Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 28, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 28, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. MONDAY, JANUARY 29. 1901, THE CITY. Skaxx. fctk.— I Tbe.alarm from box IM, just be fore one o’clock this momlt g. was caused by an Incipient fire In a watch factory on Menominee street, which a few palls of water extinguished. Font nr tax Konrn ditisjok.—The alarm from box 164, about 3 o'clock yeateruay afternoon, was canted by a fire originating in ihc rear of the cot tare No. 11 Barilo; ilrrct, near the Newham School. It was extinguished. with a damage to thebocta and ron.Unro of, perhaps, S4OO. Tnx Lars R. Kxiovicott. Esq —The remains of Robert KeonlcotU formerly Hirectot of the Muse um oftbe Chicago Academy of Science*, passed through the city on the way to the family resi de nee at the Grove*where they will be boned. Mr. Charles Pease, of Cleveland, wbn was at Nulato, Russian America, last Miy. when Mr. Keunlcott died, look charge of the remains and accompanied (hem all (he way homo. Funeral sendees will be held at the rerldencc of Ids mother on Monday morning. Rev. Robert Collyer will officiate. PicxMto tr Tin Cum.—Daniel Ward stopped on (be sidewalk on Archer road to hunt for ton cents, which bad dropped from hie somewhat Dctvona grasp. Then a very civil spoken *‘ gln tlemau" came up to him, and. the following col leger roam d; Daniel nain; (he Barney Williams* arrt ut In thus describing It: * m her ye lost F says hr. ‘Tin clots,'says /. ' yrtrodßsn' take a dbnukreaysn* •I will,* tart /. * Where shill «egof* "ays h*. •IHfll a bit do 1 cari*,* says Z, an'hid lucl: to m>' sow! the first ratoon vve found was the Station House, an* I had biro derated by a policeman." At :lie Police Conti, Saintdav morning, Darnel's mistake cost him (3. A Tmev Annxsrtn.—A few weeks ago a Ger man tailor, maned llniry Arnold, fonnd employ mint one Thursday morning villi .Joseph fauf. uLo has an establishment at No. 116 Washington sticet. The very next morning he was missing, together with (lit ce coats aud about seven yards or clolh. He had not been seen by Interested parties until Saturdav evening, at the Wells sited tiro. An L-Obrl nas mnue toarrest him, ami he darted oil it I t|t great speed. The cry of "flop thlel” was rslsrd. and several men staticd In pUtstiU. lie ran tip Madison to ijSallo. aml «rn« tnaking pood time down Ijtßoilc. ps«t the Ceniia) sia lion, when Ufllccr Eluttner sleiitied bill nhd tmunted flpoti hitn* ibtowli»e lihu hm-milds Ms WpiUiuttviiUn-iUIU. He Mils tilth iak*>h Hi nlitl IntUtd U|i. t SAHHitr kat’Alk.—(lll lllllt-llilj' "t"lilli|i A (ISI- It "1 "tolll""ll. "HillrlllHi "111 l Imllf. HSU" I Itillll Itillrl" b(i""I 111 lfi lltSS.III" aletoll llll" lll.l"l(W --«"». ilm "liiil"(iiiii i»"i" lii mm.l"l"liilisoii Ihliiiii iimii'a, Hie,,ns*imili Hi"iiii|ii|i ("'il. Ito'j ill liiii.ih! Ill" ("«ill(liMito.isn \\"i)>. Tliii ijiiii"! Iniiii" Imiiiii! I. S"(l III" HIHI toiiiUinwlituliilfwli" (("• «WiuSUi!"ii'to|ii'ii min 111" ini,"!. ,lt «Hs H lil"i"i;Tiiini‘(iifuiiill iii. isi'ielimii, nstoif eisie. nnl.tii"* ill'! !t!l|" "l]"Ml"l 111 III" I"-' l‘"(|l H/ll"li ,lll'l|l"ll' mil'll "iisl nil imi ii"! "ini ilini)|i lli'Miiilni "I tin' entill (ii'liS'l iil.msMiia (li';(l, "s( "'is, 01"'; I'M illi'l MU, i'll ll'l'll.llpl ll'J'ill 111/!. Slid llllf II'I ii lliiti <ti lltn illi mini ll "Vliifli Ilm H",l iiiinii' l"ii, -• —^rrr- - • StMHNH t'tlM Hl'lllr.- Mrs, Vnii W'ililM), Mho Ihm hi a hmifH pul unUiMi m ott<titilt»l hr 11. H. Hr liliiisi i f *i*il Norih iVt lja ain ril* waa a huMki-I of ituwal(ti«(luu at I'Ti I'Mlre ('oqti M'shriNr. A i miilit-f n| aMh’li a of tromuo'a ahrl (lilllino'H * bdlnhtf hadomjH lit (ho hownMil Mi, H * nmi a im* who lomIM ill I'M liur* ai . Dih Ptmi oliiH rn'i-jolm totio-i) ffie siifi utii,t--tt-iirtit<ii* ritul jii •tuinifd lit*; ottMirM thatMiH iot/t (hoatitHna rthh on oltoo o!iJhT (hair io (I(h laiiilir t Mirtl li" noMiav.d. otHVirtwi lih khh all no>e««ri*loa* am H nMi(}lltH fcwhl hut liorHlj in io her pi ora ll*o tinilibrt idiMbhaMtHH IddMttb'lJ Mgal ?hoVr«s iHtMtmile l Ril liirtl lllffPilhlM: ‘HM tiiprini, hii'dii llih Imiiimp dim oMulm Hi liHHfia ll: (lefj:, Ilf )I:M I ltd ftHH A IdM'l: jaiHltll llftllfllfll), Hllll Hfihlllll (trtfflth Hltlill ttdlH IflliMl lit PHIH* 1 IHIItIIHMU Hi) iMHIiHH, mM)m lull iHIHiWFff: ♦ llt HHIHHIII ini* IHIHHIihI SHUHo, HU|U IMHM'- fi»di‘faMHiihti mi iiihirjmiiMfj*. Tip:* 1 M lnnUjllHf:(|HHH»ini n»|aiM|f||i|n an l,.peu Ida |)MVVM m) IMfMIIM* llivii nr |m* Mr- /(t-unlslai a pnijiurjy w«a (hh/hI In |'»« 7t>-nhli|v|e>nnm'flf Urn rlfy Irhim- mu) ilhrhl Vr- ita»n'd-“PMm's nidpa aiid »vlnp-Hii ilaa? plulpca bircap k Is pi he Imped Idai Mm Hcrpa; Ittttors i.f tlwsv and idlwr «tui(Ur W4Y ha raugd) uud lanpdl 4 tnwcio lasaim. MuanMme, imi rid nf cupvuy&ncu will do VruU io )m up thutr guard. Doners ann Hmr.ns "llomioWKO."— About half past Hx o'clock oh Saturday evening (Jeoipe 11. iMardelee, Huperlntci.dnit ol the Chicago A ilock Island iiaimad Company, left Ids horse and cutter a fear moments, to make some purchases at the comer ol State and Randolph streets, nnd when de returned, his tine black meed and com* lortablc sleigh ana tube (iocluding a package of cloihlnp), were decidedly absent, lie Immedivtu* ly went to bis residence nr No. 140 Michigan ave nue, but his Inward hope tbit the hor?e dad gear borne was lorcrcr quenched. The loss was then reported at the CeiinaJ Station About nine o’clock the same evening, some per son appionnated a horse and cutler be longing to John Garrick, which had been letr Med In from of the Momictilo Saloon In Reynolds block. Poticc lim?.—Sunday, generally a harvest day for policemen, was yesterday comparatively quiet, perhaps thirty arrest* being made, all told, and moli-ly “ drunk and disorderly." Fred. Schrocder, residing near the corner of Third avenue and Taylor street, who attempted to shoot bis wife on Fiiday, and then ran s'ay, was brought to the Armory yesterday morning and assigned to close quarters. •Jhe police made a decent lasi night on the house of Hattie Wtaccier on Weils rircet and siir;tedbcr and some other iniquitous indivi duals. An old sinner, with enow whim board, came Into tlcarmory about one o’clock, and said that h- had beau robbed of bis overcoat in a boose of ill-la-no on Wells street. An officers* sent wltb him to find M, but the old mat, was so contused by bis libations ibal be could not point out Mte place, and was taken back and given accommodations for tbe night. Fmtß.—AJiltlo put six o’clock on Saturday evening a fire broke not in the back part ol the second-hand furniture and clothing store of Fred* crick'Wirfsenraiucr, situated at No. 145 Wells!. The engines quickly arrived upon the Epot, and the ore was extinenished in a'civ min utes. the building and it# contents were more damaged by water tnan by file, ibe loss was about SOOO. There was an Insurance upon the place of £1,500 in the Firemen's of this city. Ibe alarm rung from box No. It betwean eight and nii c o'clock on Satuiday evening, iva-ons-d by tbc discovery that ihc hdctanofo two-atory Xiamc booming bouse slmaicJ directly tn the r*ar uf No. SKI Monroe street, woe outlie. Tli * proper* lv was owmd by Mr. Bnreet ami occupied by J V. Thomas. The kiUbeu was cn I rely destroyed, and much damage was done by water to other rooms In Ibe house and to the furniture. Upon the fnmhimr and clothing •'dr. Thomas had an in surance of ?7W, ard the bnlldlng was likewise Insured. Ibe entire loss Is estimated at SSOB. Afuaiji!—The benches at the Police Court were quite filled up on Saturday nf-cnioon with wit nesses from “ Ihc Settlement” in the No.lhDtvis iun. in the suit of Gillen r*. Ueiumuuo. Tbc reporter* were on fe tpti nr/ ol -xpoctaiiua and nnticlpati-d nothing less than a tlr?t class stabbing nbtay. or. ni the leas’, a fractured'bead. Mr. Gillen staled that he lived at No. .*.(17 North HaMcd fired and Lib t ext neighbor wan «;h#rles Ilcininann. *• Last Saturday,* pursued the wl'u-j-#, "this young man foundin'’to make mo blue eyes. I said to Mm, Id me alone, Ino yon ndtmg. On Mimlny lie Diet n>e again and sn'd—l make you Line eves— I knock ’em oni ol your head, lie did not strike me yet,*’ Many other witnesses testified that they knew nolblng about It. nod ono or two were fotuid who had heard that GUlca had mndc cammiaUug statements about Heimum's wife. Something less than fifty *|tncs*es were called for tho ddence, They proved that (7illco was often drunk nt>il that lid l maun «ih ont a fol lower of the war path, hut on the contrary a peace* .iliip rlltron. ilrmmuna wu? n quncJ (ogive bail u( (2UO to keep the peace. icr. ok thu Huißwattw.—Tim street# are m a terrible condition—slippery as g!a?s, and uneven ns if a mountain load of boulders had been sown broadcast over the city. Vails Innttniernbio mv couched in the volley# which divide ihoso mim e no mountains, and myriads ol broken hou-s Uvr up ironi between them. If they are >c»ped It 1« due to the wondrous dextorpy which hmg pra* (Ice gives Id ekinping along, or pe*haps to th* Diet that tltc people of Chicago are mr-eminentl. at homo on Ibo icc, and tro on snro-rooted ihcren > a> the mule Whose feet skirt tho frowning pnr pices of the Alpine height*. Tho oMftmncc# o ibe city which piovide lor the pmilshiuo it of ovu »-t* of property for neglect seem to be n dvul let t>-r, I'tubably not more than otto In l«n of Dm oc cupied lots In Ihoclty oto kepi fioo from snow, ur.,l if lo Uiercmaii lugnme-iuiiths we aud tit,, for nildalde array of iota whoso blank area* linte not y, l tii-cn anhlrcciuraljy covricd, ihc proper lon «<f “clearro land''will Lo ridiculously amall. |lho fcldev-flliia fchoiild be fit lo walk on: Dial Is Ibo purpose for which they were laid dn,vn. aud not that tiny inluht serve as plaifonua on uhlru shall arcntnulate thu ruhbleh oi ecnturlo# without an at remotai. Goon Txnri.Autsu Exrosun.—Somewhnt over a yt-ar a?o (hr Grand Lodge of tbi# Btatu grtnled n working charter lo certain part ies ou the West Mile to organize El ii-u-ie I/.dge, No. Csl. of tbu abovo or der. The marhioery was ?»oo pm In working older, mid during the pa-l year much good La# been iiccuinplLbcd. The uiemlrcro, for tbc most part. Lave been active aud efficient in tlu-tr labors. To ei.ublc them io carry on the wotk a* they deslicd they have Incoircd fomoiatug of an m diblednes? üblcb they now wifcb to cancsl. To do this, and lo Place the lodge once mute on a sound Unncclnl basis, (bey determined lo gri un an vutmaiument. They placcu the mailer In ibo bst-dtiof »u energetic coamitteo who have du elded i«-bold a roncert and festival In tbc bull, uuiibwett comer of Halstead and Uarrlsou-suvet# 10-moirow (lueiday) eveulng. An unueuallr attractive prociamtue ban been propa’od, eonslsUtiff pi an adflrras by Rev. \V. U. Cluistnpber L. !>., and efiUor 10-chicf of tho A’tr Ilonbl fc; a poem by J. L. Drake. Ksn.: dramuric radiations. *upi>vr, slcghig, etc. eic It hast'et- intimated that the private work of the order will be made public. HowbucthU may be we. know not. but ounut d mb' trom the cU-s ot j>fr-o»)f engaged, that evirj thing w*II bo done to umitc, li.tcrcet and catlsty Uie curlo-tiy oi all who may attend. The Blue Island avenue bone cora para ibe door. FaiLnra or A. J.Mrrxn & Co.—The telegraph bso ch eu a*t account of toe latlnrc of Ibis firm in New Yoik. and the overdrawing of tbclr account in the Bank of North America rathe large amount of aome iSUS,Uui). A* Mr. Meyer formetly resided in Chicago, and Is well known to many, wc glvo a sketch o! hi# history : Alexander J. Moycrwas tarn In Turkbclm, In Rhine Bavarian, and is now but about twenty eoven yt&ra old. He came to Chicago when a dot, and was for some tune will* B. W. Phillips, Esq-, Insurance Agent, who wa- then, about ten year? ago, a oroker on Clark strecL White Mib Mr rhtiUpa he evloced great energy and fhrewdnes/, and afterwards was enraged to write the money articles for John Wentworth’s paper, the Chicago remocrat. He next went into Ihc street broker are business and maoc some money U It, until soon alter the breaking out of the war, when be went to New York and commenced speculating onlhe street. Be cxperiecc*d all kinds of for tune two or three times losing nearly all, and commencing aeato. At last he secured some S2O UOO, with which he went into the commission bafetness aud trained the reputation of one oi tho ehrewdest brokers in the city, and was cm closed in purchasing and selling in tbc public board by some of Ibe best bouses, in 1565 he re tired from business, being reputed lo be worth from $1511,000 to $200,000. In Jane he mar ried Into a wealthy family and went to Europe with his bride. On returning be went into the commission business again, form ing with his brother Natnar the firm ol A J. Mey er & Co. They were doing a fine business, bat Mevei's greediness for maney.whlch was bumaln filling here, led him to endanger hts commission trade, whlcb was yielding a profit of some SSOB per da.v, by speculations in stocks, and heavy fluctua tious soon left him a large loser. To cover losses by depreciation in stocks he would frequently at tempt to “hear it” when they bai reached the lowest figure, and the next “ball” combination would leave him worse off than before. Theee continuous losses made him unable to protect the large amount of neper which he had Issued and hence his large failure. Mr. Meyer I* deemed by leading harness men is New York to be an honorable business man. and ii is thought thatbia difficulties trill eoou be adjusted. It»to be presumed that bis present mUfjrtnoes trill teach otm a lesson orprudcnc? which be should have learned before, and confine himself to hla legiti mate commission*. THE OPERA HOUSE. The ft real Problem Solved—Mr. Lee a Posllirc Entity—HU Arrival in Chicago—He Sella bis Claim to Mr. Crosby for $300,000. The Balance Shoot—A Profit of 9850,000-cvorreeponaence «*et* (era fiom nr. Lee, Abraham Hacerman Lee, Eaq., the mo whom fortune seems (o bare aelected a, her own peculiar tarorltc, may be said to belong (o that dais who bare greatness thrust upon them. lie has been the theme of discussion tor a week past id ever; city and Tillage throughout the Urn ted Slates. Qla biography has been written In newspapers, bla personal appearance baa been described in filly different ways, and he baa been called everything from a retail grocer to a myth. It will be gratifying to the public—to tha*. portion ot 11 at least, who have worried thorn eelrea In regard to the winner oftbcOpera House— to know (bat Ur. Lee la not a myth, that he U a veritable entity, and ’bat he was to he seen by the mked eve on Saturday evening in one of Mr. Kinsley's dining rooms. Wild, and in some cases absurd, rumors and doubts have been in circulation for a tew days past touching the great lottery, rumors which it la now superfluous to repeal, seeing that the wbole*mat(cr Is Anally settled beyond all doubt They were perhaps oc casioned by the tact that Mr. Lee bad not Immedi ately reported himself at the scene of bla tri umph, and make himself to object of notoriety aid public sensation; perhaps, too, by the fact (bat disappointed ticket-holders could nut well be otherwise than disappointed. The only poaai bio way to soti-ty the public mind-a* to the per fect fairness and honesty of the transla tion would hate bcca to present to each stihsciibcr an Opera House ot equal value to the one which, by a fortunate chance, has fallen to Mr. Lee. Thai gentleman bad sufficient reason, a* it appears, lor not at ouco coming to Chicago to claim bis ptlze His wife was dangerously sick v ben tbe glad tidings came to him, and be could not desert her at such a time for a thou sand Opera Houses. Moreover, being n modest, rclirirg gentleman, he had a natural disincline turn to place himself In the unenviable position of n public cariosity. As stated in our Issue of Saturday morning, Mr. Lee arrived In this city on Friday evening at half past leu o'clock. Ills desire was to come herein as quiet a manner as possible, dispose of (he Opera House, and take his departure. He went tu hlurley’a in cmnr.nny with bis friends, and passed the night In bis o*ti house, ills name was tvclsieteu Hi three dlfleteui hotels that evening flliri tils tu he hUpci Rial the parties who did so flsu took bate (o pay the hills* ftuut expense was . f-olttlKba WtdWrt. Ml. I."". If a .tuiudle iiueU, gridtoutii) IS'lltl Itlllllli! , anil Ul-Ul-al to .ills (to. Illilllllil. 