Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 3, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 3, 1867 Page 3
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CtfSSIP FOB THE LADIES.; The Fashions. Hew York and Paris fflodes for February, The New Short Drciscs -Dow Ladles Make Calls in Germany—Mormon Girls— Matrimonial and Otherwise. Interesting Events in the TYorld of Fashion. [From Our Fashions Correspondent.] New York, January 30,18C7. In the fashions for February there Is not much that is novel. The winter styles are not only established, but they begin to grow rusty, and ladies, young and old, who have exhausted their quarterly allowance, and sec no way for procuring new head-dresses and fresh white kid gloves, look forward with re slgratlon, at least, to the advent of Lent, which furnishes a very proper excuse for ab staining from grand parties, and gayetics of all eorts, except, Indeed, to those who wish to return the hospitalities lavished at the holiday season. February is a most unneces sary month. The only redeeming feature about it Is that it is brief, saving—we beg St. Valentine’s pardon—St. Valentine’s Day. If It gives the fashion writer little that is new, it shall, however, serve a very good purpose In enabling ns to revive and pass a verdict upon the winter fashions. SHORT CLOAKS AND BUIMLES3 BONNETS. It seems to be ordained that women shall always be victims. They are the sufferers by a condition of barbarism, and who will say that they are not the “martyrs to civili zation ?” Surely, no one who sees delicate forms, wtapped in cashmere shawls, shivering over hot air registers, and those same sensitive creatures promenading in tbe bitter cold an hour afterwards, with a small circular bit of velvet, for protection, on the top of tbclr bead*, and short sacques reaching scarcely below their waist*, doing duty as cloaks. If punishment had been needed for blindly fol lowing the lead of a capricious nation, whore customs and climate arc entirely dif ferent from our own, It would seem to have come in the shape of the severity of the weather which bos distinguished the season, and compelled all who were foolish enough to be fashionable to fall back upon tbclr old cloaks, or anything they possessed In the way oJ wraps ,to shield them from the in clemency of the keen frosty alt and sadden storms. There arc days when short sacks and fancy pcplums can be worn with impunity, aud constitute just the right sort of addition to a toilette, arranged with coquctlsh care, for a shopping expedition, or a stroll down Broad way, ending with a lunch at some noted res taurant. But It is absurd for ladles who can only af ford one winter outdoor garment, or who Jhein ice-bound regions la the country, to adopt such n fashion : and they ought, under such circumstances, to assert then Inde pendence, ami declare that they will not. Him, the cloak-dealer assures you that long cloak* arc not worn at all; still, tho dressmaker triumphantly shows you a pretty fancy Jacket, os the “ latest stylo " just received from Paris. Tho truth Is, we need warm clothing in this country In the winter season, especially lu the Northern latitudes, and If fashion does not Airnlshit, 1 common sense should. Fancy designs, more over, arc not suited to plain, serviceable ma terials. Deep points, sash code, and the like may be pretty In silk, cussimcre, or oven In velvet, properly trimmed and mounted, hut they arc entirely out of place In heavy tuflod and* heavy cllohs, whose thick texture and quiet colors seem to demand especially tho dignity of simplicity. Apart from the white cloaks which are quite unique, and limited to tho few persons who can wear them, perhaps the prettiest and mojt dressy cloaks of the season aro the hulf.fltiing paletots In llumholdl purple and marine blue velvet cloth, trimmed upon tho scums (lengthwise) with heavy black silk braids, worked with Jet. Some of them are plain upon the edge, others arc cut out and trimmed to simulate overlapping leaves, but the general effect is the same, and it Is al* ways tasteful and becoming. A gored sack cloak, with sleeves and a round cape, trimmed with a narrow border of grebe or astracan, is tho most sensible and useful cloak of the ecasou, but It is hardly Introduced here yet, and will proba bly be more fashionable next winter than it has been Ibis. In fact, edged with a nar row bordering of fur, with bat, muff and col lar to match, It may be considered the “Tarnhauscr ” of costumes, the toilette of the future. LONG TRAILS. The trained skirts have got about as far as they cun go. Fashion baa undoubtedly no limits except its votaries, but twcnty-flvcicct front houses have, and the skirts trailing two or more yards upon the ground, In an assem blage o( two or three hundred persons, crowded into two small, or one long narrow room, have, to say the least, rather an inglo rious time of it. Now, we have no wish to cay one word against trained dresses, and ernsty old bach* dors who think they are going to he sup* plied with a nut to crack arc warned that they will fled no such things. We admire trained dresses, and consider that our Repub lican Queens have just as good aright to them, as the Imperial Majesty of France l-t self. But as before intimated, parlor and drawing room accommodations are limited, while the number of one's friends, when one is going to give a party, always seems to be unlimited, and, of course, & hundred aod fif ty trains of two yards wide or less, stand very little chance in the occupation of about eighteen or twenty-five feet of ground. There is, to be sure, the remedy adopted by some ladies, that of carrying their trains upon their arms, hut this neutralizes, liter ally, the very end and object of a train, and gives it the appearance of a travelling cloak, or wrap, being for convenience over the arm. If one must lose the fine cifect of a long, sweeping trail, one might as well get rid of them entirely, and enjoy the comfort of skirts cct of an ordinary length. One good cifect is said to have resulted from the trained skirts, and that is, the cur ing many gentlemen of incipient dyspepsia. The amount of excrete which the unfortu nate cavaliers, who attend upon ladles fair, are obliged to take in dodging dresses, through an entire evening, is something aw ful. Moreover, the effort brings all tbs faculties of mind and body into play, rousing the dull and inert, and acting like an intan gible blue pill In the impetus which it com municates to the entire system. enonx imcsses. About the new abort dresses there la no question. It la tbc most admirable, sensible and useful fashion which baa been invented In modern times, and wo hope sincerely that ladles everywhere will sustain It and make it permanent. A convenient dress for the street. Is just what has always been needed. The “Bloomer 1 ’ was an effort la that direction, bat It made caricatures of women, and besides did not designate In the proper quarter to obtain recognition. The short gored dress has all the advantages of the Bloomer, and more, without any of Us disadvantages. It la pretty, neat, conve nient, modest and Inexpensive. It provides a costume in which ladies can walk, ride or travel all the year round Avltb as much case as gentlemen can in their comfortable cloth suits. But It must bo made well and taste* fully, ot material suited to the style, and of a quality that will stand wear and exposure without Injury. The prctllct short dresses we have seen arc cut out In squares over the pleating of the petticoat, or over a wide, flat pleating that simulates a petticoat. The edge Is always bound with colored braid or edged with heavy Jet braid. Another style has a plain sdgo laid over the pleating, with Vandykes or scollops aim* ulatod by narrow lines of Jet chenille cord, or silk braid, buttons to match the trim* mlngs occupying the spaces. Some short dresses are made with a double tandyked edge, the upper points finished with tassels. This will do for little girls, built Ualtogeth* vr too fanciful tor adults, and especially for a street dress, which should bo plain and on obtrusive. In arranging a skirt of this kind care must bo taken to have the points from which the tassels are suspended placed be tween the lower ones. A stiff lining between the mateilal and the facing Is necessary, to keep the points smooth and In place. Bands of velvet, or braids of graduated widths, arc sometimes pul upon the petti coat Instead of pleating, and have the advtn* I lagc of being rarer; they also look well, but | we prefer the pleating, so far as appearance is concerned. Only self-colored, very narrow stripes, or small figures, should be used in the composi tion of a short dress, large designs, of any kind, whether plaid, stripe, or set figure, be ing manifestly ont of place. The costume, should also be generally made en siilfr, or as nearly so as possible. The short sacque, cut out or trimmed to match the skirt, will be the garment gen erally worn with short dresses .during the spring season, and will be very appropriate for milder skies and less rigorous state of the atmosphere. Over such a tolelte, a water proof cloak may be thrown as occasion de mands It, completely shielding It from possi ble Injury. Never wear a wide cloak or a shawl with the short dress, either one looks absurdly out of harmony with the close com pact character of the general design, and en tirely spoils the effect. It is much better to have one neat complete suit than a dozen In congruous article of dress. SKATING SUITS. The long continued cold weather has been a boon to tbo skaters, and given a new Impulse to this vigorous and healthfbl art. Skating carnival*, skating parties and masquerades, hate been the race, and have developed some very beautiful and appropriate cos. tunics. The latest and most distinguished Is a suit madcof flncmcrinoblue, or dark green cloth, and trimmed with narrow bands of while swansdown or grey chenllla, toquet end mud to match. In the front of the toquet, a little standing plume, or head of a bird, Is placed. Gray fur is used lor green suits, white for blue. Both have scarlet petticoats, wilb wide flat pleating, trimmed with black or white velvet or braid. Scotch Ilnscy is a very good material for skating suits, or short dresses of any kind. In the country, ladles are apt to complain that Unsey shrinks and corrugates, but tbe reason must be that they do not get the genuine article. Good Scotch wool Unsey,' or what Is sometimes called “Aberdeen*’ Unsey, will not shrink and never wears out. Tbe objection made by most ladles to it Is that it docs not look well enough for the money—that Is to say, it looks rather rough and not at all silky; but it is really all the belter on that account. A fine French wln sey, mods of mixed silk and wool, although it looks better and more like silk poplin, is much less serviceable.. Mixtures, whether of silk and wool or cotton and wool, always shrink, and lose much of tbclr beauty by ex posure, and are, therefore, not suitable for walking or utility purposes. Now-a-doys, when labor Is high, and lln tags and trimmings cost as much as the dress Itself, it is much better to pay a dollar or even one dollar and a half a yard for a pood material,than fifty cents fora’fllmsy fab tic, which Is only fit for a strainer and dis solves in the first shower it encounters. BLACK SILK AND RECEPTION TOILETTES. Heavy black silk Is more In vogue than ov er. It is cut gored without pleats, with a long train. The narrow and somewhat con tracted appearance of these toilettes, is re lieved by lines of heavy silk braid, headed with-jet, which cover the seams and form or naments for the tops of the sleeves. A magnificent “reception” toilette pre pared for a bride recently, consisted of a skirt of rich whlto gros-graln, ornamented with a pleating put on In hollow squares, tbo spaces filled In with white rosettes of lace, in the centre of each of which is a crystal bead button. A crystal heading Is placed an inch from the upper edge of the pleating. A tonic ‘ ovcr-drcss of green velvet ronnds off from the point and off from the front, and is -flounced with wide point applcguc lace which trails to the edge of the pleating behind. The velvet boddicc Is cut very low, and square, with short sleeves, both edged with a narrow standing lace. Silver cord forms the heading to tbo lace npon the skirt and boddico, and cords and tassels are ured to loop up tbo tunic lightly on each side, aud also no ornaments fur the top of the sleeves. A silver filigree baud, funning a diadem In front of the head, Is the proper ornament to wear with this dress. The necklace and other ornaments should he of diamonds, or silver filigree, encircled with cut crystal. MISCELLANEOUS. Narrow feather trimming Is much used for satin dresses and Is very pretty, though less pcrmnnciUy useful than lace. “Baby” waists and short pulled sleeves, striped with colored ribbons, arc made nu a bile muslin and other thin materials, for evening dresses for young ladles. Greek bands for the hair are going out of fashion, and llowcre are coming la. Young Indies dicsfa their hair very - high behind and with one long “ Alexandra” curl behind the right cor. A comb and a small flower, or bow of laco,or ribbon, b considered sufficient decoration. The ‘‘Arctic” boots are taking the place of rubber overshoes, and arc more healthful as well os more serviceable. They have cloth “uppers” and rubber soles, over well made, but not thick leather ones. They arc not at all elegant, and make the foot look large, but they are excellent for ladies who walk or ride a good deal In cold snowy regions. PAN PROOUAMMBS. The “Imperial”sociables,the most fashion able Id the city. Introduced recently a pretty novelty, which deserves to be coplud at prl- rate balls. It consists of a programme In the shape of a small fan, exquisitely perfumed. Tlicsc fans arcso pretty that they can bo re tained as toucailn. a xiußicAi. rnoTOon.uriic alucm. Photographic albums combining a musical box, and capable of playing several tunes, arc among tbe novelties lately imported. They arc very costly, and arc not likely to be need for anything but os expensive gifts. INITIAL FAN*, Among the pretty new fans arc some carved in white wood, with tho initials of the owner, painted in