,;ia Wiot—Dutivi October si, IMB, fir wot slrticiion ol a sidewalk It- front of or aiU teeut to the futlowing desrrlbed property, lo wit s « arrant No. <67, West—listed October 81. I9ffl, tor the ronsirutlmn of a *1 lewaik in iront of or adJaccut lo the to luikita dMentx-d property, tow|-: W arrant No. 15S. Wrst-lutHl t»c«ot«er ill. iwi, fnp tnuii'lructmr usldcvaJk on the south sl<lc ol Slllwou kec amor. AVanantNo.cei. Wett-Damu October fll, iws, f> r thei couhttuctloi. ol a stitowsik m front of or adlaceat to the lullowibgdciertoed vrop-rijr, to-wll j 1 n errant No. r«l Vte*t-l)au*l October 81, LtOS, for rrbstturi'ng a sidewalk on the north side of Jackson •tiff!, between Ualsttsl stre-l ami UeMdalnes sjrret AH pet sous jMen-vo-d are requested w attt-no at tho atomalourui ol said Rui>erlnr Omr* oluhlragn. A. H. HKALD. Ulty Uollsftor. r PAX OOLLECTOIi’B NOTIOE —Slalu Xol Illinois, County of Cook, City of Chlcaao-as .. .. CirT CuMKrnon's OfftUß, I I'ot-'fa, January *j»l 1357. , £Ti t,rel, . ,, '; reb l r^*l e ’ , ‘A ,I! “ on Hie fltst Mow Ff . bfu " ry '~ * , , it ‘ t,e b'dtlli dar of February A. D. iP'ii. at n regular if mu of ine Pui'erlirUiurt n( chi. I'oliiMi in the court lltiuse,-n Mid llty ef LhltMoioti llih Mai m-uitlcnwl day,! shall ~u - fJu 1 ,e,,1jr Ujum, or ciiK-flawyn the | nl "*h | Kr|>ei ial Aiffistiirtil Wnlta'jls pli'-wllii inv Jioiitlj Ihr Cri.Hiluti on tr h-(WIhP mat .day oftlcbL ben Aj U, m-fl.atnl a»k frF Jmlsrtnont flitalhnihe tMrp, e»l LoMj liiotVa, Pleereor Paleel* OlTalid of prupeMy rlbH In mo b Wart ahM on whHi Mi« arm mOipuM Mieh fenialb (ihtmM, (of Ihu adindhl of a«i # W*l‘ ft'bDitauw and foils fespHilveiy tlimihefw OtlilyWllf Wmi,iljidm,,«/. 1 .jr iiiii (’i liMMlt (full o| A tldpwallt I,h |W Pa*l Sole''f eddllo Slfl'lrn rtVtfl,t “ tVa‘l(iH(jldh HQ.I IlHdlSdli \VaffHiil NAt*w# Wa#f, OsMliup HI, JfeAL fop Mid oMIf d ll' 11 of a •bjpHWh mi fnmJ of op h 0* »h» r*h-wink Wnfrai.fM,nlf \Vi-k|.iUMnrtuhardl. ftp Mint ■ lriliWi>|2 Hi|iiitHNlkoilMiuoeH| t ( .IL uf Mwa.fiieihat AkbHrten. # St at)Hot bo, Oil w c;l, iMpu) Ociobry HI. |Bo5 Inr ru, roiisirot u 6i>|iru ah, un ibu wmi sum of shewn kUo;,! ),tttvt}ii Mio<|>imai.tU\uih]uju<o»ir tits, Marram No.C,j SS,bl,ilalu.m, ioi,ur di. is.Vfor rot a Hdewalk on itiu o,*t sole ol Paulina tlrm IwiHucn Pniion »irn>-i nn.t Carroll sinut. \Sarrant N0.1i,, SVt*l—Dated (K:ml«rIII, iSal, fir r<3- lonolriu lini; a alrtea ulk on Urn .'omh aii|i< uf Waalilnj* lot fei.t-U, Uctwi eu bUl.uii Court ami b, W. Avrblli.'. Warrant .m>. r>; SVeM-dutod O. tola-r Ul. low. for ror.HnullDu a sidewalk In Iront of or udjaccnl to the tollow Inc dt-errlbru pro,u rtr fc to v> It: All iH.rnon» luicr.sti cl arvnhjmj.-toil to attend at the ufon-eaul leint of ould Flintrlor t'uiitl of Cldc-acn. A. 11. 111. ALU. City CollecUr. r PAX COLI.ECTOK’K NOTlCE—stalo X of UiluoU, Coomyol Cool;. City 0: COciuo-sa. .City CoiALuiou'eo»-yick, boom ll.v , U)UETUoUbK.J»miary D, M6T. j l*nbllr Notice Is heresy Klvin, that on the oral Mon day or February, beinc thefmrtn dav of Fehrnarv, a. U. Ite7. at a reunlar term of the Bnp-rtot Caurtofwrt- Cairo, to be peunu and boldun In the Court Uuose, in sal-t city of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, I ah tll n.ukt report to haul buptror court, of Cnlcaao, ou the fo.low Imr Sreclal Ahs-wnreal Warrants p-amd In my hHimsforrollccUononorocforeth slast day of Octo ber, A. P. IW.aca ask for Jnd, msnt against the several Lots, Blocks, Piece* or Parcels rf Lana or oiher prop erty tkacrlbed in sncli warrants, on which the osHoa*. merits ihcn remain unpaid, lor the amount of osscks- damages aud coats respedtvely due thereon. Warrant Iso. 271 North-dated Oct. Slth.lStt.for rernr>inu‘tine slduwnUerm the street, named below: Entrant Nu. V. 3 North-dated Oct. sith.iStit.ror ccmtrnrUngasldewnJkontliefoarh t-tde of Centre street. I ctwecn Curk street and Sedgwick street. Warrant No. 2*l north—dated Oct. 24th, i&'*l for con* strnctlig a sidewalk on the'oath aide of Menomonee street, telwccn Mohawk and Sedgwick streets. W arrant 513 Noflh-daled Oct. 21tn, ISJ3. tor con structing a eldewn k on sooth *lde or Asylum place, between tl aimed itreel and Franklin slroet. IVarrants7o North—dab-d Oct. 54th,1866. fur con st* Deling a sidewalk on the son h side of Willow street between Orchard street and Uah ted street. Warrantsn Notth-Oatcd Oct. 21th, 1857. for con* strutting a sidewalk on the north side of North avenue, between Sheffield avenne and North Avenue Bridge. Warrants Koilh—dated O. t. 241 a, 1R66, for con structing a sidewalk on both sides cf ilowe street, be tween W plow street and Cenrreatrect. Waaranl 279 North—dated U3I. 2Uh.fISM. for cons tructing asidewalkcn the south sided Clackbawk street, ueiwicn Ha sted street and Clvbonrnc avenne. All persons Interested are requested to attend at the afomsid term o! said Superior Court of Chicago. A. ii. UEaLU. City Collector. r \ \aX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE—StaIe X ot Minns Cou&ty Cut Coixtcnoß’s Office, couur Hoes*. i . Uotm No. 1L January 2Ut.lfcv7. j Public notice l< hereby given. that on the first Mon pay cf Übrusry. l-eing the fourth day ofFsbrtatv, A. ihlst*. at a regular term ot the anpen »r Court of Chlia*.o, to be becun and liolden in the Court House, in-alo City cl hlca<o, cn tto l*ac mentioned day, 1 st all make report to said Superior Com tof Chicago on the IclKwmgSpcelil A c stf«»c.ct l Warrants, placed m my hand* for collection ou cr before the lot car of October. A. D. 19C6, and ark for judgment agaln»t u.e sivciat Lota, Blocks, Fleets or Farces of Lsnd.or other property cc/crtbed In sneb warrant*, on which Ujuastrosaiettsihei- remain unpaid, fbr the amount of cuts, damages and cost* respectively due tureen, to nit: snatt No. 40, south—Dated Oct. Sijt, iso, for tbei-om-trnctlonifa Sidewalk tn Pont ofioradja ent to. thef-iwwlng ties nlwd proi erly: East Part Blew AOOIUod, Sub Lot 1. Lot 51, and Lot Z Warrant No.4b), bouu.