Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 4, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 4, 1867 Page 1
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■ FROM WASHINGTON. proposed BUI to Reorganlue the Slate Government of Louisiana. proposition to Divide the Stale of Texas. Official Account of the Lata Indian Massacre it Fort Phil, Kearney. letters from Generals Great and Sherman on the Sub ject of Indian Affairs. rmieral of Kcpresentafivc Johnson, of Pennsjlrania. FROM SPMGPIBLD. Efforts of flic Warehousemen to Defeat Eastman’s Bill. Sharp Practice by tbe Chairman of the Senate Eailroad Com mittee. Meeting of the Friends of the Canal Bill. L.ITEST MBXNIINNEVS. Further Liberal Successes Re- ported. Tlic Imperialists Preparing (o Take dielr Departure. Uunuirs that the Council will Pro, cornice for Ortega, HIO3I TTASHJSCTOIf. (>ii«:lal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Wabuisotok, February 3. i>r.t to nr-ouiiiNian tub oovxbmmoit or nonsuits. ibe committee on the New Orleans nols were n.arerd with the duty of reporting to the House Mirk legislation os the investigation should lead them lu think necessary fur Louisiana. Thu com mi me ins (inched taking testimony, and to en -M?rd In the coiihldeialion of what it ought to re. fur: lo the «■ ay of legislation. No posmvd agree ui< r.t has bc-ii reached lo tbe committee concern -g the details ol the bill, yet it Unnderatood lha*. '.hr main features are as follows- First. Appointment by the President, with the sf-ent of the Senate, of botn a Provisl mal L«gi*. ta'nre sod Governor, from persons of unqoeitlon; loyalty, who were never tn toy way engaged m rebellion, slid to combine In power no longer 'ban required to provide for electing by the truly R.yal citizens of the Stale a Pi u visions I Leglsla 'ure and Governor to lake tbe plsce of the first. second. Tnat In all future elections oolh pro visional and for btlming into operation a perma nent Government for lbs State, all loyal citizens -mil tote, ana those most responsible for rebel lion shall be excluded both from office and the elective franchise. . Ihird. No laws to be valid not submitted and ippiorrd by Congress. Fourth. TTic Provisional Government shall be entitled to s delegate in the House of ilcpieaco- rarires. Ftf.h. Those entitled lovote as slated above, -ball be amhorixed lo adopt a Coaatltut on re i ntllcan in form, and not exclusive on account of rare; and to apply for atmlssion lo Congress. II is thought a bill snWastlaliy like the above altl be reported !n a few days. It is believed to emlmdy the views of a majority on the subject, while It ooea not ignore the President, Its i’upoie is to hold him to a strict performance ot me law, and to exciode leadlugrebeaot the State wlo were the nrsics of the rebellion. Tnose who, after Lincoln’s amnesty proclamation,were noide voltd supporters of rebellion may possibly be allowed lovote. During the pa«tw.*k a parti made np of several Republicans had an Interview, •wended to be in all respecta private, even to Ihc knowledge of the fact that it was beld. Leading Xiwhemers have also met, and there to much talk in Presidential circles of a compromise. Governor Randall sain daring the week that in hi* opinion somclh!n»of tbe kind would occur. CXXCIUL TQOHXS' PLSW. General 1 homai urges the following plan fo - cnfuclngoll laws m the rebel Stairs: Setlim* prerent Governments aside, let the national an innties appoint loyal persons, armed with Judi cial power* to try all caiea which arise between ! <}al men and rebels, and make ot the military a to cnlorcc the authority of these caons. t- utgbamV bill, already noticed. Is to (egatiz: the Ivirer part of the plan. THE naOTHEQ OF BmOATT. Ilia known to persona resident here, though i >'ihape not »o tbe country generally, that John Ji.Mirnttt bad a brother Isaac, who was in the M>el army during the war. It has just come to Debt that this brother went to Mexico immediately :d'er the downfall of Ricbmoud. Nothing was known ot him till October, ISGS, when General Miciidan, then, as now, at New Orleans,learned ihat he Pan appeared in Monterey, and crowed Into Texas, with the avowed intention of coming ‘.o Washington to assassinate the Presldeul. General Pteelc, in command on the frontier, very I a<-„ n confirmed this Intelllgmce, and I Secretary otaaton thereupon felt rJurtlfird in placing a guard ahoat s’ 'h* white House, which was kept there for some time. No lulltaa'ioQ of the matter was given toe President, as ft was feaied he would not receive Mich proteciiou. lie finally gotan idea Into hla •*icad that the guards were detectives, and called >. v r Mot,ton to acccnut in violent Uigua-e. ■tin-led to an explanation and tae subsequent ''■ithdrawelof tliegnaids. TWO BILLS THAT HAVE BECOME XAWB. The Sutc Deportment has given notice that the Mil cntahUptirg negro suffrage In the Territories ard the hLI repealing the thirteenth section of tho Jt-fliifiscatloii Act, have become Jaws without the r i'resident's approval. L riIOBABLE LENOTH Of THE ttnu SESSION. r Speaker Coitus, in writing to meads yesterdar, expresseo the opinion that tbe extra session of Congress, beginning on the 4lh of March, would keep him here tilt May. at leaat. TUB TAUirr box went to the Ways and Meana Committee on Satur •■fry without any open Opposition, an arrangement tu that effect having been made he'Ore it was taken from the J-peakw’s table. Jt trill come boo the printers in tbe-morning, and the commit ne wiR Immediately take it np for consideration. R ia not probable they can report it before the -fid ot the] week. * BILL COAXGIXa THE PnOCEEStXOR n* WRITS OT habeas courcs. Among tbe bills laid before the President yes ’•rediy was one very materially changing the pro 'e- dings in tvrlts of Achra# corpus. By the law as 't now standi*. Judges of tbe United Btates Courts «n only issue writ* in cases where tbe applicant •* ‘Wprlved of bis liberty by virtue of process is re- dby Courts of the United Stales. By tbe first *<ctlon of this hill, drawn by Representative < of Illinois, Judges of Courts of the United stales arc required to Issue writ# In all cases •here the party is deprived of his llovrty in con •rawatioool the. Conautution and laws of the ii ted Plates. The whole negro apprenticeship ►jßtein may he reviewed under this bill. moroBAL-ro cimit tux state or Texas Oconrc W. P.«hd, ,Dd quite . bambe. o( mber promlnebt Dnlon rata or Texu, bare me MoridueaContTuu to divide tbetSutc mid... Uo!< "* d< > rher., if ni divided the weatero eectloo wonld etron-lv ru.fatn the Union on the tub or tbe CannZ. fionai reconstrncUoa policy. “ TDK TCNEKAL OT COBQJtBaSHAN JOUNSON of Pennsylvania, was held tu the hail ot the Honse fr»-d*y, and largely aUcnded. Too President sud - rhe body was buned In the Congressional Cemetery. mzzDxzx's XTTxxna ot kwhicit. WA*n»cToif, iebruary 2.— the Commissioner nT ,. e Freeomen’a Bureau has received tbo report •jf Brevet Brigadier General uobn Ely, Chlet of Frcedmen's A Stirs for Ken tncxy,civiwr ln detail the operaUons of the Ba r«au tor that Slate for December. The number of contractsmtavdartncthemonth was fifty-four; !L .mTV?/’?,** 16 of ,ra l? e * paid to males per Diowh $20.41: to females | including rations in £®5 w *l Elye*ate« that the outran on liev. A-bcofleJd. and (be bieaktagnpof the 'ffimen’a school at Camp Nelson, Ken \r .. Regulators, •> has been ihorongbly Inv-eatigaieo, bnt cone of the panic* t, »« ye t, owing to the aabilliyof Hr to identify lhcn£ Tb °?* 1 placc I W I ? et reopened. Receipts 4,'ouMr marriage license*, floes and forfeitures during the month, Ibe number ot paupers has increased during the aotth to some extent, and cues of extreme des •untion have been reported. ' Q zxunnxo sucozoxs. i,Hf‘ of I ,V rr t. H * utc - Indians, and J. h Smith, of Rcetsville, Missouri, have been ao polnted examining aurgeona by the Commissioner °* renefons. _ ccnnzKCT jrrxTOTtcs. Fractional cnm-ncy printed at the Treasury jiu-mg Uic week, There was forwarded ( OAaeutast Treasurers at New Orleans and St 1 * loß iooo each: (0 the Assistant Treasurer Charleston, United htate->Bepon . Pt 6 *JBi*\oW; to National Banks. $9,3ta753); J°tal, Boring the week there have I*™. iMocd from the Treasury Department <na 1 «40 in National Bar-x currency. THEABUHT DISBURIXJCXKTS. *kie following are the dlaborsemcnls of the woetby ihe Treasury Department; War Depart "vnt, s^ico,o»s; Navr Department, $8 $.229; In !?f,or Department, $179,291. Disbursed curing •i'—ttonlh of January’; War Department, •» Navy Department. fS,«SI-0.'7; intenor u <partmcni, 81,251,’ 99. canency redeemed and destroyed $-220,100. lectipu from Internal Berenne to-dsy. >»» toui or tie w .ek Two h*Si?SnVMf!^^J2?i omo ** fromtbe Offlm! w P* lril ls win bi |««n^ ifj«..MSi2uou •oeuV^Vr UIMdOMMiI nl»t, -P- Tu« &•«■»* t*® n * coarmius. * ta^S“^fc Uo^^g.k.Prf , tol to^, omcui, «wp«, muM 1 JMa*te' communicated to »Mlc*bwu oaa *l com by Indians on »*s*acro of troop* lIILKm«., Js* 21,t oT December, near Fort tb*t GencnlCooks shows srpS' ssssi Commleelonen, and aa»« 11S .« cS-Tt , Inaian Incttn. wo ci» of aggressive operations at weaeatf 0 4 10 * dmlt ygHJQVAT Ibe author uf mo ictUr to w» • torn-ol pleasure I trough En-ono lb ' in S DOKOKS TOXiSui liwiivina « ccceP* b d eo^, o °,^ h ;ui“£r their triumph In me lit, SomSw," MnlSt ° P °° .. , a false iixfobt. rrainui. or iixfaxsxjrTAnrx johkboh. of pui BTLTAKXa. The funeral ceremonies of Representative John Bon. of I‘uiiurjlTanls, were held In the St-<l»y. Ihere wasa crowded audiencetocindlS ibo I'resident and Secretary Seward, tfho ftSSSr fcraon vu delivered by Kov Dr nr.Si, I ?** Donee Chaplain. The ramluu were tikcMffi Corgrcselonsl Cemetery, escorted by a 1 wmmini. ber of .Senators, Representatives and offidLalJ “ nxcxirrs of intxukal nsrmcus. TTie receipts of Internal iteveane since July |.r Including yesterday. were flBC,kGiU'«. u uV u »,‘ fldcnily believed that whatever falling off mav£, cxpcrloncrd in Internal Revenue neSpts foj 7 ttm year, will bo fully compensated by those for cum lotos, which are steadily and tartly IncrMst.,- over last year and the ostimalcs made for thfi vr«r. and which will sustain the whole revenue rtespllo the deptesiioc Intlmnccs now bearing hj avlly upon some branches of It, and leave a sur. plus larger perbspr tlian has been expected. FROM 81‘BlNUflELU. special Despatch to Ibo Chicago Tribune.] Brnotortxu), February j. ms ciiAscm or XAjmuw'a dill, Tbe warehouse monopollsto have apparently ('('appeared from iho Held Unlay, st lean 1 see ourc of llulr facea in any of the hold corridors, but they will undoubtedly reappear in full force tomotiotr. ibev that (hey have Inangurated a new nbetno to defeat Eastman's bill, and they havebositedof lUprobable success. The project in t | 'OMvh«n called up by Senator Boatman, am uidoubfuKy will bo to-morrow, to have li rccotumlUid to Uie Railroad Commllleo, wberr they think It can ho Bmothortd. and not allowed to tce daylight agula. Tbe chair man ot that committee la, as la well known, Urn u«»dy politic or tbc body corporate of Ibe monopo llnta of all ducrlpllouu. Bis wuy of killing hu-ss uit* which the monopolists wanUiayed, la pecu liar a- well an sharp, as Uloßlrated in his practice m*»n Fuller's lUUioad Tariff BUI. Through bla skill and diplomacy that bill waaaoot to hla com roittce about the middle or last week, and up to ihla line he baa defeated any attempt to act the committee together. Immcdlatelyaßerlhoblll was committed,six of the committee,being, I think, two thirds of tbe whole number, signed a wnllon re quest lhat the chairman abonld call the committee together. Next evening notice was clvoo fora meeting aa requested. In the meantime the chairman look tbe trouble lonotlJy each member or the committee that,at the requestor tlicoth »re, tbc meeting had been postponed, and before anotner call ami notification could bo made ibo Senate bod adjourned owr until Monday, acd more than half the committee bad gone home. Thla U the diplomacy by which the cbairmail of the Railroad Committee baa nia'ed off action on tho Railroad Bill, and It he can get possession of tbe Warehouse 818, the aame -harp practice will be resorted to to prevent lu becoming a law. Senator Hartman, if poaelblc, will call up tho