Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 26, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 26, 1867 Page 3
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•' FINANCIAL AND COIfiMERCIAI MONETARY. i. „ Fbidat Emnsd. Jsnaary 55. Owing to the heavy snow eionri of last night, ,thc trains on the various rahroads were behind time, the vails were late, and. business was gen- erally dull. The In »no Money market Is increasing day by day. The deposit lines are ; steadily falling of and ttie volnmt of available | currency is very meagre. At ma*»y -of the dlt-- count bouses U wa?, to day, impossible to nego tiate paper, which in the time of our ordinary easy Money market, would be readily taken. There Is no charge In the » , ates of Interest. Exchange was scarce and firmer, with sales of round lots between bankers at par toSScpre • mima. closing with more buyers than sellers at the upper figure. The. counter ra'cs were firmer al &Cc discount to par buying, and 1-10 premium selling. The telegraph lasr night announced thefallnrc of A. J- Meyer & Co., brokers, of Hew York. “Aleck” Meyer will he remembered in financial circles, as a street broker Mho flourished herein “stmnptail” times, ano made considerable money In 44 wild eat’ 1 and 44 broken bank” cur rency. In 1561 be went to New York, where be followed, np bis old profession as a curtetonc operator nil'll the organisation ol the 41 Gold Room.” He went hwiv» Inro gold speculations, and made a respectable fortune, • Tbc telegraph gives no statement of the affairs of the firm, but announce* their having overdrawn on the Bank of North America for $219,000. It la understood that some looses will be sustained bers by parties who operated in fancy slocks through the house of A. J. M. & Co. , Flour was dull, with not enough doing to estab lish market values. Wheat opened tamo and 10 3Uc lower, but the decline wa« pabi-equcEtlT re covered. com was *o»ic higher. OaUwerc a shade firmer. Rye was dull and easier. Barley wss very quiet. Whiskey was unsalable. Pro visions writ? dull and almost neglected. Gold opened s shade loner, but tallied a MtUe lu Hie afternoon. The market opened at 1355, • mlvanred to and closed al RMV». The fol lowing quotations were received by Boyd Bros, gold brokers! Bvrjrt a. Itlfi t». **. -!5iU 10:45 «. in WH M«p.m VW% 1l:ir-n. Ml Sllu |t, ' 1 ’:pu ft,ui .131 4:00 u. M JS;IKMtt Hltf HetMltettißtkel was dull Bl buying-*-) ibe upper fl«me Mtl Bt the dose. Hlherwas horn*, hi it st tliiiylngi Goteiimiehis wore quilt? dst»rc?se«l «ti Up* Flint lh«nt<l. r'm! a tomr rantjeuf piieei pievali d. but *t (bo ..- rail (* wm b sllfilii tendlno. And a the Iledlm* was piiMstly iwiiumili Tlie slock UttttAttriy*’slck"lu lh» luiiuiumi, Iml«Mh * i,i, it al of ( umtileiii p ill Hip Artciimon ihibsb ab.iw.'tl a maikml lernpwßilim. ‘Hm tu'lowtUQ tabtid«iws Ilia i|n*lnn pr|re« tii-risy, ruiupairil nub UniHi- ut ilia threw tiny a ptrvimi*i iuu». Wed, Tjiurs, Fit »»<■ TO TO ms TO W*|i TO U.l II 1113 I lIIS 4 JD3 ?J wn*.; =,% B y 'SB sisiiiasbsav.-.M s sj Tulnles.JuU. !"i*4 i 1 ’;** .'"'L * u, .*4 Herr (hi* tnirkd bus loiter bttt tiHri at Hie tie- F is { U i-W; fe(|:u:suiss:ss:<W » l r-HWft-HH* pi jtel I. " tew 1 :: * :: S3S;i5 ..a « t ict.,* lofi^... .j.-tiPk ibe toiutwing qnmutpma arc given (or l«u *f I'nblic funds by the Second National Ha«H • l\,mu,*al...PuUo--- ■ l-B.if(smaU)B*BJio;i«H B-iiicuuiums, June Comp., RW-UU ttatsu). ..His oitrr ♦* \\ ri-hitouiioi.s, Ang. 4 t eWulll...H'll4ol«i jCcU 44 1 1(1-40 coupons. Ib-C, 44 ’ "‘l,!* (large).... May * 4 lU.4Ucoupons. Aug- . ••**"** (rtpaU).. 1 V. tv 7-COs, lurge).lW7,olM 1 OcU 44 V ..IWU There is nothing doing in Local Hccnrtlius, ami the matuil is nominally unchanged. * At a regular meeting of the Dlrectora of tbo First National Bank, of tW* city, hold on the 23d iubt., Mr. Samuel M.Nlcket.-on was elected Presi- 1 dent ind Franklin 11. Gray, Vice President for the i «r.»uiupyear. The other otllccrs who liave been duly appointed, are C It. Field, Cashier, and Cbailf* J. Schmitt, Assistant Casnlcr. The ClrcinnaU CaztU* of yesterday says: There is a continued eharp demand for money, nnd bankers arc still compelled n reject a largo proportion of the oflerings. The receipts of cur rerev ere on the increase, hut balances are not yet fufticlcnttocause any improvement to discount*. In the open market rates ol interest rang- from 15 to 2t per cent. The loans by bankets to their dcpofitoTsateav'Jto - • Fxcbari.c t* working closer jdu the market was al 50c discount baying and par of the Rochester democrat complains* * . •♦The Dlrpctnrfi of the WesternßnlouTelegraph Company Iwvc recently d hinds of f*a'd com- | pany. bearing elgh* per cent interest, to be paid eemi-anmtallv, which they arc exchanging for the derrecia'*'d and nnproductiv- atoc< of the Rus sian Enen.-lon Trlegrapn. Thl-< stock is owned hy IrdivlclnMs—fl lame sha'C by the DbecJors of the Western Union Teh graph Company. Wnco the mecess of the Agamic Cable, the Rnvaian storu has depreciated very much, aud will be nu picductlvcfot several years, amt at last may prove entirely worthless. , • “ Now 1 ww-h to know If t>ald Directors have . authority for msklng sttcli a disposition oflho • pronertv of the stockholder of the Western union ■Telegraph Cotnpaov. Many of tbolaltcTbavenol the ica»t interest m tnc snreess of the Russian blit*, and do not wish to Incumber their property for the benefit of other®. * •*U there Is row roUw lorcetncv said Direc !o*s from exercising their trusia in.sorb a way, it le Ugh time for the LeglsUtitre l°-? e IL •• STOcKiioLDxn. W. D. T. Co.” —We notice by the Paris letter of the Boston CcuU* that m virtnetof n late dccls’on, oar bond"are to beheld henceforth officially quoted at the Paris Bourse. Heretofore the French market has been clo?cd to legal transactions in American accnndee. and our ministers and citi zens have applied tnvalntoM. Fonlrt to authorize « ’their Introduction. According to the Coar*r<Mhe house of Van den Broek, which Is large'/engaged In American banking, has bceu successful in ac ' compli-biup this really Important result. —The New York Independent speaks ot ,4£ye rye” as follows: » Tlie ups and downs of Erie Railroad stock re mind? one Of the hUtory ol Mexico What a racy ...lory could be made by blending the his ory of Erie and Mcxi'.o together. Jt would ba Lie novel among novels. Bt tlio way, w« arc ready to re ceive iicopomls, oven fiom eh-rgymen, far itch a chaimHg prodtiction. We waut iiesj»c.*:ally for the CoDHueictat i>« nanment. flic books are open, initio mcanifmothorolJomrgari hmetl cnl problem !*• proposed for fomtiw.vlx: If Bne Raoroad stork, some years s.iven ago«c{ircsenUng ♦ a • lotk nnd Loudtd Indcblwlin-es <»f forty mlltuns of dollais, --'as worth only sir dollar-* per shire, fcnw much is U now woita withau ir.dcb ednea« of fevmtv mllllnuhf The oldest living stockholder units for the /'•ruivs—while walling for a dividend. Where 1* Babul? The same journal thus discoarscs on the cur rency question: *-*jhe fatal error of Secretary MrCnlJechN re port, 'ili t-ii hat jut-I' dso many uuaiber* of Con inv«a, at d -m;tp rf our comin.rcial cuiciupont rh p, is the assumption that the I'-gtl-i'sud.T car r- ucr of the country ntaj bo Ur- to;ml, mid the price? r>f labor toduced. wi tioul e -n-Udy diotlu i?bluc the amottnl of lm*liie*s, mamutiruirhig, jin I (irting. wfnrh ha? been carr-cd on t nder the favoring tuiltisncirt o> a surdclvni clicutatmg m *- olum. He to deprive our merchants timi n:anulic:ti;ers of *.hc mn-t cronuaiical aud mo-t »a-ltv managed system of cxciian-gu that n« y nr rrantth- cunimunny ha-* ever eujoywl, and at th“ ?«n:o tint** to ib.i'-v Item Ihu-n the same eniotirt of rerenuo wtnclt ih'-y paid *tin It Btfplhecrrm* "it’ prove n fatal tvte it it should be petsi«U-d In. It would lie as icn«omthlc to do- «t!c»votir sjsl-ms of railroad*, ami ♦>linex|K , ct r ’be Mime amount id fiausporhiliun to be can led ui.d»’ Ike old THelbud? nt Ital-htniM and luggage Tliecnnnlry. limrevcr* la beginning in vnke mi lo tin* Intintner.t perils wbtcli lurestwi it* if t‘ »- rtuitisrilun poney of the Treasury Depart in- jit sluill be pii'tiied. 1 lit* cnneiiry qtt shm is mi'- whir 1 ' mint* dietidr Itd-rosia e*ery per fun hi the i'oiiiuiunlty who di'pends upon tl* Indn-try lur sui'ceis Hi Ilf**. All uttier polMl tnl *pii fllon-an* timv f'Ci'tiilstr In tit am!, until * II slinll V»» ndtl.-fl lit lb" Adoption ol it |<«'rm-ii)C'ti t'oilrr, Hie parlr in the *-«■> tidetiey liolillh dr liofl In Hie fh» ileosl unme p<ts<dhu*. Itl*|ii<» first time Hi our pollMtnl liNiui» Mint a «tuiiilonul ihil» lißs iiiHl flie tlHiitfsroiti* i-spiohueitt of In tMi-ilue III' hmi nttehh-hi ol It* {imoiehtl piiler jo iio dtr*rtln|i or eh •xi-cttlin* ofltier wliolstuntl fi jogs I'p Bhlaitoids|: •t he opjr #)i>bim »*f trelmvh toi riout < 4 uh» PM’ * I* Hie pto*|tpel olilto fdoplt'iu of *•»-* l)s*o ,(«((ld(t, OliH ll (‘Rslio lisitbjuDf Um slilmlHoMoi «d hffil: h-hdi'i mdes ho I lot Hires tKllollpl hill iho>« ot Nstiuhttl tdl)e,ahi; i<m aptiniiuiiiUoi (it thi mrttopu|«hmNil «d ilin iMliotls) drtfu of Mm |t,h M'»l. whhh would oKtoiHlsu «o (O )((,* v>(|ltrfi omiil ol the imUndim) siocttboliiefß ot dpi hsim* in uveiy re»pMT lids would h« a mo*l b.-itHriosu, and ineproerei-i of iu tuiopibmisn vnry t licerlojf ((ullralh>n llml i-'ooKicfi. oo ioij p» do tomtiMi p for dm udiei out inulim«a It.mruii. Trade t« iiiiuaimtiy dull hi (ids no*-*, bn « i>e*ho ti.e cuimom il> »re nncertAin h» to Ausuvu) tu» lino. N .body will buy goods, or venture lo m«u* iitßciun-, with the rerls-otyof a falling m«r*Bi, cans L-d by a constantly lumiraciiog curroticy, ut «iotigu-Bo hut rcK-lml lire law uttllioi lalnt? the Hoc it-.ary ot thu !><*»■ my to deptroy our latvfat inuuuj at tbu rate ol a million dellata a week, and there would he ■" Instant revival In every oejiait tueiit of tieue, widen would augmout ito nailunal r< M ime* and give satiafacUou to ad sections ol the country. it !• an anomaiona circumatanre that, while lm>dne*a 1? neatly ntagtunt, and our bonded ware- • boumt uie filled to the uimo»t w th foreign goods, Importations •till omUnne very heavy. But the cause of this isvcrv easily explained. The tin • j'oitereaicccUtgnmierlhc belle! that oar larltf of duties 1* lo ue largely increased, and *o they bare been sending ont large orders to enable them to beueht by the liutlcipated Increase of prices. Bat wc think Ibcy.wlU find they have nunc a false move, mere is small mospcct of anv increase in the ta-iff sulficieaiio jasUip such epecaiatire importations. New York Moclt .»l«r«rr. Closing prices lor cun. Jisoaryis. IST?, received Joseph M. Ljotia A Co., Brokers: Ut ,S d 1 Ist Sd B’d. BM. I U'd. B’d. 24. Y. Cea 18* ICOVI C. S.B per cent Erie (com) S7* tS* ooala, 1W1...107X m* 71 | per cent C. Alins 79* tt*‘ m* Boca Island.... 95 Wtf • C.b. o per cent C.&N.W 33* 30*1 5-aj c0up.’•4.105 103*1 C. AK. W„ p(Q ;oj* Ot* p»*f cent W* »;;> OnicliHlrcr a |C. ’“.S per cent TV. union Tel.. O 44* , UM6 99* tl* C.iA.(cots)..los .... ITr.Natcs.73-10 Bur.AO 7SO ... I loiterin'* lU* M. Central, If* 103* iO. h. 7840, 31 Bodron Biver.l2o* 170 : Kne» lUI 101*. 111. teuc,,..inx 113* IC. S. 7 310, SJ I*. A Head 100* 1W 1 senes.... 101 104* Oere-ATcL—llT 323* I Amcr. a51d..,.131* Til* T. A Wa’jssh... 33 «*| - AUrket-lit Board steady; 2d Board firm. commercial. i’hid at Ernsts o. January S 3, IS7* Tie Xollovrinc (Abies ebowthcreceipts ano uhip merits of Trod nee donne the paetttrcnly-foar hours: nrumpra vast TWEsm-yorm ootna. Floor, brls Wheat, ha Corn, bu Oate, bn Rye, bu..... Rarh j, bn Ones heed. Ibs.. JJroom Corn, ff>e. ;Cmefl Eeei;brl« Fork, bila lard, fce.... v ... • Tallow, lbs • Rnttcr. lb* D. Bog*, N 0...,. lire Hoc*, ho.. Cattle, No iMdea, 1b«....... Hiph Ine*. brl?, Moot Lumber, m. Slmur'oiqm, Lath, pcs.. PjiH.brta... S»\i,baf6 ButmrKTs past Twemr-rouu norms -19,7. 18% Flour. brls S.ZSO a,7*| Wheat, bu..„ IMW 0810 Coro, |)U SS b u ... . . 9,830 Rye bti 2,tJ75 1,073 Baftc^bu“VVV“VV.V.... .. 3,830 100 Broom Com, lbs -- .Mb cured Heats, lbs 44 j£! 1 ° ' 47 vS Pr-rb brtu . WIO *lo* uS^xS 9 :*:::: 411,230 44.270 G 975 23,8*3 Bou.r Sl 7,456 6,720 “&:»• s;™ Lire Hop-, No HE <«ulc. No nideo-tts los ®i Utah.. InM. brls Jjj “ Wool, H» ».«» ••£ lumber, to 0J « Sbincles. in 49a gibe Provision market was very dull to-day. Holders of product show so disposition to face sate* at present rates, and buyers arc equally in different about making transactions. Mess Pork for immediate delivery was very dull, with sales ofSGObrlsat H 3.55. For future delivery there tvss considerable Inquiry at f I9.CU, buyer’s option all February, si which we note rales of 200 brls, but holders ofguod hrauds were generally asking yjy.23. There was no luqaiiy fur Prime Mess or Extra Prime, and the market may bo nominally quoted at f 16.60 and f 14.50. Sweet Pickled Hams were quiet, with sales o 120,000 tbs out of pickle at lOjfc loose. Tbo demand for Bulk Aicsts was , lieht, willi sales of 20,000 lbs Dry baited I pajc loose, nert 50,000 Tbs Short Htb on terms not made public. Enellsb meats were dull. List evening a sale ol GOQ has was made at 10c for Lon? Cut Usms. and for Stretfords. Preen meals were quiet, with sales of Shoulders at 0c from dressed, and Of-fc from slaughtered bog*. Lard was dull and neglected. There wore sellers of prime steam at 12c. but no buyers over Ortese was Id good demand anti orm, with sales of 200 tes on terms which did not transpire. Dressed Dogs were rather Irregular, but the market closed about 10c belter. Halos tabued fiom |o.lMl©7.4o—closititt at 87.00 ami fT.M tot good lots dividing on 200 B)§. The Whlrhey trade 1# tinder a cloud, nml the prospects fur tln*lro*ie*l mnmtlariurcr are pot Mllllsr i, Duty paid whiskey Is unsalable, as the illicit HishulictuicN «ho pay no (at are aide lo muletseU (lie hours! distiller. Contraband vhlskey Isrepotleil lit be afltliiu t-ld “urapevlnc line 4 *nl prim* varying horn fi.TiwpaM Alcohol van tm Irrt down here ttmu New Yotk ttl B‘l ii'iql i),70. Dor homlerl wliMtejr llrvre l« no demand, u u tmmttmUy held at Ttc. . The Klmir market la OnlMliv Dn|nlry b»lng r<«. sltn-lml bldhul entirely to tin* lower made* fur slilpniMil Hmilh, Tim irnmwHloim toohrv were very ineagHt, and mil emtueli was ilrmn to ei)an. W*\\ qmOmtnu*. ‘lire mnrhcl tor No. 1 Bprlnp Wliaal was qulnf and nominally nuchamrad. At Iho opi'itlna No. 1 Hpiliiß nos talpur heavy and decHuml Ini* nuhsetjiienlly a brink demand sprang up to IP) w yho|Ui,** and lire dojifoclallou waswdtrolf m-oVr-tHI. lltoJetlHl was dull. Almul TiytWbd rlitt-lpi ri hnhds at *9.U 1 it Ho I. f l «3H3I,Rr for Ko 9-holUfcg|Mt-it«tl |il.3'HhU7 lOHtrJrHtd -fcimlhp mtn aFtl .filQbi.Bill tor fto. 9 PpUHg Id h-miiar übUrea; I'rilli was tliihd til Hh tidvallrb Ul tHlli ►hits bf MiWM ha hi hit Hb: 1 Mil lh‘jtfcltll-fcinslH6 Will rUlllHj Hf Mi: I niipiih liHytosbifrilhtf itrtisUe; .' Utils hbftj a-htto tlthii'FjHHllHl lim hif iit):9|HiPi !l ; H fHf MrfclHlllH tilnin: litH tta> fluli mid pm>im> Hiilt mlr* Hi 8 f«* >i«: li mid Miß fill Hit: 9; H'H'.MinHfifltofwrts IlylHrmid «mM inymnjilnlijH,tvlihm *M «i ««lnt|H»l»s IP: Nil: 9 w»y bn iimHlmtllf mihiihil m kk f><F fipHHlmi mid for ftwlpN In fHTnrlit? iIPH^S; bppiisp-ofo Arm- Willi ealns fll fry Plover} 9f1.856h.8S lor Tlmnihy, mid hr? Via*. ■JailptV WM OHfelt WMU aalufl Pf GO hrja Country ol 1 lie follow Jug telegrams were read on'Chsogo 10-day; . New Tour, January SI. Flonr-Kasier at SlO.lSi&ll.tN). Wheat ouster and inachto at $2.18ft3-?W. Corn stronger t>n«] salable atfl.Vl In store- Oats tamn at llllifl'r. ruiUluevy at slP.