Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 30, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 30, 1867 Page 3
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With the exception of Itussln nml Turkey, there are tut Staton la Europe which the po litical progress oftlic one line so little touch ed an them two petty sovereignties, with an Aggregate population o( three quartern or a million. Laws nml customs, woilliy of (tie imdhern) nee. still cxl«t there. The peaisu* "try in particular Is held to (his day Itt ti con dition little heller than serfdom. The stale of thing* In that backward region will he hint Judged Itnm the fact that In the Estates or Assembly ol Ucprcs-JiiUlivcsortho iH'l'Hlly, lauded proprietor ami other prirlh <dgcd classes in Mecklenburg-Bellvorlu, a proposition of the Gurernrnout to re lieve the peasantry Iroin the ohlUntlou of working on Bundnys, In order to give th"m time lor Inlelleelunl and morn} improve ment, we? tejected within the last for weeks on Hie ground that the pen«ntits needed no Inftrm tlon ami tlmt ihev weio happier in their Igti ranee than they w nld be kph iiiore nillchlt-niiinit 1 Well, In tlia time liruißlilnl lend, (lie (luVcnnncnt lias n-.ort. cd lu u very nnnlnarj and hull™) nieana In muer (n incVMit tbc clfcllun of to ' r.'"; '"ir", l i V- y Old bmu< or «Ha ta In MMlrlcolninj iiitalit lie iitailo lint sulilvi'l of nniilvn.nnl loilille auliallon, u tirade b)>b llal or■■ntiflliliilon, nrn l.llnu or (;nii.m«UH’. and vneinn* or ell o<>< Itoiial loiniMtl (jrnpMrHii'iri,nml piiininlrriili'il II ttlilr e eliltieanl imuiMiii'niliitMib In all Jo) wl (lililwla lo vole lire llimn, M-wivcr. 0 Itnn f'l'i olitlnil a -prrl.l i>omin|..)tm or olltulsta. WlmsA lMI»lncBB It !• to culllit" OimhJ liin hy mid imtku pro|"*i?tmU by all pr«iitti'»hliJinciMißfoniißniivrrMii"ht (lukra, J\ hat the eventual result nl th" •d«uil"l» In will tin in (ho fac«t of this (invnrnincjit Ininrlomu’o, (tin nllia inuclton* hm of the ruling rliuseu and lie liMiMintuhla igliorilicti o| the maos of the people, ran hu fwtlly imagined. Another, urn) perhaps fliul, ad In thn ticbloswlg Holstein drama that has qccupted the attention ol Germany at largo for the last twenty years, has Jiut lucn performed. Prim* Frederick, of Augunlenhurg, Iho mi* mu*ee«*>ful aspirant to sovereignty over the two Duchies, has Just issued a proclamation, In view of their annexation to the Prussian monarchy hy force of arms and formal en actment of tnuPrursiun Parliament, in which he releases the Selileswlg-llolntcluers of all obligations to him, us their legitimate sovereign, which they voluntarily assumed In the post. The tenor of the document is very considerate and dignified, and does credit to its author. In view of the fact that his claims to the ducal throne were at one time formally recognized tmd supported by Prussia, the public would probably not hare thought the worse of him, if he had employ, ed bitterer language In referring to the causes of the dibiipi’Olntineut of his hopes than he docs in the proclamation. Ol the many inconsistencies and breaches of faith of which the Prussian Government has been guilty, during the past seventeen years, la connection with the Sehlcswlg-IJolsieln question, its conduct toward Prince Fred* crick will imt add the least discredit to Its historical record. Whatever may be thought of bis ducal aspirations, one cannot help giving him credit for the manliness -which he displayed In refusing lo sell his rights to Prussia. The Hanoverian cmbrogllo Is approaching a final solution. Kx Kb g George has yield* ed and consented to accept the resignations of those officers of bis former army who wish to enter the Prussian service. Already three hundred have signified their Intention to swear allegiance to and many more are expected lo lollow their example. The summary measures, adopted ut the la* stance ofCount Bkmtrk, after bis return to Berlin from his two months* vacation In Hanover, for the suppression of the secret propaganda in favor ofihe deposed dynasty, have alreadv produced decided effect. Quiet was so perfectly restored in consequence of them that it was deemed sale to the parties arrested for being the most active in the interest of King George, and locked up in the Fortress ofMlndcn, on their pirole. When King George Q. d. lad summer, he car ried . IT some nineteen millions of thalers of public money in various securities, which, It is supposed, have been deposited in England. The l*rn«fdau Government, after valnlv trying everv means to discover and get h.ddofthis vast'sum. seized upon the private properly of King George, In order to compel him to disgorge. But lustcad of doing this, the lat ter has now brought a suit fortheiccovcry of the trhed property, In the High Court of Hanover. THE EPISCOPAL CIIUUCH. {'oiiftrcrntlonof lllalicp Neely, of ITlntuc. (From Hie New York times. January 20.] Ye.-Urday morning Right Ruv. Henry A. Neely, 1). * !>., was solemnly consecrated Bishop or Maine, ut Trinity Chapel, Twenty -11 fib frtrecl. The cliureh was crowded throughout, the Trout pews being innlnly oc cupied l»\ non-ollielullng Divines. The lasts) Christina* decorations of the chapel not yet having been removed. lent their charm to Hie chicle Inlcilor of this beautiful little structure. Yesterday Indus: the Feast of the (’diversion of .St. Paul, was cho«on us a llttlnii (ley for the solemn Installation of the new Bishop. The services began at 11 o'clock with the entrnticeoi the procession headed by the entire coral l»rce of Trinity Church umlCliojiel, rimming the procession* nl Psalm, “ (Jutim rf/frrfn.” The* choristers were followed hy MKiiellfly clergymen and professors with the decree of I). I),, among w hom w ere Dre. DU, Weal on, Van Dyck, Vinton, Barnard and Haight. These wore the gown ntid ptnpllee. Closing the pro cession eamo Blshons Pol'er, ot New* York ; Williams, ol Contucllcnl j Odenhelmur. of New Jersey: Clarkson, of Nebraska; Randall, Missionary Bishop ol f'oloimlo; Hopkins, of Vermont, and C'uxo. of Western New York. The Bishop elect, ncconipimted hy Dr. DU, knelt nt the entrance ol the cluueid. The reverend pastors and tirofesaiira ramrod themselves on either aldonl' ihu chimed, the Bishops passing np ltd ween to the seals around ttic eotmnmdon altar. Ilev. Dr. IllLhee opened the services by ofllclntlnir In morning ptuver to tliu P« tiler. The flist nml second letters were read re spectively by )hs. Weston and Vinton, and tliu prayers following were intoned by Ilev. Dr. Haiglil. The eiiolr snng the VeitUo of Tallis with cftccl, the entire orehe*tiul loreo of Trinity I’liuichnnd Chapel heltnr engaged therein. This chant was followed hy tin* reading of the psalms nppropilate to tliu day.and those hy tne singing of tliti To Dmim and the Jnbt lute, amt billowing Hie eommunion service, the anthem ot Handel solo, " How hi'antlfii! arc the lint of them Uiul pieuch the (htspul of Peace mid bring ul«d tiding* of g I thing*;" thorns, “ Their aonml Is gonu out Into ull lands." The solo was (riven with much swcelncss by one ol thn choir hoys. Alter the coninbllon of the ronnmmlon service, Bishop roller ascended the pnlnll and preached an cannot, eloquent sermon, tnklmr hw text from the Sermon on the Mount, the tilth chapter of Matthew: 4, Ye ore the light of the earth. A city that Is set on a hill cannot be hid." Tin; Bishop icferied to the poattl-m of the Episcopal Climcli In the United t'Ute-i, say- In? that her position was a dlilicnlt one. Mie occupied v middle place between Roman ism on the one hand and ijeeturlutiDiu on the other. Between tw.i extremes nhc vat the mean. She followed I tic worship us she held the doctrine* of the familiar Christ! *ns. The. reverend Prelate ttien took up in detail the questions now agitating the Church here and In England, characterizing the movement as one ol Injudicious opposition of certain refouns hy some, ami of overzeal ousne.-!- in that dlrectian by others. AVhat he hud to say to Imth of these was tube moderate and not lose sight of the true principles of the faith as expressed la their mode of worship hy their action. After this discourse, the consecration of the new Prelate took place The Bishop elect advanced np the chanc'd to the com munion table. He was then vested in his rochet by Drs. Vinton and Burgess, after •which he was presented to the Right Rev. Bishop Uupkius, to whom his testimonials from the House of Bishops, as the chorea Prelate of Maine, were read hy Bishop Wil liams. The new Prelate then made the usual promises of coutormity to the doctrines and worship of the Church, after which Bishop Williams offered the prayers which follow. Dr. Dis continued the services by intoning the Litany. The usiul questions were then put to the Bishop‘elect by the i presidin': Bir-hop, aud after the respouscs he was vested in the rest of the Episcopal hahtt. The assembled Prelates then laid theD hands upon him, whileßlshop Hopkins pronounced the address: . ■ . Receive the Holy Ghost for the office and work of a Bishop in tue Church of God, now committed unto thcc by the imposition of our bauds; in the named the lather, and of the £uu, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. And remember that those stir up the grace of God.whlch is given the by thee imposition of our hands; for God hath not given as the spirit of fear, hut of power, and love and soberness. The presiding Bishop here delivered a Bible to the new Prelate, who tvas received by his Right Reverend brethren in the chan cel. Bishop Hopkins then officiated in the clos ing prayer of the consecration, after which the Communion service look place, the presiding Bishop consecrating the elements. The services, which occupied over five hours, doted with the Benediction, pro nounced by Bishop Hopkins. A3i ETEXTFUL CAREER* History of a Bankrupt CongresHlom millonalrr* A Franklin (I’a.)correspondent ofiUo Lew iston (Me.) Jourtuil gives tbc following his tory in the case of Hon. Clmr:«*» V. (!«lver, who has been released from Imprisonment, in order to lake his scat In Congress ; The hlstorv of a late inmate of tno jail oi this town and county (J ust released by » direct intervention of Congress. by virtue oi his privileges as M. C.) is both romantic and of Interest. Six years ago, a yonng man ofufliiblc address and very agreeable appear* nuce made Ills tMut in Franklin opening a h nking ofllee on seemingly small, (and rei*orled) borrowed capital. By Idlers of introduction from most honorable parlies, by a suavity - of deportment that at mice won and retained a large circle ut acquaintances, by no imobiru*tvc yet zeal ous Interest m the Methodist Ciiiircb. and occasional exhibitions of charity, imuiulflccnt when compared with the gift* of Ida neigh bors, this youmr man rapidly gained popu larity end branched out into largerspheres of bnshiera. New York city became fctmlliar with hlr name, and Wall street always re funded liberally and promptly to his call fur specie and bonds. All at once tne spec ulative excitement sprain; up, and the Wall sheet banker and Franklin banker diew vivid pictures of progress and wealth. Indecd.bc wna elected to mir Na tional Congress from this dlshlel, ami b now n member of the Thirty--ninth U -tigress, an Jiueorulven him by an admiringeointllm*n tv. luiio, a flourishing town in the oil ro- J nlMiis, was Minded by him, and Its principal atn-ct now bears his name. A railroad, cost tmr 51.6U0.0U0. was laid out and built and equipped niid'T hl§ control mid at the ox pnoe of his pocket (femoral Ilmmllo, of llhutic Island, acting ob Civil Euatneer* A prlvnte icsldeneu was IHled mid liirulsh- Ml luxuriously with ornaments »l pH paint- It'L* uml rare*wnrk« of art, Wild hinds of JMbmla mol ImliiUia Were Imusrht up. nml the •Imijathi re'if were at luDtinbi-' Pith'. 1 brok.d’s • dliif, mid Nir Mortoh Peto nml thirty wore J'U'l br him Willi pimllttdlliyi OoillldiMi*G j" Idin nml ehilit to hitn semimd wlilimit mull, UtiUl <( JcW liMllltlls (1{!il n lIIMVI Ril l (riiddvh (Uaituti his ,N«w iuik hullse luuuU i". ... i i-* 1 f m ' ,nfs - nnJ Cirtror, 1 tun A. (,o. werp ruuirlnliM Uvlm- f.tli c a lo I «. nnioin.t of tii,lW).oiX) iiMloblvilni-M. Mr , »»• U>b (Uncial «,sout »-“a mw llliucr. ol l 11,0 ll"lcM ln,Vi‘,.io'!. d il 1 . 0 " 1,1 ' ,JVC , I ? I cl »" o' mtnjr 15.,.. "I'lnboHlwmral nml fr.ui.lul.iil i "peclal depodta and turn poiniv trusts wero npproprlutrd hy Idm lo private cuds. It is due to air. Culver, whom wc had beilevrd lo be «i honest iiurimre, tu My that his neighbors licregenerally accrc«llt him with no dlsp( fit lon to conrealmmil, and bellovo him to he Iho victim of wild nml vis- Jmiiiry schemes that hnve their first oilgin In thu atmosphere of the New Turk slock bhftkclf, rather than a predisposed swindler. At this exhibit to his creditors, Ids assets, tallied on original cost*, cveeedcd Ids debts by six hundred tlriMisnud dol'ors, but not luoic limb Iwo-lldtds of the Ural price could be rmllrcd, Atid while be might bate availed himself of his (■oiit'fesfloiinl privilege to euctire re* lensc from imprisntimetit Imig ago. ho pro* ferted lo tnecl Ms wrong In mntiritt eohfoSi stnn nl 11, dne repatallon as fur as whs In his : potter, end piillent siitimloslon to the pint* iphtinnt onimeomls, and was only hdeas'ul lust Week on the dehnnnl o| Min Puro.Mnl-Hl. Arms of Hie United Wales llomm of llt»|<re* w* iilwnvf■* It Is « slrntmoi sad simuiHulo, 'I ln> inlllloitfllro of yMsrdsy Is penniless tin day, and oven hl« hoiiMjlmb] nltuMs Imvy heen knnekeil down hy the nuntbimioM aPi imj:ui;ktinh ciaim. Tlio Ituiludiildk aitd lUO Nuio of VirglnU, (Vom the Hlrliroond Kxarnlner, January 91) 'Jliu luctuurhl (if tliu Huiljiii'iiiid Hr.JlUurs, for iho recovery ol $3J,fiN, as damages lor tobacco destroyed In tho public warehouse on Uio 10th day of March, ISM, ~r o. sented to the Legislature yesterday. The following Is u amnimiry: On the 17lh day of January, 1807, your memorialists presented to the Auditor 01 tho State of Vlrgtulo the following account; The Slate of IVrolnta .• *io James De Kointchlld, Alphonse De Itoths child and Uosiavo Da Huihschlid, partners under tbs flrai of u De Itothschlld Druthers.” 18C«, March loth. To (bi« amount duo In coin, the same being the value vf-XO lioj»»UraJi tobac co burned la public warehouse la the city of Klcbmond, thr same bring under the lans of Virginia Insured by (bo Slate, sal t iobocco being worth 07 accompanying estimates, Cto3 83 per hogshead.. 100,47000 Interest, attlz per cent per annum irom the lUlh ut March, Uta, to the Ist day of Jus uary, 1807 6,011,00 After what the Rothschild Brothers con sidered satisfactory evidence It was fliod. ami the Auditor returned the following an swer : . State or Vutorau, Auditoc’s Ornos, I Kicuwond. Va., January 19,18C7. r Major Isaac 11. Cairlngton: ' U.arbtr. 