Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 29, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 29, 1867 Page 3
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MTK.It ■'TU It K. Notice* of Reci-nt Publications. TRKAURE OS THE I.AW OP PRIVATE COR PORATIONS At«‘»REOA l‘R—tty Joaern K. AUOBX and Ba*cui. Alas. Klxhih edition; sheen H vo.; pp.H4.l. Button* IJltle, Drowu A Co!’ SoM byVallarLau Si On ler, Chicago. From Solon’s law* the Homans derived their notions of corporations. The Alhenl nns gave the utmost latitude to private com panies ; but the successors to Greek civiliza tion In Italy were so very Jenloos of aggro- gate bodies that when the younger Pliny recommended the formation of & fire com- pany of one hundred and fifty men, the Emperor Trajan forbade It on the ground that, under whatever name each combina tions were instituted, they would not fail to be mischievous to city governments. The coßegia Ucita of the Roman law were, like our Incorporated companies, societies of men united for some useful purpose, having power to act as an Individual person, and strictly limited by charter. Colleges of learning are a modem Invention. Cities, towns, and fraternities In the middle ages sought corporate powers and privileges as a bulwarlk against feudal tyranny; and to these bodies wc owe It more than to any other cause, that the best portions ot the race have attained no wide municipal liber ties. But the abuse of corporate privileges in early European history gives additional illustration of the case with which all those instltnUons that are denominated “ good ” may be perverted to tbc subscrvancc of a 1 class or clique, to keep down bcaltby com petition, and binder tbc propose of rival 1 mechanic arts. There is ycl much of the old time monopoly In Sweden; on Jlt sometimes I crops out here in the West, when two I bushels of wheat ore handed over to railroad companies for carrying one busbcl to market. 1 Modern corporations arc aggregate and sole, or ecclesiastical and lay. Lay corpora-j tlons are eleemosynary and civil. Civil cor-1 poratloDS arc public and private. Publiccor porations arc such a» the Government cro-1 alts for political purposes, as the municipal bodies of counties, villages, and so forth ; while private corporations urc those whoso foundations are private, however extensive the uses may he to which they arc devoted. I A few cases will bring out the line of distinc tion between public and private corpora-1 tlons. A bank, whose slock Is owned by the 1 Government which created It and for whoss 1 use ll exists, Is a public corporation. But a 1 back wl*o« .took is ownc£ al Vß^%P t ' r a •- iruo-cmim-nt may have come lu nud token part of the slock. t*o it would be incases of railroad, canal, bridge, turnpike and insurance com* I ponies. A hospital of general charity, found- 1 cd by a private benefactor, is a private cor poration. Probably tbc reason why tho English Bar bas not paid more attention to private cor porations nmy be found in (be peculiar way In winch tbc business men of that country enter upon great undertakings by a combi nation ol Interested persons under articles of agreement. Municipal corporations are ably dlscus*ed in Mr. Kyd’s book, a work which held tbe rank of a standard on 111 snhjiel for tamely thirty years. Us defects In npp'h-Htion to Aineiba are Incomplete* m-fft do regards private corporation*, the presentation <»f obsolete lawn, having been published In HUH. mid unlit of mbiptiitlun to the Immense growth of mir system of curpo* rullmis. Mr. Wilcox, in 1*27, mire the Kng -lUI> lawyer a htttcr hook, hut one whoso plnn win Hill more controclcd. It Is the best compilation of decisions from the Urll |eh bench mi ihu disfranchisement alid utno linn of members, mid on the subjects of mon* (fanai* mid you inimm/ot The (IrH ttlllloii of the excellent Work by Aiu>ell \\ Ames win published os early us 1*1)1 In t'lovidchce. Hhode bl ind, mid It tins been tevbeil from ttlile to lime, (111 now, in the eighth edition, we bate o vmy complete, well illgcHed mid enn ibtl.v cltifsihed wmhi A book of fefep* eiiri', w boce almost absolute u»i'»*ssUy Ini lie nw Htleo nml eoiintln# iimm, place* It ride by =hb* whh Carson's Umiiraub, mid Wash* bum's !(• id Properly, up ft Hiiinhird work. Tbe noti a «ii Mr. Ullirop, the presenteditor, ni« cnpnrntiul by it line from Uhwh nf pravb on# ilatit, tliiia eimbltiiß tlb render to (warn all ihu loti r ducUhma by o cursory scanning oi tlia additions. Wu will present a few of Urn clinngea mid mortifications of corporation law. The courts of New Yoik have gone f«r toward enforcing contracts made by* corporations, although they arc not justified by tuelr charters ; and the law in that State now appears to be that such counsels when executory should not be cnfoiced, but all executed dealings In good faltli eland valid against both parties. It has been held that the Vermont law making railroad cor* porationa liable for the wages of laborers hired by conlrnctois is not unconstitut'on&l. And a late ca*>e In tbc same State decides that the conferring of authority by the di rectors ot a corporation upon an agent to execute a deed Is not a corporate act. In such case tbe directors act, not as the cor* poratiou, but as Its agents. As to personal liability In Massachusetts since, I$G2. ctocV, 1,1 manufacturing cor porations is liable unless a Judgment Is ren* dered against the corporation and payment Is uot made within thirty days. OUiccrs who have acted os representatives of a corpora* tlou and contracted debts on its behalf. are estopped from questioning ttie regularity of a uiecutit; *mch the corporation was or* ganlzcd, called by less tbaua majority of the persons named in the legislative act. If a contract be made between two corporations, not contrary to law and public policy, no one has a riebt to raise the question of the validity of such contract except the parties to it. A railroad corporation Is not authorized by common law to mortgage Its franchise, without further authority than is conferred by its not of incorporation. Mr. Lalbrop’s edition is provided with a tellable index, and it brings tbc dcclslocs down to ISOO. The editor says: “No pain* have been spared to make the work a Cor* rcct exposition of the modern law of cor* potationsand personal knowledge of his industry and opportunities leads us to believe that the public will not be deceived. THE POI.ITICAI.MANUAL. Comprising nnracr oos Impel rant l>ocnmcDt« cou-ectwi with the Political lit lory of America. Complied from official records with biographical sketches and comments. ByJ M. Diau. Sheep; pages,*J?4. AeLcr A Adame, PubbthrW, I»dluuaj)im?, Ind. The Ibrmation of the original Vnion, Dec laration of independence, population. Con stitution, Washington's Address, history of the Slates, Missouri Compromise, biography of the I’le-idcnts and of General Grant, Mr. ' Lincoln's Emancipation and Johnson’s Am nesty proclamation, Jackson's proclamation to the uulbllere, platforms of I&XMM, stamp duties, mid chronological record of there* bi llion; such arc samples of this useful little book. Mr. Hiatt, of Indianapolis, Ind., Is canvassing our city; and the convenience of this, as of all well compiled fact-books, is the good word we have to say for the success ot the Political Manual. CONNECTICUT. Proccminge or tlic Republican Stale ConvcuUun. The Republican State Convention of Con necticut was held in New Havcu on Thurs day, the 24th Inst. The following nomina tions were made: For Governor, General Joseph It. Hawley, of Hartford; for Lieu tenant Governor, Hon. Oliver H. Perry, of Fairfh-ld ; for Secretary of State, Hon. Win. J. Elmer, of Middletown; for Treasurer, Hon. Henry G. Talntor, of Hampton; for Comptroller, Leman W. Cutler, ol Water* town. The following resolutions were adopted: Hfiolrfd, 1 hat tbc resnli of tbc elections of the last autumn atlutds new inoof of tae tlefoUo'i of tlir Armi lean people to the fundamental princi ple* of free tiuremment, and of their determina tion to establish and confirm a Uulou based upon those principle* only; mat we congratulate each other aul the country upon that auspidoua result, and pledge ourselves that Connecticut, In tbls mprci, shall emulate the example of tier lotnl siatei mates. fatotrtd, I'lmt tlir pending amendment to the r«dprnllVmlinillon, tn tlie evtiertm* niagnsnlral ty of (In* tmns nlilth U premised to Ui» Isle In surgent*. b«m< 0 *>1(1 rbonlii have t celml tlieir grateful rewgnlilmit iLnt U« lejecttun tijr iliem jrniwd# from n slid ptotallitiff spim of rebellion, and impure* upon tbe tialm-ni KiltioMly (be duly of wUblUbtiiH Hit* L'nloti ti|»ot* none other (ban JUMiIHi aiiiable imiinliimns l (Iml Hi so doing 10/ally to the Ut-i'Mldlc should Up recognised ft* (lieflislot Mlucal vlrin.-s, hm! disloyalty m the (»oM of political mm.'*. »i„l (lint ibo (iiuu-cdon of all tliirj'ba (fiioii((biMi( the Hmmuihi in HiVca" «if Ire of all (be fljjbl* slid tni'mililMp* ousisniPMt by (b(t «‘o(iaMim(o(i nboiibl (ip Im»|..|«|.|. «. oiir.V //.'so/cuf. That (be only )>i*l bssis „t bnttian ((oveKiltiPida l» (be conrenioi 1 im hhwrimti i in a repfosHHaiivn tbimMlr. smna ron«eio|« o»iiip»»pil fltMUigli H e oieirtan o| in« attninup bv (i.o n.dhlduai ,Hired, and l«.»i (bo Haiti (uibat rvcinre should not br limited by Oiaifitnion* of rare or color. /, - r«o/re<f. Thai In any revision of iba revenue pytitiu, ilio duties upon tinpoua should i, O *(j, Jil.lbd wllb a (lew to tuo micftiiUKiTnem of American ti<du>tiy. wlllioul Impairing tba public revenue, and mat (lie burdens io# impy«o.j, by internal tasailon, should beelhviaied at far at fioealble, and enneciallv by the ici.nctlun ol exili ng uxes upon li.comn* and asles. llttolted, mat tu tbe ■dmluUtrallon of Stave policy, w« are it. favor of a itsid economy in ex* pt ndflurea.aml pcrmanoul piomlon for the steady reduction and final pas men of |bu ntato debt. 7Mo/rcd. '1 hat the Ifcpurdlcan party is Identi* flea tn lie bUtory, and by Up essential principle#, vttb tbe rictus, the interest* and uju dignity oi labor; that by all the record of tbat biatory, and all the panclliyoflbote princlplep, it is bound in sympathy with tbe toiling masses of society. of tibom la composed the cieat nroportion of it* ourolKT. and that the workingmen of Connecti cut will receive at Us bands every needed legisla tive remedy of the ertU of wblcb they complain. Retolvctf, Tbat tbe present salutary la* - conceu inc the employment of cnildrrn in roannixctorles ard edocattou oi such children ehonldbe rcndc-td moie efficient in its operation and more rigidly enforced. _ Jlttclced, That the Bepublican party regards •with carce-t solidtatlon the straggles of op presred nail na Ities toward Independence and purer Ilneity, and tbat it extenaa it<* earnest sym pathy to Crete, to Ireland and to Mexico, in their nerofc cflorts to liberate themselves from bated icreicn dominion. r JUtolud, That the so-called Democratic Con vention at New Haven, by its malignant spirit of hostility to the Federal authority, re deliberate attempt to renew the horrors of civil war. and its sanction ol tbe rreasonaole utterances of its more prominent members, deserves, and should re ceive, the unqualified condemnation of every lover of tbe Natl: cal Union. R- tclrat, inai a grateful people wal never for- p:t or CN» to revere the heroic soldiers and tall on who, during thf Cork dsye of the rebellion, devilled thuir BtieQgth,ibeir constancy and »b jr va or to tbe overthrow ol an unhoiy rebellion, a id rescued the country from its peril, and ei'ablUv cd ibe Government on the rock of mdvcrstt lleertv. J!(fulp/a, That we heartily recommend lo the people of this Commonwealth tho geolletneu nominated by tb.s Convention for Htate officer*, and pledge ourselves to their cordial aupport and triumphant election. MEXICO. Continued Advance of ihe Llbfrmlo- Pfeolc and Flight ot Frcncli Citizens— Embarkation of tbe French Forces. [From Ihe Ntw Orleans ricajnne, January 25. J ' Bv the steamship Victor, Captain Gates, which arrived this morning, we have news from Vera Crus of the 19th, and the City of Mexico the 16th. The Emperor Maximilian was still at the Hacienda de Trja, Id the vi cinity ot the capital, and had held a full and free consultation with his Council ol Minis ters, Marshal Bosaine, commanding the French forces In Mexico, and General Castel nan, the Emperor Napoleon's aid-de-camp, which resulted In nothing. The Vera Crus Sun of the 10th, says : “Wc continue In the same anxiety as be fore. Discuss ever so much as we may tbe probable result of our political questions, we only confound and weary ourselves in a labyrinth of conjectures and auspicious, for wc arc able to derive no good from tbe cal culations, more or less approximate, which we form in our imagination. Thcocta&l state of things is becoming 100 complicated, and the situation dally becomes more difficult and intricate. No one can toll what Is to bo the solution of the political problem of our destinies, at the same time we cannot drive away from our Imaginations thu sad present ments which crowd upon ns and the views actually before onr eyes ore sufficiently gloomy and shadowy." Returning again to this gloomy picture, the £un, of the 19th, says: 41 The overcast horizon of our political con dition continues covered with black and im penetrable clouds. Our short vision cannot forecast what may transpire, and we continue Id the same shadowy twilight as before. Faith only supports us, and the most lively ‘ hope that quickly will change the lot of our country, and the belief that every’ day that passes brings nearer the solution of our questions." ... Up to the latest dates from the capital, nothing lurthcr had transpired three the boot less conference at the Hacienda do la Teja, to throw light upon the dark future of the country. The Liberals continued to advance by every road leading from thu Northern Slates towards the capital, sweeping every thing before them. The conscription at the chyof Mexico had resulted only in the or ganization of an undisciplined army of lepc ros, and the prospect ot holding the capital was small iuuccd.