Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 1, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 1, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE, Latest Nows by Ocean Tele graph. The Kablora Question ns Viewed by l!:e Various Powers. The Cretan Clergy Plotting Against their Turkish Rulers. Slate or English Feeling on the Reform Question. Twelve American War Vessels Expected at Constantinople. The Suez Canal Construction Pro gressing Ita]iiilly. I’M WAillW. Action of the Ways and Means Committee on the Amended Tax Bill. Further Developments in Regard to General Sheridan’s New Orleans Despatches. CONGRESS. Senate— Passage of the Tariff Bill by Vole of 27 to 10. Raus of Duty Fixed on Imported Woollens. Alterations and Exemptions ' Agreed Upon Yesterday. r House—Passage of tlio Senate Bill Supplementary to the Smng | ding Act. Bill Passed for the Transfer of tho Indian Bureau to the War v Department ravage of the Consular Appro, priation Dill. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Yesterday’s Legislative Pro ccedmgs. Introduction of a Bill in tlio Houoo Providing for an Eight Hour Law, Bill Krpnrhid for llic Eslnbllsl nicnl of a SnvingN Bank System. A Now Railroad Bill Inlrc duced by General Hurlbul. nioa ix'noi'i;. •*v Oil KAN TIUJUiIIAPII. rue AAcvtra coufucations—an xNuuai Unusry 00. It is Muled tbttlbe llrttlibrabluol freely ex piree the Ltpe that lb* peace of Kurupo will be piei-crv.-d in spile of tbc tbrcalcului! appearances .u ibe Eapl. TEX t-SAnCH STSTEM MOniFIED. The fcoarcb of ito bagyscr ol fore’un travellers .n Llucland aud France, will bcrcaiut be merely •jtmlnvl. rnr ccfocx qrnsnos tn enqlami. Loudon. January 3U U is rsserted that Lord Derby's ailtnibl-tratlon will fall ‘o I lie ground If the speech at the re-opcu- In- orrirllnuical should not recommend Uefurm. John Bright hts mode a speech at Rochdale, lu whul ht ,aid that recent reforms -announced by the Emperor Napoleon should he Irlerprelcd io a liberal sense. The authority for suspending ne«vs- papers would he abandoned; that public mevttug* could be held twenty days bclore au election, and that the Tribune would be restored. axirican wan resales expected at cokstaxti- XOPLE. I.oxdox, January St. Despatches from Constantinople announce that twelve American war vessels are dally expected, nix on run mission to the exited states. Paris, January 30. U Is thought here that the Mission of Kalswgis to the United States |» a Russian intrigue to in volve the American Government in the Eastern ■({iivstiun. CLOT AIiAANfrT MUBTATUA PACHA. Paris. Jamisrr SI. ■ Paris. January 83. • / Despatches fiom the Hast slate that a plot of the / C:cun dergy against Mestapba Pacha has been J dt?coir/ed. I DEATH OF THE FRENCH MINISTER AT CIO JANEIRO. I Paris, JauniryW. I Advecs from Rio Janeiro report the d •nth of the French illnftler to Brazil. 1 NOLEIEXT IX FATOBOPCDUJSTtAXITT IX TURRET. I Pacis, January 31. • Tl French Government, acting lor the great I Enroesn Power*, Is engaged In framirg reforms L ftvclng tbv inten-vta of Chnsiianity In Parkey. r rnrrnEn nosoca to tocxo ncx.vxrr. Paris. January 31. ■ Sr. Bonnet*. i« to receive a gold medal from the I yacimcn of Rochelle, and wilt also have an andl- I cae w Ifh the Emperor. I GRECIAN REVENUE. Athens, January SO. Hie Greek Government la about to raise Us Ulff. and expect, by this mean?, to Increase the rvenuv one and a naif million dracJimat. DECORATED. Paris, January 31. Count Montholon has been decorated with tbe ■rand Cross of th-,- legion of Honor. He goes to ish%n as Ambassador. SLAVERY IS TBE PORTUGUESE COLONIES. Lisbon, January 81. Action has been taken in favor of the abolition .f siavery in the Portuguese colonics. TURRET TO BASE CONCESSIONS TO TUE CRETANS. Losdon, January 81. Tbe Porte has determined to make concessions to Crete, and will soon appoint a CbiUtlau Gov ernor for Ctndla. Bourn AMERICAN NEWS. 1-fISDON. January 31. • The mail steamer from Rio brings n ws that tbe 'Emperor of Brazil is resolved to increase his army and carry on the war against Paraguay. PRUSSIA . Brum, January 31. Try Conference, composed ot delegates an potffifcd by the Prussian and Austiisn Uovcra menlsWo arrange the system of custom does has adjourned. The results are not stated. Beaus, January 31. The Pruaslan Diet has appropriated for railroad purposes the amount of2t,oyo,yuti majors. ITALT. Florence, January 3j, The municipality of Venice has tendered the Ibankß of that city to Garibaldi. Tbe trial of Admiral Pereano will commence on the 12th of March. tue arczcAxax. ALCXAironiA, January 31. Large steam lug* have passed through the Iresh water to Suer. kote rnoM rcssia to toe poiite. St. Perßuanunn, Jannary 3t. The llnsfiau Government has addressed a note »o the Porte, advising generosity towarl* the Orei-k subjects of the Ottoman Empire, aud the granting of reform*. ptXAjrn ron tub ntnntTion or LAffttiAKOC. Lonnon. January Bt. The British Gou'mmotit has made a demand on Viancc tor the rendition of taralrendc. Lrk«( Porrlffti Market** ,lApn*rjr 90. I t'o! M>l» ai W U-JD|of nioncrj b-VttOJ} ItlinuU (antral. M*; «.rJ(.:ws. I’AKis Jimury no. HUtr» •It’cllnM no. I <>lumrloM«lr4t<lrf j Kw« ik rr „,,t j>r(rr» iinrhftnicH. MUUlhtf ui'l'h'l*. li*. llrrfiOMtitu-i-'oni iminttini «l 4l«i ttitnalitull. l*r«*l'*****'* U. l , firuli , win-lUfli»r«l* !• MalO« JW. W. lajnimim. Jufvmry m-'NVtn, Mfenvi *>»»*-»■ Cntlrftl, *l)f : Jc, »V Junuurr «. \unum nurktt doll «cd Uvom myor*. touuiti m clmOk'f. Mlddllljg UpI»U(J« Uf»o.< O*)M Mil [,tcU *1 :.ClO Ulc*. .-♦•Jbondi. .«*• ljvctpool, J*nu»ry 81-Krealn-. 'otton market M»t. WMUo* nptajda lt*d. H»1«b inot exceed C,OOO twl*. DrwUlufin emu. Ui n rifiMdat rrortilont Mil other podnta •leaoy and uubißßrd. Lovrtoß. January ll—Urmia*. CotHoti, MIS-16} MOa, 11 \\ Utiool»,«U<} Rrln, ». Lorour, January SI. 1 lif market here f.r 6 ice la flat. A (Intis let from I’arU report* that Mli 'edit'd X because of recent lliiaariat lutelli*eoo«frqm AtnMici. tiv munim. Hreemy of flodlea Ifmit ()t« tttaoiil’a i*rit*f* Mtttiina wenthc* lit iturot*** tt UA W A &\ u, £lX «• “Hi" ■ritUHl.' 1 w tf«»«»li*iil!n Mill, t-aa |iortf#» wn»n tpnnvnrrd hum III* akiltliiu P«|Vl At NepeM'i l‘*rh, l/mdon. R»Vnpo ¥rM ” l * r WM m f mww tbroiuiliiut • W*’* lb»i raovomofll of lUIMtA Alld AUMrIA IftWAlfla tlalliplA, FIIOM WAHIIIKOTOS. (Hpcclal Despatch to lha Ohleigo Tribune.} j Washinoton, 1), U„ January 81. ouenai. enßunuM’a dispatcum dcmtinu to tui mew oiit.iANa niora. The New Oileaua I'lWaUtfallog Committee Itava I brcught to light rorlaln hitherto unpubliahed cor* 1 iMpomlerce relative to tbo garbling at the White House of General Hhcndan’s deapatchea concern me the riot. It appear* that mnUlaled repoita were printed In New Orleans at the earns tune 1 they were la the New York limit, and General Sheridan at once telegraphed General Grant that , one essential parjgrapu waa suppressed, and i asked If he could tell who waa entity of the breach ofmUlrary honor In giving tl such shape. Gen eral Grant at once responded that It did not cel into print from bla headquarters, and said if Gen eral Sheridan had no objections Ua would aik to have them published In lulL General Sheridan, the following day telegraphed that be did not for on Instant suppose the despatches wcre]thns published by Grant's authority, and be thought he bad a right to feel justly indignant at the per son who did give authority, lie had nothing to say, he condoned, os to the publication of hU other despatches. They were not written tor pub lication, but were at the service of bis superior officers. On the‘same day, viz: August 11th, Grant sent correct copies ol all the despatches to the Secretary of War, and asked their publication in fhll, and continued: ‘‘Already a garolcd ver sion of one of these despatches, and so In complete copy of another hive appeato! in the public prints. The publication puts General Sheridan In the posltUou of taking a par tJsan.vlcwof the whole question, and what Is still worse, of being one day on one side of the ques tion, acd another day on the other side. Ilia des patches In foil shovtbathe takes no partisan vit w, but reports what he believes to be the facts without regard to who is hlr. lam just in receipt of a telegram from him, showing dlxplo isuro at his despatches getting Into print in a wnlilsle-l and incomplete form.*' Stanton, on receiving this letter, at once relerred It to the While House, say- Inc he did not feel authorized to act In tbo matter without the President's direction. He therefore submitted the papers for instructions to the Presi dent, who took the matter under advisement, di rected the collection of all the letters and Qr •inilcv-a relative to the riot and Convening that hud pamed between the civd and military authori ties at Washington and New Orleans, saying at the same tlau that they were to be examined with a\iuw to their publication in fall. In the order ol | their dates. The papers were laid before the ; I’.Calocnt. lie examined them, ond two weeks later, alter culling ont this correspondents rcla uvt to Sheridan's reports, gave pormls bn for the publication of the other letters and lopaichcs. KlllAX CfEEAL* THANSrEUIIED TO THE WAB DC PAUTMEHT. Ihc lloufc to-day, after a long, spirited debate, roted t»y seventy-six to severity-three, to transfer be control of the Indian Bureau from the InMior ijci'nnmctl to the War Department. ilia bill itnihcnzcs the Secretary of War to appoint army office is to perform the duty nowpertoimcd by In dbn Superintendents and agents, and to detail an uffici r not below the rank of Brigadier General to ill-charge the duties of Commissioner of Indian AfTilis. 'lhesc officers shall not bo required n irlvo bonds, as civil appointees now do. but be respon«lhlcs to tbo rules and aillclea of war. All contracts for the transportation con nected with the Indian service shall hereafter be mnde In the same manner and at the saw time a* contracts for army transportation. Too Secretary Is BUlbo'lr.* - d to withhold special licenses from traders, and to dorignatc times and places where they may present Pienisclves for barter and ex change. Titr Tiitirr dill has occupied Ibe Hcnaio lor davs. That body is Imlding nu cvcnliur session, and hope* l"> fhu h •hr ►III before midnight. Its fate In the Homo Is .‘umewhat doubtful. Its ipcclal friends I tile oflrv li,U topet acllou without nllowinsll to go before the Ways and Means Commltlce or luto Committee ul iho Whole. m:d are confident o< Its pkmiijm If itipycan do Oils. Its enemies are very sure It will he defray'd, or al Icist rnaterhlly modified If brought hefoie the Coiinulttie of the Whole, and •■ojic lo senue Irnpurtsiit cbungiß 1j the Ways ond Means Committee. sL’iivr.r op wonTtnrtsTcnn nivnus. '1 he Wat liepniliuenlJim received (Jemal War* ion’s icpoit on surveys ol the I' >prr Mlssbslppl itlvrraud various Hvcrs In Wlnn-soft and Wls* cunslu. Ill* leporl on htldeiiiß the Mlsslsslptd, oeh« cen Ht, J’stil and PI. lamiK is not yet com* jih'lcd. Up concludes, from bis examination*, that ihri'tifihoul Iho space between Fori Htmlliittf and Korl* Island llapld*. Hi* 1 current of Hie Ml«si*» •t|i|d 1 n* nol been of sultlclitit slrefislh to Inins* l>oil ptavel, and ihal hits Uiernipou are cntiipo«ed i»f antid, Hits sand It tefyslllcl'iu* amt free from .rinehtliitf ttiitnlal.solbfil It In easily moved by •- sur, i ttd Hie I ms, lluuigh ijulle couMant (o cir* (tin fpiclies oniteih'.'i. I'mitUeily shtntim f om place |o place Him pin. 