Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 26, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 26, 1867 Page 1
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MOM WAM’CTII The Territorial Saffraye Bill Be comes a Law Without the President’s Approval. The Bill Restricting the Par doning Power also Be comes a Law, Mr. Randall's Sinking Fnnd Bill Not Likely to Pass. The Hew Ironsides Disaster Tel Unaccounted For. CONGRESS. Senate---Tlie Tariff Bill Nearly Completed. Uniform Tariff of $1.50 on all Imported Coal. Various Minor Amendments Agreed Upon. Joint Resolution Introduced in Relation to the Paris Exposition. House—Passage of a Bill to Pay for Property Destroyed by Military Order. Consideration of Numerous Pri vate Bills. The New York Money Panic Con- sitlered at an End. Effects of the Great Snow Storm of Thursday and Friday. FROM WASHIXOTOX. {Special Despatch tothe Chicago Trlbuno.l Wabuinoton, January 20. coNsrmmosAi. amendment. The Senate Judiciary Committee, after much* cntn-lderaUon of tho question, have agreed to re port a constitutional amendment making the Pre sidency a one term office. 1c is in foe'o words: • ** No ootson elected President or Vice President, "who has once served as a President, thalt alter ward** be eligible to cither office.” THE NEW ORLEANS INVESTtOATIXa COMMITTEE hope to finish taking testimony concerning the riot and other mailers entrusted to thorn by the middle of nest week, and will probably be able to present their report tu Congress within o week after so doing. dalttmorc hatters. The Mayor, eeretal members of tho Connell, and a number of hading Republicans of Haiti xnorobayc been over berolo cooler with friends relative to foe proper coarse to be pursued re garding (he legislative act overthrowing the city government and ordering a nun* one under Sw nun's registry ol 1600. They made a full state ment ol their position aud grievances to many Re publican Congressmen, and received assurances that everything possible should bo done f«r (belt benefit. They appeared before foe House Judi ciary Committee utid titled (beir case, aud tu tciicdto enconrtfcirg remarks bom ils chairman and one or two other members. It Is doubilut it Congress con do snythlug to the premises. It la understood (hat Ihc Mayor nod the present an foorilioN will rolose lo sun under tbo government ■at foe city to foe officials to be chosen week after nexL These will lucn probably get out a writ of tnandamut ana the matter will thus come into the Contis, when the question to be decided will nu whether the city election of last October was or vvqb nut properly beid under tho Registry of 18C5. The force gentlemen who acted 'as counsel for foe .Police CommUsluncra in the contest last .November, Mcsurj. Alexander, Htorkbrfoge and Sterling, bare boen tetalm-d by the Mayor and hi* associates. Ibvro Is reported to bo much excitement In Baltimore regarding the coming .election. UISTtICT TOAXCinSE. The reg : »tiaiiou of voters In Georgetown has been continued force <wys or.d will probably be f nisired to-morrow. The r.cgrocs have from the begfonlrg cor ducted themselves with the utuiott prepnesy, aud foe names of almut 450 have aluody bet-u entered. THE BAKUAIX SIVKtTtO rC.VD JUT.L, reported in the House yesterday, will lead to much debate, when called up Cor action. Thu piefenl chances are dcduealy against us passage. the arrowntEKTs. The President bss sent to the Senate this ses sion about 420 nominations of civil appointees, ana there is bat one Po-tmastcr In the whole !□:, though a large number ns re been appointed since last session. sensual tuoxas ■was on tin* door of the House to-day. lie Is here to give evlJence about sale of southern railroad property under Executive orders. TUE WUIfKET TAX. The bill reported by Mr. Hogan to-day from the Ways and Means Committee, and passed by tbo iiou*e, was one fixing the same tax on vrtrskey distilled irum burning fluid as on tint manufac tured in the usual way. Of late large quantities of whiskey have been manufactured by first dis tilling burning Cmd from a mash of com mixed with tnrpentiic, and then washing it, as the operation is termed, ord obtaining whiskey. JbTvc thousand dollars worth of whiskey have been manofaclnrcO daily by this process and es caped taxation, In Philadelphia alone. »K. BOETWELL*S TEST OATH BILL, The Senate Judiciary t'-ommiltcc have not yet taken up the Boutwcll bill passed by tee House day before yesterday, but will do so at their first meeting rext week. Two of ihe leadlngmcmbers are known to favor It. TAItIPP BILL. The Senate did not finish fhe Tariff Bill to-day, but wQI probably be able to do so 10-morrow. Various nmet-dments were moved, bat, a* before, ihe Finance Committee was generally sustained. They were beaten, however, on the coal question. The debate npon that paragraob covered about two honrs and then rbe classification of the com mittee was rejected aud a uniform tariff of sf,*»o cu all imported coal was agreed to by a vote of SO to 14. UNSIGNED BILLS BEGONE LAWS. Ibe lime wi'bin which the bill ostaoltshlng ne gro eaffragt In the could be vetoed ex pned on Thursday. Tbo President has notyvt ghee notice that it has his approval, built has become a law. in accordance with provisions of the Constitution. There is talk among the leading Senators as to the action It will be necessary for Cotgreas to take to give efeetto this bill, and the act repealing the thirteenth section of tbo Confis cation Law, which the President also omitted lo sign. rABMAKEKTART LICENSE, The action of the House to-day in refusing to take anr notice of Mr. Cooper's free use of the words "lied" and "liar" yesterday excited general surprise. Members explain It upon the ground <hat Mr. Cooper don't know any better, and Is. therefore, not worth noticing. TftE NEW IBOX6IDEB INVESTIGATION. Tbe Naval Committee ot tbe Uonsc is maklnz up its report relative to the burning of the New Ironsides at league Irland. Tnrceexamination* have been made into the loss of this vessel, first by the Navy Dcpsrtment, second by the fire police of Philadelphia, and third by Congress. Every pereon likely to know anything about tbe matter was examined, and tbs result of the whole investigation is that it is Impossible in tel) wbfther the fire originated by accident or in cendiarism. Pome facts seem to show very clear ly f nat It conid not have been kindled by design, ■while on the other band other facts Indicate that It must have been the work of uu Incendiary. Tbe whole aSkir is shrouded in the utmost mysterr, snd probably the cause of tbe fire can never be conclusively shown. roixm ztcrcsAL. His understood that tbe following answer was relumed to the invitation receivpd by Senator "Sumner and lady to lb* next Presidential state dinner: “Mr.and Mrs. Sumner regret lo be una ble to accept the Invitation of Mr. and Mrs. John son.’* rwr.\u.M) roa. The attacks of certain New York papers upon breaker Coldur, charging him wuh eocoarartnp rather thin checking disorder at the isle flhbu*. Tenug night fcsslon. are so totally unjustaa to ex cite general Indignation. utiATiva to surasxß conrr Decisions. One of tbe Democratic Judges ot the Supreme Court, who elded in tbe late decision with the majority, has assented to the view that it should require at least twHblrda of the Court to de clare an act of Congress unconstitutional. The text tor such a bill U now under consideration, arrscrx or xineium. The Commissioner of tbe General land Office 'Contemplates estibUsbicga Museum of Mineral* in tbe Patent Office, and will solicit specimens of ores, Ac,, from miners and robing asiocia'lous In the stvaol Slot os and Tenitoncs. TUX GOLD LOA9 OOHTUOVXZiaT. It was stated during a debate In the House this jnormrg, that thus far no evidence bad been found by the Rclrerchmcnt Committee to anbstan- Mate the report that Secretary McColloch or (be • rtub Treasurer at Now York had been loaning Government gold to private parties. Tbe prln- elpel witaeea in tbe sutler will arrive from New York to>motrow in charge of tbe Senre« & t*et- Anna. Tint nones imtnoin iktsbwt. WasmxoTov, January as.—The ho«« railroad men were before the Way* and Aleana Committal to-day, a?kln£ an extension of the rime allowed them to impote tbe additional rerrnoe tax oo the traveUn* public, which expirca tn April next. Karan. Washikotok, January 25.— The United State' if earner Shamrock arrived at resertffe December lllh, all well, and left on the 18th, for Lisbon. xnmaora onto and silver aim. The Commissioner General of the Land Office b&a received a commnoicauoa from 8L Paul, Minnesota, January 18th, staling that assays hare brcn made cn the quarts rock discovered la Charleston County, Minnesota, with favorable re •nits, showing (he existence of both gold an J stlTrr. The veins are reported noil defined. Sbafia are sank, and work performed sufficient to clvo assurance that the locality la rich In mineral. * land TATtam taeußD. During tbe lari tiro weeks the Commissioner of the Grneral Land Office transmitted to severs! land offices, for deliver; to grantees. \A'4 patentee* for location made with military war* met and sales for rash. Ue has also Just tram* mlMed to the Register of the Land Office at East Saginaw, three hundred and fifty patents for loca* lioi s made with agitcniiorsl eolege scrip, cover* Ing about 50,000 acres for delivery grantees. TUB DCVAULTISO BANK mSfItDKNT. The Oiand Jnry to-day found three additional IrdictcirniA against Leotard Qnyck, fonneily the Pi csldent of the Merchants* National Dank, charg ing Ltm with larceny at different times ofels.&U, th«> property ot It. w. Carter. Qe has been un able to procure the b&tl asked on a former charge nod rcm.lns in jolt. BUPJIBKX [COURT CASKS. In tbe Supreme Court to-day. No. 351, Supervi sor# of Marshall County, 111., pialntlif# in tutor, vs. Scbenck, assumpsit case, was submitted. No. 1%, Dobbins, plalntitTln error, vs- Jie City of Chi cago, trespass ca*e,onargnme r ,,tobo concluded Monday. The Coart adjou?r;d toMonday, when the opinions will t»e rctder#d. ASSISTANT BECUETAP. OP TUB TREASURY. Don. Wm. E. cban-Mcr, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, baa Tjl tendered als resignation, although thcic Is every probability be will retire from bis arduous position dnrreg the summer, as much for the benefit of his health as tor other pur poses. RAVE BCCOXE LAWS. Tbe bill amending the acts organizing (ho sev eral Teirltoncs, confirming smfrage tnerelo with out regard (o race or color, has become a law without the President’s approval. It was pre sented to him on the 12th Instant, and he has not returned It within tbe days allowed by tbe Con stitution. Ibe bill ropcalimr-the amnesty and pardon authority given to toe President became a law in a similar way. OLNtIEAL GRANT. *n«. Oi.f HnnAnil la rrrtTna If, 1?n. Tbe report that General Grant is going to Eu rope In the spring la authoritatively contradicted. THE OIPCACIUtESr case. New York, January 25.—The Berali's Wash ington special says: “The Judiciary Committee is dally taking testimony in (he unpeachmrnt case, and one of the members has said tint Snr tan will bo brought before them ns a witness as u> President Johnson's comnilcity In tho assassin ation of President Lincoln." ANOTHER ENABLING BILL. WAsmxoroN, January 25.—1 t la rumored that Mr. Bhellabargcr Is preparing an enabling bill which will take tbe place ot Mi. Stevens*. tNNVESTIOATION. The Indian Committee have concluded their In vestigation In regard to Commissioner Bogy, 1 ocy will report next week. GENERAL TIIONAS. General Thomas nas come to Washington to •eslify m relation to matters conmctcd with <outhem railroads. General .Thomas, in turning over tec large smonnt of raliroaa propert/ to rebel owners, did sounder express orders from iTcsldeni Johnson. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. WistnxoTOK, January S 3. SENATE. Mr. WILSON presented the petition of the Ad* iulam General of Arkansas that that State far* 'ilshvci lt',UlO uoops to the Unlbd Stiles and ask* imr that s record of their stirvlc-* be printed. Mr. WILLIAMS, irom the Finance Committee, •eiortcd back toe Boose Joint resolution riving an Increase ol compensation to certain civil cm* oloyca of the Government, amended by giving ad increase of twenty per cent to all civil employes •it Washington whose salaries arc lees than £3,500. lie would call it npto-morrovr. Ur. WILSON gave notice that he would to-mor ow* introduce a t-11l to regulate tbe-lncrcascand conalir* the pay ol army officer?. Messrs. LANK, TRUMBULL and BUCKALEW were nppolnleda Conference Committee on the Tension BUI. Mr. TRUMBDLLcaIIed up the House bill rela tive to fioieat eorpur, and U was passed, it on* ■boiLa-s the writ of habeas corjtus for thcnmoral of nnycasc authorized by iormcr acts from a Mate Court to n Circuit Court of the (Jailed states, when Iho defendant la In actual custody. lb** bill allowing the deduction of one month per year for good behavior in case of persons im prisoned lor an om-uce against the United Slates was pa-sed aud goes to the Bouse for concurrence on tbc amendment. Mr. TRUMBULL called up the bill empowering Judges of Pmlca States Courts to Usuo writs «( haute* corjme, but. on motioa of Mr. JOUNsON, it was postponco till to-morrow. A communication was received from the Gov ernor of West Virginia, transmitting a-copy of (be ivsolmlon ratifying toe Constitutional Amend inert; alio, from the Governor of Pcnmylvama, (bo certificate oftbcclecUou of (Senator Cameron Ur. FOWLER Introduced a liill 10 expedite ilc construction ol tbo Southern Pacific Railroad,. tiom El Paau to the Pacific, ana extending tho -ameenrnts of jams as am conferred upon tho Ue ton Pacific Railroad. Referred. Mr, PATTERSON introduced a bill to amend jibo act lor tbo collection of taxes In Insurrection my Stairs, u bleb authorizes tbo transfer to the Internal Department of all potvcis ami duties coULOcted wllo (bo redemption and leasing ol lands. Retrrred. « Mr. SUMNER, from tho Commlltoo on Foreign Abilins Introduced b Joint resolution providing that tbo Commission of the United Stales to ibe Paris Exhibition shall consist of thu C’otutulsslon* or General, with thirty Commissioners already appointed, together with twenty additional bon* miuy Commlsßiooers)inbo designated by the Com missioner. and tbo tnu paid Commissioners, Ibatthe Commissioner General shall bo Presi dent ul tbo Coumuaslon; that the paid Commis sioners may make sucli'rulcs as maj be nucessary lor the procer ana efficient work ortbu Comails -ion, am* snail have power to elect o Chairman I u p<cs:do iu the absence of the Commissioner I (levcis), and the Commissioner appointed ahull I oo from (he whole Commission; tool the Com , mUslon way have power to employ asccoiary , -ind eletks, and the nccc»«a»y scientific ■isslelamx, and draughtsmen, and engage suitable rooms for the Commission: and . ipproprlstcn tbo sum of JSS.Otw oribu specific Perns named in tho joint resolo lon, and requires a detailed stalenuut of cipen dliuie presented to Congress, llto tml(\ Bill rams up. On xhotlon ol Mr. JOHNSON, and alter debate, it vas amended so us to fix (bo duty oncsunclcuat it st.Dti per ton—yeas, 'hi: nays, M. *i Im duty onatqluaUom, bitumen. mlnorn), pitch, I Ac. vbb meed irom 60 cents to S 3 per ton. I Jbo duly or mucbluury was rnUod from 45 to U 1 :vr ttnl cd tolornj). iLcunly on copper oro was changed to throe cents per pound; royulus of copper oic four .-eats, uud copper ingots pigs five cents per The dm von nine paint was raised to Ibrro coots icr pouvu. and on tine sheets to three nud a half rents per pound. Adjourned, HOUSE. Mr. PAITiJRSON, from (be Committee on For* ricu Affairs, reported a bill to aid by bond* me i-omimciion of tbc European and North Ameri can Hallway. Mr. ollTu made a minority report. Mr. I.OMIYKAII Inuoducod a nlll to extend be time for reversion to the United fettle* »'C laud* granted by Cougrcrs to Michigan to aid in too construction ol a railroad nom Amboy ro Traverse Pay. Helerrcd. The Committee on Indian Affairs was instructed so Inquire into the oitbursement of funds for (be Indiana In Coioiado. Pm ate bills were considered, and the Senate joint resolution autcojlring tfa- acceptance of the steam screw sloop-of-war Idaho from the con tmcior at fiwO.U'O, tbc pnee already paid, was . dotted. A resolution, mildly censuring Mr. Cooper, of TetiO.. for bis xemaiks of yesterday, was intro duct dby Mr BJIOM WELL, and after tome dis cussion wnbrtiawo. Mr. i'AYLOIt asked leave to offer a resolution instructing the Committee on Claims to report a bill establishing a Commission lor tbc adjustment of claims ol loyal East Tennesseans against the United Stales.. Mr. WASHBURN, of Mass., objected. Mr. UOUaN. from the Ways and Means Com mittee, reported a joint resolution relieving from tax, alcohol and burning fluid made irom distilled rpitlis, cn which a tax has been already paid. Parsed. SEills passed giving a pension of £3,000 each to •lobi Gray, Mobile County, Ohio. Kfiyears old, fli.d riwocl F. ilaVcmnn, of Sandusky, New York, tu« years old—Revolutionary roldlerg. Mr. MaYNAUU iniroduwa a bill to continue iu force the act of lSsi> to aid the construction ot i all roads in Mississippi. Referred. Memorials were presented as follows: Of the 1 cßislaime or ivuu-as asking aid to the Union I*a • ifle Itniliond, Southern Branco; pmyingforthc passage of a bill extending the bcnedis of ibe Homestead ) aw to settlers on lauds recently pur chased Aram the Osage Indiana; praying for Uio passage of the Senate bill giving the rights ot pre-emption lo selticrs on the Cherokee neutral lands, to Kansas; ol the legislature ot West Vir ginia, ratifying the ConMluUonal Amendment; ot the Dakota legislature, asking an appropria tion to erect a Capitol building. The private calendar was considered In Com mittee of the Whole, and several bius us«*ed. Action was next taken ou a variety of private business on the Speaker's tabic. Mr. NIBLACK. asked Mr. Stevens whether I be proposed to hare a vote on the Reconstruction Hill taken to-morrow. i Mr. tiTEVENfe replied that he Intended to have it disposed ol to-morrow tn some maimer. On motiou ot Mr. KAS**ON, the President was : requeued to inform the House what slops had even taken to carry into iCccl the act tor tno ap pointment of a Commissioner to examine and re port on certain claims of Iowa: Mr. DONNELLY Introduce a bill to amend tbcsectlonof Jply 4 J3:h, laid, granting pensions to vlaune and oipbaus, so a* to include widows ut officers aa well as suldicra and sailors. Re ferred. Mr. GRISWOLD Inlrodnced a bill to cxpcdl’c the construction of the southern Pacific Railroad, deterred. Pu' Committee of the Whole was discharged Lorn thelui|betcor-sld<ration of the Senate bill :or tbe relief of JoaUh J. Ames, and it came be fore tbc House for consideration. Jl approprialt s Inc thousand five hundred dollars to pay tor the i-oato ana buildings burned at Auandale, Vir- J or ttWlsry purposes. As tire bill ••HiWjitoTjjy Important principles at variance with ibo resolution ot the (louse. It gave rise to crnsmerable denote. In the coarse oi the debate Mr. Hclaoo, t halrman ot tho Committee on SfJ. l ?rJ.Si»? n?W i^ u> ? dutuUou, said be supposed #2W,tft',ObO wonld not cover the amount ut aach c alms. The bill passed-ao t 027. On motion of Mr.PRICE, Uig occrcta’vof War •was olrectfd to funri-h a rrp6n and estimate of Gerr rat Wilson for the improvement of me Ocb Moinc* and Rock River Rapids. House adjourned. THE STATE LEGISLATURES ISDUXI. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.J Indianapolis. January £5. SENATE-MORNING. The contested election ca«e In Madison and (bant Counties being the special order, was con idcred. After debate by Messrs. Vawter and Oyler, the previous question was (demanded sustained. The minority report was rejected by • cas ICS, cays 2S. The resolution declaring Milton S. Robinson, the contestant, entitled to bis scat was adoptcd-ycaa 23, nays IT. Mr.Hobln ton was sworn In. The message from tbe Bouse transmitting an address oi the General Assembly to Governor Morton, was read. Tbe yeas and nays were de manded by two Democratic Senators, and were ordered, the Democratic members generally re fusing to vote. Mr. Hanna said there'was a sentiment In tbe address endorsing Governor Morion's politics administration, which bo could not endorse, bn not wishing to place himself in an attitude of nos tillty or discourtesy by consent be wltbdro* bis demand for tbe yeas and nays, that it may go wlihunt rccoid. The address was then, adopted by tic® toe* vote. „ AmSKfIOX, retltioni were presented praying for the pas sage of a prohibitory uqsor law. sb« Judiciary committee reported back the bll for the consolidation snd revision of the statutes otthe Pla'c. and recommended that übelodca nltcly postponed. Concurred in. The Douse bolting bill wav made (ho special or dir tor Monday week. Tbe bill reqainng clerks ol counties to make an index of cases was report'd back, and tbo recom mendation of Indefinite postponement concurred . repealing the act to enforce the thtr- I'Wilh article ot tbo ConstPufion was reported ,bac>- « and the recommendation ot Its passage was conenriealo. The bill to aster: the control of the State over rallioaus, and regulate the of freight car- VOL. XX. riaceond appointment of locomotive engineer*, was ordered printed. Adjourned to 3 o'clock Monday. DOUSE. A largo number ot members obtained leave of for one week. Tbe bill with the senate amcndments'appropri atlng Bcvcnty-flvo thousand dollars for legMsilve expense* was passed. Mr. Lory anoiprized for violating In debate the decorum of the Dense, whe-enpon the resolution of cessurcwaadumlssedby unanimous consent. Several petitions ueie p osomod praying for the passage of a prohibitory liquor law. A resolution was adoptee instructing the Judi ciary Committee to inquire into the expediency of revising the statutes of the State. The Senate bill appropriating twelve thousand dollars to pay to Sn**rlflj mileage for carrying convicts to tbe btato Prison, was passed. Aojoumed till two o'clock Monday. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Madison, January3s. SENATE. Rcpolutlora were Introduced to print 8,000 coplea of Mr. VanWyck’a address before the Scale Biftorical Society; also, to print In pamphlet lorzu the general laws, and providing lor the dis tribution of the same. Adopted. ’ibe Committee on Military Affairs reported a bill appropriating 15,831 to be expended in com pleting the National Cemeteries at Gettysburg and Antietaoi. The bill appropriating fIO,OOO to the Soldiers' Orphan Dome was passed, all the Senators present voting for It excent Senator Clark. Ihe bill amending the act incorporating the Milwaukee Printing Company; also, the bill in lorpon-Uug tbe Milwaukee Soapstone Stove Com panv, and me bill exempting from taxation lands granted to aid in tbe building of tbe Lake Superior & Wausau Military Road. All passed. The Assembly resolution providing for a Joint committee to investigate the alleged bribery and con option in tbe Legislatures of ’GS and 'tic passedwlthon* debate; also a resolution asking Congress to provide for tbe removal of tbe Stock bridge [lndians from Shawano County. Passed; also the resolution authorising more doorkeepers, met-eergen*, Ac,—adopted. Abilllo approoriate to Herman Dick a certain com was indefinitely postponed. The tilt authorizing the drawing of jorlca In WltiiiL-hago County passed. serator Rountree introduced a bill declaring liquor dealers ineligible to office of Justice of the Peace, and the prohibiting of holding conrta in Routes where liquor 1« sold. ASSEMBLY. A petition was presented from LeCroese for a law making uniform rates of tariff on railroads. i!r. Munay’s resolution fora biennial session of the Legislature was scat to the Judiciary Com* ounce. Oq motion of Mr. Horn, tic Judiciary Commit tee was instructed to report a Mil for snbmttlng tolhopcopla Constitutional Amendment, Mv* fog members of ibe Legislature o salary of force hundred aud fifty dollars, instead of a per diem. A resolution looking to the removal of the Slockbridpc Indians, from nhawano County, was adopted. A icrolulion authorising Arc more employes was adopted. Hills were Introduced to charge the time of holding tho Circuit Court In Calumet County: to anuiu] the law relating tu alienation by deed, Ac.; to appropriate ssot' to par for freight on cooks do nated to the Historical Society. being a library of iudi bnudrcdlvolumes. now in Holland; to tocor potato (he G« rman Soldiers’ Union of Milwaukee; to legalize tho sale of lauds cold for taxes In Grant Comity In isiS. • Hie Judiciary Committee reported against a re vision of the Motutca. The Committee on Claims reported against the bill piovldlrg for foe purchase of the portrait ot I'icrident Lincoln. Mr. Ganll, for the majority of ibe Dane County delegation, reported against levying a tax to pullu the Normal School buildings al Stoughton. Ibe Milwaukee County delegation reported in favor of a bill tor tho appointment of an Auditor for Milwaukee County. Both houses adjourned till to-morrow. MINNESOTA. * (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tilbino.) St. Paux* Minn., January 25. Tho legislative excursion parly returned be tween lb and 11 o'clock last evening, having bad a safe and pleasant trip, es was to be expected. Bnl little business was transacted In Ihc Legis lature to-day, aud both branches adjourned until Moncay. This is the most blustering day of tho seas n, though aol very cold. It Is snowing nod drifting. TENNESSEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Nashville, January 25. The contested election case for the Eleventh Senatorial District was decided lo the Senate to* day. The election was originally to fill (be va cancy occasioned by the resignation of Senator Frazier, u doubtful Union mau. Two claimants nppinrod for the seat, Clarke, Conservative, and Robir son, Radical. The Committee on Elections, niter a fall examination, reported yesterday In fever of (ho latter/ To-day, the Senate adopted the report, and Robinson was admitted to tho scat. I ho House pntsed, unanimously, the Joint rcso iitlon authorizing and rcqnc»ting tlu Govornorto •uer a toward ot S2,QUO for (ho apprehension ol lit* murocrcroi senator Case.* A Union caucus to-night determined to pass General Smith s mllliary bill on a second reading to-moirow, to the House. Governor Brownlow will arrive litre to-morrow. Nashville. January 25.—A bill baa bccu passed In tho House Increasing the salary ol tho Htato Judges. It bad previously passed the Senate. NAVAMA. San Puarcibco, January 25.—The Nevada 1/>g it loture boa unanimously passed a memorial ask ing Cor-grcts to aid tho constructluu of the Putro Tunnel- THE CIUEaT STORM* (luontlly or snow Fallen at Various FoiiitH—Condition or tlto Kallroudv. [tipcdil Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Keokuk, Jan nary 25. Two inches of snow Ml hero last mght. Toe Keokuk train which left Dcs.Molucs this morning with one hundred passengers, is snowed In six miles from DeaMoluce. The train leaving here l.hl night with lortv passengers 1a stock four miles inis tide or the down train. All the pis* fcngcrs arc comfortable At farm houses. Buow In uo cuts la twelve feet deep. Cotunmnicad-«n between the two trains la impracticable from this romt. The track If clear to within thirty miles of WoodviHc, the place of detention. Superintendent Williams leu this afternoon trim a la’ge foice of men and a supply of proris* jobs, ihe trains will run as usual to-morrow. On other roads there was no detention. ■Weather cloudy. Itlver quire clear of lee. Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l DesMoxnes, January 25. All central lowa is a great snow field, with pros pects ol more. Trains on the Valley Hoad tailed to come in laituigUt. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Toeonio, January 23. Another gicat snow atom Is prevailing here now. It commenced this afternoon, aud the loads are already all blocked up. In some places the enow is six feet deep. Should a thaw come a tearful flood will resit It. (special Despatch to the Cblcago Tribune.] Madison, Wis,, January 23 The heaviest snow storm here for many years, lu pan at ten o'clock last night, ami continued till late this afternoon. The snow is over a lout deep aid drifting badly. Railroads arc blocked up in nil directions, except the train on the Beloit iirxtich of ibe Northwestern, which arrived lour hours behind time. No trains go out In any dl l'. cilon to-night, special Despatch lo tfcc Chicago Tribune.] Rock Island. January 23. It commenced snowing here last evening at eight o'clock, and has continued without inter rnpticn all day, tac <vind from the west blowing a pcrlcct gale, causing the snow to drlftat a dread ful rate, making it dangerous for pedestrians to be out, and none bntthose havingurgeotbusiness venturing to cross the OtlsslsrippL Many learns on toe river refuse to pass tntongfa the heavy drifts ol enow* The clgi't express on the Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific Railroad, this morning, did not arrive I'Ltll tour o’cock p. m., owing to the great storm. . (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, January 25. The heaviest snow storm known for years set in last evening, and continued all night and all day. Iho roads arc all stopped 10-nlght, and not a train t».iu motion from Milwaukee to the Mississippi Liver. The wind Is blowing furiously, bnt the snow toimbasabated. It Is estimated that there Is rigbteento twenty inches at snow on a icvelln Ue western part of the State. There is about .v.cive niches here, driilca to the depth ol several ee; In someplace*. * houses have suddenly disappeared, and everybody U bus; snovclling their way oat. ISpcaal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Amor, 1))., January 25. All night trains on the main line or the Illinois Central Ralroad arc on time. Jrxcnotr Crrr. Kansas, January 25.—The se verest snow storm lor fire years has been raging ,U»cc two o'clock p. in. yesterday. The snow ts mo feel deep and badly drifted. The Union Pa cific Railway is blockaded. Milwauke*, January 23.—A great snowstorm, . xtmdius alt over the State, commenced at twelve ..'clock fas' night. It Is still snowing bare, and *«*teto road® arc ucaily blocked. Duauqvc, lowa, January 25.—Since seven •> deck last nigbt tic snow ns lailcn berc to a depth oi fourteen inches. To-oay tbe city pre sents a novel appearance, hundreds of snow -bovils baring suddenly come Into nsc for tbe •list time this winter. The storm still prevails •»ih aitroi.gnortheast wind sod hlghprospicts •>I heavy mow drifts. All trains due here to-day •lie tcrtral bouts behind time, Those on the Du buque « Moux City llailrosd are snow-bound, .rone have for the nesi or sjntbwcst. Jhe pork uaoe has been unusually lively for te past two weeks. Ottawa, HI., January 23.—We bad a hlc enow term hero last • IcLt : euyw eight Inches deep on i level and drifting some. Tbe wind is from the weil. wltb indications of rain. Muscatine, lowa, January 25.—A heavy enow -toim Is prevailing here, u commenced last /veiling about 7 o'clock, and there Is no sign of its .bating. Tbe snow la drilling very badly, and (tains will be seriously delayed oat this way. FBO3I CLNCLVJfATI. Trial of Ladles for Bobbing Liqnor JDi-aler*—Verdict for PlalniiOis— I Trial for Wurdcr —The Cental System Adopted, CntciNXATi, January 25.—The trial of thirty ladles at Greenfield, Ohio, for mobbing the liquor ikalcrr, was concluded yesterday. To day the ■m> returned a verdict ofslx buodred and twenty tivc dollars for tlie pialtitilb. ibeOblo Legislature passed the bill enabling (he rity of Cincinnati to bny tbe gas work?, after Milking ont the clause providing that the valua lb n tb« old bo made on a gold ha*!*. Mrs. GerUnoe McLaughlin, who kilted her bus tsrd’s mlftr-ss last week with* blow from a u< ker, was before tbo Police Court yesterday, tier cate was continued one week. Owing to iho ice blockade, freights for Nash ville and beyond are trarsported over the cincln ■ an inspenstuu bridge, and tbcnco rli Lexington aullomsville Travel on the bridge la conitant and very heavy. Tbot naml orof Commerce, this morning, pas sed resolnucns adopting the cental system re garding w eif hi ol grain; also charging the weight ot atomic! Avar fr-tn one hundred and ninety »U'otwo hundred pounds, to lake ofiect Septem ber 20th, Inttcadot March Ist; and alto tveom- nn nds other Boaids fo fix the chaago for that dale. A deaf and dumb boy was ran over end fatally Injured by cars ot Morris. Ind., yesterday. FROM RES HOURS. Snlcldc—Lecture In Atd or a Blind Edl« Ball road Time—The Sui cide mania—llorae itace on the Ice* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Dta Moines, January 35. John Fore, forty-two years of age, a mechanic in this city, committed suicide last night by taking strychnine, and died to tbice hours after taking the poison. At a lecture given last night by Mrs. J. C. Fsvcny, for tbe benefit of J. if. Dixon, the blind local of the SiaU EegUtei\ f 105 was received. The fastest time ever made between here and Denver City was made by a traveller reaching here last night. He left that city on Sunday, and reached here at lO.last night Tbe Orn»g swamp lands trial Is atm grinding along. Suicides have become frequent In this State. We near of them In every direction. In a horae lace on the ice yesterday the rider of the winning horee was thrown and ecilonaly In jured. FROM. CANADA* Tbe Fenian Trial*—two Oilier Pris* oucis Convicted and Two Acquitted— Confederation of an episcopal Bishop, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Xritmue.| Toronto, C. W„ January 35. The Fenian trials were resumed to-day. John Gallagher and Barney Dnun were found gnltty, out not sentenced. They were tiled by juries wholly American. Wm. Orr and Frederick Pry were acquitted. Tbe evidence against them was very weak. Bishop Bctbune was to-day consecrated here as Bishop of this Diocese. This Is the first Bishop of the Episcopal Church ever consecrated in this country. Dlifierto they have been consecrated in England. Ihc ceremonies were participated In by Bishops of New York and Michigan, ana many American clergymen. The Feaian prisoners to-day received a lot of clotbca trout New York. FROM MADISON. Legislators Detained by the Snow Storm Society Election—Dls charsed from a liOglslattTe Clerkship. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) MantaoK. January 25. The Legislature will doubtless be in session to morrow and Monday, without taking the usual re* cess, the members being unable to go home. The State Historical Society has adjourned. It elected Dr. Joseph Bobbins, of this city, Presi dent. W. J. Whipple, correspondent of the Milwaukee JiVtcs, has been discharged from the clerkship 01 the Railroad Committee. mOM NEW 10BK. Development* in me iricyer Swindle— Itihliop of naliio Consecrnfed—.fleet* luc in Aid ot me Soutucrn Poor— Failure*—NtvlndluiK Ca*c—Tlie Alba ny Journal on the tmpcacliaacut Question—Arrest of Thieves. New York, January 45.