an exquisite floral design, in the centre. Jennie June. How Ladles make Calls In Germany, TbcCarlsruhe corrrspondcnt of the Cin cinnati Commercial says: “Among the multitudinous ceremonies of tocicty some are very a innsing. For in stance, a lady la “not at home ” to one who calls in a carriage. Buck airs of extravagance are tot to be winked at. It is a highly prop er pciformancc fur the consolation or poor people, doubtless. In one sense I shoula say -not, however, if one’s time is of any conse quence. Making an estimate from the cheapness of carriage hire, and the length of fashionable calls, tho cost per call would be nbont three kreutzere, to say nothing about the number to be made in an after noon without fatigue. So, when Mad ame goes in her carriage,, she sends in her card, and tuc servant comes back, opens the door of the carriage, delivers the ‘not at home,’ and the same performance is'repeated at the next place. Now, I know there are very many fashionable ladies at home sighing for this fame custom, and it I* not at nil certain that it is always disagreeable to either party here. So, though Madame owns horses and car riages herself, when she wishes to see her friends, she takes it like a true plebeian and goes afoot. This alfectcd simplicity of so cial life is in ludicrous contrast to the fact that if one wishes to go info ‘society,* he or she must first be presented at Court. As the Americans do-not write ‘Dc’ or ‘Von* he roic their names, no one has ever been in vited at this Court. In large towns like Berlin it is quite different, but the smaller the Court the more necessity of guarding its dignity.” The frlormon Girls* Richard Williams, who delivered a lecture at Buffalo recently, on the Mormons, alluded as follows to one of the disturbing elements among the saints: “ There is one element among themselves that is troublesome. The general testimony of tbc Gentiles who have lived in intimate social relations with them is that the young girls (to their honor he it sold) are mostly dlsallcctcd. Growing up with It, they have seen the institution with all its abomina tions, and, opposed as It is to all their holier feelings and better instincts, no amount of spiritual thunder can entirely control them. Here, as everywhere, they are a privileged class, and cannot very well be whipped or Imprisoned. Like most of the descendants of Eve, they will talk, and are ever ready to elope with a Gentile who has the courage and can get awav with them. They cannot marry a Gentile and remain peacefully at home. Very naturally they prefer a whole Gentile to one-tenth of aMormon. The most effectual way of breaking up the whole sys tem would be send an army of 10,000 unmar ried men there and protect every man who married' and brought a Mormon to camp. We might in this way get rid ot the nnisanco without bloodshed or incurring the odium of a religious persecution.” A Question about Low Dreacs. A singer in a London concert saloon writes to tbc I'oJl Jfall Castile: “Can von or any of your readers tell mo why ladies of title arc allowed to wear dresses la 'society 1 which the manager of a music ball where 1 era engaged as a singer tolls mo arc too indecent for bis stage? Like most other members of ray profession, I buy all my dresses from a dealer in fashionable cast-off clothing. I find that they ate invariably well made, that no fault can be found with tbo quality of the material, that they arc long enough, and often loolong, in the skirts, large enough round the waists, broad enough cross tbc back, but always so low In the neck that I am not allowed to wear them, and never feel Inclined to wear them without adding a deep band of lace nr silk to cover my shoul ders. My dresses] come from countesses, duchesses, and other ladles who eland well in tbo Court Ctreufor. Howls It that these ladles cau wear dresses, sitting on ottomans with gentlemen leaning over them, that I cannot and am not allowed to wear on tbc stage of o music hall with ten or fifteen yards 1 space between me and my audience? 11 The New Ball Drew. {Prom lbs New York Home Journal.] At a recent ball Riven nt DclmonlcoV, a young and beauilful married lady appeared in one ul the new fashioned ball dresses, which arc now worn short, like the street dresses. The dress consisted of a pink silk underskirt, which just touched the top or the shoes, which were of pink kid, buttoned up over Ihc ankle with white buttons. Over the pink silk was a shorter skirt, of whlto tulle, trimmed with pink satin pipings. The nslr was dressed very high, and orna mented with a wreath of wild roses, the centre of each rose containing n dia mond of great brilliancy. The dress was made by a Parisian dressmaker, and, U Is needless to say. attracted a great deal of at tention. Another very beautiful dress was a short skirt, ol white lalctan, and having an overskirt of blue satin, trimmed with pining* of white satin, which were studded through the centre with small |«arl boads. The shoes were of blue satin, the some shade as tho overskirt, and laced with a while cord and tassel. The gloves, which arc now the fash ion for evening wear, bad a,, gauntlet of kid, which reached nearly to the elbow, and but toned with a small gilt button. matrimonial and Otherwise. Cards ore out for a fashionable wcddiui to lake place at one o'clock, February 4lu. In the Church of the Incarnation, Madison avenue, New York. The parlies most di rectly Interested are Mr. Cornelias Vander bilt, Jr., and Miss Alice Qwynno. The re ception will take place tho same afternoon, from tho residence of the bride, 31 West Thirty-third street. A Jadv. residing in Twenty-third street, New York, received her friends on Now Tear's, seated on a throne»hcr two daughters scaled on either side, -while a baud of music, stationed in an adjoining room, performed at intervals. , I A lashlonahlo woman, who appeared at n ball, In Pari*, on Christum, wore Jewels that cost two hundred thousand dollai. iA singular lawsuit is now on trial at Al bany. Two young men, each married but a few weeks, got sick of their "Ives and pro posed to “«wop,” and, very singularly, the women consented. But the husband of the homclleot promhed to pay ST) “to bout,” and. as he ba. neglected to hand over, tbo suit Is brought to recover the money. At a marriage at Now Bedford, Mass., the other day, tbe parties were a widower and widow, who had each enjoyed tbclr solitude U?s than three months. An Interesting pre liminary episode to the lady was her former hUfebumTs functal, which took place only the day before her second marriage. lie had died abroad, and his remains lias just arrived lame. At a wedding In New York City, la«tweek, tire bride's presents, consisting of silver, jewelry, India shawls aud laces, were esti mated to have cost one hundred thuusaod dollars. Miss Alary Harrington, daughter of Mr. George Harrington, late Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and now our Minister to Switzerland, is at present in Paris, making preparations for her marriage, which isshort ly to take place. Her fiancee is an Italian count, andrumor gives him a largo share of this world’s riches. Ledics may change their minds, it Is uni versally agreed. A lady living somewhere In New York State recently availed herself of this privilege. She became prejudiced against her husband through the influence of h lover who tarnished her the money to pro cure a divorce, and then married her. After living with her second husband a while, she became convinctd she hod been deceived aa to her first husband, and, her old love re luming, she eloped from her second hus band, running away with her first husband. In a certain town in Indiana lives a man who hnd given his wife jast cause for seeking a divorce. Alter a long time she, with the usual difficulties, obtained the bill of di vorcement, and set up a boarding-house as a means of support- Sue bad been In ber new business only a fowweeks when she received, through'a friend, an application from her for mer husband to take film as a boarder I As she had been working for two years to get rid of boarding him, she respectfully de clined tbo application. It requires very little nowadays to make a law-case. -A young lady in Wisconsin re cently brought a suit fur a breach of promise. On the trial she introduced several common- E lace letters from the defendant to sustain cr case on the ground that the letters wore signed, “£V*r pour*.” How could ho bo ever hers unless ho Intended to marry her ? .was the logical conclusion of the unsophisticated damsel; but the Jury, not seeing It ia that light, nonsuited her. BREVITIES. 'A couple were married on horseback in Wythe vlllc, a few days since. The following note banded lo a policeman, on Broadway, lost Sunday,caused the d* scent on John (Mlcecat’s gambling-bell, fa New York: “Mr. Officer—l believe it is against tbe law to allow gambling on week-days, hat la particular on Sun day. John C. llocum’e place. No. 7GS Broadway, is now m fall blast. My husband is now there with Ins last hundred. For God's sake, scare them onr, if nothing more, and much oblige a woman? who is afflicted wilb a gambling hus band.” A lew days ago, a* a young lady in Portland, Me., was walking on a rough chamber floor, the heel of her boot caught la a board, twisting her in such a shape oa to break her leg Just below the koie. lidla baa priced an embargo upon Its exports- ttou of Arabian horses. A ulpfT camp near Now Haven, Conn., made one hundred dollars a night from foolish yonng pcopio anxious to bare IhclrTortnncs told. A number of Parisian Beamslrcsics have boon ftiCrnrg trom violent co.ica from palling the silk iLey use mowing Into tkolr mouths. This is nU mbuted to hiilpUato ollcad, and the presence ol t fast deleterious substance is explained by the fact that, as the silk Is sold by weight, some man* nfaciorcrs mix the sulphate with It to make It heavier. A colored woman in Austin, Texas, mother of ten cluldicn, sues a white man for breach of promise. Paris bas no lace cnrtalns largo enough for the While Uonee at Washington, ami somoaro being made to order. Tho assessors reckon that California has In creased £10,000,000 in wealth sltco I"C4, and can now afford to pay taxes on £102,000,000 worth of property. Tbo Queen of Belgium’s crown contains forty* five pearls, forty diamonds, and live thousand small brilliants. Tkcfavenlopetof tbe nuimal creation in all Parisian households Is gold and silver fish. Yon eco them In every drawing-room, on every shop counter. In every window. Last year 00,000 francs worth were sold in Paris tho current price per fish being fifty centimes. Tbe latest statistics of the now Metropolitan Main-Drainage Works, of London, abow that the total length of sewers at present completed Is eighty-two mlleo. ThcvfJrka when finished will have cost £1,900,000. It Is remarked in England that tho steamship City of Boston ortho Inman line completed watb* In the past year ten voyages between Liverpool and Now York, or seventy thousand statute miles —a peefonnacce never before. It Is said, equalled. Mrs. Throckmorton, of Colorado, lately doped from her husband and Uuec children, leaving a Parthian note for the former, informing him that none of ibe latter were his. AH of whtch was very consolatory lor Throckmorton. Thirty* 1 'm thirty. ’Ms not very old— Yet never yonneor snail 1 be. Nor do I caio my yoolh to bold, *Tu not so very dear to me. True. I have lived my share of life. And found me many goodly trlmds; Bn l , with all tnls, enough ol strife, And toll, atd toss, to make amends. And all my joys have wedded been With hitter griefs; alas, the bell lhat rings to-ray the marriage in. To-morrow tolls the laueral knell. Yet, though my brightest hopes have paled, My taith in fotui c good holds fast; My strength and conra- e have not failed. And ail shall finish well at last. — Q;orQs Arnold. Fatclic’s Feet* Bcr TccL. they are so email, So delicate her tread. The dais)i*B do not bead at all When she walk-* overhead; Put each looks no and fall in love With Psyche's tiny loot above. She walks with each an art. And stons so daintily, U she should tread upon my heart, 'Xwonld still unbroken bo; 17111096 *i.i* ere by the loveliness Which Psyche's Hoy feet possess. —Gtorge Arnold. Lncwss Atnornxs.—At, Conception, Mexico, m on the comer ol the plaza may be seen an tm. iitcnse mass of meteoric iron, which bears the date of J6CO, which Is said to he the year In which it tell. Ills very soft and pare, contains ranch nickel and phosphorus, and weighs about five thousand pounds. It fell near the place where It now teats. A few leagues from the same point, npon the hacienda of San Gregorio, is a block of twice tbo size and two smaller masses, all of tho samo racial. They are said to have (alien at the same time that the one described above fell. Paiupuw Awe am errs.—Paris has forty thea tres, besides twenty-seven other regular place* ol amnecraeot, this enumeration being exclusive ol Innumerable Caf«*s chantants and ball-rooms. ’ISAHCIAL AND COUMEEGIAI MONETABY. Satctuut Etesiko, February 2,1567. The following Is Manager Ivea* exhibit of the business ol] the Clearing Mouse for the week end ing to-day Clearing. .(1,272.33».W {117,805.40 . 1,021,006.50 113,576.40 .. 1.218,182.61 136,123.20 . 1,?717?65.C5 187,571.18 .. 1,411,030.63 171,404.09 .. 1,791,401.85 855.462J3 January 19.. January SO January 30. January I*l., February;!. February* Total (8,036,313.59 «1,010,M6.08 Last week 8,41i3M.(19 1,066.31W.M Week, January 19 ....10,406,373 61 1,142,580.48 Week, January 12 11.4K7.03t 09 1,353.991.31 The general business of the city shows so change in the situation since last week. Trade Is dull—hopelessly dot), and had It not been tor a “boll” movement In Grain daring the past dans *nd a speculative demand Tor produce to dl contracts maturing on the 31st nit., the dealings would have shown a greater falling off than compared with lastwcok. Bankersand merchants still complain of the slowness of col lections, of which about onc-tblrdare returned unpaid. Extensions and renewals are the order of the da;, and creditors are oollged to grant them,as the debtors find it Impossible Inmost instances to pay In full. Our Washington apodal o! this morning con tains the following: “Prominent bankers have held a consultation with Ur. WcCnlloch acd the Comptroller of tbc Currency, aud agreed upon the following bill, framed by John W. Ellis and Thomas 11, Pago of Ohio, and which meets the hearty concurrence of all parties named: . 