Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 2, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 2, 1867 Page 1
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Ml EUROPE. Latest News by Ocean Tele graph. The Austrian Contingent to Re- main in Mexico. A French Journal Protoata Against the Rendition of the Swindler Lamirande. HUH WASHINGTON. Interesting Facts in Regard to the Sumy of the Illinois River. The Work will Probably be Prose ented During the Coming ■■ - Summer. Text of the New BUI for Ponding Compound Interest Notes. Department Eeporta Oonoerning Eeoent Eemovals from Office. CONGRESS. Senate—Passage of tlie Bill Regu lating the Unties of Clerk of the House. Lengthy Male ou the Bank- rupt Bill. Rouse— Debate on the BUI to Regulate tbe Tenure of Cer tain Offices. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Outlines of the Bill to Estahlish a State Board of Equali zation. Bill In Relation to the Chicago Public Parß to be Introduced on Monday. The Warehouse Monopolists and Their Secret Wire Pulling. They Strike Hands with their Co-Extortionists* the Railroad Men. FKOM IBUOPE. IEV OCEAN IEI.KCBAPU. acbtrux TEoors to nmAiK w xsxico, Loroor, Febniary 1. it is announced that th« Austrian troops in Mexico do not leave ttint country with tbu French lorcea. sirno vatic. Floberce, February j. Count Barrall has been appointed Italian Am hsoaadorto the romt »f Vienna. thotmt aoairr tux Bsxomoß or ulvuurde. Pau», February 1. The CazttU de 7'ribvnfavx baa an editorial pro. teetiic th* rendition ot lamlrande, the dt fanlUT, to tbo Until* Government. Late*! Vorvtsa tflarketo. Ltvkcfool. February I—Soon. Vt U on—Tbs BiArisel has unJemone no change. The •tfroaera* Circular report rales of 6XOOO bales. Bairs *<Hl»y animated at 7.0C0 bales. UlddUn* uplands. 15**1. Lokdok, February I—' Soon. Crn»cl«—Adrateed K per cent t-vday, and are now pooled at 90 MS fbr money. Unit'd Stales J-30sdo* «jired i-Mper cert, and are quoted at 1211-16. TROM WASHINGTON. VSrxciil Despatch to the Cblcaco Tnhune.l Washikotok. D. C., Fcltmary 1. jjtli FOK TUS FCSDtKO OP COMPOUND nrnntrr rotes. I Prominent banker* have held * con-nUatlon I -with Mr. McCulloch and the Comptroller of the I Currency, and agreed upon the lollowing hill, I framed by John W. EIII* and Thomas B. Page of I •>.and which meet* the hearty concurrence of I . . titles named: I •( mocltdy &c.. That for the purpose of re- 1 di - .ic and iclirlngany compound Interest note* I ou.-i - Mug and held bv National Banks, the I Sea •of the Treasury Is authorised to issue I 'XetDiK • loan cci Uflcatcs In ihe manner desic- I nated. 'Uon lour of the act approved July I «jsih.l* a*lnc interest at the rate of not ex- 1 ceedini per cent per annum, principal and I interest ole In lawful moner, on demand. I and said c. Icates of temporary loan tnay con- I edtnie and bt held by any National I'-ank bo.djiic I or owning the came as a part and not exceeding i therc'crve provld- d for In sections Ihlny-oneand 1 thirtv-l*o of toe act entitled “ An act to provide I for a'Nallooal Currency," &c., approved June hd. l£Cl; prori</»fl. that the amount issued shall not exceed *W.»r<UrO. The Secretary of the Treasury ‘aye the hill will relieve Llm of all anxiety on account of the com* | pound Interest notes, and will provide tor them ' in such a way as not to derarge the business and finances of tbc country, benators Fessenden and Sherman, of the Finance Committee, support the measure, end It will be considered by the com mittee on Tne-dsy cert. As Ibis prevents con traction to the amour I of compound notes funded, and L« strongly urged by the Secretary, It is taker by nuny as an Indication that Ibe Secre tary Is beginning to feel ho has gone too far in his former views upon contraction. K ETC STATED ASD COXEIHSCED. Postmaster Marshall, of PalncsviHc, Ohio, who | -thonph > Lincoln nod Johnson elector, was re* j moved to make room for Seymour, a Philadel phia Convention delegate, his been re-instated by the President and was confirmed 10-dvy, L. S. Morton, Deputy Postmaster of the Bonae of Rep resentatives, was to-dar confirmed as Assessor of the Eighteenth Ohio (Cleveland ) District. BUB VET OP IUXXOIB BIVBB. It Is possible that the Survey of the Illinois River above LaSalle, and a thorough examination cl the COW.U7 between Chlcaco and LaSalle will be made under the direction of the War Depart ment dertne the coming summer. Don. Benton C. Cook must he credited with the instigating nrtdcarrying throngh of the movement which la expected to result In the consummation oftheproject. It appears that early Iniheprcseut session he laid before the Secrclary of War the advisability of making a survey of the Illinois River from LaSalle towards Us source. The Secretary was convinced, and directed General Wilson, In charge of IhcDcs Molnca and Rock Island Rapid* Improvement, to make tbo survey as soon as practicable. General Wilson, under date. Davenport, January 15. 1550, reports to the Engineers* Depart went that the Inclemency of the season will not admit of field work, and that the funds at Ws command will no more than defray the expense -<if working up tie information already obtained. Tie has, however, a large amount of information on the subject, which he will Incorporate Into his forthcoming report on the survey of the Illinois Klver otdered at the last session of Congress. ■General Wilson continues: ** In view of the great •magnitude of the work involved In the proper Im provement of the Illinois River, and Us connec tions with Lake Michigan, lb oceans to me that there should be a complete and exhaustive exami nation ot the country between LaSalle and Chi cago and a low water examination of the river I from LaSalle to Us month. I recommend ac anuroiuialloo of twenty thousand dollars for the nnrooec ot mating this survey, and hope it Trill meet with your approbation, should Con plvc u« the necessary means, Ihe work Sd be commenced early In the spring and dtUhcdthy next entnmn; but in en, event my to tecure favorable action.” Mr. Cook having o lalncd a copy of this report of General WUon e appeared betorc thfc Howe Committee on Cam melee ana asked them to make the ■PP ro P f “ ti ?” ~ r twenty thousand dollars recommended by General Wilson, and there are strong reasons for twlievlue that ihe committee will report favor ably, and that the proposed survey ? f lb ®L lv s* «cd country between Chicago ana LaSalle will he made outing the present year. urmtRAL nmstur bxcxtpts. The receipt* from Internal Revenue to-day were one million and _ Quite a nnmber of enlisted men W dnrtoit the pest Cf exptrelwn ot their term of I Urge nnmW, prohlbly 1,500 OTlliUncnhin during the present jeer ™ momT The men dlechented ere nowgotnj rapidly forward. About twelve thousand men have l>ct n rocttuloj at the aavcral dapota since the Ural of October last, and If the aama success at tenda It curing lha next two -or three noalba, the minimum itrongthoflhe army will ba attained, a* It I* thought that enlistments dating tho sum* tt>rr months will bo sufficient to balance the num ber dlacbarged. tit* Titiaatrirr ittvcanoiTtov. invtvtlgailona Into the management of lb* irmlliiß dlvUlon of the Treatury Department have been ao far competed aa to allow an almoai enllre resumption of work (Derain. Ur. Oltrke baa not been under arreat, and tbo operation* of the dlvlalon have only been ao Car Impadad aa ua« abaoUuely necessary in Ibe prosecution of the labors of Iba CoimnlUre. roiTomoi soßnnr. Ibe Postmaster General baa been notified of Uio robbery of Ibe poet office at Hilem, New Jer sey, laat night. All the lellere therein were broken open, Obd all the money taken out. Dropped money order* and letters were left be hind This la the third office that has been broken into In Utile over one month, and the manner In «blcb the robbery of all nave been aceompllsbed, Induces the belief that they were committed by the tame party or parties. pension cudii siaroaip or. During the month of January the Commissioner ol Pensions disposed 0ffi,433 claims lor penslona, ot which number 4,672 claims were admitted and faSU rejected. One bnndred and fifty-five land wanacts were taened, covering an aggregate of M,bGO acre*. IOWA CLiIXB. Brigadier General B. C. Buchanan hts been ap pointed Commissioner nndoriboact of January SS,IEE6, to examine and report upon the claims or lowa for forego, transportation, subsistence and clothing tarnished by tho Stale to volanteera commanded by C-olonels Edwards and Morlcdge; clso claims lor Ibe re-payment of certain moneys paid by the State In raising, arming, equipping, paying and subsisting coitviu troops maintained by the State on the Southern and Western bor ders. SAKSncrr »HX. The Senate spent the dsy on the Bantrnpt Bill. box ntociAmto rnn roiuui or omci. TbcHoneeat4p. m. proceeded**© rote on the bill regulating the tenure of office. The amend ment putting Cabinet officers on the same footing with other civil officers was lost—76 to 78—and alterwards reconsidered, ween the Honsc ad journed. The bill will probably pass, although mtny Republicans arc Indifferent, saying that now a« the President has gntaT bis friends In, it la poor policy to shut them all in. [A*e:daied Pres?Dispatches.] COKFUUCATIOKS. Washtrctos, February I.