1)11' a I.Hi fllwliHl, HI, lit a (lliipl lill'il t til! t, IHltfl Is Haul) Mbuiliiiili.jiiiti Bill! (mil, ana a.baiiiiia |lHllH! il"Hlll)lllj "Mil lllil.ll lltllMUf. TU lllllli Hi Mill till" "IIIIM Bill ]|"l« IllkCllllljklllll UIHHII "ll" lllj»l‘t»Hllll (III!!! (ill! UWW IfllllU. Illl'l" .IS iilmitlijif miiih Hly, iii Tils iiiiiiiiii'l. anil lin amii'niinlull"tfiiltu lii'"l|iii'li'il.iimiiiairauaM IihI( .niiiti.vif. hi Ilia asliiitWiiiiß llfiwl a, itliltl ili»iliiif)mil iiwumls,(»'( Uh.u «H(i Mim, am mlto', imiiiiß to'i)iiii|ililiß nlilili. hiuii ii" iw n( iili on, li"!ln>i mi' • uni'll., l(i' Jm.liaai wiiUM'i to in' i(iiiiiiu«liiii lm<li)«M ji'fli- H'.i.iiii */ 'VMi .uii'i mi' iiii'iwiii [mill Ill'll I 111 Tinllli' Mil lii'ilii'i, HMill is ia|i li lii< a iniiii i'inii"i«'i"u n« hkli «> ini i mil mi li iln I'llia, l|a lias (I i| It wii III" toll Itlllllli I'XIIH ! 1111(0 lIIHI 111 -11 l l:"I till' (IlS'Vlt l|l" I '"ii". M" linil "i lf hitiisl"') In uini "lihiii:". Ito a mil" .iwiliwl In i(i" ('T"m»ma"ii(li> Mi. • mslu, (it Hi" Iniiii" ilia toniis i Ill* UH tHI 1M Mil. HiIH«H», il4 rIIAMIM: j'H lltiMlMl. 111,, I 1 Uhku Pin t I iffHtHl n liih| lui’iiliiiii tin IlHlujUft II) i mid h luipi l-j i Mt-wta ri(le»i¥ f.hiMihtif n<;rirtliil- Htt htu. ttlut tli« t»"jr Ipltdi-aihifj Hirtf trtr llM(H t .HH. lH'l I'll) IIJtHMI tllllliH, il tilHtM <)£tl) Hi tif Ill'll*Hi HtH'Ml jlrtlllHj ft 14(11 M|; i:HU- HIM hi m iHWMjhIHHHPmU «UI; . . Mill Mill* 111 PH* li)H( I Hilt ill INIF lilHHHjlßl Mil'll fll'Miljlil Hi lilt-Hrtllt/iHIlHii l l in*** hl.hmi wil»i l» h mm Mtm» MfWf f» ftfiftliM'J ftlilMilll HfjHj H( |(ii* J .imuT hil.imi, hi mv MifFi iM'l (J> iHtlHf: flf PI: U||||d. |M H(i f,jf HH«W‘iimh nif liii.Mm-”, luiiit piifliilHiMiH 1 liny 111 «|||M Ml Htfilii yiiiininifi) HhMypit pm) vwi , i«injjliljj«>>fvj(ii, If yi»n olinultl dwlw to vnuit**« iirtuitW f»*r 0l« llillil'tl IIhJHHJ, ItiipßU niflMblKMH) Vim p4lJ|u| 0| 'tPil'if, Atilt !«> TUB TIUHsPBp. (ip hutiiidi-V eveuiliu u numlmr of gentleman of IdU clly piet Air, Ue at Kinsley's, to congraMilute Inin ui. hia pood fortune,and Mr, Kooamumncod die w illiiumesa to treat, in the course of (ho can vtfbullim Air, U. U. Croslty, who was presenl, made dim on oiler to purchase the Opera iloum ini tlm turn of f 800,OHO, and Mr- l-ee accepted the «nor ai d rdiminUhed Ids right to the progeny. bureml toaats weio drank upon the occasion and responded to. immediately after (he adjournment of Mu meet* Ii g Mr. I«e indited the following J-ETTEJI. To the Editor of the Chicago Trtbnne: 1 desire to publicly acknowledge the obligation 1 am under to U. 11. Crorbr, Esq., tor ibc pionipiiiude ana courtesy with winch he has dealt with me as ibc owner of the Opera House. As soon as the books were unseated dy the committee and my name was ducovered. a tele graphic message was sent by him lo Pettes & I* aibc, the ageing of the Association at St. l.oaß, to **pnt a faiihfu) man on horselmck and at once notify me of the faci,** and this was done without expense to me. ’ib«‘ illness of my wife has prevented me from sooner coming to Chicago. Jt was my wish and rcqncst (bat I might come here and transact my business with Mr. Crosby without becoming the object of unpleasant noto riety, and without my name heralded in the newspapers, ami I feel deeply Indebted to him for tbi- considerate manner in which there quest has been observed, especially as it has coH him some embarrassment, as well as occasioned invidious comment. Feeling that the Opera Bonsc should nropcrlr be owned by Mr. Crosby,! made him tb« oSer to sell it to him for two hundred thousand dollars, and tbe offer was accepted Pi a spirit which wis most gratifying, and tnc money promptly paid to me. My connection with the Opera House having thus happily termitialfcd, 1 am very respectfully and sincerely yours, A. u.Lbk. Ibc departure of Mr. Lee was announced to take place simultaneously with that of Ristori, on Hie special train wbicu was to cany her to St. Louis. THE BAUNCS SHEET. It may he interesting to look over the balance fchitl, now that the grand operation is completed, and ?ec bow the account stands: It. 11. i rushy. Dr. (o 210,hQ} tickets at £5 00 £1,059,00!) Cr., by 30.000 tickets, not sold sls »,O.W “ Advertising 150,(1.)-} “ Painting? 75,00} “ Engravings 108,00} ‘•fftcommissiona 45,008 “ Printing, travelling, &c 38,008 “ Paid to Mr. Lee 2»0,080 Total debt. recnularyprofit Vniue of Opera Bouse Total profit ou the undertaking. SUm TUniUTENED. Some of the great army of disappointed tlckct bolucrs have suddenly, it appears, waked up lo a perception of tbc immorality and legality of gilt enterprise* and propose lo take ib-ir small revenge hy oiitigliig suit against Mr Crosby for violation o'Hate ln>vs against lotunes. While Hisdouotiesstrnc that the whole business ha* been illegal, yclit was winked at by the ollkcrs uf tbi- law and the entire community, who wire quite willing, it appeared, lo Invest in the grand cutciprisc: and now, because these sudden re specters of law failed to enrich them, they appear to desire o ptily icvcugoby bringing suit on these grounds. tub route packkuV cunt. It Is cndeislood that another Art Association drawing will l.iku place at the Board oi Trauc HooiusMtnm, dloltly al the close of Momlav's ses sion. Tltc Pork Packers’ Club— numbering 508 tickets, with on equal number of members—pro pose lubnvva grand drawing for prize No. 151. •‘A Stocky Coa?U” which the club was fjrlitnatc enough lo win at tbc Opera House drawing. Tnls nictate is said to ben valuable ono—ci’siiDgn-iloss tiian 93,500—and will b" drawn for lu a manner similar to (hat which took place on Mon ,my last. Five hundred tickets will be placed In a “pork” bnrrcl-fur tho club 1* the pork packets—and In a lard fierce will be placed the ticket beating flic prise, together with ttr.i nlttnks. Both But barrel and tlcrco " 111 ho rolled round cite room, until the Hckcl- lo either case mo thoroughly mixed. Tbc audience, if (hero he miy, will have the privilege n| rtiuDslng two men to do the drawing. Hiouid the simiouco refuse to tiiime rmli, Hie dulr will then dovolvo upon two ni< tuber? of Hu- commlltoe. nil of whom wo tin d> isiiimi an-gctitlemen well known iu flnancat, gitiin and po'k ” rings.” Should the prize be tlinwn by any one living In the neSghburiiooJ of t'nltmu’t or Gshkorh, n stalwart Indian rntmor. mounted on a licet mole, or a two-forty saw* Loire, will be Immediately despatched to Inform ibo lucky individual. It is understood that no ticket* have Uot-n sold lo proprietor# of lager beer saloons. Mr. NlcJlg. oi Muscatine, who is well-knonti In thu mtlsiic skoteh entitled, “An Uumercilul Drvaui.” has promised to be on hand, and at range (ho details of the drawing. Mr. I’ohpc Will deliver o short address ou “How lo raise a cloh,” white tho cuoiiniUeu ore counting the tickets. P. S. M o have Just been Informed that the prize is valued at (35.(ri, not 92,61*) the cost price. THE rmST LETTER. Tbc Mitroun oi ibcrith instant pub llrlicb tbc fnltowing letter from Uiu tortuiiHic 1 drawer ol the Opera House, who. I’ saytf, “ by bis intelligence anil jicrpunal worm, command# tho I Mi.-h<H respect ol u cbrlo ofacqualtanuces in ibis I city.'’ It wit] be rend with iulctcst by tbi-so who I whh lo leant something about tho man whom I tickle fortune has ihunght fit to single out trom I immy tLouratiUs. 1(1# iho letter above referred to: I’uiJitiE mi, Illinois, i Jaimarr 22, ifttiT. f Dkaii Damn.: I was very much astoul-hod last evcniig, about sewn o'clock, by the sudden ap- I pratatico ot two men inokluc tbwlr appearance In I uur b-d-toom wboie 1 mu loading by th? side of I my wltc's bed, with the sudden announcement I that I bad draw n tho Opera House tn Chicago. J I •ioii'i llilnU that I was at all excited by tha report. I i a #-lght acquatnlunce with Jlr, Burroughs, I uue ol tbeiQtu. llte olher, from Waterloo, was an ) cnitie stranger. The only oocnmem they brought { wo* a copy of the Mlttwirt JtfitabHean ofiho &d I Instant, which bad so many accounts of the matter I that 1 hardly dared believe any of them, uow- I ■pvit, i norotbccungratulailousotuiyncwfrlend# I with c-'tmncndablc fortitude, and demisted them { witbsultaUracknowicdgmeata. I Afioi the lapse of bull on hour, I was the rcciu uni of sundry calls Bom neighbors aud tm-nds I In the viliaec. oil highly oscite J. The repot t bad flown IB u lightning, and the whole aoighoorbood was luau uproar. 1 boro a hand at receiving tho I company, aiswercd tholr numerous question 4 wi \\ no much dignity as 1 con’d assume, and in | a Btate of scml-uuconsclousnes# of what »• all I meant, nailed off to commune with Frank, I on thf cunou-* appearance of th'ngs. I bad been there ont a few minutes when a hal loo wa? made al the door for Mr, lac. “la Mr. I Ixc here)’* Wt-]l, 1 went to the dcor and ac knowledged that 1 wa - that person, and went at I the Question of “What do you want?" 1 why, oald the poor liozcd fellow, “I have a | dCfcpauh for yon Isom Belleville. Ton have 1 drawn the-Optra House.” I received tbodocu- I meet, aud asking Salty the pnvDegcof read- I ir -2 >t by the light o! Uer lamp, I read as tallows: A H. U'r, ITairie dn Rocbor, 111.: ,9, T '* Oocia House yours. Bold vour ticket. I (hljaed) J. B, CaaancnLat*. tclnrncd thinks to my new friend I ►Pi!?- and returned borne considerably j perplexed and not yet folly cou'clon# of tho rea I *m C l ° tbe LauOs of so nuriyoeir J friends, who all eecrned to *how #o strong a desire to show me attention. Bat a happy thought struck nu‘,l will lock at my ticket andVeo If there realty w aunhlngiD It. WcU.Danki, wuen I foind it, there the figures stood a* plain o« day.M,COO, aud so mistake. In tho meaoUme. Joe aud M& had cot bold of the matter, and, to ray unbound ed astonishment, they received it at once a# a fact, lhad nndtcsstd myself, for it was crowim* late, ard was sitting In my long-taJlvd nlgnt thtrt', I dlccoseiug the events ol tbc uvenlng. when a ' thundering knock al the door annoncccd that all was tot over yet. Mi wont to thedoorand quick ly relumed with tho intelligence that “a man'* wanted to fee me, and that he said 1 had drawn ‘•Crosby's Opera House.” “fhc devil,” said J. “1 wifcb they had to swallow the Opera Hoa-e,” and alter dressing myself, went down to receive this new messenger. Ho bowed to me. I thought as though 1 was a man of property, and in salt able style delivered bis credentials. 1 looked carefully over a very well written letter of six lines, and derived such information as Induced me to believe that (he lucky holder of 53,000 was actually about to become a man of property amts enough, for this letter came from Mosers. Pettes & tealke, “sent,” os they say, by Instructions of Mr. Crosby himself. I found this last messenger pretty well informed about the matter, and after seeing him cal a hearty supper, and arrive at that condition when people, generally, are confidential and good Lira aside and asked him"* Jf it were «E[ViKjuiL flo cave me ihe tnnxl solemn sutirance tlut (here wm no mistake about U, aod (bat “John Meyer o' somewhere, Itandolph street, Chicago, was a humbug." Vciy well, Du lel, as I am really the posnounr of ticket No. &3.0 0.1 suppose the Ooera House belongs to me, ana 1 jast say to you that it it f »r tale. 1 suppose somebody wants to buy it, and 1 hare to ask you to sell it for me. It !* impossible for mr trli ave my wife in her protest condition, nr 1 would go up to you at once. I moat wall Ttntll she sets belter, whether 1 get the Opera Xlou-e or not, She Is very 111, Indeed, but I think her symptoms are farorablc for Improve mtnU At »H events, write to rae on receipt ofthl Year friend end brother, A., n. tn. The Boston Journal of the Mth instant (jives the follon tor list o* prices dia*n hjr residents of Cm aly sod vicinity: iicket No. ISI.S3G Rcclsterod to W. 8. West* coat. Amneret, Vasa, Palming, “Chickens.” llcket No. ISl.976—ltems Le red to John B. Bi* leer, Boston. Pslmlpg. “ Birds.” ilcke* No. 124,444—Registered to Wm. R. Sioims, 13 Bummer strcci. Painting, “Basket reaches." 'ticket No. 181 M7—Registered to Williams Club, Boston. Painting, “ Glimpses of Pali sades." Ticket No. 23.8I&—Registered <o Mrs. B. U. Kendrick, Boston. Palming, "Landscape." Ticket No. 134,881— Registered to U. IL Ba'ler, SI MUk street. Painting, "Beene In the Cats hills." Ticket No. 100.462—Registered to Manroc. Bai ler A Wright, Brighton, Maas. Painting, “Walle stell" wm TicketNo.3t.72ii—Registered toJ. Q. Bennett, S Milk alicet Fainting, "Marine View." Ticket No. 68.431—Registered to Mias Carrie Nason. IS E. Chester park. Painting, " The .’*ca aide.’ 1 Ticket No. 02,W5d—Registered to 11. H. Chan dler, OOU Washington street. Palming, "Autumu Sccncrr," Ticket No. 70,801— Registered to Nancy Nrloa, IMU Washington altcet. Painting, "Fruit" Ticket No. 70,W7U— Registered loTG. P. rllctaou, Walpole, Mate. Palottug* “Twlllgkl.” Ticket No. 111.281—Registered to t'bas. W. Hale, Ncwburypoit, Mass. PalUlng, " Basket of Pinches." Ticket No. IHI.BBO Registered to Artemis Syl vester, Charlestown, Mass. Palntluj, "Pond Lilies." , Ticket No. 12t.12a-Rcglslcrcd to Tavlor & GannclL 21 Canal street. Paliiling, " Prater." Ticket No. 54,010—Registered to John Fosdlck, ChariestoiMi,Maas. Painting, “ConnecticutVal ltr ricltlKo. ISI.Sr.'J-Htl’lstcTctl to W. D. Otlm, NewTotk. Painting, “ Brook near West Point.** Ticket No. 31,201—Registered to J. Howard Wiggiu. Navv lard. Fainting, “Scene on the Susquehattoa.” . Tickt-I No. Hl,Bll—Reglfdered to Wra. .1. Ptcw ari, halttnount, Mass. Fatnhng, “ Landscape.". TliVet No. 101,000—Reelstenil to Ileiirr M .loii’ishti. BoHoii.. Falnllng, “Picture of Rocks’* Tt- kcl No. 181,U'i4—Registered lOTheo. MalsUktl llofioii. Faihunr. **Kuty." .... . 1 Icket No. 7U.3-H—hegUlefod io Chatle* 9. dog. seliit, lloslon FalMlhg, “ View 1H the lyipt.'* Tltktl NO, 51.L1 (Htcelfleit'd lU ■H-ao? Baltic BofloH , j’alminit, “View In itoiouty.” . . TitUi-l No.sMito—l eelV-eiml to u. M. Nitltols* iH'Sltiii. J’alMliitf. ‘‘ be FHivtsselL'*.. . , T uitei No. (j'iUia-1 eulfimeu io lidMelJitissell* lloslon. J*«lMlitHiMil »ii*j J tfirbi Nil. M.wij-lit'Msimt'a lo h. A. PoMoisli* miiHijm mhin, Fnlnlfliß* "Miene hi imlism. rt TUnl Hu. yi.tWt-UeuMmiol MJlmiff llioii, (TIIIII. rHlH'lmt. 