Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 4, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 4, 1867 Page 3
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COMMERCIAL. SarmnaY Erxanro, February a, JBB7. Tbe foJlowinr tables show the receipt* and ship, of Produce during the past twenty-four B *p«cKU’n raST twutn-ronn Doras. IS«7. i«t ‘ poor, brfr 10. W« 4,80 Wheat bn W. 671 11.780 tVnwbs. 10.«» 18.875 Oats, bn. JU,Wt 87,310 I;tc, bn 5,0)0 4,675 Biley, bn 1,575 1,150 a*- See-’, 8* 55,873 60,059 Hr.vtn Corn, F*s 16.107 t'sred Mur, Its 40,870 178,585 IVrk, orb 1,169 BHS lard. t* * 115,030 157.577 7 allow, f*? 4,83-.- . 1,031* 7,8 0 15.7'8 I>. Uocr. No 6,170 6,001 l:\e Hoc*- No 3,733 4/.14 raittc. No 753 9M Hides,**--. HB.7US 88,470 H. Wines* Vis 50 ISO Wool, s>f 6,770 SLISS Umber. m S 8 73 a <btpgbs. m..... 310 K)0 SDITJtESTe PAST S HUIT-fOOS BOtJ&B. flottr, b rle Wheat, ba Com, bn 0at#,ba...... .. Kvo. bo sirie.T r bn .. .. iira»>« &cc<l,S>B., p-(>om Com, ibe OurctJ Meats, B>B. ivvt, bds Tort. br)f --li-V Ijtrd, IT* Tillow.lM Better. C«a IVaJ lloss, No. Uvo No.. No Hides, Tb* bds, Wool, r>e \ ember, m. >hlnclw, tn j jibs'. za Sail, b'lJ. Mi{, bags 150 Ibe mxrkct for Mees Pork continues Inactive— buyers slid sellers being aptrt In their nem. Holders ate quite stiff la ihclr pretensions, and •bow no disposition to sell unless tney can obtain their own terms. The only transactions reported were 500 barrels, seller last half of February, and P<i barrels, cash, at SIO.OO. Ibe beat brands arc bdd at fUUiO. tboogb some lots cao bo had at Pilme Mess Pork was quiet bit firm, with tiWof &h) barrels, seller March, ai $17.25, deUv r.-sMe it Milwaukee. Sweet Pickled Hams were r ( -i c t, with «sles oi SCO tierces at 104 c Tor MUwau* uesudclty cut—the latter tram Dressed Qogs. ii. Kccllfb Meats there was no movemmL Cum- Mlands arc held at oc. The demand for Balk *icts Is quite active, at d the market la higher. failed Shoulders advanced about 14c, with olc« ol 7*i&7 f>*ioc loose, aua 72£c packed, -,.h. are buyer March, deliverable el i>< .phi, Indiana. A lot of Dry Salted llama, at :l< -aroe place, sold at 104 c, same option. ]*ard .<3* more active and J*c higher, with sales of 050 -•c- at cash, 12c buyer 13, sod l«4c, •i>cr3o— closing firm at 12c cash. Grease was nciivc, but firm at our questions. Dieted Hogs opened flunsr, but dosed weak. mi™ ranged from |7.oo®7,os—closing dull at V 25 aud $7.00 dividing on 200 fits. Ibe more lavoraLlo advices from New York impsricd a steadier (ccilug to Flour, and the mar* ui exhibited rather more activity, though prices •bowed no quotable Improvement. Wc note sties 1 [ i.cobrls at f12.WG.14.25 for While Winters; ?Mu ai0,75 for Spilng Extras, and $3.25 for \ ring Soi»ers. There was considerable speculative de mtid for No. 3 Spilng, and the market aiivanccd Keltic, but there was nothing doing In other grades. About 153,000 bu changeo hands at sl.o7js for No. 3 lo A. D. & 1 t 0., ar.d sl.t‘lCl.S3fi for do tn insular houses— clorlcg with buyers at $1,851$ and sellers at SI.BO (or the Utter. core was In moderate demand, and in view of more tavorabie news Irom the East the market advanced lOlVic. with sales of 40,000 bo at 77® >',c lor No. 1; 77c for Whttc, and 53&51c for Re* heted— closing firm at outside figures. For fa* into delivery there was considerable Inquiry, with talcs of bn No. 1 at 754270 c, seller last rail of April. oats were 4c higher, but quiet. Sales ranged *l' '.24c for No. 1, and S94® 10c lor No, 4—closing «i the upper figure. itye advanetd Ic, with sales at 69Q>00c for No. 1 aul 80c for No. 2. There was more doing in Barley, and prices were steady, with transactions at CUe for No. 3; V-i;Vl3Hctor Rejected. and b~c(2sl.St tor sample lets. >ceds urn* quiet and a abide easier for Timo :*j with sale* at ?2.73’5*2.25. Ciovcr was nomi nally nrchauged at£“.T!»((i6.Uo. TbcloUowlng despatches were read on change to-day: New Yoke. February 2, Flour steadier at S9.9OQiH .-Hi. Wheat firmer at sVi.Wst2.ia. Com steadier, (1.02(31.10 in store. Oat* stranger, atSO&CSc. Pork firmer, quiet, old at (lIbSTH; new £2O 0(3. Laid quiet. lajfcljjsic. Uogs quiet, at 10.23. Gold, 13C»i* uirra. Floor better, |0 a 5011.45. W&cat firmer. Com buoyant, at fl lU*i In rtore. Oalsbuoyanl. Pork firmer, old $10.43; new f20.62»*. Whiskey buoy ant, dtSCc. LATBU. At tte afternoon Board tbc pram markets were quiet, with an advance ol l«£c on Ko. 1 Corn, dosing firm atSDc. No 2 Sprier Wheat declined Ic, cloitnc flail with sellers at £l.BlHto£l.Bs. Provision* were Inactive, bat firmly held. The Cattle market waa quiet, bat prices were thoroughly m-talned and very firm. The supply was limited as was also the demand, and trine* actions were confined to 3C3 head. These were taken by shippers, city batchers and yard specu lator, at prices ranging from £3.75 for interior Cows, to £6.75 for choice ehipplt g Steers. The market closes strong it the above range of prices. Deceived to-day. 125hcad;rcceived this week 3,ICU head. TbeLlvc Docmarketwaa talrlyactive to-day, aider a good packing demand, and the offerings, *mbradng2,sW bead, were readily token up at substantially the closing pncea of yesterday. Saica were made at a range of tC.UO forcom tnuntofair lota, and 9C.<io&C.o>j for trood to choice Dog?. Iberecetpta 10-day were3.9l9head, and lor the week 22,337. Tbcmatket closes firm at 10.00(2,0.60. Receipt* and Shipment* of live and UreiMHl lloc* from October Ist to Date—Approximate ParKlus. The following tallies ebow <be receipts &Ld shipments of XJto and Dressed doss from Octo l>er Ist to dale, lor two years: nidur* or uocs. ISOO-7, Week n live Drce’d. live. Drto'd. Oct. 6 aa,«M .... aumo 18 IS,4W Si, S 3 20 25,*!1l .... 11,317 27 16,610 7 lI.MO 3 Tfov. 8 16.733 38 SITUS 42 10 2IV»8 2SS 17,«K3 10 17 15.792 lU3 27,730 20 21 13,103 851 23.019 25 JJCC. 1 19.120 1,2(6 15,777 135 0 8i,ll« 1,713 6 122 130 15 27,613 .2.5 M JOjiJfi «33 28 56.824 1G,:«3 21-73 5.0C2 2H........ 30.713 SL9IS 91.123 15.830 Jan. 5 55,77* 27,0:1 12 OU.WB 51,9*0 26.Hl 51.U20 19 44.974 37,592 35, IS,<WS 26 41419 39,151 36 331 40,553 Feb. 3 21,792 15.G62 36.3:5 43,261 Total Ctl,llS 529,001 48J.711 2Da.CjO Add Dreased- 2LU.OW 2fJ,Ci3 ToUl TSU.4IG .... ( 6IXITJCESTS Or UOOB, Week IS <6*7. cod's. „ Uve. li.-ctf'd. 14#*. Drsa’d. Oct, 6 22,1*11 .... 18,J<23 18 35,012 .. ly.T-sS 20 18,513 .... 15.181 27 25.201 ... 7,259 >Of. 3 8.7-17 ... 11,401 11 20 .... 10,374 .... 17,«H3 9a 17 0,233 68 13.CC3 si 4,5« no iaw« l>ec. 1 5,515 *49 12,433 75 S 6.083 CIS 4,105 10 15 712 103 10.052 53 22 fi,01.6 5,812 5,0» 8,3*4 23 724 11,205 3,900 10.788 •Jan. 5 .. . 9,0»!2 1,90 8.583 12 SC6 10.5C4 4,038 lfi,o*4 19 &0 12.019 107 8.750 _ . 22.018 1.378 8,42* Fel> 3 ... . VS* 8.318 3,95* 8.973 . JO*»l 120.408 71,930 102,477 57.14* -Add Drrsfcd.. 