Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 28, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 28, 1867 Page 1
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FROM WMHim Action of the Ways and Means Oommitteß on the Tariff and Tax Bills. Sub'CounmUee Appointed to Con sider the WhUkey las. Veto of the Colorado and Nebras ka Bills Expected. Statement of Disbursements on Account of Indians fur tbe Fiscal Year 1866. FROM SFRINGFISLD. Another Warehouse Bill to be Eeported To-day, The Two Committees on Slate Institutions Visit Jacksonville. Ceneral SUeridan Refuses to iliorr Public Honors to a Dead Rebel General. Tlie ludiuiis of tl:e Florida Ever glades Refuse to Give Up Their Slaves. I4TFR FROM HEXff.O, VI4 SAN FRANCISCO. Juarez Expects to Occupy the City of Mexico In March. FUO3I IVASIIISGTOX. [Special Detpalch lo the Chicago Tnbunc.l Wasiiisoton, January 27. THE WATS AXT> OtEAKS COXMITIF.E were in session three or four boms ycsltrday, ln vebligatiu? the details cf the Internal Revenue ad imuhiratjon. The only question decided was that nuking tnc ir.come exemption 51,fb0 instead of sf?i( i. The tax oh incnafaclurere has been dl enss cd, but no conclueion will be reached till tbe -cen nte has finifcheu the larifi bill. The taller measure has been informally considered by the committee in aider to be repoitcd on as soon as possible after it comes ttom the Senate. It is tint Improbable that the Tax Bill will beheld buck till the Uuirhas been finished n the Uoosc. A BECKETAUT OP ACCICULTCUB. Tbe bill repotted In the liou»e yesterday by the Committee on Agricultnre proposes o raise \Le AgricnUura? Bureau to an Executive Depart ment, thereby adding another member to the Cabinet. The propositi Secretary of Agricultnre will hare about the same position os tbe Com missioner of Agriculture. It is probable the ulll ■w ill not pass rt:U session. nix jumciAtrv cosomrcc. I have the best possible reason fur stating that the House Judiciary Committee have not for mally or Informally examined any witnesses. Tbe Committee ou OadJcntry have recently taken ihe opinions ard advice of three or four promi nent officiate on matters In connection with the Assassination Committee, which Uo* mined to tbe confusion. The Committee arc, however, pre paring lor Investigation. TBE rntuc LA3TOS. Hie Bouse Committee on i’ubac lands have agreed to report a motion eiiendlogihe pi ivil •gca oJ the Homestead l-aw to negroi s ana whiles for an Indefinite period. Tnc hill excluding rebels liom Its benefits expires nest mouth. THE KOHJNATION OP COWAN win not be acted on by the Foreign Relations committee (111 the freei'lenl sends in Cbe corrce poudencc between the State Department and Minister Motley, called for last week, tie ha* little chance (or confirmation. gov. onn's views. Governor Ore expresses the opinion mat If Con gress *nctcuds in its conflict witnthc Dresidcat tic hcuili mutt submit with the beet since possi lle. OOTERNOU PAUSOXS* COURSE. It i= ct def stood tbut Governor run-ons’ course n guiding the Consiitoiloaal Amendment is in riccorasticc with inaticctloLs.from admiaistraiion circles. - GOING UOKZ. He delegation ol North Carolina Colonists reive for home to-morrow. They have been here for two week*, and have concluded, alter inter views with leading Kepubhcoiis. that the amend ment ulli be dedaied ratified when tUrcc-rourfbe. of ibc loyal Stales bare ratiucd it. A. DKKCCUATIC VIEW OP DOOLITTLE'S DUTT, The Democratic Sunday organ says, apparently l>y authority, that Doolittle's plain duty, iu spue vf instructions from the Wisconsin Lsgt-huate, is io continue in office and not resign, ihe Legisla ture is characterized as mean and selfish. AN IXXJIAN OELEGATIOX. A delegation of iwt-nty-eii sions ludians have arrived hereto makcatreaiy granting the righi of war over their tands. A CASE VNPEII THE CIVIL HIOIIT3 ZULU The first case in this district involving tho scope ot me Civil night* Dill will be heard before the full bench o the Dimmer Supreme Court on Tues day. it neceoiutes a decision as io the force of 3tarylax:d laws iu iliis city. The I'ivstdvni can hold t*<e Colorado and Ne braska Bib’s riily two days more; but bis friends Ci ucmlly give out a veto.and that It will be seat la ro-moirow. DISBrnSENENTS ON ACCIDENT OP INDIANS. ■\\ AsmsiiTON, Jar.nary-T.—AuUiemcnl of dis bursements on account of Indians for the dscai year of IfW, was .-enl to the s.-nate yesterday by rbe Second Auditor. T'lere are IW Items. Six.y •eight of there Items are tor futuUiing treaties with ss many tribes, a few of winch arc a-* tol.owa: Chippenaa ct Mississippi -rl'W.,otr,; Creeks. sH7,h9tl; DlccktV-t, ill.; G: i'oitawatlvwuics, %UluO: construeiion of wagon ro-Ms lu tdajo, ?loutvna. and Nehrdika—cast. iuS,Udf; pay of pay of Tuterprciers, besides this. Ct'>j,oAl was tequtred for provisions and clothing-tor destitute Indians <jftfie enjseiiatena-nry. FKOil SriUMa'rlELD. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trthnne.J SraiNr.ntXD. Illinois, January 27. tuz new WAnsnocas bill. The ttb-comnulice appoioted from tbc S.nnte Committee on Ilstlroads, to whom was referred the tw o Chicago WarUiouse Bills, have very near ly agreed upon a compromise LIU They will bo ready to report to-morrow. It w ill be very nearly identical wuh the t ill reported by Senator East man, and known as the Anti-Monopoly Dill. The variations are but sllchL The only details ■of tbc bill cn which the committee bare not fuiiy agreed, arc those i elating to the application of the law to small or country eievatore. A compromise of this diceicuce will probably be agreed to, Uy which all towLs and cities, wherein thj storage capacity is ]e<-s Uisu one million bushels, tball he extropud Irom the penalties ol the laws. As re potted, ike bill wul undoubtedly pass, VISIT TO rat STATE INSTITUTIONS AT JACKSON VILLE. The two Committees on State Institutions vis ited the State iufcliiuUonsat JackeonviJicouSat urday. They were kindly supplied with ao extra train for the purpose by tbs mauasemeat ol zhe Gn at Wes Urn llallroad. On reaching Jack t solvUlc tbc committee were taken Into an ck-goni six-borsc sleigh and conveyed to the Deal and iinmb Asylum, where they were regaled with a Mimptuom* breakfast. After listening fur an hour oi two to the examination id the paplis In ibis InstJtntlou, they repaired to the School for Idiots, ibc Inspection of thu •ckool was of a deeply interesting character, and mace a very favorably Impression upon the minds <,r the committee. Thence the committee repaired -to the Insane Asylum, ana after a two Hours' ex amination of that mfehtuiloa. repaired to toe Kina Asylnm, where mey were entertained by Dr. Kboad.’s with a bountiful supply. The con dition of all ol these institutions received ibe highest commendations from all the committee, and (bey will recommend to the General Avscmb’y to make tbc necessary appropriation for their sr.flntnnicnt during the coming two years. The addition to the Insane Asylnm U nearly coin cided, and will be ready for occupation by the Ur»l of June next. The hospital will then have a •capacity for five hundred new patients. On Ibrlr way lo this city tbc committee organised and parsed resolution." of thanks to the officer* of the ■ <Jreat Western Jtailroid, the citizens of Jackson ville. and the officers ol the dttlcrent Stale Institu ilona, for the courtesies exumoed to the com znlUce. Tax vaxxwEix cdstkstxd suction cass. The Committee of the House on Eectioos were engaged ou the Tarewel) County conicstcd case. Considerable tectiuiony waa taken, but no ucw facts cllchcd. The Commluee will meet again on Weduesdav'evening next, and win theu make up ihcir decision. Tocre can scarcely be a doubt Hint the scat will be awarded to Mr. Sellers, the j>rvacui cccupant. rue Chicago rotirrcnNic school. The friends of 100 Chicago Polytechnic School *ay they feel confident of being anic to carry that measure through the General Assembly according i o the terms of tbclr bill. FBOJU NEW ORLEANS. Allamln Florida—A Bcmnant of Sla very Colonization Scheme* « on* dltlon of the Precdmcn-Tronble at Fcrnandlna—CasUimut Kccelpu for the Week) etc. Nrw OmxASB, Jannary 26.—An official letter from Florida eays the Indian* of the Evergladrs bavc determined to keep toe necrove la tbc>r tribe as slaves, den'lug white men's laws os np pllcahlo to them on tbe subject of siaverf. Toe negroes claim tbeir liberty, and bare appealed U tbe military for assistance. It ’■* odldallr reported that tbe freedmeo ihronghom Florida are renewing coutiact* lo large numbers ana are uttering lands, rberc was a large cmicraliuQ iron Norm Carolina an l Virginia for the purpose of obtaining work or colonltlcgon the 8U Johns Rlrar, on tk« n»Oo thereof General Ely bad arrived from Hoith Carolina wllh BUJ frecanteo. Xt«e celaahuri >ll mnciea iu tbt aooiberti pari of tha Hwte a*ca*d unpopular, tod a dtOlcoltr occurred la Fenian, December mb, (bo cHUbjh re-lai tog the sclruro by the dU«<I(T of scare property tint bad Iwen fiola for Uifif. Ta fchcim was driven o(T« and apueded lo lee Oovs> nor for a military force, Th* Governor Having o-» men, asks the interference of the uultei Mute tnoopa. Colonel Sprarue. who ha* charge of the latter, declined, ana the Governor has applied t«* the P.eaidrnt. All was quiet and # be untbande* w ere awaiting injunctions from Washington. The receipt* from emdorns for the weex ending ttifl ere tmootired f 182,80* in fold. FROM HEW YOKE. hrpsrtnn or Fenian CiileCi for'Oarre- Damage* Tor Breach of Promise—S«n- KQced for* Kobbtnc the n«Oi-hab« Committee Appointed u> Consider the tVlihUey Tux—Arrested for Swladllns: —ScHcq* Railroad Accident—Arrival of Foreign Steamers—A Ferry Company In tic. New Yobs. January 27.—ITjere were hut few cares of violation of the Excise Law before the Coon* ycstercay. licenses are freely applied for andyranted. s?fx Chiefs of the Fenian organisation left yes terday for Havre, giving unproLonncable names Stephens Is supposed to be one ©flue naming. cj Airs. Mary JJ. Johnson obtained, yesterday, damages lu the sum of $1,950, agamst Thomas Johnson, for a breach of promise of marriage. in Brooklyn, Benjamin B. Miller, convicted of stealing letters with checks in them, while pass ing-through the port-office, was yesterday sen tenced to ten yean*' Imprisonment fti Sing Mug. George S. William, too Virginia Clcrgymm. arrested last November tor picking ibe pocket of a ladyuia Broadway stage has been held. The case Is scot to the Grand Jury. 'Jbe T.tne» Washington special says the Ways end Means Committee yestoday appointed Messrs.Hooper,Allison,ana Manana san com mittee to consider tbe subject of the whiskey tax, nitb Instructions to report early next week. Wm. H. Hughes, a North Carolina merchant, arrived yesterday under ancst, onihochsrgo of banner obtained 56,500 worth of goods from lead ing New York firms on false pretences. An accident occurred on the Mormon & Esses Railroad, New Jersey, yesterday, between Mil- : v&EE*mgere more or ices braised. Tbe locomo tive at a curve jumped ibo rails and threw toe . train, down an embankment. Tbe steamships City of Boston and Ilecla. from IJtcipool, arrived last night. Tbe former brings Cork paper* of the 17th instant. No news. 1 lie Santiago de Cuua, from Greytowa, arrived ’o-duy. v.ith San Francisco dates to the slb ins-taut. „ . . ibe Grand Jury of Hudson County, N. J.» have mode a presentment against tbe Wehawkcn Perry . ompany. on the ground that It only runs one coat, which, being old and roJeo, endangers tbe <ives of passengers; lhat sheep and boss are turned into tbe gentlemen's cabin: that the ladies* iabiu, besides bavins the walls covered with Inde cent caricatures ana writings, is need as a ota-jk i:" loom, ana rain pours through the root as if a eive. FROM ST. LOUIS. csitiotlro MniterN-Prora tile Plains— Ait Indian UnrTbrcatcocd-Slx .Hen Browned white AUunipilng to Croaa me MlMHiurl-luolan JBclegntiona cn route Tor WusUlnsiuß. Sr. Louis, January 27.—The lower house of the U-giriaiurc has a proposition before it to abolish .hrr.Ciccof I’nblic Punter and establish a Board .if J’nblic Printing of the secretary ol >Liw, Auditor, aad tTreasurci. who shall award Jit printing to the lowest bidder. Ihe House istFid a resolution to appoint acommlueetoin •jUiic into the exorbitant rales of freight ana lore on railroads lu Ibis State, and report abll) .or the government of such matters. lie ll*j>vbhc<tn'a tit. Joseph special says ad .icu,« from the ITainsand mountains report ih-‘ gieat body of the Indians moving southward. Old Indian figtters say this means war—that tbe ii.dians have knowledge of (be troops which are being sent out, and so Utevare moving south ;uu d too Den the war in that less protected re gion, hut when the troops an- sent alicr ili-m they will cive them ibe slip, da:U north again, md pread murder am! devastation upon the region :nus nncoureo. Lons, January SO.