Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 31 Ocak 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 31 Ocak 1867 Page 4
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Chtcafi^Cribttne* THTOSDAT, BakuAßr si, war. THE CITY. Trams W’AJfTSD.—We are In want of serml copies ofthe Twbchi cf November 25, IS6C, our filesofthat datehnlng been lust A fa/or will be eotfemd by letvi g then at oar cowulog room. Tbxßobxvus Cttm will rrert at font o'clock this afternoon, m ibiir rooms In McVlcket’s The- Atre Bnlldlng. Soldi***’ Ho«-—1 h; regular monthly meet ing Of the Board of Managers of tbe Soldiers* Some will be held on Friday afternoon at 2u 82^;Suuo^° m,orthe Yom “ [ Mcn '* c “*- Hooker and Cook of the south side of tbe Court Home; reffloaa «* Tsui—John Smith and Pat- V. S Ut ”* tte B P° n Ibe premises of Mr. Pribyr, si No, 2SB Canal street, at an early hour last Saturday morning, were veeterdavaller ll * or 1,411 ,r °m the Police Court In baH of SBOO each. Pailboad Accroxwr.—Yesterday, about nlm o'clock, a stock train of lha Alton & St. IxmU Road ran off tbe track at the Stock Yards, earn ing the destruction of three shut* platforms Th accident waa caused by the breaking of tbo Hang of the driving wheel oithe locomotive. K Frmnnux Skis.—-This morning, at 10 o clock, the surplus stock of one of our largest Importing bouses will be sold at anctlon at the salesroom of Daniel Scott, No. -161 Lake street. Persons in t .° r i. fbretcT] R° odß . of “7 dercripllon will do well to be present to-day ana examine the stock. Fint.—A little before seven o'clock last evening on alarm of fire rung from box No. 154, which was occasioned by ihe breaking out of a small fire lu a bnlldlng located at No. 474 North auk sheet, lieu Division. Tbe origin of the fire was not ascertained, and the damage done was very Ulfllng. ' Sxht to Jail.—Yesterday afternoon Mr. 8. K. Meyer, who claimed to be an Eastern lawyer, was tiresled, on charge of Mr.J. 8. Barnes, for oh taining money on Jsnnarv 14lh. under false pre tences. The accused had an examination before Justice Pchtrnwalil* and In delaull ol bill iras cons Ignefl lojsil. Cat aor.-The Detroit Tribunt of Tuesday last notices (be amti of a man named William SmlUi by DeleetJre GfugAd, In DeDull, who has been WHhlert Ih this city fur a muullt part oh a charge of abating a watch add chain from Frederick Rnithcr, i cigar add tobacco dealer. A reqm«D God fluid Ihe Govmhov Is expected ful IbeielilDi ol the pllsonei lolhisciiy. Assault to Kili.-oh Monday bight, Deter Dleist, n HAiihmaii mipluyed al Dm (>uioii Dppoi, wa« viotenily a»*aulfcd liy four or flte men, 'flinmas McDonald atid'Diidnaa Mcllale were ni> resii’rt tipnii su»n|i ton of.being mo of Dm msmild ingDADy. HnrtaHlieDollcADtmrt )e«|erday were T|W Rmorday.tfl hall PVAAMKO a Plf-R police Conrt yerteidsy morning Mollio Dosieiio, allot Lllm, Hyatt, an ahsmtooert character staying on Wells street, was committed for Dial in hsll or *sflu for “, slk v ‘ ivel cloak north 1100 from one Nellii] Clsrk bba was arrtiicj by Detective tilropscn, Oder having pswuvd Ibe article (or fso, expecting luredeemiLa* it was a chorlshoo gift fiom her poor dead husband in Oswego, New Ixbtki'ctxok os the Uabp and Piano.—A lady well known as a prominent teacher n| the harp and piano, withes to secure a class for Instruc tion In bulb or either, large enough to warrant her removal to this city. Those desirous of ac quiring mastery over these beautiful instruments, may obtain toil Information, and register their names with Ur. Lyon, of Lyon & Ilcalv. south west cornu of Clark and Washington streets. Upok Scspiciok —John Klnsaley. at the Fort Wayne depot yesterday morning' sought to make tne acquaintance of John Knapp, a traveller from Putnam County. Ohio, and finally desired to bor row moeqy of him, statmgtbat he bad been disap pointed in receiving a remittance from Cleveland. Erapp declined to accommodate him. A police man who bad been watching Kingsley's move ments arrested and brought him oeforc the Po lice Court. Kingsley was fined SSO, the fine b«- ing suspended till Friday to give him a chance to move ont of the city. There was found upon his person a small quantity of brass Imitations of gold coin. SnocKUto Accident.—About ten o’clock la»t night a servant girl fifteen years old, living in the family of Mr. pouring kindling upon the fire from her apron, when the flames caught upon her garments, an i In a moment they were In a blaze. Shcrnshol down stair* into the street, and officer Howland, who wat passing, caught her as she was mnnin * wildly up another stairway, and seizing a shawl from a man who came up, wrapped it abonther and extinguished the fire. The girl was badly burned about the arms and chest, aud her cloth ing nearly burned oil, but her injuries are not thought tobefataL The Old Folks’ Concert, Tableaux, and Fes tival, given Tuesday evening, January 29th, at Union Park Congregational Church, corner West Washington and Reuben streets, for the benefit of the Mission Sunday School of thechnrch, wil be repeated, by request, on Friday evening. Feb ruary Ist. * **’ The original programme will be varied, and ad ditional duets ardsoToa given nyMrs. Carring ton, Miss Slocum, Mrs. Bickards, and Prof. Towne. Reading by Prof. Booth. The concert will com o’cltck. Tickets maybe procured at the door. Aw iKomnors Invention.—One of the most complete and effective little instruments for Indel ibly marking articles of wearing apparel, bed and table linen, 4c., which has ever been brought into this city, was exhibited yesterday. Ills “Gross kopPs Patent Magic Linen Marker.” It Is simple in construction and does its work with astonishing rapidity and the nlmostneatnose: the marking of an entire family can be done with one and the eame instrument. It Is of great value to travel lers, and In tact to the eiay-at-homes also. Par ties interested are invited to call at the office of the agent, nnder Miller’s jewelry store, southeast corner ot Clark and Randolph streets, and see it operate. Lecture or Enolajh).—Mr. Moses-Colt Tyler Rill lecture this evening In the Plymouth Con gregational Cfaorch on “England, her greatness and her littleness.” This gentleman, although a stranger to most of oar alizcas, Is well known es a man ot high literary attainment*, and ha* recently contributed several able article* to the NewTork Indrptndmt. Mr. Tyler is also well known to the lecturing public or England, where he appeared In 1&V1 as a lecturer on veriotu lite rary, hittorica) and political topics, and at once look rank as an orator of a high order of talent. Bis lecturing fours through Great Britain have afloidcd turn gnat facilities (or becoming scqnainted with the social and political institu tions ot the land, and peculiar!; tit him to speak ou (be subject of this evening's lecture above announced Wc bespeak (or him a fall aaalcccc. A heir or Clothis.—Michael Siangan was wear ing very old and seedy garments, with which be became quite disgusted about three weeks ago. Watching his opportunity, bo entered a barn in the rear of No. 253 North Franklin street, and from the trunk of another Michael, enrnamed Tierney, be arrayed himself In an entirely now amt of clothes, and gathering up the remnants of those ho had taken oil, he look them to ihe 1 .ake shore and there left (hem, that It might be reported that be had drowned himself. It would, perhaps, have fe een a soon* of relief to the West Division fktlicc If they conld have believed such a storv, as Mao gan hid previously distinguished himself by nlghi raids on clothes lines, bnflalo robes, and the bail* of private dwellings. After an absence ol iwj weeks In the country, Mangac returned, and ot Tuesday night berg*ant Garrlcy arrested him o i Green street Belorc Jnsllcebturtevaut yesterday morning he was commuted for trial In bail of S3W. Bhidoe ron the Paris Exposmou.—Messrs. Chapin & Wells, the well-known bridge builders of this city, have completed a model of a railroad bridge, snch as spans the Chicago Hirer, turning on » pivot, wh‘ch they are about to scud over to the gres! Exposition at Pans. Tbc'model is on a scale of half an Inch to the foot, and represents truly every point In tbs conalructlon for a bridge two bundled lea In Ktulh. Toe ties, rails, gird era, bolts, arches, pivots, tnrniablS. &c.. are all exact copies of the greater w ork Intended to be , I .Wi!.t* bel, J p 9. ,ulel * Mll tbo cost of getting up that little model la nearly two bundled dollars! It* ulcety of finish will be understood. The bridge will remain In the office. No. 80 pcxjbo™ ►U’oe’, np-taira daring to-day. Parties Interested uo invited to call and Inspect It. nffl I h!i. We i ,, ..¥ ,! ““gpu the beat of onr " erieru bridge bnlldcra. They have cotulrncted some of on largest and best bridge*, and ihelr work has utter ycl been found fault with, even tiler long n*age. ’ 6»n BunnULOT.-Somellmi! on Tuesday nlchl or yerterday morning tbo ealoon of ihe late lV*t?r GJeascp, No. SO Dearborn street, was entered from the rear by burglars, who forced open the safe with a “jimmy,” and abitracted about $m The sfllopti had been cl. aed on account of the death of the pi oprietor on the previous day It wu atclcd that the barkeeper left the place at hal” pari eleven, when everything was right. In the montinc when the aaloon waa opened U was tonnd that the clock had been stopped at twentv bcfor® twelve, and the Inference is that the place was entered at that time. Appear ances Indicated that the burglars had gainodadmU sioni by the rear ana taken the safe from near me front door to iba back, and there opened 1L Of the mocey slolcn, S2B was the rcsnl: of the bust ness of Monday, and SBOO was the property of Mr. William Gleason, a brother of the deceased. It was thought, also, that some valuable papers had been abstracted in addition to the money. It wa- even suspected that these were the principal objects of their search, and that the parties were anxious to discover a sup posed will, although there arc good grounds for believing that Mr. Gleason old not leave any will. That this, bou ever, was the chief aim of the bur- Bjars was strongly suspected from the fact that a picture and mirror bad been wrenched from (be briunSrih* 10 lo ° k ,0r aa PF°® <d bidden papers _ , »«T Prmy.r nocllnz. The litehMt type ot Christian life should be the object of ail religious effort, and erery Chliatlan ehontd mliincly adopt that policy which win beat and eooncet reach tbia end. Onr Celia, f or u,e moet pm leu been theological rather than ethical Oar chlldrea Inow mare of theology than they do otprycUeal ChriatlanUy, aod are more tr/ OuenUy aimed wllh the polemic, of ufe' graces ol other. Balanew . been hreethed into the Chrlitran latter oaye. which Is meet coadaire to me Se YCiopment of the hlghen type of ctirtiSanchar acters hemgmade nse of. As the a«tent*»t..W >a iJ means to ends is more clearly apprsbrofl^ D ihi frnit* arc a more thoroagniTpractlal Ac an evidence of this it Ure the Duly“nni„ r n rreyer Meeting of onr city, than“hlaT rptritnzl power scarcely exists in onr conmrv The attendance al this meeting yeaterdav was large-and a deep interest pervaded the exercises Mr. B. F. Jacobs presided: after singing “Am I Soldier of the Cro-sT* and nraver v 7 Jacobs read from the twelfth ebspu r o: Ueurevr/ and made soms very practical and ImpreiVlvv icmarka upon the verse: “liOuklug cnto H Jesn« theantnorand finisher of oarfalthTwho for joy that was set belore him endured the crest" despising; the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Iter. Mr. Erakin said, when the Holy Satrli came In snch power as It had la the extensive re vivals, which hare swept over the land, large mn'- tlmdes came together, not from idle cariosity bn* from a convictiun that they needed to seek th- Saviour, and as many no doubt were before btm who bad come for tne same purpose, the great question to be answered for them was. “ what shall Idoto be ravedf 1 ’ In answer to that one* Uon be thought three things were Implied: Ist. There mnri Be a knowledge of am, and of tne J I S* rtor A, A belief la the record that God had given Hie hoc as a Saviour. Bd. A will iegness to come at once, trust, accept and believe upon Christ. The roon day meeting Is held in (he audience room ol the First Methodist Episcopal Cbntch. corner Clark and Washington steeeta, from 12 m. to I o’clock p. n. , RUSH MEDICAL COLLEGE. Twonty-Fonrth Animal Commencement Exercises—Decrees Conferred on Sercntr-Two Oradu ates-Tho Valedlo lory Address. St ” r ii l n'ri I ! rCl fJ , o W “ reopt,le4 ’ riai Pnjer by Her. U;H. Cole, of St. Lake', Olmrcb.l V.tßtaer. then con tolthSrtte;. ni> “ u ‘»S« 4 «*UPSCI*M..r- J*** i“* Te*rh*e wltnofliwl in erent ]v»n« Ji* 1 I***®. ll ®*’ 4 of with deep rcprcl by hi, pnetowfiomlheodlM, ,or “• '"oadeUan end much or fi. • B .? n i c * Usdlet Br.ln.rd is ao more— T e j at, i, n P ,nts eui hardly be overstated, ~a h W» ropntallon not only In this c °Dnuy, bnt also In Enrope. institution has increased from twenty-two students In l/DS, to over 800 at present, and 1.200 c n. b k MD 11 MDt 001 *«to the world 10 practice their high calling. After a fUr tber trlbnte of respect to the departed. at lho condition of Ibe lostlturton, he fr? j s* 1 A® w P nld , In virtue or the authority vested In him by the State of lltinola and the Trustees uf llnsh Medical College, proceed (o con fer the degrees. The following Is a hit ol the seventy-two cradn atesandtbclrlheses: . , . oRJLDcans. Curtis B. Amev, dlarrbma; Uplon B. Ayer, dl rcstlnn: \\lUlam H. Bnckmaster, pneumonia: Robert J.BrarkcnHdge,mncoos momlirane: Ben- JS® 1 " F : •®*H pox sH. N. Bradshaw, ca ibuttcs, Gideon V. Bscbelle. chloroform; 6uo Boeco, cholera Aslatrca; Charles O. Brown, puer peral convulsions; Joseph Van Cowan, hysteria; Wesley Clark, gonoirhoca; Jerome H. £rouse,iva- Horn; J. Gilbert Conner, natural labor; Andrew P. Davis. iDtmntttent fever; WilMam I*. Dunne, T-, Bongan. animal heat; UW. Esisbrook, natural labor; William Eaton! £l ue ! , s7* Charles A. Edgar, rhucmatlsm; Curtis Treat Fran, nen-e force; James l.uthcr Gaudy. j,f E o. Wftr s J ; Hobson, duties and responsible wmufJHf Dbyplcl^i; John Hughes, erysipelas; William Baker Uaihawav, cerebro spinal inenln gills: John W. Hensley, mansgerarnt of the placents; bsmncl Hawley, phlhUla pulmonallv; S, K. Hew ill, inflammation; J. P. Hume*, rilgesdon; John N. Jones, intennluent fever; Avery Knight! ca.arrb inllie head; Hiram D. Kellogg, tyuhola ever; Benjamin Frai kiln Ulerolff, history of med- UJny; Jnstm WorlMn* Lamson, typhoid fever; William A. I All n.pueumotlaj William J. Ungfitl, tabercular phthisis; Albert Morrall, pucumonia; Nicholas I(. Marshall, post pannm hemorrhage; Joseph H. Mayo, tn««ihellcf In labor; George K. Miller, oiees'iou; Joseph W. -Moiey, signs of piegniucy; W illiam 11. c. Moore, man, his ad vance In edificet Allen P. MU*en. relations of physiology to practice; J. C. Merrirk, typhoid fivers John Massmau, typkuld f-ver; l-rede ••fk D, Noise, chronic llrigufs dIH-s-e; Alex order 11. New(ntt .normal urine; I! 11. Newell, abortion! 