Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 27, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 27, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago ED>T/AT. JASTJART 27. I9OT. THE CITY. Hr. doarrn'a Onrnas Am.ra.-A “ r sea Boani or limcoi of ilia SI. Joseph • on>e»» Aailmo on) ba bald In Ibe Aarlna at 3 o ctoc. .to-osy (Sood*/). . Bssucttow nr Co*i>— Consumers of fuel will be glad to I cam of* reduction In the pnee of coni, jlr. j». B. Marshall is row delivering the best Quality o f Lackawanna coal toanj partofthe city, at thirteen collars per ton. Parties ordering at nfflfs. room 12, No- ISS South Clark street, be served promptly. pm, Estate.—Clarke, Layton & Co., No. 12S Wasbtnptonyn-eet, have on sale a large number of choice lots, most eligible forhaDdlttg purposes. We Invite attention to their list in this Issue, it will M foftod to offer a choice in each division of the city of property in all the most desirable lo calities, and held at reasonable rales. Consrcnorf.—ln our report of the lire on Bon ere street in Saturday's issue, tt was stated that the Mutual Security Insurance Company had a lost offXS,QOO.I Tbit company had no policies whatever on the buildings, and our reporter -must have been tnialnlorxnuL It shonid have been the fccnrily Insurance Company ol New York. Pzxaorran.—dodge BradwelL presiding in the County Court, yesterday issued, upon bis own knowltdgc,a certificate of good moral character to Daniel O'Bara. Esq., Clerk of the Recorder's Court. XI is understood that Mr. O’Batn will ap ply, after proper examination, to be admitted to practice at the bar. - Tbtoo to Sdodt ju* Wit*.—On Friday even log a carpenter named r'chtocdsr, residing near the corner of Third avenue ana Taylor street, at tempted to shoot tats wife. The hall graacdlbe woman'e nose and she fell to the floor lu a very •cared condition. Her hut hand, evidently belie v ire it to be a fatal shot, ran away and has not since been seen. It Is represented tbst bo In dulged Deely in tbc use of liquor, and that bis wife attempted bis reformation by imqueoUy besting him. _ Tnx latx R. Knnncorr. p?q.—The remains of Robert EennicolL formerly Director ofthe Muse um of the Chicago Academy of Science?, passed through the city on the way to the family resi dence *1 the Owe, where they will he buried, Mr. Charles pease, of Cleveland, who was at Nnlalo, Russian America, last Mty. wheu Ur. Kecnlcott died, took charge ol the remains and accompanied them all the way boms. Funeral pen lees will behrld at the residence of hU mother on Monday morning. Rev. Robert Colly cr will otllclaie. Cnmutu Brre.—The *ell known Inrentionof " Wbl m'.v’i Patent Combined Chamber Set." has rm-etly been manufactured by Mr. L'ncoln, la other and dlCeceot styles from that first Intro duced, ana la offered at prices to suit all classes. Mr. I Incolu has one or two varieties which are es- Tirciailr adapted tu office.* and private rooms, and I'osenl o Lre about to furnish such apartments wilt belke.y to find It for their interest to rail and etarolne 'hem el Rebatiks & Johnson * large «liolcsslfc and retail furniture store, Nos. IDO and RS Plate slitcL JiwkLitt Baim.—W* hare l>w« requested to tiuMlfb the following corrected list of sales dur- Ilia br some of our prominent Je*clli*re, t* l« ‘be AsreMorof lolernal Revcnuet Vabolid tinea.**. ..**•*•nir.m <] l|,-a ftTfl#. imiixuttoiui jii itti. OI^V*Ul7 W. Uiouver * C0...***...» «♦•... OHMw A H. Mill* r . IWJ.W W> It, Naso ..>• ....... WMWI ni'i.etilmlw ff A Metzger,,.. .............. llftJW jsuitiin a Mer.lwfliii..... .. . .... ..... IMW Total W&VWI I M RINm It Tun CMfa.=l>Bnlpl Word Plopped o'ilheaidpftftlh on Ardtar road lo hunt lor fen ..hi*,which had dropimd from hia aomewhAt oiMouagiftap. then a very civil pnoben •' uln itrinan" rame no to him. an.) the h.uitv rhaiieo i Opitlet nuns the JUrney WHtianm* in ihiiß dnarrlhmy |fi ‘•MVhai hev ye Jo»t»’ •Tii)fii.le t , eaja /. ♦ Will ye* roioe an' (aka p dhnnk»' * I *»ill,’ »#.t« /, • Where ahtll «« go (' *aye h*. ‘li.viUKidulcaitV »aj-H Aan'hadlurktoin" towl ihe flrtt ratoon we found naa the HUllon House, an 1 1 tuul tr cn draftved hy a policeman." At '.he I'ollrc L'nuii, fcßtmdav morning, Daniel 1 * mUtako co»ihlm|3. lionets aan Sudani "BrnmowsD."—About half past rlx o'clock on Saturday evening George fl. Beaidelee, Superintendent of the Chicago & liock Island Its Iroad Company, left hla bone and colter a few momenta, to make some purchases at the comer ol Stale end Randolph streets, and when he returned, bis fine black Bleed and com tenable sleigh ana robe (Including a package of clothing), were decidedly absent. He Immediate ly went to bis residence at No. UGS Michigan ave nue, but bis Inward hope that the hone bad gone home waMomver quenched. The loss was then reponed at the Genual Station About sice o’clock the same evening, some per son appropriated a horse and cutter be longing to John Garrick, which had been lelr tied in from of the Monticello Saloou in Reynolds Block. A Moon, Pats.— There Is now on view la the new stores of Messrs. Hibbard & Spencer, Nos. D 2 &ud &4 Michigan avenue, one of rhe largest and most elegant safes It has ever been our fortune to see. The safe was made expressly for Messrs. Hubbaid A Spencer by Maynard Brothers of No. 47 Stare street, and it ia a work of which both parties may well feel proud. Its weight is nearly five tons, and to those not knowing the magni tude ol Mefsts. fl. A S.'s business it would seem ridiculously large for a*iy ore firm. Inside of tbesa r e f? a burglar-proof box, guarded by one of Vale's Combination Locks, which arc consid ered bv many barkers to bo the beet and most se cure of all lo&s need. Business men will be Interested in inspecting ibis n ammetb safe. The Yale lock Is a woader lul piece of mcchanim. Fires.—A IHtle past six o'clock on Saturday evenicc a Dro broke out ia the back part of the second-hand furniture sad dotting store of Fred* crick Witefenrsiflcr, situated at No. 145 Wells eucet. Ihe engines quickly artived upon the spot, aod the fire was extinguished !u a few mln □tes. ib« budding and Us contents were more daoac'tl ly water loan by die. Ike loss was about tCX*. There was an Insurance upon the i,l»ce ul $1,503 in the Firemen’s of this city. Tbp alaioJ Tone from boi No. U betweon eight and nh.e o’dock on Saturday evening, was caused by the discovery that the kitchen of a two-story frame booming house situated dlrecUjJn thciw of No. 90 Monroe street, waaonfire. Theproper tr was owned hv Mr. Bruuer and occupied by J. V. Thomas- The kitchen was cn Jrely destroyed, and much damaac was done by water ro other rooms In the bouse and 10 the furniture. Upon the furniture and clothing Mr. Thomas had anln. snrtccc of FWJ. and Use building was likewise laaured. ihe entire loss Is estimated at S3OO. Antam!—The benches at the Police Court were quite filled up on Saturday af-omoon with wit nesses from “ the Settlement” in the JJorthDlvis ion,iu tho suit of Gillen vs. Helnmano. The reporter* were on anticipated nothing leas than a first class stabbing amav or. at Use least, airactuied head. Mr. Gillen plated' that he lived at J?o. iCTUorth Ualstci nreel and his text neighbor was Chirks tlsmmann. ♦•Latt Saturday,” pursued the wlm-sss, “this young mas found me to make me bine eyes. I aaid to him, let me alone, luo you Dotting. On Sunday he met me again and sa‘d—l make you blue eyes—l knock'em oat ol yonr head, lie did not strike me yet.” Many other witnesses testified that they knew nothing aDniit it. and one or two were found who bad heard that Gillen had m>de rammlatlnc statements aboutHetnmane wife. Fomcthlng Ices than fifty witnesses were called for the defence. They proved that Gillen v»a often drunk and that lielemartn wasnota fol lower tf the war path, but on the contrary a peace time ritiien. Uemmann was icquued to give bail of |3OO to keep the peace. Ladchtt. —George Ferguson,nyomig man from Etat Saginaw, Michigan, bat Utterly residing la the'West Division, met another Sagi naw boy, whom he only knew as John. John In vited OJcorce to elO’ wllh him on Friday night at tie Pacific ilotel. Sa'urcay morning John arose first and it'll the room, bnt returned In a llule while, and bending George a pair of panto, told him he could have them, as they were gating old. aadhe had worn them all be cared to. lie said he brought them from Saginaw.' Not wishing to “look a gift horse In the mouth,” George thanked h!m and asked no questions, and when he dress ed tor iLe sake ot convenience, be put the paula on his person, nulling on the others over them. John went out again nod was no more seen. Snch was the substance of Ferguson's cxplsra tlm« at the Police conn on Saturday aftc-rupon. whither he baa been brought He was charged with the lerc« ny of a pair of pant l , the property of Albert Jlodge. a hoarder in nu adjacent room, and several other aMlclrs were missed. Including a cost woitb ft 5. These were not (baud, and it 1« presumed that “Jobti"k»iows wheie they we. Ferguson was unable to jnove his statements and was committed tor utat in ball of ISWJ. Kcnjvoii icae Mutual Lira IkpuiiArce roitrAivr or Kiiodr».—The numerous reoders of the Taim hE, end espcclall? fboee who belong to that dess ol ptptWf'if men who wl*h to provide Cur lIH Difelrf p la old age, or fur lho*e dependent on them, will be grailfied lo see Uial little Itliode i*iat d has a(*u tillered l«|o the gieat beneficial ti»*ld "f Pile ll'Mitauce. The ehuruluda Imigresp nf I ir*> Insurance for the past h w mars, fudica'es that there I* a lapidlr pm«it,g comlclloii lit (he I- iij'Jv »*l il'f sit "eg aud aids, of Urnlr duly ft* pro v ins io! ihe weak ai tl dependetii. The Jnliiclples stlMpird hr the “Lci'iifhiirar* Ifdlcab 1 ? tha* Its f..m.Oft* I ste pM.riiiir adi'i'frd a sysieid Ihal t> b*i hiski if *’):Onf ufu hiu*i iMiptiiAf lupniiillon*. Id ll* in rf prustwp we tfrurfi.lSf 1 lofiUHiriljp (..M.I |l|.||| V,] PMI weslihv ftliSfhP or I'-M n»b , Hi t'tlMl* 1 tll», Wiml PIHIAIUiO* t-i if-o, b sii a fc *iii*lu.e ui «'4M*rm nontageweiti eM'ut.Miv. Anothtf Ms WUI vehUud fouw Of in.,. ■ v* ul.ei ivr |i.*i they have happily su; i ft l'“- A<nufl»i DfKiUUuni, lilM ~f ii.if, f.\ s,.r \S»tt.hijUi« t'rtMiioi*, ti1.,. 1 I li>r M B Rule of Wte*t»cl|«»alu, and w|(.,»u (ikinc. •tone i< a tnwhr oi Mienaih, The general ageuU to, \\bpi, Miuara.Tncker A ».*,.* *.n. Lie among our tilth at and nu*»i re tiiiii-ttU |6*lil,i.ii, wall known a* jtlnulo and bi i„;,) u ni hmti.rce men. Woluve on Itetlla'joii in rerommenrtlng the “ Kconnmlcal" as m ovury rttneci worthy of the ronflacncc and paironagt; ol -rciitrnvc and dlec-nnog puhlte. And wo rcunt i o: that In lu fuiurt career for aacn«a« Us f i.i.riac wlllnalUii thejr most aaugulne cxpec tationa. * Fanxtn: or A. J. Marxu & Co.—Tbe telegraph ba» given ar. account oftne failure ol this firm lu Sew York, and the overdrawing ot their account In ibe Bank or North America to the large amoum offomo t2Oo,(*jo. At Mr. Meyer formerly resided In Cblcagu, and la well known to many, we give a tkclcb ol hu UUlory : Alexander J. Meyer was loro In Toikhdm,ln llhlnv Bavarian, and la now but about t«entj teveu yrans old- He came to Chicago when *a nor, end wat for lome Umewllhß. W. J’bllllp*, Kta., Insurance A pent, who was then, about ten vcareaco, a orokcron Clark street. While with Sir Phillips he educed great energy and sbrewduca-, and aiteru-arda was enraged to* write ' the . money articles for join Wentworth's paper, the Chicago I tTiOcra* He next went into ibe street broker* tpe business and made some money in It, until poor sitt-r the breaking out of the war, when be vent to New York and commenced speculating cn the street. Be experienced all Unde of lor* ~ two or three times losing nearly all, and comment £ again. At last be secured some ouj wltn w bleb be went Into the commission* LW* and gained the reputation of one of the. shrewdest brokers In the city, and was em * loved In purcb*rflce and celling In tbe public beard byvomeof the best booses. In J®6s herc tlied from buslucae,»«lng reputed to be worth from iiaWW to *2oP,noo. In June he mar ried into a wealthy family and went to Europe with bla bride. On returning he went Into Ibe commlssloabaslness wain,fomi. Ibc wub bis brither Nataan tbo firm cf A J. Mey er & 80. They were doing a fine business, but MeverV greediness for money,whlcb was his main tilling here, led him to endanger his commission trade, which was yielding a profit of some S3ft) per dav by speculations In stocks, and heavy fluctna- Boas soon left him a large loser. To cover losses by depreciation in stocks he would frequently at tempt to “near U" when they ha* reached the lowest figure, and the next coni Dl Ki£“ would leave him worse oh than before. continuous losses made b;m unable to protect me large amount of paper which be had issued and hence hts largo fahure. Mr. Meye. Ls deemedby leacnjg bu ijesa men In New York to be an honotable business hian. and it la thought that his difficulties will aoon be adjusted. Xluloba presumed that his present mUfjminca will teach tlmalcason of prudent which he should bare leaned before, and confine himself lo bla legiti mate commission business. THE OPERA HOUSE. The Greet Problem Solreil-Mr. Lee ■ Posltlre Entity—His Arritnl in Chicago—He Sells bis Helm to Mr. Crosby for $200,000. The- Balance. Shect-A Profit or —Correspondence—Cot ter* Bobs fllr. Lee. Abraham Bogermon« Esq., the man whom fbrinoe seems to hare selected a* her own pecnltar tarorttr, may be said to belong to that class who .taro greatness thrust upon them. Be has been the theme of discussion for ■ week past to every city and village throughout the United Slams. Bis biography has been written in newspapers, bis personal appearance bus boon described m filly different ways, and be has been called everything from a retail grocer to a myth. It will be gratifying to (bo public—to that portion of Uat »leaat, who have worried them* selves In regard to the winner of ihoOpen Bouse— to know that Mr. Lee la not a myth, that be la a veritable entity, and <hat be wssto be oeen by the nnked eye on hatorday evening to one of Mr. Kinsley's diningrooms. Wild, and In eome cares absurd, rumors' acd doubts have been in circulation for a >ew days past touching the great lottery, rumors which It is now superfluous to repeat, seeing that the wboleTmallcr Is Anally settled beyond all doubt Ibey were perhaps oc* cartoned by the tact that Mr. Lee had cot Imxnedi* ately reported hlmeolf at the scene of bU tri umph, and make himself an object of notoriety slo public sensation: perhaps, too, by the fact that disappointed ticket-holders could sot well be otherwise than disappointed. The onlypossi ble way to estl-ty the public mind as to the per fect fairness and honesty of tho transac tion would bare been to present to each subset iber an opera House of equal value to the oue which, by a fortunate chance, has fallen to Ur. Lee, Tlal gentleman bad aufflclenl reason, as It appears, for not at once coming to Chicago to claim bis ptlzc. ill* wife was dangerously sick v hen the glad tidings came to him, and be could not dc*eri her at such a time for a thou sand Opera