'I he ■aiid It limiigbl lo ••aiPtid dimnwanl generally (rum foriy losUly i. rl below lb* low water surface. •Jmbfl'tg by ib« • rVu of alone dam* on the Ohio, wb*n w»»rt io removo mere sand hart, General Waimn not tael anlborixi*! to recommend tbmn for ibn .4U»Uti|i|.|, but je.ema a fail dl«cua«luu Bi.d ixptnuiou of opinion an tbit mailer till al) tbo results of bla surveys hava neon developed 5 hut, ud a measure of temporary relief, which mar yet tiro prove the moat economical and deairablo for iiuimanont adop'ion, bo urges (ho construction of a few steamboats, wlto appurtenances, adapted lo croplng the sand ban, ao aa to make a passable banncltbrongb thorn at time of low w-ilor. It s ibougbt by Ibis means tint four feet draught can be recur, d op tv the momb of the Sr. Croix, end :h" rem Indo- of Cho >ay to FortSnelllnga draußbtofthrce ceU Two mall amounts of 53,000 and 13.000 arc, however, ir-bvd for the purpose teetln?, by actual trial, Ibe reels ol artificial dams la closing superfluous .Lai cels, and one of f33S,CtH for lucks and dame ro reach St. Anthony. ms uepobted frauds n? Tnsrnnrraia bureau. ihc reposts sent onl to some papers of Ih i dis* roxety of grert frauds lu tho Piloting Bureau of he Treasury Department arc purely sensational. InvcsUcalions thus far show some irregularities, nut nothing like irond or rohb-ry. The House vmraittunwiu make a very thorough examina tion. and arc doing It In a quiet and reticent insurer. applications for bounty. Pndcr the bounty equalization bill of last nly, about m,oo« applications for extra bounty lor unite, colored, and deceased soldiers have been made to the Second Auditor’s office, and about IUuOOq ot living white soldiers to the Par* master General's oQicc. Appllcationa arc etlll coming in at the rale of about 1,000 per day. - The Senate bill regulating the tenure of office acd the Prealdeni’a power of appointments and removals Wa« reached to the House to-day, but pm over till to-mo:row, ulth the understanding that It shall be debated all day, and voted on without amendment at four o'clock. TAX OS ADVERTISEMENTS. Mr. Hooper has induced the Ways and Means t'ornmiticc to agicc to removlrg the tax on adver tisements. Mr. Ecple»ton, of Ohio, is preparing papers concerning the Louisville Canal lor the action of tl c Committee on Commerce, The proposal is for the Government to guarantee bonds to the amount of one million. The committee has re ceived a communication urging prompt action from ell parts of the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys. RECEIPTS THOM CUSTOMS at tbe below named ports during the week end ing January 29th, were as follows: New York, $2,333,1*3.83; Boston, 1253.W2.15; Philadelphia, $53.63123; Baltimore, f41t.G85.42. Receipts at New Orleans during the week ending l!»ih in dent, amounted to $144,530.93. Returns show a considerable decrease as compared with the pre vious week, with the exception ot New York, where the receipts bare Increased slightly. AX IXDIAK DELEGATION. A delegation of Kansas Indian*, which arrived in this city yesterday, liad a preliminary inter view with Hie Commissioner of Indian Affair* relative to the removal of their tnbes from Kansas to tbe Indian Territory. FREEDNEX’S AFFAIRS IX MISSISSIPPI. The December report of the Frcedtnen's Bureau for Mississippi shows that 7,900 rations were t-sued daring tbo month, being a slight Increase over the issno for Norrmner. The freedmeu manifest no spit It of idleness, and planters are so anxious to secure laborers that many arc brought from other States. They are paid from $lO to sls pcrmoD’b, arc furnished tations, quarters amt medical attendance. There is a growing Interest :n the snbject of frcedmrn’s schools, rwo fruit :u! sources of dissatisfaction to negroes are taw* preventing them from carrying fire-arms and hold ing real estate. Tlie FuprrvisloK Architect of the Trcasnryhas issuu’an advertisement for about one hundred ii d ninety thousand feel of lumber for building the north wire ot the Department. ecrritAOE iktub manner. Georgetown officiate open thilr hooka again to* morrow and next day to complete the registration *'f Totcre. The hearing of the argument on the Teal Oath tu re Uiuietbc District Supreme Coort was post* poned mi to-morrow. candidates ron trc grAtnxruiASTzn’s scrauT* UKKT. The Board of Offlctra nf the Quartermaster** Department recently appointed to examine offi cer* who contemplate entering that hr«tcb of the ten Ice, are now holding daily sessions here. IBy Associated Press.) the nrvaiUT. mu January i|.—^The New York 7W ftvnr’a \> aslilngtou sooclal says: *• Commissions I'ohlns was In conference with the Wars and Mentis Committee to-day. In regard to (ho Internal Kevct.uc Tax lUH. the committee bate thus far p|ss« e upon hut a few tr.lclsa whirl, |( proposed In nut Into Iho Hat, The ( omml««Ioner Infutared rlirn that there was a g eat filling off in the isre t,..,. rrcpipt" "ItMii Dtlh«l silly dar». and from Irescnl Indications It was likely to diminish still imitr during the neat sl» or nine month# oil sc enm tof Iho cetieral stACDflUon of busiue*#. Tim I,ate ilioreloic deculnl not to tma mi- SVSW S T.i.ia Inn. m,.i It,, ". !' l" lIVrUT >'">H# l '/ r ".V- ,c, '“ cl,ul ' " |M The President ha* reeeiilly said ,n .,V1?., i’. r orf ne son* tint the worst thing h'* ever did 1 1 hl« II to lias iSpitdnn Mayor Mtmros. oi New Or satis. thk *aw otiuKana mot mva#THiATio* lunar h« safely asserted lhat,niiialiha*aitdltu» ilio VoVnmlnou. fesilmonr taken by tJu H|mf ta> Cnmimtiee invesllßatinff lh" N®' l H hni few additional fans hate twen 'e'clopod 'l be Chairman »• already making up liU report* which will, of morse. In* made to reded rewirciv on the President. It win stale, bownva;. that me cnmmlfce «o nol propose la recommend the lui ~curium nl of the President. Tita mi'oauxo nraiNKaa. m Tim Now York Vines’ Washinvir,. * -time Idea may he form^L-dl tratcd by smugglers frt\fe Important arncles, rot raASKfoBt, January ft, FiuvsrusT, Juntr/ si npeni cei<| to (bo froullrr to luvi atlirale them waa «!*!<» In make arienoemeina with twenty two tliia tom tfllcera, out of twenly-ihme In tbo dulrlet, tor ■milCKlliippootla Into III» United HWloa, IIMAVT IIAMAMKH fIUAIMKf). One of llio rooil inji>oriiiiitc«*o« yet preeenied to the Court ol claim* I* ib*t lor ixujo.txw dam age* against the Government for Ihu seizure t»y lie War Department, tn InV>, of a largo tract oj I'nd at tbe Cascades of Columbia Hirer, In Wash ington Territory, alnce occupied as a military post, lb« proi«rty belongitg to George W. John •ou. IIECONSTIUJCTIOK COMMITTEE S HCrODT. Washington. January 31.—1 bo itcconslructlon Commitiro are expected soon to make a report ou several plana now bvfoto them looking to a reba billtatlon of the Southern State*. Their ylca-a have not, however, yei taken definite shape. There seems no doubt some provisions will be adopted by which to avoid the effect of any possi ble recognition of the Southern biale* in their present condition bribe United Slates supreme Coml. monACLK EXEMmom FROM TAX. Amenomcnts to the Inteinal Revenue laws are now under cuiMderallonbr ibcCommlircoonWaTS and Means. It Is probably many articles for the oenefit of agrlcnltnriets and others, will be ex empt from lax. sucb«« salt, butter and cheese made by associated cnlerprl.c, leather and Hu m wagons. ANOTHSH IXTCACOXENT BTOUT. Tbe Ifailonal tnttilvjcucer given an account nur* porting to be the proceedings of the bonlbcm Re publican Association, held bst nlgtit, a* which twenty representatives of Slates took pan In a discussion In favor ol holding a convention a. Washington, ou or about Uieith of March next, ,o urge the Impeachment of Andrew Johuooa as the only hope of tbe South fur a speedy rc couttructton. Lonnrtva nows to onnxn. Washington. January RL—A r>«t—« a wew York office iu Wall -trrpt. has issued a confiden- Üb) circular to the National Honks proposing to rente to W'ashlnrton, and lobby toMhciji If they will contribute at the rale ofonc dollar on eacn thousand of their clrcnlstion lor bis expenses. II all tanks conld be persuaded to join In finch an anangeminl it would yield bim the snug little emit or?300,r«0. National Hunks should beware of ail such benevolent oners- TAX OH HEWePATEB AOVSimSEStCnB TO BE ABOUriIITD. The Committee of \Vays and Means at Ihclr mccitrr io-dny, I while cot slderioz ihc amendatory Tax fill', agreed to aho'iUh the ax on newspaper adverUrtinenis. It Is understood Hint the nm will he reported within Ibe ncxl ten days, and taxes on a farce number ol alleles will be considerably icdmed in older to K-sscu the general vovcauc frominteioal sources. TnEASIIJIT !SrE«TIOATIO*:. Tlie worl: of the Cmrcncy Unrcan of the Treas ure Department was resumed to-dsy, the Uoaia « f'T.xaajli’.eri having completed ilic conn* or cur* rent iMtins wlilfb wer* f on«* “JpE 1 * J,,® scioni twincli th» examiners counted Is nearly tew,occ,W>'. uoti. or noKon. Another roll of honor will be published by Ouailennartcr Giuonl Meltr* st the Instance ol •fc« trericnrv of War, beins the names of soldier* nbo eled In delete** of the Union, interred In remeP rice in the bust. 8 ol Sow \o.k, Wlscon* riii, I’ lowa, Maryland, Missouri. Noilli Carolina, Aikamois, Kansas. and Dakota Territory. 'Hie publication 01 the painnhlol of ovi r two hundred pac* p, contalnlnc nbotil twelve thomard ?:«mcr, will be for the Infouaaitoa of ihvlr surviving comrades and litenos. et'l'Ki.siK coirnr. Wuiiikgtox, January 31.—50. 135, Board ol butenbor* ol Itnck Island. 111., plaintiffs in error, re lb»* United Minus; tn relation to the Stale Bank* petition -lor mandantut. Case submitted. *IUTAIIt CHANOM. PilrniUcr General F. D. beward, recently dcs nntrhcil. by order of Major General Howard, to make an Ihm* ctlon of the IHelnct of North t ar edina. has returned lo hendnnarlcrs, Wn»blnelon. I ienlciidiilJ. W. SUckney lias been ordered to duiv m connection with the Kreamen'e Bureau in Temiefriec. By special order of the War Dc r.urinct.t. the mntterlm.' ont of the service ol I Icnti-cant Colonel Beebe, One Hundred ard Tpcj iT*Lli.lh Colored Troops, has bceu revoked. An order baa been ifstiud by the Secretary or War. carrying Into cOccl Hie law abolishing tbo nfl'.ci* of Siillt-r. July l»t, next. tin, riiKEnwi:* a Ai PAtua I* aiMti*itTi. Tbi report of IMgadicr tfoiicrnl (iillctn, Aeei*l* iinl t’oinmlai-lonnr of FreedmenV? Uurcan for Mlr*belniil,rhnwlti« the condition /if freedinea's iifima In that Statu during December, m received. He slate* that the demand for labor Is ao great that Irmlrnen are being brought from other Slate# to slb*l;*li»|d, where they can contract at ten in flf.een dollar* per rnotilh, with ration*, miarlcra and nodical atiendauce. During the iiinntb tbero were 7.UUU ra'ions l-ema. leluir an It name of rifiovcr too l*ntto f>r November. The free timer ahow* no aolrll of idleness, ami planters am anxious to secure hbnrora. School mailer* seim lobe imn»rcsslnir finely, and a growing Ill icit «l h manifested which pmml*r* in bo of per manent service. T««» finUlul source* or dNsan*- fiu-tlun to (bo freedmen arc Ibo law# piohlhuliifl them from can yin g (lie-arms and owning teal olatec LAPP OFFIUB AFFAins. Inrlrncllons have been prepared by Ibo Com mlrsloticr General of tbc Land Ofllce, logovciti llrglsUrs, limiters and Agent* of Slates and rnr iioisttoiiß In ibe sckcMou of lands under grant* fiotu Coherers for railroads, wax out*, . . . A ttirtnotlnt was tuospulml lo Ibn Honnto to-day fioin Henor flo I'sltua, Vico Consul from I‘orliivnl nt Pnvtn* alt, fluting Ibn rebellion, claiming re intiiirrailoi’ for properly lakchhv Hlipmmo *nrmv. tie hud mimved Ins family lo *Mutsbon» « H, i\. ntieie, as bp wlktfid, Ibey wen* hlumleicd ol ih.Mii In cold, diamonds, Jew. Irv and wearing np ntel lo ibo total vnlttu of tnijfl. llocomphlns bnl bis application (hr re.lip»slslM loii'Cehe i.iolu r (onsidcipllon at Ibn Htnle Uepiiilnnmt. tM Ml AM iml.fcoATMlK. _ , , A delegation Irom fnmp’en tube* of Indians m Mlv«t upon Commissioner Uogy lo ony |o »•*!