__^.^ M 01 < ino French evacuation of MazutUn, To pic, Guadalajara and other cities of the West umi South, was followed by a terrible flight ol thu French. A party of about 200 French left Mazatlnn on the day of the evacuation. The American Consul, Mr. Forrest, gave pas sage for the South American Republics, to shout llflv- A benevolent lurid was also tubed by the people of Mazatlnn, and sumo thirty French went to Ban Francisco. An English rnan-01-war also look olf many fami lies and landed them in safe localities on the const. Some MW Mexican Imperialists also took advantage of these opportunities to leave the city. When thu French troops arrived at Topic, some sixty residents desired to flee with them hut Imlfortbcrn were without mentis lo travel. A mthserinllott was immediately o|*cm'd, at thu rustiest of General t'artagny, mid thus the fugitives woru provided for, so laris the retiring column of Fruuch were nnnhlu to supply tucm with rations. In Guadalajara thu number of French thus helped away amounts (o nighty. And lima, ever increasing, the miserable caravan of fugitives moved on toward thu capital. At Luoii thuy were Joined by a now caravan of Ingitivis from the north end east. It con sisted of otic hundred and fifty miserable*, twenty of whom were utterly without mentis. General Jcfltmlgros brought Into the capi tal two hundred and fifty French fugitives, n hundred of whom were utterly dcrittulo and had to he provided fur* Mexican Impe- HnilMs had also taken refuge In the Ulty of Mexico In great numbers. Meanwhile, the French ami American reridetilsufrim capital were fleeing in this diteclioii to lake passage fur the United (Mates and Finiiee. Amid nil tills euntiishm the people of prop erty bad sprung imuthcr knotty quesibm. Whcncaricd upon lo pnv their assessments in Mm c.xiinufdlnniy military eniiltitmthih, they handed in hills lor Ihe lout of dwellings and warehouse" occupied by rim nctmh, in pßMimiil, liliiiigeul decrees fhrbbl'llng it had lumii Issued. lit this eonnuelioii Urn /'oM<i ttlluinpis (o Justify Ihe Gommimut in its osnrituiio uy Blunt ing lh« necessity of umlutnlning lUnlf, and reciting thu vai lima anis of vandalism, even rim plunder of private lumaes, during rim reign of rim mvolurioniaU. who are now striving again to'goi control or thu wealth of Ihu oouulry. It says rim hast way flir the nda is to coma forward and conlnhuiu llb» y, end thus save another revolution, £ll HARK AVION Ol* TUB CUBStII XUUV. Meanwhile the French army of occupation was concentrating at every point on the railroad, and preparing to embark at Vara Cruz, home three thousand ware already in that port awaiting transports, only two oi nlilcu, sent by Napoleon's recent order, bod arrived, and the port was busy as It could be with such movements. The most des|>erate efforts were being mode by the native Imperialists to maintain Maximilian on the throne alter thu French have, especially since the late meeting of the Council, and Generals Miramon, Marquez and Mejia had n arched out from tbe city to meet the Liberals, hut the future would dc]>cnd upon the fortunes of a general en gagement. THE 31XD STOJiE. Peculiarities oflta Application, (From the Evansville (Ind.) Sentinel, Jan. 23.] Whatever may he said regarding the quali ties of the mad stone, certain It Is a great deal of confidence Is reposed in It, nnrf »»• umdlcotion u ——n-va fu wiiix wouUerful re sults. We have a case In hand. The party Is a lady by the name of Adamson, from tho vicinity of Uulontown, Ky. On Sunday, the 18th, a rabid dog entered her bouse and made a ferocious attack upon a child, her daughter, who escaped haim through the lady’s interposition, but she was herself bitten on the finger. Knowing tbe dog to have leen rabid, she accepted tho company of a ftlcnd and repaired to the resideuce of Mr. Carlos Johnson, In Warrick County, lo this State, soon after, to avail herself of tho medical properties supposed, and by some believed, to be possessed by a stone, so called, In that gentleman’s possess! *n. The mad stone was not on the premises at the time, having last been used In this city In a similar case, with perfect success. She then came on to this city, and tho stone was yes , terday applied to her linger at the Crescent City Hotel, where she is tarrying. The stone Immediately adhered with tlie icnaclty of a leech and then fell off, as is supposed, only when the poison was absorbed or tbe pores filled with excrement drawn from the wound. This stone was originally brought from Eng land, and is of the appearance of b me, or rather pumice-stone, being porous, and of a gtcyish color. When the mad stone Is ap plied and kept on the wound for a short pc ril'd, It is taken off and boiled in sweet milk, and again applied. Those who have had the stone applied as sert that It produces a peculiar feeling, os if under some electric influence. t Mrs. Adamson has been suffering with the pain of suspense, not knowing what would bo her fato; but now feels more cheerful and conftdcnt. As soon as this ease Is satisfied, two chib dren. lately bitten by the same rabid dog, will Imre the stone applied. They are await* !ng Us use. we believe physicians generally do not ad mit the efficacy of the mad stone, yet Its suc cesses stagger the unbeliever. Surely, there Is sometlilug very remarkable about It, as hundreds of terrible deaths ate, to »Il appear ances, avoided by Us use. Is this another proof ol thepower ot mind over matter, or Is it a triumph of matter over mlud ? Funeral of N, F. WUIIa. [From the Boston Journal, January doth.] Funeral services over tbo remains of the late Nathaniel I*. Willis were rendered yes terday, at Bt. Paul’s Church, Trumoui street. The spacious edifice was filled with those who came to pay a last tribute of re sped to the memory of the deceased, among w horn were many distinguished In ttie world ot letters. The cjskcl was borne Into the chancel, preceded by the pall bearers uud officiating clergyman, Her. Ur. Huntington, ol Emanuel church, who read the solemn and beautiful service of the Episcopal Church for the burial of the dead, assisted hy the choir of the church, under Ur. Tuck eimou, the orgoulst, The casket was com pletely covered with beautiful Dowers, and bore on tbe silver plate tbc Inscription: " Nathaniel Pinker Willis, died January 20, JKS7, aged til years.” The management of the funrra) was In cbm go of Mr. James T. Fields. The follow ing gentlemen officiated as pall hearers: I'iufessor Henry W. Longfellow, Dr. Bamucl G, Howe, Air. Edmund Quincy, t'rofrssor Oliver Wcudcll Holmes, James Russell Lowell. .Tames T. Fields, Edwin it. Whip, pie, altd Mr. Merrill Trimble, of New York. After the ceremonies at the church, the re mains were conveyed to Mount Auburn, Wsstshi INial Older* (tlmiltfe*. The I'oetliißsler (Irtii'inl tins (undo the Inning changes In Postmasters silled tlid Ulsl tlislattli (;An»Moimuitlia*l. Morrow r'otinly, A, IMIo »lc» 11. i*. I'Miphcl, icinoHO i loweliville, Na boiling .('anility, o, It. Ne**leHcs It. dnilin, re iiimpcTj Hrighlun, Unatn i’oumv. tl. Waletson .!.»J, N. Mldton. resigned t Newvhie, lUrhliitil Connlv, J. -I, Wiginoii tic* J, tie(ernlx ( H re signmli Polk, Ashland County, Mrs. (?. Wlntaer in'* W, ( uiheiison, reslgnvdi Olmstiuigh, lllch land County, J, orahler rl.v W, P, (*i*ls, ie «tu»id i New Oullioro,«»i»lioilon t'ouniy, K. 11. Ihniuhill lies J. ||. iloodwln, retlgned. i/irkiifati Honihfivld, Oakland County, I), ll fc, rhumt (»•* c. p. Mini, d'ceasei. . New PioajM-ct, Pond dn lac Conn- Iy. l». ItomaieuHtt J. j< declined; Mary. Kk-e,’ lealgned ' J * C t ■ OUDI J , • AMinger el ee J, w A sff?Crf!'*.' r l*".*. c "». Cl.nrcun Couolj, w. " ii- ii. 1 ? J llm«,n»lKnea. Sunut, County, J. 11. n. Ford nc« >N. it, btgt, ti'rlgtej. A Handsome (ilft, [From the Rockford (III) Ur C liter, JuinaryU.) Some weeks einco MUs Anna E. Dickinson was announced to lecture in this city. On her arrival she was taken seriously lil—eo 111, indeed, tbat sbe was compelled to recall ber engagements to lecture for the winter. During ber sickness she was carefully aC tended by Dr. Charles 11. Rlcblncs, of this city. On her recovery she went directly to ber friends In Philadelphia. Dr. Rlcblngs having done his duty faithfully to a stranger, thought nothing of the circumstances until they were pleasantly and gracefully brought home to his feelings a few days since by the receipt by express of two beautifully chased solid silver medallon goblets, bearing tho following inscription: _ . “To Charles H. Ulchlow, M. D„ in reaem branee of a life well saved; with grateful regard, from Anna E. Dickinson—lßC7.” This acknowledgment of Dr. Etchings' skill and ability by Hiss Dickinson, is a com pliment of which he should bo proud, and is one which will be appreciated by the doc tor's many friends; while the gratitude and kindness of heart betrayed by the gift, will add to the warmth of her reception. ahooU Mlaa Dickinson over again visit our city. Tha gilt was worthy of both tho giver and re ceiver. The Warehouse Bills. Diooiuxarox, 111., January fix To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Tho second Warehouse Bill, published In yonr paper to-day, la a perfect bnmbng—eo Ur as granting any relief to tho pnblle la con cerned—and was undoubtedly got up In the Interest of the warehousemen. It provides no remedy for the worst of all evils—that ;bc shipper Is compelled to port with the control of his grain aa soon aa it Is loaded on the can at the place of shipment; whereas Mr. Eastman’s bill provides private ware houses in case tbe putllc warehouses do not afford satisfaction. This second bill provides extreme pen alties for crimes as Improbable as hanging one’s grandmother, supposing the Legisla ture to be foolish enough to think because such penalties are prescribed, for crimes which can never be detected, that the people will accept this bill. If the Chicago Board of Trade insists upon the Inspection ufgraln, then must the shipper be allowed to consign grain to a private warehouse. This Is the only and true remedy. The grain shippers arc delighted with Eastman’s bill, and It will add millions to the grain trade of Chicago ; while- this sec ond bill Is a mass of words without point or meaning, and only calculated to “ wool” the Legislature, supporing them to have no practical common sense. Gr&jk Shipper, Mr. liDrlbai’u timliromd BUI. Murnora, 111., Jatuary2s. To the Editors of the Chicago Tribune: 1 notice in the trl-wcckly Tribune of Jan uary 21, Hon- Stephen A. Ilarlbul’a Railroad Bill to fix the rates of freight, etc. To sec tion six of that bill I make objections, to wit: “For all grain In bulk or bags, not to exceed four cents per ton per mile; for all farm products (except live stock), the same rates.” Tbc above Item does not change tbe freight on grain one particle, from onr sta tion (MendoU) to Chicago, as it would he about eleven cents per bushel. • And that is all wc now have to pay. We fkrmcrs want a deduction on our gram freights, of thirty throe and ono-thlrd per cent, the same as proposed lor all other freights. O, thatwc could send practical farmersto represent our interests In the Legislature Instead of law yers. ' MISCELLANEOUS NEWS. Mrs. Charlie Pennington, of Mead County, Ken tucky, has given birth to five children within a year. She started off with twins last February. until «u iuiee ctnldren—l*o boys, weighing eight pounds each, and one daugh ter. weighing six pounds. Batch, the cheerful young man from New tUmpriilro, wbo shot a woman’s corset, while In batiUcd by the owner, but which itay-cd tho but let, and who afterward more Jnotciouily shot blmscir, Is still alive, and is nursed by tho samo woman ho shot at Jerome, the Wall shod broker. Is creating a sensation in New York with his monitor sleigh. Ills described a» lltlU* « J so Ihnn a beautiful boat on runners, with end prow and graceful it:ru, miniature guns projecting on either side, both so ornament uud defence. its ere* consists at twenty 'tidies Ihn.No* York 1/tratJ, of last Saturday, con Ulnrd the following touching “personal” adver tisement: “Lillie nigger, come homo. No refer enen will he made to thn pash Ten thousand par dons are ashed. Telegraph to your I’lggle.” linger delloiuvulr, Just dead, in I’arla, reckoned that he had spent (W.flUO In champagne during his fast career. 1 he Hnilan has taken leu million of francs from bis private pocket-book, lo rebuild tlie Constan- tinople thealiS. 11 Is reported (hat agents of the Pennsylvania Railroad are In England for tbe purpose of pur chasing steamers U) run between Philadelphia and Liverpool. Mechanics have worked ala hundred years on the spire of thn cathedral at Hlra«'‘org. Here will be nineUien and a halfafcres of glass used lo (he Paris fiipasltion building. PERSONAL. t«rd clartnco Paget Is going lo Egypt to give theVlceiujMlieOrdet of the Itnlh. it 1« a plly that liotbltig but (be personal presence ol a Urtt )>h envoy will Induee that nitgttsl but uncleanly imteiitale to tttnWgo ahbHbin. The (JtttM'li his IwiM been out sinlgh Mdlflg, Of, a* they call li il»c/e, “slwlge'dilvihg*” ou (he Isle fif Witfhl. IlieUfaeal nun In lbs United flintcn lloiip© ot lteprpw»n»MlM* Is Mr. Uslrtwm, of MnssitlnisMis, Ike miulM Mr. Jnlm V, hurf. of N*w *J**r*tey \ tlio ulteri " ternr* John Waniwonh, til Illinois! the Mr. llraud«*a«** , » of ronnsfltew i Hie Jmniipnnic.i man oiUlmniiU U much dUpiue on this |toim) la parluj-i Jsnws Cl. tilHtno, ol Malno, . A . Ljrrotn Trumbull, Hanalor n»r Ipa next all jean nom Jllinol., U fllly-lnnr years old. liev. Dr. Tortd. of i'lltafleld, Mass., preached liia twenty-firili unnlversaiy eermoa to bla people ia»t Punday, lbs occasion being alio the fortieth anniversary Hsbbalb alnca liia ordination to the mlufstry. Doting tbe entire ministry be baa preached alz thousand sermons, four thoosand of which have been written. During bla iwcmv-flvc years In PilUfield nine hundred and one persona bsTcnnlled with the church, and two thousand have united with dlffeicnt churches while under tU pastoral chsire. Ue has written thirty books wb'ch hare lieen published, and has seen some of tiKjo translated and published In eight different languages. He estimates that over one hundred thousand dollars have been given by bis present parish In chmlllca since his connection with them. Tbe amount of contributions bestowed by them the past year was f3,0G4, of which fL2W wasforfuieipu missions and SX7 forborne mU stone. ' AST ITEMS. Some of the “Buggies' gems'* have been pre sented to tbe public in a new acd attractive form. On a silken banner, mounted upon a golden suet I. ““king a pretty or nament for tbe ball or parlor. An effort Is being made at Cadiz to revive paint ing in its old borne. A prize ot £i»o is annually given by a Cadiz uodely for the best picture or a given subject, and young Spain la earning it bon. o:ably well. The subjects of tbe three prize pic tures now banging on the walls of tbe “Mnseo”— the result of three annual competitions—are “The Fall of Murillo from the Scaffold in theCaptichl i.os," “The Capture of Cadiz by Alfonso el Santo in 12C2, - ’ and “The Final Expulsion of tbe Moors trom Andalusia.