Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 29, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 29, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest Despatches hy Ocean Telegraph. What A. Johnson said to the London Times Cor respondent., Progress of the Russian Ameri can Telegraph Enterprise. • A United States War Vessel Gone to Assist the Cretan Fu gitives, Health of the Empress Carlotta Entirely Restored. Correspondence between James Gordon Bennett, Jr., and Prince Alfred. FROM WASHINGTON, Teto of tlie Colorado Bill -Rea sons Assigned Therefor. i Statistics in Relation to the Gon- li>t of Important Decisions by the United States Su preme Gonrt. Interesting Correspondence Be tween Hr. Seward and Min ister Motley. m Senate- Yesterday's Progress on llic Tariff Bill. Duty on Iron Oro Reduced to Three-fourths of a Cent por Pound. Ilonsr—lntroduction of Bills Bearing upon the Cur rency Question. Mr. Sto.vcim’ Boronstnictlmi Bill Itclhrrrd lo l.ho Committee ot Fifteen. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Proceedings in the Legist lure Yesterday. Gen. Fuller’s Railroad Bil made the Sneoial Order for To-day. Sudden Illness of Governor Oglesby. FROM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TBLEGBiPH. bcssiax-american Tcrxonarn enterprise. St. Petersburg, January 27. Advices received from Behrings Straits elate that Ihe American portion of the Ruslan and American telegraph is completed, and the Straits hive been surveyed for the purpose of finding a suitable place for laying a submarine cable, rho Bntalan portion of this great enterprise, it is ex pected, will be finished by next autumn. UNITED STATES WAD VESSEL ASSISTING CRETAN ruomvzs. Constantinople, January 27. A United State? man-of-war has left the Bos phorus to take Cretan fugitives on board and transport them to Greece. A CHEEK COMMISSION TO visit the united states. London, January 23. It is reported that a Greek Commission will go to America to thank the people of the United States for their sympathy, and to ask too Govern ment to send a llect of monitors to the assistance of the Cretans. THE MIANTONOMAn AT MARSEILLES. Marseilles, January SS. The American monitor Miantonomah Is now ly ing In Ibis baroor, and is daily crowded with visitors. A. JOHNSON ANn TUT LONDON TTXlf' CORUESTOSD ENT. London, January SS. The contains a long Wasalugton let er. The writer reports a conversation held «mh the President, who spoke verv strongly, justifying himself in hla position taken on the subject of re constmction, and violently assailing Congress for usurping Judicial and Executive power. CUPPER SHU* RACE. London, January 87. 1 * Two clipper ships, the Louis Wai?h and Charlotte White, which sailed from Cattao on a race to Europe, have reached Gibraltar, having made the voyage in KM days. The {Louis Walsh won the race by only twenty-five minutes. HALT. Florence, January 2S. The Pope is Inclined to grant the ecclesiastical demands of Italy. TRANCE. Paris, January 21. Minister Blx has urged the French Government to abandon the system of searching strangers* baggage arriving in France. AUSTRIA. London, January id. Austria Is strongly Increasing bar military forces on the Turkish and Russian frontiers. STEAMER arrivals. Ijteutool, January 23. The Canard steamship China, which left Boston on the lOb, has arrived here. The steamship Hi bernia, from Portland on the 121 b, arrived last night Liverpool, January 2r, The steamship Pennsylvania, from New York, has arrived. MAXIMILIAN. Paris, January 2fi. Semi official journals deny that Maximilian will tic a candidate for the Presidency of Uexics. Avarua ajtd BwnvxßLiirn. Dinar, January 37. The Government of Austria baa made overtures to the Federal authorities, with the view ftf com* menclng negotiations (or commercial treaties be* tween the two countries. roumcoatxo both, vanauoi. Mukicu, January SB. King Maximilian Is to be married to a sister of Francis Joseph of Ansirla. UtIKATBMMAIK. Lennon, January sw. Lord Derby I* 111 Mr. Gltditotro b»» rctnmed to Kti*Umt. o» 1 1* waybomn lio p«Med through I’lrl#, anil hid »att Interview with Napolrou. The flrtsl Rasters will ull for America on the utith of March. km pokes OAtttom. Tweets, Jannsry SR. Empress Cirlotis bai completely recovered her health. connwroirptwrn mrrwum jambs oonooir in< KETT. Jit., AMD I'ltlMCE ALFRED. Correspondence la published to-day, by permls* alon, between dames Gordon Bennett, Jr., and Prince Alfied. Tbe former*! letter la dated Decem ber 81. arid ofierstothe Prince, aa a New Ycar’a gift, tbe tacbl Henrietta, aa an ackowlcdgmeot of the moat cordial reception and nnbonoded boa* pltallty by all classes in England to American yacb tin en. Tbe Prince replies, under date of January SSd, expressing the grateful appreciation, the kindly feelings, and splendid present tendered him, bat declining tbe generous oiler, trusting rhat scltbet Mr. Bennett’s gallant competitors, Dor countrymen at large, nor the yachtsmen of England, will Ices appreciate or leas reciprocate tbe feeling of good fellowship which prompted the offer, tie trusts the Henrietta will long con* Hone in the bands In which she baa accomplished eo triumphant a success. M We will do our best to find a rival to her, and I sincerely hope that such friendly rivalry may be tbe only description of contest (c which our respective countries may ever be engaged* It has given na great pleasure to offer a cordial reception to yon and your com* pinions In England. I feel assured that IT my profcea'onalduileitn command of her v*l ~iy»» tMp# a» onU ever Uieme lo roar above*. I should there meet on the part of my brother aeamen.wlth a inception not leu hearty than (hat wlich ho ha\e been tippy to afford yon here. I*l«t Porcicn markets. _ . htmroou, January J(—Hoon. Cotlon—Opened firm end ÜBchmyeL Loroo*—lfo w. Erie declined X* openlsg rite*. 43X; Illinois Central advanced X. quoted at nk; 5-30 < unchanged. Cornels advanced X. closing at jl , Losnov, January M—Rvenlsc. . Oooaola adrtnoel l-ld, closing at ttl-U; 5-JUad- Taoeed to 7S ISie. "■ ■.Tj’Kxroot, Jamtarf M—Even'B'.fl Cotton—Firmer more score at lUfd. BreadatrUi eeoeraUy doll. Mixed Western corn decllnvd to tiO UtCd.. Los no*. Jan'arris. United States 530b0r(5i have advanced 8-18. Erie declined. Other American accnrltlai unchanged. LmxrooL. January 39. Cctton market Is firmer and Quite active, R»i«« to- d»j wtd reach 10,000 bales. Prices unchanged. ' Losnok.January2B—Evening. Flve-Twß>tleacloaedat73l-l8; Erie shares dad ned IX, <jnoted at UX; lUinoli Central shares declined X, qaoudatSl. Paavsroir, January S 3. United BUtes bonds advanced x, quoted at TJX* Paata, January 33. United BUtes bonds advanced X, quoted at T6X* Uvxifool, January 28-Even!ng. Cotton closed firm at tor middling uplands. Sales to-day amounted to 12,000 biles. Breaditufli doll. ... ■ Petroleum—Sales of refined Pennsylvania to-day at' It Gd. Turpentine U quoted at Si. FROM Tf ASIIINGTOS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) QCTBBXSTIXO COnBXSPOirDEHCB. The correspondence between the State Depart ment arid Mr. Motley, relative to the letter's resig nation of the Austrian mission, called for some trine ago at Mr. Sumner’s instance, was sent In this afternoon. It was not formally laid before the Senate, bat the following is a (correct sum mary of the contents. There are but two letters, one trom Mr. Seward and one from Mr. Motley, though Mr. Seward's covers one from a person dengnaled as “an American gentleman travelling lo Europe.” It appears that this anonymous in dividual sent a letter to Mr. Seward charging gen erally that most of onr Ministers and Chief Con sals in Europe are political opponenU of the AdmtniaLiatlon; that many of them are given (o public denunciations of the President and Secretary of Stale. Tho writer imperially men tions Messrs. Marsh and Motley, saying that the latter had spoken of Mr. Seward as a degraded dd man, and had expressed a decided prefer™*** for EcclUhrn-i*—*— .* awopy ot this precious document Mr. Seward sends to Ur. Motley, and nls own letter Is only long enough to ask the Min ister, In diplomatic phrase, what be has to say abont these charges. Mr. Motley's reply Is of some length. Be begins by expressing his as tonishment that snch a letter should be sent btm by the Department, and says his first thought was to content himself with a flat denial ol the charges made by Mr. Seward's informer. Be concludes, however, to make a more detailed answer. Be does not stoop to deny the charges that he had spoken disrespectfully of the Secretary or Presi dent. Bo meets the charge relative to his exces sive (admiration of English laws and customs by saying it cannot be believed by any one who knows bim or has evcrreadclthcr bis historical or philosophical writings. The general charge that be u> opposed to the President's policy brings from blm the statement that be baa spoken of both the President and Congress un der his own roof and among bis friends, and was not aware IhatadllEen living abroad, even in official capacity, was debarred from bolding and expressing views of bis own regarding tbe great questions presented by the ovdttbrowoflhetebelllon. He thinks we should ibi'Ufli and forever prohibit all lent and political distinction* on account of race or color, and Ibis i.y Constitutional Amendment. ARcrsacbamend ment was adopted, he wonld declare a general amncilj. lie cloaca bj tendering bu reslgniUon, wilhontaasfgnlrg a cause Torso doing. It Is pro bable that tbc country will aeo sufficient catuo in •he Instil Jog letter of Mr. Peward. The corres pondence will he made public In fall to-morrow, it Is hardly necessary to add it will not Improve Cowan’s frail chances for confirmation. am. stxtxrb’ xisconsrmTcnoN bill na« sent lo tbo Committee of Flltcon this after- conn by a vote ofßSto (A. Tbo vole for referring would probably have bora stronger, that that member* disliked to go npon the record against ft: i. Ptevcns. There Is great diversity of opinion smofig racrolHjrs as to tho moaning of the vote, ivn analysis of tbs vote shows lhal all who voted -against referring are Uopnbllcins. nnd that the nfflrmat.vo vole was made tip of forty Democrats snU Citiifcrvalivcs, and forty-eight Republican*, as follows: Ashley, ofNtva* Farqnltar, Morshead, da, Ferry. Moulton, Maker, (Jaiflnld. I'atierson, Mtnks, ffrlawold, Plants, Mmirham, Hate, Pomeroy, Maine, Mawkina, Raymond. Hurkland, Horner, Mice,of Mass., Munrty, Hill. Rice, of Me., (’oiisilng. Hooper. hebenek, Darling, Intrvrsoll, HpanhHng, Daves, Jencka, VanUorne, Defrecs, Keirbam, Waiblmrne.lnd., Delano, Lafltn, Washburn, of D>mmg, lAWrenee,ofPa.| Hasi,,T Dodge, Marvin, Welker, Kegic.«ion, McKee, WoodbHdge. Faiuawortb, Tlie lleconstrnctlon Committee U nnderatood to he divided as follows lu regard to the Stevens or any similar bill establishing new govern meats In the South: For eneb bll',8; against, fl, Ot •he latter are Dlngqam, Conklltur, Harris and Rogers. Johnson and the other two not known. srs-coxxnrru ok ran EEvxntrx. Tbc Ways and Means Committee has qeen dl vlded into sob-committees to consider special articles on which change in rate of Internal Revenue dn»y is proposed.Al lieon is at the head of (hat on whl-kev. The Committee was In session this morning. It Is not probable there will be any change in the wbisaey tax. cmmcRCT quxsnox. The Committee U slUl in a majority against any interference with the prc.qnt rate, '•'*?