8. T. Gdell.iisendotmimiitnnouscrouut Hebty It. Palmer, ili uegMit Hllllara Porter, cir! |-iilMoiy system* Ueoige W. Hay. preum-mlat t harlee A» Hockwou'h Irpholrj fever; Uulphtis *■< Hshilall. relslintiß of anatomy and -ttieeryi Jednson Hhlilusmh, malmiat ■tepheii K, Hohiti«r»vi ablma‘ healj Daniel P. bout, ahmlltihs i P. WllMnin .Sehtratn temtinefa ollhePhysuisni f, .Nettlon Ptewart. epliepav; IfWlh It. Ppoohef. (laimal labori John PlmiMioti, David 1 hellahD, inanstfritjeni of |tj. lai/lsj Mfbsn T, minfhe/, tnalarta j .tnittM H. f»4t'oidi liunihiiis of lb ejtiow i N. P, P ♦pi imiil, Johh J. Isyiofi sfflflalliia i Alesaibipf w. lroiil, l-jiiulsvi John i*. iaimnn, snlmai fniaii f ' Vf " nl'K *!’ V' wMfnnf«mi« on DNv|rt lMnr«, M, D., or Jsrksonvi e, |||„ aitrt i.«in h, t ß rr. «. D„ of Murtl.on. Wla, VAIEIMOTOIIT. Profflaeor K, Jnettlu men delivered (ha vale dictory to the graduating data, lie «ald (bar lie would content ItuneeU *»Ttii giving a few practical Miegestlonu winch might be for ibelr lienadl. T bey had now completed ibe course o( alurtyim poem upon them, and be could now welcome ibeiu into the grm brotherhood of tlio e who practise the healing art. Their positions had chanced, aud they wore no longer In the relations or teachers and students. lie cannoned them not toillnklbai they bad now completed the mo«-t difficult part of their course. Their labors thus tar bad been but preparatory to cultivate and strengthen them for their work. The first thine which they would now have to con Ider would be (be selection of a place for practlclne their profes sion. He advised them to choose a healthy and cnltlvatcd place where they would bo willing to spend their lues. A change of location often nre v« nted a physician’s success in life. They owed to themselves the dniy of self-cultl vation and continned improvement. It was not enough to beskilml physicians, not they should also be gentlemen in the best acceptation of the term. Iflhey did not continue to caluvato their minds they would not fit themselves for thehlch position which they ought to hold. They should provide themselves with the treasures of litera ture, periodical and other, as far as their means would allow. Jbcir flies should be preserved, and a valuable collection would thus in a short time be made. Labor, be said, was at the founda tion or the science, and do not spend mnch time on theories not ectabtlshcd by practice. Have method in the habit of study. Your studies, he said, have but commenced, the alphabet has only been mastered, the litres hold passed: the Hem of labor Is ample aud cx baastlces. Ibe radical elements of tne science should first be thoroughly mastered before the more abstruse questions were tried. Clinical ob servation ana instruction are hut (he superstruc ture: the fonndation mast be built on the radical piiudples. To their patrons their best services arc owed, and every kindness and attention. Every professional secret rnmt be kept In honorable confidence. To sodetT all the elements of good citizens are owed—public and private charities and moral ex amples. He aovised them to get money byindos toons labor. It will give a feeling of indepen dence, save those dependent on them from want, and increase their usefulness and bapniness. Eat cbaracier is more Important than 'wealth, and should be prized above all things. „V P° fi? 1 P. r 0?. 0?e a brief period of scxnce. En list lor life.' io practice long they must look to »heir own health, rhysioams are apt lo forget themselves— their exposures aud anxieties are peat. They have no belter friend than their own bodies, and should care for (hem. Be not too sensitive about the opinions of men; trust to time to make them right beek the so ciety of the pure andnoble-roluded. Be governed by uiecode of medical ethics. Avoidcoinroverey with all men—no good or progress comes from it; it only detracts from ibe capadiy for usefulness. Lr-t all have their own opinions. The le«a, he said, that yon have to do with politics the better. Avoid w rangllngs and quarrels on any topics. The less that is said about the many spurious gethics that impose upon mankind, the better, ontroversv wilt not destroy these vermin, Su perior skill and deportment will best overcome them. Their ranks had In the last year been broken by the grt at destroyer. But, though Draloard .8 dead, he stfil lives. Tnefrultz of the institution walch he planted in the wilderness twenty-five years ago remain as his monument. Had be lived, be would have addressed me class that night, and his subject was (o be “life and Dcatu.” The genus of thought which he planted will grow to all time, and the good that be did will live after him. Daniel Bramard was horn in 1812, in the west ern part of New York; graduated from the Jef ferson (school in 3534, and settled In Whltehoro. In 163 Che removed to Chicago. Went to Europe In ; returned in 1911. Was appointed to a Professorship in SL Louis and went there for a year or two. Came hack and opened his office nhcic the Tnnums office now stands. lie was vo y poor at first, sleeping on his office floor, with his satchel for bis pillow. Athls diath he lefts large fortune, lie was a man of great euergy and resolution. Ills early education was poor, out by application he hccatnca blghlvaccomplished man. demonstrating what determination can do, and showing the folly *t refusltgio admit students In :o medical Institutions who bare cot bad early edncatlo* al advantages. He bad a weight ofchar ■clerical moulded the Intellect and elevaledthe principles of thote whom be instructed. He was a very conservative surgeon, carod little for eclat or show, never undertaking operations of donht fnintuity. He was a man of great general Infor instructive convcr “ UoD most pleasing and Many thought him to be haughty and cold, but he knew no reserve with those In whom bo con fided* and he had no pride towards those below . ®w’ ae M lO ,rlcnd of every man who was a Inend (o himself. A man ol etrlct Integrity, and n U fc Vt eT 7 ' va f exemplary. His place is well filled by Dr. Gunn, who is well known as a man of great ability, and as a lecturer unsur passed. As a class, he said, they had done much to make the Place of tbetr luatructors ploarant, and “W ,b ? nt *- d them for this. They should ever follow them In their coarse In life, rejoice la their success and grieve In their misfortune, and ho hoped ibatlho faculty of tbclr Alma Mater would ever have a green place In their memories. Dr. Illaney stated that it was hoped that the next session would be held in the new and com modic ns building now being prepared. Jlh* benediction was then prononneed by Rev. Mr. Cole and the exerciser closed. ADVERTISING SWINDLES. Different Phaara of the Confidence Game— Dupe* “Warned.” Clilcago, like every other great city, swarma with men. idle, unprincipled, dissipated, who are constantly taxing what wlta they have to obtain a living without labor, hy Imposing upon the confi dence of the crcdulons and Inexperienced. The methods which they take are generally such transparent impostures that It (a a wonder that so many are still entrapped, especially since the ilalty press teems with examples and warnings. Ihe fortune tellers, astrologlite, gift book and gilt concert operators, Peter hunk inctionerra. many of the advertisers for partners, clciks and timr-kcepors, et id omn* j'kws. are members of the great fraternity of «witidlcra, which <e much more numerous *h«n u commonly snppos- d. One of the most fi eqnent schemes or these black c.c j ,s th*t °( advcrtfslnc for employee of various kinds, with the direction to endow fifty cents to pay for the advertisement Applications from the great unemployed row Ip at once in astonishing •mmbera to the fictitious address given, generally. In care of the office of the newspaper In whlca the notice appears, or on call at the Post Office: tho advertiser comes, reaps his harvest, goev. and Is •een and heard of no more. Tho confiding re fpocdenlswait tor the expected sltaatlon until the more Intelligent cornu in the conclusion that their irnatmg natures have been trifled with; but some have so tittle suspicion of their fellows that they only think that their letters did not reach the ties titiation or that their acquirements were not suffi ped a an? * ll p * UcnUy down, ready to be entrap- The advertising colnmoa of the Toibcxs arc occasionally made unwittingly the medium of In troducing three gentry to the public, as It Is not nlways poaslble to tell the true from the false ad vertisers. No notices of the kind mentioned, however, arc admitted when their real character is ?ut the mere anspldon of fraud is not nffident to Justify the exdnslon. A abort time ago an advertisement appeared rallmi* or “two young men, honorable and of good chare . ~f or ‘“^“e-ket!pera;• , also for a “ma chinist, 1 and oOering to pay three dollars per day 7he usual fifty cat fee was demanded to cover Zi'cnecs. with the promise that u should be re tamed If the appuratloa proved unsuccessful Some seventy or eighty letters at once poured Into the TioncßE counting rooms, but the clcrk« bad detected the nature of the came, and took pains to hand back to the applicants their replies, with a Imlegratnl'ons advice. A few of the epistles, which were thrown down and left without observ ation, remained In the office, hut most of them were restored to their too confiding writers. The man whose money-making ■chcne was thus blasted bad a little dingy place, called an office, on Clark street, up many flights of stain, where other features of bis confidence game were carried on. Another sim ilar character has for some time been trying to make bis fortune by advertising for “a partner with s small capital In a flourishing business,” or a clerk or book-keeper “ to take charge of a real estate office” and “deposit SSO, as security.” He has been repeatedly arrested before his schemes came to ahead, and fined or sent to the Bridewell, from which secure retreat be has just again emerged. The plan ofcourse.was to secure the amount from as many as could be sufficiently duped, and then depart suddenly, leaving the ** business” to take care of Itself. Other forma of the “confidence game” might bo - Instanced. The well-dressed gentleman who de sires a temporary loan on a watch or check, or well-flltcd carpet-bag, ormerely on the strength of the statement that he la going to the same place as the victim: the “panel gome,” when a snowy female inveigles a young man Into her apartments Into which, when be begins to take liberties, walks suddenly Indignant “husband,” and levies h’ack mall to appease hte outraged honor; the widow who advertises for correipondence with a similar object In view; the “aged i>bv«irJ*n whoseaand. of life have nearly run «d’ , —th«eme a lew on the long list. We smile comfortably to bear Hut the latter benevolent Individual was an propilaleJy answered by.the wag who sent, by ex press, “c,0.d..”a weighty box of sand, with a note staling that as he beard that the “Doctor's” sands were nearly nm out he took the liberty to send him a new supply. It is not intended, of coarse, to Imply that snv rrcat proportion oft he notices of clerks wanlci Ac., areepnnous. The advertising columns of a psperare, In the main, a faithful ethibll of the wioob business wants ofthe comm tnliy, and the conauince itemsi are but vccssiona cou"lerfcUa of tbesonalne nblchUie experience will gener ally detect U la safe to assume that where the advertiser ask* a remittance to secure a situation 5 r P*T for the noiloo, or offers remarkably op*batile terms, there is a “ confld !tjcc came” in the background. Fair, lejlt'iaate nneiness makes dovarydaxxtlng promises; bard labor or hard cash arc as a rule the only mesas of acquiring fortune. If the many who are witching eagerly ■or openings for profitable employ nont will boar these facia in view and look at Inducements which are held ont In a reasonable light, many of them will rare themselves the morttflcaU in and lo«ol becoming victims to the thirsty blood-suckers who Infest (he city. PASTORAL INSTALLATION. Rot* B. H* Graham, D, D., Indactod as Pastor of the Free TTUI Baptist Church. Tlie services marking the installation of Rev. R. M. Grtbam, D. D.,»aa Pastor of the Free Will Baptist Chorda of this dly, took place on Wednes day evening in the audience room of tbe ehnrch, corner of Peoria and West Jackson jkvvls. After Ibe usual opealug exercises. Rev. U. E. Whipple, of Hillsdale, Michigan, preached AMfinon from Acta 1 fourth verse. lhe speaker first enumerated some of the quali ties ol amlnistcr ol the Gospel. Ho should he f£SS. !ca » ?^. en ,0 doi 9 Blnd 7- The minister is a teacher, and be cannot Interest If he docs not him £«< “owthe things beforehand. Ha should aku bare wisdom to dl ccin the time andjiubjcct tor speaking. He should possess moral courage, and while be knows that mnch or the Divine Irnlhs are repugnant to men, he should cot fall to apeak boldly. The heart of the minister should bo a -ympatblrlng one. Jt Is desirable that tbs minister should be a gentleman, and prove an example, as well as an ornament, to tbe people. He must have a good reputation sen atalc from bis character. Though many who pos sess these qualincatious tall m thc-lr work. It is tiecofcsary lor a man who desires to succeed that be possess them. They mart be supported bv a power back of all earthly girts Ho spoke of lhe yasl number of young men now studying for the mini-try in onr seminaries, surround! d by all the advantages which wealth or position ran Ooslow on them. He spoke of those b“_, d gone forth and becatne drones in the vineyard of Chrtrl. In the Scriptures a great number of cases are given where men chose to administer die truths ol Ood,bru failed because of power Peter was unable to stand against a gul when ebe accused him of being a Disciple. ClnUl told the Disciples to remain In Jerusalem null! (hey had received the Divine messing. IMs power being conferred unman does not change his character; uls s ill a man of passion, aim prone *.o all the sins of the world. Bui this D riiie power strike* the very heart and fills It with limb. Ptoysrbrcomee to the minister anolli cr afialr than bemre. He h-couies like Jacob, who held awret communion wllh God In prayer. Tj:o«d»lress dosed wplm fe * doriuent remarks lo the people, hoph g that God In Ifis Providence vronJd nostow ou thdr minister the Divine power, so Dial tvllb his uuiuard quahficatiuns he may go out *»‘rt In hefoie ill a trne aervanl oft’lirDt. WM ell ° n ' tired *’7 I,er * P* Anglr, of Ihe eliargeio Diepaslorwas dellrcred by Hev. G. P. Drsrtlev, Racine, WK, who spuka of his coining fni (he flt<l Mine among Do* people, birt liV «r a " l a, '«"D Rrt «n khf- hint In cmiimclioit wnh the J/r.fnpip v or*, liMainrs in (heUhurdi at firn, a .. Ml ,ie hid done Id th*! hdl aing of lllllsflite College, The duties of (he jisrtot |7» ihe People Were nil lecotniM, and hi i 6 t. tHHij* PoiiirCll lhe light hatidof fe < low.hlp Hip eMNdflmlio Die hew pastor, ilieu ileJDerert ihe ml u ! 