Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 2, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 2, 1867 Page 4
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(Eljtrago €nbanc. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY a. 1807. THE CITY. Who Wajtw ax Bxxs f-A floe child ha» itrayed to the Hone for the PrtradJeM, seeking a pernu seat bona and adoption hr tome kindly heart. Rxnra«.—A special meeting of the Board of Managers will be held on Saturday, at half-put wo o’clock. In the Young Men 1 * Christian Am- Citboo rooms, preparatory to the aim oil meeting. A PonxAn CojrctsTMu—Philip Phillips, whoae concert take* place next Tneadar evening, bn recently been welcomed -by crowded booaca la the Skat. . EwnoTwixr.-AU persons baring employmeil Of any kind for men or t bbya, are requested to apply altbe room* ol the Young Men's ChttsUau Association, Mitbodtai' Church Block, where tombere arc applying for wot k. Yocao Psont'a Uxiok Paartn Vxsmro.—Thli aeetmfr under the auspice* of the Yoons Men 1 * Christian AaaoeUUoa, will be held (hie erening In Ibtlr lecture Room, No. 18, sontbeasl corner of Clark and Washington atreeta. at 'H o'clock, buangert are cspetiilly Invited. Btkauro BLAjraiTi.—George Wentworth was fretted by Officer Dull, on Thursday night, for the alleged larceny of blankets from Pardea'a Jlnlldltc, near Wells* street bridge. At the Police Court. tealerday afternoon, hs was held for farther examination, on Tuesdsy, (n bail of |BUO. Hon. V. H. Both will lecture before the students Of Bryant A bunion's University, Ibis morning, at 10 o'clock, on the ** Abolition of Capital Pan* ** Is a subject which Is being agitated through* out the State and el BpilncMd, and deserves the attention ot our oilmens. Ibe public are Invited. • i i i »■ Tn« fcTOCKTtw l)tn Aoam.—Ellen Cooley gol out of Jail oo Monday, and was yesterday after noon brought before the I'ollce Court, charged * llh keeping a lewd bouse, at tbe 11 Unllr Roys,” oft Welle etieet. which dec ul iolqnUv toe police authoiltlea supposed they bad broken up beyoud aiirwfthifhicnio. Dlien wm nneaiio'ai.aapfl* Icticed lo taioety fllja it the Urldewcib Tni Tbhu lU*utt,-l(etiry Roberts. Henry Taylor and Henry King wete each fined yen* (rtday morning at the Police Court, aa vigfanlt. They were found occupying the tiallaof IlieMeUn odUiChiirflitUorh aaatee|ihitf ai>anmeiiU< One of mi'in hnh fined a abort time ago lor tagusey, the fine ban.* suspended lo giv* hint a f minify ailing. This ha availed himself or, and then ip* t m rMOMia hie ••occupaUnHi A« nn«a*T Dor -A !!«!• iwwsboy ya-lerday morning found or Clark sired an migrat'd docn* meal. which be supposed to*be a bank check, and rairiW luo t'.u Central Hution placed t? In tbe banaa of Depoly Hopertnundcnt N«l*on. It ap> reared io bo a r * second" MU of exc&auce, from the Town Dank of London upon the Hank of Montreal, for £l94i. Upon snilslietory idenUfl cation U will be delivered to tbe owner. Widows aj»d OrciiANS' BEUEm.— General M. It. M. Wallace, Treasurer of the Relief Commit tee. report* the receipt of a handsome earn from a berefit riven at Yankee Robinson’* Circus and Menagerie Company laat Wednesday afternoon, (or the relief of widows and orphans of deceased fo'dlcrr. Mr. Robinson has promts'd to repeat the benefit for this worthy purpose next Wednes day afternoon. • A Sctnmnc Woxnan.—A newly-invented ar ticle bae just been exhibited, which is enough to make one think that the days of wonder are not yet cone. It is a cake of soap, whose me trans toimstht most deplorable complexion tu one of almost alabaster smoothness and pleasing whlte ncsA. Ibis exquisite beautifler Is known as ** King’s Cold Cream Soap,*' and promises to take the place of poisonous toilet powders. It Is sold br lijche & S - ory, No. 93 Hanaolob street; Rack. 03 Clark; Smythe & Dwyer, at wholesale, and all di nggiste. See advertisement. VxLTKTnrxa.—SL Valentine's Day will soon be here, the lime when the birds used to mate, as the poets inform ns, and when, now-a-days. young and old do delectate the beans of those they lore, by sweet scented missives declaring their affec tion. Mr. G. S. Baldwin has just opened one of the largest and choicest stocks ever displayed to the eyes of amorous mortals. They luciude both im ported aud those of home manufacture, in codiess variety. They may be ins pec l el at the old cheap hook ’ store. Nos. 119 to 128 Monroe street. Just cast of Clark. G&iCt Gbxxkwood.—Owing to the numerous and pressing Invitations to remain In Cincinnati, and lecture In behalf of several worthy and com mendable objects there, Graco Greenwood, who has been previously announced to lecture some lime ibis week at Crosby’s Opera House In behalf of the Mission Sunday School, under tbe auspices of toe Tabernacle Congregational Church, will not be able to deliver ber famed lecture— 4 ' Heroism in Common Life,” until the event'g of the rib Inst. It will be given atCrosby’eOpeia House upon that evening. Asvoxcx is Bates or Inuiuscns.—The rates of Fire Insurance In this dry have been again ad vanced. A few months ago (be rates were in- Creased fully fifty per cent, and yesterday the diff erent companies raised their rates fifty to t evenly five per cent over that increased tariff. The reason assigned Is that It Is impossible tu do a safe busi ness st the rates heretofore ruling. Tbe past year has been a peculiarly disastrous one to Fire In surance Companies, and assuming that experi ence os a basis for calculation of the future, tbe companies act. It Is probable, however, that lost year was one whose record will not soon be par alleled. Cornell Oboaxiiatioh.—A mee lag was held last evening at the Free Will BapUsl edifice, comer of Jackson and Pcorhi streets, to complete Ibc organization of a tew society, to be colled toe Juficrson Park Old School Presbyterian Church. It already numbers one hundred and thirty-two members, aud Is nuderthe pa«toralcba'ge of Rev. It Patterson, D.D. Rev. Dr. Lord occupied tbe Oiatt. biiQ ait. nansin was appointed secretary. After devotional exercises. Mr. John Creighton it d Mr. William G. Uotmva were elected ruling elders. The constitutional questions to tbe eld ers and congregation were then stated by Dr. Lord, tbe charge was delivered by Dr. Patterson, aud tbe exercises closed with slrgtug and tie beucolctlon. Finx,— An alarm of fire rung from box No. 97, between three and lour o’clock yeaier day after* tiooo, was caused by the discovery of amoke lata* lug from fie roof of e bam In the rear of No. 001 Hlnle street, south of Twelfth. Tbo barn <md com tcuiaof bay, belonging to It. W. Dixon, and worth JIPO, were destroyed. There was no In euraiicc it|»on It The barn next sonlb of it wos also tiatilnlly filled wllb bay. and wa« owned by Mr. Freeman. Ills loss was about whicn was covered by Insurance In the /Kina. The fire extended across Ibe alley, and canted some injury to a barn belonging to Mr. 8l«son*. residing at No. OV-'i Wabash avcduo. bnt bis loss was tnlhug. 'ibe inhiii ol Utu fire Is unknown. Timorixi Bxow lUu.«.—<Jorar)lahit having Pern riiede at (hu North Market Tolley Hlallon tlut the hoys of the Kliixlj school, at me corner of Ohm and North l.aHalle flnots. wore annoying people vho were passing by (browing "now balls, an officer in clrlKen’s ureas was posted in Hut vlcmlM to observe them. Ilu ar'fatod a boy named Ttawcl* Can, and brought film before Justice Mllllkrn yestmday afbmoon In a very flight! urd and penitent name of mind Master K air was seen to snowball a man who vvnv riding by on horn back, lie wra not an altundinl ol Urn school, hut ho was mod* «n oxtmplo of and fined gH. which school chlldtuti are reqoestvd Ur wake a note • f. _ IlTlttilXmiTll’p CuXMtliriAL AND ItDUOi tiokai. Institution,—W« tail the attention of our rcidci* to the fart tint Urn spring leim of the Lat'ks* College and Classical livpirltuenl of (ha above valuable Irullfullnn will comm nco on Monday real, the 4ih instant. In addition to Uio oilier advantage* of the Itislllnlo, wn may men* thin that n course ol holy rbnmeal Ipctuios.illna* Haled by rxpriliui-blf, will lie delivered by Prof. 11. Wclcti, M. A.. I Professor of Ciirmlsltv at tbo Medtral Oullrgr), between the hours of two and Ureo i». m. on Tuesday*. and eleven amt twelve on Friday*. Tbn attondauco 01 tbo public gene* mlly. and of the relative* ol tb« students In par* Ucmar, la cordially invited. Pro*p«ftw*e*, pro* umtnmes, .tc , m*y bo bad on appife-atl'm at tbo oilire ol the College, No*. Ill) and ltd Randolph Uriel. An UtrexpacntD Part*.—On Uoodav evening, between seven and eight o'clock, the residence of llev. W. c. Jsckaon, pastor of the Kiral United rresbyleitan Church.Avna emcrei by tuomembers c,f bit coueicgailan, to lore.*. Ttoclr plans had been well laid and the inmates were taken com* pletcly t»v surprise. Bath ot thu assaulting parly came well laden with attirle* uselutsnd beautiful, and the ladles, tatting possession of the dining room and kitchen, In a veiy short time covered the table with a enmptnoua repast Before it was partaken of an appropriate and tonebtug speech was made by A. licrerldce, K*q., tn behalf of the nnavjtcd, nut not on wi Iconic, gnesta, which was followed by the presentation to the pa-tor of a roll ol greenbacks, Jaigc enough to convince him that not only the hearts bat also the purse* of his church m mbits, were open to him. Mr. dackson, completely surprised, responded, thinking them for this new . vidcuce of kindness inti love, and the evening was most agreeably alt fed* iigtlißiU was “good ana plea-ant for brethren to dwell together in nnLv.” A Sraoruc Srir.—JoshoaC. Richards,Snpcr tnlmacntof tbeCorn-Sheller Works at Noi. 101 and J 92 Washington street, was arra&sed before Justice Broan yesterday afternoon, charged with altering aid defacing a negotiable instrument. Tbe complainant in Uie ease was an Italian named BcmUncic MslaUuta, who keeps a rattautant or calooo a! No. li West Randolph street. It ap pears Uat n man named Gorman on ed Malatesta the sum of S2O", and also that he owned an en- gine which be bad left'at Mr. Richards’ place of business to sell. Gorman effected a satisfactory settlement with Malatesta by giving him an order noon Mr. Richards tor S2U), the amount to be paid when the latter sold the engine. Mr Richards endorsed an acceptance upon the order. TUs reenrred about two weeks ago. Two or three days since Mr. Richards, it li alleged, in rather a strategical manner, caused Mr. Malatesta to visit bis office, ana asked permission to see the order be had gneo him. Uetbcn told Malalena that be learn* d tbat the engine was mort gaged- aod 'bat be (Richards) wished to relieve himself from paying that order, and be very coolly took a pen and scratched off bis accept ance, and returned it to Malatesta, remarking mat It was good lor nothing now. Be was committed for trial In hail of SSOO. Ton Dxvttontmrr or Art—Mu. Fxbsett’s Rktcbjc.— To look into tbe rooms ol Mr. F. M. PasscU, tie well-known photographic anlet, at any time daring the past three days, has been to gaze on a busy scene. Those rooms—always well patronized—are now crowded, as well by tie gen eral throng of portrait-seekers ashy tie numerous eersonal friends ol Mr. Fasten, who call to see im on bis return from Europe, and to look over bis magnificent reproductions of some of tie moat beautiful scenes in that most beautiful of all cities—Parla. Ur. Fassott has last come back from that famous city, where the chief end of existence seems to be not so much to be happy, as to make everything wear tbe best appearance possible, where alt tie external world has been subjected to the remodelling censorship of tic true artist, and the greatest attention Is paid to tbe development of appearances to tbat phase of perfection which at once educates tic eve and satisfies tin educated taste. Kama fuiU a'gw I'arit ear—Romo was, but now Pari* Is, tic great echos] of an. In tie first a lew tastes arc still cultivated; In tie latter it is that of tie people. . t Mr. Fassctt passed some months In tie modern borne of art, studying its developments of the beautiful, and entering cnihnshsilcally into tie itstictiis of tic photographic art as there under stood, where the photographer Is an artist In tic true sense of the word, and alms, nol merely to late aplctn-c. butto make It a true portrait of the subject In bis or her most favorable aspect. Mr. Fassett has renewed the active manage jurtl of his erUhllsmcnt in tie city, and while laboring assiduously, as in tie past, to serve tic public, he will now be ablcto do so more efficient ly than ever, gs, I ringing to bis aid all tie re sources oftio science aa understood in Europe, and rUending especially to those niceties of posi tion and expression which are here so often ocg tided,and none too well understood, bat widen make alt tbo dlflererce between the dead picture and the one from which the subject seems to look out upon tie gazer In living, breathing personali ty. We ate cure that the great advantages ac quired by Mr. Fassctt lu his European trip will not remain unappreciated by tie Western public. THE DRISCOLL HOH!SftE. Tr]a> of Cornelias Driscoll for the Bor der of his Wife—Appearance of the Prisoner and Ills bons—The Testimony—The Case Giron to the Jury, Tbe criminal cansca pending before the Circa ll Court were yesterday taken np, and Cornelia* Driscoll, Icdlcted for murder under the charge that he had earned the death of hla wife, Jolla, waa brought from tbe County Jail. He waa ar raigned in form, and on (he record he placed • hiaplcaof “notgullly.” He then took hlaaeat, and the doly of empanelling a Jury to ceclde hla came ffii proceeded with. To appear* ance the prisoner la a man of low and Bimoat vul gar. and al least debased Intellect: beetle-browed, with deep sank eye*, beuirg the marke of dog* gedoeaa ol purpose to tbe bard tinea of compresa* ed line which are but Mule more than Mnea npou bla face. He watched each Juror, aa be was called, with constant gate. There were norka of fear In bta action at time*, aa the mnaclca ol urn face tw itched; tbe cyca sunk further back Into their recesses, aod bta flngrra played aroood, and wttn, the bat which be waa went to wear. Dot generally be termed to thick the milter a sublime Joke—he lltlervd at the attempted atnatlnria of bis roomer sun when he waa on the aland, aod ho laughed almost aloud ns the case closed. He impressed by till appearance In connection with the evidence a awplcltm—a strong one—ol guilt, but In the dr ctiDßiaoreasnrronualng the case there waa not, perhaps, lertl erldence on which to com id: nobody eii'cetcd him to bo ancht but ac united, aod yet probably each man who saw and heard, bt Moved that a gollly man mleht aid probady would be call loose npou the city tor want of the unaslbll- My to ventilate tbe facta. The conviction was forced upon the minds of the same bystanders that the two sons of the deceived and tbepHsonvr resorted to forgetfulness. If not to a grosser act, to save their father. One of these aous, ao In male of the Jail since th e death of the woman, sat by tbe prisoner, and betokened bis anxiety by nerrons movements lu the chair he occupied. When glrlog testimony he spoke curtly, quickly, nervously: be parried all attempts to obtain ftom him further statcnienta concerning his knowledge of tbe transaction. The other son was repulsive in bis manner t be made attempt! to be mart: be squirmed under cross examination, and lie anew nothing. In the course of empau*)ilng toe Jury the de* fendanl challenged nine jurors peremptorily, and one for cause, he having served within a year. On thepart of the people two were peremptorily challenged, and one was discarded for the reason that be entertained scruples in regard to tbe Hu position of the death penally* Tbe vtl’Miet*** Qeb’hded by Jobti Mastm and Augustus Van llurett. Rsqrs., the people being tepresel'led by the Hals's Attorney. Hilaries 11. »nd. Ksq, Ills counsel made (heir opening •talstuents, and litere were hi let, U’tH'kMlP PUISI OLL. , a son of (tin pilsoim, was tbe Aral wltudss sworn, ilepsuthm k lite pilstiusi Is my fAilf f. and my moiher, Jiilln IhUdOl, is ilesd I she died si led of eleven at nigh), bill Ido nni ri nieiniH’r Hie flay. Hie did 1101 die the day elm was Injured, for iiextnav she >»vi s nut. mihs Jail in PM my due, 1 saw offi* mllehiuer win’ll 1 pii'krd lief up after alia had been him, I have seen a .good mani bayonets like this one, 1 knocked ihe old man down tor falling me names, and he came In with a bayonet, aim he -craifbfd me with It, but It did not burl me. 1 ?ben knocked my father oomi, took Iha bayonet irom him, end (blew it out of doors. He then went out at Ibat door, and mother waa ont there, and 1 and my brother went out ana found molUvr I) tru In a dooi wav; 1 took her up and got her on (he bed. and then 1 was irrealed. My slater was bulled that day, ami a stranger chap waa there that evening when 1 had the lues with my father. We bad three or four half gallons of beer that (vemug. Cross-eatrwlntfflon.