—Dated OcL 3lsf, 1355, lor con* etructlnga Sidewalk In front ot or adjacent to, the picpcrty hereinafter de«cilhcd.. Warri-nl No. 47a, South—Dated Oct. Slst. ISG3. for cormnctlnc a Sidewalk six (ha wide on tho cast tide ofPralrle avenue. Warrrtt No. 416, South—Dated Dec.lSUi, ISO, forths extern! n and widening ol Laurel stiect,oftne width of Mxiwti feci, from centre of Doug*o» place to Thirty first ttrcei. Warrant No. 477. South—Dated Jan. 37tb, 1565, for tne erection aid renovai of Lamp-post on South W ater street, U-twceu Clan and Frsukilo ttreela. Warrant No. 478. south-DaUd Juu. aith, IS>W. for the *rcctkn arc removal of Lamp-post* on South Ttstcr street, between Wabash ana Michigan avunue. Wanaut No. 4Jv,>cmh—Dated Jan. 27tc, ISiJO, fjr the enriltn offline Lampposts on lidlana avenue, bc tween Tw en’y-»rcond avi fweu-y feurtb street*. Whnant Nr. 440. South—Dated Jatt.STth, issfi, for the erection < f one Lau p*pu»t on tho Southeast corner orsixtreith ftret and i'rulne avenue, aud one on i’ralne avtcuc, about 113 tbit south ot Sixteenth street. Ah preset,s irtemted are requested to attend at the aforesaid tettn of salo Superior Court * Chicago. A. O.HKaLI). City Collector. f |'AN COLLEC’IOR'S NOTICE—SIate JL ol Il tnolf.C'outiy of Coot—*s; C’ITT C iLLtCTOH'rf OfTICE, COURT HOC'E, > ’ - ... Koo» No. 14, CmcAOO. January ai, ISJ7. f Pnbllr notice Is hereby given that on the first Mm* day ofFebrtmry. tclng the fourth davot Fthruarv, A. D. ISC., at a regular Wm ol the superior court ol Chicago, to be begun sod holaen lo the Court II mse, In raid Clt> of Chicago, on Uie last mentioned day, 1 shall c a«c report to said Stip.rlor Court, of Cuh’igo, on tbe following fpMal Assessment Wammts placed 111 my hand* for toilccUon on or bciore the last day ot October. A. D.IW6. and asg lor Judgment *gamst the severa. Lois, Uiocks, Pieces cr nticfii* or Land or other prtpetty described In such warrants, on which no assetsstLcntr ihcu tcuialn unpaid, for tho amounlof a**cssn ents, damages and costs respectively due thtro* on. to wit: W arrant No. .11, West—Dated Oct, 3th. isfifi, for pri vate Uialts 00 West liandolpb strtel between Hoisted stmt am. the rl>er. D arrant No. 715, West—Dated Oct Oth, ISO, for gra ding and tracadnmtzirg North Jefferson sfeet. from the norlhlinecfWest Lake street to the south sldeof Hub! aid street. Warrant No. 716. Wt»t—Dated October «.ih lor filling, grading ana planking the alley running north and Booth li. liiotkaSl aic vO, Caua- Ira* let a suixtl* virion orSEjf Bcc. 17, PIS. Nlk 14 H, and that pjrtlnn 01 the alley running rs*t and we»l Ibrough said Mock :*•. ciU-imltg irom ilalsted sDect to toe west lice of allrvaoovetatned. Warrant No. Tin, Welt—Dated Oct. Blb, 1866, for the cxUhslou cfalO loot alley in the N' M c! block 9, batnt sun and Green’s Addition caatwardly ot tbe same width to ll Island avenue. Warrant No. 718, Wear—Dated Oct. xM, 1 c 64, lor con* structloc aiidcwalk on Ihe southstuo of Wamn street l i-w.i t l(r ln-y s'rrt t Hoyrc street. Warrant No. 7*o, West—Dalwt O-1, 23J, 18HL lor con* strut ting a sidewalk on the north sme of Hubbard Sire. I l*etwec:i Itoliey »tf»-et and Leavitt Street. Warrant No. 7/1. W« at—Dated 4Ki. '<bt, iHfle, (hr con structing a sidewalk on (he touth sldeol Warren street hriweeii page street and Paulina street. Warrant N<-. 7%. West—Datcn Oct. 23d. 166 A, lor con* strutting a sidewalk on tho wear Mdo ol I’auUua street UiwcvL CLlcag- avmue and Corm-da sirvet. 7Vatrant No. 753, We- i-UM<d oct. /3d. laid, fop con* stracUt g a sid>« ait on the south side ofWalnut street between Lincoln atrret ana Holm street. All petsons Inurrstea ate requested to attend at the aioraald term of said bnperlor Court of Chicago. A.ILHEALD. City Collector. 'TAN COLLECTOR'SNOTICE—State X of Illinois, County of Cook, city of Chicago, m. „ . Cmr CoLLicToa’n ornc-E, > , Room No. 14, Conn House. Jon. 3Ui,IW7. { labile notice i» hereby given, ihai <>o tho dm slon* day of February, being ihc 4lh oay of February, A. l>. Dot, at a regular term of the Superior court of CM ttL'c.tobobeuun and holden In lie Court House, tn ► the last mentioned day. 1 ►bail make report In Mid Superior Coon, of Chicago, on the follow in* Special A»*e. amenta Warrant! placed !& my baoctfi.rculkctußon or before the lust day of October, A. D. 13C6. and a>k tor Judgment against the several Lota. Clock*. Piece* or Parculs of Lana or other property drained in inch warrant*, on which the assessments ttm remain unpaid, for tne amount ci atse»*ments then remain unpaid, tor the amount of assessments, damage* and coils respectively due thereon, to wit: Warrant €:<, West-dated OcUSlsLlCGLfor comtruc tkn of a hidewaik In front ofor adjacent to the fol lowing described property, to wit: . Warrant No. 60s Weal—dated Nov. I3tb, ISO, fbr the extra tim of Wamut street East to Reuben street, ot the with of 66 ftal. Warrant No, 693 We*t—daiwl Jam 37th, 1566, for erection of « lamp posta on Fulton street, between Sangamon and Peoria streets. W arrant No. 70b West-dated Feb. 33, ISS6. for the erection of 6 lamp po<tscn Hubbard Court, between Wood and Lincoln streets. Warrant No. TCi West—dated Peb. 25J, 1956, fbr tbe erection cf< lamp po*ts on West Twelfth tween Morgan street and tne E. Line of Brown street. Warrant iW West—dated April ictn. lSb6, fbr widen leg oi Warn u street to the width of 66 feet between Horne and Levett street* so that tbe same shall be on a line with that part of Warren street east of Hoyne ana we>t of Levett streets. Warrant No. 70t Wc*:—dated May 4lb. 1566, for fill* leg. grading and planting ol an alley In the north half ol block SAtcCtlcu 7, township S 3, range 14, east, run ning from Hoyne to uohey street. Warrant N<*. 7C3 West—dated May sth, 1566, fbr tbe extennonofßuheesinetfrom West fifteenth street to Canal Port avenoe of tne Width of fifty feet. All pti>cns interested are reqoceted to attend at the aloro&ld term of said Superior Court ofchlcag”. A. g. HEALD. City Collector. r\ AX CUILLCTOK'S NOTICE.—State X Crrr Collzctos’e uma. Boom No. 14. ) Covet Horsv, January 31gt,18CT. { Public notice is bereoy ttven. that on the urst Mon day ofFcbruary. being the fourth day of February. A, D. 1567, at a regular term ot tbe Superior Court of Chi cago, to he begun and holden la the Court House, in said City of Chicago, on the last m-nllont’d day, l »nall make report to said Surcrlor Court, of Chicago, on the following Special Assessment warrants placed In my hand* for colKctlon on or befbre u-e lasniay ot October, A.D. 1566, and ask for Judgment against the sevcoal 1-ois. Blocks, Pieces or Parcels ot Land or oth er property described in such warrants, on which the astesetneots then remain unpaid, toi tbe amount of as* tesrmenta, damages and costs respectively due there* on. to wit: V4J. IV ** i— • Warrant &3f Cfoutb—Dated OcLSf th. 1966, fbr erection ot tour lamp post) on Vanßuren street, between South WtHs stnet and GtUwold streuL Wrmnt S 3 Sonih—Dated OcL 31th, ISC6, for erection of elsht lan p posts on Indiana avenue, from Twoity ninth street n< rthward. Warrant 536 South—Dated OcLSitb, 19G6, tor erection of tour lamp posts on Twenty-*econd stroeL between Wabash ana indUca avenues. Warrant 523 south—Dated Oct. 59th, 1566, for recoo structing sidewalk cn south aide of Twentj-secund strict, between Camoet and Kankakee avenues. warrant 53Vtonth—Dated OcL 29ti, !St«, for sllc walk teccnstructcd oa the west side of Indiana ave nue. Warrant 553 South—Dated OcL 25th, 1566. for con strumne sidewalk on east sloe Rwnkokeo avenoo be twfen Twenty-sixth and Tweatj’Nlnth streets. Warrant 5Si South—Dated Oct. 29th, 1866, for reetko* structlng sidewalk on tho west side of Waba>h uve cue. Warrant SSt South—Dated OcL 39th, 1366,; tor recoa -9 true'mg sidewa'konwratstdeotLasalle'nrtct and on the sooth side of Monroe stiML AU persons Interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term of said Superior Coon of Chicago. an inrav.n Cttjg Kofltgg. .... a'AX'OOUJSCTOK'b NOriOlfiJ-dlalQ JL oi of Ooofc City of Chlaart-sa. J Cm Cor.i.tpTori umcz, Uooa U, ( I ■km; ....A ; /Public notice, is hereby give*., that «a'ijiß first fourth day of Stfvua ifsTtußlir mu; of the SBMilof court qi thlesgu, to be becua aid ooblaj laAhe Coarc Uotuo.'nt. tun, of ciut.s,«a» i ut SamSSS shall make rcjxat to said Superisr Coon of Chicago, oa tba toHowma Special Assommeot War rai.tapUj.