•■* min ulml dUpoililon la lo beinadn of ibe land* ihry now oiiiipy, busbies cnilal'i (nboasis which they nrld in otnnr*. Tin* i}mniulsstoimr,iiut bping prerared to hold a business Ihiorilcw al prasunt. hrlertyvrelcomid each dPie«oilon.oapr«s»lnv'io ihmn separslely an onlllne of hta view on the mined ol their mission to \\ sabliik'ton. Anio'iu ihosu prvseni was Keokukum. who, after the n-imlnalton of Mr. flopy’s speech. api»icached Uie rommosiuner and, Ihrough tils luterpr ter, 1 xpirseod bis wlihngnesa lo adopt such views us Ibe Comnitssionvr bad presemeu. arcAKcn coifax's neoxmon, Tlie Speaker’s reception 10-ulghl was morn crowded than on ary previous occasion, flcuoral Giant was amongst the most prominent person • ges. TUE TENURE OF OFFICE. THE LOCeVTLLE CANAL. PROPOSALS. THE TEFT OATH. CJji fixw VOL. XX. tVAU (JKURR. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Wabutnotos, January 81 SENATE. Mr. RAMSEY, irom the I‘osl Office Committee, r , nutted favorably on tVio bill to leaalue the bndre across the Mwsonrl River at St. Charles. Missouri; also the Mil to authorize the construe •ion of a submersed tubular hritlsc scrota the ailFßlFfippl at bt.l<onts; also the bill amendatory ot the Postal Law*. . . Ot motion of Mr. SUMNER, a resolution wa< •,doit»d cnllina or. the I'rcsldnt for anycorre scundcncc between tie State Department and the Fotefen Minister* on the policy of the Administra tion towatd* the rebellious S ates, and of any In anities linked on conversations reported to the B, Mr. the followlnß, which '".•SSfA Tb'*tOic Secretary of the Interior he rernrctfhlly rcqnerlcd to report to the Senate the rendition ol thr Indians'noT loreled tnthe vlcln itv ot I.ahc Travere, Fort Wad.worth, riakou “enliory. at Iho lime ot the outbreak to Mlonc ,6m in &B. the part they took In connection with ihe outbreak, the cause ot their reraatnun: on the stiriicsota fiontlcr when ttc other surrendered CiLt w ere sent to the Crow Creek Reservation iu vlrT *w briber they have bceh friendly In their I Sutton, with the whiten elneo the outbreak nr Chemise; wbettcr they Have any reservation al lowed them, and whether th.y have been recipi ents free, the interior Department since tne oat h-enk of clolhlnc, previsions, or acricaltnrsl lm* rkmVms, and whether their removaUrora Ibotr nreytut location to a point more remote from the !uini-esoia frontier la contemptaud by the Indian "SS morion ol Mr. PATIEItSON, the Committee on ‘ laims were instructed to intpilrc into the er n« dicncv of compensating the loyal citizens of Ea«t Tennessee for war losses, in accordance wlib tlic recommendation ox the Comtnl.-slon ap* f°thiin<rtlo»^ the Secretary of •be Treasury was asked as to the advKrhiH y of a reclnroeity treaty with ilicSandvrlch Islands. C fcomc debate occurred on Mr. ?% I^ rn!■”» tlon ofvcsterdsycalllujrnpon the Pres.dcat fora «?nv o? the letter noon which the Secretary of StTte predicated his letter to Mr. Motley, hat no action was taken. ibeTnnfl itill was taken up. ~ ihe doty on cast-iron pipe increased lo lH cent« perpeund; on chromate and bi-chrom*.e nalnethan $1 ptr fixed at 45cents per pound, and S.> per P°nt ad ralcnm ; when valued lesstuan $1.50 per rmiVd CO cen's per pound,and4o percent ad SS° : on. aid when valued over $1 aTprr imnnd. 3l emu P«I pound, and iU per cent ''ls°lhr<Snreo'ol ! B>c dclSre on'thc torcgoinc, Mr. WIT«:ON -aid the pcod'PC hill was a Western mmur£ oiiclnalin* in the brains and pockets of said, on the pan of the West, ?i r in part, he was here 10-dar thntesscrtlon; that the West did not want ud Sronld not remain qntet under It. .rrlfmi of the bill al'owinr a drawback on tt»l enter Into the construction of !bl"'{ti ß amended sots not to apply lo steam vc i; el l*nr RM AN explained the necessity for this Mr *? «Pif it was not adopted steamboat* atuendment- ti . Q 0 ,j, e i»k:s and Western tr.d VCMCI' for ,.„,lrely ot forelm material. i"7h'TovrSeni would not receive any rove cup from Ihcro. were offered and rejected, tcviral *® c ?f Mr sUKWMAN. railroad com °n of to import iron for their panics wtre an This provision Is for the J t f nf the pacific Railroad, which, by exi-Unc herefit of tne r»t * An)pilcan i ron> U On Mr. eI’BAGUE, animals Imported xclualvviy for brceiiinc purposes, were placed on ’iwoJyon files and rasps over tea Inches lona was tVseilo clpbt cents per pound. Recess ETECINO SWSIPK. n he chair submitted Utncral Wilson's report of the capture ot Jell. Davis. Oidered printed. 1 tic House joint resolution for (lie relief of ccr* tain etUleit on the Sioux Reservation loillnneioU °l* [veto bills were considered. Serial bills were passed. n.cTsrlfllbllwast.ppu taken op. A number ol atmnotnei-ts were oSrrcd and rejected. Mr FOWtfcU moved to redne* tbe dutr on ct.ftefiom fire to three cent* per pound, Yeas, • navs. 17. so the amendment failed. . . Mr ‘IIhNPKHSON moved to reducelheduly on tea from twenty-live cents to Qllccn cents. He* 1,1 moved to reduce tbe dntr on .ucar rot above number twelve. Dnich slancaid, •rotn three renls to two rents. Kejccted. Air. KOsTKli moved to increase the doty on nrrkct Vnl'C". Kejfctcd. . . , . Mr UKNDHICKr moved to reduce the doty on pall from twenty-font ccr s on too pound-, or rraily »« per cent, to elubty per ccntod valurtm. K Tr% rf FNDBHSON moved to loercape tbe duty on linseed ami flsx se*<! from twenty to tblrl) to omit the section ftlionltiK a drawback on all material furoms'rucl ire snlfressrls. He denounced tbe bill ns op posed to Ihe Intetoits of tbe weft*, . ... Mr. (HIIMKH moved an Increased duly onunrd l>eer. from one to ouo and aball ceuls per pound* aim on rated meat* irom two to tbrvo dollars per barrel. Rejected. . .... Mr. (HUM lib moved a reduced duty on printire naiur. from twenty to fifteen pt r cent. Rejected. 1 TEAS. I)r\I«, llrtifler-on* Patterson, Oooimlr, Hendricks, Trumbull. I'oifC. law. „ '■!»»• Uifnie*. MctioiiffiU. NATH. IlnekaUw, Fowler. Hpracms Catlrll, Fictiiißlmyaen, htewart, (‘lißtulicr, Jtowaid, Van Winkle, (.'oiiuraa. Howe, Wade, Cianin. Jonnaon, Willey. I’dmuiidt, Moreau, WlUUrai, FeM.ei.den, I'oland, WlUon, vn*l to mike oat the duty on 7«i« j exported »rw.w to alrtke abip timber W w nr-lante rote , * : | able to pay *or> biaw-«- , fSt agreed dial tin. an *hall tab" horn (la paaaaje, In kU ad of At»r(l I. _ Tlib vote on Mr- WlUon’a aoMndraent waa teronaiderod and matin to mad a* f.illuwa i “On woollen gooda valued at 91.SU pur ponnd or Inn. 46 Ctmajur pound, and 23 per cent ad valOTtm : over and lea* than fu per pound, duty SO cenia per ponnd and same per cunt ad valortm; ovui fit, duly Weenie per pound and 45 percent ad talortm Hill pasted at ‘half-past 18 by a vote of 87 against to. Adjourned. BOUSE. Tlie Fcnalc bill supplementary to tbe act to pro* v. nt smnpgpng pa-fi- d. Mr. KA-SON introduced a bill for the relief of Incan County, lowa. Referred to Committee ui- Public lards. The Consular and Diplomatic Appropriation Bill wis passed as amended bylbo Committee of the Whole. Similar action vai (akin on tbe MU* Jtary Acsrtcmv Hill. Mr. TROWBRIDGE, from the Committee on Enrob'd Hills, reported as a question of privilege a preamble slating that tbe bills to repeal tbe am* iK’My powers ol me President, nr.rt regulate the franchise In |no Territories of the United States, lave Ucomc laws by tho failure of tbe President to sign or return with bis objections; concluding w Ith a resolution asking the Secretary of State to Infoim tbe Bouse whether said laws have been filed in bis Department. After discussion, it was adopted. l ie SPEAKER presented tbe resolutions of the City Council ofßailiinore, to the effect that tbe Rival people of that city arc entitled to protection from the revolutionary purposes of the Governor and Legislature ol Maryland. Referred to Ibc Jndictai.v Committee. Tbe bill to reorganize the Indian Bureau was debat'd nt considerable length, and amended by transferring the Bureau to tbe War Departmont, hf m ,nl« of *fi tn T l , uni* r|MJd_ao M. Tbe Senate bill to pnmah illegal voters in the District of « Columbia was passed. Thf Snato amenomcnts to tfao Boasc bill al lowing the extension of a lateral branch of the Baltimore A Potomac Railroad Into the District ut Columbia, wete concurred in; also the HeoaU amendments to the House bill relative to the /icb*as eorput in the United States Courts, and the -enaic amendments tn the Ilonso bUltopnnUh forgerlc» In United Stales bonds and securities, which reduce the oenalUe* of (he original bill. Tlic Senate bill for the relief of tbe Winona & r-'t Peter Railioad was tefer ed. Mr. RALE gave notice that he would to -morrow try to In Ing tin: Sena e bill rcgnlatlng the tenure of certain offices to a vote. The Hons* went into Committee of the Whole on tbe Fortification Bill. An amendment was moved of $150,000 for the rort-mcpccment of two additional forts in Port land Harbor. Debate ensued, aud without action toe comtnlite e rose Mr. UOorEH FacccotcJ that alter to-day the House will tafco a recess dally from balf-pasl four till Lall-past seven. Mr. STKVENS objected. Mr. MAYNAKD prescutcd a memorial from GOO clllicnsof Virginia forseitlns aside the proscut •stale Government and tbc e'tabllabmuut of a Provisional Govei nmct't. Referred. Mr. HOTCHKISS inirodnced a hill to exeapl certain public lonrta from tazauoe. Referred. Mr. McItUEK Intioduced a bill to aulLorb.o the eMabilsbim-nt of on ocean mall steamship service between the Umlcd Stale* and Sandwich Islmd?. Rcferr'-d. Adjourned. FI!OM SI’BISU FIELD. iHpcdnl Despatch to Ibe Chicago Trthnne.l Srmsnnzfn. ill.. January 31. an* eiciit tinun hill. Mr. Shcrnrd it Is moraine Introduced an High Hour Hill as follows: NtcnoKl. On and after the flrstdayof May. ltf.7. clehl hours of labor, between the rlMne ana the setting of the sun, In all raechunlca) trades, arts and vraplovments ami other case* of lahqj; anil eervre by the day. except In larm employ* xnents, shall constitute atd he a legal oat a work, where Mu-icis no special contract or agreement to the contrary. . . See. a. 'ln's act shall not apply to or In any way affect labor or serdco by the year, month or w, ok. nor si all any perron bp prevented by anything lien In cMiintnul liohi woiklng a* nnny hours over lime, or extra hour*, as Im or she may agree, nm! shall not, In any sense, bo held to apply to hum labor. Skc. U. ilepeals all nets Inconsistent with (his. A NEW RAILIIOAD ntU.. Mr. Ilnrlbut Introduced a new hill to-day tom sell the control of this Stale over railroad ciirpo lollons, to ux the rates of freight, audio proved ••xlmiions. Hecllon one provid-s that nil tall* ■ usd corpmallo-is. organized and doing business in this, or which may hereafter b« organ xod. shall he limited to such rates and charges as mar he bereafl'.r prescribed. Section two pro. vldia (hat on or before the nttectiih d*y orMarrli next, every railroad In Ihls Wale shall file with the Secretary of Htalo a tariff of rates in force on Its line from station to station and Iho distance be tween stations. Section three (lie* the passenger m»cs a». not over three cents per mllc-ctilldren under ten bait price. Section four provides that •I) freight rales shall he seduced twenty-live per i*.