Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, January 30, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated January 30, 1867 Page 4
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ClVifago iHtlbunt. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 80. 1967. THE CITY. Tcnran WIKTO. r Vr« or. In rront or Mrnrnl copier ol tbr ol Norcmbor 85, ’iris one H]u of tbot dole hotlog bMn loot. A foror will bo conf.ned by If.vlog tnen ol oor conollog CoiJi —The rlgb! thermowotor eighteen a' ;! r d h !^TbSntS.Vo^nHng^e^c””: FUArronm Zocori*.-Bn.lnr.o of Importonco 10 tbla military company being pending, o nieel- Ing boo been tolled to lot. plot. ihio (Wedneedoj) ,1 narfor No. 1, of the Tremonl House. LSM r^Sl°' Clo^’' nd RU member* are urged to be present. niMoan AcciotJiT.— The passenger train on r D iQ R, B. due In this aty at 5:50 yesterday tnnrelrg was detained, near Galea, about four u,. breaking of the engine. No Injury tS?J&\Sor4o» Biot oKOalonad by Iho delay. , Soarm i»s BxKipanascn.—Tbe French Bcnev* o>ni SocKly will bold its annual medio; on TbnndaT cTcninp, al *e*M o'clock, In ibc room* of the Tonne MenV Christian Association. A com mittco of arreoctmenla Ibr the cnsulnsycar will Uj- n be cUcled. . iKerhCUtTloir. —The iDslelliUon of Rev. Dr. (linhem hr ptstor of the Free Will BrpUst Charch, comer ot Pcorle end Jecheon e'reew,will jhke plerc thle crenlJC. Ihe eicrcleo! *lll orhe'd lu the eaolcnce room of the church, end trill heslo el VH o'clock pred'clj. roannrraronTntAL.—'Tbeca»e of Jorephlno Netry. cb.rgcd with assaulting Miss Jenny Grant with Intent to kill, was again called up at the IVilcc Court yesterday afternoon. There being no farther evidence to bear, tbo charge was chanced to ■•stall with Intent tpdobodllv injury, and Josephine was committed for trial in ball of t-ua. , Ht-Mi Mimcal Cou-toi.—The twenly-thtrd an nual Commencement cxetcl-es of Hash Medical College will be held this (Wednesday) evening, rommenrltic at 7‘t o’clock. In the lower lecture jm tii of the <' of t)e.irbomaud Indl- Ht-a sirrHs. Member* of He m-dlc«l nmfi.slnn a<«' In* lied. The Valedictory will he drilvcrcd by rtnlrssot H. legal*. I’Atsrt t A( mtKNi.-11ie wife of a well-known ntn.icsf. resident In the West Division, sat d.wii a fnv day* ago uponachalr on which lay some needtpwmk. in which the t.eoillohad been Mi win, the point upward*, the I'ttle sowing msrMi.f pene'rslrd ihn mu'Ctilar tlMiie* of the ihtgti Ully three*(iuarieri of an inch, and broke a iiiaiaticw under iha skin. His needle wa« smarted ly lb. Hkesr, with tbo aid of eliloro* It. mi sod a pair of forceps. At'i'irtn* to an oui rum,—The firm of Howim liai bot'ii changed to Ho wen, TVhliman A Witiflur, nmtmnovrd to ttrlr splendid now bulidlnga N«n. 10.17. ifiand 11 Handolgb alien', \.lutr thdr great stock cf dry gouJa, notions, woi.llen*. ai d crockery are exhibited with much g.nutiim i'i.. ihsiuselvoa and cnjvculcncu to il,« h niM> i<irra ihan hentofu'e. They Invllo thvlr 0 ,1 f,i.and Hie public generally, to rtslt and In. pen tin li new ijnarters and stock. aitit rmncii.—The Olivet Presbyterian i hint h is to be dvdlcatcd to the uses of Ulvlns woisht:* on i<>-mortow evening at balf-pait seven (>M<'<k. Tbo •• i vices will be conducted by lie v. v. Humphrey, D.P., llov. Alfred Hddy, Itov. H w I’n't'iron, D.H « Hov. H. A. Plerc-% anl lir«. Mr. If sr i-» Atamoedtig of tho members of , tll , rMnrh. bcM on Mmulav ovnulng, it wa* de- I ’n !ud"- Kcv. N«'t*im Matllard, oi Now t«> B-»uino the postoial duho«, also animal talaiy i>i s<.wni. , A iicHi i.u** Wsafir.itan.—Alonso Hcmt,nla.l ~f piirin, psienl* ate separated, his father living in Mmnpsnia and his mother Hi lowa, has wn In IM* rut about four week*. He bad a very nimll sun. of roomy when he rarue, but H was M .in rusißiitird, and hehaaslnen lodged la hills ami >isli"ay«. trying vsloly Hi tho dayUmu to get i tiit.touiu ni Yeatciday morning he was brought n,ioiti'n>e I‘nhco court and sent to tbo JlomoTor iUt i ;l« ndU»s. Tux FuailWokkn.—Uollle Hcotlen and Jenny Ixwlv, an t ried on Monday night, did not get «hnr ut tic Armory until yesterday morning, «h>u they gave ball lor (heir appearance at the Ik cctdcM Court In the rum of 4200 tnch, Six girls, st.done nntortnuato mau, who ** for ’a »ako, rcitlrmen,” oon't want his name published, wnc finro fid each. In the afternoon such of the kcept-r*. srrefcied ibe previous night, as had not riu-n bail fur appea»aoro at the next term ol the T.fconlcr’p Coon, were required to do >-o In the •am oi 1200 each, and the Inmates paid their Cues of flO each. _ A Sxiu. FohoeßT.—Peter Major was sometime I ago employed by 11. M. Kinsley as a servant In hi* establishment, but was dismissed recently. Peter wanted opair ol boots, and went to Schmitt’s shop, at No 1M Washington street and ordered Ween the* were finished Peter wanted to get trust ed imt Schmitt rldn’t ‘*aee IL” Peiersald he was wort leg for Kinsley and wonld bring Schmitt an order from bis employer lor the value of the hoots, which be was told wonld be satisfactory. The order was brought, balttanbsequently proved to be a forg ry, and Peter was arrested. At the Police Coart yesterday be was committed for trial in ball of Ismrnx Thiikiko Clash—The third of tho course of free instruction forteochers, e»tahll*hcd by the Chicago Sunday School Union, was b«d I Übt evci'lLt: in the piayer-room ol the Yoong Mtn’a Cbnsiun Association. Many of tue I teachers and their friends were present. After 1 prayer and tne ringing of a hymn, H D. Pcnfleld, Leq., read a pa--B>gc Iromihe Scrtolurea, and en deavored to explain the meaning of the same to the audience. Dr. tftacka'l then delivered a very instructive di&coorae on “Sunday School Reqtn ntcs."fullol eonud-pracacal augge-nons on the duties ol teachers. The meeting, which proved a liigblv i-itcrcstlug une to those engaged In the Sunday school work, was Drought to a close by the alcgirg of a hymn and benediction. Ovcoiiessui Kiuvbobb.—l- X. Cobb. rntA. \ log lu the vicinity of Fnce Place, has bad much trouble with hlr neighbors. Fliet U was abont a I little skating park. He pushed a lady off the Ice, It was alleged, and was fined. ■ Then a youth of Ssiastc propensities said to a luvc.lie Cobb “bow old ni« father tike Unit" which provoked a licking, which in tarn broaght lit ter Cob'» into Court, as also his father to defend him. This was settled, and yesterday Mr. Cobb was at tho Police Court again, bis mlghbor Mr. Shepard being the com plaining witness. The complaint was an alleged violation of the Health Ordinance. Tne case was continued for funner examination on Thursday afternoon. Hokx Tor. the Fbiexdlibs.—A “sewing bee,” to make cloih nc for the chlldnn of the Home, will be held ot Uie Institution at tbo comer of Wabash avamc and Twentieth street. on Than* daj morning at 9 o'clock Some of oar leading dry goods mcrcbanU have gcm.rom-ly cootnsated matenaia for clothing, for which thanks trill be relumed at the meeting. Each molndoal be* lom-ioc >o the Board of Managers, including those cl* ctco January I.|&tf7, are urgently requested to he pres* nt. anuall well-wishers of the homeless anufriendiesa to the amount of a day's bard work are Invited to assist on this occasion. It la ex* ricclco tlioi cad* person will tarnish her own onch, sdssore. thtmhti and needle. The re-anion will donbtlea* be pleasant and profitable. Chicago Ancmmcruna cr WastnsoroK.— Slepsrs. Tiller A Armalrove, architects of tula city, have completed a set of plans, to he submitted in competition with others, for a new building for the War Department in Washington. Their de sign u lor a stiucture In tho Tudor stylo, of brick with stone trimmings, with a from of 3M feet on Pcntisvlvanianvenue, and running back to a depth of SsS’leel The building, of which this will bo only a portion, will be WO feci deep, when com puted; the height oi the main buddicg will he 123 feel; that of the ton of the dome In Utc centre, 315 fccL There will also bo smaller dome towers at each corner. Toe hncic In the front Is the pressed Philadelphia make, 'there will be twelve marble columns, four ot> each side of the frott aul four In the centre, ana an iron roof. There will be lour stories, hc-ldcs basement and the attic In mansard roof. The bnil ling to be constiucl* d ar.innd a square and divided Into of Ikes, with plaits and vaultsin eachcore-T the wind? height; and a corridor lu *lis middle all around the building, Ihe centre of the plot io be occupied by a circular building, eighty feet in diameter, to be used as a mnseum. t.zcrvnn asi» Arponmißirr.—At half past seven o'clock this evening Protestor U. Campbell, au thor ol “Campbell's Now German Course.” will dHir.r a lecture before hi* classes In Bryant A Stratton's Business University, on the Englbband German tcucusoes. The aim of Ihe iVolesstr will lietos-o« close re«em'-!ancenf (be two lan giisgr-s end the true method of giving an Arnett c»n a practical knowledge if the German. Our cltlrri,** an. it.Tllcd to be present, and hair the infills ol Processor r'a-.pueH's Gennsn course wlrt-b is in«t Issued from the press ami Is belug Intiodme’d Into Ills classes. This sy-temhisui teady !"»‘.h esolnttied nod highly coalmen led hy rrstir ef oer best educators, ana has wod for Hs antlior rc*e and nitliu-Isstlc classes ol mlfbita;- Mr, A. i*. WllgolaU, recrfilly an tinker let the I'nicf si, n-tur, sml a gi iilli'iiian tit hlvh cttllpre B' il attsliniisi’ns, Is appointed As«MatU I*iule«»ur oi to il' M, in iiit* liisiltttilotii Me 4 lit Ipihtw (he •seiem, f liitlfimUoii tHimditeed hy I‘hpvssop rampin'), ftfi'l the public* may reel assured that bortmf rstluilwM'srt.tie Proud tor mvpi'fiU l a tbutonah ah piaciksi KiHmlsQdo or the GvrniAii iat'ttiafO’. Mn«*NMs‘ fOghlaf IHOfllhly p.r.cucp ot tho Mscnanles' litslitii P was Md last eirbtnu tn Msbohlc '4>n»|de, oh Daarimnt street. In tbs abrrnre of ll»*» I'rmtdant, Mr. J. W. OH-rarkor wsifJtoaeiil'»Oo«dpythofihalr, nh« inllouiiif gsmleroen. imrolnil«d at lha last mtetjip, mroA-bidod members of tbo |n»Utut«i Misers. I*. Jnlu.aon, J, Drtjte, H- Onrhar, W. Womlmif, J. \V. OttflhJnp, J. Tlao, M Williams, d. P. liouny, It. Mali, i, 0, IMy, and W. A. Ibe VfliniuiUeo appointed at the lasimesilog to eian.ine the cnlulllulinn, and to ofier atteb amcnduai.ia as thev thought proper, reported, tb'odgb Mr. J. Jenkins, the following alteration*: All act? of the lloaid of Directors were made “sohpet to the approval of tho Institute ” An article was proposed wMch provides lortbelrlxl and removal ci aiir oOccr n case ot non-perform ance of bi- ouql-s. Aieo an utricle wav added to the b>-la>'B ptovidmg for the rlecuon of life tnemoert. On motion, Messrs. 11. Pethybrldga. M. Bsn nvr, J. Muro'iT. J. W. Overecker anaC W. Walk er, were appointed u commiUee to aecure the rc qnbed Lumber of signitare* to tbo proposed smmdcncrtf. Also, the committee were author ired to her allera-loaa to the lovtltutx. Aojonrned until Tuesday, 12th of February. Ficrs os Wells Stout. —About four o'clock yesterday mornln* an alarm of fire was ran* from box No. 16. It wm occasioned by tbo dis covery of fir.* In a two-story brick building, with Iraxno adfililona tn the rear. situate at No. Sit Wells street, The premise* were occupied by several parties. The front of the lower portion of the building was occupied by Stephen D. Stores, a saloon keeper. He tost all that the room con tained, and estimates it at SUOOJ, upon ythlch there was an insurance ol abonl itrec avxrtnent- In the rear were octuple t by one Brown, a practicing physician mtbc line of coma and bnnionf. Ue lost some choice aned incnß o« his professional labors, and afew hundred dollars worth of furniture. The upper rooms of the building were occupied bv a woman named Miss Wright. a fortune teller. Ebc lost some o* the paraphernalia] jf her masic arLanda larce i»ropo«tlon of her tiou*chold ef fects. and was obliged to vacate tbe premises In raiber scant atUrr, her powers as a sorceress being unite insufficient lo stay the progress of the fiery el Tbebulldhigwaa the property of Henry Abra hams, and was fully Insured. The total loss was about 9A 000. The fire is supposed to have origi nated in one of tbe rear additions. M f*. Stokes was lying sick In an adjneeat room, apd narrowly cccapedlrom the premises with her life. About ten o'clock yesterday morning another fire occurred at No. IRI Well* street, a frame building, the first floor of which was occupied bjT atnauiamed Maybond, a sms'lmaouUcturer of states. Several frmlllea occupied the upper por tUmsof the bulidlre. The conre loss was about fSOO, upon which there wu bo Insurance, I3E ON THE SIDEWALKS. SllppißctJp anil Down-Tin? l*iillosr>- pby of Falling—How to Do It Gracefully and Agreeably. Fmce the gre*: njor»tona the troubles tod din ctr* afcudlug pede*uU»l*« la Un* city have almost great enough to pat aetop altogether loihaiandcut and time-honored tnode of loco 'raoUrri. Dancing on the slack rope woo’d be as DOlbicc compared to it. Ur. Blondln, who walked acroea the Niagara Falls on a elaglo lion, wonld Hod hie head nowhe:*» U he attempted jast now to walk a block or (wo on any of oar principal tbor oocbraies. Watkins—the proceas by «h!ch a hamau being remove* himself ftom one placielo another—h defined on a perpetual nether llmba being dimply thrown oat to resist the natural tendency of the human frame coward a horizontal position. This vert sotuliile defini tion hat received some striding practical illnatra lions within the past tew <l«t»; only, It is not al witb a (ailing for’aril, bat a failing backward, and sldeuard, head ward, and sometimes »U v-aya at ODRAuft gets hardened to the vA-y hardest of baraCfp}—even bard taps. Just as Macbeth cot nsed to horrors and * l dlreness,” or a prlxc-flebter to hard knnckles. Wo are set ting used to this peculiar style of “ walking,” and come np smiling from a deadly spot, which wootd seem to hare wrenched oar anatomical structure Into twenty new shapes, os If wo hod just been rolling, like a sportive canine, for pleasure's take. Pleasure of some Unlit ccrtatnlv mast affnd to all those spectators whose torn baa not yet come, for everybody makes merry over these sndden downfalls; and, perhaps this is the reason why wo emHe oven while oar bones are shaken with pain. It u always beet to look upon a tumble In Us humor ous aspect. It is so rlaicaloas a thing of Itself for a grave personage to be sprawling on tbo aide walk, hta pedal extremities held np Imploringly to the sky, and bt« bat dancing airily off to perdi tion, that the only way for him to bias his dUrom flttue and regain his dignity la to smile. Then there has been such a variety In the style of tomb ling, thanks to the very artistic disposition anon the pavements of the accumulated remains ortho Biotm. Deceptive little heaps—Alps la miniature —whose snow-capped