Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 29, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 29, 1867 Page 4
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Cficago tribune. TUESDAY, JANUARY 20. 1967. THE CITY. Rxvrrax. Mxrnxoa.—Bar. E. W. Harsh, of Rockville, Is expected to assist tbl* evening to the protracted efforts whl:b are continuing with aocccsa at tbe First United Brethren Church, cor ner of Clinton and Nelson streets. Vsdicax.—Tbe Chicago “Medical Examiner 11 (hat Moses Osan. M.D., of Detroit, baa been ebesen to fill (be chair of Surgery In Ibe Rush Medical College, made vacant by tbe death of Dr. BnlsarO. The current number contains an interesting article on cbol ;ra. ArroumuurT. —A. Reason, Eaq., well known for year* past aa tbe popular Superintendent of the Milwaukee & SU Paul Railroad, has accepted (be position of General Superintendent of tbe Chicago A Great Katlero Railroad. Tbe new In cotabeol la a thorough railroad mas, and is uni versally esteemed. Chart Gnsamroon.—Tbe public will receive with pleasure the announcement that the gifted and popular authoress vnd lecturer, Grace Green wood, win favor Chicago with a visit, after an absence of years, and lecture for the benefit of the Mission Sunday beboot. under tbe auspices of (be Tabernacle Congregational Church, corner of Weit Indiana and Morgan streets. nils lecture will be given at the Crosby opera House the 'sl ier part ut this week* Due aononnoemoal of (ue dime abd subject *Ut be given. llnrmtC»PEKT»t> FtATOf OCIAII STIA* Navi* «avipP.—H»e sleemsblp *• City of Hot too/* of the Inman Mall Line, M which arrived at New York ouPataiday evening, after a tea day*’ paasate from Liverpool, haa completed mtbln tbe year no Irwthanlen round voyage* hrlwpen Liverpool and New York, Mini a JlHane* of more than atity thousand nautical, or »evs* ty thousand Mat* iUp mllee,-a porfurmanee believed to luve Dover before boon equalled by ony vessel, lloiwntKirxn'a TRounLca.—MaiJa Dnun, an exceedingly Celtic woman, ha* been keeping ponse for John Perrin, at 6ft Clark street, lie allrgee that a fie rsteallng from bim |W.M) In gold, fl In silver, and twrntvloor yards of allk, abe suddenly quit bis bonce. Hu procured her arrest. At the Police Court, yeslcrdar. she wic held fur (suiter examination to-oay in bail of (fiOd. She declared by all that was holy and sacred that sbe MverMuleanylhlncinterlUe.acdlett the place lbatshi*xnlffi*tcni.tnmelnfencha life ot chastity and bonraty aa bad been the ruling traits of her pr.vloua life. A Chicago Astutt ra Missouri.— The Mltsonrl State 7imt* of the 2Sd Inst, contain* a call, aljrooo by Governor Fletcher, General Simpson, lion*. F. T. Ivederberger, F. J. White, E.L.E)oj|, R. p. Wtncatc, and one handled and fifty other prominent men, addressed to Mr. Antrobua, the well known srtm of oar city, taking him to give a reading m the Sail of the Rouse or Represen* tatives at Jeflerson City, the State Capital of Ilia* * ourl. on Uet Friday evening. The invitation was accepted; we have so report of the gathering, but doubt not Ibat it was a highly Interesting occasion. Pint*.—A little before ten o'clock yesterday nomine an a'ann roue from I>oi No. 61, called Ibe engine* to extinguish a fire which bad been dL-coyeicd ig the chamber of a two-atory frame building at the corner of Jackson and Rucker streets. Tfcc damage was about $l5O. An boar and a half later the Pin; Department vas summoned by an alarm trom box No. ltd, to quell the dames la a school-house at the comer of Chicago aveoneaod North Clark aUeet Ibe lose about <2OO - ball-past live In the afternoon an alarm was eonudtdfrcmb&xNo. 43, but the engines coord find r.o Are. A DnntKAßP'i Death.—Sidney McKee, ablack smUh, tony-six years old, died suddenly yester day morning at his hoarding place. No. 83 Weal Washington street. Be was-;* hard drinker, and bad for some time been inhering from the effect of continual dissipation. lie final'y pawued bla hammer, everything else being gone, and with the proceeds kept constantly drunk for several days. For a day or two be bad been apparently toner, and died quite unexpectedly to those in the boure. Be ictt four motherless and penniless children In Pennsylvania. Tbe Coroner removed the body to the dead house, and will hold an in qnest in the morning over tbe self-murdered re mains ol another poor, hopclcaa victim to the feaiful curse of intemperance. Musical Nona.—lhe:c should be a great con cord between reporters and musicians, as tbe bnelneea of the one is to rake notes, and of tbe other to make them. Our reporter stumbled on this Idea yeatrrday in the establishment of Julius Racer A Co., Opera Bouse Block, and on tbe tict that Mr. btaab, the well known pianist, has Just ordered a KtiaheGraud for his own use, after hav ingmadeadlllxcnt search a*oong the norka of the oifierent makers, with the determination of t< curing the best. He concluded that ibeKuabe instrnm’Pt ip the one which contains. In the high est degree, the elements ot a perfect plaao. Mr. occupies Room 17. Opera House. and If aurro al tending to hi* pupils, after an absence In Europe. , A Mem.—An old man, with a singular and com plicated variety of clothing upon him, extremely dirty and nxuhaven, was found, yesterday, beg ging on State street. Making motions with bis bar ds was all that be assumed to do, and thoae motions were ttrlctiv ** professional.’* No sonnd escaped his tips, and be was apparently as *' deaf as an adder.’ 1 At ibe Police Court ho bowed in a deprecating way to any one who chanced to look at him. lie war addressed In two or three differ ent languages, but only responred hr producing some fragments of bread from bie labyrinthine rocket*. By motions he was rcqnesied to write hi* name, but fcc shook til* head In a cheerful way, raved hi* hand, and finished with u polite bow. which cndoiitiy meant that writing waa quite v«> bin lute. Coder toe name ol Joe Brown he v a* sent to the Uritiewell for oue week. Hoßurmre. —Henry Arnold, the Herman tailor charged r.llb Mealing three coats and acren yards of cloth from Cnarlea taef, (as already men* tloncd in tl-ceo column*) «as committed for trial in hall of fMiO. „ On Saturday night, Dennis Uockaday, a tallpr. IcU in with a eea-tating friend named Michael iTatnor. At Pete Kerwln’s saloon, 00l Dearborn rU«el. the* sere joined by a third man who seemed to be a efianccr. Dennis, nodliatJog upnh a gercial ‘'dtuuk,” look bis *alcli from hit pocket, and while banding it lo tbe bar* keener for eafe-kocplnc. It waa euddcnly snalchcd from bit band by rmluor, who pawed It to the stranger. and they both started qntckly for the dom. 'i he stisDfccr escaped, hat Traluor wat ciurl-l and h-uded over In a policeman, At the Police foitri be was held to ball for Inal In ibe enm ol f l.Wiu. Tiuimko cum Counse.—Sunday School teachers will remember the meeting ol ihU Inter esting Institute Class, this everlog at I‘i o'clock, lb the Purer Hoorn of the Youeg Men's ChrlslUti Aasociatlun, which will soon he 100 smell for the din II the numbers ioc>ei*e id the ratio of Hie past. It Is designed to furnish a progressive course ollt.rtruciloti upon Sunday Hchuol topics, wlih a ilew to ele'ale the standard of leaching, end U» sire a practice or drill lesson each erculng, by ihc !»■ *l Jii'tMirinrs Ho letrher can well at- I«M d lo dppi bs** w nil a sir gin session ul Iho dine. Thi* men'iig ft. Hlflikpll will adUrets the diM upon "wniulav fMhool HeunMtes," end It. D. Pelifirltl. Pro., will cuiid«cHiie I<s»iim fro n Mall, tvlili w-», llicio will dmihitoss he a Urge •!* tindiM'* 1 . «t»» «VUwk Oh H»tur«liy I DM Mr. V. I’libyr. risnnn»? uvof 1»U«»««• »> *twt*. *1 Ntt. t*AH«I «lf« Ol» «•• HWIIbtMUMI b| lb* nob* crnAlHl by «w» wno ft*r*«vi> tonUy muktna Inroad* «i*on bla ni*rcii»nflli« dnwn pinira, Drawing b* titilow and eniersd •!»«» *mr** si Ho* * Iwo jtiiiitu iiifM made a dash for tb« Hunt door and tkrp|>v4. Mr, Dilbyr limna a mJo ol pimwi fori? rblrtrna mmile HuMinor. which 100 rascals bad fc.cwmmaird •» variims pUfes.bat hi lht»lr Mil rifii itlsbl had m«»ii ‘-bilged to Ift' hoiima. A uw iniuutt* later two suspicious biuumg fellows wreuiteriedby a policeman near the cornorol Adsms uno Canal Mreeis. One of 'hem wm seiblng warucMore. IK-had wounded bU Hand, ■jbiy »iif identified hr Mr. Bribyrmiho bur glars m hU stoic, and at ihol'ollciM.omt yestsr* day motninp they weio held for further examina tion on Wuiciuuay afternoon, to hall of U.WO vscb. 'I’UK HoMi. IMITUSCE COBPAKT.—WO Call aitrntlon to the statement uf thebusiness and con dition of the Home Insurance Company of New Uaven. -ableb appoint In our advertising colomoi ibw morning. Tbe company has a cash capital of f I r<D (O', jitid notwithstanding tbe enormous of the ittl year. It shows a enrplos of |37i,* Tbe statement oftbcbaainesi or tbe company, since Its organization. shows a great and rapid in crease. InIWWU received tor premiums *3i,- S6* 30, and In JSC6 ii received from tbe same source f 4S. In ISfiO Its losses were taJ,7SS2O, ard in l&Gfi they were no leas than f1,123,391*9. And yet with each a ereat amoant of loss, the eompsny’s net earnings lor the year were «>t7,- uio.uo. The table show* mat there has been an Increasing profit each year, and that In IsW the hm-Int-rf of me company was almost double that of tbe previous year. A company exhibiting so mach skill and energy In Its management. is anna to lave the confidence of the public. Messrs. Q. W. Were A Co., No. 49 LaSalle street represent this romrarir. Cuv&cb Dkucxtiqk.—On Thursday cronies next toe audience room of the new church, no* nearly finished. tor the nae of the Olivet Preaby tolan Society at a cost of about sixty thousand dollars, will l»o lonnaily dedicated to the service of the Almighty. Tuc boildtos stand* on the cait side of Wabash avesae. near Fooncenta rtmtona lot 75 front by ITS feel deep. The », mnetnre 1b of brick, lo the Norman stria. The audience room is 25 by S 3 feet In the clear, with a i-sHciy over the rear end. It Is lighted byelxieen reflectors, *ltn as many Arrand homers. The cell lr.c is beautifully tteseoed, and the scats and bocks are tastefully upholstered In camel rep. The basement ft divided Into the lecture and session rooms. L. B. Dixon. Esq., la the ar- C The ‘dedicatory sermon will be preached by Rev. Dr. Rlc*', ol Boston: Iter. Z. il. Humphrey, D. D , Bev. K. W. I’attcrsou, D. D., and Kev. AJ frtd Eddy. The exercises will commence at half cart seven o'clock. *. . , P About twenty** thousand dollars yet remain ocpoldoflhe amonnl required. It ft hoped that the friends of the cause will not allow U to sof frr. The Society ha* ciruccled 1Q j£® fare of many adverse Influences, and it la worthy of a generous aid. Union SfoontfAT **W er . The movement which resulted In the orgaoUa* lionet the«oon-day prayer mediae, bad itsori gin is the deep conviction that a more practical phase should be given to the cause of Christiani ty, and that the matter which the Christian world held to lie the highest and noblest end or me should be made a theme of every day discussion ' «t.dptavcr. 'ihe result* attained by such eaiocr legs In' chief where they have been aostalned, in dicate murb wisdom on the part of those who first coixrjvcd the plan, and sufficiently demon e»rate that the Christian public Should enstaln tot m with aeal and energy. The meetlre yesterday was conducted by Hey. w B Wricui. of the fcSoath Congregational Church. of this diy- After reading from the 6in chamcr of the Goepel of Matthew, be remarked, Sit the mote Christian people rani tinlT means, the greater becomes their I ?£oonaloimy. The danger of substiintiog meet do«t devotions should be strictly guard tort Sd Soiacl. The ChrUU&n clo.etU come the eplrflatl etreemii to tTthe.neatocean—the public meeting. 2*ih2 tide ofthe public gathering Is high aud W rich bluings come, the Inference spiritual,anartenwg £ closet has witnessed can safely b*<^?^ dlnc check the streams fe n c S ta «nt? r SlecrtalOwaiJ, and weno longer which supply the P* Success will attend the hevetheUdeothleerinf-^oo^ CS^oS"^ c i! ' ,rcrol ' , ' ,s “ b, U “ clo ‘ a SSET^,« ssg.’ff SSH7JSBS by some of bl* w Mch they were holding In thelr prayer them, and whue listen- Sorrier*. singing, the ms«- ir.gto tbclrwniesi who hid snug the same on of hi. dead often pmyod with song* to blm, b 0 led to the him. came *Ji“ - Christian young man, V™ I hldhU? tSumed to that rceolee to Hu. h 0- 0 it.lod momlnir meetleM .re Mhlluael from 9 to 8:0 a- ™ Vomer ClMk*»pd WeMiltuttoo S™ mmui* em hSdKlhc >‘ r " l i-..2Ss_vrtS “to i o'clock p. COMMON COUNCIL. Assessments Officers Street Im proTement-The Heckmon—Re formatories— Hirer Tunnel, Hew Bridges, end Dock Lines. **ro position to License Attcttoneer*- Fkh Inspection—The Health Department* A regular meeting of tbe Common Council was held last evening, Hla Honor tbe Mayor In the chair. There were present Alda. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D'Wolt; Wicker, Barrett, Wll marth, Calklna, Kano, Hatch, Wallwork, Moore, Bcbuler, HaCeriy, Talcott, Woodard. Dlxhy, Holden, Russell, AckbofT, Rngel, ShacWora, Dawson, Clark, and O’dalllvan. a nut pox aiuxn ron. A petl'lon waa received asking for addlUoual Btdlltiet for crossing lb • South Branch of tbe Chi cago River, with especial reference to the con struction of a btldge at Adams street. Referred to tba Board of Public Works. DAVAQS* OR AMCWMBKTB. Aid. VTlcker protected a molnhoc prefaced by A preamble, Ihe paper acta forth that many ape dal eiiefimenta for the Improtcrocnl of the street*, ate by law pnbjecl lo damages at the rate of one per cent per monte, ami that rau*y of the warrant* io the collectors’ band* are fur damaaoa oo Improvement* col yel commenced, and which will cot be commenced for alztouDlna; and or* den the tccutaloc of all eucb damage*, provided Uio iMHame&U be paid before March 15, Adopted. it* Pin* pari pit. A petition wm received. asklnfl that a committee be authorised to Investigate charges mode by au Alderman against the Kiro Martini. Kofsrrod to Ibe Committee on Kite and Water. srnttr iHrnovKMißt. A pallllon was received from property owner* on Korth Clark street, asking that trial street ba raised to grade and paved with wood no block pivn* iopdU inferred to the Committee on HtrweU and Alleys Of tbs North Division. health orrtos. The Ilesllh Officer (T, 11. HM4ff«s) petitioned to be reimbursed in the sum of rust* tn (tin In* junction suit of tlm city os. Licb. Kefsrrcd to Ibe Committee on Finance* Aid. Knickerbocker presented a resolution re* qmitog the Committee on Public Hnlldlncr* to re port upon Ibe necessities of tbe Health Office, as to convenleiiee ot office. Adopted. . .I.IIAM I.V Ml> i liiroaT ..kkij bob. # i.a, Aid. Lawson presented o resolution, which was adopted, requiring ibe Comptroller to report at tpe next meeting the total Indebtedness of the dty, and also the amount of bonds necessary to bela-neo to complete the work now ordered, and whether the expenditures will not exceed tbe ap* tiroprlstlons made, and If so, to wUt extent. hack onanacs. A petition was received from the hackmenof the city, stating tbai they have formed themselves Into a union, and asking the establishment of a tariff, aa follows: From one to another depot, 50 cents; one mile or noder, SO cents; over one mite and order two, (I: over two and coder three teach additional person, SO cents. By nme, for the Aral boar. t*; for each additional hoar, fl; per day, fS. Referred to the Commit tee on Judiciary. . .. Aid. D’Wolf presented an ordinance repealing Ite ordinance passed October 5 last, granting a ticbl ol way to the bake view Aveano Compaor, by reason of the non-fulfilment of the contract Im plied in the bin. Passed. artnmru Aid. Shackford presented a petition for a tunnel noder the main branch ot the nrer at LaSalle street. Referred to the JointCommitteea on Streets and Alley of the Sooth and North Divisions. BtroßauTomsa. On motion of Ald.D’WoKtoe Council adopted a resolution endor-ing a protest of the guardian? of *be Reform School agatcct (he passage ora hill es tablishing Stale Reformatories, if the same he mad* to apply to Cook County, In which such an Insulation exists. accnoKuna. Aid. Kahn moved, as an amendment to *he charter, that the Common Council shall have power, by ordinance, to Issue licenses to auction errs of the city at not less than S3OO and not more than <SOO a year. Referred to the Corporation Counsel. run The annual report of the Fish Inspector wa« fifeeenled and placed on flic. It exhibits tbe lol owing inspections: So .t. So*. White fish, half barrels 05,733 2,796 230 White fish, rmsceo - 503 White Ceb. rusty 415 White fish, sour 1,003 Trout, half barrels 9,718 676 .... Trout, ragged Trout, rury l|« Trout, sour 157 White fish and trout, half bar re 15............ .... .... ... 143 53 ... While fish and trout, ragged 33 White fleh and trout, rusty IS White fish and trout, sour 11 lAkeherring, half barrels .... 1.490 576 .... lake heniep, sour. 155 Pickeicl, hall'barrels 583 83 .... Pickerel, maty 3 Pickerel, sour 4J Slacawllt 533 Total Tbe report w as placed on file. BXWXRB, *O. Tbe Board of Public Works asked tbe passage of their amendment to the charter, heretofore liuhlbbed, authorlxmg tbe Council to decree tbe eying of water and gaa service pipe and sewers, upon special assessment, in streets intended to be Improved. Deterred to toe Committee on Char ter Amendments. sock Ltxsa. The Committee on Harbors and Bridge* report ed favorably upon the resolution of the Board of Public Works o' December 17th la-t. that the North Branch of the river from the limits of the city on the north lo *he main river, and the South Branch from Bridgeport to the malnrlver,bemade no where lea* than SO feet wide. The report was laid over (or publication. KKW BBIDOC9. . . , J The tame committee reported back with a fa vorable report, ibe ordinance lor the construction ol • new bridge al Van liqmi alrect, and appro* t printing fIJMKO Inetcad off 10,000, for the Itn- i pioTcmcnt. Thecrdlnancewas nasecJ. j The name committee reported back the oral* i nance for the ronitrnction of a new bridge at (.akc street, to bo patted, the appropriation be* , log increased from (16,00 u lo SIB,IWO. The ordi nance was iinßjcd. , . . . .. j Ali. D'Wolf presented a rceoloUon orderlnglbe Board of Public Work* to report al the -erttneet incoftbe Council Iho necessary plan-, and to lake the necessary measures to bull J a viaduct In coo* section vith the Van Ilurcn ftrcct bridge, over the I’lltfbnre, Port Wayne & Chicago lUUway U yhe' Committee on Police reported upon the amendment proposed to tbe charter bjr the Uodl* cal Society of Chicago. This amendment pro vltlce lUaithiee pliytletana be am»oln«*d by the •Itidces of the Huperlor Court at Cotiitulsaiumwa of Iletlih, lo act In matters relating lo the sanitary c-ndHloii of the city omy, nm- from each division ol tbe city, with an annual aaiair of fV». The commute icporis adversely to tbe iccommenda* tlon of (to Society, , Dr. ff. S. Davit was upon Invllallon of tin iloanl. allowed to mlrortte Iho pas«ege of ue nmindinrnt. . , , A motion lo aAjcmrn nalouL • Tbe amendment wot adopiod, the ppm I not be lt gcomuricd In. Ike Council then adjourned. a riMALB. 4 . . The adjournment waa followed by a tush Into Hie ne«lr impropriated toomeoT ibo t'»iy yUr*. Hero A. 11. tlodnian. Kim. had canted to he ■prrad a rollntiot** flanked wl*h wine and the tuoncer fluids, that ho tvitMil in cu tomary tntn nef litabßtimle hit advent InlP quarters commeii tutale '•tUi Ihe contctilsice of the iranstcliow ol i ihi*city's business. A luaJoyiVt of’the Aldermen i al about toldi.lßhi were «■•]•»»« ‘ft . not Inteolllbß. to some cileM, theshop. ,»'• , they wrre dismissing the luajth UUu ilm U'W tun* * I tu‘| jtfoJecU, and the ajtproitfUUoui for the new THE OPERA HOUSE DRAWING. Tlw> Kuril)'ninit Over, nm) Hi" (lrr»l 0a« lii'imi'lnl-A In l‘«rk-Thr l.nMt llun of Mlinil. IbaUneva House aenmtlon U over. The man who fur a fßW*tiOur# held In bU bands the destinies of Western ail has goneaealn to bia borne, whence be was bunted cut by 11.0 solllary horseman, with iboowH* of an immortality which bas already vat tvbed into thin air. He Is lone-pearo loth' memory ol the man id Chicago, ard may libs years before his memory will need to bocherisbed at hom«. For Wt modesty beU onluled lo rev erence, for his unselfishness to pialse. Astn» owner of the Opera Uonse he was enviable; a* (be willing renonneer of its glortei he has emu lated Uccknatus In his volnmara reHnqniabinnit of the power and fame to which he was called irom the mill aatbc noble Itomao was from hi? \fc hare nothin? to ado to the vast maw of In lonnatlon publUhed already about the gentleman abo held so brief a tenure of power over all and •incuUr tbc tenants of that mammoth bnrtdloc; acoyclwe may add that Mr. I*e has been, to come extent, misrepresented m refercnw to the transfer. Thenegotiation wa»e2ccledonthetpom* me of his arritaf.and In short order. immediate tr after his arrival In Chicago, lir. locMa've tlat He didnoiwmnlthc Opera ilonse himself, and nns mllu»? to sell It; he added that he the property w«* worth somewhere aboot t. 130,000, bat that he thought something yaa dne to Mr. Crosby, and that be was willing to lake *200,000 lor his right in the premises. The aercement wa» drawn up, the ticket transferred, and the cert ti ttles oi deposit lor tSUO.OOC l were handedl toMr. Ixc, within the space of half an hour from the time the two gentlemen net. . . , The whole force oi clcrka hai not yet departed Irom the office, where for tone weeks Urey were «o busy, bat the crest majority have cone to new dclds of labor. A few remain to setuo up the Business. the "unfinished business Lein? chiefly t»<« mailing of the engravings to late licket buyers. By-tbe-by. U may he worthy of re mark that the last ticket sold was 7,9TU. the par cta*tr being Mr. Vaafl. the well-known he bought It about a quarter past cloven o clock on the morning of the drawing. , Aa net announcement In the Tiubuhs of yester day drawing Of the Pork PacWArt fIoS&SaT for the celebrated painting, " A Uocky Coast," priac No. 150 ns per c* alocue ol ibe Opera House scheme, came oS yesterday at icrtoon at one o'clock. It was a gala day on Chance Tbe •• raffle "was the all-absorbing topic. Wheat and com "ring*" were in a meunre deserted, Impcconions operators retrained from watching pennies. Tbeeleratorswlodlesconldn t count, hlonr dealer* abstained from throwing at each other. *• Harry *, down m the alley, didn't sec as mnny thirsty coslomert as naaal. There were fewer" done nothings than ntnal sllllnc round the hot air registers. Mr. A, B. Lee and his *' mgbt-ahlrt had left lor Prairie du Keener, unhonored and unsung. Contrary to the expectations of so "short” on " regular Ho. * ™ ard,” bnt left his " stamps In oneoftheNa.lonal Banka subject to his otd « r -. cmwd was generally neglected—and why! Because the Pork Packers' dub Intended to raffle for the Sand jMStßeal painting entitled "A Rocky coast”—the rocks in tbe dim distanra. It was Ss*._ . i tl ter day in tbe annals of tbe Board of loh?Wvtlcn % and like Grimes' old brown coaMt- *!ScE S™ C l?tH?’°SonS*Ss: fonmr ard were p . —.tout, ornameuled tel, made of yWlcwoo In this n-epcct the with hoops of polished brass- a&irthan :Si2 £& r n c™'* n S.t cor.«u>«.“ t6 or -Mch A beandfolly engrared Irom the hands of tne engraver, sw oy weans of red, while and bine ribbocs to ciincr bead ot the barrel. U bore this mscrlpUou - Tula is the wheel wblcn contaios the tickets for the drawing of ‘a woe** coast,' . _. , The property of tbe ‘Pork Packer’s Club, the tickets bare been sealed and counted by mo Committee. „ - "A. c. Mtracn, Actuary.” The picture—the "Rocky Coast" before men* Honed—set In a beautifully chased frame which looked I'ke gold—bnt U wasn't-waa Disced lean ing agilrat the barrel, "the observed ol all ob x, ...r! « Surmounting the whole was the hook whining thenames °t the ticket holders. This envelope— to prevent any «-aa placed m . omittcS to s.ale that Ike SSSS -^ h “? jujiy ss Vbo eert re—the bnrle-que too brood, and tbe whole allair ton weighty, (o bo otaoi Idered by the Board in * collective scu-c. At the joveof toe eeaelon,just «f>cr the la-t goog bod vniaierf, erica of “Where's tbe committee? 11 “Where*! Mr. Pobpe t 4 ' become quie load. IhePnildent of the Board ca.led the memocra to ordif, and hoped that the “raffle* 1 would not lakrpaceln tbe Exchange Hall, and suggested tat It bo held In the loiter corridor. Borne of the member*, who wero hi for ton objected. They Insisted that a light room was wanted In order to sec Uist tho “deal was on the square," and besides, said odd of tbe apeakera, “we want to see If the mao who drawajtiaaa bar arm.* 1 TbU provoked a Isnirh, is the point of (be 11 bar 11 was seen and appreciated. A mudon was made (hat the drawing take place downstairs; earned. One of the committee abonldcred the barrel, another the exiled book, and tbe third the prlxe. Down sum they mated, followed by tbe crowd full pell-mell, making the walls echo wlih shouts of laughter. On arming at the foul of (be stairs leading from tbe Secretary's office, the “drawer" mounted a •too), took off hla coat and roiled nj» bis shirt sleeve—remarking at ibe same time “ll’a the lalrcst deal yon over saw." One of (be committee .cot away the seals and string from the bong bole, while another made ibo necessary preparations for registering the ticket a % taken from the wbeel. At W nilcnlci past one everything was pro nounced readr. and «ho drawing commenced. As It was nnderstood that the twenty-filth ticket drawn would take the prise, ibe Interest felt at Ibe start was slight, and earb ticket, drawn was the signal for one or more Jokes Tom the audience, who were evidently in good humor. After Ibe lenlb ticket was drawn It was announced Ibflt “tbe Actuary was ready to bur the privebarkata fair valuation’ I —shouts of laugh ter and derision. The drawing proceeded amidst criesol “Where'slhsllong-Ullctl atlrl*" “fcllthat «lc' ator tnnn to leave the u heel alone. 1 ' “Where's yer 111 bM man on horseback T 1 “liow abonltliai inntoV 1 Tho twei ly-'onitb ticket was drawn The vast assembly became hush- d as death. A mn michl have boon beard lo drop at the twenty-fifth llcbcl was pulled from the wheel. It was re d out “Jjtß,* 1 Immedlatctr Ibo llsl was opened and th* owner's name pronounced, “Dr. LI. U. Dvc&e." As the Doctor was not on hand, a boot-black was called In. A despatch was made out announcing to (he Doctor his good fortune. Tula despatch was placed In the bands of the “bonl-btactt, 11 who was mid io lake a burse car and ride up and down the ftlne liland avenue Due, till be loiuid the lucky Individual. This finished the “show. 11 11,I 1 , H. We bsvn learned as we go to press (hat (be boy aiieeeedrd In finding the Doctor, llh was not in lilt •* long*iaUed nlgUt*«Uirt. M LAW INTELLIGENCE. Three Dlrorco Caaet-Hereral (feuaea for Hnndcrlmr tho Marrlnee Tlo —Tho B. 11. Badger Caao. - In the Circuit Coart of the United Stales, tbe trial calendar for pawed esses was taken np, and an action of assumpsit between Jobisna A. Le* land, Ac., and Ocorge C. Stowe was disposed of by a verdict lor defendant. Albert Nicholson whose trial was on, on Friday atid Saturday, was yesterday admitted to baliln the earn ofliOOO, JtwlU be remembered the jury failed to arm. In the Circuit Court the following sails were dismissed: Charles Bondo vs. Uaz Piegele. Maiy Jane Mooney ▼>. Kd»ard Bulger. Appeal. James Burke et al. vs. Q. G. Cbilcote et af. The ejectment emt of James H. Rees agatoil Devtllo K. Holland another. was decided by the Coart in favor of the plalntlfi. An appeal waa taken. A motion for a new trial In the case of James King against Frederic Gelsler waa overruled. The case was on the common counts; damages being laid at SI,OOO. The jury fonnd for plaintiff, awarding $560 as damages. Judgment waa ren dered ou the verdict In the trespass ease of Jacob C.' Schroyer against DeWiU O. Cole, Jane Ann Cole, and Amanda Stockton, the bail was discharged. This Is an action commenced October 37th, 1866, against the parties, to recover in pecuniary dam ages iotfs conspiracy and because upon the diargi of adultery, the decreeing of a divorce between the plaintiff and Jane Ann, who Immediately after married DeWltt G. Cole, lire damages are laid at $20,W)0. The capiat stands as aso mmons. A motion for ane* trial In Ibe grain cose oi Oliver P. Cobh et al. vs. Henry Bacon et al., which occupied a week la trial last talk waa overruled, and an appeal taken. The case, one of the many against B. Hutchings Badger, of William M. Larrabee. waa beard. This is an action hronghl by the plaintiff grow ing onto! the following lacta: Or the 11th of March, lE6C, theplain'iflgave the defendant, who was then a stock broker In CtPcago, $2,U00, and ordered him to boy him 2U) shares of Chicago and Alton Railroad stock. Oo (be 19to day the de fendant noticed the plaintiff that be had pur chased the stock. Oo the 3d of April, defendant failed, and made an assignment. On the morning of the 4th, plaintiff demanded the stock or toe |2, tCP. This the defendant failed to deliver, and the suit *» to tecover the maicln. The defence Is, tlmtoti iLcday of the demand, the stock had de preciated, and was worth only to plaintiti fOKOO. Ibe question to be decided by the Court, is, bow much the plaintiff Is entitled to. The plaintiff offered to prove, and did show, under objection, that the stock ofthe road was worth par on the Ist of May following, and that toe purchase for him was made at 83}$. This court is at picsenl occupied in the case of H. Uehenstein against the Metropolitan Insurance Company, to rccovir on a policy of $1,250. The new amts in this cour< were: .35,333 Robinson, Nourso A Raymond, of Boston, v*. rc Gllltuan M. Sargent, to recover an alleged iudobl cdtess of $915.35, obtained under false pretences, tc A capiat issued. .. b John J«n ct al. filed a bill to restrain the collec- g tlon of a special tax in School District No. lof d the town or Lyons, on tbe ground of IPegal as- e: ecsameut. The tax la lor the erection ot a school t> house. p 11. Knight confessed Judgment in favor of R. D. tl McParlnne for $"19.71. p The Superior -Court is not In acation. d There were commenced new aulla In the Supe- tl rlor Court,as follows: „ .. li Joseph U. Rurkam vs. Benjamin P. Hannan, r Damages |»0,000. fl The same vs. Samuel J. Walker. Damagca « S4O 000. 