Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 25, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 25, 1867 Page 4
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(Eljiwgo tribune. niIDAT. JANUARY 25. 1561. THE CITY. AT.Ty<ivrt Lancurr.—John OUlesple,eharged with stealing a carpet bag and contents fiomihe bag gage room 01 Wright's Bote!, wav partially ex amined at (be Police Court yesterday morning, and held over till to-day In ball of SSOO. Ellsworth Zouaves.—A meeting of this corps wiß beheld at their armory (old Board of Trade Ball,) this evening at eight o'clock, sharp. The attendance of every member la requetted, as busi ness of importance will be transacted. Betties Conossroirsu Hotkr.—Yesterday af ternoon Hr. Jesse WLkes*, residing at the corner of State and Harrison streets, wa* examined be fore United States Commissioner Boyne on charge of nasaing two counterfeit ft y cent currency notes. Alici a hearing the case was diaroUeed. Fms.—About two o'clock yesterday morning a email fire, occasioned by the burning of & coal box. was extinguished In the fourth story of the building at No. 155 Bandolob street, occupied a? a printing establishment by Adams, B lac toner & Lyon. The loss was less than fSO. Pmr.—The alarm of fire from box TO, at eight o'clock last evening, was occasioned by the burn ing of a portion of the Pbsnis Foundry, on North Union street. The flames were promptly checked by the Department, and very lutle damage waa done (o tbe property. An alarm waa given from box 95 at a quarter before two this morning. Brccujjr.—The grocery store of Andrew Pad dleford at No. 51 West Madison street was entered by burglars on Wednesday night and robbed of half a chest ol tea, twenty pounds of tobacco, a valuable ovneoat, some change from the drawer, and oibcr articles. An entrance was effected by cutting a pane of c’ass from the front door, the rascals making their escape through the rear, and leaving the door open. * A Yotrjfo Tftisr.—Thomas Keyuolds. a lad of fifteen, who ran away from the Reform School some three or four months ago, was arraigned before Justice Mllbken' yesterday morning, charged with stealing a pair of pants from Patrick Caftan, at No. 1(2 Twelfth street, an overcoat from James Milligan, living rm Archer road, and other articles. He was committed lor trial tn bail of Tux Sotuims' Home.—This benevolent institu tion now presents quite an array of wooden legs and empty sleeves, there being one fanndredand twelve Inmates. Mr. C. B. Brahard, of Boston, gave, on Wednesday evening, the second of his gratuitous readings rrom celebrated authors. These cnterialJ.mccls have done much to relieve tbe dull and monotonous life of the Inmates who will long and gratcfailv remember bis successful attempt to amuse and Instruct them. Sold ran?’ Bornnts.—Colonel -Tames W. Boy ded. Istc United Stales Pension Agent, is author ized by the Government to receive and forward claims of aft who have not yet applied for tbe ad ditional bounty or Increase of pen-ion. Checks for thr bounty have Jn?t been received by mem bers of the Fourth. Eighth and Thirteenth regi mente of Illinois Cavalry, the Sixth lowa Cavalry and Sixth Wisconsin Infantry, whose c alms were lorwarded to Warhlngton by Colonel Hoyden. Bis office Is at No. 9*2 Lnsalle street, Chicago. Jli'okic PncsniTATiOjr.—At a meeting of Gar den Cl y l odge No. 141, A. F. and A. U., Henry Starring, Esq., who has been treasurer of this Lodge lor the past seven years, was presented, on bchnlf cf 'ho members of tbe Lodge, with an ele gant sliver coCVf urn and a large silver silver, bearing ihe inscription—^■* Presented lo Henry Starring by the mrmbera ol Garden City Lodge No. Hi. Chicago, Illinois." Also, a ma? a lvr sil ver tobacco box, with name engraved Iherenn. Tbo preFcntallnti speech was made by C. 11. Lillie bilrtge, Secretary, and was responded to by the recipient In a very bappr manner. Fmr Engine Wanted —A petition Is being cir culated among the inhabitants of Cottage Grove, anting the common Connell to procure an engine lo lie located somewhere in Ibcir neighborhood, which at present Is very Inadequately protected. At n recent tire rn Douglas place and Klils.n venue the bn;i»e of F. C. smith. Esq., adjoining ihe one first on fire, could have been saved, it ii said, with a common garden engine: but Die fire cnelnc Old uot arrive lor on hour alter the tiro began, and meantime Die new house bad ladled away before the devouring flames. Anl UNronrvNATK.—A careworn looking woman, who gave the name of Theresa Miller, was brought before (he Police Court yesterday morning. Him was a German by birth, but her contrr«allon was of such a mmhllntf rharaclrr liifll little coiftd be learned front tier of a reliable rbanefer regatdl’g her previous wanderings. She * awe fr»n Germany eighteen ycats ago. and Wanlcd In th'imsylvanta. After a certain !«<.•)• of It n\ nrcordUg to bcr aiatoment. sir killed her n.i.l slid two or three difforoiti lime*. Hhe was • vhi< ttDy Insane, though harmless, and was tout to (he County Agent, Fawii.t llcronn.—Wp have hern shown a hand* H'lncly funned engtaving, nrnainenti-d with corn* mun Jilt- scrims, Irom Die oradle lo (he grave, and ruiiißlnli-g column" for registering births, mar rtagesaud death". Many families Hku to keep before Ihclr eve? (he record of tho grsai evuuia In the liver- of Ihemrelrrs sml of tho-o they >ove, and denre a mat ai d tasteful form of record Dice this one. ft in de«lgni'd by b. Jl. Hopkins aud pub fttbed ny liopk*n" & bptneer, snd*wil] be sold by subscription It is some two feel wide and twenty nuher filpb, and mahe" a conspicunii< ornament npi u the wall. It Is the best ot tho kind (hat wo have teen. Peuiloub Skating.—The lake la now frozen apparently solid for a great dUtancc from 'bo shore, although the -ice Is liable to sudden rup ture by the springing up of a storm, who-c great waves would easily break Die shell In their rough tossings. The broad level expanse, however, af ford" b templing field of adventure for the skater, and quite a cumber of young men ar.d hoys have been aartog i-cough fo snoot out from >hc shore til] aimoit Indistinguishable from the distance. No accidents have been reported, bnt the place Is very dangeron*. and the truly brave, who are algo prudent, 'rift beware how they venture on the treacbeioQs deep. “Dnxwu" at the Ornnx House.—A valuable span of bay borers attached (o an e'egant, open, rew baronche. tne properly ol Robert Forsylh, Esq., and worth $2,5*0, w*ere stolen from in front of Lee’s (?) Opera House, on Wednesday night The driver nr the team bad left them three min utes before «hey were taken* to go Inside tbe building io notify Mr. Forsyth that the carriage was in waiting. Upon tefrxmlng to the door, he was osit-nifbfd to find that the team haj been “drawn by some one who bad faded to get the Opera House. Whether Mr. Forsyth “pul a faith ful man on horseback" to ym-ne thu fortunate thief, or not, l as not been a-certalned. Dokefhc JUhttbuoji.-John Bavansgb ami hi? wife, repiding on Slate street, arc not living upon the happiest terras with each other, which ia 1 largely owing to the j-alon* suspicions in Mrs. Kavanach’s mird regarding her hnabxnd’n ac quaintance with other ladies. John Is a hard* working industrious man. and allege* that his wile has no cense whatever for her unjust BO*pi tlons of bis wile, lie is somvt mcs driven half liaiitic by the excitable conduet of his wife, and one of these occasions was on Wednesday night, fihe charged him with all manner of moral delin quencies, aud as be seemed (o bear this with nn* cxrccicd sercrlty she fo’lowcd him into the stf cl, lonely calling him names am' applying to blm ma<>} Jll-onndltig and unUdy-like epithet-*. Not Lkirgtlia public exhibition of her spleen, John b'dberbc quiet, which the replied to by bitting him on the head with a stool. He responded by boxing her cars, take retreated a Ic * fee: ami then shied n spittoon at tnc unr-nnua'c mao. About this time a pollccmm arrived and arre-ted them. At the Police Conrt, vc-torday morning, toe wlfe.was discharged and Kavaoagbwas fined ?25. SrsPECTED Lv?AsTicniE.-A vonng woman named Kllsa Hassell, slaying with a family named Cary who live on the premises in the rearofNo. 35-5 Mate street, at a very early hour yesterday morn* lug bc« sme the mother of a fully developed lemale infant. After day-light, a woman living in tbs r.ojoinliighcu*-, named Mrs Osborn, observed Mis. Cary going to an ont-bniidtog with a ynil In her band, ami suspecting that all wa* not right, a policeman was called to mak** an In ves’lgailon of the matter. » Upon look rug into the poilit wa« found to contain thelif.*- less rcmaii sot the Irian), which the woman evi clciitJy intended to dispose of by cistfr.g it into Uic vault. Mrs. Cary stated that MUs Ila-scit was taken sickahont IS o’clock. No physician was calico, nor were any of the near neighbor* Appealed to lor a-ri«iance. Tlie Police author ities deemed it proper to bold Mr. and Mrs. Carf c« wtincrsc.* until the affair should bs In vcstlcatod by the Coroner. All that is Uiovu of tbo matter Is that ills? IlasbCU had been employed at the City Hotel nnrit about live weeks since, when she went to M». Cary’s to live. If 1* also stated that Cary wa« cn employe the same he'd. Au inquest will probably he held this morning upon the remains of the child at the Armory. An(Jait.tiKNTS. McVickku’b TncATiis.—Mr. Charles Dillon ap peared la*l evening in’“Othello” before a much smaller audience than would undoubtedly have bi cn present under ordinary circumstances. Ills Inlrrprctmloa of Othello Is as fal’bfol, Intelligent and Imprcssiie as the most fastidious student of Sbakfeprate conld desire. As In all his Shahs* pcrlau drll'ieallons.hc evinces not merely a careful, but a most profound study of the text, and his readings, always original, frequently throw a flood ol light upon passages tbo meaning of which is not rendered clearat a cursory glance. His acting msTnot be deemed powetlu) by those who re quire physical force and strength ot lungs to ftillll their nation* ot the cbarccter. and It must be con ceded that In some tcsprclc he cornea short whore Inn nslty of expression I* called for. The “Collo quial” style, of which Mr. Dillon claims lo be the founder, may b« crrrieq to an undue extreme at times. But this. »r it b» a fault. Is one which Mr. Dillon rarely falls Into. Hjs conception olOihclio ta Jn«t,an(l«»o whop* priformance Is marked by tbo most careful study. Mr. Waldron presented I ago in a very poor cos* tune, but on the whole with good fast", especial ly in tiro mure colloquial passage*, where his lr* rrpresslhlc long.drawii tones had 111110 chance of obtruding. Mr*, rowell’a “i'.iuilla” was all that could hr desired, and Mr*. Myers was very picas* tor tu her rendiium of “lle*ifcmotia. M To-i,|gM Mid bo presented “A New Way lo Pay Did Drills,” Mr. Dillon taking tbo pan of “Hfr lilies Ovemwb.” Mtwersi.r-iiia house waa again filled Inst even* lug, whmlhn ntw mu w»» im*srntrd at on toe IV h K Family,” amt ” Who Killed Cock Robin* % In both Dil lon was the prominent flewre. ami v C pi ttir house tn the best of humor. To-night, “Pam mid WHal.asll.erij*" , . ’ Sicarrao.-There was quite a revival on the ice last evening, fancy dret* carnlvsls being given ax the Washington Barit a'd at the wabiwh Hlnk. Considering that Itlston la here, and that all ibo theatre* w ere well filled, the tom-out at each of these resorts wa* something extraordinary. The Carnival at the Washington attracted an Immense crowd, and « very good display was made by the markers. The weather being delightfully mild coritlbmed materially to the enjoyment of tho tp C?LKi»oKUH Bill.— This evening, which marks the srnlvcrsaryol the blilhday of Robert Bums. Lie Scottish element will mingle together to celebrate tbc occasion at the Crosby Mn-ic Hall where the annual ball of the Caledonian Club Is given. The hall has been handsomely adorned for the evening. Good ronsle Is pro* vlded. and everything has been done to make the gathering a large aud a happy one, which wo arc sure will be the case. Teak P|«n.r This tronpc of vocalists and bell ringers, so favorably known in the West, a-c ot present delighting large Washington audiences. They are making a tour of the Middle and East ern elates. Religions Intelligence, 6t Stephen’s Church—There will be service at tbit church, comer of Blue Island avenue aud Forquar street, this evening, at 7H o'clock. Rev. Cbas. E. Cbeccy, Rector of Christ Church, will preach. 6L John’s Church. Union Park.—There wDI be Divine strvlce In this church thU evening at 7JJ o’clock. Sermon by the Rev 1L W. Beer*. Bev. E. U. Taylor will preach at the Illinois Street Church (between Welle aud LaStH* streets) this evening, at 7JJ o’clock. The public are in vited. RIBTORI. H«r Third Appetmee la Ch)c*ff«. The Drains of Elizabeth. In recording the ancoeative representation* of Uadatse Bistort, it la quite useless to ear that aha la more or leaf effective, or wonderful, as Medea, or aa Mary Stuart, than as Elisabeth, or rIC'S/rau, The satisfaction of the beholder li complete la each. There la nothing left to be dealrel. Those who see her In any part go away with Impreaatosa which may last a lifetime. Medea, blasting Jason with the curse or his murdered children and his worse than murdered wife; Mary, gathering her sobbing friends about her to bid them the last adieu: Elizabeth, shrieking a terror when she beholds the son of this Mary, and sees, In her guilty Imagination, the severed bead of bis mother borne before her—are pictures each that cannot be erased from memory. Aa a literary work the play of Elizabeth Is con temptible. As apiece of jonraeywork con-tmcted to exhibit the various talents of Blstori, It de serves praise. It fulfils the ends of its creation, and no more can be asked. It would be a waste of criticism to examine in detail Ita various of fences agalostibe truth of history and against the laws of good writing. Its extravagances and ab surdities may be excused since It has afforded us a picture so great as Kistori'a rendition of Elizabeth. The author has grouped together the isolated traits of Elizabeth's character, as de scribed by historians, and his creations, though In many parts distorted and extravagant, bear* yet a close resemblance to tbe great original. His other characters arc not equally happy. Sir Fracas Drake appears rather like the hero of a melodrama than the accom plished soldier and courtier that be was- Bacon Is presented as an unmannerly pedant, while Lord Burleigh by no means Justifies bis traditionary lame. The author, Uxe an indifferent artist, has crowded his canvas with figures and labelled them with familiar names, but the spectator falls in most to discover tbe resemblance Intended, while yet a few central figures bear an odd and staring likeness to the Icatorcs of their originals. We have read somewhere in an old Spanish story, a quaint legend of a celebrated picture of tbe Madonna, from which, at tbe command of a powerful spirit, the central figure stepped forth, and, for a little while, lived and breathed the air of earth once more. Even thus, from tbe dead canvas of Giacometti's drama, at the bidding of gcnlns, there springs to life again the Virgin Queen of England. It Is Indeed no com mon triumph thus to overcome the harrier of lan guage ; lo create at once and to embody the ideal Elizabeth; to make the past present, and the dis tant near, and to stamp upon the heart of every listener the clear and mighty Image which tbe Intellect of the artist has created. lUstori’e Eliza beth is, perhaps, the finest character of tbe great est actress of the age. To describe it adequately, one must borrow something of the Inspiration which piodnccd it. From the first scene lo foe last she was cqoal to oar highest conception of dramatic art The woman ly yet regal nature of Elizabeth Is depleted with consummate fidelity. Bcr Impe rious and relentless will found full expression, yet ever and anon the heart of the woman appear ed beneath the vesture of the queen, and smiles of gratified vanity and tbe sweet Illarions of half concealed love showed themselves, like glimpses ol sunshine between threatening storms. An ex pression ot grateful surprise and of Imperial pride seemed to light up bcr features as Bacon leads to her the lines of Hhakvpearc. “ This royal Irfant, though in her cradle, \i*l tow promises upon this land A thousand, thousand blessings, which time 1 fclmli bring to ripeness. She shall be A ) olicru to all princes living with her, Ami ail that shall succeed. * • • • all princely graces T v nl mould up such a mighty piece as this Is, With all flit virtues Dial sltcnd tbe good, StDI-iiall be doubled oti her; truth shall nurse her: Holy and heavenly l thoughts shall counsel bcr: She shall ho lov'd and feared: Her own shall bless her: Ho lots shaft like a field of beaten corn, And hang their heads with sorrow." KuzAm.nt (smiling complacently).