summits conceal their tkppery sides of Ice, rise np at every step ; deep ravines with their descents worn smooth a* gloss ay constant applications of sole leather: high table lands swelling np into a mo'tltude of peaks: steep accents from,and descents to. the sidewalks at the mouths ot alleys; brief Intervals of good, honest,level Ice; mta; stairways of lec with all trace of tbc steps covered np: caretally preserved elides al sharp corners, such as at the uoitbcast corner of Itanuiilpb and Clark streets, where, as you tain routd, your natural fear of stumbling U lutensllied hr see ing at your elbow a horror of Iron splkea—cA»rcn.c ds rm«- tca-'r to tear your Mrs out or transfix your h art should yon make a false slop—soch aie a few of the natural beauties, «hlcb by the forbearance of tbs city authorities ate Wi na to contemplate store the 1 snowstorm. It is useless to waste maledictions , luma careless rltitcna who don't cotunly wllli the I nidlnatico; It Is worse d an hsolcm to upbraid the cleik of tbo weathvr who never meant ibis sort of I thing at all when he shook out his feather pillows. Take (he manor philosophically, pick yomeclf up In good humor, rub tour elbow in altenco and I ail, s.nlle. futile if your head be almost spill in two, your Mireacul and bleeding, snd sour ehonlSer out of joint. Wmllo liscan-o 1 son know It will he the r turn neat. Hmlle for the inn oMha Iblng. ... , Them are aome very aurr-hradi'd persona doubt lura who unite fall |n»e >anv run In failmr down, „ 1.0 wontd. rather f an amile, eo Home am) com pn»e an ludicnant Jeter to Mr. Kdhm.on the shameful conTiUou of the streets, which mdlliHr allovlßtra psln nor evokes sympathy. For tholr hem-lit. mi would andeavoi to point mil a few of ibe runny lealmesof Die caan. l( HiaUfiiforo’s banished Duke waa able lo discover “nooks In running brooks, sermon* In stone*, and good In avert thing,“ why should vv* not find sotue'un.Bl p ast, lu rtUUs f Wnun wo see t whole audience laughing boisterously at a play, It I* not a bad indication of the fact that tbo play is a funny one. bo when weseo evciybody laughing when everybody else tumbles on the •Ueet. we tnsy also lu'cr (nil thoro la something humorous in the art. ... Wo world not indulge In profane and heartless mcirlmrot at IV izinrttso ot the fair ace. The fair la ptoverhlrilly the trail sol. and we would • alhor caat a volt over (h'D expose their Inflrmi ins fn (hla icspcct. Think of till boopa attempt ing lo thread the mountain paasea above do srrthed. Consider bow fo-n fully and wonderfully madiMtp la woman tmw-a*di»s, ami how dreadful In her caie musllm the rnstill of what we call n “spill.*' A split, hide* d I lor ale goes down as one, and la licked up lo lrsgm>nta-bag|u be gaiheiedloeelbcraall weip. . . Wo, We dure not laugh with Impunity at the pettla ami porplexitk-a which bo»«t and sur round iheao sacred lurma. Hut took at poor maul Ind, how hard la thu rath he u doomed to trave. In treso h*enk-nrck days, bee how the muUlludea tnaander, and sprawl, and aworrn and stagger, and atilt Jog forward cab lnlly, fearfully, < most ungracefully, na If limy were treading on 1 ears, and asy if the spectacle does not contain . some elements of humor. Were Hunt Incorrect | to apply tbo term lo an Involuntary performance, we might say thno la an art Id tumbling. A dill- I Sent observer might «a>lly classify the variuua 1 ir.da ot lalia In such a condiilon of the stroeta aa la row presented. They repeat ihomselvea a« enrelv as winter does, and ara evidently subject to the same fixed laws. To see a man simply ellp on one foot and come down neatly on hla elbow U mo common a spec tacle to call for remark. Neither la It extreme)} edit} tug when l oth feet go from under, and the Individual allghta hard-and sharp on Uh lower partofhts spine, inducing a gba*Uy paleness In the face, on which a smile cornea and goes. Ex treme youth and old age arc both exempt from our laughter. One eon hardly refrain from smit ing when a lady, fancying she is Just about to slip away, but doesn't. suddenly *atna round upon you with a little Jump, and cries “hoop!” It la allowable to laugh at a man who meets with aa unmerciful fall while u* Is In the middle of a hearty laugh at the discomfiture of another. Inatanceaof tMs nature were multiplied yesterday. Take the followingaccne as a sample: A colored man cornea out of a cook-shop with an annsfnl of hot duhra. He stumbles, and a solid, substantial pie drops out. hot and steaming, upon the sidewalk. A natty little fellow with gold headed an«* shining new hat, stops to laugh de liberately and “eonsnmedly at the mls«maoce. Suddenly hla caue flies toward the pie, hla bet the other way and himself col-_ lapses. Be in tom ia laughed at by two voting swells who stroll carelessly by, and betore | tc ia well up, they are pretty « elf do And so they go, affording avariety of Illustrations of me I nps and downs orlife. ... , . Etctt one who has occasion to travel on Clark ; street must have experienced that profound sensa tion of mingled terror, bewilderment, and rage, which cornu of a sadden, unlock** for and acoin ln"ly uncalled for smash, where the earth is on dixiUy actuated by a fierce, malignant love for yon, and tolae you to her bo om. Perhaps you are walking peacefully along smoking a beloved mctrtccaum and meditating no barm. Wlib preternatural auddenneaa, and. by what inexpllrablo torcc you can never guws, von arc ducked on the ground a yard or so m aa ntec, jour n*ck iabrlf al-localcd, your elbows are dice log Into the bard snow, one g<a-*d, nimnl* tSQfon- blow has hit over v p*rt o - jonr Crmm*. bus, with shat ored pipe, crashed bat and eorry looking countenance you are brought up face to face with fotncsnil'ng dxmsrl, who pleasantly hopes you are not burl. Hurt? Ob, no; what an absurd tnppoeitionl . home people make ihcm«elres ridiculous by re sisting a fall, acd fighting It to the lavt. Whether me atrugglo resnlU in victory or defeat Ula very much the same. Who can help laughing to aee a man, for. no apparent reason, other than to amnsc himself, come all at once to a stand still, fling his cane imo a abopwuduw. and commence stamping wildly on the sidewalk with tbc heel of his boot; ibcu beud himself double, and after clutching at invisible thing* In tbc air, proceed to cxccmo a and for ward dacce something after the fashion of Jenny Ulght’s famous one in Fot funiu! One naturally thinks while looking al such a performance, why not succumb at ouce and have done with It? Either way the Individual ends by looking de plorably roulUb. Sometimes a man will run for a block in this way after a fall and not catch Nothing tries the temper of a person so well as a good beany tumble upon the ice. According *o how he accepts his fate are we enabled to sec, how much humor there Is In his composition. One who possesses tho gift o’ humor can never be made rldicn’oua. It la only tho solemn, pomp ous, unbecdahle, stiff-hacked Udivlduata who be come the subject of merriment In their miafor seriously, the condition of the sidewalks at present la something denloraole, tud a real grievance to the community at lam. As it Is now almost too lato to remedy the evil thorough nvlclltbc hoped that atu-r the thaw—which la something dreadful to think of—when another snow storm comes the city ordinance In reference to the clearing oi sidewalks will be more rigidly ' i-ufcrccd. BOARD OF EDUCATION. School Extensions anil Changes—Ex penditures—Great Lack of Accommodations—Tho Sight Schools. The regular monthly meeting of tho Board of Education was held In Uteir rooms. No. 7* LaSalle Gleet, last evening. Thcte were present the President, C. N. Holden, Ksq., and Inspectors Hallantyoe, Blackman, Bicutano, Urlrgs, Clatke, Unllfotd, Runyan, and Ryder. siaw nnaxcii ran tub xoselxt sonoou I Inspector Blackman, ut the Committee on Buildings and Grounds, reported tho following, which was unanimously adopuid: •• The Committee on Buildbigs and Grounds 1 recommended the leasing of lota SI, 03, M and 61 1 in block 4of Point's Bub-dlvlsion ot the south fid acres ofthe west half oC the northeast quarter of section SB, K, at hne hundred dollats per an num for the term of five years, and the muring thereon ofthe old youth Chicago School building, lu be fitted up as a branch of ihe More ey Bchojl." rmAMCBS. htsprclor Gallanlyne. of !lte Committee on Auditing aril Klftncc, snbtnliied the report of •• ariosi'. Chase, Hchool Agent, -hlch shows the follimtiig summaries oh account ot the School raslfutt hahtl Bevcmhor Ist ....iwmiul 4.1H1.W s-Mchts* .. - - » a ililr'l'LcViiit I'M Kewbetty Blind, itit« *5.110 IITTT |41,4W.1H) t0ta1.................. ,<<*|ls«hfit).f,v lik|t«hdllltlff*TwfhaFs. ..,..140,11; 41 Cash on hand Jannary Ist, IfiOT. 11,117.11 Of this 0W4.W1 Is Air tmyrognf of teerhers, Itavsi mr ampiry actnunis, aitiiw iWiorlHVMt* ilU'lll. (•ITiimnißS QHItHRSn. PPHgITPnB PBOBRiP, „ . 1 jfiii,prior rinUfonl, of the uororolttea on Furm> tut,. ircomrocnrted the tdaehg of Grammar rchuul furniture In ine Newberry and boater richoota, and the lecororoendailun wa» adopted. OMAVdSa IB TBAOMEHS, InEi.cctor Briggs, ot the Uamwiuse on Teachers, I ,ei,oiiedtr*)fullowlngriiancc# tu t> acherst Appoiiilments—Maty E. fimlth.AsaUtant In Kin ne N’kuci. I Caiotit c \Wfbott, Assistant In Ogden Bcbool. Anna Boebem. teacher of Geimau in Newberry Wary P.fitLClair, Assistant In Og- Battle S. Davis, Dearborn I ” C Anw» B. Cla«k, Jones School. Uatilc M. Bu'terhcld, Carrie M. Reed, Btltle K. Hitchcock and suso. A. Swia, L.U**ie hctiool. jlari E. Chappell and Mtnr E. 1 ackand, Frank -11 Adflfo°B*nk«or. Adelaide Favor. Belle M, Secure, Amen* 11. Bliss and lAura D. Ayres, vvaslinctonSchool. Wary K. Fnmold and LuclUV. Little, Foster School. _ , , Mary E. Andrews, Daven School. Claire A, Tow alee aud Melissa A. Green, Cot tage Giove School. Nellie M. Pole, Bridgeport School. _ IJzrie Crawford snu Ida M. Parker, Pearson Street Primary School. Emma 11. Gray, Clara Win grove, Elizabeth Stn el Primary School. Jennie Wamwiight, Rolling Mill Primary :?ctool. IXCSKUSor fUXAHT. On mMioti of Inspector Runyan, the salary of Mr. WUtXCTOre, Assistant Teacher of Music, was relied Horn SI,QUU to ¥1,300 per year. 7XBTUUCTXOS IS OIUXaX. Inspector Brcntano, from the Committee on German, to whom *ureferred a communication from the Common Council. Accompanying a re«o lotion of Alderman Talcoit against the teaching of German In the public schools, reponed that the committeee do not deem that an; Inja-tlce le done by leaching German to those who desire It; that the number of Americans s<ndTlncltls greater than the number of Oer for Instance in the Hosclej SchooLwhore ot the 190 pupils studying that language, 171 arc natives of the United States and 7 ont of the in remaining were horn In .England. They request to be relieved fiom a further consideration or lie subject. Report accepted and adopted. man school Amnsstoxi aim opmxo. Inspector Clarte reported the names of eight children for re-admlseion to the High School— haring been absent on account of sickness, Clarke moved Uiat the ttme of opening the School at 8 a. m. be postponed tin 111 the beginning of the summer term. Cairloo. acitot-Aua must un tx nn cm. On motion ol Inspector Runyan tl was voted that no children be admitted to the schools who cealdo outside of the city limit*. * ttOLUXO XtLZ, BOUOOL. On motion of the same Inspector two grades of the Uiammar Department were added to the Roll* ing Mill Primary school. MOUS SCHOOL liOOXWaVTBD. Bupcrintepd't>l I’lckard called attention to the crjlng need of fmlher school room accomiuoda* hoes, hundreds of applicant* being crowded oat on account of licit of scat*, and made the follow* Inf tccommorrtaiiotu: * That in schools where there are not sufficient (•cat* for scholars, all applicant* l»c examined and assigned to grades, and a Itatol *uch* optic mi* he kept- Thai whenever a child leave* school, or ts suspended for any other cause than alchnej*, the name be placed at the bottom of the 11*1 K suspended, and the person drat npon the list for that grade be notified to come and occnpr the B<aU That no scholar be thus sent for until an actual vacancy occur*, either by leaving or by snspeialun. . . ~ . inrpccirr Ryder thought that the shameful Uci of accommodallons in the city ahonlrt »*e made known ami Impressed upon the public, and moved the ar option of the recommendation, which was carried. atTxxnaxcx ron yawnaitTo The Superintendent presented a summary of attendance for January, with comparisons, which contain* the following figures: Jan. Jau. IBti7. 18C6. Inc. Dee. Whole No. enroUedl9,Uß 15,910 8,143 Average No.bolorg. tee!: 7.10,903.6 11,097.4 8,815.5 Per cent of av. No. belonging to wholeNo.cnrollcd 88.7 Arcisce dally at* tendance 15,591.5 13,127.8 2,4* 1.7 Per cent of attend* accc on ar. No. belonging 92 5 93.1 .... Casesortanllnw*.. 7,337 7,107 83J Per cent of lardl sees i.a 1.1 i TicAourns' ocrmncaTsa. On motion of Inspector Clarke, ll was volod to grant final certificates to each tcadicis as hold partial certificates, upon ►aUsfaclory examination oj the Superintendent, Appointing Committee and committees of the respective schools. Ihe motion was carried. BVBirtRO schools. Inspector Guilford, of the Committee on Even* Inc Bchools, reported the following ataUs'lct: The evening schools began October *2,1800, and closed January U, 1807. haring occupied thirteen WCOkS. Number of classes, 47. jrt>Vo. 1806-7. Gain. Total enrollment 9,881 8.919 BM Avctnsc attendance. *sl W 9 139 Cost per pupil on enroll* menu. $3.01 12.13 fO.tW Ci-st per pupil on average aliiiulaiiec B.Ct Paid forteachers’ 5uDr1c5.........*....* W.OM.iW « JatiUor’i salary Win •* i,ni 319.00 « sm.drlci 4W.01 against >7,Til 83 In 1800. «• Appioalmaiion IHJO Lett over fiom 150>....... .. $7,930.73 PHU In Ueaamy to credit ul ovonlug schools, wn* aereiited and placed on file, tin miptmi Hie Hoard ad}ourned. THE OPERA HOUSE DRAWING. Wl.ut Clio P«p«r« Hay—A Korlimatn Mill- Olllotul Dcclarotlou ofl’rkcu. If we, In Chtragn, are disposed to drou the Ciosbv Opera House drawing, like a hot potato, nr, as a thing whose Interesl hat pans, d away, or for no reason at nil, aavo sheer exhsnsllon, the «• wspapera of other cities do not seem disposed to pail company with it In that way. Our ox chnt'Ooa cornu to us filled with reports, bon mots, oulbs and comments, to tbo point rid away from me poini, and pointed at everything which looks liko havirg a connection with tho Opera House thawing. One of Hie best **pokes” that wo have *, l i„ct v hh in contained id tho Boston Cjinmtr* clal Jlv fs’lw, which gives a long H-l of pilxos not id down In Iho omciai list, r,om which we give the following as samples. Wo nerel mil quote the numbers, as they arc lakon ul random, tho only provision bo lug ti nt they wens carefully auteciud from among the umciallv losing immbeia t yviire /Jioipn.