bill to-morrow,and If the bill coca 10 the Commltteo on Railroads, there will be no dlfllcnUy In determining what la iluencc carried It there. I understand t»e warehouse men do not disguise tbo means which they Intend to employ to defeat It, and if its defeat is accomplished, money is tbe power which will do It. This fact tho people should understand. TUX CARXL BILL was dtsenased at length last night by the Joint committees and a number o( friends who were united to be present. The chief feature ditcuseed was the propriety of omltlngihal pari of the bill which nrovlde* for the improvement ol Bock Btver, which many of tbe gentlemen contended war a aide Isaoe and r-nocld not be considered a Siam work. Several gentlemen insisted that if Bock Stiver was era biactd in the scheme, that the For, th j Ksukakce, be Pccatonlca, tbe Okaw and several other •treams of like capacity, should receive tame iccornltion. It waa dually iceolved not to change that feature or tbe Dill. Anj her pro «U!on in the bill, which received considerable at cuUon, waa tho numcr ol Canal Commissi -a erc, and the manner of tbelr selection, ihe b:U provides for their appointment by thJ Governor. Many are favorable to their election by me people, tbe Governor to appoint he first throe, and then clecaag unc at each general election, each to hold hli oi ucc for tlx years, and one to go oat every tw.» years. This plan, peihaps, wlii be adopted. Th-* util will come up m Comrauteo of the Whole again on Tuesday afternoon, cxTxsatow or tux skssiov. Nothinghas bten done yet looking to tbe exten sion of the session of the General Assembly beyond he constitutional term. Tala aonject will come up in caucus io-moirow night. A suggestion has been made ■nd received with ffivor, that they adjourn on Thursday week until the following Monday, and teen continue In session for two weeks longer, this wlll give about ten days additional time The fact Is worth recollecting that the Republicans aave a cocstltnuonal qnorum in each Boose, and can continue the session as long as they choose. CONVALESCENT, lion. Robb T. Cassell, Representative from Woodlord County, who hts heeu quite ill for sev. cr»lda.Ts,issofarconv*lMC«at#sw be able to leave hi* room to-day. FROM MSUTILLE. Passage of the Suffrage Blit to a Second Heading by tho Uotue-ln Act of Jus tice. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nashville, February 8. The long debate upon the Suffrage Bill In the Tennessee House of Representatives was brought to a close yesterday, and the hill was passed upon its second reading—thirty-six to twcnty-ciybt. Ihe result agreed exactly with my calculation of Thursday, except (hat Thompson, ot Bcdl trd County, whom I had confidently expected would support the measure mud sgsnst it, Uowhewill justify the vole to bis patriotic and loyal conslilatnt#, la more than 1 can tell. Some hall dozen other Union men voted no, this re joicing the hearts of their rebel enemies. But it is hoped that most of them will support the third reading. Governor Browhlow has just done a great act of Justice tor which ihe whole coanlry will he thankful. Three United Slates soldiers, Pnhlip Anthony, Carter Moore and llenry Alien, were on most insufficient grounds, convicted of the mur der of a Nashville policeman, who was killed la a street row some time last fall, and were sentenced Anthony to he hung, and the other two 1 o twenty one years’ imprisonment. Yel the doomed man doubtless (.id thfcact to strict sclf-delencc, while the other two were mere spectators. To nut an end at once to the fool injustice. Governor Browntow has pardoned all three. FROM IKDUXAPOUS. Proceeding* In tbe Borne on Saturday. (Special Despatch fo tbe Chi cat o Trihano.] Inuianatous, February S. The nonse met on Saturday morning, i»nt no quomm being present uo legal business could bo transacted. A large number or petitions were presented, principally upon the subject of tem perance, and committee reports submlUcd. Toe files were cleared of bills on second resdlng. and « Jsrgo number passed to a third reading. An order was adopted changing the hour of se.«siotis from nine to two, Jo facilitate commuui wilon between the two houses while in session. Eleven new utils were introduced. sis in the House. * A Joint resolution authorising the payment of (be expenses of Military State Agencies at Indian apolis and Washington out of the State Treasury M *s referred to the Committee on MLitary Affairs. * A bill was Introduced Increasing the school tax from twenty-five to bfry cents on each one bau dreu dollar* worth of taxable property. Also to exempt soldiers and the widows and children o’ soldiers who wore in the United Stales service •taring the rebellion, from poll tax and from tax on property which shat! not exceed one thousand dollar* assessed valuation. Adjourned to Monday at two o'clock. FKOSSAS FBASCISCO. n.w.-Capturr of an Impnr. b> ' 0l ® tlberal.—Krported Sir” U °" Cf “** •mprrlal Commu ■ bl" C<m dna;“yho b'/ ™ martial. 07 or «er of a court- FROM MEXICO ASD HONDURAS. Forced Clovers ment—Humors (but ibe Coun cil will Pronounce Tor Ortega-Ta* Imperialists Gening Beady to Take Tb«tr Departure—Trouble Between tbo Indiana and British tn Honduras —A Dctacbment of BrlUab Troono Uontcd. Febraarr A—Mexican correspond i nee to the litb nlu, ststee that forc'd loans were the result of the Ja«e dedberatioas of the ImperuN ists at la Teja, and American resident* are to be among the cootrinnlor* to MaxltnllUn’s SSrflS'.'E. m.Sbcm of IbcJonu voted lor the eontlnnance of MaxlniUao on the CounSi i5 e popnJir *“>Prcsalon that the r?Jsr l^?Cv C * olv . ed \° pronoonca for O; leg a a« n *« oD M wdl. The exodus of Sexl- French u Inc caalng. The Arc'iblshon *vf f 0 ttke hn de»2r»Jn? h*!f millions ol dollars have been fhipped from \ era i>ax at the advance of the i rei cb withdrawal from the Empire q.»T . t f rfr £ ,tn ? allM ' Hondma®, dated January colonlfta are In a wild state of «m«qa.ot» or an India, raid or. Ibe mabogon/ cbtlen and panten. A delacb- VOL. XX. ernmTiT^r?~ h t £°°P # * wUch was sent against the !wr»L!t“ P ft eceiQt <r. »»* met by the Indians and £Sh*: rf ,or JW£? rtb,ttt *' The retreat of the SaifA iM a Ttry duordcrly roaU was proclaimed m Balize and con £^Tr d d 1 ?« o J >^^ k tI ® I, • EneUth retnforcemenuhad t.ViL. j°J bc i? were expected. proved? 1 dßl * to Eal “* although sUjhtly lm- THE apESMHG IHDIAH IT AH, Communication from Secretary Stanton to (he Chairman of tlie Committee on military aOam-L«iten from General Grant and Ueutcnant General Maer> man—ibelr Views on Ure subject ol Indian AQaltm. wEVSJK o ** PebrQ * r 3 r *•—The SecreUry of ».H^r^-h dd^,, sS l ft . Cuiam!3nlc,Oon to Uoprusen- Chairman of the CoounLteeon n.i« JIVSk • 00X00 * Daln f K»« Dod re,Janua ry loth, in relation to ihe Issue of large uumbsrs ?LV®. 6 *AimmcnlUon, to the Kiowas aoo V“?f expressing apprehensions of UiGian hoetUiiles in couaeqoeiice. He stvs the anxiety of the Indians at the present time ln . o ?i a ‘ n , * ,laß ®»d ammuuliion is so crest, that for a revolver an Indian wilt rive ten and twenty times its value m horses and furs, j'oiv ocr &L(I lead, are sold to the mat the aamo rate, and •e tno onik Is small lam« quautiUcs can be traua poned at comparatively IHUe expense. This a ?® cannot be caused by a lack o! such artl* clw. becauae Ihey have plenty to last for some • •me, but ererythlne Unde to ahowthaithj in- Glace are laylcr in large euppKcs preparatory to an outbreak. When the outbreak occurs we will see too tale that no have provided our enemies nltb the means lor our destruction. General Grant on the tel instant, enclosed to the fccctcwry of War, a letter from General Sdermsn. Uiai/t ears the letter ebows the urgent necessity for the Immediate transfer of the 7a<tua Unman (o the Wor Department aud the abolition of civil Indian agents and licensed traders, “if," oc taya, “lbopre*ent practice Is to be continued, Ido not ace any course left open to wabntto » nlidtaiv our troops to the reUtcments, and call upon Congress to provide means and troops to ca>iy an formidable hostilities against the in uU»>B, until the Indians or whites of the preat i tains nnd between the ectbemeots on the Mis. rourl BbO Pacific slopes are exterminated. Hie coni so General Sherman has followed in dlsre carding thu permit ol Mr. Uogy and others la justified. 1 will losirccl him to crlorce his order until h is coumermanacd by the President or yotnsfit. 1 would also roapecllully ask that this insticr bo pjaerd bcioie the President. ? rU ."I", duapproval of licensing qf arms h» Indians •*ked. If (ho tulo la to J*o followed that all tribes with which wo have tics'les and pay aounltlcsesn procutcsuch ■Hiclth «lii no*, bo long Leloro they avoir tbetnnulvca of it to equip per- V. 1 'i. hoJf w . UI evt 0,6 •«»•, either by u.aklngttr sties (hcmailvep, or throngh n this who Law such treaties. 1 * tJrroial hbetniun’i letter U dated .Taoutry l. or d Is addti'rncd to General Uancock, In wntcb he *nysj “We (ibu military) arc bold nsjpon-rda V,V.^ vtr ft' fhS/ronUcr, and it is an absurdly to attempt II If Indian ogoutii ana Uadurs cattle callae and encourage to cancerous a Irafilc. I rv i»ar‘l ft cored paper, sddressod lo D. A. liuilcrfidd. and slsncd by Chss. Ilogy, W. R, Irwin, J. 11. lomve&worth. and others, us an oniiage upon oar rlgb s and snpervlHioQ -or mu lent, and I cowaniborixo you to disregard t int paper, amt at once stop the practice, li Indian agents may, without limit, supply the Indians with arms, 1 would not expose our troops and (lalus (o thrm at a:l, but would withdraw our *ol diiis who have already a herculean task on their batds. Ibe order signed by Charles Bogy and otbora and addiesseo to Rulierfli'JU is os loliowe: ••Hio: You baying roqutstcil verbally | 0 be In fqimcu in regard to yonr right to sell arms and ammunition Id Indians, w« have to slate asful* lows; lou are an I'idlso trader, licensed for that pun»ore by the United femes Government, arc aulhorixcd to sell or tiadu arms and ammunition to any Indians that are at peace wtin and recotv tup annuities from tbo united (Rates Govern ment. This rule, of course, applies to any other secularly licensed trader as well as yourself." FROM NiiW YORK. Bariug IXobbcrie*—Conference of ,lmiv OlllFcn CollcU-Flre-A New Cutiutcr frlt-Dmcnl on a Keuo K»tablbh. mvnt—TlioCaseoftbe sun (ffiaiuu! tu< nurwnce Campan yi £(c.« IBc. Kbw Yodk, Fciirnarr C.—N'umcrons darfngrob -I.CHCS have lately taken place In the Eleventh \\ajrl, the pcipcuslor* of which aresdJl at large, tight bouses wire plundered on the same nlghu Jirnes A. Neill and Wm.N. Ndlj, just from raiiiorma, «cre yesterday induced by sharpers to •«“hange ti,OCO in gold for a bogus check for Ibe UeraUTt Mashlngtoa special says a coun cil of general officers ol me army has been c .lief* t.y Gcnral Grant, In Washington, to confer upon matters concerning Use srmy.aad particnlaily In ulcicnce to maintaining gumaons in the Southern fettles. S. D. Marlow's hat and furnishing goods store, on Bioadway, was damaged by fire last night to the extent of $15,000 m stock, and f2,ouu ta fix lures, insuted tor *9,000. The adjoining stores vere sJightirdamaced. It is stated tliattbe house of Nicholas Bowen & Co., bankers and brokers. Wall street, Las been et-ind tor deficiencies to the Government on tax, ■mounting to *15,0K1. 'i his boose has done a larre foreign and domestic banking business lor the laa< lliieon years. The Fenians, lus now said, have determined to retain the arms they ofiered fur salo, as they ex- P'Ct fODcthmg to torn np soou—a war belwcea trance and Lnglond, perhaps, on tho Lomariude Cftcf. A new ten dollar counterfeit bill on tbe Fourth National Back, Rochester, It in Circnlition. The police last night made a descent noon the gambling house o( Alexander B. Spencer, on BiOadw»y, arrestor Spencer and cichty-ono rsm nlera, and seized a complete gambling ap laratus. Among those attested were twcnty-slx married men. They wete all gambling at ken j. Their ages range from nineteen to forty-five. i be ticrold. eo.lirtolty, says that the case of tne T-nnalninal Mutnal Insurance Gumpaoybss two tides. Tbe scrip of the company had been sold Hla very heavy cßonm. msome fustaLcesaslow as ir-G,'A) per cent, Manyot tbe present holders of eenn are therefore speculators, who have pnr chased certificates of profit for a mere song. There was a heavy rain storm, with thunder and lightning, here last night. FROM THE WEST INDIES. Tbc llcnlib of Havana—Cholera AbaU totrln St* Thomas—Condition of the boiuiolcan Kepabltc* Nrw Youk, February 3.