Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 30, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 30, 1867 Page 1
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MM EMOPI, jast Evening's Despatches by Ocean Telegraph. ount Bismark Nominated for the German Parliament, ihc Cretan War Again Broken Out with Renewed Tigor. Ihe American Eifle Adopted by the Austrian Army. Eastern Complications Assum ing a Threatening Aspect. i’ROM WAIiGTON. Further Extracts from the Scw ard-Motley Correspondence. Prominent Points in the Prosi * dent’s Nebraska Veto ■■ Message. Additional Testimony In Eolation to the Wew Orleans Riots. Svnojjsis of the Con' stitnlional Amend ment Ollered. by Air. lielso. A'isfracis of Reports op Western River and Harbor Im provements. MB Seriate—Timber Action on the Tariff Bill. House—Consideration of the Diplo matic Appropriation Bill. Amendment otiered lo Strike Gut the Appropriation for the United Slates Con sulate at Rome. BOM SPBIiWIW. Yesterday’s Legislative Pro -ceedicgs. Bsilroad Bills Considered in Both Houses. General Fuller’s Bill Will Proba bly Pass the Senate To-day. Number of Chicago Railroad Bills Introduced, Transfer of tbe State Prison Con tract Finally Consum mated, FROM EUROPE. by ocean Tiancuvpn, CHEAT BUiraTK. Ijvxnponu -Tannery £3 Steamship Tania, from New York, arrived Un morning. Tho Great Eastern, on the 19ta, was safe’r plated upon the •‘gridiron" at Blrkeiketd, op posite this city, by the Captain ■ t the steamer, J-mes Anderson. An examination hows her to be in good condition, and she IT positively sail for America on the 20th of March. the cbetak wan nx xwzd. LoifDOS, January 29. Despatches received state that the Cretan war ha- been renewed. . Tbe tehns of tbs Sublime Porle for peace, were scornfully rejected by the Cretans. A battle has since been fought, res ’-It not stated. There was apoarently mnch cnttuM a-m on both sides, and the war had spread to the neighboring islands. IS cm EASE IS IKE T0BKl«n ABUT. Atqesf, January 29. ThcQtcek Ministry propose to raise the effec tive force of the army to 31.H00 men. including 14.000 reserves. This action Is taken on account of the military preparations made and threatening attitude by the Sublime Porte. ASEIUCAS BIFLES IK THE AVSTIIUS ABUT. Viessa, January 29. American broech-loarttug rifles have been given to a portion of the Austrian army. AUMIIIAL fEUVAXO ACQUITTED or COXAUDIC*. Florexck. January 29. Admiral Pccrano bis b<.eu acquitted of tho cbaigeo! cowardice. Prussia. Ueblix, January 29. Count Rismark fca« been nominate! for t’-e German Parliament, to represent the city of Berlin. east tax coaruoATiox®. Londo.v, January S 3. It is considered certain at Constantinople that the Eastern complications will result la war. Turkey has called out Isn,ofti reserve*, and the Government of Russia has ordered all military fnrtongh- In by the first of March. CUBES CncIlCH FOU THE CtTT OE JTCW TOHK. St. Pwembcbo, January 29. H is said that the Russian Government pro poses to bnl’.d a Greek church for the City of New Tork. PROTEST FBOX XAXnttLTAX. Paris, January 29. It is said that Maximilian has Issue! a raaaifc to against tbc arrangement between Franco and the United States In regard to Mexico. Latest Foreign Markets. UtvcßpooL, January 29. rottan ©pros quin and steady. Probable sale Kiyro hales. Middling Uplands still quoted at II peace. Losdos, January S 3. C:nsol«for tLC' ry advanced toSI.H; 5-20 hoods a<l v ancedt3T3J4; Illinois Central, SI \ ; Erie, 43#. Lostmjs, January 2D—Evening. Consol* declined 5-16. and are quoted nt 90 5-16 for mcacy; 5-aOfi. ~,i 5-16; Illinois centra', M; Erie. 41*. Paws, J anoary SD—Evenlng. United Slaw bond* advanced H- Lirxcroou January 2D—Evening, Cotton—Market steady, and pnoca closed unchaagrd. Dr'sdrtufls—Wheat lower; winter red Western 131 M p»r cental. Corn, 4ia34U6d per quarter. ITovUlrc*—Market firmer; lard, 6Ss per cwt. I‘ctrcleum—Eedned Pennsylvania and Canada white, lied. Marchx&txb. January 23—ErenlDg. Msiket tor cents and jams quiet, hot prices dearer. New Bcoroao, Mass., January 59. A Cable Ccapatcr,received here from London. to-day, s*J* the market UclrareT of sperm oil at l2So v unts sterling per lon—aa advance of Sponnos since the ibth. Six bondrec barrel* ot tperm oil sold yesterday at SA3S per tallon. FROM. WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnhnne.j Wasuisgtos, January 23. tux navxsrx qrxsnox. The Wa*sand Means CommPtee are working o the free list, and are going over the whole suo}« of revenue us a general manner. Few things b« yond those already given have been declacd. FISASCE. The financial men luthe Uonse say Randall** bill Is dead- J 1 Hooper** hill passes, two features objected to by the West will he rtneken oat, namely: the section takiug away deposits, and one rcqulrirtng redemptions solely In New York. CtJCCIRRATI ABBEBSOUSmp. Strong rccommcaoaUor.e have been filed with Mr. McCulloch for William M. Dans, as Assessor at Cincinnati, in place ol Basset Languon. tt is understood that he vnU be appointed. Tilt TAntTTLoBBT. It has trasplscd that at the teccat meeting hOd by the Iron ana Steel Association in this city to urge Congress to pat a prohibitory tariff on *heir wares, a collection was taken np for a Chicago newspaper. Bon. John Wentworth is the treas urer of the fund thus raised, and Judge Kcitey so- Jicltlng agent. nEcoxsrnccnojT rno«Ptci. It is generally conceded that the vote oq Stc •reiu* hill indicates the fate ol all similar meas -ures during the seeeloß. Some, however, hope the Reconstruction CommWce win report Ihe -Southern Unionists here are denouncing the con tinued abandonment of the Unionists Sonth to ieb«l outrages 1l unmeasured terms. TIIE KELSO COKSTITITTIORAL ARSRDX’RT. The Com Ulutional Amendment brought forward In the House yesterday by Mr. Rclso is under stood to represent the vie#s of a larg) number of radical Republicans of Missouri. Section no provides ihat no State shall pass a law oradopt a provision to Ifa Constitution depriving any dli, res or the United fitatoa sound In ' misd enfi miconvicled of ns li'lnmoiif offence, who hat at ained the n 0 of t"cn y-oaoytars, resided to tho Stale ns year, la the town, pariah, atr, district or county thirty day* next preceding the day of o'edlon, of toe tight of voting at all election* for FiesldenUat electors, rrprefcnlaiiTe* In Congress, and alt. election* or the Governor of tho Stale, county, district, pariah, city and tows officer*. Section t'Opiovldes that no law shall he passed by Con* great, orbv the Bute depriving the citizen of sound imod and nnconvlctcd ot crime, from following any lawful basinets. Section three mattes It the duty of each Slate to provide free schools for the education of all its children. Sectlonfom makes it the doty of Congress to carry out the third section If the State falls. The amendment was sent to the Judiciary Committee. ksw nountr bill. The House Military Commutes baa agreed to a hill providing that claims for bonnrtea under the act of tart session, incases where the claimant'* discharge certificate t* alleged to have been ved denially lort or destroyed, may bo prorented to the Second Auditor of tho Treasury for settle meat, and upon proper application, accompanied wuh proofs ofsach lose, the Auditor shall exam- Ice and determine the claim as In other case?, and payment shall be made In (bo nsnal way. The nature of the proofs required shall be pre scribed by tho Treasury Department. iuvlb xsp HAiinon utmomcsKTS. The War Department baa prepared an abstract of the reports mado by olllcert who have been In charge of rlvcrand harbor Improvements daring tnc past year. The Western estimates of amounts ‘required for the ensuing year are as follows: (Wo— Ki-tnovlog obstructions In the Ohio Hirer above the falls. $100,000; Conncxnt harbor, bulMing piers, slo,rtW; Ashtabula harbor,<plcra, Sr<4,OCU; Grand Itivcrharbor,piers,sfiC,ooo; San durhy River, dredging, $20,000; Toledo harbor, dredging, $20,000. JJtcMcati— SL Clair Flats, dredging, SIW,OM; Saginaw River, dredging, $-i3,00J; Anx Sable IMvcr, $30,000; SI. Mary's River. croigmg, SS\OQO; An Dec Sc*** harbor aod piers. $10.000; Malnstco harbor, $00,000; White River harbor, $37,000: Muskegon harbor. s.’>o,ooo; Grand llavoo harbor pleta, $40,000; Black Lake hareorpiore,. $31,000; South Devon barber, $13,000; >*ew Buf falo harbor piers and survey, $60,000; Marquette barltor, $53,000; I<ac Laßclle harbor, $10,000; Eagle harbor, $65,000. BWansl/i— Superior City harbor, $07,000; Green Bay harbor, dredging, $43,000: Manitowoc harbor, piers, $45,000; Sheboygan harbor, piers, $7,f00; Kaciuobatbor, piers, $15,000, . rOETBCOBTKO IIBPOUTB. The officers engaged at largo numbers of points have cot yet made out their estimates, but will do fo next mot th. General Wilson’s report on the •mprovement ol Des Moines and Rock - Island Rapid-, and on tbe survey of Rock and Illinois Hirer?, will be ready hi about two weeks. Gen eral Warren's repost of surreys on the Upper Mississippi, and various Minnesota and Wiscon sin rivers, and on bridging the Mississippi be tween St. I’anl and £L Louis, will not bo ready for some weeks. COLO HATH. AHB SCOTIA SKA BIBBS. Tho fate of the Colorado and Nebraska BDIs Is uncertain, 'ibi-lr Mends arc not able to count quite ntwo-tblrda vote for them In cither honso a hen full. ■m rJLKUABB airtKcro rext* bibb. The Commit lee on Banking au-i Currency, at its scsrion ibis morning, concluded to reconsider its action in allowing Randall's Sinking Pond and ' egal T» 81l to bo reported for action ot lh* House. Hr. Dockland, who, though opposed to toe hill, voted to allow It to go before the Horne, entered the motion to reconsider, and It would have been acted on at once bat for Randall's ab> fence, 'ibe blit wlfl be recalled at the nest meet* ingot the committee. i&wabiiastcs coxrmitATnKs. Several injudicious confirmation, have been mnde by the Senate because nothing wa* known of the appointees. It would be well to inform Senators by letter or petition where new offlo holders are obnoxious to Union RepjbUcan neighborhoods. noßßCta vs. enr or cmcaoo. Tbe argument in the case of Allen Robbins vt. City of Chicago, mowing out of an Ininry to one Woodbury, m December, 16jG, by a tall Into an excavation made under Robbins direction, was bcgtiu in tbe last Friday and flo uted to-day. The case is web known in Chicago having been tried three times'in the - inutt Conit there. It was tried in the Supreme Conrt in IVC2, and decided in favor of the city, and will prtbauly be decided the same way again. VOTE UN TUU KOTIOK TO HBCOSDHT TUB TABirr BILL. On motion to recommit the Tariff BUI to-day, ten Dimoaatpaadflve Republicans voted in the aQUm&Uvc. The latter were: Grimes, Brown. Henderson, Sumner and Wilson. The bUI will probably be finUbed to-morrow. tub house cold bill. The Finance Committee are understood to be strongly opposed (o the House G >ld Bill, and will probably report against U in a day or two. arrains m xn-. tubasunr ezpactxest. There is less excitement to-day about affairs in :be Treasury Department, and the report of lark's arrest is generally discredited. Tno ex amination, by the Secretary's orders, still comin ucs, and the sub-CouimUtee of Ways and Means, Mr. CoukUng, Chairman, will begin their Inquiry to-morrow morning. |ify Associated Press.) THE NKBUA'IKA VETO. Washington, January 29 —Tue President tcniay returned to tbs Senate, wnlh bis objections lue bill fortho admission ofNcbra*ka. ilc refers to Itc fundamental condition precedent tbit stub-age shall be allowed without distinction of race or color. Thu condition Is not mentioned in the urlgtnal