1: Tbe same vs Hugh Walker Damages 110,000. i A bill to prevent the collection of the town tax c of Cicero, last voted, was filed by Peter Crawford & Co. Thle Is a bill of jeln with another by the c rai.road corporation, decided up and specified in j the Tiublub a lew days since, _ < A ccnla* was issued upon the suggestion of < John It. Hamlin against John W. Tlghe. .The la dtbteduesa is laid al S*SI.K Tor butter told, aa is i alleged, under falae pretences. An aimbmenl issued against Mary Ehraen, on | an aDoefld in.Ublodncs* of $130.37, on the ground i of the fraudulent disposal of property. i In the County Court, Frederick Mohrtng was appoh ted to administer upon the estate ot Wil liam Mehring, under a bond ol IS 0. Ihu estate of bamucl B. Dennett waa declared C Harriet E. Crosby, widow, waa appointed ad muiisttainxof the estate of George Crosby, un der • bond of sl,i 00. , - . Ftnttia Jansen, cited before a commission or luracy, was fleilared non eotnpot tnrnttf by a jury. The antne lesult followed an luvortlrailon into the mrnitl rotidltlou of McArthur, produced on the affidavit of her husband, John. The new suits In the Recorder’# Court, which i rrcrl ta not in session, am aa follows; i Mattie U. Nohie tb Albert H. Noble. -11111 ■«v utvoicc on the ground of dmntipn. Wallace F. I-atkln v§. Lydia E. Larkin. Dill • foi dl'orcr on the groundl o« Impolencv. the par ties vrete warned July 0,1801, at South Heading, W .lr*enilah Fournier. va. Jane Fournier. Dill for 1 » dlvorre on the ground that the urtendart hat . been tutity ol tnaniinid and unmeroua wrong* * and trtinra aualost the laws, both of Clod and e mat', (Unions id her own character and repiitaUno, iiieUKUilal to “ tompialuaul," and calculated to i- niliit! Ulfcmic" itpot all connected willi her. lie »I romplsttianl staled Mint he was the mate of the u Uin «e '• that about July, laal. *1 it i imilalo. lie received a letter from tils wile elating i* I that''»W had left Chicago and he would Merer esc it* I im again." He thereupon returned, found ahe w I tut i&un"i his watch and chain, and jt-cured atitidi) drills In hie lisuati, atia MounU the eua* \\ tti-n hcltui.that she ti now al Mvmi'l)lL !« 'ilad ehntgea her a Mil Idullrry with ono tbit * (lilts, with whom he *«>■ ahe !• litiuß *1 Mdiilphla under a tuiiiioue end hiuaiuuua malfiuiotilal at Mhlntu , 'lint i-oi.ioit iiomiT, l»omr*ilPTroiihlwe-Aaa»iill»» ftfi At Dm Police Onmt ycMdday there waslillle doing ol any pubhe linporianre. Only alaiy< » |thi cases were on Ihe docket, eleven of the de fendant* bring women. Acaln»l those there «i'i« tinea itteahed to the amount or ah*. Edwatd,!. Wilson, residing on Ninth Market kneel ll'ct unhappily whb hia wife, lie suipecle her of infidelity, end ahecbargm him with 'agian ry. lie has u-ct-nily employed A you-nr lady i.smed ElUc Annatiung to a»»lit In (he bouse huld. Whether her being good-looking ta ftlmply an accidental coincidence with her being hired may never be known. One day last week, it was alleged Edward tried to Uko his wife's fun from bef with the Inuntion ot advancing ibam to hla** ancle,” the pawnbroker. for money. Miss Armstrong Interfered and he dapped her taco just once. It appear* (Tom what transpired at court that lire, Wilson was fined fifty dollars, not Ter? long arc, for bclrg naughty. She Is quite well favored, and Edward 1- Jealous of her. bo Ed wai d col hla friend Frank Dalson to Join him In a nlan to expose her. Dalson should come down then? and find him sick. Dalson ahonld assume to bo a detective officer, and the next day Edward would be better, and the twain would leave the houae together. Dalson having previously Insisted that Edward was then well enough to go to jail. By this means Mrs. Wilson would be quite thrown ofi her guard. Sup posing ber bu»band safely behind the bars in the South Division, she would receive the clandestine visits of those whom the Jealous man suspected. And be would be near to see it, and expose her perfidy and shame. The plan was carried out. liaison went to see him on Saturday nbrou Be assumed to be a detective, bun Jay, afternoon ho declared that Wilson must go with him, and they departed. But, notwithstanding their watchful car* of the premises, they saw oo man enter, aud their plans came to an ignominious conclusion by the two being them selves arrested—Wilson tor assaulting Hiss Arm strong, ai.d Dalson lor assuming to be an officer. Wttiou was fined *3. Dalson was lectured pretty ebarply.and as be appeared to be entirely igno rant of the fact that representing himself as an officer was a serious offence, and had indulgedln It simply to please bis friend, be was discharged. 1 hSSo Wheeler, the kecperotalow boose on Wells street, was fined tis, and seven Inmates flO “(?Bcnroldcr, residing on Norlh aveune, was arrested for abusing bu wife. Be alleged that she “wouldn't behave.** She £»» in? and blowing: more rt ver. the dMnc take care ofthe family. If he wanted breaktast In the morulas he had to get It. She wonld not make Sotbes for the chUdren. She stated that her hus band did not fnrnfth her money to hny anything with. The officer who arrested him said lhal he knocked his wife down yesterday morning and threatened to kill her. fie was fined f 5 and ru* united to give bad of £3OO to keep the peace. q jSmcs Rnascll said bis wife did not and so he went and got drunk. Whether It was oecan«e he was a special policeman, or the Conn considered bis reasons not ascertained, bnt James got off without a unfortunate* were sent yesterday momlne from the Police Court to fheCounty ' Pbcrbe A. Johnson, a yotrog colored vmu, poor and hopelessly stopld.wbo bad been fooad around the Fort Wayne depot, was thn* disposed of; and also Charles Riley, ancMerly tnan. wbo baa been sometimes emplot ed at the Rowing Mills, bnt ha* recently manifested symptoms of Insanity and Indifference to nls work. . was alleged, was c«Dtffhn theYouus Men’s Christian Association rooms to the Briggs Honsc No. 2, on Monroe slrccr for employment, bo* he was an Idle and unprofitable tenant, and In four days the proprietor was hnoW tne for a police officer to come and take bin away. He won > (Tn either work nor leave the jmmftce, bnt could do a fine thing at drlLktnr. At the Po lite Court George said he hsd had work-all som mef as a roofer.bnt being troubled with dyspepsia bad Invested hi* carulnjrsln Rmedtol Menu for that cruel disease. The large quanUUrt ot sea weed tonic and Peruvian syrno be bad taken, he Es&rstsis « tb each. a that they have sometimes wioweo a* the more aristocratic courtesans sss-BSSS^Jfeagftjas ppkedorand adornment of ttetrmorc nrai^ anpetotSd." ”el.“ lnrtj-w» *«' retailed fmm the First Prednct, under 2spUlns Dickey and Sherman assisted by Sergeants Oar rnl nud Mcrgei tbalor, to visit and “pull 11 tba rro‘l farhlonahle houses oi ill-fama In me South Division. The list embraces the following koep eie: Mollie bcoiun, Nellie « as*ello, Jcnmc l ewis, Lixxle I carer. Jennie Browning, Fannie Hendricks, Uzxie Allen, Clara Hudson and Emma Brandon. \S lib these were found an aggregate of twcnir-nlte lady boarder* (f) and lour gentle mend*. Host of the keepers proenred ball for ibeir appearance at tbe Recorders Court, and the Inmates for examination at thy Police Court this afternoon. AMUSIsrTIfSNTS. MoTicmm's TmtiTni.—Mr. Charles Dillon opened tbe week last evening with bis renowned impersonation ol “ Belpbegor, tbe Mountebank, 11 a character to tbe rendition of which be stands •lone and unsurpassed. Tbe bouse was bettor filled (ban on any previous evening or bis en ragefhenl. To-night and to-morrow tbe same play will be given. MoaxuM.—Tbe management baa fallen back ■gam upon one of tbe “specialties. ll the Irish sensational drama of “ Poep O’ Day.’ 1 Tba play, amt tbe manner In which it la produced at tbe Museum baa already been so foil} commented on that it 1* unnecessary lo refer to It aga ; n. The house waa cronded last evening. “Deep O'Day’ 1 t* announced (or two or three evening- yetto come. CtUKFiOR Dncxituia.—Robert licnry Header shot, well known as the 4 -Drummer boy of the Rappahannock. 11 baa accepted tbe challenge of Mr. William Kevins, tbe drummer of Chicago, to drum for fhe championship of the United Mates. 'ibe match will come off m B»iurday evening, February 10, In tbe Oenhby Opera House, rho iflativc merits of tbe Hamper formers will be decided upon by three compfiHßt and unpreJudlc< d laden, chosen fur tbe purpose. Iho evening will oe enlivened by a full band of music, and a portion of the proceeds will be devo ted to the benefit of the I'roicatant Orphan Asy lum. |‘n»*TiDiorrATtoi».—Mr. Itolwrt Nlckle,* young fientlemari hitherto unknown In Chicago. olmmou net evening In the Munr 11*11 of (be Opera House wllli a prcMidlatlstotlal entertainment, wbo»o rtcommcDdalorv clcmeuli wore simplicity and bralnoae. tie urea no rumberaora apparatus, nor loiigllty uruceMOs, to bewilder tho andlonce. He begins Ids trick but JnM before be flntaboi it, and n*ra little but bale, and rlnga, At,borrowed •’mm the audience. Iltilwben we aav Inal hit tricks are simple, we do not mean that the? are unlnleroMing or old. They are flood, aa was testified to by the on*rup«<a(nd and nearly applause which created htm last evening, from an audience, wlitcblf It nut Oil the house, was tuneh larger (ban the average. Mr. Nlckle Itw evidently SOI matrle at bia fingers* endas and ibe only fault we would (eel disposed to and tn him 1«, bliai'er* ancea at llmea are Indistinct. It be would atudy a Utile mom evenness In speaking, bla perform* enrea would bo perfect. A complete chance of programme u announced for to night. . ... .. . . Bkatmo.— The parka and rinka conllnne to be ioectlve operation, and the akatera aeetn to be nnwearled in tbeir devotion to the exercise. A lane crown visited the Washington yee’erday doilofl the evening and found the Ice In splendid order, The rinka were not leas lively. At the Cert al Park tho managers take a benefit on Wedne«d»y evening, which occasion will heals* nalued by a grana balloon ascension and display of fireworks. A fine eolenslment Is offered. Steam Genera ton. The following letter to the Chicago linvei ap peared In lla Issue of the 26th instant: WiM-ms Omcr or Tnr Daxtord ) ScrniuxATXD Steam GntzoATon Co., > Chicago, 111., January 25. ) In jour Isaac of the 3la( Instant,! observe a lenythy article describing what purports to be the “New Steam Generator” of Mr. P.Baumann, which deserves a passing notice at or hands. Were It not for (he (act that Mr. Qaamano, by the nee of this generator. Is directly infringing the rights of this company under its several patents, and that many of the statements of said article ate nntrnc, and calculated to mislead the public, I sbnnld not nolle*: Ibe matter at tbta time. We are told that Mr. McCurdy and others wbo drat exper imented in this Held, failed of success; hot the eavte of failure is not staled by the writer. McCurdy and others, whose efforts have failed of success in rhu direction, tailed because they In jected water upon Ibe inner surfaces of heated vessels. While the “Daniord Generator,” who-e success has been clearly and positively eslabll-h --ed by a series of careful experiments, of great cost, extending over a period of years, has care- IcliT provided that the water shall not reach the surface ot the generator; but shall be immediate ly converted Into steam by being injected into a volume or atmosphere of steam. The following Is an extract of the Hanford patent of November 31,1665. bearing upon this point, and making al- Itulon to the efforts of others to solve the problem of the successful production of steam, without the boiling oficater. “It wilt be seen that. In either case, if is not in fended that water be injected on to the surface ot the vessel, hot that the volume of superheated sttam is the xnatotal (so to designate 11) which re ceives the entering jeta, and supplies, so far as ; any additional heal la necessary, the heat which converts the water Into superheated steam. Ills this part of tbe combination and lu which d\tlingvith*t It from attempts to make steam continuously and satisfactorily by injecting wafer on the Inner surface of healed vessels. The hot surftev oflbe vessel was the partprovlded to convert the water thrown upon It In spray or jets Into steam. Various as those attempts have been, they have all bad Ibis common feature, via.: That the hot metallic surface was to receive the water, wbmeas, by (his invention, special care la taken to provide such a depth of volume of superheated steam to receive Ibe rater as will canee the water to pass into a stale of superheated steam before tt reaches the hot metallic -‘Ortace." _. And 1 may here add (for tne benefit of those In terested In steam as a motor) that this company having by their experiments—conducted wun great care and accuracy, upon a worklngscale— dearly established tbe fact that the Dtufurd gen erator economizes fifty percent of the fuel nred In boilers of the same capscliy,is absolutelynon-ex plosive, economizes from one-half to two-thirds of the space occupied by boilers, and can be sup plied for one-ball of their cost; is now engaged In determining tho only question remaining unset tled, >hal of durability qf generator *, prior to go ing before tbe public, and answering tbe nume rous order* which hive accumulated upon their files, from those desirous of replacing bolters, rUb generators which »ob steam pf Us terrors. lar or oar company to it* stockholders, nuder date o! September 8. 