'Us Vtnacted, ft?.. That for the purpose of re deeming aud retiring any compound interest notes ooutanding end held by National Banka, the Secretary of tbc Treasury la authorised to isane test polar}' loan certificates In thr manner doslg- I nated by section four of the ad approved July I £stb, 1602, beitlup interest at the rale of not ex- j cccouur four per cent per annum, principal and , interest payable In lawful money, on demand, aud raid certificate* of temporary loan mar contUln'c and be held by any National Bank bolding or own ing the raxnc a part of acd not exceeding the re serve providca for in sections thlrty-coo and thir ty-two of the act entitled “An act to pro* Ido for a National Currency,” ttc., approved Juno ?d, 13it; protidnt, that the amount issued shall not oic«ed * l “'ilioVc‘Cfclary of the Treasury says the bill will relieve him of all anxiety on account of the compound interest notes, and will provide for them in aneh a way as notto derange the bn local and finances of tbo country. Senators Fessenden end Sherman, of the Finance Committee, support the measure, and It will be considered by the committee on Tuesday next. Aa this prevents contraction to the amount of compound note* funded, and la strongly urged by the Secretary, It la taken by many aa an indication that tAs S*crt tary I s beginning tofetl that he hat'gon* too far la Als former tlnet t ipon contraction." The mercantile and manufacturing Interests of the country will rejoice to tee the algo of return ing reason to our Secretary of the Treasury, but the proposition above mentioned will not meet with a favorable recognition at tbo hands of the masses. There is no necessity for funding the compound interest notes Into four or any other percents, lot them be redeemed Injplalnlega tenders at par and accrued interest. Our finan cial policy ought to be, and moat be, directed to » saving of Interest by a gradual redaction of that portion of the national debt which is Interest-bearing. The compounds are a i legal tender, and are now doing duty as currency, forming a portion, if not the greater part, of the £300,003,000 reserve fund. The substitution of legal tendon for the compounds will not alter the currency status to any great ex tent. as the banks will still be compelled to carry the 23DO.OOO,tOO—which!* percent of their circu lation anddepostt!. The conversion of the com pounds into plain legal tenders will save the Gov ernment nearly nine millions per annum, which, 1 If applied to to the payment of the public debt, would materially reduce Kina few years. Aa an evidence of the extent of the contraction . caused by the Secretary’s scheme to reach specie In two yean, we subjoin the following bask stale* menu: HEW TOUL Loans. Deposit*. teoiui. Fept 1,’66..5265,W0T $225,191,289 $92,03,-09 Jan. 20,'67.. 251,674,808 107,962,076 63.Ui.559 Decrease.. t15,72(,8M $27,233£06 $29,200,919 BOSTON. Legal Loans. Deposits. tracers. Sept.B. $95,C57,8C8 J5n.14...... 05,401,778 40,310,216 16,429,493 Decrease $4,931,756 locicasc.. $8,178,970 $389,666 pnn.ipn.rina. Lc cal Loans. Deposits. tenders. Fcpt.t $50,095,830 111,152,627 $34,N0.251 Jau. 90 52,168.473 89,001,779 19,334,371 Decrease $2,100,8 18 f 4.670.553 Increase.. $2,071593 BUSDUCT. Legal Loan*. Deposit*. tender*. Sept. 1 $4111,683.303 f5CC.211.459 t183.73t.313 Jan. 26 402,333,051 977.900,07! 99,615,495 Decrease.. $8,578,251 $39,011,833 $39,118,838 As will be seen from the above, tbe binka of Now York, Boston and Philadelphia have been - depleted in five months of green backs to (he extent of $39,000,000, or nearly eight million* per month, which Is double (berate of contraction pnrsned by Secreta ry McCulloch. Tbe loss in deposits in tbe same time is a trifle over $29,000,000, while tbe coutrac tlon of loans is only a little over eight and one half millions. This shows conclusively iha‘. tbe backs have done all in (heir power to accomodate their customers; bat there is a limit to everythin™, and should Air. McCulloch continue to pur sue bis specie hobby, and withdraw the legal tenders, the banks will be compelled in self-defence to sharply contract their dis count lines. This will lighten up tbe money mar ket- The resultants of a stringent money market arc a falling of In production, a decrease in trade, domestic and foreign, stagnation in business, and a drying np of all sources of revenue, it makes the rich richer and Ihe poor poorer, and if fol lowed op vigorously, impovemhea the nation. Each are the evils that must necessarily arise from Mr. MeCnlluch’s plan of specie reshmption. At the present time It- ia Idle to talk of specie payments. Every tyro In finance knows perfectly well that the currency has nothing to do with the price of gold. This is regelated by tbe price of onr bonds in Eu rope. When onr national credit shall so Appre ciate that our bonds will command par In London, ibctiwc arc practically at specie, and until such takes place there is no prospect for specie, no mat ter bow much tbe currency may be tinkered. Let the currency be lett alone, and let the alms and endeavors of tbe Treasury Department and the Government be direct'd to a redaction of thein- tircst-bearing portion of (be debt, the consequent diminution of Interest Involving a redaction In taxation, an increase of production, and a stead; appreciation in our national credit. These make up tbc road to specie payments. Most of the discount bouses report the demand for Money less pressing, which elves a somewhat easier tone to the market, but as the great hulk of the paper daily maturing la being reuctved, there ts no actual relict from the stringency which vo haw dally noted during the past month. Gov ernment was checking on some of tno Nationals tOM ay, hut the drafts were smell and no inconve nience was >eIL Paper la very closely scrutinized, and none buttho best houses, on flrst-clavs col laterals, are able to sccnro accommodation. Good double names are negotiated on tbc street at IS£ SUperemtper annum. Second-class signature* cannot he sold for less than 2}s per cent per month. Call loans are Qrm at 1U per cent oo Gov ernment Securities. Hxchnnco was firmer. The demand to-day was rather more active, and In seme quarters prepa rations were made to ship currency. Hound lots sold between bank at paro23 cents premium, mostly nt tbo upper flame. Tbe counter rate* wore 50 dim olttSpar buying—mostly par—and I*lo premium selling. For Foreign Exchange 'hero is an active de mand, and tbe market«es up firm at tbe follow ing rates lor “ short sight”: Gold. Currency London, per £ etc £5.00 (TtO.ft:) Paris, p.*r Franc 20 27^5^-'t> Ik-rlln, per Prns. Thaler 73 t.lO ftf.Or Hamburg, per Marco Banco fid C 3 (<b fit Nurra>, per Itlx Mynl SO 40 (sll Sweden, j»crtpccltf Baler... 1.10 153 01.53 Floor was rather more active. Wheat advanced Cora was turner and 1Q.14C higher. Oats advanced He* Rvc was 1c better. Barley was mote active. Whiskey was neglected. Dressed Hogs opened firmer, but closed (tail and weak. Mesa Pork was dull, bat firmly held. Ball: Meals were m good demand at higher prices. Lard was more active, and He belter. Gold was higher to-day. Tho marked opened at 135£, advanced to 130J5, and closed at 130 - Tbe following quotations' were received by Boyd Bros., Gold Brokers: ,135* 111:45 a. m .130*4 > iS:onm.... .130)41 1:00 p.m. .130*4 8:13 p.m. 130*4 I 10:St) a. m. 30:45 a. m. 1I:U) a. ra. 11:15 a. m, 11:W a. m. Mere the market was qniot at 135H012S buying —closing at J3s»£* Silver was nominal at 133 @1"0. Tho following table shows the dally range and closing prices of Amciican Gold for the week end ing to-day. Range. Closing. Monday }L*S Tuesday 13H#0!IMH 131*n Wednesday 15MH66103H 135 Ihnreday IS4HOIS3Ji IS»H- Friday... 135H@W5*£ 335*£ bntuiday ISSX&UBM ISO* Tbo Pnblic Ponds exhibited more strength and prices were HGK better throughout the list. The follow ing shows tho closing prices of to-day, compared with those of the three previous days: Wed. Thar. Pri. Sat. Sixes of *Bl 107*4 107)4 107*4 107* Flvc-Twen lies, *C2 107* 107*4 107* 107* Flve-'twentlos, *6l 105V4 IMH 70534 1W Flve-Twcntl«,*G3 I'** 105* 1M 103*4 Tcn-Forlie* 05* 90* 09J£ 09J£ Fcvcr-Thirtles, Ane.....lW?i IMS 1M« 101* Scnn-TUrtlca, Jane. . IMS IW*4 101*4 101 S Seven-Thirties, Jn1y....104* IMS 101 H 101*4 New Five-Twenties 10i*4 101*4 IMS 101*4 The Stock list showed znoro animation and prices or Itoilnay at d other shares were better all round. The following shows the quotations of to-day, compared with those of the two previous days : Thar. Frl. Sat. lilt M BM B*a- B'd. B*<l. BM. D’d. K.Y.CCS 96* 97u 97* W* WJ< 100* Erie (com) Six 55*55* &** 57* 53* 51. b. (com) 69$ 71 7C* 71* 73 73 C.&PUU 77 78**0* S3* 81* W* node Island 93* 94* N* ftW 95* 91* C.&K.W SIX SSjfSfi 81* 35* 37* C. *N. W., T>&>... 61* C 3 * Sl* M* 65* 67* r.RWkC 91* 96 W* 97 97* 93* (Juic* silver 57* 57 37* 37 SS 39 W. Union T>l 43* 44 41* 41* 41* 45 O, A A.(c0m).... I(7* 118 110 110 110* 111 Kur.AQ 130 ...130 .... 133 111 M. Central lofi* 107 107 105* 107 IP7* llndaon Hlvcr.... l*i m 137* 136 129 130 111. Central 113* 113*113* 111 IMY 111* I*. 3s Read IC3* Cl* 101 101* 104* 101* rieveAlolcdo... 118 118 119* 133 12«* 131 T.AWalaib S9* 40 40* 41 4C* 41 Here there was a good demand for Govern menu, and the market was linn. Wo quote: GOVEBNSEKT SECCEITXEB—CHICAGO JtUIKST. . Sizes, of 1931. 6-SOs, IS Mt«s, IPCI ... C-Sfis, 1855.... 5-soe, small .. U.S.KWUb, large. ... U. S. KWOc, 5ma11.... U. 8.7605, Ist series. U. 8.760?, 2d series. 11, S. 7605. Sd series. U. S. 7-t Os. sman.... Compound, Jane, 1861. . . ...116*4 “ July, ism no “ Aw*., I6T»| IW4 “ Oct, i.*64 nm “ Dec., lS6t 1134 “ May, XBRS 112 “ Aug.. ISO 1104 “ Sept, 1965 110 »* Oct, IbCB 1094 The Second Xstional Btnk pires the followlnj quotations for the Public Fends: Coop., ’81..10715®. ~ . 7-30*( email) 10t*4@lOlH coupons, Jane Comp., 1961..116)4 (larsei....loHtf}lOTK July “ “ ..lift 5*50 coupons, Ana. “ “ ..115*4 (email)...los?*®loo)4 Oct. “ “ ..114*4 10-sOcoopone, Dec. ** “ ..113*4 (tarre).... 09)4© Mar ** ISM..ins KMOconpone. Aug. “ ** ..110*4 (email) ...102 Ct Sept. “ “ ..110 7-aHUigc).UM?4<&lO4?4 Oct. •* “ ~109*4 Local Securities arc doll and nominal. We quote: Balaucci Chicago City Ts. Cook Connty Chamber or Commerce. Liverpool advices of to-day quo te Five-Twenties A New York telegram Bays “Rumor tn Wall street has It that a crisis of a tbreaunlng nature bancs over many of tbc ioaar tree corfoiatlors of the city, owing to unprece dented losses by fires and marine disasters darts? tbc past year. Yearly statements were published by seme of the most prominent companies yes terday. bywbhhlt appeals that many of them cancel all tbc capital represented by scrip.” The Director* of tbo Merchants' Union Express Company have Issued a Anal call for payments open stock subscriptions—or rather three calls In one. 'Jhe first!« for three per cent, payable Feb ruary Ifet; tbo s<cond for throe per cent, payable March 15th ; and tbe third for two per cent, paya ble on May Ist. Those will make a total of twenty fire per cent paid in, and Immediately after the receipt of tbo last Instalment certificates will be issued to stockholders. An accompanying circu lar giro* a gratifying exhibit of the condition of the company. Over thirteen thousand miles of ronto and more than fifteen hundred offices are al ready In successful operation, and arrangements are In progress to further extensions, the most important of which la amain trunk line between the seaboard and tbe Ohio Itlvcr, rlo the Erie and Atlantic and Great Western Railways, and one between New York, Baltimore and Waj&lngtun, • a Washington despatch observes: •• The monthly statement of the public debt will not be ready until next week. It will not show any diminution of the public debt, or any contrac tion of tie currency for January." The N- w York recent panic In Wall street, remarks: ‘‘The leading broker for the Erie speculators has the sympathy of all tn his line of buslossi. Ho has, innocently, been male «be victim of a large number of reckless speculators, the «Al<f of «oom, ft Is declared, has been playing a game which would have disgraced a fambauk. The names ana tricks of (he whole batch of worthies are fri-ely commented npnn bv a class of men who hare special gifts In the use of the English language. At least Any thousand shires of Erie stock were bought tor the clique la three days by the broker before spoken oL The speculators took from him about thirty-five thousand sbarM, and then left him to—break with tbo remaining load on bis shoulders. He bad bought for them this slock in mil confidence that bo would be faithfully protect ed, according to agreement; bnt was kindly per mitted at the lasi moment to be hta own execu tioner. At least a million of dollars mare from the clique were required to pay for the stock left on the oanda of the unfortunate broker. (Tbe broker allnded to in the above is Mr. James Boyd, formerly ol this city.] Hew York Crock Market. aosla* prices tor easn. February a, 1967, received bv Joseph M. Lyons A Co., Broker*: Ist *d I Ist 2d B*d. B’d. I _ . ITd. B'd. N.Y.Csn wx iM* * U.S.S percent Ene(com) r°a! l fc , o«cenr W * **** M b (c0n:).... *t •- I c»a - per ceor Rack. Island.... bl! 9*X ID.b. * P<r cent c.*K.wT. ... ** I >n couju*M.lCßJ< .... Cw K. W-nfa 6*S 67»i C.&.« per cent P Ft. If .It’. 9iX I MO eonp«*©.ic®M •••• s»*io.a.sper«st * W. Union Tel.. H.X *5 . UMCi..»X .... C. AA. (cca)..llt>X ttl I Tr. Sates, ,M 0 fcuoV" CO? iSI 1 Ist series tot* .... M.CrauW....l« I D. S. IWh., Uadion 8rer.139 i» 1 svnea IWJtf .... Ul. 5nua.....113V Ills, IU. Si. 7 310, 3d P. A head... .INK 7W\ I senes tdX Cists. IU I Amer. G01d....138* 136* T.AWabaah... SOX *1 i Market—lst Board strong; 3d Board stress. COMMERCIAL. SanmoaT Brztnxo, February 1, 1837. The following üblc* show the receipts end ship* taenU of Prodace during the put twenty-four boar*: ' ’jutenra past TWEcrr-Poun nous*. Floor, hrlfl Wheat. ba Com, ba . Oat*, ba Rye, bo Barley, ha Grata bee-'.1b8.., Broom Com, lb*. Cored Meat, Pork*, 0ri5....... Lard.lbs Tallow, Z'TTZ -I--* Butier.lbs ...... 