enabling act, and was not contemplated at the ttmo of its passage. Jt was not sought by the people lbemsclv>-s, has not been applied to the inhabitants of any State asking ad* mission, and is fn erect conflict with the Constitution adopted by tho people, a nd declarer) la the preamble to be rebubhcao ti Its form of government; for In Ibal Instrument excrcti-c ol the elective franchise and rights (o bold office me expressly limited lo white citizen* of the tTail* d States. Congress thus undertake? •o authoring and compel too legislature to change a constitution which, it is declared In the pream ble, has received the sanction ot the peoole. and which bj this bill is accepted, ratified, and confirmed by the Coo* a.’)C£S of the Gallon. The President proceed ed to *bow that the first and third sections of tb - bill exhibits yet further Incongruity. “If,** he ••aye, “ Congrcrs Is satisfied that Nebraska at the .'resent time possesses sufficient population to entitle her to fall representation in the councils of the nation, and her people deserve a State Gov* | eminent, good faith would *-e<m to demand mat -he should be admitted without farther require* Meets those expressed in the enabling act. with all of which, it is asserted tu too preamble, her inhabitants have complied." NEW OULEAKB JtAß*. Washington, January 29,—The President, In compliance with the resolution of the House. iratumliU'd to-day voluminous documents on the ••nbject of the New Orleans riots in July las . Ttete Include 400 foolscap pages ot testimony taken before the Military Board convcacd by Gcn • ral Baird, acd consisting of Generals Mower, Quincy, Gregg and Baldy, together with their n-pon. In which they condemn tho conduct of Major Monroe, and say but for tbe declaration of martial law by General Baird, and tbe presence of troops, fire and bloodshed woold have aged* through the night In all the negro quarters in the city and the lives and property of Unionist? and Northern m*-n would have been at Che mercy of the nmh, tbe conservator* of peace being, tor tbe lime, the icstipatora ot violence, and nothing would hive cmalncd bp*, arming for defence, and a scene might have cesned unparalleled* in the history of tbe age. THE UNITED STATES' CLAIMS AGAINST ENGLAND. The President to-day sent a large mass of docu ments to the Douse re*peeling the compromise of certain suits Instigated In English Courts against Frazer, Trcnbolro & Co. 3 agents ol tbe so-ctllcd t'onU-derate Slates. U appears that on Che 1 trn of December, Secrelary Seward, In writing to Consul Morse, says the arrangement which the latter assumed to make *'tsh Mr. pnolcan bad been disavowed as being wholly wiiboni antbori y. Assistant Secretary of the i rrasnrv Chandler, ontheSUb ofDoccmbor wrote a Idler to Secretary >o«ard, saying that certain anibcniyberetof.'re conferred on Consul Morse bad been revoked, and be requests that Mr. Sow* ard will instinct Minister Adams to designate •omc sntlanlc person to take charge and con clude anvunfinished business growing out of the authority conferred on biin which still remains in Mr. Morse's bauds. Secretary Seward, (January 12tb,> informs Mr. Adams that Mr. Morse has disobeyed orders iu ibe construction of the law? against which he had been specially warned by the Department. Fi nally. tho pretended agreement was one elded, rtipntaiing ab-olutcly an allowance to Fr-rcr, Trenholm A: Co., and not stipulation for any special balance whatever to tbe Gutted States. Secretary Seward; writing to Consul Dud ley January Ittb, ISGT, says in respect to such funds and property as Mr Mortc’e authority real . lyappli-dto, be was under express Insmtclluns . to do nothing wblcl. should rec-ignlze the capacity of the pretended rebel officials or abettors of the rebellion who dealt with them, or make any con tract which coala ghe validity to each liens or charges. • TETmON FOB AS AMENDED BOUNTY ACT. Rcpicfcntatlre Darling has presented to tbe House a petition signed by over 1,&K) veterans, who request that Congress enact such laws a? v.lll scenic payment* of bounty to soldbts who l ave been discharged from service by disability ti om caneea other than wounds, and to those wbo * avc lost their dirchirge papers, both classes being now deprived of bounty under the act ot July, ISfifi. mi nicpysntocTioy cowjutteks. WasniycToy, January 29.—'lhc Commute-* on Rccon*unction will enter Immediately nponlh? orcnatauoa of a proper bill tor the reorganizin'* ..f the States hi view of the rejection cf the Con -titni’oral Amendment, und report at the present ec'sloo. TUX SETTABft.IIOTI.rr COBttESPOWDBBCE The corrcspordtncc between the Secretary of State and Mr. Motley, Minister to Vienna, was submitted to the Senate to-day. Mr. Seward "rote November lift. He bad information that Mr. Uotle) bad ezpreased disgust at the Prc«l -dent'e whole conduct; that he had said he dl§* i.Jjed American democracy, and londly proclaimed that an English gentleman was the model of human perfection, and that ho had said the President bad deserted bis pledges and principle* In common with Mr. Seward. whose condition a* hopelt esly degraded. Ur. Motley's denial or confirmation was required, ile replied at some length, that while he has never concealed hi* nolit* ‘cal ideas in firor of the reorganization of the South by a constitutional amendment, the charge made against him arc as false as they are con* 'cmptihle. He concludes by resigning the mis* sion to Vienna. Apnmoss to the tree ust. Wa a m.*:GTov,JauiiaryS9.—The Waysand Means Commutes l ave addt-d sewing, wringing and cashing machines to die free net In the TatltT miL norss oolp bol The Senate Flnnrce Committee has rejected the Uoose Gold Dill. RCOUOES TOD AUKARBAS. About 100 negroes from SaU*bnry, N. C„ pass ed ibrousb Washington this evening on their way lu Arkansas, where they are engaged to work oi rotton plantations. TESTIRO THE TEST OATH DECIMOR. To-dar, la the Supreme Court o< the DUtrict of Colombia, Mr. Bra-ley moved the adtm-sion to the bar of Allrpß. Slarruder.ofVtrcinla,a meat her of the har of the old Circa!' Court, and now an attorney and counsellor of the Supreme Conn of the Gulled Saw, 11 wa. nneralll under stood that Magrndcr would he unable to tak wbat Is known aa tne test oatb. ana that this m'v Uon was made with a view ot ascertaining how .«y° a £ regarded the recent decision of the Supreme Court of the Unit ed 'fctatee, as affieMlcg its dalle* with regard to the rule It had laid down ou the rubjm, Ojirf Justice ».arUcr informed Mr. Brauley that to grant his motion and pass ao or der for admission would he to set aside the flr*t rnle of the Conrt Mr. Bradley presumed that wbenatnemberof the harofthe Supreme Coart applied foradmleston to this bar he would be ad mitted as a matter of course, .aking such oaths as arc prescribed by that tribunal. tols Conrt b*- Iniro branch of the other. Ch ef Justice Cartier mid the question was whether this Conrt would censem to repeal or modify Us own roles. It was agreed that the nignmcct he neard on Thnr day before nfnllheuch. THE TEST OATH DECOIOS 1050nCD. The United States DLstric*. Court of Ibis city to day refnsed to allow attorneys to practice la sa'-d Couit wiiboot taking the lest oaib, aotwiihiUbd* log the recent decision of the Supreme Court. TBAuercn or rue txniAic nucEAC. Nrw Voua. January 2J.— The New York TVoies* Washington sptxUUars: •* fbe House Military txmimlttec have agreed to transfer tne Indian Bu reau trom the Interior to the War Department ” ncruCATK BKTCJt-TUntTT BORDs ISSUED. übeKew York Tninne't special says: u Mr. c»atu, ot the Currency Printing Bureau, YOL. XX. the grave fact that Seven-Thirty bond*, wlih du plicate Burners, have beca printed sod Issued, hr sajiFc that the numbering machine got out of or der and repealed." CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. WaancfOTON, January 2'J. SENATE, The CHAIR presented a commanlcallon from Ihe President enclosing the correspondence with the S'atc Department on t* e subject of Mr. Mot ley's resignation. Ordered printed. Abo. submitted the message vetoing the Colo rado Bill, acd asked what action would the Sen ate take. . . After some debate, at the explra'ion of which the morning hour expired, tho message went over until to-morrow. . . rpe Tar Id Bill was taken up. After slight amendments, Mr. DAVIS moved to recommit ihe bill to the committee for consideration, with t:e Internal Revenue BUI, for the purpose of reduc- Ido the taxes of tbe country f luO.tXW.O-Kt a year. The President's Private Secretary here entered with tbe veto of the Nebraska Bill. Mr. GRIM ES moved to strike ont the portion of Mr. Darts’motion looking to a decrease of one hundred millicns taxation. Mr. DAVIS accepted the modification. After debate, (be motion (o recommit was reject ed—lsagainst22. ... „„ The duty op barley was Increased from 10 to 23 cents I er bust el. Mr. hUMN FR moved to make tbe duty on coal mined not me re than 30 degrees east oi Washing ton. GO certs per tun. Thin was in the bill as re ported, but tne Senate had already amended by making the dntysl.Go per ton on all imported coal. , , Without further action adjourned. HOUSE. On motion of Mr. DAWES, tho Committee on Elections was disebatged from consleeration of the subject of (be Maryland election?, as (be Donee bad already instructed »bo Judiciary Com mittee to investigate the official conduct of tbe President. , _ Mr. SCHRNCK, from the MUiUry Comtmfco. reported tuck, with an amendment, the Douse blit to rqralizp the bonn’les. Oroered prided. Mr. 7£NCKES.frora the CornnitU-eon Retrench nicut, reported back tbe Douse Bill to regulate the civil service oflhe United States,andcxplalncd ti>-chataclerls'lcs thereof. The SPEAKER announced Mr. Farnsworth a* taking tho place of Mr. Washbnrso on the Re construction Committee, tho (alter having bc:n granted leave of absence. Mr. BIDWELL, Chairman of tbe Committee on Agriculture, snnuutreuil that ho would soon Intro duce a bill to reorganise the Agricultural Depart ment. ... . , , Mr. RITTER, from the Committee on Agricul ture. reported a bill to rc -trie: tbe Department to purchase for distribution only o r fitch seed*, plants acd fiowco a.