*’ A committee have been formed at Coburg for the erection of a monument to the memory of Fried rich Kncbcil, who spent almost the whole of tbe thirty yean ol bis life near that town. A colossal bust baa been contemplated, and the model of it. executed lo ISH. bat been pronounced by the rela tives and friends of the late poet (o be an excellent and faithful likeness. It is proposed to have an exhibition of works ot ait and industrial products at Leeds in IS&9. Tbe building for tbe exhibition Is already erected, and more than £IIO,OOO have been subscribed. Some specimens of photography, recently pro duced in Paris, would seem to bare at last solrcd the long thought of problem of reproducing color from the simple effects of light, without alter touches. On examining attentively some wry beautifully executed portraits In an artist’s studio, tho Impression conveyed was that one was looking at some pho- tographs wonderfully well colored by the uaoa process. Ibe face presented tho natural skin tints, produced, as tbe photographer declared, at once and In the same manner as tbe nsual brown and black shades, by a process of bis own. The various part* of tho dress—such as silks, vel vets, and even furs—were in tbe usual tints, but' strongly brought out. Ihe specimens exhib ited were remarkably fine In every way, and likely to effect a great change in photographic studios, as the mural flesh tints thus produced ate quite free from that dark, bluish appearance. Inevitable in photographs colored over after Im pression. The Impressions produced are war ranted cot to he liable to changes by ihe effects of time and exposnre. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL MONETARY. Mokdat Krxxixo. January fef. The IDllowtoc is an exhibitor the business ot tbo United States Sub-Treasury In this city for tbc week ending January 90: nzcxirra. Customs t U.M3.29 Internal Itevenno i.OuM’O HiKcllaneooa 1t3.9iu.0S Total f-25,137J»l msßunsxnaxrs. Steels! warrants I 42.813 49 IMthun Inc officers 3,1*03.33 Miscellaneous 19. SH Total • 40,739 S 9 CASH OK UAKD. Colt * (H),429.73 Currency 8U3.1P1.23 Total rvZail* 00 Last week. .....1621.1W.U There Is nothing new to notice In tbe tune or condition of our local money market, sate that It is (crowing mote stringent each succeeding (lay. Tbe dlrcoitnl booses report a less pressing demand, but on Ihe elteel theft (savory active Intjulty for accommodation. The luniks arc dU cumiliutf to a mmlrrilo extent fur ihclr best cue* turners, oh wide margins, at the usual rates—fen per rstU bul their favors are conduc'd exclusively In (hose whose claims cannot be oteilooked, hi the open market good double names pans at IM 9<i per cent per annum, bul single signatures can* not be (lone for less Umi 9(4 per cent pei month. The demand for lixcliiiige Is nut active. though fully up tu ilms supply. The market ts stead/ and dim with sales of round loin between banks at par. The counter rales are shady al par buying and MU premium selling. We express our obligations to the tmhiuhers for an elvgamly bonno volume of the New York Cmmtrftal and /iaasctoJ Wronw/s, from July (u Dvcembrr, IHOd. The VhronUU Is one of the •blest coromeicUl papers In tbe country, and those who are Interested tu knowing wbat Is going on in the commercial and financial centres of the world will give tbe Chronicle a place In their counting room*. Ha proprietors ere the well fcnoun publishers of 7/unrs Merchant'* Maga zine. A Washington telegram says: “ It cow looks as though the efibrta to reduce the tax on whiskey would be ineffectual.' In whiskey elides It Is said tbat too many of the members of Congress are interested In tho Illicit distillation of bigbwmcs to allow any redaction of the t»v- We do not vooch for (be troth of this allegation, bat as every member of Congress mast know that tbe Government is obtaining no revenue bom the present lax, it is evident that there most be some reason, which hasmot yet been made public, for the unwillingness of our legislators to take such action on the matter as wiu protect both the Government and tbe honeot I msnnfscturer. Another telegram observes: “Ur. Allison's proposition to issue fifty million of three per cent notes, to tshe the piece of ihe ccmpocna Interest notes which are redeemable the present jeer, meets with considerable opposi tion In the Wajs and Means Committee. The friends of the measure desire to cel U oat of the committee, as the j believe U will psss the House " Wo trust the committee to whom thli proposi tion has been referred will bury it in everlasting oblivion.. Ibis country wants no mote loans, and can 111 afford to pay any mora tntsreit for the benefit of tbe few at the expense of tbe many. What Is wanted ia a polley that will look to the gradual payment of the National debt, by a redaction of the inter, eeton the same. The compound Interest notes are now doing duly aa currency, tn the shape of National Bank reserves, and at maturity maybe redeemed by a * efficient usie of legal tenders, which will sot change tha present currency state*. Ills slated that there fa a large delegation of National Bank presidents and cashiers at Wash- ington, lobbying against tbe passage of Randall’s bill. For many of these institutions, particularly In the country towns of New England, the passage ol this bill will be sore death, bat In tbe Urge .commend*! centres, and la the Watt, It will not TPflif guy raj msieml difference, aa moat of the Institutions will ran along In the' same manner as oiher incorporated concerns which bare no cir culation. ■ M . ...... V ll». nf? trtlkATfMsim The investigations nowgoingoo iatbeTresenrj Derailment, consequent upon the passage of Gar field's bill, ara reported to be making some extra ordinary developments. A telegram from Wasta- melon says: - - : ■ . **The Ways and MeansCommlttee,having heard that investigations now going onmihe Treasury Dcoartment show enormous frauds in the clerx a department, where all ihs notes and bonds are muteo, immediately reported a resolution em powering the aald committee to invcstlgJie the matter. Flour was doll and 100.15 c lower. Wheat waa dragging and declined 20iJ4c on No. S Spring, but No. 1 was unchanged. Cora opened 1c lower bnl rallied H&Hc. Gats were doll at a decline of **GV|C. Rye was unchanged. Barley was dull. Dressed Bogs were In limited anpply and 10015 c higher. Mess Pork was doll and 35c lower. Lard declined HOHc. Balk Meats steady. Groceries were quiet ana unchanged. Gold was slightly easier to-day. The market opened at iMfc, declined to 13»H. advanced to IMHind dosed at 131?*. The following quota tion* were received by Boyd Bros., gold brokers: 10:30 a. m IMU I U;00 m- H4H 10SB LD IfcMp. m UH* IWWa. m 13D* | 3:00 p.m ljM?i 11:15 a. ra ....18*H | atUOp. 131*4 r:3oa.m 13P, 4:U)p.m »»* 11:45 a. m 131?* I Mere the market was doll at 133X0131 buying— Ibe upper figure at the dose, toilvcr waa nominal The market for Government Securities was a shade higher to-day. The stock list opened a shade firmer oo tbe Flret Board, but 'he Volume of busi ness w«* light ana the market could not be quoted otherwise than dul. - *- On the second call there wm a reaction, and with few exceptions tbe lead ing railway shares experienced a fall of 203 per cent later In the afternoon there were rumors that the panic had biokcn out anew, to which the last received quotations of Eric and Norm. ci'oru (5314 and 33H) would apparently give some c.; -•? of truth. Ibe following shows the closing prices ol Governments to-day. comparui with muw vr me uiree previous days: Thor*. Frl. Bat. Mon. butcs uftl iWH IWH 11/?S 107* Flve-Twcntlc?, * « mtU 101*4 107 107*4 blve-TwenUne, 'O4 lift* Wi** K*r.a< m3*. FWu-Twenticfl. ’« H«B£ 103* JOG* 105 s Icn-Forllcs WH W* t»S «UH Sweu-Tlmtie*. Anc.... KMl* 101*< 1<»!4 lots Scvcn-Tblrtua. June....lW4 IDtfe.UUH HU4 Mvcu-Tolrtiea.Julr. . AW* 10«« Km* Hits Mew HvoTweullea 101 S 10IS Here the market was steady and Arm, with a good demand. The amount oflbrlogli compart* lively await, and Uio brokers have great difficulty In Oiling orders. Wo quote; fior»nn«t*T ■xotmmxa-cinoAoo markct. Uuytns. Hailing. U.H. Sixes, of 1881 tu7'f 1071; U.H. MOP, IM IWfc IVTfft U.H. &-«», IWI Uft lUSS U.B.WHM. 1605 105*5 103 H U h. bsos, small lot Qics# U.H. HMOs, largo W*j MS U.H. HMOs, small H« U. H.7JIUS, i«t sorloa. tins mis U. H.74IUe, M f.nira HU llUl* U. B. ••30*. 8d sertof HU I<UH U.H- TW>*. small JMfc lotnuonnd. .»une, 18M... linu 7 *• duly, lf»M I'Sjn “ Aug., IB 4 llf>H Oct., IfWt tllU “ Dec., itnt 11-.4 “ May, inn llllt Aug., PCO 11U “ Bept., inn tons “ Oct. 1M» 109 The following buying iiuolallons for Uio Public Funds aro given liylbe Heeoitd National llatiki C 1 0np., , 8t...K>750... . 7*Bo*(smalUlUßS©l | U D-sucounmis, JunoUomp., l»u,.it 4 (1arge)....1t)540m duly *• *• ..I IBS D-Wcoupous. Aug. *• “ ••jI?H (small).. .100 QIOO Oci “ 1 ..IMk llMOcoupons. Dec. “ * (large),.. WHO-... May H-18..1114 liuu coupons. Aug. ** '* i.jli'U MBstfnm oi- "• »:« l ucre Is bulbing doing In i,oril HerliHltc*. The maihel Is dull l« a disgusting client, ami prices am nominally unchanged. =TbeNew Vmk rt/.f/ipDig />t«( remarks I The money mitkei is, pertutps, lun rrtMwr more cmimnpi'b' etmdllmn. rail itraua being frmdy grained si 1 V rent on mixed cylla'efsl*. ami n V «HPt nnUovernmenl seenrlites. lMseimn|s are atsonimie morn iree all Vrent Mr MmirlgbjU gride* oi lommen lal paper, up lo IQ V deni for second Class. We quale I „ (Vr cent per annnm. toAHB on call, stock securities,, 7 do in,nrt arm mortgage ~,,,,7 fii h Prime endorsed bills, eo daya,,,...,.. ..7 (if. n do do 84il months., 8 da ii First-class single names . -8 U Utbcrgood bills.. .............U (All —'Abe Pbliadelpbla Udqtr observes: Hie money market usa qulot yesterday at 7 per (vnlonmWcollsneouaeucuiliics, with occasional ItauaacUotia on tlovernmemu at C®o4 jwr cent First claaa short business paper Is taken by ihe banks, and Ibe best of Urn which finds Its way to Uie street la discounted at Bto to per cent p«.r an num. —lhe Doston Adrerriscrsaya: Mouefatyaflalr* cot ttnae quite active, and the go'icral cha’acicrlattca ot the market are unal tered. Call loans rule at C per cen ? and the l.anks are accommodating tbclr ca-lomers on snort dated paper at C&7 ner ccm. In the uuisido maiket pepi r lakes a wider ningo, but the best totes ate in fair request at 7 to 8 percent. —According lo ad rices received by Alexander Delmar, Director of the Bureau of Statistics dated at‘lurk's Island, November 2G, 198 G, the silver balf oo;)srs and quarter-collars ot the United Stales baMr teen di cured, by proclamation of the yucca of Gicat ilritalu, to be a legal tender In tbe colony of Turk's Island and Cslco Islands acd the dc pcr.dfcucP i- thereof, to at culsle and be received in payment as bring of thefnll value and equivalent to current money of tbe United Kingdom, at tne rales b realter specified; tbal Is to say. the silver bsll-dolls* or tt.e tiniiflrt Outcast tbs rale of two vniiiihgs sterling, and the silver qnar'er-dollar ot the United s tates at one shilling s:erilng. —The Wttibj Circular ol Gicuu & Go., bankers London, of January 7, has tbe following remarks upon secretary McCulloch's policy of contraction: We maintain, notwithstanding the voluminous arguments of Mr. McCulloch and the American in his interest, that the amount of popermoneyin circulation has but ver, UlUe to do vitatbo preminm rn gold; acd history cer tainly proves the troth of onr assertion. In 181«. shortly after Waterloo, paper money in England was nearly on a par with gold; but in ISI'J, vicr a cui badlon of pancr money had taken place, gold rose to about 40 premium, trench there was far Use nole* in clicnlationthen 'ban lu IslC. In Scot land, a century ago, no one scarcely ever saw any gold or ell«er money nt all, because there was next to note in the country; >er mere was a Urge : sn.onnt of paper money in circulation, and, what . Is mote, none ol it wa« at a discount. Again, the present (and. in onr judgment, wise) policy the Bank of France pursues, viz: of Issu ing Eob s without limitation os the wants of Hie country require, contracting the same as trade languishes and money becomes idle and ebeap, surely most conclusively proves how erroneous Mr. McCulloch’s views arc on Ibis question ; for tbe Bank of France Issue and contract their rotes regardless of the amount of specie held In their vaults, and yet French bank notes arc never at a discount or, more correctly vpeaklng, have not been at a discount formmy years—ana yet neither England. Scotland, or France ore gold-producing countries lUe America. Why, take tho history of Secretary McCulloch s nvn administration of American finance—gold fell from 240 to IS7 wlthm a few weeks, about one year and a hall ago, and yet lucre were more notes In circulation when the premium was 37 than when U was 140 Again, about a year ago, the price of gold to Sew York wa« 135. The Secretary soon after and cancelled *s<’,OoO.W)o greenback*; the money market was much disturbed, and so was the price of gold tor, contrary to Mr. McCulloch's theory of con traction, gold very soon advanced 15 per cent, to HO. and remained there for some time. We , repeat that it is supply and demand amt public confidence that rcgnlato tbe price of gold, and not the amount of paper money in circulation. Mew York Mock .Market, Closing prices tor cash. January 2S, 1&7, received by Joseph U. Lyons & Co.. Broker*: ad i m m IVd. I , BM. D’d. W* , U. 9.6 percent »* » oon«U. io?H 69* I r. S*. b per cent 79* • VA coup- t>Mo7>{ 10« H 97* C. 3.6 prr cent St I &-*»COUp-V>* 106* 61 IU.