Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 3, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 3, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest News by Ocean Tele graph. Rumor foment that Laird will fay the Alabama Claims. Destructive Earthquake at Sierra Leone. Flag Agreed Upon by the North German Confederation. Ship Abandoned at Sea-fight Lives Lost. Impression Produced by the Large American Fleet in Turkish Waters. FROM WASHINGTON. General Warren's Opinion as to the Practicability of Bridging the Mississippi. Amount of National Bank Notes Now in Circulation, $298,749,504. CONGRESS. Senate—Passage of Mr. Sumner’s Itesolulion in Relation to the Austrian Mission. House—Passage of the Bill to Eegnlate iho Terms of Cer tain Officers. FROM SPRIWIBID. Yesterday’s Proceedings iu the Lower House. Dill .Introduced Creating Ibe Office of Stale Attorney General. Republican Caucus to be Held on Monday Evening. Another highlfu! Massacre by the Indians. A Party of Skty-Cva Whites A 1 tacked, and Only Pom Es cape Alive. FKOM EUROPE. DT OCCAM TELEGBIPD* CHEAT UniTAIJT. Londom, February 1. The atTalrs of the Atlantic and Great Western Dattroad, which were referred to a committee. Lave much Improved. Ilia certain oa the opening of racliamcLUhc former measures win be pro posed. It is rumored that Mr. Laird offars to pay the Alabama claims. Lovnos, February 9—Evening. It is esld that the plans of the Government do not embrace the Introduction of a Deform Bill. The subject of reform will be merely recom mended. rnAxce. Pasts, February 1. Napoleon will soon Issue a decree granting per- X- pctnaltlghiof social aud religious meetings. Pams, February 2. \ Tjh Prfife thlr-ti the presence of the American squadron tu the Mediterranean only complicate* • the Easltrn question. einr atusdoxxo at eta. IjYEitroou Kenruary I— Cycling. The ship Monmouth, from New Orlcius for -1 crpool, rw F> nsacola, wa< abandoned at sea. No date. Eight lives were lost. The remainder o! the crew, twelve in number, were saved, j rncsstA. The flag of the North German Coutedecatroa is agreed on. It wfil touelal of an eagle, and a black, white and red stripe. Prussia declines to treat with the South German States on account of the provisions of the treaty o'.Prague. Dehum. February 9. Count Bi-mark has refused to declare me policy Jobe pursued by Germany with retcrencc to the dllWcnce* between France and Belgium on. the uue side, ard Prussia on the other. UAiniiQUiEE AT SICUIIA LtOSE. London, February 2. An earthquake bad occurred at Sierra Leone, which was 'rry dcsunclire to life and property. ouruE voutnixtus join the ceetan hevolu- TIOMSTS. Atn»N*. February 1. It is JropotriMe for the Grecian Government to prevent volon'ccrs leaving for Crete. Fifteen handled have just left for that island. STAIN. Maputo. February 1. Over one bu-.dred arrest* have been mads here recently of persons believed to be connected with revolutionary scheme*. HALT. Flohencx, February!. Gorfba'di discountenances any rising at Rome at present. I A mortar max ucssia. London, February 1. Rneeia protests against the Poles gathering In G&lllcls. ABotrtaiAxixmAij. I London. February 2—Evening. 1 Adrtcce from the Continent stale thaUUs offi-1 dally announced that Maximilian will remain in I Mexico if the Cougreaa of mat country, now soon 1 To assemble, suf talne him. 1 xtiBXTAi. or rruxEM. I LirvsrooL, February 1. 1 Tbe atettncr Belgian, from Portland, arrived at flrccncaeUe; also the CUj of Cork, from New j York. Qcnsrrows, Febroary 2. TLe »{cfltner Sacramento u rived at Monrovia, January 12U». .... Ibcsleamer Pcrela, from Kew lork, baa ar* . j’ntd. LAtctt Forclc** fflarlccU, UTcsfooUftbroirf l-Er«alni. Cottco cloned dull. M»ach«tcrrJrlce« onf*Torablc l*ncn much Sower. Wlctt and Conr much «*»!«• C-'rn declined to CiaUWCd lor n Ued TVeatcrn. lilrtnced t*U» crown. American lard, Me. Cneone dti lined le. Petroleum quoted at U Cd*U 6jfu * or Vcannilrtnliacd Canad* refined. la>*iw*<Fclira«rf I— Krcolog. Cowol»,«tM6. Untied. tute*i-»* 731 M« ; llllnoU Central, BSlt 5 Eric .39, I/jspos, February 3. Coneols. VSH ; IlUnota Centra!, WK. Loxnox, February I—Noon, Ccnma-tOK! niloolt Ocou»l, rav, Erl,, a, Cuitod buuisJ<*,W I _ lt - rxr<xlU y c ; I n l trT 7-Kvp^ln;. U<iUm-Clt»rf dull ,n j l»,nlv«- s»w =.«> bftka. |*rt«*firm.*pduochaocw. Hrtad»taC*-Qu»«t- s ‘ ,lrl “ T " r^»a ” c ' x.w. lorow, Febrowr Cocci. dtcllnM IH. *"U.!Sa •k.™ tellzrt *. Kid clo«J “ n ' l ? Male Bond. ad.aM.d lullj H. “d dowd « W*j Hood. la tala cI.J are all Paltneu Cc&tral. XUu lonucr cloalos »t73uujtsc nl **• - THOM ASUISGTOK. ISpcclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] WasnctGTOX, February 2» i us rou tn* rwroncaarsir op tu* laws b» th hwcl nn*. Mr. Blnebam baa proposed a plan of recurinp •J.U cnloreraem o( lb. Um In Ui« '»>• JcVitl “tales to the Reconstruction Committee, based »:;,on the testimony of General Thomas lh*t a *Q- Urvialnr military force would be necessary until those Slaves are fully restored. Mr. Dlnahun proposes by a bill to rive apodal power* to the Military authorities, which will secure the end in '•lew. JOIIHEOS JtDSCT* XOf. The crcnlnir Johnron orrtn, epwldns for the IVtn.vlvania Democrellc Suit Committee, nrsci so inniediate organization of minnle men. to bo stuomotudatamomect’6notice, lor ‘‘' p ° r . t '?J! of iMcndlne and unatalnlm: the “L.J e Ceiled Slatca in the cecldee of lu> hlzh omeUt prerogatives. gumri'a BZPOBT|OH A2IJ) UiUDUCS. General Warren, In bla report nimn Western river?, speaks as foAotve abont the bndglns of •* jt ie dearly Imoreaecd npoa my c-icuiliai it U Impracticable to locate a bridge that eball meet the want* of rail ed transit end not unnecceearily Intel fe« wlOi «'lg«Uon, and there is a General nnaalmlff ol to that cCed, ae lar ae I have obsemd, “i'vr.g both rlrer men and railroad engineers. A t* coming over water tracsportfttlon.toin* bargee Wired by steamers. This moat confine tbe freighting business to non bulky »r --tide#, cbispen Us coat, and throw the passenger traffic and more valuable article* upon railroad line*. The people of this country cau oeU;o' f torn the expense of travelling nor costly pnrebases unless bulky products are cheaply transported.’* idob tubulab bbidob across tub •J he Post Office Committee baa reported favor* ably npon a bill authorizing tbe conslructloa aad maintenance of a submerged iron tabular briage acrosf tbe Mississippi River atßt. Louis, and pro viding that it shall bo sank below the water Use of the river, and shall in no way Interfere with navigation, and shall be recognized as a post route. bill xrrLTUto to bsbzl oukditobs. The JodidaiV Committee ot the Senate baa agreed to the House bill providing th it It shall be unlawful to pay any account or demand against the Government In favor of a rebel and accruing belore the Logining of the war, and the Presi dent's pardon shall not authorize or warrant the payment of any each claim till Congress acis favorably ihercon. xcdicial. A bill will be Introduced in the House on Mon- day repealing that part of the J udlclary Act which deprives a District Judge, while bolding Circuit Court from rehearing and rcllnlng cases from the District to the Circuit Court. This bill Is made necessary through au omission of tbe Judiciary Committee to repert the bill reorganizing Federal Courts, and the conclusion of the Supreme Court to hold an adjourned session ' running through June, thus making the performance of dremt duties by the Supreme Judge impossible for two years to come. tbeasubt mamma Umars. Disbursements of the Government on account ot tbe several named Departments during the week ending to-day, were as follows: War Department, f2.KW.C23; Navy Department, «3.7,22'.i; interior Department, $173,231. Disbursements on account of the same Depart ments during the month of January, vvercas fol low? s War Department, f 8^73,012; Navy Depart ment, 13,731,027; Interior Department, 11,251,599. NATIONAL BABE COBBENCT. National Bank currency to the amount of f119,2<0 was issued by the Comptroller of the Currency last week. Tbe actual circulation of these institutions at the present date, after de ducting the amount of circulation redeemed. U $598,749,aM. THE TBSABUBT EXABINATION. The committee appointed by the Secretary of ibe Treasury have finished their examination of the I’nnting Dl« ielon Bureau, and the employes have again been put to work- Thi report ssys tbe business of the office was found correct. The same committee will by direction of the Secretary examine tbe business of all the bureaus In tbo Department, tbe efficiency cf clerical force, Ac. EXTENSION OX PATENT GRANTED. The application of Geo. W. Brown, of Galea burg, Illinois, for extension of patent on his com planter, has been granted by the Commissioner. rOBUO DXBT BTATZMBHT. . ... The monthly statement of the public debt win not be ready until next week. It will not show am diminution of the public debt, or any con- ; traction ot the currency for January. rorrAL item. . , The Po«tal Committee ts-day 1 decided to re commend the repeal of the law prohibiting the ca»r*lmr of books and uewepaocw In the Overland Mail, and making the postal lans of the country , uniform InUiolracitou. ivrcAciiMtNT TEsriaioirr. [ The Jfew York Washington encclat saysj “Tlie House Judiciary Committee have become satisfied that the testimony already adduced, lu dndhiC that of Genetal ilutler, is sufficient to warrant articles of Impeachment nmdn*l the President. This conclusion Is ba«ei upon the testimony of Hadlcals only. There ha- i b-on no iciilmonv yet hcnril on behalf of ihc Prcslueul. nud wlirri this h offered It may entirely cbtov' the minds of the committee. 1 ’ act nri'cauNu rur a*«:e*ty W*.HtUKuToN ( February 2.