1 hsvc considered the tl Imprecated by >ou as counsel for the Messieurs De Itolhs dutd Brothers, for the value of cn lain lob cco al leged lo hare been burned in the Public Ware house of This city, on the night of tic 10th of March, iB6O, amounting, with the Interest there on. to fta.M4.WI. In respect to the burning of Ibc tobacco. I have sououbt tLattho facts are correctly staled, and that ihcvalueof the tobacco destroyed is not ex uaxaganily estimated. i disallow the claim, how evi r, for the following reasons: 1. Inc whole subject woe before (he General As sembly at the extra session of 13CS, on an appli cation for payment, and which, lor some reason was not grauted. * 2. It «oa in evidence before the Joint Commit* tee ofboth Houses of the General Assembly, as appears from their rcpon, that the jun of the worehouee In which the fire oricina'ert was occu pied by acints of tbe CoDfedcra'e Government, end with tbe consent of the Governor of this Stale at that time In rebellion aralnel the United Slates Government, and was, ol course, beyond the cou tioi actl supervision of the Government of the Mato of \ itgloia, as restored by the Wheeling Convention. Veryrcspectrufly. &c., Wn. F. Tatlob, Auditor of Public Accounts. To which the Messrs. Rothschild reply that they relied on no contract with the ‘•rebel Governmentthat they asked pay ment lor no llbhility Incurred hy the “rebel Gcvcrrntcnl,” and asked only for the com pliance with a contract made with the re cognized Government in IbOO. The memorial eoneludcs as follows: “BcHcvluk our claim against Uic State, aniotmltiiK to iLlrty-iwo tlioueaud live hun dred and tourtcca dollars, as of the Bret of January. Ibo 7, to bo Innisjiutubic, wu re spcctlnliy 02k that provlslou be made for )mymcnt, “We donol ask terms dUTercntjrrom those accorded toother creditors, und we, there* fore, express our willingness to accept lu payment of this claim, coupon bonds ot the Slate, payable lu twenty years/’ This is not the case now beloro Judge Ly* oils, In regard to the Ficnch tobacco stored In the warehouses of Messrs. Dlbbrell & Wcblger. From what wo have privately beard, the warehouse was set On lire by a drunken Quartermaster’s clerk, with n clear, and we can see no good reason why the Kothschilds should come buck ” upon the Statu lor damages. It is hardly probable that tiny especial notice will be taken of tba memorial. TlirCannry Itlid Trade* (Fiom tlio New York Journo) of Commerce, January go.] Tlic (icnnnn stcamcra bring largo quaull llus of canary birds, forming a considerable tiudu. The Importations lor iho current tear cuiiij-rlce trom lo IK),(XU bird-, valued at mysM),('Do. Biiiuu curious fuels in (iron iiectt-d tilth Hilh business, ns obtained from one of the New York Importers, of whom the principal are Charles /oiler uml Charles Uichle. Thu grand bird centre of Ktiropo is the Hurts .Mountains, In the Stale ot Han over. where there are numerous villages specially addicted to raising these little song- Mers. The inhabitants rely muliily fora subsistence upon mltilug gold and silver ores,, hut, being pour, almost the entire population's by n common lust Incl devote their spare time to tearing birds ami making the little wooden cages In which these creatures are carried to the railway station, forty miles distant, and afterwards transported across the ocean. The Hart/, Mountains are not supposed to bo especially adapted to growing canaries, ns no diillciiltv , Is experienced In raising them In any mild ednuile, but the people In that region share their dwellings with the hints on «-')iiul lein.s, Mieillieingso mneli of personal con* venlcheu ns limy he for the welfare of llndr f'utheied companions. Thu bouses are • mail, hnl one corner of the principal room U MipuiaUd from the rot hy a light par tition, and reserved exclusively for the various processes of nu«l building and Incubation. At the end of Urn breeding season, the birds aio scut to Ham burg or Bremen for shipment, excepting only a few favorite heads of families, vvhuuru then caged until the return ol another year. An hutching takes place three times every sea son, and as there ore commonly lour or live eggs m a nest, the increase Is very rapid. A cuntlderable number perish, however, doting the Incipient singe? of growth, from want of proper attention by the parents; and ibe tnius-Atlautlc voyages arc attended with a mortality c&tlmated at from to 40 per cent, which Is attributable to counnement and bad weather. These voyages are neces sarily made In winter, us the birds lose tbeir voice and plumage in-the warm season, and would Hud few admirers if sent to the market at that time. They are not ap preciated if they can't slog and don't appear well. At one of the principal bird-stores in this city may be seen nearly U.OiW of the feathered musicians, some of whom arc prims donnas valued at a high figure. But all without distinction join In the deafening chorus, fmm dawn until dark, alike regard* less ol the rule governing Social life, that one shall speak nt a time. Quite o number of canaries arc crown in the United States. One man in Philadelphia taised 300 last year; another In Buifalo lot); and there are several persons in New York and New Jersey who rear them in smaller quontltlcs, hut us a rule the capital invested Is not large, and few concerned !n the busi ness gain independent fortunes. An Unlucky XSlopemvnu [From an English I'apor.J An elopement has taken place in one of the lirsl iamilles,in Edinburgh, Scotland. of the eldest son with bis father's cook. The young gentleman had been reared with the creates! care, having only returned from Eton last year with high academic honors, and was destined by his father as the hu». baud of a voting and beautiful heiress, to whom our hero had paid his addresses. The bride, who was a buxom brunette, is, by some years, older than the bridegroom, and las been lit the lamily for a consider able i<criod. On Saturday last no ap pearance of the cook at her post, or of the young gentleman at the breakfast table. Inspired ominous sur mises and suspicious remarks, which ulti mately were resolved into the truth, the I chambermaid confessing that “thev were I awav to get married in Aberdeen.” Thclel- | egraph and all other means were resorted to to stop the fugitives, the father taking the earliest train to Aberdeen. After searching In company with a detective In every place nhcje they were likely to bo found, It was dlaCovcrciT that thev had departed tor Mon trose, whither the ‘‘ihrious parent” followed, hut only to llud them inseparably united, and sweetly slumbcriuglucacn olher’sarras. So enraged was the old gentleman that for getting all delicacy, ho dragged the bride irem the embrace of the bridegroom, acd in & torrent of abusive language, was nbonl to eject her from the bedroom, when all the spirit of cookie's sex arising, she collared her quon dam master and burled him headlong from the apartment, to the considerable injury of his clothes and petson. The rnnawny son then endeavored to explain matters and paci fy the insulted parent, when the lady, not exactly relishing her peculiar position nor the usage she nad received, wns earmonif seized her husltand. and conveying him al most rt «f armlt back to the bedroom, locked the door, and left the old gentleman to col lect his scattered senses and arrange Ills dls- Htlire. Th»* young gentleman Is en •*. r '£-, c ns, t^ Cral,lc property in his own right. The pair ore now holding the honey moon at Cheltenham, where the parents of the bride keep a small grocery. flic Cofcl or t*rn;lon» to Snrrivlac Soldltnofihc War of ISl2* [Waililoctaa Correspondence of the WewYork iliac*.] The Committee on Invalid Pensions through Mr. Porham, Us chairman, mode a report on the House Pension 1)111 referred to trout which Itupj'Cftrstbat UicComratwi.mcr of Pensions, in reply to ttie question a« to what amount of money will be required to plve pensions to tlic snrvlvlnp soldier* or the war of 1812. nud to tbc widows of such as ere deceased who are in necessitous erreutn- Blames, rays : f»2i,i«M soldiers were enlisted, and 21Hi,1*115 served sixty days or more. Throe, eighths of this Inst number were supposed to bo alive in 18M. The number of survitlnjr widows Is estimated at 23,1tH3; this makes the total number ol sin vlvers UW.ottS, but It must bo remembered tlmt (be table leaves out of the estimate 117.‘-l»» soldiers who served only one month, nml bo.ihW who served over one month, but assumed to bo less than sixty days, which would add hr the same calculation as hi the table, 87,‘iTf soldiers, and 18.189 Widows, lonkbiH a wrnlul total of as alive In IWiii. The bill undsr consbleratlnti gives pen sions to nil alike, tirespeetlvo of (lie length 1 olsetviee. Xhet‘ottnnlpslonereslliitate« that I the lolni amount ol peu-b>iif for eight years I would be#77,7l**U*». ThisiMtbh’snttlr the ahiLMthl to he paid to peuskmi uudet the bill, Add to (Ida the expense of disbursement, at tmroo per anutirn of olgni tears tI.SOO.OtO. and $.100,000 estimate? for extra cxpnise In the Pcndou Bureau IbrsayUro years, 1.C00.000, nml the acgiccite Is r’-1 ,0 l ( 3 nj.iso.owbf "Ulcb would bu duo In iWu. Fhoidd thn hill hce.miealaw the oxikm ditmo would, lu thoopmloti of the rmninllten. he imirh larger than this os. llmritc. From the lads presented, Iho coin mitten come to tho foliowlng conclusion : « ln.le number of officer*, soldiers nml sullors who would bo entitled lo pon-luos i 1 5L IWkOOO} annual oxpemlituro, (14.400,000; angregutu cxpcndiluro horn arersttoof twelve years, 11TJ,800,000 ( Com* Jj*hslrmala h»r expense of ngents, (l,g(X),000i extra expeusA for Pension Bureau for fuy live years, (lfi,ooo{ making au ag grrgalo of Cl7o.hoo.wk)* The committee coo mend the several laels reported to the consideration of (ho Hnu*n. fIKANCIAb m COMMERCIAL UON&TAAY. Tcr»tiAv hvxmko. Juninty 99. Out Money market prcseiil# ho new leilutcf, 'ITr sirlneeticy fuMmties tmalisled. amt jurtuliuj frum (ha repnrls given dm hidleailmn are tlmt Hit* plrit'lt Is gradunlty H-ilHetintg, The dls> rniifllbniiresßieireoiitiiiodiiing their best mi*, loniern at Id per c«M. In ike open lasrksi lire ds ntsrd Inr Mousy Is qulin sciivr*, and piper’ Is neanlliled it r«l-s rsnulnu frow nvr com per niunih, JUrhsntfu w«a firmer, will* aalev boiwuon banka at parQM rents prnnlum, The emptier t*u« uare par buying and HU premiuin selling, A Washington special say# f •* Mr, Clark, of (he Currency I'llndue Bureau fxolama tbs grave tad (hit Hcvcii-'llnrty UonJa wilb duplicate nmnhcra, have bean prit lcd urn] bailed, by aaying that UlO numbering machine got out of order and repealed.'* Id the absence of any lacia touching Uilf oa»o we can only aay Ur. Clark bai been guilty of criminal carelessness, and ought lo be peromplo illy diamlaacd. To clear Ur. Clark from any sos plclon of havicif defrauded the Government, it will be necessary for biro to (rive, in detail, an ac count of each and every bond which went through bla department; specifying In every caee the ton bera of the duplicates issued. Another telepram remarks: “The Corouittteo on Banking and Cnrrcrer a r o engaged m maturing Hooper’s Bank Kill, lie in tends to route Its consideration Immediately.” Wo trust that tbateeclion of Ur. iloo]>cr's bill providing for compulsory central redemption will be voted down by a largo majority. The question of redemption la at this time totally Irrelevant, and. it left to Itself, all evils, If iboio be any, will be dnly regulated as soon as the country remotes specie. The Question of the redemption of one Irredeemable currency Into another of the same character, is absurd. The only result that can accrue Iron the passage of this bill will be to place all the money of the country lo New York, to be loaned to slock pamblcrs, without any col laterals being hypothecated as security—ride A. J. Meyer A Co. and the Dank of North America. Flour was quiet, with rßberrooredoing. Wheat was depressed, and declined IHG* C on No. S Spnwg. Com ruled dull—closing I’iQlSic It jo was Cat and lQ2c tower. Burley was dull. Whiskey was neglected. Provisions were quiet but Arm. beeds wore steady and Arm at previous prices. The vibration* in cold were slight. The market opened at 13i}j, oqvji evd to ld«i, and closed at 101 S. The rolio«Ii-K quotation were received bj BojdBro?., cold brokers: KVWa. m ld!« 111:12 a. m. lft« a. m I84»i istoo m... 11:00 a. m Ids I %Uop. m ll:K-a.m 13%?> | fcOOp.m, l? Ids I Here ILc market was qnlct at 131S®13!H— closing fti Id. Silver was nominal at IS3, buy ing. The Public Funds were a shade firmer la New York to-day. Tbe follovvlac ebo/rs tbe closing prices of Governments to-day, compared with those of the three previous days: Fri. ttat. Mon. Toce. 107*5 107 H 107*5 Sixcjf of’El. Five-Twcctics, *'4 107)4 107 107)4 107? i Flve-Twcntlcs,’M 105*4 1U5«4 rtvc-Twcnties, *CS 105* 105 H 10T»H HCji leti-Portlcs 90** tflj* Wjj Seven-Thirties. A0c.... lOIU 114)4 10l?fi IWfc Scveu-Tblrtu-s. June.... 1041, nut* nul* miU J'evcn-Thlnlee. Jnlr 104)4 10,14 juju 1044 Nun JMvc-Twcnlles 101)4 1044 101)4 Tbc Slock list was rather tick ai the flrst call, and sLaica vme all offl©2 per coot On tbc sec ond call the maritct rallied a shade. Tbc follow ing shows tbc quolalloiis of to-day, compared with those uTtho two previous days: let 3d mi. dm. M.T.Cen KM* 100* -Irlc(cotD) 55** Mf* M.Klcnm) "I* 73 c. A Pitta *3* six Dot* Island 90 95* C.AN.W 86 SO* C.AN'.W-01d... Cl* am J'.FI.W.AC 93* V3K UuirtßllTor 33 .... w. Union Tel 45 (J. AA. (com) 107* .... nur.&g in M. Central no* .... lDd*< n Umr...,lSl* .... 11. Cixtrul li:C .... '.Aitrsd )ol* .... Clfvr, A TOIWI..IIH .... T.A WatMli 40V .... Here (ho market for Governments was Arm, with an active demand and few offering. Wo quote: . aorxiunißXT biouiutim— citiciao hatikbt. Buying. Hollmu. . .IWU l(ff(fi .11 urj% .Kis*j mu .1113% iws jomaiun slid, of 1831 B-VOs, JMtt VJI*. I Mil wic*. urn Ji-vO*, sdidll.... II.M. ill-MM, l«r«0 W«j I. H. IMD«, *mnll lUSI V. b. ♦•TIN, Jot ooflf* lIUU li. H.7-DOP, *Jd «m|«n 101 mtu i. B. ViOo, B<l mici 101 lOJi? U, H. 7UUi*, ii'intl.... 103*J u.mpounO. •nine, iwn 110'* •• July, lh*H I'f.o •• Aur., 181 llftl* •• uci., iwM mu Dec., IWI 11:1* •* iUy, IfWl Illh “ Au«., I'W 110 “ Boot., IPJU .... ..108U •• Oct., IbM lUU Tlie Hncoiid Krlludbl llatik quolo# Oovoromcnti ■o follow*! C0up,,’H1...11771*0 7-B‘Msmnll) 108^101 h-SOcutipoiis. Juno Cumu., 1H04..11 t* ibugp). ..IWi!t$MU7 -tiny •• •• ..lIDU ft-wicoupon?, Ang. •• *• (MimUf.. .100 6BIINI Oci. “ ••* HUM commits, Dec. *• *• ..ItM* (Is»ru)..