—The Senate has con tinned the following: E. E. Heath. Secretary of •he Territory oi New Mexico; Millon D. Brown ing, United states Attorney Tor Iowa; Lovell S. Morton. Assessor of Internal R*v«one in th» Kigbteenth District of Ohio; Seth Marshall, Deputy Postmaster at Palncsville, Ohio. nmcTED. The following nomination was rejected: Samuel MrHelrey, United States Marshal Western Dis trict of Pennsylvania. coKcxiuraro bskotiu took omet. The President sent to the Uonsc to-day a reply u> the resolution calling for Information la rela tion to removals from office. The becrelary of State's report exhibits the fact that no persons were reappoiired by him after rejection by the Senate. No names were withheld from tbs Sen ate dnrlng Its sessions. The numner of removals - se ten, and the number of appointments to sup ply vacancies, seventeen. The report of the Secretary of the Treasury the total number of changes dnrlng the ro ccw« a* 275, of which lOT wtro caused by removal. Nunlfcr reappointed after rejection by the Sen ate, twenty-six, and nine were reanoolnted on whose nominations no action was taken by the Senate. Twenty-six were appointed who*; »•*•»«■ were withheld from tbo Senate. two of whom died during the recess, arid one dnrlng the ses -ton «rihe Senate. Tneae conldnot take the oath required by law, and-weie removed for malfeas ance in oOicc; t«o resigned, four continued in oriice until U.o nominations of others were snh mhtrd. The names of eleven were accidentally umhted in scudlng In tbo nominations. Nino of these nave bevii superseded by the appolutm: ot o'ber p* r>tms, The Seer* lary of ibe Interior states that of all* tj-onc Registers of land Offices, seven hare beet removed from office, and oitKrpcfeona appointed. Of tlxij-onc Receivers of Public Moncjß, three were removed. Of ten Superintendents of Indian Affsbe, two were rcmoveO. and of sixty-eight In dian Agents, five were removed. Orfiltr-ecven Pennon Agents, twelve were removed. The total number of clerks and employes under the control rf the Secretary of the Inteifor, exclusive ol the foregoing, ia &*. Of this entire number only twenty have been removed. In almost every In stance removal has been lonrovtde a phee for a meritoilons wounded soldier or a more competent discharge of tbe duties. .__ . . .. . lie report of the Secretary of War alatca that no persons, aßcr rejccllon by the Senate, have been reappointed by the President. No appoint mints have been made since last eesMoa of per* >ons whose names vero Intentionally withheld nom the Senate. A few cases occurred through inadvertence la the Adjutant General's office, out these were me’ely trivial appointments, which, having expired by constitutional limitation, wl<l he nominated at the present session. During the recess, tblity-lwo persons have been appointed to till vacancies made by tbo ordinary casual ties of war, but their names will soon be present ed to the Senate. TheSonvtary cxplnlns that this number does not Inclnde brevet appointments, which are nol supposed to come wluiln the scope of the resolution, nor those appointments made unoertbe act of Congress of July 98, fixing the peace establishment, AD such appointments arc to bo submitted to *bc Senate at this session. Ibe-Sccrctary of the Navy reports that there were no appointments or reappointments In the civil or naval sendee requiring the action of the Senate, made during the recess. The Attorney General reports that during the re cess the changes from all causes amounted to Unr ty-ionr; nineteen having been appointments when no vacancies had happened, and fifteen Appoint ments to fill vacancies. There war one reap polnuncnl after rejection by the Senate. Hie Postmaster ften ral reports the removals for political reasons, and of which number commis sions have la twelve cases b*ien withheld, 153. Removals to make room for wounded and other soldiers, 92: appointments to fill vacancies caused by resignations or deaths, 9U; changes by reasons of appointments rescinded, 82; removals because ot neglect of official duties, 5; changrs caused by declination of office, 8: changes caused by expire non of commissions, 2; removal hyabandomaeut ol office, 1 : removal ikscausc the Poilmaster was fraudulently recommended, 1; removal because the Postmaster was not continued antler at Port Scott, Kan<as. 1. Total, 923. pnoneexn nr iuxdaix a cimncaor im.L. General VtnWyck, of Now York, who recently arrived here, report* great anxiety among men of all conditions and parties by m«on of the i-n --preselon that UcpreseniallvellacdaD s.bill will and as a consequence destroy all tue conn iiv National Banks and precipitate Unsocial coo ’n*n!e GcDcrfftsya hl» Investigation leads to the brliei that there is net the rcmotß«t oo:alblbiy that this bill or any other Impairing the present <-ocdtlion of banks can become a law. THE TEST OATH QUESTION. The Supreme Court of the District of Columbia Is sltll encaged in hearing argument*.oni in. quM ilon whether the test oath required for admission ‘hall be set aside. __ TEHUAinxrEO TnAXSrT COJfTAttT. Voluminous document? op the subject of Mex ico were transmitted to the House, among them the letter ft urn Secretary Seward to Marshall o. Roberts, ol Dcrembcrlasl, in which he says the President docs not deem It necessary or expedient at present to Intervene In case of civil contract* between cltlrcna arising In Mexico, or coutraca between citizens of the United State* and Mexico. Tills is In answer to Roberta* complaint lhatJuarcx bed granted a charter to the Transit Company In derogation of a "previous contract •'ranted to the Louisiana Tehuantepec Company, which it Is claimed has legal force. jjonruACT. Hon. Philip Johnson. Member of Congress from Pennsylvania, died suddenly last night of conges- UI of the death of Hon. PhlUo Johnson wilt be made to-morrow. The funeral takes place on Sunday. , .w -w Don* 11. S. Magrew. member of the Maryland Legislature, died here to-day of apoplexy. »e --erased was formerly State Treasurer of Pcnnsjl vama. LA2TD omCE aXTTTItt , . . Commissioner Wilson, G * no . ra ]. i 1 4,„ Office, lias submitted to tne Secretary of the lin terior for approval, two **»]■. Uicbtato of Minnesota to aid In tb-i construction oftbe St. Paul & Pacific Ilailroad, embracing In the ajrcrccalc ltS.ft2o acres. ' COJOtIECLii AUIUSOKJIEKT WITH TUE lIAWAUAS ULASDS. , ~ The President hashaneo a proclamation dlscon \JnniEC the discrimination of tonnage ana l“PO£t ! against reset-la of the Hawaiian Inlands, and arti clcs Imported Into the United States from Decom her iota, the exemption to continue so lone a# re ciproented. toe ruvmKO nnx. Ibe Senate Finance Committee has agreed to report on Tuesday a bill for the flmdiae of com pound Interest notes held by the banks. rcosrEcrs op the tawtp bill. Ihcro Is no probab’llly that the Tiriff Bill, as served In by the Senate, will be accepted »it the Boose. It will cTcntoaily ro to a committee ox conference. arroutTMyng. Washwotoi*, Feoruarr I.—The President has nomlraud General Fmicrton for roetmasier a su Loci*: Isaac Vcrplanck. of Buffalo, and Daniel Comer, of Philadelphia. Commissioners lo adjust the unsettled war claims of Massachu setts. Tire nocPE jcDicLinT cownrm , to ftlM lafcloc evidence in relation to Maryland affairs. The Impeachment Investigation mak*»« no progress. Tax TATtrrr dill nillbc referred to the Ways and Mean* Commit* t<-p, to he considered In connexion with toe Tax BUI, until both arc ready to bo reported. XXECCTTV* ISnOHAOE. I The JVlfcvnt'* special sava: “Too person-who I • wrote the leacrco«ccrnlr?Mr.Motl«y,lsaaft2cnt I i of Seward, and w now an applicant for place. I Adams, Marsh and the other Ministers ire not ex pected to remain silent under the Implied rebake I of Mr. Seward 1 # letter 11 I the whiseet Tax. . I The JlfraltTi special says: It is reported that I the House Committee on Whiskey Fiauda have | concluded to report the repeal of so ranch of the I law as relate* to distilleries, and tax them on lh- I capacity of ibclmills.” ~.,T 1 * * » j.'g TLA3C OP iWCIWBtT. I Xrw Vonx.Ffhniirv l.—Th* New lork Twit* 1 #SSSS«iV9:/‘Tto President's new ulan of adjustment, hared on qualified sudrarc I or TUX POUT KXAIUTTT HIKUCUX. 1 folVowlS I examination into the matter. 1 The order •tilitaffCap* Enw tiUhe command of one Teasel of the European I -qnadroc la Revoked. l OStiItESSIOSAL mOCEEBISOS \Vi«nrsctoN. February 1. SENATE. The MU to rccciatclhe dntlc* of the Clerk of ''‘uwrlfSDCMlOT.’liAvis?’ nf;^WSj?o - PATPEUSON snd bAULSBUUx spoke it as a party measure. . The Bankrupt Bill was taken up, the question Iteioi; on the imcndroc t of . the Jndictary com mittee to strike out from the list of exceptions tn the operations ot the hill, the Jollowinc words t I ••Ana tacb other property not Included In the I foregoing exceptions as l« exempted tram levy I and sales npun execution by law* of Ibe State In I which the bankrupt taa hla domicile at the time I o( ibe commencement ot proceedings in bank* I rupicy, to an amount not exceeding that allowed I t.T Mien exemption lans in force la iS'tt.** I DOOLIITLE, UOWAHD, CONNESS I and others opposed the amendment. I MessK. Johnson, uendiucks, TRUM BULL and others favored lu I Mr WADE, while his own opinion favored a I Dankmpl Dill, would feel compelled, nuder in- I junctions from the Ohio Legislature, to rote I i *W ?LSON moved to amend by substituting I 1 “and ft homestead and other property not ex ceeding In value ta.O'jO," for the worda proposed to the SmUbsoaUn la- I stiiutc was jn leave,called np and passed. Ibc Dalferopl IM! was resumed without artion. j Executive tetsion, and soon after adjourned, LsiSsSaS* I was directed to transmit reports or caumatca for CJ)ica(\o VOL. XX the Improvement oftbo harbors of 1 ml«atcr an I*« re Uarqueitc. on UUo r rmUrp ot Vu motion or iir- |M inlo Ways and Means were Itatrnca . £ Kevcuue the expediency of emending ibe COD per elnl* law to rcqnlre the rfeiirnctlon of J 1 d c gße sale of confiscated to Ihe United blare*. anu the tame aa old copper. . w n.Uarver The hill lo ejt™ai6c|3''nlcl » comnl . , n J for Impromacnta in dco.tcd aieealcg screws, to August 13,u » W %?°iS!?