1 IM HMievieweii Hie lilslnrr nf if f ilioli'o, mill miHfaiiilsM iliu pmiplrtod ltß)r*«.|piili,n, iliducro.aiir oftniiiy , t f liniton Hi Wilqr to fluid sum's*, was s|mh*h of, Tha inm, p|u wi'ie lUrnurt to slmw rimli jiasior thal lh«y meiilHMnrt *Tih hiNaulioiia. Words mol B r|, «rn lhe Hays hi alilrh Jli« pnoplo ian support ih»ir oabtiir, UioU wrefuJly niter tha wants uf hU f»m iiy, which are more (Duo a hunsu and cloililnn. Do not ask 100 mnch ofthe partor: exerds»com mnn sunse with him, unrt when his dm mu arn nn ravions do nol turn the cold sbonlrttir, hut assist him In Ids troubles. Rat* cm your pastor highly fop ids labors, and may God bless you both. Hey. c, 11. Fowler, Pru.ldom of the Northwest vrn Univeißtly, then, for thu city, lu a few perti nent remarks, welcomed live pastor to bis new i:eld of labor, whi're soul* wore lo be con verted in a short time, or be lort. *1 he lo ocdtciiou, pronounced by the new pastor. Rev. It. it. Graham, closed the exercises. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Divorces Grouted and Asked-Judg ments—Sow Suits -Tax Warrants. The business of the Circuit Cocrt yesterday was as follows: in (he case of Benjamin F. Qulmby against William Lenton, principal, and the City of t-Oicago and others, as garnishees, the city was dlfcthatced. and an appeal taken. the matter of the contcpt recently alleged against Oliver Adams for disobeying an Injunc tion of the Court, permission was given to ex amine Adams touching the matter. A new tslal was denied lo the case of Thomas Tilley vs. J. L. Spaulding, and an appeal taken. Jhe case of Thomas Wright etal. vs. Thomas finches. An action on the case submitted to the Court December 2Gth last, is on trial. The de fondant made a chattel mortgage coverin'* a two horse vehicle, and It was alleged that ho wrong fully converted the same subsequent to the deliv ery of the deed. A divorce was granted to Frcderika R. Quinn, separating her from James E. Quinn. The facts la this case as developed by the Master’s report, are that the parties were married May 13.1551, the woman’s name l«lng Gaiter, la this county. The bill charge* adultery. 3 Thomas Moore, ianltor, testified that be knew defendant in Swift’s building in is« 2, when he occupied two rooms, in one of which a yomi** girl named Allison lived. He ptid the witness for keeping her room In order, and dnring this time Bhewas sick. By the testimony of Sarah Jane Mullen Itappcaredthat this woman. Allison, was named Ellen, and worked in a tailor establish ment on Wells street. Mrs. Margatet Barry then testified. About Christmas Ellen Allison bosrded with her until May, IcGk ’ibis witness had board conversation about the defendant visiting the girl unknown to the family, and on ouo occasion going off with her Ida Franklin, of Milwaukee, testified that de fendant told her that he wav ke.-ping Miss Allison, and in me spring of 1>65 Ellen Barney brought to her mother’s house in Peoria a child, eight or nine months old, which she sa*d was Quinn’s by a sew ing girl whom be had seduced under promise of marriage. This witness also stated (hat respond ent acknowledged to her an Improper Intimacy wilhanolher woman, then living in McCormick’s in the common law branch of the Superior Court, which ha~ been Id tca ion, under us stat utory power, since thodayfor the closing of the •■{■unary term, for the trial of an unfinished cause, averoictwas yesterday rendered. The case was of Akin, Hnrlbut 4 Co. against the Grand Frank Railroad Company of Canada. The soil was to recover for a loss on wool shipped hence to Boston and delayed at Marais, c. W., In the winter season ot ’W-5. The defence was “unavoidable deten tion, by the act of God,” excepted generally by onblic policy, aud especially by mo bid of lading. Tbejnry found the Issuelor plaintiffs,and assessed their damages at $2.810.5L Motions for a new trial were entered by both plaintiffs and de fendant. Jorcpb Slack confessed Judgment In favor of Anthony Lecbkl for B£2O.UJ. The new suits In this Court were: Nicholas and John Schneider vs. U. c, Thomp son: case. Damages laid al SI,OOO. Alonzo Htrvcy ct al. vs. Schooner Gntde. This la an appeal from a Judgment by Schoenwald, Jus tice, for $06.60—a balance alleged to be due lor ad vances and dockage charges. The procosdin* Is by attachment. Eduard Bussell et al. vs. Henry B. Bryant. Henry D. Stratton and Hour? A. Merrill. As sumpelt. Damages SOOO. This la an action by the proprietors of the Davenport Gazette for ad vertising charges amounting to s£37. In the County Court, Anua Marla Schnmaker was appointed testamentary guardian ol Mary Schuster, under a bond of $4,00j. Ibcrc are now pending in the Superior Court 210 applications for Judgments on special assess ment, by the city. These cases will come up for bearing al the term commencing on Monday next, and pldectlcms to the judgments must l»o bled by Wednesday of next week. The follow ing is a portion of the spcclflcaaons of the war rants upon which Judgments are sought: For tmtlon oflamp post on W»ar. between Clark and Fionklin streets; ou South Water, be tween « abash and Michigan avenues; on Indi ana avenue. between Twenty-Second and Twen ty-Fourth streets; on i'ratnc avenue and Six tceutfa street. For filling, grading and planking Court place, between LaSalle and Wells streets; alloy from Eighteenth to Twentieth streets, between Michi gan avenue and State street; gutters on IVairic atenue, from Sixteenth to Twenty-second street; blxtecnlb, from Mate to Pralne avenue. For grading and cindering Archer road from Reuben street 10 estern avenue. For macadamizing Hslstcd street from Archer road to Thirty-Oral street, and thence to E»an ave nue. n For paring Monroe from State street to Michi gan avenue. For opening LaSalle from Jackson to Tan Da ren street. For curbing and paving Washington from Slate street to Michigan avenue. „ for Private drains on Wabash avenue henrem TwemhaTidTwcmy-iPcond streets, on Van Baron from Michigan avsnue to State street, and on >\ella K'twceu Van Bureu and Taylor streets. *.? r Bhcnnau street from Van Uarea 5? gra> clllnc M Ichlgan avunne from I “^P |,cc to Twvldh street: for paving Uru.vold \*n Bnreu to l*o!k rtrcct; LaSalle street from Madison to Jackson street; South ' Val , c ' r |p r s ctfr , om South \\ atcr street from Clark to Franklin street; Milwaukee avenue from Dcsptalurs to Kmale For private drains on LaSalle street between MadUon and Jackson streets: uu Van Uurcn street between buie street and the river; on Washing ton street tatween Slate street enn Michigan ave nue; on Canal street from Lake and Madison streets; on West Madison street from Daisied ■met to the nver; ou West Randolph ircctbctwccn HaMed street and tho river; F or plai'klng alley between Twelfth and Foure tevntu streets, and between Slate street and Wa ba»h avenue; Conch place, from Franklin to Mare ket streets; Demon place,from Stale street to J> abash avetoo; alley between Eldtidge and Hanover conrta. throngli Block 19: alley i IS Block 4. Dearborn Addition; alley from faovne to Itobev rtree.Mßlocks3); alley tb/ongbßkSvS cISS2 « ro i Vb " ,ock A Mather s Addition; alley In north half of Block inS?, o AidTuoV?' “• 1,; *”' J ln B ">“ >• To supply a defldcncy in assessment for plank ing touch place, from Dearborn to Clark streets • and for opening Thirteenth street ’ «»Ai! 0 * r( 2L Ul#c ! ecUoll of Ixmp-posts on Twenty ninth street between Indiana and Calumet avenues; on Peck Court between Wabash and ra^»l a *i“TK onei -. : avenue between i'3 eo J y ‘Sfel tl and , Twcnty-ninth afreets; on J\venty-flfth street between Indiana and Prairie av «oc and Taylor street adjacent, on Prairie avenue between Twenty .SH? 1 “> d Nineteenth; on corner of Prairie avenue; ou Hare clsrk ; on Calumet Twenly-sixth * D d Twenty-nluth steeeta, on Indiana avenne between Fourteenth and beyenteenth streets: on Sixteenth street \te- street and indUua avenne; on Van Wcll r aod Ma:ket and be “ls .u nd Gnswoln streets; on Indiana aunne northward to Twenty-nlntn street; on Twenty-scconn street between Indiana and \Va street ' on „?nbbard between Wood and For constructing sidewalks on Twentv-seennd stxcet, between Calomet and Kankakee • on the west sloe of Indiana avenue on Kankakee avenue, between Twenty-sixth and Twcmv-nln^ side of Clak street; on the north side of Twenty, west side of Kobey, between Madison mii «-«, sas “S H^lUon a «d Washington? on WKtiS. S ?iTOu e!U!ni °“ or n of Walnut to Renben streets. cltn^S^ 00 E^th a & Alsu, for widening Warren street. Nobl ® street, from Mllwau k« e avenne to North avenne. ,„ la . Court the only new proceed ap9?,,?P for diTOrcc - by Mattie Jancagamst Nathan C. blmpsno, on the ground wrh <s Ti ' P“>“ WMonurHud NoTimlier »)th, iaa. In Ssi;"imon Connty onhU Sl»tc. A Cbixi-ii. Loose Aqaih.—Charles Schultz, who U only recenliy out of six months* rarvice at Ihe Brideweil, where he was consigned last stun mer upon a complication of heavy char*ea,ie volnngafinllcry, family abuse, and the alleged destruction of two Intact children, on Tuesday nlchi|ocked bis doo s against bU wile, and ata laio hour she applied at the Central btiaou for lodgings. Yesterday afternoon Bch tHz waa brought > before the Police Court, fined 850, and required to give bonds of 8500 to keep ibe peace. SNOWY TROUBLES. A. Scries of Sidewalk Discussions Con< tinned In the PoUce Court. The continued case of Isus Howland and George Donaldson charged with disregarding the leatruclions of police officers regarding the re moval of enow from the sldewilk, and with abas lug them when civilly requested to conform to the to . t^ es ' was cnlled before the PoUce Court yesterday morning, occupying Us Omasa hour and a half or two hours. ***• n °' vl “d, who la one of the silvery stable at the corner of Stale *i nren Jtreclw, has on several previous 'rtlh the police author t4jscn,al:opcUjer« baa created a dispo p*^lmcn, 10 require strictly,andto Ihe very letter, his conformity to orders they may and on U»B part of Mr. “ r °~fiViLii?jL b ir ® m P)°Jees each a bluer dislike ?tß«£fiL? e s , £JlJ 1, f t u presence ol one excites a singular desire to heap upon him tbe most lin KQagc and drive him away. SSST£« €/. nceeedw « lhe flrßt heavy tall of ol n,K week, Mr. Howland was via- tk 11 U l? ctl a ,V d ,c< l nc *t«rt lo remove the Wi. ? B fr ,ld B mlk,ta front of his promises P^-M* 1 ® *^ d ' “Boren streets. The officer was told in reply to mind bis own business, and given hL oot*fSK d « at h ®. w p oJd clean tbe walks when *££££&* Nevertheless. be soon had the work iS,J )ro £i Rolf an hour alterward the officer CJ?*IQS^ 1 Q S^“ n ? f ? u , nd Uwt a portion of tbe snow bad Im* , ii5 < n fro V > 'i 10 elde-walk to the cross tn u&f?. d P°^ ,arid Immediately notified InnthfL 11 . a 'r a i?" ,up l? 116 ITU treated with n*J. Imcn X,?f dllhT abUße - No* lone • vi W#r s’ Officer O Connor, In passing by tbe n Ul#t lbe Bnow wh ‘ cb Dal /alien ?*»?“ 4VLY a , aB Sr en B . trcet 5T alk hoJ been removed i?.^2» aU ®?f lcadll, P from Van Burcn to Harrison «Vn C . e i’ _r m b P° 1 H # |° Donaldson, au em ploye of Mr. Howland, and asked II it W.«v dp leave thesnow lliere. la imUaUon of bis emuloyer. Donaldson began tu curve “d storm in toe most violent msnnsr. He was beard by Mr. Howland, to whom It seemed LY?.£ n , ccl,ol \?? d ho «**’isUid anolber small fJopooßiit newdelogaloof itieclly an- Inorltlce. Ibe language usediva* not only pm fan». and abusive, but obscene enough to put tbe blneb upon anyibiug that Wells alrcel conld muster. Tbe loud talk at tracled a crowd o> twenty or thirty people, who CO .V. .? n ’ly reckoned upon a fight. Mingling with these were Mr. Ilowlaua'a employes, eager for a muss, and using lmgua>»p nrovokfng « , nott"h to excite ouo. A« lho crowd Increased, so did Mr Hon tni d s belief that be was a martyr for lhe nub lie good, and that ibe s and he «m taking was. If not a “blclblng on Ice.’-at kart a big tulii*» on snow, lie was strengthened In this delusion br a bank cashier, named Briggs, who was on ht* way down town and stopned to see what the crowd «ss excited about. Mr. Briggs was a prop erfy owner'Umseli, and be belie red n> lnM n ii ri * ,r “/ other man” bad a righto levy such dlsf■ ess noon people as ilr. Ilovviitnl was n ' U , W‘ l "-, Be volunletred to say to Mr. . Bt'irtik.'* and die erl dinlly kit fi (roln the Colima of hta heart, Asa !i llc ,mild ttot ktiiemlief a Auf he psuninii Int-giMHC used by ibe eenllemeu In li e bus, and his vnltinieeted fertlnioiiy was more tiinidtjalde as a gusli o'Byniiiallir lot lhe prts* l * n. l ». < ' Biati lot 1 any beafitig 11 listl upon Wn {Towianrt, Uk alleged, d»ltcd lti!> offieitfaln flllt’sl him n tllidiK a tvaffsin, Ibfeifidieil Id bFeah Wflsoti lhe gener< ally, tin Irthlay l«»j. lln?lwoiiirtt worn Nrilally "ABfnlnnilM In* Ihdk'o Ootiri. ««*i| yiM|olda»"| S *li)g 111 lines nf flu each, IbedelPfidaids jinme<ijam[y gaveiMUtca t»flMr Hdeiilinn lo appeal lhe silll,' If was appst rent, the gsmlemaM MioHght, llml ihu delend* ftV.