—Along biralht a tooth t a wood cart; antiifniinico-n very strongonui a parallol care; ra«hprofit i • uliock; a sword out of tho scabbard; a volt of charity; a sigh; a draft diao.t, |n New York bv U. o. Tatna; a bad pic- I Hire; r- ''no; a small salary-by a Vermont dor -1*5loon; •champagne cork; a crayon: a laror— I dinun bv a <im*i«bio; a long bo v; alollurv—by 1 our Frit; indy; afinioaglno; a full bouso—by the Iliad. Crout.; a pi lot—by a Southern firo-«ater; lubt; n rld'i: a hal'er—drawn by Jack 'Ketch, proxy foi Jen. Davis, of Ul-slsslppl; a blister; a blank. To which we may add a long face—nul fa cetious. k roIITUNATE vnx. Ac exchange gives the following paragraph, which is worth reading whether it be true or nut. Itle given with an air of cettalaty which Is strong of Ha veracity; “Home ycaiß ago a Frenchman, who was work ing by tho da; or month, tn a mill. In the town of I‘ralno dn Hocher, 111., fell heir to about by the death of a relative ihi France, since which time bo has been living on the interest of hla money. We bcliovo the mill referred lo is now owned by Mr. A. n. Leo. “On the Slot of July, ISAS, there was sold to a man by the name ol Julius Waogelln. who was then working in a mill In Prairie du Bosher owned or conducted hr A. U. Lee, a lottery ticket. In one of Murray, Eddy & Co *e lotteries, wolcb drew for the sold Jnlfna ono-half of the grand capital prize of 180.787. * . ‘* On Jannarv 21at, 13C7, the ticket In the Crosby Opna House which drew the Opera House Uaell, was found to bclO'g to the Mr. A. H. Lee. mentioned above, and who la proprietor of uaid mill.*’ LIST OF pnuxs. Wc give the following abstract from the official reporter the drawing, aa famished to us yester day, from the Actuary of the Opera House Art As sociation: . „ „ 7 he first nine prizes were drawn a* follows: Ticket No. SS,GCK) Held by A. H. Loo, of Prairie do Bother, 111. Crosby’s Opera House; valued at No. 161,R32—Unsold. “Vo Semite Val- iev;’’ valued at fdOjOUQ.' Ticket No. 1.6.157—Un501d. “American .An* tnmn; valued at $6,000 , , Ticket No. 72.HU3—Held by Mrs. J.P.Cahney, of New Bedford. Mass. ••Irving and hla Friends, valued at $5,0u0. “<t -I'icket No. Ss.l6o—Held by J. J. Taylor, of Springfield, 111. “Woodi in Autumnvalued at T&t No. 91,926—He1d by O. A. Wight, of ; PlackttOLc, Mass. " Kecognttlon;” valued at *^ U teu«t wo. Ol.Ols—Held by Daniel Bussell, of Eo-ton, Mass. “Deer on the Frame;*'valued at M.OOd. Ticket No. EC.96C—Held by r. P. Dwyer, of Chi cago. “Alpine^nerv;’ 1 valned at~si,oCJ. Tjrket No. 161.5/I—Unsold. '* Bust of Abrt* btm Lincoln;" valued at * Ihe pnrei drawn fur unsold tickets, aod which remain the prone, ty of Mr. U. U. Crosby, were as follows: No. iis,“jewfi Ca*e;" No. 33,117. illna*ure; No. 197,571, Bocgcral.-Eraace: No. US.fiT* Orai.g* CouuivScenery: No 173,331. On the Hudson: No. 136,221, The Tappan Zee; No. 178,‘JM', landscape; No. 199,30!, Stmwhenlas; No. 3,0;k. landscape; No. 163,1/70, Autumn on mo Shenandoah: No 123.810, Saw-mill on tbs Bush hr.l; No. iV.’.tW, Dorr; No. 183,328, The Lost tannine; No. 131,va>, Hocks at Nahaat; No. 18n.4f8. ChM-muis; No. 143.617, Attack of Ihi Hear: No. 122,v21, Landscape; No. 181,GW, Brook near Wc*i Point; No 141*1/7 1, Goins to school; No. 113,613, Uulc Daisy; No. 03,761, The Shadow Dance; No. 1M.99, Pictured Rocks; No. 191,061, Fr.w; No. 1fi1,4'3. The Bay of Naples; No. 162,039, Basket of Flowers; No. 163,533, Misty Mon. me; No lio.l*is, Bayou. Coast of Mexico; No. I»T.Kj4,Bnstol Lincoln; No. 172,170, Iletarn from • hrlsicnlne; N 0.141,24:.141,24: Early Morning; No. 77,637, Mount Desert; No. 93,505, Sheep; No. lW,y:2, Landscape: No. 17*sl8I, Amencaa Au tumn ;No. 121.133. Prayer; N0.2,612,The Lesson No. 176,069. NearMonulown, N. J.: No. 181,832, YoSemtle Valley; No. 125,118, View from the Hill side ; No. 174,413. Porbait ot Uncoln; No. 181,787, Mary Queen of Scots; No. 114.891, Sunset; No. 143,712, lining ot Cltnalan Aqnednct; No. It'kSSU, The Liam Red Wishing Cap; No 91,815, View near Germantown. The tallowing prizes were drawn In Chicago: No. 12V1®» Winter landscape, by A. E. Clark, trustee; No. 43.465, Early Morning, by Express and Telegraph Club; No. 5.057, Indian and Canoe, S. O. Spaulding: No. 28,533, The Young Sports man, by Isaac Crosby: No. 297,310, Football on the Italian Tyrol, by O.Eaton: No. 127,610, Mag nolia, by F- £. Ritter and L. P. Heyel; No. 102,289, Old Fisherman, by Miss Anna Wnlle; No W, 5 53, Mount Jefferson, by the Unfortunate fen Club; No.4\o24,P«itaial, bynsllroad dab; No. 15. TH, Near Fordhaia, by W. 12 Shaw; No. 209,6'J, School Examination, by U. M. K’nsley: No. 86.245, View on iJikc bnperlor, by W. u. B. Smythe: No. 10.218. The Love Letter, by (1. M. Kimbark; No. 59,83!, Beach on the Northeast Coast, by the Bankers* and Brokers’ Clnb: No. 15,565, Caravan overtaken by sandstorm, by V. C. Turner: No 16,291, Child’s Head hy»f. J. Sands : No. 155,060, Interior, by Music Clnb : No. GO.SSB, Marine View, by Marlin Dotaol: No. 7.213, Vase of Flowers, by Christian Olsen ; No. 2W,riS, Who Goes There, by K. A. Tnomalen; No. 75,741, On diaries River, by B. G. L. Faxon; No. 105,060, A Rocky Coast, by Pork Packers Clnb; No. 209,267, VtlccUng the Bridal Dress, by Captain James Smith; No. Sea Shore, by the Hopeful Club: No. SU3,SOt OT Ihe Coast of taib radur, by the Briggs llonse Clnb: No 46,’in, Ruined Castle, by the Matfesou House Clnb; N« veil, In the Field*—Winter, by K.W. Han cbett; No. 40,271, The OH Reel, by L. Morris ; No. 137.179, View on the River I’o, by J D.Pshl mao ; Nn. 200,260. ihe Cannon Mountain, by fan pan, McKlllop A Co. i No. 9*19,>69. Knitting Girl, by the Chicago Times Club; No. Ww. Alpine Scenery, by K. P. Dwyer; No. 7,i£i', cavalcade. by A. A. Kelly: No. 157,211, Young America, br M. W, Smith ; No. 46.1M3. lu the Harr, b* Express and Peb graph Club; No, HIM HU Fort Warrant l*y Art Gaiter Club No. 1; No. 18H.7W. Fhipals Care, by Charles UoMagu I Nr*. 48.1VL Wilder Scene, by llaltioail Club; No. s.isn, l»el ysburtf. bv 1? fclmtuetwan t No. 4 i C879, SketcbihP. or r. f-. Ulnchoid t No 67,355. The Fly Cnlchpr. by the Oil club } No. SlWni, Land* scape and Figbit' 11. M. Kinsley t wo. view peat Fatnili'Biiflitit by 11. M. Kthjie/1 No. IJU.U22. Glib by limtipurey * MeKentne. T lie tu tees ohd* ft m this Plain outsHe of Ctilca* go ii.eMide lli» folio* mg t-ldmef» Itn* Wsidtful PpoitsfUMM Atttobft the Auisi Nuiitm Pkatersi ‘tVe nritPrinsuof wdmabflyi View on UMerle flliehVf.l UUo Ueulgfll \VWIO llf*|»ea| I‘llS UMdf* li.msdf bl'ttm on Kip AKaidini f*p«Mia .Vsr Chelseal HtniMM'llMi .Un-Uoapet CHS Tbilisi GiHbe IlsopHSthm.kt Wools in AtiMimn| Hollifhoolisi Nrai Woodstock, N Ut V)tw at Ffcslumiul, Ataa-.t t wliiuhlt Che Well, and Taking it Easy, ...... ciurei.s of ,New York drew Ihs (.dlowhifft Where's Uly; View near Orniwaj, N hi M«*tu siidFiowrrs; View In HhiOiao. N. V.; Urapast Piuu: Moss Ro»ebud; Rriuatosat Uaymauing; die First Loan bcei.e in the CatskilU ( Dog«t TieComitryi Oxiraraou the PraUte; Oiapu*. rod; hluep; Vlow to Ulster County: landscape; Wallet slant; Viewtn the Genoseu Valley, N. Y , View at Medflold, The Cottage Door; View on Ihe Mosharon; IT.o Burning Castle; fruit and Champagne: Near Button, lane George: Taking a rraoke; Gathering Chest nuts; Vase of Flowers; UjlhoMxeam; Mount Jeflerron: Marley on Ihe ; Merry l.lule ( obbler: The Deacrted House; On Sable River: The Distinguished Gnest; Village School; audA landscape. Rcitdci.ti of Pcnnajlramareciivoiho following plctmc-s: New Uamushue Scenery; Fish; Plc-v eicl; Moonlight on the lake; Landscape; The Frosted Bird; Landscape; Ed«*ln Booth as lago; Lunch; Harvest Field; New England Homestead; View at Westport, New York; View Is Mexico; Down hr the Willow; Grapes and Apples; Rain Drops;November: four seasons; view In the Adirondack; Trailing Arbutus; Frail, aud The Deserted Home. The pictures drawn upon tickets sold in Massa* chn-cus arc as follows: Conoccricnt Valley; Scene on the Snstinchanna; Landscape; View In the Tyrol; landscape and Chickens; View in Roxburv, Mass.; Lie do Crony, Krance; Scene lo the CailsWßls; fb« Swamp bucset; Fruit; Twi light; Basket of Peaches; Prayer; Deer on the Prairie: Scene In S«Uxerland; Washington Ir vine and Friends: Loocpond; Chickens; Mar ooeite Rapids; Happy Dream; Dancing Jack; Marine View; The Seaside; Autumn bccnery; Landscape, and Recognition. The remaining prizes were distributed to resl deita of States, as follows; ■*.;^ nd r l : ana, 10; Wisconsin, 12; lowa, 4, Kentucky. 0, N“w Jerfer,9; Michigan,«; Mlnnespta,3; Ohio, s;H>ah, 1; Maryland, 5; CpnnecUcnt. 5; Ar kansas.!; Anode island, 1; Vermont I s TgaUi ans, S; fenne'see, I, District of Columbia, 1; Colorado, 1; Montreal, C. h., 1. A tew tickets have not yet been heard from. Poucx, Fmr axd Bsarrn, —The regular femi weekly meeting of Ihc Board of Police, Flro and Health Commi'tloner# was held at the Central hta'lon yesterday afternoon. Hie President, T. B. Brown, E*q n in the chair and present, also, . Commissioner* Gnnd and Tltaworth and the leads of the throe departments, the President snnoni ced that the new steam Are engine " Fred Gnnd*' hao arrived, and,on motion, the question ot locating her was referred to toe Chief Fire Marshal Ihc hill of George W. UUler, for the payment offTTA on account of Injuries iwt??d hr him while Captain of I*oll(v, which w»* p tm d t»r wc Common Council, and orderoa palu o:t of th • Police Fund, was, on motion retorted bad; to the Connal, «dti»*he recommendation that U oc paid ont ol the Contlfg»iil Fond The complaint of harm King, a coloted nurse In the take Shore llo*pllnl wna then taken up. She cbargi d William Jonei*, the atowsnl and hi* wiio withdrawing her wag™ from the city and keeping **ut a portion fortncir own use. Not belnr fub uvllaird the complaint was dismissed. Office™ William Konny and A. J. Honnoil were l.roiiiihl h foro the Uoi'Q on charge of uuoffleor* like conduct. It nppn *rs that they took od'auco at Francis A. Kelley. acarpen’er In the employ Mr IlarrD and engaged In a building on the cor* ner of State and iwenty-sccoud streets, and the carpenter ordered them ontofiho hal’dlnf. Home -JitgolT seasoned compi'monu then passed, Kelley home termed a **lm*o” and one of tbo policeman a “fool,” and Kelley was t»rt!*tfld, bandendsd and taken to ihrJArmory, from which he was re* baaed te the afternoon, without tmnlsbmanl or trouble. It appearing that officer Kenney was the chief oDcnder, and tbo. ho made the armt through fiiitr*. will ont sufficient cause, Kenney was dla* cnaigcd from the force. . _ On coxuplbli t of Michael Roach, No. 167 West Twelfth, Crotty. Belloc, and Bomerwcre arraigned for arresting said Roach and otners In bis nmiae, wMioutany offoace. It appears that Mr. Uoacb bad a select party of friends ana relatives at his haa*c, and that they were imbibing a little beer and diseasing •* some fao ily matters*’ nnlU nearly three o'clock in the morning, when the four officers entered and ar* rested him and two other "ginUcmen" for Delog dtsordeily and ont ot hour*. The Board decided that the evidence showed the complainants to have been quarrelling in a noisy manner, and that the officers were Justified in taking steps to qalot Item, though they might, perhaps, have done It without making the arrests. On motion, tbs charges were dismissed. Tbo Board then adjourned. LAW INTELLIQENCE. The Klcoll Dower Suits Progressing ■ Injunctions and Attsclimcnts—Two Divorces Applied for—Largo Estates in tho County Court. The Circuit Court was yesterday encaged m the continuation of the trial of tbo came of ilenry Llcbenstcm against the Metropolitan Insurance Company, which woe mcntloiiodyeslarday, which la to recover on a pol cy for $1,900. lu the case of oamucl ilalr and others against BoberlQ. Goodwillie, an action of assatapsii, lu which ibo defendant was defaulted on the 17ih In* slam, the damages wore assessed at $172.50, and judgment rendered. „ , The dower suit of Frances B. Mcoll against Dennis Proytti, one of the many proceedings by the same complainant, was dismissed. Tbo prop* erty which was in contest In this notion was the south half of sub lot 9 lu subdivision of lota U to 11 inclusive, in block W In Wolcott’s Addition. ’1 he follow Ing subs were dUnUMcd : Untile! It. Brant elal. vs. John Downing. As* sumpsll. the tame vs. Ilobert Walsb. Assumpsit, The rami* vs il A. Christy. Assumpsit. 'I he ih fi’i.(Jill's were dc(ntilled In tbo following cases abd judgments remicied. 1). it. litsit A Co. vs. Mr. Itoadluglon. As* • umpsll Judgment for H'ti.M Tbo samu vs. Martin Jirruann. AsaumuMt. Judgment am.UO. william I'Mtrick v*. Horace M. Gregory. As< suniprti. Jufpnieiil (Stkl. 1). li. IliatiliVCo vs James Lyman. Assump sit. Jmlfimi.lll3J.Wi. tt jhoiewatmslntbU Court ware an appeal by James W. Hippie ami Hatiiuol It. Flexion, limn n JuUmu’iilrci tiered by D’Wolf, Justice, to favor of ihnHtcoml National Daub of Uothanlcsburg, for . 1,933.73 (W. An Injunction Dined al Dm milt of I'cfcr i.. Ilinmtu Marlin A. Armstrong, to ru*'ran him Hum UoflUii/ m»h imrinerrUlp prupoity situ bled at Mo 65 West Water sUoef. Iho partem ihlpvaaln ihn buibmsa of purcliaslug. drying slid »cj mg damag'd grsm, npun a Joint capital ui (<l,lM>. 'I ho dlPleullr nrlatM npou the withdrawal nf iho capital ol doAodam f.mii Dm buitncaa, and Dio utijultato oLUm an accounting and ictllc* Hester Ann Hrgaii filed her bill for a divorce Horn Bartholomew, her huibaml, Tho marriage 1b alleged to have taken place April H, JU'VI, m Ibis city* aud Die charge U tteserlloo. , Anotlachmrnt issued against Chariot M. Clark nt (ho a nit <>l A. L. Hall ft Brother, no an alleg.