Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 27, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 27, 1867 Page 3
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TIIK FASHIONS, j>pspH|rtloiio of tlio lowest biylcs *ln J’jirls. Clippings for the Ladles, tn.iuiiifs lor the Hal Unique-hrm Mtilr* rinl.-Thf Orlrnial Algnia-Pre vnilltig Colort-Trlunnlim- Nutrlitra (or lltad-Drm. t)ny it ml Evening TolttUei. i ii.liliimililn Mudf. for (lie Hired, l*«f. lur «itd Itemlolr. bswoi Mrlrs In l*nrl«* j r«Mif»iHinrie?4Co ol Ik# Naw Yuik Ibtald.) rtinißß, ilia loader o( ilin Itiml aflimopera, lut« given the annual algmU. aud tliu b.tlt iniikijvfh will coiiumie to 3r«w crowds of e10.1.u .l.u bee, lUI# and debardcurs until Uie dawn <•1 Aeb \V«due»day morning, K*»ll V ho* shaken her Jingling bells in tlie i‘,u e of old Time mid defies the coming Now* Vcai to imuv lar into calm dignity. Her .alireal the closoof 180 d Is fully expressed! l.v the word “ and lake# the ii'iusl w ary by that mute surprise which one ran fancy depleted on the face of a peasant imv w title contemplatlcgjs Unal bouquet of brilliant flowers. , 1 could I'crhaps compare our last year a new faiglcd slashing uud flashing styles to nothing more parti-colored limn living rock cl>. looso among us who have adopted the unmitigated fourreau over bright shifts, the medieval sleeves over satin, and the elabo rate cmhroidciy of other ages, still feel for the lady who, on returning a morning call, was lately greeted with uncommon warmth hr her friend’s old servant, who. on opening the door, exclaimed, -How kind oi you. sure to come and show Mb»us bow nice \ „u’U look «l the Carnival I” The lady was iiurror struck, for =l>C was dressed in wlial, accordim: to tier opinion, was but a p.ain v.alklm: toilet. The trntli Is. that the new f-i costumes arc somewhat theatrical. There is nothing cxliuordmary lathe following at teruoon dress worn by the Marquise dc a at a morning reception: ... K gold colored satin under petticoat, with . velvet overskirt, deeply Indented, and made with alternate i«ld siring. The «h-cve« to the body were made of tbe satin; iuf.v were tight-UiiTo the elbow, where there ' "wS* a puff; then tight again up to the shoulder, where there was another puff. The paletot was made of the velvet, lined withhold colored satin; the bonnet trim mod with gold berries in frosted oak leaves. Violet, amber, brown and Biexuarks are the I shades most preferred. 1 Foulard is in great vogue, and its adop lion is founded on principles of reason In the first place, handsome, light flowered «oulard makes lovely tunics and peplura points over light, airy materials, and when dark. U found most useful for everyday it washes, can be ironed out when creased, and does not cut as easily as taffeta. A good, substantial foulard, either glossv or ' plain. Is a practical winter acquisition. It is j also a good substitute for satin as undcr •skirts. Phases, which are still the fashion- | * able trimming* on the latter, look very heavy when improper lengths arc employed. The i rule is that the fulling should measure three 1 times as much as the p s abi circumference, and two narrow plisses arc preferable to a empire robe- are much trimmed down the front. I have seen a ruby velvet robe slit down each side of the front width, ?hich was perfectly flat, and from between the openings came forth a fall of lace, slight ly rattled, which lornifd festoons behind roued the train. , Brochcs and figured silks arc worn con fu . ffirf the so-called bodies are cut square and verv low, having gored , 5, hlC Th*ro brought down lo a vety long t^ m - trains aic somewhat narrow, so that the tail is formed to perfection. Ido , } ot | P n JJ®“4 J.® admire these new styles, nor loeUt on their i«inir adopted blindly, but a vivacious fash ion writer is bound lo state thing* as they really are, leaving the wise to reject what ; s absolutely absurd. Some very pretty low bodies are made of puffed tulle and insertion over plain cerise, i.lue and green. The skirls worn with these are very 'luug white tarlelana, having the same trimming round the bottom as on the , bodies— long Tallicn wiriica aud rosettes- I Other corslet bodies arc with seven I long points trimmed round adUbitum. tour solemn black empire robes are being relieved by a Httlccolured embroidery. Thus bouquets offlcld flowers are worked round waist bauds aud on tbe Uapsof front pockets. This is unite enough to enliven the sombre effect of 100 much black- Another novelty Is. that high bodies arc worked from the neck downwards to the middle of the cpr «Bgc. forming a kind of square pelerine over the shoulders. This can be done with gimp, let or lace. . The Oriental aigrette is the newest even ing headdress. It ie a turban like diadem ol , folded ponceau velvet, trimmed trim large . pearls, an aigrette and long yell or (iik twite. Over the latter hangs a long_ trail of btoure third leaves umh r a large cluster or Ijcrric*. A poncciiu velvet bow Is caught In mining tbe ben lea. tJatnel. filigree «n:a nients, ervßlal, marl and enamelled beads, all culms, arc 'among the most approved j riintnlnun on t renlop Ureses. Some verv elegant ball cosritmc* were re marked at the PrinemeMuihlldo a tcoalition, which win eordueled hi the same lavish style ns lust year. Her parlies cud In a gen eral distribution ofgir**ionll present, wliio I is ratted a lottery, eachgu-st receiving n lot* U-rv thlirl with the nofol Invllotluu. rim owner ol the AM number taken out of the urn dedicated to title, Is ettlli led lonatim the uriU'le most deshed from mm-mi the precious | • dlnrbrns which are laid mil wi'ti tlmgronlest i taste: the ml hi like manner, n »d »»,»«» till oveiv mimhei hm» hem drawn, the 1 In.l |n obliged to be emdeut with what is lilt, and when, that im'lroii s turn euliPts great hilarity Is cncllml. Among Urn things awarded by thu Prince* tlmiv arc Persian carpets, Indian shawls, lln*«lun lues, jewels, nmm va»es, palming* of good masters, *ve. ■A There can he no doubt about such prmeuly f, ((t pclng very wgreuahlu ; hut it strikes mu v j tbsl Imitations itieieot wm degenerate m Ls pav-tue d«»wn-in-Himethlng abomination* In \2 return lor tbe favor ol the pleasure conferred 1 by one’s company. Humanity U not dll -1 coming. The great am 100 open Imitated, 1 and the spirit Is ollen wanting wboie the lot . 1 ti?p is obeyed. If the hi stem is carried out I all the belles ofthc «/em< nunU will Infallibly / ' adopt U, and find Urn means wherewith to 5 draw the rlile of hoeict v to their asscmhllc.-. \ 'j Man’s instinot is naturally Inclined to an In \i ordinate love of I’arWa» carpets, which I weakness needs no tanning. I But to rei ui n to one of the ball dresses at 9 Princess Matlilldc’s.* It was made of very , green silk, covered with a tnnicoi Alcncon, the design ofii ticlng wreaths of llll**s of the valley ucd lilac In fc»loons. Arllflclal Dow cr« of the same caught the tumo on the left side, fell irom the chignon over the shoul ders and on* what was supp-sed to be a sleeve, but U was only a baud. A diamond necklace, earrings and empire comb gave the whole that glittering, spari-htig appearance j so sngf.cslive ot cool l.mulainstu summer of the French arc combined I po'us to icprcsentlilth: landscapes or poell- j ' cal ideas : col.»r, tbougbl and design arc hap- I pllv blended; and. afrirnli, is not the result | of this fort-thoughl aptly .expressed by the word tart.-? A distasteful arrangement Is one In which midlsclpllne i imagination has lull play, and thus it is with the small atten tions wc show and receive. Taste aud-dact ' -make them valuable, not their Intrinsic k worth. , ~ < Hairdressers continue to pile up pyramids rt' over IftdUrs’ fair brows; laddara have not yet Ml rc appeared for these urlUtical operations, but we need not despair. A new preparation . & w Inch deserves mention has l*een discovered « for the beautifying ofthc hair. I am set- M dnm oj>e« to conviction when ;nvcn • tors ** ripe with genius ” bring me their V • curekas still 1 think something most be said fur a mixture that i* unctuous and contains no grease; that smooths and does not stiff .■% cn; ijjat, perfumes and does not corrode. Vi The concoction has been called -Arguable,” S lu honor ofthc lady who has made Us quah £ He# known In the fashionable Parisian circles; H ard w hen I add that this lady IS well knowuto S| voor readers, I wonder my ink from black a docs not turn Into blushing red. That the 3 above composition preserves all bonnets and a headdresses from stained linings Is not a 1 small couilderallon; Iml I must suggest 5 that It should not be used, however zeal -9 ously, by the bald, as It makes a shluy sur -9 (ace almost dazzling. KvcnlngXolleUc*. [Paris Correspondence of the Qnecn.j To show what style of toilette IS likely to be fashionable lor evening wear, I once more revert to the repi escalations at the Ita/inu and at the Opera, because the best-dressed audiences in Pans an. to be scon at those places of omusemrnt every evening. .“Rlgo lelto” was played a few evenings ago, and there was a lull house. While dresses ap peared to be universally worn. One lady wore a pretty white silk petticoat. At the edtre of the swirl there was a wide pleating composed ot the narrowest of bpx-pieals, and edged at each side 'With very nar row white blonde. The low bodice was made-with a round waist, and a band of white grot ffraln, which'described three sash ends, all niched with blonde. The hair was charmingly arranged In Lnnis XV> style three w cil erepft bamhaur at each side of the forehead, and a fhiquon of curia, commencing quite at the summit oftbe head; a single rose waatastened between two of ihcbnu/raux, at the left side, and another on the rhvji*, n . The opera cloak was a paletot of white Dinah with loose hanging sleeves; the fast cnlncslu front were while silk buttons with silver pendants attached to them. Manv other young ladles also wore white muslin dresses, than which material nothing Is more appropriate both for the theatre and for small evening parties. Thcslyle of make, called a Cenfanl , is very becoming to juvenile, figures. The muslin is usually spotted, and the skirl la trimmed at the lower part with three pullings, which pullings arc separated with a row of muslin insertion ; tho bodice is bordered at the top with an embioldercd in sertion, beaded by a narrow Valenciennes tucker; a bow without ends, but with either a flower or waauico in the centre Is addtd. on. both shoulders. 