'U'hthlH'ii (111 UP' W.W'U An I’. Si (iiuiHih niU'l)| | ifi l H I/'IM Null" ~ ... . ~ ... topbttK I 1 CIIICAIIOt \ filiANdt AT a from hii llnalon IHtliiit A Foil lili|ir(*al"iia Hlultri i \Vt> dlh llih l-illimltitt hum I lift llihlmii (Mhihl'Hi. wnhh Hi ft M'Wdtl tlrthu HIM' I’lliMHll IftftlitMfl «||| ttftlftH Hill) IIP Hitt) II llllim HIM Hlj llllill (IMMH Hllll (KM HIHII tllPlll'H. Hill lltfll |lftt«|Hrl|>lt Mt IlHMlMtll, Unit tty IlMHfVilll Mu urniti jilpi-tH'M fuHhhaiui Rtutt h h-IHIHI IuHHmHI IllH HlllKrlljllrtlPi win fit/* frtllj Ill'll iM 111 OIH UllH 111 lil>l ('VlltlHUl Hil'Hl Vt. Hhll* IrflM.flifimtW (IPHIIM Hi. lill ftpi: (iltlllllHi Ifllll ifrfllN 111 It Imlftl; 1 IJII MlHlHltll mMtPWHw »»f WtwwHMiwH hilih mjii imtiit fiiji imiWilm ( wmii iiilhmim |M4I| HI (lit* Hit 111 (Hllll >lll HIM* 111 I III* illflVtt |HHP - M tMllMa jOlimi UIIM |WM IM llllflfllM 1 IlilHll Him lifmjMli iiimi plihHiihhi) (•nt , u hasp li-ini hjlmim (HllllpllillM H«? fri>Mti m«l| WIHfU lIH HpluliH Hi |)pj HIM ftHHt HI HiM-ll'H), PIH HI) ii Mils Mi oiMI min w««i«i: Npv«f m haw him- Pint, intVuyH', HO l|lj)|« 11(1 vn lutltM ani^lnr n i*Mfli I fmirifl Mid Immh. Mturvililntf u i»?miini Mm jtnnr mm«, 'Hiu milt). Itiu iliiol, Ida f|4d)|i 4(/, p<| UVMU ff» ulH;n| icijawwl Id, M»l|ol UHj| M|»Mad 'tUa dUdita uf (ha dra rut-Unaa, id.: InnurHaseeßininleralily Hu#lufnl, l*nn|tlu of Mn«U ntoana lose cniiran'a.dvntiln uni know dnw to uiinrii thurneclven to cutnimflannea. Old 1 live dun- in wlmi MmUapeare would call ,( a mectantcalcandiUi'H," tmt a carpal almulil )>u laid down on my tlnme, and ladlc-clntda alioul'l Me given up DU 1 could afford proper aituodauce In connection wuh Idem, lint people an ttoi like to give tip the old New Hnglaud way into widen idoy were dmu, and (do result lo the women la a long dome alcdneea. Could I have all Ibc (rood cloth lhat I have seen sweeping the eirecU hen 1 , and utterly uufitlor a second dayV use—could I pul up a' auction nil (de chains of jet horn, pearl, gold and plate, from the alee of my wrist to that ora Dipe-fiein, which 1 have seen, d&ngpng about noe-bom women In these streoie—could l weigh down in corn-meal nil the slimy ‘‘heads" and •• bosses" ol one sort and another—why, then. 1 might support at least two teachers among the freodmenfor anindemlteperiod of timet The chlil icminlnc extravagance seems to lie In the mailer uf piovcs. “Joanna 1 " very lightest hide, at two dollars and fifty a pair, arc worn by young women In provincial towns from day-dawn to sun sot—voting women who never heard of a labia* napkin, and would be surprised to see two Umvei at dinner I I wish to give yon a vivid idea of ibis queer town. The Chicago River makes a> In its very heart, Jt entetsfrom the west on a northern ana southern fork, which unite and run due east to tbe lake. The old *ctrlera, such as Mr Og den, built between the northern fork and the lake, in vvha» wo call the “No»lh-eud." Modern lax urv builds at the extreme south, between the south fork and tbe lake, where Michigan avenue and Wabash avenue oner a noble cne?r to the eye. On Wabash avenue arc all Ibe flne-t cbmches. and for two miles yon may drive over a Nicholson's pavement, certainty the finest In tbe world. Beyond the two forks, far to tbe we«t, people ot middling condition, with a few of tbe wcilibier sort, have pleasant homes. Between thet-c tfcrce extremes lie tbe bu<*y haunts of traffic, palatial and mechanic, the three oar's of tbe river, sod the squalid homes which crowd Into such cen tres hy necessity. At the West end are a great manv good people who would like to he dra «n to the 'North aud South sections Bat th j re arc bridges between, tbe drawers are alwavs no, and I it is easier logo to Bloomington or Milwaukee than to travel across the town. Tbc bridges are necessarily at every street. Theyjarc to bo re- bv funnels under the river that will not in tc-rupt travel. That at Washington street has al ready beenn. I went out tho other day to see the famons Ar lesian well. The bore has sunk to five hundred iet'l; it I? three Indies wide, and ont of the iron pipe dashes a enrrent of water which make a fine fountain, loins a f aicr-wnecl, feeds a canal lead ing to too ice-pond, and washes oat the slock yards to admiration. 1 suppose yon know that this well was duels seeking for oif under the com mend of the spirits ; hut a miracle was wrought, and wh* n the water came *o the surface it turned out a crystal stream, well impregnated with lime and magnesia. It is under cover, and made a show of in regnlnrfashlon. There are two wait* !rg rooms for gcnllcm-’n and ladies, bung round mtli immense drawings in pencil—one of these i? n blcb-sbonldutcd Hle-slzo of Abraham Lin- $750,000 3)0,0M ttfVHKI £050,008 coin, executed in two boars! Inaccd. attention Is steadily directed lo (ho length of time each pic ture has consumed, as If spirits (hat could draw at all might not as well draw a landscape as a blis ter. snd do it in one honr as well a« five I Tho re- maindcr of the drawings arc geological sections, •bowing the coal-beds, (bo rocks with their As sure?, and the wood rful Arlesian current. Ex traordinary shells, haiflnnd shells and half ma rine, ns for as they bad likeness to anything ter rene. were represented as lying contentedly on their hacks In the midst ol tho current: but If they have ever associated to mutual profit, u is more than (heir congeners In the npner air arc known to have done. Under these queer pictures St was slated (bat photographs uf tho same were for salt: at the counter. I hoped to buy one. but the spirits had Mtddenly become Indifferent to money. They evidently had no idea Ihntanvimng mortal would brave the mud between Chicago and the “bore” on such a dubious day, and they were n’l absent from their posts. Of course, an lotmensc amount ol money has Iwen wasted hero: Int water Is not a bad substitute for nit in a city that I ves by killing swine nod cattle, and a second shaft has recently been sunk which yield# sixty thousand gallons a day. Ice-ponds arc tilled by it. and cainc-’iieds cleaned. 1 hope It does not yield one hundred and sixty thousand, for I ficitrc lo do tho nymphs aud nercids of Ihc under world justice: bnlmy nulhorilly la on two leg*, ami has walked away- Going home 1 saw workmen excavating tho cu rl mis Intnmlnoiis llme/mnc. of which (he S,-cmul Presbyterian congrecallon have rocemir hnlll a fine church. Tho spirit# would tie usefully em ployed tn telling us something about tbi# maim fsctnre. Ills a roarsb. white limestone, which look?a*It ttbndlaln under a dnnutngcov-b?d until everv cranny am! crevlw of Ila bring had been filled with oliumsn. Over th# church in question the black stain# wander at their own sweet wilt, and give to the new stnicnro thecolnr of a thousand years* encounter with *he elements, recorded by sprawling lichen# on Ua will?. It Mnell# "precisely like the colorless “stink stone" of Western Now York, and Is found near (ticsuifaco of tho boggy prattle. But Chicago can boari of the most neaiuifUl bonding material lobe found lo the world—tho Athens marble A delicate straw-colorod marble it is, slightly tinged by lion. whFh oxidizes In use, so that to* color deipens by time. It is asbramlfal n# ibo “glallo nntlco;*’ and two hundred ycoi# hence |be world w 1)1 look at it and prize It as we prize the pre cious fragment 4 we plch up In Romo. Mbcn I speak of anything beautiful In Chicago, you a»o to understand that 1 refer to nco streets. Nobody hits ever adequately represented the squalor ofthe bulk oftbc town. As I drovobnmo from tbo Artesian, I d*xtdcd, inwardly, that It It should ever bo my luck to plant a city on one ot these bogs. 1 would mtkft It a Venice. It would bo easier to ntako canals than streets, lo move to !»•■»# than In those cwrlarilng burgles, which ovoryltodr feels obliged to keep bore whohai a capral oftwo cents. An enterprise Is now on foot is hoped, trill clean tbo Chicago River. By connecting it with certain locks in the canal at J* Hot, and tipping Its (low toward the Missis sippi, an Imprtus Is to bo obtained which will re ir ovo some ol tbo worst nnlranccs from which tbc cholera-strickuntown now snlfera. AtntJSK.TIENTS, Rletorl has filled A largo space io tho public mind during the week, yet abc has not entirely absorbed tbo attention, nor prevented olher cn tcrlalomt-nis from being patronized and heartily enjoyed. The Dillon ofolcVlckcr's and tbo Dil lon of Wood's have racb roiitnhotcd to make a pleasant week of it in tho tbeairos. and the skating pa-ks have all drawn their accustomed crowds ol pleasure rtckcrs. McYickxxx'b TnEXTHE.—Charles Dillon, who fit# attahed quite an extensive reputation la I ondon and oLowberc, bos appeared daring the week in several Rtaksnercau characters, with great success. On Saturday night he personified “ lago,” and on Monday will appear in hi# grcU original cuaracter “ Befphogor.” In which ho I? tutburpaseed. He remains another week. Mcssux.—John Dillon has kept large audien ces In a roar every iiignt—hi* forte being comic delineation. On Saturday night “ Paul Pry’* aud tho Irish rsreo “Ills last Leg*” were again rendered. For Monday evening “One Peep O'Day” is aononrccd. Boeeut Nickel.—This well-known prcsdlgita tenr commences a series of performances al Cros by’s Music Ball, on Mor.aarnight. Uts feats are | described as somcibiug wonderful, and Indeed j eclipsing those of the accepted leaders in the : magic art. We anticipate for him crowded scan- I ccs during his brief stay. iTiomlngand Noon Prayer ffoelingii. Tbc mormeg Union prayer meetings ceded the third week on Saturday morning. The attend ance ofiatc has not been so large as during tbc “ week of prayer,” bnt tbo spirit of the mecclcga baa apparently grown more earnest and the ncc- s #lo of prayer and unity, and the Importance of continuing am increasing tbc meeting*,was man liest. The meeting on Saturday was conducted by Mr. J. S. Buchauao, who opened it by reading from tbe fourteenth chapter of St- John, and in vited suy nreseut to take part In tbc exercises. Many interesting rematka were made. A stranger arose and said, that some three years coo an Infiocl and his famllymoved from one oi (be ! Heston Slates to tbc West, and settled in a smalt town in lona, a few miles from the Mississippi Hlvcr. Sabbath desecration, profanity and liccu- I tion-uefs were so awfully prevalent that about I one year ago the infidel and some of his nriga- I bars became alarmed at tbo condition oi society, I aud began to Inquire. “ What shall we do to save I our children from the dreadful Influences of the place i" They came together in counsel one year ago. ard among other means which wore pro posed to inti-rcsi tbc young and draw their mind* trezn tbe evils around them, was that of a Sunday school, and lo the great aatinUhment of the Infi del, be was (eboten Superintendent of the school. Be wa* no Christian, he said; bis father waa a leading Infldel and be bad Imbibed the same faifldsl notions; bo he had felt that some metre should be u»ed to ckoo* th learful it do of sin In the place, and as he had cow milted blmaeU to do aaylhtnr which should h deemed necessary for a reform, he would uot de cline tahrog any part tnat might be asked of him. aod would oo the best be could. ihe school was organised, wTh an land-*! Saperiote dcot. From fifteen In number. It ha-5 Increased to in'ohnndrd. A df-ep religions In irrasttad been awakened In the ecbool. mdaome of the children bad leatnrd to pray, and wore fer ven'ly praying for the ecbool and lis aapena- Undent, The eyes of the *tianger filled with tears as he etid, * That Superintendent now standi oelom you.'* He bad Been the notice of the dally prayer meetings in the city papers, and had been a silent spectator several days. He wanted the prayers of the meeting for his school and hlmselt The noon-day meetina has, dating the past week, tar exceeded in Interest tbatol any prevl otxs week since 1857,and has been sustained by Increasing numbers for the past ten days. At this meeuiigupooSaturday. Mr. U.l*. Moody pre sided. Alter Binging “Come. said Jesus* Sacred Voice," aod prayer, the leader said that be would not read from the Scriptures, but simply wished to quote one verse which was fall of meaning and power—“l be Son ofroan came to seek and to save that which was lost." Some bad come to the meeting, day after day, and sat unmoved, know* Ins thanheywere condemned end lost if they did not trust in Christ,andtosnch be designed should come with power (bat precious message which bad been read. Rev. Mr. Troabridge remarked that when Rev. Archibald Alexander was dying, tala friends came to him and asked: "How docs the theology which yon have preached so long apolv to yon in yonr dying condition f" He replied: "My theology now Is reduced to one point only—‘■U is a ialthtm sn>iug. and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom i am chief.*" Mr. J. V. Farwcll raid that it was necessary to make oar religion a matter cf business—men were attracted by large business schemes. Tney will be attracted by largo practical Christian schemes. Impress rno public mind dally with the Idea that Christianity is a matter of business, and it will eoon become a Christian mind. LAW INTELLIGENCE. The Doolittle Anslgmiicnt Sot Aside au the (Jrouml of Frond A Judg meut apulust the Cltj Set Asldo —Scnlenclag Prisoners— Heir Suits, Ac. The case ol Albert Nicholson, which ha* beci on trial two days in the United Btates Circuit Court, the deietdatii being (barged with (be fraudulent Useofelencll Olalos til (be taalklbgof cigars ttintiUfnclUted by. him* Is yel tiUtloclil |, (l. ilicitlly irasdlsthetgedby lessutiuf a dlrsgtee- trill dofcfeM trill be tesumed on Almtrtay Int me hemthi*u)}trt9seu basest nhmetue jiatlteg ,Jt jn‘i/.e fi/fctlil Conti, {lie dehiuH.iinrt older ot ftimmbe.inlTifc liiiinibifoii tnotfiJinag of nolo iiidoL. Bbsiii iiiHiusi T.tiomM I'liniiTie* mimed (iiii iio io tfi.fli, na* eel asTi s. . .. ThubiUooiiidMiiiattt’it* diajiilMeil i . . 1111 , JlttVlli iMdSs, Of UU IlHil liwiuft HKtlllUl Wll- Iteteumyn Mm oi“HnMilj ,l « lion of Wltllum l.lij. llin.ajillMjfl tiHiffittf Iras nil liial Pil itiF hm. iM« iiitJ (l| iiniiinn fm iualmhi itMim W /HXV*liMl(fiMilil.NAmlitMl Ihr* flip «faw |I«is."HTT«. I,ii (linliniiif 'Un, Nilni iiU I;( 1 1 a o ilnlii lli)(loii. unaai<liiHHiiiih(|HaM<jM’iii| imi Min mkiiu li*«)nit|i r< Mi" I'M ol i)iH|(iitminl UsttM mMI ofiriiloimiiiifbd. u ’ ids i Mir) ii d not aft dnrmu 11m nitmomui. ’ ihMhWSUIIH Mi lb* ‘THMIin-OHjl ttlirn t Tltomaa Hiiuilullnii m*, .