Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 1, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 1, 1867 Page 3
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A CHEAT FOOT-IUCE. Tlilnr*wo MIIw 'Walked In B«vcn Hoar* and Fifteen rniDutc*, IProin Ihc Nashville (Term.* Ptcm, January 39.) Tli«* great contest of speed and bottom ho* Iwrcn .Inrob Ham)rich, ot tlio Climax Saloon, and David Kuhn, ot Hlclfcl’s brewery* to Murfreesboro, fur fI,OOO a side, enmo oil' Sat urday. The parties madn a “square tdnrt” fmm'lhc Climax Saloon, on Cherry atra.'t, precisely ul U o’clock In the afternoon, and the winner arrived at the St Charles, in Mur. fiiT'l-oro, at fifteen minutes alter 10 in the rvenlng. Tl;t* wlniMT la ft square built, muscular iiiaii. about llurty live year? of «co ami wdgMog t«** hundred and ten pounds. Hi* vionj i-mor Is ft man about the same ace rather mil and slim, weighing about one lion' tired and lift* p-nmN. Tito belting was about even, tiio-c who would have “gone .'Ju-ir pile’* on the support advantage of condition of Kuhn wrerc shy of the known nerve and endurance of the *• Doctor.** Both parties came- up to the scratch promptly, and at the signal being given they darted oil’at a brisk walk, taking the Mur ir.vsboro pike when out of the city, the “ Doctor” taking Hie lead, when they were last seen. The conditions of tne nee were that neither should la«to lood nor drink jr«m starting to stopping, aid both m»"ht • a.: v vomc he chose, by the pike or ii-roa# ifdfla. 1? ih e point agreed upon at Mnrmrsboro, being to determine the contest. The first fifteen miles to Lavergne were made in three hours, Hundrlch being ahead, bat his competitor being fully in sight. Miortly after passing Lavergne it com* nu need getting dark, and Irom tlienee to the point ot destination the “counters” sped uuav over rocks and stone? bolding a good pace, as the lime shows. The heavy brown nag still held his lead, 1 o«vercr. and when In-crossed Slone River bridge was about a wiie and a half ahead, going at a steady gatt ar.d suie of being the winner. The sorrel was not to give up, however, without a gallant contest, and commenced a brilliant dash for the homeland. Having rarelullv husbanded Ids strentn, he now commenced a briak run, and would tin duubtedlv have been successful in His tactics it ihc other “rider” had not. anticipated this ittcuipteJ emd rr»f«if, and also “used the o.vtcl».” With ft sharp lookout for his pnr 1-icr the “Doctor” strode Into the cxpscU ,mt town of Murfreesboto, jnst fire minutes in advance of his adversary, with the vigor .ns movement of an Atlantic steamship, while hip more fragile' antagonist was some bdf a mile astern. Hying before the wind, with all sails filled, llke-an ocean yacht. lining at once into the St. Cliarlc?, the doctor Vito immediately surrounded by tha cuiiotss throng of extdtid people of Mur freesboro, who could scarcely realize he was a staunch, good looking man, not much the f,, r wear, and not an elephant or wild horse from the Texan plains. All specula* tinns were soon put at rest, however, for he ui’ieliiv called lor “lager beer,” and by the •in-'’ the other had coioe up, bad disposed of i igut glasses of the Teutonic beverage. The firties remained in Murfreesboto until yes te»dav, having a good time, when they rc btrned to this city by rail. Tims ended one vt the most singular contests which we have overheard of, everything being done In n ‘jtßfaclorv manner. &ud In the coolest •■arret. The distance travelled is thirty two miles, and it will he seen that they made m:irlv four uml a half miles an hour, neither pmK having been In unv previous twitting. A DOMESTIC HOJIASCE, A .■’lnn rlnlmx n Son Fourteen VcnriOld Whom M' 1 Slntl ftftcrSrpn# irrrin the? Illufilon (In,*.) Ilanoer.] F.voti In a •inlet. out of the way little town, tliic then? occasionally turns up nu Item v hUh would furnish the grrmind-worh of a ••romance in mil life.’' such cm Item oc ■ limd In-re on Wednesday of last week, and «-n t.Mdttim more or h-s* limn the n*rival of in mi from California, who enmo to iT,n, ;iikl lake away with him hU#on—ahd ,)„.i'l fomh-ni years of ace—whom he had i<v< t In-lore m hi. , ~ Tin- iiieUemim-Hed with this rmnirkabl.j •iM , mi fit ni we «re iil'le to uni her them, lire lirh-tlv nnf-dIoUBJ Al-out l!fl""ti VMir* HL'o, the |*'Mlllf , mntl •ii alluded lonnmh-d » las-liullui vo'i'ttf 1,1 vin NoM'-oj ICtUnnt Co-mly. H-diU u I „ mH c.r limited meins. It «PP'J‘l« im mnlhl 1...1 Minion tIM-rtvlnln wlih-h his *lf do* .utrillolive, mid IninU.V J»r* hd'owed «lini> in,.hi lie- he. Is ot the hoimymomi. In this -Uite (.1 llihifs Hie voiniK Ji'Mhninl rnmjved ( Is mill •* imiho Ills lille. ■li.ilnei.-riili.ult till r-r Unit tMldmi ami it i. iv «.«i-l*-lHl.:ie the hMh 111 Mm hoy In •in *lll-11. Arnv’ntr In California Ii * went In v ml. viih u will, mol soon iieeuinmnU'tl nu < i i-itiiint: l iii; niiimiul of the lilltt. rhitf dml, uh! nmii thnl In* trim, rennM-d huinl* f.-iiM Himn to Ills wile on deveiitl oeeadmu tlo* hiM iiin’iHniiee helm* elen-n hundred rinlhitS. « Mil or-l' IB to sell the hum mill Jo n him In California. ~ , , .i„ Meanwhile, however, the wlfn had mndn the iH-rinnlidiiiiee of n l»etlll ':c?r—a hUHnu ■‘lndie*’ im.n ,, -lhen ImvoUl' U Mm HreiiU It, some rnpaeUv or other, which r'-uUed In illvnn-e lloni llie Cahfnnll husluiid. nntl mania.:*' I" H"i I'vlHloihier. Ih.iuo mystery honK Miami this nnt'tltttf'i for n lon* limn. »ml wed" tod know 11ml t* yelcleared »M». Whello-Mhey weic nmirlol 'Hir»re or nßur the ohlntnlt'K of the dlvoree, or Imw U w-w tJ.ut hmd'aml No !l wn* hlavimr yoimtf hinn imoim Ihe pliant Hltitnou U* >*Mf oi tiinrn alter the MisrilHue} or why the impMnU wite M, lomr hejit from evm Urn must 101 l main fiMids of »hn In’eHoio ln« hitdeeio-.m; Ihemi are perhaps lne|e vail iine-ll ns nt this tlm-s It is Mif ll.letd lusay Hint liyminuf liiuMMMHtf" ii'id i unto-voimi utile nolil-lral -.rev'tiMmis whU’h *, loiim linn * takes place lu inU country, and i In whleh very oUeurcaml moiurn f lined Inlo ojllre, Urn pell inn-L'er ul.iru»ald Wtt- elevnlcdTo the, po»f*l m of Circuit. ■ludtfu In Iks*. lie booo utter hro.iirlit his tvlfi* nm! I two rldldren to this iduroa-ot imtilA pittAtlrtl I I nrldenru In the Btilmrhs, where limy navo I F Hm-e mdded, and where Uto CaUfuntla hu»« humt next haw Ids Inuni wlfj, and llr*l he. held his lioy, on Wednegdar,.lnmmry 11, The real ofThe story ls« omiold- llnaluml No. 1, having; become w.raUhy, Journeyed from California to Blufflon for hla hoy—«ot him—and the two arc now on their way back to the Golden State. A SEW DODGE. It* CoouUrfeltinjr Carried on by the Spirit*? [From the txraisvdle Journal. Jan. 23.] That spiritualism, so called, is one of the most impudent and humbugs oflUis Impudent and bUsph«-m us aire, we have never pretended to doubt. The re puted preachers of toe silly stud* we con eider knaves and charlatan*, m-oi aad women too lazv to earn an honest living by bonest work, and therefore tat i He bread furnished them bv fools and lunitics. We were not much surprised, then, to l«-ani ot Ibe arrest ou Fridav cvcnimr by officers Needy and Cave, fto’m whom weleini the following particulars of a man, calling himself George Lupton, a spiritualist of the tlrst water—in tact, according to his own story, a sort of spiritual detective, whosi special mission Is to watch and expose a brother spiritualist named Church, whom he claims to be au Im- ] poster, and who, wc understand, has organ ized quite a congregation in this clty- Church, on the other hand, retorts Lap top's charge ol ImiKJature, and, sroing fur ther. gave the officers above-named informa tion that caused them to keep an eye on the spiritual detective. . Something transpiring to confirm, in a large degree, the suspicions against Lupton, the olUeers arrested him a? a suspected felon; and, proceeding to the WUcos. House, New Albanv, where he was stopping, srarched his baggage, finding In hla trunk §IO,OOO In spurious rumsev, besides a number of blauk certificates of stock tu sundry oil companies. To-night one week ago, be took rooms at tbc United Slates Hotel In this city, remained one night, and left the next morning. singu larly enough forgctllufi to pay his 0111. He rcpicsented himself as an agent lor some oil preparation. On Friday mgut the ohlcers intercepted a letter from his wife, begging him for ** God’s sake,” to come on to Indianapolis and pay the house | rent as she was aomt being thrown Into the street. On Saturday moraine he was up Deforc Judge Crate, m Hie City Court, but as Brother Church tailed to come to lime as a witness against him, and there was no evidence that he nad attempted to pass any of the counterfeit money, he was discharged. We learn that as soon as his Jeet struck the sidewalk of freedom outside the Cltv Court, he made tracks for—the Lord knows where. Did the spirits with whom he associates, furnish him the spuri ous mouev ? If so. Uncle Sam had better look out for ’em. We arc told they are devilish hard folks to catch, and if they can not be delected in playing accordcons. xaltz* Inc and cutting up Sam Hill generally around a room, we don’t well see how thev cau be “ colch up” with in their ucw business of counterfeiting. A Florida Brigade’* Pin»l Sight of smivr. [From v»»-**•••' —■ 1 On* .r me most atmielusC eluhu we ere. saw was at Dalton In the winter of IS'-Jl. Thu llr.>t mow had fallen during the ulght. and the army woke up In the morning to find the ground, fur ami near, the hills and the gaps, anil the little huts tint served as camps.-“for we had no tents—and the work# from Potato Knob to Kocky Face, all shroud* td beneath a thick; white crust. There was a Florida brigade among the troops bivou acked just outside ot tbc town, and most of the men of this far Southern command, when they opened their eyes, looked on the snow for the first time. Itunnzed them at ti e start, and they touched It as children touch forbidden things; they approached It a* burned people approach lire; but at length, alter they realized me true stale of the ease, and Iccamc entlsrlcd lhat it was really snow, which they had heard so much about but had never witnessed heiorc, they abandoned themselves to an ccslacy of de light; and the capers they cut were m the oddest description, growing of course out of a waul of familiarity with the strange ele ment. and the circumstance cave rise to many camp jukes for the balance of the sea son. ((Too Touch Pork for n Shilling.’* Dr. McFarland, of the Illinois Insane Asy lum, communicates the following to lUo Jacksonville (III.) Journal; The death of N. P. Willi*, the poet, allow* the origin of the undent ravine at the hern! of thin communication, to Imj explained. When Willi* was n lad ol fifteen he was tent to receive his preparatory collegiate edu cation at the hands of the father of your correspondent. Rev. Dr. M 1 of L 1 ■ N 11. In whose family he took np his real donee and under whore Instruction holh his morals and hi* classical attainment# •were expected to derive great advantage. Ho Is remembered by the writer, asa boy particularly •‘fast,’ tor pHmlllro tlmoK wearing a “rourfJfthoui” Jacket, and a routS, good‘humored face, hand aomelv act off by a profusion of light brown, VSSxiSr In which It Uwell known he look Sridi. oJS Into adduced life. On the SlL.Vjoty 1822. n fIsUIUR party was formed 10 eelebraw the day In a matmer necnl ar to nnniers on the hanks of the adja* cent Merfiac” and Nathaniel had nermls. ektoolnthc party —the care hit doctor haylic lint learned that the provij on cheat was to contain only mil yjort, which aas to he cooked -with the fish. But as Is apt to be , r '^lo n tK -cere or the fc.11,111..,, l„ |,r I J " ,„J of K »«>«nlel.beforp nlitbl! iiN U» (lilllli) (be Wom.v'froin fruminnt It. rnrl of’till. '' 1 1 .* lc i 1, | llc '“S «?«nilcil I lie bJt iHr/lnH,. ,, . ,tar 'i c “ H! vcn ll1 "' t>v tho uotirr m (he im mine. II« l iiUwiv linmt, noil lu tho twllleht rc.c'j-il I,|, Uci£ KoSrhin.nn cn i' l, i , B,a 11111 "W' d pirl lu • ll * bcd atdn, wlio, I'ortnr ,vi"l ''i ril lt 10 1,1,1 " •litiljr” lor Iho liun 1 !? Bl, ‘’r l, y "PPMreil, to II ml hi, Ixtmni .V" vor J, 1 "’ *Ue "f thu bed In tbo c utr * °f uoairlc ngony. .... } ’ «y. Nathaniel/' exclaimed (ho grieved ? Ijorv have you been y What Air; thnilngy ~jr * Have ydn spout ci!f of your “ Please, sir," pained Uio ngnntaod re* pejilnut, "It was the pork I I ato, and ate, * niy atomach Is Just ready lo bust. In. need, hlr, I never know bo much pork before logo fora shilling t” The saving soon liccamc current that Nat, Willis got too much park for his skilling. Sudden and Fatal Slckiices of a Family* (From the Dubuque (luwalUerald. Jan. 21.) A family by the name cl Porter, residing near the village of Rockville, was taken sud denly ill the early part oflast week, and the circumstances altcuding their sickness may Justly be regarded as suspicious, and lead to the inference that some modem Lucrctia Borgia was again resurrected to deal death and disaster among the inhabitants of that vicinity. On Thursday night two of the children died. A young woman by the name of Tromer was engaged to sit up with the corpses. Gctlng hungry In Ihc evening she I>artook of some cako, and was soon taken very sick. Every thing that medical skill could do was accomplished, but all efforts were vain, the young woman sank rapidly, and died on Monday night. A third child is now lying at the point of death. Consider able rx'citcmcnt exists in the community, and the gcucral belief Is that the family has been poisoned. f A post moiitm examination will soon be held, when Inllcr facts in regard to the affair may he dieted. ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL. Tnontr,-Second Annual Report—Opera tions of tile Year IS66—Business and Finances. The twenty-second annual report of the Trus tee* ol ibe Illinois and Michigan Canal, airing an account of toe nueittees and financial condition xl the canal for the year ending November 3D. 3 C, has just born forwarded by the Trustees tc Governor Oglesby. From the corro-poodmg circular. Issued lor the Isfonaallon of subscribers to the ?!.CCb,OU) loan and bondholders, we ex tract the folio;'tug statements: KKCEIPT3, 1600. Fait of land and lots % ’0,019.01 Note? raid tor pterions sales Bs,o 55.00 ranal tolls, Dec. i,1500. to Nov. 30,1800 002,058.19 Hcr.tb. water-power, lands, and sales of clone I 3,^12.2'J sale ol old material, pumping water for Chicago, dredslng, etc 6,757.39 Interest on deposits, U. S. Treasury and New York Life Insurance and Trust Cotnpfltiv. less 13(50.9), accrued Inter est on U. s. Tjcasurr Notes vtacii purchased: paid by the True- tees, but not ytl debited In account...* to Total receipt* for ISM Balance reported for Nov. 30,18C3. Total lo be accounted for Kot. 30, rxrETTDmniBB, 1960. Principal rcclstered canal bond* f 113,002.51 Premium on cold lor dividends on bond* payableln London ... 7i.w*3.80 Maintenance, repairs and cuowals of canal feeders and pnrnpmg engines.. 1.0,303.83 Total eznonree of collection, superin- Mi tct'dctice, loeblcnderp, etc Contingent and general expenses 13,510.81 Canal property, rales of land and ci Canalunmnpcs y.w.'w Intcicl and exchange iwM nAtAncn riif" Accotmteo ron. J)» piifll. Sen Ymk l.llonnd Trii'.| Company f'113,811.71 in porft, Harm ol Commerce Ciei.ntl litritl>.... . I.^ll Hi limit, lldl k orCoiiilU'jfCC IMvlnetnl thlrlevii..... .... 4 ,|, > 00 I iiepmlt, Agency Hunk (if Moniicn). Chicago, lit nriltl of Tn*9Mit«r of llnntd 01'JrtP-lfM • In.WH.tVI I in pm lU Agency llnnU of I Mnnneil, Chicago, to ruiltlof Herniary H'mrn ofiinalre*. applicable to 1 l ajin nt ol coiihmla for I iMpo tlmiH, etc., line and benimti'g linn 8,018 W 1 in liajirta ol Ticarurcr, Nuw lolnt nccmuiM for No* vcuiber till. 1HU0....... fWB.MI.W •toTAUI riiOM Tint nEOIKNINri. Tl*f* Inllowltijf Pdiciltile embrace* On* entire plumin' rmlvcJintnl i'*jipmleil t»jr ilio lloiid «f ‘l'lumcp «/ the IlllnoW iit'«l Mlrblgm tmaUrom the otemlwilloM of llm Truel* It* June, 1B13» lo * ItfCrirt*. fopmiHturn. (taiiMrneituii of cunal. . I(MSK . imlrrp, elo .. .. .. «,lM.fi6 I'lrnnlJnlMli, rtlwi p»«* . . _ . IIU .. An chip nr lti(*r«'i ou rriiUmifd tmia'it... . l*t n'cln»l,m/l*iero'i limiOi Wiiltiirimiipe. ml nj« *''l'rtllwH Itiii Ml'.rkit. O.iW'J.MH.ST IWMUfI.'JH ww.* I on void for dlvlrtrrfli ou I oou < I‘ta.ww.uo 1 ‘ta.ww.uo liitirerlmdoichanco.. IM.VB.ttt I'Jjui.UT Luma ou *'e ilil-cat’* cmrency, counierloU tjlU and broken bank*, from W 3 lo igf3 Incln-lvc ; Balance lu bund* ot 'licaeuter, clc., No vi xnlver 30, iSOi _t9.3IU.Wi 21 f 0,813,58 t.UI BALK or CAXAL LANDS AMD LOTA. The t'bole number of acres oi laud sold in too Tint Irtfi, was3,»3ltS-l(X» Proceed* ol Bale thereof. t'ir>,153.43. dumber ot town loin sold, 41. Proceeds of pale, t4,6T0. ~ , , There remains unsold ’,031 acres of land ana S£Ctovn lots, bnt the moneyed value Ihcreot is liol. jrint. consequently tbo receipts from Inis eou'cc hereafter mil be Inconsiderable. NOTES lIECOYADLC. The amonct due on notes for land and lota re maining unpaid November :rj, iSdl, was os Jol* Total. ie of ISH3—notes and Interest. isw IKS I*OG Total EEUIfTBaED emi IPWBS. A dividend of five per cent was declared on the •:» th of November. ir«!. and made payable on the Xd of January. ISG7. This leave- a considerable surplus In the bands of the Trustees, bat it is di-emed advisable to keep a reserve of satiable jnotn.Undeto meet any extraordinary outlay which might be rendered necessary by the occurrence or tcrioss damage to the canal or its ont'ets, from freshets or other causes. A large portion of the icctftered canal bonds arc payable In London, In volving a considerable omlayfor purchase of cold and exchange. This Item bad reached the sum of |Si2,ECC Wat the close ol the year. The whole amount of unclaimed dividends—one to thirteen. Inclusive—ls now $1,300. XKUtnamtEST op the sumur division. By arrangements agreed upon. between the Board of finstcea and the Board of Puolic.Works olthecityofChicago,as anlhort/.cd by the act of February 16,1HC, the Trustee!* consented to close the canal on the IWn of November, and to open it for navigation oa tbe Ifl of April, In each of the veait '.S'd, and Ki?, without charge to the city of Chicago lor toll*; but for a laur opening or on earlier closing than the dates mentioned, the city Is required to pay a sum equivalent to the avdrnge amount received annuall* for the cor rvtpondlre period* during the preceding ten years: always with tbc provision that the canal should pot be closed more than six month* la any one year, as remitted by the act above qnoted. On the 21st or J one. tbc Board of Public Works, acllnc authonwdiy by the city of Chicago, oy icrolntlon ot that oa'.c a?kcd tbc Board ot Tma u-cs >o Close the canal on wo nth of October, in stead of the 15th of November, that the con tractors might have more lime to prosecute their work upon (be rock cuts. etlpa’aJing to pay <he amount agreed upon for lost tolls for one month, t his request was assented to by tbc Board of irusleea, by resolution, of the 2Sth of June, 1316, with certain specified conditions, amt the same was accepted by the Board ot Public Works on the 1M of August. Finally, on Hus 2Sth of Sep tember, the Trustees vrvrr a*krd. by the Board of Public Woik?, to modify their resolution of ttc 2Sth of Jane, and to cause the canal to be keol open until the fl»st of November, instead of the 15th of October, to give the public the use of the canal, ior that Important and usually busy period of time, lor transporta tion pmposcs. This second request was also as sented to bribe Trustees, and tho 1o»t toll* for the t*o weeks were paid over by the city, upon tbc principle agreed npop. _ , lie Boanl ofTrostcea have no official Informa tion i csuectlng the present condition ot the «»* lurccmcntol the canal by the citv of Chicago. They can only hope, with the public general!), that this Impoitsnl work will be nrowcnlcd vie oronslv,ai.dto add tbat they deaW to emut al c AKD trg ncswws is 150 C. The rates of toll for the year I*o wore .lull; Ibo same mat were fixed for the ye*r M 55 Inc canal was opened for navigation. from chi* capo to Labile. April 11. and dosed, m.dcr lie agreement w ith the city or Chicago. October 31. I'triod ol navigation, SW days, • lr«s tbau the pc*lod of ISCs—ibo lo*ttojl*ot that lime being reimbursed oy thu dtr of Cnlca^o. Tlie gross amount of tolls reccl%i-d wa« f O* U3B 4fl, some (2,000 in excess of the receipts of jeer *.rc «1M0«S. le»s (nTTU.W received for pumping water for tui* caco, on dying do. and sab a oi old material. •il.c expenses of the pumping engines, for the entire year, for repair;, coal, oil, labor and com* ikhmU'od of the engineers In charge of tat. works, wall f!G,<‘Bl.B7. ... .. _ The atnoar.T expended during the pumping season, from the ‘•III of June to the Mh ol Sentem* tier, and to'si cost of raising 71l.GiS.TW cubic IcCt of water, was (9,2U.57, leaving the sum of *7,K;7.r0 a* lhc expenditure lor ln« several Hems enumerated in tho preceding paiananb. Owing to a delay on the part of the Chicago con tractor*, the Summit DlvMon wa« not opened HU the lllhof Aynl. Tills, together with breaks and n-paue, produced an Interruption of seventeen days altogether. The Unraco dam was repaired InAuirn't at a cost oftt' The Tnietvc* aulhotlxrd a coo* tract nilh s!c«rs.umpln * Wells, of Chlcico, ior the rebuilding of the Fox Hirer, Anx Saole and Vermillion aqueducts at fCt per loot for toe two diM, and (09 for the last. Too work Is to bo completed March Ist, IKU7. The pumping cngUua were started Juno 7th, ard continued at work till £epicmb>-r stn. Tie indues were In operation on slxty-two several days. In the aggregate 1,150*1 hours, ole* vatlnp cubic f.-cl of water about somu rrel bljb, and consuming 1,250 tons of coal and alack. The following table shows (he annual coat of maintenance, repairs and renewals ol canal ftedets at d pumping engines ; collection ot toll, Inspection, salaries, Ac., for 1»W, l k os and isr.c, including abont ninety-six miles of canal proper, twenty-six miles of navigable reed-rs, two fleam engines, locks, dams, aqueducts, Ac.: I*o. I*o. tIS 0. Ordinary repairs (-14,314 (30,255 (13,71(1 Kxtmdo 48.975 85,(114 72.(47 l.ross expenses BVS3 131,*'.! 110,301 T 0115.... 13S,nM 8 41,010 302,258 Ca*<a) opened ... ...Mairhfl April 10 April 11 t'anal closed ....hov.M hor, IS Oct. 31 So. ofoays open....', .-2M 213 203 The loial number of lockages at the two Summit l ochs and Locks Vos.-i, 10,11 and 13, for the last tcvtn years, was as follow*: 3Fe*i.... 14,737 1804 18,037 IKI 25.* **3 lIWS 22.137 ISIS. 28732) 1800 23,619 ISCj .21.228 | borne of the mote important articles, for lb* P' three yenr#, »fi*i 1»o fonr.d oitoil'lled to th® uij; table tNM). IMS IMS. STi,r:;:;;:;;: AS! ISS gg ,Cuot. ton 18 SJ 81818 Ikn.i/-,xvo, of miloa , mtoi w»‘ 5458, AS The i,tn..ui. ui toll* rcci’ir.d ll boolßceofown (VUcrioi wn« «i» folliM'U $iU2,7W,30 CMmeo'cuV. per 'apreement, for IS day*... on Olttwn Lußalle Total «A» A Singular i»uui>irrni>d itoOaawi Anon* a quarter before *e»«n oa Wednesday evening a UigUlol gw oxyiohon occurred on ilomßldo street, which, bsillt hapocned m a more populous locality, might have caused the d«th pf ntminere of cukvna. A« U was. a coDßUtcrable amocm of property was osmaeud, whuemr. mi* dents received a sudden and v 1 olent6nwk, ~ Mr. George W. Hunt, one of the Mayor d police, close bv whore residence the ca taatr o p ho. ° c ’ coned, had jnst entered bU house and «as anom to sU down to supper, when a load and sonr.a, like a volley of artillery, rent the «r and ebook the butlolnc to lla f-mndatlon. For some moments the inmates were too deeply alarmed u» go and ascertain the cau>eof the speck, aodc cn when they vcmnred to look out. it waa not easy to distinguish 1L Ihe sidewalk in irewt own and me next door. Nos. SM a “ d was torn up. and appeared to nave been hnrl .• d I u r a 1. 1 c air. The window frames were all shattered to p'ece?.and even tne trees lor a considerable space around the spot were defaced, and the branches tom away, a Alter a diligent examination it was loand mat the disaster ’was occasioned by an explosion of gas which had somehow accumulated beneath me sidewalk Irom a leakage in one of the distrloatme pipes branching trom me main pipe in toe street. It was prevented from escaping trom the cavity under the sidewalk by the pressure of tne snow all ronud it. For several days past the resident have been aware of some escape there, out they dm cot think the matter of euulcienl importance to excite apprehendon. Yesterday morning an InveaHgatlon was made by the Gas Company Into the origin of too C JP'®* eion. It was lonnd that the frost bad hoisted the lamp post several inchts, thus dlacoiincctmg tne plgrat the base- i*" l ’ it the base, and caoMoe Ibe h-aUase. yrtncatelj no one was on the street at the mo ment of tb«* occurrence, otherwise the inla-ici to Jlle and llmo miebt have been serioat from the flying sp.loters of the qptorn aidewallta. fISASCIAI ASP COMMERCIAL MONETARY. Ilie Money market presents no new features. Buslnc.- 9 in commercial and Aeancial circles still coitinucs duli.and collections eliow vciylHtlc Im piovemci.t. Deposit* are low, and at some of the .li.etimUons a elmht tilling offli observable, as compared with a week nco. There Is no abposl ilon on the part of the dtconnt houses to expand ihclr loans. hut on the contraiy there is a strong dfin* to contract them. Toe “ weeding” process Is come on, and the hanks arc confining their Inters to iho<=c whose claims, hacked up with (be tickl Hud of documents, cannot he Ignored. There Is co change tu rates either at banks or In the open mniket. Exchange I 4 farmer at par(9*s coals premium nmone hanks. The counter rales arc: 50 cent* ofa* 'oLa' lower." Who.l ad vanced Viftte on Ko. 2 Sptlna. Cum advanced H&ic. Oats were dull and U®Hc ofi. Itjo was dnll. Bariev was quiet and steady. Whiskey neglected. Provision* Arm. Mess Pork a shade helttr. Lard quici-hcld al hlcher Acmes. Bulk Meats held lor belter prices. English Heats quiet and easier. , . Udld was somewhat Irrcgnlar to-day. It opened at 135. declined to 131*1, advanced to 183* and closed at 135**. The following quolallons were teccivcd by Boyd Bros., Ould Uiokcrs; ItVMa. m ..133 iMja.m . • HK.S a. m.•»•••• ••l*lt?» ,« llthtln. tu 141?4 fchOp nt..........i3i?i lt:IG a. ÜBS i-ri' 11:01a. t : *3l4 4P-0 p. ui Here, the rnstkcl was quiet, at 13t($UiU buy Itig-eloslng at 185 hid. bllrcr was uomlualnt . 432.710 31 0311,410.73 iso. Thu Public Funds opened n almdc better, but nllliecUirc the Improvement was only partially sustained. Tim following ahowa tbo dosing pilcea of to»day« compared with those of tbe tlitcu piovlou* dsjs: Mon. -Titos. Wml. lluir. mu,.- nf *fll l«P\i HU‘4 Ml** tn|4 n»fl.Ti»riUjf*. , Wl ......jjg!i j*'T> jjjl,4 Plvi-’twoiilk'f. t> tiO% I ll *, 1 # NM* !'«?« q q q Hovel AllirtW, Alitf. ..jjfjM J'jljit '{']> Jill;] Hitvin-m/tlc. . U ||| 4 j •• j'j-j HrvmMldiinw. .1w1y.... 4 * ‘.S' Now Five.lwinilua UMl# l"Mi *'*«*♦ •| , 1 * 'JbohtocU lUt wm a abad« firmer Unity# ili« Miowlni: show* Urn i|»oUllnnt oftoday, com* Haled wlUi lliorti of itio two pnmous days t * Tun. Weil. ilmt#_ rfy/iS. iuf t£. S 3 $h S f fts km pa H 2» h p I’* N.V.. |ild... W»? MM tj‘4 MS eiw DU SS S 3 B H »3 8 J\»X'cram)";;;iSS «»* m >*« (jit It 111 eTtmiK''‘‘.‘.‘lioiU tto“ mu iW'h w»# o?“ lllntwniHl j» >L l' 1 ASVr.’r.'.VV.'.'/liis mil VoiK tn*.» M* in'. i'TAfitev/l" ¥!).. «® 'l!‘ Su 15 Itriallii! IHHIUcI fur llo.ollilliput Uuiul. «1. UKUUrnTIM-t'ltlU.llO «.»»» fluting. Helling. It, H, Hliu., Ilf IWI 1 . 