„ Mar “ H«..IIH* tU.4Ucoupon*. Ang. ** *• ..ipt'i (inmll).. .Pill,(A hnnl. •• “ ..limn oct. *• •• ..nmt 4 l.orn) N-curillvs are dull nt Die following quota* llonaj llflgO Cllr 7s, rook ( entity 7b... ..... Chamber of Commerce. I he Now tork ll'm/dsays: The Home Committee on Public Uxpcndltarsi has been enraged Iho pa*t week in (along lesd immyunoti theconauci of thehelxare Uaieau, at the CiiMom lluuite of lids cllj. I’ne lavemigattoti Las developed the grossest abuse*, and an organ* Ixvd »y»tvm of black mailing to which some ol nnr mo?t liuuoiablu merchants hive boon subjected. The Investigation has exposed the existence of a “ring" wnoto circumference icache? from Wash li cton to Europe, with Us centre at the New York Custom UmiH-.snd nutdtiu upon a “Boston bub." The remat kabio fact has been ascertained that one legal firm has enjoyed the nndistitrbcd monopoly or being retained a* the medium lor settling the ontraccs which have been perpetrated opon the victimized Importers. Our Government ha- been disgraced abroad by unprincipled agent*, or profo*scd agents, of oar Government, vno have set traps to mislead prominent mann faciurer* in France and other countries. Into er rors their consignments to the United States. The merchandise of these foreign raann luctnrcra. upon reacting Ihclr consignees at Ibis port, has Ken se’xed, upon the ground of under valuation bv the advice of these united S ate? in foimeis in Europe. The whole scheme has b cn devised and pt.l in operation to flit the pockets of these fellows In Europe and tbeir accomplices here, who get the lolornicrs' share of the plunder, and the balance, which does not go to the Govern ment, Is divided between the collector, naval of fleer and purveyor, while Ik's black-mailing ba-l ness also gives large fees to the lawyers who arc In league with the detectives administering the New York Stdznrc Bureau. , —The New York {Kipping £i«t-remarks: An active demand for money continue". The position oftbc markeldoes not appear to be quite so eomtortable as In the early part of the week, the lallnrc ol one or two sloe* operators bavin had the ctlect to Impair confidencesome <hn. The rate on call Is 7 cent, with a closer discrimina tion of collaterals. Ditconnib range from 7 y cent for high grades ol paper, to S&a'for fair, and ICt&U for second class. \\ e quote: _ „ . , .. Fir cent, per annmn. Leans on call, stock securities q, 7 •do ttond and mortgage ..... 7 eh 9 Piime endorsed bills, c<i days '7 9 do do 8&1 mouths 8 ct 9 First-class single names 9 c* n O.bcr good bills ; 811 The New \ ork foreign exchange market was da.l.hut steady. Among the brokers, bankers' bills on England at sixty days were quoted at the close at liW**; at three day*. 10av»ainjw. Com mcrclal bills, 107©lOSJi- Francs at slwv days B.CUOo.lsj;; adthrcc oays,s.i2mas.t<-. Bills on Bern*. on L.-emcn, TDOTOW; on Krankioit, -UHCtdlfa. on Amsterdam, -ttHvidiu on Uambarg, iCUOC^H; on Antwerp,‘s.iß2j;o COMMERCIAL. TrrsoAT Etcciko, January 59, ist?,. The following tables show the receipts and *htp meats of i’roduce danng the past tweaty-fom hours; nccnm tjlst twcstt-zoco nocw. ISC». * iB6O. ',314 9,537 10,530 37.700 3,5-30 19.5 M 9,000 2-VJG3 500 2,200 Flour, brls. \tfccau bu. t'orc, bu... Oav, bn... Illf, bu.... Itartiy. bn Grs«s Seed, Bn.. Broom Corn, fit* Cured Meat*, Bts. Polk, b>l«* Ijrd. Bs Tallow, Bit l Uutlci. B>a I). Homs No - . Urc Hops N 0... i-altlc, No Hides Ra........ HliihwJuM. brie.. «VooJ Lumber, m Sliirc’cf. «j. . &airxE5TS vast ronrr-tioiir noL*Bs. ISj7. ISSC. 1,435 8,400 . COO 720 12,003 . 830 900 10,425 87.6(3 . 2*1.615 92,996 .110,436 191,114 33 182 . Ui 1.373 111,914 135,400 50.5R7 20,531 8,705 9,0 <1 8,907 8,407 1,091 813 Flour, btli Wheat, bn ' Com. ha Bye, bn Harley, bn Grass Fred, B>b.,-> Broom Cora, tnred Urals, t 05.... Beef, brie Pcvk,brl§..... Laru, 1b5.... Tallow, lbs Better, (be Dressed Boat, Mo. Lite lines, M 0.... • attic, Mo Hides, tbs tk’,sß3 KD.4W Dlchwtnes, brls - 115 9*W Wool, B»§ 17,51 fl 13.795 Lumber. ia 901 4fS Wjiniip?, m sw 4‘9 lAitum aj n Sell, brls 4*J 4WI The Provision market was quiet, bul there was a fittm-t fctlln? generally tnanlicft'd. Tbrtc was a goefl demand lor Mess Pork, but holders were Generally 2Sc above the view* ofbaycr*, though at one tlue a strong effort wal made to force a “break, ’ bnt without success. The sales fool up n'd brls at cask—closlnff wiib tew or no sellers below t 15.75. There was nothing doing la Pillar Mfss or Pairs Prime Pork. Bugll'h Ileal* weie quirt with flirt ot 300 bis Cumberland* at f ije, fcweet Pickled Shoulders sold to Uie ealeal o! 75 bits at t*6.50. hulk Meats were in good de rust d ami firm, with sales al lut,c fur Pleat NldeM pjp Jot ilnugh Bides, and 7HCVIHc for Dry Nailed Humldeta. cash, and 7V,c for Dry Palled Shoulders, buyer *-VbMis'v, *1 IVetla. PniuUed Meats were fit lit willt rate* al I?*ir lor Clear “ids* j 10c lor Bhouidm ami 1 Die (u( Uatai, alt packed. Uieea i’cnb v ere qulclhnt firm whh galss of Uv*a from Hecghlnrd Hoes, nl U?*c. l.nd was Inactive bnl f finer, with sals* «>f ICO les Hicam n( llfio-sellars gvnrisllj itrmantllrg H9fCAtl7£R at the cloie. Drrrrtd lt"ss *cn In liebt supplj nml a sinHo flirnrr, *hh rales at |7.lUCa7.fiO-clo«ingat tl.wa 7.4", divining on BM)l*.a. 9 Ibvicwni uu muremenl lu Whlakcy, and lbs market is intlroij ucintnal at lor Bonded. The Flour aarto I wsa quiet, uiongb the volnme ut huriuna rborted n ellglil In-rcaae ov*r (bat of jerterdsy. Prices were ucchsaged. The nalvs fool np f,tW) barrels, at (iF.CUQH 4 3S for IThiUj Wlrtirs, tU.OCtflJl.'o for Pptleg Ez’tas, and (7.W1 tJP Wi fur Spring fiupera. Wheat was dull, and on Ttegolar No. 9 Spring we nole a decline but on other grades there vaa nominally ro chauge. Hie transactions loot up 7V.UCO bosbels, at 13. W lor Iltd Winter hr saui|ile, |B.W lor No. 9 Pprmg In M, |„ (l.Mftl.Bj fur do ilegnlar, atnl fI.WicM.W for Uejected-- rloslug tioinloa] at (1.1V101.P84 lor No. I in regu lar hutisci. Corn was flat, and the market deellned Uiffftl Ve, *hb sales ul Pi,ww bit it ifl®7le lor No. t} morur No. 9, Slid MflMc fuf Kejecled in store—clotiug quiet at Ireful No, 1. Oats weie dull and a tilde easier 1 , with meagre Uinaaellotis it dap-V tor No. 9 In store. The dernanu fur Hyp us- lltHit, and lire market dedtned ins* , with rales al ilisehe for No. 1 In aime=iim*lng 11 nm Imlde figure, Parley via« dull, wild saieaat fl.iw for No. 1, MM Ini No. 9, and 31.6<kc01,9.‘ for prime to elrotoe Pimple inis. Tiillow was liiocilveand nomliml it lur Psehera 1 . lor CHy lluudp'ia', and du kUc |nr Counliy. t Tlu> gt-nvral atroet markets ate dull, though there la ro material change lu values. Thu foboalug telegrams wore read on'Ohauga to-dn) t _ New Yoiik, January SU. Flour lower and dull, at fuuu(fou.7ij wheat lower and umenlsd at f9.16®9.TV Corn noun* nal at fl.lßQl.lOli in aiora. Gala heavy at tuuii 61c. Pom timer at tIU.MH for Old, amf for New. Laid flnner at I‘iUQtyc for steam, and *3}fc for Keltic. Hogs firm alfU.oo, Gold Flour heavy. Wheat easier and nominal. Horn nominal at t1.14Q1.15 la note. Oats heavy. Whiskey Inactive. In the alternoon the Grain markets wore dull. Wheat was numiual, at |.,53 for No. 38prlng. Curndeclioed ?iQs*c-dOßliig weak at 75Uc for No. 1. Piovlf lons were quiet but firm, with sales of 200 brls Mess Pork at f10.C2J4; 100 tc* Sweat ITckled ITams at 102£c; 20,1)00 Its Cumberlanda at B»4c loose, and SS bxa Dry Salted Shoulders at 7*ic packed. The Catilo market was dull and laacllve. Tic supply was light, as woa also the demand. Only Its bead changed bands, and those were taken for city daughter, at (4.00a5.7a for common Cows to good Steers, The market doses dull at f3.00Q 16.75. Live Bogs were very dull, but owing to the lb hi supply on band, prices were fully sustained at-d the market dosed strong at substantially the doting rates of yesterday. Sales number 3,Sjo head, which weto taken by packers, at f5.853(k50 tor common (o choice Hogs. New York Mock Market. Closing prices tor cash. January 39, 1967, received by Joseph M. Lyons ft Co„ Broken: B’d. DM. bm. b “ N.r.Ccn OT* Wj(, C.s.« percent Kne(oom) b*\ Mv ncadk. U3t...10?«t mu U.e.(aa).... QJ Wit I C. S. t» per c«Jf '' C. ft MU* TCV W • 5-*i eeap., *w JO7 IQlir Itock Ufand..,. w 5 M* C. b.« per cent . A C.&N.W 33 S WS I VAi coup.,■Bl.JGiU JOftu C.* 2C. U. pfa 19# S9K iC.». <pw cent P., Ft. tt. ft C. 9J# 94V* 5-W)c0up.. , 6a,105V 105 V OulesMhrrr.... »* aSHJU-b.Sperccnl * * W. Union Tel.. 43# 41‘i, UMi »u pjv r.ft A.lCotu)..lU7jt 108 Tr. Notca,7S-10 Rur.&U I inserts' lot# 10ju SI. Central lOljf 1(3 )D.S. 7 S-10, 2d 1 Hudson lUver.IJO 11M i »mo» IW' iniu 111. Ceoti£....m 113 I L*. S. 7 3-IP, 3d P. ft head ....lot# MOJ{ I »erte4 KMX 10JU Cicvr. *r01....117 116 I Amcr. G01d....154 V 131 V T.ft Watash... W# -JH | " Market—lit Board steady; Vd Board steady. ..m# -I*l* ~.134* CIIICAISODUY UOUUS MAItKET, Tce«dat Etsmimo, January 29. iSo7. There Is no marked cltance to note In tUli branch ot buUiiCM since the dsto ot oar lut renew. Trade throughout the week lu» been quiet, and pi Ices remain unchanged. Prints are steady. and the Detter stylos of dark goods are readily taken opv, lira* n Sheetings are clo.l, and cn round iota prices would be freely shaded. Delaines are In Arm demand, and good styles are scaice We repeat quotations: rniM>. Mernmac n laj,' Atnencan 17tf Mernmac W 70 Amasieag tew Uwheco 19 Duchess it is I’acltc IS Mourning 17 (iirticn 18jf A 1 cn’s 17 Bpraguss ~ 18 providence ..,.17 Dunncii’s I*H Jamas Sanders’ IBw Manrliesler 17 lllnuitwtcr 17 Lowell n W. W.Freeman ft C0..15 Amold’s 15K Union UK Lancaster 17 Watiisnt'a ]| lilchiLund IIS Columbia 13 UtNUIIAUS. Clinton 31k Glasgow .33 Lancaster.. 3IK llnauoke..... 19 bbowmbi ermu*. Danner SIS Atlantic 70 Lawrence n Peppered Q 18 •'talk 4—4 U Great Fails M 19 Appleton 4-4 33 “ •• » 17 dwifimi 4-4 31 Indian Orchard A.... ais '•ashoa W •• « 4? jit mllan Mead 4-4 71U •• * !»».,. iHk Cabell A 4—4 VI “ •• W.... 17k Atlantic 4-4 C 3 " •• L.... l«k Artmskfag 4-4 «S Hoot Mills II i« salmon Kalis 4—4..... kiw " M U.... ta.v Agawam F 4—4 18 * “ 8 ?j Appleton D 4—4 vo Western World ink llltidli A 4-4 10 Arkwright..., jj>, •wl’l Mirer 4-4 i»K Portsmouth P j;tu ’Cptwrcll K 33 Napoleon ............ if . *• it 30 Ou slier 18 I’epn-rell N 10 XX hlandard 31 American A 73 Nowalook... v»u nuiactiKDMiiimNUk. N, V. Milts 4-4 89 lied Bank 1-8 18 Wsti.futial—4... Its “ ’■ 4—4 18k Hates 4-4 80 LoUWlale. V 7 tv title (lock 4—4 Vl.s Arkwright...... ut Hills 4-4 3*l Wambeck m “ 7-8 . »W J. ft W. Mister 4-4 7JS ilhsnnvilts 4—4 (Hw Canoe B—4 iju liar Mill* H BlalerrlllaV—a w Arrtroaooggtn 4—4.....37K Mtar.kstone Hirerl...... . M 7—B 91 A l amJon 7-8 ...,V3 Illackstone A a........38 “ 4-4 Hatlnu ft Bon 4—l iCI|« t ** M 7-e 30 PAriaOAMBIICS. L'tuda1e.......... » iKuallsh. IDS (ambries IISQIO I IIKKIMB. VuiiMkoaa .......40 Connecticut vis I'ortt ms Washington 18 itamliestcr im Millord ituprurcu tn (UPirit ms Mote lull. 15 Union Com City.,,.. 70 daymayker’s .....70 Pawnee tvs miimiisttrrnNni, Atnoskeag tn I WliHlomlcn C 31k York no I •• A :u American viiatl I FnrMt1t1e,...,.,,3i <435 tails..., 3% IThomilikn. 31k Hoatioke JO I Mtielucket......... 30 Attowkess AC A M«< tlamtlUn, tegular H7V s M A 45 •• |l„ liij " M...........4U I'smtiflfloo K..........31S “ C.......... .Ub •• X..... w *• D...........n0 swift (liver., \nrk iMlreh 45 star Mill*aiduch no Albany 15 •• •• Much tn York to-mcii &o emtarr jvans. Aninskrsg 71k I Indian Oretuul 18 l.uixliln 71. S I Atilrxsro.'giu.. .....(8 Uslra. I |V|prroll 3tk Nsumkentt Battron..... l ßs I tllobe ~.,.15 UA\|l>N n.AMNkIA, Hamilton stout no 1 ihonxllke,... 35 KHerton T. ..........US I Ksumkeag bleb,, iu;ti.ij. Dolt .....‘3s I lienuiucton 13S tlk i ivptwrcll.... vis nansiKK*. tlaneliraier. tew V 5 | Hamilton ...33 i BCUIf, :cw 35 lAH W 001..... 43a30 lULMOKAI. SBIKTS. (lllhorl’i 42. w | Uanjracft MulleKon.?3J3 Wtirox ‘.'.33 I 11a11egU’5........... 2.0) l‘onioo»iip....V6JSw3Ao 1 limner a.?s Wartitogtoa Mi115....3A0 I Helleot Iheseatoc.. 3J3 THRKSDe. J.ftP. Coats 11.10 (ireen ft Daniels..., 77k Clark’s U 0 White bseln K> Iladlerft Co’r. 90 till’d 1.00 Worsted Braids.... m Willlmanuc 83K btaOord 70 corroK TAurs, rro, C«ele 83k | Eastern 53 lope 63>« I Carpet Warp 55 Franklin ,fO I Candle wick E0'483 Park 60 1 Chicago Bans .f liso CASPBTS. ' Lowell, 3 p1y........13.15 nupertne. lU3QIAO •* kuicr 1.73 Crnssicys Fat. Tapes M medtnrn.... 1.00 RraiSeLi- 19.3 K Bartlord. extra S-piy 3J5 Rnxbcry. 1 Sts •• Imp’JS-ply 2.’VS FropireMms IJS ** sopor IB> Belgrade 1.35 “ isedlniD... 1.60 CAsaumtca. Formers ft Mech’s 53 I Everett I„ J2S Wabash 50 I Everett O 47S Ist 3d Ist 3d DM. DM, DM. DM. 101* 99* 97* W>- 68* BS* 51 J Sl? 4 73* W* W C9i «l* 79* 74* 70 OS* 95* OljJ MV BT.U 31 S3* Si* rid Cl Oil* 69* »a* 91* 91* *j 1 v SK« 37V 85 ,45* 41* 41* 4t* toe* 100 107* 1M mv 105 S ift* 101* tot iw* m iso in m* lI3M 113 113 103* 701* 101* IC7* >if* m* in m I”* W 89 01* Hcllllng. W WU Ul .... THE CHICAGO LITE STOCK MARKET. omat or tot: Dailt Tciirrvz, j TrteDAT Evening. January 23. > The ftdlowttß table shows the oatly receipts and shipments of Lire Slock ilortcp the week op to tbls mmnf. iu reported by the Secretary of the Union Stock X*rd Company: Sunday and Monday. Tuctday Total The receipts to-day were by the following routes: Cattle, U’icn. Sq«p. By HUco:B Central Read S 3t» 173 Uyßorlroetcnd: Qnlncy Road 2W 2,333 71 By fct. Louis ft Alton Road 233 .... By Noruwcaicrcßoad........ 73 331 571 r.y Hoc* Islacd Rend M S4l SO Uy intuburc ft Ft, w Read 65 By Michigan Central 191 .... Total 357 4.55 S £3O The shipment* to-day. and tor the week up to this TCLlng^wcre: Sunday and Monday. lDt»day Total 47 fft .... 6alf» to-day, m entered at the different Scale-houses, rerc a* follows: 4\ l i l '“ ( !' | CcnU-al Beale. um' ShC J^ At Northwestern Scaie j* cgj jjj v 103 a. Taj at? «hnw^r^‘ l 7 LL ~ To “ r W** l **»« market to-dsy was Sum i^H^ 1 “ Imocrf-ct idea of its actual enn- V s «»B»M*.UieleM. True, the supply SSfriSV C ? at '°* M ln “ala of a most beg 52ESSSiIIST?' iwsua-r. w« no tvidence menu had th« «,? I J ertc i cea essential Improve forest manifested fm^ r * 1)01 lliere *** * want ofin fcnerdUr, ud stlmalaUnKtoholSr?’ 1 1 ’ 1 W4 »*«r*Wns bat «*• «- market IKast, ban Jeheeke-L t^*SSl£? ,rt iV on 01 the the operations ot ■blpwl. ami ,le «tcnt, rharseterised by extreme*caati«« rtr ®* >v «“e , »t§ are Sflt 1 * * w foptUrtr nominal at fo J’ e^J? rlc ! s #rc qualities. Veal Caives arTS eoSISSS? 8 'oebo'c are quirk at tS.K* « Co tor caixSa T>an«artlous to-day were limited to iwimli -tv. were cirtded between city batcher, prices ranglnk Mom aiJKaats iK® TwcnU ' Cow. and rou t h thin B.m. K SLYS”** Drovers Khould restrict Ihtlr pnrchL« rh.^f, 8U * r, ‘ smooth shipping Steers aad P btou?SS?VS Cow*, as the demand ts principally for the^SiS?