* are not common tn use. After discussion the Ml.’was tabled. On moth u of Mr. UDNNF.WA,Iho Secretary of the Interior was requested to furn-eh iaformat'oo in relation to ihe lata macaacrc at Fort Phil. Keam-v. the cause, etc. . Mr. WINOOAI reported back,wl;h amendments, the Senate bill providing for the annual insper* uon in Indian tufalrr. After discussion the bill went over till tn-monow. The SPEAKER presented Executive documents vir.: Report of the Stociaiy ot state In reference to an attempted compromise of certain suits in* minted in the English conrls in behalf of the United arnica again-t Frazier, Trcobolm & Co., ibe alleged agents of the so-called Confederate Ftn es. Rclcrrcd to Committee on Foreign Af fairs. Report of the Secretary of State In answer to Ibe Hones resolution, stating that no information bad been received by IbalDeoarlnirnt in relation to the removal of the Protestant cbuicb at the Amer ican embassy at Romo by order of the Roman Govcr menu Rcicrreo to the same committee. Also from the President of tbe Dulled Slates, with copies of telegraphic despatches, Ac., re* speettng (he New Orleans riot. Referred to the Sell ct Committee. . The re-port of the Committee of Conference on ttr bill relative to pensions was concurred in. The House went Into Committee and considered the Invalid Pension Bill, which appropriates SS3,2&O,tW). It was reported to the House with a recommendation that It pa»s. The Committo then took up the Consular and Diplomatic Bill. Mr NIBLaCK moved an amendment, to Insert an appropriation for the salary ol a Minister lo Portugal. A debate followed relative to (because lor which Congress, at the last session, cut off Mr. Harvey’s salary, viz.; afletter from him lo Secretary condemning the action of Con grers. Finally, it was agreed that the amendment should bo considered. Adopted in committee, that a vote might be taken in the House. Mr. WILLIAMS moved -o strike out the appro pnalion for the United States Legation at Rome. Mr. STEVENS moved lo amend this by insert ing the following; Wdxbkas, It is beneath the dignity and con‘ra ry to the justice of this nation lo bo represented at any Coun whose Government prohibits the treo worship by American citizens »lihln Us jnrtsdlc- Hon of the Christian religion; and WnxnxAs, tbe Roman Govctnmcnt has lately oidercd tbe American c'turcbes to be remuved outside of tbe city, and does prohibit tbe free ex ercise by them ol tbe Christian religion: there fore, Ee 1 1 enacted. That no monersbeteby approyr ated shall be paid for the suoport of the United btotei* 1 eratton at Romc,or the futme expenses ol any such Logsdon. . Mr. HALE moved to strike ont the preamble. Mr. Us e's amendment >ras adopted—Gs to 3L Pending tbe question on (he amebdment as amended, tbe Committee tom and reported the • nrflt'd Pension Bill to tic House, which was presented a memorial from the Go'ertorand Adjutant Q acral ot Michigan, on Khenbicrtof tbe Militia Dili. Referred to the Committee on Militia. ♦ Adjourned. FBOM. SI’UIMG FIELD. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnne.l snuKoncLp, 111., January 23. ros baileouj Tauirr qvxanox. The railroad tariff question came up In the Douse this morning end consumed Us attention for u couple of hours on a resolution offered hy air. Hnribut tint tbe Railroad Committee, of wnlchbcls chairman, bo instructed to report no bills for the Incorporation of railroads until a gen* eralblr should be reported, giving tbe General Assembly the right to restrict the tariff ot chargee, not only on roads w hich are now ashing for char* lent, but also all roads now haring a corporate existence, and that the committee be Instructed to report upon such a law at occo. The question woe divided, and that part which Instructed nut to rcpoit any more bills until tbe general question waa settled, was negatived by a vole of 87 to -16. Ibc second part of tbe resolution requiring the committee to report on a go toral bill nt o"ce was can led hy a vole of 81 to 1. The fact came out during the discussion that six of the Railroad Committee were -n favor of a general law, and ecven against it; that is, Hut the monopollrta hud one mnjoi Ity in the committee. The princi pal speech during tbe donate was an elaborated nbash of a speech made several days since. The speaker Insisted that the railroads had vested rights which nu legislative law could touch, aod be rather gloried in the fact that It was so, and ho was ready to grant tho same all-powerful rights to any railroad company that might here* utter a?k for them. The people In tala mailer could have no rights, could have noibl'igtudo with the question, and ho was astonished at the prcsnmpttcn of any man who should think dif ferently. The speech was delivered in a cross, snarling and dogmatic manner, and he very strongly hinted that any man who differed Item bis views was llttlo better than a heathen. IJfcar that no general law can be goi through ibe House, welch will prove a remedy lor ibc evils against which the people complain. The ttlioad Interest. 1 think, will be able to defeat as y guch relonn in the House, and the Senate have changed front »Uhin ibc past two years. At the commcrccmcut ot the scsslon of 180.1, the llonsc was decidedly committed to this measure, and the Scrap uncompromisingly recusant. Now. the Senate ran pass almost any Mil that might be offered upon this subject, while the House ap pears to bejcommitted lo a veneration of railroad vested rights. GEXEUAL FULLER'S BILL, concerning railroad rates and tho consolida tion of railroad corporations, «£c., came np to day in Its turn, and was discussed at length bv Senator* Mock, Poller, McConnell, and other*. At 4 p. m. the further consideration of the PHI was postponed until to-morrow afternoon. when. It U understood, the previous question will beoidercd. The bill null pass by a decided ma jority. jrßwsrArm conronATioy. Amor<c the bills introduced luthe Uooscwas one to incorporate the Peoria. Trausciipl Com rauj; jbe incorporators are Enoch Emery, Julius s-larr. Charles D. Day and Thomas C. Moore, and the capital slock *60,000, with a privilege to In crease to *IOO,OOO. Tne business Incorporated Is the printing of newspapers, job printing, binding, the manufacture of paper, purchase of a lot and the i rcclion of a building for the uses of the Com pany. WUD CAT ISSTIUSCI COUTASIW. Mr. Eddy, Chairman of the Committee on .MnnJclral Ailsiwand Insurance, la hard at work maiming a hill for the hotter protection of the ~corU against VTUd Cat Insurance Companies. Vfcc leading features of the New York Insurance Uaw \\Tl be Incorporated in the hill. All Insurance -.•tnranles.home or foreign, will be required to '♦cr-oalt with the Anflltor o' thi State sufficient cemii' to secure the integrity of its transactions, •bould the insurance companies plead rested Jgbls or refnre lo show their hands they will be xpofcd hy Ihc officer whose business it will he •o look alter them. It is the determination of the •cmmlttco to make such n law as will thoroughly Id oor State of irresponsible insurance companies. Tnisnaxu. uiproTK«sT mix • as Introduced to the House to-day, referred to ■be Internal Improvement Committee,and made ile special order for Ihursday at two p. m. This i.UI embraces the enlargement of the Illinois & Michigan Canal, the building of a draw across the Illinois River at or soar Hennepin, the construc tion of a canal from the Illinois River at Bureau Creek tothe Mississippi River, with a feeder from Dixon, and Improvement of Rock River. The frhtidanf the bill feel confident that It will he come a law. covEitxon ooLEsnr is considerably be'lcr to-day, hat is not yet able to leave his house. He hopes to beout tonor tow, or next day at farthest. BE* OVAL OF TUE STATE CAPITAL. The people ol Dccatnr put In their c l alm for the Uonse to-’ay In the shape of a memorial, wherein they offer one million dollars for the j.ilze. Whether they will he able to carry it off by this million power preaaure remains lobe seen, no* 1 think not. CHICAGO ItAtLSOAD BILLS. Qulfeanmnherof Chicago railroad Will were introduced to the Qonse this afternoon, among them the Chicago * Calomel Dummy Railroad. The road is to. start from the sonth city limits, and run through liyde Park to Calumet and the Stale line The corporators arc Cbas. U. Macbln, James G. Osborne, John L, Thompson, Benj. M. Smith and Chaa. C. Copclann. The hilt gives the com nary liberty to occupy such highways as the Board of Snpervlsora of Cook County may grant for that purpose. A bQI was also presented for the charter of the Chicago, Bine Island * Indiana Railroad Com* pan*. It X understand the character of this bilk it commends Itself to the encouragement of the General Assembly, and also to tha people of Chicago. Another Chicago railroad bill Introduced Is call- ed the Chicago & Indiana Railroad Company. Ibe corpo aton are John Tyrell, £d*ln B. Uar mon, Philip Wadsworth, Charles M. Henderson, James McKliidior, Ucnry O. Miller and James Wadawotth. The railroad win commence with one or more tracks la the- city of Chicago, running thence In a southeasterly direc tion to the Indiana State Une, within fifty miles of Lake Michigan, with tho sole right to' intersect with some other road, or build a branch of their road to LaSalle, to enable said road to transport coal or other fnel to Chicago. The capital slock of the company is thirty thousand dollars for every mile ol road built. The hill contains a clause that the road shall not have the right to consolidate with any other corporation tn this State without first obtaining the consent of the Legislature. In the transportation of freight preference la to be given to Indlvldnala over cor porations, and also fuel over freight, and shall carry the same at tho lowest rate consistent with paying cpst of transportation, wear and tear, Ac. Tl.c pasaerger talcs arc fixed bULreo cents per mile for local, and two atm a half conn for through passengers. TUB I*EXITKKTIAnr THAKSTTB. The negotiations thitbavo been In progress for acme time between Mcsara. Bine. Darns and Match of burner, and Colonel Sam Bockmarter, for Ihe pui'chosc of the laltcr'e interest tn the Slate Pi Ison contract at Joliet, wore consummated to day and tbe transfer made. Colonel Bucuraasler owned one-half the contract, which Is now the properly oflhe gentlemen above named. Messrs, 311-chcU and Judd are the other half owners, and the five will comprise tbe new firm. Tbe contract has two and a half years to rrin. Mr. J. M. Van Osdcll, of your cry. was called In by the Penitentiary Commlsainaers and contractors to make estimate- upon the work which the contractors have completed, and his schedule was accepted by both parties without hesitation, and one hundred dollars additional compensation voted him for bis services. The venerable John Dixon, of Dixon, who has been acrlonaly ill with typhoid fever for the past five or riz daya. Is regarded by his friends as somewhat better lu-nlgnl, and they arc not with out hopes that he may recover. Some members ofhU family arrived here this evening. STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. . (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Trlbtuio.J SrniKoricLD, 11]., January 29, SENATE, am. mxEJi's hailitoad bill Came np as the special order at ten o'clock. It v an reaQ, when Hr. UUCK took the floor against it. The main objection be had to It was ih »l it sought to con vert the Legislature Into a coart ol law, silting in lodgment on the question whether or cot thf railroads were charging more than the law al lows, The bill gives on: parly lo a contract the right to ndjaolcato on that contract. Tbe bill, after being engrossed, was ordered to a third reading and lempo.