7,*0 15,7>8 O. Occv, No ■.. 6,1*0 . 6,0f1i l ive Uoua. No • 3,338 ;4,*M Ca?tlr, No.. «» ft* I’Vie «M» li. V.iiiCa, Wli \£- Wool, Ite 6,770 . : *U|5 lumber, ... ® 7* Shingles. £lO • 500 sinrxEXTs pabt Twzair-rom nouns. IBb7. ' im 5,406 8,112 .V 7,150 3,118 , 658 .... 02 230 ... 1.441 1.053 .115,700 171,391 63,150 1,850 Flour, hrls Wheat hn Coin, un Oats, lm Bye, bn Barley, bn .. .. Grass Seed,Tbs... Broom Cora, lbs. Cared Meats, lbs. Beef, btls i'otk, brls lird, lbs. ...... Tallow, lbs Butter, lbs Dead Hogs, No. Lire lion. No.. Cattle, No ....,. Hides, Tbs llliltmines, brls. Wool, Tbs Lumber, m. .... Shingles, m,.... lithe, m Pall, bi15....119 1,037 Salt. bags.. 150 Ibe market for Mess Fork continues inactive— buyers and sellers being apart In their views. Holders aic quite stiff In their pretensions, and ebow no disposition to sell unless they can obtain their own terms. The only transactions reported were 500 barrels, seller last half of February, and 1W barrels, cash, at sl®.oo. The best brands are beld at $ 19.00. ihongh some lots can be bad at $18.75. Piimo Sices Pork was quiet but firm, with sales of 500 barrels, seller March, at $17.25, deliv erable at Milwaukee. Sweet Pickled Hams were qnict, with sales or SCO tierces at lOHc for Milwau* bee and city cot—the latter from Dressed Hogs. In English Meats there was no movemenL Com btrlands are held at 9c. The demand for Dnlk Meats Is quite active, acd the market is higher. Djy Halted Shoulders advanced about with sales at 7H07,6-lOc loose, and 7Jxc packed, cash, acd 7*fc, buyer March, deliverable Ut Delphi, Indiana. A lot of Dry Salted Hams, at the same place, sold at lOtfc, same option. Lard was more active and J*c higher, with sales of 050 tres at ll*i®l3c cash, 12c barer 13, and buyer 25—elosingfinn at 12c cash. Grease was inactive, but Arm at oar quotations. Dressed Hogs opened firmer, but closed weak. Sales tanged frern s7.tT£7.Bs—closing doll at $7.25 and $7.60 dividing on 300 lbs. The more IhvoraUr advices from Now York Imparted a steadier feeling to Flour, and tho mar ket exhibited ralh-?rmons activity, though prices showed no quotable Improvement. We note sales 0f2,0C5br1*at511.511014.35 for Whlu Winters; fHi for Hpiing Extras, and $3.85 for SprlnfiSuiicrß. Tlicco was considerable speculative de mand for No. 8 Spring, and the market advanced l&lHc, but there was nothing doing in other grades. About 53,001 bu cbnngf d hands et sl.triti for No. 3 in A. D. <t Co., ot.d f l.Slftl.SoJi for do In regular houses— closing with buyers at SI.BSH and sellers at sl.Bd (or the lull A. Coro was lu moderate demand, and In view of more favorable news from tho East the market adtaeced IQIHC, with sales uf 46,000 hu at7*o 7S}{C for No. 1; 77c for White, and fib&stc for Re jected—closing firm at onlsido figures. Furfu luic delivery there was cotiHlderahto Inquiry, with roles of O',«;o ho No. 1 at TjiiG7Cc, seller last hall of April. Oat? were l£c higher, but qnict. Sales ranged n' -l2Hc for No. 1, and KtJifciOc for No. 2—closing at the upper figure. Rye advanced Ic, with sales at 69®00c for No. 1 end BCc for No. 3. There was mure doing In Hatley, and price* wore eloody, with transactions ut (Wc for No. 3; 42(&18Jic lor Rejected, ami 07c®51.21 lor sample hccde were (jnlct and a elude easier for Time* ibywiib eal«« nt f1.7302.U3. Clover wa« nomU Daily unchanged at $7.7508.00. The follow Inc dcipalcbea weto read on chance 10-doy New York, February 2. Flour steadier at t9.Oo<ail.4i). wheat Armor at 18.0ti5i2.18. Com Meadler, fl.wai.lU ta store. Outs eirouj-or, atOUROSc. Pork Armor, quiet, old at fIti.UTH; ROW tso.fitf. Lard quiet. Host quiet, at{o.CS!iOlU£9. Gold, 13C»i. lATXIt. Flonr better,, Wheat Armor. Com buoyant* at?t lfl»4 In store. Oats buoyant. Pork Armor, old $13.43; new fiU.CStf. Whiskey buoy ant, at BCc. LATER. At the aflcmoon Do&rd the grain markets were quiet, with an advanco of 1 tic on No. 1 Com, closing Arm at 80c. No 2 Spring Wheat declined Ic, clofelnc dull with sellers at sl.Bl}s to $1.83. Provisions were Inactive, bnt Armly ‘held. The Cattle market was quiet, bat prices were thoroughly sustained and very Arm. The supply was limited as was also the demand, and trans actions were conAncdAo SOI bead. These were taken by shippers, city butchers and yard specu lators, at prices ranging from $3.75 for interior Cows, to $0.75 for choice shipping Steers. The market closes strong at the above range of prices. Received to-day, 125 hcad;recelvcd this week 3,16'J bead. The Live Hog market was fairly active to-day, under jt good packing demand, and the offerings. were readily -taken op-at substantially the closing pnccs of yesterday. Sales were' made at a range ot $8.00&6.55 for com men to fair lots, and IC.4OQG.CO for good to choice Hogs. The receipts to-day wore 3,213 bead, and lor the week 22£37. The market doses Arm aIfC.CCQC.CO. Receipts and Shipments of Lire and UrcMcd Uoqi from October lat to Date—Approximate Pack Los. The following tables show the receipts and shipments of Live and Dressed Hogs from Octo ber Ist to dale, for two years: RECEIPTS or nocs. ISG6-7. IStt-G. lit 3-i in 3-1 Wfck tLd'fi. Live DrcVd. Live. DrcsM. Oct. 6 22,001 .... 21.910 18 13.4 W .... 82,703 sn 25,aii .... 17,517 87 10,010 7 IV-KK) 3 NOV. 3 10,750 68 32,773 U 10 29,203 233 17.053 10 17 15,719 11*3 27.750 2: 24 1.1,-103 331 93,913 25 Dec. 1 19,120 1,2« I 15,757_ 183 B 83,105 1,713 6,122 W 1 15 21,613 2,396 19,616 621 22 56.824 10,133 21,273 5.063 £9 30.713 2U.9CS 91,133 13.396 J&D. 5 55.775 57,021 52.233 23.957 12 MJ.9M 61,910 26.411 51.021 HI 44,974 37,592 85.672 13,663 20 4%419 29.151 36 334 46.554 Feb. 3 21,794 18.052 38,515 43,261 Bnylnjr. Sdhncr. ...IWH ...107* lOTjr ..105* IOC ..108 IC«SW Total W 1.412 909,001 463.741 205.(*3 Add Dressed.. 2(3.001 203,633 Total. .'«V 103 .IWH inis* •101 S 1-4 S .104*,' lOJft .KM* Week cod'g. lave. Drcs’d. Tire. DresM. Oct. C 22,911 .... 13,536 15 15,012 .. . 13.7M3 20 13,518 .... 15,151 27 15,961 ... 7,239 Nov. 3 8.7*1 ... 11,410 11 10 10,774 .... 17,616 fc) 17 9,233 S 3 13,063 SI 4.503 90 10.709 Dec 1 6,515 419 12,480 75 8 8,063 CIS 4,ICS JO 15 712 102 10.032 5S 22 2,GC6 5,919 5.685 8,571 20 734 11.965 8,906 10,706 «,CO2 1,919 3.633 W 8 10,561 4,985 I\QU 60 12.049 107 5,7*0 .... 12,649 1,376 8.121 VS9 6.3 IS 2.352 v 5.9J3 19. 56. Feb 3 Total ISP.4DO 71,930 1(2,417 57. Ha Add Drreeed.. 71.9 M 57,142 Total Deducting the shipment* from the receipt?, Uu balance should indicate approximate]/ the nunt' ber of Dogs packed and butchered for city coo amnption Baric?. Selling. M fITK Receipts.. Shipments. Packed, butchered and In penj.KS,u2o 411,803 Messrs. Milward & Co., m their Circular of to day, approximate the packing thla season, np to d-ite, at 550.000. Iq Ibcaboic we have not made any account for the dressed hoc* received per wagon. It is im possible to eet any accurate statement! concern ins them, but it la understood that the receipts arc quite large—more than sufficient to account for the apparent discrepancy between our figures and Iboec of Sica era. Milward & Co. Chicago Provision Market, Cuxcaoo, February 3.1867. Tbetartlal returns of thv packing at varn>n«point* ptblbhed ihla week by the Cincinnati Price Cnrrmu have bo alartled pruvltlon operator* m to reader the traie flare tb»n dan, dragging bad monotonous. Llchtj-fbor point* beard from snow aa eitlmitcd in crease In nnmPerot some 640.000 head. Among the catalogue we do not And Madison. Ind., or Milwaukee, 'Wlf.. the estimated lorreaie at which points ismi op 70,U0 to M.WO h-ad. while «c have atlll ons hundred aao twenty point* to hear from, ton* of which, »ach u Nevc*»Ucard Knightsu.wo, lod., la*t rear, had so packing, and thlsyear will each from 3.000 tnSjOOOhea-1. Taking the increase In weight lnloeoa»lilerationlt la probable (hat the final sammtrg up win ibaT an in create Is the packing of the Nortaw«tof * 3.000 to lACJCO he«d over last year. Many < perstora still as sert that the crop will not l« wo largo for the In created consump: on of the country, bat time cat ah oe demonstrate the correctncaa cr fallacy ot their vie**, aotf. mranwhllr, the Ihrtof aoch a larccln ma«e In the anfflclcnttocorball spec ulative ft-elipg. Thu* far tbe eoa»umpllve dezatd i-r btionaod boikxnrattha* b*eo econuona,andahonld It continue a healthy trade tn the#* producU maybe anticipated, hot tor barrelled mrati tae same bright prmpreta do not exist. The stock of tori to New \urk ftioa • an Increase over tbe corresponding period last year of 21.000 brla. and over the stock oo th" Ut of Jan nary effijoo brla. Thialarce Incroaic, notelthstudiog tl.e liberal consumption reported frotnNew \ ork daring the month mint hare been d-nved trom other Quar ter*, sacmr receipt* of barrelled pti fbr the month inmop a. 853 brigand onrshlpraenu 87.JH,ahowtnc an increase of shipment* over receipt* of 0n!y3.73a brl". For the pterion* month the receipt* <d barrelled jotkwerol.MtC hrU, and the shipment* 3tAt?,ahow ng an fire** of ahlpmesu over rcceipu of 11,213 brla. Tbe rtwk cf barrelled meat here at present mn.l be extraordinarily heavy. The receipt* of bora for the week, inducing 3.32* head not enumerated In U»l week 4 * antnmary. *nm op a* foliow», viz: Drewea. P\«3; me. 77.114; total 43,7:8; and thf^hlaaenais dre*««Lß.r4H; \ivk\JSOi total, 10,127 Hearing »5g for packers* use, city ccoaomptloa, and otunoer left ° For the wwwponJlnc period last year U» receipts were: drawed. 43,351 tare. SA3I3; total, 72,773; and theshipment* : ore**-d.W73 : 1>t0, 3.W Jtotwl, lK*»; leaving C7,*oi head for parka re’ ase. ftc. to the prettnt Uni* approximate* to 3K1.000 head, •rain.*tSJ3.4»read at correapofidl o * cato IMt rear. Ihe market for bega throughout the week has oeen buoyant and fteadr, withnnt any material advance. Live have been selling at C'«e ande.Vcero**, and clows frtoataamc. Droaaod.owln»totae adranca in New York, have (aa will a» live) been taken more freely Mr shipment, andcloaedOna at f'-Atl.-W. One or two bouata have atopped peeking for tbe aca*on. bat troja all accoarU there will behog* enough arriving to keep tno*t rft*epactm at work fbr some week*. UeM Fork baa born comparatively neglected, and though meat hclder* demand Xe* b^era do not rcipoad and the market . ° t hover* nnwllUng to par ont standard Fort. Prune ilea* arme. a. f 1 .JStor present, and fbr March delivery. Mtra prime and mmpa are ramud firm at cat Ueati are held Annly at 7w»7Vc fer »hoalle?a;9\c lojae fir Side*. Green Meats have been held above the Tiewt ot hovera. vu.: Bvc tor shonlder* aEdSV«S«»c fjr SUoa, bat to-<Uy Shoulder* *otdat 6ve.*Ham* have ncen in active demand at 9.V* IK arcotalcc to weight. Enctltb meat* meet.a ready ialealfNeforCambetlanil nuaaltnt*; *\c for ehart rlbbcdn iddl»; lCk»nclor mart clear; and 9vefor Stnmnlcnt. feevaal lota ot CumberUnd* and abort middle* have been taken loose, Ibr bom* consumption, at Vc per t» lc»a than the current price, packed. Loot him* are arm at ledlOfcc- picked. The demand fbr lard has been trilling; prlmekettle rendered may,be onoledatt2i3l3H'c, acdprlineatcam at lIVCMJcsNo. IU scarce and firm at UdU VC. Grease firm and In d'mand at lor white; gyt»9clar_yellow, and Pcftir firaat9V«lflSc r TanoW grtaae pc. Freights tmehanged, lixaxr HiLwarts a Co, p^.H^! rERB^?CMArN t Ji o micLAiurn IV mi Spcb?^ 1 2f*o. 8UMof ,sdav JRC“T? °** t<Un uy Of these letter* tea spptlraat mu' Lima,' rive tea date of tel» IUL, and p*y one nml tor sdvcnlilax. . t* . .if not teller! tbr within oil mdxttz, tear will wyt to tb« Dead Letter Office. are not advertised until they bare re mained in tee office one and on Fridays tod Sat letter* to be advertised an la tee hands of tea TranscrlMnzUerfci, { .. nember, u well as the Post Office and Slate. “8. HEAD letter* with the writer's Post Offtcb and BT*TK,mzsT sod man, aim teet« plainly with tell name, and request teo answers to be directed ao eonllngly. _ ** Iftten to strangers or tranaleat vlaltor* la * town or city, whose special address may ba unknown. ahoold beniarkcd, in tee lower left-hand corner, with tea word Tranaltait.* .. 10,043 4,112 .. 15,671 11.73 U .. 19.900 13,573 .. 10,064 87,840 .. 8,000 4,875 .. 1,575 H. 150 .. 85,373 00.659 .. .... 16.167 .. 40,870 178,2-15 .. 1.159 8:6 ..155.030 1 157.577 4.605 1,094 A 1 lace the pottage stamp on the urm xtairr P-UiDOOBKra. and lxayk&i'ack between the a lamp and direction for i-osr-tumcßfa without Interftrlar wild Ute writing. . *-N. P.—i BEQUEST for lb- USTVKS of •» latter to »e writer. If unclaimed wllhln thirty dan or Inc. written or pnnicd with the writer's saxk, Farr Urm acd Stitx acro*a the left band end of tbe enTdope, on the Cure aide, will be compiled with at the uaoal pre> paid rate of postage, payable when the 1 stair Is deUr* eredto tbe wrltor-M dec. 23, Law of laa." t37~ FrondeiiTery ofl«uera to any part of tbe city can be secured by uaTlng theta *' l,l street tad number. Ackerman Cathertie Andrews Mary mn Abell A W mn Anaell AUnda mn Aldrkh Lime B an Amu trot* Ban el mra ArrordT Cnn Areeit Emma miss Ajexsnder Sarah E mrs Aaron Ellen M mn Airord J 11 mn Ashton Tnomsamn Allen Ada mtsa Arerr Charles mn Antrobus Jennie mn Austin s L mn Aidenoo M 11 mrs Arcry C D mn Andrews Mary Emiss Anbeitmadame Andrews Jane mn Anthony Jennie m|u 6,633 0,550 1037 1,319 314 9)1 SSS .110.501 13,031 . 210 ' 07 . 8,910 1.000 . 473 230 . SlO 2®l 18 • -11 Didder Lizzie 6 O on Bailey P mra Bojl UtffAun Bailey Bnaallne mrs Bonier Lncy Btkti URnn Bowman S&ry mrs Biker Mini miu Brant Frankie Biker WmLmra Brace Helen Fmt*s Baldwin M W mra Bucked Mary A on Baldwin Jolla C alia Briar Fanny mtu i Balcon Sidle mlta Brand*!! Henrietta miss Barlow Mary Ann mra Bratcmall Mary E mis* Barber Allcetnlts Bradley J S mill Darner Wl.ltam mrs Frazee Miranda £ mrs BarsrsßAmnS Brewiter mis* Barnard Charles mrs Btlggs Waller mrs Barry Beße mrs BroaaJohn Amiss Barrett Maggie alas Broady Caroline mn Bass Brldctt mra Broochlon R A mn Beer* MoIUe miaa Brookings W H mn Berg* miss Brown Jennie mi«« Beebe Nellie miss Brown bell miss Belle Madalln Bebon Margaret mils Demon Nettle miss Betting Leah mrs Bins (i R mrs Ulske Mary miss Olacblbrd K mrs Wane/ Itosrtta miss Blay 51 A miss BUny Celia mn Dor tnhamer mrs L'obb Katie miaa Hodden Area b miss BtWitrBTIIUe mrs Uovtwlck Laura miss Boyce Nelson mrs Cidwell 8 W mrs CafilLin Maggie miss I.