Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 2, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 2, 1867 Page 3
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MINIRAI RESOURCES OF THE PACIFIC SLOPE. uf nil OlllnUl llrpurl to (lift (ipiTMurjr uf llio Truninr/. Interesting Bt«U«tle« 0( OoW »ni Silver Hitting. 'l'ltr Yield of Hold, Mlyer t Copper mid Qnlclullycri Mr. J. Ross Browne, who w*a appointed special Commissioner under a provision of the Appropriation Act of July 29th, 3800, authorizing the collection by the Secietary i,f the Treasury of trustworthy statistical information concerning the gold and silver mines of the Western Slates and Tcrrlto. 1-;, $,” has submitted a valuable and Interest* jug rci*ort, from which we condense some of tin* most Important passages.-The report embraces only the country west of the Rocky Mountains. The product of gold and silver for Oregon, Ciili'orola, Nevada and Washington Territory i 3 estimated os follows: la I*'.l «lV»l,ono | In ISM 563,450,000 Jr. IrfS t'VTffI.OOO I In XS« 70,000,000 JuIWJ 64,500,000) Well-Informed persons estimate the prod act fir 19C0 aslollows: niimnua....*25,000,0001 Nevada .*10,000.000 >1 nssua ) 8,000,000 1 Oieco 8.000.0J0 Colorado 17,0011,000] 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ - Total ....*100,000,000 This is four times as great at the total pro duct of the world less tbau thirty years ago. Tor the last thirteen years the yield of gold 1 In California has been decreasing, bat the v : dd ol the quart* mines on the Pacific Iraft Is Increasing slowly. The following table shows the exportation of treasure from OlHornla manifested at San Francisco: -i-o 5 4,021,250 I 185$ *47,513,025 V«u 27,076 316 \ 1P53 17,01 »,455 -i552,693 I l? 03 43,88,315 . .. sTlaW.eB» 11*5 42,501,701 I-- * " 1. .. 45,192.031 | ISM 55,707,201 . .. 45,5!50,5« 11565 44.05h516 £- 7 ;;‘ 45.9t0,cj:1 * In ISOI according to Professor Ashhumcr’s statistic*! there were 33 quarts mills In Call furtila. The cost of extracting the quarts In twenty-eight of these Is reportrd at $2, and 'p >s than *3, as the minimum, and S2O oa the maximum expense. In seven mills the cost i.fStamping ranged from 50 cents and lew than *1 to S 3, and .less than $4 per ton. In thirteen mills the cost of treatment ranged fora $1 and le.-sthau *1.50 per ton to $3.31. The lowest loss of mercury In working 1,000 pounds ot quartz Is seven pounds ot mer *ury and the highest 1W pounds, the yield in the former being reported at *25 ver ton, and the latter *17.14 per ton. In IHV» Mr. A. Rcraond, In the service of the Slate Geological Society of California, li-itcd the districts lying between the Mer ml and Stanislaus rivers, from whose report • apt'cars that the average width of lodes ranged from 1 to 25 feet; the aver :r gold tnr ton, from $4 to $180; the aver age cost of extraction per ton, Xrom $1 to the average cost of transportation to : mill, Irom 25 cents to sll, and the average' of treatment, from 75 cents to $7. In mine No. 43 (Watts’) the vein Is only two laches thick, and it costs SOO to get out u ton t foie, producing a yield of sl*o per ton, while In No. ia (Old Whiskey Uhl). II costs < nly 50 cents to take out a too of rock from n vein 15 feet wide, yielding an av erage ol *ls per ton. sixty-seven lliirlv-elght wore not running, two were mined, and two unfluMiud. Thu cost of eleven mills was under *2,iXX) eieh; of twenty mills, it was between *3,000 and Inclusive; ol fourteen. It was between ».*, 000 uml .*H 000, and of was PliioiMinr more, m one ca«u being*l3,ooo. ’I ho lowest number ol stamp* In a mill wua tliree, mid the highest tliirlv.ftvo. The - ower tip' ll In fifly.llvo mills was water; In iliven 111111“, steam; In three, water'nod (iras* Valiev In Nevada County, Cullfor !rin Is the most productive gold qu.irtis min* I, ■* dblrlel in Hit: world, the annual yluld of i.trmia within a radius oi lour miles being rdfVO). mi average 01*1,700 loeaeli labor- 1 im mplovid In the mines. , Ti e toiiil product of the Hayward claim, I • in- of the most notable mines hi CalirornU (,ipl oiM-ni d In JMSI, Ip said to tie *4.001,000. I l or the your curling September U'J, IHOd, the ~.n lot of bulilmi Irom Hie Allison tuliio nt Vnllcv was f'dJlUl.4l, and the hot .1 ~,, {)| C The richest placer mine M in the HiMc Ip thol of the Blue Gravel Mid* 1 log roiniwm alHiuftilsvllle. In Yulwt’ounly. 1 Th" vh H trliin M'irch. 1«W, to Hcptcobcr, 9 innil.‘ wkr The tJoinslncK lode hi 9 Ncvii’lp 1= liic most prodiictlvo In the World, 9 n P trii> o| Imnl < 4 4ki vmilswidc ami Him*miles 1 long, ucl.lhu niiii'inllv. Tor lurt '3 |}„. \ |i|i| w«s DM, mid Hid tnhit yield ■ pmm'o pdi'.i (ms Idmjli *10,7 io.tßri. Indtig only ■ i-mmmi th" nisi year and fP>»,WrilliHsmind, .i qtm tlncliinlli'iis hi mlulmt slmrus In Hie i M emher pctlods of mtmmr spm'uinlinii« Is [1 l uitoiiß, lii the early i»nrt of Hie sinnimn' BS ’ o< pAh, Ho’Ophh urmmuln Nevada could lio W, Ih.uhlil ho find, nod Hm Gould *V t-iirry for K *;i per ji.oi, hi hv>» limn eight moiiili* the 2 loinn r tiioi tU.'ii |n |I,(KA) per loot, and the latter to *IXI pur loot, In l"« Hum two vcain frou. I hut time the Gould M Curry mis hcllim: Hi Hie rate of *VOuO nor f mf. but oua u ar then wber at Icm than *1»»V»; hi April, j Mg, U hold for a 111 He over *3,0>1 mid now cm im bmiL'hl for *SOO per fool. White amna I,i (laid IHU have ttuctmiti d »HU more widely, this Is not coufddered an cxliumo case. Of the 170 mills ill Nevada, 8.1, cvrrvlng SI, 440 oftloi 2,504 stamp*, am In Iho Washoe district. These mills have a capacity equal to 3,(V11 hor>e-T>ower, mid cost. In the aggro- I • over r..fs«»,(»», oil the other mills In • the State having hut 2,431 horse-power ami • cnrtiug *5.500.000. The Recr.e IftviT region - contains :»2 DilUs, carrying 310 stamps, with a capacity of 410 horse-power, and costing *1,500,01X1. The product ofthc Slate Is read £ By calculated when It is remembered that i from the Comstock lode Is extracted more 2 than 00 per cent of all the hulUou produced in Nevada. . fc- Tlie yield of the mines In Oreenn for the pr present year do not exceed *2,005,003, uc-irly |i« the whole being the products of placer dig- M ‘ The yield of Washington Territory A U pat down at *1.000,000. though three fia nuarters of this amount is the product of British Columbia. The public press of Mon • a tana claim that the product of the Territory - 3 for the vear will-reach *l5,03il,000; but Hus r4| i« thought too high an estimate. The pro : 1 duct of Idaho will not tall short of 1 $lO 030.000, some estimatingU much higher. ' I The copper resources ol the Pacific coast •-.♦4 arc becoming important. The following ! table shows the exportation of ores from San Francisco since ISC2: To KewT'rk. To Doiton. To Swansea. y mt Tara Tons. Toes. To!i Ton.*, 16-20 .VO6l 26« 7-?0 10.4 U »-M Hi? wo yjrj - »a*i nw» ms imi «,««»•» The quicksilver mines of California are known as the Ncw-Almaden mines, and have been open since IS3O.- In August, 1563, a pe riod of ten years and eleven months, the tot al amount of ore consumed was 102,313,443 pound*, and the produce of quicksilver 308,750 flasks, or 23.n19,534 pounds. From November, to December. ISM, the total product was 4fi.2lflflasks, or 3,.V>» 203 ;>oands, to which U to be added 720 flunks from wash ings. In lS»fi the gross product was 47,075 ll:uks, or 3 105,405’; pouids, to which Is to U he added 110 flasks from washings. Tbegross U pioductK for Is-iv. was3o,u2oflasks from wash s) jiil-s. The following is a comparative state £s ir-cntofall the quicksilver exported from t! i alifosiau to various countries since ISC2: S 1>62. 1862. 1501. ISCS. ISCO. K T 0 Fli'ks.FlOfikp.Fla-kg Flj«Us.Fls9ke. li New York 2,2*53 *JS 1.ff.0 6.590 8,500 SB (Irtallirilfl.D.. l,r. r 4) 1,002 1,009 10,400 m.4»)0 Xi AJcaico lUTS 11,590 V.ISI 2,050 fi.450 3 .<lma 9.725 f 3 . Pun 2.41 J 3,3 0 4.300 5,500 6.500 'mr Chill 1,745 R-0 2,071 2,000 2,690 w, Cccl’l America 49 40 80 1 Japan S 3 ... SO2 E Australia 800 300 PU 900 900 N I’anama ■ . 421 120 46 ft. Victoria. V. 1. 5 -U 21 ToUl KJ.7J7 3Q.UU 50.918 41-800 45,000 Tbc other quicksilver mines In California did nut average 1,001) flasks per monlb In 1600. v Borax was discovered In California in 1550, run! feiucu that time but one company bos l*ccn formed for its production. About two tuas ol crude crjttol arc produced dally. 'I tic fuming Fever In Non Uampibiro. Tlic Concord (H. II.) correspondent of tho IWicm Journal glrca an amuslmr ocdouul of llu- mining mania now racing In How Uarap* i-liire. He aaya: “lii Lisbon oud vicinity four mining com panics, with a reported aggregate capital of nearly a mllllnn of dollam. arc already under way." They have largely Increased the Lust* ness ol Hint town, "which U fast becoming a y err active and thriving place. The Lisbon t’oinpany started first, we oe.lcvc, and Is «'»w in complete ni*cratmn. Their new mill at Lhhon Is running with one act ol ‘sumps. When filled with machinery, ns 1« now con* t. mplatcd, the mill and water pilvllegc will Maud the company nearly fifty Hum rand dollars. The ore from the‘Dodge Mine* U now luring worked up. This I* it new mine, some three miles from the mill, whose surface oics am yielding six dollars and a half of gold to the ton, which Is sup posed to Indicate great rlelu-s ‘ down below.’ The quarts, rock containing the valuable iii(>tol Is drilled and blasted out with pow der. iinntcd to the mill on sleds, put through the crushing and sifting machinery, and finally hi the assay ofilco hi the upper pur tlun of the building there conies forth the liars ol 'shining cold.* The business of this company 1* superintended by Colonel I >imi limn, ii icnllumiii uf largo experience In Ul outdo tnliilng. ~ ,' • i«. i» "In the tohu of Lyman, which Joins Ll«- bon on the west, there Is tt new mining en terprise unocr way, said lo U*» for copper. Large traols of -land are being bunded and operations will tory likely coin meoee next spitng. Buiiiolhlng rich la ex pected. . , "The very latest cxclletnctil, however, Is tn the town of Humnuy, wlUeli Is on Jho. Montreal tlnUroad, about twenty-five miles noiilh ofLlshim on an airline. Vevy vain* Mile mines ate feported lo Imvo Irooil dla* coveted them. They am to he worked join* rli'nlly for lead and a fllvcr. The 'lea l,' as U ts termed, wa» first levoynlred In a brook near Hlinsou’a Pond, In lha umllmm part of the town, and about six miles front the rail rond station. It has been traced several miles north Into thu town of KtUworth. over a thousand acres have been bunded, nml tho opening of the mine add the itruelnm ui u smelting mill are contemplated In Mm t-prlng. Omi t«>n of tho oru was recently l-iken away und smelted, yielding a very handsome amount ofh*ad and *Uv«t together, with about five dollar*’worth of gold. Hev • ml Boston men are among those engaged in lliLd enlcrprhe.” Tire M*w Tycoon of Japan. The* Japan Jlrrald reports that the new Tycoon, Stolsbaabl, Is devoting to the pub* he business of Japan an amount of intelli gence energy and camcalncfa seldom If ever exhibited by rulers In that country. It adds: “He Is a great favorite with the Mikado, ot d tho sanction of the celestial sovereign attends all hi* efforts f»r the pub lic good. Already a suspense ol hostilities, which wc hope may lead lo final pence, has hfceu arranged with Kagaloi and tbc Tycoon Is ptepafliig til Idoltt fur a billing cfill Dm kK'iil Hilihlms imvlhK tnmorli) HkhU of il dr imn lirbmitlmt inpollng, mml In Dm lumrnro of Hu* MllUdo, tnutAbi*|il will Main tnmlily Ms wln»l« Miry j wbiHi la no Ollotr. wt* Vlomlliß foilhlt.l him! I’omi'iatp espnutlMM of thti tra*tl<>* with MiHbii nathm* and DieM<lVAimt>maninrthn romHry In Ilia way* of mndurn HvillnaUnn, J|a will also call upon «i) present io make a Alinllar durUratiou of ihtlr vlowa on the topic of (ho time*. If (hi* plan ha cor rectly reported, end properly undarstood and carried out, a great aiep will Indued have been made lu the foreign politic* of (hi* country. Every Dalmlo being thu* compelled to declare his opinion* to the Mikado, the' Tycoon and other Dalmlo*, there will he an end to the conflicting re torts one constantly hears of the policy of bis and that Dalmlo; the foreign nation* will thoroughly understand Japanese politi cal questions; and let ua bopo that this tine country, preserving what Is good oflts time honored constitution, and altering by de grees, and without any violent overturning, wbat needs reform, will advance rapidly In progress, shoring in the civilization of the age, and finding foreign intercourse. Instead qfa banc, the greatest blessing the Japanese hare ever known.” New Rate* of