* 1 * Dec*. Common and inferior d^tme^^—,”? - demand, and will be found lob. unsalable. * O . l ,D « reduced rate*. The few salts « any chance la vines brace £ e m 2* suady aid aomlsrl at the e!o.j n « r4la»of uV t !?'* n cLosura mco. w«k. Extra />«¥#—Fine. tat. well-formed. 4 to s yearsoldbt ers, aid averatlng i,;pi th< and upwards Pflme Bftrm— Gco4, wtll-la inl, fairly 5 -* 3 formed Btecr*. .veracity from woo to Fair <.> u ’> *»—V»i r ? u-ci*,' in fair *fleih,*'ar- *’® sas, 53 tracloi;l.ttCkJt,?W »•. at Usm-x iliilivm f<u«»—sscdlum steer* and f..oa ’*'•** Cows, fit f->r ntr slsncMer, and averailnc lnnFCrui.lOOß 433fc3.M Fn < t —Common Cattle la decent De-h, arrracln*ft*(.<l.lOO Bs at If. ~yi,L iKhl and tfcln Cows ami hirers, rough and co«:*e.averaging S/MSSO as, uceisa .. 1.175 .. 84,330 45,075 :i,7« .. 43,190 100,400 821 GOO ~ia,»:o 150,411 .. 7.170 23.204 .. 2,114 13,792 .. 2,431 10,002 .. 1,796 3,090 .. 141 121 . 76.350 91 >77 IS 103 ... 0,010 3,377 ..03 S 3 210 Flfweu Ik ad lair Cows aud bletn, averag in* 1.031 ts.i<*i and watered, at 91.75. _ ll:tiir*oiir heart talr iWhr Fleers, averaging as, tr<i ami watered, al 55.87,'t* , Two load medium Cows, averaging 905 ftf. fed and VjlVblwra, averaging 1,011 ft*. fMandwa* re nth flock, averaging I.QM fts, Man! MMet-nhcid right thin Sierra, averaging 900 as, at IHiOs—Tlie market opened In lha unmlng eitrem-. Ij dull, and eonllaurd thus UH Ut? In the day, whe I under Ike meagre arrlrais. andllLdltig ho)d?n mi.Th- U- In* in ll,elr demand*. buy*-'S l>* k hold with sortie lit: * show nf splt 11. and Hi* b’dk ol the ollerlngr wrr<* tint'd mil st billr «P *" Hn>«« of yc«|i>Hay. Pahv endir»f*'«.wo lirsd, ahlrh were tak*n eiel'Mlre- It on lets! arm uni si a tanaeot JJ.SJaS.D I ,r r‘uti>ti’<n |f fair I'd*, and f*>r f"«l ••• i lvd» " l.^vr Hogs, iu« market closes lira al Iks atm e quuUUsos, All nt OtOlH H I/O* **llk»l fftm t UlUtfhl* hH IM* On* l( t\J ItiltlH |(<?J OdhW'l ««/*»♦ Olhrt Hi*Pf*i't***nli Tt'MIUV KfFlilkH. JnhHlf/ W, !«H. I'll KtHl|T'*=UOl,h'MH MtKIU Mia=«oF*4 p»» *■»' !«*»» w mw Vtfi 4»«( lly* j< vr l<* w»m «, ihufrihtwiiV i* it*** tofftt Uon wt Hie B* l'l, '■s (h«|)ib and Ail*4l 93 \M M llo»U.n f<n flfaml Trunk,,,,,, J.U4 fe I W ,;ft K.rimmi ri</ I»rand Trunk ~ t.lO ,m) Hiiiadaipbia.,i.ii w f t l3 ,ii juiluiafn 1.14 td 1,10 .10 HtUliuiiih .... 10 W 1.00 ID ......... 43 >3 *4 53 Jctlersuhldc, lud.. 43 83 TO ttii'iliiiall. Otilu 43 « M* 61 Fl <llllt-it'Tciv((i,7JUtirl«.t ablpped. l.lDlbri*. Ttie t- tout market dining tun weak ba* been null, neg* Icctrd «kt:<] ((.a. th e, uml prlcca weru weak (broiijrbnul, and KrsUic loivrr on good to choice brands. To-day time «m bnthr inquiry tor Um lower gradna, but nrlcrs were wHlodi charge. bil« loclutej Wmr* wintxm-35 brie not named, at (U.»; lObrUcoat (ik.CD: lu>tiiia«t» ot(12.60; bi-usu Extra*—ipo bris ••Mamie's" XXX at(11.19; 63 brlsnot named alfUAfl; ?t*hiUc.oß; luObrli “Oantcll’i KrocKlor• at (10.73; toe brU **3la-pc» interchange” ataiu.79: 90 trla "Onyx" at (10.19; 200brU -Mlun Islaca” on p.t.; Mi brU ••Novtlij’ on p.t.: Uohr I* lo( named at(10.53; 9iObri<uluat(lu.oo; (3 brU do at (9.50 s IDObrUdo (l'w>ai|jm; L’»>oixi>-100 brls not a. mul at (9.0 J; tvu.'.n r LTkis,—Sal bru cot named, at (&30: 3SO bnv do at *•«.»: arobrueoat (SOD; lixnris do at (I.Cau'; 60 bt Udo at (7.2 a; buckwheat Flocb-IC brhat (i3i>: la b'U do at (1.00; Coax Mkal—P, brU "Cbomoton of U.. «.«,■ tun rttlrt, at $1.50. 1 Wo quote tl.c < lualua pricca as follows; WbxTnt WutiT-vUOKu boaUicrn jtlmol»flS 50311_'4 Choice fit. 1/mla UtOall.iW „ „ WUconaln. 11.0Ut3.t0 Snnao Exnua-Fancy brands 11.15,* Cbob e id., Wu n Allan, atul lua-a 10.03^10.15 FatrOradua •.‘DmIOJo „ , _ tow Urade ».«U 9.73 Hprlnf Snperflae Biai Uye kinur CKU 6.n Bnckabeat Flonr 743 a. 7.15 w llKAT—llrceired, IPilO bn; ablppod, 330 bu. Uaikel dud and l>,«jc lower oa (teirjlar Ko. i bprlur. lel'tWLie; too ho Ued (byeamptc) at (I.W deilrerfd; 4(D bn bpriogrbr aample) at(J.?i; »>J b-j So. 7 (A. J). & Co.» at fldO; 9,0(0 oudoat |18J; JiOOO budool (l.Flti ; W.OOO bn co at|i.Bl; 15.0,0 bn -not ; lO.Oca HUQU at (l.SI; b.'O na Rejected at 51A9; l.t>i lu do aldJC—cl using nominal at (1.031 SI.T far Ao. S in rcsclar looms. LATEU. dnil aud lvalue lowir on No.I; other grid-son chanced. Sale* were: 10,000 liu Ku. 1 at 77c; S.OOO ba do at 76AC; IS.OiKiba do at76Mc; 15400 bn duatlSVc; S.CdC bo <o nt 76Nc; 5,000 on do at 76c; 1030 l«a .Vo.a at (Sc; 7.000 »u llek-ctc<l tttStc; 1,700 hndo at 53XC; I.oo} bu no at 55^c; &4U) nu do at iJc—cloelng qalet at 10c lorN'o. I in-.lore. 04T**—Iitrelvol,3,000ba; shipped,none. Mark*l ecu unil easier. Salt* were: 8,000 ba >'o.2 at 40 tic; 3,KObortoal4oc. ' t< YK— Itwwcd, 5001 m; shipped, soce. Market drill and Ki'.'c lower. bain were: 40d Pa No. lat BJc; SA) bn do at BSc; BCO bo on at S7c. IlAKLKV—Recelvrd. 1.F.5 ha; shipped,BX hn. Market dull. were: “CO bo No. 1 at al.tM; 7,003 bu No.SalCCc; SCO bn by eanip.o at (1.23; bOObudoat (1.00. UuOU.II t'OltN—'lnc market U dull nail lower lor common to uimluui grades. Choice Is scarce an’! firmly bold, dales to-day were: 3 too* Common at (uo.OO. UKA**-Sale* were: 31 brls at 12. M. ItLTTKU—Received. 2,11:1 as; shipped, 3,70 Hw. Tbegmetnlcliaraiterorthcmarkct remains »übstar.- tlally iiirumoao prcvlons.y noted. Tlierelaa Call demand lor choice Ut»e qualities to BQppiy local customer*, and for inch, turner a moderate supply, prices veep well tip. and are comparatively ftnn at quotation'*. Common descriptions ate doll and neg lected. and sale* are slow at any Qeure. We quote: Choice to Lmry 35 c (•oodTub 20 (333 c Common Fl’kln li (,v.S c Prime Firkin....' a 031 c IIAOIJJM.’-Trsde continue--* viry slack, and (lie market may oc s»ld to be without chance, cither la tunc or price. The demand Is con’incd chiefly to small orders tri'in tl c country. Wa repeal our list: f aMona* A.S bu, scamieia linen (17.00 I'nlonA, 2bu do to,oo Illinois A, X Im. do C*>rn Hibancc 49,00 Mark A.ioitou seamless .JO.OO T.nrlston A. do f 70,00 Aii'trtMugirln do 63.00 American. do Em.uO imvcr Wills, do 6T..00 I’lttslitld tt, do ..63.00 l*iim Willi, do 70 00 Fort I’m, do blltto, do 68,00 r-aco. linen and cotton 35.110 lllrtkcwood, do 85.00 yprmaneid .......... 83.03 Uunnln 77,00 Jlurlaos.4 hu, Ko.l ibt.OO Kinntrn l I«t <?llKK*K—' There ts no improvement to note In tho general market, trade continuing very dull, with adis position mi the part of dealers, generally, w rludo pt let*. sc. Ihe slock* are not larga, though to e*. re«* of present deumnes. We make no chauge la our quotations, m f dlowsi .Sew Vom Factory (genuine) IS at? c Factory (Illinois; 10 all c Hamburg 10 ml 7 c Wr-Slrm rules rati c Wt stern Uescnre mjs c “Young Amctica'*.... mq c I'llA 1.-Hie will weather of the pasttrw tltys liw riven trade an impetus. and Inpsrtcd a tinner Inulimc amoiß dealers gsieraly. lUosshuftf. Krle and llrlir Hill are In rather HintiM stocks, ami ft»r these varh* Ilea the market rules siur at lull rates. hnlt>m poorer dfscriptiobsaro In abundant supply and concessions are freely ullr.rcd. We quote! F.iiia-lucoKnciii a n.m do Ortinhr nOO Cutvstaau—tl»l*r Hi 11... 11.00 do Mineral llldse 10. no do Willow Rank 10.00 do Tunnel 1000 Chioi-twa 10.00 Hh-Mliiirr noi l.mnp ia.OOOiQ.iQ l-nrkssana, prepared Ildt I'iu.icni uin Illinois Q.Od^lkOO do 1 on t*aek BA>4 Ymiriil* rhrt y 11.00 rUFThK—'lliorelsro perceptiblechange to notn In Hus blanch u( butuiesi. Prim are firm, as fob ln»« j Cattle, llnjt. steep. . 11l 1.794 ICO . 337 I.SSI FSO . 493 6,179 950 Cattle. Hogi. sheep. CATTLE SALES TO-UAT. WlUilfMllinntOOhrwlimtsH. Wfnole the(bllo*lnrl truiMcUui*! ; 1100 BALKS 10 UAV. lit Ulru&rrcn t0t........... 19 rainniuamr M fair*>ai(m (ion • 61 iomi even li t . W iwd l)«iOii I lu*f 40 thir > nrnn li.l 44 cl e |(c heart 110ga... . UO coed cten int... W cnee f-« lot 1,6 (*i <n| Una* 01 rmdlrtn Pd tt cimml liermi iii>(t M fall (rnrae |nt M fair 1.1 11l ltlrl»<ie* SUEU'-Thc (ilriDced rate* of tut weekl>itln*i duml tiior" liberal rrotlpte, the arrival* (o-d>f twin* qaitolibernl. Tiifrewaaa rood demand cm iseolne rtiunlanalheliullcof the offerlDßi were taken up at* lultpHi**. Balea rahrace Ml bead at ft.TVaStb (m talr to pood (at Mutton 81nep. We note (he Pi'towltuv BUKEI’ BALES TIMJAT. 5t .... - Ar. I’rlfi*. Plfillf W 50/ w«•»!»♦• .......... . .<4.4 w 6-W B* itiulre Aiultuu fcli“fp. 444* 4 ii4****ti**.iiiill3 9AO U fcUtllii IlfcVlfcW OF TIIS ttillUAOO iHAUIt Kl*» Al.COnOlj—Nomlcal at (1.5a%4.10. XU * N- Somhal at (U OAjtltin on track. .lava bw««x« 1110, lomnion to (air It'o. ROdii to ITliKf. J0k«37j50 Hi j, pr ima to choice Vo roOI'KKAUK—TIie general tnarket rnloi ilrai, ami | hoc a nro iimettl**. f»aioa Inrliolo (no I’o'k liar* maai (1.401 lUJ tlo (muwl hemp) at (l.:nt 103 Lanl Tii rn a (iniicil hoop) at (U 0 \ K 0 tiu (prtfuu made) at (3.10 il"'. j’ork llamu ........(IJIOia 1.40 laM 11rma.,., 1 '/,v* a,dO U'liikhoy llairr'a e.IM >.*o iimirr hega, U.oa*lM«) ,BfO Riga, each I.HU 1.19 mnr •arrria.rmin'tlionp an.* vq Tour imrnta. flat hoop Oik* no Itoop I'oloa, lllrknry .........I.VnatVflO IliH i> 111 r«, link Co.UO«a.t,iM iiooUnat All a.ooi <?AM) I,KH-The market ta ateailr andwltnontTlt. InimnaiiUi’ln l>rl<*'a. Wr cmiUi-im tn(|uu|e| r-irl niA. I'iTk ft Co,’» laM Dlrarttm 10 Ul7 e I l * tra Tallow, Bictni.e,. ||\n Taiiow. »<» nuance Vaslmc, (• ft UkAllkO Mar. ft fttßclinrhliTft t'o/a).. vj <491 q DIMU.H AND CIIIMIIOAI.H—trade ta fair, anditmli’i* report au improveuiett m llir denuna. I'new are a ea«icr. We rev|*e quotation* t Akxw. hteolnne, UumTraff aorta, taaftc F0>...... 00c tluin Shellac AVtCOo Aiuu ? 4Vao c dura Trac, flake iauams Ammtto .. ......ocutefl.oo (lum UyrrU,Tkr :jo Ar»«iilc, paw.,.. tofciOc (ium Opium Airour.ioi, jam. 30c Ipecac S.ik) Arrrwroot, Her. »V Indigo I.AAiO.iO Hal. t'opavla.... 00ti93c lodine “.OkjJ.M Hal. Tolu t:A lodide l*otaa 5.n K>ig.Hl<nrb.&«la 9it 10c Jalap.. .3.90&1.09 i 1-varb. Fotaih. V)c Juniper Uerry... s^lOc ftrrax, refined... ffliSSO*. Morphine «.35 Camphor, d 0.... I/O 0i1Caatnr........2,1023.15 CoptHiraa, Am... Sate Qnlckallvor...... Cream Tar., pure lOc oulnlno... 3.43 Ci.lkU Bo vltroi.bfae UaUc nice, white QV.-tOc Soda A>h AHc<3e LV«aoe (Hanbcr Salts.... S.ViiiVc Aqua Ammonia. 1&314C Cauatlc Soda li>c Chryatal Silicate Carb Ammonia., 21335 c Sal Soda Sn. Turcentlne.. 'The market vu quiet 10-dac, and aaiea wcreaiuwat ZWflc tor limed Esc*. and fiD.ioOc for •tnctl* fresh In box'-* or tubs. Sales were: ii dor at 80c* lOOoiz limed atfiec. FUriTSAND NCTJ—TrrisFMqßlet f'-dsv, with prl«t> »t»adv and tolerably Orm tt previous rmto*. The »:ocke sir 1 -Ir thouzn by no meats exc»*dre, and pi ten bare rather an upward tendency than otherwise, choice Winter Apple* are In tteady fair demand on local screen t. and owlsc to the limit'd (apply ot such id the market, prices continue to advance. Dealers were tolillr.s Crmiy to-dnvat WX0&6.00, with sates ot ft v«ry prime article at Cranberries are in request and steady at Il2.trtarl.oo per barrel. Dried apple* remain (Jutland slow at quotations. The lob lowing are the prices current: Apples. F brl ixnoris Ma’cja itanterritN per brl Cranberries, cultivated FJp».dnjia M a 25 J'lsn castoocs Sf) s» Dale* 2Si ft 29 Cun Peaches. V do*., S » cans 1.(3 « |.;j Apples, b0w.... 9 S 1! Itachea. btlTCssnd quarters 1< fl u l*ca« bts pared is ft 15 Blcci.bertJe‘.ne«, Pft S 3 (4 Si lUfplxrno.oew, * & W ft 63 Cbenics. plitu! €S Eldtrbemtf, V W ft J 6 ItalsJss, l»yei> !•» 01.0 ItiWcs. Valeria 13 0 19 bardttes,*! Nx«s S ’i tanUiica |i boxes S 3 0 U JiTW. Altrendp. bard pliHlert 23 ® 2t ! Asiat»ndi,*oCl Mellfd.. ® g Altnonrip. paptr fclid'ed M <ft » I’eatmt«,V a.wi,ro>ngton « ® W ItrasllSuta «« 3 Fiibcrtp '■ £ J 5 FrepcnWalntiU.Eew Jt ® J 3 Naples WalMiw » ® •« IVvara. fcad l«f«e « A W HlftitySon. V6n 5$ 9 JJ; I rur<tnuip, Vbn <*w • Kls*||— ■iterewPCMCtlyany recrement Inidsds ; patlrecaxel trade. and Quotation* are on»«.e tjlnj*. : Tlerelpalitht liqnlrr «n local areoupt nat a?M*s j S>mibtettwte!M.othli»it doing. Tbe tallowing are ( lsrcotn-ialralc«a: ,*■, I * ?5 ’SI IM StECtrrcl, icT-Vl m «iw ?.ocu 9JK M extra me*;* r. m § CwllUh. P«ut, ;■ .-w. »•« Ha « 558 IS U, «,d.;i0,1, v boi v>. » labrador limit ga,* ** tori l l*is >i m u nil ............... 3^4 Norwegian « Ks¥M •• - M’a V orl • FTKS—FaleMnelnde 1,«C0 Slusmt at 2Mt3Sc;G) Baecoon at 15«45c: » Grey Fox at 60c'; SO Mint at *IOO CUO;EW ftp Mm Isklna at tswAoc. _ . i»hka>E—Market firm at tbe fouowlnß quota- WbUe £ Teliow Grva-e f. « brown Grease U **'«- 1 IIHJH a IXF**—ll.nded are oomlt al at Static. HOr*—Are quitt bat firmly held at (as®c for EMi-»n.anrts.\*iOclor We'lern. ...... . . I)UR«t>KI» mu;-*—Received, 2.231; rtippod. •rfW. Market a made firmer. sales we^c: ♦pCTexabfcf, at *<•» S areragln;; ill ftp, at....- ~ *-50 « •• j-» i\ .... fta. at 51 „ ....ft*, at 52 “ .... ftp, at J* “ I’O ftp. at 7.23 ,5 108 ftsat IJO ;S * •••• »s«» 323 tonttceraoft’s‘it® 8 ’* 1 * 110 jS aimi 5. K »a »s aLV.V.’.V.V.V.V.* * VJso * nod I'.IS 9 4. JW ft., at 7*l “elwane«t ** ®L*»at ~.’o andl.tO lIA .••t p dl»|rtin6 nn 709 fts. eapier.*Tba aut*hisSl c * 1,1 M ~Ue* Quiet, and prlc« are tboticb aulUdeat to trttlj oflcied. round lull couectoloas are Tlmotbr. roller «?rt U^^ AU * mct *> J‘"ttl.y,i» ££h a *£-•*" PietMsd. mOP^U.M OMne/bcaitf tmSCP Tlttath r. rnipfa, ,B " J,LW JiJ.VIjT-li*.. HmmV" ItS.KWT.M I iT.VI. I Um-a UulcbVrs?° U n 10 <l ' Jole a * tolbwal me ' tl, ,tn ' i ®,»m= 1 Bs¥- 3 » I SKoS rtP S ®B»W» , IPSiilsilSft ' * * ph« 9hn ll«ll ljt«l anil fair liman ( Yc j hllrfl Iron, . lui* * C KUrn brand* ............,............ .. 7*2 ’**'