—Uihclal puhllca.lon ,n pjvin ol I lie actio repeal the 11th fecHon ot the aum'.etf la'*’, which hccitno a law without the aiimova) ill Hu* Presided. BATX OT AliMa TO INDIANS. The Fecrctnry of War ha* addressed a romran nhn'ioij to Ifeyrefcmatho Schenrk.fjr the hit >r tnath-n of the Military OinimU'ce, enciodnijM tern tuna tJcucrahs CJmnt and Sherman. atronßiy iiruleMin? ngalt'M the authority of Charles i*o2r ami other* in rell arm* to the Indians. Ihe in 11- Mary otliccrs t-ar the trooru had belter 02 •Mth* thawn at •■arc, It Arms are to be placed In the hands of the j-avages. CONGUESSIOSAL rUOCEEDI.NGS. A petition waa presented from the sugar re finer* ut ibe United State*. stating 111 it Ih-iroaro i lurty-five millions invented in their batlnes* In the country, and asking protection In the pending Tnrld Hill. Mr. WaUR railed tip the hill auUmrltlne the Judges of Idaho to appoint the time* and place ol holdlnccouits. and providing that the legislature i*e chcli-d biennally In August, and mod annually on the first Monday iu December, which passed. A joint reeolnllon. authorizing the Ocean Mall Service, three I-lines pet inonUi between Son E’raucUco and Portland. Oregon, at a coal nut exceeding ?25,0U0 per annum, was passed. Mr. Sumner's resolution,calllm: for Ui-Jlcltcron which Mr. Seward founded Ids Inquiries to Mr. Motley, wa* parsed. On motion of Mr. CONNHSH, tins Secretary ol State was requested to report what atom had been taken by him to obtain from tho Kopttblie ot Colombia tho right lor the United States to maVo the necessary surveya for an In'cr-occaalc tldp canal through her territory. Mr. TKUMBUI.U from the Jndldary Commit tee, reported a Joint resolution prohibiting pay meets from the Treasury to persons not known to have been opposed to the rebellion and In furor of lu» suppression, with so amendment striking out the provUwmabove quoted, and leaving the hill to mohloit the payment of any claim of each per sons occurring prior to the 13tii of April, 1831, and :hat no person shall authorize such payment un til this Joint resolution Is modified or repealed. Mr. STKVVAKT, from the Committee on Public Jjtdr, reported aldll providing means for entry at the minimum prices, on public lands In California and Nevada, land settled and occupied as town titee.wlih tnauieudasc* t providing that It shall be construed subject to the provision* of the act granting the right of way to ditch and canal own ers over public land?, and nothing in said act shall be construed lo grant any right in condlet with ibe rights of miners noon public lands which Ibcy hold under any law or Congress, or by virtue of the rales or diatoms of minors. Mr. UKNDUICKS,Irom the Committee on the Judiciary, reported a*bUl to define andpnnUb certain crimes therein named, with as amend mentstrlhlrg out the whole bill,and Inserting that If any one shall rob another unlawfully in custody thereof of any kind or description of per sonal properly belonging to tho United States, or shall feloniously take and carry away the same, the person so oSinding shill, on conviction, be punished by a fine not exceeding $5,000, or by imprisonment at hard labor not less than one rear nor more than ten, or both, at the discretion of the Court. Mr. HAitKIS Introduced a bill to amend the act fot the removal of causes in certain cases from <ia*e courts, approved July 2», ISA which amend ment piond*a that parties now resident in any Mates lately in rebellion, or a party plalntUrln any cause now pending or hcreafler brought In any court ot such Mate, who is or shall be defend • d in ibe cause retained, according to the laws of -nth btate, ior adjudication of relief sought by him, alter the piaii.liff has ceased lo pros vcntc the original action, ho shall be entitled, where the amount involved exceeds soil.), at any time before the trial or final hearing there of, to have said cause removed to the Culled slates *’lrcnlt (-oart for snch State, in tho rota m r prescribed by the act to which this Is supple- I roemarj: /Vorta«f. that such removal shall apply I ody lo such causes as coaid, under the Conatlto -1 uoa and existing 'aw*, be brought into ihe Cir cuit or District Conrt of tho United Stales in each Stale, bv the original action. ' ... Section 5 pro vinca that the pleading? In the evure, when transferred, shall have tho same voice unddhet which originally the pleadings would have in ihebiare conns, under the laws and prac tice* thereof at tho time of commencing the caree therein provided. No person shall be excluded or prevented from testifying, or be deemed incom petent as a witness, on account of his color 01 Braun, February 1. r# Thc Barkrnpt BUI was liken op. The pending question was upon the amendment of the Judl clarv Committee to strike out the proposition of tie House bill, exempting from sale under the operations of the law so much of the debtors property as la exempted by the exemption law of the state in which debtors reside. The amendment was debated by Messrs. STEW ART, FOSTER,POLAND and DOOUTrLE,afler which the |vote was taken on Mi. Wilson a amendment to insert, In lien of the above, a pro vision that an amount may he exempted, not to exceed fiOno. t . This was disagreed to, and the question recurred on striking oat the clause above referred to. i cas H, nays 25. . _ The Senate bill to regulate the tenure of office I was received trom the House and amended eo as I to Include Cabinet officers among those who shall 1 not be removed without the advice and consent of 1 the Senate. I Mr. EDMUNDS moved that tho Senate disagree 1 and cab lor a Committee of Conference. Mr. TRCMBDLLhoped the Senate would agree to the amendment. lie did not see why Oabi rct Minister* should be excepted from the pro virions of the btU, and the fight might as well he ■ 111 !? e here as in a Commim-c of conference, i Mr. LUMLJMJSsaid the Ncnate bad expressed It* opinion very decidedly on this eabjcct, and I arcoioicc to the usages otihe body it ought not | io hr pressed to concur in what it had so decided- I ly voted down. I Mr. UKNDUICKB moved to postpone farther 1 of. 111 ® saitleci. Otjagfcedto. i« «Iw'sS. F,°, OiC ftmwncvd the proceed- I Inge op the death of lion. Phillip Johnson. Rente -1 tricU JVC Ir ° m Hcvecl h Pennsylvania Dls JIr.fICCKALEW delivered an address on the hfc ar.l character or the deceased. «r «Uom So erokc In terms o! sincere retard and tibbrcsncci liic customary resolutions were biwi iV. journede * On motion of Mr. WILSON, of low*, Icirewts encn to the JoclJclarj Committee to e>t dating Ibe section? of tbo Uunßcior the remainder of the 1 session. ...... Mr. HOOPKIt cave nollco ot M. Intention |o , mure on Monday for evening sessions ot the House doll; except bainrday*.| TheSma'c rail to nvolale the term? of certain r|vh officer*, canto up. Tbo rote of yesterday re. I •pcctU’C Mr. Vvillltuiß amendment was tccop. I nocrcd—74 acalnstCj, tor the amendment *dont* 1 ed—W«£»lnel6i. IheeCbctorihcatncndTeiiiis I in Btnko onl tbo exception of Cabinet ©racers I from the operation of the bill. I Ihe bill passed—lll oa*ln‘tß?. I £Thc Senate amendment* U tbo TanCUni w«re I "f-rred tolbe Committee ol \V*j* and Means I The bill to extend lie patent* of Tim. W. Uat ■wy was tabled..... The in nate Joint isolation, providing for the payment of certain Kentucky mllltU forces, wa« □arsed 'With amendment*. . r Several private bills were disposed of. Mr. I.AFU.N. ftom the Committee on Printing, imported A bill for the election by the Uoa«c of a Concresrlonal Printer and the abolishment oi *he office ol Superintendent of Public Printing. No member asking lb© floor, Mr. LAFLIN moved the previous question, which wi, • pc §jj*f 1 TIIIMTUX moved to table the hill. ■ rhevoto war about to be taken, when Mr. \K» rONArote and announced the ocatn of hU cob league, end ofiered the naoal resolutions of con dolence *nfl respect. Bulotfles wcio delivered bjr several members. Adjourned. i special Despatch to the Chlcaro Tribrme.l | ppnwoncLß, February -I. I ntu. cnemxo th* oppicb op attowcxt ocjrejun. I Atuonc tbc bill* referred to the Judiciary of the 1 10 one creatine the office of Attorney Gen enl or (be SUte. U nntborlre. tbe Governor to nppolnt e ueb officer, trbo rbill eonltono to bold tbc office ttr.tu tbc next general election, when be .bull bo elected bj tbo people tor tbo term ol tour ,m» nir«t»ribi «»d «1|5,000. It U asserted . St tbe-Tl. tt conetant denrand for the eervlce, of • Stole officer of Iblo krad. It ho« herctolorecoot tbe Stoic moro Oran *IO,OOO per innnta for eotmsel teeein caece where It nee been positive]jr neces- I *ary to emply one. TOT SEKATS uoi been Id seeeiou to-day, contrary to Rooeral anticipation. wtaraus bxtebs Tbere was a quornm in tho House this morning 1 and the session continued until alter three o dock I n.m. A large amount of business was accarn- I i>ll»hed, hut nothing of general Importance. The I committees will have a Urge amount of wor* I ready for Monday. I bkfcbucax caucus. I TbeßcpubUcanmembetaoftheOeneralAssem- I bly wDI bold a caucus at the State Üb “fJ* <"} I Eondav evening. U U gcneraUy understoodthat I it is called to take action In regard to redulrict- I jcg the SUte into Congressional, Bc«Wrial and J yol. xx, Representative Districts. and also art u vou the proposed Constitutional Convention. boabd or equalization. Another bill to organize a btatc to tte equalization of assessments was Introduced to the House this moraine. Section one provides that on or before the first day of April next, and cadi exceeding year thereafter, the Governor shall appoint one person from each Congressional Dis trict of IhlsState, who, with the Auditor of Public Accounts, shall constitute a board for the canali sation of assessments. Section two requires the Board to mcit In Springfield on the second Toe#- day ofAuguet of each year. Section three provides that said Board shall proceed to equalize the vtl n&Uou among the several counties as follows: First, they shall add to the aggregate valuation of real estate aad personal property of every county, which they shall believe to be valued below Its value in money, such per cent In each cm as will raise the same to its true value In money. Fecond, they shall deduct from tbe aggregate valuation as real andfpersonal property ot every county which they shall believe to he valued above Its true value lu money, such per centum In each case as will reduce the same to Us true value In money. Sections four and five are devo ted to details. Section six allows the members of the Board five dollara i*r day. •"* »•* • mile fornecessary travel. Section seven provides that any Assessor who shall arares properly at le»s (hah ita money valuation, shall forfeit a sum not lees lhan fifty nor more than five hundred dollars. BILL TO FIS WILLEM’ BATES. Among the hills ordered to a third reading to day was one to fix millers’ rates. It provides that the owners and occupiers of any public crlat mitt in tbe State shall charge the following tolls: For grinding and bolting wheat, rvc or other grain, one-twelfth pan; of corn, oats, barley and buck wheat. not required to be bolted, oue-wnlbpart; for grinding midland cbopplngall binds of gram, one-twelfth part; for grin dine all other grain, one tenth part: Provided, that if the owner of any such grain shall desire H, he may pay the ml kr tbo following rates: For grinding and bolting any kind of grain, twelve cents per buibol, which •boll be received by the miller ns full compensa tion. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIH. