Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 1, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 1, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago €ribtmc. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1867. THE CITY. Tnincww VTAJrmj.—We a rein want of several copies of the TfiißCna of November 23, ISGG, our fli „, f ihit date having been lost A favor will be ccnfctrad by leaving them aloof counting room. - Aw Armacnr* Cokceht.— lldllp Phillips, ihe well-known "sweet • ln K« r tho MethodM Israel.” will gives concert tn the Clark Street Methodist Church, on Tuesday evening, February sib foi the bent At Of tbo Chicago Mctbodmßus- A*\ school tad Missionary Union. Handled" who have each a curiosity to bear Hr. Phillips' match- Iwi voice will now have an opportonlly. Piscnauasn.— Timothy Mnlrabey, charged wlib the larceny of a wagon, waa discharged at the Police Court yestciday afternoon. The charge of larceny appeared lo have breu of a technical character, the transaction with which It was cou nseled being a very interesting entanglement of the affairs or three or four men. Involving a civil lawsuit oud a M fat take" fur lawyers." A Fxmwttt Celia Botd had become tlicd ol Chicago. She packed her Itunk and waa nearly ready to depart for Si. Louis, Hot certain ancient grudges possessed her mlud and she •mashed some wlndiwe on Wells street to bat- Mire accounts. Thb little ovtnl detained her In Chicago, and ye»U-rdn; mutnlng she waa fined |U) foi 11. Titr. rxKxrtmAt Viawa.—After considerable driays. tbe vuw )of tbe National Cemeteries, whrie rest the remains o| over 112.000 Union mar tjra. ate turn teadr. ai d within a few days our t ulceus Millbu called on for their subscription*. Tbe views are beautifully exeeuled, and as one half of (be proceeds will Bo applied to ireautlfrlns the Union National remoter irs. we hope tbit all «111 respond liberally to (bu call. 1 *nc*HT as —William Bmllb, who waa nirnllom-d In thieo < ulumns a day or two since as hiving been brought from Detroit, an a charge of Uiceny, having taken Ibe sum of 11,40 b worth of tobacco lo Mllwsnkee, In December last, while acting as an agent tor Mr. KoecUer. and disposing of It there on hU uuo account, was examined in tbe I’oiice court yesterday. Ills boll was fixed at (I,W for a cotiHanefl cxaiDlnallon. LoMßirrtp roH TniAL.—Tlje continued case of Unit!* ttatd, charged with the larceny uf clothes tri m a boarder at No. 40 Orliwold street, win call* rd up bifotc Justice Mullksn rsMeiday aflefUOiMb Pfteusoh war bfotleh! fiolii Jail a* a wttnsM, am tif riibMaimilly a* lii*s|sl«t in Ihe i-iiu* nn yatnmav taut. Clsftl (IsoM mrf bavin* given him imparls. ami all fcimwMim or them. IJa *bb ci'ii tiiHtrd for (rial in hill of f5wJ, anti both tin. buy* wpie mMn in ibn jail I'urnir to t»m llioiit Ma«.=A eoimrpofidcht Mwsslf “llsm/Mm" mile- Hint lit* mill! of imntiitf Hip gtit Marcarrl Pmtflra, rUvlipt caught flia aa stated on Wednesday i tcM. i. i.i<( dm- to the ©Hirer imnied, but to film* t.p hi? Hrai'j.ed ht» sbawl about l-eran't tlu< Psine* after badly hi (be band*. ’llm anion was a bravo and oi tii> one and should bo uroiwrly local d, Tbeeiil wa» nniia badly bitmoJ about tho arm* ain< lower I'fltl of lb® brea»l. Her patent* aro poor bug Uvttlii tbe North iMviamii near Ho- city llmla. Witiioit * ItcEKrE.—J)bn Itenaon waa ar» retted at tht comer of Ktorio street oijlmrsday aiimionn for redd inc wlibouta hcente, lie waa bronchi befnte the Police Court yesterday morn, nine- lie arrived in ihla city about a mouth ago wiicont money or IHundf, and bU necessities bo* ci mu g ktji.mi to the German Relief Association ha wat lumVsiwa with a small supply of cooa* mi dsi til out peddling. The neclect to procure a Hen-* uat, nut a* much Id* fault ns that of the Ho waa fined Jtn, ana the fine ait! wended, he promising to obtain a license without delay. The YrsDT broucrtosojtsn.—The case of Abra ham Hartrunfl against Allen C. Ynrdt, which was tried during- February of iriS, occupying some seventeen cays of time m the Kane Conn’y Circuit Court, having been remanded by the Supreme Conrl is expected to be tried during this month. This case if lor tbc seduction of a wife. It In cludes in its delads a mass of testimony boiling ovrf with rasrinese—the two thon*a-d page* of the bill of exception on which the case went to tha Fnpreme Court reeking with corruption. Dn Monday It is expected that a motion to postpone tbc hearing will be argued. Ltctcce os Ekglasd.—Moses Colt Taylor, de livered a lecture on “England, her greatness and littleness,” in lie Plymouth Congregational Church, last evening, to a large audience. -The lecture contained some accmatc descriptions of English life end manners, and was enlivened by maijv funny none-, but It was marked by mis takes a? great as those committed by 801 l Ran Rnescil when toe wro*e about the United Stale*. His atatement that thousands of Englishman do not know their own names, but only the numbers by whlcn tbev are designated Ii the mines or workshop-, may do to uckle an audience with, but is a slight exaggeration to say the least. Alleged Accespobt to Robbebt.—A French man named John Rochambeau was arraigned at the Police Court yesterday afternoon, charged with being an accessory to the robbery of Ray mond Verscboore. at the 44 Bally Boys' ’’ Saloon, some days ago, the particulars of which have al ready been pnblt-hed. Mr. Verscboore did not identitv or remember Rochambcatu though the latter admitted that be paw and talked with Ver seboore at that place about two hours before the alleged robbery ; that speaking to him in French, he warned him to leave, be himself leaving before’clork. lie wa* held lor farther examina tion to-day to hall of Ssno. Week-Night Sumcca.—Divine service is held every Friday evcningln fat. John's Church, Union Park, conducted by some distinguished divine. The sermon this evening will be preached by Rev. VT. G. Smithed, formerly of Boston, but now rector of St. Mailbew'e Church, Kenosha, Wis. The pu lie are cordially Invited to attend.- Seats are tree. There will be special religions services in Grace Mctboftist Epl-copal Chutrh, corner of LaFat'e street and Chicago avcunc, this evening at 7>( o'clock. The pastor. Rev. Dr. Titiany, will de liver a dircoorte to those who have been profited bv the ttnes of meetings now in progress. At these service the seats arc free, and all persons aic invited to attend. Alleged Lancurr.—Andrew E. Pooler w. e brought before Justice MUhkcn yerierdav i.ovn charged »ilb »*>• Urwny of a pair of ntr gloves ana a meerschaum plpe,Uic property of Mr. F. F. WwVMrn. residing at No. SSSbonlh Clinton street. u wa* that those articles were missed Iroru the premiss or •*»•. Wickham some titue last aummw, at which period PooUr and his family occupied a portion of Wickham’s t*ou«e. A few dave sinci-,.Mr. Wickham stated, at the Hock Iriaho deoot he saw his gloves tieiug worn by a driver of Parmclee’s omnibuses, and at once identified than. He was in'ormca that the gloves wetc pmebasi-a from Mr. Pooler. The pipe was loond at sW cl!# s icct pawubrok-rs. As material uetimot y >n the case «vaa »anting. It was con tinued ont 1 this afternoon in ball ot fSOU. PoatTE nr Hiexfaisakce. —The annual meet ing of Cue French Benevolent Society was held lari evening in the rooms of the Young Men’s CkrbUao A*-»-oclatlon. The Prcaldent, George Do Loym-, occupied tin- chair. ihc annual rcpoita were preaentrd. That of ll.i* Tri-a-urer showed that Kv't.GS bad been ols tiibmed umusg vht poor, aud that the balance in b#nk The Focieir then proceeded to the election of cthttvr*, w Uh the following rc-ult; Piesldrnl—(Jcoibu De Loyncs. Yuc J’nrldeuis—Ambroifo Gagne end Allred Spink. Ticaturer—William Lnparie. Rccoidiug Secretary—Alvarcd Cotnard. Exnnti'cConmmitc—Louis I Assure, Augu«le Rournsqne. Auguste lltsler, Victor Glrardlo, 1 jurtut Sadler, hi d P. L. RofinuL- Tbc Society numbers ninety-seven member*. Bt ccLADirs —The diug store, situated at No. Randolph street, which has been closed for the part few months, was cUetcd between five and-lx o’clock Wednesday afternoon by par* ties w'ki-c’ oprratluns indicated a previous ac cj oainnn c<- with the premise-. Tbc entrance wai rffcitcd liv hr-nklng a pane of glass In the win dow of ih-- ba« k door. Ibo thieves earned away a quantity ofdrugs, articles, and a fine suit ol dothiß bt-iopglng to W. 11 Mow. incinditig a htnall rum <ri mot ey. A Swedish tailor occupied the ud;ui>.h g building, and, it Is alleged, hoar ibe gla- > Btiß.tficd and theoolsu Inside, but wit*' the extract! binary exercise of the faculty of mind :iig lis own business, bo ratecd no alarm nor ufered to disturb them. Tl,c do good store of li. Ahrens, No. 31 lAke stiii-I. on- tillered on Tuesday night and robb 'l ot bbout fiv*.- haedred doliara worth of vestings, heaver cloths and coats. A lolodcd Tuizr.—a colored youth named Derrick E.l!s was arrested on Thursday byDo teotve Fimpron, at a pawn office, where he bad previously dtspo-ca of a coat, (wo pahs of pants, and a vc>t,' be property of £. B. Chandler, £tq , >up«r;rtpi.dvn ot tbc Fire Alarm Telegraph, trc'Ci whose room be bad stden tnetu somodaya ago. Derrick was an exrcvtl'ngly black negro, si<dattki Police Couil yesterday afternoon told the 0 udgv tea- be (Dcrnch) got with some fallow* and gotdmnk. nnd know vvbat was golrg on fur a week Gtic length ol lime necessary to cover hr* ihcftb and the dS«pOMlion ol tbcm<. ai.d only •* came to yesterday.’ lit* bad tu tbc ritv a year or two “off and on” inqnhcd.-How much oflf” and rwtved the In ge* lout aurwer—“l reckon I’se been od about asot'nss iTe In town— He had been o riavc in Kentucky and Mis*ts-lppl. lie was committed for tria! to ball ot AtLtcrp rotroMKo.—John Dixon, a colored man recently employed as s cook in the ooardluj* hocfc ol Sir. Cratu. at No. 233 State atreet, was airaixn-ed before Ibe Police Court ytslenlay after booh, chart'd >Jih Danins poi.oa is same of toe meat and yeast ueeu tn the bouse. He *a? discharged yesterday, and had been beard to mter ominous threats nj trouble in his successor, and when he was pre paring remi* mince meat for pies, warned two or three or tb«* gala ncilu cat Ot them or they would be sick. Thb* naturally excited their carernosa to lasleof the fornlddrn fruit, as Mother K»o had d"t-cK*ore them, and they pronounced it very sickening. The proprietor taalen it. and he also found it very nauseating. The tact* developed in the partial examination of the ca/c h id joaXcr dav. indicated that nothin? more dangerous had been need than soda and sail. The case was con* tinned nnr week to await a chemical analysis of the v eparetioti. Dixon bring required to find hail In the sum of gS»C« Cixamsg tux fciDEWALKs.—The thaw of yes terday 100-coed iron the sidewalks fte ice and correlated snow which for e--me days past have made walking almost impossible, and the oppor tunltv vas Improved by very many of our most ■pmtb in ricrmtablc, condition. Unfortunately, however, lb«* msjotliy ot the residents in onr etty are not ot this thoughtful class, and a great many sidewalks are trill nneleatud. Should the thiw continue 10-dav. we hope to -e> a g<*oeral clear ance of the ice and enow, and a chance given to people to walk along the streets without danger yl a broken Umh at every step. The work k not a difficult one. Halt an hour’* labor is sufficient to disencumber au ordinary front, and the exer cise would be of great vaueto hand reds ot onr djtpentic-who now groan in body for wantof a little muscular exercise. Those who prefer to pay a trifle to ct other, will fled plenly ol unemployed cm s to whom the work rould be welcome, and >i the pay decidedly acceptable Asomru Fonotnr case.—William Calcott, whose occupation appears to bare for some time conslmd of !oafing. swindling and repairing the icfljmiticso* billiard and pigeon-hole tables, on Wednesday night became Indebted to John Pran nen, a eaiorn keeper, at the corner of MUehe.l elreet and Smart avenue, for gambling losses at cards. In the sum of one dollar and a quarter. Calcori had only tony cents in money, but offered a check in payment nanrea dccunel to cash the chock, and required Calcott to learj some trifitrg articles as security for Ibe deb;. The check, was iniormed by a Mr j-bclati, who bad kept Calcott as a boarder, at No 11T Stuart avenue, was worthless. It pojlgrt?® A 0 be drawn by "Mdney Myers, cashier cf F. «M. Rank. 13 Clark «rect," Jinuary 23d, for f 110, upon A. C. Badger A Co. Calcott also bad a chock for f 10, ostensibly itctwd *»> Ibe tame party, tn dltercnl writing.) upon the Second National Back. These be bad attempted to negotiate at bis boarding bouse, lie said he received the Isrcer «hcck about ten days ago from a man gamed Whittli whom benaa sold some billiard material. The other, he alleged, was also received •r thi line of bis business. He was arrested, and at the Police* fouil, yesterday morning, was com mitted lor ti ltd lu hall of LAW INTULIQEMCE. Important Decision by tho Supreme Court—Drunkenness no Pallia tion or Agfiraralion of a Criminal Act. Hew Trial Granted to Foley, the Killer of Panins. How BuIU-A Divorce Prayed For. loatneea tn the law courts la dull, and lawyers are not complaining; but, More aaka them how Ihe world wags, they answer is though til were at j cacoaud litigation had ceased. A few suits are commenced, and fewer are tried—the business molvcs Itself almost Into the lik ing of orders which have re (h fence only to the many iuz<n of pleading. The crim inal bUßlcesaexpcc'eu to be taken up to the Cir cuit Court passed over nntll this morning, when Complies limcoll will be brought before a Jury to answer to an indictment for murder, the charge bring that he killed his wife Jn’it. Toe homicide occurred some time since, and U has been shroud ed In mystery from the dalo ol Us cutnralixlun. The prisoner, bis wife and tbclr sou wore sleep ing tn adjacent rooms, ins rather and mother, la a drunken mood, qnartelled. they retired to rest, and Iti the momiog she was luuud dead; a rust/ bnyonet was discovered mar by, and the wounu, perhaps, corresponded with It In shape. It was also expected that Clark. Conrad and Charles Cooper would be tried as horse thieves, bat they procured a continuance of ihclr case tut- Hi the next term. , , .. ...... The court Is engaged In tho trial of tho case of Underwood against Kimball. ThU suit Is on t note of defendant to Uie Chicago Marine A Fire Insurance Company fur dab-d January 4ih, itca, endorsed to pJulnHtf after lu tu«- tnitiy. dclrndant defends on two ground t First, 10 to one years' lutere-l that Ihe note >vus acltially signed and given not on January 4th of IHSH but lUn, and secondly,that the dcietidsnl'depnslii‘d w t'h the company, the payee, at the discounting of Hie note, curtain warolumso receipts ss collateral fccitrih, wl b which receipts which neither Hie bank nor the plalnMlT can now piodure. defendant insists he should bo credited at a stl-off against Ihe uute. In the Cncull Court tbeio wna commenced an action of I). McDougsl and others agalust Thomas D. Thom'on. Assuropallto retovor tor inerrhandlre fnriitsheu. Chid Jnalice Wilson, of the Bnporlor Court, hai granted to James Foley a new trial The