1 have seen a charming to l*lle,ann/rt«f, landeorwhttespottcd mus lin, with a light scarlet sash mid ornament sof pale coral —coral camel in the centre of tho shoulder knots, a single row of Urge coral heads round the thru*!, and a comb orna mented with coral came! In the lnlr. Oral, n»d c*|»eclally the psle pink variety, Is Benin very fashionable* 11 Is used lavishly hi the decoration 01 dresses. Tunics are freouehMy embroidered In sprays of coral, bends being lultoduced among the work so mb lonite II more relief. V>llli brocaded dresses, trluunlhirs tnnde wuh precious sumes arc hi vogue, because gimp is not cmn s dered BiiUlcleiilly rich ftiMiieh very lutid' Solti?materials, colisetiuelil y buttons made ul iabis ißAUllJastier. avehlunhe. and atu» bef, ale 111 fltbat ueMwttdi T 'fi *« Iky biip hef U hoW to be seeil od bohliejs, bead* dfefefcs, opeift tloaks, wid flveu on dreMfee, u Very law flo*«rt used In bead diM«es \UU ftfMvU) kfitt bittd«UU UW wilrcly UU> nppenml. Many young Indira wear only a veiy Imml-oDH* comb, wllb cither a slim or tnihl tup; nnd If o llowcr l« added It 11 n Tory tiny one indeed. Watteau wreaths are ncca sbmnllv to be Been, but they mc cimpuiodof I.lliputlun roses, pinks, etc. Jly way (if con trast. cnorutmiß bowers aro used Ibrorna- mentlng ball dresse*. Tor cxtmplo, n white tulle dress with n tmiitltonnee skirt will barn over II a tunic of white and corUo stripe I silk, cmbtoldercd round tbo edge with oorU • cbtulllo. This tunic lurms a point behind, which point Is turned back, oudnsprurof monster roses, pinks, etc., Is passed iilsldo, oUd falls on tbo while tulle. A Inidc's dress (or returning calls, latetr made here, merlin description, it consists of cerise //»•»»* yrutn { the skirl Is ÜbiimeJ with four puffings of tulle, separated from each oilier by rows of ccilse velvet* slmldrd with white bugles. At llm back only, and sewn unto simulate nibble, are threw tlmmcMor /toiul tVAniMrrr, the third llonnrc ascend U as high as lliu luuiui bnupio ippmidud to lb;| bodice. This bodlco Is nttiiimed to bu worn wllboul any pttlclol, The Imdlcebas mial k sleeve* j Ibey an* replacedl with lull*j if. rtmrs C innleb iho edge of (be skirt• If Vjn vblla are paid on a cbl ly *b»/« • velvet (alma lined wllb *»bl« U pro* vlded. lo be thrown over llm bride's •Imiiblers. mi Iwvlnir and re* tinning lo the norlsum (ml •uub comings nn< now always discarded bulbroontorlnif lb« mepllen mom, Tim boniml bannonUos will! llmlollelle. U In* no wlrH»tf«, but nuly tappets of /'o(«f ri'Ani/Mfri'f, lo bu t id at Urn buck. Tbo material of tbu foundation I* ceibe cm** . • ... . There is a new fuahlon oflonplojf up sklrta lalely Introduced; itbtulilm them with u larcc rmr#, which U lined with rf k of a dif fcitnl color from the dress, and U fastened at tbu back with a bow, or buttoned on with a pimp button. This stylo of dress Is only worn m grande toilette , when the under skirt Ik Invariably cut with ft tram. These rswrs aro nlmobt Invariably made ot while silk, em broidered with chenille of the color of the ripper skirt. Paris Fn*hlon* for Janttar> [From la Follet J Wc ore very plod to welcome the return of brocaded silks for elderly ladies. Youug oncb have nBl yet adopted It. excepting lor tunics or portions ot a dress. Satin Is al to very much lu favor for almost 'all pur* poses—bull or visiting dresses, mantles or bonnets. Velvet, that used to be reserved fur toilets of ceremony, Is now making its appearance for all kinds of occasions; and the velveteen, bo fashionable this nntumo, is rapidly giving way to plush and poplin. The plusli dresses and mantles *uUe look verv elegant and seasonable, and require lit tle or no trimming. The terry velvet dress es are, in our opinion, more elegant, and de cidedly more dressy. The silks or woollen reps arc much In use for morning dresses, moires (ayes, poult-de-sole antiques still keeping much lu favor. Stripes are still iu the ascendancy, hut are no longer plain, as formerly; they arc formed by medallions or small patterns. Blbekis most fashionably worn, hut grey and violet seem the favorite colors, several beautiful shades of blue have appeared. Vel vets worked with heads, or embroidered lu | floss silk, likewise make a most elegant ad ditlcn to a toilet. For evening wear satins and silks are much worn—but tor young ladles who dance lighter materials arc con sidered preferable—such as gauze, ne»s, tarletans, ortulles, worn over silk or satin underskirts. The usual trimmings for these dresses arc ruches, beads and flowers. Many young girls wear foulard tunics and corslets over muslin bodies and skirts. . Hardly any alteration worth mentioning has taken place In the form of Uimtmugs ot the mantles worn this mouth. They arc etlll ornamented with small bands of fur, and have long handsome guides at the hack of the neck. The long hanging sleeves are like ly to come into greater lavor for cloaks, especially if mode ol velvet or satin. If the mantle Is of velvet or satin, trimmed with furor feathers, thernutT is invariably made to correspond. Wc do not sec many shawls, hut these arc never worn triangularly as they used to he, hut always folded straight like a Crinoline, in suite of ail the abuse and prognostications against it, Is still worn, and likely to he so. The form Is very much al tered, hut Hie skirt Invariably has a few steels, hut only round the bottom. For out-of-door wear, wilh the short dresses, \ small round crinoline is worn. No lady ever attempt 4 to appear in a short dress without one. With an Indoor or evening dress the crinoline Is long behind, ard made with a train. Linen collars and cutis, wilh meilail h-n* of luce, are much worn; very flue tatting Is also much in favor for this pur- is an endless variety oflaceand mus lin bodies, both high and low, intended to he worn with corslets. Some are exceeding ly elegant; none more so than these formed ot alternate tuedaUUona of lace and satin stitch cmbioidcry. We have seen several very elegant muslin and lace pcplam«, also some of black figured net, with lattice work o! colored velvet, or black velvet spotted wilh colored heads. Gloves for evening wear an? Invariably long, and thcic has been some slight idea of Introducing long black lace mittens lor young ladies’ dcmi tollct wear. THE NAKED DHAtfA. Ctndrlllon and tlic KllncU Crook. (Fiorn the Now York Citizen.] 1 I We dropped Into the New York Theatre » lust Saturday night, and were much pleased, I not onlv with tin: representation of“Cen- » diilloiC" Iml with the excellent tendency of the piece. It Is a truly morat drama, and f has mi object—a holy and much needed one; It l« a satire, not tinon human nature, ex- 1 hililteit lu the outside world, but ns duvcl- i oiied »t the llunlrcs themselves. It Is n sc- j veru surcuEtii tipuo Urn “ Black Crook, and j 1 nil such Immoral hut seductive roprcM iila- i Hoi?. It Is arranged with Urn object of ula- I gustlng (be voting with elicit exhibitions, and I doing away* with Iho vllo Impressions they 1 piodncu. At them one sees nttracllvo fliccs; I mil, plump mins; round, swelling bosoms; unit, tllln walsls; tong, giuruhit ttliibs; slim, trim ankles 5 snmM loot, high Insteps, nlul a thousand other eimims that evnto thn Imaglnntlnn nmltnliueiiea tlm pnasloits, and | widt hme so disposed at'd atrnngml as to prmini e them ellecls in Hie grenlisl negnio. in “IVmlilllon” them 1» nothing ol alt ibU; kimek knees, swelled Joints, MUnkb'S, splay leel, tinge hands, tint bmods.ldg waists mid short legs, are tin* iulo*"lho sight of whb'h 1 quickly does away with the evil elbwl pro dmi d by Urn vile plays Ju*l mßiilimmd, mid I which tiro now so common. 'I here is no 1 moroitlb'Cllvo weapon tlmn eullro, and "I’cii' I drlllun” Is a bitter Millie on the “lllaek 1 Cm. k li la n ore; it la an antldoiu to the I polßon thus engendered. No youth that sem I it lulls to leave, a “wiser and a sadder man mi husband *Hh out its tlvo long acts, who I does not letmn to his wife am! lamlly mure ; contented than x'ver. . , . 1 It Ua pluv wlUdnaplay—thosiory, innnd ’ ed on the fairy talc of “Cinderella.” prolilly ’ and iriodcstly rendered by the well known I charming ticiavM!* of the thcilre; and a I 1 1 ballet rmmlngll.rough it which is tits Im . I proving part of the exiLltlon. The disllnc- I . I lion la edmrplv defined between a graceful k I theatrical display, and the lascivious exbl ’ I billons now becoming so universally a dls e j grace to tbc stage. The audience U charmed I C with the modest manner of rendering the i play, while it hi disgusted with the mere- 1 ‘ irieious exlbilhm of ugly nudity. To make , this more impressive, the extremes of dovel . opment are brought together; fit women c dance with lido womeu, tall women poac e wilh short fwomcn, bugh arms encircle r 1 bony arms, spare frames rest against doveiop- merits that would do no discredit to a 1 ata- I 1 gonian mother. There is a disease known as 1 clcphanliascs, which swells the limbs to ten : times the usual proportions; and another I i called Bright’s dUease of tho kidneys, which I wastes away the body to a skeleton, be- I 1 males apparently so affected, dance duels to- I cclher, as though Baruum’s fit woman weic to dance u minuet with his living skeleton. J 10l course these appearances are not natural; I I they are the effects of careful! V concealed 1 I art; but to the eve they produce The Ira- I pneslon of reality, and their power of calm- I lug the passions mid reducing evil desires Is 1 wondcrtul. The piece is like the anatomical I museum—a young man may enter It with 1 prurient curiosity or .excited imagination, I hut he leaves it cured and improved. | I Miss Salllc Hinckley Is, herecll, the only exception: she appeals* in very light dom -1 toiUtte, and being exquisitely beautiful, is I opt to arouse evil thoughts. Although in- J I tended as a contrast to the rcpnlslvencss I 1 mound her, and a means of Intensifying the I nalnrnl disgust that suen ugliness produces, I she Is altogether too apt to arouse’ other I emotions, and should be omitted. She at- I tract* 100 much attention: and eyes that have ’! I been watching the other actors calmly, light up with unnatural brilliancy, and, it Is feared, with immoral fire, when she appear*. | 1 The piece would be more perfect without } I her, and the contrast Is not needed: for the I effect Is strong enough without be- j 1 Ing heightened. There Is also another I I part ot the display to which wc must decidedly Object; it Is, la fact, so Ira- I pro pcs and even indecent—however well In -1 tentioned—that wo doubted almost whether 1 It were not on accidental occurrence. One of the voung ladles in green drops a portion I of her’wordrobe that we cannot find words 1 to describe, as she is skipping about, arid from which wc can only say she frees herself by a pirouette when U Is entangled around her knee*. This is too broad a satire, al . though, of course, it brings