(|UiO'« hiolMi a H-m*. hmiirij r<H lalil ni llxlMo UTTivm on a Mil ol itomlt IhiHMSd 11,,'titmn n|i)isai*'d Irmil a IHihrmnUi of (to IMlo-i l’iiml ilitli M hUn fill am) (oatq on ilis 111Ji bisimil* im hmhukl . . . A r*i/oy» bHiii-tl rililiM fit» iilii-H of HUif M ila hwhHihi Jauo-aMi liV»l H f* "lift ablllj an amloi iih iboraak io isfptei nil alt till**g»*d litiax arnnf '%ittM‘|l J ll' Miililh j! : Itoiiui A.tWiiu«i (u mt him! ""'"lnilil III" ei‘l()HHl. u . I li'"lilll.lll-Htllllll.M. Wllfllll) 111 Hill KHIIHFIItf I'niiii) nsbmi*ii) l "!! illiline mini RiKinitsv ill tout' (hi ("""H'liiuHil iili f iiii"»"l mi lb" niiiniiii hirs iito li #('! ; «"o.ii( iTKiHt'" Ki11"!,.,(»(,'{ emi uni'll id i|i" imifitoF "I I'h'lii-i I1i" itiintoii «i"Pil'd In ll" li(j""il UOIIII III" >I|I>'’IH|II sain III" "I "lal"'"; r |J("l : "(l(l°FI IMF 111" l : "HH('1"tl mill' iii"i it ifisl if i,.m (iiri iti."l mi Miinii""ii"ii{, U "])ll i"i"iiii'"il .tor ill" ftyiil to •iii'Bri'iß" |lj"lf l i il".",««a iliiil "r"ll"i i'l |(io iiiw (i"l""ii nr ill |p|[,e Oompimilaw hnmHt of n»» Mllparlor (’min Hlun d, |i. iiary),(lu>i:asu o| Akjitaiats, vs, ‘HiwOiMud VfUdH HaUroad Company, of Canada, inuiiiinm d in tttu Tuiupne of hamrduy, occupied ide tmlra day. It I* »thl on Rial, Idouisuol Cimfiicd Pelet agiinsl Frederick Voi, Huige, a Iwin rasa wildinuiof the sonoftdo plaintiff, which was acted upon in the Circuit i'ouri, was befoio this court, a demurrer being aiD-talticd. Lt-uve to amend was granted. Ttie case of the Uahm-mann Life Insurance Company against Uayloid 1), ll.tebe, asfiimpMl, with damaves laid at <5,000 to Ibo beptember term, was diemused. Judgment was given in the case of Peter 11. XS'tllaid and Albert A. Child va. C. E. Demoo, for gstua, and In the suit of too «amo nlaiutiff against A. G. Ciutee ana John Cuoncgbaro, leave was given to amend the procoedkcauy changing the ramc of John to that of James, as to Mr. Canning* ham- Joshua and John P. P 1-athrop agaln?t John Clark, William il. Van A'ortwick and Q. S. W. Clark, assumpsit, commenced October 2ntb, suti mitten to the couil .Tatmary lilh last. Finding tor plaintiff, and Judgment for $351.49. Before Judge Jameson, on the Chancery side, a supplemental bdl was allowed to be filed In the proceeding ol Mary against John Von Horn. The particulate of ibis divorce case are fresh in the minds of a majority of the readers of the rmntrsK. This MU contains only a schedule of the property owned by the respondent. He is called np?n to answer within ten days. A decree of foreclosure was entered in the case of Crews ve. Sullivan and others. Ibe property h lots 31,3 d, 33.34 and S 3, in sab-block 1, in Ley's snb-divlfion of ont lot or block 1- in canal trm-tces'sub-division, in section 33, township 40. N. of range 14 £. Jo the ca>e ot White vs. Rucker a decree was euteted perpetually enjoining the bberilf from making or irsuiLC a deed of sale of 10103,6181 oart of Elba’ Addition. _ . , The assignment made daring last September by Harvey B. Doolittle as the President of the Pro ducers'Band, was passed upon by the presiding officer of this branch oi the court. The state ment of the case in tbe decree expresses the fraud and the order shows Its result. Ibe decree Is as loPows: It appearing to the Court that on or about the 27th day oi December A. D. IbCo the aald Harvey Dooliitie took from tiio said bank while President then of, a large earn ol money, to wit: tie sum of SIS,OUo and therewith purchased a certain lot and premise?, to wit: ?nb. lot 1 of lots. Mock 78, in factional section 15 addition lo Chicago,ln said Cook County, from one James VatiEtta and then and there caused the same to be conveyed to one n. G. Spafford, by deed of that date, that by means of 'hepreml*ca Ihesaid Book acquired an equitable Interest in said premises of the value o» »18.W0. That atterwards, to wit, on the 19lh day of De er jr box, DCfi, the said Barret Doolittle being then in fad insolvent, hut then and there having an in ti test in said lot as aforesaid, the said U-irvey Doolittle, a? President of said hank, conlcmpla >ii g the making of said assignment, and lu co i tcmplation thereof caused tbc said SpafforJ to convey tbc said lot to ono Charles B. Doolittle, by means whereof the said luterest of said Dank in said lot was apparently placed beyond the reach of its creditors; and Uiat alter- wards, to wit, on the day fol lowing. the said bank actually suspended business. and (hereupon the said Doolittle, as President of said bank, made and executed <be samarsu’iinicnllo the said McDaid, which pur ports to be a gcrcral assignment of ail tho prop c*ty ol said bank, but in which the Interest o' said bank io said premises is concealed, and was de signed not to hicimlo the Interest of said bank to saio premises, but to conceal the some and to de prive the creditors of said hank ol tho bemfit thereof, and to hinder and delay Ibe creditors of snld hank in reaching tbc assets of said hank, lo subject the same to tbc payment of their just debts agalnstll. Andll further appearing to this Court that tho said pretended deed of assignment so made by the said Doolittle,as President of said bai k. to the said McDaid, was executed by the said Harvey Doolittle, pretending lo act a* Presi dent of sold bank, without authority of tbc Board oi Directors of luc hank, that tho seal of said bank was affixed to said pretended assignment without such authority, nod that the pr. tended contract nr deed of assignment was not count* r signed hv Ibe cashier ol said hank It is tnerelore otdered, adjudged and decreed hy 'bis Court, that tho said -.•slgnmoul *o al ii milled to bu made hr the said Haney Domlitle, a? no-tdcni of snld hank, of the good", effect*, nnrt assets o( said to Uir said floury O. McDaid, on the ‘.Mill day of September, IV.B, be ami the same Is hereby declared to bo un(2, void, am) of no ellccl- Tho now soils in this court were In assumpsit. Win. I*. Doggclt et al v», Anthony Vcnuomaii and Anthony IT. Kcticlnr,’ Dnioagos laid at ss'd. 'ihomas uret-n vs. Daniel (juiulan and Philip Carlin. Damns-s laid at t&<D. . ALiabam and Isaac Kubel vs. Henry D. Kiruig. Damage* laid a' sum. 'lliomas G. itlchards sued WlUlaro Skinner In Odd The debt laid al $313.55 aud the damages at snr>u. An nUachracnnl Issued against James T>. Bon ner, tin- bcroofacilmlnal ptoseention for adul tery and Ihc parly lon divorce hill at the suit of Joel 8. Page, who claims f2Oi.SU os ailornoy’s lees. Abraham Blubol, petitions fora mechanics* hen nnon premise# : south 38 feet ol lot 1, block 17, Newberry** Addition, to tho amount or $233. Frederick Docker, couiessed judgement lu favor of William 11. Brncs furfCWi.r-O. F.ta»iu# J. Nehon, brought tioveraealnst Frank Thompson, and caused a capias to issue. JGuO ate clslmrd as damages- »he claim Is for money and a watch ara<-nntiig to flin. said to have been obtained by false promisee and by using the fic titious name of John I. Corcoran. In (ho ifccotder's Court sentences were passed upon the prisoner# convicted at this term. To tbc penitentiary there were sent: Louis Smith, borsc stealing, five years. George Hrolin, larceny of clothing, two years. Ucmy Clark, burglary, three years. William McDonongb, larceny ot a wafeb, ono year. Michael O'Brien, larceny ot a coal, two years. Frederick Hchoone, larceny ot a coat, eighteen months. Frederick WlUUma. larceny of a tobe; ono Johnson, burglary, five roars. John Moore, larceny ol a coat: ono year. John O. Morkc, larceny of 91U5 In currency: ono year. John Scbarngle, larceny of $1) In currency; eight* cc months. samnelSmith, larceny of (11 In money; one year. George Wilson, larceny of a watch; eighteen months. ' Chrlrtiau Giovcr, larceny of clothing; one year. Bridget Laanen, larceny of clothing; eighteen months. Howard latts. burglary; one year. 3ubn L. Marrigold, larceny of a coat; one yw. John Miller, larceny of a buffalo robe; one year. George t-tenlson, Thomas Perkins and W. B. Fanner, larceny ofsloolc money; each six rears. Tbc aggrvcaio of the rervice proposed to be rcodmd by these persona being equal to one half a century. . . There acre sent to the county Jail: Robert Dcbne, larceny of an opera gloss, sixty *J*!T ca Brown, larceny of a coat; one year. William Cotter, Utceoy ot pants and vest, three months, and for larceny of a vest, tbr c month 4. John McCarthy, laxcuy of $« lu money; cig h teen months. Total term, thirty-eight months. There were sent to the Bridewell: John Olsen, larceny of clothing, throe months on each of the iorfetmenta. Page and Henrietta Barrie, keeping boose of ill-fame, each elxmoulhs. James Murray, larceny of a coat; eighteen months. licnry Clay, larceny of boots: three months, Patrick Lynch and PQllip Moran, Hot. thirty days each. Total term, three years ana five months. Tbtxxg to Snoor ms Wir*.—On Friday even inf a carpenter named Schrocder, residing near the corner of Third avenne and Taylor street, at tempted to shoot his wife. The ball grazed the woman’* nose and she fell to the floor In a very scared condition. Her hnsbsnd, evidently believ ing it to be a fatal shot, ran away and has not sirce been seen. It is represented that be in dulged freely in the use of liqnor« and that his wife attempted his reformation by trccqnently beating blm. A Joke.— Thehorses and baronchcbelomrlngto Robert Forsythe, Kaq M mentioned la Friday mernine's rnansre as having been stolen from in front ot the Opera ilonse on Wednesday night, bare been recovered. Whether they were driven from the place, or whether they departed of their own accord is not known, hnt they were “taken in" the same night by a citizen icsioinp within a fcwdooisof hlr. Forsythe's residence, and com fortably cared for two days before the owner was foond CAPITAL PUNISHMENT' Addreit by Hon. M. H, Bores—Argu ments Against It of ConcrTjitm. Hon. Harris n. Bove*, of Wrcinaln, delivered to aonreas last ereulai la th: Cros'iy Music Hall, la tdvucaey of tbs abolition of ike daath peoaltr lutbe Slate ol IHlqllj. Ha hid been active in procuring legislation is this direct! jq la the d totes of Wisconsin. New York and Massachusetts, and oow without being aole to promise success, U Is boring lo procure the wiping oat of the code o' blood la (his Slate, with the d.terminatlon, at least, ot this session of UisLegislstnre, to force the reform to a test vote. The epesker looked open government as a nec essary evil, instituted for the protection of lire and property, and the security 01 it dividual lib erty. If this be so, the power of the Qoveromcnt bnng received from the governed, the Gor«.*ro tnent has oo right higher than the right which (he individual poasesaes. and thos u can have no right to take life, because it does not peilab to man to take hit own life. The State may not enact Ibal mao shall not commit murder and then herself perfjrm the crime. fu> life la sacred aid mar not be taken ex cooling in self defence, in self defence, a mso driven to the wall mar slay, or a State to save Its existence may kill, bm when (he assailant Is un armed and a unit :. then the authority ceases, for the fear ol deau- - -• w«sd from the assault ed. in the days of u. :!-::;orch«, wherecommu nitlcs were without pi*; •= ol aife keeping lor tnc commllters of crime, there might have been a rea son in the vclftro of soaetj for Ifao death penalty, but now that society Is established and ftxtd, with Its penitentiaries and reformatories, this necessity has ceased, and the right to slay has passed away, making its assumption a usurpation. He next considered toe question of tbo expedi ency of enforcing the death penally, contending, from the expression of opinions of Prison In spectors.(bat society la as sate without as «tih the tope. Oo this point he read from the statistics of Michigan. Wisconsin and Hbode island, to show tint homicides, o' the decree of murder, had decreased In those States by reason of the heceflctcncy of that legislation which did sway with cflpllal punishment He claimed this to be tree, on the theory that “like begets like.” Fa mllla’lly with blood creates a want of reverence for Hie, and the lore of revenge breeds In the peo ple subjected lo it ideas of revenge, which result in bloodshed. Tho truth of this fie evidenced by relcience lo the s'ale of public feeling • time ihc war. Shocked by the news ol slaughter in the early battles ollheconllict, the mind bad after-tarda become accustomed to the details of carnage, and vrbeu the war closco, Ihc lnlo» (nation of the death of thousands of men was looked upon, 11 nut with complacency, or, at >east, with only a pasting re mala as lo the grandeur of the victory. He, however, Urged Hits (tforhl because of Uic danger pitl'ecutmctloti nf lunotohl jnen, by rea son^of llie fallibility of human lesifuumyi tun aing (hat by tile course /idoiiM in iim empau itu ot [tiKirs. (lie tleiMun fu ca*>M ol life utnl dcatfiTsti’iLlouiehtuoliruoraiit lo bare lornmd ttu bbltuoti ~ ii|ior lliu luptila or h . m\tt ..width baa, . licch iihtiuimd, and ut-Wdfl, Hhd mnirtl .lu-mumt' ibot irtvr* nu tcHiutca of toiiMrikiiM (t ui- mslier Of aMnulifvi ill CMiiiK'tjiuii mill {file, (if lib JHlfelllJliU lll'lO' «t tiIIMIM 10. Hoi uom of Ivi * vomda of ifiniWMu ft* In* HimtlM uf Mhslhhiii wlmon Km Knmiiiolh hia anniHimiK 1 lou/'ilr Km I'imluvu loniiilmwioii of iWlioimsamiiimoiiij, anmii lo nr ilia wli< iiiis .nlil'ilJinj hi Uni ffni'ii). nf mu imkW iMHi'a ilnnil. hi man Mind IjU iluinf tin alirtf, /nr « .iw« mm of iio'l, «'idwl A*t iipm. . 11. IliK, onta aa il In jtniiimU mb I wp: iwiito HS> Ittijipf slayr.liH Mom*. nr Kim imui nloi In iln ihsi ill jiatolnn kn)an|-oiiMaiil. Kid )it>inoi|||h (iM*Him«rMHOio jMi IMh monoum n| Rotfii In o Km cm Mcinbpfi ol nil men wlitm llivy atiKs t in I n (tit i|« u u(to «n fclnm il in Itaindfib-il " wlm stii” Km; Hii|ilyit«jt if |n*hrtti» Ki lfib wlOhMiiihr of Hcrt linii wliHii Hii'ii . MioniiJ, ImuHlUm Km r I. in nml titHiomliin llillr tiiHid of lilnlh kill him, whqwhtmln In Hit' loirthH of Uinh j/llilalirt n poshm* Himmsii'ij lilmmliio il(ijth Kiln ««i*, In llallliHO Inal llm Mo*»h* law rmliiihhOt/ ifiH COl ilVy of Km hah m Iln* (u-rnlm of fl(li liuntth Him cniTiiuhfboilt amt nin h ihibusalmnjil ImnM t>n: IUMihI; Tliwoi MKS ||»M InW, Of (Mlallft lljtl III: VvtMwot Hbny'almbji dMaitsol \m\- |MI 11, ahjUrtliln MijOMfn.tvofbs Hm lawliif j oi mMnn ofll m Has im imhlhK rot wlimh iiMsnm lo ilm i.yiMlMiiMP iiM MhiM hoi lomkMKony liiiilomvm ihmil iif.iiKiHW mi of nsMfiHnoo, h>»- OH.»W Md|md «r mjMMUioma s nmli, loitlim (mil wlmoi Km fooiMf, »u hrmaJ tsiiKlou slooHoduin jflj»WHriv»l Kim own*Moiis, 100 ♦■offiUio Jimlpiftl murder vsnoln os i«|i L 4| u .l ; tils «:f(|tir mar was, io»w-vnr, hum Km FMilMtrvkKvu wiuuuiot, viUmo tims \U 6(!iilin(h ropßprvaiUmhi nnmi, Indniani gonKemsu, tiiijoylpu n |tt>pin;)iiOm ohl »utt, oniouvtiy and |ovu oftiHßU Vlnp Kio nißiiiiguuhlng ejumamd of hit ouluro, lie blumhurit In (lie mornimr, indulges Ml hia imon-dny sln'o ami quietly papa in thuatmr norm. Uedmi’t like to uu dutuibed in UU re pore, and If jiurcluuco \oa jostle him, hu giouis und unimbles, mu maxoa no fartht-r (O tnonilration. He avoids coraonl, il possible, ! lor,lu-Ing of a lymphatic icmpi'rnment.excliemunt > renders him uncorafortible. I ruu lo bis instincts he liutt opposed every step in progress and rotorm iroiu early haibaru-m to preaeiil civilization. When “Procrtßs" pointed the telescope heaven ward to explore thuaiarry realms of apace, hav ing made such exploration, revealed the startling -fact that there were myriads of worlds like our ; own rolling through tbe Illimitable Quids of space, this *Bmc old gentleman protested against It, the mere thought almost producing dizziness. When ** iTogrces" penetrated the bowels ot the »ailh and announced the Indisputable fact that hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, cf years had swept over its face, conservatism slightly aroused liltoeoif and said beware; beware, for “ Revelation 1 * has settled that question by Axing tbe earth’s age at six thousand years; beware of treading upon sacred cronnd. When science declared that men had brains ana that character might be deter mined by the conformation of toe head, tbe old gentleman objected—-didn't beneve men had brains; of which theory the old gentleman has, at the present tune, some few disciples, wno. in as pt rm.g thdr disbelief in phrenology, practically Illustrate the Irnihfulness of the old gcT.lemaws theory. Conservatism has persistently objected to all science, to all reform, to every improvement and Invention, from the year one to the present time. Canals, railroads, telegraphs, aud every labor-saving invention has received nis unquali fied disapprobation. He objected to the law abolishing imprisonment for debt, and shook his head negatively when the exemption law was proposed. True to his nature, he has never favored o single proposition that sought to re lieve or tmclioiatu the condition of the nnfoitu notcand dovn-trodden, and bates, as ardently as try lymphatic temperament cau bate, anything that savors of reform. Conservatism is an element which Progress rarely makes use of. it is the indolent or anti-labor element. It is the cowardly clement, never coura geous or brave in the battle of life. ICs policy is one of non-action—-the ftind-stlil policy—the milk-and-water policy—the afraid-to-go-ahoad policy—the dare-not-eo-back poucy—in short the good-for-notniog policy. There Is one thing, however, which we admire in this old gentleman. Be is over consistent Tine to his negative instincts, he uniformly savs “No, v hie vote having never been lonnd recorded iu the affirmative. Be does not object to results, hut deprecates iho action neces sary to their achievement. lie objects toorogivcs and i« equally opposed to retrogression, for chhcr movement implies action. Be has done no oosl llto ha>m in the world, nor accomplished any lOfrHvc good. lie lives, and has a icing, lint never mows—will always live, fur thr elements of dissolution were never gives him—will never commit smeide, for that would require energy. Quiet, staid, sober, consistent obi gentleman; be will vote to-day against the abohliou of capital ponlshmonf—to morrow, against 1U restoration. Order is pre dominant in bis brain, lor be Uavet everything Just where lie find* It. Conservatism Is, however, an important ele ment, and wo Aoold not underrate us value. U is (Im brake on the car of Radicalism, tbo calch-pin in the cog-wheel of Kefurtn, the ballast tn (ho old ship Progress, hut when wo find a vessel laden with ballast we would displace a portion of It to make room lor more valuable wares. There Is 100 much conservatism in the world, and wo would destroy a portion of it Ftnr not that too much will be destroyed, for as progress carries trench after trench ot the enemy. co’iserralPtn is placed on guard, and never was trusty ft lend a more faithful sentinel. Once on guard It never voluntarily leaves its post, but trne to its negative instincts, to every demand made upon it, it simply shakes its bead and any* “ nay.