1860, touching this point: “There now remains to determine o'hy toe qnestton In regard to the best shape sndelseor generator, and the best materials of which to construct It, so as to secure the greatest stnnflCA. durahl/i/y, and economy. ** The experiment# to decide these questions are now coW on. by machines in use In «ew York, illfcols, aid In California* Several other generators are to be put Immediately In tug, ai o the combined astlon of all will furnish sum* dent data for an intelligent decision in regard to these several points. . , . . “ Uhas already bevn ascertained by engineers that from twenty to thirty per cent ol Is paired by the use of superheated aleam ; and ex* oerlmcuu during Urn past summer with the gens* lafor have established Uie fact that a contipaons pressure ol from aw) to 250 lbs of sloara can be car ned with perfect safety, thus practically more than doubling lh«t working power ol enßlnes. “In many other iiartfculari and details the most satisfactory rcsnlls havebesn obiftineel. “The question ot durability la one which uie alone can determine, and s» soon tube company are in possession of the necessary facts on tins miinl. they will he communicated by circular. “ l»j order of the trustees. Honavio Atuxtt^ * “ President. Ilnnmr a.ld Budlclent no IMI polul 10 iliow lh.l the “Innlorn generator “ forms an exception to the rule of Wlares laid down In the article refened to. I proceed next to consider the sscomf point, the meet" of the Baumann generator. I ok*uh» nliat I* claimed lor bis generator. In «i« « of cionttny «l fuel, and cxmnplloi tt #n mb the * anger ol explosion. Is substantially true. As Mr. Uau mat n uses simply tho Ibrtforil cciieratiir for the tnaiilnc ami generation of steam, 11 Is uni ml nrai that be should at In)n the same which w« have so ofieneslaMished, both ft 'No.&jWesl I ske street. In this cliy, In the summer of IBM. at lumeia In this Plate, fluting Ibe nasi year, and In New York t.'ity. lootOcrlo place (he public tn t ,(t*FP'ftlon of all the (acts heces*ary to bn in an in* (rdllettil opinion Upon Ibis iinesUon. Ist ns InleAy (•Knltitlielfiecbniacier of Uictnu generators, ami see wbertlr liiey diner. . ..... M li«< I'snlmn gt„jralnr dmtslsu of a iiealeu yes* se) «| sHlsbte sire, ami any fleshed form. Into eMcbWalef Is introduced in ihrlitMti of sp/ar, by means of a pljm. |d : ncefl wlih nne linles.or icrminaitny m a sprinkler. To |}M‘*V,TCsi*m* water, an ordinary fotre inimt*, nr (is amnvalfnl, U tiscll? VVliMe Uio form of generator Is immi* teriaii It should be of am It slse as in provide • loliime of steam ol suitable fleplb. ln artianpy nl the entenns Jet ol water, to convert Uie same Inin leant before » can reach tba surface of Vlie gene* Uan extract from lj>® Danfort nitfiii of Nt vember, 1»B. fonrtolmc Jbto point» * ♦•#. It is advuabloio have a considerable depth of lupobeated eleam la advance oftbe entering iVie. and that U la not advisable to have lea* than l»u Inches; though ins depth would anawer with Isa a cßtclenry. «• That orttcaa (In wa'er-nloe) of a atxUfntli lo an olpbtb ol an loch dlamejer.per mVi leu which operate well to practice. .The form of ve»ael ur Generator lepreaonted in the draw tnc* ti spherical, aclectrd aatho ooe of greatei! •Irergin and capacity, wj»b a alvcn amoant ot material, but any form of retul ol adequate thick* •nt of part* In iclailon to Ita form, and aoatained orerann,*. canbe used." v Let us next consider the Bamaaan generator , and not wishing lo do injustice to Mr. U—.by iroperfeclly describing bis apparatus, I extract the following description from the article referred to. •*lho inventors description represents the ap paratus aa consisting of seven cast-iron reseda, wren inches In ty-flve Inche* bleb and one Inch In thickness, of metal, connrctod eta point neat the top with a globular receiving TW, £f?., lw f a ,2 iJ diameter. In the centre of tbU globe to ndlmtenlive vessel sending a bran<pj-plpe tow the mouth of each of the »ovcn cyUndew, thto distributing resect is fed with water by a pipe of an Inch In diameter coooccung with the force pnmp, and each btancb pipe ter minating in a noxxle perforated with nine small poke. The water enters the tubular .C 666 ** ators In the form ot a continuous fine shown?, wbicb is Instantly transformed Into 6tearo,paa*lng through the ssme month-piece Into the receiving vessel, and theucc into the drum or eqasUxlm. vessel Thu diminutive apparatus with a Are 3S? if only eighteen lacheslo dimeter, create, power enough to drive a 0x22-lnch engtee, with morethanthroe-fourths oftbe machinery oftbe extei site establishment where it his been appears be nsw sevenlnbnlar • Inches in diameter, and p inches £lgh-wita a branch pipe entering **thempn-hof eacnof the seven cylinders," and "terminating tnanozale Worsted with nine sms'! bole*.’* "The water rnters the tnbulsr gtntra'ort lo the form of a con tSSS“ftne Shower, Which Is trans form od Into steam," «c. He also mike* use of a force-pump for the inlection of the water. 1M« wlihWaaeaercnpcncrctore that Mr. tfia jiotrtT. and generates of* Ala tttem. me , "receiving'’ and "equalising ’ steamchamber., have nothing’ to do with steam: they merely r/eriw the steam when mane in o*4 generators. It la now dear ttat each of ; these seven generator* to a simpk duDHeaio of , the " Danlord generator." Each hartag. xat, a h«-ated veaatl; 2d, a water Infection Pipe termlna- , ting to a sprinkler, to ao«y the entering Jets of water ; 3d. a force-pump few the Injection of SSS. Ecach to capable or being used separately and independently or lb® oilier W the oae of a given nnm peJ of generators In eombWio* the power may I be increased to any desired amount, aa where , Several holler* are need mrombmalionto Increase ( nower and furnxah ■ desired amount ot steam, fioat of the large marine engine* no a boDt arc t supplied with a frit* orcofTiWnarion of boDeif. the '* Great Eastern" and " Dunderbutg” are ex i of more/Ann on/" Danford If 6B ®*?* I ter*’ does not Icthe least affect ot cioao? character of tJu Inr/nrion, Thto r«rmtM M| teme By the use of on/. It to clear the Danford patent would be Infrioced, and bow much ka* will be the Infringement where trten or more ate °*o? Mr! Baumann’s addition* to the consisting of steim drams, pipes, etc, etc« 1 havt nodrtlra to speak, and will only that while STM? sssffss^ssa^rffkj u*e wherever steam is naed aa a motor- , . in this case, they do not successfully diaffw* the‘*DanfDrrt Ueneiutor," which and Baumann have adopted enrir*. It win oc uectitatT. however, for Mr. Baumann, before he ombinaUon further, to secure An rig* ”roro tbto company, whohold the patent The following node* served «P«f bl? on the 9tb of the present month speaka lor itself. Wcatsnn Orrtct ornti Danrono Scrxn hxatkp Stxa* GraanaToß Cowrairr, I liOOXt 3 MSTttOPOUTAK Blpc*, Cmcaao. 111., January y,lSt7. 3 tactorc and u*e of toe atoam S* 8 «*» lß f' “'t®? exhibition a’, the cataoltohmeot of M ea»nu Wal worth. Hnshidc A Co., comer of Mlcbtoan and Frank\ln atreeta. In tbto dtj, you are violating and infrlnfing the righto «°® the patent* of Janies K. Atwood, bearing date November «, 19«, and Ebcnexer Danrord, t«ar- Inc oate Novunver «4.1985. which aatd patwd* are the excln.tve property ot thto company, and that any further violation or tofringmeni of the rlchta oi said company, under said patoott, by %U. wuiik a=u witMUajrTOßTn, General Baalnesa Agent of the Danfort Soper vosied Steam Generator Company, I ahould have much preferred that the proper cfurtij alone shook! dUctui ana determine this oue.'liOD of bat the appearace of the ■rude referred to makes It necessary to aiata what M here stated, that the rlahla of parties may be protected, too the public pot la possession of the facts in the case. E. XXiitroan. ** Unti to Cm lUD*as. M —Under this head we find the following In an exchange: To make riding in the city Can at ell endurable wr would anggeei» ftw tnlea of action Intended chiefly forpeople of nerve: 1. crowd on the platform u vigorously as yon can. Don l mind other peoplo’a toes. They won't mind yonra. 2. Do not hire tout Cans ready for the conduc tor. Shore on on him that doubtful dollar bill. 3. Shake the enowoff of yooraeU onyonr fellow pasaergerv. 4. bland rlsbt In the doorway, ao ai to keep It open, and let the folka Inside comprehend bow cold it la onL 0. When a Utile girl geta np and leave* about three tncbea otecaU crowd Into U, no matter bow tnnchyoa may dlacommode your peiubbora. 6. When you wantogei out poll the air*r», and make (he car wall while you crowd Utroueb to tue door. Don’t, on any occortot, nt to tho door be* fore atopping (be car. 7. Grumble a good deal about thing* In general, and especially about the railroad compaolea. Do it to a lead voice. 8. Tell tbo conductor that you don't want aay of bla Impertinence 9. Auk him in a fierce tone what he meaaa by crowding tbe car ao. 10. Accaic him ot wanting to keep the change of yoar dollar lull, and tel! bio you will too be U re ported to the company , 11. Ada that be la leagne with pickpocket*. 19. Wboo any one pnah«* agaloat you ear It la a bnnjicg shame for them lo annoy In that way a pooralck mao, scared v yet recovered from tbs atnall'Ziox. ily observance of these inlet and similar ones Uiattbey will sapgeal, you mI*I dod folk* quite ready tn open a clear, eaey path for you when you want to leave 100 car. Tun Arrumn Wira Bnoortao.-Frederick KcLrocdrr, who attempted to shoot bis wife on Friday Digbl, at hit re (donee at No. Ml third ■venue, (aa mentioned In theao column* a day or (wo eince), was arrested on HahmUy night by Officer Knmer, at a bouse on Eighteenth »U««t. lie uaa brought before the Police Court y«*lerday moraine, lie alleged that the platnl waa dl*> charged by accident, but It waa In evidence that he purchased the weapon (he tame evening, and hid It loaded with bnrbahoi. stating (hat ha waa going lo Mokena. and wlabad lo prepare bim**lf against the attack* ot evil doer* whom he might cuconu'or, Thopuiolwa* an old roaty doable* barrelled aflkU made about 140 year* ifo, Bcbroedor baa been in (he habit or returning home dmiiW, refusing to furoUb mean* for the support of hla family, and yet burning tb*t evert* thing shall be forthcoming aa if be did ao. l.aiWly be baa threatened to kill hla wife, and the act whichcau»ed his ane*' wu no donut premedl* tated. Ue waa commlued for tnal In ball ol ft,030. bmerr Lavra.—Alim Pinkerton, Keq., baa placed lo front of bl< office cr. Wailtox* ton aircet, one of the flteat lamps *bl:li adorn onrcity. Itia auMalned ly two roat*aod Ilgbia np tbo whole »tr ei. LOCAL MATTERS. IlrownU “VermtCuaej t'omdu.” TbU valuable combination has been aucmufully used t>7 nbyticUi*, aud found to be safe and aura In eradicaiing worms, so hurtful to children. Be Bare to ahum the “Verm if ace ComttV* which b*« been used with good success. Sold by drcgfUl« and dcaleis In medicine* al 25 cents a box. Brown’a Bronchial Troches* for Pol rnoDorr and Aatbmatlc Disorders, have proved their efficacy by a teat of many years, and have re ceived testimonials from eminent men who bare need them. Those who are suffering from Cought, Colds, Hoarseness, Pore Treat Ac., sbonld try “The Troches,” e simple remedy which la In erery case external. Rlanden** Pectoral Balm (hr Concha* Colds, InQnenza. mothers* mothers* mother*.—Don’t fail to procure Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup lor all disease* incident to the period of teething m children. It relieves the cnlli from pain, cures vli’d colic, regulates the bowels, and, by riving rcllel and health to the child, gives test to the mother. Thirty-five cents t bottle. Thom who have been subject to Ner» vona Headaches for years have been restored to perfect health by one dose (“forty drops ) of Metcalfe's Great Khenmatlc Remedy, it never falls. Lord A Smith, agents. Asthma* which Is so dlstresstns at thl« reason, can be relieved and cured by nsinz Martden’s Pectoral Balm. Physicians recom mend u aa a reliable, safe and prompt remedy. Burnhams A Van Scoaack. Chicago. Illinois. General Agents tor the Northwestern Slates. For sale by all druggists. Juniper Tar Soap cures chapped bauds, salt rheum, pimples, and all cutaneous aScctions, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by Caswell, Macs A Co., New Yoik. bold by ail druggists. Colgate & Co.’* Winter Soap.—Re commended for chapped haoos and for general toilet use during cold weather. It mav be oh .alncd ot all druggist* and fancy goods dealer*. Shirt*. Shirts* SUIrU. The Sam Brown shirt made to order, ail qualities and price*. Six good shirts for 181. Bhowk A Sut ton, 84 and &6 Slate-fit. Itch! Hcrafeh !I Boyd’* medicated Cream cores Uch, scra’ches, and all akin diseases. It is neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain* specially adapted to children. Bold by all dros gists. Grand Ball.-Flrst Ball of the Italian Mutual Aid Bociety will Uko place this (Monday) evening, January *3, at Tomer Had, North Clark street, near Chicago avenne. Music by toe Great Western Light Guard Band. A Man Pile Cure.—Or. Gilbert’* Pile Instrument positively cures the worst case* of plica. Scot fiy mall on receipt of ft. drcnlara tree. Sold by draralata. Aguots wauled every where. Address J. D. Roxainz, Manager, No. s*B Broadway. New York MARKETS B 1 TELEBRAPH. Now Tork Financial Nows. N*w Yopx, January IS. MOJHtT. Money market itetdy, with Ulr btulae* al W p< cent. mcttnii nciuaoa. . , Merlins doll, at IW*®lW* t -Id tor ant clu> bll oni.D. Gold without material charge, opening at IMJ|, »*• vanclng to U»H. »nd closing at IS!#. , oov»««i*»Tt. I Government atocki a tliada firmer. LATEST. Nr* ToKK, January rt. VOStT. Mtncy market doted ea«y. 0010, Gold quiet and firm at »i)(. OOTWHKKTa. I Coupon# Coupon* I Coupon# » ...IB3**lolJ* MW*LUM«xov#rTocaa. Stock* heavy at eune, wl h one or two rteeptlni*. Ohio cert*...... V> « .... N.W...... .... K f j r VIVA .... N.W. pld .... n.y.c«V..... Slirt Mich. 60 «JM * .... Itm-fc fr'anrt.... 91V» ..•• Mte n .C«iß .... ill. Cent 111HH •••• .11*2 *•** I rt. Wayne 9»H(* .... Toledo. f» .... taeorr concgnniko ** nvat-tMtjg t* aocauLasu •AttwAr imwa. A report VM on the atreft, late In thertav, ofAn over l*aiieln tun Hock Ulanrt l-omP«W. ■"L*!'I'* 1 '*M 1 I of Iho concern had been need Inlh* Rile and North awtirncllque#. iinMif iheprominem director* wa« I al»« reported to tiavetaliw. Tliejafep'jrlawere olfi- I iiblU diiued. but Die denial failed to restore conn. tUjMJW #«**«#. „ . C0rn1.n....... |smith A.!