® PO| L% lliwti, Ihmitftt they did nut say as riitioli, loMoylnp an ImpfUMhm that Uiay halkved tha Inllre anllmdlks in bo Imbliunfly m trouble upon such manors. If any such Ideas posseted n etrmimU, tin y might have Umii derived ’rmn Mr. Howland’s ow n imubk*, us il U allogcd that ho naa noon Arraigned soma two or inroe times for nbsirucitng the Hbkwaiks. In each instance tbe i onrt, with a Pnttyqidto unijiprodated, suspend ng tljo cxi-rntioD ol fines, llu lurtber ata-ed (but bo is the only man In the South Division with whom the Police force have had so mnch trouble upon this subject. Too fines imposed In this case «ere merely nominal as com pared will, tbe causes widen led to tbe arrest of the panics. If, as was alleged by the defendants, the officers were too peremptory in their demands, there Isa legitimate and more effectual way of punishing them than by ontrageous abuse TRICKS IN TRADE, Latest Specimen*—Half Can Oystcni. “ There arc tricks In all trades but ours,” Ik an oft quoted expression, whose purport Is that all men are dishonest, but that none will own lotho soft impeachment. There In a good deal of truth In It, though like all sweeping charges, it Is a lit tle overstretched. This natural dishonesty, fostered by the sharpness of competition, crops ont wherever wo go; Ills seen in short weights of coal, hay and groceries. In small measures of po tatoes, vinegar and whisky, and In diminutive lengths of carpeting, cloth and calico. The same vice simulates qualities which articles do not possess, and conceals delects; It turns under the rotten side of an apple, and puts toe biggest peaches on top, fcU forward the best foot of a horse, and makes dim the room where dry goods are inspected by wouli-he purchasers. It is the same lu kind, though not in degree with that other dishonesty which picks a pocket, or passes counterfeit money, beats a man"at faro or borrows money of him by the confidence game put the world makes a great legal distinction between cheating and stealing; at the worst the former Is seldom pnnUhed but by civil action while the latter subjects the offender to imprison, ment. When tbla mercantile cheating trap is baited with the cheese of low prices, the temptation is irresistible. Poor humanity seldom has wisdom enough to perceive that what la offered at less than Us regular price Is an Imposition, or s steal unless in the seldom found, but ott vaunted, case ot being forced toscll at s loss. Still as the world grows wiser, the necessity recurs oficner for re sorting to this plea. Ibe merchant now ad vertises that be la selling at a ruinous sacrifice, ortauge he is closing his store (at night), and he who oilers you a piece of bogus silk or a brass watch, at “ half price,” is sure to Inform you that he is ont or funds, and must sell in order to raise money to pay bis board bill. In the case of the party who meets von confi dentially and offers to sell you a bargain, you may assume with about equal chances of being right, that the Roods are either a cheat or hav * been stolen. Where goods (so-called) are offered at public sale, auction or otherwise, and much below the rnlliigpriccs, the most natural inference is that there la something bogus about them, the only .exception being in the case where the seller w Wies to clear ont not only his stock but himself, and without paying for bis goods. Good prices do not always ensure good quality and full weight or measure, but bad pncce arc decidedly Inimical thereto. The provero—“.he best Is the cheapest” ?n the lone run—will h.ild accurately, though the dearest in price at the time of purchase. One of the shrewdest devices tor swindling the eulliblc portion of the public, and one by which u meat many have been swindled, was brought to our notice yesterday. It la a most ingenious dodge, and the discoverer is worlhv of being im mortalized—lu the Penitentiary. The swindle is on oysters. The delicious bivalves are numcronslv enn snmedio Chicago; a great many people seem to live op oysters. They take a dish of oysters do * n town in the middled the dav, have oy.-ters in their season (none or two forms, ontbedlnuer table, and come down town again In tnc evening, where al least one dish of oysters Is taken before they relum home for the night. Bratdea all inese, there arc numerous etceteras In tnc case ofovsicr suppers taken In public In aid of charitable enlcrpifres, and private suppers taken on the decision of bels, or on the meeting with somefnend whom they may not have seen for a week. These Iccidentala still further augment the sum total, which is something enormous. Dow great it is we dare not even guoss. hut it may be thought of In connection with the fact that nearly every saloon and eating house offers oysters stewed, fried o: raw, that every grocery keeps them for sale, and that almost every apple stand and candy store has a few cans of oysters on hand, for the supply ol the families In their im mediate \ldnlty. These oysters cost something; a good deal In Ihe aggregate; also singly; also by tbo dozen, causing the eater as well as the eaten, to shell ouL Ihe cost of the oyster—or the dozen—wnen served in the restaurant. Is not often found fault with. People go to cel a dbh of oysters, and a few cents or diflerence I*nothing; they do not like to look mean; not much cbsuce to swindle there except downright in charges. But with the fam ily cot sumption It it different. The wife whs likes oysters, as well as her lord, and who either burs them for her Individual consumption in b»* absence, or for a family titbit, looks at the cents. Her housekeeping expenses are already high, and If she can cut down on the price of oysterall I# as good as to do the same thing with butter. Here is the temptation to defraud. One dollar and a quarter per half can Is high, even Id com parison with high prices ol other things at this Juncture. Some enterprising centos has recently Imported hither a lot of cans which are offered In the mar kcl at filly rents each—len than ono-half the regu lar price. They have been nought op with groat avidly. Thousands of these fifty cent cans harp been tonght within (wo week*, but no one buys them a second time. They are like the apples of Sodom. They waste In the trying. The happy purchaser tautens home in (be bright anticipa tion of a cheap oyster ftast The can is opened and found to contain about three oysters Coat ing In a quart of impure water. This Is a great world wo live In. Full of tricks and oyster shams. What with gift enterprises snn cut-throats, wooden nutmegs and copper-bot tomed loyalty, false titles and unjust measures, it Is ai pretty difficult thing to get along In the world without being cheated. Never arc wo in so much danger as « ben we think we have found an extra ordinary good bargain; and we need to keep our eye teeth doubly sharpened In these cases, unless wc can summon up courage to give them fu every case au unequivocal denial. . TbU applies especially to oysters at fifty cents a can w here the regular selling price is a collar and twenty-five. It may be that the dealers get sev crt*-flvc cents profit; bat what oue dealer can make honestly la none too much to satisfy a rogue. COPIINU PAINTINGS. The Real and the Mmllltado—Art In the Old and Mow Worlds, £vcry one in a greater or less degree admires a rocd painting, and yet very few, even among ccucated people, are reliable judges between the cood and the India rent. In tee Old World, where art Is much more reverenced and understood than amorg ns, acd where the works of the “old masters" command exorbitant prices, the practice of counterfeiting paintings Is canted to a great and successful extent. Inferior painters are employed at cheap rates to copy the finest works; an old acd crocked aplfcarance Is given to the canvas and frames, afad over such names as Raphael, Michael Angelo and Correclo, the cheap 1 cuts Lions are eagerly bought at aimost ary price, and displayed by iho unsuspecting owner with vast pride and satisfac tion. Many of these danbs find their way to America ar d ban* upon the walls of Mr. Petrole um or Mrs. Shoddy as perpetual tokens, to those who are judges, of their Ignorance and their ca pacity fur being imposed upon. They, however are blissfully talisfltdio bay their pictures an j ttdrbookMnlbe same way as ihelr carnets—by the yard; nnd the works of Raphael and of a house painter are all one in their eyes. Ukc many ch rs. they cannot decide between true and false art—between the artistic acd the artful. Ther'C considerations are not altogether with ont application to this latitude. The recent great “Art Association” drawing proposed the dtstri- Lotion among the subscribers of three hundred ol) paintings. These pain lings have been long on exhibition here, are tne works of artiste aliln a prater or less degree known to fame, and arc most of them very creditable and desirable pro ductions, the results of time patient labor and centos. It is understood that for some time in ferior painters have been engaged In making copies ol three canvases, and many arc Inquisi tive enough to ask for what purpose this is. It is entirely possible that the actuary of this greatest art enterprise known to history, desires to pre serve Jae similtM of Lis beautiful and valuable gallery, and therefore bas taken the opportunity beiote their final removal, of having them repro duced. that the copies may serve as souvenirs of the great event which bas shaken the civilized world to its centre, lb this, ol course, no one could have the ellghcst objection; indeed the great majority would rather be pleased than other wise, at knowing that Mr. Crosby would have in his possession the equivalent of all tne prizes jeopardise by him la the drawing. Bat til will concede that it would be a terrible thing If by any mistake the copies, or some of them, should be f«t off u> the drawer of prizes, instead of the originals. In that case they might run the risk of being taken in tremendously, as ac cepting the work paid for dearly at five dollars a day. Instead of the great outworking of the sublime thought* cl*lk)rated and transfixed on canvas by cur leading artist*. It would be very tantalizing to the recipient to become the pos sessor of paintings belonging rather to the step ladder than (o the easel, and valuable rather with respect io site tban quality. But then, no body needs to trouble himself with sue ban absurd notion. It should be suflkitnt to know that J*Ti£° ®' l >*kß.iDd that the pictures •VTu® 4 wttl be all mod oscs. Al thetime (bare are those among the dU appointed ticket-holders who would b« moan enough to chuckle over such a result, If inch re ■uUwcio possible. Th ywo rid bo better pleased, even, than was toe mas who, on bearing that a ceriam bask was broken, felt happy that be waa not the owner of bill» on that or any other bank. Tt>ey would father be Jubilant over the tact that Ibclr neighbors, is holding bad bills, were as bid as I themselver, who bad none. Such, alas, I* pporbrmanit> 1 Puebla the boas'ed generosity °* ,U r ff which obtains among civilized men. Who would not bo one of tie savages, amocff wlom Jealousy la unenowrt, and han’t bill* and Art AaaocUuona are equally useless, whether for purposes of necessity or luxury! AavsEnenTSi UcVicssn’s TnxaTUk.—Charles Dillon’s groa rendition of “Beljihegor,” will be given for the last time this evening. Jlcbzcm.— I “Peep o’ Day” Is drawing crowded homes nighUy. and will be on the boards for the remainder of the week. rußarmtciTATiOH —Robert Nlckle gave another of hts excellent enlertatnmenis last evening. In Jio Crosby Mnstc nail, before a good audience. The tricks presented by bun are very woaderlul, and he seems to have an endless variety of them, always giving something new each evening. To night be will porlona again. Skating.—une of the first great skating tourna ments of the season has already been anuonneed as coming off at the Washington Park, on Mon day and Tnesday, the nth and 12th of February. Undoubtedly there will be a keen contest for the prUes oflered, the two highest being f3UO cash lor gentlemen, and a gold watch valued at S3OO for the best lady skater. The present season, unbroken alniMt by a single thaw, has presented rare advantages to theyonthfal devotees of the skatona) art, and It Is certain that the number of young gentlemen and ladies who may bo said to excel in these performances, Is much * n , ? n I previous year. Some of the most duUnguibhcd professional skaters in the country nave been here during a greater portion of the season, and our amateurs seem to have profiled ranch by their teschlng. The forthcom tnp tournament will therefore be looked forward to with great Interest by all who cultivate the art, ? * rC4 fiJ flow exhibition tnav be anticipated. The following is the order of the tournament; The Aral day—Momliy, February 11—the ladles will contest for two prizes, the first being a gold watch valued at f2(Xj. or that amount In cash, and li e second a gold watch valued at f ton or cash. A contest will then take olace open lo boys tinder fourteen years of ago; first prize #SU cash, second prize f*JC. Ou Tnesday the gentlemen will compeie for prizes of f-iuu and ISW, and the tournament will end by a conlest open to misses under fourteen lor two prizes of flu and |2fi. each day will commence at two In ail’rnoon. Five comoetent Jndgcs will bo selected to decide ou the merits of Uto contestants, snd in older to render the time more Pleasant the Ureal Western Light (liisrd Used hare been en cased. 1 ho Wabash Arenac Rink takes precedence *n point of Mine, imd will civs the flul opportunity tillered this season to fbc g'-mlemen skaters lo win a medal. A riand sksllnp conical for the chattipiiitisiiip of Itie Northwest is aiinuuiicert to come off this evening, and Sevan shalnrs have • nlcred their names us conlesLinu lor th-prices oft* red. ibey consist of (htee splendid gold b-lts. In be awarded lo the IMen be«t skaters. The Drsl is si] HabuvsMr wtniiKbl IruMed hell sol wilt] pnnfjs.tnd a boa* represetdalloti of a boat Hi h the Mai inlllaii (huh shale. I’lh art- oqitslly iaMelul In design, though less p»jhmm one* * l6 c° n, cst Is oiperled lo be a vety lively -• V,**** l!»© skater, lie* been engaged » h,r n.rwuon yf Mifoe nlglils, ui'ininsi.diig on I rlflsy, lie is said lu heyueur II e Insl in hip enhhify, 'lip|iphpflltol) i I'arh i*! '![? 11,1 nlflay evening nn account of ih« •liHW lad. Tl*»» Nm NK*i»iii lirnpralor, 1 ft Mm liilKoi of Mm nn«’4i[o Ti tlmii* i wtt«i nikwnuiw a|on«r|aftor ° r .7 r ' H» vvlilci. | mn»l «lv«-lima I'l'.i f r } ,u Il l .