decl<tun was ha*cft ui'on Hie teriimony as to the couditlon nf the prisoner in relation to drunkenness, wtien he committed the homicide of Jacob P. I'aciua. In this connection II may bo interesting to pub lish the substance of the decision of tbo Supremo Com (of this Biale Inlbore>eof The People vs. Mclntyre, oho was convicted of muidcr io rayille. on » change of venue from Marlon County. Tho decision was drllvetod by Chief Juslice Walker, and it h tie«s not the evldet,re, hut alleged Iricgnlat|t|<>a in rite trial. Tbe t.’nuri ond« (Ssl tin- *l*l,l In in the prbonor to object to sos-t'cr or me ftrmslPr of su osih teqitlrod to lw isken by Ihe officer lu chßigeoriheJury. It was also objected in this rare Hist Ihe Mnarks of "Ihe Judge, who brhl Hie ra*e in ihe jury, as (hey retired, thsl he would hold four! open for a spmfled Mmn t » see if ihey Mould he nhle lu agree, and if they should tint, Hint ho would adjourn until the, next iiuoii'ng," was ralrnlnled to prejudice ihe prisoner. The cowvl overruled ihW poh l upon ihe showing thai H hail no avail as n Ihn al, Inasmudi as (hr Jury MiHlimd In srssioti, drllheiating upon thu verdict, aonm honra after the time aperttlud by Ihe Court. ’The Hautl pro crciis: It la likewise mMried (bat the Court erred In ulvihg tho Ftnple'a tevemh Ina-rucUon. It ia this, "Drunkenness I* no cxruau lorcriino," tmt t-dlber an agtr&vatlnn of U, and, Uieu'fai«, the jury can determine what the offence charged in he Indictment meant, If they bollove the same proved oa charged, and that it ought to be reduced Irom murder to Tnanalauubtcr,owlrc to the Intoxi cation of tbe defendant at tbe time 01 such killing, they must bcileve that tbo defendant waa intoxicated to aucb a decree os not to be conscloua of hu acta, or no able to firm In bta mind a deliberate Intmttun to lane tie life oflbe deceased,provided they believe the Ute ot the deceased » as taken as charged." We are a rare that text writers frequently say that arunkenuefis 19 no excuse for crime, bat raibcr bi. aggravation of the ottencc. That it fa no excnn t ls certainly true; bnt that U should be held in law to aggravate crime, is not. we con* tcive. a correct proposi'lon. In ethics, it is no donbt true, bat bow It can aggravate a wilful, deliberate xnnrder, perpetra ted with malice preconceived, and deliberately perpetrated, we are unable to comprehend, or tint it will aggravate what in lav is only manslaughter if perpetrated by a sober man. Into mardcr, corn* milted by a drunken man, is not. we conceive, true; or that it increases a minor offence to one of a higher grade. Is not true. Wbilal It U not grounds for reversing a judgment. It Is, perhaps, calculated »t» prejudice the defendant's case, and a Court might well omit to give U,or at least mod ify it before it should be given. lire tiubsconent portion of the Instruction is notsoclear. Bnt If we understand ita purport, tils that if the accused was Intoxicated to that degree that he was incapable of IteitTg con.-clou* of hU acts or conld not form a delntoruto purpose of liking the life of deceased, then the crime would be reduced from murder to manslaughter. If lUc homicide is manslaughter and not murder, it is because the art was committed wlthnnl malice expressed nr implied, ana wltboat any mixture of delit-eraiton whatever. Itifnot tor the reason that the accused was incapable of forming so intention to do the act, A drunken man may no doubt commit manslaughter, but to render it such, (here sbonld be the same degree of provocation wmch would make it that crime if perpetrated by a sober man. This instruction does not asscr* this rale, bat excludes it, as it Informed the jury that if accused was drunk, he should have been ho highly irioxicated that he was incapable of form ing a deliberate intention to take the life of de ceased as conscious ol his own acts. If there was provocation which would Have rendered U manslaughter lor a man not intoxicated to have performed the act, then that act was by this in struction excluded from the consideration of tbo jury and was therefore erroneous. It is likewise insisted that the Court erred in re ceiving the verdict after it was adjourned, and be fore it was again opened. In this wo perceive no error. Itwoa held by this Conn, in Green's case, 16 Illinois, SSI, that aror the Court had adjourned, bnt before the Judge had left the coart-room, a verdict might be received, and that it wonld support a Judgment. In the case of Baxter vs. The People, Gil, it was held that whilst tire Court conld not perform any judi cial act on Sunday, the reception of a verdict o"ly being a ministerial act, It might be received and recorded on that day. Without enlarging upon ihc principles and reasons which induced those dccMons, Ulssudicicnito aty they aredonstro of ibis question. It was also insisted 'bit the Conrtbelow erred jn overruling the motion.ln a*rest of judgment before rendering Hnal judg ment in the case. II is perfectly apparent that the rriditlon of a final judgment disposes of a mo tion in arrest and for a new trial, and although not foistal, such 1b Its cCccl As it is not pretended at there wa« any defect in the Indictment, as ro* corded, which cnuM.k* fne corrt committed no error In annulling ll by rendering tto final JndmenL . „.. For the errors indicated the judgment of the Cou*t below ie reversed and the case remanded for a new trial. In the Superior Court the following suits were commenced: , , , . , , Jt.II. Johnston applied fora meebauic’s lieu against William T luidrctband others, for f 331.07 on lot fi. in subdivision of lot 4, block BS, dual Ituetco’ Subdivision of Section SI, Township 59 north of rang* l 14 east. Gcorre W. King and William Aldrich vs. 11. U. icing; assumpsit. Damages, tl.OOu. JSorthwcetcm Manufacturing Company va. Geo. Flannlgan. Pctl'lon for mechanic's lien on lo»« 1 to li, irclnsive. In Block w, Hi)!, Albee & Lewis’ Bni<dlv:elon in the west half of the N. W. nunrtor of Section 4, T. 3S. north of range *1 cast. Thomas 11. Beebe vs. Anton Baiidlly. BUI to procure tbe making of a deed of th; west Si feel of lot 1, block 31, Kinxlc'ft Addition. Theodore Helm acd Julius Wauling va. Jacob poibs ; cpsuinpsli. Damages laid at jUWO. Tbe same vs. 'l*bcohold Foerokr; assumpsit. Damages laid at at.noo. in tiro Coantv Court, on the estate of William Gamble, Iho widow Sophia was appointed almiu pttMiix under n bond of WV>n',anii in the c«ta*e of William W.Taylor, tiro brother libcramwa* ap pointed the administrator on a bond of f 13.800. A comiDisriou of lucacy was ordered on peti tion of MOrgan S. Johnson, to le«t Ihe condition of mind of Daniel Johnson. A jury eat and lound the patty insane. Caroline tabhe received papers to administer upon the estate of John 11. Ik'bkc under bonds of f <3.000. Tlio estate of D. Abrabamson was declared settled, excepting as to tbe widow's claim. It will he remembered this I* the case lo which the widow dcciltcs to receive the money awarded to her {some $700), on the ground that she should have more and her children less. in tbe itccordcr’s Court a bill for divorce was tiled bv John against Dorothea Tldtund. Tbe ap p.lcalion is maon because of tbe alleged drunken condition ol the wife. CHURCH DEDICATION. Olivol Proslirlerlnn Church—The Ser mons Lust Evening. Ihe new edifice of the Olivet Presbyterian Church on Walissh avenue, near Fourteenth street, was dedicated to Divine service last evening in Ibe presence of a large audience. The exercise* were opened with an anthem by the rbotr, followed by rcadiLg of tbc scriptUD * and prater by Rev. Z. M. Humphrey, D. D„ and another anthem. Ircv. Mr. Trowbridge followed in prayer, and the hymn was snugcommencing " When shall tbo vo'cc of singing How joyfully along." the dedication sermon was then preached by Itev. Thomas O. Hire, the acting pastor, from lvalue 143, 11. Wo make room tor a partial ah- Mi act of it e really eloquent discourse: The Kingdom of God V bun Is the grand central id’ a aiound wh en alt things else cluster, and thus ti e text ia a fit Introduction to the consideration «t the glory ol the Kingdom ofcbrt-t. It t« do does first it: Its origin, which is purely in benevo lence and love, a deMre for man's salvation, not In worldly ambition and lost. The blood of the <on oi God was me only means of satisfying jas •ice and bringing salvation to flow like a mighty liver. hctordly. The kingdom of Christ ia glorious in iispiogress. Thecaevohas gone forward from ibe very ashes ot the martyrs, till It has become a common saying, "the blood of the martyrs U tre feeder me chnrrb." and still itgmweth. We may judge of Us glorious future from the past, atm r. om the sore wo«d of prophecy. The oatii of God is pleogcd that the time shall come when all shall know ihe Lord, and all peopic shall see bis glory ard walk in it as iLclr ernstant daUy light. Holi ness to the Lord shall be Inscribed upon all ihhps.warfhßllccaso.lhc eword and the spear ‘hall be b:ol.en. and the !:on shall lie down with 'helaii.b. l>arkpc*. c shall pass away, and all ?hall rejoice in the light of salvation. Clitet has all resources at his command, and God's po« er Is Wing exercised for the progress of lit; kircdcm. Tbelsbuts of Paine and Voltaire fro ta* c made to minister to that progress as well ca »no«o of lbs bejl men. There can be no datktisre or sin greater than tbat over which the kingdom ot CmM has already triumphed. Its requirements a: c simple. Its dalle# plain and prac 'teal, its joy* if speakahle. JJo olhcrrel-gion has been co advanced among men. lie dlfiastve na> ran* sr.o Us ptogicss, chow me glory of the king dom of Christ llil-fiU, ft is glorious to Us privileges, its members arc bronchi Ulo tbo family of God and i jirl-j. They become frccffl'U Indeed. They have -afe and sure protection, kept 1-y God in the hol low of his band ana as Ibe npp!e of his eye. Fourthly. it la gloriocs in its principles and laws. The first principle is lovo and benevolence —that of the world is selfishness and hate The .•pint ol the whole kingdom of Cartel Is wlf-de nlal. ibe rule " Thon shall lore the Lonl tbyGoowithali thy bean sad thy neighbor as thyself" comprehends the whole, and Is entirely unlike that of mm- tinman law can reach only the visible act, but the la .* • "f this kingdom search the heart let the principles of this kingdom universally prevail and the glories and bliss ol Eden shall again return, and beneath the boughs of Its trees ail nations shall rest and slog thesong of peace. Fifthly- This kingdom Is glorious In Its offices. Peace, prosperity, happiness; rcvall order ll—the opposite under the reign of man’s desires. Con tra t the condition ol a pagan and a Christian nation, and an idea can he formed of what • Christianity ba* done to raise up and ennoble. 1 War ard slavery arc banished, benevolence and the practice oi me benign arts take their place all begin to devote themselves to works or mercy i and charity- II there m hnl little goodness in the I world what there is is found In me members of the kingdom of Christ— though in a feeble and Im perfect state. Ibe principles which areptamed in Ihrlr breasts, if carried ont, wid grow to the growth of angels. Bat the glories of Christ are i most powerful lo rotation to eternity. Tongue fails In describing those possible glories, i Sixthly. The glories of tbo kingdom of Christ are shown in their nDlverasllly and power. s?atao Is vanquished by 1U To Christ is given thr I kingdom ana the dominion over all creation, f-om Gabriel lo the lowest being In the world of drsnair. All natural power* are hi*, boss's, i birds and fishes, storms, sunshine, shade, the 1 heavenly bodies, senates, kingdoms, vapors and l hail, snow and rain, the cloud and the moat in 1 the sunbeams, all tie snbjtct to bis order. Ani • Ills power will continue when lha nniTor*e has ceased tu exist. Ilia conquests are all deliver- tncc', Illarlctorlc* a lealvtUon. He couqaeralo set fit- r-nm sin and slavery. Kutband bell nay *.olii tn dreadful league against tbe Lo-O’s auoliu.- flu inihc circle of tho heavens and isnebn Christ witlcannner at Uat by tho power tf bin n It it or ’be lea* Ail power of hU wrath. Finally. Hie kingdom ot Chi Ut will, have a glo rious ana magnificent conaummaUotv The evil win be Judged at last aod sent it to ounLibmon* t tbo rood will t>« taken to live and rebut with him lie will then leave the part r( humanity wbtcb ha look t« nvc men. and resume bis place by tho aide of Ocd. Ihe church below la the placo where the sac*a rcerbl boats m God’s olccl are trained lo fight (ho Oatt'ca of lift*, and at last to take taclrcroivn above. Great are tbo privileges gad planes th* 1 cluster about Ibo Chttrth- ThO breaker ini-n gavo some statistics in regarl (otbccnnnb. Olivet Presbyterian Cbnrch was organised December, 1830. from tbo Srcond sad First Churches of 'be aly. In IFC3 liiey touched the lowest point of dlrcuQßiccrai'Bt. ana voted to sell their property and disband. '"oat was the turn ins Polt». A moralrcrof the congregation was *u exorcised at tho thought of voting a cburcbof God onto! existence that he asked lor another meeting, and then the vote was reconsidered, and the ctmrcb raised from that day to lire. Ills hoped, lotrrer. This building has been erected at a cost of fSU.Ouc. Including furnishing and tbo organ which is now to be pat op. The style of architecture n tbo Norman. Tho ceiling Is the most noticeable feature, and rntitely unique and original, ’t he ex terior o! (he building is to bo stuccoed, and It will then bo an ornament to lb* 1 aired. A*l tho mem bers have dune nobly to build and furni«b 11. May this house be to those tbit have built Hand tothnusamls others the House of God and the Gate of lioaveu. Let the Old. the middlrniged. l"e dilltlicn-01l classes—bllocr come to hear the ward of God and the way of Life. Those who may come hero will alw«/a find a noble comnatiy of men. and nf wora'in not a few. Tho poor am waituly welcomed, without money and without price. Borne time ago Uic pa«(nre and people of iho First and Btcuod I’ifshjtorliu C’tmrchra gave their pt rmlfliion (0 tbo acnaratlon of tbt< churrli front them, and now let them give horalmartv Sood cheer and God apoco, ami a f.