Booses. Moreover, being a modest, retiring gentleman, he bad a natural disinclina tion to pTarc himself in the unenviable position of a public curiosity. As staled In our Issue of Saturday morning, Mr. Lee arrived in this city on Friday evening at naif past ten o'clock. Ills desire was to come hero in as qmet a manner as po«a!ble, dispose of the Opera Bouse, and lake his departure. Be went to Kinsley's lu company with his friends, and pasted tbe night In bis o*n house. His name was registered in three different hotels that oven tog and Hi# to be hoped that the parties who did so also look cate to pay the hills, if any expense was Inclined. roimnra’a ravoniTK. Mr. is a middle-aged gentleman, ra'bcr renting and modest In hla de rm anew, hu' when eookea to, of a most kindly and courteous disposition. Hois middle sired, stoat built, with gray hair, and a counte nance beaming with goed humor. To look at him one would ray be is Just the kind of man who deserved to draw the Opera House. There It a touch of simplicity in bis manner, and be appeatid to be quite bewildered, ami half angry, half amused at the artonlrbing liberties which the different Journals had (seen with him. and it the various biographies which were given, not one of üblch, be savs, are coirect. He has been cnctrecd in the commission hurtocas fordftoeo rear? at 81. Joulr. and now lives In a pleasant retirement at l*rwlife Du Rocbcr. which is raid to beamosl Piclures'iDcaavvellas ini resting lltllo place. He *as si home when (he Intern ting pews came (hat hl« ticket had drawn (be Opera IJuufc. Be had only Invested lu one chance. Heat once replied to (ho Ulegraui scut by Mr. Ciosby. tu the following terms i tits trmn to nn. citosny. I’nimia iiu Hocitait, 111., I _ .... January 53.1807. r tf. 11. CtioPttT. K?q., Chicago, ill i UnftH bin t 1 received o despatch avcuttiEt, ti Belleville, lit. am] a uute by courier, from MpmKi. I’HleaA i.prtlbe. of ftl. Imlila, acquaint* His tne with Hid very IniereMltig lad dial my Icltef..No. M.Wm, lis'l drawn (tie upota House. ,t Mould seem that a slab] of the ticket la nf »ome roii.f-iiirtiff. n« fiTrini partial from Ml, Louts lm>i> uiirftQv breh here to have ft JonU put. tin.pony io a«> Hist I hiji tumble (n leove bimie )>i.i miw. m avcnm.i of Dm ibmiterotm til* here nr mf wile, ulitt'b la h areal Hiawiim'k m ilm great pleasure I should onjoy «i ltd- nmrvelluu* nlor*. nl good Irutiim*. 1 lime uil'ipm in my brother. Daniel u. Taylor. of M. l-mib, to amwer ail Hucatlmm for imconci'inlna bimhtuas, until aiichllma at j may m able to leave home. In Itio meaniline, I re* main your preen obliged and veiylmuihieaoivaut. If you should desire la make a proposal lor the Opera House, phase conespoml with Darnel (J, Taylor, Lsq. A. ILL. tub Ttuxmm. On BaturdiT owitlng a number of gentlemen of this city mil Mr. at Kinsley’s, to congratulate him on hla good fortune, and Mr. Lee announced bia willingness to treat. In the coarse of Ihe con- versatlon Mr. U. U. Crosby, who was present, made him an oiler to purchase the Opera Rome tor the sum of tStXi.OOO, and Mr. Lee accented the oner and relinquished his right to the property. Several toasts were drank upon ihe occasion and responded to. Immediately after the adjournment of the meet leg Mr. Lee Indited the following imra. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: 1 desire to publicly acknowledge the obligation I am under to u. 11. Crosby, Esq., tor ihe piompllmde ana courtesy with which he has dealt with me as the owner of the Opera iloosc. As soon as tee books were unsealed by the committee and my name was discovered, a tele graphic message was sent by him lo Pettis A Leaihe, the agents of the Association at St. LonD, to " not a taiiblhl man on horseback and at oacc notify me of the fact," and this was done wltaont expense to me. Ibc illness of my wife has prevented me from sooner coming to Chicago. It was my wUb and request that I might come here and transact my business wiib Mr. Crosby without becoming the object of unpleasant noto riety, and wlthont my name heralded In the newspapers, and 1 feel deeply indebted to him for ID-, considerate manner in which the re quest has been observed, especially aa It has coat him some embarrassment, aa well as occasioned invidious comment. Feeling that tbo Opera Boose should properly be owned by Mr .Crosby, I made him the offer to sell it to him for two hundred thousand dollars, and the offer was acccpUd >0 a spirit which was most gratliylng, and tne money promptly paid to me. My connection with the Opera House having thus happily terminated, I am very respectfully and sincerely yours, A. U. Lbh. The departure of Mr. Leo was announced to take place ttmuU&nconslT with that of Kutori, on 1110 special train which was to carry bertoHt. , Louis. THE BAUAHCE SHEET. U may be interesting to look over the balance sheet, now that the grand operation is completed, and sec how the account stands: U. 11. Crosby, Cr., by ffIU.UOo tickets at S3.UO $1,050,000 30,000 tickets, not sold.. Advertising Palatines.. Engravings... gC0mxm5fei0r.p........... Pnailnr. travelling, &c. u Paid to Mr. Lee Dr. to : Total debt. Pecuniary profit Vtdoc of Opcia Uouse Total profit on the undertaking. tens tu crams ed. Some of the crest army of disappointed ticket holders Lave suddenly. It appears, waked op to a perception of tbe Immorality and legality of girt enterprises and propose to take Ibeir email revenge by mincing salt against Mr Crosby for violation or State laws against lotteries. While U u doulillces trnc that the whole htulncaa has been Illegal, yet It was winked atbytbe officers of the law and tbe entire commuoSly, who wire Quite willing. It appeared, to invest In tbe grand eiiteiprlse; and now, because these sadden re epet ten* ul law failed to enrieb diem, they appear 10 desire a petty revenge by bringing aultontaeae grounds. TOE rOBK PACKEU’a CLUB, It is understood mat another Art Association di awing will take place at the Hoard o! Trane Koonivlmmi dlately at the close of Monday's bcs eion. The Pork Packers' Club—numbering MJ tickets, with an equal number of members—pro pose to have a grand droving for prize No. IjD, •*A Pocky Coast; 1 ’ which the club was Ortunate cnouphto wltialtbe Operailonsedrawing. Tula plciwc Is stud to be a valuable ono—coating no less than fS^OO—and will he drawn for lu a manner similar to that which took place on Mon day last, rive hundred tickets will be placed in a “pork" barrel-for the club Is the pork packers—and In a lard tierce will be placed the ticket bearing the prirS. together with 1W blanks. Both the barrel and tierce will be rolled round the room, until the ticket* In either case are thoroughly mlicd. The audience, if there be ary, will have the privilege oi choosing two men to do the drawing. Should the anaieuco refuse to name such, the dalr wit! then devolve upon two members of (be commute*. all of whom wc on thrsiand are gentlemen well known la finance), gifltn and poik “rings." Sbonld the nrlac be drawn by any one living In the neighborhood of Calumet or Oshkosh, a stalwart Indian runner, mounted on a fleet mole, or a two-foefy saw horse, will be Immediately despatched to Inform the lucky Individual. It ts understood that no tickets have been sold to proprietors of lager brer saloons. Mr. IsTcdlg. or Muscatine, who is well-known In the aitlstic sketch entitled. “An I'umrrcliul Dream." has promised to br on hand, and arrange (lie details of lire drawing. Mr. I’tihpe wltrdeliver a short address on “How to talse e club," white the committee are counting the tickets. I*. H. \\ e have Inst been Informed thal Ibe prise Is valued at tml ?2,wn—the ccsl price. Tint niter lettcii. •Hie Mltroim/,‘rf'nhlican ollbeillh Ihstsrit puu itshep Ihe fallowing letter from the (orluuste draweroltbeOpera House, who.Dear*, “by hU Ititelligchie end tierpeltal wotln, cnnmiahds Ihe lilelitft tespect ol a chcle of aindalhlahce* id 1M« our: ’ II will lie read wllh Ittfeiesl by Huso «vbu wi*h Id loam veinelbibg ahotll Ibe ttiuu hlpitd flihle tuitnttp I'fti tbuhslil lit toslngieitut ifoid tual>y iLultpatid*, H I* tueiriw ahuvo tererteu lui I'hAthia i»p ilt'i nrh, Uliiini*, I Janimry 87; (nut. i UhAH MafftfLi I Wft«¥eiy iiiitoh pptohUned la«t eVMdi'U, sIm'III ppV It u oimli, hv the sthtdeit a|o pvPlaK'<M)| two Mtfll iMr APimptalirß Ml mtf iwrtdiMißM wliata taaiiMdlng byth-pme nr my wtu’a Tml, with the pmumu that I P«ti diAWh il.B Opera lionsn In |i|ii.'Ad‘b 1 don’i think iwal I was si t han * a.lght arotmiMame with Mr Miirmildha, opßi.filmin»n,thß nmer.mim rt’amrlim. wa» an cplMv Mrai pci, 'lhunuly (jucumuiu iliey hrougbl w»a a rujiy of the Hiitnnn HwMlmh olinu jbl inatant, which had so minyaccouitia ,>f tlm waller that 1 hardly dared hvllete any of'lbem. liow> •tvur, 1 tore (hu congratuUlions ot my nuw friends wMh curumcndthle fm li'tide, aud duwUaed Idem u Ith kuiUblr acknoe ledgmouu. After (he lapse of hall an hoar, 1 was (he redo uni of rnndry calls from neighbors and irmnds tu Ihe village, all highly excite J. 'lhu ropoil hsd down like MgbUitng. and the whole neighborhood was in an nproar. 1 bore • hand at receiving tho compauy, answered ihoir mimeruua qubsilods «1 h a# much dignity ob I could assime, and in a state of eemi-Quconsciousncai or what call meant, started oir to commune with Frank op slit- cations appearance of things. 1 bad been there but a few minutes when a hal loo wes made at ibe door for Mr. 1-ce. ** la Mr. leu here!'* Will, I went to the door and ac knowledged that 1 wa> that person, and went at turn with the question of “What do you want?*’ “Mby," said the poor frozen fellow, “I have a despatch fur yon from Belleville. Ton hare drawn the Opera Rouse." 1 received tbe docu ment, and asking Sally tbe privilege of read ing it by the light ol ncr lamp, 1 read aa follows: A. il. Lee, Prslrle da Rocher, III.: Crosby's Ooeia Roaso yours. Bold roar ticket. (Signed) J. B. CttAMßcnxAix. 1 mentally relumed thanks to mynew friend Chamberlain, and returned borne considerably perplexed and not yet fully conscious ofthe rea son of my being In tbe bands of so many new friends, who all seemed to show ao strong a desire to snow me attention. But a happy thought struck me, 1 wllllook at my ti:ketand fee If there really is aunhtng in It. W eft, Daniel, woeu I found it, there tbe figures stood as plain as day. 53.C00. and no mistake. In tbe meantime, Joe sod Ma bad got hold of the matter, and, 10 my unbound ed astonishment, they received it at once as a fact. I had unfit cased myself, font was growing late, and was sluing in ray long-tailed night shirt. d!*cneslng the events ol tbe evening, when a thundering knock at tbe door announced that all was tot over yet. Ma went to the door and quick ly retained with the intelligence that “a man" wanted to see me. and that he said 1 had drawn I. Ci osbi’s Opera Bouse” "The devil," said I. “1 wl»b they bad to swallow the Opera Douse,'* and after dressing myself, went down to receive this ».ew messenger. lie bowed to me. I thought as though 1 waa a mao of property, and In suit able stile delivered bit credentials. 1 looked careful!? over a very wdl wnltco letter of six tines end derived such Information as induced me to believe that H e lucky hoUcr of 63,000 was actually about lo become a man cf propertysore enough, for this letter came from Mcaara. Pettes & tealke. “sent." as they say, by instructions of Mr. Oroaby himself. 1 found tbla last messenger nretty well informed about the matter, and after seeing him cal a hearty supper, and arrive at that condition when people, generally, are confidential and good natnrvd. 1 took him aalde and asked UmNlf it were a fact and no mistake.*’ Ba give me (he moil solemn suntsnce that there was no mistake abontit, sad (hat "John Meyer oteomewhere, Randolph street, Chicago, was a hombng." Very well, Cartel, as I aw really the poitewnr of ticket Mo. M,6'.0,1 suppose the OyeHi Uonaa beloow (ome, and I Jnstaay toyon that It Is for «ale. I suppose somebody wants to buy it,and! haretoaskyontoeollUfortne. It fa impossible for toe to U-are my wife In her present condition, or I would go op to you at ooce. I moat wait nolll abv gets bettor, whether 1 get the Opera Boure or not. She U eery (It. Indeed, but I think her symptoms are {arorabie for impritf At all errata, write to me on receipt of this, Vour friend and brother, . „ , A. B. U*. Tbi rhe Bo* 1 00 Journal of the 24th Instant five* tne folio** Ins list orpnzes drawn byrcetdeat* of that city and vidnitr: _ _ . jickrt No. JSCs2&—Registered to W. S. West coau Amherst, Brass. Painting, “ Chickens. llcket No. 3Sl.BTs—Uceisterwd to John O. B»* her, Boston. PalnUm, “ Birds.” „ llcket No. 124,444 —Registered to Wm, R. Stoims, 13 Sommer street. Painting, ” Basket Peaches.” Ticket No. 181.547—Registered to Williams Club, Boston. Painting, “Glimpses of Pali sades.'* llcket No. S&B49—Registered to Mrs. B. H. Kendrick. Boston. Palntrng. “Landscape.” llcket No. IM,BSt— Registered to U. IL Bo’Jer, 3t Milk streeL Painting, “Scene lo the Cate kills.’’ Ticket No. lOO.SGt—Reetitcred to Munroc. Bax ter it Wright, Brighton, Mass. Painting, “ Walle- Ticket No. 3L729— Begislcrcd toJ. n. Bennett, 2 Milk street. Painting. ** Maxine View.” Ticket No. BS.2sl—Registered to Miss Carrie Nason, 12 E. Chester park. Painting, “ The sea aide.*’ Ticket No. 82,008—Registered to H. H. Chan dler, 900 Washington street. Painting, “Autumn Scenery.” Ticket No. 70,801— Registered to Nancy Niles, IMG Washington street, Painting, “Frait.” Ticket No. 70,970—Reiristercd »o B. P. dlutaon, Walpole, Mass. Painting. •‘Twilight.** Ticket No. 114.881—Itcgteiercd to Vhas. W. Uaie^Newboryport, Mass. PalUlng, “Basketof Ticket No. 101,S80-scrriitorcd toAftcma* Syl vester, Charlestown, Mass. Pslntla*. “Pond Lilies.” Ticket No. 121.189-Rcgistered to Taylor Sc Gannett 24 Canal street Painting, “Prater.” Ticket No. 54.M5— Registered to John Foedlck, Charleston n, Maas. Painting, “ Connecticut Val- ley.” Ticket No. 161,659—'Registered to W. D. Oliver. New York- Painting, " Brook neat West Point.** Ticket No. £4,804 —Registered to J. Howard Wlgpio, Navt Yard. Painting, " Scene on the Susquehanna." Ticket No. BLBll—Registered to Wm. J. Slew art, Falnnount, Mats. Painting, "Landscape." Ticket No. 1M.605— Registered to Henry M. Johnson. Boston. Painting, " Picture of Rocks." Tit ket No. 181,004—Registered to Theo. Marshall Boston. Painting, ••tnvf.’* Ticket No. 70.3 M— Registered to Charles S. Jos. ftrljr, Horton. Painting, "View in the Tyrol." Ticket No. J1,1).A— Registered to James Ealou, Boston. Painting, “ View In Koxburj.” Ticket No. 24.4 W—Registered to U. M. Nichols, Boston. Fainting. " Isle l)o Crovlasett." Ticket No. ci,Utt—Registered to Daniel Russell, Boston. Painting." Deer on tho Prairie." Ticket No. 28,803— Registered to 8. A.Forbuah, Grafton, Mass. Painting, "Beene to tiwitxvr- Ticket Nu. 84,330 Registered to J. Henry Root, New Ham), Conn. Palming, "Children on the fe< T?eketNo. RJ.2H6—Registered toC.A. Church, Boston. Painting, “ Uog Pond." Tho New Bedford iteranv says that tho bolder ofiickct No 72,300, Mia. Kjiuntim Chancy, of that city, drew FrhuseoPs painting, "Washington tr ying and bis Friends," valued at |B,WW. DIUDUEB DAI THU T ASSOCIATION. AtHiunl ncrtlUß-ltlcetlon of OlDccrii- TU© /Tuumacnt* A meeting of Bridges Battery Association was held on Halutilay evening in J’artur No. I, tie* motil liuttee. In the ahtence of Uie Bieildetil, Mr. U. Billsbury. Vice President, occupied the chair. Major Bridges elated the object of (ho tuecUhg (o ho (o (oimidnr (ho heat plan of f siring funds for Urn erection of a tumtuhreui In inctnoi y of Urn do. ccsred members of dm balleiy i al»o, to cpMder .whether the oittamaumt *h«il tiocnnunned. the lolbreiiuf leMtlnllon*,ndoiiled hy the re»« inriicd members nl the t»ait<i), were rend to the Association, mid, on motion, unproved hy (be nmelUiir. Kcvhtil. 