-d li.dchlciinraa of svtW. on Dm ground of nmor-sb deuce. A similar writ i»smdat 'he anil of the »nme imrttes against William 11. ft Charles M. Clark, to recover f 1.001.11. , I.eoiaid Itolhccibcr bronchi an action of dam* a itca acalnat Andrew Garrison, on a note endorsed bv Calvin D'Wnlf, da od December SO, MO, for fintft, althlriydaya, wlllilnioir-al. A care. lydiaA. and Illla House against Wil liam C. Wilder, waa b'mighl Into Uils Court by change i'f vaihio from KaneConnty, 'I ho aniMs for (nrrihtr cniry upon, and detainer of, a homo lu Geneva, Katm County, .. In the Huuurlor Couit Dto now proceeding* com mrncnl wore a* follow s lirloo Truaz vs, 'llm city of Chicago. Action on tin< case, damages laid at f&.'WO. Michael It. Marlin also bro-iubt eaan aqalnal John J. Hchwar*, Angunßaaor andChmlo* uacg- Dug, laying hU damage* al (3.WW. TUI* U auoth er ?n>e growing onto! the fall of Kchwarzn build ing on male street, .. _ 'luoac'iont, In debt, wore commenced by Jo seph K bills, who auua for the u*a of John 11. llroadbcnt fho drat case la against Joseph Mclo and Jamoa Ureckcnrldge for (t >0 debt aud damages Kiw; and the second la for Uio nauof , Henry Webb, agajneltbo aamo parties, the debt bring alleged at 1150 with an equal amount of damages. Uemy D. Walker and Abraham W. Wood con fessed lodgment in favor of Daniel Shepard for $1,431.26. A. F. Croakey and Geo. C. bchnfeldt confessed judgment In favor of A. C. ft O. C. Cadger for *4.180 40. Albert C. Ellmthorpe aued out a writ of replevin to recover from Charles T. Boyne a quantity of household furniture, valued by him at *2OO. ■ • A proceeding lor trespass was commenced by Jobn M. Natthy against Charles M. Day and Dank) Kernln, damages being laid at *2.000. In the County Coart Mammon, widow of tha late Joseph Schmaltz, waa appointed to adminis ter upon ois estate, under a hood ot f S*V>oo. Ito estate of Edwin Plummer was declared I settled. * 1 The will of Ira Coleman was probated, and I letters testamentary Issued to Emibe Coleman, ! under a bond of SIO,OOO. I Loots H. Rncker and Timothy S. Filch were ap- ' pointed to administer npoc the estate of the late Jcdc Cocker, under a bond ot S2O 000. ! Gertrude Kamlellcr was appointed guardian of her two children, Gertrude aud Christian, on a 1 bend of SI.S<O. , The w it) of the late Edmund Aiken was proved. 1 h a will was made April 22d, 185 t», on a sheet of noicpaocr. After providing for the payment of his debte, the deceased elves to his wife, Elpha, all hia real estate and all Ms peraonalpropertr, i xcei'lrac S6OO to a sister, Sarah Trowbridge, and to Samuel H. Aiken. The bond in the estate is SIBO,OOO, and the widow received testamentary letters. . ...... Homer B. Golpln was appointed administrator d« 6onU non ol «be estate of Adolph Poncelet on a l.ord of (8.200. . „ „ # „ lu the Recorder’s Court aa application for di vorce vu filed by Caroline against John J. Bran delh. The peutlo'- is based upon cha-g-* of adultery. cruelty aud desertion, it being said that he 1* now domiciled la Mobile, Alaoami. The allegations of the bill aic that tte complainant mlermanicd with respondent In Chicago, Sop limbci 6,1805, and lived with nlm as bis wile un til the first day ol September last. She clurges that, among many other acts of Infidelity to bia marital contract, ne committed adultery, July 11. »£C6. wl'b one Sa'ah Rose. On the ground of cruellv, ihe alleges against him a comse of hiMh. mUln'd and tyrai n’cal conduct, which extended ovcribc vpnee of six montlis, amouuliug to ktek* in tbe abdominal legion, which caused her sick ness and paiu. ‘ THE SUNDAY LAWS, to the legislature—A Voti Iho Chicago Workingmen's Assocl-iUon have drawn np, tor presentation to the Legislature, a petition lu regard ti the Sunday laws In this city. The Association ha- adopted this course as rcp*e* ecrlatlvcs oi a largo body of citizens ot German birth, and tbo prayer of tbo petition is, that the voters of the city shall be authorized, at the next municipal election, to express their sentiments la lavor of or against tnc suspension of there enact ment? for the observance of Sunday. The reason of the action taken is given. The document state* that, perhaps, a majority of the Germans conceive Chat these laws Inter* fore with Ifaclr peculiar mode of celebrating the first day of tbo week, they cotismonnc the af'cruoon and evening of I Sunday as a fit time for rcctoaUon, to he enjoyed I by them in their own way, actions as In the pros- I cciulon ot (bnr pnr-iilt of tonmoraty happiness they do not Infringe upon the rights, or interfere with the observance of Sunder by others of the citizens, who otherwise spend the day. K.*pe aailv Is deprecated the Idea that the sals of wine and beer, licensed for the weekdays, becomes criminal when canlcd on during the first day of the week, They deem the laws, as at present en -1 forced or overlooked, as the cose may be. to be detrimental to pnhllc morality, and lu ihn regard they specify that ono German theatre Is allowed to open Its doors on Sunday, while the other U caused to be closed. All of which they conclude, in the nneertan ty of tho enforcement of the law, makes It lu become “a machinery of inlsrhl f in the bands of men, ready to violate their swom duty In the Interest of their political Mends.” In conclusion Uie petitioners cite lUclr legislators to the action taken In St. Louts, where tho salool beer, llcht wines, &c., being ictgaUzcd, tlierc uas been, li is staled, an end ofpet'y persecutions on the part ot the police, and a perceptible falling off In the number of Sunday drunkards. AminiiJiHthTS, McVickxu's ritBATUK—Mr. Charles Dillon wl repea* bis atisatpassattle didlneation nf “Be phegnr, or the Mountebank,” thu evening. Mlsevm—“Peep O'Day” will he repealed lb nfterno* n ami evening, when the ?han Van Voihl will be exhibited In the well known style peculiar •o the Museum. . „ „ . . PnKsiinitaTATioa—last evetrioe Nr. llobert Nkkle gave the second ot his neciotnanllc entei-. taioininls hetore a large audience tu the Music Mall of He Upe»t Mottsi*. Hie programme was chfllieed ftum that of the ftisl evsnlog, hut was cntiallv «s wtll executed. Mr. Niik'e peiflirms his Mirks lit the tuldri ofthe mirtlsnee, and defies iMrolloti. *1 lil** fXtuing a new piogratume t*n» m oner* d, and there !• no dutiiii that the shill of Mr. MtekW ni'l again Waceepuhly tlMpliiyed PhAttfm —the s Ksott is imw pMiy fat vsliied, nhd sks'ets bate so well rjtatclsad their sUlll (Ut cnmpriufoti fur .I'lirw Nlijmitf nur Bluil*>Ms is nnvvr inoidei. In Mils Iht l \\ashing* top Phsilbtn'Bfk ta'.eHitulrsd, the first sUb lug louiwahiMil of the season vomss oil at Ilia W.*V»iylni> «m Monday and Tuesday, Um lira and of I'anvtbov, IwopMio* ate oll*re4 mull to ladb's, hn»» and rouse*. first I'ftpu ■'> tliH just lady skater Is » gold wa'ott, ulurd at at.t, Mt» tiria*> (•> bn anarileil l»> the t, ,-fci p, r.tleinrti sUatar 1* f }<«> tnea»h. All (be park* were well attended yesterday. TiHotht tne balloon a*eenaion wilt rows off at da tvniral Patk, with a aiejday at fireworks, tbo I wcresiot. bung (or the bom-fit or the maulers. Acrtciilinral ami Horticultural Noclefv. A roceun? of this Society (Cook Comity) wai held yoicrday afternoon la Ibe ofllca of the Jiaiiie J'anrrr, corner of La»e and Wells alm-U. lu ibe absence of the President, Ur. IfanUi WoiUrnigton was chosen to occupf the chair. The Secretary, Mr. B. D. Emery, of the Ftctrif J'on:\’r t read the minutes of lno last mettme. which wen* approved. There biloc no special business, the Society proceeded to the consideration cl liica'ibi rt of tii-cnoth-ii for tie nieetinn» which was “Usctm and Ornamental licdcing.” A communication on the enblect Irom Mr. J. Teriam was read bribe Secretary. The writer claimed that whether we view hedges as ornament*, barriers or s§ nrotec tlon to carders from the winds, their antiquity re commends them to more than a passloc none; Bo considered them more as ocantitiera mde finlcc boundaries, adorning the landscape or ♦hotting ont insigh'lt objects. The tiny edgtnc of box come of the decvrlas, or even tho modest DcriwluUc; the Chinese or Siberian arbor vlra;; the stronccr naUve flat leaved, and red cenar; tor *utdy spruces, hemlocks, pines and flrsare alt valuable plants for hcdctic* toouch they re* oulio different temperature* and sobs for their propagation. Be spoke also ol the o>aco orange, tta- privet, and barberry as the most profitable plants. ... Mr. Edgar Sanders Ihoncht the Japan qnlnco a very btsuulhl plant. In the warmer c.imes It is extensively crown Berest the north be lonnd that below the snow line It wonidb'oom very fine, bat where it is cxnosed to the frosts snd wind U weald not crow. The bih-rrian arbor vilm is entirely nseless as a stoppage to came, but beautiful. The American arbar vitae Is tar superior for (be use of our Weston farmers. Ibe barbary mate a very beantlful bedee, but ia too thorny. The Norway nr s'ately spruce ts a very rapid grower. Ibe flat leafed ccder Istheaameaa the arber vitm,dlsUagnl«ned from the red cedar. The barberry aoea not crow near Cbl'aco. In Princeton, Dl., there is some. Ihe proper lime for dressing Ledcmc Is early In the spring, beiore the leaves have started. They maVe a finer tecce if trimmed every moi-b. hnt in that case will not withstand the frosts ol winter so well. , . ' After n lengthy discussion by the various gentle* men pres* nt the following resolutions were offered and adopted: . . SetolPid, That we resommeud for ornaments. ard town hwljjlnff, the privet, Siberian and American arbor tl'», barberry, Siberian honoy guckto and awed briar. AVaoftrtf, That vre icrnmmcnd for useful and ornamental (arm Uodxloe. tba Orago, otange, hunej locust, buckiborn, barberry, and Norway aprnce. Adlouncrt. . The nuculon of M n(*watrswberrie«" will be dlarnvaed ou rest Tuosuay, at which Urns the SocldlT will hold 1 the regular monthly meeunj. Noonday Union Pmynr mooting' From historical record, we Clod that the Church na formerly ihsiituicd. by a comblnstlm of cir ctuniUi'fw, has divided Into hrancoea. and In many respect* hat lost It* original nalty. In .he union daily prnver meeting* which have now lor a Lumber ofyears been sustained In many ol oar larger cities and country villages, wo lure a type of the Church'* original unity; and nappes'* from catvlal observation (bat so far aa a religion' roiiimunh7 prose'vcs and fo-tcra «Ula spirit of nuity, to far f* It largely successful in the advauce tneutorihareliglotu interests of the place. Ihe marcr oftbe uTrloe Master ta thcolozry upon this T.o»nf “That they all may be one, a* Taou, Father, art m Me, and I In Thee; that they also may b* oi e In (7*; that the world may believe that Thou hast sent Me.” Theold adage, “In nmon there la strength," baa been substantially bor rowed from an express Scnpiorc statement, “One eball c&are a thonaaod, and two shall pat ten thousand to flight." if one cau chase a thousand, vbc mathematical deduction would be, two can chase two thoarand; bat make it a nclon of effort, niilte the two, and they will pat ten thonaaod to noonday meeting yesterday was conducted by Uev. E. Q. Parlor, of the Huron Park Baptist Cbnrch. After sin ring “ Were the whole realm of nature mine,” aim prayer by Mr. William Lawrence, the leader read from the 3d chapter of the Gospel of John, and made some very pertinent remarks la answer to the question which he said was often ashed “ How docs believing affect the condition of the sinner as a criminal and condemned 7" Hot. Ur. Baylese ot the Park Avenue U. E. Church said, he would have men exercise the same amount of gooa Judgment relative to the subject of religion a they would In a matter of business. Present a scheme hr which something lu'ge mlcbt be secured to a business mas, and be would exercise aUtbecauoor and judgment he possessed, in securing or rejecting 1L Candid and careful consideration and research would lead every man to feel that bis religious nature was tbo one above all ethers to cultivate. He would not liavo this prompted br emotion and excitement, bn* hr a cool and deliberate conviction of duty. The morning prayer m- ellng Is continued from Bto Bids a. m. 'lie noonday meeting from 13 m. to 1 p. m. In tbe au.'Unce mom of the First M. E. Chuich, corner of Clark and Washington streets. The Opera Houm iirawlns-ProdtA* To the Kdlior of the Chicago Tribune t i bate looked orer jour “balance sheet" of (be tale Opera ilonae scheme, ami it la so palpably in error 1 would tike (o present one to you that 1 thluk cornea nearer the facia in Ibociuo. Yoon ta predicated on a n?e of I 3 ',OOO tickets, which is probably « full estimate, but 1 will put mine on tbv ratno basta. iWUOUIIckeU sold at #3 each I Adr* rtiMUi! I'AItiUMP •••• . .. 73.000 r*iitiNvinu (;oiun*tw>r«ua...... I’Hntltp. iravilU«K,d:c 3 , W I’alu lor Opera How Profit; im,«w Ttir above figure* nrn llio sniuv your*, eiceut ll<ti It*in of numnilMdoitf. wnlcli, everybody Ui owa, wn* 10, hmti’Bd ofß iiorcnni, u« you rail* niDii't nnl lint price |>Blct fur lit** Opera House 11**11, which mot! av rybodv iiimwa, wa* acliully tiaia to liiu patty wiiobuuiiht U at a«atgnoVa saie. \onr alatouiwnt iiiciuUn* Him Crosby owned tho (■roiitrly char Worn tic pot up tin* scieuie, whfcb, Itlihik.ouiMlncilno. you will acknmvl* fdirr in ah urror. for U wai nofotlnui at tho llino of hla alignment thill ho wi* itroctUAllj “cleaned uni." Ou tbo abovo showing, Mr. Oio*by nulled by lila "outoir mn.”Ju*l $55,01X1 and un more. amt tlbuliaa botifjlil tho property bac * for f WU.OOO, you tray real arhuicd It la not unencumbered. It you nro concct In estimating the Opera llouno tuoiMMiy to !)•' worlb 9'Jj<).(>Uo, the profit on the purcharc la t 130.000, which, added to the SW,OO# uliotc, cl'ca t'iOO.Ptv, and Hit* covers the cult In union lack, und leave# *S,UW over to pay to* euravcc piemlutae. Yonrii, 4c., Tin Doujtna Out. (Wo fall to aco that tho asaivnco'e ante or tbo rtrmunco of t'.c property bad anything to do ultti It. If Urn UalilllUoa ol llio Opera House were the carat' befoic n* after tho drawing, then the account Blende clear, wile. If a oortoii of tbo whole ui the pruhia of the drawing wore antdud to Ihn clearing up of llaliUt* tier, the building is now worth that nnictt more to thu owner. Arcop'imr our corrn* apnmlriiPa iMlmal- a, tbo profit and lose account on llio dtnutnv will el-nd an follow*, iho Opera Itouan, lie Mile, Ha dohte, or lla tenia, not bring imichod in tho transaction: Patd out-Advorllelug •• Patmlng* 7ft,000 “ Lm'iating* 100,000 •• commUalona U),otiO Filming, Travelling, Ac &-I.U 0 “ To A. 11. Luo, li*q W,m Total ikedved forTtchoU. Dlffercnco,orProft* ,1355,000 If our corrcapoudeut will Jual roflucl that the above trsm-icilon >vaa equally poaatulo if ihero had boon no Opera Uou o in the case, that >s, If •.hcbullumc had been what soTio people tbought Mr. ter to nc—a myth—be will ace the profit on bU own bbouliip to bo aa Above foolud.—Co.J Makivo TmtEATS.—Ucnry Smith, residing nt No. S 3 Stewart avenue, U te alleged, never worka or proiidce for bts vlfe and children. Some lime ago be was fined for abusing hla family, and waa put under bonds to keep the peace. Hla wife visited him at tncßrlneweli and tound him very repentan*. He asked her forgiveness, promised to do better, and she succeeded in getting him oat. la a lew weeks bis conduct was as bad as before, and be has recently a jam threatened her lilc. For this he was arraigned at tbs Police Jonrt veslcrday morning, and required to give bad of S9OO to keep tho peace. Dcu. Bcentiss.—The oast few weeks have been unusally dull In police circles, and the officers are eomcwhst dlsgnstvd at the amail number ofar. reeve which they have had occasion to make. At the North i!a»ket Station last night, there was not a tingle customer in Ibe celic—a fact so nn otuala*tod*Borvc special notice. Thenoj.olcs slonal public will be glad to know of this Im provement In manners and morals, and will hope that it may continue. Ronnnto ms F.wploteu.