71.990 57,24* Total ItthfUS DcdDctine the shipments from tUc receipts* tbe balance should indicate approximately tbe cam ber of packed and butchered for city con sumption Receipt*... Shipments. Packed, bntcticred and in pcn".sTv3,u2o 4U,bOS Messrs. Milward & Co., in their Circular of to. day, approximate the packing this season, np to due. at SEO.un. In tbe above we have not made an; account fbr thcdicsaed hogs received per wagon. It is lm* possible to pet any accurate statements concern* ins them, botitis understoodliiai tbe receipt* aro quite large—more than cuf&clent to account for tbe apparent discrepancy between our figures and tboee of Messrs. Milward A Co. DrtaMd Hosaln Albany—Jan. 31* There la a hotter lecllng In tbit market, And prices are foU IJVJCfic higher for medium and choice State. City packer* arc main market, but tnerelsa good de mand lor Uio East and boutn. particularly for pie* and mooiam velgtts. Uealeit here boughtand siki freely this morning, and at the close ot oar report the offer* mg* were outlined to a f-w receivers. The Kitten road Is nor open, and preparation* were making at the Centra) depot to forward the accumu lations of the week. The demand this tn iru ing was quite active t.r light and medium wwgbts.tosnipioNew\oilc fir the »upp‘y ot the city trade and lor cutting upfor Hcht Paeon, the in* qulrr tor heavy fbog* was lar trout b-lne active, yet receivers were flint, and most of them a era holdmsr for an advance. Vest'May sate* of f hlca.o« were made to clear the market at <B.T\ ann the aaue price waapaldto-da* lora • mailer lot But good hravr parking State at He close were hc‘d srmly at Cd.ltKta and medium weight* aud pigs at fJ.Cw. The tmcs i f i bo morning embrace. Si bead nutc, averaging H 5 Bs, at *9 bead stile, averaging sSo bs, at *.oo iMhead Elite, averaging 2SO Bt, at 9X3 til head State, averaging I* B», at J.Oo 3a bead state, at erasing «sn ns. at 9.00 13 bead State, averaging ISO Bt, at. 9.00 to biad State, averaging 33 i B«, at 9.23 U 3 head btate. averaging 270 8*,at..... 9XO i 5 bead State, averaging 563 as nt 9.t3tf at bead stale SUte, averaging ISO bs, at 9.39 Whead Chicago, averagingS 3 B«, at.. 8.73 Ttiv ree*lit»oi Hogs by Centra) Itailroad since oar last—U eoty-four hours-sam op only 114 bead. Sommer Cored Pork In New York. The inspectors oi her! sod pork In New York, to whom the question of the grade ot sammer cared meats to referred hr the Board of Managers ot the New York Commercial Association, hire unanimous ly adoptodAhefoliowing; K'soJr<d, That all pork hereafter cored after the Qrttdayot April, and before the ftm day of October, in each and every year, Mull be denominated rammer cured port, ao<t as ancbtta quality »ball be plated kith tiiecclC and not branded by any inspector. tleedfl In Philadelphia—Jannnrr f?I« Coyer seed I* rather scarce; hd bushels sold at ptfICKtSAO. llmcthy ran c«a at from fl.7iiai.oo, and loured a»,-*2.***iU) P Du. ’ CUICACODET GOODS MARKET. Sarrsaar Srzavia. February z, 2567. The Dry Goods market hu ruled quiet throughout the week. with ho risible Improvement In the demand. J*rlcu are firm. Brown gheetlnca are steady and price* remits unchanged- Tick* are in light demand atd prices are a shade easier. 'Woollens are exceed* log)} dnD and prices tarcr buyer*. Price* arc tteady at the annexed quotations: .isjf Amcileaa...... njf .30 Atooareaa .' lev .19 DscbeaaU... ai .18 UoaraUis 11 .ISJtf Alcm** II .OS wovlJcnoe ...17 .17 if Jau,t» Sander* 10,% .17 »llonr«t*r »i .15 W. W.lYec=iai&Co..U .IS* Union It* .11 VTamaala m .17>» Colmtbla 13 Memmac D sitmcttW Cocheco «. I*acloc.... Carnm Bpragur* XmttacU’* Manchester Lowdl AntoldV iflfbtLona Platan -..^ iro w^ , tr -- r ■ *vo*9mS£S£C’ * l KI AUumc............... so feSRS* ***•.•“ ** I gepwoil O S S °s* “ » iShnf.t?.::: S W*» artlno Bead 4—4,1"* «w - * Sa*’* f2 L AUnn^£iv.:“; , ."g , ‘' Z t fSSSKifcuV-SJf A«wamFi-r.V..V& X • - a H* SffigfWir 4 Sv !«* Ow.n .»■ ...... Uy AIXWI 1ght........... . 9[)W ISmSFr < “ 4 ii* Fommonth F.. is* trt ogereu k. .a Napoleon n «—. JO Oourer... M ., M . u 522221*/ » XX bUiwUrd. nx A tt Nowatook. UH K *. %i,,w . . Auucn*»snijrnsoa. M UodßinOHi IB nuunmi-i,,,. siv *• “ 4—4.........1aw wiSf feli:*; -S3 Lonsdale .Jr* S““B?ck*-4 J*J* Arkwright. J 1 JUmiwyA .W “• ?-*• .»« J.A W. Slater 4—C...JIV Masonnlle*—i ,r>x Cano* <—( ...UK Bar Mill* 4—4 .35 51at0rr1Uet—5.........30 Aidro«coggin<--jL....77X jkacfcstoneßlTer|.... u undon7-«.,.!7!!!!!!a niukitouAV!!..!”^ *• 4—4. jb Ballon A Son 4—l Qk t *• •* 7-e......J0 rap*uca*Bsica. L0n5da1e.......... a i Cambric* 12*«16 1 “ * DKjmo, Amoakßag_... ...40 Connectjcnt ~Xu Y0n:..... jR* Waahlnzton. n Manchester.... a milord Ims ro r0d.... .33 Oxford JB* Blue mil. Colon -SO Com cut a Hsymayker'a- ....SO Pawnee ««.,..a* mnounßDiot, Amotkeag... JSi WhiacDdon C_ .Jiv York n *• a. .so Americas. QoS Uocatrtlle. J3VaS4V Ualls..T3. TZx Thorndike...... lioanoke .30 Shctockct. ,0* Amoafccag AC A...... 55 Hamtlt*n,rrtnlar.,..,ff7* “ A..; «a v ** D a* “ p “'^ naa /- -s* D.. J7* Swift mr0r.1*"««.1.96 lork 90-lrch .SST Star Mill* 81-lnch ....33 Albany. 16 *• *• as-ipch.,....» York 32-inch JO . . ooaarr Jxast. Amotkeag.... 2) 1 Indian Orchard. .16 Estonia, .93 Aadroacofgln... .....16 Baiee. -.,...16 (Peppereu gu Kaumkcag Batted...-** I Globe ...iv* • - carrot* rbawxte. Hamilton atotit. M 1 thorn dike. a KHerton T 23* | Nanmkeag bleh X „ Brows onu*. Laconia. .»* iPopporell .si* ~ _ SIUZXB, Maoeheeter, new a 1 Hamilton a Pacific, sew .a | All Wool 406*50 .„. w S*uiotAt.aKiwa. Gilbert’* M ..«2A0 UanyanA MnUekerntfAS Wlicox Uailegn’s. .7/3.00 Poclootnc.. ..3.63X«3A0 Bruner SJ S Washington Mi11*....2M Belle ol the aeaaon.. 225 . . „ „ rntaat*. J.&P. Coats 4UO Green* Danld*.... 7?*/ Clark**. U 0 While Stain, 99 I Hartley * 00** 90 Col’d EDO < Wonted Braid*.... S 3 Wllllminac S3* Stafford - 70 oonoH Tans*, rro. Eagle. QU {Eaelura S 3 Hope C3* I Carpet Warp 65 Franklin .60 Icaadlewlek OmW Park €0 I CbUaxo DaUa casrxra. LowelLS ply ...93.15 nupertne .91-9001,50 ** 5uper....... 1.75 Croaairys Fat, Tapea M medium.... I.TO 8ru55e1!*....19.9* Hartford, extra B-pty 22J Iloxbury 1.83* *• liup'l 3-ply 2*2* Empire aims 1.25 ** super...... I O Belgrade I.S M medium... X. 66 CABanncßsa. Parmer*ft Mech*t.....6j* I Everett I< J»* Wabath... .....AO ! Everett U .......47* itw. im. . 5,06 5,112 . V,ISO 8,118 4IS S|oo3 . 06 .... . 825 533 . ajtt* . 8,831 35,005 . 10,4(6 120.243 .419,410 637.778 92 230 . 1.444 1.053 ,14(1,700 171.C04 . 69,150 1,8*50 . 6.835 9.360 . IOK7 1,219 SW 801 585 .140501 18.U31 . SIO 67 . 8,010 1.600 •ra ass Sto 2G2 IS 41 4ia 1,937 CIIICAUU CATTLE BIAUKET. Tor the Week Boding February 3, OThci or TDK Dan.T Tcinoxt, 1 BjmrwuT £rs»uro, February?. > DEAF CATTLE. The fblloirtag tabla shows the dally receipts and shipments ot beet Cattle daring the week ending to* day, compared with the receipts and shipments of the corresponding week last year: «C 7. IMS. 1867. IMS. Sunday and Monday... m *0 41 3.4 W Tuesday 994 1/1 .... 9)3 wedLraday. Tnurwuy,. Friday Samfdsy... TOUI 8.10 6.CM ifid ~^€lo U*l week twi .... a,on Week bciore last. X.VR .... 3.40 Week ending Jan. 13... WO .... ijfH ... Week cnajDg.. 8J»I . .. 3,404 ... ivy comparing the receipts tor this week and last we fled tliu following: Ue>-eipu to* tnan last wnl 413 HUlpUiCtita leaa than last week 3VI 1 hey compare with the reoeipu fur the corresponding week of 1566, u follows s IteceipU this w«ek. .. 3.1C3 Uvcvlpt* for corresponding week of iB6O s,ris Ikrelpts idm this week. :i,m For the same period in the year IMS. we Cod: Ibx-elpta this Week 8,10 lIM-tipta lor corresponding week ot 1863... a,Wi Ucceipta more this week 80 By the following table i« abown the receipts and shipments of Cattle, Hogs and Bheep since January 1, loci; . Receipt*. Shipments. Cattle t;,7U Hokb ojj.sto e.m Sbcrp..... 9,111 Bai The sales to-oayabdforthcweekap to this evening were: Monday Tuesday.... Wedneeosy. Thursday... Friday baturday... Total .. Am *3338 r,«9t TVp present below Assistant Secretary B.L. Dakin** monthly report, showing the receipt* and thlptne* u of Live block tor the month ending January slit, ISG7: Receipt*. Cattle. Bon. Sheep. By Illinois Central B.R. 24» sym s,S« By Chicago* Bock Island U.8....L001 .40.0)1 B 3 By Michigan Central tt. R ITS S 3 IS IS3 By Pittsburgh* Fort Wayne K.B. .... 2,239 .... By Chicago & lit. Eastern (B, 8.... S 3 1,037 .... By Chicago & Alton K. R 2,918 7318 5« By Chicago *Barllnston 8.8 S.TCI Sl.irt 1,790 By Chicago * Northwestern B. B. 3,925 «S3i3 S^CS by Michigan Southern B, R S a,4M 701 Driven in 101 .... 33* Shipments. Csttle. Dos*. Sheep. By Mlcnlgaa Central B. B. 3,63? 556 6*9 liy Michigan Southern R.U. 4,(75 UyMlUtsirgb ft Chicago U.U.... 3.971 iil By Chicago ft Great BaiLra B. R. 413 .... .... Total 11.