*«rmel«e... Utevory,. 10MI yuaru tint (lol«l (till ........... HP I niuvvuiik uvtttiriMiKnAUttnt. Naim «»l the National Ynrd«. UeimrlM by I'eWiapb «lMu«Waly gif IbMlbb'M' TrllmnM Haw Yonr, Mnniey Kvenlng, Jenuarr W, ttggp tUtn.M-Thara were yardml and mnniyxild lolmloltar* loiley, at Dm Ha'tunal Var.l*. Vortvlilo, t.KKi heart. Thaaa were from fha aaveral rtlatea a« I •)■ Iflwat New York, KM v Ohio, «T4t K«nutoky,i«lt lq< diana.can Michigan, 11. iieMlved thla wmk, SA*. Tbewtatbar wa* pltauni, aivd with a |(»»t avarag« quality of atmk trade opened rather lively, but eloeea dull with not all eoht. There waa an eifnrt mad# to advatce pilrea, «n|eh.however,failed. Too following aro iharloalni raleat Flret \\ aj*J<e Revond quality Ji*'*}} c Third qoa'lty 1® o The averare price paid waa 14 V**-. with a few aalei at 17c. Tha marker waa much the eameaalaat Monday. Bhiip—The topply ta filr an I price* \c lower to day. than during th» wee. generally t now ranging at 1 r£7VC. Som* extra q’Ulltieaaold Veblgbe% 1 Oooa—Received ten can. The market U not active I though all were told. I Total receipt* of etock for the week ending to-dav, at all the New York market*: Heel Cattle. *V*P Swine .. sales or nnr cattle. Barnett * Co. sell 115 bead. averaging 850 ft*. it Me. 8. M. 81m* *eDs 100 bead averaging «J 0 bs. at 11416 c. Wood* * Gillespie tell 107 bead, averaging 573 ai.« isauc. Miller ft DUrd reU 111 bead, good, averaging 759 »*. at 1M16)»c. Edwards ft PeQls Mil 85 bead, areraging 673 6*,at ISK4I4C. d. W. Moody Mils 73 bead. Missouri, averaging 550 3,*, at lOtfllc. This was the poorest lot in market. Solos Bobciosos. [Associated Preis Report.] Receipt* lor tbe wdek—s7367 breves; 46 cows and calm: ISO veals: 17 W 9 sheep and lambs: V«7 bog*. Beevea—No arrival* first part ot tbe week, became heavier as tbe delayed trains came in. bat tound it railer to purchase. offers ranging fro - * Vto Vc below vondar. T>d*y there were about OO.MO catueat the National Tarda, whlcbln quality were Ihir, while tbe demand at tbe opening was brisk. Holders ot prime lata Urns could realize an advance of vc. bn; XMi vu only of brief duration, tor the demand being supplied, tbe pne-* relapsed to their former position, the roarxtt closing quiet, with a large number unsold at snneown. Itacgeo* price*, *al7Hc, with meat at 13415 c, and average lie. Co* t and calves unchanged. Sheep acd lambs advanced early In tbe week, with a light supply, reaching Bi<c for prime and Sk«»c. The market altce bu fallen olt under increased arrivals, closing easier aid fiat and with a surplus stock, sheep vc; lambs nominal. . . alow. Buyer* uke bold reluctantly, expecting a decline. Binge, SyaTyc. Fab- to best, <.V4Tk'C. HEW YORK. Krw Toes. January 29. Cotton—Very firm; sale* lAWbales. , Flour—Bull and 5410 c lower. Receipts, SJTSbrls. of I.l® brta; super State and Western. extra Western, «10JQ%11.65; choice, Itt.TTU 15.00; rousd hoop Ohio shipping brands, trad* branda Il2.KUl3Jo—closing dull. Wblakey—Nominal. . Wheat-Dull and drooping. Safes 5,000 bu: white Canada, 1340; amber Slate. Mil _ rtT—More active. Sales 15.7 W bo; Western, fi:n' Canada _ _ Bariev—active. Bmn) tales were rumored tor exntrtou private terms. _ . Corn—Favors boxers. Receipts* «.300 bo. Sties

<3.(00 bo; mixed intern in store, $11391.16; Western Western.6l£&e; State, 6sc. Groceries—Doll, bales COO bhds sugar: Cobs, 10.H3 i ls^Sr<SwS of of 1.1(0 btls crude at and refined In bond at 39&Sue. non*—Areoutet and Drm at Sc^tllu. Nev Port— Opcted firmer, but closed heavy, with «alet or s.«o brU. at »19-St«Jka tsr tew meat, closing at M 0 40 cash tor Western: fl91li»O50 (Or old me*t. closlr zat $».» casta:. »16.tVJi;X0 ftr prime, and »l 915 u?oJs for prime ness; also, 3.KJ bris new mess at sK.G’tli’U. seller February and Mirth. *B»cf-Dall. Sales or SlO brls at prcelons prices. Tlercrs beef are stead;, with Bales o( aW tea India and .•rime mess on private terms, ___ Beef Bams— unchanged, with sales at SSUOutw.”. Bacon— Steady, with sale* ot WO boxes at 10910*? for Cumberland cut; HJ»9U3<c tar short ribbed, and Steady. Sales ol 3» pkgs at BJf *9)»c for sbonlders and 10ac for bams, pressed Hoc*—Kim. atsvafc for Western. Lard-Deavy. with sates ot bao brls at UX*l3S<t for 010, and i/j«us«c tjr new. Batter—Steady, at iSUDe lor Ohio. Cheese—Qnltt at INSI9.SC* CINCINNATI. CrxccnfATU January 39—pt m. Floor—ln moderate Ircal demand, and market •teadv. super. |9Jb&3.<9 tor spring and $9.^910 bat demand Uabt; for Wo. 1* g9*S9 tor tnnsK and »3-SO»SJ)f for winter. 'corn— Firmer for shelled; It must be Quoted at (19 C3e; ear dull atM<aJ*c. isatS-nraer; No. i.SlgS*^ Bye-UnU at 11.1*41.7* Barter— Unchanged. Cotton—UoctaanetO and holders rather firmer under the foreign newt, but not muca done. Middling. Sic. I RmlDtsdßnngttaa past week, AO baiea;ani from September Ist. bales: acaln«t bales time time last »r«r. Keeeip'a at this place since the Istof this month, hales* against IV&9 bales for the same Pull at KJilnhmd. Ke tales. Hoc*-Firmer njp.taava. Broeiota. sjco. Meat rork-gojpafoso-the latter the rate stlU eaied-butStOA) u the onwlde rale paid. Hnia Meat*—Ueld firmly at TSd'XC for should**, .■Vi luidVe for sum. iumd—tees firm. und»r the news from New Orleans nncrttnc a demine of lose. Nothing due at cuue* apeooe. and prices are nominal. q LardMJulctaUl»ll*e. Potter—3o939o, sod unchanged. Cbeef# —!t®Ue. (Md—iMboyivc, and Mb artlmfe. Kictoaaco—Firm at Me per bnyhny and par **iiwpgr— Market qntet. Nit «M» ■tronx- Milwaukee. ( Special Despatch to the CWcaao Trtbosa.l Mo.waom«. January 11. Floor—DnJl aad nominally 19lower. City sprint XX Ottered at U0.»aw.75; country do at |sjtx«V.7S but no buyers. Wacat-Dolt at morntaa Board t sales 1L&09 bo. At noon Hoard e«tea were W3O ba at IL9WI-M.H for Mo, 9 In row, IIJO. burn'** option lor February ; for No. t In (tore, f 1.79, (eiler*i option tor IS daya; tlJSfor rrtretad. OaU—Doll lad nominal j boyer* o liter 40c tor No. t, Oorn—DtilL fia'ee 1,100 bn at Me lor atir abelled la (tore ■, Me do delivered. Bailey—tlnebaaied. Sole* fl bag* fair, delivered, at IUI*. Prorlslona—Dan at Batarday*« price*. Sale* 193 trea prime lard at 11 We. BrcaMdUop-Flm and higher; aalta at *7,0037,33. Biceteta—Kio brla flour. Bblpmenta—NO brU floor, 900 bn wheat. BUFFALO. lICTTALn. Jatnary a. Fion*—Demand moderate, by reason ol the severe florin. and lb« market is steady. Wise* v—Ho transaction*. Core-Nominal. O'd No. t, t new, 83^Mc. Oata—Quiet. No.*, M»5Jc. BailtV—Nominal at tt.QKit.ot. at |i ot. ProTl«tLns-Hoth'QKdolnr. Mesa pork la quoted at ■ll,OO. Lard. 18c. tlara<, lljfil!*, wnolrflale and re* Dr used non—Doll attB.OOfiaB.SO. WhUkrT-Qnlelall3 33. MEMPHIS. Msarnts, January II Colton—Oulet aid Ann at J9)f»a)kc. Iteeelpta. 9,717 lMiJr#;e*porH, MlTbataa.,,. . Fionr-MlllPC at 19.00417.50, all brand!. Cota-dteadr at ft.03(41.03. OaU—Firm ll WotSJri Utr—tw-atre i tn oemand at |3S.TM4d.M. Pork-Kirm at fWAO. lirvttvd Ihga—lttslte Uma aides, DM®* Lani-lkilfthc. LOUIBVII.LK. LnmartLUi. Janoary 3*. To)«cco-W 13.730H.7) lor light luift to modi* ‘ttiaiiw * swot bacon ahanidere, at UJiai clear ifo* Pawn at lays t hama, at lie. Wliuksy-lUw, at |t.w, NEW UIILKANH. N>w oiuuMt, January au. Coiloo-Flrmar. hale* a,«M bales lew middling 30*0 X \ middling SlHdSic* Kocetpta,M«»haw*. ftaporu au«r—(iood demaadi fhtratiso. lliilaoea-UUUer. Pair Wei prime to choice H d Honr-nigber. Buperflne inJMUtSOiISiO. Corn. Oau and flar—Firm and nnebangea. l*«Tk—liQUattiun. . „ liaron—nmar. bhouldera llx® I clear aidet ISc. Urd-Hfnlet at ISal.^C. Tobacco and tVbUkey—Cnchaaged. OoM-IMV^ New Vortc dltcotint. Freisbu—t otton to New York, le by steam, Uver* pooh M«IMW by tall. PUILADBUHIA. PstLasKLPnuu Janoary 38* Floor—Doll: Northwestern, au-OOawJO. Wheat—Quiet and scarce; prime, fJ.lS®3.n. Oorn^fra^V! tales ot 5,000 bo tew yellow and 1,600 bo white at |»JW. Osts-HUady. at STOMc. Cover BeMl-58.59d8.79. Whiskey—DuU. BALTIMORE. Baltimoxx, January 29. Crffeo—Flmubnino ealce. _ _ . Floor—Nominally unchanged. Small sale*. Wheat—Prime red winter, 5&33. Con.—White,st.wai.rn; yelaw.Wc in town; 98c at present lor delivery; damp iota ao.d for *Sd33c. C over Be«—* f«w old, and *8.75 tof new. Whiskey—Quiet and prices comlnaliy unchanged. HewTork Breadatnflb market* [Special Oeapatcn to the Chicago Tritrane.l Nrw York, January 23. Floor—Closed firm at the decline. Wheat—Nominal. Quotation* were |}.{D3t.lo foi No. 8, and S 3 JO»3 J 5 for No. i. Corn—Depressed by EJardty of freight room. Oats—Better demand. New York Grocery market. [Special Despatch to tbs Chicago Tribune. I New Vote. January 23. Coffee—Quiet and firm. Rio. 20W&16C. Sugar—Quiet. Fair to prime grocery grades, 10*3 ll*c. New York Prowlalon iTlsrkct* (Special Despatch to are Chicago Tribune.] Naw York. January 29. Pork—Cloaed orm at *20.50. All hog products more steady. New York Dry Goods market* New York. January 23. Tbe trade langalbbet, and fbr ermmon fabrics there ta leas buoyancy, U being understood that a leading bouse Is spout to take oie per cent extra discount on tor cash payment At yet there Is no essential change lu rates. NctfYork Weekly Bank Statement* Loons, decrease Specie, Increase .... *®-G2 Circulation, increase '[“•'2: Legal tender, , J 87.773 Deposits, decrease 8,218,003 Boston niplng Stocks. Jim* York. January S 5. T>e following are toe price* ot mlnln* *tocks bid In Boston to-day: Canada W Copper Fall* iSX Frantlln Hancock . «H I Huron i Isle Royal. Minnesota Qalacjr ... Ocean Freights. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Haw Yoaa. January 23. Freight*—No room on the berth lor grain. Shipper! areobiig«dtocbartertoCork,3o,oooba corn at sj 3d per quarter. Philadelphia Livestock market. rmtADiLruu. January 23. Tbe market for beef cattle la oaaetUed and lower IJCOhead sold at U»l6c P ft for extra: 13£lt*cfoi fair to good, and lOykUc for aommon. Prices for sheep are unchanged ; 10,000 head sold a Clogs' are In demand; 1,330 head aold{ at 9010 c net Traae anil. Pittsburgh Petroleum market. ITneßrcon. January 23. ■Trade still conttnnca doll and tlke’y to costume so onlll a prospect t«r leantnpUon of navigation. Bales ol MOhrlsMnUh's rerrr oil at T cents, paekagt* re turned. hrls Virginia otU to be delivered In spring at 9we bulker In nrls, package! relumed ; Allegheny •river “Unnotedat»XC*9c torsprlngdetlverv. Beßnedln bote, without change either as regards demand or nrtte. The oaty sale waeoold learn waa i.ono brls fkr rmn.rdiate dedvrry In Philadelphia at *3 cents. Free oil quiet sod without chatigeln price, ho Inquiry fbr uspbtrs or residuoa. in a it it i if i> In Uila rliv. Bomlav evening, Jan. nth, a* the Second ((•mint rhrirli tiv the ptrtnr, Itev. R J. tlooiliwiel. K’q-.auil 'VILLIAMS. It thif city. on sonday. the r>h t>AVIBS,of Chicago, aodMlaa KATB KENTON, of B lir SenSrStandNew Turk paper* P>«*«copy. In llilacltv. on the «lh Inal, hy the Bar, A. Bdrty, Mr. W>* N. STANLKT and h/ImMAIUA L. UUW MAN,both ol Mill city. „ . . fi,, Monday. January llth, hy the ttev. Mr. Locke. Mr li W. YINCULS 7 and Mia* JBNNIB rIIAiSU, both of Chicago. .... DIED in thl« city. on the rth Inal., of typhoid fever, JAMES uEUHUR. Jr., aged * year#. 9 tnoniba ami » “VmefaUwm tb-realdenre of hla Parent*. Wl Weal AdtinMt., T«e*day allernoon. at I ® iiork. In ti t,hit. January ?Blh. *1 S ••hip lurUnl I*l v*«.l 11. .«'• KI* M »■ ‘■•l'"®' l ' »«« In aUclul. Stmimcmrnm. Vy ITKOWHKY IIAM,. ’’ till A NCI, Of TIIK New York Museum of Anatomy, IVITKOWSIIV lIA.X.X* lyOClarh-at..comero( Monro*. Thla Important amt htthlv tnairnettva Muaetim one. I.lna WoNMhIW OF CIIR-alTiiN from the ftralmonth, Miniature Wooden oi the World, a* alio UrauUe* of Ustfolniry, Myolugy, nermatoloiry, And tn fine every department ot M*Uca| The student, the l‘n»»ician. the NaiarailiijtJie VUu of bualneaa. the man of Lcuure, might eeaar In vain where they couht epend a more proßtahle hour, for pentieincn only iron • a. m. tl J 10 p. tn, AdmlMlon 50 cent*. WOOD’S MUSEUM pOL cm . J. H. WOOD Dtrtctnr of Amoicmeot*. btacc Mia*K«f ••ranch a Rallaath r* “Onld Ireland Shall be Free. • mtSfMMWvlTrt oftne trt.te._t Inth dram* cTer presented oo the American itagr. Wearing of the Green. Faction fight. Fearfal leap "?gay“S5!«S SSfSfS'S; WO rnttlMt,. Wed. nJdayaodSawway evenlnK ’ the great Imb drama of PEEP on AY. Monday, the laat l/mdoa aewatlon drama. Tut. n u GCENOT CAPTAIN. ___ Me VIUKBIVS THEATRE. TCKER A MYERS MANAGERS. LMt.e.kofMr. CHARLES DILLO.V. Ttio«lU»P -pear lahts great character of BELPHEGORJHE MOUNTEBANK, FlaT«4 hr Mm over 30C nights la London. Tsrsday—Belphegor, The Mountebank. Charles DlUoa la rehearsal—Lord Byre n’a Tragedy ot ** Werner.” ■yAKIETT THEATRE. C. M. Chadwick.. George H. Barton. NEW ARRAY OF FIRST CLASS TAI,E>TBD ABTI9TP. This wtabllshmert now poasewes a dramatic com* ST a^lentwf[oullnK lady from charming Vocalist and MI&s’IJZQS SHERMAN. brilliant Vocalist and Ac* TURNER, Leading Actor and established MrJjOEWOODS, the popular Comic Singer and ACt<it la connection with the Star Company. In rehearsal. The P —l and HU Seven Daughters. THE CHICAGO TTJRN-QEMEINDE raroertmity announce to their meads and pa* irons last their GRAND MASQUERADE WU come Oft On MO>T>A.T, February 4, Atthelf«*e»o«b*U od Sort* **£ls*pkicmrmo will be annoopcrt. v n. k*lp of r*»efTeft «e*i»TrtH commence VTodncs -33d, >t tOfc.m- eltbejUlL fHusical. jyjUSICAL. PIANOS, ORGANS & MEIODEONS Sow CO tine. P*yw«t» reedred la InmilraenU. Ucond-baod nwio* tatra In exc&Mse for neT one a. W, W. KIMHALL. 63 Wtihlastoo-al. x.icsnrs punob ham 30 fint pmiltai, locctber wtto &«\ftvS«t oremSn »t toe Amertcw VToria 1 * Fair. 1KL I tSS»oLUI» for wrwriorttrve from Uw htctuat ..iTTtTvUhnilM of Fnrooe and Am»ne». St KIMBALL.**63 W*iUa*toa.«t. SM ITI1»» AMKItICAN ORGAN*. For Partor*. C&arthe*. Loijc*. *c. ll g 3 waihlacton-wUCrortj’iOpa* Boi*e. c,ato {HUIs, Engines, scc. fJHB LANE & 150DLBY Portable Circular Saw Mills, POST ABLE STEAM EH GIBES, ***%&&£&.**** WOO - worustt BoDLBY| oi John ud Cincinnati. go %uni—l?mißEg. ri'O liEKT—A largo Md o'™® o "'™ 3 I hfoioon Wawh-ar^^hn^ For other iD-omatlon aod terms, apmy w» n. *> fIEY.KO. 15 n RENT—Cottaco, "With live rooms. U p4tf2»on>Me. A&fitSai^P^rterrt. mn ncrNT—'Thu i ret-class brick bonne ■jMetfCpa iu>° Block. , rpn SEIN’T A crunec cnntaimny I | pnriM »■.yf•***! lew. an! fnrnl* Jrr t&&?n£*!S Immediately. Apply at No. 103 Parte-a r- - rpo RENT—B’ruse formerly kj.pya as I state* Hotel* rppoilte I*. Ft Wirpt A rH*fJs2n°iL<m>otfcoDUmiD« sn room*. wlUi nirnt* r.