*i6for Did, and fad for New. 1 ard ktavy at Wi*c lor steam. Hogs tillable at t8.37«4(i1,H.5U. -Cold, IBUJ. UiTEU, Flour more salable. Wheat unsettled. Corn quiet si in store. Oats steady. Whiskey more active at 3Stf ate. UTEU. In ttc afternoon the Crain markets were quiet and nominally unchanged. Provisions wc;o en tirely neglected. The CalUe market was inactive with prices steady nod unchanged, ranging at i3.oolitG.Ts tor inferior to choice grades. The markelfor lire Hogs was dnll and heavy, and the hulk of the sales made were at a redoc* lion of S&lOe from yesterday's rates. The mar* ket closes weak with a large umber unsold. Prices range at f3.75©8.50. Baltimore Market. lUltihoce, January 35. Flour—Sales 5.000 brl* Howard street latr-ily. for ex tort. at $11.00; Northwestern superfine, al|lO.eOOlU.W. Wi>t at— iouthem at fi.15.430i. Corn—Lower. Kccclpts fair sales; white at 9f®97c; mixed st93cofLOO. Oats—sßc. Iwc.vuicna—Quiet and Arm. Sales mess pork at *22.00. Lord, tstfe. roff'c—steady though inactive. Whlskev—Nominal. Enlargement of flaaal LoelH. ’ (Prom the HarTalo Express.] For the Qrst time since that measure began to be urged, wo led sanguine this winter that the LcgUU* turcofour F'ato will authorise the enlargement ot t> cloeksor the uric and Odwctu Cana a Tocrecam* mendattons el Governor Fenton In his last were earnestly and f.irciniy given in hchail of the ut- CerUkiug.mi-d all the miluccce ol the Executive, »o haw reason to believe, will combine to prr9* it up txa the Legtalatore. Oar own representatives. Keaalir b*metle»pe>laliy,h»ve guns to Albany with the do* termination that no effort on th«lr pa»t to carry it tbrongh the presett session shah be spared. The bill wi Ich senator It. lias Introduced, and which is now before the Senate Committee on Canals,!* brief; ilmple,andtotDopolut. It provides for the cuiitrno tion of one tier ot locks through the entire length •! tho EvlcatiO tbpOswcEr>Cana\a.«of—l long am twaty Mx ici-t wide. uslpc the material* In the present 1 vdw; the work to be id at thu earliest day practicable,in fluch a warper ns to tnsnic l's completion a> soon as mu? !«. without soy materia! Interruptin'- to lb* navi gallon <>t the canals. It former provides that where the canals are not now ftuy-two and a half lict wide upon the bott ra and seven leti deep, that width ai d depth soal! be completed aid root navigation made for bools two hnulred feel tone andtwcnti-thrcc nrdalalf fet t wlito, drawing ; *l* feet of water, and capable ol carrying twenty thomat il bushels ot com. No boat excelling tto'se onucnt-lcns 1* to tw permitted to navigate the canals; Lor can any boat exceeding oio bondred icet longer cltliJetn Icet vide be reglstorol *'tinlir*s she is so con strtcU*d ns not to reach at the water line, when (ally laden, her lull bnadtli wi«hm lets than twwilv*ft»ur fi-cr from either the bow vttm ortbu rudder post, «ud uul to cscccd i-UU-c: feel la oread b within twelveftet tbenTruni M • To piuvldc means fortlie work, a Stale tax ol two nulls upon ever* dollar of TtlnMion of real and nerso* nnl property auU-orlitJ io l»e levied and collected in the a cars ISOB aid IS'", and la the meantime tho Comptrollerls authorized to issue six p;r cent bond', not cxvcedli g lu amount the t Ini amount of thl* tax, to be paid at any time wlf.ln four year* out the pro e-eiJsoftiiclax; tm>t he mav tnvcit any moneys ho ■ i gleg to either of the sinking funra In three oo*d«. If a change should Iw made In the Conitltntlon this year, antnorlrlng the absolute appropriation ot tho »li kins ftmds. then the tax. If thus tendered nnueecs can*. sliaU not lie levied. bach are the simple provlilnn* ol the blit, which sor-i t. to have been mlmlrsblv rrnmr.), and without -«n objectionable point. it thnator Ilf-mat sliaU nurowoit In carrying II through the Lcglsiatur-*. as we have O'nf.dcMcUiatbe will, tho achievement will ba one ot disUrcuMird hncor to him. It Is intimated that >lr. I.lttli-John. who bold* the clminnanship of tbs Canal Committee lu flic House, will not oo cncotm* teredos an rpiaiiunt of Ibstncasare. Wu nro 01s* humd u> credit the Information, because we believe Umt.cunir so mdliu-d. Mr. LltUej'dm c mldhoiaaora lo oHtriiCl the t nlnrgMiieut of the rituals. Tli* WhlftUry Trndc. Hii> I <*il<tlllg ('"ir*ir. of walprday, aayi* t Tl;«* r.arkrt f. r whisker m ncaptticj, with nn Indies* t|«»n liml prim* trll* tend to lower rate*, own,:: h part to the n Mial the “ Wava and M-nus" Com* tulttw* ln«Vnpnvi »UI m«>rt!n favor «r » r-»mcil«» of mo hmrtred per port.on Uu* In mint «onl», Unit :Ijp land on diallMl spirits wll' !>• Hied at mu- dollar tx-r callou, inateml of two <1 'liars, a* luTPtufOro. tv torn not dl«praotl to iTtili’la* Hip rim** tlm>. hot »IU Halo Hint a dealrr r«-m vrk<*d t'ml lie tn-l bpou (Xrt Wtl npior dlati Irt wnl«kPf at fto (XT Parrel. A Panel In prammed to contain «l least »0 colons, a Mi ll rnt<"- Hr* whlafci j nt mu* debar per jjmloo, wltti mu ins t-r post nftt;p pactnco. IPPi.luliu.atl »oinwo»'Tfof of theanwilay ■J !>!• ioiiowtrn; ip»ol«t|Mn« of thp lt-»vrJ of OitP-cra ol tin- 1 ImtiPTo| ivtunipm 4 t\ vrr tlulr »%»*ll m» l:t r»*- card to the rommiu lent I jn of rt-nW* nakim* tliat rw* roMiaanl report* of anlta ol |tr«> w)n«bpv he dla-eu tlroo i». which wo piihtlat pd apreral <Ht« ««o • “/»V*>tr».p H«M Hip aal"* «t ffi- whiskey. \n tlvl* n* fi >uhr>r n nrael*. nl prices p» itauii Mow tin* tola* tiro flenrea width Ponde-* wJtl«kot pcata. fn. In tin* oil’-Kiti ol Mils Hoard. •tildwl thowhUk-'rlolhfari#. 11UI00 < f (mod mi Hit* I'JM'I'P law, or nl mot Hi lo am ctlotiM InU II at* tiutpflitol the wltldrddlnit of re cord* id Ptn li aalri* Mill! ea misled to p»rr*t lll <tnplalmd of in thUWuIW, In Mo* mmmnnlen l«t< cf <r*Hti«-r> Ip-ip Mila out wtil* ?■ Him yuptwip* Is * UMpd In W inn 4, and Mist im'diety air l n to sitcli iMli»npi|ofiSiiKe* dolor lei r to Illicit * Milliwatt'! abo-tld imifp tnalprijttliamp mi Up 4 .part or rPrcmie •*H|i*«»r«j *'/,■« •«!»'■ >r, In'll Ip fPsfo r r|p>rnor-l ol Mmastpsol Imp «MII dlai-MoidHt* Ipjlwrptl Ilia* S 'lll l»H isiupoHatloh Mid ami that wnlp'i t* lifundiM lak* Nrw VmK l>n liuort* tfinrUPU 11* Ml llt Ml? Mll|r)‘Fll<)Pl)M Wlotaaitihhilf, ao.i win li. <|.>||| pp»rp .M||M Wi-ill'i* pnonlla aldfllliya a>l ali“PlHt<a a'P ill modiiniio iwpp)ii lyr nil uu>U». Mini dud* am (t.M'li MiijiiUhl inf, t’aiil.m n-t><l|ol« arn v.ff (n>o<iU» Mure l» onion 111 l“M“P Ihiii*- afMiol'UOl i< r in iii.MlHf»la toil pri>'.-a an il l nrni. Ut-atv *i»n am n\*»lPd 4 •Uli'*, Tiumvkot (■<r |iin i« l» Oii l Hlni4« afa very tfrnatlr nnw ai.pnliP* Tli« ln-al tfraiPn nr j nulling i» « mi otvf* ainpvlpf l, Hu Mwwtmsnl t* «Mr»i-tlvp, Thn*aniU- ifii l ratio in In'll It olngiomovu. ilininoiiiiPiitatiliitnid n ml; «i'h dark ilmitfn* aie uai.tM. dtit«n Uomo iiimOM o.lo= >irc daloa iM'M' f. V'l'.' tally olaew. iMunt i itiilu mo in Mit ti iiriiinnl from tlie t'UtlliliM rr*!*. I inin lifw- «rp wiiliont liimiitois nr tMinyamn'i l.ia t r ptlrfß «r»-laHirf|miko*l fir, out whin Ilili Ii Uir ra»r, tioiaruotiovern cow l*uf.nnut. KoUnvt> vwrr dull. Maiti’ilani'il rlnwly at Irregular nnroa. ItUnki ta asp luacPlViv and pricvn mdy nominal at <pinuMo»a. y\»n l«n > am wuuowv any *mm»Mon. Homn atyUN»Wiled for Hie boiilb, are aauwi In Umitol cinanUttCßjaudlmeoaaru lu aow« rts>w:n. nnd meat iroidaccncrnllrcaa bo imutUt oivantvtoiuti/, but an early dor. aud (a now near at baud, and It looted ter after Iko bad wratuer craao. Vcaacl Solrn. property hat b«cn naively chtnclmrliardsUift jimcatwlntcr. We hear of the transfer oi thelbUow-; The UlUeschnonerEaglP.from John Barrow*to An* drew Peterson; consideration IMfiO. . lUbharO. from E.Cohen, meat, ■ to it. Rocker and A- McDermott; consideration * TWMK-h' , ooer 11. C. Post, from F. T. Cbnreh to John rorcopiicnntl L Parker; consideration $3,930. . . Tiic bark City, from tnc ilissn l . Mtuilow to John Tnrton; consideration, lICWD. . _ i «l»«neiv» iroaFJonn B*ctcr to ||. ji. Pecker; consideration, S3,WM.—C;«Wond 1 llerald. ’ * VrsMX—Fred. Knapp, of Rtelne. has srld the; schooner Dolphin to Xonnwi tTork nnrt li. U. Jon«i. !'-.rfllX*o;J.B.SJMi*on.oeßseln».li»? f-11 th* Mfb, JEM. White and nine to R. P.'Wllilttr.a And John Kl**-! sera d, of Milwaukee, tor 134,006. She Cirrles 53,CW bushels tfcttn.— Miticaut'e S*nttnet, W. l,oui» Board »f Trade. OnTncfdaj’iUnhUaSl,lheSULor-la Card cl Trade held a meeanc to elect otacm under '.ho charter for .the rbeulQg rear. The following gonUemoa were •circled: president—Adolphus Slelcr. - I'lm Vice President—E.AY.Tox. Second Vico President—Tho*. M. Taylor. Directors—D.TUGamKm. Christian Pepor. Jsrar* Rlehardi'On.Jolca Yale. A. W. Facto, Wl ll»m patrlc*. J.B.Defteh, AnoJCoUIog.J.P.PJSKe, D. K. Furgn fOU. THE CniCAUO LIVE ?*TOCK MARKET. - - Offica or tttk Datlt Tcratrxu,» PmuAT Evaxtso. January t 5. f BEEF CATIEE—Owing to toe »evrr* snox-stonn of la*tr ißbt. which effectually b'oetaded the lines ©trail* road leading to Uie yank, nHtber of the aeeommoda* lion train* were enabled to reach that point today; In corecqnenee of which we are enable to fumUh onr reader* wllb a very foil repart of the Cattle market. Only eocb bnym as baa conveyance* ot their own «oc* cecded in entering; an appearance.' The supply ot stock was sofflclent, but there was little dlepoalttwn to operate on the part of the few In attendance, an I com parativejy little was aceomplUhed In the way ofsaU*. The market U nominal at the folowlny «iuoUiion*: cxoaxxo races. • • 0,123 i,<,a . 8,031 3TVJ . I,l*o *9,\TB * 7,211 STI COO . 4bo 741 . 8,740 5.000 h.4-*6 2,863 .961,198 ‘ 74t,t0i 60 - 23 . .WVSJ 185.705 .114,000 17.733 . VSO 2,195 . 801 ' 2,233 ■ i i rvi. u ruuM. Bare ij»rw>-pme, tat, well-formed, i to* years oWt titter*, atd arerayln* »• .... and upw WJO-35.73 Prime . well-tatted, (airly - formed Steen, averagleff from hIQO to _ i L4iCbAal.., w uoaui Fair la fait flesh, ar erasing i,t*oai,ra ns, at &&95.74 Mtftium &<!s• Medium Steer* tad k*4 , Cow*. OllbratroUognter.aodareri/lnc ‘ „ UtfiOltf U&O &*. at... 4.13*5.00 Stcci Cbm*—Common CatUo in docent ooih,arrr»(rtnjfßuC<jUoo bt, at. UtaiJP /ftTermr— Light and tntn Cor* and Steers, ■ < rough and coane, a* eragmg 64O&0 »», ? CiTIUUUIiTO*DiT. . I,lO'J 938 .123,536 61,075 . 209 66 54.695 9,800 . 451 . 1« . 428 157 107.UXJ 65.0J0 • 788 “9 .... 310 FcrtT.nlnebfad good flt*hy Steer*, aTßrarlog 1,143 fra, too aid watered, at $3.90. Ktpr b«ad medium batchers' Stock at >4OXO ft head. MstHD head common Cows, arerazlng »«,»•, tod | •on watered, at st. 25. , ; Twenty-eight head folr fcteers, arermßlng I,l*o &■, a* >5 00. Thiny-si* head good emooth Btecrs, areraglngl,l9J tbF. fi d aod watered, at $3.73. , „ „ Fineea head Scaliawaa cowa and Dolls, ar erasing 1,158 Be, Rd and watered, at 13.50, BOGS—The maikei opened dull and hetry, with some 13,000 head in the sale pens, There were hot few hoy era out, sad sales woe alow, aad-.pnee* & shade lower. Sales were made at a range cf $3.733610 for common to fklr lota, and f 6.35®5j60 tor good to choice Hois. We note the following: 800 SALES TO-BAT, At. Price. .Ki 6.C .ass taa aa »a , -axi 8.00 .*.,.,,.818 6,00 .724 , &J 0 .253 6.3-1 .30 S.» ..m 9.83 K<*. 40cholce heavy hoca... 45 cnolce even lot. 828 good fat Logo. 439 wine quail'}- SC common coarse 10t... 2S commi n uneven lot,. IbObU coarse hog* , 2S coarse log# 67 good bacon bog#.... lOhwme quality 11l same quality 51 common bogs . 14 good even tot. S 6 nur bacon let. CO common lot. CIUCAIJO DAILY MAHKET. Alt tala of Grain reported in iHU are made on the botit of tctnter (4c) tiorage. vn!e*s otha-uUe ezyrwed. Feidat Ennso, January 35, 1007. FUElUllTri—Rau.boai>Pceioßt»—Drcsted arc »c lower to New Ycrk and Boston, and 13*c p.wcr to Albany. Wt revise our rates. The toUowlog U the Joint twill tm the Eastern roads: „ , 8d lid Drs’d Bates ftom Chicago to— claw.clast.FlooMiogt. Buffalo, N Y g i}* « ® Toronto.C.lY W 41)* JJS BO WoLtrcal.C. E 1.35 91 1.93 1.60 AU'aw.S.T i.a nn ix uux New Ycrk 1.35 W IJj 1.8 Boston and Albany...... I.W g 1.90 I.® Boston r(d Brand Trank...... 1.35 95 1.90 I.® Portland rfu oranrt Trunk .. 3.19 I.® Philadelphia....* t.ia B i.TO 1.40 Bsiiuntte .♦ I.W » I.TO I.** PUt«hUlgh.., .... TO M 1.00 70 t'.nveiand, Ohio.. 4* 85 TO K» JcUersttiruic. ind 43 33 23 •• t'llliniiall. Ulllo .4* ,33 . CO . 05 Pl.Olill-UPcelTcd, P,Kolirt»j shipped, IVWI brls, Tim market 10-day was Hlriwi, and prices were etillro )r nominal, and nol enough sales to eitaollib reliable ouuiaikup. bales were* liso itintras-IM !*rl« lot iiitiiiitl at sll.w l prniKO KnriAs-looiirls iioitortimd fit fli.WHsiMdia do at uthMa »vi>*i*-490 hrls n >t tiOiiPdaifH.TOi Urn brw at|B.tiT*<t Ouita VU*L-7Umi« New Finn at W tons Coarse al Wt pipped. M 9( tm, (.intoM >\,wt iV'l'ilnij»l'.'W h *yAV'L!‘i. j’ t i|l; H ii.mii |it>| ii itonl ft.w-ihisnui Orm ■.iw m so, i aj.iJm- ii- lelfiuar liMi»rti. vMilie « nti Hc.llna M mid ImJ ws «l f*r K Vl ruaii, lI.WO but ■titi»w«d. ftoiia. Mar. fciVliriiiii. Haii a aWM 9.wn Ini Nit, ijal Jini il w ln| on in lokit l.vjJOhii liijrcuil at toe t wo in dnqii)P|P| '*«tvV-mVrlrVd. r.DjMtu i atiliinwl, mibu. Marini it ll* I ami taclrr, Hslrsauqi I,?M hu No. I atlKJn \ 4tn ini 'to a| ft p i nil) Ini No. 3 at Wo i 4twbu, Uy lotnplp, at It flltV—llm ir« «t* 9.833 tmi iblntmd. 