-ed In my bands tor o*.lecuoaoa or before of October. A- D.l&X,snd ask forjudg ttent *gam»t the several lots, biocka, pieces or- parcels ®£ li?9 f r 0 Jier propei ty dt-*crfbrd in each warriors. °n which tba anewmeou then remain unpaid, for the *P°5 D . t °* **e*amroti, damages and coan respoctivo sjoue loeieon, to wit: - No, *147 Wm-Ea*d OctJ 21th, 1566, for constructing a sldewa-k <u the south side of Indiana Btrecr, between Weed street and oruler street. Warrant No. 74* Wet,i-DaMd Oct, 74th, 1366, for constructing astdawalk on the north aUe of Vac Bui reo street, between Tbroop street and Bucker stress. i ® , 1 r&nl -So.7«9 West—Dated Oct. 24m. I»«, tor con-i strucnc* a alue* ulk on the north sldu tl Smith street' between ksmipa and Wood street*. ■ 180 Oct 34 Lh, 1566 lor cou stmctltga sidewalk on lho«onth side or Tyler street, between Rocker street and Aberdeen street. Warrarl No 771 West-Dated OcU 2410,1866, lor fill- 1 up. »fading and planking of the alley la block S 3. Carpenter’s Addition u> Chicago. Warrant No. 73* West-Dated Oct. 2UN, 1366. for widening Emlct street, north of W>»t jacssou street. k> Ibe width of 66 sect, corresponding with that oar tlcm of Seeleyjtreet now 66 fret wide, between West Jackson and Weat Adams afreets. m . M mm irto. auuuj tu tcw. Wan ant Mo. 733 West—Doled Oct. 'Jtth. 1366. for open tug an alley 16 feet wide, from Paulina street to Ktubcn street, running eatt and west, through lots «. 7 T o^' 0 -’ R > UE* C * n * 1 ' ln “ toe# WTlstott Sec. -'Wanant No. iilWest—Dated Oct. 34‘h, 1366, for opening an 18 foot a'ley, rannloc from Wait Jackson street to West Van Barca street,in block ia,Dancan's Addition to CMcago, makUg the division lUe bet ween S, analo» », 10, 11. it, 13,11, 11, ana 36, ihcc«mrelineot Biid alley. • All penons interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term of said Buperlor Court of Chicago. A. 11. UKALD, City Collector. TAX COLLLCTOR’S NOTiCE-Stale JL ol Lllnota County t f Cook, City of Chicago, s«: Citt CoLLccTos'B Orncc, Hook Mo. il. { m Coi'wr Move*. January ant, 1867. t .™ 1 , c concpUheroDy tivim, that oouia first Mon* v. a^c°X^e ! jn3,r 7. being the font th day of February. A. D. 1567, at a riguJar term of the huperfor Court ol “ d holden u» the court House, of Chicago, on the last mentioned d*y. I shal tnskc report to said superior Court, of Chicago, on the fo.lowfng hpcaal Asscsstmoi Warrant* placed la my bauds for Cdiccilea on or oefore the last diy of A>r Judgnient against the *57 efa * Lots. Blocks, Pieces ct Parcels ot Lind or other rropeity described in such warrants, cn which the assessments then remain unpaid, fur tne amount of ■•^wsjems, damages ana costs respectively due there- Warrant No. M 3. Eonth-pated October Mth. IftVC for rccotatructlng sidewalk oa the cast sldaol Church Wafrsnl Mo. W, Boulh-Dated Octob:r«th,t996, for staevalk on the east side of dark Warrant 637, South-Dated October wtb. ISGC, for reci.utruvtliiß siaewalk ou Um nurtU tide of Twenty hrilstrcct. * Ul 9 , IU ~ Warrant 539, Booth-Dated October SUh, 1966, for rcccnstrncilt# Mdowa k on the east side »r uulicr Street slid on the south side cf rwettr-nnh street. All persons interestsd ar« r»qne.te«! to attend at the nlotesald term of the (aid Huut-rlur Court of OBlrato. A, 11. tIHALD, City Collector. r PAX COLliECTOirts Utnle JL cf Illinois, County of Cook, City of Chlcagn-w. Ctrr ctiLLßoi'Ott’it Urni'i, (toon Mo. il. I IWI , . Court House, I •lu-aco, Jao. list, HW|. J . r 1 ?"' 1 ® »"««'/ hereby BifcriTiiai oa the nrsi Monday being the lourih «lsy of February. A. I if, J^ 7 f »t«,' , esulai lermof the SuieilotCourlof Uik-a* F.°J *° aud bpldett In the 0 i trt Hutui-, lu lai.i «"-»(loued liny. 1 shall ,ftl P buperlor Court, »m the fbiiuwlna I *hands for roilectiou on or before Ihe last «iay ofDeiob-r, A 19i4. suit ask for JuiUinwil ainlnsk the sereral lot*, I»«rre!s ufftm or other pni]ierlr dwtrtmi lh raid wart.iui(, OLwhliblhe asjes*'utiits IhPfi tt'iiialn uh|iald, for the atit juut of tlamseos and C"e(s rfrit“cH»elf due Htereoii, w<t - * Wafrant No, frtl, Weat-HatM. Di-f. B|*j le=3, fuf V, M1 1‘. ,, ' d i ' l . 8 J l . ,B Vr ’’bi't fill side ni Lagg sitoi IrIP phi Ada abd fiheidoh sirreh , Wnrfshl No, ftd, Wwl-Uated llc(. BlsL iFPB. Pif fH'onmutlJhe Mitiewaia oh Hie side yiPvtkiWl ItiwHdi lake site-1 ami Full »*WI. •««•««• .wsfraiif u, rw, Wes(=M.,4 Ih-l. HU(, jodj, (U It-JfiM Hr >i/te lietHiwilef ib a» Mf(if, wsffsh Nil, Rlli \Ve«l-=)fit*tl Dpi, Mil, lurt, fiif fIV/l » V* 'dfi'Jfk 111 Pi 9i A‘t> «M|P6W»n« WitrHH.(h»»,tift, He.(=|lalia| lh |,il|s(, Ibdt, fop fdr fi'j.»(fin ; l(|iea» dui*uli»MiißHa( sideniLfoim* Blit. Itaca, for cun* Mfif Hug f* s|tlot**,li in fr-m itfurnilHoow i*» Um fo|t fotslfo; uußt-riiett |,f4i|it;F|> Aie. remialiit.rl-iUilarurpiiiMied to attend at »*»« aiurtusid form of said K«p.Ni / or idi o tiru. A; H. HhALD, cityColleobiy, riv&x COLUtOIOU’ti NOTIONStaIe -I or, county of took, City of Chicago-**. _ „ City Coixtoron'* Oyyui*, i Room No 11, Codbt Huts*, Jauiary ilsl, !*»}, I lulilbr notice is hereby invtn. (list nn Hu) llr»t Mon day in irhriiaiv, h-lnp the funrtii rtsy oi Fo .ruary, A. |i. Iboi, at a regular term oi the Rupurl ir Court uf riiirucn. to Iw bcKim and Linden in ttm Court Hoiuu, IpsaidCuy of Chicago,on the last mentioned day, [ shall nuke report (u taut ant erior Count t CLlcajj on the iu.l»« lug Special Asoee mciil Warrants placed In ray hnnds lor collection ul or before ilia last nay of October, A. 1). let*), and ask lor Jmlcment aealnst ttm icvera. lct«. Mocks, pieces, or parceli* of lar o or otlu-r property «sfscrln-d In sorb warrants ou whlcn the &tec.-»mcnis then rcniam unpaid, lor the amount of bs*-»hu« ms. damages, and co-.u respectively due tbcrcou,to wit; Warrant Hv. TOt Wcsl-Uatod Sept. 17lb, liiA for pradu gand cindering Noble stret-l troni MhiTaiUce avenue u* We»l JCortb ovrnce, and West Norm avmno fn>m Noble sticet to Klston road, and Khtou rood ttom Meat North avenue to West Ci> Porno niace. JV arrant No. 707, West—Hated root. nio.l&V!, tor fllllu/, gmmng, and planking tlie obey running e and w. through the s. S of block Lh Carpenter’s AdaUloato Udcuco. Warrant No. 709. We«U-Dated Sept. ITlh. IStf. for Mhng, grading, and planking cf the alley mnnlnen. and s. ibrcuch Mock 70, Ru&icll, Mather 6c Robert’s Addition to Chicago. Warrant No. 709.