—The steamer Columbia brings Havana advices to January 33. Tbe weath er nasanokuady disagreeable, out as yet there was but imieeichress, though there bad been a few cast s oi yellow feverin the harbor. The email ♦ ox had apparently run its conrse in Mammons though there were over fire hundred cases there AdncesfromSL Thomas state that the cholera la rap.dly decreasing. Tbe Dominican Republic Is progressing fluelv under President Cabral. “ 3 At Dcmarara the yeiiow fever was racing n D lo January 7, one hundred and sixty cares had "tea recclved ,n of which thirty-two FROM TEXAS. The Operation* of the Froed men’s Bu tvau Extended over tile EnnreMaic- UUlcer of colored a roop* Complinieut ed-owrage on * Negro hud. Galveston, February 2.—General Griffin Irene* an oidcrcmpowcrlng military officers, where there are no sob-sssuiani Commissioners ot the Freed men s Bureau, to act as such. This extends the operations oi the Unrean over the entire Mate- General Griffin officially compliments Major Uogatj. One Hundred and Fourteenth Untied Mates Colored Troops, for gallantry in dispensing a troop of banditti at Pogtown. Ihetc »ue some excitement at Waco on account two doctors who preformed a nameless aurgi cal muUlailon on a negro lad. They had ho«n ar- j '£ e anthoriUes and released alter waida by the citizens, but were finally rearrested and ate now held hv the military. FROM CANADA. TlUtlster Suspended—Lord .Houck Cett- aund-Fuv. Ottawa. .C. WFebruary 2.—Rcv, W. D. Bahia, recently acquitted of the charge of murdering his ckrku c °-* c,, ° a ft ?.°7 N J3^V> ,bmftcr understood here that Lord Monck was censured for hla course in Ihe matter of Lamartude. The mills belonging to n, Corodllcr were de stroyed to-day by lire. 1/JBB heavy. DeatruetSve Fit-cat Ihnrego. Oswxoo. February 2,-1 his morning a fire broke out m the bakery or Dsoqner ii Nsltern, or West First street. Three blocks were destroyed. Loss .bout *50,000. The bakery. Merchant? UnK! express office. Roche’s drug store. Cooper’s con ectiocery, Tuttle’s photograph ca lery.ltussel A Guackenbury’s liquor store, Btm Jb Lynch’# liquor store and billiard rooms, and Peobam A \\ albnoge s nrdcitsklng rooms were destroyed. Insurance trom ?!5,0u0 lo *25,000. Break -dp in tbe Ohio Utvcr. WitKEUKo.Vs., FcbruirvS.—The Ice gorge in the river broke here Saturday attemoon, enrymg off the steamer* New State, Hillman, Eagle and Booth. Batelle & Co.’e large wharf boat Eagle was secured a lew miles trom the city, consider ably damaged. Tho Hlilman, New State and wharf boat were, at last accounts, still floating away with the ice. Damage unknown. Weather thawing. River very high. From Near Orlcao*: ItswOsuuxa, February 9.—ln the legislature to-dsy the act-which passed last rear exempUng property to certain cases from taxation, was amended to include any property whlcb bao been itFcd by the military or civil authorities of ibe tolled State*. Hlghtvaymcn Sentenced. Wnxcsiuims, Pa., Feb. 2.—The alx men who a t'ckcq and robbed the wagon of the Hope Ex- I me. between Kingston and WUkesbarrv, ou tne wb of January last, of UMNO. were to-day sen tenced to tbe PcnHfnlisry for five yesrs each. 1 be money was recovered. From Arkansas, lonamxz. Kentucky, February B.—A gentle man Just from Aikanc* re ports* General Ord moving bis headquarters from Utile hock to Fort Smith. The AVte fro, a Raulcal paper at Fott Smith, ts reported os about suspend ing In publication onlaccount of the anlago&istlc reeling there. Obituary—Woollen mill Operatives on a Strike. Boston, Han., February 2.-James P. Oils, a wvll Vuovu lournalUt, dir d to-dar. m 1 of Middles ex WoollenJHUls, SVc I,ulk ' ln «>«■?»■«• or • * Bartruordinsry Sr ,he Richmond Examiner.} lomSS 1 a col °fcd woman, formerly be- F&SIBWBasS or tbo .reclon was a contemporary of S j Boliogbrokc—though nrob«hw ftnd beard of them. A colSred wL,. Bbc nev ® r Caroline James, died in H{ehicond n nn U> r mo<l day, at tbc advanced ?«?SiSylS was married bnt once I "nd of tMity-flvcchlldruD. She „ 111 the eThcnjUoa ol Richmond, and wS th- IS 1 ? ‘ U “ C ° r Mr ' D - C ‘ “*oSo THE INTERS AE mPROfEHEHT BILL. Important Debate In UteHooae of Rep* reeenlatlvea on the Canal BUI. The following it the debate on the Internal Improvement BUI in the House of Represent atives at Sprlnfifleld, on Thursday, January Mr. CmU>s moved tbst the House resolve itself J°'° Oflhe Whole for the coastdera ®on ol the special order, being House bill No. ®°?l 80tcl for canal and nver Improvetneuts. Mr. hniioou vu ctllod w the chair and the Clerk proceeded to read the bill, of the LIU.* lbtn re * d to ® firtt xud second sections Mr. MuFptrr moved to amend so as to In wovetoe*nt« ~,lkak< * ltiTtr tn the proposed la- reJoloSS?” EP ° ke bplefly Bn PP°rt of the ile regarded this nnprovementof as ranch coo scqucncc to the bUte as the Mlsalssippi River VVa** there any gentleman who would not ac knowledge the importance of the Mismsstpol River to the interior ol the State f or who would deny that Lake Michigan was Important to the Interest oflhe State I Was it right for ns to say that because nature bad dote so much tor us we shou d not do anything for ourselves? Natur* had not only given us the Mississippi River and iAee Michigan, but she had given us a land com rouulcauoi. between twoot the greatest cities of the Northwest. We onir need a small portion of the revenue of the Stele to open up this great to ■etnal revenue of commerce, whicn would cam Horn our Stale products which must find a market at the East. Another thing which induced the Mends of the I*lll to bring fonmo tbe measure, was tha' the la tere* lof the bialc demanded It. It only needed a glance at the changes m Ibc commercial history Uf Do past ten years lo ace that our at -mu to fartern marketa were not Urge enough. Mare of UJinolv was pre-tmlneowy an agneultu ml btate. bbe had cent men bare, nine-tenths of whom represented an agricultural population, the only diillculiy now, was, thel they did not h.tvo the benefit oi tbeirproductloQß.bccaase their avenues to market were blocked up. Phis was an imuottaut f> store, and he believed It was a press ing one upon those who rettresoolsd an agricultu ral constituency: he rvguded tUa meaanru as one ul (he must important of the session, and be hoped time would be no (actions opposition to the mil. lie wanted to pres* nt the matter so that the Gen eta! Assembly might understand it and look at tastier coolly and dispassionately, and DM be hasty tn tnolr action. It was dUQcuit lor them in the sboit time of the session to accomplish Im partial legislation. Tber ban nut lime to uerlcct ihohlll m a manner satisfactory to all. but Uto Committee bad given a great portion ut ilii tr time to It. and bad wisely abstained from putting 100 many sections in tho bill. ‘lbo uhloct of (ho hill was lor the purpose ol lnaiigoratli.g tbe mivrpiiso Inr the purpose of providing more means of commerce, During the latt year over tu>,u bushels or grain bas sought the market of tie lot t and the Houib seat. IhU grain, It loaded up and placid In a Doe, would more than reach across Iho Atlantic Ocean. Wo must haw modes uf commercial nuci course that are necessary to carry o 2 bulky anlck-s, I'hoMalo of llltuuN during the year IH3, hid raised 187,UUO,Wj bushels of corn, which was worth twnity-eavcn coni* a bushel more than (bat raise In Indians, who bad s canal to take oti her productions. Why was this? ih>- cattse lc cost us twenty cent* a bushel to get our cornu*muikct. It was pot local In Its nature Tho Mississippi River was as important to us In iho eastern pari ut Uto Hiato as to those of the Wotctu part, and by this Improvement nts opemd up an awnne of coram-nce, Rast and We*t, sna the people of this State must seek a mmket hero or at the Gulf of Mexico, or at ibc East. lie asked that the hill might l»e Iboroisgbly d)s cua»cd, and tho friends might lie allowed to per feci iu lie was not disposed to speak generally upon tho features or the b((i. hoi us wished that Uero might br an onoonnnUy for a frank expres sion ol opinion, and that there wunld not be any lactionr opposition to tbc bill. Mi. Jowl* said he hid hoped that the gentle man from Bureau would have more fully explain* i i d tbe first section of the Util. There were mature In it which ho comd not or did nouunderstand, -i.a uthi wa* in regard to tho plan adopted by the Canal CoikuißMokc.b thirty year* ago. He wa no. sully what Ihtl was. tie did not wish loaimck Uu- bill as a local mailer or otherwise, ini he uoulu like to inquire whether at thU Mm, admitiing tho necessity of providing some Uitup pints for getting our freight to mirkoi it voitlu ?>u a good policy fur the feme to launch our into a sarye nyeteta of Internal im provements. If the ooject of this njij was jiiopcny undcrscood by turn, U involved a very larco expenditure, a* d was a matter of very great Importance, and ne desired that theretnlebt ne a tuls, fair dtocutslon as to Ihcpobcy of going Into ibis at present He had noticed, irons tne Audit or’s r tMsrt, that «o were not Jikely to bo able to pay even (be current expeotcFot the Stats under the present rase of luxation. ’lbe expenses of the Slate were naturally increasing every year, and be thonuht that, under each circumstances, we should ascertain how much we were to be called upon to expand In Ibis gigantic enterprise. Lei ne know what would be required of us before we commit onreelres. He was In ta« or of Internal tmprovemerts in the felatejnat so ta*t as the people wore able to carry them ont without burdening themselves too gtratly, nut he had not jet been able to make up •■is mind to go Into these things too largely at the wesen juncture. He did not desire to see thu Central Assembly rash too hastily luto matters which iimlcht take twenty years to finish, or to patcb an. He fell that there was a grave responsi bility Testing upon the representatives of the people lu regard to Uus matter, and he dftJirod lo give !■ due constdetaiion. Mr. Ileumcr did not rise to speak upon the delaltoofthebilL The Cm question to t«estab ished was tbc uropi lety ot the measure attempted Re wished to stale the question d totiucclr. as be un derstood ii. it was a proposition to take part ou behalf ot the Mato of lllmoto, in a great system of water Irnprov, menu, it bad pleased God to place •bis Mate oi ours as an letbma* from tho great lakes to the great river ol Iho West, It had pleased IZmi lo mark oat this channel on (he Uii iioia River a* r channel throngn which ths con nection couM be effected. If they did not seize bis advset go and apply It (be public good, they were derlie.t in their duty, not only as ((opre scntotlvcs, but ai citizens or this State. Be ad ir.ltted tba: unless the friends of this measure «oaid sasiify tho legislature that the taxation sought to be imposed was uot a local, bnt a State tax, they should not ask It, but it was not a local measure. Lake Michigan was on the northwest acd the Mtotlsolnpl River on ibe northwest. It needed a channel between these important bodies, and ar. artificial canal was one of the necessities of this country. There was mating across (be northwestern part ot the Stale one of the finest streams, running ibro-tgh one of tbe finc&tvalleys In the world. No valley in the world was so magnificent lu It* pros pects as (he valley bo»(c*nog the Mississippi Inver the plan was to ase the Illinois River, already es* 'abllffced. hnd the canal airesdjr began by the Mate, as om- oflbc cbaunela. It was not forme purpoec of bcneflulng the lower Mississippi alone, bni the u{.p?r Mississippi, which was being developed cv.ry day. Civilization was aapldly spreading through that country, where, four or five years cro, the foot of ibe white mao had not trod. All rha prodm-eofMlunnestota, upper lowa and vvesiera WDcon-ln; all through ihal country moving down the Mississippi River, wh ch was at present obstructed by natural ohstiuctlocs. 