—A moil agent on the North Missouri Railroad reports taut six men, passengcis on tbe uonhwcbC bound train were drowned while attempting to tbe Mhxouri iriver, through Ihe ice, at SU Charles, on Friday moiuiug. The ire- Was too heavy for the ferry t>oal to ran: but these men bclug anxious to pur •ue their journey undertook to make the nas rage in a email boat, which was crumbed by the icefikcun eggshell, and oil were lost. Names unknown. The Indian delegations from Kansas arrived here- U-day, aud will leave for Washington by the IVire Haute train to-norrotv. FKOSI THE GULF. Waiting News Tor filnxlmllian—Corro riepumlcncc Belivecn betu-rnl Sficrl dtu ami lire JlfayoroffanlrcMuu—Tfic General UctiiMa io Allow lluiion* to lie Paid to a Head Usbcl. New CntXAXs, .Tunnury 27.—The French car vutc Rcscandon, lour dajs from Vera Crux, ar rived below, la awaiting cable iulegrams lor Maxi milian. The following correspondence was published in Galveston, Jan nary ill: Major General I’, li. Sheridan, Commanding De partment of the Gull, .New Orleans: The citizens of Galveston wish to give civil cfcoit from steamer to ibc cars to Uiu remalcs of Gtneial Johnston. General Griffin, command*, has istm-d a prohibitory order. Will yon give aninouty to tnc citizens Lore to give civil urcoi I to bis remains ? Charles A. Leonard, Mnyor. To Charles A. Leonard. Mayor, Galveston: Sm: 1 respectfully decline to grant your re 'inert. J have too ranch regard for the memory ..Mlic brave men who died to preserve our Gov. citiinei.t to authorise confederate ecmonsixanoas over toe remains of one who attempted to destroy It. P, U. SUEIUDAN. Major General United States Army. FROM SAN FRANCISCO. ?2rxican Xewh-Beported Capture of Uriega-Juup z Expects to be in the « itjof Mexico In march— Personal— life. Sax Fbancisco, January 26.—Saior Godoy, Mexican Consul. received by the Continental, aomXazatlau, this evening, 8 letter from Preai- Itct Juurtz, dated Durango. January hi, advising kiwi w Hie capture of GonzAes, Ortoca and Gen ial Patunl, by Governor Ansa, .Tnarist, ol Zaca'e u.9 duaitz would leave lor Zacatecas January uiii and tcmaln there tiro o.- three days, then leave lor San Luis Potosl or Guanajuato. and cx t cct- to be m the city of Mexico in March. James W. Nvc, United Stales Senator from Ne • «<la. arrived in ibis city last nignt, <n rou.e tor VVcrl.iD^toD. Mefsrn. Hurl, I.ock\rood and Brooks have been appointed Commissioners to the World's Psi.% Pans, f»r Nevada. A bill to provide for the carrying on of flnandal nau‘actMu.s in the State on a coin basis, was in* .reduced In tbc .Nevada Legislature yesterday. FROM TEXAS. 2Seninval of tbc Remain* of the Rebel General Johnston— l?Han«ea iu the X-'rcecinjci)’* Bureau. Galveston, Januaiy 20.—1 ho remains of Gene ral Ji hnstun were removed to Houston this morn irg, ar«l followed lo tb»* depot by a large procca rlot. ol ladles and gcnilcmen. It is reported ihat Major General neimzelman .vill he assigned to the oflicool Assistant Commis sioner of the Frcedracn's Uurcan. General Kid- Joo ha* asked, by advice of hie medical attendant, •ermbsion to vieit Washington. Tbccondltlon of n s wound requires a surgical operation. Galveston, Texas, tm January27.— Ilic ladles car ot the special train which conveyed • lesera! Johnston's remains to iloustoa. was thrown uQ tbc track while rcturslug, and a num ber of Irfles severely injured. FROM ALBAXT. ■Eailrosd Accident—Found Guilty of lUa.ns»langlitcr. A leant, Jauaary 27.—The Montreal train, due * eie early this morning, met with au accident in the vicinity ot Hyde Par*. Vt. Three or four car* w cic thrown oil the track, and one barfly smashed. No injury t'ipassenger*. Thcaccldunt was caoecd by a broken rath U*v. .loci Lindsey, who has been on trial at At blou. Oilcans County, tor whipping his child to Jcv.h. ha* been found guilty of manslanghtcr in me second degree. EBOM BOSTOS, jTcre Snow Storm in mnine—Arrested for Murder, Boston, January 27.—A severe enow storm was ttigir-g lu .Motoc eight, and the snow in tbc udods was icportcd five feet deep. A Frenchman has been arrested to New Glou cester, Maine, on suspicion of being concerned lo .he mmderot two old women at Auburn, Maine. Fire* In Baltimore. iJALTraor.E, January 27.—'Vbc revenue steamer rphfcwood burned lo die water's edge at the ship yaid when* she was repairing, this morning. twenty thousand dollars. The Tatapsco Chemical Woiktj on Locust Pomi, i.trnii this murning, nidi three thousand carboys -ulphuric acid and thirty tons sulphur. Loss -ixty thousand dollars, losurvd for Qftcen tnon -ai>d dollars. It was the property of Messrs. Davidson, Mmoutou A: Co. A Cultlkiulli Cikci.vxati, January - 2S.—The Chicago and Clc c4r.r.atl passenger tiain, bou'id totuh, collided wltn a wood train, near Mocbwcll, Ind., last night. One btakeman ol the passenger train was dangerously burl. Very little damage was done •o the trains, as they wvre running slow at the iim.» or the collision. No passengers were In* iustd. Abandoned at Sea, Provihekcv, January 27.—The brig Sbootine s«ar, from New Voik. on th«- 12th. for Aspiawall, . i.countered a tmlUc gut: o» Ihe 15th, and it he •‘ ticccptai* to cut away her uasls. On tbe raorring of the i*th she w*a abandoned, the olbrrr* and crew being taken ofl by |»i C Riitish bi ig Albatross ucd landed atNewport to-day b'uncral Obsequies of Kx*(>ovcrnor A 1 Icily of tautulana. New Orzxaxs rid New VouK,.i*nnarv 27.—The u-n ninsot Uovi mor Allen were buried to-day at intayette C* tnctery. Tbe proce«aion was very large, and eerricfs very Impressive. Bishop w if. im-r oSlciated. Fatal Affray* Tnor, 3C. \Jacnary 27.—A young man named fin-s. 11. Uaiicy was killed instantly by anoiber corng man named Joel itompfoa, laid night. <ini!y charged Thompson with insulting the lor mtris sister, whcicupon Hows ensued, and riiompson shot him. Descent m>on the Gambling House of JultnC. llcennn. Nrvv Venn, Jannary S*.—The night police made 1 ccrccul on the gaoldlng house ol John C. llccnan, and arrested Llm.l>w. Baker. William Itupsell. William Johnson, James Billings and Clwrlea Miller—the three tatter colored men. Acvidcnuilly Killed. Jannary 37.—Thomoa J. SlJcott, for. muly Irani Virginia, a clerk at the Nashville Kail* read depot, was killed there yesterday, being ac ddrrtnllr run over by the locomotive of tbe Bards town trsCo. Plurdcrcr sentenced. CtiAutESTOX, January 20.—Horace Greeley, the vegro lumdeicr, was sentenced to be bung on the flnioi Match. t In* Fenian Stepbeua Not Sailed. Kxw Yoke, January 27.—1 t prove* lhat Stephens h.i» not yet soiled for Europe. Sailed for Liverpool* Toetlakd. Maine, January 27.—The steamer Pcvuvlan soiled for Liverpool at 2:15 this after* r.oun. Nt« Cable News. NcwYore, Jannary 27—The Eastern lines are aealu down. N*o cable news io-nighc. N*cw Tons.—Some portions of New York are inhabited at the rate of one hundred and hijci/- hve thonsaLd to the square mßc. while tbe average of tbe Metropolitan District of Loudon ts twenty five thousand, and of Philadelphia, otly about six thousand. The average denelty of the closely butlr-np portions of New York Is nearly sixty thousand to the square mtje. VOL. XX. CONSTITUTIONAL CONTEN TION. Debate in the Illinois State Senate. spcecla of Hon, IU array iTlrConnel In favor of an Barly Convention. 1M TUX 6 SKATE, MUPAT, JAKDAHT 25, 1965, The Chair anronnetd the special order to be the followlLg resolutions of tbe Senator from Mor- gan; Whereas, It Is here Asserted, as the opinion of this resale, that tbe people of ibis State bare a right to ionn and adopt for themselves a new Constitution, at such tune ana in snch form as they may deem proper; ana that they are not hound, in changing their organic law, to amend the prcsiutConstitution iu the mdlonsaud costly manner provided in the twellth article toereot hot tney nave the original sovereign right to su percede tbe present Constitution by making a now one; therefore, Jltiiihtd. That ibis preamble and resolution be rpitned io the Committee on Judiciary, with iu tWhVwo^iß'tcpo^ohMlproviding lor calUri* a uomemhn re form a new Constitution, wl3cb Conventionßballhecomposed of the same num ber uf dukgates as now appointed of Rcpi e? curatives. and to he cut JteptctcuwU'e i>iei ncu by the legal voters iL«:uu, andui said bill to fix aday for wild dec ticu, ado a day wncu tiid Convention shall meet ut biuiccQela, to iramc said Constitution: and aho provide Umt said Constitution shall be sob m!t.rd to tbu vote of tbi said legal voters, for 1b Bdnptioo or rejection, on a day to be fixed by said Convention, aud if adopted, to fix a day when said C. netltution shall come into operation, tf Mr. Mc«.okhux, it mignt do komewharstart- Irc that be ebould stand here and contend that ibe icople of the stau. of Ltiuois bad a right to ilango their Constmuion in any other way tbau tout i.retcribeo in me t-'eifih articlo of Hie Coo- of the blare. People say, bow can you amend the Constitution by departing from toe melfib article? in answer to thatlnquiry, bo pro pored to show that there was nothing in the pres ent couklimtion of Illinois that prohibits pro ccedlog in the manner be proposed. He read the first section of the twelUL article: Section 1. Whenever Iwo-thlrds of the mem- he a e eh eltd to eacn branch of tbe General Asrem- bly. fcball think it necessary lo alter or amend this C’ui-eUimtcn. they shall recommvnd to tbo electors utihcnext election of members to »bf General Assembly, to vote lot or against a Convention: and if it shall appear that a majority of all the elinora ol the Mare voting for lieu lesentatives have voud for a Convention, the General Assembly shall, at tbclr next M+flon, call a Convention, to consUt of as many members as the House of Ucprcrent ativcsaithu time of making said call, to be ci.oteu n. the tame wanner, at tbe same place, and Ly tLe tame electors, tu the same districts ium (i.ucu ilie Members of the ilonreul Repre <*i:tutives. and which Convention shall meet wlihm iriee months after the said election, for ibe (nirpocc of revising, altering or amending ibis Coitllintlon. By smue slnusce ovcrelcht this article had ttiv.ajb i>ecn considered tbo only means of atae'id iig ibe ConsTtiutlou. If so, why did not ibis provide lor being submitted lo the people? if it vat. u piided to be the only means lor amending ■he liii.domeiital law of ibe State, why did not the Convention submit It to the neople ? *3 bo second sectiou of the twelfth article pro vince for altering one article at aumc, ucd there Liing fificen articles, and two y, ars being the short! si lime In which an article can be omuidcd, it would lu this way require thirty years to amend it all. Hu understood that it was rot the intention of Ue Convention to provicc this os a single meuns of amendment. He Lad a high respect for the fundamental law ot hi* Mate, yet he would not amend iu but would n.ukc an entirely new ConstitntfOQ. lie LcM that n.c people of one generation could not fix tbclr Constitution so that It could not he amended by tLc next, tbe Convention had pul in the Constitution some Impossible method of amend- uu-nt, would we be hound by it? Nov atari. Vi Liu vre lormcd our htale Governments in the Hist place, we formed them on no existing model. One object win to toim a government, which, if found oppressive, could be altered aud amended, without revolution, which whs the only Euroinau inor.e of changing a government. lit stood upon ibe principle i-nnodatod by Jef letsoiilnihc Ueclaration of Independence, “To secure there tights Governments were iosUtutad among men, denvipg their Just powers from the consult of iLe governed, that whenever any gov ernment becomes destructive of thcas ends it Is the right of the people to albr or to abolish it, and to tustilnte a new government, laying Its iounda lon upon such principles, and organizing puwers In such torin, as to them shall seem niosi likely to eficct their safety and happiness.” Jbe principle here laid down isuprtticiple which jet corems this country. Bad any other piiu dpleheii) ceiablisbed, thi* Coavcutlou mlebt have ehtabliebeo a monarchy, and we coaid not ciaogL iu Every commentator that has sought to liitviipe this question from that day to this, bos conceded this right. It may he possible that «.ome writeis hare insisted upon a contrary doe t>li e, but iftbey did they were not actuated by the principles of our fathers. Cc votud icier to a few authorities. Justice iicoell. of the United Stales Supreme Coon, the bnluuik of the peoples* libcttlce. In speaking of the d Science between the principles 01 European goteiLincmfi and onr own, third volume Elliott’s JJti aits, sajs; “Onr Government is founded on jiuschnobl r principles. The people ore known to have originat'd It themselves. Those in po »er are ilcir agents and servants: and tho people, without th- )r consent, may remodel the Govern ment uhintvcrlht-jr think proper, not merely be came >Lcy think it is oppressively exercised, but because they Ihiub atO'her form Is morn condu cive to their welfare.”—Story Commentaries, rol. I,p. Sh. Judge Wilson, a member of the Federal Con* udi ico of 17R7, and Justice of the United States t-upieroc Court, iu Ills published work? says, vol. p. «wt; “The people may change the Coastitn md vhincvcraudhuvrcvurtcey please. ibis la a rlcht of t* hich no positive institution can de irhctbem. "A* 10 the people, in whom the sovereign pow •r it sides, and from t»hom tbc ConslitaUon orlgj nates, m Ibeir hands It is as clay In the bauds of the potter; they have the right to mould, to pre *•« nr. to improve, 10 reflue and to Jinioh it as they pirate.