°bUl in tbolenur. ofcclnln civil offices was debated. encroach- JSI of «■» "1;: wu of tho Senile If the IncnmlKnt j* “ T ‘ ""Sr” p”on”mS‘w •— Mr. HALE, to do. to WfJKBI m ttvor iron. to tot vorda "excepting the Secretaries of {SfsutFlßSSy. “Sfxanr and interior, Post miter General at.d Attorney CcnerH. The amendment wrs rejee ed. *8 BJjaliwt 78. Tbe o*bcraroendmentß offered by Mewre. Wil liams. Donnelly, and Stevens wcre sevcrally re jected. the latter by a vote of 37 to IIS. J MrTVARQUHAUmOTcd to reconsider the vote reject!' g Mr. Williams' amendment, ilr. HALE moved to table the motion. Sega pm!rw>Vlng fnrthor a motion was made toradjonrDmrat. j oinu gave notice that he would, on Monday, report from the Jndldary Committee the Mouse bill to declare valldand conclusive certain proclsmationa or the rrest* dent and acta done In pursuance thereof, or by bis order, in the suppression of tbe rebellion. Tbr joint resolution to pvy Captain Mantel C. Trewiit. of Tumesaee, for four months’ service m the annv was passed. Tbe Committee of Ways and Means was, on motion of Hr. KETCUDM. instructed to Inquire roto the propriety of removing the Internal Reve nue tax from straw wrappli g paper and placing it °Vlr. e HOOAN Introduced a bill to enlarge the Mulled Stales Arsenal at £t.l<onu. Iteferred to the Committee on Appnipnatlous. Tbe SPEAKER pa vented communications from ■be breetd* tl ns follows: Transmitting the report of the bra clary of War with information respect r."d3fo7, to certain claim* ol to Sure cf loira. T.Wsa Irm fm.ttto the report of to State In answer to resolutions ot the 4tb and ibid of I), ccmber, ssOtne lor Inhumation on the pres ml condition of .e.lre In Store., and to .abject of the evacuation ot Mexico by Ibe French troops. Releped to Committee on Foreign,Analrs, Tir-nt-miilim* reports from the beads of several Fx* <uti\c Department*, with tnlormatron in re rard to appointments to office, called for by tbe Moure resolution ol the fitb of December, utfer tca »o Scbct Committee on Civil Service. Mr. MOORMKAI) presented oi remonstrance from the Prcsldenla of National Bunks at Pitts -1 bnrch, agalret changes In the Rational Currency laws. I A«*jonrncd. • FROM SPBISUFIELD. {Special Despatch to Ihe Chicago Tnbnnc-1 SmtsonrtD. 111., February 1. STATE BOAUD 01* XQUAUZATIOK. Amoiip ihe bills introduced Into the Senate to dat was one to establish a State Board of Equali zation. Section one provides that the Governor iball appoint one person from each Senatorial Dlettiri, who, together with the Auditor of Public Arconnic tor Ibe lime bebg, ahall constitute a Stale Board of Equalisation. Such persons shall hold (heir offices for two years. Scclion two pro vides that Ibis Board.shall assemble in Fprincfield | on tnc fiist Tuesday of October next, and proceed to examine the abstracts of property assessed for taxation In the several counties of Ibe State, wHcli abstracts shall be fornUbedbv Ibe Counly Clerks of the several counties, through the An* ditor of Public Account. and shill proceed to ninalixc Iho same by. directing to be added to the amount of property so assessed In each county,or to bo drdneied therefrom, auch rale per cent as such Board ;may deem equitable, with out reducing the aggregate amount on property so asseesed In the Slate. Section three provides for the organization of the Board, manner of proceedings, and the compen sation they shell receive, which Is ten dollars per day dnrtne Ibe session of the Bosrd, and ten cents per mile for travel.* Section fonr provides wha class of properly shall be listed, and the manner of dome it. Section live prescribes the duties of Aen sfora and Ihilr pay, which shall be five dol hrs »i*d expenses. Section six irakcaltthednty ol ibe Counly Clerks to make out ard transmit to the Auditor of Public Accounts abstracts of assess roerts. Section ecven makes it tho duty of the Auditor of labile Accounts to c*»m pietc Ibe abstracts receive I from the Coanly Clerks lor the use of the Board. Sections tight acd nine are devoted to details. Section ten makes tt the duty of Auditor of Public Accounts to publish the pro- | ol Ibe Board annually in pamphlet form, to be distributed among all revenue officers ol the atato. Section eleven la devoted to de tails. Section twelve provides tor the electioni of the Board rf Equalisation by the people at the ceneral election in November. 186% one from each Senatorial District, and to hold Ibclrofflccs for lour years. Section thirteen makes it the duty ol the Auditor to print this law in pamphlet form Immediately after lie passage, accompanied by 9 circular of Instruction. CHICAGO PUBLIC PAItK. The bill to build a Public Park to contain about one thousand acres on the west lino of Hyde Park will be Introduced Into the Senate on Monday. All diversity of interests have been reconciled, aj tt Ibe bill la aneb an one as 4s believed the unanimous support of all classes. The bill embraces a provision that no person owning or Interested in lands embraced within the limits of ibe proposed park, orwlthm half a mile of its boundary lines, shall be appointed a commit sloner to lay out Ibe park, or have anything to do with defining Its limits. rAiiDOjrro. Governor Oqlrsbj tovlay pardoned Mary Coa ■nili; olios Molllc Trmsell. CDICAOO PKIOW CWnj ttOUBE. The bill »o incorporate the Chicago Union Club Uoneewas to-day ordered to a third reading In the House. A CHICAGO BAIUIOAD DIX.L. Amomrtbc bills introduced into the Senate to day was one to con-trnct;iron or wooden raUwave In the alt cots of Chicago, ot. apian patentedor held by f ecblnn Eastman, onr at nri.tol England. Hie corporators arc J. H. Dnnham and others, of Chicago. A lons letter from Mr. East man accomnaniee the bill, to which he detail. In terviews he ba. had with French engineers In re cord to bis invention, and the high manner In whlrh they commend It. Ho thlntei hla railway scheme will be Introdnced to the streets of Part., the bill coesto the Itatlroad Committee, nndmay 1 sleep there. CO nvr MATT ms. Tbo followirg lulorcsllng doclflon ren gored by the Supremo Court Ui-d«y: Corornl Aofruibly pareod an aci to enable a tornr lu tiro county of naccor* to levy a tav ro pay bouulio!. which the Collector refuted to collect, the Court waa ashed for a tnaudaiont to compel the collection of the tax, which was refused; ho of the cases of the Catted States- against C. J. D. Rupert, of Pekin, for a violation of the revenue law, be beta? a distiller, ba§ been on triul In the District Coart of the United b tales for feveral days past, and the case originated more than a year apo, and has been continued for sev eial terms. Tbc United Rates was represented by Messrs. Rosette & Kellogg; the Informer by Mr. Day; and Report by Messrs. Prcltyman at' Cohrs. The trial was very ledlons. Involving an Inqnlry as to how much whiskey has been mannhetnred and sold by defendant from the time the law wrat Into eCect until tha seizure of the distillery. Ibis made It necessary for the prosecution to shew how much had been sold to the rarions enstomcra of tbc firm, and compare these amounts with the reports made from time to time by tue establishment. The case was com* ncbcvd during the official'term of Mr. Wilson, the former District Attorney, who prepared the libel and took most of the proof. The libel con tained numerous charges under various sections of tbo law, and the proof waa directed to these charges. The amount In tbla case Is about (7,000, the fixtures of the distillery having been rained at this sum, so that the forfeiture in the casets small as compared with that In others, which amount m the agprepate to 1255415 on bis bond as distiller, and assessments made jpalnst him by the Assessor of the District. The Jnty retired at about eleven on yesterday, and were discharpcd this afternoon, falling to scree. They were about equally divided for and apalnst a forfeiture. Tbc case la continued till ncxtUrm. If the defendant la not guilty of the aVcccd violation of law, he ta the mostnnfortnnale Innocent that has ever come Ictoacomt ofjosilce, the extreme low price ol whiskey being somewhat lest than the tax demonstrates beyond question iha* parlies have heretofore been cncapcd In hope fi ands on the revenue. The Government ca., new derive Ita revenue from this traffic bnt by punishment of ibe guilty. Second Despatch. (Special Despatch to the cnlcaro Tribune.! ' 1 Sruruonru), Fcbrftary 1. Tur wAßiniocsc qursnox. F..tiMT> « Vtinbmi nm'» In STMt dam ot Mai! Whieler.Scoll tr.d oilier werchoti.cir.ei. 7 ».•«» worbirc like beaver*, and five or *l* otter lobbyist* aic trying the vlilnc of a certain ?.lnaotK?nmcnL hoco onl . .* nViiin ihelr runner* brine member* to SKJ.™«!«->* will he bcilon, rocnrdlcM of expenee, The mil „id JohbrM. hove hitched »*"» «• " M extent with the warehon-e lohoy on,e ,v«r* i, a close community of Interest*. Three influence* already hcain to tell. A’fecnator who, thicc days STh^SS of the hIU now nollflcs Eastman that he has chanped his mind, and must vowngalnal lu He Is a Democrat, representing a ccntrtldlstrlct. I wo other Senator* have grown quite mdtfcront. One of them. irccrcttoeay.Ua a district westward of Chicago. A low day*aco he, too. was strong for the bill. The warehons lobby claim tbattbey will obtain alx Democratic | voles in the female and seven Kepuhllcana on the | final lest, i don't Irclleve they can count with certainly on more than four or five Senator* np to this time, hut Ihl* number may he increased If the people who arc mwt deeply interested in the passage of the bill exhibit apathy*. Of the Cook County delegation, loih Settlors aro reliable for the bill, and of the House nol more than two can be eecnred against gt. The warehousemen want to heal the bill in tbc Senate,) ecanae, If they fail there, it will cost them a very large sum to beat It In tho more mimeroaa branch. Nothing bnt a load voice from the people and the press am save'befall!, Mce'ings mast at once be held, resoln- t'on- passed, pelltiona most be aent, and ail' fanners and covntry merchants who desire the enactment of Boatman's bill, should write strong letters lo their Senators and liepreacntaUvcsrlu slating on their supporting it, and warning those who are showing symptoms of weakness of the consequence of betraying their comUtuenls. It mar be act down for certain ihst only those who are pecuniarily influenced by the lobby will op pose tho bill, so imperatively demanded by the agricultural Interests of Illinois VISIT TO CLOOXINGTOK. The Joint Committee on State Institutions of the two Houses went to Bloomington to-day, and visited the Normal University. They left here about seven o’clock a. m. Id a special train, and returned at (he same hour iu the evening. The committee arrived at Normal at 9:30, and wore received by President Edwards. Tho whole school went throach their exercises la almost all the branch**, in the presence of the committee, and clidied their warmest commendations. A visit was also made to the Mode! School. • composed of the children of ibe town... At the doss of the exerci ses some pleasant remarks were made by Gen eral McConnell and Mr. Baldwin, after which the committee were entertained with a sumptuous dinner. At about five'o’clock tho committee took their extra train and relumed to this city, every way gratified with their visit. cmcAoorAxxsa. Tbe Parldsfa are verynumerous here and.honrly Increasing In* nnmber. 