419 bit, M atW mill. Hales ncic t lit P.iurtn—il*i tm at BOc i iiti t'i (lo ot pci «WJ Im ami mlrngs at itici ItiObu at i il'-NomlnoJat K.gni.M. .... ! ifeffekvtew : •1 ti}?SVjfefet l “n?ty tMtVtf «l ,1 1" tiiiillitii .AUbtil Hip imil- inTuirr il Wfl-mW' M I 111 piwfiiiii iTO.m, I wmmmnn »jn «Vm ‘ «Sm:niiilnm! nllmi ljl O, lj‘l Ivmi MU, »o vi'omim-m-f!!'!!! HM I;::;:;;;::;:-::;:;::::::;! 1 8 i fcuco, linen anil lotion. «-ij» I Uliliitwouil, ilo ........ M.M Uar!;;...- : : m <!IIIiEr*E-Tlicrew» moderate icquiry for prime suoda. and nndtr a iLOderata aupply or ancli. prices knp well up, and are tolerably firm at qiiouit.ina, wlmeiommon graded are neglected and easier, lie make no change In nuniuniaHoua; New York Factory (qtnmte) W 019 c Fart -ry (Illlnoia) 16 «l| o }J ttl] c \V«*tcm Male* 13 «J« C IViatern Ueik'ive ...13 ®l* e ••Yours Annnca*'.... CO a I<—'Hie demand U lively, and prices are anjady .oa previously quoted. The Blocks are ample. Prices rmiKo a»- lol.owf: ' do Ormaby. 11 M CtEVBLAM>-nfI«THUL. lI.M do Mineral Ridge 10.00 do Willow Rank 10.00 do Tunne1......... ' 10 00 .. „ iS-no Lump Lehigh... 15.00@i6.n0 prepared. 14 01 J •, | minora. *.55® SHS do on truck. &U@fcO Toofbl<*hn-y. 11-W I COF r EE—There la so charge to unto in the cen*ral I cbsincieroi the market, the uemtsd is steady and I price* rule firm at the foilo wing quotations: _ 1 .lava IS @39 o Rio. con-aon to fair. UIo, coed to prime .|6Vi(a2l^c Ric, prime to choice .37)«*37>rq IliMlPEKAfiE—Tlie general market la oiln and prices arc nncbanscl. bales Include 100 Lard Tierces (prison made) at I2JDO; iJJOOPork Barrels attl.lOd-j. llvcrecitoCßrs; 100 do »csl 25 on track. _ , E«;CS—Were in moderate request and with aliH. etai supply In the market sales were a-ow atS6a23e for tlmci rues andSkatOcforfreahtn boxes or tabs. t> IJIJIT** a Air NUT-*-Ti.o lending features o| . ire n.arKci remmr. aoteuntlaliy thesameas notedln cur nrevtons reports. Trade la sack, though fop nu»t di-ft’rtplion. prices are well unstained. We mskc do change In onr qn itatlons as follows: . ... - 1 CUBES FKUm. Apples. V br|„ iAo<ors, Maicjta i laniwnio Cranberries,cultivated ............ deieo merre. a a m 23 M 29 4.65 « 4.73 y (4 is 16 19 43 (4 '43 SI « SI co c* es os is a is 4.30 « 4,63 IS (£ 13 80 «» 24 S 3 <3 40 »rrs. „ .. Almond*. bard »b*U«l « » »l Alnicudi.MJfl Ptctlwl S s* Amior.'lß.pftocrUjel’efl 5? *• J* i'c.tuu, V is, Wilmington U « 15 IlrnzilNnu « « 3 Filberts .....* i; ® 12 French W Rinnti. new « » J* N»M«n 3VaUmo> " » •* ISjcata. vtatXi awl larce a fi « »[ lllek.rTNut*, IHni §-™ g gJC V bn ‘-WJ H.WJ ir].|l_*nietsarkct la tinll and almost nominal * tt< J'.liowJycramr^rfprices: WlatrtJbh, so. i. ii brl. >0.2,34 bfl Trent. No. 1 V brl •• No.t.Vlirl Mackerel. No. 1. S brl n<w - No.Htfbtl..... “ . tomlir. V3t br1...... “ extra mos, Vhrl, •• « Idt. “ No. 1, kit*, new. •• family, kit? CcilOMi. Hnnk, t- 103 ft*.. Dank. Dales CoQ I’eoclies, V cox., 2 B> cans, Apple* oe« ivarhcs. Quarters. I’eaihe*. pared B»*.UibePtle» t ncv, V a. Kvptwrrlpe.ncw, V ft pitted. . KWrrbcrni s, V ft. K»WM, layer*.... Tbil'las. Valencia. t-anUtca, u boxes. ;*fdlnef,j< boxes, Hiiße ... lUrnni;*. dried, No. I.P box •• l.apr«dor Herrings, V hri •• “ H br1...,. ICorwcclan •' K‘«Vl>rl... « •• M’s v nrl . pt-KD-Ba’erttO JonSHIfSI.OOdcIITCTC*!. . H UEftS*E—Market rnn witli n cooddi'innoa. Fat* w«p: sutptgsHrown oriil Yellow on private ter .ns. M>qnmc: ... Yellow 6*ii 9 c Brown » » B!ic HIUIIU ISJ>-Ib'crlr.«l. III.* lirls; skipped, *« bris. Mnrkft eutmlr urplerled. IKirst-Morkct lum ax for FUsutd, andSVl ja)/. jiarktvaooui 100 tigher, Tor good lots. Bali's rh.amflßlDß 553 fcf at 1 7. W _ U 7 •• ftii. at 1.31 ■ 9 “ 275 ns, at «.» ss “ vflJ t*>9, nt 9 “ 7.33 ■jo “ scin*.at iJO : r. “ sio ns, nt l.« W •• i.OO c T.oo ?*> “ n.W 13 •• mn«.at 0.90 1W “ HOP'S. at .0.93 15»illtHlri:on*Mn».Bt “.TO swll.HS 75 •• 700 nnITJJ (61 11 S<o|»e.Bt 7.00 ADIU.J] IVt " SCOp>s,at.7.TO snll^O no •• ifTOtM.nt 7-W) sntjl.lß H> “ 5H nmah............ 7.W) sM'n.lo STO ...... 0.93 n3<17.79 w “ won*.at.. 0.»3 »»3i.ib TO “ 0.03 . stj'll.l3 H'tloe at U.tOjil.a ruf good ATCtaera lUrWUit utt st ilrt‘l'tUi*nlmiH-W t , W||mLS«Al> HilfllSi . . __ ntt>l»tkkli !.»>« I,»M W l iflltlMnslei 1 . MiiinxiKi IfiTOJII.W i a li. rolo v°i g ( y» .til'or oi*il in w«»*iii ■in>• 11 S') if" I I'H**' l I 111 III! I lit 1 I I i >■ 1 I I |J-W ', fnlWohrtWiM»r ■ lii«m*i nfi lUtlVrtiMiiiiiiiii I),tin )• tin nnUi'jSiMn flt'Kiti riHHM l» H»»* '*,")[ oot •' h *n nm iimand, ami ll*o ixii imiir. Ui.Tn. Wi>rm*t *inr i Urn » VllliTii f« «.,»..imit.iiitiiihm.mi>m w tMV tir-rtn:"H«*l|irMnim:o,,,.i.Mi.Mi.M.M..Mi )! o l!OT..%wi.M.v,',v,at Own “ailed, pari nirnd..,,,,..,,. W , wHVo IKON AM) hTuOi.’-l'in‘icmaitrt rood* erste, uni! prlrr* sp» strait/, We lOtitlmie 1«> nnole « ;\.imn.iT> )\»r.... *H<4 tko Ilium >ln>« Iron,, *S«* ilfivv Ikiid..... 6 t£ Hoop and Li£htllanrt iti.untacd bqnare £.*s'? Ji£ ■ vat........ turf'-* oh® Hall oral sad Half Hound av<* (Hie 5tire11r0n.c0mm0n........... ‘S 6 * ••• ■ sheer iron, Oalranlred, 17x3*. ** Sheet charcoal 0j«<,•••• sheet lion. NdvajrNaH Hod*. W (415« r Mo» Meet, German <*;• c iiiav kiftL cut...................... ...... •••17 lals c Knrtrc aid Tire BtociESicJlih -1| c ToolCsnbtocl, ordinary^sues *33 c Tcol Cast jiw, American. . «*5 « H.utcrrU Steels 2£ c ; Iturcla, Xoa. 9 and IS. 8 Q-2 c Ronta. ArabistqaaUT, I* Ml c Uaa»la > Hi Quality. ftl9 c Rnoals, Am-M qnnlllr, V Bbewt <lls c i I .FATllEß—There 1* a «UehU/ lacxrw«l |de* . n aurt.aLd* better (eellos nrcratu. TUe SKXaa are lletit and the mar. rt roles Cm at tall rate*. sn2 prices • )i«ve a strong npirard tesdency* We continue to quote: XtOdOCK. City. Eariess, t> Slaughter, Sole. 9. TAZ 43 noffalo f 403 43 Corntrr HAtnc** SSlSlatjpbUr Sole. Mrc.¥>fc «s» 441 ai!cvw.?.'o...l 403 « Kin, medium, ? i Slaughter Sole, i’. UWiaot Clffcac.%So.*..SV4 83 Call. » U4C41.C0 i«ntan« AW4,.*. 4C rrwr.fc 100 t... *oj* SI |OrinocoSol*...i. Bvj IN Coontrr Unpcr.. s*« ;SOriw»e% good, ColUr.VfDot,,. 43® 341 damaged Sl® 81 OAK. . 509 S 3 French Cat; SJ kjj, 103 ,,» rSs«Jrff u ‘ 9,, ° ■ MJMBKIf— ticrcl* » f »nrt mnriry account. and pnt.— SSSSSi '« J^oHcifVr:V.'ii,"i:;'3 10c0........ Briber, ronch. the second Clear WWaSs>w hutched And J)reMd S Inch Common Klr« Common Drcaaed bldln« ' T „*S^3 X m-«o« m A Swk itoard’, iVinoew ll Block Board*. B-inchca.......—••;•••• Bal*X4.i.w C-maon IVumo. Jmjtf, bcantune.,Frac- Inc. »od Small Timber. 13 to MI ftrt JoUU and iamVlns. 30.33 a£d 31 ftiC.... sjßd-g’nn joist* »nd Scantling •'*•••••;• *rS, Suiyot**—A or StAfbhATed bhtntfe* *..£52 A or «ar SAwrobnUiKie* uft&S- So.l 6aw»dSh’Mlee ..A r ,8-*®**-“ ' T itn-Mn In B * w PT t»MOAd W Kortbweatem Railroad. . r drHrered In ear yard w&ere cmrt cad be ' ed BMtglf*. brcMMoaa, on track....... 1£53154 A or Star Shared Sblnalea, by car-load, ootjact * No. i Sawed carload, os . „ track.,. , •*•** Tbitc dollars -a car-load added wbeu tranwrrcJ, whltb cdarroflillowe the Shinnies io Bright bill. snntoL*s»raJfDa«D. , , ... v Ttilckscaa—FlrctnlwcieMo be two laches la talcs- UNI. Length—Sixteen inches, Land*—Twenty 'inches. STOnK-Th*. market uMbIU » xalr degree of actinty, and prices rule fins. We tjQtte t Bex Tin ITatc, 1C „ 4*W» Bmnii 1 ' ® Bar Tin » oofpis. _ Metallic aV 801t5... S 3 Copper rofott » DmxjCT»cr»rlO»»*« <8 Bt>crUo(« Utol6 os a TlnnlDrt .. . 10 D AUDIT UZTAL. i«t qnaiuy.. 2 Antimony.... . 2? Fine bolder./.. 80 NAlli*—The marcel Uoat: oa veep, fid M •W . 7 50 . 7.75 OILH-lfco market I* dt Irii, Tterc Is * moderate i Mlt-.e to om tbu there U aotl mi *j follow*; Uosnd Oil I. steed Oil, helled. OMtp Oil tWjele ell, TV . U, OIL extra Lire 011.Ti0.l winter. Lard 01LK0.2 Winter. Bank On, round 10t5... Machine OIL. hIXTEQ OH. W. D....... LabtlcitinVoil...... hSIIhS Cat tor 0i1... . fSSt^S KeatAloot DU.UOWI.4O CAHDUN IHL—Bcmolns quiet, wb prices steady and CDcbnocnL Wequcte: Carttctu 9 car load Carbon, szuall lots. ... WC Clourl* I'ork. and 21I.1V) Bb Lnrt. Shipped. Wl.lW B» Currd Meat*: M lirls Beef; Idtl® btU fork* and dnll. Sale* were: W brl. ft lVuKa w?b; aPO hrjß. boyar February. »ifl9.o\ "Vrrcct I’trulerl Ilnma-Salci were: 20,000 D 8 oitt«rpl<klcatlO)fclooße. __ _ • Tldlfa nipnla—ta’ri were: 70,000 bb Dry Salted Dnoßat B*b lcoff ; “{» 000 Bs Sturt HID odd. C Enallah Meiila—Quiet. Sale* were: 3M bu Long Gutman at iCc {BW3 bxa btretfbrda aISXc (yeaterday afirtnoif * «rN*n *Hlcnta—Bales wcres 40,000 m Bhouldert ?w'ioon,«Uoid.u.)«id=. . - Imrrt—Bull auu nt initial. There wo sellers ot I’riuiu Ftcam 6t l/t.butno bnierßotpMllfc. I»o\)|.TUY Hdw were t» down Utwsejl Chick* rtia hIH <ai \ s iiumto at fl. Tit OOojiq do nIHAOt 4 lirc?Fr«l Ducks nl f 1.16 i l doe du at fWO t l «lwl J»ti* iwiUlwMßtfO.tOl 1 o«*r. tire do iiu«Min_uth(r9ntn'MiDotiiiiio aiii’tctsw aiuo LBii M\i«if ,e S.W. fmlbd,4 ‘ ,(l |tfrl«V* H»c quulattfjr «trli«tiKwl. tiequolm *'v°n’.titriV,im'wiirmlmiAmamiVaW!!! 1 W.i *5-i whip a...... JjH * ! 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Alt RIVAL AND DEPARTURE OP TRAINS. Winter Arrangement. CHICAGO AND KODTIIWESTERS IIAILBOAD—ONAUA PACIFIC USB—DEPOT SOUTH WELLS STUEBT. liavc. Arrive. •8;loa.m. *7rlOp.m., 7:80 p.m. ?C:uoa. m. 4:00p.m. 11:10a. m. Omaha Fast Fine Omaha Night Express. Dixon Passenger rnncronr ukb. Fiecpoit •ninup.m, * F/ecron •9;Wa. in. *3:4op. m. Itocktord, Elgin. Fox _ Itiverand Slate Line... *J:oop.jn. ♦lUlOa.m. Geneva and Elgin Pas- •«.«.« hcncer.... ... ........ p.m. «5 a.i&« WI*COKCRI DIVISION—DEPOT’COIIXEn OP CANAIi .f 3.00 & 6.00 . 9.M 01-J.OO .Li.CO 02-J.OO .13.00 OU.OO AND KTNZIS STRKtTj--- l>ny Express * NlcblEipicM *o*.Vva.m. .Itinovillc Acconmod n. *j:W p. in. *2:A>p. nt. Woudslock Accomnioa'n .stf >p. m. *."»»» a. m. MILWAUKEE PIVIHIOS—DEPOT COSSEU OP CANAL AMD KltiZlß STUCTT. Day 0:00 a. m. 12:03 m. Itorctilf. Calvary and Kvanrton ... 1:30p.m. 3:10p.m. Nlclit Kxpreas & Kcnoaba Accoxmood’n... 4:43p.m. o:4.>a. m. Waukegan Accommod a. C:3Q p. m. tbs** s, m. Milwaukee AccoimmxTn. 11:43 p. m. Mol a. m Oco. u Uottlap, uen 1 Sup t. B. R Patiuck, General Passenger AgcrA. 1 f yri l * l - BAiimo*^—oAioa u»jnn% poo* o 7 laws Braaat. *omln« Erprese "8-15 p. t. Bar Expresi •.*ACp. c. Evening Exprejv TS£Qp.m.T*l3:C'p. &« SSSt&p& tiWSp.e. ts.-»a. 3. • tKCINTfAn *KD V’m-'VIVX* iftoniinc Expruta *• ~ ’ Nlchl Expret* l&OO p. c. *11:01. p. I r.PAKe'VTtaa'SN 4L>::* aab aiion* um—* ■ pot consxa tan buuen **d bbeasa* a*b3«r: .. 7.7.54 tjn, .. 5.00» 5.2» .. 4.75 .. 11 .OX* 11.45 .v 10.1X41040 .. 9.04* 9.23 ... IS.o>\4 13.53 .. 3.75,4 4.00, .. 2 Cut '4.75 .. 255 a V,T>, .. 7.MU fUK>. .. S M» 9.00 .. 5-5*4 fiJfi .. ra* 73 ... 7t« 73 .. 11.0**11 <SO .. 6 00£ 6-3» .. ISM 16.60 ■niol *i;l!sa. a. bay Express ••\Wz.m. NewVoif; Kr?i«2? —1: sp.m. tv Nlebi Etprwc l**U:oop,?j. nrw tw». . Mal i *1:45 a. cu ttklwo-m. NtehtExpiew r.WJp.n, *d^sp.m pmiiBTTBHa, a>'t> CHKAuO. Mail *u2oa.n. B.UC ». m. S;,rV«!.. »■ “• | Inn ...... Xjljp. D* I.<o p. 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Coi r i.n.Exp W *..... . o :J ;a.m. W® p. m. r Accommodailnn ftWa. a. fcW a.m. •. •» SjJSp.rj F:W) twin cmra*o, iujck mo pacitic haiiiioad. far fUpttnandMaU..- *s‘-W a.m isizbi Qpipf-. 3a:Wp.ia «upt Accumnndsllor.. 4!o»p.t«v 'a-a •Ptiortsy «*accntcU. iMtmdav oi«otefl. tuatntflaj •SMllotrmp Ik Die iiew table rp? Jho artWa nod drptMWrp.uf t»nH« Hunt Hit* Milratfu losl UDiee (or tlie wlbier, and now Hi t MAliKt'loaa. Pi U. I’lHl'AlUlt lUj KAltfl AttlllVi* «. |u, «ii ltl< H. tUi !•< ttii M. Btmili. «• H‘ .... 1 S»2» ;;;; )®|iV >'■ « »V. bi™ im«l .... mu Mien, »*»•( m IJj-jJ Ui,.,m.,*i;;,w, ? u 8 ;, .... Ml * iqiimi m " '* * »• M*i Hioo 1) in»n* t ,.,NpwAM»>n»r«;alrm ww liiw * Shi u(Mi,«.«iiuon Air udomm dido li*l m SS ”iiSjkia«wniinw/i m jjg 12:00 Moo t .,.r..n..\:uwinfy U-H. AW ft;iO ;Hfl,,,,Hoilhw>»wn w,fl.» BUS Sun MH.nnUoe iUUroad. I1:H0 «:20 wmiq 7Us,,,.UUnnla Central 11. H, 7n*J 0:1*1 12*00 7*00....01.1«n1§ iiailroad.-. fi:S5 0:45 JS.W mw.... noqvp A uitilOUß. P. M, ffljinfllc ffiacljtnrg. ■pLOJPKOCATOn SHINGLE MA IV cUIJiE. itensots Why this Machine Is superior to uii «ihcra t HL Itwlll do MORE WORK wlih the SAME POWER. rdT II workshfc AUEII PEItVECHOS. 51. It it leu liable to Breakage, and to get not ol Ct 4tt£*lt Js the eaalert attended. SuT. ilit Saw wiU last to do morework Joit, because Hie boll It takmfrom tne taw the mrasr the ahlngle *’6 C t°'.'Tl.e few U easier tPpl In orterfor aMre reasons 7ih. ihe Denting Apparatus enables It to saw the ol any number of Sblatlw esn be cat from the sane cad of the bolt, inpcetwvelj, ml keep an £y. ! AddreS tbemderrtjrncd lor cracrLma. AQ WM. H. WALKER, Patentee. Ford da Uf, wls. XTVISES OTfT/S. Established lf*43. James P. Travers, 46 Bookman**t., K. Y. Twice* tor Grain. Coflee, Salt sod Guano Sack?. Cet te® Half*, n«m Hart, wrapping Writing. News. Book ud Sand Paper, Paper itacmrt wine sad GUIJpk Xeta. fit JJeti. hplnoie Handloc aod Loccn Cord To* haccnf Wool, and Hop Twine. JUttrrrt TnWnjr. SiHcWtr, Broom, Binding. SiwiQF. Sail, Carpet, and lor* 1 Hardware. Dry Oooda. Grocsra. Drue* eirta, SWP Chancier*. ROtkclrdcw. Paper and Broom Makers, siallocers, UphoLtcrcr*, rtobenoi. Waivers * »ul£S.Ts*SSa raw Out Line*. SumrlHi ra» be eeey, and order* len with TVRAD>KK. &Vn U * CO- Chicago. Rl._ fair Inquiry both from city trices an Arm at tbs annex* ■OATCHELOR’S HAIR D\£- Sen splendid Halt Pye U the b»» in the world. Qara.i(«>. rdtahla. Instantaneous; ,the l c.-fcct Drc. No atsappop ttnrot. No rldlenloas tints, hat slgsA WILUAUA. BATCH CLOU, Sola ry lir'crlst* and rerfucers. Factory. M Biclay-tu»HewYork. D” ISSOI.IITION OF OOPAUTNEK bUIT.—The firm el ANDER'OS-t CA.LI BBF, imtereTat Eracston, nutol-.isihli djy dissolve 1- i? AtdMioaharlPjr * a ld hit Interest la '.b'flrm. Wm. n* unotocsitow* me business, atd i« aoifl author fttdio comet all debts owing ‘ Jannary«d,lßFJ. W*. H, CAtffEBT. Formerly of Junes* Lock Hospital. Mew Orleans. end for the ia*t elx year* located in Chicago, cures iyrnllis. entirely and effeftnaily eradicating the poison from the eysttm, leaving the blood pnze,without mercury or any life-destroying drug. Dr. James treats and radically cure* Spermatorrhea with an Infallible method, earing time and erp-aie. Inpotcccy—caused from spermatorrhea or loai of •emm— this debility Dr. James «U 1 obligato fctmselC In every case,toenre, when the organa are perfect In formation. lit quality, ca«K .13 J< tat quality, II blab. .11 mo nr vies. i >»< - ii t to 6 ;.ii 7.8 and 9 » 10 and 1? U II IS and 14. 15 Dand 1« 13 17 ....17 is,, ai Fence Staples. is ■ quiet. We repeat quota. 13d 49.00 lad. Cm blued 9JO 13d* fine blood 10 JO I Cot 80tfcPf............ 