<w tbuusand ollaislu help furnish the house of this young daughter. To give la Hm way lo got. Tho chil dren ought mu (0 lay up for the parenli, tmtihe paienta fur (be chllari n. Du mlarossed them In the words of Inab, "Ho of good cJhit, and play tho men. and tbn Lord t>a with von." Engrave on your hearts Hitmen tcocu "Faith, prayer, loving labor will bo (u you ■a the loci,a uf Hampaon." Taka bold of the Wmdnt (loil, and, as Is your faith, an shall U ha unto you. Tho mountains ol dWltoulty aball bo cotnu as nmlohlUs, and ere long tbo cry aball bo "Hie place i* too straight for us." The hy mu wai (beu sung, beginning 5 " Uh. huw ihlne car. Eternal One, On tbcc our hnait adoring calls ; For thee (bo folluwora of thy Hon Dave raised, and now devote those walls." The dedicating prayer waa offered by Ilev. Dr. lUttmou camccrall' g lu an eloquent s-raln of devotlou. Hie chuich and IU membors and cungro gntlon lu the renrlcc of tbe living God, and tho intcrcsring exercises closed with singing: " All hall the power of Jesus' name." and the bcne'ikilon by Ihe Her. Hr. Tieice. MYSTERIOUS FINDIHC3. A Hunk Clibck Lost, round ntid Cmlioil —The lUnllzcr Arrcutml* A bom eight weeks auo Mr. I). Matklcy. of lion* iirjilii, 11, prill by mall to seveml different par* Mu* Ip Mil* city. live or six draft! to tic’ uatpejfahi ntnotinl of itctily fil'd, winch It was filially found Imil nm named llietr Intended destination. It was at oi ce iilerud that theyb»d lM»mab»tf«ctod from the malls, and on representation to mu l‘ uii;oo amiuiltlei Hpeclal At'O'tl J. 11, Wicklxer was detailed tu Investigate p.e matter, lie found dial aon.o of the Uratu bad b-en paid t«y the banka In this city on winch they worn drawn, and finally traced mem to Mr. Pat Ick O'fonnor.of Joliet, a promi nent man who ha* a fox igt; agency oflicu there, and irartacU. eome hankluffbusln'*aa. O'Connor at Hist d* nled any knowledge of the (trail*, bat d. ally admitted Inal they had been aent to him for tie imipoee of bcinc cached, and traced them back to one Hrldgel Rogers, an Into woman, to ►idlnu in a mall shanty abonl half a mite from Mluooha Biatton. bhe told the fallowing little tale : On the mornltur of Aociut 12th she went to t e railroad track to gather clover for bcrboiovcd pig*. While thus engaged she di-cororctl a small parcel done up in brown paper, wet and (orcred with dirt and bating evidently been exposed to the weather for sometime. She took tbc package home, dried the papers which were ujfljp. n within, and summoned a coaocll con sist irg ol her husband and children to investigate the dl-covcry. The council, not being (similar with the written English langtngo, wore unable to come to a e'ear conclusion, and. therefore sum* moved a neighbor and countryman. Charles McVrriar, who, however, was able to tb'ow but little li;. hi on the mysterious papers, though he vtnuwod the angccitlon that they might be of val;:o, nr,d advised them (o consult some business mat. in JoilcL Sirs. Bridget thereupon took them, a week after <be discovery, to Mr. O’Conuor who, as site further alleges, informed her that they were of I*o value. It appears, however, thatbe made collection of one of the drafts for itc bee*, and this placed the detective upon the right track. Mr. O'Connor, when questioned, cave no satisfactory answer, but afterwards wrote to Chi* caco making abatement of the affair. The ver sions of Mr. O’Connor aud Mrs. Rogers did not agree exactly, and they were both arrested and brought belore Commissioner lloync on Tuesday lor oxaminalion. The result was not final, and they were both bound over. In their own recog nizance, to tbc next term of the United States Co art. If the woman's statement be true, the question arises how the papers came ’o be found in the field, lacy may have been stolen from the mail while passing, and thrown there to be taken np in the inturc, the thieves afterwards belog unable to find Uie spot, or neglecting it through fear of de tection. Whether any of the parties yet named were concerned In the robbery has not appeared, bat it Is to be hoped that the trial trill develop the real offenders. AnrsimßNTs, McVickeu's Theathe.—Charles Dillon's inim itable “Bclphcgoi” wss presented last evening for the last time. It la not only Mr. Dillon's mas terpiece, which is saying a-great deal, but it is one of the most lifelike sketchc* ot character ever given by any eclor. In bidding our tcluctaut adieu to Dillon In this character wc cannot omit to speak ol tbc powerful snpoort be has received at the bands of Mr. Carroll, who made a decided hit In his rendition or “Fantaronade,” and added vastly to the merit ol the whole performance. It was as perfect of tu kind as Dillon's “Beipbo gor,” ana except for the fact that the latter Is ao>fl constantly btfore the audience, it would he haid to say which was the more attractive feature of the play. To-night, “King Lear.” Museum.— Peep O’Day Is the all-prevalent sen eationatihe Museum. It has been given each inning of the week, so far to crowded houses. It will be repeated to night, MASQUERADE.—I be German Tnrngcmeloda of this city will give a grand masquerade at their hall, «m itac North Fide, next Monday evening, February 4. Ibo arrangements being made by the committee having the mailer in charge are such os to tesure Its complete success. i «fcrtiD , «iTATio>,—Mr. Robert Nlckle has bcoa lotted by slcktesa to discontinue his per i.nrrrri. ti> the mu*lc Ha.l of the Opera House. He v 111 rcenmo as soon a* bis health will permit. Uaiu Hall.—*lbe hair rttesscr* of Chicago trill give a grand complimentary ball lias ov -ning in turner Hall, ou North Clark street. bKATino.—The thaw ot yesterday was not very lavotablc to the cxcrct*o of skai'Ts. but tno tour nament announced (o take place at the Wana«h Avenue Itinknas not defoircd In consequence. A latge assemblage of net-son*, both male and f.-Tuali, was ga’hercd under th- roof of that Insti tution nt6 o'clock last evening lo witness (tie ills pliv of skiil between Mcß«r*. Pratt, Willard, French. Cmtl*. Knlrhf,, ami Goodrich, for three gold prize-, the first valued nt about one uundrefl dollars and carrying with it the champlot ship ol tiic Northwest. Tbc cot t slants took the list of figures and comb na tion skating announced in the programme of Messrs. Powers and Ijfaycue, including about ntretcen separate tingle movemen’s and ten double movements: from tlio tdatn ekac—lor ward and backwatu ; through the roll on the in side, mil lde and cross; the vor.s aulnorum ; the giapo vine and Philadelphia twist; plronottc. ser pentine* ; change of edge; figure ol eight, ana uinorciit Jumps ; to wnitzmg and cross steps. The contest was a very cxctllng one, the differ orent skaters exhibiting a vast amount of anility and indicating long months of practice. Jotntd to COi sulerahlo natural fltnOfS for the exercise. Inverting the natural order of things, we may stole, that after a contest ol nearly two and a half hours' duration the third prize was awarded to Mr. W. 11. Whlard. it was a question which the judges declared themselves unable to decide a* ' ,o whether the first place should ba given to Mr. Eocene W. Frail or to Mr. R. W. Lord. They both stood cvca on tfie tally, mid U was only on demand of the audience that the judge* mado the award. Upon a loi-g. load cry for Pratt, which mug front all sides of the rink, tiny announced that In deten nee to the apparent wf-hes of the audience . they had derided on awarding the first prize to Mr. I'iatt. Tbc Champion of the Northwest, Urns , declared, is a yonth scarcely eighteen years of ace. He w ill bo remembered by those versed in skallnp ion* as belr.g a Chicago boy, ana as bnv- log cieilngubhed blmccir for three or tour years pa-t by hia db-play* of skating, principally at the Warblngton Skatfog Park. inPRfIVKI) liAS I*l GUT. A company has recently boon Formed in this city called "The American Improved Gas Light Compsuyof Chicago," or which non. Thomas I>. Worrell I* the General Superintendent, Office Koom* £3 and St, Smith Jfc Nixon’s building. The company is introducing an improvement la su lighting, which I* r>f great value and imooriance. It ir known that the chief constituents of common coal can, arc hydrogen and carbon, the supposi lion being that when the hydrogen is cartmrettcil as highly as possible lb« gas Is the bes (.salted tor illuminating pnrposes. The hydrogen hums leadllr, hot gives a poor light of Itself: the partlcH* of carbon being more dense ihrotv out n more ufeful Came, and tt la to the presence of the latter that coal gas o*ca its value as an illumina tor. The plan of this company ia to Increase the illuminating power or the gas hr passing it ihiongh averse! which contains carbon in solu tion, and parts with It readily. A unmoor of experiments have been made with thelrapparatus, and found highly satisfactory. Thi first test was made with two oao-foot burn ers, in which the ouc consuming gas that had pas-cd through the carburettor so completely eclipsed the common gas that no shadow trout the latter was visible. 'the second test consisted of passing through a delicate test metre, manuCicmred by the Amiri can Write Company, exactly six feet of common gas under 10-’.O pressure. This was conducted by a pipe through a carburettor, to which was attach 'd five tbree-fct'i barren, all of which were fully supplied, giving a beautiful soft and clear light Fonrofthese burners were *hea closed and the one left burning measured aca'nst a six fret burner, supplied with common gas, and gave a much better light demonstrating that the six feet of common gas,passed tlironehthe carburettor, wa* made equal in illuminating power to thirty teel of t*ai wnieh bad not been so treated. Thetl ird test «a* made by passing one foot, by tucaruu-. through the carburettor, which gave a light«final tn volume to tbstof a six feet burner supplied uy common gas. This light was moas meu by avhoiomctre against an eight teeUiaoicr eupplkd by lb ? ordinary pis, and was actuary as light a.- twenty-seven to tnlrtv three on Ih-* nh'v tomruc scale. Several o-her Uata were made itblrb were equally remarkable. The light is soli and pleasant to thecro, and from the tllnmirallon produced while consuming only ore foot of gas after It bad passed through the caibsrcttoi small print could be read wilhea c at the opposite aide o! a large room. The burners used were alike, and were frequent* ‘.y changed, so as to give a lair test. 1 he improvement not only applies to common • pas, the equivalents of carbon necessary to pro duce a perfect ga*, but by thus decreasing the amount of hydrogen, which is the dangerous element In common gas, the risk ot explosion at»d fire is ereat’y reduced. What is of the greatest moment Is that tne net cost of the gas manufactured by this company L« from one-tlird to one-half leas than that of common arc two carburettors In the Tnracxv office, both of which appear l« work well. We understand that all the largo newspaper cs •abliebmcnts tu New York hare been using this gas for months past. If, as has been etattd. the people of Chicago are consuming one honored and ninety million feet of pee per a’jrnm, tills company bare a fine acid for their operations in this city. Noon Oar Union Frayer Electing. A large number were tn attendance upon Ibis meeting ycrirraay. and an unusual derive of to im-ft v as exhibited on the part of the clcreTtnen of the city who participated ia the exercises. The meeting was conducted by Mr. C. M. Morton. Alt* r sniffing "All hail the power of Jesus’ name." and prayer, Mr. Morton read from the Ist chapter ot James, ana remarked that <b*re was one thought which of -ate has burdened bis mind, and which be dcslicd at that time in present, to enlist the ►ymotihy and prayers of all present in Um same uircctlun. Nothing sLould call forth the warmest sympathy ol chitstlan people more than DC condition of the hundreds of young orn Mho ate thronplng our city from every recilon of the Union, coming from Christian homes, followed by tn- prayers of raotheis and lores ocv-, and Mho are no sooner heic thau uu- dertlie poaerofmfloancea «-bicb prove rmmiu? to mind, hod? and eon!. The silomi and ca-*»- blJog house*, bar rooms ai d plac»*« of amiisemaai, c o-'rted from nlglt to nl bt wtti routs men. pieeeut no dcelrable spectacle to out? whonedcr- Btmds the power of pat h places to work t»« Wie rain of all thoec whet come under their Influ* eucet. v Ur. Horton then read a letter from a yonng roan who bad m der these Inluoncea fallen Into dijiv pulton, nnd was atnirullog to break **Var from tie terrible appetite whtfcb had been caltiraied lor elrou* drink. He besought the prayers ot the Union prayer w coring, that the tenib’c curse of *1 dnmkanVa I feand a drunkard's death. It v. J. W. ( Heaiy said that be wgsglsd tbqi tbo theme of "Wnni SQut: be df he for the fobng irtffi of our dt. f” had been presented, and in r nlr h ® would ssr the work which was being done by tbo Y*mtir Men’s Christian Asioclatlon of Chicago, for tbit class, wna second to no effort In the city. wlcht safely ear, m-cotul to noun tn onr cottPlry. lie then related a touching Incident of* young man who came to him two necks before, and stated (hat ho needed counsel, for be was In deep trouble. For leu year* he bid been a drunk ard, and for six years bad scarcely seen a soh-r mcnicni, and wanted to be a Christian, and would be by the help of God and bis friends. Since then be bad given evidence ot conversion. Hot. Hooper Crews, Presiding Elder In tbo M. K. Church, spoke eloquently ot the power of Christ in those whom he bad scot forth upon tho areal work of refor mation at d Christian effort. Dr. Hatfield remarked, that while ihonsands of joins men were making wreck of their lives In haunts of dis sipation soil crime, nnd while be would do all be could to iiist'lro otloit for their rescue and salva tion, ho wauled to Impicii upon all Cbilstleu young men Urn fact that scores of young men who have oner- made a profession of religion, bad come to ourclty as stringers and been lust in the good causa by teason of (be pressure of bu«tnc*s and circumstances attending a city life. Ail that was itttpsiary to bring them into the ranks of active Christian eflDil was tbo warmgra*p and wotd of welcome of some Christian young rum. The morning meeting was very Interesting,4uJ led by Hcv. w.W. Umiha of the South Presby terian Church. These meetings are held In the Flint Mediodl d Church, corner of Clara and Washington streets, AmartoNAT* —A loretto named Jenny Hart, residing on Writs street, mot a police officer on Wednesday nluhU and throwing her arras about bis neck aud Instsled upon kissing him nnd requir ing him lo aoe her homo. lie went with her to the Amiory and lucked her up. Her illncllonatu dispoimoa cost her a fine oi »Sat tbe I'ollco Court yesterday momlug. SWUESIE (!OUHT OF ILLINOIS. Declalona, The following abstract nf decision* hr the Hu pi cue Court is furnished by Norman L. Freeman. Hopcilerof the* Court: WILLIAM TUIKKT TP. ABRAHAM WALSTON ST AL. [April Term, IS'W.J 1.— owner In fee ng/it to ponetston, Tli" Isw presumes that owner lo tea Is entitled lc ttossesaiun of land. When fn (he occupancy, tic. infl'mice in U>a( be ottos neither rent or ser*ica to Miy one. To lebtit that presumption u must be shown teat bo only ones tmfoe In revurstun, mul Is l« under « leaser estate COints'eiif With Ills ratal"! Hie b«ir or Ids Hrmisi aitslusi m duw* ress.Ac. ... V. JiifHiMiftT \.\%H—lulenjU*nf net* nf tU* debU of When « jmtvmem Iwvumea a Kelt on lends, no ael of ibe Jmlimteni debtor can din'-l the Hon. excel! in lie discharge or NUisfu lion In some lrt'nftnmt< i tioi on" lie ns muinsi ihs judgment manor puloenneiiily eiicniiitmr Dm land |>y sale. inoi*eafl«. Jmlj!iiM)l. lease, or oibeitvise, Ana Hi** puifliflsef at nit exiTiiilun sal" umlor such a ‘tinpmi’iit obtains (lie lM>e as It wo* held tiyllie d«utiir when the licit attach" I, except na to nimhiantcs lor (axes, MscssmenH, or other (lov. • imdoih burdens, It. Hamk— rfti'or taking teat* /rum a stranger. When a jhtsuii hn'da lund In niidn Judgment Is rcciotred o?umfct him, whudi creates n lUm. (be Judgment debtor ton l«asu from mioiber purtou, a stranger lo the title, for Iho Hie of ilm lessor, cou'imi.tnur lo uny an nuimil lentlii Instalment* dining the continuance of the lease, and Ibe land wire anerwsrda Bold under the judgment, ana was Kiitjmn d by another person who entered under x title thus acquired, and afterwards aold the lard, and Ida grantee being in possession under lliai thJr, and the occupant was aticrwards sued lor the ronis.