|,t over the talcs of Jaminrv 1, 18(11, these rotes tint to apply to through freights from any point mil-lde of Iho Hints. Hecllon five provides tor tin equalization of rate* according 0 distance. Hcclloti six provides for ah ahprnl to Itie (lovottior, Auditor o t Public Ac* counts, mid MmieTro outer,by ntiy railroad tor an tnctcnsn ot tales If they rue dlMSllsded with rales t stshllshedt amt It is made Ibe duty ol (bo odiums ,mined |o tfive Ibe fsllroßil a hearing and detenu* itm the i|iie«ihitt, but tint to i«U" rates beyond tb« Md.mtulu of January I,l*'lT. Haclloa seven pro* vhlvs lhal a dl-yheith lire of this law shall Involve a forlulitiraof (ram-'hiaea. Hoetton eight ttuiexl* til laws authnitatutflbo consolidation of ral’roads. s.nton nine provides that ttm assumption of an i.iner name hy any railroad, or thu exercise of any finurhlies over sillier linos shall bo deemed an usurpation of pmvara nud work a lorfeimro ol lie . tghta. Hecllon ten provide* that the railroads re ceiving grain shall have ecsles fitted at ,nch aiauon tor weighing grain, rue 4ball give a receipt (pacifying he weight of grain, date of receipts, to whom consigned, and the number of car*, and section eleven provides that a violation of tboe rates named shall Involve a penalty of four times the excess chanted, wPh costa. Section twelve pro vides that freight ahal be lorward-d In the order m which It Is received, and delivered to the cnc fiencensmedby the shipper. Any violation of this section works a forfeiture of the charter Section thirteen provides consignees of grain at Chicago shall have twelve hours to remove th'* 1 .. rtm Section cxccpls horse railroads [ irom th!> law. PAVINO3 BANK BILL. Mr. Dlnemor. from the Committee on Bunts «tfl Co-po-aliens, ibia morning reported n hill to establish a system of Savings Banks. Section one provides that any number of persons, not less than five, may as-odite themselves and establish a Savings Bank upon the conditions prescribed by this act, *IUi a capital of not less «hun SSU,OOOand cot over JoM.OOO. Section two provides that snch persons, under their hands and seals, shall make a certifi cate which shall specif*, Ist, the name of the as sociation; id, the place of business; 3a, capital stock; 4ib, names and residence of stockholders, with the number of shares held by each; sth, the pei tod at which such association shall commence and terminate, a copy of the certificate to be hied *n some County Conn of Records, and wl'h the Secretary anu Auditor of the State. Section four rives power to the backs to receive deposits of money fiom all classes of people, and also exe cute trusts. Section five gives power to the bank to purchase real estate sufficient to transact Its badness, to take and hold teal estate as security for loans, and to . purchase any real cs'ate sold to enforce Us securities. See- lion six provide.* for a Board of Director? out less than five, and defines their duties. They must be residents of the county. Section seven pro- vides that the shares shall be personal properly. The stockholders are to be assessed j>ro rafa to mskcnp Josses. Section eight nrovldeslhat the sti ck shall be paid in faU. and the amount In- vested In bonds of the United Slates, State of Illinois, or the connty or city where the bank I? located. Section nine provides that deposits shall not be received to an amount greater (hau ten times it? capital stock and accumulated surplus land. When the conditions ol the loans are com plied with, prelerencc is given to laboring men, women or clerks who deposit with the Associa tion. Section ten defines the manner of proceed ing when default ta made. The remaining sec tions are devoted to details. THE tXTCBXAL ntTROTESEXT BILL ttm taken up in Committee of tlic Whole this af ternoon, and discussed by Messrs. Stacey, ilurlbut and Bond in Us favor, while Messrs. Bailey, Epler and Jones spoke against it. The oppo* alilon of these gentlemen was based on the de tails of the bill, and not Us principles. U will come up on Tuesday. jacks osnm djiass astlcv. There was quite a lively tine In tnc Senate this lorenoon over the Appropriation Bill for the State Insane Asylum at Jacksonville. Ths amount asked tor by the Trustees of the institution :• 1233,310, dividid a* follows: For cnrrctn ex penses, fUS.OPO; fbr borrowed money to com plete the cast wing, fblOOO; contracts uot com pleted, 921,000. ThcCommlfeeon *ta;e Institu tions reported the bill, and recommended 1U pass ace, the chairman of the committee remarkiuc that the committee bad not given much examina tion to the bill, bat picsnmcd that it was all right. Another member of the committee Imme diately moved that the bill be committed to the committee on Finance. Upon thi* motion a lively debate followed. In which Messrs. Wind, Webster ana Mctcall took part From these gintlcmen the management of that in«*t'luUon received some pretty heavy blows, which produced an efoct upon the mind* of the Senators, as the bill by a decided vote was com mit*.* d to the Finance Committee, who will thor oughly scan all the items before reporting. Tbcv wtil icmct’Utely report a bill to pay the tC2,IW borrowed tnorey, bnt the balance of theap.rro print lon will probably 1-nvo ;«j wall. JOHN it. cniron. of Gf.le«hu*c. the funora medicine man. arrived hero last Qvcnir gaud Is looking shandy after the Interests of fialrshtirg. stnator rrixxn Is ro ill to-day as to he confined to bis bed. sr.coxn op.spatcii. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnbnne. Hrnmancio. January 31. AwmnwfKTTOTnt mchXAt tvpnormuKT ntti In the dlacuralon uf the Internal Improvement Mil] (oMlay, one or tiro eprakere baaed their oppo* ititon to the hill on the tact that the nmonnt of the appropriation for each work waanot lafflctrnUy de* final. Ily evening among the friend# of ttinbill, to* eluding eevrral member* of the commute's It ku agreed lo add the following eectlon t<* the blit t There #h»U be appropriated out of the avail* of the two mill tax* the net earning* nt the lilinola & Michigan Canal, ami all other work* of Improvement owned 'by the Hiate of llllnol*. and al*o any other money in the Treasury of the Hiate, not otherwise appmpilaied, after telling aatdo a audcienl anm to pay the lnl«»e*lof the pretent Hlalo Indebted' nt##, ihe following earn*: Per the Improvement of the Illlnow Hirer, the eum of fi.uoo.aK); for the ezlecalon of the llitnol# it Michigan Canal from Hennepin to l(«k liland, the anm of for the Improvement of Hock Hirer, SBU),OuO. 11 ia underttood that two ol the sentl«< CHICAGO. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 1. 18(17. iimn **lwo «j| ffca l»in lo*d#yi will support H with (bla section. PHOBABM! FATE or THE BAIUIOAP 9tUA ! . From *lm transpired yesterday »od to-day, » •m Irresistibly led »o the conclusion that-unless the people move at once, *O4 earnestly tn ®* * ter, they will obtain no relief from Ibe opponent* of Ibe railroad monopolist* at this session of tb General Aricmbiy. Tlio railroad lobbyists itn here In strong force, and seem to bear down everything before them. Puller's Wll U re* carded as virtually killed, end it la believed that ibe whole matter will be smoth ered over. General Hailbut- put w • bll to day, ibe substance of which I bare tele* gtsphid yon, Lnt It teems to be looked upon coldly. I hop', you will urge the people Inter erled m this Treat question to move la the matter at once. Let them send eachlnslrucllons to their becatoir anil Bepreaentallvee as will leave no doubt an to their meaning. the lift conn or toe elevatob stew. The Elevator mooopolUts have played their last and most desperate card. I have It on poaltlro authority, that, within the past twenty-font hour*, one of tbclr accredited agents ban approached Senator Eastman with a deliberate proposition to pur chase his influence In their favor. They mistook their man. The proposition and the proposer were spurned la a most emphatic manner. I thlrk, after this, they may have the liberty to go to their boles. VISIT TO THE WOtUCAL UStVEUSITT. The Committee on State Institutions will visit tbc Normal University to-morrow, leaving here on an extra train at 7a. m M and returning in the evening. rsnsoxAE. Ti.e rcncral John Dixon has rested quite easy :o-day, but there le little prospect of his surviving ma* y days. Governor Oglesby has quite recovered. He was lu tbe House for an hour or more this afternoon. STATE LEGISLATURES ILLINOIS, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tilbune.] Sr»n«oriEU>, til., January *JU SENATE. The regular order of business was suspended nr.d bills taken no on thbd reading. Thorapa-eed were not of pnblic importance. A message Pom the Gowrom u,-.* read, giving a list of persons pardoned »y him. THE INSANE ASTUTf. A bill to repay certain sums of Mioney borrowed *o carry on the Insane Asylum and to make cer tain Improvements to li. w»s taken np. The bill .rave rise to dissatisfaction, several Senators thinking the approprlat: ■: cxlraotdmirily large. Some ?333.000 were ask' for. It was explained by friends of the bill that bt a clcru.*) omission in me appropriation bill of (wo years ago, there was uo appropriation made for one year, and that monev bad to be borrowed to supply tbe oma fton. * Al-o that the new wing of tbe Asvlnm was In an tmflclsbcd condition, n"ds parlor the ap propmToo asked for was to finish that wing. Mr. WAHD made war on the bill, and denounced Dr. McFarland, Superintendent ot the Asylum, lor certain strictures the Doctor used against the Legislature In his report on account of admin •aw passed two year* ago relating to committing persons to the Asvium. Messrs. MKTOAI.F, DU9UNEI.L. WKBSTEK and TIKCHEH, spoke rcainn the passage of the bill, nud thought it ought to go to the Finance Committee for !nv««ili*atlon _ . . . Mes-rs. McCONNELL and MACK explained and di fended tb'* bill. Mr JiUtillN Kt.L moved the previous question, which wfi« sustained. Mr. MKTCAlKnioveil to refer the whole sub set to Ute Committee on Fluauce. wnlch prevailed by Adjourned. HOUSE. • HILM PACBED. Legalizing the Quincy Kaiiruad bridge; reor* :anlmg the gainer Fire Department; Serrate lull appropriating fiTNI to defray the expenses of ruling Illinois products to the Tans Kxposi lion ; changing the name of a church in Quincy, fiom the “German ITnlied Evangelical Proles mnt“ to “German Evangelical l.niticrnu Church oi H.Joho;” mem porting me town of! a aoroa: authorizing tbe giving of evidence by Interested parties; authorizing the removal of tbo county feat of Lawrence County. reriTiona. J'etllton. for a law agnmil warehouse frauds wcio presented from citizens oi Unread, While side, Woodford. Logan, McDonough and oilier ro Mom*. BOND, HBYNOLDS and LEAVITT each nnsenled petition* from cUiaens ot Cook count? praying fur the abolition of capital pun ishment. ANnrntn railroad Rat- .. Mr. UUiILHUT, frrm Hie Commllieo on Hall roads, reported o general law assorting the con trol of the Plate over railroad-. It was ordered ulnlcU. and made tbu special order fur Monday ■exl, at 2 p. tn. RAILROAD CONSOLIDATION. The same tmnmUtee also leportrd on several oil er bills, uicb ul whlclt. In accordance wltn iliclr rccominendatlon, was ordmed engro-sed or pnsstd to a Uilml resiling. Among (hose thus ic- ImiPd was a blit tnllfylng Ihecousolidatlon ofllte old Nuttbem Illinois Railroad with tbo linden A Ml*M«sippi UnlUosd. on nn amoudiiiout to which a long discussion sprang np. iti 4 Mi?