1 />U I'JIJ) ii.h.miui, i'* II H, f. vi-, lull j'SJ S j 11. h. Mai., ■!!,}/ .inn ii, a. Mu, .pull n. h. iimu., Ijrii*. ,<“S 11, H, KMUC, Hll.'l. ...... ii. h. i-au.. ifi ."I'* J i ' N r.h. vw>-, «*t mt'l }„•*•» U.h.VJUM, 3d aarlaa »«•»• »«‘H U. H. 7-’ o*. ar0a11.............. *y&% ‘"•“‘vH 1 Si 1 ;: ?5i..:.:.:::ii“4 **• Dec-, I*s> H3*l “ May, IMS IUH “ An!:., irra, IM M &|fc; 18C5 H-3* " Oct., lets ....ictl The Second National Diuk Quotes the Public Fund* as follows: cum... ’si..imu®. - • i-soiismaiiniu 0..... 5-£0 coupons, Jane comp., 15M..11^.4 (i«rcc'....icai;eiwT% Juir ; “ ••' 5.. coupons. Aug. ( ®4Mii on. ; .;; ••>•} ■ lO.ncoupout, pel. dune).... tasa.—i per “ coupons. Aoc- . .. (txnall) ...105 Cb N:pt. “ “ -Itp -■au.,l.:sc).lll!Ke Oct. “ -.100:4 Local Stocks are doll and nominally unchanged. Ihe Kcw York’ 'JlmfS of Tuesday says: “At tte Open Board, at &30 p. ro., Mr. A J. Mayer, who overdrew Ibe Bank of North last Thnrtday. was expelled the Board on the report of the Comtrlilee of Inv.*stl2aUou into the circnmstaccoa of the aftair, and this event con tributed to the prevailing depression In the mar- The total value offorelen export®from the port of Baltimore the past week was ; m eleded In the shipments were 73,033 hash la corn, 731 cotton, l,fio3boxes.cheere,* II taoMtaeada leaf tobacco. Cl ease# canned goods, K barrels poik, SO tierces bams, 0,336 pounds lara and o casks tallow. —A correspondent of the Hew Yerk Uircld takes the following views of the financial sttua- j,6ia,w),n 11,M1,53 331,103 29 €1,123.00 <{U.n9s.Sl 15,053. 8 19,001.98 .$70,512.95 The Secretary of the Treasury proposes to brine about specie payments by contraction the curren cy. Ton will remember that sincecold was selling si the Secreuiy has mere than doubled on cnnt-nc*; and in the face of his making currency so rapidly the price of cold has gradually fallen to J2S, or more than fifty per cent. sec retary tell ns how he can bring dowii gold to par by contraction, when U falls so rapidly by esp jii* Fion? Ibis Is a plain, practical question that de mands a dear and mathematical answer. If ex the :>ew York 'l\m'6 or Esiirtee answer this ques tion for the Secretary f , _ ~ Ibe Secretary and Commissioner wells say. ♦Void and diver are asiaudardofvalie. Is this true? Does not every trader know that snppiy and demand Is the standard of value in market overt? If there arc more cattle in the mirketthan \ there are purchasers, does not the butcher know that the price of beef most (all? And so of every article that Is ol purchase and sale anion" tradcie. When an aitlclc must be sold. It is worth to the tcl'er what It wilt brine. K a farmer wants a cow. and cannot swap awuvasteer or a horse tur the cow. then he must so l his steer or horse i and buy a cow. Ilcre the nse of money is maui i festi-d. Uls no “standard of valne,"out aeon i vcmciit means to assist In the exchange of prop -1 ettv. I Hot, says the Secretary. “we have an Irredecm | able paper' , Is tM* true? We have nothin? In circulation htu money. Is m'>ney re deemable? Why, Uis the redeemer of all pecu nary obligation?, and Is not a subject (or special redemption. Unt onr leaal tender, being money by act of Congress, Is redeemed In the way in tended every hour In the day. Mv creditor U bound »o take It Crum me In payment of my debt, and be thus redeems It ftom me; and so. In all baMnes* transactions, each Onycr and seller is constantly redeeming onr legal tender. It Is be cause Coccrces bas coined paper, as It com* cold, „rd fixed Its value, that It »• money. Gold is mace money by Congress, and so Is paper, ir congress shall declare any other thing money, and •‘fix Its valnc." It will be money. Ibe Secretary docs not speatt truly when he savs onr least tender Is an “irredeemable cor lrT-ey.** it *- «»Uhcr practically nor theoretically The Secretary rays “there i* oh» macb money ic the country." Is this true? When money Is abundant tt Is very cheap; when scarce It >s very dear. Hue Is the only standard. Does any man complain of navlr c too much? If he has an ex cess thtre are plenty of men who will give him coodpiodnctlv.; property for It. Moary pays no Interest; therefore no one will hold U unless he ran make more than seven per cent out ot Us nse. Make money seated, snd U will be hlch. This willl'cceft the money-lender, who Is a non-pro duccr. Make raon-y plenty, and yon bea mr the rm xicv borrower, who is Uiciudustrloas producer. Who.*lbcn, will complain ol an cast money nur* Let but the non-piodedne money-lcndsr? Is It {hr money-lender that (he s-ccivinry favors? The Secretary Bays thal “ great evlU have been produced bv the high pncca which foreign ex- Jhtneo has bronchi upon onr country. is this I V When the lain war commenced the Western 1 Siatesw ere ludcbiad to New \ork moraiUn fifty ! milllona that was not collectable—since ISj<. Rail* toad stocks and ootids were Irconw.thlcnnd of tm value to the holder*, amounting to « «>.Vif2 five bundled millions. Ihv priccc of all Western iircdude were so low that but little coiud be iJoueht to market. As soon as price advanced so as M pi* ft profit to onr farmers tho raHroads aid canals were overrun with The roadf were enabled to Pay of Utelr * debts and make dividends, which cave a cash value to all their stoeks while the proceeds of tho produce enabled the merchants of the West to W Ircebtedness loNrw ork. and these pay men ta and this increased value to railroad •* ca, A. enabled onr merchants to stand *P &K rrrm lo«sc« at the South and subscribe .negi! f tp losns of Governmoul. If those creal bend fits itcsidcsroakrconrbrmcisnch, are KcovYll which the .M. io W ? h cc;. Uisverf apparent that the great >'wt wuinoi •ThctSSilOT rn. Itial onr «« «J«* which we call legal tender has advanced prices. l, v! l uiSfM-a ibe rrto or Horn-, ("fflfi'iS S' Wet when Uie war commmccot Wull nol jM Orn-tinil lor Uovcißmwl iu«» »lo on jener i>u. ramfSnnof ibrlrpro.perlljtndirt.hlri came destroyer* and consumers. Durlirg ihc war ■nt Kino* we have Imported more than we ox rated. and thus we ran up a debt In Ea ™^ a !!f. krreat demand sprang up in our seaports Cbr all snorted articles, ho that the balance or price ot ggSSSS BO high that our exporter* wtre abide pay dO for a band of flour it Non kotk 'ind«!u>»<" 1 ' “'V* «> sr, ,„il make n onoy by tbe transact! m, andln? the iii k fpiil »*’•• of exchange. *lhu* the rale of exchange on Europe bn gr»r. cn>' il the p"' k, 1 “' -i* «v. vH ba« thus Vm op tte P»*«« which now r 1c Inoir tnDihcl Wbvnixcijanco shalln, at par (which IW, (he shipper will not W nhbi iu par more than cu foj Hour Mini lio aclli* In T.lvo pool f.irf'OO. 'ilitrtlorvwiih Cl.rriccliuuln Urn price ofoxclunze (>r n decline in the price or all klndi or produce Hint I* now; Muff exported, li this It or? Ivvory merchant who gives hu riocU lo pay font hill on Kuropo«kn i*a that H„. twice* of *ll exportable articles, lidartlng toln. titr and fall will) the price of exchange. *Htccnnr (lovei-nnnnt coined paper and fixed lie value we have i.ot n od sold fur banking or mercantile purposed. II hna been given np to commence and now rank* among oar exportable incdttct*. it la produced by onr laboring popn* laiion at lb* >ato of nearly eighty mlllluna per an* tiuin. Mura than sixty mtlllunaor ilingolil nu* Peen»en< the last year lo Knropo whUourcot* ton. floor ruin, pork, (Kef, Ac., ami when lhßae aitlclea are shipped ibo merchant draw* bU bill* of exchange against the product*, audselUUiv bill* to Ibe importer, who remit* to pa> for hi* purchase*. lima cold baa no more control over mice* lic*tj then any other article exported ha*, because the importer will pay in bill of exchange, drawn by a responsible banker, ’be pi me ; rice whether the Mil Is made bv a shipment of cotton, pork, floor, Ac„ or cold. When, there* fore, tl.o importing merchant shall decrease bla purcbaiM or bill* of exchange, by ceasing to Im port, and exchange shall exceed the demand, then it will di op do» ulo par; then the balance of trsae v 111 turn monrlavor sod brine back gold; then Ibc enrrent from our mines will meet the return c’inent from Im’onc. and oar Sab* Treasury and barkswlP be forfeited with It, When this tlmo strives, which Is nowdose npon ns, who bnt tbe Secietaty would prcicr lUe poadcrooa gold to our convenient legal tender* doKATXLin Ouibccw, No. S2£ Wall street. 8.M3.00 6wrn.w fiLRM.RI 70,713.61 1503.U9.-i9 New York Mock Market, Clcsiufi prices tor c*tn. January 31, UJCT, received by Joseph M. Lyons * Co„ Broker* D'd. U’d. | B’d. B’d K. Y. Cen 96* 87* ,C. 5.6 per cent Ene (com) 51* 55* ooadc IS3U-107* 107* M. (cut).... 69* 71 IC. >-b per c*nt U.&PUU 77 78*' 5-wc7ap..*b»lo7* 107* Buck Is'and.... 93* 94* IC.b. 6 per cent C.dcK.'Kl. ai* 33* I Mu coop-*64.105* 105* C.&:c. IV- pfil 61* 63* iC.a. 6 per ccut P-FuW.&C. 94* 95 I s.*Jcoaß-‘6s.ia3* 103* OuWtilvcr.... 37* 37 ID. 5.5 per cent W. Union Tel.. 13 * 44 1040 9JV 93* n.&A.(com)..lG7* 105 Tr. J4otes,73-10 Cnr.4 Q 1% ... Istaerle* 101* 101* 51. central 106* 107 u. 8. 70-10, M llud'on Hirer.l2s !S7 wnes. 104* 101* 111. Centra!,...ll2* 413* C. S. 7 3m, Sd I*, it Head 103* IW* *enci 101* 104* T. 4 W&'.-asU... 59* 40 Martel—lst Bnaid steady COMMERCIAL. Tbuhspat EvEtraro, January fit, ISO 7. The following tables show the receipts ami ship menu of I'ruduce during the past f.vuny-ljttr hours: bxcexfts fast TwtsTT-rocn nooss. isi*. isca. Flour, brls f-J-tti 3-o't Wheal, hit... «... 7.000 20,7b* Corn, bu M.SWO 19.1175 ?,3W 2j,304 Rye, bu Bailev, bu ,/is: Grass Seclbs 51,004 Broom com. Ths ,*CT iuSa\ Cured Meat, lbs W*H 11J ’« K 1 T?! 1 ';;;::::; :";!/.”/!'.'.' o® 97,0* 1 allow, Ihs!* 1" 1!..‘; I Mg Sg'iyl Butter, lb-.* |y“ -*HV| U.Uoo,Kb.. %'r& live Uoui. No 4 'J§ ..Too Hides, 'nrg i«jn ".V.V.V.' u, in s&n 1 umber, 2J Shingle?, -A* amrxLNTs fast xwiaiTr-roun uutnts. Floor, brls, ■When*, bn. Coin, bn .. Oat*, bu ... llmley. bo Gratis b*-i.“e,lba.- llromo Coro, fits Cured Meals, lbs Href, bl« Puik. Ini? lard, P*« Tallow. !b" Butter. 1h*..;... I’rnd llugf, NO. Live Hove. No., rattle, No .... - -y; n.'i-.'t Hide*! w *U r 4 lllirliwine*. brl*... •. 2{ Wool. Itii. 11 W . Lumber, m. ...... 817 Hhlucte-. til 4 J| U n tMI lip. to - .'•I m 5 ! Bull,b*l* , t BIB •IheroWßPftinuchflimer feeling In Ihe nurkul lor Mom l*oik, nod holder* advanced Ihotr preten* Hlotm full/ « MHI*. In conioiinonty of Urn advance In Hoy* mol tli« tnnto lavormdo advice* Irom Now Yo>h. Ilmei* freely mimed yesterday'* mt»rem« price fur rnvnillfl hi mid-. Inti wore nnatiU* In uol Ihom, llimush In one or two InMarea n Comoro. mUeua* tnnilit. Wo nolo *ala* «f l,oM>rl<at S‘h.W'CMH Oil* for Me**, mol tKOlrt for Me*f Or* ilimiy. ca*h, mill fHMWfor MuM,*ollor Mirrh cloriog willi no aidlnra below |U.Ui -not. for good brand*. There waa more imjuliy for Hwoel Pickled llama, and Ihe murkdvraa firmer, w»h Falun oICW Icii at liftlßHc-lha upper flguro for a tlinice invoice. Meat" were ijnbl mil rcaicely ao firm. Uomlmrlmida sold lo Ihe extent of WO bnxs* at wa* nothin* doing. Hulk Meal* wore In irimd demand, but Ihe advmicod view* of holder* re*lric'cil operation*, a* buyer* reln-ed hi follow. We report rales al lC»t« for u,e * r mid TSc fbr Dry Suited Hhonblor* loose, cn*li,and 7Cc for the laflor seller March. Green Meal* were Mulct but a -hade firmer, with sate* nICUe tor shoulder* and PKCWic for Umoa-lho latter horn Slaughtered Hogs. U*d wa* Inacllvp, l.itrora unit roller* bolmf apart. HomeTIU Uca cbutigrd hands at Wo for Uotllefl, llfoc K«'H« ilili'd«BUil illic lo* head—closing with acllors of piniiohl amal lIXWWr. liiesreil Hogs were «|iitte active, and the market advanced 10r. In consequence of the unproved ad* \\ wn Now Vink, though the unfavorable weather ducked any disposition mr a further Im provement Hale* ranged trout nd-clos* m firm at tf.rt and ll.Wi. dividing on tuu &•*, mid |7,"if G7.W) for heavy average*. Mcia Mil*ard A Co. foot up the pork packing tiMlnleaUTl.Oifl, , 'mauofavo'ablaadvlcea from New York had a drurvolmr Indu nca ou Vljo*, and the market ua* dull and JtKiittoc low r. Tim *slu* foot up 1,6i<l hnrrel*, at It .25 for While Winter*, $9,750 ji,<a iov spring Extras, aud n. 0008,23 for Spring Siil^ru. There waa a cnod apceulailve demand for No. 8 Spring to fib contract* maturing to-day. and Ihe market advanced »i®lc, tnongh at the close the appreciation wa* acarcely maintained. No. I Spring was quiet—the demand being restricted to car-load lota lor milling. Wo nolo siU-a of 50.000 boats* 1808.14‘s for No. 1; $1.81®1.82 for No. 2—both reeular— and $i.5001.ti5 for R-lected— closing at tl.3lKftl.tiß lor No. 2 In regular home*. Notwithstanding the unfavorable advices from New York ana Europe, an active ‘•.-hurt' 1 demand for Corn caused an advance of ljob*. though at the dote the market allshlly gave war, and tne estnme liupr-vuin«*nl could not be sustained. Abont «KI.I CO Lit changed hands at74i*73V£c for No. l;GtiQ.i»ccforNo.2, and sd*4®sSJtC lor Re- Jmcd— closing at for No. 1. Oa»a wore dull and lower, with sales of fome 2Q,CUt bu at irjQiS'Jljc for No. 2-closing at SiHS-SSUc. Rye was fla* with trifling transactions al STc for No. 1. Nothing doing in No. 2. Barley was quiet, with sales of sample lots at 570 lk«, aa lo quality. For lota In store there was no demand. . ‘ , •Uroothy Seed was a shade easier, with sale* al $2.2505 03. Clover was steady ana firm, with sales al 1T.7505.10. Ka Seed is dull and nom- U ?allowwasqnlc» at 10010*0for Packers’; 9K for Butchers’, and 909 Kc for C juntry. The following telegrams were read on ’Change: New York, Janaary 31, Flour unsettled and 5013 c lower; Western Ex tras. 511.50. Wheat lo ver and nominal al «? 10 02.23. Com nominal at $1.1001.11 In » ore. QaU lower rts‘.'®cic. Pork firmer at sl9 00 for Old and s*-0.31 Pir Now. Lard stimdy. Hogs scarce and belter at $9,75010.00. Gold, 133*,. LATER. ~ . Flotirlrregnlar. Wheat heavy. Comnnsett cd at sl.fisot.»