u!*Jl ”>»• »i.... chert mn.cimreoal ~,,, py<a . fcOKl I'Ol, c S' ney ifm none U........ Uw «w o o« ku»i, 2jJ m 2 Hmr .It.*!!**! ’!*!!! ! ii Sti S Bprlieatd lire feu*l.&et6di..!.:;u!.;!:!:il 2u e • '■oj ordinary ilu*.. |j 2d 0 H'J»l*tcO Kr« m £«■ 2 {(DM}*, Ktit. Band |Q MM r Uumlb. Am.* )«t quail r. *• Ml U" e mum 55!lll’: »“S ? . ..*/«■ w teS'SKSIf Tbe clfiuiud ii ihutut). and ortroi are without change, City UancM, a/_ Bole, ** W* 40 40a 43 f ******* MA w BlancbU-r knit, * I.AVLt. is <*• « Cmcno. N1...1 «i II tup. UiMluu, ■ Slumfir Bolt, * Call“n*tt CtiTcano, No. * 3l'| n Vi, i*»T “•/*•*“* Uoeaoa Ayroi... 81a 4C Br ** ®‘ Orlh"ro 801 e.!,,, S7A 9j rV , .u ,rr .i , . , «T , *‘ **••*? OrlniWii, ruxJ, Coii*r 4 V lm Ji iJaimeed,,,*.,, aifi J.’ E’ahlfbWPtlp,,, Ot* lV Flench 144»Ll 4 4»L 81 !«mrM, va,.,* I*l <4 lUUIJ9 iip Nn, l| tut* tM. lui.i, ■ ODal in 0iuai.j........ l.ltul.K fnwli t'af.i.i. * 1 " i'P'f'i iteun riVptKi.rrfrsiysmj.v."" • rlr*» ati'T Olimf ft*irlh|i. m> y w wl*lr f * MH ’ - n»4r %;S ffli n«n«»i'jwii koarila, aviaut, i| incii ami AntiSVltvimi.'. it block imanti, 11-inrtiw. V3Uioui7lou C. nnni.n Jm»u, Bnutliliis, Fenr» |n*c, aiiti btbkil Timber, 1) (o Id fauS . Il l K IIJOATJOO Joura and acant irif, 90,8) ana 91 foal THWwaojM Jolauand tfcanUliiu MJC ciiimiiu—A or hlar bbavtd bbiQKiu...... i>o A or blar ►awiMtrtMnijlc* SMiaAO . S<». I hawnl Slrn«lr» a^uAVOO Jutu—p*r m In yardi liy rar-Joatl by Norihwe»u*rn Uallmail, (tillvrrrdtuanv yard vnere can can M •ullcbed.oi ary depot: Aor Hlar tiaw od eiuLKlra, by car-load,on uaiV 4AVH.M Aurrtiar siiatea BUldklm, by car-load, • on track B.7>aiJo i Hawed Blilrjflw, by car-load, on track tja Tlirio dt>Uar« a car-load added wneu trantferred, which charso Ibilow* tbe elilncln In freight bill. etUKouaaraxDaKD. Tblcksn*—Flto anlosiea to be two tachoa In thlqk- Lerjtth—Sixteen lnch«, tniiila—Twenty Incbee. Cour»«»—T aemy-ove. r>iKTAL-* AND TINSBUB* KTOnK-Thrrc ta bot Utile chance to note atnee our lad report, Prtcn are £nn at the annexed qaoUUnna: At, Price.) .tO |MI , . rti otf ' .in eio . D M ; .ltd 011 . ill 0.11 .»M 0 U ,5M OJ7.’( . T 4 0.91 .SU 0.11 , Ifl 6.01 . iio 019 . e. 90 . 191 6.90 . 930 0.19 tin. Box Tin 11ate, 1 C . 10XU‘ (UAO Targe lie* 57 Nmall Flge im Bar Tin 89 copra:. Metallic al* Itotta... 33 Copper 53 BrazierauTtrlOßs.. 43 bPertlnge Utol6 oz 49 Tlcnlng* id UaUIIITMETaU lit quality S 3 Antimony SO Fine bolder 30 N AlLS—There It a IW steady. We quote: Cd * Kee 17.001 8d .7 21 3d 7.96 ! NAVA I, ?*TOItKS*-Tl dealers xvport a lair trade fc On Manilla Rope price* ate Quotations: Tar (3.00 Yankee Pitch 6.00 N'. C. Fitch B.UO Malian Flax Packing. 3Ck Italian lletnp Packing 40c tlocllcmp. Sup 32c Am. Ilimp, No. 1.... 20c Am. Ucmn. No. i 13c Lath Tam MxnU- U nvostc Manilla Hay Hope.',’! <4j£* Manilla Hope 23*®24c Marline jjot sub Cord bOc i«’akum f7.bO3BJX i Hemp Twine _ . i l*at>cr Twine 35«40r The general market continues dnlMwltb triers noalna'lr nnchatccd. Linseed oil U In lutie better demand, and a trlße timer. Lard Oil lain fair request, aud compaiatlvcly flna a; our quuutloas. We repeat out list: Linseed Oil a aiA) lacsetdOli, bulled Ml :& Ollre Oil M2.W V>l;alc Cll, W. B I.3ju 1,10 L*rdOH.«*asrn LJO-il.a L*rr 0K.N0.l Winter l-lV'*l.‘j<i lArtl Oil, 3»o. 2 Winter . LffiMMO Bank Oil, round lota 1.)Vtt.30 Machine Oil ICKt-0.10 bpemOil. W.D Mdit Lubricating 0i1.... SV-SI.OO CnitorOll S.'Aot.LSO ftcaUtoot oil 1^0«»U0 ( AKIION <ll l<— There Is more inquiry today, and the general (Leilci «as firmer. we quote the market M«ady at (lie prices puen "clow: Carom, V car load Carbon, small lota Me llrnzole PKUVIr-lUNX-Kccclvtsl. 47,190 bs Cured Meats; K!1 bile I’orkncd ns Lard; rblpped. 139.159 B* Cun-d Meats ; 39 brUUccf; 127 brls Fork amliu.3l4 B>* l.nrd. itlcsu INtrU—Qnlct but a trl»!e llrmcr. Sales were; COO or s ai with sellers generally de uiandlngtlk.TT*. {*m*i-t Ptculcd J?bouldcra-Salcs were: 71 brls 81(1570. fcoutlnh Mentis—<iDt«t.bales were: 800 bn Cum* iKriaiidaatHV lUMevc.) Hulk illoit*—sale* were: *7.00!) c>« Clear SMe* at 10j*c loose; so.ouO »•* I). B. Shoulders at 7t,c lonet RIOO Ba lluuuli bldrsnt HliC tooioi 10,W* Be U, 8. bliottldera ntlJi'c Ico'o; UO.Oou it* do at 7.vr, at I’cjtlo. barer Krbiusry; bmlo at p. t« stficr March. Ilncnn—Mliß were: 3C.C00 &>■ Smoked Clear Side* ntiiiHcvkd: W,UO Bs bboulders at 10c pktli lo tea iUo *al like. <*ri*rn rflcnts-Qolcl but arm. Bales were 1,000 lintmi*. h.MtU'tc. I.nnl-ltinctl*" Sot firmer. Bale* were: 10J tea Steam «t tisr—*>-tlera aekltur HK'itl.kc. We c.yite tiic ramie of price* to-day as follow* t Clear l*urk iwtHUH.W Mr** IH.WUIB.TB 1*1(11)0 Mcm tfl.Mi*t7.oo Ktiral’rlmc in.MrAt(jOu Kuniju ll^OsU^O Me** Beef. 13.00w1f1.0C Kura Mt«a Beef. HMWilh.m Beef Ham* 13.00031JW B*»T«t l lckmi jlitlL* 10WU1I 0 rumtierlan'i Mlildlr* (Ikiipu)....., avt* 0 c bliori itlb Mkdlra (boxed) o Short Clear Middle* (parsed)....... (Ummll c Mretfiinl Middle* (peeked) . tfy* pvp Loiicrul HaiuMpacksd).... iiulo'ac U. b. Hliotiiden(ii«efcod|.,. 7ki« « e |i. B.Slinulderallnoe), 7k'4 ;u u H,h. Hama (parked) OVmH-e Itmuli Slilrt ........ B'ifat II c ureenllMiia W<a D)»t tlrsrn shoulders...., Oku nwr (Irren 61’iea... H w *kc llWAltKc njift I’OliV/l’Vl Y-VaWVnrJnrte VitnVrn'HreMnl »t» *t f t IW I ilo »» M 00l I lx»X tin «l |i (»| I 4 doi'U mo.i«J Jiuckx |,IOG »• Urcuoti Tur- Ho* at Hr i I.SiW C>l <!o M IV. IMIiVhi.U AND HIHtT-Ttift mnrkrtti* non iirlnx ■»«> ui Htlint. Wo rouliuuu lo «jimto i Itinol'owm-r..... IllMtlllK iMKdIT 0M40.00 Hhut ufi«n>) luvaiun HilcWolii’t B Uttf V ft..... u (418 i l*A ISTP*—'l Im market In lifrKM, and altojtclUrf rim linn m lit followina utmU-ioiiM 11. |„ I’rnri blHiirtM.9ll.lXl Httperlnr U.V imptiinl IB.IU Ifriulum HnlLrnd li.W l.rdo O''a Uißinlinl . Miwotirl. bad Ccad two FrPLi'ii/.lm’.tmrp.... dao Ml, mint* filaf lO.W Atner. finow WliUo.. 17.10 I). H. tiU'itinn'p rtir« American Mtar iimni in on i7.oc uardm city n.twi ctiunu<» I'Hlot Work* _ HUtnmnl || M in on iwn imi. Mtijuimii * /.Inc, |>rnr)M.rn in Oil liMN . 15.0 C Sew .li fM’V I'nrlof Htiow White, hi. iniri*....... iMVi /mo, imp* it,OD h1.101.1* (Jitlni 1.-Mifll 19.01 I 1 Hi I ItON-U Hi demand Mid dU-ttOy iu pr«vi«u*ljr (illOtcdl M-otni 1*11:1 No. I f ion |Co.Ma®,ft Massillon, So. 1... MM MM»ltl..|i,No.7 MW Innilon, .So. 1......... 99.(ii tu*nr«WM. No, 1....... M.u •» It 1 M.UC •• No. AU<C taka UHppfior, No, 1 Morgan m.oc *♦ “ So, 1 llrmtwood.... tojK I*AI*F.U-Tiadn is lair, unit prieea are fully sus tained amt firm. We continue U> quote: iiooic raKr, ¥ fc w an e New* I* B ....10 (£9O j Wrapping, ** 3'4* 0 r l*A»*Klt VTOl.'ls —!♦ In demand and scarre, ami firm, utiull priori. We icpeM our list as follows: Cotton llaus, nuxid Hope and itasglng 4 c Cable l.otm 5 (25 Vr it 1 C’E-Tbr demand la light, and prices are a made easier. We quote: Anacan lOVAII c liAna II Gallic Rangoon. Carolina. MAKCll—l*ln«uir Jem*LO,ttad price* arefirm at the lollowios quotation*: KltcslonJ. Corn IS Qll Klßßftord, Pure. 11 (<*ujf KlDSfford, Kefirert 13 01l£ Kmpfbrd. bllrer Olou I2u<al3* Imre Laotury .. » gu cttavaCorn 12 (sl3 *s?<Sio !*l*lCES—Arc frlthottt cb&oce. no continue to qtk le: I'.ppcr | 353 S 3 nmaito.. ;: .. v Jtl3 86 Xntmrcf, So. 1.. Nutmegs, Jfo. 2. CaMIA Cloccs 53. J 53 IL® demand Is cn’y moderate, and wt note a cecline of be on Falrbank, Peck A Co.'s Soaps. We rtTlse oooUtlons: E. Schneider A Co.'s Palm. Proctor A Gamtle’s German Mottled c C*»Ule ?vftp,Am . lt» t FomsuCaadle 23 «23 t Dwight's fail weight. U}f(£X2 < Old Kacllsh. ftill arclsht. II &llft Old English, short wclebt. uiouc Rlrk’s German MolUtd ICV‘<ll c K;rk's Austrian SKc h Irk’d No. X Palm 7 & ~\c Kirk's Palo Family 10 ttlOitc Yankee Chemical O&^XOltc .(3.0) « €.03 . 9.00 <4l,lj)n .13.00 (413.00 .15.00 CS>UM Emery'ii Improved Ercelve 9 a 9hc F»trboLk,Pec&& Co.’s Ccrman Mottled 9 $lO c •• •* •* Kraslve 8 « 9 c " ** ** Palm 7® 8 c SODA AM) SAIVEtCATU»*-Aru steady, wltb no rhanp: In pncta. We cxnUoue to quote: E&tbiu's A.«oicloal : UVftlS c *• Pore lihWJkc re'and's Chemical Kiteta c •• Healthy 12};6MiJfc M Pure iifc-Aiiv Nl:tiAlt?»—lbe prccral market roles arm, »m rnctsareftsby tiamtaUcd. We continue to quote; -^STig N. V. UtSrrO.l’owilerctlaad Cr«;m«led.-..l6Xv*l6Vc White A UK4I6 c Circle A 15J*5tl5*c White B lt*GlsHe Kmc UV^IU'C Yellow C « GW c oxcsnlc loveu c Ostata C. f«ra. U.ViH New Orleans prime.... WXGUi'c New Orleans fair .7 M’.ftlJfcc !»VUrP?- I The oemaad is Ugh: sad pries are rtraaT. We quote: Ntw York Srrcp* f 61&1.1S Yellow Drips Uftai.2o Cnta Mo.**e> TAa » I-urtolheo »■* © Hcf Dirt 6)0 fi chieaco lUOaezr, Amber. uaxai.ic “ “ Golden SO4 M m •• sugar House. 7*3 S 3 SAI/T"—Received, none; shipped. -Op brU. The cfpcr»j maik*l role* firm, bale of SlO brla at (CAS, delivered* Wcquote: . }«ew fine. f2AS Coarse «*® Ground Alum S.OB@t.lO Turk'* lilsnfl. hags 2AO Ground bolar Dairy. with sam 5.00 Dairy. without eac«:a . „ 5.75 Tin* market tnlts She, Sale» tncmde «ba Timothy at T ,. 3) m c . do at (&30: 21 Dan do at fitw: 11 oan do ai#2H;s» bats Clover at fT.I3. TEA?*— lbe‘market is prices are with out ctcidtd chance. We quote: Yount Uyson, scrertur to nor. ? B 11.1W1.U 00 1 extra to cholc«*. ? ® Imperial, superior to On*. t» »•■•••• *MQ>W ‘ co extra 10 choice. V B H&HS Gunpowder. superior to hue, 1 co cilia tocnclce. f 8.......... T.. a » natural leak tine to eitra line, ¥ »... 1.««1.ta v *‘“o «io IlcetOfb lee, V B l.SfcilJa dn do colored,?® .. 1J5.t1.50 TOOMim-Tbe utaruct U deli, and entirely nom- Inal o' tor qnotaUrw, which arc aa folio*t i uns err Cbkwiso— Kitra Cnoieo M*dinm Con. men SllCKlM*'l"n-Vm>— . Ylrctnlas FsTOnte.... Chi tee Conmics Stem? pixo Ton.icro— J,oj*l citisen........ FarniT** IK-llß’it Ks'«r#> Leaf. Half Unch« • Cbriec Blatt. ronno... pcdlnm Navies ........ Virginia 10* and a?.. Flounders TV IN t> AN *) Llljrd prices are west. " * itoaemo ooore. Do, !0 Vtent U.P.. *.M Mflnoneahela *•« nt*wtll«fcpt (Ciiic.j. w ll'urhon doitbleaco) Jhirt Spirits 11*1*011. 1.40 C')lßfpeEplrilf,WF t^foarotVliiaV.At* J.)® Oo BtstKll«^A»»3^2 do I<uma.<i.3.sii4l£ do It «tce.l.r*4!-00 do fVy do**. . t.D» do Cllnart WJt*«4....i.T<?»3.52 Ch-m witjp.4... i.Tvef.OT Insekf'Pfrr.Wlne.t.Nvstro UM’txrry wtt)p..t3'va3w 4. truand Htlih. 8.00,48.30 *ctih »ie ...... lAkjllJn fc.M.ltakr . ikitif. .... OM? mbliiiuu t .U , ”SV.TS" n w l "2,°!;'; ,ha ” ir “ i{®«-li, J cold. doliTf raj li.Wolt 0" y»rd 10/0.a11.0. C? f *. 14.t0ra1».» «n?-.V-.J , r?' c . rtTßU ' Ml* »•» lhlpl*ed, 11.*1" a* J™* Ji dMilnt the week ou bteaqnl*t, andprl coudlWo at «v 1 Boch * u *~* ft t-i ot MW a* choice Pork Parkins a« Jmltaiinpolln* lnd« (From Ihe InJiaoipolli (iatrlie. January J.i I Tho pv Line mm ncl «ed y«trrJflf. 61,1T1 b*!** I «\ e; wen pB-lied. of whim worth wcr. ou com n '' .-’A» Dtl tin nmalndiT on periunal ac-mnl. I.ul Ttm W.tto were put up. ihuamg an iccrMße ol IT*TO. A ii/JSF* AND UEi’AiauiiE or Winter ArmnyeMent* tUtfAoo Ahb Nolrniwtirntift tultnoAt)-oMAtU I’Al Iflc UAi-UAPOr MoDrti WALLS flrtlSßTi - ...... I sate. ArHte* OhinfcaPsst Jib*,,,...,, ♦ftlJAita. KApless.., 7jWO. tih lojma, w, lUiou las§eLger..., Jlw iwp.lfl, M ... ttIBkMiITIIM. glCetiMl PlMU(fC«in .. •I'NPUH, W, •Uilfti.m; *«*i • MIKM ........ ........ »:.!>! il,m, »rtlID (, in. »|.l(l*.l* UOIINBII (iC (MMI, „ „ AKDaikimHIIIHIT, ||«» Pi|.r , M m •fiivin.m, hlHltif,a , •HWIP 111, •Aiiiiia, ni. n, •(haMi.ih, niM \W»nl>lwh Arruimiiiia'n ,nm u, m, •**)», m, IM'ftw*" w u, ' m '” i,n *• Nlulti 4{iMu,w. b;yait,ui, Keunkha Aernmtniid'n.,, 4:k)p,in. o:i3i, m, Waukegan Accommod’n, fitilOp, m, fijSda. m. Milwaukee Accoiiimodki. iitf&p.m. ftsJW*. m Uio, u Dunlap, oeu’l bun’t. n. F. Patrick, Genera) I'asaingar Ageev. All's. Oiii t-SSTKAL &A4L«ua.~—u*»ul, _*roz. AOC* ortATl KTlBt, Mornlns Express *s:ooa.n. *845 p. n,. Pay Bxpreai •“jOOa.n*. •UjOUji. m. Evening Express 15.39 p, m.t*H: & p. m. NlgbvCxprtes jrnia p. n. a. c. cLWi iKNiTt akd LonuTiu.a rtumf. Morning Express * *1(123 a. m. Night Express 15:00 p. m. *ll:0t p. b* MirtnoAN aotmiaiut abo aex auoni linn-ox pot couisa tab ouues AMD tutstuji struts. rotauo Urti. Mall. * *8:55 p.c Day KxprciJ *":00a. m. *li:00p. c. New York Express 3: 9 p.m. t!2:?0p. tt Night Expree?..... nitOCp.u. *C;OOa. i- MVRO.V LUI, Mali.... ... *4:45a.m. htum Night Exprcas tlftoup. n. *3:55 p.m rzrrJßTActr, mat wathn and cku^oo. Mall *t:2o a. n. 6cl<o a.zl Express *::OOa. m. lisce.c. Fas*. Lin?. 8:13 p.m. 7:40 p.n. Express *j»o:oop.nv. 11:00p. a nxpcoa caimuL. Dty Passenger *9:20 a. m. *lts3o p. at. Night Passenger {KhOUp.m. *6:lsa. m. Kankakee Acconmed'n. *«:osp. m. *V;2i a. a. Uyde l*art ana Oak Wood *8:20 a. o. *7:45 a. r„ * k •* “ *12:10 p.m.- *»;51 a. c. w •* u »... *3;W p. n. *I:STp.E. u “ “ *5:53 p. m. *7:20 p. c CHICAGO. BTmm«2os ABU QCZBCX. OayExprcxs and Ma 11... *SrWa.m. *ooop. m. <<alcabargP»«6eogcr.. . *3:oop.m. *i.OJ p. m. Anrora •5:10p.m. *9o* a. c. Night Expreas J 12.00 mid’ht tl:9oa. a. omcAuo As_ rr. tot;:a. Aipreas and Mail B*oSa.s. 9:45 p.m. Night Bxpreaa 9:15 p. m. &30 a. c Toilet and Wilmington Accommodation 4:09 p.m. 9:45 a. m CHICAGO A.HD SHSAI SAitUS—(LiTT CTNOBFIt aib tnrx)— jmwATJxaa ratlboas pxpo?. coa, CANAL ABD KIMZU fTBXSSS. ‘ Day Exprcee .... ti;3oa-ra. 10:55 Night Express 9:00 p.m. 3:50 p. m. (OS IHUIAfiAPOUB, LOUnTUXa ANU COi-XNNAT:. Osy Express 6:30 a. m. 19:55 p. m Slzbl Express ftnOp.m. &50 a. a Columbus Express 0:37 a. m. 10:55 p. c “ “ 9:00 p.n. &50 a. m. Accommodation 9:35 a. s>. 9:09 a. m. l * u 5:15 p.m. few) o. c C3UCASO, BOOS ISLAND ASDPACITIC BAHJIOAD. Day ExpressandMall... *9:ooa.m *s:3op. m. Night Express 12:00 p. m. *5:45 a. m louci Accommodation.. 4:40 p.m. *y*.4o a. c •Sunday cxccpied, tMonday cxccptod, {Satorday •xcepted. let qnallly, ca«k 13 V l"i quality, aheet. 14' blab SSXOIIT wiut. 1 to 6 11 7.8 and 9 U 10 and ii u U II 13 and 14 15 U and tfl is isl.*!!”*.* 19 II •A' .73 Fence Wire... 10 trade doing, and price* are |2d $3.73 3d, floe blued 9.23 3d. fine blued 13.23 CulSnlkM 6.73 CUtc b Set 8.75 rbe market la active, and tor this season of me year, sailade easier. Werenac C?nON STOCK TABD Tin TABLE. Leave iladlson Street. I .cave Stock Yards. ikW a.m. « mo a. a. a. m. 9:10 a. m. lC:no a. m. ll:'$0 a. m. 15:80 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 2:20 .p.m. 4MXJ p.m. 4:45 p.m. 3:40 p.m. SUKDAT THAISB. fcsu a. m. I this a. m. 10:20 a. m. 11:45 a. m. 12:30 p.m.i feSO p.m. 4a)o p, m. I SaS p. m. The following is the new table for the arriva and departure of malls from the Hilcaso Post OQlce for the winter, and now in torrii: XAU4 CLOSE. P. O. CUXCAdO,tLU HAILS ATtIUTB, a. m. p. m. a. m. p. m. 2:00....Mich. South. R. K,. .... ifcMi 8:13.... *» “ »* 8:35 .... Ifci'O m u “ »* .. 0:iH) 11:00 .... 12:1X1 m Mich. Central R. U 12.00 ... 8:'8.... “ ” _ “ .. &0U 8:13 .... 3:00....Pitt5. & Ft. Wayne 12:01 .... BMB . “ “ “ 7:10 .... 12:00 m “ “ * .. H:OU 11:00 12:00 4:80 ...Gnat Eastern R. U.. &:«J 10:1X1 13:1X1 tJsa New Albany & t>alcm 8:30 jruo 8:1)0 7:4r>....tialcna Hallnad 8:10 2:10 12:00 »HW....lMxon Air Une.... IV.OO 7:20 ;S:UO B;tXl....UockJslcn'l Ilillroad 3:18 2:3ii 12:00 It It, b3O ixnu B:U> a*(X)....Nu>lhwcsic-.n it. U.. B:<s 8:H0 6:00 3:48... XtlK.aukoc Railroad. ll::w 6:90 I8:l'0 7:45.... Illinois Ccnlral It. It. 7:(X> 0:00 H:OU 7:00....Ht. I-onls Railroad... 8:38 H:43 ROII’T. A. UILMOUB. I*. M. DES3TA.TCI-I I FAST FREIGHT LINE 1 0 AMERICAN EXPRESS COMFY, ntonntrrony. Tlio llmlaon Hirer ami New York Centra) lUllroads baring adituird llirir lato «Hd«roncni, FreUbt Train rumirrllima baro born teruraed, and MHHCUANTB* DKHt’ATCtI Tbronali Cnr* lm»p Npw York dally, nn lipirmrnrn. lslil|*rrr«aron»fiitr(lthat no effort trill be spared to tmtli ibl|>mriila forward to draitnatlon as rapidly ah t, and in Time Kxrellnl I*jr No Ollier Mne. K. CUMMINU9, Mtipofliitriidnflt. .1. A. HMITII, Ac7nt, >ll DvarlKitti-at. nnraio.Jai.naty w.i'fl. ONLY DIUKOT LINK TO FIIANOK l.Vnornl Yraiumtliuillc Comimnjr’a UAH. blkAMMUl'h lil-TWKKS NKW *Ollll AMI _ fIAVUK, CAI.UNII AT IIUKhX TbmplemUd now vntria ol Uila tavonie root* toi itio t>mUi«.t will uil iron llor Mo. 90. North Utyet M lollnwi: VIU.IJ liK TAlUS..Europe.,,...lannary M. MIIMU K February •>. i»T. LaUUKM Doeandi....February V, FISUKIUK ~l>uciiain....UirchW. 