—’Iherc are very few additional tacts lu regard to (he case of the Na tional Bank ot Noitu America and the broker Meyer. A proposition, made by the friend*) of Meyir, looking to a compromise with fou Bank fors66,W4), was not accepted. At I'rlcity Chapel this afternoon Rev. Dr. Nco tnup consecrateo tho Blehop of Alaiuc. Bishop IVUcr delivered a discourse, lu which ho al luded to the ritualistic movement., counsellor moderation by both defenders and opppneuU of the rysfeta. New Yore, January 25.—At a meeting held to nfobt lu isvor of .Southern relief, resolutions were adopted for the appointment of a commit tro o> thirty, to raise comribu ions and dWrluute Mipollcs among the duatitulo without respect to race or opiuiuQ. ai>d that uliilmthroplc men and women lu other elder and communities through out (he North are earnestly invited in tho work. Steamers Kangaroo and lowa, from Europe, ar rived hero to-day. Hauled a Sclllitip’s cotton warehouse, Nos. Brtfl and I*6B Washington street, was destroyed by Are Bits evening- Boss unknown. Rev. Henry Warn Bcecbcr, Horace Greeley, General Robert Anderson and Rev. Dr. Hendrick spoke at the Southern relief meeting to-night. A meeting will bo held to-morrow night in lavor ol aid to the Cretans. Willard A blraufocre,.nnd James Boyd, brokers Irf’Wall street, are among the firms reported foiled to-day. New Youk, January 25.—Baring tho examina tion into (he O’Bmie swindling case, yesterday, before Justice Dodge, James Kelley who baa been victimized with a $250 check by tho defend* fli.t. testified ihtvlUo fiistmet Mr. O'Uvnto at Pub lic ScLool.No. f>s, preteudlng bo was a conAdunllal agent of ITc*idcui Johuson. aud cime to this ■ onmry recommended by Minister Adams, in • boro service ho had item, was connected with tlo press, and other equally well-founded stones, tu ictnrn lor many favors, he promised to help Kelley to a Collect rehip lit the Internal Revenue Department, bovine, n» ho said, access to Mrs. Patlcrsop, dough e» of the President, and Colonel Johnson, tho President's BOU-‘*powcr» behind tho ibionc.” Kellov cashed (ho draft, which proved worthless. The accused denies his gnllt, and says Lo can prove his Innocence. Totichini' the Impeachment subject, tho Albtny Kteninq Journal says: "At present U requires iiiojo courage to bo moderate than to bo extrava gant;" upon which the Now York /lines says: ‘There Imoo much truth in this s titmice. Ex tremes ot opinion and violence of proposition ate iho madness of thu hour. Tho Constitution is no longer v< mated. .Moderate men quail, and have i nt the confoge to stand by the vomditullun re quired.” There was a rumor on the street last night, but not substantiated, that the famous gambling ex member ot tho I’. R., and prossm Member of Con giess. had gone Into liquidation for u largo amount. Cause—meddling with stocks In Wall street. Not long since tho sumo Individual Is said to have won several hundred thousand dollars from 80-, Wood. N*w Youk, January 25 —A notorious thief and gambler, named George Gardner, alia* Dutch tJfurlch, was arrested ycatcrooy, he having at tempted, some umeslcce,.;o rob James Rowe of f t.Clo In gold. He Is regarded a* one ot tho mo*: successful votibeis in Die cl’y. and though engag ed In several extensive operations, has thus tar managed to escape. He surrendered yesterday, a Ter u threat by tho otl’cor that he would blow his brains out, unit hud put his pistol close to bis head. John R. Hamilton, formerly confidential clerk tor Messrs. R. j; W. Simpson, pawnbrokers. ISO Bowery, was yesterday aircsted on the charge of embezzling si dificrcnt times since June last, money to the amount ot from $12,000 to $15,1W, r.-cm his employers. Judge Chandler admitted ibe accused fo bail tu the anm of SIO,OOO, to an-* swet the charge. FUOII ST PAUL, MIKX. Frozen to Death—Reported Railroad Consolidation—An immense Wildcat Killed—Snow Storm* St. Paul, Minn., January 23.—A man named Warner, living at Eiyaiaii Lake, *vaa frozen to death on Wednesday night. He was found tn the morning within ten rods ol h)» bom?©. It is reported here, on apparently good authori ty, that tbe Minnesota Central Kali road ba- con solidated with the laCrosee & Milwaukee Road. Uis certain (bat the rolling stock of the latter toad Is in use on the former. Sclah Chamberlain u- ft large siockboider in both roads. An immense w ld cat is frightening lumbermen in ibe wooes, on the head waters of the St. Croix. Its body wrs fully twelve feet ir. length, and It Is «-nppofcd to be Ibe same animal that killed n bro ker of ilole-Ic-tUc-Day, the celebrated Chippe wa cblei, a few years ago. Hie great Eastern snowstorm seems to hare itscLvmV ocre. It was snowing and blowing bard bis morning. KANSAS* Senators Pomeroy and Ross Address tliclr Constituents lndians hn Bontefor ITashmcton-ThcWcathcr. Lawoence. Kansas, January 84.—Senator Pomeroy, in his speech at Topeka lost night, said the bomb must be reconstructed on a basis of loyalty by the loyal men, after ulsfrauchtslng the disloyal and leading rebels. The Confederacy bad sunendered everything through Leo arm Johnston, aud reserved nothing, andjpoesensed nothing nut what Grout had given them in the . terms of surrender. Senator Rots endorsed the sentiment* of bis colUague. Colonel Thomas Murphy left Kansas City to day with sixty-six deb calcs, representatives of thirteen Indian tribes of Kansas, to moke tr cases lor a cession of their lauds in this and the purchase of no* homes In the Indian Territory west of Arkansas. A heavy snow storm incurred yesterday. It Is clear and coin to-day. _ RAILROAD DISASTER. one Person Killed and a Large >am- her Wounded* Kovel's Point, January 25.—A serious collision belt* ten tbe express and mail trains on tbe Ogdea*- burgL A take Champlain Railroad occurred this mornli g about a mile from this place. Engineer VVm. Davis, of tbe U eefem mall train, was killco, and Benj. Pecor. fireman of tbe express, had his ankle crashed. Tbo joltowinp passengers were Injured: Mrs. Tfaos. i*. Caitwdl, ecnonsly, lace and bead; Mrs. Mary °f Host Alborg, Vt., seriously, bead; Mrs. Elizabeth Hodßcn, ol Lascclloe. Vl M serious and burnediu bean; Ed-via ile«tllc. O' Slatts vJie. C. E., severely, in Ire. Several others, Jn ctndli.g Gconre Bartum snd Major Forrest, Slate Prisoii inspector for New York, were more or less scratched and bruised. FKO3I ST. LOUIS. Personal—The Presidents St, Lonin Speech—Bis Reporter Summoned 'to Was^lncton* Sr. Lorre. January 25.—Governor Smith, of Montana, re In this city. . . Mr.AValbtidce, phonographic reporter of the XMnocict, baa been cummor.ed to \> asWogton to ustity before tbo Impeachment Committee as to the correctnte ofbt report or President John son’s speech at tbe Southern Hotel in this city. MEXICO. Lib* ral Movement for tlio Election of a «encral-ln-rh!rf— nSanzlllo In Pones* aluu of tlic Liberals, , Nzw Obzxaxs, January 25.—1 t is reported that there will earn be a Convection of Heooblicao Gcuetols In Mexico to choose a GancraMu-Cbiel. It U believed that Ortega will bo chosen. An oftlci rof Onega's vtaff hxs arrived here. His dfsitnntioD Is said to be Vera Cruz, bringing a n.mageitoiu Onega to Maximilian. Uonaillo Is now in possession ot tbe IJberals. >'EOM. HOKDUBAS. An Inraalon by Yucatan Indiana. Nr.wYnnK, January 23.—The JfrroW • British Honduras cormporm-it states that a body ot (■tetand tUrcalcred to utraknp the works aod u.fctv a raid on the city. Trade was at a stand still, and great excitement prevailed. IlclrnnlTr Pirn. Mosilc, Jannaiy 23.—8 y a destructive Qro at Vhorbala, Mi-sbalppl. on 'he night of tbs 93d hist., eightcec business nooses wore consumed. Including three warehouses bilonglag to Cham filoneer m rtons, whore iur*es aioue amonst to otly-flrc or Wit ibonsard oollara. Augusta, Ga., January 85.—Halt of the flour* CHICAGO. SATURDAY, JANUARY 2\ 1867. tubing font) of Lagrange, Louisiana, cmbracln all tbcbn«ne«a booses. *as bim?d rasiwcbt, Hr. Lours, January 93—lb* large planing nil of Sbaw and Rupert. In Reck Island, Illinois, «ta burned on Wednesday nUbt. Loss ttfO.OOO. to* sored fors2C,ooo In tbe Cndernrlters' awn <y; giAbOO imbeAStna; and |£,ooi each In IbeMeto politaa and Home 01 How Tone. TENNESSEE. The Franchise Daw—A Test Cose. h4»nut, January S3.—Colonel E, A. Keebh made the opening at gument la the Court, m the case involving the of «h* franchise law. Ibe Court will be sever days with the case. Governor Cox, of Ohio, Declines a Be* nomination. CoLtxBUE. Ohio, January 25.—'The following letter from Governor Cox was received to-dar by Genera) B. K. Cowen, Chairman of the State Union Central Committee: Sir Beau Sin: A sense of doty to my family has moae me decide to return at the close of my present term of office to my profession, and to toe care of my private affairs, which nave been wholly neglected since ISbO. For this reason I sbaflnolbe a candidate for renomlnatlon, and have thought It proper to make my determination known at this parly day, so that the canvass may not be complicated by any doubt as to my purpose. Very respectfully and trnly^oon^ Steamer Dnaggcd. Mextuib, January 25.—The St. Cloud, Captain Rusk, Irom Evassillle for this port, with 500 tons miscellaneous freiebt, consigned here, struct* a rnag at Piam Poh.t, at «ight o'clock yeaterdar, ana souk lo twenty feet of water. No lives were lost. A portion of her cargo was saved in a dam aged condition. It la thought the boat will prove s total loss. She was owned by her commander ana Byers, the Clerk, and valued at $21,C00. In allied ra ctiicinns't offices at $15,000. Weather clear and cold. Business dull, ibe river rose two feel to-day, and is faff of rot teu Ice. Prize Bights, New OntEAXs, January 25.—The fight between BUI Davis, of et. Louis, who fought McCool three months ago, and Hr. Burnett, of New Or leans ended in a victory for Davis in seven rounds—twenty-eight minutes. Barnet is charged with selling tbefigou la a second fight between DuSy, ol at. Loots, and Peter Joyce, ot New York, the latter, alter fourteen rounds, broke bis thumb and forefinger, tnd threw up the sponce. Wendell FDUIlps. Boston, January 25.—The Ladies'Anil-slavery Society had an anniversary last evening. Wendell Phillips was one of the speakers. Be said: ‘•Johnson Is a traitor. The Supreme Court is poisoned with disloyalty, and the legislative branch of the Government most absorb the Gov ernment and save It." A murderer Pardoned* Louisville, Ky„ January 25.—The rumor, prev alent last night, mat Governor DraoUctte had par doned Tulwcucr, convicted yesterday of man slaughter. proves true. Louisville, January 25.— There is considerable iHseaiitlactiou at the pardon of TatweUer by Gov ernor Biamietio. Suicide. DesMoikzs, January 25.—Mr*.,of Ames Station, who attempted to kill herself lan wvckai iho “UcMoluc House,” but failed, and left the city declaring she “ would do It yet,’’ succeeded a tew nays after, at the bouse of a farmer near Mount Pleasant. She was evidently Insane. Trial of a Clilld-Jlurdcrcr* RocnrsTEzt, N. Y., January S3.—Rot. Joel Undslcy, who whipped bis child to death last June, is on trial lo>aay at Albion. Impartial suffrage. Bostox, January 25.