*’ TUG WIFB-BBATBR9. A None Dltcniiiin for «Q Abiucd tVomnn, One of the most prolific sources of lilfgVi m nt tiie Poiico Court, Is tho cruel and inhuman until by drunken men ol their wives nnd chit dui ; nod li is simply Impossible for a I’ollco Justice to decide upon these cjscs without add g to the domesilc alfficulUoa which brought me pat live before him. “If he would only let liquor ••lone." the wife says, “be la a good, kind mau.” The class ttedor consideration bio Invariably among the poor, where the united labors of the husband and wife only vku out a subsistence for Iholr famltv needs* Mrs. O’Flaherty nas homo the abase and frequent besting* m her husband until forbearance has ceased to Ik* a virtue. Physically unaolo to with hold from him her weekly uamltgs derived from haid Ifthornt Fcniobtug or lakiugin washing, and

quite unequal to the task ot “thrashing 1 * him In iet‘<ni for bis brutal treatment, she comes to the Police L ouit, smarting and aching from her latest punlrhtuent and asks redress. “Please, your Honor, 1 want a war rant/* “Wno for?’* “For mo hnsoand, air. lie drinks a dale of whiskey, and when ho comes homo drunk he bates mu and the cbilder, andyur Honor can see me tare and arms ialdackod np wld hlsknocklc.” Ills Honor tells her kludly that If her hotbami is brought before him and helloes him or sends him to the Bridewell, she will bo (■oteyfor u, and will probably t«y to procure his pardon. Hut sno inafguaullv protests, nLd says U la Impossible to live with him, and fit ally obtains the desired paper which la to cause her husband's arrest. The next day a policeman hrteg* O'Flaherty before the Conn—sullen at.d Udlgiant. Ills wife Is present to give her testimony, imt Ivors au airo; reluc tance and leniency. The Clerk says: “Tnis wsn, your Honor, la charged with abating his wife/* and, turning to O'Flanerty, “Are you guilty or not guilty V’ The prisoner elates that lit was drunk and old not know weal he was do ing. ana the wife Interrupts to say—“ Yonr Hon or, nn Is sorry for U; be didn’t hart me much— -1 don’t want to appear against me own husband/ Tho Judge temtuds o'er ot what the eald <Uo dav previous, and she replies that she wa« ml *a ken. and again says she don’t want to appear against Ida. II O'Flnncrly is discharged, of course bis arreat amounted to a mere farce, and he has too little refine ment as a man to entertain anything uu . a vindictive feeling regarding it, if he Is fiicd $lO arrt costs, and has the money to pay «, or cau get Uft oca hut wife, who is now willing ao anything to get him out of the trouble, it is only the city treasury that di lives any Irenvflt, Ihe world at large is not pari bed one whit, and Die flO is an equivalent ter Its value in flout, coal, or clothing needed by iho family, for their support. If he Is fined tbc same amount and cannot procure the money* he goes to tho Bridewell tor twenty-one days, daring which time eke partial support he had Dtenonslv given his mmily !a suspended, and npon Mr. O’Flaherty de volves tbc entire»opport of sil the Juvenile O’Fla hertys. Tb>s tares her strength and lime to the very n<moet, ai d the chances are (hat she will get sick and become hopelessly discouraged, if O’Flaberty was a drayman, or the owner of ao ex press wagon, the additional keeping ol a horse in idleness augments the family expenses. At the expiration of bis term of punishment O’Flaherty leaves tbc Bridewell aua returns to his wretched home with feelings of modification and petty revenge, which very soon manifest themselves tn a new de velopment of domestic tyranny. Bis forced ab stinence from the nse of intoxicating drinks has continued Just long enough to give him the strongest craving for u, and the result is a repeti tion of tbc old troubles. The dilemma, as thus presented in the majority ot these cases, is a very unhappy one. Infrequent instances the wife, after procuring the warrant, will not appear at all, her angry feelings having subsided ; and in others, as the one mentioned, if she does appear.’U is only to mlUeato the se verity of her husband’s fine, or, if possible, to procure his discharge. The Ptocxtow Dct.—Slnce the destruction of that notorious haunt of Infamy which ones disfig ured the corner ot Wells and Monroe streets, the headquarters of Wells street rowdyism appears to have been transferred to a saloon known by the name of the ** Bully Boys’.” The keeper of the den la a man named Stockton, concerning whose duincs for a long time pa*t every one who reads the ponce news must be already well posted. To say that he Is one of the most abandoned, oesperatc, and tronblc ome ruffians in the my conveys but a faint Impression of hla real character, and he is united to a woman equally desolate and depraved, nsmed Xoa Stockton. These two form the centre of a gang of despera does, male ano female, who, 01 themselves, might furnish sufficient work for a considerable portion of the police force Ibe police parsneUidrntnal ■online uult of ‘•jtujirnff” the boats almost every week. The “Ball/ Boys “ appear before the police manstral*, pay the m>ea imposed ’ipom them, and retara to »be 4??. 40 re °«w their onrtes as before. Oa Frida/ even lea tb**y were more tM" usaally turouleoi. A mao earned Raymond Verschoore, t etdiMre »l 34 Price place, weut in there about leu ocVckTor some beer, and alter drinking a little be asked for water, btockton to.d turn to go to the pomp ana fetch IL The man compiled, and wb.le drawing the water the proprietor with hla myrmidons aurroonded Urn, threw. him on the ffioutjd,ana proceeded to rob blm. Atthl« Urns OfUcerbwanpon, who beard the noise from ibt: >t*r«t,rnjhcd In and rescued Verscboore from the binoa of t&a cutthroats. Uehad some money in hie pockets, pan of which was taken from him, and n puiu watch chain. Tbe boose was polled and the Inmates locked op in the Armory. On balorday mornlnsr they t'Cre disposed of as lollown; Stockton and hi' bai louder, John White, were held tor trial la the rum of fv.UOo each. Ida Stockton and Ellen Con ley were held lo bail In *I,OOJ each. A. b. Sar* sent, one of ibe Intnatgg.waa fined SSO. BBfDGES BAIIIsUY ASSOCIATION* Annual meeting—Blectlon or Oflleera— The noDumeat, A mediae of Bridges Battery Association was held od Saturday evening Id Parlor No. 1, Tre moot House. Id the absence of the President. Mr. 0. Salisbury, Vico President, occupied tbe chair. Major Bridges elated (ho object of the meeting to be to consider tbe best plan or raising funds for the erection of a tuonnmeut fo memory of the de ceased members of the battery; also, to consider whether tbe organisation shall be continued. The following resolutions, adopted by the re lumed members of the battery, were read to tbe Assoclali I and <n motion, approved by tbe meetlur r Rftolr* ~ . aat the relumed members of Bridges Balrptv . llmolb Luht Artillery, do hereby return n't iwatmctithnnks .o the originators, and those tii< wcotuatalned this Association during onr absence. Retolrtdy that we have always bad a grateful recollcctkn of the effort* of tbe Board or Mana pore of this AMiKlallotj lu securing onr battery lota in Bose Bill Cemetery, and tn the removal aud iLterring some oi onr deceased comrades therein. Retoltfd, That we recommend that all balls, or other auulvertarics ot our service, be postponed until a suitable monument Is erected tu the mem ory of our deceased comrades who fell In battle, upon out lota m said cemetery. Rrtolttti) That we will each and all use our biM endeavor* to accomplish Ibis object sa soon as It Is possible. hiulioh, it was agreed to cohllflUe Uieorgifa- Oti motion. Messrs. Bridges, Clark ahd Blister wettj apjjoihlctl a tuhJtoUke (y bowihiie bfllcer* ‘'ThtfSimiifortMOWiueiiilfil (lie fullotrtdKuat tei,, txbo tu‘)e UMliiniiijlslj .Itclea! vVm (M* b, wiilc. 1 KUdltH-ll A. liuoiif. ... .... mMsmsm lijiMij. IV. It, f>iiivh<fnl«, Vi 0, Ifutmii .. '• III' iiWf (iMi (‘t-.wftM limimtitrtk'rt Hurt l« I'lClUßlll IIIIIJIHfl) ill# fIIIHINH in lliu A..iiit.i Hii« jii!iilii'iifjiiiii»is>i ■ lb* Um» iMtfU tui'sciucd Ilf \y\\u HWIfH A I'M. bn n in MimiM'iil hi linntir id III* mmmii»n| inn niMU'niMiiiia wlii» lull m islll'ii midJliil wi> lirMdtjfSl'lwj Mmm» A hit. hi tuiurhil mNil simli |ii'ii)ii|ii nr rfniifMdii til |lin «mi| JiMiHllih luhds uUml w um kij'ri!il|iihitiaimllimm|i|'iuj', ... UlttfllSlMl tllH llllljllllinili. MllltH, Intit-it Mill fltimranlll In- nlimil fuiiil. ft Mill liuiilmiiil jlllH ii lent Mi I'idclili U "lillii'i (if Hiiiimiii jiiu himih till , Mlmt all miTm/ mi W ImMiiiiiil, mu ln'littMti' wllli 10-r ilpliL k Al lu-r frmi am) HM'iimniitf tum-lil mi ulilili Mill lih ••jittbil Him imm«s td (lie ilwrcn«(-il iiiHiuliriSi . M 111 (is, ati AMtelli-mi llhm (u mills: iHii'alli Himw- Will Vti» raiu-il llm :iih( j.f hiiiis of ijinMirtlw. (iii |Mo lOWH Mal'HiH U lll lih lost'HliUij ho iJS-tIM id IliH IlStlHl/i llts tHtUiMUllUli M, Hi llrti III! UimlllS] millsitiMHih uylilldlimi rtUltit fnuiut MISSIS: Vu k; Moult* A t;y : ~ . . .Jill MlUllllM id,Ml: M lit f3rtlia]»HFJri lf M**(t*if*r ,W| NV: imkllltflllha Itjllalmllalmf fa*L fri man HMitfies, ll mid ftiumi A wh(|m, , ijmu Hi-j.iiiiilHi h to idiinim* lo iGbmrt! siilismfii: * tlMl|l|»«l mM;li IMPHIIiMf fif jilt* AssMPimilHl lIP rpimsMiomdm yimmuMi miy| *w wmk mm* lltfllin lilllila for(l|P|UilrUUi|d uflliuntal 0( llld wunmtHhii .. ... .. Or, iiuimm or Midor lb Mj'Mru. ■!. M. His*r* lUW. d, W: lltU'UH# Hud |„ w«it» mb puli.N a rnnuiHHtc m rmmM at imp mpsi (|.y in unfitly iif i.|ar((idi((u mmtd of ilu* dmutn oivibupmuuwvuj. Tim roueiimilon waa anPltan/xM aa to nrdor IbatoUftguJarmctimgaoi ina AbsurmtluH wfmtl be held nrt (in. nr»t TiifU'uy ofuai'b month, On niollon nf .Major Ilrldtroa. the thuiiMa of tbe Afeencinliun were c*>|'fnlully icmlurert tu Mr J. M. Wcrrfam, ibe former Bm-ioiury, fur bid nmiringef- Vmtato prnmotutlm lmere&ta of the Aaaoclailou, and the irKnda of Urn battery since iia urgttmaa- Uoo, On motion, flic Secretary was Instructed to pro cure (bo adilm-e of every member of the Imnury, and to prunaio a record of each tor the use of ttio Association. ’Hie Secretary wae authorized to procure ono hundred copies of the amended Coas'ltuuon with a list o( the ofllco»» elected, lu tbo same formas published last year. On motion, adjourned until the Aral Tuesday of March. Tlic Oak Park Road BUI. The following were the proccc legs lu (he Leg islature (Home) on Friday last in tbe Oak Park road bill: The Committee on Hanks and Corporations re ported the hill far att act to Incorporate thu Oak Fork Koad Company, with recommendation that tbe enacting danse be. .stricken out, and reported a sub-tnnic therefor, with rccommccdation that it be engrossed for u third reading. The enacting clause of the otlglual bill was stricken out. Mr. HcitLSUT denied the right of the Legislature to Irausler a public roan In which tbe money and labor of the people has Itecn Invested by any pri vate corporation, and be therefore moved that the bill be recommitted with Instructions to inquire into the matter, for though a local measure it in volved a great principle, Mr. Stevenson explained that although there was considerable opposition to the original bill, the people of that section all agreed upon the substitute. Mr. i niLDS bad no objection to re-commlttlng Ibe bill. U there was any reason to do so. lie thought the people be represented were quite as much interested as the constituency oftbe gentle* man from Bounc. li t-eemed to him that the paa sigc ol the bill would benefit the country irom twenty to forty miles Horn Chicago, who relied upon this, and not upon railroads, to transport their produce 10 market, it was not a fact that the public bad invested l.trgely Id money, though they naa invested a luce number of axle*, etc.. In tbo fathomless mud. The ron-paaeage ot U would be a source of profit to the railroad companies, for then (hey would bave just so m>:ch more freight over their roads, since the people would be forced to avail themselves of that mode ol communica tion. lie should bear from his co< stiiumis in a day or two, as other gentlemen won'dfrom theirs, and. therefore, he hoped the bill would not be do* ctded npon Immediately. Mr. IitmLBUT replied that be bad traveled the road and knew of the serious difficulties of trails* porfalion over It. He had no objection to their niakinealampike road, but he considered the legislature had no richt to give these rights to pmatc corporations. Re fhonld not' vote for any hill which wouiu divert the public money in to the bands of any private corporation. The principle was atwrong one; ho should oppose it upon that ground, lie moved to modify hv re committing the bill to Ibe rommitice with instruc tions to strike out section 5. Mr. Dmsnoon entirely agreed with the gentle man from Donne, Mr. Burlbnt, in his legal ob- jection to the bill. If the mends of the bill con set Ud to have it re-commitlcd, they had no ob jection. Mr. Snront was opposed to allowing the right unic?* by the uoanimons sanction ot the people, lie moved as a substitute to tbc motion to re-com mit, that the whole thing he submitted to the people. Motion declared not in order. Motion to rc-comiutl earned. Alleged LxitcxKr.