1 have, within the pul twenty-four boors, seen three magnificent pro jects for Parks la Chicago and there abouts, and* bear of more coming. These. If all are chartered and laid out, will cover about acres of Cook Connty soil, and it la safe to say that the eyes of other park-makers take in at least I,COO acres more. If Chicago is not (nllr enpflled with parks, it will be no fault of the trienda of the different projects. moontta ot the xxomtAttmt. The Senate bas adjourned over until Tuesday, and so many member* of tbe House have gone borne that there can hardly bo a quorum secured In that body to-morrow. Two-thirds of ihuses ■ion bare been exhausted, and not one-third of the business baa been done. Infaclnota alngli general law of any Importance bas yet' been pass. d. im STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.'] SpurxcnzLD. 111.. February 1. SENATE. ! i rermowa. Messrs. WERCOTT and STRAIN presented pe titions from citizens, asklnsr that the liquor traf fic be subjected to tbo control of a msjoi lly of the legal voter?. Messrs. METCALF and GUEEN presented peti tions from citizens of several counties, asking the P M?S° ra FoT t T,'*"sTRAIK aid FULLER presented petition* of citizens asking the Senate o oars Eastman's Warehouse Bill. Mr. KASTMAN presented a petition of citizens or Cblcaso. praying lor the passage of the Metro politan Health Out. comrmtc betobts. Standing Icommltlees re polled on various bills. Among them was the Insane Asylum Appropria tion bill referred to the FinanceComraUU-o yes terday. The commtltee reported a substitute, for ihe original bill and recommended the passage of the substitute. It provides only for valine the money borrowed to make up the deficit caused by tho failure of Ihe last Leglaia tnre fo make the proper appropriation. The sub stUnti* wa» pat-sen without opposition. . ADJOmWBEKT TILL BOJtDAT. Nr. COU KS moved that, when the Senate ad journed to-day, it be till Monday at 10 a. m. Car- REIT.Y, ft om the Select Committee on In etnarco, msdeareport. This committee was an pointed by the Senate to inquire If the agents „r Inmnintt* companies not chartered In llllno-e have obeved that law wblfih otdeii them to make an annual statement of Ibetf etosa receipts to too County Asstseois, and pay taxes on them os on other pen-oral property. The committee reported that inis law has been virtually a dead letter. The commtltee repotted a bill to reach the evil re- The Jndldary Committee, ihronpb Mr. WOOD PON. Inirolnrcd a resolution requesting the Su preme Court to eagacat Rome meane of obviating the difficulties presented Id a recent decision of that Court relative to opening ptlvate ways. Adopted. imjJi nrmonucED. To provide forlho safe keeping of the paiillc moneys; to Incorporate the Delta Elevatcr and WarclioneoCompany; to preventfrandnlnntvoi- Irp; to nncrlbe the du'les pi J.idccs of election; to Incorporate tbo Illinois W arebousc and Iran*- nortaUcn Company; to Incornorato the Sutsrs or ilie Good Shepherd, of Chicago; to improve •troet* and highways by tbo IntiodncUonoflrpn for ratio on common road*; to Incorporate the in* oiara & Chicago Railroad Company: lo provide for the completion of th- BUte Penitentiary; to nntbome the Catholic Bishop of Chicago to pur chase and lay ont lands for cemetery pnrposw ji to Incorporate tho Ladles’ Baptist Educational bocl* mesiapes were taken up, and several handled appropriately referred. Adjourned. nonsK. Tiaat or not»ino courts. ThcSfintc amendment* to the bill rcjnttatlne the lime of bolding Conti In the FUlcemh Judi cial Circuit were concurred to. nttus iKTixoncctD. The rule* were suspended for the purpose of In tmdneinc bills. a great xnauT of which were re ceived and referred to the several standing com mittees, Petitions veto next in order, prindpnl which were hom citircnj ofbt. Ctalj- jj«''’JVL 1 a 1 s °"* Peoria, WcPonnrpb and otter cotmUM, for laws the Honor Iraffle to ttc local 'OK . from citizens of Bureau, DnPucc. other counties for & law ptoridlnic 'against warc bdnsetrands. cowjnrTSE nrronrs. Ptar.dirp committees, especially that ; on Bnnka ard Corporations, jeporteda MIU nearly all of which were ordered to atnlrd read- Inp. nEsoLtrnosf. .. 51 r. cnitns ollered a resolution prorhllnp for a sdcct committee. to be appointed bribe <i>caker, conaisimr of one mcjnberfromcach Congressional IMablcl, and one Ae Slide »l large, to whom shall be all memorials inlpetiUomt for ana against tbe abolition of the d mV. moved to amend bj elriktos out the member from the Slatei at large. , , The resolution. a« amended, was adorned. A re?elation that the Committee on Finance be directed to inqolrc Into the tclmaph lines In this Stale, was summarily laid °“If.°SBEI ; AKD offered roolnHors «pr».lnc sympa’hy with the eight-hour movement, which W Mr ofT.-rcd resolutions averting gen crally the propriety ol allowing negroes to to c and ednrtie Ih-irV ildrea In the public schools, moclalmli c that oor State-Con-tUutlon should he so amended aa to recognize these right* °L C ®J‘ m/d ticonle. m.d directing the Jnmdarr Com mlttee to Report an amendment of this character, fabled—B*J to 2T. BILIfI rABSED. _ _ wibSb-to^^ Irirnranco Company of CUcaio to coi».o uu Insnrarcc Company: I" / bJ l?cn» VeSb Vr” 1 «lehland to borrow money ard line Florida; to Incorporatei the d“ck«oiivrllc Hotel Company: to Incorporate the town ot ih'HJoela.iloiKan Louuty. AajouniciL FTEliSOOX SESSION- BILLS PA.'BQ>< I : .sffifessfej&sa ®V^-^glgfflrS3?BsSK Ssf&S I Incorporate the Usnlrakoe tone sbarpsbooters ' J MSS satfoSa? &• c o r ,j *.&‘°«? I the Quiecj BwJ «1 GM lSh, andColcc I '<> the»kre um )L Cirioft SS?Sfe«=£ ItHjSL iouetT ™o Imeet in raUroid SsS^SSHSS . I the like County BridM Company .jrimync ' I counties ot Alexander «h§&T. ! I over C«fs Kivcr: to amend the charter or -oemy the DeKalb Priming Association; to State road In Wayne and Richland eoMtk*. » amcrd th“ charter of Macomb; to incorporate the Pike Count/ Bridge Companv; giving the conn ties ot Alexander and Pulaski jurisdiction over Cass lUtct; 10 amend the charter of Shcibj'tnc. concmnsn nr. , , The Senate resolution was concurred in. re* questing the Governor of the to cooler wt*n the Governor of Missouri legardlnc certat i moiVa on the Missouri side, which are imuii c the channel of the Mississippi «o as to wash away much valuable land on the Illinois side. xiscztUKaors. . . A hill to Incorporate the Rock River Navigation and \Vater Power Company wa> laid over. A bill ’o irtorpoialc the American Art Assocla* tlon was laid o». the table. _ A hill to Iccorporai" l*e East St. 1/mla Stock Tarda and Lie' n!er Company wasmade the special order for tr n o'clock a. m. on Tuesday next. The fcenate bill tor amendment of the charter o! the Irvington Acricnltnral College was laid over. WISCONSIN. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l Masisox, Wi*., February SENATR BII1« were introduced to amend chapter in*, Be* vised Siaicte*. In relation to the relief of persons cotnucd In jail; on civil process, of IS6I, relative to same subject; also to repeal chapter Ml, of laws of IK4, creating a fond to he expended by the Governor in taking care of sick ard wounded roldlers, and to transfer the balance ol the turd to the Geccra! Pond; to authorize the LaCrossc, Trcmpelean & Prscott Railroad Com* panj to bridge the Mississippi River at Winona; to provide for the service of process la certain Senate hills of a private and local nature bills were concurred In to authorize Racine to levy n tax to pay indebtedness tola. Crosse; to abolish the office ot Superintendent of Conniv Poor m lowa County. Adjourned to Monday evening. * ASSEMBLY. A petition was lolrodaccd for leave to dam the Wood liner In Polk County. The rules were amended so ss to require the Chief Clerk to record each day upon the Jonmal oi proceedings the namca of all absentees. ■ Bills were Introduced to enable Uaclne City to tew a apedal tax, which was passed under eua- Mitslon ol the roles; to amend the Do? Law. and repeal chapter 415 of the lam of 1903, and chap- CHICAGO. SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 2. 