*9. Oats heavy. Proviaious quiet, "'lilakcv quiet al 89®-.oc. later. rld UiC afternoon the Grain markets were qolct, clO‘!rc nominal at $1.82 for No. 2 Sprin«,tand Arm at »5c for No. 1 Coro. Provisions were Inactive. Mu** Pork was firmly held at $1».00. The Cattle markttwaslalrly active hot ea^« fair pi Ices. The receipts were some *0 bead, ncaily all of which were closed oat at $1.75^.. o rot common to choice droves. The market closes etronc atthc above ranee. Live Uoi?s were in fair demand, and the advance of vesterday was fnllj sustained, and in some in stances Maher lurnres were obtained. Tbo pens were well cleared at $0.00(2,6.00 for common to cnoicc lots. The Warehouse Question, Tbe follo»ins rtfwt of the action of the Com xuitlve composed of G A. Wheeler, J. J. Hu* art's end o'htre, who were eent to Spricpfleld by the Board ot Prado, 10 obtain IccUUtlon on we warehouse monopoly, was read on ’Change to* Cay Chicaoo, January SS, ISO' To lie limbers of the Board of Trade: Yunr committee, appointed on the 21th instant, to cairy ont the will of the Board ns embodied in tbe rerolmloiia nnarlmonsiy paafcd at that rme, l,eg leave to report, that the commute** left here on ihe e>ening of the 9tlh tost and on arrival at spjiofOetd neat day, calico on oar Senator*, Hon. r. A. Kalman and J. U Ward; a.eo. on our Itep* rcrcotaUve*, Meaere. Sncj.ha'd, Tavlor, Sjcp'ien* »on. Bond, leartu and Uvynold*, who cachnni all welcome, and cxpiesMid tbelr r 1 —s bh\*t wuht be agree* npon, aa for tbs beat Toler* eM» of the state at large and noon onr Y «y, .»o particular. Your committee were luTlird to meet the Senate Committee on liallroada, to whom the Warthonse DUI had been refened, and dlecne* the menu of the ques. tlon. The committee of the Senate selenod • inb-cnmmltteo of three to meet your committee with instructions to agree npon a bin. "S n«t day the committee met with the committee of the Senate, and agreed upon a bill, betnc the ona hjuobb as Eastman a, with amendment* On Sunday yonr committee repaired to the Senate ttbere they bad the of heaAa~ W. fented to that body. It was accented wltbnnMi (JlMentine vrice, read twice, and ordered to ne rncrotted for a third reading. Wo ic't the Mir tbe tands of lu* friend*, wltSlbc coin! wifi lillr a* wc allll. e sinatSMd%«SMn be paared Wednesday or Ibunday next wd ffi 1 mediately presented to tbe Uoqml wh* w a hiJr?, approval, U la believed, awaits It. TVin Inita bcUlr; «1.0 Sinitor vr«rt. who «ncr b.v li clho IcfttniL-s of iliy bih crpliintd lib - I ' l very ready a«d tnalnut tobeoi asM»i*ii?iTJT. a * All of which la reapectlnlly submitted °* 10 Us * J. J. ittcmnos, Chairman. TV of beef cattle hit been rather in Clr( -, of tne demand. and the tnafkri rulra dill, thamo! 1 price* wuoniUjioiUlDPO. Oor quotation. woteSSl 1 butcher*#'cattle. There were sales made « efinTSK nuir cattle at II.OCKi.aO, ktom bbeep harebeevfc rood demand and price* are 91.00 per ceoul mAI? on the tatter trade*. We now quota final Rice*, at the ranee fer common to prtaeT VK I have Iwn tn Mr demand mil the week, put rrieeaiu.* dined iaw»Sc irr cnnal i drover*, however, have .Shi mliu<t to ihe QOdioe with reluct mate, ao<! many 0 ?; the* are feedlna their hoc. hetn, rather than *«*£► the current rale*. The receipt have t>e<*n UreerufK had been looked tor, but trover. Mr that thelnu-rkS 1. pntij well cleared out, ana the receipt, hene«fo£ ward mmt hclisbt, Bradoallv Witte off. Ituprotia. hie. however, that parkins will continue In ml* mV close on tn.lho tnlodle of nut month. and poaainiy j dnrlsß the week and lor the aeaaon, were 1 atlollowt: !tj Hallway# Hyltivcr hroroT'Cituikr* ;•••■ 1 w.uchlered nlH.amvtl.e. | mum in- TcuUhrthfW* «,«* 1 I*rc% touUy rt porttd Toiftl thU O^W *1 lie tv.ur tKT patted cacb of wine vrcrloai VMUfuIW: _. »*.«» I‘oru |*« i»toi la the Went* w . • rr, '* h **>o Cincinnati I’nccCnrtfnt.l wnl« tliltwrrk, iq Uhiultr l/om. «ucu d»Onl»J i h<rc from rill »oi p*cmla/pUcc» I l .' l ,e "»*i, wtb catlmatum* of ihoniMti'i bu *J5?J illhr l.iOJnc pojtU. W® ehtll ciotluu# to mdd to UicteOgum miid cilitnmtr® in onr next iffiprrmdont Kit. for lAit l*oaadx l*atked. icmoo. je* r -^r^ r Hootb ! c;.i isd i.wo SJfO 1.18 «* Itli lion. Ind ift i.tvj *7l 40 •* ! *.kn-. in #,wo mu i.oo .. » I’aVit |viUlo*m too ipoo eotif. .. 40 Kioku;. 81,04 CMrr 81,000 .. 10 £»»'<•. i« J,W<' el "1nyM111ii.,.,,, 4JOO h.OOO 30 .. «• L’hlUfcill.r,(iiitt <;•&} &800 .. .. Koaoiio, !•><• iyn ajoo S.*>4 .. .« '*111,1,1 ow;:::::: w fl t! «u is tlßttUoti. Ird I4ra utt 1.70 J.. • HruiiuUtltl, 111 10.OJO IIWOO MUQ «• 90 It rliituil.C, 0U10...... 1M VOO 1M •• •• moo n.ta> iwit •• •• Pr*fkO»i,Kr n-ne none n*'M •• •• Alton, HI lioj vjoo l,wa .. 17 Oinry, |U llaw MU Ml* •• 30 ilv.ll! (V«0 7,»0J I,U* •• •• Xrl.lß.Ot,lf .iftq M'W 10 .. lMll>fO<.k.Ol.|o IJiUI ».t«W t.nll .. IB Cirilcvlllr.OM’j liuCfl io.(W 7.141 W .. (into lion* n..n* ncoe . .. Urn* .Ohio 400 <3O MO tO Hamilton, Ohio 2.2C0 8,100 6.0J0 *» •• Emm,Ohio dor* none l.U* •• " ChmiLccT, Obit 1.(00 LWO .703 .. » Bedford, ltd UJO B,o® .. *» Pllmyra, Mo j,oll 2.000 800 .. 50 li'»moln«K, Jow»„... 0.0-0 - 50,000 MU .. * Warsaw, ill none none none .. , s Mottonui'is Inn 1,100 las U®4 •• ,f Levator, 111 GOO W 0 6W .. J* Louisiana, Alo :uO 3JO L3M .. 10 Quincy. HI 33,0X1 «wtw OWW .. 31 iiuuouviue, ui gam 7,000 a,uj .. ® New Uara-ny, lad.. 5A® 1.. M LcwUtown,lli JWO 800 DJM •• *2 Ran y. 111.7. 8.700 Covitgvn. lad note none tore .. .. Clo*iH,rt. led 15,010 IWTO 11,0*9 » •• Cautoi.lll note none 2.1® •• •• Ft, Madison. 10w*.... 1.170 LITO IJK3 .. •• Ah xenon*. Mo lUOO 15.000 2,600 .. 15 Astoria, ill noce none now .. •• oiumin., lowa 13.000 ito® ASfO .. io Eurllrntton, luna.... U.OOO 16,000 UAU .. W M- DUcello. Mo 725 725 WO .. .. Birmingham. lowa., none none 9® .. .. KwkpJrt, 111 L 706 U» .. » ML Vernon, Ind 1.785 2,0-0 V*H •• 2g llarvetsbnr*. O ZISO tUM L?7O .. 5 Petmbnftf. Ind 4,»0 4J® .. JO Mlchicma city, lad... 200 ,wo ,300 •• 1“ Palestine, lad ijba L9M lASO .. Jg Keymonr, Ind WO *, £9 •• 55 Lafayette, lad 85,000 85X00 33.41 ft .. M Tl’pley, Ohio BA6S SJI6J ” 15 Blci.mund, Ind 13.100 lilOO 7,4® .. .. Mlddlctcwo, ltd 2.150 *,!» none •• .. ContcmUle.lLd HUSO iu.»o «g* 2 .. Terre Usov, bid WACO WJ»fl IMg .. 1* Miwport, Ind L s ® Ls® 1,495 .. •• Amiwburg, Ind 970 970 885 .. 10 Milton. Inc none none none .. •• Marietta. Ohio LOW' LAiO 2M .. ® Putt. Hi 2SOO W® 2,1® .♦ ® Atlanta, 111 none ...none none .. .. 10waCit5r............. nnne none none .. •• «n w« B ®o .. «* I’iOck lii»nd, 111... ... LontttUlfcKj l . .r..I?W» 175,0X1 WJI9 .. .. Kt.Lonls.Mo J 53.030 IW.OOO 116,760 .. .. New Pans, onto L«0 *«W> woe •• 20 Clil'llcoiLe, Mo none none tone .. .. Mona. Ohio 2J90 3r*o 120 .. .. pArrsbunr, Indiana.. i-VvO 4,3® lAW 10 .. Kortoar Bay, uuiolt.. 2,a0 2.W0 W» .. 15 p..rt Mad ain. lowa.. 2AOO SJOO lAfi .. « Vermont,llllnnl 1 _J® _J® *Si' u *• Itardrtown, Illinois... f.SW f.s® 48® .. .. M-.fVllle. Ky 8,014 8,014 u:< boiinctox. tod none none a .. .. Frlccdriilf, 111 I£W • I.o® •• 40 : 2d Board firm. 73? r I7S if veadd to Hie above th* packinc a:rcad/ done lo Ul* city. Chicago and IndlaaspoUsTu will bring the c«ioui n.orc clearly. The whole number pacJcedal tmee placet,and to be packed, we pul down a* fol- Cloclnnstl. Chicago...... Indianapolis. Trial To Ik* packed (estimate). Tolal for season. Total last year., Estimated 315.1j9 Add Uds to the ab ve, and there I* air* ady showo a net It crease of over Tut),OU) hr,*s. We shill ooalltms our elucluallous in this direction In onr next. THE CUIUAHO EIVE STOCK. MARKET. 1801. 1801. . i,;ar 1.021 . 9.795 vso 4, >ll . .... 2,^5* . 1,530 350 .501.1T> 133,000 . mo 111 311 730 Omct OF TUX Dailt TBtntntE, \ TnmsoAY lives cm, January 31. { The followlci table (bows the dally receipts and shipments ul t.|ve Stock cmtng the week npto this cntlte. ns reported by the Secretary of the Union stock Yard Company: I Sunday and Monday. I ’lunulny... .*2O?. 131 21,183 , 10,223 . M.u:rj 4,'>00 . 031 53 cm . 02 Wednesday. ’thunday.. Total Same tunc ln«t week. VVe-k It- lore last UEIF CATTI.K.—The weather was mild and the at (fdpntc'lKTnl. mill trade opened with considerable pplill. There was n mtr stipp yof stock, and of a anal* tylnllynpto the average. The demand was ihhfly on shipping mi-miii. and all desirable loti were reality Instn tip at full rate*. Common and Inferior mixed 1-lsponMnm-dtiH, with no essential Improvement lu orlrrs. lie mfipts ami shipments for today were not ri'tnn.Hnp lolhn time our repnriei left (ho yard*, which too pels ns to mutt onr ttsutl tab es. The mar ket ck<soi nrm at the following Quotations t CMMINU PNM'KS. . . . A>f»v» /rnrrrs—Fine, fat, well-formed, I toft teat*old uim-rs, and averaging l,tW ft* . ... a d npa arcs fo.VMIt.I) l'i tme /ir-ir*-UiMid. wilt tailed, fairly . ii.rmwl Fleet*, Hverauli't from t.lw to . Uiotvs. at A.Motd.ft />i/r r.'ro.n*-Fiilr steers, tn fair flmh, av- ... . crasM'it ft«, at . ft.33vd7.13 thiHuth • in •-Mwlimn Htwra ami m il f. ws.lU l.irHtv slaughter, amt Nvsraxing Mt'wUdn im. Hi, i ,, tt{*V' , i , '°'V2< >< V Arm* t«ofe-t'ninmo«ihmwindecent flesh, ....... averaging wsv-ti.wii ft*. at I.IMWO (.Uhl ainl tfnn (tows amt Blums, rough am* rnarse, averaging Its, 'a s (hV4‘m Ai:r« ■vo-ViX v • • ' K-vrnleeu head eommun stuck, averaging l.Dll os, *VV*“pin head fair, fleshy Ulcers, averaging l/JH ft*. fcUn-lw |3JO a4j Kiul.tfMi lit a<l commim Mlecrs, aversglug I.OM fts, at '''ii iny-sit head lair fltslivfltcen,averaging 1.071 fts, lour head primoßtrers, averaging UJI ft». at * ’j|ilft»en head good smooth Ulcers, averaging 1.171 medium euughlsh Uteots. avofaging ,, ytheiiVn , |!eainncdlura Sleets, avetsglngl.Wdft*. at 1 t'nfir-M'Vrn i,"vl good B'e-f*. oif Ctrl, avoriglng * rough Steen, averaging Mil ni«ilam.Cowm averaging »t* ponunimd light r<HTip'«, thn market ro* ii.atmiirmaitimrooniii advam 1 ?. lii« rccHiiie n-d*/ wrrcalumlfi.Wd brad, nearly otl of which w«r«ra»ilnx cl' enOdtil <U |t.0 r kjo.7> fur common lo Mr loti, no t »fl,rcw*ft w lor g»-tM to prime lion- A Unrylotol im t„ad, amusing W »«* A-'t'l ftl W.M. The marffnt ,-iotrii nrm aiUmiiimtathne glvimatmvo. Wo tula the Mowing tr*i»ocUiin»i lIUU AM.VA TO.HAY. ... Kft. . Av, IWf*. *w‘M»«we Tioga 2} S-S W{ “•** Itpnmo wmllm *« s'?? 45 imMunit baum 101,............. rS ru igl good bacon (lops *f® 41 prune heavy llmra *•!» 1 4', Ltw il lintven loi fit •}*« IDt nrlm» nation »“ ft-'' IMimr tmew-n f t *£ MT* 45 «h*drc h«tvv Ho pa ••WJ ®*f® 13 prime even lor ™ ®*i“ iraiemy lot *®g ®*»2 19 Mr hu on lire* j 1 ® ft* l * fh pood even Hoes Jj* tW fO costae uneven lot •••*!* J*™' 15 cowl bee n Hops £5 ®*S Cl pood n>eon Hopa *?n 5*5 »« *am« quality •» lii mne quality. *•» 46 pood eVrt lot •£& *•« f 4 bacon Hcge *-f2 50 common l**t 219 ft* l ® SHEI P-Wllh a linen! «upply In the pea*, and aid* active demand, orlcee unlay ruled 35c lower than on me prcccdtop days of the week. The demand, as here. tutor* 1 , was for the better pradea. The market doses w eak at t JO for esmmou to choice. Fork Facainc nr riQcloDotU Fromthe PriceCorrcaUl >.t. .r k..f ... « Packed to date. Cattle, llocs. Sheen. ... m i.r* bio ... rot 4.3*1 Rii .... 933 1,031 CM .1.121 10.311 I.RJI .2 909 81,1 H I.IHI .9.117 TT-iaO 003 91 medium lit... ts> uni** qnaU'y. 46 choice 10t.... CHICAGO DAILY JIAttKKT. Atl sates of Grain reported in tM* market report art made on tue baits of tcinter (If) storage, unless mkericis c expressed. Tutohat Evening. Jannary SI, IW. p(tel(< 11 T?»—Uaileo.vd FBW.mrs-UftSKHinoCT arr rsc lowir to New ) ork and Boston, and l?Vc lower to Albany. ffc revlM our rates. The lollowlng la tae • Joint taritfon tte Eastern roads: Drj ., d I Rote# from Chicago to— class, class. Floor. Hoc*. Bncaio. N. Y « *•* £ |2 Toronto, C. W ® ,5 .§9 Montreal. C. fc *» £*|® J*®2 Alhacr. X. Y IJO 92 If I.SJ 1.40 New York,. I.” LM ft» I.HO 1.13-* Port- n and Albany..lda M i.W l.» I Huston tin Grand frank 1-3 S 95 i-~ Forth nd rMCrandTrunk.... .... - J-lg 1.3 S iniiadeipbia J-g g >*2 Butlmore 1.15 ® J-li 1-1* 1 IHuburch jJ I*2? *3 Ch vrtacd. Oulo.. 45 » » jettosrtiTtlK led g |{ *9 £ I ■ ■»• .-Imutl. Ohio .......... i< SS #» u 3 FI.IIUH—KWtTCrt, S.W3 hris; shipped, l,Tr» brt§. 1 Too Flour market to-day was inactive at a still far ts,* decline ot 10;.20c, and not enough sales were citatud to establish reliable quotaUot-s. Sales were 1 nafuKwa: ffuni Wlsnia-JW brU,notnamad, at I fi:k?s: Spring rxTCAS—'RObrls, not named, at sij^iO; 1 yWbrh dost |10»: 100brls dost #tOJ7K: IMbrUdo I at fK-.US: ICO bn# do at f 9.73: t ssorvi>—lOObns, not u»m#d, at I? 00; spuing srpKEs—brls, not named. 2*9*35; Mo triad.* a* »W: MO tori* do at «.rj; 1W I i ri* do at *7.00: Utx Ftocn-50 brls at t&50: 69br1l I df \t nKAT-*R - celTrt, 7,000 bo ; shipper, 2,705 bo. 1 Market better on No. 2 Spring, hair* were: 4t» buNo.laifß.l4S 5 fW DO do at R. 15 (regular); 8.000 I l,n\o ■* at f 1.82; SJ)C9 bodoat#lAt!f s s*Poobadoat 1 *?.a (reaular) t 4i« bn Rejected at f 1.6!:i,6M ha do at I miu-cjosincat h2515®12-» tor tegnlar 50.2. I * v nilN-K*-rrlTfd.lC9cn no; *aisped.noae. >larket Vftlc better—the extreme advance not sustained at the core Saha were: 5.00)00 No. 1a175«1c- t 4.000b0 co I .1 —y. • 15 00 lm do at “ivc; 50.000 bo do at < t^c; le.oco hu dH it Tic ;&ba So 2at 6Sc: 43) bo do atj«c; MO I bn IhJvctedatMkc: (toiw do aIMVc : 1.43) bado at f I p.i - 1.. :itiiijp fbr No. lin store, Sales were; bo No. 3 at 3D,hc; &$> bn do at 39 We; 5,600 ba do at S*-closing at , { Received. 1.975 bo; shipped, note. Market d n*«VkA77sbn; rhlnT-d, bo. r \ IPtrT nu-rt mirt onehanjJcl Sales w«e: UTSW« ! -Uo MSc ; 4 “on at Wc 5 400 bo at €3o; 4W bo at ■ “ili-OHoiiSir^lSe I a v—vale* were: lOtoM to arrive at fI4AJ. Iwls-8.11 .Dcn«.crf. Q I ot ii\i i ll\VlNßS Rerelvcd. T 5? brls; shipped, 537 ! c l ' r irprV W ■ I I fo f»V»K*l n i'D : «BSffiiVWJß?ir*«c» *•« "‘""V.w* 5« averaging 54S tbs. at. • 810 “ a* *’ 7’a) f 3 r. a= ft i >a = ®: ;l ■;: 4?i ' »• 5W5 ** at T'fl ( 9° ** »« “ H .. 7 AO ? . u 2d M at -i] ; •• iis “ at Va •; w a | » S 'H 2;; ;; 13 i so “ }£ “ »! ;t.» \ in’dtminecntM « a*. Sod JM ■ •• jm » 'vSSSd::S •289 " RW “ ::S“d 740 •• 25 m at*'*,”.*.**’**.’!.... 7A)*nd 7.W