— field, that the purch»ser look Ibe title Tree irom 'he lease, and bis grantee bolds the pioperty in tnc fame manner, uud is not liable for rent order t’ e covenant m the lease THOMAS BRENNAN Vfl. PATRICK TWOST, (April Term, ISO I ;.] 1. Puokmisi obt Nont— liability of agent. a bookkeeper siivos a note io the name ofhw prin cipal, and signs bU employer's ttame, “ John Ocelli, pci Tom. B'Cnnan, tbc bookkeeper In cuts no responsibility. It Is the several note of the emnloycr. and oof the joint note of both. 2. diroosiEXT— evidence of »upj>ort. If a Judg ment oocs not have evidence to support it, a re vert al oe bad. ALBERT COOK *t AL. VS. JAKES n. TARWOOD- I April Term. 1900.] 1. Plea w abatement— Jurat entitling of Ih* cot*. Uhe jura', sworn to by the defendant appear ed on thesamc page on which the plea was writ ten, and immediately below it. but not entitled of tbr cause, but tnc plea was, and me jnnit referred to the •* above nlca.*’—iTrto, that the affidavit was BunuicLl.andUwaseriottoelrikc the plea front Ibe files of the Court 2. Same— f.hng o second pita not authorized. When a defi ndai.t files a plea In abatement, and it is stricken from tnc has no right under the practice to file an amended plea; and it is not error to strike such a plea from the files being an anthemed. JAMES n. CARR TB. SIMEON K. MINOR. {April Term, 18C0.|w 1. Evidence— iotfpu;>«rt~ t.-jrch-~ proof of con tents. Wccre papers belontringto tbc files of toe Court cannot be round in the office of the Clerk on a diligent search, and an attorney of one of the parties gave a receipt for tbem, and It Is still held by the Clerk, and 'be attorney swears that be does not have them, bat gave them to another attorney, who swears he never received them and (bey are not able to find the papers on a search, the proof of loss is sufficient (o authorise verbal evidence ollhclr contents. 2. Judgment— ot> f ained by fravd. \ Whilst un true leptescnlatloaa of material facts relating io facia connected «ltd plalntiiTs account are proper grounds lor a new trial if asked lor, it is not every ummib, or nnfulr statement, that constitutes such n fraud as will avoid a judgment In a collateral proceeding. 8. Vender —motion for new trial. Whenajary found a fam by computing interest at six per cent, and the evidence shows it was to be ten per cent, a motion for a new trial was entered, and the Com I notified the defendant that ho would grant a new trial unless he wonld consent that the vcrdlctmlght be iucrca-ed to a sum equal to tbc principal and ten per cent, to which defendant tta rented, and Judgment was rendered accordingly.— lit Id It at this was nol error. ABNER C. Tunmso VS. HENRT C. 81001(0. [April Term, 4Si6.J 1. Deed—drßcrtjtflmi of land. —A deed described the premises conveyed as lot five. In block one, Uaiding’s Addition to tbo city of Monmouth, will npnorta declaration In ejectment for such a lot Id Uatdli.e'a Addition to the city of Monmouth, Illinois. Tbc Coart trill judicially take nonce that ihc city of Monmouth is in Warren County, Illinois. DENNIS at’CAimiT V 9. WILLIAM MOONET. [April Term, |P»«6.I f. CoKnKfANCE— trl/f rot be allow# for leant of account after pl'a In bar. After defendant his pleaded In bar, a motion lor a conUauanco came too late, when asked became tberc was not filed a sufficient bill of pai i iculars filed ten days before the term. 3. Verdict— evidence to support. The plaintiff under the gene*al issue holds the affirmative, and must prove tbo indebted css to recover, if the ivlcencc la uncertain, iiufefintte, and nnsatl*Cac lory as lo tbo length of imo plalntlti labotod.and the amount il wax worth, and when appeared do fondant was in tbc habit of paying his laborers weekly during Uoltme th y l&bnrca end them is no evidence that plaintiff was excepted from the rule, ihcvndict Aiding a hum duo pUlntifl'shonlo bi* set aside, and a new trial granted. ALON7.O LEACH VS. CHARLES N. TINE CT AL. (April Term. *Sf<o I I, ExECimoN— Hen by teiy—priority. Execu tions become Hens on posonal propotty lo tbc or der in which they come to tbo bands of the hberiff, wkethei levied or not; and thev must besatisflei in ibe order in which they became liens, unless puor llenf nrc abandoned or satisfied. 8. Same— Creal'orhaunq tun ea'U/yina prior ej'Cution hihrogat'd. Anexccuiloti crediiorhav mg jmilor lien, tiy paying a prior oxeetulon will bo subroea cc! to r at extent, but cannot tack hit junior lien to such prior lien so as to cut on* inter mediate Hens. 3 same— J>cu or execution. When a ‘-henff levies an execution, and reduces me property to pofscsiiaii. itis thereby in the cas’odv of the law, and when be nas scrotal writs in Ids hands, a ). vy under one is tuAleicnt, and 1« the same as tnough ur-der each. A payment of the execution under which the property wav seltcd, would not outhorl/.e the debtor lo rrsunie Its possession ; but UicHhcnli' should ictaln it for the satUfacilon of tbootner executions in hla hand, whether the levy be or tot cudortcd. 4. Hame— property wrongfully taken from tht Shettff. WlieroUieSbviiffba-1 levi-d on property and placed It In the hands of custodian. Ihc Meu-* oflhc cxc.utioDS in tbc bands of tbc Hhcrif nro rot defeated by m other officer- bavin; an execu tion which Isa prior lien, wrongfaliv obtainin' ]iossc»sion of tbc property. 1'- would be other wise tf tbe creditors voluntarily released lb-*l* levies. And in tbe absence of evidence It will not be presumed that the Sheriff parted with iho possession, and thereby rcnii-rea blmsulfi-able to the judgment of creditors under whose execu tions be bad maocthe levy. 5. Jrn«KENT—retd at fraudulent. Wben a Jndemcnt is fraudulent, an execution issued un der It wnl be void, and when levied will create no Hen. and tbo levy will be set ande in favor ol boua Jfde cn dltoie. Tilt TOLEDO, rXontA AND WARA«n RAILROAD VS. JOUN M'CLANNAN. (April Tern. 1. DrciAnAnoN-ffrmnrnf. Whore Ihc declare lion tailed to a>er that It was necessary for • rail pay company to fence in tbclr road at a place whole cattle were kilted by a train, even If such an averment should bare <>cen made, the (aug ment will not bo reversed tithe evidence euows that a fence was nceessaw at ibut place. 8. Sank—or'tmenf of time. The day laid on which the caul" were kil<ed i* not material. It It appear lo hare born done at atir time Itcfora suit btongbr, ana within ibe statute ot limitations. If laid on the I2tb ol Ibe month, ids sustained it It apptar to have been on the iTtb of the month. OEOnuE WINKLER VS. KART MSISTSB ET At. [April Term. '906 J 1. TREt-PASS QL'ABE CUkteJM—pOteeteion. To sustain trespass for injury to real estate, tnupialn- US' must show a peats possesno* a construcuve pos-cssion, ora paramount title which implies a possession. 2. Same. Be cannot recover for a wrong done to a piece ol land ontsidc of bl« enclosure, antes? be sbous actnal poßM*?sion under a part uoCer a deed embracing tbc land, as be sbowsapara maact bile to tbe land in controversy. 3. Same. Pcirona digging a ditch on land out ride of bia crclosme, under such circumstance*, are not liable to the person having the remainder ot the luci In actual po-fsesi-ion. in an action oi trespass. Nor ate they in that form of actinn for Aowing water thereby on the land in tbe possession ot tbc other; II liable therefor, it han action on ihc case. LOCAL MATTERS, « A SUcht Cold,” Const**.—Few are aware of the Importacce ot cb-eking a conch or ••puenrr cold" in its first stape; ihatwhtchlo the beginning would vicld Co a mild rctnedi. if ttcclccicd. -oor. attacks the lungs. 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THE MAINE HOItUOB. j porfher Particular* of Urn Arnst of tba Supposed, Sluxd**^., (F/om U»e j onroa i t jtauarj ii.] Wc U’ftTa by a gentleman from Auburn. H**me, that a Frenchman wai arrested ot New (iloucottcr, Maine, oa Thursday, by Of* fleer Kccnc, of Mechanic Falls, who is be lieved to be the murderer of the two old women at Auburn last week. The evidence is of a circumstantial nature, but points strongly to tho accused as the guilty man. The principal circumstances arc these. On d»v nltr.r themurdcra man called at a house In West Minot, about air miles from the scene of the tragedy, and asked for sup per. The womsu of the house noticed lb»t bis shirt bosom and wristbands were bloody, and that there were spots of blood on other portions of hU clothing. This man, at the time of bis arrest, bad the bosom of his eJilrllorn out. Ills wrlstbtuds were gone, „ and the Holm: of bis coat had also been re moved. He bad oo a soft felt bit, which bora tbo marks of having-been scraped with a knife ns If to remove stains. Spots which pb widens declare to bo blood were found un his clothing, lie gives a clear account of his whereabouts except during the time be tween Wednesday night and Thursday morn ing when the murder was committed, and niftulls having culled at Sir. Libby’s house In West Auburn, about half a mile from the residence of tho murdered woman, about three o'clock Thursday morning. Mr. LlUby s»w tho person who thus called moving oif In the direction of thoscene of the murder. Atmlher circumstance is tho fact that tracks around tho house after tho murder showed that some person had bsou there who wore a hoot wUhnuta heel. The pris oner has such a boot, and it tits tho tracks iiicnUoncd. Tlio supposed umrdorc- I* a uni alt man, about four ft*ei ten Inches In hoight.ond about forty years util, lie says \w came from Mon* irrul ami Hint ho has boon working nt wood* chopping fhr vanona partlea In Mntuo this winter, but doc* not give Ibolr names. Ho la represented no a man of very vicious ap pearance*, Blnco writing fho above wo hare received the Lewiston Journal, containing fall parti culars ol tbo arrest. The prisoner, who re sisted arrest, (rives tils umno as Charles Frotebl". Ho Is muscular ami very brutal In appearance, and gives eonlPctlng account* of himself. Ho was clothed In nut* when dis covered. He avoids conversation, and an swcis questions In such a way as hardly to bo understood. >¥lloo the murder was alluded to his uneasiness and excitement wore must marked. He trembled from head to foot, sod was completely unmanned. It appears Hint bis lodging places since tho commission of tbo murder have been discov ered, and he was trueed from one to another until ho was overtaken on the road near Olonecslcr Corner, on Hie way to tho lower Blinkers. The nreiMint of Ids arrest snvs! Item It chsnred that Deputy Keen, who, with {‘‘JtM **f «‘i ids inch, uwitnoW him. He was on thn pram lM o«« wo.mjs. tiu-i,in K utur Km* road ss fn«t ip his t"irs would carry until Deputy K. drove b.v hint. havtPK (no limn with him who liven near by. lie (lien turned lit* liiAse iy. cinm up In (he pibimer, nlm mu-M bach n« ilionuli tut* titilnc io icsM ilia niiark. hut mtdltnr leOoniiCc ureters nnteily aip'eipnlted, Mahno (lie Jisnm.v nail said n word to him he began to ossmloa (tie piUotnu’a «|ih( sl«evc». wtnm (lot inllir uxHnlmedt H l ato'i (ha man l I nln I the man I" lie was aanned and brought a* one* to Auhuin Jail, On Hie route hero (ho prliousr said lidir, and seemed overronii* with fear. In a second interview with me prisoner, Friday noon, he carried < n crnvaraatlnn wlm a gentle man In Fteth. lie cmittadicted auvetal state nieuta he made in the morning, af.iw h-.iira be* fore; ianllm wnsaHwUa. not was born m Cana* da; had no tailor nor mother living; had biolluia and sisters, but doesn't know where they live. He repeats tits name as duties Fmche. On asking him why be ran away from Mr. To* 1 le'fl »o qnichly after bo began to as him questions. I o replied “No*iing.“ Ills bands were examined by City Marshal Walcron on Friday, but nodiing was discovered on Item. A!I the while he shook as though over* romc with fear, and, ccralnly, a more un-adful object in the human shape conlil not he Imigtaed. A teamster, Thursday morning, 17th hist., was passing down near West Annum from the direc tion or Minot to this city, with a load of wood. When he reached a point Jnst above the home where the ranrder was met a man coming homtbc direction of the fated honse, and going toward Woat Minot. The teamster visited tnc prisoner iu Jail Friday, and stales that the man no met on that fatal morning reacmoles in. sine the prisoner. While passing Empire Station, Thnrsdar. SMh, someboys cried oat, “There goes the murderer; let ns arrest him.” He heard ihclr conversation, i-td modenly left that region at a fell ran. Tne prisoner staled to officer btroot In Jail, Friday morning, that in tne big snow storm he went into u honse acd bnllt up a Arc and warmed him, bnt aeries there were women in the house. .To a follow prisoner be stated, however, euhse ■vqnentiy. that there was a woman in bed in the nousa, Sunday the prisoner called at J. R Pnlslfcr’ iv Pulin'!. Mr. Pulsllcr’s b*rcd man asked him if bo wanted work. They did not like the appear ance of the fellow, ard tried to get rid ofhlm, Mr. P. being ab-ent at church. Tbe hired man finally told him that there wa* & camp of Frenchmen down lu tbewoodf. and be wonld go down with bin and get btm some work. 11c started with the Fiencbman and proceeded a little way, wheli he suddenly took to hi* hceU and ran away. Atone place where he asked for food of women, juntas bo was preparing to eat, a man came into tbc house, ami ibe prisoner at once left the food and tan from the bouse. lie seems to have called at almost every house on bis route and cot food cviywherc, indicating a remarkable appetite. The case agaltst the prisonergrows stronger and'stronger. He still aeclinca to explain bis whereabout? on the nigbtof the murder, lie is the same person who callci, at 4 p. m. on Thurs day, 17ib, at ilr. Faunco'a In Weal Minot. Mrs. Randall there called Mrs. Faunce’s attention to blood on btf shirt bosom and wristband. Both these laoie* say tne mao was 4 the shortest man they ever saw.* These ladles and others with whom the prisoner has stopped the post week, have appeared before the grand jury. According to the Journal's report, which Is in the most excited style of sensation - writing, the man 1* a perfect fiend incarnate in appearance, and just the person to com mit the most horrible crimes. 01 the evi dence against him the report says; ••the Kama oi Mood open bia carmcola are un mistakable. ilia hat is covered with spatters of blood, and several large stains remain, walch seem to have into partly washed out, leaving, however, the plain record. His'wristbands have no blood stains, appearing as though they-had b-en washed. His shirt >a red aud of coarse wonld not show blood readliv. Tbn co lar of the blue army coat !