&. 6 per cent MV I 5-30 c0up.,'66.105* 1»* 87k I U. 3.5 per cent it* 10-to.: nx ».V 106 Tr.Nota.73-10 1 UtMtte* 10IK 10 JH U. 8. 15-10, 2d tm« IW* 101 M u. 3. 7 310, 8d •erte*.... .. 101 V 101* Amcr. U01d....10t,S 131* Ist DU N. Y.Cen Itllf tine (com) W* M.e>. (c»m).... 7?>i C.ftHlta 9l*» I lock liiand.... 95* C.&X.w as* c. & w-pia cjh r.. Fl. w. i c. »h Uulrkfllvcr.... »*| W. I’WonTel.. O* C. ft A*(com), joe* ... Bnr.ftO M. Central. 1«» j»M Hadron Rirer.ias m 111. cemru,...nsy 1«K. I*, ft Head iwi ic-lji I Clpt*u*Tcl-...1192 117 H I T.ftTTabMh... «S W 1 Market—lit Board doll; *d Doan) weak. COMMERCIAL. Mokdat Brmenro, January 98, IHTi, Tbc following tables show tbe receipts and ship ments of Produce daring tbe past forty-eight hours t nsennt vast ron-nr-xionr nouns. Floor, brls ITtuaL tm Cura, bn.. Oat/, bn... lijfr. bu.... Dtrl* j, bu ... Orasi pmil. t)O.. tlioom Com, tbs Cmcd Meat/. to* I’oik, tills., lard, ft>s Tatlo»,lb/...... ( Hntu*. fcs ...... I». Host. Nq.-*» U»p Wo., i allle, No W0nt......i.i.... I,timber, tn. MiIbE'PS.W...... ami-imm raat »ontY*m«nr wnutw. iNtl. ll*no, ft,lWV JJUi .V.’.V ‘.V.V.V iMfw *i|W» .... in,*o *1 I.OM «.WJ ~..43J,(Ka lU|.U« .... an,m strain .... a,uia t,SM Mia au in a,m Sl,9t‘J 78,160 ftU HI li,OUO 10,519 Piour. bils... .... Mheat.bu Corn, lot oats, Uyc.bu. (iia*s need, tbs ... Jiroom Corn. ms... l ured Meals, ms... liver, brls Pork, bri*.......... Urd, m* Te110w,m5....... . Hotter, ms Dressed Does, No. Uve Uogs, N 0.... Celtic, No Hides, ms Higbwlnes, brls... Wool, ms lumber, m. SbltuiW. m 1*ih,m..... Sail,oris... Salt bee* , . . . i There wore no signs of animation whatever in tbe Provision market to-day* Holders evinced no disposition to force sales, and operator* wero equally indifferent to making any purchases. Mess Pork was doll, and the advance gamed on Satur day was almost, If not entirely lost. VTe note sales ] of TOO brls at fI3.37HaiS.TS for city and $1335 for : country—closing with sellers cf city standard at $15.50, and no buyers over $18.95, Extra prime Pork was doll and 25c lower, with sale* of 100 brls at SI3JO. Bulk Heats were steady with sales at «mc for Short Bib packed, 10H®10Hc for Clear Sides loose, and I0«c for do packed. There was nothing doing in Shonldew or Rough Sides Sweet Pickled Hams ware quiet, with sale® of 900 tierces from slaughtered, brtra at 10l£c. English meat* were quiet, with sales of 300 brls at 10c tw long cut ham?, and »Hc for short nb. Green meats were Inactive and nominal *1 l° r b * os « Md tot ■booldsn-tbs upper figure for tlaofblered hog. l.i.d vu dull too UOKc lower, with sa os of 3u« tcaalllftcforkeille di*°d aud for ■team. Oreaft was Id rood demand Md Arm. wllb sales of aiO bitsat 10c forwbllo and BKOOC for yalldw, . ' , , _ Dressed Uoga were lo light snpplr, and In view of the mort favorable advices from New York, ibe maiket advanced lOfclK, with sales at |7.C0a..73 —clnsiPß at F*.lo« *»d 17.40 for pood lots dividing OniWllbS. nr Bonded WbMtey Is nominal at23®2Sc. Wo omit quotations for Ibe free article. The Float markelwae dal*, andpilecs favored the buyer to ibe’cxientof 10®19e. We bear of aalcs oi »cme 2,W0 brie, at «MJO for Wdlte Win ters; 11L25 lor Bed winter; SWO®H-75 .tor Spline Extras, and $7 »5®8.00 for Spring Sapen. I an Meal sold to ■ moderate extent at £1.90. There was a dull and dragging market for Wbeai, and we not-, a decline of 2®BUcon No. bus No. I was without any msterlal clisnpe. The rales foot op 28.0CObn, at £1.13® SLW fur No. 1 Regular; 12.00 for No. 2 m A. D. & Co.; gl.t-sHei.B7 fur do regulsr, » nd for Ile]eci«d-<loßing dull at |t.Bs for No. S la regular booses. Corn opened dull and folly 1c lower, bat subse quently recovered H3l*®* Ibe sales fool op CO.OCO bn at 77®77|fc for No. 1; 66c for No, 2. and and M«4®«uc for New Bejectcd—closing steady at77S®773{e for No. 1 in store. Oats were dull and J*®Hc lower, with light transactions at 4OJio4OHctor No. 3. Nothing do ing In No. l. Bye was dull and unchanged. Sales were made at B»®9oc for No. 1, and BGc for No. 3. Barley was doll, with sales of a few sample lots al9oc®fU». Regular No. 2 is nominal at 99303 c. Tallow was quiet with rales of 39 package city bnicbers* at yjic. Ibe following telegrams were read to-day on ’Change Floor heavy ol liO.lßsail.Bo. Wheat inactive and drooping at fa 1702£7. Cora qa'ct at »I.isH@l.i6in store. Oats heavy at 61061 c. Ola Poik turner at 91V.60; New Fork doll at lAnidallatlSlic. Uoga firmer, at f9.f7HOS.BTM* Uold, iMtf. IATSB. Flour quiet and unsettled. Wheat inactive. Cora firm. Oats dull. Hogs a shade flnner. Whiskey unsettled at 28030 c. * LATEB. In the afternoon the grain markets wore quiet, at r*Hc for Ni>. 1 Corn, and 91.85 for No. 9 Spring vVbeal. Tbero was nothing doing In Provision*. Beal Canle were quiet, but etcadj and firm at previous rates. Ibe secelpte were 141 head,and the entered tales US bead, at 14.00&3.50 fjr com mon to srood lots. Prices tatise at i &.ftJQO.7S. Live llogs were laitlr active, and dim at cnV stanltallj ibe closing rat js of last week. Ibe re* c ip't were l.Tllfl bead, end the talcs 1,994 bead, at pilco* ranging from 15.75 lor common, to 98.0114 for choice Hogs. New York Grocery Market* (From llie hldpplng LUt.) Suns*—The maraet for raw hat oosUouad rather In* active aloce our last, purchases oclns only mule for theltnn.e«llafc want* 01 consumer* t but, on toe other baud, bolder* ruuiala very arm In their view*. mud the fuil currency orFrblaylastiiaupputteJ.nulwuhataod* Inrrolfl riled at lowei points yesterday than I t a week vast, We quote lair rettned uunt. 10H(4l0Ko t Ruud «o„ li'Hc s fair t > Rood grocery, luhifucs prime to chidcr do, tl Vall\c; No.l*lkjj.l H4'l>4c; Mflnlnc rradrs I'arto uic», lOjStnvc: grxerr do. )V)iotl3hv,Ac. Iti-tlt ula Imi moderate request, anti in n-ee, except tor hard, are U**He tow»r,#ay hard \Ud lakn mfi white, IbaUU-M and jolloW. Mc”sr*.titnnrtliavo not u ii'l their figure*. rhosalu oftaw. Inrlnilli R mme before our last, ate i.39l hhdl. Cuba airs Willie? m I’orto lUco, l2.*l3Jtct Weiarl n>d (Miada oupe. 13*ci SO Hi. frUx. ll*c it .Now Orleans l*ej i.stlbie llatana,OH'*l»kr; *Mllotihds frlaili. «N. 4 liu'i. Tin- sloe* veterdsy wnsahom ».&>» lilul*. as,S74 bx» aod bills, 1t1.774 hsgs sugar, and 7t> bhdt Slrlado. FlTtr—lhe dm and continue* very iti'elerate. but near.* all description* »re held llrmlv, there •hjiok veri few kluda ibat at present price* net the e.»t of Itupor talliu Hie sales ant 4.WM In*, layer raUlu*. In lot*. aIfJJC cold, and y.i.w currency ■, 300 tirla currant”. Hkc cdid, and l "jieltwc rurr-nrr t 10 casks new furl inti pruuis. IlkuMe •.tortoold crop, live : 10 casradl run, tsuujve; .5 bast new French wsloul*. llci*o du“ldl* niberl*.lie; 30 do Afrl an snrilul peanuts, like s imi nrls l*"rto lllro oranges, Ill.Uli lemons. In Ibe al ienee ot arrivals for mm» time past, arc very tcnreei 300 cases aud 80 blid* lias, 000 ht audiWqr. bis liter Mldiis, ICO brls eiim-titi, 73 ca»ks lurklsh (rtirlP', UP frat's ll«hon paper shell sliupud*. 7W bi« Icily ihellefl do. 3xo ca«a, nr. list, innlnes, aud tUjUM ft» pusu mils, un tvnui oa trsi spired. 1 Idmi-lVc uoilci-an imptm lug demand forlllo, wlib a v ry l:rm trarket, especially since the antral oflhe steamer yesterday, w in advices ol l.ghl ship* menu in Una country. We hare not vaHe I mr ijuj talluns imm lan wc-i'lc. but there !■ evbbntiy grater strength. andlhrv nnvbessld to h» ra'hur be ow present VAluattun*. hunters at the close demandings general advance, 'linealei of llin arc I.W/jsri per U. Anna, on private teriust 101’iiH per stesmir ilnld* Inghlar, atlruilUHt do per L’onrad, to arrive. iOKtn 4.UP do in r Vou-natiero, also to arrive. tOV'« all anhl, In imiml i nrnh.<w do nl Haitirt ore, p»r Francis .lane. ITWe. gold, duly paid. In oilier kinds there is nl«o i fair deu sielßlsUa'iy prkesi the sales afef.TiO liaes Laguayia. timsti) fbr Humpe, wu do In loU, nw Mi's* cainoiVcn <;iylou, iiu tnaisjava, on terms hut .made pub |e. the sliH kof lito In the country ll BM»?J hag* help. JI.7N at Rsw nilesn*. 3.3<r at Otfvesbih. ».M» at Mi Idle, u.'-Wnt Pavautiih, anl 9,«Ui at Ita'lttnofe—ln- RMj.fl V9.»tl list*. - « Mut A»SFs--'l nrfe has l*»eh but llljle ilnh" s|ip‘p»iuf lull Ihedeinalid l« iii'.dofato. partly tiwldtf Ijlhflm to irauspuMailoii nr (lie sunw anl b i e .in. had”-pril ls aresuptuirle.l, tiip»al?s are ll? lilul* •■■Ho him at IA.HHM frto iiaibadnes, tPii ih I’tiba Jtiontadoi i In Msiisahllia, Itaivan niiiuatiui id-rt, l ie, i mu* i and 1M b‘|s tsew llf hslts, «H nWi l , ca« i, My He* ikmu* nl livHi'ii'. liHlUnMir* i*rovl»l<m 4% l»ru« *-rb«r« hnv» lw*m rwesUsb fr.»m &itiihnrn nmrkxia fur Uu .m, l.m uwiiur to iita rlo.mi of Mia harbor lliav nonti* rai.a|o itnOiM, (llliar dasorlp. tln(v> <.f lioar pr**«iin l. tliutuli In low* beiii«n I, inure hrmin** than l»r aomutime |i*»t, aiM iirbiasabow a \tf) neutral Improvement, lim'on—Trut-sm'ibn* imvebeunto a fvlruiient, in. rioiimn i*o lilnli old aidant llkft’ilnt 73 blois new rib (lit at U>,wl IVibhrt* new near nit an>l clear bn at liklM'-c; luil lilnli new shoulder* «t and MM pea elty sugar-cured bams at Ifrllfic. Hulk Meau—aale* reported nt aOhhdtaad 50,000 n* rliarrlb aide*, to arrive, at Uc; 5.0H0 ti bn at 11j<o: W'.tuo aa luuae rib at luwr; too raik* Cincinnati ctirad •boulder* at o<\ anil 3>,t00 ft* looaedoal the same Of. are. Pickled hann are quoted at UitC-cllc. Pora-halea uic.nde 5u nrl* new prune (ne'e at 13100, anbcobria new nieaa at S'&OO p brl. At tbe close mu* wa> held at 137.50. Lard—Srrall *alea of city and Western, In h»l», ban beuiiuadeat lixe, at wnlch Oyara wc quote at tb< cloac. Western Wooden Ware Manufacturer** A*~ noclatton. A laectlceef ml* was Veld In DctrMten Thursday. The Inbowine Ormi w»re repreteatad: Mra<rs. Cnr*lu. Marietta. O.; Putnam. florin, r, On Poole, Cleveland, O.; Granam, Cleveland.O ; uimlck, Moline, III: 31 no. Two Hirer*, wia.: Witmtn. Chlca* rn, 111.; Bailey, piuabnrxn, pa.; Carter. Port Huron, Michigan: £vait«.Si. Louis, Mo.; M. FroM, Detroit; J. W. Snllon. Detroit. Tbe following list of prices w*» adopted: Iwoboop pell*.. Three ho* p palls. No. 1 tabs s’o*. 2 tube*. ■»0.3 tnb*. <e*t«or tfiVer. NesU rljilebt.. Churns Ko. 1. rnufn s*n. Chuns Ko. 3 li.oo The A* BocUtlou adjourned to meet In Chicago oa the second Wtonctcay Jn March next. Philadelphia Provision Market—Jan. i!5. Their is a S rater feellnc Id tbe marsc*. ana rstber r ore doing in the way of B Ues. 100 t>rla of n*w men pork su.o at (??.00A?1A0. Baron cmitnnei quiet, titles rl p'alnand fancy baezed ham* at 15(415c. and sides at ISfcllKc. Green m*ats are unchanged rirk'edhanihSPU at anl LOCO piece* ot salt shoumera at Uij#»kr fi ». Lard sells at 13®UJ<c Vlb for prime in barrels and Ucrcca. THR CDICAUO LIVE STOCK MARKET. OmcE or m* Daily Tbxbcvk, )' Mo*i>at Kykniso, January *3 5 The following table chows the dally receipts and chlpmmu ol Llrs Stock daring the week cp to this fTimnr, a* repotted by the Secretary of the Union stock Yard Company: Cattle, non. Steep. Sunday and Monday lit l.w 100 Tee receipts today were by tbe followln* route*: Cattle, iloga. Soeep. By Dlisoia Central Road By UumncU-n i. Onlncy Uoao By M.louts & Alloo Road NortriwcMeru Road r.y Rock I»lacd Read 1(1 By iniubnrj; A Ft, W Road Total 11l t.?M 100 llie atupmenu today, and lor tta« week np to tbu :Tctlnp, were Cattle. Bogs. Sheep. Sunday and ilonday 45 .... .... bhli meats to-day were by the toilovtne toata: Cattle. Bogs. Sheep. By Michigan Central Total Bales today, as catered at the different Scale-houses, were as follows: _ Cattle. Dost. Sheep. At Illinois Central Scale. is 373 49 At C„ B. & g. Scale 104 S4O At Alton Seal 1 181 BEEF CATTLE—LittIe transpired at the yards to day, to vary the ostial qnlet of Monday’s market. The weather was Intensely cold, and few buyers made their appearance In the yards this morning, and aside from some half dozen car loads, noaslcs were effected. The supply of stock was Inconsiderable, consisting of a few culls—the ’’tarings” ol last week’s market—and about 150 head, received to-day. Sales were restricted to IIS head, which were taken by shippers and city butchers at (4X003.90 for common Cows, to fair fleshy Strers. The market close* steady, with prices nominally an chanped. closcto mem. Ertrn ywree— Fids, tat, well-formed,! to B years old nt.ers, aid averaging 1,300 fit and npwtrtfa WAO^S.73 /’rime /.Verrs—Good, weii-tatted, fairly formed Steers, averaging from t.ico to U4iUCiB.aU &5028.95 /Irfr rrn.»*»—F*ir Sleets, la fair flesh, av erasing I.«nG»I.HW Pa. at 5.0*5.73 UnUum cvir«*-Medlnm Steers and gi«d Cows. At fbr citT alaughter, and averaging l43*3iM sircar Oittlr —Common CatUe tn decent De*ti. averaglngHC®!.! 00 lit, at 8-71*1.90 /n/erb>r— Light and thin Cows and Steers, rough and coarse, averaging &A*Bso Ba, at... .r.rr. a,50a3.50 CATTLE SALKS TO-DAY. Thirteen head common Cowt, Ibd and watered, aver aclne l.Ctfi Pt. st JI.W. IblrLnn head medium 9’ock, averaging 1.975 PS, fed and watered, a* fta tV) V bead. Bevenhe*>l fair parting Cattle, averaging 1,20 PS, frti aid watered,at |5.gS. ... Nine tiesdUira. averaging IA°O ft*, led and watered. *V^t| ( een brad common Cows, averaging 930 Pi, at 14.J5. IlUiiß.—The market was arrive to the eitentof tbe offering*, the meagre supply tn the pens being readily cioßto out at prices well op tu the closing rales ol Rat unlay. Fall* number t.«9l bead at price* ranging from for eomtnon to fair lots, and |4.nwMl.v for good tu choice liega. The bulk cf lbs offering* were taken at, and within the range 01. M.WhaßJ#. Moder ate receipt*are anticlpaled dorlni the week.and Uio. present rale* win no doubt be well snMaltw. we hole the following transactional „ Him BALKS TO DAt. _ No. Av. Frlca. vXrMrUsontfog* Mdg M gimd Neon M,. ViM fl.l# W lii"illlim roars" 10t.................... Kri A 99 huuiriivMM) Mrgs ■■■lS S'?! NJ guild Stsit bawts llofs.M. Jit J-J9 ft.lMdresrw. M0g5...... ...ill MJ ijuallly .•>■}} JfJ iv r (<-t. £| *•* l|Sgl>Wl |>IHH.p ...•*?! f ! wt'..n>hudie.iar*s Hiisvsn 10t... JJJ 5 S 111 Mfdlum Mugs 12, u 44"atra||wf» i. J-filH 9lltTi«|ro ateu Ini. *3 J-* 4 . Uv ...S to g.K>»l liariio lingi.. ....••••TO M* hIiKSF-Tlwre WM noUdng doing In ihU depsrt* nicnl »f rrads, henra va quote the market entirely nom* Inal at li orvi 4.74 for common 13 fair loU, and for good to rbnlce nmtwo Sheep. .... 2,311 .... lI,V>O 41.7H0 ~.. 2.71)1 3,950 . ... 23,523 !00,5*0 OH ..... MU *„W ..... 2.100 U. 239 ..... t.tri4 1,740 ... .11)T.3*8 109H.0 A 101 ...... 032 20,110 CIIICAHO IIAII.V MARKET, AU litUt nf Grain r<t*>rttd In l*i« market report arimaaeon Ut baiu cf tctnter (*c> itoraa*, untf*i cUtrteitt ttprttttd. MoxdaT Et who. January 58, I*7. FItRIHHT* 1 —K»it-«ntp ruißUTs-lftwted Uogt an d hO«wp,N»d use Iqwctio Albany. Ve r«Tt*e oar rate*. Tbo following la U>« Joint larli on the Dr,»d Itatra from Chicago to— cUrf.clu*. Floor. Hoga. Bnflaio, N g fi* £ 2 t g !•* . 2 .2 VS gstfVSiiitf Albany, 5. Y- i-S £* Is iM 3*2 S m i'2 Boalon and Albany - VS S VS VS Bo*toor<a Grand Tnmk....- * VS VS Portand rln Grand Trent.-.- HS *•« Philadelphia V J ® ITO 1U Baiumcre - **S 5 ?*£ l '4o , 2 a l ™ S