*’ Valid fays; iliehe.'t Constitution which can be framed, with the most anxious deliberation that con be bestowed upon it, may, in practize, be found im i tiftcl andinadequate. Alterations and amend lucMstbi-n become desirable.” “ llils," say* Knwlu, p. 17 of his work on the t'unriUntieu, “ has been frequently and peaceably dime b> several of tbese Suites since 1176. If a I’Rrticnlnr mode of cfleeting each aitemuoas ha* M en sgiccd upon, it Is inori convenient to adhere to it; hut Ul* not exclusively binding." Mi. lech. In his work on Civil Government, page 817. taye: The community perpetually retains a supreme po?ci i-ituMuc Ueoclveafi-bui the attempts and dnigns of anybody, even of their legislators, wl.euev* rtbey sl.onit? bo so foolish or so wirked as to lay or carry out designs against t’.c liberties Mid prnj cities of the subject." lie could multiply hundreds of authorities go ing to show that the provision in the twelfth mil civ ol the Con-Umljon was notbmding. Vet peo ple wilt submit to gnat wrongs In their form of gov ernment. tathcr tnao revolutionize. But we had re sencdtUencbt to alter our form of government in adiEiienl way. He would refer to some decisions ol ibc bupnine Court of the United Stales. Dc first rrfrried to the Dorr rebellion, in Kbode Isl and, and the case of Martin I.mner vs. Luther L'oidcu. Ihe party in UUode Island at that time in power, although a minority, were attempting to sustain tbc otd charter, ito referred to the gitcvancce and trouoics of that time. Au action t,f iah| a.-B was brough! agamrt certain parties who had committed some acts of violence, arc m< v defended by alleging that they Lad acted un nci the Dorr Governmcuc. The Constitution held •hai the question of dccidino what was the ical GwvuntLvnt, woe a political and not a judicial qUC tIOD. lit m-d a*, ivrglh from Judge Taney's decision In 1 niher vs. Botdcn. 7th Howaid: IK- ccnld tuni to twenty authorities, or dicta, lo prevu th&t you caw no; tie an future generations by any rule which took from themtuu light to charge their form of government, tie did no; be lieve (hat any gentleman oo the door could dud :n;y ic*|H-ctaulc autberily, political or judici il, to the ctmiaiy. lint auoincr point: The <\mvvn tion. when U cornea together,may tarn out all the » fl'cci>oi the State' l»n; h does not follow that they must do so. Ihat would look like going into politics, ard a convention, like « jndco. .•iujuju heucc from politics. He asked if ibis 1 ccblaturc should call a convcmlou.w hich should make a confutation, paying nnaifcailon to the 12th article, and Judges should be elect ed under that Constitution, would they decide •hatihu pmcecdlngs were wrong, for not comply* it g with this section? He would show that they would not. tie referred again to tbc case of I.n tbc? vs. Borden and tbc Durr rebellion. Ec said tbat rallies at that lime applied to the President ui tbc United Sta’csfor help, and the very (act that the President determined that question by ic cognizing the old CbazKr Government, settled il,ai ruaiier. Tbc history of that controversy be c,u e a part of this case. Ec again read at length from Juagc Jant-y's decision in the Luther vs. Botdcn. 7th Howard. liccoutimuxt: Who Is the political power of the country f The President, the House of Kcprescn •a.ives and the Senate. The Judiciary Is an abso- ntcly rcceff-ary power In our Government, but •bey cannot pm themselves In motion as the other ran. He calico attention to an opinion of Judge Woodbury, of the Supreme Coart of the Unitea •wc». u to the power of do coart to review the icciMcn as to wb« Is the political power of the ’■ovt’DL He laid stress upon tuts point, as tie I ad heard that the political power would be btvatcued hy the judicial 1c t' is matter, and tend ■he dccMou ol the court- 7lh Howard, £3. Mr. Coune. Will the Senator from Morgan allow tee to nsk a ques'lon I Air. McCoskel. Of course I will. Air. Conns enbmUtsd the following ques tion*: *• Hue a convention called by this legislature to lame a new Constitution, not )n a manner pra* ciltvdby tteprasent Constitution. any crcater ; ,>wcr upon the sobjirt than would a Convention calKd and elected by Ibe people, without the in* viveiitlon oi the Legislature 1 “bbonla the majority of the people, of tbeir own motion, elect cvlegates toa convention, and bonld rbat Convention meet and a loot a Con* tlmtion, and should tbe majority of the people . rocecd to elect oQlccre thcicanaer, and should be present Stale authorities not acquiesce there* n. but resist tbe same, which Is the lawful Gov* iu.mem and Constitution of the Slate—the pro* -Mtt Constitution and Government, or the one so idopirt by the majority of the people V' hlr. McCiiskel waa mnch obliged tor the qtics- UM.s, and would answerthem as well as he could. If, In the flrvt place ,*be people should call a Con* ieiitlrc and irame a Constitution, would that Con* -illation be binding? it certainly trouid If the lolltkal power should acquiesce. Mr. Conns. But itihey should reals*.! Mi. Mcaonnxl, I am coming to that. If the cow Government were the stronger it wo-ild stand. Mr.Mp*i>. Wonmnolibathercvoluljr! Mt. Hl,nt»u. will “*e gentleman all jw me an* i.tnct question? _ . . Mr. McCtMrtx. CcrtalPly. Mr. IlnitTcn. Doe* tbe gentleman propose to t\lvc the old wager of bailie? Mr. kicCoKML. The wager of battle was for ■he dicUlon of mil difficulties, and not political questions, lie only asked that tbe polllcal power should first act, , Mr. ilnrrai. Another qncitlon. Doeitbegou* liman claim that the people can change their Coostltuilon without appealing to tho Iygi*la- ; Mr. ilcCoxxET- Yea, nr, I Insist that the people can do U without any Appeal to this or* übuiaahoi', but 1 don’t propose that (hey shall do it; I want the old political organization u> in* auanraie the Initial steps for now government. I! ;hey wlllioldotl he would not advise a rebal* d«,n. Under onr form of government an appeal L<> ibe ballot box would settle that Ho asked 11.1 s political organization should call a con* vinttou, ann Insisted thatibcy were not bound by the pr<scribed method. Ibis was all ho asked; .he did not want bloodshed and carnage. Ho was asking that the present political power of the country should pat In operation measures for ■he chance of their government, and that the courts should have so power over It, He asked .bat we should immediately call a couven'ino, CiUtendlnc that we bad a right to doit and were not touLOi»y the o'd mode. He would say, hj way of Illustration to his f n-rds on ibis floor who had ju*t voted tor an .mencment to the Coostitultoo oi the United MiUE, If t:c courts can go behind these qnes* »lr nt*. wfcat Is the condition of that amendment nouf Uhst aniccdmmt "as no*, parsed in cot, . finally "lib the Constitution oiihc United tjlales, for that Constitution requires a iwo-thirus vote to snbmjt an amendment to tbe people. Nor was Ova ail; be would turn the attention of the court (be bad gov that word from hi- friend on tbe lefri to the Constitutional proviso that “every bill which shall hive passed the House of Representa tives and toe Senate, shah, before it becomes a law, Uc presented to the President of tbe United Staie*; if be approves be shall sign It. but If not be absll return It vrttn his objections to that House ut which it shall have originated, who shall cuter tbe objections at large on their jonmala, and pro ceed to reconsider it.” Mr. Mace would Ask whether that two-tblrds w*re two-thirds of a quorum or two thirds of the members elect! Mr. McCosKEk. U uees all through the words itto-iblids of ibe bouses. Mr. Mace. But bow many members were not In t’om'iTff at that time on account of their States being out of the Union ? Mr. VcCoknix would answer In Yankee style hya>Whgthe senator if those Stales ever wore on* of the Unton! He again called attention to tbe Constitutional Amendment for the abolition of slavery, auo askea if Senators remembered the history of that amendment? Bid they know that It never went to him—that it was sent to the Secretary ot Stale, and icver wint to Andy Johnson stall? It was not necessary, they said, that It ebonld go to the President. Mr. Musx understood that the gentleman bad taken the stamp in favor of tbe amendment abol ishing slavery. If so, bow could be consistently rinlhuili notTopfdgßTjnnoD ulfitwasdone. Aiioy Johnson b»d a right to be heard on ibis omendmem, acd have bfs objections recorded On tiicjoDinale Can tbe courts now say they wll< go behind ibis question, aud permit litigant par lies lo fbou that tbe Preridenr of tbe United Mates Lad not signed the bill before It was com muted to the Slates? Does the gentleman from Cairo andeietiindmc now? Mr. Muss. 1 think I do. Mr. McCoknel. I ibluk be docs, rhauga’.er.j It bib been oecided over »nd over ncaln, that courts can not go behind these questions, there ■uie your amendment Is sale, and the same rale applies iu my case. . vr Mirvx. Snpposc Congress should pas? an amcndmcLt to tnc Conrtitu lon and not submit it :o the people, would that be valid? Mr. McCo.vnel. No! I« that laconic? (Sensa tion.! Otar, then, is all that Is necessary to nay t n tills subject, tie would lay down there points: first, that we are not oonnd by the CouMitutioo m amending il. He woulo lay another point: that whenever a law abnag *d the liberties cf the people, It should be construed strictly, aud ;nis twelfth a:tide should be construed strictly. Mr. Conn* 80l understand tbe gcutleraanto say ihut the Courts have held that tbe Congress ui tlie United States may declare that tbe Consti tution shall he amendedin a certain way. nega tiving ibe presented method, and tbal there Is no appeal? air. McConncu I do. Mr. Comm. Where? Mr. McConneu in tbe Dorr case. Mr. Metcalf, Bat in the Dorr case was there any prescribed method by which the charter ot t -at Mure could he amended. ? Mr. Mack ilinnabttbe gentleman was mlsnn ‘ cerstood In au important particular, that Con cress could not ot itself amend the Constitution. Mr. McCone el. Certainty not; but wbcu time-fourths of the States have adopted It the coons cannot go uchind lu Mr. conns, i understood the gentleman's posi tion to be that when tbe political power bad de cided an to be adopted, tnc judicial power could not go into its regularity. Can the conn* go iu'oibe question oftnerennmrllyofthe proceeding: by which an amendment to the Cou btkution of the United States ta aaopted? Air. Mcco.nnelclaimed mat if only a majority of the Motes adopted it. and the political power decided It to be adopted, the Courts conlii not go Irlolt. Ibe acting power h> the power that creilc- the Mates. Coogrer* can do nothing ; it b the States that odoM the amendment, and wben done, the Courts can not go behlud the Question. Thu whole record must he npand tbe ameudmeutdoes not licgin to operate until three-toui tbs of the stales have adopted JL * • * • 9 Having gone over all the points, nod answered the questions asked, if there wero uo other qttes tioi-b be Nvould close. Mr. itLiLT said that bis profound respect for the geiitit-inat' from Morgan led him to present tunc objections. His ailQculry was toat tbe logical coiiduston ol the argument of tne gentle man Imm Morgan would allow tic legislative political povrerof ibis State to decide the vbolc question without any convciinon or vote of Uic people. He was willing to allow the (lisiindlOD between amendhg the Constitntlon and malting a new one. We might undertake to cotht! bu'inees beie ourselves, according to the g. ntlcman's orgnmenc. Lit nought we bad no such ngbt; tbe only right was pi escribed In tbe Constiiatiou. Ibe gentleman bad repeated mat part of the ticcimation ot IndcpciiacDCe, that the ucuolc bad brttcr tobmlt to an old oppressive form of cor eminentraiber than lashlyaitumpt to change it. This was one condition. He referred to the last attempt to amend lb? Consiitution of this State, which was voted down; aud baa as our Constitution might bc,beprelerred it to selling ourselves loose upon tbe great sea ol revolution. Mr. Wixster understood that U was not a question of rcicicncc, hnt a question of the pas time of the resolutions. Mr. iicCoKNix. My motion was that the rc-o luticus pnsa and be referred to the Committee on Judiciary to reporta bill. Mr. Fcixsn thongbc tust the gentleman from Morgan did not want to compel us to vote on all the question? Involved in the resolutions. Mr. McCoifKEL. If there is one gentleman on the door who la not prepared to vob* upon the res olutions now, I am perfectly willing that they should lay over till Wednesday. Mr. Websteu could see no object In referring this to the Committee on Judiciaty. lie thought it better to make It a special order, as tuo mere report of the committee would not settle the matter. Mi. Reilt said that it had been the custom on one occasion to refer a resolution without adopt- Mr. UcCokrsl moved that It bo made tbc spe cial order