( im.l*t or.errd a stibslliulo ftjr Iho Cum niiiloe’s amomimenl. *nd urge«l II lor sdopMoii. Mr I’AVMC tpoho eniiinsUy In favor of Iho bill as nmendi d by tm* eotniniilee, on (hn ground (hat i* was an miiHimnopoiy nu'tisnre, bmi would ha n rberk on the viloiHoiis of tuo Northwealorn IUII ,a Anera lopgdcbaia.ths mnllM to ihe Jimisisiy CoiuimMo*. . . . . ibehianUing l ummliierts' reporla occnpled a ul, nt poitiui. of Uni tnomlngausalun, but ware all men ly rmplne and devoid of general interest. Another shower of htlla, local and guin-ral, pr<- vale m d public, was Inlrodncen, and cnnseqner.t- Ivanuthur deluge of work turned over tu thu co«.miu«. XFrHnNooN HjwsloNt rnc rAuan A*n mvea imphovemckt mix. The Uoiwo rwolvi-d luclf Into Commit’eo of the Whole, for the cniihldornilou of the groat Canal and Itlvi r Improvement Hill. .. , A Mr. IHNoMOUK, of Whiteside, was called to the chair. . Mr MUIiPHY moved to amend by Inserting Kaskcskln In the list o riven, to he Improved. Mr. STACEY spoke In favor of the bill and a-atnet the amendment The Improvement he •nil!, was not h mutter of mere local Interest but of the greaU'ft importance to ihe entire Stale, a* much to to the Ulveror Lake Mich igan. and he quoted statistic' showing the magni tude of the Interest of the Stale, and towbatcxtuil tv would be increased by the pro posed enlargement of ou: faculties for water com- m Mr. C of Douglas, opposed the blit on the ground that no oie knew how much it would cost; that the cost must in any cvmi he Immense, and it would impose «u t-nomious la* on coun ties which wotiiu be bnt tittle beucfitled by it, ....... ».i~.f. I. a! in.v nil. •Mr. lIURI.BUT followed io support; of the|bh. Directing attention to the geographical advan tages colored bv our State. showing bow nature baa marked ont the channels for the free flow of the great commerce ami Industry of the whole Northwest on oar borders, and through our ler uteri es. be poln*cd oat .the advantages to he derived from the abundant supply of water In the Hock River. that stream being admirably located for a frt-der. and showed how that river can at the same iitno be rendered navigable clear up to ahef* dcld and beyonc, and caused to pour IU flood Into the proposed canal at the Summit I* vel. Uo espe cially urged on the committee the impo;- lance ot first Improving the Illinois and Michi<*an Canal by a deep cut, and the deepening el the Illinois River. The whole ot the proposeo improvements inthU Slate would, he ?a»d, cost about fifteen millions of dollars, and they wlil •slrccilv bet cm threc-lourths of the people oflhU S:ate. Re would not vote tar thcbiU if It did not contain a provision for the deepening of thollll nols Hirer, but with that In he knew that it would be tor the rtln-ct good of the great majority of the pcoolc of Illinois, and as such it became ibe duty of this Legislature to v ole tor the appro priation tberclor. . , , . ... _ >»r. Ml IK LEY proposed an amendment striKpp ont the second section of the bill and substituting one providing for the election by the people or one Commissioner In cath Congressional District of the State, tube commissioned by the Governor, and to hold ofilcc tw o years. . . Mr. BOND spoke at some length, giving in clear and concise terms the wtimaitd Improvements combined tn this bill, M r 1 lllaois A Michigan Canal, seven tMllwiii,of which Chicago alone gives three miUloas. for l/jwtr Illinois River, two millions; for Rock bland Canal, four and abaft millions. Improve ment ot Rock River, cot more than one million. total tonttcen and one-half millions, or. In round rctnlcrs, to cover all posMbllillta, fifl £ r . Q uon*. With the General Government help this thing can all he done in six years, or without it tn tea, ted at the end of thatttmc owe not a dollar on it. He stated the manner In which canal bonds

and ycariv canal revenue might bo to the wotß, and then traced the history ofthe vast enterprise for the past forty-toar years. The con trol which this water communication would R* TC over the extortionate railway monopolies, we ex tent to which the completed work would reduce the general taxation of the State, and the enconr ageoient which it would give to the development ot oor great agtlculinral interests, he arced forci bly as reasons for the prosecution and speedy completion of the enterprise. Mr. Marphy'a amendment was lost. Mr. PARKER moved to amend by introducing Kankakfe River into the first section. Mr KPLKR objected to the arbitrary and final powers granted ro the Commissioners by he third section, and tuoic particularly to the great power given to the Governor of appointing hta own fool* and creatures to the worx Inst as he chose to direct. . . Mr. BAILEY also opposed the bUI, because It wastooinoeariU'. . __ Ihc committee then rose, reported progress, ana ashed leave to sit again on Tuesday next at - o’clock, p. m. Ihc Douse then rceuraed Us session. BILL TO HEJIOVX T(IX CAPITAL. A number of bills were introdneed, the pnnu* pal of which was by Mr. Bunn lor the removal or the seat ol Slate Government ftqm Spriarfl’ld, Stugamcn County, to Decatur, Macon county. Referred to the Committee on Public Buildings. the Ccirtnit’cc on Enrolled Bills presented their routine report. BILLS PASSED. „ „ . To incorporate the VlnccmesA F 4 S*-? a ir 2?.« Company: to exempt the county of FB'lon irmn tbu opeiatlnu bl the game law; to fm e °(* t*i® charier ol tfc« townot Winchester: to incorporate the Illinois Cotton Company. Adjourned. INDIANA. [Special De« patch lotbe Ch-cago Trlbnno.] Ixmaxarous, January 81. SENATE. Bills relative to fees and salaries were mad 2 the »p. clal order lor to-morrow. The Committee on Corporations recommended that the bill couterilng upon Bishops certain cor pomte powers pass. Mr. Cullen, while In favor of religion? to.cra* Uoti.rrgarded the bill ns asking for more and high* et powers than tmo grantedt« «t»/ dc t V t ®. , ?iVA? l i? 1 , l which had bol a Bubop. The ConrUtutbrn pul the Catholic Church 011 a perfect ■» o*her dcnomtnsllons. ami there It The law allowed cveiy Church U) hnld but says U most . hold It Inwngu Trustees. and thal te all other drnSaltoi* Mkod. .lie regarded the concern traltoti of pow of with otic Bishop* a* antagonistic to tho spirit or tno (lovrnimcnt. ito vi a opjroserl to the rePclon, and In general to their JJWIo L’aibutle Clmucli ws* ashing for more power hire, lit IIMM It was kicking out Brolo.Uut cbmebes. . „ o*] C rspoke Indolence of the bill ”1 hey thought the objections of Mr. Cnl* I. n not welt takru. Th«* bill was the Mine as had t“rPM.«d ii. hew*! of tue Ki.l.cop.l eburcb. ViSboUc. b,d »u tdeu tb,t 1 •imuluan; «.ra tbelr euenilr.. .ltd eucb leuljJ»tlon i, tbe deiß.tlnif of tbi. lull would conttrm them lu'L “ iff. Kill bell- ted tbe bill coudlcicd wllb the .milt of our In.nlultnu,. Our ll", were brotd luouib.ind. cbmeb wblcb c«unot confoim to Redid oolitic* mlird np wllti rnliolnn H* def-*urfad iharaThnlle Church from ihaopJasllflAhla ebarfar hrooght against It. Mr. Niles regarded the bill as fneenslsl:nt with our republican lu»a. on a vote betntMakrn tha recommendation of the committee was rtincurred m try twenty-tour to nineteen, and the MU ordered engrossed. 'I be romnrtiiea on kiobu and PilvlJvgßS report* ed back (be brtl makfn* eight hours a ckft work, with the recommendauen ibal it lay on the table. 1 ha bill and repurl were made the special aider for Ibnisnsy next. A committee of three were appointed to ascer tain how much of the dividends of the Terre Haute- Railroad belonged to the School Pood. Eleven new Utils were Introduced. BOUSE. Thirteen petitions were pteaesUd foraprohlb' Itorv liquor law. The committee on Organisation of Coarts re ported that It was inexpedient to change the pre test judicial sjs em. The Committee of Ways sod Metes, to whom had te> n relcmo the financial part of the Gover nor's Message, reported a revenue Mil levying twenty cents on each hundred dolUra* worth of picperty, and seventr-five cents on each poll for the jeara 1867 am) ISW Passed to second read ing, and 'Postponed till to-morrow;- when It will be considered in Committee of the Whole. A resolution was aaoptedonqulrtogof the Au ditor of State why the salt agaioel the New Albany and Salem Railroad, for collection of taxes, was dismissed on paymert cf costa. A bill to allow minora to testify la certain cases, was unanimously passed. Tbs bill for the prou-ctioa of fur bearing ani mals was laid on the table. There was no objec tlon to preserving ibe otter but little sympathy was fell foe mat and coon. ' The parage of the bill tor tbc protection of game was lost for- want of a consUtuUonol ma loiltv, but Ih-vote was reconsidered ana made the special order for Tuesday next. A bill defining the prisons to which cymties sbonld send their convicts, and providing that Marion County should send to the Northern Prison Was passed. A Mil making It a misdemeanor to lock passen ger cars with passengers In passed. Twelve new hills were introduced. IfIINNKSOTA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sr. Pace, January Si. A resolntltm was offered In the Senate in structing our Congressmen to oppose further con* traction of the currency It was ordered prln'cd, a«.d«»iil pass, as all business la being crippled here bv coni racllon. A rcsoluilnii was passed instructing the Senate Finance Committee to report a bill making the Governor's salary 53,500 instead of $2,500. Parsed Ircrraslng the salary of f-nnremc J..oges to SSJ)*iO, ucu District Judges to $2,500, an increase in each case offSCO. . , . _ . .. A message was received in (be Douse from tnc Governor, uansmutirg a report of the Attorney Get ersl relative to the mnrdcrs atNeivUlmou Christina*. Uercnopstbatlt will be Impossible to have a fair trial ot the ooeuders at New Dim. and recommends tbe passage of a MIX to meet the cmerceccv. A memorial was passed asking Congress to grail lands for railroads from Green Day to SVu* ba-baw. KANSAS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Topeka. January 31. The derate passed bills authorizing appeal trem Piobate to District Coarts; to amend the act for the rernlatlon and support of common schools; supplemental act fixing fees of county oQUers, Ac.; repealing scctioi 15 of the liquor law; authorizing Atchlsm Counly to issue bonds to buy a county farm; to amend the act respecting executors arid administrators: and an act provid ing pavtnents for Decent* of State Institutions. The House passed joint resolutions to atriko ont tbe word “white” Irom tbo State Constitution, which passed try a vote of 5(1 to 13. Au amend* tent allowing lemalp suffrage was voted down by a vote of-ID toll. The discussion indicated a majority tn mvor of female sufirnge. but tber did not wish tn jeopardize manhood suffrage by voting Us i access dependent upon that propa-l lion. KI.NTCIKV (t-pcclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] FnAitronr, Ky., January 31. The l egislature, (o-dny, adopted a contract rati ol Interest The bank rate remains six per ecu’ Outsiders may contract at as high as ten per cent It will be vetoed. A Universal Amnesty Dill passed (he llou«c. Ii cancels all acts done under military authority dur ing the war, np tn October, lUO, and applies mike to Federate and rebels, Garrett Davis telegraphed tit. son tn give a • magnificent wine supper to rulehrato his re eh c- Hon. A cart* WernrA* order Is given.nud the blow out comes off in a few days. AI.ADAmA. MoHTonßFnr. January 81.