down the house, to be exhibited In public, and we decidedly , condemn it. The dress referred to may bo too thin at other theatres, but to remove it altogether, even as a bitter joke, is scarcely ’ decent. IVe hope this will not occur again; . and Indeed U was possibly accident f on the night that wc were present—bnt It i i did take place. Female liarrolcrw. [From the St. Lonls Republican, January 21.1 On Tuesday night as a gentleman, who bhall he nameless, was walking down Third street, between Spruce and Almond, he mot three girls, who. dispensing with the for malities of Introduction, formed his acquala-. taucc In an affectionate manner. One put her arm round his neck, while the other two grasped hie arms. In this embarrassing posi tion be felt one of them taking his pocket book out of bis pocket, and, determined not to bo*ohbcd by womcu,bc icsortcd toacllve measures, and shaking off the damsels that held his arms, he hurled the one who was reclining on his bosom, down on the snow. In the melee ibe pocket book was dropped and the owner secured It. The girls ran olf, but actuated by a just spirit of revenge, the Vnan pursued them and Hipping up to them threw them over one another In the mush snow, where he left them and pursued his way triumphantly. Valuable Itetigtoua ItrlUs. IFiom the Few York Evening Uaieltc.) In the office of Rev. Mr. Kastman, lu the Bible House, lu this city, may be seen the Held pulpit of George M hlteflcld, which he used to double up and lake about with him In his wagon. It Is a slight frame-work, with flour Vo stand uuou, raised about three feet fiolu the ground, with a railing some three feet high* Ills Just large enough for a limn to slat'd up lu, but he Would have to preach with less gesticulation tliau tnauy of our modem divines, or the whole thing Would UPset. Ills Painted n dark ted. and so constructed with wrought Iron mages that, like an Arab’s lenl, It can be Added up and entiled "IT on a innn’abaeh. Borne* I lines vVhtlefleld pteaclitd Rom lids pulpit lo ten oF flneon Uioiisflbu people* at oflWi In twen* ly.fuur years lie preached elflhleen thousand estujbtii, auduyVwmUflt witutbs work id liln own Inert Jio ctossctl tlic Allanllc six limes, ami In nil the ureal clllrt of our bind, Irnm tloston to Savannah, bis voice wna beard. Ill* bones mm reel In Now Krmlsml. Thin pulpit was brought from oldKnaland some twenty years ago, In Wbllelleld’s jmliilt Is Hie clia \t of the dslmtmn's daughter, Elisabeth lUllbrldgo, who died in tbo (own of Anoton, Isle of Wlubt, in I Nil. Tliostory nl the Dairyman*! Daughter as written by Hot. beluh Rich* luoiml of. Did furdr hire, England, lias boon rend by millions of people, no lons nip as t&’U lour million copies of tlto book liavlim been bold. It line Iwcu translated Into many IshgnsKer, nnd the demand fur U continue* minified. Of no oilier publication dues Uio American Tract Society issue so many copies a! this. Tliccbalr lo an old-fashioned farm er** straight bucked aimed cbslrufoakund bottomed with twisted elm bark, tl Is sup* posed to bo oho bundled years old and tins betn in America about twenty live years. Tbeiolsn leatbur cushion In tbo chair, but the palcbwoik cover which used to ho over It ban ilUappeated. Tbo dairyman'* dahith* lef sal In th 1« cbntr dining her last slcklicM. hbe died of eunsuwpibni. riihiiiuiwd. our Unit* table Is spread tor iwn.. Willi quaint old china, Hold and nlue, Wcpd things ate wrought on (ha homalf walla, A* llte conjuring flreltgu* climbs nod foils, In ibo e truer mr reedy sea chest stands, I'li.ed to the brim by the bnsteal bauds, Wife mirrors her face in lUc allver tones; I dark or lbs morrow's tods aea aougj. “I bare plctmca, lore," she says, "that gleam Prom a ironhied eaaol—laat nlgbt'a dream. A ship a»bore on a cruel reef. And a woman wringing her hands In grief. gbo kneels In prayer; a whirlwind wheel Grows out of the dead ship's plank and keel. Fhe stands In the spinner's tolllncplace, 1111 the rose in her check bath lost Its grace. Uor lessening fotm is changed to wool. Yet the hnogorlng spindle ne'er la toll. A wied-giown raft keeps company With a tacanl boat on a ealtlcss sea. liow apt is woman's thought to bnlld. Where n varying dream may darken or gild. Ufe flies: tny last sea voyage is done; Ur wind, or calm, to me Uu one. Tea Ibirga arc sei for a golden few; Again our china, nualnt and bine. Ihe conjuring borne light climbs and crawls o*tr oaimy laces and India shawls. Wife mirrors her face in the silver tongs; 1 think of yesterday's glad sea sdngs. "Tell, love, I pray, of the ship on the reef, And the woman wringing her nands in grief; Of the epinnerwhosc white arms changed to wool And the hungering spindle that ne’er grew fall.’ Tbcre arc tears imprisoned w’.tMn her eyes, Which are loosened toon, as her voice repllei: "Women will dream, and roan will bnlld And each will have prophecies unfulfilled.” Bum, Ah, her face Is very fair, r-'cowy white and rosy red; Aid the glorious golden hair Uovc.’s rmst-llkc round her head. And her voice is sofland low, CU ar a • mnsic, ard a? sweet; Hearing It, von hardly know Whcic the sound and silence meet. All the magic, who can tell, . Of her laughter and her stubs: Or what heavenly meanings dwell in her kind, confiding eyes! Pretty lips, as rubles bright, beared? hide the tiny pearls; Little wandering stars of light tave to nestle in her curls. AH her way? are winning wavs. Full of tenderness ard grace. And a witching sweetness plays Fondly o'ei tier gentle lace. True and pure her soul within— Breathing Ood’s scicner air. Evil, and the shame ot sin. Cannot dwell a moment there. Is It hnl a vision this ? Fond creation ol the brain? Plmmom ot a fa r cled bliss! Type of beauty void and vain? No! tbc tb’es of being roll Toward a heaven yet to be— Wbcic the idol of my soul Waits and longs for love and me: a UUBIOKOUS. Open His Eyes.—Jones said to Hawkins, a crusty old bachelor: “ Whataplty that poor old Golden has gone hind. Loss of sight Is a terrible thing, and the poor old fellows eyes arc quite sealed up.” “ Let him marry, then," exclaimed the waspish old celibate; ** let him marrv, and 11 that don’t open his eyes, then—th*eu—his case Is Indeed hope i lc*s» An editor and his wife were walking out in the bright moonlight one evening. Like ull editors* wives she was of an exceedingly poetic nat me, and said to her mate: "Notice that moon ; how bright, calm, and bcautl fhir “Couldn’t think of noticing it,” re- ! turned the editor, “for anything less than the usual dollar and fifty cents for twelve lines.” An Irishman, porter in a store In Philadel phia, was closing up cue rainy evening not long since, when he took olThls coat while pulling up the shutters. When osked why he went out in his shirt-sleeves In the rain, “ Sure,” says he, “ don’t 1 want a dry coat to I go home In V” I An Umiaitt Man.—A wedding was to lokc place at Nashville one evening last week, ard bride, parson and guests were icmly, whin It was announced that the un luippt groom was on u Jury, which was uu nlilu to agree, and had been locked up for the night. A Misi kdkustandino.— “Very sorry, In* deed, hut von can’t pass, marm,” said a stern sentinel of Urn nuvy yard to an officer s Indy. “Hill, sir, 1 must ihiss.” wo* tho stern reply; “1 am Captain W.’s indy.” “Can’t help It, nmrhi; couldn't lot you In If you wcio Ids wife.” Dsn Him as You Want Him.—A imui In mislediousa at a lain hour, saw a follow diunk on mi opposite beneli. ” l)o you wish to got rid of tliUsotl” ho I '"“Yes,” answered dm landlord: "mid ft I ImU ciown shall speak my (hanks," “Agreed," said tho other. "(lot mo a fcW A iaek wus produced, and Urn drunkard bundled lido it. Away trudged lha man to Die residence uf a noted mmlumlat, at whoso door-ho knocked. ..., I Who’s there!" raid ft voice from within. ! *• I have brought you a subject," said the man; ** so come quick ; bring mo mv fee." Ho was Immediately admitted, the guinea I paid, and the sack, with its contents, do- I periled In the surgery. Scarcely had ho got out, when the drunken man awoke. Tho 1 surgeon, enraged at being thus outwitted, run out and overtook the fellow, and collared him, crying, “Why, you dog, the man’s alive I" “So much the better,” said he. “\ oa can kill him when you want him.” Wjtu a Reservation. —Good old Deacon i S. lived aud farmed It away down In Eastern Connecticut. It was his custom to go with suvctal of his neighbors, nearly every year, down to the “ shore” for * e&im-6o«. The old deacon was very fond ol these bivalves, j and on one occasion he ale and overloaded I his “capacity” to such on extent that he was sore distressed; his Ihllh in prayer, however, was strong. Leaving his party, and j being followed by some of the. younger 1 members a hllle wav off, he to Bupplicatcthus: “ forgive me, O Lordl for Ibis great sin of gluttony, and I will never cat any more clfimsl” Then pausing an ln- I blunt,'he added, “ Vcry/etßi if Amen. 1 Burns, going to church one Sunday, aud finding]! difficult to procure a seal, was kindly Invited, by a young lady, into a-P^f. I The sermon bcli g upon the terrors of the I law, and the preacher being particularly se vere in his denunciation of sinners, the lady, I who was verv attentive, became much agi tated. Ihepoctf perceiving it, thereupon 1 wrote his pencil on a blank leaf of her Bible, the following: 1 **Fair maid, you nerd not lake tho hint. I Nor idle texts pursue: I *Twae only sinner? ibai he meant. I Not augvls such as you.” A Witty Gnu..—A j>oor family In the lower end oi town, says the Kapa County. Jbixrrter, had been charitably granted per mission to pse firewood ficc of charge from a 1 long wood pile of corded wood on the bank 1 of the tlvcr, but In commencing at the wrong end of the pile the foundation was weakened, and the ent ire lot slipped on the ground and I a portion went off with the tide. The kind -1 hearted giver spoke In a vexed tone of the 1 affair that evening at the sapper table, and took occasion to say that the poor coaid 1 never be helped without In turn Injuring I their benefactor. “ O, don't say that, papa, said his little daughter. “ remember that every bit of wood you give to the poor will I be worded In heaven.” Papa said no more, but had what was left re corded here below. A happy couple got into some dispute, which quickly drifted Inlo a regular fight. I The noise soon attracted the geests, who I came Justin time to sec the gentleman beat a hasty retreat, leaving bis better half in possession of the field. In coming among ns. bruised, short of breath, and shaking his I head he sa\d, 4 *God! If It hadn t a been a woman, I'd'a'fit till I died 1” Stage Nonwnw. Wc were speaking to‘ a friend, the other day, respecting the merits of a “ celebrated tragedian,” when we had occasion to com ment on the rant of the stage—the loud mouthing, the outrageous gestures, the fu rious rolling of the eves, the stride, swords that rattle \u the hilt, and all the “ pomp and circumstance” of the modern drama. Fancy this style carried into real life. On being Introduced to a lady you would wy, throwing yourself Into a splendid attitude : “Most gracious madam, on my knees I greet you,” impressively placing your right hand upon your heart. To a creditor who would not pay : “ Fraudulent knave! payest thou me not 7 Bv yonder gnu that blares In the zenith, thee will I sue, and thou shall sec thy Impious name flaming the streets on posters huge I “Vow* 1 by my soul and all niy highest hopes, those beans are royal. Were I Jupi ter beans should grace each royal banquet. # Wbal hot waiter, bring hither more beaus.