1 C.ereland. *5 5 2 55 I JuTemmTUle. Ind- g n m o sgsms^s.^ sr.'^o' «' not named, at fll.TO; Wj Sff 'iSpSSSK itfwfSi 3 B m ?*ro j WO bru do. at *7.U; 50 brU 120 340 93 551 jl»maeT>;*stt7.UCoiur’ata4L-»o brUkl'n drie-iat . »\I*EAT-Re»i?ei, oot shipped. VMObu UsrkeUlow atm 3a3t,e I<> vrroo Ka.*6prtcia. B*le* «cre i fc(o Du ho. 1 m ir.u i j.ico Da do el #M« (rera l»r>i ,*.3*obo No-«•« aiJrt t a. 10) Undo at tUMUi lO.cttl Do do st |I.M; S.Ouj bu do at «U>«jrefQl*r); 410 tea do (A. D. d Co.) at nj»s 800 ba S«J«cled »» fI.ISK ( Hdl bu do st tUi; 400 tra do St |UK-closln* «l«>u »i (i.»u frr rrgnU> No j rpnoc. C«‘ KN—lUTclvt-d, 13,010 oaisnppel.l'UOba. Mtr kti cpti-ul dull ana fu.iy lelower. but ■nbeenaenlly rallied balM were: WOO DU Ho.latTlge; WOO bn co at 77j;e ;« Du do at 77Kc t SS.OOJ bn do at77)«Ci MAI Du do at 77c: 4CO ra No. 3at ffles L6O) bu hrjtcod at (4b<;4,«0 bu do at Me; 1.303 ba do rl'.ms coMafTTMaViXc f >r No. 1 in atoro OSI^-!l«elved,a.fPs bu t slipped, Martlet dolt are KdVe lower. Stl.s were: 4,000 4Cbc; l.uo cud.-,attiVc. It * E—Bectlred, a,Xobo: sbltped, l.WSbq. Mar ket doll, hales were: BOOba No.I, at »0c; 400bo,at ®e; 4OTbn No. 2,atß6c. Has* |,KV—lieerlrtd, 3JS» ba; shipped, none. Market don. Sale* a ere: iOObnby rarople at tU»; IfOboaod SOfaan SO. Regular Noil tanoml- Del at tSfcGOc. A l.roOUD—Nominal at W.®W4.40. Itu A N—Slarktt qclet at|15.9>6«14.00. , . Blldun L'OltS—Market very qultt and nominal at rrcvi'<i:a qnotrUot r. HRA BrTTKII-R-cflved. J.IX ft*; «Mpp«4,s.lW ft*. Tt-e market continues qnlet. with price* ».eadTani m»- cbarirwL About the only tfemaml Ufj cbolce Boil Battercn local acroanU For common Tub amt com mon F»ki» tbereuecarelysnylnqnlrT.aodqnoUtlons are almost con jna*. bales Pxltj InclnaeWJ ft* BWI strict Weqooist Ctolceto X ajry M OX 0 GooaTnb .X 033 c common U «;s c Primei'irkin . X 9Jl i( C iiimn t train..... vs-**., v SAUUlNU—lbedemand It light, ana under 11b cral necks prices s'fi easpr. On round lou eonecs •ions might be readily obtained. We make no change in our auotailots u follows: b a'lonai A. J bo. aeamless Unen ***H2 Union A, 3 bn do »«w«Mfe^iW Illinois A. 3 bo. do Com Fszbaose. •••"••rISS’S Btark A, cotton seamless ...i,vWWI'7O.M Lewiston A. do TOXM Andrcacoggin do 65.00 American. do 6SJ» beaver Ulllf, do puuneia b, do gx» mm mils, do 225 Fort Put. do 70430 siteo. do f 5 baco, linen and cotton. M.OO Kldeewood, do MjM SpnLabeld Ousin *7.00 Boriaos,4bn, No. 1 SJ# Exnnire Cltr WJO CUE b»E-There is no totlcesble Improvement In tbe ctmano, and wltba (dll snpptr In tbe mariet, prices are by no meant firm. Tbe tnqulrv is chlelly for prune roods to suppiv current wants. We quote: New Tort Factory (genuine). 79 fill* C Fact »ry (Illinois) .16 017 c Hamburg 16 017 c Western Male* 13 ot< o Western IScscire 13 «U c N*w Tonx, Janaary 23. ... HU •Tonne America” ®3O e CtlAU—Tbe demand lit teave. with price* tmed? and onchat g*d. The stocks of Anthracite Cial are ample, a* are al«o the poorer varieties of Belt Coal. We qtmteaa follows: . , kata—Jtroo*OeW 9 li.OO. do Unstb/. . 1100 CucTxiaxa-BTt'r niU.... UJH do Mineral Rldce 10.1*0 do Willow Back 10.00 do Tonael 10,00 10.00 19.00 15.00*16.00 1(00 MJJO UtIOOU. 6.00 A R.OO do DDtruk B*Qni MO Yonrhl' fhrry . 11.00. . COfrFßß—Thaffenerai market rules frm tad niTrcs remain noctangcd. Wc repeat quotations: Java SdJftWOKc Hlo, common to fair 31 Itio. aood to priroa jffi<<(47ZMe Kl-*. prims to ebotev ..CTMutTyc COttPEftAUK—Market steady. Sales inrlnJcToO fork barrels at 11.40 1 71 do (on track) at 51.40; SSCdu at 11.30de1.; 1W no at |l.BodeLj 100 Lard Tiercel at : 50doatl9 00. Eli({«t_M > cre«jQiet and »tuv at X<*J7c for Umcd Fees sort tfvjnor for elrlctiy Fresh In iraall packages, IfinrtiM-tr urair. FUtllTn AM) NllT**-Tradc Is Plcklnc up a Mute. and a beticr, flraer ft-rlln* prevails. There ll a fair Inquire for general aaaurtmenla. aad for neartjr ail dmrrlpilotie prices art full/ sustained and firm at quotations. Cholc- Winter Apple* continue Inioort •rqui st, and trarcc and firm. Nuts are la demand and ady. Wc quote: (IRISH nt’tT*. .. f 1.00 (1 6.00 .. ..9.00 (*ll.OO ...non .19.00 (*JI.W Chlnpewa...... ... UIoMbUIS Lamp Lcblch Lacks want, prepared.. £cr»ntt>n. PiUaton. Apple*. I* brl,. l.cinnns, Ma'cca t rsnt'errli*” frantimles. mlUviitrsl Fli»,dnim...- Flrs. cn»u>opß. jlairs Can Feirhis, V tiui., 3 lb cam. Apples new ivai lira, halve* aud ijoarlcni.. rrai hes, pared Itiscktierrlei.iiew, V tt Ita.pberrlf*. new, p ft.. . men les, Pitted , KlderlierrlM. V ft Kalslna, Isters ItulHoß. Valencia Vardlces, W Iwsrs ranllnea h Iwiea atna. Altnnnds, hanl tliellnl... ft O il Almnnd*, »oft ■nrllNl.. {£ rt 43 Almmida, paper shel'ed 80 A no resouis, f ft. Wt1m1URUm............... II t 4 19 itrsrii Nuu Filberts !! ** 12 Frettch Wsinot*. new... ll CO w Rsples Wa1miia.t..t«.....ttt...t....t..«t M A m recans, »niali and 1arR«..u..<t.......... H rt aH iHcatry Nuis. ..............9.00 «990 fhesltinls. *• bn .......... .............. 7.00 ca 9.00 |e|*«ll —') lict» la no material Improvement to note In Up Kciirral cbaratteHoi the niatlet. Ihi dehiand U wiiffi «h| chiefly to nipniylnf dm cUv retail aroc«ry trade. wiinoectiPinallr a small urder ffuin the e juih i») . Wcquule the inaikil-iulßl at the fhiiowiuß rauae IMS* tM I “ . »i1i1.9 Ml. tP.# T>o W.V.B Is"v.v.vr.v;;. tel® " Miin'y. » iWMiS'S “•'M 11 w * f I!,!',;;;; fa li Ur ti * i*. 'V * ii«i' r 'to| » Uiir»dnr QarrVf^U'|ir|!lVi! ijSg IJ-JJ Nn, r sUn » gi r 4<!M'A*K-M«rk*t nm.wlth an antlva demand, lain* were i Mi lea WUlta, at 100 \ fiO ira Vallow, at tto i luu Ira ili», tienr. . „ llliil)WlSKrt-n«neir«l. ftbrlai ihlpnM. «j hrn. Martel nominal at JikMSio {or Bonded. Weomll all ounuiiurt :ur dnir paid. _ ll(il**-Uarkei firm at 60(3 65c lorEaitcrn andU£ Or lor Wrtlirn. __ _ DUEH-EU lUMJK—deceived, 2,1®; ahlppod, 9 *«. Maraet firm, and I0(*l5e hiabt-r, owing to a lit;ht tupriy. and more tavcrablc aarleea from New York, baieawrre: 10 averaging 9HI bp, at, 86 - ' vs “ 8»iBfl. at 8 “ S 3, Ba. aU 15 M B£VEia,at U •* «IB*,at iw •• jrs a»,au....... !OljTl(Mc|COO»Jßii,aU T.IJ and IJO 3M M XUBsat TOO anaTJO 92 w 31-0 B", at T.’O and 7.43 313 “ Wiß 7.10 an<l7.« ss M 2tt>B«,al ~ja aadTJR —closing »t«uly at it. lo3*. if* dividing on XO Bi. BAY— Reaaini quiet, and prices to-day are easier. We continue to quote: , t> wnousAtx nncn. TlmothT. roller aad Dealer piesied. lla cthy, Jo* sc prtnea.... ITalne, boater pressed RETAIL PRICES. Timothr, rnlcraad beater pressed 4i6.009i7.00 Timothy. loose pressed 16.004tii1.00 Prairie, rollct and beater c ref ted 1C0JC4.5.00 Frame, loose on wasoo. delivered 9X> 0t10.09 HlDES*—Received, 107JS8 &*; shipped. 51.199 at. The narket exhibited lets jilmaUon to-day. Local tanner* arr, t,i a con-lo treble ex tent, withdrawing from Ihr trar«el. and ihoQah there Is still a*ood inquiry on ehlpplne account, the geieral feellnt U easier. We make no ct.anee la oar quotation/, as follows: Greta butcher*' 9 9 95<c Gieen Salted, trimmed la c Green Calf. 19 919 c Kip, Green fatted 11 ®ls c Dry Flitt,trimmed 17 Dry Sated, trimmed ..HN3ISHC Grern Salted, part cured 10 felOnc IKOft aND WTEEl.—Buslceea in thU depart* meat of trade continnes steady and without change In prices. We quote: Continue Bar 5£9 3Vc ,iort«Mioe Iron ojf® *Vc Heavy B*thl 6 ® 6\c Ho. p ard Light Band 6*®tl c noanaord square 3k® 9kc • r*l &M® «kc Hall Oraland Ealf Round....*. s** 6*c Sheet Iron, common 7k® .... Extra Brando .7*® ebtet Iron, Galvanized, 17x25 ® .... Sheet Iren, charcoal 9*C4 .... soect Iron, Jnnlaia c Nciway Kali Bode U «13Jic Bio* steel. Gem an ®il c Mow Steel, cast V< «18 c Sprlrc aid Tire Steel, Eagllah K ®is c Tool Ca»t Steel, ordinary sizes 3d 490 c Tool Cost Mce, American ®ts c Blistered Steel 30 «30 c Riii9la.Kos.9and 16 ;.3S (j»39 c tussln. Am., Ist qnall’y. *) Ml MIS c tuasla, Ann,l*lqaalliy. » sheet (213 e itnssia. Am- 2d Quality, v aneet ®l6 c I.EATMKK—Ihe market exhibits Utile llte as yet, tbongn dealers are predicting an active trade during the coniine month, and with no anrnlss stock on hand, are holding flrnny at full prices, tve quote: ouiuxnc. City Harness, A Slaughter, Sole, B>. • 89® 401 Boualo | 40® 43 Country oarnca* 34* S6| Slaughter Sole. Line. Vft 43® 44 I Chicago, K0...l 40® 43 HIP, medium, V 1 Slaughter Sole, D. ~..IJB®IJO Chlcasro.Ko.3. 31® 37 Call. f> o Lst®l.W Buenos Ayrei... 33® 40 Upper. ft t00t... 30® Si I Orinoco Sole 37® 39 Conntrv Upper.. 3S® 39 Orinoco, .goad. _ Collar. V f00t... 33® 311 damaged. 31® 33 OAK. Slaughter 501 e... M® 511 Flench Call, 31 6s) *l*oo Harness, * 40» W tt5........ v ....a.1002J5 Upper . &0 32 French CaC 36,,^,,,. KiP 2*o. U me- 65..............3.0003.10 atom 1.1001.30 French Calf Le* Rlr. No. 1. molnea. V d0cn.00090.00 hire 8601.10 Ll'nilKU-The nurfceOi moderator active and prices rule Dm at the annexed quotations: Lr«n«k—First Clear. 1, I*. 1* and 3 Inch *, m |6J.«Kiflß.oc Second Clear, 1,1 >*, 1* and 3 Inch MXtUW.O Third Clear, Inch 30.00053X0 Flnt and Second Clear Flooring. to* gethcr,roogh,lhesameasrtecondCiear * 30.00 ASS .on Common Foortnr, rough S3.OQA.t7AO Matched and Dreaaed Common Flooring. 4J.Uojlt.oo Matched and Dresied 9 inch Common i-looms SAQvaaSAO First anoVcond Clear Siding, together. ao.OQiiliXO First Common Dressed Sidinc 33X003X0 Wagoi-Box Boards, select, 13 Inch and upwards A Stew k Hoardi, IMneees W.OQiJI.OO H Stock Boards. la-inches *5X0037.00 Common Hoards, Joists. scantling. Fenc* Ins. and Small Timber, 13 to 10 ttet ) C fr K 3ix0a«3.00 Joists sod scanning, 30,33 and 31 fiat 55.00030.00 Joist* and Scantling 21.00 SiUMiLts-A or Star shared Bhmgles . _ 4.M) A or Mar fcawedSnlngles 9.00.W.50 Fo. 1 Sawtd Sh'Ocle* 3AO0&OO Lam—l**r m In yards 6XO py car-load by Northwestern Railroad, delivered In any yard wbere ran can M •witched, or any depot: Aor Star Saw* > e>l Shingles, by carload.on track 4X501X0 A nr SMar Shared Shingles, by ear load, on track 9.7504X0 No. I Sawed Shingles, by car-load, on track 3-33 Thrte dollars a car-load added when transferred, which charge follows toe bblncln In might bill. snmaLksgrAUDAkD. . „, . Thlckneoa—Fire mingles to be two inches to thick* seas. Lentth— Plxtpm Inch**, panda—'Twenty Inches. !nfcT^7* P A^» f T|I»NKIU** f*TnnH- T lit demand l» moderate. tod duller* report» hlr trade InrtliU *ea*onol the year. We notes decline ofWc i>o ’I In piste, sort to adtance of cc on Pence Staple*. We mire qooulioos t r not tin inwr, i c . iitqnsmr,cMit.......i! lOtlll Irl quality. 5heet......1 pma'lPU* I. p .. . Mwnnmi. list Tin ......... w opfrie. f.p tft*if ..«•.«! Metallic/Htotli... 10 jPsnd 11...... rrH*et t»o**ott'..... t* 11.. |lf Brief* nt»f 10ftp.. 41 llSfvJ M...... pherMNSt 14 InllM 41 IPtlMl It ..... Tlliftlftx* .. ......... 10 1T............. fttftnlt MITAt. _ 1". I*l qua1ity........... tn to Wire"* Pence niaptea,.., J" NAI I.H-Trad* i j si*t>iy. slut nrun* rule nrm ti (he de»>Hi.* yraterdar. Wahiirtei liM *!............. i«t lOoshlom id !!!,!!!!!!!!!!’..!!!!! f 5 Ki w*h '''iljln «■»» tn ;“ .j£3 Lard oil, eitra,,. }tS?!-'S Lift 1 01i.N0.l Winter Urd nil! No. I Winter HWI42 Haiti: OH, round lota.. !•&**•*! Machine OH Sperm Oil. W. Lubricating OH tSIM* Oa*tor Oil fS*H2 Neanjoot on CAttBON <)| L—la in moderate reqne»t and quiet. Wequote: Carom. 91 car load Carbon, small lots. Benzole PKOTISIUNH—RcceIred. niCuredMeata and tr« ft* Lard: ahipped. s>LHM ft* Cored Man ; LOT® brl* Pork ana 459.0& ft* Lsrd. m , JS? Met* Pap*—Market dalL Unary .and Tc lower. Sale*were: stk brl* at |18.T5;» brl* at»lSJa;«s brl* at fIBJ7V; IW bria Country at IL^»— cto*ms with rate* ot city Standard at tI&M. and no bayer* ° T E*tr*Vrtme Park-Dull and Oc lower. Sale* were: 100 htlsatflUO. . Mrcft Pickled Uwma—QoleU Sales were: *» tt |aitiab^nei» : -Msmt qal«t. Sa'sa were; 2M boxe*liocs Cot Ham* at 10c; SObx»shortKlbatO*<c. Bnl* Me«t»-Uarkct steady. sales »■ Cl«ar bides at lOfcc: 40.01 ft*do at tone; WXO ft* do on p. L—all oo*e; S.OOO ft* do at Wtfc. packed; 43.000 »ml». ...V33XC tor Rama and c&6Ke tor Sbonldera—the Inilde figure* tor dreaeeoboc. 90 A 19 no m m n 14 tt m a «.7S » i« it ia a to 43 (A 49 St (« 81 04 V« M 01 1) A l« 1.31 (J I.S) IB 3 1» tt« tt N ll 49 .fIIOCGHUJO .. 11HUU.S0 .. 10.00*11.00 Uirt-twTizdKaUe lower. BalM wert : » to» K*ni« dried at llfce; in tret Swam at UHc; UO do at ll ruUl<TßV—SaleatadodeS dozea Dreated CMct esa at t&JM;&dozaa do it tSJOtWOO ai Droned Turttea at lie; 100 &■ do at He; 330 Ika da at U^c. non* **l» »*I.EII»TJIK-Tf..l« I. IJ £ncv» quo' alny ill (hatred. Wo repent flnoutoius albums seafclnal,, M&fHvS *• Pore ...tluijw Deland’s Chemical i....1t*a1» o •• Deality - “ i*nn .. BliUAU*—lhero «h « fistr inquiry ,to-<Ur, ani rriccs were steady el toe foil .wine quotations s Cub« I*ono Ho •l;* t OJ c s. y.Biflecd, I'owileredsndtiratm a*-d....tVf'<l*V'- While A « < trcie a . ;..