—'The difficulty was be tween ten and cievrn o’clock at night. When It occnrredmothcr went out; ehc was under tbe la* duenceof liquor; she hao been always In tbe habit of taking liquor—she Uked a little drop now And then, bhe »as gone from tbe bouae half an I hour before 1 threw Uie bayonet away. 1 knocked I father down tbe second time, and I think I | blackened bis eye. I went to find mother in tbe text house, anal foni.d her lying at tbe door. I did cot know any thing about her being bnrt lif-»zomir.a}\cn,—\ think my little brother gave the bayonet to the policeman; be Is named Pat rick, about twenty years of age, and I don’t know where bo is. Ibc second blow 1 gave lather was about half an henr after the Am time 1 struck him, and between times we were talking friendly. It was a dark night. 1 don’t know that father stabbed my mother. if. Did yon not tell Officer Hcfiber that yonr father stabbed yon and etabbeayonr mother t (.Objected to and objection sustained. 1 saw the nayooct in the policeman’s band, after 1 threw U oo'slde the door. My lather and mother did not quarrel that niphi; only mother was talking about an old washwoman. I do not know that my father Blabbed mother. 1 did not see any thing of it. I don’t know any thing about ber being hurt menace nirrau, police officer, testified: . 1 arrested the prisoner on tbe ISth or ICib of Oc tober last, on Canal street, between two bouses. 1 was called to tbe house bctwcen9and 10 o clock. 1 found the last witness (here. He gave me this bayonet. 1 did cot see the woman, nor did I go into the house. I tirested ihc young mauand toe prisoner, finding the Utter standing between two houses. I told him that I arrested him for stab ting he son, and be said be did not do It. Tney had a difficulty. 1 took tbe old man hack to the home, i then took them to the lockup. Ofots-* xaudnatlon.— lt was this man that handed me the bayonet; lean swear that a hundred oaths. ] think the prisoner was Intoxicated when 1 ar rested him, and the eon had been drinking. oaitsiKsn w. erxwairr. v. d., was next sworn. Be testified that he was called upon to treat Mrs. Driscoll on the morning ol Octo ber ICth about seven o'clock, hue was In much pain in the region of tbe stomach. She had two wounds, one on the side and another on tbe hip. The wound on tie side 1 took to re a superficial wound, and she said thollpain came from that. While 1 was examining her she wanted a priest eeutfor, as she was going to die. 1 told her 1 thought not, and then the said, “Von don't know; my old man has finished me tbi# time.” She repeated this stmy subsequent visit, at about teu o'clock. 1 called again at four o’clock, and the pain bad increased; the was In such misery that 1 did not examine the wound qlnntelr. The wound could be made by tills bayonet. 1 don’t know what time she died; the was dead when 1 next called. Crott-acanlnofion.—The wound, a* I saw U, would not produce death, but the effect# of the wound caused death. On the port mortem we found about two quarts ofblood In tbe abdomen from a rupture ot the nb. csuslrg hemorrhage of ihc liver. I think too pain proceeded trom the hemorrhage- The membrane ol the stomach was much InCamt d; Ibc liver Indicated a chronic dis ease. tubercles and curvature ol the spine. A knife, or chisel, or screw-driver, would produce tbe same effect t* in this case. /V-rxemiAdfloff.—l think hrr void# wore fhe old man has fixed me this time.” Tbe death «Bt|'>anscd by tbe Inscitlon of an Instrument; the injury was the cause and the remote cause was it rnmniatioK T.c.rvron.x. was next examined; bo raldt, I made a post mi rtrm examination of Jnl a Driscoll. Ihi* caoac ol death was hemorrhage following mpiure of tie liver, consequent upon tbe fracturingol the tenth tin of the right side by a forcible blow from without Vtoft-*7xmlmtion.— lbe wound on the anrface was About (brcc-elcbta of an Inch In length, it woiilu have lakes a considerable bio * to have fractured Ibe rib. My impression at the Mme was that Ibo wound wa* made brascrewdrlvcr oi chisel. I earth sty II such an tujuiy could be earned by Ibis bayonet. Counsel tor delenOaiil moved now to strike oni die cr nil nee of Dr. Htawart In relation to Hie declarations ol (be deceased, that bur old man had Oxen her. Motion overruled. Thu rase for (be people was thus closed. T he defence Uiun rafted PATIIICK miMOOI.t, siiolbcr son ol (lie prisoner, lie testified ns fob lows! 1 remember the ovonlngofOclotKM iMIi, and 1 was at Ibe holin'. 1 was in h<d and asleep, and a noise woke me up. 1 raw my brother lick* mg my father l Him 1 got up ami put lalhur out ol Urn dour and he went ofl hallooing *»nlfh. Ihia was between ten and eleven o'clock, mnie ot less, When ho went out I wml oul wilh my hrulh'.r lo find lumber. and we found her hack ofa neighbors door. When I (ol* lowed father mil I found Ino bayonet on (hr threshold! 1 picked It up, and afterward guru It to tbe pumeman. Vroit'taniHttioHon.— l went alter Dr. Stewart <l>attilgblt 1 mid him toy mother wt# sick and ml need of n doctor; 1 did nnl toll him father had « a l«d hot; 1 nivir saw my brother strike lather iicmio* I can't say that 1 eior saw father and my iiiuti e lavli.u a qna'tel—ll was very seldom ; I can't I-, d I cvoi saw them quarrel; 1 don't know IN did "i not. Tot Ibo people, tonNrui* tiniaroiJ. vaa recalled, lie raid: Afbrl struck my lalboi ibe taal lime bo went untoflbo bott*e ami timlUtu waa cono away. AtUU'MtMan. The raanvaa llion argued, each of (bo attorney* engaged iu tbo rain making a appoeb. Mr. Van bum n reviewed tbo ovldvnco bnoily. Mr. John Mason Iben dellvond an argument occupying an boor and a half, hi* chief pom being to Impress upon tho Jut v the boiler ihat (bo evidence 01 tbo medical gentleman testifying to tbedPcUrailuna of tba deceased left nncrtatn tbn idenilflcalton of the party vtbo had assailed her, and Hat muter tbo p-aropllng of the doctor, to tbo cruel tbit deatb ttonld not lie likely 11 fallow, •be alalcnmit waa relieved of the sanctity or a «lealb-bert aiatemcsu Hl* other point* wore to etiaMUh that by the testimony ot the children. U helsc nnlropeachsd, the-possibility of the com mutton of tbo crime by Ibe prisoner la removed. Mr Heed cloud the cate, reviewing the matter of the declarations of the deceased. upon which, he staled, he alone could rely that Justice might he done, lie urged a conviction, and teemed somewhat to rely anon that Inward cenae which »ould throw doubt upon the statement* of the ton* who, unable to restore a mother, would save a fattier, as be asserted U, even atlbo expense o{ pcrjmy. 'the instructions of the Coart broagbt forward no new- points of law. Iberc were none in the care. They covered only the propositions gen eral In seen cases, and the great reliance of the tjlect of a reasonable doubt upon any essential in gredient ot tin* mtmc to procure an acquittal. The jurats then ietired,and at nine o'clock they -till disagreed. The court then adjourned until <bla morning at ten o'clock. SIGRh AND SAMPLES. Invasion of tlse Pedestrian Domain. A fair corespondent who signs herself “Nellie," jails the attention of the Tranent to the dlfflcnl :ies which atieno locomotion on Clark stieet near . be bridges, from the large and varied assortments ■f clothing which arc bung up as advertisements rd swing onl to the centre of tbe sidewalk, en oangerttg the worderfnl pieces of handiwork snow n as bonnets, even In their present diminu tive scape. She thinks It fortunate that the old style ol bonnets Is not in vogne, as husbands sod lathers would hive (-cession to growl still nioio at the cost of repairing damages, and calls -be attention of “the gooddooktng and gentle manly policeman who so gallantly passed meover the crowing.*’to the annoying obstacles, hoping that steps will be taken “to cause tbe clothing men to bng tbe wall." The -complaint is not 111-founded. Men, less sensitive, and with bead-apparel less complicated •ban that oi. the Tadics, are constantly pro voked by the Haunting of hanging garments into their faces as they harry along intent on business, fending themselves unexpectedly bolting into outside clothing establishments In Innocently dodging the passing crowd. Clark sheet is not tbo only thoroughfare thus mfcited, and ready made garments arc not tbe only obstacles which impede tbe flow of life along tbe sidewalks. Boxes, trunks, barrels, show case* and sign boards not nnfreqnenUr vex tbe passer by without respect of sex or condition; tripping the loot, abrading the cnticle which pro tects tbe tibia, catching tbe expansive billows of sktrt and crinoline, brazenly testing tbe fastening of waterfalls, brushing tbe paloinlly acquired kink out ol carls, rasping off tbe delicate dower work of bonnets, knocking ofi glossy “ stove pipes *’ In tbe most exasperating manner, and en dangering the peace, happiness and security of bead, eyes, face, limbs and adornments in an ex cessively free and impertinent manner. These impediments are not bo many aod annoy ing at present, however, as they were la former Jays. City ordinances arc more stringent, and “good looking and gentlemanly policemen" a lu ll* more caiefnl to enforce them. When Ur. Wentworth—best known as “Long John"—was Mayor, be Instituted a raid upon low-banging signs and similar nuisance*. Gauging tbe proper elevation by tbe height of bis own extended fig ure. be ordered every sign to be captorcd that be cottld not comfortably walk under, and conveyed to the Central Station, wbltbcr tbe owners scekUg the lost canto daring the day, and were permitted to take their property away after paying a fine and receiving the injunction to go ami sin no mote. A similar ircurslon at (be present time wmld not be whlo (good recalls. Et.ttproper advantage should bo given to trade, hnt there is a limit where private conterlcncc and proSt be come apnbllc nuisance. For Instance, all men, women and children cannot, at all boars of tho day, be reasonably expected to desire to Inspect aco purchase ready-made clothing, and yet, as baa been hinted, garments of’aU line*, patterns and textures, are momco'arUr and literally tbrnst into their *ery facca. "NcMeV’ plaint will go to the hearts of connllea* Nellies. Amandas and Aiabcllas. as well M of equally injured and indignant Thomases, Richards and lien- rr*. Thereat may the conscience* sod feelings of (lie mimeroDß offenders—most of them uncon- Kiooior forreUal—be moved, even to the mov ing sney of the gronnde of tela reproof. Bat If they heir not the cry of those who Urns gesllyllfl np their voices against the abominations, let so itnpoairg force of “good-looking policemen" be dctfilUd to effect a core, and let them sweep away the obstruction* which still linger, that onr thor oughfares maybe free, eo that fashion may sail slorc uninjured, and business may rush by vnLh oat detention. The advantage of the reformation would tot be upon the sloe of the pasaers-by alone. Dealers would profit br a more modest exhibition of tbetr goods, Inviting instead of compelling inspection, borrowing from a little distance enchantment for the view, imtrad of knocking off the bats, brushing the faces, and generally rendering possible customers so Indignant and obstinate that tbey will hairy by to escape (him the Infliction, TempttMon, deli cate and unobtrusive, la more effective thanflaunt lug compulsion. Taste Is at requisite In adver tising goods is In painting a picture. The suc cessful mere haul !« be who keeps his customers In good humor and takes their fancy, and opens ilulrpmac strings almost without (heir know), edge. The line of dcraarkaUou Is nice ami dim cnlt ol marking, but tart and care will track It. A lady's note thus may point a moral and adorn a tale. LAW INFEUIGENCE. Criminal Bu«Iuom of the County—Clrll Suits. 1 his la not a fruitful week In law. The Superior and the Hecoidcr’s Court having been doled by reason of the raplmlon of their monthly Wimi, the principal tianeacttoua hare been In tbu com* Dirticcmrt.l of new proceedings. Ibe chief business wss In ibe Circuit Court In the case of John T. Dndawood against Da* vtd Kimball, repor ed yesterday, an action of as* eumpait, Ibe Jury loutnl for the plaintiff with ditusgos. ’lheamvty of John 6. Hsre (In Ihe body of the bat! bund described as John Ilart). who was ar* mPed during November Its! on a charge of baa* body, was lutfelied. John Hein* o/ios John Hemes was IrM on a cba>ge of cow stealing. The case occupied until past norm, and resulted in sn acquittal. The Indictment for mnrder agaluat Cornelius Dtlecoll wasUtcd. Toe new suits in the Circuit Court were ofOicar L. American and Jeplha Smith against Simon UlnChrod. In assumpsit. Damaees laid at f l,noo. Christian Bock vs. John (juackenbUßh a*iil Kd. Ward Bishop. Trespass. Dsmsses laid at #SOO. David Clarke vs. John U. Curtis aud Jackson Atkins. Dill. The parties formed a copartner* ship lor Ibe site of horse medicine, and It is bow sought to procure an account of (he copartnership transactions and particularly to discover whether the investment of plslultftwas not re-lnvealed for the privatebeneflUifthcrespoudents A dissolution of lue copsitunishlp anti division of the assets Is also asked. An injunction Issued In isslralQlhe fleffhdsnts flotu the inrseol use ot the properly at ll)fle I’ath stip|K)sefl to have been finpiovou at complainant's etpetise. . Pin the Hupeflnr Court an union on the case wa« coHiniciK'ril l*y Aiujusiin Dstief, in which he claims horn Jsntrs MtMivan as damages. A cdiihta Issued. Ihe at|rpall<ms of theamdaVl are that in hpplemhor last. Mrs. Angusta Anal cm irarlsd for the huihltiu/ o( houses on North (Hark straai aud Hist Is soiMtarihMi wljli the con* Marl P? paid idHiililvan !