—The Massachusetts Anti •laicry Society has adopted resolutions for lio •uiliul suffrage. JPBO3I SPKLNtfFIELD. Fcufo Law—ltmomologtxt and Oral* tliulostnt-Gvoloclcal Survey—A Long Scmluu and Aiucudtueau tu (lio Con* fttltutlon JCcqillrcd. (bliecUi L’oucspor.donco of the Chicago Tribune.) Srmsorm.o, ill., January 91.. HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES, Tlio Committee ou Agriculture In the House reported Imek the hill to amend the lencc law, and asked that It be laid ou the table and the committee discharged from its further consideration. The reasons stated arc thot the Common Law, the law regulating division fences and the township law were ample without further legislation. Considering that the Supreme Court Imvt: by their decision made a nullity of the Com* mon Law, that the law relating to division tcnccs is only adapted to a timbered country, where the Virginia worm fence prevails, and that tho township law in this regard is rather loose, the readers of the Tuuiunc may be allowed to express a lit tle surprise at this summary disposi tion of tho subject, and would nat urally ask why tt.c Common Law at least should not have been atllrmcd, If there was no need of a well defined statute on tho subject. It Is probable that the friends ol this very important measure may ugyin bring it forward. Itis a muoli*touded lelbrni at this particular time, when the cost ofu rod of leuee is, in most eases, over one dollar* As the law now stands It u directly allowing the man who owns stock, to pas ture the lands of his neighbor, unless that neighbor at great expense fences them out. it la reasonable to ask that persons who wish to pasture the outlyiug prairie, should put their stock In the hands of hoidsmen, so that they do not forage on tho crops of the grain-growing farmer. ENTOMOLOGIST AND ORNITHOLOGIST. A bill for tbo former passed tho House .-oniii days since, but bus not beeu acted upou by the Senate. Another bill is before the latter body providing lot both in the same bill, and approbating two thousand dollars tu each for two years. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. A bill was ordered to be engrossed, tUU morning, to amend the law In regard, to that subject- It appropriates ten thousand dol

lars a year lor two years, in addition to the present appropriation, to forward the work. It also repeals that clause La the law of 1857 providing that the survey shill begin nl the south part of the State and progress north. The bill contemplates a completion of the survey in two years. It also provides for the publication of 3,000 copies of the third volume of the Reports. The people in the mlddlo and northern part of the State may now indulge the hope of having some little attcutlon paid to an examination of their mineral resources. At present the great coal Helds of the State are nut well defined, nor have the stone quarries of the northern prairies been examined. I'bc farmers are directly interested in this survey, and if this bill posses, of which there is no doubt, they may soon bo gratified to know whether tbelr farms contalu other than agricultural values. A LONGER SESSION uud amendment of the Constitution arc so apparent that it Is to be hoped that both u ill be provided lor. Until these changes are made, the cultivators of the soil may have little hope that their more direct inter ests will be attended to. All ol their wants can be reached by general laws, bot these require time for careful consideration, that they may be just an equitable to all parts of llie’State and to each department of rural in dustry. It is, therefore, almost Impossible that in a forty-day scramble of local measures, these interests can hope for more than ou'occasional crumb to fall to tbelr lot. There is a disposition on the part of practical farmers, members of the House, at least to t&ko some Immediate measures lu the premises. The State has outgrown its pioneer condition, and must be put upon a condition that la demanded by Us rapid development. The laws in relation to surveys, township organization, trespass, fining, drainage, Ac., did very well for a new country but sparsely settled, but compact settlements need a more concise &ud specific standard. Rural. LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE. The Charts and Profit* of Railroad Corporation* Chicago* Janaary 90. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune t As the subject relative to our public thor oughfares of freight and travel has been opened by General Blrncy, presenting a Dumber of Items worthy ot consideration, and caieftil investigation, and, as it is a sub ject In which so many o! us are Interested, It Is one of great Importance to all. Without opening the iourn&ls and ledgers of the many railroad and trans portation companies in this country, which arc rapidly growing Into a monopoly, or employing the visionary organa of a spir itual medium to reveal their secrets, I pro pose to look at facts as presented in every day public business transactions. It has long since been demonstrated, to the entire satisfaction of business men, that steam power is much cheaper than horse power !u all cases where a steady power is icqulrcd, and where the circumstances of tuC case admit of its application. Great efforts arc now making all over the land to suosti tutc steam for horse power. The power of steam is mighty, its rolling wheels too care less, its breath too frightful, and Its voice too terrible, to travel the streets of our crowded cities. Therefore, horse power must be used. Notwithstanding the ex pense of this power, passengers arc car ried in the horso cars, the average cost of which 1 will not attempt to give, but will say that one of the longest horse car roads in this country is one of the best pay ing roads. The Third Avenue Railroad In New York Is nine miles long, and for the small sum of seven cents thousands of people ride the entire distance, while for children tlie fare Is only three cents. The Sixth and Tenth Avenue Roads, not quite as loog, charge only dvucenU. It will bo said that many ot these passengers only go half that distance, or Ives than that, aod pay the same amount, which Is true. Id the forepart and ulicrpartof he day the cars are crowded with through passengers ; aud yet the av erage price Is much less than tbat which the stcum care arc charging. All horse cars in this country are valuable and paying institu tions, almost from the day or their com pletion. Do our Americans make an Invest ment and laid ou to It, if it does not pay? Look over the columns of the New York ifooW, or Chicago Tuiucnb, and do you eve their stock In the market? Not at Ml. Tnc reason is obvious. It is futile to approach this question from a tuoial standpoint. In that direction their batteries are strong and their fortification* are Impregnable. But they are keenly sen aitlve to Items of profit and loss, receipts and expenditures. An Individual bank ac* count is estimated by the amoant of busi ness that he Is able to do, and not by the percentage he Is able to charge. It Is a fhet 100 well known by some persona that, very many failures In business have been caused by adopting the high price system. The net profits of any business which admllsofpwM ure and expansion depend upon the amount of business which can be done. Twenty-five years ago the Government charged twenty cents for each letter earned through the mails; even this high rate of postage made the postal system an expense to tbe Govern ment ; at ten cents each letter, It paid some better; and still an improvement on that when It was reduced to five cents; and now for oo’v three cents each, letters are carried and delivered In all of the large cities. The cheap rale of postage Has so greatly in* creased the business and Income of the Post Office Department, that the Government is able to employ hundreds of men to deliver these letters to whomever they may he directed. The freight and passenger business is one that admits of pressure and expansion. It requires good financiering, and good and re sponsible managers. Every employe, in any manner connected with the railroad, should be as true as steel. Possessed of these, the business of the road can be increased to an almost unlimited extent, without increasing the expenses of doing that business in any thing like the ratio of Us receipts. I believe there is no double-track railroad in the United States worked to its full capacity. .Let us look a little farther. In 1860, and bejore that lime, coal was delivered to faml lies InNew York City, in their cellars, fur feur dollars per ton. This same coal was carried by railroad a distance of two ban tired and forty miles. Now let us figure a little. Say one dollar per ton for mining and putting the coal on board of the cars, u Is then dumped at Ellzabethport, N. J., after ‘ being carried about 240 miles. Some of tbe mines are a little nearer and some still farther away than this. This port, bear in mind, is ten miles from the city of New York. The coal is there loaded into barges and towed up to New Yoik. From there, at an expense of fifty cents per ton, it is carted to the coal yards. There it is screened and loaded again into carts and delivered to tbe consumer, which cosls-flfty cent sperton more, the whole footing up: Coal at the mines, fI; barging, 25 cents; carting to the yard, 50 cents; carting from yard to cellar, 50 cents; now allow the dealer in New York 50 cents. There are also other items, such as. screening, waste and auctioneers* commission at Elizabeth, and, if wc call these items only five cents per ton, tbe whole sum is $2.60 per ton. Wc have now one dollar and twenty cents remaining to pay the freight on a ton of coal for 240 miles, which is five mills per mile. If wc add to these figures fifty per cent, wc shall have about the present rates of freight and ex pense. One thing more. The coal trains re turn to the mines empty, so that they pass over the road twice for one iond of freight. The expense to the company of re turning this empta train of cars to the mines is a little less than Ifloadcd. Now, can ony philosopher, mathematician, or stevedore, tell ns how much more H costs the railroad company, or how much mnro time is re quired to load half o dozen passenger cars, than is required to load the same number of freight cars. These same railroad compa nies are rich and prosperous, and have been doing business for many years, not for fuu, ; but fur moucy. i It is plain to all that, if time is an object, the balance Is In favor of passenger trains. First, they can be 'oaded in nnc-tonth of (he time required for loading tbe same number of freight curs. Second, Ihrco times os nmnv trains may lie run over tbe road. In a given time. The cost of stocking the road with passenger cars is much greater, of course, than with the same num ber of freight cars. But this is not a dally expense. The difference In the expense of the passenger cars is made up very soon. There are, also, other expenses connected with punning a passenger train to which a freight train is not subject. Ifwc proceed with our estimates In regard to the costs of carrying passengers per mile, wo must come to something mar the following conclusion : Wo have shown that the cost of transport ing a ton of heavy freight is three-fourths of a penny per mile. This includes *be fifty per cent added for present rates. Wo have also shown that the cost of loading passenger trains Is almost nothing. Wo can easily load ten passenger ears, in less tiuo oud less ex pense, than one freight car. Supposo that wc estimate each passenger, with bag. gngc, to weigh 250 pounds. At that rate eluht passengers will weigh one ton. The above estimates show that tho expense of cmrylng these eight passengers Is three fourths of a penny per mile. Call It eight mills—just one mill per mile fnrcach passenger. This, bear In mind, Is the rate now charged for heavy freight. Now let us give them In tho passenger busl ness Jive hundred jtrr cent profit. They will then receive (he round sum of five mills per mile for each passenger. This may appear like rather bold figuring. But I hope that I shall