1867. ter 401 of the law* ot l«. relating to aubject; to regulate lb# dlabnrsementi or appropriation to Elate institution*; t vote ol the elector* the the Con stitution; to give member* of the • salary of tSKTdollart per annum; to pay to Regents of the University; , ®.fe« pe bounties to |10; to increase constable fees, ana several local nilK . _ . ». r , Tb.Scn.le bill to exempt tmm 'or • time lands created lor the road from Wauskau to Lake Superior waa concurred In. In Committee of the Whole the Indefinite pos. ponementol the bill to amend the BenlairyiAw was recommended. . . . It appears the Assembly had long been tritbont a quorum, the vote to adjourn to Monday evening being 31 ayca and 1C noea. INDIANA* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Indianapolis, February I. SENATE. A number of petitions In favor of a prohlbltoty law were pretented. One by Mr. Kinley signfd by (onethousand persons. Mr. Bennett, from Ibe Committee on Congres sional Apportionment, reported back BOTeral biut on that tnbjrcu * ith an amendment to the Senate bill presented by him, with a recommendation that It pass. Made tbe special order for next the fourteenth Judicial arcxdt was reported back, changing the number to seven tene&cr*te negro testimony, pa«- ea for the protection of fish from the firs* of March to tbe first of September, failed for want of a constitutional majority. The benate bill providing for a co/rfaa In cases of fraudnlent tramfer, removal or concealment or I,T x£e rt ?ena«hUr Increasing fees of jurors and pUmcsjcs, passed. .. , . .■* Ihr Senate bill amending the assessment act, so that assessors stall return lists on to ceemd Voi’ilsy in April, and boanls of equalisation, of.t os »bc same Say. P»e<l. »- Adjourned lo Moßdavafrernoon. xlOUotv. . . The Honse joint resolution recoramcuSltig the of the interest paying debt first, was pasted over the opposition Judge Hughes—fifty tate?se venae Bill was made the order for rntsday next. . _ . Five new bills were Introduced. • a laigo number of reports from committees weto read and acted upon. Aifer several liicfl'ccnal attempts to adjourn unit! Monday, the House adjourned till to-mor rote morning. _ _ KANSAS. [Sj'eclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Tofeka. February 1. Tbe Senate passed a supplementary act to the -ct lor the ngnlallon and support of common schools. Also cooenrrent resolutions declaring (bat the lale rebel State* are without legal Gov ernments, and asking Congress to at once pro* ride them with Governments similar to those of the lerritorles. An amendment offered by Sena* lor Foster, that upon tne ratification of the Coo* sitintlonal Admcnrtroent hr the requisite nnmhtr of States, loyal members should be admitted, wa* voted down, and tbc original resolution passed with four dissentin'* vo'c*. In tbc House no business of general Importance was transacted. ** TKNIVKSSF-E. ISpcdal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) - Nashville, February 1. The debate upon the Suffrage Bill continued all dav In the Uoim< of Representatives. John Will ett opposed the n-ascre In a regular old-fashioned wblte-man’s-govurnmcnt speech, while J. W. Shepherd, of Hawkins, and General J. YT. Smith made powerful and convincing arguments In i'a favor. The Mends of the Union had hoped to obtain a role to-day, but some division among them as to tbe propriety of calling the previous question prevented Inis action and caused a little cons’trrnarion. but the ranks will be closed up by 10-morrow and a united eilott Kilt be made to ob tain a vole. HIICfIIGAN* Lansing, February 1. FENATE* The Senate patted a number of bills, chiefly lochl. Tbe day was mostly spent In Committee of the Whole on railroad bills. HOUSE. , L Intbello-yothe University Bill was made the special order lor February 12tb. The horamopa iblstsMll oppose this bill unless coupled with tbc condition to compel tbe appointment of a Pro testor of Itomcropathy in the Medics! College. Thelollowlng passed: Joint resolution for the relief of the ilarnuotto & State Line Rail road* bill to enlarge the corporate limits of Galesburg; joint resolution asking a grant of

land for the Improvement of tbe Ragle River barber; bill to authorize the formation of corpora tion* (or building warehouses for tbe storing of grain; bill to repeal seel lons 2,02* and 2,038. com piled laws, relative to charitable bequests; blit to prevent tho adulteration ol milk. The resolution asking Congress topnt tbo lands held under railroad grants in tbc market at the prices of Government land, and return the pro ceeds to the roads holding tbe grants, dialed a spirited-debate, lasting to *bc hour of adjourn ment. Tills resolution was opposed by tbe Grand Rapids is Indiana Company as directly hostile to them. nAUYMND. AwwArous, February I.—'The House adjourned this eventrg until to-morrow, to pass the Senate bill doing away with the municipal election on Wednesday, tn Baltimore. FROM LAFAYEITE, INI). Dftallft of tWFHchtful Disaster on the Wabath Valley UaUroad-Names of (lie Killed and Injured. ' {Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune.] t.iti i li in, Ind., February 1, The Courier baa fnll particulars of the frightful disaster on the Wabash Valley Road, near Lo gansport. The train going West was thrown Korn the track by a broken rail. The engine Kept the track. Tte rear car, in which were a number of lafitos, fell over on its eloe, and being on ft heavy down grade, wae dragged In this position by the fearful momentnm of the train for thcdls lance of a city sqnarc. Three persona, two ladies. Mrs WcClarcn, of Fort Wayne, Mrs. lllxlcr, of Ccctralla, Illinois.and alltUo child of Dr.Towle, wore instantly killed. M.Towle, i Wbeclock and Samuel Wilson were injured, l ondnctor Dresser was la the wrecked car, bat I C dcaj horribly mangled. One of the ladles was thrown forward, amt her head seems to hale passed through one of the car windows as It fell over on 1U tide, and drasvedln this powgon between the car and the froren d, vras 11 ter• I ally crushed to pieces as thecarturned over. The I other nnforlnrate fell a position Ac i was crashed to death. The imlo chfla was killed I ihe same way, by the dragging of the car. I Strong coupllrgs have hitherto been considered I a desideratum In railroading, bnt this accident I would go to prove the exception to the rule. The broken axle shatter din three pieces. 1 sirs. Towle, whose little daughter eras killed. 1 tin caught In the wreck In sue t a position that I th< car rested on her leu until she con d be cut oa " « "naxe .SdM«. Her 1.. U. ral bid tUl.n I tin* two women wbo were Killed. it 1 was the Impression that she bad fallen out of the Sr ndsSrebwßs instil? ted along the track, I but on the removal of the dead she was found. 1 The accident, the first serious disaster on tho I road was clearly unavoidable. Dr. Baker, Dl* | vision Superintendent, repaired I scene The mangled dead and womded were I S i,o tenderly aod carried to Logansport. Dr. BaUr. Ri a despatch to the Courier, thU evening, Sr£ Ibe two ludlcs killed have friends in tort I Wavno I have sent their remains there. The I tntce Injoicd arc doing well. ’ HIOM IMUASAPOUS. Hu 11 road CollMon-Rnilroad Earning —ivn*onol-mnrder Trial. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] iKmaxaroiis, Febrnary 1. The western hound freight train on the Belle fontaine Railroad due here in tbe morning, collid ed with the cistern freight train on a curve, a few ml’cs bojond Ardcrson, Ind., yesterday morning. Both engines were damaged, and ten or twelve freight cars were smashed up. Only one person, a brakesman, was buil. Ills foot was cut off. iheroweie several cars of petroleum oU on the western freight rain, wbiefi took dcstroyiag •kn cars that contained It, and a very fine engine belonging to the Pacific Railroad Com* I nany C AH trains were delayed yesterday by the accident,* and the last evenings pa»«enjrer train did not arrive here till or e o’dock this as th epassengera and Inggage were obliged to be ™rertedL Thlft mortbe'a train tun through, 1 t he debris having been cleared ' he I The cause ol the accident, sl ® 1 telegraph operator made a wrong meeting. It a^"^SJJSS.°SeSIi?S amombed lo tho revenue tax on which "‘GovSifr Baker relumed to tbe city last 1 e 'ft°Abdilor of Stale Issued to the School Food .mobbtias to seven hbbdred I inci nine tbourand doilare. murder of FJtOJI ST. PAUL. tc-I.In«TC Bwolullon, B”l n ;' 11 r ns Senator Norton to Be.lcn-Wcn.htr. ISpcclil Deepa’ch to Utc Cblcaeo.Tribune 1 Pait. Minn., Fahmary 1. no nt.itt bantam ot the SSSSSSiSST. *—.-■* •*’‘" tas d tollottlttc enhetilttlc: Xorton , holtllur the Wnß®w* ? OD Ur »h* iTrltcd Sure* fx ora the office of cf the assumed an Slate oi attitude of politJ«n»o« J‘"Z d |n bl? ojncial that elevated him has uaMormiy the bt.n .^ncteton; Nt|mt< , ol!l> the Hnolcnl. ITM Ho”- opposition fn the orth. P««3stSeTmletSteeent. therein S:Satof»Toli o ce am'. hereby he requested to sss&rsffipsriih® JulfuouM m i> o t?dSn.'m j“b«bo*r «■*> no< FROM CHARLESTON, ILL. tontcncc of Use murderer Bnrronshn ftnimnlol to Imprisonment for Twenty »*an« ISpcdal Despatch to the Chlcaw Tribune.! CnamxsTos, Coles County, 111., February 1. The Inhabitants of onr little town ably disappointed of a sensation to-day. The 'en tcnce of death passed npon Je«e Burroughs f the murder of Kell McDonald about and which was to bare been carried Into cfecl thja fomToon, hashscs commuted hr * Iwtntr years’ imprisonment In Joliet- nn lEbficfuu receivedhere on Tuesday, tod on CKrSbuttk Wednesday evening the prl«on»r departed In rhargeofone of the Deonty Sheriff* n«.w borne. The general feeling U one of satlalacllon, at the dred was commuted under the influence of some drunken Impulse. and waa not believed to be a premejluud murder. FROM ST. LOUIS. Coat of Rolling a Rnllromd-licclslntur important Decision Prospective Floid—Arson and Plunder* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Lotus, February 1. The cost of selling the Southwest Pacific Rail road, paid by the State, amount* to $13^50. A bill has been Introduced in the State Senate, prohibiting any person guilty of felony or treason from practicing law, following nearly Bontwcli’a Bill before Congress. , . . . Pending a sale of Missouri State Bank stock to Captain Fade.