1 hat the relurm-d m>’mhara of llrhlaea Dailery, lltmoia tight Ariillny. Ho hereby reliiru our WAimeal Ihnnka lo Uio orlginjiura, aii J those hifhda wbußiialalned Ihia A«aoci*j|un duting our jtrtolvtil, That we have always had a grateful reco.lucth uof iboetiurw of the Board o? Maiia peia of this Areuilailon In faecurlnguur battery Tola In Dove Dill Cemetery, and in luu removal and interring aome ol our deceased comrades therein. J!t*olr/tl x That we recommend that ail balls, or other unulvertarlea oi our service, bepoaipoued until a eultablu monument U erected lu the mem ory of our deceased comrades who fell in battle, upon our lots in said cemetery, Ut»oletd x That we will each and all nse our best endeavors to accomplish this object os soon as it is possible. motion, it was agreed to continue the organ ization. On motion, Messrs. Bddgcs, Clark and Btuloy were appointed a committee to nominate officers for the ensuing year. The committee recommended the following offi cers, who were nnanunoiuly vice ted: President—Lyman A. White. Vice Prcrident—Moms D. Temple. Secretary—F. Cbristophcrson. Treasurer —11. A. Downy. Managers— J-yman BhUges. t'lirk-Doigc. L. C. fawreuce, C. W. Sheldon, W. H. Clark, M. E. Henderson, J. Lovell, O. fl Salisbury, J. \V. Mir ntim, \V. Bnsby, G. Siockdsle, F. C. Robin son, &. L. Davis. ” The newly elected officers were Inangurated and the President returned his thanks to tae Associa tion In a few pertinent remarks. The following was offered and adopted: Reavlwtf, That this Association do hereby adopt tbc design presented by Messrs. Volk, Moore A Co. fora monument In honor of the memory ol our companions who fell in battle; and that we bereny authorize Messrs Volk, Moore A Co. to proceed with such portions or sections of the said monument as last as tbo funds are raised upon subectiptione for that purpose. The cost of the monument, slabs, fence and fixtures will be about $5,000. it will bo about fifteen lectin height, a statue of Dope oa the sum mit, bolding aii arcbor in her let’- hand, and pointing upwards with her right. At her feet and around the shield on which will be carved the names of the deceased members, will be an Amcticac flag In folds. Beneath these will be carved (be real of arms of me state. On two lower panels w ill bo inscribed the name of the battery. 'Hie monument U 6t Italian marble, and la now on exhibition at the yard of Mcaars. Volk, Moore A Co. On motion of Mr. O. H. Salisbury. Messrs. V?. W. Boylncton, O. 11. Salisbury, J. P. romplc, Ly man Bridgets 11. F. Jacobs ana Lyman A. white, were appointed a conmitteeto receive subscrip tions. Abo. that each member of the Association be requested to enter vigorously into the work of so liciting fond* for the payment of the coat of the $150,030 150.000 75.000 100.000 45.000 53.000 300,000 monument. On motion of Major Bridges, Mcmh. J. 11, Mer rlftm. J. W. Roberts and b. L. Bans were ap pointed a committee to report at the next meeting die ptopriciy of Placing lie names of the donors on too monument. The Constitution was so changed as to order tbatall regular meetings of the Association shall beheld on the Qr?t Tuesday of each month. On motion of Major Bridge?, the thanks of the Association were especially tendered tu Air. J. M. Mcrrlatn, the former Secretary, fur his, untiring ef t'oitato promote the Interests of the Association, andthcirKiidsof the battery since iu orgamra dop. On roodon, the Secretary was Instructed to pro cure the address of every member of toe battery, ar.dtopTCDaiearrcordofeachfortbeuso of the Association. The Secretary was anmonrert to procure one bundieo copies cf the amended Constitution with a Hat oi the officers elected, in thoe&mo formas published last year. On motion, adjourned until the first Tuesday of March. $730,000 390.000 330.000 $630,000 THE WIFK-BBATERS. A Sore DUrmnm |br an Abused Woman. One ofthemoet prolific sources of UllgnUon At the Folic® Court, ts the cruel and Inhuman treat* ment by drucken men of their wives and chil dren; .and l( is simply Impossible for a Police Justice to decide upon these cases without add ing to the domestic dlfilcniilea which brought (be pat ties before him. “If be would only let liquor alone,” the wife says, “be is a pood. Kind man.' 1 Tbc class under consideration ate Invariably among the poor, where the united labors of tbc husband and wife only eke out a subsistence for their family needs* Mrs. O'Flaherly has borne the abuse and frequent healings ot ber husband until forbearance has erased to lie a virtue. Physically unable to with hold from him her weekly earnb ea derived from Laid labors! scrobbluc or takingTn washing, and nuhe unequal lo the task ol “ thrashing “ him In return for till bruial treaiment. she the Police Loml, smarting nod uchlne from her latest punishment and neks redress. “Please, >our Honor, 1 want a war rant.” “Who forf “For me husband, sir. lie drinks a dab* of whiskey, and when be comes home drunk he bales me and the childer, and yor Honor can sie me tare and arms Is blacked no wid li'e knocklu.” Ills Honor tells her kindly that If her hatband is brought before him and he fines him or sends him (u the Bridewell, she will he sorry fur it, and will probably tty to procure his pardon. Uut she Inuignautly protests, nul says U IS Impossible to live with him. nnd OtallT obtains the desired paper which ts (o cause ber husband’s arrest. Ihe neat dar • policeman brings O’Flalmrly hsfore the (*otti-l —eulfctt and It dlgnant. Ills wifr |« present lo give her Irstlmony, bill Lears au alrui relur*. labcc and leniency. The Clerk sayst “This lush, tour Honor, Is charged with abiding hl« PHe,*‘* and, imping lo O’Flaheilr, “Are Vutl Ctllliyof tiol FliUlv* lire (iHsoftpr•talcs that lii was fltiihk abd.uhl hoi know whal he wa« do tng, ntiii Hie wife thiefhiplHo mv—'*Vmir Hum lit. he Is soiryrm hi he flbHi'lhmi rite nturj.- I don‘l waul lo ai'ftcst AaftiM me own muluhrt' •MiediiilueieiitHitls lief o( wlHl she said Ihe dat iircvhms. flint she that Mm wa* ml«(a> ken. and Mihi/ft/fi »ii» omn w*hi hi appear apamsi him. II (I'Flaneny is dMiardWl, of romse pit arfeM mmMMml .in. a »«*re lane, and he has too (pile r«rtne' him.l as a man,, lo enuriain anyming hip a vifidirnve Ming regarding It. If hs i« fli td II" and costs, and has the money in nay M, nr ran gM M horn Ms wife, who Is now willing no snyihlng in get him onl of the Iranhis, ji (• only tha city treasury that de nies any benefit, The world at larga la not puri fied one whir, and the |iu u an equivalent mr Its value m dour, coal, or clothing needed by Uio family, for their support. If bo la fined the same amount and cannot procure tbe money, he goes to tbo Bridewell lor twenty-one days, during which time tbe partial support he bad previously given his family Is bus pended, und anon Ur. O’Flaherty de* volvea the entire t unport of Ml the Juvenile ©Via hertya. Tb*e taxes her strength and lime to the very uitnoat, atd the chances are that abe will get sick and become hopelessly discouraged. If O'Flaherty was a drayman, nr tbe owner of an ex presa wagon, tbe additional keeping ot a horse Id idleness augments the family expenses. At the expiration of bla term of punishment O'Plahcrty leaves the Bridewell ana retains to his wretched home with feelings of mortification and petty revenge, which very soon manifest themselves in anew de \elopmentof domestic tyranny. His forced ab stinence fiom the use of intoxicating dnnksbas continued just long enough to give him (he strongest ctaUng for it, and tbc result la a repeti tion of the old troubles. The dilemma, aa thus presented in tbe majority of these cases, is a very unhappy one. Jo ircqoect Instances the wife, after procuring the warrant, will not appear at all, her angry feelings haring subsided ; and In others, as tbe one mentioned, if she coca appear.Mt is only to mitigate tbe se verity of her husband's fine, or, if possible, to procure his discharge. Tux Stocktos Dm.—Since the destruction of that notorious haont of Infamy wbtcb once disfig ured the comer ol Wells and Monroe streets, the Lead quart eta of Welts street rowdyism appears to have been transferred to a saloon known 1 by the name ofthe “Bully Boys’.” The keeper of the den la a man named Stockton, concerning whose tiding* for a long time part every one wno reads the ponce news moat be already well posted. To. say that he is one of tbe moat abandoned, ocfperalc, and trouble-ome rnfilans in the eity comejt but a faint impression of bis real character, and be la united to a woman equally drtolute and denraved, named Ida Stockton. Ibctc two form the centre of a gang of despera does, male ano female.who, ol themselves,might fumStb Mifiiclcnt work lor a considerable portion oi tbe police force. Ibe police pursue their usual routine doty of “pulling" the bouse -almost every week. The “Bully Boja” appear beloie tbe police magistrate, pay the Cues imposed upon them, and return to the den to renew thefr orgies as before. On Friday evening tbev were uare :*>an usually turbulent. A man named Raymooi VMacboora, retdClrc at 34 Price place, went In tb : '.bout tea o’clcek tor some beer, and alter drinking a little be asked for water. Stockton to:d him to go to (he pomp and Wch U. The mas compiled, and while drawing the water the proprietor with Wa xnynaidooa surrounded him, threw him on toe proasd, icd proceeded to rob him. At thl> UW« Officer Swanson, who beard the colas from toe »t> refreshed lo sod rescued Vcrscboore from the hscos of the cutihrosts . Uohid some money in hia pockets, port of which wia taken from him, sod a *old witch crisis. . The boose «u polled tod the lomatca locked op in the Armory. Os Saturday raorcins they ncredleposed of as follows: Stockton 'ind bu bartender, John White, were held for trial lo the sum of 12,000 each. Ida Stockton and Eilea Coo ley were tehl to bail in SI,OOO each. A. b. B*r s ent, oo« of the tnmalea, was flaed SSO. AdtUSISAXENTS. Rtatort haa ailed a large apace (a the public mind doncg the week, ret she hM not entirely absorbed the attention, nor prevented other en tertainments from being ptlromxed and heartily enjoyed. The Dillon of McVTcker’a and the DU* lon of Wood's bare each contrlboted to make a pleasantw eek of it In the theatres, and the skating pa>ke Lave aQ drawn their acenstomed qrowda 01 pleasure eeekera. McVicxrn’a Tdsxtiuc.—Charles Dillon, who has attatced quite an extensive reputation in London and elsewhere, has appeared daring the week in several Shakspereau characters, with crest anecess. On Saturday night he personified " Jaeo," and on Monday will appear In bis creat original character "Befphegor, In which be la nnborpaaaed. Ue remains another week. Mcsxow.—John Dillon bt« kept large aodien* cea In a roar every night—his forU being comic delineation. On Saturday eight “ Paul Pry" and the Irteb farce “Ilia list Legs” were again rendered. For Uondsy evening "Our Peep O'Day" la announced. Boeect Nickkl.— This well-known presdlelta lenx commences a series of performances at Cros by's Music Ball, on Mouoay night. Ilia feats are described as eomeihing wonderful, and Indeed eclipsing those of the accepted leaders in the made art. We anticipate fur him crowded scan* cea daring his brief stay. RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. The one hundred and thirtieth meeting of the Young Men’s Christian Association will beheld at 'M o'clock this evening, m the Livingston Re formed Dutch Church, corner of Sangamon and Monroe streets. Rev. M. Demarest and others will address the meeting. An adjourned Quarterly Love Feast of the Meth odists of Chicago will ue held in the audience room of Clark Street Cbtuch,on Monday evening, nITH o'clock. The following services arc announced for to day. In all the churches here mentioned atraogera will be provided witu seats, and their presence is fiirllcd: JOTBODUT XPieCOFAL. Wabash Avenue MetbodUt Episcopal Church. The pastor, K«y. K. M. Hatfield, will preach in tne morning on "Earnests of Heaven," and in the evening on “Spiritual Regeneration Indispensable to Salvation." Clark Street Church, McthrfHstßlock, corner of Washington and Clark streets. Rev. U. crews will preach at lOK o’clock, a. m. Sacrament of the Lord's Supper to connection wlih the morning service. Rev. W. C. Dandy, pastor, will preschat 7H p, m.,on the mode of baptism. Tha ordinance will be administered at the close of the sermon. Prayer meeting at ra., In the Lecture Room. (Race Methodist episcopal Chuicb. corner of I«Pal)e street a*, d Chicago avenue. Rev. 0.11. Tlfikny,l>. D.,pastor, class meeting! at out. tu. auu If m. PahTc worship at 10t4 a. m, and 7% p. tu. Sunday School at 2p. m. Prayer meeting at OJ4 p. m., and after the evenlns service, flic pastor having returned from the East, wilt preach morning and evening. _ . West Indiana btrcct Methodist Episcopal Church. corner ol Sangamon street. ,t IbH o'clock by Rev L. L. HUcbcoclc. In the evening by Rev. RubertßeiUley, pastor. Sabbath School at 2U }»• td. Revival meeting In progress and will be continued through the week, except ing Monday and Saturday evening*, Illinois bireel Church, Illinois street, between Wells and Bible classes lor indies and cculUiueti at » o'clock. Prayer meeting it td o'clock. PreflChlngby Rev. G. 11. WnosleralQ. to It. Sabbath Hchool and itiblc Class at 3 |i. m. Preaching In the evening at 7rt o'clock, by Mr. I), t. Moody. Buhjecb ''The Friendship ol God." dwell* MhflttsUM. New Jerusalem Temple, un Adams street, near the Lake. Henkes at !*’(* a. m> ami 1»| it. ui. nobjiotof avmltitf diremiree, "tiousduuus" rreet bun member of ihlf/y-ilitn] siren and UaiiKahce atehup. Meivlcoa nU p. in. yyiaiiphAi. Nt, l.nke'a Chinch, comer of Hlxiepmh atreel and WfthaDi avcoop. lUv, U. U. Cole, lector. MotningvontcvandHenooiifti it a. hi. Hiimlay Hvhool «t du. m, (oltmvpd hy evening prayer svltn hill choral amir*- ftUp.m. Hev, \v. 11, Milburn will pteach mornlos and oyenlnn. Caihedralorni. I'cmreml Teui. Pu aervlfeaat the t'ftilwdmUr-tvwcopaU, corner of VVwi Wa«tv. Inuton and Deona eiueia. at 10|) a. m. andfli p. m. Ilev. John tVllklOKOii. rector of Hi, Jauow 1 Uimth. Milwaukee, wilt otßclale, lllght Kev. Dr. Unramlu* will preach at Trinity Church at U to U o’clock, and in (he evening aUk. Chatch oi ihcMoly Communion. There will bo no trrvico In thU church to-day. Horvlce* oa ÜBi'aJ on Hnuday, February 3d. _ . _ Hi. Maik'a Droteatanv Episcopal Church, Coi> £ U.TuiUe, rector. Divine service m 10J4 a. m. ardat *.!i p. m. Sunday Hcttoul at “Tfcu. Cl'urcli, Michigan avenue, comer of TVfniy-loortn atrevt, Dev. Cbarle* E. Cheney, rector. Bycoueenl of the pew holdera, Ihe aeau In tblechnrcbnrelTieln the evening. Services beclnall'i o’clock- Morning ecrvicea at lOtf. bandar School at SU p- m. St. Stephen’* Church. There will bo service at SI. Stephen’* Church, comer of Bluo Island ave nue and Forqoar street, at Vn o'clock. Bev. Charles £. Cheney will preach, BAPTIST. First Baptist Church Wabash avenue, south of Hubbard coon. Public worship at 11 a. m. and 714 p.m., by Hev. Dr. Everts, pastor. In the evening the subject of the next new series of ser mons to tbc young will be, "The Bible tbo Busi ness Man's Manual.