Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 31 Ocak 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 31 Ocak 1867 Page 3
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Aid. Kaon moved lo refer to Committee on Mierta nul Alley*. K C lliC motion ptcvatlocl. Alco, a m>oit end oidlnancr for a Mdowdk on Hie east ride of Wentworth avenue, Irom TweMy*»ccoad erMo nlrcoU Aid. Kami li.or. iJ 1!r The Mayor rt icotrrt the Cleiktoralltheayoi nnn hop*. ami the motion prevailed by the follow* MkVcr. liarioU, WtlnnirUi. t-nlklm, Katin, H*lr|i. Walhvork. Moore, Pdiider, lladotiy. Tal> roM, Woodi.ul, tllahy, llolde’i. Hti«»rl\ Arkhoff, Knit. Hmrkford, Unaoo. Clark, O'rtu.Uvtn—a, AWi—None Alio, n report and aMeumpnl order lor eonitrnetlns mid iro<tn«iMirtlnff lOdowalk on IbP toulh »t<le ui Mtblttun Mm t. In front of lota i unit h, block r, A- tirconV Addition to Cblrngo, Aid. Korn moved lo dim. Hip cimfr cnlltd for iiieiyei and noea, andtho motion prevailed br the following vote: .itn—AM. Knickerbocker, Cos,tarter, D'Wolf, Wicker, llarn it, Wllmtiih.i'-alklni. KamiJHaleb, WalKurk, Moore, hchaler, lUllcrlr, Taicolt, Woodstd. Rul y, Holden, KnaSrli. AcknotV, UuU, Mjarkford, Larvaon, Clark, O'Snlllran-M, AVi—None. Alto, a report end a*«eaßment order for constructing and rccourtrncUng sldcalk on Catherine street, Haleb d street and Wright etreel. In Canal Trus tees’ Subdivision oi N. W. H, UccUon d, 33,14. Aid. Uafierty moved to pass. The Chair called for the aye* and noce, and the motion prevailed by tbc foil -wine vote : Aye*—Aid. Knickerbocker, Co*, Carter, D'WolC, Wicker, Barrett, Wllmarth.Calcic*. Kane. Hatch, Wallwork, Moore, Schuler, Rafferty, Talcott, Woodard. Blxby, Bolden, Bussell, Ackhofl, Bab, Shackford. Law>on, Clark, O'Sullivan—23. JTova—'None. a report and assessment order for constructing Mdcwalk on Conti e avenue between Harrison ai.d ►trecu*. Aid. Hub moved to pass. Tlie Chair called for the ayes and now, and the motion prevailedhv the following vote: Ay(t— Aid. Ku'ck’crbockcr,Cox, Carver, D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Wilmarth.CaJiAns, Kano. Hatch. Wallwcrk. Moore, Schuler, Rafferty, Talcott, Woodard. Bixbr. Iloldm, Russell, Ackhod, Huh, Shnckford, Lswaou, Clark, O'Sulliam—2s. A’or#—None, Also, j> report ard assessment order for reconstructing sidewalk on -ccth side of twelfth street, Block b. Wallers Subdivision of northwest quar ter ot northeast quarter of Section 2j, 33,11. Aid. Clark moved to pass. Toe Chair called for tbc ayes and nocs, and the motion prevailed by the following vole: A i,**—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf W ickcr, Barrett, Wllmarth, Calkins. Kaun. Hatch, Wa l !wo.k, Moore. Schuler, Rafferty, Talcott. Woodard. Blxby, Boldeu, Hassell, Ackhoff, Bnb, Sbackford. Tawson, Clark. O'Sullivan—23. Soti— None. a report and assessment order for constructing Ei>:ewaik on cast side of Johnston street between ’j avlor and 1 welfth streets. Aid. Clark moved to pass. The Chair called for the aye* and nocs, and the motion prevailed by the following vote: ,4j/e«—Aid. Knickerbocker. Cox, Carter. irWoll. Wicker, Barron, Wilmartb. Calkins, Kanr, tiatcb, Wallwork, Moore, Schuler, Uafler tv, l alcolt, Woodard, Bixby, Holden, Russell, AckhoSl Ituh, Shackiosd, La .'eon, Clark, O’Snllivan—Ss. Xott —hione. a report nod ordinance for sidewalk on the north sice of Wabauaia avenue from Elston road to Milwaukee avenue. Aid. Calkins moved to refer to Committee on Mrccts ana Alievs, W. D. The motion prevailed. Also. a report and ordinance for sidewalk on the r.oiliiPitt side ofM.lwankcc avenue from Division to Hecbcc street. Aid. Kuh moved lo refer to Committee on Streets and Alleys, W. D. The motion prevailed. Al*o, n report and crdinan-c for sidewalk on the ctst side of Indiana avenue, from L'hirty-flist street to Douglas place. Aid. S:b;ilcr moved to refer lo Committee on Streets ni.*l Al'cyg, South Division. Tbc motion prevailed. Also, a report and ordinance for private drain on Sher man ttt-et, between Van Bureu and Uarnson fclll-ltS. Aid. Barrett moved to pass. Chair called for the avea and noes, and the mo tion prevailed by the following vote ; A'jft— Aid. lu.lckerbocke-.Cox,Carter. D Wolt, Wicker. Barren, Wilmarih, Calkins, Kann. ' Hatch. WalUvork. Mootc, fechnler, Uatlerty, Tal cou, Woodard, Dixby, Uuldeu. I{n«-cll. Ackbo3, Dub. Shau.fc.rd, Lawson. Clark, O’Sullivan—2s. 2\vft~ Done. Al-O, n report and ordinance for private drains on WmWLtie, between Wells and Market strests. Aid. H'lb moved loins*. Tbe rnntr called/or the ayes nndnocs, and the motion prevailed by the lollo»lnc vote; .-1 </• s—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox.Carlcr, D’VToIC, WlrLiT. PcrMt, Wllmartn, Calkin*, Kann, llaich, WallwoiU. Moore, Schnlor, lUHerty. Tat rott. Woor.ard, Dlxby, Uoldcn, Itoseell, AcuhoiT, jjnli. sbarkford, Lawson, Clark, O'Sullivan—23 Svf*.— None. Alpo, n rrroil nrd ordinance for prlra*c drains on Oak, between Well* and Market streets. AM Wicker moved lo papa. Tb** Chair called for the ayes and now, and the motion prevailed by tbo loltowlne vote: Avf»— Aid. Knickerbocker,Cux,Cartcr, D’Wolf, Wicker, Banclt, Wllmarth, Calkin*. Kanu, Hutch, Wallworl;, Moore, Abater, IbitTcrty, TaicoU, Woodard, Blxbv, Holden, Hiippcll, Ackhoff, Hah, SUacWfoni. lawvon, Clark, O'SuiHvai*—S3. .Ycfd—Nona Tlu*Bca*dof Public Works submitted a report In relation lotbe lorm of order rclerrcdto them rcla'ivc lo llie tclundmcof Ibo one per cent a month penalty, exacted on each ep*xlal Assess moult* mh are mil paid Mibtn tlic time proscribed liy tbe cbaitcr, recommending that the order be I ‘ l Alcf.' t Jtascr»y moved tbaltbc report be placed on flit*. The motion prevailed. Also. submitted a report and ordinance repealing an ordinance mid annnllirc an a-*»c*ament for ox tending alley In Block J, Magus & IHg’a Addi iu'ii. Aid. lln*«cll moved lo send back thodornnicnt to the B iiiiU of Public Works, with lu-lractl'in to r< port reasoim for repealing lUe ordlua cc nud an nclling i he a- sessim.-nt. Tbe motion nre*ailed. IU.POKT** OFSTANUINn COMMITTEES. HAniini; and muntir.-*. Aid. Clark, of Committee on Harbor and Uudt'i-H, in whom bad Iwen referred a commit ntcailon ft cm »he Board ot Public Works, reiiairo lo the establishment of dock linen ana an accompanying ro*olmlon, submitted a r iej*orl Ibcicon, wblcli, ooiuoiluuol Aid SbacUford, was (lltli-ied to be laid over and published. 1 be following it* tbc repoit: UU’OUTOr COMMITTEE. To ihe Mayor and Aldermen of tins City or Chlca go, in Common Council asscmiilud : Your Commliree on Harbor nnn Bniiies, U whom war. referred a coroiounlcotion (rum lot Board of Public Work#, with muolutmi accumpa- I nylng ibe same, Authorizing and in-trncilng them 1 to establish me dock line# on the main ilwr and branches rcsutdivdy, at t«o hundred and filty and two hundred feel, having had tin hsiiio under ndvrsement. tnc leave to leporltlut there Is prob ably no subject which has come bef-iso your hou oruidc body containing so mmh ol vital Impor tance to the prosperity of this city. Involving as It doe# the present and prospective welfare of the marine lulucsi and commerce of CMc igo. We believe that there U no better rondo of subserving 'hose interest#, whether regarded In the light iif economy or convenience, than by adoptioc the proposition of the Hoard. As a question oi economy, we arc of the opinion that the plan pmpoted will cist less than any oth-rplaa, looking to the enlargement of tho docks mid harbor accommodations, which tho rapid growth and increm-iug business ot Chicago £G imperatively demands. Nature supplemented by art has provided Chicago with a harbor run ning west T orn the lake ovcrhalfa tmlc,and from north to son»h there I* a navigable channel six miles in length, which, in the coarse of ftil*'*n to twenty ycais will be thronged with shipping, tnidiiig without transfer of cargo to all comers of the world. Tins isno rose-colorel picture -f the lo ure of the ricat metropolis ot the Northwest Ycnrcoimunlce believe that all arc expect in the tumre of Chicago Is in accordance wIUi the deliberate opinions of a great number of enr mo.t sagacious and ericrpnsingbu'rintfss men. bnall we cot, therefore, give to the present and tu lure wants oi om cili. ens the necessary facilities lor that expansion of business which onr |pvst bitioiy assuredly foreshadows mill tie cur in the rear? to come? No visihe time to no iM* work belore the value of river }iio|rctty, caused by substantial improvements on t- margin, -ball have become so gieal ttiat It* ac complishment will be an Impu.-sib.lhy- rue ecoa omv of doing the work now. Uicso reasons, will be apparent to all. Other reasons on the ground oi economy might be given; one yon will nil appiechtc is the delay to vessels, which is now caused »>y the narrow channel they dally during The busy reason getting wedged Together, so that Lour# an* lost «o vessel owners by ddeu’ioti, and also Involving tre payment of heavy tag bills, for which cwn«-r» bav« no equivalent. There are Al dvmcn in this Boaid woo can endorse this state ment Item their own experience. To nuke the channel of the rivers two hundred feet wide v. ill be bp acceptable, your committee believe, to the o wners of tho dock property front ing Uicieon a-it will be to make it one hundred and seventy-five feet. After the docks arc re moved for’vddcnlug pnrposes the comparative dfrercucc as to expense for excavation will be email; the material can and must be used for fill log onr ►tiec’s. ana will gcil tor what it will cost to take it out ofthebank. This we regard as an other economical reason. ThcNonhllranchnow, I from It# month to Chicago avenue bridge, will average fully two hundred lect wide, and yonr committee have teen utthiu the past six months even that portion of the nver so completely gnrgtd with vessels that lilnzlc street bridge hud to remain open for boors. Other cities in thin and othercounlrio? have added largely to iheh prosperity and commercial great x.ecs by improving natuial advantages. Would Glasgow, tnc commercial capital of Scotland. have been as populous and great to-<!ay if her citizens Lad not deepened, widened and straightened their beautiful river CKde, making a commodtoa* and easy channel lor vessel# and steamboat# of two thousand tens burdens bnrclrnot. Lundoii, fur five hundred year#, ups been adding to her deck capacity by a contlnnon* system of river improvement#; so with Uverpool, Hull, aal other cities in HriUlo. On tho coannentof Europe , like enterprise has largely added to ibe prosperity ot many of the largest cities. And when wc lake into consideration the pro posed Ixnptovcm* nt of the Illinois Blvcr, tbe en largement oi the Illinois and Michigan rnul, w ilo other proposed works ol niflitiUndu in this and inricbDOitng States, all of which will add largely to tbe development of the Northwest, increasing the population, wealth and material resource# of section ol onr common country, jour committee are consttsincd to believe that Chicago, by pursuing the same liberal coarse she Las done Id the pari, by increasing her commercial jadllUcsin th< interest of the grand future, will realize all tbaithe most araent well-wishers can favorably hope lor. Bat it may tK urged by some that there parallel# are not applicable to Chicago, because wc ate voting, our resources are not ceutra’lzed In the vamc de rcc, and wbsl has b en the work of manv generations with them, cannot surely be Coicby ns In a few years. In reply to ihla ob jection, we may soy, la there another city in the world which has been so wonderful in tv growth, so Indomitable in It* enterprise a-CWrago? Wc think not, and why! Because we drain a country only beriming to be ecUlcd, which looks ton* lor an oullei to Ita varied productions, and an inlet lor tlmo«i all the comfort# of dally exist ence. Establish our dock lines as promised, and our children will rise up and rail u* As the prcffi.l dock# decay and thev rcqnlrc .o be icncwcl. in the wider portions of Ihc nvtr, there can be no hardship in moving *«*£*■*« lines proposed to be established by tbe city for the general good and In the interest of every citizen*# welfare. . . . Where Mib tuiilal bn'ldlng* hare been, erect a cm the side* of ihe ti~cr they can remain nniti »>y accident or ntiuTAtse they may require to bo removed, the deck spaces between such bntldlnc# lielDit tec**sfcd breu to comply wtlh the acMon of the Connell, it Micy should see Hi In their wisdom to adopt ti ts report and pass the! resolution scut in by tnv Board of Public Work*. Portion* ol the river linos mnsi lie immediately ndjnsted end the docks moved bark so a* toavoii) tliclucoiivcnlci.ce* and delays of the pa*! t*vo or ihre*-year*, and, loriunalrly, tboan projecring most Into tt c channel »l tbs river# are the most decayed. Ihcrelorv in a condition to bo mure easily removed. The propo« d amendment* to onr CUjr charier vlli enable the work to bo done so as to remove the only action# objection which ba« born urged ngulnsi tl. iicnicly. compelling tlio ptmietiy* <Mvn«t* to pay the «Uolo cxpciiM) ot t*s pn»*i-r.u lion. Wo liopc that a work which win hencOt all wilt W j'fcld f«r in at least by ail inc lax r.nvct* of tlio city* . , Yourcomroipoc have devoid a good deal of lltuo lo the cxninlnaUnit ol the ilvi-r rurv.