*West-Dated Sept. I7lh. ISoC. lor filling, grading, and planking the alley running e. and w.. in thi- borta V'l bu ck M.s-c. 7, «.39, r. 11 e. Warrant N>. TIP, West—Dated Oct. 3.1. 1356, tir ex tension of me lb-foot alley rurmlm; e. and w. through block 1. Mtgled High’s Addition to Chicago, ol me same width, and to a straight lino eastwards to Ana street, through lot 5, block Csrpeater’s AUJluon to ti Uago. Warrant No. 711. West-Dated Oct. sth, 1556. forenrb nc «i.h csro walls, fllllne to erode, amt paving with wooden block pavement Milwaukee avenue fmm its QDCilonwUhNcnhDeeptalm-ato West Klozlu (treeis tolls inncUcn with North li aisled and Wat Indiana streets. Warrant No. 712, West—Dated Oct. stb, 1566. fbr pri vate drains on Canal street, between Lake sired and MadlSen street. W arrant No. 713. West—Dated Oct. sth. 1866, for orl vme drains on West Madison street, irom Haisled street to the river. All per*ons luttmted are reqnesied to attend at the aforesaid term of sold anpenur Court of Chicago. A. 11. UKALI), City Collector. 'PAX COLLECTOU’S NOTICIS—State X cf llllntm. County ol Co k. City of Chicago, as: Cmr Collector’s Omur, lloou No.iL ) ColltUouse, January 21ft,1567. $ rub 1c notice is neiebj given, that on tic arst Mon ray oftebrnaty. being the fourth day of February. A. H. iSOi, at a re> nlar term of the Superior Court ofClii tobcbe.unaiidhoiden in the Court House. In said Uty of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, 1 0 hau muko report to ssld Superior Court, of Chicago, on tin* following r-peclal Assrs-ment Warrants placed in my Lanas for Coiictt'cn on or bcfoie ti e last day o! Octo ber. A. H. Ibtti, and ask fl>rJudgment against theeev eral tots, blocks pieces or parco.a oflaml or othisr pro perty d-hcrltK-d tu suen warrants *,n which the menu then ren aln mpalo, lor tue amount of assess tiicuta, camagis and costs respectively daelhcrcun. Warrant No. 26.% North-Date! Oct. 4th, 1966. tor u Utg, g-admg and pUnktrg of me Adey runningnorth and south it the wot part of bik IS Johnston. Uohurts & fctorfs Addition to Chicago. •» o «‘*‘«a. iwotrw Warrant 254. North—Dated Oct. Cth, ISC% tor carb ine. ailing, grading and planking of the Al cy running ca»t and west through bl* 4. Kinzlc'a Audition to Chl caco. w arrant 2®, North—Dated Get. Cth, 1866, for lllllnc. giadlng and planking Al ev lu Mk 1, WolcoA's Addi tion to Chicago, ana nlk 3, Klnzk’s Addition to Cal caco. Wsirant 266, North—Dated Oct. Cth, 19C6, tor re praveneg Bash street from Klnzlc street to Chicago i W arrant 267, North—Dated Oct, 6lh, 156% fur me cx tet slon ot Gome struct eastwatoly to Wolcott street of the w loth of 40 feet In the sane lino ol that west ol Gatk street. Wam»nt2CS,Norlh—DatclOct.Btb. WOT, tor exten sion of an Alley sou h to Wendell street through nlk**. JcbUMon. ICobetts A ntorr'a AudlQou to Chicago. W‘arrauUt-9, Norm—Dated Oct. Bin, 1666. for grading and niaceOsn-uing Division street from the roadway ofNorUiC.arkitieetcast to Wolcott struct from 1h Inurscttlon with the macadam of Division street to the south sldeot Sehlßer street. Warrn't No. 310. Norm-Dated Oct. 9th, 1966, tor widening of La Bar street frum Yin's street to tno Alley west and adjoining .ot bt. umterfldd's Addition to CLIcJto, to the width otCO IcuL All pen*' ns Interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term ol said Superior Court ol Chicago. A. ILIIEALD, City Collector. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE—StaIe of Illinois, Cook Comity. Gty ot Cbteaso. as. CmrCohLECTOK’scimca. Col-e» Uul-br, > . Doom No. 11. January 3Dt, 1567. J Public notice Is hereby given that on me first Man day of February, being the tout lb day ot February. A. D.,1«i., at a regular term of the Superior Court of Chicago, to be begun and holdcn In the Court Hons**, In said t.lty of Chicago, on the last m-ntmned dsy, I shah make icoort to said Snperiur Court of Chicago, on the following Special Abetment Warrants plac-d In wt hands tor coiln tlou on or before the last day of October, A. 1)., Icw6, aad a*k Ur Judgment against the several jgits. Blocks, l*lec« cr Farces or Laitil or other properly dcscrlNHl In such warrants, on which Uis auckSTi ei ta then remain unpaid, tor the amount «t as*e*iment*. iiamagvs and costs respectively due Ihi-reot, to wit: ' tvarraalNo.sfiß,Somh—Dawd Oct. Stth, XSCI. To male rp a c eflcDtry tor eratlirg and planking Couch place fr-'tn DearO'rn to Clark struct. Warrant No, M 9. Soum-Dated ocU 51th, 18C6, f.r finite and paving Sonta Water meet, from Ciark to Franklin street. Second AMo-mcut. WorrnntNo.SU’.South—Dn'ud ucU 31th, 1566, sec one aJswn.cnt.for curMte, flllitg, trra'Hagand plank ing the nheja tn Block 4, F'ort Dearborn sedition to Chiraim. Warrant No. Ml. South—Dated Oct 24th, 1966, »?c --ond aweesment, for making up the amount which Dio city failuc toci Ucct on an n»iuumenl fur opmirg a street to becailrd nilrtwnlh Urccl, from Slate street to the .and* of I. C. H. It, Co. Warrant Kn, tw. bonth-Daled Oct. 31th, 1966. Per erection «T<6) lamp post* on street, be tween Inctanaavenneand Ca’.umot avenue. WarraulNo.MS, nouia-Datca Oct. 3tlh. 1H66, for erupting of tv) lamp itosism Fuck court, between W a rs* h and Michigan avenues. Warrant No.6ii.i*oaih—Dated Ocr. Qtth. 1966, for erection of (IS) lamp posts on Michigan avenue, !*► lw«u ana Twenty-ninth street*. WarrantNo.MS, South-Dated Ort. Xih. 1966. mr crurti* nof4 lamp nmisonTweniy-afib street, between iLillana and Fiatrleat cnucs. Ail pci sons Intorevu-d are requested to atteud atllio afbrcsald term of said Superior Court rf cuicain. A. 11. lIKALO, City Coilrcmr. COLLECTOR’S NOTlCE—cslalo oi lUnoU, Cook Ooanty. Gty of Gueazo—m. _ Ctrr OoLunnoa’s urncs, » CockTnoCM,UoomNo.l4,Jan.aut,lSu7.{ Public nuicc Is here y given tnakou ihenrstMon dor of February. Icing the tourm oay of February, A. D. 1967, at a recuiar t*rraofthe bnperlor Court of Chicago, to be begon and holdan tn the Court tiuuse, In said city of Chicago, on me latt mentioned day. I shall make report to said superior Court of Chicago, on the follow t> g Special Augment Warrants plaetd in my hands tor collection on or betore me last day ot October, A. D. ISM, and oak lor Judgment against the several lot*, blocks, pieces or parcel* of land or other property described In sneo warrant*, on which the as seamens tren remain unpaid, tor the amount ot as •csxsenu, damagts and cuiu napecUvely due thereon, Warrant MS Soalb, dated Oct. 21th, 1566, for erection ol two tamp poata co Fourth avenue, one at a w comer of Fourth avenue and Taylor street, and one 133 ft* tooth of Taylor street. War rant oUßcmn. dated Oct. 2Uh. ISSd. for errcU'n of ll lamp posts on Prairie avenue, between Twentr secoud street and the second poat south of Nineteenth street. Warrant 51S South, dated Oct. 31th, 1366, for one lamp post cm the n e corner cf Twenty-third street and Prai rie avenue. Warrant 519 South, dated October 31th.1365.fbr erec tion ol six lamp posts on Harrison street, between W ells and Clark streets. W arrant 32U South, dated Oct- 34 th, 1356, for erection ol nine lamp jmets on Calumet avenue, between Twen ty-nxtb and Twenty-ninth streets. Warrant 531 South, dated Oct. 31th. 1966. fbr erection of 13 lamp posts on Indiana avenue, between Foot tenth and sixteenth streets. Warrant Set booth, dated Oct. 24th, 1366, lor erection of 3 loop posts on Fourteenth street,between State street ana Indiana avetne. CIICb.HU* KILli UC. Warrant 533 Sooth.daU'd Oct, 21lb, 1806. F>r erection of 8 lamp posts on Van Buren itreet, between Wells •treet and St nth Market street. All persons Interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term or said Superior court of Chicago. A. H» IIEALD. City Collector. TAX COLLECTORS NOTICE.