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Trlbono.) SrniMonntn, 111., February 2, HOUSE. Petition nrtl rotolntioo', neither cove! nor ipe* claltY Impatient, vreru Inlrodnccd and referred. larnitrs opbtajchimo committem. Tlio (dandln* committees repotted back annm« cr of Dills (or ingroaracnl fnd third reading. Bin* passed to Incorporate the Uloornlnffton j Library Association; inrcla'lonto fines and pen* I allies In Conk County; to divide Springfield lu'o flection districts; to Incorporate the Dprina-ilcia Turnvoroln; to Incorporate the I'coria Turn* vereln; an net rvjmlattnK warehouses and ware housemen; an act to govern mllU and millers; to incorporate tbc Chicago Tusr Co.; to Incorporate tbe Cblcstro Fielchi Company; to re-locate the county real of Gallatin County; to Incorporate tbc Alton and Upper Alton Horse Hallway and Carrylrt’Company; to incorporate the Sate Uc* posit Company of Chicago; incorporating the Chicago Calciloulnu Club; liicorpotatlnt? the <M* caito Glass Compam ; incorporating Uio >\ ushlny melon Hknilmr J’ark, Chicago; Incorporating the Chicago Citv uageage & Transfer Company; to nntnu the charier of llelleville; Incorporating Hu* jicllovllle Citv Hallway Company; Incorpora* Mipthe'Peoria Transcript Company; to enable Snpcrvisota of Lee County to use swamp land fund for other purposes; forrellef of tbo Collector nf •lefioraon County, who was robbed of ti/fU' \ to incorporate the town of Normal, a senate mil. In addition to there there were quite a n miner of petty MU* parsed coi.ccrulncr merely the small* ett personal and local interests. SILLS CALLED t*P. WisriiHaroN, February 2. SENATE. A bill to confirm and authenticate the consoli dation ofiLo Wcoteru Uniou llallroad Company, w** read and Uid over. ... v act Incorpom'lng the Jacksonville North wrstiTU and FoullieaMern Uailruad Company was U ««l.ww to tot ot fliool od any land without the consent of the land owners wa* called up and laid over. An act donating two thousand dollars In aid of Uc state norjlmllnial Society, was referred to the Finance Committee. . , , borate mcasmes were taken op and referred. Adjourned to Monday 0 a. m. memo an. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trllmne.l Laksixo, Mich., February 2. SENATE. A bill to amend the charter of Marshall and an* tborlxc the same city to borrow money lor bridge purposes, was introduced, read and referred. A bill to amend tbo school law was passed, DOUSE. A large number of bills were introduced and re* **■ ElHs to pay arrearages of the Deform School and Hint Asylum tvcrc passed. These bad previomly patted the Senate. (Special Despatch to tbo Chicago Tribune.] 1 FruKETOBT, Ky., February 2. The legislature to-day accepted the report of the Sinking Fund Commissioner?, which pro poses to at once redeem the State funds now due or coming due, stop* Interest on the overdue bonds, ana classes the funds not presented for lodgment within a year after due, as lost and can- | cclieihlearinplhe payment optional wttbtbcStale, 1 and a subject for special legislation. • It Is thought Senator Guthrie will resign, and that L. W. Powell will be elected to succeed him. This lutngne is part of the prograame under which Garrett Da'iswas re-elected. On Wednesday next Mr. Davis's son gives a grand parly to celebrate his re-election to the *”Several tons ofrock fell Into the mouth of the tunnel about noon to-day, Inst betorc the train fiom Lexington was due. There was no damage, and the train was detailed only an hour or two. The Congressional election is set for the foaith ol 'the y nouM adopted a resolution calling on the President to issue a proclamation of general am nrfty, cspedallv of pat don to J.C. Breckinridge, that he may no longer remain in exile. NOUSE. mOJI SPUIMi FIELD, nrz norsr. niUA PASSED. KENTUCKY. TENNESSEE. NARHvni*. February 9.—ln the Donso the de bate rn the Negro Suffrage Bill closed, and a test vote was taken, which resulted—yeas W, ws i 9. The friends ol tko measure are much elated. NEW YORK. ALBAStr, February 2.—A bin was introduced lu the Assembly to-day to enable the National Bank ing Associations to become Slate banking institutions. . ANOTHER ISDIAS MASSACRE. Merrierof Ftfty-Mne OTilte Won Near (tic Smoky Hill Blvci—But Four of ike Forty Kicnpc-Bcporls of Oilier Indian Ontrage*. JUNCTION Cixr, Kansas, February 2.—A man came Into Satina, about fifty miica wcM ol here, vuslerdav. and reports a frightful mas eacreol white men by the ChCTennelnulaus near lhs head of the Smoky Hill tllvcr, a few dan Bltcefunder the following circumstances; Wal lace's train, with sixty men, were In camp, when | aparty of fourteen Indiana came begcl. JJj® I teamsters refnsed to rive them anTthloe. woero nronth*lndians fired upon }hcm, bul jrtthaat effect. The teamsters rentnicd the fire and killed 'iboSS o'clock that nltrht the midp »u snmranded by too hundred Indians, who masse- C had au bole tbranch his shoulder, and another thc hip- fledalnuttohe one of four men lhat CI TSSnV of Omahas and Katre made a thlattns mid on the Cheyennes, a te» daya since, on the Satoa. Several head of Cheyenne sleet were “rvS,"lvS?lMt U |M famous Interpreter. Gmj I‘ S'S “ FKOJI ST. PAUL. l.vnltlnUTC llcolnlloni. P»«4 Con ilmnlne Srunlor Norton-Xlic Ncn oprra Ilonne—Attomcr Ccnrral’a lie port od the Sew Dm Uln-utero. (Special Deapa'ch to the Chlcaco Tribune.] Sr. Pan, Mice.. February •L Hie House pasted the Seriate resolution, to-day condemning Senator Norton. . ~ F.mcnou's lecture called out the cure of the scaton. and care Ccocrtl The Opera House will be ready for occupation February >.-Tho General's report lo the Governor on the >o*r Uim mri»Mcre is published this morning. .” D *" “t flr>t armed on the ground the people earned aaxlon* to hare the murderers hfoMhl to Jasiice, but ru conreraatlove with about fifty of the prm clpal who were pro wot at ihe sutuniain. they could not remember the name of a■ terpenengaged in It. The oplrlon of tbeUermau Justice o! u»c i'cacc, who bold the preliminary ca* amlaatloa. Ip a model for Justices for all I* paUsfied tbal the murders were committed by the men before him, hot there If doubt at to *blch particular person In the mob etrocU tbc •aial.blow: therefore, most of them harp the be*’* rblot the doubt, Those lew whom ihoJutilce urn unt dbebarge, the German court did ahortly after. A* It Ip manifest thceo ravage* rannoi re* cmv* Jonicc In their owu count/, the Governor *7 attorney General both recommend the Legit* U?!° »wtt the caw. itaiph Waldo Emerson lectured here last nlgbt | houee. lie lectures to-clghr at Min HIOM MAWISOS. into Comptroller** Monthly Statement rmmoUonif &c« \SpccUi OchpatcU to the Chicago Tribune.] •j>v. _ Mau\»os» February ft. w roonU * l J statement ol the CODBplctl* I A. 3 c , Q,ulll **cta>«uu as follow*: FianV U. UoHowSt* I ™*?’ Twentieth; i “> G - SlSttwliiS;, , SSe 0, M s‘®'. t?M I l*?V *wbecubcJd2 D f2suli??a ft ii^ l,, *** x * mlßV 1 «“«itttaiitfd'SlS;" c.,s?“ r lor FROU ST. LOt IS. Hirer Navigation Lotus Po*tm*»i c^o^. rt, ,? n " “ Th * Su sys, tf p« W De, MWl , ots | Advices from below state tt^S: FtT,f0 "y *• atllatlelaed and Dog Tout w r tS Cnt COrße * but the ice was to heavy thu B Ji. fla , BW *Ji Ned Tracy, after starling boo 0,8 i Loot*, bad to return. f° c SL I Ibc removal of Peiet t. Foy f fotß Va . leteblp. cnrales coculrnttUon among the tv.***' I alive ottec holders. FO7 \* Kn»- v“ k • }onr Lis removal Indicates a waning; of the Blair tafia eccv. General Caster is in town. Sc abases Copper heads roundly. The people of Cape Girardeau County voted last Monray, 3,259 to 61, In favor of subscribing 1290,C0U to build a railroad from- tbalmlacs to con nect with the Iron Mountain Railroad. FKOM K.ISSAS. Banquet to Governor Carney—He An* nonnccs his Intention t» Bettrc from Political—DUcoverv of a Salt Water Spring—Threatening Attitude of the Savages near Fort Phil- Kearney [Special Despatch to the Chicago Triboue-1 Lawrence, Kansas, February 2. Tbe Leavenworth friends of Governor Carney, , late defeated candidate for the Halted States Scu : ale, pave him a grand banquet ou Thursday evening, He made a lengthy speech. In which ho claimed that he bad been calumlnalcd and roost cruelly misrcoiescnted. He f**d n-om . hi* ssge to ptovo that he had always been Radical av& real y la advance of the reopleoftbe State. He announced his determination to retire from ol thenVw w 1 ? dtT.wnUe noting on the bask of the Kansas River tor pure water for maoutsclnring a strong veto of salt water, at a d'pth of seveniy fl "e feet. Parties hero have Icascd alMhe P«»P«* ty belonging to the cliy In the ririulty. Consid erx'b'.a c*cii«neul exists over the ra _ Lawrence, Ksn. February S,—A letter fromi a soldier at Fort I’hil.Kearney ssy* toe ladtens are Mill hostile and very threatening In that vf Jo**/. It was with great difficulty that the bc4ica of toe victims of the late massacre conldho buiried. ow log to the presence in the Immediate neighbor hood of bacds of savages. Foal Office lluUdlnff Damaged By Fire. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. J Keokck, lowa, February 2. Onr Post Office building was slightly damaged by fire this morning. No material injury to the a ail matter. The ice bridge still holds. IltOM TSEIY YORK. Inteninl Bcvcyiuc SiatWlCT-SeUnroof | a Prlvutccr—Death of Kx tievemor Hunt—Reported Button lo« ntiraiicc Company—Th« lee ISmbarco on Lone Inland Sound. New Yens, Fchrunry 2.—Tbc Inlcrnal revenue collected In New Voile cily for 18V», amounted to fX.TUO.tiOU. and for four years nearly t lOo.non.Wi). Ihe steamer It. 11. Cuylcr, recently reported sold to tbe Colombian Government, has been sowed uu* der orders ol Collector Kmvthe, on a charge of having Ikoo filled out a* I a privateer for the Chilian or I’crnvlan I pm fee. phe had an armament of slxgans aboard, I a large quantity of small aim* and ammunition, and was manned by C*J ex-rebels. Jleprcsonta* tlons by respectable parties, however, say the privateer story i» untrue, and the vessel 1* nctu ally fold to tbo Colombian Government under a«* suiancca that suchsale would be perfectly legltl* 1 P K-t.finyrrnnr Ilnnt died (O-day. The funeral I (M-rvlccs take place on Monday, and Iho remalna I will bo Interred at l-ockpnrt on Wednesday. I A meeting of the shareholders of the Sun Mn- I tual Insurance Company was bold to*dav, In eon* 1 sequence ot reports relative to Us Huancisl ennui* I uon. and a committee wua appointed to examine I its books. ..... I The Southern Relief CommUloo have thus far I raised ._ M . , I New Vouk, FobrnaryS.—itnmorln wall street \ has U th'l a cr.als of a Ihieaicntnr nature haopv 1 over many of the insurance corporations of the I city, owing to unprecedented losses by fires and I marine dtsa»t« minting ibe year, yearly state* I ments were published by some of the most promt* I mint companies yesterday, by which it appear* I that many of them cancel all the capital repre- I I,or>g Island Sound Is completely I dosed. Filleeti miles of Ice extends to the rich' I and left of Throne's Keck, and heavy wagons I cross from New Rochelle to City Island. I it j« believed that the appointment ot Naval Of* I fleer for New York will soon be made. FROM CAIRO, ILL. Dcntntcllro Fire—Ulghl DiiUtllng* Ifurncsl— $20,000. Canto, 111., February 9. A fire on Wednesday night atiout twelve o'clock. was discovered la a tow o(low building* situated on tin* Ohio Levee, between Fourth and Second strata, known a* the old depot, and. as they were atl frame hottw. was not Jong ro getting under good bead* way. Owing to the hnlf-froicr. slip* nerv condition of lb** ground, It was i round exceedingly dlßlcuU to handle the I engines In getting them In position. But, at* 1 though the Arc could not bo kept from spreading, when ooee at worn the Are department did excel lent service, although the flames raged with great fury. Thu commissary building, opposite, was once or twice on flic. and had U been burned, the wharf boats and the large lot* of cotton and other freight on the levee could not possibly have been paved, ard the loss would bare been tremendous. I As it Is, the loss «*ae*«ds $20,000, divided as fol low*: Four buildings, oclnnelng to Messrs, tut* ilday and FaffonJ. valued at f 10.100. insured for I ic, 0.0. Two buildings, owned by Mr. Marshall, I valued at 95.Q00; insured for SUOO. One bouse belonging to Linegar. valued at about 9600. no I insurance. One building, belouriog to John I Clancy. In which was stored a large lot of liquor*. 