««>, to he paid over to Moimhtun. (teuton At Co .which lie, the defendant, l.taianlti Uy converted to UU own use, Wenu‘l Ditorsk brought an artton of trespass spalnst Andrew Itnambscher. 11 miry Hake and Albert Knhlcek, clalmimi 11,000 m damages. Jtilin T. Ackley and John K. Truas va. Hubert It, McCormick and William 11. Utliendar. As sumpsit. Damagca laid at |l,tiOo, with a writ of ntta< hmeni in aid. The Chicago A Great Eastern Railway Company va. The Townol Labe cl at., to restrain tnocoi* lecllnn of two per cent taxes, assessed for school purposes, June 4tb, 1806. Ibe estate ot John Laoerman was declared to be settled by the County Court. TUAIVIMi. Tbe January Vanlsblac Point Nature was in bne of her melting moods yester day, and her silccliona gushed forth In a perfect torrent, which almost overwhelmed the recipients of her favors. She did not weep, bat the warmth of feeling which animated the bosom of mother earth broke forth In a profase perspiration, whose copious outsbcdd*nga became genuine water ccnrsea ere nightfall. We prefer to chronicle a well known fact In the above way, because the simple story of the thaw was told thousand* of times In the streets yester day tn plain, homely Saxon. The first home ailn lauon of the Interning was. It la thawing, and out ol twenty speaking acquaintances yon wcnld meet, nineteen would salute you w Uh “Its thawing,” or “What a beautiful thawl” j.r“Ho« sloppy it Idl” The subject of the weather is always inexhaustible, and for the very reason that it is that viry thing wo all feel and none no deiettnd, and the more we investigate and talk learnedly about It. tbo wore muddle we are la. At the same time It is equally noticeable that Uic weather vocabulary is a very limited one, an equalled In paucity. It may perhaps be accoun ted lor by the fact that there is to the subject no room for imagination. We cannot even imagine wbai the weather will be to-morrow, and it# com mon placenesa when it comes gives no foodior fancy to fe< d on. The best that *e caUdo 1# to imagine a land where the weather is all of one sort—cither the beet or . the worst—and when we have though: that ont we are a. a loss for words lu wlucb tn express tbs ideal Indeed, were It not that wo are able to drag In a lew adjectives that belong of right to other topics, we should never be able to carry on those delight, tul conversations about the weather which make up about three-fourths of the sum of human talk. We may give those adjectives about as follows, which may be applied u» all the different substan tives of meteorological lore: Delightful, wretch ed. disagreeable, charming, execitole, detestable, unbearnolc, magnificent and lovely. Before these the more modest class of woids, of which enjoy able jnd dull are samples, pale into insignifi cance. With those noted above the more aristo cratic regale each other; for those lowest In the scale c.f morality wp have another set of expres sions, btglnoiDg in villainous and ending In a con demnatory adjective, which frequently becomes an sdveib by being used to qualify another ad jective equally objectionable. ‘ January Inst redeemed Ha character this year by mslilmii.g a thaw about the eleventh hour of the last day. The old t* o-fneed deity who presides over the month eviuen ly forgot it UH the last mo mint, and then act about It with a will to make . .-.mends for ocficiencies Ue has left a very pretty trices for his successor to settle up The streeis arc damp enough without tbe watering pc which Kcbiua bolds so threateningly over na every noon ecu carries do*n iuto tbe lower region# every night to be refilled. I<ct ns hope Ibat “he that i.oureih (ho water oat ol his buckets” will be mcicbtil to tu Oris month aud save a tittle for tbo crrumh.g summer, wboie supply wai Joopardlaed by ibo dalogo ot sixty days which visltud us last ..oar. Bj-ibe-by, why is U Ibst nobody can tell ns tbe icsroii ol ln«J January thaw, which every one oz a prds, but on which all our meteorological loam* log throw •do debt! Why la It that, afteryrart of ••hteivailor, fonowlnr on centuries of theorUlng, uo one can cay when a day of lutensu cold eluUl bo otlowcd by one of great mildness ? After all. onr knowlcdoe of tbe operating cause* of weather •-•itMifico la but About U<o eciuivalnni ofTilloUaoa’a uid «*onian rcnioninga—ll la lx cause It t*. Tlir thaw Is here ncmthelMß, Ilka all oilier I eta, vrblrli are wn'le vre inquire, and are not while wo think. Whether we understand the why ai d wbctctoicoi t.ol, it is equally pleasant to width Ibe snowbanks melt away and dwindle down lo mdhlngiicss. like ttioue very theories by uMrh we Itv lo nccoutit for It, and which, vanish* ti e hrfmu (he suudght of tael, become tbe tnrro moonshine of fancy. ■llnitllilr fflrcllMß—lutoroMliig llepoi Tlio regular roomlily mccllng ol (ho llnnr.l of >'onagers of the boluler*' llmnc was held ye«tor* day shoMKon In Ihu lonrna of 111*' Young Men's rhiMliii Association, corner Waslilngton and flarh streets, lion, J. 11. HradirnU In (bo chair. Mrs. K, W. Hraymen, Hecieiary oliho Ilomd, read ■ hoinliiuirsof Hie lasi regular and subioquenl special tun tings, which mis approved. 'lb« several ladles ul (lie Vi«llliig CommlUeo fur the immili of January, each reported Hint tbey had vxllrdtha Hume at various limes during tho monih, and lound evoryiUug In a proper cuitdi* ibe Htipeiltileiideiil Uicn read tbe following iTPO’tt hi prcsrnttbg Mils my last report. a« Huperin* (ir deni ol the "Holdleis* Homo." t will give a ihoit Hiiumsiy of (he coituillun or the Itisitluilou while I have had charge of It. Mthc roDiinenveitiei I of (ha month ofJuty, IHVI, H er* wero pirsonl PI Imnatrs; on August itli, nii'M-ni U‘4 imnnlos: on Heptnmher nd, presold IIP Inmates 5 on October Mh, tircaent M Inmatoi; on Novtiiihor 4lh, picsrnlM fnmftlcsj onDiceiu ter fiili, present Inmates; on January 4lli, 1M.7, inettDt 1(9 Inmates. Number admitted uu* une moidii, It); ioiat number tor last month, l«: r.nnilerdepanrd during iuonlh,h: total unmber In in me, reb. Ist. nil 'I Lose tiguies show a gradual lorreass during the wirier im.n'bs, but it has probably reached ha maximum unless other accommodations are p.nvhlul. There have been twenty-two men dismissed for drunkenness ai d 111-behavior and nine deaths do* ring fiat time with the following causes: Hi art disease, X; diopsy, l; cholera morbna, 1: consumption, a; honors, I: oilier diseases, 1. I nc rrmalna ol these were bailed, at the expense of the Hume, in Oakwood Cemetery. Thcaanluty condition of the Home baa been veiy good anting the aamtner and antumn months, but at the present time there la more subnets than at any time since 1 have bad charge. The following surgical operations have been performed by the Burgeon ol the Home: Thomas Dngar, amputation of right leg; John Scott, amputation ot right arm; Jacob Itobiabo, ampu tation of right leg; John Butler. removal of can cer; William Simpson, operation lor fistula, home of these Lave entirely recovered; the others arc doing well. In conclusion. 1 would most respectfully tender my sincere 'banka for the many acta of kindness 1 nave received at your bancs. Respectfully submitted. John Maooun. Tbe above report and the resignation ot the Snpcnntenocnt were accepted. The committee appointed to receive, and ex* amice applications for tbe position ot Sapcrfn tended, reported that tbev had been unable itms far to procure a satisfactory person. Tbe committee was continued until future orders. On motion of Mrs. McCalia, a vote of thanks was extended to Jndge Bradwcll and Mrs. U rad well for their eOorl* in securing tbe passage of tbe act of iocomcntion for tbe Home. Mrs. Sayers, Mrs. Underwood, Mrs. Byrlck, and Mrs. Bail were appointed the Visiting Committee for the mouth ol February. Tbe Board, af;er attending to several details of tbe “ Home government,” adjourned. Tbe Crosby Lottery. Tbe New York Coauntrcud Adc<rttstr % of tbe 29tb nit, has a long aiticle on the subject of lot tetirs in general, and of the Crosby scheme in par ticular. We mate the following extract: "One and all are projected and carried forward nndcr lalse pretences, it not in open violation ot tbe laws. It matters not whether they claim to have their oris In lu a purpose to relieve-public men from embarrassment, to encourage art, science or education, or to aid charitable objects; they tie. In nine cases out ol ten, undertaken as a speculation to pat money Into private pockets, and unshed forward by misrepresentation, ihe Crosby scheme was conducted as islr iy. perhaps, as any of the land arc. But after two hundred thousand perron? hire forested tbetr five dollars, with the hope ot obtaining a six hundred tionsard dollar prize, wc find tbe winner of this prize glad to dbpose of it for one-third of that amount. Was there ever a lottery prize drawn which would realize anything like its ad vertised value? Was there ever a turkey-raffle even, whten was not concocted In order to realize more lor tie fowls than they would bring at a legitimate sale? The theory and practice is tbe same in every case. Furthermore, lottery or gift enterpi Ire projectors occupy very much tie same position a*- bankers in taro or keno establish ments. Tbelr expenses are heavy for tunning tie machine. For example, it Is announc ed that tie Soldiers’ Orphans* Home will lealizc only seventy-fire thousand dollars from tie scheme which came to a bead yestciday, tiongh tickets to the value of over three hundred thousand dollars were sold and (be prizes did not cost above one hundred thousand dollars. Tbat Is to say a hundred thou sand dollars were consumed la running tbe con cern. In a similar manner wore informed from Chicago tbat Mr. Crosby expended two hundred and tw»nl}-five thousand dollars. Those at all acquainted with tie Havana, Kentucky and other ’legalized’ lotteries know that ticlr owners cm almost invariably grow neb from tie ‘commis sions.’ assuming that they arc conducted Icgiti* matcly. Whoever, therefore. Invests In a lottery not only grasps at an ovci-valued prize bat pays a heavy bonus to those who bold it np belore him." Akornxn Bold Bubolixit.— The saloon and realdenco of John Keating, at No. 710 Indiana av cnoe,waa entered by bnrglara at aa early boar yesterday morning, by tie use of nippers In tarn mg the door key. Administering chloroform to Mr. Healing and blawlfcjwho were'asleep to a bedroom opening onl from the saloon, they de liberately examined the place,and carrledaway 1100 In money, a watch worta 1100, a aUk dreae, wo boxes of cigars, and other articles. Mrs. Crating was quite ill yesterday from the effects of the chloroform. A liberal reward will be given for the recovery of the watch. AnUSKSIKIITS. McVitrxn’a Tnxxru.—Chariot Dillon ap peared last night la Hhahspoaro'a Immortal char* acter of “Kin* Lear," which U considered by many hU moat aoceeaafni assumption. At the matinee to day he will render hia powerful part la “ Belphegor,” and in the evening will appear in Dyrona tragedy of “Werner,” which cloaca bla engagement. Next week, Miss Helen Western, slater to l.u-' cllle. who iocently produced ao profound an effect at the Opera noose, commences a short season in one of finckslone’a dramas. Wood’s Metre*.—The Irish delineation catted “ptep o* Day,’' bar had a successful ran daring (be nock, and will be repeated ibta afternoon and evening. It gives place to the “Huguenot Cap tain,” and those who bare not seen and enjoyed It haw bnt two opportunities left. Cotruiocx.—This eminent tragedian passed tbrongh this city, yesterdsr, on the way to Den ver, where he baa an •nitgcmenl. Tut Skattmo Poudb.—At the Waba»h avnmo Ittnk last night Mr. Maitm, ihe young gymnastic aid fancy • kaler, made hi* first appearance In Chi cago, aa a star thaler. About two thousand per eon* were present to witm-ss (ho exhibition, and the lee was to excellent condition*, considering the two days’ thaw. Mr. Wailin’* pcrtccUon aa a skater Ilea in the ease acd grace of bis various ev* oluilous. Ilia walialnc and jlg-dancing on tiptoes were uceivtd with loud and continued applause The “Zouave drill,” a new feature In Ibo science of skating, was next given —and equally well. The young porfoim er. on bin first appearance, was somewhat embarrassed on Sliding himself the observed of all (ibtmcif. hot he will wear off this dlfllcultv cb he become* uioio accustomed to public cxlilof* Hoot He appears again this evening. , At tbo West Hide lost night too Ice was In excellent condition, and th>- music ot the barplite added to tbu enjoyment of Ihe throng. 'the Central Park also rejoiced in a Sue. solid ice »na a happy company of skaters. Next wevk (bo manager, Mr. Young, takea a benefit. The neat abating tournament at Pittsburg baa just closed, and It will be seen br the following despatch that a Chicago candidate baa carried off (be belli ITmaonon. January Bt. To Caryl Todd;! I have won the or America. Hcore—VV. 11. lllehop, New York, 6fl t CalUc Cur- Ue, Chicago. Wj John Knelor, New Jcreev, Ti I Captain John Minor. Detrull, ta t K. r. Uoodrlcb, Chicago, W. E. T. Uoouuum. . WApytitiiAt)*.