* w A ntf i" •. r “lo/ lo Mm coitimum* c aMim of Mr, W. Daufurd adareenertiu m®, and ilnluA January U, ' WauH lUMroim, Req , Genera) Businas* Agent oi Hit! Hanford hunorlieaicd Generator Company! Dc*« Km—Vour communication of January U li only received. Al Aral 1 rriioived io past overll !P. silence, but, an you have now given il pub* Deity, I oeem it expedient to make a reply. The yeiy fact that I'erklna, McCurdy and Jeonlnira have, a* cariv as I Bit, Ml and *BB, employed dry hcatod vessels, (which of comae would contain superheated steam,) forcc-pmoo and water-lnject •ftS P'P«» *n the production of steam, out or spray water, makes it evident that Mm spray-boiler or aenera'or, at tueh it vtppndtirt form end cornftlna’ton, is common public property, and that every subsequent Invcn tor Ip that line con only have a claim as to his peculiar and tpecta idetice. Yottr device is one thine, mice is quite another, upon which the ex* amlncr of patents bad no hesitation whatever to cram me letter* of patent, notwithstanding his knowledge of your prior claims. I understood, when at Washington, that yon had come there with great pretensions, trying to monopolize the Idea of the spray-holler as such with a broad claim, and that yon bad l*een obliged to reduce your claim to Us present limited and foggy form, in order to obtain any patent a* ail. Vonr claim bos been examined for me by good counsel, and 1 am prepared to say to you that 1 am wlWue to see this ca<e arbitrated by the proper authorities. I am yours, very respectfully. w ~, . • F.Badjunn, I will now compare the Sanford generator with mice sen note the following points: 1. Danfordatmaat volume, and appears to be InaitTcrcnttas to heating surface. I want heating surface rather than volume. .. Danfora employs the old combination In its most primitive form, modifying only the shape of his heated vessel to suit hi* ends. I enter upon the arena with original combinations. My gener ator does not consist of a primitive vessel, ont of peculiar parts and members combined In certain" manner to one unit My water Injecting pipe con tains a distinct dUtribntlng vessel, heretofore un known In the nse of generators, 8. Hanford recklessly wastes three-fourth* (or more) of the effects of the Are by the necessary form or the fnmace, wherein his singular compact vessel is surrounded by flame mm aired draft. I strive to utilize my fire. 4. Hanford claims the Immediate production of snperheated steam within thevo.umeof super heated steam contained in his vessel. Ido pro duce ordinary steam in my tubular vessels which becomes superheated In the joint receiving vea 5. Daniord assumes that the spray in tils *encra tor never touches the walls, and that this point Is the [peculiar reaivre and "conditio ttnegua non ” of hla whole invention. In my tubes (which are only of five inches inner diameter), the greater portion of the spray directly touches the side walls and aU becomes steam in its downward passage. This very fact npsels directly Mr. H.’a pretences. 6. Hanford has thus far utterly Called to produce bis vesrel, in the form by him adopted, out of any other metal than cast Iron, which is uncertain and nftieliable, as tbo uneven expansion In hot fire of the thick metals soon produces destructive cracks, and whether he will ever succeed In reducing du rable metal to his ends and purposes remains at least very doubtful. I introduce the generator In such combination mot mere form) as will at once permit me to employ wrought Iron or steel, or eves copper, 7. Bribe laws of the country, Mr. Hanford Is limited in his claim to nis peculiar and special de vice. Now what Is tbis device* The Danford generator does in no way differ from McCurdy’s, except in form. The new form U adopted, as Sir. D. says. In order to give rolume to tht Bu»tr\*at*d tftatn, to that the tpray inject'd trill not'roueA tht vmlt of me tetttl and become tuperhealed fleam immediately. How he has succeeded in assuring himself as lo those facts I do not know; but 1 do know that ho is carctnl in not defining the form so as to make it part of hla claim. He says, on the con trary, that the form 1- immaterial, and that any ‘oraa.wHl answer bis purpose. If this were so in reality, why then does be so persistently continue to experiment with a peculiar form which he fails to construct ont of durable metal? What, with this contradiction In It, there remains of tbo so calico Invention of Mr. Dsniord, beyond what was already jnvc nied by others, 1 am ut orly suable to inform the public. The same laws which protect Mr. Hanford In Us rights, so far as he has any, also protect me. Mv claims are laid down in definite form. I do not claim the old thing over again with sufficient fog to somewhat conceal the weakness of rar claim. 1 claim a definite form, a combination of pans and member* to one unit; and ret this claim is broad and sweeping, covering the entire ground ol generators. The site, form and number of the members arc left blank, hutiheyaro to be com bined in a certain moie which u unavoidable In any combination. Let any one, in order to ob tain power, combine a nnmbcr of Hanford’s* or other generators, he must provide each with a separate fire, lorce-pump ana steam-conducting pipe, or else be must nse my patent. “ 1 have made this exposition to enable Ihc public to form some opinion as to ibe merits of my c aims, anu as to how much I have stolen of Mr. UaofordV Ingenuity. It vill bo readily seen that the principle employed by me la McCurdy’s, and has absolutely nothing In common with the Im provement claimed by Mr. Danlo.-d. I have the horizontal tnl»e of McCurdy’s upright, combine a number of them with a Joint receiving vesieL and employ one lorce-pump with a distributing vessel Instead of a* many pump* and plj cs as 1 have ves- M-is. hucb combination has never been ventured upon nor dreamed of before. I render the uoccs 1-ary JoioU, which must be exposed to Arc, ab<o- Inlely tight, and at once solve the stubborn dial

cutty ol emploTlncdarablc metals in constructing the apparatus. With my Improvement the gener ator, old in conception, can be launched Into the cmn-ntof practical use. I will announce here that I am In possession of a valuable document of the band* of W C Dodge. Esq., solicitor of patent* at Washington! wherein the claim* of the Hanford* are carefully reviewed, and which I am authorized to publlah If necessary. Mr. Hodge assnrea to- tnat those gen; emen were fully informed of Dm narrow limits of their claims. 11 then. In spite of (his they pave ever held out different pretences, in older to sell their slock, they have simply com mitted fraud. Not believing thu to bo the case I orenrae tnatihclrpn*em noise ft Idteblnff game lam yours, very respectfully, J. Baumann Cojrnsrxo.—Timothy .Mniche; was arraigned at the Police Coort yesterday altcmoon, charged with the larceny of a wagon. lie was held for fnrtber examination to-day. In hall Of SSOO. i-.ST. mythical “John “ alluded to in an item In Monday’* Tnmuics, as being the cans** of the arrest and committal of Oeorge rerun son. of Ksst Saginaw. Michigan, for steal ing a pair of pants from Albert Hod go, at No 40 Griswold street, was arrested by omter rhomn •on, yesterday noon. He was held tor farther ex amiiialion. to-day, in ball of SSOO. Us had a •nnch of seventeen keys npoc him, which he said he bad raved from lime to time. DtPcnATour—Ludwig Thitbea and Anthony MatdiTU charged uftb causing tae fire upon the PlT2!“fl°? rjp,ed - b r.. 3llr - Thlehw, at Xo. 810 Clark stmt, were finally examined at the Police jeaterday afternoon, and discharged from custody, rbcrc wia some strong Returnsatitlal evidence against them, but not sufficient to war rant their being held for trial, M «| B Ut be*, charged with stealing clothes, was also discharged for want of snfficlent evidence. IVniTEKcom. orim Easts—About twontr Ova thootaml oxen are knitd each treektotoo plj the city of New Yoih with meat. The hone ki.oera a? the **ehln hone." tod all the let? from ;be knee to the hoof, falls into the hands of .Hr Peter Cooper. He cortmtN with the batchers «cd market men to supply him, and In this war about one hundred thousand shin bonas per week find their was to his establishment. All the inufdcs arc taken from them, the gluten is ex truded, ard the clean white bone is kept to bewoAednpfnto parasol hardies. In Ibis way ml;.£? ) !r r K ttade an fortune, and fwrrJ.t&i h 0 *J>PP°*ed they were admiring a beantiftillr carved trory handle to their sun ™ ,'i ria l l s c *i c - h*ve only been faring upon the ehln bone of an ox. the verr anim.r teg^&rTieiki 9BppUcd SSiSSS: LOCAL MATTERS. *SSjS?SS g b.'* c “" 1 Bilm «“«» ?¥'.S'? l,k il n . Br, ' t lu.tlr cilebra'ed for perfect -Iraplicl’j. pro.'. V.r'r*.;o with elem men and two horses, to sclf-tempcr the clay and malte 3.000 tn 3,yti elegant br ccTner boar. J. D. Hirncs, Proprietor, "o. S i£Sl way. New York, Room t». WUiV *“ Brpim** *»\ ermtfose( Comfits.” This valuablecombinationhasbeen successfullyaged by physicists, and fonnd to be safe and sore in eradicating worms, so hurtful to children. Be sure to obtain the “Vermifuge GomfiC which has been need with good success. Sold by druggists and deaicis in medicines at 35 cents a box. “ Formodenta” Tooth. Paste preterrea thc tecth.prevenling decay, miking fcem white and beautiful. It Is free from all injnrions sub stances, It Is oacd and recommended br the best demists. Manufactured solely by Cajwxll. Mack & Co., New York, bold by all druggists.^ Slotben, motJaer*, mothers.—Don’t fall to procure Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrnp for all diseases incident to the period of teething In children. It relieves the child from pain* cares wind colic, remittee the bowels, eivtnr relief and health to the child, gives rest to the mother. 'HUrty-fiveceattabowt MARKETS BT TELEGRAPH New Torn Financial News. (Special Despatch to the Chlcsgj Tribune.] Maw Yoac. The market opened very strong beisre the Hoard, and Erie (common! sold np to 53*: and Now York Centra) (o 99*, hot epos the unooncement of the tallureot Birch Murray ACo^tnemarkotalldeclined fully *on the first call. The principle feature of the market was Brie (common), which advanced and was strong, the list being about * soots yesterdays 1 price*. The stiffening was caused by the tact that in shore named booas bad settled in fell tbelr contracts here, and also the report trom Washington that there was a great leak la the Treasury by orer issue of Na tional Currency. Sochrumorsarealwaysgot op tosos tain a weak and falling market, and no sensible people believe them. After the first excitement bad passed over on the res alar Board, the Hit Improved as tba call progressed, with some rarlaUona afterward. In the Long Boom prices weakened about 1, and continued steady at the lower prices till the first call, wh-n the market again recovered Its strength, though not to the hltheat prices of the morning. It Is said that the {Van bare had large amounts of stock thrown epon tbetr bands byibe failure of the Bull clique to tak** It, and, la consequence. they were obliged to sustain prices in order to sustain themselves. It is cot con sistent to think that everything can react In o-o day. alter the experience of the past week, and the shrewd operators think that this Is but the commencement of trouble. At ths half-past three call the market ruled sold and was wenk, with the exemp tion of Chicago A Northwestern (preferred), which was sustained by the clique of broken, on the pur chase of only a fhw hundred (shares. Afterwards on the street, Erie (com.) sold at 33*. Gold rose to on the report of the overissue of currency, but soon declined to 131*. and closed at 13S, The money market is easy to good houses at 6 to 7 percent. Atbaif-past five the prices were: Erie (eom.) 33- New York Central. W* ; Philadelphia A Reading. 103; Michigan Sont!jcra,C3; Bock Island. 93*; Chicago A Northwester:, (com.) 31*; Chicago tod Northwestern (prefiurod), t2*, with the market nnaetUed. [By Associated Press.] New You. January so. MONkT. Money steady, atro? P cent. .. .. .. wrrro.n»a excnairoK. Sterling dull, at ios*oii£. Gold fl-mer, unsettled, opening at sdrauclng to 136*, declining ti 131*. and closim: St 133. OOTXBXI OorerarncQl Blocks * stiwii LATr nrtirra. fEST raer * m ° re <J^lnC • New Toek, January 33. . . KiaCEIXIMEOUi BTOCKI. ltiP«V>ck mar Eel ear y la tbe day (bowed a general rrcjirrrt from ilic nirt-ms deonuloa of yntmtay. ■oil with liberal order* from InreHor* and ourcliaior* IS co I l p . r^i lofl,> Prlwi advanced Jfa*. Erie reached whiter after the board, and tbe tone wn« atlll hraltatlDK under the attppMltlnn Ctiit the licarr may renew tli«lraMaittt,nnd cineed wttha ■irone downward tendency, e«c**pi for Heading and Fori N. t. Cent 99 (l 4 ... N. W. p(d Ajt/<4 .... KHe 50,(4 .... Toledo. * 119 « .... jlmlwin HI '•! lin k fraud.... (nui* ... Um*Hm .... Ohio emi SI 5 Mt«h.Cfn.. ...IWI « .... W.U. Tn 1...... |jwi| Mhhf S» v ..*.Wjr r* .... K|, Wayne..... 9)W>| !... jjiiuhiiraiu.... .... m.ueui......,.iii*a ;;;; . Mnkßr. Money eaif on Oomnnnfita* Hold closed at in t.t'l, ~0L,,‘ ..(JnteMihirblj qubt Atiil i'esdr, I Ne» ft-Ws'to,..kjjv ....... . NlfflMn SfUKfc*. Mining *ti«fe* quiet am Meadr. Mtor;:;;;;;;'® «“«“ “ *" ixioiDic mwiii i>iii in Win'™:- The Pnxliifft nmkeift* HRW VOIIK. „ Ntftv Voß«,.fanuarrw, |»K rM 11, " Un ' ,nnn,w,,l,MNonioo ° Mas »P' "nfitiiui and I vs/in lower. |(e. ftripi*, Jfft»rl« | mlei, h,STO hri* inptr state *n| Wut. erti at 10 2ii-tujis |or extra tVstierni *K),3.Vj»ll,lXl dip f,>T rmm l ho llJ.uSa Wf triple brandy n end .vise lower. Bales, 7,000 !m. No. Swte, ~- W w2Jo'0 ' No * a do, fl.iijJ.W; amber ede^r.^e'ffMl.' 17001 ’ With 4a,ei of 5 -°°° b « Can w.,,h r a,M or 3 * n ‘° ht * Canada W«t Ifufi e fi ■ 3 °' 1,10 ,BtU:f dillveredj four rowed Barley Malt—Nominal. Mecelpt*. 73.77 V bu. Sales 53.000 !m mixed W estern In sic re at IMddl.l3; afloat, f U3^ li'jShi'lflLSS.Ste S.Wlbn. 6.1 C Coal—Quiet: domputlcfU.Oh^JO. riSSJSSJ.'ifSSJSE ««*»». hentodtMle. gJJft^Steady; sales 00,000 fts domestic fleece at 41 Groceries—Dull. petroleum—Dull; crude. UjfQMe; refined, 56®30c in no l^^7P ravy anl *Mo« SAM bru at $30.55.^ . at . WOJO CMh for *}“ f,,r old mesa-closing al |IJM» cash : and €W»aa9-W tor prime mess f al« a^KllerMa™^. 8 &lM,,er * months; 120.643 e, T ste fdy. SalesSlObrlsat previous prices; 370 trea prime Inula mn» beef on n. c v 1 BecfUame—Salesß6obria at t31.0d455.00. Bacon—Active. Sales 980 bxs at lo>f<%loke tor Cnm h«rl“»d cut, UNQIINc for stort-rlbusd, and lOucfor toiicn atetes, m| ..Co* Mtata—Firm and active. Sales 9JO pkg« at BNa rtoulders, at d 10*012*c If r hams. at tor Western and 103 , h^7 b . ,ea^*r - 84l “ SM,brls at 11 V««Ne lor old and 12#81-c lor, and small Jots at UKaiSWc. Itntter—Qnict anc steady. CL ease—unchanged. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune 1 MtawauK**, January 30. Flour—Doll and IVUtOc lowsr. Sales of 515 brH at tIOAO for Niagara city XX spring; *9.75 tor country XX ;f9AS39AO for extras, and *6.00 tor rye floor. Whcat-Ucscttled and 4®sc lower. Morning Board sales,2l,ooobn; Noon Boardxalw, 16J33bn,at$1-37® U« for No. 3in store; *1.89 buyer’s option February ; fl*S7®l3S No. 310 store; $1.59 buyer's option Febru ary ; suj7 seller’* option February; $1.67 No. Sin store: $1.49Xdl AO for rejected; No. I nominal at $2.11. Oats—Hall; sales ot 3,000 bn at 40*3ltc tor No. 3 In store. Corn—Dull and nominal. Rye—Lower; sales of 3,000 ba at 90c for No. lln itora, amt Ssc for No. 2 do. Provisions—Dull and unchanged; mesa pork $18,003 SI9AO; sweet pickled hams 10*c; boxed salted shoulders held at 7i*c, with buyer* at 7®7}Jc. Drresed Bogs—Dull at $7.0097.25. Receipts—l,7oo hrla floor; 30,000 bo wheat; 1,000 bu oaU; TOO bn corn; eOOlmrye; 1,200 bu barley; 900 dressed bogs. Receipts—3,6oo brls Conr; 400 ba wheat. CINCINNATI. . Cincinnati. January3o. Flour—Held firmly at previous prices, pat the de mud has been quite light: sales of superfine at SB.3Va ll’ao’ Wade brands *t#U.OQ®I?JO, *nd fancy at 13.00® , bat prices are enchanted; sale* of No. 1 fbr mrlng. and for wtnte*-. ahcUrt ““ ,lrm 5 80,04 of ®* r at »#S6c; OaU—Dull ai 5i«52c for No.l, K> e—Firm at $1.15(41.26. Barley—Unchanged. unchanged; sales oi middling at Whfskpy-Dnil at2sc la bond, nog*—Unchanged, and not much demand; sales of medium to heavy at $7.40®7.75. Receipts, LIOO. PACKCra STATISTICS. Toe Price Current rive* the total receipt* for the *e*eon at against 551.000 last season. It also fdvts returns from a large number of packing places (•bowing tht number packed and to he packed this ssa son at I.S92JK head, against 1.34V05, the toUl numbw packed at the same places last season, ahowlncantn* croase. so tar as heard from, of 747,411. There is a general lncrta*e in the weight of 49 B* to 64 bs per bog. The whole number ot packing places reported Is ninety, including nearly all the leauln tKlnls, hut there are over eighty additional places t 3 hearirom. The whole number psJc-dm the West last season was I.TTO.OuC head. The provision market Is quiet hnt holders are firmer, the demand 1* quite light. Mess porkf W. 10; lard was In dcmatdatlfc hot*was held at 13V312WC. Bulk meats and bacon nominally nDchuigol; green meat* eJiftiOkcs eggs arc held at SS®4oc; butter and cbceie nuthauged. SAK FRANCISCO. San Feancisoo, January 30. Flour—Market quiet. Extra, $6 00; •uperfine! $5.50. w beat—st.Cs®L«s. ST. LOUIS. St. Lon*, January S 3. Tobacco—la fa!r demand at fVJVfti.3O for )u«i: a 1.75 ®. JO tor common leaf: fA.ftHlo.oO t >r factory dried leal; ft -50ift6 M for dart Slier*; f 4 03ft13.00 tor black wrapper*, and »W.COa;B f 0 for cool and flue leaf. Cotton-Quiet at 7M33C lor middling. Hcmp-Diwed In a email war at 13.01H.1.10 for emelc hackled; fd.15i3.30 for double do: new un dn-aecdoflcrcd freely at fIJV Wheal and flour—QuUt and unchanged. Corn—77N(ia!c. Gate— Firmer and better at ft>363c. ITovlMons—Quiet at *19.50 for country ocas Dork * #29.00 for cltr do. Bacon—Shoulder*, tic; clear aide*. I3e. Lani anil and Utile doing; prime tierces live: country keg 13Vc. •’» llnga—Burners dull. A lew email lota aold to day atSktifyc. Number packed to d«le. 161.003. wiiirtcy—bull, mtthtaleaon private term*—under stood to be f3.07ift2.07«{. LOUISVILLE. _ l/>ciKrtt.L«, Kr- January 30. Tcbaero—Salra El hhd* at fl.EftftJj.oo. 3 flour—Superfine. f 10.35. Wheat—lMmuwintef.MJK; spring, #2.63. Com—Shelled, bulk. 50c, ateka Included; SfVftWc lot car. Oats—KSclu bulk. Shoulders—avc lor bnlk:c!onr sld*s, 11 Vc. all packed. Whl.‘kcy-|».iAW.W lor raw. MEMPHIS. Msxrnw, J%n«rr 33. I’nllon—Firairr i mMiVliic, •‘W,\(i3lc, HcccipU, \ r m hales; expert*, so hales. ' ' Corn-Lower and stcsor it fI.CfV^T.oJ. Hay-Market har»< nl S4J.OO®U.O). oats—Firmer at fossae. Flour—Unchanged. Pork—Lower si fjlAO? JJ.QO. Bulk Wr*u-is*n>,c. rugar Curvd Bacon-Higher at ttatsw c. Dr*s«ed ilogv-Prtti*c. Lard—Ulglier at llraiawc. KKW OKI,FANS. _ „ . New Okuuxr. Jannarrio. Coltnr—Unchanged. Hairs S.OOO hales low middling atsiamve. middlingat llecelpt* bales. Kx ports II hales. Sugar—ln demand at 13c. MolaHpa-Falrll'CSc, prime to dote* Ttatte. i( .Fjonr—Mock light; superfine II3.D0; extra |LLstok Com—Easy Oat»—Higher. stock light, 96c. Hay—Firm l*ork—Dull am! lower at 133. M. Baron—Market bare. Shoulder* Wife; clear aide* ISc. Whtssey and Tobacco—Unchanged. Cold-Uiv. Ban v sterling—UsV. 9 N« w Vort Exchange—discount. Freights—unchanged. New York Grocery market* (Special Despatch to the Chlcaso Tribune.] Kcw Toss. January 30, Coffee-Rio active, at Mfc®l6c. Sugar—More doing. Fair to prime grocery. 10v QUX. New Tork Provision market. (Special DospUcb to the Chicago Tribune.] Saw Yoxx. January 30. Pcrk-Clo?ed at *Nk37j<, but quiet. Cutmeaaand bacon move off briskly. New Tork 2Bread«tnflb market. (Special Despatch to tae Chicago Tribune.] Xrw Tone. January SO flour—Demand quite brisk, at decline, but as holders would not yield so much the market -imtinl weak, notwithstanding some show of steadiness. Wheat—The sale* show 10c decline since Monday. Com—Flat, but other coarse grains firm. Ocean Freight*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yock. January S 3. Freight* to Liverpool—Corn 6j,'«:d, tending down ward witu more room on th? berth. *■ uwn Nan Francisco mining: Stocks. x fnaaczseo, January S 3. Utnlae Rocks. B»vaee 1«>0 I Imperial «j Yellow Jacket. KH nelcher ns GcnW&Carrr XUf LezalTeodcn *’*-iv Cbollar 308 I New York Drr Good* market* j .. . , J<**Tok, JaauarySJ. The dry goods msrtet is very qal*t and price* are rnirnacceo. Heavy brown sheetlac* tlViiJJc. Bleached muslin and other Rood* unaltered. Pittsburgh Petroleum market* • Frnsßrxoa. January so. The oil trade 1* dull, scarcely anythin; doing. bale* 100 brls Smith's Ferry at To, pactarw returned- ira brls »t Ukc, pictacrs Included. Tsere was not a sin gle sale ot reined in boa); ratesqaotol at ?l alive on cars here, or SSSCSVc lor Immediate delivery in l*hlla de'phla. Saint mall lots fn-o oil m.tinr at fiaiir per gallon. No Inquiry for ntp:h* or residuum. lAUBIED. It Clinton, Ps., January 2M, 1567. by Ib?v. J, KJ*e*iT Ur. HARRY GXLitERT. of Chicago, lIL, and Miss LOCI&A N. GOODRICH, of Clinton. DIED la this city. Jan. SO, ISC. at &£0 a. m.. of congestive chills, HOWARD DRAPER, second soa ol WnuD. and Bdlen Staumird. and S months. Funeral trom mld‘nce.l2l South Peorla-ic, to-day phumuy), at 13 o'clock m- Friends of the family are In Campion. Kane Co- HI., Jan. tTth, HANNAH, with of Ccpt asCoae. In ibs&M year of her are. K7~ Wl*ccnatß and Hew Hampahlre papers please copy. ®o tina—Siousn* rpo RENT —On South Bide, ft first-class i two-story and brick basement homo, 877 stale st, containing mht rooms; good barn. g»*d water and gas. Kent in per isoatn. Fnrnttor* It sale, sireo Immediately. Apply al 38 State-st. T 3 RENT —House ol lour rooms, with summer kitchen and ilst-e. on 40 toot tot, situated oo LeavitMt., near Lake. Kent Z» per month, in ad vance Inquire et JO btate-st, during tae day. or at 736 Weet Lake-su trom 7 to 9 o’clock p- m. 'T'O KENT—The Lincoln House, corner I ot Randolph and Canat-sts. Apply to J. R. VAL ENTINE. No. a Fullerton Block. nro KENT—House of ten rooms, with I part of fttmltnre tar sale. 13 East Raadolpb-st. RENT—A six-ioom house. No. 358 JL Calumet-av., In a govt neighborhood, nesr horse cart, >3O per month. PETBSSHIMP, 08 Monroe-U. TO RENT—A new first-class two-story tramctioaie, with brick basement, 103 Durou-sL, having 13 rooms, lot and cold waW bath, marble mantels, cornices, water closet and gas, two blocks trom street can. For terms Inquire at ho. 03 Huron sL TO RENT—A new two-story bouse, 976 Weft Taylor-st., 9 rooms, one-half block from Dine Island-av. bone cart. Bent |3O per monttx. Ap ply at 388 Weal Taylor-st. rpO RENT—New two-story and base -1 Bent bonae. with modern convenience*, pleasant ly located, near Lincoln Park. Terms moderate. In quire at double bonae on Asylam-place. 2d block weal ot Clark-st.. or addreaa -IS9 Asylum-Place. npO RENT—Dwelling No. SCTOllard- X place, ten rooms, iru and iratcr, in good repair, (hr rent until May lot at a moderate price. Apply to WILLIAM B. HOLDEN. Attorney at Law, 100 Midi aen-st. ®o tvcni-tvooms. TO RENT—Two good rooms in liom bard Hlock. third floor. Apply at Room 31 Lorn bird Block. npO RENT—Two iurnislied rooms, with I. or without board, tn a private family, 13East Randolph-»L * TO RENT—Four rooms, the same are oicclv furnished, and will be rentid cheap. Ap ply at 211 Fonrth-sr. 'T’O RENT—Nicely faruiflied rooms, X two ntnntes' walk from the Pod Ofll"e. None hut gentlemen need apply. Inquire at f)2 Adsms-sL TO RENT—Sample room and fixtures, at No. 40 ItITCMt.. in Jna»«* t-naKtiliD'a BtiiWite. Appif «ioecef J. 11. JUNES. Itoomiy. Tremt'Lt House. TO RENT—Nicely furnished rooms in a prltate family of two. on Mlrh!(HD-ar., In »i>ry nest tfK'allon. without or with Imira, and all lb* nmi‘ torts of a quiet home. A Jilfhw “a 6 K.” Poat Offlre. npo RENT—A pleasant sleeping room .1 al IHO South Ular«-at.. corner Madison. Apply in Photograph Oallery. lanieiumlier. r PO RENT—One untarnished front I room, wllh bnartl, In a peasant location, on We«t Side, on* block frutu street car*. Address iI M," Tri bune olllre. r PO RENT—A lew rooms, suitable for .X a small family, with gas ami wtl*r. it Uni in I’arki also. one |ilp*«ant room, imfurnl<ti*Hl, wllh b"ard Pit aeolleuian amt wlf*or I wo ■lncle Kentiemen, For parllHiiaf*. tnqnlre al N*. 42 Ulock, eoemr o> Manl«»u ami n*artiorn-*h»i Cot-tou-Siown, IIJJN ' Wlc-ljwwo o 1. I»hi»-»Imwand lm«ei«iPiit brieksinf*. h>»* w*c(j. 'l'd inSN’l I —ltMk room in ollliraYffl, JO 1. UliwtnliPf in (Nmimgow, r I , 0 HUNT—A sinru, ntitl nminlFM In •'»•••■** iwn oi flhp. Apply »r|IO «>r, tu« ftir »»><«, M ' r ri) RENT—i>pik'"room in ono nl the q v O RENT—Desk llonin-Amily to A. I B. MKAI>. Ileal kstate Agent, ianfam|olph-it. HPO RENT—In llio Mercantile BuiUtnt?, S. oppoalta diamltrr ul C'nnimerre, rluuant unices l«.p ronimltiion, law or Insurant busmeds. Annlv to VVM. C. now. Ibioiii 17 Merrartlle Building. * 7 HPO RENT—Store near Ron Olllce, on .1 Ilearlmrn tl.; also, third llonr ot same hinMtmr, suitable lor llulil manuUrlurlnz hn»liu‘*s. Apdlv at Itcom 11 Masonic Temple, No. S 7 Dcarborn-it. aimißmcuts. V]" c VICKEirs TREAT HE. McVICKEIt A MYEItS MANAGEHS. Last weeknf Mr. CHARLES DILLON, who will ap rearttlsereune. for the lost time. In his great ebarac* ter of Helpbecor, the Mountebank, played by him over sot nights In London. Thursday, lost night positively ot BELPHEGORJHE MOUNTEBANK, Betpbegor Mr. Charles Dillon. Saturday—Grand DIUoo Matinee. In rehearsal—Lorn Uyrca’a Tragedy of “ Werner.” rjOL. WOOL! a il USE D3l. C&t-. J. O. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. K. AIKKN Mjgr .THOS. MABRY ....?®°ch a BaTlaugh.* Houses crowded to the roof. It tt was the object ol the Museum macagevient to draw a contrast between the acting of in company and the acting ol the company at the Opera House, which advertised to play Peep o’ Day, the thing was a suc £<**•l This. Thursday evening, Jan. Slst. at a v be fore o. FAUikncr's great Irish drama, with an unap proachable cast, entitled PEEP O’ DAY. Saturday afternoon. Grand Matlnco—Pe-'p O’ Day. OUFNOT’CAPT\IV Cdol1BCnaa M° n drama,THE HD- OR WONDERS I To be seen only at thcßrancb of the New York Museum of Anatomy. NATURE UNVEILED. AT TUB New York Museum of Anatomy, fWPcenrc your tickets on the right hand side, op-emirs. _ WITKOWSKY H VTjX.. r pHE GUARD MASQUERADE OP THE CHICAGO “TDRN-GEMEINOE,” WILL TAKE PLACE ON MONDAY KTENIXG, FEB. 4TII, HALL, on North Clark-st., above Chi- _ „ T PROGRAMME—PART 1. Grand Imposing Carnival Procession, consisting of "‘ rriot ’ >a. Emperor Barbaros'a and hit followers. “ Sd. Germania and her followers. _ PART 2. By nmcral request, the Great Magician and his Dwarfs, (greatly improved ballet) „, PART S. Chlnree Festival, cxeented by fifty Chinese Singers, directly imported for the occasion/ * „ _ . PART 4. t AS5 r consisting of ‘‘Crlumbus Landing in America,” ”wasbiactoa Crossing the Del aware. The Last Battle before Richmond,” and America in Peace.” Acrobatic Feat* by 60 ot the most celebrated Clowns, under the lesdersntpol their master. Slg. BUterlaao. . . REGULATIONS: 1. No person will be admitted to the ball room with out a Mask, excepting the member* of the pr«*<. 3. All inch masked pertons wilt have to enter a room, marked ’-private room,” to pau before We Board cf Examiners. 8. All masks will bare to obey itrlclly ihe orders of tee Managers. Tickets admitting gentleman and one lady, M, every additional Isdr fl ottra, are lor sale at Mr. Loots Fanil's under the Sncrman llco<m>. and at the nail, on or before Monday evening. Tickets for cOlerr, M cents. COMMITTKIJ. "K. h. Fancy co'tnmca may b" hfwl v Mr>**nrbVn>. IS»S NOIUI Clark-*!.. anC sin. □axeman'*, 201 Chi caco-av. auction Sales, JQAKIEL SCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION' MERCHANTS, lU4 l<nkr-*t., cor. Ln*nlle. Chicago* Cash advanced on Merchandise ronritmed for sale. Out-door sales promptly attended to. A CUTlON—Thursdrtv, Jan. 31,1807 ll Surplus stock of Furniture, Upholstery, &c. DANIEL SCOIT & CO. are Inttrurted be one rf the ’arKOdlumlinre Importers in Chlcaao to sell, at their rooms. JO4 Lake-»t., without r'sfrre, the followlns flrst-c’rus Furniture, “to make room for Heir near waion st**cn:" the Fumltnio eonitsw in part of abml to rlreant snltw. Library brutes in Suit**. Crimson and (Irren Terry, Parlor Suites in Rrocat*’le Oreen bilk Coteune. Hair Cloth aud Green Wool Ren: Koatwood Chamber suite*; Marble Top Unreal': Cilit and Plain Mirrors; I*ier Ul<u<c«; Willow and wnuquel Mnnd»; Ladles' Turkish Chairs, m Crimson Terry; Marble Top Center Tables; Whatnots, and a host oi other goods 100 numerous to particularize. The public will do well to call and »*o loose cojils prior to sale. RUCTION “ Friday, Ist of Fob., 1857, nt 10 A.KI., At the Grocery Store ol MIL DTIIN, 1 99 Blue island av. lie a Plscll all tits stuck of Utocurtes, i'mnslons, Tobacco, Butter, Cheese, Ltrd, Ac., 4c. Terms cash. BANIRL SCOTT 4 CQ . Auctioneers. A VCTloX—Saturday. 2d Feb., I«C7, at /I 10 a. m.. DanM Scott *Co. will sell at their Koorci. lUI Lakr-s*.,a Miscellaneous l/jt ot Goods. Inclndlng Casstmere*. Dnoershlru, Tailors* Sewing Mlk. Duttons, Ladli i* Dress pieces, Blankets, Parian Ware. Shawl*. Ladle*’and Oen*lemen*s Fots. Travel* lag Bags, Trunks, and agfoersl asiortmeat ot Nottaas. OILBEKT ic SAMPSON, aw General Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Dcarborn-«t. Very superior Second hand and New Household hor olttre. Carpets, Mirrors, China, 4a, A.T AUCTION. On FRIDAY, Feb. tat, at JO o'clock. we will sell, at onr salesroom*. 