1 Total loss, $2,300; insured in stock, SI,OOO. A I building belonging to Mr.Uhnlug sustained eon- I siderabTc damage In the hack pan. but ll is cover- I cd by Insurance. J. B. Ohio, whose saloon la sit- I n&tcd near by sustained considerable loss tn re- I moving bis stock, but bo Is also fully insured. I Mr. Ohio estimates hts loss at about $9,000. FROM I)ES MOISES. Hoc Cholera—A Belligerent Engineer— Tclrentpb Enterprise—Prairie Clilck cn» Skipped u> Liverpool. DrAlorsu*, February 2.—U Is reported that the hog cholera has broken oat among several drov. a io Marshall County. The temperance people In the Sixth Centres sinnal District have succeeded In clearing the en tire district ot whiskey distilleries. An engineer named Carroll, on the Bee Homes Valley Railroad, cot drank and cot info a row a*, the Uarrey House. An attempt to well Mm "a* made, when his friends rushed to his aid, but the i notice, with a liberal use of dobs, silenced the rioters and bronchi them injustice. Carroll, aner ravmc hl« flue to the Justice, retired, swearing he'would shoot the tnfonner. when he was again I out under arrest. . . . „ , 1 A destructive tire occurred at Wmlcrect on Fri day morning. The First National Bank building. 1 a photograph building and a harness shop were I destroyed. ... _ , 1 The telegraph wlre« are now stretched to Grin -1 ncii. on the line of the Chicago. Rock Island A 1 pacific Railroad. , . ... 1 Eighteen thousand nrairie chickens were I trom Cedar Rapids to Liverpool. Kng- I land, last week, and on Thursday last six tons | were shipped East from this city. FROM lADIAJiATOLIS. LegldatiTe-Railroad Enterprise—Tem- perance, iNPiasaroits, February 2—TOe Democratic caucus this forenoon sent In their ultimatum to the Republicans. If the Legislative or Congrei *loi al apporllnmnent bills come up, they will *Tue hlli will be considered in the Senate next week. , , Article* of association of the Attica. Coringlon & Indianapolis Railroad were filed la t*c offlec of the Secretary o! S'aie this morning. The cap- U»1 stock of the road is SSCQ,WO, of which about ytn.Gt'Obaa been *nb*cr|V*d. T**e lemperaoco subject Is being grea.iy agt- I tatrd here at present, and strenuous cfiori* will I be made to get a prohibitory law through the I Lcglslalure. FEOU MEXICO. Liberal Force* Freeing Toward* Hie City of Mexico—K florin to DWodge tire ItnucrlnlUti* from Coloma* See* San Fjiakcisco, February 2.—The Golden Age brines later dates from Mexico. General Alvarc* bad moved bt* force* towards the City of Mexico, htshcfldooartcm being at lenalca The last heard from the Imperial force under Meiitexltwas heselged in Morelia by the rebels, nr sen s ofibo taking of the town was sooncx ‘“co.oea passed notch!. .thron-h Topic, and would march quickly on»,nowin the hands ofihe Imperialists, making it to f«®J 1 mmhanoise to Guadalajara and other clUes,from ,6 Fkc”'t'.li ce-scls. with MI core pcs, trere due at Slanianllta thorn Europe. The inercli.ndl,o I xvllinot be landed whLc the Imperialist* hold Corona snd cthor'cenorals will spore no effort. “ntSmShtSSi* or. In the harbor or Ac.- I pnico. A small force ot Imperialists corrUon the ftom the Interior of Mexico mte that prominent member* of the who noheld the optnloo that the KSbI Ufa M..X«I« ~«S« Krvnch leave. most KASHTILLE. imlliarr Inwrftrtnco-Varaon.a. Thirty"olfm«|Ssl?l«n"te o“”u?County, ft?Me'«Hold?ir nndcr aaauuaof SSo'JSS? p ,rdo “ cd ir Oo,cn,or Uiownlow. FKOM. TUB PACIFIC COAST* Meaner Arrival-General Cook Cftaa- Mromrr Indian*. AtcUciait| >J*!£;ffS ,oili.n. or laabo Another View .aw *»•“• Cnrolln. Another O|fl|coll , ; I Ntw VoiiK, feliiniry 4- pfoiu n r riffle I tori: ; ■tt.V a.,, U . letter to * proiolnrM * .. there U I source tnniUrt la Jutl RUon t ngea I another eloc o the c nc'* * lJ|tfd by the A**o- JC?&SJ “ u ' : ' ,, te,B fettled liy General men. Some otfleer scot •»qw , « beloJ j loen sn d I plantation under charge otanor re I Iht negroes took «cepttou* w n»y United State*toldlcwuMcra anddown before yesterday » «tour* in foil Con- King etrtet,parleMon,ovet * t^OT , rdo *on bras* | feoerale buttons on him. T*o «lopea ro> j n one dar era! Scott’s bcsequarldrs ''er« jSSwn- They noW while carry Inr orders dovm> i" Doth the as* carrr rousUeta wlietctet tntJ b commissioner tailute have been arrieUd by the w“« ot Pretdmcn.' " _ Escape of Expr«« 1 New Yobs, February , wo adorns bury (Conn ) special **7* Aftnlnc from the . Efpress robbers were aided iii cll and lalfthere, by the wife of the who visited an actreM timed Kim Aota Mande&i woo v u«m. I Wells as a lover. TkcUlon in a savannah C*ao. SavAsxur, February 1.-Tfce caw of Jhe SWU of Gcori'i* ri The rronrlriof of tlio bavaunnii mdlcicd for libelling newmat) eect. asserting that he was uc»nil r as t’oMtuMU-r, lias been decided by » °l P‘Hy me case eicit-d treat | from the political Woe# Involved and Ihe proml* CHICAGO. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3. 1867. •tot. to tho righto of oU Northern or Colon men to this vicinity- . Telegraph Company DlvUendi* Brw Tons, February 2.— ThoW«ts ™ Telegraph Company la now pajjgr»» dividend at toe office of the- Bcoad « ay, Ini lead of icnding-wit^w* 0 “« stockholders as has been done meat is made on their orders banks or otherwise upon toe .^^in company. The change made consequence of the lo*s and n > - es i. throoehmalls,and the frequent of deace without notice, in a class of stockholders so large and.eo widely scattered. Hotel Destroyed at Deeorafr* Dzs Moists. Febraarr^— On too 29th lustonl tke Trcmoot House, at Decorah, to this Mate, waa destroyed by lire, together wltaa stable, six. Lowes and a cow. Tiie hotel famlinrewas saved*. Loss about <30,000 { legated,for gSsCUJ.. State of the Allegheny Bltw. Pnrssoßoa. February 2^—The riverpSjrislnß «{► Idly. H has thawed here all day, and turned to ram this evening. The aoow haa entirely dlaap- arc maklnc preparation* to resume business again. Steamer Burned, Tfcw Omxufs, February a.—The steamev Lady Frank’.tn. a New Orleans and Cinclnnatlp»ek*L horned to the waur’a •*!*«.this lorenoon. value flO too. Insured to Cincinnati. The Jim waa accidental. _ Dentil ofXodse fllcrrlckt of Boston. Bottom, February a.—Hon. PUny Merrick, lately Judge of the Supreme Court,died yesterday after noon. ' . AMEBICiS AKTISTS IS BOSE. JZcaw Story ant Roger* and Mlseee Ilosmer and LewU. Correspondence ot ihe Boston JounitM Mr. Story’s studio la much frequented by Americans and Englishmen also. Uls recep tion davs arc Saturdays, and In the afternoon of that'davhis studio is thronged during the winter months. lie Is just now bringing out a stulue of Medea—the Grecian mother meditating the destruction of her The story is told by Euripides. The statue Is not far enough advanced to speak of Us merits, hut ll promises to lake rank with those which have already given enduring fame to this artist. 4 . _. , ~ It was a great pleasure to stand before his bust of Mr. Everett, ordered by the citizens of Boston, which U to bo done In bronze. It Is now la the bauds of the founders at Munich. The size is heroic, ami rv?rS sc h|* him as be appeared In the last years of iris life, pleading the cause of the country. Ho stands with one arm raised. In the altitude which was usual to him In his loftiest flights of eloquence. Turn the statue which ever way you phase and you behold Mr. Everett. ** 1 heard him,” said Mr. Story, “ once de liver hfa address on Washington, and was so Impressed bv the power ol his eloquence that I never have forgotten bis attitude and appearance,” Recalling that occasion, and using photographs, busts, and the coat and shoes which were sent to him, he reproduced u fac-i-imilc of form, feature, and action that 1 am contldcnl will be accepted as one of the best works of modern time*. RANDOLPH HOC' .Oh Years ago—l know not how long—thcro was a young man away np In the woods of Michigan, who look it Into his head he ought to he an artist, and following the Lent of his genius came to Rome. The vmuU is that you may sec bis genius Is the groat bronze doors of the Capi tol at Washington, worthy to rank with those of the baptistry of the great Florence Cathcdiul. one by Ghiberti and the other by Persuno, which Michael Angelo declared wti c worthy to ho the Gales of Paradise. In the university of Michigan, at Aun Arbor, stands his Nydla, the blind girl of Pompeii, fleeing to escape the impending destruction of the city—one of the most beautiful conceptions of modern art. lie has a large number of commissions for “N)dla,” “ Isaac” and others of his well known works. Ills figure of Ruth glean ing is a beautiful figure, so winning that, if Ruth hmelf was half os beautiful, no wonder that Douz singled her out from all the other gleaners of the wheat field. Mr. Rogers is of the opinion that hence forth there will bo fewer Cupids, Pucks, Vcmises, and subjects from mythology than there lias been ; that the public taste Is sati ated; that the Bible, Instead of heathen mythology, will hencefbrth be the text-book of artists. Ills studio Is full of statues, busts and monuments for the fallen heroes of America. No truer patriot breathes than Mr. Koucrs. I am Informed that. la one of the rq/Vs here In Rome, an Englishman was traducing the character of President Lin coln, calling him a baboon. It being a pUco of public resort, Mr. Rogers felt that he had a right to be beard on that question, there* fore, rising from his scat and standing before , the fellow, doubling up his fist, he said: ' I am an American, sir; Mr. Lincoln Is Presl- i dent of the United Slates; and If yon repeat those words I will knock your teeth down 1 vour throat.” , , Mr. Rogers Is tall, stout, robust, resolute, with energy and will visible in bis countc- , nance. The Englishman* hnng his head, stammered an apology, and was careful to utter no more offensive words In the hearing of so resolute a Yankee. Not long since an English woman, with eye-glass In baud, was gazing at the statues in this studio, and. stopped to admire that entitled, “The Sentinel”—a soldier of the Union, with his musket. “Who Is that?” she asked. , 4 * That is an American soldier—a sentinel —Madame.” , „ “Is that the great General Stonewall Jackson S” she Inquired with great eager* “No, Madame; It Is the man who shot Stonewall Jackson.” was the quclt reply. MISS ZIOSUSR. Miss Ilosmcr’s studio Is exquisitely fitted up. and aside from the works of art within, is itself an attraction. There are Dowers, vines, plants and a fountain in the court, as vou approach the entrance, and pots of flow ers In cozy places within. The