‘atnphvil Sarah E B Campbell llatUo P mrs Campion Basic mrs Ccmp ED nil#s 2 Cappers Louisa trhs Carpenter Almeda mbs Carpenter Lnrettl b Carroll Louisa Cattleman Ella miss Caswell Anna mn CalllnH mrs Chnpiu Lorenzo mts Clispln 51 C Cbst>ir an John mrs Chevalier L C tnadaso Clark mils Sint* Clark Lue mrs Clark M mrs C>*rk Lnhlr.ia mrs Cllf.or Hattie mbs Coborn B mrs CosUwonh George mrs Cobb tul*s Ccle F mbs Colter Mary mrs Condon Joseph mrs palmare EarahC Dennelly slaryml«s utsrlells tnr« c«pt Doo ltCe MAC mrs liatidriege U K mbs Douglass Louie mlsa Daniels Auitmmrs Doian Amanda 51 lujifoilb Ada’tnemrs Doaslnwiy Jiary mrs Damon 51ary mbs Boro 8 C mrs Lamly \t C mrs Djw Elmira W mrs l)«vln V B c.tss Downer Carrie miss Day slargatet J mrs Doyio mlu Dean J n.rti Drrtscr O J mrs DeAfriqucLOollnemlsi Uowdle Annie IKai.tCoraLmus Downey Miry Bribe ME mrs Drigg* »tlth mrs Bcwryninrs Bui>ntncSn*aQ CtnUs Drn.-y JlHtllcmri Dug Agnrs miss li. llrnr.r i* a mr* Bnnnlug E mrs I)«n*'son A V mta Inr vail dandy mb* PrpiilwFmtra E mrs Dunkcrton Dora mrs Pinker Bate miss Bye Mary D mts Dli'i nn Margaret Doming Virginia mist IMliman Mary Durant Elvira T mrs Dtngman Atiffietnrs Dyson mrs Dlvnhmbs Uycr Amelin A mbs Dodge Rattle K mn Dyer John mrs FnGshrooks L mils 3 Kllltbrrpc slftrlha mrs Kcklcv Chsrlos T,tms Fiumott Wm mn EtlU) SUry mbs Ha.nck Lizzie miss KdmomUon Ann L mn Kr|ck«-n Anna miss Able mist Evans Slary Ann mn Kidrldgr Harsh run Engle Lou ml** Elditdge Alonzo mrs Eruwortb Aagto mtu 750,416 .... 661,437 sinrxsxTS of noos. 18*6-7. 1 1363-6. 219.013 192.396 lSfiC-7. iS'vs-fl. .750.416 &H. 127 .192,390 219,619 LIST OP LETTERS. LADIES' LIST. Brawn bardinUPmrs Brown Elizabeth mr* Buckley slarv E miss Bullock Basle mrs Burrell Mary J mrs Burdick Mary mrs Burdick Rattle mrs Barton Lonlta miss Burnell Catherine mrs Burked T.coy miss Burces l.ou mUs Byrnes Mary miss Bush Frankie mn Byrd Fannie mn Byers Mary M miss C Conner Catharine mbs Conner Sarah cars C.ncklin Nannie W mbs Conley James mrs Conveise Sarah E miss Conway Margaret mbs Coon Naomi tors Cox mra Coveile Lottie E mrs Copland Edith tntu Cou.h Came E mtai 3 Cormset Ellen mn Coyne ttagelo A mrs Cox Ella ml»* Corkcry Annie miss Cramvr Alice 51 miss Crail Emelinc mr* Crawlord 51nry Ann mrs Craty o A mrs Crswrord Cynthia mrs Cr&lc darah A mrs CraleiuerJ Frank mrs Crocker F mrs

Crocker Emma mbs dishing Ann mrs Cmhion Slnry mrs Cothlag Ellen miss Fahcr Margaret Pllklns Lflr tnlst K«l<-a bcphy W min Flags KIU N tU*» Farley Kitty mra Flaretilem Luna W mitt -Firqniinr J M mra Film Francis j mra Farrell mra Fleming U rare Felloe - 1 tleli-nmn Fore*l D ir* mitt Fmln A t> mr* Forest Matuo mitt • Men Annie miss Frierson {letter mra Fitch Mattie miss Freeman Cath*» E mI!S VUJi K A ran Frame Uachcl miss Fitts Jate 1* rare Frost Qtusle mlit Fllkltt JohQTurs Olenin Jane mra Gamer Katie miss Geer K A mrs (Rente MHilda miss Gallagher Mary mlu GoMa Lyala mrs Gates OtU W mr* Goodrldgo Mows mrs Uanodcn Harriet mra Goodwin 0 mrs Gardner Sarah mrs Gray mrs _ Gaylord Harvey tr.ra Gray Martha H mlu Gemmen Mary mlu dreary Emma miss Get.lncC A mrs Utay Thomas C mra Gibbs orra mDS Grltor Mary miss GUT miss Gnbbtn* Joseph II mrs Gillespie Adam S mrs Gumans M*ry miss GUmore mrs * Urosvenor C mrs U'llUUlU WIB U.VBIVIIW. V M.. Gilbert Frar.Vtr.ra GnnnWCW mrs Glctn Hrldjtet mra Grey Emma miss Clatter bJ mra Hamblin Easter A miss Hirsh Belle miM Hadden Nanny miss Hlney widow J mrs Haulm Eliza miss Ho »g Edna miss Hall ML mra Hoacan Mary Ann miss Hall Shtmaa mra ilonman Rate mra Htomscaa Honnorab Horan Matllds Hamilton Pi* mra Hobtlrk M AralM Hanson C< cilia mrs Holdswnrth Lonlsa A mis KannMarvmrs Holcomb Mary miss llaxtJjran'Cstherlnemrs Uolensnade John U mrs BaMirTc Lizzie miss Homme* Helena miss Harkins Ne ll mra HorronMEmlu- - - Harps Maggie miss Hooch Mattie mrs Harvey mrs Horan Martha A mrs Hartwell Maw mlu Howe Muzete miss Hartwell A W mrs Howland Mary P mrs Hartwell Mollre mlu Howard Emma mrs Hsrrt* Helen mtu ll* smer o H mrs Han 1» Savannah Howard Mary b mrs Harvey Bnn Honan Mary miss lUt' awaj Hannah H Howard JC mrs Haracl'lncmra Howard Roselta alss Haskell liattle miss Half Catherine A mrs Hasßti Kate mrs Hughes Grace miss Hswlev Mary Emits Hugunrn II I*, mra Dawkins I’amclia miss Hal bard Jnlta K miss Hayes Kate tcUs Hubbard Jnllctte b mra Hayes Mary miss Hashes Jenny a miss Haywood w mra HnmphricviUe Mary mrs Hay Elizabeth C mra Hunt Settt»mli* Hetlean Mnhala J mra Hunter Mary B mrs Hern Dal-ella J mra Hour Arthur mra H- mck Htia miss Hnnilnpdon P C mrs llervy Kilty imaa Hyde Mary mrs Hickson Sarah mlu JackronJnlla miss Jcnes Jrannamin Ja'ksos M miss Johns'n Alexander tars Jnckion Julia SI mrs Johnson Dell mis« ,lnn(» Matilda miss Johnson MarrmUs James SI J nn Johnson Elizabeth tula9 Joins >elly mm Johnson Anna mm Jordan Krtircci mil* Johnson Francis mm jodd HenrDtta mlii Johnson Marearcl L jeuclt Mary mrs Johnson Mary min Jorc* 1 C mr* Johnson It tvjars Jocea Heei tSI mra Johnson Frankie mis* Jolts Elizabeth miss Kay B mlsa Klrehall Sllrnle miss Ram Andrew mrs Klley Louisa miss Tieatxa Rate miss MocswlU Marl* J mrs Ktl ey Anna miss Klncttmry Both mm 2 Kennw Ellen miss Klnslla Rrl'Uot mrs Ivtnzlc ilvctia C tm«2 King Wealthy mrs Kenyon Hatnsh nd«s King Lode B Kennedy Mary L miss 3 Knapp Antony L mrs KtnncCy Mary mrs Laley Cornell* mrs LconsM J A mra rev Laiitry Hanrah at mrs Eewu D mm. jintco HeUnMmiss L'HJeK*^ miss •awlcr Marla mrs L}°? kyjlla ?£* divery Mary miss Livingston J b mra Lavry Mary mm Longbunt Wmmri .atlnicr S wis Lovcjoy Franx Lee Mary Acres J* oa S ,, J« < w «« Lee j ydla A mra Loveday U W mr* twls H A miss 3 . Low Susan mra Lenahan Margaret miss Losken PCmr* a site Fannie miss Lukor Mary LewUPb»bcmrs Lnccock MstcF miss Learned Mary Ann s.Us Lynch Hose Maeulre Ann rare * Miller Eliza raU» Marti? Am? rare Mller Martha Tamblloe Ma'caey Eilen miss ..m* 4 ,, _ Malcte Cornelia V mliS u p m « MaiioT UaiToiri Mince Amanda r mre MMlony AlldaC mlu Mitchell Frank m mre M&? >rery mua Mitchell Catherine mra fiHr/hGunrs Mitchell Elizabeth cUM Martin Sarah J mlas MlnnhUn mra Mather Sarah miss Mines Mar ml« Manon Larina mlu Y*? 1 ? M»r ilartlce mra Mobiay Eliacor A nilts M&BManrnrs M«wsomery Ann.a .nr* Mather J II mra Montomcry Laura A mra Marchrlitlao miss B 1 Kwan^i Mattox Fannie mlta Moreland Anna mlas Man Lizzie mtaa Moran Allen Mead Nencrinra MorehoweOoorffomra Metttln Jennie mica Morris Catherine Merrill D c icn Morton Emma L mra Merrill Lmle miss 2 Morrison Fr»6mt« Metrrer J F mre Mon l*oa Harriet M mra Memo E W mre More Elizabeth mra Mmltt col mra Moor® alas Mlln Ida mtaa Moore Mary C mre Mills Phrbemn Mnldoon A u rare Mills 51 E mra Mnllry Lucy m}*a Mius Lizzie min Malera Mary miss McAllister Urdenlii McFarUnEllanortnra McAtCle llrae nlaa ??££sf2*? WcArUmr C mr* McGrecorWm H mra Mi-unde Muah O mra McGuire Ellen miM MrCana Atn nilsa WcOtnty Ellen miss L.a McGirjjoj Ellen mrt UrCiriljin Eunice mra McGarey Mary McUacalian Enn MclntlreTDcreaamlii McTonrlck Sarah S mr« klcKnery rare ilcComiffe Elaine mra MclntyreEß rare MciTirdy Jrtn tnr* Mcllroy John mra klcltotald Godfrey mr* McLeary Annie tolas Mrlb nald Chrtaiy mlta McLean Wm rare Mcrnmott Adel O mr* McVam«a Fannie mIM McFarland John s> tnrs alcalarry mra Ke'«on Mary NlcolMmU* Kelson Levfnla mr* Nolen L Mmrt -p Ntben U J mla* Northrop II M mr* Xcw-ander AugulU mIM -wowlaa Altcemr* Xel-onmlM Noitoo Ejlher mr* Ki we l Anmc W mlu Noje* J F mr* N'lcbots barah mra O ohen Margaret miM O’Cannelt Mary ml** Oliver Hannah mIM OTlare Uvrnce mr* old* Mart E mr* OMlara Della mr* 01-on Isabel n.tat OilaraL inra (Uhap Alice mr* Ordway I) E tun O Nlel Hannah at** ontrlcn Jshana O’Nlel bfidect O'Brien Emma mr* _ o‘KeUiey Margaret ml** P F*ge Helen ml** PcabodyMary Emin Page K c mr# Flke Virglnl* mU« 1-aimer Lome I mlu FtUlorlck John mrt Ibul Cwnamia Fierce SartbE m-e I’arcna A mr* Fierce A mr* . Farfona Mcluaa mr* Ql4 * Farker Mary A J tz.r* 9 Fotlock AJt* mtM linker t rank mlsa l’owcr» J l*pUcr mr* l-arkcr J W mr* X*orter Adelaide ml*» 1-arlfh Mary ml** Frltchard Anna t ml** l atrtck Wm mr* Feck Jctnica Q yaackcnbuih Lonlsa mla* Qnaln Mary mlu TUwrrtbßairßtnUa Bo»an mUs K*r»'»ck Lucinda 8m n Rom* „ Harm Adeline mn Rockwool Llora H mu Ranklo J.ccrctU mr» '▼ *J■ ®J* Ret«e A w an Rockwell Deonl* icr* Reynold Uanntb mr* jtoc Helen Mag_ Krjhoia Nettle F n tan Borm Utia C h rer* Rom Mary J mr* Heed Cithertcc P ~ Rs»e M«nl« ml« Bcert ASnn Boom Mifl»iaf« Tired Jessie D mn Rowland Belle mu» Richmond Motile mist Bonier B Tran Uicbard* At hr A mn Roy*cUr»ml*e Wee Molhe w ml** Raaci Jennie mn Rltehcrvn John mn Union Belle «>*• BHasland MEtan Raml*onKA tnr* Ripltj Sarah Emn • Burt DJI* L ml« Bliey Johannah Ryan Wlimlfleld mn EU«y Marsweimna RyanU*J.or» mm 8 Sancrr Sarah mis* Straoch T A mr* tfjkHurd 11 H mi* Stranger Jot mr* Hrapeon Louise mr* Sa-livan Drtlges Sampson Jane!) mr* bpranae J . Scctt Darter Ban btUUTan Katie »«* Scott Elizabeth min steteoKin Margaret nW fikott Klchlo mr* bnlltaa K*U« xnl« seoU&rd Jo-la mrs Snltltaa Jame* mr* Scanlon h'dit mtaa Bwcener i, U mr* Betmoor c L mr* stretch CaUMrltto Bears Join mr* Stranger Job® mrs SecerKarcy min Strobe* Maria or Bridget Beaten* Mana L mis* Story 211 a rots* bbards Iroccere tnl»* BtoneCamllnemr* Bkaanahan bridtet Story J T mrs Bhttban Hart mia* bt.tnshton Harr mi* Bbenlcb Annie Stetens Atm mr* - • - - -AlbertQ mr* Shore KtnUe Btereaa ~ . Sherman tophi* mr* Eleven* Settle mi? 9 sbervtn Kettle ntu Stewart Mary mis* Sltnond* G b mis stoart Frank ml** St peon Wary mr* stebbtr* ilarcarrtTmn Mtklear Hattie min Stafford Chariea mil blmpton E!Ua on Ppiaar Jennie mW Since? H A rera Snrattr BmoimUl btltlun Annie mil bpair UCmra J s\*de see itire Spetc»rAM Ktnri 8 auh Ante U BpeJmaa KUaaora an Romrrvltln Sallle mis*. BottiervUla B A m'»s BwecerkUry mUa bmtte Vnlian Emlth Olive C mn Smith Uin B Him Emi h Levina mrs Bmith Ann K mn Smith Ante oUs Tabor AortuU totes 3 Thooaa Uittte nilu TaylrrNiulenUaß Thomas Clara talas ' Tayter KllssMtnis Thompson Janoft • Taylor Mullie miss Thompson Anno miss ! erry Elicit T an Thompson DsaseU* mrs Ti • »«• Lelty tnr« Thompson Hattie totes 3 Thomson • harottenrte* Townsend Mary A T many A J n rs Torqulvillo Eugene mite 1 lOKin Cornelia mn TooneJohnCmrv TinierCiarl non Tucker w 11 ran 1 homos Elisabeth mn Tome denote mist Underwood Lucy A mn VanDerbrocke UA nm VanKcnsclear B C mrs Vanderboot r mlsa Varlaa Edward on VTocd Susan mn Watch Catharine mis Woodward Emma miss Wheeler Utile mini Wakefield Laura mrs Wneder Almyra Etnrs Wktkrrbaren CO mis "Wheeler Sarah J mlia Wade G G mra Wheeler Sarah WaJoron Martha miss White Etta L mlsa Walls Mc-dto mrs White Lent mica Waitber U-.ry C mra White Gramme C mn Waldr: n Mary WhUebtil Ada F mra Wallace Pndcet miss Wtliiraa M J mn Wiper Mlntue mtas While Cordelia miss Warren Martha J miss Whitehead John T mrs Warren P Gmrs wicker Etta mtsa Ward UarUiamra Wilber Sarah miss t Ward John B mrs wild Jo trmra Ward Wary mra Willard uatUeßsba mrs Washington Acnaa mlu 2 Wlnnard Eliza miss Waters Sarah WUheck Georgs mrs Watson Hsttie B Wllklzsu Frances M ntrs Wearer Lucy F miss Williams Lizzie E Wearer Url mrs Williams O E mrs Webb Uarj K miss Wilson Mary mrs Webber M A Biss Wilson Harry mra Webstar Jolla Amiss WtisonLlolstars Wells Mary B H mn Worden Kettle mra Wentbrrerth Stella miss Worthley Emn Wercott Julia un Wrlla Locretla mist Welch MT TonijrLlttJe LtnUs 'Tarlmrtoa Julia mra Tatea Victoria m» Initials. Clarabello4 EC Start 4 >1 F miss Blanche 17 KateKmlia Madges USB miu Madge & Blanche S SutleJ GENTLEMEN'S LIST. A Abbott tloses AterandcrC WP Appleby A E Abbott Oliver II Alexander JosephArrostrong 77111. Adams Ambrose li . lam A co L Alexanders Arnold T Adams Frank AlbrUhtJnoW Arnold EB Adams s W Allen Benjamin Arnold A Adams James E Allen HM Arthur* Biydm Adams Joseph B Allen JG AthonWmH Adams John C Allen James T Atkins Sumner F Addison BobtdrZAllertonSaml W3Atklnson Wmllen Ahem Daniel Alwel Henry P ry rev- Aherns Henry Amundson O P Atwood Cbarlos Aniens Q Andrews Harris AustinWm BY Ahrens Andrews James Austin John Ainsworth Mr Andrews W 3 Austin Asa AlberDF Andrews Wm H Averin WW AidenCF Andrews Eddie AvmilAlbertcapt Alexander Alex AngeU Edward Avery JM Babbitt WmM BencettPE Bradley B P ban Babcock CF A coßascn O BranlcxJ C or 3 BacrnGco Derg A A CO Mackey Bacon WP Derg. Thampsocßrant LDA co BsconS V A Davis BratonOW Badger 8 V 3 BergnaUKG Brennan JM Badger S V BemlnebamJobnßrsßDan T E Bain Geo W Bemls Isaac Brennan Joseph Baker Hand L col Berry E Q Uren«on Unfiis Baker John M 3 Deraey Joan 6 Bridge n V Baldwin EB* Berry JB Brecnligton Hen* Ball Francis Berry Georift ry BallOrrree BettfsClissE Briggs CtusC Bail A Shinn Betts John * Briggs I) U Hanks WmZI B—ran John DrlnerKC Ealinrd Geo W Bevan AD dr Britton John Barber Ja* Beverage, Dfpuenrockway mr Barber F E 3 Aco moots JW BarboarAoßUStusHldwell T 8 dr Brooks Geo E W BarlwurCA BlgelcwED BroJk* Uennet J Barclay LtulanTUUelow dr orAm-Brooksbank T Bardeen K L bro«e Hroozlnss D J Barden Kdward Bluings SL Hroos John n Barter SB 3 Billings Jaa HronbyAco Hartley .1 tv Bllow Itnrcrt C Brougptnn OSt Barrard It Bingham Clias M Brownell U S Barnes It A dr Blnelum'Wp Brown W 51 Barnes FredN Blnlrn Jdr Brown Daniel A I arms A F olik Hnmuel Brown David N Barney JW 3 BGhopAco Brown George M tarnum SI Bishop A D Brown FII Barrett JW Uisscll Alberts Brown Fletcher Barrow John BixbvCL Brown Freak C Umrrv Christian BUrkDatlel Brown John WR Barry JssF uialnWDdr BrownOcoH Barry 7Vm Blair Sami brown Henry L BanleltHroi Blntnlr BrowuJrev _ Bartlett Sclh Blair Calvin Brown J Til Barton Cbas Blake B Brown Worthing Bast J b Hlake .fas A too Bale* Geo W Bliss Frul Brown mr UatctLW BIUs Geo II Browne Thomas BatcsCA Bft co Bliss Albert Jr 3 Brace Kd E Bandit Jerome Blodgett George SBrncu Andrew J BaxtcrAJdf Blodgett Wll BmnnerJohn - Bar A L BlooroflrM Lea Bryant Daniel W Barley mr BladChas Buchanan l> Beach Chos K lUum Ulr*m Bunker A Ch ip- Beardleston A Boden John man Beardsley UEB B r MlflshDavid Burd-U Albert Ikarorlcy Laur-ilorert Dow JJolt C mce Boggs AmDrson Barget Marcus Bestir 5! 113 Bolamlcr F J Barao Jas BelbhVm J B'dftDderlh« rovOß-irlto J«mr« rcdrCW Bollea A UcchtcL-HnrkhanlT W BctkcrJohn capl wait.... Burnanlioo Bintrjsrob Boner EU BurtsThoaasJ Becker bylveslerßorland JasW Burs .lamescapt D Botterlll Thomas Durr*.las Beckett Clias U Bouse It II Hunts Win BriketCha* W Bowdln A Cum-BmnsKl. 