—Rise 1 lUco*.—l thank yntir Majesty. (Continuing whit Incicastnganimation): " Wherever the bright bud of heaven shall shine, Her honor and the grea(ne«s of tier name bbaft tie, and make new nations. Hhc shall be, to the happiness of England, Au ngi d princess: many days shaft *or her. IJu* elm mu«t dio— Mie must, the saints tuitsl bate her; ycl a virgin, A mnsl unspotted llllr shall she pass To the ground, aid all the wotld shall tnouru her I 1 Eftmbt ll»*a interview with Essex, In iho second net, where her pardon for dominion end her Jealousy of power slrngple with her growing leu* driiiMs lor flic favorite Kart, iso niustorploco ol acting: above all, whore Hiv* kneels humbly nl her ini, while acre** her fere, unseen to him, pass (lie lluhts and shadows of her various rmo iiutir*. Her exflmiiftiiou na she looks after hU rtirCAtlnp ftiiii, "J love him—yes, love him as 1 have imver loved biforol” Is tho passionate ex* pimlon of her pcnl up feeling. The liexUroiiiMvhsio die Mi’ll* the death war* jbml of Maty rriiiiiit is a powerful oelluuatlon, though far lees pleasing than Ihe succeeding one, in which ehu bids defiance to (he Spaniard, and raising aloft Die swerd of her father, calls her nobles lo her side and swears undying hostility to her fuss. —" (eft Philip that Elizabeth bnrla the sheath far from her I Uhenodrlwu nations, like gigantic athletes, "hail incut on ihe ocean, tho world itnelf will tremble; and, after the eccoumcr, ocu of Die l«o Uke (o the clone thrown by a child’s hand l.ito the water—'will disappear among the blood t-iaincd waves; either England or Spain—Eliza bnh or Philip 1 I swear It, by the King my father I" The ndloiTof the third act is rapid »nd brilliant throughout. Its interest cnlmlnntcs in tbe dis grace of Essex ard his violent conduct caused by the cruel judgment ot Elizabeth. Her love almost revives oven Id the midst of bis reproaches as she recalls his brilliant exploits and tbe mem ories of past days ; but when be Ineulre her and (brows his broken sword a( her feel, she rise ttrriltly In her wrath, aud with llashirg eyes and voice Inaiilcnlale wi'h passion, flings him from her. The life of the unhappy Karl l astezß (o Us close. Anxious, unhappy, ex pedant, the Quern vails to receive Ihe ring which she bad given to Er.sci; and at last hopeless that he wo»'W relent and see for pardon, she compels herself spasmodically to rign bis death .warra* f Her band quilt it reluctantly as Davison Lakes it from bcr, and she eagerly motions him away m (bough fearful io tru*t her own nnconqncraMc vilh In the following scene, when she discovered the deceit ot Howard, and that Esses Is dead, her grid and rage thrilled every heart. Cru*liod, brokci, det-palrlng, she sinks beneath tho weight of ter remorse and sorrow. The filih act shows na Elizabeth old and dying. Yet a little while she bents off the destroyer and seeks to overcome her last enemy as she has over come aft otlicra. The memories other dead vic tims come unbidden, and her (ottering limb? and wasting sii'Ugtb warn her of the approaching end. Like (on ripe ear of corn she Is com;, died o bow her bead, Th*i crow n which ehe has worn ightly for forty years U now too heavy to be tome. Her chtvks are wan aud livid. H‘*r sight nows dim—darkuc.ra surrounds her, and, amid :bc gloom, tail spectres advance, and trnnkieas heads tail at her fecL King James finds her in a swoon; and as the recovers and rccoe- nlr.te him, a shriek of ten or bursts from berpale Ups, as the sees la Imagination bis dead mother’s face. Speedily she recovers herself. With royal dignity, she bids him kneel, and places the crown upon his head. At this moment tbo populace are heard to shont ”J*ort£ live James King ed Ice land !” Ihe light of ber young days flashes again In the eyes cf the dying t}ncco. She plicesthc crown hastily on her own head oncomare. Tbo light slowly fades from her eyes, the last hour of a long life of glory has arrived, and in the arm* of Burleigh she passes away. TO-NIGHT CAM MA— M A DAM G BISTORTS BENEFIT. By the terms of ihe contract existing between Mad. Bisforl and Mr. Gian, thetormerhas the right of eight benefits In this country. Fonrof these she ha* already ct.jovod. via.*. In New York, Prooklyn, Boston and Philadelphia. Her sucres j In Chicago has beqn unparalleled. Tuesday. Wednesday and lastNsvcning the gross receipts were heavier thary on any other three evenings since her debut on the stage, amounting very nearly 10-51. r >.Cou. In view of this success she has selected to-morrow evening for the fifth of her serte* or benefits, and at that time will undoubt edly testify to her appreciation of her handsome iccepljon by a few words In English. The play will be Cevima, written expressly for her by Giuseppe Momanelli, (be cast of which Is as lullows: Gamma Dirnara Slnoio Talrse Giovanni Carbon! (•lido Cesaro Bistori The theme upon which the play is founded is borrowed from Pimarch on tho Virtues ol Woman, (he main points of which are as follows: Camma is a Drnldlcal priestess, wife ot the rnlor of Oalazca, named blnato, who has a powerful < tval, Plnoro. She la represented si a parmson of l-cauty, wisdom, honesty and virtue. Sinoro falls in love with her, in one of his expeditions assas sinates Slnato, and soon alter asks for (be band of she widow. Catnma,«fi«r the death of her hnsbtnd, devotes herself to Ihe task of discovering his mur derer. upon whom she determines to avenge the death of his victim. Sinoro still urges his salt, aud finally confesses to Camma that ho killed her husband In consequence of his love for her. The widow finally accepts his band, and the day is fixed tor tbo ceremony. Sinoro Is graciously re ceived, and the marriage riles are solemnized, but ramtna prepares poison for the occasion, and the nuptial cun, of which she herself partakes, de prives the assassin tod would-be husband of life finch arc the outlines of the tragedy. Tbe isxl Is very bombastic, and la abundant in mmal platitudes and bad nngllsh, but there are many fine dramatletouchea In It which will afford scope for Bistort's powers." Upon carnal reading it seems lo ns to fell ftr beneath Model, Mary Htnart and Kllsabclh, but tbo fart that Bistort baavclccted It for her benefit would sera to tndf rale that she regards It at least ana of her strong characters, while many European critics have aet It down as hflr host We need bardlv urge attend ance to-morrow evening, as the subscription list is already full, and Dee’s Opera House will wit ness tbo same Immense attendance that It has the write week thus tor. Noonday Union Prajer JTfocllnc. A more earnest spirit to promote the cause of Christ, seem* at present to pervade Ibis commo nlly than has been known for several years. From reports given at the regular morning and poon* day meetings held In the Audience Room ot the First Mcibodlst Episcopal Church, corner of Clark aud Washington streets, ills evident that a new position is being assumed on the part of the Christian people. In tiuit they arc comprehending Individual responsibility, and assuming that which has heretofore been laid at the door of the Church in cenctal. In taking this position. I Christians are getting upon Christ’s own plan of 1 work, for Be came to et'k ouf as well as to «ac? the lost. This Idea often presented of late at the noon prayer meetings, and acted opon as well, has pro duced Its legitimate result* and given a vivacity end inlerestto these dally Union Christian gather ices bevood that which has heretofore attended them. The meeting opened yesterday at 12 o’clock m by singing, “ Bow sweet the name of Jesus Founds.” Rev. E. J. Goodspced, Of the Second Baptist Church, presiding. . Alter the reaoJng ol scripture Mr. Gooospeed Mid Hat tie creai ract ol tao Scriptnres, andUio central thought of Christianity was the death of Christ and the atonement thereby. ’Twas strange mat Christ should come to die for mankind. There was heaven with its beauty and aplendor, aud Christ Us centre, drinking of all its glory. From Ibat called petition be looked npoalhe loat, end knew to the utmost detail or the woe tad shame that nut attend bla mlaaloa to earth. Hot sinking from the daikeat proapacl, from toe mace of Qlocy He came (he pauper and du« pored to redeem mas. Ur. Qoedipeed’a remark* f#'* eloquent and stirring, and a deep solemnity pervaded the whole. TMa morning m wring waa attended with the canal uumbera and inio-oiL Hr. Gilmore, from toe Washingtonian Home, spoke or the meeting held at that Insolation the night before, when nearly a eoore of men stood up to (ratify that they Wt re battling with all their passions, and had for n erke been able to reelat. lie apoke or their de pending upon the strength of their reaolotlona, and of how much eater they would be did they trust In Christ to riro (hem (he victory over au their habits, aa he had done since being reclaimed from a drunkard's life. THE OPERA HOUSE. Who Is the Owner?—Mr. Leo and Gos sip—Fact and Fancy—The Lesser Frizes. The drawing of the Opera Bouse has at last furnished the people with a genuine excitement, a topic of discussion and query which, unliko most sensations, survives the day oflla birth. On the sheets, in hotels and cars, by the homo fire side, at the place of business, tbe one theme !s uppermost; but instead ol the question which for weeks past grew more frequent and anxious, “Who will draw the Opera House?" It is. “Who has drawn the Opera Bouse V' boll public curi osity is unabated. Tbe great enigma has been pro pounded to the people o( (be whole United states, ana while no one seems acme enough to answer it, tbe solution is cruelly kept hack by those who sreenpuosed (okLowiU It Is almost aa bad as the riodlc of the sphynx, which was death to those who fall din tbe effort to solve It, Tbe wotld is looking anxiously for the modern Oedipus who phsil dissolve the enchantmenisnd free tbe people from Its thrall. Our imagination might invest tola latter-day diviner nlth numberless qualities, ro mantle or otbcrMse, as we were In toe guessing vein. We might picture him as a j»w dashing blade, who has spent bis days In dissipation, ami bis nights In fighting the tiger: who has staked bis last V upon the ace and raked down the pile, and baring, in his frantic joy, celebrated his astounding fortune by & great de bauch, is now sleeping away ita effects in some quiet letreat Irom which he will soon appear among nj, and with triumphant swagger claim his firlzc. Orwe might imagine the great unknown n the lorm of a poor, ragged boy, whoso life has been one of constant labor and privation, who ia now the sole support of an aged mother aud many helpless little ones, to whom a full meal has been au unwonted luxury, who In a moment ot Irspiiatiou saw, encircled with a blaze of glory, (he potent figures 58,C00, from which a finger or light pointed to a majestic temple In the distance which seemed to be filled with sweet singers and woike ot art, and which, the spirit whispered, should soon be his. And now the rags and humiliations of fortune are swept away, and we see In him a noble form and spirit, ex a'led by irisl, stepping forth with conscious pow er and right to take possession of the gift of a Just foil line. Or our fancy might paint an aged man, with hoary locks and flowing beard. tall, majestic, patriarchal, slow of step, thoughtful of aspect, quiet in manner as if be bad spent long years in study, calculating the rules of alchemy, casting the horoscope and. amid constant disappoint ments, tolling on, still hopeful of happy result of l\l» labors. And in the dead of night while peer ing into the nnknowndeeps ofthe stars and no ting with mathematical precision their changes the rojallc figures suddenly shaped themselves in a way that could not he mistaken, and (be life-long study of the sago was crowned with the golden crown of earthly success, jnst as hla frail body was ripe lor the nnletgrave. But again, a* tbe female band may bold tbe 'divining rod, or as tbe spirits often choo«c a medium of (be fairer tux, we may Imagine a young girl, bero’tof homo and friends, retiring, refined, wuhuo support but the slender one winch her needle can supply. Bay after dsy she struggles lor food amid th ’sel fishness aud temptations ot a great cuv *, night after night she lies down (o weep over her lonely lot, yet with a secret feeling, behind her woes trial she is tomrlhlng more man she appears, that there ts a (nest fire of tosplrulloa burning low which will some lime, in s-nra wnj—now fill dark aud unknown—-lilt her uu Into the hcii'hts of prosperity and usefulness. One day a friend losses Into her lan a pile of en graved paper, saying laughingly, “This will moke you fortunate." Hbo lays it nslde fncicdulouslv »nd takes up her weary task. But not mauy days after the city holts with a great excitement. A poor glil has become a proa* heiress. Who Id she and where? titoo suddenly remembers the paper gift, finds ft, reads—she is the fortunate me. Hut in bur new found wealth she will not fnrgi t her bumble state nr (be many still more uuVnpwv thou she was with whom she has met: anil so she enters upon a life of usefulness, and Inratid wide !