7JO I CUntbNot. 9JO ai* and quotations are uom* Inquiry lor Linseed OH. but lung doing. We repeat oar etoo Dr. James* office and parlors are at SI and 03 oav do!pbaU,(MACLTOPPt»TT»iiia old omci), Chicago, m„ where he may bo confidentially ccnaoltod from 9 a, c. to 8 pm. P.0.80x COO. - Bxmct Batlra Glm health ami vigor to the tram* and bloom to the pallid Debility Is acrotnp*nt*dbyman» a'ana tne symptoms, and lino treatment U labmittedto. CQOSump'lon, «"»»"«ty. preoUepuc uts ensue. Take no more Unpleasant and Unsafe Remedies for unpleasant afifl dangerous diseases, tree Helobold’a Retract Bochn and Improved Bosa lfssh. Ooodorenl? Bleb or Poor? Debased or exalted? Are too to rise to eminence,, booor, wealth and ooaer; ot are jouto unklutooo*cunty apdooUrloti? TV ha; are your future prospects la Utb—to be or sot to be—tbat fa ibe question ? Who will aotre it? Sr. Earbael can solve It* and mace tasunsuccessful m wealth and *-mloenre and the cnfortuusta io hap?l ctss. All whose fond hopes bare beenausppolnied, crnahcd and blasted, (ret satisfaction, sod time lades wheat injury keeps them from getting Darned, can be cored to that no one css k&owlu Call on UR. BA -I‘OAEL. 213 East Madlion-sU op itairs. iaurelewi tc.aCdtottal. Consultation tee, ona dollar. uoat.a Lli3l.;JO I.IV3L® UX&I.IO The Glory of flnn la Strength* Therefore. the oenroni and debilitated should Imme dlatcly use Uelmbold’s Extract Doeto. The Only ITlcdlclnc in tbe World That f warranted a Bare and i erfret Care for all kind* or hlf-s. LRritoay. scrofula. halt rheum. and ail Disorders of the Ski-. Is FOWLtTB ASH UIIMOII CURE, buyornunewliodonot refund the monet inomycaseorrallare. Porluteroal and ex* tcraaiQS*. No failure foreiehi year* In Flics or Un* mors. |l.oo* folUe. Hold every where. Itctmbold’s Fluid Kxtracl Bucbu |iblca«atit In taste and odor, free from all injurious properties, atd limiedlate In It* action. Blmncml CoiiMmuloiw Hwlofix! by JlcltoboWa ktttnui liuchtl. Dr. Illaclow, ttip b'lblk abd llrt tolMlbrtl hunt) ntUrap.i* itio«io«i fpl'abw i.»miPlai» in (h« ill* rv«t cluudo u»nmu and ••*u*UVra»«..«-'»tl at iU eitbl* to liMllli.l'iibil'luM UlOUlGir* netil free lb an* imirpM. * • A IttNrtf and .wwi,® »i finuf DinnitMiory. ■ ■. HulVtliltut nml iMlrm* OoiiaUlMtloimi 01 (Hub mm), tuti Hehiilmlit'M Kilrmd Min im, I) will lOu un»t hl>l w.rimdto lißilm* mu) tmaitlß fuu (<i tup writ. «I.W at.u ci ui & 11 01.00 0 SO 0 ■a 0 'ii Hailroabs. *b:ss p.r. '.:o3p, c isn't), c a. t 5 p. ta. S;W) ft. m. STtolues. ~s}air 33se. Special TSotlccs Dr. Jane^ If bar Destiny—Wnat la 111 manhood and Fontblhl Visor tret egained by Hdmbold'a Extra Dacha. JlifDlral. MM "It" M-f rtiMlnnthf /mil sir-j»mr« only, Up©* MMt iiiie (Ur the coosiaumtoua Hij-»ic,Un to ns V ebre* mm, tliatCoßariMTiojr I* aa csn titfttt uotuti) a* In i»rini«f«r #l>r«r. anil M c«| txmtT bptTßstto bi Small J‘oi.''—Hec. Lfinrla M etc* 1 KlMt'H t'iiei'AUfiu i'UßsOUtlllOtl, COIS BU M UTlOltf i|(i lip Musi AilVAisfiltll Bl Allt’Si) ipurai HiW no ftresp-tfeVlF r^'lav**»l * , l‘« » wiHwcmwoi mlm an a #,iMTiv«^^W*u'MiW w ‘ theIHIKsCUU'UON .liMihlle n»od m eftr? cast v laVre tut nhuleiat. rwcr|i*a ;;i-j»tum UirrtiUß.,* ”Tu*i(«."li<ox. Aetna, Hint, (Jnima*, ton Ltva* Uiu Vf tiusav, *t HnJ In every ui»«*fA. b C wuatbv rukaub Kvcm. In ntilch th>;ru ii esalblled any out «r unre i (the f.llowln*: *V ,U IJTO yw t JUfflnili or Irrc/nlat Hraalhlna. Lo*m <*} llroatc. Cniulu Wasting ol Flesh. Mani bweaU, UliwUJutffroa the l.ung* Umui Streugtn, Ltasoi H-bUlt)* Debility ol I'aixnantV and Mining, Flyloi •altu inroniU the Shnufarw, Chest Face or Limbs, s'ciirnlL’l'*. Kervcua Hwml*lic, Nerroui I'rosiraUct, \ervi-ua imuticn» liUiainnia or DlulLtu, Eicaulve •alei es, Sore throat, Drowsiness. sleeplessness, Dys pepsia. Sour atomarh. "Heart Burn," Oppression oi btukltu of the Stomach before or after eating, consti pation, BemitU'Ut Fever, Ac., do-, and kspecullt it «U Female DU' Mew or uterine irrecoUrlliei, such as UllllcuU, I‘alufut, buppreassd, scanty, Bxcwslve, De layed. Frnnature or t o frequent Menstruation. t»lutcmcat« riom patients* A'C, “Tear Prescription saved my daogbtcr’i life, and baa saved me hundreds cl dollars.—Kav. B. UcMfU- E “ T yf e*bJe*sO<S'itr toe benefit we bare received from yooi Prepared Resection."—Bev. P. Psaaowaa. “ Kvctv I haTetootncmeodedUhasbea* eoted much by iw use.”—Uev. U. I>. JoNX»,IUcIce llocsE. aftobj-uc*..N. ST.— -la the eariy pan oi February, 1S&, 1 was sutftn&c from a violent comtli. ; or wluthl bad been treated dunne ■timonihtotfr vlotisly without benefit. I nid yigntSuuat* wtuefi completely prostrated me. tnltecveucc, coarseneu wcuirt come on, whlcn would prevent medrom sneak; In* above a wblspcr. 1 bad toes bad two attacks oj bleeding from the luigs, Uy t&oiUy Physician assured metbatbe ooohl do no more for I was cro win* rapidly woi*e, and nad been compelled to leave busi ness for nearly two month*. AU ®y tcdl* cated. unmistakably, the pretence cf CONSUMPTION. In tbe beßlnoUc of Febrnarv, Mm Übsbt ttina irmiurrr ft ihr American iitbU •socr'ic. presentee mu with ftOotUeof tbc PKEPaUUD PUEStiBIPfiON. la a few days my appetite fwhicn I had entirely lorth returned: wiihfna week, my coush baa almost left we: andin it*® than two weeks tbeJVitffthStfcal* wen iroicn op. Th-nceforwanlT retrainedstreneth rapidly, ?»iai^%{g^Sb%.TSi.s. cl s. it® wbco mr fn toils dPfrDAlrwl of j^ t j^ ONQEBi -»I have hsd Kehtocs ob SrAsvocic astuka for 1 eleven scars. Durlde the last six years 1 have novo \ bad an tolntcriupied nigi.t’* rest. Xt orten seemed tc 1 mi-that I would die p-’tore 1 could get air into mi • lung*. 1 suffered so greatly from* shortness ofbreath, • thallWft' complice tu frequent real* In walking item uit residence to my mace ot huslnras. - The r.lchi be lore I churned the ‘ I‘I.LPABBD PRB* SCI option* wv- the worst 1 ever passed. On obtain ing the remedy, itoos kicaspoonftu at myn and agate at nlctn, and slept all night withont waking. 1 have NOT HAD A BBOKKN NIGHT'S RKfft SISCI. • * * * I hav«* now completely r*.*coverea my strength and eplr ns. acd am not at all afflicted wl th J shortnessor nreath.' I shall tie glad to have any onuafflkteu with> Asthma ’ call and ace tziß. . *‘Nn.S34 Fourtli-st.,New\oik. n , The -PBEPAKED PUKat’KlpriOK*' is put a 1 *1 totue, n*l ASH'IU*. 144Lake> *L; DL'CIS. HO Hark-st.; J. PAIiSONS & CO, 41 Clark-st.; DCCHE ft M'OIIKkV Ba RanrtolrilMt,

Wholesale Acents for Chicago. 111, BUBNHAMS d VAN* SHAACK. and by Druggists generally, or nrter? may be to the Sole tTOpfletcirJJSCAß G.. MOSFSA CO, 2T tX'inLANDT-ST, KewTork. Con- • cUluilon free. A Orcular. containingpabticulaes of ■ nany fuccetsfuily treated, will be sent tree, by mall, t? aP whe will write tor It ©rcan Sframrrs. ONLY WEEKLY MAIL LINE TO LIVER* OOt. INMAN XJNE. Cne ofthe Liverpool, Sew fork and Philadelphia . Co *s s nsnlflc*nt a* <1 j>. wertni steamships, sails from 4 A. North River, Neff Tort, LVLUY SATURDAY (maU steamer), AND EVERY WEDNESDAY fextra steamer), Ttiroughout the year. Parties visiting th» Paris Exhibition will And this, fvt speed and accommodation, equal Ui acy other mail line, sms vrry tnnch cheaper. passengers booke 1 from ItATBS. _ A limited Dumber ot st-.erasu passengers will be taken at a* low Cite as by any other Hue. Vor -h to .rein, ticn'l Wesl'n Agent, 31 Dearborn-si- Chicago. business ffiarhs. piiAlß & JEFFERSON, coTitnission jirniciunxs, OFFICE, -O l FIIOST ST.. J-» MEMPHIS, TE|,H. Lthtral cash advancemeotß made on conslgnmenta. Q.E&T, UATTEN & UO., Wholesale Comniißsion Ifierchant*, jvo. BO McOnn-Bt.. D’tween ¥ and U-st*.,) DBNVKIL WLPHAPU. T'jUESSED UOQSt ANI> WBIOHT LISTS Fnttdabed gratis. Highest market prices guaranteed} prompt teturt’.s made. Curmpondeace aoilriteti* * * lIEIIMUND A CO* Hen I Cotu'n JtatTh U, * M.> WashlPfbm-sL, thleam.Hl. (Sift 35iticrpdafo. p UEAT WAtOII MALM HI, Tilt; I’mTI.AII OM4I'MUIK Ml.* N. uivhw Bvofk patf'-b ahaiiiUi'iiiH ahd fed %V*» nab It V ’JJiI 111. IllfVlf-l, «HM»I 1.,«j IS [S 3 g VTfiOoh) jlunlllig kiigiit)il{«vars,,,i,.Mti, tt*i ihilii Hu hi jug Dnpl«» Watches,.. [Wto W? hoi 0.0. i Uui ting An.erh'au WaWhrti lg*J» hu'Siivir 11imiinvUven.................. {£ ” Utt silver tlii'.liiig liopleiea.,g NOno.ALafito'* watches. «}•» j.WODctd Hunting Uplnes.. toio m 1,000 MUcdianeous ttiiver Watches gdlo JfO 3^o0 Hunting toiver Watches.,. 60 Sfftfl Assofteil Wsichrs, all kliiils lOto Kvery obtalu* a Watch by titi* arranismsnt, costing but |lO, wciie It may be worth |730, No port * * Co.’s Great Union Watch Manufacturer*. 110 iProadway, N. t. { .° Immcdutrlj djspoieidiheaboremagnlftcen<»tork.t.*f tlficaustamlng articles are placed insualedeaveiopea. Holders are entitled to the art ties named on their vtt tlflcstc. upon paymeat ol T*n Dollar*, vhfther it be a Waich worth fTV or ore worth leva. The return ol any of onr crllflcates cctltie* you to toe artic’.e* named thtJMr. nponp'TKrot, trresrective of its worth, acd iS noariicie valncd le.s than *lO \t named on any c«- tiniate.liwttiatooeebeaccnthatttils is no lottery, hot a stratchtibraard Iftlllmate transaction, which mar be participated In even cy the mobtunidicn*; A tingle CerUbcatewlll be sent by maU, post-paid, receipt of a ctJL, five tor n, eleven (br ft, thirty three and elegant pretnlnm f.>r f 5, stxty-slxand vnete valuable premiuu. lbrfl(J.onehacdre<l and most su nerb WaichlorllS. To agents or those wraalna em ployment tola 1« a rare opportunity. It is a legitimate' lr conducted bostnos, duly authorized by the Govern* inent. and open t > toe most carmni acrntlny. Try tu . Alirm J. HICRUAO A CO- 14fl Broadway, N. Y. Urgal. A EDITORS’ NOTICE. —The Trader ±\ Andltora appolnWd by the Orphans’ Court of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to dlrtil but- the balance rtmalnlns to the hands ot C- a. UoJ man. Trustee appointed by *he said Court to sell the Real Estate of Christian Qioßlate of TV. Earl Town* sMn. County and State aforesaid, deemed, to sad among those legally enticed to the same, will alt for •“'"rtTSsKSDAV, At tot o’cl'fk a. m- in the Library HU»tn of tee Court Ilonw, In the Oty cf Lancaster, where all persona la tcrcstedlnaalddiftrlbailomnaratTend. CHARLES DESNES, } TV. LEAMAN- > Auditor*. EZRA PUKKBOLDKB. ) TRUSTEE’S SALE—Public notice is hereby tlren that 1, Samuel Cede, to pnrtuancp who ti c powers in a eertair instrument contained, caicd November Ath, A. I). 1966, executed by AM. ■Whipple A Ca, and given to secure the pat meat of toe ptomuwery note ot said Whtople A Co-, ol date last aforesaid, in the amn ol ten thousand dollar*, payable toibeunaerfispcdorord& the 7th day of January, A. U.lWT.artH.ontheapnllrstJin of toe legal-h«Ucr of said note, on MONDAY. the am day of January In-u. at the hour of ten o’clock la the forenoon ot said day, at toe once of Laxares SUvennin, No. 73 Dear* h; rn street, Ch’cago* »e l at public auction, for mm to thchlfbrirtbidder, IXshare*nftoecaP'f** stockofttte ♦•ltclrltNattonai Hank.”of Beloit,intae fettteol Wls c< n«4n; one oron.M rr arte, dated Chlcayo, Mar it, 196 t. executed b* Vfartlvk Vanin, payable to a. M, ; Whipple* Oo- 90 cats after flaw, atd befog lo thetnm ofn.W-0; oic piorol-ivry note, dated December JW. jstb, executed by S K. thesnmorgufoo. 1 and pnvable to Q.M. Hn~ae*. «tt mouths after date; cterofc. in thr*um oi (f.tsOti. datet January 8, W exectited to **. B. Fiocn, payable to the order ot Jobs TV. notbee, flvemonUj* Mtrr date. S. COL&- Chlca>o, January IStb. ISC7. * Tire above sale Is postponed until FRIDAY, the Dt dsy cf February, ISC7. at the tame hour and same place. h» COLE. proposals. DKQFOSALB POR ARITSt TBANa J- pobtatioh. ' __QUAStXEXA*TH UXHSBAL*9 Oma. > ’ Waanurorow.D. C..JannaryU.iau7. f ; SEALED PROPOSALS wjil be received at tbu office omit il o’clock m., on tbe 3Slb ot Feoruary, 1357, fm Ute transportation of >ll iury Bopptlu daring tbr year commencing April 1, >Bo7, tod filing Utrcb 31. 1868, on the lo'lowloc routes: uocrESo, u From FortMcPheraon, Nebraska Territory, or inch pout* M may be determined a poo dories the year on tbe Omabs branch of tbe Union raclllc R-»l real, treat of Fori McPbrnon, or from Fort Lar*ml*.i>aSouTer neb non* or depots u aro noir or may be es tablished m tbe Tcrrtiory of V-orana. wed of longi tude 103 decrees, m tbe territory of Hintana, sooib of latitude 46 degrees, ’n tbeTerrltory of Dakota. welt ot Icmamde IW degrees. In tbe Territory of Ideno, soul', of latitude 44 degree*, and east of loeeitado ill degree!, and In tbeTemiorita of Utab ana Colorado north ol latltcce 40 decrees.. Including, u necessary, Denver City. tr>t7TE Ko. 3. From Fort Riley. State ot Kansas, or each points s* may be determined upon during the ye*r on to* l/okm PaclOc Railroad, E. u., to any oosta or depots that are now or may be otablisbca in tbe State of aan-as or intbeTenliory of Colored», sonrb of latitude 19 de gree* north, sod to Fort Union, 2fcw Mexico. or other crpottbal tnaybeaisignwedln that Territory, and to snyotberpolnt or points op thermite. BOUTS Ko. S. From Fort Union or eaeb other depot as may be established In tbe Territory of Rev Mexico, to an pens or nations that arc, or may be established la that Territory, acd to mch posts or nations as may be designated in tbe Territory ot Arizona, and IB tbe State of Texas west of lotgunde 105 decrees. ROUTE Ro. 4. From BL PanL Minnesota, to soeb pons as are now or may be calabll*ned la the state ot and in tbat porfiou of Dakota Territory lying cast of tbs Mlwouil River. The weight to be transported daring the rear wl'l not tiered on Route No. 1, SOJXO.OCM pounds ton Route ><>.9,30.000,100 pounds; no Route No.&B,ooXuDp9ands, and on Route No. 4, SAOO.OOO pounds, not-oal i will be mad • fbr each roots separately. Bidders will »'ate the rate per its) pounds p-rIOO n.U«s, at which they wM ttanspjrtthe stores la eaca monthorthe year, bezlnnlcg April Ist, 1357, and end' Ids MirthSt,tWß. Bidders should dre their names lo 1011, as well as tbi lr places of residence, and eacb proposal stnnld be accrmpanlcd br a bond in toe earn ot ten tboaiana l| tC,oCtij dollars, aimed by two or more responsible par sots, guaranteeing that in case a contract Is awarded for icetonie rornilonedtln the proposal to the parly K. site,thecontractwill pe accepted andeuter-d and good a»d sufUclent security tarnish*! by said party In accordance with the terms of this a im- The contractor will bo retiuucu to give bonds loth? fuliowtiK amounts: On I onto No. 1, fOWW. On Houle No. 3. 