3 Beckwith Reuben inltga Burrows it 2 Bedell Edwin Bower Renry Bonn A-'clphoi Bedell Krtw ard W 3Bowmnn lIW BnrUinn 11 C 3 llrshc Boland Boydwan All Harwell W B Behan 8 E BovlnclonLC B JVV BclneidllU BuylcDsnl Bultertlrlrt W rapt Bell A C Bracdyn Michael Uutienirld Lvraaii BO! W K A co BrscklurtJgc Iloh-Huilcr A Midcan Bello John ert Bat’erTliomvaJ B4bmy RohertJßradford Qeorgo Butter IJennr IhncdlcMi W (I ByerslyJitsO Beniclt E<twln FtlradfonlLutherTßatteisUlcbanlF Bcr.nct tJ 51 Bradley Win li Btrron J O BuncttJvhnK Bradley CF Durr DA CabyAlf Chapin 0 8 ConahonJ. Catkins 11 A Chapman W Condoa Mlchid Calii-ti* Jchn James M Cana W .1 a ramp J n - Chapman John E Connors Thomas Campbell Horace chapman h F Cook GW „ Campbell KII Chapman *k Sloan Cooley Chas O Cantpne IJ 8 Chapman £co W Cooper & Shsr- Campbell Ancls J _mao Campbell Boyer Charnoy D Cooper Will O ChawAsaD Cooper TL Carey rapt Wm Chcwbro Oliver Cornea W O Carey A tj terry 9 Cheney william PCorey Charles W CarilleJA Cheney John Cornell Hiram 113 Carlton Baml Cheney Dick Cornwell M C Carpenter Chns HCbovoy Alex an- Cornwell tabard Carpenter DD der J ’ OarpenterE D Chlir Lewis Corrcll Daniel P Carpenter Geo II Child* W W Cordon \\ ihlam 3 Carpenter Jason Chittenden Geo B Cory James || Chittenden Geo U Costello Ed Carpenter Jas L Chittenden TJ Cotton H N CarqucvllleWm Christian capt K Cjuon Ull Carr Moody F Conrnecn William Carr John A Clair William Coyeut John rev Carr Sylvester L Claire H Francis Cox John Carrlmnon Fred Clapp J Q CqjkualaH Dyroa Carroll Chaa Clark Joseph j _ Carroll Chaaß Chirk AGnflUh Coyoer WlTUstn Canon John Clark mr Oral* Williamill Cane W 8 Clark Levi Uranic John s Carter Benjamin Clark-Wm CumerJM Carter CE Clark John Crandalemr Cary John Clark Henry Crandall J Q case IMchman Clark Georco J Crane JT Carh F Clsrt George W Craven Jej?o Cashln James CUrt B Craatoa & co Cube ro Andrew Clark 1) Q Crtiry o A Casper Wm CUucn I’J CreanJobn CasuArdnwß Clcttmers Jacob Crocker Samuel Caw JehuM ClemtrecsLD .3 , , . Cm* U W • Clement Henry CJCronan Jeremiah easterly Thomas Clcnncy R B Ciookcr Silas or Patrick Clown Timothy Crosby OR Caasln C Cockerell £ Me* Croswell Michael Chadbonrn John Gory „ 0 F Cooh J W Crouch Thomas 2 Chamberlain Coburn CJ Cullen John Charles Cobnm J Henry Cnlnan John ChamberlainJas Cody Edmond CnlverJolm It coo A L Cumberland J B Chamberlin dr C CollumJJ Camming* W A H Cole Hiram K CnnmnzhamJ II Chambers John Cole J Forcroft Cnrren Patrick 9 Chamfer* R B Cole Join Gib- Curran It II w Chambers Austin bon* CnrrtoJohnil ChampUn Dtrwlt Collins John Cnrtls U H O Cotimt Harry Curtis C A ChampUn J B Coleman 1* 3 . „ Curtis Ahraham Chandler E U Colton Edvard C Caller William A Chandler IIP ColrmJD rov Cliatlacapt H:n- Ceman A BlcknoJClatkeH ry Cotnsa.l A B ConrtwrlshWtrav- Chapin cart How-Combs & Hatner olhur agent) ard c Comstock 113 Cummins* thus Daly John Demin z Geo R Daolltllo Eclwinin Dtr.lrb is Danm D»nipst*r Dsclcl Dorand Wm 11 Date Joseph M DcPuyAM DoreJH i DavcnportA Van Derby Jaa DoreSC ■ Dozer DcvenJohn Douglass Is A 3 Davlc-on Ale* Deveron Patrick Dow Louie 1 Davld*on A Derlne Patrick Daw Uwlgbl S Davern Patrick Devine mr D iwd John UavlsKN Dezendorf AaronDownsJonnVrcv Davl« B W cant Die* Horace B Doyle Ulcbard Davis ChM W colDlckenson Geo SI Doyle Michael . Davis Elisha W Dickenson Frank Drew Jlf Davis David dr Dickenson AloazoDntTv Bngnee Davis 811 L DutTey John A I DavisFiancUll Dtckmon Jrhn HDukes Wm T 3 i Davis Thomas Dinwiddle Ihnd Dakin John Davis JlVitco W Dnlmsjro Wlllot D Davis L EmenonDltmar Adam DnnhoccWm Davis 77alter Dlx A K Doncan J K Davis John 2 . Doaue Chas H Dnncan Lfc Davis Jss F Dobson & Jordan Dunklee J O DavisH A DudzeCnasS Dnmlraa wll- Davis Herbert Dodge CU Uam Davison Utnrj Dodge ET Dnnnlrg Svmicl Franklin DodseJohn'L Darand •; SI *cj Day Lewis Doddridge Tho* DorantJasT Dawson Joseph ADotg Andrew DarbamEG Dayr enl Jas Dolan Martin DorkanWcn Deal OWor » Dole 8 D co Darning Patrld: DeClarfc J Donaldson OUrcrDuscnbnry F Q Dem Jeremiah DonagnneJohn Duval OcoreeE I>Lacy John T Donley Chas Dwyer Dennis Delemater Oscar JDonagnueJ W Dyer Eli Delong George UDonovan Jas fi Esci Joseph A FdztllKcroan Emmoni F A j Karlo Gardner 2 , Edwards Mchola Emm W j Earle John & Richards English Jacob £ , Earl & co dr Edwards C M Eonl* II F Eastman dr Edwin Richard Hants Wu Eastman IIA KMridFH EngnMgh Asahel Eastman Kirk N EWridjreOJf Eritlco P K Ea*tman A R KIIoUOZ RrvlsJohdlt Easton J EtlloltrThOi Evans John w Et-erhart John Etlls/K BvendenJohaE EcklesT ElwoodJQ Ewell Jas Ecklev CT J Elwoed Joseph Ewlcgs n Eddy’AD ref Emerson Ammon Fairbanks C A Fields BN Fast J A FIz*WTM Fowlerllarid Fallen Jamra FUh Andr y Fox Abel A Fallen William FtsMmrn 11 >ox B D Fannum Chat B Fisher W b Fraher Part Faxtr J P *■ Isher Joseph Frances Mott JarltTJhtnet Fisher Jabez 2 £. r * r, 'i., l . n Farley Frank FlskeJF Franklin Walter Farley plulip Fitch J B F* azer laaAC Fanner LU Flaej: dr Frcar Robert Farman James FlatneryJchn FredmanPE Fare ham EH Fletcher Jamre JmmjUO- Farrand Ira T Foeany James Freeman Seth K Farrell Peter Foley Patrick »ptFreeraaa Frank Paober William TFolltn John Freeman U N Fanlkner Aco Fools Vn Freemanfct Fawcett A F FooteKß Fremont Charles FectorrOM Ford Wm £|^h s E Fena Chas W Forest h L Frost Jeremiah FennWm FomerThos W F*T.Jobn FernnsonJobn AForsythbrea Fuller Franklin FmltrChaa W FossilaiUnß Fa er llrnry Ferris nroa F >fs John Fuller L jy Field bro* postern F Furious I Pcipt Field L Oafftny Patt Gilbert Cynu S EH „ _ Gage nlchatdS Gilbert NS GiayUarrollE Gag«-EH Gill Edward GrayThotnaiC Gafne* W Ara GI'ITB Gray Jerry Gale Wilbur F OlHea Jacob Gray Oo* co Gallatbcr Egbert Gll’e»pte W J Omlqr Gaum J< bn GtilcttAJ Green^Holden Gardner GeO 8 GUiett George TT Green John A Gartner 0»o A GUIcUAF Green IIW Gardner AdriJUtßOllman t E t ,. 9 ri!eo^Fl GarlandT J Gilmore Frank It GreenacreJasT Garland NAS Ginn John Greer I«ae Gann an Thoma* Glrllnr George Gregg John Girling Hoafell Gr«r<George Garnet! J O Oleafon Qrcgurto b Ladson Garrlgan David Oodlrrrl» g^yJoKOh. Garrison U*nlel Oold-mS J Orlra^fPhW Uantwrt C n Goodman AAH O-ltfin William W Gaue*NU Goodrich OJ Grists Johns Gaylord LF Aco GoodapeodflS Ortffla Henry GCalnsD GoodwUDeHtrryOrltnnJaa Uecman Jo*O Oooaelnra Aloma GrimnC D George Wm a OorconCß . Griffith uw GeorgeAWmunuGorlard Richard orliwold WR dr George M A Gorman JL - Or i **ol d II Gibbon* WAG Goald AE Dwl *ttwm„ Glbwc J D GcnidlngCU Graver Philip Gibeon Wm Oouldlnc Fred OfobbQ « GtITJW OratneliJa* Grnmbly G»o .V O renew* Gra»eWJa»A GUbCf»nU*BroOra*a Ja*A GoodwlnWm Dicenran QH nawe*”n nvi*ud S*-uncl llalgMA B llawkln* John 3 nollr J»mc* J . HaltGcv-rge Hawknya Robert Holt N llaltTW* llaidvn II U capt UomfrerUle J L Hall Jones ft lUfi-Haydcn Horatio co. man Haye* Ebcr Hooker Stephenn HallettMcfc* Hayc* James UopeJthn t IlSthictoa JaaWHay* Kraates Hopkins ; llamvr John llaiward KB Unpkin* WUltitn liamlllon Alfred Haywood Wm B opt In »A Spencer , nr ilcald Sam’l C Horne dr Hamilton Voloey Heart Albert S Hortcan P i Hamlitcn Horace Hcffiln William Horton Balihter HammonS Hellrr Albert Horton Tho* . Uammi.ndEJ HeUerRJ Jlmmer H j Ilamn ood Gto C Heapatead J L Hoamor o H BammondfieoH Hano«r»on 4 HowardftNMeoS BammoncMlchaclllenslrg B B maj Howard Chane* Haropaon Jo*eph Henthaw S F Howard Geo P j HathfonMA Herbert dr Howard J Hand Itter llerrlcklon Wm Howard Crril HaiklleTJ Ml Howard OeoO BSdwmeWa Hralerßß Howe Newton W , Hanrr William * Bess F ft B Howe J W 2 Hanna* John E Hibbard 6 3 Howell Charles G Hanrrn John Hibbard Llndon 3 _ , H*r*lnr F nice John Howell JS j Hanson william Hickey WP Howes James , CatecnW A HlckiWWS HojTLS Hanson WP • HlckorSam’tVßfloytGeo • Havconxt Wm Bltate C E Habhanl H S Hardrattle Je- Uleetni Tho* J Hubbard Q reme Higgins Tho* L Haber Samuel 2 Hardy Franks H'sgln*&*on HabbertTheodpro Harktn Jame* M Hlgsby Chaa capt C BatlcnFD Hl onthHH Hughe# John u^ Harnw Gsorgv II UIU U * son* Haghes Jams* W Harms* William BUI JW fi®*”*?^**. Harper H Hearn*'■aw Ono Home* JF Dr Harm J S Bill J K 9 Bamphrey XL* Harris Thoa H HHI J C _ co . __ DanltTW Hill George BontWm Harris SamT H Hillard 8 Hc:t Wiry Ham* AJdr 3 Hilliard LV Haat John Harmon Haney B}}8« W Geo h*'; ** ** Ham.rot John Hllrtan ft KcndaUHant U N SSIV S“4tS3^w Iljruej fl'TOWjUSg'J'w'.dl SS St Harvey Fred L 2 Hinton Nicholas AHoatlngtocftLad- BaiTW Frank HiaonWm J ton Harwty B*tnT I Hoodley Thomas Bm-Ocy Jacob P Pasbrook A PryorHoag David Hurd mr Hagan T Bodgtr Vf illlarn 3littm D<ple\ nuribotJT Hodges Leonard Hurley Daniel i}*< KeJi i H ll<M«n an OnarieslloruFC) naUbAnaca Uoffmsn Vrud’c Uiatoo JlmM } c« TlotTxan A bro Hutching? Sami HattleM ffR Hogan Daniel Hutchinson Jnr Hathaway W B Hogan William lUlucetilnvm Haihaway A 8 Tnomaa 1 Haven Henry W Holbrook J D nation B p ttavenAaion UoldTen Mathias nroeJohn Harm Kagcno Holtaad Jm Hawser Taadan tr Hswe* Peter a Holland Atm | logenoll Freddie log?!* Wm Ingram w j Iccenoll Wm BdrlAßrabam Jas U J Jacksou WIf.UG Jmner J W Jones A Orris JmckionW a Jcanlng* Martin Jones Wen L Jackson Win A Sam’l Jackson AD Johnson J C A co Jones Joanna W James PM} JotmionWtn JrnesFE i James J M hon Johnson StndlirdJaoe* George a JsaesWm Johnson Biram KJortan George Jameson Jm Johnson mr Jordan Harry O 3 Jamesta ffn Jobtton Goorgs JosiyntJ B Jectla* John Leroy Joyce Lemuel 3 Jenkins Logons Johnson Jacob Johnston Jooii K. Keane John Kelly Alonzo L ElagshnrpAUar* Kearns Thomas Kelly A S chan*. Kearsleyjaa Set dal Bam W 3 Kinsey John KnfeLawmce KennodV John iKlpoJd Keeler Hertert E Kennedy Martin Kirby Jasp Keen Joseohs Jr Kennedy George Kirk P B Kecrai wuson Kent SB Kirk Peter Keca John Kershaw Thomas Klrt J U Kelly jr.kco Key Marshall Kirkland Jas P" Kelly A Bead Kimball KltV E O Kelly mr Kimball HJ KnaegsJss KelyMS Kimball BA > KnlghtlraJ Kelly John Klmberlv Geo 3 Knott William L Kelly John A 3 King A W Knott A Poston Kelly J KtngPhas KnotCbasUJr Kelly Hugh King John J Kotch Chas E KtlyTlm Klngsoory Walter cant Kelly EL B Eulllgan John K Lacey Thomas D Larkin Desali Llndsley Bobt H Lacker Ira Lathrop fc. A Line Frank p Land Benjamin LcavelJTS Link John Latte Stephen Lawrence A J Liner Joseph 2 Laird .lames Lawler Morris Little Edward 3 Lake Well* Lawler JE Lr.tieOeo LakaWWW Laary Cornelias Livens unas Lamb AD Leavin Andrew I.lvlnsston Philip Lamb Edward Loo A Bcbofleld Lloyd Hi chard Lambert Leo D Lee A hroa Lloyd Wl ham Xambmi.O lACJoha Loot Benjamin Lament Mstnew LeeRM Lo'kwood 11 C Lampanncr WU- Lee Geo W Loose Go M Uam Lee David S Lopaa T J • Late & Drove 2 Lefier K u A eon Lombard Prank Lane Jesse Y 2 Leonard Wm Lordmr LareJG Leonard Harvey Lorlnt David K LaneES Leonard Tho# Lonntberry An* auc Eb»n Lerch Warren gnstnac Aneßnfu* LevlvpsHotnerWLow Jdr Ane Cornsllna Lewis Geo H 1-ower P<*tcr AncJaa Lewis Sam A Lucian MJ •acßham EdwardLewli Cyras A Lambard Frank AErliterL Lewis Alfred Lavlen Martin B LancwelUP Ley John Lyman CW Lamphear Vf R Uehtenherjer C Lyon L A co T ■ Lyon Wm G Larabee WTT B (Liddell R B Lyons F rer Laraby Alex Liadey John M. MareJE Mead Patrick Moore Alvin F Mack John A Market Jacob Moore WHO Mack Daniel Mvrlcold James AMoran Klca&rd 3 Mack Asa H Milam Geo A Morgana John Mactney Henry Milienn A Cotton Money Win Macky The mas Mltbeman Danljr Morrell Aoo Macom Robert Miles James U Morrill J F Maddock Charles Millar B A co Morris J Made Scott Miller John UenryMorrls N T MaherWP Miller James MorrlronJas Mvher William 2 Miller Geo Edr Morrison CantsU Mohaney Henry Miller J Wool Morrison A L Ualonyjolm Miller Samoel Morse Jos U Malony Patrick Miller Reuben M Mome Ransom J Mamflald D A co Mill-rPW Mor*e Elijah A MansorJ Henry Miller ClccroD Morse DK Manvel) Allen Miller benjamin CMor'on Uaoghcy Marble Ilpmer 2 Miller Absolem Morton Mlcbaci B > Mariam mr Mills David dr Morse W b j Matktey Anstls UMinnls Fred E Mom William M Mukes Robert MUtmberg»r Hotter A P Marsh Vincent B MltohclAco MottramLS - Marsh J It Mltcm-ll D V MuPen O D , ManhJctm Mitchell Patrick Muller James Marsh MP Mitchell Wm L Mulligan Felix Marsh LoncyW Mniatbß MnlllnsJoba ManhslJ u Moloney Daniel PMonch John Mnrslcn (tcorpeWMODAclmn Jso Mona Wliltemore Marlin Warwick Mcnell Ctarh-* E A co_ Martin Michael Monroe Frank £ Mann William Mnrtlnoale Ed* Monroe Kort Monaco JH . ward D Montgomery Jas Murdock Samuel 3 Msasoti D Mostlccilo Oco WMurphy John M Msltheson John M Mnrphy Mleha-1 .MaihewsJthu Mooney Albert J Murray Michael MatLtwa James fcMoom Oscar D 3 Murry Jas K rtv Moore L J A Marey Jeremiah MaannOTdrS MucteJMAco Masse man A Maxwell Bamuel "Moore » A Woodward May Stephen Moore l ewis F Murrey rapt , Msyoani IcaephbMoore Morris MuzryMlltonM I Mojo.lU MooreJT Myers 1» MayoEß Moore H C MygaUßQdr | Mead APrcr Mooro FI. {lie UcAclftT Jolm 2 MeDortU Jamt* McKlcdtey Wm I McPamlev John 3 McElroy dr McK*lver An* 1 McCa:cy Jolin McKrnillr James drew M, Carton Wm McEutec William McKinley Dancna McCarter Jnn D MrFoav Marlin McKlnzleAD ! Mc<'a*ty Michael McFeety Robtcol McKnlght II O 1 Mcfarlv M VeUaun John MeLsla Wm IvMcCsid) Jsmca MeUerruy Ed* McLain James j MrCiml- y I* ward Mordlg McLain Beth MrUlonch'lln M ;Luon U hert L Slit Jory Jilin Frauds M,*Mahon ram l McCullough J A MdbmmFrank McMahan 1) l( I Mrtonkir J Al* Mcllowap M A Mc'b'tn Samuel 1 Ira MiOralh Edward McMillan LJ A Mti'cmkcy das A McGregor Robert dr MrrnttfUJ M MeGfr-nr Wnl- M«Mt»rr*r»Tl MrCcocy F G lnwff MeMurtryJ II MtCormlc Aren McGuire Patrick McNamara Au»- Mt (Table John McGuire Thomas tin Mct’rcmiy s W Mcllalo Jobe F McScvln John Mct.ulluucb J C McHugh Patrick M.