—Tbe Chicago “lortureinelnde * Rive a nratul tDaiqtioride on Monday evening at iclr new ball on Norlti Dark etrert. above'Chi* cego avenue. The programme conelate of live pail;. cotuiuliiCß an Imputing carnivalairocea* Hon, a btilel, Cbtneee festival, four tableau vtvanta. and acrobatic real* t»y eiity clown*. No persona will lie afltnliPd Jlo the ball room Mtllmnlniaslis,and all will pasr before the Hoard of Ktainlnere fur InipecUott. The advertise* mvni will he found to contain ftttther particulate of Nile entertainment, which will undoubtedly be one of unusual Interest and enjoyment, being cm (Holy out of the ordinary line of aiiiiiaenichle. UI.k.IUIOHH IN'rKI.U(iKN(!K. lb* iw)inH>ti>o *«rvlctia ars announced for to mmrow, wcapl tha otto lit (Pe mit.ol* diiMl Dbmth this evening! hevemh Prfsbyteilan Church, center of B»l#tod and Harmon tlrteu and Utue island avenue, I tilu rongvegaion will re-oMembla tu their largo and impioud andleiice-room, where Iniuroniiiic services of a dedicatory nature will he held. Morning service at JUU. Sermon by Rev. J, 11. Trowbridge, and an adores# by the nastor. Rev. J. W. lailroore. Evening service at ttf. Addresses by (he Rev. Dra. R, W. Patterson and Z. M. Humphrey. Wnnaab Avenne Methodist Eplicnpal Church. Preaching tnornlnc and evening by Ibepaator, Rev. R. M. Hatneld, I). D. Jcfftrsoi. Park Old School Preabyterian Church. Uev. Robert Patterson, D.D., will preach Sabbath afternoon at 3:80, l in the Free WUI Baptist Church, comer Peoria tea Jackson streets. Strangers and students afiVcttoiiately Invited. Subject, “The American Sabbath.” Korth Baptist Church, corner Superior and North Dearborn streets Preaching on Sabbath byltev. John C. O. Clarke, at 10:30 a. m., and 7:BUp. m. Sunday School at 3p. m. Young peo ple's meeting Monday evening. General pray er meeting Wednesday evening. New Jerusalem Temple, on Adams street near the lake. Services at K’H a. m. acd 7&p. m. Subject of evening discourse, “Piety.” Free Church, corner ol Thirty-third street and Kankakee avenue. Services at 3p. m. Illinois Street Cbmcb, between Wells and La- Salle. Young People's Meeting this (Saturday) evening at 7>j o'clock. Sabbath Morning Bible Class at 0 o'clock, lor ladles and gentlemen. Prayer Meeting at 10 o'clock. Preaching by tbo pastor. Iter. C. 11. Wheeler, atX toll. Quarterly Concert of the Sabbath School at Bp. tn. Mr. D. ). Moody will preach in the evening at 75-i o’clock. Subj- ct,“Where art Thou ?” Rev. 11. F. Bu’ns, P. D., has accepted the call to the pastoral charge of (bo First Scotch Presby terian Congregation of this city. The translatlou ficm Si. Catherines to Chicago will take place some time during tbo mouth ol March. Westminster Presbyterian Church, comer of On ' urto and Dearborn streets. Prole«9or Swing will ptteeb on Sabbath morning and evening at the usual hours. * First United Prostyle* lan Church, Green street, between Madison and Monroe, Rev. W. C. Jack son. pastor. Services at 10H a-tn. and 7>S p. m.; Sabbath School at P- m. All are cordially In vited. Second Baptist Church, corner of Morgan and Monroe streets. Preaching at IC'Jt a. m. and 7>( p. m, by the pastor. Rev. E. J. uoodspeed. Sab bath School anil Bible Classes at 9 a. m. and 3 p. m.; young people’s meeting on Monday evening: general prayer meeting on Wednesday evening, at 7Ji o’clock. Kansas City &* Cameron Railroad Ronds. We clip the following from tbe Kansas City Jovrnal of Cotnmtrei t “Knowing the greatness of Chicago, Its re sources. and Uiesenergy ot Us business men. it was with a gooo deal of confidence that the peo ple ot Kane as City appealed to Chicago to take one bandied thou#ana dollars of their bonds to aid in the construction of (be Kansas City & Carn et on Railroad, that giving the people of Kansas City and Kansas a direct line of railroads to Cbt cago,over vhtch lumber ondolhcrgoods eta be shipped without breaking bulk, effecting also a saving ol ninety miles In distance, and enabling us to teach Chicago without going through Si. Louis. Ihc gcn'lemen representing us have been to Chicago, laid our case before the Boaici of Trade, and l-cfore the public through the press of that city, but do not seem to have met with an entirely ti coumclug reception. \\ bat Is it that we a«k of Chicago ? Pimply the lounofonc hundred thousand dollrvs on good sscuMty, at eight per cent semi-annual Interest, to enable us to complete a railroad connection with tier, and throw too immense trace of our valley tMoberlsp. Onr agents were mot with complaint# that limes w tre laid ana business dull, n# ask the butt ress men oi Chicago if they expect to improve business by inning a deaf ear to Hie solicitations afihosowbowlsb to open basimssconnections wall tbem? Ifbuiliicsß is dull, to seek new and enlarged AvcMies of trade would scorn to be the wise pt ilcr. Wc’nndefslond (hat come of (be business men oft lilcfgn lake a Itbtra* and bnslncss vlcwol this qicnfon f Wo shall take great pleasure, at the proper time, inmate known tbmr names throughout tbe rnnniry ; nor will we (relieve that our request for nil be oenhd until Ibn gentlemen reprew alb * us huvn celled upon every business boushln Chlc.i* go. mid find succo a unattainable. We cannot help tbmkutir that the indUter* I'lne nf t hhugo ou this subject I* owing to th» fr-clllnd Its Importance toiler Is not understood, and nl>» tbe ltd (bat lit the recent years of tiros* mvdv.t’hleacn bos not found U necessary l«ox*rt hcrsill le oidcrio inocimi trade, but Ibo prospect is now suinewbiil changed. Thu wsi bn» ended, and her old rival. Hi. bonis I* mousing li-isiif. Ht. l<ouls raised tunaingln day, oho bnooied ond eighty lliousaiid dollars (o finish a shnu Une lo l<oavvn«urth. We ask (.hlcago lot a loan of a little more than onr loill Hint sum on good reetirliy, to complete a i" moment ronniTtion with that city. It cannot he (lossthlc Mist she will not comply with Ihu ic* ijliesl. Una ('oiimiiikhl lii ClilriißOi Tlio following n’o tlio qmmitlo* of gu in cubic for I fiwtiUlird (u (hr pcojito of CTik-ggo by *bu twit <Jm Cutn|)inlcD, during Igno, with tbu l&x paid to tbn United b(u(f« Uuvornmonlt Muntb. Chicago Co, IVoplo'n Co >lai nary.. Pcbninry Match.... U 74 17,n7V«l 4,11U,WK1 'O.OVi.fViU 4,tM,VM m.imi.ftm sjhnMNi ,n,i:uu.y n.iuMi ll.n-7.7m 8.8M.4U7 m.IIKJ.m? U,7in,K« ,n,«i ,ia,Bt>,wo n.on.wi .lU.t!W.44t 8,0G1.W 18.7M.:nW 0, J13.7M.170 7.U3.MJ April Nay Jun 0........ July Aucnit mpiember. October.... Not ember December.. , &4,(Ui,UU Cubic Wei. TftiWia. . ,J W,aW,t W» fM.M 1 ,Ul Totals Total N. Jt H. Hlv. 'total W. Uiv Total cfy «st,un,7ai fdyu.w At three dollars per thousand—the average coil -the price of this gas to the consumers would he I7(U.ri)l 40. Ibe lax varied from thirty cents per thousand feet tn January to twenty-five at the close ot the >c*r. Fmt, Poucx and UxAZ.Tn.-Tbe regular meet* lug of the Board of Fire. l*olice, and llealth Com* mtsilonera was held yesterday afternoon In their rooms at the Central Station. Present, T. B. Brown. Esq., President, and Com miselooeia Guild and Ellsworth. It waa voted that toe appointment of employes for the new steam engine on West lake street, near Union Park, be made on Tuesday next. Those dcslrlrg positions will take notice. The monthly pay rolls of the Fbe Department were examined and audlud. Charles s. Petrie was appointed a fireman on Ibe steamer *‘J. B. Rice,’' and Wiliam Musher a pipemau on tbo “ T. B- Brown.” Fire Marshal ITarris reported thattic ncwttcam er “Frtd. Gnnd," bad been tried that afternoon at a lire, and found to work well; and he recom mended its acceptance by this Board. It cost $4,500, delivered. Tbe Board accepted. A petition was received, having been referred by tbe Common Council, signed by several bun* died property owners In tbe vidnitvof .Wahl Brothers « Lighthall's offal depot, near'tbe corner ofTwcnty-sixth street and Bte«artavenne,com* plaining that this depot Is an Intolerable nuisance, tbe blood and refuse matters which drain from It creatirg an oCennve smell and Imperilling the nealth of the neighborhood. They pray that steps may be taken to suppress it before tbe coming hot weather shall make an epidemic a likely result. The case was referred to the Health Officer with fnstiuctions to Investigate and report. Several police officers who had been absent from their duties on acconu of sickness were allowed payment for their full time. The Board then adjourned. Twkxdle Dcx— Two families named Porter and Morris for tic past eight mortis bare occupied tie same bouse at Nr. 15 lUnedale street. They got into trouble about shutting a certain door on the premises. If Mrs. Porter opened the door Mrs. Moirli would close U, and n« rrrsa. Tbe owner oftbe bouse bad sought to reconcile 'heir differences by riving Mrs. Porter permission to o}*n the door, and Mr*. Morris libertv to shut 1L In a very brief Interval their quarrel became of a actions character, and yesterday morning Mrs. Porter was bronrbt before the Police Coart charged with being disorderly. It was alleged that she called Mrs. Morns a “mean and threatened to tear her limb from limb. Bar lug tbe examination tie husbands and tie wives could not be restrained from saying very hitler things, and Justice Stnrtevanl dismissed tic anil as quite too frivolous to take up tbe time of tie Conn. Mr. Morris was not satisfied and became eo ditrespectful tbit an officer etcorled him oat of tie room. Tbe unsatisfied litigants left the pres ence of tbo Court exchanging fierce looks and sharp remarks, and betore they bad reached tic lower stairs Mr Potter had given Mr. Moms a violent push which came very near sending him to tbe bottom In an nnconforrablo manner. The two men were arrested, brought into tbe presence of tic Court a second time, and fined $5 each. Frxnro me O. D. A. A. A.—Tbe fire capital letters In this beading arc supposed to be tbe In- Rials of the words Opera House Art Association Actuary. This: tie Actuary and not tbe Initials, or tie words; with the gentlemen who may he in dkated by tie initials O. It A. A. C., viz.: Opera Hones Art Association Committee—seem to be born to tronble. That Opera House drawing Will not down; tbo ghost of tie fact seems to haunt aa In a nightmare those who now find that they bad not a ghost of a chance of winning tie boose: and their name Is legion. __ . . Fait was tnsUtntrd on Thursday by Daniel f* Fill*, of No. 837 Michigan street, against tbe Com mlKoeto recover five dollars, the same being tie money paid for a ticket in tie O. U. A. A. ven ture, aim (or which It seems he has not vet ob tained tbe nanal engraving. In com-cqnenc* of tie fact that tie supply Is exhausted, ami that several hundreds of engravings most be printed off be* (ore the subscnlwrs can nil be furnished with them. The notices hare been eerred on lbs de fendants, dtlnr them to appear on Thursday morning next, at nine o’clock, before Justice Do- Woif, to “show cause,'* Ac, We know not which way the case will he de cided, but It is permissible to look forward to the possibility of a Jnogroeal for tbs comolaloaot and its consequence* which would be rather serious. The fire dollars Is not much to pay, hot if that case should be hut the old ram which lead-(he flock of sheep over the fi-uce, the aggregated fire dollars will be s rather largo total to pay. We are requested to say that the official result of the drawing, now ready, would hare been Irenrd sooner but for tbe unavoidable delay In procuring the books tmra the flew York office. ■Noonday Union Prayer neetlog. The matter of a dally union prayer meeting was, for some time, by many Christian people, regarded as a doubtful experiment, butnow no more pleas, tng spectacle can be presented to them than the chain ol these meetings,belling as they do almost the entire globe, and yielding their gol.teo fruit for tbe honor OC.UIO Church and tbe good of bn humanity, The first link was wrought out more il>an a quarter of a century ago In that centre of (hriaUan Influence and power—Boston, Mass*- cbnsctin. Next the golden link of the Fallon stiecl prayer meeting of hew Vork was welded od. then westward came tbe fusing ttower, and (Inclnnttl and Chicago were added, and at last Ban Francisco Bums the Western link In tbs chain which bind* the Christian heart* of uur beloved country together In common sympathy with the great work ot Christ. At no time In the history nf these marling* have such reports ot good been received as at toe present time. Ibo meeting vestorday In this city was Urge and deeply Impressive. Rev. Air. Krsklne. editor of the //ortAit*itfrn Ji-tibytman of this city, pr> std*d, and aflee rcßtlli.g from the Elghlcentu chapter of the Dos* pel accotdlng toNi. Luke, tuadu some very prac tlcalaod |»enlnci*l remarks telallve to the mat leu 01 Christian duty iu distributing the bloss logs nf the Uosinl to those who had as yet been iihiesrtrd by Christian vftorf. Mr. D, h. Moody spoke ol the revlnl which had swept throngli Urmgfluu County in this Htatr, and slated how many of the pnocinal poliilclnui ol J'ontla': and the suiioiiLdinr county had fort time given up |>eir politic*, and had guuu out Into t'iu work of carrying the Uuspel to every neglected district in their county. The etudents of Che several Theological Heml* oirics and colleges oftbls city have been invited tokaltcod the noonday meeting to-day. The morning and noonday meetings are held In the First Metbodut Episcopal Church, corner of Clerk and Washington streets. llgimnae bt Mu. Astbobus.—The Missouri Afatr 77mr* (Jctrersou City) hat the following la Ra Issue of the OOlh ult. 1 On Monday evening John Aulroba*, l!*q., of nilcigo. the dlsUngnlsbed aitlsl who has been painting a portrait of nuveitinr Pie chef, gave, upon the tnvllallua of a numlicrof our ctlleeuß, an chlerlnlutucnt hi Ibe Hall of the House of Rep* riecnlallvcs, cuhslsllng of poetical leading*, a number ot the poems read being of hl« o*u com* posing, Tbe scicrtions were wett made, and (lid fading of Mr. Antrolms •bowed emcutlonary UleißOCdMgh order. The universally Uvorlte poem, 'lllltgpji on Hie HblitP, was given w(t» intelsetiiig and pnibo*, and the audleticu le*lifled Ms appMM ialiun by ei>lbN*U>Ma •P|ilhu*a Pent' llsrly well lerelvsd was also 'Tbe Cane Honoured (.'half * Mr, Antrolms U 9 genUemau 01 flue post* in fnsie as ntl> ns talent. And on lbs Urn iMisrs* and b’gbly inletilgeni auatenw 1(1*1 tuieimd loltlm on Monday nvenlng, vru ibenu him for jna plvsaaut and profitable vniaruitiweui be afluidua n«," Til* Lav* Btuiit akd Oountt lan* Uoap,— A meeting ol cliUmi* of the eastern part of the town or Cicero «u recently held, and tbe tollow- In 9 resolution* were unaulmooaly adopted j That xtt deem the attempt of partlea named In the proposed act to incorporate the Trustees of the Lakodtreeiand County Une Hoad a base fraud upon tbe inhabitant® ol aald town, and that we enter oar proteat against said pro ceeding. Jit sotted, That tbe proceedings of this meeting oe published In the daliy paper® of the city of Chicago, both German aud English. Retailed, Tliat wc hereby lender a ■ rote ol thauka to Messrs. Hurlbut and Singer, of tbe Legislature, for tbe maouer in which they defend ed our and tbe public’s right® againatthia apparent fraud. Rmolctiohs op Kespsct.—The following pre amble and resolutions were passed unanimously by tbe Board of irade at its session of yesterday: Wnmtkaa, Thu Board has been informed ot the death of Fred. G. Deane, one of the lira! who en listed in tbe Board of 1 rmde Battery, at the break li<g out of tbe late rebellion, and who. by hla de votion nnd braveiy, seemed the confidence and admiration of his commanding officers aod fellow soldier®, and whose prlva e character end ared him to a large circle of friend® and acquaintances, therefore, be ll Jiesolvtd, Thai tbla Board, while it acknowl edges the wisdom of an overruling Providence In all the events of life, feel# deep regret at tbe an nouncement of the taking away, in bis early man hood, of one whose kindness of heart and gener ous Impulses had won forbun ont confidence and esteem. Tbeinneral took place yesterday afternoon at four o'clock. The remain® wtre taken to Michigan. Joint Vos Hon* CojonTTAD.—The case of John Voo Horn, cha-ged with the atterauted murder of bis wife on the 6th of January, came up I-ciorc the Police Court for final examination yes etday afternoon Mrs. Von Horn wa* pres ent and made the following statement: “He at tempted to mardcr mo. He came from behind and placed the pistol close to my bead, and flred. Through ’he Provld'-nco of God my life was saved. Ho has tepcabdly threatened my life. On the iSth or 30th of December. ISOC, be also threatened mo with a pistol. I went to hU Uoa»e to nurse one ol the child es who was sick, and while dome bo b>- threatei cd me. 1 have not been llviun wbh him for tbe last fonr mouths—since tbe Gih of Oc tober. The wound I received la healed, balmy bead Is still very sore. I have no doubt bat that if be cot a chance ho wonld murder me.” Mr. Von Horn was committed (or trial at the next tetm of ibe Recorder’s Court In bad of $3,003. DiscnAßGxn.—Andrew E. Pooler, charged with the larceny of a pair of for gloves and a meer schaum pipe, tbe property of 8.8. IV Ickhaoi, was further examined before the Police Court yester day afternoon, and was discharged from custody, ihe evidence showed that be knew nuthlng of tbe pipe, and that tbe gloves were purchased fiom a man named Banner who was boarding at tbe same place at the time th y wore mUsod, but subsequently left tbe city with suspicions against him that be would * l lake things.” Molup Tncassx. Paudoksd.