!!?lortn e arm a? I7dM7JO dlvldtnc oa »JB*. ♦’itWwPM-KSJIVe»• t sWp?e«. IWW =*• rnon Firkt*. width are alrrodr are‘tui w. Ils nr. snd with scarcely »A y Jfi SSnmaro weak aid lor sbljwncnt vr on local arc- nbUprtco* aris . sales areal-iw aad # enrrally rcwb at raw*. Then-Is a steady, fair Inquiry use. and with a modems sarpiy of •««» prtrre i ■- we 1 ausUlnnl»nd steady at l SnJZtil d«y InrjodcCSO as Roll atSSc ;000 Dsat2iC, SpSSsat 55c. a e quote: • ■* i 5« c | uin lee tn Dairy Sat c Rood Tub a.. * % •*i| tj‘4 p rnces, tr an> thine, are easier. Vhi there I* I <KfMioD»iiT a small vnlrr from the eonptry. tncre i* K»rrelya- y thine doing. Inlets are almaat nominal j attlielollowlPiiqaolatiwJS; ttud National A,7bu.»camle»*Hncn. 'lig InionA, do do if.« RhtoisA. f© do ( J-jmt M.OO t fWk 1 CT' 1 ™ A. do ss SS 3S "I:;:::;:::::::::::::::::: ifS?®- £ . ?if« , kiuoT "• ?,S 1*..,..,..... PdO 1 bmßsftcia..... h)."® 1 voirdea * 7J.W) » l'S r . I ?l"' 4b a.NbVi.‘‘.‘.‘ '.'.‘.‘.'.'.'l I k i’.V.2i ni l*«-.. *.I **J* 9 ■ hiac*vJKxr'nw* IS a very light movement la tbU 9 ait hf *}**s*• aa»i, with fuu stock* 00 band, dealers 5 1 Arm to lh*»r demands. Aa an in -1 « h^\ t round loU are oclng oHefcd * r»lrrtVi^V5 r »* I ' , n*. The demand l» coaflncd to - w * no ! SI? S 2 81' :: u 2S ° pnc “ to r »tu op, ul in Amur u toU .XO.UM tt\r,U .17t.46£ r»tr». tiut v r ii oref u. nrrt|itlntw «r* nUrrlng Ircoljr * • m*r»trrrtneiinn. Wternmnu’* taQQotct .. „ hi tR-HrmikneU $ IIJW to Urmkbjr CUCVKLAM>~ liner Him do Mineral Uidxf. do . HJ low liauk.. do Tunnel CblpMvm ll.oWlmrg I.ntnp LeiiUli..,., LacKavaiim, iirrumred Kcraiiloo... jiiutoa llilool* 9MSk9M do on track ToorluofliP’ir , 1I«00 . COFFKK—‘lucre tut a Mr morcmenl la t u hraocb «.f iiiunn) tu-uat, and dealeu w«sr« firm ID ih«r tlcw* at u.c luHowib* oner* t Java 7.*, ewaVMe tuo,common lo fair lUo, KO«xl (<> ptlm» ,WVm»J*HO Uln. prim* to choice .....17M(M7JfC CtIOJ'KU AUK—balr» Inrlodfl m k*ork Uarrula at |l.«dc.ivi-r<at tw tin at a»,*l or* track. . . . KUUH-*Wrm la ri - qa-*»t, and In Mr Ply, andclcao air*<ttc t»r imiru Kid.'* and tMaw rur frprU mu m »’r»T parkartf. T>e demaad la c*ctu aivn'y on local account. .... _ FltUlTr* A.N ll AUT«*—Tl'CrvU 1U»1« >«??«/* sent to not* in tin* a>maml, ihouctytLe erneral f-«iln» I>. It an/ Lit*, firmer. Tin no- U of iMiefal nuort; menu are moderate, though perbapa nuißctcnt to meet lUt prem ttrenta or Dm trade. Choice ’.Viotor Applet toot tune In eo <1 renutat cn ioc*l a*o nnt, ani witi a tcarrliy ofem h In Ilia market. Uc»l-r*artshoMtna »un *at in 1 rttca. Dried AppUe continue rtuil. with a larjre mi’ply. LrsQLcrlri are lo demand and firm. Wo qwie: oarta rterra. Apples, p brl Irnutr, Malaga Cram erne*. 5> brl Cranberries, enltlTaud Dktzu merra. Firs, dram.... Flea, cartoons pries » Can Ptache*, V dot, 3 ft cats 4.W d «•» App'e*. new 9 » }* Peaches, halves atd quarters 1® 9 '? Peache#. pared. « a <3 blackberries, new, Vft .1 M » O Bi>prtßln,Bev,p& w a m Cherries, pitted O (4 Jo Eldcrterrle*, * ft..... 13 4*16 Palslns, layer* „ 4XO (A 4.® Halftlni, Valencia „ .*.. 19 O 1* Saroloea, X boxes 2a & 22 Sardines, j? boxes S 3 & 40 Almonds, hard ahetled S 3 A 34 Almond*. *ofl shelled W 9 45 A'moace. paper shelled SO (1 K Peanuts, V ft, Wilmington 14 O 15 UraiUNnts „ 23 ® 23 Flbertß IT (ft W Fiench Walnats, new 21 *4B 22 Naples Kilcoti 23 ® 21 Pecans, small and large S 3 « S 3 BlcktryNnis. perba SJW id 3XO Chestnuts, psr on .*. 7.09 4$ BXO Dealers report a verr doll xnnrket. with a dis posal on co the part nf the trade ceoeraltr to make lib eral concessions. The stock* of all description* are foil. Werepeatoar .Masiollows: 1 Whltrthh, ho. l, X brl - f7.»* 145 •• No.AVbrl 7.24*7X0 Mft* ** No. 2, K brt 4X0*1.73 Micttrel, So. 1, M Sri, anr JHSmS - nu-Ko. * - N?. 1. kit*, new *.«© AW *• lamlly. We.. J-Jvl srS Codtsh. Tank. *!£.&* 2*2S Sffi ISSIS lleinogs, dried-No. 1 9 box M© g i. 5ca1ed.............................. wife* w LatrkOcr Ucrrlr E ., V brl ■'S jJS'wS Sonrrglaii Borin* g; J gg n A V—There It very mt.e dorn* to tntshranehof trade, so tliat ihe stocks. Uiopcb soaewuat rertaced, areoniir mfCclent to meet all demands. Price* are not at all firm at our quotations, which are os ibuow«h , WHOLE?ALE FinCES. TltroOif, rbller and beater pressed f13.003t1.00 Timo'hr, loose pressed 11X0*11X0 Prairie, bca'cr pteased 10.tQ5U.IX BtTAIL PRICES. Timothy, roller ami beater pressed t16.003!7.00 Timothy, loos* prcts<-d 16.07ai6.ft) Pralrlr. roller ai.o htMer crested. 11.0Xj.1j.00 Pratrt-.-b.ose on wspomiietivefed 9.00* 10.00 H 11» E*—Received. iftWl a»: shipped. 30.113 as. There Ua peiccptll Ic increase In the m clots, but with a ninttet falling on in the demand, an easier feeling obtain*, and prices are set nlbly lower. Local tamers are bltobl entirely out ot the market, and shippers ore operating Ips* ft-crly than heretofore. We note adm cflreol Inline Sailed, and quote the market weak at the pricts Bl'-cn below: Green Bi-lchere* 9 0 9*e Urecutaltid, trimmed „ Bll*c GirenCair. 19 819 c KIP, O’ecn. railed II 015 c Dry Flint, trimmed 17 811*0 pry haliK. Irlran ed lt*Bl3*c Gretn Faltcd, part nirert 10 BlOVc lit ON it Ml J*TEEI/—There I« no perceptible chongetow.le in the erurrul character of the market, l-rb isarvhrni and without clumso. Wo continue to Rsr 6*B sV purseMnelron 6*B 7V>: Heavy Hard 0 8 «*<* llor p ami Until I’nml. 6*Bll c Kcmrd aril bqnare. Sv4 9*c 0va1..... 6*B O*C llall mill mil Hail Hound 3\B C*c Bbpet Inm. common 7*B .... Kitra Hr-nda. . .. 7*B .... Ho»l In n. pslTßiilml, ...1)0 r« .... Phcct Iren, ilmrciml... .... Mi»elln 11*813 c Norway Nall It' d*.. ................11 813*" i’uiw rlccl. Ui ...hi 811 r Plow steel, r»‘t ................17 lilH C M>rtng ami Tire Steel, Mi 511« h........ II 813 c ImiiCaat SIM, ordinary a1ic5......... 34 unit c TmjtCasi'HcH.AmHkan. 873 c iiliMffi'l 0t.r1..,,. ......7) Hi 1 ) u Mispln,Nua.Onml 16 81 I*W r Hiarta. Am.. Mipiallty, Mull «1< r liiMia, Am . l»t ii'ialiiy, V »he*1..... «12 0 {■>«tln. Am., ltd mmiHy. watt'd... .mW, 0 • aII 11-ltiaeilvr. imyns B'ul sillers apart. nsh-s were 1 lid ira K»tim hrisil at It ye 11* tea Ki’ltl»d ai UPi 10 itb lletd at ll*i—seller* generally asking llfel k l.ilATllhM-lktimlns niilel. (limigli jitlfM ara lltotmividv sustained, mil linn at mmlaumn. ‘hie 1 Ini la «nl lltflil.aii'l wilh Hie »|H'nlngo| the spring iraile. itcii ct» i-tenn tan ailvamo imuu-a. i\u repeal •Mir 11*1 BSll'll'-BSI tIWMI.fW’K. Lily llanitu, » 1(l Me. ... .* p,,. • II'M 40 t1nt1a1n....... | 40b 43 Uoimfry Marten niß W aUimliter. H'lla. Line, fis 478 41 UhTeago, H«. I. <1 Kip, iLtillnm. I* , „ HlanghW, •ids, if, I.IWM W UtlnaKo, No, 'I. Hl<i| M rV. 1. »s *> 1.3(181/4 (Ineints Aynw.... IM k II) Upper, VPu 1.... Bft.s ill Orinoco sme 11)8 (M Country Upper., 7il* vfl Urlnncn. good. _ Collar, V lUut.... 7-M 71 damaged....... 318 07 ptaiißbler, Me.. UU Ml French Half, 31 . ll.n"™.* »• wl .............. I'l.nrr WH* im Frereli Call, nfl kirn Nil. 1, mm lb a 3.WA7.10 t111iiii,........ 1.1 Froneli Calf l/e* Hip, Vio. 1, uiuluis V iIa*»).UOBW.OO I'.fiYl Ill‘jl—iliisln"‘*s 11! the jranl* tiwlay was tno-l. etateiy arilve. ami price* were flruily maintained. t>o l!i‘v!lfcT-Vußl°l;*ear, I,l*. l*andllnpli 1 «> H 1.......... (!Uf. I.IW, \ }« and 7 JM llillil nea1.1m1i.1.......... -..M........ W.0*!»134l rlf'i ami n ■••mill ( rar Vlwrtiiir,. !«»• 1 omn.oii U iHirli g. rmnrh vip***. ••• Mail lie.) nliit Imswil umtijtmn rionrlng. SlatehNi ami lireMi'd i Itch Ooimima „„„ __ I'i.Niring. at, (’lialnml mvnml Ulras r»l'flinf, UignUitf.. W4U*7,iai Ir.t Uomuiiili i'f MedhldlHg ....... JI'WiMI.IW Oatr miiin jioßfiia, ac|«'i,lO Imli and A ViiVklroHr.f.' i i 111 ii (in’ s' .* .* .V.’.* .* luviM k ii..» mu IMW . so.u>a7i.W C* ii.iimii lu-airt*. .inisis, munlltig. rone* ing.nmt Mnait llrniwr, 14 to loj,* ...... 31.0V*?30Q .ti'lsuamlarai.M'ir. 70. vtatnl 7lfert.... Jid.lsamt Maht'lng,,... .*l.« bMikom^—A <-r *Ur Miaved Hhma cs 4-Ju AiirhiurasaMi nhiugi*,. a.aa*Sfco No, I Rawed Hhingles.,..,,.BAoj H.t«j ijnii-lVrmln y»rda O.W Hr r*j.|oa<l by Hnrihwmtarn Itallroad, dtilvered mans yard whei# part can I* »w lli'hn 1 . oil I clrpol 1 Aor Htar daw* ad Khlngie*. hr rardoml, on track 4.733 4-53 A or biar shaved ADlPglea, ny car-load, No. I Siwol, by car-load on trirf s.J Three dollar* a cir-mad Bil im *imntrsiii(trod,which chatce follows the Shlnslea tn fr» Igtit bill. MUKnI.*hTANI»Atm. . 4ttw ThickneM-Flye Shingles to bo two tnchea in thick- , 175,00 J ,U9«.t«o . KWH n«M. Lencth—Sixteen Inches, Ban?.*— T»enfy Inches. Cnnraes—Twantvnte. .. _ ... SIETAI.s AM) TINSETI**’ STOP:*—Tnrto UhJkt w«s rather active, and dealers * ere sitlnefuU prices. Wequote; TUi. Bex TIB Plate, I C ICxH HIM Laree Pics 57 Small rljti £ Car Tin... . 39 corrt*. At. Price. .. W 9.(0 .. M 5.12* ..111 5.» Metallic AF 801t5... S 3 C* pwr Bottom. . .. M Bmzfcre ov-r 10 lbr M 43 siheetncsUtolfioz. 43 'imnlis* 13 JIAtIKtTUETXL. inocailty '<o Ar.tim oy SO Fin** •«vd*r »’ I NAI L.S-—Are In talr den a»(olIua«: M ? Wes *i-W I 4(1 7.75 Sd 7.95 (lll.?*—The market ren chanced. There laatrodci I ard Oils, lor which price bat other dfscnptlcms at nomin*>l at quotations: . „ Linseed Oil,. * Linseed «H, belled g*|* Olive oil WhacOlLW. B S"SSS*S Lard Oil, extra. I art! 0i1,>0.l Winter. HiSHs UrdOil. No. 2 Winter VSSSJ’X Bank* Oil. round lot* J machine 01L... ~MS Vt« ypenr 0U.W.8 l.nbrifatmr on I iigtorOtl HJtHs NealifCK't Oil CAUBON Oil*—l* quiet and steady at previous rat**. We coctlt ne to quote: ~ Carhon, V car lose J:® Cat bon, small lot* «j®c B pnl>VlMON**— Bec'tvcd, 7<C6?O Bs Cored Meat*; IJS4I rl* I'ors and 52.6T0 p>s Lard; thlppcd, 317,113 B* Cateo Meats; 6t6 brls Be?f; 311 hr s rors, and 41% 131 B Mrs**Pork—Market firmer, holders belne above th" views of havers. Sale# were : 200 brls at fH.f?73(j; : brls at SDuM)'; 13) brls at JIS.Oi •<: Mbu at *W-SC; I 200 bn* at iMwnok* c, p. t. cash; MO brls seller March* at SIWO-eL sin: with seller* of good brands at 119.3; ca»h, and tree borers at fJS.7S. JHcaa Oitlinarv—Sale* were: GOO brls at JISJTJ V.t3 " wre! fl Horn.—Market Una. Skier ware: ?50 tea at lixn *• 3*5 tc* at lie. I'.iißilaU Meats—Market Qnlet and scarce f «o nrm. Sale* were: ao bxs Caniberlanaa atd*c; 250 t>X niHk l «c*nia—Market quiet—held above the views of navers. Salesw-*ie: 10. WM BS Clear slues atlOXe Ifo*o; £O.OOO cs D.S. Shoulder* at do. seller March, at 7**c loose (•rr*n >»enis—Q"lft but firm. Biles.weresa.ool Hama (”. 11.) at&c;MO do <D. lL)al 9*o; 1.000 Shoulder* at t>kc. _ . , , . _ j»*. li L.TK Y—Sales tnclade; 2 dor (choice) Dressed Cbukena»tf3.U); lOdozdo at 11.25; ildozdo at SUM; Sdot Dressed Docks at *4.25; 8 doz Dre «ed Gees* at ii)0O; 3 dee do at *5.00; 150 as Drc*sod Turkeyi at 15c; 7*n ssdoat lie; ICO B* do at 15*;: 175 Bs dost ICc. MIDI AM* **LF.«ATITSi-Are steady, with cot char se in prices We continue to quote; •• inue...’ tlk(4U\c sEBAIIb- I The market today *m only moderately aetlve. and «n mand lot* codccmloos were made. We l-nrlo Rlej ll*t*U C N? V? Refined, Powdered and Granulated ~ *F*H® .Wi® White A afcatawe Circle A zl^2is«- White B ll£Si»\c rSi«w c Oxnard 0, "’‘i^SU^c New Or’ean* pome isXaisvo n £ydmaad is’iimiiei and price* are rtef df al mo following quotations: , New York Syrup* V , |.to*i W Yellow Drips a Cuba * M SSSw-iii^==^, jsj, s KS fflinl?: w a o ", r SaJt-2i tl«p do St P^ t m '5 moU, y »» .7» pls >tw rise... 3.G5 t:r* nrd Alum jjo Turk** Island, J.#3 CmindbMar.. .... Dairy.with ..... 5.75 is.steadr. aad price* ws«‘atriflpr*ratr. , w *«i®V n J*^ >QUot ..:.fl.l3Ql« n>ton. taptrlcrto One, P s - * >ow,, &o' extra to chnlrr V t.t0«1.« imrenaU wpenor w one, 9 b ••••;;; do f3tra to rholw. D »•-•••• Gunpowder, superor tonne. • uo*ijß ‘do exit*tnchPlce. S?B TOIIACI-O-I. «« *• *• * U “«B?,laK?Knrl.. Choice MeiUnro.•••••♦• ••• con mon rtro Topacco— 25 A 90 A “ Pojal Churn.*.. ••••”"* 20 m 3 Karine** DelltM j.*o *13.00 Nainrai w («!.» |U!fIW«M .••••,• 75 rt B> Choice BUck. sound w tt 75 Median) m a 70 Cowmen •••***• nxi* 2 ' vfn'fnialVs ai d 73 »< S 3 wol°i>-ir a ki;r«-iiVflvaui »««> r«-w SarflSS&s* {S&SSffiMar- -'BBSS pmb. F oordJn yard 13.WJU50 washed at 13c. Special T'Jouaß U.W 11.™) 13J>J 10 00 N.UO low t«.QO 11X0 11.00 n.w TbtttorbMn JTlannrarturlDK Oomp*ny» .■MltwnnUba, of iToTtortKT, 11. 1., liform U>« trade that th»y*reproducln* oto Rivctro-p'aied Goodi,(Am> prlaltiM full bluer eiuTlea servicteandTable WmoJ •my uwcriovion, of a rcfj aopemr quality end m ofw arm r.erantdealna. Tfce bead la Rifka Buyer, upon »bl ta la adcpo*n nl i*uro filter of Both thlct* uct« Uiei they nca»nM alt in.- edrao!a<.*«t ol rlul aitfer id utility, and from beauty ol o<«lcn end aapertor Ha* Uh are ui-diatlnruiababiefrotn It. , The Dot statu M*nu£»etoriui Coo.tiny raH’ with eon* ndcnre u» in« reputation bate •wtetiil>boa IQ Uw- production of bond m|»cf Wen, to which tiny M*e beta for many year* miaatf - . aid they now aa* aoie (be public Utet they win fully auaum tnat repnia* HOD by the production of Kltciro-plelM Weroe of well qoe'ity tod AXt’nne dnrabi tty ea will laaore entire •attarartios to the parcheacr. All artitUa made by lit cm arc iteaped thsu s And Ml such am tolly rnaranwed. They fad llnacm sary pitUnilftfJj to all ibe kltrnUon in purchaser* to the above trademark, u iheir designs have bom al« ready extensively imitated. These eood* can only bo procured trum responsible action throughout the country. * k A Valuable medicine* “Dr. Poland’s White Mne Compcmvl, adrerttaed Is enr colnsns,lsa»ncciaattal attempt to combine and apply the muuclna! virtues of the White Pine Bark. Itbu becntliorcughly tested by p*op<eln this city and vicinity, and the proprietor ha* testimonial! of ttn ralne trom penoet well known to oar citizens. We recommend us trial in all those eases of disease to a *.