• stained deeply, and tells as plainly of blond as on ■ would exject. It is minty and creasy with an un mistakably reddish tint looking thnmgn the crime. But the vest, if possible, le'ls a still plainer story. Up and down each side, near the buttons. Is a wide splash of red, null ant wanting tbo briehtnes* ol fresh blood, hat still smelling of blood, ns though this, too, bad been scraped with snow to esacc the stains. Indeed, If some pro feselouai butcher, the prisoner could not smell more plainly than he does ofblood. ht» personal property l» slight. Ho bad a heavy stick, which he was using fur a cane wnen be was arrested. He bvdno knife In tits possesstos, aort nothing in tbo shape of weapons was found In bis pockets. Hr. Kdci-comh, of Auburn, ha* macerated a piece of the prisoner'* vo-t, and gives tal« opinion that blood is on the cloibing. A small piece of the cloth cave wmer u light but plain reddish lint, linnet the microscope tbc test li believed to indicate Mood al.-o. A idee* of the clothing will i>e immediately sent to Dr. Uaycs oi Boston for analysis. THE COREAS ATROCITIES. Full Particular* of flic massacre ofan American Crew* (Shanghai .(China) Correepondm co (November SU) oi Uio New Vork World.j Just now our usual lethargy lus been dia- Imbed by the horrible tidings ol (he murder of the crew of an American vessel on the coast ol'thc Corea. The news of the outrage first arrived here about six weeks since, but in such an indefinite shape as to be scarcely believed. More recent Intelligence, how ever, conllnua the story, and there row re mains scarcely a shadow of u doubt as to iu truth. Corea Is now the only remaining country la the Eastern hemisphere that has not opened at least some of its purls to foreign trade. The ton llorial insignificance of the country, the dilllculty of obtaining access to it, and tbe fact that all available foreign capital and enterprise found abundant employment to China and Japan, caused it for a'long time to ho overlooked or regarded merely as a country whose trade might at some future time be (lovelorn d. But with the remarkable falling ell* of trade both here and in Japan during the past two years, foreign merchants have been anxiously seeking tor some means of ar resting the decay of tbelr fortunes, and some adventurous beyond their fellows have en deavored, without the sanction ot the Gov ernment, to open a trade with the hitherto little known Coreune. Messrs. Jardme, Malh eson & C0.,-a prominent English linn in Chinn, at separate times despatched two of their steamers to tbe Coreau coast; but it Is understood they were unsuccessful in establishing commercial relations with the natives, as they seem to have abandoned all ; efforts In that direction. In the spring ot the present year a small schooner of about I eighty tons, under the command of Captain McCasllo, cruised around the Corea, vislliug the most important ports, but was Anally wrecked on a reef on the western side, The Conan authorities treated Captain McCaslin I and his crew with great kindness, and for warded them overland into China, and by the Chinese authorities they were Anally conducted to tlietfcaty-portofNewchwang. Their kind treatment by the Oorcans con trusts slrorgly with the barbarity which,

there Is little donbt, was exercised by the latter toward the next lot of unfortu nates who fell Into their band*. The first sign given of a feeling of personal hatred 'to foreigners was the massacre of several French missionaries, who been for neatly twenty-five years established in the countrv. Some ol these esc-.'u.lmr, H*(t tfc* »«•*•* or me manler of their com rades to the French authorities In China, and the French Admiral has gone vigorously to work to avenge hit* countrymen. The first reconr.oitering force, which was scat over vesv shortly after the arrival of tbe escaped missionaries, returned to China with two more refugees, who asserted that a foreign vessel had been captured by the Coreans, the ciew murdered, and the vessel burnt. Fuller intelligence has since been obtained from various sources, and I be lieve the following to l»ethecoirect account: It Is to be observed that all Intelligence on tbe subject has been obtained from native sources, which are not always the most re liable. but ot tbe main facts of tbe ease there c.m, I fear, be no doubt. In the month of Inly last, Messrs. Meadows «v Co., of Tientsin and Cbeloo, chartered the schooner General Sherman for a trading voyage to the Corea- There pro eceded in her William P. Preston, owner; John W. Page, master ; an American mate, name unknown ; Mr. Hogarth, of Tientsin, supercargo; and Mr. Thomas, of the London Mission, Pekin, interpreter—tbe two latter being British subjects. Tbe crew consisted of nineteen Manila men. Oil ar riving at the mouth of the river Savoal, on which the capital city is situated, they met a Chinese trading junk, with the captain of which Jlr. Thomas was acquainted, and him thev engaged to pilot them up the river to the'capital. They proceeded up the river for two days, working only with the Aood tide, the junk following them, until they ar rived at the Tillage of Little Slang Soo. During these two days the country people imagining from her heavy armament and nu merous crew that she was a pirate, collected in Immense and excited mobs on either bank of tbe river, following tbe rcrscl up as she proceeded, and making threatening demonstrations towards her. At Siaog Soo the tumult became so great tbe pilot, after In vain urging a retreat, went on board of his junk and proceeded down the river. How long a time clapped after bis departure be fore the capture of the schooner Is uncer tain, nor Is there atiy Information as to how the natives gained possession of her, but nj*on the capture she was immediately burnt and the entire crew beheaded. mWLTi BY TEIMHAPH. Near Tor* Financial Nctr*. v i Special Da patent to the Chlcaga Trt&aoe.] paw You. January 3U Tlia market before the Boird wa» Inactive and price* Oeclmnl, particularly upon Erie (common), whicheolo ulovuMH- im thecal! there wa»grc« preaiurcti Mil bet not to lower the marsit, Michigan Bombers am! Chicago A Northwestern (preferred) being the we aluit, with a decline off oa the latter oo accunt of tabs by patUei who vrre formerly connect'd with the cllQQe. After the call the market was soma bolter, on accouLtol M ahorts" corerlnc. but with little dlspoil. tic nlo buy for a lire, On the regular call and after wards, the market waa dull and Inactive, and contin ued to until the first call, when the whole* Hit wm itruojr, with the exception of New York Central and ErK which did not sympathise with the rest of the market. The failure reported of a large Western house, connected a Ith a National Haak bere,ihswt Ihat things are very unsettled, and the market will naturally 1* Irregular ter rome time, acd e fa'lure of a prcrolncnthcurewonld break tho whole market fully 9 percent. On the regular call the whole Hat was itcady and flno. Afterward In the long room, Knc POM to MM. and die appearance was of a big rise, but before the call at SJO Erie sold et Six. On the BJO call there was an absenes of orders, and tbs market was a •*sln«ltg” one. The market Is ami weak from the effects ol the crisis, and though It may slowly recover there U little help to t* derived frjtn the Uulli.who have been scattered like chair, upon the outside public. The money market Is eltlleasy to bsuieiolthe bast graile on prime collaterals or xcvernmeots, but the continued ttttnori of failures and trouble In larr* Loums, causes strict scrutiny among the bank* and bankers. Hold lias l*eon more steady, opening at I3I«< and continuing ileady until the report of tho decline In Europe of honda to 71V. started it up rapidly to ink, when It again tell tu at the close. [tty Associated Press.) Niw York, January 31, UOKRf. Mctev Ktady.aiWl V eftu. nwv * rrmiinu xxciLUtot. (lo)ila rtrtnpr.'uicmo’jt st HlM.advancing t'l l»u. idA cloMn* at I»H* **"' ooTSHOrRST*. ftdovtrnmeot "lock* J<yl cl,4n M* J nrw Yomt, January 31. KONST. Tlisre wai a better ftwninc in financial clrclei to-day. and the disposition to **ll was leas marked. HtM.Tti.inauua srocai. p locks opened dull ami dronplng, hut Improved at tbi T»cuUr ,Vi*i'!*, and rloied quite strong, especially oi Krif. Bjulhern tud N"M»iwe«tern praierred. LATEST PBICIS. ua g .... llodt lataoil.... 91K>4 9ltf Kt. Wayne W a VO* H.W.... .... N.W. pld G3\T4 .... Haoa«h 41M4 .... Oul Bouthern.. 70Kg 71 OhlocwU, 91 (A 41* W, U. id «H« «K N. V. Cttt WWQ UI F.t. lU*. Kftft.. »H» llnrt«no 191 <t* .... lIPKMns IWK'*!S* M'fti.Cen M"JfaW FUtaburKli..... "B\£ •••* . OOTUXIfKNTB. Cl*ir*nimrm« <jnH and aiMdr. IM». (KV*,ecu»., *(U. 107;* 1Treunr1ee............101? n. h..vßflv«mt.., , ot. lav* 10401.................. w\ Nrw &.tof % iP.... .ioim 10ia0fia.iJ7a.....'.»r... oi Gold weak at 1»H. .. Murtno Kiunu. Minina ehare* (inner. tumnrjr.. . IW lOoldltm Wo»l<M cmyii"n,......... ... Tin American Fla* HO Multh4 i'ahuelee.a. *lO I minind1.............. 119 Product* niirkcta* NKW YOIIK, l!'* 1 ' A iaptSu4U M aVd IteSto lower. Hm-lma d,ift |*r|<4, *»Up I,rMiiflj i H'li Uo*Wn a((<Mot4 rniiii(U.iMi|i Olil.i, fld.'UkU.lii trail* braml, m *aj U ui i ft,u«7 *m extra Hmitisero, *n.aOJliWH. Whl hey-Sofitiul. ViV»ai-iiuitaiw *>>,!*') tw*r. im**ronohu So.i m>l No. 9 Mliftftiikw at vi.iu, amiif.wg tm So. I I’niotiu m Il}>-lhlll*inl lirrtTjr. MSile>-i-*irt3fft)iiifimr rnwid rttaiemi|,»,#ml JO Uli bit Canada WVat(rwaif|.l^U3. lUrlry Mall—Doll. Corn— I’fwltb il. llovclpla'Jiillbn, rtalai fttftMbu. mitt-d W’c*ifrit ip»u>mat fUUvtl.Wi afloat, fj.ia, Oat*—Lowep, Kectlpia, l.tefl bu. hmall sale* of Wuurn at (A<C3c. Or. ci-rira—Hull. j'.uol«tin:-I)oll. Crude at JO:, and reflaoi In load at TKaSft*. Ituoa—Quiet at &v»37c. I*or»—steady bat Im active. Balm 01 1,600 brla at fur n*W in mu, cl< film; at tiO.Si cas’i f»r Winteri ; ft*S7:<ta,?l fir oU tneii, chainsatfl9oo rash; H6.fiiul7.oof >r prime, and 110.(033000 far prime niem;abo. SJOO brla nro.- meu at seller and buyer till February ami March. Uerf—Heavy. Bales ot 4uo hrj* at previous price*. Heef Uame—Firm. Bairn of 2*) trea At £U.00%33.0Q. Bacon— Quiet. Sale* <>: 270 bis at lo3f c lor Cumber* l.iud cut; Hie for abort dear, and UXc for short ribbed. * Cut Meat*—Firm. Sale* ol 330 pkgs at SJf39xc lor shoulders and lOc-UlK&f'rhame. Dressed Hog*—Firm, at 9K99jfc for Western; Ancr dost He. Lard—Heavy. FaW of aso br:s at uwaiswc for old; i2Woi3c for new, and small lota at 13H013KC. Haiti r— Firm. Chctso— t»nlct. MILWAUKEE. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] MtLwacsKß, January 31. Flour—DnlL but Arm. Sales of '.’M brla at f 9.75 (br good XX spring, and $«.«» fur bnctwbeat; cUy.sprlng. XX and extra remain nominal. wu-ai—Poll end lower. Morning board—Sales of 7.stobn. Noon oearo—Sales of 11,500 bn, at fU'>3l for Ko. 2ln store; tl-STs-Iter’s option February; 12.00 seller's option May; f1.G<j&1.67 Ibr No.S Instore, and SJ.4SJ* for rejected. Oats—Lower. Sales of 2,403 ha at 40c fbr Xo. 2 In store. Corn—Entirely nominal. lij-c-Dec lined ic. baleaSOO bo. at99@9oclor No. lln store. Provisions—Qalec City mesa port. fIS.W: looir. dry, wiled shoulder*, 7c; smoked luma, I2tfc; prime Urd.ll(sll«c. Tallow—Prime, 10tfc; country, B}<c. Dressed Hogs—Dali at f~.0QA7.55. Receipts—Boo brls flour; 11.009 bu wheat; 1,000 bu oats; 1.000 bn com; 1,800 hn barley; 1,000 dressed begs. Shipment*—VCo brls floor: 3.700 bo wheat. " NJSW ORLEANS. New OBLKASS. January St. Cotton—Dull and nominal. Salwol 7,SjO lule< low middling atSlKc; middling at 31@37.5c. Receipts, 7,01.0 bales ; exports, ”ta bales. Sugar—Lower: flair atJ3'«c. Molasscw—Unchanged. Flour—Extra super at fILSIS, and extra at fll.OCte 13X0. Corn—Lower, atfI.TCV3I.I3. Oats—Firm, at OEc. Uay-f33.C0^35.(X). Pork—Dull and unchanged. itacon—Shoulder*. njfc, and aides. 15Sc. I.ard—Dull ana unchanged. Tobacco—Medium leaf at ft,0&39.C0, and lalratf 11.00. Gold-ltf*, Sterling, 10? K. BALTIMORE. Baltuiob*, January 31. Coffee—Quiet tom frm. Floor—Lnchanjied, though nominal. tVhral— Very dull; miller* not grinding. Cora—White, ?1.(0: sood to prime mixed, 11.C331.95. yellow 1c lower: sale* at 95dtfc. o»ta—sale* at !*aS*p. Whi#»ey—Cont*aiand,f4.»o; city and Western held higher, )>«tt to salM. Pork—JT&OO. Dacon and Hulk Meats—ln active demand. bat no ft L*nl—Firmer at UVtilSc. _ CINCINNATI. curccßMTi' January SI. Flour—rncbaaie;!. Wheat— Unchanged. Coro—yolrt at S.VJ s<sc tor ear, and o!@C3c for abelled Not much demand. laU— l»ull: Ko. 1.51 c. lyiv-Ucctaaged. tat ley—Unchanged. WhhLet-li' fair d-manrt at 35c In bead. Cotton— Unchanged and dull; middling. Sir. ItogH—Flint at 97.KWi.tS. HecclpubutMO. .. . Provision*—bather anil. M"» pjra, 93U.003 the latter for good city bran Ca. Hulls meats dnl Shoulders, TVMiikc; slil(*,9j,i4'iVc,too«. Clear bt con aide* v-lndemtm at *3* *l7O. No detain*c consequence for shouWett or tlb *ldcs. Until. UH>: with a fair reioand. but It I* dlfflcult to bur prime ell at less than l2Kc. Nothing done fo preen ninth.. There wa» an error In tnc tooting no of the pirlc pa*-*, p c statistics a«published In the /Vice Current, which ieduce* tnerstln men lncrca«o fo C 40.100. Llnaoi y 11—Is Inactive demand and prices bavo ad vanced to fi jo. Itutu-r anl cheese nnehansed. Gold closed at t» buying, but was bought In ibe fore- U'f-nMIW . . No ilancc lu the money market. BUFFALO. iirrrAiA Jat nary 31. Flcnr—Demand moderate and market steady. Sales of No. toprlnr at ftl Nl. Wheat—Nothing C«'»o—Nominal al S(3*)c for No. 3. and 96c*|t.00 fbr No. 1. Datwonln and vmlnM at Masse tor No. 1. Parley—Nominal at f1.r391.01. Itya—Nominal at f 1.00. , Provision*—Demand for mo*a porlc moderate at IJOjyi a2l .CO. and IWJO for llch*. smoked bans retailing at It.MrtlV. I.artl nominal nt »:tc, brewed Ilnyi-D.-mand moderate at Wbhbey-Fmn avyj.w. ST. LOUIS. St Lon*, .laaaarr St. Weather rerr tnlM; raoir tbawlrg very rapidly. and the provwct <| a #pwdy rrantnotloo of navigation ranted bolder* of produce to mV higher prices, bat Wch hu induced buyer# to hold otf. • T'd'arro—Nominal!? nnchatged. rotton-tjalct, at Sic tor alrtct middling. Flour—Hull and nectuinged. BattncM rerr small. ■Wheat-Bull, miller* .undine oj for lower price*. Small Ml»* ofmrlrtly prime atfljw. Corn—Flrn and higher, at7s.V4Ssc. P3 f k $19.50aM.M. A largo lot of Toote hulk at litorla "old at. V: bnU meat to arrtTo at Tve for thould-T!* ana KWcfor ham* and clear elite*. City bacon clear cldc* IV. dnta--carcd ham* 15c. and csttTaesed l6sc. Lard lop Ct, at ? 6,2546,65, racking almjet do*ed for the reason. NcwYorK Brr«ti*tull» .Tlorkct. [Special UtfiKicfc to km Chtcaso Tribune.] Natr Voitx. Jaauarr 10. Flour—The lale* InrlndM 1,«» hrU <ood extra State, at » prompt e«lu Uood Northwestern fijuracea cralli brrncht rood prlc*«. Wheat—Prime No. I In wme talllin* demand, at 13.303) P. Other sra-iot lover, but tale* were reported for export. Cora-Tcteed on the martt«, but more rejnlar ex port. Strctm tartly estlnatert.ihiaday: Flour. SM.OCOhrl*; wbtat, j.tro.hXl hu: corn, S.9AUXO ba; oats, 2,600.000 bo; :ye, CCO.WO ba; barter. 1.'.00.0C0 b«. NnrYnrk Provision narket. ISp.