—A young man named Prank Thomson entered tho employ of the pro prietor of “Bngga House No, 2,” 0° Monroe street, Monday rooming, and left some lime the same rich* with #llO of his employer* money and a valuable gold chain whten belonged to one Ot the lady lioarclers In the boose. The missing one has not yet been found. DiscnAncED.—-Maria Dunn, charged with the larceny of money and a few yards of elik from No. *o* Clark aueoi, where ahe had been keeping hour*, was yesterday afternoon discharged from'y, ttc evidence being deemed insufficient to wairant her committal for trial. Cattle Be-Cnptnr*d front Indiana—Sul* diem Badly Frozen. Foot Lauaxic, January 29.—Lieutenant Ames. wPb thirty eoldleis Irom Fort Sedgwick, over took the Indians on ‘he T2d Insl'nt, and re-cap tnied Code and Donaldson's catUe on Pole Creek. Ttie I* dl-ii? wi rt going southward, aud were certaluly Cheyennes, who arc aU-rcckoncd at peace. Ihe Lieutenant and bis command were badly frozen. The Franklin Brick n&chlnc, justly celebrated forperfect simplicity, great strength, and immense compressing power, is ouahantkcd. with oebt men and two none*, to aelf-tempcr the clay and make 3.000 t 03.3 0 elegant bricks per hoar. J. 11. Rekick, Propristor, No. 71 Broad way, New \ ork. Room (59. Asked. Another Tore—A Ladrwho had kept hei lied for ten month* has been restored to per fect health by one bottle of Metcalfe's Groat Rheu matic Remedy. It never falls. Lobd A Smith Agents. TTetinTetiiiltt. No! Wo should «ay» many uf our friends bavo tried Psctoqal Balm In CoufliimnUoD, and derived great reli f; a num ber permanent cures. With such evidence, we say to al> sufferers, that this preparation Is one of the few that docs not belle Its reputed merits. For sals by all druggists. Bcrmiax* * Vajt Sciiaack- Chicago, 111., General Agonta (or the Northwest. RVnthm, mother** mothora.—Don’t latl lo procure Mrs Winslow's Soothing Syrup lor all oLcaees incident to the period of teething in children. It relieve* tho cull > from pals, cares vli d colic, revulsive Ihe bowel*, and, by giving relict and health lo the child, gives rest to the mother. Ibirly-flve cents a buttle. Juniper Tar Soap cares chapped l, a ,„K pall rhenm, pimples, and all cutaneous af rm'tlora, rendering Uio akin soft and smooth. Monnticinrvd by Casweix, Mack & Co., Naw York. Sold by all druggists. folcnte Sc Co. 1 # Winter commended for chapped hands ani for general toilet me dutlne cold weather. It mar ne ob* i&lQed ot all drmrgl*!* ami fancj eood* dealer*. Shirt* Shirt* Shirt*. The Sana llrown eliirt made to order, all nitalUie* and prlrce. Six pood ablrta lor 131. Duovs i Sn* top, M and wJ Siatc-fl. irclit Nrniteli! I— lloy«r« JledlcMcd Ctram cow Hcli, acia'chee. and all «hla d!aea«e«. II la m-at, pleasant. aromatic, file and certain* specially adapted to children. Hold b; nil drug gisls. - Unlit i liftl iMJi ft'Uirf *» l.lMndrninUie I • 13ft« ioil iloslti* it 181*. Ujtefhhitul »lwk« VV't* rjAlrf. L * lK S=‘* VOM.JSHIHfy I). M M«¥,llit* tlmUlf Ift fM»fm, i-ft »(•# tdiiuM tii|ii« KftotlH iN<tl »lt“ WnHilUnM’f f.d ill* l I'fia'id. h.iVUHiiMIIKr*.

v IWC.T* ;;;'S.l2'Ss|} Cmiix-n* ’&',, t ,Ur>}sils)<*N I Jflml »ir. hi.’. T»>«»■** hMi'Utw«,l lit U.« i un*Ha, .evofil iMdmt; firm* are lm> are, ri.«*UD I'Minu, 01dh0eM*....,. W ts PV .......IM***!!.}*; ■ unitM-nand,.., mi« 4'l Mirn.uin,, ...ifli si .... W.l’.Tcn II hII\ MMi. bo .....Mv w .... s. v. tert..,,, »jvw .... imLdi« wiuw Krt? slfo «W TolMn 11l U ... Uouaor 130 i*U4 Uo»k IsJUHI.... »15,U 0V» MUiixd i Mlcloc share* centrally iso *r<i I-; uni at ;£ds. Cory and fell lu T&. Quart* d linn »t tas. hmlth & l*artni io tlO. IWO.MO 9dift,oor) UJO.OU) LOCAL MATTERS; MARKETS QY TELEGRAPH. Am Yurk Fluaucial Nett*. Raw Yobs. January D. Unset. Me net steady. M M 5 ton-all. tMtr.mjt ixcttiLsniL Plefllhtilnll.i* ill AUKS uuteu Gregory ctvnrd at Tibn opened at .TV declined to 2». Gold Hill iei(* fell to 80, but recovred NEW YORK. New Yon*. Jaaoart 53. Cotton—firs. Sale* 1,1(0 bales sndd’in; upland* at and WAX-" lower. Receipt?, 6^9bri*. Sales AOCO fcri* sup>r State ant Western a*, f 9.40.410.00; extra Wtiicn at choice at toard-boop Ohio and tbipplas brands at SILCUijUiB: trade brands at f 13.C3.4t A«a-«lo*lnc heavy. Whiskey—Noadeal. Wheat-Dull and SgSe lower. Sales TWO bn white Canada at {3.(0. Rvr —Heavy. . . „ . _ Birlcy—Dtul. Sales 13,(20 bn Cana la West, frea, at tl BarteT M>U—Dot*. Sail"* l.looboatfl.l7aL3J. Corn—Do landWSc lower. Receipt*, 6,«»w. Free nlltnd Western muni at 11.11 tn *»re, and fl.u »So\U i-»l« Jl.OtO bo Western mixed Is tton at «1.13 V aid rilroleum—DoU. Crude, !0c; reined, la wads, ST£ Kew, n%Os< {•ort—Ptcadv.bntjiolct. SaiPS'S.lOObris forncwmmt’cloalhc »t 320A0 tor Western; *ia.2M 19M tor old aw-closlnr at *l9-53 caib; |I«LT3S»IT.W tor Dtlne. and |l9-3>A20.35 lor prime meat. Also, USO url* new' met* at aJO-6a?.33.33 t toiler F«T*rnary. Bo*l-St»adj. Sale*SCOhils at IliMiifcUWtor new r '&e?uSi»-rinnT. IS Ms .1 KMmjauM. Bacon— Steady. Sates «0 bis at WstlOJic tor Cum berland rot. anol’Wi tor abort-ribbed. Cot Meats—Firmer. Sales 06 pk«* at StfaSXC tor shouldm, and lOV.;dl3Xc tor bam*. Dressed lloc»—Kirm-r at SXSkSXe tor Westers. Lard-Bnll ard heary. Sales 310 brh at 11*313*0 lor old. aid i:*«lSciornew. Bnlter— Ileary at -»rOhlo. Cbeose—Steady at Uol9\e tor b 0.3. MILWAUKEE. [Special Dasi atch to the Chicago Tribune ] MawAtntix, J innary 99. Floor—Weak, and prices lead downward, barer* City double extra was offered at |W.2i« 10A0. Cbolca counlrj brands sold at Extra* were nominal at #9A5^9.33. Wheat—Dull aad the morning Board, wllk (,„ti *AO«6a. AUhtnoonDoaM there werea*lM of moo bn at ?l.ei«J.93for N». 8 In ttore; |UN, bar op.lot >U ml. montti uol lt-* 1 OIJIJf, icllrr-i option till Fd>ni»rr. •nt H.MfotHo. hn new fcb OaS^D«B > . l wUh taioa of «0 bn rejected at 37c. Uyo—firmer, with as lea ot USOOba at Wc rur No. 1 In Or mM. port, «td UoJ-SS .OP .. r.«M DU-OOP brfc flow, 5.300 bnwhrat.t J COQba*at*. 8M la com, 9CO W» lw®J* Shipment*—l.9oo hr.* flour, ba wheat NEW ORLEANS. ' KawoitVAin. Jannarytf. rnttiw—Active ard Walters a*lea 1W» bale* low asaT-Finnano*in utaaorfUr at I! M)las*r»-nicber; aslee ol fair at Tsc; prime to Cl fSor-nffiSatoek Ught; talc* ofaoporflne at IUJM; “omlß23eS«™«»l' oM J n-U9IJ3. Oat*—Firm: *tock light; aalea at 96c. : aalea at $3103. SSJo-FirST saniUnllKe. UnrtMaUe. Laro—Ear ler ttale* at U3Ue. I cat« rUn * “K* bUQCFna, January 39. Cotton—Active. Sale*. UOO bile*. Middling, Vd Slcf R«-eipW.7Mhale*; export*, JJUbalci. ivm—sJ.o3@l.®* Oau-Flrm at»c. Ua»—None In market. Fork—f2«.oo; buikmeata, WQUe. Bacon—l3®*tc. ijfd—liaibc. pfIIfADELPHIA. FauaosLrau. January 39. Fiftßf—Dali. Northwestern brand* |II.OCaiS.SO. Wheat-* an*. Prime fMQaSJS; while $3.3031.40. me—steady and oachaagod. Sale* of 3.000 bu new yellow at93c® nasec, Prorlilow-Uncluairw* Wbbker-Dull. LOUISVILLE.. • l/wunuje, Kf., Janaary ». Tobacco—Pal«* 61 hbd» at 53.7336£0. noor-BopcrllMO. & lb balk i ear. 63c. Oata-Oc Inbolk. jS!md s clear ilde*. 13* «; haras, Jflc, LBri-rrlnc In lira 13#. finite Bh’.oldnn-SKe. WUHJtcy-B** 13.19. Cotton—3oC. BALTIMORE. lUwimob*. J«an«rr 29. Coffp<w9tock of lUo light; prices firm st lltftSKctor good to prime. * hour— ktndy. . . Flour—Nomlntllf ttocbaatfld. , .. „ Whnt—No primei cotimoi red. 11.10. Com-»sle« of »hlto si ll.tioui.o) X mow, vJ«Wc. CPirTtepofl—faehl fttw.tSfOf prime. «ud arm \ bis** pork, 911.001 Itnl, W B* r rwiejr-!rw«nUr. CINCINNATI. CtKciNKATi. Jsntury 71. Hour sml Br»ln-nnclitBge<l»ml nrm. Cottoi Vi’ mntn in Higher > middling *t SI vn, IT tiit<«r pxrkH to lUtp, Itrrn liy thci /»i it* Currml, I* 434.100 in 4W.0 Olinmj. . pfo»iMtn»-Mrm inn qnl*>t. prion unchtngjd and rot murtt lipinntrt fir nnr article. Umtr'p*—Firm hut quiet. iit.jil-ia< H'lrU'o. 4 . . ...... Kschatigs has adranced (a par buying tml IMO pn uilHii* leiltng. .. . . 1 lie moutry market I* tmclungM. BUFFALO. Uirnutn, January t). finur-Quh I and unchanged. , \l lirat-ymet and steady, with talcs of ttir red win* ter Canada at I) M. Corn-Oulrt. bo. liW**. Data—nominal at BfaMc. Mirl#y-gnhl.a«;*Wl. Ilyo-jJpiumalaHUO. . M . prorlrliii.R-Mrady. Men pork, 111 071 hams com* luat at I ISOi laid quiet. mriaU noia-yu'ct at »*.Ma8.50. Whiskey—Ntmlnal at fl.r.s, BT. LOUIS. 8T l<orta, January J 9. Hualnrea la atilt very dull, and mere la scarcely tnotiah doing on’Chango In most articles of produce turaiatdUli quotation*. , ...... Tub«e«»—Buoyant and fl*mt aalni at M for local I&.MU7.W f»r r'lMfimi'ii If Ml aH.M.aU.O) tor guMihlpplnguit |U.OO*»I3tJ tor medium niauufao lnfi!tion-y"t«li ante* MMaMo tor In* middling. Fli'ur-Outoi a' d aleady t *•!«< at |PUM*J.OO for rural lll.nfw iru»n*rd.mi»ee«irA. „ at |MO lor N 0.3 ■print i f I/O fur prime fall, , A t;uru-t»ulTand Invert aalw atb’.lMi’. Dali—tlravv and lower t aatoa at aftuMa. Wltukry- null and dromdua t mi« at IJ.IO. , . Ihoslalona—lnactive. Pork HJ.OI d>di/rre<t here and #ll.OO dollvpred at t alrni pn»lmlhama, j Imroii atiouldera, iu%n t rlaar aldna. lle t anuar mired luma. tnr. Lard um lianuod t aalc# of choice katik in (R |ioc»^Ucroandllftits amallaalea madia SAN PnASCISCO. Hak paaNcntoo, January », F!cuir-Rttra,#e.eoi loiMjrnnMft.M.. . A „ Whrat-Market quiet fur expert. Salet at #1.75 P ICO na. TPet kly Export* from New York, (bpectal Dtapatcb to theChtcairoTrtbime.) Naw York. January W. Sxporta paat week—l,WO brla floor; 111,000 bn com; 51.000 bo barley ; 1,550 brla pork; 863.000 tbs bacon; 1.910.000 fta lard, sbowina, compared with the same week )a*l year, a ulllns otf m floor of two told, an la* erfa*c in pork and bacon, and a four fold tnabaseln lard. New York Grocery market* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tritmne.] Ktw York, Jana try 99. CoCoe—Rio firm and active, at S3tf3#6c; U,OOO bags old. Boyar—Dull. Fair to prime grocery at tOVdUft New York Live Mock market* , [Special Dfipalch to the Cblcazo Tnnnnc.l Nstv Tock, January 29. nogs-KecclpUSOO. Frmcr at 73t33c. New York Provision market* [Special Dcspstch lo me Chlcaxo Trtbnne.l New York. January 99. pork closed at #20.44. Other bog products Arm aid Heady but without buoyancy. New York Breadsttiffs Tlarkct* [Special Despatch to Hie C&tcago Tnoune.] New York, January 29. Dreaditaßk—Great depression prevails lo flour and wheat, oirtna to the rontlnued liberal receipts ot floor a”d receive)sare anxious to reduce stocks. Cora and other coarse Rains belter held; but dull. Ocean Preiglits. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Now Toaic, January 29. ' Freliht room on the berth still Tcrjr scarce, and ship menu limited. New Yo*k Dry Goode Market. I4bw Touc. January 2>. The action ol ore or two hon*ct tvklnz otl two per cent cash for ten days has demoralized the trade on or two brands of prints—i-firagu»s ana*Amerlcao. A leading h« n*crwlnced prices Jtfc without dl(count, widen called tortb no creator cui tom. and prlcoi hare tpne back to I"J< and 13c, thirty days, for these ,D sheeting Is steady at 23c lor best makes, and recrcos asmxc. Other stjles unchanged, bnt doll and weak. Son Francisco IDlnluc Stocks. San Fbanczbco, January 39. Mining slocks: Savage.. ICT-1 Chollar SOU Yellow Jacket SsU : P’ifi*v 14 J Crown Pomt 990 I Imperial W Belcher m | Legal Tenders.. ..... 71 Pittsburgh Pctrolcnm Market. ITrTsuvron. January 39. The oil market Is very dull. One sale of crude, C 5 brlf. Smith’s Ferry, »t>, harre's returned. Bate for Vu.aßKo Ul. future de Ivcry, S33tfc. nackaee* return ed. Refit vd m brnd Inactive; no -ales: pries quoted JJtfZJ j,c free cn bi ard car# here, which Is equal to 28wc o*llver»d in Philadelphia. Nothing new con cert Ine free oil; price* unchanged. Naptha and re siduum dull sod Inactive. ' JIABBIED |-> this city, on the 2fHi last., at the Cathedral ol St. Peter and St. Paul, by the Her. John Wilkinson. Hec lor of St. James Chnich. Mr. b. D niflGQs, of Lsca taba, Mick* and Miss iLLA M. CHANULEIt, of Chi- Hi ibl* city, on Mcnday. Jan. isth. lSfi7,by the Rev. Ofi.u'wlSn; sS. ISAAC li. JKSKIViS and Ulu EMMA F. COWING, both ol this city. in ihu rltv. at th* residence cl the hrlde’* mother. b» tee Be*. i)r, latlersen, Mr. GEORGE B. JOHN SON aid Miss CAROLINE E., only daughter of the papers (Tlerald, Tribune and Times,! phatecopy. ni^D. In ihU rltr. rn Tnesdar raomlna. at a quarter pa«t 1 «4ioS% of AVer corcolalnt, I’ETKB OI.fc.ASON, aged will lahe place at toon to-day, iron fit. Uew Yori, rhlladclphla and fit. Loali papers p'cose copy. Id (Ida cH r . Jur.'flth. at 3V p. m- SOLOMON S KD* BFBGEK a'ard 71 year*. l*incr of Aniaham. Henry and Mater Nenb*-rcer, and Mr*. Joseph Ucf>en«Uln. For era! flotu the rc#l r enc** of H. NcaOeraer, IS Booth Clinton-*!., at 1 p. tn. thi» day. Hedirdripelnjtari and full In ln« Faith of nl* fathers. amusements. WO 01) b MUbBO H. ..F. n. AIRKN .TUOB. t’&UUV rsoh ciM. j. b. woot> IMtfctor of Atuosi-ni'o'i. tUicManfcur ■ u Fnucb a lUllsnah.*' IfntisH crowded to the roof, •tl itwaMhe obtect of the Nnaetim Tuatawneot to draw a pohtra.l between ih* actinic cf Iti company and iheactlnrol Uiecvonpany at«h» op.’ra House, which fldteittrcilfo May Peep«/Dsr. th?*hlnewa« a*nc nTh!«. M>irp#i!ar alicrn wn, .Tan. frith, at the (tram! Jdalmeo at * oast I o'clock. am! -ilt eat a s «»f rcf. FrtUikrrr‘«*reitt'l»Ji*lrahia,wlth BnrnePPh«ftrh«Mrca't f e:IIIIMPKKPO HAY. A'otmar. tl’dnM LoudonsentsUon drama. THK HU* (iDFKtrf CIPIAIS. . _ - Wt VI U It K T tt ?. A t MB. f SIVfcU" ‘ MAMAUtm*. lMiwMi**fMf i «.'HAtll,M DILLON, *ltd*llUt« 1* nr 111 Ills *teiU I lnfi<ter vt BUPHIOORJHE MOUNTEBANK, H»yr4 b) Mix «WI ** Mllil* In L*iß<l«H. Wwlw*Uf=lMi'L*ii'‘fi i*' B M»iirHkir||i 1-= u.m Hyf« n'a lim*\v o| >»W*>ro«r. M ||nfl.r#t>fi inrttiMi A\r ITK'IWSKY 11A U., " IIIIAMUI OH THU Hgw York Museum of Anatomy, IVITKO \Yi4U.V UA.LU 17H Clark-sl, comer o( Monroe. Thu am* hichir inslruftlve Museum oou* u ln»\v O S i» fc Iha O P t-11EA TI u S irom the ammot’h. Miniature Wdo Je:a cl Ui4 Worlfl, u also Beauties cf iisteolosy, Slyolugy, Dfrmaloloary, An 1 in floe rveir d'pamnert o! Medical Scl-nfe. rie Plndeni, lh- VnyMnsn. the Saturaitit, the Man of t-nslatoMM manor Urttort, Dtzbt osay tc run where tort con*-5 upeud a mv« prei-ishle hnur. eetccranactuy uec.aa-x.tuj top.m. ACmlsilfeMwntf. rpHE CHICAGO TUUK-GEMEIXDE 1 rrsnortially announce to their Meads and pa trons tnat thetr GRAND MASQUERADE WLI come oil On SIOSBAT, February -1. Atthrtr. r «oMlan on Sorth W«b«- <Uj\ Jm.33d. al iQ a. m-at the Hall. fHusical. CSIUAL. PIANOS, ORGANS & MEIODEQNS s»u cn ttme- twgvrt in ujttltaDU. Secend-tand Plano* takes in exchange tor new ones. W. W. KIMHALU 63 Washington-*!. USBIB’B PIANOS •a-tottooffi. tor .npermmrnjn Horn iiu blllutt “^nV^SSSM^l^e^hMnpon*. SMITH'S* AMERICASOBOASSJ. &>r mnois Cnnrclio. Lo KM, in. 63 CrertJ'* Open HM«* ?i.o TCTkENT—House tonnerlr k"OW“ “ 1 the rnlt-d Mate* Hotel, '•ppcilte P. f *•* Chicago U. B. depot, wnuiaina W iwma. wit»*■»• tore for sale. Apply eloGlceof Ui lon llonao, c rocr Canal and MadUon-eU-Cbicago, 111. TO KENT—A new college on Wept In i. dlan«-*L- with alxroonn. n»niry. nMotv wale , Ac-will ronitbotp. lignite at 38H West Indianvat. T'O KENT— House 488 Michigar-av. rmacuun given Immediately. Inquire allvl Randolph-*!. TO~ KENT—On South Bide,« llrsl-clsss I. two-atory and bnck ba*emcnl homo, 837 Statm at-containing eight rvooe; coodharn, coaa water and ga». Ilent M 5 p«r roon h. Pnrotw* t r aale. i’oueaUon aivo immediately. Apply at aH staie-n. TD KENT—Houtc ollour rooms, with ansmvr kitchen and itab-o. on 40 toot lot. altaated on Leavitt-*!.. near Lake. Heat |'JO per month, in ad varre It quire at 30 atato at., dannz tne day. or at 730 Wcel take-au trom 7 to 9 o’clock T'O KENT—Good two-story, 408 South 1 muted at., IfOpe* month. Two year* biya tha borne, several other home’, different for alien*; I»w pricea. QKOHQE A WILLIAMS. 