Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 3 Şubat 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 3 Şubat 1867 Page 4
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Cjtcago - SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3. 1867. THE CITY. A NoitwoUTUT Fact.—For the bat time in right years, to Cook County, there la not one hbertfl'a sale under execution, of property, red or personal, advertised. EujnrDßTn Eocavts.—A meeting of the Ells worth Zouave* will be held to Parlor No. 1 Tre mont Home, on Monday evening at B o'clock. All members are requested to be present as business of Importance will be transacted. AU.XOXS Vaoraxt*.—On Saturday morning, al the Police Court, John Morris and August Rolf were fined 135 each for vagrancy, and In the after noon William Vickers was “ fixed" for SIOO upon the same charge. Tbe last named aald he didn't fare LI It was 15C0, TiKiwo a Cat.—James O'Bri**, slopping at No. 13 North Wells atreet, appropriated Dennis Calla han's cap, and gave tha latter Individual a long these alter him. Though James asserted cn *at vmlayat (be Police Court that It was not worth five cent/, he was fined 95 Ibr disorderly conduct Wovttr axp CmtimxK.— I The regular monthly meeting of the Trustees of tho Hospital for Wo men and Children, will beheld at the Hospital, No. Sit Ohio street, on Monday afternoon, at half past 9 o'clock. A fall and punctual attendance la requested. . A FxiTxn.—A saloon on Clark street known as IVie Kline's was visited by the police on Friday night and 1U bar keeper and six tamales were ar rested. Paler was fined ISO, and the Inmates 93 each. It has always been a disreputable place, ai.u latterly baa been conducted Is a very nolont manner. pAuman Waxtxd.—Attention Is called to tbe advertisement In another column under the above heading. A prosperous coarelsrion bouse wants a msu with five to ten tbonmnd dollars to embark In tbe bnslucai. Prospects of good profits are odi red, and toy one having that amount of cspltat at command will find it a doahable Investment. Sysauxo Ain> Snuno.—William McPherson, a boy o> fifteen years, arraigned before Justice Mll liken on Saturday afternoon, admitted tbe charge of haring stolen fifty ponnda of lead pipe aud sell ing It a Junk store. He took It irom the Lincoln linage w here ho has been working lor his board, lie was held for examination before Commissioner Williams. Dtscnanoxp.—Tboroaa McDonald and Thomas M. Hale, charged as parties to the assault npon Peter f lent al the Union Depot on Monday night, were finally examined at the Police Court on Sat urday afternoon and were discharged G-om enrio d v, the witnesses present being unable to Identify tat®, and one of them being prepared to prose Lit ptesence at Wood's Museum on that evening. AtLECCZ) Peiucrt.— Before Justice D’lYolf on Saturday afternoon William Brown was charged wlibpcijary. The perjury consisted In having made affidavit lo Harrh, 18G5, before the Clerk ot the Conn* Court, that he was twenty-one years old and Sophia Kobmana eighteen. The evidence In the ca>c was deemed sufficient tu warrant hi# being held for trial in ball off4oo. That Yotraro Man.—OcFriday evening a young man called at the store of George \7. Williams, at No 610 Chicago avenue, and buying two boxes of cimrs worth *l2. requested that a bill ot them thould be KHt to room No. 27, Chamber of Com- Hi 'ce aud Ms father would pay It. Yesterday inr Mil was prelected, hot no one was found to lather It. _ - CoNxmiAE WnsTcnrDNEss. —William Ryan, reMdtrg on Indiana street, was brought before the Police tonrtoa Saturday afternoon charged with breaking thx doors, windows and furniture of his I onf**. throw tag flu irons at bis wife's sister, and threatcr lcc to kill Mrs. Ryan. He was fined SSO, sr.d required to give ball of S2OO lo keep tae peace. Bor Pickpockets.— Thomas Quirk, John I’lcrce and James Henry were arrested at the Museum matinee on Saturday afternoon by De tective Dixon, for safe keeping. They were “cruising” around aTrenc the crowd ot ladles, and one or two of them being well-known pick pocket#, nadir suspended flairs, they were taken to the Central Station and locked up. Coxrttted,— John Kochambcau, charged as accessory tn the robbery of Raymond Vcrschooro, was pn Saturday afternoon at ihe Police Cqurt cc,emitted for trial in ball of <SOO. The evidence gm-n in this case did not appear to criminate l;ocbamb«»n as a party to the robbery, but it Is understood that he was held with reference to fur ther developments to the Recorder’s Court, Laecent as Bailee.— Jenny Browning, keeper ot a house of ill-fame on Fourth avenue, was brought before Justice Mllllkcu on Saturday af ternoon charged with having received fifteen dol lar# from a visitor of ibe bouse, in tru«l for Lizzie rnrtl#, who was “boarding” there at the time. Th c examination of the care was put over until Tuesday morning, Jenny being required rar- Lhh bill of &W. Faii ci tdi Pbici o«* Coal— All housekeepers vHI lr Interested Id learning, mod glad to know, thil some redaction has been made In toe price ol co«U The hist Ucktwant coal I» now being delivered at any part of the dtf. by Mr. F. D. Marshall. at fha rate of tblrtoen dollars per ton. The office of Mr. Marshall Is at Boom 13 No. 13i Poctb Clark street, where no order leu will meet prompt attention. Fad Accidxwt.— On Friday afternoon a yonng lady named Ellen Noble was run against by a boy who was skating on toe ildewallc near the corner of Madison and Peoria streets, and the coll Mon rcrnllid in her being thrown violently to the ground. She was quite irrenilMe when picked up. and was taken to an adjacent drug store. It wes there discovered that her right aim wav bro* hi n below the elbow, and (hat Lcr shoulder was dislocated. iUsicAU—TVo notice that tho rooms In tho Opera House rec- nlly occupied by Miss Magnus son have been taken by Ulet Scott, who ha* op.ned a music c ase. Miss Hcott enjoys n Inch reputation as a teacher of mii>lc,and Is warmly commended by some of our dUunculshcn profos* sore as*|<o sosrlns at borough knowledge of music, wuti bleb n capability ol Imparting instruction In In r pupils. Her merits aro known and appro- Hated i>> many of onr leading cttlxeni. Ily secur ing atart inerts so deshablc she wlil bo enabled to extend the sphere of her labors. Y. M. I.irntAnr Association or Nonrn Cm caoo.— I The following natmd officers wore elected slthetut regular meeting of this Hodety: Presi dent, (1.1). Hutching*: Vice Presidents. John lln chansn, Judge T. smith, Hocrelary, A. M. Lynch; Assistant Ft crt'tary, 1. J.Kinsolla ; Treatntcr, i*o- Ur I(oc: Librarian, C. Iltnrahan. This society, wblth hasenU-ied upon Its second year. Is a most flourishing one, and is steadily in creasing in iiitoresl and efficiency. Its library hts been greatly augmented, and contains all tho standard works, its present room* not being tlvtmvd sufficiently commodious, or centrally lo* rated, ■ more eligible location will bo procured at tho enillcsl possible moment. Ftxntxa nu DAuaiiTtu.—A salt waa Instituted I against rbtlstian Ranh, before Justice Drown, on the complaint of a man named Wagner, charging him with adultery. A partial examination ol the caie was held on Saturday aliernoun. Mr. Uaun. it was alleged, left a wife and three[children In tic Male ot New S’oik.and eloped with Mr. Wagner • dAnghb-r. Frederica. For about a tear past be I u« loldcd on West Randolph struct, and for Ibo iiaal lew days Mr. Wagner baa been In the city vainly trying to find bis daughter. U«r where* aboum were made known on Saturday afternoon, list father found her onWentwonb avenue. and was so overjoyed thereat that bo baa dropped pro* erodings avalosl Uie t scream hiulano. Faluxq Walls.—Oo Hatnrday afternoon about a quarter past Ibrec o’clock, a poition of the mar ble fiou wall of Nos.aWnniTkh Lake street fell to the pavement, severely injuring two persons. Mr. George Julius Dicrucr, residing at No. HIS \Ve*t Randolph street, ami .lames Crowley, rending on the corner of Morgan and Ontario Mircis 3he buildings were among tiioso burned at the greet Crc on Lake street on Sunday. No vember IP. IMW. Part of ibclr walls had been i-iai.dlr g in a threatening manner ever sine;. One portion fell slew days alter the fire, bat lortu nulcly 101 l away from the street. Tbo accident o bauirdsr rct'Qllbd differently. Mr. Bserncr re cciTcd a blow Roma falling fragment on ihe bead, while Jaffloa Crowley, a boy about twelve yeits of age. bad one of hi* legs broken oy a large pltce of marble. The Injured persona received immediate attention, and were taken to tbclr respective homes. As portions of these walla still rrroaln standing, they are In danger of being blown down, at.d the responsible parties should take pome colon so test t o more lives may be threatened bv thrtr tailing. The wall of No. 2at, futmeilv occupied by Mr, C. J, L. Meyer, stands lour tloiies high, with no lateral support. Buttax Teuathxst to a CuiLo.—A family, crr.(U>-uog of Alexanrcr Johnson and his wiie and a lad abont twelve years old. named James, have Li en rc-iding at No. l&l North Daisied street Al tie instance of a Ifidy who resided In another por tion cf the same building, Mr. ard Mrs. Johnson **>pe <n Sntnraay morrmg brought before the IVRcc Court riiargcd with Dealing their only child wish cruelly, neglect and temptations to c-im*. During the day, when the father L« ab.-c&i. the mother whips the child upon the Ua*t piovocaUou. and when tho oil cr paienticturtiS at nlgbt he lends a band at tbe earn* ncslccrs. ibey had recently to reed the cht’d i ut of their house barefooted, audtbe mother bad pucithed him wRU a *«lck of wood. Upon tho arrival ofice father at night It was alleged that he rad caused tbe boy to take offhia woollen pack and putontnthcJr stead eomo light eum n cr garments, and then had scot him Into tho rt-fct, helpful that he might commit som? cn” net which would lake him ont t .f their alcht to the Reform School, One day tbe child crept nnder the bed, but was compelled to come out again or have acaldlog water thrown upon him. Toe lady who occupied tnoticr part of «he Voase, suggested to Mr. John rou that if the child was so much trouble to them, they would do well to place him on same farm In the conttry. It. reply ebc wa** told that he would suoi.rr cat tbe boy’s throat than humor him so much. Jm-tlce stunevant fined the parents a 25 cacti, end ordered t&atthe child be taken away from tbv bnrd-beaitcd couple. It is staved that tho bov 1- a willing, irtutv and honest lad, and he should at lea-i Lav* a chance to reach maturity with hi.-* Utc and not too misy broken bones. ArroiyrrcNT.—Mr.Myron J. Amici, formerly a ics’dtrl ot Chicago, has Just received notice otitis avvotititnenias Second Uentcnant ef the Tenth licctmcnt Unlt.d States Inlaclry, now stationed si M. L- tils. Mr. Amlck enlisted in the nuny-slxto Illinois Infantry In August,iHlUandonacconnlot R'ccv dating exploits as a scout for General Hook* rrlxlocihc taking ot Atlanta, was appointed! Scrgcsrl and was appointed aa one of General sUcrn*an's scouts under command of General Uowa-d. lie was one of three who volunteered tn !>ear despatches from General tibermsn to Ad- Siraf iU”rni. commtnaloc ihe Heel .I !....- JSj. to advEL'-o of thosruij on toe •• Herch to the ' *Tr«vellto(rh7 ntoht flotrn toe OeeccbeefllWer to n Itnkr host, or dnc-onL dressed ss rchflf. In bntlcmnt clothes. secreted dnrins 11-c* dav by negroes, the little party nude their war In the dead of night, directly under the cuds of iho enemy's ehlps and shore batteries at Savan nah, and out to the sea coast There, exhausted hr their exposure, they all fell {asleep, lettiug ttetc boat drttt at. the will of the ware*. When ■ the' awoke tier found their craft rapidly filling v-ltii water and floating towards a fleet, from which a small boat was putting out, filled, ae they * upposeU, with rebels coming to take them. But, u> their jov. sneer approach and exchange of sig nals showed that they wrre safe amid tbe Federal fret, and tbev were soon on shlp-lmard. receiving the care and food ol which they were greatly In After this exploit, Amlck was detailed by Gen ets! Sherman as the bearer of important despatc •- cs u> Wilmington. ordering the fleet to move np t'spe Fear lUver and join the army at I’avcttevillo. He made the trip of one huadr-d milt* In iivcrlv-flrehonrs. and the fleet was at tin* e-ipoicled place within half an tour oi the time C nc r was highly complimented by General Shcr m»n for tills prompt performance of duty, and the General Intimated to General Coward at the time that the acl should be rewarded. , , , . , Accordingly ihe appointment above staled has Vein bestowed upon Mr. Amick on mtndailon of Generals Grant, Sherman ana Howard, unsolicited by him. and he has just left for Washington to accept bis well-earned com mission. FENMNA. Mcotlrp in BrWffoport—Addresses by Air Dnnn, and Senators Morrisoa and Scanlan - Beeraits and Subscriptions. A mass meeting of “the friends of Imh No ilom,,lty" was held, on Saturday night, at John 11. Fxslgbt a. No. 810 Archer road. A considerable number wore present, notwithstanding the unfa voralilem as ot the weather, and much earuejl- BMaand detenptratlon teemed to beexhioiicd. R* Dean, cf St. I<oals, was »be first (leaker. He said that when th” hah*atccrpui act •ft* suspended In Ragland, and irishmen were obugod to leave their own laud, they came bere and found a free country where they could exer cise the rights of fre'tncn, and they had been here able u> practice ibe arts ibatwouM enable them to tree (ntlr old land from the hand ol the oppressor. should they now give up tho straggle f The word comes to them. Irish patriot*, from all the oppressed nations of the old world, " Onward to victory I*' Let thoir words go back lo Ireland (bat they would stand by her to (he last. Oo wauled 10 C*»Tj Wit lo 81. i-ouls and across tbs pocky Mountains, the story that Chicago would be foremost in the good work. lie asked them then to come forward and form a'company that T< V?hcn lh*o order came to (hem at DuQklo last year to co back, there war not a dry c/o lo the a-sombly. Bat (hey would keep ihoir promise j-fU Btu It was not speech that they wanted now. they wanted men with arms and nnlforma'on, and then would be time (o move. There was great need thstthry bare uniforms to distinguish Ihcra. lie would never undertake to lead men again as a rab* ble—they must wear tho green. And by ibe help of God bolero tho summer ann rose over the domes of Montreal the green flag of their land would float over tbe city. Mr. A. L. Morrison, oi Now York, followed, lie said that Mr. Scanlan and bo had promised (hem a abort time ago that there should soon bo uniform! enough for a battalion, and that promise had been fuitulcd. Two thousand dollars were raised for the purpose, and to-day (bo umforma ate in tho city. lie thought that tbelr lait movement was sot mfCciently concerted. But now he thought that there was pot power enough la Andrew Johnson or any other officer to prevent them from coloring Canada. On the Kid oi February, Washington's birthday, and a belter day coiila not be chosen, their battalion would parade the streets of Chi cago In uniform, lie called upon all meu of Bridgeport to be on band to Join In that parade. They must go Into this organisation ready to walk with bloody steps over the soli of Canada, to shed their life mood if accessary. England would fight to tho last to retain Ireland, (or If she lost U she would go down, and become a third rate power. They came to that far away