fur next Wednesday, at i o'clock. Sir. Metcalf said that the same question wa? already betore Ibo Judiciary Committee on that poiiion of the Governor's Message tccommemUng •l.e adoption ot a new Constitution. Mr. Conns would like to suggest tbat there were already two special orders, tic called au ici lion to the press of business before the com mittee. Mr. Weestxb thought these questions were ol uioictmpuitancc tbioi all private acts before the Senate. JledidLOl think it a good objection to ,-.string upon this that we were bordered with pi I vat e tcis. Sir. Ward desired to ear that be hoped the question might he disposed ol to-day. Ho looked upon the nuitvi os one of great importance, amt il.oUL’bt there wa-no doubt as to the necessity ol calling a convention, but only a question as to ihu meats. "the question being upon postponing the reso lutions. the Senate rulcsed to postpone. The question then being upon committing the resolution to (no Committee on Judicury with out insiinciltns, nml the yeas acd nays were called, and the resolutions were refeircdbyycas jS. rays THE WKSTEIiX Pllt.SS ASSOCU- TIO3T Proceedings of flic Board of Directors at Cleveland* Actios oftbo Sxocativo Committoo. Cimuen), January St. lSo». At the meeting of the Board of Directors ot the Western Associated Press, held on this day, H. N. Walker, President, M. Uni fied, C-I>. Biigbatn, J. Medill, und A. W. Fairbanks, were present- A quorum being nrcsent.A.W. Fairbanks, in the absence of the Secretary of the Asso ciation, was appointed Secretary pro tern. The contract between the New Pork Asso- lined Prcrs uud the Western Associate! Vress, made in New York on the 11th of Jan uary, ISG7, was ie»d, und on motion it was aii'ticd hy a utmnimons rote, and the Prcel- dcntol the Assodaiion was directed to ex ecute the *auie. The contract with the Telegraph Compa ny, which was made In New York on the lilli of January, lb« 7, was read and unani mously adopted. On motion, the appointment of Geo. B. Hicks, ns General Agent of the Western As tociated I*re.-s, "as cot firmed. On motion, the Board of Directors com mitted all matters pertaining to the several contracts, to the Executive Committee. On motion. It was lifsoltul . That Jndcc Walker be requested (o draw up a code of Dy-faws suited <o the increased buricess of ilc As»uciailoo, and present the same lo the ntxt annual meeting. The report ul Richard Smith, Esq., on tol* ccraphic negotiations,was received and read. 6u motion, it was accepted and ordered to be recorded on the books of the Association. The following assessment on the daily newspapers of the several cities within the territory of the Association was adopted: Clcvi land.. Detroit..... Cblcaco... Cim.ii.nall. M Ixitii.. Milwaukee I'llJgbmch. f 150 Toledo . 175 Louisville... . STS Columbus .. . 315 Zanesville.... . 375 Wheeling . 150 New Albany . 2io Havion Indianapolis 1501 Satiousky 25 Oo motion, it was E'rdrtd. That George B. Hicks, General Affect of the Western Associated Tices, be authorized and directed to collect and receive the assessments upon the Bernal neurpapere within the territory oi the Wootrrii Associated Prase, and pay to the New York As*oaat««t Press the stipulated stuns Western Union Telegraph Company the tolls as nffrted In the contract with them: also to pay the -aiailcsuf the agents ol the Western Associated Prct-s, ai.ddo*uchotbetihlng»a»bß may be dl tectcd by the Executive Committee of the Board, to wbcm he stall make a monthly report of all his acts and doings for the Association, and especially of all mocera received and disbursed by him in bvhalfoi the Association. iinv /red, That He Execulive Committee be an* ihorljud, wb* never they deem It necessary, to remove the General Agent, or any of the snb acvrif, or fill any vacancy which may occar, and report iht Ir action to the Board. Mftclud. That the ealaty of the General Agent be sixty dollars per week, andlbatbe be author* Irod to employ an assistant at a salary not to ex ceed twvn:ydol.tir« |»ct week- . . , Avar/crd, Thai the General Agent shall give bonds for tie fflltl fn! perfoimance of hla dalles in the sum of fifteen thousand dollars, Avar/ctd. Thar In ««»• or any newspaper estab lishment rcfuslDPor neglecting to pay the assess* meet, »be General Agent sh»U forthwith discon tinue famishing reports to snch newspaper, and that the amount paid by the delinquent bo added to the other papers In such Cltlts or towns. Jiteohtii, 1 no newspaper, ttns cut on, shall be aliened to rc*nme the taking of the news de spatches without paying up all arrearages, nor without the older of theßoard of Directors. Adopted. _ Tbe Executive Committee of the Western Associated Tress met and agreed that Hr. M. Halstead shouldoct lor the committee in the matter of the execution of the contracts with the New York Associated Press and the Western Union Telegraph Company, and the pcrromißtteo tftliv duties assigned the agents of the Western Associated Press, under the supvrvl.-lon of the Committee, which was a*, reed to. On motion, U was That the subject of exchange of news between this AsrocUlkn and he New Yor* Asso ciation, be put in the bands of the Executive Committee, a» d ttey are authorized to accept wot Ices than fi2s per week as tli-!r quota of tbe lu'HV' cusli f Atlantic Cable despatches, and for Ihe dlEercnee In the quantity and value of the utUB rtiiuhbed them by thta Anoclatlua. Kesclt*a % Thai the application of the OMaStaU Joun.aL Columbus: the H-icld, the £»< Bote, and tbe IMilwaukee; ibe /te;u.Vr, San* dmky, aid the Covrln\ Evansville, be admitted tnrmbeis ot this Association, upon paying to tbv Treaturenhc required stock aatocriptloii. K(go(~ccl t ihataneiiabllrlimeut issuing a ieg* CHICAGO. MONDAY - . JANUARY 28. 1867. olar morning and a regular evening edition, shall be charged as publishing two papers, and the General Agent Is instructed to apporJon the chargee accordingly, except when ifce paper? or the city or town where such case »wt* shall agree otherwise among ihrmseives. Adopted Besotted, That no agent In Chicago, SL Loots. Cincinnati, Ixudevilie or any other city in the West, except to the General Agent In Cleveland, shall he paid more than twenty-live .dollars per week. Jietolted, That the Milwaukee Sentinel shall bo heretofore, to the forenoon despatch in common with the Kltcomln for \h-t use of its imo-day edition, and that the lVU:onsin shall have (be exclusive use of the afternoon des patches; and that the assessment of the cost of despatches to the press ot Milwaukee shall b« ap portioned equally among the dally pa]>ers of said city, taking the Press despatches unless said pa pers shall otherwise agree among thetas lives. Be telefd. Time Edwin Cowles, publisher of the Cleveland Ltod»r x la hereby appointed Auditor of Accounts for tee Western Press Aiiociation, whose dutrlishallbe to examine and cmiry the receipts and dlebunemects of the fands of the Association that may be received and paid out by the General Agent of the Association. Adopted unaiiimr.usly, H. N. Walker, President, A. IV. Faibbaxks, Secretary. §IOO,OOO LIBEL SUIT. u ur nerenor vs. Missouri Be pnbUcau. [From the S?t. lams Democrat, Jainary 23 ] 'flic savutic attacks of Ihe iusmri Repub lican and Its correspondent* up *u tlovemor Fletcher have Induced the latu r I o vindicate himself m the only manner consistent 'crtth tbedlirnity of his position,bycoaipcllinrrtbu publishers of that sheet to prurc their charges, or be convicted of a llbzHn a court of justice. Messrs. Krmn & Decker arc the emiiiM*! for the plaintiff, and the following Is a copy of the complaint filed in the Circuit Thos. C. Fletcher, plaintiff, »•#. George Knapp and John Knapp, defc uduots. Xu the Circuit Court of St. Louis Ccuntv, State of Missouri, s. s.: February term, IS*IT. The plaintiff states that the defendants are the managing printers ai d publishers of a newspaper published lu the city of St. Louis, county aforesaid, called the Jftuourt J{< publican ; that on the 15th day Of Janu ary, A. D. Ibb7, the said defendants did cause and allow to be published la said newspaper-certain false, malicious andscan dalous libels of aud concerning the plaintiff, viz: 1. An article entitled “Arraignment of Fletcher,” meaning the plaintiff, who is Governor of said State of Missouri, falsely and maliciously accruing h ni of high crimes aud misdemeanors in said office. An article entitled “ The Late Railroad Trauaicr,” wherein the plaintiff, who Is Gov ernor of enid State as aforesaid, is falsely and maliciously accused of fraud In relation to the rule of the St. Louis & Iron Mountain Ilallroad. which sale was made In pursuance of ihc laws of sold State. 3. An article entitled, “A Stinging Let ter from General R. C. Vaughan to Governor Fletcher,” tucamug the plaintiff, which ar il Jc purport* to be a communication signed * v one R, C Vaughan, and is a false, mali cious mid scandalous libel upon and relat ing to Hu* plaintiff, in respect to his oiliclal action as Governor ns aforesaid, and of his good repute as an honest and law abiding citizen. The plaintiff further alleges that the said defendants caused and permitted to be published the said libels of and concerning him with tbc Intent to injure and defame him personally, uud to impair his iullucuce tu ins official position aforesaid. The plaintiff annexes hereto and makes part hereof, tbe'said libellous articles caused and permitted by defendants lobe published in said Missouri /{(publican newspaper. The plaintiff states that by reason of the premises be has sustained damages to the amount of one hundred thousand dollars, and therefor and bis costs of suit, Ac., he praysjudgment. AS ICE BLOCKADE, Cant River, New York, Bridged. wliU Ice—Exciting Scenes and XXalrbreadtb Escape*—Perilous Adventures—Two Ladioi In Hunger. [From the New York Tribune, January 21.1 But twice in fillecn years have thecitlcs ot Sew York and Brooklyn been united by the Ice Odds formed by tbc storm and cold %rcatl'cr—once, in 1853, when thousands of persons crossed the ice between thecltics for days to and from, and again In 1887, partially, when, for the space oi a day, the immense musses of icc boating and surging in the depths of the river became wedged to the consistency of a macadamized road, and the river involuntarily bridged Itself to yield passage uud thoroughfare to the eager thou oamls', who thronged the icc in order that they might say. later in their live-, that ‘•they hud crossed the East River—oa ice ” The large floating cakes of icc, which from an early hour traversed the up per half of the East River yesterday, de scending with noiseless motion, and the force and majesty vf Arctic icebergs, con gealed Into a huge iucrustcd and billowy , Held, between Peck-slin and the Fulton Per- I rv, and, about » o’clock in the morning, the I ice hud attained snUicicnt firmness to a-lmit of a safe passage to those who were adven turous to make the cs-ay. A brace of ’long shoremen nude tbc first attempt, and suc ceeded in gaming the Brooklyn shore, after many and curu-u* adventures on the “ sea of ice.” Thousands of people, on either mar gin of the river, stood congregated, and no sooner had the two adventurers made a land, itig on the Brooklyn side, than a shout of congratulation aroselrorothcmnltUude who had seen and were applauding the daring leal. The Ice field wa« smooth near the shore on either side, and in the middle slight eleva tions and nudnUtioDs were noticeable where iwowavcs had driven the Icc upward. As far os the icc could reach or span, a huge white surface presented itself, covered here uud there with black moving spots of men. and the varied cotot* and hues combined in tbc costume* of several adventurous w-*m**n who bad violated tbc natural timidity ot their sex, and pushed from the Now York side on a voyage to Brooklyn. The brave ladies had to be helped over the snowy tunvfi In the Arid of icc by the gentlemen in their immediate vicinity. Despite the ef fort* of tbc police, thousands of persons passed to and fro for hours, until noon-day, when the tide commenced to ebb, and those on the icc foil the icc heaving and swaying under their feet, as if moved by some unseen leviathan. Large cakes of the crystalline material were seen to bulge upward, and the crowd* on the shore began to look anxiously toward the passengers on tbc icc. Still thc'impeiiding danger did not deter ad ditional crowds from venturing their lives, with that cold-blooded, reckless audacity which is | ecullar aloue to the born New Yorker. At the time that the ice commenced to break up into cokes of various dimensions, thete was on the surface of the ice at least soo or GOO persons from Pcck-slip to Wall street Feny. Ttie crowds on the shore shouted wildly ut the people on the Ice to take heed and make speedy progress to the adjoining shores ; but either the excitement caused by the unusual event of crossing the river on an icc-bridje, or the distance from the j-hcro, may have prevented a great num ber of people from hearing the warning cries, and consequently when the field divided and separated into a multiplicity of small cakes voryltg In width from half-a-dozen acres to the elzf of a 100-foot lot, numbers of people were carried down the stream half frightened out of tbeir wits. There were on some of the cakes groups of halfa people, and among them delicate women, two of whom arc well-known In Brooklyn, one being the wife of a prominent clergyman and the other the wife of the pro* prictor of a New Voik daily newspaper. As the tide was running down the river very lust the blocks of ice bearing their unwilling passengers were swept down with resistless force nntil opposite Governor’s Island, and here scvtnil steam tngs came whistling and screaming to the rescue. As many as sixty persons were taken otf of one mammoth cuke, much to their relief, many of them de -1 clailng with loud asseverations that they I would never attempt a passage on on lee j bridge uuuin. Two .of the ferry boats mode I passages through the lee for the purpose of saving pedestrians who had imperiled themselves. It is believed that only one life was lost by this foolish pastime. While the ferry boat Nebraska whs making endeavors to enter the slip at Fulton Ferry a man was discovered directly ahead of the boat making for the New York shore, and whether from careless* ncs? er not it Is not known but the Nebraska, with resistless force, striking through the tee made a yawning chasm, and into this abyss the man, whos? name Is unknown, disappear*