*’ Sabbath School at 0:30 a. m., Bible Class at 3p. m. Young people’s prayer meeting. Wednesday evening. General prayer meeting. Fildsy evcnlcg. Second Baptist Church, corner of Morgan and Monroe streets. Picachlnr at lOH a m. and 7!4 p. m., by the pastor, Rev. E. J. Uoodspccd. Sat£ bam school at Ua. m., aud Bible Clause* at U a. m. and Sp. m. Young people's meeting on Mon day evening- General Prayer meeting Sin Wed nesday evening at 7H o'clock. Pifth Baptist chntch. Dekoven street near South Desplancs. Tbo fttiicral sermon of James Beil will be preached at !o>i a. m. by the pastor, N. Colver, D. D. Sabbath School at 3p. m. Evenlcg service atTH P-m- . . Delon Patk Baptist Church, comer west Wash ington and Paulina streets. Preaching morning ax a evening &t UIVi a. m. and 7ft p. m., by the pas tor, Rtv. K. G. Taylor. Snnuar School and Bible classes atb a.m. Tbc evening meetings which bare been tu progress for the pa-tfew weeks will be continued evety evening dating the camiug I North Star Mission, comer Division and Sedg wick streets-' Preacbite at 10)4 a. tn., by the pas lor. Rev. O. L.Wronn. Hnbjoci: “ Hid Treamre." Sabbath School at 8 p. m. Subject: "Repent ance." The ordinance of bapuam will be admin istered Sabbath evening at ibo close of the con cert. Prayer and conference meeting every even ing dating the week except Friday evening. service* wlii te held In the Free Will Baptist Cimrcb, comer ol Jackson and Peona streets, at toy. a. m.andTW p. m. Sunday School at 12 ra. In ihe evening Dr. Graham, the pastor, will de liver Ihe thiro in bis conree of lectures to young people. Subject: "Decision of Character." COHOREOATIOKAZm First Congregational Church, comer of West Washington and Gicen streets. Services at 504 a. to. and *l4p, m. Preaching hy Rev. Dr. Haven, of the Chicago ThcologicalSemlnary. Bible class at oa. ro., and Sabbath School at 3p. m. Confer cnee and prayer meeting Wednesday evening. Young people’s prayer mcedog Friday evening. Plymouth Congregational Church, comer of Wabash avenue and F.ldrldge court. Rev. J.. E. MaUon, pastor, bcrvieca at 104 a. m. and 74 p. m. babha'.h School and Blbte classes otSp.m. Youiif people's prayer meeting on Monday even ing. Conicrence and prayer meeting on Wednes day evening. bouto Congregational Church, comer Calumet tvenno ana Twenty-sixth streets. Rev. W. Wright, pastor. Services at H H a. m. and 74 p. m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3 p. m. Continence a’d prayer meeting on Wednes day ermine. Young people's prayer meeting on Friday cveninc. _ Sew Fmgland Congregational Church, corner of Is'orib Dearborn and East White street. Rcr. j. p. Gulliver, pastor, bcnlccs at 104 a. m. and ;<(p.m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3 p.m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wed- PCsday evening. Young people's prayer meeting on Friday evening. balem CougregaUonal Church, Cleavervllle. Rev. O. B. Thomas, pastor. Services at 104 a. tu. aod“J4P. m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3 p. m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Union Park Congregational Church, corner of West Washington and Reuben streets. Rev. C. D. IMmer. nastor. Services at lU4 a. m. and “4 p. m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3 p, a. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Young people's prayer meeting on Fri day evening. Tabernacle Congregational Church, comer of West Indiana and Morgan streets. Rev. J. W. liealy, pastor. Services at IU4 a. m. and 74 p, m. Religions meetings on Monday, Wednesday, ihursilsy and Friday evenings. The new church bnlldfng recently erected by the I ale Avenue Church at Evanston, will be dedica ted on Sabbath evening. Services at 7 o'clock, by lb v.». t’. Bartlett, B. 8., of Chicago Theological Seminary. niESBTTZniAX. Olivet Presbyterian Church, Wabash avenue, coiner Fourteenth street. Ilev. T. O, Illce will preach at the usual hours ol worship, via: 10H a. oi. god ik p. m. Dedication services will be held ou next Thursday evening at 7 p m. llilrd United Presbyterian church, Superior sheet, west ol Wells, >*or h Side, Parlor, Her. John k. McConuelt Public worship at 1114 a. m. end 7H p. m. Bahbalh School and Dihle class at JiPhsou Park Old School Presbyterian Church, meets temporarily for worship lu Ihe Free Will JJaphit thtiich. corner of Peoria aud Jackson stieets. Her. Hubert railcisoti. U. D* 71 Curtis sited, will preach crery Paobalh allernoon at Bahbalfi Pchool at 8:1*. Prayer umiug Thiirsilay evenings aUilt). Public wotshlp tedulaily ol U'U o'clock ft. m.» shd ru p. In evety boni s Ooy. at tin? Hefttmed PtfsbyieHali chllich* cothcr of nlhfoh nhd Ful- IKHdlKl'. "lift I'HUr'l’"- l.| II ut.til(i lit wl l|>lmu.' P.tlHlU PClioul «H)l " i-llfl WlVl, Ohurctl. ,11,*. j. IliPiniwofii t»r n*M hsmie, will preiflt In w ueoike's nall.w Pi'uib clitk street, ai l»n» a. fti!l*ylsiliin Chmfh, (Mir of tllM»d ai <1 lianlsim ilev. J. W. MMmow, pMtnr. pUipevpi'lfP ai 1"»| a. m, and t»* p. m. Worm fi g til»ptijir»a Ut rhthiran. Jn ilia on tl»a ••Croahy opera linniauiti hnl»rprl«a. \ . hmilii PivshHriUn Plpirfh (Old Mmol.) corner of \Vahs<h Mtapno and t’opqres* ■itaet, Harvtciw at tm* a, pi. and p. ro. hahhatk School at blia-in, nuTintik, Rev. Hobeit Collyer will nreach at MU o'clock in Unity tbmch, coiner or Chicago avenue and Dearborn street. t’horrb o< the Uesalab, comer Wabash avenue and Hubbard court. Uev. itobert Laird Collier, patter. Services at lUtt a. m. vespers at m n. in. macmjjmocs. First Society of Fnlflinaltit*. Services In Cros by's Basic Hall. Childrens* Ljceumal 104 a.m. Conlmnce and business meeting at Ip.m. Ron. Vanin 11. Bovee will lecture at 74 p. m. on the subject of capital pnoUbmoal. Feats free. Femces at tbe Second Uolverssllst Church, cor ner of West Washington and Sangamon streets, at UH a. to. and 74 p. m Uev. T. B. SC John, pastor. Subject ot evening's discourse. ‘* Univer sallsm In harmony with the Word of God. 1 * Friends meeting is held in room No. IS, Metho dist Episcopal Church block, on First day. at ll o'clock. Religious services will be held at the William Street Mission at half past ten o'clock Sunday tnoralrg. conducted by Mr. D. L. Moody* All persons aic cordially invited lo attend. Christian Church. Services In this Chapel, on Cass etreet.-between Michigan and Illinois, at U>4 a. m. Formerly St. James* Church. Independent Society. Charles A. Hayden will speak at Washington Hall, Washington street, opposite the Court Bouse, at TH p- a. Washingtonian meeting in tbe chapel of the : Dome,S72 West Madison street, ai7 o'clock. Roiling Mill Mission, near Ward's Rolling Ml’l. Rev. Mr. Allen will preach at 20Ha-m. and 7H P- m. habbslh school at 3p. a. First United Brethren, Church .corner of Clin ton and Wilson streets. Rev. E. A- Van Sant, pastor. Services Sunday at :0»J a. m, and 74 p. to. Services continue during the week except Saturday evening. These services commence at 7 p.m. lipmlng and Noon Pnyer 31ectings. The morning Union prayer meetings ended the third week on Saturday morning. Theattend ance of late baa net been so large as during the “ week of praver." but tbe spirit of tbe tneedcga has apparently grown more earnest and tbe nec.s eii> of prayer and unlty. aod the importance of continuing ara Increasing tbe meetings,was man liest. The meeting on Saturday was conducted bv Mr. J. £• Buchanan, who opened It by reading from the fourteenth chapter of Su John, and In vited any present to take part in tbe exercises. Masyiniereattng remarks were made. A stranger arose and said, that some threeyears ago as infidel and bla family moved from one ol tbe Eastern States to the West, and settled in a email town in lowa, a few miles from the Mississippi River. Sabbath desecration, profanity and licco~' Uousoesawcre so awfully prevalent that about one year ago the Infidel and come of hlanelgn- bon became alarmed at the condllloa of society, and brtan to Inqultr, *• Wbat abalt wo do to save onr children from the dreadful lufineuces of the placet" Hey came together to counsel one year ego, ard among clhrr means which were pro* pofed to inti reel the joang and draw their minds from the evils around them. was that of a Sunday school* and to the great set *nUhment of the loll* del, hot*as Jchotea .'“npennleadent of the school. He wt> no Cmiatian, he said: bu father was a leading infidel and he bad Imbibed the aamo infidel notions; but be bad felt that some weaceehould be mod to check the leannl tide of sin In the place, and at he had com* milted himself to do anything which should he deemed necessary for a reform, he womd not de cline taking any part teat mlabt be aaked of him, and would do the beat be could. Ihe school was organized, wVh an Infidel BaperinterOenL From fifteen In number. It had increased to two hundred. A deep religious in . tereat had been awakened in the school, and soms of the children bad learned to pray, and were fer- Tcntly praying for the school and its Superin tendent . The erea of (be stranger filled with tears at be said, ♦•That Superintendent now stand* before you.” He bad teen the notice of the daily prayer meetings in the dty papers, and had been a silent spectaioreereral days. He wanted the prayers of the mee'tng for bis school and hlm«lf. The noon-day meeting has, during the past week, ur exceeded In Interest thatol any previ ous week since 1857. and has been sustained by Increasing numbers for the past ten days. At (his meetlLgupon Saturday, Mr. D. L. Moody pre sided. Alter singing “Come, said Jeans' Sacred Voice," and prayer, the leader aald that ho would not lead from the Scriptures, bat simply wished to Quote one vene nlilch was foil of meaning and power—"ibe Son of man came to seek and to save that which was lost." Borne had come to the meeting, day after day, and eat unmoved, know ing that they were condemned and lost If they did sol trust tn Christ, and to such be designed should come with power (bat precious message which bad been read. Iter. Mr. Troabridge remarked that when Iter. Archibald Alexander wss dying, hie friends came to btm and aaked: "How does the theology which you hare preached so long apply to you in roar dyingcondition 1" He replied: “My theology now is reduced to one point only—'U is a tallbtui ending, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesse came into the world to save sinners, or whom I am chief.'" Ur. J. V. Farwell aald that U was necessary to make our religion a matter cf haalaesi—men were attracted by large hoalnefs schemes. They wilt be attracted by large practical Christian schemes. Imptses the public mind dally with the idea that Christianity is a matter of btslness, and It will soon become a Christian mind. A Tmcr Aunßarm.—A few weeks ago a Ger man tailor, maned Henry Arnold, found employ ment ono Thursday morning tvlth Joseph Loaf, who has an oelablialimcal ai No. U 3 Washington aticef. The very nexi morning he was missing, together with thiee coats and about eaten yards of cloth. He bad not been sees by Interested parties oalll Saturday evening, at the Wells street fire. An effort was maoe to arrest him, and be darted ofi vlihgte&t speed. The cry of “ stop thief'* was raised, ana sctcral men started la pursuit. He ran up Madison to LaSalle, and was making good Ume down LaSalle, pa*t the Central Sta tion, when Officer Zlmracr Hepped oat and ftonneed upon him, throwing him two-thirds his enrlh Into a snow-drift. He was then taken in and locked up. NiUDOvr EeciPS.—On Thoredty etching a par* ly of elchteen. genltctnen ami ladies, started from Kmato street lor a pleasure elefgb ride toJefler* aun. The whole ptrlt ware in one elelgh drawn by lour horses, and on the waj (00k (he wiong ro.d, mej »cr» ;,„ ctl „„ u,, B iu,,i ArttlUn »eiia. ,ne hoi>ea broke through, 100 the men tn attempting to rescue the animal* were thrown into tbc water. It was a mere chance that nil es caped from o watery grave, but they did receive a severe soaking In the Ice-cold water. The thor ough aoaklog did uni even damp the ardor ol (he party: Instead of making their way back to the cliy they went on tbair way rejoicing, ami did not return to (bo city un'll V o'clock (bo next morn ing. PrtAtJNo Pott Bpitb.—Mrs. Mary WUUhI, who Uvea tn a bouse pii I nf which is occupied hy 11. H. Prhtoseer, H*U North Wells street, was a subject of liivesllgaUoti at the Police Court yesterday. A irfiiiibef of Articles of wnmeii'a and children** doiliilitf tiHil hecii iiiltued in the house of Mf. h m MtxUliiMl werefouiiit lii Winifeaii. me fomi* nine occMtr uwtird ibo son lmpe«etitt)eiii and in* rmmed the Justice itml she look ihe auiulus with 110 oilier object limn to annoy (he lamhy 1 that her bushmiil piovided Iter Hlihalt iieresaaritiM, and that oeUhor want nor poverty were bur id*** tier imitiod ofievnitfu beioii md elf lolly legal shews* commuted tut dial m Idu bad, A 3oKV.~Tbabnraua and baTf>wcluvluU>nfl(«Rto Iloberl forsyiha, K»q., manilooud In I’rMay numlnp'a rnißiiK* at having been stolon from hi tfoni ui the Opera tlonso on Wednoidiy night, luve been receive rod. Whotlier (boy wer« davun from the place, or whether they departed of their ouu accord U not known, but they were •* taken In" ih« same night by a citizen residing within a few doois oOlr. Poreythe'a residence, and com fartablf cared for two days before the owner was found LOCAL MATTERS. Personal.—The Prophet ol the Nine. U*entb century, the great Egyptian chiromancer and the woll-Known wonder* performer, Dr. B. Bvlard, item 6U Louis, on hla way to Eutooe, has consented to remain a few weeks longer In Chlca co. The Doctor la assisted by Dr..C. A. Ray, who bos fatty yeans* experience In medical sciences. Thtlr office ban been removed lor a abort time only to No. 127 Monroe street, near Clare, on the esmu floor na Mr. Taylor's Art Gallery, where all can bo relieved of their suScrtnga of the mind and body, whatever may he tne causes. Testimonial lo Dr. Sibbet.—This is to entity, that after a few weeks’ use of Dr. Bibbct’s remedies for the hair and scalp, a fine cronth of healthy and permanent Lair now completely covers the noitlon of my bead hereto fore nearly destitute or heir. J. L. Cano. Chicago. Entrance to Dr. Sibbet's rooms, 73 South Clark street. A. H. Lee, iriadomo Ristorl, or the man who bolds No. CS.GOQ, will not deny the tact that Sivayue's All-Dealirc Ointment will cure licit. Tetter, and ell diseases of the skin, in from twrlve to lorty-eight hours. All live druggists keep U. A Sure Pile <;ure.