—-The slayer |of George Trussel is pardoned. Her crime. It seems, merited one mouth tn tha PonltaoQarv. I'en year# of llleor a gambler Is about eqnal lu value io the same number ot weeks confinement ol a prostitute. Tbe official warrant of pardon, signed by Gov ernor Ocloeby, arrived in this dly yesterday morn ing, ana was borne to Joliet last evening by one oflho balllfls, in deference to which she was na doubledly set froo sad returned home. Fkkia.—A ma« meeting of ihe fnemls of Iri«h i nhoiiailty will be bold this evening at Johu Ej right's saloon. No. 610 Archer road. In Bridge port. The meeting will bo addressed by Senators Moulton ana Fi-aolsn. Tbe members of Ihe Klckbam circle will attend lu force. CoKTiNi’KD.—The case of John clinigcd at Ibe Police Court on Thursday with oelug accessory to the robbery of Raymond Vor o'lioorc. una imtber continued yesterday until lo usy iu (he same bill. The Fliamlx, of llar«brd< I o the Editor of tbo Chicago Tribune: In (hr JlanAtntf and Juturanct Uhroniett of rea lm dnr the following appear 1 1 "Tbo General Woaiotn Agviirj of Hie Vbitulx Vlre ln«nrnnc<* Company, of Harliord. baa beau •\ltt>drawn from Glocrmali. Risks are taken a* iHiiat by Iht'tr ausuls, bul arc referred to me MnniP Oolcu.” Now thla in an error lr nmy parllcular. The Gvnrtnl Western Audrey o'lb* Vtnemx Insurance (.‘ointiany. ul Hanford, waa oslalillsbod at uuctn nail in March, 1H67, at which time a majority ol our agencies wcrMuMrucUnlluropurUull. Hinre Hint time otter Western ageucita have followed liitn Hue. until every agonny »»n*l ol IbKTtlo now reports thole business to the IlrancK Office of the Company at Clncttmau-U. M. Magll', Uenoral Anml. Our six hundred Western and Houlhorn agents «»iU bo surprised at Hie arllclo In the VhronicU. and In Justice to Mr. Magill. our Irxlafallgaolo Western Manager, aa well aa to contradict Mila unwarranted error and place the I’hrculx right on Hie rn otd.'l* Ihe object ol (Ida tmitt, and to which ue aik (ho allunllon oi the public. W. W. Hount*. bpedal Agent and Adjustor. CmcAiio. February I. IHi7, LOCAL MATTERS, Noliee -Wauled by ttvo sanUempnor steady bauli*. board lu a atrlctly nslvuto r«mlly, 011 Nouth aula l.ocnllon muaf be uimueiUoijAluy good, wberolho comforts ol a home maybe et>. ioied. Hetcrencra aatialacUiry. Adilroasatnnee '• Clrnimcu," care King, lUmqoq A Co.. U lulce ■Urol. Pop Tlimnt Dlsea»r* and Affection*of the chest. “Ilrowu a Uronehla) Troche*." or Cough Loeecgea, arc of great value. Jo CousA*. Irritation of (he Throat earned by col« 1, or no usual exertion of the vocal organa. in speaking In Enbhc.or alnging, they produce ibe-moat bene clal reaulti. The Trochee have proved their effi cacy. naradcn*n Pectoral Halm for Con* bumptlou and Asthma. The Franklin Brick Tlachinc, inatty edebwed forperfect almphcl’y, great *trcDirtli. and Immense compressing power, is ouaramtked, with eight men sod two nones, to self-temper '.be day and male 3.000 to 3,90 elegant bricks per boor. J. B. Rcncß, Proprietor. No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room tft. Brownts uvenulfncti ('/om&ts.u This valuable combination be* been successful used by physicist*, and found to be safe and sure in eradicating worm*, so hurtful to children. Be sure to obtain the “Vermifuge Comfit," which has been used with good success. Sold by druggists and dealers in medicines at S 5 cents a box. Ttie Bent Tonic.—Caswell, Back &

Co.'s Combination of' Iron. Phosphorus and Cal* l*a/a. known aa Ferro—Phosphorated Elixir of Cailsava. The iron restores color to the blood; (be phosphorus renews waste of the nerve tissue, and the callsaya gives a natural heaUbfu! lone to trie digestive organs. One plot contains the vlr tuc orone ounce of callsaya, and one teaspoonful a grain of iron and Phosphorous. Manufactured by Caswell, Mac* <t Co., New York. For sale by all drtgclsta. raoibcm, mothers, mother*.—Don't tail to procure Mrs- Winslow's Soothing Syrup tor all aUcares incident to tbe period of teethin'* tn children. It relieves the c&ll i from pain, cares «lnd colic. roruVstcs Use bowels, and, by citing relief and health (o tbe child, gives pen to the mother. Thirty-Ore cen»s a bottle. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH New Tork Financial News. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} New Toe*. February 1. Tbe stock market opened strong and steady, with a good demand lor share* on the first call, but alter tbe call tbe markrt was weaker on Erie (common), which sole dawn to 51V. wUilr thereat of the list remained nearly steady. At tbe call of the regular board. New Tort Central and Northwestern were tbs toremost. At tbe flnt call. New Tork Central was 1 higher. Cleveland A Pittsburgh was i hlgber.also Northwestern preferred and common, with a steady demand. After* ward. New Tork Central rose to »x. wttb large trans actions, and tbe whole Hit wa* strong. This was string mainly to repsrts flora Washington, that the official statement of the National Debt would show expansion. and not contraction, a&d also tbe feet that “ahem” are much scared, fearing a rich riss this wee*. Most of the principal stocks on the hit hare b-en made scarce tor tbe purpose ot advancing prices, *nd this lias been dene by the “bears" that they may get relief from stocks thrown upon their bands. At the &a> call the market was all off again—the greatest de rlinetemgon New YorkCentraU which soli at 9sV* Erie sold at 16. Afterwards there was a very strong ec andlorNew TcrkCentraL which rosetoD#, and Eil*, which sold upto MX. Michigan Southern sold at U; Reck Island at I*>X; Northwestern common at M, preferred oo at »X—the market closing at six o'clock at about X !*•*• There are large amounts o> options con inr fine next week, but who will take the stork re* main* to be seen. Though at pres’nt the market looks roue hcalihy.yetitli a treacherous one either to buy or.o-lUpoß* The market is Increasing incase, a*«l less difficulty is experienced to getting Isas* on good collaterals. Uotd la steady, with hut little ex* cKetneLttn 11. IBy Associated Proas.) New Toes, February xosriv. Mcncv mmket ttcadr, at «<*t * cent. roCkIOE SLXCUASUE, bierling nominal, at iWHaueg tor gold. (MLD. Gold without material change, opening at* dlnltuf to 145*. aaraixcing to I*3 *, sadclostxt at l«M. OOTKKKM EJITS. _ „ Government itocii wJtftoai docidM alteration. Shr tom. Vetruir l. Theloan mirket is easy to-d*r, •»* *£• JJ?3g5 l e J,S lowan'S reiteration cJ conDdeoce. Usoks are «ull nU- Inrllnm recertify checks without adoqoste security. DiWiu ooiel; hottblUs at i»Bc *, Vt** known Mat. out offeror. Cold Ann at clow at WK9i»Y* „,, r . w STOCKS. KtoeVs firmer this lorenoon, ud th»sgb were wasn aiiebtreaeuoo at“»® »•“ •r Teraooa Uoani; the market ciM«d firm, with Ohio oorts fj/ttSStpiV USK W.U.TeI Pittsburgh. Mw M V iW. W)| N.w 90)( & D1 Vff0e......... 6*2 N. W. ptd 64* Sidlncf?.. ,\V, 10JJ? Toledo. UO Rock island nv Hlc&eoaiherß V* Ft. Wayne W* SIMM VV lUlftMtlllTL uu 1 (uwam SfSS?°.«vl uumru «« MXVIKO BOARS*. Minina shares n-mef. with smalt ottering. S | Gold Ulli tO Gregory. ............low Quart* UHI SM Gunnel).. no I Smith A ParmeMe... 610 U Heavy stU. of WatkUl lead, declining from Me to 71 fc7sc. ♦ t The Prodace fflarkeu* NEW YOUIL Naw Tore. February 1. Cotton—Ooebalt cent lower. Sates of uo bales mid dlii*ui—'lll?re*»te«ir* I >r low grades, and dull aid de clining tor Miter qualities Rpcrii’ls 1.161. Ha’ei S.ICO limsopcfpno slate and* Western at |» IOt»S.*S 1 extra wttiernltO.lScill.U ( choice IILAAU.tO l round bo<>n Ohio shipping brands 910.9O;iU.i*i trade brands |IIJU aia aoj ianry s*o extra bullhorn. tmOdi6.oo. Uar krt cJosoil *teady. Wklstrey—Nominal. . . „ ... lAt Wbcat-yijlel and unchanged. DoMers exhibit less d 7lVe-Oniet!* P Hslrs.?.VQb'i Western at •1.7191.3) j Cansda West, In bond, nominal at 91.11. lisrli y—l'r.chsiiitrd. bales W.UOO bu Canada West, la bond, at Otrt'.'lc j tree at f 1.15. Uarle> M"l’>—Bull. Corn—Quirt and stead*. Receipt*. 4.100 bu. Bliss. bu inlted We*lern,ln store at ll.OPi afloat 9I.UU. bats— U-ireactire. ilocolpls, bu. Bales. 3,im) bn Western, at twiMc. . Orwerl*s-l>oll nut steady. Hops-Dull, at uyaioc. I’eirjleuu-Uull. reOneJ In band at -Opened heavy and closed Arm. Rslesot I hrls at 919.3793)36 fur nsw mcis, cioting at 930.30 hr WMterat 9W.00.419.r1 f»rotJ mess, closing at 919.16 (br regular 1 916.r>xii7.00 Ibr prime, and 919.0P910.n0 S time tneMi also 1300 brls new mess at 9)0.009 Buyer and seller February, March, and next tour lii. Total slock 01 old ana dew, R 6339 hrls 1 same date last month, 00,170 brls 1 last year, 01,WM bill. Beef—Quirt. Bales S.POO brls at previous prtem. Total stock of old ami new, isj«9 usclages 1 same date last nioolli. 33,046, and last year, mjym. llpsf Uatni-Firmcr. safes 137 hrto at ISI JOaibhO. iiacon—Qulat. BaUsni.ooonisalilwo rbr sujrt Hl»- b«M livelor «liort« esr, and for bellies. Cut Mrats-Flrm. Bale* I.CSW pigs at B49WC fur ihinililerst liHaiOefu ham*, . . _ . Dress**) no**—l;H*Pttl"d stOValnuMof Weststn. l.shj—Blesily Pales 9)0 tins st U9IIHC (br old, and IJbfllVkdfor new. aa _ Cliew*H"f It u* at IMWe. MILWAUKEE Imperial Despatch to Ihs t!tii.!»g> TrlUdDs.l UiLWtVRNM, Felunary I. Flcur-Qillrl. blit nrm. pslm 4M br|*at I9.TA hr Hetsimisspring 1 m.mup.w for hats/ «nr*i 9>.T) fur rye flour. Wliesi»Advsnrs*| fctlp, and elsasd sironf. At lbs tturmeg hoard the sales were 10.000 bu. At in»»m>m i.csnl «Im* sales ware 93,000 bu at lor No. 1 In ilorsi H.hltal.Mbtor No,l m stursi 91.91 s.O, Feorosm It.OttUT h,s||Febraary t 11.719M1 (hr No. I In M»r«. Uau-Ruoy»3l, hales ),900 bn at tie fur No. I In store. Corn—Nominal at tte for nav shelled, Rye and Parley—Nomlpa'ly unchanged. Provision*—Firmer. Sales 400 to® sweet pickled h«lc*,fre»h pacied, atlOo. Dres»ed ling*—Firmer, and 6310 c higher. Sales of good averages at $74)507.40. sundries—Dreaaed chickena, Uc \ turkeya, Uo; choice roll butter, Sell; egg*, 97c. Receipts—l.7Uo biU floor, bu wheat, 7tU bo barley, OO dreiaed hogs. bUipmrau—3,ooo brie f10ur,9,000 bn wheat. CINCINNATI. cixcctWATi. Februarr l. Flour—Unchanged- Saperoue s9.ti(£S.ff for eprtait tod s&scato.33 f r winter. Wheat—Unchanged and doll. No. 1 winter $34100 Corn—Pull. Shelled 6W*«c; ear 530560. Gate—trail at so&Mc. Tbe receipts are quite large, and the market dost* heavy. KycoaU Bsrhy— Unchanged, whltfcev—lu lair demand attic la b:nd. Cotton—Dull, prices uc lower, Middling 30031XC- Hoc*—Nominally unchanged. None offering and act many In thebcas. The weather is too warm Cor slaughtering. Receipts, IJ9OO. I'rovleiftn—Are held nrmly, hot the demand la light. Sale# of SCO brie city mca» pore. Inside brand, at lift.oo, jut this was a lorced sob*. Holders generally are ask- which la equal to holding oat of mar- Balfc ilotu—Dull #t 7V&7VC ter shoulders, ami 9X9 9xc tor side*. There Is no demand fir oecon, ex ctpUng clear sides, which are wasted at 19jfc on the spot. Lord—Quiet at IJOI9XC. Batter—At 2S<i29c. Cheese—At Ux&lGc, with a bitter demand. Beef Bams—SalcaolToObrlsbeefharas, in pickle, at $314)0. They ategcner&Uy held at 93&00. Gold—JSJ* buying. Exchange—Firm at par buying,nod at 1 M 0 premi nm tehiie. Money—lhe market is close. LOUISVILLE, j/iCtsruxK. Rr„ February 1. Tobacco—Active. Sa'o,H hhds at533.0331,1&3.00. Flonr—Snperute, SIO4O for ptlme. \Vheat-SLBO Corn—Shelled. Wc; ear. COc. Osts-Sa'c* atCc. Mess pork—s9l.oC. . „ Bi.Tv Veals—hhonFDrs, packed. BXc; baton shoul ders, Uc: baron dear sloes, 18), c. Lard—p/lae WXc. Cotton-29-kc. Sr gar—New Orleans, 15c. Molasses—£oc. Raw Whiskey, $3.87. BALTIMORE. BaLtusobx, February 1. Coffee—Firm but Insctlve. . „ Flour—Dull. Prices favor buyers. Gooi Howard street superior, $11410: Nontawwtem extra, $11,239 13 AO. Wheat-Winter red. $9.90934)0. . Corn—White, good to prime, $1.0X31.03: do mixed, SI.OO. Oats—ooc. Whiskey-Nominal, a SAN FRANCISCO. Ban FBANcbco, February 1. During the pa*t month theie were 4SS.OCO sacks of wheat and «4»0 btl* of flour exported trom Ban Fran- Cl Fmur—Market quiet. Best brands SO£S fur choice export. Wheat—st4StP 100 BS. BT. LOUIS. • * Bt. Loots, February X. Tobacco—Dull and nnchtngrd. cotlou—Dulls2Bc tor low middling, k.our—ln betiei demand, but price* are unchanged. Pun* m, »VJB®ir A; extras, siaio3io.73: conblo extras, sia.CoC*W.7a;cholce,sl«4kWLso. . Wlicat—Dull and htelOc lowqr, at S9A3 for good fall t $9.7b tor prime: 99.ffa3.EC tor choice. Corn—Dull, at TVs 83c, Oats— Unchanged, at CCfICUc. Provlalou*—lcactlveaodeaty. Mess pork. $19,509 30 (O: prim* me**, $17.00: tump*, $15.00; pickled hams. lOVitclty bacoß,l9X9t9ct shoulder*, 10Xo; sugar ctmd hnm».lfic. lAni.qui-t«t(ial3Wc. Uoga-£asy,r®i>ging at 93.75^04)3. BUFFALO. Dorviix), February 1. Flour—Steady, demand moderate: s»l« of No. 1 Spring at sili®. drain*—Nominal. r»ovl*lono—Heavy t met*pork steady; tale* ol 50 brlsat $91.C0. iiacoa—Steady t sale* of 1,000 asbausalliXc, Lard—Small sale# nl 13c. Dressed lloga—'•icndy at Bq3Vc. W hlskey—Quid and steany at SL99. MEMPHIS. M tarot#, Fetmmr 1. Cotton—Heavy at Me- sic. Receipt*, /.}oi liatr*; ct- IKHU. I.HH hales i week's receipt*, 11,401 halos texport*. 11.(171 hairs: stock.fl)4#t bale*. Flour—Finn aud unchanged. Cern-l-ower at <1 weak: Wnatic on levee. fints-Hearca and hlgh-r. at H7e. fork—Lower acd eaiy, at f414>0. Mneoii-Uuiiiantfd. hulk Jlrals-owuisxr. . DreMMl lh>g*-tncluibKed. lUj—smiuual at SIXOO. Won* In market. IhehewYork Onttlo .tlurkct. aai.k* or rArri.* at nxrox*. : lt«*i-ori€"l by Telegraph »aelttaively for tlmChlcar tribune.) N«w York, Friday Kntrlng, February 1. HrrrU*m.r-Tlnrs war* yarded and m-wlly aohl iobnlel.m to-day, at the Dtratn Market (opposite New York,on Ibn Jersey (Ilia) MJ tieadi and at Comma idpnw v.V) head. Iha weallier I* untavorable Ibr op eration* and trade I* dull, but tinder the llahtaupply prices have advanced *c. The atoek traln« wrro kept bark by Hie mow. and butcher* are generally holding utr until Mondav, when they anticipate a more liberal supply, and lower rales. The market cloaca weak at ihe following ptlcc* i IM Quality til (juaiiiy J* 50 mi giiaiiiy iio * Htiaw-lhc supply !