—George Ferguson, a young man from East Saginaw, Michigan, but Utterly residing lu Ibe West Division, met another Sagi naw boy, whom be only knew ns John. John In vited ({cargo to stay with him on Friday night at tho Faclfic'lintel. Sa’uraay morning John arose Oral and left the room, but returned in a little while, and handing Uoorge a pair of pants, told him bo could have them, as they wore getting old. and ho had worn them all he cared to. Ho said lie brought them from hagtnaw. Not wishing to "look a gift horse in the nioulb," Oco»go thanked him nnd a*kcd no quosthns, and when he dress ed. tor <bc sake ot convenience, he put the pant* on his person, pulling on iho others over them. John went out again and was no more seen. Such was lb* substance of Ferguson’s uxplnrn linns at Uio Police Court on Saturday afleriioou. whither he had been bi ought, ilo was charged with (be Inrcrtiy of a pair of pant', tho property of Albert Hodge, a bonnier iu nn adjacent room, and several other a«tides were missed, Including it coal worth f«5. These wore not found, nnd It is presumed that "John** knows where tbry ire. Foremen was unable to prove his rtatemema ami « as commuted for trial in hail of <3IXI. Clcnrlaff Uio Sidewalk*—A Card* Omcauo. January 20,16G7. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribano: You notice, my arrest yesterday id this mom- Inc’s Issue. I do not care, generally, to correct newspaper statements, but in Uas matter, as 1 feci that tam entirely Justified lu what I did, 1 ask yon to make the following statement of tho case: At an early hour yesterday I had ray side walks cleaned of snow and was in tbo act of clean ing snow* from the cro«swalx on Slate street, when a policeman otdured mo to skip, which 1 refused to do. lie threatened to arrest me, and moved towards me with npUlted band, as though be would curry h's threat Into execution. 1 (old him to keep his hands off me, and not attempt to arrest mo without a warrant. He was prudent enough to heed my suggct-Uon. Another po iceman had ordered mo to clean a public alley leading from Van Daren to Harrison streets, tn roar Ofm/ ptcmlscs, to Us toll width. 1 had already cleans* l a pathway by my bull ling, and refused to do more. I was nos arrested tbr not cleaning my tldcwalk*. but heewe 1 refused to atop cleaning a crosswalk. J* Bowianp. LOCAL MATTERS. Bottaen, mothenq mothcm*-l>onU tall to proenre Mrs Winslow’s Soothing Syrup tor all oifcaeos tnddeot to the period of teething in children. It relieves the cnil-i from pain, cares \»lrd colic, rogaiatee the bowels, tod, by giving relict and health to the child, gives rest to the mother. Thirty-five cents a bottle. Those who have been auhjcct to Ner» vans Headaches for years have been restored to perfect health by one dose (“forty drops”) of Metcalfe's Girat Rheumatic Remedy. It never fails. Lord & Smith, agents. Asthma, tvhleh la so dlifresslns at thl* season, can be relieved and cared by using Martden's Pectoral Balm. Physicians recom mend u as a reliable, safe and prompt remedy. Burnhams & Van Scooack. Chicago, Illinois. Genera] Agents tor the Northwestern States* For talc by all druggists. Colgate & Co.’s Winter Soao.—Re commended for chapped bauds and for general toilet use during cold weather. It may oe ob tained ot all druggist* and fancy gooda dealers. Shirts* Shirts, Shires. The Sam Drown shirt made to order* all qualities and prices. Six good shirts for (31. Bbowk&Sdt tor, S 4 and efi State-fit. Itch ! Scratch tS Boyd’s Medicated Cream cures Itch, scrt'ches, and all skin diseases. It is neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain specially adapted to children. Sold by all drug gists. Grand Ball.—First Ball of the Italian Mutual Aid Society will take place this (Monday) evening, January 23, at Turner Had, North Clark street, near Chicago avenne. Music by the Great Western Light Guard Band. A stare File Cure—Or. Gilbert’s File Instrument positively cures the worst cases of SUea. Scut by mall ou receipt of SL Cireoltra ee. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted every where. Address J. B. Roxactz, Manager, No. 573 Broadway. New York MARKETS BY TELE6RAPH McwTork Pin uncial News, K*w York, January 35, *OSXT. Money easy at 6(37 per cent. FOCXIQS XXCtUXOK. Sterling doll and heavy, GOLD. Gold steady, opened at advancing to 131 K and closing at IN#. EPXCIS ZXPOCTS. Exports of specie today. fsrajssa. OOVKEtWKXTB. Government stocks witn-mt decided change, LATEST. tbx stock lUßxrr. Niw yoke, January 88. Affairs In Wall streettu-day were calmer A heavy faillnstocksbronshtoatbQTerafbr Investment. Ra mon of failures bare ceased. Transactions in stocks, ler the last tor days aggregate TTMWO aharea. Toe market wm dull at the close. New Terk Central wai weaker, ibottfb (he balance ot the market was itroocar. cuwtxa meat. H.T. cm% lOiya .... Ft. Wayae .34#® .... Headier lay® .... obieoeru ft** .... &ticn.O<a.. ...lot LUtaoeriand.... St ® .... Mic h. 60 TIV U .... Pacific Ma11....t»7 <A .. lIIUoU Cent....luu® .... W.D. Tel 43K0 .... pißsbarjih..... 8? a .... Adams Kx .... W 0 .... 5.w... 36 3 .... American Kx.. a 0 6SU N.W.ptd HS'ca.... D.&gx 66 Toledo 115 0.... Wells,F. AGO. 73VA .... Rock Is'aod.... M u .... M. Union 8x... Uvc* ... Ft. Wayne 95#0 .... National Bx,„. W 0.... oonunm Oomnmrat secarttie* quiet and ready. Coupons •R1....107V«107# I Canpsaa ’M....!®#®!®* CcopOßl *65.,.,107 110-301 WAV 90* _ sunr. The mosey market closed easler.aad a more cheerful jerllnx prevailed. First-elaa* firms were readily sao piled 00 call at? per cent, bat a close scratlnulng ot stock and collaterals and wide margins exacted. Gov ernment bankers accommodate at MS per cent. In disco nuts there Is text to nothing doing. nootn. Imports st tbit part lor this week. $3,30,973, includ leg f1.0W.06l or/ goods. «tmso sains. Minion sbvrre are active. Gregory Oil to bat rose »t tte close to 1006. Corydon tus jßralthAParmelee... KB Gunnell 153 1 Quart* Hill 450 Gold BM 463 1 Prices of mining stocks ia Boston today: Canada 60 | Homo 37 Copper Falla «3 lisle Royal 0 Franklin 83 (Ulna 10# Hancock »#) Qalocy si# The X*rodtic« market*, NEW YORK. Cotton—Bnchanaed; Sales, COO bale*. Floor—Dull anj 10c lower. Receipts, 2 sJ7brls; Sate*. 4soo Orta. SntertneßUte Western, $9 .SiftMUX; exUaWeatern. choice. $23.19; shipping bjantia. IL 11.0. tUAU9U4S;tradeoraads, clewing dal). Wniekcy—More active. Sales, 300 hrls. Wheat—Active and unctunrei. Sales. 35,030 brls. Milwaukee. $3.36; No, a. 3 Bye—Quiet and heavy. Sales. 3.000 bo Weitero. outside price. Barley—Quiet. Sales. bo Canada West. SU7*9I.TO. Cort—Dali and 1c lower. Sales, 8,003 bo. Mixed Western in store U.Uai.lS. Otis-r»eavy. Receipts, Sales, 17,000 bo. Western. eitftCO. Groceries—Quiet and firm. Leather—(jmet and unchanged. Wool-Steady. 6al*s,3lo.UUolbs at 45C963, Domes* tie fleece; lOioisJ,pulled. Park-Firmer. Bales 9,ooo brls sew mess at |l9A7a JO.CO—desire at l‘ 0.S0 : old ta*a9|l9.st9i9Ao-clo«ine at H 9.13: prime |:s.7Sai7.oQ; prime mess fl9Jn.iTO.3i): also 1,500 br.s new mesa at S3OJO, seller and buyer Febrn'iyand March. Reef Hams—yuiet. Bales brls at fT0.0093950. Hacon-yulct. Cut Meats—Dali tedunchanged. BalesSWpackagej. pressed Bogs—Firmer. Wwtcraß*ftU.Hc. Lard—Dull. Bales 6oo tes at 13Hg(?ae. Butter—Sleadr and unchanged. Cheese—Quiet at H9l9kc. wirrLt hkvttw. IhcadslhttS bat * been much depressed and lower prices accepted, There has n-en a panic Mi high grades of A- un and price* fbrfaiullv mnncSj and ihe market Hoses Übsteacy. Luwira-i& * h,W tilglied jidht IbpectM Despatch to ttit* tblcieu irthhhf.) , MILd.U-ker Jittiiirlfr H klutlf-im)) kfail hUbltMlN i felly tin,(til- HIM M'HbM al HO bUtfeH I ferlUltUy biiHHtmfiti.hoi HU'ieiiuu*ai h.Mi aiUiiiaiiiindu; ttheat-ijllll-M rttftlWHltiM (*4HI MIM Hl«.iXHlltli Hi ti'tuti iHiaftl I4IH Ml Ift.' Itifd"; *mh simmm »ftis»s' M|iiiuiii di'itumin miiMuihii-M WHli mill flf>l(H!M>tl NM tMy )(l;Hl<ii^M r oid|Hi«i Hidiimf t fMid.tMi r-r 81-iftw Mblfi hnii~wmmiml iitiiiiiiial m lii.i|ii>|)ir Ho-1 < I'Mp* Mi* im Hibij Mini iJiiH, |is|iii fdwi) Ini iimf ilik||i>i| in alum m Ml l , IdiiilMiihi-liiill, lull lielil Mifilf, H)fN I'urlt Ilf iruilalliuish cilia iiflinH mini alfiiMi, militiy. id*l tmihtftMitmam lotiinl Ill'll'Hull nttrl I|tilnl, mid|ia«lmfs ollnr fiiHi lAl.ltt, ili-i-iillili'MliU I,fl< Itmtr, ff.TJfl 1(11 triiitab i,no lmn»i MM|iim-hls'<,'*ifHi;lj ilmiri l.ani I ll slmat, MnlUmimitA: IJlto Wl niMAteWH wiinM hi) uni -h< s UUijPVIMiN; Mfi 111 Mt, Mi>i V'lm'lNNA'l'l, PlwMltW flrmi iwv up * WSWrwi no plmiijPM Nat of Ho, \ wimer hi a ijJKi. nm.-Uulj; aaiua ats|c (Ur No, l, U>e—uiuOmiiK,* l . for middling: pot much of ft-rlnir, lull there U hardly an? demsnd. Wlmtkry—lhill at 35c In Nmd. floirs-f7.25a7.13; iioulca rtrm. A lot averaalmr 100 Its a as sold at the Utter rate, but ltd* was au extreme rate, owing to unusual largo size. Medium t jirood <7Mi7.M..«houiih packers are out willing to pay tu-m rales. Uocclpurt,tU), wblrti Include some wnlcli had nut been rrnerted by ttia rat roads. Met* fork-Sold to a limited extent at <30.00, hu* In- tide i-lty brands were ottered at this rate sparingly, thncch enough to meet the demand. UnlkMeri*— nuilltueueinaml; held at7.‘*® 7\fc tor shoulders, and 9tfTt9\c fur sides. Lard—ltitil at|ve,wttli ail-s ISO trea. r.rrni Meats— Quiet at and IfIXC for shoul ders, sld**B at d hams. Clear itacon Side*—Arc wanted for tnrnicdlitc deliv ery at 13c, hut con ee had to be delivered a woes hence ante. snontderaiiHc- Sugar—tl>»r. Coffee—23(jiSoc. tiold—lS). Exchange—Finn aud a shade higher as regards the buying rate. Money—Market unchanged. ST. LOUIS. Bt. Louis, January 25. Markets nearly at a stand still to-dav, buyers holding oir or claiming larger concessions than sellers were willing to make. An unusually small business was done. cotton. Hemp and Tob:cco—Nothing transpired. Flour—Unchanged. Wheat—Heavy, and dull at |2JB tor choice; <2.93 for lincy. __ Corn—Lower: at BAAB3C. Oatt-Dull; atpfiffififc. provisions—lu toe absence ef shipping facilities prices nominal. (loss—<s.«S aud tower. Number killed to dale 10,000. Whiskey—Nothing none. BALTIMORE. Baltihoce, January 25. Cotter—Quiet, stocks light and held arm., Flour—boa Inaliy unchanged. Wheat—oath cm red, <1 .IS. Com—Stead* at 9ia9.c for mixed. Pro virions—Unchanged. Whiskey—Nominal. Ocean heights. (Special Despatch to iheCbicagoTrlbnre.) New Tome. Januwy 25. Freight*—Small shipment* of corn to Liverpool by vessels on the 10th at 7j<d by sail and OJ by steam. Also a bark chartered with 37,000 bn com at fijfd. [tty Associated trass.] Freights to Liverpool firmer with encasement* of so, 0(0 bn com at 7,Vd per sail anc 9d p*r steam. NcwYork Provision market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New York. Jamsrv 25. pork closed with the early advance partly lo*t $<0.38. Other hog products best demand checked. New York Grocery market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trtmme.l Nxw Tonic, January 26. Coffee very firm. Rio, 39if®26c. Sugar steady. Fa to piitne grocery, I0,v@ll?»c. New York I*lve stock market, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnnanc.l New Yobs, January 26. nogs firm at Receipts, 1,100. New York Brondstullk market. [Special Despatch to too Coiraco Tribune. I New York. January 26. Ficur very Irregular and depressed. VfhcaV-TbonrcciwUlciol local trillion caused some bnylngatrnthetltctt'T prices than yesterday, especially (br choice quotations. Corn depressod by scarcity and high rates of freight room. FlKiibnrgli Petroleum market. rrrrsnriuiii. January 26. Tiic oil markets arc still dull, prices remain un changed, bat little on band a’d holders arc not de sirous of tcUldg at the pros-nt 10-v r >ts. Crude ran he quoted aIJViW for Allcchcny, and 7¥<*l2(*, psekages returned and Indu ed, Kenned, for prc<ent udiv»rr, !H.i»c, on board ofrara here. Free oil dull unit nn rhanerd. Small lots ara sold at -t3*43c. No demand for naptha or residuum. New Tork Dry Good* market. New York, January 39. The dry geoda market la tint, hut prices are «u<- talma*.except tor Atlantic A, nnd hear? brown o>c't> Inc, which are reduced Xc, ffMucli, »amo Mother variu ties. n a n it I k d 7 On Tuesday, January 15th. by tho Rev. Mr, w -ors, at iho rralilence of U r hruli’'* lather. H. W. HTUY KRH cl Chlrsvn. au) ANSiK K., danßhlcr of IVm. U. Hmilh. of Augmua. Maine. DIKDi In this rlty. January 2«th. M \ RUARKT E. RYAN, only daushtsr cf II.M. ami W. J.Uyan. Funeral Rom her parent** leslnsnce So. 31 East IVartnn *tre«t. at it o'clock «. m. Monday. In (bis «lty, January 29th. ot lnaam*n«tlon of tho brain. ALLAN UIIbKKLI H roargrat child of Edwin It, and ihe la's Liixle A. Darke, aged 3 months. Clcvclaid and HnfTa'o papers please copy. tn Du* city, ANNIE DOUAN, vile ol William Rib lan. aped J 3 rear*. ItwVornreKt W»st Madison-M., near Sheldon. Fn rrral will ’rave BL Patrick's Church lot Calvary Cem etery »t 1 ovi-r k p. ra. Newark, Ohio, psprrs please copy. At D*Pwood. near Lockp'ru 111., January 23th. JOHN SKA KB. lormerly of this city. Funeral srrvicrs at the New J-rusilcm Tempts, on l>ctveeo Wahaah and son day, Jon. 37th, at 2o'clock, p. tit. Friends amt ret stive* are invited to attend without farth-r notice. Hi will be burled at Oakwrod Cemetery. Train, with ample aecomtcodatloas, will leave the Illinois Central Ue pot, loot of t.ake-st., nt 8 o’clock p. m. IHusical. jjjDßlt'AL. PIANOS, ORGANS & MELQQEQNS SoW cu tlm*. Payment* received la inatallmem*. Second-hand Plano# taken to exchange fornewoacJ. w. w. KinmALL, 03 Washlagion-st. ZaXOSTZTB PIANOS Rave been awarded 20 flrtt premium*. together with thehlgbral premium at the American World** Pair. ihetestlrooMsl* for superiority are from the highest n n»|cal celebrities of Europe and America. OTFor aale only at KIMBALL'S, 63 Washington-*!. MI AMERICAS OIIRANS, For Paricra, Churchm, LoJgee, Ac, Wholesale Depot at _ KIMBALL’S, 03 Wa*hingtoa-sL, Crosby’s Opera House, 4For gate. TpOK PALE—s2,ooo—Good investment >'EW COTTAGE, Six rooms and basement, eaa and water Halst»!-st.. n-ar Adame. Itemed ml May, IS®, at HO per month. Terms, fHO down, balai ce one and two years. GUUO WILLIE A CO., 168 Madl-on, cor. LaSalle. 2To Kent. TO RENT— DESK BOOM In a splendid front office, well lighted, and central loca tion. Double Desk lor sale, |SO. GOODWILL IB /b CO -162 Madison-sL, corner LaSalle. partnership. T>AETNER WANTED —A business IT maawith tl.OOOcash. can tavern opportunity to purchase a h&if-loterest la a House ana Real E-tate business, already esiab'isbed and doing a flur badness. B one need apply except those who have above earn, and ready to Invest. Address “BEAL EaTATE, ’P. o. Box 233 a. Kent. WANTED —To Rent A pleasant room, on the South tilde, wlthoutbo*rd-or aUh breakfast only. Private family preferred. Ad dreis “W H C,” Tribune office. \\/ ANTED—To Rent—A House suita- V v ble for aflour and feed store, on NoithiCJark-t. Call on or address “L ti a,” 147 Booth Water-an, basement. . Worses, (Carriages, &c. TTOR SALE—Cheap 1 two-seated X 1 sJefgh, 1 eecotd hand open hufreT.tmt little run, to be seen at the Carriage Factory, 59M State at. A HANDSOME TEAM ol Matched Bay Carriage Horses lor aale-« year* old, sound, quiet, and not trlehteord at s railroad engine, Price fcoo. Apply to j.OABNaTT, at stable, comer alx tcenih-st. and Indlana-ar, i&eat feataie—iSUg. IflklfttUlfoP. P)K SaLK—A two-siory house con taining $ rooms,vrlths acre* of land, all fenced and impi< vert, near the Artesian Well, tor SI,SN. Aft- TDDH A SOTPEN, 210 Hute-st. ITOR bALE.