«.i and MadUoa •***., Cmcaro, IU. TS. SSSS.S! Ma rpo BENT—A niM Iwo-slory dwclllne I bonfe ol 7 toon*. >ll o'*lr wired >"dpinl»r. with alible endf'T'lr^rh™ fcnr blocks soulb of qotraof M. T« QUI MPT M CO-. Ufr LaK<nt. TO KENT—A now colf.TO on West In dtana-aU wllh all roomv. water, will rent chop. Inquire at f)Wlh weal Indlana-ft. rr>o KENT—Houec 488 Mtchigsv-ay. X Po*ipsilcn given immediately, ladutre at 171 Uaadolph-iL ________ TO RENT— Bnck house iM& North /,»• f»1le-et.. firnlahwl or nnfnrtiUbed. till May Ist i Bpnirnlabed after M*» I*l. lnqolre^mrml^*__ ®o tient—Booms. T 1 KENT— A Nicely FumlrlioJ Ronm, •ultabte mr t*o olng'o amUctucu, at No. Ulu Canai-aU near Uandolpli, up alalia. TO KENT—"lontnnt nnd ilMiroblu Kir nbhfd rroma l one flout room. inlUbln *or (tootle* rfinvrn'rtiito uu»ln«M. Apply at 930 H State* at. l(eft*rrncra required. 'T'O HBNT—Two nnlurnwM pomtis, I with hoard, at 'J7A (larroll-al., northeast corner of Wamamtn. KENT—Fummliod nnd unlurmslintl X lAdgtns rnomt, MH tVa*hloaWfMt*, nearly op* poatte Court llouae. rpO RENT—FurnUlioJ or unftiinWicd, JL two room*, with or without ga*. at Hl> Adawa*at* TO RENT—Two Rood rooms in Lora* Urd mock, third door. Apply at Itoom Ol Lom* bard mock. npo UENT—One or two first-class fur* I tubed rooms on Michigan ay- with orJ»lu»oot board, to a expectable party. AUTUuIt A UOVOBN. aioßiate->i. 'X'*© RENT—Plesßant and desirable fur- I nUbed rooms, aultahlo for cfotiemcts, conTcnlenl loboaineaa. Apply at *4UO>4 bUteat. pebsreocea re* qulred. TO KENT —At 2G3 fliatt-HU, up alaUo, tonuthed rt om». In suite or singly, with clOiet, itoveandgaiulßcfricnccjHeeasaryj^^^, ®o Kent-Storeg, @ffices,&c TO KENT —Lease lor sale—Lease o iour-*torr and hatement bride atore, now ©ecu- Dica si a wholesale druc store. Apply on the premises to WM. D. warms A CO.. S 7 Sooth Wster-at. TO BENT—Office lor rent and tornl lore for sale cheap. A large front efflee suitable rcr the Commission ot Insurance buslne**, tn the cea tre of business, with carpel*, safe, chair*, &C. neat onjrjas termonth. Poews; lon given rehroarr lit. APP'y at the office at the WESTERS pn®J»rxtftSU ßAMiK CO., SO LaSalle-at. GEO. I. YEAGER, Bec- TORENT —Desk room m office No. 10 Chamber ol Commerce. TO KENT—Fr<rat office No. 51 South Clark-tt. Inqnlre In tame. rro RENT—OV For Sale—A store and I premise*. In the beat part of the city, near the poat office, doing a good business. Apply at 96 Mon- rpo KENT—Desk room in one ot the 1 moat desirable offices in the dly. Apply at Boom 123. No. 1 SO Sooth Clark-tt. SEiSlantcli—®o Kent. \XT ANTED—'To Kent—By one who V V van give the heat of reference*, a handsomely furnished bouae, containing rrorn is to 30 rooms. Would rake pofsmsirn between the drat of March and May. Address “H L," 19 Flov-it. TUT ANTED—To Bent—By a single gen- VV tlcman. a handsomely furnished lodging room or rooms in a centra] business block. andboymrnl- [irruvniMUHtcuun uu.-uu* ui’rr*. lure. Muit he nice and clean, address, wita terms and location, *‘J J.** F. O. Boa 12SRN. fTT ANTED—To Rent—A large store or VV storeroom, locality not particular. Address, jr three days, F. A. MILLER, Tribune. X\J ANTED— I To Rent—A good office, V V with one or two roou s, la a rood central l>ca loo. Apply Immediately to “Dr. B M W,“ Tribune :fflce. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A good cottage V V on North Side, in good neighborhood, located tcarLake-at ano not north ol Super! jmU Wilt take no* csalonlst of M*v. or any time previous. Addre-s P.O. Drawer 6159. stating location. . iLo&t aim jFounß. TOST —Saturday p. in., 2Clb insu, at the j Matinee at McVtcCers Theatre, a mint fur Vic* lortoe. The finder will be suitably rewarded on lear* PC Hal SOS ItandolPb-ak. T OST—A Lady’s Slink Collar—Sunday, .Li 9 a. m., between Post OQlce on Jlonroo-st. or on Stale, between Monroe and Van Boren. The Under will be rewarded by leaving It at Heal Estate Office, 99 Mooroe-«l. ISAAC A. HART HAH. LOST— $15.00 Howard. Lost on Satur day ermine about 6 o'clock a pocket book con ing abont *50.00, between *l3 Moaroe-sU, and McVlckerTi Theatre. The above reward wU be paid to any ooejeavlng the same with P. COKSADLSB, 44 Weft ltdlaoa-st. t OST—Saturday morning, on West I j tak* or Peorla-et, a Pocket-Conk, containing a alary, postage and revenue stamps, and a skatioepark ticket. The finder will be liberally rewarded on leav ing It at the Tlibune office, cr at 40 Weal Lake-at. T OST—Or Stolen A Newfoundland I j Dog. abont six months old, black and early, with while si ot on breait. Tha tinder will be sntlabW re warded hy calling at BUS Wabash-sv., or 13*v Lake at. . XOfcT —On Saturday altcrnooc, at tbc j Opera Uouie Matin**. a Sandal-wood P«. The finder irm be rewarded by leerlif it at 18S South Watrr-at. LOhT —Monday, Jan. 28th, at or near 133 Lakf'-'t,. a email package ol lace. The ■r will he «mtah?y rewarded hr leaving It at Boom ft Fullerton Block. I ~t)bT—A Lad}’6 Pur Of liar, on.tlmll. 1 j ronet., near Union, or Union*’., neu Mad end. Ihe under will li« aultahly rewarded by learlJß It at 144 Weat Madiion at. 1 OBT—Near the Court Ilousc-flqttarc, a ij Handkerchief Box, conUlnlng one epxen of linen patulkerchiei*. The Oncer win t« aultauly^rewarded by leaving It at t.00u.17,117 BomhClark-aL IOST— On tiundn; cvciunr. between j Mr.Vlrker'a Theatre and the Oneat Home, a Blue Merino Shawl. A reward of $1 will be paid ft»r It* re turn to the Orient lionac, corner Slate and >an Ouren it*. IOHT— 16 Kcwnnl -On Cctlnpo Onivc j gv., ■ Fur Glove. The finder wlb D>a»e return ,idiu to tbetrlbuno office* and metre above reward. T OST—fO newant—On Snturdiw nllor. lj trim, el the Uatlhie. a I’eail Necklnoe, wllli II «W (lend# ami Clean, at. of gvlng froth Criwhy ? n,P«a nnti»elo Kiie-at.. North Mdo. Inquire at the Ifilmne olllre. . _ . . - l/OUND—Twn Huy llnfsos. Tlio owner Jlurilon Snlco. 1}AMII!U)OOTT&00.. AIMnI'INKBUB ANIHUIMMIS.IIIN MKIIimANfS. Ull l,uUrMl.i cur. riIIAAH. (Igetl advaiwnd “h Merpheildlao i’OU*UII«I fi»f Out-loc.r aalaa promptly attended to. A POTlON—Thumlny, Jnn, .11,18117 J:\, rturplua atock of Furniture, Upholstery, &c. DAKTBt SCOTT A CO. aro Iniirnrlfrl bv OMeflti* largest furniture imrorteia In VhV knowing MORU, Hi t Uke-iU wltnout f'Mrve, the fol owing UraKlaM Fuftilium. M t<» mane room for tietr new aeaion atock:" The wmiiu in part« 10 elegant inline. enih« aclng Uhrary amuw tn atripc, Crituaun and Green Terry i I J I. ? Green silk Coteaoe. lUt both and Grw Woo> tt*P. Boacwood Chamber Suite*; M* r We Ton unreana. Gtlt and Plain Mirrcra; Pier Gl%a*e«. Willow ana Ponqnei Standij Ladiea' TorkUb ChajrA Terry; Marble Top Center Tablea; Whatnot*, and * boat ot other gooda too nnmarons The public will do well w call and ae* tneee gooda pnor toaale. Proprietor ...F. K. AIKKS ,TUO9. RABUr p ILEERT & bAMPaON. rUBMITUSB, CHINA, SUrer Ware, Carpets, Sleigh Bells, ic., AT AUCTION, At ear salesroom*. 49 »4 41) De»t\>ora*«v» on TUESDAY, Jan. Win, at 1® o cloci, eoasUtlneof *Jj icitrren »B« or Ftrmtorc. for parlor, ebaenber am! Clnlur room. Cbioa (cold band) Mnn e r set, carpet*. T.n««Ktr tu(, a lot of sleigh 3.W0 dgaw, with AUCTION, Wednesday, Jan. 30,1861, at 10 a.m.. at 164 Lake-sU SECOND SPECIAL SALE OF English Brawll*. Velrct p ! 11 -£.» t * ,d< V'- rmlD ~ •ier» l»crß»D* Two and Three-ply att.WQOL CAJIPETB. VeKet Pll - . Cowered, flenred and plain. Hearth Race Oil Cloth* in roK Store OU Cloth Mata. Wort sSS. English Cromh Cloths, Bed Spreads, Feather pillows. &c. Ac. Goods on g. CQ,, Anctioneers. .Proprietor. ...Manager, A. BIi'ITEUS & CO., Auctioneer* & Commission Merchant! 41 Oc 4B RANDIHiPa-^'r.. • ■ Between Sute-»t. tad HoMrecn»*r •*!«,.« tlidr Mloifoomi, o! DBT GOODS, CLOTBTNG. BOOTS. SHOES, AC„ Er«ry WEDNESDAY *n<l THURSDAY. FTByrrURP QARPETB.*e.. every SATURDAY. JJOCNTXES. Official Blanks! VFe bare sow for eale toe foUOwlae eddmon*! Boun ty Bleatß. «blch bare ALL been ipprerea by toe Do- partmcoto; Soldier's Claim fsr Additional BoantT- Vld»w'» “ “ Kntber’s “ “ Mother's ** Parents* “ (■nardtaa’a “ A mm-ntmICXPOPfrOO SaOOOd AndStOT*» Office. W ernss to copies of oar seat »t «**aun«loa. •‘ThefbrmsM* decidedly the boaA that hayobeen prosontod to this Of fice.” Mot prepaid op receipt of too aooey, at P“ paapPiet, oootalatnr Peoaloa asd Doooty La»a a ISM, wltAlatoat loatmctiooi aod romlaUooa trnlAßonaonrtcclpt °i ataap to pay pottage. A COPT incioaed trial coca pactago of Blanii. AdftßM TRIBUNE CO., Bl ClarK-st. Chicago. ISeal jSgtate-Citg. 'mPKOTsv; fH)K SaLB —A two-slorv house con* r UJolWtOroomi.wltUS of Und,»ll leocrf •od Item vH.nMMta Artttlaa Well, tor|i,W>. Au* ‘mm aute-»t. 17*0 K biJLE. —To be removed soon.— fa£%rUiX laqaire ol UEMIr U?T?yr^lt.3s BoathC»D>l->t. Fn n RALE—'By Kcca & Ayres, Heal B,Utu H D?o£C OttCß 10 Uiwe. kf .. v j-,n(.f with «H modern Imorore ■»' alone front hotue on JSafflfS- -• "SSatuMe and l>n» lot on W»t WartlnulOMl., °» W*6a<b-.T,narU. ol w”Wft«t luVet-at. M to tlwaotwewo lurealnrjsi HatofboUi liipt OTta and acini pitrred property at tow price*. FOH BAI/llr—lo Bynnsion, at a bargain II aoollul IfirafrJt, tvOßnodh :u*e» aol o «, lo» cteairab’e rart of thevlltaa e, tor th* of Mar. and pcrbaw • >«ncr. The only reaaoo ror tne Sirin..’mnin tint mnjb’,S»“V , imftwK. It Uml euco mil IliVt APDI/1° C* a. BH'IeSR tl Kfni\«yjp, of at hit offlcc, Booa I !♦ tT haHallfrt. 1?OU &A.U3-A new, two-Blory, oirt -1 rlaaahnnee. brick baaetciil. » rojioa. tctT c >r* Tcit teet,W)toolloi,oa n-inn**' Price low. Tirnucaay. U» L.OfiAPMAN, 14 Aouln Umoft-et. J 7*oll BALE—In ftlio Rcitf Ef»Uito Olllcc 1 orthowMii. u»r»D*co.,nryitniNU. . . tAKK STHtrr. Wot Division. near l,raviM-at.» two tiUity new frame hon«e. witn a( me frrml ntnl 7 mom*, ahfdi, Urn. Ac., with lot ootlio lorttoallcy **» »tiar* gain. l/ou SALIC—On Mlcltlunmor., o I iirat-clwa marble ironl hou*", with nil iminwe* menu. iml barn In ny. »fo. Fiirniimewild «UU (mute If wauled. A. J. AVHUKLUtMbt ftttalo oinpe No. 7 Metropolitan iiiocn. troll BALK—Hy Wm. U. Korloul; «t> I' WaahlngUHHt. ftmr large brick hotiaaa fob" of wtilcliia marble front) nn North Mis amith of Chi* rae«ear. and eaat of C'ark-«V. A eo. very him rv»\. (Imre near Onion Park, containing nlnoor t-nroonia, gae. water, Ac. All of the a born realdencea can bo bought vtry clma|i. Fbu SALE—By ('nyclor & lah, Uonl Katata AfenU, No, 4 Metropolitan Hinck, anew tvo-atnry and baaement brlok lwm»a of u roortja, and lot, wiUibarn.oa Wauuh-av.. near lwcr.tlelh-«t. I7OR &AEB—A new frame no use o! ten rootne, toot and ooW water huh, marnle, etc eud lot Mo. 4a Bout Anß*»t., between Washington and Mad.son. THOMAS D. HNVHKtt A CO., Keel Estate Agent*. No. 4 Metropolitan Block. T7OR SALE—By Snyder & Leo, Ren! X 1 Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new two'itory and basement brie* bootee of is toons each. Lou corner o( Adame and Lootni*. fronting Jeflertoo Park. KSB FfißtAkWTrJ?! Mte-* JM two*»u>iy and ostement brjelc bouts ot n rooms sao lot 50 test iront oa Mtcblgan-sr, near Twenty-*itlb-st. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate A cents. >o. 4 Metropolitan Block, tiro frame booses of 11 rooms each, and lots) by 110 feet, southwest comer ol Lake and Ana-sts Ir*Oß bALE—A 1 and lot SOxUO leer. No. 104 West Pol*-»t.; mice nM&t now paytr* 14 per cent oa price ailed. A!*s choice business property, 129 ffeet on J>orih Ciark*st. by £D feet cn the rlrer: price fIW per fjot. 03 at 6 per cent. Also, 10 acres, 1 S miles westot city Halts, ircnitnjr on West Late and siadison-a’s App'y to GEO.n. H. BDGIiES, 77 Deartom-st., Boom 22. third Coer. f?OR SALE—At a bargain, if taken to f 1 dar. brick hon*e,and lot, oo Wab»*b-ar« near Xwent y.*ectnd-st., hot at d coll water, barn. Ac. At ao. new bouse on leaicd lot, near ElphUtniMt. Im mediate pos»e**lon. Desirable dweimwa in Norlli and treat dlvlsl jna. worth from £I,OOO op to 115,100. J. 1). HARVEY. 7&l-a8allfr-st. I?OK SALE—A building 84x»0 feet, on r Archer-roid, with 30-borae power holler and pomp, brick chltr.ney, hydrant water, etc., soluble for mst-uuctorlr e bn if ness, and fonr year* lease ol uu acre of ground. b. g. CHAMBERS, 17 Rcynoltls Block. rroß SALE—Bouse and lot on ludiana r ar„nearTwetty-flrit-»t. l-otsoxjTo. Brlcxbarn. U.B. CHAMBERS, 17 R-tnr>ka‘ BlDck. _____ I7OE SALE—Ct'Snyder & Lee, Beal I" 1 Estate Agents. No. t Sfetrooilllin mock. two tew two-story and basement brick hows of »1 r>'>trJ, and lot with barn, on Wabaitoav., near Twenty-sixth- con SALE—A new first-class Louse, F twe-story and brick Wemeat, 15 roims. every convenience, tot 60il», c n Peotta sU near vanJtcren. Price low, terms easy. R. L. CHAPMAN, 13 Sontn Colon-41. 'OK SALE—By Wm. D. Kerfool, SO ■ »iinimiwuth _ fret on warren, near tToyne. 60 fret on Park-av., near Oakley. 2(1 fret on Ada, near Lake. S 3 feet on Green, sear MadPoo. O fret on Walnut, ne*r Hoyne. 23 lest on Franklin, near superior. 30 feel on corner Uo»oa and Matket-ats. 47 leei on near Chlcago-av. 23 fret on North Laballe-st~ near Chlcago-av. 23 fret on Michigan, near State-st. 20 feel on Wa»hm«ton-sC, near tveiu. NO fret corner Vanßnren and Ortswoid-sta. Alio TOO lots in Brown’s Addition. ■pOR SALE—By Wm. D. Eerfoot, 8D 40*cm n a»°»»te«U, north ofThlrty.flrat-et., mlt »bT; for aub-dlrliloa. Can beboogbi verycaeapoa Verea << mile weatof CUT UmtU and trout* Improved and unimproved property can alvajß bo ftmnd at my otßcc, jf(V= /OR SALE—A choice lot on Pnune r it h l-etween TwenMeUi »od TwMlf-flnMtt -100x177. All aw*f«Tn<*oU paid. A. J. AVEUELL* Beal Estate office, Ko. 7 Metropolitan mode. EOlt SALK—]n Thomas B. Bryan & Co'*. Real E»a>e office. Bryan Hall. l>Dl AI« A AVEXCE, southwest corner ol Sixteenth st-aoo feet (Tout by mil depth. I* ?OR SALE—Christian & Oo„ Real Es -5 tate and Vmel Agents, have all kind* of teal e*. Ute fer tale to *ult purchase!*. Call at Itoom 3. Lind a Block, Uandolpb-at.,bridge. I?OR SALE—One or two fine lots on i 1 Wabtib av„ next to and north of Foarieenih-sl. Term* and tune rca*-nable. A parchawr wbv will build prrfeircd. A. W. FREEMAN. 10 J Washing too-tl, riOAKDINO— One large room, with > closet attached and two single room*, all furnish* e«*. with board, at 1-I*4 Wabadi-ar., between Madhon and Monroc-iU. QOAItDING—One handsome, rauarc I J front chats her, and ote Mcgle ronta. with Uret ciau Iwiard j s'*o, a tew table warden wanted, at una MMdiacU _ . IJOAKDING— And a tornfshctl mom > luitalde for two gentlemen, at 110 WahMh-av. POAIIDINO—'Two or llirec gentlemen, 1 ) or man Mrtwlfo.renbearcnmtm>«latMwPbr*M Jtonrd and first-class rooms lo private family, at 131» TTatil-av. OOANDINU—By the tiny or week, nl I> .1? SnulhCfarksl. Hood board Riven. Warm mid eo n n-eaiaat all bourn, by a new proprietor JOHN JOHNSON. nOAHDINO— bevem! gcnllctnon dny* Iwarrters rsn 1*" arc-mnmdateil alNn. 10 Mobm* at. in a private family. Heferctiow eaelianail. nOAHDINu—Mrs. 8. Ludlow would I f antirohre that she ha« taken tio.»