■ light, atd the market I* active at a*me. Ilmis-Umler a scarcity price* lure advanced le. but at the dote the market slows alirna of wcaknesi, Prices rai g* at HfcikWi'. Wiiteru dresird at OtftjlOc. KOLok ItottMsO*. Albnny ItreNierknarket. (special licapatcb 10 ibeCldoagoTribune.) ' AMuav. February 1. Tlifreerlple of rattle Ibr the week do lot eieerd l/DC, but there were tome MO or 900 h"ld over Irmn la*t week, which have now lieen got P>rwaro,»o that the anpply |flNewVutkandKaateri> market* will not be very tmall. The advance rataWlabodt* strong. Xc per t» on all grad**. The top price la oc, but there hvvebecu no choice extra on aa*' Mr. leach told J 7 head extra llltncl*, averafilng 1.730 Us, at 9c 1 » head, averaging 1,300 ft a, at 9c, lean fI JO per heads 19 bead, averaging 1,1:0 uk at "Me; and to be id cow* and hclteri, aver* aging i,otXMk*, at lc. U. Gonahoa sold Cl head, aver agtrg 1,170 aa, at s*t 00. David Walxcll sold 9* head, areragloi I.MO ft*, el 1101JC 541 head, averaging I.OTO fta, at tsi.t«: 91 brad, averaging 1 ,W> ft*, at liotjko s 70 bear, averaglcg U3O ft*, at 995.C0; and 39 heal slUlrra, averaging IJTO its, at 11014 k). Charles Stona aold m head, averaging I,(00 fta, at "Hr. tjbeep—Are In moderate request at SlfdSc lor ordi nary to beat extra heavy One wools. Receipt*. :.IQO. Hog*—Receipt*, l/M. Small u!ii at ItfSl.Hc. De mand light. (Associated Frets Report.] • Auuxr, Febrnarr 1. Owing to uncertainties and delays oo most of the tVe»tem railroads, many droves iLteodM lor this mar letareaetenU days behad time, necripu to last cvcnlcgl.llo head. Many cattle broagbt here could netbethlppeaintlae for the New York sad Eastern matketa. and tome are ttlll here. Nearly forty loads of last week's arrivals were shipped on Wednesday, and aboct twenty xnoie yaterday, ao these win enter Into this week's counmpaon la this market, and to that extent leaaen the demand for this week's arrivals, still ihe supply w ill be small and the fact that the price* of yesterday were tfSXc F & live weight nlcher than a week ago. Indicates the demand as fair. Stock came In slowly, and with almost the total absence of prime heavy beem sod light re ceipts, prtcca advanced to 7X(»So oer ft. New York Whiskey .Rarkel, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnnime.) Nrw Yocx, Febrnary 1. Whlsksy—Active, Wratern-SOe In bond. Sales of I,sft) barrel*. hew York Grocery .l&artcet. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Triaune.J Nxw Tome, February!. Coffee—Boyer* hold olt but Bla Is firm at SQXs3se. Sugar—Quiet. Fair to prime grocery at lOXiillXc. Ocean Freight*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tots. February 1, Freights—Dull and rates drooping. half* wa gram. [Associated Press Report.] Krw Tone. FebrniTy i. » FrclybU—To Liverpool dnlL Com, Gd by salL New Tork Prorbikm harket, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tour, Fearnary 1. Pork—After advancing, closed dull at I3&20. Bacon and cut meats scarce and wan tod. Lard—Mote demand {hr export.. Now Tork BreadattHSi market. [Special Despatch to tbs Chicago Tribune.] New Toe*. February l. Flour-Somewhat lees pressure to sell, hut dosed heavy and irregular. Wheat—Only the finer qualities ot spring showed such firmness. One broker reports that be can pay D.CS for good No. a for France, which is held at ms. Corn ana ostsbetter held. English and French mall accounts make the market very strong. Fltuburgb Petroleum iriarkec. rtminmn. February I. The market for exude oil quiet. Sates yesterday M brls Smith's Ferry of, at ~Xe, bane!* returned; J.UX) brls Allegheny Blvet oil, to be delivered during the tnunthol March, at “c, The rates for future delivery mar he nroted at SX69c> bulk or barrels returned. Refined fcbntd without any ehaoee requiring especial notice, pale* 100 brfe. April delivery la MUslripM*. at sic, I* the oily transaction wecoul: learn. Free oil quet. rales ol stria 1 1 lots strive tic, at to quality. Residuum and&aplha no inquiry. New York Tobacco market. New Toss. February L Mock of tobacco In New York on February i. ia,C3 hhd* American,most all Kentucky. 11,brls lltvaia, ISO brls cubs, and 5,1*4 brls in yard Bales last month of hbds at iSX«lhc. locludti<c a few bhds of Clarksville at fee. and some very choice at Ujec. Log* are quoted at I VU.v fef common to rwl. . . Trade tn feed fesl clewed very active, aed the market Is bare of available shipping M*. Ohio fillers are •lightly better. Total sale* to* the month. L&Wcawa. Ktw Tork »rr Good. m«rkcl. Saw Toi*. February I. The dry goods market Is slightly lower. Standard ahrettvt* and print* an steady. . .. _ bhrctlogs-Appletop, Dxct btark,llci Rev Tork Mooched muslins, fixe ; Waosutta. Kfcet Uuda]* Sc; Hope. CMC; Greece, I6*c; e*. 3*9 to lower ;Wpp«rell. lO br <,TOc l nni.i Amotkenc A Ucts, 40930 c i D, tic; Coneatoga uota UrdsL 47)*c; Wlllowbrook, «SO. i«-. MMTlmoc print*. IBOJOC; Bpf»M6« and Belleville end Arnold*/ 15c; Home, I3*c, Uoveys, "Busow ginghams, nc ; Qaskff City, He; Mooches *Viow, Loom atd Anvil coltonade*. 47)4C 5 Former* tad Mechanics. 60c. Boclon mnloff Stock*. New Tors, February 1. Tt e following are tbs prices ot mining stocks bid in Boston to-day i _ „ Canada 60 lPJ ir r?* ,, t Copper Falls 92W We Royal }l Franklin MlnnteoU H Hancock »M I Quincy Kilning Stocks. in Fiujiciaoo, February 1. San Francisco 6a UlDlDg Stocks J Savage. .....1930 TOIJOW Jacket......... 7M nouid A Curry......... Cboltar t» Empire Mi 11... Belcher Imperial Legal Tenders . nARBIKD. tn this city. Jam»d, br Ret. It. W. Patterson, WIL TON I*. BAWlinj, of Blue Mlsa MART B. VALENTINE, of Hochealer, N. x. tW Rochester (N.T.) papers please copy. botbot Chlcato, . DIED* In Uiti ctty.Fcb. Ut, HANNAH W. RUDD, wife of funeral lerrlcea at the residence of her brother, B. Rbj d, K*o., ICI North tari«&ter«st., on Hundsy, Feb. lilts cUv. Feb. IshOEOROB HERBERT DaPOY, oiflv rhiid of Georg, o. aid Carrie Del*uy. aged 4 years * l Frmera*’to*dsy (fatnrdsr) si 13 o'clock at the mlder co ol the ftiniir. 107 West Madison st. Friends ol me tan tly are art association. qffioial REPORT or toe DB.AWINGP OF THE OPEUA HOUSE Art Association, 18 NOW READY I AND DAN UK OMTAINKD AT THE PUINCU'AL OFFICE, 8M OPERA UUUUH. mailed free on application ol subscriber®* nr pnUlcat foa of tin report hat beet i unavotdablu dtiaytd unlit the nrrirat <\f Ue .Vsui York registry Ooi it and the Eastern rejxsrtt of the elating i seek, containing the only record of <*« names tfthe draw* ,rt, without which U teat impossible to present a full eUitemtnt. amusements. ,y| c Vic EE U*S 1 H EAT RE. fioVTCKER A MYERS MANAGERS, Last afternoon and evening ofMB.CHAS.DILLON. Satnrflsy afirrnoou Matinee, BELPUEGOB, TEE MOUNTEBANK. Belpbefor.’. Mr. Charles Billot Saturday evening. Lord Byron’s Tragedy ol WERNER. Werner Mr. Charles Dillon. To c* rciode with a Favorite Faice. Mcnday—MlSS HELEN WESTERN. Qol. wo ops museum. . J. H. WOOD ....ftepnetor Director of Amusement* F. R. AIRKN Stage Manager THOS. BARKY THE LAST NIGHT. “Faoch a Balltoch.' Houses crowded to tbe roof. H lt It was the obtect ol the Museum management to draw a contrail between tbe acting cf Ilf company sad tbe acting ot the company at the Opera House, which advmised to play Deep o’ Day; the thing wan a suc cess.** This (Saturday) tbeGrand Matinee at lx o'clock, and also in the evening at a V h-f>reß.will r>e perf. rtDfd Faulkner's great drama of PEEP O' DAY. for the last time. Monday, tbe last Lon don sensation drsma, THE HUGUENOT CAPTAIN. WONDERS! To be seen only at the Bruch of the New York Museum, of Anatomy. NATURE UNVEILED. AT TUB New York Museum of Anatomy, gV~t*ecoroyonr ticket® on Ibo right hand side, np-fliaira* II ILL. 'J’HE OUAND MASQUERADE / OF TUB CHICAGO “TDRN-GEMEINOE, WILL TARE PLACE ON MONDAY EVENING, FEO. 4TH, At their NEW HALL, on North Clark-st., above Cbi cayo-ar. PROGRAMME—PART 1, Grand Imposing Carnival Procession. consisting of lit. Kuiranneof the rmt German Warrior, Aimi ntu, into tho Wailhai.a. driflU *l. Emperor Barbaro*»a and hi* followers. 3d. Germania and her fouower*. PnRT ?. By central request, the Great Magician and hi* Dwaro, Utcatly Improved ballet,) PART 9. I*olol by fifty Chinese Blngsrs, iieoceMlon. Chinese Frsllrat. exert directly iiupotied tor tin Poor Tableaux Vlvani. consisting of “Crlumbn* l auding in America," “Wastilmtun CroMlng the Pol aware/* “Tim Lan Uatiia before lUclixoud," and ,'Aiir». Acriihallc Feats by CO ol llie moat celehralivj Clowna, nnrier the leadership ol their maater, Dig. tiluorlaao. UF.GtILAtIONH'. I. No per«nn wfl i>e admitted to the hall roorawlth out a Mask. sxrpptlng Ho- inembera of die |>ro*«. 1. All *u<li ma*keil t>er*on* win hare to miter a room, marked '•iirlTalar-Kun," to nasi before the Hoard of Riaintnera. a. All maaha will hare to obey atrlctly 'ho order* of lie Ifatagera. Tl> keu. a<imlUl r n grntUmatr and one lady. U, every additional Udv It «Ura, are lor aalo at Mr. Lnma raull’a, under (be Htiennan Hoitae, and fit tlm (tail, on or l*fote Monday ovciiliig. Ticket* for gallery. 50 cenla. „ ' ... tJtJMMITTKK. S. 11. Fancy rrntumc* mar b« had at Mr*. Oshur*. H North Clark-it., and Mrs. tUgemia's,‘ioi Chi* rago-av. auction Salcg. f' ILIUCUT ft SAMI’SON, \3T General AOCtiuuoeia. -I? and 40 Hcarborn-il Superior Ifminolinlil Fnniltiiro, (.'nrpcl. Ac., fto., at Auction, On TUKHDAY, Feh. Mli, at 10 o'clock, at nur sales* room*, 47 and 411 Hmrimrn-st., eonslailngof anea« tnnalva sMrrimmt 01 Parlor, (Uiamtivr and luntng itoom Fondture, in Pollan, Oil. Walnut, and milaned In Ibn (tint manner 1 Urnaaoia ami other carpel*, ted a general Maorimeet of Hoinebotd (loci* OIUIKUT A BAMt'KUN. Aucuoneef*. J)AHIEL BCOTT & OO. f AUCnONKKIM AND COMMIkHIOK MFHCHANTtf, Itll l.nkt-*l.»rwr. l.nHallr. Cash advanced on MerchsndUe comlgnml for tale. Onl-door aalaa promptly attenrtwl to. A ACTION—BaturdAT, 20 Fch., tdo7. nl t\ 10 a. m.. Daniel bcott * Co. will Mil at tbetr liouma, lUI iake-af., a Mtacrlianeou* l>ot ol Good*, Including Cawlmcrea, Unuerahtrt*. Tailors' Baaing Mlk, liuliona, Lsdlia'Urms Incept, Ulsnketa, Parian Ware, Btiawts, I^dlo*'and OentUmen's Furs. Travel- Hug Hag*. Trunka. and a general aatortroentol Notion*. M. A. BUTTE US & CO., Anctioaeen & Commission Merchant. dl A 4(1 It A NDO Between Btate-*t. tad Wabaah-ar. Held regular sales, at their salesroom*, ot DRY GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOT 3, SHOES. *C„ Every W EDNESPAT and THURSDAY, FURNITURE, CARPETS, every SATURDAY. jßusical. PIANOS, ORGANS & MELOOEONS Sold rn time. Payments received is instillments. Sccond-baad Pianos takcu in exchange fernewoacj. W. \V. KHIRALL, 63 Washlngtoa-st. i>ightivF”pianos Hare been a* aided SO first premium*. tojetber with the highest premium at the Americas World’* Fair. Hie testimonial* for saperlority are from the highest a tulcal celebrities of Europe and Amenta, erf or Bale only at KIMBALL'S, 63 Washlagtoa-rt. SMITH'S AMERICAN ORGAN**, For Parlors, Churches, Lodges, Ac, Wholesale Depot at KIMBALL'S. 63 Wathlsctos-sL, Croshw's Ootra House. Sato fHUIs, Engines, sct. <J<HE LANE A UODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, FQBXABLE STEAM £SGCTES, Shingle Machines. Con Mills and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. LANK dk BODLKY, Goner ol John and Water-sts* Cincinnati* Applicants lor desenpave circulars will specify the mar hi eery they used. a*iß3'ti*4onß aaantefc*3ttcal Estate.. TXT AN TED—Any one nossessing one VV or two nice comfortable two-story houses, pleasantly situated- with go»d lots, and desirous ol disposing of them on easy terms, say In monthly pay ments, win please address P. O. Box SSIO, giving particulars. partners Sgtauteti. PARTNEU— Wanted— 'Will! *I,OOO capj ll»L In an agrlcu tnral machine slop and sabs* room Excel ent location atd no competl'lon. one who could take charge af the office and salesroom pre ferred Oac-d rerrrences gives and required. Address •‘MACHINIST,” Tnbu ae office. TJAKTNER—Wanted—lnaraloon. Cap- X lial required, about|Wo. Address “A B,” Trt* tune office. .... Worses, Carriages, &c. poll bALE—A toe, well-broken car r rlaee team of handsome brown Morno tnarca. They are sisters and of good site, fine life and action— one five the other sl« years old. and ere ETwnddaugn* tertot Old mark Hawk. JOSEPH JONEB,Boom O, No. 17 Lahalle-st. pianos. F)R SALE—*I2S will bny a good see ona-huul nuio. Ma.lbi MM, M If. ownw W |oi|£ Ban. Inquire at 170 Madltuo-st, WM. CA9* tte Kent-gougM. TSSsIiS rpo RENT—A cottage, tfo. aottW O KENT—A good two story Iremo hoiftro the'WMt blrio nm S«S?Krss k near Fo«t Otflf-e. TO RENT—Bnck cottage, containing laven»oort* and summer kltcbto, at Itcit fas par moUb. J*w«c*'lon immediately. Apply ati it Hoy ns »t. TO RENT —A two-story and basement brlrk home. ronlalntn* ail the tnedern Impiore mpnta. No. lift Fourth aT„ near UarrUon-al. A. COOK. lo9Ciark-at. rpo KENT—Home, with part or all ol I furniture lor aala, If dealted. call. Lcfiiro Feb. 9, t 1 83 Twcnty-tbltc-at. TO RENT—A inrnishccl cottage; or fur niture (hr aa>e. Both hooio and turnliure are new ; It.quire at 1 — ®o licut-iapoms. rpo RENT—Rooms, at IT North Wells i. ■»• rpO RENT— Pleasant and desirable lor I miiifd room*. without board, nullable f*»r one or »wo grnllciiiwi, at ’J3otf Blale-«l. Oeullcmco with reference preferred. • '•I 'O KENT—Tlirco laroo and vary dealt -1 nbl« room* In Rnuk Itul i njc, 33 licarlwro-it. The kN ve'roojiia are amiable for'\»arlompurest* Hitiar iliht n.n.timc'n»inr. »ehooi or flue lleepinic mna. ftlffSttlKO. 11. GIIirtEKIIEN, Itjom No. 7, mat Hoot. H v O RENT—t’no room, suitnblo for | three ytmmt men, rr a|<eotl»tnan and wlft, with two or tLmi rlit id ten, with or without board, tall at HI Eatt Adaim-at. TO RENT— Furnished rooms, chuap, at |7H rilnhui-at | between Adama and Jacaaon. 0:0 lirut-i&iorcs, otGcc»,&c TO RENT—Lease for sale—Lease o imir-atory and banmirnt brick alnre. now occti« pun as a wholeaali) drua alnre. Apidy on the prewUea to WM. D. II ARRIS ft Cu H H 7 Buulli U at« Mt. rpo lIENT—In Urn Mercantile lltuldlng, I npprrlte Chamber ol Commerce, clekatit nillre* lerrmuml'ibm, lawor litaiiram'e bunne**. Apply to WM. C. DUWi tlooiii 17 Mnrcahllle tliilldlhß. epo lliiNT—Siorc nenr I'twl I Deailmn »l.i a1«-i, ihird floor id aame building, •uilable |nf llithl il.nnifai ltlMliß bll«»liw«. Apply at lUom i t MMolilcleiii|de._No. MtJjfaWmftt l *!. fpo RKNI-Miiro, on the uorih sltlo of I I Akn-ai.. iK'tweon tir«fjHifH and UdalK Ihim Mar i*i, laor. A d, AVKltKf.L.ncal K*iateunloe.NiJ. 7 HfU»t« 'uan Ulmh. 'PO REM*—'Very tlekifiihltmlDcc rooms, I ni, iha eecond n»or of 111 llando Plnai. Apply to 1)11. JAMhb, 93 iUn.|iiipif«t, > >o(’uito ilimr. r PO HEN’T—Ditfemcnt, 118 South Chirk- J St, lu* Until »"■'III?. HIIA&S It l>? HO A^pt? M *hr.«i(iin ,< r <o \VM, VoiTLK, 19 Mill'd'., r«»r aiPKom-wnii. TO RENT—AII kimla ol Sowing Ms chines, at rCOTCUMEU’S hewing Machine D* pot, IIQ Martlion-at. XO RENT—De*k room in one ol the moat desirable cffirfa In the city. Apply to J. U. U.IH, 190 Wooth Clars-dt. TO RENT—Ofllce for rent end turniture tor sale cheap. A large trout office, amiable tar me commission or Insurance business, in the centre nt business, with psrrtta.saie.chatra, Ac. Rent only 135 Rrr month. Bossesslnn given February l-i. Anplf at ie office ol toe WESTERN BIKES LV INSURANCE C0..20 LaßallMt. 080. I. YEAGER. hecr-tary. TO RENT—Second and third floors, at 50 Lasc aU PHELPS. DODGE & CO. TO RENT —Store and frost-proof cel lar, 127 North D'splalnes-M. Als-', rooms over store to reni. A nm-rate stand tor any business. Ap ply at 163 West Lake-s t. TO RENT—The entire second story ol «ore 100 booth Watsr-st. It Uctnrtea two odeea, one or tleDearbon-st. tronu Possession clven im mediately. Icculre on the premises. U. P. STAN- I-F-Y. taral 3=statc-(Klti?. inPROVBD. FOR SALE—Cottage and lot on Car rull-suNo. 619. near Woo<i-»t. Price f 1,700. B. D. CHAMBER?. 17 Reynolds* Block. F'Oli bAl.E—House and lot on Prairie »v. mar T*eaty-mnth-«t. Lot 50x180 feet. B. 0. CHAMBERS. 17 Reynolds' Block. IT OR —By Hill & Whipple, Real r Esuteßrotcn, 128 Dearboro-rU brick home. 8 stories, on North Clark-st., mo tern improvements, price 18500; a brick boose, 11 rooms. Sedgwtck-st.. very cheap, fAtCO; cottage han«e and lot, on Carroll st., near Wood, price f 1.500; cottage, story and a half. 260 Park-av* lot SP by 125, price 83300; two-fltory wood hoatc, and lot, S7W bTtl*. 