7hc a«opd pi oposmon wa** to open a canal from ihe Mississippi River al or near Rock laland,down to the Illinois River. The magnitude and Impor tance of these great improvements sought to be accomplished were national, and these United States were bound to give to tbe people of there five Slates. Interested in these Improvements, a'l the aid that was necessary; hut it Congress would not act upon it, they must do it themselves, and carry out the measure. Give naan outlet from the Mississippi River to the Illinois River, and the people of the country don’r care tor these railroads. They can get ont by another channel. Astothe probable cost of this enterprise, bo had consulted General Wilson, who was charged with this survey, and ascertained from him that, as a maximum figure, so much of this improve ment as laid in tbe State of Illinois, could be com pleted at a cost of fIB oui,ooo. Mr. Rbcnxh. Will the gentleman allow me to B‘k him a question! Mr. Uchlbut. Certainly. Mr. Bbcneb. I would like to know how much of this system of internal improvements, to which the gentleman has called our attention so eloquently vmurace.. tu mu Mr. Quulbut. All of It that lies in the State of ilhuuls. There was not a State bordering on the Mississ ippi or Ohio Rivers, which was not ioteretea in laving (be easiest and tbe best water common!- cstlon from thete streams lo the lakes, and so to tho Atlantic. We were not hero to lay a general tax tor any locality. He denied that the Legisla ture bad any right to lax the entire property of the country for any purpose than a benefit apply ing to the great bulk of the people, and he felt it incumbent upon himself to say that this was not the general tendency of this measure, and if they could, without hardening the people too much, create these great water channels through onr country, they would have done more lo develop tbe resources of the State than any one thing that any Legislatures ever did betore. Mr. Ktxlr thought that it would be highly ap p'oprlatc to consider the first three sections of the bin together, and moved that the third section be resd. which was done. Mr. Suirlet moved to smend by strldinr out auction two, and inserting as follows: There shall be electro by the qnttlS»d voters of each Coucresstonal District of this Stare sI the next generate! ertun, to bo held on the first Tuesday after Ihe nr*i Monday In Novcmbernoxt, amt bien nially on said day thereafter, id the fame manner** members of Congress are elected, one Canal Com miseioner forsnch District, who shall be commis sioned hr the Governor, and hold his office for the leua ot two yearv. and until bta successor shall be elected and qualified. Ihe thirteen Commission ers cleared as aforesaid shall be known as the Bostd of Canal and River Improvement. Aar *»*«•*? bT death, re*ignatlou or removal from the State, may be filled by the Governor; hot no such appointment shall extend for a greater period Ir an the next regular election, nht-o such va cancy shall be filled by election In the Congres sional District where tuch vacancy shall have oc curred. Mr. McnruT moved to amend as follows * Amend the eleventh line ol tho first section to read. “De# Plaines, Hlino's, Rock and Kaikaakls rlvera.'’ Hr. Bond raid that he would endeavor to tnrnbh •one of the InlorniatloD which had been asked for oy the gentlemen from Douglas, too by other getUemen. In reference to ibe extent and proba able cost of the improvements called for by thia bill. The plan adopted by the Canal Commissioner in In'S, Included the deepening of the Illinois Hir er, and for tbts work the amount estimated as needed was only s2.onr,OOU. Hr. Guns (of Do Witt), desired to ask how tnneb of this sum it was proposed to expend be tween Hennepin and the mouth of the Illinois. Hr. Bond. All of it. The estimated cost of the deerenlrj* of the Illinois & Michigan Canal was (t'UXMXO, of which, by the provisions of the bill, Chicago pays (3,U Oj-cl. leaving only $(, 000,1)00 to bo paid by Ibe biste. The expenses of the im provement of the Rock River bad not yet been carclutly computed, but the rsOmale tor a deoth ot eevm feet was $4,000,000; but it was not con templated to secure t&is depth, but-only foot, whlcb would cost onlr 0,000. 2he Illinois JtHiselsstppi Canal was estimated to cost |4.tMa,rao, and me sum total in round nrmbera leqnlrbd by cartfhl estimates Is but $15,01X1,000 tor the completion of the lonr distinct works contemplated in this bill. Ot tab amount U ts proposed to memorabre Congress for aa ap propriation of $7,000,000, which amoent. It was conhx-eutiy hoped, would be obtained. The city of Chicago, by ihc terms of thisbUL tumiahea |3.«O,WX). Mr Jones would like to know to how great a distance Imm the city of Chicago this appropns lion was intended to apply. Hr. Bond. The city or Chicago has already contracted for and is encaged In deepening six teen mues ot the Illinois and Mkhtsan Canal kauing from that city, ai an expense of one mil lion Cw hundred thoaiat-d dollars, an by the provisions of the bln it was left optional with thtm to expend the ballance of me three millions of dollars or pay it into the stare treasury. The coutties bordering upon the Illinois River will give t-o millions of dollars, which, pro vicing Government elves us an appropriation a» expected, lca>oa only five millions of dollarm lor tne Mate to foinleb. By oa annual Ux of ;ne million of dol-ars per Tear, or un li> ibe romtltutionis so amended that bonds cm "c iftu. u m case uo Government aid la obtained, ftr the i ayxnmtol which they will haw the lm mtnse itM-rne accruing from the canal, so that the lean* whltfi gentlemen entertained oiaaadllug CHICAGO. MONDAY, FEBRUARY I. 1867. the Stale with ts Immense debt would be found Soundless. Ihe opinion of the Committee wa« at with Government aid the whole work coaid he completed in six rears, end without lotvlng (be State a dollar of debt. Gentlemen spo*o of Uss a local matter. As earl/ aa ISS3 tha State commenced the agitation of this great question of tuternal improvements, at a time when there were Icm people In the whole State of Illinois Dun are cow in the single county of Cook, when Chicago waa only an Indian agency, aud all of the S-ale tired far south of tiiey then considered three Improvements a matter ox importance to the whole stale. Be considered it now of importance and value to every part ol the State; and h* believed that the people would sot only not object to taxation, but wonld gladly pay the tax woen the under stood how much to their benefit it would be. The bill had been carefully considered by the committer, and critically examined by the engi neer* appointed to surrey the contemp a’wl work, and he believed u to be well designed lor the pm* pones desired, Mr. Murphy 1 * amendment waa lost. Mr. Pabkxu moved to amend aa follow*: Amend eleventh Hue, first section, to read Ilea Piaiues, Kankakee, Illinois and Rock Rivers. Mr.. nia stated be was In favor of the pro posed improvement, and his only objection waa to the second section, which gave to too Commis sioners enormous power. They were Ur deter mine the character aid location and plan of tna improvement and the amount to be expended In *uy particular Ironrovemem at any given time. The Governor bud power to appoint throe Com missioners, who, with himself acd the Secretary of State aud the Auditor of state constituted tula boaid of Canal Commissioners, ibis placed the entire subject wltnin the control of Hie Governor of tho Mate, as the three Commissioners he would appoint with himself would make a majority, ibis board waa to autermiue when tho work should commence, and the amount of money to be expended, and they field, their office for the term of six years- Although in favor of ibU svs tw») ol Improvement, ho was opposed to placing mueh power m ‘ho bonds of one party, in- proposition or the member from Maconpln was to U-avc ibis to the people, aud ll was nut P< o]».-r that the people ot tboS>ate should decide « ht. o these Improvements should bo made, as they were to lout the entire hilt IPr there was no assurance thst C'ongrcM would donate a slnile dollar. Hall probability the State of Illinois would {.arc to pay do bill, aud yet (be bill did not propose to consult a single cltlxen outside or Hts Lxcclirccy tho Governor. The Governor, before appointing, wonld or might know the proclivities of (he ComihiMlonlis lie desired to appoint, and wl;cie and Low long they designed to work. A tax of two mills on the dollar would raise au im mense sum of money, which waa to bo pat into the hands ol a man not chosen by tha people, hut chosen for an entirely different place. Before he cuuld vo o tor Dm measure he desired to know where it was proposed to commence ihn work, and bow tone the work would continue at (bat particular pom». He said this with all das respect to Ms Excellency, tho Governor: Imi all mm were liable (o be urcjnillced aud bad (bole peculiar notions especially in regard to sogt'su t'r ot. undertaking ns this was. There weta five different improvements in (be bill The first was (o deepen the prevent Illinois nod Michigan Canal, but the Commissioner* were not hound to do ibst In the Oral place, and mlshtdo ••.rufthlKg else. Another Improvement was, to dig atiollur canal ©cross too Mississippi luvnr, aud bleb of tbeeo would the Coinntixfouers dratcoai meter to work at. and how long continue (ho work on cither of (hi m f Again, it was proposed to Im prove the Illinois river, hut the Commissioners allow *bc entire* six rears to expire before cum meeting that work, and there should some socu- Hty bo given for tho performance of their duties. The Imm pie of tho Binte were to taxed, anl ho desired this work should be for tho enure Stale, and not confined fo any pernllir locality, and al though the hill pruftssca to be general In It* na ture, it might ho made local and special, aud tor that reason ho should oppose It unless the pro posed amendment was Inserted, Mr. Ban.rr considered that every member rep resenud a twe-foh) interest, and mould look hoi merely to the people ol his osneounty, bat ol tne whole State. He was governed by no narrow con siderations, hut his constituents were pccaliir.y situated as icgards this queeUpn, and were not so ViiaJJy interested as other coantlea, oat loot fact would not loilnrnce hi* vote. Ihu measure had been shown up In a very rose-colored light, aud he did not know tnat it hadheenexigeoratod. lie bell- ved ihr lime would c«m« when this m<*jsurc wonld ho uSecti'd, but h-iljubiod the propriety of •neb an expenditure of means at Present. We were limit Ml by the Cotisiltut'on to a vi-ry small taxation, and oar revenues were not large. 