-Slahl BTK McCulloch W P Mclrtruey Tim- McOtlougli Can* McCulloch Carl* ctby " ad* undr Mclumrner ThoMcPucricn A L McCurdy Janie* Melnnle John McPherson McDonald Janits McKay Peter McPtillllP* Phtll McDonnell Tor MrVee Don A Mc\oio Malcolm idea McKcvoMVmT Nargle W j Newton FrcdcrlckNorJon Phlaney NimmCPH A Norman Theodore NnVAco Nicholas RF, Norse CC N'cabuuse A'.bert Nichols Wm . Northrop JI M Neal Pete NidicD Geo W Northway R N rahouM* Daniel N Ilian T Norton Duke Norton lift ry Nile* l*mw Norum HnP Nelscn Ocaß Noble Cha* L A coSorton Uha*P NVUon W U prof NoVeaWm Nowlin n W Nrltcr A N«laa Wm Noyes.done Newlwrry Oeo Nolan W J NndJ William II Newkirk George Nolan Motes NyeUA NcvtlandUeou NordcuP O O’ nrlen Edward OTeary JcrcmlahOshorn n U’llrlonJaa O’Lcarr Jerry thihoraLG • O’llmn J» »cph II (VMsllov IWlrlck o»irrhoul Walter O’Brien LawrenctOMSyan Cp U OUCrev 3 O’SneaJolm OvelandOE O'Brien Mathew Socnmnaagh Potcrovermyer Amo* O'Brien John 2 Offenl Daniel Owens John dr (Vtonncll PatrlekOffvman John Oarens Timothy O'Uradr GeodohnObli John Owena Timothy O'UarcTbos oiler T capt OTlarn El* Olllaon Robert Owena H A o'llerrtn John OrcanDarO Owens Owen O'Leary Patrick ortman O 8 P BaarcnN ndr Perkins D Porter Alonzo Packard LD Persia* bro« 3 porter Jeremiah I’addpn Itlehard IWry Joseph rev ■ Pace Henry O Perry Wm Porter Harvey W Paine Sain Perm Edwin Porter Edward W Palmer Ihomas Pcrro JP_ Poet John M Palmer llamUlon Peter* F W Post Wm U A CO . j Peterson OR Potter Wm B I F»]mer Hlt Peterson Peter K Potter Joseph C ■ Pardo Horace Phelan Andrew Pott* Jas Xhoa Park AJ m d PhcUn Francis Potter \ _ ParkerDß PhelmßF Powell JB Parker Sidney imclpuOeoF Powers John Parker Jaac* Phillips Robert Powers \anßorcn Parkinson Jas T Phillips K P Powers Patrick ParmeloeEM Phil ip* Victor Pratt M D Parsons it II Phillips U K Pratt Jos O John 2 Phillips John Pratt O N Partrldce Fred Phillips Monel L Pratt C M capt k Phillips A jaw* Predmora Joseph PtahcnJF man Prescott n s - Patrick Lclarn Phillips Aw Preaton Adr ; Patterson John L Pickens Wm* Prlelham D O ’ pan! Ab-x Plcberlnic A D Price ft Luos - PnulCWa PlerceJaaW PrlcoJ ) Payne W U Pierce M . prlco Theodore C i Peabody CII licrce LLft co Proctor Alfred Peacock CD Pierce Joseph Henry Peacock Joteph pitsbnry A N ProotrA; Lnbrtka Pearson David H Pttkln Josbna Push William Pease Richard M PlowrlchtC PurlclJaa PeatK John ft acnPolUfd Alanson Patman i lick Watson Pomeroy mr Putman EF I Pecs William PoormanJoL Putnam hamnclP I Peel WIU W pope David Palmer, Qrnllcn PtUon Oscar Porierlra • ftco * Perkins C M capt a A Qnlnhy Edwin F Oolnn Joseph Qaenl Uobtrt Qainca e Edward Quinn Mortlmc Roberta Ldon Reynold* Geo Robinson Chaa Ramsey John d ct Rochester Emil KandJM Reynold# Henry Rock Thomas Budall A P Rhode- J C Roclrtfellow B L RandolahAA Rhode* J N Rockwell* Uan- Randolph A Lake Rhodes Chaa W onm Rands Joseph Rsoods l»eo Rockwell WD4 UaooniJohn RhybonJMdr co Rattler Lew Rice Peter RodeersJohn Raihborn Jas Rice J F Ito-tnck Joseph Raven Geo Br:e Chaa Roe J J * co RawsoL uyron Rice w u gorti" baml Ray Chaa E BlchAco Rolf Henry Ray C E Rich dr , RoUUa Frank Raymond Daniel Rich John m d Roaey Hamilton 1 ({ Richards Jesse Hod Dan S Raymond George Rlcnards Chas P RoyesGeoH 1 Lrev lUchardaJ B Roper A Raymond H-n Richards a M Rowe Jesse Raymond SB Richards Alt Jf Roy OH Raymond SM Richards bro* RndlcDaarts Read John Richardson Geo FKudolph Joseph Reed John 2 Rollman IIF Reed TVm C Richardson C J Union Allred Iteed Royal rev Richmond 8 W Ramsey ME Reed Geo TO Ridoot natal Runi w E Reid Michael RtcjtleOA IMdWM nines Albert Rank B T Reese Eafcn RUey Gluts V RnahJohnQ Reese Fra Rina John S Bnaa David Reeve T 8 Roach Michael Basacll Amos Reeves Oranee G Roark KS itnaseu Robert Rccan L Roberta J C Russell Georee P lieldr Timothy Rohhlta Hiram Konstale Wdr Jlemtck John C 3 Robbins Edward Ryan Patrick Remolds W E Robinson M A Ryan Ja* Replopan A L Robinson Jas Ryan .lame* Kexlord E R Robinson J M Ryan J Reynolds Orrln Boblnaon Js* Rhodes A Wood Reynolds Ezra s sahinoc gibbet dr stacy Wmlr SSSSA” SSSS?*" FandereJohn SI Simmon*.! D t.nri.ft Edward Simon* John Slatjer Frank g»Dd«r*onOW SlnwonffmW Bta.rFraaiOJ Sauford Wallace Slrlow Henry BpC alr AC Barccnt G 31 gltcmanJaa bteele Valentins BardotC \ situ Joseph SteeleAbro* SaHerlee Geo A Skinner (Jha* Steer* Wm A. SavaceJas O Skinner Samuel Stiller E Bavace Michael Skinner Wm Stephens Frank lathi John Slater B Steven* Allred FawtelAmotJ Slarea Thomas Stevens John lawyer Joo Small Harry Steven* JR dr Sawyer Ja* col Smalley EM Steven* Frank Ecanlln Patrick t Smith Clayton 0 Stevens EtUba J FchatkJohn Smith Cha* A Steven* Uoydea & BchtOeloSU Smith Cha* _ cod .„ . Scoter Q Smith Orville T StevrmJF&co IcottCha* Smith Can*W Stevens Lewi* Scctt David B Smith Robert Sienna B E Kou u Smith Robert W r Btcvenion David leovillfl Robert Smith F C Stevenson B Fcrmntrn La Smith EJ Stevenson JM 2 Fenny Enr*D" Smith SamnM A Stewart TJ J E«re«vtßamlC SmithFrancle Stewart Jos W BeaverT Bftll M Smith Silas B 2 Stewart John A ffiltowß Bm'llißß Stewart John Ml Smith T** Stewart John R Bewail Jb Smith G R Stewart Wm M Sexton K A ton Smith FA BtGeorijeJohnFl ShMcrForemanDSmUhThamu PtlieMO D Shank* JnoTcap'bmlth 11 \ stilwell Alfred L Shannon hlcholaaSmlth JakeTß Stlnjoo Jm Rhifnr Hammd Smith Ja* 9 Stlcaon J r iharnJ W° U Smith J Pascal Stock Frederick Chain Wm SmlthJNdrS Stoke* H M , thaw John FtElthJohnSldnejSleke* Harry il I c|tvj K Smith John M Stone BF i Shaw CO Smith Jonathan Stone Anthony i Shaw Fred A Smith John UlltonStone II Shea Daniel 9 Smith John stone Lewis W SheaJ C Smith John Mack Stone bre* bheanJasA Smith WH StrneCH Shellr I*a»c Jr Smith MB H Store * J Sheldon A smith JohnC SlonchtoaThomi* Shcloon (> H Smith Thoma* sural A W Bh<pberdCha*S Jrnktna hlrachln 118 ftheuherd J Smith 1! A CO RtraffloßW Sheppard Joseph Smyth JO Slralabi Isaac J Blurt Joecph Solomon RR Streeter b S Sherman wr Sonthall Domett Slrobrldra Char bhertnan J*a 5 Sonthw»ilJW btrencPLAco * Sherman Cha* D Severn Thomas BtullAAlvord 1 Sherwood MC BpaoidingMß fituraeon DMloff Sherwood HE SnaoldlnAco Bummer* Wm Sherwood Geo Q Spear (Heard HnmnerOS^ SherwoodFC Bpe*d Richard SnlhenGooE i Nilpman Dashl HSpccd R Swain John W Shock A Worley Spen-erCbast Swart* Nerl Shackleton W 6 fapeneerCha* swartwnut 0 B 1 Bhortwen SLt Sp-tcer Martin WB >yer» Goorce Fh’rtdln George Spicer S F SherborneJJ tn bhowalter Jacob bplnk Enema SwxrtcntThoraaa Snultx Frank FqnlreJMK bweererHnca I ShorJeck Michael srlhner Wro SweelHJeen 1 bhuteWß Stack Edmond Qwin*on Francis L Taxbilne Geo s Thoaawen KeltoeTopUff w B Tamhorllrc K J Ueull .. TouaeyßjfJintteo Tai bin V W Ttomaaiea X captTjwer Frank Talc J TV Thompaon Albert Tower* Thus n Taylor Michael TbompaoaCO Tayltr 1111 Thompaon RCUrSTowner U M Taylor Jane* S 3 Thompaon 811 To«n*caH;ha» Taylor Ucwy W Thompaon Geo W Trtddle John TaylcrCW Tbotapaon J F dr Trnokcy Almord T&ihfß Daniel M Thotrpion JP _UJ _ _ Tebbltta < B ThompiOß.TU Tacl-r Cbaal. Teller PrtermiaterTbompaoß Wn Tnrcotte Charln TcnneneyWllllaniThora Wm B. Turner Vaa Uora TtwkJbnrrChaiATlbbltu Chailea *eo TbayerCC Tilton Joba 1?”“! Thayer V C Tindall John W 1 Ttraer William Thoira*AT TobcyGjorgeß TnracrTM Thraai Donald C Tohl a* H Tbomaa Ela* Todd Walter Ta«le .John Tbomas Robert J ToddJame* Tntuo »m b Thcmmat Henry Todd 8 B t?!* 1 ? Tbomaa GeoL ToohyDJ Tyler at u D Underwcod Oao-tnimM Darirt Utter OsoS dice Underwood ccl ?S*.SSSSSSS H?S|SS s£« vSStoJokui JMHvSvfic*M«tt«wVe»-ey Arthur D IsS £? uv if w,ck a “ pl “vS»"K‘A?“ vtSSSSi” T»n Z»adt John CViaor Oeo A v*u DykeJ w 8 XfcnnlseJF TmcyJoaephU V*n Dyke Byron w Wadnrenh Ja»M WebberCß4Cs Wilkinson D C wSosvoxtS *e-W«ber Barry. 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Wilder William H Weight T W A co Webb Jo«iah Wntrtai Rho iesdr Wvunan Frank 8 Webb Isaac Wilkins Taos wonltey G Q Webber Jos Xenia Cobb A hres TsleSsml Toung Wta H Young JaiT TemacsWm Toons JW Young NrwtCn ZeartugWM ZcrbyJJ QANEOD3. JOT M P Morton 3 Byron KoIAKOC Bonsdooek Sewing Ma chine Co Uanaihccarerof Morrill’s 'Pump O H Publisher of the North western Directory Pres Union Store Remington Acl Works Seamen’s Friends Society South-*rn UUnOiS Panning Fruit CO TF w Ucf rtonate Ten Club" wan 31ISCF.L1 aj n as f s ± z j. Agent ChlcsgoAJM>r*on* Tine r a Americas Tabular Well Co BoxtfS Box £978 BOX 997 Comd Pott Camp Douglas mica»o if PCoinpar y Drawer E?J7 Editor of Clark’s School Visitor Globa Life Mutual Insur- ance Co HLP HubbartTat No IS *E CHIEF. IMBT, till Jansary 1567. HOLLAND! From January sfltb, S7lh. 113— Piet Vers ema 16—T Ver Weer 17—Carllre Desret 18 —U U DeO arose 119—dsns Clau»sen 130—Peter Dctamble 8— Af'am Ooms r 9 Q M E*lCninn- 1 10- I 11— Enralena Dockers I 13—Pieter Bakker I: 11—JotnEelM Comb 1: it of April to the Ist of No (p. to.; from November Ist 17 p.m. Tbe vestibule will tp. m. Ob Sundays trom —Office open from the first ▼ember, from 7 a. ra. tin 7 H to Arnl Ist, from 8 a. m. UU remain open until 9 o’clock B,Va.m.Ullloa.m. B. A. GILMORE, P. iL A Bras i!Asia.— An eccentric Indlriduai has Joat dlea In the Qnartler da Vtl de Once, Parle, aged MTcnly-two. He bad resided there for more than thirty ytars, and never received any visitor, cxcepthla housekeeper, who came every morning. He was known in the neighborhood as Monsieur le Savanlo. lie was occupied In reading and writ ing trom rooming till night. The great fancy of his life was to collect beans. Ce bad beans from all the countries in the world, carefully ticketed and arranged. Only a few days before his death le paid one hundred francs a piece for live beans. Special Notices. Dr. James Of 91 and 93 Bacdolph-st., comer of Dearborn (car* ly opposite hi* old office), Chicago, HU Specialist la the treatment ol private disease*. is tons (pokes ol by Dr. Wb, Leonard, formerly Professor of Anatomy In tbe Washington rnlrcralty. ot Baltimore, Md., and previously Professor of Obatetrlcs and Diseases of Women and Children, and more recently editor of the Uew Orleans Southern Messenger (a medical journal): “Db. James.—While hnmanlty continues to be ln« “Arm, and man h prone to err. the eoo»ecnence« ot “tmprndinceorcttnic arsapparent, and when these •*consequence* are visited upon the nnliappy wrong. >• dorr, be must seek relpf from too misery tbns rn ** tailed, and the min who devotes Ms life and talents H In the relief ol this species of human saffsnng, ts not p as a philanthropist than he who seeks to relieve any “other alUtction to which man ta subject, tor true phi* M Untbropy looks to not what causes dho trouble, bat M w bst will relieve It. To this class belongs Df James, H who has devoted a large pent m ol his Uie to the re* •• iicf of the class «.f diseases ennmerated in bis advrr* Us> men tn another colnmn. He h*s, at great ex* •* reuse, implied himiclt wun all material knowledge “rrqMnd for tin* purpose. Hu has been located In •• mjost lor a nnmner of years, and the testimony •* sis of the press which have tw«n quoted In his card, •• speak v. nmi s of praise in his behalf, «s a wise, dll* •• cm t at d i-bM-rtaU practitioner." THb MONITOR, by Dr. Jame*-A most valuable bock, revised and enlarged, containing the history, na* ire and danger of lecret diseases, with directions and iplionsfor selMreatment; also, a treatise upon • diseases, how avoided, their remedies bow to prearrl (• male i rcvcst ct nceptlon. dr., can he had by addressing Dr. James, P. O. Box 800. Chicago, enclosing SUy eonts, with tear cents tor postage, or by calling at hU office, 01 and DU Kandolph-st, earner of Dearborn. Dr.JamescanbeconfldenUaUy consulted at hi* ot- CerandparlTs.Ol and Oil Randolphs., comer of Dcatloro, upon the varluna dlseaaes be make* it hit specialty to treat. Office hour* from 9a.m.t08 p. m. Sundays daring the forenoon. P. O. Box 006. Four Dratlny—Wtiat tn itl HocHlorevil? itlcb or Poor? DsbaseJortvsiwd? Are yon te rise to eminence, honor, wua.Ui aal powert or are jonto «usk into ob*cunty and .a'.irloof What are your future prospects In Itfto—u» be u ast to l>e-that la the question ? Who will solve It* fir. Raphael can aoive If. and guide toe nnsocowfnl to wealth and eminence, and the aafortnoate to hapM* ntss. All whose fund hopes have boon disappointed.' crushed and Wasted, gat astlsfacUon. aad thnae la.tlo* whose Inmry kotp* them from gethngmarrteil can be cured »o that no one can know lu Call on DK. lt<\* PUAEU3IU East MadDon-sL, up stair*. Interviews conCdenUal. Consnltatlon teo, one dollar. Conildcntlal Conaallatlonf. Dr. Louis Sanger, No. S 9 traats all toms of ITlvatu and Secret Diseases In both sexes, wlibtbemostbrllltant success. Lecture on the pro* ventlon of oiftprlng sent to any address tor M cents, Aito, bis Female Remedies are certain in a.l cases. Officebonrsfrem IJa rn.toßp.rn. Dr. Thomson, proprietor of the Medical aad Surgical Icstltnte, ITS bomb Clark-it-, has ueated a>l frma of venereal dis ease with unprecedented success lor nearly titty years. bpertnatorrbCKa and Impotence treated with the happi est result*, particulars of the Institute and the Guide mailed flee to any address. P.0.80x 72. Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Bigelow* Having the confidence of the public and the medical ficu-tj at targe. Is the most reliable pUjeldsn in the city f»r chronic nervous aad sexual disease*. Call at hi* office, 179 Booth C’srk-it. corner of Monroe. Rooms separata. Conin’tvloi free. P.0.80x 134. HU guide to health, published monthly, sent free to am address. (Sift iSnteqmscg. Q.LIEAT AVATCH SALE ON THE POPULAR ONE PRIDE PL* N. Giving every patron a handsome and reliable Watch for the low price ot Ten Dollars, wtthonttegard to valne, and net be paid for nnlttis perfectly isaosfocUty I 109 Solid Gold BnnttrgWatche* ITA to 100 Marie Cased Gold Watches. to MC lOOLsdies’Watene*, enamelled.... WJta ?2 KO Gold Hunting Chronometer Watches.. 2M Jo SOO 200 Gold Hunting KngUth Levers to J SCO Gold Hunting Duplex Watches 1M to WO SOI Gold Hunting American Watches 10t to 2M 500 Sliver Hnnttcz Levera 52 to 150 500 silver Hunting Duplexes »•> » **{ 500 Gold Laci«’ Watches jOJ° 5*2 LCtO Geld Hunting Lupines Mto *3 IXOO Miscellaneous Sliver Wa’ches Mto ICO 2AW Hunting Sliver Watches 25 to XctO Assorted Watches, all kinds 10 to .5 Every patron obtains a Watcs by this atrungemec., costing but HO, while It may be worth |TS9» parts *l A Co.’s Great Colon Watch Co., Manufacturerv. l49|Brca<tway. S. T. City, wDh to Immediately dispute oltheabove magnlflc«st*tocK.Crr tlflcatvs taming articles are placed la scaled envelopes. Holders are edited u> the artcles named on their cer tificate, upon payment ot Ten Dollars, whether it be a Watch worth fSO or ore worth less. Tbe return otauy of onr certificates entitles you to tee articles named thereon, epon payment, irrespective of Us worth, acd as no article valued less than $lO is named on any cer tificate. It will at once be seen that tala Is no Lottery, bat a straightforward legitimate transaction, which may be participated In even ty the moat UstldK-os! A single Certificate will he sent by xal’. poit-csld, upon receipt of '& cut, five for *l. eleven for 13. thirty* three and elegant premium for |3, sixty-**lx aid more valuable premium for lit. one hundred and most iu perb Wstcta for f 15. To agents or those wishing em ployment this 1* ame opportunity. It is a legitimate ly conducted business, duly authorized by the Govern ment. and open to the roost carcinl teinUny. Tryn»! Aidreu J. SICKLING * CO- 14W Broadway. N.Y. 3Lonb at auction. T AND SALE.