(90 4.679 BSI TUB KA.SKXT, The market, this week, opened exceedingly dntl. There was a meagre supply of stock In the tale pans, and the litue offering was composed chiefly ot the ••scallawac” order—the ** tailing*” ot last week's mar ket—which clast ot Cattle an at so time in demand, nor saleable at remunerative prices. Tuesday brought Utle or no ImproTemlent. Shippers from abroad had not •' yet made thalr appearance, and local buyers maintained a provoking Indifference, and a stolidity of action not at all encouraging to sellers, indeed np to Toes* d*y night trade was almost at a stand still, the closest set ctlny tailing to develop the sllgbte«t evidence of vitality. Later in the week, however, under a more liberal supply of stock, and with a better general at. tendance of buyers the market exhibited some little Improvement la point of activity, though trade could at to time be called brisk. 1603-G. Tte quality ot the receipts, though perhaps not In* ferlortothatof preceding weeks, baa not been at all satisfactory, consisting la the mala of a class of stock for which there 1* at no time entendre Inqui ry, but now, when cood first and second c;ass steers and coed (o choice butchers* Cum are aboat the only grades in demand, inch are a drag in the market and mainly nasal able, except at sneta rates at buyers are generous enough to oSrr. Good to choice shipping Stem of ns average, and good to p -ime reonrst Com. have been in moderate . butchers’ on shipping account, and holders of droves answering the above description, exper'onced little difficulty in closing oat «t fall rates, in eod, ibr the upper evades, owing to the Improved tenor ot Barters advices, bonders have generally been enabled to realise on advance ot 25c per 100 fts on the closing rales of last week. Common and Interior Cows, half Uttcned Kleers, and rough w three cornered” Oxen, have ruled extremely doll throughout, with no e«eaual aipreaaUon In value*. Tbs demand for good stock Steers baa been more scare than during the halt dozen preceding weeks, but a moderate supply has quite satisfied the wants of the trade. Sales have ranged at (4Xs®s.ooter common to good grades; prin cipally at (4X094.75. Kew Milch Cow«, or “springer*” as they are commonly called, bare been In light re quest, and in meagre supply, and quotatloni are alto gether nominal at |3sXoi£o!oJ for common to choice qualities. We again targe drovers upon the propriety ot send ing torward tewer of this medium, common and. interior stock and restrict their pur chases chiefly to the class ot stock nre vlously mentioned a* best suited to thewantsofthe markethcreat the present time. The best sale msde during the week, was by L. T. Martin, ol Fairfield, lowa. Ihe drove embraced 15 bead smooth, fat Steer*, and sold at (100.00 per head. The weather has ooea changeable, hot bas ruled rather favorable for oper ation*, and the dlflerent classes of buyers have been well represented. We quote the market for the week as tsiriy active ter good to choice shipping Beeves, closing firm at no advance of 35c; with common and Interior descrip tion* doll and slow, and prices nomlnslly unchanged. cLociKQ or m waster. GCU27 I, 80.019 The market to-aay—Saturday—was quiet u u leva* rtably the cm* on this day of the wees. This Inactive ty, however, vu not ao much ttie result oi Indisposi tion on the part of buyer* u of k scarcity of stock with which to operate. The pens were nearly cleared ot Mock on Friday, ud under ths meagre arrivals ot to-day, transactions were necessarily limited. The offerings—embracing about oo head—vers readily taken op by shippers and city botchers at priet e rang ing from (S.Taes.oo for Inferior mixed lots to medium h leers, and pood fat Cows, and (5£0£7.00 tor pood to choice shipping Steer*. The pees art empty, and the market closes strong at the IwUcmlng quotations: ctotnta men. S'r/rrt Rwrs<~DH*. fkL wtlUfiirniMl. i tnl 18fi6-7. 18W-8, .750.416 661,427 ,19i,396 219.013 Urtro JJerre*—Flee, tot, well-formed, 4 to 6 ;e*r* old Slocra, ud areraglag 1,300 D* aail apwaias, . f&<3>a7.o} Prim* /Jerr/e—Doed, well tatted, fairly formed £ tears, averaging front 1,100 h> 1,«0 aa, at 6.3&3<5£0 Fbir '.YiTiir*—Fair ttcers, is (air flesh, ar> erasing l.Kft»ipN a*, at 5-li*J.T5 tl'dlum Medium Steers and eo>d Cowa,fit lordly slaughter,and araradnr (To£l.oon &*. at AX&&.OQ SfrcA- l'*Wo to decent Seah, arcramnc KMVAI.UB as, al S.Q£(AO Light and thm Cows and Steers ruosh and coarse, areraglac 63QA&V3 as at »,OOaiM CATTLE SALES TO-DAT. Forty-one brad lair slock Steers, averaging I.CM b», 'e»t ana watered, at <4.75. Eleven head good stock Steers, averaging 998 Bt, fed and watered, at 94.80. One hundred and ore bead choice State Steers, aver aging 2.335 b*. at ioMV. Eighty head choice stale steers, averaging t2«l Bt, Thirty -four bead good fleshy Steers, averaging I,VO fi-W. Mxtreu head good second clau Steers, averaglßg LISO fc», at |67X6 per head. Tw-ive head fair butehsra* stock, averaging 1.463 B«.at*t.S3. Nineteen head thin stock Steers, averaging 1,063 as, fnt and watered, at <4.43. sixteen head good botchers* stock, averaging 1,030 bs, at 1-om-etgbt bead good smooth shipping Steers, aver ; •gnei.esjßs.atgcso. * Ten bead, common mixed lot, averaging 964 Bi, ted and watered, at <3B7*. ’ Tbmy-three beau extra Steers, averaging L 936 Bt, «,K?ES£ I,r * B “ OT ’ >■« Tl»e |hllowing are tbe rocelpu and sMpmenujfor ibe correct week, ana lor u>e cozroepoaatng penod Im< Sunday and Monday,.- Tcet-day Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Tola! — s6 * sa *.»« Wi I.UI TMk ~,.41,®t .... .... Week before tact 43.900 .... w , * Week ending Jan. 15....4V 031 .... Ml Weekending Jan.&.....£5.1S .... The receipts this week and last compare at fbliowa: Received thla week ..a.m RcHtm last week. neoeired lf« »bU week The receipt* thla week compare with the receipts tor the same period In 1966, u follow*: Itocdpti this week H3J7 Receipts tor corresponding wetk In 1566 86|sis Beodpta leM thla week _...U.156 The market for Lire Hoc* during the week Just closed has not oeen dMlagubhcd for Its activity, hat lias ruled buoyant throughout, wttb n gradual frouch •teady advance In prices. The receipt* have been eom paiatlvely light, ialltiuc nearly 39,030 bead below the receipts of last week. This shortage, however, baa not Interfered to any considerable extent with the regular comae (f trade, nor caosed serlona laconven* clcc to packers, as there has been manlfetted, on the partof theseinterestslestdiauoMUon t> operate than doting last week, so that the amrsls, thongn light, have, perhaps, beta quite sufficient to meet ail de mands. ’I he returns of the jncgirt publttlied la a late cam* bor of the Clnaunatl Price Current, tad reptTrtbta d In tbe Timex t, bit erldeatly shaken to tome extent therosfidenee of pro nil on dealer*, aadrtrj materially teaened their anxiety to purchase. Twoor threepack. U>c homes have withdrawn from the market tot the ■eaton. While packers have taken tbe rrent balk o t the olTer. ln«»,u>eidTanc# ot nearly 1c tn the Bast, broorht ahlppe*«afa)aiate the market, cod head hare be-n ratiorWitd. Tbe Quality ot therecetptshaibsen hardiy aa cnod a* that of last weer, compiiua* mare lixht, coarse and nneTen lota, no that tha adrance in ratea, la. In reality, greater than appears from onr gnotaUonr. Tbe market closea firm at n adrance of on Ba con panes, aid on ebol t men Hoes. To-nay—the market was aetlce to the extent ofthe bang readily taken up at tall rates. Traoa>. actions embrace 3,400 head, at prices rnnslag from f&eo S6X) tor common to fkir lot*, and (AtOcaAQ torched to.bclce&oes. Ushtrecelpta are anticipated fbrthe cotnlng week, and the general opinion appears to be that present rates will be thoroughly sosUtnsd U, In deed, an adrance la not established. Tbe fallowing are the closing price* for this week aid lost: o<xxl to Choice., Medium to Fair. Common.... ... . AKhsAOS 6.73®3.» 800 SALES TODAY. . At. Prtce. 