7 South Clark-at rpo KENT—The Lincoln House, corner I ot Randolph and Canal-eta. Apply to J. R. VAL ENTtNE, No. 3 Fullerton Block. npo RENT—House often rooms,-with 1 part of famlinre Innate. Ilf Eaat Randolpb-«t. npo RENT—A new collage, cor. Union J and Weridian-'ta- one blocc trom lladlaon. In* quire at 11 1 Pearbatn-at. TO RENT—A new two-storj and base meat brick bouse, No. t$3T Sedgwlck-au, li rooms, hot wat*r. batu loom. S3O oer month; alao, cottarf In mine M*ck, half block from cart. J. E. BUUTERLIN. tip Lombard Block. TO RENT—A ax-ioom bouse, No. 353 Calumet* av., In a go id ndehborhood, near bone can. S3B per month. PETEBSmMP,92 Monroe-it. TO KENT—A lwo*itory house, nearly tew. 1 II I North Morgan***., containing 7 roims. bcaidce boil*, c'oaeu. pantry and wonrtrhed. Inquire ol Dr. K. HEED. 103 Boom 11. Eo •Krut-Usoms. r) RENT—Two untumisbed rooms, wt'h board, »t 223 Carrolt-jU, nnrtlieMt corner >f sancaota. TO RENT—Two eood rooms in Lom bard niock. third floor. Apply *C Bjorn 01 Loifi' bard Diode. TO RENT—Two lurmsbcu rooms, wilb or • lihwt board, to a private faiollj. 11l Cait Uandulpbit. TO RENT—One cr two first-class fur niibed room* nn Michigan ar- with or without board, to * roipcctablc party. AUTllult dk HOYDEN, 2lQbl»tfr«t. TO RENT—A very desirable trout par Iqr. ,t IflO Afplj on pf mbei. ri'O KENT—Newly furnished parlor and L l*droun adjoining, to two of thro* ernUpmoq. wltbout board, toal.aaiand caracf roitn furnl*h*«. Kaali.f kuio, i& i»ii.uu>*’ walk of lAKf-al. larma modctali*. Hoi l‘iU4. Kcfcrcuca*rtuuirtd. , rpo KENT—A well InrnUbed and tmlur- I bin) wi room* f»r rrntlimfn only. Ittiiuiro »l OH MiriHuai.-n.i near Ciaik. »P 0 HUNT—Four romnfi, tlio rnino are I iiieHy furnished' and will l» ratileil ciwap. Ap Ply aim 1 roiinn-av. rpo'llKNT— I*i\rlt*r nntl liwlronro, fiir -1 uUhiNl, In a print* fan tly mi <h*Ndfi]jH|d*. t»n lilurka Iron. atirVt c ar*. J’raMiil luoalnia, i fIC Ail.irr.l ■TAlll.llll." •ITUIUIB MUM. TO IlENT—hinule roonn lor penile' turn, luriiiihrd ano krpl In order, l » rent wHbmH board. Apply at No. tU South Water**!.* or Sl<l Wlililitat-ar. TORRENT— Ohcnp—Double and sltonln lurulafiW ftnm, with cm and e.owta, at HII Jacbaunai., mar mate. Inquire at the home rpo RENT—At 203 BoU-st.,up stairs, I lunii'liisl rrcin*, In aulto or aloily, with c otet. Move and gut. lUfiocaco tu canary. TO KENT—Nitoly furniilietl rooms, two n Inutra* wak from the None but cc.tlemcu nrcd apply. Inquire at ffioitent-gtows. ©tticcfs.Xrt nrfT liElif—U'ftsc (nr wlc—^L.'ftWJ o 1 Icitii-atoryamt baretrent hrtrkalnre, mar oecm bird aa a w).nh**alr* ortif aP-rr. Apply."U Ilf PfctuUoa to WM. I>. it A llltle 4 CDS7 «uuili Wal-D*t. rpo KENT—llcsk room in ndlra No. 10 Chamber ol Cmutnerco. PENT—Tho third, fourth and filth 1 floor* of Dir liuiidluaa Not. lAI and I .VI Ham tlol|>l».a|., Opiuwll* Court home, ■ullali r for olfl r», liiaoularlum t purpoara. Ac., A«*. Itout I <» w */*?*»* in * • net I and ir»pn|i*pil» k-nalil*. Apply 10 JOHN 11 UN* y.hNIIAUHKU. 131 Itanitulpb at., Itmiu I. rpo PENT—A good front oilier’, at 108 I lUßdoiph au AbPly to IIKOUIIK M. 11(011.1U-1 lUudultlml.. Hoi’in I'i. T'O RENT—Desk Hoorn—Apply to A, J b. MKAD. Ural hatate Agent. I.H Itandolph-at. rpo KENT—Onico, lloom ISLomDnn] I Pltcv. and mrollureiorialeu dcalred. See W F. IIAHMH, 105 Houih Clmk-it. rpo KENT—A store, sod preraircs In 1 rear. In bfit part ol cUv. R*nt mod* rate. Apply Or. the premises for axle. fT'O RENT—Pesk room m one ot tho I moat desirable offlcea In the city. KEEI.Hh ItfO &uo«b flara-at. ©Hauieu-Eo ISeut. 'WT ANTED—'To Rent—By one who V V fan give the of references, a hantlsomo’y famished houee, conU nltg irom 15 to rooms. Would take pots*aaics between the Or it of March and May. Address -n L,” IQ Ptnc-at. TXT ANTED—To Rent—By a single gon- W tletnan.» handsomely furnished lodning tooro or rooms to a central bns'nuas aadnnyfarai* tare. Mnstteultvand cneap. Addroai, wila termi and location, **J J-** f. O. Pox iISUS. TXT ANTED —TQ*U«at—A large store or W eMre room. Ixx-allr* not particular. Address, for three days, F. A. MILLER, Trtbane. TXT ANTED—To Rent—Two unturnish- Y\ ed rooms, suitable tor bousekceplnc. by a mas and wife, (t o children.) with a rcapeetsols tamily, at a moderate rebi. A'drcsa“Q C, M Tribune office, stat ing term* and locatun. TXT ANTED—to Rent—A first-class V V famished rcoro. without hoard preferred, cen trally located, iwtof Befercncta given. Address P. O. Drawer399M. TSTAKTED—To Rent—A furnished \ V room for -nr gentleman or two, without board, south of Lakc-*Lanl e*»t of Slate, not abora Peek court. ACdrei*, for two days," V D G,'' Tribune of fice. _____ TAT ANTED—To Rent—A room, second V\ floor, with 1,300 to 1.500 ftet floor for a flr*t-c*a«« busier**. Andres* P. M. fiI.MS, P. O.Draw crJJ9oSj WT ANTED—To Kent—House convcn- V V lent to Court House or Post o£3'*e. with suits b’e accommodation* for 30 aoarders One part tor filly tnrnl-hod proleircd. Address. tor three days, “ASO,” 227 Michigan-*!.. Chicaeo. auction Sales SCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 Lnke-et., cor. LaSalle, Chicago. Cash advanced un Merchandise consigned for sale. Out-door sale, promptly attended to. \ TJCTlON—Thursday, Jan. 31,1801 Xjl Surplus stock of Furniture, Upholstery, &c. DANIEL SCOTT A CO. a*o Instructed b» one cf the largut mrnlture Importers In t’hlcao to sell, at thc<r rooms. J ti l without r< serve, the following first-class Pmcltnns “to matte room for tlelr new teat on stock:" The Furnttuie consists tn part of abml 10 elegant suite*, embracing Uhrary Suites tn Stripe, Crimson nnd CJreen Terry; P-*'l «r suite* In «rocal-lle Green Silk Coteune. Hair Cloth and Orc-u Wool Rep; Rooewcod Chamber Suite-; MxrMc Too Bureaus; Gilt and Plain Miners; Pier OKs-es; Willow and uonnnel Stand*: Ladies' Turkish Chair*, in Crimson Terry; Marble Top Center Tables; Whatnots, and a host ol other goods too numerous to particularize. Th* public will do well to call and see loose go.-ds prior to rale. AUCTION, Wednesday, Jan. JO, 1807, at 10 a. m., at lUlLakc-st. SECOND SPECIAL SALE OF EafflUh MrnsaclK Velvet Pile, KliM^rmlti mer, Ibsrnin, Twonnd ■rhrro-i»ly ALL-WOOL CARPETS. Velvet l*li», Cowered, fleured and plain. Pevth Oil CM*i« to rop. Oil Cbtu Mata. Wnr* Maw. Engllal) Crumb Clclba, Bed Spreads, Feather PlPows. dr. &o. Goods co view Tuesday. DANIEL sCOTr & CO. Auctioneers. Ruction Friday) Ist of Fob., 1067, at 10 A«SZ>, At tlif Grrpprr Store nl MU. RTIIS, lllfl tttao ■r. OroecTlNi. RrorUlon*, Tobacco, Roller, Cbccae, Mrd, Ac.. Ac. Term* c»»h. DAN IEL SCOTT A TO, Auctioneer*. GILRGUT 3AAIPSOB, ’ Rencral AacUnneetf. 47 and 40 Dearborn**. VeiJ - superior Src'crt hard «nd *v r oVtorv, C'arpcTp, Mirrcra, fhli.a, Ac. ATV AtJCi’lON. On FRIDAY. Feh. Ist. at 10 o’clock, wo will icll, at onr saleroom*. 47 and •»» Ijcarhom-sU. the entire toorti of t faml'T tearing the cltr, • oMUtine uf !*«• 1- r. Chamber. Ulnlne Room and Library Fnraltnre; nrureelt and other Carreta. French China, Crockery. Mlrrrr*. Pictnree. Store*, Ac- Al»«. a splendid a*fortm(nt of alnuit etrr» rtewrlptlyi of Nc^ r .£ a n«« ttire-elretot Chamber Suite* In niltValnuli a *o, fine Parlor Suites, all of the rh treat it?!'* am! K*|t quality clV'cds. CILRBRT A BAMPaON. Auct ts. A. CUTTEUS & CO., AuoUnncer. & Oomnihston Sterclmni 41 .It 411 RAdlllll.lMl-.tV JMwrtc Pluta-at. an! Wab«li-fcV.* tloMfeetilif tl llielf ••l*«rouai*i ot DhY (iot’iis. imnts. bhobs. ac.. rutt *t?MRBtiAY *5-ITflutlStMY. rUMItUUB.UaMKtB.AO*. dAtVtthAY. ulauUo. ■JJOUNTIBB, ' Official Blanks •We hate now :or tala the lollowln* addlttenal Boon ty Blank*, which hate ALL bem approved I>T D« partaenta: Soldier's Claim for Addlrlooal Doann Widow's 44 44 Father's 44 “ Mother's 44 Parents* 44 Guardian's 4 * “ (Jointly) 14 Aeotnmnnicaaonfrcm Second Anduor** Oflw, rf erring to copies of our Black* *eat Of eratnnagon. *ay»: «< The forms are dociiedly the basl that have boon proientod to this Of fice.” Sent prepaid on receipt of tbs money. »t U-W p« QT Aneat pamphlet, containing Pension aad Boanti Law • ol 1368, with latest InitracUoci and rcgnlatloai srctAgtncsoa receipt ol stamp to pay pottage. * cony tree sod with each package of Blank*. AddrtM TRIBUNE CO., 61 Clark-st. Chicago. *jcal ’fegtate-artiE- inruoTKDi J7 OR bAI.E-By 671,01< " 1 ' ipothwfit oornar ol L**»_» nJ Aa.-»w« L'UH lmmc r MdW.i»x!iOW»^o- >0i WMt 1*0« M £j w , W! n»» ° l, ' l 'ii‘|i t iJJfc?°osflJr“curMl. Hr ch«lc« * vi ocf fjot. on lobi tltn<» 60 fret on the flrcr prtco v«foi city tnlrd Coer. - —— F»nn SALE—Hooee and lot on Indiana* . v DCA r Twecty*flr*t-Bt. IvASOtiW. Brlcxbarn. R cIIAHIJEKd. 17 BeTOOMI* Block. F* U OR SAIJE-A now two-story lionse on t"«huti nr contn ulnc 1® to *m<* vfiittr. mvof c« b Sd?oC P?&«SS. Cfcetjwu Loose la m*r kit. 8 Ai.Tnun * BOTIiEn, HU gt.M-.t- OK BALE—In the Heal Estate Office aeS nfflS D wffism«SS:n?V*lSSiMt, wo aStes« K«lo- .— : T?OR BALE—Lot 25 feet trout, comer P Tw.Dtr*nloUi-.a and C*lnmet-aT, COPdPain, FOB and lot on Archer road. opposite J.aa anti two lota adjolalag for |3.6C0. PBThU blllMi, 95 Monro o-st. T7OH SAI.E—A good house and lot on r its Eo-Jih* hme car*. at the low prtco of J-5.550. PBTEu sniMi, 92 MonrcMt. T?OB SALE-e-By Snyder & Lee, Beal |i Estate Ascnts, No. 4 Motropolllan 2 new X7OU SALE—No. 118 Twenty-nlnth-al, loti olio. No. U» Twenty r.'.r.1h.1., cotton,® toJ r,,: and lot. Prlo* and term* to suit purchaser*. Alt lUUB * JJOYDEN, 210 BtllMt. __ TTOK SALE—A new two-story ardboso r m cDt brick boOBO 00 OK SALE—A new two-story house on,b-»T„ north of MxWootb.t., oolcMPd Kia? ■"iffltffiWSgvlieS: AffiliSSU Mlcl1 ': tmmpuuvHV. 17011 BALE—One or two One lots on r Wabash nr,, neat to and sr*.|| & warns T.v n .*ifedem um-st. - 17011 BALE—ICO feet on btntc*st bj*»l P fret deep, In •hahntmeae centre, ala bargain. J. 4.« AUuiiur. tin, mi-h>ii., i?6ri HALK-Twn Inin, Blue Ulnnd-av., auutti of Twe itmat., at a Morffito. lorcMli. Ai* sSum railti iiwi, corner Af Madison and l*anlina**la, ciirncp J*t k»»' at d WlM!he«tcr aw,, looaisil leal. Lot Wial/lfl'e’i WaahlmtHM-al.. near, 170ifBAIiE—>11 very dpMmbln toU m M. nk i, Aahlaml'a Addition, lhrM 'm y*ulU.a ; « ~ am) three on con nr of Van liumt-yf. W 111 •’*’ w ,,i hi. Selin r. at only |fN» per hit. helnit Indy IWi oer hc* Tow ilia iiiatbH. Title tirrmt. Icnna cash. WA|{. HltN A tiooiilllCll, llral MUtollrokeri, ififtDoar* iKirr-al.tJlodni 2. rrOK BALK—A lino lot on Cottopo UICII. Ileal lislalo Mrokiri, 123 Doarborn-»t., Iliwin Uoattmiy POABIIINO— By llic 1> >l7 feouihCl«rk-nl. Oooil!nwdstvrn, Warm Ktxi ro n n-cntu •( mi bourn, I* o twir proprietor jom. .toiiNso.s. . . i JOA WlilNO l’lrnpnnt rooms mid |3 tKmiil Hint be bad nt 1 t'i Kiel Ahtmial. t)*/ iKionlci* csti alsobc accoinuiodatrd. I>OAUIMNO—A lew mote boulder. cm I > mill ROfxi l*mrd and room* at 4!) hu»b-«l.. corner nf jtmli nml Itdimin. I JOAKDTnO-A lewfientlemon ran find 1 3 a<M <1 board ru<l peasant r»oimi at 337 Michigan* •i.rnrariiifliHirnerot NoriiMtaus ami coiivrnum lo biuluiM liK'rliUc*. Term* moderate. I>OAUDlNQ~Plcawni rooms unit rtw |> rla*a board may bo found at 1410 North Clark* >T.« by applyltmawiti. I'pima reaaonab.e. iJOAKDING—A Airmailed ironi parlor, 19 suitable lorasettlfliiian and wlft*. to rent, with board i also, room nr two tlnal* aeallwnon, at 11J WahMh-ar. iSoAUDlNG—Oomloriftlilo room, lor I j ftmill.** anil «lngla gmtiemen, at reaaonablo rates i »l»o, day Itoarfl, at 100 Eaat Adami-at. BOARDING— In n private IftimJy, lor crrtlemui aid tbrtr wire* or tingle genpimien, at sUO llUtolwt, two blocka from btate-at. bUdge. iSoahDIKG—We have now a few vft- I ) cant room*. Call and lecnr* them Irnmndlat*)/. foroor rootna are tever empty I mg. Location a**d boueeare convenient and desirable. Ooacrve, 378 blateat. STOVER * LAZENDV. TJOAtIDING—A gemlemsn and wile, _|3 or two Blade Kentlomcn. can end the comtorta of a home, in a private family, with board, at 113 Hal* Btcd-aU T 3 CARDING—A sn’te ot front rooms, 13 unfnrnUhed. with board. In a dealrable location and private family, at 183 West Washington-st. Reference* reqalrca. T3OARDINQ—A handsomely ftim’shed 13 room to rent.with board. Releienccsexchanged. 834 corner of Eighteenth st. 13CAKDING —A nicely fomianed room I > (Qitabl* for two cuntlctnea. Rcfercncer ex changed. At 233 nUoou-Bt. 130ARD1NG—Young Ladies worklnc 13 in stores can find * pleasant home In a quiet fam ily of two. three minutes walk from the Court (lou*e, at a very livv (itrire, by sending their address to Miss K. SANCORN, I‘ott OfJce. BOARDING— A large ftmnsbed room, with c < r-t snd KraU;: aWone single room, can bcoUkjttd. u Uhboaul. at No. 302 Oaio-st., between Ruati and Cobb. 13 oath Saanich. BOARD— By a pentleman, a neatly Inr' nlshed chamber and parlor, together wt'h first c as* hoard, in a private family. Address nr apply at office No. 77 Dear boro-at., Boom S‘A. third floor. HOARD—With untarnished rooms, or I one Urge room, bv a gentleman and wife, who if stilted would be permanent coard-ra. Bcrtrcacca given it required. Address “FI H,” Hot 2GO. T>OARD—l>y a gentleman and wife ll wl’b ore child five vearsolrt. rooms with board in the re’gh‘ orhood of Michigan or Wahash-an.; where there are no ••ih'T boarders preferred. Address •■jH*," 135 South Waters!. rjOAKD—A Touneman wishes to pro- O cure board and lodging In a private la-=ily. One wlito there are few or no otocr boarders prrf-rred. Good refcrcrc*s siren. Addices, stating terms &c-, •‘A B.'* Ttlhunc ctHce. fHadjincrji. 170 H yALE—A larcc stock ol iron lathes I 1 —rne»-footbed.3!Mnch*wlng; one 13-fiot be*, 25-lnrb swing; lonr 13-ioot bed, 30-mth swing; three r.v-foct boo. H itch awlte, rook gcired, cros'teed; screw cntiUg metre lathes, male at Springfield. Ma*?.; will be sold at lowfisuc*. Five portable steam en gines, e, 8. w i3atdli-hor*epower; five iron planers, 5.F,7.R ond 9-foot bed. cf superior make; lingers* Bolt Cutter; Memmsn's Holt Cutter; gear culler; drills; cne Woodworth Hnrer and valclier; one Balls nor laccr; one Farrar Snnacor; two moulding machines; ere p« rcll raw; one -baking machl’.e; > nod latne*—- alien hand. In store, at 04 South Wclls-st. HAW KINS & JAMES. RR SALE—Fortable Engines—4, 6, 10,12,15,29. 