—The House of Hep rc'cntallves has pnsst-d tbo bill to cslabhsh a svstimof public ichuals lor blacks and wliltns iilihc, cxccul that (he schools fur each shall be separate in each school dlslilct. It Is undeialuod the U’gWatmo will not recon sider the Hcliou on (be Cousin uttutial Amendment. irtAfiNAUIItTNKTTM. HnstoN, January fll.-A bill ha«. pa««rd tm Massachusetts Hons* ol IteptsseiiUllves allowing •ho rale ol liiler-*l to |m fixed at seven nor cent hv special rmuincl, bill whom no agreement Is tiindolhe legal ratoul Interest remain* at sU per FROM NAHIIVILM*. IVrriHlo l ondtili ii or Hilton ifloti In Bril Mini itimdlo Tennesaw-A lloign .<>r Teriwr-TUo LouMrttiuo Mild the silWNgn Hill* . (Hpetfat Despatch to tba Chicago Trlhnno.] Nasiivimji. Jaimtry Qi. A feaiful stale of things uxtsta InUblon Cuumy. InthU Hlate. 11m P. Farm, whomur- Ji rod Senator Case, defies the anthorlttei to take Um, Numiront oiber acoundcpla are Hi Intense 1.1 111, •• U**n ncttvliy, and a emeriti system ol l>-iror prevails. The neighborly county ofWeakley U ma abulia condition. 1 have read a letter from that region, received 10-dty, which represent* that the Union men, cow, as during the war. hare thher fled out of the country, or left their homes and bciaken themsftree to the woods. Ibo rub. la declare to the boldest terms ;hat no convenlloDi shall be held In these coun ties to send delegates to the Slate Convention which meets here on »be S2d of February, and that , all enemtea ot the old Confederate Ooycrnment must be nnconnitionaliy exterminated. These counties ate to West Tennessee. A similar state 0 r thing*, however, prevail in somo parts of Middle Tennessee. 1 saw a Union man In this city to-day from Lincoln Connty. who had bven compelled to fly tbecce for Uts life. In Franklin Connty ex-members ot the rebel army are going about In their uni toims, si’Blv and m squads, declaring they never •.nmrndered. that they are not suojects o! the i an *.ec Government, ami that no one shall reside there who Is. The? Insult, abuse, browbeat and threaten every loyal man they find, and the latter urc making rapid preparations to leave the Stale. Nothing but the passage or the loyal militia bill wilt save the Union men or Tennessee from exter mination. The rebels knowing that the adoption m this measure and the pending suffrage Dili will lorcver pnt an end to their outrages, seem deter mined to accomplish as much mieChlcf as possible betorc their power is cone. There was much interest manifested to-dav while the debate went, on in the House upon tne sntlrane Bill. Governor Browulow. Major Gen eral W. P. Carlin, Uon. S. M Arm-11, and many spectators were present. The galleries were thronged with anxious trcedivcn. No vote was reached. The debate will continue to-morrow, ami a vole v.lll prokaWr lie taken. Ikavo >»M pretty closely the complexion of the House and I rVt-l that at least ihlru-stvco votes, a clear major ity, wl l be recorded in favor of the bill. FUO3I ST. LOUIS. a'eatlirr and Itlrrr K«n-Accldrai t.i n Strainer—A illilllln Ofllccr Ilia rbarecd fiom cualody— ixallroad Mia tcm. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 St. Lock, January 31. The warm weather Is t bar log the Ice and swell in? the river rapidly. Several boats are loading for New Orleans. The steamer Lillie Martin was canchthy a movement of the ice near St. Merv’s. and run aground of an obstruction la the river, breathe ber m t«o. The cargo ta nearly a total loss. Loss insured In Su Lotus and cm <’lJmtce Krrkel of the United States District Court, has dtscharaen Bacon Montgomery, mm- Ua commander, ou the ground that the Civil Rights BUI was Intended to afford protection to that class of persons known as freedmen, who had formerly been slaves* and did not Include while citizens, and that ’fit were o'herwise* there was coevidence -danced to stow that any rights ofthc complainants bad been Invaded by the de fendants. or that the Courts of Lafayette County were not open to aOoid them redress. There la a movement here to counteract the eCect of building the camvron Road by ordering : t norinward to the Jowa line, and exteed west s branch of the North Missouri Road so as to pro vide narrow range facilities Independent of the Hannibal & St.Joscpb Road. Leculanoo adverse to the Hannibal A St. Joseph RaUtoad U also con lemolatcd. Those conversant with the subject dearly see that the road will benefit Chicago In- I-rests largely. The indebtedness ol the Han nthat & St. Joseph Road tcjtue Sate will bo nyde i seof to obtain advantages If possible. St. I ons, January 31.—L. A. Bcoolst, a rronu mti and very wealth banker o! this city, died a* Havana a few days ago. where he had gone for the benefit of bis health. Ibe Merchants’ Exchange of thU cllv have adopted the ccnlal system, to take effect March 1. FEO3I MILWAUKEE. Cnrilnc Match-rhtcaso Club the Win orr-Fon meeting Grand Army oi she Republic. [Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune-] MaviOtu. January SI. The return curling match between Milwaukee ctid Chtcapo rame ofi‘at cloven o'clock. Chicago von ih** first match; second woo by Milwaukee; third won by Chicaeo, which decided the Chicago Clnb as victorious. Tom Nine, Grand Army of the Republic, met In this city on Wc-nesday evening, and adopted t proposition to Introduce the mUllory dnll a? a tart of Ibclr business so soon a* a stand of atm» and cqnipmetils can be obtained. Ibe I ost nnm hers two nuodied honorably discharged officer* acd soldiers of the volunteer army. FROM ST. PAUL. A TVonmn Moped .ml Afterward Tlui drred* (Specie! Dcepulcb to the Cli'Meo Tribune.) St. Pin. Mtnn., .tanniry 31. Mte. llerltnile Roche, of Pefal towchtp. Iltown CoutJlr, wa« raped and murdered on Sunday hy a tosh who was in the employ of her husband. The vtUUu has not yet been arrested. most JUNCTION CITY, KANSAS. Twelve Tliunoaud l«e<t ttUln. Ilfunrlct on llic »Vor i'ulli-l’reimr.llon, foe n l.nrue Tmtle will. Sen’ .Henlco-I.mid bole.. .Tpjrrnn* ('err. Kansas. Jsnnary « ; —A *fo»t i,i,i in from the West reports tbal the Cheyenne* aid Arauaboo Indians, numbering shout iwcWb thousand aanlors, am on t'je war pain. This place will h« Ibot-nmlnus of'ha Union IM eWe Italnoad In ibo coming snmmer, nrd itroji t repaiatlpit tsbolngmado fora heavy buslnoss with Mexico, largo trains am M rrsdv fn rovtt fiomlbstTerriory to rocelvnatocks wblcb have been •hlpwd to this point, Slstceu thousand acre* of hud worn entered a* |ht« ufilcc «u4cr the Homestead act during U« comber and .b»nns»r, snd flitesti thousand arm isUnup under(Ue preemption daring the last month. tEMRAL AN!) *OUfU AMERICA. Ihff Cholera at Mcwapia-nariaUlr Aiusns Hutted - Stirtes Troop# X Hicaaiboat Agent nobimd-Ueaili of the Untied Mates cioubiiF at Coala lllra —The anted Ifleef at Vatparatio-llie Urnzlllau Amy Gala an idvautape Over the Ptraruavans-P.wparalloiir for a Survey of she laihxnna 9fl>aricn. New Youk, Jafiuarr at.—lbe stemser Henry , Chatmcey has strived with one milfioiSAeventr : thousand dollars in yuUf, Forty dealbe from cholera occurred reftnog the United States troops detataed on the Nicttragna UAtiilt to tlie iClb J«nna»y, The asi-ut of the line, Capt la Maury,*, was mobbed by the oassengert allowing the Ifoees Taylor lo sail for San Francfeco without teem, and narrowly escaped death. Ur. lime, American Consul re Costa Klca, dfed January Bth of initamrsatory rthramailsm. Advices from Valparaiso-siana that the alllea' fleet Is there. . . > It was rumored that a Spanish Admiral would proceed with all his ships to Cm FanlWland Islands. It was also reported that Spain would ts’ablieh a-saval station at Mon'ovtdeo. Iho BraslUan army had gained aa advantage over a column of five or six tho«>&od Para guayans. The revolution in Mcndota has not spread to any other parts of the Argentine Ke* pDlllC. The Peruvian Government has graxdea a con cession to some* Americans for the construction of good roads from- Lima ip Callao; It was probable that Mr. Barton, our Minister to Bogota, would receive a smtalbe apology from the Movement for oflenslve language used by one of tbc President's Generals. A paity of American engineers, at Panama, were neparinc lor the snrvev of (be isthmus of l>arlen, ~ fib a view to the construction of a strip emal. MEXICO. Another Liberal Infection—(Sneriilaa Troublonome— Mexican Itule»oT War -A. fliy Stormed While Negotiations arc Pending,- New Orleans. January 31.—Mexican advices state»bat Colonel Corillo, who lately embraced ibe Liberal cause, has ebangeo, placing himself and troops at the command of the Prelect 01 Puebla. Guerilla* are-very troublesome Iq the City of Mexico and Vera Cruz. Mejia Is organizing a division, and 'dll soon join Miramon at Qu< re aru, who has 3.OCU men. li e city of I'atzcnro vras stormed by ihc Liberal chieftain, on the Ist instant while ne gotiations for its capitulation were progressing. Goiizalcs entered the town and commuted ex* Cfcfsis, burring and destroying bouses and locked up, as prl-oncr*. nearly all the male inhabitants. Some were released by giving money, and otbeis b* joining the l.lncral a»my. Tno women were hiding In the mountains and chapparcU. FROM KEYY ORLEANS. Slate Law Declared L’nconntUutloual— Vest Indian Items. New Orleans, January 31.—General Sheridan .md Colonel Crosby, of hia staff, have loft fur Washington. The acr passed by the legislature of levy ing a tax of one-fonrth per cent on cross sales md receipts, has been declared by Judge Duplet tier unconstitutional, as it levies on Imports and export*. This comes In conflict with the provis ions of (be Constitution. Tbe decision gives treat satlslactlon. . , . West India advices stale that tbe cholera is do* creating at St. Thomas, but the small-pox and vcllow fever ate raging. The Governor General of Jamaica letl on the lath for Honduras with troops liTsnppiess the In surrection. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Arrival of Shlptvrochrrl IVrsons at Vnu couvor’a (lonocniiinls San KnAirctsco, January 81.—The captain, five seamen, and a Uanakn woman, belonging to tiro wreck ot the bark Vaunckce, arrived ut Victoria. Vancouver’s 1-land, Jainmry 2(1. Mill) Otogo, for N*av Yoik s Hercules, fur Liver pool ; hkitiennc. for Cork, cleared yoMentay. Tniiai advices of December Will. state that tlie llil.isli ship HfafloitUhiro put Into Unit port in a icaky condition and wu. condemned. FROM LAFAYETTE, LM). school TcarliPit. LUenao Ilrvoh«l for rtilng A. n Traitor—l.Ctfl-lß tlvc-Tbc C’ouurrNMlmial nud Lrul.ln- Uto AptMtrtlouiiH'iil Hills—Tlip Do* mocracy In a Uopolciw itiUiurily lu every District but Our. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] lArATEtrrB, Ind., January 81. Ilev. Mr. Jennings, acting Hciiool Examiner and the I', V. N'nsby of the Wshash, recently rcioked the tlcunsc of one of (ho principal teachers In our public schools, because ot an oxamlualiuu. ID willing the uatnes »t the Presidents In their older, •hu chaiiclnlKPd hi* aecldeticy A. J. «. n Irntlor. 