~..13M4U5c White B - RxtraC...... .. *lV*U*c Yellow C .......U c i nurd c. c Oxnaro C. extra...... Sew oneeu prime ts<»u*c Kew Orlratt hir * tytaOfcC r» y RD P«*—The oeaaad is moderate end pneat on loBows: Sew Tort Strops. - •, » Yellow Drips....; ;...... kl*M.» Cube »....•' ®- Porto Btco l » Sew Orleans ; '-JSHL l ’S2 Philadelphia Bee Hire , f* Chicago wflnery, Amb*r LWS*-!® m ** * Golden «a » “ •• Borer Uooee.. ® HAl.T—KecHreu, none; aMpne*. *J brl«. Mar k»t Cm. sale or KO brl* at S&O, aoUrerea. We Coarse. Groond Alum USgtlO Tort’* Island, bags *££ Ground Solar .... Dairy, with tacks ;...~ 5-9? Dairy, wllhout sacks 8*35 33£?fl ft»; shipped. fIWM. The market 1< steady and prices are Qnchaaeed. Bala include: SO bass Timothy at |LSB I M Mrs do at 1340; Wbs«doat»3.UV;C9bagiaoatOSao. TBA?*—lbe market is firm. Wo note an advance ot Scon npertorto fine Young fljsoo, Wo conOnoeio Young Hyson, soperlor to Bee, 9 do 1 extra to choice, V ft Imperial, superior to Pne, 9 ft................ t-twAWO do extra to choice, V lb IJOr-HIJO Ganpowder.sopertQrto One, «• is LIOGM.W do extra to choice. V LSkdt.os Japae, natural teat, see to extra floe. V ft... llhtl.u do do floe to choice, V ft... UOALSO do do coloied, V ft USiaiJO TA L. 1.0 vv-flirtet quiet. Bales were: Sbrtsdty butchers’ at9£c. TOBACCO— CoqUoim* dntt, with no essential change In prices as follows: Fts» Cut Cmwtao— t( ta ai n ’Extra.. Choice.. C0mm0n..... Baoxnco Tobacco— *rf*' ■Virginia's Favonte. “ r Choice Medium Common Btems Pico Tobacco— j-oy»l ClUten. 89« Farmers* Delimit 25 « S Kitoril lnf> .IJO 9IW H*if Drifibt » OI.U Choice Blact, sound 75 « » hedisa 70 9 75 Common SO a h , hivlet Virginia 10s and *i so 9 (0 Flounders 75 ft SS WOOD—I* IQ limited demand, though steady and firm at the prices giteu below; 1 M*ytr, * cord, delivered J.flS.OftaUXO hUp»e,% cord. In yard.. Beech. V cord, dentered H*S2 - IV2L Beech, V cord. In yard JW&fHS Oirkm* O' cord. 1440^15^0 WOOI/—l>eelTe«, fCfti; tnlpped, INTO ftt. Mar kexqolct and nnchanged. Hale 01 S,Cw ti unwashed atSDc. _ Idailroana. AmiIVAL A2«D DEPA.UTURB OP TRAINS. Winter Arrangement* cmcioo ajio xoimtwMTEiw iuiliuud— ojtinx nemo UN*—DEPOT EODTIt WELLS BTTIKrr. l-caro. Arrive. *7:20 p.m. 7;noj». m. yy.wt. m. 4:t«p. m. 11:101. m. Omaha Fast Line Omaha Nisht Expieis. lUxoo I’asicngcr rOKSPORTUKB. Fracport Passerser... .. •liMWp. m, *3:10 a. tn. KiMtmn I’asscnjrer *ShOO a. m. *HOp. m. llucktord' EltflD, Fox ,__ ItiTcraDdHalo t. 100... *1:00 p.ra. *11:10 a. tn, Geneva Rod Elgin I'aa* tenser..... *B:iWt». ni, *ftj!3 %.m, trncuKriN DiTißioK-ncrot oouniii or cabal ard Ktttxiv etnarr. liar Kapreaa •ShOOa. m. •f:3on.m. NlkblKipiesi ! *.J:na.m. .lanrsvlllo Accomtnod n. *8:10 p.m. *i:JO p. in. Woodstock Attomtnoa'n b. m. MILWAURKB niTimnR—IICTOT OumttU OP OARAL ■mnaun» ............ •• - AMD nmtixarntrr. Day Express WtOO a. m. 12:00 tn. Iloretull. Calvary ami , Mansion l'Bop.m. Nlelil Expres* ««».». StOOp.m. Kenosha AccommoiTo... 4:tnp.m. ftlsa.m. , WaubPffan Accotninoil’n. DtOOp. m. BtVla. m. Milwaukee Acconumid'n. 11i45p.m. fls3d*.m tißo. L. Dimutr, uen’l Sup’t. 11. F. Patihck, Ueneral I’aasinger Agcnl. MICBIBAN CXNTBAt lUILMOa^—OAiOA ...rtrt, XUO7 orun rntan. Motrin* E»pi«» «»!np «. ra. «B « p. n. Dir Express *7!UO a. m. *11:00 p. a. Rvenlcj *M>| P* P‘ ft * Nliiht Express.. p. m. t q :1» a. m. i/ipciciUTi am» tonisntt-* 7ium». _ womlne Kxurcss........ *7sW a tn. •*ti;! , B a. toi Ntfibi £iprea»i. *•*.***.. tu. •llttt.p.m. Hli'fllUAN POlfTMatm Al»n s*l HBOP7 MSB—'!■ POT COMM TAN lIDURN AMU IBM BAH CTBUTI. tutxi'o WB«. . . k nail ntirMt.w. p.m, lay Pititr**. 44 4... 4441 *" !W a. tn. *1 'IOO P. tn New York Plph's#....»* *1! tU!‘ , op. U Nlghl Etpief§i.i‘ ‘4... t*u*;W'p.ol4 *WWMi. » oitxoit i.tna, 4 . Mad MtWO.B. fftH'R.O. Nitftil KipreMi.4ii ..... IKHWp.H. *giWp. B. r,-fts|utarttt, Tua* v**tMa Ofeti'A^o, Mai 1..?.;,..... •• •»!*»*.«• rauWs .. *m>< Ijintta.iß, KliUm ...Illf.ll'S' .HSlf'g bkursis. ■ •*! otoolb re. 1110(10. re fUmOUtfllNtNAb. « „ nay PaaasihMli. ■ *oi4ll a. Wi *loiN' I*. Hi BkV.b:‘"ATn'nmo4.’i; Vi »\ »i!'“ vs&tt. u »» »» ~,, sanup.m. •MM p.n, «». u it •itjMp.m. •iiWp.ta « (mtOAQO, BUM4JWTOH ABU QOIhOI. Day Expruaaand Mu 11... •«00p, m. f.afeabunr I‘aeseogar.. . *B;iiUp.m. •4.’do p. m, Aurora *WMp. m. •irisi a. tn, Nlflhl Expreaa IM.OO ttid’ht tn6oa. m. dHtCAOO AJZr *T. tOOIB. „ Expresa and Mall S'Ma.ra. fitOp.ia. Night Express IhlSp.m. S:M am. Joliet and Wilmington „„ . _ Actommodauon 4:«»p. p. tr« a. a jxncAuo and anxiT BAerxKii—(iatv oinrnnstfi atb ttJiv) —mLwarxa* hatlsoad cxtct, < > oa, PAIVAL AND UN MX STBXTT*. Day Rxprc«r *?SP ,TB4 Nlelu Express 0:00 p. a. 3:s*’p. a* /oa iNuiANAPoua, LOTnamtsANP cm unsat-.. Day Express &30 a. a HUM p. a Slnht Kprees .. a ‘ m ' Colnnbnr Erpreas «6:3.> 10:M p. m. *» « .... ftuop.n &50 a. n. ULBlmr Accommodation ft.*ia.a. ftft) a. a. !. 5:15p.m. fcUJ o. in. CSiCi3O, BOCK tSIASD AND PAOITIO HACJIOAO. Day Express and MaT... *9:00 a. m. *5;Mp. in. Night Express liUOp.n. *5:45 a. it. oliet Acconnaodartoc.. 1:40p.m. *lfc4o a. m. •Sunday excepted, tMonday excepted, psaHirdaj •xccptcd. .4 7.73 .. 743 .. 7.50 .. 740 .. 740 .. 7.40 union stock tabd ten* tael*. Leave Madison Street Leave Stoddards. 0;*) a-m- 7:40 a-m. 8:20 a. m. 9:10 a.m. 10:00..•; a.m- 11:30 15:30....*. p.m. 1:30 p.m. 8:20 p. m. 4:00 p. m. 4:45 p.m. 5:40 p.m. bundat maos. 8:5) a. m. | 0:33 a, m. 10:20 a.m.111:15 a-m. i 12:30 p.m. 1 fcM p.m. ; ItfO p.m. I 5a5 0.0. The followhur lathe new table for the arriva and departure of mall* from tbc Hilcaco Post Office for the witter, and now In torcu: > Mtita CLOSE. P. O. CHICAGO, ILL. KAILS ABUTS. I a.m. p.m. a m. p.m. ... 2:00....M1ch. South. R. R Ifc3o :::: iloom* »» ** •* *.*. &06 iSIS 12:00 m Mich. Central R. R 12.00 3: 5.... ** “ *‘ - 6:00 8:15 ” 2:00... .Plita. &Ft Wayne 13:30 &15 . *• ** ,k 7:10 12:00 m “ “ ‘ ~ 6.00 11:00 ii'oo 4:80 ...Orcat F-asteni R. R.. &*0 10:00 12:00 +“;.to....NewAlbanydtt'alen ft2o 11:00 p-CO 7:45....Ga1ena Railroad 3:10 2:40 12:00 ftlXL...Dixon Air Line.... 0:00 7:20 12:00 B:oo....Kocklsland Railroad 5:45 2:30 12:00 6:00....0., B.& (Jnlncyß. R, 5:50 0:00 r-,0 AOD....Northwestern K. R.. 6:15 &30 g-OO 2:45....M11nantce Railroad. 11:30 8:20 12:00 7:45....111in0is Central R, R, 7:"0 9:00 12:00 7:00....5t. lemls Railroad... 5:35 9:45 ROB’T. A. UILMORB. P. M. General Xoliecsf. LUMBAHD’B TROUPE.—We under stand that Frank Lombard aid Troupe ars meet ing with great success In their tour thiough tbe btate, tbdr Concert tn tbo New City Hall, Aurora, on Satur day evening, netting them two hundred and eighty four dollars, the most successful, Onaoclally, ever given in tbat city. MEDICAL-A Homoeopathic Physician, going to Europe, Ulßhts to Bell tlla Practice To a tborourhiy educated man. Casb collections from six to seven Uiuntand annually. NO REAL ESTATE. Address W. U. LEWIS, M. D„ No. aONcwlon-at- Bos ton, Mars. -OATCHELOR’S hair dye. “Tills splendid Ilslr Dye is the beat to the world. Hsra.les>. relitble. the onlr Perfect Dye. No disappointment- No ridiculous tints, but true to nature, Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH ELOR. Sold oy Drngglsta and perfumers. Factory. 81 Dafclav-st..New York. _ _ (Sag QAS FIXTURES. JAS. WINGRAVE JR. & CO. 84 RANDIH.PIVBT. Utmb at auction. T AND BALE.—The undersigned wdl I i offer at AUCTION, at tbe north door ot tbe Court uotue In Chicago, lUi.. at 14 o’clock a. m* j Saturday f the Otb of February) I rroitrro.lfnot pterlouM* sold at private aals, the K.R of S. W. Bsc. 11. 41 N.. 13 K. situate about one mile and a hair west of F.ranston, and twelve north of Chi cago. Cook County, 111., containing eighty acres, more About flfiy-Ave cr »lity acres of this tract.are hw* 1 Hr timbered, the remainder In prairie, whl e addl- 1 nonal Inducement! are found In it* proimtyr to tbe beanlllul little railroad and lue shore town of Braee- Urn and tbe gnat my nf Clilcsro. In refcrsnce to a nitre of residence, the farltitv ot aale and deli very of , ttie timber and the product* ol the soil generally, •1»-Term* of eale pnblHhcd theilay of tale. petscnß desiring to pureha*" this land at private sale win direct thflr communications to the undfr.ltneO, l*°» *»• aa »- 'Hint !..?•& orcau g-tcaii’Ctg. ONLT WEEKLY MAIL LINE TO LITMtIOOL. INMAN LINE. DM" Pflht tilvrfpoul, New Toth slid I’hlMstphU r« ‘*tpaetilfli-Mt n-xl t» wrfliP ausmshlpa, sails Rom , J'Jkll 4A«Si’Uh lll»er. .Sew loth, hVKKY BATDHOAV tmall iteaiiw), i AM* UVKIIV WKDNK’aMA V i"itfi I Tl.riuitflicMit Ui» l*wr, | Pdfllea Vlilllhg III" iUMS *lll JllUl Ullf, f.»r •{««•! and *-<|iial t*» a‘>y other malt mte,«n<l very nihchohaapav. t’aawwgersikmihwlfrom iutw,. i A itiidU**! numwr *d »t*eraga paMengars will uo laVen at a* low fare a* by any oinrr 'me. ; for particulars and l« swum j Om'l We«t*n Agent, fl I neartmtu-it., Chicago. : grrangpotiatiow. | i -VIEW ORLEANS AND JUSSIaSjra r\ RIVKR I'llltTb.—The Atlantic A MtMlulppl * {steamship Co.’s fa*t and alagantboats leave I Cairo on I arrival of UUnots Central svesing train fromChlosgo i ! uVurniß, VKUBDDRO, SEW OIIIJ«• 1 r °’ = 13uglnegg Catbg. ‘ T>LAIR & JEFFERSON, ! - L * conmssioN nEBCHAiin, | OFFICE, 201 FKOST-ST, ’ MEMPHIS. TKSJI. 4 Liberal advascesents made on coaslgnmo*. O Q- EaT » HATTEN & CO, Wholesale Coznmis&on HerchaiUai [J No. (SO MoGaoeflt^ » Between T and DKHYKB. COLORADO. ...... 7 T\BESSEp HOGS! ASD VTB IBHT MSTB punished cr»tu. BUteit asrtat pile** ruujateed* prvopt retire* aide. CorrMpocaerre •ouoieo* 1 “sS Special TSouttg. 11 elm bold’s Bxtrmct Buctm Gltra health Ami vigor to ibe trains and bloom to the Ciailld cheek. DeblmyUaccoinpaai'dbymanv »'nrm d* ijßplom*, mul tr do troatmett U submitted tc, conanmp-fon, insanity, or eollcpUc ut» eaaue. Dr ( Jamta, Acknowledged, by tbe medical profession and tbs press, to bare no equal In tba treatment ot Brrmus. hramHATOiaaxa, and all disorders of a private n start, can be cceAdctllaliy consulted at bis ofSee and par lors, 91 and 93 Baodolpblh, comer of Dearborn, (nearly opposite bis old office) Chicago, 111., from 9 a. m'.toß p.O, Box 696. • ■ • Telte no ware Unpleasant and Unsafe Bctn'dlesfornnplcasaatanddaiceroas disease*. Us» Helmboid's Sitrect Bnchu aad Improved Bose wash. Tiie Gturj of diou Is Bueogdi« Tbnrfor*. the Btrrcni tad debilitated »bonW lorn*- *i*trty ate UelzPoaTs Extract Bncaa... KisDbocd andlonttifaJ Am emlnedby Uehabold** Ertra Bocho. Dr. Bigelow, BsTtoßtfcfl esnfldeacs-of the pabllc sad the medical Cactbty attarce,!* thomosc rcliab'e pbyitdan to the city lor chronic narrow and itiotl diseases. Cell at bia oßce, 170 booth CJarK-st. corner of itjorpe. Boom* separate. Consultation free. P. O. Box la-1. Bit guide to health, pohilahed moalhlj, seat bee to anj adCrssa. Uelmkold’t Fluid Extract Bneho X* pleasant Co taste and odor, free from all inJarto-JS properties, atd lg.tnedlsle tn inaction. Shanered Constitution* Bestoredby Helmaold's hxtr«c»3acho. Dr. ThomMDt Proprietor of the Medial ud Surgical Institute, 179 Booth Clart-su hu nested all time of venereal dis ease with uspreesdested success lur nearly tarty years, bpermaiortbma sod tmpotmc* treated with the baptu eat resmu. Particulars of the Institute and the Guide mailed free to any address. P. O. Box 72. Chicago, UUaola. ■ • .91.15- 01JO .. 1.00 01.15 .. » 0 a> .. 65 0 73 A Beady and Conclattre Test 01 the properties of Belmbold'* Fluid Extract Bocha will be a comparison with those set fbrth la the United Slates Dispensatory. » 01XO 35 0 SO 31 0 » 19 0 33 Enfrehlcd and Delicate ConatUatlon*,- Ot both sexes, sm B elmbold's Extract Bochn. It will tire brisk and energetic feelings and enable you to sleep well. transportation. DESPATCH I FAST FREIGHT LINE 1 AMERICAN EXPRESS COMFY, propbictous. The Hudson Hirer amt New Tork Central Railroads hating adjusted Uielr late diflerenees, Freight Train connections bare been icsnmed, and MBUCUANTb* DESPATCH Threngh Cans lesrp New York daily* ns heremfore. Shippers are a*itucd that no effort will be spared to push shlpmeuU for ward to drstlnatlon as rapidly as possible, and In Time Excelled by >'o Other Liao* E. CUMMINGS, Superintendent. 4. A. BIIITII, Agent, 41 l)earl>orti-at. HuCalo, Jaonary W. $)IOPO01110. MFFUJIfi OF THE bUP'T OF CON- V / bTIiUUI lONOK TIIH 11. N. UOUitf IIOUHK Bpumiiimi.p, 111, January D, iMf. Braird l*rtiposals «111 tw rwrlvcl al (he office if the FuiwiUilrn rut of the I?. S.C inrt llousr. tow erecting •I rprlDgilfM, 111., until II o'rloek tit., Kehruary 9th, jHbl.torall Ui*rilrrVrnit stone work of the above building, Hum (ha basMitenl up. to bo delivered on the premise*. Drawings ol the work, shoving dlurusl ms, ikmliu amt exUiil of 11, mar be mwb tad examined for rstlttstins, at my officf, urby apidlcalhn at the Uus (un> House* al Liucagu, It.« ami Bt. LunK M>. l‘ro|>ora!* tmi*l contorm in all re‘v«*rls to Ihe re ntilmnenlsnt Hie plans a*d spertDrat) *n«, ami will lueiiiue the prlre ho of Ihe ashlar, and the whole of thn dtrsslng*. In separate Item*, ids Hepirt uirnt leserr tig the light to nward tho contract fur lae dressings and aihlar MparaUdr, rrti|H>*als will also be receive<l al Ihe oilier of (hr titideislstiH) lor Inn ishli g all iheitnck teoultHt (or the above rut alone work, Inelmllnt llir aahiar, ready Mwebj In be d'llv-red ot Ihe rare al loe in the till cf bprtngtieidi (ruin Ihe Ist day cl May forward, aldliisut-ti qiumUllesas will he rtqulred by the »ti petlnlemitnl*..... ... * . I’tvittiis will nlid I'P feceiml al my cltlim fijr llPktti- atnivp cut siotiu work Id ihe wall, ili'd idltiit all etaii p*. am hof*. elagloge, etc., aecuidlhg In I'lslt* made mm ihly, npofl Ihe jr alplaPCPlilaKßiif lit" slone of WO(k. lPi( |toi|>ef tehi, until the Dual imiiiplplloti ol Itieoiic rosimmdhl* refMtn*. in (im stiih «)f ( t ih« pin •lohewor»,liM>i for the f-otrli *|.Mip, n >M (4,i*Q fbf feiiioHliesimm, ihaiunhldißr will a«*p|<lami ppf> i<im Oteteddirnd ll a-nnlad i" Idim lli« shitieienpy o| hr «aet niy |‘l lm ( pfilDvd b> l-y llie WoUM!b'f ol InlPf pal |ievti|«H«lor Urn IMsirml, ....... Tim moilfi mini erpmnpany hi* hid wltlianmnlß ofdiutbdiß 1,0 pfopoirs I t fm.t>h, a\ inoura imlw, and showing lb* vsr.on# titles fd.hamp nring iirm u.»w), Mai*"asniiior roiigu iseei tt mini Iwplaiii'y hiarkier * HU (he Initial* olllio iiarltui ahd Hio h4Htu u| Ihoquarri iromwhUli obtained. . , . Tim Depar'imml rnrnw Hie flubl to raJtcl anv or all hut* if U h* Ut eme.i fur Ihe tnloiosi of ilia Oityarn merit so to do, «rul no td'i will ho conddered that rt>M« not conftim b* the requirement ot Hits a iverliwra-at. Pruiiosals sh’Aldtwtnrlosed In a sealed envelope, Indorsed "I’ltipotsls H r cut stote work." ••Propossla for rough stone," or ••Proposals for telling •loua." os Hie case mar be, and aiUltt*s*«al to A. tichwsru. biipor- Intetdftil U. S. Court Home, Bptlngtluld, Illinois. A. bCntVAUT2.bupenntendent. PUOrOSALS FOP. AUiTY TRANS- t rOUTATION. t QtURIKtUUsTKU ULMIAL’t OfFlfiE.) WAimwoTon, D. t\, January 13. 