*, a dividend of five per cent was de clareu, amounting to JBJ.OOO. Fades Claimed It, and the Slate resletca tbe claim. ItKJay the Cir cuit Court deddeu the claim favorably to Eades. Reports Horn tbe country indicate a general aweiUng of email stream* and pouring of floods into the Mississippi st various points. The river is swelling heavily, and several boats are loading for below. Two boats will leave to-morrow. Tbe weather la very warm for tbo season. Sr. Lotts, February L—The ifcpuWlcta a Jef ferson City special says: “Some of the State militia now stationed at Lexington set fire to a -.stable in tbat town on Friday night last, plun derco a tobacco slere of a 1010 l cigars bacco. ano carried off a lot of harness and bridle* from a saddler shop. They also afempted to en ter a Jewelry Here, hot were prevented by the nroprictor. One man was arrested for aison, and la now U> jail waiting an examination.* 1 FBOM MADISON, movement in Aid of a monument to Wisconsin Heroes —Railroad Accident —legislative. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] r Madison, February 1. 'Quite a number Qf \he returned soldiers Jield a meeting at tbe Capitol last night, in regard to the rrecllon of a monument to the memory of their cororadea who fell in delence ofihtlr country. Colonel E Coleman waa President, and Colonel E. A. Calkins secretary. Governor Fairchild, Generals T. 8. Allen and Hobart, and Colonel Q. Iborne were appointed a committee to report at an aojourned meeting on Febrnary Ulb a pi*n for carryh g out the work. Much interest waa shown, and it Is thought funds can be raised for a large and handsome monument. . , „ Large amonnu of tixes are bemg daily paid into tbe State Treasury by connllec. About forty ibonsacd dollars have been paid to-day. Don. David Ynnng, of Kewaunee County, was B*verelv Injured bj the tbtowlngof a car from the track oi the Northwestern Railroad near Depcrc. He had several nhs broken, and was otherwise hurt. , , . . „ _ Less than a qnomm wa* loir in cither House or the Leclrbitmc to-day, and that body adjourned nil text Monday evening. The yl-lllrg commit tecs will then have returned, and tbe business of tne session be taken np In earnest. FROM LASALLE, Fatal Accident at tbc Kenosha Coal itilne. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) I-aSall*, 111., February 1. An accident occurred last evening at the Ke nosha coal shan, about three miles aouth of this nlace, whereby one of tbc laborers, through the carelessness of some one. was predpltatcu from the top to tbe bottom of the shaft, a distance of ■one three hundred feet. Of-course be was In stantly killed No responsibility rests with the managers for the sad occurrence. FROM MEXICO, naximfllnn to Issue a New Proclama lU*n—lhe Question of 111 m stay De cided In the Affirmative by Vote of 11 la Cabinet, New Orleans, February I.—Private letters from the City of Mexico report that a new pro clamation will be Issued by Maximilian, taking stronger grounds than those at Orizaba. A tneetmc ol the Cabinet was held at the palace of Maximilian on tbe 11th nit., when the ex pediency of Maxlmlltan’s stay or departure was put to a vote, and decided for the former. Five vote* were east in favor of Ins departure, on the cronnds that tbe straggle should be abandoned. At the latest dates Juarez was atlll at Durango. A rumor about the disaffection of Mlratmn was rife, and some credit attached to It by the authorl- The garrisons of Prasmlllo and Flotonno had , given m adhesion to Joarcz. and declared against January 81.—Mejia, of Juarez army, beaierof despatches to.washlngtoo, has have ceased to fight the liberals, and do not Interfere In battles between the im nertals and Liberalism. The Liberals gathering m tbe Valley of Mexico will soon number ton iLOebom, formerly of Now York, lias been dismissed Irom tbe Mexican navy for misappro priation of funds and desertion. * BnowKsvTtLK. January as.—Advices from San Filllpo state Ibat Colonel Qniroso, the l«t com mander who passed through that city with the Imperial lorces, imposed a forced loan of two thousand dollais cn the Inhabitant*, and as five hundred dollars was >et wanted to complete the “assrtfas- -b«. Pan Fillip® UWaliio, opened the doors of the Jails "umSm ta S'viS&Wi.. cipreef ed a e-l»h to report to Ooneral Gome* at Tampico, and obey are qnlcl at Tampico and vicinity. General Gomez is in command, and the troops ate well armed and regularly paid. . .. CoiUna has taken Koyansa, and declared his Intention to collect the duties on goods going ln per is said to be golng ont to the Indians who crossed me Rio Grande. 'it Is reported that Juarez left Durango for San LniVroffl by way of Zacatecas and that one of “jmSSt torn Mexico icpmratTtlul JliarCz'e Secretary ot Stole ta mS"c efforts lo hate Ortege credited. FBOM SOUTH AMERICA. Tho War Between Chtll» Pern and 1 *paln—Foreign mediation Rejected— 1 The Blendoza Revolution—The Triple I War Against Parasunj* . „ I NswTons. Febrnary t.—The . Sa £!** - I ?o, Ct HI, correspondent, J*nn*iT 2, *I oP-c mediation between the allied Republics and 1 Spain has been definitely rejected. £ vigorous I nro-ecution of the war had hccn_l upon. Mediation cn the part of the Cnlled Slates j was looked lorward to amicably. It was, I u proposition for an adjustment from that 1 s&risstf sssjsb sio,^ tri r made ready for an expedition. The finance ques non wasbccomlng an embarrassing one, although n %£S%SSL*!S& SVo. ha, alarataq mnnottions, abd tbe revoln.loaary army, tt was rbobcht, ”oa!d succeed. la that case, a bcacral anri-lnn would probably Place, abd ft, war Sr the triple alllibcc aprlbel Fararpay would bo ’"Cl’bl" bad”S«i beard from tbe United States su-amer Lancaster, reported foundered off Cape Dora. SEW FOUNDI.ASD. The Comber’s Speech at thcOoenlnfr orthe Provincial Aestenlhlr-Hls «e --commendation. In Kesard to the Suppression of Pauperism, •s-p Tonw’s. N F„ January Sl.—The Governor °p?S^il.^oft^l»e?V r afXtre P ftSuSiobS win he reopeaed wbb lho Frcbch Ooreromebt tn relation to onr ththls crudae mitral and other lands on the French shore., M B?s«ku “lh«‘ Wlor, of the potato crop, and nrres the neccsstly for plautlag crops not liable to failure- , 18031 SEW YOKE. serlon, lllneaa of Kv-Governor Wash- I Inctots Ilant—Heavy Whiskey Selauie I —The Ice Embargo In long lalana I Sound— Reports ol Southern Desticn- I Nsw Vouk, February W&sh ‘ I !t S^hw^ ! 1 nnntwi'a Point to-day on which, U la aiiegea. i ,mts’.nd?!K™ bboc£ske, Inspector First Dls "ftSh rtramcr Europe, from Brest on the 15lh. I -ad 7?7 Sixth avenue, occu- I noft I. no ham. ofiSylS&ft- jra^-SSSS^Ti offers no obstacle to | stcamera ~.*«*« •iVrrrri*e the sale of two 1 ,bSf.n™'S mnskeu and eprlnr field tlfles, all tgSS’tSSrtM ’from General A d«*pateh AssocUnoa In -ajs *gr ft- S?." .5s iS iSlMPPtovc. ofthe object otthe association. - mOM SETV URLEASS. customs ed Between me Kaaicnra I,—Gold customs re- Orleansspecial mjs- Constitution * n«. w|n a ever Ue veto of of 1954 proclamation -n, e Raitcals are or legs'- Aral of ltd llrpublic all over •Kiss,'Sd !““* “ a cx-Conlrdemtes is not JnW ° _a fire this mom- Sm' OMx«fc Fcb'jOJiy # Ml .. lug r sto,WO. Insured Z&JSS , FBOM DES 3IOISES. *SSSS«3SJSS»SK KS.?FSSi-!;K:JS.B « -- •»«»■ “ t “ 1, "" J is Mirresumed. s , IltT . in Jackson Connlr rc &aa& <" a if pn,,Uc KhooK ““ -r»?sa.3 ggfesojras lirntlllr murdered on the -mu u—“" . BuEVho stole the fn^o'S« since, (ell into (he hands of detective* at Cedar Rapids, last Thursday, while visiting his wife. lion. Oran Parille, State Superintendent of Paiille Instructions has gone to New York, to be absent a month. Weather rainy and thawing. FROM CANADA. Fatal Railroad Accident Disposal Blade of Fenian Prisoners. BnuriTOßD, C. W., February L—The m&n train from Buffalo, due this morning, ran-off the track half a mile ea>t of this place, throwing the passenger car down an embankment, killing the brakeman, Mr. Archer. formerly a telegraph op erator, and slightly Injuring, several passengers. Touonto, February I.—The total number of Fenians held here since June la 107. The follow ire is ’he disposal made of their cases: 22 were convicted. 30 acquitted, 49 dismissed for want of evidence, 13 discharged on bail, and 3 remain pull for trial. Tbe condemned will be sent to Kingston Penitentiary. RAILROAD DISASTER. Cars Thrown off tlie Track-Two Komen and a Child Killed—Others Injured. Four Watke, lud~. February 1 —The. Y*?** ward bonndpassenger express train on the i era do, Wabash £ western Railroad, when about midway between here and Loeanapott. met with an acci dent caused by a broken rail, which threw the baggage car and a passenger coach off the track, nnsetung the Utter. Two women and one child wtic killed, and several others severely wounded. Destructive Cooflaermnon at iflamfleld) Oblo-LoM, $75)000. SiKnmr, February I.—A destructive fire broke out In Mansfield. Ohio, this morning at 3 o'clock.. Weldon 1 * block waa entirely consumed. Estimated loas f75,0t0. No insurance. liAXsroiD. Goto, Febnary I.—A Urge fire oc curred here this morning. It broke out about 3 o’clock, in the bakery of Josselyu & Palmer. The Weldon House block wa» deatroved, six stores burnt ont, and a Urge nnniber orofflces U tbe up. ocr stories, including the Odd Fellow- Hall and atmory of a military comoany. .Loss about sif.tiOU. The principal suuerers are Hendnck £ Co., dry goods: Jackson, grocer; Josselyn & Palmer, bakers; Nelcher A Co , liquors; Roll man. clothing; Zellner & Cake, harness makers; Paisley, tailor; Miller, saloon. Indian Outrages on the Plains, St. Lons, Febtnary I.—Late Omaha papers mention the murder by Indians of a number of settlers at lAwnmce Ranche, abont flay miles rortbwest of Jnlpsbnrg. , Tbe Montana Oczttfe of the Blh ultimo, reports that Mr Raslel.wllc and two children, Joseph McKnlght, sutler at Camp Cook, and tn Indian guide, were attacked by Indians at Eagle Creek, the latter wts killed, and Mr. Rasicl reverely wounded. Mrs. Raslel, who is a squaw, her two clilldrin, the wagon and four mules and saddle horse were captured. McKnight and Rasicl es caped. murderers Convicted. Trot, February l.