■ known nan woman noble, Imnov olrnl, good, whom the rich delight lo honor and ll,n poor and suffering bless. Bit! tbe soring wings of fancy arc clipped bv (lie nnpM Me fact that Ihe great favorite of fortune Is « vial).. cnwnUv-brcd man of whom history has term ded little. Yet wo are left al liberty lo ‘ii’duVc mi* Imagination somewhat. We imagine (bis unknown, Hits almo*t mythical pcieonagc. as a manor sumo sixty years, to whom bis practical business experience has been Invnlunblooa giving ‘to key to bis present great dlscovyy. Mo bus tout! biTii a miller, and, us Die great w heel In bis mill I ns ground out dally bread for bnndro'is ol Ms polglibois, bo bos mused umm Die wheel of fortune and Us rotislnnl rnw»|ti<lotis. lie has nb- Bcmdadiop (skew lititu (he lowest abyss and raised lo (ho hctiriila of cmlnemo, nod has likened (Ms (o Die fortunes of men. II" jins iioMlrrrd on Dm mysDe wheels which wcretodictdethe success nr dlmui ointmcnt of Mime (wo butulrod thousand peoplei'h n cntilu day in Mils city of Dbtcneu, mid as bis cuam*i*«-" sliinin bM(im>'d (be unresting wberi* of Ms w 111, bis tbotigbls have ns cntirtnuily revolved nu ll) Die greal problvm has Men ■nlvnd, (be small but important "lake solved upon, and In, Dn* smiißiy borsemnii r<n*i*i" across Dm pra<rln lo Did e<« sbmoi (bo Mississippi,and draws r«ln at Ids bumble door, amt bn U rich anu ilbulrUnu— for is not wealth fame and wi-d"tn and goodness ? The world now rads upon this child ol turtnuo lo rotno up from Egyptian dmkneu and be known and seen, ii would know bis height, hm bruudih, bis pounds avoirdupois, (bo fi) of bis garments, (ha biioofhls hair, mo size of hit features. It wou'd see and handle Mm, it would tmnlbe at his expense, it would lejoico with him if hu wi'l furnish the foundation for rejoicing. Mr. Ice, arise and come forth. While vc write, a ray of rcalltv comes out upon the subject. Could we trust anything about this son of luck we might believe; but though his l>arsonal presence alone can solve the donbl, we give here* ilh tho statement of the New Albany (Indiana) “Wr have I; In our power to tell our readcra semebitg about tho lucky man. ills name is Abraham Ilacarmau bee, and be has an own cousin, Abraham B. Harrllt, a newspaper man in thirdly. Ur Leo (b a native of Clrtlcwfte, Ohio, but bis lather's family afterward removed to Fmlev.ln the same State. At tbo age of fifteen be left home and went to live with an aunt, who sent him lo school foi ?bree years at Cincinnati- At Dm ago of eighteen i.ce went on s Cincinnati and Memphis steamboat as a cabin boy, but having au ambition beyond (bat station, he sub sequent!? became clerk of a Memphis and New Orleans boat, and after-ards was captain of a Si. Louia and New Orlrat-s prefect. At the break ing rut of tbe war captain J-ce raised a regiment of Illinois troops, and was appointed its Colour 1. U was reported tlr-t be wa« wound ed, but vbciber Uil« was the esse our informant .Hunt advLrd. Colonel Lee married a French laoy of wealth and scrib'd at I’ralrie du Roche, a small place in iHb-oI«. near tbe Mississippi 'river, below lie own* lirge iracta of bind in lowa, besides much oiher property. The riinwirgof the Opera notice, which Is valued at -«*•,(» P. will probably make Colonel Lee one of the wealthiest men in Illinois. We wish him much Joy of bis lonune, and doubt no*, be wiii make good nee of IL The boat commanded by *'apUilu Lee was the Nariiviil *.’* If ibis account Lc true. Mr. I*-c’a age will debit Mm from being Immortalized by subsequent acta «d his, but dure is asplendid chance for bis cMl ,!kii. bboniobntthc same golden can b; an reJrlocin In the family, what tame la M store for Mm as rot only (be owner 1,7 the Opera Boa->c, ntitaMbc progenl'o'r oi a race—sal -• hove achievements In the juristic Due will torn lu-loiifzr the world. .What a splendid rhaocs la presented. Hie eldest daughter may emulate Bis tort, the second I'aiepa. tic third Kellogg, the •ourth Mis? Hosmcr. Of hi? two son?, one mar become an whose successes oven the immortal Gran wi I pale, and the other may ecHj'sc Raphael in that glorious upper chamber wheie all the prizes ex cept ibe Opera Houre itself were exhibited to tbe view. Tlierc is another point nn width the public enri* o«ity finds fooj snflirlent for a month's gorging. •Tan the Opera House be conveyed by Mr. :*ro*by. the corrideranou not being a legal one Seme there be wicked enough Id Ihlnk that it nc'or wiliheronvi vod loUiewlimcr.hntthe great majoHiy have full faith that the happy mortal will r«-l I e ir. undisputed po»swlon. liappv thought l M r * Crosby Is unmarried! Were he bat a Bene* diet, the dreams or the winner might be haunted by dim visions of a vrifiew m pairing In court and rinimlng her “third*.” Bn*, that gentleman Is *u>g!« and able to clvc U. up absolutely. How fortunate that among all tha* bevy of angelic rrMJrns to vhom the smile of Mr. Crosby was intoxirafeg ncc'ar in the palmv days of his pros* ope bndconrace enough to propose to blm in bis mlsloriure and thus Inv ihefonn laMons for a chancery suit, broad and deep as those of the Opera Honse Itself. However,this point does not cause so mnch dc* b«lc as others, as there is no doubt of Mr. Cros* by’s power to dm d away bis property without an actual consideration received, if he wishes to do so. and no one questions bis Intention to keep his pledged word In the matter. Burner, as usual, Is busily engaged In “ whole cloth ” manufacturing business, and has turned onl the following re spectable products, among others: U Is very cmrciUlv reported that Mr. Crosby has bnnght the Opera House of the winner for #350,000. Also that Mr. Lee was the other day at a certain hotel in the city, though our reporter fatted to find him. and the clerk had nm before It arced that thev bad each a distinguished guest— as undoubtedly they had not. An other report was that a messenger had bern sent to the retired country seat of Mr. l*c, with fnll Instructions to purchase back the building. Others say that Mr. Cro«by and the great unseen wero discovered walking ‘•arm In am” to the Sherman Home, whore they ratified their Important with something ofpleasanltasleand effects. Among this sea nr rumor, we, the public, arc confounded, amaxed, astonished, unsatisfied. Mr. Lor, men bare been known logo wild and women to die from unsat isfied cariosity. Play not thus dlth our lawinl lights—our holy feelings. Be a benefactor to your race; show thyself, orwo perish. Mr. J cc, come forth. Bistort ...l.uigia Olecb .Giucnrao Gloch While wc linger thus In suspense, one consola tion nmatnrlh. Mr. Lee’s magic number was rowertnl enough to draw ibe Opera House; hut l cannot draw it nut ot Chicago. From onr exchanges wc get the following rela tive to tbo smaller prizon: The “Vo ficmllo” was drawn by a Mr. Smith, a saloon keeper in Davenport, in connection with a small club. “Nanagausrtl Bay’ —No. fit—was drawn by Dr. I. M. King, of Dubuque. A Philadelphia rxcoiugo says that 97,5(19 tick ets were purchased in ibat city, and gives the following (Ist ot prise* awarded ntanrig them: Ticket No. 79. WA is bold by F. W. Merrihew, No. 1,001 North Twelfth street. This number d«ew»iprt?.fmarked74luUiohsl. His a paint ing entitled “Down by tbo Willows,” by 8 I. fihnugboessy. llckot No.Rfi,4P6,hcldhy Mr. George 11. Ash ton, No. H 3 Market siren, drew prize No. 17, “Landscape and Figures,” by K. Uondel. llckrt No. 60,(174, held by Mr. tj. 11. Beading, draws prise No, JO, “Edwin Booth as lago,” val ued at |1.6»0. Ticket No. 1*9,4(53. held by Mr. John Mooney, Nn. ifiUO Master street, draw* ptlto Nn. s>4, “I andscape,’’ hr J. U. l*mbdln 1 ickei No. It,»K, held hr William T. Gummsy, Germantown, draws prize No. SOU, “A Fruit Here,” bv il. Foster. Mr. J. ft. Black, Pennsylvania Central Ballroad. drew prize No. *37, “fitnoy In the Woods,” by A. F. Iwllowa. Nlta Pallia A. Carry, No. I*l3 Green street, drew nMto No, 2CC, Grapes and Annies,* 4 byJ. U. 8. Heed. * Mr. James W. Queen, No. TO! Cbesmit street, drew* piUeNo.«J,"The Lunch,” by J. 11. 8. Heed. Nr. K. B. Well*, No. CIO Chcsnnt a’reot, drew prise No- 3ft." llanreat,” by Julie It. Beers. Nr. T. W. Fisher, No. IJSB Chesnut street, drew prise No. 257, ” Moonlight.*’ by P. Fish Heed. Mr. B. G. Baupardnor, American Hotel, drew prlae N 0.2.1, “Too Brothers,” hy Miller. Nr. Robert D Clark. No. 25 North Sixth *tre:t, drew prise No. 75, ”Fnnt Piece,” by Randcll. Mr. Jofcpb Walton, Henry Kay Po«| Office, Del., drew prize No. 237, ” Study In the Woods,” by A F. Bellows. Mr D. T- Keller, No. 33 South Fourth street drew price No. SM, "Child Reading” by East man Johnson. Frederick Echfclt, United Slates Mint, drew No. Kb, ” Rain Drops " , . . r. c. Rhoads, No. 1511 Girard avenue, drew * Harvest Field.” Fr« d. M. Adams, No. 156 Twentieth street, pre mlnm No. 179, "New Hampshire Scenery.” Child DtmmoN.—A widow, about twenty years old, who gave the name of Mrs. Frank Wheeler, has been employed for two month* past as a domestic in the bouse of Mr. E. J. Furness, on Nsdison street. When she firstesme to her new place she stated toother husband, who btd bees a conductor on the Chicago. Bonington A Quincy Road, bad died of consumption about three months previously. She bad been in the house of Mr. Furness but a few days when a little girl was bom to her. ttbe appeared to have the customary amount of affection for the Infant, but bad latterly made considerable effort to find a place for itlneome tastily. On Wednesday she suddenly disappeared from the house, and upon going to her room it wav ascertained that she had taken everything that belonged to her except her babe. This, of course, made it evident that she intended to desert the child, aud she has no: since been beard from. The little innocent waa yeater day eent to (he Borne of the Frendleaa. RALPH WALDO EMERSON. Locluro Lost ITiglit on “Tbo Map of the World." Ralph Waldo Emerson lectured last night to a large audience, in Unity Church, In behalf of the benevolent fraternity of that church, whoee object Is to provide for the poor of (he pariah. The lec turer was Introduced by Bov. Bobert Collyer, who stated that Mr. Nichols, woo bad been lecturing throughout the East lo obtain funds in aid of Henry Giles, tbe lecturer and author, who Is very sick and very poor, and whom bU friends are ex erting themselves to relieve, wonld give Ills lec ture in that church next Sunday evening, and that Mr. Emerson wonld also deliver hia only other lecture In Chicago Ibis season, In the same place, on March 4, on the subject of “Elo quence." Mr. Emerson fben arose and cava ao intensely Intensting aodress on “Tbe Han of (he World." The peculiarly concise and metaphysical style of this eminent man, and the abetrose ideas w hich he conveys in a close chain make it impossible to do justice lo the lecture in a brief and disjoint ed report, such only as our space will permit. But some ol (he pearls of thought that were scat tered through (be boar may be set in typo so as to afford ample food for the reflective mind. Each of them constitutes a sermon lo itself. Tbe (Use leer on ot nature is perpetual ascension. Eveiythingibaa been invented over and over. Tbe earth shows age. It is a very refined age, and lossl'sebow how many limes It has been through the mill,rasping it off and refining u. It is a w orld of culture. A pot of earth will remain unchanged for a hundred yean, but put a stedimo It and the whole through every grain will undergo transformation. Put a man mfo ; - : noiabd the change is sun greater. Mint;* born‘collector achieve ment, and this selection ta jibcix a guide to flue choices In (be stomach of plants development begins, and it- ends in the Infinity of tbe universe. It If a lotg way from the gorilla to the gentle man. There is reason in tbe roasting o? eggs. There is a best way of doing everything, and civ ilization is the having learned the sum of beets. There was never a marked man who bad not a keen perception of nature. Any consideration of botany, astronomy, geology, administers a firm ness to the mind, while dancing, playing and sim ple amusement leave a contrary effect. The man of the world la one ol sound constitution, with abilities that report lo him the knowledge of na uie. Pericles, Aristotle, Archlmides, Julius Crcaar, Milton. Cuvier, Goelbc aro commonly cited as examples of culture, bat the makers of culture. Tubal Cain, Socrates, Alfred of England, the Egyptian builders, Columbus, Copernicus, Hues, Luther—'these arc national men, who carry tho genius of tbe nations and thus lead them. Tbo so-called men ot tbo world are commonly men of whips and bones, who strain their nerves at tbo pop of a ebampaime bottle, but those wuo study science, tbo laws of nstme, who would find their fellows lu persona of real elevation and culture are tbe true men of the world. We are lu danger of forgetting that tbe basis of aristocracy Is truth and honesty. Common sense ta as rare as genius, and the proverb Is under stated (hat an ounce of common sense is worth a i>oand of genius. Common sense Is (he torch every day in demand in public and private busi ness. Common sense Is always right, has the precedence of al) wit, all learning, it milks the cow. chops <bc wood, plants, hoes, reaps, and ministers U> the necessities of the race. Eveiy man of Food undemanding appreciates this, and wishes that be had more. Heroism is tho ability to serve Until at a pinch, to make Ihe tf irg wanted at tbe very Umc. No one wishes that the educated young man should bo a helpless being, a helpless angel, but a capable being dipped in tho 6tyx of experience, lie must learn lo row his boat, harness bln horse, camp out in tbo woods, if he Is to be self-reliant Those aro Die first steps to powtr. It Is tbo primary duty of the man of Ictiors to secure his independence. There Is note fact In chemistry or mathematics, or a feat of the hosilcr or drover, which tho thoughtful man does not covet. Newton said, " Never was a great discovery made w ithout a great guess." There Is no dunce who Is not good at some thing, ned no wit who is good at everything. Wo do not pick cur Juries from college professors, but from men of business experience. To bmtd a buiseisawurk of common sense, but how few f;ood houses do we find. Common souse, strong some notions, is weak in others. The Cnullsb aro noted for U. Montcsqui thought there was no common sense ontoi England. The mnu ol the world must, bavo a direct eye to fact*. Wiili these primary (cachings of niturc, before and after there comes society. No tnnn*uT learning listens without envy to the sprightly aid telling converse of tnorchan p and men of bus), ness, who are so conversant with tlio world that they talk without embarrassment or rcstralut. Hie man of the world will listen with good humor to arguments coidraty to life own belief, thoiich ho dors dot change his course. Acuttl* vnied person has'flu* whole scale ol speech : ho can Inin with scholars, In the parlor, In the sired —overt where as needed. Ftrci.dshlp Is a species ol nohlhtt. Pocluly la a word of ninny meanings. It sometimes menus (lungs very Insipid and frivolous, ii tenches selPcoiMnnnd, so Hint otin can everywhere ho himselfand comfortable, it fetiches the ln*of t'unvrisullnn, which is lo bear as well as to rprnh. Men ol ram lulelllgonco are naturally solitary. Hnclrly Is pari of our culture. Wo want the rediirmeni ol Hie gentleman. If circumstances do mil pcimli Die high social icriiiemotit, tel li bo irmrnm-ml that soliiude Ima Its rnlue. Heaven sometime* protect* the thought* of ft meat man by confining Diem in eolltmK If It Isa selfted Inci that hr amt society shall he separata, why iu*» d he blind) so and ho so ur.comlorlablof Unto) Is nleasantto see refinement penetrating lulu retired homes. Tho more piano tho less wolf, thrlrssdwt. Tb* beautiful should nnvarbaoni of thought. It is as right that the broad should bo put upon tho tnbio in a comely shone as that it should be eaten. Tho sonl Is always selecting from actions that which la human and superhuman. Tho heroic sacrifices tomcib’iig to numanlir. There Is no face or form so uncomely that It la not loved when associated wlrb high goodness or power, and if all wore good alt would probably be crest, Wc all fall ac easy prey lo fine manners. The main rouer of the South In oar politics was lo their dinners and their manners. The North was talked ever and talked do«u by tho social suavities of that part of *hc nation. Bnl the tine man of tho world la no monotone, no man of ope Idea. Ho prefers a middle condi tion, relieved from the task of making a show, □c trier. to hldcbimee'f Imt his spirit discovers him. The one evil of the world Is blockheads, the need of the world is common sense. The ebry of America Is. as the glory ot Athens was, In Ihe exercise ol creative power. All tbe expenditure ol a cultivated man upon blinfclfl? like (he expenditure upon a temple— public ard beneficent. Wherever there is a high civilisation it is the wotk of great minds. France, the speaker thought, la charged with being simply frivolous, on occoLDt of her devotion to fashion ana refine ment. it ts the Instinct of men that education la dan* ccroua to tyranny. Tljc higher tbi- cultnre the greater the liberty. The war baa established a chronic hone for a chronic despair. It is not a question now whether we shall be a nation hm whether wcfhallboancwnaUon. The humanity of all nations is in the American Union. Won’t! that wc coaid feel that Ibis country I* the las*, great charily of the war, the end ot all etruycles to rstah'tsb morality as the object of government, Intellect and not property should be represented, or at least not property without toltllccl. The work ot America la to make the advance of Ideas posslbl —to prove the principle that everything that Is immoral la Inhuman. In the condition of America at ibis hour,prayer has become'puht. it is relieved of Its has no foreign complications; It piooosca to do debt to all classes of its people, and to make It possible that the American ciUacn shall be a true manof the world. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Offences Against tlie United States— Robbini? the Mails—Judgments —•New Snits—Divorce# The Circuit Conrt of the United Slates Is en gaged In the trill of the criminal cases presented bylhelastandfoimer grand juries. Jerome N. Carpenter was arrested a year since last Christ* mas, on a charge of taking from the Chicago Post Office a mall package containing a silver napkin ring, valued at $3.50, wnicb Mr. I. Stamtt mailed to J. C. Buchanan, of New Leonards. The ac* cased had been, during two years, employed in the Post Office. He was tried and found guilty. The loueel penally of the oflence Is ten years In the penitentiary. The Conrt is at present engaged in the (rial ot Ih c case of the United Stales against Albert Mcholson.a cigar mannfaclnrerat N 0.9.8 Division street. He la charged with using a fraudulent stencil plsrc lor the stamping of clears. 1c the Circuit Conrt Inc case of Maria Jewell, administratrix, against the Illinois Central Rail road Company, mentioned on Thursday, was given to the birr, and a verdict of guilty was re tained. the damage being assessed at {4,400. A motion In arrest of Judgment, and for a new trial' was made. The following cases were dismissed: Ran vs. Klrchofl. Kirchofl vs. Bun. Fcrver vs. Cross et al. McCarty vs. cansl boat “Sam Vial.” Pan! Cornell confessed, lu open Court, judg ment in favor ot Noah Bancs for f 1,700.71). hi the cased Maty Britton, administratrix of John Britton, deceased, against too City of Col* cago, commenced during November last, the city defaulted. slid the Court assessed the damages at The claim In this case was to recover for the death of the late hosband,who in August last, whl’c driving on Wells street, was thrown from bis wagon and killed, the wheel of his vehicle having tun into a bole, it la but Justice to the civic authorities to say that their default was taken while the legal officers of the city were en gaged in another Conrt trying a case. Mephen fi. Bnfium confessed Judgment in favor of Daniel McDongal) & Co. for {lUl.Co. The Park City Watch Company brought as* against Albert L. Hal), alleging damages A bill for divorce was filed by Elisabeth A. f secy, who asks to be relieved from Ihc duties of a wile as regarding Griffin 8. Lacey. She fc*b op a msntage at Springfield, Bradford County, Peon., April S 9, I&GS. aud a separation on the 31st ln*L. Hu ir Issue bring a male child. She charges his adultery April fo, 1801. with one Mrs: >l, D. Rob son, then a risident of this city, and piece that time with women to her unknown. She asks the custody of her pon. In the common law branch of the Superior Court (lluu. J. E, Gary presiding) the aeieton wae mainly taken up by Jury mate. Tlio ca*o of William i». Wallare against K. D. Raymond A Co was given to the Jury. This la an action of assumpsit to recover #1,400.10. alleged iota on a putchavc and ahipuiout ol heme and abouldore. A new trial was denied in the caae of (be town ot Northflold against Atonxo Hawks, Ulram bnow and Henry Russilt. Thle waaan action on the care submitted to the conn in which Judgment was rendered agaiusttbo defendants for #SO. A Jury Is now smius In the cape of Georce Mil* lor ami another again*! Ihc city. ThSa pull, bronchi September, IWJ, U to recover for Uio alleged loaaol a burro, injured and subsequcu'ly dying, by ifiaon ot tearing Us hoof and loot by caictnng Uie loot in the track of (he railway* on Van llurco pireet. Thu defence la the absence ot negligence, and the good condition of the road* way. The Chancery branch of tula court, presided over by Judge Jameson. waa almoat inactive after ihc pressure of the (mat two week*. In the par* tinon cate of Huntington agaioat Thompson and oiliera, nn order or reformce waa made. The property afiocUd by thla caae la the eaat half of tie pomnwcft quarter of section 80. township B*J, north of range 13 east, ana the partition la to pro* cure an nnumdrd fourth part. An error ocenrred in onr statement yesterday of the decree In (hie branch of the court In the caae of Underwood va. UpplncotU The property waa ordered to be told, only on the contingency that the amount of the decree, #15,119.82, waa not paid within ten days. An action on the caae in which the damage ia laid at #lo,uou, by John Skeeron, against John J. Schwarz, August Bauer aud Charles Dayleln. The yradpe only in this cave ia filed, but it la nn* demood to arise from (he catastrophe of a tew mouths since, when schwtra’s bnildlng leiU to the damage or property and loss of life, on State tired, above Madison. The care of Hucb Martin against Martin O. Walker and Guy B. Cutting, which waa an action lor malicious prosecution, commenced In the Cir cuit court of tots county, naajnsttermtuatsd after a trial of fifteen dava. The xeuue of the caae was changed on the petition of the defendant to Will Comity, and ou the 7ih instant the Jury found a verdict (or the plaintiff, and assessed the damages at twenty thousand dollars. The suit grew out of nn arrest of the plaintiff by dalendauta on the lOtir day oflstl Marco on a charge of larceny of coal. Ihc complaint was made before Justice D’WoJf, who held the plaintiff for trial at the Recorder's Court. The plaintiff waa committed to Jail, and aflerntoedayaimDrisonmerit waa discharged on hot*as eorpvt by Jodge WLllama. whereupon this suit was brought. Jcfan Snpule. indicted forian attempt to murder Jerry Walsh, the man who slew Collins, and who serred bla team in the Penitentiary for the offence, pleaded not guilty, and gave bail tor S3OO until nest tens; Leonard Rothgarber being the bailor. WMHINOTONUN HOME. Third Annual Mootlng-Ktports, Eltc tionoromoen.&e. Ad adjourned meeting from the third annual gathering of the Board of Director* of the Wash logtoutn Borne *u held last evening at the Beane on Weal Madison afreet. Tbe President of the Board, O. J. Huli. Esq., in the chair. The minutes of the Uat meeting wen read and approved. The following Members of the Ladies* CbmmiU tee wero present: Krs. J. a BrndwelLMra. W a Smith, Hr*. C. W. Sanford, Mr*. W. a A. Foreyth and km. a. Q. CieSiSf. Directors present: Boa 8. a OooUna. wn Welle, P. Bath war, J. I. Drake. Aaßonrb'’ o C. Oibba, J. 8. McJnlvro, Dr, i), a Colton A O* v^i>?F iV* 1 * 004 ’“• °- £ £iiS; Hie report, of the nrioor offleerj or the Bond came next tn order. -**wanx omUlI,! '“4w From twenty to thirty ~ From thirty to fbrty ***’H From forty to dfty *2 From fifty to sixty ? From sixty to eevent j i Total TT OccupaUous—Clerks, 8; Himor*'dVaW* 2- agent,!: soldiers, 9; druggists. $; canvasser 1 ; plumber, 1 ; laborer, l; clergymaii, uj* dS l; policeman, 1; sailor, 1; carpenters! 2: nhvlil alao,]; grocer, 1; Elaaeblower, 1; arehltref i> flour broker, 1; editor. 1; printers, 3; cigar ma kers, 2; tailor, 1; merebams, 2 ; lawyer,!; book bSESji; 1; stock During fte yenr, two patients, Mr. O. Poster and Wm- iJcCcrdT, have died at the Home, and at the City Hospital. Incre have been but three coses of contracted dlscaee during the year. mrHCtCQ The report of the ExecuUre Coramltloo was then presented. Jl stated that their flnrt object was the procurement of funds for defraying the occeA«flfj ejrprbies or tneineututiCH, Md for the cancelling of Indebtedness already Incurred With co endowments and no appropriations from State or municipal Governments, the only re sources wrre the receipts from the board of the Inmates and voluntary donations. The Commit tee Uien recited the reports of tbe officers, and stated atsome length the prospects of the Home for In coming year. They also claimed that no insufntlonof the kind could be lomr sustained in efficient action without some fixed aod reliable reveone for its pecuniary support, aod the ex perience of the past two yean has only confirmed the position taken. Tbe committee suggested four methods of lalnng funds: First,by filin'’the rate of board for the inmates at such a figure as would meet the expenses. Second, by ohiatolne subscriptions, legacies,&c. Third, by proctirlnean’ appropriation from the Stale or City Governments. Fourth, by obtaining from tbe Slate Legislature a Uw requiring a certain per cent of all revenue de rived from tbe licenses tor the sale of luloxicailnir drinks in the city and county. fa Tbe committee called tbe attention of the Board to the necessity of providing some suitable occu pation for tbe inmates. The treasurer's report was presented, giving the following lootings: Hccelptfl for Treasurer and Snp't. $0,110.78 Am’tofdlshurflementsfor Snp't 5,W1.13 Balance *273 C 5 It wan also Mated that thero ta etlll a payment due on the real estate of the Home amounting, principal and Interest, to $1,168.03, ® The Secretary reported the amount of board duc br iEinalea to September let, IMi.pcr report of J. B. lower, Sop’t, C2,6<H.49 Amount beld as good 1,433.41 Balance .f 1,433.33 Board due from September Ist, I*Bl to September Ctb. 18C7 « 457 m Good of above amount 373.00 The Superintendent of the Borne, Ur. R. A. presented his annual report, in which he cited the Improvement! made In the building dor* log ibe past year: also, bo in part repeated many ot the frets found In the above reports. He also cave an account of the method of gorerolug (tie Home, the tientmcnt of those affected with dis ease and the wants of the occupants. He alsO re* turned thanks to tbo Press, the ©Ulcers of the Yoon? Men a Christian Association and fro Mends of 'he Hume, for UioUftid attention shown the offi cer- of the Institution. A week-day and Sabbath pi oyer meeting has been corned ou to a satisfac tory result, The Superintendent gave a lengthy account of the radons men brought to the Home. Their average lime of treatment was Ofly-one days each. lie speaks much of tbo popularity ol the Homo throughout tbo Northwest, nod closed with rrtiirnlrc his thanks to the Directors and ©Ulcers of the Homo. IbcKvcretary read a loiter from U. F. Jacobs, Leq, resigning bts position as ono oftho Directors of tho Homo, because of the pressing claims made ou bis time. Uu motion the rcsiguntlun was ac cepted. On molloo Messrs. Bourn, Drake and Wells wore mipotutea n committee lumako nominations for ofllcerp to sene during the ensuing year. O. c. Gibbs, Kstp, moved Hint when tbo Hoard adjourn It adjourn to meet at some time near tbo atljourmncM o! tbo teglslahire. The following oUlcars were reported by the Nominating Committee, who wore unanimously elected I * I’reeldctil—rhnrlcs »T. Hull, K«q. ' ‘ . Vice l’rc*ldoiils-.linl«e (1. Gondrlcli, Ilou. J. Y. Hcnmmon, and Mnlbew Ijsilln. Usu. Hecrciary—Homy o, Moruy. Ttrastirpr—Dp. T, D. Filch. . I'xcruilvc Commliioo-Dp. N. ti. Davis, F. llailuvay.Utm. H. u. GooUlua, A. U. Warner, mid r, J. Hull, Ksij, OittnoiHm.arraoluKon of ibankawaa oninnrt* id to Dp, *J. 1), Midi, fur Hie vOlclctit nitniirr In "l.lcli bn had poifoimod Ills duties during dm |ia«l year. m On motion, O. N. Holden, Ksq., was anpolntud In fill dm vacancy In (hn Hoard of Directum, c.uu cd by (be inblgimtlon of Mr. Jacobs. .W 0 following ladies wore appointed on the 1 Julies' Loimniiteo for the next year: Mru. W. l\, Bmlib, Mrs. W. A. Hodgson, Mrs. h. H. Covvdry, Hon. Mrs. J. H, Broad well, Mrs. c, W. Hanford, Mr«. O. O. Glhbs/.Alra. H. Q. c'hm land. Mrs. K. A. Forayih, Mrs. B. U. Miller, Mrs. W. Brooks. Mra. A. o. Lewis, Mrs. C. II; Brack oil Mrs. 0. N. Holden, Mrs. U. C. Morey, and Mrs. J. 8. Harvey. Un motion, adjourned subject to the call of the President. MURDER IN BUREAU COUNTY. A Woman Shot bj ber Hnsbaml-—Jeal ousy tbo Undoubted Cause* Ibe village of LaMoille, about four miles from PiincetOD, Bureau County, was thrown Into a state ol vu-icnt excitement on Monday evening last, by the perpetration of a murder of the most heartless and unnatural character. A man earned Card who has been for some time a resident of La- Moille, deliberately shot his wife, a young woman of seventeen. The circumstances under which tbe deed was commuted, showing a degree of cold blooded atrocity scarcely paralleled in the annals of crime, seem to have awakened a perfect storm of indig nation against the murderer. There was no prov ocation, and even the ever ready pica of tempo tary mental derangement la not urged in czeaso of the assassin. Ue appears to have oeen actuated simply by a desire to get rid of his wife, and a scheme was deliberately planned in his mind which bo boldly carried into effect. Card la about thirty-seven years of ago. Hl9 earlier occupation la not knoun*. hut be seems to bare devoted a considerable coition of bis time recently to limiting game. Some time last spring he was married to Kate Schumacher, a young lodyot Chicago, whose thro: brothers are now re siding in Ibis city. They had not been wedded many weeks when domestic troubles arose, for « hten various causes have been assigned, others that prime mover ot all marls! infellciaej; jealousy. The Bcl-htora allege that Card has conducJ.ti Limselt in an extremely harsh and bru tal manner toward bis young wife, threatening to beat her, and freqneniy carrying his threats