—Or. Gilbert’* Pile Instrument positively cures the worst ease? of fill?*. Bent by mall on receipt of tl. -Clrcnlars ree. .Sold by drorcists. Agentd wanted every where. Address 4. D. Bohxixb, Manager, No. C 75 Broadway, New Turk. nnndmis Pectoral Balm Never Falls to relieve andcare. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New York Financial News* New Yobs, January 26. BOXBT. Money easy at fWT per cent. ronxjos xxchajcoe. Sterling doll and Heavy, 10»V®IW*. GOLD. Gold steady, opened at IMK, advancing to and doting at lWtf. spans axrocTs. Export* of specie to-day, *169,583. coTtmsMa Government stocks witn-ut decided change. LATEST. Tnx stock MAnsrr. New Yobs. January 36. Affairs In Wall street to-day were calmer a heavy Cali in stocks bronchi out buyers for Investment. Ru mor* of failure* have ceased. Transactions to stocks, Ur the last few days ageregste 77A000 shares. The market wasdullattbcclose. New York Central was weaker, though the ralanceof the market was stronger. cLoiUto rniciw. N. Y. Cent lol\a .... Ft. Wayne 3t .... Reading lU*<4 Ohio certs 31,4 a .... Mich, ten ICI ti .... Cumberland.... 83 v 5.... Mich. £o TIV ra .... I*aclfic Ma11....157 a .. nm.oi»cent....mj<a .... w.u. tei txsa .... Pittsburgh..... 82 CO .... Adams Ex 66 (i .... 5.W... 86 « .... American Ex.. €3 6%v N. W. rid «V« • O. 9. Ex (3K« 66 Toledo in a .... Weils, F. a Co. 73J»-* .... Rock Island.... 96 <4..,. M. Union Ex... l-tvu .... Ft. Wayne .... National Ex.... 90 9 .... <WVKRSSrC*TS. Government seciultle# quiet and*s'esdy. Coupon# ’51....1P7,VAi07y I Coupons ■61....105Jf51£8V Coni 055 'C3....U.1 ®W!J4 90* Mo.VET. The tnener market closed easier,and a more cheerful teellnr prevailed. First-clans firm* were readily sop piled on call at? per cent, hot a close scrutinizing oi stock and collaterals and vrlde margin# exacted. Qor ermsent bankers accommodate at per cent. In discount* there Is next to nothing doing. uerorra. «tiu «ia.< . iKia vmiS 11 on otn ih.ih.i Imports at this porttor this week. Ink'iOG! dry goods. suxnro ouiu. Minis? shares are active. Gregory fell to Htt, hat rove at tee close to 10U5. Cojydoo tus i Smith & Paraclee... W 5 Gunnell lot gnam Hill 140 Gold mil , 465 I price# of mining stock# Is Boston to-day: Canada U 1 Unron 77 Copp»r Falls « JlsleUoyal 9 Franklin S 3 [Minn 10V Hancock 9K I Quincy 31H TbeProdnte markets. NEW YORK. Gotten—Unehsnerd; Salra, POO bates. Hour—Doll ana lor lower. Ibrefpt*. 2.537 hrU Bales.4XWPrlii. But erflpeßUle Western, fS.Srt’o.oo; estia Western, IIOJOAII.?*: rliolcc, 118.13; shipping brands. R. U.O. 111.WHIIJS;trade*orAmla, clottox doll. Whbkey—Slore attire. Bales, son brls. Wheal—Acllreand nochinrea. Sales, 13,003 brll. Ullwaoker.fJ.B6; Nn.a, 21(443.11. Hje-yulet and hrarj. Sales, 3.000 bn Wetlera, price. _ Barley—onlet. sales, ba Canada West, Core—Pull and 1c Inver. Sales, 8,000 bn. Mixed Western m store 11.16(41.1*. Hats—Retry, Receipts. 2.960 bu. Sales, 17.000 bu. Western, PR**'?.

Oromlee—V'tlel son firm. Lrallier-Uuirt and unchanged. _ Wwl-Slesdr. Sab*, SUt,WJ lb* at «<*»«, Hauser llcnefCfjllHc.xSl.iml’ed. . . Polk—Firmer. Bales a,tW* brls new tries* at fl9.era 19.(V-rJu#ir»atf O.Mi pjd m*iwfl9ai«ai9JW-cln«in* at |l9.t) i prime> prime tt*e* |l»_vtaio.jO! »li"il,ui'br.» «w mm at 4*'JO, teller and wayer F |I«C fsrsiww aiilnnehaeped. Sa»6« Wpackf##* i»in»ed lK***-FRM”ti WMiefbOtjras^i 1 , l-ahl—Pull, pslesjuniceal and nhrVan*ed. i iime=W«iet at ii«4lt)ie. Wltm )m* wmr-h d*p(*aaM iM \ftVPf Wliea«*fri<l**l, lltafe !■•• I«#*t ai'alilflbjtljr* «fV|« tv| ft. \\f, mg! )<((« h bate dja>llw«M ft«t»(l,ud fof fomtly HiAFkM f|i*a«MlHaHHWy, I-*** gw* b KiW*mV*kih«w rapidly from im MiMiipuM MiettHlrfOl'fl* MII.WAUKRR. I (Special p*j»*Wfc la lh* Wvicatfl TrtbvtM *. j*j i q*o' W. FU»n»—Dali and unchanged i f-lty rtonbls etna spring beld al 118,95010.46, no payer* 5 country braadi offered at 110.00; tail choice at 10.0, without barer*. Wheat-Qolet j at morning board e*la* or9,000bo; at noon board mlm ol lS,OJObn.heli for No. Sin More; (19481.06)4. •ellm* option, February; tIMli, atflera* option next week, and delivered Fri day ;, boy era* option, February; |LIIV£L73 tor Ko.Sin More. ' Oau—Weak and nominal at isaifc for No. 1; 40VJ 41c (or Ko. 9. Con—Quiet, Sale* of6® bo new shelled In atore at Me. ProvUlnna—Dull, bat beld firmly. Meat Pork of fered at fi&XO: extra prime me** atfUAA, no bay er*; based (boulder* at TKm Dressed Host—Doll and quiet, and packer* otter I&J0 07.10. Hecelptf—l.7oo btla Coot, 6.TX bu wheat, lASO dreared bog*. tiblpmcLU-USObti* flour. IAM bn wheat. rmLADEU’HIA. Pmutokirnu. JannarrK. Flonr-Pall and drooping. - sratamtty|l2AQolldlD. Wheat—Nominal. Rye—«lA^lA7. Oata-nT^icc. Clover reed -#^2T<^SV. Wbtfkr—Nominal. Crude petrolenro—lSo3OC; refined In bond S3c. LOCISVIULB. Lonsrai*. Jannary am Flour— Snperfinew tiOdO. SSn^^rtlediif^balk,7oc; In ear. 60c. Provision*— Me*a pork. (9L50: balk iboulder*, 6Vc; clear aide* UK*. : packed bacon akoolder*, 19c: dear sldemtSSCtlara.llMc. Wbiakey—Raw, #J.;9. CISCISNATI. CxxexxxaTt. Jannary 96. Floor—Held firm, but tbe demand baa been bat mod 'wheat—Firm; no change; sales ot Xo. I winter at demand 1* lUgbt; tales at &!AS6c: abelled 61(?.6?c. Oats—OuU; tales at Sic for 2>0.1. C^*ton^Dajfats6j(»3lcfor middling; notmacbof. Mine, but there la hardly anr demand. 1 Wbiakty - 'Dnil atST'Cln bond. n^511:^507.75 ; bolder* arm. Afoi treraelngiai &■ was sold at tbe latter rate, bat this wav an extrema rate, owing U> nna»nal large tire. Medium to good •e yv»T CT-Jhacch packer* are not willing to pay uet« not been reported by the ral road*. Mm* porfc-Sold to a limited extent at moo, butte. *lde rUr brand* were ottered at tbu raw aparlngly, tiotos«ou*b to meet the demand. Balk Meat*—Bat little demand; beld at7>«d7kClor •boulder*.and9V»»kcfof «d«L Lard— Dull at l*c,witti aalwlSOtrct. Meata-Qoiet at 6X97XC and lOXc for sbooP den. «tde« and bam*. . . Ocer Bacon SWea-Are wanted foe imeedlite deUy err at lie, pnt esa be had to be delivered s week hea« stltr. SwuldemiXc. SSSrgSSe. Kxchauee—Firm sod s shade blfher as regards the buTingraie. Money—Market unchssged. ST. LOUIS. St. Loon. January M. Markets nearly al a steed ttUl to-dar. buyers holding off orclalmtaaisrecr concession* than aeum were wilttog to make. An übusually small business was tfC £ntoo, Heap and Totr.cco—Nothing transpired. U*a£y?and dull at |LBS (or choice ; P. 93 for ft Coro—Low»r: st BOgSc. absence of ihlpplai 'facilities pf uSs n t3Sm>d lower. Number killed to date 16J,00C. WhUker—Nothin* uone. BALTIMORE. _ BitrwoM, Jaaassr Cosef—Quiet, stocks Itcbt and bold firm. Floor— Noulnaliy UDcnangsd. Wheat—southern red. Corn—Steadr at 9W*9<c for mixed, provisions—Unchanged. Whiskey—Nominal. Ocean Prclcbts. [sr>ecla! Despatch Vo too Chicago Tritnse.l Ksw Toss. January M. Frelchta—Small shipment! of corn to Liverpool by vessels on the 10th at ;*d byuil and 9d by aieam. Also a bark chattered with 87,000 bn corn at 6X<L (By Associated Pres*.] FreiebutoLlrerpoolfinner with engagements of SO'CTdbfl conunT.'jd per sail and W per iteaa. Nttv Torlc Provision market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] KgW Toss. January JB. Pork closed with the early advance partly loit at I3OAB. Other hog prodneu best demand checked. Hew fork Grocery market. fSpectal Despatch to theChlcacoTrthtme.J New Toss. January 20. Coffee very Arm. Rio, 30j<®36c. Sugar steady, fair to pilmc grocery. lOXQUXc. New York Live Stock Market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnoune.l N*w rose. Jaaoary 2«. Hops Ann >t 7Ka?yc. Receipt*. UN. jVcxr York BreadfinlTa Market* [special Despatch to the Chlcaeo Tribune. J Urw Tor*. January 20. Flcor tery irrepolar and depreaaed tVheat—The erceaaltlei ol local millers earned some haying at rather beuerpilceathaaycatcnlay, especially fbr choice Quotations. Corndcpteasedby scarcity and high rates of ftelßht room. . Pittsburgh Petroleum market* Pimscmon, January go. The oil markets are sUll duiL prices remain un chawed, hut Utile oo hand, at d holders are not de sirous of fd'lnr at the pr*«-nl lo » r »t?. Crude ctnbe aooted at &)9c for Allegheny, and 7),'i*lsc. pai<kac«* returned and luclu J«L 'kenned, mr preitnl dulmr?. isLr. on board ofcai here. rtMWI djli aod un rhsuited. Small lots are sold at «itsc. Ho demand tor naptha or rtsliluuiu. New Torlc »rr Good* Market. . . . , *l»*T Voßß.JfKiaryM. TbPdfT Repd* flat, bnl prlcea lire *n«- tilned.ezrcpt lor Atlnut A. and h?sry brown sheet- In*, which are reunc'r. *c, iHncti. same u other v»rle tlw. HIAIUtIISD. On Tuesday, Jstmary 19th, hr the Iter. Me. M mre. at tb« of Utp briile’a lather. P. W, STlty. KKilfcl Chiraeo. and ANNIE E., daughter of Win. 11. eollb. of Augusta. Maine. DlßOr lathis (ity, January 25th. o( Inllam-nillon of ibe brain, ALLAN IICPPbLI., joiiritest clilld of Edwin 1. # nd the la’e Llrrle A. tlurke, aged 9 mouths. Clivelatd and PuDaio papers please copy. In (Ms rltr. ANNI 6 I)6IUN, wlieol William fill lUsidtnce?*? w, •( Maill«nn-sl., in*ar PlisHnn. r«* ptral «ill leave 61. Patrick's Clmrcli tot Calvary Choi* cicrral I o'rlo'k p. tn. , Newark, UMn, papm please copy. A< llrllwood. i,p M r 11l , Jatutary JOHN WVAttfl. lormefly of flil*rllr-. „ . f rilieMi aelVu'sa aijbfVrt tempi*, m Ailaliis si.. (•ehreeH Wabash aitd All'-Muaipavtw,, killi* day.JaH. (fill, at tnVhwk P. HI. Ffiendsainl relatives are Wiled i«tali«tu| *Ml.iintl*iM|i"f imUoe. 11a will Klled al llakWond« e.nalai k, tnla. with amol amdniMidatbm*. wilt leave u*a Illinois Central |M.|,hMtH>r t ake >(., at rtuVl'N'k p. lit, SUnuftfinnuff* poin WOOD'S MUUKUM. j. it. or Ain<i«<iueiiii,ft. Alk jto? »"auu ••Kniigli a liallaueh I" "Ould Ireland dhall be Free. /«ya tlw blian V'an Vostil." ilsvtvaliof the a reatoat lri»ti diama ever nreaenlcit on ins American atnifr. Wearing of tlieOrei n. Faction flgUt, Fearful leap rri>tnU>A*umnilto( U*bFTerJnlcfi. Monday evening, Jan. W, at the two matinees. Wed* ne*day and Fatnroay afternoon*, and fTeiy cream?. Hie great Irub drama of l*EEl* o l»\\. Monday, the lait I-ondon soniatloa drama,TUß flu* OUENOT CAPTAIN. _ »fiC Manager,,,. Me VIOKEIVS THEATRE. CHER* MEEKS MANAGERS. Last week of Mr. CHARLES DILLON, who will ap pear ti> tits great character of BELPHEGOR.THE MOUNTEBANK, Flared by hloi over 300 eights la London. Monday—Belphrgor. The Mountebank. pciphegor ....Mr. Charles Dillon. In rehearsal—Lord Dirt p's Tragedy ot “ Werner." nPHE CHICAGO TUUNQBMEINDE 1 reaoecunUy announce to their friend* and pa* irons tost tbelr GRAND MASQUERADE Wl.l come ofl ■ On MONDAY, rebruary 4. At their spacious ball on North ClarjMt., star* ChU caso-av. COMMITTEE. Full Procranrae will be announced. . „ , N. P. Bala of reserved seats will commence Wednes day. Jan. 23d. at tO a. m.. at the llaiL auction Sales SCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, tti-t cor, LaSalle. Cbtcnao. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Oot-door sales promptly attended to. AUCTION, Monday, 28th January,lßo7, atlo«,we are instructed to sell at onr rocms, 16-1 Lakest.. a larce acd varied assort ment of useful and ornamental Household and Office FURNITURE, Including Parlor suites lo Mahogiry. Rosewood and Walnnt; niLlng-rcora Ctairs. Kiteu'ioo Taolca, SHe* beards: Bedroom Suites In Mahogany and fainted; Sofas. Loonies, Rocking Chairs In llalrc’oihaad Cane: office Desks, Stools and Chairs, Whatnots, Plated Ware, Glassware. Knives and Porks. Ac. DANIEL sCOTT ft CO.. Anstloneera. AUCTION, Wednesday, Jan- 30,18C7, at 10 a. a., at 1 Ui Lakc-st. fcECOND SPECIAL SALE OF English Umaaclla* Velvet Pile* Kidder min* mcr, Ugntio, Two and Three-ply ALL-WOOL, CARPETS. Velvet Pile, flowered, figured and plain. Hearth Keg*. Oil Cloths in roll, st-.vr Olt Cloth Mats. Wore Matt. English Crumb Cloths, bed Spreads, heather Pil'ows, Ac. Ac. Goods on view To-sday. DAKiKf- SCOTT & CO., Auctioneers. A UCTION fiALB A ON MONDAY, JANUARY 28, At 10 o’clock at onr salerooms. 73.77 and 79 Wells-st. near iCandolpli-sL, a large assortment of new and sec end band Furniture. Carpets. Oil Cloths, Malting, Hsrne**, Counter Scales. Cutlery. Crockery. Glass and Pitted Ware, Castors. Window bhad<s,etc..ete. One Fine Laminated Steel Gnu. made hy W.Crqncr, valued at fTCO. Two Bar Counters and fixtures. Two Marble Led Billiard Table* and flail*. One, Portable Forge. A Pne assortment ot Mirrors. OH Painting* and Engravings together with a large atsortmeot ci other good*. an fcind« of goods taken on storage. “ b j. 11EAXY A CO. Auctioneers. RUCTION SALE — On Tuc**lar» Jan. 291 h» at lO o’clock, HARPWARE, STOVES, Ac., At 155 Klnrle sU, or stair#. consisting of fbrty assort' cdCook sum#, atxty-ftve Store, UtQce and Parlor Stoves, two hundred Lanterns, a large assortment ot Bakes. Scyth'S, Cradles. Cham*. Bath Tabs. Ac- Ac. hold by order of Mrs. Nelson, the widow ol the late Mark y dsco. J. IIEaXy ACU.. Anctionoera. p ILBEHT « bAJUPaOH. rtmuiTtmn, china, Silver TV are, Carpets Sleigh Bells, Ac. AT AUCTION, At err Mlc#rnom*. IT ltd -IP Pefirhoro-at., ra TUESDAY. .Jan. J9th, st 10 o*rloc». conslMlnr of »j. CO't e*>rj kind of FnruKnr*. for nnrlor, charotwrand clnlßS loom. CMn* (ffoltimndl tllanw carpeta, CoesilTtr w«f. • 10l of -lelkh hrlir, aatiOclßaw, with .*««,! Anrt .^ •yySL A. EUTTEItS & L'O., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 4t A 4H Itettreea StalMl. and TV*bash-aT., Hold trtntarat Uidr salesrooms. ot UhT OOOhB. CLOTRIXU. HOOTS. SHOES. AC fem,T and TIICHBUAT . rVimjTt'.nß. CAHPBTS. At*., prpfr flflualral. jyjUMCJAI* _ PIANOS, ORGANS & MELODEONi a,.1.t <b In Ufc»H in r*f n«w t*»p« . U . KIMIUMm Oil VV**Ulniliaß4U uantvtr pianos llavel»*na»ardM 9A «r<» prenilßnii, tn«eih«r v|i lh«bkbi«t lirrmbm) at tb« kntenuan world** Fat Ilia I.'for •upmoiily aru front Ibu nigUri nntlcitl icUbruiraaf Kiironu and America. jjTFor Mleoulf at KIMBALL’tS, Oil Washington •< h!HITII*H AMRMIUANOIKUJW. For Partor*. Churches, Lolge*. Ac, wtmlMale ftepoi at KIMBALL'S, Ua Watb)DgloD-*t-.CTQ4bV» Optra Roue. ftjorsfg, (garriascs, &c. T7OR SALE —Cheap—1 two-seated P slelcb, I accord ban 1 open bager. but little ran, to be eecn at tbe Carriage Factory. OHS state «L A HANDSOME TEAM ol Matched B*r Carrtace Horve* tor «»le—s year* old. sound, oulet, acd not imbtened at a rallroan engine. price (MV. Apply to J.GAHNoTT, at (table, corner tix toenth-tt. and indtaca-ar. FOUR DORSES, Single and Donble BarneM. ‘UebtCntter, Beil* atd Whip.fir«al» cbeap, tccetbef or*eparate. Can be *een at J 39 Fat toa-tt. 3To rpO RENT— ■*■ DESK BOOM la a fplendld f-ont office. welllUhMd, ana central loca aon. Dott.« Dot lor »lr. lgo DTO . Lra 4 1 fig Madfm-sL. comer LaSaU*. .-ffor gale. ■pOR SALE—l2,ooo—Good investment " NEW COTTAGE, Six room* and baa*mcnt, ca* and water n- *r Adam*. Bea«d till May, IS®, at (40 per month. lerm*,(ftt)dowt.bAiatce one and two year*. 11,1.TF.A l6BMadl>on,cor.LasaHe. gatinetsblp. T>ARTREK WASTED A baslnesa LiS?A'?t&J^»“VoSS“S p ffi«ssS bcjirrM, air tidy esiabiUhM *ael<lolnc » toi r Imi *l mwi*. Jicnenreo appl> uccM iboee who bate above sum, ,adS 10 IC ”-'c. MUTATE. ■P. O. Bor S.VI.V jßcanog. T?OR SALE—Grand Piano, valuea at r IL9QO. will be *old at MJ^ I JW I SSvSSf ( S’ changed for rood property. Addrc** GRAN DIIANO, P.O. BoxtfaCß. T?OB SALE—A seven octave, flnetonea J 1 pltno,entirely new, «adeby oaeortheboMHew York aanofocturtiu, WiBBeWW at a bargain. 