Postage. An arrangement has jost boon concluded with the Bremen aud Hamburg Poat Depart ment revising and reducing the rates of post ace to be hereafter charged upon letter* ex chanced by the Bremen and Hamburg mall. The postage charges In future will be as fol lows, viz; To Bremen, by Bremen mall, 10 cents; by Hamburg mall. 15 cents; to Ham burg, by Hamburg mall, 10 cents; by Bre men mail. 15 cents; to Oldenburg, by Bre men mall, 13 cents; by Hamburg mall, 15 cents; to Lunenburg, by Bremen mall, 15 cents; by Hamburg mall 18 cents. To Austria, Frussii, Bavaria, Saxony, Hanover, Wurlembcrg, Baden, Luxemburg, Brunswick, Mccklcnburg-Schwerin and Mecklenbcnr-Strclllz, Lnbcck and Tbaral, taxes of thc Postal Department by Bremen or Hambnrg mail Is 15 cents; to Schleswig- Holstein and Denmark, by Bremen or Ham burg mall, 18 cents ; to Sweden, by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 21 cents; to Norway*, by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 25 cents ; to Hol land, by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 18 cents ; to Russia, by Bremen or Hambnrg mall, 20 cents; to Belgium, by Bremen, or Hamburg mail, 18 cents: to bwiUerkthd, by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 10 cents; to Italy, by Bremen or Hamburg moll, 21 cents': to Turkey, bv Bremen or Hamburg mall, 83 cents ; to 'Greece, by Bremen or Hamburg mall. 85 cents; to Gibraltar, Spain and Por tugal, by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 25 cents; to Australis, lnd-a and China, by Bremen or Hambure mall, via Marseilles, 87 cents; via Trieste, 55 cents. Prepayment of postage is optional In each case, except only letters for Australia, India and China, on which the required to be prepaid by stamps. .Letters coming from those countries to the United Stales by Bremen or Hambnrg mall arc subject to the same postage charge and the same conditions of prepay ment, with the following exceptions: from Lunenburg, by Hamburg mall, tbc charge Is 20 cents; from Schleswig-Holstein and Den mark. by Bremen and Hamburg mall, 20 cents; from Sweden, by Bremen and Ham burg moll, 25 cents; from Norway, by : Bre men and Hamburg mall, 23 cents; from Rna* sh, by Bremen and Hamburg mall, 25 cents; fromituly, by Bremen and Hamburg maV, 27 cents; from Gibraltar. Spain and Porlu i gal. bv Bremen and Hamburg mall. 80 cents; i trout Australia. India and China. rtn Trieste, • by Bremen and Hamburg mall, oO cents. Plrr at herorab, i The Tremonl House and the barn attached, ut Ihcotnb, Town, were destroyed by flro on 1 health ult. There were six horses and a cow In lln* bnm ; crcrv effort to rescue them proved im flcctlve, and they perished In the flames. Tbc flic was discovered about half past seven a. in., and by nine o’clock the limbers find fallen and 1 lie buildings were a mass of ruins. The InrnUuro was removed Into the stinct and saved.’ Dayton’s store, adjoining the lintel, wis saved by groat exertions on tbo purl .of the clUr.en«, but 1 tic building was considerably dutnfleed, The store of the BmUh Brothers on the op*Mle side of the street, narrowly escaped sharing the fate of the hotel, and If the wind hud been In a different direction, miol Inevitably hare hecnconainiied. There enti he bill doubt tint the lire was the work of InriMidlniles, whoso purpose It was to burn up the town. An effort to fire the village In another place. a ffew nights before, was dlsenveied In (lino to l»c fruidrat'Mi. The loss Is about |20,«J0 j Insurance, |f,OUO. BOARD OF EDUCATION. [OmaiAL ttSPOIiT* | Ilrijnlni' Jlrotl’ u, Clilcngo, .Innnnrj SIMli, 18(17. J'rrrrnl-Hnut, llollaMvii.. Ill.cHiUti, llfoi. Inmt. llilHt*. I‘lnikc. Oiillloid, Molded. Ilunyrtll andtijfW. c>»hi. Ilmid, MonMfl. I'twlor, uavlit, TM.hhnm mfl w«l«n. . . I*M OKlt'td lloM'll 111 III* titMlfi. ~ ... 'Mu inliiiiiis of llio ndjmiritml meeting of I)e* rpiuopi wne read a in' approved. (miiioinm of Mr. Ilnnyait III" fMlne of Min mlMiii'S ol Urn uvular inm'ilmr ot Dwpiinlwr d<s|>i:iiki«t till In and Urn minute* were aiiiHOwd »■ recorded, . . ... Mr. Idadiimtn, Chairman of the ftommtltte on Huhllip* amt (hounds, prm«Mi*d Ilia following mri rmni'iidatloTi of ibo rommlttoa: _ . •i lioi nminl'tmjoii Imlidtusr* and Around* re* cmnmMia ibu (rating ol low 84, Mandat In block 4 ul I'ojnl’a subdivision of Ilia aoulh «o hcn'ti of ibe w tt bail of llio northeast Quarter or Hec.ionSU In Township 89, nor lb range 11, at one hundred dollars per annum lor llio lorm of fl»o icars, and the mount: tboroou of Mic old womb Chicago reboot huildug to be fllicl tip as a bjanoboflLo Moieley Hcbopl, Itccommendaiion Miloptud. i>af-Alcwra HaMan: vne, lllackman, Brcntano. Briggs, Clarke, Gujlloid, Holden, Unnyao and llyncr—, knliallanlyne, Cbalrman of the AndlUmr and Fitmvco Committee, presented ibe following re po t of the r-cbool Agent lot December: Cash on band December 1.13.0 91,101.29 nccctrrs. Fiouj Unit# - Itilctcst City School Tax ?und. . 33,100.00 isewlicrry Fund G months' lulClCht ExmimroßE*. Tor Ttarbere' Pay Bolls 549.i«3.57 Expense—C. C. Chase, salary 20.00 Expense—Appraisers of hmdsaudlots IWH) CasbonbandJannaryl.lßG7 fi,*17.1-oi oi u.e cash on hand 5852-U> U for payment ol teachers; fSßs.St)lofpayment ofbalaacesof sun -0»V account**; and S3J-.CG for Investment. Report accepted and odc:cd to lie placed on file, ilr. (iullfoiO, * hairmsn of the Committee on Apparatus and Furniture. reported that the Ink wells ordered by tic Board to be supplied to thotedulslonswbiTolnklarcqulrcd to be used. r.oi already fumtsbta with wells, bad been nearly all so supplied . .. . . . ilr. Guilford also asked that authority be given to the committee to purchase Sherwood’s patent combination silicic desks and turn np scats for four dttisions. two In replace double combination priniarv scats In the Franklin School, and one tor the Newberry School, and one for the Faster School to replace single primal? seal* and desks to be mooted to the J*c"be:iy school. Authority Grantid, Yf*»— Messrs llallantync, Blackman. Brcn taro, Briggs. Clarke, Gtdllord, Holden, Banyan andltydcr—’J. JTayt—'S one- . , . Mr. brings reported the following appointment* since the last meeting of the Board: Mary E. Smith, apslrinm In tuc Mnzle School; Cirollne Wcslcolt, assistant m me Ogden bchpol; Anna Ifoi'lnne. teacher German m the &ew • of Mary P. Sinclair, assistant In the Ogden School, was received and accepted. On motion of Mr. Driers, tho foltowineappolnU menu, reported at the last meeting of me Board, were confirmed: Hattie J*. Davis, of the_ Doir* Vom School; Anraß Clark, of the Jones School; lla'lle M. Butterfield. CarrieM. HeeJ, Hitchcock and Snsan A. bwin, oi lUt'klo b?ch°ol, Nafy K. Chappell and Mary E. Pacj.ard. or the Franklin School; Addto Banhson. Adclalde Fa vor. BelleM. Spence, Amelia%*?£’*“* *£%* D Avrcs. oi Ihe Washington School, Mary E. Fnrnald and Lnclla V. Intllo, of ,Do School; Mary E. Andrews, of t he Haven School, ritin> i ’iVitilcc and Melissa A, Greene, of the School; KclUc M. rote of mc Bridgeport School; LUzto Crawfo-d and Ida M. Paiker.of the Pearson Street Primary School, SSrnnU. Giot and ClaraWlngravc, of me t.«a. beth Street Primary bchppl,ftnd Jennie \>ain* oftho Kolhng Mill Primary■school. Mr. Brentano, Chairman of the Committee on Gciman. ptrsrnud the following Yonr Cnmmroluce on German, to whom was referred a communication from Ihe Common Cornell, accompanying 8 remlullon uf Aldo. man Iclcotfe In regard to the Introduction of Inc German Jangnago Into tho pabllc achool* of Chicago, have had me same under consideration .crortlnslo th. City Charter, have the note power * to prove ah: ihe com pcs and methods of Instruction, ard that therefore mo Board by Introdne irg the German language as a hmnch of ' instruction In some of the schools under certain roe Iridium and provisions nr cl in fnll accordance with the letter and spirit of the committee never beard of any complaint from any nnmbcrofcHlwna asalnrt we Introduc* iSoMli"Hermanlanguage Inlho I'u -'icscboola • icvlmia lo the oilerlng of Alderman Talcotlj re*- r>lnllot* In the Common Conned; and wc I T el :on» <njklnnl to call yonr aUcntlou »o iho fact thatAl* iVrnianTalcoUVi resolution. although purporting to Sk not only for Mowed, V° l f or otL ?! Mr‘i.Wl»ton.nWi. *•'« or c«n lo pvo 111- lame ol ore ’ VnnrrnnitnlllfP tßUtlol for. M AllivTmSn HI r J t 'o^ibitthe lulroJuclU of the Herman Unrraoil la?rreotwrong or Inlmtlce to Iho Urge s^sHskaa®. itie mlvltrce of a Pee rchool education on account nfi tip (V.r rnanl "ncuai’t-, Iml rather on bccjoul of <h» nf mfflcletit rchool accotnnHidallon. 11 , f;?rr jo .Cum o !Eo.o W from over fiuM uhn «r<*rn rccflTfd In IhO JiunilC tcnouH I COI.IO Irani tieitnon. it woold Insllcc that Iher can learn Kncllah, ceojjnpny and 'Muchnr. The alndr of Ihe ncruinn language doe* mu Coin Ire mil' tli'clo child ol ttio prlrttepe of L-olt gto rchool. . ... ,a t«i. Ymtf committee believe* wllh Aldetman Taj roll, that “the created good lothc »rrcato«tnum tn t“ tdiould hr Urn rnle. "ttl thrj cannot, Un-reior. rrrntnmet d that tin l lac'llltes and bratem-a m tlndy alu-ttld bedlmlnl-bcd, nr Inal offmclgn language* thonld ho restricted lotne High School, became only a very email number ol thlldrrn. and (f-ncfalljr only (tine’ whine n« i mile have me mean* to educate Ihdr Children at Ihclr own ei|it’hs(, uic able to ollond that facet* ihn Common Cotmri' aiairr, the Mmly ol Herman a only Itiirtrtlncid tinil.emdiiliHiof to iioi.e o im « llt tf IWaiMUdU In each r'hu«t <ll*y ici Wlih it ; rt MfeViotiwrllm.Wajhinrtiiin Hctiool, wh*ra H ere are ai pwi.l only m mtnil«i aim avail !tii iiitrlVcr of tin’ opportunity In alttrty Herman. !«w » in oi»r» nllwr Kliontwair.. II." llarm.i. lauKi.aiia I. laual.l a laiiro oaca." ol lor r.. lU |r«.l 11 Wo'iirc l.'alo'l'o lofor lo a rommuulcallon (tom >\e tire oa e 1 (J . lhPf „ t (mrii Rii al the 1,1. American u , OUl.lcl Oea»el, hfhool, which la ~c ri c *nd Hitman ecltlcd hy Herman*, X°VS*"nlcd In lh« clement la 'l y oilman langoaga. Thrlo- ! ctnaeia **bdylnp . iiirnyins Herman m aaas absorbed over one hundred of onr ucrnw "ra/combet olporllr, ttbo arc all panmlns Uio wldle oStheolher band we have no evidence .ha von-’ the communication of Alderman latent*, that any considerable number o( oorctiUens are UWUipHI to Mlfh A IMIPfSI l*M» Of III* foil- IftlPfl lipefi'M' IlMftlti l-»■|»p(NljM’li«t(?b . Vmif H'bMmU*r, ihyiHms, ink la Iw iplpbbhi born lt.t» niMhpt puhsldpiatluu ur U» HIP Iff. . tU-inM ifmdrrt *D(I AilMPdr ~ . „ „ Mr./llMiypo. biArAlsiMf Mr, H, fi, Wlmirmnia, AspMsiH Miifls iW/ifar, wn ad vbiirml to IM.Nmi nor annum, rMnigu |u immmmmu *1 ihuprginninK ot Ibo sr imnl rnonih of Faliriurr, iil*cum*n,nimil*iio. Brunts, C’Ufii, UuilforJ, lluoysn, ami Ji>dur-b. AVrys—None. ’ _ _ On motion of Mr. Clsrl.e, Chairman of thsOom* milieu on the High School. Ulllc \V. Hoyden, Maiy K. Nonrii'. Amelia M. Kirliherg. Etta I, Kvsrta, Cams McMillan, Aline 11. Tallis, M -Cor* Patterson, and Hophla C. Jobim were re-adialilod to b«*U In the High bcltool. On motion of Mr. Ulnrko, tho lime for changing the hour of opening thu nomm? sessions of Pie High School from nine to eight o'clock was made lo ukn efic-ct at ibo openlnc of the summer terra Instead of the commencement of ibe school month of March, rb previously fixed by tho Board. *rob Thet'npcrlntrndrnt prcrcnled s communication from one of the patrons of the Franklin School, complomii g of too punlhbmcntorhU child. Hi-ferrcrt to the Committee on the Franklin School and the hnnerlntendobt. The Soperloteoaetit also presented a verbal re naratfrom citizens of tfactownsof Jefferson and Ujdc Park residing adjacent to the city limit*, for the privilege to send their children to the Holstein and Cottage («rovc Schools. Mr. Runyan moved that all pnpllt now attend ing soy of the public school* whone residence la not within the city limits, be excluded tiom the schools. Carried. r. Banyan moved that pupils resldlnzpntride of tbc city limits be recrivod into the Holstein and Cottage Grove & chools upon the payment ol ten dollat s per annum Tor each pupil, one term In advance, belne lour dollars for ♦•ach of the Pall ana Winter Terms and two dollars for the Som mer Term. Mr. Ballantyne moved to reconsider the motion to exclude nou-icridcnt pupils from the schools. Lost. Mr. Ballantyne moved to refer the whole subject of admitting non-resident pupils to the schools to the Superintendent, with power to act. Lost. *ibc question was ibeo taken upon Mr. Man van's motion to receive non-rendent pupils In (he lloUUrln and Cottage Grove Schools upon the payment of lea dollars per annum, one term In advance. Lost. 3be