* —** r> . _ r „» nation in the lloase »ii« after noon, woa noricahie, because he took strong ground that this Congress ought to Inquire whether the President stood In the way of the du<* execution of the laws. and to remove him, if it is lonnd .hat he does. VETO or TUX NEBRASKA BILL. 1 understand that the veto of 'be Nebraska Bl was being prepared al the White Boise ycate day. The Presidents ten days on the bill wi not eiplie till to-morrow. TUB RIDEL ELEMENT AT THE SOUTH. Prominent Generals here represent the rebel ti med of (be South as growing cry defiant since be announcement of the Snprcms Court de cision. THE IMPEACHMENT QUESTION. The debate in the House thin morning on Loan's impeachment resolutions indicated that the preposition for a special committee will he de feated when it comes to a vote, being entirely sat isfied that the Judiciary Committee Is competent to make tho proper investigations. COLD SALE INVESTIGATION. The charge (bat the Treasury, or ttab-Treasnry at New York, has been loaning gold, was under farther Investigation to-day hya committee of the House. The charge will probably tall to tho ground. BEOlFTirr OT VOTERS IN THE DISTRICT. The Georgetown officials are revising and cor recting the rcgisLay of voters made last week. They will probably open It in ten days for addi tions. They refuse to give a number of negroes registry. UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT. In the Supreme Court to-day a decision was ren dered in the liquor and lottery cases. Tho United Mates vs. Vasear; same vs. Croft, irom New Tor*; same vs. Greene, and four other cases from New Jersey: and same vs.Swair.e, from Massachu setts Chief Justice Chase road the opinion of the Court In these cues, holding that neither a license under the act of ISTJ, nor a special license nnner tne act of ISCfI. confers upon Ibc party licenced, or who pays the tax, exemption from the laws of a Mate. There Is no conflict of law in the premises, the act of Congress? provid ing (or the taxation of a business not being incon- sisunt with the right of a State to tax and regu late each business, earned on within Ita limits . Hence, parties, as in the State of New York, in one case, claiming the right to sell lottery tickets, contrary to the laws of the Slate, by virtue of a license Irom the Federal Government, and parties claiming the right to sell, as in the other cases, without paying a Federal tax of fl 0», because the State law forbids the buxine*?, are both in error; and so In respect to parties claim ■ng the same rights In New Jersey, and parties claiming the right to scllliqaor in Massachusetts. Judgments were given accordingly, one opinion disposing of all the cases. No dissenting opinion was read. SHEEPMEN'S ATTAIRS IN NORTH CAROLINA. Colonel Romford, Acting Assistant Commis sioner of the FreedmenV Bureau at Rilclgb, re port? to Malor General Uoward, under date of January 20th, the operations of Uic Bureau in that Slate. Daring December last he states that (he more than ordinary severity of the cold season, together witn a diminished call for labor, haa caused much des- motion, and large demand# upon the Govern ment bare In consequence been made for food. Tbo Issue of rations to the destitute whiles did not commerce nntil the middle of the month, which lean© Included that to rcpnlwlj organized hosiJtals and asylums. and amounted to 233.913 fail rations. Many of the sub-districts wnere destitution prevailed had not ocen heard from at the end of the month. Inconsequence of the diffi culty of the InTCfliinlioD of case#. In some parts of the State the scarcity of employment and prevailing destllntlon hat led many of the freed people to embrace the opportunities to contract with a responsible party to goto 1 exas, Mississippi. Arkansas and Ten nessee. Pome time ago orders were received to break op the settlements alone the coast, as rapid ly as possible without injury to the freed mm located thci*). The population of Roanoke Island has been reduced one-half since Septem ber i«ff, one hundred and fifty persons having left daring December, and more will leave as soon as transportation can be ob tained. All thcao people have found employment in the eastern counties, where they have located. This being the season when schools ate mod prosperous. Colonel Uomford reports favorable progress in the work of education. On .lie Usl of December there were in operation its ■chords, with Irt tsachrrs, and 0.911 pupils, Since transfritlng to U>e civil courts the auinoillj for merly held by ihc iintcau. no arrests have been made by Its officers, and but a nr uses of a criminal chatter lave rnme under lh« lr notice, all of which are re* i«nml to the proper tribunals. During the month itwre were under treatment In the various hospi tals In the ntaia t.OHI persons. Of this number inure wi-rr&t&dlscliaigwl, and 33 deaths, leaving •MU under treatment on the 31st of December, ISI peinins. At Charlotte a few cases of small pox appeaud. hut all an* now convalescent. XJL»n OFFICE AFFAIRE. The Commissioner General of the land Office Ms lust coroplet«-d the examination of the lUlsorEe lectlooa preliminary to vesting llllet to Michigan, amounting u> 2fio,ou»i acre* to aid in buildingthe harbor and "hip canal at Portage lake, Renews 1 olnt, aod Mke WniK-rlor, aa antboiUed by the act ol Congress,approved March 8,1863. 1/ijidon, January 38. WasnuiOTOK, January 28.—The statement made io the Senate Committee oa Agriculture byj U. Dodge. Statistician of the Agricultural Depart ment. declares that the annual consumption of unscoured wool In the Dmu-d States is alllUe more than one*lhlrd of the estimate made lathe went special revenue reports, lie make* the tots! wool supply of four years ending June SO, IS*>s. about 800,000,000 pounds, of which m0,000,n00 were produced to this conmryj279.OOU.OOJ Import* id. and an eo nival cnl of 220,00f1,UKJ introduced as manufactured woollens. It makes the actual con* sumption of the loyal Stales during the war at seven pounds ptr copitc Instead of four soda half pounds prior to the war, showing an increase of fifty-five per cent from the waste ol wear and scarcity of cotton. OOKTHUtXD. The Senate has confirmed the nomination, of Geo. S. Hilliard, United States Attorney tor the District of Massachusetts. asotbxb nxAjroiAi. sonnes. ItlsVUevedlnwell informed dtcles that the Secretory of the Treisury favors a proposition. that is before a commltitce of Congress, to ftrn in payment to Ka ional Banks bolding compound interest notes, as pari of their leiral rcaervea. Joan certificates at a lower rate of Interest, equal lo one-half of Uidr required Joan, which reserve Is now about faOP,t®C,COJ. These will be practically to the banks the same as legal tenders, for they can demand legal tenders (or them on ten days* nolle*. XIV FIT* CXBT core. Wabsuctob, January ta— Samples of the new five cent piece are received at the freasnry. Ap plication lor the com most be made at the mint. XtUTiUT OOXXABUEU BEXOVBD. Colonel Carrington, commanding at Port Reno. Kew Mexico, ha* been removed. The people there are said to attribute to bla inefficiency all the losses by Indian depredations. tub mrcAdatmT qummojr. Ur. I-can, of Missouri, fearing that the Judici ary CommiUee will not lake prompt action in the Impeachment matter, tried to get It re'erred to a specijl committee. Mr. Wilson, Chairman of the committee, when asked to state what progreu was made, refined to give any information on the sntlcct, but uid that it would oe made public at the proper lime. IKKXXasrE pounce. “The unconditional Union men of Bast Tennes see, at a recent meeting, endorsed the action of Governor Browulow, and instructed delegates lo vole for Ms re-nomlnation In the btate Convention, on the 22d of February. In case be declined, (be d* legates were directed to vote for Colonel Stokes, and Bon. It. Bailer was named*o succeed Colonel Stokes In < ongress In case the latter was nomi nated lor Governor.” in. Aixißoa'srncaHcx box. The New York 7 Hbun*'* special says: “Mr. Allison’s proposition to Usne fifty million of three per cent notes, lo take the place of the compound Interest notes which are tedeemable the present rear, meets wlih considerable opposition In the wavs and Means Committee. The Wends of the measure desire to get l r . onto! the committee, ss they behove It will pass the Bouse.” WssnnrcTOK, January 28.—A uTitfce oo'Baii& and Currency, tn regard to the Rank Dill. Those gentlemen are decidedly op posed to Kandalfa Sinking Fund Bill. Kew York, January 23.—The Herald's Wash ington coircapondent says: “A bill has been trained tor Introduction in the House of Reore sciitatma. providing lor the appointment of Gen eral Gram to be Acting President in case ot the Impeachment or removal of Johnson.” The Con.mercu.Pt Washlng’on special despatch says: “The Jltpubllcan pronounces tho alloyed Radical plot to depose the President and confer Executive power open General Grant during the Interval ol impeachment a stock Jobbing canard to Influence the Kew York stock market.” liEKtBAL TOOJtAfI OM 60UTHZUH BOcrm. General Hioioi* b>t ts.'li&ed before the Con* stcs«iodbl Committee appointed 'o investigate the Mmlh Carolina murders. General Thomas testi fied Hat in the military department under hU contrast (1, outrages arc cotrnutted upon freedmen by white men, who are not naulshnd, and there ts no prospect lot Justice for tue blacks belore the CoutU. When asked what remedy he woo’d pro* pose, he replied a snpervulonary military power. TUB MUOUU SUIT COXAL BILL. There 5a do authority fur the statement that the PiHdeiit would reto the Niagara Ship Canal Dill. He has never expressed himself against the pro* poefd measure. arrAina nr Tins cunuawcT Bimaau. The It, realisation ol affitlr* in tbo Currency Ba* ran will be concluded to-ulubl. Ho Tar no wil ful ciror baa been tound. Twoaheeta out of oi-o parkact* ol cnnci cy ate m Wit ?, but tb«y may Ict ho accoonted for. No duplicate bond* vrerc olrcovcrcd. Tbe old discrepancy of SW,OOO In fractional cnrroncy rcloina baa not been account ed for. TAUtrr |niu* The final vote In (fan Senate on the Tariff Dill will probably bo taken to-morrow. IftlU Vi Ilia VVUWMVV WIMM. WAsniKoroK, January Sd.—the President this afternoon returned to tbo Senate, with his objec tions, the Mil for tbc aamUslon of Colorado, lie vetoes tboblll on the ground that tbe population Is only t ft,too, as appears by tbo census, nod which Is less than that of any oilier Plate which has heretofore ashed to bu admitted, Also, on grounds oi evident Incongruity of legislation of the Territory and that of Congress on th-t subject of the Sd section, namely, tbo conditions prece dent of admission, allowing voles regardless of color or distinction, ami third, as the Legislature proposed carrying out the provisions of Ibo bill, the term* o! tbe half or the members of ihn Territorial legislature having oip'tod on the Cd Inst Tbo ITesldet.l sskn tbbl the question bo suhml lod to a decision of the pcoplr.imt says that, within Ihn sixty days specified, It will he Imposstble in roach certain portions of the Territory owing to certain (distinction- to travel, and says a Plate applying fur nilni'sulon should have a popuUMon of at I'-art the ratio of a Federal represent Ulon. Tlitso are tbo i rlnclpal reasons for (he v.'tn. The Nebraska veto will he sent Id to-morrow. TUtM’iMNIUS. Mr. Mcfllnnls, whoso nomination as Minister to btockboim was rejected on Hatnrday. sailed for hladevitnatlon a week ago, thinking bis confirm ation was sore. COHGUESBIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Mr. WADE presented the petition of clMacoe for a removal of ihe Capital nearer tbe centre of population than Washington. Referred. Mr. BOWS presented a petition of tbe dtlaens of Wisconsin, asking Congress to purchase tbe library of Peter Force, of ibis city, for an addi tion to the Congressional Library. Mr. Howe said bo believed the Library Committee would soon report a bill to that effect. Resolution re ferred. Mr. HENDRICKS presented a petition from tbe SnptnnUmdcnta of Public Instrnctlon of Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Vermont, for tbc establishment uf o Du, can of filUCflllOD. SOTefTCd. Mr. Wll bON, from the Military Committee, re ported a hill recently introduced pyhim to abolish and prohibit peonage in the Territories of the United States. Ordered printed. Anlll-i-??