building Is not a mere elicd, as Is often the case with sculptors, but the walls colored In har monious tints. A magnificent fountain of her own design stands In one of the rooms, so that with the pounding of the workmen a hammers, there is the more melodious mnaic of rnnning water. The fountain was a com mission ordered bv Lady— of England. Miss llosmer has In process of execution ‘ The Sleeping Faun” and also “The Waking Fauu,” two groups, which she Intends to send to Paris for the Exposition. In the first, a naughty Puck fast binds the sleeper to a tree: In the second the frun is adminis tering punishment to the naughty imp. The i conceptions ere not of the high order of ge nius manifest in “Zcnobla” aud other pro ductions of this artist, but they are very , plcjsirg. These arc the only designs, I be hove, In her studio, except that for the soldiers’ monument at St- Louts. She has, however, quite as much as she can well at tend to In filling orders lor copies of statues , already favorites with the public. MISS LEWIS. I In the stndio once occupied by Canora, I lonnd Miss Edmonla Lewis, who I presume , >s the only colored sculptress in the world— a ladv perhaps 2S years of age, with African and Indian blood fu her veins. She received , an education at Ohcrlin, Ohio, and spent a ' short time, I believe, In New York: then went to Boston and studied art by herself, , having a room in the Studio Building, where ; she modelled a bust of Colonel Shaw. Some i of vonr readers will remember her, and will , bo glad to hear of her success since leaving ! Bonon. With the thuds obtained from the ' sale of the busts ordered by the friends of Colonel Shaw, and who were ready also to

lend her a helping band, she came to Rome a little more than a yearago. Ignorant of the Italian language, and a stranger to the place. She bad already decided what course to parsuc. She had read , Longfellow’s A Hiawatha,” and longed to repttidnee In marble the conceptions ol the poet. She modelled two groups, the wooing and the marriage ol Hiawatha, and one figure of Nakonfa. They are between the aUlna , and life-size. , , , 1 have not space for a description of these wonderful works of art; for such the? are unquestionably. 1 have beard several gen tlemen. say that there Is not anything In Rome, of modern art, surpassing them for bcanly of design or excellence of execution In bringing out the peculiarities of Indian character. lam not a ctmwtorer In art, ana 1 give the opinions of otbe*«, among whom Is a gentleman from Washington who is so well pleased with them that he will give the artist a commission for the two croups. A copy of the “ Marriage of Hiawatha has al ready pone to New York. She Is the first artist, so far as I know, who has taken sub jects from this poem of Mr. Longfellow. J What Miss Lewis may be able to accom plish In other things remains to be seen, but In the delineation of Indian anatomy, physi ognomy, feature, ccslmnc and character, i venture to say that there Is uopnewho can claim to be her equal. A bsantlful bast of a beautiful young lady, now deceased, daugh ter of Rev. Mr. Waterston. of Boston, fa In dlcative that her genius U of no ordlnaty kind. There arc but fewglrls. or mcocUhor who can fight so brave a battle at such an age, against such odds. THE JIOTUEE OF ECOESIE, The Connfcm !WooHJo—Her Beauty llcr Plebeian Orlcln. Hon. Guslams Kotmr, formerly Lleutcn nnt Governor ofllllnols. and Minister of the United States at the Court of Spain durlns isd* 18CS and ISGi, ha* published S a highly IvLunnk entitled 44 From Spain. It u said Sirh^to'rival Irvine’s masterly hook. In rir fm* We most bcantiftil Ink and pen sketches bolb of the court and ?* 'S® of ISta.After describing Eugenie, fw Emuress of the French, whomdio kt oi of her visit to Sputa, be do "liSM*"" 1 ' Emrross. only one t M«een her and the Queen, by the side ' r M.n PniiVl Nuncio, sal bar mother, the old of tb °Jf K* Jjjo. I had. of course, already County bcr before, but never exam frcquently -SSSitaliy. AHhongh she is far ad* ined her» cawgg closer scrutiny one vanced mih« t^hc w asas handsome, can U not the late Duchess of Alba. ,CTOD represent her as cx. SedWglr^*gSLl n i£rSdl&; She goes appeared in hwfu 1 and horr at the roral TOP f r S Wemiut of these old modee* her &er resplendent in Impenal ot bounded satisfaction. I saw how, led by tbs' Nuncio, she took her seat at the royal table; bow, forgetful of everything around her, she waa absorbed in looking at her daughter, who was sitting between the King and the infant Sebastian. ** Mechanically her left hand seized the bread which laid on her plate and put it. yet before soup was served,and without breaking it. Into her mouth, and to my great delight, nibbled continually at it. lam sure she did not know neither what she was eating nor drinking. When, after supper, I stepped up to her, sainted,and told her how euTiablo her 1 position waa at this high and aristocratic Court of Spain, she seized both my bands and pressed them with a warmth and brightened, features, as I never would have expected it , of a lady who, from the daughter of a Scotch > merchant, arose to the arlstrocratlc rank o! a ‘ Countess; who gove one of her daughters to an Emperor—not as a mistress, but as his ’ legal, rightful wife, and who had married her second to one of the drat and most powerful grandees of the- country.” FASHIONABLE LIFE AT THE CAP- FT AL. tFublncton KUquette-The Public Be* cepiivu*rTli« White Bowe Levees. iWashlnrton Correspondence ot the New York Times.] In this connection a description of some of the public receptions may be apropos. Of course, the White House levees are the most attractive to the masses, though they are far from being the most enjoyable. No cards are issued, as the Chief Magistrate ofthe na tion is supposed to have no partialities among his masters—at least In the particular of so cial matters. The doors are generally opened at 8:£0 in the evening, and Immediately thereafter the throng commences to enter. Carriages arc driven through the eastern en trance of the grounds, and after depositing their *‘loads’ r nndcr the portico in front ol the mansion, drive out ol the western exit, giving way to those who come after them, 1 and taking position to be ready whtn Mild for. On cnlerlmt 1 directed to the private dining-room In the west wing of the house, which is used ut such times lor o dressing room, and the gentlemen deposit their cloaks, huts and canes in the charge of the porters, receiving a numbered cheek tn return, as from the cloak-room of a hotel. Tho ladles Join their escorts again In the main hail, and inarch Into the Red Parlor, which is the first of the scilcs ol small parlors located on the south tide of the first Uopr of the bouse. In this room hut foit people remain, opt; haw ing thiouch ilie short corridor Into the Clue Parlor, they are greeted with a request from the Marshal of the District for their names, mid arc then Introduced by him to the Presi dent. As a general thing thev learned ut this juncture to appreciate the glory of a soldier s tile, vlr..; “To he Killed, and luivo your name spelled wrong In tlio fAirr/h*.” The President shakes the proffered hand of the guests and says "how do you do?” and un less be personally knows the parties, no more conversation occurs. During this de lightful Interview with him the curious have an opportunity to stare straight In his face from d distance of two feel or less, depend ing, of course, on the size of crlnoilne and length of arms. The President stands near Hie entrance from the lied Parlor, while the ladies of his household occupy a position a JUile further buck and nearly in the centre ol the room. Those desiring the honor can give their names t« the Commissioner of Public Puddings, who stands on their left Hank, and he Introduced to them, whereupon a repetition of the circumstances attend ant wupon presentation to his Ex cellency occurs, idler which the guests p/ s on in solid column as bclore through another chort passage Into the Green Parlor, and from thence Into (ho grand old East Room, where they have opportunities to enjoy a promenade, also In solid column, marching to the music of tho famous Marine Band, which Is generally seated in on adjoining hall. This constitutes the modu* o/xmadl o! a public reception of tho President and hi* family. Ail classes of people attend these levees, and there Is generally a perfect jam, a crush ing of crinoline, and an awkward and rololul tramping of toes attendant upon them. I remember to have seen a lino ol carrlogcs nearly a quarter of a mile long waiting to get up to tho portico of the While House and another Hoc ofpcdestrlans, Intent on tho some purpose, extending from the door back to the sidewalks on Pcnusvl vanla avenue duilng Mr. Lincoln's time. So great was Ids popularity with people of all classes that U was Ini|H»*t,lblo for thoae who succeeded In getting in at the reg ular entrance to get out at it, ns the contin uous stream ot new comers kept It full from early In the'evening until lateat night. On such occaslius one of the large windows of the East Room was opened, and a temporary bridge being laid from its sill tothc sidewalk, an exit was effected with care. In the crush ut the exlrance ladles have been known to faint, and lucky was she who succeeded in getting through without being at feast partially disrobed. Then, as now. Copperheads, Radical?, bankers porters, chambermaids and fine ladie? were mixed up together in the column of visitors who passed before the President,and his hand was given to all alike, except that his white kids became dirtier and dimer as the night wore on. In the East Room prom enades, where the guests go/‘swinging round the circle,” the ladies leaning on the arms of their gallants, the only chance for social conversation Is afforded, and then the dear, darling, gentler sex have an opportn nlty to slroKC oat the amplitude of their trails, and show their 41 finery.” Then Uis that they commence their buzzing and cos siting, and inspection of what everybody else ofthelr sex has “got on.” The buzzing , Is sometimes as loud as that which character- Izea the solemnity of the Douse of | Representatives when In dignified | session “at the other end of the avenue,” except that occasionally a peal of silvery laughter or bold guffaw from the mouth of some male or female guest is heard. Here It Is that acquaintances with the digni taries of the land are properly formed by means of formal introductions, and the po litical news and social Incidents of the day are talked, the weather discussed, and the latest Hon dissected. So gayer scene can be imagined, or one more Imposing in ua grandeur of social intercourse, pan the East Room when It Is filled with the youth and beauty, and the wisdom and <Hgn*ty of our nation on such an occxrion. The gorgeous ornaments, the gigantic mirror?, the richly-elided chandeliers,, and the massive draperies, with, the rich bullion tassels pendant from the heavy brocatel cur tains, all combine to produce an effect, wllh the elegant attire of the a.»