Into execution On more than one occasion he was heard to threaten her with death. About two weeks ego M'S. Card cams to Chi cago on a visit to her brothers. reside some wht re on Clark street, tier husband having grant ed her leave of absence for six days. While here she wrote to him nrce or twice, sod In her last letter she stated that at ihe earnest solicitation of her friends she had agreed to remain away a day looser than she at first intended, not supposing R would make any dwtacnce to him. On reluming to Lailollle, she found her husband in violent iU-tcmpcr at her delay. De seized a shot gnn which be was in the habit of carrying, and threatened to kill her on the spot. On second thoughts, however, he re trained from doing it just then, and, putting down the gnn, ho beat her. A day or two after this oc currence Card told bis wife (hrycnnld not live together any longer, and thought they had heller ‘ejaralc at once. A paper was drawn op and both of them signed It, Card being, to all appear ance, contented with his bargain. After be bad obtained her signature to the document ho in taliped her that be was going to Chicago with (he intention of killing her brothers. At the same time he once more threatened to murder her. The In] mod wife put on her clothes, paokod up her trunks, and prepared to go to the depot at ArltLgion. The husband made no remark, but, taking up hts gun, left the bouse before her. She proceeded in the direction of the depot, aod. while crossing the street, she saw her husband etaudlrg behind tbe fence with the shot-gun ouhta shoulder. A* she passed near him bo lamped over the fence, leaving Us gnn behind him, and came toward her, saving, “Kate, yon bad better come home again and settle with roe.” Shemado no reply tanner than that she was going to Chi cago. Whereupon Card ran back to the fence, picked up his gnu and coming toward her, pre sented tbe muzzle of the piece right nt her breast. When within four paces of her he fired. The con tents of one barrel penetrated the right breast of the unfortunate victim, who fell upon her knees and implored him to desist. Regardless ot ber supplications, tbe monster merely advanced a taw paces, and polling the muzzle of tbosecond barrel close to ber neck, fired again. This time the shot entered tbe upper portion of the breast, penetrat ing the lungs, and death immediately ensued. Ibe murderer stood for a moment regarding coldly the lifeless form of his victim as she lay bleeding op tbe ground, and then tarred to run away. But a number of citizens whom the reports of the gun had drawn to tbe spot. Immediately laid hands upon him and bo was conveyed 10 Princeton Jail. & coroner's in quest was held upon the body of the murdered woman, and (he Jury returned a verdict that she came to ber death by the hand of her husband. Blnco tbe above was put tn type, another report has reached us differing from U in many respects. It states that Mrs. Card went to a bail on tbe night In question, tbe homicide occurring much laler than before stated; that her husband went to the Slice and catling her (0 tbe door, asked her to go omc with him. which she refused to do, and he then shot her at the entrance ol tbe ball room. The second report »ays nothlngof previous dis agreement Lot speaks of Mr. Cord as being an un offending man and universally respected In tbe community where be has Iked, lie is an English man by birth, but has resided In this country a good many years and has acquired considerable celebrity as a sportsman. Tbo report slates that tbo prisoner baa manifested no contrition for the act, bnt on the contrary, tats seemed to desire to suffer the extreme penalty of the law, and has expressed the

wish that 'boro would be no trial, and that* tf found eullty, there will be uo application tar a pardon, lie slid he loved bis wife, and does not caro tn live after her, and ho seems as If he thought himself to have been Justified In putting an etid to her existence. Wo make no attempt to reconcile the two statements, which are. in many respects, In diametrical opposition to each other. LOCAL MATTERS. iTlaradon’aTVctoral Balm for all Dlt* caics of the I.ucgr. Iflrlralfr’a Great IClienmatlo Remedy la the only euro euro lor rhenmailam ever known, and It la as wonderful In Ita nature aa certain to !ta effects. Slitrt*. Whirls, Sblru* The Ram Brown ablrt made to order, all qualities and price#. Six good ebirta for 931. Shown ft Spt ton, 84 and b« Siate-at. ltd. I Scratch 11 Bord’ii ITlcdlcatcd Cream cure# llcb, acia'ches, and all akin diseases. It la neat, pleasant* aromatic, safe and certain specially adapted to children. Sold by all drug gieta. Hair Pmalnc tnthont a particle of grease. “ Glyceria” restores the hafr, communi cates a delicious cooling sensation to tbc scalp, cleanses it from dandruff, and Is absolutely free from grease, so as not to soil the finest fab rlc. Caswell, Mack & Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. Our Infant bas been broright safely tbrongb the critical period of teething by the sole aid of Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup. Wc ad vice all parents to procure It.-—Mississippi Sap- It corrects acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic, rccnl-tce tbc bouels, and. by giving rest and health to the child, comforts the mother. A Hare Pile care.—Dr. Gilbert's Pile Instrument positively cures the worst casoe of plica. Bent t>y mall on receipt of £4. Circulars tree. Sold by druggists. AgenU wanted every, where. Address J. B. BomaoE, Manager, No; 575 Broadway, New York. r MARKETS BY TEIEBRAPH. BcwYoric Plataoul Nam* *Jaw Toss, January R Market steady at 607 per cent lor noli ia«n«, hvS?BI««SSx»X- Hrtißi immt . 'oomnnit 00 vmmimt Stock* dud and LATEST. Koasr. Odd steady at ui*. OotD * Government s dqnF w^**Mitkaia ’ h«Tr MO le,S? c * UMU ‘ * I ° OT Ohiooerta...... 93 q ik v Ml/A „ «i»3f iHtabMimUV.fn a V.'.\ wa7ce « hca^Samwer'' rEfSS; - *UM |La crosae «SiH < nni' * ■s®|QaarU BIU- 360 XbeFrounce markets. MILWAUKEE. CSpeclal Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] _ January 24. Flour—pall, and nominally iu@2or lower on spring grades. Bales at UOJOaia.73 &r rood city doable fl)r country brands. 19.50q9.00 tor extra common to choice ,«^? t " I)ecUa * da ® 4c * •» morning’ board sales ol 19.COOhu; at noon board sates ol 13,500 boahels at «I .»J<BL96# for No. 2la store; f 1.93 for do In dock; ’ ,eller |156, seller aUweek; * w tblfl T’ ; 8L74 lor No. Sln store; has for rejected. Oats—Dull and lower; 47c for No. 1; 42c tor No. 2. Corn—Unchanged and quiet. Byo-SoW at »c. Provisions—Dull and lower; <19.00 for clear pork; |I3.CO®J643Jf for mess pork. Prime mess pork aoml nal at <1645; and extra prime mess <1345, bat no demand. Pickled hams dull at 0*®10c: salted shoul ders at 7Xc boxed. Prime lard dull at 13c. Dreutd Hoga-Doli at |640®7X0. Receipts—4oo brls Hour, 80.000 bu wheat, 5,100 bu oat*. 900 bn corn, V»0 bn rye, dressed hogs. Bhlpments—l,79o hrls flour, 1,300 ha wheat, NEW YORK. Cotton—Unchanged. J antla, T2l. ‘ 1111(1 tO@Jsc l-wer, chiefly on medium and high cranes. Sales were: 4.900 brls suoerflue Stole, at WAD«ii.4O; extra Western, at liWOaiiAO; choice, <11.90)313 60: rcuud hoop Ohio, |UMaIJ4O tr “ l ' tVhfrkey—Nomina). Wbeat—Noreceipts. Marketdull andlower. Sales were: C,OOO bu No. 3 Chicago sorinc. at ft34S* white Mlcbigsn, 13.C5ft3.10. V h * ' Kve—Quiet. arrive with buyers. Sales were; 26. KC bo Canada West in bond, at 9Jc; free, <1.19. Oort—Receipts, 4.800 bn. Market dull and decltn- Inc. Ealca were t ttt.OW bu mixed Western, afloat, at <1.18: do In store nominal, at 81.16. oats-Duli and heavy. Receipts, 4,060 bo. Western Groc*ertc»— Quiet and Arm. • petroleum—Firmer; islet of 500 brls crude at 30Vc tor refined, and bond’d at s^3lc. Pork—Hie pore marcet ti dull and tower: sales of 3,450 brlsat<W.ooM4foAS for new mess, closing at <iO.C3 tor Western; |19,1?w 19 37 for old mess.closlac at <19.25 ca»b; 51f1.7V417.uu f>r prime, and |2o.ootor prime mess: also 1.700 brls new mess at <20.63931.50, seller and huj • cr February and March. Reef—Dull; tales orssO hrlt at prevtout pricet. Href llama—Steady ;aolcs of uiO brls at t33.00Q33fi): • aie*ot »00 trea prime turet beef on private terms. Baron—yulet; sties of 3400 boxes at tt)H(S|iOKC lor Curaoerland cut, and l!,c tor short ribbed. Cut Meats— uucLanged nod steady: sales of 175 Ikes. lireWd IlORt-FTrmer at SKftSNc for Westerns choice do 6.HC; ami 9K<A9Kc tar city. Lord—Henry ; sales of 178 brls at ISdltjkC lor old, •ml new at 12*«13,Wc. BuUer-SUady&iVGc. Cheese—Quiet at I3£l9.tfe. ST. LOUIS. Sr. Louts, January 34. gotten—Doll, with small salea cf middling at F’lcnr—lnactive atd In favor of buyers. Salsa of super at $8.50410.00; extra, f 10.5*311,00 ; XX, 513.0 J w i:i.73. heat—Heavy • buyers bnhllncoft. Sales ol prime rprluK at 11.03 prime tell at fI.IVAa.B3. Coni—llieher, at KWac. Oats—Flrtntr. at CidOc. standing otr. Nothin* done yer tcriUy. I’rtcc* could not bo rcallrpd. Hoc*—Dwpatebvs from abroad caused a decline. l*rl ecs iptncd ai lß.wwo.ivs, and closed at so.siao,W. CINCINNATI. . .. CurnirkATt. January 21. Flour—Unchanged. Not much done. Wheat—Hull, but holders contended lor full prices. No. 1 at S2JB, and (JAfllor spring mid winter. Corn—Him, but no lower : ear at Bsc s shelled at file. Gate-Dull. Price* 148 c lower—at close No. 1 not satnbic at tidier limn &tv. toiion—Held at fli< for middling, but these rate* are nominal. NoUiuigdoue. VihUkrt—Dull, at T< in bond. HoBB-HnU. and muntnally 85c lower. At close they were ollrrrd at 17.0ai.6*'. Itocetpls 4.M0. . Messl'nrk—Hull,anil Wo lower at einaot be«l Hty trend* oltncd this p. in. at |7OJO; but was blit otter ina’ie. Hulk Monts— Dull, and prims drooping, Sbouldotl st lye i shirs attf.'ip, and ham* at lovio. tirmn M-on-Hull aid mwer. tllieulitsrs atflWct slils* at v<<r. and hnm* at lose. l.aM-Hiill i at u-tUQ. (ho latter rate askM. There was sou p tlnnnmt at lie. mroM-Mimilitsrs so'd on spit at He parkml, and are dull i clear sldtw hi uo>hl dciimud, auu aohl twit wrek's delivery at I'jui.»llc. augar at H.Vusllci ootfee 93iA Eirlianjo-Hteady at previous rates. NEW OW.P.ANB, . NawOn>,»awa. January at, I'otbin-Knrhangad i taint of 8.000 Pale* low mul dung at nte i luldiillng at Wo i im-elpts, 8,000 halos i y*poM»,» J oiVlwUe*, hnsar-lii good drmand at 13X(Al9c. Mplsatsa—Active | sales of fair at eifli prime to choice nt Fluur-yulu; sales of super at ti3.00£13.23 \ extra attlß.Uai3M, Corn—Tlulet at f I.W V<#lAo. onis-hlearty atosawc. ' Hay—At f»00, Pork—Dull »nu lower at*3o.oo. Bacon—Scarce; aalea of shoo Men at 17e; clear sides elite. Ijird—ln fklr demandat ISNGHOfc. Whiskey—Uorbaaeed. Tobacco— Unchanged. Odd—At istjk: lUaksterllDgat H& New Totk Eichange-Aisaii discount. MEMPHIS. „ _ Mastrma, Jinnary 34. Cotton—Dull; sales at SoQ3otfc. rocelpu, 1,131 bales j exports, 8.086 bales. .»-*-** Flour—Sales at from 510.00316A0. Corn—Dull; salea atfUdaUß, Oats—Hales at 80c. Ua>—Firm ; sal-s at*36.00. Drtsscd Hogs—Higher: tales at 10413 c. Bulk Meata—&al-s at 13GV15C. hlcss PorK—Scaroe and Arm at *«6.Cd33LSO. Lard-btcady at HSISC. [PHILADELPHIA. Pitmanstrau, January 34. Floor—Dull; Korthweiterv, *l|Atvai3-03. wheat—Quite scarce at *3.1043£3R>r red, and 8,40 for white. Corn—Doll and depressed; new yellow, 97c4*1.00. Oats—Dnil at 57c. Provision*—Generally firm. Moss pork, |ZLOO4k2J2S. Bed, fSOXO®B3.OO Lard,l3NC. BALTIMORE. BaLTnioas, January 34. Floor—Doll. Western, low cmde«,23c decline. Wheat—Sales of Southern rod at *3.73a:t.00. Cora—Faster. Sales were: White, |Wtt3l.o3j<; yel low, 98r«>1.00. 4 Flaxseed—Sales at |2,5045.(>0; clover $8.73(39.00. O&u—Sole* atsSc. Whisker—Unchanged. BUFFALO. UnrraLO, Jatnary 31. Flour-Demand moderate. Market steady. Mo. 1 spring. *U 75. Wheat—Nothing doing. Com—steady. Sales ol No. 1 at 93cdf 1.00. and old atSSS9Oc. Oats—Firm at 53AS3C. Barter—Firm. Poor rowed Canada, fI.QO dsliv ered. Kye—Nominal at *I.OO. Peas—stead-', sales at sl.lO. provisions—Hearr. Mess pork nominal at $30,503 21.00 Smrkcd bams steady. Sales at liyc. Lard quiet. Sabs at 13c. , .. Dressed Hogs—Market qnlet acd firm. Sales at $9 JW <g8.50. Whiskey—Finn at $2.39. New York Provision NlarkcL [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yoax. January 21. Fork—s3OAo at the close.asd dull. Cut Meats—Dtr salted shoulders to arrive, at 9c; do bams, uc, with sales. NewYorkCroeeir market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nxw Tons. January Si. Coffee—Rio active, at soj/oS3)fc. Sugar—Firm. Fair to prime Grocery, 10.VSll.Hc. Molasses—Firmer. N ew Orleans, 73&94C. New York Breadatafii market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l Nrw Tons, January 31. Flour—Some shipping orders appearing In the market. Steadied at the close, especially for extra State. Wheat—More Inquiry from the South. Com—With improved shipping protpccts, closed Aim. Oats—Mach wanted. NcwTork Live Stock market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbore.l Nxw Toes, January Si. Beef Cattle—Receipts for two days, Market dull, with » car-loads expected to-morrow. Good to prune Western steers, XSQKc. hbcep-Tdefcc-closlDß heavy. Hog*—Non Inal, at 7XO7,Hc. [Associated Press Report.] Nxw Tone, January 34. Peeves—Tnchaoced, with tight stock, tbc-p—Firm at liasc for fair to prime. Swine—Doll at late rates. Foreign Freight** (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trthune.l Nrw tort. January 3 L Freights—Dy steamer to Liverpool* SOJCO Du corn, it6d. _ Albany l.lrc Stock market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Albajtt. January 31. Tbe cattle market opened with about 4,000 cattle on •ale. nearly t.WOof which wtic held over trom last week. The demand continues comparatively light and prices are lower—good heavy Illinois bringing only 6*»B<c. Uogs—Are felling al dHGtfKc for Western and State. Near York Dry Good* Market* Nxw Teas, January 31. Dry Goods-More Inquiry for staple stylra. Cotloa Goods—steady, but trade generally loanl- Woollena-But Utile doing. Prices IQ All IIIKD, At the rvsldnieeoi the bride** father, nn the Iter. l». Patterson. Mr. UOHEItr DONALDbON and Mite RACHEL UaOKK. bntt> of this rllT. gpr ZF'f iiOaio and Lockport papers piensocopy. In Ihl* City. Jan 90th. by the Rev. Dr. (Jr*h*m. pas tar of the Free Will Baptist Church. Mr. qvnuuß 1.. SRAVEV.of Chicago, and MUs M. A. MILBV, ol Uos> ton. DIN |» In this city, of diabetes, on the 9Gb tnst., EDWARD CltAhK, only child 01 Dr. J. H. and Mrs, M. C. Jewel), aged 1 year, a months and 15 days. in thu eiiy, JAn. sm, alter a iineorlnr njneu, MfTI- T 1 AM., vile of w, li. Rattan. formerly of cowan*- nilM'. K.