-d»i Dopttc l ) to tbeChicaeoTribane.l Mew Ton*, January 51. Po*k closed »t 520.C0, caah. Dali, with stock ot about W.ccolfls, Nrw V*>rk (JrocMT .florkct. [Special D«palrli to the Chlcaro Tribune. J , Sew Tore. JaaoarySl. Coffee—Flsn and lending upward. Sales of Ub at 2C)»®Wc. t-upwr Qr.kf. Fair to prime grocery at WffcUHc- Smt York llw Stock Market. [Special Df>pntcb to ik» Chicago Tnnane.l XewTock.Jaaoarrsl. - B<cl CatUr—'Xfltb only 50) received Mace Monday, and bnjers bolding ; prlct* are nominally un eba* pd. Hots-Flrr‘ei,ulFMaftvo. xs~«a**. mm. R-porUJ New Yore. January 31. Cattle Market-Peeves, receipts Hkht. Market qalet. Moderate receipts. Fair to prime 7(>,«c. * a» U e—Firm at Albany LlrcStockßarbet. fSe*clat Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 ' Alh.vtt. January 31. Only i,i9) brad of cattle hare arrived tor tbe week op to ih’s cvrMrg. and the demand being good, prices have advanced vaKc F a. Some of the receipts ot last w eek have cot yet been tctoX Pet faw bes* are arriving, and prices are op to •*£ «S. l ;c. Ocean FreJslits. (Special Despatch la the Chicago Trlbnne.l Srtr Toes. Jann&rr St. Freights—Estes drooping; to Liverpool StUN bacon -ttc.vess'd, by rati and steam. Ifew.Tork l)ir(sofd* Market, . Sew Toes. January 31. The dry roods rn*rk»t is Inactive, with a tendency in favor of bayers. Al least ore per cent extra dls. coart e*u be more ca*llv obtained on cotton, cash, ana ten dais. Heavy brown sheeting at 21(i?3c; bleached mcslin. Fomt bale, faßea toi;c,»nc Fountain to sie. °wallerand domestic, doll and low, with little or no farther dtclln<* anticipated. PUUbnrsb Petroleum Market* FnrsBCW.R. Jan nary SI. Grade dun, the only lran«sctlrns belac in Smith’s Frrrv. at".»73»c. barrels returned: l2M3d*J»e, pack* aers Irclnd'd. RcCced In bond naehangM. Kates are £s*??S - c free an board cars here. in PtiUndfibbla. Free oil I dl*oo»£J of m amatl Ist* at CV34.V per canon. Kaptha and Rei’dnom dnll and neslcrtcd. Dll market at ull City doll at 12.50 per ban cl. ■nAHUIED, - In this r Hr. at the resl-lepe* of the brld;*s father. Hplto S. Hecbr. Fjuj.. on'heOlh ln«t_ bj the Rev. O*. r. V.* Kcilr. J. elVedeu, of Milwaukee, aad Miss IXCT BEfiDK. Inthiscltv. Jan.SCth. by Rev. E. AV*v£ a . a ,7 Mf * FI>WIX g. VAX EE and Mlm nANN-Vn_^jn I t.2L—— DIED. It Ibis cltv.Oß the3oth lest- GRACE. miaul tough ter cl Albert F.and Rosamond t-tl^ncn. Fnrerat al tbclr residence. No. STB DM«t-TO Eatar. day. Feb. vd. at to o’clock. Friends of the family are respectfully invited to atun *. On Sunday. Jav. nth. ot consumption. Ur*. MINER* VJftJAKt- ASUKR, wife of Reading Arher, E<q.,U!ar Rnnlt • fclstloi.Vd. , %r 8u liters (Ulna.) papers please copy. amusmems. P>OL. WOOilS) mubedm. db'i. J. b. WOOD lispo'S! Director or AmtucmeoTa F. B. AIKhH btaffp liaaairer .THOB. *»AHBV ~‘‘l r *aab a UaUsoßh.* lloovr* crowded to the roof. « itwastbe object ol the Muaeum raacajcen®* “? draw a contra.t betwe-a the* acting cf lt»company.and *be acting ol the company atibe Opera noose, wbica adTcrtued to nlay mpO'DiT! the thing was a sac- Tin (Frldsr) cicnlni. Feb. lit, ot s S* be foie 8. Faulkner's treat Trl»h drama, with an unap proachable cast. eatlUed PEEP O' DAT. _ Satoroty afternoon. Grand HaUnoe-Pefp O* nay- GPEJtol*yfapAAij? aa ° B * CTl> * Uon *** THE HU* V] c THEATRE .MAHAQBU9. DcoeOt tnd lut oJ*ht bttTon# of Mr. CU AS. DIU<OS. Frldsj, Shakapeare’e jrrcal tritely of KIKQ LEAR, In which Mr. CHloa eUndc withouti rlnl, Saturday att^raoon—HKLrnKOOß, , Mnnray, the rcnatlle artre**. MIB4 TTEt."K WEST. EHN.Wbu will »poem CTJuTHIA-Tllß fOHSAKbb. Tuw ay-Tllta. KKENCH BPT. . . In or«rmr*tlnfi, nmirriranU** dramatic erect of tbo TW. entitled THE LOKQ BTIUKE. TVONDEKSI loVTCKEK A MYKHS. To be teas only tt the Branch of tho New York Museum of Anatomy. NATUBB UNVEILBD, AT Tim New York Museum of Anatomy, TP* fcernre your ticket* on Ike rliihl bund aide. nsMtnlr*. wmc c nvmcv 11 nvr,. 'J'llli GHANU MASQUE R ADB OF Till* CHICAGO "TDRN-GBMEINDE,’ WILL TAKE I’LACB ON N MONDAY EVENING, FEB. ATM, At ihrlr NEW UALU on North tTirk-st.. above LTn cayo-av. ruonifAiiME-rAHT t. Grand ImpMintfCarrlTal I’roreaalon. corwlntlntj o lit. Entram'iMif the peat German Warrior, Aftnl nui, Into the Wailhalia. 9BM trt. Emperor Darharona and hi* follower!. Bd. Gemanla and her follower*. tty senerat renncat, the Great Magtrlaa and hi* Dwarf, (.greatly itnptortd ballet.) t’lilrree Fniltat, rxeentel hy’nny Chlawe Bln<*r§, directly impoitcd Rif the owaeloii. Fcnr Tableaus VlVanj. couiMlne Of ‘'Cfliltiilui* 1 amlltiii in Aiiipfltn. •‘WftMiituMon aware, fl ••tne la«t Halite before Ul' lijuumV* amt "Au erica la mw." it Ar rolullr Praia hy An ><i the tnftat mahrai*! tddwui, utoer tiio itader*uip ot their i-iaatef. HU. imirriano, . .. IlKuUhATloNrti it I. NA pe'rrn will »•« to thoMI rnnmwlllo pill« MmKi Mit-idiiu the member* «f tint l>r«*«. 3. All •ich mauM inifutii* win bay* to enter a room. marked " private rmtm” to jia»a before urn Hoard i f Ktantiner*. f1..A1l ma»k» will liavn to otwy elrlcllp ’hoorder* «f the Matatfcr*. Tt. U»», artjnlUli'B gentleman and nn« lady, ftv, every •iMUlnnai )*4v ir ertrn. nru lor •«!« ai\|r. I.oni* I'anll'a, under the no-man Hon»e. and at tlui Had, on or before Monday ovenma. Ca K*.*it. Fancy rmtwmoa inafbe had ai Mr*, oeiml’a, ihH Noun Clarion., and Chi rapoav. Sanction Sales. SCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION merchants, 101 cur. LttSaltr.ChicaM. Cash advanced on Merchandise combined fur sale. Out-docr sates promptly attended to. RUCTION Friday) Ist of Fob., 1Q67, at 10 AslS*; At the Grocery Store ot MR. BYRK, 199 Blue Island ay. He wl'l erll all his etorK of Groceries, Provisions, Tobacco, Bnitcr. Cheese, L»rd. Terms cash. PAKIELSCUTT Jg c O . Anctiooecrs. A VCTloK—Saturday. 2d Feb., ItfCT, at J\ io a. ni.. Daniel bcott & Co. will *ell at their Bcorci. 101 Latter'., a MUce’laneou* Lot ot Hoods, incladine Cas-lraerc*. Undershirt*. Tailors’ Sewlog Mlk, Buttons. LadKa’ Dress Picc-s, BUntets, I’nlin Ware, Shawls, Ladle*’ard Gentlemen's Fma. Travel lias Uses, Tt not*, ana a general assortment ot Notions. QILHEKT <fe 6A31F503, General Auctioneers, 47 and 49 Dearborn-ft. Very superior Second hand and Kew HonsrhoW Fur niture, carpets. Mirrors, Chita, A.T AUCTION. On FRIDAY. Feb. Ist. at 10 o’clock, wc will sell, at our salesroom*. 47 and 49 Dcarbom-sL. the eatirc koods of a ftmiiy leaving the city, consisting of Par f.r. Chamber. Dining Boom and Library Furnttarc: Brussel* and other Garrets. French China. Crockery. Mlmrs, pictures. Stores &c~ Ac. Alto, a splendid a-sortment of altnrlt every description of New Furni ture—elegant Chamber Suites In Oil Walnot; also, tine Parlor Snitea.aH oftbech* deest stales and best quality ol gcods. OlLUEirr & SAMPsOX. Acct’ra. piANO FORTE AT AUCTION, TM« (Friday) n.orulns at 11 wn will sell at onr aal«*9Toom.H. 47 aod 40 Dearhom-st., oac Bose* wood Caac Piano Forte, made by Gilbert, of Doaton. GILBHUr & bAMPSOS. Anct’a. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Kerciiants 41 * 46 RAN1)01,1"I1-*T.. Between Btate-st. and Wabash-av. Hold regular sales, at their salesrooms, ot DRT GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOTS. SHOES. 4C„ Every •WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FDKNITORK, CARPETS. So., every SATUROAT. art association QRO6BT OPERA HOUSE ART ASSOCIATION. DELIVERY Of ENGRAVINGS. The principal office ol tbs Association, Ko. 2S Opera Honse, will continue open tor the delivery ol engrar iocs to labscrßxra, UNTIL THE FIRST OF MAY. The tarot tales preceding the Drautng haring er haueted the stock of Engraving* on hand, subtcrtbert ore rru«e»te«t not to »,reaent tAelr Certificates for a ft*r aag». OT Dae notice or the receipt ot invoices will ho given. Holders of certificates will sarr. ndcr tlr m on recclv- Ins Engravings. ißusiral. PIANOS, ORGANS & MELODEQNS Sold rn time. Psymrnta received In installment*. Second-hand Pianos taken in esi'hangu for aaw «dm. w. w. Ktnu.vt.u 03 Wasblnglou-st. I*IQHTB’B~"PIAMO3 Harp been awarded 30 first premlnm*. together with UiclilchiKt premium at Uie American World’* Fair. 'J he testimonial* for *uperlorlty are from the highest B n»lcal tclchmiea of Korop# ami Amsrtca. tJTKor sale only it KIMBALL’S, 03 Woablnctoa-st. KM ITU’S A MKItTcAS OIKIAS*. For Parlor*. Churchc*. Lolge*, ±r.. Wholesale Depot at KlMnAi.Ls, (13 Washington**!., Cto*bW* Onera (louse. .Sato fHills, Engines, scc. 'J'HE ULS’E & UODLBY Portable Circular Saw Mills. PORTABLE STEAM ENOIKE9, Shtazls Machine*, corn antic and Shotting, Weed- wortloe Machinery. I.ANK A- nODIiKY, Comwol John and Cincinnati. Applicant* lor dMcnpUre a malar* tt>e roVci»i"m th"T «***< lilanfes. JgOCXTILS, Official Blanks! We hare now for *ale the mllowlae additional coun ty Blanks, which hare ALL beta approved by thel>* partments: PoTdlcrN Clnlm for Additional Uoußt>, Widow’* “ Pntbcr’a “ “ *' Mother’a “ “ ** Wreaii* “(Jointly) “ “ (•uardtiui’a “ Aecmsnalcatitn»pjn Second Aalliar'a o*o** ~ locoote* cromr Hates Met for eiarutaatton tc *Tho forma *re decidedly the besl that h«ye bean presented to this Of* ficer* s«at prepaid ea receipt of the money. at 1 1 - 00 P® quire. A seat pamphlet, containing Pension azd Boosts Law* ot V**. with latest jnstractloc* and relation* «nt Agent* 03 receipt ot sump to pay postage. * copy inclosed with *«h package of Blanks. Addwa* TRIBUNE CO., 51 Clark-st. Chicago. 3Lofit an® ,-jFmmH. T OST—A Gold Fob-Chain, Monday I j alternoon, between FrankUn a=d Msrko’-sp.. oa Banooipb. The feder wtU be satub r warded by IfmTtDc it at the Oriental Tea Market. tWJ Eoadolph aa, ca»t od of the bridge. FRA>K d ALi>- I OST—At the Matinee, in Wood’s Mu* > Mom, last Satarday. a lady# Morocco Pocket Bcok. ef dark color, and costaming a Bout *ls» Sun noted to have bc*n lo*t from a mnfl. The finder win t*e suitably and liberally rewarded oa returning it to the T; Ibr.oe ociee. LOST— A small Black and Tan Sint. Had on fancy leather collar, no name on It. The t will be llbcrallr rewarded on returning her to No, 06 WeitßaadolplwU LOST— On Wednesday last, an Ivory M*rotunda Tablet. On returning uto 226 tooth KP r t«n-**i the Under will be liberally rewarded. T~OcT— On TnekayT-Tanl 211th, a Point- I , er Pnn. spotted, one brown ear, »V*ot alx months fitT a liberal reward will be paid tor hi* return to 261 Sooth Aioxran-tt. ftaantcWlical Instate. TXT ANTED—Any one possessing one VV or two nice comfottab:e two-story nouse*. pleaiatUy situated, with gtvfl lots, and desirous ot disposing of them on easy t-rm*, say Idi monthly,pay mecta, will please address I’. O. Box 3SIO, gtnn/i particular*. ®,O ttou—#DUWEti2__ fT'O RENT —On South Side, n Jj^s&’ssass^-^’WE rpo KBMT—Thetmro'nHonse^curoer I of flJDdolph ApplT ENTINE, yo. a Kulierton UlocJt- *- T 1 (Trent—a new nrst c, . a fJ, w JL iruulunue. “Kf 11 SSoVbiuiStrife famine 13 eooni*. toj two wlocw SSI&SSir SKSiSfgqS. .’t .-/o. 9 J Iloron at. TWSSSfc:MSS SISK flent >3O per mo.m.^Ap- XO HENT— New two-Eiory nuJ lMsf; m«it home. wllb mo-'ern conreaTencf*. 61 Claxk it., or *ddr»f 4SO A*Tium-piao«. rr'o itrNT—A. coltaffc. No. 337 sioutii T srooS and water. fSO it *7O «o°th Clmion-t. rpn lIPVNT —A good fltory btM PmtOtflfgt --^— ®o Hcnt-llooms. nro RENT—Four room?, tlio cmuc tiro L tilo 'lr fiunloliH. And will be rented cneap. Al>* ply at 811 Fourth-AV. T‘o RENT—Meetly Airmailed rooms m n fl rl* Ofa«IUleltl»lne. ri^o*jTßNT—A Ihrnlslicd room, without X board.*l OSMunrtft^UßfAr l*o*tOHhe. r p~o KENT—Boom?, nt 17 North Wells■ rro HENT—lMcnnint nml clcsinililo llir I niiiied room*, wiilmiil Ixiani. anliabln f*r oiin or clmlS-T!! ““«•“>» « 11, ‘ reference prelerred. gro liciit-3iotca, dj)(gcc3, Kc TO BENT—liCitsc lor Pido—Lemo o imir.itiirv auil liaicrrent brick slore. now oecu. pi.-cl ns awhnle**!** drugstore. the nremtses lo t>M. It. llAimift A CO, H 7 Boulb Wttter-st. ro HENT—Doflt Itoom—Apply to A. L B. MEAD. Ileal Fatalo Agent, t.ll ltandol(>n-at. T) BENT—In Uio Mcicantilo Bmldlne, npperllß Chamber ol IlnnUiCree. rleeant oiiUvs oflngi.ranre Applyto WM. C. UUtV, Houui 11 MoreatiUle Building. rran KENT—nr«r hopl OllUT.on 1 iieatnofii st.i also, thlfii floor ol same huttnin*. suilable inr Until B.anulaetijrlntf lm*>iMi<. Apply al Hcom H Masonic Temple. No. HpJtiormtl. *rb”KENT—Desk romp 111 olid ol tho I oioet deelrablO nffler* In Uip tlly. App KBFf.MI. l‘Jff PoMlb el. _ ... fro KENT—Mure. No. 100 Mnnmo-tt., I m«,i,«i iimii.if ff.ui i,oiwiii<. t«i ti"» l iim;;, riiHiii , «inr*f»if'ntf-W. ttrni nrMofi'.ii.iwo »t?f ah. to W. 11l BAMI'BOW, A«rnt, Hooin.l Mrlft'lHjlltsn lil«»cx » i HUNT—A Biiod Hull' of (hint ollloon >t | (IN Alin'r l> (U'tHIUIJ Ml HU llaulnlplnt,. M'i»in I'i. 'pb 1 M nT(i]i, r ri) lll'.N'l—MnTf>, on \lio north «W« «'( | idt.nM,, iwiwwii t)««r)iorn and I,n*Ulfj, Irani Mm Kl"-J, A .1. AVKUfcU..I»‘al lv«l*WOin*'..No. 7 Mnn»K’liiAii HltH'k, 'PO RENT—Vcrv ilomrnhlo nfllw room«, irn n^rt j*aoor ‘® Ivcal iEstatc-CUn. lira PROVED. T7OK BALE—In the Real Estate OlDce J’ nf Ihou.iu I). Bryan it Co., Dry an U*ll. LAKE STftCT, Weit Division, near Lexvilt-st., two story rev frame honse. trim at >r« front and 7 rooms, shed*, barn, Arc., with lot 60x110 u-t to alley at a oar* gain. {.'OR BALE—Cottogcf,, with one or A* more acres of I&&1, ose hour’s r<«t»«frontdty. very cheap, on easy term*. O. .1. STO'.ZII, US Clark'SU, Itouu It), Smith & Nixon’s Building. C'OR SALE—Cottnce and twoarresof r land, on the North Sli*, plenty cf »hrnbbery and {roll, beautiful place, cheap. Also, two spV-did lata ir the village cf U>doParfe. ISAAC CLIFUN, 9a M'asblPgtQL-st. FOR &ALE—Coltace and lot on Car- No. oif), near Price jI.TW. B. B.CHAMBERS 17 HtynoldVlMcck. |?OI? SALE—House and lot on Prairic r ar.. pparTweity-ninth-st. Lot 50U60 feet. D. B. CHAMBERS. 17 Rpynrdds* Block. I? OK &ALB—On Wabasb*av.. near r Twen»y-thinl-st.. two-story nrick aid basement, ctst floats. not an? cold water, good baro. Ac., at a bargain, Jf sold this wcer. On Wabash ar., near Llsblecnth-st. new bouse. on leased lot Icaic ten year* to ran. nois'sidon March Ist. low ground ren*. Also, other desirable residences on Mlcblcan. WabivU, In diana and Ptslrlt-avs, J. X>. UEUVET, ?b La- Saltc-st. T7OR SALE—By Hill * Whipple, Real t 1 Estate Broker*, 128 urick house. North Clarx-st., mo tern iinprov*iaca*B, price (8 600; a brick house, ll rooms, Srdgwick-st., ▼cry cheats (6.10 P: cottae- h'o«e and lot, on Carroll »t., near wood, price (IJOO: cottace, story and a hair, 260 Park-av.. lot S» by 125, price MAW; two-story wood bouse, and let, 37W t>y 112. 39 Walnut-si., (5.W0; cottage house. end lot, & by I>9, No. 1212 Prairie or, (1.500; house, two stone*, and lotvfi by lot to alley. No. IC>l2 Wabasb-ar., (5,250; cottage bouse and lo*. oc l«utterreld-»t. t ncar Twcntr-nla’.h-sU (1,2(0: bnck boose, 12 rooms, west Raidolph-st., modern Improve ments, >g.SOQ. I7OR SALE—By Snyder & Leo, Real 1 Estate Agents, No. -t Metropolitan Block, a new frame bouse of 8 rooms, water, cas, marble mantels, hath, aid lot if. feet txurt,wita large bare, on Carpen ter-st., near Utllaca. 17 OK SATE—By Snyder & Lee Real Es -1 late Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new (Tame hontra cf 8 rooms each, water, ca«. sewerage, &C- ana lots, on Washlngton-tL, near IJocoln. FOR SALK—A Bargain Two*story home,l2ronrr..«.bam3U26ft.and lot 22Vx103 ft d<> on alley, rear Clinton-*!, cars, (2,135-cash: also,fur niture. arst claff*. for cale at one-elvlh less than c »U Mot be in » dais. Call on ft CO M Room 3 L’cQ’s El tek, Rnndolph-st, bridge. l?OR SALE—Anew hrst*classhouse, two- I 1 *tory arnlbilckba'emept, 15 rooms, everyconven- Dace, lot 50x135, on Peorla-sL, near Van Karen Pnce low.iermsessy. R.L. CHAPMAN. 