2W.C.0. Uu Route No.B, 100,000. On Haute ho. 4. ».(*». . BsUafaclory evidenced the loyalty and so rency of each blildtr and person offered as tecurliy will be rc qt,|*rcbossl« fctul be endorsed'*l*ropo»ati for Army TrntifWiatliiQ on Bnuie No. !,>.«, or 4, as the cob way be. atid nrne win bo emeriainert uttess uj»y fun/ comply with the requirements of this ndrorilso* U lhe parly lowborn an award Is made mint be pro. pared fn eirt-uic ibe colimcl al once. atm to Bite tbe required boud* lor ibe Ulibnil paMoriiuboe of the tom rittbl to ridfcl Mb? and alt bid* ibal nuy be ° l7ie iH.uiNcpir on meli ttmlo iiiim k** bi rflvUuw# ftir wtlwVy m Ui vu»m April. tat* aud will he to* bvteß«.h'» k.fKna'ait.wyiii.Ss ilhiiltwni iiiaMisiniliniUHt MthoslsiilDK point of »b« |. rnMltnaliiglpni'niKllllnni ol (bn mnirsrl lulu <*ii»mUiioPtt‘a»'Urotiu-.nan l«>ntl mi «iu»l imlim?\ihiaollin,oralHieottlrn*ff Urn girnrh-ruiM irrat New fli\int ton Port Uafrimurlii, lip aba,f anM> and ifort N^lllr.t,mid mini accom pant i»i iir < e a P»i»ol Mm propuiuH. Iltcttl Colonel ami Am 1 ! gunrlenunitcr U. H. A. r\ OVEHNMBNT SALE. tmy-tiTf.aciiaiit b’Bt'i' *t BAN , fl-nUi! I'rnDo.tflJr h- tryi'-'l ’it WSMWi itiisiiiifti BVI. «.(• fi.fcX-H TTAfUiOU WOUKa AT Uft-VNDUA.- I I VtN and Ular.V Lake, Mint Igat. CmiCKJjM'ltKll»TKM)lfcH EhOIXBSB, lUOBOBt ftimiVIUICJiM. Lak« UICUIOAM. I Mll-WAtTKVK. Wisconslr, January 1,1&57- ( Scaled proposals, to duplicate, of the form furnUnec hr the iindialenod, will Be mre Vcd atjhliotncunrlll iWadaj.theUthday .fFebniarf, UaufUt Improvina the harbors of titaia Haven ami lilacs Lake, Michigan. Tbem-ptovemcaual Grand Haven will constat 01 li.roofcei, less, of close piling to protect Uu south b»nk<f the mer near uo entrance and an ex tcielon of the tooth pier for GOO feet oy crib* filled will Bl lbc Iniprovenicnta at mack Lake will be extension* of the present piers, tU tunnlug feet in all, and dredg ing TiiediMgingwiiibebetweeuine piers, aud jot placing itn new cribs, and will amount to M?»M cable yards, more or hen. _ ihans and specifications are on file In the once, and will be shown to all who wl»h U> examine them for Uu nnrpcsr of eslln.aurc, , . Tne rropcsaU' will be separate tor each wort and fot each class of material or labjr for eaca work- Bid* win be reo Ived lor a part or tor the whole or cltho work/ The work to be finished hr October 1, IMS. works will be lei to uo lowest re»ronslblt bin der,* reserving to the United States the right to rcjecl “Bidden! to be present upon the opentof oopucata proposals will be endorsed, enclosed U cvelopc. w U. S. Engineers- Muwankee. Wls. (Eitg jSJotices,. CORPORATION NOTICE, omc* or the BfUED op Pontic Works, ) - CmcAOO, January 13. ls->7. 5 Whereas, the Common Council of the City of Chicago hva arucred that the eighteen foot alley routing cm;, nod wp*t In block 118. school Section addltton to Chi cago, be widened to the width ot « icet, and extended, of the same width. es»t to Clark street. making th** eonthllneiheicof pataJlel to.anrt 1.7 1-10 reel north from the north Ine of M nroe street. _ . « Now, therefore, public notice la hereby given tp an nctsone Interested, that the Commissioner; of the Board of Public Works will meet at Itoom No. l,(op Moire) in hnlldlmr Nos. 15 and 17 We.l« street, to *ald dvr, on the Wlh day ot January, A. D. 1867, at the hour of ten o'clock a. m, to assess the damacca that will bo sustained. or the bene fits conferred, together with the costa ot tbp pro ceedings. by reason of the doing of such work and the mating of said contemplated Improvement. The general oca. riptlon of the laud to be condcmnec t< n stnn of land nbonl 9 fret wide, from the south end ol sub lot 7 of Assuror's Division of lot 4 and h. H 10'. 0, block IIS, School Section Addition to Chicago; a strip of land ab* nt 2 fret dhcwesipirtonotS; a strip ol land about Jtfcet wide It om the south s'de of sub lots Sand 9of lots I ani 3; a strip ot land about sa feet wide irom the north end 0 lots, and trom too east half of 1-t 6, and a strip 0! twin about 13 feet wl<*e from re n-r.h end ortheweat Ua'tOO of lot 6andlrom |ou»andß, a.lin block 115, School section Addition to Q GtJfT)EL _ f BED. LETZ, O. J. BOSK, . Commissi oner* ot the Board of Public W orlo. 'TAX COLLEOI Oil’d NOTICE-State 1 0 f Illinois, County of Coos, City ol Cnlcago-sa. CtTT COLLECTOB B OFFICE, ) Boon No 14, Cocct Hocue. V Chicago, January 2). 1567.) Public N'ottce is hereby given that on the first Mon day la February, being the fourth day of February. A. U. lSk.7. at a regular term oi the Superior Court ot Chicago, to be begun and holdea In the Coart House. In said City ol Chicago, on tbcUrtmcnttonwl flay, 1 shall make report to said Superloi Court of Chicago of all the Thxc* and Assessments remaining unpaid upon the Beal Estate Tax II t Inrtlm monjcloal year. ISC6, toe warrant attichtd to said Beal Estate Tax list, bclnc dated the Twenty-Ninth day of October. A. 1). Ibf*. and &*k for Judgment acaitut the several )<ots. Blocks. Pieces ana Parcels ol Land or other Pro* erty described la said Tax list fir the amount of Taxes, Damocte and Costs respectively duo taennn. All Person® Interested aro requested to attend nt the aforesaid t«-r» ol wild Superior court of Chicago ALEXANDER U. UEALD. City Collector. rpAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—State I of Illinois. County of Cook. City of Chicago—s». CrrrCollector's OFrimußooMNo.l4.) . Oorrr Hurst, Chicago, January 14. lain. J PublicNittceishmbyclvcnahatpnihe first Mon day or February, being the lib d*y of Febrnary. A. D. IStii, at a regular term ol the Suiwrlor Court of Chi cago, to be begun and hjldea lu the Court House, In sard City ol Chlcsco, on the last mentioned day, 1 shall make report to said superior Court, of Chicago, on the to loalnß Special Awssmcnt Wairnnt* placed la. my bands for Collection on or before the last day of Octo ber. A. I>. U*€, and a*k for Judgment against the sov tral Lots, Blocs*, Piece* or Panels ol Land or other property described in such warrants, on which the nssctsn ruu then remain unpaid, tor the amount of assessments, damagv? and costa respectively doe tosre- Ol Wsimalßo, 4HI, Sontb—Dated Fehtuary 7,1568, tor filling, grading and planking Conrt Place, between La 6 Wamnt Datod March 9th, 1560. fi r filling, ct antn» and Plankingol an A ley. running from 18th to &Hh streets, between Wabash avenue and state : street. „ I Warrant 468, Sooth—Dated May 4tb,1966,Mf catbtn?; ( trailing and gravellinc and part <g gutters, with bowl -1 Her stone. Prairie avenue, Ihim lfii»stf«vlto2.-d«ttvel. I Warrant 4SI, South-Dated May 9th. DM,'for curb ing. gradllgaud paving gutters, with boulder spne, Plx\miUi street from Stale street to I’ralne avenue. warrant 450. South-Dated July WUuiwd, for gra ding and rlnderh e Arrhei Road from Reuben street to '\ , ?(uniiil4SP, IWI, fbr gra ding and uincadaittldcg Unified street from 81st street 1 w«VtMt , CT. ul K'iiiii-n»1 , .'l I'dulwr.iii. eurbihß.l'Htbk ami paving Moorueslreel, trum Hlale "r.fe'.Tf.mlS-iii’.al "fUilipr M. IW, Mp. ng and psinnllng LaSalle street Inuu oaekstu to Nan I %Tp?VmuVs lnlere*Dd nts temiwled to attend at t\w aftiresald letm of said Superior of^|ilr«(|^ 4 ‘ City tNhlector. t I’AK OOUEUTOII'd NOTIOB-slnlo ilar of rebfiiHFk inhg ttislihiflli itif id PeiMiafr. Ai p/lwl.slaie/dlsr Vem lu« pujwfluf •■ •»•**« ol cfllMg''ildV CeglMt s*»*l It'd'lwi M» the »ht«M H«u»e, to •» U ) 0)1“ into, ill ui« Mi Pi«i.h..hwl da", 1 'shall wake . a fapuft U wl m> ppfluf t'liufi »■(-„ t-id*'B4’'i ♦H , lh* fiilhiwing Vp* i*l A»swimeiit Warr* il iliaeM In iiu Laud* |W (p'dHdUi ohorW(»tslha)*sUUy u) Ocfdi*, A,», Im4, anti aoK fi'f agaii'd lha «vsrai wk Hlolks, flei’rsnfVarri'.sofdahd or other pr.>b‘"iy (loirflord in ■urn waicam#,o« which tho »»*c«inan|. 11,on rnusiu unpaid, loHh® amount td d«.u.siru> andcn»ure»piwurel*tiun Uiorcm, hvwit | Waltolit hi'. &>nth—Dated o< t. Sin, Iwm, |.ir rt-ling t radlng and ptsuklnß of tiia alley ;uuim* north imn Mtoth hti«»n Twann and Fonrlesnth streeu aid "saarroii oc,«n» onv... drams on Washington street betwwin btata »Uoct and Dated Oct. 6th. ing nlllt c andpaungGrtswold sUcrt, Itom NatUu f‘WwramkfOk‘soalh-Dat«d OcU «lh, isld. ItMlhioff paving ate graning Laballo street from Madlwato gracltog acd planking Couch place (rout Franklin to IS.’ South-Dated OeUtUh,SM. sec»das •esment. Mrcurblng. filling and rrauirtf booth Water tireet from Michigan avenue to Wabaab avenue, south—Dated Oct.Sitn.lsU. secoolae fCMniccv, ur gradltg and pltnkmg Bation place from Lo“-5iwScr- HO. >«. ft.cow Inc fllhcc and plankirc alley running north and south octween Kldriueuand Rarroon contra through Block m, tractions! sectson (U>) addition to Chlcigo. Alliwrsot»lntereai*darerequ«.«toaogndat the •“•“l 4 lC ™ ot rr AX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—State 1 ofIUBOU, CMc^o-«. Hoox So,II, Court Bacas.^January-a**. J&i- j Puttie notice I# bursty given, that on the firat Mon of February. being the fourth twyofFebrnarr, A. D^l&.atalsSiSrt&ia of toe Sapirtor Court of Chi cago, to be becno and holdca in toe CP?n laldCitT of Chicago, on tae is*t meunoted day, 1 shall tmSureporttSiisfd Superior Courtor CWwPH«| ns folio*lac Special Assessment Warrant* Pjaoeatomy mmi for collection on or beforrtnc lastdarofOcto- Mr A. D.X9GB, and a*k for Judgment agatonthesercral iota, blocks niece or pare*.* oi land or other property d«nl£ln each warrant*, on -which the asstssoenu unpaid. for tie amount ofygsjoeata. daw.accs an! costs respecuve’y due thereon, to-wll. “w*mmi “Sees, OcfcSi.MSg. tor re cotftrcctlng a sidewalk lo troot - I or adjacent 10 the tcl’cwlnedoiCTlhcdnropcrty,to-wlt: IVarrant No. K 97, West—Dited Oct.Si«t,l?&i, for re ron*rmctlic a sldewalc on the north side cf tveot ptl ureetTla front c for adjacent to the following de- K ttW»Lt WcLfr-uated Oct. Slst, 1365, for con structing a sidewalk m front cl or adjacent to the 10l- t» tor .be c»- ptrnction of a rtdewals in front of or adjacent to toe lol a.*. !»=. K-T.S cotimtctlncaaldewaik In front ol or adjacent is the fo 1 warrant So. (SL-W<*t-Dated Oct. SL*U ISO. tor can ftrncunc a sidtwalk In frcct of or adjacent W the fol -16 ill toattend at the efotceeld Km ol ..Id °JgWg;„ r . Eranspottatton. -VIEW ORLEiRfr ANTI jnSSjIaSTPPI !> RIVER PORTS.—The Atlantic * Mltslwlppl Kteaffiship Co.’s Cs*t and elestntboats leaveCMro on arriTal of Illifiois Central erealne train from Cbicagc MFUPB.S. V3CKBBOEG, SE't F»r <SKg 'Not{cea. NOriOifi—siato X ol Illinois, County ot City of Chicago. »s. Crrr Coixscroas Ornox, Boo* No. il» I Conrr Qodsx, Jan. Hit, 1867. S Publleoitlcel* hereby *lreo,Uiatonthe first Mon rajoi February, being tht Cjunh bay of February, a regular term ot dio Superior court •« Chicago, to t>« beano and holdca In the Court Houie. in said City ol Chicago, on the last mentioned dsy, 1 ..tall c ake report to said Superior Court ot Chicago, on tie follow ft.g Special Asiessaent Warrants placed lo try bands for rtuecuon on or before the last day ol ociontr, A- U. ibGK, and ask the iulaoicnt aaalnst tee s»Ter»l Loti. Blocks, Pieces or Parcels ol Lanoor other property ccscxlbrt In inch warrant*, on Which tne asscstjntnss then remain unpaid, Ibr the amount of damasea and coats respectively doe thereon, to wit WarrantKaHo North—Dated OctJMJKWbrerectlon of twelve lams poets on North L*S*'Jo street, between Dlvislut tireeland £chnll<rl street. Warrant33l North—Dated Ort. 21,1666, for erection of 6 lamp posts ■ n North Dearborn stmt.between Oat ■treel and Eaat White street. , WanauUKl North—Dated 0ct,21,1366,f0r erection rf 1 lamp posts on North Water street between Kush street and hu Clair street. _ Warrant ha Nortn—u»ted" Oct- 21. iS&s tor erection ol 3 lamp posts on Huron street between Pine street aid fit. Clair street, . _ Warrant 20 North—Dated Oct. 81, 1565. tor erection of 3 lamp posts on - Chicago arenae between North Well* am-ei and North LaSalle street, Warr.ott66 North-Dated Oct. M,1366, for erection of lump poet on the eaat aide of Pine street at the corner oftteal er norm of Superior street. Warrant Bft North—Dated Oct, 24, IBofi, for erection of 16 lamp notts on Division street between Sedgwick street ami North Clark itneK except the Intersections ol North Welli street. , Warrant 2W North—Dated Oct. 81, ISW, f3r extension of West Hinsdale street ftnm Sts present eastern terml* nos. eaatwardlf,of the wldthol .CGlbet, w NorthL» -*F— interested ate requested ip the AS pcnoQ* lau*v=— requ— aforesaid tmn or ...^Enocn^ryM^c^ rpAX COIXtUTOR'B NOTICE. State 1 ©i lUlnol*. County of Cook-<». Crrr Cdulbctob’b Orrtes,) ROOM So. 14, DOUBT lioOSß,__ > CHICAGO, JUUHTJ 21, Isbl. ) PuWl'tSollce Is hereby bitch. thaton tbe Qtst Mon* day ot February, belmr the lonrth day of February. A. U. Jbti7. at a rtsular term of tbe superior Coart ofUil cabo, to be begun ami hidden in Uie Coirt uonse, la •aid cut of CutCkCO. on tbe laat mentioned day, I shall rake report to raid Superior Court, of Chicago. «”n the following Special ar»w»tnent Warrants placed in my bauds fir collection oa or before tbe last day of Octo ber. iV, 1). isco, and ask lor judgment aealn-t the sere* ralLau. Blocks. Ihcces or Parcels of Land or other property described la Mich warrant*, on which the av •eremects then mnain unpaid, ior the amount of as* segments, damages and costa respectively due there -o DWarrant Warrant Ko. WS, West-Dated October St. IMS, lor comtructlnt sidewalk in front ofoi adjacent to tbe Tot- Warrant Ko. (80, Wot t—baled October Bt, 1KB ( lor rwoustructU)« aslucwolk op Uic we*t aide of Ituber _<?t* between Madison ntui Wnrrcn streets. _ Warrant fto.CSl, West—lißteo October 11, IB®, lor rotuirUctlu&ol • sidewalk on the south side cfßattsott sttceuiMilwteulhrvottaiul rtiicierstfcat*. , Warrstt No.Wa West-Dated Ovtcßef 0l« 19®, for the teem slfurtlou nl a sidewalk In front nf of aiUaoetit to the IbtlowliuMicsofTbf'l it7ol>erlr, to wUJ„ - Warrant S*ltft7jwi*t-!)atea tVlol'ct 31, IW, h'f the mtistr uolmn of it ■! iewalk IB Irmit or of adjacent warrant No.eV. Wra?