< attd 9H year* and 1 month*. tJrMontrtaJ paptm pl«a*ecopy. Ir. thu city. on the9tthiu*u oiicarlet frver, BAUATI HRIiILLA DAUOY. aged l year*, 4 months and a dart, Funeral at the residence ofher parent*, No. lO South Jefi«r*on-si-. at 11 o'clock a. m . tbla day. The trirnda of the tamlty are invited to attend without further no tice. At Bloom. Cook Co., 111., on the IStk init- of con* snmpttan, MARY MItLAR, aged S 3 year*, (laughter of tvtlllam and laahelJ* M.liar. of the aame place. personal. PERSONAL —Vounu men in Ihe city or country who are out H employment will learn something to their advantage hr calU-igouorad dressing .1. K. SHAW ft CO., 186 Catcago. T>BKSONAL—The Key. 8. Russell L Jones, cf Chicago, will please can or send Ms ad dress to Tribune offlee. TiERbONAL—WiII the young lady who X. was walking through the P. 0. yesterday at 10 a. n. with an elderly lacy, ana looked around twice at naewMlewaiting at the winnow formy map, please tend metier P. O. address. “MCW,” Box *4(140. PERSONAL— Will Mr. Fargo, irom •Wiacomln, please can at 133 Clark it, Room 7. a«HantcU=lxEal Estate. X\T ANTED—Any one possessing one VV or two nice comfortable two-atory houses, pleasantly ritnat«j.wltb good lots. and 'desirous ot disposing of them on easy terms, say in monthly p »y --menu. will please address P.0.80x AMO. giving particulars. _ Pianos. TTOR SALE—Piano, nearly new, in r good order, tor fJB; our for wa. and one for ai49. Pianos ard Uelodeou to rent, at 170 Madison- U WILCftfiPBB. business Ctianees. F'OK SALE—DaiJv Newspaper—One oi tte proprietors of a Republican daily newspaper •ttaatsdtna thriving town of twenty-two thnoaand Inhabitants. oesires to MU his interret, which i« » controllin* one, la conwqurece ofoUier doilumi *O. cagemenla. Tbe paper hu a binder/and Job oOloe con nected wUb It, and ail departments are paying well. Daily circulation over I^o)—Weekly orer iooo. Ad- Qreea**JPJ, *Tnbnne office. T?OR SALE—At Minonk, Hi, a good A ; store aod stock of hardware, with Uo-atnp at. tawed. Apply soon. Tee above establishment ti u ACMsIfAMBDS ““ " d °’ MX * « OWI I? OK SALE—AJUImery stock. An old .1 eaUblUhfd boose, with large trade. Population >«.?ce, Thu ts a chance seldom round. Address £L W, Chicago, or J. N. AVERT, l?OR SALE—Lease, stock and fixtures A of a meat and vegetable market for sale. Bent « ««oos tor telling. GEORGE P. WEIGHT, aU mate-st. I7OR SALE “The Forest Valley "Works, I Saginaw city, Mich., consisting oflwo salt block*, and saw n 111 of large capacity, with ten acres af land, nawen? Mich* 1 * AddreM "• S * LOCKWOOD, Sagl- F)R SALE—One-third interest in a rood paying manufacturing business. Profit2s Ser cent on all capital reaulred, inquire at So. MS cCerson-st, between Randolph an? Lake, trom 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. *I?OR SALE —At a discount—slo,ooo J, wortholboots and shoes, la store on Latent., au choice, staple ecods, selected from a stock ol ttO.coJ and Just adapted to tbe early spring trade. A bargain BtodolpSet! 11 * Appl *’ t °B. H. TOWNS, 30 West' SALE—For 10 days I will offer • the northeast corner of JackMD and Morgan-ets -100 •£?* £P Morcan by 125 00 Jaesson, tor #*s per toat, n*ts.,soo. Apply at desk. 177 Lake-s*. v s F!)R SALE—One-ball Interest in an old-c*tab labed house, dolry boricess on Lvke-st. capital required from <13.000 to 115.090. One partner retiring on account ot sickness. Address “A B,” rn bone office. )R SALE—The entire fixtures of the Theatre known as (he Academy of Mualc. situ ated on Waahington-st- near Cl*rk-»u, being tbe cue tormerly occupied by Arhagtou, Leon A Kelly’s Mlrstrels. consisting of lull scenery, seats, cosaions. lights and galleries adapted to a good theatre. Will sell low. apply to ttm. h. sampsok. House and Land Agent, Boom No. 8 Metropolitan Block. XT OK SALE—Cheap —Store fixtures, X shelving, with drawers and glass cases. Apply atOXßandoiph-su T?OR SALE—A Saloon on a level with X the street, near the Post Office. Rent cheap and plenty ol business. Owlnc to totally difficulties it will be sold cheap. Call at 210 State-gu 170 R SALE—One Saloon, fix- I turfs. Ac., on Sootb Sloe, do tec a good hosiers*. This will be sold cheap lor ca»h. Good reasons for selling. Apply at Boom 4. No. 100 Msdl«on-gt. partners £2tantch. PARTNER —AVnnted—Special Partner, to investfrom <3,000 toIIO.OOO for five years, lor winch one-ihlid of the proQts of a safe bosloeis, which has been tlx vearaesiahttsuetl Ir Chtc*so.wl l bealvtn. Address ” GOOD INWESfiIE-ST," Iribnne office. CM cago. • "PARTNER —Wanted—In a wcllestab- I Ibhcd htcMocs*, with from *7,000 to *IO.OOO capital. For ;>arucnlar* Inquire o» Ji. u. UAPPI.EVE. Main* west comer ot Clatfc and Watblcgtoa-sn . Room g. PARTNER—Wanted —In a raantifoc l tnrtoe business. To a rood man, with *I.OOO ca> Hal, this li a rare chance. Apply at 231 take-tu T>AKTNEn—AVanted—Witb a capital JL of #7ooor 1600, to take an papntlotcrret In si ce taWlihed business. Apply at 193 Clarg-st., Room PARTNER—Wanted—A suitable man. L with 12,000 to t\ooo. can make a prvUsble con* nectloo in a well established auction business ihatta iafr and aure. To Icaure a reply addrc«. with rest name, AUeTIN, office Chicago Pu*t. PARTNER— Wanted—With n cash cap ital of from ft.W'O to *7,C00. to encase In lb* gro cery hmlm-ss In ■ good a'd old established location. A German preferred. For such a man a *ood rhioro Isoflcm). Call upon, or address J. HAMILTON. Central House, Itandolph-st PARTNERS—Wanted —A good bust -1 ness man. to take half a 'Merest In a good, safe and nrm aural business, that will par |soo per month. Cwpiial rsqmred. SW). Cn.t nt 210 Siate-st. gomsponbenrf Ellautcb. pORRESPONDENCE-Wanted To \ Madlr* of wll, amiability aid good sense. The ad vertiser having just arnml from a foreign rnunlrr. Iwlnrnn entire stranger, and nearly ibad with ennui, would lute to form the acquaintance ol one or more laities pcs*e«rd ot Utn above qualification*. Ohlaet— a companion to attend opera*, nail*. Umlheatre. sleigh rbl'-,A- Address, with perfect confluence, CHAS. LAFtIIK. pirate. Hox NflH. pORRE«FONDBNCE—Wnntod—Two \ } lunrreU mrn wish to rorre»pntdwith Apypnmhrr ol ynmig ladles. nhfe-ct tnntual Ini* iirovrmcnt. K,**l*. O. Uox 210. Prince* t"p. 111. amusement*. JJiSToßrti BENEFIT TO-NUHIT. lOPHt'B OI'KIIA HOU-E....DIHECTOH. J. OHAU Thl»(FlllHAl)Kvciiing, January 84, IHlNhrn ANULAHT STOUT OF MAHAMi; ADELAIDI: lUBTOUI. Monianclir* cclebraiM tragedy, a a 4 ti ma. . . Tills trnsiste has Wn received with great furore In New \Yirk, and has been selected for her re. enir-w In that «Uy in April nr*t. when aim will wake her farewell anprarasco peibre tier departure lor J’arls, where she I* to appear in ih* same great char* actrr during (ho urlver»*l kxpuslttnn. ADELAIDE UI6TOIU (a hersreat rolaof CAWM.A To-morrow (HATUKDAT) Afternoon at l o'clock. It IBTO B I MATINEE And LAST AIT’BAUANCE of the great tragedienne In htr great role of MART STUART. QOL. ffOOD’b MUSEUM. COL. J. B. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements .....F. K. AfRKN Stage Uanaxer .TUOS. BAKRY “1 hope I don't Intrude." Poole'* world-rennwnsd Comedy, with a screaming Irlib Farce. Commence Ms k rwlnroß. Thte (Friday) evening, Jon. 25th, the lamed Cnmcdr of PAUL PLY; or. | Hop* I Dok'r Isibto*. Tj con clude with the Irish Drama of Ola LAST LEGS; or. Ibj-h UnsiHux. Satnroayanctnoon, Grand Matlnso—PAUL PRY, Monday—PEEP O’ DAY. THE DCGDENOT C SPTAIN Is In rehearsal. jyfc VICKEIt’b THEATRE. McVICKER A MTEUS MANAGERS. FBlDAT—ltenrtit ol the great tragedian Mr. CQAKIJSS DILLON. By request be will appeal In his celebrated character «r bsh oztiES ovsaasAca In the crest playcf A NEW WAV TO PAY OVD DEBTS. Saturday Grand Matin-e—‘- Macbeth.” la rehearsal, “Bclphegor, tbe Mountebank,” and Lord Pyre n*a Tragedy oi *« Werner.” MATINEE —Mury Stuart. SATURDAY AFTERNOON. January 25. At 1 o'clock, (doors open at 13X>) LAST APPEARANCE OF ADELAIDE BISTOBI, Id her great role of fit All Y STUART. Admifsiok—Reserved seats, *3.50. Bests In Boxes, f 3. General admission, J 1.50. Family Circe, 7S cen4. K7*Mme. Bistort will appear last. Louis on Monday next HALL. ** BRANCH OF THE New York Museum of Anatomy, WITKOWBK.T HALL, 196 Clark-st, comer of Monroe. This Important and hlehir la«trnetivp Mnsotxm con tains WON ORBS OF CREATION from the first month. Miniature Wonders of the World, as alto Beauties cf Osteology, Myology, Dermatolosry, And In fine every department ct Medics' Science. Tbe Student, the Fhyilcian. the Naturalist, the Man of Hoslness, the man of Leisure, might essay in vain where they coold spend a more promote tour, fip-n tar f entiemen only trom 9 a. m. mi 10 p. m. Admission 50 cents. “yARIETT THEATRE. ** GHBAT ATTHAOTXON- Appesrarance of the Queen of Soar. NELLIE TAYLOR. TANKER MILLER. FERNANDO FLEURT, FRANK WOOD, ANNIE GIBBONS, And the great Star Company. In rehearsal, and will soon be produced, Hell Upon Earth, or. The Devil and His THE CHICAGO TUUN-GEMEIN’DB reatwcuolly announce to their friends and pa trons that their GRAND MASQUERADE WI.I come off On 310NDAT, February 4* At their ipacloua hall on North Clark-«l., above Chi cago av. COMMITTEE. Full Pfocrarme will be announced. N. B. Sate of reserved feats win commence Wednes day. Jan. 33d. si rO a. tn.. at the Hail. QROSBTS MCaIU HALL. OHXOAGO CALEDONIAN OX.TTB, Second Grand Annual Dali. The Cblel Chlcflal-s and Clansmen of tbo rntrago Caledonian Club respect roily announce to their fellow-cimem ol Chicago mat the SECOND GRAND AKKDAL BAIL ofthe Ctab win takcplaceat Cro»by*s Mtulc Rail on fridat evening, januart r. iss7. (Anniversary of Burns' birthday.) Mmic by Oleat Western Light Guard Band. TlckrU. ft each, admitting a gentleman aod ladles, can be Pad of any of the officers and members of tbe Club. At E. A. Renton's Music Store. UTSooth Clark »t.. and at the door of the Rail. Every preparation has been made to maketbU the great ball of the season. „„ , . . ROBERT RSBVET, Chief. Wh. M. lulx. eecmatr. Chleaao. January 7. tBS7. Ruction Sales •p ARIEL 6UOTT & CO. ACCTIOKBBUB AND COMMISSION MKHCIIANTa, 104 Lake *•!., cor. LitNnllf.C'bleiiio. C»»h »dv«nrod on Merchandise coQ«lm»cd tor ole. Oot-doot >alw protnpUr attended to. A UCTlON—Kridny, SSth Jsnu.iry.lSH7, J\ «t to a'riock •. in-, wo Are imtpucted to sell alour r«» m«, JO4 l.ako*t„ ala»gp and varied a«»orim»alof uaciui ana ornamental Ilouwhuld Aid Office FURNITURE, leclniling Parlor Rolww In Mahogany, Rosewood and Walnut tlMntnc-room Chair*. Mtcti-lou Tablet. Hiae hoaras t Bedroom MiiUm In Mahogany and ; Horn*. i-congra. !ioait* C&Atra. In Haircloth ana r.p«; once l)o»n. htool* and Coalra. Whatnot*, 1 •““* a bCoft f fco, RUCTION, Friday Jan. £5. A lot or I adle*' hat*. “latest styles,” ball and party dresses, direct from Pari*. DANIEL SCOTT ft C0 H Auctioneer*. Q.ILBERT & SAiIPaON. Elegant asaortmeut of second-band and new Furniture, Carpets, Mirrors, Sllrcr. Plated Show Cose, &c., AT AUCTION, Atonr salesroom*, 47 ard 40 Desrborn-st. on Fri day, January 9th, at 10 o’clock.coßSljdogor a large am-ottmnt ofrlch acdmedlam Chamber Suites, Parlor Suites. In balr cloth and reps, with almost every klrd or furniture fbr parlor, chamber a-d dialog room: Paricr. bedroom and stair Carpets, macue and other Mirrors; ote large Silver-plated Show Case, together with a general assortment of household goods. GiLBEBTft^AMPSON. Auctioneers. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 44 ft 46 BAKDOLPQ-MT.. Between Bcate-«t. and Wabath-ar., Bold regular sales, at their salesroom;, ot DBT 00008, CtOTOTNO. BOOTS. SHOES, *C„ Every WEDNESDAY sad THUESDAT. * FUEMTUBB, CARPETS, ftCn orery BATUBDAY. CO Keni-iaaougcg. XO RENT “Three now twoscory dve'lU g btKuet. No*. 1 38,160 *ad 10-J> Nor la no-U. Apply to OQDSnTrfUENTWOOD A CO* lill Ltk^K r PO KENT—No. 19 Cottage-place, near 1 comer of Csttige Grove-ar. and lhirty.fir*Ws'., oav doom, eight rooms, hydrantwater; h\j a oa view «T the lake and Chicago harbor. 139 per month. T. S. FITCH. Boots It, Itf? Dearborn-tt. TO RENT House on Micbiffan-av M pear Four teen th-it. Apply si 703 Mlchlgan-ar., tor psrucolan. fpO BENT Two-story brlct, nme ■E rooms, S4R Barth La Saile-rt— tarnished or unmrnlihfd, till Ist of May. laqmmoopi ,,m '**fs. T° RENT—Pleasant enttaee of sefen A. rooms. Moderate ret t sod Immediate possession 3SShJSBSSSSijSS. s ' aa ‘ '■■'Mfrw.wßwag. RENT—Two cnod two-story bouses, A on Halited and ITlnton-ste. I® per month lor two yean boys one: SCO per month for three years IlarVs® oU,er ' OEOBQB A WILLIAMS, 7 SonS T® RENT—A first-class two-story frame ,JL with buck basement. 10.1 Haron-rt« hav »v»ll modem improvements. Inquire at So. 95 ior TO RENT—A furnished house, con* talnlp* eight rooms. closest pantry, ess and water. Term*, S3O per month, aid board for a lady K? s'references required. Applyat ho. 100 North Dearborn-sh, Chicago. 1 TP RENT—A large and commodious A hense on with mrnl'ure.tiil Ist May. i K? ! & r WKirmatloa and terms, apply to W. J. BAK . >0.15 King’s Block. EoKntt—laooms. T® RENT—And fumilure lor sale T ?', c> l rl sf | J’ ;^D :Jsljl,d tooma within two nuantes' walk ol the Po*t Office, soltable tor a man and wife to or two cent* to keep **old baclu’ in—<U‘hca. cooking otenM'a. rtoTeal Ac- Sc. For TO RENT—Room suitable for one or A «»*>">“ without hoaM. In a r>rf. I'hJcago^c^ 1 fstnlly. Address **A F," box ias. TO BENT—One or four rooms in the A. r l^ n ‘^ ,o i r Xo \? o7 There is ftmu ture in them which can be purchased very cheap br tne umant, if he desires u». or will be rented onfumuhed. Apply at Boom a. 107 Stai»su T'O KENT—A suite of front rooms, and Jt„ JhxrnjiOTefsrsafeall new. Apply to Boon la Fullerton Block, between in and 13 a. m. atd2 and 4 p. tu., or address Box 2010. 4 TO RENT—Pleasant and desirable fur- M»n* d rooms; me fiont room, soluble lor gentle rcssr Appljat **®» sutfr TO BENT—Furnished front rooms, two mlndies* walk irom Post Office. References rfr paired. App.y at 02 Adams-st. r PO RENT—A furnished room. Apply X. atglgOLlo-st. AA J TO RENT—4B3 South Clark-Et.—One store and one room. Hi; two rooms and cellar. TO RENT—Two fine rooms, with tur* cltcrc fbr palp. Rent verr low. with water and cat. Apply at llooms S Md 9 South CUrk-st~ bfr lWCCn7aOdßp c. TO BENT—The first lloor ot a new house, containing leer rooms, brstds* pantry and KSaSoullSfiJfS. Apw mtt “ p,emlM ’ TO KENT—Three pleasant rooms, Rood location. Rent low. A small lot of inrnltnrr lor lJfO worth. Apply to X.H.BELFIELD A eo. t lQl*.Q. Block. r PO RENT—For lodging room, a tur -1 nisbrd froi t room. with stover flr*t floor, suitable (or one or two geoameu. Apply at ‘2O» Hil&nU-tt., near North State. gTo lacnt-gdorcs, ©fgees,&t TO KENT—Erick Store No. 276 South Water-sl. Inqulrcm the premlrcs. >. TO RENT—A fro it ofllce In Masonic Temple building, upHair*. ro»n« So. 10.onroT tii'- host aid jurat centraledicts In (he oily. Apply at ruoin 11. h? Ucarhornst. * TO RENT—Store, with fixtures and lcft»eloraalr.lnaaplemlht lotatlun. Wnih*«ol<| at A hargalo. For particulars adareai Dos OOP, LlllCßgu. RENT— and well lighted loßs I wuh PleAiii power lor leatlig and derating. JJnlmodewtc. Apply to IUVINE,,?ONHS A CO., ?H T'O KENT—Lenir lor sale—Lease o 1 tour-story and ha*nrent hrlrk store, uow oren po da« a wholesale drug store. Apply on the premises toWM. 1). HAIIHIP A CU. H 7 * rVO RENT—Olllee room on first floor »on IMVa! p® r *j ßC * Innulft'ol WM, LFTIXB A CO., 2,*l t TO 11KNT— I Tlir wcntid nml third lloora .1 «l AO UWftH. IMU-.t.ft*. UUtlUtt h 00. r PO UKNT— Front ofllcc nntl side room, ..I . p, ‘ . Mwern DMIhOfB Add Aficiy n> 3>.i Houlli C'urKut., ntmt*lr». SSilantcti—2To Ucut. "l\r ANTED—To Kent—Uv Intel Mivv, TV « Hr»i clMurotUKc, will) *H fn rigtii room*, ffM. wnior. ««•„ tiin»M>tion, op emt of npij noiOu>i unto, Any m.nbnyintt »iip|> nunnnrt * re** ijhhft " i*. «. Dpawcp Wf ANTED—'To Kent—A lumlwr yard, ,VV on Houib Bruch. with lOOio-iMf-etdack |»o*»e«|«mw»nnrtltvuior April op Ist of May. Ad dress 1».0.b0x lap. ' TXTANTED—'To Kent—Hnwll cottage, y v wad located. Hare no rhllrtwn IlentliJ to ftfcl per month. Address I‘. O. Uoi jtftiH. TX7ANTED—To Dent—-Two unfarnifh- T.f ed room*, suitable fir housekeeping, by a man and wife (no cbllrrrn), wlih n respectable family, at a rocdcralu ret t. Address “U CV TMqudu office, stating locality and terms. * IScal iEstatr-Citg. i.npuovjcD. F)R SALE—If yon-want to buy a house, rent a hcn»e, or selra house and Jot, coll at our S.