® 9AO CSIQ.M .ALM ft 15X0 ..13J» (i 7LW si a » ;« 0 a nblcbUU adapted. It i» for •*:« by all oar drat- Clits.”—{?{. T. Indrp**ndent- The Great New England Remedy I Or. J. W. Poland's WHITE PINE COMPOUND is a:w ottsea to the at fllcted throughout the country, alter baring been proved by the test ol eleven year* m tba New England State*, where it* merit* have become a* well know d aa ike treeftcm which, lo part, ttderives It* vlrtut*. The White tine Compound cores bore Throat, colds. Couch*, Dipntbena, Bronchitis, SpltUue of Blood. and Pulmonary Affections general y. It is a rsmarta&le remedy for Kidney Complaints, Diabetes, Difficulty ol Voiding Urine. Bleeding from the Kidneys and Blad der, Gravel ana other complaint*. For Piles and Scot* ry U will be found very valuaole. Give U a trial if you would leara the value of a good and tried medicine. It Is olcasaat, sale and sure. Sold by Druggists and Dealer* in Medicine* gene rally. BURNHAMS A VAN SCEAACK Wholesale agents. Ur. James Treats and radically cores Bpennatorrbma with an icialUble method, earing time and expense. Impotency, earned'lrons spermatorthma or loss cl sen en. This debility Dr. James will obligate himself to core. Dr. James can be consol ted at bis office and parlors, 01 and 93 RaoColph-st.. corner ol Dearborn-* U, (neatly opposite his old office), from 9a.m. to Bp.m. Scparate rocma and eouulUlion* confidential. r.O Box 6UC, Chicago, XU. The Great West Is the promised laid In the eyes ot millions, both In the Uld World and thcNew. its fertile soil aud macnia. cent'oprortnnltlrs lor davatopment are the *OT*t tti iiinclioi*. Hut along it* MWUlui stream* there lurk* malaria of mo»t deadly Influence, wLicti la the great drawback of that splendid region, and must remain so many rears to come, tail ctants *na others who contemplate settlement to that section, will Co well to provide themselves with the on r core that ha* jet bet n tound efficient, speedy and ct-rUsln; we mea - : hit J. noSTETTEK'S (ELKbKA* TED BITTERN, which has snatch-d hundred* from an unilmth grave Thur operation upantne dlcestive organs is "oon lelt to be bmenvlcnt, without being no- Itnt. . . 1 ** For sale by druggists and dealer* generally, every -1 where. Tlie Henllopr i*oolnnd Home ofUlercr. Howard Association report*. for young men. on the crime of tolltude. and the errors, abn»c* and wliUb destroy the manly power*. a»d create Impedi menta to marriage, with sure mean* of retlof. Sent In pealed letter enve If_pe*. free of charge. Address Ur. J. hKIU.IN UOUUUTON, UowaidJAtaoclaUon PUia-lel phiii. I’a. _ Dr* Dlsclotr« * flavine the confidence of »b* public and the mMlcal fscrntj at Urge, t« the most reliable rhyMclan in the c*tv f-.» n-rvou* and s-xml dataSe*. tall at Mb'office. 17P Sooth dark-sl. corner or Mumpe. Ilnoms separst*. Consult* do-'free. i’. O. Btx I 1. Hla culde to health, published monthly, sent free to anj address. „ Sranspottation. IyjEUCUANTS' DESPATCH I FAST FREIGHT LINE 1 AMERICAN EXPRESS COMP't, ruunuimm Tim llmis'di liivcr and New York Cenltal Ihllnntds having adtmteiUheir lain difl-ft hfes. Freight Train rutiiieellnh# have bciu leswmed, ami MKKCHANTfI* IH.M-A'KMI Tlireimlt rni-a hmvn X«v York dully* na flhlprersaffn'sniediliitno eflorlwlti ItaspxrmUo pmliihlpmenu flu ward to destination as rapidly as inssllile, smlln Tlmi* ISxccllcd liy No Ollior Lino. K CUMMINO9, HtiiH-rluleudenf. J. A. HSIITII. Agent, II licarlHrtn s(. ttuflkio, January 8i« IWf. ONLY DIUEUT LINE TO JtMtANUK. •the <Jrnprnl TrftiimiUrtntlc rompmijr^ , « , £X's pfriiaw:"*;““ ~,j?c;sir.Vff.;rai,^.¥t!Vii: l ir u .x'a,R as lolmwsi . .. yir.MC l>Kl'Atim..Knfop- J.II'IWJC ‘HtUK l‘.‘. • ■ • Al<.«» ; i'iV.V.hi , . i « rr n! First UaliiiV, (>•»! Seoumi Ualim, fiwi, including Ufttl lilthal will tm far* I Y'ifii|k)Uldt> UAUKfaXII! Ainrt. M Broad* I WmV ' . mißlncßSi crnrfis. OLAIH & JEFFERSON, COinniNSlOH si K lie II ANTS, oitice, ioi rnosT ST., | Hilts TE.*H. c**b t’draacexetU utda on uoulgu&uU. BATTEN & CO., 3,'iiolesaio Commission Serohants, jSo, 60 MoGaa-Ht-, fl-.lvtra r indG-«U~) DESVfcR COLOBIU>a zrsc. 11l quality, ca« „ISJ< l»t quality, sheet 11 b1ah..... U HOGS! STENCH.** AND WEIGHT LISTS BBIUttT \VIEC. 1 tsfi 7.8 and 9 10 anil f nrrlshed eratls. Richest market price* eoaraateed; i*rim.t‘tretnms made. Cormnoade.'Ce ; solicited. l tomi vie k Gcfl Com't M-rcht*. “ >»a 13 and It. 13 and 16. pLOTVS. j PLOWS. ! K ss4^^jss?ays iale by JulUi DbMENr. Fence wire and, and prices ar I sd, flnobtued 9.5» 1 3d. Hoe Dlusd ICU 3 Cnt -pIKCi 6.0 I Cbnched Net 8.73 pains dml with prices on rate irqulry for Licfoed aid cs are comparatively Arm, re Inactive and altogether Q_AS FIXTURES. JAS. WIHGRAVE JR. & CD. S 4 RANDOI.PH»ST. OP PARTNERSHIP. From V i andaft*rJannary I*C 1867.Georc-Wltpecs with draws irom th- firm of Colic r, f otSjJck 1 l-ansfcrshlslTfrcstin said Arm to Henry wliwjrh-, who bee, w-oclated w taos In the bamess. The Cb cITILEII. 171TBECS & CO. A IIRIVAL iuSD DEPARTURE OP XV. TRAINS. Winter Arrangement. ! CCICACO AND NORTHWESTERS RAILROAD—ONAtIA PACIITC LISE—DEI’OT .NORTH WELLS leave. Arrive. OmabnFast Lire !2qos‘S OmahaNiehl Express... ftWjn. Uixoß Fossenser P* m * 11,10 a * m * rREEPORTUSE. „ FrecportFasserccr ms‘_* •ilon'm* FtccponPassenger...... *&ooa.m. xwp.m. I n ..:00p.m. •11:10a.m. Gt°cy. ana Bi.b° rM ~ •SBl.n. iVriSinN—DEPOT cornbr op canal AND ms an STRICT. _ 1 n«» Enrsw '•ihOOo. XR. *E;3oo.xn. • JencsrtHe Accommod n. *MOp.». I Woodstock Accommoo n^«oJp.ra; I XILWAUBNE DtrtSIOS—DEPOT CORNER OP CANAL V.SSSS- iss-s-' ||:S: gt£ I Wauke"EßAccommod’n. 5.3d P*Rt. wji*m* Ss!»a~ I D F FATBini, Gencnu raaatuger Agcct. -ICAIttAE . KSIbALRAILAfa- o.MUAPO'.S I Q| Tjn JTBIR, sorelnc Exprce I ii, Pinrcs* *i:UOS.IS. *i M.?. C. ImuSTSp SKop.m.l«B:op.m. <St £xpr-« 1*0; 15 p.m. SSm I .T> .Is>A7t AND LOW.»mL» TKMa:. I i ornlnr ’vtiini... •7:05) a, ta. ti:33 a. —• ‘“w KioSlr 15:00p.m. >11:0. p.m. 1 ei.TUOAHSPETHAkF AND ANA «UOhs LINZ—Tt-* I eOTCOWS»TANEDUENaSD««EirJ»iTant9. I POINTO UN J. r -n *4:15 a. is. *&ap.n. , 1 nir •*:co a. n. *11:03 p. n SmtVuS l! sp. a. O 1 NStß3resE..t -:00a. o I ONTSOa LIKE. I Vh ,i *4:11 o.c, NtSht Express tlfcObp.O. p.D. ’nas“ r a»* a. s®,V**«P *1:001.13. liTO s. n. pfi/rne ! .; . 2:13 p. a. 7:10 p. ra SSS;;;. •s.o : w».». ns»p.a , I V UiDlOtt CXNTRAU • _ ! »9r«R.O. •IwSbp.a, • XlttOOp.n. m. 1 1 Kankakee 1 mdcl“rt ana Oak Wood 'fcto a, n. i I 1 »« •» ... ’tsiup.n. •icSia.n. I ) u u « •3:h)p.o. M:5Cp. c. I I w *» ,♦ . *5:55 n.n. *7:30 p. a o.u OT n«i«- • SlSTsSmi".'.".'.’.'.’.;. ;is.comid-M ,5:50a. m. K -. nicAQO lui n. Locta. ciprcM ana Mall 1 \t|«Bx;r»» •v** 5:15 p-a* a W I Toilc* and Wllmlnstcn ~ . I »ocotnmodaUon I «. ito >«u OttSAT JUTVaJ—(tAT» d)!<aiWATI I '\, h UN*)—^NltWATEta OATLEOAP PXTOT. COE. is.! UB- «*«» mm. 10:55 P. B. 1 2?JhilErore*’«’7"i.'."l 9:00 PEU 3:30 p. IE. ~ StS S J-.S 1 r;oiap>'tie > S*J ,prt — ftooti.m 8:50 a- m. .f 1,15 auo ,10J M 1.13 <0 (a 9a Oi <J 75 . 96 atoo . 3S M 8) • *» 6* 2 . 19 I* 23 *sj£s ftSStS cr:r*'o, w» mJj® Mchi CiprMfl. •• V yji'Vj.TT. «v. 4(? a-tn. •xccpted. pLAbTIO SLATE ROOFING. A TK9T or PIPE TEA US hu dcmomiratod U» •oMnom; oi thta a atonal om errry enter m» knowS.AfrMUo—lt adapts itaeli lo n»ery *h*p« ir<J now). tVcm tut to pmettdicaiar, covering Ilia vuo'p rool without K*m or Joint, Nomoombnsiinlo-jt Is n t Ida bcttii of d/sl'oyr»p your proptfti/* oat u| KruUctliiic ik Nomespaneive—twat uor'Mill'no mai* irlMjtr IrifMo. can compel It to expand of eoatroa. Imptrvlou*—water t ot ctpq ( ,j OiitUre »!. and Mw efemenu «tl> matore and pertcct Ik to turn op the whole matter, tlu and If eifoper than any other rood materia', and beltei tnaniLenuatextcnme. The New Yurt Trilurtf In ipcattne of II *tj«!“We consider tbit intention the greauatboocot usance. The former”* Vtub ol the American lastUato pro roumetbo invention one of the most important etc* yearwc have been engaged tnfooplylag tbla material to tne p«iple ot Illinois aa-i, and from the many nattering twtlmomaj now oa die la oor once, wa tee. warranted In saying. to their cn hnndrcd* wto have used it,we se* e Mf t nfll. £ T(ijl , or,A«Tlcnltara’lmpieacata.CU»sro. VfM. £»»•«■. Gammon and Bates, ** ** Mr.cnarle* Palee, ChJcx Erne. Mich. Son. 8.R., ** prvr. S. C.Bart’ftt, Chicago Tb«si’l luminary, ** Prot A- J. Sawjcr. Dotirla* University, _ ** Mr.J.P.bharp.o» R!i*a*Sbaro Druggist!, “ Mr.U a Artbnr.BeatEstate Dealer, 44 Dr. K. M. B*ker, Dentist. “ Mr. Char. Mom*. MafinnctorerEire Worta. “ Mr.XO. William*, of Wcbbcr.l* JlUms ft Fitch, “ Mr.J C.Hlcharda.ol Hichams’lron Work*. •* Mr. A. E. Uannofi. 17. S. Commissioner. Champaign. Mr. WIUUm Way and Haro. Jeacrson, ** Mr.tVtr. H*Soaers. Cient Ulr. Court, urban*. Mr. W. J. Erarctruot Backer, - _ Me««. Dietrich ft floorer. Merchant*. Galesburg. Mi h. canda ft nicrkler. Contracwra. “ Hon.E.B.L*nience,JndpsSnpr*cConrt, “ MtM.MalhewiftWadfworla MiTcVL-sJaekaonTUl*. Me**.B.Q Beaehft Co.andW.T. E Uott,Ltlchdeld. Mr. E. M. Ooddard, Banker, Lexington. Mr. C. 8. Kelloce.‘rontJ, HI. Dr. M. Faloon, tdoomltuton, 111. Mr. A. P. Wells. Blehroond, 111. ... Mess.Griffith* ft tecre J.DartauOdln,Hl. Me<a. Dune ft Co. and 000. W. Uibben, Moline, UL Mr.UA.HaluATon.Xll. Mr. C.S.Uealfi, McLean. Dl. Mr. Q, W. cooper «nd J»a. Mosher, Poo, Dl. Mr. A. Osborn, Raritan. DL Mr. A. B.McCn.sney. Alton, Dl. Mm. Beardsley ft Bro., Pair r Man r. Aroma, Dl. Mesa. Jchntoc, Coma ft Urtu, shelD/rule, 111. Hon. C. 8. Reiter. Moateilo, Wls. t 01. Charles 'Wolcott, Osbfioan, Wi*. S&i'SS.iS'wcii. s/™. Met*. Walter. Mttccer ft Clty.WlS. Meae.Tayiorft Robinson, Waaptm, »is. ncn.Henrr Conner. “ Mesa. E. S. ft u. U. Barr, Berlin. Wls. Mns.A. Wjns’owftCo-,M.Atkinson,Wll. Mr. J. B.Qalasha. Banker, Monroe.bia Mr. Charles bbtrman, Mint rat I'oltt, Wls. Menm Newbre. Mnw.n»ee. Wls. Mr. O. H. Slromonda, Mr.N. C. Farnsworlti, fbCMjirui Falls, Wls. Wisconsin Manufacturing L u, Jetiersoc, »> t-«. ROOFING FELT, and also the new SHEATHING TELTtuM tor lining buildings, atd COAL TAB con stantly oo hand at low?«l market rate*. Lire ala “ “ *Wllc*-Io«. •s l f T r A rt ( jgg-* ®MOSD. (I*4 LaS«l.o*«t.. Caicayj. 111. T)EEbir»ENT JOHNSON! TfIAD; I STEVENS, HOUACE OREFUA. HESBY WARD REEtTIMt, MAI). UISTOKI, JEiF. DA Via, FAKE* Pa, uor “ any other man,” Need hQTc the licb 48 Heart* i r tukt will rss ncn. SWATNE'S OINTMENT. TtITKW, iTrit. SWAYXE'S OINTMKST, Tmii ncn. aWATNfS ointment. Tarnra ITCH. hWAVNK*B OINTMENT. Twttxb It allay* nil lull n?atcnee. i* barely vegetable; c he need « n (be mod tender Intact. Soul by alt Drti|ici»l«. W{»ol**ale li* UUHNHAMS A VAN SCHA&CK The rheumatic should send TO TV. I*. (SI7.MI* A CO.. Deylon, Ohio* For h Dcsciltdive Circular ol Lalrlt/. Fir Wool Under* cl-dlune.l'll and Wadding. Th-y l ave stood a test ol ttilrtc—t< tear* In Europe, and arcliU-bly reremmendod hy the best phvslclat.* ol Hermans. Mailed free. lirmiifnrn. Nietos. Gas jFiitutcs partnership. l\ailroat)g. ■Uoufinfl. Fire, Water ana Frost Proof, ifltwm. ?t?alv TDijr. -pATOIIIiLOU’B riAlll DVIS. i, .nirniU'l lire I. the bett Ip til. world. llitiLlrss. rclisl’l% ItisluiUm-ms; tiiS onlr I‘erpjct Dir. f*t»'Hsai>t* r Ptu.ent. No tidlcubma lima,tml true D» nalute. tlenultm signed Wt 1,1.1 AM A. DA t* ll* KMMI. rntd ny Dntfl'U and Pctluuieri. Euvtory. Csl llafrißy-it.,New tors. .. 1 I ILL’S II Alt! DVK-fiO Ortllß—Dfiiclt XI Of litowti-lti'lßlilaewms. natiira'. durable, IwaltUMli. ’I tie best BUd H»'BIV«UIJ «»•'.. i l **? l ,V pi'irb n* M Btir d'"'ar else, lllt.t. b AIIUID .of AM, IIPAI.INII OINTMkST, tellablf I »r g"ii«Ml "Ijiluteut |Vmi uses, Depot illi JdMMii New \ ork. Hobi <>/ sit dmaslsta. iLouti nt annum. I AND uiiiii 7 rVii[iii!il will I j oiiir it Ihe iDoiiumor ui tbgCuuil ir-.0.H |n tMorago, 111*., at IJ n'emea a. in.. KnturOn}', tlio lllli of IVlininrj, ProiPt o. If tml prcvlmiily sold at prlvatnsalAllia K. W if h. W. M. m-i. 11.41 N, H K.,» loam al-mt mm mlo ami a ban wcsl of Kvinsl oi, and iwtdra, uorlli ol CM rniro. (look L'minU, 111., cunlatKlng clglily acrus. mura iaw,T!irov«r..R , i. l uft brnTj^lKSSl'li'lK lb" limber and llm prmlnrtj ol lb- sup aeucrally. of sal" published Hm ilsr of Bale. Prisons melilng l« pufebs*" Ibis laiid al prlvalcMte will illfsrt lb*lr conimiiPlcalbins lolMe of'l"d*Nho,l, 111. >u. Ml. |n >4.; Thopumilsi. rrooilimcn fiUll.DK.UH—winicil Jim. ' I iHi*al* wit im rwcivwl by the un.m,aign*d (low* , mUU’c. mini the Milt day ;d cebruary. J Iron, al 1 oVioi'V I*, tu., lor Id- building of a new cniircli !rr siiriiif'fiisri ; Iruco* icjrcilny any hi ah Urn tho dinar* Ohlparuor Uicwofji, WPlkd, 1 MKh Spunk iU nilFI.K,’ „ A.DbIDoKN, C. U. PUMIIiCK, Pruvlvo, Jmi. 7»ib. l»u. I FOR ARMY TUANb* 1 If ' POItIATION. . •** viuMiaswA.vsu ukaißsi.'s Oreina.l Vr*»niNOToK, I), t’., January 13, D«7. J bKAT.RH pUuPObALH will Im rocoivnl at tms omce ‘ nnili il o'clock to., on Um ;Hb nt Ksoruary. ISfaT, for the transportation of Ml iury S'lpylM* ‘m, rtn < *••• I year ootmnencirg April 1, uslJ, and ending March ill, !«*, on Umo lowing runt**: i puUfKNo.I. I From Fort UcPbormn, Scbruska TorrllofT, or tnch • pout* uui*> l» determined upon nurltw the Tear 00 the Omaha iirauebof iho Union paclUu lUI roaa, west ofFott Mcl'hemn. or from Fort Laramie, Dakota Ter rtlory, to such poiu - r dep- la as are now or may he es tsbllMicd m the Territory of s-nr****. wed of longi tude lie degrees. In the territory of MmUia, south of latitude 4f degrees. *.O ths Territory of UakoU. west ol longitude W degrere. in the Territory of of UtttJde « degrees, and east of I jocltudo 114 degrees. I and in thcTerntorle. of UUh aua CoDra.lo noilh ol ; Utjtucc 13 degree*, iDclu'llng. 14 uocessary, Diiaver j Cltl * K"LTE No. 3. From Fort Blley. Slate ol Kanva*. or such polott as may t>edftcniiln*-turmndortsglhcyesr cn th* union . Pacinc Kailroad, E- U., U» any post.