—SIate of Illinois, County of Co-'k, City cf Chicago—S3. Crrr Collictob’s Office. j Boon No. it, Cora Hochx, v . , Chicago, January 21, iST7. V Publlcnoticels hereby given, thaiontheflrsl Mon day of February. A. D. 1667. at a regular term of the Superior Court cf Chicago, to be oegun and botcca lo the Court Hca&c, In said dry of Chicago, on the last mi-mLned day, X snail make report to sold Superior Court,of tbe tjllowlng Special Assessment Warrants placed in my hands for collection on or be fore the last cay of Oct, A. D.I9CS. and ask for lodg ment against tbe several lots, blocks, pieces or parcels of land or other property descrloed in said warrants, onwbuh the aksessmeota tben remain unpaid, for the amount of asaoements, damages and costs respective ly wit: Warrant49l Sooth-Dated Oct. 4, 1868. for curbing with curb wails Washington street from State street to the main alley between Mate stre t and Wabasu ar enne.curbing with curb atone said street from said al ley to Michigan avenue, and paving wlih wooden b.ock pavement said Washington street from Mata strict to Michigan avenue. Warrant-493 South—Dated Oct. 4, iww, forjwlrate drains on WaUah avenue between Twelfth orntTwenty. setond stmts. . ~ Warrant 49cJ South—Dated 0cU1.1366. for curbing, filling, grading sod paving Sherman street from Van Durcn to Harrison street. Warrant 4M south—Dat'd Oct. 4.18C8, private drains on South Wells street, between Vanßurenaad Taylor Warrant 493 South—Dafrd Oct 5.18C6, for curbing aud re-itra veiling Michigan avenue frotarark Place to *Vamnt r «» Sonth-DatM Oct. 5* 1565, for 'grading and nisdadamlziug Sou Ji Hoisted street from Archer read to Thirty-first street. Warrant <97 South-Dated Oct. 5, 1566, tor private drains rnNanßnrea street between MidtUuavenna and State street. .. , Wat i ant 4» sooth—Dated Oct. 5, 1566. for private drains on LaSalle street between Madison and Jackson Wamsn99 South—Dated Ort. 5. 1966, for private drains cnVanßnten street, between State afreet and the river. • , ; AU person* Interested are reqexisted to attend at tho afoiobald term ot said Superior Conn of Chtemco. - • • A, iLHBALDi city collector. City Coucqtot ®tt» Notices, TAX COLLECTOS’S'NOTICE.—State- 1 ofllilnaU, County erC6OY. City of Chtcsro-ee. I f f?- toJeh°;cenlatoe uonn Houie.lßaaUi (jMrofCblcags, otuths last menaoood day, I shall » resort tojaid Superior CourtoC ChfcamToii: the fldiswnur special AecaeßeciWarrsna siaciJ la my hand* tor collection oa or before tfc« last day oftW tober, A,D.ISA, and sat forjQOcment 4gatn*tthe eral lota, b treks, pierce or parcels ot land or ether pron extyoetcrlbedlnsQibwarrsotStoa which the • nienu then remain unpaid, for the amount of assess-^ ; u»t». damages ana costs respectively due thereon,! Warrant No.* 732. West—Dated'.Oct JM, 1966. *J make op a ccSclfncy fbr filling. curbing and pamurl t»al so eex, from Lake to Madtsoa afreet. ***; ' Wat—Datso Oct- klfl, 1366, totnake TS2is,VttStf“*“ 111 “ s c “-* 1 Ooml i.X Va £VJ Vo * OcU33d, 1966. for flll *,£. tTtuimg. yradUg, paring and corolng IlaUicd StSKng!" 0 Hamson U»o C. B. Sq. R.R. Watrart No. 738, West-Dated Oct. tld. 1966. fir or nufucllng a sidewalk on the eenth side of Jackson sUeev beewrtsßenbeo and stress. * Wairsnt No. 759, West—Dated Ud. is 66. for conrtrurtli ga sidewalk cn the west •Ineof OaSsted “wftJErs? 1 me « RttiM So?rtSSr: Warrant Mo. 741, West—Dated Oct- aith. W f on the east side of P7?«r«t avenue to western tcnaUMomg Warrant No. 7tt. West-Dated Oct. Slih. 1366. lor wnstructlng a sidewalk on the went **de ot JoSson street, between Twcllth street sod Tayfor street. ™ #oß Warrant Mo. 743, Wwl—Osk-d Oct. 3ltb. 1365. for consirncUng a »ldcwalk on the north side of Van Boren street, between Ihroop stmt and Loomis street. Allpsisona Uncreated arc request to slkudal the aforesaid term of said Superior Court of Chicago. A. fi. UEALD, Cltv Collector. TAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE-Mate oflJiUols, County of Cook. City of Chicago, s*: ~ City Coixscron's Orncx,) Hooa No. 14, Codbt Ilousf, k ,( p n K ollc * 1* hereby glvcnf um Mon *B ‘ r i' l t rl, ic the fourth day ot February, A. X>. IK7, at a regular T*‘rm cf the S iptetne Court oi Chicago, to be tegun nod holdca In i:>e Mart House U * t 'WcaLO. OU the Isal tDCDUoapd dIW 1 shall make rrport to said Superior C lurt, of Chin »o on lLe foUowlLg Special Asa«Mineat Warrants pSu£{ bands for coliccUou on or belbro the lanitlayof 2? d aßk J«dß«mcht axaltut the M-vcral lou. Mocks, pieces or pfrcvls ol land nr other r <^f,^f.°rr cr,b « l lD BUch **rraoS. oo which the a" «S«5!SSti , i , 5“ ttlu * ,n Qopalil. for the amount of os* oo fo wU: da “ KL ’ B ‘ D(,co,Ufc,pecUTC, 3 r dae there- A'atrahtMo. 721, West—Dalctl OcL **dii iva *?*t B 011 ** ie ~orW * side of Wa’ihmgton ,t wSlv b t l .V en - , l w W t ilrrct *«'l Lcvclt etreet. * »* arrsdt No. ijs. West—Dated Oct. ‘Aid. itico. ior con. strurttog a sidewalk on the south sine ofcaatliurt ottnop, between llnliled street asd Brown strwt* Ti (Inictinga tldrwalk on thrbonhsMe orlwelAhsttret. between Looa.b street and Throop street. warrant No. 747, Wcit-DnltdOel.VJd, 1966, lor cun- Mrurting a sidewalk cn the wtith side between » emi street and Baulina slrtvt. U arrant No. .a), West-Dated ih-l. •/.«!, 1366. for eon* strurttnga Mdt walk ou iuesoiiUt side of Tyler street, between Holey street and llovno street. 1 nartaul No. 77A West-Dated Del, *kl, Ifftfl. for con. • k ua Die norm sided iWucli i ireet. 'i w * Tfu “>* "td Noble street. •' X ' .West-Dated Del. 35.1, iw. p, r eon /•^JJt-JlhgAshlewnlkou Uiesoulr sldeef I'atkatcuue. !>eiwecHTeavi't street and ctakiey street. ..