-arlh laid uror. petitions. Mr. EASTMAN presented a petition from clti* zens of Cotcago. asking for (ho establishment of a Metropolitan Board of Qeilih In Chicago; three Irom citizen* asking an amendment to the Co;i- Biitution abolishing all political distinctions on account ol race or color. nEsoumoss. Mr. RED.Y called np bis a tjonrn’nenl rn»oln tlons, referred to the Committee on Public Build* Inge* Mr. Woodson's resolutions relative to stock* holders la banking associations were called np and referred to the Committee on Banks and Cor* porations. bills nrmonnctD. Bills wore introduced to locate and hnlld an ad tliiional Penitentiary; to loca'c, construct and carry on (be Southern Illinois Penitentiary; to authorize Callahan <c Cutler, of Chicago, to pub* lisn the laws pa»*ed by the General Assembly of Jlllnol*: to Incorporate the Preachers'Aid bod «tv of Rock River Conference of tbe Methodist Episcopal Church; lo incorporate tbe Mnrpbys boro'& Shawncctown Railroad Company; to in crease the tecs of Justices of (be Peace: to enable County Contis to settle up tbe estate of deceased prisons ami tumors. Adjouiiitd till 2p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. RAILROADS. It- ittIUUC ,1. Vnlla*'. n.tln.J Mr. ADDAMS called np sir. Fuller’s Railroad Bill, on its iturn rcaatng. Mr. MACK deprecarad ha»ty action on so important a measure. The bill hart only been Introduced yesterday, wm not re-‘ I cited to any committees, and hurried to this ad vanced stage without proper deliberation. He discussed the bill at some length, and said some of t*s provisions were utterly impracticable, and that oiliers, it cam-d ont, would bankrupt every load to the State. He read statements of (ho Chi cago & Rock Island acd Chicago Burlington & (Quincy Railroad Companies’ pioflls for tanspor 'ation of grain, and said tncy were reduced and n larged as prices of labor, etc., decreased and in irtesed Mi. FULLER sstd that there was no necessity To* iMtber postponement of the vote on this lull, ’ill-' lai'road question had beensdlecossed here day aMcrOay. ard thonpn ibc subject might b 3 postponed till the day of judgment, the Scna’or (ram Kanßskce would still want more time. Hie bill hod been buried in the Senate for ibc express purpose of avoiding delay In tbe matter till It was too late «« pass It. lie went Into a defence of tbe bid, claiming that it was jnst and fair and ehonld rasa. After lac committee bad agreed so unanimously on ibe bill, be did expert iha' there would be no opposition to it. The bill was as fair as any honorable rail* raid man ought to expect, lie claimed that tbe potter vested m tbe Commissioners, pro* vldcd form tbe bill to roonco tbe £0 percent dU count on freights. If it were found in be too great, was Miflldenly protective of all railroads. The question who owns this state, tho railroads or tu>- Sic? most be sealed sooner or later, atd li t as v ell bo settled now a* at anv time. Mi.MA<K rose 10a personal explanation. Mr. Fuller bad charged Mm with opposln- the princi- Sic that the State bad control over railroads. Ur tnlcrt that be thought the Leulsiainre had no control OTcrthnn. AH<r fnrlbir dtrcnrslon by Messrs. CIIESEV and McCONNELU Mr. STRAIN moved tnepror’ one question, which was not resumed Ibe bill nu then postponed till to-morrow ai p. m. BILLS TAKES HP. - A number of unimportant bill-** were then taUci np ami passed, after which Tfce berate adjourned. HOUSE. The Journal was rcid. swanr lakto. The Committee on Swarap end Overflowed I ends made a very humorous adverse report on Ibo petitions of the Omul Juror* of the United States Dfet’lct Coart for roilol. Tabled. UESOLUTIOWB. Mr. HURI.BUT offered a rcsolntion that all con ot rnliroao bill- and matters counectec dic-ewljL, besusm’Qdcd unit] tbo Railroad Cam* miltce report a Gvticial Railroad Act. and that the committee be required to report each an act at an earlv dav Me?sf?. HtTRLBUTonii PAYNE spoke fn tovor ot thcresolatioD, especially that portion regard* me the Inetmction of the committee, arguing that It the House did not take this action, no such general act wouid ever be reported by the com* 1 rubles. * On motion, the question was divided. The first portion vas lost, and the last, requiring a report, was adopted by a vote of St ayes to 1 no. BILLS ORDERED TO A TttinD READING. Standing committees reported a number of bills, whicb were ordered to a third raiding. Amonc rhet-e were a subsiltule lor the bill rncorpordlloir the Nanvoo A l-allsrpe extension of the Ce: trsl Pacific Railroad; also, the bill for Internal lm« provemen*?, canal?, etc. A biU to increase the salaries of County •Indies was dtscusecd at tecsth, and pending ac* tion on a motion to submit to a select committee Uic House adjourned to 2 p.m. AFTERNOON SESSION. COITSTT JUDGES. The bill regarding County Judges was referred to a select comtnit'ce of five, whicb. as appointed by the Sp- alter, consisted of Messrs. Eddy, Cniloe, Parker, von* and Campbell. COUXTTTEE RETORTS. Reports In routine course of the several stand* Inc committees were received, and the reports concurred In. RESOLUTIONS. Mr. SINGER offered a resolution Instructing >he Committee on Agriculture and Manufactures to report a bill governing the storage and transportation of substances. Adouted. Mr. TAYI.OU ottered a resolution instructing the State SnpenntcDfient of Public Instruction to give directions to County Superintendents *to cause the metric system of weights and measure? to be tansbt In common schools. Adopted. Mr. MURPHY Introduced a resolution Instruct ing the Committee on Finance to inquire Into the oxptdiency ol amending the revenue laws of the Mstc, so as to tax National debts. Adopted. Mr. HANNA ottered a resolution to instruct the Judiciary Committee to Inquire Into t*io expe* dtrnev of amending the practice law;, so that tbc party gaining a suit might recover from his opponent a reasonable attorney's fee, which was adopted. STATE CATTTOL. Mr. BVNN prelected a petition from citizens ol Mi*ron Cornly. for the location of the State House 4 Pccaiar, and pledelnc a million dollars I t the nnrpose. llclerrcd to the Committee on i’ubU: Bnildincs. BILLS nrmODCCED. The role# were tin n 'appended for the purpose «.f introducing hill#, winch order of business to »k op >ho balance of the session. the bill# heir; mvicly lead by the titles and appropriately 1 (.foiled. Adjonmed. WISCONSIN, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Madisor. Janaary 29. SENATE. VOKPAT—EVXXtRO BESSIOR. The Senate voted 515 worth of stationery and $lO postage stamps to etch officer' of the Senate, and 55 of each to employes. A few local hills were Introduced and others pas-cd, Ihe Assembly joint resolution requesting onr metnuers ot Conrrees to favor an incieased tartU' . nwcol for the protection or «00l growers, ana vlso on other agrlcnliutal produce was adoptea bv a unanimous vote. , . A join* tcrdntion Inquiring Into the expediency ol appropriation to those who served m the navy dnnnc the rebellion, pairing them on ibesame footin'* In regard to aid for t**elr families wilh iho?e fn the land eervice,was adopted. Ihe Senate resolution ordering 1,000 copies of ihe address hy Uon. A. Van Wyck, bclore the 'siateHtstoilcat Society, wa*conearrudln. nnt« were introduced to authorize counties and towns on the Hr. e Way* Lake Pepin Railroad, joint * lock companies, ard amenda tory ol sections 31,1 R. I*. *9 and S 3, of chapter It, Hevt*ed Statutes, and repealing sections 15,19 and •21) of said chapter; reducing me prcc of swamp c&d overflowed lands in certain cases; la relation to foreclosures in ctrlntn c*ses; amending the game law; standing the Jnry law, ana several lo lfnu l wcre indeflnitelv postponed for a revision at the' Stale laws: for a portrait of President Lin coln. and providing that Boards of County Super visors stall submit Inc amount and propositions for special taxes to a vote of the people. tcispats modem cs. Senator Shaier asked to have it put on record that, twine necessarilyaWmjtwhcn the yotewas taken on the resolution* Instructing Senator Doo little to resign, and ratifying the Consamcona! Amendment, bad he been present ho ahonld have voted for them. , , Twbm al was presented for on appropria tinnto pay tne debts of the Hospital for the lo sate for the current expenses, now amounting to was introduced authorising the of the Hospital for fie Insane to con tract for beating, lighting ant plarabiug the wing* Lf Ih«t Institution, now building, and ono ®s ‘Si Suing on’ihe Secretary ot State f O -a f.V??mcn*fot nmontt rcce.vcd as tax on suits. rSuSe «'«“P 5 10 ,te amo “ t .° r »“ «« 1 °?Wf hß president and each Benalor. Entire hour tndanalf was occupied in the aUcnSSouM bills kjioiv d bruie Tbx Cummin vSTtsibnate refused by a vole of 11 to 12, to snb forrevislon. and then by a voteofll to |'d«Ubtsl lo go law Commlitee ol UuWboloou CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 30. 1807. the bill for making other changes In tire system, the hill rimp’y renting the present law lad* •a , «tJ the rejection of tbe whole work of the Oommls sloccrs. The AB*emhlr Hall was very chilly tula morn ing, the ateaa'Leathig apparatus being ont of order. A resolution was adopted amid considerable laughter, directing the Superintendent of Public Property to furnish etch member with a Mackinaw blanket and a pair of bufiolu overcoats. Bills were introduced repealing the act of las. year, revising .beclaim of-Calkins & Proudnt against tho Hate, and for tho preservation of name, which reduces time for hnn'tng aod fmpoecs stringent penalties for unlawfully killing game. INDIANA. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] ißDiAxaruus, January 29. SENATE. The Senate met at 2 o'clock. A call oflhe Senate was ordered. Twenty-three members re sponded. Ihc bill Increasing the salaries of the officers of the Common Fleas and Circuit Courts waa made tho order for rimreday next. lie Committee ou temperance reported back tbe Mil providing lor the care by tbe Stale of dinuka<as, recommending its passage. Con carrcd In. ihe Committre on Corporations were las trad ed to inquire Into the expediency of removing the State University from l/loomiuglon and locating it on University Square, Indianapolis. Tito Commliteca on Agriculture aud Education were made a joint commute: on Uo Agricultural College. Eight new bills were Introduced, Ibe bill to repeal tne act tor the enforcement of tbu 13ib article of the Constitution was pot on Us third resditg, and passed by trenty-slx to six- jho bill to prevent tbe taxation of soy piece of land for the constrnclion of mo-e than one toad, AndthrblU giving companies the to eiae rsnh, timber or gravel, by giving five days* no ne, were pstsed. lie bill giving Justices of the Peace power to collect coda waa passed. DOUSE. Tbe Donee met at 2 o’clock. A joint resolution In regard to intcreet-beuine national notes being first paid, was tbe special order. Alter debate it was made the special order of the day tor Thursday next. 1 he • i,l raising the fees of conniy officers, after discussion, was referred to tbe Judiciary Com niittee- The lull defining th“ llsblllty of Innkeepers, af ter deliste, wa* likewise referred. The hill fixing the terms of Township Trustees, after debate, was made two years, and ordered cn gosfcd. The hill making it a misdemeanor to lock rail road passenger core containing passsengers was ordered to engrossment. Amendments of the game law, striking out all referring to fish, were engrossed. A resolution was adopted making the regular ho irof meeting 9 o’clock every mornlug, and dlspcnelcg m Ub attervona se-sioas. A resolution was adopted instructing tbe Com mittee on Ways and M< ana to report a hill taxing the slock ot Banks. A large number of bilta were put on second reading. TENNESSEE. ISt.eclJl Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Nasnvxux, Tetrn., January S 3. Todny wra as interesting one m tbe Legislature •>f Tennessee. The Senate passed a resolution, .rlfcrcd by Mr. Barron, to employ two or more men learned in law, to appear before the Supreme Court of the s»afo toargno in behalf of the State the canscs wow ’’"•fl""' b"fore the Court, and which are bound to test the constitutionality of the Tennessee franchise. Only four members. Cairigan, Frasier, Daweoa and Tbompsou, voted DO. The Honse adopted the report of tbo Select Committee, to whom the chargee against Judge Frazer had been referred last session. The re port favored bis Impeachment and was accom panied by tbe articles. Vote, 43 in favor of adop tion to 23 against. 