pcttlcmcnl on that oc casion because there were Irishmen there, and thoy were going Into every hamlet In Illinois tu call upon tbvir countrymen. He saw that there was a reporter of tho Tnt ntmx in Canada at the time or tbelr last invasion, who said that tbe English need not talk abont “Dull Run, 1 ' lor they ran so that tbelr own moth ers would not have known them. They were al most scared to d*atb. He booed that tbe Pribovk would have two or three reporters there next year, and they would sec some tailor running than they et cr had before. Ibe speaker said that they must not depend on tbo rich irishmen of Chicago They had prom* j.ed great things before, bat never performed. They pad raised bat f'OQat the last movement, and woen it was not successful they bad wanted their money back. Now, be hoped that they rbonld cel ten or twelve volunteers ont of that little audience to night. The work In New York was going on bravely. The mailer cannot slop. It la stilled in the beads of the irishmen, and must succeed. They mustpureuo It even lo the bitter end. Mr. Fenian, Mr. Dunn and himself weroplodgcd to stand bysnd with them, so long as the Hag of England waswlthlu three or tour hundred miles of them, and they could reach It lo twelve hours; ihey would not give up the opportunity. Twenty or thirty thoufaud meu were rapidly being made icadv. lie would not stale when they would move, (or he did rot Intend that England should again know b'-foiebimd; but it would not be long. They were bound to thla work by every holy tic. The men who were rotting In British Jails Okmcndcd Uot them. Borne of ino best men that ever lived were pent np In Jails where the cholera i* taring and the tyrantrevould not lift a finger to remove t: cm from death by this disease. Every lie that it taken In prisons, every sigh that goes no from widows and orphans, mast have revenge, lierc, right by their slctc, England stands unpre pared to meet them. She fa afraid of them in Cm ads.SLd there U the place to reach her. The Enclhh papers admit that she cannot defend her self in Canada, though she can trample out re bellion in England. Common sense then de mands that they strike her where they caobest reach her. .... , . , .. Iheywereoct calling for volunteer* for three, monthslor three years, bat for the regular army— for life If necessary. Already forty or flay men bad volunteered In Bridgeport, and guns aud uni forms were ready for them. They did not ask them to bur their own nnlforms. De warned cyerv one who pat down his name thathemuft be ready to go when ordered, at a dav’s notice. If necessary. They should not move until they could put enough men Into Canada in twenty-four boon to accomplish their pnrpose. The speck of war away off In the East eortends a coming hurricane, and England will o dragged into a great war. Three thousand troops bad lately been sent hack irom Canada to England. If England -hould co Into a general war she would be annihil ated. She la Jost now strong in Ireland but sho is weak in Canada. Over in Canada there are thousands of men who bate England as much as they did, and be wanted to give them a chance to help them. The Frenchmen had a meeting the other night and resolved to side with the Fenians. They would not mako as much noise about their preparations as they did before, but be did not much fc*r any obstruction on the part of tbo American Government. It was known that he was violating Ibe laws at this moment, bat be did not fear an arrest. Do called upon those who were willing lo volunteer to como forward at oucc. In response to the call of the speaker a number of men, mostly young and stalwart, came forward, and sirned the enlistment papers. A dill was then made for those who were willing to par the price of a uniform for the men, and a small auto was subscribed. Mr. Michael Scinlan Uien spoke. lie said that their organisation for the last seven years havbocn a benefit to them and paid back the money that they had expended on li. He exhorted them to com* rococo the work and show (bat they were In earn* est; and 'ben the sympathy of the American peo ple would be with them. There were fire and a lialf million of Irishmen In Ireland, and four and a half in America, and they were kept down by twenty-Arc thousand red-coats, and sixteen thou sand of them were their own friends. Tocy bad now much more of arms and ammunition than the Americans had In the Revolution. They hsd three million rounds of ammunition and too thousand men enrolled and ready. Five thousand men could have taken Canada last year, bnl they sent In only 480. Ifthey had o million of dollars they could move In six weeks. Twenty-five cents liutm-sch Irishman in America would furnish litis. They had never had five cents aploc:from Hu m yet. Tie Irish now carry the entire Eng lUh army on their bucks, and they cuull easily maintain their own forces. The siroecl-'I would no doubt be hatd. England would light to Uio end. It must be kept up for yenr afler year, and they mud begin before the next year. The Irish bad never been united, or (boy could easily ermh England out. A number more came forward to Join tbs com* Kany ami others to loin tho Circle, and several nndo'i In sums of money or nlogod a certain sum a mouth, and the meeting thou dosed. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Application for lllrorco on Hio Ground of Bigamy—Suit Agnliint Uio City—Attachments, and Heir Suits. Hatnrday wns Ibo Inst day of the January term of the Circuit Court. On Monday Judge Williams win preside in the Circuit Court of )<akc County In the ease of tme Van Kvnmi tor the u«a of the llarnum Richardson Manufacturing Company, default vas entered against tbu Chicago A North* westnu Railway Company, a* garulabeo, for lu the ease of the people, Ac., against Cbarlea F, Prcdwoie, on a recognlunuoon a charge ol basbitdy on the complaint of Charlotte Rice, during December Inst the ball was defaulted, and an order made that dofondaul enter Into a new bond within twenty day*, or bo attached lor con* Ivmpt. In tbo cate of Tbomas Wight and George D. Dunton against Thomas Hughe?, ou trial on Thursday last, the Court found for the plaintiffs, with tsho as damages. Appeal taken. Tho chancery sou of Luke A. Hauborn vs. Jacob Singer ct al. was distal sod. 1 be new suits In the Circuit Conrt were of Wil liam against Mary Graver, chas Mary Morrison,for a divoice. The complainant sets up a marriage in 'hie city daring November, ISi'.l. lie charges that -be was then the wife of one William Mormon, to whom, when named Mary Jones, she was mar* ■ led, he being suil surviving at the date of her al liance with inis complainant. James n. Pivea vs. J. Russell Jones. Aasamp* •it, to recover on a note dated J one HUa, ISGS, for $250. Sawyer. Steele A Co. vs. the City of Chicago. Assumpsit, with damages laid at $120,000. This la an action growing out ot a dltllculty In relation to the estlma'es allowed the plaintiffs as contractors o» the ll'tsols and Mfgblgan Canal, In which they claim that they have been prevented from receiv ing the mil amount of money doe upon the work performed uoder.tbe contract. Merritt T. Cole ened oat an Injunction against Alex. W. Hboleldtand others, to restrain them trom offering in evidence, in a case ponding be* tween the parties, a release executed by a defend ant, George Thompson, to Alexander w. S&nfcldt, trd fiom attempting to use Itto the prejudice of this complainant. The February fenn of the Superior Court will cptn on Monday morning next. There were 4£G cases noticed for trial at ibis term, and one hun dred and eighty of these have been placed upon the trial calendar. Tbe new enlu Included well nigh each common form of action, hut of cich there were but tew. C. Muller and llsvid Oldenoerg confessed judg ment in favor of William Thomas for $165.9G. Beniamin V. Pace and William Sprague made afßrlavitto replevy from Lewis, Dam A Company forty-eight barrels of refined carbon oil. An attachment Issued against Jonathan C. Mitchell a* the (uu of William McKlnfflcy on an alleged indebtedness of $3,386.06 aod interest since May SC, last. The allegation Is a fraudulent assignment within two yiars. Lewis Zabm A Son and Mary N. Mitchell are also proceeded against as garolsbccs. Harlan p. Boswotth filed a bill against Jacob u Conrad ard bis assignees, to nroenre a partition ol properly in Section 4. Town N. R. It East, Albert Storgls, ct al., brought assumpsit against .\rchlcald C. and W. A. Leckte. and Gcorco D. -. liars, on a balance of book account alleged to tic $4,4*4 48. Albert C. Elitthorpe sued William J.Tcwkcs bc:vy In trespass, chiming $5,000 vs damages. An appeal was taken in the estate of Thomas Daniiiton from an order allowing a claim of 6«tu Brady for 523. All me Courts will be in session on Monday. XTIE PARDON OF MObLIB IBBS- SBLL. At anncupccd In our issue of Saturday. Mollie Trussell, or Cosgrifl; was pardoned out of tbe penitentiary after a confinement of one month within the walls oflhst Institution. We did not. however, chronicle the fact that during the whole time of her short Incarceration there the rules of tbe prison were violated In her case by allowing her to wear ber own clothes, to occupy a prlra'e room, to receive many visitors, and to faro sump tuonsly. It wonld be Interesting to know what were the influences bronchi to bssr lo her case, acd how much better she tared there than would a virtuous woman who bad killed a man In a fit of passion. Would the latter have been allowed to evade the nanltentiarydrats and the penitentiary fare? Would she have been able to interest In her case so many officers of Jus tice? Nay; had MolUe been an ordinary prosti tute would she nave been so much fovoced? Prob ably not. When, four year* ago, Uoxanna Brooks was committed to the peultemlarr for a year for a petty theft, she was forced to Hire as did tbe rest of <oc prisoners, and she served out her time though there was not a member of the Pint Pre cinct Police force but admitted that she was one of the most honest of all the bad women under their surveillance, and had often aided them In bringing ofierden lo Justice. fiat then, Rozarna was not particularly good looking. During the whole time of her Incarcer ation no word of complaint was heard that she did not bear her punishment meekly. But not a woid was said In her behalf. ](has been urged that Trnssel was a gambler, and that he was of no account in the commnnity. That Is true; but she was, and Is. a prostitute. Uer life was no more valuable than his. Dad she bec-n a decent woman who killed him to protect bcnelf from Insult, them might have been some, excuse, morally, though If the Jury which sat on tbe trial of irapp had been empanelled In that case. It might have found her guilty of murder in the first decre**. Trapp killed the seducer of bis wife, and is “guilty of murder.” MolUe killed a man on whom she had only an Immoral claim, becaure be did not want ber m a saloon filled with blacklegs; sbe is Innocent. The bicalt ZtVunq of Saturday last hid the lol loping in releiCLce to Hie case: ”11 le a scandal and a censurable abase of tbe ardonlng rower. .tno'v. that in til- laud »f jpoc 1 y the crime ibal wilka la silk anl velvet ■tndWwela u privileged. Aristocrat!: priestesses of Venus can do what the/ cliuore; they Hud tho#4 who twist al pleasure the waxen pose of Justice. sad. at la*!, a Governor who bolds over them the shield of pardon. Only iho<e p o*U totes vho are in miser; are punished. Mollie TiussrU can rrermv her Uade,andwodoubtnot that she will bare a flue business.'' It Is well bi-own that immediately aflcr the closing of the (rial Gsrcinor Oclesby was asked lonsicon (ho prisoner, ana that the evidence was subrublcd (o him, and that he oarJy refused- Thai la the abort apace of a month ho baschan;ed his mlrcl mast hare beni done to * bravy proc ure. ibat press, re must bare come from par* tOl In Chiraio. It la but justice to himself that Governor OgTesb/ should furnish to tho pootic the t ames o? (hr. parlies who have strongly in tcrarled themselves in her welfare, “ respectable" parties as (her doubtless are, because the repro* -•nations of disreputable characters would have no weight with him. It will bo well for (he pub lic U> know these parti oj. and Governor Oglesby cannot better explain than by giving ibuir names for publication. COMMON COUNCIL. Special Mooting—Tunnel at Clark Street—Cleaning tho Streets - The Firo Insurance Interest, A special meeting of the Common Council was bold on Hatnrday evening upon the call of Alder mens Holden, Prondfooi,Wicker, and Lawson, for the trsmacilon of general business, There were present Hla Honor the Mayor and Aldermen Knickerbocker. Ooi, Carter, D'NVolf, Wicker, Barrett, Wllmartfa, Haleb, Wallwork, Moore, Bchnlor, woodird, Holden, itnsscll. Ack bos; Gaaificld, Hbackford.iAwson and O’tinlllvait. ▲ nxw xtnwn.. On motion of Alderman lawioo ll waa resolved ■hot Ike Board of Public Works ho requested, at lln earliest convenience, lo report opou the feasi bility of construction of a tunnel u«dor the Chica go Ttiver al Clark street, wUh,an estimate of the cost of tho same. The Police Commissioner! returned lolhe Coun cil the claim allowed In lavor of George M. Miller, assuming that (bo same should be paid from tbe Contingent Fond, and not from the Police Fond. It appearing npon the remarks oi Alderman Hol den that tho order directed tho payment of tho money from the fund named in the order, and no objection to Uila mode of payment being made, the report waa ordered to bo returned. The Board of Public Woika repotted an ordi nance to pave NortO Jefferson street, from Pulton to Hubbard Wrens. Referred to (be Committee on Ulrtcls and Alleys. sruxrr oiXAKnro. The Finance Committee reported In favor of the passage oi an ordinance to appropriate 910,000 to be raised as a temporary loan for tho costoflibor and repairs upon tLo streets. This sum is tu ad dltinn to t;55,4GG.'J3 devoted to this purpose tn tho regular appropriation bill of June last, and It is said lobe needed to csrry tho Board of Public Works through in this department until April next. Tbv ordinance parsed. Smxm AND ALLZTS. The Committee on street* and Alloy* of tbo South Division reported an ordinance to extend Uymk avenut) to Twenty-ntolh street, which parsed. The Committee on Streets and Alleys of tbo North Division reported in favor of changing the name of Green Bar street to iittsb street. The matter was reterred back that an ordinance may be prepared. 