Superintendent reconirnended that the course ol instruction in the Moiling Mill Primary School bo extended so as to cover the Third aud Fourth Grades of the Grammar Department. On motion of Mr. Ryder, the recommendation was adopted. Tbc Superintendent presented the summary of attendance tor January, showing au Increase over January, IS 6, of 8.1-ts in the whole number en rolled ; of 2,813 in ibe average number belong ing ;ot V&l 111 the average dolly attendance; of Syi m the number of tardinesses; and a decrease of nine-tenths ol one percent In the per cunt of attendance. * lie Superintendent called attention to the over crowded cotdltion ol the schools, and recoin winced the adoption of the following resolution ob the only means of übtHlt.lng relief lo the pres ent stale of school accommodations: WuKoxas.Many ot our ► chools are crowded lo excess, oed we nave not means adequate to sup ply the demand for accommodations; and, \VnxncAS, The overcrowding of our schools, to wl ich we have been compclloa to resort, has &erl ootlv Impaired their efficiency: therefore, • £tfo!ua % Thutnulll such time as we can famish accommodations (o all who arc entitled to school privileges, oral hast to all who earnestly desire them, wo Instruct the Pritftjpals of the several rthoolt to examine all applicant*, and' to place' ihdr names upou a Hat to await vacancies lit the grades to vblch they are assigned upon examina tion; and, further, that all pupils suspended, when restored by the s uperintendent, shall l have their names placed noon (he list of applicants. On motion of Mr. Ryder, the resolution was Uhtj Boppilntctji’ctfl informed the Board Ihai Uc lull teach*'*' cc.tlflcatcp, as ordered to be pro na'cO, were row ready, nod asked that such action rnlgl-l be taken as was neewary fur Inning them to »uch teachers ae ore entitled to such a ceiuflcnto. ... .. .. - Mr. Clmkwitfervd the following moaoa on the tnbvrl, which was adopted: ... .. iWal the l*nchcn»’ Ota) certificate ho crawled ui on ihft ri , eomn>«'Tida'lun of the committees on the iwpccUvu erhools. and tho approval by the Committee cm tbo Appointment of loacbera and the Superintendent, to Pitch teachfra having aln-aoT ren Jvrd partial certificates as they may adjiidci* qualified to receive the wune. .Mr.limllord, Secretary of tnc tomtnlltoo on Kvcnlrtr School*, ptesrnjed the following report t Eveuliitr Schools for I»V* and IdCTwcro organ ized October 2id, anil closed January Sid. length oi ‘rfiplcn. thirteen weeks : number of classes, loily-acvcti. For * For 19r.r. uud *o'i. ISGOaad'CT. Total enrolment In all lio prhoulfi 8,831 0,912 -=i mo L \VnVt?. P "!?'. o .". l “ U . l .''?. , °v KOI «M> Cost pi r )>upll on average o(< (CDUBtICV I'Alil for learliers* salaries...? 9 *»Jj Paid fur Janitor* 093.19 I’aM (or fuel, estimated Tor IPCn and *O7, bills not jrct , (Q „ made tin WWJI CW.M Paid fur llgbl, e‘llmatcd for m>i and'i.7, bills nol yet made hi WO 4U«I Paid tor subtitles • Total. »7,mw fn«UJT.7O Atnomil appropriated tor ctl lifns 5e110ut*.......... ~ffI,WW.W llstance of appropriation of IKIMN) ....... 1.9 M-W Trlftl Inr cvetunn .eliooli iHjwn. M.KS.W Uainncu now In credit of tweiilptf school*.. ..... , . , .If n.w liftitiicn on 1110 wtidlllyn of the District Helmuts were made by llio suvrint comiultliws proem and ' 1 a o jV.ViV 1 d I ' l ‘.t. i, I'imuiii), Kect.uiy.i FINANCIAL AND COBMBUCIAI . MONETARY. Friday Fykninu, Om d> spatches tbl* morntbu alluded In a circular I‘WNuaUnir from Wall sirrat, In which tho writer piumuca, If mfllclcnl patronage lie given, to “lohli)*' at Washington In favor of tbs National Bsi.ks.foracomratiuilon of one dollir on each lltou* enml dollars circnlatjou. Tho lollowlng copy of the prvc'.oua document wot received 10-day) No. 8 Waix Stukct. New Yens, » January, 1:07. f It la rngreatcd to mo to epcnd pare of ray ttmo In Washington, daring the titling ot Conorosb. end unvote mysvlf to the tnleroaii of National linking. . , This Iconcclvo to bo oso.css unless prepared to cimi poucifnl InilueLco, which can bo done only uy hlxral tnpport. , . 4 ... I therefore propose to the parties interested to Ptml to me fl per *l,too of their National circula tion, lor expenses and outlay as 1 uay deem ju- pioposal shall fall to meet with a liberal response from the National Banns, I shall not go to Washington on the harness here alluded to, but will ictum jour coumbmlon. Respectfully vonrt J. Tmokpsos. •ilhc modesty of Mr. J. Thompson is worthy of all admiration, lie lakes no claim for the author chip of this scheme. It was suggested to nim. As tho National Banka hare a circulation of f£o,oW,Ott', Mr. Thompson woold,shonld all the banks take stock, be the possessor of tSOO.OOO. How much of this would be used In u lobbying ” he docs not state—nor is it necessary. Some Na tional Bank presidents may be weak and silly enough to tend one dollar per thousand, bat is this latitude tbcio is no opening for any such scheme. Our bankers are not in the habit of parting with money, nnless firal-claas securities an* h? poibccated. The bonds of the “ lobby " arc worth no mo;c than Confederate scrip. “ Valua ble information nailed on receipt of one is played oat. ‘ *' _ In moncitry matters there Is nothing new. Business la commercial and financial circles thews no change for tho better. The demand for tccommcoauon is in the aggregate less pressing, which gives an evtier lone to tho market, without, however, granting any actual relief. The dis count houses arc panning a very conservative eburso, and none bnt Uu. best houses, backed with nnexceptlonslcollaterals.and any accommodation. In the open market there is a great deal of paper which Is not bankable.* - Such Is negotiated at 13® super eenPper annum for good double names, inferior signatures cannot be done for less than 2VS per cent per month. Exchange la steady. Bound lots sell between banks at par@2s cents premium. The counter rate# arc steady at 50 cents dlscoutlOpar baying, and 1-10 premium selling. . Hour was dull and rather favored buyers, wheat was firmer, and a boll movement carried prices up fully 2c. Corn was stronger and advanced I*4® 2*»c. Oats were quid but firmer. Bye advanced l@ic. Barley was dull. There was nothing do ing In Whiskey. Provisions word qnlet but held wlih considerable dimness. Dressed Hogs opened firm and aavanced 10®23c, bnt at the close this improvement was partially lost Seeds were quiet *'W’unrKtlnd• copy of Mr. fierce'. Bill introduced In Urn Sum Lcirislatnre. prodding for tire formation of township insurance companies on tho "mnlnat insurance plan." Tho hill limits too hnsme-s ol the company to the township nt which tho company may ho located, excepting Ihose townihlps whom there may not ho tho rc onltcd nnmhcr of persons who may desire to or eaulxe soch company. In this case, thoio de- Jlrlng to do so mar connect with the orsanlia tlon csUbllshcd In the neighboring township. The hilt contains the usual privileges granted to com panies conducted on the "mnlnal plan." Among the farming community there Is na leaion why this system of "township insurance" shonid not be null: popular. .... A meeting of the Underwriters of this city was held yesterday, at which It was nnsnl xaonriy re solved to advance the rates from 50®73 per cent oa those hitherto carrent-lhc advance taking ° Tho flaclnallons In the Oold msrkel wore slight to-day. I* opened H >»«, decllnad to >354, and uloscd si 133 3 £. The following quotations were ,retired by Boyd Drm., y^mokers 5 1 }§g InKJ;”;:;:!.).. Iks 1 ««!?.»> ,3-j « ■lore. Hie tntthcl was qnlsl, at HtSSOlKH— closing at iani-10'u hnytng. Bllrar nominal at fflOO Stt.SGO.S9 ”oovcrtmi™ui weto !ICT« bißlm. «wl tli. mtr kelclurcl millions- Tt ” tulloinm .ho«« _tb« clo.ln«|iilc« ol to-ilil. complied «lm ibmc ot tbc tb.icpiiTlou. d.j.l Tn>i ,Vml. Thir.‘ Fit. •”'* •"i’* '|j s ii s b* is s a 1 ut, and the leading shares went I Ml hoU«-r. The rollon lug shows Urn quotations of to-day, com* IJit-d wllh Ihow oMha two !•»«'«■ I iiipiflf ws&a | a Mt .* fISE ll; t iSb \n U MU JgJj JMh c;U>ea ttiiMio... U"g IJ* T.aWshaih « «i * . t w *. * . Hero there was a good Inquiry fur th* I uhlls Fu’ids, and the market was Aimer and mure so* live. We qnole i oomunvekt Kccnmta-cmcioo vangri. U H Mxe*. of imi..., JjyiJ....... |I. H. C-thf, IHH i . a. c-ehi*, JEW* •••• U, h. HH»n Urec. ... r. s. 10-ifr, ima’l ... r K 7.*)*, If I edrlrt, lU.!-**, M teiivt. U.K7-W*. IM*. T-**. nW»M* •i"l" 11 aimj , In'ii.,,. •• M: IVttlrr •• il*:, W... »• %\» v ; juifi tl " AMtf, , “ »» " Oc(m Iq'A,,, ■Eh til j : r ! ;;;;;;; K l 4 ! ..... m • Tlm berond Hshwual i>«*nl* give* lh« f.iHqwtua buying rates lor Uitv«ifp»nenl*i r<mp„ *fll..lo7U<a. •• 7 WWmall) 101 O .... fi-kh con pons. June Ui«mp„lrt)t, t llftU (lanr«\....WUQUmt Jaly “ •* ..lift 5-Bucoupon*. Aug, “ ” ~IISW ((imtll),..]U6 OlOC’i Oct. •» “ ..lUU Dec, ** ♦* ..1IS!{ (large)..,. MS® May *• . IBU..UIM UMucoupona. Aug. “ *• ..JIU4 (►mail),lo3 A.,,,. Bepl. “ “ ..110 7-smiaiffc).iolU(s Oct, ” “ ..Man Local Stocks are doll. We nominally quota: Buying. Belling. Chicago City 7’a TO Cook County T* US 97J{ Chamber of Commerce B 1 —1 bo Milwaukee Senttnrl of to-day observe*: “The local money market continue* to grow easier, Ihough considerable stringency la com*, plalred of in tome quarter*, and with the cloie of the packing reason currency will undoubtedly he in cocfl supply lor ail legitimate business purpo *ca. Bates of discount remain nominally un changed, and the banka continue to take first class paperatlOpcrcenl.bnloo the street !>*(& I*i per cent per month U obtained. Eastern Ex change la flm<T, and we hear of transactions' among hankers at 50c per Ci,ouoptemlnm. Coun ter rates range at H discount to par buying, and premium celling.” —The Philadelphia Ledger says: ** There Is no scarcity of money at bank, and a fair amount of discounting u going ou at them. Ibe chief diOcnlty about money Is flic character of the security to give for It. Borne ol the banks will loan large sums at call 00 Government col lateral at i> per cent, and while the better class ol banking houses vill not pay over 4 per c.*ut for .deposits, lorrowcre ot money on the street must have me most approved securities to get it at 7 percent. Prime paper rates from 7to S ner cent on Government loam, and at S and 10 ou miscel laneous eternities.” Kew York staek'Markei. Clislsk prices tor cash. February I. 1537, received b; Joseph M. Lyons ft Co., Brokers: Ist 2d lit ' 2d Dd. B’d. | B’U. B*d. N.Y.Cen 9Jx ,D. S.* per ceal . Ene(com) 05* S'S* ooods, 1881...107V IKK M. i». (C0i1).... WV* 71k IC.n. b per cent C.ftMtra...... 80g 8a k ' Wa coop,-W.107V 107 V B-ck Is**nd.... »tv »ix C- b. 6 per cent C.ftN.W M- Mocoup,*«.loßV 105* C.ft £. W„pfd CIU Gig io.a. 6 per cent -11.11.I I . n. w.ft c. wh 9i I &■*> coup,*a.i3s.v im Qulrs»Uver.... 371* 57 lU. S.»per cent * W. Union Tel.. sift tig, 1040......... 9JV .»V r% ft a. teem) U 0 I Tr. Jictro.7 S-10 Rur.A-U 137 ...1 Klaerle* VJIH K»H' M. central Vr« 10*Jf IU.SL 7 5-10, 2d ’ Hudson lUvcr.liTX 126 I »me* IW.’f ’IOIV 111. Centra:....U3V HI lU.a. 7 3-10, 8d • I”*«SmK..AM 101*1 senes.... . !"•« I n ‘k C rrf. *Xc1...,119V 1-0 I A.mer. U01d....13i,'i 137* T.ft Wabash... « 1 Market—lst Doaid steady: 2d Board strong. COMMEECIAI. Kuidit Rvtjciko, February 1, 1007. The following tables show the receipts andiblp* mcutß of Produce during the past twenty-four hours: \ BEczirrs past Twrurr-ronn noons. i3fl. im 5,W6 4,BJJ 4,0J0 11,801 13,300 82,000 7,400 155,091 1,373 i,nn 2.W7 . 400 05,1 m UMO3 8.03 S 72,500 183,83 Floor. brU \Vtieai. l>a. Coro, bo. Oatr, l>a ... Ilye, b 0.... Btrle*, bo. June*, 0n.... Brass Seed, tbs Broom Com. I*>« , Cured Meat, tbs Ik-01, brls I'oik, brl» lard. tbs 1 allow, Tbs Butter. lbs I), liner. No l ive Uoeff. No CMlli*, No Hides, p« 11. WlnfP, bits Wool, fi>p l.multor, Shingles. emnmrrs rxsr Twxntr-rot;n nouns. I iwn. im 1 .. p.r.u 3,mu .. 8,091 vrs .. .... B,MI lu.coi .. 1,131 M 3 .. 1.70(1 i. 9J,K» 147,1'm .. 1,513 HOTS ..911,00(1 780/(<ill .. « Til .. S.2T»| UH» ..51T,711 293,311 .. 57,UV) Ill.Ml mu i,r,2i ... 019 0!7 m aia . in.a*l 43.r.H;i . SIS I(n« SO,tori ST. I^o 4.17 1(11 Flour, brls. When*. Im. Coin, ua .. Ufllr, bu ... ItTC, bu Harley, tm .. .. OrUKfl Becd,lbS... llrornn fom, in*, timed Mtiu, Os. Heef, ints i’uik, hr!*., lard, Os. . Tallow, O*,, Uniter, Os. Until liufff* N0.r... Ll«(> M 0...... rutile. No .... Hides. t1<*........... Utah •'liter. brt0..... Wool, fos. I,umber, ra. ........ I.stlu*. m Hnll. Hntt. Imps.. . .. Tlib I'rotulofl market wucirtedlugl/ dull nnd tioi enouab duuu lu ealaUllfb values,.ordoter* tnlnc the feclltia attd temper of I’ntkcm etiuwcti tiu disposition to fmc« raM, and Hituihlinf no not ctmbled tu operate to any ciiciii, oalnp to (be llglittiess or (ho tbouoV meikrt. for Hulk Meal* nttd Ibeiy to ft brntiby toi.nmipllvo demand, wli;eti juumiies to iucipum'. bk lotitf as talum remain noobanued. | 'lliprenaniHiUitUtf crcoßir.iitciicP doltiir Ih.Mpm [ hnK=ilie only Ifiimrti'llumt lepoflO't bolftifdW liriiiii tlhfcuvUMim. Holder* were s<*tN , i'ftU; wiiti no demand over I «.&<) GMltfa, I'ilmo Mfm wm dull, wllb *«!** of Md min *1 Milwaukee al 117. W. duller (fnrrlt. l-tulMi M*ala iwo Imcihfl—holilti<g alum* |(w \lotva of huyvra. IMIk Mm.u wore firm, wllh »nl*a efCJaar Hidiiant IUI4Q I0\«a Imice for umnedlatu delivery, And Dry Aaltod hlumWeraatTHo loose At Puorla, sillur Maro'<« Green Moaia were quiet but firm, wllu *al*wuf Dams from Slaughtered Tioga At 100, I*rd wa* doll, with talet of *OO trca at 18c fur Kettle Dne J, ami llj*c for bleau—the bayur* >n Ute la'to/ case iiiruiahiuetfereea. TherearkelUnommal at Il3(e tor prime bteam. Greece cold to the extaut.of ISO uca Yellow at B*s®9c. Ilia aleck of Porn, Old acd New, Id New York to*do was telegraphed at 87,u> 0b N. Th>* follow* lug table give* tbc atock of Barrelled Pork Id New York, ou the find of each monlb, for alx years: ItWk 1&3. 136 i. 1165. 1868 I*l7. ,Tan,... 3X819 100.791 7V«3 11V-83 31,778 57,000 Frb.... 47,>70 6»,ifcO *B,IBO 135,234 Ui,OII 6T.UXJ Match. 67,145 U 2.054 9i.526 1KJ.243 .... April.. 7b.SU 'Ju.OU 11*1,159 00,174 90,346 .... May... 58.156 16a,0Wl 91.1U0 '.'1,674 90,131 .... June... 155.415 1r5.453 12S.X* 05/13 BI,SH .... •1n1y...91M11 2**8,101 170,ff»4 101,911 87.1*9 .... Aug...I«MK 4<,'3T» 331,339 101,514 69.4'fi 61,656 .... 0ct....P5.789 191/85 113,961 80.485 47.6 W .... N0v...151,629 113,708 70,356 69.7 W 03.379 .... Dec.... 125,783 109,470 75.9*1 41,33; 55.043 .... The following 1b Ibe-catlmited stock of Pro visions ui liwrpuol at the close of the year, com pared with 1863: v Dec.AXIS'S. Dec. 81,168-1. Beet les 8,715 - 1,100 Pork, Urta ,906 2.110 Bacon, boxes ... 3,’*74 3,446 Haro?, boxes SSI _ 530 Butter, i>kf*B 6,783 IX6II Cht-ese, uoxes 81,601 31,190 Dressed lings opened qnlto buoyant and the market advanced 20®25c on heavy and 33.10 c on liebt weteh's, but at tbc dose there was a tamer feeling and the Improvement was partially lost, bates ranged from $7 2S®7.Ss—closing at $7.23 and 87.60 for good averages, dividing on 2JO lbs. Whinkcy was neglected. Uoldera ask43s:3c for Bonded, bnt there are no buyers at over ISc. Flour was dull, and prices thoagb favoring bay* I ers, exhibited no actual decline. Wo note sales of 1,450 Oils at $9.20©10.75 tor SprlnglErtras; I $7.75 for Bprinz Sopers, and $7.00 for Buckwheat. { taThere was quite a “bull” movement la Wheat to-day, and in free of the unfavorable advices from the East, an advance of Sc was obtained. The sales foot np 40,000 bn al $2,17 for No. 1-fn It. 1.; $2.(4) for No. 2in A., D. & C0.;;i51.31?4®1.8t for do regular, and $7.63 for Rejected—doting firm at sl.Bl for No. 2 In regular bouses. Operators for a rise to Corn succeeded in effect lug an advance of IH&2UC on No. 1, bat other grades were quiet, and wlibout any essential change. New Y'ork opened better but closed heavy and unsalable. About 61,009 bn changed bands at 75UG77MC for No. 1; 67c for No. 9, and 52<g,54c for Rejected—dosing firm at 77c for No. 1. Oats were quiet but firmer, wllb sales of 21,C00 buat3?U<£s»li c fur No * 9—mostly at the inside ire. Rje was lC2c higher, with sales at No. 1, and SHJfiCc for No. 2. There Is a marked (ailing off In the demand for Earley, and the market 1« dnll. We reprt a few trarjacUoas at C2c for No. 2, and for sam* pie lota. Seeds arc quiet and steady, with sales at 1T.75® MX) tor Clover, and lor Timothy. Flaxseed Is nominal at 12.50G3.W. The following Ulcgiama were road on ’Chaape to-day Karr Yens, February 1. Flour easier and doll *l Wheat cnrrttUa ai.d nominal at fa.O'i'as.l7. Com firmer at In nor*, oats (icav/at SdftGOe. Pork firmer at ?19.» for Old and $5).3;k for Nc *. l.arrt dull at l3*c. Uo*a Irregular at fiJ 1)31043. (iold, 10S>» Floor more salable. Wheat InscMre. Com no t«l«blo at 12.U)££ 1.10. Turk firm. W aUkoy sala ble at SOc. In ihe afternoon there was a stronger feeling la lh»- Grain market, and price# were higher. Corn told up to TSftTPJic for No. 1-clorinr a; the In* aide figure. Wheat was firm and advanced 2® Sj-lc, with ealea at 11.6Cft1.W4 for No. «-clo«ng with aollrrs at the nppor figure*. Provisions were Inactive, Iml flrmlr held. Beef Cattle were quiet, though nnd r moderate rrcilpta prices were well su'talned and firm at fnlltato*. ’the hulk of the ottering* were taken up at f i.W)ft WB lor common to prime stock. The maikrt close* firm at |J.Wft6.»5 for Inferior to choice grades. Vive ring* were active, lo the extent of the otter* irgf, ana film, nearly all being readllr taken up ata ihndo better prices than obtained on yester day. SaH# were made at a range ot fU'OftO.'K) fee common to choice lots. I>nhe *b» Clrvrlnnd or Chlrnvo The llltsonfgh lHnlr>gnm\ Mnnu,ftteturinff Jj «r« nol U«» the following arllele In relation to the attempt now twin* tneOehr ChlctßO to tontines the mlneia U at “the |(tur«*t tray rstmd 1» the near*wt way boine" Tlir cheap' l * t itftrt beet method of fettln* t» and Irora \hi> Uke Superior tr.ihwiil copper rMtoii U» nutter lifn'otr to :inilihonMt «jm ti ur iitlmr til- ntuWtli capital!*!* wen- tha Drat to j-fr'l p that region. am now the tientlf*! aolpper* of 111 t-n*. l “l#.aMl A*i, foil) inairof tie vatnsl.le mine*of tlit-1 pi'rr IVtil: JtiP Itn-ni-n** freight* of Inn t ieaMropjet ti at wr metre ft im tbal iMinaon* hr war t.r t*e I*"• to timlaoO, anil 1. Itienrr re-ahllMfl by fall, I .Mill rUr. Our r(tflpj»orm Ul . ,f.S, f iojUuo ton* etery y«*af. tnrlew ollh" rariVlafllftol-epald on HiK amt the *f>iune'-l« ant W.VUmmm i.IT Hiai hare to gnj.c thfuniliw in. ilia a matter «l mnti'yand lime tatrtaai u* whPtUrf t rr ahau frlM'i th"nl.trn m« wltbll-e adililMial iwtlilnw inti are Mitiaianllr a t. nwilo 11, ora tww ami untried ronle hr wa/ufc.j. r ‘/i! , i».miefll*«uwti|iU-el.Hba Htinfflor Una of atnaui eririti... t>»‘un.l tha VrM mAhu?. f. ■uh «i at Imlli that point ain ami th" l»*rl*-»r* 1“ litViSViX ./ ».»T'-» l-MH u.l knmmitii lor iiii> raiil'l Vw-Ilttß a'i't H>'hi*d|. M «i(’*r» .. fV 4 VhV iliiM- wn| iilatanc* nr way of U-vrlant |« tiiwiH ami iht lanllin re lowimat I* w«' ihttik. jiuii I' . u»Vli-rih»t» took to Uke i.rim tr , ...jttaVi IfM. wilt ahipwaU T Way of i J*< wcnh nixlmihla-H* t»aohrapealavlheu, ! 1 . .iiTi.ii.u hit Item drawn to Hit* matu-p tr-m nV I.t na 1 .|Va*u!.runi»t'iC her n..-e ir.U all the »L. itii.i •»..■ II m-inrt.inl haa Iwrioi IQ her iLiiua r • rwHin(*nyV»rih« Wfo rupert-.r trade, ar •.«?in#*ll-ai fur alilim run to the K**t a« well a* Weal, i» iiaM « kulaml ».nrr faedltlca roucaanullerthaa I.JI’ 11 Vila aaafrUoo «« donhllca. made l- r '«i. n Virtilnn .Miruoi on ttie «ror tf it. »n 4 « «"• .m.ll nr r w.ff n»r wa nrr low there were »Wpp«t fronCh- TaJ} «.no day I**‘ week, fourteen <ar load* ot lasnt L l.Xr ir. n/lAke bujierwr. couientd U> vartana p*i- Vi tinUtwiWri waa vurtli •sfa» one naLc’MiVo that, e»pacWly the [ SSffid Sw Vo -ttU-l* «ongh to open ihe cj« ol £ * n itui'w»- ee*retlj *cree with Uia Joi/rnof In Ut miral 1 li »a\a s ‘-Ihcrc ts-o rca n whM-r.r i 1 « r tike tmie.iQr Ka-l m trade iho-W nit O-iw » J-tfre? Uucofch CulcaßO. the UcUllUa on;nM f> brlliri*. nrm unu itcg 100 Dndnff. ~..1074 ....WITH ....KD4 ....1(0* .... OJS OTH ... m ....10IH 1«H ....1014 1-44 ....1014 WVi ItiU fiiijfHtitf l*«V ».«VihV ti*i f UVI* i«<ml hi il>» |,«iiu V. 1.^;.r.!l l i •t*T|'f'/f>V Ifhil" •'( lll“ *f*«V IMIHfJ “ m»»n " f IJ-ri.w M*« U tiiu uiimi »im «( *■»|»‘(Hi iji'jU), tin. 11l KkjtL 'JliMfl U • (••Ho* mi futile ujuoru M lif r«T>," but »»u U|» by Utf itTcirfciMfU'O*U "I) «•-" 1 r i wt werudnvm In )ci-i * now. nmoutilc-oi all uveuu a aelr rellfcnt—in ot tar mw balance • f ih* cowtia ttirown on onr handi lif Mw pro toftive tarill of the Urllwl MlMl tF»>al **h* iV ItS bul u»ea louul exit* duvet .ale lor two mlUloni wild the RUiUta and laiwer Province c< marnera. . We L..W to p-tot cut the iS.Uiiuiurelmm^ dltleip order to how <mr Interc*te were aUVcicO bv Ua alirocatloo. ThU *UI bo Uat abown m a comparative tabular lorn. ••“S ,3 ?s . 1008 IW« . 5M l'.ii7 .. 1.80 *£3 . 10,768 9.3V0 ;«S&W 387. WT .. 89,H1 77,035 .. *1.003 6.7 W ~.81,888 1,908 ... 17.910 83 .•SJ7.W! Wffflg .. 6.03 JV* ..155.087 7«.203 6,171 67.0® Plank and beard*, bhlatln (’IIICI wutmn Copper ore Plsandtcrap Iron, pickled tub Uoix* Horned cattle... Svipc. gbeeo... , Poultry-. Butter... Cbeete... Em Hide*.... P0rt.,... 4MW 19.978 Tlrtodowlng recapitulation-will ais> show where the great Increase* and decreaae* of the export* scoot* ally, parucouny take place: ixr ' Ity sea. By rail. '~&7 *«• By raU. The mire....| 891 * *W3I f 35.WJ 3 IW* ibe neirrit*. L 4» ruuvi .... " »£g ThefOmU. 6C7.7W ' 331.733 459,447 H7.6M Animal* AirtcoliaiT.. lJW>,tta 405/77 Manniacture* 30,90 «W 73 397.138 138^313 These figure* »how an inmin last year of »16.«7 in article* the produce f.Lthc mine, a decrease ot SUS 7 la • Oih snd oil: a decrease of t2J5,P«10 the produce of the tore.-1; « Increase off'ATaMn animal* and their pro duct*; as l£cr>ase of >1,731.219 ta agricultural pro due*, anti an increase al*o In manufacture* offiw.Rn. bo f»r aa this port, therefore, u concerned, we nave no reason to ccmplalo of the abrogation of the ttaoQr. an increase, miteadofa decrease, being remarkably per ceptible cn the general result. New York Produce Trade, The exports Irom this portofeomeot the leading article* ol domestic produce hare been aa tollowi: east since Same time tv.ttor. hair*... Flour, hi U Corn Meal. bit*. Wheat, bush.... Corn,lush Jrte, bu-b Oa>*. bu»b U.l-, UUIMm. »„••••.., «... MM. «... BarKy.Ac,b»wb 51,313 UV*39 .... Itf-r.7:*.and brl* 918 5,785 -4Ajl I’orlr. hrl* IWU IXkon. Ac., pto B,«t 21.343 11.109 L>rd.pkg«. U.ltl »JG3 \9&3 Cbccv. boxes. 3,754 - 59.145 10.383 Butter, btkiu. dr 191 I,l»7 1,(51 Ttc dcliveilPi at this market qfaome of the leailng article* cf domeatle produce bajfifl*-<n a* fallows; l*aii "^ T - r &lnce Same time IViHc. Jan. 1. 17V>. rotten, ba1e*...... HfiM > 73.05 87^1 nourTtrU «030 J 1.3,140 UO^W (\tnilßl.brls 7.715 BMW 37.733 Wheat, bn«t» .... ijns 3..U5 Corn, tut-h 35AQD U9.WO 191.751 I{*a..« 610 1,910 J-*l£ Ilarl-y.bnsb 14,750 SL3U 8L»0 OatK bneb 28,43 ICffOfl . 10^0 Pect tc«. and brl* IHO Liao 3/51*.... 4.715 «.«» 1A905 TtacuO. Am, UO ft* IJta U.CM 8 810 fluc»«, lid ft* 9 ?5 86.105 '7Jl> Uutu-r, IWB.S 9/60 43,170 «AWO PLHailrlpbln Cuttle iilnrUct-JnD, *3B. The arrivals and sales of beef mule at tbe Arcane Drove Var' - reach klkdl 7/00 bead tbl* week.. The market was very doll, and price* were unsettled and lower, extra Fcimajlrnnla and We«tcrn stoera Mlllng •t Irt.m l3>AKc *. futr to good do M t-'V&lt *C *. *od cn a tnon at fr> m lf«l2c p c. a* to condition aanquality. Tbe market c.oscd Tory dull wlthlu Ibe abive range of pr il«>na-Wi re In demand at an advance. Alwut 1/00 h»ml arrive* and -oM nt the U'.tun and Avenue Drove Yard* at from t9.(xuiO.OO per 100 lb* net, tholatkf rate ar prime curn-fed. .... : 253 58,000 160.033 51,510 11,100 fi.tTJl S'sOM 8.13*1 5,Wl 7.113 010 2,181 03,'i33 83,*01 BWI 51 0,159 10,013 83 S 3 285 2IU rirlimlrlphm I’rnviatnn Xlnruct—Jnn. 3H48 Thtrel* ratlxr in<*pndoing, and price*ero well main tained. About 300Ul« me*a pork *oldn« prime mess at gn/0*43l 00, tin-1 prime -it ?IT.teV'* 15.00 Fbrl., jn«eed hugs are selling ut fH.owTiUi Vloo #*• Mf"* vitselt- ip lot" nr*l«*Wu,:n.ixj t»i, aa-j fc»;4.00 GStwriirl, fondiy racl:e«t. Beef bam* ar* held at |u3WMiu,(o |» brl. coutlnuM inactive! email hah * ol plum end O-.ncy csiivaitcd bams are making at lSoil*cttim>i* if Rcltlc, and sulfa nt tOVrtllrp ft. Green tr«ata an’ im re .•dives i ew idckled bams;Jell nt l*a iL’ic, a* d Ui'.oon u-a «ali s'lournsrs at Irom *»/r Vft In lufd Uicre I* t; oro doing t sales of barrels nu<' ilercrsnro making At liktfl3 ,c V ft, atul ksg* at 11015 c. ProtNous lu lluliltnort-—Jnnanrv 20* Hure 1* i-oiiiimiatlYdy 11111** doing In this hraDHi ol tract, th aid* IH’ilig fomiullcd lo hold over many Bonihetn oro*r» on accounl sir lb* dllllcully ol tur* sranllek the same. I’rh e* may. he quoted as follows s JUroii shouhleti nctm,**! ships llHr,||;iu.- j plain fiati.s Is<siil'.e 5 sonar cured do iVesterti oud dh tnrd-ln l.rls ISSQUkci and inets pirk f 11.313 33,ft) per brl. THU ( HltA<JO titVK HTtM'li MAUIUsT. SI 1» . ... 