-l>iiUM tfetoWf .fll, VW* Idf tiaoiMHudibaasulewalit mi the eutiili side til Mimatn h %\WV, W. WmMWM ttol'M «L rn t r.f ihMi miMMUtluhjtl Rfiittweiklu.iToiil or of adjacent All V*i«i»ns n.ii'itsu-il are mjmsb'dV' a) tend h\ Urn 'i ; Ax Uilil.isii'l'UTPfl NiiTiut;—Hmin 1 i>l lllliii'l*. t'om.lf rT rnuh. t'llf.of nunw<t-«i . mi liiUKiUOM 1 * Omn», I UiKwNt»,U.C<*vwTUnve*. Jutuuirr SI»U Wt. I. OiWio Notice wnurnhr nurn. Unit on Hie hr*t itnj uf tcrnium. wos Iho rumUi day of relutinjf A. It. t««t,nt (i rpßtilnr tftittnJlnoHiuufljtrUourioJvhl u» bnbfauuanil ludiUn [n iWOtnrilloutd.tji n»rd rjtj pf UiViirii, pn the last nvntinDwl Huy. I shall limkf ni'ojtTo"iK Hujtcrtnr U.'int. nrt'liicaco.ODthn niUvttnu-pcvtal Ar«c»buicui WwtanU piawdmmr iso<li lUr ci licrMooo » 't fii-Anc w\ mst Ucty >pr. A; 11. jw, nmi n‘lc hr Jiiitcnirni at-tltw Ifac ante tuil.uu. iv.wjtf; Itvctfror I‘atr.Ha clUatui or p%tt t'fcprttT dracrlbca In. xnih wnmuiß on n&lch.fltn h«iMH«mcaFt mentcttmln umiald.lor the BUimttttolai eccwucuju damages atm cotta rwi’ccllreiy tins there * WlfM SeaW fowl; tbM UcbheMi; l^tbyb; bipMMaMiß aBiraHMttWWK {(it Mmt. tMw. wi m*ho» loaf laud a. ft* 4Yl’M lJ v Warrunt ftn.fttj \Ve»t—ilaioi J&&, for roimlnn Uußa#l'iewttli InitonKif or adtoceni U U*o i«Ho*lng dckctUi'-a i»topctly> la wit; All ptiriota InlereotoUreri qiieaUx) Vt attend at tho win Of HpAX OOLLBOTOH’S NOTIOE-atftle I of Illinois, Conmy ol Cook, City oi Cnlcago-ss. w:t City CdU.tmWfl omre, Doom 11,1 Coujrr UnboE. Public Kollce U bmeny given, that on tbu omt Mon day ol Febrtiaty, being the fourth day of February, A. I), lUT, ala regular term of tbu tinperloi Court or chi cauo, to be pegttu and huldtn In the Court llou&o, in eam City of Chicago. on the last mentioned day,! shall make report to said superior Court, of Chicago, on the following Special Assessment Warrants p ac ed in my lianas fur collection on or oeforo the last day of Octo ber, A. 19. iKkkano ask for judgment against the several Lms, mocks, Pieces or Parcels of Land or other prop erty described in such warrants, on which the assess ments then remain unpaid, lor the amount of assess ments, damages and costs rwpeclttely due thereon, l °Warranl No. 271 North—dated. Oct. 34th, 1956,f0r reconstructing sidewalk on the streets named below: Warrant No. 273 North-dated Oct. kith. ISGfi, fur constructing a sidewalk on the south side of Centre street, between Clark street and Sedgwick street. ■Warrant No. V7l North-Elated Oct. 21th, JBG6,for con dtructltc a sidewalk on the »->nth side of Menomonee street, between Mohawk and Sedgwick streets. Warrant 275 North—dated Oct. 3ltn, 18G6. tor con structing a sldcwak on sooth side of Asylum place, between Daisied ttreet and Franklin slroeL Warrant 57ff North—dated Oct. 21th, 1836. for con structing a sidewalk on the sou.h side of willow street, between Orchard meet and BaUted street. • Warrant 277 North-dated Oct. 24th. 1866. for con struetuig a sidewalk on the north sldeof North avenue, between bbcllleld avenue and North Avenue HnJgii. Warrant 7JS North—dated Oi t. S4tn, 1866, for con structing a sidewalk on both sides cf Howe street, be tween Willow street and Centre street. Waaraat 279 North—dated Oct. Vlth.flS66. for cons tructing a sidewalk «n the south sided Blackhawk street, between Ha sted street anu Clybourne avenue. All nervous interested are requested to attend at the .rorc-m 01 l “ lll l?li. rt HE^?oi r t7C°nictor. r PAX COLLECTOR'S NOTlCE'—btale J_ ol Ullncla, County of Cook. City of Chicago, M. cm Cou-tciuß’s omc*, counr Uol'sk, l Ito:m N’o. 11. January 2lst.Jb67. .( . Public notice Is herebv given, that on the first Mon day ..f Kcbrnarv. being the fourth day or February, A. I». a regular term ot the Superior Court of Chicago, to bo begun and holdoo In the Court House, in sain City ol 1 blcngo, on the l*»t mentioned day, 1 stall mako report to said Souenor Court of Chicago ontbciuUcwingSpoclil Assetsmctt Warrania, placed ♦niDyhandsforfonectiononorbehrcthclsst dav 01 October. A.D. isec. ai.o aik for Judgment against the several Lots, Blocks. Pieces or Parcels of Landor other property ce?crlbod In such warrants, on which the usscesmente then retrain unpaid,for the amount of assessments, damages and costs respectively due South—Dated Oct. SISt. 19*3, for the construction cf a Sidewalk in Uont ctorodja ent to. tbefolKiwtag dcs.nbod prouertv: East Part Eleis Addition, Sub Lot 1, Lot 31. and Lot 7. , WoirantKo.47U.Sout-—Dated OcU 31st. 1855, lor con structing a Sidewalk In front ot or adjacent to, the property hereinafter de-nlbed. . Warrant No. 473, South—Dated Oct. 81st. 18S5, tor crrsirncting a Sidewalk six to.t wide on the east side ° NcifjTfC Sonlh—Dated Dec. l&th, 1865, torth* cxtcmlcn and widening ol Laurel su cot, of toe width «f ilxtv-tix feet, from centre of Douglas place to T Warrant t South—Dated Jnn. 57th; 1966, tor the erection atd rctrorai of Lamp-post on South Water street, between Clark and Finnkßo ylrceta. Warrant no. 478, South—Dated Jan. 27tb, 16C6, for the ►rcctlcn ate removal cf Lamp-post* on south • Water street, between Wabash and Michigan avenue. Warrant No. 479, South—Dated Jan. 27tc. 1860, for ihe erection of alne Lamp-pasts on 11 dlana avenue, be tween Twcn’y-sccond andTweuty-tonrthstreet*. Wbirsnt No. 4J4). South—Dated Jsn.2»lh, 1860, for •hi* erection rfone Lao p-post on the Southeast comer nrsmtenth street and mine avenue, sDirajoa Prairie avenue, about 115 toet south oi Sixteenth interfiled are requested to attend at the atbrc.-aldterm of S"k rpAN LOLLECIOIVS NOTICE—State I of Illinois, County of Cook—ss: _ , CtTT COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, COCBT HOCSE, I Boost No. 11. Chicago, January 81,1867. j Public notice Is hereby given Wat on toe first Mon day rf February, telug mo fauna day ot Fcbmary, A. D. 1567, at a rccular wn ol the Superior i/ourtoi Chicago, to be begun and lioldcn in the Court Boosts In said City ofCMeaco, on the last mentioned day, 1 shall n akc report to said Superior Court, of Cnlcygo, on toe following Special Aiaessment Warrants placed in my bands for collection on or beiorc tho last day ol October. A. l>. 1506. and ask lor judgment against tho severa: Lota, ll'ocks, Pieces or Parcel* oi Land or other property described lu such warrants, on which tic (hen remain unpaid, for tho amount of aatessaents. damages and costa respectively due there- Ol NYamintl»o.7l4,Vrat—Bawd Oct.Mh, 1568, for prl vau* drains on Wut Randolph street between Ualsted ttrcti auc UiurDtr. Warrant No. 715, West—DatM Oct 8»h, 1856, for gra ding and tnarartatflrlng North JclT»-r*on street, from ihcnonlilineorwestLakostrect to the south sldoof Hubbard street. ... (inuuoiu punk WatrantNo. 116. West-Dated October fi.lh 1668, tor filling, gracing and piauktug the alley running north uudsoutlilubiuckaUl bdc CO, Cartai Tru‘te»s suodl rl«on cf Z o W bcv. J?, r 89. N R 11K. and that portion ol the tlity running cast and west tlnouub said block :s?, csttintiuß Bom Daisied sued to the west lino of fc, W^rr«nVSn.^iLWelt-PatedOrt. |br Hie baml'f in'ami caifirardly ol lha Baras lor coo; •trccilnt a •idew alk ou Ibc south side of W nmn street ' »L l^flolureoh striieilng a sltlewslh on the lonh sldeuf HtibbafiJ •irt“ t Iwtwesn IPihrr street and Lenvltt street. . WarrauiNo.77l, WtsL-Uatrt th t. Ibr eon* strutting a sidewalk on the south sldool barren street bilncrn Vegetlfeilnud Paulina'Unit- . . , Vvsiraht N",m. West-Uai‘«i D«f. tftUlWk lof whj Mtuvlibt a st'U'wa'kon Uis west side ul Taulluastreet i+twteh t’lOrag'’aveptih «rn fiim’-Uijßtejrf.. WSMaiit ftl»i TA We<»—Dstfi Ihd. Vftil. 1«V1. MP rrtfu slturllt R a shl«» bIH nti lb*» ■••ullt gbW 11 walnut Mteei betwe*n Lineoiiisif*elsu llt dtey H/tHd, .. . . All petsoh* IntmjlMi n»Pt*uue*Ud ‘t«altehdAltll« sluifMid imu of said eti|«eflotuutj>l^r * cur OeUfrjW, rI'AX OOliliKO'l'OU’M N'liTlOM—Hlnlo • IkHim N". u, i.Vurt*, .Uii, it,,ii.. i., il,.i,'il Ot-iti-t M-,o' ■i-y ,f f-i-i ii.iy, I'finii I]*- iili fi»y t'f yO’i-l'y'A'.Vj' iM>i. ol a rrsular of tiin pup<‘flur Loufi i»* Li t* vsjV, t«t«d fo’gun «u<l k»|>lcu In lbs tonirt itousn,l« •aid l-'lly of t Jiirauu, mi Ihe Usl tpsnUonsd day*» •halt mosu reiHvri Tu said hiipsrhtr HamM, nf (Jhf.'agn, ..n ihcfi.ltiiwiiig hprrial Aa*e.imenl# Warrama plan**! iu my balms inr is*lUoui j. mi or Miurs ihe last day of Ot luher. A. I», Iswi, Mil n«k Mr jU'lgmenl apinU Hie tevrral Uis, fllutks, l*lei;ea or Parrels of X-aii.l or utiarproiu-itj df’tnbetilb su*h war r«uiu, on a huh iheasaetiinenu thtn mnaln nnpald.fur tne amount (,l«»cttmer>istiien rrniain unpaid, Mr ton amount of outssmiTita, damages ami cjiU rtapectivt-ly due 1 rum oa, 1 Wcat—datol On. SUkiuAkfor conitruc tUn of a hiuewala In treat ul or adjacent to toe fol ‘ofv,.”r™TxoW»!;a',Ntir. .»k, ISO, »<U 1 extenlic n of Waumt street Last to Reuben street, of the *wiJr2«*So. IM We.t-d.tnl Jtn. 571 k, IM. to. erection of 4 lamppost* on Fulton street,betwea S “S'S”“o Feb. n ».I« m erection of c lamp po'tacn Dubbard Court, between Wood and Lincoln streets. . . _ _ ,a*e Warrant No. TU IN oil—dated lase, 6>r the erection oft lainp posts on Weat Twrllth atreet. be* tw«n Mcrcan street and tne E. IJoe of Brown stoeet. watmii »D 3 Wat—dated April loth, i&ja, for widen* IcgoMVamc street to toe width of C 6 foct between Horne and Levett street* so that the sam- ahalpbe on auuewilhtottpart ofWarnn street east of floyne aattwestofLevettstreeta, . . .... , ... Warrant No. 704 West-dated slay 4th. 1565, for flll- Ine. grading and planting ct an alley la the north hall cl mock 53, section 7, township uj, range 11, east, nm "?MaF*3S4 aw sth, 13«,r0r tb. atmnon of Bobee ttmt from Wo,. B lagraut .tree, to canal Port avwineof too Width of any feet. AU person* interested are requested to attend at too tof^ COILECTOU’S NOTICE.—State I nf niinni*. Caniitr ofCook. CUT of Chicago, as. CUT CCLL»CTO*’S omcc. ROOM ho.«. > ■ Corsr House, Jannary 21st, 1357. f Public notice u bmoy drpn, that on the nm Mon- , day of February, being the fourth day of February, A. ■ 1). 1567. term ottoebopenorConn ofCW- i enso. tobebcfunand hr.ldcn to the Court Hoa#e, In 1 said City of Chlcaeo. on the last mentioned day, Isaall ] mate reporl to said Snoetlor Court, of Chicago, on : tee fallow Ins Soectol A«<ca-raentJV«r»ntsol»cM In | rcy bands fbrcolleetloa on or befbre tee last day ot i October, A. D. ISfA and ask Ibrjndgment against the sen oai lots. Clock*, pieces or Parcels of Land or ou cr propenydesertbed In such warrants, on which the then remain unpaid, fot tbo aiaooat oras sessments, damages and costs respectively doe thero -0 TVMTMt Mi South—Dated Oct.2itb,lSW, fttr erection of tour lamp post on Van Burnt street, between South ■W#lis street and Otltwolrt street. TV man 153 South—paled Oct, 31 th. 1968, tor woctlon of eight laap pests on Indiana avenue, from Twenty- Oct.JUh.lsbo, tor erection of four laxp posts on Twenty-second street, between fessssv 80. w tot r.™,. snuctleg sidewalk on sooth side or Twentf-second street, between Calumet and Kankakee avennw. w arrant 53t tooth—Dated Oct, 39tn, 1566, fur side walk reconstructed on thewestsldoof Indiana ave- U waTraotsS2Sonth—Dated Oct. 25th. 1388, for con •truc’ins sidewalk on east side Kaatodseo avtaine be tween Twenty-sixth and Twenty-Ninth streets. TVamnt Mi South—Dated Oct. attn,jaCAtar recon structing sidewalk on the west aide ot Wabash are- ot \varrant 5M Sooth—Dated Oct. 29th, ISG6, lor recon structing HCcw» konw*et»»deotLaa»lto street and ontfiesonthsldeofilonroefttfcot. • ... . AU persons tnue»*r«d arc requested to attend at the aforesaid term of said Superior Court of coiixtot Cttß 'Notices, i*AX 'CI>JiLbUTUU’d AOilUifl—aUte ot uilaoii, Coantrof Coot. City of Chlaro—U.' Crrr cmxaotoKV orreat. lioo* M» t . Court Hoome, January tt,lBJ7. J I Public notice ta hereby gives. that on the Urn J 1 outlay or Fetor nary, b&Utg the fourui day ot i'etorua ry, A. D. IS«7. at a regular term of the Superior Court pi cbietto. to he began and noldei In the Court House, In earn city of Chicago. on the last mentioned day, I shall m«ke repoit to i«ld bnpenor Coart of Chicago, on tbs following Bpocial Assessment War* rails placed In my haods tor c'»-lecilooon or be&re the last day of October. A. D. ISA, and ask lor judg ment again*t the serum lots, blocks, pleas or pax«a of latd or other propetty de»ctlb*.-dtn such wart*atß, i cn which the assessments then remain unpaid, ftor the I 'amountof assessments, damages amlcosts respective U duethereon,to wit: • _ _ • W«rraoi No. 747 West—Hated Oct. 3Uh. 1966. for constructing a cn tho south side of Indians street, bet* era tvoed stmt and Oaslcy street. Warrant Ko. 748 Weat-Dsted OCU Tllh, 103, for constrsctlng a tidawalk on the north tide of van Ha rm stTfeeUbetweenThroopsirwi and Rucicar stre-t. 1 WatrsatNo.749 West-baled Oct. liui,taA tor coo structlßg a sl-tewslh os the north side ct Smith street, between haulms and Wood streets. _ Warrant No. Tin West—Dated Oct,24th,l9CvtoT con strnctihß a sidewalk on the south aWo of Tyler street, betwern Btu-ktrstrm andAbcrdcen street. Warrant ha ~l Wat—Dated Oct. 2«o. 1336, fid tor. trading and p taking of the aley In block 1 Carpenter's Addition to Chicago. i Warrant Sc. 762 West-Dated Oct. 21th, ISoA tor ! widening Seeley street, north of WV«t Jaeasou street . to the width of 66 icet, corresponding with that oor- . tlon of Seeley street now £6 !>et wldev between West Jackson aodWest Adama fclfeel*. Wan ant No. 7M VVeat-pated open tog an alley l«JectwWe,frcm Psallna stmt to Her,hen street, running east and wett, through lots tv 7. and 13, block(M, Canal Trustees bub Division Sec. ’wariant So. »ii West—Dated Oct. 2-l‘h, 1366, for open ice an jßfbotaliey. running Irotn Wat Jacawo stmt to West Van Boren strw t. in block ia.Dune*n a Addition to Chicago, making the aintloo llnu bet ween lots 1.2.3,4.5, 6, tTa, and low », 10, 11. 11,10,14, 13, and 16. the centre line ol said alley. . ... All persons Interested ace requested to attend at the aforesaid term of said Superior Court of Chicago. A. U. HEALD. City Collector. COI.LECTOU’S NOTlUE—State 1 X ofl!!)no!». County rf Cook, City of Chicago, ss : \ CITT CyI.LZCTOB‘B OfWCE, lIOOU NO. 14. 1 , \ Covttx boos*, JauwyrM, isc*t. .V ; public notice is berecy given, that on Uie Orsl Mon- • dsy of February, being the fom ih day of Fctiruary. A, J 1). 