* “Madame beware thou dost excite me not; else belugloo hot with wrath, I do myself some harm. A needle here—a button on ray eblrl—see It Instantly performed, uo It I nor leave the task to me.'* To your butcher: , . , . . _ ‘•Thou ensanguined destroyer of bovloea. send me some mutton and some beef; and mark you: let It he tenderer lhau love, and sweeter lhau the bee’s rare burdeu. I would d'ne to-dav.” To a friend: “Excuse a rash Intrusion onyotirgrtcc. tint bast thou lu thy box a portion of that |dai I. ranked by llie botanist ntnotig the Of»ju*nffoflfimi/“ or, “Most noble friend, will thou Partake with tnc some strung libation r Thou lookesl dull to day \ ’twill cheer thy sinking heart.” ~ . llep!t~ ,l < Hi, tioblo «oul t alas, tint all tut Wine or lincchstmllatoteVels could ease the sortow hereMierel (Led arm struck ie¥» el at tltnesi) Oh, what a fool and arfaUt knave ant I, the very sport of fortune.”, Thti la scarcely more ridiculous lhau Hired* Huarlcfs dl the uukivuao. ITEMS. Tcraonnl, MniUllo, Dntnmllc, and Mlu'dlnucons, brevities, Two fortune buntors recently applied ii the Fifth Ward Polite Wsllon, New York, for a pick lo op n (he manbulu ul the culvert In that vicinity, liny bavimt obtained permission from tbf* Com tnosloncni of Highways lo eapluro these**! for valuables. A lottery Is advertised to Mar/lstid for drawing rniuforuldc betlh* hi a barylup-tfoiuml. , 'iho ruin ol IKMKiutia* been subscribed far (be families of those lust Irutu the yscbl Fleelnlng In tier Isle ocean race. It Is raid the LonUlsus sttgar crop wilt teach tfi,(K*l kogstieids, auainil tC 4 OOO last year. 1 Plitlsdelpbts'B city dcid is aenily »v.nisi.oui. Uiailcs 0, Morse, proprietor of Ibe Uyde Fsik, Vi,, AVrcid'O/'f. has sued (-’*pl> Ib’iify U. Ilrtileti ol that town fur tllMNsXtibißifrs tor adultery wbb bis wire. The guilty woman was laid/ emtveded, ind wwls aoinfesHon ul the whole aifslr. Iheeoatlrade of Fenitsylvama whs Iwl yesr woith over silly*seveo aid a half million of dot* Isrs. Ilatlle lisnimi, the young woman at naekMrt. Ms.* who look a powerful doirt of polniitous rat uiitiindnator mr«n»a lior afflsneed lover had married a w idow, died recently, Htmo<uis*sltid a second portion ol lbs poison la her waterfall, .for u»e If Iho (but failed ol eilect. A young reprobate at West Windsor, Vl-, has bfeu sent to the Hiale lletorm School lor atoalittg tiilS from Maiifaa Moulton, which he did by put* sanding Ibo good woman to dress a sore on his deck, and then, while be had hu bead In her lap for Ibis purpose, took the money from her pocket. It la said that twenty now churches, which will coatfoor millions or fire millions of dollars, are to be elected In Kow Yorktfio present year. An old man from~Ciuclnnati has lately lost In J»ew York one million of dollars In oil agd stock speculations. TwentyHhrce thousand dollars bare been spent In repairing the WasDlngton homestead of Mount Vernon. lhc> have kangaroo bams la London hailing from Australia. The Gettysburg Cemetery Monument will cost flfly thousand dollars. The “Prealdootlal Mansion." Jofl. Davis' late residence in IHcfcmond, is offered for sale. t*rlce, fort) thonasnd dollars. II Is raid that Portland la raising a subsc.lpllon of eight hundred thousand dol'ara to build Ofty flvomiles ot railroad in Vermont, which ~IM gain her a ra)lcommnnica<lon one hundred miles Baxt er to Ogdenebarg than that from Boston. In 1823 the only railroad In the country belonged to the Quincy comply, extending from their quarry to tide water at Boston. It was three miles long, and was built to bant stone upon by horses. Now there arc 85, S< .*G miles In operation. It each one of the twenty millions of people in the North would destroy a five cent currency note daily. It would amount to a million of dollars in a day towards the removal of the national debt. A noted sheep raiser In Mlddlcbury, Vermont, has sold twelve ewes for {I,OOO apiece; another 60 ld a lamb for {2,000. This town U tbe shire town of Addison County, known all over tbe West aa Ibc greatest county In tbe country for sheep. Single animals bare been sold there aa high aa M,OLO and $7,000. A deUct lor saving people who fall under street care from accident was lately tested in Philadel phia, the in re utcr repeatedly throwing himself be fore the wheels, fnghtcnlcg some persons who thought howacted to commit anlcldc. The de- Tice consists of two metal plates, a *• shoe” and a “shield.” beside an ironlerur. the whole costing three dollars. Tbe Boston Journal says that, in 1003, New England contained one hundred ana twenty thousand people, of whom sixteen thousana were able to bear arms. 1 here wereno beegara. There were twelve whips, from one hundred to two hun dred font age each; one hundred and ninety vesi els between twenty and one bnndred tonnage; and five hundred fishing boats under six tons each. Boston had but twenty houses, with more than ten rooioa cacti; a fencing school was tn existence; a dancing school had Just been suppressed; and no man of all New England was worth more than thirty thousand dollars. hlles Bosa Celeste, a rope-walker In San Fran cisco, attempted to wheel a drunken man in a bar row alotg a caolc. on the 16th of December, the man changed his position In tbe barrow and (ell to the ground, a distance ot about twenty-two feet. The flrunuen man was tenthly mangled; Celeste had her elbow and shoulder-blade broken. Tbe recovery of both was considered doubtful. A woman writes from San Francisco that three ofber icmlnloo friends there do not expend more than ten to twenty dollars a mouth on time dress. Wonderlnl creatures I Dow Now York would Uk to sec them. A certain Mrs. Coffin being bleat with a son, a friend oifered one hnndrcd dollars for the privi lege of naming him. The offer was declined when It was proposed to christen tbe child Mahogany. It la a great eatlsfcctlon to know that tbe earth weighs 1,260,133,070.W0,0L0.000,000,C10U tons. FOREIGN DBA VATIC ITEMS. Jackhim lias recently appeared at Uie Paria | Atbencc. I . Offenbach's new piece for the Versailles wUI come to light abonl Iho end of next month. • Au aDecllon of the larynx has obliged Wachtel, I Inßerl'n.lotxikeftHUletest. Niemann has taken I hie place. A Milan paper reckons op the new operas of ie«C, and counts twenty-three, of which number I only font or fire have soon headway. 1 I Mailaiac Anna Oishop is giving concerts at Ma- I | cilia. Bhc was wrecked on the passage from Bau Francisco, and travelled over 1,100 miles In so I open host, bbc.lost all her wardrobe and music. M. T, Baihlcr Is composing the music of a comic opera In thros acts called " Lt» Luonlet dt 1 fforaimz.' 4 It has been retd to the company of I I and was received with I crest to'or. ..I M. Alexander Dumas, Hit read lately at tbo homo of ticurgc band his new comedy Wrra 1 treasurer of ihoOlvmjdo Tlioa- 1 tie, Immlon, by a slrnnito coincidence, died on 1 lht< vrtv night of Iho close of the nnumgomoui. 'Hie Ihoaito lloya), Melbourne, hasclosed, with I liahUlles In tbo amoutil of 45VIW. 'lho "Damnation of Kauai, *• by llorloia, was onarlod under lit* aupiTlnlenflenco In Vicuna, dining Ihw latter pml id December. The tio> I douhirnsial was crowded by au auditory nf live llmmnni', who ward perfectly olocuilUd liythe composition, 1 At a meeting of the "Dramatic Cricket Club," I reci-mly heldln Isnidiin,oneo( ih« mxmbcra, In responding lo ‘he mast of "The Drama," ra marked that ’‘the drama was the oldest of all oar i arts, fur there was aihcalrclu Jerusalem at (be advent of Christianity." Do. apparently, was I possessed of the idea that Uio advent of Chris • tlaulty was as far a point back as historians ■ 1 could get, and Ibe "advent" took place about tbo * I year 1, . I * ..... •.<_ i V ... ill. hlnh MHA Dlondln has Veen performing on th* high ropo at Dublin, eliciting the usual amouut of awe aod admiration. Althe Polytcchulr, London, Dickens’ “Christ maa Carol ” was pressed Into service, and made to do duty as a Christmas entertainment Ibe sto'7 was read with ghostly figure* Illustrating tho de scription. *■ Tho Chilstmas pantomime at the Crytal Palace was a complete success. Mrs. John Wood, as “ X’rinco Leander,” In the “Invisible Prince,” has met with much more success than she did as “ Miss Miggs.”, The Lon don AYa says that “ she looked very charming and handsome, and her pretty face and figure were displayed moat advantageously in the eplen- I did dtees and appointments ebe wore.” The I other papers praised not only her costume, but | also her acting. “Faust” has been burlesqued by the Moore- Christy Minstrels, and produced at their hall in j London, as the Christmas piece. It has been placed upon the stage in a handsome nmner, and It i« though! that It will enjoy a long run. 1 A short time since, one of the ladles of the bal let alihePcrle St Martin Theatre wore a steel crown, surmounted by a star, to which was at tached a wire connecting with an electric batrery, which, during the play, elicited sparks of lire. Ihc shock, however, proved too severe, and the Cantrute was struck senseless (U she had not been so before) upon the stage. She soon tecovered and resumed her place. Artemns Ward still continues to draw crowded houses to Egyptian Hall. His lectnro has proved to be one of the events ofthe season. Ills success might be called the A-Ward of merit. XKIBLES JOE THE LADIES. A ycnng man In Cincinnati was fined fJO for klreinp a pretty girl when she didn't want him to. Many a young man has paid more than that alter kissing a pretty girl who did want him to. . A Paris paper tells a story of a servant girl lying at the point of death, who ,wma anddcnly restored 10 health by having her eyelids rub bed with a small piece of the Pope's white flannel shirt, . ■ A lady went to Lexington to purchase her wed ding tronasean, and while there bought a tomb stone (or the grave of her late husband. Atlemns Ward ttys that no dally paper Is pub llshcd In bla town, a ladles' sewing circle answer ing the same purpose. A Danville, K.J., lady, who got divorced from her husband and married another man, haijost eloped from him, running away with her first hat band. . , A Utica woman married three times, each time a different man, and each time a man named Tom kins. Mr*. Stephens, wife of the Dead Centro, Is re siding at Dalky, Candla. It la calculated that a dancing belle in one sea son traverses 500 miles of floor. Miss Ilnnlley, a Boston vocalist of prom Le.