11« thought that it sll the vppropnatioßS were made which Mere contemplated, there would b> very left in tee Treasury for this purpose, Thu war left npen the ]>coplo an nominal ourden of taxa tion. iahtsosn locality the peoph* were paying a tax of about eight per cent upon the entire as eitscd value of the property. Be did not wish to he nedettood a* opposing tho final passage of the bill, bat be was opposed to auy action In ibis mat ter at the present time. Mr. Kgarp moved that tho committee rive, rc- Sort srogreas, and ask leave to sit again on Taes ay next at v o'clock p. in. ibc Speaker resumed the Chair, and the Chair man ol the comml tec, Mr. iiinimoor, reported progress, and asked leave (osit again la accord ance with Mr. Knapp's potion. A BEMABKABIE STOBT OF CRI&G. Embezzlement of $40,000, and Extra ordinary Pnnullfcßd Arrest of the Culprit* tFrom the New York Tribune, January 31.] On the 80th of October laM, George Cal vert,the messenger of the firm ofC.G. Parka & Co., brokers at No. 34 New street, was sent by the firm with *40,000 In gold checks or certificates to deposit in the bank. Instead of doing so. Culvert went to the Sab*Trcasnry and exchanging three of the certificates, which were of the denomination of $5,000 each, procured instead fifteen SI,OOO certifi cates and disappeared. He was soon misled by the firm, who sent to the bank and found that no deposit had been made. Information of the affair was at once con veyed to Superintendent Kebnedy, at Police Headquarters, but the members of the firm, strange to say, knew nothing of bis autece dents, or when* he resided in this city. The case was given to Cantaiu Young of the de tective force, and he ‘detailed Messrs. Mac dongal and Gilmore to look it up. hut all chance of obtaining any duo to the thief seemed hopeless. Telegrams were sent to all parts of the United States and Canada to look out for Calvert, but week after week went by and no trace of him could be lound. In a case of this kind, dido times out of tea thcic U a woman concerned in It, and once learning her whereabouts the remainder Is easy. By means best known to themselves the detectives learned that Calvert had been in the habit of visiting a young woman earned Emma Dnmas who lived on Mercer street. On the day that Calvert disappeared, and within an hour after he bad left the ollicc of his employe's, be appeared at Emma’s boardiug-honsc, and without wait ing to pack up a single article she had driven off with him, since which time she had not returned to claim her property. Here was a clue at least, but where they had gone to was another matter. They learned also that white in this city Emma had been Intimate with a man named George Ricard, for whom she professed the ardent attachment- some times exhibited by women of her class, who, however degraded they may be, must ap parently gratify their womanly instincts by loving some ore. It was almost certain the woman would In time communicate with Ricard, and, accord ingly, his movements were closely watched for the space of six weeks. Daring this time the detectives received information on one occasion that the fugitives had been seen at Troy. >’. Y., but the trail was lost as soon as found. They had merely staid there for a few hours and then left. Atlength, at a new turn, a letter was sent by the detectives to Montreal, Canada East, and addressed to the girl, purporting to comefrom a friend In this city, and giving some unimportant news. The answer came from a small town In Ver mont, and, although the contents were of no avail, It was Important, as showing that the letter was taken from the Post Office at Montreal. About this time fi loo t Ri card left the city, and it was believed that be must have gone to rejoin the girl and Calvert. Still the officers were as far as ever Irom knowing exactly where the fugitives were. At length, about a month ago, a letter was sent, purporting to come from a lady friend, stating that valuable ar ticles ol jewelry had been received at the house in Mercer street, from an old lover of Emma’s, directed to her, and asking what disposition should be made of them, and likewise the property she had left behind. In course of time a reply was received that a messenger would be sent for them. A telegram was’ then sent, stating that the articles would not be dclivcted to any one but a trusty friend of Emma’s. The re sponse was that one would at be sent, and on Thursday last R.card called fur the articles. He was at once arrested by Macdougal and Gilmore, who bad been anxiously waiting for him, and taken to Police Headquarters. There he was questioned by Captain Young and the detectives, but declared that he knew nothing nboat Culvert and the woman. He was searched, and in his possession was

found a bill of exchange Issued by a Montreal broker, and, what was of Infinitely more value to the officers, a policy of insurance on the household fhrniture and clothing of the fugitives, issued by the Royal Insurance (. ompany of Montreal. The policy of course contained the number of the house, which Is situated on Cat heart street. This was all the information needed. Detective Gilmore at once colled upon the fins of Parks A Co , and acquainted them with the result of the long aearch, and one of the firm (Mr. C.J. Osborne) decided to go to Montreal with the detective. On Friday rooming Rlcard. who Is suffer ing from consumption, and had passed a very bad night, concluded that It was useless to struggle longer, and garc Detective Gil more a letter, addressed to Kmtqe, In which he recounted his Illness, and implored her to use her influence with Calvert to induce him to return the money to Its owner, and thus rc *|cve him (Rlcard > from bis confinement. Before starting a telegram was sent to Em tna, purporting to come from Rlcard, stating mat everything was all right; that he would leave this city on Friday in the 12d5 p. m. train, and asking to be at the depot In Mon trtal in time to meet him on his arrival. At the time indicated Gilmore and Mr. Os borne left the city, and on reaching Montreal on the following day Calvert and tmma were the first persons whom the de tective and his companion met as they alighted from the car. Mr. Osborno was so bundled up and disguised that Calvert did not recognize him, and the detective was of course unknown to him. Proceeding at once to the offlccofMr. Pen ton, the Chief of Police, Gilmore acquainted him with the object of their errand, and he prolcseed hla willingness to aid them. Tbo necessary papers were granted by Justice Coureol, and the house in Catbcart street was visited without delay, Emma, on the entrance of the officers, was engaged in taking a rousie Icsrou. She was informed of the nature of the visit, and tbo letter ot Ricard placed in her hand. On reading it she at once professed her wil lingness to aid the officers. While engaged in conversation Calvert drove up in a sleigh, and on entering the boose demanded to know the reason of the Intrusion. He pro fessed not to know Mr. Osborne, and In the coolest manner Imaginable ordered the party from the huure. iie was taken into cnstodV and centered to the office of the Chief of Tho house was then searched, ana m the trunk of Calvert was found the most dfiS? il en P ro l>«rty- It consisted of fire gold certificates, fire SI,OOO cold cer ft «J» bill of exchange for $3,000. Lr was found upon tho when arrested, and a small sum of gold In the trunk. ♦Kr?.. l V e , ar Jl Vft .\ of lh « Party at the office of Chief of Police, Calvert was found to be a great deal more tractable than a few hours PvSI . 1 ?. l,d b . e offered. If given $5,000 In gold, to relinquish all claim to the remainder. J«Kbcd at for his assurance, aud offered SIOO In currency. Finally, to save the trouble and expense of a long and tedious litigation. the wise not coming within the limits of the Extradition treaty, Mr. Os borae consented to give Calvert the farnl ture the house Id which he. lived, a horse and «hich with which he bad provided him- e J find this was accepted Information of the successful termination °‘Die affair was telegraphed to Superintend ent Kennedy, and Rlcard waa on Monday taken before Justice Hogan at the Tombi and released from custody. „ The case is one of the moat Interesting ever brought to the notice of the detective force and certainly displayed a great deal of cool’ ness and judgment m the manner In which It was worked up. Calvert, if wo mistake not, will be heard from again In a blmllar way. He had con Milted a lawyer at Montreal, who had assured him that he could not be harmed for what be had done while be remained In Canada, and this wiU explain his bold and defiant air when first arrested. Had he but placed the money in a bank to his account, he would have oc casioned the officers a great deal more trou ble. Ho is aecd shout twouty-oight years, a native of Bt. Johns, New Brunswick, and has tho appearance of being a smart, shrewd mao. It Is stated that several years since ho embezzled a considerable sum from a firm In Bt. Johns, for which he has never yet been punished. rcarfnl Acrtticnt on tlic firaml Truok ftalUvny, iFrttn the DetroitTrtbme and Advertiser Peb. I.J Un Thuraday, about one o'clock p. in., an accident—miraculous In iU uaturo—occurred about hnlfa tnlle coal of Brauiford, «u the Grand Trunk Railroad,which roaultcd In one poor fellow being hurried Into the presence cl bis Maher wittiout hardly a momont’a warning, and one paaaenger car being substantially demolished. Tho particulars of the uyfurtunato offalr, aa wo learn them fiom passopgers who arrived here, oro aa joilowaj Ae Iho morning express train, bound west from Buffalo, wuo nearing Drantlord—nruba- My within a mile and a half of that plaeo— the locomotive encountered a broken rail, and waa thrown from the track. The balance ol the train, consisting ol a baggage car and one passenger conch, tho Inttcr un comfortably filled with travellers, fob lowed In iho wukc of tho engine, and was drawn with great velocity over tho I ce, U la estimated, follW o mile. At this point tho coupling between the baggage and passenger car* broke, and tbo Jotter suddenly reeled over and was precipitated down an embankment, probably a distance of fifty foot. Although crowded with pas sengers, none wore seriously Injured, but quite n number were more or leas scratched and bruised. \\ hen the danger was first discovered, the brakeman, who resided at the town of Clin ton, out whose name we could not a«eortain. Jumped out upon (bo forward platform of the passenger coach and vigorously applied the brake. At the same time, the conductor did the tamo ut the rear end of the car, which, doubtless account* for the coupling helm: broken. Be that as It may, us boon as the connection was severed the ps-sengor coach went over, as before stated. The conductor saved himself bv jumping from the platform but the passengers, unable to extricate them, selves, were thrown into the greatest conhi. Mon and whirled over and over by the evo ntlong or the descending coach. The brakeman. when the coupling broke, was thrown heudforemsot from his station upon the track, and must have been almost billed. His head was cut otf and v %v . v Bcvcrc « 1° the region of the breast: bo\h legs were taken off, and his body was morgor less otherwise horribly mutilated. Thfedcceased was a young man not more ihanvlweoty years of age, and his heroic conduct In endeavoring to safe the lives of passengers fs highly spoken of. The efforts of the conductor arc also praised In this connection. Under the circumstances, the accident was a miraculous one, and It is almost imoossi bio to conceive why there was not an im mense sacrifice of life. Among the passen gers were several Detroiters and John B Gough, who was on his way west to fulfil lecture engagements. A Sc&ool Girl Burned to Death* fFioaitbc SpnngfieldjtMaw.) Republican, Jsna »ry 29.] . A shocking accident occurred at the Bridie Street Primary School,lmmediately after the tnorolojr recess, yesterday, which resulted , In the death of Melissa C. Donavan, one oi I the pupils of Miss Pearl’s department. She 1 was seated by the store IfPtbe lap of one of ; her schoolmates, when her clothing, which I was made of cotton material, took lire. She became frightened and ran about the room, breaking away ftom the teacher, who en deavored to smother the flames with a shawl, and bad her own clothing and hands epvciely horned In the attempt. Every par ticle of the child’s clothing was burned ex cept her shoes and stockings, and the springs from her hoop skirt were scattered in all parts of the room. She finally dropped on (hefloor Insensiblc.haviug Inha’led the flames. Her body was blistered and scorched black, and her tongue and threat charred nearly to a cinder. She was carried 10 her boarding bouse between 11 and 12 o’clock, and died In about an boor afterwords. Dre. Stickney and Lucas were Immediately sum monca, but could do no more than alleviate the pains of the death which was inevitable. ■ She was nine years of age and the daughter of John employe In the armory. She has lived at Mrs. E. P. Goodnow’s, on North Chnrch avenue, for two years, with her father and older sister, and is spoken ol os a very amiable and intelligent girl. Much praise is due Miss Peatl, the teacher, for the presence' of mind and courage she displayed, fur although but a few minutes elapsed from the time the child’s clothes took fire till she lav senseless on the floor, the utmost confusion jprevalled, the children being all scired with a panic, and rushing madly in all directions. The school-room is heated by a large sized soapstone stove, which is very easily made red hot, and Is unprotected by guard or fender. It is not at all suitable for such a purpose, and the wonder Is that acci dents of this kind have not occurred before. A BOUOES? PARADISE. Chicago and Hep People as Seen by Jealous Eyes—oar Friends Abroad. Were any one disposed to donbt that