'ibis case is likely to be one ol ibe mot* interesting ever tried In tbis country, and Ha result will doubtless be a deadly blow at tbe reaction which has taken refuge m a por tion of tbe Judiciary of Tennessee, as well as in tbe Supreme Court of the United States. The bill to strike the word white from the franchise law will come np on a second reading in tbe House to-morrow, and will probably ob tain the vote of every Union man In that body. KANSAS. t? pedal Despatch to tbe Chicago Trtbune.l Topeka, January 33. SENATE. The Senate passed bills to provide for tbe tran scribing of certain records of Jackson Comity: an act to amend an act In relation to the removal ard location of conmy seats; an act declaring section liner in Nemaha founty highways. An animated discussion arose as to whether the State should pay a bounty to encourage the grow inc of hedge fcccca. The bill finally pissed to a (Mrd reading HOUSE. In the House several local bins were parsed, but mosiof the Umo was spout in Committee ol the Whole. Petitions nre coniine In rapidly, asking for the woid ‘•white” to be stricken oat of the State Con- Mltminn. A resolution to mat effect has bc-*n made the special order several times and postpon ed. it comes np again on Thursday as the special order, ana will probably pa»e. Torisi, January SO.—The proposition before (he l.eclslatnro to apDronrl*toslOi»,liOCl to continue the work on tbe caplto] building will probably be defeated, because the walls cow conalmcted are crumbling to pieces. massovni. Sr. Lorra, January 29.—The Democrat's To-eka special »aya i bill wns introduced ialhanon»«*o da; ponding for tho assnmp'lon by toe state of claims growing out of Price's raid daring tbe *?var. Tbo noise defeated tho resolution asking Cou rreep to rive land to establish a Freedmen’a Uni* ven-ItT on ground that they ban free accea* to all schools and nnlvenitics Toe proposition, ? o emended as to allow negroes to vote, was dis cussed, bm ro action taken. It is aatd this measure works against a majority In the Legists mro. ALABinA. MoNrooanivr, January 29 —Both Tlonsea are etmcstly discussing the Constitutional Amend- A test vote has been taken, which seems to indi cate that Mobile will soon be the capital of Ala bama. ' FRO2I CANADA. Fonlnu Trial* Uwiimed-Two Ollier I Prisoner* Acquitted—ouo a Pnrtlcl- I pant In Ibe Capture of JJoolli—General I Trade of Canada—Tbe Confederate I Sclrrine Sanctioned hr the Home I O-Tcrnmcut—Prince Alfred to be ibe j First Governor. I Imperial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] 1

Tono.vro, 0. IT., Janoary29. Ibo first prisoner placed on trial this morning was John Grace. Since his incarceration he has received $1,600 as bis share of the reward offered for the capturing of John Wilkes Booth. Awl t.css called Dagger proved that ho saw him on tV 2d of June at Fort Erie with a rlilc, and that | he -poke like a Fenian. Two other witnesses j were examined, but their evidence was of no ] weight. For the defence, an aT6i was proved that he was I in Buffalo at the time U was stated bo was seen in ■ Fort Ere. Ihe Jury found a verdict of not guilty. John Conner, another prisoner, was acquitted, tbe evidence for the Crown not sustaining ibe prosecution. „ . > „ , Toronto, January 29.—The Board of Trade an- I nnal report sia'cs that the general trade has been I In a flourishing cond : tlon during the past year, I notwithstanulrc the abrogation of the Reciprocity I Treaty; but Ibe Canadian lake shipping suftered 1 seriously In consequence of being proniui led from I carrying of American freight from one Amcrlcsa I pott to another bv transhipment over one railroad, 1 as permitted under the Reciprocity Treaty. Copse -1 qn> ntly many Canadian vessels became American I by changing tfieir register. . „ Nsw Youk, January 29,—The UtrsUCs Ottawa I (C. E.) special says: “Information has been re- I ceivrd In Canada from the Colonial Secretary I that the Confederation scheme, nuder the Quebec I conditions, baa been sanctioned by the Home I Government, and tho bill will be introduced ss a I Government measure at tbe next sitting of Par ( Haaent. . „ „ . I “Piitcc Alfred will be the first Governor and J Royal Viccioy.” FROM 3IATUSOX. Three BailiUus* Burned—Xlxe Wen til- er, Ac. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] .Maduos, JdQoary 29. Three tame building* on Fickney street, near the American House, were destroyed by fire last nipM. One was owned by Dr. C. B. Chapmac, ano occoplcd ns a grocery and residence by Cap tain J. W. Talford; the other was owned by James Draper and occnpied as a meat market. Another building was occupied by Charles A. Gawks, as a tailor shop and Singer's Sewing 'Machine depot, bos. about ti, 1 OQ. with about $3,500 insurance. l*be Methodist Church was on fire two or three , times, end, with other buildings, was In great dan- I ger, ana was only saved by the strenuous exer- I lions o( the firemen, aided by .the new steam I engine. ihe weather 1 < quite cold, and the mercury waa 12° below zero this morning, zero at noon, and S° I above at am down. FKO3I ST. LOUIS. A Free Fight with a Fatal Bcsult— Conservative Complaint In Relation to Lafayette County—Fred# Dougina* ntver natter*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis. January 23. A fracas occurred in Mannovellc, Carroll County, ou Saturday, between the citizens and eight monn*ed wen, wearing United Slates army coats. Ihey belonged to Jackson County, and bating Indulged freely in whiskey, had a free Hcbt. One ol the men was killed. Ibe Conservatives are still complaining of the treatment ol the people of iotayette County by ibe mdltia men at present stationed there. Fred. Donglass lectures hero on Thursday ♦ivinlog. _ The Ice gorge bolds last at St, Marys. The weather Is cola, but there ts no ice fronting thj city. FBOH CAIRO. Arrival of Colored Troops—Heavy Snow Storm. ISpcciol Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. Canto, HU January 29. The One Hundred and Sixteenth United Stales Colored Infantry has arrived from New Orleans, en route for l.onlsTille. It fca« been snowing ibronghont the day, and is commg down very heavy this evening. Ther mometer, twenty-two degrees at 9 p, m. FROM ST. PAUL. Election of Officer* of itie Sew Cham ber of Commerce—A Would be in or der* rln Frisco—A Woman’s Frailty— Her Husband’s Attempted Kevenge. [ Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Pact, January S 9. The Board of Directors elected officers of the Chamber of Commerce Isat evening. They are: Presidei I, J. C. Borbank ; Ylce-Pre*idciits, Hor ace Thompson and H. M. Rice; theTreuurer, Wm. naw>cn, wa» not elected, but an adjourned meeting win be held to-moi row for that purpose. Lastnlght was the coldest of the season, the tcniometer registering thirty-three degrees be low aero. J. G. A. Ward, formerly connected with the i office, and the beet known man In thl* city, is In jail for attempting to kill hw wife and trern down hU home. An attack of dfltrlum trtment «as the cause. 'tbe Litchfield cooper. arrested for attempting to abool R. Warner, aocaoneer merchant, for crim- inal connection wltn the wife ot the former. Litchfield alleges that Warner promised to let hi wife sione di rng bi« aoaeace, which premise he broke. Dcnce the Becerelty for a revolver. MEXICO. Evaensilnn of ilie Capital tolisTe been Cv mpleted by tho 29th Host.—Ucporteri Sluideroftbetmud Stale* Consul at nnz&ilaii) and Bombardment of tne TownhyaCnlbd State* Guaboak- New Osuaas, January 20, tla New Tonic.— \**7 t-rua dates of tbe 2Ud are reertred. Tbe French frigate Riccoon left Vera Crux on the Slat, with I.2U' AueMan Intantry. Iho evacuation of the City of Mexico would be completed by the S&h Inst Marshal Btzaine had Issued a proclamation to the supeimtendent of railroads to arrange to transport 2,C00 troops per day. De bad also le aned an order elating that ho Lad arranged trans portation lor aR panics to Prance free of cost. Ihe United Btalcs gunboat Toboma was el Vera Crux. Nxw 1 onx, January 29.—The He raid's Mexican advices byway of New Orleans, dated the3Uh, «tatc that a French newspaper In the City of Mex ico say* that ibe Mexican authorities at Macallan bad executed Mr. Carina?, the United States Con »nl ai that place; anon which the Untied States gonlioat which was lying n«*ar at hand, bad bom ba:d,d the tuwn for eight boors. THE SODTH. Political Reaction Reported— Lottery Scheme for the Relief of tVldows anfi Orphans—Delay tn tne BiecUon of CuDCßmmcn an 'l’ninr—ee. Nxw Yowl, January 20—The fltralcC* cones potidenca from the principal cities in the South in dlcate a genctal reaction, politically, among the Sou hern p-opie. One o' the means In use among the Virginians to alleviate the tutfctlngs of the widows and or phans w a huge lottery or “gift enterprise.” Amjnc the gifts which U Is proposed to give away fa the re* id* nee of Jeff. Daria, in Richmond, now In posfe*>6lon ot the Government. United Slates Senator Campbell, from South Carolina, defended Horace Greeter, the negro lately convicted of tfie murder of B. S. Khctt.' From Nashville the Indications are that no ac tion lor Representatives will be held in Umc lor Fortieth Ccnpiee* Governor Browtttaw will wajt nr til August before be rrders au election, losing, if necessary, ah representation In the that session so that be may take advantage of the colored vote, which u seems certain win he legalized la Tennes see In the coming tpring. FROM >’EIV YORK. Death of the Well Known yinjor Jack Downing—DerllnMn Slilp Bnlldlng- Plrnt Shad of the Seiiaon. and What They Sold Dor—Tho Clovrc Line ol Steamer* to Remutc ihelr Trips—Dc chtoß In a I'evcnuc Salt. New orE, January 23.—Charles Augustus Davis, the "‘Jack Downing,” died Saturday ulcht, aped «eventy-lwo. bbip building here 1« almost ent're’y suspended. The Qrst abac of (be season, from Savannah, sold at six dollars per pair. New Youk. January 20.—The American Havre Steamship Lino Is to be resumed on the IC:n of May, and will be composed of the Aiago, Fulton, Mcnmiac and .Mississippi. A cate involving iLc payment of forty cents per gallon, in addition to a revenue doty of ote dol lar. on imported gin, has been decided by the United States Circuit Court In tavor or the Gov ernment. FROM CINCINNATI. Loses by- Business Failures— Saw mill Horned. Cikcikxati, Janaary 23.—8 y the failure of Noah Wilson & Co.’s banting house, In New York, ll is said that David Gibson & Co., of this city, lose ?1,C00,0C0. The amount lost by Individual depositors, by .the suspension, yesterday, of Glass & Co., bank ers. will not exceed f 10,000. Tbe steam saw and planing mill and inrairr yard of Slroyer, Stafford & co., at Urhana, Ohio, was discovert dto he on fire Saturday, and was totally consumed, with a loss ol f 12,000 to stf,o(M, and with no Insurance. Tbe w< aiber continues very cold, add navlga lon ts suspended. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Cnincemrnl Attempt to Capture Taro California Steamer*—The Buccaneer* Captured and Their Vewcl Totten from Them. Saw Phas cisco, January SO.—An attempt to capture the stcameis Panama and Continental on Cape St, Lucas by Culonrl Dnrtols, n Liberal officer, was frustrated tty the energetic action of the commander of tbe UuLed States steamer Swance, who boarded the steamer Colvin, pm Daituls and party ashore, and sent the vessel nsek to Maxatlsn. It is not believed here that Cartels has regular antborlty from (ne Govern ment of Mexico to warrant such enterprises. A Sbowerof Forced Check*. PniLA-PHTBia, January 39.—ThU moraine -cvcrol forced (LOCO checks were offered to dll ft-ffTitbanks in this city, and the forgeries being well executed the checks were paid without sus picion. A check was forced ou J. P. Doyd for ci.psfl. and another on J..T. banner for 8955. Sim ultaneous efforts were made to victimize every bank la the city. Attempt to iluru a Vbarch Bdl(lc(,| Davenport, lows, Jnnaary 2y.