ed. and the lee closed over with the rapidity of lightning. But for a moment the unknown mac secured a footing on a small fragment of ice, and as it careened he merged his life, by his own carelessness, into the depths of the cold, surging waters or the East Kiver. Many of the cakes of ice. forced by the i current, drifted in toward the shores on either side, \nd were dashed up against the 1 sides of the vessels moored at their wharves and decks, and the crews in every Instance yielded thim assistance promptly by heav mg lines and tossing planks, boxes aud hen* ci-ops ovciboard in order to save their lives. There were hairbreadth escapes Innumerable I and beyond calculation, and thousands cn* I countered enough perils yesterday to give I food for reflection aud material for prolific I anecdote all the remaining years of their I lives. * TWO LADIBS IN' HAXOEB. {From the New York World.l It Trill be remembered by some of our renders that Rev. H. W. Beecher crossed the ice in ISSO, ana bad rather a dangerous ex perience, which, It U supposed, was suf licunt to cure him ot any further wi*h to craniate Peter of old, whose unsuccessful attempt to walk the Sea of Galilee fs generally Known. Sirs. Beecher, however, not to be outdouc by her husband, yesterday secured the company of Mrs. Moses S. Beach, and together the two attempted to cross the bridge. Captain Duncan, of Mr. Beecher’s church, unable to dissuade them from the adventure. determined to accompany them, and imperilled his own life for their safety. Toe passage was a hard one, but galhsrlnsr up all their pluck, the lades persisted In their couise, and had gotten threo-lburtbs of the way across when the lee near the shore begrn to break up. The danger ofthelr position can be imagined, and ihcy seemed fully to appreciate it. The excite men* on shore was raised to boiling Pilch. Apparently no means of escape was at hiud. The tec aU round them began tocrack; then the cakes swaved fearfully. The crowd sbnuttrd to save them : the women ran wit 1* ly from one cake to another; ropes were thrown them which they -a led to catch, and h the excitement it seemed they moat per- Lh. At length, however, the tide forced the okea on which they were standing close np t> the dock, and with the assistance of those 01 shore, the party were safely landed. It la tr be presumed that their desire to cross the Bibt River after such a fashion is sated by taia time. A Memphis Official Decamp* With $27,000. (Prom the Memphis Commercial, January 16.1 ’ we regret to learn that one of our ex-city eflicials lell the city a day or two since un der very suspicious circumstances, and he is supposed to be a defaulter to the amount of $27,000, the city being the loser. As the matter Is out, we may mention that the gen tleman is no other than P. T. Hughes, a well known citizen. It seems that when he went ontof office recently as Comptroller, he failed to make full returns of the property in bis hands, among which was a large amount of county bonds. The Mayor frequently Insisted that be should make a settlement, but he pnt it off from time to time, under some pretext or other. FlnsUv the Mnvnr.Hwhr, uui junta to do so. Thurs day evening he went aboard a boat bound for New Orleans. The Mayor sent the Ser gcam-at-Arms /or him. Be came up to the office much exchcd and all dripping with ■perspiration. Be again protested that 'all was right, and that the coupons of the bonds or the vouchers were in his safe, and that he bad left the key with a brotber-in law or !:Icud of his. This explanation was received, and he was permitted to go back to the boat, which wus just ready to leave. The next morning his friend explained that Mr. Hughes in his hurry had failed to leave his keys, but that be would have the safe opened by a locksmith. The Major visited the safe, and was in formed thrt some one had been at work try. iug to open it. But it showed no evidence of eucU work, and it Is not believed to have been touched. J**The allulr became generally known upon the streets yesterday, and created a consid erable sensation. Mr. Hue lies owned con* sidcrable property here, and it is thought very strange that a man of his business standing wuuld leave for the mere amount of $27,C00. lie will, doubtless, be brought lack soon, when the whole affair will be in vestigated. Governor Eyre, Arfemus Ward and | Ellen craft* I Ellen Craft, wife of William Craft, with! whom she escaped from a plantation in Gcor- I 'ia—the haoited as a Southern gentleman, I he as her body servant—is, os you may Judge j by the manner of her escape, almost white. ) She is also quite pood looking, quite lutelll- j gentjand Is welcomed lu the best society of I London. Lately she met at a dinner com- | iflny, without knowing it, ex-Govcrnor I •lyre, and, as fate would have it, j fell to talking of the Jamaica affair I with him. Ellon knows how to I use her tongue with considerable effect. I and the cx-Goveruor was somewhat amazed j aud embarrassed to hear himself terribly castigated by a Indy of whose relation to the negro race he had no idea whatever. Whilst the convcisatiun was going on, some one hinted to her that the person to whom she was uttering her Indignation was no oilier than cx-Govtrnor Eyre himself; whereupon, 1 /'rankly and unembarrassed, she turned upon him and said solemnly, “Do not you, your* sell, sir, feel now that poor Gordon was most unjustly executed?” Thcex-Goveruor j upon ti>is was overwhelmed with coulu- | .-ion, turned veiy red, excused himself, I and walked to the other cud of the | reem, Ellen is a kind of mis sionary among the grandees here. She was i the other day at a line dinner where Arte Ward was a guest, and c&cu out blunt ly with—“ They left me, Mr. Brown, that you ore always very hard upou t »e poor ne gro.” Aricmne, who was entirely unaware of the race of the person with w.iom he wa* conversli g, replied. “Now who told you Unit?” “Well, a good many people; but, in fact, thci o Is a good deal In your books that would niver hare been written by a friend of that unfortunate race.” Arteams colored considerably, for he felt that the company he was in felt a cer tain sympathy with her rebuke ; and he said, “ Not at all; I abuse white people as mueh us Ido the blacks.” “Well, rejoined Ellen, looking him stralghtly in the eye, “ I hope you wm never again write anything which shall noko people believe that you are against the negro.” Is it not passins strange ihatan intelligent and refined fugitive slave should be over here confronting and rebuk ing in high places the enemies of her people? —Litter fron i London. Four Popular Lies. (From the Bostoa Transcript.] The following stories are constantly report ed In the newspapers, and as often as I once a year they find lodgment in one setUr& or another throughout the country. It is time they were set at rest. No. 1. That Charles Dietens is habitually 1 in pecuniary difficulty ; that he lives beyond i his means, and is obliged to go into chancery once or twice a year. That he has made up with Mrs. Dickens, and they now uve to getber again. Charles Dickens is not only in the yearly receipt of very large su us, both from his books and hts readings, but he is one the best business men In-England, husbanding his means most judiciously, while bis benevolence is nobly conspicuous, iiis wile has not come back to him, but still lives in her own estab lishment in London, while his residence is ot Rochester, thirty miles from the city. No. 2. That one of Mr. Longfellow’s daughters was born without arms: that she draws and paints beautifully with her feet. Ti ls error arose from a potograph which, by a mistake jn position, gave the impres si< n of an armless chid. No. 8. That Samuel Rogers, the English roet, kept a million pound note framed uud bung up In his library. This lie was slatted by an Englishman in America, and was find printed In a foolish !>ccount oi some London authors in a hook called “Pen and ink Sketches.” The wil ier’* name was John Ro<s Dis, who hoaxed the reading public In various ways. No. 4. That the lyrical poem beginning ‘T am old and blind ” was written by John Mil ion. The piece was written by a lady In Phila delphia, some years ago. who never pretend ed Slilton had anything to do with it, John C* Fremont and the Southern Pacific Railroad* [From the Nashville Banner, January 19.] The following letter has just been received by Dr. De Bow, President of the Tennessee Central nod Pacific road, trom General JoUu C. Fremont, President oftheSontuern Pacific Road. It will be seen that General Fremont recognizes this road a* a link In the grand chain of connections with the Pacific on the shortest practicable line. After this, coining from such a eonreo, (the great American ex plorer,) the Legislature of our State will not be likely to hesitate to afford such liberal assistance to this great work as will secure ? ts completion In the earliestjposslblc time • Pocmo, seib TAnr.rrowjf, New \ ouk,» January 11. ISU7. f 3Tr Dear Sm: Your note of the ttii has been received. My copy of yjur railroad adores*, lor warded on the same day, baa nol yet reached toe. Pray accept xny very i laccro l&ankp for the sup port you are clvinc us to advocating tbe policy of money aid from Congress for dor Pacific Hoad. We have juatmenrea (be Southwest Pacific (toad in tbe Atlantic & Pacific. making now but the one corporation, of which 1 am President, borne chance has also been made In tbe affairs of tbe Memphis, El Paso & Pacific, under which I co In to the Directory, with an Csecnuv* Coomu'rt here In I*ew York. We hare just sect out our Chief Engineer, Major Daniels, to tevfoc the location west ol lied Kiver, with a new to immediate construction. It is proposed, ss tar as practicable, to harmonize these enterprises. Vour Tennessee road is a part olthc system, and the Interests run directly to gether. I hope that Governor Brownlow ghos it his active support. No one is more likely to real ize its Important tearing on all the Interests of tbe State than himself. 1 hope that your Lcgls'atlve Committee will be disposed to give you aid t-nongh to push the work af once rapidly roraard, »• d thmk they ""ill be rr.cocraeed to do so' if you will acquaint them with the active measures being token upon the Western Kallroad. with which it will connect. I shall be glad if I can be of any service to you; aM pray, meantime, keep me informed of yoor prcptW# *Yonrs, paly, J. C. FnmosT. Uon. J. D. 15. DeCow, Nashville, i'enn. A Protest ipdott tlie Proposed Bridge ut Qultey, 111, A Urge number of pilots of the Upper >tis slsslppfrccently assembled In St. Louis and protested against the proposed railroad bridge at Quincy, for the lollowing reasons : Primarily—lhal previous to this date the cur* > ent and channel die not always nm straight and I uniform tilth the shores at the point where the I bridge and tnamdratv axe proposed to be located ; I aud mat shifling sandbar* and reefs existing at I raid location, It ia most probable that the channel will again alter. . , , Secondly—'Teat below the usual steamboat land me 1# a r«rt of the river where the channel has u«wt chang' d eiac* the city ot Qutnev was found* co, and Hat (he shore being rock and gravel U Is ret likt-ly to charge. ... Ibltdiv—lUat it located at the point below, the requirement of the law autnortrine the construc tion of abridge would be better lalflllcJ—U be* Inc the best location for a bridge la that vicinity, and cauiluc the least obstruction to the free navi gation of the river. , , , Fourthly—We protest against a channel be* twet n di aw piers of one hundred and sixty feel as an ißtnfhdent space. The draw postage of the projected bridge at at. Charles, Mo-, being planned for two hundred fccr.’ata on the Ohio river the least space being three bunored feet clear, we claim any less space than two hundred feet to be wholly htsnffld. nt FioatJj—As bridges have been and still can be built so as not to materially obstruct navigation, v a wUh It distinctly understood that we have no objections to such bridges, but we contend that a bridge at Quit cy should be located at tbo lower portion of the city, sar above Thayerta mill, it be ne infinitely the best location for that purpose, il net iLccniy place where a bridge will oe permit ted. A Pacific Snnsunixz Cantz.