45 rood common 10t... ,SlO |&io 61 fair bacon Hors A 33 45 prime heavy nogs .440 sBS UulttraHop .m ASS 41 Bam* quality .OS 6.53 ,66 common light Bog* „ ...314 6.111 68 prime totQcss .233 6J5 56cocdbacon grades. ay} 70 tame quality ,gjj a *•■ 63 same quality ....SI 6.3 J 63tame quality am 63 good fat bacon Hog*. ....19S 6,-p 46 uir coarse lot ....ass eju iigtOdßOgs ....313 6JO 43 copd bacon Hogs 633 50 fair bacon lot. 337 633 88 good Bogs .370 6.43 bQfcßP—ttecetred to-day, 9J bead; recelrel UiU week, £.690 bead. Tbe comparatlrtly high rat* that were obtained daring last week and the preceding one. Induced a more liberal supply Cor tbe week lo»t closed, and with no mentlal Improvement tn the de mand, prices hare experienced a decline 01 Sc 9 UO fee. The character 01 the demand wat aubitantiaily the same as that noted tn oar lut weekly re view. Good to choice mutton grades were about tbe only qualities Inquired for, and ot this sort there are few remaining unsold; bat of common and inferior lots, tor which there naa been little or no demand, prices have roled dull throughout, and sales hare dragged heavily, with price* seislbly lower. Tbe market closes steady at the following quo tallOLs: Prise to choice, llcolum to fair.. CHICAGO DAIEY ffiAUKBT. r All iaUt of Grain rfporied in (A<« marktt report art made on the ba*u of icinttr (4c) ttoragt* ««!<** otAmclae nevrrieed. Eatvcdat Erc.Tt.Ho. Pebmaiy 1 IfBT. PICBIISIITie— KAtLCOAiIKHEIIIUTS— UreiteJ lloc* arc 35c lower to New vork and Boston, and it uc lower to Albany. We renteonr rate*. The louowlug It toe Joint tariff on toe Eastern roadt: Kales from Chicago to— class, clast. Pionr. Uog£ iiufiaio, 2i. v., <9 47* 93 eo Toronto, C. W <* 47* 93 75 Montreal, C- E IJO 10 1.9 a 1.60 Albany, K. Y IJO 91* 1.13 Now York IJJ 90 1.90 l.a lloetun and Albany U 3 05 7.90 1.35 Boston rla urandTrnnk 1A) 93 1.90 7.59 I'triUnrt rloGrandTronk.... t. 90 I.Bs Philadelphia 1.15 W 7.70 1,15 Baltimore |.15 kj i.’fi) 1.13 ntutiursd 70 M 1.00 70 ai-v.lnnrt, Oblo 45 3J 70 M JenriMJimllc, tod.. 45 33 70 Ct<clQ<i*tt.OMo.. <3 83 66 is „ FLtHJII llecmod. 10.011 brl«t shipped, 5.496 brls, 17«» market t«Ml«y exhibited a lUUo more animation, although prlrtj were nominally unchanged. Bale* were a«r»lluw<>t Wuitk WivrKns-A3 bila not name I at *11.30; lOflbrladortflJWs Sfpum F.iTtuit-30 lifts “Adam** Golden Bicaf” at 110.76; iOObrta “Onyx" ut HOW; lOOhrls “(lan.tvi's Kxceitior" at |lo.M; S.V) hrls not named at flo.iU; tirti d.» at f ta.jJ; 4.0 lirls do at flO M); 100 Mlmn at 79.7 V, 600 brls doatW.W; Sm.\u biiiTo—lo brls nol named at «3J3; Utb FU>VH~X nr « Hi fC.73, *% IIKAT—It celled, 13,071 liu; shipped* 7,150 bo. Market .<*lVc Utter on No. 3 Spring, btttuwer*: M«Jl.iiNw.9atH.»V;Sfl.«Bo bo doatflJOS O.WWhB btidu at |I.M (regular) :2.1t00u do (A. 1). A Co.) at (l.*/Tv-c<o*ins firm with oarers ot regular at and sellers at *l jd, (JOHN—Received, 19.300 bus shipped, 113 hu. Mar km advanced bales we e: \WW bu No. | at 7*;;c; 6.Wohu 00 at ‘.Sc; li.OOu bu do a. 7‘»kr;' bu do at 77c; l.cOOlm llejecied alMr: HUO bu do at 51\c; 5,1t0 (U do at MsC, 400 hu do al 63c; H« bu While at •*»ci how *TTuait~lo,orubu No. t at‘3Wc; lO.Oimm do at 73\r: JO.Oto hu do at "oc—teller Ik< 01 Afrtl—clotlait tints at ibkr tor No. 1 cash OATrs-llocelved, lO.ttd bu; shipped, CM bn. Mtr knkclKltcr. bales were: 13000 hu No. 7at 43c; «W bu do at auxr; Ctt) buNo. lat 423<c—c.o*lax firm at Oblaide figures. 11l K-»toce‘»ed, bn; shipped. Pn. Market more si-tn eat d tc liclter. bales w«re: 4.100 bu No. 1 atbCct artOimdo at Rilke: 2.400 ha dost «c: 400 bu (Winter) at hike t a,U)O bu K 0.3 atMc It Alt LKV—ltetflvwt, 1,973 bo; shipped,JJW ha. Market mure active. Bale* ware: 3,603 bu No. 2at CJc, ,UM hu UejecUal at 43**c; 3.103 bu do al 4.1 c; 1,0.0 hu do 1 M43c; bv K*ai't.«-38bstf*alfl.0C{ 9i bags at ft 23: 400 bu at OJc: 400 bn at *,6c : 3uo bu at 07c. Shipments. Uccrlpts. VW 401 83 mo 1,114 338 7W *IM HOI 313 136 V/i 421 U 3 M'OIIO l«—l*orolu»l iiUitlc. tEa Nt*—Halca were: 34bags at 11.73; 4 brla Wilts tlfl.W; 3bo Navy alfr.OO. III! A S-SomiDMl At Cl I.Ofci 14 50. HUTTKlt—lnferred, 7,3uu ft*; thlppcrt, 6jm ft*. It* market prewnu Uie •> me pmcral feature* u tbnsa noted la oar previous report*. There condemn to hss «u-«ov lair dtmaud for cbulca (toll and choice Jar Uut* ter. to supply local cuilomcM, and tor vucli, with a CK'dcrate supply in tljo market, prices keep veil op, and are comparatively firm at qinuilou. Indeed, for a very prime article fa fancy packasei, an advance of 3&3e cay occasionally be realized, tot common Tub aud common Firkin lucre la scarcely any inquiry, and under tb* cice sirs alocka prices are **eak and aalra alow, and generally at reduced rates. We quota: Cludce to Dairy O aw c Goodlub 30 ®33 c Common Flruin 13 t»IS c Prime Flrklp, " ‘ Cattle, flora. Sheeo. ... ltd 8,164 w ... itw a,7ia wi ~0,011 4,yds 2CI ... 861 M&4 4& ... 426 4.264 5« .. 3(4 3476 Cdd UAI*(UN(S—Ibcr«UDO Improvement to now la Uie gtacral character of the market. The demand coi tlaues ilnht,«.nd ncder full * locks the market rates doll sad weak at the decline noted yesterday. Were* peat our llttofprlces ufdlows: halloas! A, 3 bn, seamless Unc0........ 140.00 Ualon A, do do «W llliudi A, Co do BS.OO Cota Kxdianef , &.00 fcprk A. rollon wsxless... v 64.0 T A. do G&nu Aadioecoßgln do 61.01 American. do 64 .ou Bnrerillllt, do fI.OO IltttflcldS, do I'cnb wills, do Fort liU, do titico, do Pact., linen and cotton. Ridgewood, do fprfncflcld Goi nln.. 11nrUitr.<bn,Ko.l..... Eiupl e City 4J4* Cll 1 rsde 1* clack. and with » fail aapplyon bona, dealer* are by n« means firm in their new*. The demand u cenflned chiefly to small orders tram tne country for prime goods, to supply cnrrent’w-aots. and a* an Inducement iopcrchaso’B. roand lets sre offered at liberal con>e»»lona. Ftlcea are unchanged and we continue to quote: Kew Yura Factory (genuine). Factor; (Illinois) Hamburg Western btalea Vi C4lt 19,031 319.U9 9,1(9 Western Reserve. ••Youn* America" «30 c CUAt-The market exhibited Ivt anltnalloa to day, tlioneb for Anthracite, ua tbo better vanetle* of Bert C< ah there » M no olipotltlon evinced on the pan ol dealers generally to shade prices to any extent. Kut on the poorer descriptions ot belt Coal, ot which there Isaiurplua, price* wcreeas-ier and onraonalot> coi cieeloiewcrcrrcelyoffend. We make no change! > nr as tnllowe: Eua—ltrooViieia Co Orntbv ChtTEiAKD—Brier Hi 11...... do Mineral lUdre. ■ do widow Bank, do Tnnncl.. Chippewa Rieetharg Lnmp Lehigh Lackawnna, prepared. Ecratton........ rutston Illinois oo on track. .... SJCU «JW \ooßhloeheny H jo i'OKFEK—ti Mne Katnrdsv the «acral market was rather quiet bat little basloess was d-iae oat ficetheouincororders; prices, were, however,firm arn unchanged. Vit quote •Java. Tflo,roiim'on to fair.... Kin, good to crime Bio, prln C to choice CtMiPKllAlJE—Tbemarkelrnled doll, and prices ate weak and unsettled. Sale of 2W Folk Barret* at ||-3S delivered. F.CJt^S—Were In ccod demand to-day. and under a rather limited supply, dealer* were irmerally holal’iir at a trilling advance. bale* were quick atZStlWcfor Limed Ejees, and SOufeSSc tor strictly fresh lets In boxes or tut*. The demand U condned almost exclusively to local cot-tomera. Pale* Include ia oor. at sjc; 31 pkn atlPrvt plcc at 83c; MO dot. Limed atssc. I'M'ITS aSI) NtT**--lhero U no change to sote In the general character of the market. In any es sential particular. Trade coniines slues, hot wlthno suri'lns stock on hand, for meat dweriptioa* dealers generally are boldine firmly at quotations. Dried Ap* pics, cartne to ibe libcrsuqpply in iho market, are doll and rarler. Choice Winter Apple* are to rood re quest on local account, and nndcr a scarcity, are bold stltT at toil prices. Cranberries are la demand and steady and am. Nat* are quiet. Prices arc an* changed and we continue to quote: Apple*. f» brl Ixmus, Malaga Crsoi-crrte*, fT brl Ciaabmles, colUrated. VUAU f HI fJct, drum Fits. CaZtOODS Dates Can reaches, ft doz« i ft can. Apples, nc» Reaches, baITU aid Quarter*., reaches. pared... Hlaekbemes, new, f) ft Ua.prmle«.oe», ft ft Cherries Pitted Elderberries ft ft BaUl&s layers TUIMbs, Valencia , Sardine*. V boxes Sardinia, boxes Km. Almonds hard •tipllcd... n a 31 Almonds soft shelled S 3 a 4S A'mondr, paper »hellod 50 c* U Peanuts V », t\ UmUcton n <a 14 limit Not* a « 53 Fibert* i 7 2 is Fiench Wainnu, new nan Ktplct MklsßU a a 34 I’rrtos •null andlarge yj « 1W Bicfcrry Hois petto Sow auo Cbr»tnotsprf ha....... .... 