25 and Sf-horse power, new and B'cond-hand; me CO and one St-hnrse p»»wcr. Second hacd Stationary Etcitr* and Bn ers, J*vw mill*. Woodworth planers and Matchers. Snlrgle MILS and Wood-wcrfclcg Machioery. P-'wer Corn sUo'lers, srrsll Mara Midi. Iron Feed Mills. Shafting. Paines and Elevator Mnchlncry built l:» order. HICOARDS’ IKON WORKS. 1»Q acd 1W A FOK SALE—A second-hand Bucklev folding machine—in good condition. Pilce, FtcC. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. t?OR SALE —Cheap—An engine of I 1 about fbrty hwc power, with heater and ecu nectlng pipes ml in good order. Cat be seen Innpor alum and price a*certalncd by calling on HALL & FROSI, ?a? Scnth Clark-»t-,Cblctgo,lll. SALE—One Donhlc Cylinder Plantpg and Jfalclilng Machine, on* 31-inrh Sur lacer, nfau assortment of Sash, Door and luind M.»- chioery, Scroll Saws. WoxJ Lathe*. Ac. Also, IrenLnlhesard Planers, Jlorrlman’s Patent Holt Cut ter*, Davis’ Patent Bolt Headers—all at manufacturer*’ prlrm.frol»ht added. Circnla** scut on anplk-allon. MERIUMAN A WKlOlir, 11 Wcltf-L, Chicago. FOB BALE—Three »-horsc power up right engtn»s; a»so sis borlxortal rartic*. S, 10 ard 12-horse power. Larger or snstler emriiee fur nished with or Without Pollen. U, 15.1* amt 31-Uorse tubmar ana locomoUve oolitrs for sal*. b?»t make. Also one 4-ruller Uclcn Matcher aud Planing Machine. barrel and wood-working machinery, lion piaarrs. belting,«iw*. flies. Ac. Machinery Depot, 97 PeerNtflt«st.. Chicago. GnEKNT.F.R A CO. ivfal tsßtatc—(Enunttp. TTOR'SALE—The subscriber nlTers lor JT „i. tit. r..ld-nceln Klsln. UI. rtes.»niiT aii-d, tine large natural I hade trees, goM garden, frclt trees, we 1 and cistern, Ac.: I* c;pvrnlent to the Elgin Acaceuir; l» considered the ha- rt»ome t tiaec m Elrtn. Prlee |3.(W; down, Palsnee m time, 11 il-«irfd. A li«ersl disc antf'f all e*»h down. Apply cr adnre«s L. tl. TAltwoiiD. or consult M.S.YAIi- WOOD. 100 Wsthingtin-st., fblcsgo. 17CR SALE —120,000 ncrcs of choice land in Iroquois and Ford Comllc*. lU..Oii !:>» I. 11, R., fmm one to twelve mt># from line towiis » nsrg*. Burkley. Utlaaw 4 Patton. Price from 17 to Ml per acre. •< caab, bslanc* tn three vetrly psvi nifnls.« per trttl. 1 have an r ffiee at l«da. whe;e |l. Ar pcsr , otj«. with pi'Cd lesttis, ran bePmnd. ILK. PKARPGSP,.tIB lltidolph-*l.« Chicago, or L dt. lrnquo!iCo..ilt* \ POlt MALE—l'afut, Intir mitce tmrt V rtcttl I, ckbnfl. ML. Iti V*tik*f ftU**tiictltj-i*e w i»*l |{*rs»f. well (■•fpeiMtrt rtjlm§t*>»U fine iwo-slnf* }*»M t Uifklliiph IMI4. Sllftilld t*Pll. OU‘«4fil n»rf jW |w» *fi *« }i*‘t lie*irf .SiifF* i rr=.'»|it l l* e 4f*. ft* 4 . liJm* »M7t. V»l. r fr-W M »K*ii. h?l\\ •» iw»* hIIIiHiIo-hJ, A|>h/ fci' in*• M\** MitALs Mftiw, PIU'L Works Mlftllfn-Hfl'K 0l„ fell S»i 4»\iMiatM. iron BAT#IS-=tlie • MtfMwM, * rt HlPiMtim «af»..ip'Bl. ii,, in III* uiwnH llomer. •»,*-»»% |W aoie« nn<i»f | p<m-1 ««|. iivaiinn, )f i>"H| Minin P, in.n| bniu#, lurti, raft iilJh ||V»»«, ihtap lintiaa, pofn fPtL. fenrf nnniti, t «|Up, Jfi-iWcl *. 1 *1 Vl*><f anrlßK* ‘'l ‘VnUP, of* I UrS rf over IW «pp‘e ir«w In ftjL Win*. *li«jrr ÜB*< «Ld olbur •wad fnuu, and all well Mittal, |*r|fa and Inmi rt..finable. Applr on U.e -i W? KMTFfW, m-ei Katat® Afanl. pnipoil, 111, M. n.nmsKEHiMm FOU SALE—Eighty nrres of v.lusWo land m rollra wr>t of the mly llnuu, at tba very luw nrlreot INI ter acra,<lertdi>>llr tUvaiua, at tt.« nwret wwi the money. Tl'lu lon. WMIUKN A nonnnicir, lUal Catate Uroker,, 13A DtarLoin it.. Ucom 3- ITOK fc*ALE—Or exchange lor mer- P ru&ndlit, hardware prefermt, ten ihooiacd dollar* worth lirprovM real estate. One fine buck aloro, watehoo»«ani dwelllnr. renting at II (to per ancam. Sercral city luu and 15,0X1 it lm nruTrcl ard n&itnproted lanue and larmln;landi, near railroad, and If ntreawy. rime c**h. For par* tlca'ora. addreaa A. L. BRINK. lVatren,_ni. PEIiSONAI- —A- -wile wanted—By a mlddlaaeed man atd a lartnrr. All l-tterj treat, ed confidentially. Afdrrtß 80r757. Lemoat, Cook Co.. 111. PEKbONAL— Will M. 8., who corrc speeded with B. P- cotnmeccU e J«n< IStf, 13®, r*uere her by wmmjr to her the cause ot bis strange silence, and oe a friend, it nothing mare? ilnet gun jyounfl. LObT —A Pocket Book containing four notes, if the finder will leave the same at the 1 rtbuneoClce be will be suitably rewarded. LOST— A Gold Fob-Chain, Monday altemooo, between Franklin and on aotph. The fteder jrlU be sufab’y rtwarded by leaving It at the Oriental Tea Market, gftd Randolph sucastetdofthebrldcc. FRANK tIALL. gain fHUIs, Engines, &c. rjy HE LANE & BODLEY Portable Circnlar Saw Mi POETASUE STEAM EKQETES, Bhlncls Machines. Corn Mini and BhafUns, Wood working Machinery. LANKdkBODLBY, Comer ot JohtiA»u CUiciu&»a. Applicant* for deactipate preplan will specify the flucalitczr cut need, ftn!Kt-(i i ni fflgaanteo-i»atg l^ctp. ;BS« 8A«.BHIIIBW &C. p(MMLEBEfEI M. TSmS li 9 Siht •““P; n^/*SuK n -Jliy oi/rrrd- inrtlicr pirtlraim fOO'r to IIK.HUY ObUOliN. Heal Katntc Agent* 01 H*»* “♦ VKTANTEP—A first-class penman yrbo Y'v r*n route well reco at mended And at a moderate J,,r. °S?S!*S hSS.rttln. of.tipUcuic, l-. 0. — SSS. «o 5» "*"as 5 s.fof 01 «» o-t to •■»D."TnOai 10 omoe. iUUajM -s«ltico. rclrreacro, ..lor/ ei|>«l»l, to WTNTED— Two good solicitors to tore In the clt£ Oil! at Commercial Wtto'ylsT. from 9 to 10 a.m. j— ttt ANTED—A salesman of good ad* W Milwaukee. Liberal term* to the rliht Trm. o. D. OKVIB. Bpwd’» Block. Dcatbirn it, Chlc««o._ . WtSKSt^SSS 1 . hSSSS, 'MsJinr&sss&ssft-sste astfel/ Adoit at 36 LaSaUc*t„ np-«talri. _ TKIDGS. ANTED—'Tinner--A man accustom ed to making cat* fc r r-PeloT °4 iuaayemploinjctt. Apply to L.P. lOOHTBLOT « CO., 60 CnnuKt. WAM TED—A photograph printer and tor»r. A norman'nt tttttatfon 10 ony who un deraiaodnUu! business. None other ncca apply, u. l>. GREEN. 102 Late-at. WANTED —Tvro cabinet makers and one carver, at D. M. 9WINEY & URO.M. 7S M( j y.o FnUon-«L Hono hut the host ncn wantem__ agaantcu-jFemate %elp. ITTANTED —Three good saleswomen,to VV canvass this city lor an article uicd In error family. Ac nts can make (torn Mtof 10 per day. Coll on‘•D.”,IU7K Dearborn-el., in bascmeci. VXTANIED—Sit leniale compositors at V V tne Prairie Farmer Office, 102 Lake-st. None mtcoTpctent workmen nerd apply. 1101)911 (SERVANTS. X\T ANTED—One (rood meat and one V V raitry cook at llidnn House, corner Canal and Madlsor-sts, None hat these ol esporienro need ap* ply at office of (ho t tilon House, Chicago, 111. XAT ANTED—A wood cook, wiuher nntl VV Iroacr. at No. 1200 Wabash-av. 'ALTED—linnicdla’cly, a flood and V* corntwicntcook, wa«hcrand Ironer,fnraamdl fait dy. hncli a one will have an • n«y place and to a d wa*>«. Also, a y miffllrl tot ovrr tH years, in llaflclianthcr wotk. No Irish tmod make application. Apply at 2(JU KUc-st.. North Bide, fir tliTa .U|a, TAT ANTED—In ft7mnll litmiiy, n «nnil VV cook. wa*lt* r and tronrr. T’-o very U'Bhdtt wnaca paid to a Koodittrl. Imnilre at -IfJOwcsf Waildhuton-si. _ ANTED—a good girl to do ncrottl V\ limi'cwi rk In a small fainhy. Apply at .'lll WssiMonritf-sl. tmoil waure. WANTI3D— A girl to do kitclion work —«ttollmlnii')cn,(anil« cioktmr, washlnc a<d 1 oninir. Nini'lHttaooimetcnliimionU apply. UaT a No. 144 Twuulyihiru'ii., bole son Ukituau amt Walmsli-ats. ANTED—A. good Oook. Apply nt once to 2,1*1 tilinids at. iSmplnsiiuwl aarimtc. XJirAiiTED—Hy Parslinll & Smith. 139 VV HmMh <;•*•«£• M'imn 11, 1 sywmo'i not Riifttd t« work, n smart •(•HrHom.l violinist to travel wl|f a troui paid, *«o«d ctnveMffr. I ad* vrrlMi’gaimil.limrm liatms, 1 bor, 9 cwpvs, 11 rlidt par* IX ritl road mon.oo l qcuttorn t nl*o.T> urn lbo Hott'U, iliriiwd wan-* paid. ApplloaDlsbjr mall -- mccnuioffuili'antciuars. . BO be., enclose li AXrANTKD—Mwon, nl *9 IcrOny nut VV M wen ft»r VnMr« if*»ti txmrit, thotiprn, Ac. Apply aI 100 U*ilh«t»*l tuom -I. lirANTED—Youngmen In tho coim* VY try. wiKitintf u>oi>ut» •iiii'iUohMucU A‘h< »r< kprppm, •aWmm, •'.m.-cutri, >rnki*iiVn. A<v, ao.» •«* sni'ty at |:| l itnifVmn at., t"tm 3. or »fldrM» M. K. JOKKrt M M„ tlox 3010. Aitdt«U)tf ten conn. fnr fun v»rnn«i»r». ■\xrANTßl)—3 iwimnnt hookkoopom, 1 VV cullfct-'f. fl i.rnk«*m«n, Hlr<*man. I porur. a ttrlvrrii.4 tnrui*. Arii'rr i'!rrk«,a comluctwri. Apply Dforliotn ut.. Hoorn t. at lif t \\y ANTED—I,POO men to co anntli, VV Wages 111 to fM pur month and n-iardt nl«>. cheppera. team *ter», railroad men. and nil wanting em ployinciu. AiH'ly at I 3.4 Clark-at., Room 3. ffiOilanteb—iliUsccUanconß ttt ANTED— By t!>o Tribune Co., sct- V* eral coplea of the Tribune of November W, ISM, for which a Uoerat price will lio paid. *VX7 ANTED—tOO men, with cosh capi Vv «l of SSO tofftO, to engage In almdnca* tbnt will payfAtoflOpord*/. Secured byiwn patent*. IlisnocompetUicn, ana 1* the only article uf the kind e\ er otfered for Bale. Every family wants from two to Tt dt>rcn. i*nll, or tuldrca*. with ata an, J. □. NASON, l‘J2 South Clars-su, Boos. 0. Chicago, 11, WT ANTED—A number ol good baa- VV rc*« men to ffltahll*h Inanrancv A;*ncle« In Ohio and Indiana. Addrwa P. o. Box 238». Cleve land, Ohio. __ WT ANTED—Dav hoarders, at Gilbert’s VV IHDlne RooffS. 4*ll and -IS Cla:k-st. The mat place to board in the city. WANTED— Jso'dicrs to call and see checks receive.! In pavment ct |ICO additional bennty. Advances made oa good cUlmv. A. GOODRICH. Attorney a; Law, 136 Dcaroorn-aU, Kcom 2. TXT ANTED —Canvassing agents to sell V V the new patent Sewing Machine Castors, tor the Wheeler A Wllscn and other machines. They arc*dl IneveryexttDMr-ly. All ladles owning sewing ma chlms appreciate them, and buy readily. Extra com mission* glr»n. Apnly to K. C. PART KIDHE. General axent, jormerly with feeler 4 WUiqd’b Mxnntaetnr mg Co. Ofllce 53 Dcarbont-Bt, Boom 7. first flour. TXT ANTED—Genuine sporting men, VV who con realize 91S.CC0. JOHN COOK. Car wcoavUle. Pa. . ttj ANTED —Vessel—A scow, capacity VV 80 to 130 ra lumber, or 5 It. 6 ln„ oaded. Apply 10 WOOLNEK A OAKRICK. 242 Sooth Wafr-sr. WJ ANTED—A gentleman ot ability and V > good address, with one thousand*s cash, to ror ace tn a good paying basinets, ns as»l-tant. Call at I ,”.3 Dearborn-st.. Boom 3. far particular*. WT ANTED —An established business’, V \ fbr which cash and good (arming land will be given In exchange- Address JOBS L. PORTER, Post 013ce. T/IT ANTED—Veterans, sailors and sol- V V diets to hrtnr or send In year discharges, ami learn something to yenr advantage. Advauc-s made on claims. A. GOODRICH, Attvine? at Law. 126 Dearborn-st.. Boom 8, Chicago. OtflceopcaeY&nlog*. WJ ANTED—I want to purchase a stock VV ot goods and store fixtures. (small or large) lor cssb and good Aiming lands. Address, confldtoUaily, “I S M,” P. O. Box 1099. XTTANTED—AII to know that cur ruh- V V her moulding does not binder the raising or low erlrg of Windows, and also that it 1« the b st ever of fered to the pnbllc. A. C.BROWN A CO- I‘AS Lake-*% TITANTED—A lot of wooden tanks oi V v from one to Cve thousand gallons capacity. Ad dretsW. DcBOId, Tribune office. \XT ANTED —$3,000 to fC/Xo t on the Vv best city socnrliy. Will pay tea per e*nt ssml annually. Ixquire of HILL & WHIFFLE, 12SDcar> butn-st.. Boom 2. WT ANTED—Parties haying houses to V? reniorsenerlea»e,tocallonCnKlSTlAN & CO- Beal Estate and Vessel Agents, Boom 3. Lina’s Block. Bard>/lph->t. bridge. ■\ f \7 ANTED—A first-class .Barber to V\ rent niy shop. It has two chairs and is doing a coM bunr.*?ii. Also, a cigar and tobacco stand c;u nrclrd with U. Apply at No. 9 West Madisna-st-, near bridge. . WT ANTED—Three Copyists, to woik V* where they rr*i»’c. For further particulars ad dress DODGE A MOUSE. Van Daren. Ja. toon Co., lowa. business »Cl)auteß. TT'OR SALE—One hnlfintciest in a No. I' i sb>an> Grist and 3HII, all lu good order, sir natec In Henry Countr. lowa, ami wttb a g'xvi run ot cnsion>. A c<od butincruman callon or address JOHN F. HADDOCK. Box (HI, Salem. Ijws. |j*OU SALE—Millinery srock. An old I 1 establish'd house, with large trade. Population 14,f0». Till* I* » chance seldom found. Address H.W &J. M. WKTIIEUKLU Chleaipj. or J. N. AVERY, UShkovh, Wls. FOR &AJ.E—The Forest Valley Works, Saginaw City, MPh., rontlstlog oflwo salt block*, and saw c HI of large capacity, with ten acre* of land, favorably Treated. Address N. S. LOCKWOOD, Sagl naw C»>. MlrO. Troll SALE —A mnnuUctiiring estab lishment, wen locate>L paying ’tty p-r cent, do Ine a good nu-ltrss. For partlrula'i, apply to T. 11. UKI.FIF.LD A CO.. 80. 10 Post Office Dl jeg. FOR BALE—A momilhctunnu bnancs*. No competition, sales permaienl, prjflt lUO per c«nt at whotessje. price IW, If nrpHe.i tor soon. Ap ply at 218 Washington si, In basement. F'6r SALE—A ball' Inten-el in n loner beer brewerv lutblsrlty. rapltat r»qulre-l,»s'ont ftS.Hs. Aadtass •« L B D.” Trlbuud otDce. BALE —Due-hull iDlefest in n pood lT Paylßg hot*!. Prim M-W3. or would evchante for slock of emeries or Yankee notions. Address P. O. BoxHBB. 170 R store, doing a httsi-yss ol |IOU per da> j also, I kcpf* sa!i>pnrandt provision nud hutief deptl. Appir at 1 (10 Mid;Hnoui 4. V*Otl s»ALE=A wkloctH ntj n level With lb* ilwti bsif lltf I*o*l OflU-L «»M rhnkii, M*l WBt-tt ,*» i»»lMi<il(i*iiiJr (haiuu!li?j l U*)ti U Btiit ti'UW !>»*«<<»(. irSU—lb liiitlt, nnd ini' idle nr 1’ i'3n i li(M(«on « : tnim**H\. ni m«*»‘h 4. iyn«fftir‘. ftWW, pniilit WitlsML, • •i*«M| *>'Vk* nf n» * ftjiuibim? *,.|,* wi'iili nii*|itioii rfxiit Ktm pm. At***. ppl f f |iiim*f ifß'lp.piil a ■Ow.iimi i>, a ,'itv feia'i tl- fp, fit i'BMK'iiiaif. Md* 14 4lb O|.H aho._ |/nu HATiK— ami mrsittire m ft I |>n|o| Ip nflrti-' lua laralinii. .tnlnv « iond hu h n*u. WIiVU inVn verr rW- hn,plTiir% |»urr, IHllgomLOlaAdi,. n.-mg ». Ij'OU HAT,K—A ilrst'clasa grocery store, ’ In Inn lnt.4 l>«r jeaf. tuii.llf feialli Wilt La aalil at ilr.t roar, alihnnt nnnna. atnrb and ftitarea pron*hlr wrrlh Wtti' OILUKHT « JIESEIUCT, l»9 B-aiU Clarbtt-, Ko<ipi V. T?OK SALE—An interest in a Rood pav V Inc mvnoforturtnff bnalueaa. In g.tod rnnnmi or rer. Innclre at tifl Jeff»rson-«l. f up-italr«, Letwec: Raadclpb and Lake at hmall capital reqalrod. T?OU SALE—Boarding house, in cen a tral Jccatlrn.on Bnuh Side. Particulars Otmlth* rrt bj .1. D. AADUEWS, Uoom 7. Methodist Church bloc*. . ... Jfot Sale. F>K SALE—A well built two-storv hnck store, 21 hr GO. wfh a one story addition of SlhyifilnihellTeiy-tnd healthy Tlitaseof Ft. Atki-v sot, Wls. locriher with a stock of Dir Orate, Cloth* Inc, Xonota. Boots and Shoes, or wUI bi »>ld «eparatc, Thastorewoeldbenflmclas* stand for a Hardware store, aa there n 00 Hardware in tows ofanr acconnt. Forpartlcniars address WiL TASuBk & SON, Fort AltoUOB, WIS. T?OR iA/.L—Schooner A. G. Morel, P* rates h. 2.13.500 bu capacity; schooner Scaadtina* Tiaa. rale* A 2. litfcO bu capacity; schooner Racine, ratesßL 13,1®bacaracity; echoonerS. O. Andress, rates 81, U.i/Obn capacity; seboorer Wn>. F. -VUen. iaUsDLIS.C(O bn capacity; brie Clff B 1, 110 m lumber on less than 8 ft**t of water. Ttsse s are all laid up In Chicago BKer, and for e by C. J. M&GILL, comer of Wells and bouth Water* Chicago. IU. __ FOB SALE—ICO cords betw’jg beech, maple and hickory wood. t> lots ti stutpurchase*s. at per ronl. CWm left at our offlbe,l«S south, WatcMt, will receive prompt sttentlcp. CRAS. LEEDb «k C.). I .''OR SALE—ChrisUan & Uo., Real Ev Block. Rat dolp--st.. forges, ffiattiages, Set, F-ok PAT E—Line span ol carnage or will cxcFaugetor alot on Writ -*lae. A TAVLOIt, -N». 