-has made a success In opera at Trieste. Hlstorl, within forty-eight hoar* after her ar rival in Sew Yoik, received twenty boxes contain irg materials for “cleaning the teeth." V? by cast presents In her tcclh In that way ? A neatly dressed old lady, with a while cap on, in Paris, blacks boot* for a penny. The women ol Paris talk of forming a woman's C The toilettes ofMsfiame Rlstorl embrace col lections of merchandise and Jewelry to the value ° f, n>eV*shion for figured and brocaded silks. In troduced by the Empress for the relief of the Lyons silk wtaverf, is becoming very generaL The latcol llebt of Brigham Totmg • harem Is a Maria Folsom,“whom Brlcham caresses in pnb f he with Folrom Itequency. Ecutoimo hems. At.Kt.rl meetlnir' ot the roljlechnlc Sodctj, Dr Rowell Stated lhat a cubic tube of wa.or, at a Kr.ln"“moo Fahrcnhdt, m 900,000 to.. bravler than the same smoact at BO® Fahrenheit, and misled 3,000,000 tons mow than a cubic mile at CO® Fabrcnbelt.l lbs d'Qitencca in mclab u surprising. Al though copper alloyed so at In come under Ibe term bun*?, has been tnsde bard enough lo re wire «h 3 rctiln an tde.t wwlnW tor cot n.,» imbfltneats.retP Issohehed by being heated and pint ctd wld wller, while Itoh and Heel Is baldened bf precisely the lame process* ilßuenerally Cobceded by railway engineers lbs! Otremersleel rails will neat about sixteen i n htf aa cdtntbiib Iron rails. steel i oilers ever made (a this team rs» WBii niabulkdured ftl Walwbury, t‘uuu * lot Kh«lu.a. tin, *.M ItuthM luetic* to diameter, of solid aloel end Utrdcnod, Intended for rol.lm: the jueclona metel*. It I* a cmutii Inct met Iron, and cron steel. cm betulcidbyinoaute. or by prewar® combined with (ticllon or rnbblnr. 'ihu mty bJ f ”“J“ Ibe icllou of the n«U machine where two or lore# tints or'arka tome lordlier between the header and the dlee. In tbit caae wo may aaw acorn *ne s'cllotm of lie connected lack* without dlacot* tilmranjetldcnco of wparatlou. Boaonallmea ibo elect point of an nprl«M abaft (tirnlai; wader a (treat piwmre will weld lUelt to the itcp U w« Ucl a mulal aimilar lit the elect. FINANCIAL ASP COMMERCIAL MONETARY. , fUtiauit Rvßamn. W. Tt<* fnlloHtfty tn Stabstfer he<‘ tublWl of the tioniiK r«t i»t the dealing Uo«« tut Ibu *cck end* to ttajr! .Imitinry <tt ilmiiinryn I'iHißulii'A luiilHW.M I Jitiimi? v4i hi. i!m».uil.w» inxiwini} tlAiiuarr Bl ■■■!• a l»*ilß«i*it.W 3S uS (». .. . uV.wrmi iti.bijm SSiSWm 12252 'fotm |i,,« } |4*l Mroli.aiaaaai JA.WM3WI I A* will be mil non Ibe above. lilt olsannK* for , Kim week ju«telo»lng, shows d*crea*o «l Mime iwo million*aa compared wlm lliose of l«*i w«mk. I ThU mosl conclude ijr demonstrate* tb*l Ibe fl*n» 1 eral budnesa of tbeclly ibow* no Improvement Tilde In all department* comiom* dull, Tncro la no demand fur flood* beyond what will meet actual consumption, and dealers purchase only enough lo provide for Ibe moil preaalnp want*. Country collection* are reported exceedingly alow, Tbetntcrtor merchant* complain that the fanner* are not paying np, which prea»e* severely on Iboie dealers who are trading on a *ma)l capital. Many I of them are forced to aak for renewal*, and a I larger number of extension* have been granted 1 dnrmgthe present winter, than at anytimesuice tbe breaking out of the late rebellion. Ibe gnat feature ol tbe week In financial clrcloa waatbc panic which broke out loWall street on Wednesday, causing a severe tumble lu stock*, particularly those known as “fancy.” Camber* land Coal, which a few days since sold atltt. bunt completely and sold on the day o» the panic at tV Tne bursting of this bubble cau«ed the failure of one bouse, who tad loaned largely on the Cum* bcrland at a allabt margin. Kallwjy shares, with few exceptions, suffered a sharp decline, causing aevetsl other allures. There Is, st tbe close, a steadier fcclmg In the stock Hat, but prudent op* tratora and conservative bankers act exceedingly cautions, and In some circle* the opinion Is freely expressed that the end la yet to come. In finaa* - cial elides throughout the country there is a growing want of confidence in the future. Con* grres Is admirably illustrating “bow not to do ll,” without any Immediate prospect of ever changing It* policy. Meanwhile Mr. McCulloch's reckless contraction system Is steadily pursuing the even tenor ol it* way, to the enforcement of spede re* sumption, and at the same time prostrating trade, tying np c «pltal,paralyringindastrY,*nd drying np the sources of revenue needed to defray the expen ses of tbe Government, and pay the Interest on the National Debt. If Mr. McCulloch would see tala country negotiating a loan to pay the Interest on what it owes, ho will persevere In hi* Insane scheme for the resumption of spede payments. In his last budget to Cungrt*6,ho talked eloquent* * ly about the increase of production, as one of the means to secure a specie basis, hut his plan of contraction has no other effect than to remove tbe i primary cause of an Increase of production— . cheap money. It la a well known fact that money i Is dally becoming dearer and scarcer lu every city m the country. A, short time aco moucy was a drop m New York, at 4 per cent, on call, no* it la 7 per cent; then pood sixty day pa per coalo be discounted for C®7 per c*:nL, now 10013 per cent. Let ns examine how for this contraction has been poshed in New York alcne since October last. Ibe lellowinp comparison of the bank statements at the dates mentioned, needs scarcely any comment: Deposits. Loans. 201.200,*315 230,033,t3 October 20.19*8.. January .U, 18JJ. I Decrease $53,8*3,013 £54,193,5(2 . < Probably Mr. McCulloch is not aware taat a j : double contraction la going on. He Is withdraw- j ■ lop greenbacks at the rateot four millions per ■ month, and the National Banka ate retiring their clrcnletlon at almost the same rate. The prudent j 1 banka Ihroapbout the country are determined not ; to be caught napping. The; do not propose to let tl eir {’P-’Oj'OO.IDO stand out until the Secretary 1 retires the greenbacks to the same amount. Should they do so, where would they obtain legal tenders enough to redeem their circulation? Tola I they consider lo bo the rub, and have no idea of' trying tin? experiment. • The fact la, Mr. McCulloch has become insane j I on his contraction theory, and nothing can re* I move the hallucination from him. There is one 1 remedy, however. The hallucination can bo re* I moved by displacing Mr. McCulloch, and giving hte scat In tbe Cabinet to another. It la about 1 time for the people to give an expression on this I cmrcncy contraction business. Let thorn call meetings In every city, town and hamlet, through* ont the country, and protest against the conlrac* I tionoftho currency (or m other words, funding the legal-tenders Into lnterc«l bearing bonds.) I 1 wutch la uol removing one cent's worth of ilia n&- I Uon’a indebtedness, but only adding lo 11-pilmg i 1 pehon on Ossa. If Mr. McCulloch pays no alien* | (ion to these remonstrances, let him be invited I to tender bis portfolio lo a successor. The only testate to notice to onr local money market is the fact, that it Is several degrees more stringent than It was yesterday. None but the . rotybesl names, with the very best collaterals j bached with the widest kind of margins, succeed ; In oblulnlng accommodation. Paper that the dis count Louses would Lave gladly taken six or eight weeks ago, Is positively refused at any rate. The best double tames sell on Ibo street tl US per cent, and toss acceptable signatures cannot be I negotiated for less than 20951 per cent per month. 1 Cal! loans on UomumcnU aie Arm at 10 per cent. Theie Is a marked scarcity of Kxcliango, aud (lie market Is very cluso. Hound tol# were placed between banks at par 0 Me premium- | closing with more buyers than sellers at Ibe upper | figure. ‘Hie founlor rales arc Armor, at par buy j tug ana Md premium selling. Hin telegraph announces ibe suspension of James lloyd, siotUbtoknr. ol New York, formally , ot lids rliy. Wo timlerslaml Hint Ibis la only ol a , Itiupursiy character, caused by U* suspension ol i panics for whom ho was cmrylug slock, lie ekpccls lo resume opnatlou* tun t><w dsys. Ills j West* in coirespourtenla are fully protected. j There is a good demand Air Kichantre, amllhv market closes up sirong at Urn following •rales, which are a shad« lower than our Uat «i«o , I utlonst fi.,M w 10 " 11 (loW. Currency I I.onrton, l>or £ sttf . S s!£ BS?S7pJ?&i , K«7. , “ S M»i Hwcden, peri'pccle Uolcr... 1.10 1M ! Floor waa dull and easier, favoring buyers, j Wheat was UOSIC better, but closed dull. Corn • wan flow at yesterday's rates. Oats were doll, j Rye vaa sU-adv aod quiet. Barley was doll and . 2©3c lower. Whiskey was neglected. Provisions were quiet. Mess Pork was more active and 25c better, lard was dull and heavy- Built and : Greer. Moats were quiet. j Judge Jameson, presiding on the Chancery side ot the bupenor Court, tc-day entered a decree in the rase of Thomas Allen ts. Produce™' Bmfc and Us assignee, declaring the assignment null , and void, on the ground of fraud. Gold was steady all day In Ncw_York The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., cold brokers: nt3l a m IWH 1 «:«>•« iSSalm• Wi(«w IM‘4 , ii-Sl’m 1...1MH IS»p.m uaSSS:. n - J!:50..5 istv, i aisp.m isui Horn tbero was notblne of consequence dome. The brokers were baring »f 'VL. wnl selling at lll‘4®lSla. Sliver v»- nominal at 145, bnjlne. The loilowlnc shows the dallj range aud closing pilccs daring the week: * Barge. Closing. ISS « Tte market for the Public Funds was a shade easier to-day—there being a decline of H on Slxca ot 'Si: Five-Twenties of '62, Ten-Forties and Ancnst Seven-Thirties. Tne following table shows the dosing prices to-day, • compared with those of the three days previous: tr~4 Thnp*. Fri. Bi»t_ Sat. I Size* ot’si lHi?» ; Five-Twenties, 1 Five-Twenlies, JSS j Flve-Twenoes,'6s.. lj~4 1 TecForlies. ....... .f.h Seven-Thirties, Anc.. j®}4 Scvcn-TbirOw, June.. 144 Sevcn-Tbirties. July.... I^J4 New Five-Twenties IW4 Ilcie there was * food investment demand, and die market ia Arm. with lew ofleniur. We quote; ooTinimnrt eioonirmi-cmcioo c. s. Sizes, or ISSI IJ£H 107 X u. 8.5-Ste, 18b3 IWU m tt *; R.