—•The Bong Kong correspondent of the Kew York TYtbtine (has agitates a project tor a submarine telegraph cable between America and Asia: ** Shah we ever have direct telegraph commnni canonbetwetn Uoug Kong and San Francisco? No doubt, ultimately, America and Asia will bo connected by cables extending across the vast ocean at nearly ns widest part*, for U <s not likely that the Behan.* Straits hue* will b* aole to com- Ete ssctessfollv with submarine cable.-. Assnm c that lie bottom ot ‘be Partdc present* no l< - enpttabU obstacles to the telegraphic cables, be CUtetptU** be prouonneed f < *a.-ib , e. It o>ly needs, lo be shown iba« the business of tho continents will make h xemnnetailvt, and Its ac- C'nipli-tinjcnt win qtrckly follow. Xho cables should be four In number; the first exeadug from if an Piancisco to Honolulu, S,cß> toller. $ the. second Ihcrce to tho RoJockcbsfi rf the Alar stall's 1,020 wiles; the thtl theica to Guam,on the Ladtxnes, 1.500 miles; the fmrrt from thct-ie to L'lgow, i.2>t mic*. and the l.s Ibccce to Bore Kong, 420 Tunes, making a tola', of 7,H0, or In length ot cables abort; 4,100 mile.,'’ PUBLIC PARRS. TUe Proposed Fart for Sonfb Cli'cago, Bf do Fort and Lake. The fcllowxng is a copy of a hill to he presented to the Legislature, to provide for the locall .n and improvement of a public pack for the towns of South Chicago, Hyde Park and Lake, la the Coucty of Cook: As Act to provide for the location, improvement and regulation of a park for the towns of Sooth Chicago, BjGe Park and Lake. . , Section 1. Be it erased by the people of the State of III lno« represented tn the General Atttm- Lly, Ttat eeven persons, to be designated by the Judges ol the Superior Court of the City of Chi cago, or a majority of said Judges, be ana Uey are hereby appointed a Board ot Commissioners, under the name and style of Public Park Com missioners, and, together with their successors, shall constitute a Board of Park Commissioners for the towns of South Chicago, Hyde Pork and Lake, such of said Commissioners as shall accept such appointment, shall within thirty dav* after their notification of their Annvwl’ewA Tt>eu oevfptasco. and in the event of the tallure fQr any reason of an; one or more of the designated Commissioners torn notify said Judges, bis or tbelr place in sard Commission shall be thereby vacated, and u shall be the duty of a majority of the Commissioners so accepting, to nominate to said Judges some satiable person or petsens* fo fill the place of the person or per sons so failing lo flccepi. which nomination, if confirmed by said Judges, or the majorli; ol the same, when accepted by such nominee or nonr noee, shall constitute caca poison so accepting a Commissioner n» der this nct,'<nda majority olraid Commhsion shall so continue to nominate cntil tbe said Board ehnll consist of sevea persons. Ai d eaia Commission so constitutes shall have all the power and autnorby in and by ibis act alvet to said Board of Park Commissioners for tbu towns of bomb Chicago, Hyde Park and Late. Sec. a. As soon as convenient alter the said Beard shall be constituted, as atoreaa»d,the mem bers thereof shall decide by lot, at» meeting to be called by aDTtbrc«oftlienj,as to the respective terms for « hlcb each shall hold bis office; the number of mis shall equal iho number of Com misidoncre, and the person drawme too Icngesr !• rm chall serve for seven years iroio the first aay of March, one thousand elahi hundred and sixty ► even; the one drawing the next shall serve for elx years trom said date: the one d.-awins the next shall serve for five year* irom sard date, and so on uoUl me term or each one of said Commissioners *hal: be definitely determined, each one serving foi the length of time inscribed on the lot drawn by him. the last of said Commlieioners service for ihc term of one rear only from said first day of March, one tboiuandoigatbuudrea and sixty* seven. As coon ss the terra of office of each of said Com- mueioncit shall be determined as aiorcsaid, said Ucaid shall o-ganize by selecting one of their t.i.micr ae their President and shah choose a Sec retary aho thali not necessarily he a Commis sloLcr. The said Board ot Commissioners shall adopt a seal and alter the same at pleasure; shall keen a true aoo complete record of all their pro cccUJdcb and transaction?, which shall be open at all • finer tor the 'nspeetton ot the public. The taid Commissioner* shall receive no com- ptm-aliou for tLoir services, except the President of -aid board, who may, in the discretion ol said board, have nud receive a salary. All vacancies occurring in said Board until the first day of .Match. one thousand eight hundred and seventy* tour, shall be tllh d by persona nominated to such (duces by a majority of the Board taco in office. Sec. y. Jtc President and secretary shall be elect'd annually by said Bona at (he first meeting thereof held in Jtlarch of each vear, and shall receive such salary for their ser vices as the said Board may from time to lime determine. Xhiec members wnen present shall constitutes quorum for the Iraufacdou of busi ness; but no action shall he deemed final unless it snail receive the sanction of a majority of the Board whose names shall be recorded imao min utes ol the meeting. Sec. 4. The :>aid Commissioner?, on th* irorganl cation, are by this aciatuborizid and empowered ;o seiectoucu land tu the said to-m of South Chi cago or south ol the fame In the county of Cook jfatoaid, mt exceeding In urea one thousand -c.%8, as may to them seem fit and proper for too purposes of a public park, and by fielr name to tjike the title then to oy purchase, gill, devise cr condemnation flf hcreiuaiter prowled, to no held by tluni and tloir successors in trust for the pur- I {icscs ul a public larkturinu health and rccrea- ] tjun of the people ; and to enclose, Improve, man- i „<’e snl conn ol the same. | And it shall be the duty of said Commission-; rrs, when (hey shall have made such selection of land, *o to bo taken and appropriated, to file for , iccord m the otfico oi the Uecordcr of Cook County afoicsold, a map showing the said land, with correct descriptions, including sections, townships and range, which said map shah, from the date of Us filing, be notice to all concerned of such appropriations. btc. 6. In case tec eald Commissioner* cannot agree with the owner or owners, leasees, or ocen punte of any real estate selected by them aa alore satd. they may proceed in the manner heremalter pi escribed to condemn the same. The said Commissioners shall make a fall list and description of sncli lands as said Commission ers may select as aforesaid, entering on sale list so far as known, the names of the owners of the respective pieces or parcels of land so selected, giving, opposite to cacti description of said land which the said Commissioners deem It best to condemn, the respective estimates made by said Commissioners ol ihe value thereof, to be paid to the owners cf the same. The said Commissioners shall also make a com plete list of all lands and lots In the towns of booth Chicago, Hyde Park and Lake, and such other town* lu Cook County (if any) as shall have within them any part of said park by said Com missioners deemed benefited by the location of said park, giving, as tar as known, the names or the respective oxvnete ot the Srveral lots orparccls of land so deemed benefited and the extent In dol lars and cents oi t-neb heneut. The said Commissioners shall make to the Judge of said Superior Court of« ‘ook County sepa a t imports of the two estimates bcrelabeiorecoti 'cimduiid. ihe clerk olsaid Court shall within five coys from the filing of such report, prepare ;»nd publish a notice in at lea t two dally papers published In iho city of Chicago, tor two weeks successively, In which notice shall be set forth a ifet aD fl description o the lands so proposed to be condemned a- d taken, oca a general noicc of the assessment fur benefits, with the names of the, so far aa known, and as given by said Commirr-IomTS, and designating a time not less I an tlstv dare from the date of the first publica tion of said notice, at which parties in Interest will be beard s y said Court touching the value of damages at d benefits. SecT 6. All objections to said assessment ol damages a»d benefit snail be filed In writing bc lote flic day eel fer puch hearing. The Court ehall hear the evidence presented by said Com- Hdeeio.ers, as well as that offc»cd by persons ob jecting to raid asscssmcit, and shall determine the .same in a summary manner. U shall be law mi for the said Cum to confirm, change or amend ibersid reporter damages and benefits, or any part thereof. or to refer the same, or cither ot them, or any patt thereof, hitcw to ttto said Commissioners lor revival and correction; and in such cast’, the said Comnn.-?ioncrs shall revise, correct, or make anew, and return the same to - aid Court, as herein before provided for. and In ;Ikc manner shall said Court proceed until a final und, to said Court, satisfactory assessment t-hnll be made touching all the lands to be condemned nno appropriated by said Commissioners- or bene ath d by the location or construction of said pat K. Sec. 7. It shall be the duty of every person claiming to Im »be owner of land to he taken and appropriated by said Commissioners to furnish to said Commissioners such an abstract of title to the same as shall he satisfactory to said Commis sioners bi-Itre he or they shall be entitled to re ceive the money to be paid for the same. sEC.b. Woen,forany reason, the said Commis sioners shall muse, or declirc. to decide as to 'tie owr crMilp of title to any of said lands to Detak*-n aid appropriated, it may be lawful for the said Comm:*etchers to deoosli, In lawful moccy of tl c I’niitd Stabs, in said Court, the amount as • »sert to be paid for any niece or parcel of land .-o to oe taken, and such deposit shall be deemed a *-ood and valid payment for such piece or parcel of laco, and shall absolutely vest » said coa niPeloncrs the title to said piece or parcel ot land ,o paid tor; and the claimant for .-neb money shall be required to make satisfactory proof to eald Conn of bia or her ownership of such finds; and In case ol 1 -uch deposit the Judge of said Conn and Clerk of i ’the tame. stall in their official capacity make and ' execute to the said Commissioners, a crovey i mice oftbe piece or parcel oflacd so paid lor by t-nth deposit. From the day on which the assessment for ben efits hereinbeloic contemplated shall be confined lu whole or In part by said Court, the several amounts so assessed snail constitute avalictucu on the several lots, pieces orparccls of land on which such amounts are so assessed, and there fehttU be no appeal from the decision of said Court toLCbing the said etumate ol damages. Sec. v. Ten per cent of the amount so assessed on each pitcc of property deemed benefited by the opening of such pirV. shall become due and be paid annually, until the whole of such amount rhail be paid, and shall oc included and charged m ilcceßcral lax levy lor county pnrpoacs levied nod ai-tes-cd each vear. and shali he charged acains-t the taid property so deemed benefited, .-o that each tract »o deemed bcceflrcd shall have Un ter cent of the amount so assessed against it i t,v said Commissioners annually changed against it*on eald general tax levy, and shall be collected in tte same manicrrn ail respects as the said gen eral tax I* collected. .... Sec. to. For the payment of so much of the damages awarded bv the said Comimsriocers and he expenses, dlsborsemtnt and charges in the premises aa shall exceed the amounts or sums that may he assessed ' by the eald CommU.-ioner* upon the Sardes and persons, lands i>nd tenements, deemed r them benefited by the opening of inch pork, -»cd lor the payment of the espouses ot enclosing acd Improving tne same, the said Commissioners stall have power to loan or borrow, Cram time to not, thr sucti time as they shall deem expedient, a sum of mouey not exceeding one million ot dollars, upon the credit of v«d towns ot South (. hicago, Hyde Bara and Lake, and shall nave auihojitv to issue bonds, pledging iho lalth and cicdil or said towns for the payment ol the prin cipal nud interest of said bonds ; which bonds aia.l ls»nc under tfio seal of said Coajmls.