39 Walnnt-st., f3,CWO; cottase house, snd lot, 50 by 189, No. 1212 Prairie av , Ft. 500; boose, two stones,and lot‘<6 bylvt to alley. No. 1232 Wab&sb-av., 15,350; cottage boose and lot. home, U rooms. West Racdolph el- modern Improve rnents. 88A00. FOR SALE —By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new name house or 8 rooms, water, gas, marble mantels, batb,acd lot 46 feet trout, with large barn, on Carpen ters!., near Indiana. I /OK SALE—By Bnyder & Lee. Real Es -1 tale AgentaiNo, 4 Uttropolltan Block, two new frame houses of 8 rooms each, water. ga«, sewerage, Ac. and lots, on WasMpgton-sL,aeaf IJncolo. I?OK bALE—Seme very desirable West A? Side rwldences—Msv-st, near Eaucolpb-sL, new bouse,brick basement,lmmediate possession: rango mon-eU,new marble iroct house, near Washington; al*o, email wood house, near L«ko-«t.: two h-.u*es on Alaaucn-st.. neat Bark, s->nth front; two cottages on Fulton-*t. J. P. HARVEY, 78 LaSMle-st. F OK BALE—Cottage house, containing 5 rooms and good, tight 7-fbot ‘element, water upstair* and rtowr, all we>l papered and In good con dltlrn, with cheap lease of lot. Price. 81.200. Inquire oi pNudtca. 12 Ulb st., rear 349 North WelU-flt. LTOK bALE—At a bargain, house and E lot on Welt Side. Lot 35x150 Ket. House nearly hew, with eleven rooms and proper outbuilding!, gas, wa'cr, Ac. Apply at 15 J booth Grcen-«t. P)K SALE—A now two story Dramo bouse of ten rooms, with brick basement, and lot, in a good nelghborb ,od, on Fu.ton-su. near May. J. U. HaKLKR. peal Estate Office, 129 Booth Clark-st. J7OU A splendid icsidcncc lot 1 on Watasb-av., between Thlrtm'nth and Four tcenlb-staMsoal~lfort. A three-story brick house on Indlana-av* 9 looms, bonrtoa bathroom, closets, Ac.; lot 44x135 levt--|6,OCW. Immediate possession klvoo. Barcnimt college on Caluniet-av H n«ar Tweory.flftb »t., IctailTO-liOCO. bouse on Rtuk-ar., with good tarn, fewer. Ac., lot uarl on tinr. 11. r. MORKTA CO.. Real E»tstc Brokers, 8 Mcirrp lUvn Block. CMHIPHOVEP, I7OR BALE—I corner lot?, 7 inside lots i' on Harrison,Sangamon.Taylor and Orron-*U.. and two 25 met lot* mar Mtdls'n-sl.. and on* honso hi.ii m av,*, him. iivnr *ll,l.l** iu.ij u.l* iiuumj *nd lot on (Itccu-sl. Callun 1. F. UALDUTN, IU4 UMWVdph-st. F'OK BALE—Six choice lots in Block D A»blwrd’» Addition. between .leckftnn and Van Imrco-ita.. at oily |tt» each. WAIU'BN ft OUUU iIIL'II, 139 Dcarborn-at, Itoom 3. 17*011 BALE—A ft«w 10-ncro lota in Oon. 1 Hunter'* tract, fire mile* lontti nf (be city-tl.toQ win »jw d'nrr. balance In 10 y«ar* att n-r rent. WAlllU N A tiuol iucil. I JO l)c*rtwrnnl.. ||.)oma. I7OK BALE— 47 I*3 acres two miles 1 RuUlb of Hyde I’ark.Mi Calumet-road—|lH P<r act e. on iilm'lh) ti rin*. For rwiii, win »*u at timer tretm-lyi-w t«b> or»l£W|.cracrß. WAHUK.N ft (lOUIJ 11l Cit, 130 UniilHjrn-*!., llonm 3. l/OU SALK—Five'lots, 34x1C0 each. 1 Flr*l-»aU Ikkuipm prmjcrtf, on Nortli 0 afk-«u at sue «*r fi" t-i h»ap b»r ca»li, by MCiIMiN FkL MN I HAI>, Itcil rwMtp and I,nan ((roller, Itouia 3, tinuliwm corner Canal and Itandnlpli-iu, (.'OK BALK—A choice ImifUlou lot. HO 1 f» 'lfrnl b* till dfrp. > n I'aik-ar., near Ua itn’O- M, Ttlir | ctiirl. A|ip:y tour a.tdnwi J. (JAUdUTf, I ill lalM‘wl. Heat 15gtatc~(Sauiut),>. iron SALE—The *ul*cnlior oilcn lor I MitUk rmlili’ni'K In Elgin. It l» Mfa*aniiy dlu mnl. tine large natural niniie ipw. m*n<» garden. fruit trees. well am) rlslero, Ao.i l» I'r.nv'iilrnt to ih» Elgin Academy i !• r»n«ider*(i tin* liamismtinM place m Elgin. rrlpef>.niOi l.'.nno down, on urn*, It dt sired. A Ulirrtt fl)a<-.>iint f>r all cadi down. April' or adnrpsj 1,. li. YaRWooI). or ronstitt M. H.Yak* WOOD* Itlliwaihlogt.m»gt.» Chicago. irou were* cl choice I land in ironuou aiul Knot Counties lit,,on Ilia I7C. It. 11.. from oti" to twelve niitra from mm town*— I'narra. Murktey. (.oda and luxion. I'nm from 17 10 913 per acre, % cash. balance lit three niual yearly pay. tni'iiU, A percent. 1 have an oOlco at J-oda, where n. A. iwarwms. with good trams, ran hetoand. IKK. J*KAIWM»NH, 11H Randolph-*!., Chicago, or L>jj. troquoia Co.. 111. irOU SALE—Or Exchange—lllinois I 1 Undt. ° arret In Rffimtham Co n prairie and timber. tlOarn-i in Fayeite Co., do do M aeiei in Clay Co. do do 3s)arrt«reMaricnco n do do <CO acre* In Cumberland Co., do do lUicm in A'exacder Co.. Umber. 10arret In Adam* Co., neat CUyton Htatlon. Mi acre* In Clinton Co., near Centrulta. SOU acre* In Ca»a Co., prairie. 2* acrea in Franklin Co., umber And prairie. Ktainalu Jiflmon t 0., ilm*er. 130 acre* in Macmnln Co., open wooda and prairie. 10 acrea in Halt Co., prairie. 40 acrea in Mart ball Co.. Umber. 160 acre* tnWoofliord Co., prairie and Umber, part Improved. For itle cheap, for cash. In loti to mlt. or will ex* cbtuse tor city real talate or trood mrrchandlSß. The above draerlbfd lands are well located and near rat'* roada. DK'KtNSuS ft WKBbTKB. Beal £ltate Agents. 8b Waahlngtoa-au Chicago, 111. I7OR SALE—A form of 160 acres, lor f' cash, or will exchange tor Improve! real estate In the city ol Chicago-twelve n.Uc« northwest of Chi cago and one mile tooth of Canfield Slatlcn, on the Chicago ft Northwestern Railway; 50 atret under the plr w: good betue and bam. ftt.; also, a good orchard, bearing fruit. Oce-thtrd down, and the balance on tine. Ac. For farther jmrtimlara, apply to J. si. MARSHALL. Boom S. No. 07 Sooth Clait-it. FOU SALE—4O,OOO acres of selected pine Land? In Wisconsin and iTlfhlffan. Farm* atd Uralna lar.ds tn all theNorthwettern autos; atao, residences and tmllolnc lot* Id the cut. . HAMUOM) ft D FIXER, Beal Estate Bfofctrs. llSPearbora-at. ¥7OR SALE—A Cum of 160 acres, with* r to one mile of a railroad station and IT mt'es from Ch!c*Ro. Well watered, good brnidincs. over 59a fralt UK*, and stocked with ccwi. Win Mil with orwjtb oatCcT*. Alhi. 640 acres adjolnlae the above, is lot# to «o» purchasers. Apply at 135 Klorlfrst. FOR SALK—Missouri Lands—loo,ooo acres oi unimproved prairie and timber land, and mo Bee (arms. sltoatod lo North Missouri. on tbs line ot the North Mo. R. H- and In one rf the most beaitb In!, healthy andfbrttlopcniocs of the state. Forclr* ctuars address JULTON F. bIMMcNS. Attorney and Tteal Estate *cert.Mexico.Mo. JFoc Sale. FOh SALK—A lot ot Barbadoes sugar, In boeshradsor barrels. JAMES M. LAWYER, ■J custom Uonse-place. FOR SALE—Alarce sale, Wilder’s fa* tmt.rrarly new a»d io perfect order. Inquire at Keen 24. Nixon’s Exchange. JOHN JONEs Jr. X7OR SALE—Consignment of rood coal* 1 Ity S-Ir.fh dfrk plant. It. K. BICKFORD, »oath Water-et., foot of Franklin. FOR SALE—Wood—Good beech wood at f 6 per cord: coc-d mapl* wcod at §9AT per cord. at FUEL’S TANNEST, near Chlcago-av. bridge, FOR SALE—By Henrv N. Holden, at the corner of Market and a very su perior lot cf genuine Florida Beed « rtar Board*, the only tiDd need la New York for clothes presaea and lur boxca. T7*OK SALE—A parlor set of crimson JP plrfb furniture, tv marble top table*. bureau, waeh »tm.d. Ac. Per aale at a bargain, <f applied for aoon. For particular* Inquire at office No. 1, iitlr> pclltan Block. FOB SALE—Shelving and Irbies. Ap ply al4l)La>e-»t. r 17*011 SALE—2OO halt barrels* one large . bay mare, weight wagon: one tron-axie cne-botie wageo. ifiy w«t Monroe-aU T7OB SALE —The steam tugs W, K Muir X* aid B. F.DaTld-oa. now laid cp at Mllwauct*. In pood order. Apply to R. P. f IT2UBUAH) & CO , No. 00 Mlctngao-at.. Milwaukee. * T7OR SALE—Houses and lolsiunll parts X 1 of the p er. 20 la’ooca and board Inc Imuaea.iamn, Ac., by CUHISTIAN * CO., Uoora 3 Uod’a mock, I’-anoolph-at. bridge. TTOR SALE—One argo bonk counter, r with Mark walnnt top. Apply to A. F. CHO3* KF.Y A CO.. ?Q Wtipn gloo-tt. t/OR SaLE—Furniture, at private sale. JP A good bed and hair matueaa, »ola (rrpa). and oucrboiupbolrt artlclr*, fcr *aie and aloUday rooming, at 349 Fullon iu Wwt Bute. aaiamcti-iaaie geip. BOOKKBBPBBIi BiLBX9I£N 4cC* TXT ANTED —A colored boy, or mao, to VV drive ft recfcftvar. Apply it once, ftt6oJ mcblgto-ftT. WANTED— A lew young men who ire oat ol emplojment, ud want to make m> n ty in an Looorablo btuloeM, can bear ol»« odejiiows to tfo #o by caUii f, foi » ftw diy», on JOUKOUN KBIX, *O4 Bait Kmxte-at* coflct Dearborn, Cbl«»to. WJ ANTED—A man ol business expert ■ VY euoeard ability, who can *l»o Rood reference*, j. A. STODDARD ft CO„ 103 WMhiagtoa-rt., up ■talrf. TBAOIiS, TXT ANTED —tinners ■wanted, unmcdi- VV auly. In rear ol Ho. 143 L*ka at., by CLARK ft CO. TH7ANTED—A Blank Book Finisher, VV attheOaidm CUyPrlntlaaandßlankDookCo.. laHLake-at. None but a om-ciau workman need fflJHantefc-dTmaft fficlp. HUU3K HKIIVANTHi t*tANTED—A good and competent VV rlrl to do ccoeral homework. Liberal waera will be paid. Cab at AM) WaoaMi-ar., between 10 aud U o’clock. No IrUb need apply. TTI7’ANTED— Immediately, a good and V V capable American 11 German woman to do gen eral nomewofk, at lii.’l Fark-ar. WANTED— A oood compelont girl to do cpceral homework. To auchao one liberal waera will M paid. Apply Immediately, at 331# sr* rtn lUjWeat Bide. TAT ANTED—A cook and second girl, VV Apply at 130 Ru»b «t. WJ ANTED—A girl to tnko cure ol two V V children. Mint hare oood rtcommeodatlooa. Apply at Hoorn 7,3(13 ITabaili-ar. AN TED—A flrst*mto cook, washer W and Irooer, at 400 WabaiU-at. WANTED-A Gcmmn, English or Scotch elrl, to do Rcncral houaeworaTbr a atnall lanmy. Apply al 397 Mlchlgan-ar., from 9 to 4 o’clock p. ni. *\A7ANTED—A gu 1 ! lor gcncrol house* VY work. German or Amerfcan pfeterfed. A girl may cjpeci Qrst-c,a*a waroi. loqulfo at No. 1« Boulh Llark-u., Room litor two day*. Employment agcnclco. AATANTED—Young men in UlO couu yy try, wlPhtnß b» obtain Mluatlofa. atiuh a« Imw** keeper*, aaie*tn»n, cotieeto/i, eijjrwiHen. inrfk*, 3SA. s, iaWtf3ii: eiiclMtiif ten cphu. for full particular*. TAINTED—'J nMiulnnl nonkkeoparm 1 V V mdl« t‘»f, H brahniiiait, I flfeitmu. I |mrl*r. a drjvrf*,i enl/y I'terii*, J londiiobtf*. Apply at 1114 fiearm‘rn-ai.l n->»in 3. TTTANTAD—If.O imm, immmlntlcly, to yy whoni Hi« Mrliml warn* will be sir an. Apply to i'AKhilAl4, ft bMll'H. 138 CUrfpal,, iUwhi l>. WANTRU-130 men to go South, VV wagiamrr day and |U low pdf >«nnU», with hoard*, wood chopper*, AO. Apply at 100 Marti* sth-st.. Room I. JliHantcti-JttwccUaneous. ■fX7 ANTED—By the Tribune Co„ sev* VV cral copies of ihaTrUmso of November W, WM, far which a Uoeral price wtU be paid. WANTED— By an invalid lady, Sew ing andrepairinglntake borne. Satbfsctlon warranted, uullea, co not factttu Bleats addteaa Mm ‘•SADIE CnlcagQ. 181 AUTED—IOO men, with cash cap,- W tal of |M to wro, to engage In a bohlao** laat will pay |4 to 110 per day. Hoourtd by two patents. U,i no competition, ana I* the only article of the kind ever ottered for sate. ■ Every family wants from two to a doren. fall, or address, with alamo, J. H. NAhUN, 1 *»a South clark-sc. Boom fl, Chicago, 11. WANTED— Three Copyists, to woik where they reside- For farther partlra’ar* ad dress LODGE A MOIteE, Van Bureo. Ja,.k»on Co., lowa. -... WJ ANTED—AII that trant money, VV sreenbacks.orstatnM many shape, to call aert seethe best tnlriß the pud has ytt shone upon.and la med in every heuso. two dollars tor sample. Call, or address, CHARLES MESSENGER, 9S Wash irgtoa-et.. Room 3. Chicago, Illinois. TX7 ANTED—"We want to give any V V bedy that wanU a cood basiness lor a ‘mall In veetmeit, a chatce ti make tome money. Late st. A. C. DROWN A CO. * TXT - ANTED—Veterans, sailors, oce V V year men and Hancock's Corps to call and sec checks received In payment ditloral Bounty. Advances made on claims. A. GOODRICH. Attorney at Law, lu6 Dcarborn-st., Loom 2. ofllce open evening*. WANTED— Parties havme houses to rent or sell cr leate. to caU on CHRISTIAN A CO- Real Estate and V«#»el Agents, Boom 3, Lind’s Block. Randolph-*!, bridge. WJ ANTED—A second-hand medium- VV size cafe. Address Box 1002. WANTED— To purchase, a minor 4 to 6 Pwt in width, and 5 to 7 feet In length. Any person having one to risposc of cheap may acldre*-. Mating exact sire and lowest price, WEBSTER St GAGE. 7SLake-sL W 7 ANTED—S2,UOO lor two years, on VV flrst-claea security In Cook County. Andress “G S S." Tribute office, Ur two or three days. WANTED —To trade eighty acres of larmlnc land and a gold watch, tor geceral mcr ebandtse or clears. Apply, or address Room No. 1, mi Booth Watcr-at. WANTED —The undersigned has a YV prod many applications far real estate, espe cially TOlrtenco property, and wcnirt thercPrre rcaneat fiaitiea who wish tn sell sncti. tv leave U at his office nr tale. ADOH’II LOEB.Rocm 13 Larmon Block, 9? t-onth Clatk-at. TX7 ANTED—I wish to buy a small stock VV ol groceries, notions or boots and shoes. Ibr which I will pay cash and real estate. *11,” Box 474. ffiffdanteb--i!ro Ueut. WJ ANTED—To Rent—A gentleman V v with small family wishes to rent or part bass a first-class boose conttlulai eight or ten rooms. Minu ted on tbe South Mdc, cost of Htat*:-st. I’csscaalor* wot ltd by first of March or April, aut patty haring a good house to rent to a*rul tenant, wnl please address P. O. Drawer 3820. Chicago. TX7ANTED—To Rent—Two plcisant, V v fiirLliliM rooms, communicating, with board, lor gct-Ucnmn and wife, mm 7 years ol sec. Infant and nurse. Tlit locality unst hchcalihr an>lpl'Biaot,and sit things else deslrabltu-'A place wLcro Iher* are few or no other bonrdci* ptvfhrrM. Addrc**, statins Pill particulars and terms, “E F D." care No.-I Loomis Block. TX7ANTED— I To Rent—A s’oru in a \ T •"’■’ltownlnoneof th* Western S4«»»,a bock! pulnt for hardware. Ail ttnat 11. h. TOWN. BudA Ul. \\7 ANTED— I To Kent—A good front V v office. In see* nd * tnry, between Lake and M'.u* roaand LafaHo and Gt<te-st. l’ni«ic«*lon wllhla ten dsysffcm Ffb.ltt. Addr»«s “ll,irlhnneoffice. ItiUßlurSS 17*011 BALE—Millinery smek. An old .4 -sn. p * , 2. l .'V* h ' u with Urge trade. l'i)r>niftUf>n H.*** TMjl-aclint.c-Kid.ini fiMifld. 11. W. U*b'k«ili'\vi * l;l,,p * l£W • ( ’ r J ‘ ti ‘ AVKIIY, L OK&ALL—'i ho Forest Vnllcv Works. I , Saginaw (.'Mr, Mil li.« rntiMMlng oflwo**all bl<*k». wnd Mw u 111 rf large t'.j'i- ltjr. wllfi len wore* o| land, Stw’cily Mlru' * A,llfW ‘ H ‘ tOUKWOIin. H«||. I/OK interest m n pood I haying hot-I. Prtrpll.MO. or would exchange fop r, * >r Vwtkw uollooi. Atftlro* ISO. BALK— Or to Mont—A store, and ,L P»rt ol our. n-nlwod. iraje. Apply at IMi Mutiroe-at. J 4 OK BALK—Io Lumbmtncn—A blcnm HnwMilil. Iwo TO iiwt bnllorw.WiW engine, S loot »Vf' »H located It) Uaratnr, A n*. fttJunrlU|ti '.f threw, raUromla. and on Tcnnwuioß ' l, .! rr ' *tii>tdyol kgr rtclircml at milt in ral‘«. Mnthrt ctlcnMrc. Ijicfiidlng NaMitllln am! MHtudil*. IruiutroofU.l’L'T.SAM, 19L l>earl»yf|j. It., Lb ragu. I7*OR SAMS—Li a?o nml lurniluro nl a livid in our nf Uiii Inßt lor«iinit« tit CtitrntfO. K»r •A , . <, J l iS 1 " , T 0,u,, . , . ,f * Uh l I'* 1 '** 1 WILIJKIU'AIIKJiBmUT, I.'l3Clark-ti, Room T. PAM-—A UrMclnm Retail Gro* J 1 criy, in a good RwaUnn on Honth aid*. h«)m abont |;M>n per »rar. UlLllKirr ft lUvNKDJCT, lU3 CUlh-st.. Itoulu 7. T?OR SALE—An A No, I Restaurant I on l)oarti'irn*«i., cheap Mr rath. Now ha* 73 day U.ardera. UIIIIEIIT ft UttNEUtCT, IU3 clark-m, Room 7. |j OR SALE —Store, and Hcihlenco J abofe. on Kute*t., north of Van Ilqren, at a liar' lain, (hr a fttw day. only, UILMKUT ft UKhKUIcr, lU'd ClarE at,. Ituoni y. ' |j UU bAI-E—One-hrvlf ot a retail drug A 1 atoie, at W per cent, discount. Inquire immedt. .IflJ.tT uiniNllAUh* VAN BUIIAAUft, WliolCMlo I’mggiua, lULake-M.. Chicago. T?OR SALE—Cheap tor cash, the stock r and flxtuna of a newt depot and notion <tote, in a good location, and no compeuiloa. Addretg, Lr one week,*‘W A O.