401 1.113 Orru t ortnn Dati.r Tetm-wg, l mii>AT RraniAn. February 1, ) The ri'lowiui table *lmw» the dally recelpls and iMilibHilail u«e B‘o k nil lug Ur* Wfk up tv tbl* evnitiig. a* fspoHed by Iti* BecluUty of (In Vulva Bid k Yard CVuipanyi Cattle, Ilott. Bbeep. bupday and M0rn1ay..,.....,,. HI l,fj» I'd Vs'd orwi*r.v.v.v.' *, 1 *; *. t;!;;; m j>#j > »?/ Iblirsday ' tdd i.»W .... inilay.. -«• Total .1.7,119 tVI» I .ml lll;M't , Arrt,K~tr»4a waailmk 10-daf, end *alee drpsewl lar«'i*h«ttl, The weather wa# rhafmint. mild, aim fpriiudihe. and huyere were mil In rw.n«|.|«f. aide ftirtr. Iml limn* wa* a lark nfltleral ma'ilMnl on the pari nf operator* urnerally, and pompamUMy mile wa* emum.piuiiad in urn way i-f 'ealw. I tor* wa* mine IHlIe Inquiry for food fir*l and w«. mt cKm Bi<'*t» |ur Uw iraaiern market*, and u iMtdbrtin demand fir lo Rood immh»ra' aimik. mu. aside fnm Ihli.tlnio vai loarcoly any move* mnil, common and Inforlor mtiod low war* dull and MHilerled.endlha lev ol lltlai-Uii dlapoaed o| wtre aln.nal tnvailarfy taken at a reduction. Good aim* Huvri were in nucleate request, ala range of i/th. »•!.•» wefa made at a ranee of ji.lKLtn.oo for common to sood baicliera' Caul*, awl foe toon to prime eblpplns Bleera. The market cloiee rtrro.wliU nearly all it la at toe MUjWlag qnoutlonit CUMIKO I'HIOEfI. . /i/rfi />rrc»—Flnr, fat, w^JI-f.nme<l,4 U>« lean till htcera, mid averaging 1,300 a* nul upu'ari - * jYim* IlfftfM —OoM, well tailed, fairly fornitt) hteers, averaging frgta t,IOO to I..CCttr, ax 6.0a5fi.25 tfur iiraae*— Falrfctrm. la fair fle»h, ar rragixg IjCoftAl-aJO lb*. at v 6.3X34.73 iiitiivTn Via •—Helium BM«ra and bo id <> wa, lit lurcUy alanshtcr, and aTeraglng »». at 4.5V55.03 .S7(x*- (.uni* —Common Cattle In decent flesh, nveracine lb*, at 3.733140 /»,, r /or—Light and thin Cowa and btccra, r.-ogh and coarse, averaging CTO»3jO »». Bcvrr.ti>cr h***d stock btoers, fed and watered, at ajy.'iO rer head. bevratevn bead stock Steers, averaging 1.167 fti, at ForW-nlnc bead fair fleahy Steen, averaging t»l fi», till Uil VlWtll, Kt $l,O. _ , 1 on heat common Steer* ana coarse Oxen, averaging Sixteen be«*. common Steers, averaging 1,030 as, fed andwairrvd, at *4.80. Four btart stock swen, averaging IJJOS/fcs at *4.70. Twelve I tan mugh Oxec,avciaglngUtvj fts,iMand watered,at I Nltetccn Lead stock Steers, averaging I.SiS as. at i <4 4% 1 iwer.ty brad tood straight Steers, avcngingl,C« at, j prime shipping Steers,averaging 1,300 tts,olsfLS3. * { HOGS—With continued light receipts, an! a good, | healthy packing demand. prices were thoroughly to*, i talL«l’tcMtay, and. indeed, on pood bacon graces, a I dittos advance was established. Sales were made at | prices ranging from <6 0C06.:5 tor common to lair low, |

and Sft.Br&e.6o for rood to choice nogs. The pent were t cleared at the above range, «n-l the market closes > steady* Transactions tnclcde toe lol'owlng; HOG SALES TODAY. • No. At. l*rlc?, 1 PI medium bacon Hogs....- *1« j 46 good baton lot, •••"2?? ®*j? SS same quality *•* ■*-*? MUST pad© Hogs .*« 6-U I CT good bacon Hogs •"? 114 good even lot. 2^-. 44 prime heavy" Hops 6A) St good e*cafot...,. ........ =9 t Slialr ccarielct £1 A3J 1 SSSprtmellog*........ «45 , CO common rough lot ... tos C.M PI choice Hogs *•* • I 40common coarse lot 64« 37 prime even loi. -23 S 6.t» 1 75 good even Hose *2*4 6.33 SUEEF—There was a tilt local Inquiry to-day.bnt I under a rather large supply, prices were easier and | moetot the sales were mads at a alight reduction on yesterday's rate*. The best lots were closed out at |S.OO®SAO, while common and Interior descriptions : were stow at (i.OO&t.lO. We note the following:. v O . Av. Price. •jl extra sheep tjjn - 2? f 2? lin ccmmr-nthin steep 81 A.m 7> niedinm lor •s.****vvsc*w. *5 The "Chicago Live Stock Board ot Trade" ha* the misfortune to be blessed with a President who, U hi . could, would make it, as one of the necessary Qtwllfl. cations oi membership, that every candidate should think and act exactly as he does. He threaten*, «o we . arcinfbrmuLlo have those members expelled who have the courage and manhood to choose for them* i reive*, hew their own private affairs shall be mao . aged, without consulting the Incumbent la the lTe*l* -dent's chair. We would susceit to the honorable > gtntleman that be mind his own bu»lncss for the to* tore, and Irare alonethat ot bis a«a:ctalea ta trade. Tills U no good latltodo tor the race ot Paul IVj, AUirtUt of Gmin rfport'd tn Mi nvrrt'l rrmr! ore made oh W« Com of tcinUr (to) ilorao', unUn oihenci»t acpr'Mied. . '* Fun* ar EfE»t*o, Frbnsai j I, \ WI. FRKIOIITH—IUttwuo FEkitiim—Uro**ed Uo<s ar« »c lower to New V ork and Boston, and lt«e tawer I.> Alban*. Werrvlaeour rate*. Tlie lollowiuxla tae tanffca tu Easter.. n,ads: <m , )fV(I Hates from Chicago 10— clM*. Claw. Floor. Uoca. Punaio. N. v ® j:|( g S* iort’tiu\C- w m i>.\ » to doatreal. C. h lAJ •* \‘fl Albanv.N. Y.,.. 1.30 WV }•» *•« ■ev iork.. .................. 1-35 N !•“ 1.0 SSJtnn anil Alranr l-ss » i.w i.a tnstmi via llratul trunk IA4 W I.JJ I.SJ •ortbiVt rlM'.raoJTrunk.... .... .. lA* 1.3 ■tdladrlpuia 1.19 } - 22 J*|2 Uiilmure U 9 *9 l-JJ I.JJ intuburuh To w i. 2® U Cleveland. OM« **2l J? JeCemnrtlle. lod *5 M .0 .. Cttcln.saU.Otdo.,.. iS 3 , . O F I,Ol'U-Hireived,SV.6l*brla; shipp'd. R.7T5 t»rl«, Tbr market was ItrHeaa, ail quotation* were entirely mmmai. balsam: White w ixtem—iwibrhnot named. «t iUJt»PentJto K*rna«—KM brlj n<» mrim. at HO.3U m urla do at iiMOiiw t»U do at tio.* ;TO btlsdo at |l!W«t HM brl« rt i alfvl.Tti VtU<ltjk.; ftpru.o an’Pte—'tsn brla not named, at (tut Br(Kwn**T Fi/‘C*—lbrl*aisH«. WIIK'kT-UeceUed, WOO CO; /MppeS '/iinJl 1 Maikvt advanced Jr, bales wore: 40 No. I d"rlni (IU I.) at No- 3M ftAlt <•«») b" do at lt.*B l RWO Ini df* at |I.«K t lO.w’O b' di at IIAJ j bUUbn doalfl.*tH(rr«nlarii»»bn do t '.> at|!Wi(*.4n-ulUJotl“dat|l.6i—clusmaflrm at 11.--I N-liioefrtnlVffO hot shippedl tone. Msrket ftdranrfri 1V ,‘5 .r a«le» were J 6.JMJ t»0 V*. tßt Ti »*0 I IMS 11 burr at Vie; lO.ox ba TOV'i TO£o b«doat ]< ia. ,tn «t rtwot VO Iri H-.». “at files iJy btt air; I,'OCMirtn at bu do »l h We s a.wbn i ll * at rie.el nrm with bbyer* oTNo. Ml 'Jej ISATW—M-velved. fu bn s iblrp*«l. none, ilarkel quh'bales were t •COW 50.9 BtW.SOi UWbudo * I U %' r-Rf etrr*M.»a bti t •h't’T'ed. tw. M«; t. tu.. L.i.i wefe i fed t'S N'i* t at t l.Wbudt.alwiiM POl/'i No .it a it i.k % -ftwiiv-i. Wfl tw t • iV'S 0 .)!"» atWj•'« bo ht mi**Vaj »V i»i w 'Jo at hoc. ' •sav.-ss.. rrr, ii. w. .».i "iffl&yAßSßir. 15 W». 11,. tli tifar. Ihe demand •• f/dtH .« Lr* iu da u. I iat trad*, atnl rh/df* Isftta quallltvs arsm ua nmM, weqimtsaa luUovii a}t . ni. U" ~ Sft J. ,i S a c \ t'omumn hratn il e * *Vt* r ilili>ii-Trada VwnlVn’tiP* •;a<k, and under » ~,Tn2:l\.h'u.Am.rlatt*«*«l', r . W# ««l« a de.l]ua • l.i all U*£«. and quota aa UU I l‘»»l . . 110/0 unn. I.ATFU. StlluDkl A, ] bu, »t* w ' e, J, *' n *’ • • ••• 40M Union A. «*o ™ ' S.OO lltlLnli A. CO ** V ....... SS com K*cn«n«a •;•••••;• ’ httlk A. COttuO " I.f Will'll. A. rto jjjjJ AndM-»ros|la do ts|j»i Air.-rlcsn. do i llravtr Mill*. do 6100 i>itU£tM£, d° 04 m i K c rfffll:*- jS K 1 indccwod, Co jjuj Gmnlft. ' * * ycoo UJJO e^V?ehE— fiereVaVi e£««a to note ta the tea. rt VlrtSSftfr <ll tnr mut-t. Tt« dcin.oa » 11.61 wj. ns KlilmOo)".Mlnm',tmnunnimfa 5 2 Mil . UIUIII lUUi.iii Ml UU ,11 Ull)9 S h •# :. l uuru l uu,. i Vu, u , (i £ j |«<MVl'u„ luuuuuuuumiiiaiil (• » » £ fefell?;;;:;;;;;;:;;;;; f Bfi uwal^ Uriawaua, prepared.,*■& PiiUlon.,, 1-W Illlimli cm® ift) an on lr»ck,„.,*iW Yonftioabeay II J« CUPI'KV.'-Tbcra vu » llulo more enlmvion in Dub aepartimul of trite to-ear. amt in aympawr wlUi Ihe tenor ol K»»t«ni aovUH once* tien* were * mvle flitrcr. aldioiiitti Wo repeat qi> Ut.IIDBJ Java. lilo, tcamou to fair. lUo, gooa to prime... Rlr.trlTre to choice. rtlOPlSllAtiK—Market eteady awl price* we**, galea loclodc W» Pork Darrel* at 1137)* dsllTerad; 43 <*oat«l.t( or traekt MAdoattlJOdeliTcrM. EUl»S—Were to fair demand on I >cal account, anl flm Uxiay »IZ&T,c for Limed Egrf.and 30333: for &t*l* low In boxca or tub*. The mpp.j !• moderate. FIIUITM A N 1> NUTS—Dealcia report a qalet market. Tlie eturka. bowryer, are moderate, ao mat price* are well tatuln*-d sod tolerably ortn at quota tion*. We make no change in our quotation* i cbeu ritem. . _ We*-k. Jan. 1. 13%. . K.CI9 41SM 40.101 . 4 r d« 1t.017 WJ3O . I/jS 1J.12J 6.WJ . TT. 12/33 59.314 .111,613 873,161 430.5 « . .... iu7o xum CAITLR SALES TO-DAY. CHICAGO DA ll*Y 91AUURT. Appka. V brl Lemin, Malaga Cr*o«rripr, V brl Cranberiles, coldrated OWED FKUITB. Fist, drcn Flo, cartoons Dates. Cm reaches, V doa ft caia... Applet. new Peaches, hat tea aid quarters . I‘etchu, pared iuackbernea. new, ft ft „, ft ft _ Cherries, pitted 63 (* Eldcrberrlw, ft ft U 6» Hal&l&a, layers 4 JSO Al Raisin*. Valencia 13 tt Sardines. Vboxct U A 1 Sprdines, H boxes S 3 tt 41 Almonds hard shelled 23 9 St Almonds. toll shelled ,88® «s AJmonci.paper»hcllM. M A »' Peanuts 1* ft, Wilmington. U @ 19 Brazil Knu. 23 9 W Flberta „ 13 ® 19 French Walnuts, new.... 21 9 33 Naples Walnuts ; S 3 ® Si pecans. tmaU and large. S 3 9• S 3 Bickcry Sou. per bo , 3j» ® 3AO CbfMnuta, per no ...7JU 9 BjOO ftltjli—Trade U stagnant, and quotations are ai riest nominal. We repeat our Hat, as lollowat Wblteflib, Ko. 1, Jf bri «7.»a 7.50 - So. 3, v brl 3.339 3AO Trout, Ko. 1X brl W»% 3 .25 - No. 2, *4 brl (AULTS Mackerel, Ko. t, H brl, new U.OO9IIJS “ Ko.'AMQrl UJ3.<IOAO •* Umny.Vxbrl WXU 9.» *♦ extra mesa, V X brl 13X0,-tISJO • • ** “ •• ft ait, 3.35.4 4JM - 2.639 2.75 *• itmlly, Idts lOASa CocUh. Bait, v IC2 fta „ 7JQ3 8/0 ** Uecrge’s Uuk. 8A0« 9.03 Hake SJO© <U» Uurtnta.drl*<l,Ko. 1. V box. 509 96. “ scaled * 605 S C 5 Labrador Herring*, ft brl lOAftftll^O ■ “ - J<brl 5.50* 6.35 Norwegian Hcriincs, K‘s ft br> IA» *•' . “ Hi ft brl —l6. W 45»EA!*B—Market om. Sates.were; 15 tea Yellow at 9c; to tren do at She. Wc quote*. White Orcafce 9V919 c TeliowOrwc... '. fiVtl c Urovu Ornise 8 A 8540 HHUIWINES—Bccetvod, a# brla; shipped, 313 tria. Market rmztccled. Nothin! dotnz. HOPS*—Arc firm bat quiet at 00£<Bo tor Eastern and M.»fite.fiir We*tUD lDlll>SH) IIORS-ltocclred. 3,009; shipped. IM. Market opercaTuetJr-c better oa good wetzbU. ttdb&lOe hlceer on llant, but at the close the advance «aa partially lost. Sales were: fO »verazlaz 9(8 ft*, at.. .......f3.55 80 • 801 M at. .7.80 ',3 “ *3O “ at 3.33 liS ** w at 3.35 119 over 500 •• at 3.r* «J aTt-mrlt* »td at. ICi) . Ortr 2W) •• at 110 “ 200 M at ISO ** *M M at 18 “ 210 ** at ~.. 110 * “ ' ** at •q M “ at i 5 “ 183 “ at HJdlTlrtlrzontW •* at.,... as sro “ at... 84 " '*• M "* «0 « irr « S4V •• ww •* iso an i 3.».. 4tn •• -3io u at 3.35 and “M V 0 “ 300 “ at 7.23 amt 3.40 ao “ son ard ft Pat nnd 7.75 S7l •• 100 and am at 7.10,3.71 and 7AO ,_clmlnK »rm at dlrldlnr on swim. |l4V~*ll>o tnttket cntinma quiet and prices are by nn tnrnn* Arm, ns on round foil concMiium are littlr Ukied. We quote: wnoLRMLK rnirrs. Tlrroiby, rfttler and tiealer preared f I1.0?<UI.00 1 inuobT. Innae pfrawd... I?<AX«U b) rrairiftl-ca’er prtaawl lo.tottii.ou Brraiui'mce*. Timothy, roller awl prv»<cd fl'l.OOjll.W TlitioU>y. Ixw*- pri!*a<d IO.OJaiH.W JTntrlr, rolltr atiu-btaltr ITatrl'*. litcaeon warotKiiptirmyl IVXbtlO.fld llll>RH-ile«rlrrd, &1.0J5 »■; ahlnp*d. bUH At. 'Kirre I* tin iiialerial In {irovenn'iii Id (h« recrlid*, h’U vitlia i> nrk«d lalUtia oil lc the donitml, prices are weak at d trixt •trwnul) to a lower fatiae. We quote t Jlr-ed |li irfipra* ....9 a 9Jtn >lreenkalinl, trimmed (Allttc UiH'iit’air. 19 (AI2 e Kit'. Il'P'li, II (All C llry Flint, (rimmed. 11 Ury bailer, uimnetl.,..., H Vsilup CrcMi pari nurd. -.Miiwc IHON ANI> MTKKI/—Timff«iisriil frniun* tu (Tie insrktt retuatn (lie same Mprrtimtalr nuWd. I’flcvJ are steady arm utichaiianl. Wo quota 1 Omtuun liar 3Vn fhirae fk 1 * 7'rd ill's ry natid.. \\« IKicpatHl Llßlit I’arnl.... t> Hound atid 5quare......... o**? ph^ Vlaur oVaYwSl'llallßV* fllte fei.ee11fi'ti,e0mtu0t1.i...,.................... Ih>4 .... Kttra.lifrnda. . 'J''* PMw.ltrrd. ual»*i,ii*l. ..............W a .... kfieet itnii, fhsrronl... s)i*pilfii(t,J(mi«»a... ■■))val9 u nitrwnv Sail ll d5...A,... .............i..ti <*ii>«L' {''•MrPlwl.tUrtituii. ••If tan «’ Vlowkirt'Lr*»l .............. f >• 5 n J C«v>t r*lr*rl.tir«lli>srv •)eve...............m uinti e ■ .MilCaaiHiH.AttmiiisHi. (afl n 33 s Ina.u. Am., •IqiUlMr. f let) (AtN tt liitala. Aiiii, Ul u'laijir, ejahwl d 0 biiala, A'q.iftl iluan'r. Faiiret,... -*l6 ' - ‘ •$ 71; 2U) “ at. (■fix l * Arm NRij unriii»iiHv4i. Imiuk'm aro miwloratc. Wsquotoi UNKIaN'H, „ „ . m * **“* "sea a G» if, %* ». r.MU.M Biumi* Ayrw.,.. fli.iir, *ftmt.... SVA SI Orinoco bo:e c<vuMrr • onnooo, good, Collar, ¥Aw 1..., Itt* 14 damaged OAI. Panthter, H ;le.. 141 French Calf, 81 ><t _ llarucra. V ft.... 48a 4ft I &■.... rpp?r r 7..V.... ... aoa S 3 French Call, M bi£ko. i. tuo- »• unarm diom . I.IOJUO 1 French Calf U* Bin, 80. 