47 and *l9 Dcarhorn-iL, the eurtre ■°°a» of a fkmlir leaner the city, fon«lstinr of Par lor. Chamber, Dining Boom and Horary Furniture; Brn»el» and other Car ret*. French China, Cro-tcrr, Mirror*, Picture#. Stovce. <tc. Also, a splendid assortment of almost every description of New Faml ture—elegant Chamber Suites In Oil Walnut; a’‘o. floe Parlor suites, all of the choicest itvles and bent onslltr Ol gcods. GILBERT A SAMPsON, Auct'rs. * WE WILL SELL, on this, Thursday ooralt p, Jan. Slat, at U o'clock a. m„ AT SO. 192 SOUTH CLABK-ST„ Furniture, rtmre*. Tin Ware, Gu Fixtures, Counter*, Shelving, &c. WM. GRIFFITHS A CO., Aucfs. A. BUTTEUS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Kerchantr 41 dr 40 KANDOI.Pn-ST.. Between State-st. and Wabash-ar., Hold regular sales, at tbdr salesrooms, ot DRY GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOTS. SHOES, *C„ Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS. &C-, every SATURDAY. blanks gOUNTLLS. Official Blanks! We nave cow tor sale the additional Boor* ty Blanks, which hare ALL been approved bythsDe* partmects: Soldier’s Claim for Additional Ronntv, widow’s “ •• *♦ Father’s “ «» mother’s ** “ •* Parents’ “(Jointly) “ ** Gnardian’s 11 ** A ccmmomcaacnfrom Second Auditor's Office, rc erring to copies of oar Blanks test tor examination, says: “ Tho forms are decidedly the best that hayo been presented to this Of* fice«” tern prepaid on receipt of the money, at fl.oo pet quire. A neat pamphlet, containing Pension and Bounty Laws ot 1366, with latest rftrucUons and regulations sent Agents on receipt ot stamp to pay postage, a copy inclosed with each package of Blanks. Address TRIBUNE CO., 51 Clark-st. Chicago. reeat Bgtate-gtttg, UIPBUVIiD, FOR SALE—lionse and lot on Indiana settTvctty-llrtUt. LotSOziTO. Brlcc bam. D. B. CHAMBERS, 17 ReTPQldi* Dl'xA^ FOU SALE—In the Real Estate Office ofTboma* D. Bryan & Co., Br»an HOI. LAKE ST ROT, Wait Division, near Lexvitut., two •torr new frame hone* wltn atare front and 7 rooms, •beds. barn, wltn lot 60x110 tact to alley at a nar gain. FOK SALE—House and lot on Archer road, opposite J >ba Haber's—l3,soo. one Ibr 13.500, an<l two lota adjoining for |3,CcO. PETItB SQiMl*. B 3 Uooioe-ct. FOR SAIJ3—A good house and lot on the South Side,la a good neighborhood, near hone car*, at the lor price of fitSoTPETBII SuIMP, 92 Moure e-eL FOK SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Eatate AsreaU, No. 4 Metropolitan Nlock,3new two-story tod btaement bride hotuea or 11 rooms, tad lota, with bam. on Wabaah-ar., near rwantj-atttb-au P)K SALE—A new house, with ten rootna, on Wnhartt ar.. north nl Twentr-nlnth-tt. Jot MzlM, only »a.WJ. WARREN ft GOODRICH. X'33 I>earbora-«U. Boom 4 2. F)R bALE—House and lot on West Waahlnyton-iL, VMt of HaMed-et., lot 39x100. race, t&aoc. wABREK ft GOODRICH, 123 Dear bonxt-, Boom 2. T7OR SALE—A new ttrst-class boose, I* two-*tnry.brlet h.v'ement, 13rooms, every conren- I'nw, lot snzUs, on Fcorla-st.. near Van Karen Price low, terms ca»y. Ral*. CUAPiIAy. 13 soath Ddloq at. FOH SALE—A first-class boose on Cen* tre-st., netr Monroo-it., lot M l xl2S. wllli tiam. Price low. Terns easy. WAURE3 A OOODUICU, 1 gfl Deartom-sL, Room g. CNinPUOVED. T?OR SALE—By Snyder & Leo, Real 1; EMate ArotU, No. 4 Metropolitan niock. lot &1z134 feet, corner of Madison ana Faaltn*-*U. Lot corner Jackson at d Winchester su., tOOzUi tecU Lot 100x134 feet. Waanington-BU. near Wood. l?on SALE—s»lx very desirable lots m J.’ Mock 9, AJliUnd’s Addition, throe on I’nalloa-it., and threw on corr er rf Van onren-st. Will be sold to only 1860 per bd. betas tally ¥303 per lot be low tbe market. Title peribct. Term* cash. WAR URN * UOOimiCU, Ileal Ratate Broken. 1«3 Dear born-at., Room a. T7OR BALE—A fine lot on Cottage X 1 OroTP-ar,, a little oorth of Twenty fourth-M.. on ly I4ip»r front foot— a bargain. WAIIhENA UOOU mt’U, ileal Estate Rroktra, 125 Uearborn*tt.. Ilium FOll bALE—Fine lot on Park-av., OOx KNVfticlo«»(). rear Oakler*»L, only il.noo. touth front. WAUHEN A UUomtlCU. 125 Uvariijro-ai.. Hootn 2. 17011 BALE—Fine buildiDglots, Wabash* I kt., erar llilfllrtb at., f9OO each, hmgtimsi also, two on tiluo Islntm-nr.. at a taitlflre, lor cash. UKOHUk A Wll.l.lAMS, t South (Mark et. I7OU BALE—HeaI citato, with some 1 cash, to ev hang** to» dry good?, boots and sboe«, clothing nr hardware. One fmrinrwl (arm. Umber and tirairlt land, stora and warehouse at a railroad •tattoo—ail near Chicago. Address I*. 0. Uu* 4ui. Chicago. *' Ti 4 6u ttAIiK«A ,ol nit Wfttitmnscb nS I II. at ♦itijy ISA II taken |mtt>Hl(iileJ]r< ft UUUIIHIL'H, f\|» bear" Vr i;0ll |MALK=*47 I>9 rttfcs of vntunlito I smith of Mule £a«f. a yo»y Hoartiinn, I lOAIII)IN(l=ny in,, diiy or wook, (tl I ) >IT hoitfli given, Wftrin 3i)llli'JilflWiiii, 1111 ll> “ »fnprlo«»r IjOARDINU-** I'lmminl rooms nn<i I I board niftv b«lm*Ul ))>j Mast Adami-st, i»jy iMtantcfkranwi.otifl nmoMoiDnataj. ’ M4y "I^QATir>INO —Omniorinliln room* lop I > fmnillfii anil tingle c« ntlemi-h, at reasonable ralcat also, day board, at IPO Ha»l Adanu-.t. *I3OAHUINQ—A Imnitsomolv (Uin>klit>tl JI to rent, with board, fteloenceaoxclianired. Hfl-1 iVabaali ay., corner of Eighteenth at. “ FOARDLNQ-A pleasant room, well rirnltbed, tunable tur » ccrdlcnan and wife nr 51 r . 0 .?1y , ."^ n,l,n ''‘ n * tnle, < llMt-daM board, at « I!» btate-st.. corner ot Tlitnecuth. Ddl of retbrencea glitn and required. T3OAUDIN Q—First-class board, with' JJ pleaxaat salts ot rooms, fnrnlahod or rmftimlshcil. or gentleman and wile, or two slitfe ecmlemea! ne . # i And . n Jis rly turnlJbwl. Modern Improve "n barn A g*| , p U {| {nc lorhor »« with gaa and water "OGARDING—Good board and pleasant i I rooms ran be obtained at llrlegi Uoimu No. 2. **!< Aioproo-si. A fbw day boarders can obtain ac commodations. T3OARDING—With a furnished float U room, at 11 ff tValmth-av. TJOARDING—A front bed room, smta- JLJ MefrroneorlwosincieiP’ntlrmra; also, choice of several otbrr rooms, at 1«1J Slale-st., between Monroe and Adame eta. T3OARDING—In a private family, lor -4«.»« n tH? m ?“V d i? f t. w ! re J or p,n2,e centlomen, at gjo minoU-tt., two blocks from State-st. bridge. T>OAItDING—One handsome, square IJ front chan her, and one single rom, with flrst fj?.*,? l > ?, a U? * a,so * a tew table boarders wanted, at ti!>q Mlchlgun-rt. ISoarlr asaante*. f>OAVD —By a gentleman, a neatly lur’ XJ nlshed chamber and parlor, toeclher with first* c iKi »? ar ii n . a P rlvate family. Address or apply at ofl-co No. ?y Dearborn-st., Room gg. third floor. T)OARD—By a single gentleman, in a ri««i<£L lva icv.iwol’J* wt, , cre there arc tove or no other noardcis. North Bide preferred. Rcl*rcaces jrtTen IX desired. Address Box 1748. Chicago, m. b two 7 0tm g gentlemen, in XJ a strictly private fttni.y, where there are no oth- Preferred. Reterenctscx changed. BD,”P.O.Box 1403. T>OARD—By two young gentlemen, room, on North or Booth Side, east of “'"""eaW’u T^OAHD —By a gentleman and wile, in a „V Private tamlly, where there are no other board If suited. B«*t of references iy9 n,rod * Address, stating terms. ‘-B MIV* 3£ral ißatatc—Country. FOR SALE—The subscriber oilers lor s».e his residence In Elgin. It 1b Pleasantly situ ?'™’ 5?A nral ‘A 14 ? coed gardei fruit utw. wel and cistern, &c.: Is to the Elgin Academy; Is MMWpfil the handsomest t*isi-e"in fSs-. n !-'l,’?-’™--, *«<" dowMSf^W'uS.'S a* sin d. A liberal nlscount for all cash down. Atmlr wrmri^rtArc 1 * 'ABWOOD. or consult U. S. y aR* >»<)OD, IGG Washiegtjn-sL, Chicago. FTPR SALE—I2O,OOO acres of choice rr J n * o .' B . an< J Fotd Countie*. 111.,0n tbo I. .. R. R— from one to twelve mllea from line towns I n«rcj. Bn.'kl.r, I.* na rliTo™ PnST» mcnti», 6pi r cent. I have an office at lota. where it prAitsnxs! "t 1 -* 1 *? can bo found, pf k! fr^otPco^lll. 18 ’ '‘"“"'l*-* CUn m , or L-t. ffOn BALE—The subscriber offers for A sale his farm of 160 acres, about av miles south, essttrein Locknprt. aid abouts ml ea front Jobei?lit In the town ol Homer, about 100 acsea tinder good cui «;■**»«*• 15 acres good timbr, rood hoase. barn Sr rlaee house, sheep house, corn crib, hog bouse, cent? clsbr.-i, 2 good wells, 3 living soring* ol water or! t«PPIe trees in fliH bearing, cherry ** T ?J other smaiifrmts, and all well fenced. Price ’Wimble. Apply on the Sbrbkke&off! B “ tc AK “ t - acrcs ot valuable JaLd4J»n»lles west of tne city limits, at the yerr SP o P w„ t ?r°„ , IK “SVir ,d T^Vo l li^Tn —Gr Exchange— Illinois in Efflucham prairie and timber. ■seo acres lu layette Co.. do do PO acre* In riay Co, do do 2W) acrcs in Marlon co„ do do ■U-0 acres in Cumbcrlar.d Co., do do IhO acres in Alexander Co M timber. 10 acres In Adams Co., neat Cliylon Station. SO acres in Clinton Co., near Centralla. 200 acres in Cats Co., prairie. 15. M; h:sstz. “ a *' M '- « i; ’ ,OKb “ J i>r“,r,c --40 acres in Marshall Co- timber. 160 acres m Woodionl Co., prairie and timber, part ItnproTCd. r For talc cheap, for cash. In loti lo snlL or will ex change lor city real r«ute or good merchandise. The above descrlbedlsiKls are well located and near ral’- rosds. mrKtNSuS A WBBSTEIL Real Estate Agents. US Washlngton-st.. Chicago. 111. E'en SAJ.E—A very dcsi'riible fruit > over I SJM pr«rh trm, NMW- .pole tr l7/.* 4 Sl n an locution tn Kooltiom nilnnui, will be sold at .•• bsrealn, 11 apollod for soon. Forty seres, fet cnhwiih a new and comfortable house, will B" » “TO 'I TOlrriJt. Will -11 llic ra "rcToorrlv for*l*.so, ir nppli*d fiir immediately. Title beyoaii 2ir t o ?.*«i U,,^ft frfr tt «J»»l bear this year; am in ct them nett ye»r. The farm is only half a mile from a railroad depoUn one of the finest growing ,!.*- ‘rlejfli Hirsute WaRRKN ft OOOI>1tlCll? Real hstate Brokers, 123 Dearbora-st, Room 2. 1 I7OW SALE—A farm of IGO acres, for X exebangs for Improve I reil estate In the city ol tMcsgo—twelve irllr* nortliwo*t of I’M cflco and one mile south of Canfield Station, on the Cl.lesg.i ft NortharsletTi Railway: 50 acre* under the hit w; goo.l home and barn, ftc.; also, a good orchard bearing fruit. Ore-tMrd down, and the Iwlanre on tine, Sc. tor finiicr oartieulara. annir io 1 i, MARSHALL, Room 8. No. 97 South q>«g.R J * M * |/()R bALE—BO acre? oi valualiie land. K,'!^.gigr''- i!c ‘ ,Luto Vcrsoim T>EUSONAL—A wi!c wanted—Bv a I tr.lildlfraeed man ard a tam-’r. All I*iters Ireat. cd confidentially. Aldnts Box 757, Lemoat, Cook Co., HI. OEHSOXAL—AshIev & Co., please call 1 at tie office ot ASIILV-F, WILLARD A CO. Room 2. No. -ISFnnth Cl»rk->t. I£lantcbi=lvcal -Estate. TT7ANTED—Any one possessing one Tt or two nice comfotubie two-story bouses, pleasantly aimaied. with g(v«r lots, and desirous ol dlsportDg of them on easy terms, say In monthly pay menu, will please address P. O. Box SSIO, giving particulars. HoF-t anb jfminb. XOST —A Gold Fob-Chain, Monda\ t l njr i2P* between Frankiin and Marke’-stt.. on ??ni P «-,T5' t /££ der , w J n ** * a l'»h : y rtwardM by ;,“ r jf= « «the Oriental Tea Market, *J.VJ Randolph at-, eaat end of the bridge. FRANK dALL. V T Kcward—On Cottaec Grove- Saa! , Ptlv*.*^2«. G,oTe i, Tbefpder will please retam Ban - e to the Tribune office, and r-celre above reward. T OST—At the Uatinec, in Wood’s Mu- Bcot W «r t 2l, l i^‘ t , SfctT, rday. a lady* Morocco Pocket a boat »is. sod £fcm‘®tlff - The finder will “ r.tnml» c it to I7OUND —Monday, the 2oth, a lanra d ° K The owner esn have the «amel*y Ej»ke V?ew op<r,r aCd P*J’ lDt f charges. W. E. UXtL iHusical. jyj[tJSICAL. PIANOS, ORGANS"& MELODEONS w. w, kiiiiiall, Z«XOHTB’a PZANOS S)^ , s^va’s^isss»»? W»o r M!.<mlr.tKmKLL-8,63 l ?TSu,poB«. MIITH’SAaiEUICAX ORGANS For Parlors, Cborcbca, Lodges, ftc. Whol«a>Depot - 63 Wathlsgton-SL. n^^’g*.. Sabi fHills, jjngtucs. See. 'J'HE LAJvE & iiODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE RTF*v ZHGOTES, Shingle MachtneA Corn Mills and rntfunr, Wood working Machinery. LANE ft BODLKT, Corner ol John and Cincinnati. Applicants for dosenpare drcolan wiu speetfr the BUchiaay they seed. CCBleHsxn ffiaanteo—JHale S?eip. BOQttKBEPE>I> »ALBaBBH Ac. TX7A2JTED—A yoncg man familiar W wUb dree* trimming*, to tafce charge ol that department It a fetal* bouae in thtf city* Onewbo could itTnt at least M.OOL would receive ad lnter***t la prom*. Hots bo» tboaa thoroughly oonod need ap> ply. tor oi o »#■ k, to *-U B,” Tribune otOce. Hating ex perience. reierenoea, aalary expected, Ac. \\T ANTED—A salesman of good ad- V* drcra, tit Milwaukee. Liberal terms to the right nan. u. X). OBVIS, Speed’s Block, Dearborn at.. Chicago. TRADES. TXTAJJTED—Tinner—A man accustom- T V ed to making caca for preferred meat# can find ateady employment. Apply to E. P. TODKTKLOT a CO, 60 Canal-at. TXTANTED —Two cabinet makers and W onectrrer, at D. M. BWINEY & BBO.'S. 7S tad fe'O Faltoa-at. Nona bnt the beat iten wanted. TT7 ANTED —A good watchmaker and V* Jeweller ctn find steady employment brcalUnz at ?aa Weat LtJce-at. * '\\T ANTED—Two good glass gilders W tpd algn writers, at 6w Monroe-it. AN TED—A drug deik, (German V ▼ preferred.) one who and*r*tandi hlj btulacu. Apply corner PaUted-at. and Arcbcr-road. TXT ANTED—Pattern Maker, at Marine V V Engine Work*, northweit career Michigan and Franklln-sta. None bat a flfst-clau workman need appli. ggaanteH-jFemale ??elp. TTTANTED—Sit lemale compositors at V » the Prairie Firmer Office, 103 Lako-«. None tmt competent workmen need apply. HOUSE SERVANTS. WANT’ 'ED—A good cook, •washer and Ironer. at No. laflO Walmli-ay. T\T ANTED—In a small tamilv, n uond T» cook, waiber and Ironer. The fery hiah-«t wa*M paid to a good girl, inquire at 45U West aablneton-et. .WTED—A good girl to do ucnernl homework In n mall tomlly. Apply at ,'J 11 Wwt Monroe**!. Good wage*. ■\VAN' TXTANTEb—A Norwegian or German T f... (Ctrl to flu general homework. A amiable per* •no will meet with encouragement# Apply at No. 5 Dearborn-place. TXTANTED—A German, Norwegian V T .or Holland girl. Oood wages to a good girl with references. None other teed apply, at earner Ilalated-at. and Afibor-road. TTTANTED—A good and competent ft girl lo do general housework. Literal wages will he paid, tali at SMI Wa lasb-ar., between tu and li o'clock. Ho Irish ntwi apply. TTTANTED—A eoud cook that Under* V T aland* washing And Ironing, and c«n come weir momtiifnilwl, at gy I Mlrhlgirt-nr. TAT ANTED—A girl In do general house* if work, Herman or Norwegian., Must be a good cv"k> »sslnt and_irop«fi Andy at noo rarrmi-«», Eiuiitopient agnufca. \V AWTKD—iouBg moil m HIP eiiim* , State ?W >■ «l»* IHI fW.U. ft.V M.AFIb-*aVs, g ” IMI i.Ti'f/i- Lvfi , . M .;i.t > < T;;'^.. , ;, l ,i r S!