'I lie Committee on Streets and Alloys or toe West Division reported an ordinance to grade and pare -Madison street, from Daisied street to thu railroad bridge. Passed. mi pErAnm5T. A communication was received from the Board nr Underwriters expressing the opinion Ihatlhe Fire Department daring the past year has been badly conducted, they therefore ask the passage ofanamc dment lobe proposed lo char- teraotboiiahiglho sppolntment of a member of its board as a member of the Board of Police I’ommlssiouers. The communication enclosed ibo proposed amendment, which provides: SBciioKl. That the Chicago Boaid of Under wiitcrs shall have power to appoint n member of the Board ot Police Commissioners, whoso duty in all matters pertaining lo the Fire Dcpartrooai shall be to act as a member ot the Board. Sec. 2. The appointee shall hold his office dur ing ono year, and until bis successor is appointed, unices ho be removed by tbo Underwriters, un der the direction of which Board ho is to devota alibis tlmclo the interests of the Fire Depart-, meal, making a monthly report to the Underwrite vrs olall fires, losses, insurances. «ic. ** Sxc. 3. When the Police Commissioners arenot in session such appointee shall have authority to make oiders and regulations for the management of the Fire Depai Unent: the rales being subject lo modification by the full Board. Sec. 4. The salary of ihe officer la to bo paid by the Board of Underwriters. Sec. 5. The Underwriters are to grant a commla plon to their appointee. Sec. fi. The Council shall have power to make rcgulu.ions inrclerence to the duties ot Ihe ap pointee. and the Board of Underwriters shall have the light to prescribe any rales for the direction of the person so appointed. Stc. 7and 8. Repeals conflicting acts and cre ates ibe set a public act. The matter was referred to the Finance Commit- J iJV M oa ■VIU.II.U w M.. . tec, to report on Tuesday evening next. The Council then adjourned. TJQC OPERA HOUSE DBAWING Another Letter from X*ia—Ho Renew* cili HLv Claim—lie Litigates It* To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune When last 1 wrote yen I was Battering from a Inver ot disappointment—double In this that 1 not only did not draw the Opera House as expected, bat that my catcnlatlona camo to naught, and the labors of title time were swept away by the arbi trary and unmalhematlcal selections of the men at the wheel. I have somewhat recovered from toe prostration then Induced, but only lo dud a new disappointment awaiting mo. lam sorry that in my certainty of success I did not scrutinize close ly Ibo actions of ibe committee. Had 1 done so jam certain 1 should have noticed somethin? which was Irregular, and would bavo furnished me, as the lawyers say, with grounds for an optical. 1 bate recently occupied my wasted energies In invcstigaUngtbu subject, and am satisfied that I have been cheated ou' ot my Juai dues. 1 bought the Opera House, giving five dollar* for tU At the time I paid that v J intended to become the own er U Ibo Opera Qouac. ant) the person who sold it to me listened to my expression of opinion with a nod of assent: bo even winked at mo, Jnst as a , fellow did onco Ina railroad car to bet on a card I which a mutual slrancer hold In bia band. 1 lost tbaltat.and 1 lost the Opera House. But the parallel does not cease hero. I had that fellow ar rested. end be paid over a fine much more respectable Qiao himself: I intend to try wbal I can do In the same direction with the people who linvo so badly cheated mo io the matter of the Opera House drawing. .. . 1 waa conversing yesterday with a friend and Fellow victim, who took exactly the same view oi ibo subject as 1 did, with one unimportant excep tion. I claimed that Ibo Opera House wa« mine by right: he averred that It shonld have been his. While wo both agreed that It was a r »nk swindle, wo could uol untie on (he party who had boon swindled. 1 uul mad at him Anally when ho utter ed a vile joke about every body else who bought a ticket, being equally awlndlcd with myself The Idea was preposterous. What right hau any other nmn to it than mysclft ... And i will yet prove my point. 1 proved my lightest ownership by fl.tttos. and 1 will now i.toio itby law. 1 hove already Instituted pro ceedings, and the snbpiruns an* issued which will bring all the members of the committee aud the Actuary before a Just leu of the Teuco, aul make ilirm snow cause why lliojr bavo dared to give r;oo,<W (o Mr. tar when the Opera House was muio. 1 shall triumph; I know I shall. 1 bavo calculated the case, end have them on the Idp on two points. Ido not mind, Mr. Editor. u"c*Uug to you my disposition of attack, nut I must btg ofyutt nut to publish it in advanced Uic trial, os Hist might itu« rferc with the result by enabling them to defend Ihclr weak points. Uo< bold thn plan, and do homage to my sagacity I 1 have caused s it to be Instituted in the orncc ofautstlnKulslrd mathematician, one who la ca* pnhlo of comprehending the subtleties ol my cal* rulatlnns, him 1 shall spread in detail the solution of the problem, which 1 give to you In a general foim n few days ago. And still further to aid In Uin matter I am now having n gigantic model cunslnicted, which will llluslrafeneyond alt possibility ct misconception, the truth ol ray theory. My model la a spiral Inclined plane, something like that on which thn HuUlay brother tailed UU hall to the ton ol the Oner* House. Around the outer edge ol that (which is the true curve) J shall place thu 310,600 numbers, each an Inch distant Item that succeeding It. These 310,(00 nutnlrors, at an inch each, will give l?s,W*)foeU or 6,813 yard*, as the periphery oftho spiral. This will ho on a base of Ibo same d'ameterae the larger wheel need Id the drawing, and ending In a point. At the point In Ibo clr* cnmfcrenco where the number 03,9f1fl stands, (my ticket.) there will be a ring, and from a derrick specially constructed for the occasion, the whole spiral will be suspended, showing that that point that that number occupies is the centre of gravity of the whole sratem ot the drawing. I have then in thejnuction of i&c two axes a pivot, on which, when the structure swings, the number 0 V-60 will Ik* at tne centre of gyration, also that of oscllla ti?n; In the last experiment 1 Intend to make of the model a ballistic pendulum, with which I will batter down the air ca*tlc of Mr, Lee as effectually a* the ancient catapult did a etono wall This will be a great mechanical triumph, and this part of the assault will be followed by tbo logical. 1 shall then prove by the committee that the wheel* were not of a proper shape for a square transaction—they being octagonal—and that by the spilling of rickets on the floor, tbo whole transaction was vitiated. Then will come the moral phase of the argument. I shall prove the whole thing to be grossly Improper m Ita character, and that everybody engaged In it (my* serf exccpied) was guilty of conduct walcb, to say the lca»t, Is highly reprehensible. In my own case it was a purely business transaction. I bought tbo Opera House, and now demand it. All others went into tbe scheme a* a matter of speculation. With them It was nothing more or less than gambling. 1 shall then wind np with a grand exordium, lauding tbo attribute of Justice to the skies, and calling on IU earthly representative to give no my rights. Else did our fathers bleed and die In Tala, and(he tonsil ratio a oftho United Stales Is a delusion. 1 will demand It In the name of out raged propriety, as tbo only means ofcsliulog down tbe popular excitement, vrbosc verdict ts that Mr. tee bsd ro rich* to the house, nor to sell out that right, as Esau did, for a mess of nora*A. I look calmly forward to the result. 1 do not think i« will be necessary to employ a lawyer, tbe case l elnc too dear to need lecal action. I ask not law, but justice. Let justice be done though the Opera Douse fall. Shall 1 not got It! PiA. the POLICE offices. Trial* on the Bcut-ltigratltndc, There is a certain class or citizens who seem to have sn instinctive enmity against the police torce. If one of this class gets In a very tight comer where the aid of a policeman would oe of very material benefit, the chances arc that his ap peals are not heard, the force being so small m proportion to the needs of the city that one officer often has a beat which would take him more than half a mile trom anight brawl, ehoold it occor at cer tain boor*. And Urns it is thst the prov Gib has goncabnad that a policeman is nercr present when he's wanted And those who are at war wiih the city's cnardians find abundance or ma terial to talic about, some of the '‘stats” ppmo ntnch too brlgbUy. They may be new men, not yet need to their dunes and over-officious in their discharge. They may be o.nlck-tempered and in clined to nse tbe baton when there's no necessity for It- Sotneof these conceive that their Sergeaa is orCspialnawlvl call them to account If they do not bring some one to the lock-up every night they are on duly, and so, in occasions! Instances, men or women are anested tor trivial offences. Then the patrolman 's general enemy condemns the ctiy police as a nuisance, arresting every one who onebt to be left alone, ardlotUngthe scamps co dear. Would It not be heller If law abiding citizens would Quietly tepon these officers to their superiors at the stations Irom which they arewntoutf , . . , Instances not nrfreqnentir occur where patrol men In tbe •unquestionable discharge of their doty are treated with the most rank Ingratitude, and a eaxe In point Is alleged to have occurred quite recently. About two o'clock Saturday morning, white officers Thompson and Klscbner were patrolling Wabash avenue they beard the sudden shiver of glass ia a residence situated at No. 4»i in U»st thorooglare. Reasonably suppos ing that burglars were malting a raid upon the place, they made arrangements to “ b*g them. Eischner posted himself near the trout entrance. Thompson carefully scaled a high fence at the {rear, and stealing softly np to the side door came suddenly noon a man who rose op rather quickly. The officer drew his re volver and told nim to ** stand.” The man, much Mgblcncd, jumped back and told bun not to shoot end then the officer saw a young woman. With much embarrassment she hastened to ex plain that she lived there and (hat ” this gentle man” was seeing her home. Wishing to bo en tirely certain of this, <»blch did not explain the btokvn glass), tbe officer conducted them a-ound lu the front entrance sad rang tbe bed. In a few moments the dour vra* opened and the girl passed tn. Tbe woman who opened the door bid her companion to come In also, and said It was the girl's “feller.” Ihe policemen Insisted upon seeing the proprietor, end presently a lgh* imnm-rd a* re* h"id of the stairs, aosotnpanled by a gruff voice , which informed thum i,ui ■ ‘ns all -wn-; toe/ mini t co home; it«*aa none of their bn-loes- if r’aas was tauten ou tuc premise*. Such, sob- Btasitaliy. was lie itaiement of tha officers. If t »• house had been pillaged by burglare, wou'd the tenant have said It was none ol their busi nee j f tuk DBiMiObt nrmioiDß. Verdict oftlie Jury-Tho Prisoner I»ro liOtmceU “Not utility,” The Jury having In charge the caae of Cornelias Driscoll, who was on Friday tried oo an In diclment for mnrdor, came to an agreement oo £atorday. The only question left lor considera tion uaa. whether the woman Jolts, the wife of the accused, when she made the elalement lo Dr. Blowsrtj “Von don't know; my old man has fixed me thta time,” bad n hope oi recov ery ; aho being told by (be physician that she womd not die. an bo thought nor wound bnc superficial The Jury decided by *holr verdict that they had a reasonable doubt upon this propo sition, and n vctdlct of “not guilty” was the re sult, The prisoner was brought Into court to re ceive tbe verdict at the early session. Re re ceived the, lo falui, rood news with a sigh of relief, and bo departed with hla yonogor son to cogitate, if ho be competent to tbtok, upon the uncertainty of human attain. Quite a crowd was present when the verdict was announced. Kvcry oneof those present who bad listened to (be evidence had expected tbe result, but there were not onfrequent expreestom of dlsretlsficilon, as there were but few who had not within them a belief in bis guilt. Tho end was looked upon as the resnll of a want of legal evidence to prove a tact, aided by ability In dclence, to which by ataiidoia aohmllted, and which they yet deplored. WMlilDgton Fire and marine lnaar< Alice Company, Wo call the filtration of insurers to the state ment In our advertising columns, of tbe present financial condition of the Washington Fire and Marine Insurance Company of Now York, show ing a cash capital and surplna of f75>,000, tho ssuio bring tbe statement now on file in (be office of the Auditor of this State. Tho office of tho Company In this city is al No. 11l l.sHalle street. Mercantile Building. Tho agents, Messrs Miller A Drew form a new Insurance firm, bnt are both well and intimately Identified with tbe hnstness Interests of our city, enjoying the entire confi dence and blah esteem ofa largo business circle. The public may rest assured that in committing tbelr interest! to the rata of this firm they will find the trust honored, in a manner commensurate wltn tho merits of Ibe company and their own well-known character for promptitude and Integ ra clip tbe following from tbo financial columns of the New York JnUfjmulent, substantiating the position and responsibility of tbe “Washington “ a com pan r that passes through a lung sosson of adversity with safety and success wusCpotscM great solidity and management of unusual (drill and merit. The Washington Insurance Company, dnrlog the terrible succession ot fiery visitations of 1%5, breaa'ed tbe storm and met every obilga tion fairly and unflinchingly, and proved itself sound to tbe core, no far from being-Injurious)* aCected by the season of disaster whicn proved too severe for so many companies. It eervedmet v Iv to demonstiate the inherent vitality of tho Washington, and to Invigorate its management. Tbe consequence U that although its premium re ceipts daring tbe'current year have Increased about twenty-five per cent over those of lasi, its leg es bare. In an inverse ratio, proportion ately diminished. Such elasticity evinces not only materia) strength, but a mental capacity to grasp and profit by the exigencies of the times charac teristic oi superior men. AffILUNETISSNTS. Mcseus!.—Although “ Peep O’ Day 1 ’ may bo numbered among tbo sensations which arts rap idly dying ont, ita revival at the Museum last week proved as successful as it was when first presented. Crowded bouses attended its per formance nightly, while a perfect rush was made upon It at the matinees. Mr. George Stevens, the leader of the orcbein, baa contributed great!r to the c&cilvcrctsof the whole representation, by ics'ratiglug the music and giving some novelty to Ihe I‘Utcttalumeul. On Monday “ Peep O’ Day” will be finally withdrawn lo make room for a new play, which has been in rehearsal for sometime, entitled “ The Huguenot Captain.” Benefit of Mrs. Stokeaix.— Next Friday evening Mrs.Clora Bloneall becomes a beneficiary, \>bco wece-*rt not eay that her immerou* friends, meaning all who attend the Mascara, will respond as cordially as on former occasions. Mrs. Stone all la deservedly a favorite with all, being an art ia'e of rare accomplishments and versatility, as well as a most estimable lady. The bill for Fri day evening Is “ Koiy O’Morc " and ‘‘The Ameri can in Pans.” McVicker's Theatiie. Mr. Charles Dillon tlimluatcdhla engagement on Saturday evening with Byron's play of “Werner,” or an adaotation of tbo original dra ma. It was a very Just and careful de lineation, but the play, even in Us improved slate, la rather dreary, and will never become a popular acting piece. Mbs Helen Western opens on Monday evening in the drama of “ Cynihla, the Forsaken.” On Tuesday she will appear as “ The French Spy.” The Chicago Stage.