* or depou that are I now or may he. wULlUhca In tlie State of naa'« or IntheTcnitory of Colortd ..south of latitude 43 do 1 gtee» north, anti to Fort Union. New Mexico, or other I depot that mav oc otsicuaied In that Territory, »Ld to , aurciLcrpfalHt or points oc tlie rr.utc. I KOUTE N 0.3. 1 From Fort TToicn or such other depot as may he I w.t«i,it»hprt in the Territory of New Mexico, to an established In the TcrrltorT of Kew Mexico, to an 1 pc»u or station* that arc. or may be nsiabibhed in that Territory, and to ,uch po*w or (Ulloos as may pe designated lo the ot Arizona, and xa the State 1 of Texas west of lotctlnne 103 degrees. ROD TK No. 4. From Et. Paul. Minnesota, to snch non- at are now or may be»taCiUncd tn tne State or Ml-nesow. and In that portion of Dakota Territory lying cast of toa Missouri River. , . , .. , The weight to be transportc-i during th»-vearwn not exceed on Bonte No. 1. toJUkOOJ pounds; on Route N0.2.20,C0C,'00 pounds: on Route No.3.B,oWJ>Jopounds, aad on Route No. 4. iSOO.OOJ pound*. , . l*ropo*als will bemad* for each route separately. Didders will ,»ate the rale per IW pounds p*r 130 milts, at which they wi l tianspjrtthe stores *», xsc® monthof the year, beginning April Ist, Isj«, aad end IDE March 31,1566. . Didders should give their nature In roll, as well as thtlr places of restucnce. and each proposal snuniu be . accctrpanlcd by a bond in tee sum ot ton Uiou-aad ' (Slo.oou)dollars.slcnedby twooraore re>poa*lblc per* sots, cuarantering that in case a contract ‘ for tbe route mentioned? In the proposal tothepirtr proposing, toe cotaract will pe accepted and entered into, and ccoi and sufilctent accrliy lurnlshsJ oy said party to accordance with the terms of ton advvr* U Thecontractor win be reqmre,* to give bonds In the foltowir.g amounts: On Route No. 1, f 30,000. On Route No. i. SPO,<W. On Route No. 3, KjO.(WO. ce of toe Icyally and Bo'vency of each bidder and person offered as security will be re* ’wopotth must be Transportation on Bonto No.LS.S.orLss the care may be, »td n:ne wIU be entenamed nulew Uify iniiy comply with the rcqalremcnta of this advertise* a Tb« party towhum an award is made must be pre pared to execute toe cottract at once, ana to rive the required bonds for toe LUtotal ptnoftnauce of toe ton* ; tr ihe right fr' reject any and all bids that may be lh?ccn tnctarra each fir rervlce by the m day of April, and will be re quired to have a place of buslue»>, or , aI " he may be c-mtnunicalc-1 with promptly Md readily for Route No. 1, at Oaatw, N. T. t 10. ItoQle Fort Riley, Kama*: for Route Fort unloo, v-« Meiiet, • lor Root* No 4. at Saint ran), Minne sota, or at suett other pMnt for each ot tne *eycral Itcutre as may be Indicated »s toe surtlog point of the to be entered into tor each rout*, can be bad on app t* cauonat this office, or at the office of the Quartarmas* New York Saint Louis, Firt Leavcnwjrtn, Omaha, Santa Fe and Fort sielUr c. and rou,t accom* psot atd ben part ol the proposal*. I «r nu. 33, , Brevet Colonel and Aw't Quarteroiaster U. S. A. pi OVEH2OIENT SALE, known as the “GOVERNMENT TAN- T ®* SeBYaSD STEAM SAWMlLV’wltnsev ealy-ftve acres of land, near SAN ■ ANTONIO, TEXAS. . , i s*aledPrepofals.tuduplicate, will be Te t e ‘L e< * to the first oayol March. IWT. tor toe' R“7 c ft?2 0 lm Sfi : \ 5 acresol land.imoreof ie»*) together vita the baud* Inn erect vd tier*on. and toe apportenancot appertain to£thSu9toV£?ON^N^ Stone Line %ats. KTTTT-TWO bfcVEN hTONK WOW, UUMn* hides per annum; ONE STEaM J*AWUlL^.capani« nr saeine iuw f«*e« ol Lumber dally. ONB bilALt. property Is situated aoout two miles abeve tan Antorio, on toe San Autoaio River,and tfie witerUCOTdnnr-d to mo establUhment by a race cf , h 1 the Ist? «ed Md • '&K ! fer the year at a monthly rent t f fSOO. P*!* 1,1 ? a *o.j£ «tmi Ctle in i«c simple aill or Kl*en by the u. s.ojt ® T proM*slswili be marked “iTcnoials tor Govern »st ¥SS?U : »7t. Qtn * i“’‘ “° ,r Bar '*Q i f,i;wn. A fi;.. Haubouworksatgraudha- VBN and Black Uke, MlcMeaa. Omci bCFrEtHTXADOiQ ENOISSk*. RAKBOat Ikpeorwitxra.'Llkk Micaioaa. ) I MILwaCKK. Wjfconelt, January L!!*<*• f , I Sealed proposals, in rtupllcste. "f theifirm ,fttrnl*j« by toe nnu-rVlsneJ, will be rece ve«l atthls'»=“; ThursdaMbe 14th «Uy - f Febmarr, A 3 "'* 2 l .S° fi/ii tapnmn* the hartorv of Ota* d Raven ana Blaci Oratd H‘vrn • IWM feet, nif r* or lew, of ciOJOpUmwto prow vox . south back f the river ar»v too Vito . tension of the south pier tor 600 feetnycrh# niton »« • yard*, more cr l»»a. n i A i a tU« ofll'*e. anC pnrpcs* of eaUmauep. r , r wo rk. asdfer - J;SS! s"m “aw*»“« «wi«» «**' >• “ii'.S'.n Irl'TOat.'.'Tl ““« f"*" 1 ” [,O “ ” *HSSSuuU CMlOlrt U lipu.lo etTtIoPCT. * r J . WnEELKR, 5* p. ». Encineers. Muwaukea. wls. £cdlcs. ■FAIRBANKS' wpj-7 - STANDARD XT**. SCALES Of ALL SIZES. FAmPANBS. CKEEBLEAF ft 220ft22SLtoe-aL, Chicago. • 'nnSlr r ' 1 | OOJsLBOTOH'B NOTlOlS—Btale X ol tillbota, Co only ol Cork. City ?f Chicago, aa. CrtrOJUJK?roraC)r»ic*, Upon Kg'(k I coinrrll<u'*f,Jan. El*** labile nr lice u hereby al»ro. lhatoolbe Aral *oa» fijoi Hriiruary.lKiDjfthi fourth flay of tybruwy. A. a regular terrain the Wipff'or Uilrato.ioh«N«iuhaad hold's in tho Court Uoais. InaaiA City oichiraao, on ilia jul mentioned day, 1 malt traae report to »«ld tmpvrtor Court wi Chicago, OL tipfollow tig Special AMowannlWarranU placed In my band* rot collection on nr ih*la»tdayo< tH-iowr, A. U. ls*>u and mk f>r Judgment agaluatlli atveral Lota, iiWka. merra or I‘arceia ol Land of other property described in such warrant*, on which tin M*e»m» nt* ih-nrprra'n unpaid, itor the amount of atwatncnu. damages awl costa respectively duo thereon, to wit t ' Warrant No.IHO Vorlh-ratM erection of twelve iani* poaiann North L*ha:io itmi. Octwwn LiltiiKiC »trrctaixl fecbutlrt »ircck Warrant *3l North—Dated ork3i.i9W.fhr erection of 6 lamp pmb < n.N orth oearoora alfeek between Oak street and East White street. WanaotVKl North— Dated Oct. 31, VM, {or eroctloo ef fllao-ppoftaoo North Water street between Kush street and m. flair strc t. Warrant *■4 North—fated Oct. 31. litfid, fir erection cl 3 lamp postaon Union street between line atreet atdtk Cialr atippu WarraelSfi North-Dated 0e1.31.1M4.Pw erection of* lamp poata on Chicago artnuo between North Well, atrrei and North LaSalle streek Warn nlt£o North—D»ted «ee.!i, tSM,fhr erection of 1 lamp peat on the mat aide or inneatreel at the comer cr tie al ot norttcr Superior atreet. Warrant aft North—Dated ock 31, Wifi, tor erretton or 10 lamp voeu ot Division atreet boloreou Sedgwick street and North Clark itreet, except the latenecllona Cl w£nrw»BSaNorth Dated Ock 31.155*. far extension of Writ Ulnadale atreet from tta present eastern termi nus. outwardly, of me width ol .66 feet, to North La* persona Interested are requested t-i attend at the a lores aid term of said Sunertor Coart ot Chicago. “ w * AU. HE ALP. City CoUeCtcf. rrAX COLLECTOR'S NOTlCE—state X cf Illinois, County ol Coek, CUy ol Cnlcaeo—ss. Cm Collxctoe's omcx. Boon II,) CocETllocan.J«noarylt,l367> » PatllcJCeUcel»hC!C37Blten,xli*t oa the oral Mon day ct Fefcmajy, bet nr the fourth day of Febrnaiy.A. I>. lbtf7. »l a regular term oftbe Snp'riot Coart of Chi* caso,tobebecaaand botdcn la tho Omrt House, m sill City of Chicago, on the last mentioned day, I shall sake report to said hnpcr'or court, of Cnlcaao, on the following StecUlAtfegfsrat Wsrr tta p.acod In my atnoalbrcollectloaonor Before in• iwt day of OtU* dct.A.D. IsSianaasSfor jndcninl tjalnsi the several Lota, Blocks, Piece* or Parcel* i ' L-uiu or other prop erty described tasuchwarrants, os whlchrtbe assess ments then remali. unpaid, lor the amount of aaseas setts, damages and costa tcspedtvely due thereon. 80. jti Berth—dated Oct. Sllh, tS6«,Cnr recon*true line sldewalkson the streets named beuw: rcwuuwuuk ut, —mm, . Warrant No. 315 North—dated Oct. 34Uu ISSo, for constructing a tldewalK on the south side of Centre street, between Claris street aud Sedgwick street. WananfNo. Til North—dated Oct. aith, 1806, tor con* strucUig a sidewalk on the south side of Uenomonee ■trect, between Mohaws and Sedgwick streets. Warrant North—dated Ocu Situ, isoo. tor con* ■trocUns aaldeeakon south side of Ass lam place, between Ualstnu street and franklin street. . Warrant W 6 North—dated Oct. Uth, for con ab cenng a sidewalk on the ana A side of Willow street, between Orchard street and Haisted street. Warrants North-dated Oct. sUh.tS6a.tor con* strucUiiC a sidewalk on the north aide of North avenue, between Sheffield avenue and North Avenue Bridge. Warrant 7«3 North—dated Os t. Mta. 1566, for eon* strurtine a sidewalk on both sides of Uowe tween Willow street and Centre street. . Waarant 779 North—dated Ocu rtth.n9W.for eons* trusting a sidewalk cn the south side ot Dlackhawfc * , s^.l^^^*SS3raKfS , & 01 rr'AX COLLECT! Oir> NOTICE —State X of Il'moU.ConntyofCopk-M; cmr CiiixicTOß flomc*. Coon Bocsz,» Book No. 14. Cittcaoo. January a, ISC7. f Public notice It hereby glvenlhnt ou tne Am ilun* day cf Fehrtarr, rclug Uiefonrta da, 01 February, A -I>. 1567, at a regular Wm »-t the superior court of Chicago, to be begun asd hobien la the Court In said City cf Chicago, cn the ivl meuUoDcd day. 1 shall sage report to said Bap- jlor* Oort, of Chicago. ol the following Special A*scMmcot Warrants placed In me band* for collection o» or beiore the last day pi October. A. D. 1566. and ass lor juilgmcnl acamsl the Kverw. Lot*. B/ccks, Pieces cr farce'* or Land or other prvpcrty described In such warrant*. on which toe atssresa cult then remain unpaid, for the amount of wests rnts, damages atd costs respectively due there -o°VarwnVs*o.Tll, Weal—Dated Oct,Mh. ISG6, for pri vate dralts 00 West Randolph street between Ualiled 91 WMren\So!rL\ r w»t-nal».l Oct 6th,!««. for era dine and macadamizing North Jetl.-JMin st-vet. from the north hue oHVtst Lake street to the south side of **WarrMt l ?!o.Hl8, Wrst—Dated October 6.U11968, tor Ailing. grading *nd plankm* the alley running north and south In blocks 31 a» t 30. Can*. Tru-tcis suMl vision of t? E W Sec. 17, 1'39. MtllK, and that pjrtl.'ti ol the alley rnoolngeastand wr*t through *sbl block 90. cxttti'lir.B Irutn ilaUted street to bis west Ute of *'l?.f™n"No. t ?l7.'wclt-P«lBl lift, sm, isre, for th. cxletiMon cf aID tcot alley m the N H t-t btocV 9. Sami son and (Jreeu's Addition eastward!/ ol Hi-same w S«M»WvTi>u,ioc t .o V «e. .or roo. etrunln* a Mdcwslkon Ibe south side of Wtirr-.nstreet Ic' II bey street lloyte street. W arrant Nufr.o. West-Dated tn f. Ad, strutting a sidewalk on the nordi sn’eof Uiihbard site-1 between Itobey street and Uatllt street. Warrant N 0.771. W. st-Dated Ik I «J. ISO*-, for Con. itrm-llcjt a sidewalk on the «mth aide ol W ,»rrcu street between Pare slreii a* d Paulina street. Warrant N". 733. Weal—Dated I Hi. tM. PW. lof evn* strutting a •blewa k on tie* west side id ranllim •tnvl nHweeti I hlrat- iircnue amt Correia street . 1 Wa’Jabt No, Tl 9. We l—Uvltd t*"!. t t *l* con slturlli * a sbi* a aiv on the south ante »f Walnut street betwMb |.lmoln sir*at ant lbdi?v sire"t. All t eis< it* InlmMcd nloininesbd toattaod altliC aiurtinid tfrni of itldHui'cflorlmtMj'jf J |{|'^Y*{i* UUfttnlWtdf. m-AX COLI.KOTOU’B NOTIOK-Slnlo .WisJfflr,"’. Pnpnt llofss, itiHimNo lb Jsu. 'list, I"!-,) Public hillin'ls here y ut»cii Inal, on ilnv'ifsl Mod* liny of M’Hiiarr.MlMg Dm ftoiflh day of Pt;i;ri. A, l>, l»«l, si a regular t-rmo ilia aui-'r or IJouri-1 t.'litcagii, uhu* beguii ai«l linblpit 111 lb" l oiltl m; in said r|iy ■>( t hljbp.o, n» Hi" |a«i 'neMt’.one l d u. I snail uisf •* rv|Hip| t».ssMlHu|terb.rPimrui» »:Utraw«*. imUislmT'iwpg Hiweigi Assessuisiil Warrant* übwad jh my ham's r»r roilreib h im or b' birw Dm Imld »T' «d Ihii'lier, A. M. iw;n,aiii| a*k loe I'lOamert agabwl Urn several bo*. 10m ks. piet-es or iiurei D of lanil tif iillier properly dMeiim-d In such *B»Jsui». on wlileli Ilia M> •enVeMi D»h fen silt imi'Blo,mr tintaimmiilol a*- wiimenti.iiamaitts sm) imsls resiH-cllruly due thereyr»* 1,1 Warrai I Mil Houlb, tjalsd (bd, IKIi.!««». mr erselbm ol tan lamplHisU 11 Four Hi ammo,« m» at • w; piiruer 01 KoUMh niMiua and lay lor slreiUand onn Ml n«t tb'l. 3Uh. lam, flit ersrlPMi "VvinaM SMHoiilli.dßlnl (lot. I lib, |MVi,fiir iinotamn host dll ih« n n Uw-tlit-r 4.1 Twenty‘l bird sheet aud Pfal* * wVrVihl f'III hoiilli, dalwl October Jllh.pwlk.fl'r sfso* Hon ol eta lamp pu*U ou llarrlsvu street. Delated Weils amfblslk sUeelß. . . w ntraht ni" Honiii, damd (ti l.siili. Pi A P«r erecllon ol nllo’lßihp Push on l.'atunml avctole, belwseh iWvd* '^kViafroDl Ml V'sml*!Vi.* Jllh, iwAfnr crw'ibm (i ijlamv |u«ls on tmUaha avwiip, botweeu I'nitr* ''w'rtrraM IWi'fmliU d«l«i ’oh. JHIi. WA l 'f cfp-Mbm of 7 laiiP m*s-> on aiauMUilli sUtel, bitweed HiiUa ** VaVtitiiftri Hiiuim rtatm) Did. itth, 1 r • , f«dl"H of g >nmp t *wia on Van ttnrpii stroel. bciwecii Well* tef ■.vr r .. >«. ri'AX OOLLECTOU'B NOTIOh.-btMc X of UilH'ds. u uin'f nfC-Hik, ofiTmago-ma, **■ CITY UyU-KOimi's tirPIDK. Hook .Vi. 11, I CoUrr Hut'»B,Jan, '4MnJ7. I Pintle nonce la hereny tivei. ttiat ouih/ ftmt Mond ty ol kcbriißiy. bring Hie fi.urtfl d.y if February, A.ll, inuf, at aiegular trrm or Hm go. m iw l«e*un aed rm.iun m mo ti-iuri lb'U«p, In «b» Lily on Ui» lut mentioned day. 1 sluU niale a teruiT to iaid Hupariop Court ~r 4'nic«»i». <>• the full, wing cp«*ciai A**e»snmnl W.irrant* iilaielln my band* lm cudreuon on or beftiro - h* bmt day of Oc tober, A, D. IMA. and mi mriuogmrnt -galn-t me bjv crallois, blrcks. pineeor pvreo ol unit «>r o(tnarprop erly dr.crlbe.l lu*u.hwarranu,on wbb-h the asw**- DicnU thru remain unpaid, f»r tte amount of ««scm met u, damage* ana eels reaDt-citvely due the eon, So, 731 West—Dated Oct. »1, ISM, to nuke up a ctdcU-ncy for filling, cartons and paving C*nal all eet, f>om LaU* to Madia\n etre> t Warrant No.TTI, W'e*t-Datn» Oct. Oto. Wd, to make up a deficiency for rcuiacanaoiultg at afreet, from A » ?m?