^, B I. rnni N S’t n, ‘W«trHnled Del. «d. IWT, Ptr con. slnteUiiKnibltwstlt uutbonottli side of Milwaukee nT Xrs rrtwkt n Woewi Mrse** ami Western menu"* AM p. tspos interested are rn|iirstM t«» siteml at (he aiutivsld term of said Sm-prlor Court ol Chleago. _ _ A. 11. UEAID. lily Collector^ 'lcoi.LKirrnu’y notiob=bwic X el Illlsolit Comity oriunX—•«. n.M * |y.i!,'u l'!P P t i ,r l l* W-tf/dhU W-Vl h* ‘ if (Hiplfy Hi# !ft«l WT> ifo7,T,W|{l “""W' “I" 1 >*•« t**W'll»«ir- « Wwl = J)#iw( t),i| (> h«F it, ]B«i, iiir is " l, ' wil w»«n )|"U-> •Hntl MmHWHMsW««I , * W| hu, jeft, MMhrlUjtif Out. i», tariff »»eren nfUMily l*i»imnn»Unu WwtMa-iiaon siicm/i,,. 'r 1 * l "" nl ““ u UsinuilNo.Trfi, Wta-lUlea Oct, Q|. iSd-Lfirero-v Sitewffi'* “■' > '“' on Wsn»nl So. 7«i, Weil-Daled Oct. 31, IStH, f., r uroc- Ufn ol me ]utup-post on West Chicago avenue, be tween Hat Itij ami i»rem sir*il-. * Wairunt No.ioa, WVrt-Halcluct. 21. iw.for erec tion oj two lump-port* on W« »t AiUm* street, between I't orlu fttrut ui il biHigauiuctin el. * * Warrant No,7«i», Wert—Haled IM. 21,13**1 for ere-'- »{' ,L . , / , . oljr •“«‘j»-po*u on Reuben nnti, between U > at Luko Until ami Fullnii street. Win rant No.iTi). West-Haled Oct.2t,lS(», for erec tion o| fony-Miveu iuni|ei»o»u on Kucaer street. In?- tween Hi and avenue and Adam* street. All persons Interested »ns n quested to aucml at the aforesaid term of »«M Superior Court of Chicago. A. 11. HEALH. City Colii.-tor. r |'AX COLLEOTOH’B NOTICE.—State J. cf Illinois, County oi Cook, City ot rnica-»—to, • Ctrr CoLbtCTon’s Ovrioa, c«>uuv lloirsa,» * _ Uoou 11, January it, ptj;. f Public notice Is hereby given, that on me tlrat Mon dav'.tlH ruary, being the fourtn day of February. A.H.lSiM.Bturesularicniiof the Superior Court ot Ltncaco. to ben* tun and hidden In the Court Rous.- in said u>ty (f Chicago, on tac la.-t mmuoueliiai. i shall make report to said Superior Court, of Chlca ’o. ot the tolicwinc Special Assessment Warrants pUcr.l in my Lands for Collection on or before the last oar oi plover A.D. l**, and a m tor Judgment against th« se«cral Lots, lllcx -m, piecesnr i*arce.sof Land or oiv-r property de*crlN,d in socn tsarrantmon which ih- as sessments then remain unpalo. for the amoun* of as •cssmcnts, damage* und costs rcspsitlvely due thcrean. " arrant No. 772 West, clate«lOclob<*r 81. 1566. lor ercc- Uo ?«. f SiampfUflsou tirecn sucet, between Madison andMailunglcnsim-tfl. W’azrant No. 77s West, dated October 21, 1566. fiir electionofUlamp pu^taouJetl'crsbU street, between Jndd acd Mitche:i sre*t«. H Warrant No. 77t Wc»L dated October 21, isst tor crecMunol otc lamp post on Peoria alfeel, about 110' fc**t north of ManiKiu street. Wair»nt No. 773 west, dated October 21. |Pw5, for erectlcn of one lamp post oo Wert Adams street! be tween llalsted 010 u. een streets. H M’anant No. 777 W-st, dated October 21. ISSo.fir ejection of 9 lamp poau on West Fwcfdi street. S*- Uttn Homed ami crown street. H ~ Warrant No. <tS West, dated October 22,1 W, fop re con-trncting sidewalk on the soma snlcot Ma U*oa bUtct, between Leavitt street and Western wveuu- ' Warrant No. 7<C West, dated October 29, u-M. fjr constnicllog sidewalk on both sidcaot Elgin street between Purplertnet and Stewart awnno. Warrant Nu. 7S) West, dated October V 9,1361. for re conslnieUngsUcwakouwertauhJcf Wood street, be* tweet I niton and Carroll streets. Ali persons mtetwttd arc requested to attend at the aforesaid utmef said Superior Co .in cf Cltlca-o. A. H. EEALH.I CHy Cui.ectir. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE—State oi Illinois, County of Cook. City of Chicago— v. „ CnT Collect'dirs OrncrT > Itoou No. H, Conn - Ho fsk, January 3i»t, inj?. ( l uoIJe Lotke i. hereby given that ua meUrat Mon day of tvbruary.UK.g thu fourth day of Febtuirr a. lip lMx.Ht a regular term of th- Superior Court of I® & > ? uu * nu 110111 * u 111 1110 Court doiu*. ? u *-ity tf CliliMirit. oi. the last mentioned day 1 ►hall masc report to sMtl Superior Court of Chleairo on the i Bowing epeulal A#»»amcnt Warrants placet la niy hands tor collection, on or before the Joaldar ot Ottoner. A. 1). ISiA, and aak tor Jndenum against the several kits, block*, pieces or parrels of land or other property U such warranu,on Sn tho «" sefementa th n remain unpaid, lor me amount oi as om to-wji‘ flttina<itaan<l COsW duo there* Warrant 2i6, North—Doled Oct. 31*L jstS for tins construction of a stdewaU In front of or adlacunlto the following described property, to-wlt. J WarraniM7.No*lh—Dattd t>cl. 31st. 1963. lor con struction of a sidewalk in front of .. r adjacent to the lohowingdacnbud propertr, to-wlr. uie Wm rant 2W. North-Dated Oct. 31st, i563,10r recon. struc.lon orsiooa aUt lu front of or aalaceut to me toll- wing described property, ht-wli, ■Wcxnmtai'J, Ncru.-UHUM Oct. sut, 1563, tor recon structing a sidewalk In from or adjacent t j me follow log described property, to-wlt. W arrant 20u, No.m—Dated Oct. sist, 1963, tar cot strutting tf a -brewalk In front of or adjacent to the following described property, to-*ll. Warrant 211. Nirtn—DaieilOut.iUst, 1365, fur the re consiruillouol aslutwalkln trout of or adjacent to the following dorribtd propert*. to-wlt. Wairanl 213. Norm—Dated Jan’y 37. 1366, for th ertriinu of lump-pokU on North La Salle street, tween Elm and Division sinets. W'anam,3M.North—Dawd February 7th, 19C6. tor filling, grading and planking an alley In clock P Wol cott » and block 11 Klnzle's Addition to Chltf.i-*o. All persons iLter.sUc arc- requested to attend at the alorisald term of said brijtcilor Court ol Chicago. A. if. nEALI), City Oork-ctor. nr AX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—StoIe A of XLlnois, County of Cork, citv of nalcngo— *». n „ ttrrCuLUurrou*BOmcE,i , Ro® ll 14. COUET ilorsc, January 31,1967. f JTibllc nolle** is hereby given, that oa the flrst Mon d»y.ol t ebruary, b- lug ihu fourtli nay of Fcbiuiry. A. D. 1567, at a regnjar term of the r-up-rlir Court of CLicapv to be aud holdcn m tne Court Douse. *S , ft‘ l 1 01 Chic ago, on the last mcntluticl ouy. I rtoil make report to said Sup-rUr Coirt, of Chicago, cn the following Special Asee,»nitnt NVarranup.a e<l L .* n . rt \^^ l,ccU . oa ~u or the lost day ot 00,1 a,>,i for the setcral loti'. block*, pieces or pa cei* ot land or other property d«scrtU«u Id ench wvrranu, ou widen me a<be«snenu ttea remain unpaid. for-Uie amount ol damages uud costs respectively due Bareli »ih, 130% for to lng..Bradlng ana pUnklrgct an alley in hUck 5. Etozlea coition to Chicasor Warrant No. <56, North-Dated March 291h.18€«, for nilh’B. grading and planting ol an aitoy ruunlng njrth and south turough mo n J, of block 37. Woaiuti's Ad union to Chicago. Wairant No.i37.North-Dated .M»mh2lth. l«6fi. for t-mulng ulu pUnking ot the alloys la block 13. W o cell s Addition to Udi ng"*. JtiirraLt No. Vsn, Norn*— Dat'd May Btb. 19-vj. for fil lug. Binding Hid platultg of thenlleys in blocks 6. i.J' and 13. Deluvnt's Adculnn to Chicago. Warrant No.m North-Dated July mh. IW, f.»r nilu g. grading nud pinnktng of the alley ruudug north and »ow?h through tun wwt part of block 3u,jyhn stori’r, I;olK-tt»* mid Stem* Addition to •. hlcagn. . Wai rant No. 2»X*. North—DutcJ July gpi, wst, tor Inc wlccnltgof Market stmt Mn/le stmt. Mo hlgnn strci t imd Dhio stmt la buticr. Wright and \\ ulMtcr's A' dtlluu to Ctdi ago. W arrant No. .61. North-Dated September nth, iwz, tor ruling, giadlng ami plai.klng of the alley nuolru ca»l and west throuzli b.ock 3, Wolcott’s Addition to C'hh ago. W arrant No. 262. North-Dated October 4th. 19M, for opening a 13 loot alley running cast and west, between loU l>, ID. 11. 