*M|nti rl limn ri hrr tin til mul n tmiuxlfmin looms Miclila«n-*t, wvern»lirl«pi»'pat(iit» avs mummisl* a ivw «*oUv n,"D ami HiPlr wi»p«. nr nljiaia Renl'emeu "Imrlp Mlcs.wlr wilt nmt good ImarilM’! a utile! home. I>OAMI)INU“A Flint! of roollit, nlm I# nun nit pin room toM. wllh laiafd, at Inli Wa banli «v. H« mlKirra lmtlltH* IIOAimiNU— Plpwwm ro«mi nml |) Imaidinav Iwtiadnl f IVt KMI Adiyna-el. May ImaMpiMMin ai»oVaMWAAmimwlaUat. lioAUniNO—A fnrnwhpil room I I lornil wlili Imard, •iiHanla lof uniiilfman mid wllnorlwo kPMa. AUo a 'l** WanW*»lhl VVabaMiav. 1 VoAljlilNii A lumo iinlnrnlslifd I ) irobt fiHim in I'rnO.y'* IWMUig, HI Mid HIl jfiAi, ,!. 'jm aitentlminf Jernona in ponnann.l hiiap lltM |a mlldled. 1 tOAROINU—A nicely furnished front |> parlor tnliable for a B"nußmaß and wirbnr two •utalu urnii. iprroa rpaaopable. 00 North llaUtml-at. rjOANDINQ—A low more lioatders can I > And Rood l oard and roomt at 40 hutb-al., corner of Huab and Imllaoa. _ -OOAIIDING-A lew gentlemen can find 13 r>oit board and pieaaaut roomt at 9U7 Mlcblean* »t.rDparU»e corner ol Korin Siam, and convenient to bualnrM locahUee. Terma moderate. B'OARDINQ— Pleasant rooms and llrst clim board may be found at 160 Korth ClarK' applying *ooti» Icnn* reasonable. BOARDING— A CumisUed troni parlor, auluble tor a pettlemaa and wife, to rent, with board; al»o, room fir two alDgle ucaUcmea, at 11J WabatP-aT. T3OAKDINQ—A gentlpman and wife or L 3 two (inele srnttmen can ftn't a fanjlabed ronm (wtlh stove. If fleilred) and Dr*Vclass board, at US 6Ute->t~nwMa>Haoa. BOARDING— A large furnished room, with closets, suitable for a C'ntlcmjui and wlfeor two itncie renUemeP. to reoC with board, at 71 Jack* ton-eu two b!oc«« south of Postyjaicc. BOARDING— A large furnished room, with c.'o*» t and grate; also, one single room, can be obUirTiwlthboard, at So. 302 0010-« U between Bust and Casa. TSOAKMNG —A lady and gentleman or I > twoslnc'c gectlemen, wlshlre a iront rootnj fnr iUßfaed.can find a pleasant one by appljlug at 324 West RauCoiph-st. T) CARDlNG—Comfortable rooms foi H ftmUlea and single e»nll«rmen, at reaaonablt tSxes rSsc. dsv tx.atd. at 1 00 East Adams-st. BOARDING— A large, tmfnrotshetl front room, In Crosby’* Bolldltg, SI *ad 88 Biate-st. __. 1 HOARDING —In a pirate tamily, a f) pleasant famished room- with store and ga*. suitable for two genUemea. at 03 South ureeo-st. BOARDING —In a private iamily,wbeie there are no other boarder*, 147 flnroo-et. Ap ply op «tatr*. T> CARDING—In a private family, lor I) teaUcmenardtheir wtve* or single evnUemen. at "JQ mirois-it-, two block* from btaiost. bridge. XJOAKDING —We have now a few va lj cast rooms. Call and secure them Immediately, for onr rooms are revet emptvjvng. and house are conrenleot and aeilrahle. Observe, *l7O stalest. STOVER ftLAZENBT. ■QOARUING —A nicelv tnrnchcd iront 1 ) rcom tor centlemaD and wffr, and room for two single crnUmm: alio, a fewdaT hoarders, at No. 7 Rocdolph-st. References required. Blanks. TOR SALE—Portable Engines—4, 6, r* ». 15.50. » and Bf-horse power, new and second-hand; one 50 and ooeaWiorse power. hewnd band Stationary Etpne* aid B->l'ers, Portable Saw mUl«. Woocwcrtb pUuer* and Mvfrherv. Shingle Mills and Wood-wcratg Machincrr. Pwer.Cora *&£!«£ Snail Ram Midi, iron F«?ed MtJa. ShafUng A and Elcrmtnr Maehtncry built to order. KICBARDS' IRON WORKS. t»0 acd 1»M Waahm«cn-*t. “ (Jolntif) “ CNI3IPWOVED. moaemng fHadjincrj. TOK SALE —A secc-nd-hand Buckle; r folding machioe—in good condition. Price, HOC Apply to the THIDOXg COMPANY. FOR &AJ.E —Portable and stationary engines, I. AH. 10.11.« “’s* t«r*f wjwer: Put nam Machine Co. U Wt bed, S« Inch: jme 18fmbed.36Inch: one9n»tbed, 20 i"cg bed. 20 Inch: one i 5 feet bed.»inch; one B feet o*d, J 3 inch; three 6 feet bed# 15 lech; three m teel bed, Hlnrt swing—all screw cutting engine lat ea; two upright drills; two ironpiaaeTt; two pi and matcotn; one sorfaeer. Also, all rinds of machincrr. pomp*, bemas and bpee. C. L. RICE &CO~ lb and 31 DeaiOorn-tt. TOR sate—(rhpfip—An engine of I 1 abont forty harse power, with beater and con necting pipe* all In order. C*-; be seen la oper ation and price ascertained bycalllne on BALL A FROSI. 787 Sunyh Clark-ih, Chtcego. lU. TOR SALE —One Double Cylinder X 1 planing and Matching Machine, o» M-fnch Bar tacer, a fall assortment of Sash, Door and Blind Ma chinery. Scroll Saws. Wood Mihe*. 4r, Also, (runLatbrsaudPlaners. Meirtmaa'sPatent Bolt Cut ten. Dsxli’ Patent Bolt Headers—ail at tnaanfsetaren* prlcv*.freisbt added. Circular* »»ut on anpllcatlon. MEBRIiIAN ft WRIOH f, 14 WellHU, Chicago. FOR SALE—Tlireg S-horee power up right engine*; also six borUontal engines, B,lft ard 13-borse power. Larger or smaUer engines for* nlabed with or without bouet*. 12, is. 18 ana 20-horse tubular and locomotive boiler* for sal*, best make. Also one (-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmill*, barrel and wood-working machinery, iron Pianm. belting, aawi. flies, fte. Machinery Depot, 32 Dearborn-ah. CMcaeo. ORgRNLRB BHQ9. ft tX). Hoarti ffliaantch. ” "DOARD—By ft gentleman, a ncaUy tur! XT> nlshed cbaalJer aoa parlor, together with flr*t c'aas board, is a private family. Add . r ®^. f l, r •* office No. 77 Dear born-*t. Room U'A third floor, agggntfo-iaate %etp. BOUKBBBPEBN Bikßh«K!i^*c. TXT ANTED—A good practical V\ -wiU] capita], to ufr 1 niofM ll a anall nn Col• cayo. To a maiiorUiemtil Mamp, • rt s« °hß«nr ooerrd. For inriber ptrllcoUn •oo'T to lUs«»* OBIJOUN. B«J UUU Agent. Ol < la»k «t. _ w I ANTED—Three Com isie. For Ite- VV th«r particular* arfdret* LiODQK 4 MORSK, Van Butcn. Ja< kaoa Co., lowa« WT AN TED—A Bookkeeper. None V T need appif except-boas Uit *aa *1 mw l or lelerence. J. ClUMiti & CO, *.14 Boatb Water-du I^7ANTED —Three good wdesmeu, to VV c»nra»* tills cl It fir an article tiled in ererr fantUt. A*«nt* can maletit>m «8 to 910 per day. Call on * , D. W ,1 67)4 Dearborn-«t.. la buemeot. TTTAHTEP —A flrst-ctass penman who ,y Y cancom* veil rotoatmtuulfd and at» mtnWale Mltrr. AcJdreM.ln baadvrltlng of applicant,?. Oa Iffiwcr 3906. ' THADES. ■tTTANTED—An experienced man VV that nnderntaode mannfaclurlnff vinegar Iff all If* ttriooi vayr. To the rlrhl tmd of a mao Heady employment vlflw glrcn< Call alia I Uan dolpb-at.i Boom 1. "WT'ACTED—A miller. Steady cm. VV plormcat and Roorf v»ae*wlllbe ofrentoa Wally a ood ma», In a rUy mil*, llaat baft wM atone (irfuer. Atldrtw "AWOUerTribune office. TJIT’ANTBO—A practical brick-maker. VV M. ».» IHTene ofllre. affilantcir-jFcmalf 2?c(p. WT ANTED—BN tomalo crmpootow nt V V the Pralfle Ferrate Office, 1 f)7 l,W«t. Keo« bat coictx'tqat workmen deed apply. *IX7’ANTED—A tmnrt nnd acute irtrl, T f to lake charge of In/Mea 1 mil arnta r htdi'pg mom*. Cell Monday corner ofHlato end waahlsgion* •fa. tlwxl wage* and ateady employment. ‘ITTANTED-Imtucajntoly, a Irttfr who T T making up pAntabmaa, Aiko. teat maker. Adrtr»«e,thla morning, "tJUTritU, 1 * TrUMfta omce. atamig ftaidenco. . HOtIMK HKIIV AtITH, WANTBIV—An Aimitlran nr Norwif- Vf gtansliltodmeiieral hmjaework In a prime family. Th" myfcrat wage* paid and* pood home at* rtrwiiooDu wlmlecompoUiuaad rdlaw. Apply a# 7 ft# Michigan-**. TXT ANTED—At IC3 West Jecksnn-ft, TT Chicago,a ateady and competent aertani. la a family or three, to w tom a rdea.aul and permanent place will be given, If P and u>mh. Good reference reqplrea. No Irtah need apply. WANTED— One cood meat and one rattry rook et Utkin Hoose, corner Canal end auduer.-ei». Kune hat u>i#« ol ej perl cafe need ap ply it office of the l Dion Route, Chicago, ill. WANTED —Two good reliable girl?, one to cook, the other to do general Housework. Apply at UO4 wm Waahiogton-ai. WT AIsTED—A pood cook, washer and Notweplsa girl ifoieWW?--»» *’»«»«»>» «c German or TS 7" ANTED—A girl to take care ol an VV InfatV and make iimtW generally u«foK One who can oocrat*- nn GroTerA Baker’s machine prefer rtd. Apply at AOS Wabasb-aT, _ jamploEtttgnt aqenzjes. WANTED— Young men m the coun try, wlshln* to obtain »Unatlons. saefa a* dcop- salesmen, collectors eiereasrren, clerks, brakesmen. Ac., Ac., to apply at 131 Deartoro-st, Ut>om 3, or address D. B. JOKES A 00., Box 3040, encloaiss ten cents, for fntl particulars. TST ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 V V collector, $ brnkemen, 2 firemen. I porter, i drivers. 4 rcents. 3 entry clerks, 2 conductor*. Apply at 134 Drarboro-su, Boom 8- TX7ANTED—A violinist, to trayel wi'.h V* a troupe, eipecsc* paid. AIM*. 1 advertising ascot Apply to t*AR£B ALL A bUITH. 128 South CUrk-st., Boom By trail enclose 10 centa. TS7 ANTED—IS railroad men, SO cbop- VV rera, 13 Me cotters-1 cooper,a--d men itgo South The hlehrst wacea paid. Apoiy Immediately to PaBSHALL A sMITH. 12S Sooth. C ark-st, Boom 11. T/C7'ANTED —3 salesmen not afraid to V V wort, t arc art solicitors and 2 pood aeents.Ao pITtoPARSRALL A SMITH. 12S Boatti vlark-sC, Remit. Bytoalte. closeulooKforpanlcaurs. SltHantca-iflisccllauEoiip.. TXT ANTED—IPO men, wltL cash capi- VV taiof *3O ta *3O, to engage la abn-ln«*tnat will car f 3to 110 per dvr. Secured by two patent*. Has no competition, and is the only article cf the kind ever offered for sale. Every finally wants from two to adi>Jcn. t'all. or address with stvnn.J. U. NAS'JN, 122 Sooth Cant-ah. Hoorn 9, Chicago. 11. TXT ANTED—To borrow—s3,ooo, tor VV two rears, on cood security outside the city. Address c. WILLIAMS. Drawer 02 *». Chicago. TXT ANTED—A number ol good bun- VV rei« men to establish Insurance A**ucfrt in Ohio and Indiana. Address P. u. Box 2359, Cleve land. Ohio. _ TXT ANTED —A Lawyer —A good Vt chaccefot a lawyer cf abl’Ur ardsomeer pßrience. Can hoar of a good sltaailonhy addressing “ATTORNEY.’* Pox 40, Laclede. Linn Co-, Slo. TXT ANTED—Day boarders, at Gilbert's VV Dining Boom*. Aft and 4S Clark-«t. Thebcat place to board In the city. TXT"ANTED—A limited number ot pu- V» pile forthe ruIIW. Inquire at 176 Ea*t Macf> •ot-at. . ■\X7ANTED—To Purchase—The lease VV andOz taresof a snlteof Kwlgln*rf*ouj».o»a Wseofasnlleofrooms nafurtlifted. centrally ioea* ted. Addrrts Pox 201**. Chicago. 111. ANTED—So'diere to call ami see VV check* received In Davmrnt ot SIOO additional bounty. Advance* made on good claim*. A. OUODRICD. Attorney a: Law. litt Dcaiborn-iL, Boom a. "VX7ANTED —Canvassing agents to sell V V the new patent Bevins Machine Castor*. tor the Wheeler a Wilson and other machine*. They are fell- log very extrcMv ly. All ladle* owning *cwtnz ma> chlnr* appreciate them, and bay readily. Extra com* mlMloss ctTrn. Apolrto B. C. BAIIIKI DOE, General Agent. lortnerly with weeler* Winon’* Mvnuiactar ingCo. Office ga Dcarbomat. Boom 7, flr»t floor. ANTED—Genome sporting men, whn can teailta 119,000. j6dN COOK, Cor wcotvllle. Pa. ■TXTANTED—To boy or rent, n yood if second band piano. Apply for paiticnlar*,(hr two week*, at *44a La*t Madlsoa-iU, up *tair*. "WT ANTED— Parties having houses to W ren* or *ell or lexse, to call on CHRISTIAN A bridged A ' **' **" ' _ __ WANTED— Vessel—A scow, capacity go to l>o ni lumber, or 3 ft. 6 In., oaded. Apply ■OL,yßit A OAltltlCK, 34*4 South Water tl. WANTED— By a young man who has a furnished room tn a itw bilMlac »nd good lorß'ixy •Tomn-wale who\v wilting to CRT, cure* given •adViqnt'ireJ. XliTrei* R,’’ Tribune of. Cce. ~WT ANTED—A gentleman ol ability and V \ good address, wltn unn Ihouiana doila** r««h. t<i(lienee id a good Par In* busings*. aa a»«l*tnal. Call at l n:i iM-arbctnst.. Itoum 3. far particulars. WANTED —An csli»lilL«4ictrbnsmcPF, fur width r«fl\ an-l gm.d (armlee lyotl will lie llt(R lii tiihaune. AudrcsiJOUN L. I'OlUMl.lost (*ince. if ANTI! D—A rlmrcli organ. Addrcrs . U. . .HIM. Oflnlt, W 1.,. wUh full luftlcul.H. whs, smlM nml mU •Hern I'* hrh* "f send In ynMf dlsrliari'S, ami Irani nntiirlMiie In yotir atl»aiiU»«. Ailvamua iua*l» imilmn.n. A. (inoi'lilllii AtUMiey at Ut, f'ill |>MM)orti «1.. fi'imi 1. UdiaßQ. ommiipenevcnlaa*. **/■ ANTEI I—Any |«fam wi.lmiitjo VV make a ipMh s»)t» 'f vb»k »if ao "Ip midflv Inrranl »l"f<j, P*f i n«n l-al fj'V.J* o'",in ilFtillell^laildlfne‘SI F il. u f*. <l M'*t jhlMt. UiialucgD ifflmnwi. t;»U HAI.K-A llnro OlmniM-Omi- I’ tialflblpmi In a well ttMidM/iitii I aft a*r, Pltn ami oriiMiipnun'aliit WIUlw nmd • ti«aVmrfa«ii. Amlmx ■■r I* W.Mrlmtnatnni'u. i/OU ftATJC=Ai (t iMirimirii «'first e!w« r U‘ ardimr iimi.e. altit a nden-nd »aiomi aiH‘;im>t, ren’rally Im atnl m. iii“ north hid*. lm|iilro or WM, hHn U A Mi to., ilroeara, wim«f Wblta and i'aa«wu. Ij'OU HAl.E—Omi hall lolmost m a No, 1 \ mam «»Ul and Haw MUt, all In aood order. iiatert In H«nry I’mmlv, Inwa, and with a «'*» run m cupiom, A tr vMI liiiaiiieumaa call on ora-ldreaa JOHN H. HADOOCK. lU>« tl». ftalpm. |cnra. I.'OU HAl.l:—Millinery Ecock. An old eataldlihtd bonae, with lar« trade. Poon)*«'.n 14.M0. llil« l» a chance lenloiu found. Addreja H. W. *J. M. WCTIIEhELU Cmca«o, or J. N. AVElty, Otlifcoah, Wl*. T?OK SALE—The Forest Valley Worts, r 1 fitulßaw city, Mich., eontUllnc of two salt l.loctj, and aaw a 111 of farce capacity. •»» **" L\ n ‘l’ lavorablr located. Addreea S. H. EOCKWOOU, bagl* naw City. MicD. T?OU SALE—A small slock ol hardware, r tinware, •trreaandaett of tlnner’a tool*. Wl’j invoice about Beaaon for aellmz other bust ne»« which require* toe owner'* attention. For par* Honiara P.O. Box 3971. XTOR SALE—Valuable mill property, |H aitoaUdin Cbeeterfleid, Madison Co« Indiana, tn a cood timber'd ronntn. on the BeUelontalne Rail road. il mllea e**t of IsotanaprlU. and six mtlM from Anderson, the county seat. Circular lumber »aw, Bbtucte and headloz machines, with a Rood ii-am en gine. 30 bone power, new boll'r, Rood yards for lum ber and logs, handy to railroad switch, three yoke good cattle, one horse and bugsy. log wazous. chains, axes. 4c„ with 'Terythmß comulete for carrTlae on a firstclaas saw mill, alt tr comnletc running order, aHo, two raali bouses, stable and several acres ground adjolnlDß the above railroad. „ , Said property wIU be sold cheap. Reasons tor sell ing: The undivided half of this property Viongsto htTrs and must be told t the balance of said property can be pm chared on reasooable terms. T" parties cle eirlne to Invest this Is a rare chance. Inquire on the pitmlsrtcr J. It. AKDEBSON, or C. SWEETS EH, P. O. Do* 1193. Bloomlasrton. in. For SALE—The Stock and Lease ot a flrsbclass Family O'ocerr Store, with an orlab- Ushed trade, one of the best stands In thecltr. Ap ply to REES 4 ATBEB. No. IQ Crosby's Opera House. F)R SALE—A- manufacturing estab lishment, weU located, paying vtty p*r cent, do* ing * *ood bu*ln»*s. For particulars, apply to T. H* DELFIELD ft CO., 50.10 Poet Office Blocs. TTOB SALE—A halt interest in a retail 1* drugstore, at 30 per cent dl»eonnt- Inquire of BURN BASIS A VAN SCHAACK, Wholesale Drug gist*. 