1961. at art guiar wtm of the fcoucrlor Court ot 1 Chicago, to be begun acdholden u> the Court House. J in Bnlu city of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, 1 } shall make report to Bald Superior Court, of Chicago. J on the following special A»»e»smtat Warrants placed • Is iuj bands tbr Colicctleu on or uefore the last dsy of octirer. A. D. IFW, and ask fbr judgment against the several Lot*, blocks, Pieces ct Batcelt ol Land or other propeily dcscrioed In such warrants, cn which the afsesßmetiis then remain unpaid, f«»r the amount of a»»*B«mcn«,daiusge» nnd cost* respectively due there- ] ot \V , mrrant No. to. BoUlh-DalM Oclo\«r aIU». \m, for reconstructing sidewalk on thccaetsldeot thurcu So. S». »tti. m Hit tpcctutiucUtig tiuewaik on the oust side of Clark Ml. Bollttt—ll.lril Will, 1«M, for twi'tißtfuillbgeiuewalkoiiiheijuiUi tide or Iwclily* "iv.’ni'V MS. »..uUi t ti«iM Odol>jr win, um hr troehsunvtUk a'h .on the easisfue «» Mutur iHtrl ami mi Hie bouiii tide tt i weut-01111 ftlteet All bfisiius iim’tistida.te.t ri lwiHUHiUt alieiid at th*» KHiH.ilil Irllll 1)1 H» Vvllm.V": r’i U'H N OTIU I: -slnlr (‘While IKhli'yuhm'hi BiitjhtUl ww'jhMiili wwihU, ot t i idiiM). Kin# tno fiiunlijfiiy or rid.rn.iri. A. n„ IHiUfAulfti loMiinflM HiiirihirtV'iriM.llmif ■o. in hi) ton on and hidden In th« I) mri h>m**vlii mM tllf i l VuV«Bo,i|il lie Um meiuinneit lUj. 1 fttull muse triHdlloßsidduprricircVnruon tn» rdiowmtf hi'fi-W AMt»«iuenlbgl.rftn»s idaceammy immis llu 1 lillreilon on nr leittra the lasi nay of lii-ibbur, A. p. iHKi.nnd iiilt fur Jmliturni ii nitut tint sctcral wls, 1 idoiKMdiV' , arir tinm-i of hud .nr other ptnperly i nr*cr‘hnt in »sld warranls.oi. wnli-KHie msesiDienu Umu remsm unpaid, far ihn amount of garments, tlnmgguft amt roils tM'i-cUtu r dun therenni ttMviti . Watrsnf No. Kd. w'«V\)at.d Air . tflatl JvßVtor lecot'fcUtiiUnc it.Mdcn sin onnurlh ildo id Laksitrm t tccowltucUccßStucdaikonlhnMSlMdootwkitrbef : MfflSßiwi : Mtnsapnttiift l‘i ftHftitl.Hl Hip mAS'PniJ.IPTOr«'BNOTinR=6mtM dl> ot iei-nmy, l*lug (he fourth da> ot fcojiruary. 1867, at angular (ffmoi (ho duperOr Court of Chlodito.iuhuhtM(Ut.Ho<lhoidcii In tho poarlllonsc, la said UWy of Chicago, <m (hu last mentioned nay. t than Kail! report to *au> aupcrior Conti ol Chicago on (ho loiluwliitf Eprciai Aaaeituumt Warrume placed In my hand* t»r collcclhmoc or oeforu thoiaatuayui Orloler, A.T>. and ass lor Jiuicmcat against tbe •eTera. lota, hlncss. Pieces, or parneli of land or other property de*crlf»-u in such warunU on which the uiicssmcnis then rcmnlii unpaid, lor the amount of aKeasmcuis. oamsKci, and co»u respectively doe Uiertun. to all; ■Warrant No. TDG, Weil—Baled Sept, nth, lbjfi,for sraditiß and clmlerlug NoMu street (rum MllwuuSoe avenue to \Ve»i Nortu avrune, and Weal Surtn avenue fre-m Noble street to Elston road, and Elston road Com West North avenue to West Ciyporne pmce. Warrant No. 107. West—Bated beoc 170i,lS6G,tor fllllnr, wradtntr, andplanklnc Uie e and w. through thes.)» of blocked, Carpenter's Addition lo Chtcauo. W arrant No. 706. We't-Datcd fiept. J7th. 15C6, for MJmff.sradinc, and nlauklncof the alley rnnnlogn, and s. thrr.uch block 70. Xtuan-11, Mnthtr A ItObert'B Addition to Chlcaeo. Warrant No. 'ft, West—Bated Sept. 171b,13C6, tor fllllnc. eradlne, and planking the alley running c. and t. St. the norm Wot blocks 2, wc. 7,1.33, r, 11 e. Warrant No. TIC, West—Dated Oct. Sd, IKC, tor ex tension oi tne 18-foot alley mnnltig e. and w. thronsh b’oek l, Macle & Bleh'a Addition to Chicago, of the same width, and mastralsht line eastwardly to Aon street, throuohlots.block3B, Carpculefa AddlUonto C V arrant No. Til,W cat -Dated Oct. sth, ISC6, for caib nnwlih carp valla. fllUns to srade, ana paving with wooden block pavement Milwaukee avenue from tta unction with North IXaplalna to West Kinzle etreeta tolls Junction wUhNoith Ualsted and West Indiana “Currant No. 712. West-Dated Oct. 6lh, 186 G. tor pri vate drains on Canal street, between Lasc street and M WnrmitNo!*7ia, WSBi—Dated Oct.3th. 1366, tor nrl vate drains on West Madison street, from Homed street to the river. . : All persons interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term ot saWSniwnor Court of Chicago, A. 11. HEALD. City Collector, r PAS COLLECTOR’S NOTICE —State J I of Ultoou. County ot Book. City of Chicago, ss: Cm CoUACTon'a, I - : CocstQocbb, January 31st, 1867. $ | Tubllt not'ce is nettby given, that on toe tot Mon- I day of February, being thetourth day of Febraary, A. D. 1867. at a regular term of toe superior Court of Chi- . cago, to bebesun and hoideo in the Court House, la eald city of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, I snail , make report to laid Superior Court, ofChKago, on toe ) fallowing special Asar&HOicnt Warrants placed in my | bands for Collect’on on crbefoietbelMl day ot Octo ber, A. l>. 1S0«. and ask forjudgnicnr against the *er- , feral mu, block*, pieces or parttis of land or other pro- I perty dwertbed in seen warrants/on which the assess- ' meats thurretrain ntpalo, lor toe aowoct of assess ments, camagee and costa respectively due therein. to Wamnt Ho. 2©, North-Dated Oct. Uh, 1566, tot ■ fllllLg, grading ana planking of tee Aiieyrunmnenorth t and eooto in the we?t part of brk 13 Johnston, Roberts ■ A Slorr's AQdltlun to Chicago. , . Warrant 264. North—Dated Oct. 6th. 1866, for curb ing, miing. grading and planking of the Al-cy running ■ caet and west through blk 4, Sinzle’e Aodlttoa to Chi- 1 cafio. ■ \ Warrants©. North—Dared Oct. 6th,ISGA for filling. 1 - pacing and planking Alley to blk 1, Wolcott's A<icl- I non to Chicago, ondbik 3, Elnzle's Addition to Chi- ( - 1 STftvellLgKuahaaeetfrom Slnzle atreet to Chicago ; avenne. A\ arrant 2C7, North—Bated Ocl. Bth, 1986. for the ex tension ot Gothc atreet easlwaioly to Wolcott street of the widthof 40feciin the some line ol that west ol Clark street. I AT arrant 268, North—Dated Oct. 6th. 1560, for exten • ston of an Alley south to Wendell street through oik 9, Johnston, Roberta A Storr's Addition to Chicago. AVarranUbU, North—Dated Occ Bto. ISG6, for grading and macadamizing Division stmt from toe roadway of North Ciart ftiectcasi to ATuK-ott street from Us ■ inurscctlon with the mscodam of Dlvitlon street to • the south sldeol Schiller street. i Warrait No. 270, Nortn—Datod Oct. 9th, 1866. for i widening of LaDar street from Vine street u> too Alley west and adjoining <ot 54. Butterfield’s Addition to J Chlcaeo. lo the width ot © lest. , ... AH persons jutercited are requested to ottenu at the atorc*ald term of said Superior Court ot Chicago.* . A. U. HEALD. City Collector. TAX COLLECTOU’S NOTICE—StaIe oflUlDnlß.CookCoßaty.CUyotCblcßKo,w. i UtTT COLLTOTOR’S Omc*. CuCET UuCSE, I I Room No. 11, January 3Dt, 1367. ) Public notice is hereby given that on tn« first Mon- I day of February, being the fourth day ol February, A. D., IKiT, at s regular term of ttw Huperlor Court of Chicago, to be bexun and holden lo the Court House. In said City ofChlcaso, on the la«t mentioned day, 1 shall make report to sold Superior Court of Chicago, on the following Special Assessment Warrants placed mmr bands fbr coiU’ctlou on or before the last day of Uctooer. A. D„ Imj6, and aik lor Judgment agalust the severallkits, Blocks, Piece's or Parce.a of Under , other property described In auch warrants, on which the aseeasu.ei.ts then remain unpaid, tor the amount ol aatesinicntf, damages and costs respectively due tll War?anlNtLErthßomb—Dated Oct. 31th, 13M. To . niakui<PßCP(lctrLcyfurEraiUcg and planking Couch- ; place from Dearb-rn to Clark street. , I Warrant No. SW. boutn-Dated ORt. 21th, ISfifl, fbr pilli e and paving Booth Water street, (tom Clark to Franklin street. Second Assessment mt _ W arrant No. Bto, south—Dated Oct. 31th. IMS. sec one (ucrwrrent, for curblt tr, Ullic g. cradioa and plank ing the alleys In Block 4, Fort Dearborn atdiUun lo i Chiragn. _ Warrant No. 611, South—Dated Oct 31th, 1966. PM ond aasessment, fur making op the amount whlrti the city railed tutvilccl Ob an nsseaament fbr opening a i «uevt to becailed IhlrteenUi stmt, from State street Ool.Sltb. ISM. For erevtii'ii iJißllamp roots oq Twenly-uiutli street, be tween inniatiaawnueamicalumetnvenne. lM- Warrant No. sta, liattti 0- t, ftilt, iwrt, fbr eteeilnif »’i (V lamp pouts tni'eck court, between Wn* l«aband Michleftu avenues. ... . t Warrant Nw.6llißouUi—Uale*l Oflt, 51th. IMS, fbf etccllunofoaj lamp pjsto on Michigan avenue, be* tween anaTaetilT ti!iiU)»tj«ls» Watrabtb''* 9 ,! S P"iiFli-ImlmJ l»rf. »lftu Wc, lop ctei ilrii of t tamp uo«iaobTwMWy UWustWet. wtweeu liiOiehasmi I’fnfrleavwitie*. i rt .u«H,(.ni.B All » lm“te»b u l a»e bHottd kl Urt MbiMeid term ulskid BiipeMPf Lmi« wj l cp/v onI.I.ItOTOU'H NOTIOk-Mftle i-f r«l>i«MV*UllM| lh* Mf'b dav <lf Pt'Cmafe, (rfUlidimloftKtf PpnMaj Auumiiibul Warrant* I'iaM in nty hainl# p.r Milw ljiji on op l*'f if* the last div'd M, island mV (op i h ? *BVar»n«J«, bJwka, Meara or pararU of Una op other pu>U>m tWcfUecaUu a«r.n w arrant*, oh Whirl! Mia M» ■c» s W» t« remain unpaid, for Urn amount u( m M»knu-nt«,rtamage» and ro»u rwpactltoly duo ilter^on, !< WarraM id* Booth, Rated on. inti, IRM, far erection nl two ump po*u> t n Fourth nvcmie, one at s w corner nr Fourth aveooo and Taylor street, amt ona Ul wet > Ocl. Jlih. I&V3, tor arrctlon <,f pi lupin pelt* on prairie avenne, between TwiinfT* second street and thn aecotd poet south of Nineteenth Warrant SIR ScoiMatedOct. 31th. 18M, for one lamp poat on the a e earner c t Twenty-third street and Fral -519 South, dated October 2Uh,H*3s,for eree- Urn or an tamp posu on Harrison meet, between ' ' S IBM. fbr erection , ol ninelamppoata on Calomel arcane,between Twin . tv-axthand iwentr-ninib Btroeta. , TVarraalsJlSontn,dated OcU2lO»,lS®6,R>r cwtloa cC VI tamp pn*tj on Indiana arenas, between Four -1 nsled'oct. 31th. IfW, iDr erection i of 1 Uicp pcatt on sixteenth street, between State “S&iSSSSi’SKSocI.JIth. I9M.Ur«KUon i «-f 8 lamp voeta cnvau Boren street, between Wells street and Scnth Market tireet. All prr*oni Intcrwtedjare.requested to atPmdat the i •(x.m.m tenn or said Superior «ourt of Chicago, axoi waio term w a. HSALP, City CoUector. nrtT COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—SIate I of Wined*, County of Co«-k,Ctty of Chicago—SS. •** city Colucto* a OiriCL ) HoobHo.iuCodws Hocas, V . . CSicAGo. January 7U iSoi.) PuUlc notice Is hereby given, that on the first Mon day of February. A. D. 1867, at a regular term of me Superior Court cf Chined* to be oeeuu and holdea la the Court Ucose. In said’ city ol Chicago, on the last mentioned day, I snail make report to said Superior Court, of Chicacojm the xdiowlng Special Aaseismcat Warrants placed in my bauds for collection on or be fere the lastdaroTOct., A-D.lSCe.asdaskfbr Judg ment against the several lots, blocks, pieces or parcels of land or ether property desertoed m said warrants, on which the assessments then remain unpaid, for the amount of assessments, damages and costs respective- Iy waft^t r «ffe-3ntt-i)ated Oct, 4, KC6, for curbing with curb wails Washington street from State street to the mala alley between State stre t and Wabash av enuc.curtitnc with curb stone said street from said al ley to Mlcm&iU avenue, and paving with wooden hiotfc pavement said Washington street Orom state street to Michigan avenue. „ . Warrant A*l Bootle-Dated Oct. 4. lSGs,fbr private drains onWalaahavenuebetwetnTwelfth andxwcary* ,C W*rti!nt«B Booth—Dated Oct. 4.195&. fp r f” fb *Pg? tuiloc. cradles and paving Sherman street Irom van B onSouthWella-sirett,between Vanßurenand laylor | “ASmiaVntt-lliM O( * ! WS-££p£S!^ 1 and re-gravclUng Michigan avcnueiromlfarkPlaceto T Oct. AlS6s,ter grading' Sooth Haisled street from Archer r3 vc S Oct 5, 1566, iat private dralnsrn Vanßuren street between Mlcnlgan avenna Dated Oct. B, 1368, (br private drains on LaSalle street between MadUoo and Jackson Bt warrant 490 South—Dated Oct. 5. 1866, for private drains onTanßnrea street, between SUM. street and persons Interested are reqensted to attend at the (Eito-Notices. r\ 'AX COLLECTOR’* NOTXCb.—&tate I of jlilnnlA, Counts of Cook. CitTofChlfago-S3. CXTT COUJCTOE'S tDTICI. BOO* No. 14, » Com Hocae, Jao. xi, 1667. j Pu otic notice is hereny sleca that ou the am Monday - ot February, bclok tho fbnrta d»y cf Fcbmarr, A D. 19b7, at a regular term of the Superior Court of Chic*- ; go to cebegunazdho'oenin tae court Home.laaatd City ofCblcaec. on the last meouoned day, £ shall make a retort to said Superior Court of Chicago, oa tht ful'owme special Asaeasment Warrants Plaeod la my bjt eouccuoa on or before 'b; last day or De leter, A.D. 1866. and ass lor Junement -galustlßosev eral lota, blccks. pieces or parcels ot land or other prop erty escribed In *n< h warrants, on. tahicn «» oases*- meets then rousm unpaid, for the amount of awess metw, dsmasrs ana ccsfs respectively ace thereon, tO Wit S' . Warrant Ne. 73*. West-Dated Oct. 23d. 195 Ato taakfupßCrtdercy for flUlcc. curbing and paving Canal at> ect ft oa Lake lo Madison street. Warrant No. 7&c Weit-DatoA Oct. tw, 1868, lomake op a deaclency tor remacadamizing Cai al street, Dam Acanis to Tweifio street, > W srraot N 0.73& West-Dated OvC J3d. ISM. for mi ll g. rradiug. grading, paring and coming Halstra street, Horn Harrison sutet to the C. Q. SsQ. B.IC j Cr Warrait No. 735. West-Dated Oct. 23d. 1566. far | ccnstrucilnga sidewalk on theaoutb side of Jscssoo I street. betw«aßoibeo and Marshfield street. • Warrant No. TUP, West—Dated OS. 43d. 1566, for I constructli ga sidewalk cn the west slue of nalsted ' street, oetween Wright street atd Hailroadcroßilnr. Warrant No. 741. West—Dated OcC itib. 1866. tor • cotstructirg a sidewalk on ttu* fouth slterf Figßtrcst, Dorn Uliwaokec arecue to western tcTnlnos ox Fir il WarraEt No. 7« West-Dated Oct «th, 1556, for consmutlneaßuiewalkonthe west side ot Joanson street, between Twdlib street and Taylor street. Warrant No. 743, West-Dated Oct. Slta. l&A lor constructing a sidewalk on tee north rtdeof\ an Boren street, between Throcp Street and Loottls street. AUMisons latenated are request to atteedat the oloresald term of said Superior Court of Chicago. A. Q. vtß*t-», city Collector. (TAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—BInte X of Illinois, County of Cook, city of Chicago, s*: Crrr Collkctob’s orrre*. ) ItOUkNo.II, COCBT UoUBK, > .lascxrt 21st. IW7. j Public notice Is hereby given, that on the nm Mon day of February, being the fourth day ol February, A.T>.l?67,at aregu’.ir term tf the S.jpicme Court of Chicago, to be begun ami hoMen In fie Court llonsc, in ibe «ald City ei Chlraur, «n the las*, mentioned dar. I shall make report to stud Buporlur b i<>rt, of Chlcigv, on the fl>lii>wiLc Pnevlul Warrants placeil in my bauds collection »»w orbrr’.rv u*e lost day of Uctobcr. A. P. 1566. and asg for Judgement asalost the BcverallotP, blocks, pieces ct psrcois ot lander other property disrrtbcd In such warrants, on which the as icisßicntß lh«n remain unpaid. lor the amount of as lewmentm damages and costs respectively due there- U Vairani Nr. 771. iTesl-Dalcd OcL 23d. 1956. lor con structing n Blrtews k ini the nntthsiue of wa>hinaiou street, bet» ecu lleyne street and Levelt street. tt otmtot No, ViOVcst—Dated IXUtU. IWA tot.outt struellng a ridewpiknn the lotitb «ui»or tiinalport Btftmeti'clwcer llaptw and Utmrn «trwt. Uottant Nu, 7Hi, Wtit-Dftted OvUTOd, tW<Sfor cotl ftrtlclllic ft iliii'Wulh utl the lii'tilisldt* ot iWiUtbßUect, Mtweeui/Hsat* sttwlatuiThtoopstreet. . Wstranl No. tin. we»i-DaipiU»ct.3:tii. iM. lorivti strueUtig a slop*slit outlie *Olllll side of iVftlbUtstreet, beiweeu Wtw sttwt and Ittutuik street,. „ Warrant 50.,725, W esl-ltatH th'LAM.l“rtAft»P Wh* strut ting a ridia A>hcti tneiouliisTdeor iy ter street. I'ejwrrii IroPo.vmu! Morhe «lr*H. Ivaf/iihi Ko.lJ^.l'csl.