— Mr. Joseph BaUerehy, the well-known photographer, ha# jnal producer! averynitercsllug picture containing portralta of all the Chicago actors and actresses who have ap peared here during the last tea years, and com prising many eminent stars who have vie I ted os from lime to time. The groaning Lj very artistic, and each of the portraits 1* clear and well execu ted. Such a group is a vert desirable possession to all who take on interest In theatrical matters. Tux Grand Masquerade. The cnicago Turn-GcraclmJc will give their grand an nual masquerade on Monday evening at the Turner Hall, on North Clark street. From the extensive and elaborate prepa rations which bavo been in progress for some time past wo arc led to expect something finer than nos ever yet been given in Chicago, and doubtless the event will folly Justify our aolicipa lions. The Germane, ot all people, know now to get up and conduct these things successfully, and they also know bow to enjoy them. Their last year's masquerade proved to bo a vety enjoyable affair, but the present one Is on a much more extensive scale. The programme, which l« divided Into five parts, embraces a grand carnival precision, consisting of the entrance of Armlrms into the walballa, the Emperor Bar barcasa and bis followers, and Germania and her train. Then follows (he Great Magician and hls Dwarfs, succeeded by a Chinese Festival, by fifty Chinese Singers. The fourth part consists of four tableaux vivaut. representin' several historical scenes, and the cntorlainmcn. concludes with a scries of acrobatic feat* by sixty clowns under the leadership of Big. Illilerlano. The strictest order will be prescrv.d, and Ihe comtntlUioliave taken every precaution to make the affair as select as possible. B rating has been somewhat Interfered with daring the week by the thaw, but the ice was in good order ami will covered on Balutday even ing. . ItItLIGIOVS INTISLt.IGC.NOII. Tho Chicago Ministerial Union will hold R* next regular session iu the rooms of thu xaung Men’s ciulillon Association, on Monday. Feb* Maryam, at Hi o’clock An o*sayon tlic impor* lance ol city ovaticnlUallon will be read by Rev. Ji Etsklm*, editor oftho yortnwttUrn rretay tsiian. Denominational report* will bo made by Revs. I‘. 11. Fowler, Hubert I’aKeraon, A. Ha warfla, W. W. llarsha and J. Demnrest. Kvauacl- Icnl clergymen of this city and vicinity aro cof dlally imfled. Ibo following services are announced for to* day. In nil the chorees hero mentioned sirongenj will bo provided with reals, and Ibolr presence is Uvilcd: KTISCOPAt. Pt. Mark’s, Collage Grove. 15, It. Tuttle, Rector. Divine service at 164 u.m. and 1)4 p. m. Hunuay Pcbool ataup.m. cimrrh of the Holy Communion, corner of Ran* dolpb alriTt and tYahwh avenue. Services Ml ]( <i o. tn. and *U p. m. M t.nko'a Church, corner of Sixteenth elreet end Wabash avenue. Itov. W. 11. Mllhnrn will preach both morning and owning, Hervlco at it a. m. and 7U p. m- Episcopal church, Rev. J. W. Bnckmaslcr, roe* tor. Preaching morning and evening. Sabbath School in the afternoon. iiAtTinr. First Baptist Church. Wabash avenue, south of llnhb*t<l court, Rev. Dr. Evert*, pastor. Her vices at il a. m. and *H p. m. in Ibo evening tho subject of Ibo discourse will he, “Tho Scripture Doctrine ol Future Punishment." HanbatU School sod lllhlo class at U‘i a. ro. Dlhlo class at *Rvanaloti Baptist Church, Rev. W. J. Leonard, iD»tor. Preaching in the morning and evening, iahltmb School at noon. Filth Baptist Church, DoKoven street, near Bomb Dotplalues. Preaching by the pastor, N. Colver, D. I) , at 104 a. m. and ’.‘4 p. m. babbath the ordinance of the lord’s will be administered alter the morning * C Nor!h Star Mlislon, corner Division and Sedg wick streets. Preaching by the pastor. Rev. (I. I„ Wrocn, on the Sabbath at 10J4 a. m. and "54 P> m. The oidlnance of baptism will bo adminlater* ed at the dote of the evening service. Hanbath School a) Bp. m. Prayer and conference meeting overt evening except Friday. „ _ \\ abash Avenue Baptist Church, corner of Wa bash avenue and Eighteenth street. Preaching by tbe pastor, Kov. Hamucl Baker, D. D.. at 10JJ a. m. nndT‘4 p. m. Sabbath School at B>»p.m. METHODIST EPISCOPAL. xitiiivyui a. m ... Rev. 11. hippie will preach al Wesley Chapel, corner of Blackbawk and Sedgwick streets, at 10U a. m.atd • | .* . . Clark Street Church, McthodM Block, corner of Washington and Clatk streets. Preaching by the castor. Rev. W. C. Dandy, morning and evening. Hundav School and Biole classes la the Lecture R00m,’2',4 p. a. Prayer meeting In the Lecture Room al 6)4 p. m. „ Evanston Methodist Church, Rev. Dr. Raymond. pastor. Preaching morning and evening, and Sabbath School tn the af-ernoon. _ West Inutana Street Mdbodlst Episcopal rhnrcb, corner of Sangamon street. Services at lU*4 a. a. and "54|P> m. by the pastor, Rev. Rob ert Bentley. Residence oi the pa«tur, North Sangamon street, oabbath school at S)4 p. m. ileetircs continue during the week. Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of U-alle street and Chicago avenue. Rev. O. H. Tiffany, D. D., pastor. Class meetings at 9a, a. and 12 a. Sunday School at 3 p. tn. Young people’s prayc. meeting at 64 p. m. Public wor ship at lOu a. a. and "H p. a. The morning service w tilbe devoted to the reception of mem bers and toe administration of the Holy Commu nion. The evening eervice win include a sermon by the pst-ior on m ao man * * *to pot me Into the pool," and exercises of prayer. rßcssncuiAU. Olivet Preabylerlan Charcb, Wabash avenue, renter Fourteenth street. Ue». T. O. Rice wilt preach «t the nf nil hour* of wort hip. vw: 10i, a. m. tid 'H p. m Sabbath School at yu a. m. Thud United Presbyterian Church, North Side, between Wells and Franklin etre-.L*. on superior. Pastor, Kcv. Johu S. McConnell. Public worship sabbath at 10H a. m. sod 74 p. to. Bible class and Sabbath School at 3 p. tu. South Piesbytcnan Church.(oU school), comer Wabash avenue and Congp-sseireet. Service by the pas (or,' Her. Mr. Qai f-ha, at 11)4 a* tn. and 74 p. m. Sunday School ai§4 a. m. First congregational church, comer of west Washington and Green streets. Services at 104 a. m. and 7U p. xn. Preaching by the Rev. Dr. Haven. of the Chicago Tneoloclca! Seminary. BlMe class at 9a. m.and Sabbath School at S p. in Conference and prayer meeting Wednesday evening. Young people’s praycrmvctlng, Friday : evening. Plj mouth Congregational Church, comer n ‘ i Wabash avenue and Eldndge court Service* at I 1 li*4 a. m. and 74 p. a. Rev. J. Aldson, of Mil- I wankee, will preach in the morning and evening. I I Sabbath School and Bible classes at .1 p. m. Yoncg people’s prayer meedng ou Monday even ing. conference and prayer meeting on wednes- I day evetlng. South Congregational Church, comer Calumet avenue and Twenty-sixth street. R t r W. W. W right, pastor. Services at 104 •• tn. anu "4p. ru. Sabbath School and BiWt> classes at 2 p. tn. Cocfcrcoce and prayer tncetlug on Wednesday evening. Vonng people's prayer meeting on Fri day evening. hew England Congregational Church, comer of North Dearborn and East WgUo streets. Rev. J. P. Gulliver, pastor. Service* at 10H a. m. and 74 p. in. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3p. ra. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evcnlnp. Young people's prayer meeting on Fri day evening. Salem Congregational Church, Cletverville. Bev. 0. B. Thomas, pastor. Services at 104 a. m. and 74 p.m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3p. m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Union Park Congregational Church, corner of Wert Washington and R-üben streets. Bov. C. D. Eclmer, pastor. Services at 104 a. m. and 74 Ip. m. Sabbath School imd Bible classes at 3 # p. m. Conference and pra\er meeting on Wednesday evening. Young people'* prayer meeting on Friday evening. Tabernacle Congregational Charcb, comor of West Indiana and Morgan slreeU. Hot. J.W. Ilcaly, pastor. Services at U»H a m and 74 p. a. Preaching by the pastor. Maternal meeting at 14 ?. m. Sabbath School and Bible classes sc ap. m. (ellgloos meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evcniigs. rxrrcn»AUßT. St Paul's Church (Ftr#l Universally Society), Ret W. 11. ttydor, D.D., pastor. Morning ser vice at 10H o’clock; evening service at 7U. Stio- Jrclof evening sermon—" tlectlon and iteproba* ** Second Universallsl Church, comer of Wc»i Washington and Sancamun street#. Service# at Jo«a. m.and 74P in. I’rtatlilnt by Kev. Ur. llroer in the momme. and l*y tin* pa lor. Her. T B. Si. John, lu the cvctli-g. su'-iccl of the r'enlrg—** TLe trillion between this llfo tad the licit *• TOtTMUAIC. . . Cbarch cf lbs Versiib (UnlUHin), comer of Wib»>h ivennc ltd Ilabbird cojut. Uct. Juba it EfHt>2»r, of Wublnetnn, I>. C., irlil prticb it ICft o’clock. Vesocn it 7H p. m. .. , 1:ot. {{abort Collyor will preach la tbs normo* in {lcily Cborch, corner of Chicago arcane and Dearborn street. MtBCXUASXOPE. , Christian Cbnrcb, (formerly hi. James’) oaCaaa *tieet,bvt«*cD Michigan and IlllnoUetroeU. Ser vices every Lord’s day it 10W *. m. Her. \V. U. Van Doren wnl preach In the Pol* on Avenue Cbuicb, near Clinton, at WH *• m n*Tlie«i wiinie a WaahlnctonlaumMllog at the Chanel of the Uoma, 672 West Madison street, at 7 sfmcosthl* evening In chmcb corocr Monroe and Hatgamon atreeu. by Rev. W n. Van poreu. Hrst Um»trl Brethren Chtirch, corner ofClla (on and Wilson atroeU. Rev. B. A. Vanaanl pas tor. Services every Sunday at lOU a. to. and 7H n. to bonotyScbool aod Bible clfes at 1 p. in. William Street Mission. Service* in William street Chapel Sabbath nomine at JOK a. m.; also, Id Hi* evening st 714 p. to. Sunday School in the afiernooo si Bp. m. There will be a prayer meet ing held on Tuesday evening at 7t4 o'clock. Deformed Protestant Dutch Chorch, comer Of Monroe and Sangamon streets, ilov. James Dema rest, Jr., pastor. Services at ll>M a. m. and 714 P m. Sabbilh School at SKp.o. „ ~ 4 . Friends' Meeting Is held in toom No. IS, Motho* dlst Episcopal Church block, on First day, at 11 o’ciocfi, and Fourth day, at lOo’clock. Lake Avenno Church, Hev. James D. Duncan, pastor. Services at lOtf a. m. and 3!4p.m. Pray er mceDng on Thursday evening. Itev. 1). Dsnforth, late Irom Boston, will preach to the Spiritualists In Witkomiky Ball, comer of Clark and Monroe streets, at ihi o'clock. Sub ject—" The relation and connection of ancient Cbrlsllaoily with modern Chrlitlaa Spiritual- Independent Society. Charles A. Hayden will speak at Washington Hall. Washington street, up poello the Court House, at 7>4 o'clock. Rononto His Enrtorgua.—For some day* past the Ann of 1.. Cornell A Co., agents (or • Hewing Machine Company, at No. JM l«ke street, have been sattsfled that their money drawer was being unlawfully raided upon by some party, but were unsncccssfnl In fixing upon anyone as the thief unit) Saturday evening, when two of the men em ployed there qnleily sccrvtod themselves In the room and waltrd patiently for developments. A UlUo after U o’clock they observed a follow-work man named Ilobt. U. McClure making an examina tion of the money drawer. They Immediately came forward and " cornered" him. One of them went lor an ofllcer, ami bslfau hour later McClure found hlmsell locked up at the Central Hlatloo. InsTiujtTioK.—At the Hall of Northern “Light Lodge, No. EhO. I. O. U. T., Fobrturrlsl, 1877, tbo following were Installed as officers for the ensuing quailcr: W, C. T., JoaUb It. White; W. V. T., Ida D. Aldrich; W. H., William Uafiell, Jr.; W. F. b., Robert lied; W. 'A’„ Abby A. Aldrich» W. M., Robert B. Mon-e; VV. U.,Catnnrlne H.Merrill; W. Hem., Arthur B. Brackett; W. C.Wlllfe M. Moise; W- A. 8.. Sarah A. Campbell; W. U. M., Sarah hntf'el); R. 11. S , Malvina il Campbell; L. H.H., VlolaA.Carlton; I*. W, C. T„ Milton F. Forbes. The “KorlLem Lighters" mod In the church on the corner of Dtackbawk and Sedgwick streets, every Friday evening. Fain,—Afolr and festival trill be held at the new lull, norlhweu comer of Van Daren street and Fourth avenue, two doors cast from Clark, commencing on Monday, tbo 11th of this month. A choice variety of iimnsemcnt will be provided, and a band of music mil be in attend ance each evening to enliven Die proceedings. LOCAL AIATXEES. It lifts become proverbial that thoac laboring under bronchial nffecuons, are more san guine of cure, morebnoyant with hope than snf fcrct* from other diseases, it Is a wise provision ofnatnrein aisUiing to overthrow the complaint which is slowly, gradually undermining the sys tem. Pectoral Balm has gained a most favorable notoriety in the treatment of all diseases of ibe lungs, and fa now prescribed by onr most eminent physicians. For sale by all druggists. Dumbams & Van Fcbaack. Chicago, Illinois, general agents for tbc Northwest. Science rccocnlzcft but one wnr In which lost hair con be restored, or faded and bleached hslr chanced tolls original color; and that Is by adapting the remedy to the requirements ol the case. Entiar.ce Dr. Slbbel’a rooms, 73 Clatk street. JTi«n«lcn>n Pectoral Ralm can be re< cd on In all disease* of the Lungs. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. LntcM New York Financial News* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnmme.i New Toes, February 3. The stock market opened strong before the board, with Erie (common) the favorite, which rose to 83#. The balance ofthe list was the same as last evening's closing price*, on the first call Erie (comirnn) »old down to 57?*, while thereat of the !l«t was some better. Dctore tb« regular call the l&itnre of Bell £ Telvorton was announced. They were heavily short or the market, and this had the tendency to weaken prices, as it takes much of the strength out ol the mar* krt, and leaves the bulls with so much more heavy load to carry. Altcrwarts, tn the lone room, Em (common) sold down to 57? f, and coming to 99, aed the whole list was off about jf, At one o’clock the whole list was advanced 1 per cent, with a very strong undertone to the market, caused, as was said, by the shorts covering, they having been frightened by the market steadily advancing. After* wards on the street, the whole market deellnol somo 3 percent, with but little doisg. At 5 o’clock Brie (common) was 53?*', and afterward closed at 59)f t Mich* Igan Southern. 73*; Cleveland A Pittsburgh, 8J; Rock Island, 97. H: Chicago A Northwestern, 87: do, preferred, CO. and steady. The opinion of the largo operators and those well In* formed, 1s that as soon at tbo bear* ntload the stocks thrown upon them by the panic, tho market will bo tower. Gold lias been steady and firm to-day. Money Is is* creasing In case, and there It every probability Uiat the bank statement will show an increase throughout. [Associated Press Report,! New Yota, February i. MOSKT. Money steady at G<atf V cent. sraiiLiKO bxcoabqb. Sterling dull at IW,Hg*IOBK. ooi-n. Gold Am*r. opmlDK •( 13C. •dfitirlnc to IWV. ckalng »l 130.4. Kxporta^^jl»T, |US,OW. ** (lUTXSNMKNTB. Q<mmmrnU were ■ abut* boiler. LATBHT. „ New Yon*. Febftwry MONET. The money market doted euy at 4®opercent on tiovemmeuU. ootn. >1 iwiy Tha •ntanM liuti* mimhia/I Gold firm at tMJf, T>m auvance to-day watcattiod by new report* concerning the impeachment. MD-cKU.ANt'rta a ruga*, block* hare l*co buoyant the greater part of the day. and doted nrn with a lair demand t t*. Y.Ctnt..... .... mtUhurgU..,.. FtJ< } tie 6*l*l* 68,H I I, Wavtie Oi.Sl* .... Heading jni.yi* .... W. U. Tol 4)Xg» .... Old buulhtro.. 71A4* TSJfI ran.rrr. The latlnro o| fled a Yeivortoo, broker*, la am imutctd U»*day, OOTWnIKNTB. Ootornmmt* utoAd*. Coupon*. *81...Ki1V9107K I Column*, I Coupon*, 'C1..,100*14 .... | I Column*, I INOt ~ WV<4loo BUAU*. Mistnu 'Mlnlrg Mock* flttuer. QuarU. CorydoL. Urrjtury mifinm. The Import* to New York mr the week amount to ((.w?,?*#, including (Anr.Hit of dry goods. The Im* norm of dry goods fur seven month* amount to eCK.uf.Na. v Tbo Produce nnrkobb NEW YOKE. Nkw York, February). Colton—Oull. heavy and no lower, bale* (OS bales upland* middling at me. Flour—Heady and unchanged. UecdpU, I,TO btl*. Fide* 0,100 hn*. Whiskey—Du’l ami nnrbangod. Wheat-Quiet aid aleadlcr. FslM 7,100 bit No. 3 Cbl c»bu oi iVdA. and 7,000 bu amber btate on private KyclQutrL. Saif* WJ bn Western at • 1.35. Itarl'jr—Unchanged. halos 17.700 hu nettora at 90a Canada We»t free delivered at 91.15. Haney Mall-Dull. 0)0 bu at 11.53. cem-Mora active and ic bailer. ReestpU, AflW bn. Bate* M.