—The I.cclare Room adjoining Ihe Concrccatlonal church lu «hlsclty*«s (tied by an incendiary, about nine i/cicck last night. The dames were soon ex* tlngtuthcd. Low* several hundred dollars. The piopwty mw Insured. hew Orleans Item*. New Orleans (do Now York). January 29. The schooner Elizabeth, (he fl-et vessel of the Venezuelan Emigration Company, sailed tab* cvcmrs with fifty emigrants. The House Is diseasing the question of calling a State Convention. Supposed Accomplice In tbe Lord Bond Bobbery. Albany. New York, Jsnnary 29.—A man named John Rnnd wss arrested here to-day on charge of concern in ibo Lord hot.d robbery In New York, and taken there for examination. Minting Tournament. Prrrynrnon, January 29 —At the great National bkntirg Tournament to-day, at t v .e Central Park, Miss Gertie Frothingbam, of Rochester, N. Y., won tbe first prize and champion medal. A Woollen ITIIII Burned— Lomu 873)000. 'WATEnnUKT. Connecticut. Jammy 29 —Lewis’ weoJJvu and satinet mill, in Naugatuck, wa? bunu-rt last night. Lo#-, |TS,OOO, with a partial insurance. V beeline: Plmiiclnal Kl»*ctlon, If TTEELtNo, W. Vp., January 2L—At the munic ipal elve lon yesterday, the Democratic ticket, wi:h the execution of Irvastifcr,was elected by a decreased majority. Snow Storm at Oswego, Oewxco, January 2").—Tberts is a blinding mow storm t- is forcroon, tnd railroad commumciUoa Is entirely suspended. Carrot'd. Bcstok, January SO.—A man named Milton was carroied and robbed by three men of ceaiiy (CCU last night. Milcldc. Borrow. January 42.—Mrs D. J. Whitlni com* milted suicide yesterday, at her retldencc in East Boston. THE KASSAS CITY ASD CA3IEBOX RiILUOAD. Chicago Crcatly Intereotcd in It* Early Completion. Gixevjl, 111, January 23, To Itc Ec'itor of the Chicago Tribune: I notice by reference to your columns tha your citizens are waking up to their inter* tits, and considering the propriety of extending material aid to the “ Cameron Road,” -whose completion trill materially enhance the trade and business of your city. The investment in bonds of Kansas City is safe, and a good one for capitalists, aside from any other consideration. Bat when we consider the vast region of country lying south and west of Kansas City, a large share of whoso trade Chicago will secure through this channel in the future, the cost Is insignificant compared with the advan tages gained. Chicago has distanced her great rival, St. Louis, ard defied competition by the energy she has displayed In extend* ihg her various lines of railroad into the heart of the great agricdltural empire lying to the west and northwest. But while she gained large advantages over St. Louis dur ing the war, and it seemed that the energies ofner rival were to be paralyzed by military affairs, tbc return of peace has dispelled tbe illusion, and her old rival Is now bney posh* ingoulher railway lines luto the heart ol lowa and Kansas, to scenro tbc trade which >our city should continue to enjoy. Up to the present time, Chicago has done compar atively nothing to secure the trade of Kansas and the great region of country lying south and west of that young and vigorous State. Having spent most of the last ten years io Southeastern Kansas, and being famlliir with Us topography, geography and agricultural resources, as well as of tbe country to (he south and west. 1 feel at liberty to call the attention of your cUiztns to the future trade of that section, which will be controlled by them or St. Louis. Prom Kansas City south, to the northern 'boundary of Texas, lies one ot the fluesi re gions of agricultural lands upon the conti nent. The climate is mild and beautiful, pe culiarly adapted to stock and fruit raising, while tbc tame grasses and small and coaree grains arc yielded In abundance. Thin t section. Iving, as It docs, between the thirty-fourth and thirty ninth degrees of. north latitude, possesses a Warm, congenial climate, where the rigors of our Northern winters are never felt, and where the farmer will receive a surer reward for his labors than in any other portion of the Union. The surface of*the country is rolling and undu lating. There arc no sloughs, or pools of standing water, as found in Illinois, the undulating snrlhce cansing complete dialnagc into the various streams which empty Into the Missouri, or flow on to tnc Gulf.* The soil is of the richest character, requiring none of the various manures or composts made use of In the Northern and Ni-rtbi astern Spates to secure a full return tor the labor expended. It Is h*altby. Coal Is abundant, Lead, oh and salt ore found In abundance In many localities. That portion ol this sec i tion lying within tbe boundaries of Kansas I js already well settled, and occupied by a vigorous", energetic, and intelligent popula tion. Tint lying within tl»c Indian, or Cher- oktc Katioa, Is but sparsely and thln>y set tled ; but will soon be opened up for settle ment by Cousrcsa, whose policy embodies tho popular wRI upon the extinction of all India o tula to lands capable of occupation by the while race. With this section orconu iry densely populated,aaltaoon will he, who can compute the vulwe of Us trade and com merce, or the wealth which Is to How into the coffers of those who control it? - A Hue of railroad traversing this vast a< cllon la already nnder contract from Kansas City to Fort Scott, a distance of one hundred Rules, and, when completed to its destination, will loin the waters of tho Mis souri and the Guff in Iron hands forever. Along the line of this road are already fraud many thriving and enterprising towns InKatsaa. In the counties of Johnson, Mi ami, Lino, and Bourbon, It passes through their several county eeats, as fodows: OJaJbe, Paolo, Monad City, and Fort Scott. At the three latter points are found oil in dications of tbe most favorable.character, and sufficient to warrant the organization of a company at each place to test the presence of oil in paying quantities. Bat a few miles cast of Mound City, in Linn Connty,are found tbe finest .specimens of lead ore, scattered over the surface of the country bordering on Mine Creek, and clear evidences that a pay ing vein has once been worked here, by the French or others. Ccat Is found In abund ance in this county, which is also well tim bered atd watered, Fort Scott Is already a town of some three thousand population, and doing a heavy trade and business. It is surrounded by one of the finest agricuUnral districts in the State, In its vicinity arc found inexhaustible quarries of marble of rare beauty and excellence, surpassing tbe Potomac and Tennessee marble, and equal. l‘ng lb« of Egyptian. Coal of a superior quality to any yet found in Kansas is found in tbe vicinity of Fort Scott. This is already an article of commerce, and Is largely used in Leavenworth City, at a of one hundred and thirty miles, where it is hauled in wagons. The popula tion of Fort Scott is proverbial for Its energy and go-ahead spirit, and. a- a commercial bnsinc&s centre, it will, -when the rail, road reaches it, have no equal south of the Kansas River. But, leaving ibis section of country, whoso wealth and natural resources are cxhaustless, we find upon tbe west. New Mexico and Arirona, tbe trade of which is a prize worthy to be secured by the “Queen City of the Lakes. 1 ’ This can bo accomplished by a brunch road extending from a suitable point on tbe Kansas Clty’cs Fort Scott Road to Santa Fc, the capital of New Mexico. This santa Fc trade has built up St. Louis. Jef •ervonClty, Lexington, Bonneville, Kansas City, Westport, and a good portion of Leav enworth City, In Kansas. If this is the result, while that trade Is in its Infancy, what will be the value of that commerce when grown to full proportions, ‘and when those thinly settled Territories are densely populated Slates, pouring into the greafroomwercfal centres their cxhaustless treasures of agricultural nrodnets and precious metals. Through the “Cameron Road” a majoritv of this vast trade can he I»ndcd at the docks of Chicago, where the white wings of commerce compete with tbe many railways for Its transit to tbe East. Let no time be lost in striking hands with Kansas City upon this proposition. The com. plction of this road, with Us connections which I have pointed out, jfonLt St. Louis, and secures to your merchants a trade of vi tal importance In the future. A. D. lItJNAIYAYS, A Concatenation of Accidents. Two serious accidents occurred yesterday after noon. in consequence of runaway horses with cm ters. Tbe particulars, as far as they have been ascertained, were about as folio *s: Ibe first occurred about half-put three o’clock. A hoise driven by Dr. I’etersou, re.-ldiug on Mil waukee avenue, being driven near tbe corner of Luke and State streets, was suodeuly upie . throning the Doctor and bis lady Into the street; tho horse dashed swiftly up 1-akc street. : At Clark street the animal struck against a woman •‘■mod Caroline AI inner, residing at No. 314 State street, who had a child In her arm«, and tberwero struck to the earth, the horse continuing on his n ay. Officer O'Donncl picked tbe woman np, she being In an insensible condition, the child strange ly escal Ice without injury, Sirs. illsner was considerably braised, but no bones were broken, -bevvea conveyed to ber residence with another •Icigh. The runaway hors* and cutter was after wards recovered, hut we»e somewhat damaged. Bctwern tour and five o’clock a young and spirited horse attached to a light sleigh was being driven down Clark street by S. L. Underwood, of No. 08 LaSalle street, when the animal suddenly took fright at some object, and lumping quickly to one side upset the cutter In a twinkling, at the comer of ilonroo street, and ran madly down Clark. An accident of some sort was inevitable, as sleighs, wagons, and vehicles of every other description were crowding the thoroughfare. The horse came mildly on, seeking only a clear path for himself, tbe light vehicle bounding from one side to the other, and always wrong aide np. until when It reached the cast side of the street, a few doors from the corner of Washington, it col lided with a back that was standing near the curb stone. Almost as suddenly as Ilshtnlm; the right *idc of the emter was shivered to fragments, the hotsctfiH pushing oo with the largest portion of ibe box, (bo broken tblUs and the left runner. The alarming crl-s which rune .dorg tbe noisy street were all, perhaps, that prevented a latal accident to one or more ot ’he many loot passengers who aro constantly ctosslm? Clarß at Its intersection with Washington rlu-clatt* at hour of ibo dny, No foot traveller was hut t, but Brother bnrteaud sleigh, being driv en bv two ladies down Wsshington street. was less loilnnotc. A second collision occurred, the ladies were thrown vloh-ntiy to the ground, and the -leigh was badly broken. This staricd a new rnn awav, but tho herso was quickly secured, after mating knocked only one man down. tbe Indies were at once taken into the drag •lore at the eonth*asl corner ol Clark and'Vash* ington sheets, and physician# were immediately -ummoned. One of the la*U<*s. whoso nano -v-w i.ot ascertained, escaped witUbnta tewb also, hut the other. Mrs. Faruhara. residing with her biotbor (a gentleman named B.nnctt), on Michl • an uvet in-, suffered severely from a dislocation .1 ibe shoulder. In.tne course of half an honr te was sufficiently recovered to ride In a sleigh to her residence, and it is believed that her njmles were not of a mo-o ee-roas character ihac wc have mentioned. Tb; horse wh.cb cau*ed his Esd aciidcnt continued on bts way, a fell de •SToycrto everything with which ho cimc into contact. Near Randolph street some brave M low attempt* q to stop him. bat was only rewarded for his trouble by being dragged ten ortwentv va*ds at imminent hazard to life and limb, and finally