-Haled Oft. J,M, IPCd.Hipi’OU l BtnU'UudH.lWtwalh oiitMuottusUtgut ForiU’U'Mt'et. bMawOhlwapitooAvrnue nt.ff strert. o W attnut No.iw, W wWOftted t'fi.wdj W, for puq, »Uiu.'Uim.ft Odea iilk on lU«mhi)i sidei'iFaikavemie. Waitrtßt No. Ist, \Vr»lN,|»atiHt iv>», ni, f»r ron slmii linu n MibHitiK ((Ullioimilb,pula td Muwauhae m yniie, Vftv. veil wood fltm wu\ \\ vsii’in aiviuie,.. Ail pi rums tnii ri sled me rtijiu'ih-d u» aiirnu at the ’’“(ft* ■ if "" Mirejtei., 'PAX tH»U,KUTOH'B NOTlCE—Biiiitt .1. tl llileoia, t'omtiy nf unnk-ii, .. u *i\'t Ltiu.*ftu« l « Urnrt,) Room Mo, 11. htoiit RoOto. , • I i u L . , i‘lnr.|flo l ,lanniirf tl, |«6t. .J rubllci nolji-aU htnlty nntstuo rfrnt fcl'ftinrj. mne flu* ibitrto tiai tit Friinuirti A;U; IrtU. it a »i«nl«r tVrmri thn A’orirt t\\ .Im-agm to be iniVHolilen lo tfinCourt Itutiiis wiwlw itilhl tailuwlug rherUl Allwtttpnl lyntripi* nlju-p itmkl-ItiW; SBMwsummummh MWtt ItaL cfUrt hh VmwH A l, d 41-4 sbuil<>li iuXtvte I lon hf two t«mi-|K)*u <>a R.« «t A'Ums t.;rvci M* ecu iWU m«al aiMtiaußawiig »(ro*d * Nvurruio 2,0.7 M. H cii-paUJ tick 31. IS6.L for erec ti<>& cffoiir lainp-i'Oßti on Reuben street, heiwcm >Y«»t ilaUo»lrtctaJjrtk'«Uunitni«4. „ , Wat rant ho. ifu. \\«l-I)al«l (let. 31, 1866, fur erec tion ol fom-seven tauib-posla on Rueier airoet, be tween Erne Island avumiuand Adams street. Alt jnr.ona ImuitUil are V’qucaUil lu aUetld at lbs aforesaid term cfssld buiicrlor Court ofChleagu. A. 11. UKAJ.U, City Collector. rpAX COLLECTOU'SNOTICE.—StaIe I cf Illinois, County ol Cook, Cay o| Chicago—ea: City OmuuTva’s Ofkipr, O-'iinr Horse, I boon 11, January 31,1M7. > PuMlf collects hereby given, ihatoa me flrst Mon day i f IVI rutry. being me fonrwj day of February, A.B.lbbi, at a regular term or uie bnperlor Coart ol Cmceco, u> be U gun aul holden in the court House, In said C»ty <T Chicago, on the last mentioned da'*, I shall make report to said Bunenor conn, or on the following Special A»se»amcnt Warrants pUcea in mv hands fur Codecdon on or hfrjre the last aay ot Uctooer, A.l>. HK&, and ask lor Judgment against th* se' eral Luts. Blocks, meteaor farce.a of band or other property described m such warrants, on which the as sessmenta then remain unpaid, for the amonu - of as sessments, damages and coats dee thcrooo, to wit: Warrant No. 772 West, dated OctoNrSl.tSCC, tor erec tion of g lamp posts on Ureco street, between Madisoo and Washington stretta. . Warrant No. 773 West, dated October 21, ISG6, tor erection of 13 lamp postaonJeflcrscn street, bvtwfta jtidd and ilitche.l svetU. Warrant No. 771 West, dated October 2i, 1556, l"r erection ol <>te lamp pu« oo Poorl* street, about 110 feet north of MaaUon btrett. War runt N \ 775 nest, dated October 21, 1566. tor creouchufonslamppoitob West Adams street, be tween HaUiedanaG ocnatreet*. - Warrant No. 777 W*st, dated October 2J. lSC6,tor exaction ofv lamp post* ad West rwefto street, be tween Ilalsted ana orown street. WarrautNo. 775 West, dated October J 9 ,1365. for re - conbtrnctlDK sidewalk on the eonid side ot Madison street, between Le*v lit street and Western arcane. Warrant No. Tit' West, oated October SH, ISM, tot contracting sidewalk oo l*oth sides ol Elgin street, between I*orp1e»lr»el and Bievan avenue. Warrant No. 7S> fr&t, dated October 23, ISCC\ for ro» eonslroctlßCslJewak onwe-l side uf Wood street, be tween Fulton and Carroll afreets. AH persona interested are requested to attend at .the - atomaldtcrm or said superior Court <-f Chicago. , A. 11. HG.ILD.I I ct«y Cot.ectar, TAX COT.LECTOB’S NOTICE—State or Illinois, County of Coos. City of Chicago—sa: CrVT COLUXTOE i OVFtC*. \ Room No. 11, Cotnrr Uorsa, January 'iitt, iwi7. f FuoUo notice Is hereby given that on the Crst Mon day of February, belug the fourth day ol Febt uary, A. D n b»7,at a regular term, of the Buperi-ir Court of Chicago, to be begun and hold *n In the Court Home, In ealii City cf Chicago, on the-last mentioned <Uv. 1 shall mane report tu e*ld Superior Court uf Chicago, oo the 1-llowmg Special Asicssment Warrants placet lo my hands tor collection, on or before the last dav of* October. A. U. 18ui, and aak tor judgment against the several lots, blocks, pieces or parcels of laud or other propel tv acfcrUK.-d la such warrant*, on vhb h the as sefiamenu tii o remain unpaid, wr the amount o< as scsrmcntH, damages and costa rospixtivdy due there on, tu-wtt: •- Warrant 216. North—Dated Oct. 31st, istß. tor the construction of a sidewalk in Bunt of or adjacent to the following described properly, W-wiu Vi arrantt*7.No«U*—Bated Oct. Slat. 1563, tor strrictlcQ of a sidewall in front of «r adjacent to *.he loliowmg de»crrbcd propertr, U«wlu Warrant IMS, North— Bated Oct. Slat, 19(3, tor rcc-vn struetlou ofaiaeiralK la front of or najacent to the toU> wing described property, uvwiu AT arrant 20. Nuriti—ualeaOet. 31st, ISO, tor recon structing a sidewalk In front or adjacent to toe follow i tog described property, to-wtt. Warrnnt2si',NoiUj—Bated Oct. SISt, 1803, tor coc -1 sirucltogof a sidewalk In front of or adjacent to toe . lollowlngdeacrtbed property.** Warrant®!. Nttth—irati-dUct.3l?t, ISTS.tor the re consirucllon of a sidewalk in trout of or adjacent to the following deacilbcd prupertj. to-wit. ’ t ATairant ®3, North—Uotcd Jon’y 27. 1566, tot the ; erection of lamp-posts on North La Satie street, be tween Elm and Dirision Streets. • 1 Warrant,®!, North—Ualml February “to, 1506, for ■ filling, grading and platiklngan alley In ntoott 9 Wol cott'H and block 14 KlnzleW Addition lo Chicago. All persona inter, stto ore requested to aiund at the nlortsald term of said superior Court ol Chicago. A. U. HEALU, City Ootkctor. >TAX COLLECTOR’S HOTICE-State I X ofiblncu, County of Cook. City of Chicago-**. I citt Collector's umi-c, { Room No 14. Cotnrr Uurßß. January Jl, IWT. s Fubltc notice is hcibhy siren, that on the drat Mon day orFcbraary,b»lns; the fourth day «>f Febniiry* A. I». ih>T. nt a irßuiar tenu of the Court of Cbicauo, to be l«-eun aod bohien in tne Court House. loMtdCit) of Chicago, nn the last mentioned cay, 1 ehnll make rrport to said Superior Cuu’t,o( Chicago, on the loiicwm* Eiwclni As<w»m«nt Warrauts piaceu in my hands for collection on or before the last day ol Oci-htr. A.D. UM, sniasx fur {udement against the several lots, blocks, pieces or parcels ol tana or oth«r ' property drarribca lo such wtrmnts, on whim the then remain unpaid, for the amount ot aratssmenL 4 . damayot and costs respectively due Untrue, to wit: „ WarianlNo.BSß.Karth—Dated March Mth,l*fll, for ■ filllnr, gradlnx and plsnklcg ol an Miry in block 5, I lilnrVs Addition lo thlcaiio. Warrant No. a's Nonn-Paied March 25th,!?«, pit nilltiff-, grartinp and platulne ol an alley nmnlnj njrth and south tbruusli (he n )* of block 3i, Wolcott’s Ad ; ol lv t J?rran’t , No ß . , §7. North-Dated March SMh. IROrt. for nillDK. rnmlnff ana pluiking ot the alleys lu block ID, . WoluitrsAUiulionloUileaw% , , t Wartavt No. ’l5B, Nurltv—UaU*! May 3th, WM, Pit flllihjr, Rtadius and plHokke of the alleys in blocks 9, 7, 9 anil t». Dcletab’B AihUUub to C)iU»k<i» (nM „ Warrant No 7W, Nortb-Datwl July «lb, liW. Cur nillxe, armtlns and planklnp uf thn alley rusrdn« 0 >rih and simlh ttiroupeh th» wr-a part of bl-irk 'A J"lin- ItohMt*'and Plurra* Addition to i lib aw. Wnttani No. *39, HoslU-DaWd Julr i t W.loj the ttiumlcc of Market strut. MnrJe afreet, M'-hwau airwtanduhlustreet lu Uuiier, Wrlgl'l nud Webster s pir limns* eiadthsand pmhklns of ih*' l an>*y fi nHH ' t«»l and well UiTuugh b.oct 1* Wulvolva AudUwtt w .hiiii omakeiiie lour tine uraani lotsiheeeuire liue ihtrfp.i«-iiweppmtpaM niihe f I'AS OOU.fiOTOW* KOTIOB-hmi« J- H UUhvih (’•>i‘Hty«f twfc, i»iiy iif iihl*»Md*a<» JaMUr* tUI. bill ~1 Dublin potlcaUhaiUiy ujvwi, in»l on in* Brati M»»n» d«y nfuiiwary. bfiiig tun tpuriii ita> of ya|*nu/yi A.'ll, IfioT,at «f«riwUr Ij-ftiii-nlte amw/lbr t-mrlol L I,lmlii, |u i*«lx><ui»amt imhkn H» tha L.mri Moiwa. ou the ls*t mentioned Huy, { hjiuii make report u. *4bl hiipertor t'imn, uf I’niwini on the (uilowniß Bpeclal AaatMiuahi Warrants plaeai utiuy lt*hn»(of con»aii.D(io or beiuietbd)*■>«!•*/of Liui'»r, t»«,ai.da«W for umliial tho ceverut lou, tihM Wb, plect-a or parcel# of land of oiher nropaiu dpsorlbeil m inch warrapu, on which the afectsmenl# then remain udiulH, mr Urn amount u| assess men*, damaj;** sad coiU respectively dun there* 1 VaVitVtJo. M, Oct, lllli, 1-<A f irrt f,.uimKlliigslH«*alk on the south a rte of Jackson •mu, between UalsW-M and ureen street*. . \Varrant No. Tjt \YmV—Dated OcU Vt, law, tor recon •tructtniC Blrtewalka In Iront ot or a4}acct;l to pre* inlM-t henlnbeow described. Warnwl No. 757, Weal-Dated 0ct.31,1808, fur recon rtructlte atdewaik on north aide of Lake street, be- S“o£' oct.Jlth.lSA for n. cotsmictlog ald'Walki on weal aiue of May itreet, be tween Lake ano Fnlton vtreetf. _ 1 WirwdN'o.7s3, Weat—Dated Oct. 21th, .665, lor re constructing sldew&ikun north side ol Maulaon street, between2'conn and rangamoa streets. • Warrant N'o. 7CU. W csv-Datco Ort. 3ttb. 1K«. Ibr re cccetrnctisg sidewalks on wcet »ideot Ada street, be w^^^Sf a » 4 5Kffi3’0rt. 81th. m for crecUcn of two Um>post» on West fine iwffni'nicus&rt nested streets. No. TBS, West—Dated Oct. 21th,lSfi6. ft-rre -oiifioK fide* alba cn east aide of iuamwettera are uac, from Madison to Monroe streets. , . _ w All pctsons Intcresteo an requested to attend at tbe afcrwald term of »aid Sucertor Court ot Chicago. kviusus Ap . heaLD, City Collector. rpAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE.—State 1 n.|noiß, connty ol Cook. city of Chicago ss. Crrr Cotaictob’s Osnce. I, Court House, J*tmary?l<Ul36T. I Pobilc i otlce is hereby erven. that on “°P* day ot Feoruary. bang the fourth dayof ££•£**£&. I) IS«7. m a regular verm of the Superior court «Cnl cogo. to he begun sod holdea la tftiji saTd city Ot Chicago, oa the »s£t on^e mate report to saTd superior^ort.oi, oa the folio win c special ASBe*stt«t iS"a f ui. r r jti“s=™t tuo BtT- or parees of-laad ot other DWBIS&MSSfeed W » odl TfT* 0 . 1 ?* on the M°tMmento then remam unpaid, for the amount of as sessments. d»aag« and cosm respectively due thtso ° wSaut So.» North, dated October Wttu 1958. Or filling ersdlce. ud paring and curbingyorthStats street, trom Michigan street to Chicago avenue. wa?nmt 2» Kot vh, dated October auh, 1366, the Clio g ara grading SU Clair street, from the not It side of Su perior Mmt to Michigan street. _ . . .. All persons Interested arc rcoueiced toattcodat the aforesaid term orsaldStuerl >r Court of Chicago. . A. H. HEALD. City Collector. rpAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—State JL of nmols. County ot cook. Cl trot Ctlcago-aa: ■ errr CotiecrosTt omca I M * Voblle notice Is hereby men ttai on the :*°? ot Vsmsmecta, damages and. cost respectively due tl Au£f*m*tnttwwdare requa.mdto*u«d « the ' jHehical. TTELMBOLD’S ETCHUr J-A. C BtTCHU. From Dispensatory of tho United States. DIOSM CRENATA. BUCfIU LEAVES. PROPERTIES. Their odor Is strong, diffusive, and somewhat am matie, their taste bitterish* and analagotis to mint. medical properties akd trass. Duclm teavu aw genefft’ly stimulant, wllh * peett* Par tendency to the tatam Oaoafts, producing dltt- re*P, and, like ether similar mcdlcltien, eitilUh# diaphoresis* vrlteb tlteomsUnve* fiver thU mode of aelleti. tiny are mwe UicdiuplalhU ot the Vt limy ohm** stipli«» l.nml. Clirnuto Calimli of (lie lUmlilfr, Moriili) Iniliitlmi or (ho lituililcr ami DfclliMt lUscaso of (he I’l'wfhile mill llilou iluu or liiouiiliaeueo of from n tail ot lone IB lfa4 Wticenta I Id (U t»ic -:-*'yhil ll#o I'-eh '*'l rt i!,ll (, llhlllit* mil) AilVolinns. unit lieopsy. •I luliold'dktrnel Itochu }i IUC4 \:j ppflQMfrpia |hß*gC* fIH3 35 Id 55, ot \n decline OT change ot Uta *, attec Con finement or Labor Rains; Ued-wcltlng la children. n Affections peculiar to Females, The EXTRACT DCCHO la unequalled by any other remedy, as la ChlorosisV Retention, Irregularity, Painful? ness or *jupprea»ion of Customary Erod- in'ions, Ulcerated or Schirrom State of the U taros, Leu* ' corrhea crtVldtes. iseases of the Bladder, Kidneys, GRiVEI & DROPSICAL SWELURUs. This medicine Increases the power of Digestion, and cscites the Absorbent* Into healthy action, by which the Watery «r Calcttons dspoaiuoai, and all DnaaS- nnl Fnlargeroeats are re dated, as well as Pate «■* Inflammation. HEIiMBOLD’S EXTRACT RUGHU Has cured every cas«\f DIABETES In which It has bees given. Irritation of the Keck of the Bladder, and Inflammation of the Kidneys* ■Ulceration of the Kidneys and Bladder, Hetentiotf of Urine, Dis eases of the Prostrate Gland, Stone in the Bladder, Calonlns, Gravel Brick-dust Deposit, and Muons ot Milky Discharges, and for Enfee bled and Delicate Constitutions, of Both Sexes, AUmuM ells me tollowln* Jlmptome Indlipcilllon to Exertion* L»i ol I’ower. Low ot Mem- otr, IMllicnllr ot UrenlitlnSt STe»k Nerree, Trem- (ilin,.tloirof ol tlHe«i!,W«kemlH!!<,t)l[unOii „1 Vltlon* rein in me U,tk. Hot U.wU. Hoiltlß* el the UoJf. or the shle. MrufUen on Hie has f*i)W eounlennsen. Vtlnml Lm»l' tud« et me Uumlsi 8»f lem* tie** t«* imymoiD’i EXTRACT lIIICHU IS DUBRETIC AND BLOOD POEIPYISO, At d cores *ll disease* arising from ILiarrs or Doupa- -TIOK, fiXOXSSZS AID iMPRUDIK(JESTS LIFE.] or tub Blood, ft(X, superseding Copsbl* la affection* lor which Disused, such u OoyoaratK*, GnxrzsoC iocs standing, and Stpotlitio Ainenoss-ln these diseases, used in connection with Eclmbold’s Soso Wash. SOLD AT HEIiMBOIiD’S DRUG AND CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE 594 BBOSSV&?. And by Druggists Everywhere. ASK EOB HELMBOLD’S Take no Other. Beware of Counterfbita!