9 STO I'ttlCK OF I'ASBAGK IN GOLD. Kim Cabin. 9\(ti i Second Cabin. ItOO, including tiftW wine It* either claai. Hie ateamtn ol thu line do not carry itoerac* pm ♦cngm. Kaiacngert Intending to land at BKEST will be fu> ■ilfcheJ with railroad coupon ticket*, and tb*lr hagcagt •hrckfd u> ParU. at an additional coarse of 13 for Qxt ard f 9 for frond claai. Medical attendance tree of charge. For farther Information. apply. la Chicago, at lit FRENCH CONbDLATB OFFICE. 239 lUlnoli-*td It New Tcrk, to QKO. MACKENZIE, Agent, 98 BroaA way. ’io^ir’c ■UHMltitc gLEIGHa. SLEIGHS I SLEIGHS I We Lave cow oo hand the most macnlfleest assert* meet of FINEELEIGHS ererexhlbltedin this country. It is a wall-known fact tbit the KIMBALLS take the '.cad on 1.U&1.30 83 Fine Finished Sleighs. For Style. Beauty ot Finish, and Durability, they ore not equaled In tee world. Fine sieiehs of car own make, from (90 to I*oo. r ire Portland and other Sleighs, not oar own make, from (S 3 to (90. tJT We cannot he undersold os any Sleighs in tha mart ct. KIM B ALL BROS. & CO., 110, 112 and 114 Sndbnry Street, BE ALAIOIED. IF Ton HAVE THE Itch, Teller, Erysipelas, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Barbers’ Itch, Or, Is Uct, Any Disease or tlio Skin, SWAYSPS OINTMENT IS TTAIinsNIED A SFEEDr CCUE. rar sold lt til UrncsUt*. At who’rs»:c nv MEDICAL-A Homccopalhic Physician, sotnc to Europe, Wishes to SHI Ills Practice To a theronrhlj’ educated man. Cash collections from MS tc. seven thousand annually. NO UEaL ESTATE. Address W. 11. LETWIB, ji. D-, No. 36, Bos ton, Mars. gLAIR & JEITEHSO3, conmssioN jikrchasts, OFfICE, «04 FROST-ST., 3. } MEIII'HIS TEWT Uhnl cfcah «lT4sceaeLt» made on coa»’ff n^*rt« QEsT, HATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission Sfcrrh&uw- No. 50 aroGaa-Atn SttWfrta F >Bd G*at»..) PEyVKB. CULOMAIK*. HOGS! STKSCILS* AND WEIUUT LISTS Fcrntebed gratia. BUSeit market price* guaranteed Prompt retort* n-ade. Cormpoadeace t-Mlcitea. v HF.nutlND A CO* Gcal Comte M«ch*U, *ta Wt»bagb)t««t-. Chicago. iIL .*1.15 01.50 . IJ» (*US .. m « w 65 i* ts THE heretofore exist* Ire between tTn. F. Barm* and ». 51. Better, on* dirtte Hra named 33 01.00 » 0 30 91 (4 » 19 0 25 win. r. gASgfl & co., la This Par Dissolved hi Mutual Consent a «i.ts n 0 so cjv*. so . 75 0 ® , my-UuMtt-ss Is dull, and Ihcboslnf?* will be carried on by WM. F. HARU3, attue old stand. Chicago, Jan, gtb, I?C7. r>UAKOi3 OP PAIITNEUSHIP. From I > srrtsn»r Jannary l«t. IW7,Oeore* Wltoec* wlth >ww« Irrtn th* flnu ofl uiUr. Wltbecß ft Co„ and i. f «'sfe!S P bl?lt.lTe?tin *atd firm to Henry Wltbeci, who asioeUled wltn us In the basinet*. The Arm t ame will D A be A co< rocxioa DOOM. Ocnac *7^ooll^ R j!m«™ ;*»'»■£ g|. croll 7« *3O £S!:;V. i.pv» Jiadetra ?•« cut goods. "“U*.. (i*-rrr I* SKißhju""""" 52 ’‘oltfoin jlulliuJOlu 11 ' w pATCHELOITS nAin DVE. IToit Fold r* Wn«l«“ and Ceilumeri. rselotjr. a I nairisrit-. New Tort. ; rl ll,l> tlAlh im;—M) OcW^Uhck I'l if P(i>*p-l"‘H nUr "’'"', h,fiirs. dnfaMp. Wl'.jMViU PllVi fplUhl? f If J.IU-.1, h,» t»ri. Ml li, .11 ii.liUu. •IlailroaUa, dvautipomtiou. Jpleitjljs. fHrtlcai. iSusiuess ffiartis. ffartncrsfrfp. 10.5 4103. H SOUTH CLABH-ST. SOL. 31. KEELER, WM. F. HARMS. matt Bpc. Special Nniicu-, TliMiofhim nDnniipiurint Ooinpanri »*. L, lifunti th- trad# V* 11 JLW? I>n*t»nn« n- • Kiprtro-p ntnl «*vni/i. com prising fall iMni er t/iif im -w r»lrr i»ni tab)* Wat sol ersry dan upturn, of * very superior nnsiity and ol P** u *. u, ‘. I u * '"tt 1 Ntf-kn Oliver, Pure Hirer n| such ttili-l --n rt ttififbey pc«*4M tl< teawlvantareanl aaitd silver »ni utiliti. and thmi beauty ol o*»igt and superior On l»h Bfo I'nnatlijniishahe frmn It. The Umnii’i Msmifartarimi Coiti’iur rvfrv with on mieoMMoHiehuitimmiotinuttief bßTe«U‘»il bed is (be retxinclloa of Solid lllrei Wars, It which they Ha»e beet fur many you nteagw, md Ibr-jr now as wuettie |)*ibll<: (he! they will ml|y m*t«tn Inal repaid turn by tbf production of Pirptro pitied War*s uf sitrh qua'ityand rat-ame tlnrß as win inaur* entire jft'Ufnpilott to lb*» jnirrhiwf. All articles toads by Ibetn am stamped Ihuj t Ami all each are Mly guAranie*!. lift*'*; Wt pSili.-- Imij wi-mi fieuiU'.’iTytu'l psirrhiJentT (betm-velfat'r.n.rtrkj *a ibtjr tl-HeP* ha»s be-o at. fvtil* vxieuMTWy imiinlreli IhwegwHrtttiii uuiy b# l'r«Hi*cd fynm re*t*ihUiii» /ml pfi Utr-iiHmil hi> wniiiir, ■ •*,» VutiiAhiM ir»Mili‘lh«« "W»i htUiH'l q.IWHM 15 fib/ PolHNhii U a mim**mAi} nhiiiijjt w Hrwtdho Ab 4 AVH> th«lli»nu»Ai Hil’ii* t*| lim Whit- tTiW fefb< H Uhi t’p«U thuieUitlily W-»«l 1(5 IB thU €ltf Mi l VltlhK/. hlld Iha I’fufiflMnt lid* ll# 0/ »»• ¥«ls* IWil« p««FMW>o *MI l> »uf Hllf-ll- fi* NWmfflHHM* Uhl In HI INm«M |>M«* nfKIiMM 14 hlUi'h li !• It <4 f »f«« oh; « | oiu lUftq TM 6M41 hew MMtfUn.l | |)f, J, W, I’iUM'i nffi-iM l»i ilia of’ lllciMt MtfOMflwwt U»u ronnuy, ofw having Itoen pmv*.t hr ibo ia»( o| aiav-a ;mk» w Ut- N«w fcnglwd hmti ( nuett |u p.rriu haru w-on:* m w*|i hnoMit 04 lh« |f(« non which, In part, t| derive* |t« vlrtnn, 1h« While I'ic# CompvMmi ourn nor* Throat, loMi, Congba, Dipblberia, UruDebiiMfßptmsyof Hloothand }*nlmoDMy AOrtUoD* geperaly. It la a reroarßanie rrnittly for Kidney Cmnplatnia, Ulahotea, Ulfflculty o| Voiding Drtna, Uleeding from ilia Ridneya and mad der, Gravel ana other entnplalnu. For file* and Boor* ry It will be fbnnd very valoaola. Give It a trial If yen would tear* the rain* of a good and tried rkuiobb. It U tilraaant, *aleaod ante. Sold by Dragglata and IValeri to Medtclnea genm rally. IIUIINUAUB * VAN bLUAACB Wbolaalo agaou, The Rmi Went la the promised land In the eyes ol millions, both la the Old World and tho Now. Its fertile toll and magnia cent opportunities tor development are the great toutcca ol Ut attraction*, not along it» beautUn! •Uvmma there lurk* malaria of tnoit deadly luiluetica, which Ut the grim draehack of that splendid rugtoo, ana n.o>t remain so f.r many Tear* to come, emi grant* and oihcn who contemplate tetUc-nonttn that section, wilt co well to pr.viue themoelTi-a with the omy cur* that has yet bc» n lound ciactent. spec«ly and t>ruin; we mean DU. J. noSTKTTBU'S CELBUUA- T&U UITTEUS. which has aLatchrd hundred* from an rotlmelj grave Ihnroiifratr.n upon the digestive organs 1* roon tell to be btocnaent, without bebg vto- For sale by druggists and dealers generally, every where. * Ur* James* Specialist la the treatment of Stratus. 6ntroutes- kinu. acd every specie* of Private Disorders,* can bo consulted at at« office and parlors, 91 and 93 Rat. do pb-tt., trom 9a.m.t09 p. m. I*. O. Box 900. CM* cago. HI. The Heal lor Pool and llouae ofiTlercy. Howard Association reports, tor young men, on Ae crime of solitude, and the erron. abate* and dls*a*es which destroy the manly power*, mil crcaio Impedl mem* to marriage, wjtn sure means of rcllof. Seutln sealed Utter envtlcore. (teeof charge. Address Ur. J. SRILLIN UOUGITTON, HowaidjAssociatloo phlaael phla,ra. The Only Blrdlcino In the World That la warranted a Bure and i vrfecl Cure for all triad* of PILES. LHPKOdV. 9CKOKULA, SALT RHEUM, and all Disorders of the SU-, U FOwLfTS PILE AND UUMUtt CUBE, buy erf none who do not refund the raaneilDevery caaaofUllQfe. forlnternal and ex ternal use. No failure tor eight yean In Pile* or Uu> mors. 11.00 a Dottle. Sold everywhere. Dr. Otgclow^ Having the confidence of the public and the medical fiend) at large, 1* tbe most reliable physician tn the city tor chronic n* rvons and ssxnal diseased. Call at hts office, 179 South Clsrk-tL corner of Monroe. Rooms separate. ConsnUarloo free. p. o. Box ] 34. Ills guide to health, published monthly, scut free to an; address. Dr. Ttiom*on« Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical Institute, T7N bonlh Clark-su, ha* treated ail torms of venereal dis ease with unprecedented saccest f.w uearlvi>rtryear*. frpematorrho-a and impotence treated with the happi est rc.-ulu. particular* of the losiltute and the Guide mailed free to any address. P. O. Box 7*2, Chicago. Illinois. * * proposals. TO CHURCH BUiLDEUfc—sealed pro poraUwili bereccivctl by the andcislgued Com mittce, until THUR-DAV. the nth day ot February. IBt>7. at t o'cluok p. m.. tor the building of n new enurdi In the Town cf proviso, Coca County, according to pans and appclncallona u> he scun at the hjusc of Friedrich Weiss, In Fect'oa 19. Town ot Proviso. Pro posals mmt cc dtrecteil to FRIEDRICH WEISS, Pro viso P. n.. Cook County, Hi., signed “Proposa;* tor anew ehnicU.” The said CoimiUUc reserve the privi lege o' rejecting any or all the proposals tor the dlQur cut parts of the work. 11. VOLUERDINO, FR. WEISS. 1L MKStNHKINK, C. THIELE, ■ A. HRIDoRN. C. O. PUSUECE. ITovlso, Jan. Thtb. IW7. PUOrOSALS FOR ARMY TRANti- POirrATioN. GCAKtanMAkTin Ga-VEUAL’s Omen.) WAsiiuroTim. D. C., January 15. P«7. t SEALED PRuPOBALb will bo received at this office unill 17 o’clock m., on the <Mb ol February, 13C7. for tbe trausportation of Ml. Kary Bupplto* during tbe jearc-ommeuclfig April I, IHH7, nnd ending March 31. IhC.v, on Uietoilowlug mute«i „ „ UOUI KKo. I. From Fort McPherson, Nebraska Territory, or inch t<oiut» aamsy l« detcrmlnnt upon duritig the year on the Omaha branch of the Union l aclllc lUI Mad. wiwt of fort MePlterson. or from Fort Laramie. Dakota Ter ritory, to such posts or dcp.U as nre now or may bses.. laidl’bi'd in tlioTcrrlinry of Nspraska. wed of innui- I tide 102 digrere. In (tie lurrllory of Montana, south of UlUudu 4<> aegrecs, lb tlm Tcrrimry nf Dakota, west n| longuude lid degree*. In tlm Terrluiry of Idaho, •oulu «>flallt.ide ll degreta. and ci«t of luitfltudd 111 degrees, amt In ihelnrtiuirksof Utah and Coloradj north ol latitude (9 degree*, Including. U nocossary, Denver city. . «. ..... I‘ n UTE NO. 9. From Fort Illlsy, KlaW <d Kanvis, nrstich points at may be determined upon during Urn year un in* Union Pacific Railroad, E. f».. to any mwt* nr depot* that are now or may be crtaMlslmd In the (Rateof Kait«as or in tlm Territory of Colored •, south of latitude 40 dm gieea imrlh, and to Fort Union, New Mexico, or olbsr depot (hat may tw ipsignaud In that Territory, am! to any other point or points oo the route. Iroin Fort Luton or such other depot as may be established In the Territory of Now Mexico, to an Rut* or stations that are, or may be established In int Territory, ami to such posts or stations ns mar ue designated In the t erritory ot Arlrona, atwt IQ (he Uiale Oil CABS weal of luLgitmle lav ilsgrve*. From ot. 1 aid, MlmtisoU, in such po*U as are now artnaybeeslaidftned tn Urn bum of Ml-itns-n*. am) In that tKirtloii of Dakota Territory lying east of the Missouri River. The weight to he tran*norte I during the Tear will not excretion Houle Nu. I.hojxvi.iwj pounds ton Route N0.7, 2U,WX),U)0 nuiimlsioii Route No. AMUOJM)ptiUUds, and on Rutile No 4, ixnind*. IToposnls will Ikj msd” for each route separately, Uiildrrs will Dale Ihe rale U*l pounds p>r tOO illlis, si which Ibrv wid tiaosp ifl the store* In each niotithofilis yoaPitieglunttig April Ist, PWJ, and cod’ Uttf March HI. iwa. * * Bidders slmotd give tlirir named tn lull, ns well at Ihs Ir piarnsof residence, ami each proposal sn iutd be necrpijiardcd by a Nmd in Urn stun ul ten Ihoireami ( IlDjxd)dollars, slgnreioy twoorn ore resjwmdlde |i«r mils, guaranteeing Dial (n ease a contract is awarded for tU imile nirnliomstl lit the pMposd to the party K slug.Umcontrai t will tw «rc<.n>t*d and etdsrrd and good ami sum.-inut srtmrlty liiridshvl tiy said party |u nccordanco with the term* of this a ivsr tlsrimilt. Thpcomrectorwtuberreiiuimto live bomUluttie fldlowßg amounts) DlibouleNo. I.frVMW. Du Itoutn No, j, tnu,uuu. Dll Route No, a. III),lid. On Untile No. 4, M.OOO. of tbn loyally and irt’vrnry of rncu hlddtr and person offered as teuuniy will Iw re quired. I'ropoanls must tw mdnrst-i “IVopoials for Army Tran*i>ortaUon on llotiut No, I, i, a, om, as the case may he, mul nine will be enienainml utless lh»y fmiy comply with Hie requirements of this advertise ment. I The party to whim an award It made mmt he pro pared luriM-ute the rottrart at ooer, ana to give the required bonds for the laltbful performance of tbe ton tract. Ibo right to reject any and all blda that mar be oflered U rea*rt«f. Iheecntraetor on each route most be In mdlneu | for service by tbe Ist day of April. IS6I, and will be re quired to have a placed business, or agency, at whlcn be may becotnmunicatod with promptly and readily fbr Jlotite No. l.atUmaba, X. T.; lor ifontoSu. I, at Fort lilley, Kansas; fbr Itoute No. a, at Fart Union, 1 New Mexico; lor Uonte No 4. at Balnt Paul, Mlnsu- i aota, or at seen other point fbr each ot tne several Ifoutea as may be Indicated as tbe starting point of tbe : route. | Blank tmr.s showing the conditions ot tho contract i to be entered Into for each route, can be had on app 1- catton at this otHce, or at the office of the Qoartermas- 1 UTat Nitw York Balnt Loots, Fort LMrenworth. ; Omaha, Santa Fe and Fort smelling, and most aecom psoy abd be a pattot the prupo«al.