Chicago has outstripped all other cities west or the sea board, and distanced doubt wonld be diapellen by reading the diatribes almost daily appearing in the papers of some one or other of those cities w hose apologia** are renneed to the necessity ot crying “soargrapes,” and fake a melancholy pleasure In decrying that which they Cab never bipe to rival. Wc have read many of these denunciations of Chicago aud her people, bnt have not in recent days seen one which contains more of the sple netic than an article which purports to hare been written In Springfield, 111., and appeared In the last received issue of tne St, Louis fieputlicai. « c print U willingly lor the information of onr readers, because It Is of great value to he able sometimes to know wbst onr ‘Clearest friends” really say ol ns. and what they think, or wish others to think about ns. The very fact that we are ame to read and laugh over each exhibitions or spite is proof enoagh that they do not in the leaallouchua on the taw—“onr withers are ua wtnng:” The following Is the COMTOBTIOX. The Chicago lobbyl-is are here in full feather and overflowing Lato the passions, they arc a numerous crowd, imperious, positive analond. Unlike the same crowd, as aescrihed ojr tnolher poet, Collin*, they outnumber them teree to one. Externally, they are all an vxccs* slvely well-conditioned people, with garment* ol flartt cloth ana exquisite fit and finish, they strut the portico of the third bouse and rrvscat an ap. oearaoce exceedingly Imposing. The ratal mem* l*er» ot the Legislature (ail rot to mla'ake ib*n» for gentlemen; Indeed, only an experienced eye ana an ol aeirant mind can detect them. We are clad to know that these worthies are falling into disrepute at headquarter*. It is now disclosed that innda intended for bribing members bare railed to reach their appointed destination. Chi* raro lobbyists, with an eye aingl- to th-lr own cecnnUty Improvement. have hepD detected in appropriating fnnds intended for Senators and «epre«niatlve»(aalssaid). and permitting them lo rus' in their own dirty pockets. Chicago is a Mg thing in general, ana.twonld be noteworthy if scch a cormplinsiltcilon shall fill m furnishing the necessary material for a whole race of rascals Uni lobbyists are nol indigent to any particular locail'j. Those of Chicago arc vastly more exces sive in their greed. Since the return of the Gene* rial Assembly to their respective bouses, the third branch has tecetved acc-aaions, significant of their ti nadir ana their trepidation. There Is large won ana some danger to this third body, things work roughly tor their interests, and the dear people ate being apprized of their real cha'- acter. bew faces and ur.nsual forms bare ana* denly appeared—the old lobbyists being bo welt known. Gentlemen with muacst inns, with less Imperious manni!*, stand innocently by, and if occasion offers, nttcr the merest platitudes in iavor of the threatened rights of the people, and their subjection to odions monopolies, and so forth. These are a ircenl Importation of lobbyists Irom Chicago, and are bedered to come la the in* (ere» ta of the warehousemen. .None who have read the papers for tte last few months, can fail to be impressed wiib the neces sity fora revialcnhy legislative intertereuee, of the system of fraud ana thieving, carried on In ibo virtuose city ot Chicago, under the name of the Eletator business. The result or (he whole system Is two-fold: first, a systematic, deter mined robbery of every tanner and grain shipper, who»e Inclination or necessities compel him lo consign grain to that sink of hand, theft and per jury. Ard secondly, the building up ot large fcruinas by theihirvee and perjurers who run and own the Oevarora. Chicago has, no doubt, many reputable busl res* mcr; but the Is provided with many of tbem In manner substantially a* follows: a young man rows up la some communities with a ques tionable knowledgeof vtcun and {tnmi;and having a seitled dturcmiuaiM'D to eznibu these pe culiarities of character which are regarded as crav- Ita'li'C to*ard the penitentiary. After a brief conise of petty trend In hla own circumscribed tccatlfr, he relieve* its citterns of Its goods and chattels and hla presence, at a single coup ,* pres ently working his way to Chicago. This modern Alsatia ia sure to bring him up, aid there be finds exactly la bis tastes (bat fraud la a business, and trickery, per -sn»y and murder constitutes a profession. If he is a doctor or aspire* to that dignity, he becomes an abortionist. If be was n pea-nut peddler, be gets Into the Board of Trane, is a grain specn Istor, and eventually a dfebooest warehouseman. If be nas a barkeeper, he opens a cifteiterpiLe and elves concern. If he was a lawyer, a pro fessloral bnVgtar or a constable, ho directly bloom* lo (hat ftmgoralbtg atmosphere Into a detective, whose business it h to swear away men’s byes or women's reputation, tad to levy mopm,. Or If hl.pre.- si co is Imposing and hu manners courteous be tton’ir ra^ mm, whose ambi tion it M to run a railroad without paying for t*~ "PPA 6 , 9 - business system of *his Chicago la one of short weights, yaru-etlcka and doabJe-botioiaed peck measures. “ booking ” Invoices is an 0 v 44 common as to write °? 0 ;. of hotels are bagnios and bouse* of aselgnaiion on a larce scale; gamMiog dens acd haunts ol confidence men. Some o! iho beats are sbnpfy tic places of Issue for elin plaeter* and fraudulent exchanges, and the lesrer masniacioxics torn cm large qaantitlr* of pla'ed lewe ry.boweHrss watches, end fnmiinrc which r«Da to t trees pa the approach of broom or dirt per* Many of the laborer* sre mdigent f-male* ana poop foreigners who pet. their wages in orders on empty stores or checks on banka long riace rt. 0 Portable engtnas. portable only m the attftefa /nftnbra, lo which condition the aUemol to remove them reduces the machinery: and jagons ana linn Implements made of the very best timber, eo well seasoned that tho dry rot has possessed it wholly, and ornamented SJJJ 4 „vrt D L, B,> , more desirable tb*n that which bedaubs the vlaag»a of those whom mo bay witbool slender denominate the women oftho town. Tho cilyewarms with bnl ites.garrolers, and pickpockets, with whom IMa bclievcdlhepollcea»olaleacne: and detectives with whom some of the Jadgee otche minor courts are said to be m oart-ie-ship, so lha* a poor straorer dovil In town, who u chested by one of the business men,” or robbed by one of the confidence mer, or assaulted by one of tae brtlly men, or bia pocket picked by one cl the fast women, stands no more chance of relict; or the poor sauslacilou of eeclnc his enemy locked up, than be does of cutting a bm-less bed, or a break last without roaches, at tht- hotels. The Isctlliy of disguise and versatility ol talent exblhited by those residents of ihta cttch-basln of Iniquity, are not the lean astonishing leatnres of the place. Tt»e roan who Is a clergyman to-day, who*is a banker yesterday, figuresto-m.-rrow •n a bawdy house, or as Ihv proprietor of a troupe of model artiste (he day after. Tho barkeeper ot to-day baa been a Judco of the Recorder's Court, a dibetivc, a prhato treichmao and a pohccaun; In any one of which cbaiacters he may appear to tnonow. The mcrcbaui of yesterday la too head c#ntre of a gift enterprise now, but In a day ho may bo a del-caU- from Chicago to the iVaror Convention, and presently 1* found whiningihe wheel, or tccordmcEiho number drawn, with a flu ctiCJ length of watch-chain i'Ud brllljsncy of ring and pin, sufficient to astonish the common ntclb'ct. Tho manager ol the bogus Insurance company will endorse the exchaneo sold by tho broken bank, and drawn on on Institution that never ban existence. The thief ’wtarsto the collie credibilityofth• detective, the Preacher sa*lains the professional honor of the dentist who has aUempied rape, or the phy sician who ba« fall- d to cover np the results or the latest abortion. *h6 man who stole a railroad, owing for six months' of labor and six year*’ sup plies. become* personally responsible lor tne good faith of tho tale barkeeper owning the sift enterprise; and the merchant who never pos sessed* pound weight which wonld balance six tetn ounces. Is prepared (o guarantee the honesty o' bis neighbor woo never saw a yarel-stick liurtv six icchea in length. Bote Is another, from Ihe Milwaukee Vtlicontin,' this Is, however, a very lame afiatr compared nltb sumo which have boon vented In the Htllu City of Bricks t A Chicago merchant baa JuM been “ rn’cd out" for doing business five years without falling and defrauding bis creditors. The case Is a solitary ore, and the example will no doubt have lu off ct. W a sre gratifl ( d to learn that (ho merchant pro poses to remove from Chicago and locate In Mil waukee, where all (bo merchants are honest—none ever tail, nor defraud tbetr creditors, and IcgiU male business la appreciated. If a merchant nas broo able to do boslaes* in Chicago five years without tailing, ho will be welcome to Milwaukee as on honest man. aud ouo worthy to associate with our business mm. GAIQULING. Kcuo and lbs Club Room*. A subscriber encloses and calls attention to a small handbill which is thrown publicly about our plac<e of bufllnodi and acnoaccea (hat “a uplondld free lunch will be imetl up every night at the Chicago Keno Club Itooma,” the number, block and room being staled at the dote with sat. UfoctorydcfloKncss. Our correspondent justly thinks that this lathe mortopen and Imondenl ad. tvnitcmcotol a gambling bouse, existing tn d). reel violation of Jaw, that has jet b*«it seen. It w too we I known tbslUtu Cltr Is Infested with can tng det.a of and kirn)*, which ►era out tfatlr decoys to entrap the Ignorant or tmw*ry,wberc they can be bnrefllsitngly robbed of fhcirmoceyeaweiiaa Betf-rwpect;tm<lerUie pretext ot lork,atd by nteana of me excitement* of the game and the strong drink*. Mauy of these places arc moat corcconely fitted op, nud are natronlztfd ny the “opw:rclaae"ofamaieurand professional camblers, ilere the M tiger 11 la found In all bis splendor, with the sorrout aloes of costly fnrnl ture, carpets, mirrors, and paintings, choice uquors, obsequious eervanU, ondanatrofonlet refinement and mystery that add to the fascine tion. Ibe location is known only to the Initiated' Ibe entrance la often through halls and n«»s*ees as numerous as those surrounding a Jlasomc Lodae, guarded by noiselessly moving doors and ooor-kcepcra of keen scrutiny, and every precan- Mun is taken to avoid the eye of the taw and ibe intrusion ot unwelcome visitors. Others are of a rower and cheaper grade, where bard-worUn<» tn »., fougned Wits U.W tolls of the day and read? f or some amusement, may stake their eannnga on too throw of a dirty card, and leave them In the hands ot theta skhtoi md HWapQjoas opponents- But heretofore, throuefa a wholesome fear ol the law,which prescribes heavy penalties against gambling operations, these pla ces have been kept comparatively secluded and nroirctcd by locked doors and heavy curtains. The ‘*kcno dub Booms," however, more danger ous, It posslole, than ihe ordinary gambling don-*, irom the fact that the game la uew and of a char* actor t ot generally understood, are openly thrust upon the public notice. The ‘*spl* naidfrec lunch** L- the bait to allure ire Impecunious and penuri ous. and by the fascinations of a novelty, crowds ol ropnea ana dnpes are allowed to make wav with time, money end morals—whcn any of the latter possessions are Icfr. Jho block in which this concern exists has heretofore been known us a place of • esort by gamblers ana DJacnh-gs, and al hough the operations were conducted in com parative secrecy, >he authorities have been suffl cfenfly aware ot their nature to Meet the Inmates, ;u several cases, from the premises. Tbeatt-n- Jonofour guardians of the jaw is Invited to tilts as well as other illegal Institutions widen aro so antagonistic to the peace, security am morality oltbedy. The anguish of the wives and chil dren v.bose piotcciora are there roobed of that which shoulu go lor their support anucorolbr*, is a enfficicnt appeal, if no ether existed. Vice am crime which cannot be reacbea by law, will a-wayebe tearfully prevalent; where they can be so reached and suppres-ed the admin ictrators