-ys and uiatis. andhuvo alnu personalty, in lompanv of the Board of Public Work*, the city I’pglire. r, utid the JUibor Maatn. riaunncd lit detmj the tnnln river from tho entrance of tno liarijor *'cat to the of the North and South Brantf'ies, tb<*ucn south to the locks at Bridgeport, and north to Kuilcrion awnue, and what wc tiuwii-commsud la the result of earnest Invulry and dose examina tion. producing the molt Ihoroagh ronvictloa* that to do less will be unwlreand very d> ulmeatnl to the bttl li.tcrcata ol the city of fhtcag**. Hour. CTO.UE, fommlttro r.uMUMD IJIXET, Yon Harbor SicniiM Dauhitt, i andßrldgca. Chicago, January X8,16C7. The following Ip ttio rcaolnlloo rccommandod bv ilio Hoard ni I’nbllc Worksftn tte adopted: Itaftolmion luslrurllns the Hoard of Public Works as to the wulto of the North and South Lranrhea ol Chicago Hirer. //raofrftf. Thai tn tin' Judgment of the Oomtmn < ounrl.m (be eMablinbmcut of (ho duck lino* of Chicago Hirer, (he rivet and itrnnchcs shonld hr tntfie atilllcU-utly wide to afford easy amt safoitav iuniiuo >u ihu river at>d branches, and so as to Oi'o good facUhles for the i<t*sage of vcs*eU and •teambont* ibcrcln. and for (ha Irnnsnc- Iron of butlnesa along Ibo ha ka of His Minot and (hat tor Iboau purpose* ibo common Council dons hereby approve of Ibo recommendation of (ho Hoard o> Hnblto Work* fiprewni in vlialr report of lieermb-r 17. IWO, Ui*t iho North Bunich from the limit* of ho nij on Urn i.oriti to iho main river, am) the Hottih Branch from llrldirtoott to the main river hr wade nowhere n<** th*o two hundred (2UO) feet whin. Aid. Clark, ofthe name eommilh-n, to whom had i-ren icfmod a n port and ordinance from Uio Board oi I'ubllc Woik* for anew bride* at Van Btmn meoi, mbtmltrcl a report recommending the imarago ot the ordinance. Aid. Mnh moved to concur In the report and pnaa the imlinance. ’the Mayor directed the aye* nnd v.oei to hu called, and the ordinance was parsed by tno fol lowing vote: Ayr*-Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox,Carter,U’Wolf, Wlckt-r, Barrett, WUmarth.Calktiis. Uann, Hatch, Wallwork, Moons Schuler, ItatVorty, Talcoit, Woodard, Blxiy, Bolden, Bussell, Ackhofl', Unh, bbacktont, I a warm, Clark, O’Soilivan—3s. None. The following is the ordinance as passed: OiimKANCk autboiiziijg the constrncrloc ot a new bridge at Van Boren street, and a temporary loan therefor. WiiEncas. It has been ascertained that the pres ent bridge across the South Brandi of tho Chica go River at Van Uo;cn atri-ct ha* become worn out and unsafe since tbc making of the lan annu al appropriation, and that Ills now necessary to replace the same by a new rtrnciurc, the expense ot which must be provided for in the manner con templated by Section 31,Chapter 5, oljlhe Revised CltyCborter; therefore. Be If ordainml by the Common Council of the City of Chicago: StcnoKl. That the Board of Public Work* arc hereby authorized to remove the bridge across the South Branch of the Chicago Klvcr. at Van Burcn street, now In a worn out and unsafe con- dltlon, and to replace the aame by a new rnisa bridge, tobebnilt according to such plans as shall be approved by said Board. Sec. 2. That Uie pay for the expense of con structing snld bridge, the sura of eighteen then- Band doflara (!13,0ud) is hereby appropriated from me City Treasury. Sec. a. That the Mayor and Comptroller are Lcreoy authorized and directed to borrow a snm of money not exceeding eighteen thousand dol lars ($18,000). fora space of time noi exceeding the close of the nest municipal year, and to apply the proceeds to me purpose of the foregoing sec- lions. Aid Clark, of the same committee, to whom was icfeircd the report and ordinance from tuo Board of Public Works for a new bndjroal Lake street, submitted a report recommending the pas* sage ol the ordinance. Aid. Harm moved to concur lo the report and pass the oi rtinance. Tlie Chair directed the ayes and noes to be c tiled, and the report was concurred in and the or dinance passed by the following vole; A vtf— Ala Knickerbocker. Cur,Carter,B’Wolf, Wicker, BancU, Wilmartb, Calkins, Kaon, Hatch, Wallwork, Moore, Schuler, Uatferty* Talcott, Woodan'. Clxby, Holden, ItussuU, AckboQ, Hub, Sbackford, Lawson, Clark, O’SnlUvan—iis. Sot*— None Tbc following Is the ordinance os pissed: Oudujanct authorizing tbc construction of a new brioge at Lake strict, and a temporary loan thereof. Wueiieas, It has b- cn ascertained that Ihe pres nt bridge across the South Branch of the Chicago LU , Ut uuvro WV . WMUI —. MMVM V. WM. llivcr at Lake Mreci, his become worn out and unsafe ticce the making of the lost annual appro priation, and that It U now necessary to tepUce the remewilba new structure, the expense for which most be provided for in the manner con tixnplated by See. 31. Chap. V., ol the Uevised ('llv Chatter; thcretorc, JJt i - o iionud by the Common Council of the City of C.'-tccju: Suction 1. That tho Board of Public Works ore hereby authorized to remove the bridge across tbc South Branch of the Chicago Itivsr, at Lake street, now In a vomoatnnd nosale coudllioo. ami to rcplscc the same by ane lru-<« bring?, to be built Recording to such plan as shall be ap proved by said Board. 'Stc. 2. That to pay for the expen°e of construct ing ,~ald bjidge, the sum of eighteen thousand dollars {41H.1K.0) is betebyappropriated from the City Treasury. Ftc. 3. That the Mayor and Comptroller are hereby authorized nnJ directed to borrow a sum of moDcv, not exceeding eighteen thousand dol lars fora rpace ol time not exceeding the close of the next municipal year, aart to apalf Uic proceeds to the purpose of the foregoing sec- lions. Aid. D’Wolf, by consent, offered on order ai* rccUig Board of Public works to tepurl neces sary orders, and lake necessary for constructing viaduct over track ot Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad. Aid. Iloldeu moved to pass the onler. The motion prevailed. 1 he fodowmc is the order, oh passed: Ortierrd, That the Board of Habile Works be, and they an l hereby directed, lo report the occce« eary orders, and lake the necessary measure* 10 have aviaduct constructed across and over the Hack of the liltsbnrgb, Fort Wayne* Chicago Railroad on Van Uarco street, and report to this Council at the next meeting. POLICE. AM. D’Wolf, of Committee on Polio*, to whom had been referred sundry proposed amendments to the Charter, submitted a report recommend lot; that they he not adopted. Aid. Shockford moved to concur In the report. Aid. Carter moved that Dr. Davis bo requested to address the Connell, The molten or Aid. Carter prevailed. Doctor Davis then addressed the Connell at length in regard to the IlcollhAct under consid eration. AM. Wicker moved to amend the motion of Aid. Shackford by adopting the amendment proposed by the Chicago Medical Society. Aid. Kann demanded the ayes and now, and the motion pm ailed by the following von;: Ayr»- Aid. Knickerbocker. Cox, Wicker. Bar rett, Wilmarth. Calkins. Hatch, \Vallwork, Moore, Schuler, TfllcotU Woodard. Blztty, lloldcD, Ack hoih Shackford, Lawson, Clark—lß. Sou— Aid. Carter, U'Wolf. Kaon, Rnsscll.Rnh, O’Snlllvar—o. Hie following is the amendment adopted: Sr.c.—. It shall bo the duly of the Judge* of the Superior Conn ol the city of Chicago on or before (he first day of April, IS&7, to appoint throe well educated and competent physicians, resident* of that city (one Is oach of lie three conoral divis ions), who t hall be added to the present Bo ir I of Polio**, os members of the same, whenever said Board »hall net In the capacity ofaUoardofUoaUn, but In no other relation, .... Mtcb physicians so appointed shall possess the mine powers and rtntie*,nnd shall he subject to ihosnmi* responsibilities us are conferred upon the members of the Iloirtl of Health, as hereto fore constitut'd. The three physicians ro ap pointed shall hold tholr offlcca respectively, two, four and sir years; thns canting u vacancy every two yea's, which shall be filled by said .Judges of the Superior Court, and c*fh appoiLtmcut made tu Oil a regular vacoucy thall be for tbe term of * Irregular vacancies, caused by death, resigna tion or remora 1 , shall be filled by said Judges whenever notified of snch vacancy by the t’rml dont of the Hoard of Health. The salary of each of the physicians appointed to act as members of the Board of Health shall ho fixed by the Com mon Council, but aball not bo less than f«»W an nually. Aid. called for the ayes and noes, and tbe motion of Aid. Moore was lost by the follow- Carter, Kann, Hatch, Wallwork, Moore, Schuler. Bussell, Rub, Schackford—'J y&tt— AM. Knickerbocker, Cos, I> Wolf, Wick er. Barrett, Wllnvuth. Calkins, Talcol«, Woo-lard, Buby. Holden, AckhotT, Lawson, Clark, O’riuill- Vt Ald lloldcn mowd that thcCltyC'erkbe dl icried to furnish a copy of the amendmentto Aid. Talcott. to be taken to Springfield, with Instruc tions to insert the same in its proper place in the Charter Amet dmcnls. The motion prevailed. ( I An/oenSMENT. Moore moved that the Connell do now Aid. O’Sullivan moved that llic Council do now i (boons. Ibcmollon prevailed, and the Connell stood idjtmmcd. A. 11. HODMAN. J City Clerk. nSASMAL AND COKMEB.CIAL MONETAEY. Wzdsesdat Eventxo. January 33. There arc ro new features in onr local finances. The banks are discounting to a moderate extent for their best customers at 10 7® cent per annum. In the open market paper is discounted at!54C5 2S ? cent per mouth. The demand for Exchange la not pressing, and os the amount making is comparatively light; prices arc well maintained, notwithstanding the scarcity of currency. Bound lota were placed to day betwen banks at par(£t2s cents premium closing firm at the inside quotation. Flour was steady and quiet. Wheat opened panicky and declined 3c on No. 2, but subsequent ly rallied H@le, and doted quiet. Corn was heavy at a decline of Oats were more active at a slight confession. Bye was dull. Dar- I Icy unchanged. Whiskey neglected. Provisions were firmer. Gold was a trifle higher to-day. It opened at IMV4, advanced to 13514, declined to 131:4, and closed at 135. Tfcc loUowldc quotations were re ceived br Boyd Bros., cold brokers: IfcJtua-m 13114 12:15p.m 13514 ll:3Sa.m 135 2il«Jp m 181^ 1U:I« a. m... 13T>H &i3p.m IStfc I1:0U a. in lill :, :oii p. in i*l‘4 11:15a. m 135* -tfOp.m 133 ll:W a. m 135*4 llcie, Iho market qnlel, tint firmer, at 131® 135 —closing at 134 - Theamonnt ofierins 1b ex ceedingly light. Silver nominal at 153312* having. Government Secotlilcß were a shade firmer to day. Tko follnwug shows the closing prices of Governments to-day. compared with those of the tbnt: previous days Sat. Mon. Tne«. Wed. such or •« iot?* iot?j ict»4 ktth Fltc-Twcrmos.’&i IK IK* l‘»7 s J IK* l-irt-lwenllcs,'« l«4j m% 1»S 1054 Fivi-Twcntic?, ’65 105 S MS 105 S Ws»£ Tcn-Foilic'.. nOH »H »>?■ »-‘ a 4 ScTCt.-ThJrtle?,An£r..-. l"lH lM?j 101* lot* s.-vtu-runlcs. Jane. . IWJ* 1014 101*4 IW* Sevnn-Thlitic*. Ju1y....1014 1014 10t«i H)l* Now Five-Twenties lUiJ» 1014 1014 I0»t There was a much better feeling In Uic Stock market to-day, and prices were Settee throughout tkc list. Ene was 3 belter at the oi>cniiig, but fvll back 4at the clorc. Jsonhwestern preferred advanced *. Chicago & Alton was steady. Mich igan Central was 14 higher. Hudson Hirer wai4 better. Ihe following shows the quota tions of tn-day. compared with those of the two previous days Mon. Tufs. Wei. *“irt at ut 3*l l;t 31 IVO BM. DM. PM. rm. n*d. Mp(«>in) N*S »V »V «S j«K M.s».(ocuj) rsk ® «*V il'* 22* O. A Pitts WV TVS 7®Y 74 77« *S U*i:l».«nd ms W* «S WV .»k C.AN.W Sr.S 31 SIS »S MS r.AN.W M t<te...ft4S PI 69S MS 61S «S P. Ft.Wftt* «S »«S 9»V SMV MS §}h tjnirulher 38* 31* 35 83S 31 W. Union IV} 45s 44.1 43V 44* 43V 41 C.A A. (com)....Uß'S 100 10>S 1* IMJ 103 nnr.AQ 13** IS >l. Crural uos Key* 104* 108 1«S lots IlmUon lUvcr....TO* trf I*o m 131 115 111. CMitral lias t«* 131 113 111 P.AUeaO ICIS 1N« 101* lOT* 119* 114* rirvr ft'lclffio...llH* Ut.S lIY 110 » 41 T.ftWabafb 4CH 3 SU 81* Hero there waa a (rood demand for Uovcrnueat* and the market waa Dim. We quote: oovtiiMttKT asccniTJta—cuuoo junicrr. Buying. Bcllme. r P Fixe*. of 1681.............N17 llßu WH mu IT B. R-Wa, 1H»I JJSS mil it tt &- n o*. if*»s lor»*x It*, **! m*, cnaall 100 * 4 i» v U. K «M«r, linr»’i ,sj* w # IT.B.KMOc, IK?.. Iflli# IT, B. 7*3o#. I*J MiHf* |sjJ{ } n jS IT. f>, T-W*. Sd ! J 8 : u *jk 111 K MOa* 8d Mllci mu ,U, fc V *•, rtnall cnuponwi. Juno ; •• An*. I6W |'sg •• oct.« im JUs “ Dee., I*ll HfS May, JW HJU “ A tic.. 1«B IW •• Betdj, IWS ; 7 he following quotation* foe the PobUc Foud# aiu given by th« Second NJliottal Bank: Couiih ’bJo.JOTXa... . TOWamaWJW ©-••• 6. Jono coiup.,lw*l..U July ** , u-K'cuuiioit*. Ang. .. .lift (*roiiU)...lU3 <fWOH ”! iH io;ncouj.oßf. Bee. ..nsja (larce),... WJi® Mar., liMOcouiiona. • Aug. *• ‘ (Mnall)|£ffß fejtl. “ ** 7. v latßc).lW?4(& Oct, “ ** ..10JJ4 Local Mocks aro dull. The broken are baying al (he InllOKlng talcs: Chicago City Ta. Cook County 7>. Chamber of Commerce, Liverpool ndvlcoa of to-day noon quote Pirn* TwcnMus TftVfi* —Tlio Now York of Monday obiorreii ** 7 is raised in hank circles, and will E rehab ylm rnUod In tho court*, whether or nol >0 pracitco ot corUiying cbocks, in advanc* of doposila iHjliig tnndc. in In violation of tlio Na* lloual Ciinpucy Act. ‘ “Hrciionifltlslnihcso wnrdst ‘Tlio total lla> hllity to nnv naaociailun, of any person, or of any company, corpuiailon or Ann, for money bon rownfl, includuiL' In the llahlllilos of a company or Atm the llnulllliea of Iho auvnrnl nmuibora thmof, shall at no time i’xc«md unn tenth pan ufthucaplul stock of such association actually paid in.* •• 'JTils evidently flmifs Ihu certification of checka by a bank. ‘•hfcibm ttfi Authoiucs the If me of currency no'es to circulate an money, and Uiu cloalue son. tencu la aa fullowa: * And no such association abalt la»uo po«i uou.t or any other notes to circu late aa uuney than such aa am authorised by the (m coolnp provisions of tbta act.* “CerMylogo check on money m band may bo legulmatr. but to certify checks when no money le in band la clearly tssnlm; a note or obligation to circulate as money. It U obtained expressly to circulate In Ilea of money, the bauk assuming that the dealer to whom the favor 1* granted will make bis account “good” at the close of business hours. Banka keeping brokers 1 accounts are elmply clearltig-honeea for such dealers, and by cer(lying their checks aa at present cieate what Uas much emrenry as their owu notes, and vio late the law. The mo&t charitable excuse to be lonnd for this violation Is in the fact that a large majority of bank officers under (be National sys tem manage their business aa under the old £tate laws, and only discover the real meaning of (he act under which they do business when it is forced upon their alteiiLiun by such losses as were ex perienced this week.” The Philadelphia Preu says: “In financial circles the bill to substitute Icgtl tender notes for National Hank currency, intro duced into (be House by .Mr. Eandail, of, this State, forms and bas formed for several weeks (be main topic of disenrsun. Tbe banks are cer tainly much alarmed, and are .bringing to bear npon Congress uli the Influence they can com maud to prevent its passage. It is not believed, however, that the bill can paasttac a« It la entirely too revolutionary in its objects and ten dencies. The National finances have bet-n for sometime in a very critical condition, but relief Is sot to be expected by so sweeping a mcastuc as that of destroying the National Hanks at one blow, as is now proposed. 7bc chief argument urged by the suppor;ora of Mr. Ilandull'a measure Is that It will save to the Gov ernment the Interest which It now pays buuually of But taking toe Comp troller's repon jn?t made to Congress, we find luc circulation of those bonks {£30.(11)0,000, on ••.bich is paid a tax of ?£.BOO, | K')o Tbf»rdcpo«iti!,tM%o()o.W!C; Uix 2,050,000 Uccnaeajiaid ... 207^X0 Capital above amonn* of United Stales bonds. SS7,«ai,o‘Jo; payUg t‘5,000 Tax on dividends 2,fi>J,ooo Total. <3.1 to Ibit amount of actual income the services rendered, as shown by the Comptroller’s repost, aud which, at the lowest valuation, be places at above J3,u00,000, aud we have at onc>, m plain ihcts and tltrurea. an amount of over SI2.UjO.OOJ year)? paid to the Government. it is to ’>c huucd that Congress *lll give the bijl their earnest at tention. aud dispose of it atoccc, aud thus relieve tbc business community of the anxiety which pro* mil* i»ti it tbould possibly receive Uic sanction o! that body.” The following is tbc comparative statement of the exports (exclusive ot specie) trom the port of New York to fort-leu ports for the week ending January 22, and since January 1; 15S» ISW. 16CT. For the reek $4,W1,C03 St r s.VJ,T?O f 2,721.221 i‘:ev, reported... Since Jar. 1... ;,SSJ>;iG.S4'J $13,b.‘V3,3W $1U,1j37,&73 I'ilre of t01d... 200 1*» 325 The following t.s the comparative statement of the imports of foreign drygoods and general mer chandise lor Inc week ending Jaouaiy 2ft, and feiiice January 1: For tbc week. Drygoods $ 719,«H f2.VvS.si9 ?2,55),(«1 General mdse... 2,215.bfl 2,011,310 1,123.94) Total for week.. {2,*.<m,lT7 J-I,WV-)0 iTcv. repotted. Since Jan. 1.... ‘.510,395,317 52d,C55,3GU fU,'J55,51 Included in tbc ytcccdiuc statement arc the fol lowing dry goods Imports for tbe same period: F«.r th.' vcek. irfij. isfi ls . 1307. Entered at ibc port.flW.itS) |2.55R,:i18 *2.6?0,1iei Ibrown on market. KS.4C3 ‘iOCiTiU SainccJannary 1. ISG3. I'CC. 1SR T . Entered ai the nnrt.fl.'-Ol.lflt * 11.088.471 TbrouQonmarkU. S,!KU.UaI 10,775,1U2 <!,l73.ii'JS —•lire following (able shows the exports or specie Irom the port ofNc.r York to foreign ports for sixteen years, from January I to Janaary W. ISO 7, and for the correepoudrneperiod id theuihcr years 1507. iwn, 1805, 18* 1. 