-ioners and shall be signed by them or a majority ol .hem, and bear inteieat not exceeding ten per whom per annum. . , „ , . And It shall be the duty of said Commissioner* to keep an accurate register of all bonds issued by them, showing the number, date and amount of - tacb bond, and to whom the came wan issued, and said register shall at all times bo open for the inspection of the public; and 'or the payment of •s bich bond* the tmh and credit of the said towns •>r sotuh Chicago, Hyde Park and Lake, and also iho said piece of land so as aforesaid to he token .•ball be Inevocably pledged. axe. 31. Tho said Board of Port Cormnission e«f stall annually, on or before the first day of tn each year, transmit to the Clerk of jhc County Court of Cook County, an estimate In wtittpc. or tee amount of money not exceeding in any one year toe sum of two bundled thousand collars, necessary for the payment of the interest uu the bonds so issued by saio Board; and that Iq addition thereto will be required for the maintenance and government of said park during. the current year. And the said Clerk shall proceed to determine what per cent said sum is on the taxable property of fsld towns according to the several assessors re turns lor the respective year, and shall in the next g.ncral tax warrants for ihe collection of blate »nd county taxes In said several towns set down >be amount chargeable to the several persons, cor rotative lota or parcels ofground, in a separate or ' appropriate colomii. and the collectors respec tively shall proceed to collect the same in the manner t.o«v provided by law for the collection of State acd county taxc*, acd all the provisoes Ot law in respect to the collection ot State and county taxe*. ox-d pioceedinc* to enforce the same, so far as applicable, shall apply to said assess-. ment and taxes. , , , . , v Ito eald sum of money shall be deposited by the Trmnrcr of said county of Cook as fast as tt c fame sb&U be realized by him, to the creditor i>aid Boaid of Turk Commissioner?, with i*ucn bank, or in such manner, as shall be designated by -cid Beard, ai.d shall be drawn by said, Board (tom such place ol deposit by a warrant signed by me lYcsidcm and Scctctarv of satdßoard, and I countersigned by an auditor or comptroller, to he appointed by *aiti Board, and la no other way. stc. is. Itehallb lawtui for the said Commif s'eners lo vacate std close np any and *M -public -oicds ur highways which may pass through, dt nde or separate any lands selected or ap propriated by them tot the purposes ot a •a*k, sno to such roau shall ever be laid out through eoid park, except such as the said shall lay out and construct. pic. ia, 2\o onb or more of v*s auid Comaua* NUMBER 234. eioncrs fhali be interested, either direcity or in directly In any contract entered Into by them with any other person, nor shall they bo interested directly, or indirectly in Ihe purchase of any ma terial to be used or applied Id sod about the aa*** and purposes contemplated by this act And It shall be a misdemeanor for any Commissioner to be directly or indirectly m any way pecuniarily interested in any contract or work of any hind whatever, connected with *aid parts. Sxc. 14. The said Commissioners, or either of them may be removed from office by lie Jndsre of tne bnpenor Conn of Cook Conmy upon petition presented to him in term timeor in vacation by one bandied freeholder* of sard towns or bouth Chicane, Uyde Path, and Lake, if it shall appear, after bearing and proof before said Judse, that the sod Commissioner , or cither of them, have been trnilty oi misfeasance or malfeasance I*i office or any breach of duty, either of commission or omission, under {his act; and if the said Judge shall remove any two or more oi said Commission ers from office fur any cause before 'be expiration of the term of their offid*. he « hereby aathai'ized and empowered to appoint others in their stead, who ebatl fill each offices for and during the on expired term of each Connnfssiocers so-removed. b£C. 15. The said Board shall nave the full and exclusive power to govern, mtnmre and naJco»-nfr me regulation and government ibcr-oft . to appoint snch ensfneers, surveyors, clerks and other officers, including a police force, as may bs necessary: toprescribe and define (heir respective duties and anihonty, fix the amount of their com* pe&satton; and, reneraliv. In regard to said park they shall possess all the power and aumorixy now by law contorted or possessed by the Com mon Connell of the atyot Chicago In respect to the public squares and places in said city. Sec. 16. The office of any Commissioner under this act who eha'il not a tend the meetings of the Beard for three successive months, after having been duly notified of said meetings, without rea sons satisfactory lo the Board, or without leave of absence from said Board, may by said Board be declared vacant. IT, The ivai estate and property of said Board shill be exempt from taxation. Sec. is. This act shall be a public act and take ef.ect Immtdhitrly npon Its passage.>. No part of said park snail oe laid ont north of Douglas place, west of Michigan avenue, nor sonth ot Junction avenue, nnless the land taken beyond said limits shad be donated for said park. Sac. SO. At the next mnnlcipal election of the city of Chicago, to be held on the third Tuesday in April, ISC7, loc legal voters of that part of the city of Chicago included within the limits 01 the to»n of boutn Chicago shall vote fur or against paid park, and if a majority ot the persona voting withm «Md limits at said election shall vote for "No Path,".then all the powe.s of the Commis sioners conlemd by this act shall be nail and void, otherwise the same shall be and remain In full force and virtue. Tns TTAsnntuTow Street Funnel.—The work men are boar with tuc approaches to the tonuel under the river at Washington street, but owing to the catastrophe which occurred on the Sabbath morning preceding Cnrlstmas, the progress achieved Is not so great as was expected. Ever since that dale the operatives have been engaged in repairing damages, and will not have succeed* ed in selling things right in less than about two wvekf hence, it is expected that the cutler dam over the eastern half will be hushed to early spring, ana the excavating of that half got through with goon enough to use (be stone and brick os cat Sy as that can be put on the ground. im of the disaster would appear to be different from tnat atreaoy reported. U was staled to have been the result of leakage from the sewers. The contractor alleges that It was caused by on attempt to follow ont a change of plan de* tczmlned on \>y the Board of Public Works, after the tzcavatlon hud been partially done and the shorings fixed in position. The original plan was for a middle tunnel for foot passengers, *.hv land* lug being effected by a stairway on the do:k, and the two carnage tunnels converging towards each other from that point to the adjacent street. The new plan la to place the tunnel for pedestrians on the south etdcoi the other two, and to nm ft ont to .Market and Canal streets. This necessitated tbo digging ont of twoteet or more from the southern hank, which was thus weakened, and (he bracings loosened. The con* ’Tictor, A. O. Stewart, chums that be u In no way responsible tor the accident. A Robe Takel—On Saturday evening Health OfficerT. B. Bridges stepped from his elel-rh “a momeuCto converse with the proprietor ofa jewel ry store on Randolph street anu when he returned he found that some bold scamp had taken his buffalo tobc. Stolen Eorc.—Some graceless individuals eto.c fifty fret of seven-inch hawser rope from the bark Grace Murray. lying in the North Branch, lao or tbicc days ego. iß&somc Motion. TlTAbONlC.—Attention, Sir Knights. llX.l apodal Conclave ofCblcago CammaiKlorr, N.». is, K. T,.wt 1 beheld nt their Aey.ntn, No. Jj*i W*3C Kaudolpa*(t.,thi4 (MONDAY) evening, January iitn. ut Tx uVlock. Work on the k. T. Fer order of the £. C. JOHN “WHITLEY, Secretary. 33oariing. -g DEAUBORN-BT. PALACE HALL RESTAURANT, friust therla'efor day boanL Twenty moregcntle m- csnleac ommodated. laptograpijs. pROSBT tanl notice. Photographs of HET. XrnESSS, the lucky individual who won this magrir.cciU prlz can be ibtalced by enclosing 25 cents mi stamp t EDWARDS & WIIXIAMS. St. Lou a, Mo. N. L.~ Dlgconnt to agents. partners ffiedanteo. pAKTNISU WASTED. OIYE-KAIsT ZNVXIBQS3 In on Old-Esiabll .lied and Paying Daslui . on LaUMit.l I*OR SAtiS. Capital required. from (12.000 to 115 OW. Ore part* ner miring on account ol lil-healih. Apply, by let ter, to “b si," Tribune office, staling where au- inter view may be had. i b It- U a chance seldom met with. ©encral Notices. QAUDiO. - CiTl MIMXG COaiPAMV. Notice is hereby given that by an order of the Board of Directors ol the Garden City Mining Company that assessments which became due on the 7th day of December, 1S6I; Ist day of April, 1955; 20th day ot June,lS6s ;*Bst day of September, 1865; Ist day ot January, 1866; Sstn day of March. IS6G; and 21 day cl August, ISC6, and which still remain due anJ unpaid ore extended to the ith day of February. 1567, payable at the cilice cf the Secretary of the Company: and it < was further ordered by the Board that all stock ot said O mpany on which any partiun of said Assessments shall retrain flue alter the date aforesaid shall be ad* vertßed and sold according to law. and the bre-lawa of said Company. By order ot the Board. J. R. VALENTINE. Secretary and Treasurer. Nc. 2 Fullerton Block. Chicago, Wth January. 1367. RAILROAD COXTKAGXORS. Lot'ifvrtt*. CnfcrgsaTi and i L»1150TON K.Vlr.aoall. V Ixjcisvolk, JA&oary Zlst, 13G7.) Incoteedoencoof the mow, the time tor examining work on the Louisville Branch ol this Road is extended until February 15th, when the letting will take ptace, os previously advertiied. J. M. Sr. JOHN, Chief Engineer. x>eofle*s GAS LIGHT AND COKE Jf COMFAKT. The annual meenug of the stockholders ol the Peo ple's Ras Light and Cove Conipary wilt he held at the office of tbi Company, In Chicago, on Monday, rehruary 4,lW*» at 10 o’etoev a. m. _ a. M. BILLINGS, President. Chicago, January 23, it>o*. Q.ROUND OIL C AKE is the Cheapest Feed in the Harket Fir stock of all kinds. Or Utrt nromt tly nilcl lor cosh, r * w uLATuItFORD A CO„ Na 70 North CUnion-et. JBiHantea. ■^TAKTfiD— 3feichants’ Insurance Stock. C. B. OOODTESB, ■j-i ch>tr.b»r of Cotrmttcc BnUdlng. Inquire ol pianos. TWANGS—The public b respectftiUy in- X Tiled to call at 75 Market at. corner of wadi ineton-M. to inspect the new llano fortes from tae New Tore Central company—»a« best la toe marge:. The Hano» »ill speak for thtmselves. Plano* to rant by J. PKE&TO.S. 3Seal Estate. THE LUCKY NUMBERS; WHO X WILL BE THE LUCKY MEN ? , Houses and Lota. ll£ Booth Hataled-sL, 350 West lUtdolpb-su ail West Maolaon-an. SIS Booth Halated ct. Thu property u .well located, and oflef*-d for ole wrekstatirnoce.rorcasti.or par ton time. 600 - WILUE A CQn IteMadßca-sL. cor. LaSalle-sh IDtntisttg, 'TJ&ETH. **"NO EXTRA CHARGE lor Extract!ngTWth WITH OUT pain*. by the n«eorsitnnf Oxide Gu. whea ara* Octal one* are inserted, at THEGO’S Ttntal Booms, 7.‘{ Booth C.&rk-sL. Chicago. Kcw Teeth inserted same day as extracted. TAR. J. O. KARNSWORTH "Makes no extra tharee lor Extracting Teeth without Palo, by the use ot Nitrous Oxide Gas, when arttodar one* ore Inserted. 11H KaouolDD-fU epposite Wood's Museum* Scis.of Teeth on itobber. 112.00, $30.00. 33'outational. VOCKG LAD INS’ tEMINAUr, "*■ AT I.ABB POHEBT, ILL. The sprlnc T.nn will commence on THCBSDAT, the *lk o» F*prna»y nexa Any ceslrtog a place as Bcaidlnc Scholars may address the nnaerflgned. Late forest. Jan. 21.1361. B. DICKINSOS. Extract of I3ert. IJRY TOURTEIOT’S tXTRftGT OF BE£I For Family Use. rjIVALLDS AND DYSPEPTICS, Should not full to aa« tl. Far sale by aU Oruwuo and Grocers. Hoofing. pLAbTIO SLATE ROOFING. A TEST OF FIVE YEA£3 h« demonstrated Oy wpertorttr ox tats aatextal ow emy 6tn« njw koovtL A msiUC—tt afapls Itself to crw Tf shape ard slope, from flat to perpendicular. coverts** the wnoe root without seam or jo-tc. Non-comtnMiDse—it la net the moans of <uti>oyi»9 vour proprfiu- oat ot nrotcctlEfclt- Xoa-expanMve—ncat norcold f »o mat ter bow Intense, can compel it Pt expand or cEotract. lopemona—water oor ereo secerns, ran penowW or dissolve it. XTodreanofr—tlme sad the elements only mature and perfect it. To sum tp-the whole master, ilia Tire, IT ater and Frosf Proof, and is (htaptr than any athergood materlM, and better Loan the most expensive . The NewTork :TrtP«.»4tn*peaOncof If ■jay»;*‘We consider this invention me greaust boon *. taeaxe.” The Farmrr'x Vtub of the. American lovUtutc pro* toctteihe invention one of the most tmpo Tract ever d jbr l aop«tyearweh»Tcbeen trudged larocplyimc this material lo me people of-Widow and 'Viscoa-la, andiron tbenany Carter! ns: teaximonlais now cn-nte In our office, we led warranted* la saying, to thaw en tile satlsfdeilcn. , ... _ Prom amonette hundreds who-have used IMvc ss lect the fonowhu •. . . _ Mr. H. H. Taylor. Acrlcultara’ Implements, Cticiyo. MessEaster.baouoonarjdßaMf, *’ ** Mr.Charlca Paine, ChletEng.Mi'rtr.&orMLlL, * C.S*rtl«lC.Ch«caiOThtf.