(W bu mixed Western at •l.OuvuH.tov In store -the latter for nearly yellow-ana SI.U>MI.I4 afloat. uau-bhade firmer. Receipts, l.'oo nu s ia’esdi.ttrt tm Western at (fk£6k*, Including a small lot of choice at atK<*-* Onxxrlea-Diill. Cuba sugar, 10VAlio. leather, Hop*, Petroleum and Coal—Unchanged, ■Wool-Quiet and firm. Salta of ItO.OuO B* at O£€so for domestic fleece. Cork—Fmocr and demand fair. Sale* oj 3.M3 brl* new met* at 119A0M30.00, doting atfP'.Cll for West ern: old me**, doting at fltf.TS cash; rnme met*. *I9.COc«*3!M)O; ai*otdC>oorUnew me** at » KU3UO, teller Feoruary, March and the next lour month*. Meej-SUady. Sales of 40 br.’*. Utcbanied. UeetHams-Firm. Salts of TO hrU at«JUOO£IUB' ilae^n—Bteady. Sale* 860 baxc*. Cumberland love; sbon ribbed live; abort dear 17c. Cut Meats— Firm, sales 860 packages shoulders at 6b&9kc. hales at 10;.iJ413c. iireAcd Hogs—Unsettled. Western 93f'AlO\c; cl.y rnebanged. Sales of €OO tea. Butter and Cbec*e-Cncbaoked. WCCKI.T RKTIkW. w cuti *»' i*«- . Nkw York. February 3. There was much depression tn the whylcaale market during the week, owing to a tight money market. There has been much destretoreaUze. and tn some In ■tauce* a dcullna of fl.oo a harrAwa* aubmuied to onf.our. Thcdeptesatonhaabeea contiued, chiefly la person* who are short on marglna. The unfavorable news from Europe has added to the dapmilon, and the large amount of tee has prevented vessel* from lok> was much) preeled on toe market. The de* cllue tn flour increased the anxiety of holder* ot whialtu realize, and there ha* been a fall ot la£lsc. At the decline there 1* more steadiness ana le** In* dlcatlon to sell. There will be no demand for export at present. The stock of wheal ha* been reduced to* sc,(oobo. No. S epiLDg.*t;.C(u3.os; No. 3 tprlog fJW(*2 )0; No. I spring, 83.^2^. Barley la lair demand, bat rather lower. Price* at the close more steady. Tbs stock 1s reduced to about s.l ’C.Cri) bn. Western, 90535 c; Canada, S9£9sc in bend and €IAO for tree. Corn unnsettlfo and drcllned At the c'o«e the market waa firmer. ITbo stock is redocod to aoonl tm. WeaUm mixed In itora, 31.10£|L13, and delivered, (1.13. Reef sold more fretly but steady. Reef Hates advanced materially. Hree-e<l nog* scarce and advanced rapidly. Lard lo fair retool; prices fluctuated slightly. MILWAUKEE. I Special D« patch to the Chicago Trlbosej Mtkwacxrs, February 3. Flear—Quiet and firmer, with tales ot 330 brls at f 10. CI tor amber lowa XX. and *9.35 fbr X. Wee it— Advanced Syc.with sals at the moraine board cl Sfygt) bo, and at tbe noon board 34,0 0 bn. at iUOforl'o.l Instore; fbr N 0.3 la store; lI.TO3I.SSX. relict's option next week; ILSS. buyer's option February ; *I.UG»I.J4X for>o,3la store; fIAS for rejected.

Cats—Firmer and le higher, with sales of bo at lIWUSc for No. S in store. Corn—Advanced Jc, with sales ol 4X ba at *4 lor No. I la (tore. Bye—Firm. SilcsSX bushels at 93c fbrNo.l In store; No. jdo. Provisions— Stcsdy; city emi pork ii&3s<sts.*7X, •weet pkklrd hsmt KdiOXc. boxed shoulder* 7Vc prime lard iCc. Dressed Uog»—Turner rates; good average*, fTjXkj :,tO. bbb ftonr, It.CCd bo wheat. S WdooaU, LOCO do cors. 4fodo rye, 500 oo barley, 6M dressed hoys. Sklotnenls—3,W brie fl mo ha wheak CINCINNATI. CtsciXTran. February 9. The market generally dull fbraii articles. The open irgcfrsTtnaUonnow regarded certain. seems to hare had rather a deprreslas tndaenco on the market, but utile demand exisiltc lor any articles. Cotton—Dull and price* lover. Sries of SSI bales middling at SOc. There ta coaslderatle pressure to sell. ne*Mpts for the week 3,»ibil“« mad from Sep- halo#, against 111.332 bales for the com*#ponding time last year. Flnnr—Pr.H, but prices are unchanged. Wheat—Doll. No. I spring, and winter, unchanged. Ear. shelled, a t>st£-DnlL at JOAMc for No. 1. nys-41.1' 1 «ik30, with tot much demand. Karlfr—Less firm. Prime to choice. *»A:.7a. WLlsScr—lo islr d> msnd, at S3c in bond. llocf-Nomlnsby rt.«KT.S. The weather was not fit for tl« Irhlnp. and but lew bog* were m. Pork—Me«# was held more crmly at th* clo>- at bat there was not ranch demand; GM brD Moond t!a*s brands sold at *JO.C*U3O^S. Bulk Meats and Bacon—Nothing doing, but price* ate nouirtally uachanced. Urd-Hrld firmly at*c- Hotter—s*le#ai3iOS9o.i»ntt3 better demand. Cheese—Firm at liv? Ksc. Scr.r-Firm st »>AUc. rt tfce—Firm st r^36Vc. Gsld-IS5>». and firm. Exchansv— steady. ... Mcncj—No change In the market. ST. LOUIS. Sr. Lon*. February ». Tffcarco— Qnlet and oncbanced. _ Cctwu—Um> r Ud drooplcc at ».s*e tor low mid* Calrdemand, boi marketmicUraaal nn- Poll, buyers sad seller* apart, and btuineas TC ud tmchaneed at 7^aSsc. Oils— Rosier aad lower al&'.a«7.wc. tvtiUKrj—Fttnier and hla&or, with small sale* at Tolerably firm, with some activity la btiltiacai* and bacon- Mcu pork, f.*s oo: clear pork. >x?rt)i prime tm« pork, |I7JM: clear aide*. 119 Jm ( . clear rib side*, Bacon, lOJfatafc'c, tor thornier*; clear no»l;r*. 1 Wildes my clear side*, 18\c ; country suffar-corvd hams, city do. lU»Ue* Lm«. Ue fcr eouaur I**® o- * “ a LOUISVILLE I Tobacw—Two heaaboed* of iob*oc> •* Wio®l« W. inonT-*«p''t vilVSf J# &wl£«“ O BMOU clew HM IS* o P prime lard W*e. o»t*-«e inrub. IU» cnoir-3*age- Kaw WbUkej-W ». . PIIILADKIJ’niA. „ _ PnrtADou'na. Febrtorj >■ noor-Doll; Northwrwtem extra. HI4W3ILW. Wt eat— Steady end oncbenrM. Cora—Dtul; oo» yellow, WdMe. Oat*—bteaAt; blotto. mw-«..i-. u] „ onE lUlthoii, February t. “iBISPSuMjr Norihwoiwrn eitr* ■»>* Irrejiuier. WtroITOD-tJnlJjn, O|ILEANB . Kkw Omeaxi. Febroary 1. Colton—Week end lower. Bale* of 0»lci low mtddllnkil *)*oj mldellnc Bl*c* EecelPU* 46.656 btle«! ee»Uittd,<nl Uitweet, Export* lor tbe week, 7,3«leK*. Stock, J51.W1 bale*. gSEKSSKSf “iiJ.’fe! prime to choice. llano. Floar-Qalet end unchanged. Corn—Qnlet at 11.10(31.15. Oat*—Little offertnoat96c. pay—Pc*tc* at *S3 00(336,00. IlicoD—Felrdcrotol. Shoulder* I3*c, Bide* 15016 c. Urd-Uotlatisalic. „ wiiiiker end Tobacco—Unchanged. MtlTe. K«w Fork Ul*. ?‘rci«bU—Cotton to New York 1c by *toam; Liter* pool Vcl llarteljfc. Plica* of Live nod Drowsed Slogs In Notv York* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Naw Yoox. February 2. Hogt-Uvo at (WdW.Vft with 400 head received. Drcased hog* tower-closed at 9kc. Ocean FrelgliUu (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nxw Yoik, February 3.~ freltbts—To Liverpool nominal. Cora.Cd by sail, and by steam, bn 7d. New York Provision market (Special Despatch to tbo Chicago Tribune.] Kew Yobk. February 3. Pork-Balm at f2O.CS at the close and firm. New York Oreadstnilk market, (Special Dwpatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yoke, February 2. Floor—Market more steady and a better demand from the W(*t Indies, but to buoyancy. Wheat and Coro-Ueld bettor but not salable. Oats and barley wanted, New York Dry Goode market. New Yob*. February 3, Activity 1« still the orevalllna leatnre, and prices la vorbuyeraby war of dt»eoanu, bat qnotation* are without change of any moment. The Impression la catalog ground that Congress will pass the Tariff Dill, and u >o. woolens and imported goods in general, most advance. Ilf-avy Brown Ebretlmra—Atlantic at 33£31#e s Pa cific extra at 51 Jfc; H 31 Kc; Atlantic A, shirtings at I sc; do tine sheetings K braid,at !7e: do I» shirtings at 1SX« ; liuckbuy, standard sheetings, brown. In good domatoatSOc. . _ „ _ , Wushu*-Firm i*r fin* rcakof.atSTHc for New York Mills; 83Vc for Wsmsutla; 30c for Bates: IN: for Dwight A: afictor Loandalc; t»«c for ihree-tnch Dart l«ul6kc Ibr O. Falls b; 40c tor Pepnenil 6-4 aheottnet; •Oc fi*r do 84: TOc for co 9-4; 35c lor Waltham A; 90c fbr do 10-4. Print*— Steady and unchanged, at 19e for Sprague s frock; 18c Ch taacles; 17c fur A"e:s; lie tor PreemaVa Lowell; 18c lor Victory; 12>»c fjr Uome and OICDOTC; •12A7SC for Glasgow and Lancaster ginghams, and kftc fjr all makes of detain ts, both light and dark. California 111 Inins Stocks. Sax Fbascbco, February 3. Wlalnp n’ocka ; Yellow Jacket 745 | GonM & Carry... -- 10T51 Is Lean! Trader* Cr>wnPoint! IQAUKIBD. In this city. Jan. 30th. at the Congregtoonal Church, corner of Green aid Went Waahtnston-sli., hr Prof. Haver, Mr. OSCAR W. CM ATTERTON and Mis*- MaUT I*. LINCOLN, both ol Chicago. In this city. JaD.SOlh. at IheCcmcregatloral Church, corner of Green nnd West Wathla*t.b*ste., by Prof. U»VD. -Mr. WILLIAM A. STAN ION and AUGUS TA L. SINCLAIR, botbcf Chicago. At the rctldnce of Mr. Frank Steele. In this city, r*D. in, bv Rev. Ur. PrlcVcu, Mr. JOSEPH U. KLaNCHARP. of Chicago. and Miss LUCE BURN* SIDE, of Oenesco. DIED. In this city. Feb. 2d, of cancer, alter a lone and pain* tut tllne**, M AIfLA, wife of Stephen bnrnct, to the tor* ty*flflb y*ar of Lit ace. Funeral service* will be held at the house of Stephen Burnet, 73 Math Ssncauicn-st., on Sunday, Feb. so. at 13 o'clock m. Frlindt of the family are cordially luvltcdto atttnd. art association. QEOSEY OPERA HOUSE AET ASSOCIATION. DELIVERY OFENGBAVINES. Tbo principal office ot the Assoclatlon.No. 28 Opera Douse, will continue open lor the delivery ol engrav* togs to subscribers, UNTIL TEE FIRST OF MAY. The large talet preceding the Drafting having ex haunted the ttock of Engrattng* on hand, tubiertheri art requested not to tretent their Certtfteatet for a frr dayt. CTDbo notice of tbo receipt ol lovolcea will bo given. Holder* of certificates will surrender them on rocclv* leg Ecgrsvlng*. amusements. 'J'Hli! GRAND MA S Q UE 1iA.33 E or TUB CHICAGO “TDRN-GEMEINDE," WILL TAKE PLACE ON MOMUY EVESINW, FEU. 4TK, At UirlrNEW UALUon North Clark-lt., above Chi* cajo-av. PHOOHAMMR—PAHT 1. Grand Impoeingcarnlral prc»re«#l'»n. cnnslatlngof lit. Entrance nr me great German Warrior, Artal* nn*. Into Urn tradhabn. I«i. Kmpernr Uarbaroß#* and hi* follower*. W. ticnaaala and her foHowera. PaltT 3. ny general requeat, the Great Musician and hla UaatA, (greatly Improved ballet.) PART 8. ChlnMoFeailval, execute.! by fifty Chinese Blfljsri, lUttclly tmt*mod for the occasion. part 4. Four Tableaux Vlvant, eonilstlng of “Cdnmhus Landing in America," "Washinston Crossing the Del aware. 1 * "The l.cut Hall'o before iU'jluignd," and “America In I'caco." a Acrntmlc Feal* by €0 nl the moat crlohriped Clowns, under the leadership «i their master, BU. Ulttsriaao. nWtUCATIoSSi 1. No perron will M* admitted to the ball room with' oat a Mask, excepting the member* of the pros*. 8. All such masked perron* wilt hav« to enter a room, marked “privateroom," to!«*■ before tnoHoard ° wMka will bare to obey itrlcUy Hie omen of tl T) rlet * fill 11 lr g gcnllcmn" and one Iftdtr.M, ev«r MClUnnal UdV if «*tra, are lor aalo at Mr, Ixiiifa PaulPa, nmlrr the Sherman Ilott»e. and at the Hail, on or before Monday cvcalcg. Ticket* for galjerv. U r«nu, l.» >’) Mn rKK. K. It. Fanrr coiltiara war bebvl at Mm. Ostim’s, ISS North Clark-sU and Mrs. llacetuau'a.'All I Chi cago-av. QHOBBVS _MUSIO HALL LECTURES ON COLORADO: HER MINKS AND HKbODRCES. Ry PltOF. M 11.MAM DENTON, nf RaatOD, The gr*steal living American «a d'Clat. „ On Monday, Thuraday and Friday Eve, Feb. 4. < 7 and H, «t 1H ■■Vloclc, Frrrr Lecture free. Fnbiequenl /return SO cent*. Ticket* to l>o hail at the New* Hoorn* ot .1. K. \\ alab asd J. McNally, also at Music Room* ot Unnt A Cady and Smith A Nixon. I*. S.—rno iwofea* jr will, tiy thu aid efmapa and rhtrla. explain the foisll re main* fbund In the rocka of Colorado. QOLLEGE GUADUATEB’ CLASS IN VOCAL CULTURE, Arrangement* harinc been made with PROFESSOR MeCOY. at lbs Opera llouae, to give Laisjn* it vocal Culture, once a week, to a clan to b* composed of Graduates ot Callepe-*, all College men who wish 10 becco-e member* of aatd ela«r max ascertain partlen* lanhy anplxmc to W. U.O. KU*SEt.L<of Colvemty et Michigan), Law OOce of Ruasdl * Ulrich. 193 aark-*t.; to J. A. C. THOMPSON (Lawrence Unlver* altxj, law once. No. 9 Larrnon Block, or to PRO. FESSOU McCOY, at the Opera Uonao. A CAKE. ■“* COL. Friday Evenlnn:, Fob. Btli, benefit or MRS. CLARA STONEAU. The ntw Waliacklan Comedy of , ASIEKIOANS IN PARIS, And the Great Irish Ptama entitled RORY O’MOORE. The Whole Company lo (he Bill. X3~ Box Sheet now open. UcVIOKER’S THEATRE. SfcVICKER * MYTHS MANAGERS, Ensaccaeuk tor fix nights only, ot the Talented and Versatile Ariirto, HELEN WESTER!?. Uocdsy, tbe great romantic drama. CYNTHIA. Cjtbla,th«2lngara Bales Westsrn To conclude with a favorite Farce. In ret canal—THE LONG STRIKE. ■yAUIETT THEATRE. C.M. Chadwick.. George B. Barton. „ This (Tgalug, and until further notice, the Qraii Sper-iCnlar Picre. la three acts, entitled BXCKTS CItXBTO; Or.THE GIFT OF GOLD. Kew scenes, New Effects, Introducing the Beautiful Mellon, THE .SHOWER OF KOLP. OL. WO OI)S MUSEUM. Co{. J. S. WOOD -..PrOMlrto; Director bf Amusements ...F. k. AIKEN Stigt Manager .THOfk BaHRV 1 be extensive preparations fbr the production of the new Sensational Drama cot being completed. Us first performance will be posrporeo until Monday next, and the present week will be devoted to the renreaea tatl-ua of a aeries of fuccreetnl ilu-cnm Comedies. (te Ucadav evcrlnr. Feb. 4th, will bo performed Moron's excellent Comedy of ALT. THAT GLITTERS 15 NOT GOLD, with (firs* time here) Swa's uoartng lr«h Farce of THE BAPPY WAN. Wednesday afternoon—Grand Matinee. Friday—Benefit of Mrs. C. otoaeall. iHusical. ÜbIUAL. Plfcos, ORGANS & MEIOOEONS Sold ret tlm*. Pavroetls received la Installments. Second-hand Pianos tskea In exchange for new ones, W. W. KIM HALL, 63 Washlngton-ft. tlOETira PXAWOS Hare been awarded 30 first rreralum*. wllh the highest premium at the American World • F«r. The uaUtnotlaU for sapertorlty «a from tho highest c-njical celebrities of Karope and Anenev PTFor sale only st KIMBALL'S*. 6 J W sshlngtoowk SjaUTR’S A3IEIUCAN ORR AN!»* For Pari era. Churches, Lodges, Ac, ball's^ 1 ’ 0 * %X 63 Wa»hlagtoß-«t. Crasby's Oner* Bouse. Ere. TOE. A AUTCSIATJ WSSUIa ICB. OrtHf will be taken to fill private Ice towes with tbr pure crystal ice irom these we 1«. it ii.ilu Tear, dear,soils aod prrteet. it m tnu y c jj oJ)K i r 4 t 0,70 WasWwftoa-st. 3&otaw-<cus. IOPHOTBD. Eon BALE—Hr aH. Kerfool & Co., Heal tout© Brokers, 71 Dearborn-st. , . . an— Two-story brick dwelling of con room*. dos-Ma, 4 c.. o« wabasb-av., cur Fourteen th-*t LH DsltiO f»*U . . —. 68—Two desirable lot* on HIM Island arenas. Cheap. 66-Lot 91x100 feet on Mlchigan-st, snltah o for tean olacturler purposes. Can bo bad at a bargala. 64—Lot ot. West lUnciolpb-sU tart of skating Bark. 58—An elegant mlrtcoce on w e*t Washlnalon-su, ten rooms, not and cold wafer, bath-room, large furnace and collar ouder basement. A very de sirable place. _ . ._. 54—Several choice lot* on Weet Jadcsoo-st. will bo sold • heap. 40—AM foot front lot on Bbennan-vL, noar the now o*—'Desirable dwelling on Wabaab-ar., ton room*, closets, water, gas. sewer, Ac. LotxaxijftleeU 44 New andwell-finished cottage atLals View, with bait an acre of gtouwt. 40—Itatrle-ar. residence—new, contains tm room*. Modern improvement*. East front; tot ttxißQ to alley. :i7-Cholce bulldlna lots on Mlchlgan-av. 34—An elegant residence at II»uo I’arkr Granada well •t'-ckrd «Ith tbrnbbery and choice fnitts. 17—Cottage with tm’rmenton Norm LaßaUe-st.;east front: lot 23*170 feet, A bargain. . 