—niram Coon has been con victed of the murder of Mrs. Henry Laker, at Pe- Imnnrs on the 10th of October, and will be sen tenced to-momnv. „ , , EALnaonr, February I.—Haggerty and Phelps were to-day convicted of murder In the first ae degree, for causing tbo death of John Hoot. Railroad Matters. Oswego. N’. Y.. February I.— TbeSyracnso Rail road, which has been blocked up since Saturday night. Is now open Trains commenced running to-day. Tbe Oswego & Rome Road will be in operation to-morrow, ... „ . Tbc late storm was more disastrous to railroads than any for years. Hat Factory Burned. Newhavzs, February I.—The Woollen hat manufactory of A. L. Korn * Company, Newtown, wag dertroved by tiro on Friday noon. Loss, sir* 000. Fully Insured. Sixty persons are thrown out of employment. Tho fire originated from ignited kerosene oil. Arrest of an Alleged Fohrer. Lonsvtux, February I.—W. B. Lc~ Is alias W. Thaichcr.bss been brought here from Bowling Green under arrest, charged with passing a form d dralt for *3,000 to Geo. Arlcks. a merchant ••f this citv. He represented himself as one of the Him of Lewis, Nsnsoru & Co., of St, Louis. Aid for tbc American Colony In Pales* tine. ArncsTA, Me., February 1.--Govcrnor Cham berlain has bevn Informed tbatW. n Bidwell. of New York, will be sent by Secrelarv Seward to look after the Japps colonls's from Maine. Havana Items. New Orleans. February I.—Advices from Ha vana state that tbo reported approach of tne Pc rnvinn and Chilian flc*t has caused serious appre hensions. . At Tbe small-pox is rapidly abating. Death of aFromlncnt Slarjland Judge. BilTMOne, Md„ February 1.-.)adgo Esolicl F. chambers, of Kent County, died on theflOtb ultimo. He was one of the most eminent men of the Stale. Casualties from a Fsailncßoof. Harrow, February 1.-Thc roof of the building on tbe corner of King and Bnmmet fell to day. Five men employed In tearing down tne nulldlng were serioasly injured. Detraction JUU-tOM, aod o 1 hers, was Lamed thisi morning. Lore, 1120,t00. Insured for about 180,000. IHnrdcr Case-Jealousy tho Cntwe. WmcirtsTin, Ky., February I.—W. T. Jacobs yesterday shot and killed U. T. Roberts, a young lawyer. Cause, jealousy. Tlio Kccelpt Question. To the F.Jltor of the Chicago Tribunes Do letters acknowledging ’he recelptof money, drafts, &e ., exceeding in amount S3O, need a The opinion expressed In your issue day is probably not strictly accurate. The same ancMlon was asked ofihe commissioner nrlnt^al Revenue. Hie ruling. No. 219,15 t _lfa check, drsfl •♦or iiotc Is received in poytnent of a debt due, aod <>th#MriDtiTsoexpressed, such receipt would “ reoulre a stamp. But a check is cot ordinarily I •‘cocsldereu money, bnt merely the c'ldonM Of a •‘certain amount to be paid, and In such ca.o is “ ArtSSfn not money. Usually It I. a means of EffiSS’ ft I B SSS?»»e° irtSS In imonnt exceeding «20 a stamp is cause ll Is a receipt. public Parks. I To tbe Editor of the Chicago Tribune: I Permit me to Inquire through your columns If ibe expense of the propoecdboaib Side Park 1» I Intended to be assessed on tbe real estate or tne ■ South Division only, or on Its I «t«o* if the latter, it strikes me as unjust. Prop 1 ably’ one-third of the personal property tn the I loath Division la owned by 'j£° mriSa 1 there.Tiul reside tu one oi the other Divisions i , and would not visit that park once In I the limits will not show baT a °j r gl | 1 I-y rrnn trt the nOfth OF BOntll A *>“** 1 three and a half miles from the lake snore, on or S nf>nr the lino of Lake or Madison streets, won d I Then he abont equally reachable by the people lin all the most remote parts oi the ci j. lif wc could get a nark out there 1 covering a atcdon of land-more or Icas-tt »ou:d he Invaluable in ■ tew years, Uwoq Jbe I <hn Fisfti •q'cntrel Park’ 1 of Chicago, it coma oe 1 boncht bow tbbCh more cbe isplv tbaa, jj“hapeb I sdv other lot of ptonod f jySjLi’J’JSj‘urally bnslnese centre, and wonld what 1 rrany I probeity lb the West btrtsloa, and gj*. . Decline* the Honor. [From lie Hamilton (Iowa) Frccmib, Jau.SM Colobcl Charles A. Clark, of this place, I received a few days since an aPI» 1 ” t “ L ’" t “ 1 Dermtv Collector for this from I enc Stansbury. * ho e/‘by 1 Fodernl Collector of the Sixth ut=tnci, oy i virtue of an appointment from President I The appointment was accompa b°?dhya list of dieUbKbtslicd Ire to the loyalty of tiles forcsaidStansburv. -H,t» c, innel C. don’t snap ftt the halt, btu like a true Republican and Patriot, as he is, sends hack the document with tbe f c,llo ' Ki Ctrv. lowa, Jinnarr ,S, ,667. 6m!-Vonmof the 15th lasi., enclotlm: appoint- I roenl as Deputy Collector of thissuh-disuict. Is I ‘“vivftllSS’febllmebts srill not permit mo lo 1 wototnent from Andrew Johnaopor "idlSSSffiSt* reputation « a loyal man »*• herewith mjr nppolnlmcnl and list of “?ufft«“ d» good opinion of fCinTfnit\ Caio. A* CtA2K* W C Eeq., Collector o! blsth Dt* ulcl. Mason City, lona- Ancient Coffin* Opened. fFiom the Province (R*l*) Journal ] The trustees o£ the old Stone Burial Ground Jid™*J’ 2n2 »S“i«? n or Elmwood, 154 vcar«. and the second whe lOj years- Hannah Barnes, buried In HL-, was a Bttlealrl S^^j£W*^H4S S-ISSSf-t Involution, Independence, growth from less two to thirty millions, ft rebellion S“hed «d the GriMM of Liberty cn throned throughout the land, since that hair was braided and colled In on the hood where most of it still rests, tier descendants are and have been more than two thousand; more than half that number uro now Urine. • These bodies were buried from five and a bill to six feet deep, on n smaU ridge orlandneura branch of the Pocbasset River, the bottom of the grave some seven or eight feet above the Kve the branch, in a bluish, sandy clay. bsassr»ss saws & NUMBER 239, disease, and U Is supposed that, the excite* mtni Induced by bis zealous prayer led to this final and latal stroke.” •_ prtTAIT BROTHER*, Advrrllslßa Alt’* 126 DnrtMn<oS„ receive advertlieaeDli for all'tbe leadtos papers tbnushaat the Colled States and Canada*. Ualentines •Y^ALEKTINES. The Finest Assortment ES THIS CUT. IIP to 129 Monroc-M., near Post Uftce. Vetoing iHarijine (Castors. THE LADIES who have had them at taebed to their Machines say the Hew Patent Sewing Machine Castors ARE SPLENDID. They oalyelerate the Machine one qoarter oi aa loch. Any see can attach them. S. C. PARTBZBOB, General Aaent. Office, 33 Deartctn-st- Boom 7. first flaw. 3Tlje Skating Season, SKATING TOURNAMENT! TO BE HELD AT THE Washington Skating Park, Chicago, Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 11 & 12, J 6« FiRsT DAT. CONTEST FO It LADIES, First Prize Gold Watch, or S2OO cath. Second Prize Gold Watch, or £IOO eaah- CONTEST FOR ROYS, (Under ll yean of tee.) First Prize, Cash second Pruc,Cash SECOND DAT. CONTENT FOR GEN TLE.TIKN'* FI n't Prize, Cart *i22SR Second Prize, Cash 200.00 CONTEST FOIL YOUNG I.AOIKS. (Under U years oi ase.) First Prise, Catli.. Second Prize, Casti. Full Great Western Llfhl Guard Band (twenty meat' btn) In sueadanve each day. m~Flnt Contest, each day, to begin at 2 p. m._d "ABASH-AV. RINK. Crowded to Excess'Last Evening, Ard every one de’lghted with the wonderful move mints cl M A R. TIN, The great Acrobat and Gymnast, who will appear again THIS EVENING, IS* A S'EW PBOOBAMMB. Every one should sec this great Skater. Tickets can be had at Kinsley's, Johnson's, the principal Hotels, ud at the office. pENTKAL PARK. Open to-night. The slight thaw does not affect the leu on the Park, as all states are kept off dartog the day. ami the tee prewired tor the evening. Notice m the Jcurtal each afternoon wtU give the condition of tie Ice. Managers* Benefit postponed oatu non week. filDE BINK. THZ2 GREAT UNION SAND WUI play this evening, SPIiEyPID ICK« ivcstaurants. A NOTHER ELEGANT A pbee lunch TO-NIGHT, AT GILBEET’S DINING HALE, 4.0 and Clarlc-»t.» AND EVERY SATURDAY EVKNISO, amice Wine*. Liquors and Cigars at the D: f3T Uememberjtlic place. iaijotogtapfrs. T> HOTOGR APHIO. THE BEST PLACE To get picture* Copied and Enlarged, Oil Painting done. Colored Porcelains, Ac., la at G. B. Green’s Photograph Gallery, 109 T^AKK-HT. ■Where they are utlre Mctorea ftr ft P*r Doren. JUI workwa rr a ntoL Call awl ace specimens and Judge tor ymiMcll. .iFinanctal. rpo CAPITALISTS. —Parties desirons of loanln* money In large or small »mna, at the Highest Bates of Interest, ** * Rea! Fitate and Loan Brokers, 98 LaSaJle-st. TyjONEY TO LOAN, Tor Ono Vcor, on City Property, IS MJMSj OF NUT I.KS’i THAN 8t«000. AnniTW O. K. A. OITTCEILSSOK. AP &fomNo. IS Fallcrton Block. P-»tbore-at. $2,000 TO LOAN Tor Two or Three Months* gremed by mortCTCe on city property. Address •• \ir\KY. Trlbnce office, ®o l\cnt. rpo BENT— A Store on Sontli TTater-st., - Kear WrtaaW.. mlttew lor p°o > bS Store. For particulars address, with name. r. O. oox «:ion. —•> IHasonic Notices. kfASONIC. ConTMllon olMßpoi QIJW ». 2 I* AM will be b*id at tr.elf hall, No._SJ RaodSrpb-lTojis (SA.TUBDAI) cvenlnj.M Of o clock. Work cn K. A. Dc=*;«. „ By order of M. E. W. P. gtutistrj). J. O. FAUXSWORTH Matei no «lira chnrco lor EitricUns the oae ot Mtrcns Oxide Ga*, wlien arimaa °Tio"iiSwiS'-.u Set* of Teeth on Koboer. <1S.OO» 130-00- npHE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCI - atiov orlrtcalcd the anesthetic use ot M Sctolrig fHadiinc (Castots. LADY owning a Wheeler & jl/ ViMQ?. Elliptic or HoiPoSewins Ms thine should hare the tew patent EEW3NO EIACIIINn CASTORS Attached. Fav* ronr health and strrith, ami do* Geacral Ascot- Offee, 33 Dearhora-it. Koom 7. flf»« flcor. antes. A LUMBER TABD. . .guj,ooo on Tinnd .to JtnTesl Id a Lumber Parties to dlinofcof »a laterett In one. ple*»e from 10 w 11 ». m. zto3 p. ns., or by letter to VMm y p . SHWaaolngtoo-at. Ualemints. ■vyAUKTINEA The Largest Variety & Best Assortment AT THE n»„ Hooltatore. 