13 MethoMt rV.nrch Block. V. OK 6AJ.E—At a great bargain, lor r iil omv, • Os. hint. E.,tfrn etuMr, tra,. gr, actippi? « h,. so soma Wp^s-tt, 9tru«nons Eaaatmo. SULKN. OITUATION —Wanted—By n thorouih* Olr well educated youne Fimcbnun. lor-rn m X=,?‘ 1 d itiit rooitrt. In n I'flrtk nrmcfihsai’* om.*« jfr* Ujbbeglnotnghn woaM oot be particular about t£ work. U« ■oc»ki and writ** French. GtnaaaaTS En«U»b. Hoard In inn lainlty would hi* Off ni* Beat of city reference* will be girm. AdOrna-cah I*. O. Boa 7H3. 1,1 QITDATION— Wanted—By a penuT. Cl numwhohaatiad *»T*-ral yearu’exacnenest*. bank at the Ea*t, •> caibler or ai»l»ianl cadu-rinS tanKln fhU Tlclnlty. Can «lTeunexc-ptlr.Babler3hJ errr* aa to capacity and 0w«« lor lie potllion. aa Oltta “HAN KKiyTtlliune tifllce. **• QITUATION — Wanted—By a nami Cj rrarrlcd man. reduced to blalut dollar, canttarw b wlilmutowonr «t anyttlnsr. Andrew “A K. Tribute office. n OirtTATlON—Wanted—Being abnatto O cleanup our bualreaa we are f citrons ofnrnlh*. situation for our bookkeeper. Any oarty driirink at. •blanre la that department win tmd hlmn,.-., lU tJr Qualified and capable of citlbc the finbat *tiijCictS« Apply to vr. P H ABHIB A CO.. *7 South Wattflir* FEMALES, OITtJATION—Wanted—To do pi,i„ Cl sewlnjr tor aprivate fatally. Apply to,or MUaKEQAM. lUI Ewtnn-*L, West Side. O ITU ATI ON—'Wanted—A Indyisd^ O rows of obtalnlag a ootitlon la the UnuiT oi >vi dower, to supertatetoai* domestic allalrs. Fallt »,«" aerstand* all tbn dmlea o* » hoo»chold aal ibr mTT aaoment of scrraaU. Tbote omy who are wiutnrS treat her ms air ember of the foimly, will pies** csiif» or addreei - ‘C AD." UM2 Ontatlo-s U, Chlcairo. ITDA/HON—Wanted—By an' Amcri. cat lady, ai tnUk** aa mr»n» h., n . to nurse. Apply to Dr. U. A.PAYSfi,njo:a 9 ITuicyj Bluest irom 10 to 12 a. m. ClTTJATloK—Wanted—B> a rpspctf- O able roong girl MUpitaliß gir or rnii.finurte know* thorooflil/ how to ron a Bowing ma-ruia’*. clr*M “ SI. O..*’ Trlbona office, or apply at > O . 33 •Wentwcrthar. • SITUATION—Wanted— By n votas O healthy American womno as wes nnr<f. ImnlA at Mrs. MARX’S CUy lahlilgencc offlre. *Vi Bmu, Clmkst. agents ffißlantro. A GENTt>—Wanted —Smirt ami achy? /■\ AaenU wanted In ovary ronnty to *ll th* rm. TON PACKED HAFKTY HAND LAMPS. KreryMr wants them, as they are the moat economic* tndn*. venlcnt, give a Brilliant light wMiuat chluncy, inoti or ooor, and warranted rale. Several olherr.*w »r. tide# for agent*. circular* sent free on ar>p.|raii,n <> EDU All A CAVAN, M* mfitctufere, 00 SUidcnUi New York. A GENTS Wanted For tne New >\ Book. “WOMEN OF TUB WAR.” This volate fi univemHy adn.trcd. Say* the Chlcagt Emtio* Journal i It Is In the tnbtrat sense*, a r allcry of ‘>»ta , r, ard wo envy the author the gratnulwnrk heiiasm. formed. It all mule like a romance, ’the*t>r/f>fti* war can never he told wltn nil ilia ilurr of l!ie wmia la told with it." Hold only by canvassing aitents. Timnsatios are walling to are and huy it. Aim. f,,r s yathtyof valuable Illustrated boom, hclulirj tbs History of the IMtrlllqn. hr J. T. I|pa<l nr. a'lilrn'ic. Imnarfiai. prclusOy illustrate*’. amt the most real' nh|<* hiiiorv of the w*r published. Address It, u. TtiKAT. 117 Eouth Cltrk-at.. Chicago. A O EN TB—Wanted—Tl l K AM Kit I* J\ jyAH COJtmCT, A 111 TOUV OKI III: UIINAT JiHIiRLLION.w t tioNACM uiaai tr. i* m>* cmtiois'.* in two tolitihiw, and read/ A>f ilem-crr, Asshts wantm met cry town In the West. Amu having ih» rlihl toiiniver tol. 11. arercsincsted s-mi r> thHr nrd»ra impttdialriy. OFO. A t. IV, HlßUtVuoo. |pa nlaillsmi-at.. Chicago, 111. A (IKNTH—Winilwl— l,l per day limn jt\ arlefd Of nicner rHtmiletf, Apply at once UP, rATMKOP, Jll., Office No. 11l M, K. Church 'HnrV Chicago, or Office No. •! l.vman's lllm w. I'lnvsisinl. n, A UhNTB— Wnntad—Now hnnk. Tho _tV UUi h Crnok,» mn»i now b* tnu n<<rfitrniwt wltfi »ncrr»i In nit tV prlnri rl<* IliFftirr* thrniißlmul ilm Unilwl Kin'M-MinpU w*nt on rrrel|iii)|6acenl»freo br imul.bjr 11. v, i.a.v DUN. AN Mk'hlgin-HT. A OKNTB— Wnmrtl I’rit'u *3.W >\ UNITKIP HTArKh CUNTINKST IKIWI Iff* Maim |n rna an-' (lie Mtn tn Ilia m. U.oriVHNKW «IKKAT ItKlTlUir rtml'h-umsil I-Alilioric, CIIAHT "K AMKUK'A. MINT MIKR »tlh tho m*n. 11IMTIVKLY llinrtip»n-«l ami unit bbimMj mapilnMia w-rd. Addmi UUOlisl'KKU* CO.. 14** Lftlf it.. fe'lilrago. A GhNTa—Wnnlul—ln nil nnrlAtu the >\ rotn ir/,t»Mii >, im:mNTouv tW muimum LISCOI.N M Amt th** "OVKUTIIItOW (IK HLAVKUT,** fn i>pn vnl., <>l m tKI p-igr*. Ilf linn. I. N ArnrW», t»tn tnftnni*f rfc!t <1 Inp o*ni IwrMf tA»r» i roi.flilrt-lim irlPMii nt Mr. I.tnroln. Tin* work hut Junllifrn rnlm»lplni!,»ti,| «••}) inert • wvt Ht (Tjr *ry ititnlllpfl»t I’ltUrii. U rrr*oiitn (Vmiirp* whlib limre rot nppf«rrl In ncy either »or«. Th* limy Cnmnlrlr, <f >m*i "it will m<uhi« a rliAtArlor AA't t<<"«! a pUiM brjr. Ail ftnytMmt ut pr*> Oner'll,•• Kuf •prrllorr nm (r»in*. (hr sip. Ufttim.C't.AltKKACO.NOAnit M WA>hln(!Oß-«T, CliUftftH. A OKNTS—Wanted-ImM unit pm • Irinrti IDA Writ to fir 11 1* «t nnl inn*. Tint mmmiMilon paM U Ur#*, nnl lh«* l ii'ik i» ('im of Hip hn«t tnlliuir patani. Ht’i'O for lntm» to W. J. HOI.I.ANO A CO., !|H I.W tmiii lliot k, I'litcauo. A GENTS—Wanted—To cell the Gen* J\ nine n.trlletl Sewing Machine jprW tfl). «bl the .mpr. ved New England Kanttly hewing M«thla« (prim llflt, doth of the**. MsrUlnu* am fully brume l. AildrtM or t ail umm W, DKLUbS & CO., RvimH. i’cal unite |lio.k,Cblrai:», ID. A GENTS— U noted—'To canvns« tnr iV •• Lincoln and Slavery," in one volume of over TUura&rs. Thetx.uK, taaneu about the t«l «i Janiury, I* alreiidy *e Ike n oru mindly than anv other. Tin second enlttcn wl lb J r- any in two wee!:*. Th" Chi cago Journal nay- of U: "Theb-vaxißlhe b*«l lamrc, ar,<l tat n- t beectlPMd." We want alow «*xxl mm to rt gig* la It tale CLARKE A CO., 8U amt hi Washington at., Chicago. AGENTcj —Wanted—Male and female, to »cU a new article U great aemand that every family wants. (4 per day oa-ie without le.vlne bom*. Travelling acuta can nuke Irom « to |3> per-lay without Intetf rence with other Treartlee Bhova f.r Ittelf. Samp!**, with term* and parttcalan ot the buatnegs, tent for iS ceits. Addreu It. W. CHAPPELL. Drawer HAXL Chicago. lU. AGENTS— Wanted—For “ WOMANS WORK IN TUK CIVIL WAR " This wort, rommroetd acre than to tee year* aso. and prepared under the »ADctl.',n and approval of the United autca ea’>tary CoirtuKiton, tb* Western SanUary CoramU alun and the Chil-tlan CommleilGn. and roaialatotsn introeaclury chapter by Dr Bellow a, late President of 'the Sanitary CommleMon, Is one ot standard antbority and crcntlniereAt. it 1* Illustrated with mmerooß fine steel engravings, by Ritchie and Sartaln, and con tains ahont ICO octavo pages, loctudi. c sketchet «d nearly two bnrdred ladle*, sod hrlrt notice* •'I snoot four hundred otne-s while a Just tribute Is paid t> the iboofDßdsuf nameier* be*otocswhosacnflcedMmnch to clve aid and re’lef toour suffering sGioiers. send for circular, and w are the first choice ol territory Adams ZEIGLER, SIcCURDV* CO...PahUthas Lombard Block, Chicago, lit A6ENT& —Wanted—Ladies who mean business, to canvass f-r that which will yield large pronta. Apply for Information, Saturday, 3t /eb. be tween 2 and S p. m., at 20U Ea*t MadUou-et.. or od die?*, with stamp. Mrs, -g C s.” Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted Tiirouehout the Un-ted states, tc ra’twi for oar new” Book. •'AB BOTT'S LIVES OF TBE PRESIDENTS.” from Wash ington to Johnson, by J. S. C. At bolt, tae Croat blato rtan. Complete la one large volume, superbly Ulna trated with steel engravings, among which sre por traltaof the seventeen Presldctts. battle a-enea. etc. This Is the only werk of the kind v-t published. *nd aflords to experienced agents a rare opponnnltv to make money with a splendid nock, ana no competi tion. txclusivo territory and publishers’ highest c»a mission given. Books ready for deltvenr now. Send stamp for clrcu ar« and terms. S. 3. DOTDEN, 73 C!a?k-»t. Chicago. 111. AGENT?— Warned—For “LIFE AND DEATH IN REBEL PRISONS.” Te* ti sut fCttbcr* per day. A,ways sella. A. KIDDER, 93 Wathlrsgton-iC, Chicago. 4 GENTS—Wanted—Experienced fint c'ilv ennvaa-ers. * ge-tlcn en and ladle*. tor SHINOIOVS PRAYER AT VALLEY FORGE.” a new and magnlr centl steel engravln*; price. HM. Has peculiar 'recommendations which cause Utobs admired bv ft ery American, cf whatever sect nr party. Agents every wrerc »re meeting with nnparstHed sir cess. Publisher*’ hlgce*t commission given. Au drey?. S. 3. PuYDEN, 73 Caloago, lIL _ A GENTf Wanted For Marshall's XX. Lincoln. „ [From Senator Sumner.] lly Dear Sir: icongritulateyou noon yonr Juxo* in lie eng’aml portrait ut President Uccum. A* a werk «>i art, it wlb u»:e Its place among tnitse rate production? not to be forp-lten. As a portrait, it will always be valued «s presenting the original in hUroovt tnlerestlne expression,where genteness and syapst&y S' l:e with sirecctb. C think taat I enn. o; era In oirtiagfor it general I-vor am-ng alt who love art or venerate th» name of oar Martvred President. I so purr that many will loon oaonuwlin gnu-f ii rttho slo»m. Verv falih:ci yyonrs, CHARLES SUMNER. Waj.UHK.MaiwnAix.Eßq. . . Both tor eTc-ll«jce of likeness and admtrablmM or engraving, this workot Mr-llarshaU*? (I.incnltv*-l‘’f tralt) should tnke precedence of all others that I hare seer. 1 think U ouiht to have the best pla>.v, next w Washington’s, inev?rypatriot’sparlrr. IIENUV WAKD BEKCIIEB- Address J. H. AMMON.Pabllshere’Acent,S7 lcgton-st n Chicago. . A GENTS—Wanted—To sell the creal fV CAMPAIGN'S OF GRANT AND SHERMAN*. t»* Hon. J. T. Headley. Good agents take from 33 t > KJ snb»cnr>ers per wer-k. Superior Inducements to »nercrtlc men anti women. Addrei*. at uarr.c. W. LILLET, Publisher, 26 Reynolds’ Block, go. Hi- AGENTS —Wanted—A lew more first class m-n fur THE AMERICAN FaBMEH’3 UORSK BOOK. Now rrady. Out e’(rz*i t octavo v ob nine <'f f-ni par** and sp.endloly Illustrated. Uy •xt SKwart, SI.D. V. b. ’i he beat rellltg *nh*cm>ilon book In the market. It appeals to the seif-lnterc*t aaa necessities ol the people It ti parueuiartr adapted to the » ant* of lac American Farmer and Hor?" own er. Beside* treating on every ciu-avo tv wljßti the H snbj»ct. it embraces am< «t Urn**! - and cum in n-srnie treatise on Sh-ck Raising and 3l*»*ni- Accots arc averaging one sub'cither out of every twu solinird. Ai ply at orce for terms and terrltorr. J. b GOODMAN A Co., Publishers, A Cnatom Hruse place, AGENTS —Wanted Gentlemen anil ladies Ihrongtmut the United Stale* fbr “if pew Bo«-k. “LIVES ufthe PURSIDHNT9,* fr-m Wi«b- IngUm to Johnson, liy J. s. c. Aho itt. the gre it hl*t«- rlan. I'nnipteie In one .arge miutn,. ■nperblv Illus trated with st«lcn ravings, arming which are p-r- Hails of the seventeen PeesPlenta, bsttle. scenes, etc. Tins I* theonly work cf the kind vet publish'd, and aChTds to expsrlenred agents a rare uppotinn'ty to rnabo nune* with a rpleulld book, and no cohim’M Hon. Esclustre t- irtlorv and publishers’ high* si cow tnlssJon glren. Books ready for delivery now. S. ». BOTDEN. 73 Clark-*!., cfrcaio. 111 s)imurrs IClamrTi. PAIiTNLII— WnntEtl Wtlli *IO,OOO cash, to lake a ore-third Interest H a comtul*s; n « litiuse In fit's city, 4 Ph»h|s genA IWpmtflMe fvf»r eut« t- qullerl. Address “RPAtCHu.** Irl' uheotllce* I)ARTNfe'U-WMited - tilth WWW I' Piuf**toUiVmllHihreweft loriint lath)*'ll** i'ti'RUftlf* First Hs»af*>l»f»Ht-e« khrea sh*l fscjiliw* f Addles*!*. U. Hot 1 H»7, CUICiWL PAUtK&raVttSiit-Willi flaw It* .& Hft/VS >l} BH 41,.l WiH-piillt* I<.•(!■;*lf/ fi / ‘MJ’, F*if J.4MjH*l B|«. ajtjiy Id A> M. J, 1 > Airi'N E J Wtumed-A figmnrusliiiw *f*' I iiißii, ibk-Ati4]nnt>>rM( in « mmH *i - i.eMHßi.edt lm«tn».». l ink win far ffcatiisf |ij tflls. |‘H ’ EfihH4HW|WM»M*O. tißlUktjigiMiiiafi. IfV 1 >"aUTN LU*=WRnM—For Uia n-UimH fta J wifc iiuin, hi imerrai m ttta r Rmnw anil *M* of o<u of )h« h*»l aid m l ’*! pram**! •gllodlliiriU (n Jilemer U m lb" Mmlever/ larmer uses. Ilie marMna U reranim>mlei| nr |h* n m ir.ei. in Chicago, f ur*»periy l*»«m in pay* ; s inept, Andre,* I*. O.ltoi ’jj IQ, Cblcugo, r • 1 an alremiy 1 wlalillacM good paylnij wins and linonr aalwn, rrntrallT loraletl. CnidU) require.!, *eOO. Aditiew V. •• C.," Trllinne uliicr, TJARTNEW—Wanted—A reliable man .T r . A vttL *a labea haiflclertat In 1- * » 11 Klit, protlUL’e ofllce bu»ice»«. Apply at I 111 ?--£ Dcarlorn-«t., Hoom a lor partlcolari. • PARTNER— Wanted—A rarlcer with a rath caplul of a*«nl |S,Oiii. In an teUbtl«bet , . retail preinlplfoD nrnz bujlcei* m the city. AdortM ? , rL't i ."Tribnce office. _ •7’J 2£lantrt-=tvcal Estate. TT7 A3CTEE —Any one possessing one *:! Y\ or two nbe coicfbrtaVa IwMtory how*. >, nlrafanUy situated, with eo.-d lots, and de*lrons « dlsportneof them on «*sr terms, say tn monthly.PA?: IT . meniW will please addreaa P. O. Box klTttn «4 partlcnlara. • ■ 1 YXTANTED-lmprovedana unimproved \\ bustnew property. In J. H. KHBLETTS Beal Es- rCj: tstectQce. Td9 S.ntb C ark-st. , arorrEsponbcwce ESKanteu — -Wanted A % ) zentleirar of coed appearance and whtreat »Irr» a corrrspondeace »ub eeveral laule* of socan qoalltles, with a Tlew to more intimate acquaintance »td for company to attend b4)]«. thuatrrs an>l ot<*~ plarrs of amusement. ACdresa “HAUlti,'* Box gill. Wf ANTED Correspondents lor ft ll Vi Eastern paper, lawyers, editors cr lit erary gentlemen who are acrnst'meJ to writerr »n --pnss. and who arc fen illw with cormnerclal other practical am feci-*, may Lore find empioyjjjh* lor lh»lr UUure mooiecta. address I*. o.Rox lolio* statlLg wtcre an Interview aav be bad. AppHcaa-'’ win p ease taml»h a specimen of tielr stylo of vn * I Inc. «r S"® rctereoces. SttasE® anii Stolen. STRAYED— Or btolec—Prom the pic- r mises, Ko. 4#7 lar/*.UirK . tiownCow.matsedwlihatlU in the under iC|do « Va r <nc of her ear*. wbotiaU nmm her t« v >e above premises, or shall hare there aurtk lak'rm*- Mon aa aoail lead to bsf f-Mvciy, wtilbq oUaWT «* |E warded. $