15—Desirable residence on WoatAdama-sC. Lot SO fort by W7V to 25-foot »n«y, Yard well stocked with abrubbory and small (ruin, 045- brick dwelling on North Side; contains all Improvements. Will be Bold cboap aod on easy terms. Desirable country residences In Evanston, Wauke gan, Aurora, and other points In virility of Uhl amount In cash tor a stock of goods. 170 R DALE— By Wm. D. Kcrfoot, 80 Jl 1 WashlDgtno-st. ... Poor larse brick house*. ons ot which Is a marble (Vott, on North bids, sooth ot Cblcago-av. and east of Two-story frame house, and lot, on West Kulton st., near Union-park. containing 8 of k rooms, gas, water, 4C. Two-story frame house oo West Morgan-st., Just sc alb of, hnaie new and In perfect order. Two-story frame homo on W«lJack*;m-«t. f with n rooms, gas, water., suitable lor a board ing house: can bo bought very cbesp, on easy terms. Two brick bol'dlng*. with lots, on West Lake it., near J’eorla, each four storica In height. . __ Fine csw two-story irame house onl'eorla-st., con tai&lttgfof ftro'mn.xas, water. Ac. Pino three-story prick house on Btaie-st., near 7 Largo house aod lot on Mlcblgan-av., with 2 or to r °Hoo*‘e on Wabash-av., near Twenty-lhlrd-sl., with lotuiTOisei; bouse 5Kx». L t Also, 010 house on leased lot, on Wabash-av.t lease run* JO years at very moderate price. I7OR SALE—In TUos. B. Brynn * Co.’s r Beat Bat*U‘Omc«,Bryaa Kail. , WABUINOTUN-BT., 8. *V. corner of Sbsldon-lt.— Two-story and basement nritk bouse, with modern im proven enU, and lot 60x150 leet, aod b«rn. Alto, on Wakhlnston-st., juttwsalot foteEilot.two marbtu liont ewelllrga, to be eoropleu-d by April and Mar next, respectively, each two-storm and basemont and PrcLCb pjhil: lot* 60x160 feet each. BANDOU'H Hr., near Union *t.—Two*lory and baa*ment frame bouse, with lot 30x132 feet toCcntrc-st. west of Keuben and north of KHule st«.—T« o story frame bom*, and lot 45x11U loet. TWEI.FTH-sTm east of Iteubcn st.—Cottage tfftmo honae. wu& lot 3UIX4 feet to aUeJf. ONTAUIO-ST., west of LaSaue •?.—large cottage frame bouse, with lot 22x100 feet to alley. . Besides a large Uatotboth improved and unimproved property In all parta ol the city and tts suburb*. T?OR SALE —A splendid tcsidcnce lot I' on Wahaah-av., between Tolrlecnth and Four tccntbits..soi 173 feet. Athreo-llory brick boose on Indiana av.,«rooms, besides bathroom, closets, Ac.; lot 44xlSS lect—, immediate possession given. Basement collage on Caluroemr., Dear Twcnty-flfth- M^ltVSiino—• 13.0C0, Two-story boat® on P&tk-av., with good ram. tower, do., lot 39xis>-17,350. part on tine. MxlSd, on Park-av.. near Bcubcn-si. A very de sirable residence with buck basement, on i‘ark'Sr„ near iteuba-st, with 50 f-ellol. CO feet on M»dl*on tU near Itobey—l3,loo, for a few days. 130 feet on Ho coln-st~near Jackson—£3,ooo. Lot* cn Panina and Van Hnrea-sts., at a great bargain. 31 lou near the comer of Itofcy and Hanleon-5t*.—84,200. Lots on Ladte-st., tear Wnt-rn ar.-IKO. U. (.*. WOKEY & CO., Heal Estate Bribers, S Metropolitan mock. 170 R SALE— By J. D. Harvey, Real 1 Estate and Lou Broker, 7S LaSallo-st. Wabssb ar..DCarS«‘i>niecnth-»t.,ncw bcusr, east treat, pos session Ist March, oo leased ground; lease tea years .toruß. Wabaa- ar., near Twemlcthjt., new two story anl brick tiasenmnt inan»4rd roof, wl’li all mod em ItorroTtmecti. Waba»h*av„ two-storj and basement, nearT«cnty-thlnl-et., cast front, good Dvr-; to be baa at « barpaln. Mad Lon-st., near Union-park, twoliouie.*, south Iront, very cheap. Maj-,1., near Handalpb, new bon,c, brick rascmertC immediate pos sttsluQ. bangutuun-ai., elegant marble front, near Wauhlnttonsf. Desirable bous-s and building lots In all parts oi tbe city—si. me bargains. F3H SALE—By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 60 Washington st., tlno twc-*tory house on Jutfersoi tt . near Maxwell. qwclUcr above and store bcacutb, suitable for a grocery. r?OR BALE—Two houses aud lots, Mad -1 Hon tt., near Carpenter, splendid location, cheap (orcafb. Possessionlmmediately. GOOLIWILLIEJC co.. Hi- Madiaon-st..cor. Laaalle. T7OR SALE—House with seven rooms, 1* two closet*, near Uulon-Cark; or would exchange for small home In the vicinity ot iwenty alxth-at., east of ttate. Apply at -I*S Staic-at. F3R SALE—A new two-story liamo house ol nine rooms, and large lot, on South Peo* rivst. HEELED, Real Estate Otttce, 12!) South Clark-sL 7?OR SALE—Oh ITlchignn-av., between Congress and I!arrt«cn-sis.« a firsLdass marble* ttont bouse, elecsntly finished and painted. A. J. AVEUELL, ileal Estate OtQve, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE —Two-story house ot ten rooms, on North Cnrtlr-sL. and lot; also, two-story house, nine room', and lot, on Stngamon-si.; a 150,137 West Adam Mt., cottage of six rtx-m*. and lot,—prPc and terms to suit pm chaser*. ARTHUR & UOrutN, ■JIO Sute-st. T?OR SALE—Houfc and Jnl, No. 254 Westl’olk st. House 2jxSß. two storlo*. Lot 27r 100, with 13 foot alley. Inquire at till MltchclLst ,or 43.1 South Wells-at. T7OR bALE—Uoltace and lot on Oar- I; ron-sl.,No.«lfl.noar Wood-tl. Price f 1,700. B. B. CHAMPERS, 1 7 Reynolds* Block. T7OR SALE—House and lot on Prairie* I 1 ar., near Tweaty-nlntlwit. Lot 50x190 feet. B. B. CHAMBERS. 17 Reynolds* Block. F)tt SALE—Cotlncc house, containing 5 rooms and good, tight 7-fbot basement, water up stairs and down, all woil papered and la good con* dlilon, with cheap lease of lot.- Fries, (H. 300. Inquire on prtibltc*. 12 lllli-sU re«r 34D North »VclU-ei. F)R SALE —A now two story frame bouse of ten room*, with brick basement, nnd lot. inagnodnHglihorlnod, on Fulton-*:., near May. J. It. KItELKR, Real EstatvOfllce, 12!) South Clark-at. T?OR SALE—Cottages, with one or JP more seres of lacd, one hour** rldi from the city, very chrap, on easy terms, O. J. STOU2U, 118 Clsrk-»t. Hoorn jf| Smith A Nixon's Building. F'OR SALE—Cheap—‘WfthivslHW. house —A nearly new two-«topy and bsaemoM brick bourn* ol lit twtni, and lot 83 01 6(t loot front, with barn, on WabudvaT., tear Twenty-third el. tiNYUKU A LKB, Heal Estate Agenta, No» -1 Metropolitan block. T?OU SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real 1 Ketate Akunta. K«. 4 Metropolitan Illnck, a near* I) new tvto-ptxry anil batcmonl, bmk. ol 10 room*, mid tot 33 or 30 left trout, ou WahatU-av., near Twen* ty-ttilnl-M. FOH SAM3—By Snyder & Lee. Real Es- Utg-Acenta, No. •( Metropolitan IMock. three new brick buii«v# on \Vaba*b-av.. new Twenty.«Ulh-#i.; hrtrk lioiipr of ii room* and lot. wlih birn, on Wa* baib-av.. near Twentieth *t.i bileknouMior 13 room*, find lot M feel fiont, no Mb hlgan-av.. near Twenty* mtb at.i two new brick hou«ea »> 11 room#, on corner ol Adam# and Loowla ata., fronting Jelferiou Park. 170 R BALE*—Or To Kent—A two-slorj 1 Irsttifl honso of If) rooms. Nn. 93ft Watren-st, lx nr Lincoln. BNVDKR A LEE, Uoal KtUte Agoati, No, 4 Metropolitan Block. Ti'OW BALE—Two houses, Nos. 523 and 631 tVot’s«h ar.. *iiilh-«a«l corner of Harman* court, with iota to by 80 em-h—a most desirable lie*- lion. I’rlee iii'wlerain. Trim* liberal. Title anttiics* tlor.ablc. WAItUhN A UUUDIU-Jll. 139 Dearborn-el., boom 4. i/UU BALE—Two houses and tors, V cheap. Also. Urn great work of art known at King Solomon’* Temple. Apply to J.M. REYNOLDS, Auili'tierr. Ifl7 I)carliom-*t. FOK BALE—By Hnytlcr it Lee, Real Es* tale Agent*, No.vJ MelropollUn Black, lot CO bv IVI (eel, corner MadKon nd l'nnllii«t lot lOOby IVI pet nn Wa»htnwvnp*al ,n*ar Vfoodv l«t on Car pi-cleroib^iKrtMVnMilnztotn 17011 SALE—A new first class lmu?e, 1 twoetory and brick ba*enmrt, 11 room*, every ronvrnl*nre, lot M*TO, on I‘eorla street, near Tan Mu* ref). )*rb-r low, lermsesay. It. h. UIIAI’MAN, 19 Boulh rrilon-it. T?OR BAI.IO—No. U 3 Twcnty-nmlh El., P two-*toiyho(i«e, with modern l.npruvement*. ana tot: aUo.No. UO Twenty ninth at., cottage, fl room*, and lot. I’riee and terms to wills purcboier*. Alt- THUIt A IIOVDK.N. 310 Stat»»t. FOR BALE—A new two story nml base meat hrh'k house on Wabsih-av., containing tl room* and ad the modem Improvements, and loC— prl££si<:aC£:^AJUrilun^J*OVl>Ks£;_2 > l<>^t*te^ FOK BALE—A new two*siory house on Wahtah-sr.. north of Slxteenth-st., on leued rronnd for 10 *car#— price U.vjO. AMo, l iUon Mlchl* gan-av. ARtKUH £POYDESVItO feute st. t?OR BALE—Anew two-story house on X 1 rontalnlnv 10 roam*, water, sewer and gas. and lot, price fSAK. Cheapaitnouse In mar ket. ARTHUR A BOYDSN, 310 State-at. CMnPROVED. FOR SALE—By Wa D. Kerfoot, 80 W*?hlngten-it; . sa it on Wauhtneum-K-. near Well*, ration Madison, near Franklin at. 90 n on cor Van Bunn and Gri*wold-sta. 100 ft on cor Calumet-are. and Twcnty-ulnth-sts. SOftoucorTwenty-fjunh-st. and Sankakee-avc. CO ft on Warren, near Uoyne-st. COfton Park-ave. near o*klty-st. 20 ft on Ada-at. near Lake. it on <ircen-*t. near Madison. 35 ft on Franklin-*:, ne-r Superior. 47ft on Cass-«t. sou'h of Chtcago-arc. 35 it on Ca*s-*t.. north 'I Cblcago-are. SSftonKluxie-al.ncarLaaane. 35 tt on North Ls£aU*-at. near Cbicagp-are. SO it on Relden-ave. near Clark-et. 100 ft on Fulton-rt. near Rome. . 50 ft 00 Walnot-ot. near Qoyoe. 40 n on North Clatk-iL Chlca?o-»re. <S ft on llal*ted-«t near Harrison. « ft on cor State and Tweuty-tfth-sts. ISlftrn Vlucenuea-read. Al»o33lton WeatAdams-iL . . A largo li*t of Improved sad unimproved property can alway* be ai my otflee. J7OK SALE—By Wm. D. Kerioot, 89 V WuhlntrtoDsk. five sum of n«\r the ml* detee of Mr. Asey. in sccMmi S. 38,14. A 3». tenacres of Doe iacd.jasta*Ua mile west of city limits, and fronting ua MadUou-st. 170 B SALE—Six fine lots (25t120 each) r In blocks, A inland's addition, three froctlcg on Paulina sk, and three at the corner of t an Bnrea and Marehfleld-fk, will sell these lots together for n,K» cash U taken at once, which U fnllv *330 per lot less than their retail value. Title perfect. Onlr offered for Oto days at tbe above minimum price. WaBuBN & GOODRICH. 124 Dearborn-«t,. Rx»m 3. T7OB SALE—A choice building lot, 50 JT feet front by 1» d«P. fn n. Title i erlcctl App-y to or aedreu J. CAIttiUTT, •Proprietor. ...Manager, auction Salts. A UCTIOK SALE, On Monday, Feb. <4ib. at 10 O’clock* At cur salesrooms, 75. 77 sad 79 near Randolph, a Terr large ass rtoeut oi Household Goods, Bros-e’s. Tbiee-pJT and Ingrain Csrpeau *c n k-ffttherwun avarlnvof 01. Cl-tt*. Bedsteads, Bu reaus, Waahs lands. Wardrobes Book esse*. Whslt ots, &ca aIKS CcoK and Beating Stores, Crock ery. Glare. Plated Ware, Cnkerr,«, _ . _ At it o'clock, the fixtures ot two eatonss—Counters* Table#, Chslra. Mirror*, PlctareSjAc. Regular sales on Mondays and Thursday*. Goods ot all kind* taken ou storage. wwisoi aa J. tteaveY A CO.* Auctioneer*. J. M - REYNOLDS, AnraoSEElt 127 DEAttBORX-ST„ Advances Ca>hoo All Binds oi* Ooodij Pamitnroj &c> Next Regular Sale. Tuesday. Feb. Sta. Gilreut a _ General Aucuoneers, 47 and 49 Deirborn-Jk Superior itousehnW Furnifnre, Carpets Ac., Ac., at Auction, On TUESDAY. Feb. sth, at 10 o'clock. « our salw rocra*. 47 and 40 tensive aasrnmnit ol Psrior, Chamber and Dlnln, Boom Furniture, In Polish. OH, tVaiank “d * in the fite*t matner; itmiaei a “4. ?. l ? 5L Cmrpcla ' •id a seneral aasvtmeM Cf n , *n#eho!d Goods 8 onjtEilr A s.kMFSON, Aoctloprer*. JQANIEL SCOTT & CO- AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 LBkMt., C*r. LiWille. ChicM*. C**h ndTiacrd oa McrditadW roaUsned for We. Cot-door Miles prompUT attended to. a. butteub & co., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 44 fit 46 RAnDOCPR-MT.. Between Btate-*t. and Wa&aah-ar., Hold rectHar a ales, at l&clr salesrooms, ot DRY GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOTS. BDOK3. AC* Krety WEDNESDAY and THOB3DAT. ruusrruuß, carpets, erorr Saturday. klo X£eni~%ouoeo. TO BBNT-"*A new mt-claas two-storr tram*, home, vttt brick baeedent, 103 ? aroa h#»inc 13 ro'ini*. trt ana cold mama iraatria, cornice*, wawrcioact and Mt» two biea« For talma Inquire af So. Off uofoo' rpo RENT—A coed two story tram* X hodrf, on the West side octr Llnooln-wt-, • ro’inUf Iteeldat pnairy aiddoscla,bf*antand cl strip water, coal tfon»o »ltd bam. 4 lota, •o&njarden, wiftlf pleat? oi nice tree*. Inquire at No, (99 Reynolds Block, near l*ott o<fc». TO KENT—Bnck cottage, contaiitag Arven roc tea and inmmcr kltcbeir. No. 109 »t. Rett MS per mottb. Foucsilm Immediately. Apply at 111 Hojte-it. "TO KENT—House, with part or all ol I furniture fbr'rfaK If desired. Call, Be&ro Feb. 9, tlS'JTwepty-tbirc-it. O KENT—A furnished cottage, or lor nltarr fur ssip. Rotb hcate andlurnltme aienow} Itqulreat 1403 Wstbsb-ar. ; TO NEirr—A'loimshed house on North Side, convenient tobuiiaera. Immediate pi****, aloe given. Toima reasonable. ItqulroalUJJOhlo ri’O RENT—OH' Michlganav., north ol I rilUeaUi at, the vfßole or part of ■ convenient hooaa wlthnodero Improvement*. till Mar neit, or Mar IMS. borne furniture for ulo IT daalmi. ilsnt reasonable. I’.O.Uox 1379. rpo RENT—A fond one and a half I atonr brick houw ouWet t , SVa»hlD2laa-il-, con* tunlsff loreo roam*, wltli water le kitchen, Ac. AI»o, furniture tor aalo. iWcmiop given Immediately, In colic attl? 1 ! south WatCMt. TO* RENT—To a small family, a cottage on lUy-av., louth or Tweniy-ulntli-st. Good neigh bofhood. convenient to Indlan*-av. anil Cottage-grove ears, and cheap to a good tenant. Apply to J. U. UAItBIIALL, 07 booth Cl*rk-*t. SO Fob. 16—Douse 301 W«t M»dll00-it. t S roott}. g*» Mrt wnWi »tr month. In advance, till Uaylst. OOODWIL -4 CO., 10a MadlsoD-st-.cor. LaSalio. rpo RENT—A llrst-dhsa boarding house J within one block of llio Post Offico. Cheap rent, indShboardcraon hand iiurnlturefbr isle. ARTHUR 4 IIUVUKN. aiOßUto-*!. rpo KENT— At 133 North Morgan a!., A * two-st«ry house. containing six rooms. clossta, wood shed. with cittern and hydrant water. Apply at the premises. TO KENT—A neat cottage on Jack* •on-at., west of lloyne-st., y.onttjnlng *evet» room*, rloset* atd pantry. Apply at Ura. I). I*lC Atrs, 150 Booth Uark-it. T 3 KENT— On North 01atk-£t., and near Dlvislon-at., 93x119 feet ot ground tar a term ycara. in lot* to suit. On Noith (lianeh Chicago River, south of North-ave.. three acres ot tacit, with dwelling honte; groni.fl anltable lor manulscturlng purpose* or as a tannery.. Will be(rated for a term <d yeai* at a low rent, Appy to 11108. D. BRYAN 4 CO.. Real Estate Agents. Aryan Hall. 3Eo •K.ent—laoomfi. npO RENT—Three large and very deslr- I able rooms in Rank Hnllatng. 33 Denrborn-st. Tlicnbcve rooms are suitable for various purposes, cither light manufacturing, school or Quo sleeping rooms. Inquire of GEO. it. CIIITTENUEN, Uaom No. 7, first floor. rpo RENT—One room, suitable for _l three young men, or atgenthmsn nod wlfb, with tw oct three children, with or without board. Coll at SI East Adamvst. TO RENT—Furnished rooms, cheap, at 178 Cllnton-st, between Adams and Jaokson. TO BENT—Without board, a pleasant . 1 ard neatly furnished room, soluble for gentleman and wueor two since gentlemen. Apply at 98Booth Grecn-et-, corner of Monroe. TO RENT—Furnished front room In private Freccu tamlly, with or without board. Address **A K," P. O. Box laH, Chicago I*. 