1953. ( i SEALED I‘UOFOSALs will be received at this office t until 13 o'clock m., on the tKlt ol Kcurnary, liU. fbr the transportation of Ml.iury Suppllss during the < Jcar rr-tuinenctug April l, tSciT, and endlnj Mircu 31, i Wo, on the lotloulng rontes: UOUtE No. I. , From Fort Mcl*bcr»OD. Nebraska Territory, op each ( pouts as may be determined upon during the year on the Omaha branch of the Union I’aeltlc Hal road, west , of Fort MclTieraon. or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Ter ritory, to such posts or dep. ts as are now or may be es* lablbliwl in Uie Territory of Nebraska, wed or longi tude 101 degrees. In the territory of Mtmtaua. south of latitude a 6 degrees. *n the Territory cf Dakota, west ol Icngtinde 1M degrees, in Territory of Ida Do. soutu of latitude 44 degrees, and cost of Ungttudo m degrees, and In theTemtorte* of Utah ana Colorado north ol latitude 43 urprccs. Including, li necessary, Denver CllJ ’ 11“LTE So. 2. From Fort Elley. State ol KaiUiS, or such points at may be determined upon dnrtpg Ibe year on the Union Pacific Itailroao, E. U-, to any post* or depots that are low or may be established in the State of Kan*aa or tn the Territory of Colorad ■, south of '»Utude -40 de grees porth, and to Fort Union, Kew Ueguo, or other uepol that may oc a«signa'-a tn that Territory, and to any other point or points ou the route. *KOUTE N 0.3. From Fort Union or such other depot os may be established In the Territory of New Mexico, to an polls or stations that are.or may be established In that Territory, and to inch post* or nations as may pe designated tn the Territory ot ArUona, and in the of Texas west of lotettude 139 degrees. ROUTE Ko. 4. From 61. I'aul, Mlamsota, to such po*Uai are now or may beeslaDll-ned m tne htate of Mlinesota. and In that portlou of Dakota Territory lying east of the itiiMJuil River. . , The weight to be transported during the vear will not exrrcd on Route Ko. l, SOJCO.MJ pound.*: on Route No. 3, 20.WC,' 00 pounds: on Route no. 3.8,0311)03 pounds, and on Route No pound*. l‘ropo»als will be made for each route separately. Didders will t'a'e the race per U» pounds p r 130 nius. at which they will tiansportthe stores lu each month of the year, beginning April Ist, IS6«, and end ing March 31, ISfis- Bidden should give their names In full, as well as thilrpiaresofri-stcence. and each proposal sauuld be accrmpanled by a bond in the sum ot ten thou-aud (Mo.oWJ»doUar».algneaby two or acre respondble per sons, guaranteeing that id case a contract l» awarded for tr.e route mentioned* In the proposal to the party prop, slug, the contract win oc accepted and entered Into, and good nod sulficirat security tarnished by aald party In accordance with the terms of this adver tisement. . . . . The contractor will be rcquueu to slve bonds in the fbliowitg amounts: tin honte So. 1. (150,000. | Un Route Ko. i, SX.tXO. ! on Route N 0.3, loo,ixo. On Route No. 4. 50.000. . . Satisfactory mdecce of the loyalty and so yeacy of each bidder and person offered as security will be re quired. _ ... I’roposals most be endorse! Proposals for Axmy Transportation on Route Ko. 1,2,3, or4,ns the we may be, and nene wilt t« entemmed utloea tn*y fully comply with the requirements of this advertise mraL The party to whom an award Is made mmt be pre pared to execute the contract at once, ana to give the required bonds fbr tne talthXtil penunuance of the ton • The right tn reject any and all bids that may be offered Is reserved. , Ibeccntractor on each route must be In readiness fbr service by the Ist day of April, tan. and will be re quired to Lave a place of business, or agency, at wmen be may be communicate! with promptly and readily fbr Route Ko.l, at Omaha, K. T.; lor RontcNo.2. at Fort lUley. Kansas; fbr Honte No. a, at Fort Union, Kew Mexico; for Route N<> I. at Saint Paul. 31lnne iota, or at such other point fbr each ol the several Routes as may be Indicated as the starting point of the terms showing the conditions ot the contract to be entered into for each route, can be had on app 1- cation at this other, or at the office of the, Quartermas ter al New York Saint Louis. Fort Leavenwortn, Omaha. Santa Fe and Fort btelllng. and mutt accom pany and be a part ol the proposal*, j B! “ r,U nu9s Brevet Colonel and Ass’t Quartermaster U. S. A. p OVEBNIIENT SALK T&e orcperty known as the “GOV’KUSMENT TAN* T " e NEnV AND STEAM SAWMILL," with sev* ealv-five acres of land-neat SAN ANTONIO. TEXAS. Sealed Proposal*. In duplicate, will be received up to the first day ol March, 1967. fur the purchase of J acrwol land.imorsorinw). together with the build ings elected Hereon, ami tne appurtenance* appertain ing, that is to sat: ONE fANNEUV.C mtalulng twelve Shine Ute Vat*, PIFTT-fWO WIM>Dh.S VATS. 6EVEN STONE POOLS, and capable Xvt ring IWIO hldta per annum: ONE STEAM SAWMlLL.capable of sawuT* ajuo fret ol Lumber dally t ONE SMALL B Th? l above property tl iltoate-1 about two miles above baa Antonio, on the San Antonio Illver.and the water l» conducted to the establishment by a race of hewn stone laid In esmenc , . . The land was t urcased and improvetnenla mart* by the late so-raded Con'Merate Uvvernraeot aad ate e*llmate«l to have rest »IW»« In gJl'}- ..... laft , The property has been under leas* lor Uie year t»», at a ttonlhly rent rf TWO. parable in advanre. A se cured title la ifeslmplfl willbe glren by the U.S.Oov* e T4npc«ala will be mafkr«l.**l?oiweaUi htf Uovern* nent Tannery and Bawnllll» ,, n,.. M.i. 0... am-. a.i n.„ » Haiuiou works at ohandua- YEN and Wait Lake. MlrMasO. Omcß SiratnuTßviJiso Ksnisas*. iUssoat (VPSBTUIJLStS,LAU,MICRIHANi I MltwAvatß, wisrwsih, Jan'infr I.W. , f , Beatrd prowsal*. l« nf the fifra f*Uttl»bp< by U» Mtulrr*l#tfft«l«»lH fs»*ivs.| at thi» emw tthtll lltutaday, Ibe Itlh day ».f f ebfnaf v, iUJ, II m., tol (be faatwrs of Ufabd fla»Mi Uni Klaei ■nisjn'ploveliiehls at tltabd ltav«l» Will « Ui», »fmo««* pitm* u* tbt wmiMHihk "fti*« liver n««r eoirawe m»*l ei» ;»• teisKiit otlbeeotttb |-ler tot M bwtbyrf !>• nlied wilt at Mlwk l.aka willh« f.ftitsi'fn*eidl>isrNPly turiittMtf rortiii all.anddNatr IB* n»«'lrs«iaiftir pi*"*. a«*rt lei BifrtttM tjia^Mw^rtK and will autmuit Vo W.vw o«W *%%Mh*lMewtile*llopa are on IU« In tbs ollra, and wiUl«shawtt i<»all who with V» aiandae them tor tbr wh wnvV, and to? earh ria«i of maitfial or labor tor e*«n w»»i«, Hldi will he motived tor a pars yr tov the whole pfeitha won. The won to be nnUlisd bv October I, l«M, Trese works will held ui taef-iwul re.rpidHU bid; der, reasrvla* to the United hUlea the right mitjsel I arMtqoeatod to be present upon the opeoini °Vbe doUtoate proposals will be endorsed, enclosed la D. S. Engineers. Muvaokee, WU. rpRUSTEE* SALE—Public notice ia I hereby alien that 1, Samuel Cole. In pormaoce wTib the powers In a certair ln»trom«t coondaijiL cated November Win, A. D. ISW. executel by it M. Whlpoleft Co-andgiven par meat of the ptonJUcnr nole of aald Wbiaple A afonaald. in the «nm ol Urn thousand dollars, payable «Seo£S“»ioedoV order, on tbcTib day oTJaaaary; a. n. ISCT. will.on theappllcailin of tbs le«U holder ol said note, on MONDAY, the 2l*t day cf January Inst* at the boor of ten o'clock day. at the ofllco of Lazarus falivcrmin. >0.7“ Dear* bero street. Chicago. red »t public auction, for ca<b. to ttSlilSt bidden 100 shares of ■£?ko(th6 “BelrltNanonai Bank."of delolt,lotbe btntocl Wis consin; one promise ry note, dated Cblcaao, May hi, i 19M. executed by Warrick Uarnn, payable to U. SI, Whipple ft Co* « cays after cate, acd being lo the sum nf s£(X<Wote promissory note, dated December *h!d. ’ iwTatibwdbyß. R.Rietenboc&.mlhesnmorri.hXi, sod payable to G. M. Hughes, six months imfier date; oae tote, m the sum ol {..13X34. dated Ja-auary S.VW, nrnitrfto w. B. fmen, payable to thf, order tiTjohn W. Bcabcs, flietnontM alter date. - 'S, COLE. Chicaso, Jsnnsry isth, ISCT. r The above sale la postponed until FEIDAT. the Ist day cf February, IS9T. at the. same hour and same place. ti. tOLB. I <c»i> Kottree. rpAX OOLLKCTOK'H NOTIOIS-Blato PeNlaiuacoy&Sjyi faj_ of February, being the fourth o»T A, u, 1803. at angular term ot tbs Sapenor« Chleaso. l>tehegnnand holdea in Ut« C<wj* , la Mid CUy o| Chicago. on the la* rM&o shall iraxe report to said Supcrior ot wucMa. on the follow Ilj Special Asiesas. on* W arrant* pJ*s?i to my bands ter eouecuon on or Defer# thejaattfay 0 * Odoner. A, l>.lSO, and uk for Judgment scalasttae at veral Loll. Block*, Piece* or pared* ot LaM or other property described in autb warrant*. on. wUCh theißMs»«b th-nretrain unpaid, forth# amount •( assessment*. <Umaar* and cceis respectively doe tbrreon, to wit: U# ~Vn*M V AMli T". _ /,_■ AS, Warrant forth—Dated Oct.;tJS6s/or erection of twelve lama pona on .North Laha'ie street, ndweea Dlvrtloc street and bchailn street. . Warrant3Bl honb—Dated Oet.3t.t39>. for erection 'of # lamp poets < n>‘irth Dearborn street, between Oak atzeet and East Woite stxret. Wanantibd North—Dated 0d.3i.t3t4, for ereettoa cf t lamp poeta on North Water street between Hoab street and at. Clair street. Vtmnt *>* Norto—uated Oct. 31. l&S, Cir erection of 3lizip post*on Union strmt between line bim> ard&t. clatrstieet. Wurwt 3t6 N'*rth—Dated Oct. 3U1566, for erection of 3 lamp posts oo Chicago attune between North 'WeiU street and Norte La Sills strict. Warr.nltS* North—Dated Oct. H. tafio,Car erection of Damp peat on too cast sldecg Plnesirtel at the comer or tie al ey sorth or Superior street. Warrant SS7 North—Dated Oct. St. isk, wr erection of 16 lamp i>n«ta or Division street between 6cdstnrk street and North Clark street, except the Intersections oi North Well* street. .. n „ , . , Warrant 2SB North—Dated Oct. 31. ftr extension of Wtst Hinsdale street from lu preset eastern terml* wi, castwanUy,of the width ol .66 fbet, to North La* 6 AU persons Interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term of said Bnocrlor Court ol Chicago. AH. UEALD, City Collector. T ’AX COLLECTORS NOTICB-State cf Illinois, County ol Coet. City ot Chleaco-o, Cttt coix*cto**» oma, Kdo* li, > Cover Horsz. J soaary Ur t«7., I Public Notice Is heieoy Klrem tbit an the ftrst Mon day ot Febraaty, ban* the fourth day of Fehruarr, A. D. tb*7. at angular term ofUte Sopcrloi Court of Chi cago, to be begun and holden In the Court House, m •old City of Chicago, cu the lost ifmUoned day, I shall make report tc said aopcrVr Court.of Cnlcagoioo the fotlowlnc siceciaJ A»»w»meot Warrants placed la my boaoafor collectionoo or oeforeth >lsst day of Orto bcr. A. It. lac&oua ask for jad <Ol-1.; against the several Lou. Blocks, Pieces or Parccu ui Load or other prop erty described tn such warranto, on which the assess ments then remain unpaid, lor the amount of assess ment, damages and costa teipedtrdy due tbereoo, ■WarfaatJKo. ?71 Oct,3llh,lwa,lbr reconstructing aldewalksoa the streets named below: Warrant No. 713 North—dated Oct. sun. lwk, for constructing a sidewalk on tbo tomb side of Centre street, between Clark street and Sedgwick street. Wart ant No. TU North—dated Oct. wth, 136*. for eon stntctliK a sidewalk on tbosonthaide of Menomonee street,between Mohawk and SedcwlckstroeU. Warrant 275 North—dated Oct. 34th, tats, tor con structing a sldewak on south side of Artiom place, between Related street and Pranklts street. Warrant 376 North—dated Oct. nth. 1566. for con structing a sidewalk on the soudi side of W Uluw street, between Orchard street and U&lited street. Warrant 277 North—dated Oct. 34lh.tS68.fbr con structing a sidewalk on the north aide of North avenue, between BbcCleld arenne and North Avenoa Bridge. Warrant 7S North—dated OiC 71ta, iwd» fbr coo* timeline a sidewalk on both sides of Rowe street, be* tween w" How street and Centre street. Waarant379 North—dated ocu 3ith.ft!*66. tor cons tructing s sidewalk *.n (ha south sideot lUackhswk street. between Ha-strd street and Clrbourne arcane. Ail perrons Interested are requested to attend at the aforesaid term ol said Superior Court of Chicago. A. U. DEALT. City Collcclor. rpAE COLLECT OK’a» NOTICE—State JL of Illinois, County of Cock—«s: Citt Collscroa's (imr*. Coprr Hong, I Boon No. It, Cnteano, January 21. li«t. i l*ublle notice Is hereby al*m mnt on the Orst Mon* day cfFebruarr. telDB the fourth day oi February, A. D. 1367, at a regular b-rm ot lh" Superior court rl Chicago, (o be begun and holdeu In the Court H we. In said City of Chicago, on the list mentioned day. I shall a ske report to Mid Superior Court, of Cnlngo. on tbePdlcwfog Special A«soAunent Warrants placed in tny hands for collection on nr bemre the list day ol October. A. I). IWW. and wt lur Jmlxnicpt iniwl the several tola, Bit crs. Flews cr parrel* o( Land or other property described In such warrants, mt which tan awMMirruU then remain nnptlil, Pir the amount of astiwsu cun, damages and costs nwpecltvriydUD them* on, in wll! warrantNn.7U. Wwi-Datrd oet.Mh. tufi*. tirpn* »ate drains on West Randolph stmt botwwti Rallied street ana UterOer. Wsirmnt No. ltd. West— Paled Or l «lb. IW, P>r era ding and macadamising North Jwir*-r*<«t\ *i-*vufrußi the mirth line *4 West Lake street to the sjuth side of Ituhtanl street. WairaMNn.7l6, Writ-Dated October MU VW, lor Piling, grading sml nlnnkum Hm alley nmntm: north amtsonihliiblockaM auc IMJ, Can«< Tru»te*s stmui* TUion of HEM bee. 17. I ML MUIK. and that v »ni»n utiUealb ) ruuulng east and wr*t lliroiigh «*l.