* 0 * compeUln^cvcr^; B .f) Rf^r ilfiSHTo send a cony of the same to tne Congres sional Llbi ary, and directing Postmasters to for* ward the same free. A resolution hub passed calling on the President to inform the Senate how ottvn Governors. Judge; and Secretaries of all Territories have heen ab sent since appointment, by whom their absence has been permitted, and expenses to and from Washington paid, etc A Joint resolution passed to pay William S. * Nelson |l,CUO(orscmcealnrccmUlnglorUic Uni ted States at my in East Tennessee. Mr. POLAND gave notice that when the one inm atuer dtnrni tn (he Constitution came up. be should move to amend by extending inc term to six 3 ears. He was In favor of restricting the ser* vkc as President to one term, but believed U oncl t to be for six years. Mr. lItUUBDLL called up the act giving to . United Stales Judges power to grant writs of habeas corpus In all cases where any person may he restrained of liberty In violation of the Con* stitntton, or any treaty or law of the United States. The bill war- verbally amended and passed, and goes to the Bouse for concurrence. Mr. POLAND introduced a hill to amend the National Currency Act, by allowing shares of National Banklcg Associations (o be taxed by State authorities. Deferred. The llonse bill providing for the punishment of couoteifellmg, buying, selling or receiving as genuine any counterfeit note or obligation of the United Mates, prohibiting the Issue of busi ness cards In likeness of the same, and provid ing a punishment for embezzling any tool or in.tinmeni In making bonds. Passed without amendment. The Tariff BUI was taken up. The duty on iron ore was reduced to three fouuhs of one per cent. The duty on hay ram was fixed at 91.50 per ealten. The words “or other g-alns not herein other « Uc provided for" were inserted in the paragraph nm osing aunty of fifteen percent on flour, meal, idlings andniill feed of wheat, rye or oat;, (:.&> l«r bushel. The Presldcnt'sPrivate Secretary announced the return ot ibc bill lo adult Colorado, with the oh- J ctlot.sot the President. 1 he Tariff Bill was resumed. The duty on raws was increased about twenty five per cent, as cross-cut saws fifteen cents in- Mesa of twelve, and others proportionately. T be dmy on bunting was fixed at flity cents per pound, or thirty per cent c d talorum. The duty on all cotton hosiery, whether knitted, made In frames, or by band, was fixed at 10 cents per pound and -10 per cent act e oiorem. Umbrellas and parasols 6 cents per doxen.and CO per cent ad talojtm, Several amendment? were rejected without ac- rion. The Senate adjourned. BOUSE, various hills were introduced. One to repeal the tax on cot'on and sugar; one providing a c r nrt for the District of Columbis and one providing for an amendment to the Constitu tion. Mr. KEU-0 offered a resolution fur tho Im peachment of the President, when Ur. LOAN moved to refer to the Select Committee. An antmaled discussion took place, which bad not ended when the morning boor expired, and the resolution went over till next Monday. On motion otMr. MOHRIM, the Committee of Ways ana Means was directed to examine the con dition of the T reasury. Mr. KASSON stated that an examination was going on aiislng out of reports m circulation af io-rtiiig the printing and issuing of bonds, and that no discovery of hand* had been made. Mr. MORRILL reported a bill providing for an examination of the Treasury Department. Or dered primed. Ur. TRAoY, who bis been in custody of (he Seigeam-at-Arms as a recreant witness, was dfs charred from custody, uavlncaopeared and testi fied Wfore the Commtloo onßetrenchment. Mr. NOEL Introduced a bill abolishing al) dis qualification from voting In the District of Colum bia on arcoort of sex. A motion to refer It to a select committee was negatived, and the hill refened to the District Committee. Mr. HOss Introduced a bill in repeal the act an* ihorlaimr the redemption of legal tenders at the iaie of fitW.fW per month. Referred. Mr. DUNDY Introduced a hill to prohibit the Secretary of the Treasury from retiring any United & talcs note# except mutilated ones. Ho* of Mr. SHELLABARGSR. the Judi ciary Committer was Instructed to Inquire wheth er the act regarding the arrest and de tention of fugitives from Justice requires any amendment . . Mr. KASSON Introduced abill toprevonttbalo tUctiun ot nnnsnai potl«bment on potions con* Mclcd of crime. Referred to the Judiciary Com* "*On motion of Mr. SIUKBS, the Poatmaslcr General was iLstruclad to report the amount ne cessary to be paid to Post Office contractors in 'lcruesrco for the performance of their contracts up to the Bih of January, IMI, when the blate at* templed to seeode. Ou motion of Mr. ROBBINS, (ho Secretary of ibo Treasury was instructed to report the amount ot taxes annually paid by banking associations to it e United States and the several HUUm. Tbo House proceeded to the consideration or Vr. Steven*' Itcconsiruetlon Dill, and was ad drtssrd by Messrs. JUI.IAN, SCOFIELD and iIM I.OM. Tboformor declaredbtmsclf a/amat die bill, as be favored the Torrlto'lal theory and was in lavoi of keeping Ihe rebel States from rep* icscntailou (n Congreaa lor an Indefinite penod. Mr. STEVENS amended bla bill In seeoral par* titular*, striking ont the Ctb section, which de clared any SU»o abrogating tne provisions of the bill should thereby forielt Us representation. Mr. mevens appealed to Mr. Bingham to withdraw his motion io refer, arguing that the hill should first no printed In the Douse, and the resolution might be renewed. . , .. .. Mr. BINGRAM asked the Ilonas to decide for Itself and declined to withdraw nla motion. Mr. STEVENS said the reference of the bill would he Its death. Mr BINGHAM said he did not recognise the authority of the venerable gentlemen (Stevens) to eay so. ... Mr. STEVENS reminded Mr. Bingham that he bad not asked hie authority. He did not propose either to take his counsel, recognize his authority, or believe a word he said. The SPEAKER. The remarks of the gentleman from Pennsylvania are ont of oroer. Alter considerable discussion the House came to a vote to refer the bill and It was so referred— Wto 66. The Democrats all voted m the affirma tive. Adjourned, WOOL STATISTICS. &)icnoo YOL. XX. tub jrrw bake bill. OCJCtUAt OB AST FOB rOBSIDEXT. vrro or Tits copoiudo bill. WaairmoTov, January *3. SENATE. Kansas Items. Tores a. Kansas, January ®.—Nothing of gen eral importance was done in the Legislature to ds v. Colonel Wynkoop, agent for the Cheyenne In dlan-, jnat In fiom Fort lamed, repori* Urn iudl an* quiet on the Smnkv Hill and Arkansas river*, and apprehends no difficulty from those quarters. FBOtf SPAIN6HELP. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) SrKoronzLS, IU., January 23. nuns or ootciob ogixbbt. Governor Oglesby was Uken suddenly ill ot s late boor last evening, acd has been confined to bis bed daring the whole day. There is little or no improvement In his condition tba evening. FxnsonjLL. The venerable John Dixon, of Dixon, nowkn his elghty-tecond year. Is seriously 111 with typhoid fever at the Revere Bouse. Mr. Dixon came to this city some two weeks elnce on business of importance, and when about ready to retain to fats home, was atUcked with his present disease. Mr. D. was the pioneer set tler ot Dlxoo, and in fact, or almost the emtre Rock River Valley. When be first located there, more than forty years ago, there was not another white inhabitant within filly mliea of his cabin. Be was tn familiar rela tion with Black Bawk and his tribe, and by them was known as “Nachuaa.” The venerable Pio neer Is receiving the most devoted care and attention from a number of citizens of Dixon. HJs attending physician la the venerable Doctor Jayne, the father of Mrs. Senator Trumbull, who filled the same place in Mr. Dixon's family forty years ago. .Considera ble anxiety la felt In the result of hts Illness, hot all hope that oo may recover. THE OASAZ. BHX. Tie commute. OB It is now regarded as perfect In all its parte, acd will be reported 10-morrow. Confidence In its final passage grows stronger every day. It passed the Joint Committee without a dissenting voice. a onosr. The ghost of ‘.be old two per cent Internal Im provement Fond made Us appearance In the Senate to-dar, in the shape of a resolu tion from ote of the Senators to print 2,000 copies of Base K. Morris' venerable and famous report upon the subject. After dUcnselon, the rooortwas committed lo the Committee on Print ing, whore it will sleep for another two years at least, and, I trust, until the crack of doom. XaBTBAB’fI WAUBIIODSX BILE. In the Senate, Mr. Eastman, from the Commit lee on Railroads, reported back, with some amendments, his Warehouse BUI, with the re* commendation of tho Committee that It be pass* cd. it la now on tts third rending. The most Important amendment was made as ,a concession tu the country members—it oxcmuls from the provisions of the act alt warehouses in any town or city wbrreln the aggregate storage crpaclty for giafn docs exceed one million bush el-. The other most Important amendment reduc es ILc amounted the bond uc per bushel. Ur. McChesney baa taken Mr. Randolph's place In the lobby on the side of the elevator monopo lists. It ts hardly possible that bo will be able to prevent the passage of the bill ssttnow stands. Tux VnißUKt has so often and so thoroughly ex posed the cubages of the gram stealers and eleva tor monopolists, that nearly every member ol both houses Is prepared to vote for this stringent bat fair measure, «n, return's xoßTmrxsTxiur bailboao bill. Mr. Fuller this morning called up a bill intro duced by himself, nominally to prevent tbo Chi cago* North Weslcro Railroad from taking up a portion of their track near UoUldero; bat In a clause repealing a bill of tbo last session confirm- Idg lbs consolidation ol (he read. After a tong debate, In which the bill did not gain ground, Mr. Fuller admitted that bo thought tbo consolidation was legal, but objected to the legis lation of last session for tbo reason that U affected tbr contested questions then pending In Hr Contis. Tills admission settled the fate of bis litll, which was by sending U back to the Com mittee on Railroads, with Instructions for a new bill tn which tbo anu-conxotidstlon clause should he leftoal. Tits üßoonntn's court op oiiioauo. The blit to abolish the Recorder's Conrt In Chi cago will probably go through both homos of tbo tirnertl Assembly bv a decided vote. lam out fairly potted on (be onil'c merits ol this ques tion, but 1 find lhal about all tho respectable law yers from Chicago now bore, Insist that the Conrt as now constructed Is a stench m the noftrlU of the bar of Chicago, and that R should bo at once abated. They assert (bat It Is conducted simply for tbe benefit ot K. Vaußuren £ bon. and Hut no.tber law, justice nor equity has an abiding place within Ita bar. It Is said that tbe tinpnrme Court, in addition to present bnalueas, with Us three Judges, la every way competent and able to carry through all tbe business which has heretofore been done by tbe Recorder’s Conrt. and wbkh hereafter may come before that tri bunal. and In a ftr more satisfactory manner. Can. O’Hara, Clerk of the Recorder’s