nut prejudice tbe mind of any Indl vldunl against (ho railroad companies, as they arc one with us In society, vitalizing commerce, civilizing the savage, equalizing properly, and furnishing tho most rapid and comfortable mode of conveyance which we eon have. Now, let every farmer In tho State of Illi nois, every merchant In the city of Chicago, every mechanic who shoves the- block' or swings tho hammer, every man who drives a cart or wheels a borrow, every hackmnn who drives a carriage, every tailor who sboves a goose, every butcher who kills an ox,* every man who tons a hide, every banker who boards his money, every landlord who sets a table, and every railroad company in Chica go, estimate, If it is possible,, the increased number of persons who would crowd the streets of Chicago dally, or the number of persons who would tceekly visit the city, in stead of yearly,- If this cheap rate of freight and travel could he adopted. Is there an acre of land, or one foot of ground,, within fifty miles of Chicago, that would not Im mediately be doubled In value ? Do not our railroad companies moke a sad mistake by overlooking this fundamental law of supply and demand ? W. B. 1. Shooting Aflror in a Theatre. [From the Dubuque Times, January 19. J About 7. o'clock Friday evening, just be* fore the opening of the theatre, the actors were startled by the report of a pistol from tbo green room, Id the second story. Rush' lug down stairs they beheld A. B. Kcanodv, the prompter, and Mr. Wo. Kelly, the stage carpenter, locked In deadly struggle, and in Kennedy’s hand was a four-shooter, which Mr. Kelly was turning from himself bypush irg the band that held it upwards. Mr. Plunkett seized tbo pistol, which Kennedy surrendered to him. Mr. Kelly-presented a ghastly appearance. A jagged, acep wound was on his lelt check, his lace was red with blood, one eye was closed, and blood was streaming down over his clothes. OUlcer Brown was summered, and he took Kenne dy awav, and lodged him in the cala boose. X)rs. Uorr and Staples were sent for, and scon after arrived to attend to Kelly’s wound. The quarrel, of which this almost fatal termination is the result, originated last Thursday evening, when a fracas oc curred between Kennedy’s brother and Mr. Kelly, the latter having pnt the former off the stage, in compliance with Mr. Plunkett’s order that none but actors should be allow ed there. Kennedy assisted his brother, and received a black eye for his pains. There the matter was supposed to have ended, oa Mr. Kell v was in the right. Last night Kennedy and Kelly were m the green room with the former’s brother. Kennedy, who was in the chair, remarked that he was prompter of the theatre and that he would allow any person he pleased behind the scenes. .Kelly srld he guessed not, if Mr. Plunkett’s orders were otherwise. Other words passed, and Kennedy, who was very angry, drew a four shooter partly from bis pocket. Kelly saw the motion, and sprang toward Kennedy to lake the pistol iromnim. Kennedy tired, the ball passing through the upper portion of Kellj f fl left cheek, clipping his ear and lodging in the door. Kelly seized Ken nedy, and the latter’s brother then came at him with a billet of wood. Kelly now bad a doable job of it—he was obliged to bold Kennedy, and at the same lime keep the brother off, which he man aged to do by repeated kicks. Kennedy was rather under Kelly in the tusscl, and getting bis band free he again fired, doing no injury, however, the ball lodging In the ceiling. At ibis time the party from the stage made their appearance, as above related. The fracas did not occupy more than a couple of min* utes. The extent of Kelly’s Injuries was not as certained Friday evening. Thepbtol was so close to his face that the powder burned bis eye and dosed it. Mr. Kelly is a quiet man, well known and respected by all. A Tooug Sion Shot for Snowballing a Companion. {From ike St. Joseph (Mo.> Union, January IS.] The Deputy Sheriff of Andrew County ar rived In this city yesterday, baring In custo dy a young man by the name of John Chand- Ict, who had bicn brought here for safe keeping In our county jafl, having been or- on a charge of murder. The circumstances attending the homicide, as deteUed by the Deputy Sheriff, were about tbe-c: A party of young men—all friends and associates —had assembled them selves together In Jackson township, Andrew County, on Tuesday, and for pastime were engaged In snowballing. In the course of the strife Chandler was singled oat as a.spc* dal object for the balls of his companions, and the fan growing too warm for him be was compelled to take shelter behind a tree. A couple of young men started In pursuit, when be drew his revolver and threat ened to shoot them If they approached nearer. This frightened them aod they Mopped, hut another of the crowd, by the came of Alfred M. Davis, ran around the tree and throw another ball at him, npon which Chandler fired. Immediately after vouug Davis clapped his hand upon his breast, saying, “ Joliu. you have killed me,” aud, failing npon his lace, soon expired. The crowd coufd at first hardlv realize what had been done, but as soon as Davis fell they ran to him and found that the ball had cn tered his right brca*t, inflicting a mortal ; wound. Uc was taken to a neighboring house, but attempts to revive him were use less. Chandler watched with him and as sifted in'the attempts to relieve his suffer ings, and afterwards delivered himself Into custody, ■ The Impression prevails, os we are told, tbat Chandler, when he drew his revolver, had no idea of using It. hut fired upon tho Impulse.ot the moment; without aim and without intention of Injury. The exposi tion ‘s more reasonable, since there is no knowledge of any previous 111-feeU’ig be tween the parlies, and the sport they had been engaged in was carried on in entirely good humor. Disastrous Fire at Alton. [From the Alton (ZD.) Telegraph. January S3.] This city was last night visited by another disastrous conflagration. The buildings de stroyed were two lUree-slory houses on Second street, near Plaaa; one oi them own* ed by Mr. T. Biggins, and occupied by Mr. Slip© as a tobacco factory, and the other owned by Mr. A. 6. Smith, and occupied on the first floor by Mr. A. L. Brennan as a bil liard saloon. The second floor of this build ing was known as Liberty Hall, and the third was occupied by Mr. John Battcrton as a paint shop. The fire broke out about midnight, and originated in the tobacco factory, but we have been unable to ascertain in what man ner. The engines were promptly on the ground, but on account of the intense cold, it was some time before they conld com* mcncc playing upon the flames, and such a headway had the fire by that time, that the buildings were soon totally consumed, in spite or all the efforts of citizens and fire men. It is fortunate that the air was perfectly still at the lime, for bad there been any wind the conflagration would have doubtless spread to other buildings Immediately ad joining and in the vicinity. As it was, it was only by great exertions that the fire was prevented trom crossing the altev and com municating to the buildings on Third street. The loss Is very heavy, and partially covered bvpnsuiance. Most ol the parties who suffer ed by the fire were insured with Messrs. Kclicnberger & Dulbee, and we are indebted to the courtesy of these gen tlemen for a statement of the differ ent amounts for which the parties losing bv the fire were insured: A. G- smith, $5,000, as follows: Hartford Fire Insurance Company, $3,500; Home Insurance Companv of New York, SI,OOO. Thomas Biggins, $4,000, as fol lows: Alton Mutual and Savings, $3,000; Springfield M. & F. Insurance Company, sl,oo£ A. L. Brennan, assignee Jno. simp son, Springfield F, & M. Insurance Company, $3,000. Henry Slipe, Metropolitan, $5,000. Mr. Brennan had also an insurance of SOOO with Messrs. Hilt & Murray, in the Home In surance Company of Cincinnati. The New York Canals, State Engineer Uoodsell. of New York, in his annual report Id the General Assembly, on the canals, advocates the enlargement of one tier of locks, and the ultimate use of steam. He estimates the cost as follows: For enlargement of locks on Erie and Oswcco Canals $0,689,050.73 For enlargement of aqueducts and culverts 265.51T.00 For enlargement of bridges 121,211.00 For removing wall benches 1,7ttt,n0.00 For additional feeders 303,i&).UJ For deepening canal one foot 1,0^9,970.00 For land damages ana removals of bQiidiDgß - 409.800.00 For engineering and contingencies... 1.0t.7,651.00 Total. The report is filled with interesting statis tics and tacts In relation to the canals of the State. The following statement shows the number of boats locked: At Albany, 1, double., 0,099: 2, single. 12,203 ; 3, Weal Troy, double, 27,831. Upper side cut, WesfTroy, single, 17,170. Lower side cut, at Port Schuyler,'s,o7l. WHIN. [From the New York Tribune.) The reputation of th a Home Journal was due in u great degree to the anftdulty, tact, and versatile literary rowers of Mr. Willis, He was never weary of his task, never at a loss lor suggestive themes, never wauling in skill or adaptation, in curious surprises of expression, or In flowing wealth of origi nal illustration. His devotion to his edito rial duties was like that of a fond mother to htr pet child. The languor of disease seemed to produce no effect on the fertility of his pen. Ills mental energy triumphed over the weakness of his bodily frame, and the dashes of quaint humor, and the utterance ot dainty conceits which constantly en livened the columns o! his journal, were of ten produced In the Intervals of pain, or dictated amidst the pangs of lingering ill ness. Even until within u few days of his death, he would not consent to relinquish his grasp of the pen, maintaining the same persistent energy which had kept him Arm ut his post through so many years of hope less Invalidism. Oeapcrnfc Fight Between a Man and a Hoc—Both are Killed* The Baton Rouge Comet gives the particu lars of the death of nncgto tinder circum stances of the most singular character. The negro had been hunting wild hogs, and had hliut one, but the wound uot proving mor tal, a struggle took place. The Comet says : The negro and hog, as wo rcrnnrkrtl *bc- Ibro, were both found dead—the negro with his under Jnw firmly held between the Jaws of his formidable antagonist, whoso upj>cr teeth had penetrated within the negro's month, while Its under teeth held fast to the chin of the noor darkey, who In this tarangc encounter proved both victim and vlcUmlzcr. Wa IT DllOTiiEKs, Attveritftios Ab'in ISO l>porb«*rn»at., receive advertisement* for nil the lending papem Uimuuiiaai the (Inlled Slnint <iml (!aon«A», ffaiautco. r J'O CAPITALISTS. ibeadvcrtUer, who It t'wroßKhly familiar with the produce cmuntalon business, and van lafluciee a de *irat»c eastern correspond**’ ce, wlshes to associate biiuaeff with a capuatlrt- or fim claaa.commission bonne already cstaMU’.ed in Chicago. bamf-u-iory «ity aid eastern retersnee*. Addiua BHODUCE, 1 rlbnne office. T-T OUSE AND LOT—Warned—To 1- l purchase, a house aod lot, or two 1-u to build on, tnnpleftNmttocatlrn.. South Side, cast ot State arm uonb of Twcnty-aoeoad-aL, prewired. No fancy price will be paid. Battles havlnc such to sell, cheat) for -flihjplease address, statlnc locaUon and once, A. A. COLEV. Box 3000. Chicago. A NOTHER LUCKY MAN. Who- JTjL wiahcs to tom a stock or SALABLE 9IKKCUANOIBE Into Greenbacks within 69 or 90. days. Don't all speak u’.ome. ZIT For panxul&rs addreee. Box 41. Bockford^lU ANTED—TO INVEST— Seven or eight thonsmd dollars la an c'tab'Hhod business la Chicago or rtelulty. Any party tiavtnc a desirable and legitimate interest to oiler, will adcros “X,'* Box iiatl, Chicago, clvirg char acur of business, Ac. A GENTS - WANTED. ry the mCTN'IX LIFE INSURANCE CO, 01 Hart ford, tlirocihcut Illinois. CUAS. n. LAKBT, General Agent. £Q L&alle-at. pARLOR FURNITURE AND PIANO 1 wanted, In radiance for a Tm«t Deed and note ofJfiOt*. doe Jan uary, IS*A with ictcrcst at 10 per crat, secured on farm its land. FcrrdVQr-* must be new or neatly so. In quire ol F. L. BMCKMAN. -t J Lake-st. (General Notices. OTICE—Run Away—From tho cor- Lv teroistatoand Washlngton-sts, at lUtfp. m, January 23d, a pair ofdark bar Dorses, attached to a light epen carriage, containing one dork iol»e (WoJ virtue and two auawla), A liberal reward will be paid for any inlcnnatlon, or Urc retain ol tho property to Sj-15 Prairie-av. TJEOt-LE’S GAS LIGHT AND COKE X CuMPANT. The ainnal meeting of the stockholders ol the Peo ple's Ga« Light and Cote Cornea:y will be held at t*e office of the Company, In Cnlcaro, on Monday, • ebrusry t IW7. at 10 o'clock a. m. A. M. BILLINGS, president. Chicago, January S 3, is 6«. MORE ; DEATHS OR BUBSIHBS FBOM BURSTING KEROSENE LAMPS. Having been engaged In the kerosene oil and lamp trade. «* travel.tex agent, tor tae largest Ump firm It, the West, for two and a half years, my attention ha* been called to the painful Curt cl a great many acci dents and DEATHS taosed by LAMPS BURSTING. Hiitc studied the can*** thoroughly, and bare dl*- coveted a SUB* PREVENTION. There is no need of uew turners or anyihitg else. bot slmoiy t> follow the mica. I bare prepared a circular, containing the cause* and prevention. Being so well mown by the trade and many others in Wisconsin. Illinois. lowa. : Missouri Kan*a*,ardNebraeka. 