?cmbla«e, which la at once awe striking and attractive- Nowhere else on this continent or In the world can a similar scene be found, ana it is peculiarly emblematic of our re publicanism, for here is to he seen the high and low, great and Httle. and the rich and peer, gathered together under the same roof In the mansion of oar Chiet Magtetratc. Just at this lime the levees of benerai Grant and Speaker Colfax rival those of the President in popularity, and very near ly bear off tho palm In the general ejttaa lion of the fashionable public. General Grant's first public reception two weeks einee was without oxtnxvaannco ot «pr«- .lon decidedly the most tacccMriilcnterlala; mentor the kind attempted In this city for mttnv years. He had Issued cards, and though a few attended who were not Invited. | the assemblage embraced a greater number , of truly distinguished people, and more ele- | gance of dress and refinement ol manners i than It has ever been my fortune to wUncss. The reception at tbesame place night before last was a repetition of tho first, except that the number In attendance was larger. Both of them were colossal ovations to the na tion’s idol, and overwhelming recognitions of the love held by us all for the leader of oar victorious armies. At these two cavalry soldiers in clean bright uoliorm arc in attendance to open and close the doors of the carriages and the names of the guests are announced by a liveried servant as they enter the re ceiviog parlor. The fulsome praise of news papers generally, regarding the manner In which public men and their ladies receive is disgusting when bestowed on General and Mrs. Giant, as they arc proverbially plain and cordial, without any effort at snobbish elegance, and arc free from cold formalities, although they have deservedly won a repu tation Tor placing their guests at case from the start. There is an apparent air of domes ticitv about them as they stand together, which at once makes every ono feel at home, and the elegant though unassuming appointments of the are dwelling • In keeping with the unaffected character of the occupant. Every one “likes to K*.to Groat*. the General must know by this lime that greatness costs not n little th ? e ?fJf l ?}. tear of carpets and furniture, beside lossi of rest, sleepless nlghto and aching shoulder?. The President. General Grant, and the Speaker.” arc the prominent receivers, tuts winter ; but there arc o’hers whose lu that Una would entitle them to ?pccUl mention. If time and space were at my com; maud. The Cabinet officers tbclr faral lies, prominent Senators, .CWof ■ Jo*gJJ Chare, the Mayor of the city, and a few others, all hold levees,so that hardly a nlkhi of the week passes without presenting attraction In the way of fashionable enter tainment. During the afternoon ofMoudavs the ladies of tho Executive Mansion receive their lady friends, on ednesdays the ot Cabinet officers, on Thursdays the of Senators, and on Saturdays tri ‘ n ? cn * e r „ Grant, Mrs. Mayor Waflaeh and Sirs. Sprague. Judge Chase’* dausbtcr, do the same. Every Thursday night bpeakcrCm tkx bolds a public levee, and at Inter vals other dignitaries do likewise.. things considered, it will be seen that Wash ington presents unequalled attractions to the fashionable people of the country, andlt Is safe to say that they arc enjoyed this sea son by a class whore claims to respeewtolity and refinement arefounded on a substantial basis of talent, wealth and social culture. The California Wine Crop. Tlic California Bulletin give* stalls ties of wine-growing In California - There arc half a dozen wine-producing coon lies which have not reported* coan tics which do report produced last year « aggregate of 1,133,780 gallons. According to estimates presented at the session ofthe Wine Growers* Convention, the total wi°c vleW of the State for IfcCO was about ‘ gallons. It appears from the fore table that twelve mining counties SSSJ M producers of nearly 800.000 gallons. returns would ehow_ that their product exceeded this figure. The Interior Aunties. Including thoM dlhw or whollv mineral arc fast rivalling xne i bid fair to eventually surpass them. Of course a large majority of the vines reported are not bearing; when-they shall be, In two or three yeaiwnence, the wine product will be increased to 4,000,000'0r 5,000,000 gallons. The value of the entire fruit crop of ISG6. excluding the value of wines and liquors made therefrom, we presume, la returned at £2,583,533. But this musthe at least 1500,000 within the truth. TUB FASHIONS. ports Fashlom for February, The Paris correspondent of the New York JTerald writes the following, about Parisian styles for February; I should have begun to believe In ghosts If my attention had not been called to a fair delicate looking girl, whose while jewelled band was suddenly held ont from behind roe. 1 turned quite round. She was actual* ly sitting with her feet crossed on my foot 6t**Vam the New Fashions of 1807,” she said . In a- clear, sweet voice, ” how do you do r ’ It seemed untrue to answer “ very well, thank yon,” with my heart beating doable knocks In my bosom, so 1 curtsied and re mained silent. ■‘And what do you thtok of my attire ?” the asked. _ tl ’ „ , Her attire 1 Yea there it hung all round my room, on the very pegs that had been | driven In for my sketches and chalks. “I am going to wear everything you see here, between this and March,” volunteered the youthful beauty, jumping up. She was dressed In a brown velvet travel ling costume, embroidered down the scams with black, and under that a plaited satin pcttlcoat.of the same shade. Her brown bonnet, with a flat crown on the top and a cock’s comb and roses in front, was tied on behind with long streaming ends, while a fall of lacc rounded under the chin from ear , to car. Another pink rose clung on the left slue of the face. She had on very long crys tal car-riugs. called Francis I. style, on which her Initials stood out In gold. The *ame cuff buttons on her raousqoclalre •lecvc-s, made of Jclalu white linen. Not a ui cnnuuuo; ueaveu Knows wucre she came from. “Look here.” esld the elegant girl, throw ing her chlncilla mulTon my sofa, and near ing a violet velvet cloak, cut like a humous without a hood, “observe the new opera cloak, it is lined with white silk and fringed around with gold. The two long acarf ends that hang down the back from the neck are reins; they nro typical, and indicate the ne cessity of keeping women back in ISO 7. This 'nrec round pattern worked In gold at the irniioni of Uw two front*; rcpnajnuon obiw, ami means, I suppose, that U "t arL KL " I buck in one way wo will explode In another. . However that bo, I shall leave dctlnUlou to ! von ; the otms is a pattern I like. This light, Ilimsy thine U a low fluted chemisette. I like U best in erepo llsse. It U the only de scription oflow body 1 shall wcarlumler corselets, there being no vacant locality for anything so substantial as a corsage. “ This twa green affair Is an oterlunlc com posed of thirteen bouillons of gauze. what I call the uuunrlam ball dress, tou t-cc, U Is short In front, almost square below the knees, and lengthens gradually on the fide* till It spreads Into a long tram behind. The under petticoat Is while silk covered with white tulle dotted over with crystal drops, which figure water. The few bouillons of green nud white form the body, covered with this wreath of white water llllies in garland hangs down he light side of the robe. “This organgc velvet affair lined with while satin is a Homan toga or a low-bodied m bout, with a flowing mantle and tunic hi one behind. The Jewish sleeves arc open Irom the armhole, and were It not lor this puff of Valenciennes the arm would bo perfectly bare. The underskirt to this Is made of n>t:e rfc chumlxy, with alternate white and orange satiu stripes. The only thing I mein to wear In my hair wiib this Isn gold cord twisted In and out ,mi a ixiticeuu plume in the shape of a fosette over my h-rt temple. Now examine this love of a corselet. It Is rondo of noth ing but a lattice work of gold braid ond vel vet ribbon; ll forma a corbeUlc or basket, and is not n bit tight around the waist, for [ ahull*!) strangulation bv slay lacing. | “Here la a walking or visiting dress. The petticoat is made of three boulllonncs of blue silk; It is dreadfully long, but It Is corded round the bottom ; over It I wear this gray poplin tunic, of which the flat front width is a deeply indented opron. quite sepamtafrom the back widths, which are almost as long as the blue underskirt, and are deeply in dented also. The body la very high and tight-fitting, the undersleeves are blue ana tight, but there is a second pair of very long, wide, open sleeves, which end In a point down on the tnnic. I don’t Intend them to be useful to any but silk weavers, who must be encouraged. . , . , “This thing Is the new head-dress or fore head dress—for everything that is to ho put on the hair Is to be trimmed high lu front, cither with a leather or a rosette, or a flu •free leaf, or a jewel constellation—in fact, it is the first step to the turban or odalisque ol ifcrc I groaned, and this being the first found Fashion had heard Irom mo, she shiv ered and called me sepulchral; but she soon rattled on again Salmon color, flesh color, the blulshest pinks, the sickliest greens. the silverest gauze, the costliest o. everything for trains, the stiiTest oi calico for bustle* ” and here I jerked. What more 1567 said I know not, for, readers 1 woke np. I actually had fallen asleep over my patterns, and the dresses I have described were those I saw on my last visit In the city. Tonies on ball robes arc to be trimmed elmwl.Ebapc—that Is, to form a triangular point over very long, wide skirts. Beads, mother-of-pearl and jet are profusely em ployed la every shape- Satin and velvet have the vogue. Pheasant and other birds ! plumage arc preferred to fur. ' FOREIGN ITEMS. The Duke do Dlno used to keep a supply of 2/,00 waistcoats- Pntcc Von Schwarwnbnrc never had less than -too complete sates of new clothes In bla wardrobe. In Spain one -suicide Is committed for every I 11-C,COO inhabitants ; In France eleven, and In Den-1 mark twenty suicides are committed for every I UO.OW Inhabitants. Seventy-one per cent of the I suicides committed in Spain are by men; the •wcaicst number occur In June and July. I " There ore 200 “ professional* 1 cigar ends pickers I in Paris, whose total receipts are 512 p a day. | Ibere are 100 rat catchers in Pails, who make f 123 I a night. I A photographer of St- Petersburg is suing Kom tesatofffor allowing himself to be photographed I hr other photographers, pretending be promised I •be foimer to allow no one but himself to publish 1 bis phiz. Damages are laid at f 13,000. j Fpalti continues ic a most extraordinary state. I Norvaes's downfall by a palace intrigue is eon* Mavtty expected. The clerical parly came very near overthrowing him a short time since. They persuad'd the Queen to dismiss him, suppress all oetaroii. lower the price of broad and wine by law, and concentrate the fleet and army at Barce lona, to aid ibe Pope and restore the King of I Naple«. Narvaez beard of ibis scheme and de monstrated to ibe Queen that any such step would prove her ruin, and the Dave end Duchess of Montpenelcr seconded hw efforts, so the scheme i« lor the present ahanioned. A good many In triguers In Spain hope to bring on a war with Italy, acd are doing their best to effect their Uero la a description of Moos. Melssonnler's res-1 idence at PoMsy: “His chateau Is on Ibe bill-side, I and is as brilliant with comfort and good keeping I as possible. Every stone, selected and laid with minute care under bis his well-known I love of periectlon In everything. At the esteem T I of the atalr-eaac, a maaniflceut Punch, brilliantly I colored on the waD, indicates, with a 1 look, the entrance of the stndio. There the artist I U to be found palctlng on a small wooden panel I ,odc study of halberd, man or lord. A hundred I of these little panels ranged along the wall con I ceal completed studies." .... , I London Is to be provided with basket carriages, I In the Parisian style. This Improvement is duo to I French enterprise and capital. I It Is stated that, recently, one sleamerbroucbt I from France the enormous number of twenty-six 1 thousand geese for the Loudon market. 