143 ISW..«. 1K5.... 1837.. 1830.. ISM... 1831.. 18.71.. 1332.. .$2,535,211 . s,3tvrri . 2,NTT,571 . d,:«l,sS* . B,‘f>l,or»3 . 2,f.38,274 5-.SIH . BIS£IU New York Mock .linrketi C!c«lns price* lor each. January 30. 13C7, receive*! by Joseph M. Lyoni & ikm Broker* lat 2d | m M B’d. B'd. I lIM. U*d. N. Y. Cm...... s»x w ,U. S.C prr cent i-tc(cont) 6ipW w « 5 o'laJk. 1wii,..107X lo7tf M.t*. (win).... 71* TOxir.s. kp«r cent _ C.&lllla 77. x 78 * a-wcim*..’bMo7V I0»X Heck ii’sml.... »x »!>. U. *». 6 p»r cent C.AN.'V ;OH MM I &■*)coup.,Mt.KßV 105>f (..A-K. 17-pla «2V CSX iu. h.6p**r cent i* yu w. *c. »5 »,s 1 s-w iw* Ouirhfilvcr.... SIX 38 |U.s.b per cent W. Union Tel., la* 11 «M 0.......... 93. V»V C,&A.<con») ll» Tr.Notri.73-10 Bnr.&U 133 ... I*l aerie* 10IH UHX W. Central iWl.f 106* 0. b. 73-10, 2d, Ilndioii lUvcr.l42 121 ..•*«»• *«.*< 111, Central,...Hl IMV B. a. 7 3-lt\ 0d »*. A- Head 103J< U<lJ* aerie) MIX Ml** T01....H9H 118\ Anivr. U01d....13*>X ISlk T.AiWobiudi... 38 41 Market—lit Board Arm: Vd Board Arm. COMMERCIAL. WmjtnaDAT Evehino, January 3 r ., IWI7. Tito following tnblc.4 show tbo rcccipta and hbip tnriiin of Produce diinug tbo past twonty-four honra: ni-n*il-M Kt«T rWMTY.ML'It liniTITH. nccEim vast twisty-four nouns. 19i7. 18CG. r,IEO 4.13 J 11.900 2'.»,81W 21,02.5 22,023 u'j.iiw avi 0,123 3,25') 2,Hvi 0,300 Sl.tiTU 81,9 JD . 1,()M 00(1 .131,180 101,’iSI 3,3 5 . 4 511 21.332 8,:W3 C.hi3 . 4,7)W G.9;W 3'.>G 10) .143,817 71,017 5-1 . 121 . 22,320 4.350 «0 72 Floor, lulu WticaU Uu Corn, bu. Oalu, lm- llyo, lm llarlu>, lm Ora»a Secit.lhii... Utoom ('om. Iba, Cured Meal, lbs., I’ork, brie . tart). It* *1 allow, lt>e Hotter, lb*. 1). Doin', No .... live Dune. No., rattle. No llidce. Ofl 11. Wines, bile.. Wool, lbs ).uml»cr Shingles, 70 suirMExrs past TWExnr-roun nouns. 13(77, IW. 7,911 1.1(52 5,(165 al*3 322 9,923 636 8,3*7 1,267 I'KI 16,1*51 27,121 4,537 9.73 a Floor, brls When*, lio Com, bo UoU, bo Barley, bu Grate becrt,lbp.., Broom Cora, tbs. Cored Meats, lbs. Beef, btls. Po:k, brie Ijird, lbs Tallow, lbs lluttcr. tbs Dead Hogs, No. Live lings. No.. Hides, tbs Illcbwines. brls. Wool, n't Lumber, td Shingles, m .... lathe, m .... Sail, tu1a........ noire m grain xk store. The follow ing table, complied from the official report of the Warehousemen to the Secretary of the Board or Trade, exhibit tbo amount of (train in store in this dty on last Saturday, a* compared with the amount in store at the same date last year Flour. brlf>. Wheat, bn Coro. bu....'. 014,358 3 J1.H15 Uals, bu 6TIUIO 751.4711 Rye, bn TTvBI Barley, bn 83WJ0 991.039 There was considerable speculative Inquiry for Mors Pork to fill maturing contracts, and there wash stronger feeling in the views ot holders, who were generally above the views of havers. We note calcs of 2,1X0 brls at |tS.Msilß.Ts—an of 121* <2.25c on the taW made yesterday. At the close there were no sellers below $18.73, though buyers were froeat SIB.SOAIS.S'!*?. There was no movement In Prime Mess or Extra Prime. Encllfih Meats were qnlct and eieadv, wrth sales of 550 bra Cumberland-* at s*£c. Balk Meats were n> steady demand and firm,with sales at S&c for Touch Sides and SHc for Cambcrlinda loose: Tljcfor Dry Salted Shoulders at Peoria, loose, deliverable at Peoria March Ist, and “Jicfordi packed here. In Green Meats there was nothing doing. Lard was Inactive, with sales of 225 tes at llj,c for Steam and ll*»c for Kettle Dried. At the dose there were no sellers of steam below ll*£c. Grease was firm with sales of 100 tes White at 10c. Dressed Uoc» were in limited snoply and the market opened a toadc better but closed doll—the advance briar lost. Sales ranged (rum $7.1007. <0 —doting doll at $7.20 and (7.40. dividing on 200 lbs. There was nothing done in Whiskey. Bonded 1* held at 22c, with no demand over 20c. Floor wa« qulel and steady, the demand being cLicfly trtlricied to tbc lower grade*. About 2.<00 brls d anced bands at sl3 23 for White Win* tors: $54r»®12.50f0r Spring Extras; $7.00®550 for bpnng Sopors, and $<5.40 for Rye. Wheal opened panicky and on No. 3 Spring a derUco of »c took place, though at the close there was a rally of *fc®lc, canned hya sharp demand to fill maiming contracts. The sales loot up 49,000 bn at $2.13 for No. 1 Spricc. Kognlar; lI.S.IU© fl.Slh for No. 9 Regular. (with rumored sales as low as sJ.fT.)and $1.49<3,1.50 tor Rejected—closing at $1 SI for No. 9 In regular houses. Corn declined IH&Sc. in consequence of Ihe unfavorable advices from New York, and at the depreciation the business was moderate, confined to the wants ol the "short" Interest, to fill os* plrlng contracts. About PS.OOU bnshels changed owners MTiaTIHC for No. 1, GSc for No. 2. and &1c for Rejected—dosing tame at'lfic for No. 1. Oats were more active at a decline of with *alc?nin3t»G4(-c for Mo. 2—closing steady at the lotldc figure. Hyewas dallami unchanged, wltt transactions at FIGSSc for No. 1 and 9i4c for No. 3 in store. llarKy was qntet, with sales at rcfc for No. 1. 41 ®4oc for lUJectc,*, and 73cC??1.?3 fbr sample lots. Seeds were steady, with transactions at (3.03.3 n.£s for Timothy, and (8.10 for Clorcr Seed. Tallow was quiet, with sales ot Country at P’*c. City tlutdic*"* !• nominal at oijsMiyc. Tlio following tclegraaa were read on ‘Change to*day Nkw Youk. January M. Floor IrrccnJar and ca«!cr nl (tO.lWftll.r'S. Wheal uun-turd ami heavy m Corn Wavy at (1.13 In tlore. Oala heavy nl Mili'Cr. Turw Inner and heavy at SHM«i tor Old. nuu f-id.HU for New. tjinl—MU-am, 13c; Kellie. l loce Alto at f'-i.U. (jola.ri!^ LATCH. Hoar—More lone. Wheat nn*eUled Corn nominal at tl lOfcl.H. Wblakoy quid at We. UidOrui. I’oik heavy. LATI'KI. lit the aflerrocn (bo Grain markets were quiet and unchanged. were qnlot hot firmly held, with rale* of 130 Ucrccspituo Btcam Lard at liyc. I hero wm more activity In (he Cattle market to day. and a heller, firmer feeling obtained. The receipt* were Writ head, and 'he catered ealei 1,031 luad, al t3.T3Q3 U for Inferior to median, and fP.softfi.To for good to choke. The market dosea alrong at the above range, with nearly all aold. * The Utc Hogs market opened a little quiet, bnl toward the close became active, and under the light arrivals prices advanced lOQisc. The re* celpta were 4,<21 Lead. The pens vkrc cleared at a ranee of IB.BOffIC.SO for common to prime liois, the market diming Arm. Hew York llrcnilntada ftlnrkrl—Mnll Report* (Fiom (lie Tribune of Monday.! Fwuir AMD Maatz-b nco iur revis* ufUils day week We have had only a inod'-iAlo ijfrree el a. limy m our insrhetflir Western »*ml Mtal" fl «'iri the <hp'«..i,n in iicraMe in die medium ao<) lilu'i tua it cn I ir mors apparent t the Vi ry imhuitnine t.ew* rrsn m , and e< t.umiixl recupUfrom at. I. iulirl i N worhwo*. lintlirr with a more atm m-tit tnonry t. tract, hav« Inmurdtim stalely In reall/r, nml to dn snaUriie abtUment lim lioptt m*'lei tu <«i,n tints ens, it n mire prim plly, a very litrsa coitentslitn has I era snindl'M to TaU s'ate <>r Udntv |« lanra'y to l*e attributed t.i thermi'illlMi ot Um muopy nmthrt,ai<d dm distrust andapprehenslnn widen pro- Tilled lt< almn-t all bruirhea nt Hade. Tim lmp**a«ne clour aireet*. andtftn ic»nl<id(*<la in die ban cr harp also eontribiiu«t larxoiy iu iimilopms •Icii aim dim dvtty which have prevailed. Wima talxtr U Will icwaidod It csiinnl lm tlnl.PM dial dm r>Mi sumption of tiisb orient flour ]• nitorai, imtontbn cuhtrsry, * Urn built e« l« paralyzed, nut dm Uu»r t*f dm etiy U unrewarded then tncM U a marked Ullmt oil in tlm rouauiopti'in of choice family br*inl». Allboiub the supply of family grade* ot tfour In (hr country is undoubtedly light, •till receivers are nol ciapo-i it to hold dll nett summer to ruallre*sti«rao tory prices, aid hence, with nuov seller* an 1 few buy' rn. (hnlatier have a decided ndvantsid*. At ttiM'ro dupe Kirbsnte to-day Ute drtus id was le a active; medium ai d high undos were Irrrgu ar and ratii-r heavy, while the low grades rubs: ateadr, Uiuuzh dull: the sales arc 1.100 hria at |‘j.«»slo.US for auitorflue btatc; fIOJOJUIO for extra du (*ouud): fur die ]on grades ol Western extras f tor (air to rhotce extra do; |U.lO«ll;u for Htiloptag onto; tor trade hrandf, and (iSlo^Uoo for M. Louis extra. The rztw.rts tor the w.oefe were only -J/Mltrla, Including iW> hria to Booth America atd the We*l (ndin. aud *juu brU to the Urdus Hrovtrcee.aeatot 10,031 Itrlr thu cay U?l year. Can adian flourba* quiet; price* have o<kuii>»l materUlly.aad'.icisu b*ary at JIJ 3V411.02 for extrai. without ralea. Bcnthcrn tluur has neon only to linddddemanu,aud. with nrirncz dMlre to realize, lower price* have been accepted for all »rridc»,an't tb-v favor the buyer at the cloee; sale* to-dar of only tsA brlani fllJ(<«l3Uotor oiai'a'D to fair extra Haiti more aidiouc'ry, and (13.C(V416J0 lor tra-le and tamtlr brarnif. Uje Hoar naa niot wldi a fair diannl: tins rctelpu hare lieen moderate, anJ,w|ii a Ilsitrd st r >cV’. pnre* have rule*! firm, anJrJn-ewlM sUlrdomand; ealc* to-day olllShrl*al^.-V)<BXO. Corn mett hi« Iwcn In lair demand, but It coxd not i« moved, and lhflm>lc< 6-t tas provel moderate, cl qalc: and prices nominal, liuctwh-at flour boa been tn sotrtdc mm (1, aud prices tnleJ Qnu. clo.-luz. b-wevsr. ratuer dull and beevy al per :co as. UHBnrtox ssrrsußur 1, ISM to date. Gnat Britain Other lorclca and Ir eland. p'rtt. Totals. Floor. brls. t»rl*. brls. J»fwTort, Jan- A 18C7.. UX)10 19.vidt 2IIJOI iJsltimore. Jan. is, isr?.. I b-y.iu 59,m n.lladclp' la. Aan. 18, ISuT. .... SVIH 2f1,«l noft'B,Jan. 18, 1»7 &AIO f»V8l 61,231 Por{lat.d, Jns.ds 1b6t... ir.9M 53JW ftt^Ol Newurl«aa> t Jau.U,leot. sot .... ~ 231 Total*. SmMm ISO TX37I 717.817 SJUTiI Gratis—Derive w« have had • very dull fciic mjpHihfitrtory m*ruet rot wheat. the Ira&oit uhil.ry rfm'ivintrboato Intas lisrtnr, asd the crealer strlticesev In th«- motev market. together with a inarm d decline lu this medium and belter tp-aduj <>l flctif. have Clsh»artei.*il hiliPta, and to .-iTcct sales they have submitted to a decline of fc&ilc ;*?r bcblicl on tpricp, Imt winter has not b*s*n pr- s*r I cu ttit- market to an> extent, and U comparatively a-; «rce, but it ban been areally nczlei".ed ny local laii.cnt, ovine chlt-Cy t»the n>nr»cd decline I t winter wsi.»i lumdonr, white wncat ha« l»ecn freely o;f-r*<t. hut there u really »cry Utile inquiry lor it, and. In me prisc-nt fetaie ot me market, it would h* niiliu-^to *3,111-2.00" f rcclU sak. The liberal Hwtle- of white wheat trom ‘allfnrnla Increases the Anxiety to sell this de- H-rliilii.mfwlicat.andf ranch there Is no export de mand, h»cce oi r coimuy readers must un<l< rstanl that Ills quite imrovMb.o far laitori to ilNfi .se ot the email stock row, as there l« te*l;y no do intr.d of moment for it, as It is already dearer than prod (trades of tit. U-uls tl-ur. The torrent prjrve for spring wheat are still above the limits of shipper*’ order*. and hence the Iran-actlPtu of the wtckbarubccullu.l:cd. To-day rntaer tnorctnqnlrv prevailed, put at ltreg>.iar ana heavy pn<-e». the uul i ess beingcci.flncd to salcsoC.ll.S3o Du N 0.3 Chicago anting at IJ.10%2.11; ISJiOO hi No. 1 cn at, ana 3,iooba amt**r SUte at #IW. Barley has txtn In CiJr t-emand, but the Attunes* <f h >tilcr» at r the ire In the Parlor, t vethnr with thc«»rclty ol vost-eJs, have greatly limited the pnreha-es fur ax port a* well as for home The order* I'jr export *rclargc,bui many t*f them limited below current prtr*«. We havtv. reduced oar *u>c.‘i somewhat by shipment* from Cr-t hauls: the demand is ttlr fjr h(.:ncciu; sate* of <(hSCiu bn **»Yee" ‘‘ana-la Wc«t, at 11.13W-1.-JO. Harley malt Is plenty and nail, at fi.25 caIJW far tfesbm. Oat* have been la limited den-and, but at very irregular prices: the la passable condition ot our roods »i (1 harbor has reurued bu*ln>«*; lh9 arrival* have been limited, bat stock t* Ample, drying dull and CA»ler:iheoflc-lDußnre lllx-ral: sales of jJ.noOba at CUV‘4clor Chicago. 06c far Jersey, and far Stab; In bag-, bye b«s bees held with a good degree of clolov Ann but quiet; * thwof n-w Wc*(- trn and »tat<- a: <l.ia {l S). .Indian C;ra lia* t«o «uii pdfitivi-Iy qnkl; the Icetr. the bay and the K-arrbynf freight room, together with a decline In gold ana a »trlnci-ni moner market, hive greattv retarded basinets; the orders for shipment are un-l--- btftxl to be Urge, but the? cannot no tilled. Coa-te qucnllv bnver* have had the advantage, and we no*o a iivcilm oriow p«r bn : ihcm*rket wn«<iu!l a 1 it lower, thouch most holders relasel to mukC aoy ririln-r copcc6«loi'. and we rottr* <-on*!acra!>;e nhlp nun*!* from nr?l hand*; Sales of VJ.'Ou tin at ft.o-vr.l.U fnrJarscv and IVnn-ylrauln vellow, the latter rate delivered, and 41.19 tor mixed Western In store. Esroirrs niok axiTsuscn 1. 1360 to hat*. e=T I £.= S 3 2. - Cm * Wbeit. 11. it i ‘ nu-n. Imsa. bn«tt. Kew York, Jan. 33,1867 SJ2.T3O 3,«13 mns Portland, Jan. 18,1367 T.yi .... 7.3 W ToUli 333.3)3 21,314 IWI X.«t.Wi 1865 1A53.‘J73 106,304 cxpocra feosc azxmtoEß 1,1966, to pate. *9 o h o ? S Cota. gg f? : p| -a i hiisti. bnnh. na*h. Kerr Toitr,.Tin. i3,1567....3.?J.1.y;4 111.00 5,011.5<4 PuliliL.irr. Jin. 13,1867 s:,iS6*) PU.B7S 'idindctplita.Jan. 1B.1»0;.. 71.75 J 10,136 84.173 Ho>um. .Un. 13,1867 ii.nvt n.nvt Portland. Jan. 13,15C7 11,115 »,602 15.717 . 7,ffr*i.s*t . 1,<K?,e33 . 101.811 747,(17U a,6Si,yjo I’bßndelpliln 3larUctß—Jnnunry 2V, Flour—llicrcwtw no demuml for Mtlpin-m, n; d the bomeconsiunera purctiareil erryapartt, sly, only tnklnz a few hundred barrel) lor Immediate ti-c, &( $8.0i.«5.73 V (in for impcrtmc; W.oi.tlo-ior.>restriw:<lj.73 l« rNoriliweetcxtrawmilys l*imp»Tt m in end Ok »d«. am«.tio lor liner br.m IJ, srrorolr.u tonnality. Uye Anur 1» held (Irmly ultl.SJ 7 l>rl, KoUilna dulna In .-nm tniil. PmvlMonp—lliere l« » firmer frell ic In the martcet, and rattier more doing In thn wnv nl Mini, ton hrt« o| m-w row pork aol't at #73.00. Iljroti e.m'nura qalet. Mile*, of plain and f.uicy tnirced* at IVtlMr, and *>lde. ni tA<UKc. Ur<*en meal* »ro tmennnzed. |*irjc* led hainape.l nt 11*ICX«-, an-l »3l' •lionMera at 9r<9><e p th. Lardaettaat p c. lor prime 11 b irreM mul Hi reel. Sifilu—c fivmivil nrll« nt Pi.7S.'i*t.7a ; TlioolliT nt t3.7(<it.00, DDit afiiaoi il nt V tm. ’■‘ho IfhlNkor Trndr, (FromtUn New York UvaraM.] Among tl’c Incrnlon* ilrvlcei r*‘*-irtel to t»r whUkcy •Uni'icr* to «hw»t Uio rrvi-nuo wn* th »t of m immcur* JtK the nrtirte under the naum »M -cmMane* of burn- ImrUuhl. Thpwamhmo liv •<l<llac lothn whlskev * KRtntl proportion ol turpentine, which, alter Hu* article tuvrd in*|x.'tl«n, WMcstradisl or entirely noutrallr'M by a eheinlcnl ac*nt. Ah luirnliiir Hul l in excinDted from duty tlm manuficturera managed In thin way to oefrani the Government of the taxVn a larce amnnnl ol whi-kry. To pnt an cn<l to rich frauds a hllibu lento introduced tn ConercMhy Senator Fonaealen which repeals ro much of Uio artnl JneotP, 18-H, li relate* to alcohol and hurnlic fluid. nu<l which intuit* to taxa tion all product* ot until aMon, hy whatever name known, which c:ntaln» distilled spirits or alcohol. The MU ha* na-cM i>oih hoofci ofConsretn and now onlt awaits the President'# H'.g-atiue toiecj-ne law. If Congress would follow np this very proper amend ment hy Brother, reducing the tax It-cdf to a p>mt which woold r> move toe inducement to illicit dlstllla tlon. u wonM he better for the Interests of the revenue as well a: it r thme of public motalt. Baltimore TlorUat. lULTtuone, January 3P. Coffee—Steady and unchanged. Flonr—Puli ard drooping. Wlipnt—N tnlr.