15south Unloa st. l?OIl SALE—A new house with 10 P rooms. lu»t finished, ot Wab-vdi-ave. north of Twent* -nlnlh-et, lot WvlJU—only |5.tV) ff taken at once. WARREN ft GOODRICH, 123 Dearborn-at^ Room 2. UNIITIPKOVF.P. JT'OR SALE—Fine buildinglots, Wabash* r tear t»o on Bine Iriano-av.. at a sactlfico, lor cash. GEORGE ft WILLIAMS. 7 South Clark su J7OR SALE—I corner lots, 7 inside lots I on Barrlroo, Sangamon, laylor and Q»cn-sts., and two 25 leet lots near Madlsm-sL. and one house and lot on Gteca-et. Call oa *l. F. BALDWIN, 104 Randolph- t. FOR SALE—A choice building lot 59 feet fPi-iil by 132 '*o; p on it. Title perfect. Apply to or address J. CARUDIT, 131 Lakc-et. FOR SALE—C fine lots in block 5, Ash land's Addition, 3of which fronton Panilna-*L, anil 3 arc at me corner t'f Vanßarenmt. Price, |623 per lot for the six—must be sold together ami tor cn«h. Have Item offered ffcc e*rh for two ol Itto lota. WAR HEN & GOODRICH. la.l Dtarlwrn at. Hoomti. I7OR SALE —100 acres 4 I*2 miles west l oMhecttr limits, cn the Unrllniton A* Quincy Railroad. I inly |M n*r aerv. tVAHRCN <k GOOD HUH. 12. T l)HjrlKjm-at.. hop in ‘j. Ural Kstatr—oraumrji. FOR SALE—TIic subscriber offers for sale hi* rraldetic* In Elgin. It is pleasantly *ltn a led, fine large nntoral i bade trees, good garden, fruit trees, well and cistern, Ac.: Is cnuvrnlent to the Elgin Academy: Is ccn*ider*ii t>-o hnt.dsonic*l place tn Elgin. nice fV«<O; H.COO down, balance on time, If d<fired. A tlwra] else ont f>r ail cash down. Apply rr adores* 1.. 11. YARWO'M). nr consult U.S. YAK* wool*. 1110 Waihh gt >n-«L, Chicago. I7OR SALE —120,000 acres of choice l land In Iroduolt and Ford Coontle*. IlL.on the 1. <l. It. IL. from one to twelve mile* from itne towns— i nsrgs, nnrkler.« ano Psxloo. Price from 17 to |I3 per a. re. % *'Uli. balance in three equal yearly par* merits, 6 per cent. I have an cfHce at where f|. A. Pearsons, with goeu toaiu*. ean be found. I). K. PEAHSONH, IIS Utcdolph-sL, Chicago, or Lodx, Iroquois Co.. Ill* |7ott SALE—Or Excbangc—lllinois I 1 lands. Uicc acres In Eftlngh »m prairie and timber. «ro acres tn Fayette Co., do do SO acre* in Hay Co, do do SO am* in Marion co.. do do ltd acre* to Cumberland Co., do do IfOacrts in Alexander Co.. Umber. 10 acre* in Adams Co„ neat cisyton StaUon. 80 acres in Clinton Co„ near Cmtralia. 300 scree 1u Ca*s Co., prairie. &. sere* in Franklin Co M timber and prairie. ho a< rr* In Ji Hereon • tlm'vr. iso acre* in Maeruntn Co., open wood* and prairie. iO acres In ttntt Lo., prairie. 40 am* In Marshall to., timber. IGO acres in Woodford Co. prairie and Umber, part Improved. Fori ale cheap, ror caalt tn 'ota to suit, or will eg. change lor city real estate or rood merchandise. The above described Uads are well-located and near nl’- roads. DP’KFSdoJf & WRB3TEIL Heal Kitate Ayents. 9?* WasMngton-at. Chicago. HI. TTOR SALE —A farm of 16U acres, for r cash, or will exchange for tmprovei real estate In the cjtv ol Ctlcago-twelve tillea corthweat of Old* cagn and on>* mile somn of Canfield Ststl?o. on the Chicago & Sortharstern Hallway: Majre* under tb e blew; good b»u*e end hare. Ac.; alio, ago x] orchafiL l-eailncfruU. Ore-third down, and the balance on tine. Ac. For farther partiealara. anply to J. if. MARSH ALL, Krom R So. 97 Sooth Ciarg-n. #ot Salt. F)K SALE—A well built two-Btoir bnclf »tore, 22 by 60, wl»h a one *wrj addition of St by tfi la the lively ud healthy vtnace of Ft- Attic- Kit, Wlf, lomrer with a stock of Dry Goods, Chra* lac. Nohow, Bo~t* and Shoes, or will l»s sold *eparate. The nore would be a first els** stand fbr » Hardware store, a* there u no Hardware In town ofanv accitrat. , For particulars address WM. TANCHfc & SON. Fort [ Atku.K»t, Wts. FOR SALE—A Bird Case, contaimnir ahoat riantyspeclu ens cl beautifully stalled birds, irrm the American Eacle to the Humming Hrrt, a I excellently arranged_Tt ran tw snip?** any dt*;snce Apnir ro «. Phot/,*™-’—• FOR SALE—Wood—Bach, Maple and niccory wood, tt <lO iwr card- Fonaleof P. SI. HALE & CO . 4 North clars-at. FOu SALK—A lot ol Barhadncs sngar. In hogsheads or barrels. JAMEr? M. LAWDER. •A Custom House-place. I7OR SALE—A Inrce sate, Wilder’s pa- I new ar din perfect order. Inquire at Rccm24, N'lxcn*fl Exchange. JOHN JQNEa Jr. T7OK SALE—Consignment ol eoodqaal r Ity S-luchdrrk plank. B. K. BICKFORD. Math Water-it, root of Franklin. r?OR SALE—Wood—Good beech wood P at 18 per cord; good man!* wcod at $9.5J per coni. Ap*iy at EUHL'S TASKEBT, near Chicago-ar. bridge. TTOR SALE—Bv Henry N. Holden, at P the corner of Starlet and .lackeon-sti- a rery «n* nerlor lot of trenalne Florida Beed • edar Board*, the only Kind used In Kcw York for clothes pmues and lnr bozea. T7OK SALE —A parlor set of crimson P ploih farnlmre, two marble top tiblf A hnretn, wash stand, Ac. fer sale at a bargain. ;f spoiled for soon. For paxticnlars Inquire at olQce No. 1. Mttrj peliian Blcck. partners (LiHantca. T>AKTNER—Wanted—ln an already 1 ettabllsncd good paying wtne and Honor sal>on. centrally located. Capital required. (£OQ. Address ** Tribune office. T3ARTNER—TVacled—With $13,000 to 1 (15.000, In an estaaluhed and well-piylogloucdry and mac bta*. shun. For partlcniai*. apply to A. 1). MEAD. Beal E»Ute Agent. 151 ihutdolph-gt. PARTNER —Wanted—With trom five to tea thou*aad dollars, to an established pa*loe*s in ibis city, paying a good profit. The partv in trade :as an equal amount now in the business, yore hut Drvt-riais person* desired to auwer. Address M M Jl 1L” Tribune offlee- PARTNER— Wanted—With SIO,OOO, m i a bosl* ess established In ISS9. To t gnnd. reliable hutlnera man, extra lndiic*meni» will be otf*rcd. Ad dreri “ECOSOMT.” Box 6194. pianos. *\T7ANTED— Pmnfv—'Will exchnnceßO M acresof pocdUt rt.centrally located in Wiscon sin. for a good sec' nrt hand rlano. Address, or call on A. J. MILLS ft CO., Room a. 15? l Dcatborn-st. "PIANOS AND MKLODEONS to rent. I Do not rent to co outer thecltj. nano*»ni Melodious tatM and reptlrwi hr competent wotrtnen. WM. U, rau&SCIC lUO CUrlMt. ~ HnnK KKEfEH*. w der*riment Ic » tet ?l'< l r?u I «oS(l receive aa later at la SSSi*XS , Sf^>A^.«’ I iS I '?.."!SSE -nr ANTED—A salesman 01 SJ«* #t, Chicago. VitaKTED —Salesman, a poshing bust* asysifaS fejjgw- 86ju«ioipi.jt. — tttaNTKD—A middle aged man,‘wno Ewd applet »t Manila bnlMln? tires. «r. ~ ran j t jj ß ,g{. Uießl- CtoadHou»g« 11* rranaup __ TBAPK3* TTrAKTED—'Tinner—A thud accustom* AV rd tn tntvklns c 2! LI B* imi LOT °* •trady ptpploTtncftt. Apply w *»• * • CO- CO Canal-«t. TXT ANTED—Two good glnss guuers W >pd »Un wrtKM, H* Momofr^ txtaNTED Patient Maker, nt Jlnnne •PPIJ. «Tfk *ttoorii>oo«'»t>n'*i r»fi»nrcrt. FnrruupMMc Mlannlro ‘ift o>ili»cr-«t- Chtcnmi. fflgitantrc-.ifcmalc ?ticlp. AA7ANTED—A woman wllhsomo fix- W (Mitlrrrf in water c o l°JJ n '* V«ko «l‘ M k clbili. Aiudy nt If. »■ AB. Lftko-«t. U<« ftl 8 K fl V A NT.l* AA7ANTED—A Norwegian or German VV ixlrl to Ibi general b'MKi'v/ ir*. .ABJUUtMMWf* *,m will morl with mtmrftiii'in.'iu. Apply nt No. ,) Dearh'rmplw’e. - fUTANTED—A ffonil unil compctunl VV • Irllodofenerallimisework. I.Uwml wages will »*« paid. I'ab at AMI tv a;«*h-av., between 10 and I j o'clock. Wo lrl«l> Used apply. AAf ANTED—A corn! coolc that undor* VV stands washing and Ironing, aail can coma wall recommended, ai 871 MlchUtan-ar. AA7ANTED— Inmicumtcly, a pood and V V curable Amerlran i r Oermuii woman to do kcu eral uuuiewutli, at *J I«l I’ark-av. | WT ANTED—A girl 10 <;r 17 venra oC VV a«e, |o take nr a babe and rt>» •eeotid work. Mtistroinewintnotutneniled. Applf. betwcenSana IS, at 1 .n tYlllurd-pUce. TITAN TED—A cond colniietoul (rtrl lo VV aogemal hoiuewotk. To surh an on;* liberal watea a itl lie paid. Apply Immediately, al 3JO tt at* ftnM„ w»»i "iii*. - jEmplapuiU agmrtca. \*T ANTED—I,OOO man to eo SoulU, VV ffirnu ID to fM t»«r immitt nrvl imMmho, «p9m>l"rMhoitiK’fi l f»tjr‘iftii unni, mid nil wnntms «?&• i-Hitifiit! amW irtAfUfK-gt.. ti'h'in n. WA.Vm)-lnun« men m the coun (iy, *|Mting la «»'iUtU'*UtUUo{»». ill'll A* Nkj<> h r D | F f./.,|r,| l |..n. mlticiMfi, . rkr V l nrnMnalia It, A* 1 ,, A'’, i. Hitflt *tl | 111 |>««f ••aruml.t ti ““V. 11. I"..M, K, ,I0SI!1 li At,. n.» ail ill, Piti'l. <||iyi tHi miU farhO I*uritoM• t*r<« ANTKD—3 iKsisiiiiU l,onUlU‘o|tiir*, 1 rotlniiir, 51 rraVomi'n. t tlrmnait, t puftir. 3 ilr|\>r*. t • mail., |l Ht'O «’Jr| W*. S fOlidllCtaM, Apply til IJH UIUHII *J. 'IXrANTED—7.I mon to fro Smith, nl VV |lsU»#Soper month And boardj (0 ralir-iad men, 35 chopper*, to «le cutler* I cooper, and an ont • i oiu(i|.Apulv to I'AUSJIALU it SMITH, jjs south CUrk-tt.. ftoom 11. fflJtlantrJ-ittißcrUancoue. WANTED —By the Tribune Co., sev i ral ropic of the Trihune of November 35,1it05, for which a liberal price will be paid. TXT'ANTED—IOO men, with cash capt W lil ot |sfl tot&O, to rogaee In a\m>Vm*si that will pay f sto flO per day. Secured by two patent*. Rss, ana Is the only artlele cf the kina ever offered for sale. Every family wants from two jo a dozen, (’all, or addresr, with stx up, J. H. NASON, ri2 Sooth clark-su, Boom 0, Chicago. 11. TT/"ANTED—A number ol good bun- V\ sets men to establish Insurance Az-mclet la Ohio and Indians. Address P. u. Dos 2.159, Cleve land, Ohio. ■\X7"AXTED—A lot ot wooden tanks ot V t from on* to five thousand gallons capacity. Ad* dre&a W, BuDOIs-, Trihnce otllec. XT' S 'ANTED —Three Copyists, to woit VV when* they rfat'e. For further psrtlrti’ftrs ad dr ew LODGE ft MOUSE, Van Unrun. Jackson Co., lowa. \\7 ANTED—To Lumbermen—l have \V (10.0(0 to invest ta a tnraber yard. Parties wishing to dlspoae of an interest can apple, personal ly, from lu to ll a. m., and from 2to 3 o. m., or hr let ter to J H.I’aLM Boom 6.89 Wavhlngtcn-st. \\T ANTED—AII that want money, V v greenbacks. or (tamps to anv shape, to call and see thebrat tblng the ann ho* y*t shone upon, and U wrd in every hcn*e. Send twoflobara tor sample. Cail, or address, CHARLES MESSENGER, 98 Wash- Icglon-rt.. Uooca 3, Chicago. Illinois. "ITT ANTED—An energetic man with V \ (3(0 to (NX), to engace In a monev making busi ness. Will be -r drier tuvcsllaatloa. For particulars apply at 19-1 Scnth Room S, from 9 a.m. toup. in. \X7 ANTED—Parties having houses to V 1 ren* or sell or l*-x»e. to call on CHRISTIAN ft CO- Real Estate and Vessel Agents, Roam U. Una’s Block, Rardvlph-et. bridge. TT7ANTED —We want to giro any V v brdy that want* a good business lor a *mall tn vriimcr t. a char re t * mate lome raonry. 128 Lake at. A. C. DROWN ft CO. XI7 ANTED—Veterans, sailors, one Vi year men and Hancock's Corps to call and see checks received In payment cf ,Vd I fiscal Bounty. Advances msde on claims. A. GOODRICH, Attorney at Law, 120 Dearborn-at.. Room 2. Oflice open evening*. TXT ANTED—To Loan—s2,oCo t for two V V or thr*emontha secured bv mortgage on city property- Addr»a» “MONMV* Tribune oUlce. aSiamcJi—ffio Sent. TT 7AN TED—To Rent—A gentleman V % with snail family vUhes to rent or purchase a flist-c’tse house c-mtiltiln» eight or ten rooms. Mtua ted on the Sr-oth Mdc. cast of btmte-st. possession wat ltd by first of March or April. Aar party having a good house t> rent to a prompt paytnc.narefil tenant, wul plcjse address p.o. Drawer AS26, Chicago. T \7 ANTED—To Kent—A wnolc ormrt Vt uf a stnorc. sliaatrdeither *-b B»*teor Cla-«- nod between Lake and M*«ll>on-«a.. suttatile tor a ladb*’ bnilneiM. ACdnas “AMANDA,” Tribune cAlve. Mating location. T\TANTED—' To Rem—Two pleasant, V t funi*he«j Tories, communicating, with hoard, lor gsttl'tnan and wife, son T year* of nsc. Infant <,nd r.nrse. Th* locality mist be h-nlihy and nt-asant, and all tbincs ci»e drtlrable. A pisce weere Ihefr are few or no other hoardeia pn > rrrre<l. Addrcsv, stating full particulars amt term*. "E F H,” care No. •( Loomis Block. T\7 ANTED—To Rent—Two r*oms in V \ n hon r e occupied by a prtvste famllr. suitable lor honsekveping, South bide preferred. Address “F,” carcliox OIIMi. TT.ANTED-TO Bent—Ho*ise—lmmo VV ciati l/. a small .house or cot:at>*. la goo l location Side preicrrcdj, by » • its* tenant. Ad'rra*. with particulars, **A U—N,*’ 23.1 L ke-su TXT ANTED—To Rent—A furnished V> sleeping room In bnslncii block. Address "STEPIIEbV ifujuuo office. TXTANTED—To Rent—A fc a V V * mull town In one of th« fl|Ha rood point for hardware. Ad-Tcaa 11. HI. istißinrss fflliances*. T7OR SALE—Millinery stock. An old ettnl'lUhifrbmisc, with large trade. Punnlatlnn 14,UK 1 . Till* 1* a rhance seldom round. Adlre-sfl. w. *J. >l. WETHEBKLI, Chicago, of i. N. AVERY. Oshkosh. Vila. T7OR aALE—The Forest Valley Works, r Saginaw citv, Mich., consisting oftwo salt Mock*, and saw c til cf large rapacity. with ten aero* of land, favorably located. Addrosi N. 8. LOCKWOOD, bagl* naw Cm. Mich. F'OR SALE—One-ball interest m a pood paytrg hot*i. Price f4AOO. or wonul exchange for stock or KTi-cetles or Yankee notions. Addre*a P. O. Pox HNg. T7OB SALE—In and toe sale or JT eschango oa c:mml*s)on. at Room >l. IHock. South several country t'odcs of cen tral merehaprue. at a sacrifice, containing selectloni worth aftenuon from retat.era. Also, « antoiL a vca> »ci for lumber trade, and a Mler.tnn to take charge of a rtiv rnail store. For particulars, address lk>x 1 -14 9, Clilcago. T7OB SAIjE—I first-ciass iamßy grocery I store, doing a bnstnMeot tIOU per day; also,? gwv* saloons and 1 provision and onttcr depst. Apply at ICO Room -1. T7OR SALE—Or ta Rent—A Ftore, and r premises In rear. In best part ol city. Rent mod* crate. Apply at 90 Mcnroe-et. FOR &ALE—In one of the most flour ishing cities In the central part nf this State, a r.nt-cla»s liven establlihmenLln sncc*Mlnl operation. Corn reasons for tilling. Terms fß.ooo—one-half ca*h, balance on time, with approved sertirity. Call and sew schrdnle of slot It, »t BonmlO P.O.tHoctc. bALE —A choice stock of jewelry, comprising every variety of jewelry good*, with lease ol store aid fixmre*. Centrally located, and worthy of irspeetlin by partlo* who wish to g> in boslanre. A creat bargain can he hud bv applying at oner to J. M. MAUMIALL. Room **. No. 07 ClatkeL laoatbiiig OOAliDlNG—Pfeasant rooms and 1) braid mav t>e I,art at 11 East Dsy can also he areom’nodated. ■'OOAhr'lNG—One handsome, square Rent chan brr, and or" slrcle roia. with Brat class loard; a'so. a jew table boardets wanted, at anil Mlchlg.>r*st. pOARDJNG—Two yonnjr men can find 1J a goort rocm.fnrtlshed. cm and closet*, and Or*, at a moderate price. 4‘J T«elfih-st.,ccner Mlcbt gac-sr. pOAKDIN G —A pleasant snue ol front 1» room*, or one large rcom. f* rent, wjtix oorrd. to a grctlrman and wile, at IG3 West Waemoston-st. References rtqnlred. T>OAKDlNG—'Twrt eentlcmen or a gen- LJ. 13 *ia mlT y* l uu u 52 can, S-1U Ewlng-et. • T>CARDING —In a private lamfly, lor I I gentlemen aid their wire* or single genuemep, at 239 initiOlanC. two blocks toa Stv.e-ftt. bridge. POARDJNG—A large tront room to ij rent, with board, suitable for a g-ntlemau and wife ortwo gentlemen. In a pl*asant tamlly. Apply, lor two days. at G 4 West iladlson-sU Terms reasona ble. POARDING— Neatly tnrmahed rooms. I 1 suitable far gentleman and wile, also two single gentlemen la a private easily at 17G Snath CUnton n, 13CARDING—A smirle room, suitable O foroneortwoccnileoumcaa be had at l‘i-1 State-at. Also a few day boarders can be aceommo* GAted. T> CARDING—Witn tarnished rooms for 1/ gentleman and wtfp «nd dnsle gmlicmem AlS") room tor one lady at 152 East Midisiia-it. T3CARDlNG—Pleasant rooms and 13 board can be oblalred at the it. Cloud Ilaase. 