lelt in a ptomUcnons pile with the rem-. laid of tbe eleipb nearly in front of the imnfjJE office Tbe horse, now dlsen cnnibetcd of all running gear but his harness. ►p«d rapidly on, and when last seen his tall was waving acSance to the South Side as ho disap peared bevond the bridge on North Clark street. The tack that the sleigh run into was not moved roin its tracks, but one or two springs were r.ioken and the body was rnpeh damaged. The pecuniary loss by this accident was probably not vjs than’ VHM). A Seif-Juatlllcatlon, Tbo following letter was banded in yesterday Mththe request to publish. Tbo writer *aa told that tis communication might be much amended, hut be Inflection it that it wad jn*t light. We prim it verbatim *t {Renton; Mr IMltcr.s ol ihe Tribane of Jan -23 I notice an ar leal tcamd An unkind Parent which I claim to be no nnjnft artical 1 shni have to claim a space in v,.cr ihbne to set fourth ibis young —’s waiks sli’ce the first of Aug. last be marred trom the country where he had bln lotteries his lim away and when be feme back 1 told him that I was In close sdrcntnstar.ces and that he would have to helpo me along as I was and bad bin work ing on my Insertion all the season and my time was gone aed that I would not b* nnr harder on him than to Jnst live alone he e<n | n place at J 5.00 per week which 1 had told him that 1 would board him lor three fifty per week be bad work for three wetke and then be was ont of emloy til *cpt be got work again for about ten days and th< n be was ont of work for some time r.rd then be pot emplyment at the VaneatJes 'theater for about two weeKt* and was discharged and the Propiictor claiming damaae to the nmoont of tin) for bis reciiesenc-a he laid round for some time and weonl on to t*e Pittsburg &nd Portwane R. K. os news b*-y and package man in whtcb be ran Tor about two week, and then aftrn a week ortho he claimed to be empsyed at the Merchants uuon express Co as a driver at S3J per month he "aslorgm romid (bare until I claimed that U was about lime that he was bringing some of Ms* wagu arocend and to my os* l °l muedibathe hadrerarblnrmpoyedtharc then he laid mono and worked a day or t oor ihrae at a time for the Sir I*aolee:er,s dnrcingtcam which be aproprlab d al to bit own use but one fomih of a cord ot wood i 3 the he struck the pro* oiiecf work at the Mar and Crcsant Mills, and alter t« o or three weeks, he went to work fhare at *5 per week which he did not pay one scent to wards his board 1 bad from time to time wanted aim to Jearoas tbare was no prospect and that I ncld rather he wold find fine other place-onaard ■\bich hf-and his brother remonstrated against by his brother prttniceii'g to pay his boaid. some tour or five times during the tail and winter until his hi? had run np io *sixty that he owed mu and •be oddest brother denied bis promtee to pay .-bleb 1 »c was brining me down to inik for Justice and aa his Moihcr said that I •’Ot a hold ot Use, stick of etov-* wood I rar I did not hare it ’ii my hat-d end alter I returned home after the uial 1 spoke to her about it and aba said I had I tld ihc rdlscman so in the rooming 1 thou bt 1 would tel ft .o the conn as I told It to him And a? for the old • ft brother I wta boarding him at ibcsamane as •be oiber al J 550 per week and rcoSadtbe house Irtra the man that he wortco for aud be Is crated with it a) ctcry time hr told me that he oati paid ■he rent 1 did not watt to board them aial bat the mother insisted that i should ••o I moved io li.atbonecJnst fortboir acomldation I notbati am in • bon clrcumsracceses but *UI I can give an acounl of myself a’.d can show a rcord of tho’S iwo tmys aid If others wll nolle them a lltlc thay wllse fer themselves So now Mr Editor I could write a whole co»m tntlwilnot woryyonr patlcnc wi*b any mare at presant yoore G VT IfvKitaX The Mate Prison at Joliet. To the Editor ot the Chicago iTihucc Ttls instttuttcn, of great magnitude and capaci ty, undertaken aud complttrd on a scale sup posed u> be commensurate with the needs nod re quirrmtnts of the great Slate of Illinois. Out even at»bia«arly day, complaints are made that Its rooms ate overcrowded and Its capacity over used. there being over one thousand ortsonera confined will) In ti a walls, and more coming every day. There 1-* a remedy for this state ofaflalra— at once simple and enecive—and that is to raise the star tiara of value, which, under the pre-col laws, constitutes ihvc-imo of grand larceny. In stead of a thett of flvetdoilars, making grand larceny, let It be made twenty-five, and tbenjtbe counties would be compelled to ta*e care of and pnclsh their own petty criminals, it Is elmplr an absurdity to consign every little thief ted vaga bond who steals to the value of fire dollars to the bta’e Prison tor one, two, or more years. It neither docs the community or the prisoner any good. The certainly of punishment following a mime Is more cfllcacious In the prevention of It man ascvrUy, and then la no reason that I know of to warrant the punishment of that which In all the other States is merely petit larceny,by a con signment to the State Prison. If some member of the present Legislature will take hold of this mat ter. he can efleet a great reform; and 1 call the at tention of our energetic member torn Cook, Mr. teavitt, to the subject. Yours truly, Qxo. A. Siterator, J«. NUMBER 236. Skiltlus BALLOON ASCE AND G DISPLAY OF OESl^T'jL'arS. MANAGER &l)e Statins Season. SEATING TOURNAMENT I TO BIT HELD AT THE Washington Skating Park, Chicago, Mondnj and Tuesday, Feb. II ft IS, ’67. ThtcnUlTsUonot the healthful and charming ainajo msnt of Skating having become an object of as much tmportarce and Interest, to many, as the cultivation of the fluer arts, the Managers of the Washington Skating Park, Chicago, Offer to the Skaters of America the onlermenttoned liberal prixes, to bo awarded to ihe Skaters who shall be (elected by the Judges aa betas bot entitled to them, 'or GRACE and SKILL displayed at the contest an nounced as shove. mow DAY, FSB. 11th. FIRST DAT. CONTEST FOB. LADIES. Opes to a'l the Lady Skate:* la Anti lea. Tint Prize. Gold Watch. valued at 8300>00 tor tb*t amount la cash.) SecondPrlze, Gold Watch, valued at 100*00 (Or Uut amount in cam) CONTEST FOR BOTSt Open to Boys nnder fourteen years of age. First Frtre, Cash... Second pme.Cosn. TUSODA7) rDQ. X2th« SECOND DAT. CONTENT FOR GENTLEMEN, Open to all the Gentlemen Skaters In America. TlKt Pr(t<% Cash 8100.00 Second Prize. Cash; 300.00 Five entries to secure an award. CONTEST FOR dIIsSBS Open to Young Ladles under lourteen years of age. First Prize, Cash.., Second Prize, Cash. Tt e contest will begin on each day at 2 p> m. Fire Jodtcs of undoubted Integrity and ahitty will be so left, dto decide on the m< rlts of the contestants. The Washington Skating Park embraces five acret ot ice, and on the occasion of the Tournament will be appro* prlately decorated, presenting to the spectator a scene of grandeur seldom equalled in this country. Ar* raigmrnta have been made to accommodate all those who any desire to attend the Tournament, and parties hom the neighboring towns and cities will find a vitit to Chicago and the Park, on the aboye dates, well worth the trouble, In addition to the above attraction., tod In order to couplet. the.nccesoot the Tournament, the acrrlcei of the celebrated Great Western Light Guard Band, Kurt boring twenty Instrument*, brass snd reed, node the leadership of toe talented HEKR A. J. VA AS, wil he present during both days of the Tournament, *n< add the charm of music to tne excitement of the con lest. In case of Increment weather, the Jfsaagerf reserve the right to postpone the Tournament until the first favorable weather. No postpanement will bo made, however, rsuess adsolctsli kecbssact. Owing to the Immense expense dsvovlng upon the management la a Tournament of this magnitude, it has been decided to uup'nd the privilege, of Season Tickets on the days of the Tournament, and make a uniform charge of FIFTY CENTS FOR ADMISSION. ladles and gentlemen dealring to enter their names (or any of the above contests are requested to apply at thePaikOffice,or,lfiromabroad, address, by latter, “MANAGEMENT WASHINGTON SKATING PARE, corner West Randolph and Sheldon-su., Chicago, III” ■yyEsT bide rink. THIS EVETSTHSTGL IBIS KVKNING, BENEFIT OF GEORGE LAFAYETTE, Tbe graceful and aceompUsbol skater. The beat skaters in tho city wilt be present. X'wxXl Band of Music. This U the last chance the Wen aiders wilt have of wimmlng'hlibcanllfulJkater, as hj leaves far the Km*t this week. Como early, and give him a good bouse. «* yyABASH-AV. RIKK. OPEN ALL DAY AND EVENING. A GRASD EXHIBITION OP SKATING wm take place To-Morrow Evening, when Messrs. krenco, knights, pkatt, willard. good- MCH. CURTIS and I-ORD compete fbr the three splen did Geld Medals and tbs Championship of the North- ‘ The Medals are on exhibition at Kinsley’s. Jplngfj linbes gLEIGH ROBES. SLEIGH ROBES AT cost: ARCTIC WHITE FOX, xvsriKris:, Gll Y WOLF, CIVET , OPOSSUM AND BUFFALO ROBES, BY J. A. SMITH & CO. jFot gale Bricklayers and Brick Users, ahd capitalists generally. Wc have for sals the Falest, for the Stale of Illinois, for the renowned Gregg’s. Excelsior Brick Machine. Aa eienaut model et this wonderftil Machine Is now oncxhimoninouroffice. and we Invite those Inte rested v> coac and inspect the same, la ItlUoelfbla, I’mabnrch and Richmond, three Machines ate now In very fall andancccssful operation, and bricks made by them c*u now be keen at 'tir office. We d»sire to f-rmaCozpat>y to boy the Patent lor the State, and to engage In the manufacture cf bride In Chicago. This Is the only Machine In operation, cat utictuilni daily all qualities of Brick. It D proposed that a tellable Commutes cf the par chucrs, btlore closing the trade, should visit Pitts burgh ano Philadelphia, abd inspect the Machine and tUcperaUcn*. kerfouT A 00. Beal Estate Broker*. 71 Drarpom-st. JOKTGA.GE frAJLE. oesoW, at pubhe auction. FEBROAKY 1, 1567, as ll a. the stock and txtairs ol the Oyster Bay Restaurant, No. Itil Dearborc-st. Scales. J^ilß- BANKS’ J¥s=- STANDARD jH s OF ALL SIZES. r.UKBASKS, GREESLEAF & CO., 226 fit 228 X.ako-st«, Chicago, 111. Eburattanal. PERSONS DESIRING INSTRUC TION IN THE English Branches, or in French, Teheibfr beslm-er* cr m re advanced pupils, may ob ‘^G^BOltrlS.CMcwP.O. VOKTHTVESTERN female col x\ LEGE. ILU. «»■“ .^asgs^S 00 of , w: °’ l Ft ft eta additional boarder* caa be accoataoiUtcJ, Aptly .con, to BCOEI.E. A. M. Eamps. DW.KICKI3HSON, Wholesale Dealer • in the laieatandnottaoproredstyleoC s&rs7S'-t > AoitaD z.abip3, Laoirroh Danen find wicks adapted to ihellae ol E.reirlcßnrnlnjr PlttiO, Or sty of the Lighter Product* from Petrolecm. A liberal dl*connt made to agents. Order* t>j mail I, 'k££'£ execatca ' “ d Acar<ft * La Porte, lad. Box 603. Masonic Notices. "Vf ASOXIC —A Spcdal Convocation ot IVI CorlnUUan Cnapter, No. O, li. A. M_ wilt be 6eWin Kilwinning HUL corner cf North Dei; born (WbDSEhDAY) EVENING, Jaa. jMl».iS«l,at'J*o , , r WorkonP. M. *sd iL E. WSSS* EenrTT^pubFgg.^^ Tyr a, R R ITT ft COJ-GHLIH, 1 IKSIANirOUI, IH9UM nitAi.gKS m COTTON AND' WOOLLEN MACHINERY, AndTTooUen Factor? Fladlags. Nbw Factories tarnished with Machinery, Shafttn*, Engines, rises, specifications. saptrlnteaaante aaa experienced workmen. roll cards Alwayeoabsad. COTTON TTAHPB ft CAED CLOTHDie ot ail team. %3T Second-hand Machinery on hnui, fo? —t« Seating Datfts. NSION TO-NIGHT FIREWORKS, Ala FAJEIEC. ! S’ BENEFIT. ?3aiCHtß, 3L.Z<Or2ES r :I?! HJXSFBLD’S HSSSFIEID’S SISSFIEID’S LIGHT I LIGHT! LIGHT! Any man who wishes to invest one dollar where &« can safely calculate no t-n In W days. let him call at Boon. it. 80. 