-l. Corn—Firmer. Demand active. Good to prime mixed r;cu*i.oc. Oats—l argb sabs at 35SJ16c. live— I’ll me I'rntiHylvatla at f 1.55. IVovPicns—F! rm. Itac.'n-Si-aricfor Immediate delivery. Unchanged. l*ork—We*tcm hibi $5210. l.ard—lsH'w.;2V‘i trls. VTtUksy—Nominal. . 4.613 mi .123.063 127.U.r* . 8,010 10,830 . 75 863 Philadelphia ITlarkct. Philadelphia. January 3). Trade is ta generally dull, dry goods especially so. Flour—Pull, without chant •. Wheat—Quiet. Ked la scarce. Sales at $3.2033.33 Corn—Dull. New yellaw 90c&$l.<X). Oats—Steady at 57Ct3Sc ivtrrlenm—Is dull, llehncd In bond 27.5 c. Whiskey—Dull. 22.300 20,170 57 160 1,540 1,527 1,03 d 2*4 311 • 257 10 43 1,076 1,057 TUG CHICAGO LITE STOCK MARKET. Office of rni Daily Tmrxn,) Wednesday Evrsiso. January 3d. { The following table Ehows the dally receipts and iMpmcuts ot Lire Stock during the week up to this even tee, an reported by the Secretary of the Union btcck Yard Company; :«gt. 85,8 IT Sunday and Monday. Tuesday Wednesday. Total i.i« i>%S3i i.«n fame time last week 1.779 Si.ftH EJ7 WetKlxtoro last. SOI “.907 .... The receipts to-Uay were ny thetyllotrlnc routes: Cattle. Do;*. Sheep. r.y IHinfls Central » 4« By Bur.lnct'V & lload. 579 I.IKS 150 BrSt.L-uIS i Alton 1'0ad.... 161 I9j .... By Northwestern Host! 1?6 V*Jl 3 Bv Keek I»lac<l Head 13S 253 pV Mlrhlean Central 4S lie MUhlran Southern. I«y Great I’asUrn Total 9» 4.G53 • CSI The thlpments to-day, and far the wees np to this evcnlnp,wcie: Pnnd»y and Monday. TuffOav , ■Wednesday ... Total 47 lut «MK .... .... Wee* bctore last SIS JO .... Sales to-day. u entered at the different Scale*toa«a, were as follows: At Illinois Central Scale. At nnrllactoo Scale At Alum Seale At Northwestern Scale.. BEEF CATTLE—The weather was more mIM to day, ard with a better general attendance cf buyers, and a men liberal supply of stock, trade exbibttid feme improvement to point of activity, though the general charac ter cf the market wat far from be ing In a satisfactory condition. The cluracterof the demand did not differ materially frem that noted in ocr previous reports. Good first and second class shlppicc Steers and ftlr to good butcher*’ Cots were about the only grades tor which there was any It qclry, and the demand tor three, even, was by no means active. Theansmltd condition la which the Eastern markets are at present, has retarded to a considerable extent the operations ol shippers and their purchases arc characterized by extreme cantlon. For good qutchers* Cattle there Is a moderate In qilrr, tat forconimon and Inferior mixed lots there Is little or no demand, and holders of such And It ex tremely difficult to effect sales, except at a sacrifice. Tmtsactlocs embrace 1.021 head. These were divided between shipper# and city hotehcr*. at price* ran cine Item |S.7:*i:4-W tor Inferior to common mixed lot*, in clodlnc poor Ccws, thin rough Steers and coarse Oven; ft ***5.25 Ibr fair to good Cows .and ftlrflohy btevrs, and IAMA6.IO for good to choice shipping itsevfs. Frier s w ere well sustained, and the market cloi'.s ttcaay at the td owing quotations: CLOSISO rntexs. FjU‘p Fifft**— Fine, fat, well-farmeiLa to 6 scars old Moors and a*cruln* 1,500 ps aul nj*«ar> ..........f.*JOjB.TS rtfrru ,:r:ih wi.i tailed, foirly formed St< or*, avcraclre from MW to l.tWfts at... 6.0&39.3J Fair f.yorfre—Fair tiecrs. Is fair flesh, »v. erasing L«*Ulioo »S »t- V V j/.d(rm CUi *— Medium S-icers and n»:d C< w». fit for city f laughter, and averaging Htui.W' a «, at St>, rniu»<—O’tnmnn Cattle in dec tat flesh. ateratme K<UUOu hs. at 3.7V*UO Ir>i>riv*~ Light and thin Cnwa and Btocrs, n tich and coarse, averaging tts. at. JMJUO CAITLESM.IW TO-nAT. fovtnloonboa" good fleshy blccn, arcreglsg 1,110 8 slVrrhan boil medium butchers* Cow*, averaging p-4> b s. tut rii d walere**. at ftM. l iny beau ult fleshy bteers. averaging »«, at *V«Vheml Inferior rough stock, averacUgUiStts, MmV averaging V’KJ ft*, off ‘*l wellhead cost*" Oxrn. averaging I,TO ha,at 1 mv’tren bead good smooth Steers, ss. ‘'r»urul«Vil™’d medium tiuwrs, averaging Lift ha, V«aA“utr Mcera, averaging l,o;g at, at K ia 'i\r b«*d t roiuh Sloera, averaging I.OH fca, fed “‘Kcwtv-four* bead"mixed stork, averactug LOTS**. B V*rfy” bead medium stock, averaging 1.070 ha, at luad prime shipping bleers, areraglnr fait butchers’ »lock, av. ragtn c 1,*)15 Bmat (t.Tb lUM;b—l be market opened qiltt In ti e morning, but U» r !n the day. a» It heranio nppkrenlihat the r.cetpts vculibntf) light, buyers Uok hold w ith consider- able nm. apd holder* experl'ncel n» fllfOoulty Id do?* logout at an advance of oo bacon icraler, »'»d OC*IDC on nice* llfjia. All the offerings cmbraclu* head, were realty taken up at |3.U*a«.TS for com* mnn to rtlr loU, ami |fl Hb< B.M P*r Bood to prime llnga. Two or three ear load* were lakeobyatilppera, end ttio rtmalutinr l-y |mcker<. The pern are empty. aul the market clo*e» *Uo. 8 at M-WXivflJO. Wo Polo aa!e*ol the following droveet 1100 BAJ.KB TODAY. No. At. rf,cp * Mtiirtllnm llaron lion **} ft.Jd 0 COtl.llUlli JlgU 11<JR* iij vyj Sit r.wiium101...... s*. W! lOM'Bf»MtiiPtrij fli .J;i2 t» B'MNI aio Muni muu lot 3J2 «’i« Wiio* «i even • •••• l? 5 s*?? lump *}• 5*15 Mlair iiar'-n lot ii? ••r It gu»o Ule»e» lot a« i.l piiuiition uurveitlot. •’•••••*/] J-yi tAilrht haion lit *!•!,« ftf. fair 10t... »f® K? Ma»m» quality *‘ s ••** bTIKKI*—I he market wai moderately MUre to-day, amUteafly alpftflnr.a rntea. bale* number iWlheac, wblrb were takes for city ilaughter at a ranje of 1 fur coraavia to very extra Sheep, ne note IhelollowUg aalca N Si medium lot.. IjO our aht-cp SS feamc <jualUy. 71 eitra f*t lot.. Si uir iou CHICAGO UAtbY iUARK«T. AllrnUt of Crain retorted In t*i* marlnr*:» rt art ow the batH of trlnter (tet ttoraye, unleu otherieiie trvre**ed. WruvEsnAT Etxstso. Jsenary 93,15-'.. FRElGHT?—lUrtioao Ksß'jan—Dressed Boss are vie lovrtr to New Tort and Boston, and ItVc lower to Albany. We revise onr rates. The following Is tat Jointurufenthe Eastern roads: 3d «h JJrs d Kates from Chicago to— clxs». class. Floor. Boos, annuo. >. V » <;>< » g Ton Mo. C. w M t;H » , g Mor.tXtfaL C. *■; 1-H 95 I.W 1.69 Altaev. N. T 1.20 92tf lJ*a 1.40 New York.. 1.25 W I-® 1-J2J< 80-t. u and Albany 1-33 93 l.>) J.» JUifton ria (Irvnd Trunk LSS 95 1.93 I.® l»-rl n-* I OtutoTronk 3.10 l-*g l-bluaeipua 1.15 ® I.W J-® Baltimore. 1.15 S 3 1.75 1.13 Btmburgh 70 M 1.00 «0 Cleveland. Ordo 15 ® Jo 5» Ocfletscnville, ted 45 a *0 •• LltcinnMl.Ohio 43 ® 65„. FLOIJ It—Deceived. 5.503br15; shipped. 7.931 brU. Market t -day was quiet. The demand for winter tx tral* cicreolncir light, although holders are arm. Borin* Extras are dull and In some case* ccactSitom of ]«• 15c vers made. Super* were mf»ir demand ardm general nrtcia were flrtrly maintained. hale* were: AVjtrrr. WiNTrcs—loo brt- not named a*. 113.31; M>i.ixo EmtAi-i/O tirl» “Pickwick" XXXX at el 2 30; 50hrl» tofamil at JIC-V; 100 nrls do at *1035; 2-JO t.r:sd<> at 2KUO; rxiorsi*—l9o brls doatfS.TS; 103 l rls do at ts>.o* v : 113 brls do at ?b.45: orttnifl srcirw —«fO |if;» -Enel*" ar # \SO: lOObrli not named al fS 50; KObrl*dontt?.3s; TSObr.s do a129.i>0; Sttbilsdsat MiO; uni ru Cjat #7 5:; 20D brl* do at 27-JT; Ur* 1-i,ot u« br.a at {C.IO: 3lba« at «2.s7tf Fl3O »s. Cc.nx Mcal—t3 br.s ** Champion of the ft cat" kiln difr*! si *i .0. \\ 11K tT—Deceive', 9,Sfifi bn; shipped. 5.C55 bo. Muiset opened * declined ful«r sc on No. 5 bprtnp.bat rallied *<Mc at the close. No.l fcprtvA was quiet ana orctieneed. Ba'cs were : 1-203 bn No 1 ct| (Ibgrlar): 4U. buNo. 2(Cltyj i»tsl.32;s,COObh doHiMMv; to fjUt bn do at fl.Sl; 53.0(0 i.a do at fUC> ; 5,W)r-n«:o at (Regular); KH bn K'ject ed at n;C; kPOhudnnt $1 Wj(; tOO bu do at $1.19 closi-e uutet at eiAl for No. 3ln regular houses. LOlCN—Deceived, 21,M3 bn; «hlppcd, 523 bo. Mar letl. a» y and l---®,lc lower, sales wens 4JAM ho no. 1 at HVc-.S-ffiQ bu do at I n No. 2 al CoC; l.bOObc U-Jccted a:s?C—ClOilnß Umc at 7:;icf»»rNo.l. «TS-Krestrod, 13.090 bn; shipped, CKbn. Mar* k»l more active at a decline of KlftSc. Saiei were: 15,0(0 pu No. 2 at hV; 7.C00 bu do al Sb,(HX) bu do al o9tiC~f i. sinu »t tUMuslde flenre. U\ E— Uercivcrt. ®0 b<»; shipped, acne. Msrket dull, bale- weie: 2.C50 bn No. lat Sic; do at Me; PCO lm S'-. 2nt tCVc. . __ . II»- LEV—frriclved, 5250 bn; shipped, t.?« 7 bn. Market qui*-t ana steady, bales were: 493 bu No tat •».*«; k «tT*-. IN J‘C*t’l st 4.V ; 2.SOJhn do at 41c;® bar* In ts.u>p c. at *1.25; jro bn at 21.20 : 400 bn do at 90c; 4>*o bn «ioat sfic; ti)Jbu do at 73*. Al.tollDL—N'mlralttl|»®?4.4o. liUAN—Sales were: 30tots at 2UAO. . . llHAN**—Sell In a small way atfl jO-j'J.M. Sale of & br.-bH- at 23.00. HUtlo.ll CIMLN—DuII andiomlnallyuDchanecd. limi.H-Brt-elved, 4AU tts; shtopol, S.OIU B.S. Tlicre !8 a n* -dcrateoemacd for choice UolUto snppy local rnM'ometa. and for aucb prices keep well np and are t«.'<-isit-'v Urm at onutatbrns, bnt aune from this the.cls srarVciv anvthtns doing. Toesnppy of com* n>on Inb ai d rcuittx'D tlriln Is cscesMre. ard sates are iHttlcu.t to vßtct at any price. We continue to Llmlce to Dairy g fig c tii-ouicb... . W r (.oiMtitib Flr-ui 13 (-4H c D'itr* Flrkli 22 c UA4JISIMJ—RamaIns quiet, with prices easier. The st*«fk»srcn''t eMravagant, th'-ngh Id the ptcrciit wants of the trsCe. MTc repeat our list s National A. 2 bu, vcmlos linen f42.r0 I nlon A. do do W.OO HII&OWA, do do 57-52 Corn Exclimive t-tatk A. cotton ► -aa-tuss 70.P0 Uwbton A, jO-55 Androwcugin do $3.00 American. do Beaver Mills, do (54C ruuocid s, do m.oo I’cnn Mills, do 7"JU Fort ITU, do .... 70.03 blito. do RhfO Sacr, linen and cotton U.W Ulricew'od, tlo 3’.03 bpnncfleld 53.110 Out Dies 2i.CO Huilap*. t bu. No. 1 2‘*.'JQ tmr l.e tdty 4JUO OMSESfc—'The market continues -dull, with no chance in prices, »e fMlows: . New 3’trk Faclurj (genuite) 13 <%19 c Farton (Illinoi*) 10 «17 c WefttrnMates 12 Alt c IVtjltn lt<serve.... II (419 C 1 "Yotiiu: America" A® c rOAl.—Trade U fairly active, anil prices for tus better verb ties am wc.l sustained ano firm, out fir luw jrad-K dealers arc gcnprallv shading prices to a pnaitr or less extent. We mane no change In our iiuiitstir us: . Eric—Brookfield... 2 11.® Co Ore (by 11. ft) Cttvr.L.\M>— Brier HUI lI.UI do Mineral Illdice. lOJW do Willow Itaxk 10,00 do Tunnel lU.CO Clilppewa 10.00 Blossbnrff .. „ 12-00 Lump Ltiilgb 13.00315.00 Lnckuw.dia, prepared 11.0,3 Brrxnton 11.00 lllltioir B.OU tlo on track sA3us *U'i> Vonghim-licvy 11.® Clll-I'Kil—The general market Is active, and deal era am Una in tlivtr views at the annexed quotations: .lava s-»»4'A«!4c Ulc,coß.nuD to fair 84V(44<VC Kb , trend to prime .«C7Se Itlo. pnnm in clioira VJH'«C2«*ge ( OOl'l'.lC'UK—Market quiet and prices are wcitk. buh ■ Im liiQe 3w I’ork Darrels (l*rls;-n made) at 91.15 de*.; U43do ( m track) at 21UU; UOtlu at9lcdid.; UO bird l l-n-.w al drllvcrvU. lUcdemvtd was tnocjrrate, tho supply UN ■ ml, and t rleea at* ady at Vfi£t27c lor limed Kggi, amL-' 29(>i:Ce ter itrlet'v lota in t oxcaor tnbs. FIHfITM AS» NDTS-The ceneral market was nnicu but with Urn exccbtlon rfa •Itctit decline la Prbal i:!«rkl'errle* and Chrtrics, prices were un honerd. We quote a* follows: uuvkx riitrm. Sfl.Tll 41S.SSS .3,(M9.yrj UI.WI fU'2.013 .1,110.310 51'S.CII . 78.219 131,373 2U.031 Apple*. V hr l Lenars, Malaga emu erne", V t»rl Omilicrck**, cultivat'd dhiki* ruerrs. Fie*, drum Flu*, cartoon* Date* Can I’rai Inn, P dor.. 3 15 cti:>a. AM'IPN new I'caciifft, Imlvrs aril quarters., i’cui hi-j*. pared l.|B‘ kbeinc».nuw, V a* llu ptenlc, now, \> ft Chi-rrlca, pitted Kldrrberrtr*, 4* tt Faltlns layer* KaWnr. Valencia tardtnw, X boxes Sardinia, K boxes Almonds hard ibetlod 22 9 21 Almonds ‘oft shelled M IS A'nioncf. najMT •tieiind so ce 55 Peanuts ¥ ft, Wilmington 14 a 15 Brazil Nats 22 8 S;l FI I*oß 1" 3 IS Fieuch Walnou, new 21 a 22 Naples Walnut? SI d 21 Pecans. »mall and large IS a 53 nii-kcrr Nut*. per bn SjjO a SAC Cn».'tnnisi>*r mi 7.00 3 6.00 |.'|s:jj_lhcre 14 very Imie ui'vment la this branch of tram*, &rrt quotations are oj little value. On round lot* literal ccuc«»?li.ns may readily be obtained. We (mole: wbltrllfh, No. 1. V brl •• No.a,vbri Trout, So. I ,VI»rl •• No. 2. s brl Mickercl, No. 1. * brl, new “ No. tt, >1 brl •• lamtiy, ¥ 3<brl •* extra dims V U br1.... •• “ •• V k.t - N?. 1, kits, new •• Kmliy.klis Confab. Bank, V l(U ftp M George's Bank Bake llunngs dried. No. !• V b0x...., •• pealed . Labrador Herrings > brl •• ** U brl Norwegian Herrings K’s V br». « “ M'f £ brl 16.(5 CJUEAMJ—MarkciHrm. Sale*were: 100 tes While at 10c. We quote: Wbtte Yellow, Brown s'ft i,Ve IIICII \\ IN KS-Noc IrJUlf bcld at 23c tor Headed. There i»re no bnytrsoTer'Hc. HOl**—Areqwttat CCfiOc for Eastern anda@Coc for Wt'tt'fß* I)R*>J»H> HOGS—Rewired, 4SJSt shipped, 75. Martel opened a diacc firmer, but closed dmi. Sales 'ssHiveraetoi; 337 ft a. at. (7.20 77 •• «2 M at 7.50 f>t •• I7S *‘ at. 7do n M “ n» 112 “ 155 ** at JO 75 ** “ at 15 tinker K<o •• at 7J5 KidlUfllnxoaWO •* at .(7.50 aad 7Jo •* HO ** at JO aad 7.15 M 3 •• 200 “ at 7.22 and 7.t0 ■*, « ao “ 2Jsaad7,to O *• 5W ** at 7.10 aad 7J7V —<-lo6lnc (snll at »7Jos7.<u niTiamr on HO as. IIA * —Wa» quiet and easier. Tbc froppiy H taM rrat«*. iboxrnb Quite incident to meet tbe present de mand. Wctocoie: WnOUSALI PTMCt*. Cattle, nee*. Sheep. ... 141 l.t'lS too ... 357 4.353 MO ... 93 4.t32 en 219 133 Hi Ttiroihy.rollcrandheater pressed. Tlmotbv, lootc proved .. rramc, hearer puw ed bxtatl PKtcsa. Cattle, non. Sheep. Timothy, roller and beater pressed flfi.casl7.oo Timothy, loose pressed l&Dlftia.OO ITalrir, rcllcr an* bester pressed. UJO^ Prairie, loose on w*eoa. delivered 9J0*;0.(» Btceived, itiS-iT as: shipped, suooas.