«. , By order of tho Quartermaster General. { ALEXANDER BLISS, Brevet Colonel and A'o't Qnartcraastcr C. b. A. Q.O vernment"sale. | Tbe property known U the “GOVKKNiIENT TAN- ' NERV AND STEAM SAWMILL,” with »ey- , enty-fiye acree of laud, near SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. Sealed Proposals, to duplicate, will be received up to the first Cay ot March, W 57, far the purehaM cf 75 : acres ol land, itnore or leu) together with the build ings eiect-d ttercoo. and tne appnrtenancct appertain- , I mg, that Uto say; ONE TANNEUY.e-staining twelve i Btone Line Vatt, FIFTY-TWO WOODEN VATS. I SEVEN STONE POOLS, and capable of tanning IS.CtO ; hides per anenm: ONE STEAM SAWMlLL,capable of saw lac Woo feet ot Lumber dally; ONE SMALL j STONE BDiLDINO. I The above property U situated about two miles I abeve tan Antonio, oo tbe Ban Antacio River,mud the . water Is conducted to the establishment by a race of hewn stone laid in cemect. The land was tnreasedaed Improvement* made by the late so-ca led Con operate Oivcmment, and ate estimated to h«vecc«tfLV).OiU is gold. . The property nas t*m under lease for the year 1905, at a monthly rent of fXO. parable in advance A se cured title In teo simple will be given by the U. 9. Gov emmcnL Frcrosalswtll be marked “Proposals fbr Govern ment Tannery ■"«< Sawmill,” and addressed to J. B. KIDDOO, Brt. tt*l- Gen, Asa't ComT Bureau it. F. A A. 1~, Galveston, Texas. Harbor works AT GRAND ha ven and Black Lake, Mlc: lean. Omc*’iMxG Exnlxzn, BaubocC lapecrnaucrn,'LAxx Hicmaax. { Waw*cx*t, Wisconsin, January l i».. ( Sealed prcpciats. In duplicate, of tbe firm fttrnlsaea by the und-rdened, will be rece.Ted at tbls office until TDcrsday,lL-el4tbday tf February, 1367, at Urn-for Improving the harbors of Grand Daren and Blaei LaKe, Michigan. The improvements at Grand Haven will cousin of I5,000f«t, mirror lesa, of close piling to protect the south banc cf the river near tne entrance and an ex* tension cf tbe south pier fbr 600 fret py cribs filled with stoce. lb: Improvements at Black Lake win be extension of thepresent piers, 512 running ffeetln all, and dredg ing- The droogicz will be between tee piers, and lor placing the sew crit-a, and will amount to SO.OQQ coble yams, more or In*. Funs and specifications are on file In the oSXce, and will beshnwn to all who wUb to examine them for the purpose of estimating. . The proposal will be separate ter each work, aadtor each claa of material or labor for each wort. Btdl wUlberecvlvedtora part or lortbe whole of either work. The work to be finished by October 1,15J5. Ttcse worts will be let to the lowest responsible bid* der. rwrrlne to the United States the right to reject any or all bids, Hidden are requested to be present upon the opening ° f The duplicate proposal! win be endorsed, enclosed Is •“‘Sail'S. WHEELER. U. S. Engineers. Milwaukee, Wis. Hcpl. HTUUSTKE’S SALE—Public notice is X berety given that L Samuel Cole, in poriuance with the powers In a certal: Instrument contained, cared Net ember Aith, A. D. 1566, executed by 1L M. Whipple A 1&, and given to secure the payment of the proiLWvry note of said Wbmple A Co- ot date last aforesaid, to the sum ni ten thousand dollar*. Payable to the ccdrrHcncd or order, on the 7Ut day of January, A. U. 1567, will, on the snbllcatlon of the legal holder ot aatd note, on MGNDAT. the il»t day of January la»L. at the hour of tin o'clock In the lorenoon ol said day, at the office of Lazarus Silverman. No. 72 Dear* street, Chicago, led at public aarnun. forca*b, to the Ms best bidder, 100 shares of the capita' stock of the “ Deltdl National Bauk.” of In tee State cl Wla e«.o*ln; one proulre.rv note,dated Chicago, May 31, 1306, ei ecu ted by Warrlrk Martin, payable to 1L 31. Whipple A Go-Mcayaafur date. aid being In the sum of f4,WX); oie ptrmltsc’ry not?, dated December ad, 1?6B, executed by 8. IL fliggeubucP, tu the sum of iL?*>, aed payable to G.M. Hoghe*. sir mouth* alter d*je; ote tote, m the sum ol f{,lxt.:tL date? 6. l.W* executed to w. 0. Fmcn. payable to tee order ot John W. flugbes, five moults alter date. 8. CULS. Chlcaio, Janoary itth. 1367. * Tb* above sa'e l! po«tpoued until FRIDAY, the Ist day cf February, M 67, at the same hour and same niare. B. MILK. ilDiih ni auction. T AM) HALE.—The Emlersigned vrxll I > ofli rat Arcni*»S. at vhe n."Mh rt-w>r ol the Court Home lu Chicago. Bit., at U o'clock a. m., Snlnrilnj, the 01U of Fubnarf, Pmxlf o.lfnot prevluttsjv sold at private sals, the of =. w, btc 11. II n, u £., situate about one mile and a bail aestof Fritutin, and twelve north cf CM cagn. Cook County* 111-* coaululog eighty acres, mere OI AHmiI fcnv-flve tr Ggty acre* cf this trad arebeav llr Hrt.ffrs-J, ihc renamdn 1 Ic pMHs. whl s aildl ttbnal are fbuml Ih It* bnitihtlty to the fceahlllnl illtls railroad and late shots lowa of KvAta- Lm and tie er>at elty of Chlcapo. In rer-remu to a ii(nr« »if frsl«]rn. f*. ll.e f-nMlt* nl «ile and »V«fy ol |,p liisibs r ahd the u ».| il- * u |i kp^MUj* Iff- i»ru'* ■>( ili? iJsy >1 «'dc. I‘f .■( padMlring m p'lft'liasn this land at private ssW WilliJlfnl .11“ lr. «.i.%imlcatlaui ty i&tttzzttT&eazi :k-:zj:<. (SiU) KoHcca. r rax COLLECTOR'S rrOTiOB-HtaM X ol lllleala, County ol Do-dt. city of Chicago. SB. CtTTCif.tni.'ronnoyrint, ItnoxNo.ll, I C«b«Tlloc*i,4*n. ttii» IM7. ..I <»» oi U ,^ r . r '‘ b f Dial on lbs first M<n- A 11° «1« S'l* in* fjtnth fl»r of Frhrntfy. (M Ruprrlur ilmrt >t In »1 1 ?? Uh •** hol‘knl« the Court llouiSL sEiTfw^ Warrant No.tflO Nor»h-|»sl*i Oct *i t**i m> ...i,h.l CrjßSffl.WS*®®! Warrant Ml Forth-Dated tirl. il. lass, A,. wahanliwHortb-DaUd iM.fl, I'M. fn# eredlnu .Wtifaid f»i UH.II, (wfl, f, } f ffinWAiiWAsi; t,Urt “ i, »'® Oofiivf (if tfctf.W IV huffntif RtlMfipr flfffllr - ( W*tfvli(Wpiiflk=f*aM (ret, Mi l»f", |>jf efWlldH lo iamb pmUh *i««jpAio . JLwWi 1)01. *1.14M, wWi»l HllMUlo n»>Jfi (M r.wUff» (*fm|j h' , f;WMb f ff'llyi Wf tlMthliJlflbrwfaohW pullll M' All |*r.oh» (ftUrmia.l «r« viqiimi*} n atbtqi «| || t a tfurcMld trrmpf »»M iiute»W('..nri.d A MrHtUWh W 7 Mi««M, rt'AX X frf IIIIMOI*. Ilouniy ol Coak.cTly ol Udlmro-m, I’m ChUjircmir# Orncv, lh»«M h,» ~ „ „ . ptirirr lldiwk, J«nnary 11, b-47. | fablln Nollm It heie.>y atvrn. that oi/lha 0r»( A|-m> * ,ia /'"rih day ut February, a. f - TM7* qia regnUr ivrni or Urn rinprrlm GuuringChi' i'?/ l . ,, fi*.*J je «fsifS ,n M d hoidtu in U«i Oturt lluuae, in ••(a Lily of clilrauo. on the l**l m<:oi lomxt day, I ahail ~V “r l *' f Chicago. o« Uio following btwcial \t»p»,mi-Tit Warra t* pa. «lln my hanuafur collection rm «»r iwi.n j iM< i at fuy of Onh>- I'ar.A.U. leed.ami a** to.- juJ.i.inl i lalnatihaaeverai Uia, |lio»ka,hw*e. or Carre .r other prop, rny described in au'li uu which the aa*r*>- Cirtiiaihfit remalt. unpaid, lurlhe amount of aaaca*-' wetiU, damage* and coau retprditely due thereon. V arrant N0.«>7l boriti—dated Oct. Utb, IMA (hr rect>n*irucllnc tldewaUaun the aire*U nanu-d below: Warrant .So. 313 Nnrth-dated tkt. Siih, Wiiifur conotruritog aaldewaig on the aoo'h aula of Centre ■trceCbclWicu Ctark atfret aud tk-Ugnlclc atreet, Wartantbo. ;7t S* rib—tided Oct, 41th, I80«,forcon- BtruclUgiildewalgoaUieauntbtide of Uonomonee atreet. between Aloluwr and bedgwlrlcatrcy-u. Warrant :;iNurth-datM Ocu 3lm. irakt, tor con* •lractU.gaaldc«akon aodtb aide of Aatium nuco. I ctwren Ilal»t*c street and Franklin ilnvL 4 Warrant3.oNorth—dated oet. tttn.issd, for con •tiactiug arldea aJkontbeaoa h tide of WUljw atreeU bctwrrn Orchard atreet and Uahted atreet. s Warrant 377 North-dated oct. 3Uh, 13M.for'eoa *tructu.g a aidewalk on the north aide or NorUi avenue. Irtwecn Kbeffleld avenoo and North Avunne UnJeu. Warrant 373 North-dated Ot. tits, ISM, for cm* •trucllngaaldrwalk ouboth aldea of Uow« tween W Mow atreet ana Centre atreet. Waarant a?J North—dated Oct 211h.n3M. fbr cona tructlns aaidewaUcr.o the south sided Ulscthnwg atreet, between 11a tied atrrel anc Clvbourne arvnno. All pehour lutt-nwlol are rcqsuatca to attend at the aforesaid tens otaald Superior Court of Chicago. A. 11. UEaLO. City Collector. f PAX COLLEUIOU'n XOllOE—Stale _L ol ILiooli,County of Cook—sa; Cm: C utcruu'* unict, Cotnrr Hnuir,) _ . „ Boom No. it Cdicaqo. janoary 71, p»7. f Public notice It hereby given that oa the am Mau ds:£ t/Fcbruary, telsg tnc mens day oi February. A. a regular vrm at the superior coortet Chicago, to be begun am! boldeo In the Court IlJa*e, l ° »»ta Utj of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, 1 shall sake report to said Superior Court of Cajexgo, oc tae following Special Assessment Warrants placed to tut bands for collection on or baore the last day ot October. A. 1). lS6d. and ask lor Judgment asattut the revere. Lota, Uiock*. Pieces cr parcel* of Land or other property deacnhetl la such warrants, on which too a*aacMa.eoU then remain unpaid, tor the amount of o* >t toVu •*’ 111(1 ®°* w respectively due there* ot WammtVo. nt Oct. sth. ISW, for pri vate dialna on Weat Randolph street between Uahted street auc theri'cr. MairantNo.7ls.Wcet—Dated Oct «h, IMS, for gra ding and macadamising North Jedorvm st.eeL from thenonhlineofWtsiLakesircet to the south aldeof Hobftard street. Warrant No. 716. West—Dated October Ath UW6, tor nlllng, groalne and olanlans the obey running north one south In blocks It acc 90, Cana. Tru.tets sutxil vision of S E N Sec. 17, f S 9. N B 11 E. and that portion ot (he alley running cast and west through said block M. extending trom Hoisted street to the west Ute of alley above named. Warrant No. 717. Welt-Dated Oct. Bth, IS6«, for the extension cf al6 tcot alley in the N « ct block 9. bampson and Green’s Addition eastward? ol the same w lath to li Island avenue. WariantNo.TUJ, Wuet—Dated Oct. :3d. IW4. lor con structing a ndewatkoc ibe soathsido of Worrtn street between Rc bey srretilioyce street. Warrant No. 770, We»t—Dated O'L TSd. 19TA tor con stnirtlue a slnewslk on the north side of Hubbard stre-t between Koboy street and Leavitt streeL Warrant No.—Dated Ott zki, liwv, tbr con structing a sidewalk on the south sided Warren street between Page street and Paulina street. Warrant No. TK, West—Dated Oct. *Jd, l?«R. lop con structing a slciewa’k no tbe west side ot ranllna street between Chicago avenue and Coraeiu strecL WartantNo.TA We-l—D»tcd OcLiM. 19-Jfi. for coe stnictltga aidrvalit on the south side cfWalnnt street between Lincoln street am R-hey street. All prisons luU rested ate requested to attend at the alurctaldterm of said superior Court nf Chicago. A- U. ILE.VLD, aty Collector. TAX COLLECTOR’S NOTlCE—slate j A ol Illinois, Cook County. City of Chicago—ee. i Cmr CoLLKciut’s (irrtra, » I Cocbt Horst, Kouir. No. 11. Jan. at*t, LS*>7. \ Imbbc notice Is here y eivm tnit, on the Ar«l Mon day of February, being the fourm day of P’ehruao'- A. D. (dot, at a rcgniar (• nc of the Buiterlor Court of Chicago, to be begun and bolden In the Court liouws In said city of Chicago, on the last meutionod day, 1 shall make report to aa»d Superior Court of Chicago, on thetotlowtr g Special Assessment Warrant' pbiocd tn my band* tor collection on or betoro tne last day ot October. A. I*. iwn, and A*k lor Judsmert against the several lot*, blocks, ptecn or parcel* of land or other property described in such » are snt*. oh which the aa setktnett* Urn remain ucpnlu, tor th«* amount ol a»* M'ssmcbtt.dauiagts and costs respectively duo tbcrcou. 10-wit: * Worm t SIS South, dated Oct. 3Ub, tor erection ol two lamp posts <>n Fourtli avenue, mu* at s w corner of Fourth avenue and Taylor llretUand one ID feet ' south of Taylor street. Wairatj* 6il bourn, dnied Oct. Rib. t*W, tor rreetton of It lati’P posts on prairie arenun. between Twenty MTond street and the sevutd post south ol Moelovolti street. Warrant 518 Houth. rtatrel (let. JUli, IRM, tor one lamp fast on ttm b o curutr cf T weuly-ibird street and Praf le avenue. Warrant Sl9Bmiih,dati\lOctober3Rh.lß<Vi,torerec tloii ot six tamp po*U on (UrrtKio street, belwcon Metis atufiMarla streets. Wnrraot CUU Niulb, d itfd Oct. 91th, UC'A Pif erection nt nine tamp post* un Calumet avenue, between Twcn- Ij-mih and twenty -11111111 strreu. WnrranUSl houfit, d*ted Oct, Jllb, I'UM, f.»r erection of ia lamp p<>*t* on Indiana aveim*. between Fimr ■ psidbatid aUtceMbslicet*. Warranl K7i Hontli. dalcfl net, tills. IMA, !ur ere'llon 1 of 7 Itrrp posts on Rlvieentli »t«et, between Mtate , street snd tmiiana avetue. Ware ant ft£i Houlb. dated Oet. JUh, IBWJ, lir erretlon of 8 lamp t-osls nu Van tluren strewl, betwneu Webs stlcM ami Hi nth Market *ticet. i All pereni.s Interestnl are reqiiMled to attend at tbe aforesaid term ol said *upi>rl->r • ohm of noeaao. j A. 11. UKALD. City Colloetor. rPAX COlil.KOTOll'b NOTlOfc.—State 1 of Illinois, Oonntr of rook, CUT nfChieago-aa. Citt CoLLstftna'snmiut. Koum N<», n, * . Out/ST lluUsa, iwn. I l*nbllc notlew Is hereby given that mt tli«- first Monday rlrebruaty, twins tbn fulfil) d»y if February, A It. im.atuicanlaf term of (lie buppflorCourtnftTiUa* K'». *i» |w» brsim atnl hiMirli in Ihp i;ouri lliMiie, In aaltl City utUilrsKO. on l|i» last iiientiiim*! day, I shall make a mutt to util suiM-rior fnnflof cfiieago, on tba following Aperiai Assomiiiiiil Warrants plaind In mi hands lot iiMimii'U un or before <ti, last day nfoo* lolij’fi A, l>, tarsi, an.) wl l <r Ju-iiriii'-nl «giiln«t lint sot* oral lota, blocks. pita m nr panel' ot lainl or other prop* erty iiesrrllw i in »u< b warrant*, on wiiirh tin* as«na*. hirnu mm rmnain unpaid, for tin* amount of a>aow, mPMs, damages amt i-osla rwPocllvrly due there m, lowili Warrant No. 731. West-luted (h i. fill, IMVt. to make iiti a tlcf.clmiy fir (llltnat. milling and paving Canal sup» t, ft out l.akr |o Madia 'it sirtvl. Warrant No. 73.% Wiul-Hairtiocl, IM, |*M, to make up a deficiency for reiiiacaqaiiiulpg Cat al slrwt, from Arams to Twi tfu, strwt. W arrant he. 7ai, Wral-J)at«J 0> I. Ul. IMA. for till- I IK, grading. grading, psvlug and mrtdng lUiaml sttri'l, trom llamson atrial to the C. 11. & (j. U. It, crosaini,, Warratt No. TW. West-Bated Oct. «d. IW. frr roDairncTlnii a ■ldewnlKonlheatinlh aide of Jackadh striul. llrulieo and -tarahflald atreat. Warrant No. 73J. Wrat-Dated 0:t fM. luflA for robatructli g a alJowalk on the west aluo of llaJatnl : street, between Wright street ai.d ICailruad crosdtu. I Warrant No. 741. Wi»i-Uai«l Oct. Il ti. isM. pr constructing a aldewalk co tbe aonib aH*.* of Fig street, from Milwaukee avenue to western terminus ol Fig \Vwraat No. 711 Weat-DatM Oct. 2llh, IS6A, for ranstrutUnKaitdewalkuutUo west sale ol Johnson ' street, between Twellth street and Taylor street. I Warrant No. 7t:t, West—Dated Oct. lltn. lt*A, for coiutructlne a riaewalK un tt,e north side of Van Barca street, between Throop street and Loomis street. All persona Interested ate ngneat to attend at tbe aforesaid term uf aaulSuperlor Court ot Chtcaeu. i A. 11. MBAIRi City Collector. _L ol Illinois, County of Cook, City of Chicago—as. Cttt CoLxjcctoh's times. 1 Boots No. It, Com Hocac, V Jauuary 3let, xac;. j Ihibllc notice Is hereby given, thu on me Unt Mon day of February, beua tbe fourth day cf February, A. D. 1567, at a regular tmn of the anperlur Court of Chicago, to ue becun and holdea in the Coart Mouse, In raid city cf Chicago, eo tbe last mentioned day. I shall make report to -aid Superior Court, of Chicago, on the loilowlLg Special Assessment Warrants placed in my hands for collection on or beiotc the lavt day of October, A. 1). and ask fbr Judmncnt asalost the several lots, blocks, pieces or pa'uels of land or other propei t> described in such warrants, oo which the assetame&ta then remain unpaid, for the amoonl of aucsbiueLU. damages and costs rtspccUvely due there on, to wit:, Weat—Dated Oct. 31th, ISM, forre ccnMinctlt-g sidewalk os the south s de of Jackson street, between tlalsted and Green streets. Warrant No. 716, We-I—Dated Oct. XI, 13M, for recon structing sidewalks In ironl of or adjacent to pre mises htreluteow described. Warrant K 0.757, West-Dated structlrg itdrwaik oo north tide of Lake street, be rween Ann ana May strceia. Warrant Jf0.758, Writ—Dated Oct. 24th, 19A far re constructing sidewalks on west side of May street, be tween Lake ano Fallon streets. r. WarraDtNo.7j9, West—Dated Oct. SUh, 1666, tor re constrccttag sidewalk on north side ot Madison street, beta cen Fiona and sanzamoa streets. ten X CUiiß auu Warrant No. 7W, West—Dated Oct 24th.