Court, the correspondent of tho Chicago 7\m*a, and a few other Democratic disciples, arc me principle champions of the Recorder's Court now here. I can hardly blame them for wishing to save toe In stitution. Iti* • m, J uola tbo Democratic p«uy nave upon the spoils in Cook County, and if this slips from their teeth then all Is lost. iTHZ RAILTOAD TATUTF QUESTION. was discussed u> the house again 00-day bat «o vote taken. The RallroadCommlttee have report* ed several charters, bat they have, I believe, in every instance, been recommitted to the Commit* tee with instructions to attach the usual rale in relation to freight and passengers. I understand that the Committee have fina’lr determined to repost more charters until alter a general bill, similar to that Introduced by General Fuller to the Senate this morning, shall have been reported snd acted open an i that such a hill will be their guide for fntnro operations. GXNXBAL rUtXXn'S BILL. which I have sent yon, will cotnonp fiJr debate, and. piobahty, action, to-morrow. THE MABntAOE LICENCE BILL General Salonun and Cla»k, of Cook Comity, now here, say be Is ooposed to tho proposed in creased price of marriage licenses, and in the bill which Is to be offered for that purpose, be In sists that Cook County shall he left out. Be re gards one dollar as abundant pay for a marriage license, and in this I am with him. COMMITTEE BUSINESS. The Uonschad no afternoon session to-day, the members being all busy In the committee rooms, the Committees have prepared a large amount of work for tho two houses, and to-morrow they will go at It with a will. THE INDUSTRIAL COLLEGE QUESTION seems to have boon struck with a dead lethargy for the past two or three days. The subject baa scarcely heen mentioned cither in the Legis lative lobby! or hotel circles. several of the champion; from different localities went home to spend the Sabbath, and perhaps In crease the valuation, If not the value of the offers. Agitation wiil probably he renewed with la created vigor in a few days. STATE LEGISLATURE?. ILLINOIS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribute.] SrntNanxLD, January 28. BOUSE. A MOVING PETITION. A number of petitions were read, the principal among which was one from the Graud Jurors of the United Slates Coon of the Sontncrn District of Illinois, la which the petitioners set forth that they were hot illy recompensed for their valuable services, that their pay was low and expenses were high, and they requested that they ha given one pen knife not to exceed tho value of SSOO, one gold pen, one sett of jewelry for each of their wives, fifty copica of the dally papers, or thdr equivalent in moucr, $75 worth of station ery, *s*' in money to defray expenses in visiting the I’ebitcntiary, and free passes over all the rail roads In the Slate. On motion of Mr. WAKEMAN. referred lojlhe committee on Swamp and Overflowed Lands. WOT TABS ZD. The standing committees reported for engross* mentor rejection quite a number of bills, none of which were brought to final paaa>ge. BISOLimoKS IXTBODUCXD. The Special Comteltteo reported resolutions re* qulilng the Railroad Committee to Incorporate a clause in all bills in their hands requiring the railroad corporations to be subject to the control ol the General Assembly. Tabled. The resolution that the State aid in the com* plcllon of the Navy Yard at Mound Cl'y. on which the United States has already expended JIOJ.UOO, was adopted. Mr. TAYLOR offered a resolntlsn calling on the General Government to pot down Mormouism. Iteftarred to the Committee on Federal Delations. A resolution was adopted giving one bound file of one of the official papers to members at the close of the session. nmioDccnoK or *xw btus. Mr. GRIGGS moved that on the Introduction of bills, each member. Instead of being confined to three, have the privilege of putting to all no bad. Adopted. S ALA BIBS or COCWTT JOTMU. Tbo bill tegolaliog the oompenaatlon of County Judges, which was laid ovir on Saturday, was now tak<n up. oUcotaed at length, and recommit* led to the Judiciary Committee. Biur PAMXD. The bill to incorporate the Chicago Astronomical Society, laid over on Saturday, was taken op and passed. The following bills were read a third time and passed: Io amend (bo act of Incorporation of Freeport; to Incorporate German Mason and Drlrklayrta' Society of Chicago; to enable qulney to provide public grounds: to Incorporate hhelbyvllle Hemic-try: to amend Ibo act anthnnx* log the Supervise! ■of Kendall County to borrow money: to author!'r the building of a dam across Fox ulver In Kendall County: to anihorUs the Soperviaora to aid Lake County Soldiers* Monu ment Association; to incorporate the Waukegan Hotel Company; to legalize the tax in Kankakee; to amend charter of Kankakee; to cede to the Uiill< d Stalls jurisdiction of islands in Dock la landCoonty; to authorize Stark County Soper* visors to sen Toulon Female Seminary: to eauh Ilsh a ferry over the Wabash in Crawford County rABSoaa oraxtzd nemno two teaks. Ibr Governor sent m s report of tne persona rartloned by him daring the pa«t two years, their names, offences, and why pardoned. ] A jirw hailhoab cuahtxb. Among the bills called up was one to Incorpo* rate tbeVmcenties and lUllrosd Company, uhe cueition was asked If this charier contained the proposed clause subjecting the company to legislative control? Tbe answer was to the nega tive A motion was then made to re-com mit* the bill to the Committee oa Railroads, . and on ibis alone and warm discussion sprang un. General Payne made a very able speech in support of the recommitment for the purpose, as did alto Ur. Wakeman. while Messrs. Bowyor, Tnler Alexander. Hanna, and some otheemem* here opposed it* At length a motion to adjourn until to-morrow at nine a. m. prevailed, and the OXXKBAX. rULLXa’s SAXLRtIAB BILL, Ur. Fuller obtained leave to introduce a bill coicetPlng Railroad rates and the consolidation of Hsllroed", Corporations, and weighting of grain by CotporaUons, The roles were (upended CHICAGO, TUESDAY, JANUARY 29. 1867. ud It «u nidetbe iptthl orttrf«t.‘3iJ - Kiw at 10 o'clock a. m. DID HOT PO XT. Hr. FORTrose to a question of prtvfleg s. Be bad been reported la the pres* as having Intro duced a bill to remove the Coosty Seat from Woodford County. He did mot Introduce the bill. Hr. BUSI3NBLL aald be lotrodaced It. zasmufswaßxnooswßXLL. Hr. EASTMAN, from the Co men dee on Sail roadr. reported back bis warebocse.olll, with a substitute, and recommended Its passage. Tha substitute la Baal man’s bill with a few amend* me ntr. Ordered to a third readme. THJt BOX TO EXTXJVD THB POWKDS OF TBS XOBTU waaratm ua micas. W . Will • L —— .m.jlm " HifiiU Bi lIiHWW The bill to amend the* act extending tbs power of tbe Chicago A Northwestern Railroad, came on, when Mr. HACK ofibred an amendment to (be effect that Ibe Company should net be au thorised to take up any portion of the main track on either of its main or lateral tines, or branch roads This drew ont debate nv to the manner in which tbe original bill was passed through the legislature two years ago. Hr PULLEiTaaid that tbe bill was a swindle, and that he was mistaken as to Its legal eiect. He charged the authors of the bill with trying to conceal Us real meaning. Mr. EASTMAN and Hr. HACK, In defence ol the HU acd its originators, and said It was the duly of members to understand on which aide they are railed to vote. Messrs. WARD, FINCHER, PINCKNEY and COUK-S made brief remarks on the subject. Tbe bill was then recommitted to tbe Committee on Rallroace, with instructions to report a general law on the subject. the soraamt renexs. Mr. MACK Introduced a resolution to emend the Constitution, Increasing the Dumber of Su premo Judges to not exceeding ■!*. and to fix their ralary by law. Laid over. THX Bltt TO urnro mrtt to title. The amendment reads thna: * BUI fur to* tinning in office As«eseors of North, South end Wert Chicago, till afler the general election in 1F69, ar.d increasing their means of usefulness —the will of the people to the contrary notwith standing.” The bill was laid on the table until Jnlj fourth. _ liXPOBT OK TUS TWO KB CXKT rUJTO. The Preticcn* laid before tbe oenata the report of I. r. Morris oh Ihc Two Per Cent Fund, with tbe lecal opinion of Oorernor Earner accompany: Ine. A motion to pilot I,KCocorrei was lost. Re port reterrf d to Committee on Printing. A BOOK ros SCHOOL TBACUEBS. The CommltteeOD Education reported bKk a bill to purchase a volume rotten up by the Super intendent of Public Schools for distribu tion among school officer* tbronehcui the State, with araenctnenta. The booS contain* the school la*a of the State, decision# of Super intendent, and Supreme Court relative to schools. Ihe amendment makes tne price of the book tl SO. Instead of *2.uo. A lone debate ensued, Mr. WATirt making a determined fight against the bill. The book contal-a twenty-five pares of advertlsemnita. Mr. Ward was opposed to the Slate going into the artv. rtlslnr business. Mr. Ward proposed to amend by a adding a clause providing that the School Superintendent should not be directly or Indirectly Interested In the sale ofibebook. At last Sir. FORT moved to amend to by pro* tiding that no advertisement should appear in the book. Adopted. After considerable fUlibastcrlng on the bills, Mr. FORT moved the previous question, which was sustained and the bill ordered engrossed for a third reading. aPJOURKMIXT OB THE LXOtBLATUBB. Mr. REILY offered introduced resolutions pro viding lor an adjournment of the Legislature from February 20th to May 20th, and that before adjourning commlleea of both llouses bo appoint ed to visit plarcs.asUoglarge appropriations from the Legislature, and for paying told committees for tbelr labor. l-ahl over. t Mr. FORT offo’cd a resolution to furnlah mem bers Uio usual articles for desk use, a former res olution for Ibis purpose being defective. This was Introduced to legalize the action of tbo Secre tary ot Hlatc Id furnishing these articles. Refer red to Finance Committee. Mr. WOOUHUN o.Torcd a resolution making each stockholder tu bauklng associations Individ ually liable for deposits. taid over. BILLS INTUODUOKO. To refund to soldiers* widows and heirs all taxes collected from them for county purpose*, to provide for Urn erection of a now dlalo Capital; to repeal an An Act entitled “taxes of Stale* At torneys.” lo authorise taxation of bank stock holders and surplus funds of savings Nmks 5 to stneml the lorchdo entry and detainer act: to In corporate the Rock I*laud A Otlva Railway ito leaolile foreign ami other insurance companies not chartered bore, and to regulate their agents lu this htalu. Adjourned. KANflAft. (hpectal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Tomka, January W. Dullness relgna auprame attiee tbo fleoalorUl election. Tho lowa la deserted, and many mem bers are absent. In the flenato, to-day, blits pined, for a revision of the laws; to repeal the act providing for tbe redemption of real estate sold under execution, order of sale or other process; tbe act repealed allowing an equity of redemption of two years; an net to provide ’or (be service of process upon railrosi corporations; an act In relntlon lo voluntary assignments for the benefit of creditors; lo amend an act relative to tbo creation and regu lation o( Incorporated companies; to amend tbe tax law, and an act prescribing the duties, Ac., of rcpoitera of tbe Supreme Court, in tbe House tho following bill was passed: An act to amend the ostny law. . • Weather moderated- Fine sleighing, with Indi cations of more snow. INDIANA. special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnno.l Ikdiaxapous, Jana