119 to I*9 Motrt-ot-rt. s)ats aim (Kays. A TTEKTIO2T. •“• 1,0031X9, n.pnimfU HATTER cl Cblcaco. b»» oa hand fl?. Meortmant or 6CQWU C'P*. arrllabla t-T lb, aeaaoi Call and ito then. na 50CTB CLARK-ST. iCE. JOE AHTCBIAW ICC. Ordrt* will be taken to All prints IC3 tOQMJ With the pore crystal ice jrom u "a.' fEUbtrai. 1. row permanently u nreparlrM'rgeneral prao* Wr-t w.«lireton-at.anell*PJP’Kf,U.So, .omen tier, and treatment a - , nr . •patents. GARB’S patent BRICK m 3 CHINE. • '>«"T-^SSS3;??S£SiSSS? !HL - ra UuonnaUoa tad descnpuio a. GABO. a» Snntii jegwaß-*t»«^crafg»_ HDucational. XAHmATION OF CLASSES IN nTUE PAWw SEMINARY will occur oa Monday and Tuesday, Pet. 4th &n 4 6UI J , iV,'eSt^‘“rc“ciWed M^iI ,r.t. 6^ Bfeh) jltifrUcattons. DECIDED SUCCESS. <ma merican Journal of Horticulture. Ctmutum of ib« JuQ*rr onmbcr BORE THAH 10,000 COPIES; rmun «nm amasr, OitMliliff Thirty llliMimitm* lododlag ft Btaal Portrait or OoU UARSnALL p. WILDER, win hla Dlotraphf, | Also, article* by Memo. PAUSHAY. BRECE, HIDE, BUBUBAMOELS aid often. Subscription Price |S per Mmanu J, E. TILTON «fc CO., Pabllakcra, Boetoa. Aeenta wanted to «rery toim aad district* to caarua pcpolar Magaane. • ■ 3£mxibals. ■gEMOYAL. HIBBARD & SPENCER, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OT HARDWARE, Tin Plate and Cutlery, Have BGMOVSD to 92 and 94 Michigan-av. J^BMOYAL. IRVINE, JONES A, CO. (SUCCESSORS TO GRATES ft IRVINE.) Dare Moved to 19 Lake-st (UP 6TAIBSJ B*lnz tre spacious rooms heretofore occupied by iltsars. Bowen Bros- where they Invite their custom ers to c»H and inspect their stock, to which dally addi* tloca will cow be made. IRVINE, JONES &■ Ca. 19 Lakt-st. (op B'alrs. REMOVAL. • . 25-00 GRANGE SARD, Jr., .AOEST FOB J. F. Batbbonc & Co.’s Albany Stoves. .830 .00 . -JO. OO Office and Sample Boom REMOVED to 88 MICHIGAN - A.~V. TJEHOVAL. • w. n. Bimztocs & co„ Kssnfiictnren and Jobber* In HOOt* SKIRTS and CORSETS hare removed to So. U Lake-su, (no stairs).* here ihcv will be pleased u> receive a continu ance ol the liberal patronage heretofore extended them. ■pEMOTAL. GHBENOBAUIH & rOBSBZAN, Batkcra and Brokers, hare rumored to Ko. 42 CLARK-ST., Opposite their old office. Vetoing fHadiine Castors, The new patent sewing ma- CHINE CASTORS are bavin? a very ext-nelyc sale ■where they have been IntrolnrM. they can be attached to the Wheeler * Wil«on. jhl iptlc and rfowo Machines, also to all kinds of Fall Cabinet Cates. Extra Indncoments Offered to Agents. Canvassing Agents wanted fartho whole Northwest. Send for clrcaliri. E . c . puiTßimJE. ficneml Acent, Offlre. .*l.l DearbonnU, Room 7. first floor. P. O. Box 17-I‘J. jFot g>alc. TJ ARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. FOB SALE: A CAKEFDLLT SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, &-C., Invoicing about tIWCO; an purchased within a year La»t« and lease on store. Store located tn a thriving jwn a abort from Chicago. Satlsfwtonr rta 60BS liven for seldng. For p«rt.cnlara l^nlre^or^ CcmmUiloa Merchant. S 2 LaSaltc-aL, Chicago. -OABGAINS! ~ -*gcnie choice and cheap lets on tho avenues, near the £ . Southwest cor. Lske and Clark-»ts. (Scnetal 'Notices. jyjESSINGER & WRIGHTS CA-SSIIVLETIES s£* Hentleinen onl-rta.* either entire »tma or »la«le carmen la will con»oll rood taata a* well »« by slrinr them tbe preference. For sale by the Mcr* ch*nt Tallpra In ell parts of the eoontry. C FECIAL NOTICE—A. O. 'Walker, O now of Chlearn. 11l .reared to be moor employ on first of October. 19M. and irora ami alter that M ao ...bjjmy ttSgtf‘StfcS: 1 W W. Patxic*, Treaaorer. pituborfic. ra~Jan. l. 19fi». _ •VTOTICE.—The. following letters from The Bank of Montreal, To oar care. «1H be dellTcred to the wtoxa they arc addressed, on proper Identification. D McLean. John iJirson, P. Leole*tT. B.Urd, W. D Kerr Mrs. C. McArthur. A. ueckvlth, L. PHII- Uanl. S.’u. Dart. Jchn Qnln". C.Tinnier. Jas.Tbom job, B. W. Townsend. E. Walter. p ROUND OIL CAKE u the '“ r cheapest Feed in the Market .U «»* «SBSI CO?*' L>y No, 70 North CUnloa-st. patent lltoom TIEST THING OUT. dJ EUDDMTorra SEEK -50 - FURTHER BROOM. Patented July 31*t» Thl* Brocm U Tory slmole la construction, and ypt It is decidedly Uie cneawtsl and beat JOHN* WHITLEY. Secretary. p \OUR SELECTION OF 1 VALENTINES. Examine the assortment at the ri.-nn nooHl-rc. 1» to 133 Monr.f.t. SEJahihoto ©lass, J WILLARD FOX. WINDOW GLASS lake-st. &HELLEUS A>D HORSE POWERS, we hate or. bard .KJ -a Art bkls. n. o. molasses, 100 brls. Texas Pecan Jints, Jait received tad tot *«le by J. IV. DOASB&CO. /~tOAL.—'We are now olosmg ont Irrm SuL£S & WJSftJff-PpA-* “ ercatly ridaced rate*. v- 0 . «, Walter's * tir Inquire *t our oflcf. Boom >o. BuUdlnr. >o. 30 Dearborn^.- T gt:rt & cv ntSG. _ <=.rVm'mt fflgrliinc Castors. T-H¥NEWB^N^AOHtKEC^. n ' r Arc Cheap, Simple and Practical .. im Machine «tanfls lino, sad Wltb rtW w only. Seat rt!l* 1 pricr. »2iO to a: / « fdrtM V *J? pVIRIHIDOE, General Asent. tFornerly WllaonllfeCo.) 33DewticnrtU Boom 7, Cm floor. P. O. tvt 17-1—» —» T>ROPObAI.S FOR A BRIDGE AT 1' of Preue worn, j CmcAOO. February C. I Sealed proposals will bf r^, ®?. b J3 e i B tss?S* r '™S e, C orN| l . 'ls , ( S c t-» wSu tSll Ti cranjre* tn ttjww. lwc iicanorj ta bo h^SSe°eKo'l^"ct b « Ur r;^a7 > > 11 " otl f jSs«is. , Stai «aS& ru-or^Ep* Worss. getelwg jßnthlnt (Rasters. rpo THE LADIES. VALUABLE ATTACH BIST. TkffUKW HKWIKtt MACniWII OAftTOWI. tor «M *viifolrf ft Wll»««.TtlhPjfa «ft«i Mb. lor aa alnua# rmt Cawn<n cTmm. mm U Biiv Mdr«M tipea receipt or retail pnea, B. U. PABTsftllHlß, IForcrrlr with WhseUr ft WIWob Office. M Warboro-ei. Boom 2 , tm ftaor. P, O. Boil?4tf. SI»ESrS S3S““’S?HE. W W, -aaw*i»o«BßTTtTtof PftrtMT, 111 BnftOlP^M. CtPJLETSEBSHIF SGTICB. Sylrunw Hallork has tan d*f frrawdaeaiarlMr ihlowtlh Uriah B. 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Th* Ttsderalsred win continue the Prt'dnce tlohbaslDesßtßChlcaeo.Ui.aad wIU aoececd to the boamesa oi HOBBS, GRACE ft CO- under the style oC ” mor J. S, HOBBS * CO.. ' rn- Feb. 1,1567- lecwaihiagtonwc COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.—The ; firm h* rctoforc dotns bnalneas under the name •DdVttyle ot 0. S. HOLDS* * bBOTHBB, waa at*, solved January L« by mutual consent. BmrH. Hol den 1* alone authorized to alga u liquidation of all ISAAC Q. HOLDS*. JE. The Hard-wood Lnrrber business win be hereafter carried on by the uadenlansd at the old stand. Comer of Market and Jactson-sts., Where can be lb tied u good aa assortmentok Wagon and Cabinet Xanber, Want aad Carrtaae Baba !>po»p«, Felloes and Bent Carriage sftocß* A> can be fbnad Id the city. Thankful tor the paatlPK eral patronaro received by the old firm, I boo® * ccntmuanca of tbe aame. BESET S. BOLDBH. Dissolution ok copartner snip.—Tbe copartnership hereto lore existing ntocr the name and style ol Was dissolved by mntaal consenUon the Slat day oC December, I*6. . _ All rlalm* a*aln»l ard all debtadne the late Bnawm Ms.tUM.tua.onu.ot c , j, Mi niu, Corner of Wells and sooth Water ft a. Dissolution op co-partner- SHIP—The firm of l»lhUd»rdtsv»iT«l by mortal eon>«t, J. M. Smith KtlrlrclroiD Mid flxm, having »old humterertrtMjd Barrett* ComIU, who are anihortnedl u MtUe UM bosrtCM of ihe Orm, at their once, 50. 31 SoaUt «*- tent* corner or W aba»h-ar. Jan. 1. ISS7. In retiring trotn the above-named firm. I would ten der mr thanks to my many Wend* fbr the liberal pat ronage extend* d to me, and von Id solicit a cgatlM ancecf the same to my auccwsor*. BARBBTT *icon- BITT at 31 s«ulh H alcr-at, J. U. BaHTu. ■yALENTINES, Banging In price from 5 |20.00. Ciif up PooL.torp, 119 lo 120 Mwrw>«. JJAUDWARE «fc CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Laho-St. PKNTKKS*TOOLS AMEfeICAH TABLE CTTCUBKT and BUILDERh* UAUDWMUt, direct tromtheb** TnannfSrturem. Wo offer, also,* complete aaaor™en» S wiMTKSUIILM'a poem* cnr leuy. smtAtt • JACK SON’S HAWS. JOSEPH UODGEtta ftJWKjT SCI»SOUR and RAZORS, STCUB3 A HOTnKR.T*» FILES, also SKATEb and Blrapa of every deacrtpUoa- We also kreo conatantly on band fttU number* OC -BCnOhSBIi.XtGPra JUXIATA NAILS. Ma||tlM|l GEO. C. SMITH As BUO-, Banters, LaSalle-*t. Ualcntincs 2 0 3 faaci)incrp eronsigwnnxts. <Eoal. proposals. ffiattnetshlp. 211 BASBOLPH-3T. GRACE, DAVIS & CO. J. F. H. GRACE, • s anrupi IXAVIS. MAGTT.T. & LATHAM, Barrett, Cossitt & Smith F. L. PARBWfT, J* M*. SMITH. tJalninucs AT THE jtjatbtoare, globes, &c. business CtarSß. RE OLD, PAY&ON & GREGORY, **■ Counsellors and Atloraoys-at-Lair, a* Walter's Bulldinc, Chicago, DU 1 N. AISOLD, OXOBfIK Famo.*, L*UA». A. Qxxooar ah Attention circa t»> Chancery. Common Law Criminal and Patent caaea. p TV. C. SANFORD & CO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS —IN— BOO ATSD BSEf PBODVOf^ Nea. 9S, 100 and 109 aiagnzlßMfi.* N. E. corner of Lafayette-st, (Jewell Warehouse), NEW ORLEANS. "K s iiX*- ”•.7;- SSSS? M.LQni*. Late of Fryor and S»oriTd»Cn^KW. jjoti printing. J-JAILV TRIBUNE RAILROAD, COMMERCIAL & GENERAL PRINTING OFFICE, 51 Clark-st , Chicago. RAILROAD COMPANIES, INSURANCE COMPANIES, STOCK COMPANIES, BANKERS, AND BUSINESS MEN, CAS GET IHEIS PEISTEJO ;p;r,o im: ipti/st AHD AT PRICES AS IOW As nur Printing House In *l» SorthwesC* at the mm M OFFICE, 51 Clnrk-st, Chicago. pOST E B S 13f EVIEIfS: STYLE. Oar naaortrrrcnt ol FwtnTm Iko '"ra tal trod beat aelected brock In the c'lT- COUPON AND LOCAL TICKETS. VVe .re prepared to nil *"'*'* Ktalltelr ntmbettrt RAaROAU . ‘ ODd TiOCAl* TICKETS «* SEW VOKR RATES*. BOOK PRINTING. I*artre Fa... ef.“• Tree, flee A .lam. “°° . I. I! j draaltc Dry Pee... eaalile •’ thl»l»>parlanl tract, al Prlnllaa. B3L.ANB.S* A fall aaaartnent nl l.epal. Peaataa ttafl O.natr Bta.kt. a XEIBTJ^ 10 BOOKED JOB OFFICE, 01 ClarK“St., Chicago. i I i )