of law fail m tnelr duty if .they wink at incm and allow tttem logo unmolested. If the money wasted in gam bling in this city could be turned instead to the purposes ol legitimate business or benevolence, the eSrct for good would be almost incalculable, the moral and law-abiding citizens have a right '-o demand that the statnles of tne Stine shall be enforced, and these promoters of disorder and poverty driven fiom the c.mmumty, or at least compelled to hide their evil deeds from the pub he case. THE PARDON OF ItIOLUB TRCS- SELL, As announced In our of Saturday. Motile Trowel), or Coggrin; was pardoned oat of the penitentiary after a confinement of one month within the walla of that Instiiollon. We did not, however, chronicle the feet that during the whole itme ofherehort Incarceration there ifaenxlcs of the orison were violated In her case by allowing her to wear ner own clothes, to occupy a private room, to receive many visitors, and to faro sump tnonsly. it would be interesting to know what were the influences brought to bear In her rajo, at.d bow much better she lared there than would a virtuous woman who had tailed a man in a fit ol passion. Would the latter have been allowed to evade the panltectiarydre«3 and the penitentiary fare? • Would she have been able to Interest In her case eo many officer* of ins* ucef Nay; had Molllc been an ordinary prosti tute wonld she nave been so much favored? Prob ably cot. When, font yea« ago, Hoxanna Brooks was committed to the pcniteutlarT for a year for a petty theft, she was forced to fere as dm tno re«t of the prisoners, and she served oat her time though there was not a member of the Flr«t Pre cinct Police lotce bnt admitted that she was one of l he most honest of all the bad women under their surveillance. and bad often aided them in brlurtne olletderslo justice. But then, uoxacna was not particularly good looking. During the whole Ume of her incarcer ation no word of complaint was beard that she did not bear her pnntsumcnt meekly. Bnt not a woid was said In her behalf. It baa neen urged that Trowel was a gambler, and that he was of no account la the community. Hist is true; bat she was, and Is, a prostitute. Her life was no more valuable than hi?. Had she been a decent woman who killed him fo protect hcrtelf (Tom Insult, there might have bees some excuse, morally, though If the Jury which sat on the ulal of irapp bad been empanelled In that case. It might bare found her guilty of mntder in the first degree. Trapp killed the seducer of bU «Ifr, and Is “guilty of murder” Moult killed a man on whom she had only an Immoral claim, hvcatue he did not wuther In a saioon filled with blacklegs; she is innocent. The Stoat* Z*i'unq of Saturday last bad the fol lowing in to the case: It is a scandal and a censurable abuse of the pardoning power. It shows that In tnls land of i.ypoctby the crime that walks In tlikaudvelvet »nu jewel* is privileged. Aristocratic pnes'eatei of \ enns can do what they choose; they find those who cwtat at pleasure the waxen no«c of justice, and. at last, a Governor who bolds over them the shield of pardon. Only ihore prosti tutes who are In misery are punished. Molbv Tinssrli can reacme her trade, and we doubt not that she win have a fine business.” It is veil known tbit Immediately after the r'.ocitg of the trill Governor Ogle*by was naked toDtrcon 'he prisoner, ana that the evidence was submitted to him, and that be flsUy refused, ' i ot in the etottfpace of amanthbe naschanged bit mind most have becu due to[a heavy pres -ate. That preaanre must have come from par* Ic* Id Cbicaco. It la bat justice to himself that Governor Oglesby should tarnish to the paohe ■ be rime* of the parties who have so strongly In* ■ crettpo themselves to her welfare, ‘•respectable’* parties as they doubtless are, because the rcore* -♦illations of disreputable characters would have no weight with him. It will be well for the pub lic to know these parties, and Governor Oglesby cannot better explain than by since their names for publication. Ahuzstts.—The young man named Frank Thompson, charged with robbing his employer, Mr. Hriggs, of tbo “ Bnggs House No. t,” as mentioned In Wednesday’s Tbibow*, was ar restee on Saturday afternoon by Detective Simp son, while into g|<o!du pose of some of hla super fluous clothing at a second-hand store, previous to drpartincsouthward, lie was lockeoup at the Central Station. Bt Acrnonxrr.—On Saturday a tittle Incident occurred on Wabash avenue which indicates, loa very slight degree, how the possession of wealth sometimea begets a belief tn the mind of ih* own er that it endows bun with more power and au thority outside of wba! it will purchase than 'hose who live npon the resells of their dally toll. A cartmaa drove up In froct of a fine sxsn«lon. on the atone mentioned, with a load of coal, which bad been previously ordered. Rot for tour or five rods in f.-ont of the premises the shade trees and a nar row grass plat were lenced, and It was qoite out of the question tor the cartman to hack hi* vehi cle up to the s-dewalk that tbs “ black diamonds** mfetu be shove I'd through the uncovered hole lesdlnr to the depository below. The lordly pro prietor therefore bid him drive down below the fenced part and op again directly on the aide walk. This the cartman decidedly objeced to, as being a direct violation of the dty ordinances. He was teenier) hy the occupant ol the premise* that be (tbeoccnpanUbsdai>erniUtrom the Board ; of Pnl>»ic Works allowing each privileges, bat thecaiiiuao wa* tncrvdulou* and obMlnate.* tic very naturally reasoned that if he were found vio lating the ordinances the nurcha-er of the coti would not be looker* to tot the flap, Uc was then loldrwUh considerable asperity that be had no NUMBER 241, brwmesato Lo a drayman It hecoaid out per a fine. Tbe coal was deposited ncvibe aad ils owner waa left to. the oojojmont o I hU OTthi reflections upon the lu equal* tr of our social conditions. ,K’«' A, t BttOTUK *«, imwuiM in’. }*“ P mrb*rn-«i„ receive adTertismeoti w all the itidtßr HDen thnragbaat the Called htatra mad Cnnamms* jHasonic lottos. Masonic.— Attention, str Kairhty. A B totedcon^ are ofChicago l-vr. No. .T„ will be beid at their Asyum, Ko. S 5 i?*”t nustien and Work oa K. T. Order. , JOHV ne~a->!er. JFot Sale, - you SALE. To Contractors and lumbsrmen. 400.000 feet, board measure, ot HEWED TIMBER AND LOGS, SffitZtfii,* {j.aasf’ 1 THORNE de CO* Grove.»l. t toot of Seventeenth. CEo Hent. JQESIKABLE LOFTS TO BENT, At Nos. 60 an-1 63 Wabasb-ar., corner Randjlplut. Icqnire at 06 Lake>st. 2®iaiucb. JJANK TELLER WANTED. rcsuir^f ~IUUDB “ Wrl * oce ' tßfer “ cw * lnil “IWJ “J \V O, 1 * Hf>T may. I'lfr. jftabaua liottetv. JAOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY, Ofllclal Draivtug, January 22,1807, K° PrUe. No. prtw. No. prlis, Ho. Prize. U(dt.,4iod mu.. 4*o »taJs..awy ’RM..,tOO 14-34.... 400 t«m...aOM t«9,..50J £?•••?£ 3® •••**( 1WM...400 wm...n* *&•••;£ 25!”' &u 0 ««*....400 mu... 200 seua...m •<9...M0 WM...W) 14319....4W 191W...4W y.U1...«M ]Bs...rao Ptae.,.M» u«i....a00 tai«...ioo wm...tTo «4...»W 8W...400 H5J6....2C0 1»19)...-JOO 3M19...100 M*»...aoo 1PA4... wo iton...ioo am)...309 14865....1C0 1»>i94..,5W WSHJ...4-J0 55«*“SS Sit"*!® >«9A...i00 inni...aoo «&n...joq wta.,.200 tw0...400 *ii<a...aoo U10...200 i-jni...200 ma ju.-vw sa{7...ato tarn....too aw5t...300 U’s? ~IS S2 1091 ••■ aw 1MW....V00 301W...40J j;oib...wo ti11...a00 WM1...400 i&o»..,^ouvois?,.iuwynu)..iooo i^o..-wo ww...400 urn iDiw.„ao a:m,..uo 1 T1M...400 ««...50C 15T0....40U mfi...4W 1T1N1...400 1W...3C0 1XH...30Q 11335...,400 !W»..IiUJ 3J15N...500 ism... -wo W1W1...40J rtn..i-»j 20.. Sira..,Boo 13JTi....40J 2086a.300 aM...400 W».,.200 15403....400 70571 100 J 2724j„.ac» *01...200 WP7...500 15M9....3M 21W1...300 272 TS ..200 fSM—W> 255... W 15503...1000 31101.,.500 27.Wi.500W W10...540 iasff7..,,4au 2i.«j...jr0 2W»..,j'ju 'IS 2?«***f£2 15C7J....4W 2W47...4M 27t.*t...2au «« W70...JW 150U1....300 21425...400 2710...4C0 8145.. .400 1M22..10ra 15754...,300 214in..50U0 3742J...400 8JM...400 10ni7...2W 157K1....W11t»2. 2WJ iM ai»...20p 1U53...200 15WT....30J 2U01.. JCO 170W...30J SW...MO 1U140...200 Is’<H|..,lU(W J1.M1...100 1M13...MJ «A... 400 1U1C0...200 159U1....3J0 1UM...40Q 2rXU...*» snt...Mo iona...wo i6ou....j>j 21301,..txt 3r»J9...h3 8*43.,,t00 10347...t00 1MU....40D 21715..1000 »■*!«.,.t01) 1KW...4C0 16241....4UU 21758...300 WU0...W0 »W, V 2O) )»!].,.500 10317.,..V(W 21424...»0 4N19i...100 IRU3..>W 16251....200 3t*70...4ni 53tW...3:0 4024.. 10Td...200 10W....4M 2W1...4rt) Wi11...200 40U3,.,5M1 1UU...100 1CJC0....400 2JPiJ...4O>> 74U12...500 40W...»0 K80)..,5U0 34134...411 3N'1V)...204 4sa..tWo 105%..100 1M72....40J WW...3W 23371...100 43nt...H0 1t7W...»0 163W....308 2T0d...50j 3M03...20J 4269.. ,£0 10H0t,..3D0 ib67fi...,4tfi 31A1...3U) iIiW.,.3W 4372.. 200 KMS...4W 18VX....400 Wiffl..looo 33754...J0 «70...4C0 lim...pic 16747....601 21J19...3W i47Jt...|00 £S*“£s .<w 23K1...300 »«u...v« fW...»0 n."31...3W 1&4W....500 •2tfi‘,..ioo KSW...WO 4457.. .4M 11343...203 UH08....300 337W...3V) •.>««...5» 45»...300 11338...400 16PU3....300 2£U9,.]00D 3W97...40D 45g...j00u5»6...«00 16w...:t00 35S:::w> m..yo 4*^311535...400 162X7....200 33013...400 29J0..,3(n 47M...200 11544..,400 17031....5C0 UX>4..,500 33181...900 4989.. .3TO 11704...400 170(12....203 21141...300 79533...500 4W8..1C00 118U...300 170621....300 V*«)...V)O 29663...300 &U1...3L0 11507...700 17077....4J0 23433...400 39719,.15W 5162.. M 11*Q...200 17C(73....:00 531)2...200 »«J...3M 5247.. 13U33...300 17121....300 33168...400 2X314..,400 5314.. 13215...200 17154....200 11553, .*uo UJ46...300 5541.. 17777...300 17*17....400 3mj...400 3JQ11...400 58t5...*0a 13434...400 17345....4U0 3U14...4C0 53Q37...V00 5^3-.1000 12507...300 17160....440 34077...4W SJO76 . 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StM 4929.. .346 7W5...500 15770...400 18175., .400 25453...4W 31300.. 500 7W6...200 13800...300 1J'455....300 iiTU...230 31591.. 7091.. 135P...4 0 1EM3....20U 2)747...670 31C00.. 200 71C6...4C0 13R87...4W 185 M... 400 79(34...300 37718.. 40) 7196.. .300 U814.25C00 18<Vu....2ft) 25«9...4j0 31741 . &M 7365.. 200 14051...400 18738....400 25919,,.400 31762... W) 7371.. .300 14106...401 18758.100U00 26107...J00 3)816.. 560 7372.. 11128...200 187U....200 26163...500 31541...3J0 7354.. 7517.. .400 14167...400 13-G6....500 2-334...5f10 :n«5.. *OO 757H...100 14513...4f0 18919....T00 363U...3M 31901.. 2)0 7351.. 11538...400 19001....200 **«*....« APPROXIMATION PRIZES. 15731.. 27303..(500 13316.4400 £4777.4200 31110.4203 18752.. .1M» X7JW...5C0 1t017...400 23778,..200 1r758.. ICtO 2505...5C0 13918...400 23779...20(1 \9088.. 103 18754.. .1100 WJ06...5C3 13919...400 21131...V0C 1>WL..200 187)5.,.M1f0 2D(T7 .400 1«90...400 311.12..,300 19C-J5 400 1T06...UW 2T309...500 23771...200 214X4..,3W WO9X.. 300 1T07...1900 77310...500 217TJ...200 31W...200 JM77...V00 18759.. .1000 13911...400 38773..400 3148...3M 19993...2C0 18760.. .10CO 1:512...400 39771...700 21«7...200 1X09..400 23301.. ..500 13913...490 3*773...2£» 5U8...300 10100 .4W 37002.. 13915...400 25776...300 3U39...590 Pmw paid la Bold, inlormitlon furnished. The hlchert ratea paid lor Doublooua and all kinds of Gold And Silver. TATLOR & CO.'S principal office United State*. 16 « all urttl. New York, and Calle de la llabana No. 10*. Uavata, Cnba. Dupla Elliptic pAbHIOaS DEMAND J. W. BKADLEFS DUPLEX ELLIPTIC (OR DOUBLE SPRING) SKIRTS. They will not Bond or Broab, Lit* the sine e futlrg*. bat will ever prescrro their perfect ana bcanujai stupe. where inrrc or tour ordi nary Skirts are thrown aside as ascicaa. Taeycom blur corofbrt. durability and economy wnh that ce- shape which has uadc the “ DUPLEX KLLtP. STANDARD SKIRT OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. !*c»lc» Dradler’n INVISIBLE, for birect Drew*, n»d B/odicy’s HHPUttsa TltAlL, for Ktcdlds Drew. At wholesale by the excimire mann/armren and sole owners of the patent. WESTS, BRADLEY & CARY, Warehouse and Office, 97 Chamber* and 79 and Si Bcade-iL, hew Tort. Also, at wholesale by the had lag Jobber*. Bradley’s Dupl ex Elliptic Skirts, By t*r the tnortpopuur and eractiu. Snrt worn. For tale at wholesale al maamaccnrari'pnees. by FMthD, PALM Bit ALKITER, 110,112.114 and 110 latwt, Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, Per Elegance and Economy are tusarpaAaed For sale ttvQolaaie by JOHN V. FAHWBLL A CO. 4U. 44 and -10 Wabaab-ar., Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skins, £be ilgbtcat, most agreeable and p«nect swru stde. For tale at whoieaale. b*»WEN BEOb. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, Por b*anty. comfort ana dufabUlty superior to ah om art. For sale at wholesale by . TORKKKCB. MANKIKO ft CO. 35 Latent, and 3D WabaafraT., Chicago. Bradley’s Dnplex Elliptic Skirts, At wholesale, at manmactntert* pncaa. KKITH. WOOD ft CO. 10.1 M and 14 Lake-su., Chicago. Bradley’s Dnplex Elliptic Skirts, Per sals at Maanfortarpn* New York Wholesale Vrlctf, by SETMOUR, CARTER ft CO- So. 'j‘Z Lake-it. 3&oob anb Coal. COAL & COEE Office IT Chamber of Commerce, and corner Wat Kittle ana Grecn-sts. Coal at redoeeoprlce*. Uh!fh,Lackiwaima.YoashloßhDar, Briar Hin. Erie, CanteU and Woeral those, Pltuoarghand Conaells nlle Cote. amrk a CO. COAL. —We are now closing out from 2,000 to 8,000 tots first quality Eastern imuralnoos Coal m qxaatlUcs to nit purchaser* at rreatly r<cnecd rates. ' ’ Inquire at our office. Boom No. 5, Walker's Building, No. 50 Dearborn-*'. WALKER ft CUTTING. proposals. TVROPOSALS FOR CAST JT water pipes. Urncm or ■nrsßoasn or Pmio Worxs, I „ . Cmcaoo, Pos. uh. w»7. > . B«**edpropos*U win be reedrea oy theßwdd Pnbae Worka. at their office, Noa. 15 and 17 We’ts ■t., until u a. a. patarda>, t ebroary 43d. fir thede livery at tLr dock of the board, in said city, or one thousand (LCO0) tons ot Ca»t Iron Water Pipe*, oft,* atd&lurhrsJatrraiJ diameter, acconhng to specifica tions ouflle at said office. The pipes will b-* sniifcetM to a test pressure of ao Sounds per tqoare Inch. most be uniform mtaicknesi, eckity and texture, and ot a good quality of cut Iror, bo aa t«» rot and drift well. Delivery t-» commence at th* opening of spring navigation, and btt completed by jofy 15th. Theploes will be twelve (15) i«* 1 me. and wel*h re ipcclrcly, fbr 4,*aEd b-loch pipes, iU, IW, atd RU pound*each, .. - A touable number cf branches, caps. >le* •«, taper*, Ac., will be required fcr said ploo*. BJq» -him d st»te the pefe* for the straight pipes, sed also for tae special must be ad dreaded to tbs Board of Pobhc Worst, endorsed “Proposal forCattlrou Water Pipes," arc b* tcci mpaeltd wim-the usual po bond, auirhea, to be approved by th> Board. The Board re*erre nrhl to reject any bvl act la »prw.rdatce with the coow'Unusrf this adT*ntsemt* t. at to reject all bid*, aal no proposal wU> ne accept d nrlese the party offertng it auall give mceuee »*nsfio torr to the Board that he h*ai the d-Tll. etpertasce, eaergy lu tablU'’. fjrdolns the work. UtnutKartbr.aadhajWfficlP’lt pecunlarr re-cur,v. J. G.GI.VDiLr. FILED. LETT, 0.-'-KOPK-V board ol Public Wocka. Cfie Skating Season. SKATM TOUMiMMT! TO me HEU) iT THE Washineton Skating Park, Chicago, HoadayartToartay* Feb. Xl* i&w, r , - nan dat. f _C°HTXST FOR UDR9, CONTEST POa BOVS,* l (Under U jean of age.) Pirn pme, cm* A _ Secoodf7Ue.Cas& aS*2S SECOND DAT. * CONTEST FOH GENTLEMEN. nntFrlit,Caili.M... .. «»i Second Pme, Cub ; on Prize, cub 200.00 CONTEST FOB YOUNG LADIES, (Coder 14 7eon of •£&> Second Pila, Cash. Ton Great Western Llsht Grard tty,* (twenty mem -. „ JJ«i) to attendance eaca day, ynmContest, eachday,tobegtnatIp.m. a* SIDE RINK. OCTOf PAY AND BVEWOgg. Look Oat for the Attractions on Tuesday RINK. Tbit, Mouday erentng, last appearance of M A H.- TIN, labU Zouave mill, Daador. and Exhibitionu a turrer nkater. Tincture jftames. Jgg THE LUCKY NUMBER, jgg Crosby”, Opera House Pictures. Pto«ttlL*?* l tocrcaa be boutnteisevbeic to toe Best. We bare made arr&oscmeots with the tinned state* and American Express Companies to deUTer.ireeofctarjre.onrirames am) eta* complete, careful y all pUKra ontbelr Mae* in lutadjL WlKoesln. Missouri. Indiana, Mlchtgsn and lowa. ** All iwrson* baTlnr Uiese pirtares should tend tbMi picture. and net onr terms. Orders in this city promptly attended to. To prrsots yet entitled to plcinrcs-br sliding ns at orcer we wlli oHa'n and Insert them wittont extra chaise. Cut this out lor retrace. J. R. BBAW ft CO., ixcmobale. JJEMOVAL. HIBBARD & SPENCER, IMPORTERS AND JOUUEH3 OF HARDWARE, Tin Plate and Cutlery, Have BEnOVCO to 92 and 94 TWicliigau-av. JF or gale. JJAXIE CHANCE FOR MBUOHANTS. FOR BALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, Ac., Inrolclra about |13.0r0; a’l pnirhased wllhln a year |a>t.aullcaaeon *6>re. Hu>ro located Inathrtnnc town a short distance Tom Chlraco. Satisfactory re*- avna riven fbr id.log. For pirLculan inoulre nr « B. V. Ik)HHIN3, Cerntnlatfoß Mffcbant. S 3 faSatle-it.. Clitraco. General Notices. r RAILUOAD CONTOAOTOIIS. Ornnt LoPVTILtK, Cwnswan AWD) . Laxuiiitow*o. V Lotiavtum January ai.l, l»»7.) In conaetmence of tbe mow, the time lor examining « otk on tbe Cincinnati Branch of thla Road la extended ontll Febrnary «tb, when tbe lct«n«wm take plaw ai previously advettlied. i. m. bt. joun. Chief Inclneer. J^OTICE, —The following letters from The Bank of Montreal, Toonrcare, will bedellvered to tbe parties to wham they are addrrued, on proper : D. McLean, John P. Lenlesty. S. Llrd, W. McArUiur, A. Bocrwlth, L.P nil- Hard. 8. U. Dart, John Quinn, c. Ttnaler. Jas Thom, •on. Ik W. Tow QKnd.E. Walker. * i m geo. c. BxiiTn sc nan., Bankem. 48 t. QROUND OIL CAKEu the Cheapest Feed In the Market Fcr BtOck of aU Orders nded tnr eaab. No. 70 North CUsIomU &Uoinr3Q ®arj?o. TfiT IGHT & D UNTON. Storace, lorwartllnjj and commtMton merchant*, lor the purchase and sale of all kinds of country produce, and atve especial attention to sale ol J v Broom corn, Ulcbwlars, DrcwedUon . and K4ve Stock. Also ayenU fbr sale of »A«)NAW SALT. . N* B.—Dor ratwofcoainilasionare thojeesUhlUhed by the t'oanlot Trade, non which wsdonoivarr. Comlgcmeou solicited. QILBERT & FIELD, GEJTEEAL COMMXSSIOK MEECHA2TT3, (3ucve«*ora to Gilbert, Updike A 103 Waslilngton-Ht. CHAH. J. GILBERT. OgQ. FTKLt 1 HANaON * CO. conazßazoiv kdbchants For purchase aid sale ol Country Produce, 107 Souili ATatcr-nu pOTATOES, POTATOES I CHOICE PERCH BLOW POTATOES, For Mile la quantities to salt purchasers. BATES, STONE fit CO., gjiQrieiiEiS. jyj LTROPOUTAN GYMNASTIC CLUB, IS4. ISO and ISS KlaMe-st. OPEN DAY AND ETEMMJ. Cla*3 Szem*e from I to 5 and ma »;15 to 3:13 p, m. Hot and told Baths at all benra. Membmhlpi until Dec. 1, isn, L. A. KOliMENpy, Superintendent. CAINT PATRICK’S SOCIETY—The O Annual Meeting of Bt. Patrick’s Soctetr, will be he'd on Monday ererusg.FVorcarytth. at roost no. 10, Court Hoo*e. A fall attendance I* desired as an election of officers will take place and arrangements bemadefor do annual MMoe: no the 17tn or March. D. O'HARA. Recording Secretary. fHarijmctj). MtR R ITT & COIGHLIN, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA DEALERS IS COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory Findings. New Factories ftutdabed with Machinery, Bncise*, Plana, bpectflcabona, Suptrlnteodenu aa? experienced workmen, ROLL CARDS Always on band. COTTOS WARPS & CARD CIOTHDffc Ol all kind*. tP* Second-hard Machinery os hand, for aale cheap pianos. J^ECKERIBUOTiiEKS, No 01 nLtECK£d-HT.« NEW YORK. TO THE PUBLIC. A carcfol and official search made at toe United Bute* patent Office In WubtncVw* h\* proved that no PATENT FOR AN 1 JtPKOVEMENr I.V PIANO FORTES was ever granted by the Potted bta'« to any person by tne same of Decker. ESCBPr TO TOE ITZMBtBS of the ttrm of DECKErt ORCTHBBAot New Yolk city. The public are. therefore, repeatedly caetl' ned azalstt buyln? any Decker Patent Plano not ha Tint been manufactured by DECKER BROTHERS, Ko. 91 Blccvker-st,, New York, And not baring on the ir-n plate on the left hand tide, la raised leum, the words, DECKER BROTHERS' PATENT. JUKE. ISGA Clothes fHangler. CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Heat. It trill do It In oBP-qnnrtcr the time re* qolrrtf mlb bested Iron*. It glees a alas and brilliancy of luatre to llaeom impossi ble to be obtained from heated Irens, NO EXPENSE FOR FUEL. No Betel, Laundry, BaUmant, Boarilag Tloose. Hospital or rnralo Family can anord to be wlthouL one. JI Savks TIME. ' rr SAVES CLOTHES. IT SAVES MONET. , IT SAVES FUEL. IT SAVES LABOR. IT-SAVES HEALTH. For psspb'eti, ccntalnlag ftOl deacrlpttoa of me> chine, AMERICAS CLOTHES MANGLE CO., 140,151 and 153 Fnltoe<su Chicago, UL, Of J. n. ERIC. 161 Lntistt. patents. Q.ARD'3 PATENT BRICK maomNE Office and *aantaeVitTs3 dooO Jefleroo&ot- Fas la(cnna£oa and dmcitpUT* cucaiayddtms^^ 53 Sooth JetenonoL. ttinsgt HEBETO PUSS «Ttttte| betasna t&e oadar Dameaixinrtaof SILTST. MOOSK * CO-.UI&M Anydluotrodbyntnulcoombl Bluer aanr w ««■ thorlzedtoiettiettebueiacuol theflim. _ February lit, IST. W« hare tbis day formed a copartnership under m« same tad «jie ot bubs, xooas a co.. Per the tnasacdoa ot tba WWc'V Grocery'Sptaem, at 46 aad 48MIcnj*an-aT„ , ctr:i.i of Sonin Water«« opposite tte Bcbmond Booae. , r UMI!M. itt.taa ' gocceaeor eg Smith a saw. a. r. MOUSE. w.Efomrr. Saeceseon ot Silroj, Moore a Do. Fetraai SkissoLtrnoN of co parts eb ****** **** •ueo.oa KAGHX * LATH AH, SSa?S'SI. bTe “ R * 1 on tha slßdiy at .430- 00 . 30.00 Conor of WMI. «& snuftgS? m. c. J. MAQUX. A> J * LAraZ3. Jflrtucai. T\R. DE CASTRO, Physician, Oculist Doctormav be consulted la all tee modem laasoazea. Spoclalat leotloa pair to diseases ot the v»at aa- HEAD, THROAT ASD LPSGM. nma°,'TchlZS! ,!mc *’ aa ° “»* HUtlwlMßt Medical examinations fob IaIFE insurance. A MANUAL. FOB EXAMINERS. Br j. Anam Alias, ii.D., LL. D-. Prof. Prtactotea and Practice of Medicine aad CMaleal a ♦.-. .w “bpber of codes of this new and impoe arn WO i fk . b ?. o£>^ 1 5? 1 -aadnwtlncW. B. K&S fr? H WE3IEKN NEWS fortl^^acn.^ 11 m4il “• pottpald,to snyaddraa. A Few Words of Common Sense. flow tew there are who are not subject tososseaAfr tion of the lungs or respiratory organa, who, by net* lectin* premonitory symptoms, aggravate the coo plaint, until disease strikes its shafts, causing preasibie torture of the pattest, and anxiety and ctia treat to ittcods. “ Only a cola J** “ A sQgbt rn throat I" U tbn tkcedicss remark of many wbensoafr lected. Tcs $ *• Only a cold,” was the tbomchUess eg. pression of tbons&nda whom death has «~j itr big prey. Forewarned—Forearmed t ehoald M the motto tor ever Inlhe mloda ot aa subject tu Cooßhs, Colds, Cw» Uttbjsr tafioeoxa. Words of advice should be heeded bj &li aaflbnos (Tom Asthma, Bronchitis, Conanm> l>oo. Belief U within thfir reach j uut, u nefieeied, utei consequences ensue-* hla of mlscry-a dally buoxly tutmie tur existence. A coatmt ta which (hart cm do oat on* victor—Death : Does It cot appal tbe strontnat mind to think of a* rrtalt caused by ociiect f Then why delay t What exctuo can be offered. when timely wanun* la soauied in your cars? When the dangeri ta pointed out, wlw aut avoid It 7 Mavaoaa*a PscTOtAL lua bem oa«U with success in nearly a million of cases, and to otOorant by the Medical Family u the moat prompt u><l efflesauna mnedy tint acieaOUc research ha* dla covered, to relieve and cun alt um ot Coughs. Cob* inflorar*,aadCooaamptloa,lf the case te not beyond all Dope. MfD when the aaflerer la ta tbe laat ata**k he will find relief by uim« this preparation. 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TRIBUNE RAILROAD, COMMERCIAL & GENERAL PRINTING OFFICE, 51 Clark-sf., Chicago. RAILROAD COMPANIES, INSURANCE COMPANIES, STOCK COMPANIES, BANKERS, AND CAN BET IBEIE PEISTINO iPiR/OiMiiPTXiir AND AT PRICES AS LOW As any Priming Hoaie In the Northwest* at iho TRIBUNE JOB OFFICE, 51 Clark-st, Chicago. POSTERS IN EVERY BTTL33. OartMonontil Footer Type U tho tors, eat ord best selected Stock la the city. 30DP0NJND LOCAL TICKETS. We are prepared to 'Oil orders (or era ■ecmlrely cambered BAIL&OAU COUPON and LOCAL TICHET£> at NSW TOMS RATES, BOOK PRINTING. Large Fonts of the Lateot Styles of Book Type* five Adamo Book Presoeo, aa* wl Bidrnalle Dry Freao* enable as la excel la tbit Important broach ot Printing. BLA3VK.S. A fall nsoortment of Legal. Cosyeyaaetag* Fesotoa and Bounty Blanko, ms TRIBUNE BOOK JOB OFFICE. 61 Clark-st., Chicago. EDWARD bilyst. A. P. MOOSE. w. n» xomJr. _ecU7ta.36tmwnt BUSINESS MEN.