7.00 a BJJO I* IHU—The market 1» dun and Inactive. and, with lati week* tn tn» market, race* are by no mean* firm. On ream! lota liberal redaction* m«r reneraitr oe oo talned. The Inquiry Uronflnad chiefly to aupnlylne the city retail creccry trade, with occasionally a amail on’er Ima- the country, tveqaote: Whlteflih. No. 1. * Ml |7.»a 7.50 •• so.a,vt»ri , t.ts* 750 Trout, No. t V Ml . ft.ed4ft.7s - NO. 5. >» bfl 4Jd* 4.75 Mackerel, No. I, X Ml, new U.0f1au.33 •• No.XVUM LOVaIO.SO '* lami:y.> Jrfbfl kOO* 9.23 - extra mesa, V H brl 15.00*1550 *• “ . r * )l - xn* *.oo - Ns.l.klU,new LOa 2.7 ft *• umlly.kln .. *s3* xsi Cod£»h.ltark.*lCl.r>* 7.SO* H.OO *• George’* Bank RJU* 9.00 Hake 550* ftjo Hunnga. ortert, No. I. P b0x..., BO* 53 ** seated «o* fij Labrador Ucrrlng*. V brl, „ toio*|t,jo *• “ Whr1........ 3.50*5.73 Norwegian Hcrrlnga, K’a phri is.oo' M M U*e V bfl tft.6o firm. We quote: White orcaae., Vtfato C Yrltow Grease 9 e tirrwn Grease * BWc, 11l 1211 WlNKJt—ilertejrot, 00 brlaj aMpped. 210 hna. Market dull, neglected and entire!; nominal. HOl**—There 1» a fair demand and the market la Arm at (?a(Be fbr fasiern and Mafic for Western. 1.U7. Market openvd Qrm out closed weak, bales leveraging »o |T.9J 3i SO ** at 7.7» :a •» sin *• at ro 13 •• »7 ** at.. 7.0 o •• —■ at 7.0 U - w jo '• 170 “ 11. B “ 35 - St. IS *• 100 ** au! 10 *• « *• IS •• ISS ** St ...... 7.00 Sldlvtdtngonooo •* at. 47.55 anil 7.65 91 *• »o au ;jo sad 7.65 6 “ SCO “ at, 740 sod 760 US “ stO “ at 7jo and 740 as •• uco “ si ~... 745 ana 740 w M 2vO “ at 740 sad 740 —cio*?ne wrat at ♦,45<.%r.M oiridlnr on son at. II \ V—The market centmnr* light, so that the atocfc*. thoocb troof rate, are qnlic aatßcleot 15 meet all detnanos. White Timothy la held tolerably arm at qoo> tarns*. Prairie !■ otJcml at a liberal redaction Irom Uieptlcca plvei. bel« w. We qnoie a* follow*: wbouujlu rstcxs. qogs. Kecelpta. Shipments, SSi •»». «"■ J.U* 7 ,tiS .... » 129 CMB S Bl - twi tJS Ig{ sg «» :*g as? V“‘ ®| Ttirothy, roller and heater pressed. Timothy, loose pra»d., l“raine, better proved HtTAiL rants. Timothy, roller and beater presold tl&Mj»l7.00 ItßOihjr. loo«e prceaed U,eOj/iS.M Tralrlr. roller aid beater lI.OQ3tS.qO Trairle, Jooae on Wapon, delivered 9-30^,10.00 .11J I)KS—Becelvp<l, 1 »* { »bJpp>d. J«WCI M. The u*aract during the past .three or four daya baa rn’ed qalct, vi<h price* eaMer. Local Tanner* have almost entirely wlthdraim from Jho market, andabl> per* are only operating m a email way. The recelpu are cot Urge, tmttmderina ore eat light demand the *toeV*- are acenmiilaUng. T9e quote the market onlet and -w eat at the price* circa below; urmßttchera* „„ a BVe Urvtu Ultttncd. attwe J'.mDCalf. ,*."«!!.!lS <S» e Kip. o*cen. tailed u »it A l>iy Mint. WinmM ailvS Dry NiUe-, triton cd V.... ’. uvSnvS J.W «tOKC _ KKV^—>'Tl»erc <> G»*bnV)iit»?ela«a^e'c9 not** In ttic c«ifT*l chancier ot thr market Kloce oar l*»t w'j'orJ. Ibices are itndj and oacbaneed. We continue U quote: *,w nc roirinon Par «i/,l t>.. 1 ot>o -)i*-*lr»ia fWv> Hand e*uiM llocp and UcM t'acd ; c koui.c and gj^ c flail oaai and Hail Koaod ***** |v(« ovc Bl*-ei iron. coma.on tu^ FAira llrrtula um .... Hie-t Iron, nlvantzed. mjs ito .... Sheet Iron, charcoal 9V(S .... Sheet Iron. Juniata.. Norway Nail B*ds...< P’ow bteei. German^. Plow Steel, ait. Knrtn, and Tire Steel. i kiw am. Spring and Tire Steel,English.. looTCast Slmbl, ordinary aUaa. Tool Cast*teeL American Bdsterrdoteeh...... .....JO e KnsaJa, Koe. 9 and it S 3 a» o Bouts. An, l*t quality, ¥ bdl Atg c Rnula. Am , l*t qualil/, 9 aheet (£]» c Bueala, Am, 3d qualify, V ehiet, <*l* 0 •.CATnBK.-Tben«ullttledo!acUthlsdepartm«tl ot trade, thtrarb, coder light atotka, prices are RiUy »n»tauied,ataToyCrm it otn quotation*. We reseat our Uat, a* toUow*: - Bl SLOCK. city Harness, 9 __ stauhter, Bole, 8......TTTn..4 8»a 43 I 40A <3 Country Harness mb 88 Slautiwr. Sola. Une. 9 & « Cblcaco, No. L itU <3 Rip. medium, P Slanzbter, oU, ». LUaVJO Chlnxo.No.X St« 97 CaXP » IJOULCO Buenos Ayres.... S3A 40 Upprr, 9 1t0ct.... 80A 51 Orinoco bo<e 37a 5J Country Upper.. Z£s 9 Orinoco, good. Collar. 9 tout..,. 839 M damaged 919 s OJX. Hlsn chter. frile.. t? 9 M French Calf, 31 Hamers. N 40a 46 At A1093.7S Upper 309 33 French Cali, 86 Bip. No. 1, me- AA 3.0093.10 dium .I.IOOUO French Calf Lc« Rip, No. 1, 1 molaea V d»a)J0993.03 hrary 6501.101 I.XJMBER—BntIaeM ttHlar was unusually aetlre, and price* were ora. We continue to quote; Lvvbks—First Clear, 114 and 3 Inch 9 A^uxqg.m This week. Last week. . f S.«DO&U SSXk»CA& second a'ear.'v.*iy.’ij; and 3 Inch. MiOHSOOO Thud Cleai.lnrh 60.naS9.aD Flnt ana Second d»er Floorlor, to* ktther, rough, th» same as Second Clear vide. wrassjo common Koorlec. rousb..... ... Matched end Dnaaed Common Flooring. W.00012J8 Matched end Droaed 6 tech Common Flooring ftvtß®t3.W First end Second fleer sidle c, together,. 30.00 40.00 First Common Dressed Sidlni SIOO*UJ>Q TVee'.n-uox Boards, select, 15 Incli end coverts. MJO@aJ» A Block Board, IJ loche* 3>ADj33.03 It B'ock Boards, 13 Itches 3644477.00 Cctnmon Boards, Joists, seen lilac, Fcac* Intend Small Timber, 13 to Iftleet look*. XLMsWtOO Joists and scenbtw, SO, 23 end M feet.... 1d.14430.00 Jotets and ScanUlnr.... #j*) Btujiotas-A or flier Shared Shingles...... tk Aorßterßeved Bblnclea 6AQAS9O 340. l Saved Shingles 3.oa Lent—l*cr mln yards.... gjje By car-load by Jtorthwwtera KaJlrosO. dellTrred ineny yard wfacie cert can be switched, or ary depot t A or Star Saw* . ed Shingles. by car-load, on track 4.tSa LM Aor Star Shared shingles, by car-load. cd track. .....7T. 8.71 a LOO ho. 1 Sawed Shlngies, by car-load on track ijs 11)reo dollars a car-load added when inniffered, which charge follows the J-blnrlos la might bill. Tblckaeaa—Five Shingles to be two Inches in thick sets. Length—Sixteen Inches. Bands—'Twenty locbce. .9260*5.75 . 4.7>i*2Z> . 4A0«4A0 Court**—Twenty-five. META I.H AND TINNERS’STOCK-There waa a fair demand to-day and prices ruled arm. We Quote: TTjr. Box Tin Plate, I C HjH... fILM Largo Me* 37 Small i-lgi 8S BsrTtn «9 COPPXH. Vctaltlr Al* 801t5... S 3 C>pp«r Bottom 65 Broiler* ovrriOttt.. 43 BhicllDgsUtolCoz! 47 uanuiTjinsL. lit quality DO Antlm-ny 90 Pine t-oider IT NAIIjS—The market I qootsblr unctiaogod. We c MV keg ,|7.00i M 7.0 J M 7» 1 40 3d 7.9 ft I f* 11 ,S—Trade hi atagnanl request and a shade firmer ttona are dull and aimott en taltui a t LluirnlOil . « CI15) l,lnw*fd Mil, iKltal f*i Olivo on urn wt».ccm.w. u 1.3141.(0 LardOil.exua IJU4UI 1 aril 0i1,>0.l Winter l.l&atto Lard On, >'o.3 Winter 1.0041.10 nan* on. round lou in*].** Vat-UlneOli 1.0041.41 Kprrm Oil. W, D UUO l.ul>rlratma Oil , C 041.00 OaitorOli.... 8.31«34J I4f«UtbOt <JII 1.3141.40 CA ic lU>> Oil.—U quiet, wiUi priew dead/ and umlixnsnl. quota: Carbon, p ear 105 e.......... Mo Catlioi,. small 10ta.... *oc Bcnioli* I*KQVI»*ION«—IW - mnl l 4o.Kio fta curpd lortU ; J.iui m-)« J'iuk, *nd JSi.tou a* Lari>;»!j}pjy-<i, a« Cuml Mi-aU; 93 brU Uccf; I,ICI brls i'ork, ud 110,70) ft» Urd. flirpHl’ork'-lnactiTo tmt flrnitr heid—nominally uiulionci-d. bale* were: CvO belt mm* at 1)9 00 »ef ■er last Imtt ol February ; 100 brla Unit eventual at Htf.CO « a»(i. I rUin* I’ork-Sutnii wore; MO brU at Mil* |iVi\ »nl>r March. hivrri l*ic*(rd Iliima-Htlea wrw uu tea Mil* wauki-c Cut at X >,r; too tot City at 10%’c.lctsb. lln U 3li*ol»-MirWel active and about kc hither. Hint were: 40.UX at Bboolders at 7\c P*rk-<3: M.OOO do at "! fi-lOc and 100.000 asdoit"Xf looae-.syi.OOo ttado at Deti Id. I ml- at 7*e, buyer March; lOU.UOtj as Uam> (tame plai'f) at lofcc, tu*er Mtfih. irfir*)— Markmujruarilveana He better. Bale* weto: MO kabteam at j3c; 300 tes do at like naan; IW tc»bn> era) at i3J<e; 100 let buyer li at Uc~cioa* ton turn at 13c cash. ruiILTHY ANI) (1 AIIE-Markctactive. Balca fc ude it'doz Oroutod Chickens atftAO; 10 doxdoat |t.»; V3doz do at Uoz llnaied Uncko at ft.OCs at 110.00: Sdoz d« at l*.00; 5 doz d* at <6.00; ttW as Dressed Turk-va (cbimf)allN«f;SbOttsd .aiUc: I.COO tbs do at 111- 00 ft • oo at 13c 43 del Uabblia at Hoc. mum ANULBitATUtHToa market con* tinu*a steady. We quota: UatuUl'a Medlcltal e *• mre. lawctitko DcJfcDds Chemical •, H>«'«std c M lieaitby nwtt3*e M Foie .UkfeUgo t»UI3AIt-—Trade throuynout ire week hat r>s-*n active and Calr pncct were obtained. On White “A” buaaiewenolaaeUebtauvance. We quote: .33 (A A Porto RJc.» u£iau~e S, Y, BeCoed,Powdered u>4 WUteA Circle A Wblte B Extra C >4S9KV? Yellow C IS e OxuardC ..10V(*U c Guard C, extra................... New Orleans pnue. 13*au;<c Kew Orleans blr UjiAl3*c SVIIDI*?