—The undersigned will I > oflVrat AUCTION*, at ihe north door ol IhaCoort Uctue In Chicago, Ills., at 1i o’clock a. m* Saturday, the 9th of February, Proxjc o. Ifnol prevlonsly sold at private file, theE-.V of b. W. tjec. 14.41 N.. 13 K„ rUaato about one mile acd a ban west of Evanston, and twelve north cf cnl cago. Cook County, ill., containing eighty acre*, more o, A?<mt ftftv.flve cr «'.xty acres of this tract are heav. lly limbered, the remainder In prairie, whi e addi tional Inducements are found In its proximitr to the bcantUnl little railroad an«t late shore town of Evans ton and the grt at dty of Chlcaao. In reference to a Place ct residence, the facility ot tale and delivery of the limber and the product* ol the soil generally. rar Terns of tale published the day of sale. Persona desiring to purchase this land at private sale will direct thtlr communications to the nnder»l«ed, lloxMo. 1433. tlacomb, 111. 8.1- " *ffentlorW,W. Corcoran. proposals. Proposals for a bridge at VAX HUREN SThEET. _ OITICS Of THI IWABD Of PTBLIOIV ORS, 1 Chicago, February 2, isfi. t Pealed proposals will be received by the Board ni labile "Worts, at thrlr office, Rooms >oe. 1 and 2. itcoca firorj Ncs. I. 1 } and 12 Wjdlssirwt. nntll U a. m., hatarday. February 16U», ftr of the present bridge crowing the tttnth Bmnch of Chicago Hltcr at Van Boren itreet, and replacing the lame with a new bridge. Including the necewary change* In the enntre pier, »nd the abotaeata and approaches. according to plana and specification* to bo cd die at laid office on and after Feoniary Vlb. Proposals most be addressed to the Board of Pnhltc Works, endorsed ** Proposal lor >an Bnrrn Str®-t Bridget” and be accompanied with the n*aoi fWJ bond, wiih inreUa. to be approved br the Board. Boardre'ervetherleht to reject“F accordance with tbe condition* ot this advertisement, orto reject all bid#, and no proposal will be accented atlessthe party oficrlng It shall give evidence satinfhe terr to the Board that he ha» the necessary skill, e.y* prrleiicr, energy and ability for doing the work, is Bustworthy, and has sufficient M^n^y^^mrvea, KLKU.~I.KTZr O. J. BOSE. _ Board of public Works. iHcßlcal. CTOP SCRATCHING I AND RKAD What STYfljne’s Ointment TVIU Do. l-U will core Itch la Irom 111 to 4H boon. 3- will core ih« nio»l oWUeato cajea of T*Uer. S—lt will cute Chronic Bryaipelw of *ne Face. 4 will core Rheum. b-It wlh cart Itchltff « L K m£.i22. Sold b, til W,?,;ik- M K'yg£v aCHAACK. rr-HE ItHKUMATIC SHO \v°. B. (JCMP * CO.. Dijton.Obto, DcMriDtiTe Circular o! Lalrtt* Fir'Wool Under* SSS»WISSS nn urn *'oo.l. ’mot ihlrtetn ycara in Europe, and are blgblr recommended ny tee beat pbyalctaoio! Germany. Mailed free. business ffiarUs. “OLAJR & JEFFERSON, connissiofr mebchahts, OFFICE, *Ol FEOST-ST., £ w. B jmntoi.| MEMPHIS TESW. Liberal ca»& adraßcements made on conilennoU. QEbT, HATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission Merchant* O• CO Betmsen F ul GJUJ DKSVKS. CULOHABO. ■pjRESSKD HOGS! ■*~STKJiCILS ASD WBIOBT LISTS Fnrntohedmtls. HlsbMt mirkrtprtca pmtjateefi: Prompt return* made. Corew<md«ac« CTm> vrnynKP ft CO, o«a , lCoai , a MenA’tt. $3 lotos. ■pLOWS. r PLOWS. bod bbkaeiko £l% w..jdDout,i= rtfittfSE^jSSSSSmu?' Neto 13uijlications. THE SECOND £ND HIS BV HRS. nDBLBAOB. D; 4PPIBION * CO, 443 MU 443 SoUfir, Reg Toik, and S. C. GKIGGS &> CO., 39 AND 41 IiAKB.BT^ PublUh Qda day, JOSEPH n. AND HIS OOTJET. BT MRS. L. BUULBACH. WUhlllnatiaUona. lroL.Bro. Paper Corer*, |IAJ: aoth. S3JB. (From the Sew Fork Daily Times.] Th» hfcKorr of the of Mrs. Bah l bach** votka into this country is at osea canons and tnterssc* loft. Whleths varvas In progress, a laar ol Mobile rccelred byoteof the steamers vhmn snccesdod In jnnnmc the blockade, a copy ot “Joseph n. and Bis Conn, she had the enterprise to t>ans>ste It. and » imb.lthtr at Mobile, Alabama, va bellera. broazbc IS . ° lk P«*rly printed, and on dingy paper. It account of to tntrUule of the scarcity of reading me tar or work afterward found ioriir™7t£^H£S!s!si“ a attracted the attention of SlSr3r»nl? t vusJ. ta 7 of . the Don substantial sort, ancrxiy aner. Messrs. Appi«on * co. determined to Sirs* MnhibMh*B prodncOon*. and. ““ 7 ° lama MBs. BUtII.BACH BTldeanyooc not aim tn tMi*h hlstoiy tbroegh the medium of fiction. She stmolr 1 3869 .5 material that It places revd^tot£r tau“ o£ cause It is available, and also tor the tewn that to some readers, tales ostensibly founded upon o£t are more entertaining than tto*a which are nurciv ntti tlons. In THE GREAT shcexanCTatad theOoloorTlitnssof her leading charsetrrs to suit her own parpo«es t and because she thereby heighun»d the Interest ot her narrstlTet and tn the MGUiia ANT OF BERLIN she taxes the same license, although to an extent the I»ss perceptible, because the actors In troduced are not so prominent in history, and arc therefore less popularly grown. There Is. however, unite cnmictol accuracy in her delineations to civs ner works ficoded value as pictures of the periods la which their scenes sre respeetlrely laid, and shew moreover, writes with a vigor •» decidedly masculine that numerous critics have made the very natural mis* lake of sopposteg tn« writer to be a man— a delusion which she apparently alma to roster by announcing herself simply as 1— SfCHLBACH opou uUfrnaca ol her works. B. APPLETON dfc CO. Have Just Published FREDERICK THE GREAT AND HIS COURT. Aa Historical Romance. By Mrs. LMutstbacta. Trans lated iron Use German by Mrs. Ctsapman Coicmaa and her Daughter*. 1 voU, u mo. 131 pages. clous, a#. TUB MERCHANT OF BERLIN. An Historical Novel. By L. Mublbacb. author ot ** Frederick Use Great and Ul» Cnort,” Translated from Use Ger manbyAmcry D. Ivol., 12 mo. nnt> tV~ Either of the abore sect free by on receipt ox price. S. 0. GEIQ6S & 00., 39 and 41 Lake-«r. ©rcan Steamers. OMLT WEEKLY MAIL LIME TO LIVERPOOL. INMAN LINE. One of the Liverpool. New York and Phntdelohl* Co.’* maenlflcent and pcwerfnl steamships, calls from PICK >t 3, North River. New York. EVERY SATURDAY (maU steamer), AND EVERY WEDNESDAY fertra steamer). Throughout the year. Parties TUtUne th* Parts Exhibition will And Ihla, for speed and accommodation, equal to aay other mat! line, and very much cheaper. Passengers booked Rota Chicago to any European port. h ETUHN TICKETS AT REDUCED RATES. A limited number of steerage passenger* will M taken at a* low Lira at by any other lino. For partlcntan and to secure Gca*l TTcsfn Ajrent,3l Dearborn-sc, Chicago, proposals. PUOi'OSALS FOR ARIIY TRANS POKTAfION. QTAtnZBJtASTKU UKSSQAI.** OFTTC*, > _ WAauiNOTON, D. C., January U. I?J7. j SEALED PROPUSALs will be recclveil at this omca nmll 13 o’clock m., on the rsth ot February, IW7. mr the transportation of MUtury SuppllM dnrins tho fcarcomujenein* April I, IM7, and ending March dl, IS6S, on thu followtne mule*: KOUrB No. L Prom Fort UePberaon. Nobraaka Territory, or surlx Point* w may be determined upon durloe the year on the Omaha branch of the Union PaclQc lUliroad. west of Fort McPherson, or Com Fort Laramie, Dakota Ter* inch post* or depcu as are now or may tve*- tablUhed In the Territory of NmnMka. wc*t of lon«l --tnde 10* degrees. In tho territory of Montana, south oT latitude *6 decrees. In the Territory of Dakota, wastot longitude 104 decree*, in the Territory of Mahu. aoutlt of latitude 44 degree*, and east ofliniltudi) 111 degrees, and in theTernlorle* of Utah amt Colorado mum at laatndo 43 degree*. Incladlng, U necessary, Denver City, «. , _ ROUTE No.*. From Fort Riley. State ot Kanm, or inch point* as may be determined upon during the year on tn* Union Pacino Itailroao, E. to any posts or depots that are now or may be established In the Binto of Kansas or tn theTcmiory of Culorada, sonth of lalltnde 10 do Kiev* tenth, and to Fort Union, New Mexico, or other oeputtha- may be designated la that Territory, and to any other point or points on the rente. „ „ ROUTE No. 3. From Fort Union or snch other depot as may ba C*tablti: ed In Use Territory of New Mexico, to an amts o. station* that are, or may be established tn thst Territory, audio inch po*u or staUunsaa may bo dealmated la the Territory ot Arizona, and in Use State of lexaa we«t or latitude 103 degrees. UOUXE No. 4. From St. PaaL UlsocnoSa. to snch noat* as are now 0* n«li*f*<M m tho BUt« or Ul:n«oia,aad la tiut poruw. i.t Temtory tying,east o| tho Mtiaoart Kiver. - • - rue wctcht to be mar will not exceed on Route No. i, .ojvjkm pounds inuft >ut« asd on Route No. t, uCo.QCO poundu IWOposaU will be t*r >■ route aenarM.'l J. BiUuers will itate the iaU: per IV poutkds p r 13® TrlUs.aiwhlchlbeywiil tiacs»rtth» *nr-el:i etch monthoflbeyexr.begUutlLg April ut, IhM, and cadr tup ifarchSl.lSta. - Bidders should give their name* in toll, as w»U.a* tbtlr Dlact-sufresloencc, and each propusat snooldbo accrtnpanlcd by a txmd la tne mm ot ft Umasand (110,000) dollars, slimed by two or more respua-dhle per* sons, caaranteetug that incase a contract u awarded fbr the rente mentloncdl In the proposal to tho party Erop-;slng,th*coDtractwUi no accepted and entered ito, and good and sufficient security tnmtahsd by said party lit accordance with the terms of this alvsr tlsement. • _ The contractor win be reqoueu to giro bonds tn tha fbUowlcg amounts: On Houle No. 1, fSOJIOO. On Route No. A 200 JM. On Rome No. s, icojue. On RonleNo.4. 50,000. Satisfactory evidence of loyalty and «o vecry 0C each bidder and person offered as reenmy will be re quired. Proposal* most be endorsed “Propoials tor AnaF Transportation on Rome No. L 2,3, or 4, na tho case may be. and ncce will be entertained unless they fbliy comply with the requirements of this advertise meat. The party to whom as award Is made most be pre pared to execute the coctract at once, ana to give the required bonds fbr the faithful performance of the coo tract. The right to rqjeet any and all bids that may he offered la reserved. Tbe contractor cseacb route most be la readlsoM for service by the Ist day ofAprlUtSin, andwill bere quired to have a place of business, or asency. at wblcli be may be communicated wltbprompUy and middy forKoulaXo. l,atOmata.N. T.; lor Boat* No. 2, at Fort inioy. Rsusas; for Boute No. S. at Fort Union* Kn Mexico; for Route So I. at Salat Paul* Minne sota, or at such other point for each a tbe several Bonus as may be Indicated as tbs starting point of tba rente. Blank form* showing tbe conditions of the contract to be entered Into for cacb route, can be had on spp 1- caiioo at this office, or at tbe office of tbe Quartern: nat ter at New York Satnt Louis. Fort Leavenworta, Omaha, Santa Fe and Fort snclllcg, and most accuo psnr and be a part ot tbe proposals. By order of the Quartermaster General. _ ALEXANDER BLISS, Brevet Colonel and Asa’t Qcartermaatcr U. a. A* Harbor works at grand ha ves tad Black Lake. Mlcslgan. OniCl SCPXKI>TXSDL\O E-NOISXZB, UAXBOnf Ini-roToncrrs Mjcbioas, { Mtlwacsxe. Wieconslr, January 1.1*». ( Sealed proposals, in duplicate, of the form mrnlsaca by the tmd'rtltned. will be rcce.ved at ibis office oaUl TaunKlay.lheltthd*y rf February. IBfi7,at 13 taster itnprmaa the harbors of Crat'd Haven and Black Lake, Michigan. . The improvements at Grasd Haven will consist o* Isj«oftei,mcr»'if less,ofcio*e piling to protect the south bank of the river near tae entiaoce fnd an ex* tension gf the scatn pier Us 600 feet oyenb* filled wltk of taePtesent plera, 512 ronnlcc feet In all, anddrede* int. The OxecglD* will be between tae piers, and lor placing the new cribs, and will amooat to 50,000 cable ™S are on file In the office, and will be shown to all wbo wish to examine them for Cos purpose of estimating. . . , . Thepropcaals win be separatefcreach work, aadffip each class of material or laboy far each work. Bttt will be received lor a part of*lor the whole of eilha* work. The work to be finished hr October 1, W 63. Tbeae works will be let to the lowest responsible bid der, rcservlnc to the United States the right to reject -ass to be present open the opecinc 0 Thedntdieate proposals win be endorsed, enclosed la “‘JfSSSSSS.WBEKLra. p. 8. Engineers. Milwaukee. WU* (Sobcrumcnt galg. A SfIsTAST QUARTEHJIASTER’S OFFICE. st. Lorn. Mo. January 29, 1367. There will be soi<t at public auction alMyrUMtl. Warehouse. bt. Lonia. between second an* TBtrd-*te, cc lUUKSDAT. FEDUDAUY Tib, and lh« foliowls k days actll an are solo, ine tollowlne describ ed clctbic? and camp and garrtaon equipage. tUr W bate, ontnmc ed. si? uniform coau, lutantrr. 6S uniform Jackets. artillery. 63 trousers, mounted, sky bias. M 2 trreat ccau, footmen. Zl Back coaia, lined. 77 tatigre overalls. 2i6 flannel abirts. ID. an. stockings. a ei ro brosans. 43 rubber blankets. 29 robber poncho blankets. <56 knapsacks and (traps. car teats, complete. «63 canteens, French. 13 hr-spital tent Sica, lb val. tent files, n common tents. 306 hatchets. Slprt.tbces.lricgnlar. Ittiatds dark bine cloth,6-1 srlde. so ipcn pints buckles. 33 camp kettles. 5 iron pots. £3 double bed racks, la eets bMpltal tent poles. £0 do hoiplUl do CO SM nick axes. 933 foraco caps. . 1,538 onllonn Jackets, cavalry. . ill iroostra. footmen. 13 do mounted, dark tune. 1,113 treat coat*, mounted, kirn lack crata. nniloed. ststab’r foecks. W toll shirts. SI pra. abort. _ trovool blank'ts. 16.494 painted blankets. IT :is do poncho blankets. jju4 cottcnharriasc.i. l.336canteen», robber. «hospital tents. 31 wa-i tents. I biblf y uat. 2dfi6»heltcrtcpt*.. « I.^o6cloth, If wide. 4,rrro yarn* *ty ker*cr, \ wide. ohm yard* Dine wonted lice, K lack wide. siat&cMptM. . StO alasle bed lack*. . . so h capital tent pole*, apright. II Ml* wmn tent pole*, aa an,ley teat a tore pipe, isi pick axe handle*. Oil anadea. ‘COsnoTels. .. . Sow yard* yellow vented laee.M lack, ci yard* red worstedlace. 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