1 The number of Free Mason’s lodges, under I the United Grand Lodged England has increased during the past year, from one thousand and sev- I «ntj*2velo one thousand one hundred and forty, t/elng an Increase ot slxty-flvo. ... Tbcril Is a gentleman «ell known in London, who is nhnsnallT scrupulous with regard to having | bis door-plate polished every evening, “ being de tenalacd,**ho says, “to leave an untarnished atae behind him.” when he retires to his subur ban residence. Thla Is a city view of an untar nished name. , __ . \ party of tapper* and miners are again eogaard In* exploring the ardent passage .leading from order the York Tower of Windsor Castle. >n or* 1 dcr. If po-alble. to trace I*# source. Thispas*acc, ; It Win he remembered, was visited by some mow -1 Hera of the Antiquarian Society, a few months since, and created much speculation at to Ua ort* '“'retch scientific men preyin' "“t th « „I isos . 11l Pc cold end wet. like thel ot >'«• th«? buc the prediction on tbe fact tbal La»en«c maMM of Ice bare broken, or aro about w break, awav from the extreme north, and wIU drill to ,"SeV.«.. where they mil melt, pcodnaos cold and vapor. T . UIEBABT TTEM3. nnrtefftb« past year there have appeared In London LiC-* new books and new edlUoiH : Itellff* on 9 boobs sod pamphlets, 819; biographical and h*M<nicai, 1M; medical and surgical, ICO; poetry ard the drams, 585: novel?, 599; minor Action and children's books, 514; travels, topography, and ISSr annual* and serials (volumes only) £251 agricultural, hortlcnltnrc, etc., sixty four' English philology and education, 190; European and classical philology and translation, 161; laxr. eighty-four; naval, military, and engi neering, thirty-nine ; science, natural history, em., Wl* trade and commerce, seventy-nine; politics!to. of the day, IB7: Idnatmtcd ««*•; ctetOrsfl-re; art, archt’ectnre, etc -' ’ niscsUmcous, not claaslded. 2=9. *><•>•l l *?* - .- sj r . Charles Baade, In s letter addressed to the siai, contesees hhnselt as Indebted to the • &**£ dlero" case. In the Chars* Cdtirrt tor the main indents of his “ Griffith Gaunt-’ . Rcirl r Murray, the British Minlslei at Copeu- SS£has received from the Danish fnnt letters written hy Lord Bacon to King Chris* [to k-1!" 1(20-21, and has transmitted them to ha- printed tone hitherto nnpnh I UsSatettciahlLortCheateraeld. TheJ are ad. NUMBER 240, manor the present d>y would adopt toward hi* niece; bat there U an air of affectionate cood humor and a spirit in them which mates them > pleasant readier. One of (he two Eturii’lng brothers of the Tate Walter Savage Landor has recently died. Bear? Ejrea Ludor was the third of four brothers, of whom Walter Savage waa the eldest, and for some years past had been blind. Be waa nearly eighty seren at his death, Ms more tamo os brother hav ing bred to the age of ninety. The AtAenaum announces that it will shortly print fire hitherto unpublished letters from Lord Chesterfield, which are characteristic both of the wiftsi aadhia times. PEESCHAL. ArtemtsWwdianndeTlho professional eve Dr. Mary Walker, in London. He Is A Ward in ibo hospital in which she Is a Walker. Ananias Knott,of SuLoals,bta applied fora dltorecfrom Uls wife on the ground of “Icdlcnl tles.” Let her remember Ibe bods “Lore-Knit'.” The Marquis of Westminster's grandson, Lord Bel grave, will be the richest man In Europe If he livce. He unites the title* of two of tho wealthiest families in the kingdom. The bronze eutoe of Chief Justice Marshall Is on Its way from Munich. It is stated that tho Her. Henry Ward Beech or la about to ene the Independent (Theodore Tilton), for publishing his Plymouth Church sermons and lectnzcs. contrary to his (Beecher's) advice and wishes. Mis. Major Williams, formerly Mrs. Stephen A. Doaclas, celebrated the drat anniversary of her last marriage by twins. A. T. Stewart Is said to hare bought Host Boa heat’s “Horse Fait” for $-H),O(VJ. Horace Greeley, Henry Ward Bcechcr and Clement L. Vallandlgham are to bo Invited to de liver lectures In a course for iho benefit of (he poor in Atlanta. «a. It was so resolved meeting of the ExccaUve'CommUlw of the 22d Inst. George Calvert, messenger for C. C. Parks & Co., bankers of New York, who decamped in Oc tober lanwiib of their money, has beca —covered lu Mouuctu, and #3\ooo lecorered. Judge Perkier, of Columbus, Miss., at his death p arc sixty thousand dollars to the Theological Seminary fll Columbia. South Carolina. Marclzck Is favoring Lowell, Providence and other pronncial places with opera. Ibid. Steven? has been elected President of a die company In Lancaster. A dauthlcr of Cbanes Dlckrns la understood to he tho authoress of “ Annt Margaret’* Trouble,'’ printed to All lh« Yfar Round and since reprinted in hook fi rm. When l>orc was first asked to Illustrate Tomiy* son’s Elaine, he asked with & mixture of wonder and contempt, chaiactcristic of t Frenchman— Who 1b ho, then, thU Tonnysoul" The Uoslon Adrrrils'r suggests, la tho cue ot the correspondence between tho jouoc men, Al fred and James, tliul condensation would have been much cheaper at tho present ca&lo rates. For lUßtancc: > *\\. nirrrKCTT to Piuncu altrcb. “Orr Covv'Eb, December 31,J5f17. “Toni norxt IliniKtces: Fro coliut toKlroyoa mr yacht. Myiojrarrta to year mother and the ruyul (dally. Yuan, r * 3.0. Bcxnett, Jr. > rmscc AtrnKD to nn. bsnnbit. ‘•Dkar jams I roust decline vrtlU thanks. TWa rsdthilfhmcnt docs not odsetllso In the New \o« IhtaM, . Atnttt.* ETMOHOUS. Coleridge was descanting. In the presence ot Chorion Lamb, upon the repulsive appearance of ] Uie oyster. “11 isn't handsome. Coleridge," sa’d La tab; "bulllhsslhc advantage of yoo In ono thins." "What la that!" queried Coleridge, vho, os everybody knows, wan an wthauMlesn talker. "11 knows when to abut Its mouib," was the reply. Matu«oxt-A bouquet of tboma with an occi* Plonal flower. What to do with the Notional Debt—Leave It a A Disowwo Feat.—The wan who bolted the door with a boiled carrot' ha* paid the penally of Lie gluttony. Uo is suffering fiom internal hlaitc orioa. - . -• Utoit. Non, nr Mns. DmirxMs.-Sprlng Cir cults—Crinolines. Oun Ou> UacmtLon’s Latest.—Ladies wear corsets from Instinct—a natural love ol being BtiuccKd. When Is the beat time to read the Book of Na* UuoJ Wban Autumn <or»»» that*****. »ccsnnucm» or authoim. Bnlwcr rU" Night and Mornln." What ho did the rest or the day la not slatted. Collins rll "After Dark." Praps bo coedn I see so well bi day. LcFann, hcrlt "All In the dark." I don’t aea bow bo did it without a Ute. How cood be dot the Ts or kroas the t’s. ~ Sam ortborrote "Bound tn the Wheel. 4 Wbat an unknmfortable potiah tn rite In bound ta a wheel t Thunder! ■.• Carpenter rtt "Sis Months at tbeWhite House. I epoee that was os long as bo atade there, his timebeln ont. „ ... „ .. Gllmor rote 44 Four Tears In tbo Saddle, so us ecd. He must bar bed a "quiet boreo.” Som ortbor rote 44 All for the Best." Tbalmnst bev ben Seward. That's him blear, tbroo. Miss Mnlock rote "Nothin New." This cood I he eed or menoy others with grate propriety. | llamogton rll "Inside." 1 lake It for granted that most people do. It woodn’tbe knmfotlabie rpcln on tbesldewalk In rainy wither. Snm orthor, hoo didn’t give ns hU name, role " Altogether Wrong.'’ A good meny hex copied from his stflc, but her hed the eCroutry in give ns thalr names, beln lo«t tn shame. Mrs. MackcnrJe Daniel rote "After Txmg Tears. Sensible woman. Ifeum or the rest ovemwood wall Ull tha git too the ago of dlskrctlon, ll wood be better for awl konserned. ZT~WAIT UROTIIBHJ*. Advertlelna Asl’a ISC Dearborn-*!., receive advertisement* for all the Icndlnff papers tbrooabont tb© United State* and Canada*. Eoctciß fficctiitgg. ST. GEORGE S SOCIETY.—A Regular meeting vIU be held on Monday Evening, Feb. 4tb« ISO 7, At -Ik o'cloct, at their lull. SSfi South Hark-st. At .S ocjoca, * Kec.S«tfy. o AIN’T PATRICK’S SOCIETY—-The O Animal Meeting of St. PairlrVa Society. will bo h?d»a Monday evening. Fenrnary Ith. at lt>om *to. 10 Court IJoiwc. A Cull attendance U desired a« an eleccon of officer* will lake place aati^^taaecmwnls GTo Unit. LOFTS TO BEUT, At Koi. (10 ill 02 iv.tiiib.r,, corner lUaMptul- Irijcire at 60 L»Kg*>t. rpO KENT— A Store on South TVater-st., Near relttW* 1 tor * *»irre For particular* addriya, wllli tame, r. O. Box «:ioo. _ TMtn*mcs Kanrfng-in price from 5 els. to §25.00, AT THE rhrnp B»»*»tore, 119 to IS9 Moarog-at. SEJHantrti. t>eal estate . WANTED. T»n-ciTi*el of nnlmMOTfrt hn>ln**a property, ten* lIT KEELER’S IW E.b>te 03CC, 120 SoOtACUfK-H. t>akk teller D WAITED. Ai'flrcti, *Utlog expcrlcace. reference*, *nd ultry reqiJipi, «»j W O." »o« B4fl?» Fit*' 4 LUMBER YARD. Siu.ooa on hood Melon's! In n Lombcr i»«riirti »l*Mnc toiUatMMorenlsteree* loone.plw® " ? iE r 3^ rom " W,,‘mr.w*v«°sp ta .or by letter to I{ooia C. So. Ml WMblngton-el Eoilct Articles. -pvOWNI DOWNI GO Til 13 PRICES! Ooll.te-I Lose file T.llct Po.l» nt 30 cent, per box. iSD l-KICES DOWS OESEIIiLDI. Mtbe Drcecrlpuea Draft Store, my Dcfborc-it. ILauntinK J^ATJNDIVY, Xtaafidryj No. 145 Dearborn-.!., • 1, no. open .ad piopmed to 00 >ll .or. la tt«tjjae uilti r njtiipttooi .no nc'aom uiiaioollod W »ay oia-x Laundry in Chicago. grates. TJIPOUTAXTTO SKATERS. JAMES PATCHED, SKATE MAKER, nS'i utilKe-eL. Fuller * Ford** EnJUlng. seatk oeoc-NP. ,BErAiggg k g. s ”0 JUEU ASD ©goofc aim goal. WOOD! ’ WOOD! BetcO. »PI. »4 nl:l ”^E , M‘llAl- t ETcO, s&U b> 4 yoria CLug-6t. •/"tOAL.—We are now dosing ont from I-i * ooa to S.COO tom first QttiJltr Eastern BfomlDoS Coal m qasailUe to salt pnrcl*»«», *6 P^, lao“lr?