—To be removed soon,— r Tbe Donble Frame Dwelling on Bebor-*t.. near heach-ft. Birr,man part, 41X/3 fL, two stories: *d dHion. aoxii ft iomedl-ta possession. Inomre ot UENItT H. TAYLOE. 35 booth CanaML 170 R SALE—By Kees & Ayres, KeJ f Estate Brokers, Office 10 Croaby’i Opera iiOQM. A large hrtckdweflac, with all modem Imorove -0 cota, aod ism lot on Wabash- at., Boaih of Sixteenth •C Price 138.W0, part oo time. A large and newly finished stone front boose oo IHchJcan>av.,nearTwelftn-st. Price $19,000. Bnc* bouse with lot on Indlaaa-sC near Pine, 1 is,ooo. brick boose and large tot on West Wasblngton-it., near Carpenter, for |i£a6o. Frame bouse on leased lot on Wabasb-ar., north ot Blxuenth-st,. $3,000. House snd lot on Taylor-it, near Jofierson, $2,000. Lot 30 by 100 on Clark-st* near Soutn Water, j*iO,K3. lot 53 oj 100, corner liiver-st. and sucbigaa-av., $31.0)0. In addition to the above we have a large Hat ofboth Improved and unimproved property at low prices. F'OU Sale—ln Enurann, at a bargain It spplhdfbrsooc. twogoodfiiusM and -ots, in a drslrab'e part of the Tillage. Possession given the Ist of May. tndperbsos The only reason tor the partlts selling Is tbst tbelr basiness cals them away, price, SISOO and RMO. Apply to C. ». BK'JWNB. at Evanston, or atbU office, Uooa tl. IT Ladabe-st. pOK bALE—A new» two-story, urst 1/ class hr are- brick haseaent. 15 rooms, very cjd- vet Jen l, 50 loot lot, on Peona-iL, near Van Direu-*t Price low. Terms easy. K, |1 CHAPMAN, 15 Sonlb Uoioo-it. F'OR SALE—A six-room frame house, In good order, on south Side, la a gold neighbor hood, near liorsecsn. Moat be sold this week. Duly fLKtt.onUme. ygTERSmMF.OaMonroe-Bt. FOR bALE—In the Rea! Estate Ofllce of Ttiomas B. Bryan A Co.. Brraa Hall. LAKE STUET. We»tDivision,near Leantt-st., two story new frame boose, with at >ne front and 7 room*, aliens, barn. Ac., with lot 60x110 feet to alley at a oar gala. |?OR SALE—On Mlchlftanav., a JT tlrst-clasa marble front honsn. with all Improve menu, ar d barn in rear, si by iTO. Furniture sold with house If wanted. A. J. AVBBELL, iiral Estate otttteNo. ? Metropolitan Block. tTnR SALE—By Wm. D. Kertont, 89 X 1 Washlngton-lt, ftmr large brink houses {one of which is marble front) on North Side, south of Chi eaeo-BT. end east of cark-sL. A so, very One resi dence near Cmon t’ark, containing nine or t-n roams, pas. water, ft<*. All of the above residences can be bought i try cheap. trou Bale—By snydet A Lee* Beat t Estate Agehls, No, -i Mrtropolll.itt .IMoek, i* hew Iwo-slory ard liweineni .hHck bouse of It rooms, ami ■oi, with barm on tTabasli-at.j hear fwefatleih-st. Iron bAtiE—A Hfckr Diiuie llbtlsd 111 . Icb Foohis, lint aad cold frftlei bilHi itlWdlC. tlc.i |rntn r ALI)--l)v Miiytlef ft |j.». Ili-il MW». bl A,u ' l " * I,J towll “ li'fiirßAJil&ir* th'rtl igWBBM iiNimriinViiiii (i'nnTAMl- liy WhirlrMiliiiP ! I wlme^ I ,’nii sAfjsupwhi; 7), ifhfiiiiii; ini “Iwi'l'lftaM i| iiiiih umiiif hi? Iliiihn millifiiiih l-'fill §,M,B=A I’limw liiriin Prime: teiS^SSSSISE I,'liM flAl,K=ii\ Tlmmua U,~Tlrynn & I l-tl’lj. Mu'll \\fiM Ifltll; f AIUAHA AvMfforHiMrtfHfHPf »*IP tMiWB >t-y<ifrufro4b> n)Hdupili? ,1m »nlc, pOU PAi.K—A well Imiil Iwh atnrv I bnck atnrv. VJbyfn. wMb a niuainry siblltbmor 33by loin tba lively nmt bfaliby yl'lananf H. Atkin aol, Wla. tnwlliur with a stoclt of (try (bHvla, Cbnii* Int’, hotlona, limit* ami Btinu*. or will In aobl nepaiau*. TbaaiotewflUblboaflralPlaai aland for a Hardw ire store, a» lliere is no Hardware In (own of any «ccimnt. For iiarilcutura wlilrua WU. TANCHB A SON, Fort Atkiuop, »i*. Ij'OU sAJ .k—bchooner A. G. Moruy, r rate* a 3, JSjMO bit capacity; schooner bcan iint vtan. rates A 1 tn,oto bu canaeny; sernxmer Itacli.e, rates n 1. 13.400 ba car ncaty; tchuuncr h. U. Andre vs, rates It I, H,UO hn capacity; schooner ffm. F. Allen, ral*aUt,l\OtObacai:acUy: brig City of Erl*, rates U i, I’Om lamoer on lea* lii»n Bfe*-torwater. lhea*>ove vessel are all laid up In Chicago River, and f.>r sa<e by C. J. maQILL, corner of Wells and South Water »fi.. Chicago, 111. r?OB SAJ^E—The entire fixtures ot the I 1 old Academy of Music, oa Waablngton-at. The fixtcrcs consist iu part of me stage scenery and ma chinery for working the same. Also, the settee*, gallery. «uce ft stare*. Ac. This la a good and nre cpportcr.Uy for any one itarilng a small theatre la tho country nt the s-ate conM be nsca for school, church, craiacciatlonroom*. The above will he sold very low. W. H. SAMi'BON, Boom 3i Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALE—And to Rent—A pro r (liable manufacturing business of a staple article for isle. Also. Store and Office to rent. Apply to 207 WabhlOEton-M.. Chicago. amusements. WOOD fa MUSEUM. COT. J. 8. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. S. AIR KN stage Manager TUO3. BARRY “fangh a Bft'Jsucb I" •‘Quid Ireland Shall be Free, •aystbebhanVanVochl.” Revival ofthe rreateat Irish drama ever predated on the American stag*. vreanov ©f the Green. Faction tight. Fearful leap frrmthesnmn It of the precipice. Monday cvonlt*, .I»i. -q % at the two matinees. Wed ne-day and Fatur-.aj afterrnon*. ami **veiy evening, the cieat ln*h drama of FEEF O’ D AT. Mondar, the lost l.ocdoa sensation drama, THE HU GUENOT CMTAEN*. MoVTCKER & MTFUS, LastwcekofMr. CHARLES DILLON, who will ap pear tnbia preat character of BELPHEGOR.THE MOUNTEBANK, Played by him over StX 1 debts tn London. Monday—Delpbegor, The Mountebank. We’pbcgor..- Mr. Char'es Dllloo. In rehearsal—Lent Byrt o’® Tragedy ot ” Werner.” THEATRE. C. M. Chadwick.. George 11. Birton. NEW ARRAY OF FIRST CLASS TALEIVTfc'.O ARTISTS. Tills establlshmct t sow possesses a dramatic com- Saiiv superior ta anv that baa rot appeared. lISS EMMA LEI.AS’D, a talented fcadloglady from the Poston theatre*. MISS LAURA UERNARP. chiming Vocalist and Cownlbnne. MIS» LIZZIE SHERMAN, brilliant Vocalist and Ac- MIL* J. TURNER, Leading Actor and established favorite. MU. dOE WOODS, the popular Comic Singer an- AC, ° r 'ln eonnerllrn with the Stir Core party. In rehearsal. The D—l and Ills Seven Daughters. WITKOWSKT HALL. nRANCH OF TUB New York Museum of Anatomy, AVJTKOWKRV HALL. 171) ciark-sL, comer of Monroe, Hits Important ami Mcliiv lastrnctire Mnseittn con tains WONOMW OF ITIEsTInV from the firstraoLlh. Miniature Wonders or the World, as alto Beauties of (Mcoloiry, Myology, Dermatology, An«t|cflntiererr<l'pafßfi , ’tl o l Medical Science, the stndrnt, ih» I’liv'ician. the Naturailit, the Man nf Mislnes-, the ntanof Leisnre, n.tght essay In rsm where thev cooirt spe:.d a njcrn prontvblo h 'ur. for tentiflinen coir Ron fa. tn. till 10 p- m. AdmlsMcn SO cents. rpHE CHICAGO TUUN GEMEIN’DE 1 rcsoecuiiliy announce to their frlondj and pa trons that their GRAND MASQUERADE vriiicomo otl On MONPAY, PobPimry 4, Al their spacious hall on North Clafk-«t„ almve Chi cago av. COMMITTEE. Foil I’rograrrnio will be annormeed. N. I>. £■>* of reservi d scats will enmmeoca Wodnf day, Jan. 33d. at id a. in., at the Dad. auction Sales. SUOTT & CO. AUCnoNBBRS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, KM Lnkr-al.. c*»r, Chicago. Cash advanced on .Merchandise ron*tgned for sale. Ont-docr sales promptly attended to. p! ILBERT & feAMPaUN. rUBNITURB, OBXNA, Silver Wore, Carpet?, Sleigh Bells, &c., AT AUCTION, At rnr salesrooms, 47 atd 40 DcarbonwU on TUESDAY, Jan. Wth, at 10 o'rloc>, consisting or at coat enn kino of Furniture. for parlor, cbamberaod rimncroorr. Cbm* (gold hind) dinner act, carpet*, rnr Hive r wm, n let of sleigh brt*, 8.000 cigars, with a general assortment of bom-hold goods. GILBERT AbAMPsON. Aoct's. AUCTION, Monday, 28th Jannaiy,lßo7, at 10 •■'clm-k a. ttwe are Instructed t» aell at our rooms. 104 Lake st.. a Jarre acd jMOrt tnent of oaefnl and ornamental Household and Office FURNITURE, Including Parlor SoUf* la Mahogary, Rosewood and Walnut; ulucg-room Clair*. Exlctwou Tao’cs, side boards; Bedroom Suites In Mahogany and Painted ; Sofas, tenures. Housing t.hnlrs In Uairc’cthand Cane: (idee Desks, Stools and Ch»lrs, Whatnots, Plated Waic. Glassware. Knlve* and Forks. £c. DANIEL oUOTT «CO.. Auctioneers. AUCTION, Wednesday, Jan. 30,1867, at 10 a. m., at 194 Lake-st. SECOND SPECIAL SALE OF English Brqswlls, Velvet Fite* Kldderznio* Bier, Kerom, Two and Three-ply ALL-WOOL CARPETS. Velvet Pll». flowered, flea red and plain. Dearth Rugs. Oil Cloths in rol*. Stive OU Cl JthMats. Want Mate. English Crumb Cloths, Bed Spread*, Feather Wows. Ac. Ac. GoodsonvlewToeMay. . __ . DANIEL SCOTT A CO. Auctioneers. A UCTION &ALE X ON MONDAY, JANUABY 28, At 10 o’clock at our saleroom*. IS.!* and 73 Wells-st near Ksndolph-ft-. a of new and wc- Cfocterr/Glosi and TainSlat 0 Two Bar Counters and flxtnrM. Two miUard Tables and Ball*. One Portable S'WSIS or oil P-totlos; f?d®CTlnncs lowlier .lu. • Ur*e «uortmMit cl ot AJlSn^ofcood3latwif)nSton.7e ; . au wnoa 01 & CO. Auctioneers. RUCTION SALB— On Tuesday* Jon* 29tb, at lO o’clor/fe, hardware, SXOTES, &c.,/ At 153 Kinde-SU, np stairs, consisting of fbjrfj- assort ed Cook stoves, sixty-ftve Store, otflee ind parlor Sieves, two hundred Lanterns, a large assortment of Bates, Scy th*a, Cradles, Cham*, Bath Tt.m. Ac. bold by order of Mrs. N’elson, the wld of too late Mark Nelson. J. HEaNx * CO- Auctioneers. A. BUTTERS & C s o, Auctioneers & Gommissiof | a Meroliants 44 df 49 BANDOLI>H-ST,. Between Stat Mt. Hold regular sales, at thdr DBF GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, *C H Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FUBNTTUBE, CABPSTB, &<-, «rec satUubdat. gitaawtco—iftaie Jpriy. InOKKKEPGBS, U<.B»IUX tea. W I SJJTEp—A 80 m 3 practical miller, TJ **2r •alatsreitlaamtU meal* c sJ^ To t£,?*?.S£S ftn * ht ll *«P, » rar-chaneali olfrred. For further partleniar* apply U HSMBT ObHORN, Real Estate Agent. 01 Pla»k-at7 WJ ANTED—Three Cop) ists. Forfar- W ther particular*address uODaBAMOBaB. Tan Bureo. Jai toon Co„ lowa. * WANTED —A Bookkeeper. None T T need apply except ’hose that -an give the best of reference. J. CHILDS A CO. 334 Sonth Water-st. WASTED— Ten talesmen ot mature age aod experience to engage parmanestiy la DasinrM, befbreFeb nary lit. Apolr personally with references, to J. Q. JONES A CO., Speed’s nines. Dearborn-at., Chicago. TItABES. TJtrANTED—An experienced man W that understand* maanMctorlng vinegar la all |ta rations ways. To the rlabt kind of a man Merely employment wlUbc given. Call at 121 Han dolpb-sL, Boom 1. TXTAfITED—A miller. Steady em ir > ptovmeot and good wtgrg will bo given to a rcsUy »oodman.ln&city mil'. Man be a good stone drtwer. Address “ANQUb.** Tribune oacc. "ANTED—A practical brick-maker. Address ».** Irlboae office. iljclp. WT’ANTED—Six icmale compositors at Vl the Prairie Farmer Office. 103 Lake-st. None hot competent workmen need apply. WANTED— A smart and active cir), to take charge of ladle** and cent** bath’tg rooms. Call Monday comer of Slate and Washington- Us- Good wages and steady employment. HOUSE SERVANTS. \\T ANTED—Two Good Cooks, Ger- V a man or Irish. Good wajps given. and rclcr face required. Apply to Mrs. WUIITARBR, No. >i26 Lhktgo-fIT. WfANTED —A young elrl to Use care VI of an Inflict. One who has bad experience and can bring relerencea. may apply at not Mlchlgan-ar., between 5 and I o’clock p. m. WANTED —An American nr Norwc* W plan cli Ito do leuernl housework In a prlvttc family. Thenlghcst wages paid and a good b irae oi- Bred to ore who Is competent and reliable. Apply at Tai>Mlchlgan-aT. ißiupiughuitt ageheug. Wf ANTED Dntnl, itiu<d fcltrthtietet Jr V Flee tfanspoltatji'h. Also hleh id Wipes tlperday attd Wdi A|iplv At IM M;ld- Isob-ei.i ItooW-i. \\T Ani'EO—louttg men in in# wua k T,T , tiyi ttlsltltisS id cSiltltj‘JltlHtliJE stl-b lit hlbk lilSlilvW®/. VfTAM'pr? H?fiswnlJ«n'kkvci'H'i l l VVAN'l‘Hj.l=liH.Hi niFTTIi. iim emifli, 318 H ui» (fb-* jEfc! Itir if I i u n fotiM. B -lWhh'h, w(Hi i;n«j( wiiil «SrWTO r\/Aw I?])—Tii iihWiii»- i tfM')hfl ( ini \U~AWW)=A iUiinljuH hi hiijii) liiici (|[l WATTPRIT=H liinvyiif = iTITuhI gjjffi^jaww WANTBI)=AII llwf wniu Bnjil. ,1 T Wl FtUF IB »f-V In P-tU MH l»Mmn *|| »Vm‘ vn» '•)» r. f 4 (mnp u> m4ku tmMikV i.R UittM.ft* Ll PrtliHJ fvMiiln hiu t-l putt; lift jiimim*tr. i.tiM- nriiplu MumprF imhillf mn»i Mttl'nr IniMUil f* *imi u\ rtuwn Wi/SctiW'lXi &W!3 W .'?, *GI» W» fW.VHVHa Hlfe* if**"*" 1 |)h W**hiPKlrtfl *l ; , Houro It. t-Mi-Wb MrANTKO— A limueii pumlmr m |m- P)|»fur|iiu fiiilur, Impure at |?li Fut Jludj t, Wf ANTED—Tn Purclmso—The lease IT andUxtnrrjof a snlteoflodglnariKim*, or» leasdofasuileofrooma nnfnrt.lah»l, centrally luca* Utl. Aildreta Hoi Wf. ANTED—To purchase a Notarial V » • Commlsalon. Inonltv nf K. P. ADAMS, Fen stun Acei I. noithweet corner Madiaoa and Dcarhorn- Chicago. TX/ANTED—So*tliers to call and see V« checks received In oavirent cl SIOO additional bennty. Advances made on good claims. A. OOODItICIC Attorney at Lav. I’Jti Uearborn-st., Kf nni il. PEUSOKAL —A Indy ol reUncd tastes and habits would like to correspond with a few grnilemt-n posiioamg similar qualU'-*. between t&e ave««f2Band st. Widowers prelerrod. Address‘*M r U." Inbnnc office. iLo&t anh jFoanh. IOST —Saturday y>. id., 26th insL, at the j Matinee at McViekers Tl>eaire, a mink fur Vie* torlnc. The finder ulUbo suitably rewarded oa leav ing It at 205 Randolph-sL LOST —A Lady’s Mint Collar—Sunday, oa. m.. between Post Office on Monroe-st. or on State, between Monroe and Van Burcn. The Under will be rewarded by leaving m at t-cai Esvati OClce. 92 Monroe-81. ISAAC A. HART MAX. IOST— $15.00 Reward. Lost on Satur j day evening about R o'clock a pocket book cou tau lne about f 90.00, between ill Monroc-sL. and UcVlcker'a Theatr*. The above reward wl.i be paid to acy otc leaving the same with P. COKSADINE. 11 Wen Itdlaua-M. Business Chanres. T'OU SaLB—A Hare Chance—Onc balf interest in a well established and eoMnityms torrlajr'*, fcljra and Onmrental Paint Shot*. Will be Bold cheap krcasb. Address **F F W," Tribune Ot3cc. yrOK SALE-Two first-class saloons, ooe family grocery, one provision and fuller depot, all well located. Apply at 100 Madlson-su Room 4. .MANAGE*' F>K SALE—At a fiarcain, a first class Boarding douse, with a splendid Mlo-.n attach -d, centrally located on the North stile. Inquire of WM. bESO & BRO. . Grocers, comer While and Cast-ats. 17011 SALE—Ooelmiriiitciest iu a No. 1 steam Grist and Saw Milt, all la go3d order, sit. uated in Henry county, lowo, and with a cutd ran o| custom. A tr>od businessman cation or address JOHN U. HADDOCK. Box (10, Salem, lowa. FOR SALE—Millinery stock. An old eslahllihtd house, with Urge trade. PopalalK-n 11,000. TM* Is * chance seldom found. Addre*sH. W. &J. M. WETHESBU*. Chicago, or J. N. AVERT. Oshkosh, Wls. .Proprietor. ...Manager. a Saginaw Cltv. Sitrh., consisting oftwo salt block*, and saw n ill of large rapacity, with ten acres *1 land, favorably located. Addrers N. a. LOCKWOOD, sagl naw City, Mica. 170 U SALE —A small stock cl hardware, 1 tinware, stores and sett of tinner’s tools. WUI Invoice ahont (3.500. Reason for selling other bust dc/s which rcoairestne owner's attention. For par tlcDlars address I*. O. Boi 3871. F'OR SALK—Valuable mill property, situated m Chesterfield. Madison Co., Indlma. m a good timber*! eo'ulrv, on the Bo'lotontalue Kail rt ad, <7 miles ca«t of Indianapolis, and six miles from Ancersoc.the county seat. Circular lumber saw, shingle and bracing machin*s. with Ngood st-amcn- Elnc. sn hrrst* power, new dollt, good yards for Him cr and log*, bandy to railroad switch, three ycko good rsttie, one horse am bngry, log wnroa*. chains, axe*. Ac., with i verythmg complete fbr rarrring on a first class saw mFI, all in comp'ete rntmlng order, al*o, two small houses, stable and several acres ground adjoining the above railroad. gaidjiropcrty wlllheaold cheap. Reasons for sell ing: The undivided half of this property b-lonc*to lit Irs nnd must lm sold : the balsoco of sold property can bo pn chased on rca*o' able terms. Tf. parties d**- siring to Invest lhl« 1* a rnr*’rhaLce. Inquire nn the premises of J. |l. ANHFIthON, or iw dress a. C. bWEETBER, F.O. lk>« 1 |M3.Hloonilogto".Hl. T7OR SALE—The Stock ami Lvascol a I Or«t-cln«s Fnmllr IJforery titnrn, wi'b ancstali* RshcdlratV. One «*f'the best stawla In ttwclty. Ap ply to RKKWA AVRKM. No. 10 Crmby's Oocra House. lira I ISstate-Counirfi. 