| block ao, extending Inmi lUUlea street to tne west lito of Slh, iw», P»r the extension t<f al6 luni alley in the N }< ei Muck 3, Haim-sun and (Ireen's Addillun eastwaidly «>i Ihusauie width ti* It Island avenue. . Warrant Nc.TIH, Wear—l»afe«loel,en, I*M, lor con st ructibi a ildewaik un Ihe south side of Warrm stmil I ei met lb bey strerl llnyc e street. Warrant N«.T*o,We.i-nate«l IF L fid. ISMIJor con structing a sidewalk un the north inlenf Hubbard stre*t Iteiweeu ttobejr street and Learltt street. Warrant No. Til, W,at-l»aied Met *M. fhr eon* strncilfe a sidewalk mi the smith sldenl Warren street belam I’sge street and I’auUna street. Warrant Ni .Til. West-Date*! Oct, kklitws* luf cm slrnrllnt a sblewaik the west side id IbtuUna stregt lelwiaui I hlcaa*’atenueanilfnrnellastrwl. W arrant No. 717. We i-Usted lk‘t, iJ-l, l*tn, fnf enm ■ Ifneilt m $ sides alk eh the smitii side r t W aluul slteel Wlwein Lincoln sir-el ml It diet slreel. All H'lsen* Inti tsMid alo rputiiwlfil to nHehd al the alunsald term uf ssldsuperlorthiurt idUileni**. A. Mi MhAliMi city Uullecloh 'I AS UOI.I.KOTOIt’O NOTIOE-Slnlo J ut iiiiituK twoh wniy, ciiy of utiiM4o=a». . .. I’Ut W'tilJi’U'h’i Urnutu I U.d-ht )Ms», lornmfrd It. .tail. 11*1.1" I I'dldn' h> iii't' i« hefe y aiti'ii iimi. m» tit-.* Ami (Ur •>( h'liiiiartilfliiit lli«* Minn ♦lap «f reltniary, a,’l», *i m Md*n«f (>riiMi| iii» MpoMof (drift of ttil.rl.rtHh ami Mdffit l't Hi*'« ■niff (l-tiom, Hi end iltv t.| tUiii'au.t,fit lim jail mentioned dat, I «|ihii oinV'- iM h, M loeri'dpdiwfW JV'Jrt'd ‘ «M» Hip « |»|H4-*N| Ai»a«lh"hl WwffeiH* Oloml 111 hQ li»m|» for I'tiilw l|. I. (lit Ilf before |l|« h»l dsi iMi'inrLA' l». mV itir J»id*m«v\ }h" several Vi*. hunk*. iilwrt nr u4i,*i»of Uiidnndhor properly itrkffiiMlln «mm • »»i* win.u iim m- U>k* ii t* m remain mpxfn. fur Hieaimnmiid a* Htmniei)ia l .iamat!*afciiit iw* respectively lurragu, *'Warrail M* Umilh, ■ aled (hi. Mill, la«S, f'f erection til iw o lamp imau -» F. iuil» avenm<, t i*r «i • * •'■•riier of fciirth avenue aidTavlur sired, and uno i;r (eel toii'hof Taylonlrecl. ... , Wai ranUU (VI. 24th. IW, fif erection of lllan p|Ki*u nnrrairte avenue, itoiawu Twenty wi'uiid sired and the aecuul post auu.h «t .N|oele.uilh MS Booth, dated Out. Mth, ISM. Air one lamp post on the n a corner cf Twenty ••bird atm* amt i*ra(- rte avenue. Warrant 519 Bondi. dated October 21th.ISM, for orec lion or »*i lamp po»u tn lUrrl,ou sl*cci, bolweua Well* and Hlark streets. W arrant 53U Booth, dated Oct.Mlb. W-o, for erection ol nine lamp ports un Calumet avenue, between Twea ly-sixih and iwcntr-uinWirtreets. , .. , Warrant 521 south, dated Oct. 31th, li*W. f'f erection of it lamp po-t* on Indiana aTemo, between Four* and sixteenth aiivet*. ... . Warrant Kn Bomb, dated Oct. 311 b. Wnfi, t*r creatin', of 3 Jaap poata on blxieenib atnet, between Suit *T.W , a!Sso”iJrAtSoc..ji.i., of 8 lamp iMia on Van Hurcn atreet,between Wells •Utet andmuibMarltctsttcct. All perroca Interested are requested to attend at tbc ifoteaaid term ot aatd tiupert''r • ourt of Ohlcajo. axoieaaia terra in a. U. UEALU. CUy Collector. TAX COLLECTOU’S NOTlCE.—state of lute'll*. County of Cook, City ofChscaßO—ea. Cm Coix*ctoe*s Omen Kooti No. U, • Coen Hors*., ISSJ. j * Public notice la hereby ultra that ou the flrat Monday ct February, belnc the flmrte d»y cf February, A i). Ib6“, at a jcaolar term cf the Superior Court of ChlcA co, to be begun and hoioen In tne court Uontc. In add City of Chicago, on tb* la->t mentioned day, t shat! moke a rci ortto said Superior Court of Chicago, on the fc'lir'winc special AascMment Warrants placed In my hands for collection on or befbre 'be last day of Oc tober. A. D. IW6, and mat tor Jaogmrat '•gainst the aer erallous, biccfc*. pieces or pvccUot land or olbcr prop erty described tu »u- h warrant*, on which the aasew>- menu then remain nopaid. fbr the amount of a«»c*«- tuchU, damages ■"« cuts respectively due thereon, to wit: Warrant Ko. 333. West—Dated Oct. 33d, I3‘s. to make upaceflcle&cy for filling, curbing and pirmg Onal sveet. Dotn Lake to Msdlacn etrecL _ Warrant No. *33, We*t—Dausa o>-u iic, iSM. to make up a deficiency fbr muacaeatmzlngCaiai etrtet, from Acansa to Twelfth street. „ __ Warrant No. 339. Wc*t—Dated OcL 33d. L-*M. for flU tip, rradlpc. grading, psvlng and cnrMng Halated street, from Harrison street to the C. D. a (j. IL K. No. 338, Weat-Dated OcL 3M, 1368. fbr ccnatructlDg* sidewalk on theaontb aide of Jackson street between Bcube" and Marshfield street. Warrant Ko. 339. West— Dated Oct. £ld. 1368. for construct!! ga sidewalk cn the vest ride of llalsted atreet, Mtveen Wright atreet and Katlrond crosd.-u. Warrant K«. Ml. West—Dated Oct. 3tib. ISM. nr constructing a sidewalk on the south side of Fig street. Dorn Ullwaokee avenue to western terminus o: Fig bl Warrant Ko. 313 Wert—Dated OcL 21th. ISM, tor constructing a sidewalk on the west side ot Jonossn street, between Twellth street and Taylor street. Warrant Ko. 343, West—Dated Oct. Min. ISnS, far constructing a sidewalk on tne north Mdeof Van Daren stmt, between Throop street and Loomis street. All persons Interested are nqnest to attend at the stores ala term of said Superior Court of Chicago. A. E. Ii£ALD. City Collector. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE—StaIe tl Illinois. County of Coot. City of Chicago—ss. CITT CoLUtCTOK'S OWICX 1 Uoou No. It. Conrr liotrag, r January ‘list. 1967. ) Public notice Is hereby given. lb»l on me first Moo* dsy of Fehrnarv, being the fourth day if February. A.D. 1b67,al a regular term of the noperlor Court of Chicago, to Le begun and huldcn in the Court Mouse, In said city tf Chicago, on the last mentioned day. I shall make report to said Superior Court, of Cldc tgtc on the following Special AaseMtucnl Warrants placed tn tny bands for collection on or belnetbelastdayof October. A.D. IK6, «ndask for Judgment against the several lot*, blocks, piece, or parcels of land or other propeit> described in >ucb warrants, on which the assessments then remain nopald, for the amount ot asseesnieLU. damages and costs taepectlvely due there* on. to wit: Warrait No. 765, West—Dated Oct. 2Uh. ls»k fnr re constructing sidewalk on the sooth side of Jackson atrret. between lialeted and Urccn streets. Warrant No. 7J6, We«t-Dated Oct- 21.15 M, for recon structing sidewalks In front of or adjacent to pro* mine* htrelnte* ow described. Warrant No. 707. West-* Dat'd Oct.Sl, ISM, f.-r roc-*n strucUtg sidewaia on north side of Laks street, be* tween Ann and May streets. Warrant N 0.738. West—Dated Oct. Stilt, IBM. for re constructing «td> walks on west side of May street, be* iwn-n Lake and Fulton meets. . WsrrantNo.TW, West—Hated Oct, 21th, Ism, tnr re* constructing sidewalk on north sldeol Madison street, between I’iorta and Sangamon streets. Warrant No. 70U. Wesl-DaUd Oct. atm. 1966. lor re* constructing sidewalk* enweat sldeol Ada street, be tween Lake street and Depot place. . Warrant No. 761. West-Dated Oct. 21th, ISM, for erection of two lami>*postt on West Ene street, be ta een Union and tlalsted street*. .. w . Warrant No. 7£l, West—Dated Oct. 3Ut, X«W, fcjr re pairing rtfle»a’.ks on east side of Soatnwtflcm ave nue, from Madison to Monroe street*. All persona Interested are n«|ue*t-d to attend at the aforesaid term of said Superior Conn ot Chicago. A. ||. UKALD. City Collector. TAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—SIate ofllllncus County of Ccok. CPy ofJ Udeaga-**. CirrCoU-acTnasornat, ( ilotm NO. It COCKT UuCS«,< January 31st, 13*7. ( Public notice is. hereby siren, that on the nm Mon day o> February, belngtlic fourth dayof l-ebraary, A. I*. 1867, at a regular term nf the Superior Court ol IT {cage, to be begun and holdcn In thet ourt House, insalurlty of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, I liiail make rvttrt to said Superior Chicago, on the Illiowii g special Asae*smeat Warrante placed In my hand* fbr n (lettion on or belore the last day of Ot loti r, A. I». 1860, and ask lot Judgment against the several lots. Murks, piece* or parcel* ol land or other property de*crll>od in gttch warrant*, on which the awemment* tnrn remain unpaid, fur tho amount of assessments, damages and soil* respectively due there* Warrant63l, booth-dated • *rt. 31th, l“H. lor wMen of 7 (*u pt>oiu on filiteenlh street, between state sum and Indiana avenue., , , .... . Watrant 171. Nctth-DaW Or». 3Hb. Iw.. |or coo* slrnctltiea sidewalk on the north anient North ave nue. between Chettleld avenue and North Arcane W, N«ih—t)a»ed on. ai.lBM. frr «mtl;n ol a lamp poet* on Chicago gvettne, Iwlwren North Weifs sUre\ab«l hofin LaSalle street. . . Warrant No. Tit. Wed-PaM Drl. *<*»• R?» In* e»mj»li<hof a w fool alls* lu Ih-N H nrh" c« tfiSamp* son ahd Ufpra'* Addition, ra«lwaiUl/ ul (he same wlrtihloh.lsiabdavrtue, . ~i lk warrant No.ill, Weat-lhtlM.ftctnH»f jMMn*. ft«r iohsttuetlhg A sidewalk on lt»« *>At.tM*m Milsrkiikfe ilenue aud western letmtuw ° warranted. TPT, Wrwi=Dal«l ftef.Hih.l'*!, for Paini'gsiVswalkon ea.» side of n nrenw. pUEAT WATCH HALE iui <pn B bNK IMIHJR !•!♦% uulna evenpatron a Bandsoms awt reliable Welch 0V tor ttVjowVtM Dl Ten liallan, without retftrd m w value, and not he paid tor nnleet w T peitoctly sMutwtory I too Solid Gold lluatu*Watobe«,„,,...,...*3U to |ISO 100 Marfic L’a«al Gold *dlo 595 lOOLadie*' Watcua, enamelled 100 tn fiLO WO Gold Iloinnjr Cbrocoraeter Watches.. 360 to S» aooooifl Hunting KngiiahLever* ....woto 2SO 800 Cold Hunting Duplex Watches. 160 to 000 sdGold floj-Una American Welches. lotto Wfl 3Lcgal. Dujuuju punum aumiwu i,■ n# 60) Silver Hunting Lovers 60 to IW SOO silver UuntlnK linvlexu. .5 to a*l 509GoldLa0lea , 'Watchea..... MU> '£o LKOGcldUnnOneLeplnes SOto 76 ijoo MlscrhaneonS Sliver Watches 80 ta HO tMO Hunting Silver Watches. £> U £0 siao Assorted Watch*#, all kinds 10 to 15 Every patron obtains a Watch by this arrangement, cpfltln g bot (to, while It may be worth |TSO. Noparti* allty shown. liaen. J.BlCtllni ft Co.’s Gnat Delon Wstcn Co* Manufacturer*. l l9Jßroatway, N. Y. City, wlan to Immediately dlsposaot the above magnificent stock.C€T* ttfieatrv taming articles are placed inserted envelopes. Holders are entitled to the articles named ou tbelc car* UtVctta, upon payment ol Ten Do'lan. shtthcr it be a Watch worth }ZO or one worth less. The morn ot acy of our certificates entitles yon to the articcs named thereon, upon payment. Irrespective of He worth, ted as no article valued le*s than flow named on any cer> ÜBcate, It will aicnca bo seen that mis is no Lottery, bnts straightforward legitimate traniacaon, which nmy be participated In even cy themoilUsUilicua! A single Certlbcate will be seat by mall, post-paid, noon receipt of a eta* ftvu tor *l, eleven tox id, thlrty- Uue« and elegant premium tor 85, nsty<etxand mere valuable premium tor {lO, one bandied acd most in* Dfri> Watch lor |ls, To agrotoorthoee wishing em ployment this la a rare opportunity* Ills a legitimate ly ccndoeted busmen, duly authorized by the Govern* 1 menu and open t - * toe most earaul scrutiny. irytul Adieu J.HICSJJJiQ ft CO* 149 Broadway, N. 1. IBtouinai. THE CAPE OF GOOD DOPE B tr c S XT It vu borrowed bom those rode pncStfo&en by the Ecßtlth and Botch pbjddaas, on whose recommend*- non it we* employ ed la xarope, aod ba* CsTct ismctpvioco. The Hottentots HsTelrtf ued For a Ttffety of dimwt. OW COME INTtt GENERAL USL It Is given chiefly la Gratcl, CSronlc Catarrirof the Bladder. Morbid Irritation of the Bladder and Urethra, for Female Wcai ncss and DcbLUtjr, for Pro* lapsus- and Bearing Down, or Prolap* saa Uteri, DISEASES OF THE Prostate Gland, Retention or Ineoatln* cncc oftJrlne, And all dlseaiec requiring thfi sld ol a diuretic aristae Horn a loss ot tone la the parts ooecerard iu Its emeu* atlon. It la also nxemmended la eases of DYSPEPSIA Chronic Rheumatism, Cutaneous A flections and Dropsy. Tour* then dlMaecaw# must bring Into act)<m tb« muscles which are engaged Id tlidr variant functluu*. TO NEGLECT THEM, However slight may be the attack. Is saro to atfoct ilia bodily boaltli nod inoatal pnwora. Out FLfcdtl am) HlUOll at# supported from tbesß •nntce«. Petsoh* al etefy pcflod ut life, from Infancy to Old Age, ArilliirmpalSlPOf lt('Alin,Afl» llAltUld l«P IHthJWU cl llieip illwaer*, 'Hi# i'aiiiM la mvf ar* utiMiiiwßi tba patlpul h«», Imwpvpr, an a.imira'ila rpinnl/ In ii ;i<: r. m no;ib. u’w Fluid Extract of Buchu, Amlwbao taken In early.atagea ot tbeauea**. HUNESUFFERTO AH? EXTENT. It allay* pain and inflammation, u tree rrom all?nju rlona properttea, pleasant In Its taale and odor, and immedlatolnluactlon. It lathe anchor of hope to tie physician, and waa alwaya so e( teamed by tba lata eminent Dr. I‘hyatc. The propnolor, with upwarda or THIBTY THOUSAND USSOLICITED CERTIFICATES And hundreds ot thousands of living witnesses of Its curatiyo properties, accumulated within fifteen yeor*. Has not been in the Habit of Re sorting to their Publication. Be does doc do this from the tact thatflilj remedies THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE PROPPED DP BY CERTIFICATES. THE SCIENCE OF MEDICINE, LIKE THE DORIC COLUMN, SHOULD STAND imple, Pure and Majestic, Having lact lor It* barl*. Induction (br Its pillar, and Truth alone fbr Its capital. Bis MUlillDiimU Embody the full str earth of 13a ingredient* of whlcli they are named. • THTiY ABE LEFT To the Inspection of AIL A HEADT ASD COSCLC6IVB Test of their Properties. Wlilbe«conit»n*oawitbUio*«MlforiblalM • United. States Dispensatory. reewdlM tn pttptttd by IK T. IIELMBOLD, DtogglU tf BlztMa Yiu>'ExpcritnC. Aadwabellevethemtobo reliable: lo toct we bars never knownfan article lacking merit u meet with a Permanent Success Mr. Hfjlmbold’s Success Is certatalr Frlnm Facia Eridence. Drug and Chemical "Warehouse, la the City of Blew Tartu Is not excelled, tf equalled, by any to this eoaatxr, we would advise oar reader* when visiting tt** o gtre bia * pan andjudgu tor themwlTM.