*—Tbe narket rules quiet, aliaooeb prtccsareCrmer. We continue to quote: New York Syrups $ «O®U5 Yellow Drips 1.10aU9 Cuba Moiawea rea S 3 F iloKico... Btat 63 New Orleans TOatJtai Jiiilvletpnla Bee Hire 60a 6. CbKxso'ucflucry. Amber. tJJO^l.n . ** Golden 80a “ “ SncarMouic. 75® » SALT— Bveelred. none; shippel, 419 btls. Market flm. a»Us of SlObrla at £LS delivered. Ntw flue *395 Cease : 3,a StM 6VO 65.U3 MJQ 55.00 &\OO 53.33 37.00 23.00 Ground Alan LOJa3.HI Turk's bland, oat* 3.50 OnundbtUr. 2.0 Dairy, with Sa ks Bin Dairy. * Uhonl sacks. 8,05 s»BEO&—Received. 8W578 fts: ihlpoed, BJTSI hi; Market steady and prices are a shade raster. Sales in clude tObagHTltunlhy at $3.93; 151 bass do at 13.80: 60 h»C» do at *3.75. .13 019 e .16 017 e .i« on lli 015 c TEAf*—The demand Is Improving and prices hare at upasrd tendency. We continue to quote: Tomtit Ujton, interior to one, * ft (1.155 t a do extra to choiee. ft ft L6O*UM Imperial. superior to roc, ft ft , do extra to choice. ft ft 1.8541.90 Gunpowder,superior tonon, ft ft .... 111*41.60 do extra to choice, ft ft 1 Japan, natorml leat One to extra flee, ft ft.... 1.dia1.15 do do fine to choice, ft o lXvai.3s do do colored, ft ft IJX&IM TOHACrO—Ben.ajrsdotl and almost nominal at t)iv loiloaitf ranee of prices: Ftss Ctrr Cdetuio- .( 11X0 . IIJM . 11.03 . lOXu 10-00 . M.OO . 10.00 . 12.00 . . IIJM . urn . . wo® 8.00 Extra Clctce 8f0a1nm......... Common Skokiko TOIUCCO— VlrctnU'a Farort'e. Choice. Medium Con moo SUms Toiucco— Bojal ClUres.... *3 a 80 Farmer* Dellirht, 70 a 73 Katural Leah L2O £&00 Half Dncbt 80 fcLU Choice Black, sound.-.. Tl 9 it Medium 70 a 73 Common U 9 it Kav.e* Otfa 80 Vir>imaV«sxd as 50 c* 63 Fionsdert.. 75 a 85 \VonU-There U little beln* dove in tbit deparl met. t <>f trade, thonub prices keep well op and may be retarded a» turn at previous ratet: Miule, V cord, Delivered. IILSOAILSO Maple. V cord. In yard Beech, Mcord, delivered 10JA411.90 l>ech. f> cord, la yard SJttaiO 90 Hlcaory. V cord 13.90au.50 TA LliO " —Market quiet. Sales were: 80 brls Cite Butchers, atHVc, \VlHII«-BTCClTed. 8,770 ftß; shipped, B£lo BS. UarKet oußt, Boyers and tellers apart ta taeir ytews. Sales of 9.000 at Fine Pnwatheo at 59c. .9Rg£2Bge A I«RITAL AND DEPAUTUBB OP XV TRAINS. .(3XO A«XO . 9XO AIO.OO .13X0. at SM .iuo Stixo If inter Arrangement* cmcjtoo ahd xonniwesma oailboao— oxxax nemo u«— dxpot noxtra mu rmier. II A » » a » as a » 485 (4 4-35 9 A » .M » » 43 0 .45 HAS . 6rt (4 GS , O M 69 . U «• 16 4JO O 4.0 . 19 9 19 ti <4 U . 53 (A 40 Omaha Fast line OmahaKurbl Express. Dixon Passenger Freeport l*asrecger. Freeport PaMcnccr. Jlocfciord. Elgin, Fox KiTcrand State Hoc... *1:00 p. a. *11:10*. m. Geneva sod Elgin Pat* rnscoKPiN Division—ditot corkss or oixu. Axn Km ox btukkt. Day Express *9:00 a. m. *C:3oo.m. KlgbtErprcss *4; < Wp.xn. *3:45 a. m. Janesville Accontnodti. *5:30 p.m. *0:35 p. tn. Woodstock Accoznc?od'n .5:00 p. m. *%SO a. a. Kn.wACKxx mnaioK—nxror cokxsb op cakax. Day Express Uoretm, Calvary and Evanston... Nlfiht Express 4:00 p.m. 8:30 p.m. Kcnottaa Accomxaod'n... 4:40 p.m. 9:IS a. m. Wankctau Accommod'n. 5:30 p. m. a. m. Milwaukee Accommod’a. 11:43p.m. (jzo. L. Dcslat, (ien’l Sap’t. B. F. Pathick. General Paaain-cr tfZOBISAB *.KXT»ALBAIL*V*^—OfIiOA ,*W. *oo* or LIU fTHTIT. atoning Express........ *& *8:45 Day Express •7:00 a. m. *n;oCp. n. Stating CzpreM, 15:30 p. c4*li; <0 p. cs. Night Express 7*9:45 p. m. psift a. m. rOK.txxATt iiu lottutillb tbaihi. MomloeExpress........ *7:noa.m. *iQi.a l Night Kxpreis 15:00 p.m. *ll:0up. in ■icbioax scunuait in tu buoss l»s-*dt. ror counts tax stmex m tuxaux aranm. Touno uxa. atoll •* 45 a.m. *6:55 p.n. Day Fxprvfta *7:00 a. xa. *11:00 p. c Ne« York Express 415 p. n. fltscp. c NlghtExprea: 7*lo:oop.m. *&00a. s ' pvnotT Lora. MaU *4:45 a. n. tfcu.a.m. Night Erprow 110:00 p.n. *3:53 r* o. rmaacmsH* von waraa ajo phwaho. MaU • 6:00 a.m. Express.......— • 1:00 a.m. ii*i} a.ta. Past line 3:15 p.m. 7:40 p.c Express *HO:OUp. a. 11:00p. jb muons oxaTiux. Day ***!urco<?er. *fca» a. s. p. e. Nicbt Ptettnger JittOOp.m. *6:45 a. to. Knnkakea Aocoaood*n. *«:C5p. m, **2i a. a. tlvde l*ark ana Oak Wood •&■*' &. m. *T:i5 a. jl. ** *» natop.m, **; « “ *• .... *3:20 p.m, *1:50 p. a. ** •* »s:ssoim’. •?:*6p.n cn<'AttO. »raun«toM *xn ucm<n. aay fizpzmand Man... *s*oa.m. *ttoop. ia. ••■joburcrwacofftsi.. • *3;oop.m. *4.W p. n. Anrora- *WK)p.ta. NUrht Express X JSJCL9O AJfj iipme and Hall Vleht Express 'ouet and Wilmington „ Accommodation 4:00 p. is. fctit is. cmcjkOO axo nui Kisfoa—<iaw cxxcnntaxt an Lcn)-xu.7iUKn naanoan pitot, cos. -axai. ajn> kweh arssqcw. • DiT Kxprcop ti.&&.!£. 3K55 P.B. SlshlKxpreW. fcWp.xa. & j*oa iituixsarom asn oct.lmxati. Djj Eipittt—. .• .... fkijLQ- lftss p. n. Exprr*a.MOp.m. &JD a. m. Olunhne Expreee &3>a.ia. p. m ♦* « 9rt)op. ta. BJO a. m. •i*retnff Accommodation JfeaS •* ifcOU a. m, ** &Jsp.c. SeuO v. n. csicaso, bock mass aai> ncmc uan.nfup. Oay Rxpms and Man... *fcooa.Tn. *S;3op,m. Mehtfixpxeae 12:00 p. a. onev Accommodation.. 4MO p. m. *«:4U a. m. •Sunday excepted. tHondaycxceptad,iSatosd*j •xccpted. tnnox stock lias roa ram*. Leave Madison Street. ) _ Leave Stock Tarda. .9UUKV3IUM . luftaiuo . mojiu w &no. 8:30. JftflO. ifcSn. asfl. •U 45. pLOWS. PLOWS. BOD BBEAKISO P1.0W9 ana .11 T.rlrilr. of StTiv’ hlr and Double shorel Howa manatactttred ana lot •ale by JUUH DEMENT. Dlxoa, mitoU. .UX£U c ,'u~s«j*c .U (*U c “LETTBHS BBMAISWO TO CLAIM Ft) DJTHR Poet Office at Chicago, Btate of Illinois, on Mis to o*f °pr *To Sdatoaay of these liters ailfor’Adtzettsid L»TT*sa. give the tuts of this Ittt,anflj*y one <*nt tor advertising. qr “Ifnotcolled tor vtthin <a» ntnrto, they will besent to the Dead Letter Office. ... . rr*“Leum»re not advertised nnUl hj”** mstned lathe office one weds, and on «*• ordsys Idlers to be advertised an to the hands of wo plainly to the street and number, sS well as the Post Office and State. “ 2. wPAn letter* with the writer's Post Orncn and Srvn, srxrrr sod smo, elgn then piainly wua fall name, aod rnjoett the answers to be directed ae> eordlazb. - . “ ixueri to stranger* or transient visitors to a town or city, whose spemal address may b* unknown, soouw be marked, to the tower left-hand comer, with the word Transient,* “4. place the postage stamp on the urrn bioht xusn corxtr, and tsanaiMcs between tte stamp and direction tor eosT-xancxsa without interfering with U REQUEST tor the RBTUKK of*s letter to the writer. If unclaimed within thirty days or lews. written or printed with the writer's Kax*.Ptwr Of net and Star* serosa the left hand end of the ovelopc, on ihe face aide, will be compiled with at the masl pre paid rate of postage, payable when the letter U dcliT* ered to the writer.—{oec. as. Law ofISSS." tar Free delivery of Letter* to any part cl. the.aty can be secured by having them addressed to the street and number. ..17 018 C ..u au e ..23 (*3a e ... ctfs c Ackerman Catberlie Andrews Mary mrs Abell A W mrs A&scll Allnda mrs Aidi Ith Lizzie B mr* Atmatrotc Dan el mn AtvordlCmrs Artett Rama miss A exaooer Sarah Smn Aaron KUeaM mr* AlvotdJMtnrs Ashton Tnomas mr* Allen Ada miss Avery Charles mn Antrobus Jennie tars Austin * L mn AidcrsunM H mrs Avery CDmn Andrews Mary E wit— Anbei t msdame Andrews Jane mr» Anthony Jennie aUi B Balder Lizzie miss BoyntosSOmn Dailey p mis Hoyl Mary Anri Hmllej KoMUoe art Boater Lncy ' —*' ” "•'wqu Mr Baker U Bmrs Baker Harm min JIBIM Wiia J3I Uib 3 I M*!