1, t molnc* V dMSJ.OOA9D.OI li.ayy 65®J.10 I , . . i.liai IJEH—Bniine»» to-day m the yards was brisk, and dcxUrs were a»klrg lull prices. Shingles are la lair demand and ptlwe are firm althcloliowlng qutta- LoSnlß—Flrft Clew, i; IK. lit I Inch second Clear, 1.1 W.IJ4 and 3 Inch S2**SS2 Third. Cleat, Inch.. ......... -■■••• M.00w55.00 First and btcond Char Hoorlne. to* gaher, rough. the nmc a* Second Clear vide........... 60ro®!ai» Common Poorttg. rough •;.•••• ••• JlaUhco and Dressed Common Flooring. 4H.CXX£Ii.CK) Matched and Droned 8 Itch Common Flooring w.u'Gft.swo Finland second Clear aiding, together., Flrrt Common Urr AM-dstdlnc-........... 23,00*5 JJW Wac-.n-Box Boards, select, » Inch and iHS^Jt'SS A Stock Board, 12 Inches 11 S'ock Hoards, 12 Inches •• 2f1d<1@77.00 Cctnmro Boards, Joists. scantling. Fcnc* iSn“ d !“*'•...‘l sumaoj Johu uri .uiVur, CO. a ana 01 feet.... 2&M?aj.oo joht« and Scantling ■•• 3W? gm>ot*e—A «-r Star Shared Shingles 4Jo A or star Sawed Shingles 5.« V» 5 M No. l Sawed Shingles d.OO Lath—Per min yards... • 8.00 E 5 car-load by Northwestern Uallroad, dcllreted inanr yard where can can be switched, or ary depot: A or Star Saw* ed Shingle*. tty carload, on track...... 4-35 4JO Aor Star Shared sninglcs, by car-load, cn track. B,»a# 4.0 T Ko. I Sawed, hy car-load on 2 Thmdollart a car-load''added whenrrsntlhrod,whlcli cnatse follows the Shingles In freight bill. * bniNOLK|'TAyi»*KD. . .. . . Thickness—Fire Shingles to be two Inches in thick* Length—Sixteen Inches. Bands— Twenty inches. S^LCSS^ ICOttjKotUeßrtrf« 12c s 103 les Steam at HV{c— buyer furnishing pack* W M«TAI.S» AND TINNER?** STOTK—The market waamoderately active, and price* wcie with out change. VTcqu-te: ns. Box Tin Plate, I C . Large Pl*s f* Small rigs. *5 Bar Tin SO coma. M Metallic Al’ Bolts. •• S 3 Ccpp*r Bottom...— 85 BrirterßorerlOlsr- £ Bhreungs lltolOot. 43 Tunic g* « DABBIT SCIAIa . „ Irt quality » Antimt-tur » Fine foiocx so is AILS—The demand la pneef rule steady at the Au) 13;;::;;::::::;::; h> id i-3 1 Ut qmllfy.cvic l*t uuaUty, sheet Jl Slab W DsictrrwißX. 1 to 6 7,8 aa« 9 10 and 11 is'atjfi it. IS and 16. ft n«*e Wire. i lair. »toco are an pi luwng quotations: -3 _ M,, 1 ad, One blued S.^ Td, tine blued 10.35 Cut >plkes. 6.75 Clinched Net 9.75 ittle iloltur la thlshranrh of ; UiUe better than nomlual. | ALSJ I Siio Terr li t'tue, and Quotations arc Wc repeat our list Linseed Oil. ■■ ..... l.tnseed Wll. belled.. oiitc on WhaicOll.W.B Lard OH, exti a...... Winter.. Lard Oil. ho. 2 B inter. Hank Oil. round lota.. VachlceOli....-*... *perm OIL Tv, D.- wTim l.uhrlratios Oil arvlVS tSiTjo SratsfoM Oil L»d».IO CAKOON Olli-U <rdrt «ad with prices ran cliumed a» tollowa; «. Caibor. small lots I MI «t,wn os Lard: Ihlpptd, MUM** Cw-d Mcatat» bus Deet; L3M wto fork, and B stfV?‘Pa»k-M*?kct dnlL. Bales weir: 200 hr-}Worm at *l<6lV. tfcllen were rener illy a*kins |15.70(*15.00. with rwWuryorei fiSJO and 'wme Mr** Pork—Sale* we: 200 brls at Mil* W Sales ireres now is! "icar Mere atlbsr: 10,000 B« do at 10 % J 'V£l ; KOWO »• Hrr Sbonllfts, at Peoria, at 7*<c, onn. silM-ao. 40,000 ®i»!\i™i**pirC—Vi»o’ markU to-rtsy was moderate^ frrnV l : 5 dn* rrSWChlrtrca at KLOtfi II tofdoal»4W:B do* do at KUO; 1 , bo* choir.) at «4ios I dot Dsumwl GtW at jj^-M^VaMba ?d< *dt aIHJMt WJ ft* Urr^MTurkeys at 15c, ICO tt» fl °MinA AT*n HAIiKKATVH-Aw steady,with rot char tein orient Wc continue to quote. Ual.uiu’a WedtrUal.. ViMallkc •• * im 2n p MniAnv>lVitii( ttMiay wm actire. there t**lui nolle* number ofenuntrr t‘ rtCP# ruled Cm ihrotyibOßt. ft e continue to « Uo {J* aWuc c S?Y? Itrflnc't, iViadered ami U ra n J a ied... £J: while A uSlivfcc Ue'; ; ::.:;:;:;:::::::lt;vSi»s - ;S s |iPS mKk;;:"":";;:::""""""""" Oxnard C. extra *‘“ 1a2«1<5« Sew Orleans prune.. ........... iiu.aiiSe altiooib Yellow I>rlpa..«.i...,»*»*****<** , »* , ********'*‘ y** *r ( ul>a * r«tto H1r0........i pi'* OItHW I - ... in .....«•••••• ‘♦ ~,M ***I** 1 ** fj%M A) Ihlltde'phU I‘re* Hint...MM rnfi.lo tbltasoHennery. g r.rPO'a-llrrnrWff'.SiO wemammm 3!liEKwnsne«*.ie Saw Hite • Mu to* W*. t ........... MM. itnunit Alnm... •' w, *3jo Turk’s laland* ns* *«& iinumtsclar.- ..«••••••• fl(w )4irj.* iiisa ts... llntrVi tittlii ut ticks.,... ........... i. - *i' lt rta hraiirh Imperial, superior to flue, V i Jail 00 do extra to eboloe, ¥ s*?r4, ms Gunpowder, sutirlor to tme, v ijaaiaa ‘do extra to choice, Japan, catnral teat tine to extrw ftne. V ».... do flno to choice, * ft do do rolcred, k TA LI.O av—'Market quiet. Sales were. W brla atsvc: Pbrls oountry atP)»c. "“S ...» §|J» UKSQCDi..... w <5 |J |3'B ss«c:=:: 13 8 @fc;E=f|si W|y t>t*tTrr a r itff tur M Vlr. »ma Hawrt (La,M u M F.nanrtef* ?5 u| tt .IVIHIII-Ijru.iliu •!*it|, wtil< jirttei uufhanMrti MHtila, j) »nrrt, oeilrafiM ~,,,,,,41J Vl* lUjiU. t t'fini, In vanl.... lluijii.V Ikwh, % ctm, ddlren-a,lOJ>Ucil).U lurch, j» norrt. In fan) tfAOfclOM lllnanrr. Wcnrd ..... la.auAliW " MM<-lUc'lved, ».m ftat ahtpp«J, Mjul fta. n oo)»t and urciiasgixt. bulu tf 10,000 ft* im to Fine Fletcalc good con-1 tUoa aitic. wo Miukal Medlm (General Notices. ,sp<;vnv; .auvJtV' .relative .r.h&r'Xo gTOP SCRATCHINGI ITCH! TETTER! AND Tsa woubt earn diseases : Cared minim 18 to 48 ho or*, by SWATXE'S ALL-lIEAUXG OIXTHEXT. SWATXE’S ALL-IIEALIXG OIXTHEXT. SWAYXE’S ALL-IIEALIXG OIXTHEXT. Afflicted, try U. Sold by all DrnreHU. Wholesale ty DUttNii.UlS & Van SCIIAAtK.M .(3XO »«.00 , BXO B*IOXO ~iu» aisXo .03X0 »MXO A SCIENTIFIC INVENTION.—A UlcroaccpefnrnO cent*, magnlfiylng 30 or JUO dUmttrratn length ana SAOO or 10.000 time* tnbalr, suitable for examining money, miniature*, eel* to Tin* egar, sugar hue*, etaeumt voter, amt thousand* ot trlctoicopieinrecU. nice 90 cent* for 0ae.50 cents fcrbolt. Addrcaa LC. BINGUAM, 34 a 80 0 33 M Lti 0 9 a !l S S 3 0. A EDITORS’ KOTICE. —The trader rt signed, Auditors appoint'd by the Orphans* Court oTLaccaster Cuunty, Fenn»> Ivatls, to dimt* but* the balance remaining In the hands ot C. 8. Hoff man. Trustee appointed by the said Coart to sell the Beal Estate of Christian Groff, late of W. Earl Town ship, County and Sum alomald, deceased, to and among those legally entitled to the same, will alt for that purpose on *WEDKESDAT, February 37.1357, At ten o'clock a. d. in the Library Room of the Coart House, in the City of Lou caster, where all persons In terested in *ald distribution may attend. CHARLES DESSES, ) tV. LEA MAN. > Auditors. t2HA PPRKHOLDER, ) (Gift Enterprises, W ATCH SALE ON THE POPCLAW ONE PttlCE PUX. Giving every patten a handsome andreilab'o tor the low price c! Ten Dollar*, without regard to value, not be- paid tat onlevi perfectly /mafreury i 100 Solid Gold BuntirgWatche* 730 ta >.-£ 109 Mario Cased Gold Watch**. *0 to 300 IDO Ladies* Walcht*. enamelled 1® to *9 SCO Gold Bunting Chronometer IVa’.c-ca.. 350 to » 3UO Gold Hunting Kngilah Lexer* Wts « 300 Cold HtmtlarUnplFi WatcSes 15? to JM. 501 Gold Butting American Watches IW to 330 500 Silver Bunting Lever* S? SOOsilyrrUoA.iti's.iJrtpiexe*, 75 to w bWGoioLaOlea’ Watches W I.UO Odd Hunting Lfvines "to 75 1;ICO htlsc«Uan«oai Silver Welches 30 to ICO Hunting Silver IVatche* 33 to JO 5,0i0 A**omd Watch**, all kind* 10to «S Brcry patron obtains a Watco by this arrangement coating but 810, while It may be worth |7M. No part*- * Co.’* Great Cjtou Watch Co., Manufacturer*. 1-19 IBroadway, N.T. City, wish to Immediately dlspcteoflheabovo niagnlflccat»UscJc.CcT tlflcata* naming article* are placed to ecaled envelopes. Bolder* are entitled to the articles named on their cer tiorate, npon payment ot Ten Collars, whether 11 be a Watch worth 1750 or ore worth let*. The return ol any of our certificate* entitle* you to tbe articles named thereon, upon payment. Irrespective of It* worth, *ud as no article valued lets than 110 is named on anr cer tificate, It will at once be seen that ini* Is no Loiter*, but a straightforward leglUmato t*» us action, which msy bepariiclDate«Un even ey themosttaiudioo*’ A alnsto Certlf'cate will be sent by oaU, po't-rald, upon receipt or A eta., five for fl. eleven fix 14, thirty three and vkgant pietrlutn fur $5, elity-etsand more valuable premium tor f 10, one hundred and most su perb Watch for |ls. To agmts or thoje wIsMM em ployment this U a rare opportunity. It t* a legttlmat*.- ly conducted business, duly authorized by the Oov-rt msnt, and open to the most cartful ►cruller. Try os ,t. IIICKLI.SG A CO. 1 d» Broadway. S. Y. and . 7.35 and 7.35 ami 7.(3 7.10 and 7 a 7.35 and 7.00 jtjalr Sge. pATOnELOR’S ITAIU DVK Ml§ npicnfiM Hair Dye U the beet In Wm world.**. reliable, Itumnuueoae: the only ’effect I)ec7 No dleai.polPttncot. Nor 1 din it on »t In ta. bat true to nature. tlnuulte elsned WILI.IAM A. HA ft. ll* IvLDll. boiatiy im»ircl«ta and fcrfumeri. factory, hi narday*«t..Ncw tart. qnVlflKß ONLY. X Kutobllatird IHIA. jomoi P. Traven, 40 Deeknnn-flt., H. Y. T«Hie« tor Drain. Goitre, S»tt and (luaoo flu**. Cut' ton Hale*, Ham Han*. Wramdn*. Wrltims, New*. Hoo* and Bat.J I’a|ier,l’ai>iT W* Heim* oßilillUltu UH«. fir Note, spindle Uft’< inf ««d Loom toril To fmrr», Hue). ami Hop i'elue. M'*t:rrM, ttiflliijt. HilMiiop.lipMim, Dlmilnst Btiwttic, Butt, Carpet, ami Twln/a‘"(or 'Tlordwate. Urr OomK Grocery.l’rnw ■lplp. Ship HiaiwHerP. foil nit drra, I’aper and llromn Maker*. BlalHmeia, DplmUmrei*. Haberwon, Wtarere * l co"liiSub«Tk“«i'.’l Plow tlu-Wi Tnl, Sl««ln« «n;i Out Line*. Pami'le* m* he »ece* and urderalbli with I*ll PMIUI A <■«»« *tdeam», 111. ptows. PLOWS. K " VllU HKMtiNI, |»>on. illlMda. Emicatiouais XJOHTMW'LvrmiN FEMALE 00L* .Li LIIU>>» |t.|.<* wmoKn iu f{jsi‘Js;|j l ;!l|sj|;V.ki3 , . ,m ut Mfieeii additional woartwra raw I* aoooinnueUlod. Wp <“«». W ‘''-fej.'i,, n, nuiinkK, a. m. 40a n it* n ait* 37 *1 37& 37 sia « ■ Official Blanks! We have bow for sale the lollovlng additional Bonn* ty Blanks, which have ALL h«c approved by the De partments: Soldier** Claim for Additional Bonn Widow** ** “ Father** u mother's “ Parents* “ Guardian's “ A communication from Second Auditor's Office, re erring to copies of our Blanks sect for examination, says: “The forms are decidedly the best that have been presented to this Of fice-* Sent prepaid ca receipt of the money, at |IJ» F® quire. A neat pamphlet, containing Pension and Bounty Laws 011966, with latest instruction* and regulation* stnt Agents on receipt ol stamp to pay postage. A copy inclosed with each package of Blanks. Address TRIBUNE CO., 51 Clark-st. Chicago. A HRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF XA. TBAINB. Winter Arrangement, CHICAGO AND KOKIIIWMIKBN nAIUtOAO—OMAHA j‘ rAcinc t.ivg—nxroT Noitxn wills btusbt. j I/eave. Arrive. ; OmahaF«rt Urns *S;laa.m. .j.-Jup.m. Omaha Kicht Eipieaa... 7;30p. m- I 1 ;-* •• “• Dixon Passenger toOp.m. 11.10 a. m. mUXPOBT LINE. IS®SSSSSr.:;;;*SSSES: -IStS: ; “IgfS&dStlal" *1:00p. m. *11:10 a. m. Geneva and Elgin Pas* eenccr * * Wisconsin sitmion—dstot cons to or canal and kin ox flrnnrT. ha, vrtiPMi •••• *'>.oo a. m. Janesville Accommodn. *s:3()p.m. •»>■* ; Woodstock AccomtnoQ’n .fcUdp.m. “• MxwAtJKXx nmitoic— pxpot cohnxb or canal and xtNxix rmxrr. Day Express •*•* IkOOa.m. 1-00 m. I: S P.m. ggP--. - haffiKStow:.:; | :S: g££ \ Waukegan Accommod n. a ; “• Milnankre I n P Patoick, General Passenger Agent. . I I or lass sTkeat. „ i Mornlnp Eaprce *m a. m. *a.« P. m. , I .*i,> krrmu •Cwft.lß. •nw.p, i I iJ&ffigjw. ,aSB-g 4 * , JdS-2- i 1 siehtirnree l * j*tt4Sp. a. P?t«a. b 1 c . IScoisan ACT wmivippa laaraa. : «ml»rEapt«. I Klihi Kaores*... l&uop.rL u.i».p.*- ;.?S.oVS«>PTMa»a»D 1 rot ocAKXk tan xviuni Ai«n inxxxAk arei* .s. I route o UNf. __,, I H.n .... »4:i3».iiL t &B3p.r. I 5m PxDicsil*!** *7:00 8. m. *11:00 P* 1 sSwiotK Btpraaa MiSniS - S'’lowa - m I Nlchl Expitta t*lKOOp.ia. *t.w:a. m llahlßapreaa tnaoep.m. *B3sp. m , rnrapPME. i. r.. I *j;P)s. ta. liMia. n. prcasV.'.’.V.' '■ ■ *I S v. S; iliJnp.’n I v ttuion wnmiAL. I n«* *fc*U tu M» •10»i P* *** IVi; '‘l?* l 1 8 rk, W 0 ‘ kWo ° •»"».«i I u •• •» *3:Sop.ia. ni»'p.s* 1 •• •» •tkS&v.rt. *7t9op. n I cFtCAeO. rtratneto* and _ _ ,1 ua» Express and Mall. * JJJRJJ'S* efaSS'S*. IS!S?:£ «4-¥.v§: 1 1 1 ...^IK MiVt jartaap -IWTI iw.mapin A *'.'”:**■*■ «*r 1 I mhilJiurlii . ... (Hiop.oi. »0P a I SlVTinr?** ...! ,• W’OP.W* *sM|.bu a ■ iaala.Aefomnolutloh JSStS'. Is OSICASO. BOCK WLAKD »«BM«Re WnJM»AO. •h L'4T tuttejs and Ma 11... fe rilgbiCxprcss... IttuOp.m. ofict Accommodaflcii .. 