®J£?; W.VJ n J? ac ' rrcn '- always circling. QEOKGK & WILLIAMS, 7 booth.Clatk-at. FOK PAT E—A desirable residence, No. !IS3 lodlana-sL, North Side, next to corner of Cass-sv. «UMn Uveralntites waikol Lakc-st. Lot 30 feet IrcnLnmnlcß back to a wide plashed alley. wUh good barn. The house has hot and cold water, bath room and water clout, up stairs. A sew Llttlcfleld tornace. parlor. sitting room, dialog room sod kltchtn on Hrst floor. Inquire at S 9 Sooth Watcr-aC t?OR SALE—House and LoX on West X Fulton-eL, near Robey—Lot 25 by TM, wita ccod frame bouse, 8 rooms—fbr sale far Qt a few days. A. J- AVBRELL, Beal Esttate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Blocs. . T?OR SAXE—Lease and furniture ola X new hotel; also one-half interest in a hotel within ore nock from Court House; store and residence above on State-st., north of Van Daren; an A No. 1 restaurant on Dearborn-si.; a UntclaH grocery on south Side; two-sicry house on North Side, with orlck cellar, clatcrr, ham, Ac.; an A No. 1 boarding house, besides other improved and unimproved property in all parts of the city. GILBERT A BENEDICT, 133 Clark-et., Rrom 7. XT OK SALE—A new two-story bouse X and lot. brick basement, is rooms, modern Im provements. on I‘eorla-su. near Van Burnt. Terms easy. Apply at 13 South Unma-at. "I7OR SALE—By Binder & Lee, Real j' Estate Agents. ». 4 Metropolitan Blocf. A new brick house and lor, with barn, on Wabash-av., nearTwcntiein-rt. Two brick houses and lots, corner of Adams and Loomls-ets,, fronting JctTcnmp-park. Store (hut realdeoca on washlngton-it., east of Union-park. F'OR SALE—A new brick bonFC ol 11 rov u s. and lot 50 feet fma*. on Mirhlgan-av.,ne sr Tw<ntv4fth St. THOMAb D. SSTDEB 4 CO,, Heal Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan P.ock. H'OR SALE—Cottage and lot on Car roil-st., near Wood, No. 619, lot 51x125 Price tl-TDO. Ret ts for #3O per month, 8.8. CHAMBERS, 17 Reynolds* Block. tNmPROTED, F'OR SALE—Valuable Clark Street Property—ll by 153 lect, to a good alley, on Clark, near Madison street. E. 11. CUMMINGS. Boom 19. No. 135 South Clark street. FOU SALE—SB feet on Michigan-av., near Eightceotb-st.: 1(0 feet os corner of Prairie and Twentr-s* cor.d-Mr M for lid,ucn, if taken this week; Mtortoo lTairle»»v..prarTwentleth-st, lI.O.CIIAU PEHS. 17 Block. Host anh jfounh. POST— $10 Reward—An &-carat Brooch, j set with red Cornelia, either in the Opera Hoa**, or in going to the comer of Wells and Madl*on-sts, The under will receive the above reward by returning the same to the Tiibnne office. IObT— On Tuesday night, in Crosby’s j Opera House, or going to corner of State-st., ran of a Chain Bracelet. Tne Under wl’lplease leave it witti Mr. WARREN,Treasurer, Opera Hoase. r OST—A larcc VV bite and Liver Setter I J Dog. Collar marked L. H. Flack. Any ore re tnrnjpg tic. to 73 East Monroe-sC will be libera ly re warded. ITOTJND—A Fan, at the Opera House, X _ Wtdn > sdav right. Inquire at lIQ Lake-st. gstragch anb Stolen. CTOEEK—SSO Kownrd—Any person O who will find, and return to the owner, * small Chased and EnatrePcd Hunting-case Ladr’s Wa'ch. acd • Hat Gold Chain with a large Gold Pin attached, win receive the above reward. Inquire at 474 ladl ata-su CTRAYED—From the corner of Halsted O *nd Meagher-*!*., one bay mate, one black mare and one email hay hone? hau on bridles and haliers The finder win be liberally rewarded oynotlfyirz the owner of their whereabouts, at the corner ol Uatstcd andkleasher-sts. T>UN AWAY*—Prom the corner ol It btate and Washlngton-sti,at UM p. tm.January 23d. a pair ol dark bay borte*, attached to » light apeo cairlase. ccnlalnlng f.neds>k tobe (wolverine), and two shawls. A liberal rea ard will be paid Ibt any infrnaatlon,orthc return oltbe property to Hid Pralrioav. iHacfilnerfi. FJU BALE—Or Trade—3 double due >2 fret. (0 Inch shell holler* ami 3 20 hone power engines, together with the work* of a Mowed Oil Mill, ami Flax Mat hlncry. all for sale, together or sop aratrif. the ea«h or dnirable Uuda. Addreis u. D. CABTLE. Bandwlch. 111. r?OU BALE—Three tMinrec power up' JT right eagtn*#; aiao all borlxottal engines, a, tC ard UMmrM power, Larger or amalirr engines fur nished with ur wUhonv holier*. 13, lb, IB and TO>hor*e tubular and locomotive boner* for *»!*, treat make. Also one i-roiier Union Matcher and Planing Mattuno. sawmill*, barrel and woodworking machinery, iron Bianrr*. belune, saws. flies. ke. Machinery Depot, 39 c»r|orn-at..Chicago. ORKKNLKK HHOfr. 4 CO, PjU s»ALE—Porinblo Engines—4, fl. 8,10. VJ, IS, *O. 25 and sr-bnrae power, new ana e*cono-hand 1 one JO and one .ti-hirae power, second" band Btatinnarr Etgir.ra and H-l'cri. fisw. mill*. Woodworth Ulanera and Matcher*. Bnlecle Mill* and Wood-worktne Machinery. Power Corn Sbeilrra, »IT all Haro Mid*. Iron FrMMni*. ribaftinr. tmiiiea and Elevator Machinery bnllt to order. IllClr AttDb’ lltON WOBRS, IDQ and IQ J WMhingtoo*at. F)U BALE—A sect-ml-hnml Buckley folding machine—in good condition. Price, ftoo. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. F3R SALE—IO.I3 and 14-horse porta ble Engine# and Boiiera-yery low, by ORIFFUi BROTHERB. 13S Boulb WaW-ax. T?OR SALE--'Portable and stationary’ 1 f engine*. 4, S.R.MVSJ.IS ard 20 horve newer; PnV sam Machine Co. Lathe*—P-nr 12 fret bed, 31 tnen: ono lSfretbed.S6lnch;onoSfbetbed, 20 Inch; one 10ftel bed. 50 Inez*; one >3 feet bed, 50 Inch i,one 6 reel o«d. is Inch: threeofeeibe'ViSlncb; three4WfeetbeJ,l( Inch swing—alt gnv cutting engta-. two onrlcbt drills; two Iron planers; two planer and matebtra; oneaoribcer. Also, all kinds of machinery, paran*. beiune and hose. C. L. BICE & CO., 19 and 31 Deaibore-rt. rpHE LAKE & EODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGHTES, Shingle Machines, coxa Mills and EhafUcg, Wocd working Machinery. L.ANK Ac BUDGET* Corner ol John and Water-ata* Cincinnati. Applicants for descriptive circulars will specify the machinery tb*y newt. cgSPeMatia Worsts, (garriaggg, T7OK BALE—A Iwn-torse hox sleigh on bobs—in good order. Inquire al WEIGHT ÜBOb, Stable, cor. North State and Eeule^ti.. a®a»t«i-jaau bwimekwh. msuira *e. \!if ANTEp—A good practical miller, take %nlniere«ln»tmnioChl. e y2l* o A rieht aump, a rsrechaaiM* en»red. For xariner particulars apply uj JLBIfBY OSBOBIC Best Estate Agent, 61 ciar/at. WJ ANTED—An active mteHieentand V w honorfboy la an lisoranee office. one who de sire* to remain permanently, and whose parent* to aide In the dry preferred, and taa*t bo well recom mended. Addrere»lnowa haadwnMßg. stating aee. residence. Ac.. M C.D;”car*Trlt)tme OSes, orerlon* to the Kth Inst* and nplii*, it nay, win be through the Post Once. TXT AIJTED—A good salesman, -with Vv credit, to take charge of* dty retail store, at Hoom4,Peperoy*sßl3ck. Soa*h Chicago. IX7 ANTED—An experienced talesman, TT of temperate habtsc Mhsfhozfnlßumessat once. A very desirable sltsatltm tod liberal fcdoce weef* glt>n to a competent ac.flnesa maa, jONBi & ORVISTNc. 1? bpeed's 8.0c5.-Chicago.. TMJ ANTED—An offlee’ boy, 11 to 18 v V years of age, active, honest,' stair penman, and of good address. The best of reference required, hone other need apply. At No. S 3 Erchaoefrpiscs. TBAJDES. \\T ANTED—A bookbinder capable of T t la Bar charge of a large blsdefy. OncTrttb some capital, who would take an interest with the present owner, who Is not a practical binder, cre icrrcd. Address '♦Advertiser.** TrlouncoCee. • \\T ANTED—A br?=s moulder and fln * J ,t?*L er TO to Peoria. A good man, edderstandf ice both branches, win and *t»ade employment and SrA&rßTwr r^? lT MANU £ACTGRIhG co n between Lake and liaQuO'ph-BU. agaantcb-jfgmate sjjip. \VT ANTED—A lady to finish photo- V V graphs^od»**Mln iberecepilonroom. Apnlv this morning to O. F. WEAVER. 157 x f »k».*t. 99 7 HOUSE 9EUVANT9. \\T ANTED—A cirl to do housework. * y Applyat 6XO TFahaah-sv. Ko Irish teed apply. '\XT ANTED—A respectable, tidy girl, Vl that can warh. Iron and cook well, can Sad a first rate pisco at 195 Oatmoat. \\r ANTED—A competent girl to do V V general housework, la a family of three. Kef erencca required. 713 Wattash-av. TA/' ANTED—A servant girl ior to do V v general housework, with good reermmenda- Mon. inquire No. 44 Borih Ciark-aU under me Be vere Bouse. \\T ANTED—A ciri to do second work J*j *nd take care of rhlldb®. Inquire at 966 X Wabath-av. One with reference preferred. ■uutplosmem agencies. 'IjITANTED—Young men in the coun . ».» try, wishing to obtain »Ucatlooi, such as book, keepers, salesmen, collector*, esor-s'rr-o, clerk*. apfly an 134 Owborn-st!. Boom S, or address M. K. JOSBd A Box 204» enclosing ten cenU. for fun particulars. T\TAifT£D-3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 T * collictor. 3 bPMem-n, 3 firemen, l pener. i 3 c«k», j conductor*. Apply at lil4 Room '2. W T ANTED—I,COO men to co South. » ' Wages ?15 to f3O Per month and board: al«o. chopper*, railroad men, and all wanting employment. Apply at 133 Clark-st., Hoorn a. * TXT ANTED—Eight men Ibr Michigan, >T nlncrrenforraUroad. Wages llAOotdhawtL to go this evening. one cooper, alto men t* go sonth. Apnly ltumeojttr’y to PAttSUALL A SMITH. booth C arle *!., U-hhq 11. TXTANTED Men 1 Men !—lmmcth* Mdy. Arply to UARSTTATL A SMITH. IMS bouUi tJarkaf., liimm ii. Applicants by matt en close KUents lor fiilFpartlcularsr TXT ANTED A smart ncrirc young ’*y , man with MOO tn take charceof* light man*. 2* p, llt!TK Inplnea* aa partner. Apply to PAK9UALL A bMrrO, ark-*!., poom 11. V\7ANTED Good choppers to cut .»▼ log*. Free tratiaiiorlallon. bo m«n nt M per •lay. men to go South, Ac. Apply at 100 Maulaua-at., Uootn <l. gjglaiitct-^Hisccliancoim. *\X7’ANTED—So’dlcrs Interested to call . .1.. nud pro gmilne clunk* rerelveil In »a»m»n» <-l additional flio bounty. Advance* made nn gomi cUima. A.uuumucll. Altomry nVLaw. I*4U iW. oorii Pl., llooin 3. TXT ANTED—ICO men, with cash capl «.h, . toengnge in a tmdmw* that Will p»yfM»flomdaT. by two paletila. Ilia huionipelll'.on. aim |« ||,n t mlf aflisio of theklnd ererotrernt fur aale, Krary tamltr wane* Oom two ♦,* hdoirn. '•an.oraddrcPp.wllhtivno.J. It. NASON. Ilia hotilli Clarh-pj.. i(ooin ft, Clilcasu, I I. W/ T ANTKD—To borrow—l*l,ooo, lor WVKSVIVWW* *Bcurll> MiUl.ln tlm city. AiVlrtm O. WII.UAM*. Dfnwrr tti n>imn.». \\7 ANTED—Dry Knolls, rlnlhiiiK, lionls ,T V IOmI •Tiof», Htiit nllirp innit'D'lNillvct, MlMt l)» r|ir«i*. I’arilr* whhlinr to i|li|t liiHiiom, from »*y vnn»p. In my or country, cun i-lo*« out IMP ■omY* I'l’nnui'iitiniry. dims WKMrmt.u i*.». uVi a*?n. W J ANTED—l’cdiers—Kvorywhoro to TV «pmliorMPPiilur nna toriu* ot it now lM wanr*. unit on which tha nrortu uro IK P. 7 W* A«Mrc4«. Ptcioiins Mump, K o, jiox Ut.lA, ( lili'atfo. \\J ANTED—A nnmhvr ol good hum* /\w' r«**» tm-n to establish Jmursnen Aifnnrlm In Indiwsn. Addteaal*. o. Box 'JJihl). Clave land, Ohio, WfANTED—AII iiorsons wishing the ~v v oriuliul recipe fur hall** celebral-d dfrtiUn Mdjr ReriPwrr, to enclose |l u» Hr. C. A. PaRWKLL, I».o. Drawer 0901. Chkapir, who wlUrctora U by WANTED— -Every one to send lor our Die album*. Album containing 301 card photo grapns of American statesmen—price 11,73. Album conalnlDc l(W photograph* of American General*. tIAO. AltiDm containing 125 photographs at noted Mi-thodlst ministers. All amt on receipt of tv t '7w. exprc< s.. or maU * Address J. c. TAbCr.4 CO., Cblfago.lll. WANTED —Any one wisning to turn real cstalck. bouses, or any gcxxl available property Into a cash paying business give n« acstl andjet a No. 1 bargain. l^SLatre-*t„ A.C. DROWN \\T ANTED—To purchase lor cash, a V v cottage bowe, on '■’onth side, alx w clihl rcocs; east <,i Wabatb-av. ann north ol Thirty flrat- Bt. Address "H. p. Q.” Tribune Office. . \\T ANTED—lmmediately, six or eight y V pood mea, iniMfl city, to sella new patent arti clc. In great den and. and something that everybody wants. Any cun can make 15 per day and upwards. Call on or adarm JOhN OCNNELL. 204 Eut Bin zle-BU cctnor North Dearborn, Chicago, m. "IX7 ANTED—The celebrated Gypsy tt woman. If yon want to team all the secrets ot yow pa*t tod future lire, the knowledge of wnidi may aave yen years •! sorrow and care. don't fall to consult me G) My Palmist. Consul tattoo, one dollar. Residence 370 booth Clark-* t. TX7"-ANT£D A Lawyer—A good Yf for a lawyer of aoPlty ard soma ex perience. Can hear ofa good situailonbyaddrcsiioe **ATTORNEY,” Box 49. Laclede. Linn Co- Mo. XXTANTED Correspondents lor an V V Eastern paper. Lawyers, editors or other lit erary gentlemen who are accnsvmed to write nr the press, and who are familiar with commercial and other practical subjects, may here And employment lor iht Ir lel-nremomenta. Address P. O.Box 1606, etatlep where an Interview may he had. Applicants will p ease inrrlsh a specimen of thetr style of wri ting, or give reference*. XXTANTED— To bonow on V V good city real estate, unencumbered. Am win- Inc to ft»e 10 percent. No commission. Address M M. >, at Tribune effice. TXT ANTED—SISO per monta warrant y V ed—active psrsoca, ladles or gentlemen, every where. local or travel-In/, to introduce anew inven tion. just out, tally equal ts the sewing machine and ot general utility. Those who wait business can csrly. Can be seen lor a lew days oniv at No. 47 West Washlngton-st,, cor. of Clinton— r. W. Ula«ier’e boarding house. FRANKLIN T.BKOWN, Travelling Arcut. TXT ANTED—Parties Laving hoosesand V V lots to rent or a»U to call on CHRISTIAN & CO„ Heal Estate and Vessel Agents, Room 3 Lind'd Block. Bandolph-st, bridge, XXTANTED—To Purchase A drug W store. Most be welllocatedlna thriving town, and doing a good bn»ln«s. Address, with parucolars. M FRAN KLIN,” Drawer 113. Aurora, HI. XX7ANTED—A girl to do general V V homework In a private family. Must be a good washer, ironer and p'aln cook. References re qnlrrd. Apply st 03 Kush-st. TX7 ANTED—A girl to do general house- T V werk. Must be a good cook, washer and Ironer, and bring city references. Llbeml wiges to a compe tent girt. 4DO near Sheldon. TX7"ANTED —Day boarders, at Gilbert’s YT Dining Roocb. 46 and 4S Clark-st. The best place to board In the city. XXTANTED—S2,SOO tor six months, on VV good taper, well secured, and fbr which a good Ictetest will bo paid. Address M DiIO,” Trlhone of flee. XXTANTED —An experienced Lite In \V snrance Agent lor the city of Chicago. Con* tecticut General Lllc Insurance Co. W. L.BAUN CM, General 4 gent, 98 LaSalle-st. TSTAHTED—SS,OOO to SIO,OOO, at ten V V r>er cent, per annum, secured h? flrst<la*s Cltv properlv. HILL 4 WUIPPLK. 148 De*fbora-sU Room g. Uoarbing, TjOARDING—One lanre unfurnished .L/Oont room and a large fttral«hcd room, suitable fbr two gentlemen, or cect’etnan andwip», ran be rb tainee, with first class board, at 389 llllnots-st. North Dlvialoo. T>OA!iDJNG—Nicely furnished rooms -1 1 to text, with board, suitable fbr AudlUm : also.-a yackoer fbr one gentleman. -Rotuol* Ortv doss, and 1» hudsemely lurnuhed. 