ary 33. SENATIf met at two o’clock. A message was received from Governor Baker, announcing that be bad assumed the dunes of the office, and appointed Captain John U. com. mocs Private Secretary. Several bits were reported back from the com mittees. The Commrtee on Military Affairs was direct ed to inquire into the expediency of requiring ib« Adjutant General to set as Paymaster. Hr. Kintey offered a resolution instructing the Committee on Education to report an amend ment to the School law. permuting all chrildren over six yean to attend pnbllc schools tree ot cbaige. Mr.Ovtcr opposed the mixing up of white and lOack children m school, although a black Abo- Ulonlft. Mr. Cnllcn moved to make the resolution one of : Tr'.7,. n n. moved to lay the resolution and am ndmentonthe table, and called for the ayes endnote. A division was demanded, and the vote on lay ing ire resolniion on the table was lost—lt to 81, ard the amendment adopted—93 to 9. The Commit e« on Education was instructed to lcqn : re into the expediency of amending the School Law to require physiology, the Constitu tion ot the State and Culled Stales to be taught in the pnbllc schools. A bill was Introduced to amend the School Ltw to include negroes In the assess, ment of the school tax and provide for the educa tion cf negro children. Eighteen new bills were Introduced. A large number ot bills on second reading, Ac., ordered engrossed. Tie bill to increase tho fees of officers was laid on the table. . . . In the Bouse no business of general interest was transacted. Twenty new hills were Intro duced, making 157 in the Rouse alone since the commencement ot the scs-ion. Bills were reported back from committees and disposed of. and blUs on second reading were appropriately referred. The important hills of the session have not yet been mentioned. LOUISIANA. New OntXAXS, January 23.—The Leglslalure

met this morning. The message of the the Governor was read and ordered printed. A committee of seven was appointed by the Dome to revise the Constitution. FROM ST. LOUIS. Qurnlim of Adopting the Cental Sym icm—Proposed Extension of the Kan sas City Ball road—Heavy Transac tion* of an Insane Negro—lndian Delegation—Another Snow Storm- State of the Mississippi. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Lons, January 23. The question of the adoption of the cental sys tem has been referred to a popular vote of the Union Merchants* Exchange on Wednesday next. The extension of the Kansas City & Cameron Railroad to ihe lowa line enlists general support. The counties along the route, Davies and Har rison Counties, have subscribed 1350,000, and In dividual subscriptions arc obtained amounting to 125,000 more. Inis is another feeder to Chicago. It Is understood that Boston capital is building the Kansas City bridge. A shrewd negro, named Williams, who lately humbugged a steamer proprietor into selling him steamers, representing bis great wealth, has im posed npon the merchant* to-day. numerously purchasing large hills, but leaving the goods In the merchants’ hands till paid for. Williams la supposed to be ertay. _ . . A delegation of Indians from Kansas and Ne braska passed through here yesterday en routs to Washington. , ~ Another snow storm commenced here this after i noon, tailing to the depth of many Inches, and Is I still continuing. . . , The river Is nearly blockaded by Ice. though I the water has risen three feet since Saturday. FROM MADISOS. Ilaltrond Travel Rawmcd-LrataUUve —Brevet rmnnilHloni to WUeomrtn Soldier*— Fire. IfipccUl Despatch to the Chicago Trlbtrne.l Madibor. January S 3, blatters have been qolct hero to-day. The rail* road* tre all ncbL The country road* are re opened and trade acd travel arc rommed- The UjrlalaiUe committee* to visit lb« ttuie in •titnUons will be absent thte week, and It la not expected much 01 Importance mil bo done. TbpOoTetnor has Issued the loliowljut brovcl Cormtb: Jolora Hlchanfs, Company B. Seventh, for distinguished caH«itftal Oetmburc; Nelson Jobnion*.Hnceant NtaJor FUleautn. for con*nlci. no* bravery at rbkkamaffo*: M. Bep. Dixon, Coropsny I). Fllieenih, conspicuous gallantry at I thebatueot Ueorjnlle. _ .. t m . M A email frame homo on the Fourth Lave Rldre. or copied by a family named Jonee.rr** burned lastnß.bC Loss abootelx haudred dollars. FROM NASHVILLE. lautm tu the KclrtMure-Dnlon Can. (Special Despatch to U>« Chicago Tribune.] jJaairmix, Term., January 43. No business of ttnporunce wss irsnssctcd In either braccn of tbo Leglslsture to-dey. To-mor row. there will bo tome music. General Smith will Introduce the Honee nrllcles of Impeachment custom Judge Thomas H. Fraalor, who It win bo remembered, vlola’ed the privileges of the Honee lest summer be releasing from its custody two of Itf Members who bed Joined in n plot to break up the LeuUUtnie, so as to prevent Its raUlirtiig the nnmiitsttoDal Amendment. PatoSof Union men m held In the b±-,. chamber to-night. Governor Browalow, uwall as Mr. Arnelk were present. The best ol Esllnc prevailed- Judge Houck and other* made infVrrir* impartial action was determined opon. Inirnffertnce to the suflrage question and other matter*, and ot this result the trisndaot freedom atio utu<e Onion may rest assured, ninmely: 11.. In* wrrd a lure. In a week or two, disappears en tirely from the ConadtctloQ of Tennessee. FROM ST. PAUL. Church Burned—Proposed Zteglalatire Tblt-Tbe hew Vim Murderer* Dla* charged, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} St. Pan, Janaary as, - Christ Church. Episcopal, took flreabont half past eight yesterday morning irom the furnace pipes, and »be inside of the church was totaTy destroyed by Are. The van Is standing in good order. It was a new building, service having been held there bat two Sabbaths. Ins tired for £IS.COQ, which It U thought will cover the loss. The Legislature accented an invitation to-day to Tbit Faribault next week and witness the lay lair of the comer stone of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum. The New TJlm murderers have all been dis charged on being admitted to hail by the examin ing Justice- The matter win not end here. • FROM FRANKFORT, ET. Deatli of (He Father of Senator Gratz Broam—important Decision in Be* caul to the Stamp Aet-BaUetinsa for - Vnlted btatcaScßator. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribase.] Fnawxyonr, Kentucky, Janaary 23. Judge Mason Brown, father oC Gratz Brown. Fcrator from Hissouri. died ou Sunday at one o'clock p. m, aged eeventv TAM^a l - _- - • *'jne Court of Appeals has made an important de dtlon In regard to tbe Stamp Act. Tho Court re cognizes the right of the Gcoeral Government to raise a revenue by means of stamps, but denies that contracts made under State lawa are void in consequence of the instrument ol the contract not having betn properly stamped, yet allows that Government has tha right to inflict penaHes for violation of taws of Congress. Tha decision says there can be no Implied power m Congress to im pair the legal obligation In contracts made to a Stale according to her laws. Tbe Legislature balloted in joint sesrion to day for United States Settlor without result. Repels, Conservatives and Radicals are all deter mlnvd to make no sacrifice of principle. FROM CAIRO. Petition for the Pauasc of a metropolis tau Police BUI. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Caibo, 111., January 23. A petition, numerously signed by prominent citizens and propetty holder* In the city, praying for (he passage of the Metropolitan Police Bill tor the city of Cairo, now pending before the Legts- iatnre, os essential lo the maintenance of order and protection of person and property, has been forwarded lo Governor Ogiesbr, at Springfield. It it hoped the bill may pass, notwithstanding the efforts of the present city government to accom plish its defeat. In order that it may continue to tun the machine as Lecetofoic. FROM. KEOKUK Ice Gorge In tbe nUsslsalppl—Coldest Weather of the Henson. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Keokuk, lowa, January S 3. Tbe river, fur the first time this winter, Is gorged with ice. Passengers cross at Warsaw, five mites below. This is tbo coldest day ol tbe season, Mercury at aunrUo ten degrees below. MEXICO* The Whole of (hr French Contingent now at Vera Cruz— Departure of a Transport loaded with Troops—Ad dress <ifa Traitorous liberal General —lie Declares that Oar Government will Occupy llls<*ouulry and Eater mluala cue fflexlcaii Race. N*w OntfAwe. January 2H.—Vrrs Crn* sdvtcrs lo tbe SSd Instant, Inst rmivrd, slats that a French transport hart Wt with a heavy detachment cf infantry lor France. Others would Immediate ly follow. The whole French force In Mexico had arrived at Vera Crux, en ronfo lor France. Additional transports were dolly expected. Ihe French Connui In Mexico haa published a notice advising all reatdenla lo the country who (Wire lo leave with (be expeditionary forcea, that they can have free paiaage homo. A party of mju accordingly left. Maximilian bad permitted a kind of truea of war trade between Jalaps ard Vera Crus. Tbe Liberals were tearing np the Imperial Mex ican railroads. A movement of much importance lithe defec tion of one General Carlllo, who commands at btlillo. and who bad U*ord the following to hi* soldiers: “You have altesdyseen the conduct of your so-called protector in Malamoraa. Yon sJrt adv know that tbo flag of the States baa floated lu tun port, and that It was occupied by United States torcea after they had covtred tho ground with innumerable cotpsea of our countrymen. Ihey wlsh the extinction of our race, and here a'tcrtooccnpyour country. Tbo North, onreon iiant enemy, desires under a plausible pretext to pouch ate into it never to abandon it. FROM KEW Tonit. Colorado Specimens fertile Paris Expo sition—Suicide—Drawing of the Lotte* 17 In Aid of the Union Homo for Sol* dler»* and Sailors’ Orphan**—Enforce ment of the Excise Law—Spirit of the New York Press. New Tomt, January 23.— The Colorado sped mens for the Pari* Exposition have arrived am* will be placed on exhibition a week before leaving on the steamer, February sth. W. A. Kamsro, Fnpennlendcnt ot the Empire Woollen Woiks, Brooklyn, committed suicide this p. m., by banging. New Youk, January 23.—The lottery In aid o! the Onion Dome and bchool for Orphans nf Sol diers and Sailors, was drawn to-day. The draw lug was soperlntended by General Van YUct Among the prizes was one of *IO,OOO in green backs, and several houses and lo«s. A large earn of mooey was secured by the scheme. NewTopk. January 23.— The Excise Law was again rigorously enimced yesterday, and the Sabbath passed off qoietly and soberly, there nclcc but few arrests. A large meeting of Influential German citizens was held at Cooper iLSiltnie last night, favoring tin.* st let enforcement of tho Jaw. Resolutions appropriate were adopted, Imn A. Benson, lonnerly Master-at-Anns on (be United States gunboat Cayuga, committed tnlcidc by shooting himself through the head yesterday. In the hack yard of aboiHing house at No. 50 Ham street, Brooklyn, Depression consequent upon the death of bis wife and loss of employment since his discharge from the navy was the cause. The steamer R. R. Cnyler. the fastest propeller In the merchant marine of this country, was sold on Saturday to the Colomhlan(S A.) Government. Shew being equipped os a war vessel, and la re ceiving a battery aboard. It appears that Read Centre Stephens baa not yet sailed for Europe. __ New Youk, January 25.