«‘oat oO«. Boom N °- e> WBtaPt Bulimac, so. SO Prtrtora^ lKEß & CCTmg , Scntisttg. J, O. 3) AIU'S'WOBTH SSS&Z «« .TSSi! onesare iwertcd. <m c Stating Season. /^MBBIOAK SKATING TOURNAMENT I TO ns HKLD AT Title Wt shington Skating Park, Chicago, Hoodsf aad Tuesday, Feb. 11 & 13, >67. FIBST DAT. CONTEST FOR LADIES* pint Prize Gold Wucb,orS3oaca«b. Secoodfrue. i>old watch, or 810 j cub. CONTEST FOB BOYS* (Ladflf 14 years of age.) FUlt Prtze, Cub.. Second prize, Caab ••• SECOND DAT. CONTEST FOB GENTLEMEN. Tint Prize, Cub. W 00.0# Second Prize. Caab 200.00 CONTEST FOB YOUNG I.AOIE9* (Under 14 years of age.) Fim Prize. Cub Second Prize, Cub... Foll Great WdrteraLlsbtGtwd Band (twenty jaem ben) is attendance each day. Contest, each day. to begin at 9 p. m. JQ ■yyEbT SIDE RINK. OPEN DAT AND BTSNZNO. look Ont for the Attractions on Tnesflay "07" ABASH-AV. RISK. This, Mocday et cnlag, lose appearance of M AK.TI TST , In hit Zouave Drill. Dancln?. and R tblbltlon as a sorter sk*:cr. Ualmiues. ■y'ALEN’nKES. The Largest Variety & Best Assortment AT THE Cheop Bookstore, 119 to VJO llonroc-al. SUthcrtislugSlgeuts. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. We are pleased to announce that we now nave our “Chain ol A erodes" so reflected »t NEW YORK, CINCINNATI and OiHCAM),that we can have adw ilsementx, or notiem of ant iflrrt.lnsert.-d In arv news paper In the East-rn. Mtdrtje, so iin.-ru or We*iere slates, at short notice and at low r»u*. Recent Dies of all newspapers ar« lerot constantly at our ctificc. for the elimination aa-1 convenience of Advertiser*. IH> tie* desirous of having their INVENTIONS. WAltB- Oil MERCHANDISE ADVERTISED »a any section of the Timed btates or Ca-adas, will do well to call at onr ofllre, whet* any dmted intimation will be gives a« to the c imil ,tl-n ei th- papers. rales, terms, Ac. ClQot, 87 Dcarboru-st., llovtn No. 7 1 (dp stairs.) TOOK, COBUItN as CO., Newparer Advertising AgrxW lausincss darns. VETiI & VANDEP.VOORT MALTING COMPANY, Nos. 2 and 4 Michigan-av., .Tlnnufactmorw of (Tinlt nnd Dealers tv Curley ami Hye» ey“We kasp cocßtsniij on hand Blocks ol Frtmr lUHrr and Kr** Malt. which we artf prepared to >«U at trio lowtil market rate*. CIMEON VT. KINO, No. 1 MclhmUsl Ctmrch Ittock,'‘ornei of Clark and Washington* bib.. Comtnlulnnfr of heed* for ALL * h * Territories. AttorrcTat Law. tolled Mate* tomnua* •loner. Notary I’nidlc. I’. K. (NilliwUmr Attorney Aeelt. will <to well u» moki the r »ppllfattena for Extra itmmtjr thronah him, m he Is recclvii s frr m W»»mne«nn LciMlr»di oi dollars, dally, tor ttH'ir who ha>o already sent IQ tndr c.alait. Charge*. only H. lirtnarb. ■pEURUITING RENDEZVOUS U.&A., CuiCAOO, 111., Fob. 5.130*7. 330 Reward ■mu be nald for the »pnrvhen*lon an«l dellTcry M iw of each of the follow Inc named enlisted men, Josef tora from the llesular Artur. vU: _ „ Recruit LKUOY IHIBW, 3Cth IT.B. Inf. age 11 years, l ft. 6> inches, fatr complexion, blue cyt«s brown halt, SOtb U. S. Inf. «OT SO jeers, height 5 it. 1 inches, Hunt complexion, b.-c eyre, brown nalr.Ktn In Ireland. Wcrnlt JACOB HNOB,noth V, 8. Int.ace J 1 years, heights n.SinrbnMlark complexion, grey eyes, brawn h nl«\7oWKN n M?fl}llAN. Co. IJ. »tb U. 8. Tof.,aSfl n ycan.hclebt a ft. 7.H' lochea. fair complexion, blue brown btir, i»™ ’VmsomlinoraF.B, rent, asm o. t». n f-. tut Malar u. a. A. 33j)otosrapp9. O.IiEEK’S, 103 I.AKE-ST. GREEN'S PHOTOGRAPHS. Thl« fkrortM Art Gallery la now th- mo*l complex eatolAWhmeatforVninins wrt V^S. I mcSu w.<l It *lll b* U* DMPiioVir* aln» » •»««• totli•ttbttc «ie»»*r, t>na*ter and wore life* llierlctorc* tbanevor before mart#lnCtUca<o. Ear* In* all the ch*-ap. tcexperlcncrti help brio* kept sway, ata all the depart** enl* filled with the finest talent oi theEa«. the proprietor would aay to hi* friend* and the public !n {fcneral that he shall continue until Ihr* ther notice to give hi* patruca fhotorrapbi far wperl or and erea excel the card wotk Hut « formerly •e»td |«.fs nr taking, cow \l<neth» far SIJO per dszeo. and other* at tl. , _ _ . Copyloc old and faded plftnrw a specialty. Eemcmhcr the camber, 1 OS Laco-sU 108 . . BRAND. - - -IAQ . x . DOWN DOWN DOWN* IwO Oo the prices eterywhrr*. hnt Trm«nhjrHK%ND i* th* sms wbo eaoaed the downfall. HU motto U M aut vie rare ant morl." and be U attU making bU el©« cant rbot.'rrapha at >be lowest prtrea. . K fjr cartes ce Visile osijft.oa per dozen at 10S Latest. T'VO'WN, DOWN WITH THE PRIORS. Charlie Kosher* I£6l«ake—st«. Has Reduced She rein: «t Card Photograph* to ONB liUIXAR ptr dozen. Come early to aroid the crowd. . ~ _ V. 8.-AB7 of E. R. Rani’s cn.lomer*wl*h'ng Pho tographs. /-aT * get them by otderln^o^hartt^fosber. flScbicai, Medical examinations FOB LIFE INSURANCE. A UIAMJAL FOII EXAMKSBItSJ. Bt J. A Days D.,LL.D.« Prof principle and Practice of Medicine «k! Clinical 470 Me-Idne, Ko»h Medical LuIU&C. A limited number of conleaof thla ***£*£ ’kHfv taut-work ran be obtained by addrowlns W., P. K j. ro.. 1 jS Lake-at.. Chicaco. or WBsfEl.NbE’oS l'O S W. comer Madison and OcsrhonMU«Chlcilo, C or Copies «11 be mailed, postpaid, to anyadOteu, for SIAO each. . Umtobals. J) KM OVAL. HIBBARD & SPENCER, UIFOIITEBS A>T) JOIIBEES OF HARDWARE, Tin Plate and Cutlery, Have REMOVED to 02 and 013IicMgan-av. JJEMONAL. GRANGE SARD, Jr., AOEST FOB J. F. Ratlibonc k Co.‘s Albany Stores, Office and fcample Boom BEMOVED to 88 MX CHIGAIS-XT. TjEiIOVAL. jj, BVBZiOOB & CO.f S f^b i :re“'!,i o Jr t a n, to n So! o l’l M B ■ “i" J will lie ple.M to tectlrc "yo\ , a^lwMr.lf^ceb'-rrlerorc_.«!gj22l°S: jfox Sale- T) ARE CHAKOE FOR iIEKCHABTS. FOB SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, <Sc.c„ town »Iborl dtatauee Chicago. rea * msi »m»for hl.lbk. *«r bin?. ct mrtlnioa M rrcVant. H» Chicago^ ©cncral Notices. C FECIAL NOTICE.—A. C. Walker, O non ol, 111 ,ee»»M (o be In °n’lf! n ?I"A on ant of October. oof “ t 0 * UI JOSB3VsiaicK uni co. “V VP* Pannes. Treaanjej; pituborico. "V OTICE.—The following Idlers Crom ' Tho Bank of JHontroal, ilcb, H. E. iiEOf C. HJIITH «t BBO.» San Km. 48 LaSallfr«t, DBAKDOUX-BT. p bound OIL CAKE 13 the cheapest Teed In the Market For iioct of all kindle Order* oromcUT BUM tor CJUb, i° rIIOCS ‘ B. W. BLATCHFOHD * CO« °* yo. 70 Sana CUston-«L 'Falnttincs "V 7" ALENTLNES. The Finest Assortment CJ TflIS cm. 11Q to 130 aioaroe»*t.« near Poat otae *' /SARD’S PATENT BBS OH MSCHINS. aa Soatß Jeffgrsotwe^Chim^^ iitmca'donal. E" v a MI'CATION OF CLASSICS IN Vvi.L l-ATKsiin.-AET W.U occur oo KoodAy Mi Tueeiay. Zeb. ittaniStH. Insurance Statements. gTATEMIOT CONDITION WASHINGTON Insurance Co., V 173 Broadway, New Yorfc> December SJ*t,J9S#. •IM.OO . Amount paid up la cash. Cuhonhand and tn tumli of and otter persons _ mqm »SU.3.^n<!«otiaSl,o f |LOWJ»MMtt.p»f Tsloe tSUOOAI .TVTTT.Vr ot wjooja each, mt ’ T*ina p2joaoo~ rrrrrr.-vrt hwji 17.6. *BO Treasury Notes, pur rains *a.WO QO BSBondi tLOOUdi State of T«anefis"is T»m« is,4«jt Debts secured by first mortgage on real ea tate worth S3&tMJQ uajajK Total Steer Demand Loans uojoj» Debts lor Premiums ia,aaJJ interest, Satragea, *c~..., osaa Total Autti I fittest. XL .81(1 Off . *-20-00 Lomu wudjoatfrl $35,350.0* Lot*na «u.p«i*e,w»lUnzlor farther proot 3,000.00 Itwtmoa Scrip .fne,m^s Total liabilities. Balance.. STATE OP HEW TORE. COCNTT OP HEW TORE. &».—Henry Weston, Vies President, and Wou R. Lolnrop. Secretary of the Washington lasurasM Company. to me peteonahy known. droose as>& say mat the far* join* 1* a true, full sad correct statement ot the attain of said Company. (Stoned) qBKUT WeSToi*. ', PrMMn.t. (Signed) W.K. LOTHEOt*. * beeretary. Sobacrtbedaud sworn beftram* thla twenty fourth ttstb) day of January, tSM. In testimony whereof I hare hereunto subscribed my name and adixed my no raEDEßlSiS,febite. Bran or lixntoo, Amrroa’s ornez, { gnunmio, January M, 1967. f I do hereby eertliy the foregoing to be a true and comet com of tbs ocUlual, now on ale In tbU otice. GIOUQE BEDfKBRaOPP. laaaraoca Clark. Agents for Chicago, MILLER & DREW, No. Xl4 LaSallo-st., Opposite Chamber ct Commerce* JAMES B. MILT-EB. CHAS. W. DREW. _ rpHE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE &s«t. %“Su SaTOSSSan. K„yj!S 4 to“TO« CUtSWt UASIIiL KATZ. The mutmlgnsd, harm* purchase*! the Interest of Mr. Itrnry NlfOett in the ista Arm oi Rats A Ntederw will codUdqo the biulneii under the firm of KATZ & MEYER, At Floor anti CommUilen Merchant*, at the old prera ltc*’ 5q,5 Wlcwam Da!ldlog, .Ilarkft-#u p.VNIKI KATZ. Utt-iUT MKVEft. Chicago, Feb, t, 1967. rpHB COPA.UTNEUSUIP UEtIBTO- I poKC Mbtlng between tw* un<lrr*lfn«l nail«r tfcoim?* SILVfcT. UUOUR * CUJ. Kill dliioived bjr Q>Q(nM ronwnt. KUfter p*nj um- UiorUetl to.ettfe u..buliM A. F. MOOKK, vr. u. TOPLif r. February Ist, 1967. WebaratbisiUyfomoJ a cops: wmblp under Ci« name anil style of BLISS, MOOEE & CO., For the transaction ot the Wholesale jiSS?* »t 4U and -1H Mlcnltfan.*y.,'cofuec of South Watery opposite the Ulcbuiuad Uouse. fIAMUEII BUsB . BacecMor ot smith * bum. VMV bncceworo ot Siiyey, Moore * 00. February Ist, isei. - Dissolution of copahtnek- Mill*.—The foti»rtßfr»btp hcretoioro eiliUlti* lIVSRfc 6 (SUso)Tcl at l-ulu*l COOIBC*. J. »• tLUago, F to. 1,1567. LEUDKH i»AVId, The ondmlrart will cotsUaoe Ihey«te» Cott»nU*lon bt»»ltPM lo NewOrlcini,l^No*.ar* *t«i (iO New Letco *t., under U»« ««ae •**!« M borc»» funs, tu: QBACE, DAVIS & CO, Kew Orle*a», c *" ot I. 3. HOBBS & CO., Cfrlcuo.nUFeb.l. 1567» OOPARTNERSaiP NOTICE.-* Tfca I f firm b«tetofarc doing boslofM niwcr tbe un« udWie ot a. a. aouißM * * bother »»«*■■ ►olrfd January Ut by manialconsent. U'nrr <s«j is alone *ntbom«l to *lfOi 10 UmUdaUaa of *U acta acc maa arm. s- holde*. ISAAC IL HOLDS*. J*. Uje Tlard-wood Lnirber tm«lne*s will be hereafter carried on bj ihe tinder*!* a#d at the old stand. Corner of Market and Jackson*sta»# Where can be ftond ae good an Miortaest ot TVacao and Cabinet Lumber* Wngao Carriage Daba* (‘po'M* Felloe* and Bent Carriage stock. A s rsn he fbnnd In the city. Thanifal tor the part ICv Mf££oauereeelted b> the «M t |r«, l iww "£ a continuance of the aace. HKNRr A. HOLD EX. Dissolution of copartner fcUlP.—Tho copartnership heretetero exlsttsf oncer the came and style ot MAGLLL & LATHAM, Was disaolTpd bymnteal consent on the Slat day «C B AUfhdtßVaealnrt and an debts due the late flnawfll be settled at the office of c Jm MAO IIX, Comer of -Wells d^ lh A* J. LATHaS. JQAILV TRIBUNE COMMERCIAL & GENERAL PRINTING 51 Clark-st., Chicago. RAILROAD COMPANIES, insurance companies. IPIR.OIMIIPTXjir As any Printlat Houno la tio Northwest# at (be TRIBUNE JOB OFFICE, POSTERS Onr BMortcsnl ot PoatetTyno U the hw eat and beat aelected Mock In tbo city. COUPON AND LOCAL TICKETS. We are ore pared la "all ,rde ” aecaileelr nambcred BAILBOADC and I.IICAL TICKETS at NEW BATES. Lars, Foal, of the Latr« Sltle. T,pe" Are Adam. 800. P"*"* “ Urdranlle Dry Pro... enable a. to e thla Imaonaat branch at Prlallaa. patents. A 101 l assortment Pension and Oonntr Blank., at r,eOKAADJ»Ii OFFICE, or THJ 0? THE CAFITiU .jyeumM ASSETS- LIABILITIES. apartnevjsfilp. j. p. n. miACR, UU)DEK L'AVia. 166 W>ahlegtea<t> Bob ffriwttng. RAILROAD, OITJFICE, STOCK COMPANIES, BANKERS, AND BUSINESS MEN. CA2f GET IBEXE PBISTTSO ASD AT PRICES AS LOW 51 Clark-st, Chicago. 13V EVERT STYLE. BOOK PRINTING. :B Xj s -