114 Fiat klln»gt. ’ lioarb SKantec. T>OAUD —By a gentleman and wife, ma 1 ) rrlTate Utully. wh*re there are no other board ers. WIH he perr anent If suited. Best of rr-i*rencc» FTTnaDdmjajrcd. Address, jiallsz tcrmA “B M K,” P.0.80x 552. T3OARD—Bja gentleman and wife, on X 3 the West Side. W>«ltlncton-st-priferred. A lib eral puce will be raid for handsome apartment 1. A prtrate ftmily p-cf-rnrd. Kefcrecce* ezchansel. Ad dress-HM,’rlrlbnne POARD—Bv two centlemen, with best Jf> of «ftretjces,*ln a private Cimlir. o J Wabash-aT-hetwetn JacKS'D aod Aih dre**, siattPg t*rms. location, WKIuUi, AO Lake-st. KIN'K. ILAKMOy A CO. TsoAßD—Atentlcmanami ladj wish an iA nitumWie.: piilor »nd twdiojio. with wanUn An “il afiiiiT.»»the !»««•• „ f™ and rcqoUfd. Aridrev* CCilantca. /"inKKESPONDEN CE—Wanlcd By I , two ycang cent* of irreproachable character, «Mh a number of young lartiw. All letters sn«wereil ArtdrAa. »i mnflilencc. ISICIIAtU) LEo- TEi: nod ARtaCR GREY. P. O. Cox XO2«. personal. PERSONAL —IntomaUou wanted cu the reildence of Her. 3. Rowell Jones, suopneed to i* in the TirtnJty ot Union I’att, Chicago. Andress l\ O. Drawer 6117. gttuaimwg aatmaa. HIAIiES. CITPATION-Wmkd-B^~-~ C 5 clom np our baalrraa we ar« ,2, 101 to ■lituuon fortrnr boottftp'r. a„, Mn r ?J? b ti tlatance In thnt department win hn<l mA qualified and capable ol airltie th« foU»ii. Apply to W. D UAKKIiT* CO n S? X UAllUiN—Wanieu—Uya j ft ud atooft tirawr, in either' rty 0 fen fnrnlsh ntcroircs an to ahllltioa' i. or ''WV. ** MILLER.** Bor UK Henry. Vartlnii,-: j* ClTOATlOH—'Warned— O confisrHonery btwinoM, hy « DestorrcfrfmcM rltph. I'l’itv TIONEK.** Wo. 34 Moand-at.. Clnriiaan.'fihi' J3f fc •^nDATlON—'Wanted- a merchant Ullorln* or cut Uri; Country prpferrrn. A(sdr»»« "WITKIv 0. ,, *5 a ’9. £SA ur , ! qttlfe of FIELD * *»»to B iiV<fsS CiTUATlOfl—Wantecl— Bv O m«n of nprumpf. In b commbM-v, h-vul 2J* m bookkeeper or Untiling agent. Tflbano omre. abs* SITUATION—anted—A* hnlelr!n* Oby i» ycianf nun from «h» y., h .. uer *» jettr Mporionc*. Ifctercim. irlnn. Artiiil.T 9 * »ctk," J T ty» j». O. »m a 100/ A ' WfpM .f*3 lf SITUATION - Wnntoil A Iw^r O buMnriw man *ml account» Bt an rc«a«tmrM. lU«nitixx] iiMti" UrnURK*-. Rl»<t wn«M m Wt tt ,.; tja drc«B “AN X/* 1 fUmne oHlcc. * * *" M ' J - « FIin.UKN. QITUATION— Wimlpcl—A Mr h jT Cl run* of uliinlutiixn iDwiibm in t’i"fimiiTni. d'i»rr, In •uiiertiitei n hi* domraijc mr.],, i „-. dcflamh ail lb*- dnijrs «>t 4 ■i«n>*<if>t.| m i ih, J s- BBOiurnt of servant* Dime mur uh > * i I ml her ns 1 member i f the ftmilr, »m t. " or addreei ’U A I VUS3 iiiiimbm ,n.!, Un ** 'a SITUATION-Wiintcd-IW,i Cl bio lady, as P'rjiianlf.n inf su |, l**lll i, ’» Uasal prepared- A.’.tt'-* "II M.~‘ In! ,«.C ClTUATiON—Wanted—llv'it votin'; C» M(Jr wlUi MM*IM/H!ivlil-f, In tum . .• maker and i«am»lrris. Adder** ".mi ( '■ oil) re. C ITUATION~WnnUd—A? ImipeWh. er nr m conk in a prttatn ftmtlv «u |p « , jo < #l nrrnnniry, Addrcstor applyai !0U F>»t»rii il#j enceifiirnnheih Situation—wnniod-A? bouse keeper, be a Frenrb Hd» win > :n ■ „ tll ,v Krgli»h- iddre*s. f- 1 one week, MtH ?.\iuu Uus Alftj, ihfl nim' Idand-ar. * s OH UATIONB—\> nntcil—Fnr~onc'oef. O man. one Norwetlan and three oa • ii -nt i-,. girls. Apjdr to Mltfl. tVIUTTAKKU.3B«I'tikaiVw QlTDATloN—Wanted—a ilrnvtiv Cl krr. who nnderstanrl* her bti*nie«* „ 4 . r and ran tire lhebe«t of refb*enM*. Win (I.MUy bit Hie present. Oniet* IpT with rilsi |, 4 IIFMiFK.I AA Ut>e-at..«IU hr aacnts aiLlautri). A ii£|. • '\ rf \Ot»ln.N«JU»N‘R (’MAY Kll AT VM.I.IV n»u‘.ti -d n tt»w ah'Un»*nU’PPhW *»•*•'» r»i*r-oi'iM iui.n, iva 1.-2 S Km wniiinp *i.i. iini«r i (,»-«<M mlllllflHl of H’ltitli'n f «r« I -if , ..i, f»#H AseulMAffywiprpftPßihrollhii 7sSk droM. H. p. lUiVUhXi 7?| KinrK-M-. rulem... |i:. * kSM \ OENTH—'WtintCll OrNlirliiPn n»y ml J \ Id'llfii lliMiiali.Hit Uirt I'iiiinl f,n WBa fi»w ••MVt'lhni'ihrt I'ilKhtlih-Slrt.' Amro ve** MB huluii l<» l.y .1. KC ,\ln«iU, iiu* «».< u 1,1. m». (Wpil'ln In «>»>' BUM tlftM Willi alrrl rn< raililt’a, anion; fthun afi* a-*, lifljf* of Uion-veiUerU lulllr, „ i.v «i EH Tln» la the only work pt M> rt k|q>l yet ini'.!i»i-,ni l «, ffc™ fttWrtt lo eftpepleiuwt -agent* u f«»*• nm u w .St *9 Illttko lIU Trnj wilt) ft kpMXtl'* li'liK, iti. l 111- ,rTi l-Tfl lion. jtjcliulvßinirilnryHnij nnlill*her» , l.Uft-»u*tn B.*il mlaalon ptvrn. Ihhtk* fea'U fur ili'Uvi fv corf, j.i f„|B UOVOKN. 7U CUrK->i., t’h c»i.>, HI »“J| A GENTS—Wanted—-Smart and nrim i u\ A«fnhi wanted In every ronnty to .ell tUr mi-f *‘jt TON PACKED UAFKTY* HAND LAStI'H. f \) 4 want* them, at they are the most econnmlrv *2t«>e. a .vi yeclent, glre a brilliant liphtwt lidnifhlo.rer,n»n U or oaor, unit warranted *atc. Sercra! oilir-rtr* L . cIIA, Uclm for agent*. Clrrolara sent free on annil-'ili.-n a KftA, KIM) All A CAVAN, Ma lU&CtUxers, 03 Malden Lui.nS Stw Vorlc. IKS AGENTS— Wanted — $5 per dav piw gS untPKl or oirney retntdeil.' Anplrat o*ar? u>». f“ ■A HK01»,.1R., Office xo. IB SI. E. Chtireb 'Hon. f. V) Chicago, or Office No. -1 Lymaa'a BlocK. Clevelaslo. A GENTS— Warned -r Price *2.5£ Ws ±\ UNITED STATE* CONTINENT IN 1900 ttr-» 77 -X slans In rr« an<i the ch-antac Stance the «-ir;e . i LLOYD’S NKM GREAT KEPITBMC and th* -t PATRIOTIC CHART OF AMERICA. SENT r«EI " ' «itb the map. POSITIVELY the rheapeat nr-! net - •: saleable maps In the wor d. Addresa GOODrI-EEDi: - ' A GENTa—Wanted—ln all part w • x\ ccnntr*,to Sell “I HE HISTORY OF MUI.XH u Rtu . CINCOI.X’* a*.d tar “OVBKTQROtF OF SL.WJrHY* S**' : v taoreroUcl rcr TOO pastes. By Hon. I. N iraci *£•'> laTemetnbercfCrnirre'fi.a'd lor over i*« tv tram Big- .-■ ccnddeotlal trlend ot Mr. Lincoln. Thl* wor* 15 *, Joat been completed, and «i)] meet a w-i: t It byrr gS? » cry ictellJjant citizen. It presents f'-atuns »ui:j -Er- Imre not appeared la ary other wore. The r>ai» ®fe - Chronicle, of tvaahiostcn. *a»st **lt wil ; a*«is;ei SIN character and held a place bcrind gtnMns r»t p-j. TBS'*’ dared.'* For territory acd term*, address*the ro. '‘xj-'r. ll«h«», CLARKE* CO, SO and $5 Wa»hlnr:s-# rSfr' Chicago. • A GENTS—Wanted—Lad’es and rc? J /A tlemrn thfonchcot the West to fc-anvaA u ‘•Trlrd atd True.” The commission oal-l u i»r«* and the boot is one of the best scJlttg work’ nut£ t f Send for ternuto W.J. HOLLAND * CO„ US j.j» V bard Block. Chicago. . % A GENTS—Wanted—To sell the Gtn f\ nine Bartlett Sewing Machine (price ( the Improved New England Family Sewing Mwti* (price (18), Both of these Machines are fully imV Address or call upon W. DELOSS 4 CO.. Rootss! Post Office Block, Chicago. IU. A GENTS—Wanted—To canvass tor XX “Lincoln and Slavery." in ore volume of or* TOO cages. Tbcb*>oc UsoM about the Ist of January Is already *e Hep more rapidly than rdt utcor. I> second edition wUI b» r*adr In two week*. The cu caco Journal say* of It: “Theboatia the b»;t i«nw. acd car be eclipsed.'* We want a frw grw»d men rt n-aac* In lt» sale CLARKE ft CO., SO and >1 Washington st., Chicago. * A GENTa—Wanted—3falc atd female, w XX to tel! a new article in great uemand that «rerj »jl family want*. (4 per day made without lo«vlnghnra*. C Travelling agerts can make trom (5 to (20 periUr » without inter/ rencewtttj other nurtness. Tteartie* *v; shows f.rliectf. Samples, with terms and psmcu'an ~ ot the btuderas. sent for & cents. Address R. w. CHAPPELL. Drawer 6333. Chicago. 111. ; AGENT?— Warned—For “LIFE AND DEATH IN REBEL PRISONS.” T»- »nn-*a suKcnbers per day. Always sells. A. KIDDER, 9$ WsfchiLKtoa-bt,, Chicago. A GENTS—Wrfnted—A few more first ‘ X\ class men for THE AMERICAN FaHMEITS V HORSE BOOR. Now ready. On«* e'cgsnt ocu»o«j|- • nme «f ore ptef-and sp-enuldly ujuriraittL it- R»b- •«< tit Stewart, M.D, V. S. Tb» best-eriEgsnbwfJsuoo v-: l»ok in the market. It appra’s to the *r? ■*?» necosltli 1 * oi the people It •• r*->ittcujarif aJTapiM a 3 ‘ tu the • ant* of the Aa.«vtcan Farmer and Hors* 0«a- *fc er. Pe-tue* treating on every disease t. which tin .•*« Uorse i* snbj-cr. It embraces a meat tlmeb sad nut m n-senie treatise on Stock Raising and Mansacmest, -r g\ AccnUareareraglngoaesab-’criber out of every tws v*g*o solicited. Arniy at ooei*f»r terms and terrU-irv. 5. t GOODMAN ft Co~ Publishers, 3 Custom H-tu*- *“< •• Dive, Coleago, IU. | AUENTa— Wunted—For “ W OMAN’S tT-' WORK IN THE CIVIL WAR” ThU wort. ; comnicnctd n-erc than laiee year* uso. sn-i orp3itnl , . ondgr the *«rct|cn and approval of the fnlt. l Bi*i« ’ ■ tatlaty Cotrn.t'Slon, the'Westt-rn PanParv P<*- siup ana the Chrl -Man Commission, and i-onMlairiy »a Introniictnry chapter bv Dr Bell3w*. laic lent of the Sanitary Commls-lrm, tsonaot a>-th-«M'r and creut Interest. It I* Ulusttatcd with nanertia* fine Heel engravings, by Rltchlo and Sartn:n, tn-lcoc talmatomL*) octavo pages, tnepidl-L' •k-tc'ies if nearly two Imrrtred Indies, and brlrt bon.--* -l iooel . four bcndml otn-n while a Just ttlbnt- U ' a!t • the tbon*ands of nameless heroines who svnib'M ra ’rt to elvr aid and re’let to our rntTerlßC owlf *■ ? , ‘ nl - fbr clrcula-,and *e- orelhe first choice <i: i*rrlinrj- «, Addrcrs ZEKSLER, McCGUDVft Co.. Putfiftss , T/mbtrd Rlork. Cblrato. 111. AGENTS —Wanted—Everywhere, to' aril the '•fustantanetc* Window ri,-a*i*fasl Msgir l*«>'lßb, M oneof ihe most won-*«rf'il at-i »a’nv b!c<Slrf<mrte*ol theaae. Full particulars. wuhv*-* , brxc* for Mmple or use,sent to any aiblr*e*fi?» rents. Sccnre the aru-ry in ronr virlnlty ttunre. / Adrtrsi* O. 31. SMITH* CO.Dcartwri-st-i Mca- I ip). Cut ililx ont for reference. J AGENTS— Wanted—Ladies who mean business. to can* as* f'-r that which will ■*: prn;it». Apply fur information, Saturday. 3 t -eh. bo twrrr 3 and 5 p m„ at tjiut Ea»t M*fll*oD-4t..0r aa dress, with starap. Mn. “K C S.” Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—ForMissfiuri.Mln- Jr\ nesota. Kansas. lowa. Wisconsin and ail Uir Southern Stat-w with from f 100 to JAW. Rwm ‘i. ><£• •th Sooth Clark-lt. A GENTS—Wonted—For“Thc Pictorial X\ TWte «f Anecdotes and Incident* cf Hi.* lie'll non,** warranted th* most popular, fastrelllm; h •*•* °* thcagp. For parttcnUrsaduriM J. A. bIuI'DAKD* CO., 11) £ Chicago, 111. AGENTS— Wnuted-For Frank 3b*ore*i New Wctk, WOMkNOFTUE WAIL Thisrotu* e Is nniV'Dali? mlD.lnyJ. Says too Chicago Evening Journal; It Is In the noblest sense, a i of Ihmu'T. } and we envy the antiv r Ibc grateful werk he ha* per- ,t --formed, (tsl reads like a romance. Ihcrrry "it..« , war can never be v «-n told wltmut Iha suirv of the • met t» hdd wilb If.** So'd only by tanvasslrga-eow. •/. TlioDsastis aru salting to eoe ancfbnylt. A'-'.wf* varMrcfTaloanle Ihuitrated Imots, ttclndl‘l V History of the Ifcbdllon, by J.T. Head cy, anth-mr, V Inioartial. prrfns«ly jllnstrate-i, and the ,%,ist trs-J --abirhlsionrof the w»r pnblrshed. Aucrcs* 1L t. TREAT. 117 Ponih Clilcago. ? AGENTS —Wanted—To fell the creat CAMPAIGN* OK GRAKTA.Vn SHERM-’*];! . . > lion. J.T. Headley. Ucodagent* takefrom 33 i• I'J sobecnl'ers per we*k. bnpsrlor InOucement* dT-t**! j lo «nergrtlc men and women. Address, at onre.t. LILIEY, Publisher.Hnynoiav UloviL Chic* go. XU. A GENTS—Wanted—s7s to s2lo per JtA. month, rrcTTwhere, male and ftmale. u> lotm dree th’onchonr the United the OENTINE * u * PROVED I.OMUOK FOSEFASIILY SEWING MA CIIINP. Thl* tuscldne wJH stllcb, hem. ftll. tnvf, qnllL bind, braid aid tathrolderiD a must superior manner. Prl-eon’yflK Fally warrn-ted P>rni« year*. Wc will pay «I,CCO f.r any machine that will tew astrooerr. more PcantlMl or more elastic *eai» than onrs. it makes the **EL < u:inLocfcStitr.n.*' Ever/ second stitch csPbe*nLan< still the cloth cann it I'd polled apart without tearing IL We pay agents from »;ilo|?JOpcr month and exnensei, or a commission from which twice that amount cat be made. Addles* tECOMB & CO., Cleveland.Ohi-., CAUTION.—Do not be Imposed epoo by other par ties palming off worthless cos. Iron machines, under the same tame or ottarra ise. Onr* Is the only gtau ine and really prscilcal cheap machine mann&ctnred* Agents Wanted For Marshall’s UCCOID. _ fFrcm Senator Tate*, of nilnol«J W*. p. MAEMiiU-Dt*r Sir: Yonr picture of i° r dead but ever living President plessesme. Hlsf*c<j Inlts rcgrrd oat'lnes, was tola handsome one; aro yon bare snccffihd to a remarkable decree in ptf •errlcr ?hr»c outllcc*. m tts expression, bower !*■* tats face was fall of mtegled *treDgtli and gaith***? f'>rceand lendermn: and you have;alio catching ttus cxere«»lou that made tlta so d*’* r *? I S. s'M < f a roan whom Illinois iaTe fie «si» “.“m and W the ran*e ct liberty and equal rights, I b*ar cheerful IcftlmoDy. Vert r»specunTlv,Toar obedient terract, RICH AH D YATiS. Addrrts J. H. AMMON*. Publish era’ A cent, S 7 Wash lugton-st., CSlcago. AGENTS —Wanted—$3CO per monih on *5 capital. £eet»:a wanted In all parrs rf tie Scritwcfcf. Address Box 316. Independenc,’, lows. with two tnrse rent stamps r>r particulars. ffiarljinen?. XT'OR SALE—A large stock ol iron lathes r one lj.f3°t be?» 3S-tnch bwldc: lour ls-toot l»ed. 20-inch swine; tore* SH-loct best, Ulcch s*riiz. rack c^red^cr***»«<•*: screw chttUjr »nclne lathes, roa leal Springfield, will he sold at lowflgn-es. Fire portable steam alnee,6.B,ll’ iaaflls-hor i cpowertflTe IranP-“r*r: 5.6,7,8 and 9-fcot bed. of saperior make; Rocera Cnt*»r; suntmaa’t ivj|t Colter; R« r colter: drbi ; me WwCdwrnh Haneranil yateher; ore BaWa '» tacer; on-Farrar Sanaro.-; two moalalng tnyhlro*. ere s* roll ‘aw; rn: •.featlnr machine yood lataejr all on hard. In ftrre, at .51 SonC. WeIL«-su HAIT* KINS A JASIES. FOK tALE —A second-hand Bnck^-* fo rtl — n.vhme—tr eradmcc. Filce. Itir. Apply to tne TKIBCSS COMPACT. t?OB SALE—Cheap—An engine oi P about Ibrty hsr-e power, with heater and c'C reetlrgPlr«* »»1 Jf'odo?d*r. Can baseen In ow** at;oa sed price asctrtaloel ty callluz on BALL « FBOSI. ??*? Scoth Clare- sL, Chlctgo. 111. COB SALE—One Double Cylinder P Planing and Matching Machine, one st-fnch Sor* tacer.aiun a«s.-rtmcnt of Saab. Door aad Blind ay chinmr, Sere 11 yaws. Woud Ijilbew Ae~ &c. ,’Aiy. Iren L«theaaail Patent Bait cut t*r*. DavU* Patent Bolt Headers—aitnt suanuf >crarer« prlci.o, freightnddefl. Clrcuta-* *<-ut on aDpdcatl.a MERRIMAK A WglGUf, 11 WdlMUCalcaffb 17OR SALE—Three 8-hoise power op* 3’ nght encicts; aiao six borlioutat cn2l2CAN_w ard 13-bcne power. Lanrer or scalier east «* olftaed with or without boilers. 12.15. I* and mbuiar and locomottre twl'cra for atK br»J n:a» • Also one 4-rol!er Union Matcher and Placing Sawmill*, barrel and mseMrery. ity pianer*. beltlac. s»wa MacLluerr B 1 De>rborr.-tu ORKEyT.EE BHui. A Ct>. TAT AN TED—To bnv, a small steam cn- VV gine ana bollrr, of If otn Ito 3 horse P , ?'.',: cAI llier new or second hard, if in good order, au. •*D C.” P. O. Pox 2251- - lilotSES, Carriages, Set. |?OR bALE-A fine, well-broken c£ JC r!a« team of baadaome »ro«n Hwy at* Mates a aadot cood *l«» floe lift oreflrethoother»ltyears'Old. amt.fS6. Wa 01 OM Dlarß Uawk. JOSEPH w Ho.l* LaSalle-a*. T?OH SALK-Eipiesi. ."Ac & m i’r.