1 be teacher, jut I'stliminb’ ai d pceompllshed lady, ha. appealed from Ids deel*l>m, nnd given the M>ce.»ary bond, with I,inner Jewett and H, iJnglo os sccmiitr-s, ‘iiieocliim nr thevxamlner cju ile* cniisi'lcialile indtunMtion In the eummun • iv, The Cuw\»r stmws him up inns.ssiiing m • The Conuroaatonal Amiutlloiimotil Hill will bo n potted in tin* ls>gi.iiiiiir«t only no*iwo«k It liirr»sMslba llepubliraa i»sj»r{iv in tm. dt.titri, ..nit idaie. th"'pemuerrtry in liupelea. mlnortt t m Hvory of the Hum, except lha Hncoml Hie ('('tititr sny. oven Urn Firal iH.trlct, way .iuwnlntno KgypUtn dork no., ot aoiulmm Indi mu, where but y«morduy, aa 1' auuma, Itepiib I cant wont to ihelr giave. without inournors, there I. a reliable Union ’majority. Th« i.pportionmenlsare equally sau»f»ctory,eonvenlenl md rl l.k, and the net result, of tlu inoa.iiv" are c.-nedid on all hand, the fairest apportionment i,ill ever prevented to a ligUluilvc body, amt i. ru recoil’ to tbo Union party a clear majority of thirty P, thi. Houm: and fifteen in the Henate. It wilt he :i biller pill to the Democracy, tlie hardest since Lie’s stmeiirter, but it is UiM. It is legitimate, ,ud wo move the previous quostiou on Us passage. FUO3I KKIIMOND, VA. Anticipated Impeachment of flic Frc*l tlrnt—A Committee ol Observation, Ktc, N*nw Yore, January 51.—The IJtraWf Rich mond correspondence says: “The impeachment t* regarded as a fixed thing among the people •ent-ially, although some allege that U will ccr fi-ad to another disastrous revolution. “Movements are on foot to establish Commls -loLers, to be appointed by the Legislature, whose dntv it shall be to remain in Washington, and bring before the Supreme Court all acta ol Con -rcs» nfiecting thi' Interests of the South. In order that they may be pronounced unconstitutional/’^ fKOM MEMPHIS. The Appeal >ew>papor Pnffliaied bp John Hogan of Miwwmrl—State or Trade* Mnrpms. January 31.—'The Appeal newspaper ha? been mncharcO br Jol.n Hogan. of J. , nis uiiC others. I*. will be edited by Cetera! Albert Pis»c. Coitcn quiet not* nt-chanccd. Receipts, J,5?4 haV-s. Exports. 2.(yobalcs. Other proauae unchanged. Business generally v cry dull. FUOM SEW YORK, Appeal In Behalf of tlic Southern Toor -3 lie Reported Bank Trouble h Hoax. 2nxw York, January 81.—The Southern Relief cpcimUeioa have turned an caruestnooeal for tin* medial**. grncrow. and universal effort In behalf ol the famine-stricken di.i.icl.« ol the Somli. New York. January 31.—The rumors last night of a defalcation or other difficulty In the Americas National Bank are nnlmc. The Bank la In no trouble. . Suicide of a Grain Dealer. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trib: ne.j DavEspoui, lowa, January 31. This evening at six o’clock, Mr. Albert Judd, a rrain buyer, of this city, committed suicide oy taking prussic acid. Ice on Hie Delaware River, PnnADEuniA, January Si.—The ice m the Delaware River Is very heavy to-dav. People arc crossing at Chester on the ice. Thousand® of people are ekating and eletghirg on the icc oppo stu the city. • Ilie South Carolina MccroTronbles. Savannas, January 31.—A1l quiet on the planta tloi.* In fconlh Carolina to-day. The ncero Jt-y was arrested this morning by the united Slates authorities. Ueutenaat Lemon I* doing well. Expensive Street Cleaning Boston. Jannaty 81.-1 he cost of clearing the otieets of mow by the t«o la*t great storms Is ?50 fCO. Over :,iuo men have been employed. Conviction of a Wife murderer* Quebec. January SI —The trial of Wo. Church, foi klillcfi hi* wile, was resumed to-oay. A ver dict of manslaughter was rendered. A CSnbc material Veto. Nt-v Toi.K, o>im«rr 31-Tie Xe ■ Jer m Bribe ry liUl has been vetoed b) Governor » aru. The Receipt Question. To the Editors of the Chicago Tribune. Dow do you conrirne respect it.c letters m« rely acknowedrlnp the f^ !p i.xi ri-rimcr draft?. Ac , (when exceeding ru pees lucqtlre them to bo sumpedl It ?o. wh: -o manv open violation* of the law-. An aa_we through y>- nr colamns will much ob ;.^'j^ KtnEn lit is th» opinion of the United Stales Assessor liat tdeb letters of acknowledgment are subject to stamp, end for the reason thal they are in their very nature receipts, and would be Oder, d as snch in • court of law. if other proof were lacking. Ibe acknowledgment, by letter, of the receipt of % bill of uoods, or any other properly, not rooncy 01 Us order, is not subject to stamp, -rlnt of money, checks, draft?, Ac., he acknowj Sa by letter* that letter requires to be Jtsmped nlscn the exceeds Iwe " 1 £ °v fnl iu bin s •ccond ancftion— “'\ny so many open violations oMbelawl"—ne leave to our correspondent to mswer.j - rwtVAIT IIUOTIIKW*** Artvrrtlslna Abi’s 120 l»enrborn-i» rreuvo nrt»e«WH.Mim (nr all the lentliog. papers tbisunhoat the I nttsd ond ronnxns. Brlasnuir iSotirrg. \f ABONIC. i'kwriai Conrocailon .ol Washington fhiolet So. •\ iVa M.r»bl N- ll'|l tins (PimiAM evening, *t m elf li’nlL Vio. West Itandulplcit. Work to It. A. "if,'"rd.f cf M. lb W- f- . Societies. Jt I ivTUOPOI.ITAN GVMXASXIO CLUB, ISI. IHU and jssmoaeat. OI'KX DAV AND EVKMSO, Cltu iierelwi from 1 f' s aod trom bls to fcll U. a net ,eil Loin n.Uu at .11 bLuta- 17 UnoTO.blp. supertoteedcut. NUMB 1C 11 m. GMjc Seating Season. ■yY'ABASIJ-AV. UINK. ICE HARD AND SPLENDID, NOT AFFECTED BY THE THAW. TUIH EVENING, GRAND EXHIBITION OP Gymnastic and Fancy Skating, (nclndls; the ZOUAVE DRILL, by M A. R. T I N, Who has been engaged FOR THREE MIGHTS OMLY Exhibition’.)! S p. m. Tickets ol Adisinton. M i Ccata, tor sate at Klasley'a, Johnson*a. the Hotels, and Ist the Rink. Secured Scats in tiro Balcony Caevbe had at the ILnh.- &IDBRINK. S3PILEMDI3D ICE. OPEN ALL DAY, The Harps this Evening ©enlists. T7XTIUPATION OF A 1/ DISEASED EYE By the use ot VITA.LIZ.E3D AIR OH ZiAUOaiNO OAS. A man by the name of Daniel DcUttey. of Madison. Wisconsin, had bis right cyecxUrpatedaftw days an by DR. UNDERWOOD. Oculist,ot this clty.ln which Vitalized Air was administered. ThU U the' second operation, as far as we know. In this country, In which Nitrons Oxide Gas has been glrcn fjr the remora! ot an eye, though Dr. U. has for gome time siren It in minor operations. The success of tM« operation will doubtless lead other Oculist* to use this agent In many operations practiced on the Eye, instead of chloroform and o'hi-r. s£cal listalc. ELEGANT OPI’OKTUmXY FOR TRADING MEN TO MAKE A GOOD BARGAIN. We desire to trade about elet-en hundred acres or splendid Farming Lands, finely located lu lows, and eighty aerosol mineral laid* In llrant County, Wta., near the Mlsdislppl lllvpr, oppest** Dolmque, lowa, with quite a rum of cash. fur a good new stock of sar kind of merchandise. The land U all choice. und will I>e traded as shore at very tow prices. Those haring grods and desirous ol trading w ill do well to rail lm> mediately, as tldsoppoiturjly will he offered bnt one week. 8. 11. KRUFOOT A CO* Heal K«tatc Dickers, 71 Dearnorn-st. FOR SALE—Chcnp, lor a lew days only —one ol the DUST DUBINB3O LOTH In ‘•hlrnct, Joraled rear Lake »t anil For partli'nlar*. addri** IIOX H'lll. patent Uvoom. -lIEBTTUINa OUT. HF.KK •NO■ FI UTIIKU BUOOM. Pnlpuied July UIM. IHflU* Tld* lUo-m In tpfy simple In rnn*tmcMnti, an I yi xrty dnratde. It I* diidb-Uy li» dicaiiMl and I*" lif. .iin in nmrkrt. Plato aim Cmmlr tllaM* fuf *a< rtllum'OtimmidntalKtiM, aUtmlr ollW. 'JtJI “'ml 4'inrk‘St., uf addM-M, w»in*l*m|», I’ o. n*»« ■l)»W. iJIt HIM* Mt» \ MI.HIMi, Stolira aun Wavbtoavc. LAlltlli b'IOOH. lint Air HcklMoi'm mill Vcnllliitors. Ilm Alr Ucitlstm unit Vvullluluis. A I.x >. llrtrxtowN Now rooMmr Rnnso*. Burntow’ii Now Cooking Iliuigofl* HANII* HHQH , W 1 MnnrnP.T pjotostnpljs. OKING ON YOUR BABIES—To 108 JLvke-st, Ihupopu ar l‘bot.*gr*plier, K. L. HHAMh Imvltid surcceUtu u. mi-urlnc the »ervtces of the efeaC ••I , OSt-A wou'rt cailllie public attention to Urn fai t that he Is still making su perior (’nrieade VltiUr nt Only 81.00 per* **TfURKAH FOR BRAND—IOB— | He's the mao to vote for I” He*a knocked down mo cxborbtuai price oi photographs, and t» dally knocking the conceit out of the t*»Un-:« of the fraten |ty by making elegant Cartes <le VWte, beaut!- fully f.nlsned, for only f 1 p»r dozen. Coptine and en larging old ptetaros a specialty. 108Lake-*t. PHOTOGRArHIC. I'HOTOGn.vrmc. CIUF.KVS. 102 I<IKF*HT» Cant photograph* >1 per co.ten. Colored Porcelain* fll.wituiraroe*; old price *i»-. . _ . . i Llldrm's Photographs aud copying Old ana Puled Pictures, a npeclalty. C*U ana our work, and Judge lor yocrselt. Photographs, photographs. The celebrated fcalUotM ot Few Tort: City hM comtneeced M« ingagrmecl at GUESS'S 102'.ate st. This Gallery la now well prepared for matting the nneat I’hotograt ha ever made lu Chicago. All are In* vited to call, toot andjudge tor jomaolyes. t-hlldrea s Putnr** and Copying alwaiaaspeclalty. rh.logrspns >1 per agencies "Y^f HOLESAI.E AGENCY PRICE BRO?*., B.uTiJimn:. Fresh Can Fruit. Cove Oysters, And Jellies. IS STORE AND FOR SALE, i non rittF> fan Fill*it* 3.1in0 va>vs <*«ve aoo CAwfc> JkI.UES, inMnsH, The aVor- too ill are ai: of the b-#t quallHe*. and warranted by the maantactarcra and agents. Jobbers orders ,ol^J^ Oßln . HIBBARD i FRENCH, 1 111 Klozle it„ Chicago. 111, (General jSToticcs. rpo RAILROAD CONTRACTORS. Urncr Loo'vtllx. Cincinsati asd i LBXtst»ros ILlilboad. V LortSTu-LE, January zut, 1557. J In cszeeonecce of the seow, the time for examining work on the Cincinnati Branch of this Road Is extended until February 15th, when the letting will take place M, s T . JOHN. Chief Engineer. CPECIAL NOTICE.—A. C. ‘Walker, O now of Chirac-. 11l ■ to toe in onr employ rn Srat of October, 1866. nod tram and alter that ii«te has had to authontv tc a«t oor name In any nanD'rf JONES * MMICK MFG CO. iv. w. Patrick, Treasurer. Ptttahotpn, pa„ Jaa. I, 1S6«» 'J^'OTICE.— The following letters from The Sank of IQontroal) To our care.»lll b« delivered to the parties to whom tbey arc addrv**cd, on prop«T MunUQcallon; p McLean, John I Anon. P. Lea(Mtr*Urrt,W. t* Kerr, Mrs.C. McArthur. A. herewith, L. PHII* Hard 9. M. Dart, Johntjulni*. C.Tlnaler. Jas.Tbom aon, h. W. Townsend, E. Walker. CEO. C. SIIITII gc DUO , Bankers. 48 LaSaUe-st. pi ROUND OIL CAKE is the Cheapest Feed in the Karket «t~oV cf all kinds. Order* oromot'y niled lor cash, rrreu-caci e. w . bLATcHFORP A C 0„ 7 No, 70 North CUttcn-eU IBburational. Examination of classes in lITDE PAtK SEMINARY will occur on Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 4th and sth, All are Invited to aitecd. _ . ... Next term >* on Wednesday, Fch. ctn. tnstituie of drawing, sub- I trying and Civil Engineering, at ToUcslon. Lak? Midi-.. Ft. W.A c. It.llJ.npe'.a April L\ntt|l Sept. 15. |33 to be a Draftsman. |3J a Surveyor, |dJ a uvn Snaincer. Drawing teachers •ent to ® ... scholars. Address. A. VAN DERNAILLEN.Iof aclr* mlsr. . Coal. r'OAL.—Wo ore now closinjt out Iri-m 1 > 3 i»o to SOOO tons first nnaiuy Ksslern imomlnnus Coal in quanllllw »<» salt purchasers, at ontr», lloom So. 1.'. iiuiiiiinj. .vi. no in»Mn..L.^ [l{|i u * cnrtiNu. VOCOniOOHENV*COAL & OOKE X to.. tifiir** t) ctminlx'r oi wirt fftfttcr Wwi cOT. miS |Sim>*l lU.ur, hu.oor«li «jjl lUm-11.. tillefoke. «> u »_ " it)g(B guD (Saps. TVsT DECEIVED. f J A I.AUUK INVOICE OE Stitched Band Scotch Oap», tub oknuise imr.fSIKU, ll*twr, BlKfUUlt Huhk. IStto yujjUtotion^ 1KSI11,1M:|! MONITOK, 14 - WAliL*^. lKt> 1 i 33. SAMVATIV, 1007. t'OUtllhW. THS OPENING YBAH. !.