49fl kUcbigaa-hT* Seal aß»tatc-«d». mFuoriUit iron SALK—By S. H. Kerfoot * Co., f Beal EaUle Broker*. 71 Donrborn-iU 4 tt-A JOtjot lot on turn ■•WU ?*»/ °(Jn, t* old 54—fcU destrab.o lota on J»cluon-at. wui »° M ‘ SSS “* 00-aSSSS.'S.V^Sw-*-'*®™ 1 "” IniDroremeMJ. - n r taa room* on 4 °- H •»»• E *“ 37-MSfwS“S“ci d t£''r o nU Will« 11 j“sssf"iss®rr l, sSiaT.»« baaeneot on North t,aSaUe**M modem Impmverocntr. contain* «n*s-\^ C brkk t^nJS« l ‘oß North Side, to ado 04SaeSSRaTwm be *old cnenp nod on lowSo fwvcn rooms on lot 25x10C; wSSPSi# cWnSa anc atocned with choice frolU. i<tndiome dvcllloz on ltnUiU‘irn contnloituc cold vnier. nod every coDttnleoce lot SOU* feet Good frame bnro on i6-?ooi nliey. Can be hnil nt n bar* gain. t _ . 33—A: 17—C< 7-A 948-K' 937-n< MO-E 3 S7l-Ut Touacc »1 Hjd« D.MC, Wtm cieeut btcumU, stocked wllb fruit, te. A eplccdW coontry place at Aurora, I'l. Grapery. Alao nntacroaf ’m?c aad to trade for stocks of coOfll, Ac. , . , Sslcodtd cutidiog lot* st comer of Wsbush-ar. sad TweiWitu S spltt' FOR SAIiE—By Kees & Ayres, Real giute Brokers, Office 10 Crosby’s Opera brickdwelling, with all modem Imorore rr, D ti. and tarce lot. on Wahaih-ar., sooth of Sixteenth* at. Price part on tune. A large and newly finished stone front boose on WlchlKan-av.,ncarTweUU*-«t. price (19,C00. Brick house with to*, on Indlana-et, near Pine, (13,000. Brick home and l» rre lot on West Washlngton-it., sear Carpenter, tor «i£axi. Frame bouMwp leased lot oo Wabash-ar.,north ot BUUenlh-»t.. |? ,uOO. House ami rjton Taylor-sU near Jctterson, 13.000. Lot 20 by *,uo on Clark-at., ncarSoutn Water, | , <0,503. ’ u j 100, corner lUver-st. and Mlcbigaa-ar., In a udition to the abate we hftveaUrpe lUtofboth Imryprea and cnlttproved property at low price*. ‘YT'OR BaLL —In Evanston, al a bargain X 1 If applkd fbr sooc. two good hrusoi and 'ole, In a Ottlrab'e fart of the vlllacs. i'osscsilon ttlrea the Ist of May, and perhaps sooner. The only rrtuon for the BS'll-aseltina Is that their businesi cals them »w»f. nici *3.500 and (I JOO. Apply to C. K. BKOWKB. at Evans ten, or at hli office, Hoorn 1 1. 17 Lasalle-st. l?OR BALE—A first-class liooso on t’en -1? tre-ave, between Adams and Monroe-e I .*; twetre ircini. water, pa*, hath-rtom, marble mantles, cellar, etc.; lot M> tiv 123, with (rood turn and larae clitern. I'Vli-c. fil.tSOs terms essys title perlect: early powee ilm> wA RISKS’ A KOODIUCiA Heal Estate Erokers, ItiS Dearbore nl .loom !i. 17011 bAEE—A now house, n brtek Pewencnl. ISrotrs, very Cfnrectint, 3Jloot lot, on Ifortm-il.. near Van llaren-sl. Price low. ttnni easy. Apply at i H aoutli Unlon-al. FOR SALE—A new two-story Louse on Wabs-b-ar.. containing 1(1 roams, water utrer auu ■ as, and lot. Pilre. Cheapest buute In market. AHTIII’n A HoVI»EW, aiUSiate-st. I /OH BAliB—A sUirnum Immc house, ’ In ewifl order, on south Side. In a good neighbor hood, near horse,c»rs. Must be;«*;H ihlv w»eK. Only |t,KP, on title. PBTEfI PlllMI 1 , Ma Mnnroe-st. 1/0U bAIiE—A iwo-elury huum ctm* 1 lalnimr 0 room*, with J scree nT Uml. all Istned and loipH Tcd. near the Arleelau Well, troiriAiilS—Witbnplt-liv., itf Hoonm, i -1 wsler, *s«. halltfoMUi, liittiaie, Ac.-huv iifh'e saiV (sMtK-lblHjediala p'-we|' t», htr a I'tOUiifalinn. Sivk list *>f VAhjal'le real tsiaje s*e onr Ibilimiu ll.ivfd lUaiKillt’Sl.v I.'OU bAI.E—III Ini' llunl K.MIn llllli'n ■lory new iraiiiohnii'C, who ai ma fMiu ai.| I r.mnM, •bill*, paru, Ac., htill i«ii uu)|U |eci(ual|ay at a imp gain. V'tlll tSAld'i— l.<it !iO loot trout, on,. J 1 Her Twenlv-nlnih at, and Uahimet-av,, fononl, ViUb UwHiarn, *luuie iron*, ao. Liuttc un i InntUnM <■! a l.,'L l. i-entral int atii’n. now dninjt a if u od lnuiatM*. rapacltlia for a itr»i-« la« nmue, a new howl inotenl Uia lif.t |oi-Altoi>« la L'lilt nli«l with transient and pimdusn money cuntw made In nno jour's time. Also oue-ht f Intcruat In a good paying hotel, withtnono bUxV ul the Court House, imcrM vUeapas Die proprietor ta Kotnif !■» L'ait/tirola. Term* easy, t'irsi-clasa grocery on booth Shin.doimt a hubnilm»s A No. I icoturaoit on Uearhornsl.. at ha fit* value, a» the owner has other Dasliu-M. Uesldea a 'arge list of otheriiroprrty In all parts of the city. UlLubttr A ltfc.Nt.UlLT, |l|g Clark-M., Uoom 7. T?OU SALE—On Micblcnn-flv., a X* flm-dass marble front home, with all improves mi nt*, aid barn in rear, si by ITO. Furniture sold with home If warteu. A. >l. AvEIIELL, Ural EiUlc caiccho.7 Mi-uopotUan mock. iron SALE—By Wm. D. Kcrlont, M 3 J 1 Wa-blngUm-it. fonr large brick hou«ct (one of which is marble front! on North Side, south ot Chi raco-av. and cast of Cart-*;. A very boa red di-ore mar Union Park, routattilog nine or t n rooms, gaa, water, £c. AU of the above residences can be bongbt very cheap. T?OU SALE—By !>nyacr & Lee, Real Estate Aseots, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, anew two-story and bswment brick home of 11 moms, and lot, with barn,on Wabash-av.. near Twentleth-st. Ir*Oß SALE—A new frame house ol ten rooms, hot and cold water bath, morale. etc and lot No.-IS Soot Ann-st.. between Washington aad itaOiKon. THOMAB D. SNYDER & CO., Real Estate A genu, No. 4 Metropolitan Blocs. I7OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Heal 1 Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan diode, two m-w two-itory and basement brtcc homes of 13 ruotrs each. Lots err tier of Adams and Loomis. fronting Jellerson Park. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Leo, Real Estate Agents No. 4 MeUcpotltan Block, a new two-story and narement brick bouse ot 19 room*, aid lolSOieet troat on Mlchlgaa-av, near Twenty-Ftfrtt-st. FOR Sale—l want money and must bavelt,fbrwhlcblwTl sell my two-story boose am lot lor #2,C00-baU casa, balance In three years. Rouse has eight rooms, with water up and down Hair*i lotftleetfront; West side, near Itandoloh-st. cars. I will pay the purchaser |MO rent lor tne place till May, ISCB- or vacate Id tsa days from >iate or par crate. Title cood. Apply at lilll South Claik-it , Room 16. ' VKinpuini'KD, T?Olv SALK—At ice Real Estate Office r of CLARK. LAYTON & CO* No. 12S Washing tßQ‘*t' SOUTH SIDE PROPERTY. 73 feet on Wabash-av.,east frmt, near Foorlefnib- 60 teet on Wabash-ar., east front, north ot Bight- eench-st. . _ 67 ft non Wabash-av., east front, sooth of Eight eenth-st. _ „ 73 feet on Wabash-av., wost front, sooth of Eight eenth-st. _ T,x feet on Wabash-av., east tront, south of Eight- iMots'on Slxtecnth-sL, between Indlana-av. and the S 3 ftet on Mlchlgaa-ar., between Tweitjrelghih and Twsnty-nllAh-ats. ICQ feet on Pr*lrle-av-. soar Slxloealh-st. 7 lota on r»airi®-av„ e»*t front, between Twenty nimn and Thlrticth-st. _ ISO feet corner Prajrie-av. and Thlrtleth-st., south and cast front. ISO feet, corner Indlanaav. and Thirtieth st, sooth nd west tront. ICO feet southwest corner Praltle-av. and Thirtieth- **9B feet, between Thirtieth and Thirty-tin t-sts., on In dlai.a-arM writ front. scteeueor. Tnirty-flraHt and Indlana-ar., lontn „. , 12 lota on Indlana-av., between Thirty-second and r between Ihirty-aeconl and Thlrty-tblra-ata. . . 46 lot* on Forcst-av.. between Thirty-second and TbHtj-tblroaU. . _. . . . 49 lota on Caluitct-at., between Thirty-second and Thmy-thjrd-su. v . . v lota on Kankakee-ar., between Thirty-second and Thlrty-thlrd-sts. m _ , seioum ririnltT of Chicago University. U lota in Oakrnvald or 1) ni;las Grave. 5 lots oc OtK-nr.. near Virecnncs-road. 23 lou weat ot ClaU-«U near Twcnty-sercnth. 69 lou between State and Clark-su., sear rweaty* seventh. 2W K-fc between Twenty-eighth and Thlrty-first-sta.. knn «m of State-st. SI lota trontunt and rear Vlncennea road. IMouon SUleac, between Tntrty-aecond-et. and D f°Fou wwu'oi gtatost.. between Thlrty-iccoad-st, and lH>n»tat-b»ace -8 tot* < n *tate-et.. near elty limit*. 19 lota cn Wabssn-av., mar city limlU. Wfecton Tlilrtllth-sl., between bUlc-sU andwa- Rioi’EilTT 1R THE. GROVE BOOTH OF CITY ' LIMITS. ■' V" 5 acre* m.n»rc cast oa YUeennei road, norm of Sir. Amij'B fftldmce. Sacrwopwr.Mte, ftcuUßew-at. . _ . 20 aciea m ar railroad creasing, frotllog ca»t on Cot '"ft'acm wo Vlncpnnea-road, tooth of dodge Wilson's olu p ftW * west erDE rnoPßimr. 5 loin corner ol atrt HarTlaon*lta, la tct tcorntrcf Lake and Stay K-s f>et ccn-cr o! lUoflolpb an'iLorUiaW. {5 ft-*t on Mai*et, l>etwp*n Randolph and 15 lots on I ske-st. 1 "-tween Wood #n«i Mnetln-«t«. M lot* on Walnut and between Wood **il totVod* SUillion-at., between Lincoln and Wln chfit*r-«U. , 10 lot* on WlrpheiteMl. 10 lot* no I lncoln*»t. M) lot* on Monroe-it. Itlo'aonAdauiMt. . _ . to l"t* on Van llnrtn *!., ne»r Babef. U lou on Ttier-iU near Uob*y. 9 lot* on Rowj-rt.. near Jackson. PrnUagH oh Wai>a«b a»., between, thlrtr-Anl ahd tbJrli-Ptccco-*!# «al IWiMrb* ontliuj. , t petefal iiotisrt on thf Bjußi and Wert Pile** at from f PATimMAt. ..-'nit pA(,i;=tly win. 1). Ki-rf.'oi, o j’ Wslllltulntl 'i- . *•»*»» W« tidbit*. 3,5 h.| (in y 3() frcl till .. no »«• mrner VanH'iren **n-J Aim 100 )oU In Br»»wn v » A«Um»n. ■pon sALE-liy VTm, D. KeTft»t,Wi rblo for mlHllvulun, Can be bought very caeap on *Vr»otTo aorea W mile vector cltr limit* and trout- and unimproved property on alw*y* be found at my office. 17 OR 6ALE—OB leel on SUchipan-av., ' reirKUhtmitn-et.; 160 fcet on corner of mine and TwStv-lcoud-lta. taken M Ir+ton irairte-av., near Twentieth-*!. B. B. CUAM BEKS. 17 Reynold** Block. F)R b ALE—At a sreat barcatn, a vain able lot on Cottage Grove-are., between Tweorr tbtrd and Twenty-loarth-ew; 35 f«t tronL a* °. n Jf tsjXX If taken at once. Mach below the marxe- price? WARREN A CCODRIC3, Beal Estate Broker*. 1-5 room S- F7OR SALE—At a great banrain, 80 r aerea of ctxw dry land, omytv &T? swmif cltr limit*, at tbeexttemely low rate of #3O peraerc. ir isSaj toe cheapest ? I ?J^2C,R^?K} r U. 0 f the kind in market. WARBEa A GOODuICH, Eeai Eatate Broket*. Dearborn-tt-. Koom F)R SALE—A beantitnl lot on Wapan teb-av.. (Cotra<e Grove) »rt 9. at rnce-M per cent below market wARRKj» A GOuDRICH, Real EaUte Bxokcra, lis Dearborn. Room g. FDR PAT.B —A valuable lot on Cottage Grovtotel between Twentr-lbird and Twenty ronrtt.S3»fo?tßOßU OffTKOCLtr d-cldedlTcbeab. WARBES * GOODmCU, Beal £*• tale Broker*. Boom -. TTOR SALE—severat- very desirable I Crnvl«* the >onn fide in best nefebborbeod in the city. W.^R ES c GOODRICH, Beal Eatate Broker*, 125 Rcvm a. I7OR SALE—A choice lot on Prame- Jr av. Twentieth wl TjKgtti^SSt: 10CX177. All aweMmoit* paid- A-J. AVEBELL,BUI Eatate nmw- Sa. ? MtUopodtan Block. Ti’OK SALE—In Thomas B. Bryan & J" 1 Co** Beal E»!* f e office. Bryan Hail. "*I>T)lAys A AVENUE, aonthwest comer o* Sixteenth »t—2lC fee* trout by fob depth. _ «EiaantEte=!vral iSgtate. XXT ANTED—Any one possessing one W or twe nice comfotub * tw«to« botme*, plmanily tituated. with good dt*poking of them on ea*y term*, W Pf. T : meat*, will pleaie addrea* P. O. Box 3SIO. Griac paruculara. TXT ANTED—A Louse and lot onNoixb W Side, eaat el 9t& of CMca*o-*r. Worth 96JD to (3.0(9. Addrea* Bosm ». WJ oottth giark-*t, tta mut-ieouggg. O BJLNT—A first-class two*stnxy trame houMWltti hnckt'MraCQt. 103 all modem improTeroenu. loqaire •« No. 9ft ior Uima. ■ ■ n fiTVMT A. l&reo and commodious Forcvth'rufomatlonand man,*PP«F«> NRT. Mo. 13 Klng’i Bloc*- O“RENT— Cottage, vath Jve_roomß. Rett tt*»oa»hi*. app>y *< 331 flqpwlo™** rr-0 REIN T—The nrst class bricK bouse 1 No. »U Centr *»T. aucktfHt-) til trodera ituproTtmcot*. YOUi>Q * SPBINQBB.J* . UMetrcPAiUoßloO. - O RENT —A cotuee containing etebt room* —water and anl fora*" lorrloraate. Poaa'rtloa prea nnmedlateJr. atSo. !63Pa>»-aT. TO KENT—House of nine rooms, in a qnlretofthrcodayaatWo.l6 Sonia Ma y-at. T7S~RENT— A cottape of C rooms, Ssc., vlih waUr.at329Carn>U*t.,cof.Aaa'«. In quire at 333 Carroll-st. O KENT—A neat cottage, containing seven rooms, putry. ob ~ wcat ol Hoyne-sL Apply at Mrs. D. roATI », 150 South Clarfc-at. TO RENT—Cottage ol seven rooms. location good, hooae la ttm cUss order, and term* to anil the applicant. Inquire at 124 Sati Bandclph-iL RENT—A desirable house, partly ornlsbed. to a small ftml'y that can give good icca, i*o€iefclon given May Ist. inquire at )ntarto-st.' • T?.. rcrerenc 371 Q» npO RENT—Cottage, 51 Tlurty-ttet-st., I five rcoms-hydranl water. saO t>er month. T. SWITCH A CO.. Boom 8. 107 Dearborn-st. npo RENT—Brick house, nine rooms, I ‘24 8 North LaSal'e-sU furnnhtd or unfurnished, tfllllsy Ist. Inqnlre on premises. TO RENT—A furnished house contain* Ingelght rooms, g as water, pantry and closets. Terns MO p*r month and board for a lady and two children. Apply at 100 North Dearborn-sl. ®o Ernt-ia.ootns. TO BENT—Funnelled front rooms, two mlnates 1 ws'k Irom JVst Office. Beierences re- Qnlrtd. App»yatQ2 Adina st. rpO RENT—Hoorn, and furniture lor _L sale. I have a nicely furnished Irani room in a new block, only two squares from Conrt House, I will sell out cheap il applKd for luimedutely. Inquire at Boom 0,151 South CtarK-st., from 1 toi p. m. TO RENT —On Michigan av., near Kourtwnth-it, throe rooms, with hath room and modern luiprcvcmtuts. Would sell part ol fUmliare. An excellent chance for *en>leman and with or small lamtly to keen bou<e. In a good ircstlnn »i tn.wlerate tent. The white house can t>e rented ifde'lred. Ad dress P. o Bo* 1318. TO RENT—Furnished rooms, double and tingle, at S 3 Jackson-> u near State st. TO KENT—A large Irum room, wUb dcieLßsiknd Hove. turil'l)M.lorcneortwn grnihnien, ncsr IM«t Office. Cali at No. 187 fctau-st. TO RENT— n leasant and desirable fur ctibrd rrom* i me (font room. suitable tar eent’e uin.ccnvinienitonuMnea*. Apply at 338 V Stale st. ttcfrrrnce* rcqmred. rro RENT—One or two tlrsl-class lur -1 nlcb r df tmjam MlrhlgMi-av., wllhor wllhmit board,!" n respectable pari/. AiiTtlUlt A BOY DKN, 210Slaleat. RENT—A pleasant furnished J[ loililDß room lur one or (wo e*ntlcmen, In (•rlt K house eoullieail corner of Welle ami LUnuis il. apply op «talt». fPO RENT—Four pleasantly fltrnishcd 1 etpftdnk romnrjß>p, nne Nr*p fr-nt room, suit** blefbrlwo serUpimD* .Apply n( 02 smUU CausUL, (till prick duellinghoflli ul Madlion st. KENT— Biglil rooms, nml limn- X (tirelnr sale, if Hioveriletil. mye*ir ami wjp» *»ol)ld like to hos'd lor (hire, tnnnllts 111 pari My fuf (heitirtiUtire. tM4 tfwt Ukral. w M-0 KENT—A room lor two (iomilooicb, I Ala it eltikle (ooli'k. fnriil*h«*l. wltli kloVne, » ; t», Ac,, ami with acivli'p irt a iimala in ai> aJP«>p« ai la flint ff-hvenlml kliiißltnn. 108 hefef* cthwt mmiiM. rro KENT—A Miilo ol'il rooms I 111 )'!>■( OfPne JUm<a, *ll.e flrfmldrej'in he h"ll<J'» nr Hoi, a* <• ci>*lr«o. Call a 1 M"oin 18, ild ■(•'fr. Mir htwristmel. __ 3Toiif t!DH;fc«..\f TO KENT— I.PBEO (or folo—l/'nsc o jonr-ktory and ttatmreni hrlrk store, now omi n|i n«s a wholeaalu orug atoru. Apply on the prcmlsi* to WSI. l>. A '■pO RENT—Tho second and third iloors J >l5O take at. HlKU’rt. IHUHIK A C»>. * RENT—Front oince and side rorni. 