> T SslTa*w'sV-I).!rt "t. til. BM. tor ml- It S, grading. grading. paving and canine \Ul*c& itrr*-t, trum Uarrison street to the 0. U. 4<g. ILiL Cr w”rr£t SO. 731. tVcst—Llatnl <Vt. tH, IM. far cc nsiructUrp a sidewalk on the ainth side of Jackson k *.Mi Koitt pen Kfube • and Jiblitlcid rtfCtt o t 43d. 18 KL for co&strnctli ga sidewalk on the west •! re of llaistod street Between Wright street ard luilruad croadas. Warrant >»». 711. Weal—Dated Oct- lS»«jt3r constructing a sidewalk c-n the soinb sl'teufFtc street from Milwaukee avenue to western terminus ot rnr St w£raal No. 742 West-Dated OcU 21th, lS«. lot coaaxru-me a sidewalk on tbo west side ot Jonas» beta een Tweiith street and T»rlor streeU Wwrant ”o. -ta. Wcst-Liatoi Out. «io. 13-«. nr consttnetine a -btcwalic on trenorth *ldeof \ an Karen street, between Tbrosp street asd Lootr Is street. All persons Interested are request to attend a. the TAX COLLECTOR'S XOTICE—StaIe I cl Illinois. Cornty of Cook, CUT of -*• “ 1 * cm CouJtcTOß's ornct ) ■» room No. li, Co cm floras, V JaLuary 21st, 1367. ) PnbHe notice U hereby given, th »l oo toe first Mon day of February, heme the fourth day *.t Pebrnary. A. D. IS€7. at a regular term cf the superior Court ox Chicago, to ce begun andboldenia the Coart tlooje. In »ald city if Chit ago. on the last mentioned day. I shall make report to !-*id Superior Court. of i.hteiso, 00 the lollowllk Special Wattan J piacea or bet no the U»l day of October. A-I>. ISI6. and Oik for judgment apalost toe several lots, blocks, plcc* or parcels of land or other propel t» described m each warrants, on which the aaseremeiis tten remain unpaid, for the amount ol aMtMtunb, damage* and costs respectively due there* OD War?att2io. 755, West-Dated OcU atih, JBS6, f.rre* con»tru<.iltigsiae*a!k on tbe south sde of Jackson •tr, .1 tttlw ecb IUI»U<I and Ureen streets. Wamint So. 7a W»t-Datod Ocutu. I*B, tor rrcon- Btrccting sldewalts la tront of or adjacent to pro* bi!m> hefilnb* ow descnla-d. Warrant So. 757, KM- Dated Oct.ll.lS&* for reem* structltg sidswa.a on north side of Lane street, be* Ocl. 21th. IS.'.'., for re eotewuctinc sw-walK»onwe«nce of May* lw»tn Lake ano Futtou sweets. ttimu-tSo TJti. West—Dated Oct.Stth, IsuS, lor re* con«trnctlne flaewaik on north sice or lUOlson street, h*iaeeu IVona and !*amcamon streeti. wnurmoi SoflW. Oct.:lth,, Wtorre* ccnstrocllse sidewalks on west tide ot Ad* street, be tween Lake »irtet and Depot plare. Warrant So. 761. Meat—Dated OcL 21th, laey, r>f erecticn cf two iamTv*po*ts on Wat Ene Street, be* t» ere Unlenann Halted sirecm. WamnlSo.76n.Wesl—uatod Oct. 211*1. ia». lor re pairing side* alks on cast side of soutawetiera ave* # ** aforesaid term of c&r. rpAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—State I Of mine IS, County of Ccok. CUT of Chicago—«• o* v CITT CoiiECToa’s Ornc*. ( January 2L<t, f%i7. Public notice Is hereby given, itatca day ot February, being the fburth day FdintarT- A. D.I&C7. ala regular te»m of the Snpenar ounrj of ctlcag". to be bmren andhotden in the t.onrt Uouse. in tala city of Chicago, on the t*st mCTUonedday, I shall make rercrl to said butcrtor cnthelcliowup topetlal in my band- tor c« tlcction oc or betore October. A. D.19C6. and ask lor Judgment against toe several lots, blocks, pieces ur parcels ol lata or other pn>p«rty dtsertbed tn snch warrants, on whi«.h toe a#scß«ncnW into remain unpaid, tor ,to« amount of assessments, damages s"rf coils respectively due tberc -o JW'atTatt 522, South—dated Oct. 3llb, ISC'*, lor mettoa of TitTrpposts oo Slzteeoto sueet, between nut* stmt and UMlUna-avrnQ*. . .... , n . ... Warrant 37J. N« ftb-Dated Ocl. 3«b. MM, tor con structing a sidewalk on the north ”de oi hc.. u ave one. octween Shedsld avenue and North Avenu* E Tvfn-»nl». North—Dated Oct. *»• W*, £ rrrtctl-n ct 3 latnppos's on Chicago avenue, between North W>U» (trvet and North LaSalle street. . Warrant No D 7. We-t—Dated Ort. Bth, ISW. tor the exuSlonof aWlooiSilsy inUicN X {JflH«»fcS«p son nod oiron's Addition, outwardly ol the same width to ft. luandarerne. . . _ .«< r,»r w«r«tt K 0.711. w«.t-IMled OeMKr «“• '*?SI coastroctme a eldcwalc on toe of tlg sir fUftoOi Milwaukee avenue tad western terminus ° r \Tlrtud e Ko TO, West-Dated Oct. Wth, IMO. lor r«- niirtte sidewalk on cast side of fcoutoweatem artaoe. -a -si- *• aio:c<ald term ot sale Jieai.D. City Collector. Gift Enterprises. n liEAT WATCH SALE n% THE IMIPCLAII ONE PKHJR PLAN. niHfi.Mfrv pain t a haudMimo andrcltab « Tk slcL Ulr teftoVlowp I lcerJ Ten MUM*. w« thou: red vrl ttr to value, and t>ot b« paid tor nalea* pnf-ctiy suistactoryt lOOHilld Gold Uonui switches I® to M IDO Majlc Cased Gold Watches. f« to «c IWLadies’ Waterea, enamelled... wojo 300 Ovid 11a;Unit Chrononictcr Watch*.. 2£ to 3< jMUoiO Heeling fc n3M»hL-Tcrs Se sco Gold Ranting l)opl*i watetf* 1M to WO Mi Gold Uni tine American Watchta lg> Jo w UC Stiver fluniitg Lever* “J® *s®. mo silver Hunting Duplexes M SOOUo.d LanW watches »jo »Jfl LMOOMdllnnCngUllnea....... *Jto Jb 1,300 MlectUaueous Sliver watches wjo n» 3jS) Hunting Stiver Watch*# »£ -0 kinds every patron obtains a Water by coating not Sto, white U may be worth |TM. no part K iK^i W j'nick!in« ft Co.’s Great Union Watch Cc.. noldete are enticed to th«»rt ft^.S^wheUiSab^a Uflrate, StwiU ai . which sstmssisss iflcmcal. OF bTAMINA, Coßstltitional Weakness. effect or IIOSTETTER’S BITTERS IK CASES OP General BehilitM, Natnre U act Impartial. Oa some of ns the ha* h* s’owed stalwart frames, strong consdtatloos, ins nerve*; on other*, hat little physical paver, or constS rational stamina, or ncrvooa vigor. Let the table take heart, however. Uthry cannot become Samaooe, they can, by the me ol proper meant, make op la * measure lor the dtflcleaclte otnatu4,and may per* chance lire u long and enjoy me u much u thetr mere Herculean neighbors. Delicate machine* natter proper care tometlmet ontlaat thote of a more aotm and ponderous structure. A fine watch win ran loaner than a steam engme of a thousand hone-power. Tbs first object ot the weak and fragile U, or should be, to acquire additional strength If possible. Dlspoan&te. It may be stated as a prored and established fact, that science has given to the world, ts HOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERS A r egttable iaripoponl, uiieStpermanently brace* op and tutlaint the feeble phytique, whether &e iactef ttrmgtk and {lamina be on inherent defect or Iks retail cf extran'out coatee. If general debility lajiolfcditease, It U somethin* worse, vis: a condition which predispoeea the body t» succumb to all miiuenoea that produce disease. W« are continually surrounded usd beset, more or less, by Infecting element*. Neither the purest air north* pur est water la perfectly pure. And tu region* where boA are absolutely poisonous, bow shall the weakly coostf tctlon and trail ixitem reslittheir deadly effscti taiMa * fortified by artificial r • *■ ”*• ■*T t * wa r.»s..>ir,’twnait.' sustaining preparation they are claimed to be—and on mt* bead the testimony la thetr tkror U orerwbelmlnc ana incontrovertible—then it ts absolutely fatuttont ta any man cr woman, eafierlns from physical weakness, no: to resort to so potest a remedy. When an epidemic is pfenning, orla pros pect, the best saftguanTs are a perfect digestion, Arm nerve*, and a wise employment of the means which science has p’aced at the disposal of the pnblle as an tidotes against atmospheric Infection. Among lb* latter. ROSTETTER’S BITTERS Deservedly enjoy tbs highest reputation throughout the Western world. pruemember that physical rigor Is the best defcoea against disease, and that it may be Increased to an ex traordinary decree by the me ol this celebrated tonic. JSowel Complaints, Colic, T>!ar— rhtva, Dysentery, Cholera Mor~ bus, and Constipation . Billions Colic Is a disorder characterised by what Paracelsus call* oh *»oco«apc»<n. The torture esteoda over the whole abdomen, amt a strong mao writhe* under It a* If upon the rack. The IUITBU? ate uewfnt to relieve the pnroiysma, but It Is as a sure means af presetting a recurrence ol the attack that that ar* particularly tvotmneoded. Tone tha liter and lha bowels with this icfill* sUmutSDl and corrective. and yen wHI never Ih» troubled with the agrnltltg and dan gerous complaint known ns billions Colls. Cln-oHte IHnrrhaa. Tbrfpiß scarcely acy dltrcrstted ol opinion nwontf rriulnr pliyslrlßUsasrcgarilattiairsalmaatbf nhrun- IcrtiaMlorfl. Mo«l ol Ihrw Into tiorstoftita r«i*m ntendi d a iMblsspoidibtlor teMp»<>nftlii brandy lob* tMirnsevHalUihPS a day. They onn and all Admit IbßtsktrliiisiitaandtoMis ara rc<iulrwt. this Imtei ■ doilllist, (bn main thing Is to gtm llu* iMit I 0.10 and itkiiiuHuti 1 alraabn jirnfuiwli and tiut lias bam pmvMl It) tprrUnoe, and und«r lhn brat chntnlMi Dill, lit bt< OSIETTERS STOMACH QITTERS The symplpmi nf cbrnnW dysprpsla are ills' barges yrnerally. wllh soma paid tml griping, rrstlrasnsss, IhltSl, poof apppllle. dsbllllf, l>>«S Ol (trsti, dry, fuiiab, and inmawbai sallow ikla, Um lougHßiUy and dark colored, ths fowl often paassg through thi iHiwsis nearly In the enn'dims In whim It was iwallowsd, thus rhnwirg tkil UlO gastric Jntca Is rttbei but ginsiated In sustclcbt uusnmy.of Dial it has md tha solvent yreptMlN nn es«ary tu d«(ompo*a the losiilcsird fiHid. Tba livsrii generally unt of ns* .ire, and lr« buwds arfllilfd wlta a low grads ui la* flammalloii. Dndrr ltie«eflrpnm«lan<‘ssams.iichc sTrbily apart* eri, as well a* lonic and anlbbillmt*, is abv rlnlely fs* (j'llrvit 1 and sorb a tueiikTke Is HOSTFiTTHin BITTERS. UUil*)l*>rr"ln mind, however, itnirlifonMUf* rl'ira, m well a* Un anile funn of Un leads w H, n ay always i>« avoided by iogeof itiaaiomsrh and ot the mucins msmhraataf Ihu Intestine* wllhlhUiaiu’are and harmless invtgo raid. it I* a great thing to retort to re«»iUrlt» a «l* ordered function, but It U still better to exclude toa nx-aMiir for iwt.. ration by preventing irreinUrt****- All ilueginU require to ba tiimaiatedi and yet itiangn to ut, theilngguh bowel* are nftaa sshjretort lo» treatment wblcb la ib» increase* their tore ptrtlty, and racier* a complaint easitv «arw| In to* beglnnlrg, obstinatelychrome. Let tbe constipate* beware of drastic pills asd potion*. Tbe InvartthlF aggravate tbe disorder. A combination of a whole eome stimulant with a jaW, »oc thins laxative » wtaa Uneeded. In nOSTETTEBS MM the reCerer hu this Important desideratum. A coarse of this genial corrective will eventually core every form of constipation, and remove tbo hca-acbe, dlazi nrss, feverishness, nacaca, ar"2 mi'ddy-tnlnil* rfa*w*. by which It l« caaally accompanied, tome persons who arw by coQstitntton ot a constipated habit may overcome the dlOulty and achieve perfect regularity by using tbe BITTERS dally la ccnloralty with tbe direction*. The Three most Important Periods of Life. rbysldans divide me Into flve tfutinct per'ods-th* arst extendlcs from birth to tbe aee of seven yean, the second from the seventh to the fonrteenth year the third trom the fourteenth to the twenty-flntyeaft the fourth from the tweoty-flrst to the fortieth year, the filth from the Ibrtiett year to the do** of Us»*a -strange, cventftU history.** Shatipcare dtvUea hlfc into -seven »g«” but live Is the number adopted by tnc ft cully. In wbal If called tbe •* third period ** the Important changes occur which mark and separata tbesexe*. This Is the stage ol development, when the frame. In acquiring form. Proportion, and strength, makes ex traordinary demands upon the vital and constitutional tesonrcee. The weaker sex suffers most during thia period. Thevitamyofwomia,betngt«edtoa great er degree toau that ot man, often require* to be re*tn* forced by artificial menus. Whenever this is necessary, BOSTETTEU’S BITTERS Mav te conscientiously recommended as the moat harmless and effective of all tonics. The fburth period, embracing the maturity ol Ute, when the powers of bedy audmlndln both sere* ought to be In fall rlror, aleohu Us special dlfflcaltle*. It Is during this stage that the lemala U subject to most of tie tsrasslnntallment* peculiar to her organization. So numerous and distressing are these complaints, that the pailence with which they are borne, while U ex cite* the wonder, demands the earnat sympathy, of the less afflicted being* wno style themselves par cx rW/encetbe “1-rds ofaeatlon-** InlbrntodsUmust be admitted that tbe “lords ’ are by to menu equal to the - ladies.” To the latter it is Important to know that in toe troubles which precede and follow maturity, toe BI TT BBS Are fieri!cut. both u a bodily and m»ntal lavUoraiit. Tbey wlil be frond a capital me»'J of sustaining ton icmale under the heavy madenpoaU at toe most Interesting and perilous periods of narrtad rnt fifth atage Is that !o which all the foactfcna do* cay and the frame gradually bends antler the weight of years. purlcg this period, 100, women softer much mors than the stronger sex. InpaaslnttheUnewhldt divides maturity from thedeclneoftlfe,they hare to encounter mere dlftScoltlee ans dancers than tear dreamed offwhenheertasedthe Rubicon, Depression and gloom bordering on insanity, together with lana merable physical disturbance?, are among tne paioa and penalties they soccednjct have to endure at toosrc* oj. das well as at the jtrit crisis ot thru lives. As a soothing and balsamic remedy tor their aiftleUona at soda times, toe BITT E B S Are prescribed by many emlnfnt physician*. The stimulating Qualities oftrereparation aro so aodl n.d by toe medicinal berbs and root* lafoscd into It, that It may be taken without apprehe* stou ereu by those who are unpleasantly affect®! by toe ordinary excitants. Proparod and Bold by lOSTETIEI & am Pittsburgh, Pa. yOH SALE BY. T> EUGGIST S , GROCERS AMD STOREKEEPERS, Throughout tho World,