-Thc Iribvne to-diy indorses Ashley's statement that the Democratic psrty have been disloyal, and rebukes Speaker Colfax for hia mealy-mouthed censure of Mr. The World argues that Ihe Southern blacks are row worse off for being free It says: “Free dom means to starve and see their families starve wllhlhem.” . . The Times eays Congress intends to act aside the amendment because (he South refuses com pliance in regard to Southern State orcan>xatioifa, and favors reconstruction on tho Territorial prin ciple ; prophesies reconstruction will not be set tled nntil the new Congress. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Floating Mills Burned—Failure of a Sandwich Island Firm—Leprosy— Flglit with the Indians—Mexicans Fear the Colonization of Lower Call* fornla—Montana and Utah Items. Saw Fuakcisco, January 9S.—The “Granite” flouring mills of Messrs. Folsom, one of the largest establishments In California, was destroy ed by fire on Saturday night, Da f es ot January I2tb, from tho Sandwich Is lands, have arrived. Walker, Allen & Co., had filled. The event cast a gloom over the entire community. leprosy prevailed to a fearful extent In the Island ofMalakat. . , , „ Thomas F. Wilson had taken charge of the Con sulate, there bring no Consol there. A telegram from Idaho says that General Crook bsdretnrnedto Camp Lyon with 100 prfaoners and 30 horses captured. The number killed is not statco. It is understood to be large. Crook expect* a big flgbt soon. The steamer Continental, from Hazatian,brings sli9.W) in treasure. . _ _„.. , Fax Fbawcisco, 3Jan nary B.—The Su'UlWs Gnaymas, Mexico, corre«po> dent says intriguing ts going on to prevent the location of the grant made by Juarez to the American company npon the vacant lands of lower California, the Mexi cans tearing that annexation will follow colonies d(The ship Reynard, for New York, has sailed. Choice Santa Clara wheat, sl.Boper 100 Bis. Flour—Extra, *6.00; superfine, *5.50. Ft. Loris, January 23.—Advlcts from Montana say that the desperadoes ot that Territory have again become so bold as to call out from the old ♦» Regulators ” n notice that the reorganisation of the company has become necessary, and hereafter all ofleadere will be summarily dealt wuh. The Ball lake Vidstte contradict* lu report of the murder by Indians of a party of new miners who were out prospecting. They bate returned to tho settlement* and report that rich deposits of gold have been discovered by them. FROM TEXAS. Horrible Ontracn t7pon Vnlonlata t’nton Cavalry Ifrlven Unck by llrbele. Nxw Yonu, January tB.-The UtraUTi New Orleans special saya s "Dowio Conntv, Texas,ls In revolt- captain Tremble, late of an Illinois rrrlroent, a planter there, waa recently abot, wounded and HU Hfo thnatnoed He ctma o SJrw Orleans and returned whbiwentr *2 remove bU family, lie loand Ibatbta wife and child bad been driven from borne 1010 Arkansas. The negroes on bla place were manacled and driven tnnmgb the almas cavalry* who were forced to fall back before three bnodred of tb* unreconstructed. “ Mm. Tremble died from 111 »p*tocoU »d waa builrd here yialerday. Centrals Mower* Uajch, Kbhv and many Cnlon officer* acd meroptre or the OrMd AW ol “be Kepobllc attended the funeral. Toe Captain la at the point of death, from woonda received from the chivalry. FROM. MEMPHIS. A M Word for an Exiled Tenner oe Governor—stlmbblna-i Bobberies etc. Mnrenw, January S3.—The 9^*®.^i.L--9-,°,™' mete* to-day passed a resolution Governor Hauls, now a refugee In l.ucrpoowto the confidence of the commercial world. . At the Catholic fair on Sunrfar nlrht, tho^ ewe for the most popular county ofhcial, was awamed 10 Sheriff Wliders. Tic voles , coa ' ?rU?iw each, and forty thonasndelebt bunnredend thlr tjSivolcs were cost. The canc originally coat eishty-flve dollars. , Prank Murphy.a citiren of mur dered yesterday by a drunken negro who la In Bnghner was severely slabbed on Saturday by a drunken drayman, tie was at* ti mptlcg to arrest him. BUiUb was saved by his memorandum hook. - Hiram Bkmner. of Cambridge, 0., was robbed of a gold watch tad |SOO dollars in money on the • ramer Mississippi, yesterday mordair, while ta cep In his stste-room. A committee, appointed hy the Cham ber of Commerce to teat the coustltntlonriJty of the cotton lax. reported against the teat to day,owing to the apathy of merniants and planters.- FBOTC CIKCISITATI. Bnil road Cod talon—Foot Baes-Opeiw atlc—Divorce Grunted In the Great Spcßmlre Came. Cutcnrxxn, January 88.—The Chicago'and Cin cinnati passenger train bound south, collided with awoodtrain near Stoekwcll, lad., last night. : One of the bratnocs of the passenger train was danxeronsfy hurt. Very little damage was-done '*° trains, as they were running slowly. Hone of the passengers were injured. There w at a foot race at Hetaroa. near Newark. Ohio, on Friday, between John Thomas. of New vT^J*J£ rd Uenry A. Wharton, of Hebron, tor ISW. Thence was a dasb of one hundred yards. and was won by Wbirton. The cold weather of Saturday night and to terdaybas again virtually stooped navigation, ine river Is foil of keen new made Ice. Tbe steamer Clifton departed for Hempbta on Satur day nigof. There were eighty-fire deaths In tbs city last week—acne from cbolerx. The Ftrakosch Opera Troupe open* an engage ment of «U nights at thw National Theatre this evening, with every prospect of doing a good business. Keys A Co., Third street-brokers, ikllod on Sat urday mat. Tbe banking bouse of George C. Glass A Co. made an assignment this morning. Their liabili ties are not known. A large acmberol deonimr* Murdock in planting a decree oi divorce. TEXAS. Arrival of General Johnston’* Remains at Houston—A Railroad Train with .Tlunn ers Thrown irom the Trade— A Number of Ladles Severely in jured. nocsTOH, Texas. January 2G.—General John* ston’s remains have arrived. All the baDdls?* are draped In moarnlor. Thousands o people met ihe body at the aepot and escorted it to the Fe male Seminary, where II will remain tu state nniil Monday, when It win betaken to Austin or Interment. OALTinox« January 27.—The ladies* car of the special train which conveyed Genera) Johnston's remains to Houston, was thrown off the track Mhtte rennntnr. A nnmhcr of ladies were ae vctely Injured, bat none fatally. FROM CASADA. A Canadian Officlai’a Flan for Bring* ins (he Americans to Reason—Order* for the Removal of Fenians to Kings* ton Penitentiary. Nkw .Took, January 23.—The ITtrolCs Toronto special says: “Tbo report of the Canadian Mto- Mer of customs recommend# that American ves sels heremsed the privilege of passing through the Welland Canal fora few mouths. ‘By doing (his, 1 be said, ‘we will bring the Americans to reason.' ” The H'rald't Ottawa special says: “Orders have been issued for the removal ot Lynch, Mc- Mahon, snd other condemned Ftnlaus, to tbo Kingston Penitentiary." HELENA, ARKANSAS. Encroachments of tho ITHaslsalppl on theßualness Portion of the Town. Bt. Louis, January 29.—A late Helena, Adtan sss,paper ssya tba Mississippi River has made an otbtr serious encroachment upon the limits of that tc*rn. On Saturday, the inn Instant, too ba’ik opposite tbe Exchange Hotel slid Into the rtror. taking with Hi portion of the main sircar, and onrtßogeriDp the foundation of the hotel and sev ers! stores, which will have lo bo torn down and rebuilt further back. It Is feared Dint largo num bers of btultiess houses In riclulty wilt havo to be vacated «1 an early day. FROM NEW ORLEANS* tlifslsalppt Navigation Nus|>on<l«tl-U*- ported jnsssscro of Troops by In dians. New Okleaxs, January 2H,—Navigation la wholly auaiicMied and Übdsnvrl'en have with drawn all rtunrancr. It la reported Uia' United Wales iroopa stationed near Jackson. Texas, havo been attacked by In diana and four of them killed. rail for a Convention of Arkansas Futon Huldlers. Mixrnta, January 28.—A special lo tbe Are tanc/U to-day says a call signed by tho citizens of Arkansas throughout the Stale who served lu the Federal army, baa been mads for a Con vention at Van Uitren, on tbo 25Ui proximo, to protest against tho ovurvwow of the present btsU Government. Ex-Governor Pettna died at that place on the 2Sth instant. Frozen to Deatli, Atmona. 111., January S3.—George Black, a workman In the car shops here, was found frozen to death on Broadway Infs morning. Tbe cause was Intemperance. His widowed mother resides here. Distillery Klarned, Newark, N. J.. January S3.—David Steven son's brewery, on Tenth avenue, wa* hn«iod i«t nub'- t o»-t«o,ooo ero.uuu. Partially Insured. Suspected murderer Proves an Alibi. Lztdiov, He., January 2c.—'The Frenchman arrested on suspicion of being (he murderer of ihe two old ladles at Auburn, baa proved an oIISi, and the mystery U now greater than ever. School Girl Burned to Death. SrinxorisLD, Maas., January 93.—Melissa r *. Donovan, a little girl eight years old was burned io death this mormne tn one of the public schools by her clothes taken flro from the furnace stove. SUPREME COURT OF ILLINOIS. Decisions. The following syllabi of recent decisions in tho Supreme Conitof Illinois will appear In the forth coming volume oi official reports: <eldxn r. wurrx, kt ai~ va. Joseph weaves. [April Term, 1666.] 1. PnoinssoßTNoTE— indorsement tcithovtdaU. Where a note ts endorsed without a date. It wi ne presumed to have been made at the date of me uote. Where there is a guarantee without date on ;he back of a note the same presumption will be indulged until rebutted. __ 2. Ekdomewekt— position of names. The name appearing first and above all the other names en dorsed on the back of a note, until rebutted will be presumed to have been first made. sake —HUlng vp when blank. Where a third party endorsed bis name In blank on a nolo before delivery to the payee be becomes liable as a guar antor. and a subsequent bolder may fill up the guarantee, and hold suck an endorser liable as such. CIIAELES 8. SOLE XT XL? TS. JO HIT D. QUOTES XT XL. [April Term, I3oft> 1. AMicTfinm —irvgt proptriy. Where ware housemen make an assignment for the benefit of creditors, grain in store with toem does not pass under Die assignment so as to veel any iuiercst in the grain to the assignees. 2. lucsTXXS—aanonmenf. Where the trustees in an assignment receive property bailed to their assignors, and they sell and convert It mt j money, they will be required to account lor the proceeds with interest. IXTXBETTB. CmTTEXDEXVS. JOmt EVAS*. [April Term, 1840.] 1. Etidekce—Jury fo decide jacts. It Is the .Irovlnceoftbejnrv to decide facts: and of the Court, questions of law. It is error for either to Invade the province of tbe other*. 2. iKurnccnoxs—tcWgar of evidence. It u error for the Court to Instruct the jury that the corroborated evidence of one witness is entitled to more weight than another. Tbnt may or may not be true, and ita truth cannot be asserted a* a legal proposition. It is a question of fact to be decided by the jury. 3. Fake—i mpeaeAed icilnefs. It Is erroneous to Instruct Ihe Jnry that they are at liberty to di*- t egard all the evidence ot a witness who has sworn falsely in any material particular. To impeach the Interest he should knowingly or corruptly so swear, before the Jnry should disregard his evi dence. 4. Faxe— ttidenc*. The Court ahonld instruct ou the whole evidence in the case, and not on a few t f many facts In evidence. All of the evidence is admitted because it is material. TtlK TOWK or mCKTOBT T 9. TSX BOAUP OF BU PKHTUOIU OP 9TEFUEXMK COCSTT. [April Term, 1860.] ]. Stitctx— adoption by rote of county. When an act provide* that It shall not go Into effect until It is adopteo by the voter* of the county, an agreemtn; that it was "accepted” hr the majority of the voters of the coontj is the same as if it bad been sta’cn that It was adopted. . 