0. f'pO RENT—Pleasant and desirable far* Jt ntshed rooms, without board, suitable for one or two gentlemen, at OStiX Stalest. Gentlemen with rtferrnce preferred. nro RENT—A nicely furnished front I room, suitable lor one or two gentlemen, In ap-l* vatcftimlly. Con amt stove,closet. Ac. Good 1 km- troia I’oat Otttc*. Ke-> n*i re r *onlrcd. inquire at 7 7 Juckson-st., tonr.doors Irom B'ate. M'O KENT—Three nice, large, unfor- X. nlited rooms, with board, suitable far gentleman a-d wife or two single gentlemen. In a pnv »to liimtiy, where there arc no chilrtreo, within two-tf'minuter w&lkol the C urt House and had a block from street can. llwwe desiring a pleasant heme, call at or ad dress Mo. 10 South alay-at. Keterencea exchanged. npO RENT—Rooms 23 and 2d Cobb’s I B'tlb’tng, Pcarborn-st., unfurnished. Ap ply at mo South Water-st. TO RENT—A room in Morrison Building. TA7 Clark-at. Apply atßo.m 17. TO KENT—With or without board, good rooms, single or In suite, furnished or tin tnrolsbed, atJ4 Fonrth-ave. TO RENT—Obeap rooms, double and single, with gas and closets, at Sit Jacksoo-st., near btate-st. Inquire at ttu haute. TO RENT—A furnished front room, suitable fur one or two gcnJaacn. Apply Adans-fct. TO KENT-*Furnishcd One large parlor and two bedrooms. wltnont board. in a privatetsmlly, at it,TO North WeU»-»t., two blocks from strict care. Kent moderate to two respectable gentlemen. Address **T 0 U." Trtbcne office. TO RENT—A well furnished room, a Itb Rood beard. In a private famllr, to two pen* ticmvD or a cenllman and wire, at 2.10 Ohlo-st,, b«' tween Stale and Dearborn. Hetercaco required. 3rol\Cnt-«toves, ©tEces.&c TO RENT—In llio Mercantile Bnildincr, opposite Chamber ot Commerce, elceaot office* (nrcommtMlnn, law or Inanranco Imetneu. Apply to WM. C. DOW, ttooro 17 Mercantile Building. TO RENT—Store, on ihc north side of I.akc-st- between Dearborn and LaSalle. irom May Ist, 1«7. A J. AVEKELL.HealHfltaMOfflco.Ko, 7 Metropolitan Block. rpo RENT—Very desirable office rooms, t ou the second Qoor of 01 Uandoph-ftL Apply to DU. JAMES, JKI (tandolph-st., tecond floor. rpo RENT—Boscmcni, 115 South Clark* J «t luallßhianddry. Bi**ai»byM Apply In ahnealorr. rr to WM. TOITLK. 13 Ulll-fIU rear It 4 QKoith Writs. TO KENT— Onicc lor rent rind mmlture ioriftle cheap. A large Irani office. inllable lor lhecoaimlMlonc'rlna"r*iJCe lni*mea*,Ui lb* centre nt tiiitirpM, with farr«t*. smc,cb*ir«, etc. Rent only IW n«r month. J'oMfnlin wt« FHumh l»t. Apply at tlinutflrp ol the WESTERN I'IUKMX INSURANCE CO.,‘JO UaiUKMU. GKO. I. YKAOKlt t .Hc:M»fy. T'O RENT—Second and third Honrs, at flOUtott, HIELTH. HODGE A CU. T'O VENT—Store nnd frostproof eel- L Inr. 127 North I»'sptnlnc«*l. Alip, room* over •tore in rrni. A nrst-raio »und lor any business. Ap ply at I Oil Wnt Lake si r T'O RENT—Tito entire second story ol I Morn 100 South Water-st. II Itclud-a two olltres, 01 c«o the Di'arliori -st. Ironl. INmiwamn alrcn Im* mediately. lioulro on tits premises. U. r. STAN LEY. r PO RENT—The second and third doors Iff No. 1 JM LaVc-»t.,«arU 31 by iM.wlth all umal cocnnltiirra. App.y to J. A.bMnll A CO. RENT—Desk room in one ol the I mext deairniilo olßcoa inlhoclly. Apply to J. 11. KKr.j.m. i‘jn south ciam-ai. T'O RENT—A tew fivc-slmy nnd base* I inert brirtr atorr. frontloir wo*t on Mlfblrm and m«lop onlrnl-ava, tin* ai'cmni atnro nor tit ol U. 0 Cook 4 Co. Hire 80*1.11 Irrt, IJnlitied rotoplrlc, And rnniTorruplMby two (cnaLU. laduiro of WASH ISUTON ekiltm fT'O RENT—A good suite ol ironl odlcca I at IflSllandolrh*Bt. Apply to OKO. M. IIIUII, 101 lUndolpii-»t.. Koatn 18. TO RENT—Desk Room—ln asr fordid fronlolTlor, wrll llablrd. rrntral |oi-atio*i, llnt(*r. nnrra roinlfr'l, IIOODWILLIK A CO., lU‘J Mad* laon-al.. ror. La«a'l*. T) RENT—Lease tor bale—Two years’ 'raao of a at»rn and luMtmrnton Klnrir.<|„nn'l«*r the itrvrre IMu«r, llent pt annum |:cv). >l. c. MiiltKV A CO., Ileal Eaiai* Ilrokois, 8 Uotrupolltan niocit. 'iFoc Sale. FOR SALE—A laroe sale, WUdert pa. tent, rcarly new and In perfect order. Inqnlnj at Itoom tl-L Nlxnn'a Eichangw. JOHN JQXKs.Ir. 170 R SAl^E—Consignment ol coodqml* iryS-lprh deck plank. It. K. DICKFOUD, aualh Water*!., foot of Franklin. FOR SALE—Wood—Good beech wood at IS per cord; eowl maole wood at ID-SI pep cord. Apaly at ELIEL’S TANN'ERT, near Cftlcago-ar. bridge. T7OR SALE—By Henry N. Holden, at 1* the conirr of Market and Jaclc«on-"t*~ a rery *n* ncrlor lot of eennloe Florida llml Botrds the only ktnd u*ed in New York for clothos prciJea and iur boxw. T7OB SALE—Shelving and Ap* J ply at 40 La>t-*t. 1?0Tl SALE—2OO lialt barrels - obc large bay mare, weight L2M »*; one th«e-*prlnc Ueht wagon; one Iroa-oxie one-hotae wagon. IG7 West Monroc-eu T?OR SALE—The steam tugs W. K Muir P atdß. F. Darldioa, now laid op at Milwaukee, to good ord*r. Apply to B. P. FITZGERALD A CO n No. 90 Mllwaokee. X7OR SALE —One large bank counter, r with black walnnt top. Apply to A. F. CBDS KET A T?OR SALE —Houses and lots in all parts r of the c- tr, 20 »a’ooo» and boardlne house*, farm*. At, by CHRISTIAN A Boom 3 Lind’s Block, Fanaoiph-su bridge. FOR SALE—'Wood—Good beech wood at (8 per cord: ccod made wood at fOAO per cord. b$S' T S *‘ ELIKL,s TANNERY, near Chicagomr. F)I! SALE—Tne interest and material of a well located Job Prlutiog Offlee In this city. Fna»c* and material almost new. For ranter parUc plan address P. O. Pox Ko. 777- Chicago. partners Sglantcb. PARTNER —Wanted—To invest in a mat uCacturtng btuinen and to take an latereit in two stores, Buriuess safe and profitable. Cardial, 83,100 Address or call on •* O D,” 71 State-sL, Cbl »■ go. lib PAKTNEB— Wanted—Inasaloon, with 1500, for which a ball intirrst win be irtvea. Ob «<ct. m ">re help, Itqmre at K'o. S 7 Scntn ciars-sL, m basement. "PARTNER—Wanted—With cash capv | ut of SSJ<CO, to take one-balf latereit In a hjtcl In ore of the best locations in Cnicago, now a-ing a iplead'il hn'lneM. Furniture all new. GILBCBT £ BENEDICT. 132 Clafk-st, Room 7- PARTNER—Wanted—In the Palmyra I Floor,Carding and Saw Mills. Capacity. DObar resnerdar. We nave also two othsr rslabiUhmenw tfca: wait partners. ARTHUR £ BOTUEN, 210 S'aie. PARTNER —Wanted—A commission pr.uje, doltc a prosperous and rapidly Increasing bmlnees. desires a mao wltn five to ten tbooiaml dol lars irwy ca»h. The proflta of tnls house win be a short Investigation will prove. Address -X," Tribune office, with name, foi an interview. r>AßTKEß—Wanted—With SI,OOO cap] I u»l. In an afTlcn’tnral machine s'-op and sales room. Excel e>t location atrt no competition. One wt o could take charge the offlco and saiearonm pre f-rr*d. 0»'-d re‘eren n c* ct r ca and required. Address ♦» SJ Afflixisr/* Tnbnn*» cffl^c. fHactincrg. F}R SALE—A large stock ol iron lathes —cne 30-foot bed. swing; one 13-f>ot bed, yj-tnch swing; toar 13-wot bed, 20-tnch swing; three st»-fret bed. tl-toch selrc. back geared. eroa<l«4; •crew cntilrg engine lathes, merest Springfield, Ma«s,; will be sold at low flru'cs. Five portable steam en *tae‘,«.Mo UatdU-horae power; five Iron planers, S. p, 7.8 and 0-foot bed. cf superior make; Rogers’ Bill Curer; Siemman’s Bolt Cnttcr; gear colter: drills; cne Woodworth Wane and Vatchers one Ball’s Sur face?: ore Farrar Snrftcer; two moulding machlies; oresrrollsaw; coeibakln* machine: wood lames— all on hand. In store, at 41 South. Wellt-st. HAW KIRS A JAMES. FOR ?Al^E —A sect-nd-hancl Back icy foldlre machtae—te good condition. Price, tlw. Apply to the TniBOSF COMPANY. iLost anh jFounir. LOST— A quantity of Railroad Passes, Issued to CUARLB9IB.RBARSEY. The finder. uik® 1-atlng the same at Ko. 4 Portland Block, will be properly rewarded. T»QtiT —A Email Black and Tan Slu% on I jTvcsdav. Badoutancy l-atber eollar, no name on it. The tfnd«*r will be liberally rewarded on retui fl ing ler to Ko. 95 Writ Madlson-at,, up stairs. LOST— $20 Reward—A Pocket Book. ouctainlrgfM. The above reward will be paid tr m return to MRS. ucCANK, a poor wvmaa with f thuuxtn, at 991 Polk*L ffliaantcn—jaaic fgeif. BAOKSSEPekI, S&ißaflßN *O. Wf ANTED—A tew young men who V * are odl of employment, and war tto rMce mo ney in an aotorsblcbuilflCM. can hearoi »« odehanre to fo an bjr cailit r, fox a few diy>, on JOHN WON- N£LL, 304 £ait Xmxle-at, cortcr Dearborn, C'tUnro. \\J ANTED—lafo InsnraCT-o Agent;, firr V * % flnv*ela*« cotaevjjr, now dtrfti* » Urge and fUfTdTf lacreaaiDft bu«uwM, j crjona efecagel nr da etrinjf to crease aerasraryf,. or azoou Mr flod it to Ihrlr lnten>t to ca*i at feom no. .18 Chamber of Commerce (rear bulldlnaj, MlO to n o’clock lianas?. Tueedey or WwiDMrtay. <1 gfICKINOIIAU. \%f ANTED—One or two good Lite In VV aaraoce Solicitor*. Ihatlloaeed met* pro lured. Ooofiaala»lcsgu*raßtet7, Addrtaa, trrb fall naa.e, 4c« "1 <k 8,” Tribune oCtA _ T^CrANTED —Graduates at Literary and VV Commercial Collcaee to ccyage p’rmaecatiy tnbuetoeia. lUsmocraUoa tnoaUUj« JONES 4 CO., K*t. 17 bpcwTl Otocfc, \J\rANTED—a salesman rmo has had' TT tt!lca*tocc*yc(»r>acUro ofpetftncnln •elllnc Kxta. Kofero'JCCJ required. JONBS A ORVI9« VZi afbonwt . Itoomi 10 and 17. T XT ANTED—An olcctrotypor"one who VV tborooghlr usrteriuanda tnoolilloß_eaa find ateadr employment «V SOUNDS ft JAMIwv r , Jio. 10 BtaU-al. TUADB.I. TXT ANTED—A- Blank Book Finisher. V V at Ihntiaiden Oily muting ami Blank UoOkOo l.’lH Lakc it. None but' » Dr»t*clau wortmau need npl'lv. . ■ ?Udp. AIOUNK SBIIVANTCU WJ ANTED—A German, English or W Scotch girl, to >ln general hounnwork fop n small lamlly, Apply at 307 Mlchlgan-av., from 2 to 4 o'clock p. in. TXTANTED—A good, InteHiccnt girl, W to do general housework. Mual be ex peri rnrrd nix) bring written reference*. Apply at U7u Went Wawhington-st. TX/’ANTEI)—A girl lo do kitchen work, Vt at Ko. 101 waboshar, Protcatont pro* femd. "I XT ANTED—lmmediately A good V V cook at 300 lUndolpta-it. i. aiHanteo-JttiuceUaneous. TXf ANTED—By the Tribune Co., boy- V V era! copies of Hie Tribune of November 39.1986, for which a llpcral price will be paid. WANTED— Three Copyists, to vroik where they rrsMe. For further particulars ad rtreea UUDUB 4 MOUSE. V»n Daren. Jackson lowa. XX r ANTED—AiI that want money. V V greenbacks, or stamps in any shape, to call ana sec the best thing the son has y*C shone upon, ami U urrd in every hrn<o. bend two dollars lor samele. Call, or addroM. Cif AIII.ES ME3SBNGEU, OH Wash- Ington-iU Doom 3, Chicago, Uiinols. XXT ANTED—^Veterans, sailors, one V V year men and llanroek's Corps to call and see checks received In payment cf Acditlocal Bounty, Advances marie on claims. A. GOODRICH. Attwiney at law, l*g(| Dearbornßoom 3. Office open evenings. \xrANTED—A second-band medium- VV slxeiafe. Address Pox 1003. TXTANTED—To purchase, a minor 4 V V to 6 feet m width, and sto ‘ fett la length. Any person having one to rtepo»o of cheap may addrw>, staling exact sice and lowest price, WEBSTER 4 PAGE, 7 8 Lake-st. TTIT ANTED—S2,OOU tor two years, on \V flnt-ciau securityinCookCounty- Address **o S S," Tribute office. lar two or three day. WANTED— To trade eighty acres ol laming land acd a gold watch, lor general mer ctiamtlse or cigars. Apply, or addrutsßooa Mo. 1, •.*ll booth Water-et. TXT ANTED —Purchaser for a steam V V «* v mill, with &Q acre* ol land, situated la the b nl oak and poplar region of Southern Illinois, nail la s. teams ant everything necessary for carrying on an extensive lumbe>li’sl>oslnv*e. arc on the prea.lst-9. The property will be sold tor { 16,000. and U an una«nnl < ijiortm ttf for a great bargain. Address p. l„ P£K> RY.TTetang.lll. or O. J. StOCen, Mo. IIS South Clatk-sL, Room ill, Chicago. TX/"ANTED—To Rent—One or two V? grod room.*, unfurnished. Woo'd bnv carpet*. Private residence prelcrred. Sluit be nirth of Twelfth and east of dark. Give location. Addtcs* "WiMU," Drawer 5767. IX7 ANTED—To purchase a second* V V hand light expresf wagon, with orwllhout tcp. Inquire at iaO West Sinzic-rt. TXT ANTED—A sloic, with stock of dry V V goods, notions or fancy g->od* t m city or coun trv, for part ca»b and part g'tod real estate. Address “LIV’Xo.SO South Wells-at. TXT ANTED—A party, tilth from S3OO \ \ to {SCO. cosh, to conip’ete so enterprise (nearly ’ready) that catnot fall to be both popular ami remu nerative. For mil particulars, call at Mo. 4 Lind's Dlook. at once. TX7 ANTED—Parties Imnnc houses to V v rent or sell or lewe, to call ou CIIUISTIAN A CO M Rea] Estate and Vmsel Agents, Room J, Ltad's Block. Kacdulph-st. brt'lge. \\7 ANTEP—AII business men who V V want a poed borne baslnoi* tot s smalt Invent, meat—apoed barlpp. »nre tiling—Rite os a Call. 128 Lake-el. A. C. BUOWN & CO. \\7 ANTED —Every lamily to try the V f Ladies' Friend. I‘oUci‘a Fnpatallon lot Wash- TXTANTED—Ladies in want ot reliable V» servants, with reference*, can ho supplied at Mrs. D. I’UATI'S EMPOIUUM, No. 130 South Clack- TTT ANTED —A first-class Barber to VV rent my shop. It has two chair* and Is dolag a rood bOßlncae. Alto,» cigar aud toiaccj stand con nected wim It. Apply at No. 3 Went Madaoa-at. TXT ANTED—A good bns-ncss man, VV with fS.CQO to tl.Cw, to Invm In a cowl mvn. fartmlQclntsinea*. For partlcuJan Inquire at 400 South CaoabftU WANTED— To Borrow—Prom one thousand (|t,OW) to fifteen hundred (f 1.500) dot lam no Chicago real estate security. Addrcas, before Uc’cluck Monday. ♦•!). A Trlbuno office. WANTED— Travelling salesmen for I’crklca Draft** Cheap Cut and Clammed Label* -convlcnt ** nonage stamp*, acd easily flold. Apply at I’EHKiyftDKOS.oWre.ttl Uandotph-ftt. (sffilanlcti--ffin Unit. WT ANTED—'To Cunt—Two pleasant, V V furtlshed rooms. communicating, with boirl, lor jj*iitl»inHh and wife, son 7 yean ol ago, infant and nunc. The locality runt no Iralihy andnl'aiant.ani nil tbincß rl»u dnlrniilfl. A place where Uni.-" arefew of no othe r Irounlen preferred. Addrns*. staling Tull paritcuiarsand lcra.l, “B F 11.” care No. 4 Louaus liiuck. WT ANTED—'To Vent—A s‘orn m it V V smalltown In our* of tha Western ‘Haw. a 11 noil y.lDt for hardware. Adores* It. «*. TQW.N. Nads. 111. \XrANT£D—To Rent—A good ironl V * oHlff, In imml story, lndwwm Lain arid Mm,, mo and LaSalle nud Blal'-sl, wlltili lon usyafrrni Krh.Dl. Address '•ll,*' Itlhunnotlli’e. isoamno, T>OARblNG—Pleasant rooms nnd I > hoard ran bo obtained at the St. Cloud Qxtar, fM EfuUlin-at. * IJOARUING—With plcneant llretclnss I Jroctna, lor ertiU*mat anil who or ainittascnlloiQnn, la ■ prlvato fatiliT. Iloom wall Mrautiml, alau hot and fold water, balii room. Ar.. at 1.11) rt»lrd-n». T>OAUniNO—Two single gentlemen or I J a urnilrrrnn ard wife rnn Cud a plo taasl room. wiUt board, at fl.sO Ontario*!. lIOAUPING—At No. B Eldridgo court a > Two auilra nf room«. with modern ImpmTPmm'a and Crtixlaa* board. A'*>). one room (ullabla for two ucntlcn rn. !Uicrcor«* eu T>OAIiT)INb—A low gentlemen can be i J ammuiHwlatwl wilt liuatd at 'lll AiU:na*t. BOARDING— One nice room, with the nmilorta i>l a borne, aultaldn lor a *rnll«man and aim. Atro. net* atnuii* roo*n. aim ner-ommudatloa* for day boarder*. Apply at any Mleldgan-at. TSOARDINO—A private family have 1) deturab'r roorna to let, wllli board, •nltah’o for a Itcnllnnan and wim or two ainslo ccnllemen. Turma reaMmable. ti>f|ulru at MU-Mcaa-aT. T>OARDINti—A young laay cm llnd ±J good hoard, and er Jojr all the comforta of a home, three uinotn*'walk from the Conrrllotm. Adorcaa. for two da) a, -C U T.’