<Hta IS6I 1054 1054 tt fi 1865,.... 105*5 lUSS' c‘ s! 5-i»! small uj, D. 9. HMOs, large: “ra d! s'. ■MOs^la'taerlea.V I«>S “'4®'“]^ g;i;?S:*Ve5 1 r J.“:.;::;;;:;5|5 8S» U. S. "•»*, small 1«H Compound, June. 19M I»®4 44 July, 19*4 1154 44 * Anp., 1904 115 H 44 Ocl., 1964 1114 44 44 Hay, 1965 IHH ' 44 Anc., 1965 HO 44 Sent., fcft IC»« 44 - OcL WS lU9 „ The Second National Bank quotes Government Securities as follows: WOconpous. June Comp., ia>4..114 (1ar 8 e,....105 OIMS J»lr „ „ 5-xOcoupons, _ Aug, (smalfi,..lMHol« Oct. IMOconpona., g«. u isalllini .«asgUJ**- :: ~:: -gg dEStet*®!::::: SS - “ --SS .re terj dull. He brokers «. boylTigaltbe following rate*: Chicago Oily Ta g 3 ai Chamber of Commerce. COHMEBCIAL. PiTCUD.T ETOTO, iaT.. The following uhle. .he» the receipt, .od.hip ment. ol Produce during the put trrcntj-lour hours WnrarArtTTOTi-rocnnocM. goor.bris uSS im« Wheat, bu 6,1173 19,115 S ' lW Ky«* bn ; 4,873 410 I. 43,»509 1*1.791 «»” I**°' % 113. PW W.WI Ctued Meats, *s .. 1 490 BTO uo.soo Lard. 9.0 R.3J5 Ttiiow, ftp s.t» Bntiet. lbs , *,qo| i*,f4o \\ V....... B.HI HMSB UTeUots.No 813 j,*a| i.V, Ue ’£° . 18»«U 131,973 1 Uldes« ftf.i....•••*•♦ ***•“ * it 4TO Ulebwltjes. bits.. aplO j tno ? ‘ i.V.A.. ...» W *1*‘»»*“* (go ... i.u .................. Mil M» ...... ............. Ml» jySVl!!* ““ ......m..■••■•••■> M* tMM •».*"" I nil Oals.*. »*»“•““ • \ life, ,m ~w Dailey, bn Uraaa Heed, ttn.. Uroom Corn, fix. Cured Ueala, Ox. Deef. brU ... 0.510 .. 41,570 sum .. |,«B 00,081 .1,06,7*4 6d.5H ~, ~,, Cl au.iu buiMt u.naj H.M I -v* *S!! i 58 a^BTI .. ... a # 101 ...... JO.IH #WM» .. m s*» ... .. HI . vn Pork, bill Lmo, lbs

Tallow, Tbi...,. Duller, fta Uieierd Uocs, Mo live lidge, Mu i attic. Iso lllllcia.tba lilcbtttaoe, br1a......... Wool, ax lumber, m.............. Pbltuilsß..ia. Taib.m .......... FoU.brl*.., ............ W 3 , 8M Bait bass .............. IW . Tbo market fur Barrelled Meats exhibited mote animation. and a <Mtouger feeling was ttiiuifevleJ. infotitrntjenw of more favorable alvlce* from Now Ymk.bul fur ullict deicrtpiluue of Uthi pro dud. the Infinity *ai ter/ limited,ind Uie murkel csutiut be reported ulhetwite (hat) dull. Thfde maid (bt Mere l*:ik wasmote adieu end (lie ttUf* keinae fully Weenie belief. We bole tales uf 3.SW tula It Oath \ |lO IftullMU bliv er . Pebnißry, and fir.n Mtiera* ojutoa lu l’*«br«»iy I3~cl»«tna wlih tree buyers aifli.W eaeii fur food brande, and idler* at dIS.M. There WMvumetMjuliy fui I'.iUa IMuis folk, whit ilka of W«l hrt* al f 19,13 «a»h. Mbm Ilwf sold lolheriient or em brl* al 113.00. Tiumwii 1 iioilitiurdiHmnn kwvet PukUd llama, and tbs I market may to nominally quoted at KntllUh Menu warn ijulnl, with anlea olu«U baa at thfo for Hbort ttlti and Rife (br Qumberlania. Bulk Wr«U were alow, with aalea of eo,OJOIhi Hhort llih, at U’tc locae. There wan very little doing lu Green Meat*, ami (be market waa a abode eailer. with aalea of 5,000 pea llama from Slaughtered lloga, Lord waa very dull—buyera and aellcra being apart la their vlewa-and the market may be quoted entirely nominal at ll'.ift Jli*c. A lot of 100 tea Country Healed fold at the upper figure. Oreoae ua* firm, wltb tale* of 200 tea at £c for Brown, and BXC for Yellow. Meaara. Mtlward A Co. estimate tbo pork pack ing tbit season up to date atSSS.SU. llreaaod Hogs Were about lit bettor, wltb ealca at JC.T5®7.73 for llchl to extra heavy—doling at fI.COftUO dividing on 200 S>a for good averages. TliereUno market whatever for duty paid or Bonded Whiskey. 'Jbc contraband article la re* ported to be eelllog tub rota at Ft.7302.1X). The tmfcvontblo advices from New York had a depressing edcct on the Floor trade, and prices favored buyers to the extent of CQlOc per barrel The transactions foot up 2,200 brh al $0.2i5h10.50 for Fpnng Extras, and $7.U0&9.23 for Spring Sopers. There vrae no movement in White Win* tots. Wheat was in fhlr demand, and belter, tLocgh. at ihe close, the market was dull at the advance. Thu sales aggregate 77.000 bn at £2.20 for No. lInA. D. & Co.: 12.13}$ for do Rdgnlar; 12.00 tor No. 2 In A. D.&Co.; SI.BT@I.BS fordo Regular, and fl.Bl® 1.10 for Rejected in store closing nominal al £2.13&2.11 for No. 1, sad dull at £I.STK for No. 2 in regular booses. Com was quiet, but Steady, with sales of 49,000 ho al 'B&<p76Hc for No. 1; CS&69c for No. 2, and 53ii5i54Hc for New Rejected—closing rather tazna at quotations. Oats wen dull, with light transactloos in No. 2 at4C*iC. Kje was doll and prices were unchanged. A few carloads changed bands at SOQ'JOcfor No. 1 and BCc for No. 2. Barley waa doll and 2®3c lower, with sales at CSc lor No. 2in It. I.; 41c for Rejected, and SQcQ (1.05 for Sample lots. Regular No. 3 may be nominally quoted at 59&C0c. Tallow was inactive and nominal at for City; for City Butchers’, and 90OHc for Country. The following telegrams were read on ’Change to day: New Yobs. January 26. Floor—Doll at fIO.ISQ 11.90. Wheat creeping at S2.ISQS.3U. Com quiet at f I.IG In store. Oats easier at tfi®Mc. Pork belter: OJckSl9.-t3; New, «i. 50. Lard heavy; steam, 13c. Bogs better at t5.02J4®5.15. Gold, 131*5. UTEU. Floor tame. Wheat qmet $ No. 1 Sprinc, 53.35. Com quiet. Oats heavy at 61@<'4c. Pork doll aodweak. Kettle oS.*red at 15c on dock. Whiskey firm at 33c. LITEH. In the oTtemoon the Grain mark eta were dnlt and a trifle lower—closing at about 11.87 for No. 2 Spilng. and TSc for No. 1 Com. Provisions were dull, wilh of 100 brla ileaa Pork ai lIB.SC cash. Tbe Cattle market was quiet, wilh prices steady and nominally unchanged. The supply was 11m- Ited, as was also the demand. Deceived to-day, U 6 head; received this week, 3.332; shipped to day, 771; shipped this week. 2,077. The market closes quiet, hot steady and firm, at $3.00®6.73 for Inferior to choice grades. Live Hogs we»e quiet m tho morning, bat when U became known that the receipts would be megro buyers took hold sharp and cleared the pens at an 1 advance of 10® 15c on yesterday’s rates. The on | tered soles number 5,700 bead, at $5 75®G.20 for common to fair lots, and fd.35QC.60 for good to choice Hog?. The receipts to-day were 1,393; re ceived this week. 41,032. Receipts and SUlpmcnls of Lire and Uresscd lloss from October Ist to Sate—Approximate PacUoif* The following tables sbqw «Uc receipt* oi>d phipmeni* of Lite and Dressed Uoeslrom Octo ber Ist to date, tor two jeara: itßosipn or uooS, INM3-7. Week 1 Live Dros’d. lire. Dros’d. i otu c 35,ot>i .... SL'Jio 18.. iS«J9 .... 9i,l‘-« so 26,*51 .... 17,817 I *7 10, WO 7 14,900 3 I Nov. 8 HUSO 53 W.7C9 fti 101.. 70,298 738 -17,083 U 17 15.791 lU3 27,730 21 I sj 13,4 M 331 29,013 96 ! Dec. 1 10.130 1,2<8 15,737 115 8 82,108 1,711 0.125 IX is ftIJilS 2,500 10,018 CM SS W,854 10,:»a 21,873 8.003 •*» 1)0.713 tJ.IWa 91, VW 13,tW0 j iß . 6 65.771 27.011 52,383 99.937 12 ... .. tU,WM 61,210 20,111 Bl.Uili pi 41.11:4 87,502 83,072 18,0*15 SO 4*5,410 9P,464 10 301 4U.BM Tulal • 610.020 193,012 100,«< i Add Dtceaed.. ItMH 1»V22 | Total 7HO.WW .... W1,7i)l ; atitrMKKTs or uuos. |4 M i week Hk ; rW. 18<1 4 >o. Hid g. XjTv®. Ures’d. Live. Dres’d. . ivt. « Vi«Utt .... lO.NIO . , 11 16,1112 .. . 0.7q0 I I an...... • 11,018 «... 10,411 >• , uv 1|22» ... 8.7*7 ••• IMW ' 1 • >V HI .... 10.171 .... 17.M0 O 7.... V 583 « MW , «ji <Mi3 W 10.7011 I Dec. J . . K6IB 4|« 12.480 71 1 I 8 Rlltto «1H 4.100 IP 1 715 lOi 10.UV4 . V. m, .. TU 11,90 S «,12W lU.7UD 0 .Tan 8... V ... ... 0.005 1,010 3^35 &.| 1a....... m 10.N14 4,1« s l'i.o^ 3 10 I (kU H.UIO 107 8,7% 1 2(1 ’ 13,1M8 I.aTO 8.43- t T0ta1...?.,. JKSIT WJ.012 159,523 W.lttl i. i Add Dressed,. 0.045 48,109 i Total ISJ.IW .... KIWI 1 ' Dednctinz the shipments from the receipts, the “ ' balance Indicate approximately the num- J ; her of Hogs packed and butchered for city con ,a .mnpUon: 4 ‘ 18rtC-7. 19454. Receipts....«••• ••• ••••••••••• .7011,902 531*751 bbipracnii...... w£l!» »*«* Packed, butchered and In pena.WT,Bo3 3»T,03T Messrs. Milward* Co., in their Clrcnlar of to day, approximate the packing this season, np to drie. at 515,211. In this connection it is proper lo state, that, during the past three or tour weeks, the receipts of Dressed Hogs per farmers' wagons have been quite heavy, but no approximate idea can be given of the number, as It is impossible to obtain any data for such calculation. Tbe receipts, bow* ever, exceed the seeming discrepancy between our figures and those of Messrs. Milward & Co. Chicago Provision Market, Chicago, January %. A very material change baa again taken p - .a e m the opinions ol packers and operators uurlns the past week. Ihe advance and excitement noted in our last were not more sudden than has neen the reaction. A larcu portion ot the block was then dlstribat*: to all nartaof the Slates, but the celiars of the packers are again hr coming plethoric, aod Mother central excite orntls aoslooriv looked for. But omtiur i have be come Irreoluicard wavering, and as the exTMt ot the bog crop looms up in Us magnitude a general f« }M of dancer tn the future seems prevalent, Tb" prallct ed sudden cessation ot the packing has not been vert ; CfdTbot, on the contrary, the Prindpal poteu are suit proiecuune the business with unabated vUor. P lho believers lb the consumptive abuitr ot this 'SeSf.?£ r «raVmep^nk..a«w4 ; "kTfvSS”’ been dltalp.lad.ud 11 sera!* probable that some weeks most yet elapse before the pacing can be closed. Cincinnati is yetob.alnlna will act with prudence and not altow lhelr prospects. She deanos & by bog* than the circumstances will jiaffl.TheUa.ltwi receipt# ot dre*s<d hoe* are somewhat remarkable, bo* ItUreported that every country store house if nut o( them. the tplcu&d clear cold weather being vorable for their preservation, npecnlatots may hold ■ mem off ibe maiktl L.r a But, but on the «m appau asetrot a ibaw we may exrect targe supplies. A large number still continue to he received by wagon of i which t o record containable. Owing to the *now «Sm meSVem no recelpu of Live uora rroortja on ■ so that out weekly receipt* shon-d have been fttm MOD lo S.COO la: ger. They will appear in our next week’s Ia m m ary. Th e recci P o ofb 1 lor ibe rail week auta np a» follows,\U>- •U£« 6 «^£*~J’ UTA 41.15 T: total, TV,CI: and the Garments: Unused. Live:none: touIUAB; L«tim ror psektrs,city consumptlco«c.; for Vf* Defied id ijM the receipts were. Drerwd. 4WM . Uve, Efscj. toULTAST; and the shipments: Bresacd, B,l*B. l.y, 1 e*e* toiaL leaving tor packers, city con UTe -}.^ 6 -:? sttmenoo. fte, i7,(K5 brad. Tne paocin* me t )re *! u .‘ apocd deal of confidence Pressed hare been to coc d demand both frem snjppeM ana packers. The market baa rnled stead/L?