4: in p. a-a --k *?andty cxccpicd, tMonday exceptq4» thatomay to •icenid«L cifTM yabd tx« f . ' ,« teats M sdbon Street Uave Stock .ta ftji s.m .is R.»i #. m. j. m. J 5 ,CTO . ..... *".p- AO *ScS I”!... P.m. iao P‘»* fU I kS‘'•*: ... ...n.m. „ h 5...:;;;.:;:...:?.”. BUS DAT . . • D.M] . ’ a.tD.l .SS • a.m ** “• j-on .u,m. I 555.. HtlmMld'ft HIIFAM lIUFtiH tiHM lf»m» Sj»4liMw H tka r«*«r»M K ♦"* 1 I* INHtflmfrkWi IM4Wllf. *» *»il*‘i* i t >l t.Kxm*, tour OeaiiHy-ltiiHi la It I fiwvinr n*«U m y-'iii > or AM yw I* »U» *> «7-w.i»nf*«. hoi*, f, i«1 141 WBt I m »rr ii>u(.i link li,tW.*Mint| and i.ollvlm*? Wliat si s>iu*r f«l«M HjU) l*—llm \t llti nno*Uim? r Wfto wilt solved? , Dr, llanltui ran Mite it; and oolite Ui« iiniiifv.eMfiU to wealth and »ntine r -.«- ami llim un/ort'inala to liao'l* dim, hopes have Imhm il|mi(i»o)uic>l, cruaaMaiialiiaatod, g*;l aaiufacllou. and ih-«a la'ils* Whoaeinlury kocp* ilium from tttliuJ lumrmJ. nan i« mredao that m one ran known. llaH on lilt, Hi. PUAKt,9I3 Bait Maitlionst., up »uiri. Interview* oon&deoUaf. I'omoiuitaa ire. ona ua'lar. Tube no more Unpleasant and Unsafe RaronttM for onplcaanut and <M*R«foaa dUeaaea. Has llelotwld'a Extract tlocjio ana improve*! Ko»e Waitu Ttic (tiory of .non Is Strcugtli* . Therefore, ihe nirvana asd Habilitated. ibould Imme diately ok» nelTho'd'a F.nmct Hnsmi. ITIanlXM.d nnd Youthful Visor A ret ettained by H«lmbold‘a Extra Huchu. SpeclslUt lo the treatment ot Stratus, SrksttiToa* utxjL, and every ayeclcs of Private Disorder*, esa be consulted at hi* office sna parlora. 91 sad 03 Baa* dolpb-it., Don 9a. to. to Bp. m. P. O. Box C9O, Chi* cago, 111, A Ready and Condailve Test OltheprcpcrlUaoffielinbaW* Fluid Extract Oochn > illbe a CvmrsrUon vnth tboae set Cirth la the Called States Dtrpcnaatcry. Dr. Bicelow, Harlnctbe confidence of tbe public aad tbe rtMlcal fsetut) atlsrse,ts tbe cost reliable pbyitdan in tbe city for chronic nervous aad sexual disease*. Call at kis office, 170 South ciark-tb. corner of Monroe, loom* separate. Consultation free. P. O. Box 151. lls tfublo to health, published monthly, sent free to am address. Chicago* 111. KnfMbled nnd Delicate eonstltatlons) Ot both sexes, cm flelmbold's Extract Bacho. It win sive oruw and esacttlc feeiloss and enable job to f.ct-p well. The Only medicine In Use .World That la warranted a Sure aud rerieet Care for all kinds of PILF-S, LEPROSY, SCROFULA, SALT RHEUM, and all Disorder* of the Sfclr, U FOWLK’S PU.E AND UUMOR CURE. Bur of none who do not refund tbe money In every cas* or failure, for Internal and ex ternal use. No falfore for eltht yeare In Piles or Uu> mor*. ;i.QQ a Bottle. Sold ereri where. Uelznbold's i'luld Extract Buclsa- X* pleasant In tsate and odor, free, from all injurious properties, acd immedlata In its action. Sliattcrcd Constitutions Bcstorcd by Holmbold*. Isnract Bacho. JJLA&TIC - A TEST OF FIVE YEARS has demonstrated tbe superiority ot tbU aateilal over every ether now known. A msstlc—lt ttaell to every ibape ard slope. Horn flat to perpendlcnlsr. covcrtnu the wuoie wltiiuci tram or pvnt. Non<omba«MDle—it U net tbe means of d**trov<i*p pour property, bat of frotectUsn. Nou*e>nansiTr—heat mat* er l ow Intense, can compel It to expand or contract. Impervious—water hot even ran penetrate or dissolve it. UndrcuTtng—time and th“ n.amre and p-:rlt-ct tt. To snre np the whole matter, It is and h cAniprrtben anr otter pood materia’, and better loan tbe meet exf-rtulTe. _ f 'lbr N«iw Tort rnburtp Intpeaktneof tt ws:" Wo coiikWU-r tiiU I'irrMioa lb* unMfirt i*oon ot the ace.'* Tbe/Unner'aCVhb ot the Aim-rlcaa InMltnie pro* rnutitctlic Invention one ct me meat luiportaolvTCt ] dlworcird. . . . . c For tl o part ycarwe hareVcr* engaged in *noptyln« t thin materi-U to the ptnple «l llll'itm ami WuconMn, ) find from the many flattering t«*eilrn.>nlala now on die • In our miter, wo ku; warranted In eayiu*, to their tin* * tlr* eatlafui’tlrn. ... . , I Prom amonc the hundreds wlo have uaod U, we ie* * (ft tbefbllowlnet . . . 1 Mr. 11. H.l ay lor. AarlcoUnra’ Irap’emenu.ctilertgo. 1 Mow. Kailcf. Cmmmonatd Uatei, “ ’• ■ MMTharlei I’oltio, thirl Emr. Mien. Son. fl. lit " i I’rol. s. r. ttartirtl.Clnraio thwt’l Seminary, ** iTor. A J. Sawyer. Donsfa* DnlmeilT. . “ 1 Mr. J. I’.Bharp.ol Dili* A Sharp. Drngnlale, *• Mr, 1,. II Art Mir. Il'fil Kstnlo Dealer, ‘ lir.ll, M. luker.iviuhf. . | Mr. Uim. MnrrH. MairnfaUnrerrira Work*, " Mr.N.n WUllama.ofWeblwr.WiHtamaAFndi, M Mr.J. C, ItlrUardi.ol lllchsraa’lron Wnraa. •• Mr. A. K. llatnton. I*. I*. cr«<ititiilM|onlciUiAinpilKm Mr. William War mu'lNin. Jelluraon, •• . Mr. Wm. ii*'ff. me'* nr. cfouit, Ur Mna. Mr. W. J. rrmootriml HanVrr, *• J Mr«a. DU lrM» A llmtoo, Slofotianta, Oatwbnr*. Mtki.« atxla A llin* kler. f 'otilracloia, '* Hon. K.ll,l>nmito,Jml|f‘« Kuiir'o J ourt, " M»*«.Malliuw*A"ml'worin Mofi’li , l*,.lacli«onrH e. Mfir.ll. II Hoaili A l‘n. ami W.T. K llotl, LUdllli'ld. Mr. K. M. (lixlilanl, I)mker. Le«lD(luO. i Mr. O. p. UHli'ua. loMi. HI. >4 I Sr. M. palM ". i«]iHtiiiln'i»nn t llt. r. A. i*. Wfiir, iiioMniimi, In. . i«a. Urldllha i fcit're andJ. fia. liceto A L'-i. Hint Ui l '). tl. Ilibbeii, Mollue, 111. Mr.i, A. 11 nil. Arr.ti.»’». i Wi.C. 9. t'caUi. MoLofin, In, . M . ... 1 Mr. <i. W. I«"l or Mint .t-ta. MiatiPT. Polo, tit. Mr. A.tMtcir, Ihfllai’. HI. f fit. CturlP* WcJr'jll, u»tl<0§l«, WM« olh A Kraft, Mtlh, Mnae. WalliPf. Mimeor A n<.» KlilwbMi CAlj, k)mf ( i f»> N.r a li<>i>iii>uti, Wanpua, whi Mr .f, m. thlioiin. iiaicvr, W;t rrw, Wk Mr.diariM P'tefnwM, mi«* ra| t'uini, wta. MwiP'i bawblrf.Mtlwaliaro. «h. flauiiyim hand at lowwt uiajwt C'rculat* i CJtolurs. IJloUlfi. Ulauko. (iotnllv) ** fctailroaus. gptclal ‘Notitrit, Or* James* Hoofing.' SLATE ROOFING, j Fire, TVntor and Frost Proof, Uughicgg Carbg. T)UUR ft JEFFERSON, U COWIIHMON BtBUOUAHTS, OFFICK, 901 FJIOMT.BT., MKMHIIIH, TEOIf. UUrai cue ady-tcccmeßta made on conalgcyentr. Q.E&T, UATTEN & CO., WholmU CommissloxL Kerdiants, ECo» 50 MoGaa-fltn Drt»ct_y*adG-*M M ) PKKVKg. OOtOBAPO. T\RESSKD HOGS I AND WEIGHT LISTS Koto lifted gratia- Highest market prlc« guaranteed! tnmpt return* made. Corrcapondeßce solicited. ¥ KLDMOND & CO., Gcn’l Com’c Merchls. K 3 Washlngton-aU Chicago. lIL (Sobrrnmcnt gale. A Sr-IsTANT QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, L nw, ilo. jKQU.rr S, 1857* There will tc Mid at publicanctioa aiMyrtle-et. War»buu>>e MvrllMt.. Bt. Lents. between sccmd and Thtrd-sis., on lIIUKbDAY. FEBRUARY 7th, and the followlt g days until all are solo, tno loilowloz describ ed eh.thinc and camp and gurrleoa oqctpage, vlx: 64 bale, nninmn ed. SI9 uniform coats. laiantry. 6C nutorm Jacket*. artillery. «tron«-rs, mounted, say blur. 5i2 great coats, footmen. 2i sack cost*. lined. 77 tatlgne overalls. flannel shirts. TOiars. stockings, tirt negro brocans. 4* rubber blankets. 29 rubber ponebo blankets. I36kcnpe«ck> and snaps. I.S4S* cancer s. eomplete. 20 canteens, French. 13 ho*mtal tent tllea. It wal tent flic*. 31 common tents, 2CC hatchets. 41 prs. sheet, Irregular. 165 y at ds dark blue cloth. 6-4 wide. M greets pauls buckles, TJcampketUes. 5 iron pots. a double bed sacks. . 18 acts hospital tent poles, fn do boipltal do oo 304 rick axes. K 3 forage caps. 1,578 uniform Jacket*, cavalry. 11l trousers, tooimen. 13 do mounted, dark blue. 1.112 gr« at coats, mounted. 3,1(0 sack coats, nnimed. 31 stable frocks. Wknlt shirts. •21 prs. shoe*. HO wool blank* ts. M.4M i alnletl blankets. do poncho blankets. 6,*tU cottrnbavemc-». 1,716 canteen?, rubber, chnspltal teuts. SI wa tents. 1 Sibley tent. 2.976 shelter tents. 229 jackets. I.lob yard* dark blue cloth, if wide. I-'RB ra?d» sky bine ker»ey, xwtde. ewA yards blue wonted lacc, H Inch w!d9. SIS mesa pans. w SJMI single bed sacks. 3u hospital tent poles, upright. 14 set* wall tent pole*. ' 239 Sibley tent store pipe. 1M pick axe handles. . pi spades. Co£ yards yellow worsted lacs. 3-8 lack. • i**u rardt red worstedlace. ,1 Inch. : r* yardsycliow wonted Vat w*o , doclK C * t* ibe »»je will commence each day at Wo moot. lcno», cash, treasury note*. JonJ . L VVOODS, • AMUtant Quartennawf ■ p OVERN3IENT SAIiT; •< lb. “00VKBS51E5TTAN -111 STEAM BAWUJIW’JIUHeI- M BAN BoAlrdPropoAili.'tn duoUMtA.will be rocoirM op K,M;‘oS™"oV&f.^w ISESSSUVS?Ss™^^ of aaitlo* 3JWJ ftwl ot Lumber dally | ONE BILkLL nwwttr li rttaated abont two rail* Jfc mvu ablcbi^ootheSts Antonio niter, and the water l» conducted to to* wtabllaliment by * race of "ffiiS “SS fJS «■» TM IMA I atVirowKiy "Tit r r t* oo - MIV*itTM sftior rated tale la iroalmpla wlllbe fltea by u»a u.BtUoT "rf-S>»U*rn bo m.rtt* “iwijrt* w riorun aEiKSrr »* »•»»■""“'jfMii.o. n,t. Mi. u,o.A«'l ComT D^,.o < IL K.A A^U % tC»L> TSlotlrcs. AT COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—SInIo ; oflllluoU, Conr-tycif Ccok. City of Cblraßo—M. ot imu j ix. '' U “ C / TT Ci'LLacTT)*’* Orncw, t t itoo* >o. it Comer iiot*ia«< i January Slot* isol. f mwte notice U tierrby ttltcn. that on the iu§t moo* dayot r«b:unry. l«loa tha fourth day of rchfuyy. a/u. IW7. at a reaulnf Icintnf tbe Btivwluf Cojft of I I’l Irteo, in l>« lieruti act hotdcti In the twirl Uouae, intaldrtly ofthlrapo, on the ia« t menthm«jt d* iball make mert t-*»ald Superior tonrt. of Chicago, pu the fuliowiir A*«»«»nieni Warradeniac^l In biy luut*l« fir c«- fin tiota on nr i» f * l>cuib*r. a. P. \W. and a»k lor jtlitiment iakalnii the ••feral Iol«, bl<-rfc». t-lwr# or paV T* ol »M'thef i»B-t»fir OwwriWt la Mien wafrente. m vnilni «ni SESKSft 9E££7aa ; lOTTwV» h^ViS.S, V.«ui ,, S«l 1 ii«« *"“« • i : Ellffi""flU."*XiSKn. "mwm-w •'«“ • j . i ff r "V.A‘lmM*«uiT. •*»»« «b 4 wiAlern tffrmmu* r. “'u'.'.JilWwJ.* OM.lllb.lHM. lor K. ; .ui.W.oT bombweMMb.vena., AH Jmh“ lilteb*«tbo .A'i-K.H.Va at Mil KfoSSSf cit^Coiioctor. L ■ '■ - '■ ■—» 13avtuctg1)ip. CHANGE OF PARTNEttSHIP. Froto V J andafltr Jannar? laLISCT, Geore-t Ana t *oc w W nj W wiTUSCE A CO. illePital. MM hi«iftftßWim-»iuwm****•*< Mw rtUflfti »<•»*» IM l>A{» • P M wMr tlhk p*T(laj-‘M* *J« f*l»lf m>»*R «• JtTffpNliMMl ft'-'f. Vi** *4 •■Ff yasvaifMiK m*m ili ‘‘wP- ' is#.*, ft. //.,*<*» KHlU'ft I‘UmfUiO PflßHCimTlOft, Midafromll.a prasetipimn of Hay. tUUS. K, KlMb U. P, U.. Pm au., (nr Uis j*rnv«:htiL aoJ Cur* m CONSTITMPTXOJSr fIN FIS MOBT ADVANCED fiTAUES.) Tortha/fodual Ourj of A6THMA, DUUKOUIT!S, CA TAKUIL *rd *ll alfoclfonj of tb* LUNQs. TJliUiAl Hid AIR PASSAGES} for Q'usrol ud £» roaffemmli of the KEIIVOUS SYSTEM} lor*/)/.nr Or of (h* BLOOD iaud (or ail PunnUmal /kinnWi oia* < stomaek and Bounlt. , lUmmudUiUty IceruKl the itrntgth aud arrptn. the color of tbe paid snood. U subdues u>« LAW* v* jkttr, and dlmlnlibe* tbe expectoration. U eherk* ifo nfpftl ttrwiu, always. Is from sstoa Xojourum Jagu- Ihe appetite U atone# i*rfooro*/<f, snathe paUtx.t ro pUtp pofsayUsA ,* (be umpA, and the •tlflevlt trnui tnoareapaeallj relieved; the sleep becomes calm am rrnckblnrt tbe erae**tO*nt rtfuiar and un(A>rt* ALL THJE OEMREAL SYMPTOMS OP CONSDMP 3S& isssk Tbe PRESCRIPTION sbcnld be used tn every c*« ‘ where tbe pbyirtcUa pre*crllw* “Corow Hinnu,’ I*OS. ACID*, BaBC. OBUUI, COD LtTB Oil. wrw ti«»rsowai, in. which tbefa Is exhibited any OU or more el tbe following t*YJIPTOM** i , „ __ l Difficult or Irregular Breatblne. Lour* of Breath i Couch, Wasting ot FI tah. Night Sweat*, BleadirgCror • tbe Cnarr Loss of Strength, Lee* cl Appetite, Gecert ■ Debility, Debility of Prernaacr acd Kur»lo(r, Hjls.- Pats* tbronab tbe bhnufilcn, Cheat, face or Limbt Neuralgic. Nervous Headache, Nervous Proatrattoa 1 Ncrvcna Irritation, Giddiness or Dlxzlcees, Kxcewlr* Paleness, Sore threat, Drowsiness, Slucpleaaciaa, Dyi i pepita, Sour stomariu “Heart Bora," Oppressions blnktn* of the btnmach before or anrr eating. Ccnio patlon. hmcullt a all Female Disorders or uterine irrecnUntle.*, such a> DUncalLPalnfcLbarpreM.d.bcartr. Excessive, D? layed. premature or l. o tracer.: Me Jirnatloa. ' SHatenicuis t-*rr?Tn Pn.Me.ila, Arc, I “Tanr pre#crprw_ ray cu sbtar’a life, ape kasaaved mehcodrrd* cf'Rll^r*.— l-* v. E. Roups- XtT*. Bchl-cs. K. Y. “ We bleu God far tbe bobcat web* . r secured from ear Prepared Piesciliitlcn.’'—Rv<. P, Wntta ofrfcbnnc,lMm. . . .... . 1 “ Ltctt oattnwhom I bam recommended It hash®- 1 cured much by la o*e- w —Rer. C. D. Josras, Hacine • Wls. _ . . . • Bibik QocF«.Affto* place. 2L\.—la a* early pan ot February, 150,1 was autfennK Corn a noleal couch, cr wblcbl bad.been treated, duress aix moauu dip •rtocsly iritbout tesefiL I btd XlaXlSwviU wttttt cempielcly presaated me la Cte cvealue, boaneucat ▼oaidccLacoo.wblca-arouid preveit metromtoeak lua abore a wMapcr. 