13, and lot* u. ti, u -»ad 1% block 3ik Jornsloh's. llobcru* and Sierra’Addition to Clnrago. in as to make the rear line of said lots the centre Una ofsstdtdey. All pcnon> Interested are requested to attend at the slortsalU term of said Sap-rlor itourtol Chicago. A. 11. UEALD, City CoUoCtor, TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTlCE—stole ot Illinois, Cucnty of Cook, City of Chicago—as. City collectob’s urnct, i Boom No. 14. Com iloctx, v - .. . January mat, 1367. S Public notice li hereby Given. Ui ,t on i&o drat Mon day of February, being tho fourth day cf Febrtury. A. D. 1b67, at a regular term of the nupsrlor Court of Chicago, tote begun and holdentn the Court uosuo. Id raid city cf Chicago, on the la*t mentioned dajr.l •ball make report to said Superior Court, of Chicago, on the following Special Assessment Warrants placed in my hand* for collection on or beloiethehmdayuf October, A. D. 18t6, and ask tor Judgment against the several lota, blocks. pieces or parcels of land or other property deacrlbed in such warrants, on which Uie assessment* then remain unpaid, for the amount ot assessment*, damages and costa respectively due there os. to wit: ' warrant No. 755, West—Dated Oct. 31th, 1366. for re conMrncUtigsldeaaik on tbe aonth of Jackson stn et, belts eea HaUted and Green streets. - vw im*'. winu aunH* Warrant N 0.756. West-Dated Oct- VI. 1933, fhr recon structing sidewalks in tront of or adjacent to pre mises bcrcinbe ow described. Warrant No. 737, West-Dated Oct.QL fbr recon stmetug sidewaut on north aide of ■-■*» street, be tween Azm ana May streets. Warrant No. 736. West—'Dated Oct.SUh. ISC6.for re constructing sla-waln on west sice of May street, be tween Lake ana Fallon streets. WarraiitNo.739, West—Dated 0ct.21th,7566,10r re constructing sidewalk on north side ol Madison street, betw ecu Peona and sangamon streets. Warrant No. 760. West—Dated Oct. 34th, iBCAfor re constructing sidewalks on west sided Ada street, be tween Lake street and Depot place. Warrant No. 70, West—Dated Oct. 31th, 1366, for erection of two lamu-pojts on West Ene street. be tween Union and Galated streets. Warrant No. 752, West—Dated Oct. 34th, 1566. for re pairing stdea aits on cast side of Southwestern ave nue, from Madison to Monroe streets. All persona Interested are request*! to attend at the aforesaid term of said Superior Court ot Chicago. A. H. HTSAI.P, City Collector. HPAX COLLECTOK’6 NOTICE.—State _E_ of Illinois, county ot Cook, cltv of Chicago, as. Crrr Cot.lsctoe's Office, i Boom No. 11. Court House, January 3l«t, ISfTT- J Public notice Is hereby given, that on the tlr»t Mon day of Fenruory, being the fourth day of Februaiy, a. D 1E67. at a regular term of the superior court of Chi cago, to be began and bidden in toe Court House, Is said city of Chicago, on the »ast mentioned day, I shall make report to said superior court,.ot Chicago, on tbe following special assessment warrants placed In my hands for uollLClioa utor before ;ae latt day ot Ucto ber, A. U. 1666, and sak for Judgment, the sev eral lots, blocks, pieces or parcels- of land or other property dctcrlbtd in sech warrants, on which the a?*essn. cut* then remain unpaid, for the amount of as sessments. damages and costs respectively doe there on to-vtt: Warrant No. 259 North, dated October 24th. 1555, for Olilcg, craclr g. and pavtug ana curbing North Suit* stmt, mm Michigan stioci to Chicago avtnue. , airani39o North,dated Octouer 31th, 1366, for filing and grading St. tnairsTr“cU imm the not th side ot Su perior street to Michigan strert. AU persons latcnsted are requested to attend as the aforesaid term of said Su*. erl w Court of Chicago. A. H. HEALP. City Collector. HTAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE—State _L of Hinols, County of Cook, city ot o Icago—as: Crrr Colixcios a Oftice, I Boom Ko. 14, Cocsr Horsz, Jane ary Hat, wst. f Public notice Is hereby oveo that on the first Mon day In February, being the fourth day of Fehrtary A. j)_ isct, at a regular term of the Superior Co in of Chlcaco,tobebe<tmandholdcnat the court H3--)3e, lo tbe said City ct Cola co. on the last mentiaoed day, 1 shall make report to Bail Superior Cotut of Chicago of tim warrant for the collection of Water Rents or *»- seramfDttrcmaulng unpaid fi r *hc year ending Mar l»U IK6. and a-k for judgment acatratihe several lots, blocks, plecela or parcels of land or other prjperty de ecricetl id nld.wamat for the amount of water Bents or assessments, damages ana cost reeoecUrety due thereon. • „■ Ail persons Interested aro requested to attend at the aforesaid term ol said Setxrior Court of Chicago. ■ atgrauus tw«vs fJKALD, City Collector. . igcbtcaf. OF tTAjqHA, ; CopStititidna! Weakoess. KITECT of HOSTETTKR’S BITTERS IK CASES OP General Debility. Mature is not Impartial. ' On some of ns she baa bn s*owcd stalwart frames, strong conidtatlons. trv nerves; on otters, bat UtUo physical power, or conatt* tntional stamina, or oervotia vigor. Let the take heart, however. U they cannot bseoma Uey can, by the cae ol proper means, make np la a measure lor the diflcleoclee of nature, and may per chance live as long and enjoy liic as much is their mere Herculean neighbors. Delicate machine* under proper care sometimes outlast those of a more soil* and ponderous structure, A floe watch will run longer than a steam engine cl a thousand horse-power. Tba first object ol the weak and tiirlle i*. or should be. to acquire additional strength If po»»lbIe. it Up>u»tbu. It may be stated as a proved and estaatlshcd tact, that science has given to the world. In HOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERS A Cfffttable inrigorant, ifh/eAyiffmonenifpftnjce# vp and susht/n* Ms fttbU jhytfqnei tehtthrr Urn lack of strrnpt* and itamlna Be art Imlrrml df/ ( ci or Ut4 remit of niran*ou» rouses. If general debility Is aoladiisue. it H sotaciMng worse, viit a condition which predispose® ihe botJy te luccutab to all influences that produce rtleei«e. We are cooUnnslly surrounded and beaet, more or Ims, by Infer ling element*. Neither the purest air nor the pur* rst water it perfectly pure. And la region* whereboth are absolutely pels toons, how shall the weahty cooed tutinn and frail system reshtlhelrdeadlf emvts qrlsm fortlflnt by artificial mran* ? II the HITIKIIE are (he n Ualuing, sustalutug preparation they are claimed to be-aml nn this head the testimony In IbMr 1 ftvor la overwhelming too tDcontrovertlble-thM u Is absolutely .mrufrofis la any man or woman; snftoring from physical weakness.aotlo molt to so pot-nt a femed* When an epidemic Is prevailing, p f u V i Mi pect Ihe best siifegdafda afdaperltcl dlnadon, Qrm tiertw, ami a wise ettiployhleok of Hie tn»am which iHtnrtf has p'srf,! at Hie dleposai of (ha ptiblld as ah- Mdules igalfaat atmurph-fio IhiMtidb. Among UA Isiieft MSTETTBR’S BITTBIIS UlM.ffrtllf Hjjliir 111, ffpiililllsh lllfuilllltHil the WMi«nwofiit, ivtlm(im.snini i. uiilwi iium*. neitlriil unit MtHt H I-.V in> inpr>m>i>.