170 R SALE—The subscriber oilers lor I 1 saie hU restd -nrn In Elgin. It is pleasantly elta ated. Due large natural i hade trees, good garden, fruit trees, wed ami clsiera, Ac.: Is r'.nvenlent to Rio Kfaln Aroili inv : is connOerm the tia(.itsomo*l ptaco ui Elgin. Frier |3,««: (.MOO down. baUnefl on tlms. It Uiiirid. A olse-nntf.r ailci»h down. Apply or adorrss L. U. YaßWnoi).or consult M.S. Yak* WOOD, ICQ Waibl.-»gt m-st.. Chicago. 170 R SALE—I2O,OOO acres ol choice Mr land In Iroquois and Ford Conntf*. RL.on the I. O. R. |L. from one to twelve miles from fine towns— t'nsrga. RuvWlry. l.tda and i'axton. l*rlcu Rum it to «13 per acre. eash. balance in three raaal yearly pav. uu-nls, C per cent. 1 have an rOlcc at l-oda, where 11. A. Frar»ons, with good teams, ranbefbuod. D, K. FEARSONB. Ilri RsDdulpb-st., Chicago, or L.da, IroqnoU Co.. Hi- J7CU KALE—Funn, tour nnlcs oust 1 from Lickrorr. 111., in Yankee Settlement— fv acre* Orid-cUM prslne, W acre* best timber. Well Ictetdatd eaimatcil. New two-story house I3x7t, nndkitctcniArls. Srlcr did well. Utcnanl over W tree* rr* m Rochester Nurrery—npp cs. pears, Ac Bam Wall, like V; down, natnnre ©no and two yoars, with tnteieet. Apply‘to THOMAS CII xL MKIts. Hnnt, Ksgle Works Manolkctarlng Co., Box 3001). or No. 4*4 Canai st. . T?OI\SA7,E— Alarm ol ICO acres, with -1 in ere mile of railroad ttatnn. acd 17 miles trom Cblcsgo, well watered, good bondings, over 300 fruit t*e< i, an? stock'd with cows, winscll wither without rows. Also 610 acres adjoining the above, la lots to salt purchasers. Apply at |33 Klnilc-U. T?OK t*ALB—Or exchange lor mer jT ctaannue. hardware preferred. (tloJNO), ter thoo»arti dollars worth Improv'd real state. On* fine buck itotc, warehouse and dwelling, rcatlnjr at fi.fCOpcr annnm. Several city lots and »s,ort) or Im proved (ltd unimproved lama and laming land*, near railroad, and irofcvssatx, somo ca*h. For par ticulars. addreaa A. L. BRINK. Warren, PI. FDR SALE—By A. P. Whitney & Co, S 7 Wa-htngton-st., tarns In any quantity, large and mall, w different parts of llllt>o|*. soaie one FrullFanninear.Central!*, Also, awa and Lois lu me city and at Keaosha. About four acres of Dock Property on Sooth h ranch. pear ArcbfT£nad bridge. j£lacf)i»erg. TTOR SALE— rnruihle Engines —4, 6, r o_ ,« to j 5.20, 25 and af-horse power, now anc s«?ond-haDd: one 20 and one St-bnne power. Second bwd Stationary Ergmes and fiTtr*, Portable Saw mUM. Wcodwonh planers and Matchers. Sulcgte MIK» and Wood-working Machinery-Pfwcf Corn Sheilefs Snail Barn Midi, Iron Feed Mills. shafting, pnl.itr and Elevator Machinery built to order. itICSARD*’ IBON WORKS. 100 acd 1P J Waabingtoe-st. FOR :rALB—A second-hand Buckley fo.dlnc machine—m good condition. Ptlce, ltc£. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. T7OR &ALE-Portable and stationary JT erglces,4. C, 12.15.ard20borsepower;Put nam Machine Co. Laibefr— ia feet bed, 81 Inch: f’ne Mf»-etbed.36lnch; bed, 20 inch; onelSGeetbed.aotnch; ones feet DM, 18 Inch; thrce6fcctted # i6lnch; three4i<lectbed,l4lQcb swing—all screw enmng engine lattes: two upright drills; two (von planers; two planer and matchers. cur* surfhe-v. Also, all kinds of machinery, pump*, belting aart hose. C. L. BICE & CO-, 19 and 21 T7OR 1 SALE—Cheap—An engine o! P abiont forty horse power, with heater and coa nectlDg.nJpeaalllD good order. Caa hi seen In ooer ation aift price ascertained by eaUlns on SALE * FEOSI,-. 757 Sc nth Clark-eUChlcego. ill. TTQK - SALE—One Donble Cylinder r ’Planing and Matching Machine, one 2Mach Sur ti*ce£afWl assortment of Saib, Door and BUnd Ma .chmery, Scroll Saws. WoodLatbes, &eu* Ac. Al«o, frcoLalbe*andPlancrStMerrlmans Patent Bolt ter*, Davis’ Patent Dolt headers—all at mannCacturer*’ prict*. ffclshc added. Clrcnla** gent on application, MEMIMAN * WKIGBr, 14 WellMU Chicago. FOR SALE—Three 8-hoise power up tight engttvs; aAO six horizontal emrlnea, 8, iC ara 12-horse power. Larger or amacer emrt=»-'to-- nUhed with or wlthont boilers. W* W.M *sit o^°L9< tubular and locomotive boilers &>r *tl», best mate. rjiHE LANE & BODLBT Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM EKGIBSS, Shingle Machine*. Com Mills and shafting. Wood* working Machinery. LAN’R Ac BODLET* Comer ol John and Cincinnati. jCinumong seuntnr. RUBS, CTTTJATION—Wanted—As a Shlppimr O Cl-rtu orwwli •n«sJ’rltt Mat aerchaotuiuS coot try •* Salesman. nefermew as to ability. A*- given. Adores * H.** 1 rtbone offlea. PBRAIiES. CITUATION—NVanted-As housekeeper \J by a tboronghly competent widow lady, t u awe very best rnferjnca. Address “C. C..’ IST BUte-st. O rrt ATION -Wanted—To •do general L/’ hooaewerk in a small Lvml'y, er to da second gm’s work in a private family. Apply at 35U dy bonrne-av.. North gme. CITUATION—Wanted—To teach in a* O p easant Amity, by a lady of experience. No oh* >ctioa to going a abort distance la lha country. reference ttven. Address p. O. 80*1559. CITUATJON—Wonted—As a seam ires KO*li*°i l j?*»o lcrt,y “hoot s house. Address, aaents auaanttu. A ??JSfc- Wantec,— ’ r ° seU the ereat F 4. J, S5!i5b 1 ’ iFJS I . R '' NTA!tD SHEBMA-f. ur •Boa. .I.T.Headley, lioodagpnistvko from 25 ts 1W subrenbers per week, bupcrlor imiiicements offcrM to coergetlc men and women. Address, at ooce.C. LlLLET,Publisher,26 lleynoids* Ulocx, Cblca go, IU. AGENTS— Wanted—With small cap:-* tal, tor allebt money-njakina bn»Vni*M at ho-ne. sai’able lor ladles and penUemeti ban ns a ilttle «t.«ue time. An aceot in Michigan reports f:o pr nt »n hvf a day. Addma.«Ub •tarns (or papers. It. WAYVELL. 47 lombard Bloc*. Chicago. A GENTa— TYonted—For ‘‘Womans xjL Work la the Civil War,** tlln*trat«'l «i»n flae steel portraits ami enijratmcs. This *o;», commenc'd more than three year* ago auc prepared under tin* sanc tion ami approval of the United State* Sanitary Cora tnlaalon, Western Sanitary Commission and the Christ lan Commission. will he one of at uitiard authority nnd great Interest. Semi fbr circular* ami *rn:r ftr*t choice of territory. Adcr’nZEIULKB MfCUBUF <t CO.. Publisher*, Lombard B oca. Chicago. AGENTS*— Wanted—Smart and nctire Agents wanted In every county to sell the cut* TUN BACKED SAFETY HAND LAMPS. Ktcrriv.xty* wanta them, as they are the tno*» tcnnomlrai and cor tcnlcnt, give a hrlfJtant light w|-|iou»!n»ne», smoke or ooor, ami warranted aale. several oilicrnew *r i{cles for acenta. Circulars sent Bee im nnnllraHuti to EDUAIt A CAVAN. Ml mOictorers, 03 Malden Lane* New York. AQENTB —Wrthted Gentlemen and . lathe* UwqhahoiUihot’hlMslAies in s-ll otu new Booki “ABUUi't’.S LIVES nf Mio IMIKSIMhN IH,” frj to Wa«hlbeion talbe present,Ume. In i n ofaMit fee Faces. >atilifdiiy ii'nstMtr j *m» .t«cl fijgtatlhgf . tint Attil*'n-til« TIMy-s-rttK UkrtPi mM'lenaßiJllrlcami h’Wlef<lp hr|re ; A't ti'iiiMne W gßSraßium A O^NtP—llHl ilHiigiyiSi A uni imiiiiii, AlWlflfltete HEjSsf wafeM AH¥STft~\vpipiHPiiw ammib -a\. Jl 1 afll)ihVL) i’j t A f|] Mini riF Vii'p 1 > TblMi* Jj jin* IB ♦WM VHhllW, mi frHifr frf A-ba.l* » «l|W Ifi ■*»*» W» Oil) Otn Vrvih -\p III* Im> M»U A OBNTP=WiifilwP*S lier ii« puar- J\ acfetfd pfnir.puFf»U» i>ri|. Apply «i un o ».> e la* Hwa», ,m- t •»»n™K.». i« »i; A h Hi-V. fbuapn,vF (Wo Niv \ T-vuura pWk. tic,diod/,’. AOliNTfl— Wnnleil—Now ho.ik. Tiio lUack Frock, a mn*l wonderful history now iw IPfc performed with ImmcnMt auct-ota in nil ilm prlnrl iilb theatre* throughout the United falaif»—sAiuplo lent tin m-etpt ni Saranta free by wail, by 11. c. LAN DON, flh illcliiann-jv. A GENTS—Wflbled—To sell a senes ut _fl Flint*, which for beauty o| design »nd ritcrUve coloring vurpat* ant thing In mark-t. To I'lct ore Ileal era thU la an rpnortomiy never odered hr lire, w* aiiarantfe* tueell VO percent lower than anyulherni nao in the rltr. Crcn ar no# reo»ly. Cali im leMrir a A .1. Luh< gr.iiher amlFubihler, It!U Haa do pb-»t., cotnct of Clark. A GENTS— Wnnictl Price /\ UNITED STATE* CONTINENT IN 1000 - three Klara in me «n>* the Map tr. the wmln. U.DYIVSNE'W OKEAT WEFURIJC «ml Th- (IK \Nr» FA'I BIOTIC CHAKT nF AMERICA, SENT FREE »Uh the map. POSITIVELY Iherheao-st and tio-u aalcahlf map* U> the vrnr d. Addreu UOUDSi’ELD A CO, IjS La»»-ic. Chicago. A GENTS—'Wanted—Two or three men eacn county, to fell by sample, my Patent Hen’s Neat. The** wllllt gto work for go-d wage* can ad dress C. CAMFPELL. Yellow Dead, inirota. A GENln—Ranted —ln all parts ot the jTV eonntrr, to Sell “tnBHI STORY OP ABKARAM CINCOUP* and the KiVEKTBROW OF SLAVERY” in ore vol, ct ver W 0 page*. By Hon. I< N. Arnold.* Tate member of Congress, a* d lor over twenty years a co..flriet*tlal trlend ot Mr. Lincoln. This work ban Ju»t been completed, and w»ll meet a wi’t t-lt bvov ery inteUlgtat clttwn. It presents feature* which have pot appeared in any other wor*. The Oti.y Chronicle, of Wattunsuo, vavs: “It will assume a character and bcid a place bey<-od aovthlng vet pro duced. »' For territory arrt terms, address the pub* llshris, CLA.REE & CO-, VO and J*2 Wa-liing’on-st., Chicago. A GENTS —Wanted—Ladies and gen- J~k tlcmen thronghnnt tne Wwt to fraaraa* fbr “Trird aid True.** The commission paid Id Urge, ard the book ta'one of the bevt sWltcg works evtant. Send Rir term* WTf.J. HOLLAND A CO., US Loin bard Block. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell the Gen r\ ulnc Bartlett Sewiog Macbine (price UiPlmprrvcdNew England Family Sewing Mwhlnr (price flSr, Both of these Marnine’-‘ are folly licenser.* AddrcM or call opon W. DFLOSS A CO, Room 8, VfKt Office Bio-k.Chlcagr. Itl, ere Hm-'-?L*oneEs H’O RENT—-A large and commodious I hcaseon with ftirni nr*, till Ist May. For oth-r jn'orr’atlr.a and terms, apply to W. J. DAU NFT.No. 15 King’s Block. TO RUNT—Cottage, with fire room?. Rent reasonable. Aptly at H U S'»pi-rlo*-st. , rPO RENT—The ursl-class bnck hotA. X No. SO Centr-av. fUwker-M.A containing modem Improvements. TOUMJ & SPRINGEIt, Ni. *2 Metre pa Han Block. T O RENT A cottage containing I eight rooms—water and gas—to lease, an 1 tarn], tnrr for sale. Possession given Immediately. Apply at yo. 103 Park-ar. TO RENT—A desirable house, partly tarnished, to a small f»mty th-u c.vj give co<£i nfrrencc*, Posses lob riven May UL Inquire at ;t7 1 ontarlo-st. ffio ixmt—lxDOinv; KENT—A Nicely Furnished Room, f suitable tor two sing e gentlemen, at So. 1113 Canal-gt.. tear Randolph. op «l drs. TO RENT —"feasant and desirable fur nl»li'd rroms; me float sniuhle mr s>*nt'o rrCD.rcnv(nieiitto ou>lness. Apply at S2R.S'*:-- st. Refmpcps required. w STo 9Rcut-,storea. oil ; f.F ; S c TO KENT—Louse lor Stic—Lease o loiu-story amt bveu.ent brick store, now occu pied ns a wholesale rtrt'g store. Apply on tli** prcmlid to WM. 1). HARI & CQ> S 7 South Wat -r-st. ri-o HENT—A lirsl-class store, silmtcil on Mcnme-st., pear the Fc*»t OTlrr. In-mg well adapted l- r an* llr*t-clsssbiidn'M. Also. lUMr-a for sale, consisting ot •hdvlnr. stove, gas iivttires.Ac. I'oss'sslot given at once. Apply to W. II- S.X Ml’bt >,N, llcme and Land At cot. N ■■ ;< Metropolitan Uh ck. rro HfiNT—Siorc near P. 0., on Dour- I borp-st.t als<i. tMnl fioor of soma tmli.lln*. ••tita hleA<riluhtn«aniira<;tnrtng haslars*. Apply at Room . 11 Masonic Tcs p yp, my prarlwm st. * r l’o BENT—Olllcc lor rent nnrt tnrnl- X lure i«*r sate cheap. A large front efilre ■' It ibis fer ttin Coninib-slim or Insuracra bu-ine»«, in th- fen troofhn*inos, with carpet*, safe, emurs, Ac. R 'nt only ?73 ter iimntlj. I’osaea-lon given Februir/ Ut. Apt* rat the flfiee mine WESTERN I'IRRNIX !v-»t’- RANOE CO, 3 0 LaSallO-st. UKU. J. YKAGKR, H refry. £ltantEU==lvcal ?=slatc. ~\JiJ ANTED—Any one posschsmg one V* nr two nlra eoifprtahe l»o-fltorv lioih*s, plearardiy sltnatrd. wltn go' d loin, and il'>lr.nn ot disposing of them nn easy tents, s.»y in mouldy p »y --mints, will please address I*. U. Box 3*4 1 0, glvla; particulars. goncsponbcntc gSlautch. TXT ANTED Correspondence Uy a VV middle-aged American l»dy. with a gentleman hot less than forty-five years of nee. Onjtct, a home. Acdrya”!* W," clika.'o poM-olUe**. looarUinoi. T>OARDINQ—One larffe room, with X v closet attached and :uro single rmats, all fnr*dsh eo, with board, at 1-12 Waba-h-av.. bctwe*-n Madlton and Monroe-st*. ■DOAKDINQ—One handsome,, square XJ> front chan bn, sod ore at.gla roam, wttu Qrst ciass hoard; b'so, a tew table boarder* wanted,al 2tKI Mlchlgan-rt. BOARDING— And ft fhrnisbtvl room statable for two gentlemen, at HO Waba«h-av. IJOARDING—Two or tftrcc gentlemen, II or man and wills,can b* accommodated with good board and Orst-claa room* in private family, at 190 TliifitttV. IJOARDING—By the day or 1700(1,01 11 49 sooth Clant-st. Good board glttn. Warm and ro'n meats at ail boors, by a new proprietor JOAN JOHNSON. \ BOARDING— bcvcral gentlemen day be ardors can be st. in a private family. Rctvreccai exchanged. 1 HOARDING—Mrs. S. Ludlow would > announce that she has taken ro‘ies<dna ctth.<««| cocrenlrnt and ccmreodloos rooms -409 Utchl2»n-«t, wrere sheU prepared to aetommodstoa law gentle aen and tbelr wires, or single gentlemen atd single ladles, wh' will flea good board and a quiet home. T) CARDING—A suite of rooms, also 11 one *li ele room to If t, with board, at 193 Wa bssb-ar. References required. BOARDING —Pleasant rooms and bcatdmav he bad at jl *2 East Adams-st. Day boarders can aI?o be accommodated. TDOAKDING—A nicely famished rooGw fj to rent with board, suitable sor cenOemanjK.d wltc or two gents. Also a few day murders, As? Wabash-av. BOARDING A larcc uniumished trout room Id Crosby’s Building, S 4 and S 4» Siatr-H. Tn- attention of persons in peraanint busi ness Is solicited. BOARDING —A nicely tarnished front parionnltable for a gentlemau and wife ortwo single gents. Terms reasonable. 30 North Haistcd-at. BOARDING— Tickets can be bad at at. Clair* Stone’s, OS Randolph sL,ft» Each ttcgßtU goodfTa meals. ST. CLAIIt* STOSE. _ partners gjgaantcb. T>AKTNER—Wanted— A reliable man J wlthiscocapltalto take a half Interest la alight profiubieoSice business. App.y at 13-iDcaroom-su Boom 2. PARTNER— Wanted—To buy a onc hslf Interest in a saloon and billiard room al ready estabUsb-d atd centrally locaUdcnDea»borß st. Capital required, about f 7W. Apply at 133 Ciatk-sC, Boom 5. PARTNER—Wanted—With ?15,C000r A FSkOCOcash c 1 pifal. either silent or active, in a cotrnilsslon an« shipping hu*meß*» well es’abilshed. Adcr»s**W h G.” Thhane ofllcs. giving real name. Best ot references required and given. TDjlßTNEH—Wanted—With ?SOU, in a 1 light, urcfltable business, that cannot be excelled. Afldn* a JAMfS, care Box S 9» stating where an Inter- Tlew tr ay be had. ; pianos. b OR SALE—Grand Piano, 4L2CO. Win he sold at a rhanjed for good property. AddxesiGßAND PIANu, p O. Pox 236*. y Tpoß SALE—A seven octave, fine toned I? piano, entirely new. made hf one qnhebe* l Yorkrranulhctarert, wiHbesowataha.irxn.4w aiuhigta-ax-