1 bad toes bad two attack* a bVedlsc from tfe lasca. Uy finally Pbratclaa i»*or*e . mctbatbeeoold do do more forme. I Waacrovu^ 1 rapidly wo:»e. aedbadbetn compelled to leavebsti • s*»i for Dearly two owotbi. All }=£■ * catcAußml*takably, the presence of CuNsLUPTiOH. Is tbe bedanluc of Febraair, Ms. Usssr mass. Jrea»nrtTiJt*e Amenta* viblt Ssctfij, pr-»o-.u< 4 e wlib a bottle of tbe PHKPAKED FRKbCKIPTIOB li a few days my appotUe (wbles 1 bad e&Urety lorft. ■ retnrred t within a week-, nr rouzb bad almottlcr. tnr; and in Jo*a tbaatwo week* the .Vl|Ur<JUeal« wen I broken op. revalued atrenribraptdiy 1 acd am oow tecolarlv attesdlss to rar duUe* as ciert ! to Ibc AUM2ICAN BIBLE buCIKTY. la wht»*e e» ■ p'crmrai I hare been nlcurear*. I am bow eol'yla; e vil health. Poor PRESCRIPTION efleftedacußE I “ r “fu-os.'STco.ioia. **t bare bad KsßTor* ok Sraauomc Asm** fm 1 elcrec years. Dorlds the «a-'t six year* 1 hare oere • bad an uninterrupted nlnit’a rest. It onto seemed U I me that I would die b'ft'ro I could ret air Into ay l.ia-i.- 1 suffertd so ereatlr fbotu ‘sbortnesa of breath, I Dial I was campellod to talrc frcqocut rests Uwalkisf I from my nanleace to my place of { “ The nlebt bclorw 1 efitatned the • PREPARED PRS 1 SCRIPTwar tae worst I ever passed. On obtain tr* the remedy, i took ateaspoonful atnoos and seal: at nisht. and slept all mtbt without waking. I ban I *or nau * BKossa stout's kjwt awes. * * •’ . barr now ccmplctely trcoTcred ay streoctb and it'll Its. aad am not at all afflicted with *»hom»es»or ornath , I sball be slid to bare any one afflt'ted with Astbat call and see me. KZfl.v U. LAN'JDON,. * “No. Sat Fonrtb-«t^>ew\oik.*' The “PKKPAHKD PUKSCRIPTION” is put up 13 t u bottle, nd ls»o'dby FLlsa AfUMIP, lit Lake at.; BUCK, 93 l'lark-*t.; J. PARSONS ft CO H 41 Clark-*t.; OL’cnS ft MTOURT. lli Kap.lolrMt Wholesale Acents for Chicago, IU M DCUMIAiIS d VAN SHA ACK. and by Drugjnsts wnefallf or or-len I may be addreaeed to the bole lToprtetort.pscAlt G MOHFP ft CO* *7 C«'CTC*SPT-eT.. New York. Coo sultatlon ftee. a Clrrnlar, containing PAtmcx;t.scs o» 1 vaxt cask* successfully treated, will MieutDee, bi maU, to all who will wme for it TBIi imtUMATIC SHOULD SEND TU y\\ E. (av.lll* A.' ro., Daylon.Ohlo, Yet a Dviruttitc ot Latrlt* Elf Wool Under* cbdlilPtt. (’ll and W addin*. Hmy bare Mood a teitol tblrtm. year* In Europe. ami are Ulsbly ro>*oram<nulßl hy the belt pby»lclat.» ot Octmany. Mailed free. fftopoaalg. ri - 0 011UUCH BUILDEI.H —acnlcd pro- I porahwlltborocotre,! by tha nmln:«l«fte*l Com* rmUcr,«mlliaUU*»AY.thol«lt day id Kcbrnarr. «i I o'clock p. m.. ler Urn bollillur Ilf a newonurvlt InllißlowD tl iTorlao. Coo* County, areordln* to t> ana and anoclftcnltuca i>i Iw loon at llm Imtao of rdedricb Wela*. In Ferfon n». town nf l*r *rljo. I»n>* poaali mint bo ifirecto«l to HIIRHIIIUI WEIHS, I’n** tiaol*.*i.,l’fma County, in., aliened ••i*mp'»«a.a A>r n new rbuirli." the »alit Com ttlliro r-aerro Jho orl»|. leaeo* lojecttiii any or all the propoaah fbrthe dlUer* p " u “W."t'i:ifcniiu«i. rii. ivhißß, n. mefvniiiukk, c. rmr.i.K. A. IlkmoHS, C. U. I'CAIIECK. l'ron»o..liti.JS||i. IW7. I>HOrOHALB FOH AUMY TUANS* I I'CHUATIUM. A Or*Bf*n«A»teii uaxanu.h OprtcK, I I _ WAeiimnttia. I*. C,. Jurmary l\lf.J. J I HRAt.r.n I'iHIIDPAI.P will I*o rooftlrwl «t IhH om*a tmtll iloVlock mi,, on It? cMli ol Poitruary, fir tho Iranaporlnlton of Ml Mary Sopplh* ilurina lh« roar wimuencin* April t.iMI, and bu lUi* M iruU ill, I**, ou the wilowUi j L 1 From Kofi Mfllior'im. Ncliraaka toffUorf. »r aooh polMf *a may lw (iftonnlt.rtl tiimndtifliid tfie roar on lliM»maii» liranohur lb" Union I'aolflo Ul rja l. «r«l or Fori llel’iteraoti, or frntn Port l.aramle, Mahota lor* Iltfiry.lo auob poatt «d dapi h aa ate now uMnay »• m* aVillkbfdin UiemfMory frfb*-i»rM«i. we*k uf louat* uda iW detfeoa, In }l»e reflltory «*r M'ftita"*. aotillf of allflHle4«a«»eM,'» the Tefflf'if rof l»a)ji|*4. Wefl jd uiiyitinle |ul (tekfecii, in jhi* Teriliorr of l iahf). •"iMH oflfilllii'VeJtiieareea.anii.tfM} "fl «ttwll*i<lp ami in itM*laMtli>rta««r,l(fan ami A.i"rM» n i»ili *»j fniiiitdo w fiadiw*, Itmlmiiim. ii n««*aary, iMtiror i City, f t Ffnm foil Why, blah » i KanM«.fiMurti MlnN *• t may tw ji»mrii'lii*'f (»i«m dunim tim year mi ific union ’ i'lK'lnii il.ilrimi, li. !•. «n» ...-.lA.r m Ui.i «» now or irapw muMUlwai Hi ilm niaiaof aauiM «|f • in (Ini Tarniory of «/i.lnrad i, a-mih or laUlmh lo dm 1 ufMw iiwilli, and In loft Uiduj*, new Mo»m.i, of idlijf 1 tlemdiiial ti.ay MiWfiyiiamdln inat Urrilor/,«mt to any do of point nr K l ' i yrom Pori Mnb n i-r aiuih inhar daiyii m msy ha aaUbtUlint to It,tf tarrllory of Naw Mmlmi, Ul an or atailon* flwt aro,«» may I* tiumliii»l m iMiTmUorr.m-,1 u»,ii«:li piwti oraUMonton , aealeimiwfintlm Wrritor»oi Arlaona. amt mate oriati* won Of lotailmw 1M degracM, IIOU nu. .. From fit. Paol, Mlm.eaoU, In anrh iwi»U a* ara now ormaybeeaUnlhnad in tna auia of Ul naaai«,an>> In that |*oruuu of Uakola Territory lying e*»t uf tua 1 Tna U wVlul.t T lo t» traniportwJ doriftif uui year will not exceed on Home No. I, avad.MJ twnnrti; on Houle Ni).3.'A),u>i,'no poßDib;on Itonte N o. o. B,<kWJW3 pouada, ; and oulioutoNo i, ponwh. . . I i*Tcp*etU willbeniadi&reach rouwaeparateiy. Didders will ,'ala Ib« mi« per l«l poundip rWO . Blue, at which they «l 1 lianapjrtihe •Ciraalueacß • monlliofthe je»M>cglamog April lat, W«7, and end th*lr name* In mil, ai well a* and each proposal enoiud be L necornpanlod by a bond In useium ot let U»oa-aaa <110,000) dollin. almedby two or more rmputulbl* m«* aota, yuaraiiiceiut tout mease a contmill*awarded fortbe route mcuUoi.cP In the prjpoaal to the ptrtr I proptaleff, thecoutra.t will oo aeemiud ao.l ent'tr.d - ; Into, and Voi hu andlcjon: aect-rtiy lornUbed by t aald party iu accordance wuli the terms of mu aiver* i will bo rewtmou to tire boaditntae 1 followlcg amount*s , On l.outc No. 1, $230,000. 11 I On Route No. 2. SW**. 1 On UatiteNo.s. UO.ttO. „ r Sulsfactory enderce or the loyalty M.IM veccrof each bidder and person offered aa »«urltr will bo te. must be en‘loraed “Propo*als for Army on Houle No. 1,3.3, or 4, »• the cw • may be, and n-ne will be en :emtned t* J 1 fully comply with the reqnlreo*n« of this adveruae l party ta whim an award la made mn»t be pre pared to execute tbe contact at ooct*. ana to give the required bonds tor the Uitidal penormaace of me ujc* “ibe right tn reject any and all bids that rosy be °^h?ccntractor**&neach route tbr service by tne Utdaj of April, li l **, and will bere- JorSw bare a place of business or at, »IdcU be may be commuatptcl wim t'eAdi y Itoutca aa may be Indicated as tbe starting point of the *°Bbmk lent* allowing the ccndltiena ol the conttact to be entered Into tor each route, can be ha- 1 on app l* cation at »ht« office, or el the office of ibe tlnartcrmas* STat New 'Fork Saint Lems. Fort Lcsvca V'*rtn, Santa Fe and Port Snclllng. and mint accom naoT and be a part ot the proposals. „ rtC r «&' DL ,S3, Brevet Colonel and Aas’t Qaarttnaaster I. b. A. OFEICE of the soft of con hTRUCTIO.V OF TUB U. S. COURT HOUSE BPRWoriKtD, 111.. January 24, ls*T. Sealed Proposals will be recdvedatttmoJtctfcrwe Snpertntcn cut of the U. lloaseL tow ereettn® at Springfield, HU until 13 o’clock m-, kebruary »£, I*7, for all the exterior cut atone woik of UJe above building, trom the basement op. premises. Drawings ot the work, showing dlmeu»l ma, dctltn and extent cf It, maybe ‘waadexamtaedfor estlaatlnr, at my office, or by ViV 18 cas ' tom Houses at Chicago, II:., ana bt. Loal*." J * h propoaalsmwt comonn in all respects , to .i^ e Jm qoirementioi the plana aid specificatl'ins, l£-mde the price fbt the whole of the asU,or. andthe whole of the dreeslngs in sepame Uemf, we Dcwr P mentreserr ng the light to award the contract for the dmslugs and ashlar separately. -m** .«,• proposals will alio b« received at the office of the undeitgnedtor iun.Dhlsg tke»tock fS?i r Veady tbeaborecot atone work, Inclndinr the aaniar.reaay g*we<Mo be delivered ol the ears cepou in the city ci bprtngfletd, from the Ist day Sid la such quantities at will be r»qulred by the Su wlU abo be iscdred at my office P»r set* UfcgtKeVbaTe catitcueWiTk In the an eraaps. anchors, stagings, etc., accotding to plans “pa™f«‘S C be made monthly, upon the deliver and acceptance of the stone or work, deducting tea OO) per eeat. until tbs final completion of the con* "aii bid, mot 1» bjtM Mjrf rt t.o ropuoslbic stnnewors.fAW' fbr Uie rotmh (tone, and $4,003 IW sel nn Z lie i Wnc. that tto bidder will accept aa IP er form tbeeoßtiaetir aa arded to htm,.the aufllcbmcyot • the aecurliy tohecmlflwt t*» ny the ColUctortf Inter nal lievenne for toe District. • . The bidder must accompany his bldwlth a ample -of the stone he propose* a* iurrl»b. a* inch's cube, and showing the various n .uA ui also a Built or rough facet It mmt oe piatiuy ine imtfal*of thepartlrt ami the nameol the quarry trom which obtained. not confbrm P» me lequtrement ol arbor works at or AN I) ha- VEM and Black Lake. Mlcr.laas. „ , Otnci D ARBOn $ IaPfOTWKTr», L*»» Micoioajc. ) Uimcut WiacouMc, }• '•*»•. f, BetUed frontal*. IB duplicate, of tbe fu r-inul» hM by berem Te<l •U. h, -*.°Vl *. liiurtday.Uie 14tu 4ay if/ebro-ifT. W.M « Impfottar tbe barbon of Ora-u Bate* and Hiao« at Grand Datca *»« £«*»,£ lMJ,ofcjo« plima b> pro‘«t uc *ontb bin* if IU« liter n«*ar toe entratce ana an * tenlon of tbe luntli plerftr COO feel by crib* died wllk 'TbVlmrtotemenU at Black Lake will W «»«W* of ennnlru ttelto a l.aod ire«i« S&iWnWilr'aVlSiWA-Mt Will be recited l-f a part »-f « 't ftcirher I, I*3. work. Tbe trcpwMt bid* s'JuinM '«*. •»« «w' ISmtwW* 1“ b. pn».l .PC. u* •!«>•» , cftbeblrtr. Will be endorsed, enctoled It It, b. gnawer** Milwaukee* Wli.. " ii,onb at suction. I ANHHaTE.—Tht) umlcrKancd "win I . f || AUCtttJSf. »t AM ftoilh d«r «l Uia tJdfl ifowfS CWM«.lifi.. »11J o‘cl«« «. m.. gaturdny, tUo OIU of E.bniarjr, “uS -5v.^.... Pox Wo. lA5a, EBcotMjtkat niff, w._coga*£*s^ Seales. |5T , STANDARD mV* Aj SCALES or au nx>e> FAIBOANKS. * -36 4 2'-*S LakMt-, Ctlcace. JHcBUal. jypiMuoiam duuuo. BTXCHXJ. Prom Diapooaatory of tho United Stataa. ■ DIOSM CRENATA. BUCQU LEAVES. P2OPSETIBB. thetr cdor u itooaj, dUfitalTS* s&l isouvlst a*o- malic, their taste tiueciih, and to Utt. medical peopebttbs ass trass. BnchaCesTuare (tneraUy sUmnlaat,withe»«*- ■ tendency to the Uxcraxr Onus, prodada* dt»- rests, awd, nta other slmllsr aedldnra, tiulttna tarot this BSdseC diaphoresis, when They are gtrett to complaints ot the Crtosry Orisa such as Gravel, Chronic Catarrh of .th* Bladder, Morhid Irritation of tho Bladder and Urethra, Dlseaw of the Prostrate and Beten* tion or Incontinence of Urine, From a 1m» ol ton* In tbs parts coocemoJ In 1M its* ustion. Tbe remedy has also bees rcsomtawdeft la HXspopsla, Chronic lihonmatism, Cats* nconsAlTcc lions, end Drops J. fieimbold’s Extract Bacbo Ii oied by penoai (Tom the age# ot IS to 22, aad tram Ss to S 3, or in the decline or cnan*« ot Ule t after Dow* Cnotr.cni or LaboM'etae t Ued-wettln* in children. n Affections peculiarto Females, The extract Dl’L'tlU H unequalled by U| <**m remedy, ai In ClilMoiU or EflUnllon, Inegnlirllr, umi of MppnulM el Oiuiomujr **«- tmllutu. VIMMUd w fehlßMi Itala o( lh« Utortu, ttv •ortlica or WUItM, ses of the Bladder, Kidneys, WEI k DROPSICAL SWEUIKCJ. Title mP'iMn# (rereaue the pow«f of etrliee the Absorbent* Into heoHhJ 1 oettoOi the Waiery or CaUerone depoaltwn*, all Ua«l» ml ir. r«itot»), u w«U M Mt» ■* fciummailoo. HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT BUCHU Baa cored every case eC DIABETES In which It has been riven. Irritation of the Heck of the Bladder, and Inflammation of the Kidney*. Ulceration of the Kidney* and Bladder, Setention of Brine, Dis eases of the Prostrate Gland, Stmu in the Bladder, Calenlus, Gravel Biiok-dnst Deposit, and Mucus or Milky Discharges, and for Bnfee- bled and Delicate Constitution** of. Both Sexes, Attended with the OUowlng aymptomm ludli position to Exertion, Low oi Power, Lem ot Mem- ory, Difficulty ol Breathing. Wtak Nerve*. Trou- bling. Hotter otDUeaw, Wakefulness, DlmneM ct VUlcn, Pain In tbe Back, Hot Band* Flushing ol the Body. Dryntse of the bmb, Eruption on the Face. Palm Countenance,' Unlvenal Lsart- tads of the MaseuUr Byt- tem. cte* etc. IJELMBOIiD’S EXTRACT BCCHU IS DUERETIG AND BLOOD PURIFYING, Atil core* all dlieaaci arl*tn« from lUarraor ptavi^ UOS. EXCXStM AS» mPEODMCM IS LlTß.lJlM'im* or tni Btoo». £*•• npenoOla* Copabla la hOtcUaem for wblcb It U ueed, totb aa OosottHdA, QiJwnoi locritan'ilDS, and Brrmutto Anr*cnoj*-ln due aaeft tued to ccrbuetloa wlUt Holmbol&’a Bow Wash. SOLD AT HEIiMBOLD’S DRUG AND CHEMICALWAREHOUSE 594 DIIOADWAV. Anil by DrusUls Everywhere. ask for BELMBOLD’S Take no Other. Btwrare of CounterftiU I I