2. Kxmokxcx— of paujxrf. Paupers who nave been residents of a town prior to being sent to the county poor house, do not thereby lose their residence in 'he town. And by an act authorialng the several (owns of a coaoty to send their poor to the countv farm and nay lor their support, such tov n beccxae liable for the support of such persons sent there from such towns before the adoption of the law. if they fail to lake them back and support them in the town from which they were sent to the poor bonae. 3 Mckicipal couroajLTioKs— tegitlative control. Counties, towns and other amnlcipali llca are nnder Legislative control, tod that body may alter, amend, or repeal their charters at will. 4. Rxsmutcx— pertont und'rdlMabih'y. Asa fieneral rule, persons under disability, and under the control of the officers ol the law. are not capa ble, while acting order such authority, of gaining a residence. Paupers arc subject to the rule. 5. PafPXßs rtttdtiict. Uy the division of a town, or the annexation of a part to another town, paupers residing in such pan before they became a town charge do not chance thetr residence by the division or annexation, hot continues ip bo • chtrao to tbe portion of which they were rcaldeoU teloro becoming a town charge. asa naipwis vs. wx. s. nrirrox rr an. fAprll term, ISM. 1 1. non compos i««w. To avoid a contract on the ground* ol Insanity, It roust appear that the talud of tho party was so much deranged that he was Incapable of compre hending Ihe usual consequences of bis acts « mod tbe same is held In reference to menial weakness. 2. jjikd —urßut infiu-'nct In ( t$ execution. Cn due Influence such a* will avoid a deed, laauchaa picvviit* tbe party from acting with trevdom, arid must amount to a fraud on tho party alleging the cztrche of endue Influence. „ S mui or ruorxnrr-improprrconaucf. Ihe fret that tbe purchaser waa a particular friood or relative of tbe ••Her by no means proves Improper conduct on tb» part of the buyer. Krtcndipr ma lives aie not prohibited from trading with each other. . , 4. coKtthnunox-inatfrffvacy q/ prict. In a sale of nine or ten thonaaud dollars worth of Sroperty. an Inadequacy of ten or twclvo hundred olhra in lln price «IU nut, in lh» .b.ena>o» traod. itootre tbe sale lobe set aside and tbe deed eaueelleo. To produce that result. It tsne cessazy that the price should be crossly luadu unate; end held that the dtfierenceln this case Is urn grosa, and relief ahould not be granted 8. Evtontex— IfsweigAf. Testimonyaitovame ot property at a considerable period of tine in the | past, when values are changed, la not of as great i weight, when there is a conflict, as It would oe if It rAa'ed to present values. WX. n. W. CUIBXAXTB. CHAKLXS U. BTVFOXX. [April Term, 19*50.1 1. Ustjbt—art up in chancery, Cnder the actol 1849. a greater rate than sis per cent reserved o* tndebtedcessnol for money oaned is naunon*, and when a greater rate u reserved on such m-. dshU*dness, tbe law allows but six per cenL . 2. Faxz —money Honey advanced before the law of its 7, on a ver bal agreement for the payment of .P® r per awTimm is eovernod the act of • which declares a torfeltnre of alt interest, and a forfeit nre besides. , 3, Ba«—Money advanced since the adoption of the interest law of JSS7, nnder such an agree ment, is usurious, and nnder a plea of usury all of the Interest Is fortelted. vAuranai rowxu. vs. smartaxes. lAprltTena, IW6.J I. Dxxd— eonvtyonccof jrwirtg crop*. Asb^ NUMBER 235, tween landlord and tenant, debtor and cred cor, and between the executor, emwloft crops are pv* soul properly, but as between a tresapaaser and the oncer ot the soil, the reader or, they nr® by the law real estate, and pass by a convey* anee of the land. - i. Oners —retervaHon on tale of land. Oo the sile and conveyance of land tbe srrowln? crops pass by the deed tuless they ate reserved to wn.- tn#:, *ooy an such an interest la lands as conics within tbe statute ol frauds. S. Gbowzko Chops— ileerut to remote. A li cense bribe owner of the etui to remove ero *lns oops, will protect the Demon removing them u done before coontetaanded. And if so removed, the property win vest in the licensee KKWTOIf SDXAVAI TS. SCHOOL mMCTCBS. *♦ McvnK—tfibuUd/ence. An owner of Jtod pemtttea a scbml honae to be erected on his tana. He alternant sola ibe land,and after the sale he ireasced and fixed boundaries of the. ijrotind de alrneo for school purposes, and authorized the directors to build a fence on those boondirie*. Held I bat, as he had ao Ulle to the land when be RtTQ the authority to build the fence, such * cense conferred no and the directors co dd not maintain trespass against the owner of the land fotfrenoTlag the fence, x. cucr rr ai> rs. nssjuccr p. cismt « x» reu* iMßip- account of. Where two Arms nave acconnts against each other. and on a settle ment fall* in deln (o the other, and a neuter of the Inter agrees tocredit the firm fart tag in debt to bla firm with hl» private Indebted tres*. such agreement doe* not bind his partner* without their consent or subsequent ratification of Ihr agreement. 2. bamz. Where a member of a firm applica ' ca « t > r?s>?" Orm In dUidunrtn. bT. o«o deotf It»the dotj of tas —- - —- lit wwiiH«>- -• 3. iHTXBxsr-Oft money tent. Where moneyf! drawn on cheeks, atthougb it Is charged in an «- cocni, ana there 1* no agreement to pay Interest, still it will net be error to allow interest on the balance of the account. GABnrxzaa* Btzrrrao.—A targe number cf the gardenersoTCbleago assembled yesterday after noon in the office cf the Atrlrfe Ibrmer, corner of Wells and Lekestrcets, for the pnrpose of or ganising a aodety of gardeners. Independent of alt Agricultural aud Uordcaltoral Societies. The meeting wts organised by the choice of Ur. ; Daniel Worthington is Chairman, and Ur. Edgar banders as secretary. The President stated the objects of the meeting in a few remarks. Mr. R. Kontx said that the gardecers once bad an organization, bat as no meetings or election* bad been held for orcr font years, be thought li would be the beat plan to organize entirely anew, and independent of all other Agricultural and Horticultural Societies. Mr. D. Worthlngtcr, President, Ctvored the union of the gardeners with the Cook County Horticul tural Soarty. Mr. S. Muir also favored the plan of the Presi dent, and thought that the action of the garden . ere, taken a. lew weeks ago, should bo recon sidered. Mr. Nelson favored the formation of a separate society of tbe gardeners of Chicago, and thought that (be Interests of all would be better advanced If they did not unite with any Agricultural or Hor ticultural fotlrty. Mr. C. M.Ross said that there was no need of united action In case the gardeners wanted to join toy society, as they were, individually, at liberty so to act. Mr. A. H. Dalton spoke at length reviewing the old organization o! gardeners, the causes war It ceased to exist, atd why a new one was wanted. He favored the junction of the Gardeners’with the Cook County Agricultural a*id Horticultural borlety. He said the objects of the Cook County Society ware not Individual, but (bey aimed to spread knowledge in all the branches of agricul ture and horticulture. The larger that Society Incomes tbe more good will U be sole to effect. As some objected to the name of tho county or ganlxiUon, no said the word “Agriculture" was added, so as to enable the Society to procure on appropriation of one hundred uolUrs per annum trom toe Stale. Thu sum was onual to Ofty mem bers, and It was evldvut that It was a matter of some importance. That Society was now talrly organised, and fast rising to manhood. If tho gardeners organise a separate Association, as they now propose, they will be antnrntrstlo to tbe county Society, and neither would accomplish as much work as they would if milted In one Society. Mr It. A. Meats moved that the name of the Association be the Chicago Horticultural Society. Carried. Mr. Moars moved that a committee of seven be appoint'd to otaft a constitution and by laws tor the Hocwtj, and report at the host meeting. Carried. The billowing gentlemen were chosen as said committee: Messrs. Kduar Handers, John Hlalr, V. Hutrer, Hauuol Muir, It. Emits, 11, A. Meats, \f. Kastman. On motion, adjourned until Mond.iy, February prtVA IT CIUUTHBItM, Advertlalna Ag’ia Ilf DfirbscßsK., receive adveiiiarmpDis for nil (be lending papers Hirnugbeat tbe Untied KiaieaandCanaaaa. 3II)C Skating Season. QGDEN SKATING PARK Splendid Sheet of New Ice* OPEN DAY AND EVENSNG. Grand Carnival To-Night, Aatbe last Masquerade was a grand affair, the ticket holder* ravcreqn&iteil ns to have another MsiqnersOe, which will take place on HAT UR DA V, FEB. 3d. Plcaac register your names at the office. The People’s Favorite* PATRONIZED BY MADAME RISTORI Croat Attraction all thlo Week. Music Etotj Afternoon and Evening. The following gentlemen, oa Thnradav next, win compete for the three splendid gold medals and the championship ot the Northwest: 3. W.Lord, Ctlile Cnrtii, £. T. Goodrich, Wm. Knights, S. B. French, Wm. Pratt, Wlliard. SKATING PARK. Open this Afternoon and Evening* ICE SMOOTH, SOLID AND CLEAR Tbe A9IERXCAN SKATING TOURNA MENT will take place at tbta Park on Mon day and Taeaday. Feb. ITtb and 13ih. Up wards uf One Thousand Dollara la Prlxea. QENTIiAL PARK. Managers’ Benefit, Wednesday Nifrht, Jan. 30 th* On which occasion a Grand Balloon Ascension wIU take place, together with a splendid display of Fire* woiks. Tbe entertainment will bo the finest ever of* ferrd to the public. At 9H p.m.tbe main building will be cleared for Dancing. A. lino suing band has been engaged tor tbe occasion. ■yyEaT SIDE RINK. The BEST Flace to Shale in the City. OPEN DAY AND EVENING. Grand Sntortainment To-morrow Svoniag* BENEFIT OF OEORQE LAFAYETTE. Ilijotogtapljs. Photographic. PHOTOGRAPHIC. _ _ Card Pbotokiapbi (I per dozen, colored Porcelains |li with tram*i; old price |3s* . . „ . . Children’s Photographs and Copying Old and Faded Picture*, a specialty. Can and see oar work, and lodge fa r yonrseires. 44 TTURRAH FOR BRAND—IOB— 1 He’s the man to rots for 1" He’s knocked t'ovn the exhorbtiant price of Photogrsphs. sod is tally sno eking the conceit out of lb* balance ol tbe iraurnlty, by Making Elegant Carte* de Tlalte, Feantlfnlly finished, for only 11 per dozen. Copying and enlarging old plenties a specialty. T>HOTOGRAPHS, PHOTOGRAPHS^ X Thf celebrated Poeitlomst ol New York Cits hu commenred bit engagement atUreen’t, 10’J Lake »t. Tbit Gallery It bow veil prepared for making 100 finest Ftautogrsph* ever made In Chic*to- All *re In vited to c*II. look andjndre lor yourselves. Children’* Picture* and Copjleg always • specialty* rhotograph# 91 per dozen. CROSBY OPERA HOUSE!—lmport ant nottes. Photographs of A.. H. XjBK, the lucky Individual who von this maguliccnl prize, can be cot*lnert by enclosing cents and stamp to KDWARDS A WILLIAMS, bt. Lou.f. Mo. N. !>.