1 have no hesitation in Mruing my real name as a guarantee ol la being no bumbnjr, i trt of real raioe. Enclose, toy cents, and write yotxr name. Post Of. flee address. County and State, plainly, and by retain mall I wilt toward the circular. BES. BBirastse, Box S4O Chicago. Q.ROUND OIL CAKE is the Cheapest Feed In the Market Ftr stock of all Mod*. Order* oromotlynUedlarcaab, E. W. BLATcHFOgn & CO„ 1 Ho, 70 sorm CUatco-et. financial* banter*wanted, with |12,U0 or (20,000 cub capital, 'itttruuatrr active, to a aad fWoptos bi*ln«M,welle*tahli*nfd. Addma “W.U. G.,-Tn loner.fflcr, tiring real same- Best of reference* re quired acd given. TO LOAN tin City Mortgage and Business Taper* Also, KEAL tSTAfE bought md so’dW SINCLAIR * TOUTED* S, Ilfom 8 Ma»onlcT*mple. MUSICAL. a. Situation as Organist ■Wanted. XT Address P. O. Box 1090, Chicago. INSTRUCTIONS” on“the A PTARU AND GUITAR, Mr. W. 6. MATIIESOK has tasea roots* at No, 2SO llllnols-st- where he win eivb itatroetions on thrabrTctamrdjnstrnaent*. i.cmomwlli brinvrn at private itivteseca U dteUtd. The new oi reietencea EITfO. flianog. PIANOS—The public la reapectftiUy in- JC vltrd to nil at 75 Market ft. coroer of waah mtkm-u. to inspect tbs new nano Fortes from the g«v York Central company—tb* best la tbs market. nielNaaMjiiU speak tor taemaelrei. pianos ta rent byj. PBUTDB. 1 NUMBER 232. 3Ci)e gating Season. SIDE RINK. GRAM) MS WADE! This (Saturday) HvenJog. The Second Grand Masquerade ASD FANCY DRESS CARNIVAL Why fake plneeat the above Spacious Risk. To accommodate the numerous ska’ors who Intend to appear is costomtvtbe projnanmaef thclaAt Uu> Queracfe will oe adopted tits evening. This It m only flack or to* citt wh«re specta tor* can be accommodat'd with seat* and ba*eaper tect \ lew of the grand scene. Ice in Splendid Order. cy SKATES OS BAND TO HTHE. ere Dorrs opts at 7 oMocft* Hscdolph-ai. cars pass the door every Ore minutes.- Admission to all parts ot the boose 50 cents. Q.RAND NATIONAL Sbaiisg Tournament, COMMENCING JANUAET 28, XBS7, . &t Central Skating Park, PITTSBURGH, PENN., Prizes (400 and (STO in Greenbacks, and the Cham Dion Medal worth (50. The beat eenteana skater will re ce:Tespiizfloi(4ootnQreeahacEa and toe champion Gold Mcdai worth (M of America. Toe bat lad) skater a prize of (900 and the Gold Medal. Three ol each to secure a contest, the winners, if challenged next season to skate tbo contest oa tbU Park. Eatne* to close on the 50th. Adjreas THOMAS A. SPENCE. Secretary Central Skating Park, ro«t Office Box 371. PUttporgh. for eatiloJ and particulars. ■^TASHINGTON SKATING PARK. POSTPONEMENT OF THE CHIXBKEITS CAEKITAX. Owing to ttir impossibility of getting the snow clear ed on tie l*ark bcurc evening. the Managers are com p»llcl to noMpone the Children's Cm nival uuUIbAT UHDAVSEXr.FcD.3d. Park Open This Evening* Great Western Light Guard Kami. JUNE. .$12,689,169.75 SPECIAL ATTRACTION* Music Afternoon and Evening. Ladles* Matitire at i£ I*, m. Grand Carnival in the Evening. RACH ON mONDAV STBNINO. QENTKAL PARK. OPEN THIS AFTEKNOON AND EVDNINO. Balloon Ascension on Wednesday evening, January noth— manager’s night. (Sift (Enterprise |^ELI.ETS GRAND NORTH AMERICAN PRIZE CONCERT! To have been given at the Wabash-av, Rink, Cbioago, Illinois, SATUIUMT, January IMb, IS«7, rOSTPONED. Ihe sale of Tickets has been immense, and wlthont a parallel on this continent. Five Hundred Thousand Tickets Issued—only a few remain unsold. Tho Books will bo kept open a short time longer. In omer to c< mplvtc thu sum of every Ticket befbni the drawing commences. . . ~ „ tbtsls tbs tu-atrat dlautbOU-iuot tha 17th Coutn* ry, and the most sun ev>tni oitcrpnic of the kind ever inaugurated ia the Worm. Capital Prize $30,000 IN GREENBACKS t 330,004 Vnlnnbte Oltti, mined at Hall a illtMton IJoilara* lactadlug 9100,000 to tirroubuclu< Will be presented to ticket-holder*. Every other Tiidcot Draws a Prise. Tbo-tlme of Concert will bo published In this and all principal paper* of Urn United biatee Via few days. Tickets 11.00 eacb; live f.r SLbO; ten Ur|O.UO. AU wanting Tickets should order them at once. Money by draft, Fast Otaceordci. express, or In reg istered letters, may bo sett tt oat risk. All common]cations anoniil oe addressed to A. A. KELLEY ft CO., No. 10.”4 RANDOLPHS!., CHICAGO, 111. Emispotiotion. MERCHANTS’ DESPATCH I FAST FREIGHT LINE 1 AMERICAS EXPRESS COHPT, PROPRIETORS. The Hudson Hirer and New York Central Railroads having adjusted thetr late diflerencea, Freight Train connections have been tciamed, and MERCHANTS* DESPATCH Through Can leave New York, dally, as heretofore. Shlpicnarea*tiucdtb<ano effort will besparodto cosh shipments forward to destination as rapidly os possible, and In Time Excelled I)}’ Xo Oilier Line. £. CUMMIJvGS, Superintendent. Buffalo. January S3,IS6T. ftonb at Rurtion. T AND SALE.—The undersigned wdl I i offer at AUCTION, at xbc north door of the Court House In Chicago, Ills., at U o’clock a. in.. Saturday, the 9th of Fchmary, Prosltt o, If not previous!? sold at private sale, the E. V of S. W. m. sec. M. 41 S-, U Sn (Ituato about one mile and a halt west of Erscaton, and twelve north of Chi cago. Cook County, ill., containing eighty acres, more ° r Abont flfty.fivc or sixty acrca of this tract are heav ily Umbered, the remainder In prairie, wht c addi tional Inducements are found in its proximity to the beanUlul duie railroad and lase iboietownot Etana ion and the gnat city of Chicago, in reference to a place of residence, the fadiilv oi sale and delivery of the Umber and the products ot the sail generally. X3T Term* of sale published thed%y of sale, persons desiring to purchase this land at private sale will direct their oommuaicatlQos to too undersigned, Eoi NO. 355, Macomb, 111. 6. L. SOMMERS, Agent tor W. w. Corcoran. gTtabcUiug Bags. QBIUAGO TRAVELLING BAG MANUFACTORY, 477 teTATE-Sr, 6ALE&BOOMS: 111 Cbnrcb Block* And 497 rjr The Trade supplied at New Tort prices. Trar elilee Baca made to order acd repaired. s GEO. B. TTAUBB, Proprietor. WOOL! wools! S3T Apply at 133 Sonth Ciark-it. \3i)omaray!)»- THOSE WHO DIDN’T DRAW CROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE TVo tender oar sincere sympathy, and at the same time Inform them that we have a few tbotmnd dapjl cates ol that, at ‘'Toodhw'* would aay, mas-nff-l-seat bolldim; left, one of which jouwui be sore to draw by stcalCK for a dozen of Cariotl’a Sterc:scoplc Views, S3At per dozen, or send for catalogue aod mafco your own selection, j. CABBtTTT, Photographer, 131 lake-at, Chicago-, Saucationat. TITHIiENFURTITS CO3IMEROIAL XJ COLLEGE la ttebert boattes* •ebWW&g Hie tVeil.ltelCff llio onlv ope CONDUCTED £ * .vijhf TU.AL V£N. Frrnm hnmtrri Tbf EDUCATIONAL AND CLASgI£At COIXEHK rcsocclttely picpare yooth* fbf • * Um Tcrtlty Comae. Ladies SegdcarF Mt opened. VOUNG LADIES’ SEMINARY, T.rtTTE Ton DST, IL&. ltenb S offfoTjSr I w*^ m "w”^»S> U sS^li 3300tg to Sljocg. T>OOTS AND aHOES. - ** WANTED, TO* PDttCHASEt , A Soot: and SDou Business; Address, with real name, Box4lß,atatmsamoant ot baatness, stock. Ttluo oi tuettues, profits, locallwo, rent, &c. ij B E ATLANTIC MONTHLY CoxTOm.—The Guardian Amrel. Part II.; Mona; Characteristic* of the Elizabeths LJtezatore: George BediiilAD’s Knitst; Comic joiraaiUm: 8 (carMtve Chamber; Katharine Horne.P.rtlV.: A Drift-Wood Tire t Baal KsUte: Bov Hr. rty • WooJdHar - pro *ch cd It; Glacial Pbrsoosaa In atuce, Part 1; Forza MaaxJore; The Guerdon; BecoUictiona of John Van* derlyu. the Artist; The Beoubicao Alliance; Toe SuoAPoint oi too Boarmnr-Uoa»e; Berlov* and tit. era rj Notices. r Amour the contributor* to the February ArtAvra: Ksre OltrerWendell UftiroeaProf. Ak** t,B, P. Whip- •‘AManWithoutaCocaarT" T.\f. Igrinjon, Joseph Mittlal. Alcocvry, W.l>, How ell, T. B- A-drlih, sad other veU-khowa writers. Price. 35 cent* a number; (4 a year. Our Young Folks CtrftTiai*.—Round-the-world Joe; HMplmt Father; The little Oir) Who Wrote s Cook; U .u* patsy Wil low, Vj,; Birdie’s »do» btonn; The Utitorr of a aca 6* allow; Good OW Time*, II.; Sport*, Oanv* and Pastimes;-Old Gregory; The Story ot uurOer&alam: The Winter Eight; Bound the Evening Lamp j Our Letter Sox. (y Pralusely Illustrated. Price, 13 cents a uumb 4 * v(3 a year. Atlakttc and Ora 1 orxs JoLXf,- >s•, TICK3OE ,t FIELDS, Pdldbienr, jy|AfcSAt!HTI;>±.TTS IN THE REBELLION. A HECOKD OF TD3 Position of tie Commonwealth, Atd ISe Scrrlces ol ibe LEADING STAThIiPvN, the Miirr.vsr. Ti2£ COLLEGES. and THE PEOPLE. in'Che CIVIL W£S of 2.362—65. BrF.C.UxiDLTT, aatborot -Josephine,” etc. Thlsimportant tnbUcstton basbecn prepared with tbo trnoK care, ana wi | be pronounced jncompcmhlr toe roost valuable lecal roLtrlbulon to tDe huxryot the KeMlltos xei published. Ur interest to erery sou or Onuedict 01 Massact nsette, or, loceed, of New Baz laid,cannot be vxagccrated.. It contains Eight Steel-Plate Engravings, Including likenesses of THIRTT-TWO eminent cml - and military men, living and deceased. Price, In cloth, s4.6o,sheep, ssSo;halfealf,s7 PUBLISHED BT SUBSCRIPTION. Copies (eat py mall, postage paid, porecelptuf price GEO. C. RAND & AVERY, Boston, Mass., Publishers. CT*AccnW wanted everywhere. Address GEO.