- *»"> \V AN'n;ii=mw ninn, immmlminlv, * “'HIM, I»H u.H,tn Aptmi'MlUd |»|r* 111 4l I BWhIM) Id ft!l'nSfslwl"^ n.«»| wtijwlW.l «i„ M , o®. \\f ANTED-~7J> men to go South. at » per month amt board; 60 railroad no n. Ji rhonpm.&b il« miner* and all nut m ampiny! men!, Apni? to I'AIISH ALL ft SMITH, |9N MUlb Clarlt-*!., Boom 11. lljr mall enclose IQrenta. WANTED —CO men. at $3 fer day and hoard, M men for vicWaburv. |ls to fco and Hn'm’d 101 * 01 '”’ Ac ‘ App,y at Madlion-at., fflglantcb—fttiscciiancaug. \\T AN TED—Ey tbo Tribune Co., sov , * *. "»l eople* of the Tribune of November is. tsa«s. fur which a liberal price will be paid. ' cult,t - r ,aao ' men » with cash capi nrM! nA A i^^?,n?LF f ? ,toe S ffaCe lQ » bUflneSl that will pay |5 to (10 per dir. Secured by two patent*. It*** D, * to mPt?titicn, and Is the only article of the kind 2'.ff*^? sr /^ 1 n 0r ul ?‘, Etßi 7 f»ntlly wants from two to 1 * , Jj. ora H. NASON t-» Sooth Cark-eu Room fl, Chicago, l.i. \\T ANTED—A number of good busi tof«hbli4h Insurance Aaenclc* in land, oi[} 3 . d m Address P. o. Box 2359. Clevo- T\7~ ANTiiU—Day boarders, at Gilbert's piU iK&S? 48 c, “ k<t - Ttetet AA7 ANTED—Soldiers to call and see cheeks received in carmen tel ?100 wldltloual o«Snsirn Ad lfs2?«“?**? 03 ?tKKI «!»»«*. A. nm Att 2r c ' :y 1--2 G Dearbom-st., ucom g. Office open erenlpga. * TXT”ANTED—Canvassing mrenls to sell Tvviwi wS P»>n>ja»lOßMmXln,loior% lor the wheeler ft Wllscnand other machines. They are iei|- * x,fo *l T 'ly- All ladles owning sewtac ma- D . * app . rccla « “ ,1 bn T Extra com. KlTtl l* ADgfr to B. c. PAitrKlD(*E,Gi&era! ' yp el" ft Wilson’s Msnmactnr- Inc Co. Office 33 Dcarbom-sc, Room 7, first floor. W^£?S' D r"' resse,—A capacity to 1M in lumber. or 5 It.«ln- 'oa led. Anrrfr to WOOLNER & GARRICK, 24'i Sooth Water-st. WAN TED—Veterans, sailors andsol- Tol™ an J'&?| *° ? rtac or *f nd ln y° ur discharge*, and learn something to yonr advantage. Advances mad* 9JVfJ a,ms * A- GOODRICH, Attorney at Law, l'X(i Dearborn-st.. Room 8, Chicago. OfHccopeneTealngj. \\7 ANTED—A lot of wooden tanks ol .» * from one to Ore tboosand gallons capacity. Ad dress W. DcDQIS, Trlbnne office: aa \\T ANTED—Three Copvists, to woik . • * where they reside. For farther oartlcn’ars sd> JJOT OOUOB i S.ORSH, Vm Biw jESS 0?, \\T ANTED—To Lumbermen—l have ** » I£ WO to invest la a lumber yard. Parties »*HviSfJj?, dl 2? o,e of m interest esn apply, personal ly, from 10 to it a. m., and from 2t03 p. m-or by let tertoj H. PALM. Boom (I, S 9 Washlngton-su T\7 ANTED—-All that want money, * stamps In anr shape, to call and see the best thing the sun haayet shone upon, and is wed in every house. t*nd twodollara lor sample Call, or address, CHARLES MESSENGER, 98 Wash- Ington-sU. Boom a. Chicago. Illinois. TTrANTED—lmproved and nnimprov _* .4 business property. mj. n. KEELER'S Real Estate office. 129 Sooth Clarkst. \\T ANTED—An energetic man with 77 ss? 1° * 3CO * 1° e °e»" In » money mating hnsl “JSlv « SyyiT «Sje» InTeaUaation. For particulars •foly »t 194 South Clark-at.. Boom 3, from 9 a.m. Ay\7 ANTED—Parties bavin? houses to nX Rell cr lea<c. to call on CHRISTIAN 4 COU K«1 Estate and Veiael Agents, Room 3. Ltad’s Block. Randolph**!, bodge. ffliHamcii-Clo Hcut. A\7 ANTED—To Rent—A large store or V* store room. Locality not particular. Address for three days. F. A. MILLER, Tnbaae. WANTED—To Rent—A room, second nZt\, m flo , or * iwaoo to IJOO feet floor surface, fbr a KSfis. mM ' Aadrcß3 p - M - ELi,s * L ‘- O.Draw. W7-A^TED —To Rent—House conren* ‘ana? ■« W'pent—A gentleman ti?AH£?-. e h CO c. t ? ,B,n * e,sht or ten rooms. Mtua* ie«i on ihe bouth Side, cost ofStatc-st. fr”.* 31“rrh or April. Anv party havinc a , t ;?°^,fr 0 o l r M to rent U) a prompt paylng.careful tenant! wtu please address j*. o. Drawer 0826. Chicago. ANTED—Tn Rent Prom first w prMireh or April next, a first-class house, on jMfrj’f Michigan or Wnl>a«ii-av- hilck or stm'*truiit Chicago. iSusfncss Cijanees. F9?.,„?^p- M,l , lmcr y s,ock - An old 14 Coo i. fr" u * c * with trade. Popnlatlon ft’l M WPTiTPfc h r?f • Vi' Scrn tonnd. Address ft. \V. 5Mh. WK IEHLLL ’ ChKJl ' 0 ' or J * AVERY. —The Forest Vnlley Works, Sid E l l , v * Mlr.h„ consisting of two salt block*. ?i l rnC2mJ l i , i r L . ar,! Fi‘? p acUT. with ten acres of land, naw CRy. M^otL d * Ad(lfoCJ s * LOCKWOOD. SAI*E—A half Interest In a Inccr FOR SALE—One-hall interest m a cood £ oVerorSnii IAOO ' ?. r wonltl «*Chango for liox 08Js. fOCet ” 0r ' “ kw! M«°M. Address p. O. L'OP. SALE—In stuck, and tor snle or pOR SALE—An interest in a coot! nav- A r I fA2’,* BU ?. ct .?2 n F pGR SALE—Boarding house, in cen fd hn b°aniirkipr 0 w H,de *- Particular* Ibrnlrb- B * A * sutltws * Kooa 7, Metbodiit Church T7£f, ! , S4^^ - r Le ¥° an<l Imnitßre ot n AkolSj-A*-* Unt-cli** location! doles a rood hn - i. TT° ( K SALE—A first class crocery store. JL m a rood location, doing trim $50,000 to *7O end SS,?® * BlWff TaSTM TT°? SALE—A halt interest in lease A. and ram {rare of one ol the beet Par Inc hotels in Chicago; rood reliable partner, central location terms OILBtBT ft BENEDICT, 132 sSnlh F)R SALE—A No. I restaurant on Dearborn-*:., dclng a largo bo*ln«w. will be sold e-half lUraJoe. Also, other property in all part* of the dtr. Kee our bulletin IxunL elth fu’fiiii GIT.BBRtft BENEDICT. 132 SALE—Stifiu and door laciorv -T building 34x10 feet. two-story. larce lot S-hon* tower epstoe, *ood holler. matcher, nldine aawer. iron frame atteker aadtSdut. "• tonaolfr.t'ay a saw d^_ W . ,n i* a°ld, altogether, cheap. Tlnf nn nm pamett BaATJSIoST «SKr ton, lowa, wtere the property can bo iccn l ' ' JUn SALE—I first-class family oroceir I atore, doing a bnainmaol (iou io QO SS’i JFot Sale. two-story Wby i?SttMfr.^i by ?\. w, ,' b a one • t °rr addition of w 7 WIj “«Jtoy Tillage of Ft-Atkin log ZJ 11 ** of Dry Goods. Cloth- Theaton°woiS?K2 *.** Sbo «** op wilt bssold separate, store, as stand for a Hardware FoTMrtSfffASS HarJ,Par e in town ofanr see.-mot. AOmwKvwf * ddrc " WM * TAKCBL ft SON. Fort —Schooner A, G. Morey, tuc nw a 9 capacity; schooner Scaadlna- SSaifiArtilr® 9 bQ capacity; schooner Bacloe. ratMHi ir,irnK aeae,iat r : »chooner S. O. Andrew*! t*u2 nl* JHSS ? Q capacity; schooner Wm. F. Allen, L rS E?ISSP bu capacity; brig City of Erl-, rates B lcM toan S rt»; of water, i&eatove hrt^'j a {f»Ar l i*l (l c:>ln CW<2»o River, and fbr tale K^ChicaSPm comer cr WdU 1111(1 6oatb w,iter * XT OR SALE —A Bird Case, containin': X about eighty tpecln en« olbeanUfhily atulied birds trem the American Eagle to lbs tmallest Hamming Bird, all excellently arranged. It can ba shipped any distance Apply to 8. ALSCUDLER, S 6 Bando!pb-tt. Chicago. to v ’ Tj OR SALE—Wood—Beech, Maple and * Hickory wood, at $lO per cord. Fonale br P 1L HALE ft CO.. 4 North Clarx-st. »»mßyt. ax. T7O K SALE—A Jot ot Barbndocs r In honheads or barrels. JAMES 1L LANCafi! 2 Custom Uonse-ptace. ITOR SALE—Christian & Co., Real £- I Ute and V«*e| Agents, have all kinds of real cL tato for sale to salt porchaaets. Call at Hoorn 3. Lind's Block, Ractlclph-»t..bridge. ’ pianos. T7OR BALE—Piano—sßs will buy a X ,10»d six-octave Plano, mahogany ease, roand front corners, in excellent order. Can be seen at 11 a Dearbon-ft-t Boom 44, betweea I and 3 la the uter- .gtmanongj^l RALKk, i£e Uo eccakt *nii j\v* K- F.0.80i 783. * Ul **g>~ < > ' beok at the East, u caehi^r/f* ‘it J 4 tinitin um Ticiaitr. u?-? v r . «ur« u to capacity 8 U S situationforoar bookke*r». •[stance In that departm/nt i. +V -. r anal il«1 and capa .Je o ? r , l '' Apclj to Vf. D HARBlsit'fe tf# asasja CIIUATI ON— \\ >p er ted liono £&/%»{* L m S V,-.r rfsi Bo:Hs.n M <1 PEn.ILEs. CITUATiOK-WanMTrr^ O rotH of obtaining n o*.«ni*l. ** -S', dower, to superintendni, der«taudsßlithedmlm *1 , aeement of aerrnntn. ti r i-. e 1 treat her an a member ef r, :!■ i->", or addrwi -C A I). ' US3 n n V*.'. r T Situation— kj onrtocook.UiPoUifrtn ,i- • ,a ' Uke care ol children. tan inr-- . - ACdriis "ELLEN” or “NKU if ’ . ■-• Cim\ T l°N-ll^^T~ SITUATION kj woman, to do general in ii.,~ , k • IhVr M.'"' 1 wW.V,v ,| ,- ! !' CITUATION-W-Bnl^rST; Q Jaily with a*f win/,„„ M ! maker and leamiUer#. A ii rt « 'i'" office. 4 A o CITUATION-Hnnl^llTT or r« .tinl l jrf /X^lUrVl?»f/ liVVi j «V| || i'J' ’ ences fumUtixl. ‘ n ilUl» j SKEHE^V-i flllh Ijr-phM'" N'nf'l. Ih» iiMiu* .* , . * • lf*l« MjMv- fil lu\n\UVk 'I. JtljHh mi"! I| h)» w n, ■ ]g« CITUATToN-Wnhlr^Ari k^» L »Mft elms, Ki a i ii<i-1 fi ..., ! ttlTliATl(iN=W n nN=r s nr Kl »itj i* ft J"wiih Mim, ii.., i., L yt.n <• fflvi. li.i ..hi,. kiiL.i ~f ~1,,,., „ l ’ C miATION-WnnlH-iiTJ Ml) willow 14.1 v. 111 „ 1n.1.1 ’ ~ K?'wAr^E A(,il >M - Ml * WV *‘ U * ; * • sancntß (Saiamn. lA/’ANTED —Tolightninj: r„ K ~m Experienced agent* lo ». i; u. t -. ■ m UH, None except those h«*Lnr r) .. {■ 2JJ*.?W. #r J mi,neM need appu. TP fcCfoll l.lglitnlng Rod Co." Ffertt-rLi * w A GENTS—AVante<l— ffrf.A£&& > ? F y CT * A 1,1 tom i.F-ta. itBItELLION. |,r Uoaice (tHKeirr •.•'"'L m two TOlumea, and rrndv &r wanted to eTcry town In the UV- t. \ right to dearer vol. 11. are cniera Immediately. UEO. ft c. H 'fit. ; Chicago, 111. • ' A GENTS—Wanted—4s per -ijL “twd or money retnnd.d. i-r •, LATRKOP, JFL, Office No. ||} M. t r Chicago, or Office No. -1 Lyman’s u; A GENTS—Wanted—Now hr" -Tn. Black Crook, a most wnr.dcrr <'- ji ine performed with Immrnu,* sue.-,-w-1 pie theatres throuchont the I’nitr*'"'? •«* <receipt ot 5u cents free bv r.s;!. u- UON. as Mlclucaa-ar. A GENTS— Wanted Tnpi jf.V UNITED STATES t, a PAA n - c * n « “•* cb«at>f«t M., r • LLOTD’bNETV GREAT UEpritl If v ‘ PATRIOTIC CHAirr OF AMF»:ir\ - w Ith the map. POSITIVELY the. i, v . saleable map* 1c the wor d. Addr. ii i.' - CO, 14S Lake-*!.. Chicago. 1 A GENTS—Wanted—ln all :\ir. if /Tj.coan.try. to sell ‘TnEITISTonY •{?y S \OC ElSCOLV*udtiie“OVEKTQHOW JLCk la one vol., ol ever Too papee. Br n-z • 1 I»tc member cf Conere»s a"d tor on * t*-- confidential Irlend ot Mr. Uncob. Tl- . jus: been completed, and will meet * tr* • err intelligent citizen, it presets r-v— --hare not appeared In any other no-< Chronicle, of Wa*hln*tor£ »ay§: *it «•' character and bold a place beyond an*:- doced.*’ For territory acd llrtiets, CLARKE A CU., .so and *2 w emcaeo, w A GENTS—Wanted—Lad’i-s a::fi XX Uenien throughout the West n v-. 1 «Jt»*, d . ttp d Jrno.” The commiMlon )i t and the book ta one of the be.t s-Jliri: v-v* 5° u 4 , f H r £ rn y. to w - J - Holland * co- :i bard Block. Chicago. , A GENTS—Wanted—To sell tb jtX nine Bartlett Sewtne Machine cirir the Imt.rr.Ted New England Family &**!-• (price *13 1, Both of these Machines sr- f-.-' Address or call noon W. DELOS6 a <d Pest Office Block. Chicago. lU. A GENTS—Wanted—To cativi-l -Cjl “Lincoln and blsTery.” in one v<.:r. • 9. ?*?***?• Th®book.tanned about thel-t U already sedlng more ranldlv than anr --t second edition will be r-ady in two wr*. *c? caco Journal sayc of It: M thebo3fcisth* *v'\ and catnot be eclipsed.” w e want a r-vf -v \ * c6 -« A GENTa—Wanted—Male aid -i, XI- to sell a new article la great arriv-.--' '•.& tainlly wants. *4perdayira.iewUh. u•• 1 TravrlllDg agacta can mage Irom V' t.> • j without Interference with other oimiess ; tl shows fjr itself. Samples, with terms at 1 & t ..VS..S?£ n ' w » •« at B>r a cents ft.'S, ; CHAPPELL. Drawer 6333. Chicago, i:;. I A GEN TS—Warned—Pnr “ DEATH IS' REBEL PRi SON’S.” fr ;; f Bui*cnberspcrday. Always sells. A. KIML-. WashlcgtonsL. Chicago. Agents —wanted—a low m 1 claM mrn for THE AMERICAN’ T nurtSK BOOR. Sowrtadr. onrrV-'u:-:»LV A ntr.cof COO page* and splendidly iiljjiMtnl in. eitbtewart,lLl>..y.a. 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F ar K c stock ol iron & *'} ■y*rneKVfootbed. 2S*lncb awlns• on« • - lour 13-root bed. asnrh n *wi-*; : • SJi'ti-ct bed, 11-Icch awlte, back reared, c- t* ' T”H!* r V. nßln - lMh ea,madeatlprSigc-: t sl will bf sold at low Cm-ea. Fire portable -trti JjV-- U *td IVborse power; Are iron ? *Vg ■ bed.of sntierlormake; Cttttrr; Merrtmsn • Kelt Carter; rear cutter; -A i.-"" cne Wovxtwcnh Maneraad Matcher: one tacer; one Farrar Snnaccr; two mouldin’ n-v~.. r~ cteaercUiaw; cneshaklnr machine: <v'o’. :»- : v - • on hand. In .store, at 3-1 Sown Wells-,;. -1 .% KL>o s JAMES. 3 i FOR SAT^E—Portable Encines— S Id. I'A 15,70, S 3 and SC-horte power. aeconc-hand; one 30 and one 35-harse power. £i% band Stationary Ensmes ard Boren, Fi>rt»>i# ;aSs mills, Woodworth Flan era and SJatcbert. S3lrgi« >Js5- and Wood-wcrkla/; Machinery. Power Ora Strall Bara Mills. Imn Feed Alills. Sbaftlsc. PV.T' and Eleeator Machinery built to order. I.ICBA** 1 IRON WORKS. 19Q and 192 1?OK frALE—A sect-nd-hanci Enci;^ 1 1 folding machine—ln good condition. Pil«.«* « 5 Apple to the TIUBUyg COMPANY. -r-4 TT'OR SALE—Cheap—An eneino^i 1 about fbrty horse power, with heater as', igi reeling pipes allln goexf order. Can th»?eeo R.r’JKi ation and price ascertained by calling oa <t'J| FROST. 7»y Sooth Clarg-at^Cbleego. 11l- FOR SALE—One Donble Planing and Matching Machine. oa“ rl-fsrh; .-*3 tacCT.afhlf assortment of Sash, Door and Bliw » chmery. Scroll Sawa. Woid Lathes, ftc- ftc...-*: , »3 IrcDLatbcaandPlancrs. Merrlrcan's Patent p>i>'■ Ja tsrs, Davis* Patent Bolt Headers—ail at maanfict-v prices, freight added. Clrcnlars trot on ai'p>K w ;j MERBIMAN ft WRlGar. 14 Welts-aU Chlcsg^ TT'OR SALE—Three b-horse powtre JL 1 nght engtn«; also six torUcntal mrl-* I .*. ard 12-horse power. Larger or smaller nlahed with or wlthont bouers. tabnlar and locomotive boilers ft>r tale. Ik-'J -J*, adßs Also one i-roller Union Matcher and Placing Sawmills, barrel andwcod-worktcg macMccr? - - fist Planers, belong, saws, filed. Ac. Machlr.Ery v > Desrbora-iUCtlcaeo. GREENLEE BBO». A TT’OR SALE—A superior lathe, 3 r 1 ftet bed. XM Inch centre, at the Machine w. n. WARftny, 549 Monroe-su op»lto X* Wcrto. y. B.—Models>panlcaUra*-~ii^Lg florets, (Carriages, .Vf \\f ANTED—Carnage—A second y V bnerr. with or wfihoot for oaeh-f « Address, wttbprice, and where Itcanbesecs. - t.-l D C,**Box IMI. FOR SALE—At a great bargain. £l* cash only, a fine bone. Eastern made cutter.• B* gy, Ac. Apply at No. SO Sooth Wetls-st. -TC ITOR saT.E—A fine, well-broken fo f 1 rlage team of handsome brown Morgan »*-_ They are ststera and or good tire, fine lift and a-—. 7, one five thoother *lv years old. and m gratM-*' i S»? tersot Old Black Hawk. JOSEPH JOHKi, K>-'» V- Ko, 17 LaStUcst, , Intr li n , i li