| i.isb «■ iHOfilliwff iletn* Py III! Uip 01 lnl» niMnM 10010. Jlowrt Ch/li’, ftlnr, i’/nrn, nunnitvvy, CholiH’n Mur* I>h»i nml Vomllpatton, Uhlliiui Col(o |i a (Reorder characterised by what J*sr*celsns c*ll« nirmvuws f«iL<, The larmre astemU over Ibe whole abdomen, and a strong man writhe* under It as if upon the rack. The HITTKRa are useful to relieve the paroxysms, hat Itltui sore means of preventing a recurrence ot m« attack that ttisyara particularly recommended. Tone tno liver and ilia bowels with this gentle stimulant and corrective, and you will never he troubled wit lithe agonizing and (lon gerons complaint known as CUltotu Colic. Chronic JOiarrhcea. There Is scarcely any difference* ol opinion among regular physicians os regards the treatment of chron ic diarrhevn. Most cf them have heretofore mended a tablpspoonfuior leaspootful ct brandy lobe givenecTcraltlmes a day. They one and ah almlt thatsstrlngests and tonics are reqnlred. This belt* edn.utcd, ih? main thing Is to give the best to: tc and astringent t): t can be procured; and ticvt has been rrered by experience, and under the best chemical tests, tobe KOSTETTER’S STOMACH BitTERS The symptoms cf chronic dyspepsia are frequent dUrharpcs pcnerally, with some paia amt crlptaff, .trsUweness, thirst, poor appetite, debility, loss of fifth, dry, rough, and somewhat tallow skin, the tongue dry and dark colored. The ibod oft<n passes through the bowels nearly in the condition la which, it was swallowed. Urns sbowlrg that the gastric Jmca Is cither not g» nerated in sufficient quantity, or that It has not tbs solvent properties necessary to decompose the masticated fbod. The liver Is generally ont of or* der.aad tie bowela afflicted with a low grade ol In* Comma lion. Under these circumstances a medicine slightly aperi ent, sa weK s.( tonic and anll-bUlous, la absolutely re quired; and such a medicine U BOSTETTER’S BITTERS. Let It he berre la mind, however, that chronic dlar rhaa, as well sa the am to foim of the ditea.-e which kadatn It,trayalways be avoided by keeolmrnplh* tore of the stomach and ot the mucins membrane of the intestines with this salutary ami harmless mvigo rant. It l« a great thing to restore to regularity a dis ordered function, bat It Is still better to cxrlnde*he necessity for tcst-rallon by preventing IrrccuUrltfrs. All sluggards require to bs sßmnlated;'and yet strange tosav, the sluggish bowels are ofUt subjected to a treatment which tn the end increases their tor pidity. and renders a complaint, easily cored la the beglnaltg, obstinately ebron’e. Let the contrasted beware of drastic pills and potions. The Invariably aggravate the disorder. A combination of a whole some stimulant with a mild, io< thing laxative Uwhat Is needed. In . , BOSTETTEtt'S BITTERS the suflercr has this Important desideratum. A course cf this genial corrective will eventually cure cr-ry form cf constipation, and rtmovo the headache, dizzi ness, fevr-rlshctss. nausea, aid muitdy-minU-Jtifts, by which Ins usually accompanied. Some persons whoam by cou'tltuliot ol a constipated hshlt may overcome tbedlClnltyand achieve pcrlect regularity by using the 01TTEDS dally lu ccUomiltj w tth the directions. The Three most important Periods of R.ife. Fbyslclsns divide lUc Into live distinct pcrlods-the first extradite from birth to the ate of lorcny&us, thesecondfrora the sevepth to the fourteenth year the third trem the foartccntb to the twenty-lint year, the fourth from the twenty-first to the fortieth year, the fifth frem the tortietii year to theclosooflUe’s ••strange, eventful history.” bhakspeare divld-s lift Into “seven sges;” hut five la the number adopted bx the faculty. la what Is called the •* third period” the Important changes occur wbteh mark and separate the sexes. This Is the stage ol rf*r*ff>j*fnenf,‘ when the frame, ta acquiring form. Proportion, and strength, make* ex traordinary demands upon tbo vital and eonstitntiooat icsourccs. The weaker icx suitors moft daring this period. The vitality of woman, being taxed to a great crdcgrcoihaathatoimsn,oiteo requires to bo re-la forced by artificial means. Whenever this is ncccmary. DOSTETTER’S BITTERS Mar bo ctUKlentlonsly recommended as the most barmlo s and eltocttve of all tonics. The tonrth period, amb'racisg the maturity of Itle, when the powers of bfdy and mind In both sexes ought to be In toll vUor, alio hulls special dUßcuittes. It Isdtirlsß this stage that the female is subject to most of tte baraislugfaCmrats peculiar to her organization. Bo numerous and dlilremlng are theta complaints, that the patience with which they are borne, while It ex cites the wonder, demands the earnest sympathy, of the leas afflicted beluga who style themselves par ee» ctllene* the ••lerdlofcTeatton. ,, la tormadolt moat be admitted that the “lords'* are by no w*«n equal to the -• ladies.” To tbe latter it la Important to know that In tta trouble* which precede and follow maturity, tbe BIT T IE E S Are excellent, both as a bodily and mental Invigorate. They will be Ibtmd a capital means of sustaining the :tuux\epMiihjve under tbe heavy drains made upon It at the most Interesting and perilous periods of married lift. The fifth stage is that In which an the functions de cay and the frame gradually bends under the weight of years. During this period, too, women softer much more than tbe stronger sex. In passing tbe line which divides maturity from the decline of lift, they have to encounter more difficulties and dangers than Cesar dreamed off when he ertased the Eublcon, Depression ■ and glcom oorderlngonlnsanlty, together with Innu merable physical disturbance?, are arnrmp tbe pa>»*« and penalties theysoznetlmei have toecdore at the sec ond as well as at tbe jfrjfcrUlsot their lives. As a soothing and balsamic remedy lor their attlctfon* at such times, the BITTERS Arc prescribed by many eminent physicians. The stiicuiating qualities of tie preparation are so modi t)(d by the medicinal berbe and roots, infused Into It, that it may be token without arprahe-slon even by those who aro unpleasantly aficcUd by the erdinary excitants. Prepared asd Sold hy IOSTETTER & SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa. FOB BT DRUGGISTS, GROCERS AND STOREKEEPERS, Throoghoat the World.