«*« BBd KmiMnttt ol INI. , Itirv IMiniIAKUR 1W THE OfOnn WTAIW, WWIII or THE LATE BAML'SL MACK, oMf. tODIP, TflK OHBAT MOOTTL 0? CINCINNATI RYPOSBf), rMiommiiHd condition op tite north* WFiIPHH MUTUAL MPE INiUlfA’iri* (Ml., MILWAUKEE. Wt*. A CIUKY HOARD OP TRAPS iT DRTIWTP. I'UOfigCUTIOSH AOAINtT MRW YORK WdIJTL ARCS BKOKIRS. with in# name* of ih« irm* meat, ami #ll.l o| th«bogus loAUranoe Compmdes In width the rl«S» wtrepiacad, Tflfc LOIULLARD IMBtRiMUB CO- mNewHullo lag—lts Progress, Prr»4per|tj nod Ustfuitade. AB#OS AMD INCENDIARISM IN NEW YOUR. ttntlllty of the present Firs Umliil. .ACCIDENT AMD LIFE INbUttANCB SWINDLES DETECTED. LIST OP ILLINOIS INSURANCE COMPANIES. Remarks on Their Condition, and Exposure ol the Heavy As Jeasment* ot the Mutual#. THE OHIO tffrrUALS. Ohio Matching On. TUB SINS AND SORROWS ol Lift Insurance Ajctatl and ißiunnsa Agenta “ Bobbins Around." PERILS OF me AGENCY BUSINESS. NEW LIFE INSURANCE COSIP ANTES. MORAL HAZARD. With numerous other srticleaol lnumt aid topor tance to merchantsainihe comm-rc-U pobUo georr* aLy, T. joivt:©. Jr., Pabltsher, New York. garinttsljlp. IIISSOLDTION OP COPARTNER- J SHU’.—The conartornhlp heretofore ezUtios VRDj.D.llfibba.J F. U.GraCeand Leodcn-DavU, (lotnebaiioew In Chicago order the st*leof drm of ROBBS. GRACE A CO-and xs New Orleans under the»t»le MtUUACH. DAVIS A 00.,-ha* thu d»?been dlMolvsdmjnainaicoiuneT. J- i‘. HOD'iS. J. F. H. GRACE,' Chicago, ISC7. LEDDEN DAVIS. TheonderslcnedwUlcotitlnne tliO Western ComirifMton onvltess in No* Orleecr, Not. os and HO N«w Leree-sL, aaaar tba sameatjle a* horeio are, tli: OB ACE, DAVIS & Co.‘ J. F. H. ORACR, LCUDEN DAVIS. New Orleans, La., Feb. 1, ISffL Th» nnderriared will continue the Produce OoramlS’ flcn business tv Chicago. lit u i will succeed to the business of HOBBS, GRACE & CO* under lie style of " J. B. HOBBS & C 0.,, Chlctco, LI., Feb. 1,1387. 16C Washlngton-st. CIOPARTXERSaiP NOTICE.—The / Dim btretoJhrc doing buslaea* under the name ► MT*-tj!c ot H.N. □OLDE v * hKOTHER, was <1 In spired January Ist nr mutual consent. H'nrr N. Hol den l* alone aatfcom-d to slim in liquidation of all cebta due the said am. nOiRY N. GOLDEN, ISAAC H. HOLDEN, J 3. The Hard-woM Lntr her business will be hereafter carrl* d ca b; Iho uuderslcotd at the old stand. Corner of SarSct and Jackson-st?., Where can be fbeed as good an assortment ot Wnjron nnd Cnbtnrt Lumber, Wngna and Carriage Hub*, J»poan*. Felloe* nnd Best Carriage Stock, As can be munrt In the city. Thankful tor the past lib eral patronaro received by the old lio. 1 hope for* continuancecf thesairc; RKXRT X. HOLDEN. Dissolution op copartner- MUI*.-The cppartn'-rsUSp heretemre existing nicer the name and style of MAGHL & IATHAM, Was dissolved tirtcntnul consent on the SMt dnj of Deernd>er, ISW>. All claims luminal and all debts duo the late firm wll bo settled at the oDco of r. j. maoillh Corner of Well* «sd South 'V»lor ati. The copartnership hereto- FORK existing between JtOlllUS A WIBWALL l» tuli* «Hjr dlMolted by mutual ron-urnt. The husiilei* win be conducted hi-reifler hr J. M Nt'HIUH. who will settle all claims against the late firm of Norris ± Vruwall. J. M. NOUUI'*. Chicago, Jan. I. W. A. A. WIHWALL. Dissolution of co-partner bUll’-TU Arm of Barrett, Cossitt k Smith litliU<UTilt«*olT*ll>/nmttiAl consent, J. M. Smith retlrli k iron) Mid firm, having told hi* mtorcat to *»M Unrrrtt A Ccwltt, who ar« authorUwll U i«Uh* »ho hmlnrw of thf tirm. at thMr olUce. Wo. .*J I South Vf». tcr-it.. corner of WahMh-ar, f». L. «AHH«TT, F. I*. C-.tiHITI, J. M. 9MITU. Jan. 1, l«n. In rrllrlnelfnm th* ahorenatned firm, I trnnld lon* lid my tlntiikn tn my many Wend* tor Hi- Uheral pat ranßgn Ptlditlnl to me. and would*; >11 c U cn6l Inn am-' 1 of lb* Mini 1 In ipt etidTMora, HAIIItKTI A <;« BUT. at A 1 Euutli Water-at. J. >l. SMITH. Ivcmoim! JJEMOVAI BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, StTCtfwBOItS t(l IIOWMN IIIIOTIIIIIW. WO XXAVB XIBMOVBD Ill'll HKIUK or Dry Goods, Notions. Woollens AND OKOOKKRY TO KOWUN'O ItUIUUNQ* 15, 17, 10 AMI 21 IUNDOMMI-STm Where we will he pleated to seaooroldfilaiutsftßrt lheir*a« nm ,,r «iijr^ W|I[TMAN A W |y h |.ow. ■REMOVAL. A w. n. nuniiOon & oo„ Manufacturers and Johl**n» In lioop SKUITs And COIIhhTB have rennvnl to No. || I.ak* •!.. mp ■lain),a hero they will le pWsiM b* receive a cmlinu aueot the liberafpaCTunagelitiri-Ufore attended them. EM OVAL. 6HSSNBB AUK & rOREZHATJ, Datikera and Urokcrs, have removed to 3So. -12 CI^AKK-ST., (Gobrrnmcnt Sale* AtSMsTANT QUARTERMASTER’S OFFICE. Kr. Loris. M<>. January 3S. i«67. There will he sold at public auction atMyrtie-eU Warehouse. Sivrllr-*!. bt. I-oui*. l*ctw»*n ix-crnd and foidJwlt gdays until ad are sold, me following de*crl> ed cl- thine ai.rt cninp and garrison equipage, viz: M huts, nntnmc ed. ' 319unirt-rm coats, infantry. Cu m trim Jacket*, artillery, fx tronsrra. mounted, ssy bine. 372 great cuats, footmen. ' Xi sack com*. Ilted. 77 tatlgne overalls. 2>c flannel i-tirts. 7C7 prs. stockings. VC7 nerro brvgan*. 41 ruhbtr blanket*. 59 rubber poncho blankets. 43* knapsack* arc! straps. cat tens, complete. 565 canteens. French. 13 brnpitfil tent tiles. 1C wai tent flies. 31 e< maos let. is. tffi hatchets. « prs. sb'.es. irregular. , IGA > aids d*r* blue cloth. W vide. 50 gnx-oanU hackles. 77 camp kettles. 5 trot. pots. 33 double bed rack*, is sets hospital c*nt poles. Efl do hoipltal do no Struck aies. K 2 forage caps. 1.578 nmtorm Jacket*, cavalry. 171 iroustrs. footmen. .., 13 do mended, dark blue. 1.412 great coats, mom-led. 5,4(0 sack ccats. tmUnetl. si stable frreks. 91 knit shirts. 571 prs. aboes. ltd wool blank* ts. 1M94 Tainted blankets. 17.549 do Doncboblankets. 5.314 cotun baversaevs. 1.75 C canteen*, rubber. «no*pltal tents. 21 wa tents. ISttilsy tent. i&7B shelter tents. n9>ck»a. irregular. 1.4C6 vard* dark blue cloth, X wide. 4J7P yards sky bmc kener. Ji wide. . 6D6)i yards blue wonted lace, X inch wide. 345 mess pass. , [ ao single l ed sacks. at hospital tent pole*, oprlgnf. : 14 set* wall tent pole*. JS9 s-ibley l»nt stove pipe, ms pick axe handles. &3l ipades. Mv vard* yellow worsted lace. 2-8 Inch. 4-:vyani»redwor*tedlace, • 7t5 jsrd* Tchow worsted lace, IJ< In.h.4c^,&c. r The sale will cotnrrence each day atlOo e.oeS. ■ '” b - ”" :M ' jons L. wonns, A«tUunt Qaarterma»tet. llianos. -pvECKERIBItOTHERS, No 91 IIL6ECKER-ST., NEW YORK. TO THE PUQUC. A cartfol and official search mode at tM United States Patent Office In hv ProTrd ttiai no PATENT FOR AN IN PlANO fortes was ever granted hr the Prided Ma’cs to any BESShiL“r"-"Vi K&^^^«iisisa , assss bating been manufactured hy DECKER BROTHERS, No. 91 Bleecker-et, New Tort Aud net Laving on the itd plate on the left baud side, la railed :t ttm, the words, DECKER BROTHERS* PATENT, ■ JDHE. 15t5. So Lirnt. rpHE BUILDING tnownasthoMinsliel JL Hall, In the rear ol 02, 01 ASD OC VTASMSOIOS-ST., m-treen Clark and Detrlwm-sts., Chicago. Is being converted lo bnslnc*» met. and will be ready for’ ccett runev on the mof May next. The third and Pmrth &nr« each 55 hr ft leei.»lib an entrance Pom Wash ingtct-st ,wl 1 be for rent, and b-db or either ol thes* flcV-rt can be flnlsh-d la • manner ti suit the p-fosn or t>er»ans de«lflcg them. The first floor <J3 by 81 feet), withnwcii-ilrl't’d ba’cment. will ha fbr rent In con* ntcllou R Hh the stoto No. 94 Waahlngloint. Pnsnnsde*lrlnz In rent lh» *ba»e will plcoae apple to lh n nnderdetied. nt the office tf MILLEtI, V AN Alt* HA.N 4 LEW!., !H .L ma IIKMIV U. utUEtl. BinHatrjj, M'JiETM. ***K» KXTUA riIAHOIJ l*r KxJfwtle«TMth WITIV OUT I'AlW.iiyUn y»#«i , Mlf-«i»o»lrUP%*, wb«n urtl* Autlon** Rtv *1 fUliUO'h I'auUl Ujowii 7 i tkitMti Citrk>«t., (Jt * SifTwli itmriM tiJgtcms, pAUD'e I‘ATEST vx union MAO«iN3. as so«u cUctn. facbltal. A FEW PACTS . . „ J\ ftrf Ihi tofesUrtsltefl Ot Bit WM (Hiltif fft* dlteMMOl ibf LtlMlliflulTlfoal. NSUTOBAL MAM KlltiMßlhl WlltUßViffWi •&»*#•# li IM hi# set with tw*srti!«i 6vm p|ll*Kt«W. fWffyihffli #b<3 Wflff»fOf«« sJ»e#*e#» m raiit#jif«Vrd i*f dim ifim UMijMM w» HriD<#rwitdMn*f*n{frn>)ir uihm ib*.«f linoo AtaertjnM, 'l bA<t#«mA it»V<r i*mM it.wW »« *nwTi«Mhy, HflM witnesses 10 Hi* WOSdeffiU WMiy mii imu i* « . Blo(in „ iOc ,„, l# * H|f»mn4 mora rellslfrom using r«*toial Bains la my front wy other prsparaUoa lover ww, •» WM, YOUNGBLOOD.* * ••Hath, asttpu. pan.*ogirou,Nov, it. M l think. In a city like thl«, where ao many ani .*£ feting at thU season with coailu, colds, and hranchUl disease*. it wonJI be to roar interest lo introduna peo biral Halm, aa i&xl lalUflni li aUculd be la the haiuXl or ailiuiferera. “R.n LESLIE, D. B. - Nrw You, July J 3. l 'l purchased a bsrtla at perioral Balm, and tonga* Cfltfrtnt rspreM tba taßßn or erantad? I owe to too* aaa.« recovery waa immcdlau, althoagh prertoaatw girei over by my pb#u«lana aa inrorabie. • THROCKMORTON." M Dorrov, OeC 9.188 L “ to citng yocr Pectoral Balm, t hail tasm every j rrjaratloa 1 beard'of wtlbont react. I have nwtlbct nree bottle#, and all iimpuei ufinyagocl* sins comi''.%ml-»a»ihttia— harjf dl.apneared. • * y WM, BROWNING, Oiartoetor C. R. K." “M» Tobk,Ang.l.OS. “Forthebiertt et all vbo have or are mffcrlW from DronchlAl dUeaaea, 1 t«c to add ey mtianoy to the rffleary of asradeo’r PectnraTßalmi aa 1 consider it was the only tides that caved tny life when reaaee* to a icelotos aadt>n tbs verse ot tea crave. "MARGARET TITBOCKMOIUCIOIJ Sixth-av." BURN HAMS A VAN SCHAACK. VhoSesala Asesta tor the Soitbwe*?. SMITH A D'fYEH. Wholesale and Hetatl AcenU and nrugetsta In CBtcago. <£loth«s iHangSrir. J^MERICAN CLOTHES MWE Leons- Clothes TftlhOUt Heats It will do It to oawwiuwter ihe.flmw n ,«trcff with heated irons. It gives a slow , and brilliancy of lustre UMlneos. linn>sd ble tu be obtained from hesv'e'd Irons. NO EXPENSE FOR FUEL. No Hotel.- Laundry. Restaurant, 3nardl*r Rowe. Hospital orl’clTateFamily cab anorJ' to be wittoas 02 c. IT SAVES 11KB. IT SAVES CLOTHS*. IT SAVES MOSEY. IT SAVES 7CEL. IT SAVES LABOR. IT SATES HEALTH. For paaptilett, containing foil description of mo- AMERICAN CLOTHES MANCIE C0 H 1-19.131 : sad 153 Fallen-.:., C&lcvo, UL, Or J. K. KICK. 161 Lake-si. iiusincoS Stars* J-J W. C. SANFOItf) & CO., coinnssiON merchants -IN— ECO AND SSSr PnODTXOT*, Nci*. OS 100'.tad tOli 31agnslue^L« N. E. comer of Lafayette-iL, (Jf’well Warehouse), NEW OKIEA*9* jonsj.ror, raasers ■mnTAxxß. d. w.c. aaxrazn, bt.Louis. St. Lnnt*. New Orleans Late r{ Pryor and Sanford. Chicago- YETU & VANDEUVOORT MALTING COMPANY, Bos. 2 and 4 Michigan-av,, Ulaunfacturerw or null and Dealer* tm Utirlcy and. life. IV s We keep constantly on hand sticks at Frtai Harley and ltr« Malt, which w« are prepared to sail M toe lowest market rates. UNDERWOOD & CO., LswU sra! Commission Merchants, Cur. Ia mile noil Wuslilna^on-sts, CHICAGO. Olte particular attention to beth bn flax iad Mdllof Crain, Flour, Saoda, Pork, Lard, Beof, Tallow. Properly imnalil aud held ofl aiarylM, tad told rtDMI In Uila or Kostarn market*. IT“ Special rateaol ComolHlou made In tlmeawM lurnlMi thflf "wu pmtieylbr larrt purcbatoa vl prop erty to bo lield tor sale by u*. |», 1,. liodpfwd. Dp Mi t*» Itmiprw—«* HANsON * CO. commmsxox* nanosAKn For juicii*** l and *ato nt Country Fruitier* Q IUJI2UT Ss KlEi.l), (IKKEUAL COMMIBBIOH MEIIOItAKT*, (dnr<r**i>r* lo titlMt, Cp-llVa A t <•»>,> 1 i\ n Wnpili tn a t oiiap. j. im.itKUT. iiiu». jtlacfilncvif. INDIANAPOMN, I.IDUhi PHALKIIH IN COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory Findings. New Factories tarnished with Machinery, Bhamnt Endue*, Plans. t-pectflcailons, buptrlau-ndanta tad experienced workmen. koll cards Always ob band. COTTON WARPS & CARD CLGTHISQ Ol all kinds. pr second-hand Machinery on hand. tor n!t chaay. QOliN feHELLEHS AND horse powers. 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