> , l seml-oary, “ Prot A. J. Sawyer. Dotulaa Dnlverartr, “ Mr. J.P. sharp.of rfcas A Sharp ProxgPM, air.L.U Amur. S-at Estate Bealr', “ Dr.RM.Bsk'r.Drnil-t. “ Mr. Chos. Morris. Slanofacturer Fir. - Worlo. •• Mr.i.O.Williams;ofWi*bb2r.t7,lllaa vAFlteh, “ Mt.j C- LUcharcs.ol IkctiMs'lfou V ♦* Mr. A. E. Hannan, C.P.CoamL-slo'rr.Chaapalga. Mr. WUllatu Way and Ilara, Jeaerso-;, ** Mr. T?m. n* Somers. Ulent cir. Court, Crtsoa. Mr. TT. A. Ementroot. n.>«»Nirr. Metw. Dtetrtcji <k Boover. * dupr’e Court, Mtss.MaLbewsAWadswocth Mrs*. H. Q Cesch & Co.and W.T.E MoU, Utetuieid. Mr. E. M. Aioddard, (UsSer. Lesindton. Mr. C. S. Krttoair, Toatl, 111. Dr. M. Falcon, oioomituttomDL Mr. A. p. WehJ. Blehixiocd.-lil. Mew.Urlffitba Atiecre and J. DavU.Odlu.lU. Mess. Deere A Co. and ueo. Vr.Bihbea, MoUce r I(L Mr. L. A, Dab. Avon, 111. Jlr.uS. team.-McLcan. Ul. Mr. G. W. troj*cr ■>mt Moaher, Polo, HI. Mr. A. O«oorr, Raritan. HI. Mr. A- B. McCbttscy, Alton, D>. Beardsley A ifro. pap. r .MtnT. Aroma, 111. Mcb». John-ou, ConnA Bro., aheloyville, Ul. Don. C. S. Kelso*. Montoilo. TVls. col. Charles IVolcott, Oshßoan, W»s, Mr. James Hea, •* Voaa JtnsktnA 'Veil* £ T\*»a, LiVe Mills. Wls. M»r. Walter. Muvctr A C<u KUbon* a city, Wtt, sleas.Tayior <t Babtoion, wanpu, Wn. Don. Henry Conner, “ •- Mesa. £. S. & u. R. Barr, Bcrl'a.TTU. Mws. A. TVins ow <£ Co., Ft. Atßln*3n r .WI9. Vr o. Oilusha. Baoßor, Monroe, TVi*. Mr. Cbar.ea Sherman, Mlo.ral Point, ’>T». Mcnxo Nerrbre., NVlfi.- Mr.G. U.Slmmon(i«,Oco£omoa-»c. Wt*.- Mr. N. C. Fam%«ortu. Miejjjg>»n Falljj Wti. Maaufacturtnc Cj., JiiTersoa, wls. ROOFING FELT, and also the new SBF.VrniNO FELT usd (or Ituloc buildings, and COAL TAIL coa stauilv on banc *t lowest market rates; Circulars sent oa appUca'loti, *mt for Tlshti. Apn’.v ye WniTACIiE * RAYMOND. US LaiaLMU fbicac\ HL Cftc Skating Sicasoit. QGDEN SKATING PARK. ICE IX SPLENDID CONDITION. ETEW FLOODED. OPEN DAY AND EVENING* ■y^fASHIXaTOJi S?KA'fclft T GPA&I£. MONSA.'S'. OrLN AFTERNOON AND EVENING. BSATCITITZ* ICS. Hand. In tlio Evening. Skatftrinl •‘Klnra” and “Queens,” prepare fur the AMLIUCAX SKATING TOUUNAMENT, to take Place at “lbciVa»tii3gtou, n IVodaexiiy and Thursday, February 6tb and 7th, QI*EX TO THE UNITED STATE*. UAN’K. PATRONIZED 3Y MA3AME RISTORI. (,‘rrat Attraction nil this Week. Music Every Afternoon and Evening. RACE ON MONDAY EVENING. Croud Tonmatnmi nti Thor*dnv next. Three splendid Gold iiiednlii. Open in mi Minicrs In ibe northwest. Names must be rettiwten <1 Taeauur. Q£KTKAL PARK. Wedrefday night. January, doth. Grand Night Balloon Ascension, And brilliant display of fireworks. Tbe moat novel encrtalnnutievsT gotien up. Benefit efthe tnaaa* gei- . _ _ Blanks. Is EW RZORTGAG-E 3H.AM3S, With Power of Sale. AdJoarnmcat, posur-ince. Tax Clauats, cUx, fur sale at Tribune Job Office. All Eluds of Legal. Couveyacclnz, Peusiou an'' Poonty Pi&aVa. _ iHuslcal. iorbett mmm Ar» U e rcare* t approach ti perC'cttaa of any BeM ln t-trument now manufactured. For volume. rlclme-s ana oruan-Ilke aaallty ot tune, elasticity of touch, and premptQtts of action. They Rave Ko Successful Competition. They are Dnlshed In rare? cl BosewooL Wa’nut and Oat, plain, ui carved from the m- tt ocaotUol and e’e cacirttHur.»: also, l .Jet or Imitation Eoouy, richly tnlocd at d o Irani ent*o. T> e superb* ciceilcn-e of th*-?? instruments tsmaln- Ivstlrlbuiablctothcniany Improvements appiic.tex* rlUAlrelv lolliem. toe most important of winch ore “BurcetVs Improved Manual **Burd6U*J Improved Harm- me attachm-xt.” ‘*B»mJi*u*s Im proved Knee-Swell.” and •‘BnrdeU’s Vocal Tremolo.** They an* fwlgn, d Kir Churches. Schools 9*lll. and the F»o»«y t Ircie. Fitly‘litter* nt style*, roaring in price from (IQ) t. f LOW t v-ry Uardett ufaliy warranted ivr the term of live years. Descriptive Catalogues Sent I*roc to At»y Address* IYOfLA HEALT, Gtuvt at Agents for lb; Jlanafaclurcre, Claikand Washlngton-ils., Chicago. TNSTRDCTIOKS ON THE **" PIANO AMI «UITAU, Nr. VT. B. MATHESoN has taken rooms at No. 2M) IlllooU-er., where he win give itstructions oa theaboveramtainsirnaent*. Lemons win hi* given At private residences lr desired. The be i'. ot riuerences given. iHchiral. -ryARRAKTED TO CUKE ITCH I ITCH! ITCH! ITCH ITCH! stch itch: ztcb! ztch: In from IS to 4S liours! SWAIAE’S AIL-IIEALI.\G 01-VDIEXT. SWAV.\EJ» AIL-nEALI.VC OIXTHE\T. SRAIAE’.S ALL-IILVLIXG OI.\T3I£.\T« OT 6oldbyallDrncel«ts. At who’esaie oy , _ ÜBIINUAMS * VAN SCQAACK. 1 Few Words of Common Sense, Bow few there are who are uct subject to some aSee* tioa of the lungs or respiratory organs, who, oy neg lecting premonitory symptoms, aggravate the ram* plaint, until disease strikes its shafts, causing inex pressible torture of the patiect, and anxiety and dis tress lo friends. “Only a cola!’* “ A slight son throat l" U the heedless remark of many when so af fected. Tcs; ** Only a cold,” was the thoughtless ex presslon of thousands whom death has marked for hu prey. forewarned—Forearmed 1 iboold be tbs mono tor* ever latbe min da ol all subject to Coughs Golds, C» Uirh.or Influenza. TTurd* of advice should tie oeedec by au soflenne (tom Asthma, Bronchitis, Cooaump turn. Belief Is within that reach; and, U negiecton, tatal consequences ensue—a lUe of misery— a da Us hourly suiißEielor existence. A contest in which then can oe out one victor—Death t Does it not appal the strongest mmd to think of th* result closed ty Deflect ? Then why delay t Wha* excuse can he ottered. ween timely warning Is *ontdec u your ears? When the danger: Is notated out, wtj not avoid It? Manauss's Pxetonai. Sana has hr® used with success In nearly. & minion of cases, and u e: derteo by the Medical Faculty a* the meat prompt and efflcactoua remedy that scientific research has dis covered, to rellarc and cure all cases ot Congas, Coidt Inflaeoia. and ConaamplloL, If the case isnotbeyoac ell hope, tv-awbenihe snflerer Is in tne laetstagea he will flad relief by using this preparation. One hot tie will convince tne most Incredulous, that the menu ot this preparation arc by no means exaggerated; li act-fa,l fix short of the empties bestowed upon it by thousands who have been cured by its tltseiy use. A guarantee accompanies eacn bottle; and dealers arc in structed !a every instance to refund thw money, whet this preparation bid to relieve. Frcpared oy T. W. HABSDE3, 4Jj7 Broadway. Kew York. and tor schf by all Dmnclsu. Price. 51 perbatth. BtTUMIAMS* VAN SCIIAaCk. whole* sale BrucgUts, Chicago, Hit General Agents forth* h’oyhwest. For snh: by SMITH & DWYI.B, oclafg-ast Hew-net Citg Koticts. TAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—SIate of Illinois. County of Ccolc, City of Chicago—**, CrrrCoLutcioi.aOmcx, < KCOU NO. U COHCT UCTSE, J January 31st, isd7. ( Public notice Is her shy given, that on the Ural Mon. day ot Ftbruary, being the fourth day of February. A. It. ISbT, at a regular term of the superior Court of Cl icagr. to be begun and hotden to the Court House, in salacity ofthlcaso, on the *ast mentioned day, I shall make mtrt to said Socerior Conn.of unlearn on the IcJlowit c Special Assessment Warrant® Placed in my hand* ttrc» flection oe or belore toe last day ox Octoht r, A. U. tSW. and ask ter Jodgmet* agatnat the several lots, blocks, pieces «r parrels oi la&a or other properly described in such warrants, on whtoa tho assessments men remain unpaid, for the ororunt of atiefsmcnts, dim aces and costs respectively due there -522. South—dated Oct, of Tianpposts cn Sixteenth street; between stole IS*. S eoj *«R e Mnf«m l *<S Sons Mane B ®S-.nt M, North—Petal Oct. Jh IS6, r-r irKil n ot S Jsmp posts on cblcano avenue, between North ftr the son and Green's- Addiooo, eastwartUy Of too aamo mn.uDpinu! a sidewalk on toe south side of Fig avenue and western tcratous O, ««rnS?No.TS9. w#st-Datod rt natrtbc b*' cwalk oa east side of Sonlt-weslera avemio, titn. Maul> nwiUlmrot streets. _ _ All rersocs interested are re«iut»ied tpatteuuattoo ata*esaidterm otius Sup.rlor comt cfc>.tca<o. aio.esaiuicnuyt ■*- lUvAL*?, City CoUeOur. •war jy|AN3FIELD'S LIGHT! HHSFKLD’S BUtSPKM’S BUSIIHCI LIGHT! LIGHT! LIGHT! Aaymaawbowuheato lavas one daSirvfcata he can aaftJT calculate oa ten m M days, let hlw call ac Boon i i. No. r- LaSaDe-GU, mod Me MANSPIBLD’f COMMLHCIAITLtI. tns only Ola* of the Had at*- eoud la tee Dotted state*. Can be p*BUlhtf«rad hr any one lor cents per niton, sad U fa Kr caecetaevery respect. ThiaoUia desuasdrerywaw to make light lor tie million. _ The Weston States amallacM out. The Terrttortea and Sonu. era ntaiea, and a ftw Eastern states, IbrsaJr atabaretlo. Tils Oil Is now manufactured la larce auaadow at Milwaukee, ana nsed extensively throogbeut WacO»- nnaal other States. jy call at onceaad be satisfied thitynu arena hnmhUKM.aoa K you ran ace money ta the arttcte. Invest, or send stamp :or circular. D. MANSFIELD * CO.. Eosm tl, No. 17 La Chicago. MORE DEATHS OR BUSNINBS j?KOM BURSTING KEROSENE LAMPS. eoeazvd tame kprosesa cil and lamp trade, aa travcLlrg aevot. lor me larceat lamp firm Is the IVcvr, for two aud aualfyears. my attcaui-a ha« tieca caJtcrl prthe palnfuf fact cl a great many oed dintsand DEATHS .musvHbV LAMPS BUfufLNG. fliavesfart?e2 fhe can<** CV,rooghiy. and hare <U»- coveiei aSCHi PREVENTION; TomUoo aeedoT ptw Lnratra ar aaytulLC elsc.-hat •tmu.y ;> tOUaw the rales*. 1 have prepared a circular, cootatalo* mo -Auies and. urcveutl ;n. Being so well xnown by as 'rxde and many others la Wisraiuln, IHiaolf. lowa, Missouri. Eaussi.azdNebraaks. V have no besltatlew ’o .Icnicg my real name as a guarantee of tt» Delae ?to Imnitmxr. nut cereal value. _ , _ Such we, rntrcea'A and writ* your name. P»at Of- Cee'ad*»ba, Ccunsy asd Stale, ptaaly- a* - * 1 *»» •**■■■ —’—"■— ren. Biunranra, Box S4&'Cbtca«o. PATI£ST SB3OS MAtraiMß. Office siri oamuactory &S South JeHer»cn-*t. Per Into nnsa oa tod desenpave circular ad drew S, H. QMS), (Coal. "vrOUGHiOGHEN Y COAL is OOKB 1 co„ Offliv-17 trretaber oi Commerce, and comer Wes£ Klrzle ana Gis*>sts. Coal at redaten price*. LchUh,LacK>wano».Y>m>thlochQei.lirlar HUL Eric. Csnneu Ville CoC:e. A MBs A CO. XI7U*MINt4TON COAL. i am rccelvlrg Coal from the m|af« of COAL CO., which l oner at the! wrwt rate*, by thj car load, *r as retail. LEniCJU* COtU LACK A''.'ANA COAL. BITTSTOT-OPAL. BLns>Brir<}- coal. BUI A a lIILBCOAL. EKIB COAL. WILLOW llAir& COAL. Orders proa ptly filled from nn rants : 7 Kotik Mu-Wet >t-; 2G7 Afcacr-roftQ, axuf corner Canal \Hupaxea-7W. . A. B. BCCEKOa. .iFire 3al«; QRAJPES. MALAGA: GRAPES! TWBHTT HSGB SUPERIOR MALAGA GRAPES, Just iccelvsd and for (ale. JOHN ITBlfllCp, yjSouta Clark «t. mum EXPRESS STOCK For fair, m foKowa: fit paid la. at. T 4 pall* fa, nt. t;pala in. at. AKO, American. Dotted I'tatau Adanu* and Vte tls, Fareo & Co '» Ksprcs* slo<ka at lowest tra.-kec rales, Uy BOOESTaVER, TfJATKK & SLD-oON. yanksruacd Broker*. 71Broadway, >etr Tors. tSAuaigiimema, pOTATOEt, POTATOES I CHOICE PEACH BLOW POTATOES. For mle In quantities to salt purchasers. BATES, STONE & CO., Z6l SontiiWatdMt* 2QQ HHDB. N. O. SUGAR. 100 BrU. X, O. ffat&MM. 100 litis. Textts I’ccun Noia. jut, rmlfd -rt tor ..I, tj » co . lUarhinate, Sdohrs, &£. JJARDNVARib A CUTLEitY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Lalre-St. The attention ot close havers u turned to our com plete stock of COOPERS*. ara CAB* PHNTEBS* TOOL'S AMERICAN TABIE CUTLERT ana BUILD£Kh r UA!am'aKK, direct Bom the brtt manufhetaren. VVe offer. also, a complete assortment of WObTENBOLiVB FOCKEI CXJILiIIiT, SPEAR * JACKSON’S SAWS.-JOSEPH. RODOEBS A SONS* SCISSORS ana RAZORS. STUBBS * BOTH RUTS FILES, also SKATES aao Straps cf -very dOßCflpßoo. We also keep constantly on hood fmi cumber* of SCHOENBERG EE’S JUNIATA NAILS. C. U. RCKP. Epw. PMbCOTT. s. waxwut. ~ SSimboto ©lass. J WILLARD FOX. WINDOW CLASS. 208 LAKE-ST. <£lotfjcs iHanglee. AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Heat. It will do It Id one-qaorfer the time QOirrd wiib heated iron*. It gives agio* nnd brilliancy of lustre lo linens, itnpossi ble to be obtained from heated irons. NO EXPENSE FOE FUEL. No Hotel. Laundry, Restaurant, Boarding Bouse, flocpltal or Private Family can aoerd to he without one. IT SAVES TIME. IT SAVES CLOTS S 3. IT SAVE* MONET. IT SAVES FUEL. II SAVES LABOR. IT SAVES HEALTH. For psmpn’ett, containing fall desarlptloa of ma chine* addeesa AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CO., 149.151. and 15tt Fultot-*L, Chicago, ML, Or J. B. RICE. 161 Latent. ctarce JJ HANaON & CO. oomaszeszoH msacsAjiTs For purchase ard sale ot Country Produce. JOT S»utb Watcwi. £j,ILiiERT & Field, cosonsam, meechabts, (Sacceuor. to CUOert, Upcike . 103 Waelilnfftoii-ut. QDAS. J. QILBEBT. CEO.HELP IGHT & DITN'TON. tstoraac, tone ordlnß and commtsatcn merchant*, lar the porcoa*c and sale of all kind* of country produce and give opeclal attention to eale ol Broom corn, uisbirlne*; PrettfaHogi and Uve Stock. Alto areata for tale of * _ _ SACINAW SALT. K. B.—Our rates of commission are thoseestebUshed tjrthe looted ul Trade, ttom which we do nntrarr- Conslcanaenu aoudtad. ■ __ . picture dframes. 186 TUE LUCKYNUMBER. Jgg Cioshy’a Opera House Pictures, Framed to Black Walnut, Gothic Mouldtoe, and U other »iyi«s, b>wer that they can be booth* eiaewhera in the West. 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