** Ba»crWro L mn Brace Helen Ftnlu Baldwin M V) mn BtackeitMary A tnw Baldwin Jolla C min Brady FumT mUi i Baicon Sadie mlra Krandell Henrietta min Bailow Mary Au mn Braxmall Mary B mitt HarterAllcralt* hmUer J B alM* Barter TVUlam ton Eraiee Mir at da B mil Bart re B A mn 2 Brewitrr min Bernard Cbiries mr* Waller mn Barry tulle a.ii Diom John A min Bamtt Wacjrt** mlaa Broad? Caroline mn Bui Crldiu tnr» BrotucntoD E A ten Bren Mollle miu Brooklnzi W U ten BenatnUa Brown JenUemUa Beebe Belli* mlaa Brows Hell mil* Belle Uaoatm Bro«s£ard.nlaPmn DeIMD Margaret nits Brown Ellnbetti tnn Beaten Settle otn Buckley Matt B aua Betting Lean mrt Bollock Soaje on Bill* ITU nirs CamU Mirf J on BUka Birrmlli Burdick Mirr tan UUchford Eton Boralck liatue mn Maney mU» Burton Louiia min BI»t M A mtn Burrell Catherine tan Dim)’ Celia sm Harked I.ear clloi Ho< • Dimmer an Burce* 1.00 mIM l’ol»b Ratio taUs Byrue* Mary mlu Brcden Anna s min Bash Frankie nn B< lai-millie rot# Byrd Fanntemn jto»iwirt Laura tain ByenMaryUmUi Bojce MUoa mn me. Ist quality, cut „13 v nmnaJity, sheet U blab U BRIGHT wtu. 1 to«. II 7.8 and 9 12 If* and 11 ll «... II IS and It 1} 13 and 16. 17 19. IS 19 ?1 » *1 Fence wire,. 10 H steady and prices are quote: 13d ~...»va ad, Qnehlned... 9.91 9d. One blued 10.» Out spikes 6.7 a Clinched 8et.......... 8.70 lU UnseedU in moderate ■ to-day bat other descrip-■ atireiy nominal at our quo- CosUwonb Ueorge mn Crocker Emmi mlie Col>li mlMi CQ»lilmt Ann mn ('■oln ► rum Cushion Mary mr* Colter lUry mn CoiUlnx Ellco miei Condon Joifi'ii mn .|US ©IJO . 1.03 &I.H . 83 990 . 65 9 75 85 01.09 sft * 31 « 0 35 19 9 n jAailtoahs. Leave. Arrive. . *8:1 ja. m. *7:20 p.m. .. 7:80 p. m. 1&00 a. m. .. 4:00p.m. ll:10a.m. >ST UXS. •10:00 p. m. *3:10 a. m. *4OO a. m. *3:40 p. m. axd xnni btdxxt. 9:00 a. m. 12:00 m. 1:30 p.m. 3:40 p.m, Page Helen mlaa Peabody Mary B mlaa Pace K C mra Pike Virjlala mill Palmer Lome I min phllorlck John on Pall fctrma mlaa Pierce Sarah E mra lipcbi A mr« J*lerce A mra Paraoca Meiiiaa ran Pierce Hanaa Emily min Parker Mary AJmu 3 pollock Ada mlaa Patkcr prank miu Poiren J Potter mra Parker J V mra porter Adelaide ml«« Pailah Vary mlu ptllfbarrt Anna T mill v„, —zr e. •< _ _ I Patrick Wm mra Price 811 mlaa &05 a.m. &4Sp.n. peckJenaaa 8:15 p. o. k&O *. a. tli.oo xsld'bt tfcM *. d, n^pocit. .a. m. 7:40. .a. m. 9:10. .a. m. n;so. .p.m. 1:30. •p.m. .4:00 .p. m. 5:40. ..a, m, m. ..a. m. ..p.m. .p.m. ..p.m. .ju m. | .A.m.l ..p.m. ..p. m. I .ul m. ..a. m. ..p m. ..o.m* sJlotos. LIST OF LETTEBS. LADIES’ LIST. Bowman llirj mn Bruit FruiKH C Cadwcll fi W mri Conner Catherine mil* CalllLan Magpie tolas Conner bar»h mra i ampbcil Barak B B Occcklln Nannie Wmtas Campbell Hattie P mri Conley James mra Campion basic an Convene Sarah B miss Camp K I) mt*a X Conway Margaret mil* Cappers Louua miss Coon Kaotul mra Carpenter Almeda ralia Cox mrs Carpenter Lucent b Cardie Lante E mra Cam;iLoul*a Copland Edita mlia CaMlnman Ella tnlaa Coo.b Carna E miiaS Caawell Ann* tan AtroiacK Ellen on catling mra C-iyne «iait«io A mra Chapm Ixtteuzu rata Cox Ella ml** Chapin UOn'i Corkerr Annin mlaa Cli«pt'an John rora Crfumr Allen M mlaa Chevalier L O madax&a Crail Kmeltne mra Clark Urllla 8 mra . Crawinrd Mary Ann mra dark l.oe mra Craty O A mra CiaikM mra crawfhriiujnthlamra t>r£ LttbinU tnn Ctili ttenb''A mrV mlia Frsak mrt Crocker F mn UoNjrn II mn Dalniagfi Earahu Donnelly Mary min Daw lell* mm rant KwdUls M A 0 mm Dkixirirce 31 E mitt lougiat* i/iulc miu Da> let* Au*l’nti.m Point Amanda M Daiitoith A (inline mr* Kmaticrty Mary mm Damon Mary nitu lorvHtion Handy v- C mm )ot Elmira W mm Davu V iv u-im towner Carrie mlu pay Margaret Jmr* Poylomlu Vi an J o<n Dresser (> J mn DcAfrioneLeollne mlu )owdl* Annie pranr Cirt L mut lowneyMiry ix-tue M K mn Jrtggs TJdlUi mn lw«-ry H'tnm lunnlngbaa an omill l>cuey Hattie mm >a<t Agues mlu IHitnsr c a mm funning K mm Penntton A V mm fovall Clamijf mil* Pr(>ulf Kn nm K rom >unkcr»on Dora out Prokrr Kate mica Dye Mar) P tma Pierian Margaret fanning Virginia mtu Pilhrtn Mary Durant Elvira T or* Angle mm >y»on mm P}»< n N min Mer Amelia A mlsj Podge Uattle K mn Pyer John mm E Fa»lahrookl L mIM 3 KHUborpe Martba turn Ecklev CharimTjnt* Emmett Wm mm KrtU) Mary ml«* Eoinck Llxzte mlu EdmondM n Ann L mm Krtckirn Anna tula* Howard* Alne ml*t Krana Mary Ann mm K'drldge Baiah mm Engle Lou ml*« Eldildne Aionro mm Enaworth Anglo mlu F Fabry Margaret Ftlkln* Lily mlu Fait a booby W mlu Flagc Ella K &.U< Parity Kitty mm Flershtem Lana W tnl*s Farqthar J Mmm Flint Francla j mm Famll mm Fleming It mr* Ft Ho» a Helen mm Fore«t Dora mil* Ferrln * D dt* -Forest Uatue miu Fu,n Annie mis* Frierson Bettor mm Flu b Mattie mlu Freeman Cnthaa K mlu FUli E & mm Franc Uacbel mlu Fuu Jate V mm Frost Qoule miss Fliklis John mi* Gamer Katie miss Olenin Jane mm Gage E Aims Oleede Matilda miss Qaßagher Mary mlu Qoule Lyola mm Qatea OtU W mn Ooodrtdge Moses mm Qanadrn Harriet mis Goodwin C mm GaidorrSaxabrnm Gray mm Oaylora Harvey nm Gray Martha H miss Gcni'n-u Mary mis* Grcary Emma miss Get lose A mm Uiay Thomas C mm Gibbs Orra taus Grlter Mary miss Gin mlu Gnnblni Joseph H mra Gillespie Adam 8 mrs Goman* Mary mlu Q'ltnorcmra Groavenor C mm Gilbert fiatikmm GonnWCWmra Glet n Bridget mm Grey Emma miu GUulersJmm. nimh Belle mlu HarrMln Enetcr A mlu Hadden Nanny miss itlney widow J mm Uaidi-n t Bra mlu Hoag Edna mlm Hall M L mn Iloagan Mary Ann miss Ilallhh'inunmm nonman Kua mra n-rnitrat* Mannerah Rnran Matilda Hamilton P I' mr* HobklrkMAmlu Uanton Ctctlla mm llold*worth Loolia Atur* Data Vary mm Holcomb Mary min HaLOlgan Catherine mm Holeoanade John K mra Hardl Homme*Udlenamisa Parkin* Nellmr* HorronMEmUa Harps Maggie mist HonghMatUemm Ha v«ry mra Horan Marins A mra Hartwell Mary miss Howe Maggie mlu Uaitwcll A W mrs Howland Mary P mm lUrtwill Molltemlu Howard Emma mra Harrt- Helen mtaa H>-smerOUmm Hart !•( Savannah Howard Mary 8 mra Harvey B mr* Honan Mary mils Uatiaway HannahH HrwardJCmrs Howard Rosella stu Hoff Catherine A mrs Hughes Grace mlu Hueel inemm llarkrll HatUemles UasKi; Katemt* Hawley Mary Emin HogamnUEmn Hawkfoc Pamrliatniss Hubbard Jolla K mfss Hsyes Kale mbs Hitibsrd Jallelte E rats Hayes Mary thus Hashes Jenny A miss Haywood W tnrs Hamphrievme Mary tars Bay Elizabeth C tnrs Hunt Nettle miss Httlcan Mahals J mrs Banter Mary E mn HenTDabcllaJ mn Hussy Arthur mrs Htmrk Etta miss Huntingdon P Cmn Henry Kitty miss Hyde Mary mn Hickson Sarah miss Jones Joaxma miss Jackson Julia miss Ja-kson &l n>lM Johnson Alexander mrs JsckrOD Julia U tnrs Johnson Bell miu Janas Mhtlida miss Johnton Mary miss James MJ mrs Johnson Elizabeth miss Jou.« Nelly nut • Johnson Anna mrs Jordan Rebecca m Its Johnson Francis mn Jodd Hrori-tta miss Johnson Margaret L Jew eti Mary mn Johnson Mary miss JotesTCmrs Johnson R tV-mn Jones Hem y M mn Johnson Frankie miss Jones Elizabeth miss