—Discount to ac^nts. i!islanteD. ■yrr anted. TolnfcrtDlhecltttmsot Chicago that COLEOATih'H latcu Sized lloscy and utyceiies Soap* are told fot M cento per boz. at me drag store lU7 Dtarburs-tU, opposite the Post office. A GENTS A W^NTB3D, By the PIUF.NIX I.IKK INSURANCE CO, 01 llarV Utaoli. p LfcKKr# General Agent. HO L*saUfr*L ANTED— Met chinin’ lasnranco Slock. Inquire ot * C» B. GOODYEAR. *94 Chamber of Commerce BaUdinr. IGassomc Notices. “\TASONIC. —Tnere will ,be » Special Is I Commoalcailon of Waubauala Lodge, No. W, F. to A. at JUktr lla-J, tbit, TUESDAY EVENING, Jan. 3, ISC7, at 1W o’clock. Work on M. M. IXgree. cnPRC n. SecreUry. fHusical, OPERA HOUSE. Pools Am Slot All Dead Tot* Senir aid Chonu lor the Qmet. Price S 3 ents. FtbUthedby H.T. UERBILLtoCO- 1 91 Chicago. Sent to any part of the united Mates by mall. ffartncisfrip. CiHANGE OF PARTNERSHIP. From ) and afUr January I*L 1967, George WUbeck vlth arawv from the firm of Cutler. Wlt&eck to Co- and oansfershlalnt'rtatm aatd firm to Uearr Wlmect, who becctnet associated vrlth us la the bauneta. Tha arm taros will rut be changed. ..,... LriJ ,.. LUTLES, WITBSCS 4 00. insurance. T 11 E BOM ISURMCE CO,, Of New HaTen, Coon. CASH CAPITAL - SI,OOO,QCO. Xnsnrss against Z«oas or &ati»ag« by Tiro, sod Inland Transportation, on terms adapted to tbo hazard and consistent with sound and reliable underwriting* ASBSTB, JANUARY Ist, ISB7, United State* tad State 80nd*,.... % National Bank Stock.. w jmyi Real Erate ovsed by a» company m Loaaa on Martmn. Stocks ana on Ca 11.... u Cub oo ba&e. In In agent*' and doe lor prenloma s&CSISiIS Bbls Receivable. and Fire and Inland Sal rarca . M,78.7» All other Propei ty belonging to Uie Coops* Lean unpaid and tn prceea* of oat ~ , &JS&M StaCramt of P>eatggi»rtcelTwl ci Lon*« paid da ring each jar tint e Ute org»wx«tjo*ro{ tire Company: 1(1M Pirtnlac-tf J^-rtlToLoaaeaPald. - * ».oajo *a i9i.n £3-rS73 WI.WJI - 7*xsi£n euats® LCMCS 43 X». B. HATTEfiLIX, President WM. 8. GOODET.L, Secretary. S. M. MOORE * €O., Agents, ISusfcwss Caras UNDERWOOD & (IL General Commission Merchants, Cot. LaSalle Washlagtoa-ste, CHICAGO Otre particular attention to both baying and selling Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. PrepertJl bought and held on margins, and self *tt > to this or Eastern markets. tr Special rates ot Commission made to tnoowka tarnish tbetr own money kr large purchases ol prep arty to he held tor sale by os. P, L, OaderwMd, Ben. W. Underwood* MALTING COMPANY, 505. 2 and 4 Hiciugaa-ar., Olamifutarers of Dial! and Dcalen la Barley and Itye* XW~ We keep cnnrtanUy on hand stocks cl Prime Barley and Kye Matt, which we are prepared to sell at ' toe lowest market rate*. PAYbON & GREGORY, Counsellors and Attomcys-at-Layy, 09 Dearborn-si- Walker's Building, Chicago. 111, I.N. AksoLD, ÜBouaPsTMit, dun.A.Oatoorv t r Attention Riven to Chancery, Common Lav Crltnlnsl and I’itcnt cast*. Q.EO. H. ROZET, REAL ESTATE AND LOAN BROKER, OS Lahtnllo-at* Loans BMottatec on Heal Ratato, Hoods, Slocks. Warrhnnw Heretpu,* *■’ oth»r wcnfUtss. Coal. COAU $13.00, ALL SIZBS. F. B. MARSHALL, IZl’i MOUTH CLAUK-HT . UUOtl 13. COAL. Tam receiving this (hvorltc Coal from tbe mines of RHODES GOAL GO., which 1 offer st the lowest rates, by thscar load, oral reuU ‘ lf.fikjii COAL.. I.ACKAWANA COAL.. PITTMTOS COAL. ULOHhDURC COAli. UUIAK HILL COAL. EIUE COAL. WILLOW HANK COAL. Omen iitovnur eu«i irom .u»» *»»•*- . r *»»«*•* Market *U; JU7 Aicner-roaO, and corner Cana] and Yanßorcn-st*. _ _ A» B* BBBKBH. VOUGHIOGHENY COAL <fc COKE X co„ Office 17 Chamber ol Commerce, tad eoraer Weat ElDzleandGreen-cts. Coal at roduccnprlcc*. Lchlgh,Lackawanna.Ti)tiahlf>almß*, Briar Hill. Erie, Carmel. tod Mineral Biage, Pltwaurgh and Connrtls vtlleCoke. AMEa A CO. jFot Sale. riLOBLNG OUT SALE. ALL THE STOCK OF GOODS la £tare corner Clark and Woahlngtoa»si»., KNOWN AS LEWES'S BAZAAR, Matt be closed oat without deity. Those wishing ele pint tod nodal articles at prime cost, shotud avail themselves of the opportm ity. TWO CLERKS WANTED. My Agency temporarily at tame place. TJ AH GAINS! roroechotce and cheap lota on the arennes, near the University. cash and time, for saiebr TYLER. 6LLMANNA CO.. Southwest cor. Lags and Ctark-sts. MERCHANTS’ UNION EXPRESS STOCK Far sale, as follows: 111 paid in. at S 3 It paid In, at. U 17 pain in. at. It Also. American. United Plates, Adams* and Went. Fargo A Co.’s Express Stocks at lowest market rates, by BOORbTAVEB, THAYER A Bankets and Brokera. 71 Broadway. New York. JJANK OF MONTREAL. NOTICE TO DEPOSITORS. In accordance with parlous intimations to the Do* posttors with the Chicago Agency of this Bank, the Bat>k has craeed and dtscontloned its Banking and De posit business in this city, and those Depositors who hare not already signed the requisite receipt for taelr ba tnces are renuevud to call and do so. and receive their balances, at their earliest convenience, at tbe ol* 48 t “* W WM. O.PAUKv **»<- Chicago, Dec. 31.1863. 51,500 TOLOAI1 ’ On Three or Five Yeats’ Time, at iftwn ct. ai»ft_ t*n thousand dollars at ten per cenu. upon city nrcoetty. J. ¥ * Ceil Estate and Loan Broker. 78lASallMt. proposals. TO CHURCH BUlLDEHß—sealed nro potals will be received by the undesigned Com* miner, nntll THURSDAY, the Hih day ot. Kebruary. t 867. tt 1 o’clock p. d. lor the bonding of a new rnnrch In the Town cf frovteo. Cook County. according to Cans and soeelflcallotj to be seen at-the boose of Frl'drlch Weiss. In Section i%Town of Provfyj. Pro posals must be directed to FRIEDRICH WEISS, Pro viso P. O*. Cook Connty, Hu slgnsd "PreposaJ for a new church." The said Com alius rrser-te me prtvl* isn o' rejecting any or all the proposal* for tbe dmer* wm of «.• S£s,^ bdiso . ra . whips, C. THIELE. __ A? HEITvRN, C’. G. PCSUECK. Proviso. Jan. am. Kfc7. _ Ural Estate. HOUSES- ON WABABH-AV.—Thetnt dmigtod deelre to purchase Two Ho*idence* on Wabash-av* Parties wishing to tell nJUcall oaor addreM.itaUng low->t prlc*. terms ol pkjrocnl.dc- IIUZOT to CLM* SUNOS Ktkl Estate kt‘tTLOkn Oralcor*. 9H LuoaC* tt. Educational. TNSTmnE OF DRAWING, SUR- X Trying and Civil Engineering. at Tollwtop. Lalto Co- looiaDK» D lies tr»m Chicago. crosilnuof M. c. and P-rt. c. It. Uj.opo’J April u. ituibepj. 15. fib to be a Draftsman. *3? a Surveyor. Wl* UvU Bnaineer. Drawing teaebj-rs sent n clotw of 10 to » scholars. Address. A. VAN DhllNAlLLEN,lofnclr* ctUar. - BTHhENFCRTH'S COMMERCIAL VOUNG LADIES' SEMINARY, XT XsAKIJ rOBBIT, ZL2*. Th# korlet Term will enmnvaeo on TtirUiDAY, tbcTih or r-Moaiy nett. Any detirinn * place at ia arrttng Scholar* may artdreco the undersigned. LsScForeft. Jan. 311*07. ». UICKtSBON. £Ublcal. J"\R. DE OABTRO. Physician, Ocnlirt J atd Anrltt, aHA Wabaslmv, Tbo Doctor may consulted In all ire modem language*. Special av leniton paid to diseases of the The Doctor has reference* to the moat aLtiugolabed nuzeoi of Chicago. IJatents. QARD'S PATENT BBXCS MACHINE. OtSc* and mantuactorr S 3 Soutti Jetferaonet. Ftß iTifnrmstiyi and de*crtpUTe circular addraa L B. OAHu, S 3 South JeSeraon-cu ctmwoq. Catisianmmlß. HHDS. N. O. SUGAR. 100 Brls. R. O. nolanet, 100 Brin- Texas Nora. im new .»e 4 co _ hoofing. pLAfiTXO SLATE I ROOFING. I A TEST OF flVfi ffcARS hu dflnositnted ■ rapenortty ot tbs sitalil over every tat? bow AmaatW—lt adapts itßlt to every ih«pe asd itope, from Cal to perpendicular. corertn* tbs wade rr»t without swan or joint. Hoa-combn»tiß!e—it ts z-.t th* means of destroying your property . Sat of protecting tt. Xoo-eapesnve—neat nor cold, m mat ter ho-r lotaae, ema compel It ts expand or contract. lar-r.« 3C4 —water nor even steam, can penetrate or dissolve tc. Undecarlnr—time and the elements only rr.aJTirr rid perfect It. Tfftaa op the whole matter. Flrer Water and Frost Proof, eonsUa*? smT.£V b '‘'"!* a of It uja: “W« Tbe rtm^« T £il I reit, *t boon of tne m<e.'* 9m fl^SraV.:, JSS*** 0 * 8 P»* dlßoreree. --«of tiw men important enr oSnSlMto W w r ’ ■"^’«s»7rftoriimtjuic Wl^afuuV/.1,’. -,."- 1 * 011 .•=» WucoMa. SSSS3riIS« -.?r2i;i? KS2S 2: ttresitoftctfoo. •-* »*fio*. -otl>eir e» FromaprcajcUieh^riij-.». w *. 3 *. .... te _ lectta^frUo-nlDz: Mr; Kfl. Taylor, A*rtcalrur. - - ..r,rM».-v Mr.Cbsrtes P*?te;Clilet L’liff iTotS»C.B*rtlett,Cl»t<r*<f'')Len , lSfniU*r T ; - Prot A-J- Sawyer. IXjcjlisX'ElverfTrr. •» Mr.J.K,Sbarp.o? Bm arSbsro. Dru*aU.ii. Mr. L. t?, ArtLor. Bui Estate Dealer, •* Dr. K. M. Baker, Delist. •• Mr.Cbaa.-MorrU.Maiailienzrernrr'Works, *• Mr.N.O.vvlillaa»,of vr e >)ber,WJllnns i Fltclz, “ Mr.j c. EJcharoa’lron Works, - 4 Mr. A. E. Usrmcs, tT. s. Comrelartoner.Champaljaii Mr. William way and Ham. Jefieraon, *• Mr. Wo. a* Sdoer*. Clerx Ur. Ooait, Urbane. Mr. W.J. Ensentroat. Danker. •• Mesa. Dittrich.% Boorer, Merchants, GalesbdTj, M«aa. Canda AHlockler, Eontraccois, “ Hon. B. D. Lacies*. Judpe Ssoor*e Court, • “ Mraa.MatbeviAWadavortb Mercb’tsJackaonrtJte. Mew. U. U Beae.'tA Co.aod W.T.R Uott, UieJittrtd. Mr. E. M. Goddard, -Banker, Lexington.' Mr. c. s. Rcuose.-Toatt. lu. Dr. M. Fallen, bioonlnzios. HI. Mr, A. K Wei«, Kl-tinsond, 111. MeM,Grlf*lha*be»-re andJ.DarU.Oiln, m. Mw. Deere A Co. ac(T"Geo. W. Hihha-T. MOmutlD* Mr.U A. Hall. Aron-m- Jfttarasnfi»oo, Coca A sheiaynlle, lU. Hon. C, 8. Kertee. MonteUo. Wla. Col. Charles Wolcott, OabioaJi. Wrs. A Keaa, Lake Mills. WTj- Moi. Walter, Manser A Co.. Kllbontn City, WU. Me**. Tsyior A Roblnwn, Wanpaa, Wi*. Hen. Henry Cortler, ** , ** Meet. K. S. A u. B. Dorr. Berlin, Wl*. Meet. A. Wma'oir A Co., Ft. AUlnaon. Wl*. Mr. J. B. Gains ha, Banker. Monroe. Wia. Mr. Claries Sherman, Mtatra! Point, Wls. Msnso Newbrn. Milwaukee, Wl*. Mr. B. H- Simtnomls. Oeocomonoc. Wl*. Mr. N. C. Famwortn, fherwjjnn Falls wl*. Wneotsin Manatbcturlnc Cs. JtCbrtoa, Wls. *I,Sn,SIS.T4 ROOFING FELT, and also the new SHEATHING FELT seed lor Ualn* buildings, sad COAL TAR. coo itantlyoa hand at lowest market rale*. Circular* ■* “ Tb?T«Sb* eSI%OSIX 9«» LaSshe-st- Cl»cac>. HL Jiob printing. JTjAILY TRIBUNE RAILROAD, COMMERCIAL & GENERAL PRINTING OFFICE, 51 Clart-st., Chicago. RAILROAD- COMPANIES, INSURANCE COMPANIES, STOCK COMPANIES, BANKERS, AND can ucr Tuitu rniHTiHo ipze^ozmuptxjY Asl> AT PRICES AS LOW Aa any Piiatlag Hmw In cbe Nortbwese, at ifae TRIBUNE JOB OFFICE, 5L Clarfc-st., Chicago. POS T £UiS IS BTEBT STYLE. Oar assortment at Pewter Typo Is the law* st ard beet selected Hfack In the city. COEPON MD LOCAL TICKETS. We are prepared to All orders lor osa srcnilvelr nambered RAILROAD COUPON and I.OCAI* TtCkBTS at NEW YORK BATES, BOOK PRINTING. Lnree Foals ofthe Latest Strles of Book Type, five Adams Book PreMni and m. Hydraulic Dry Press, enable as to excel In this Important branch ot Printing. BLAKTS.S. A fail niwortmenr of Legal, ronveyanctns* Pension and Bounty Blanks, at TRIBUNE BOOK MO JOB OFFICE, 51 etark-st., Chicago. ISsto publications, MASSACHUSETTS IN THE REBELLION. A RECO’AD OF THE Poiitiou of the Commonwealth, Aidtha Services of the leading STATES Ml , TBE. MILD ACT. THE COLLEGES. and TOE PEOPLE, In the cintwaß of IS 61—6 5. By P. C. EXATGUrr, author ot “Josephine," etc. This lapertnnf, publication has been prepared with the mmosccacet and wt Ibe pronounced taromparsaiy the most vxfaxaf ,|-local contribution Ij me history ot theKehclllonwjr published, its interest to every son or daushivr eJ Massachusetts,or, indeed, of New Eng* land, cannut 1 * exaggerated. It contains Eight Steel-Plate Engravings, Including-1) knesses cf TDIBTT-TWO eminent clTl lani an* ar illlary men. Uviag mad oceweea. Price-ia cloth,;sheep,;lialfcal£,t7 PUB LISHED BY SUBSCRIPTION. CopteJ tent by mall, pottage paid, on receipt of price GEO. C. RAND & AVERY, Bottom Mats- Publtoher*. ?r" Agents wanted everywhere. Address GEO. & C. W. SHERWOOD, 103 Mndlaoßtm*. Chtearb General Agent* ior the West, (General Notices. JJESSINGER & WRIGHT’S CASSIMERES. Tboso standard American goods art made In a treat variety oC stylet, and are all of superior quality andfla* Üb. OutUßiraord-rmt either cauro »uus or stud* garmamt win const Ik good Usio. as well a* economy, br ii not them the prtft-rtnco. for salt by tbo Mst cnanbTallors in nUparta of tbo country. QHODND OIL CARE u the Cheapest Feed In the Market for stock of *U Order* vromnUT niled t'rcash, y • tW, ULATLIiyoUP * C«U v ’ No. 7U North dlnton.fl. ,12itract of Beef. rjI!Y TOURTELDT’S EXTRACT OF BEEF, For Family Use. INVALIDS and dyspeptics, Should not fait to ate II- Tor tale by all Druggists and o:ooert._^__ M ZJtntisirs. rT -Ti-c' pfYLTON DLNTAIa ASSOCI- T nwHeiuid Ihe an**thctlc rue ot NI TKOt-b a ”J^r“e*estrartl^o°ct - over Time* wOce. > ~T\K. J. O. FARNSWORTH BUSINESS MEN,