&C. W. SHERWOOD, 105 .Tlndlnoa-at., Chicago, General Agents lor the Weak JjMJROPEAN AGENCY FOR THE EXHIBITION AND SALE American Patents anil Jlanufaelures. The undersign'd bare e«taMl>hM In rartv, France, (ho.ti Boulevard tic bvtwutopol), a ■ frr the exhibition and rale of American Falcntj and Manufactures in Eurupe. ■* The nasally <jf men no Agency has lung been ap> paum to An.crlcnu Itmntor*. WeMdlcvo inst wo can off-r peculiar ndranlafes ti tb- se deelrlng the semcr* 01 competent, reliable ann priuitcal Amert* cans toatteadpcrs.uajiyto theirinterests mFrance and Entland. one member of the firm was employe 1 at the WoriTa Eahibllleu in Kc» York. In tIOR. t th» meat advan lage ofniveral Important patents. Hu has-o practical knowledge t.rmeih&sltni and machinery, andtafamll lar with the French language. Tlie other men.ber of thu firm haa hod five year** practical c« nreotlon with the Unit's! state* Patent tutlce. is folly acqnalated with the I'atcnt system la this irm.try ana in Europe, ami sprats the German language, ► Addison M. Hnilth, Eso.; who Itaa been for nine years connected with the Examining Board of the Uni ted Mates I’aUut Office, and for (h* last D'«y»nr* in charm* nl the rla*s embracing ••Harvesting .Machines," etc H i» associated with na as Washington. I>. C and will attend to all bailee** relating to patents lb tnu country, cither brfvro me Office or uc Courts. Wo have ev.ry facility tor securing European Pat* ent« on American U venilxn*. We can fnrnl«h the beat testimonials ol financial rasptjQitblUty. ano capacity to conduct to a tneceaaliil Issue inch negr Hattons as may be intrusted to os. We shall give sprcU) attention to the rmpcrezhlb* It Inn of an (cl* * It our care at tU* Qreat Kxpoattton, endeavoring to secure l«r them the isvor-thle atten tion ofCcmalitefnm&dfoiJjusUco In all tests ottheir con paratlte tm r'.w. We invite cot respot donee with American Inventor*, owners of I'ateoia and manufacturer*. - For circular am t.witter information address HT.AS- C1IAHI) A McKLAN. Box ;|H3, Washington. I>. C.. or No. .W 2 itou'ovard de >eb««Ujpyl, Faria, France, or Lock Box 012 H. Chicago. Ul. UIOBOK A. lIIAJCUADD. J. A. McKIAN. A NEW BDUNEH. Tt:iE BRILLIANT LIGHT! LIGHT 1 Tlic last and Best Ic volition I Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner! (■lnun Clt|inn««* diipminl wlMi. A a'ondr, brilliant Ltubi. to iln*. to burn ordinary lirr«*ei)e, AQAPI’AULK TO ANY LAHP. 44 To See be. Convinced I” tv~ Bats ud County itlghtaforasie py A. It. biUAX, Adam* Home. 'J'O.mVENTOUS. COBURN & MARKS, Office 11, l_nrmou Block, Corner of Clark and Waablnetoc-ata., Chicago, in., solicit patents lor Inventions. and practice In the Courts in infrinz’ment case* Beadstampforthe-lavvator'afland Book.** QAHD’S PATENT BBICH nxaCHINB. Office and mammetory 53 Soota Jeflersoa-st. Fu Information and duczlottya circular addreaa tt, R. CARD. ■\x7iLLUuas, TOUNG & KAAa, V? Wholesale Grocer*. No. 31 Rivcr-st, sole a Cents for Baringer A Jones* celebrated French Mns> lard. Wholesale dealers mpplled. at lowest K«w York price, adding freight. A FULL STOCK constantly kept on hand. PAYaON & GREGORY, Counsellors and Attorneys^-Law; 52 Dearborn-sL, Walker'* Building, Chicago, 111. I.N. ABSoLOv CkOBOkPiTSOS, USAS. A. GXKSOCT pr attention given to Chancery. Common Law Criminal and Patent cases. MESSENGER & WEIGHTS OASSIMERES. Those standard American good* axe made in a great ■variety cf styles, a: d are ail t f superior quality and fin ish. Oemkrttco ord*rtn? eithtrenUre suits or slnne csrzsenis will consult rood toiw. as well as economy, by living them tto preference. For sale by the Mer chantToilors in all narts of the country. jqALiDWARa >E CJUTLEitY. HUROj PRESCOTT&Co 175 Lake-St, The attention ot elo««* buyers u invit'd to cur com plete stock of COOPERS', MACHINISTS’ and CAB RENTERS* TOOLS, AMERICAN TABLE LUTLKKT ana BUILDERS* HARDWARE, direct trom the best xuauufitctorera- Weouer. also, a complete assortment of WOSTKKHCLITS POCKET CUILEUY, SPEAR A JACKSON’S SAWS. JOSEPH RODGERS A SONS SCISSORS and RAZORS. STUBBS A ROTHSBrS FILES, vlso SKATES and Straps cf every description. We also constantly on hand full numbers ol dCiIOANBERGLR's JUNIATA NAILS. C. P. Bro. Edw. Pkescjtt- S. Baiyr>-*TT. |QQ HHDS. K. 0. SDGAK. 'T'O LEASE FORA TERM OF X EARS. 87 fret by 100 feet On ?ontb TTcUmt., east trout, i-eiween Van Daren and Jacksowu. Biot low to respectable tenants, who v 111 bind themselves to erect good Improvements. Ap ply to JOHN GCXZESHACSEK, ■ • 151 Hancoipb-et.. Boom 1. 2i2i1001. r\FFIOE OP THE SDP’T OF CON- V/ fcTRDCIIONOFTHKTI.d. COURT HODSR SPHTSornsU), Jnt,. Janoary tJ, IS«7. Sealed Proposal* will bo recelred at the office cf toe Etpexlntea'ent of the U. S.Uoart Hotms, tow erecMux at sprlneficld, 01. until 13 o’clock m. FcDreary 9-b. 10W, tor allvbn exterior cut atone work ufUfSJ**?!? bolldlnc, Irotn the basement up. to be the premise/. Drawings ol the work, thowws ueiltnanu extent ci u, may bo p„ 0 / estin atmr, at iut office, orby •Pg' ,f .*V«i2 \r\ b 0 CttS * tom Home* at Lbicaao, Hi- • n “, 6 Lf£S& *th« Proposals most comonn mad rjspecta to .® % ouimoictaof the plans *td speclQcstlons, and will inance the pm o foi ihowto.o of the ashlar, and the wimio of the dressinas. * e P*tate Items, tne Depirt m«t resOT?ox tha contract lor the SSaliSfSa artiaf separately. '“rnirwSiis win also be received at the office of the nndeMlgnediortnmabUgall tboatoelc required lor ill stove eof stone work, Including the übiar, ready aawec.m be delivered on the cars at toe depot, tn the city cf bprlßßCeld, from the Ist day of May forward, and In »ucn qoantutai ai wui Do required by the Su perintendent. - . Fropceils wUlaUoboreodrcdatmy office for act* tlttr the above cut store went Is the wall, reducing all cran pa, anchors, stagings, etc., iccotding to plans andsiKClfivatlons Payments to bo made motlhly, upon the dellrery and acceptance eftne stone or work, deducting tea (10) per cent. until the final completion ol tbo con. tract. All bid* nut be accompanied by the bond ot two rcspomlblener'ctu, in the sum of 15.000, for the cot ttooewor»,aAOO(’fbrthe roach ilune, and ror seitiDß tteifone, that ttebidder «U 1 accept aod per form tbeconuactlf awarded to him, the inffietency ot the occtrlty to be certified to by the Colitciur of Inter tal Eevcnw* Tor tre District. The birder most accompany his bid with a latanle cf-hettoue he proposes to tarnl»h,ax tech's cube, and abowinc the var.ous styles ol Uamxenng pro p •od.asslwasmHorronct- tacc*.H.muitbopialn'y marked with tbe Initials of the parties ana the name ot tbeqnarry from which obtained. , , Ihe ixpar mcut merles the rlsht to robet any or an bids if It bs deemed Ibr tne interest of tbo Gornrn meat eo to do. and no ow will bo con-Hered that does cot conform to tiir tequlrenieot ol this anverti«*ra-nt, proposals shtalrtbotccleseil in a *w[?d envelope, Ind9rscd* , l*«oro*atoti*reut st.’iowork.” “Proposaj rcr ionchstonc.* v or w l*ropo'al» mramtrg stone,'* aa «be f*<> D<ar br, aird addressed to A. doper- Intcsdent 13. b. conn aonse. bpilngdetd, .(lunois. - ' -A. bCBWAUIA. bupenatenacat. "Neto publications. For February, 1867* For Fobrnaxyi 1857 a BOSTON. IJatems. FEnVAMSKT AQBNOT iSusiiuss ©atus. jbatbmare, Stores, ffiatiaianmfßJß. 100 Brls. 5. O. Molasses. 100 Urla. Texas Pecan Nats. Just received acdfjr tale by • J. W. POANB & CO. Co 3Sent. proposals. jfot tf>e ffcait. 'J'O LADIES. RISTORI. The following; editorial and certlfl cate la from one of oar leading Joon naltt “There are hnalrcda of worlhlm hair preparations in the market— article* taihered up tolGjf with the Intention or matttwg money oat of **»«» creOnllly of tbo people, (hat we her* bare a preparation better (ban any other) and af a reaaonnbfc price. It Is the fashionable batr tlrr—lnn In the capitals of BOTope, and Bistorts en dorsement Is simply one amon( (fra many flattering tcsOmoaials which this article has received from all sonrees.** RISTdRL On September 39tb, LBGR, ADELAIDE BIATOUI* tbe “Queen-of Tragedy*’* mr sbe bos been appropriately styled try the critical world, sect the foil ow ing endorsement of Dr. chanrateri* “Empress ’* for Ibo flalrlo tbi present proprietors. If any other testimony than that of the fa&nlonabTe world* who universally osctbls Incomparable preparation ter the exclmsom of all Were necessary. It would be found ta'tbls moec strong and positive thu preparation, from the Italian Queen ol Sonet im, READ TM! Fifth Ate>te- Hosei, New York, September ®9th, Isce. Messieurs : I- return jon my sincere tlianks for tbe very accep table present yen -were pleased to make me. In IY.-Chaussier’s Em press I rccognite an old friend, liaviuz used it as a cosmetique ami as a toilct article for sevsral years. Tiie Lot to not tSe same style as we have in Paris, bat upon im, of lie pn'per.uiuu I firm it to be fie same as that jmt up iVFnmce, lt-is the' est article for the Hair I have ever loanu, ' - ■ : ’ t» know it is becoming so-popular in America. I am, Yours respectfully, ADELAIDE MSTORL Messes. Burnhams & Van Sshaack, WHOLESALE DEUGGISTS, 16 Ult-SI, HCIfiO, General Agents for the Northwest. SupUiislliptic JBkitta. Jl'At-niOAS DEMAND J. W. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic (OK DOUBLE SrULN’O) SKIRTS. They wtu sot bend o* Break like the smg-e eyrtco, Dot win cv*r prwiivolhrlr perfect and beantttuiahaa& whereihreror lour ordinary Skirts are thrown a*lda M aselrav- They oetnbinn eomfbpt, durability aafl S a.* 1 "’* ,ucl ' “• “** STMDARD SKIRT OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. At wholesale by the etelnatre manoiacwms nc •cic owners of the putuit. » WESTS, BRADLEY & CART, Warehouse and office, 07 Chambers and 70 aad Si Keodr>)k.bew York. Alto, at wholesale by tho Ifiia tog jobbers. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt*, By far the most popular and grarcim Skirt won. TQt sale at. wholesale at n^Alxnflwt^^ef« , prices, by FMtLD, PALMER A LEITKB, 110.112.114 and 110 Uke-su Clucage. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirti, For Elegance and Economy are m-tarpaiscd For mSi aiwUc’.rsHo by JOBS V. FARWELL A CO, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Sidra, The Ilphtrat, mrst agreeable and perfect Skirt* wt/m_ Furaaloat wholesale. howSN BROS., Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For beauty, comfort and durability superior to aO GtM era. For sale at wholesale by TUKRHNCR. MANNING A CO, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts At wholesale,' at manmacturera* prices. KEITH. WOtSo A CO„ Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts. Per sal». at Manufacturer*’ New York Wholesale trices, by SEYMOUR. CARTER t CO, No. *i-A LakMt. jfnr £ale. Q.UAPES. MALAGA GRAPES I TWBJfTY ssaa SUPERIOR. MALAGA GRAPES, Just received and for sole. Joa.V iVRKHiT, S3 South, Clark rt. MERCHANTS’ UNIOH EXPRESS STOCK For sale, as follows: yn raid m. at ts It paid la, at u 17paiUin,.at li Also, American, United States, Adams* and Welle, Fureo A Co.'a tlipresi Stocks at lowest market rates. b>- BOOKJsTAVZR, THAStR A SLOaoUN, Bankers and-brosera. 71 Broadway, iiew York; SSiElin'boto Slags. J ■ftTLLABD FOX. WtttDQW CLASS. a o e LAKE-ST. Coal. YTfILMINGTON COAL. am receiving tills &Torlte Coal from the mines of RHODES COAL CO., which 1 offer at the lowest rate*, by the car load* or at retail. LEHIGH CO\L.’ LACKAWANA COAL. FITTSTOS COAL. BLOSMSCRK COAL IIBIAB. HILL COAL ERIE COAL. WILLOW BANK COAL. Orders promptly Ailed (too my yards : 7 Ncrth Market ita 267 Archer-road, and corner Canal aod Van Borealis. . . A» B« IBZSB9B* iixtrart of iSeef. IJRT TOURTELOT’S EXTRACT OF BEEF, For Family Use. INVALIDS AND DYSPEPTICS, Should not fail to use 11. For sale by all Dramas t» and Grocery. Ulanks. DIOBTOAGE BLANKS, with Power of Sale, Cnsorance, Tib Clauses, et&, for sale at Tribune Job Office. AU siaea ot Legal, Conveyancing. Pecalcn and Poanty Blanga. Sendstrg. TAR. J. 0. FARNSWORTH ’TMakea no extra charge tor Extracting Teeth without Pain, by the use ot Nitrous Oxide Oaa. when arttodai ono are inserted. 116 UanoolPMt, rnpo«tp Wood’a Mas earn. Kelt of Teeth on Hubocr. (13,00. fXLX. .. TIR. M. VT. fcHEKWOOD ha? gnea XJ pure Mruocn OXIDE QAblbtDentaiopecw uurs to more i ban 3AU per>oc, dorms tee pas* year. Is this city. No atetdeat baa occurred, or ta* teaatoa uleaaaut ajrmptoat been oboerrod. Ha no para. It la the beat place inset leeth extractor. Artificial Teeth inserted, or any other cental operations, moots 18 and 19 Lc mbari Block.