** Trlbnnc office. T?OR SALE—Small dry goods store, m X 1 aontherc part of city. Gcod location. Mnitaell immealately. Owner cannot attend to lu Apply to S. W. nEA.Xand utflec, t!4 WaahtntTon at. L'OH SaLE—Half-interest m a first-class JT cigar (tore, dolzg a good trade. BeawntorscU- Inc made Mtlstactory with ho one need answer unless mtanlsg business and having about ft.ttC to invest. Address “S D M,” Tribute office. Chicago, 111. TTOtt SALE—The stock snd lease of a I* Cist-claM Family Grocery Store, with an estab lished trade. Ore of tne be t stands In the city. • Apply tc BEES ft AYHBB, ho. 10 Crotbya Opera Docse. F'OR SALE—The stock, lease and fix tures ol a verv desirable Grroefr '-tore on West Madlson-rt. WARREN ft GOODRICH, ISA Dear- Ik rn-et., Room 2. F)R SALE—One fiist-class tamily gro cery, one smaller <Jo„ two first-class saloons one precision and batterd*pot. Apply at 100 Madison tU Boom 4. 33oarbwg TJOARDING— Pleasant rooms and U bcaidaar be bad at 112 East Adamwt- Day boarders can also be accommodated. rooms and L) beard can be obtained at the St. ClooJ House, 114 Ftankltn-st. BOARDING— With pleasant first-class roems, lor gentleman and vile or single gentlemen, in a private family. Boom well tarnished, also not and cold water, batn room, Am, at 139 XBlrd-ar. T3OAKDING—Two single centlemen or JJ a gentleman ardwire canind a pleasant room, with board, at 3SO Oatano-et. T>OARDING—At No. 8 Bldridge-court AJ Two suites of rooms, with modern Improvements and nrsl-claaa board. Also, one room tollable for two gentlemen. Eelercocea exchanged. T>OARDTNG—With pleasant rooms, for JL> four ypons men, to a private family. Terms socrcc*st. Soath Feorla-iL, near corner "OOARDINQ—With famished rooms, A-J for gentliman and wife and single gentlems. Also, rcom tor one lady, at 13J TjOAhDING—A lew gentlemen am be U accommodated witt bcaid it 42 Adjust. "OOARDING—In a private family, lor JL> gentlemen aid their wire* or atntls gendemen, at 3 J 9 Ifaeoli-ii, two block* ftoa State-st. btlclge. "DOAKDING—A gentleman and his wife Jjt can bo accommodated with a ol»a»ant suite of tioot room*, with good board and a comfortable borne. The beat of reference* glvtu. Apply at 139 Wabaah* BOARDING —A ' pleasant furnished room, irritable fbr one or twogeotlemett. to rent, with board, at 3(ltl OMo-«».. bctww.n Kuab and Casa. BOARDING— Good board at $l5O pop wrek at the Dining Boom#, 144 Dcarbom-st., near the fo,l office. BOARDING— One nice room, with the cumtotts of a home. asltabhi tor a gentleman and wiic. Airo. one single room, and accommodation* fbr d,v boffdgr ” Apply at an? Michigan-*!. iSoarb aElanteb. T)OARD —By a gentleman and wile, on I* tbe Weal Side. wiablnglou-it. pr'fpirsd. A lib eral pilre will bo Ptttrt for handsome apartment*. A DnTsta family p'trprred. Kelcrencta exchanged. Ad* linii •• 11 office. BOARD— 1 want board where I can be M «t home," and where tbera arc few or no other u< arders. Breakfkat at and anpprr at ev. ffm dine down town or at borne, according It dttUnce from (Otper of Clark and Kluie*«u. Addreu “WAti* N 133 KUuic-*!., UovO'itaira, gimanons^gp' WALgn, ClTUATlON—WaLted^nrnr^. O cIOMO9 flwauon for our bookkeeper am ** <* V sißUoce in Uiat dcpartiQe&t wiii/^® tn 7 5^h J qokUfled and capable olw* i 2 .V*? 1 , h! « «?? Apclf to W. D. HABHIB4 CITUATION—’Wanted—Ag KZJ a merchant tallcnnit or W-te Conntri prcfcrrM. Aia»fi.|™,'V'Sif’ u l* a*Ss!u!." •»««"« yeaw'eiwrleßce. Kejcrttci U *' iuj week. “J T IV’ ¥. o. not a inn na> SITUATION - Wanted - w kj bnslapM man and prartW] iwo .f. an aßaKdneni. Hu aWi lampuc;. arrt wanld net om«i7 > '»«’ drew “AN X, n Tribune om w . e — 5 L *r CITUATION-W kj A yonor nun, aeompeicrt dm.' taeodrd. »Ulm nr piormnit tn n Z v " MOOIIE T. Cllll."WuMMl. , " '■W. CITUATION - Wanted -TZ ’rill' ..u.lurtofT tit. anil Unw.,Jir 1 ln « -ACCI)UNTAN , I," IQ3 M?g.", SITUATION—Wanted— A Trill O of bulneaa rapacity w|.t lf , u TflffliftoS! mu " U '~ -I CiTUATION-Wnntal-.|iiTs Mby a man ef aipvk-nce. r lc J, of city rePirrnr«i| alio, can l.t n. . , CITUATI ON—Wanted—lly^T Oman pi ftmlly,of tbUrtiy. i tn.i.i»,. k -prefer to work. Am a lair fnmin »T,i r * m-ta habit*. AU.lmm ‘MV >| J. M trlidla* ow l QITUATION-Unntc,l-li v^: Q man of ten ycara* Mpcrt«-r,r». »,V,,w. late nr retail tiuuie, (Jo d r«'t*rrnfr .i, ' 1 imKV.'i'f 0 U ‘ U '"‘ W ’ 1,1,1 ™»" » yKM.UM, CITUATION-WanMirSTT kj roiut of ohlalnluß a noviipm In i^a dnwer, toattMtiatetnuls ■o’.u, * v Oeratamlaali thedut|,4 ol a ARement of aerraul*. 1 imte mnr who... .r treat ber a* a member of the Diuhlt, win ’ or addfeea “f Ai» ?|H3 Oman... .. [l** ttITUATION-Wni l lr l l-,\ru^; kTj er of aa took in a pfltate nimtir 1., .**■ n> ctiuniry, Addrcea or apply *1 j 1 i ‘ encea fiifßl«lied. f “ " ClTUATiON—\Vnnlcil-A>~^ t*uf hou»e)i«p'’fi hr a Fremh lt-h *l. ,i, v , r . : ClTUATloN—WftiiU’«l—To ,\ n Cl work to a nrt »ale family, by m. ’ CmJATION-WftnlnMrTT TH >an)i71.1.W..1.,W iw.i.!«>.■ ‘ 'I C mJATFON- WhUled-Uy * r.r t3»(l(re»nn»Vef. as fltrow. nun, r r I . Auo, by « dressmaker wlili i, a , i m . J . lor, or la iio family mwiiu. A-Idres* -a v office. CITUATION-Wsnled-A i,m n , O of leldlUence, education and riMr-t*-, if to obtain a sanation id soma r*»t> f»? romoanicn to a lauy.or to rto scabs o»ica. work, where she* nu> be loosed up *-j flit a* on* of ibefauill*. lias no oby*-'l.ic turw- JmiMui' liA I-.' 1 Chicago l*. u. agents ©Mantra. A .GENTS —Wanted— Expeneccw*. -XV daai canvassers * ccntVtrri. an,t v a newano aagnlticoctf steel tvuHv.cir: b-c Has peculiar fttcomnsendatlona which r\a4 admired by every American, of whatever -«!-■ Agents everywhere sre ueetlnc with un:>»r»;:- cess. Publisher*' hlgieM commission •**,>■ dress. 8. S. BOYDEy. 73 Clark-su, CclcasC A GENTS—Wonted Gentiemendß 1V ladicP throughout the Unitoil >u.« ■ new Book, “LIVES ©fthe PRESIDENT?.’ <- --»K Ington t*> Jt-hnsoc, by J. b. C. Abuutt, the —-•- aK* rion. Complete in one .arga rolumi. sur*rv’C?' tratnl with steel amomr which r*-XT? trails r-f the seventeen Presidents, bsttle. Tht* Is the cnly work cf the kind yet put»li*i--3- afliTde to experienced agents a rare onpoir-;'- >ttl make money with a eplecdld book, anito-8 lion. Exclcslve Utrttoryatd pabltshers'bigb>«*dL'' miMion elvers. Books ready Ibr delivery now Kr; DOTDEK, 73 A GENTa—Wanted—ln all parts • 1 jQL country, to sell “THE HISTORT OE .mjk« 1 LINCOUI" and the “OVEKTOBO W OF SLiTrf in one of TOO pages. By Hon. I. N. i>| late member rfConsreiw. and lor over t«rttr< T | cor-fidcntlal trtcad ot Mr. Lincoln. Thi? Just been completed, and will meet a wr.i tt-:; 1 «ry intelllpJit dtlzen. It presents (-ante* t -| have not -appeared In any other wore, tt.' il Chronicle; cf Washimftoa, says: “It win character and bold a place beyvnd anntiin: r>,3 dneed.'* For territory and trim*, acdrwj ti -u Ushers, ClabKE* CO, SO and SS Wa-hkrJ: Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell the T t\ nine Bartlett Sewing Machine <t*rh-e >r ,s?a, the imptcved New England Family Sswjs- k-j, (prire ?1S), Both of these Machines sre milr t . Adrtrrfs or call npon W. DELOSS A CO* K -i Dctt Office Block. Chicago. HI. *'f A GENTS—Wanted—To cmm.- «A XX. “Lincoln and blatary,** m one v*>icr=e •• -‘t 700 pages. The boos, liwnea aboat the l-t ;i .Vk is already sa licp more tapldly than anv ote-r -*> recood edition wi;i be ready in two wtfk«. Tj- va cago Journal say* of It: “Thebookuthe V-i and cat not be eclipsed. Fe want a r<-w ei»* r- m{ engage in Its sale- CLARKE A CO M SO c: 4n Waamngtop et., Chicago. A GENT&—Wanted—Malt ned Xi. to sell anew article In great demand (tn-vk Itmily wants. TnrtlUng agecu can make Iron* w u « ri-d withoutlntexLrencc with other t>u*jnc?s, shows Ibr lueif. Basples. with terms and nirt-rri ol the buatneaa, sent for 'A cents. AAir-M CHAPPELL. Drawer 6333. Chicago, 111. AGENTS— Warned—For “LIFE iS3P DEATH IN RKI'EL I‘RI?ONS.” T.> 1 sni'tcnbcrs per day. A>way« sells. A. KIUC UflSt Vi athlt gtOP St., Chicago. ’ AGENTS —Wanted—A tew more r: »•- class tncu for THE AMERICAS P.\KM-i fck. UOlti-B BOOK. Now ready. uc*B«>f ff-optge^and sp-emUdlyitbiitr.vtH. I'i • uf Stewart, M.D.V.S. The book in Uic market. It appeals to the §cif hifr--;i rrA ncceMltles of tbepccpie It is rarttcn’vr'r t\- , ><% to Vhe vants of the Aucrlc&n Farmtr and 11 >r» i i -Jjk cr. Be*lde« treating on every discade tj* ;-- .•.'tS ilrrre U snbjtct. It embraces a nmst Um»h >: .i X3|H m.n-Mnre tieatlse on Stock Raising and Mink*v« ».399 Acont* are averaging one sub-ciil>«r out *if r-r*r ? nj| soltPitcd. Arpiy at oucc for term* amt t*rrit<“ ■ 3fV fc GOODMAN * Co.. Publishers, 3 Custon Ss - |K; place, UU AOENTft— AVnntcd—For “ H OMi> S VTORK IN THE CIVIL WAR " ihf *• ccdutucncert moro than three years ago. a-ni; neder the sanction and approval uf tna t nli-l * u AAt! eauury Commission, the Western HanLarj slon and the ClirHtan Cominl*«b*«, and ro-iv t .El Inirodnctory chapter by Dr Bellow*, laic Pm-* s. Ipi th* Sanitary Commission, H one ol star<Ur«ur;r Km ami great Interest. It l« UltistralM wun iul-' r.ncilerl tcgravloga, by Rllcbleanil tains afoul .00 octavo pages, Im’Hdr.g ‘ V nctriy two hiicrttcd lartlca, and brtrt noil, w <■< four hundred others, while a just it I* rai l :■ i hour ami* uf namsicM heroine* who i.vnumi •> **f to pivs aid and rdlcl toourmirerlna « for circular, and scrnrMhc first choice ot f'" l -' Adiirms ZrIGLRIL fttoCURDVA I’ll.. PuM-d* * mliaid Block, Chicago. 111. AGENTS— Wanted—Evemvlii’n. irll (he "Inatintanein* Win-T-w n.j-'i * . «)*n(|»h,'* nneoftha mo*l iron ’"trd nfi-On roviric«»( liio ag*. Full nartlniia**.* i 1 \i\ ti<.«ea fur limine nr wm.wnl In am emit. Srrnre the arccr in tour »i«-inlt; v«* '« Addrraa u. M. SMITH ft CO , Iharior. go. (’til till* out Air reference. . AOENTft— Winded—Lndips wlu'r.p j ImiiflcM, locanriMwf which win tie 1 n\ . ijM’oli. Attnly fur iniormiiiuin. f»wtnr.l«r. *• '' ’ v Inert 9 nndß p, in., at 311(1 Kn*t >1 ‘• 1’ dtfM. ffiih »(anj|t. Mm. »‘K t; t», w UhhaK. | A OKNTU—Wnnlcd—Fnr“ , riu l'i | '» f, /1,. Hook nf Anecdote* and hnldetil* ■ f tt. i'. Il< n.'* warranted the mo*( i-omiUr. r**t »Hiti / , . "Be. fc faypsriieiil«r«»iWrfM J. A. -O'l’l'V- * *-<>-♦ IQ'J WMbinai(in-«(.. t.'liicagn. tit. A OLN li>—Wnnted**PorFrank M • Xl N«ft Wom. W(»MkN<IKTIIK WAi; IM*' > '*• t»nnivrn»(i»*.tmiff(t, *«yi »h" n.i. •imirtiMl i U !■ la inn nablcu n i niim of l **' nUwecnvr IlmauUirMlie criululw rk h-h**' fortnrtl. UdhrpkUa Ikoan>ii>MM-n. n.-.f" w»r c«n item he *fii k>M wiinmti m» »i»«r fn*h In (alii »|l)i u.*» Hol.l (inly liy rnto *•* Tl | »wMi» t J#»rp*»jun«i.>#ro na.fhiiM'. a'-» y»fJiiyorv«in*iiT« iiiuumivt uum. it r**jt• <• ftialarjr «r thfl IHMUnn. l.y J. T. Ilrn-I. y. r>»-'' P rt, i ua,, y llMuimiwi, •ml ■ * f»BAr. n»HomhcUfk«i.. utickfix. A CENTS—Wanted—s 76 to f'.’in ;♦ • £\ tnonlh, everywhere. main and rnmi«'.i< W«w atale* Iho t.ESfIM* ' ( tK.NMK FAMILY nKWIV ’; - : t V*i* «wehiw »l» ■titcn, arm. fr-i. •' quilt, hmd.braid aid nnhroMerm a manner, l*rlie only fla. Fully wnrra* ir-i i' > ; T«ar*. We will pay ( f..p any m»ililn<‘i f “ I r v lew a monger, more beaaiiMi. or morn rU*i'‘V ' loan our*. It make* in* - Elastic LockMl'ou.' E". Mconitatltehtanboenl, anc anil the cloth i-*m x Ppltfd apart wiutoui tsarlng It, We pay acrrif to>3oo.per month and rap^•n•cl,o^ac•)!ll:^• , ' , r [ r SS.T. h .l e .iVTJ Co .‘. h#t amonnlcac I* raaJa. A»-> - 4 b s?»HV.ft» cc k» Ohio. ( ...fIP^^TION.—Do not be Imputed upon byoii-rwr tlea palming otf worthless caat iron machine* ''.a*' ipeiametameorothanrlae. Oori is theori* £»-■ inland really practical cheap machine inarm<*'ta> A GENTS —Wanted —For Marshal -TV Uncoln. , t theßpealreroi the Ilonse of Rcprcaertth'* .. W ,e R Mawg*t-t. EeQ.~Dear air: The mure l-«; Ue the portrait ot Sir. Lincoln, tne more 1 at with Ita excelleice, both u a ukeoeta and a »i'» art. trtr beloved bnt tannlered Frtaldent. it Merced to me. had what may be called a CetiM - j »•> atiostled within him. Tto have eansht ti!sev F ; coo when be was calm bnt grave: and the ir I * l cc»errtTeao»eethatUiathoaceofor.e wo»*r ** ; 5“ °f kIndECSB, even when hjawlllwatft''—v • IrCexlbie in obeying the cemands of duty. f> r 5 tare reminds me ol him. as he looked the e'ei'l-* ■ fh t e the Inaagnratlon Ball of 1863. when the rvW • trs were atlll In the fleld. and he spok- scsad/ol 3 UDc yean ana bloody sacnOcwot the war, nnd r? • . hopeiolly ot the mcces* he was certain ProvKer. , ‘r»* . to itcra lor as. Ton can Imagine, therefore, co • a— ly I apnrnrlateaad valcelt. 1 Ycnrs very tmlv. SCmm.ER COUAL ; Addrcei J. H. AMiu)N, Publishers’ Agent, S»7 Wl# c Chicago. ? A GENTS—-Wanted—Male and -jtl, to fctl THE MAGIC LKBS iIAESER. Eg 83- Call, or addrr* M ’» rS TIiI.EE St CO- southeast corner VLvX aad r-g «U n downstairs. _ .ijj A CxElsTS—\\ anted— JTV nesou, Kansu, lowa, Wisconsin and ? bonrtjern Statea, with from SIOO to |<M- 800- -> 4 8 Sooth Clark tc A GENTS—Wanted—£3Co per ciras XA. on W capital. Airenta wanted In all Northwest. Address Box 310. Indepeadeacf. I^ r •with two three cent stamps t.>r partieni«rg. l?OR SALE—A large stock of iron lath; I. —<ne 20-faot bed. IS-lnch swing; one nS-lncb swing: lour 13-tcot bed. 20-inch rwm-i 'V SJi-Icct bed. 11-Itch swUc. rack geared. crt»;}£ screw cntilcp »nclce lathes, male at Scrtort'-™-" 1 will be sold at low flen< a. fire portable sto*®lX,B. w UardlNborsepower; five 5,6,7,8 and 9-root bed. cf superior make: Roe«* Cutler; Memman’s Bolt Cutter; pear cuttor: «r£. cue Woodworth Planer and Matcher: one laccr; oreFarrarSnmcer; two moulding otesTTollratr; one shaking machine; »;ooi all on band. In store, at 34 South Wella-st. “ A BINS ft JA.MF-S. - F)K SALE—A second-hand BcckW foiclng machine—» good condition PrJ< s ‘- Apply to the THIBPNB CO MFANY. j FOB SALE—Three 8-horee powir^.a right e&TthU; also m horucatal earl-'** ara ZS-horse power. cr tmaCer clshed wltft or wilhoat tollers. la, is, ifi sad I tabular asu locomotive hollers for s»le. h**J A’-*c cue t-rolltr UcJou Matcher aud PUcin* Sawmills,barrel andwcod-worCi3)r nachlatu* HdS piaaers. belunc. saws, files, Ac. Machinery lr: Dearbora-ac, Chicago, GBEETLES BROS. A tv. .. bearbora-ac, Chicago, GREENLE& BROS. A v - WANTED —To buy, a small steam \ glue and boiler, of from 1 to 3 tone IV? tber tew or second band. If In cooi order. Au-*»,.a. -P or P. O. rox U‘23|. —... Comsponbence 1 O OBKEBPONDENCE —Wan tc i '• < V,.' WlUtatlew to matrlmoay. by a ‘ y. »rt of ate,poi*e*atdf I nofbrtune s geed health. good moral*, temperate and lad ■ “ -I ballta. None bntan alTectlonaw. healthy and -> able young lady, who la competent and wll.ta* » a)»t ber life partner, need apply. On« h*tlx. a preferred. Hefrmcea etchmi ged, U required. , dreia J. 11. YOUNG. Box •■lO3-1, flctsonal TJEHbONAL—WiII Ihc 1 bad on a pair of ' r * rfclfh, and stopped on >locart»^*...1- neon. Jar. BCth. and aajedi» l?»cbi ea mfir' toaendhl»addre*aWkfl«E A », Chicago rv flee? I^ERHONAI. —A lady, not limp n^ 11 ; r nf ihiYcltr W|.h*atn tons the BPtjnalM*n*