-13ft. lor re* constructing sidewalks on went elded Ada air cot, be tween Lake street and Depot place. _ , „ „ Warrant No. 761. West—Dated Oct. 2ltb, 19**, for erection of two latso-posts on West Brte street, be* tween Union and UaUted street*. . West—uated Oct. Jlth, 1566, lor re pairing ndesalKs on east side of Southwestern ave nue, from Madison to Monroe streets. All prisons Interested are nqneat-d to attend at the aforesaid term cf said Superior Coart ot Chicago. A. a. UEALD. City Collector, TAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—SIate of Illinois, County of Cook, CHy of Chicago—as. Cm CoiLxcron’s Oftice, ( Boos >o. U Corirr House,! Janaary flat, hft". ( mile notice Is hereby given. that on the am Mon* 01 February, being the fourth day of February. A. D. lie", ax a regular torn of the Superior Coon of Cl IcsKt'. to be begun and holden In the fetal House, m tala city of Chicago, oo the .ast mentioned day, I shall make reran to raid Superior Court, of Chicago, on the tcllowug Special Assessment Warrants placed In my haade tor cr Dection oc or betore the last day of October, a.V, 1306, and ask tor Jodgmeut against the eeverallots, blocks, pieces or parcel* o) laoa or other property described la each warrants, on which the assessments then remain unpaid, for the amount of anetnnents, da&ans and coits respectively doe there* on. to wit: Warrant 522. Sooth-dated Oct. 2 Ufa. 1366. lor erection cf 7 lamp posts on Sixteenth street, between State street and Indiana avenue. Warrant 377. North—Dated Oct. 34tb, 1566. Fir con structinga sidewalk on the north sideot North are* roe. between Sheffield avenue and North Avenue Bridge *> Warrant 2», North—Dated Orf. 31.19*5. fir ereetl'n cl 3 lamp peats on Chicago avenue, between North W» lts street and Norte LaSalle street. . Warrant No. 717,Wtet-DaicdOcU 8fi,1565, tor the extsnjlonof a 16 loot alley la the N H of bicccU,Sump* son and Green’s Addition, easlwaidly of the same width to B. Islasdavetce. , . . Warrant Ne. TU. West-Dated October 21th. 13«. tor ronstmctlng a sidewalk on the snath side of rl* styeLfiom Milwaukee aveuac tod western tenninn* ’’'■fSSSf So.7C3.W«t-D»te.l Oct. Ulh,,OH for tc paintg sidewalk on es»t aid**of southwestern avenue, “Si t s iS£ cl£?o“ ““ uzm o, **“ MnESig&yttSi&«. (Sift Entctprisea, pi heat watch hale ON THE PIIFDI.ARn<SSPRinB PLAN. Glrlnr every patron a handsome and reilab’e Watch tor the low price rt Ten Dollars, without regard to value, and not bo .paid tor unless peifrctly satisfactory I ICOSiIId Gold Bantu gWatche* |2sh to fTTO 100 Marie Cased Gutteratebea «Q to 300 1W Ladica* Watches, enamelled 100 to 90 HO Gold Halting Chronometer Watches.. 2M to SJC 3(0 Gold Hunting fugUsh L*.vers 20010 T» SCO Gold Hantlng Dupl-s Watches I9J to 773 fOl Gold Hot ting American Watches lot to too KM Sliver Hunttcc Levers CO to 1U) 500 Silver Hoßllne Duh1ex0a............... 73 tu 350 SW Go d LMli-*’ Washes 50 to HO I.llOUcldUontttgLcilOM.. 5010 73 I,‘Xfl MUtrliSirtoas Bliver Welches SO to 1(0 2400 Banting Sliver Watches..; fin to 5,010 Assorted Welch**, all kinds ........ 10 to 79 Every patron obtains a Water fv thl* i»rraoe # TnnH* eosilhg but *lO, whuftlt may b* worth *730. No tart** ality shown. Messrs. J. Oickltug ft Co.'s Great Uoicn Watch tc M Manuikcturera, 140,Broadway, N. T. City, wish to Immediately dUpcrt jltbeabottmagalflceatitoc-h.tsr. tlficatre Lamlne at tides sre plac»>d In wainlenT*lopet. Uoldm ate enlltwl to the art ties named oo their rei* tiOeate, tipon rnymenlol T»n iars« vh»»h*f a Watf b worth *mU or o' e ar irth less. The return ol soy of our cfftlfiratfS entlll** you the artie-M vs’ut'l fbefao-',iipcin patttent,lrre*c«tlrr of Us aorth, mb a* nn article valunl le-.s than flO U eamidonany e«t Urtcalci 11*111 auitKOjJe wc?i tbal this l» hp „ !jU K., , h' but a stra|eMrjr««rirDßltlm»tpTrt'.aa ‘J.mI.Tu h msy be parlVliyitnl o evst ry tb* most |*st»-!ldls! Valiigle 'LVrtrrcalrwlliLe srtMJf tal', post paid. ui-m rretlbi of B tt*.» five tot IU eleven Pii th tiilrit Lvl“ aMl*"*rai!l|ire"!lon-■ f-Ml* slriy stvaMl tn»« gaaa?; iHeblcat. QPINIOWb CF THE I'EOi’Ua CONCGUKIN6 HOSTETTER’3 STOMACH BITTERS. 3PBOTEOTIOTST FOR THE HEALTHY, AND RELIEF FOR THE SICK. INTELLIGENT TESTIMONY 13 AS IMPORTANT IN MEDICINE a* in law. The great Patrick Deary (aid that the lamp by which his ftet-were guided was the - lamp of experience." The statements ol men eC character and standing In relation to the propertm and eflrcts ot a medicinal preparation which they themselves have tried, and the operation of which they have had abundant opportunity of witnessing la a great variety ot cases, are absolutely conclusive They are so considered by the public, who verynatt* rady prefer this species of testimony to any other can be offered In behalf ot a proprietary remedy. Volumes of such evidence have been published In ft tot ot BOSTKTI'BK'B STOMACH DTITTERS during twenty yean that the uueqnallodTonlc and Alteretlvo has been before the world: and although its reputation as I* STANDARD SPECIFIC bos loaz been established throughout the Western hemisphere, it is still deemed advlrab e to exhibit, through thv press, from time to tone, new prooG of Us success. Recent fact* add per licence and fbree to tacts more remote, and serve to •how that the great remedy Is prepared with nniton* exactitude and care, and thattt Is still, what it ever has been, the PUREST AND BEST OF ALL VhCKTiW RLE JN'VIUOBANTS, an Inevitable cufe for DYSPEP SIA and all derangement* of the stomach and Liver* and a perfect antidote to the unwholesome luaueocc* which produce and aggravate epidemic tevers. 1 he subjoined letters are ml irotn eltUccs well known and generally respected In the tocalltlee Horn which Ifcetr ecnimnnlcaMona arc dated, and are published as specimens of an Immense mass of correspondence of * similar tenor. Some Idea of the quantity oftht* tom* of testimony In the hands of iba proprietors of DO&- IHTIER’S 01TTKKS may Ihj formed by the reader, when It t* stated that tbe communlcatlot s on the sub ject of FEVER AND AGUE ALONE, received hy tba Arm doling the last three years, number npwartls ot TWO THOUSAND. They are all to the same eitocl as tLat id Mr. Bourne, given below, and U ever anything wss'stnbllsl don ancontrovertiblo evidence. It Is the Important I t that CHILLS AND FEVER can be broken up ai i radlcallr cured In a very short space ot time by the i tv of this Incomparable tonic. Nor la thU ail. Entire < sumption from the dUtresilug malady,and all tonus ol Intermittent Fever, ti guaranteed to inch resldetuol Fever and Ague Districts a* may bn wis« ctiuugh to take the BITTERS m a preventive. Though malaria may be prosuttng their neighbors on Iho right hand and on (he left, those who have taken the precau tion to lordly (heir system* and constitutions. In ad vance, with this COUNTERBLAST TO ALL ATMOA I’IItIUC POISON, will surtly cocape the scourge- Tho physicists and ethers whose Damns ap.««r la tha annelid forreeponrtrncr, are ready at all times to m flrni verbally the statements made over their signa turn. I‘urliap* one of the tnott striking piooft that can ba cited ol Ibe lulrlusto eieelleoce of tbe UITTEH9, Li tk« «(iicrala>tu.hUon<i( the pnparatlon by medical mm. TLsptefr*iiunasarulnsetUiQlf laces against adver» llsetl iDcdkluss, but this unequalled vegetable lonia hM vaißjiilsliedlbcir prejudice*, and they recommend aa4 adralMilsnUoUieJi patients as the pumt lUmulaak and lies! stomachic that muney can preure. 11ie pteoent season ol the year is a trying one to Ik* feeble and enervated-lndced to ai). In July, in Angwei and Fepumbet heavy dttuebis are made upon thv ey*> Inn, anl it Is necessary hr have a reserve ot slrsnttk ai>d vitality In order to m«wi them without flincalnaer breasiDg ciowu. mmicm’.u'a tirmim are a FTAMINAL kIRIUCINE, anslalns the vlt*i and mus cular energy ul (he frame with this powerful and gvr» cralvegiUblaiMtnrative, and any lemperaturf, any climate, any rnudlilunoi the atmosphere may be cwunioicd with cumpsrailve Impunity, ttrftd tbfl billowing letter from K. I'orrsi,»w«tt khowu clUicii ul Fitlshuriili, I'a.i M’Hff. Hostetler A Mum.}•*»-“»«“. to.u*. (UKThßiuiNi Durujuaslsit u« tbe WmUui felt. I jcnirsiteniuilte and fsvrr, winch Moutht ms w mv wo. ■iiiintiaii/ terminated In lynh-ild I *erai».i mm i.nwi u.« t«t Hi/ioom fur several imiuin, during «Mr» "ii"’ i • Physically, so prostrated that ( .Imii.t <t» « J|». r recovering my hnwtlh i having >n(ir«F l«'*l hlf ai'lWllki fur •)■)§• l»Ut belli* alllO to oal 4 Jilt A *•* 4 ■W'b’O •'» *hh h I was much •lt>irtaa<>i| with a real* in« in my iiaiDt, nml pasted many ■itepjsea lUiiia. nil from Opoiiu* caiKwrtby mV prostratervMidi- Uoii. brought alwnt by in* Ikw/ a( this siag* «f mf ('Mull I lull. »lYin.d fiH Oiniiirinlcd bit (o u*e «uurt (it» brainy*joMAtill lU'lTKlltit hul, beta*morally of* u, .? uf any farm. I at flraM* (liiuO, l-ul aiteward* yielded oiy prejudice*, ud af.r taking inn medicine far atrtnl viola a? mrin.tnl. mr appetite returned, and with II I am rapidly regaining my firmer strrrsth and t Igor. My sleep drum ih« |u.a of which t had ■utfcrod much) has never men better lliao u |« ai <1 (He ncllng sensation (before alluded to) has entirety I'flmr. Uy bourns, wnlch wore much coastipatM andtrregnlnr,areuow qtilm natural. aid In fscl I am mad to»a> that I feel myse.fa new nun, and tenderyms tiiiale*mu<inUlol my apprwmitou or your valuable preparation In older mat others sotlemg aa l nave may avail themselves of ita virtues, whidi pruladica prevented me Irotu ccjujlng tor »o loan a period- t may al-oada mat my pit) siclau, after seeing me hew- Octal etlect your timers bad on me. recotcmeodiai that I use them regularly. Yours, very reapecuully, E. UUURME, IS Market-et. Another letter, from a veil known citizen of FlUa burch, dated September 4,1M6: Me*»r«. I" 'teller & Smith, lltl-horgh. Fa.: Uunuu: 1 ihlt k lam only doing the part of a soud tUUrtj worn 1 teattfy to tbe urea: pencflu I hatm received (Tom yoar stomach Bitten during the liaC five yean. Being to tbe Oil tiglons in'Cl I had a Severn Odilons attack, and betas dupeptic. which left me very wets, 1 was advteed to try your Bitten. I procured one bottle, and they worked aa a charm on me. In oca week 1 got eight (5) pounds heavier, and I seemed to have not new lift? in me. so itnrn eo that 1 have used them every summer since as a tonic. I think tbey ara Invaluable. This summer, harm? another billions at tack, and much reduced la weight.being uxulerthecara of an A No. 1 physician. I again had b> have recoune to tie old Bitten, with the same Kood results, gaining six (fi) pounds in a few cays. 1 have boucht a half duo- ale weeks alace, and loteadto keep theta recu'ariy as a tonic and nevcnce. Wishing you every vuccers, 1 remain yours cratelullr. ' Wir.tlAM, EmxciLiii. Ermooik Cotxtt, lu. Mrfsra.nostetter6sbmlUi: Gb.mleux:; : With pleasure I can say that your BIT TLKs arc superior to any others. I have used theta Id nit :»ml y for .t long Ome. and always with beao- Cciafmulu, Touri, very ira'y. Utittl. GILBSBT. BCCKLAXD, PEISCB WILLTAM COTTIT, VA-, > J&nOAIJ J3,13C3. ) ile»«rs. Hostetler* Smith: Bit£: 1 belleveyoar HITTERS are the best la use. I fried them for dyspepsia In 1563. aad ttey cored me lt wa* nolfiutb that aid It, for 1 bad co faith la them: I tried them u please a triesd. I bad been probtrsM f.r several weeks with dyspepsia and chronic dloc rhaa. | expected to die: bnt Ins than one oo'Ue to for restored a.ethatlccoluatteod to my basicees. Last October I overworked myself. which resalted In tte tetornoftbe same oiseaae, accompanied with brwo cblai affection. wten J asatn used yoor BITTERS, amt aas toon restored to health. I bare recommends* them to btuulrrda of my acquaintances, and bar* nerer Known them to f«u in erecting a speedy core. Truly yours. MIRANDA CBAPFEL, Fostmaiteratßauchuid, V*- Eld xerox, November 6. ISO. Messrs. Bo> tetter * Smith: •* aoimun; We have been elllnzyour STOMACH. HITTERS tor eighteen month!, and End them an excel lent medicine. All that la ceeeasary is to let thepeo* pie know their Time, acd they will use them. I bar* tried them myself, and sow recommend than to aft who have weag stomachs. Bespeetfully vouig. wateeson & McFarland, Druggwts. Ooorssßceon, scwrx Cncsrr, v. J t»p»uiOer f Uevn. Hen tetter <fc Smith: E Ge-ttleiev: For a long time I bare been afflicted, with a disordered stomach, ana was enable to attend to any bu*me»s. J was advlaed to use yoor BITTERS, which I did, and ibond them a great benefit to ms. 1 bedeve had It not been for them 1 should have been In. mi grave ere this. I write not cmy to testify to ten Tirtce of yonr BITTEBi, bat also to have yon ship ma two doten as soon as possible, as I am bow keeping m Itorc. Yours, respectfully, JOHN M. GEE A(jK2T. Merer*. HcstetterA Smith: Gcsrs: it Is wlta the greatest pleasure that I ra* fommeedyoef SsTUiIACH DITTEttS to the public, t thin* it tee beat BITIERS of the day. It la aoeclaUy adapted to the South and West, where biliary deraoge mentsof the Uverare prevalent. Ten yetn* expert* ence In the use of compound*, as curatives, compel* ice to glvevonr BITTERS the preference that lta pop ularity merits. • E. ANGLE, M. f>. Gaxlatu. Saline County, m. Messrs. He i tetter A Smith: Gasmsttex: I have practised medicine tor many years.aoirbavensed rtmr BKTEB3 tea number at casta with great success, and take pleasure in recom mending theta to thepubllete geavoL Very respectfully, j. SMITH, M. O. Manoox.UL, January 21,1565. Mesers. Hostetler A Smith; Gentlxxbx: I sell more of your STOM.VTI BIT TERS than of any other medicine. Parties who have tried them speak lb very high praise of their excellent virtues. I have nieo them mjsel t, and prescribe thest with unparmlieleJ success. Very respecttelly 6 rom S i y Sena, Clay County, EL Messrs. Qostttter A Smith: - GgsiLXßts:! rave used, and often your STOMACH BITTEUS. and me commending it to aU whose siomscas are debmlatel. It is an excellent appetlxer and tonic; and 1 praise U as one of the beat medicines of tje g^j OORB> D> Messrs. Hosteller ft Smith: t tvnaMwl Gknt> : Some eighteen months with «M<mu tf the stcm&ch, atd had lost my npp** tile, and on Ibe rreomreenilstlonofDr. Lox, DhTikia*. I purchased eeveral bottle* cf your gii* srasVwblcb nail the desired eged hi sill-, but of late I hare oeiJjern «W# to“• Ul'ITUn In nnr I> «f. 1 ,►««Jf™ m Ml pord.ase them, or If you noommeaft will bo pleaaed' T ® lij^s^,. -71* 1 tht ra to be * hat they are "JJ^y/nCTtHiVroN. PUEPAIISU AXO NdtO dV HOSTETTEB & SMITH, HTTBBTJGBH, pa.*al?i'yaH (Jnwkt*i** *tdietwf*H | W- J «*t.'2UlthS WBfld.