834 Wabash-sv., corner of Elghtcenth-st. T?CARDING—Two or three gentlemen, D or man and wife, can b'a'-toramolat'ri wtthgvxi board and flnt*clMS rooms Id private family, at 130 TbuJ-ar. TJOARDINO—American Exchange Ho* I) tel.corterol North Welle and Wtlcr.*la„ Nicho las King. Proprietor. Wanted. 00 boarder*. F|r«t cla*» accotnmodatioie ontbomosl reasonable terms. Day board. |4 per week. BOARDING— A pleasant room suitable for a gentleman at a lady; aleo. a room for two leans racr. ra» be bad, with board, at 3(10 West Ru dely b"tt. References required. TJOARDINO—AI 8 Eldrldec court, one 1) mile of trout room* on second floor, with hot and cold water and closets. Reference* exchanged. T>OAR DIN G—For gentleman nnd wWb 1 A Inaprlvare tamlly. Iwanl nrst-claM, location very one. at 3 JO (il.coU-wt.. two block! from Btatoat. bridge. TJOAHDINO—An untarnished front room, a]w>n*aiiyr»rnlab*drooQ>awi(h flrat-claag board, in a private family, at ITU South Ulotoo-at. UOARDlNG—Pleasant rooms «nd I) hoard may be had at 339 Mlchlgan-tt*near riaie-it. bridge. Day boarder* may alio be accommo* dated. BOARDING— A gentleman and wile, or two alngle get Ucmcn, can find the comlorta 01 a hnn\e in « private family. Apply lit three daya at 11 Jllalauc. TkOARDINQ—In a private family, a J J neatly furnlahod room, anltablofor gectfemau ana wile, or two alngle gentlemen, to rent, with board, at 5J Sooth Qretn-at. TJOAKDINQ—A furnished room, with JL> gaa and store, amtable 'or a gentleman and wife or two genUemen. Apply At 174 West Waablnz* tos-at. . T>OARDING—A large formal ed room, JL* with doaet and grate, tollable tor two or three gvntitmcn, can bt obtain'd, with board, at No. 303 Ohioan, between Boah and Caanta, "DOARDlNG—Oomlbrtable rooms aod JTj imt class board for famtile* and siocle genUemen. Also, nay boarder# taken at TOO East Adams-st. iSoacb ananteb. JJOAKD —And comfortable room by a > married lady, doing busineai in the city. Most on Vicblsan-ar. Compensation liberal. Address M P SI B, w Tribune ofilce. *DOARD—A young gentleman desires a D fornlabed room and board In a private family, where there ate no boarders. Best of references given. Adtjrffa, atating locality and terms, “E.’P.O. Box ■DOARB—First-class board and room Xj within oco street of city can. In cultivate! tarn uy, where there age ladies and no other genUemen boarem. 1 want s borne, and congenial comlbrn witn refined peep’e, and reapeeUhliyaacarfapoasa. Efierencta given. Address “ COMPOST." Tnbnae offlcc. rpo REST—Four rooms, the same are TyariflFwt£S , “ aawl U* >e ***** t ‘ X9%Pt g>umnona ouanteo. iimw, O ITUATION—W anted—By a pn£ics* 0 ■«»'ora«*elM«»wittMj «a fnrnuhtac or fcoo>meiMl*t>oa«. Caiua or i«na* premt flue, belief erplr<anjc*odamtouiinur Oiabr'arsSl 1 aeo* ad Killer. AdiSren Box 94* Aobura, DtKalfe Co«ud. _ _ SITUATION —Wanted—By a graduate Cr of Toronto University, boldine the h£thost honor*. Indodis* the Mathematical Medal, dealresaa engage? mental tcacbermshlgh school or academy, or as ie> coon tint to an office or baas.or in any sttnsaea vhera ability and integrity will be appreciat'd. Thehbtiteat mfreaoi iu to character and ahi ity from the prw*. dro» and Prolesaer* of Toronto University, add meac ol we prominent Jrienda of education in CsnsdMWsat. Address BDwAB Chicago. C ITUATlON—Wanted—By a practical O waichmakey t gno who can do all Unit of repair- _ AAc rc— *• u W, rt Tribune office. • COTJATION—Wanted—By an Amen •w can nan and wifr—woman to cook, wash and iron, g “AftStbSoflacP* ofao^ae^ • aT,{J ‘naa cI2S*^LTn nW ilte *situation In a s»)i offloe Bsmatiss, ft dtyorcoun pastrycook. I* well qualified to AH ane CITTTATION—Wanted—As nurse or as Kj bonsexeeper. Cat furnish astMaetorr a* to ability sod character. Inqnire-al ai»Twtma- SlTUATlON—Wanted—Aahousehecrer kZ» for * lone centleman, by a lady of orattlce and re. ffpeerabiilty. Can giro tbtb-st of reference. Can have anintCTTlcw with her by-Iropplnealiae Jo the f\wc Oißre asrt statmg the place - ana tine. MHd. e. IN DDSiHY. Q3TTTATION—Wanted—For a good IP German apt Can rive yitf reftrenctr. *rcpiy»c iSOfiute-st. - p/ e lTTAfk)KS—Wanfed—Bv tm' Pro*- O testont sirls who can inralcft "mt-clMt referenosu onetodoceaeralbonsework, aid the other ae s-contf girl. Apply at 22 Bremer-sr. agents aajnntcu. A GENTS—Wanted—*2,soo to $3,0€0 s uJlm*?!, A®**®*.* makemoney. A» a rent *- nioa ’ 10 manufacture l? d irp B tils*TSs? ,B £* ctu l2? ,n the «senfßdweUlttK. It n-w, fcecar-d by copyrtsnt. hai- a? twr* flo 7T* ? *° fl "Jnc np to be done. For Par ocular* addm*. with stamn rnrtogi | ii rn* COBLFSTZ. Middletown. rctafa> Agents—Wanted—the ameri- A toktoftbe great fl .jSryS^* l (•cxEi.itT,ta now couioleta In two rolumec; an<i readv for delivery Amu rtSSS7eSSSpS ,r ?. Ia ,be We * { - AVnVhavlngThS rishtjo deliver Vhl, n. are requested lo *endm their" I StL'c&£;.‘if * c - sbeiwood. 105 A QENTtf—Wanted—3 or 4 tanners m each county la the Weft, to engage m a bn*tnr*a ■ nnifra n,onth< ,r ° m POW Until S, ' CURDir * CO, lorn- AGEI»T&— W aTited—Main aril female, to sol! a new article la rwt demand that every wEJKiESPffLJ? pcr d * T leaving home. no from*- to £a per day asa-- A GENTS—Wanted—#s per day near lCVtt*u.,fo fI »S. rn lS2f y, t ,nt,,wff Apolratonce toP. . Office No. ]B M.t. Church lllork, Chkago, or Office No. 4 Lnua<'*a IH.vk. Cleveland, O. AGENTS —Wanted—New book. Tlic lllaeg Crook, i» moat wonderful lil*tnrr now Inl ine performed with Immense ancce«« In all the orturt pl»* Ihratrra Ihronghonl the United Ktatrs-pamplo br "■ c - laV AGENTS —Wantcil—Smart and active , AWr. , f.. wnnt,, l ,n asrrr count* to acll the I'OT- JiAFITTftvSn I.AJITS. Kvervbodf Mlhev arc the mo«l economic** and cor* vfnlcnt.giveatrininnt light *1 hont rblmcor, sir oka • Tul "«le. Several olh^rpewar rn l ff*ii r J 2Wv , tif ! ® uWt S. w ' nlftr * eoB w I‘bU lAU A CAVAN, Mj iitlkcturcrs, 113 Msidin Lane, AGENTS — W anted (lent)cmcu and ladtra throughout ihMrtdird Mat"' to pelt otir new boo*. ‘‘AlllUrm* MVKS onhe rilKAmvNTri.•» fr< m It •■nUigtm to (he prevent time, tn »me r»tnma of about N»pnge«, heamlliilly ItlriPtrate-l with "loot eturavlpgp. Tint Afrtiun-Til* Timk.*-tiik Ciuji*. (heelfgaj.tPtylpPiid niiNlerato price, a’l tumMue to render ttila one of (h».mud aliraehve, u*e(ul and raia luelHH'ka ever pnhluhfd In thl" rtiurtry. Toetp-’rl ni'o,l auenlp (hi* I* a rare oHvnco t««maVe n«*»na* »Hhn tplrndld hiatk. and no ronip«*Hlon. ' Pntilhh* era hlghral roninil»»h>n elron. hml •! utn» fur oir* omar andterma. S.P. UOVHKN. 7.’l Clnrk »(.. fbl* caku. 11l AOKNTiW \viwtod—Experiment (ini* * <rw rfi)»rn«<pf<. ei'i'trnipn «n<l imiii**, r*t "mu VKH AT VAi.l.l'r K*»lU»K*** * in>w un > tmanlh rntipttcl (’mtmviii*) (idr#. im* nr-.-iin*r r*. rwUinutuUUvpn *Webc*wwU l»* lw <vit\)UMlvy emy Atii«rlr*n, or wtmlpvfp »n*t ><r onMv. Au- iiin fi»prr* wirro *«• tnwtiiut wlib imtniraWint mir,-, •«. i*nf M rm'hwH. H. H. MU\ HKN, 7,*| Unh'mo, in, v AOKNTS— Wniilid—To miinrS^TTr rnm*. Wlilfh ft>r !man»y n| .IrUim nn.l roinf iiit •itri>n*n itiXMiitf In itmrh't. to cinnn oro Hit* |< mt I'piMirimmy npvrr otWiM tw-fim. w* wj*rrnti»l!rt««pih»i» any.nhor n.-nwi V 1 ,*■■!*'»'** *»'* rowly. Caii on or • .1, (IKMMKI U I.MU.iirpfihnr KluH'Utilli i cr. laa Urn* ili> oornrf of ulnrk. . • • a; * (ihNT&—'AnUHl—ln nil purls of the /.J/onntfy.tntrJl ••TIIKHIHTOUV oV AHUAIIU4 mncoi.n 1 ’ «mi m--nvKimir.(nv ukhlavkiw,'* In nn« to»., «>i . ver TOO page#. nr Hon. f. N Arnnut. late roerober of Ccßtrre**,a: <1 lop oyer twenty years * ooi.flilpoiUl trlrnil ol Ur. Lincoln. Tins work baa Jn»t hero completed, ami wt)| inert a want PHI brer* epy inielltittßi rlltxcQ. U prwnta Paturea which hare not appeared In any other wor». Tha Dally Chronicle, nr Washington, lava; ”11 will lunoie a character and bold a place beyond anything ret pro cured. 1 ’ For territory aeil teitn*. aitdreai the paa lUbm, C'LARKB*CO.,£Oaad M Waihloetoo-ct.. Chicago. A GENT?;—TVamed—ln every County XX fur UarmomVa Life t| Lincoln. All reading men snow tm s to bo the most complete amt best yet published, and It oon»«iuenUy meets with th-' moit ready sale. Also several other good boohs for a-cats n.M.SUEU*OQI>.IQ7 Moproe-it.,Chicago. A GENTb—Wanted—Teachers preler* (V red—ln every county, to sell Gnyot's Oauioe Mbps,forSchools. Scries Sa, 5 are nor pnoilsbnl, ■rd from tbelr sup-ilor merits and low price, wtu meet with a large sale- Address n.M. SHbItWOOD, 107 Monroe-st., Chicago, taming territory desired. A GENTS— Wanted —r* Price #2,50 t\ UNITED STATES CONTINENT IN 19W-tbrete , *5/1, ,he ch-»pest Map jn the world. LLOYD'S NEU GREAT REFUHUC and the GRAND PATRIOTIC CHART OF AMERICA. SBST FBBB v lib the map. POSITIVELY the cheapest and most saleable map* In Vbi> wer d. Address GOODSPEED & CO.. 14N Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted—For BANKETS Lifts OF LINCOLN. The best, nicst complete anil aoibeotic work ret pabllxbeU. President Lincoln bSTioe’frnrmslietl for'hi* work aloce. the tacts ol hi* early life. V?e are clbnug agents, be- Bloee a very CneUel r| premium, a bigh-r comoiiwtoa thancan be alf r rdcd by any ether honac in the West. Address J. GOODMAN & CO., Publishers, 3 Cus tom House Place. Chicago. 11!. A GENTS—VVanted —For THE AMR jfX RICAN FARMER'S BORSK BOOR, by Robert fattwartj MJ). V, S„ eafodylng tne results of twenty year* or original Investigation. The book above an others fDr Agents, as it appeals to the necessities and scif-intereet of a very large. wssl»hy and in longest £ , e . T £ r r cornmurlty. Arplytcor adrtrwwj. 8. GOODMAN a Co- Publishers. 5 Custom Hauao-pisce, Cnlcago, DU A GENTa—TV’anted—ln every town and XX. city In Illinois, Wisconsin. Mich„ Indiana, Ohio, lowa.Mlrrra'ta.Mi-S'nrl. Kansas and Nebraska, la sell the INSTANTANEOUS WINDOW CLEANER and MAGIC POLISH. ThU new and wonderfhi prepara tion. as thousands of purchasers daring the past (few weeks win testify, works- s lke a charm; cleaning win dows. shcw-casrs.dc., without soap cr not water, dnat or litter, ara with comparatively no labor; anc Im parting almost Instantly an unsurpassed polish to all metals. All yonr neighbors wilt want It aisooaa* thryseelt. Trytbe sale la yoarnclnlty. Ther *is nori»»r. and labo* nrr>nra- Inelcse Immediately a cent* for sample and t»fms to G. M. SMITH A c0.,’77 Dearborn-st- Chicago; “Ml in Wisconsin,to DURANT d scorr, Milwaukee, General Agents fbr that Stole. (cut this oat tor referenre.) A GENTS—Wanted—To sell ibe Waite Wire Clothes Lino In every Town and Court* in tne Unit'd PUtes. Can clear #lO to f3C per day. Art dress METALLIC CLOTH Eh LINE CO., 93 Sensca- Bt. Cleveland, Ohio. A GENTS—Wanted—Travelling la the _T\ country,can bear ofa very salable article, to take on commission, by applying at 85 South Wells-st. A GENTS—Wanted—Two or three men XXIn each county, to sell by sample, my Patent Hen's Nest. Thcs* wliili gto work for go< d wanes can ad dmg C. CAMPBELL, Yellow Dead, Illkoia. Agents— Wanted—For “THE BET TEH LAND.” The most popular engraving lu The Evening Journal says : “The enthusi asm «lth which It va« hallort at the East has foil wed it to the Wr st, and none who see it Can o aeknowiedee, cu the Icatant. the wot dctfhl aptrit of puntv, and more than earthly beauty, with which rteartltt has io*estM her subject. It Is one efthe frc?t crentlous of mod ern art. Apfftorcfobeeaz«l at fregicntly. an - al ways wllb increased arjnl.*utlon.” Exelovre temtiry and very larse commisdou clvetu bend fbr circular. J. A. STODDARD A CO„ 10*4 Wvbingtnn-SL, Chlca go»l«- A GENTS—Wanted With stso to _r\ |3Cofor*he •‘NortMwest. , * No bonk*, maos or humbug. Asm ET. wilt.,\nn 4 co Room 3. No.-12* Sooth Clant-at. AGENTS— Wanted—In a light and pro fitable business where #IOO to S.uo per moitb can esslly be made. Address F. G. PCIMICEEIO. Drawer 6801. P. 0.. Chicago. HI. AGENTS —Wanted—We are offering azenta libera! luductnaenls tar introducing onr Lite riu» (rated Family Recoro. UOPKins a aPEN CEH. Ho« a 4,7» Dcarboro-st. P. O. Box 1170, A GENTS—Wanted—ln all the Western r\ btaiei andConntbs. with s'<oto#isoUKADrcAsa, /5r a new and v» ry u‘ffttl Invention. Ciiv prdlan sun p«led. Call at Central Ilome. for a lew days omy. AGENTS —Wanted with small capital; fbr a light mcmey-mallne DuimeM. sollablo fbr ladles, gentlemen and demmen having a little spare time. Ex clusive territory, no roapctition, no ri»k. secured by pitcnt, and proOta SCO per ceut. Call at 47 toj»:ban! Ulndt.otSend stamp for paters. B. WA\ VELL. Chicago. dFoc gale. I/O tv SALK—Prop. M Genesee Chief, M now lying at Detroit, Michigan. CI»"A.J. Tr,n nasejold Bira/ujrTtrmt), 3W. Apply *'» WM. K. Vfuß- BlNKK.Detrrjlt, MJcb., or to liAURiS A MUD., Lnmber-aL, Chicago. F>K fiAl.K—Schooner A. O. Morey, rat** a J. ißJtoo bn capaeifv i schooner Bcandlna* vtao. rate* A a. IlkttiO bu cauafttty \ ncnooner Haclae. rates ll I. >9.100 bn cot acity t *rboooer t*. O. Andrew, ralca H I, H.uOha capacityt acbooerr Wm. r. Allen, tat»s tl I. 15X(0 ba cauarttv i brig city of Erl-, rau* |{ 2. t.o ni Imnber pa in* than Nft-t of water, theahovn Chicago Ultrr, and fur Halo *’/ MAC! Lt, corner of Weila and boutb Water* atf,. Chicago, in. Ij OK Ba LB—ln stock, and (orsaloorcx* changeon Room 11'omeroy‘a niock, jjomh Water-*!., fso.coo worth of dry geode, groceries, bools, shnea, fbra ard crock-fy—ejx countryatoeks— at a sacrifice. Families auppiled. Also, a lafiry stock larm. and line brick bouse—ll rooms—ln siimirbao city. nearChlea.o. ttaieainan, ve«*l, bo f cfl furniture, consignments ot good* and produce wanted amt *d- X?? ce £* n,M# * or circular, address iiox niff, Chicago. 170 R SALE —Bchooner Kate Richmond. ,v. A * i 11 WCO boab grain, or lift m inmbw. Schr. F'OR SALE—Cheap —One eel Fair banka* Bca’e*. I tons. CURTISS, BROWN 4 CO.. 13 W cat MaUUon-f t. 170 R SALE —Honfcs aad lots, saloons, M. and boarding bouiec, rcatanranu, firm*. At*o. home* to rent, cheap, by cmiISTIAK 4 Real Uww sod \eaaci Agents,Boom 3,Und’aßlock,Baa* dolpbat. bridge. T7OR BALE—The himiture in rooms 1 '23 a:d 51. Cobb'e BuUdlcg, and leaae of room* till May let. Apply on the preml»«aad at 139 Booth Water-*t. JRcal ISsiaiE-crauntts. F)R SALE —The subscribe? offers lor tale his residence In Elgin. It la situ, a ted, flue large natural 1 bade trees, good garden, fruit tree*. weU aad cistern, la ccnyeolent to Ue Elgin Academv: is considered the handsome 4! place in Elgin. Price W,COO: JJ,COO down, balance cn Urn*, If d» hired. Atutcraiulacountfirallcssh down. Apply or adaress h. H. YAEWOOD. or console M. 9. YaK WOOP. 166 Chicago. T?OR BALE—ISO,OOO acres of choice F land In Iroqnots and Ford Conn 11 a*. ni-.on the I. C. E. B-. from one to twelve mtlea from One towns— Cnarga, BnekJey. Lcda and Paxton. Price Pom S 7 to t\2 pei aero, j* caab, balance in three equal yearly pay menu, 6 per cent. I have an cDce at loda, where It. A-peanona, with good team*, can be found. D. K. pf arsons, lib Basdolph-st, Chicago, or Loda, Irognota FOR SALE-r-Fann, tour miles east from Lcckpon. OU in Yankee Settlement—» acres first-clasi prairie. SO acre* beat timber. WeU teucadaxd cultivated. New. twtMtory house 13XM. and kitchen 15*13. . Spier did well. Orchard over Al trees mm Bocbeater Nursery—app es. pear*. Ac. Sarnltsil. Price >BJCO. \ down, balance eee aad two years, with Interest. Apply to THOMAS CHAL MERS, sunt. K*(Ho works MaanflKturlnr C«w BJr SN9i or No. 4tiU«acl4t.