Trade vu a little slack To-day, and the central (belln< was not sonrm. Local buyers ore otlyoperattas in a small way, nor arc shippers Imylnc as freely u hereto fore. The receipt* are very llgat, owmp to which prio* keep well np, We continue to quote: Green Bt tchm* » ft 9j<c Green failed, trimmed »13 c Green Calf. ttl'J c Kim Grwn, salted It «15 c Ihv Flirt, trimmed I* fttrisc DrV tailed, trimmed 14t|fti35,'c Crete Sailed, part cured.,..;...... ....10 |uON A >n STEEli—T7»edemand Is motcral* ardprlct-enilc&nncr. We continue to quote: Common Bar JKft s\c Fcree ‘Hicr trot 7 ic Heavy Band * ft «VC tloep and Llaht Band GXftll c Kontd and Square 9Vc 0va1... SVoi «t»C Hall Oval and Had Hound 5Va SfcC sheet Iron.common.. .... Katra Br*nds »\ft •••• hle->t Iron, pulvaiilzed, Itss* «° ft .... Sheet Iren, charcoal shift Iren. e Nnraav Nall Ituls H ftl2*c I’ ow steel, German ftj* c Plow Steel, east 1; ftJ3 c Sprint ard Tire Steel. Enpll«h .1* «15 e Tool Oaft Steel, ordinary size*..— 23 ftM c Tool Cast steel. American. c pll*tend St’.el •*} c lirwta.yos. JandtC S 3 m 3 c UnMa. Ara- I*l quality. * hdl MS c Itursla. Am., in quaiuv. r ®l9 c Uoaala. Am., W quality, * ehH-t I*l9 c I.EATlltil—There 11 little brine dci’Mimcnt of trade, ttonch with lieht stock* price* are wtl) sustained all aroond and unu at quotations. B defeat our list: tnatoTK. „ • itT- iiimM*. v Maaihter, 8-vle, raa « Buffalo . i 403 43 Our try llarttss sift Line, h > ttft 44 ChUato, No. 1. 403 II Kin n cfliQßi. 1* Slaughter, 'Ole. K»p. “*““*• Chlrasu. No. 3. BLS 87 raf'v & BuctKM Ayr**.... 50-4 40 rpprr.Vfoei.... »»V« 31 Orinoco to e..... ST«S Si Vnvntix I-rPCr.. •-»* 3 OrICPCO. . ROOd. cSSnVuSS.. -.M »® 55 Slaughter. S-lc.. I W si|^ rb Ca ' f ’ *, Harness. V C>.... 4£t 1" m l0 *** 3 fpl*rr SXi ‘■ all, M 5 Ml . ,g kS. Si. «. I ■»«»'• * «0»<U»»M« iTViiirVi'-TheLii'mber market ml** firm, and •rim arcnrrhansed. Wp wwi^ttqoo t «i A'vnsn—Tlrstcieat.-MV •** l ,uc,, |-^ a(0 po Thun cit at. inch. 1 Vo. N Flr»t and S'cond t-Por rhwii«• '<; 1 Vrthtr. fOURb. the ,B “* “ Mooi.*»da mttta&s Ii*£cwtdn«»:«»•«»«• topeUnr.. jWA«ua.oo First Cotmuon Hfr*e«t hhlins •• • ••■••••• W.OO.iII.WJ Board*, •rlrct.'b Inch and A.C-kfcriVijlneiV'V. liH'orK ia»»rrt*. II the he* ■* ard*. .i»»t«t«. ncantlln c. renr •waf w-i «■»'«• 11 “ .ifessfs«=; 55-1 No. | tawe>l Shingles AM -UO '*l w* rarToall'l'y *NoVt’liwe*tern ’itallVoad* l< 7trl\md tiunv yard where ears can he .11. h«i «ra- * depot tA or Star Saw *, Lhlnci'S by car-load, on track 4315 4.M A e Mm-Rlci, h>- c«.load, Ko U l t: b »wc«i' * ShinV’.V*. hy car'-ioi'i ‘on " * Cattle. Doe*. Sheep. .. t« t*i i 45 101 3M 103 I.ISS Three dollar* a carlo* 1 ad led when tratif* red,which cturte follow* iho fhltwlw tn fr* itht bill. . . eninoLit n-annaai'. Thicknot-Flve khloilmtobetwo tucb* la thick- DM. trU! —HI locxi India. Panda—Taenly Inrhra. Or>ur»p»-Twu.i>.flTi. AND TINNSItt* HTOItK-Tlio rnutuiUrorlr K tivf, and price* coitinueit.alyat Uio following quotation* i . Tin. WHO. Hot Tin Ha*. I u iit qnallly,«•***. MV , l«*ll. l«tquatily.alim>t .1} Inrito ' Si blab u hixMitUr in tnuiiiir wtM, lla/Tm... S 9 t tnC..,, .11 .. .. ‘'"i-m'. T.hnndii .....U MetallicAi*imui... tn trenail. >1 r.|.j»r iMUiin...... hi it U Mfarlrra nt*r |3 19 end II 11 Mitfituga llto tool. 41 1) audio 1« llnnltg. 10 »7 . , M*nnn un-AC. in to l»iiin*Viiy an to 71 Ariltn py no VO , 91 >tn"*o'«W »’ rme« Wire 10 ,N A II.H-Thero uno rnang* to now. tn tne general character i-i the market atom our |a*i reporij price* arc mm a* tmiowa j MV keg H-M 3.1 W,,,,,,,, . 7.70 *l. (InoMnM.. nil C.l 7,)} ll.tmuliluwl I»US «d 7,51 Out np|gM IV.TV !»e ”,'0 CJilii litsl Net 8.73 7.JS Cut spikes IV.7S ~.'6 I Clinched Net 8.73 till.*—’ Therei* wry lltlle imhioremffot ton-dem thoctr.sral fharsrtrr of Miff market. Trad* t« slat n»ut, and nummion* are almost nominal. There l« mhaiM a Hue better lading in Unseal, oialershrd. lo: tiißilf to-day at <>ur (tuoutlons. rtlcea are (to* rt.ancrd. and we continue to Quote: Unit'd oil I QUI Linked fail, billed (£1.33 Olive on <JJ.W Wba'eOll, W. 1.5V31.40 Lantern, exua lardO».>o.l Winter. .‘. 1.15*1.30 Lard On. N 0.3 Winter l.>A«i.ld Hank oil. round tots I WachlteOli IXdAI.W t'penn Oil. W.B <*3JO Lubricating OU Mil.oo Castor oil S4V*.I.W KfauCuot oil UUiil.4o CAKUUN Ollj—l* IQ moderate consumptive de msec, oad with no surplus on hand, dealers w»ro a*W in;: mu rates. We give the following os ibeunces ct rreni: Carbon. V car load t*>c Carbon, small lots 50c Benzole Ve , PRO VlSH*N«—Received, SI/,TO Cur.*d Meats; i.ruilir* Pork and 13U90 fts Lard. Shipped. WJ.iwO as Cured Meats; 4.643 & pork and as Lard. _ Ar. Price. ... 99 f L.j ... A) 4.CJ ... n i.t. ...113 6J» ... 30 SJU Pork—ln ircnd demand and firmer, bat at the close Ltidubore the vie* sot hovers. Sale* were: too brla at (18/.5; 400 Lr’s at w ; VOO brU (lut erel at (16.C25; 4Uibrl*at|ld-S0; 600 lirls (last ere) at *13.50 —rk>-lnc with sellers oCatandar.: at (15.75 and boy era nt«ls-SK*I-.«!K. KucilMi Heats—Mtrketqnlet and steady. Sales were: tic bxa Cambcrlanus as Sac. Bulk Heats—Market firm. Sale* were: 119,000 ft? Beach Side* at Sfcc: -'O.OOO a * Comoerlaads (last evcl at Skr; lOCTCO ns Dry Salted Shoulders at ».S'c at Peoria, To: March Ist. all loose; 50,0il a* do at 7V>h racked here. Lartl—Marsit inactive. Sales wcretfO tea Kettle Dried at il&c:l«5 tea Steam at Il*c— closing with atl e-s cl steam a* U vc. POCJ'.TIt V—Salca Include 3 damn (choice) D;e*4td •'hick* nr at $5.00 :1 d-zen doatf IJW; t dozen do at ISiO:3 dozen do at (3.50: 2 dozen Dreaded (Icceeat (y.CO; IdorcnDrcssea tmess at JIJW; 173 a* Dressed Turkics at :sc; 500 a* do at Uo; TO ha do at lie. r-m>,\ AM) SALEKATUS—The demand ts light, and imc-.* arenomuiaily unehacced We quote: liatDltt’a Mediciul 11 Vi.-" 13 c ** Dure 125<-*lsKc Ddtnd'a Chemical U ..iIS c •• IlralUtv i:-K<l3sr Pate- •• * ute U&tlive M.UAll^—The market U a trifle firmer. Wo re peat quotation*: Cuba .18X$13vc I'orto Hlc - I2\ iU c N. Y. Ketiiiwl, Poaikntl anil C ran ilaietl.... I s\a c While A Uv-ttSHe Ctrcle A IVi’iilSsc write B li.VelJ'it hxtrtC il'tvtUXc \ t-Uuw C 1% <*U C Oxnard C Oxnsrd C. extra. New Origan* prince 13k‘4U'* e New Orleans fair .•» IJfcriUfcc !»Y it |;p> -There Is no prrctrtlhle change to notice In Die tpneral of the market. ITlce* arc Bitailr, mid on round lot) price* would be freely shaded. Wo cot Uaut loquote: New York Syrups t fiVil.lS Yellow Drips.., Cube Potto Ktco New Orleans.. . I'liUadP'olila Bets Hive...... 60c$ <T> ChiraxoilLfiktry. Aiobr 1.00-4l.:o ~ - tToldeP 814 W “ w bucar Rouse 72»4 &3 SHEDS—'Received, S3.«HJ»s; Mapped, 15,161 ns. Market moderately active bales Include Wbacs Clo ver at js.tC; 3 hr »ai JB.W; tlbae* Timothy at*. CO basr- do a» 93.15: sio haw da at (3.1(1; 330 Dag* do (uood) at (3.or>; SI nags do (prlraO at f-t.ltt. >,\ |.T—Re* • net shipped. 1.076 hrl*. Market f.m. Saiccf2lo Oil* at*» S-'dellvered; 70 Dria Ground Solsr at (9.65 delivered. Wo quote: New Flue (9 55 t'oa'K oruuxl Alum Turk's IMaud. nact. C.rcund ScUr. Hairy, ulthsa ks SXO ilniry. v Ilium tncVs, 3.T3 ThA***“'lhemarket to-d.iv was a trl£edrni*r, and al« tier fcHlne prevailed. VTo qnnte: Yluok Hyson, mi-orlcr to fine, lb ?I.IVXI 1* do extra to choice. V 6..... I.G>*l.Bo Imperial, pnpenor to Are, V ft*. l.Utol.W do extra to choice. V ft l.sVtl.ltf Gunpowder, superior to line, V lb 1 K>£l.<3) do' extra to choice. l» ft Japan. nalcral leaf, fine to extra nte, ¥ ft.... i.05A1.15 do do fine to choice, ft 1.9.VU.3S do do colored. V ft I.SXjIAO TAI.IAMV—MarseI quiet, bales were: 13 brls Country ut9.Sc. TUifACCJU—Contlaaefl doll and Inactive, with rnr<* rou tnnllr unchanged. Wo continue to quote * Ktsn Cut Cuewinci— Extra.. Cl filer... Medium. Common. Sxosimi TOIUCCO — Vlrcinla'afarorre, Choice Medium Common Stems l'tr« Tobacco— _ Koyal citizen ? Farmeie* Delltfht .0 *5 Natural Leaf. 1-0 M'IJW Half Itrlcht M.«l I* Choice Black, Bound J* r <•« 'fo Medium ;*TO ia’7l Common .»»•« .0 SO Vinlrtaßi aid ft* w « 6) Fiontdcn ■•••• l* 9i U'Od ii—The market continue* quiet, and price* at easier. Wo note a decline of 50c. and quolnn# l>:ioui.. Manle, V cord, delivered Maple, V cord. In yard.. >'coni, delivered 10dkK*ll->o Beech, P cord. In yard S Hickory, pencil.M.WialtM \» OOlj—lh’celvcd Market dull aid Itatllvc. No aalta reported. Uailroalu?. AmnVAL A2*D DEPA.UIUKE OF TilMNb. Winter Arrangement. cmcAno and nonrmvMTEiw railroad—oxaiia rxrinu use— depot kortii wells iTnerr. ! care. Arrive. •B:Un.m. *7;if>p. in. 7:80 p. tit. *ii:un n. m. 4:uop. m. 11:10 a.m. Oronho r««l T.lrn* Omaha Ntehl Kxptcfn, Dixon I’nMcnjp'f ■ rnr.croriT line. Freeport I‘aMCtccr •Kunop, in. *3:lo®. m. Kreepon Pflf-cuircr *O;(Wa. in. *3:10 0.10. Itocklord, Klein, Fox KiverandSlate 1.1uc... *4:oop.m. *11:10 a. m. Geneva and EJjjm Paa (■ciicer.. .. •• • .•••.••. p.m. *8:15 tchcom-in division—depot cojineq or cana l .|3,CO (4 fi.OO . u.OO wIO.M .11.00 (415.00 .18.00 (*31.1)0 AMU UINZIE BTREET. Day Exprcaa *, *r:nnn.Tn. NltfLlErniwH *1:30 p.m, *.':l3a.ra. Janesville Accor modn. *5:10 p. in. *3:85 p. m, Woodstock AccommoQ’n .3:00 p.ra. *>.*3'i n. m. MILWAUKEE DIVISION—DEPOT COUNEU OF CANAL 21 « 23 ao (4 as 31 u W 4.0* (4 4.71 9 (A 13 10 « 19 43 U 45 S 3 & 33 M (4 4) 0(4 00 , is (4 16 4AO dt 4.61 . 13 a 19 . ai a 33 33 0 40 AND KINZIE STREET. Day Express *J:00 arm, 12:00 m. I RoscttM. Calvary n«ul I Evanston 1.30p,in, 3.10p.m. I Night Express 4:00p.m. I Kciioehn Accomtuod n... 4:4Jp.m. w4sa.m. I Waukegan Accommod'n. 5:30 p.m. 8:50:1. m. I Milwaukee Accormuod’o. 11:15p.m. &3»a. m I tixo. L, Dunlap, Ocn'l Sup t. I B. F. Patbick, General Passenger Agent. I vicbisa* ••sntbal RatimuA.—, «hn, roo- I or uu BTsm. i Morales Express *5:00 mm. ♦3 43 p.m. I Lwtorut. *7:00 a. m. *:i:Wp. m Evening Expire? p.m.l* J2:A-p. a. I JilcttExprew ;*9:45p. m. t*:2ia. c I • t>-:ili>A7n AZiD L-7tn:TILI3 TtV-Sft. I Moraine Express: *7:OQa.m. *l‘ ,; 53 a * c I Nirat Express |5:W)p. m. ll:0t P. c I arcHiiiAH evmrrss anp i« .wori I POTCO7KM VA?I BUUEK ASn6E*HiCAKeTII«I?S I tolsuo inn. I DM Kxi«*J... *11:00?. c. New York Express... .. *Lw?' £ I Night Express flfc«p.a. •tfCmn I dsteovt lint. | Vh ». *4:4sa.ia. tftOOs. m I NichVExprcw. tlOtWp.m. *S^sp.m ! tob- 1 v*iii *ti2 ft a. m. d.w a. O' I ; Fscrew .. *1:00 3. tt. 12:70 a. a pStHm 5:15p.m. 7:10 p.n I , V ' XLL3TOII •3STBAI.. | T)« v Passcn«i *ft9> a. o. *WSO p. cl :SfcSlCSfe.^-^ts - Accontroi’a. *-.:0op. a. • a. c, UyaeWi sue. O,VWoo<i;fcio , Wj -1 u u u wfcVop. m. *HN'p. m. U »* •* *5:55P.m. *7:2op. S CHICAGO. PUKIIi»WtUR ASP QtTNOt. "ssoa.a. ' tJgtontv'm*.. • .*?;«!{:;£ 4oi P a.” 1 ftVJSf towi".’.'."'."'.; siiOOuld-hl tsaoa. a. { h cmca,«o A?r* *t. terra, i Xxprerb and Mail Srfloa.m. &15 p. a Nigh*. Express »:15p. m. 5.50 a. it Joltei and Wilmington „ Accommodation d“£pl3?.™” «?g ** Slibiiiipreee fcnop.n. jJp-l. yoa inpiasaposj*. poffiavitta aitj cm.a»/iA^.. §BJ;S: m&S i cilM.buag.KH gSp.n. ‘sautS. J £ £ss££ mca-o.nocn island asdpacittcbailiioaj). Diy and Mail... • JiMp. a. :>tgbiJLxLrcß9 liuC p. n. *5:45 a. it Joucl Accotnoodatloi:.. 4:40p.m. ** 4o ®-® •Sunday cxccpied. tManday excepted, tasturday •xccpted. rsnos STOCK TASP txbz Mill. I4*avc Madison Street. Sioca Yards. ’ c:3O a.m. 7?10 »• ®. pvpO a.m. 11:30 a * m * j*2:Sn p.m. 1:30 p.m. 8-Mill P.m. 4:00 p.m. 4:45 p.m. 5:43 p.m. SCNDAT THAI>B. fcJW a.m. I 0:35 a-®* *,0:20 a. m. 111:45 a. m. _ 1 n. m. 7.50 7.2V* 7.50 5.« U J-25 4.73 n. a\3IIJS B.«V* 9.a 15.00(4 IS AO . 3.75 a 4.00 . 2.650 ATS . 2XO A3S . TAftlt MO . BAU4 9.C3 . 5A90 6J» . 500 53 . 6Q>4 <B . 10.300UA0 . 5A00&.73 . 13.00 .9V&10 C ■4*3*l.® .fw.rosn.oo . UACUIIJII . KUO^UXU 4#o £»• The followlnr Is Use now table Tor tbe end departure of mall* (tom tbc Chlcaco Post Office for the wiUcr, and now In force: XJUU CLOSE. P. O. CHICAGO, III* BAILS AJUUTX. P £ffi:...Mlch. souu.. K. R. ■■■■ lowin' E™ «:«■ I"'. l£«l m Mlcb. Central H.K.. “ g.*S •» ** * O.IW atV l ;;; Mo;"'.pitn.4Ft.w«jßc bit »i *• •* .. ...» T.IU ““ m “ “ .. *W 11:00 ifcOO 4:80 ...Great Eastern* 8.. &|0 10-0 J; 12:00 6:io 7:45 «>alena Railroad 3:10 12:00 fcf*J....DlxocAlr Une.... • *.*• 13:00 Sit'd....Kocklfland Ktllroad .>.45 12:00 SsM....C..B.*QnIBCjR.R. fc* ftOU SHO ;WW....Sonhwmernß.K.. stt °.30 SifO *43... *n*»nnkeclU«gad. n.« |*J 12:f0 7:43....min01s Central R.U. 12:00 7:00....51. fionls Railroad... w» _ BOR-T. A. CILMOKE. P. M. business " earls. TSLAIR & JEFFERSON, IttEBCHANTSi OFFICE, 304 FKOST-ST.. Literal c»»U »dT&rcex>rt« mi»d» t o tot,«U.rr.<*.'» Q.EoT, RATTEN & CO, Wholesale Commission Xsictacti I*o. 50 »to«no«Ht.. Bilwwn r andC..U-1 DKXVKB. COLOHADC. BTKNCII.S AND WEIGHT lil**T9 FMcUhetl cutU. HUb»*t roirfcul «SJss ?aoft l*fotnpt Tfhmii jnMr. I il c » JJ* UKOMONO A CO., Oftt*! Mini a «rrrh U. glransportanon. ■\TE\V ORLEANS AND jnSStoStFI'I JA IUVKII I‘OUTb.—Tlio Atlantlc A MU*lJ>pl HPtm*wp f'o.'t f»>t and eWtftni t**t» U*vj W a uii trrm) oi iuta«>ta Control cycUdb irala front cuietgo MKUI'IIIH. VHKIUIUIIO, SEW * C ' r ” a , *I>ATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. "T&i ipieortid nut DT« u me e* m y>e BmbU*m. TtUabitt, toiuaUßeoot; th* onlr nrri«' Urc. MoUUapDolßtmmU ho 'ldlcojoM Untfc true to nature. nenulae «tcnrd WILLIAM A. BA vt.ll- ELOK. Sola by l>rn«uu and rtrlaatn. F»c.or> bl B«cl»y-iL,hew fort. SoJuiUy celebrated thro the Ptdled fltatee tn the treatment of Cbroule Dietiae#, RyphlU*, hprma* torrtwe.and all ollirr ancrlM ofl'flralo Dieorderi. cr-hbecomuHedathUonJcaanrt parlor*, Olnad 03 llandolpli-si,, comer of Dearborn, (nearly oppoilte hU old cMcc). Chicago, 111, 1 Dr. Jbiho* ha« recently |**uc«l a revil'd and started rditloa of The Monitor, whim laaioikpn of a* fallow* by J. 4. lUchardaon, K*q., edllor and proprietor ot the Davenport Democrat, in that piper of Jan. 19,10*77* M ThaJdonltor,' (aeconrt wllilen. revi*M and enlarg -1 fl.) I* the title of a (took wo have received from iU 1 author. Dr. Jatnoi, ui cmojgo. It l< a trcttlae np<>n ’diwairaoi Umprccreativo organa, ola*a«a ncrmlar 1 tof.-tnaliw.iemliml wraVniM. a«*., bow avoided and 1 nr*»<T t«l| and If atterM, pf.-.rrlptl-xn f,.r aed ' irratmeat The want of a work of this Hud. inrnMi 'lnc, a* It one*. In a cheap and cond*o Drm. Iqfiirm*- 1 lion ul vlial imporiaiCM to the young and old o| both 1 leiei, baa long been fell, and we are not mrprUect to ■•eeitrixjuimeniied by the roodieil proirMoa and • theprra*. Dr. Jamei hu made the tr.atment oi Mhf.edl*p*H» a apemliy lor upward* ol twenty •y»ari.andmgtvltigthoeuhllrUio m-n-xU ofbhi eg. • penance, ha oaa m.nerrd an invaluable aervlce. The ‘ l>o 4c ran r>e liad by a'dreaalng Or. J«me«. P. O. tVn • rae, chcmo, 11„ nay ccau, with four •tri ll lor pietace." Dr. Jamra can bo coaiolled at hit otßee and p&rlora, 91 and 03 UaadolphaU, corner o[ Dearborn, nearly oppualle hi* old ofilcu, from 0 a.m. loßp. m. Separate room i and counUaUuna confidential. P.O. UoxOUU. Chicago, 111. lleltnbold’ti extract Dacltn Givea health and vigor to the tram-: and bloom to the pallid cheek. Debility la accompani'dby m%nt a’arm lbga>niptoms. and lino treatment U mbmlttcd to, conaumplr.n, insanity. or epileptic i.u ermae. Tnkc no mure Unpleasant and Unsafe ISem-dle? fAr unpleasant ani) diisetouit dl»e&v«. Cas Xltlcbold'* Extract Uactm rati Improved Kom Wish. The Glory of Alan Im Strength. Therefore. the nervous aad dthSlltatcd should dtately n*e Uelabold's Extract Paean. manhood andTomtiful Vigor Am eg lined by Helmbold’a Extra Sacha. Vour nwtiny-VVhai Is it? Qoodorenl? Rich or Poor? Debited or exalted? Are yon to rise to eminence, honor, wealth and power; or are joa to nnk Into ob»ennty and collvlon? What are your future prospects la U?e—to be or not to be—that Is the qnesUoc ? Who will solve It? Dr. Raphael can *oive it; and colon tn» ansacceatfal to wealth ami eminence, and the anfjrtunaletobapst* All whose ftied hopes have been dl«appo!ated, crashed and blasted, pvt satisfaction. and th ae ladles whose Injury keep? them from cetttaz married. can be cored to thatoo one can know It. Call on UK. II .V --FHAEU2IU East Madltoa-st.. op »wirs. interviews ccnCdmual. CouaaltwUoo lee, 000 dollar. llclmbold’s Fluid Extract Bucbn . Is r'ea«act In Libtc nod cdor, hoc from an tajurloji prcpeitles, aid lo.mi.dUtc to Its actum. Shattered r«ri!»tltutloiis liMtcred by Helmoold’s Extract ttocao. A llcndjr and Conclusive Tost otthepTfpennsof IleltnhoWi Fluid I'xtract B'icbt v ill ><e a ct.rnt arts m xilß tbo>e set forth in tic Urdus starea Ulspcnsatory. KufVcblcd ami Delicate Constitutions, Cj both sexes, ok Hcltnbold's Kxtraet Bnenn. It will clreCrUkand e:.e: stile ftuluga and enable you to * ct-p well. Having the confidence of the public and the medical f*cn.t> at large, u Ihetr.ost rebatne pbyMdan in the c*iy f«r chronic a-rv«ta* and s*xn»l dj«fa?w. Call at bte office, 179 Sonlh Clarß**t. corner of Monroe. Boomsseparate. Consn’iation free. P.0.80x 1.71. UU guide u health, pnbdibcd ci -.uuy, seat free to address. .lOVrtll c Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical Institute, 17> south Claik**l., has lieated all turns of venereal dl*- •we with cnprrcf dented *necea»! r nearly i >rty y:ar*. spermatcrrbtra and impotence treated with the happj esire'niu. Particular* of the Instlinte and theG'ddr mailed ireo to an* a-ldrcs*. P.O.Box77.Chicago, Illinois. 