1 on Wa»Mnßtf-n-«t. between Deaihom ami CurW-ats. Apply at 373 Smith ciark-et.. up autrs. rpo RENT—A lirsc-claas store, situated X on MrnroMl., rear the post Office, being well nriapicd lor anv Urnl-clswbimlnefs, Also, nstur.-a for sale, consisting ot slivlvlnj, sinve. ru anore*. *c. Poraeutor plvcp at once. Apply to W. JI. SAMPSON, Hctue and Land Agent, So. If MetropoUtaa Block. rpo RENT—Store near P. 0., on Dear- L born-el.; also, third door of aatne bulldtne. »utu ble for Itclit mnnnuctnrlnc buslntsj. Apply at Room 11 MasonicTespir, No. 87 Dcarbofn-st. TO RENT—Office tor rent and latai lore tor sale cbesp. A Urue front rffire solunle fer the CotumiNiltin or Insnra'ce business. In lh*cen- tre of hnsincas. with carpet*, safe, chain, Ac. Reel only (25 ter month. Pc#se*-lon elvea February Ist. App,y at the office ot the WESTERN FIUKNIXISSC- ItANcE CO ,30 LaSallc-iU GEO. J. YEAUEIt, See reiary. rpo RENT—A desirable suite ol front 1 offices at JAS Rasdolph-ati Apply to OEURGE M. HIGH, 104 Randolph st.. Room tS. rpo RENT—Second,, third, lourth and I fifth floors ot stores No. 47 and4!> Slate-M., each fitty teet treat by one hundred and twenty fast ceep. (51x120.. Splendidly lighted, and very deilribie fur moat mercantile business. Address N. F. WTI.DER. rpo RENT—Large and well bgbed 1 lilts, with atram power for healing and elevating. Rent moderate. Apply to IRVINE, JONES A CO., 78 Latc-tt. SUHanteb—En Kent. WJ AN TED—To Kent—Small cottage, VV we.lkcatcd. Have no children. Bent til to Kkl per month. Address r. O. Box itICS. WANTED —To Rent—A plcasml room, on the Snath Side, without boird, or with breakfast only. ITivtte family preferred. Ad* dress "ff il C,” Tnbnne office. \XT ANTED—’To Rent—A house aaita- V V hie tor a floor and feed store, on Not tb CJarlc-‘t. Call on or address “L S s," 147 South Water-st., basement. ffiijanccs. F)U SAXE—Mfihncry stock. An old established house, with large trade. Population 11,000. Thl» is a chance seldom round. Address 11. W. AJ. M. WKrHERBLL, Chicago, or J. V. AVERY. Otbkoab, Wla. FOR & ALE—The Forest Valley Works, Saginaw City, Mirh., conilstlne of two saUblock*. and saw n 111 of farce capacity, with ten acres af land, favorably lecated. Address N. 8. LOCKWOOD, Sagl naw City, Mich. . pou SALE—A small stock ot hardwaie, f* tinware, etovoi and sett of tinner's tools. WBI Invoice about *2,500. Reason for selling, otoer bosl ne*s which reomr--e tae owner’s at’enlljn. For oar tlcqlara address “M.’* P. O. Box QS7J. FOR SAXE—A first-days corner saloon, with stock, fixtures. on WelM-su. now d >|ng a good trade. To he fold cheap. a.* the owner is going Into another Use ot business. Address 130 South Welts-»U POR SAXE—Valuable mill property, Aj situated tn Chesterfield, Msd!«on Co.. Indiana, m a coot! Umhered eoustrv, on thfi Beileloutalne Kali read, 1) miles east of InclaoapciK and six miles from Antcrscti. the county seat. Circular lomber «aw, shingle and heading isactilofs. with a good steam cn fine. SO horse power, new holler, good yards for Inm er and log*, bandy to railroad switch, throe yoke good cattle, one horse and hng.-y, log wagons, chain*, axes. Ac-,with rverylhlnc comolete ft»r rarrnng on a first class saw mKL »li it compete running order, alto, two smalt houses, stable and several acres ground adjoining the above railrrad. Saldnroperty will he sold cheap. Reasons for sell ing: The undivided half of this property h-longsto heirs and must he sold: the balance of said property can be pnichascd cn reasonable terms. To pir’Jes de siring to Invest this Is a rar- Inquire on the premises of J. It. AKDERSON, or A. C. SWLLTSEB.P- Q» Ito* HS3.nloomlngtou. HI. TpOU SAXE—A very desirable boardinp J 1 licnse with over f»or years* lease. In a central l> raltrn. with about 100 day Inarders. Lease, stock, fix- »t a great bargain. WARBEN A GOOD RICH, Real Estate Brokers, 133 Dearbom-st, room LTOU SALE —The lease, fistures atd i 1 Tornltnretfa first-class boarnlng house, on Wa t<a»h-aveM between Washington and Mvdlsoa-sts., now tiled wilii bfsrdt-r* rues two y»nr* Dnm May next. WARBEN A GOOD RICH. Real Esteto Brokers 133 Pvarborc-st„ room 3. I7OH SAI E—Lease, stock and fixtures 1 c( a drug store on the NorthFUe, now doing a soodbasinrs*. Will «e lat a large disrnnnt from in *(>tce. A seed medical practice In consectlun with the shew. Aon, a nnw two-story ftame dwrlllng. brick bast- Hert, entliely new, on Pecfia-sl. Al«o. an ut\c;proved tot on Monroe-st.. nur .f-'flsr orn-rark. My ALONZO BENNETT. Rdat Enatv AeciLßi'nm 1 Yates* Building, corner ot Randolph •ml CanaSsts. - T7Oll BALE—Houses and lots, salnnns, and l*"srdlnc hou*e*, fhrrcf. (otcnUhr CUtIISTIAN A CO.. Ileal Estate and Ves sel Agents, Itwui .*l, Lind's Block, Itamldlph-st. bfidgr. iTOli SAXl3—The Block and Xinsool a Brst-rl* l * Ftmllr O-m-err Plofe, wl*h ane«lal*- fished trade. One of the b*st«tar»d* In iheelty. Ap pit to HKKSA ATRKS. No. 10 Crosby*!Opera House. IBarliiucvi*. ’irOU XfikmtS =4, d. I !, )C. life 13. W, 15 and m-N-Ma |«ows*. hew and ••‘vohu-bandi « , ha i W ahd »n“ irt-b 'f** W-WAii .8»-'ti 1* lotto) B*aib‘H»fr (?t g*b« fi'id Bd *f*. hr jalti* pi*« lldlls. HtsshM'Hi I'lato‘fs and Mab‘fi“fs. B-ilt-k'e Ml'is J?dt( Val7K=A eeri<niMmml lliiotiley l.l.l? I.' jjf. Tll/IMJIIIt lItUPAKV. __ IJ'Olt r>Al.B=lVin«Wo finil atatiorinry " #r|ir,M, J,«, m,io,]),!S »r.Jsoi.i>r»eeftWrtri l*«jv nam Marbltel'o. hi ijMW.II inrn; £fia It ftrlbed.ftninrh i iinnafi*! hul, iO lunns nns >4 fuel lia). Ml melt i ofia 111 feel Itetl, W inch: one 8 ItuM hat, Id iwh; Uite* t fwtl.oLlilath? ihfwsiS (<wlWl, U loch »wir.g-all sersw ciiuinq rfigin* lathes: two upright itftlU;lwo iron planer*: two planar and matrbtrs; one sorfarer. Al*o, aU, kind* of ma/lUnary. pump*, ifllinit amt Low. U. L. BICE it-U., 1U ami 91 Iteaitwrn-tt. T?OR KALE—Cheap—An engine of f 1 about forty bine power, with heater and con necting pipe* all tn root) order. Cat be teen In oper ation and price ascertained by callluz on lIALL & FROST. 7&7 Scoih Clark-sl. Chlcego. lU. FOR SALE—One Double Cylinder leaning and Matching Machine, one il-fnch Bar tarer. * full awortzneut of Saab. Door and Blind Ma chinery, Scroll Kawa, Wood tathe*. Ac-, Ac. Also, Iron Vatheaasd Ptanm, Uerrlman’s Patent Bolt Cui ter., Daria' Patent Dolt Fleariera—ailal manufacturers’ rrlcr*. fmrht added. Circular., rent on application. MERRIMAN A WRIGHT. 14 Welf-at,.Chicago. Eo£t anh jfmmfr. rObT— Yesterday evening, a white fan, j about the Opera ncme or on Illinois street. The finder wlllbe suitably rewarded by leaving U at USD llllroU-st. LOST— At Crosby’s Opera House, Wed tesday evening last, one ivory handle tan. The •r wIU receive a liberal reward by leaving the same at iheTritene office. LOST— A bunch ot keys, on the nng of whlcb was a plate with the owner's name«cn, craved. The finder will be rewarded by leaving them at the Pest Office. S. A. BLaKCBaBD. r OST—A young scotch bull terrier 1 j about six month* old. answering to the came of Andy. A reasonable reward will be paid by the o ■su er, at 34 North Stat&st, LOST— Tuesday evening, a white fan, about the Opera Uoo*e or on Illlnolast. The Docer will oe suitably rewarded by leaving It at 2SO lilmoU-at. LOST— On taturday night last, between Eheidon and on Randolph, orbe iwecn Jeflerion and CUntocMU, on Madison, one New York Club Skate («srrer-pUted). By leaving it at 46 State-at the finder will be rewarded. T OST—*IS.OO Keward. Lost on Sainr- JU day eTenine about 6 o'clock a pocket book con talrtße about *so.oo, between 43 Moaroe-et.. tad McVlcKrr*»Theatr», The abort reward wU be said to asy ot e leaving the same with P. COXSADIXE. .• i ffrt Irdlaca-at. personal. PEKbONAE —\oung men in the city or country who are out of employment will leara kutneUuoc to tb»lr adrsatan by eaUluxoa or ad- CrmlatJ.K. 6HAW * CO.. 186 Chicago. PEKbOXAL— The Key. b. Bussell jone«.cf Chicago, will please call or Mod bis ad* at ms w Xribue office. ®Hanteß-JHale aotMiBErEM. mPMW AD * WSiSS^^ffufiSSS^SSfc cjjro. To a manor ibonirtl tump, a/»™ nVsur osrrvd. For lortber particular* appl/ V> üBBUi OSBORN. Rot gatatc Agent. BI it. IST AH TED—AnarcliitccttiniidratwhK VV man. Applr toT. V. WAD-HIKE. Arcfuccl, Cobb’a Handing. men Dearboraat. ~W T ANTED—Three Co pj fete. Forte- VV Iher parUcolara wIdrMIIODOHAUOBSS, Van Boro. Jackson Co.. lowa. TX7"ANTED—A Bookkeeper. None VV need sppirnerptiboM ibat rta ofraemice. J. CUILPS A CO. >34 Soatb WhUtr-9U W 'ANTED—Ten (alesmen of mature aee and ciperieoco. to enlace pcnnaaezny la Dounew. Mlfcre Feb asrrisL Apdlt perapgaUy with references, to J. H. JONES it CU>, Speed I tlloc*. pearbornat.. Cblcaico. TRADES, TJITANTED —A bookbinder capable ol VV taklnr charge of a large bindery. One with iome capital, who wonldtakean Interest with Ihe E resent owner. who Is not a practical binder, pre ifrcd. Addrcas “Advertiser," Trtoaae office.» TXT ANTED—A brass monlder and fin- VV Isher to go to Peoria. A good nan, understand ing bulb bran cnee. will And stradv mptoynent.and pood wages. Apply at NOBTHWBSIBuN MANt* FACTUKISO CO., Jeirer«oa-»t. between Lake and Baadolph-fta. TXT ASTED—A miller. Steady em- VV plojment and good warn will be given to a really I ood nan. Id a city roll', Most be a good atone dreteer. Address “ANGUS," Tribune office. < WANTED— A practical bnck-maker. 'VA7 ANTED —Blacksmith A neat V» workman fbr light work. Apply at JAS. P. DALTON A CO’S.. 71 LakfrSt. _ X\T ANTED Another No. 1 Printer VV and Toner. Apply soon to O.F. WEAVEB, 157 Lafce-st.. Chicago. * ©aanteii-dFemale ?}elp. '\'\TANlED—Sit lemale compositors at \ > the Prairie Farmer Office, tO3 Lake-st. None but con potent workmen need apply. HOUSE SEUVANTN, WANTED —A girl to do general bcofework la a private family. Must be a eooa waller, Iroter and p:ato cook, ueforcnces re* qnlnd. Apply at 63 Ku*h-«t. \\ 7 AN TED—A competent cirl to do Vv gtncral housework, la a f«mily ol three. Kef creates required. 71tl Wahash-av. TXT ANTED—A good cook, washer and VV lro&er,at4oo»abaihar. iluttcomerccom mended. WANTED— A good girl to go to Har lem, 111., to do general homework. Good w»c«* will be raid. Call at 202 Jadiana-it., three doers wot of Elate-st. WANTED— A good girl to conk, -wash and Iron. Alio, a second grlrt. No Incompetent reiion* need apply. call at corner ol twenty-fourth et, and Kaptafcee-ar. X\J ANTED—A young girl to tnjco care VT rfsnlnftM. One who ha* had eso"rlence and ran bring relererres. mar apply at 207 Mlchlgan-sr., tH.|irtrn 3at d I o’clock p, pi. \\T ANTED—An American of Nome* Tv ilaaalrlludorenera) bjuseaotk la a private family, iin* iiiyhpet wajtM paM and a tootl h mie in irrH to ore who Is competeul and mlauiei Apply at 700uk'litnan-ar. »,. .. TtfANTED—A first elnss expoitcnccd VV kiHrordiiiimr ycotti amiablework., ts per wetk. App’y at 2ftl Nofihlhiljahajj. 1 ANTED—A cook ttU-U Wnbastonv. XX^ETEn—A good I’Ouk wnnlctl til VV IWMSMJIi . smart nml nollve eirl, Tv Id laky thSfdi* rtMedl«i‘ «hd g r«h rn. Call Monday Porn«r nfSlal" and Waah)iiKioii< »U. tuimt watf<aah(t*t«A>l> ampxifmaw, _ __ ... 93mploptimU ftsciulcti. \A I ANT E 0— 1,0(111 ilum to qn snuth, VT Wanes fit ip yU per month end Hoard; al»o, rhoprers, railroad men, uu<i all wantiiitf ampl-tyomM. AiulVM IflftUarKai.. Ilorma. fflCUauteti—jtirUfsrcnaufou.-tf, \ ( \7 ANTED— I To borrow—ff),ooo, tor VT rwoyrare. on Hood security onUldJ the city, Adtiros C, WILLIAMS. Drawer IllhS. Chlcatro. TTrANTED—A number ol good bnsi- TT res* men toentatilhn Insarancc Ohio snd Indiana. AddreoaP. u. Box 33S!>. Cleve laud,Q(uo, WJ ANTED A Idiwyer A good T T rhaicefm a lawyer cf ability ardanma ex ptrlrm r. Can hear ol a cood situation by addressing ••ATTORNEY,” Box-111. L&cleQc. Mo. ■\\TANTED Correspondents lor an VT Eastern paper. lawyers, editors of other lit erary pf-ntlcmcn who are accosturned tJ write t t the prrs*. and who are familiar wUh commercial and other practical subjects, may here Rod cmployroeit tortn*lrleisuremomema. AddressP. O.GnxiBUH, stalloß where an interview mar he had. Applicants will p ease turolsh aapecltncaoC their style of wri tlrg. sr give rctereocor. WJ ANTED— SISO wr montn warrant- V V ed-actlve person, ladles or eenUemen, every where, local or traveldns, to tntrodcce a new tnven tica Jnsi out, fully equal 13 the tewing machine and ot general utility. Those who wa-.t business call early. Can be seen tor a tew days ontv at Nj. 47 Weal cor. of Clinton—f. W. oia-ter'a boardinghouse. FRANKLIN T.BttOWN, Travelling Agent. "WJ ANTED—Day boarders, at Gilbert's VV Dining Rooms. 46 and4SClark-st. TUotxat place to board In the city» \TJ ANTED—Businessmen in Mmne* VV aota and In Centrat and Southern Illinois, tor a first class huiineaa. Profits large. Article m nnlver. aslileiuaro. Can be made at home. CanlLal fram fSO totiU>. or will trace for good property. 128 Lake-st, A. C. BROWN & CO. WJ ANTED —To Trade—Some Wjan- VV dotte City (Kansas), lots for any kind dry goods or ctU<T property. Apply at No. 192 South Clark-«t. WM. GRIFFITH A fcO. WJ ANTED—AII that want gold. Tv greenbacks, or money In acy shapr. to mil on cc, acdl»lU show ynn the beat thing to make money on that has yet mac within the vision of man: no homong. toot» elapl- article that every family most have, and every dol'ar InveatM U saw to craw a prize. ApDlv, nr address. with stamp, CHARLES MESSENGER, OS Waahlngton-sL, Coots 3. Chicago, IBlnols. TXT ANTED—Alimitcd number ot pn- V? pll» for the guitar. Inquire at 176 East Mad- SGL-4t- TXTANTED—SU,7OO tor five years, on V T rood real estate security, intlde business prop erty. Will pay ten percent p*r annum. Nocoamls slob. Address “MONEY,**Tribune office. TXT ANTED—To Purchase—The lease VV and fixtures of a suite of lodging rooms, o-a lesseofasnuenfrooxs nnlhreUbed, centrally loca ted. Add rets Hot 201N Chicago, 111., TXTANTED —Parties bavmc hemsesand VV lots to rent or sen to call on CHRISTIAN 4s CO., Rea! Estate and V»«9el Agents. Room 3 Lmd*a mock. Randolph-st. bridge. TXrANTED—To purchase a Noinrial V V • Commission. Inquire of e. F. ADAMS, Pen sion Asnunoiibwcatccrner Madison and Dearborn* sts n Chicago. TXT ANTED—Bo’diera to call and sec ft checks received inoavtrentcl ftOQ additional bounty. Advances made on good claim*. A. GOODRICH. Attorney a: Law. 126 Dear horn-at.. Room g. \\J AN.TED —Ladies m wantot reliable V> servant*, with city refereccrs, can be supplied at MRP. D. PRATTS EMPORIUM, No. 130 6onth C srk-*t. WT ANTED—By a young widow, a VV good home, where *he can be happy and stnveto make acme one happy too. Address *-H 1. T.** Chicago Post Office, for three days. TXT ANTED—Lady correspondents, by VV a geat'eman of twenty-six, with an Income of not above #3.OU', and whose flirting days are over, wvbavirw iomvrimony. Must be of pleating man errs and reasonable ••xivcclatlons, possess an amisnlc CUposKlcn, and good sense. Address “A M X," Post Office. LJoacbing T>OARDiNQ—One larijc nnrarnisbed U Don! room and a large ItoruGhed room, suitable for two ccrtlcmen, or gentleman andwin*.caa be «b. talnei. with first class beard, at 2SR lUlnois-jt, North Division. v T3OARDING—Two or Uirec gentlemen, ±) or man and wifi*, can b»arrommo<latcd wither'd board andfirat-cIMS looms la private family, at l3tl Tbitdav. TJOARDING—Amencan Exchange Ho- I J lel.corcerol North Wei's and Waler-sU., Nich> la* King. Proprietor. Wanted. TO boinicr*. Fir.'t ciss* acccmmodatinr-s oiftbd most reasonable term*. Bay l*o»rd, #4 pcf wetk. TJ^AHDING —Cnmlhrtable rooms and I y first elaa* tmanl fl>r famlije* an t single gentlemen. Also, cay bonders taken at jOUEart Adams.