* Trlbaba otCce. BOARDING —Two pleasant rooms lor yoons men, ai»o a alack room to let, with hoard, at no. 17 l*l6c*al., within tea tnlnntca* walk of tbo Court Romo. Reierencc* teqolrcd. TJOARDING—An elegant suite of front D room*, also two other Iron t room*, inlwhle for two Kcntlemtn. to rent with board. Apply at *4ll Waba?b-aT. Referencta regnlTetL X> CARDING—A large lumished room _l~> to rest, with board, lolub'a for a centleman and wile or two alogle gentlemen, at 74 Jackaoa-(t., two blocka tooth o! Fo>t Offlce. TIOAKDING—A suite ol untarnished 11 front room*, aoiuble for a cenUiman and w|l«s, ml»oOQ«foiQl>hcdf.)r two person*, on MlUdsraa-aT~ Ssfla. between Twenty-tount and Twenty-Afth-iu one block from car*. T>oAßDlNG—Pleasant rooms, iurmsb- Oed or onlorclahed. with board, la a private family. DoQsocew and oewlyforouhed. Also, stabllag for bor»e. Ga* and water la barn. 04 Park-ar. TjOARDING—One or two rooms, with JL } flrat-claM board, pleasant locality, suitable for eenilrasn and wife. Best ot reference* airen and re qnlfec. Apply at 43*A Mlcblgaa-av. T>OARDING —A lew gentlemen can be _l > a'CoiT.rrodated with (rood board and plea*act room*, at 211.7 Mlcblgas ar, corner Uamaon-st. T>OARDING—A furnished front room, Owttb board, for a gentleman and wife or two elt *Je secUrmeD. .vfew gentlemen can alsobeaceimmoda t*d. Keferecce* recalled. Inquire at No. 1 Dearborn place. T3OARDING Handsomely tarnished I/front parlor and bedroom, with board In i private French family, may be bad by applying at 25s I South Morgac-st. T3OAHDING—A furnished trout room 13 to tent with beard; also roem fbr two elarla eta* 113 Wah«sh-ay. T3OARDING—Two nice rooms jast va- D rent with first class board to gentlemen; alio, day boarder* can be accommodated, 200 Kac dolph-sk, next to Metropolitan Hotel. BOARDING —A young man can find board la a private family, No. 147 Earon-st. Apply op stairs. T3OARDING—And rooms for four sin* 1/ elegcnt.'smenattfJ Adsms-st., between Clark aad State. Reference* required. HOARDING —A pleasant room and Ay board can be obtained at 142 Wabaih av. p GRADING—A coodhome on Wabash- D ar„ wltbln ten mlßotes walk of Lake *L A gen tleman and wife can fled go rid board and a suite of rooms In a private family by addressing, with refer ences, P. O. Box ,120. single rooms or snlTcs’of rooms. Terms, mod grata. T> CARDING—A new Boarding House I J has been opened at4o2 6tate-at.,whlen has been recently and lursUhed la a thorough manner, and offers rare Inducements to those wanting ffrat-claas board. Persons can be accommodated with T> CARDING—A suite ol rooms, nicely 13 furrlsbed. with board, can be secured by lame* dlate application at Ko. 20 Adamt-st. "OOARDING—Good board and pleasant I l rooms for married or single geouemen and I»- di;fcai29s Michlgan-et. s. sCdWOBTH. T3OARDING—With a tarnished tront -L3 room suitable for two gentlemen, at K 0.119 W»- basb-av. T3oAßDlNG—Pleasant rooms and first I J class board with good attendance, ft; day board, J 4 per week at the Belfast Hoose. 15S ilichigsa-it. text door to north Clark. . Uoatß ®2laittrtr. T3OARD—By a gentleman and wile, on O the West Side, Alib tralptlcewillbe paid fbr handsome ~s■ private family p-efrrred. ttefterenct* exchanged- Ad dress •• H M, ,f iribnus offlee. T3OAUD—Bv two young men on South O Slce.t»ar Tw.Uth-'U In nnvst- Nmllr orwhers there are but few boarders. Aodreas orrall on L Q. MOTES, st Warehunse, cur. Sixteenth ana 3late-st«. BOAIID— Byaladv, in a private (ami it trfarr* she esn have a pleasant room, with ere. location. West side, near Mil* »>'»«-av. sweet cars. Acoresa, stating terms, “X Y Z.' Trlpana offlee. BOARD— Bv a gentleman, wife, and child two years old; with good rooms, near W*. hanh-ar or nacdo!ph-«t. TFaere there are no othur boardsn prefrm-d. A'ldf#s‘. stating accommodations. -WAKE.” 1’- O- Drawer 84411. Worsts, tCattiagts, Jet. ITOR SALE—Just arrived from Indians. X lourtecn heavy drsazht horsis, to be srea at eiBWAIfTS etable. nsar t**rrlago Works between Adams and J acksuo, tast ot bute. jbmtatwwH WAIEH. qnaJine* and capaiitr el civlt* W v‘*<b >p oiTio 0 iTio w.p SITUATION- WanteuTl^r?' O buameirmaa aad practical acc«tir!r« n »T^Ci an rncacrni-ot. Hat« kno^v-~ l I 1 »>i/. »m Mtlmnoft I\tt */kl CaiMtmwS® 1 -**W ■•ACCOLSTASt." I aStSSSIgS-’**- t j^ffiasB l say&&q l cgjg WITIT ATION-tfwleU-Brr7T- -Mtlw l« n«rw: aw *Wf W,,*? pcm liiLlli, Attdm«-W hg CITUATJOri \Vh3l«! —l n ' »,c 110 I)r> Uoodtof P tp * *an command a aood trade aa ‘lvi . .1”:! f »p n* (dxe of bom. iithlreu o^^rtbmw k3j »* fr»r a Uvlnv. In a wbofiSale £ lha Analnwa. and Eocpar accoMin* f.» tLe hadirt. Iteftwacc itoa. A4dr»4 «U. U fc , » c . tßl >ka une cttko. “• £ - rn&. PE.HAI.BII. QITUATiON—Wanted—A ‘Wr uZT > O rona of ol.tstnlnjr a in t'm Viii ■ (lower. »o •upprloU’tu hi* »lfa| r /..m • *1- > d«r*Unrt» all the duilra «t *• ,2 llf ** <' ncenrnt of icryani*. Tl.oie t>n\y *»„. AT™?. m »*- U treat her a* a roetnl*r of thr .‘Srailr, wifi a-*? 1 ‘ s * M *• or >Jimw -c A V." aw udia, uAt., uLtc’ t,,; » fe. t<» obtain Battoatiou in muio mp*«t 4 i,ir r.r,7.’ ,s '» II romnml'.n to a lartr, or to *i-> a-wins A u KJL aiotk.whyfeaboinaj bolootctd .twin »>.j p,..;,, TC* a* enr of the famllv. Km no -.l.Vcll.»a V, ulS? U dffa Mm -It AIV Chicago i’.t). U. A ClTDATloN—Wanted—By n biv 7, Cl hoosrkeoper in a private fWmilv nrnoi»- *p,2 nt demand* the dotlra of a hotiMfep* t. %n t i' l fl airt-ment ot servant*. Address «U aIV in* ,2: chsnlit. lU ® **• SITUATION—Wantcd-By a IwT , Cl ant woman. In itreaa. Con run thft Whseler 4 V.’UJsois *i. i ij-VTIV 3 ' Hakrr Sewing Machines. <:«d give good til* r c »,- f( S* Aodrwa K.." Tribune omee. 1 ‘ foee * aoents ffiiElautes. AGENTB— 1,000 Wanted. The It* chance yet. A watt of UlUnrv-A \ %Hr national Importance. The only work ori <>nr Norm In lb* field, Agents find no romnMiiir.p. u ~12 \ OUU NAVY DURING THK ItEllV-LLjON • if. i eaoltxnd Otra Natal Coukawucr*. ji* u,.'’,'*r . renowned historian, Hun. J. T. UK.MrtkY la’vi Tii handsome volume, with twenty-two uti-tdr l »•»-■ * traits ami battlewnei—comnr Mn* thr ear's iif. .v:’ -r llcaervlpeiaml naval cara-r of AdairH D «; A rat. Vice Admiral D. O. Porter, Hear .VimirV* Io2T v Dupont, Slrlngfcam. Davla, Go daberongh awl * gren; Commodore* Wilkes, Wlrnlaw. tvoritm Hitt,* J ard many other promltent naval celenntifli’rhttZ.* J- In Mr. Headley's graphic and Icltnuabw:?!'. i anthestlc account of battle*, siegw ami binv-? menta, inclmllna the recent Circoverle* in naval worlare by gunboat* and tron-civl Te<taei.- »£? lhrtlll»g deecrlptlon* oi the moat brtlUaot achbvcments of the rebellion. The authenticity ot the work Is beyond a dmV u mart of the material concerning their e.v:r itte us public service* was furnished directly be the oZe«r«ar their fnenos. Tlie book win soon oe rwiiv to u-Ut» !’ and srents are already meeting with almo.t oariml leled snereva in taking orders. Our terms are nowhere exce’led- and. tokiortjt* consideration the great popularity of our pabik-ait.;, onr inducements L> arests are tmeaual ed. to send for cur circular* and outfit at oroc, as a rUi*. delay may make a hundred dcllaw dlffermre. Ad !■«■ C. ,w, ULLB.T, Vabllther, !1U lleyuoliV Chicago. , GENTS—Warned—For “LIFE AM) DEATH IN* REBEL PRISONS” Tc* tn tSl-n tt suKcnbers per day. Always sells. A. KIDDEU.9S " Waehtcgtonat., Chicago. A GENTS—’Wanted—For^hcPicltTil j"\ Rook of Anecdote* and Incident* <*f the Rebel- Hen." warranted th»-most popular, f»st jelling b.'* « the Me* For particulars address J. A. tnoDDAHI) £ Ci WTO* Wa»bin>;ton-tt.. Chicago, 111. AGENTS— Warned—$75 to *2(O per \ month, everywhere, male and female, to Intro- £ ducr th'ouehnnt the Collect Mates tne GENUINE 111- PRO'ED « OMMOX hENSKFAMILTSEWING Mv- lfs CHINP. Thl« machine will stitch, hem. fell, tcct quilt, bind, braid aid embroider in a most superior a-.-, manner. l“rl con'yflS. Fully warranted f.rt.r k y»a«. We will pay tt.wKJ far any matblne that wia B eew a stronger. more beantttul. or more elastic *raa than curs. It makes the “Elastic Lockstitch." Every mrond stitch can beent,anc still the clothcarmdlw palled apart without tearing lu We pav agetl* frotu >l6 to per month and excesses, or a comiums.oa from which twice that amount cat be made. Addles*. fcECOIIB * CO.. Cleveland, Ohio. CAUTION’.—Do net be imposed nooa by other par ties palming otfwcrthlc#* cas-Iron machines.uujpr . the tame tame or other* iso. Ours Is th<*on!y u?ca- Ice and really practical cheap machine mncnfHctorrj. A GENTfif—Wanted—Male and female. '»*■ _C\ to s-ll THE MAGIC UXKM UABSKU. Svao’e ontnt,wUbacenVsna-0e,t.1. Call, or tuldtm M.»c- TISItK souths ail cortcr Clark and R-inJulm- g ’ dowp-staira. AGENTS —Wanted—£3“0 per monlh '* oo IS capital. A cent* wantol lanllpnru.ftii* . KorUiwcat. A<Wrw* U«x JIH». Uwt’P'lwlcucc, {.,•»*, £ with two three cent stamps fjr parucolarn. A GENTS—"Wanted—l want agents in Eastern Illinois and Northern Indiana snlwvi pay|Tsper month ami expenses. N>* empiovr.e-t accncy need apply. Address, immediately, • u v tv* Ailinptou, 111., Uox G 2. A GENTS—Wanted—ln Country and t Xi- CirjrtoMll oor new En«aTtnr«. Au-t'« an* ■> matlnEtTom<lotofJspfr<l'y: «lv> urtn-lr* c( £>, rarc value. Call or adt]r»«a wltb stamp. Uooiu •»? R.t v nolo’* Bloc*. •JiiaS- (CorrcspontJcnce ££tautrt! pOKREfcPONDENCE-Tho under- V / fiance having «laMl*hed a Corn«popillrc ul Matrimonial Accucy, will umlcruke to armcr-cor respondence b-twten *tran,e parties. bring ab »ot la treduettou*. and where matrimony is rontetnputed, ftmilsU positive Information as U* private chat«Kr and pecuniary circumstance* and pro*pcrt*oi tm in terred. our arrangement* lor procuring the no*t re liable Icformalicn, and our fartlltie* for cnti-rlir *ll classouif society, arc now so perfect that we to t confi dent in taylnc that we cannot foil wiitnt there *r" i>w*- •IMlllles. All eummunliatlon* strleilr ctir-O-l—»tl»T, Correspondent* la lh“ rotinlrv will pi* an* send one rot stamp. Addict* ANNE*LY All AUCOUIit, I’. 0. It«s 1031. / >ORBEdPONDENOE—Wanted -nj \ f two young gents olhllarlena dl*rv»*.Uot>*. wi'h * few young ladle* wiw are possess'd with a fair *!;•»• arceofllvcly spirit*, boojl appearance*, and •»;n«|a teUletnec. Object fun. mutual improvement, wove'- Ivpflcntialnlanvfland incr<in«eqitsncc«. Addr*** 1 Ill'll UItKY or Jl.MillV WKSTSIOUKL.VM', I*. O. Hog ,10‘jH. Uiminess Chances'. F7OR SALE—Millinery snick. An n!-l I 1 niiMl»ht<] honur, with Urge trade. ' I > nj»rttrvil'*n U.fOO. Till* (« a r|| inc 4 •Hd nn round. A>Mr<-« 0 W, A 4. M. NVKniKtlttU* Cbmago. or 4. H. A' UltY, Oshkosh, Win. I7OV &ALE—Tho Forest Valiev Works, I Paultm* CUr, Mli:li.,cmiM*llmrortwo’*iMtlllicit*, •ml saw v til of large cspu'ltr. aim ten nrr><» o( ini, tavnrnlily lu-a*«d. A'ldroes N. H, LOCK WOOD, esgl nay City. Mlrh. I 7OV BALE—To Liimbeuncn—A Slrwn Pawmld, two joint D"ller*, UOI ctmln*-. * trrl saw, shlngle-mlli and slab-saw, all located In l>.vvnr, Ala., aijtmrtUm of three railroads. ami on Tenue**** River. Abundant supply ol leg* delivered a* n.T;i in ralta. Market •xlrnalvc, including Nashville iM Mnnphli. Inquire of J. 11. PUTNAM, Ift I iwr’ets ■t.,Cn cago. i7OR BALE— Clicnn lor cash, the slock 1 ami flxtnm of a nrvn depot nnd D'dion •l<»r,n a good loratlon, ami no comn*(lUoo. A'ldrcai, |<r <>»* a rrk. “tv A U.‘* Trlbuno onlco. 770 R BALE—Small dr*-goods store, in I 1 aouifacrn part of city, Ocodbirniion. MiouHt Immeoutriy. Ownrr cannot aitondtou. Appij u H. W.hKA. Land OHlix. 114 Waaldntftoo*!. 170 U BALE— HaIf-Interest inn IlircdAM cl(ar a tori*, a Rond tradn, IJmunn l;r ictl* lt>a tnadr aatlaurtory wUh anplt'an**. No nni* n«*wl untnaa iiicainoit hualn’***, and ha»ln/ a'->'iv •l.atC to JiiTrat. Addrnaa *•» U 11," Tribute nl3ff, Chlraco. m. 17011 SALE—The stock and lease ol a ■ ’ flubrlMi CamUv tlroctry K'otp. with an «mah i* 1 ’ 1 ’ *»f »»« bo»« alaada In itmePy. Apply to HEEH A Al'ItKM, No. |0 Crnab/'a Opera u»u*e. 170 U SALE—A dlstillcrv, new nnd nenr* ■ ,17 Tnif to run. Apply to SAMUEL HILLINGS, 171 Prarboraat. F)R SALE—Store bouse and a light »tock of dry rood*, crocerlee, Ac., where a l»"*l* n-ajj of twenty.Qve tboaiaod a year ha* been done, and with the rapid tropiOTement at tbo eonntry aarmond* tng can b« (srroa»e«). Il preferred, iuk hou»e w uld For pameolart. InQQlro of RIGGS A Me- CLARE. Oackley, 111. F)R SALK—Lease and furniture ol a Qntel in one of tbob*at location* In cnicairo. T >r •ate on accoont nfalrkceM. GILBERT A DEN'tIDICT, 138 Clark-at, Boom 7, T7OR SALE—A first-class Retail Gro* JL eery. In a good location on Sooth S'd-i. Stlea •boot |7O.COQp?r year. GILBERT A BENEDICT, I'St Qa>k-*L- Room 7. F)R BALE—An A No, 1 Restaurant 00 DoPborn-«t„ cheap lor eoih. Kowba*T><l*y boarem. GILBERT A BENEDICT, laa Cark-sU Room 7. Tj'Oß SALE Store, and Residence A above, on Stale st., north «f Van tloreo, at a hnr »*!■• for a ftw day* only. GILBERT * BENEDICT, IJ2 Clark-«U Boom 7. -J7OR SALE—A new, flrst-cTass boarding 1. hooK. io a KoodiocaQcn. Fomtlnre new and >s flr*t-cU»* oifler. lit* a bargain. GILBERT A DENE PICT. 1 3'J Clark*!., Room 7. FOR SALE—Or Rent—One of the b*« located clear atanda lr the city. Win ui! ch»ap,«a Ui»* owner baa other boslneas toaUetdw. Call at 151 Uearbom-At. Detsonal. "PERSONAL—WiII the gentleman who 1 bad 00 a pair of green goecea. who was In a Blelch, and stopped on Monroe-tU. Wedeoday afTer scoo. Jar. SOth, and as*ed a ladr to tave a rtd-i. please to send bis address to “Miss BA S,” UUcazo PostOf* Cce? T3ERSON AL—George Dorn, a German, X 1* supposed to have died lr some hospital at Chi cago, during thepasttsoytat*. Information Is wanted as to the time and ctreomstaects of hta death. Amt* able reward win be paid for the information. Address ‘•JAMES,” IWbone c dee. ■pERSONAI<—A young man, a Swede, JL would Ute to form tne acquaintances! ayoung widow lady with some means, with a view to matn tnenr. All comtrtmicatlon* strictly confidential, Ad* drees “A D,” Post Offlee. Chicago. "PERSONAL—TViU u Alla Rivers,” who X 00 ires ponded with •‘Harry E. EHerHy*’ In och, 1366, please write and give reasons for ber lopgsllence. "PERSONAL—"WiII Mr. Hugh McAnley I please send bis address to MSS. MARY WEUT MAS, Chicago P. O. Ueal iSstatg-gfluntrjg. FOB SALE—The mbscrAer offers tor ■SI, hi, raldeoce In ElgW. U n ated, one large natural i bade tires, good garden, frmt trees, well and cistern, w ccnvealent to the Elgin Academy; is conswered ire bandaomest p>ace to Elrln Price J5.00O: Si.f'OO down, balance on Urns, If iffibwUdli&oßi for all cash down. Apply or adores* LH. VAltWOOlKorconsult M. 3. YAK WOOD. ICO Chicago. -I7OR SALE —120,000 acres of choice r m L-oquols and Ford Counties. El-on tba 1 <- o B- from one to twelve miles front One towns— cna'rsa. Buckley, Loda and paxloo. Price from f> to «2 per acre. ■« cash, balance la three equal yearly pay ments, 6 percent. I have an cffico at lode. whe*e H. A. Pearsons, with good teams, can be found, D. K. pkabsoXS. US Baadolph-SL, Chicago, or Lcda. Iroquois Co„ lU. F)R SALE —A farm of 160 acres, for cash, or will exchange fbr improved real estate in the city ot Chicago— twelve ttll*« northwest of Cht caco and one mile south of Canfield Station, on tho Chicago & Xortbuesiern Ballway: 30 acre* under tho plow; good bouse and bare. Ac.; alio, a orchard, bearing fruit. One-third down, aril the balance on time. Ac. For firther'nartlnilar*. apply to J. A*- MAltSpALL,Hcomß.so. Q7Sogth Ciaig-st. T?OU SALE—IO,OOO acres of selected X Pine Land* in Wisconsin and Michigan. Farm* aid farming lands lu all theXorthweitero et«;e«; at#’, and building lot* inthecttv. BAMMOJtU ft BUTLER, Iteal Estate Brokers. Dearborn-st. T?OR SALE—Missouri Lands—loo,ooo 1 acres of unimproved prairie and timber land, and SCO fine farms, situated mKortb. Missouri, ep the tips ol the North ilo. It. B» and la one cf the most beao->- fnl. heaUbv and fertile portions of the j*o>te. Forets cuisrs sddms MILTOH F. eIMIIOXS, Attorney an-J Beal Estate A cent. Mexico. Mo. . F)U SALE—Choice Cmmlir dence. now offered very low, within me*’ walk from the depot at Lake Fcrrst, oa t A klllwaukeo Kaliway, tli« most dwlrebje local that beautiful rural town. Apply to A. Ota. Lake Forr*t. I». Estate. TVrANTED— Any one posasston nne VV or t,o nlro«K« t-o-torr 6™«*i Pl«w«anliy*ltnatfd.wltngi-“'d lots, and af jß?"-5 r dltpostflg of them on s*»y *f.V,,i rnents. will please address I • 9ox 9fli( U'*k particulars. i* t Resl- p? ratn thl?»*u itJou In sica-