™ at *7.CU(t7JO net. fbr Hcbl to beary, *® ~®i * tiKKiatc.Tb ma dcclnlne tendency. tw.aearij latte Mid free* at bntutcrdo. clinrtJ to Slßji. and again advancsd, closing erm at .Ss“r rr»™> »r.i'V-""' nitre mrn*. also, was la demand at fl. wua isw vs ■KafiSAss ronremptlan. For ibis purpose Co norland* *“? "JSJ iTtatenat «wp. and snort tnlddlei at PaC, loose. »“ e materase ot tee meat rendering them more accept*- PetoJobberatßaa the •honlders and ™°f*L* l ‘ ,e f o ?£ saleable Short cear middles sold as bleb as *®*ssj loose, tm for ail ?nts the- market d«. taW. cut hams are In dmi»ed at lAfd snarrt in the general depression, and has been sold at U\c lor prlu.estnn,adt-cilie ot J* to >»c per_»• * srart-f, at ttuc. Grease In ad)TP demand, with larse fa'efaticoitacrcrwbite, ? for brown. ItW tallow acarce and m•'facia <M‘»rf, r rite snd country rendered. Pro Rams nt. a«£»- 8£r..a..-iS- sas?*«fLwSgt-w. ©rrau £tcair.tvss. ONLY WEEKLY MAIL LINE TO UTUUUOL. INMAN LINE. Cne of the Liverpool. V* T?, r * L m C i Co.’« tr»rntflt»ni ••.«! piwcrltt’ ilsamsmpj, * alls Irci lIBK .Ift.Notth lUter, Sew Tcrk. £TK(tY f*ATLUI»AY (m»U »te»xer). AM* . „ EVERY V RPSBsOAV lestra steamer). Tbrou*lioiil Uteycar. Patties tlslUrt Ih*- Paris *IH jjg JJJ"; for spew and wnal t' a »' y’j/r' UnVand my mach theapet. I Paa»ensers booked m>ra liken at a* ihw nira auiy>ai>y oineMlne. .. .. ro* p.iurti.l. ..a u l»£%TOKtt. LIST OF LETTERS. "I.RTTKIIB RKMAtKTHO D?fCI,AIMKI> iftTHR real omen at Chlcaao, male of Illinois, on the lltb day of January, l»d. •jr "to obtain any of Iheao letlera the applicant Rinat call for •AtirtitriJ'im l.rneeis' tiro the data of thU ll.t, and pay one cent Ibr a/lvrrUalng, * > • lir “If not mint fur within oh a norm, tiny will !•»•« nt to Urn iHict 1/eMer offlee. Hr*“|,rtlar«ara DolndrerltiM) until ll*y hare re mained in the outreom »e«-k, and on Krliliyaaal Bat iiril.y* IHlrra to tu adrerllw-d aro InUialuuhla of the iranirrUtlnit Clerka. . . . “I. iniiun letter.plainly to thoaUcatanil number, aawHlaatheroatOflliennolMate. . •‘I. HKAIJ leurra with the writer's Don Hfrlca and sixth, irrrrrr atiJ Htmnie, *lcn Ui*ia plainly with mil name, and rcqneat the auiwtra tu be dlrwted ae llt-filra lo itraniera or transient rlatlnra In • town nr city. Wbuae special lutdrew may lx unknown, should I** marked, In the lower leHUanJ comer, with tuo word Translrtit.* 1 ••«. J’lsie Uie postage atamp uti the t»rp«* latßttt ItAHti col-weit, ate! I.hat arm a bctwtrn the alatup auJ directum Air kwr-iuaalHtl without lmcrPrfln| with '“if.'fW tltgt'KßT far Hi. mrrntlK cl U lull., 1.1 the writer, tr tup laluied within. Udrtr daya dr leas, written or fMni«i with tit" writer** **irt, ri>wt orrit’» and F*r#rH across the left hand end of the sntshns, on thefees aid* will iw cotnpusd with at lit# usual bfw paid rate oi|««iscMxrßl'lswli?htli"H»er la d«lf» emliuiVwrJler.Mbff. . ... ... and number. 90 • » I.AIHII* 1 MMT. A Adams Msff W mIM Andrews LUH« mr> AflsmsT mm AmjsrscMiJ mr» , AiMii u*»y a mrs An't’Mf'j H«rm*H inli* aiUii uvf.i Ain't! Mty U mrs AudnwsKsia mrs taliay Florence II i lUanrhard l.lula nil*) UkorliUmr* lUj.iiw Lulu mlu Ud*a \m miM uoM ilur U mrs ittktf luffand (limldj Uiun Uk email Susan II mra Boyisun k II tars Ukrr Louis mn Bowinsii a»rab mra laid* In M LouUe mlu Bradford M*ry A mra lalisrn Xsllla M mia* Brackett Itoillo mtaa tally Halsey mm llraiman K K nrs Uuka bally mra Braainy Klleu MU* isn>ia Matlla roll# llrsdabaw Mary mis* Horn A M C mrs Bradley fetreri inn Unrr etroli U an Breslau MdUia mra loss Fannie C u>Ua llruck Elisabeth urs leatc Louisa mra Brooby mrs IctoJKnn Block* fl-usy mra k-rnrat Kmallne mra Bollard Alien mlaa ter tlr C It mra Bufara madam Bernbart Ltule mlu Bunch Elisabeth an Ueremu J W mra Burke Majcle mlaa UCf, uu* l*m*% M«MW tstttniM Bunton Sarah mui Mddle Frier mra Burse 88 mra ildwli E A run Burdick Hattie mra Uckford Emma mlu By raer Marta mra Bloomfield Mary mra Batterfletd L J mlu Hun* Bridget Bailer Mary F miss lUatr Kelley mra Calkins Rhoda miu Clague Hannah mra Can obeli sadlo A mtu C atk Mary mn Carnot el Jane mia* Clark Eliza A mra Campbell Mary mlaa Clark E A mlu Canutes Lizzie mra Clover MaryJ mlaa CarU*;e John U mra Coaru Henry mn Carlton Mary mta* Codey Miry mlaa Camli Annie mn Comatocjt Harriet . m mia Cjlman Helen A an Casaady Mary F mlu Comstock Ed:s nun UNuSin _ Cor kiln Hannah miss Chamber lain Uarcena LCunncly Mary A mrs tura Cocdon Joseph mn Chamberlain Mary mn Connely Grate mn Chance Annah mra Cook Miry Ana W Child* A A mn cottor Mary Chapin Eocene mn c oiielyon Kllra mn Chapin Aca F mua OirneilWßmra t'baolnJnlla Ann nits Conebian Honors Chnst y t UW nuts CtaitJuUa Amrs , hl«. ley mra Crawtojd Alcnla mlsi Christy Mary mlu Cronin mn Chliton CW mra Cross A Ann Church t'-eclle n.U* Crowley Mary mlu Ukory Mary miss John mn Davis AW mrs 1 Dolan Bernard mn UavlM Hattie mn Donlaa Mary 3 Deason Mary mn . DouaiusMwymn UeaaC4 rcelU miss Douglass K K miss I)i aly Ellen mra Domtt Blsuch* miss Drzendorf Auoe mlu Doyle Mary A mlu Ü . poyl-Eilen mrs Delaney Margaret miss Downing Kellie, miss Devine Mary nnu Dow Elmira W mn Dewolf Frank mlu Down ey Came mUa DiHon Amile miu Dnnnlneli M mrs DlckeisonJ Cmn Dnn ap KMlcnlemn Dubbin Arabella miss Duffy Katie mrs Dooley Ellen mrs DyiertMkOTe rars Durtan capt H mrs Dyer Amelu A tmu E EactnJ Mary tots Ellacott Catharine Katie .lames E nn Emerson Louise mrs Edwards Uarr cubs Emtree Eller miu Edwards Caroline rora Bacllah EIU-ibein mrs ErtOroot Mattie L mrs Knnlamta Elirou mra Engle tawara mra F Panics Bjble mUs Flemings Peter mrs Faunllcroy Isabella mrs Flonoy Onlla mrs Fe lows Electa tors Samuel mrs Fitch Isaac K mrs Fo-vylhs Ellen mrs Fetsoson On* miss . 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Wloslow HJ Wallace ObedW Whlticg A D Winter Julios E Wallace Win 3 Whutng BenJ bJr Winzer Aco 3 Wallace TH 2 Whiilnc W B Wo.aver Clark K Wslnalh Leander WhitmanE S°‘sS *. , WalahJohn WhlUnarcbWß WoiffMAA Watren Aco N H Whltwcod DC WoUord A Warren A Whylano Chas D Wood W A Warrington G N WtciensJohn Wood Wm tt...., c* D WlcclT Robert Wood J J Wa*lfln*Wxn WiggmsJolmß Wooj dr Samuel WaUlnaWaUdn MW Urctns BrallordWe>oa M m iTktbtri A ***i Woodward ? fc Watkins Daniel 5- U , L ‘ ox Iw^ 1 Wooduma C dli E n*....n c p w ticox k G 000 man c _ w2S|e E Jo»epbWllcyLtJP . Weber J C Wilkins Ur Smith Woodward DrA w » WeoberCC WTlklcsEDS WooleyKcvWmM WeoiurlWnJF Wlldama Aco Wooley b R WeUhlamraß WlhlamaWllt W.*oUworthbolo- Welsh WUllam WUUams A Stod- mon wliEi! D?Sd “ WlffiJm, Jamw JwSnmilS j Weldou James wuuaaaC Wcllre J L William* Chas M 'J* **?.. Wells Charles William* Chai 2 Wright M L Wereli A P William* Edgar WncM Horallo O WtStNeiSoaH Wllilauaon Bet Wright Ge<» A . y?! irTni,-r x D . Wyman btephen L ’ S 2.»«»“«"““ USSii.Wp.r Weymanbatnnel Wills ET WlUson A Uo WhaitonJostphSTWllson Thomas Tantls James A Tates B C Young G 1 iiitfdiLisiNEor*. n.— .nil ,uul ' F A A Ma*on» U* 1 Masonic Lodge No in H o * - * 4 M>DUlaCtnrerdr Av-ntol tLfnateh FeEeatore , a Medleta. - BSw«6SIS No BlueHland rvenuc EferetSr 6 ” 1 BSbgerlM WRnw* Herald I*ooc«l'*A Ma ; ois Vn u Sixth .muinal I* ink V P Union Paper Collar Co Master ol Orelntal Lodge SO 1 —Office open Dom the Ist ol April to the Ist of No* gmata oT« untU 9 o’clock p. m. On Sunday* from SM a. m. till 10 aan. A> iulmOUR. P. M. livailroau^. AHRIVAL AKD DEPMUURE OF TOALNB* Winter Arrangement. cniCAOO AHD HOBTHWISTrajI ttAU.nOAT»—OKAIU PACinO UHB—DKTOT nOKTQ WXLL3 BTHKBT. l«ave. Arrivo. Omaha Fast Udo l?iS p S - OmahaNwhl Kipieai... J Ml’S’ DLson Pasacngcr 4;uov. in. 11.10 a. m. riIEEPOQT UITS. Freeportl't'sccger... .. •HHnop.ra. a- ra - Krecpori Passenger •11:00 a. 01. 3:10 p.m. tnsconeiK mtiaioß—nkPOT coimsn or canal i and KtNXiB rrnarr. line •fcOOl.m. *r:30o.BI. Ni?hlSmSar»i!‘ *4tTOp.ra. •ftlii.m. Jaueavlllo Accotntnod tt. •fl;Wl*.til. •‘lUWO.nia Woodslock Accommoo’n .Siu * , V Bl ' UILWACkk* BlTialtm—HKPOT ComiKW OP CANAL AMUtttflUMßtllßßr. _ _ i t)«)f RtpHW. • 19100 ta. . Hoiehlil, Cilvity Bmt .„ nhm I KiHllitnNi .. ....mi ... 1130 thill. ".Itlpatlla 1 Nlchl Fxtirca*........... Hllf.i p.III. 1 SSRS: S»:™: A t co».w.«r« ; "i.'“ ll V. I’ATUH'K, ilntpral l’»a«i»n«r AipitU. Mli’MlbAN * rO,> * Evening Kkprcaa t«>n!»'m a* S’ " tIILSPO UN*. „ \ i New Vml S ’U-iSS. - ? .pot. n. tmu. «. to. Sliht Kxb'tcu HOrOU P- m. •»:» p. to. nwaoMMWi Wl lv2oSrm‘ ;Ul fi:«J 0 -. m. *:KJUa.ta. ST/ldSe S:W p. to. ?! td P- « C«.ro« e • ...•t-IhWD, rr. IPlKlp. ID Bxvrcß? auson CTDcraah. . n , s •9r‘Jo *. tn. p. 3« Ml .. „ i* . •3:30p. d.- •liM-P. u „ u *5:53 o. is. .*Tr2O &. a omcaoo. Bcnijaatos **J 381 e Joliet and WilmtasSoA . .. I Accommodauon... ••• ItCi*p.~a- ”v' a rmcAso and esuT ca*.araivi SSiO-ti"p*-bte. .lM»u ncin, coto CASAT.AHD ZJSMB fTTISTn. I>ay Express SSI Sr ST tw ncl sShfSSS;;;;;;:;:- OsjM.WpExptHto._-- . £ n. LiiJtai Attotomodritb-m 'A J 5 ag. SSj *; Josef^Stoto^H^: ; 'p’Sp'.S. •Sunday cx copied, tiionday exccptod, ptatarday axccßtcd. V, PT. TTVT TAR LX. CKTOS STOCK TABS TI» tAVtX, I Leave Madison Street Leave Sloe- I 0:30 a.m. c.on ju m. “• I JLixf * 1te0X........... 1-30 p.m. 1 3 " ...P.m. 4:00 P-a* I 9DHDAT TliaiSß. - _ I &30...1 a.n.l toss **2* I 12:30 .p.m. ago P«- 4>qo . ~„o. nul 5a3... I The bTlowtiz nth, *?JS ard departure of mail? fiotn the Chicago Post j Once tor the winter, and now In *o*« • ~k IT, | WATTJI GLOSS. P. O. CBXCAQO, ILL. A “J}m I *l.™* %St...Hldi. South. It U. .... I • * k 6:00 11:00 I l|oomMlch.Ccbtr,ln.R.. I|oo fcOO'.V.’Pitta. * Pt'Wayne 1 m•* ‘‘ •V. 5*66 11:00 | iii'fl 43m ...Great Eastern R.R.. 8:30 10:00 «•» New Albany & Salem 6.*20 U:OU ‘lm HMirb-.d mo m ‘too aoo....KocklMtoP]KhnrosJ 5:0 12:00 e:0ff....0.,1i.i qblccy HR. 5mU 9-. CT &IO 3:oo....Notthwwiern B. R-. wlp B.OT feOO 2:4s....Milwaukee Raflroad. 11:30 B.M Jt(<o 7:43....111in0is Central 8.8. 7:W ftOO J-00 TOO bt. ' l ff'^ r ° o ? 1 d L M P. M.“ TJugincgg Cathg. T>LAIR & JEFFERSON, . connissioN niKßcuANxs, OFFICE, 204 FBOKT-STm j.T.BIAIB, \ aiE.UFHIS*»TB!«H. J UkS7^ s »dU«c6=room^lisJf2s!£2E2' p EiT, HATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission SerelianU No. DO sloGi>u-8t" Dressed hogs i . .... HUheit mbrbtt prte, rbbrbjlMHi Furnished prompt toffinSnijn' ft CO., Oea'l Oom'n Mervhts. Washington-* U. Chicago. ML Htgal. UOSTEE'B SALE—Public notice ia ht«r ilrralhn! I, Bbmntl Coif, to T*nuan wup th* posers In a certain Instrument contained, cared itoeetnhet ftlh. A* D. 19«. e ,\ ec | ; ,w*; Whipple ft Co., andgieen to «««»* the p»» i me t'jf the rtrtK Ihe 31»ldaroY Jannarr SsffiSSs® •• HelcU Kalmtal flAsk,’ ot U*» T »K gprcUU 'Wittccg. Dr* lame* BojtuUjr celebrated Uiroaihotit the Uilled BUM (• thelreslmndorcnanaio Dimasis, Svrimja. 