*!. I>OAUDINQ—At Nallnnal Hotel, one J> blcvek wes* of Court House, forn»r Wa'hington and Wei's-s's. Good ttioros In rent Inr lirallles. or sin gle reoms, with first-rate board, from M to 113 pet wrek Transient beard at fladir. Tnis Is a good house InrtMvsiterti. being near all (he railways nud central for business. A call Is solicited. IVOARDINO— By the day of Week, at y 43 Fonth Clark-si. Otwd board b'teh. Wafrd yalfif JoTtSk'iSß. ‘“_ b "*■ • IJOAIIDiNC!—To, wtlll IlnnlM, 0 J!) flnhl frv*ni) SilJUttle Ohs rtf two genltehleih I eitns teas-jhablg__ltqijlle aW Hi Mioidgatj-ay. II OAirDI’A a=A Fjilrli'ltil elmiillier with .1 I Host>L Of huClihisite*!. |i,f |,U: ilfhiahsMl Wifi- Of fMIF Utiil'e ‘‘ail Its ylu tfliiiwl w> MO Futmti-ars. I>OAliniM)=Two or Ihwnenilrmen, l,> /•! ssntlsiitm. and wM«, egq fln'LQieqsahi r-> 'jus. *IM. hoard, imJ'/lMis iiKllr. » k'ifUi Muf« gsli it, o gyeflisPiluslfeatfiaM. TJOAltDlNO—Mevernl gmllenmn .Jnv llUarder* rinimgfo .mmo.taMMNn, |U Mnarfi* «t, fna pflviie family, {{cfttfu.cai eachangtd. I)()AIII)1N(I—Two boarders, gentle D qi»nanri wile, nr two cenUeman. In a prlraiu family, at UOU South Desplaloewt., one biocg trout meet cars, T>OAHDINQ With pleasant rooms, I I lor four young men, where there are 10 other ,carrier*. No. SOD booth Peoria-*:., one block of Jadl*oc-*t. cart. 13 CARDING—A pleasant front room, ll withbedroem attached, suitable for gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, at 301 West Ran aolpb-st. T> OARDIN G—A pleasant room, with 11 board, for two young mm, alao a ilngie room to let. Reierencee required. Appiy at 17 Plne-»t., North Bide. BOARDING— Board in a private iam liy. Pleasant *olu of furnished or untarnished rooms fuj eentleman and wife, of two single gentle* men wilting rooms together. House new and newly furntsacd. a Itn modern Improvements. 64 Parfc-av. BOARDING— Mrs. S. Ludlow would announce that she has taken hotsessloD os those convenient and commodious rooms *295 Michlsan-st wl ere the Ls prepared to accommodate* sew gentle men ana their wive?, or slnde gentlemen agd single ladles, whe will find good board and a quietaome. TDOABDIK6—Two gentlemen can find JJ» pleasant room and good board at 301 Stste-st, in a private amuy. J HOARDING—Two pleasant rooms, J with board and home, wofcwtherf.are no other arders. Terms reaaonshle. 21*2 Sebor-sU sear Bine Isiand-ar. car*. "DOARDING—A suite of rooms, also I * one sircle room to Jet. with board, at 133 bash-ar. RtMrmces required. "DOARDING —Pleasant rooms and Jj boatdma? behadatll'2 E^* -AdaniMt. Day boarders can also be accommodated. T3OAKDING—A nicely famished room JD to rent with board, ior and wG* or two gent*. Also a few dsy baarcer*. X 57 ’ Wabaab-av. _ T*nApniNO A larce unlurnished DtMl* solicited^ t^oaRDLNG —A nicely mnushed ftont KV„,suTi>lt.olo lor > ctoOemnn nulirtro onro iSlfloi! wS? SOSorUiBal.WMt. =T-> O A RDEN G —'l ickels can be had at 6t. 13 cSiVtsTicrt9S la cowd fur *1 meals. ST. CLAIR A STOKE. —OABDING —A respectable yotmg post Office. T> OABDLNG—Gentlemen wishing a Opiewaot borne, with diaa«;. caa find utjaddreaalii* » novo ‘*D W.^TrlbonsOffice, gUMrions %lant«r HALES - CTUATION—Wanted O booster* r. Can refer v» runi.-I h*p. „ “ \oik. Afldna* **T,~ Bo -t beeper. Tnhnm'; j B»*a.. SITUATION—Wantea—IiTT'TTf' O «on home, eitber u M<* % rnnn* man of aoort koala,*, f!*V a QITUATIOK—WanI ed—Bv^i kJ P«lenccc jMokkmtr. Very '{-a* I ftreo. AOdifii Ü B. B." Trioaaa pare. - ,tf? « QITUATiON —Wmlod^AiTT^r Q lnaptlT»tafmmnr. Good Fflerence. FleMeadareM • OmjATION— Wanted— Aa li anmelu* pcxubeb. Addreu b u v« 4*26. city. u " 1 •0. { QITUATION—Wanted-By O ecnyesra old lowers lo store or'm- .”•£ horse sad cow or nuke himself useful aVvn u*» AddtcraW. BAY.TribuneOffice. SITUATION—Wanted—Hy O mao. In a drug store of this cm one who rsacquantrd wph UiobuMncsa bo-*..* 4 ly and theoretically,aod who has the S gcndaMocr. Address A. S. V. M. at Tr'Vj-. %\t FEMALES. C ITCATION—Wanted—As ruwT O bomcieeper. Can famish satWsm.-r as to ability and character. inquire At 3S;j jj?, SITUATION—Wanted—To diT^T Cr hocsevcrk la a small tatally Birrs work in a private family. Apply *t ■ • bonnie-av.. North Side. * 1 *‘ J 6 C CITUATIONS—Wanted—Bv ' O (consics).one tocrokaod work. Can totnlsh recctnmencatinns \ 0 $5- to it c country. Address ‘ , slAUY. ,, Ttiban-<j-* : f SITUATION—Wanted—A fi * : - O and to make children's cl the*. i,r » % lsdy.lo a private family. Caflbe&rtiat isi'iJ: tf it-. West Sice. ‘•» 1 S CITUATION—Wanted—To leach "i, O pleasant finally, by a lady of exp»ne~rr v. Jecllon to going a short distance in t*i- rV..' Gcod reference given. Address P. o. pq X SITUATION—Wanted—A ladv vrAi a sltnsllon for self and daughter tn a hml t‘ to do all kinds ol sewing, the oihcr for r»r-.';.. csro ol children. Address by note, MBs. ILllutisi 314 West Madison. MUy - SITUATION—Wanted—As a sticun O ami lo be general/ ostial aboat a botue. a■ v p.O. Dpi 1.180. “ SITUATION Wanted—l]v a niTT lO tk«l lady as ladles, or sick nurst'.*w; n . >—j tu co either. Apply at 07 mod Islatil-j?. CITDATION—WnnIed—A . kjwants a blare to do chamber worsani **i- Arrly at if 74 Imliuna-su North Side. ' agents ffliHaiUco. A GENTS—'UW»I— I THE aM f/ -CTkCAK CONFLICT, A 111 miRTOF 1 UKu-> HPPKLLION. 1 r UORiC* (IBKKLET, U ftr.i In two volume*. and read* n»r den»»rr V’ wanted mev«ry loan In the We«t. Ar* rJ«ht todeilvcr vul. 11. are requested (.» ord«r* limimllately. GEO. <k c. W. BUFUU<>.ii> i> Madiccn-st., Chicago, 111. 11 A OENTB-AVnDIcU—JS per ETi S\ arteed or money rflTiidrd. Apph »< . V.. L s . CATfIROI’, JR.. No. Ml M. V! Iwk-. W: t Ctatcsao, or Office No. 4 Lyman's Him e. i - A OENTW—Rilled— Now book. jv f XX Blin k fflosl wonderful Mti .rr t .,., , * Ink performed with |tmnni'« HLC'-e«« In ail n t - ; pie thealtrs Ihtotiahmil On* VMIM t scti( otirerefptt'lMteule free by nia'l,»,/ U, r it ', £ U ,, Wi,nß_llieiilttauotr i ’ ' i J % A UliN allied—To sell rt w\ nrK (■ x.l TtltU#, Which flif heailiy id design fl>»| H,l. f. ta»lyf|*!k}Urpa»i eujlhlfii In mafliM. Tc n. 'nf-rv, b eta lid* u ah rpt'iiftniiny * \ gneratiipa(omlivoprrceni i.i» P fij^i, „n,„,... \ V Wt* hUVs. .iVjvmaMW# ready, rah'h. iY. iikMuriU . I.HhcaraHief and htVmhcr, do rini,. cdhpi nr narli. * 1 * ’ A (JENTH=lVnmr7l I •pic- i 1\ STAIKS I'llNTlNfeN V\* i-.w \ MV«j«SH£ i oS ! ailli (hemap. n'h|IIVM.V ihachcapr*' s'‘t „ , MlraUln mafw (n «h« w..r d, A>1«U»« MihlU'l'Ui'.v _ (•»».. |-lh l-akf m„ (’hlfatfo, A aull Rip Wn. / V wife t!p'the» Uua m *va»y Town and i' \n- \ -i (itoT'pllni Males, ran alcar kid to I'it, pur ,f . l; drree kIKIAM-IC fl-UTHtin LINK CO.. Uj ’o:,, •i. i icvriaiui, nnto, A(iENTB— TTnnled—Two nr three w* In each county, to acllhy sample, mv I‘airr.t Nest. 'Dicse wlllll dto work h*r spied wsiiis drees C. O.UdfULLL, Yellow lle»i, llllcioia AGENTS Wanted ln a ft fll.Vde tins, d«s», » hero 1100 to I .to mr m nn ru • easily be made. Aourcsa V. Cl. I-RIMIOKUIo, (>3Ol, P. 0., Chicago, 11U and Room 3.T. Sp r ;i U.ocs. A GENT—Wanted—New book, *!T r\ raptrtiy. Or p asent sold tt In one d»y. ,\.;,.rr . ‘•kFNT. • 312 Eut Madlsun-«L, cr call and llcnlara. A GENTa—TVanted—ln all parts i i thi* . r\ country, to sell “inEIHSTORT OF xucaimi i LINCOLN” and the ••OVERTHROW OF SLAVKUr; f lu one vol., cl < ver 'OO pagrs. By ITos. 1. S Sr: j, late member cfC:ngre>a.aTd lor over »e>-.| : cjnfldcutlal irlend ot &Jr. Lincoln. This w rt t:i Justheen completed, and «U 1 meet a want t- l; i < r cry intelligent citizen. It presents C-atum have not appeared in any other worr. Tit? l>vr Ctaronlcir, or Washington, says: “’ll will i charartcr and held a place beyond anything t« pr dnred.** For territory ard terms, address t\- j-> lisheis, CLARKE & and 89 Chicago. A GENTSr—^Wanted—Lsd>es autl kt- J-\ tlemcn fhrongliotu tno West to jetbvv* tt “Tibd atd True." The commission paid isiati*. art! (he book is one of the be-t selling wort* Send tbr tcini* to W. J. HOLLAND A CO.. US lo bard Block. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell the Gen- J \ nine Bartlett Sewing Machine (price the Improved New England Family Sewing M I 'iNrs (price *18). ttctbcf lhca« Machine* are tally i.c-tj-v.- Adilrrs* or call epon W. DEJ.OSS A CO.. Rh»::i **. rot Office Bio, k. Chicago. IU. partners ffijaantcti TJAKTNER —'Wanted—With a capital X of VttO or to tike equal lMc?r»t Jr ah » iat>ll«bed baalneaa. Apply at 153 ularx-u.. U-n-a PARTNER —Wanted—A suitable mac, wltb#LGOOtc t-VUGO. can make a pr-'t e>i*f.* tjrrtlr.Q ic & Well established auction business tai» U safe andinre. To tianve % mdy addrc'A. wt’.i:-»t name; AUSTIN. office Chicago Poet. V>AUTNER—Wanted An intelligent J young lady. as partner, to star: a im%ii*fy >-J nsw«»*orc,on Mate-sl. |SOO to #350 imilio-U Aa drew C. D. McFAKLAND. PARTNER —Wanted—To bnr a oac* half Interest m a ratoon and Ml!!*M r.-cnsi naCJ establish'd at,d crntraiiy lorau«i cu Derb-ri Capital required. about #7OO. Apply at|.Vl C~.ark-?u, Reem 5. PARTNER—Wanted—With SIS,CW A #3O,CCO cash capital, either sllentorac' \ commission atm shipping bu-taeea. well e***M-VJ. Address “W U G,” tribune office, giving rv.»i tu'. Ccstct referenced required and given. PARTNER —Wanted—A go<xl lm?i --1 ncea man, to take a halt interest and pci ruanent bu-dnees, that w 111 pay #i* o per ri jni. Capital required, #S». Call at 310 slate-?!. PARTNER—Wanted—With *.“OU. In a A light, profltabl- that cannot he Address dAMhS. care Boa 83. stating where i: later rtew may be had. PARTNER —Wanted—An expfncnre-I 1 salesman, with # LOCO to tS.CGC. can ftrritlnaa established hnstness wiilrh wilt jnv.>»,r / IWpercenton InvcsTmeat, with no rluc. l»o •irel'r- ' cm es given and rt-qnlred. Address. w)lh canie, t-.i Cortcsponbrnce lilanlrt WANTED Correspondents for «n Enstery pap;r. Lawyers. ed)tiinor»:h*r liv erary rcctloi cn who ate aercstomrd to f«r ih # press, and who arc familiar wuh cam*re?-tV v l ether practical subjects, asy heretfnd emp’ovitert lir thnr leisure uoircnts. Adorns P. o. liux iHOli. stance where an Interview mat- be had. ApvHwr,?* will please inrt l*h a specimen of their style o: vrntloi orglvertfeiencca. CORKLSI’ONDENLE Wauled A A young lady of beir&ty, rcflnemeul aid gool ■tacdinc in socieir would like male cotrvap •. * ro«SfsM*.l or *imtlsr “qnallflcauons.” AM re-* “CLARAOfcLLE,” CtdcscoP. O. Ural iSstatc—ConniTP. trALE—Tlie subscriber nfiers l> r . »»ie bis rtsldHcce In Elgin. It la olea*a*Uv sttn al»d, fine'argf natural iha*ir tree*, cord r.ird*-! f "'t tree*, wcil and cistern, Ac.; Is c'-nvenlent to Die Kigiu Acaccmv: Is coosniend the batdsome-t mac* 'i Elgin, price fj.TOO: fi.tCO Oovo.baUnce on Urn*, if diMml. A 'lWr*! *-W-untfor ailcsMi down. cr adores* L. 11. TaRWooD. er consult lI.S.YHi WOOD, l(IH Wa-hbgtm-st., Chicago. FOR bALE—I2O,OCO acres ot choice •end In Jrrqnuis ami Ford Count!**. 111..0n 1.8. R.. from on*- to twelve n>l’**s from fine town*— * n*Tg«, Buvkiey. Ltd a anrt Paxiwi. Drive fjnm #1 i» #l2 per acre, cash, balance In three equal re«rl ? p n • tnents, 6 percent. I hare an tlllrc at loda. where !»- A.i earsor*.wl?h evodtesms, ran hePimul. l>. K. PEABSUNB. tiff Raodulph-iL. Cnlctao, or I. d». Iroquois Cr.. HI. li*OU BALE—Farm* lour miles eol Irom L'-ckoorL RL, In Tankes PeU>ni?id- s a acrea orsl-class prairie, 50 seres best tl-uVr Well letjftd *f d cblfltaierl. New Iwo-storr house l-r?l, and klicheu J9tl3. Brief did well. Oirhard over :*o trees 'n m RuehfOet Nutsefr—anb p*sra. A--. Bath 1R«0, Pike f*.yA W duwh, balnn*** one vjl (wo tsars,■wltliliile'esL Apidr t>» THOMAS CHii • MEli?, ?«bt. Fugle Wolks Maburaildrlhg C *., Bor ftphl). of NO. .INI-BHal si. Foil BAI.E=A infill ol IliO ntfos, witli- Ittid fAllfoad Mail d 11 miH Irn?'- Chleaeo. tfell wqlrfed, gi«H| bdildlMSs, lUtfV'i tTldl Ow,, aii'l #|i>f |i«d with fiOsf*: Wu**»i» »Mb "f w pboM i;<iwsi Alsu Bid aefs*. HdjoßtJtrf (!'“ above. In >rtl»io stih tutieiHsef*. Amdif a( ioft hiiifig »l. l/OJt hAXI?“Of Fxeiiftmw hir him* I’ eMn*ii|>s, li»rd*ar«* i>f«h<r/Pi|,' <#bi : w>ii, i«>* ni,shh-i si'irs, waifhi.ii.siit i rs>,i|iij ll.itAhcf BIM'IIPI. ce»cf«)»;U*h.i*ai..|n.fs«J bft>»e.L*nii MBlmpruveit (asrda Hhd UldlUid U c '*s, (.e»f ranruid, Hitdlf t-*f hv.qlqpn addtcia A, t,, tUUhK. Watyan, Hi. yOU A, P. HTiltney « Co, I* h 7 Wa*hmainn-«i, arms in auyqmmio-, u»js audMuaU, in dlhurfiU parts of Flllr.ol*, aoaie nnu fruil farm* near Cenlralti, AIM, llmuea and I.o'. Il me rlly and at Kenoann. Ahnnt four acres of !*•>•'» Pinprny r n enolh l-rain h, near Archer road bridge. S or Sale. T7OK sAi.K—Schooner A. O. Morey. A 1 rates s 3. 18.500 bu capacity; schooner Scandin*- vian.rate* A 2, 14,010 bn capacity? schooner Hacl:c, tales B 1,13,1(4 ba cat acity; tebooner s. G. Andre**, ratce b I, U,u(o on capacity: schooner ffir. F. Allen. lat'sßl.lApaJbacaoacUy; hrte City of Er!», rate* b i, l',o m lumber on less than 8 feet of water, iruti’iore vesses are all laid ao lu Chicago River, and fjr «.c by C. J. MAGlLL,corner cf Well* and South Water «»„ Chicago, m. li'OK SALE—The entire Allures ot tbe r old Academy of Mn*lr. on Waablngtoti-dt. Tm* fixture* consist in pert of me stage scefiery aailiaa* chlnery for working the sam*. Also, the Mttcw. gallery, stage fixture*. Ac- This le a good and r» « opportunity for any one starting a malt thea tre in the country, or the i'tu could be used tor school, church, oraiatrlatjnnroom*. The above will he sold very low. W. B. SAMX*SO>\ IScoa 3, Metropolitan Block. P*OK fc-ALE—Closing out Sale—All the stock of goods W store con er Clark and Wash imrcon-sts,ksown asLcwes's Baxaar.tnust beclowd out wlthc-nt delay. Those wishlcc elegant and n«etol arilclesatpriniecoststoald avail themselves of toe oppormlty. Twoc'erki w*ntrt_ My Agency tern roranly at game place. 6. W. SEA. SALE—Brandy eleven years old, * Gin cine, and Old Bye sever. Also, 'Free Lunch from 10 to 13 M. at United States Headquarters, Union Stock Tams. P. UALDWKLL & HBOa. Also, one ot the best Itqnor stands In Chicago, sad the oldest. Ap ply as above. "CJDK SALE.—To he removed soon.— r The Double Frame Dwelling on near Bcacb-st. 6Ue. mam part, 4is*3 tl~, two stories: id dl:lou. 3>xX2 ft ImmedUte po*»e»«ion. Inquire ot MEKRY H. TAYLOR. 33 Sooth Canal-st. "DOR SALE—And to Rent—A pro* X fitable matotscturlng ba*tness of a staple a»tlcl - .* fer »alc. Al*o, Store and Office to rent. Apply to 207 Chicago. Uoatii SJElantcß. T> OAHD —By lour young gentlemen, iltwo nicely famished rocma, vita board, lo aflm <lll3 printe family where there are do other Point er*. uneiceptloiatfe reference* jnven if desires. yenth Side preferred. Adcree* “D.* Box 1463. T> OARD —By two young gentlemen, Fj with fun: Uhed room, laapmateamHy.wbero they can bare tb« comforts of borne. Ooodmbmeea gtv- o. ArtdfPM ••J. C. W’ T. O. Box 13*6. i. OARD—By a gentleman and write in a fi fkmUy orwbere there are fact fey haard tn. Wsst aUttoarcoa aad bedroom, or eae targe ror io» ndurntabed. location mu it be good and ooa- V-nient Addrea* “5," Poet Office BK SM.