1.1*41.9-1 7*4 85 SX* S 3 pi-AbTIC 2.65 2JK32.70 SAO A TEST OF FIVE TEAKS ha» Ccmon«tra‘od th* superiority ol tlits aat-'lal ov*r every ether now known. A n astlc—lt adapts lU«U to every shape nrd slope, from Cat to perreiirtlcnlar. covering Hie whole rt-oi wltnont seam or Jn.nt. Non-combu«tiDlc—it Is n-1 the means of ttutmylin 7 ;/o«r jirnp'rlu, but of protecting It. Son-e*pan#lve—heat mat. ter bow Intense, can compel It to expand or contrml. Imcervlons—water not ever Ut-Jin. ran penetrate or d.e-olve It. UiHiecavlnp—time ami ;he clement* only matute and purled U. To sum up the whole mutter, Uu .♦1.15 . 1.0.» K 1.13 . SO C» 90 63 & 73 find B cifar-n than any other, good material, and bclttr taanUiemrstexfCustve. _ __ Iho New York Tribune la tpcaklnsaf It say* Wo consider lids invenmn the crcsmt boon ol tlio aie." Tli*- Almwk't'o Club cl the American Institute pro* locnetbe invention one of the must Important ever discovered. For u« past year we havolwen enraged In supplying this material to tnc people id Illinois and WVcondn, and from the many tiatterltu testimonials now on Die Inour office. weleei warranted In saying, to their en* tire satisfaction. . j _ , , From among the hundreds who nave used It, wo lo rd tic following: .. Mr. K. 11. Taylor, Agricultural Implement*,Chicago. Mess. Esrlcr.litmiuoa atm Bate*. ** ** Mr.Cltarles Pair e.Chlct Eng. Mich. Son. ILK., •* l*rnf.». C.Bartirtt,o»*rnjoTUeo , l Seminary, •• Prof. A J. Hawyer. Douglas University, M Mr.J.P.fehnrp.ol Bliss 4 Sharp. Druggists, M Mr. L. II Arthur. R»at Estate Dealer, ** M.H»ker. Dentist. • „ , “ Mr. Clias. Mortis. Man.iDictnrnr Fir** Works, *• Mr.N.O Williams, of Webber. W .Hiatus A Fitch, “ Mr. J. C. HlrhaMs.ot Hichams’lron Work*. •• Mr. A. E. Harmon, I’, h. t'c*mml«»lot*rr. Champaign. Mr. William Way and Ham. .Idlersnn. „ ** Mr. Wm. IP Somers, Clera cir. Court, urnana. Mr. W. J. Krmn.lroul. Banker, . •* Mesa. Dietrich A Hoover. Merchants. Galesburg. Mi»*. Canda & Hinckley, Conlraetot*. •• Hon. K. B. Lam cnee, ,1 infga sjnpr’c Court, Mess.Mathews*Wadsworth Mrrph’lOacksoavlus. Mess. h. li Beach A Co.and W.T. II Holt, Utchllcld. Mr. K. M. Goddard. lUmter, Lexington. Mr.C.H. Kellogg. lotll.lU. Hr. M. Fab'on, hloondnunc, 111. ?lr. A. P. Welts. Itlcbmoml, 111. Mess lirimUis ABccro andJ.pavKOJla.ri. Mtss. Deere * Co. and Uoo. W. Utbbor, Moline, 111. Mr. L. A. Ilali. Avon, 111. . . Mr.C.H. Heath, McLean, 111. „ . Mr. «. W. Cooper aim Jas. Mocker, l o'O. lit. Mr. A. Os'iorn, Kartlan, 111. „ Mr. A. H. MeCn«»ner. Alton. 18. , ... Mess. Beardsley A Uro., Pap.r Man'r. Aroma, 111. Mess. .Ir.hnsoo, Conr A Uro„ MielhyvUle, 111. lion. C, e. Kelsev, Montello. W t*. < 01. Clisrlo Wolcott, Oshkosh, W n. Mr..lames Kra. *' , * Msm tlojst,Him, Wells A Kean. Uku MlllfcWH. Most. Walker, Mur.ger A tity.WU. Mess. Tayior A Kublnton, Waupun. Wu. Hon. Henry ConMcr, _ ** ** Mess. K. S. A U. U. Bnrr. Berlin, Wl*. Met#. A. Wini’ow A Co.. H. Atkinson. Wl*. Mr. J. It. Oslnsha, Banker. Monrw, W la. Mr. Charles Sherman, Mlmral Point, W H. Mcnro Newbre. Mllw.Ukee, Wl*. Mr. 0. 11. Slmmoncl*. Oeot owpo-mj, Wis, Mr. N. C. Farnsworth. Fhcrvaygan Jr all*, WK Wiscorun Manofoctmlng Cj.. Jefferson, wl*. S 3 *U.M 53 u 3) 21 a a 13 0 23 *J:00 aMn, 12:00 m. HOOFING FELT, ami alio the new gJIKATIUSO FELT u»e<l t«r lintncbnliaintf*. and COAL rAU.jH.n- Mantle on hand at lowest market rate*. ,ct oa ippllcallop, &%osD. IIS LaSaLe-st,. Ctitcasii, 111. DESPATCH ! FAST FREIGHT LINE 1 AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPT, PROPRIETORS. The Dodson River and Now York Central Rillroada haring adjusted their late differences, Freight Train connection* Lave been ic£umed, ami MERCHANTS* DESPATCH Through Cara leave New York daily. ns heretofore. Slilprers are a*snted that no effort will tespired to rnsh rtilrnjmta forward to destination as rapidly as feasible, and In Time Excelled by >’o Other Lino. [ E. CUMMINGS, Bnpcrlntcndent. j .T. A. SMITH, Agent, 41 Dcarborn-et, ncCnlo. January 22,1567. LA2SD SALE. —The undersigned will offtr «t ACCIIOJf, at the north door ot tbs Coon In Chicago. Ul*~ »t U o’clcct a. m., Proxleo. If not previously sold at private* sale, the E. V ofS. W.Sec. U. fl N- u E„ situate about oaomie and a halt w«t cf Evanston, and twelve north of Chi* cage. Cook County, Ul., containing eighty acre*, more °AbODt nflT-ure or ««r ot thl» trvt ore hcvr :lv timbered, the remainder la prairie, whl e addi tional inducement# are found In ita tiroxtaaty to the bcamllul »UUe railroad and lalte shore town 01 £vac»* ion and the gnat city of Chlcaco. In reference to a tilaeecf residence, the ot sale and delivery ot ihe tin her and the rn>lr.ct« ol the '■oil ceoerally. fjr Tern? of sale published the day of sale. I'eraena dealt top to purchase this land at private sve will direct th-lr corrmnclcattcns to ®“ So. 8»». MmobU. cSj^So. 'TRUSTEES SALE—Public notice is I bereti tlven that U Samuel Cole, la pursuant* with the powers la a certalr contained, ra:ed November Alb. A. I». IS**. execute*. by B. M. Whipple A Co, and preen to »ecnr» the pa> me'.iof the protrl«»ory note of said Whlt-ple A Co-. ot date last aforesaid, id the sum ot tea thousand dodara, payable to the undemetedo? order, ca the .lb day ofJaauary, A. D. IBJT. vUJ, on the ar>DlicaU< n of the tel holder ot said note, on MONDAY, the 3lst i.ay of January last- at the hoar of ten o’clock in the loreooon ol »|Ua .lay, at the olflco of Lazarus Silverman. No. 72 Jjear bora street, Chicaco. sell at public anetteu. ca'h, to the Mi best bidder, 100 sham of ftt «n£ “Heidi Natural Paak.”of HeMt.ln the fctateri WB* e<.a*ln; one promts# rynnte,datcd Chicaco, May M, 156*. tipcated by Wartlck Martin, W»We to B. M. Whl pole & Co- $0 days after Cate, and bel tut Id the sum of *}.oPo; ote ptonJtKrr note. dai*d Docemtwr iW, l«fj. executed bvP. Ih llicccsbuct.ln the tain office, rtd payable to Cl. M. slx mouths •iteroie, in the torn m jf.VcOu, dated Jaunary J.19G6, executed to w. It. F men, payable to the order M John w. Uosbc*. five mottbs alter date. b. tdjut. Chleato, January :sth, W 7. m* 111:15. -O;! The above sale la postponed until FBIDAT, the lit day cf February, IW7, at the s*m< hour and same p are. s. i.ulk... ?t)atr Dijc. Special Woti«». Dr. Jatuiw« Dr. Bicdow« Dr* XltoniNon« Hoofing SLATE ROOFING Fire, Water anti Frost Proof, Cransportalion. ILoirti at auction Saturday, Hie Otli of February, 3Legal. ©ccan Steamers. ONLY WEEKLY MAIL LINE TO U UVUUOOL. INMAN LINE. CM of the Liverpool Torn Mil rMMfIpW, Co.’s tsaunlficcDt at d ik wcrlol steamships, sails from hIEB 4.*», North Klver. New Turk, ETLUY SATURDAY (mall steamer), AND EVERY WEDNESDAY (extra steamer), Throughout the year. Partim vUltlns lh» Parle ExtiibUloa trill And thl*. for speed sod accommodation, equal V> a''? other mail line, at.d very much cheaper. Passenger*booked from “ , 'fffiS r T®iffl , .tT r VinDOCED IIATKS, A limited nunibs.r of strerasro panengen will do Uk«*n at a* low f*re a* by any oincr line. For particulsrs and to secure pas^ K. flca’l VTost’n Agent. B 1 ttearhoin-st.. Chicago. 33art]tersijip. /'"NANCE OP PAUTNEUSIIIF. Prom \ J ■hdamrJannaryt«t,lrt7.Cl^rßaWltw<* , *l«|: rtrawslfom the Item of Cutler. UHhec* A c« •* *Ji»l tiansrcishUlrlTfstm said Arm to Jlcnfy who tKC*tne» M«ocutO(! with ns lu tho budnsit. The uni. Mir.. .HI Ml M mT „ CC K A CO. Scales. jj> A I It'D A N K S ' Jrrf- STAND ASD /!# SCALES ; /|^ OP ALL SIZES. FAIRBANKS, GBF.ENI.F.AF & CO., 226 £t 230 Z.ako*et.| Chicago, XU. <gt<o Notices. rpAX COLLECTOR'S NOTIOE-MUlo X Ol Illinois, County ol Cook, city of Chicago. M. CtTTOoLLacrorsorrtiTK. lUmimN'i. (I, I . . Loerr lloos«,.Un. SDL IwtT. J I . Poblloatllcelshereby klvpu* thatou ibo first Mon* <»>ofFebruary,brink tbs fourth day or Frimiaty. A.d,lMt.atarcgulorTertn of the Huperiorl’wirt of , Cbleafo. lo be h»«an and bolden to Che Court Route, la tala City ol Chicago, on the last umutlonel day, 1 shall trafce report to said Superior Court ol Chicsso, Ob Ur following Special AMiwtruont Warrants plared Inroyhandsforroiieciiononcir before nmlaudayof October. A. D. IV.I, and a*k for Judgment against tue ertetal Lo*». Uit.rhs. I’tcei* or Parcels of Land or , other prcpcrtrdesaibSd in aunts warrant*, on which tboas*w«mtnt« then remain ueoaM. flu the atuonnl , orsiacsemeliU.dsuiaKt'S and oueU rrspectivoly duo i thrrron, to win 1 WarrautNo.WO No«h-IJati»l»ct,il.ow,lv*f ersetten of twelve iam|i posts on North l.ahado street, between I Wviitot street and Hcbmlei newt, . > Warrant3itl I»«rii»-t)M«tJ <Kt. Jt.IAM. for erection 1 of # tan.p poets <n N vrih Drartiorn.stmt. oeiworti Oak street slid Ka*t White sirret, t\ arrant ;adS(irtn-Matnt Oct. H.W4 tor erection of I lap.ppcits on North Water street between Hush 1 street and Ht. Clair street. R arruoi .NorU-j.aUd Oct. 31.1JM. for erection ol 3 lamp (Kills uii Huron street between Blue street ard SU Clair atfeet. ' Warrant *>tl N.irth-DalM Oct. 31. UVJ, for eraotjon ■ oM lamp posit on uiiUago av*uu>> between North ? Well, i and North L.Salle street. 1 Warn nt CM North—listed Oct. 71, WtkJ, for erection of 1 lamp poston thoca.l side of Pino street at the corner or lie »1 oy north of superior street. , Warrant at North-Hated ocu 31. WM, for erection of 16 lamp t oats oc Division street between hedgwtre ' street sou North Clark i trout, cxo-pi the Intersections s cl North Well-street. Warrant s« North—Dated Oct. 31,1*45. fur exteuslon * of West Umauale street from Its present eastern termi nus. casiwsraly, of tbe width ot .64 fee:, to North La* Salle street. All persons Interested are requested tv attend at the aforesaid term cf said Superior Court ol Chicago. * A 11. lIEALU. City Collector ! rpAX COLLECTOR'S NOTlCE—state i of Illinois, County ol Coek. City ot Cidcigo—*a. _ Cur CoLLEciou’s Orncx, noon 11, l e Cocet Uocsx.Jsraaryll.l-i6:. { 8 Public Notice U hc-eoy given, that on the first 'ten day ot February, being the fourth day of February, a. * D. ire", at a regular term of the Snpcrloi Conn of Chi cago, to be begun and boldca la tbe Court House, in u said city of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, 1 sbvll make report to said superior Court, ot Chicago, on the . following tireclal A!>*es*ment Warractv banes for collection on or before tbv last day of Octo ber. A. D. UCn ana ask for Judgment against tbe several Lou, Blocks, Pieces or Parcels of Lone or other prop - erty described tn such warrants, on which thu assess ments then remain unpaid. lor th* amour t of assess -9 meuts, da reacts and costs respectively due tbrrcoa, d t<Kwlt: Warrant No. 271 North—dated Oct. 31th. 13€<5.tor recoastrurtlDcsldewaUsnQthestrcvU turnedt>*low; • Warrant No. 37.1 North—dated Oct. sub. wss, for constructing a sidewalk on tbe soa'h rtde of Centre street, between Clark street and Sedgwick nrcet. 1 Warrant No. ','7s Oct. 3 ttb, for cou structtic a EldfwalKon the south side of Menomonee street,between MoUawit and bedgwtekstreets. Warrant 3T3 Ncrih— Ocu 2ltn, l»wr. tor con structing a sldewa (con south side of Asylum place, tetween Hslst-s street and Franklin street. - Warrant i7C North—dated Oct. SUb.lSfld. for con st’uctioc a sidewalk ontboroudt side of willow s trout, betwten Orchard street and Ualstcd street. Warrant 37, North—dated OcU 3»ch. 1*36, for con struclii g a sidewalk on the north side of North avenue, letwcvn bbctfield avenue and North Avenue Bridge. Warrant 378 North-dated OcU 21th, ISGo, for con strnctlng a sidewalk on tnnh side* of Howe street, be twvtm W mow street and Centre street. Wsorant aw Nortl»-da:ed Ocu SlUuflsSA. for cons tructing a sidewalk cn the south sideol Blsckhavk street, between Halted street one Clvbourne awnao. All per-ons Interested arc requested to attcad at the aforesaid term u sold s?upcrlor Court of Chicago. i A. It. UEALD, City Collector. ‘ TAX COLLECT Oil’s NOTIOB-rStatc of I;'inol«.County of Cock—ss: citt C- llictorS urnct Conrr Hors*. > j Boot! No. It. Chicago. .January 31.1887. { 1 Public notice Is hereby given mat on the first Mon day cf February, tclng the fourudayot February, A. D. a regulxr fra M the Superior uourtet Chicago, to be begun and l.oMen tn the Court l!oas& tn said City of Chicago, on tbe l\,t mentioned day. I shall make report to said Sup.-rior Court, of Chicago, on the following Special Assessment Warrants placed tn mv bauds for collection o*i or betore the last day ol October. A. I>. ISM. and ask lor Judgment against the severa: Lots, DiccKS, Plo es cr farm-or Lana or oilier property dt# i- nbed In such wurranl«. cn which the afsseßsaiects then remain unpaid, for the amount of astcssu.cnis, damages and costs respectively due there on. to >lt: Warrant No. Tit. West—Dated Oe».3tb, forpn vate dtalns on West Kandoiph street between Hoisted btrri'V ai>c the river. Warrant No. 713, West—Dated Oct 61b, ISG6, for gra ding sIU tuacadaniUing North Jefft-r'Cn sl eeu from tbenonhlicr of West Lake street to the soutu side of street. WarrautNo.7l6, West-Dated October 6.1 b IS6K, lor filling, crauing and clanking the ali**y running north an<i wuh In blocks 31 auc 80. Canv Trn*tctn suuU vision of ts K K 6cc. I", I SO, N R 14 E, and that portion ot the alley running east and we-l througb sola Mock SP. extending tram llalstcd street to lao west line of alley a’-ovc tarred. W arrant No. TIT, Welt-Dated Oct, Sth. 1356, (br the extension of »16 tcot alley m thu N J* ol block 'J, bampeon and Green’s Addition eastwarcly ot the same width to B Island arenuc. , , . Warrant No. TlB, West—Dated Oct. s3d, 1«66. lor con structing «s tidvwa'.k on ihc toiithsidc of Warren sUtet l.ctwtct If buy street Hoyce sinvt. W arrant No. W West—Dafd 23d, 13*6. lor con structing a sidewalk on the north side of Hubbard sire, 11-ctwcun ltob»-y street and Leavitt street. Warrant N 0.731. W«st—DatrstHt l?os for con stmctlrg a sidewalk on the south sliteot Warren street between loice street and Paulina streeU _ , Warrant Nr. 722. West—Dated Oct. £UI,IBC6, tor con structing a sidewalk on the west side ot l*aullaa street between Chlcacr avenue and Cornelia -treeU i Warrant No. 733, We-t—Dated OcU iB6O, for cos i struct! tg n sidewalk on the «ouiL sirtecf walnut struct between Lincoln street anl Ifbcy street. , . All persons lnt< r» -tert arc requwttd to attend at the aluroald tcraof said Superior Court of Chlf ago. A. H* UEALD, , City Collector. rpAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—* late I ol lUsole, Cook County, City of Chicago—a*. Crrr CoLUwnon’a oitk*k, f Coctrr non>», lioom Ko. it. Jaa. 3l*b isd. f Public notice U here-.y given tnauoa the first Mon day of February, being the fourth day of February, A. D. ISC’, at a reeuiar t* nn of the superior Court or Cbtcaco, to be begun ami bolden Ir the Court tlouoe. luaaid city the la*l tucuUnnod day, I shall make report to said Superior Court of Chicago, on lliefoitonii e Special As»ci*ment « arrant* placed In my handt for emleetbn on or before the lad day ct October. A. 1). !S*i6. and otk lor judunient against IhQ ttvfral lote. block*, piece* or parcel* of land or other properly described in »ucn warrant*, on which the as* ' wfKQiCbia t.en remain unpaid, fbr tlie amount ot os emmentt, damages and cu»U respectively duo thereon, to Wamu.lßlfl Booth, dated Oft. 2llh. ISfiC, for erection ol two lamp posts rn Fourth avenue, ntiß at * w corner of Fcurlh avenue and lajlor lirvtl, and ono 133 feet south of Taylor street. ... . Wat rant oil South, dated Oct. Zttb.lW, fl>r erection of n tamp poet* onlTairlc *vumo. U-twcen Twenty second tlrcel and the sccotd poa; aou:h ot Maeltxath Warrant SIS Bcntb. dated Oct. Slth, ISM. for one lamp poet on the n c corner of Iweuly-tLlrd ettccl and Oral* tie nvenuc. Warrant 619 South, dated October 3Uh.lsd6.for erec tion o> eix lamp po«t* to ilarrUou etrcci, between Well* and Clark aifccu. . # Warrant Bomb. doled Oct. Sitb, IS'4. fir erection ol nine lamp post* uu Calumet avenue, between TwvD- i ty-Mitlmtul I wcntyninlb street*. . .. VVarranlMl SoutL.ditcd t)ct. 3tlh, IHrAfhr creetlou of 13 lamp posts on Indiana avenue, between Four* tienth and slxtevnlhstievt*. V Warrant ist Soilth! dated Oft. 21th. I>A lor erection of " lamp poata cn MxteceUi strict, between Stale ,t^r?antl^, »«oth) dated Ort.Ulth. JWfl, l t erection nf tflatup Mud* on Van Keren street,between Well* diut aii<l Ki-nlli Market »treel. All per-ous Interoatfd arc requested M attend at the afottsald term of rpAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE.—State I of Illinois, County of cook, City of Chicago-*** CITY CuU.rcTOis'B orncc. lUkim No. U, I Count lloCßK,Jan.2i.pj<tT. J DupHc notice U hereby civro that «u the tlr»t Monday el February, being the fourth day of February. A I). at a tegular term of tho Superior Court or Chic** po, to be begun and hu’.den in Hie Court Home, In said City of Chicago, on the hut mentioned day, [ shall tnaae • xc| ort to laid Superior Court of Chicago. on the following special Assessment t\ arrant* placed la my hand» rot cuihctmn on or Infore ih- last day on»c* lobor. A, iMNVs and ask lor Jnictn'nt against the rev. era) lots, blreks. pieres or parcels ot lan>t or other prop erty de»crlbe.l lu *mh warrants, on whUh the assort ments then remain unpaid. fbr Hie amount of a-sea*- mail, damage* amt costa respectively due thereon, No. 73h West-Dated Oct, CM. LW. to make up a ccflclcpcy for fllllnp, curbing and paving Canal sheet. fiom Lake to Maduen street. Warrant No. 733, We»t—Dated OcU 2M, 1846, to make np n diSclency fbr remacadaulzlng Cat at street, from Acams to Twelfth street. , W arrant No. 733. West—Dated Oct. 2-kL IM. for fill* leg, grading. grading. p»vlng and curbing jlateit-d street, trou Harrison street to the C. u. <se y. U. is. Cr vf?nfet No. CSS, West-Dated Oct. 23d. ISM. for constructing a sidewalk on thcsonUi side of Jackson itrcet between Ilenbe- and ilarshfl-ldstreet. Warrant No. 733, West—Dated O t. 23d, ISW, for coostrnctliga sidewalk on the west sice of HaUted street. Deiween Wrtpht street and Railroad crossing. Warrant No. CH, Wat—Dated OcL Jlib. ISW. tor t constructing a sidewalk on the son'h sice of Fig street, from Milwaukee avenue to western terminus ot Fig . 81 Warrant No. 712. West—Dated Oct. 51th, 1366, tor constintllci a sidewalk on the west sido ot Johnson ' street, between Twellth streetaod.Tayh.r street, . Warrant No. 743. West— Dated Oct. 24tn. tSGfi, lor constructing a ddewalk on the north sldcof Van Boren . street! between Tbrocp street and Loomis street. j All persons interested are request in attend at the ‘ atoiesald term of said Superior Conn ot Chicago. j A. O. IIBALD, CUT Collector, j TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE—State of Illinois, County of Coot. City of Chi mgo—*s. 1 Cm* CoLiJSCToa’s Ornct. ) i Itoou No. 14. Com uoCBX, > January Jlst, 1552. ) Public nctlce Is hereby given, that on the first Mon- ! day of February, being the fourth day »f February, 1 A. I). IWT, at a regular term of the superior Conn of Chicago, to be begun and holden tn the Coart Uoase, In raid city cf Chicago, on the last mentioned day, I shall make report to -aid Superior Court, of Cldcago. on the following Special Assessment Warrants placed in my bands for collection on or beiare the last day of , October, A. D. 1S«, and a>k for Judgment against the seTcral lots, blocks. ph'ces or parcels of land or other propet tj described in »ach warrants, on which the i asMsemecta then remain unpaid, for the amount ot assessments, damages and costs respectively due there- ( l Ol vrarra*it : No. 155, West—Dated Oct. 21th, litf, frrre- i I ron*tiu.;ttugsidewalk on the south s dc of Jsdcson ; ; street, between H listed and Orecn streets. Warrant No. *i6, We*t—Dated Oct 21, for man atnicung «idewaik> to tront of or adjaceut to pro | elm Lerclnbi : ow described. | Warrant No. 232, W vst- Dated Oct.3t IsOS, fur recon ' struetltg stdewa.k uo cortli side of Lake street, be , tween Ann aim May streets. , l Warrant No. 255, West—Dated Oct. 21th, lS66.forre constructtog snu walks on west side of May street, he i tween Lake and Fulton streets. Warrant No. 2i9. Writ—Dated Oct 31th. *.£*■, tor re ' constructing sldewa.k on north rt«-e ot Madison street, 1 between Ptona acd J-aocamoastreets. _ . 1 Warrant Nc. 260. West—Dated Oct 21th. IScA lor re ; constructing sWewalksrnwcst sided Ada street be* . tween Lake street and Depot plaee. 1 Warrant N-. 2CI. Wc-t—Dated Oct 2lth, IW, for crectlcn cf two iamo-po»tt ou West Ene street, be tween Union mid HaUled street*. . ~ Warr%ntNo.T62.W»st—Dated Oct. 2lth. ISW, tar re pairing sidewalk* cn east side of toutnwericru ave- I “’almjmwus arTOd at thfi •ro«,W tern cr cLugwr. TAX COLLECTOR’S XOTICE—State of Ullntls, Connty of CcoU, City of Chicago-**. ’ c/tt CollxctobV omex, ( iloott >o. 11 Corrr Horst, { January 31st, 196". C Public notice Is hereby iriveu, that on the tlrst Mon* day 01 Februarv, tctnzthe fourth day of February, A. D. ISVi, at a regular term of the Superior Goan of Cl lease, to be begun and bolden In the <‘ourt House, insaidclty ofthlcaco, on the last mentioned day, I shall make renert to i-ald fiurerlor Court, of Chicago, on the IcUowur Special Assessment Warrant* placed In ny hand; for crfttsctlon on or belore the last day of Octour. A. D. I>'«. and ask lor Jurtrmeut ajratnst the several lots, bl'<ts, pieces or parcels ot Under other property described m such warrants, on which tha assessments turn remain unpaid, for the amount of : assessments, damages and cc«u respectively due there* of ~ lan p posts-on Sixteenth street, between State [ street and Indiana avenue. , I Warrant 7H. North-Dated Oct. 21th, lf«s lor con* slrncttncft sidewalk on the north side or North ave* [ cue. between Sheffield avenue and North Avenue • B Warrant SB, North—Dated Oct. 31.15 W. f<r erectlm ! ot 2 lampposta on Chicago avenue, between North WeUs street and North LaSallestreet. . 4V Warrant No. tit. We*t-Dated Oct. Bth, 1906, tor tha extension of a 16 foot alley la theN J<ofbicc*9,Samp» son and Green’s Addition, eastwardly of the same wtoih 1011. Island averne. „ • ~ . . Warrant No. *ll. West—Dated October 34th. 13M. tor con<txnctlng a sldcwalß on the sooth side cf Fig 1 Milwaukee avenue and western terminal *n, West—Dated Oct. itlh, I’M, lor re* £' airtbc sidewalk on cast side of Soutiweitern avenue, co. 3!adls»n and Monroe streets. w _. . i All person* interested are requested to attend at the I aioriaold term ol said Superior Court of CNcv<o. aiurouu v«ui u» ~u A> * n< ukaLD, cuy Collector. (Gift Enterprises. piIEAT WATCH SALE <7> TIIK FlirUbAll (INK PHILS f.l'iji, civipf emr Mtroa a handsome and relish* *»*«.* to Value, and uot b* paid for units* perfectly i»*us£jaory l 1W solid Odd *52 ft ? i» 100 Marie Ca'cd Gold fjoti WO 100Lad'w* Welch** oumrl ---—-* M »*) aoo Gold Moiling CLr<in«mpter % atenes.. 3W Gold Hunting f ngilsU y * 1M lft joo too Gold ManUngWapW Wairt'a.****; • w HOUtold IlnMlng American Watches 1:0 UWbtKft IlttMtirgLevcfi.j. WM , 500 surer IlnnllDC ... Mty alO tCO(tidd Ls<Tlm Watch** Suto *3 LMOlAid'lHUßttrigLerlDf-....;: ** ft X .ft I,rw Whc»ll»l*r<niaeUrer ••> I® * {o rxo ncntlnr snserW-atr i-5... tjg ft s« ,’®s • riiiliM!lint 115, wot;, u ton. » worth 1 750 - *« 7 " n i “SKiSflfTllelcmiC.* !»•'< Bn*l U-.lon w.ttb Co, 1 Rr^,asi7sv.p?Ao/iti?fwo r iOToS7i«tfe Ssxri^ tiflpste. nt«m payment ui Ten Hollars, witherit b* a watlu worth »;» of <no w«rth Ims. the r.uir-j <>l any of oarcsrUQcaUsi-tiUUwyou to tb* articles awnt a tneriwr, awm payment,lrrespective of its worth, erd as noarttcle valued le>» thanlUMs nameduu any ur> UftraU'.Uwtll st one* bosaen toil this is no liouery, but a sUalghttr.rward legltlmato tt»n»Y*to". «hj'* ai»T he participated la even by the mo»t U»ildwo». ®Ailnrlr tVrtlfeatowlllbe *«tby mall. tit>on rrcrlnt of 'A eta., Bvu for (1, eleven for 11, thirty* siSn« premium for iM. ilitr-iU *-*»«,« valuable premium lor HO, ou« hundred aml lnioft »u* Watehforild. To agents or those wtshlna am* niovuicttt thta t» a rare opportunity. It is a tegitlmat,- Fy /mducUd business, duly a slhorlipd by the ffirttcal. "#1 ••in««ooiprtuiproKreMOiMiMiieaißetaao< duitmtUiepurt sir ,«rr*oniy,tn*Jipa Itpo* M Ml. slhte fifths coosclmtl'Kis I’tiyvlclaa in d* *r tisre. n«»w, that Cdßsvvrrtotf Is u c*a tairlt ctjß«t» as In irrmHtmt »*er. ami as c«a Tairlt raavsnTtn u .Vm.ill iW.**—/Uf• CJWrta* 9 King, M. It. t.U D, sic. KINO’S PREPARED PKENCIUI'TIONi Uidefrumtha Pfw.eripiirtnof Wit. OMAU.K.KINO it. D. U« U.. etc, pjr th« If svsntWr. and Cun) ot CONSUMPTION (IN ITU MOST ADVANCKD HTAOJ».) rorttia, Adi/iuil Cursor ANTIIMa, piinNrmrirt. CA TAUUII. and all atfoMifmi of Um I.C.S(H < rilii.,Al and AIR I'AMARKftt tor \ n <\ tl ranoemmui of the NEUVOITH HYHTKMt of the lUgVlp tsnd lor all >'ua.lional intoruert ot tn< 1 iiomaek ana i ItlmMcdfairtF Inereasea thi ttrengih and i the odor ofthe|<ols eioo<t. It inbducs u.« wtu* aru 1 /crer, aoddlralal»h«thoErp/<-(orj(<.,n. «tr«ns, always, la from •srs't h» jonrUfn aatu The ai'pctlls Is at ouee tvritf>K‘Ui«f. ana tte pall ant r<i pMly galnsjl'ih : the coujV, and the ili/KrulibrntU DipareapeeOUy relieved; the sleepbroumracalm one rffreehlrrt the rertrieilons r-outur ami uniform. ALL TUB OENBHAL SYMPfOMS OK COJfsHJMP TICK, AbTUMA, UKOSCHITIS. Ac.. DISAPPBaF WITH A REALLY AtiTOMSIUNO Kd&imiV. The PIiESCKUrfION should he used tn every cas; wherelhephytlclaa rrr>crlb*v ••Cocoa Minnu,’ m Toktc«,”lbov, acids, lUt*. Oucrari, Cod Litoj Otu, Wuuut. ami In every Disease, by wiiatw xx Haiti DovKi In which there I* exhlclted auy cm or more ot the following HY.IIPTO.II* x DUScnlt or Irregular Breathine, Losas ot Breath Cough, Wasting ot Flesh. Night Sweats, Bleadlngtroc the Lungs. Los* of Strength, Lea* cj Appetite, .'eurra Debility, Debility of pregnancy ami Naremg. Flyisi Pains tnroacb tbe Shoulaers, Chest. Face or umt* Neuralgia. Nervous Headache, Nervous ProstraUot Nervous Irritation, Giddiness or DLmnt •>, Excoj-'lv, Paleness, Sore throat. Drowsiness, Slreple-stvoa, Uj, pepsla. Soar Stomach. “Deart Bnrn, M c; Sinking of the Stomach befbre or after eating. C :asr, ration. Remittent Fever. Az* Ac., and bspictvllt S all Female Dl.f .rdera or Uterine Irregolamlc*. -ueb o> Dlfllcnlt,PalnfttLhnrprresi.>l, scanty. Uxt»«,ve, Dv joyed. If emature or v o frecaent iMutcoients From I'utie-. to. A-c. “Year Pn>cr.ii’.i< i. -«vr-i xy da gawr’s ;if*% aae hfl!.savclir.vham*rt-jj of/1- Hvre.-l. % E. Ucxps rtys. Ri m.«en. N. Y. “We Mfti ood t>r the bditi w* h« j received free &nr ifepared ffes^ltUotu”—R.i. P. Pxxxaxm ' •• b very to whom I tare recommenced It basbea ented much by tu use.”—Uev. C. D. Joxxj. Racine - imttx Here*. Astc)BPlac».N. V.—ld taeeariy par ot Frfcruarv. 1565,1 was sulTnng Dora a violent cough ci which 1 had bmi treated dunt* six montha pre viously without benefi% i htd wntoe couiplcts iyprcetratedire. to the evening, hcarseoeAi would ticmecti, which weald prevent metrom sneak Inc above a whisper. 1 bad tnen had two attacks <v bleeding boa the lute*. My taxllj phyelciau assure: mv thivbe eonld do no mere forme. I woagrowtcf ruplrtly worse, Atdaai bees compelled to leave busi ctev for nearly two month.*, AU my symptoms Ind*. cated, unml»tokably. The presence ct CONSUMPTION In the beginning or Februsrj Me. llkxbt Fison 'Jr*a*vr’Ti f ike Arumatn JHhir S cl-u-. crcsentee with a bottle cf the PREPARED PREbCIUPTICN In a lew days tny appetPe (whlcn I Dad entirely itur) returned: within a week, try ccugh had almost leP me; and tn less than two weeks the wer broken up. Thenceforward 1 recatne-dsirecctt rapidly ard an. new regularly attemling tijr d ;tl<a nsciiul tc the AMERICAN BIBLE SoCICTY. in whose •»£, n’bvnient 1 have been nine yean. 1 im tov envfln Cecil health. Your PRESCRIPTION rtWled a OCRS u hea my deeds despaired of my recovery.^ ,a.4U.; UI TIIOS. J. CONGER. , I -*1 have had Nauvotw oc Sp.i»«ortc Anruu* ftu eleven years. Durldg lie last six years 1 have neve had on uninterrupted clgLl’* rest. It cDca seemed U me that I would die bulhre I could get e»lr tnb> aj ; Itiacs. IsttfieredsocreatJTfrom'stottswofbreath. i i Uiatlwascomculled totacefronnectresia In walka; . from rr.j re«iDcr» to my puce of business. 1 ‘•ThetlehtbetorelchUlnedlhe’PßEPAßED PRS ] SCBLPriON’ wo, the worst 1 ever posted. On ottim trg the remertk, l took a teaspocnful atco- uand ogaf ' at tight, *nd -Tcpl all tight wlUiout waking. 1 hart sot tuvD a CBOKEf Mont’s am ststnu • • • • ; have now complcwiv recovered my strength and snix tie. and am nut at all aifilctM with • »hortnes*ot nrrats. I shall t>e cla*l to have any one afflicted with As;hm» call and see me. EZRA r. LAN*.»IK*N, “No.XH fonrth-st.. New Tork.” • The“PREl > ARFD enKaCKIpriON” isput wp in i II st.; Bt'CE. HU Clork-st.; J. PARSONS & Clark-su; DUCHE A sIOUKf. Dll RotvWpb-si Wholesale AcenU- fbr Chicago. HU BUKSUAJIS < VAN SIIAACK, and by Druggist* or orders n;av be addrresed to the S te OSCAR G. MO'SHS * saltation fT««. A Circular, containing PAETicruvis c» vast cases intre-rtully treated, wul be ieutiree.b, mall, to nil wbo will write for It TAOX’T BE ALAiniED^ U TOD HAVE THE Itch, Tetter, Eryij!pt*!as, Sdlt Rheum, Scald Head, Barbers’ Itch, Or, In fact. Any lllisom-e ot* tlio ©lulu. * SWAYSITS OINT.IIEST IS WAUUJNIED A SPEEDY CL’RE. jy Sold te all Drngslsts. At who’esale ny BURNUAMa ft VAN hCHxACK. Proposals. TO CHURCH EUILDEUS —sealed nro po*al* wtli be received by the Com niltree, until UllTl-PAY. iheltth .Lay ot February. I SCI, at 1 o’clock p. m.. tor th-building of a newennreh lb the Town d proviso, Cook County, according to p ana irrclfications t - 1w seen at the Inusc of rrl-riricb WiUs.Ui Section >O. fown ct Proviso. i’ro> rosalsroust be directed U> FIUKUI’ICiI WElps.Pro* vtso P. 0., Coo« t’ounty. 1U„ atenrd ‘*l*rop<wnis fbr a new chaicJu" The said Coraiiltteer■••erve the orlvl- Use o' n'rcttni any or alt the prapoaal* for the <UO«r -cut parts of tbewi-rk. _ _ v 11. VOLBERDISn. FK.WKIS6, il. C. rillKMv, A. HF.IDoRN, C. U. PUSUFCK. Proviso. Jon. 3ilb. Proposals for army TRANS PORTATION. (jr&niKKMAftTKR umcKaAt's ()mn,| I). 0., January 15. in« 7. \ SEALED PRortISALS will In.* received at Um oiUco until U o'clcclc m., cn thc iiih ct February, ISft?, for the transportation of Miliary Supplies during the J car commencing April I, 1897, and ending March 31, st\ on the following rnntcs: KOUIKNO. 1. From Fort McTbcr«on, Nebraska Territory, or snrh pout* •• may lie detertnlt<ed upon during the year on the Umnha branch of the Union t'aclilc Hal road. w.wt of Fort MclTtmcn. or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Ter ritory, to *nrh posts or ilep. la as are now or may be es tablished in the Territory of vnra’**, wed of lonizl- Imlc 1W degrees, In the territory of Montana. south of latitude Htd'gn-*-*. t« the Territory rf Dakota. West nj letiguude 101 «!