19 LaSalle »t.. and see M ANSPIELIT3 NON'-E.TI’LOSIVE COMMERCIAL Ofu tneoaly ihln* of the kind patented In loe Unltcd states. Can be mao* nfhetured ty any one tor cvnia per aod'li tu* erlorto Sccsete In every reap-ct. This oil is destined very ter,a to make light tor the trillion. The W< steto States arc ail sold oat. The Territories and Sontl era states, and a few Eastern states, C?r sale at a bateUD.. This Oil Is now manufactured In Urge ouaaitlea at Milwaukee, and med extensively throughout Wucoa* tin and o'fccr States. pp'caU at one* ard be satisfied thuyou are not humbugged, anal( yen can see money la the article, lurctt, or tend stamp lor cimcar. ,D. MANSFIELD * CO.. Room 11. No. 17 La-alKnu Cuteaeo. rjAaD’s PATENT BBIGK tViaCHINXL Office and maonzaetory 53 South JeltersoMt. fa Infcnnatloa and descrlpure circular address R. B. OAILD, 53 Snath tmusge. ixctuohals. - BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, SUCCESSORS TO BOWI3N BROTHERS. WB BAV23 RSCnOVDD our stock or Ory Goods, Notions, Woollens AND CROCKERY 10 BOWEN'S BUILDING, 15, 17, 10 AXD 21 KjIXDOLPH-ST., Where we will be pleased to see our oM ft lends and the trad* generally. DdwEN. wnroiAx ± winslow. .8.10.00 . 30.00 .830.00 . 30.00 pianos. ■ECKERIEKOTHERS, No, 01 RLIECKER-ST., NEW YORK, TO THE PUBLIC. A carefbl and ofilrlsl search made at the United States Patent Office In Washington- ht« proved that no PATENT FOR AN IMPROVEMENT »X PIANO* FOhTES was ever grant*! by the Tn‘te-1 bta*« to anr person by tne name of Decker. EXCEPT TO THE MEMBfcRS Of the Arm of DECKEA BROTHERS, ot New Toik City. The public ar<% thrfetofe, repeatedly cautl< ned against bavins any Decker Patent Plano not having been manufactured by DECKER BROTHERS. No. 91 Bleccker-«t., New York, And not having on the ir-.n plate on the left band side, in raised it urn, the words. DECKkR BROTHERS* PATENT, JUNE. la(S. hotels. T HE RICHMOND HOUSE, CHICAGO. 02.50 FEH DAT. This House is located on the comer sf South Water* St, atd Michlgan-av* one block Dorn the rfaillngton 4 Quincy, nitnoU Central, and Michigan Central Rail* roads, whrre 1 shall be happy to §'e al< my firmer patrons, and as man) new ones as win favor me with a rail. With largely increased accommodation t, a house with ait the s ndem improvements, and orlce* reduced from to f i 50 per day, I hope u receive a itueral share ot public patronage. R. SOMERS, Proprietor, LATE OP CITY HOTEL.* atihcrUslng SLscnt jj. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. Wc arc pleased to anaoaace (bat we now have oar “Chain ot Agencies” ao perfected at NEW "YORK, CINCINNATI aid CHICAGO,thst we can have adver tisements, or toners of any kitd.ln#crfed la ary news paper In the Eastern. Middle, Southern or Wmt'ru States, at short notice and at low rates. Recoct Cea of all hevfpajx rs arc t»nl constantly at our office. for tne examination and canvcnlec co of Advertiser*. r*r- Ups desirous of having their INVENTIONS, WaRB OR MERCHANDISE ADVERTISED >n any aectlou ol the United State* or Canadas, will do well to cal! at onr office. whtv- any desired im.rtnailon will be given as (o thn circulation ot the papers, rafot. terms, Ac. Office, S 7 Dearborn-st., Room No. 11 (op stairs.) COOK, COBUICN Os CO., Newspaper Advertising Agent*. fElarStoare, Stotirs, Sec. J-JAUDIVARa * CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Labe-St. The attention cl close buyers is invited to cur com plete stock of I’OOPERS*, MACHINISTS’ atft CAR PENTERS’TOOLS AMERICAN TABLE CUTLERY and BUILDERS’ HARDWARE, direct trom the bekt manufiirtnrers. We effn. a’so, a complete assortment of WOSTENUtI.M’S POCKRI CUtLERT. SPEAR A JACKSON’S SAWS, JOSEPH RODGERS A SONS’ SCISSORS and RAZORS. STUBBS & ROTUERrS FILES. aIM SKATES and Straps cf "TTy description. W« aiwkfro constantly ns band fall nambenol SCHOKNBhIUiEIi’s JUNIATA NAILS. C. B. Heap. Edtv. ITagporr. S. Bstxryaix. agricultural Implements. PLOWS AND SULKY CULTIVA TORS—Sap»nor to nil others. First premium sw&rord at the arid trial over all cumpctitci* at the state Fairs ot lowa and Minnesota: a' (he State Fairs of llllool* and WpconMn. Accota wanted in every tiwn. Acdreas HAPtiOOD.YOUNG A CO- Manntacturers, »ncc*s*'r> tu Wm. u. Young a Co.. Chicago. liusincs? Carl's JJ HAXaOX & CO. coeusuqsiow szsacsd»ra For purchase and sale ol Country Produce, 107 South TVuter-et. QILBERT & FiELD, GiKEHAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, (Successors to Gilbert, Updike A Co^) 10 3 - \VasMnßion-st. CD AS. J. GILBERT. GSO.FIKLD Congigtimtntg. "pvUFFIELD’s I f CKI.EHUATED HAMS. New aid nlld cored, for sale m any quantity, and delivered In any part of trcclty, trom sonthcast cor ntref Hghteentnand Canal so. Ortiers received through the Post Office, or at J 2 corner Laae. pOTATOEb, F O TA T O IBS T CHOICE PEACH BLOW POTATOES, For salt in quantities to suit purchasers. BATES, STONE & CO., 151 Sooth Wator-rt. aiJHautca. pANYASaERS WANTED. V THBEE GOOD CABVASSESS "Wanted at 34 »t.d 35 McCormlca’J RoUdln?. comer Oearbcrnandßatdolfrb-au. Xooe bnl ten of experi ence ceed app'y- 3lci chants' Insurance Stock. C. B. GOODTE4R, •44 chamber of Commeice Balldlnr. Inquired (general ICotices, fJO RAILROAD CONTRACTORS. ■jyrrtt*. ctsctotati asd 1 UmXQTOX KULBOAD, > Locnmu. Jacuary 21st. ) In cotsecaence cf the mow. the time lor examining wot t on the teolsrlfle Breach at thU Road U extended artll February 15th, when the letting win take place, u previously advertised. JU-Sl _ JonSi Chid Engineer. QUODED OIL CAKE ia the omot Cheapest Feed in tlic Market VtrstcckottUtindi. Orders orom»UynilM lorcMli, Krswuoi BLATcITFOan * CO.. >o.7oSorthClUtoa-aU Stnttetrg, /T’jiJiTH. ESTKA CHANGE lor Extracting Teeth WlTß nnr v»ain bvthen*eorhltroas Gas. *"&«3 arti 7.’f eonth Ctvk-et, Cueifo. 3iew Teethmsertedtame day ** extnciM. r\K. J. O. If ABKSWORTH AflL. nQ extra charge lor Extracting Teeth withoot Pain*hr thenaeo* Nitron*Oxide Gas* whenartDdal o "ißßSSsu£.u gets of Teeth on BahOeri |tl JO. P-M* jpLAKTIC SLATE ROOFING. V TEST or nTE YsLAgs y* toiiiWM a. niAffloHtT Ot OB lltolll OTflT.fiTeiT tW S WW KSuIBUU&' £upu iwawrtwgd dope, from fiat to perpendicular. Cprertay tha_ wgate root without aesxn or joois. Noo-QC-Mta^OPto—tt te net tbe mesne of d*»tror*n9 yamr prpf*ety* *■» * protecting It. Noo-expans ire-beet nor cold, Ur bow tclcose, can compel It to expend err contract. nor even tieam, ran powfrate or dissolve it. Undeca Ting—time end the emansagasy mature aol perfect it. To sum up the whole aeOnr, liu Fire, Water, and Frost Proof, and U cAroper Uiea eoy olberjceodaenvlel, asd Matf Vn*n lie meat exp«nl re. The New York 7ViOu7MtSfpeeKt&coClt saysWe consider this invention Use gresitst Mon ot la* at*. The Farmer'! t'lub ot Q 9 American Institute pr»- ronwetno invention one of the moot to portent ever OUrxTereo. .or u e p«t y ear w e hare boon emtajred ta raopl7te« this material to u»e people ot fntnois and Wisconsin,, and ttom the many naUerfog lestlawatsls now oa Ole mSSSS3i«.‘“ 1 “■ was, to oat» ,n a” t-ai-ti, "ko !ut«mol law, Sr. K. M. Bator, D**nU»t. „ Mr.Chae.MonK Manufacturer Ftro Work* •*- - Mf.N.O.Wmiam«,of Webbcr.W.l'UmaAFlfi*- w Mr.J C.Klchards.oißlch.iras’lrotiWorttar^ l * • ‘ Mr. A. E. 9, CommUjloatr. ChamneUßi. Mr. WiUlsm Way and Ham. Jeflmoa, ilr.’Wtu. H’ Somers, Clerk Clr. Conn. Croana. Mr. W, J.Ermeotrout. Banker, *• Mesa. Dietrich ft Hoover. Merchants, Galesburg. Mtw. CandaAHinrklsT, Contractors, *• Bon. B.B.Latuencc,Jangßl!aor*e Court, ** Mm. Natbews A Wadsworth Mercn’ts. Jaekßoartlle. Mes». 11. B Beach ACo.andW.T.E Uoit, Utehllefd. Mr. R. M. Goddard, Paster, Lean^toa. • Mr. c. a. leitoce. To&a, QL Dr. U. Falaan, Moomlmrtoo, HI. ?lf. A. t. Welu. Richmond. 111. __ MfM.GnCUni hecre and J. Darla, Odin, 18. Mrs*. Derr? A Ci. and Ueo. W. ILbben, MOtin*,BL. Mr.L. A. Hail. Area. ID. Ur. c. 9. Beatb, McLean, 111. Mr. a. W. Croper and J a*. Moaher, Polo, DL. - Mr. A. OiDon. Raritan. 111. Mr. A. B. McCartney, Alton, HI. Met*. Beardiley A Ero„ pap<r Mia'r. Annua, B. Mraa. Jclmioo. Conn A Oro M MielOynue, IQ. Bon. C. 8. Reiser. Mouteilo. Wls. c 01. Charles Wolcott, Othtoan, Wis. ' Mr. James Hea, “ Meat. Hoattna, Wells A Kean, Lake Mills, Wla. Mess. Walker.Moneet A (Aty, Wlc. Meta.Taytors Robinson, Wanpna, Wls. Uon.TTenry Cordier, “ •• Meat. K.S.SU.R. Barr, Berlm. Wls. . M«>. A. Wmaiov . Mr. J. B. Qalosha, Banker. Monroe, Wta. Ur. Charles Sherman, Mint rat L’ol&trWlS* Memo Ncwbro. MUw.mee, Wls. Ur.«. H. Stmmonds, Oeoroaoaoe, Wls. Mr. K. C. Fanuworta. the-Ktjyan Falls, Wla. Wiacocun UsnaXhctnrlnc C Jtflbnon, Wls. ROOFING FELT, and also the new BHEATHISO FELT nsed tar linloebnlldlnKS, and COAL TAI2. eou» itahUy on hand at lowest market rates. Ctrcalara tent os appUcaUoc, ned for rlshtt. Apply to WHITACRB A UAFMOM)i OH Chicago, DL Jiob THIBUSE RAILROAD, COMMERCIAL k GENERAL PRINTING omcE, 61 Clark-st., Chicago. RAILROAD COMPANIES, INSURANCE COMPANIES, STOCK COMP ANTES, BANKERS, AND BUSINESS HKNT, CAN GET THEIR PRINTING PROMPTLY AND AT PRICES AS LOW Aa any Printing Haase in tho Northwest. at the TRMI JOB OFFICE, 51 Clark-st, Chicago. P OSTERS IN EVERY STYLE, Onr assortment ol Poorer Type Is the tars* eat and beat selected Mock In the city. COUPON AND LOCAL TICKETS. Wc are ore pared to AM orders for ett* secailvelr natnbered RAILROAD COUPON and LOCAL TICKETS, at NEW YORK KATES*. BOOK PRINT INS, Lnrre Fonts cf the Latest Styles of Bask Type, Qve Adams Kook Presses, and a Hydraulic Dry Press, enable as to excel la this Important branch ot Printing, 33 L -<a. TU" K. SI.. A fall assortment of Legal, Convey on dag* Pension and Bonnty Blanks, at TRIBUNE BOOK AiX» JOB OFFICE, 61 Clark-st M Chicago. JEJHinbobJ Glass. J -WILLARD FOX WINDOW GLASS. 2 0 3 ID.A.IKIE'ST. picture THE LUCKY NUMBER. Crosby’s Opera House Pictures, Framed la BUck Walnut, Gothic Moulding, and 3t other stvUs, lower thac they can be bonsai elsewhere in the West. We have maae ananuemeota with iha United States and American Express Campania* to deliver, free of charge, onr names and glu* eomslete, careful y bexed. to all puces on their Lines in Illinois, Wisconsin, MUtoari, Indiana, Michigan and lowa. All persons having these pictures should send their address and nsm* of picture, tod get oar terms. Orders tn this city prcmptly attended to. To perscnayetcalUied top(ctnre^-bysendingtuas orcerwe wtlt otta n and Insert them without extra charge. Cut this ont lor reference. 7. S. SHAW & CO n 1 SR Lake>st., Cbicngo* Goal. COAL. I wnrtcelTlDgUiis &Torlle Coal from the mlreaof tt *EEODES COAL CO., which I ofer at the lowest rate*, by tha car load, or a* retail. LEUir.n coal. LACKA W ASA COAL. PITT&TOX COAL. BLO£fBCUG COAL. BRIAR HILL COAL. EUIB COAL. WILLOW BANK COAL* Orcen promptly filled from tut yards : 7 SorQi Market iu 267 ArcUer-road, and corner Canal and VaaDuren-su. _ - .r. ■ . .. A* B. BXSSSSB* yOBGHIOGHSNT COAL & GO! co. Office 17 Chamber ot Commerce, and cotmt West Kirile and Green-ew. Coal at redateo prtcee. Lchlab.Lackavaaaa.l onzhloahney. Briar HID. Enc, CanueCandSUaetarßiase, PlusDuruh and TllleCoke. AMEa *CO- Heal Estate. rpo LEASE i'OU A TEK2I OF IfiABS. ■*" S 7 fpet by 100 foot On Sooth ■Wellwu cut treat, l*ween Ten 8«a JtrtJoc-stJ. Rent lot to reipectable teaaatf, wfto , P‘ y w 151 Randolph***-, Boost 1. Houses OX WAB AS R-AY.—The tm denized desire to purchase •Two B©»ideaco* oa Wahast-aT* Tartu* wishing to itU will call on tU^C IfVf*t pries, tenr.B ol paraeat, EoZET & IK>’G£, K»1 Estate atd Loan Sroter«. Q^L^auw- ffijotograpfra. nOiBT OPERA HOUSE !-Imporl •ntnoilte. PhoßpMlaof _____ A. TT LBjli, si Mils i ivuaiiiis. St, umo. Mo. 24. jj,—Blscuualto a^enO.