16 Lake st. t?OR SALE—A saloon on a level with r the street, near the Poat Office. Rent cheap, and slenn ot business. Owing to la only duScultles.Kwtß be sold cheap. Call at 210 state tt. T?OK SALE—A manufacturing business. f Nocotnpetition, sale* permanent, profit ICO pef £«it at wholesale. pilce»BDu, if applied for soon. Ap ply at 218 Washington s;. In basement. )U SALE—By E. F.* Adams fz Co, northwest corner of Dearborn and Madlson-sU lease and stock at a flnt-ela?* grocery on Lake-gt. F)R SALE-—A half interest m a lager beerbrewerrlnttalscitr. Capita! requlrecLabont (15,DCs. Acdrts*“Lßß,” Tribuneoffice. jfor Sale. F)K SALE—a well built two-storv bnck store. 2J by W, wl'h a one story addition of 51 by 16 la the llTely and healthy niiage of Fu Atklo aoc.Wls. together with a stock of Drr Goods, Cloth ing. NoQona, Boot* and Shoee, or will bi sold «epatatc. Tht store would be a flmetau stand tor aOardware store, as there tt no Hardware In town of anr account. For particular* address VTM- TAKCRb & SOX, Pbrt ACntson, Wts. F)B bAf.E—Schooner A- O. Blorev, rates A 2.14500 boeapaetty; schooner Scm>llna- Ttan. rate* A 2.13.0C3 bu canaatr: acnooner Kactse. rates 81,18,400bn canaeity; schooner S. O, Andre ws, ratesß I, U.UO hn cspaSty, ■ choc tier ffm. F- Ailem rates 81, iSctO ba esnartty; brig City of Erl-, ratM B lltftm lumber on less than 8 fe»t of water. 1 l> ea '!?.TS tcsk ■ are all laid up In Chicago Blwer. •«* by C. J. M AGILE, corner of Wells and Soalb Water- Chicago, 18. T?OE SALE—The entire fismres ot the I 1 old Academy of Music, on The fixture* consul In part of tne stags «e»"y chlncryfor -working the HlP,** aud rare gallery, stage fixture*. Ac. This • JKgUtpf *» t£a opportunity fbr any one tumut£*n***g**£ ehoreb, country, or tbes-aw could S« nscJ rorsc TM . y U n D "SAMI-SOT 3. Metropolitan Block. - T?fVR SALE^—And to Rent—A pro |H btarlnes# of * Staple article fS ,%?* «d Office to rent. Apply to *or Wa*h»ogton-«h. Chicago. rnti SALE—SOO prime Paciing Bar- U pAortme Lard Tierces, 1= be dedverwl wttt . few eSt"wodhSEß* UABBICK, El it south Water-st. FI RESALE—I(O cords best quality seech, map la and hickory wood, delivered tvdot* itoarthMvra,atlloAJ per cord. Order* Iffr *t SfoocA* wm «a>. prompt attention. tßorgeg, Carnages, Sic, TTSTANTED—A second-hand eipress VV wsgoa Addicts, sutlag Pflw ftfil Where It can be seen, *• tV’ Ttlb-aae office. &uua«onsi^a, STALBM, QITUATION—WRnteiC^Trc-' IO Cl rlt or would rggsge with », m . 8 com try M a*iciDJEn. Kef'rfatc* « r giren. AAiUtm "11." Irthuacocic* to *.} u ITUATION—WanIeii->B77ir F IQIy well edncjjud 7001.* Frmcba.t,...“'V lathli com tn, In a wank or mer. hi£'. ?,, V-T • ibe beginning bo wonM tot he e«ni' a work. 116 eocaki and writ* % *•„, »B&k En*il#b. Hoard In tnc Uoilirwon I*’ Ueitof clly reftnncea will he m f n «m 1*.0.80j788. Al^^3< ThA SITUATION—Wantcd^BT^r^ t 7 m*n who baa bad several »«/«•», ?i bankatlieEast, at cashier or tank in this vicinity, Can tire'rV'M enceaaa toeapadtr and moo** forts. 5J diets “BANKsit. Tribune offlc*V #t>o,t: 's] SITUATION— WaßN^nT^j O maJTletl man. re laced in bis u %[ -o ,} '< can mike hlmielfa?rTk«aVe. 1. '*•*.» anything. Andreas “A E." inbnis $;} l *• CITOATION-U r nnfpd^7wr Vt by * thoroughly pnmi-Vni ■»<i jlre very beat relerencce. Ai * ■«’ CItnATION-WS^TVTSr O . booaevork hi a email I*-,* . ?• »IM> work lo a prWate family. An'i,. v.* bourne.ay,. North Side. * • '• *' S;< CITUATION-Wnmiil-ir^H J«rtlon trttfmnjt a »wrt rti<'-»ir.| Utio«» ryfrfrnff alTeo. AtlQrfM i*. 1 SITUATION— ,1 w C ITU ATI OW-Wnnk.MfTT^j:' C 7 tmlr iron ttx l lum. tu « «n<«i e '|..., cf *l«» pinin»pwßir «i"»M UITuItiON-H Itnl( .l -A7;;,dM 01n i i »UUp» to liul>« in, k ,.,.*tr * c'*n wwuuo.. ,vnr r ». iivVvt rta hfmlli Orrraiii. ?i«l CITUATIONB— \Vtn>m) - KiSjH Cj wantofha’p eran «>^thrwuh««iJl varlnuanaiionaiiiUa. at Mr* Milium'M Chlcagoar., corner of Insane tr. C ITU ATI ON-WamrnV-As \m7 Cl by a healthy ei.Urtl* three month* old. AfMiew Mr» CAVi\ tM tiouth Well* »t. “| CnUATlON—Warned—By one ? O da kitrhen work In a priutt ftmur -I Micblcan and RlDile, on Cam **. ClTtlATlON—Wanted RvT7 Oalrl, to do •«nnil work In a srlfab 'na.. «’ we jrtrto If requlml. Call tA '.o. UQ Ntnb Bide. _ ptuatto: .t OX—Wanted—fly am i'it ’ jflrl, *Utoea jrrir* of mire. to Us* c-»re ..j - la > prtvact family. Addm» “U 6. Trlhiqf v.p annus ffWnrjfrTi • AGEITTIi W—r» .."I Wort fa tie CiTlI War” iiitj.tntrt «•• i.-Jt fcUelpoiiraJS»*od«Kr*'nnfc». Ttau«o<k *-.a; 5 , more lb*n itn*yeari agoaoe prepared usn*:;* Uon and approTai of tbe Cnlltaa*.»ie* BanM tnUatOD, WeatWtt Sanitary Comtmvtnr. v.l :*•»' Kj-06 tan CctciDlftmo.wlU be one of •t.inuarda tv-; &£jhL imi imtmr. Send for cirralar- ae<t v— BKgf choice of ten Hart. A«trre»ZMGLEK M«c;2 Begat Lombard B oca, Chicago. tgjßj Hoc AGEKTh —Wanted—Smart and «c AKrct* wanted In everr conn tv TON PACKED SAFfcTY H AND LA«IS. k-- . w*na tbeci, as they are Uie moat ercni'mirs 15 g. ronlcnt,i:lveaDrllliaotllfihf»l hontfhji.tev* 5? or oaor, and warranted sate. Serrra! cti.«rrT p Ucles for acrots. Clrcniar* sent free -a *V; RDOAR & CAVAN. 31i taflwiarer?, !»5 Stcis>‘ New Tort. AGEKTS ■Wanted For the 5 Boot. “WOMEN OF THE WAIL** Tilir-, is universally ada-lrcd. Says tba Chlr.c f.J Journal: It fa In the noblest itnw, a • allr-t a? - atd vreeavy theantb'r the grateful wort ttu fbracd. Hall read* Mtea romance, war can never be toW vltaiac the »tory nfu.-V/ la to:d with 1L” Sold only by canvass- «* Thooranoa are waiting (o ace and boy it. varlttycf valuaole llicdtrsted Ihdohs. It;*:;'. Tliotory of the R*-hclllon. by J. T. Head it. »-.• Imoaruni. prrlaeely Ulostrated, and the ra * - : anlc htitory of the war pnbliabed. Auirr* ■ ' TREAT, 117 Sooth Ctork-et, Chicago. , “A^EKTS^VaiTtcd—THE AM*tl vA^l ±\ CAN CONFLICT. AHI TOKYOFTUKi !.L \ n REBELLION, 1 tßome* Uiuut.u Ln«r v .T .1 VI In two volume*, and r>ady for delivery. - | wanted in every town In the wert. Ac*nt>Bv<; . 1 rlsht to deliver vol. 11. are requested b> : V;.- -fc ord*r» immediately. GEO. ±c. W. SIIEU'Vo ; ’fc . ” Madiaon-eu Chicago, 111. *' » ’ A GENTS—■Wanted—*s per d:ir :^ >\ arteed or mcney retanfled. App ,r "*‘f fe*>-- . EATRROP.JIC, Office No. 16 M. l-LCtoir; ,&;• , Chicago, or Office No. 4 Lrtna: s Bloct. GENTS—Wanted—New bonk *g| * . Block Crook, a most worderfnl hi-: >r» : i J® Inc performed with Immense sucrei* lr. -Jb i pie theatre# throngbent the Ceiled M«t(—3*l •* sect on receipt ot 50 cents free by ij.c _ bh r DON. 3S Mtchigan-av. 5f We GENTS—Wanted—To sell a wr* Prints, which fbr beauty o| desl-- ,n.; -:r ffei. coloring snrpais anything hi market. 7m IV;-: era tbU is an opportunity never offered • guarantee tosell Wperceot lowerthan out,.c-v u m the 1 city. C.rcuarDOw ready. Cali .1. OEMMELL, Lithographer and PnMIU-r. i:j> . « do ph-tu. corner of Clark. • 'W A GENTS— Wanted -r Price t'.-d•' J\ UNITED STATES CONTINENT IN n i Maps In me and the ch-aoest Map ;r ti* LLOTIVSNEW GREAT REPUBLIC * . PATRIOTIC CHART OF AMERICA. »FM ;■ althlhemap. saleable mop* In the wor d. Address i. ' « COXIAN Lakf-st., Chicago. f/ AGENTS— Wanted—Two or thrwr £*• - t Incachcotiniy.toiellbTMmple.myri:*-!-; j Neat. Thci"'wllllrcloworfcf>rcr»'rt r« ■» m ii-- . dress C. CAMPBELL. Yellow Head. IHlr jp - A GENT&—Wanted—ln all parLs h\ £ i J\ country, to sell “THT. HISTORY op Ap’li‘»*fe: : , USCOI-N” and the ••OVERTHROW Of i-LW-r In one tol* ol ■ rcr Too pages. By Hon. I. > J.% **;! tlv U late member efCtcgre-s. a: d tor over !•■*«* ,-tV* J coi.ndetiUal friend oi Mr. Lincoln. Title Just been completed, and will meet a w*x vU .-M, ery intmigint citizen. It prea-nu P*arnr*« yf • have not appeared In any other work. The 10 < Chtonlcfr, r.f tVnthlna’cn, *ai»t “It will sw-'iiV ,. f char after and houl a place beyond anytidns r-: < - duiTd.'* For territory arrt te»m«. addree* th- , Ushers, CLARKE A CO„ HO and S 2 a t.Tr Clncagn. ,* 1 A GENTS—'Wanted—Lad’es and z • * J\ tlrmen throughout tne Went by Fsnri- . tf Trl»d aid True. The commission rail '•> '■ * ; and the book W one of live b*yt *etn-« ,*r- Pr Send for trtm* tn W. J. A CO.. .fdlt .r ,i, y bard Block. Chicago. ,*wy- A GENTb—Wanted—To roll the ft vjJS; n!?iii,!v» awn* y!sw;''j"!::/, r .^w' (price |IB), Both of the*** Machines are- fsu? < •-A.BH • Address or mil upon W. BEI.OSS A Ci>.. K % ' i*c*t OCte Block, Chicago. 11l- « ijft; AGENTS— Wanted—From Mr. lit ML croft-the Historian. Nnwrorr. Sepien-w i jßr; William K. Jl*r*hair*enei*Tin«..r n aMfty LtLroln 1* by fl«r thr be*t I have vec-n t« »* v*U 3K * and reproduce* Uie best expietslon of the |3H • «fnl*9 • o tnCka A* a work of art. I* *• * V* £» piece, executed wnn rntroble skill. 1 believe It will be sought r*f f y " £j. hence, *nd every collection H Amerlrrt *-srv; Kb that 1* without la v*III le conildeied lnir*rf* ti t *».?• tIANCttOFT. Atent* wanted Ot It* eale. AJlr** n. ammon, g»y vtastutt n n-»t. t'M> n". AOKNTB— \Vnntcd-To;i« I* **l,lnrein mid Waverr," In pm ; v % Ma|»n. The boo*, luiie-l al*'tH ’•V f rnmJr •iMlcefrorePaplillj Iti m *«» "<* se-otid(HlMlmi wl'l It* r'artr In tan *'•»' ■~. Journal say of Hr “■nil l M 1 1* '• . aim mi md l« W- want i »•;" r .*.’ ' » er«n*» l’i If Mle. ti.AUKR b Ml *rl wwhimtlon nl. t niltag i - - A llENTe'—lVai.ted—Mnli m d lnm , /\ lossll a Ilf* Hflll'tP l l ffPfll rirmivl * (molly wauln. pef «lav hiam* wlMr -u* t" •* TfavHllhß au»ila pah h»aR» Ini'ii »> >• I ' willmlif llilpfl frttPw with i’lh;'* i«Hli' f " 1 ‘ * •Vv f«» n,p,f ' RaWl't*. **»•* 'C'" 1 * JV,! V. A '* U I*MA '/ J\ wohk in 'till* i'ivji. ' v mi " i «iiiitirj<i'(t| ii'P/rt lliaii Ihipo >p«f; aai'i a**; i'">‘ , umlpf ll.aMin'lh n a«i| appraval 1 ~|lr i aa 1 uiy i'»m.nn*aiim, in» Wmirrn a-mt »•' •mu ami iha OhM ■*!•« »‘i.ihii*l.«mi.. mm • >;■•»»•". mifi-im'lnnt rhapiapny UP Mali*'**. «•* 1 / r *'. r , ilmflaiilUfP rumihl.tlftii, an<t ureal lritrra*i. Hi* (iiii>trai»ii rn« »tae| ppgravliu*' hp lutriil** a"<l par'a I ’'' * ' l«ln» rtimiiwo .nUvi. jiagi*, |mlu>md . nrariMwn bin iUpil lailfp*. ami >*rlfi imu.k ■ hmr l.undrri) uinmi wltlioa Ju*l u|tini<-1» 1 ihmuanda nainaiMa bet nine* who ■Ntnn>' l ■- ■ to elvn aid and r«'lef to imp •niiarlnir ■'•mi"- • fut clicuianandapi uretbu Dr*t nhulra •■E. I '' - ■ Adornia ZF.IIIf.RH, McCIHIDVA Co., 1M lAimbard Hlork. Ohfraao. 111. _ EainntrtJ-slicnl iistatt. WANTED —Any one pcssoj-mc •. or two Dice romftiirah’e iwivutnrv " pmaiat-UT sliiiatnl. wltn RrM d lon, anl d^’• dUponntr of tliotn on psvy teruia,»tT In n- 1 ' 1 -.1 ' mtotn, will pleaae addreta P. O. Box a^iu.-yi particular*. / TX 7 ’ANTED —lmproved or VV bc*lncM property, In J.IT. KEELEU'c .Ui CDtxcgpon'Omtg S£lauicij TXT ANTED Corresprndcnce f I VV middle-aged American lady, with n e« , nv , | not I»sa than forry-flve ynra of ace. Onjjct. alt Ardrtsw -S W.- Chicago poit-offlcw. partners SEgaantfli. j AKTNER—Wanttd—To buy iTi| half interest in a saloon and hlliur>l r-A rtadT C"t»bUah*d ard centrally locaitd cn Lvi* st. Cspiul required, about 1700. App’y C.irk-hL, Kcem 5. PARTNER— Wanted—W'lti 120.000 cash c prtal. elth**r sllcni or actr-. corom&slon am* shlppine bu'lness. well *• m •*, Addrews-W U G.” Tribune office, slvmz real Best ct refetcnees required atd civen. TJABTNER—Wanted—With *3OU. ij I llcht pmfllable bnslne»s. that cannot h * J Afidws JAMI-&. care Box SO. entice where a; I view may be had. .. j TJAUTSER—Wanted —With *l'}' _i cash, to taka a ore*thlrij interest tr a corn home in this city. prot;« cood. eacea r- qulred. Address **EDMUND, frt k PARTNER— Wanted Vvllh cash, to taxes* to a brewery located In in' hroCU fair. First cU‘tref»renc« given and r.->. Address P.0.80x ISS7, Chicago. PARTNER— Wanted—With a cpsi;*. ital of between (Uxo and (LOCO, la ta ct* -y rttali prescription drug tmstoeas xathecliv-, 1 tlcai druggist preferred. Address ' ] Tribune office. TJAUTNER—Wanted—A reliable o I with *2OO canttal. to take a half Tight, profitableofficebusiness. oppiyai ‘ bom-ti.. Room 15, f->r particular*. —- PARTNER— Wanted—With 115.000, in an eetanltshed and well-p Tlj l -' \ »p.c tnarhm* tlvop. For n»ftlcoiai«. »r°J-. MEAD. Beal Estate Agent. 1.11 Randolph ?-^ Heal ißstate-tEaumri;. P)E SALE—The subscriber osiers J s»ie bis residence in Elgin. It t* ated, fine Jarre nstnral ihade trees, coco »*■jri trees, well end cistern. *cn is canxrnJen. '• .: Academy: U considered the baccsom.'t Elgin. Price SS.WO: fth«« down, balance ■ : 0, tired. A •Jbcralolsc- antfbr ail ca»h u-f -v or sderest L-n. T allwooD-or census M. ?• 1 WOOD, 160 Wa*bl:-gt->n-*t- Chicago. OR SALE —120,000 acres ci c-;. land In trocnoi* and Ford Ccnntt**; v• • r R.. from OBf to twtlre mUwftoni!» " • .t roarca. Buckley. Lodaand Paxton. Pri \-y . •t 7 acre. >. caah, balance In three enaa. vr, ;> n-rnta 6 percent. I bare an effieeat jod*- •• V. Frariona. with good teams, can bo f0n0... • • FEARSON& 11b Chicago. ». * Iroquois Co- 111. FOU SALE —Farm, tour mil-:-' from LocknorC ta Yankee S*’U acrea first-class prairie, 20 acrea best tlm 't ... letcedard cultivated- New two-siory ho.;- - and kitchen 13*15. Splerdxl well. Oicaari '." r trees frem Rochester Nursery—«pp es. P-J ,r V Barn 18x21. Price (SACOI U down, baltioc- '•■.t two Ttar*, with Inure**. Apply to TRr>M.v*,' - MEfIS, Fnpt. Eagle Works su&nfkctarihg ( --' 5968. or No. 48 Caaabat. TTOlv SALE—A dirrnot ICO ncre;..'?' A 1 tnonemlle of miroad *->l from Chicago, wefr watered, good fruit tree*, and stocked with cows. Wli’scl “ J wlthontcows. Also Ata acres adjotnlrc lota to salt purchasers. Apciy at 133 TOK bALE—Or exchange w c .1/ chaadls*. hardware pfeftrred. (!••’•/ ‘ thou land dollars worth Improved real fine bnck store, warehouse an 1 dwelling, f’? 1 -,. (l.rto p«r ancom. Several city lots *u«l 8j- proved and unimproved farm* and nearraUroad. and ifneersaary. miq* c**h- ‘-'t ueolan. address A. L. BRINK. Wa/reo. 11l- J jlianoa. J T7OB SALE—Grand Piano, valuc-v X 1 ru2CO. Will be sold at agreatbatgvl^. changed fur good property. AddxeaaQßAND * * P O.BOxiiaßP. FOR SALE—A seven octave, fine^lv pltso, entirely new, made by one of f »ork m-nnfhelarer*. Will be sold •( 5 ba-'O- 3 Mlthigsa-ar. t Addll «y