• trees, la the Territory of Mato, loutn of Intu.ta.t il degrees, and easiuf bingliu b: llidsgrcc*. and In ihvTorntotloof Utah ana C«i talo north ot, latttuce 49 aren't?, tnclu'lliig, II necessary, Denver City. route No. ! From Fort Riley. Stale ol Khiiui. nr?nch poinU a* mayieiMcrti.lned upon durloi: thoyraron the Union I’iu lHc Railroad, E. l>.. to any poet* or depots that are low or may be citabll'hca In the Sinleof Karan* or In lUeTcrnlory of rolorad i, south of laiuude IJ tU*- grroa north, anil to Fort Union, New Movico. or oilier nrpol Hint may i>o drtnruat«t in that Territory, acit to . any ulhcr point or points on the mate. ROUTE No.:l. I From Fort Union or such other depot na may b» ! established in the Territory of So* Mexico. to au i port* or slatlcn* (hat arc, or tuay Iw established in ( Uml Territory, amt to such posts or tutlons na may be ' designated In the T-rntor» ol Artrnca, audta the State ofTexaa weal ot lourituih* HU decree*. i route N 0.4. I From Bt. Rant, Mlnutsota, to such post* at am now er tuny be established in tan or Mlnes.u.v,uul In that pottlou of Dakota Territory lying east of the Missouri River. The weight to bo transported during tho year wl 1 1 not exceed on Rome No. I. 00.3.0,004 pound*; on Route ' No.LSO.tWMOO pouwls;*iu Route No.3.6,oooJ7J9pouada. mid on Route No. 4, pound*. l*rcpo*al* will t>o muds for each route separately. Bidders will »tate the rale per 1W pound* pr l» I which ihcyai.l liaasp-rlthe «l»rcsln ea»n i monthoftheye.»r,bcglDmcg April Ist, IBu(,andcud* lug March si. is*. „ „ •• Bidders should cive their namra In 1011, as well as i Ibtlr places of residence. audoacli proposal anjuld l>e ! accompanied by a Imnd in u.cmtu ot t**n thmwuaa ( JlC.CMj'dollar*. sl-mi<l by two or rr ore respondbit p*r eots, guaranteeing that ID case a contract l« awarded for tie rente mentioned] In the pnpoaU to the p trty proposing, the contract win f*c accepted and entered Into, and good and snfflctenr s-crliy tarnished by told party in accordance with the terras of this adver tisement. . . . Tlic contractor win be resiuuw* to give hoaoi In tne foliowlce amounts: On home No. t, FDO.WO. i On Rome No. 2, 200. PO. 1 On Rome No. 9, ioo.ojO, On RoutcNo.4. M.CCO. . ___ . S« t Isfactory evtdet ce of the loyalty and so yenry of 1 each bidder and person clTensl as security will be re- I must be endorsed “Proposals for Army Transportation on Rome No. U J,:t,or 4, ue the c*-e may be. and nene will be entbnamed unless tray i rally comply with the requirements ol this advertise • The party to whim an award is made mart be pre n&ml to execute the co; tract at once, ana to give the required bonds for the talthlnl performance of me ton i The right to reject any and all bids that may be ! ottered la reserved. ~ r The contractor on each route mast be In readiness ! for fcrvtce by the Ist day of April. 1567, and will here -1 onlred to have a plawof bnalao?. or agency, at wluch 1 he may be communicate-1 «lth promptly and rendily for Route No. 1, at Umaba.N. T.; tar RoateNo.2, at ! Fort Riley. Kansas: for Route No. 3. at lort Lrdoa, i New Mexico; for Route No 1. at Saint laal. Minne sota, or at such other point for each ol the several j Romeo as may be Indicated as the surtlsg point of the i showing the conditions ol the contract to be enleml into for each route, can be fovl on app I cation at this office, or at iheoKccof the Qaartcrmas* ter at New York Saint Louis. Fort Leavenwortn. Omaha, Santa Fe and Fort oaeUlce. and mint accom p»oyai.dl<eapaftoltbeprt.pasals. i «>■ “ rt ' r «•>“ «“ n ' ro A *J,SS?£"i- miss. j Brevet Colonel and Aas’t yuarteraoster U. S. A. OFFICE OP THE SUP’T OF CON fcTECCTIOS OF THE U. a. COURT HOUSE. SpaiSGrizLD, Inu.-lanuary K,Wi. 1 Staled Proposal* will be received at tlwotccecf the ' Superintendent of the U. Sd>'Ufl Douse, now erecting \ ataprtnctieW. HI-mill M o'clock m., i ehrnary 9in, for all the exterior cat atone work cf the above building, trota the basement up. to be deaveted on taa premises. Drawings ol the work, showing dlrcenM ma, CttUn and extent of It, may be «eca and examined for eiila auns, at my office, or ny application at me cus tom House* at Chicago, Ui.. and SU LouK iw. proposals rou«t cemorm in all respects to the re quirements ot the plana atd apectflcatlona, and win Include the price toi thewlo e of the ashlar, and the whole of the dressings. In separate Item*. toe Depart ment reserv-ng the tight to award the contract for tae dressings and anhlar separately. • proposals w ill also be received at the office of the nnder»lpn«t tor inrmahlcg all the stock reunited tor the above cat atone work, Including the rvantar, reauy , eawee, to be delivered on the r*r« at toe depot, in we city cf Springfield, from the l*t day *»l 51 ty forwarl, I ana In such quantities as wui oe required by the hu i alio be received at my office P»r acv tlssth* above cut atone work la the wall. tncluoluk nil cran pa. anchors, stagings, etc., according to pun* o be made motthly, upon the delivery and acceptance «f the atone or work, deducting ten Oo)rer cent, until the Anal completion ol the cjn ,r AU bid* moat Ik* accompanied by the bond of two responsible person*, in the earn of f&.VOO» atone wory.liCCC for the rouih stone. and 13.000 tor setting the atone, that the bidder will accept ani per totm the contract If awarded to him, the ol the^aectrirv to be certified toby the Collector cf Inter nal Btvcntwfor the District. The bidder mc»l accomparT hta bid wllna tatnpus of iheatone he propo-ea to ftral»h,a x lacVecobe, and ihowlng the rarona styles ct hammering prp pcsed. ai*al»o a spilt or ronga lace; it moatbe plainer marked with the Initials of the parties and the nameot the quarry trota which obtained. ,_ r „ The Department rtservea the rliit to all bids if It be deemed tor the interest oftneGovera ment so to do. and to hid will be cop-ld?rcd that doe* not conform to the required enlot this • proposals should be Inclosed In a Indorsed “Ptopoaala lor cut stonework, for tough stone,” or ‘•Proposa.s f * the case roar be, and addressed t3 e A *> intem'ent D. S- CCUTt tlou«**. Sprltikfielmluou. uuhubh u. o. s.-ipcriatenai-nt. p OVERNIIENT SAXE. •I^rrrrxrtrknown as the “OOVERS*MEST TAX- Tw JSrXsromEAJi sawmill."Mt*r eatv-nve acres of lac'L n**r 6A.N 8 t?i« ?rop«tr 1* •trusted 'about two miles Anhinu»7' , n tbe San Antmuo River, and me ittlf ffwndTKtod to mu establishment by a race ol k’-nis lua’wu 1 turrascd and improvements made toy the late sc-caled Cttredcrato Givcrum-at, and are iwtltnatcd to have cost lISO/SW In soli, property nas l*«ri under lease lor the year 18W, at a ttiiniliir rent of fW), parable In ndvstc*. A »e* cured Clio la ten simple will \>e si ten by the U. S.Oit* eT w=ws»l-» trill bo mar tod “iToposaU fbr Govern* meat Tannery and Sawmill, •’ a»lj»d^re«M Dvt. MaJ. Gta. Ass*l Coa’rUarcan It r.*A. L* Oslrcston, Texas. HARUOU WOUK6 AT GRAND UA* VRSantl PUck Lake. UlcMgaa. M omcxbemtmsmxu KvntKgn, Rardob ( iNProTanawTS. Lvn Micmnax. _ < Mn.wACKite.Wtsrotwlt, January l.lwt;. f Scaled proposals, m duplicate, of the form furnished hr the undcrslencu. will N> at (id* olHc*until Thursday, the nth «Uy i.frpbruary, m«.,M Improviuß the harbors of Orasu llavon and lilac* ll»cfu*Wo»«attt*al Oravd Ravsa will consist o’ 13,(4)0ftui,u)<r««»rlew,of ciow* piling to protect tbe soutu bsniioifUieiivrra'ar in« entrance and an *t. tensionVf tbe south pier fbr GOO tat by crib* filled with * t T , he improvements at Week Lake win bo cttonsiots of me promt t iers, 3U running tat in all. and dnMc* tng. The dtooalßf will be between the birrs, and ~;r piscina the new cribs, tad will amount to 50.v.0 euu r sprciflcstlons are oa file In tbs a»c will hesbownw all who wish to examine incut fur tt* P 'tKtlSS'cffiff ß’sl «»r>to torMtb wort, ..djbt mth cfmai’rui or Tabor Wit wiit ha rredini lor a part or lor tbaetioli of eitber Tbo Krt toV noMbßl br Itctobor LWA To%o wort, will 1>« lot to ibo lowibt re.roo.b,UW4; I .or,rewr.ln.toU.L.itol auwotbortibl tonioet “StSArnl SS?TC<IM>trM to bo broool GW tito openlci C TbJ oU‘ic.lo orooouU will DO rnlonol. oooloioa 10 I ,epor*te Jj'bjtlfpj.'u. WHBSLBH^ D. h. Engineers. Milwaukee, WUw f l&rticai. 'ILL TUB UOOR OS' SICKNESS COMES, raw GABS TO Read Anything ON THE SUBJECT OF DISEASE. In the year ISW, the writer of this article emhartod In the DxcoßcfiUfxse in the city ol Philadelphia, hoc for tte lost 13 jean most ef his time has been occupied la the manufacture ot the Tarloas Solid and Fluid Kx tracts. Tbe most prominent, and to which be deem tocallthepartlcularauentloa of the Faculty and tlie Public, are the Extract Buchu and tbe Extract Sana* pnrllla, both of which are highly concentrated prep*- Uonsofthe ingredients entering Into their composi tion. One bottle of the Fluid Extract Buchu ol Sara*- parlllt Is tally equal la strength to one gallon ot tha sjnp ord'coctloc, as usually made, and hundreds ot druggists throughout the country hire adopted it ts making their syrups cf this name, and one tablespoon* fat, added to a plot ol water. Is tolly equal to tbe cele brated Llrbon Diet Drlrfc, so much used In former years to purity, turf:* rv blood, and htamt/a tJt* co mi tczfon. In calling attention to mr remedies. I w Isa It distinctly understood that the/ are not Paten* ilidlclnes.mcsicf which are compounded by pervata too Ignorant to read a physician’s simplest prescrip tion, much less competent to prepare pharmaceutical preparations. These persons advertise. This I ana compelled to do to bring my name before the people. In conversation on various occasions I hare boon ac tonbhetl at remarks Mmllar to the following, and these msde in masy eases by persons of no ordinary InlcUL gcac«>—to wit: that the medicine business is the most prutuble—all that U neecssary ts to advertise. Thoas axds have embarked with such ideas, and millions have been expended In bringing them before the public. The result ofsuch accumulated errors Is, that when brought to the test. lacking merit, tluy have been short-lived. Hew few, cf the many thousands embarking, are com pelled to abandon tbe business In a few years, entirely bankrupt! Loot hack Cfly years, and how few have been raccesttall A»k the ccasox cf theirsneceos. and you will find my statement, tn regard to merit, correct. The Science of Medicine, like the Doric column, should stand Afmpfe, pure and mnjrttlr, haviug/ncV for twba-I*. Induction tor Its pillar, and fruM along for Its capital. I contend thirc is no hnstne*s requiring these quali fications more. The medicines are brought in contact with Drogglits everywhere. I am also well aware that persons reason In this manner—that which may benefit one may be of CO advantage to anotlter. Bow mistaken the Ideal A Diuretic tor one, n Diuretic (br all. A Narcotic for one. a Narcotic tor all. A Purgative for one, a Purgative for all. Jtut ad modi so ad wholesom* food for oar I* vbcto* some lood for all. with to mure difference than tha* some constitutions require more than other?, and that perse cs la disease are Riven to despondency—expoet* In? In a lew days cr weeks, and perbapa with a stnale totUe of medicine. to be restored to health, tfnoi to youth and beauty. These persons rarely recover* lacking patterce, and tonsJderlne a few dollar* ex tended for the benefit ol their health a waate of money. Ibesc same persons may hare been years ta breaking down thetr constitution*, and probably expended tbon candsol dollars In dress and dissipation, and think nothing of It. bach forget that GOOD HEALTH IB TKI.E WEALTH. With upwards of CO.MO recommondatory tetters and unsolicited certificate*, t base never resorted to their rnMlratlcn. In this easel shall, however, append a few remarks, trusting they may lx* appreciated. I am to tbc afflicted and tattering Humanity, Their llomble Servant, 11. T. HKLMnOLI*. M.inciactarer of Helmhold’s Genuine I’rcpiraUun* [From the Philadelphia Ledger.] July L*, wo. Onr esteemed Wend acd fullow-clllrcn, Mr. 11. T TTclmbctd. informs u* that hecontempUUn removlac » lliorliyol New York, with a view ot enlarging bit btmlnrf*. We bare been acquainted with him for up ward* ol teayan; havebeen pleated wlthhla tntec* rlly and fair dealing. Comtn«cinn In a *mallway* lil* article# mutt potacaa merit to laiure the suceeaa ha lim met w lib, and irom oar acqnalntaece with him cut contldenUy tpenk that we do sot believe be U a maa who would wl*b to Impose on anj on*, roach less the afflicted, and really Inoarlontfbaalnua espcrlem M an advertising medium we have never beard ot iba tuemaof try medicine without merit. [From the Philadelphia uveato* Bulletin oi June Wto, Wo are eratlflM to bear of th« continued tuccoa* la New York of our townsman* Mr. 11. r. llrtoibokt, DmiskM. Dl« store, next tb® Metropolitan Hotel, ta 2S f«l front, 330 leet deep, and five stories in height It U certainly a grand wiablhhment.anrt speaks tovor allyot toe merit ot bis articles. He retains bis offlee and laboratory in this city, vblcb are also model es tablishments ot tbelr class. [From the largest Manuiactnrtng Chemists In tbt World.] 1 am acquainted with Mr. H. T. Helm bold; ha occu pies the drag store opposite my residence, and was suc cessful to conducting the boslncM where others bad not been equally so before him. I hare been favorably Impressed with bis character and enterprise. WU. WEIGHfMAN. Finn ofPowzES* WxiGtmtas, Mannlacturlns Chem ists, Ninth and Philadelphia. [Dnaarhs from Chemical Analysis.] After a careful analysis of UelmbolifsJ’reparaUona. they enjoy «nr utmost confidence. We consider then safe and reliable. JTEVEEKS * TAXES. Fhllulelpuat Jncc 12tb, i 960. HELMBOLD’S Fluid Extract Buchu A positive and specific remedy for diseases ot the Blad der. Eldnej", Gravel, Dropsy. The utmost confidence can be reposed In Its curative powers In above diseases, in restoring toe exhaust-, d powers of tuture which are accompanied by so many alarming symptoms amons which will be tonnd Indisposition to Exertion, cf Memory, Wakefalce**, Horror ol Disease, oc icrebodlnga ofevi!; in fact, nnlxersal lassitude, Pre«» nation, and Inability to enter into the enjoyments of society. It no remedy is used in such cases. Consump tion or Insanity ensues. Visit our hospitals, asylums and prisons and be convinced. The reader must also be aware, however sllcht maybethesttac* It is sura to affect his bodily health, happiness, and that ol his posterity. H elm hold’s Extract Bnchn wl.l pve yoa brisk and energetic feeline*, enable yon to sleep well, and la more strengthening than any of the Prepara tions cf Bars or Iron. HELRffIBOLD’S EXTRACT BIT CHIT ASD IMPROVED ROSE WASH, Cares dlswea ttUlng from habits ot dissipation and Imprudences, allaying pain and inflammation, and tor whlcb those unpleasant and datgcroas reme-Ucs are frcqurouy used. It cures at little expetse. Utile or no chance in diet, no Inconvenience. and no -xpo«are, All the above disease* require the aid of a Diuretic. HEMIBOtD’S EXTRACT OF BUCHU uls the Groat Diuretic, HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT SARSAPIRILIi Cura Scrofula, Balt Rheum, Bcaid or BoreU?a4,Tet ier.Plmplee on tbe race, Erysipelas, and eruptions ct whatever Qatar* on the laee or skin, purging out tb* tumors which mate disease, enriching the Plcod, sad BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. Dow to use these remedies so as to gusraatee a por tent cote: la all dUMWi except »b<w« arising from bablts of dissipation or Imprudeoccs. nso the Extract Rucho. in tbeae m* tbe Extract Dacha aod IKM Wash. la Rumors on tho isco. or any and every part of ibo body, use Extract »arwpafllh..a>PlyiDßto tttn ,.le. oziJ ot Etoplloa.. loictntrJ i!o.eWuii. m.o; M on.,r..oJwconm«a«i .am ■boro IIHOMO., otmiCcuA ,toWl.h »ll t»lt» on. hl«b OMI (boo, i.a 0C10.1.M >Ol otlmuHUoa cnoko. In rccot oucl. o cm. lo olrclol “ l »“" ;,bmdj .boil bttlol. »«itoc«" 01 . bo.«r to pottbooo , bol/Oottn bctllco, *c J uot CUlb tollr onottac* to ottpllelt Jltocllooo. In nblcbOM. t na enabled lo guarani* a perteel cor*. imcct letter* to niLMPOLD*d Vnz aa.l Chcoleal w.ttbotor, aHI mo»t»ty.S««Tot>.no.lM.m> poUton nolil. or HELMttuLD’b M«J«IDrK.>O» booth I..U.AL, "Sf' I** 1 ** DcscilU ijtaploxe Innll eommaalcaupoa. SoW by all Itmfffflots Ercrywhero. BEWARE OF COUMTEEFEITB, A>k for Uclßtbold*w-Talte mo otter. i \ f