8m- WAtonmra, am! ill other species i>l I'rlvaie Disorder*, c»nt>f ooninlled at bUoffleesnd psrlars.9l avl 9S Randolphs!., corner of Deailwrn, (nearly opposite kl* oH offer) CJMcseo. HI. The following adltorlsl concerning Dr. Jam***. & Jrtm tha Memphis llullelin ol Bovemher 31. V*t : -U'AKatorlAH ATm».-.Tbr#» ate f4f phy«lrltM h in Hm cuiiiilrr who lute so atlcviiva a pravilro a* ii Janie*, or Chicago, j Df. James «M luritmilf ‘‘cotterlw**lth the luck Hospital of New Orleans* sS»fe,iawrH.7/fcr u KA*r' elttUlatiotf. fiy. James lias isibnr*! •• •* i.tte h*> mh ie •' Ift'Ki k In the HitfßlW Uil n 111 «M> 111* WUSI full, I.f UaMlfleylfor.SWMi DL*«*, iiKtdUeMti peculiar to wuial&.b/ Hfi JaßWi Nflsrt •ad FoUr*«4 MiiHio. is appioval iH rMomwwW by Uiem»-lKalV»oh»«iftii ami tha pr«>4 m »%*)h H*h •found tie r«*tt hp tha oht and joqbi ol both loiaatpon* tan li4« dinwifona and pf*.*ipifou» for Hll>lr*At<B«ni* bow to avoid < l 'iiH--*pii«>H,ah4 tlta lausealljr on 4 PW' prl«iji mi *u -foing, A'UUbm pr, Jamas, I** V. Mon UIHI, Chisago, 111., mtUaing M w»U, with four teals ptsiaia. Pr.JarovacanhawiWh'.ted at bUoiQos and parlors* 01 am!OHßandolph-sU, corner of Dearborn, from* a. at. to 9 p.m. Bonrtaya durtni lbs forenoon. Bapa rata room* and canaoUallon* conßdeniUl, p,o, D.x flpd. Chicago. 111. Your DMtlnr— WUai U m Good or evil? lUcb or Poor? Debased or ntliM? Ara you to rlae to eminence, booor, wealth and oo«er; or are »oq to sink Into on*cumy and oollrlm? What are your future pnypecu la liflj—to be or not to le-itmt ie the <jnestlonr WBo will eolvelt? pr. Raphael can eotve 11; and guide tn* aoaaoacaaral to uealtb and «mlnence, and the unfortunate to hapid cm. AUwhnaefi&d hope* have been dusppoloted, crashed and bhuled, set satisfaction. and tbcae lamina whole Injury keep* them from getUmt married, can be cured io that no une can know U. Call on DU. UA PUAEU Sl3 East M:t<Uion ah. up stain. Interview* eoncdennal. Coasnltatloo lee, one dollar. Coufideutlwl Consultations. Dr. loola Sander, No. 80 Randolph-*u. treat* all terms of Private and Secret DUcaaea In bod sexea, with the most br.Ulanl success. L»clare on the pre tention of offspring sent to any address tor 3d cents. A.SO, hi* Female Remedies are certain ta ml Office boors Pun 10 a. m. to 9 p. m. Dr* Tbomaon. Proprietor of tbe Medical and Surgical Institute. 17H booth Cia7K-*U. has aealed all Ijrma of Tenareal ma> eaae with napreetdented aooceas tor oearty torty year*. bDermatorrbma and impotence treated wuh the hapot cs; rcaaits. Particular* of tbe l&attmte and tbe Qaida mailed free to anyaddnas. P. O. Box 7S. Chicago* Illinois. Ilarlcctbe confidence of tbe public and the medical f»cttit> atlarse.l* tbe moat rcl ablc pbyndaa in tb* city for cbroDlcn»rToos and sernal diseases. Call at his office, 170 South Clark-*t. corner of Monroe. Rooms separate. Consultation free. P.0.80x 154. His pulUe to health, published monthly, sent flee to any adcnas. Vanshn 5 A Vaagha Q Vlctery Joseph D VlcceryCbaruA W V'lJcU S A Vorc Elliot C transportation. jyjEKCHANTti' DESPATCH ! FAST FREIGHT LINE! AHEKICAH EXPEESS COMFY, The Hudson River md Sew Tort Central Kallroada having tdim-led thtor late difli* rentes, Freight Traia connections have been resumed, and hIEKCHANTb* DESPATCH Through Cant leave New York daily* u SMprmnrea 4 »niedibrtno effort wi’.l he spired t» path thlpmentafot ward to destination u rsphl.y a* fc+elbic, bhdla Time Excelled hy 5o Other Lxac. E. CUMMINGS, Superintendent. .1. A. surra. Agent, 41 Dearborn-tl. Butalo, PUOi’CSALS FOR ARMY Trans portation. Oramc*«AsTEu UkSCTxi/s Own. ? ton. U. C.» Janaary U, 1357. f SEALF-’i PROPOSALS wlil N* ttvtflved at Uu* olfi-ra t mil >7 (■ loot m.. on Uie i)Ui ot February, 13*7. for the tra.v .Kirtalion or Ml.itary Supplla* darlnir tha t car i«.u .nenctug April 1. iSjT, and ending March 21. ha*. ot.; jc to.low ins mote*: ROUTE So. U From Fort McPherson, Nebraska Territory* or inch ; out* aamsy In* determined upon during the year oa -.he umat.a branch ot the Union Paclflc Hat road, vest of Fou McPherson* or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Ter snch nnUor dtp .ta a* are now or may bees tmbltrhed in the Territory ot N-oraakvweA of loogl i mle 103 decrees, in the territory of Montana, sooth of latitude 16 decrees. In the Territory of Dakota. w«*t ot longitude 1W decrees. Ip theTenllory of Idaho, sooty of latitude 44 decree*.and cast of lonclludo It* decrees, and In iheTcniuirleaof Uuh and Colorado notth ol IntltnCc 40 degrees, including. U necessary. Dcnecr CU, ‘ ROUTE No. 3. . . From Fort RUey. state <>t Kama*, or such points as may be determine t upon during the year on the tolas paclDc Railroad, R. 0- to any post* or depots that are lost or may bo established m the Stale of Kan 1 as or m theTcmiory of Colored >, south of latitude 40 da* ctces north, and to Fort Union. New Mexico, or other cepot that may be designated In that Territory, aim iO any other point or polntaon the rotue. From Fori Union or such o'het depot as may be established In the Territory of No» Mexico, to an pciu or station* that are. or may he establish*! la that Territory, unci to inch posts or nations a* may oo dcMsnatrd In the Territory ot Arizona, and la theSmto ofTexas west of longitude III) decrees. ROUTE No. 4. From 81. Paul, Mluutsota,to such posts a« are now or may be established In me 31 sic of Ml nos its. and In that portion of Dakota Territory lying cast of IU» .lll«M)uii Riser. . . The weight t« ho transport*) I during Hievoarwl't not ftreed on Route No. l.'pjm.tWJ po-iuil* ion Route Nu.i.SD.uaV'W wmindsinn Houle No. J.tVWJJWJpIau u* and oallouloNc>.4,ajioa.ouipouud*. |’rtt*o*al« will lie in ml) (br each ro'lll "rpyrately. Ilttiam will Male the rule !**f VW o'iorvlJP 1 rl» which Ihctwi l Uncap rllht • * n , J* tmuitiiofthf year, ucitnuing April 1)1, H>*. and end '"ndtlrtsVlt'oild Kl»e lh«|f names lu ** l jrfJlM th* It- bluer«i rrol'icnee. mutenrh propoMl su I'ltil hd ncrrtt.baiilcrt by a tmn«l Hi 11*0*1101 »1 i»iP,wo»d'tilnfa. »lnnrohytwcior«iororwiw)o«H»i« psr* ■ot*, yiiatnhtreiiiit lhai litra*tt a fur it r liintn mrnHimnll Hi the prtpiad Mtse uRIP iitop-ilhtf. H»" mniraoi w ill Ik* *sd •«wr*d lull!, and li'.ul nod sufficient atvuiiijr I'trttisnM *ald party In accordance with Uw term*of uut a*v*t» *'rrti’inf will ho to give bondsmen Ailtowlu* anmbßiar linV-'mlw No. I• f J Ou llouiaNa.i, yv.OU. iiujiauioSo.n, H»uif(M'iory oviilSwroar in* loyalty and ao'yeacy of rwh (iiudt r utnl poraoii offered a* ••suirity will bo r«» jTdlM*nl» nml l»a riulnrM't "I’ropowJ# * , {£ Anajr TmiuVormtlnn un Uonui No. I» 3, a. «M, m uw iu»r be, «n| nrw will t*a rpteruinert iut«*M lhrf iuu> I'otupi/ «>Ut (be miutmoituu »4 M»U Sn«P»r»TtowhMn»n«w»rill* made mn«t hi pw mreil to ouvnl* limcoi trwial once, ona la Kira lha rrqiuml Duade Cor u>e UUliful poftormanroof laa to*- i... .I, hi.l. th.t mit Im Ibe right t*> relict any Mul tUI bids that ouj bo ° Vh??>cn inTrtor' erf each real* mail M la readiness for »rrsln> by them day of April. W 37, and will boro- s nutiwl In have u pliuro of business, or aroncy, at widen j/ hr way b** coinnumlcaw I wU# promptly a»l r«4i«tily & fur Uuuln No. I, al omata, N. T.; lor luiilaN>J<J| My Fort lS&. Kaa.a. ; f.r Itauie JklrtM *s2l? NewMexlvo; forUioteNo. I, at Saint Past, Min# m>U. or at such other p'llnt f>»f eacb ol ifto •eswa' Koatca as mi j bo Indicated as tbo starting palot o yx* "uuin ir-m• rtowlosllia oMto Jjßtlw to h* enlcrt.l luto for raoii nirr, can be bt I Sti app t cauon »t tbli otace, or at the ottlce of tho ijurlofim*- «(V|t >{ew T»»t£ Saint Fort te.»yca<rjrtii, On.aha, Sjnla F- an-t Fort abelilcs. accom mor aul »w a ratt «-t thtf proiwiUa. ®» i. BUM. Brevet Colonel and Aae’t mgrteraaater U. s. A. p OYEUNIIENT SALE itw/property known “GOVEKSME'i TAN* lh NESVANU STEAM SAWMILL,” witawr- antes of IsmL neif SAN 1 ANTONIO, TEXAS. . _ &>al<d Propo*ais, in dnbUcnte. w-R tw received c P to the m»l day <>l March, isr», tor the P° rc 5 l aie *f,? . aertsot laul,*oiofecries**) Dceiher wlta thobnlW loss meet’.*! lureon. and toe appartenaanw ■tig-tha'. Uto wtr: ONETAN>RKr t e j>uln>B< twclrg Stone Lice Vsta. Fit iV-CWO WOODENS \ SEVEN sTONK POOLS, and U,U9 bidet per annum; ON EST EAM SAWUI-L. SV? ?T of AWO f«t ot Lamberdaily; ONE aaALi. above L ?rop«tr » situated shoot two tcllea I above San Antonio, oa toe San Antonio River, and tlio * sterli condaclwl t> the establishment bj a race of 1 improvements mart- tor I the la “S«aJed d.veraaeot, and ate I estimated to have ccst|lNJ,OW In Cold. I Tt* orowrty has been under lease tor the year IBS's ' S l L ao,in “ OYt. U.J. OtIU Arft Cent HARBOR WORKa at grand ha vk*i and Black Lake, Mlchljtan. jmei supnm.vTXSDiio ® A * SO *S UPfonaiKSTS Lax* MicauiA*. ) Milwatk**. Wisconsin, t Sealed proposals, tn duplicate, of toe fortn fnnuaaei bythe an&mcmm, will berece.ved ituraday.UielUUday rf February. »**,.at U m-toe tmprovtn* toe tar bon of Crabd Raves and BJac* l rSSp%?SEit.»t Ditfn « lAOMfeeUmfr- or less, of piling to proteLt toe Muto tank cf toe river JS% tension of toe scats pier tor 608 fee. oy crib* tuiea wita at Hiacfc Lake win be ertajMogj of tea present piers, 512 ran nice ftet in all, in. The dree cine will be between tne *t:d tor piscine the new cribs, and will amount toM,OWeablc I CTtoll-bo-UOtom»m *»•“ «"tmftSS2fllu& «s«*to ■“» or labor for eaco work. BW» I "KS mW-M-l to be pttotto "POP to' to*” 1 ”* "•SflSSic*. """JSUSSSS™ 4,ael ° M “ I ,cpw»t« BiaiKt “A j£JjsSj. u, WUEEtAS. I u. s. Engineers. Mltwanfcee. Wiv. Q.KEAT WATCH SALE THE ONE PBICBPL4N. •* lT fof wr tU Ta ine. and not be paid tor Bales* perfectly isapatoctarr l ioo solid Gold Huntitsw.\iche* 103 Ma2)c Cased Gold watch®.. K 100 Ladies' Watches, ename11ed............ l« to g» 300 Gold Btmtlajt Chronometer Watches.. jo *£ aco Gold Hon tin* Knallah L>rers JWJ® £S SCO Gold Runtime Dupl*a Washes. IM to w 501 Gold Bor Una American Walcnea. 1W to » 60) Blleer HtmttßC 5W Slleer Bontln* Dnplcre* - £. “ 2, 5W Gold Lac le»MTatches S” LUO Gold HBnOn*Lfrln««... ; .jv. - *‘® J 2 1,000 Miscellaneous Sliver Watches s?*? *SS s3oo Watches.... »g 22 ioo Assorted Watch*#, ail kinds -••,•••••■ *® ~L Brrry patron obtains a Watefi costlna bat $lO, wane It nay be worm |tso. No paru- BletCnt * Co.'s Great Colon Watch Co, Uanuttciurer*. 149 ißreaaway.>'■ Ti.^TitnciLC Jx ipnn.Miifttrii duosse oltbeabove juatnlflceol*toek.i.t* ttSSSSSaliwarticles are placed m*oa}MenvMopes. miWeie are entitled to the srteles named on their cet -5 JScsftS»M««aite m* to “• m"?uu«s° JSStth I ' uu!n«»s / o« mg*- Br.“sSKi^ upon rAelPt of a cw.. flee fit H.*!«»«" ?»lfcd «*or« r, rondtictol bnstnew.da'j trt«« ! SwseffirAßSSMs. Dr. Bleelow, PROPRIETORS. bemofaw. i3xoposals, Gift jSntrtprigeg. ertausyottation.