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Laatry Hanrafa M mn Lewis B mn Lantoo Helen U mi** Lillie Kate mist Lawler Marla mrs Link Lydia mrs Larery Mary miss Livingston J Smn Larry Mary mn LonsbnntWmmn Latimer 8 on a Lovejoy Frank Lee Mary Acnca Loomis Thomas T mn Lcel.ydlaAmn LovedsyHWmrs l.cwls H A miss 3 Low Bnsan mrs Lenaban Matgaretmlss - Lnsfcen PCtnrs L* site Fannie miss Lnkor Mary Lewis Pb* be mn LtxecockUtteFmlu Learned Mary Ann nits Lynch Bose M Maguire Ann mn 3 Miller Eliza miss Mactey Ann ttn Martha Tamhllng Matoncy Eil* > n mlai mrs w U«lcne Corueda V mis# Mills ME mrs Malloy Maty mra Miner Amanda F mn Mallony Allda C miss Mitchell Frank M mn Many Mary miss Mitchell Catherine mn Marsh G 11 mis Mitchell Eluahetb miss Martin Sarah J mlas Mlnnhlan ran Mather Sarah ml»a Mines Mar mlsa Muon Larina miss Mongtre U W mn May Marcice ton Mobley EUanor A min Mseen Mary ran MontoKomei? 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TtumpaocßraitLu&co Bacon S V ft Uavla Braton U vr FadgcrßVi BergnatlEO DretnanJM Badger bV ♦ UermlaxbauiJotinnrncnanTD Bata Geo W Dermis Isaac Brennan Joseph Baker*atpl L sol Berry B a Brensoo itafua Hater John M 3 UemeyJonnS Bridge HV Baldwin BW Berry JB Breunligton Ren- Ball Fi and* Berry ftcone _ ry DallGrorco Usuis Cbat E BmgiChMC Bail ft flifnn Beits John Briggs n il iUMi Wm U BeranJohn Urluer K O Bal.ard (lea W Reran Al> dr Britton .tolm flarberJa* Beverage, DtpaeMrockwar nit Bather KK 3 ftco Brocas .1 W PRIIKI I’ F. « UVU *■ h ItarbonrAusiuttitUldwell T B df Drooka Geo K W Barhotir r. a Ihgelr.wE B Hro >ks B-toetJ Barclay l.ut lan TUlaelow dr orAm-Krtokshank T lltrflcrD F L brow UrooKing* U J rvirtto Fdwird IM'MpmBL HrooaJoboQ DirkrrSl'] Killing* .fa* ilroohrftco lurilryJW Ullow lloi<rt 0 nrnajjMonoM lUrcttd II llingtum rim W UrownMl 0 8 juror* It adr liloglum W|> jirown W u lUrart Fred K liinlcn J dr lirown D»M«l \ ItrortA P BIU Hioi'iel HrownlUtHN lUrnerJWa UuhooA co HrowaOrargeU ).»juunj M Hj»l)i>pAD MrowuFli ttancltj W Albfrtß llro»n Ptrtchcr Harrow John lltxbfCL I«rownPr»n* C Barer ClirliUia mark I»mt I*l Bro>n John W II HvryJatP lUalaWDdr Urownllroß lltirr'Vm BUtrHaml Brown Henry L Bartlett Hroi ttlair rtr lirown .1 rer Bartlett Seth lilalr Calvin Brown J Harlot. 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IkluerdUll Boyle Panl Butterfield W capt Mel) A C Bmcelyn Michael tlnttcrdeld T.vruan H*ll W Ed co Hrtckisrldge Rob-Hatier a Midcap Belle John ert Hut er Thomu 3 Deliomy Hohert J Bradford George Hotter Henry HtnedfctHW (I HynMr Ja« O fleniett Edwin FHradford LnlherTHulieta Ulchard F ItenneuJM Bradley Wm U Barron J c Betnetl John K Bradley C f Dorr O A CahT AU Chanln G 8 ConabonJ Calkin* H A Chapman W Condon Michael CalletaJobo Jaoiea M Cone W J 3 CaropJH Chapman John £ Connor* Tbomaa Campbell Borace Chapman t> F Cook O W Campbell E B Chapman A Sloan Cooley Cbas Q Campoe 1J 8 Chapman Aco W Cooper A 6b:;- Campbell Angle J man Campbell Boyer Chaney D Cooper Will H CbaaeAsaD CoopsrTL Carey capt Wm Cheasebro Oliver Coraea W O Carey A Story 3 Cheney WilliamPCorey Charles W Garble J A ChencrJohn Cornell Hiram US Carlton Sami Cheney Dies Cornwell U C Carpenter rha* HCheroy Alexan- Cornwell Edward Carpenter I) l> der J Carpenter ED Chlffl/cwl* Correll Daniel P Carpenter Geo B Child* W W Conon William S Carpenter Jason Chittenden Oeoß Cory James Q Chittenden Gei II <'o*tello Ed Carptnter Jaa L CUittenaenTJ Cotton HN Carqncrlllc Wm ChrltUancaptK Cotton HR Carr Moody F Conrneen Wtltlam Carr John A Clslr William Covcut John rev Carr cylveetcrL Claire H Fmncll John Carrington Fred CUnp-ia CoykcndaU Byron Carroll Cha* Clark Joseph J Carroll Cbas B C arkAGilmth CoynerWHUam Canoll John Clark mr Craig William Q CaneWS Clark Leri Crams John 6 Carter Beniamin Clark Wm CiamerJM Carter C B Clark John Crandate mr Cary John . Clark Henry CrandaleJß Caaeßichman Clatk George J Crane JT Cash P ClarkGeorgeW CravcraJmse CanhinJamea CUrk R Cracton A cq Csatcre Andrew Clark P Q Crary O A Casper Wm ClauoapJ Creanjoba CasaAndr-wB Cleu mens Jacob Crocket Samuel Cav» Jrhn M Clemn-en* I. D S Case O W Clement Henry CJCronao Jeremiah Casserly Thoma* Cloancy B B Crooker Silas or Patrick Clown Tlmoiliy Cro*ny O L CaulnC Cockerell A Me- CroaweU Michael Chadhoma John Cory C _ P Conb JW Crouch Thomas 2 Chamberlain CoburnCJ CullenJotn Charles CotmraJ Henry Calnua John Chamberlain Jas Cody Edmond Culver John K Coe A L Cumberland J D Chamberlin dr C Collum J J Gumming* W A R Cole Hiram K Cunmnehan J H Chambers ColeJ Forcroft Currta Patrick 5 Ciumlm E 0 Cole Jot Q QUh Curran BB„ Chambers Austin b'ms Came John M Champlla Dcwit Collins John Curtis R R C Count Harry Corns C A Chamnlln J B Coleman P 3 CorUs Abraham thanoler E B Colton Edvard C Catler 'William A Chandler OP Colrm J D , rev Chanln cast Hto* Coman A BlctnellClarke H ry Ceman JAB ConrtwrtßhWtrav- Chapin cant How-Combs A Darner eltug agent) ard C Comstock H a Cummings Cbaa Daly John Demine Goo n Doolittle Edwlnin Daniel* A Baum D*mpster Daniel Dorand WmK Date Joseph M DePuyAM DornJH Davenport A Van Derby Jaa Do re 8 C Duzer Devcojcbn Dougina* R AS Davidson Alex Deveron Patrick Dow Louie Davidson A Devine Patrick Dow Dwight B Davern Patrick D-vlnemr Dowd John Davis UN Dezendorf AnronDowns John V rev Davis BW cant Dick Horaces Doyle Richard Davis Chas w colDlckenaon Geo U Doyle Michael Davis Klleba W Dickenson Frank Drew J W ws t»• aueua tv viwuuvuy w *t Dsns David dr . Dickenson AlonroDutTy Buenee Davis SB L Dnffey John A Davis Francis H Dickerson JchnHDukes'Wm X 3 D»tis Thomas Dinwiddle David Dnkln John DansJWAco W Dulmage Wlllct D Davis L EmenocDltmar Adam DonbaccWm Davis Waller DIxAN DnncaaJK Davis John 3 Doaue Chss H Duncan L F DavtsJasF Dobson A Jordan Dunklce J O Davis II A D-vUteCftMS Doznlvan WU- Davis Herbert Dodge C H Ham Davison Henry Dodge KT , Dunning Samuel Franklin DodceJobnL Durand uUlco Day Lewis Doddridge Thos Durant Ja»t Dawson Joseph ADoig Andrew Durham E Q Raiment Jas Dolan Martin DnrkanWm Deal QW dr S DoloSDAco Darning Patrick DeClark J Donaldson OUverUoscnbary V II Det-n Jeremiah DonagnneJohn DovalGeorsoE D*Lacy John T Donley Chaa Dwyer Dennis Delemster Oscar JDonagnoe J W Dyer EU DeLong George QDooovan^Jas Eagl Joseph A EdgeQEaman Emmons FA Earle Gardner 3 » Edwards Nichols Enge W Earle John A Richards English Jatoh B Earl A co dr Edwards CU Enm* II F Eastman dr Edwin Richard Knots WB Eastman 11A Eld rid F H Engtrlgh Aaahel Eastman Kirk N Eldrtdze O N Kraairu F K EaitmanAß Eliott OZ ErrDJohuß Easton J EUfottjrhoa Kr*a» Johi >V Bterbart John EUls J K Rveoden John E Kcfctes T Elwood J G Ewell Jas * MKWUV V V.VCUVM Eckley CT 3 Elwood Joasph Ewlogs H Eddy A D n:7 Emerson Ammon Fairbanks C A Fields H N Foster Wm H, Falk J A FUgWXM Fowler Davtd Fallen Jam#s FlabAndr*w Fox Abel A. Fallen William Fuhhnrn 11 Fox B D Fannnm Chas □ Fisher W S Fraher patt FarerJP Ftsher Jo«eph Francos Mott Farley James Fl*herJahes3 Franklin AcoGW Farley Frank FDkeJF Franklin Walter Farley Philip Fitch JD Fiazurlsaac Farmer L c Flask dr Frear Robert Bauman James Flatneryjohn Fredmaa P E Farnham £ H kletcber .lames > rtecnan 11 C ' FarrandlraT Pogarry James Freeman Seth K Farrell Peter Foley Palli d captFreemao Frank Faober William TS“oIUnJ »hn Freeman K S FanQmerAco Fools Wtn Freeman EC Fawcett A F Fcoteßß - Fremont Charles FectoryOM Ford Wm French SE Fenn Chas W Forest L L Frost Jeremiah FennWm Forster ThoaW Fry John FerciiKin John AFonyth bros Foiler Prankltn Ferrter Chaa W Fom M»i tin H Poller Hrary Ferris nroa Pots John I oiler L W Field Pros Fosterll F Furlong T P expt Field L Oaffenv Pslt Gilbert Cyrus £ Grave* E H OagelUchard* GUoettNS Ui ay Carroll E Gag-Kb Gill Edward Gray Thomas C Gaines W Asa GiilTß Gray Jerry OaleWUbnrF Jacob GrayQCAeo Gallagher Robert Gtl’esple W J Grevley Mark GacmJ'hn GliletiAJ Green A Holden Gardner Geo S Gilictt George W Gma Jona A Gardner Ovo A Olllett A P W ÜBfUUCi WTU (1 M Gardner Adrian RGllman V ft Green Bdwla It Garland TJ Gilmore Frank It Greeoaere Jw T GarlanflSA* Winn John Greer laaac Gaman Thomaa Glrllnr Geonre Green John Garnett Owyno Girling BaaeeJi Or:** Goo rye Garnett J O Oleaeon Patrick Gregorle S Cadaon Garrlcan David Godfrey Ira GrryJoteph __ narrtMto paalei Golden 9 J Grice* Joseph W Oaupertcn Goodman A*H O*!tflo William W GayieeKn Goodrich B 4 Orimn Johns Gaylord LT&CO Goodapeed ft 9 Grlffla Henry Gealna D Goodwulle Barry Grttna Jaa Gwnan Joe G Gooaelum Aloma Grinin C B U UWKJ4UI Aiuwa imwu V w George Wm a Gorcon c B onflUh BV George AWiinaasOorlasd Richard GriswoldWßfr A (mibuJ L Qritvold H Gibbons VAI GonldAE Owltbl GlbeonJD GouldlngCM Graver Philip Gibson ffn Gon'dtneFred GrubbOO • Giffjw UrußcxJu GramblyOeoW G.thn Cynst UruiWJuA Gallos CaasH Gilbert klZ&BroGrass Ju A Goodwta ffm Bsuerzran H H Rawer m n HVlacd Samel Haight A B Hawkins John 2 Holly James J 2 llillGenrce Rawkenßobut HoltN UaliTW HatdmH sieaptHomtreTlße J L Kail Jones &Ql3>nayden Horatio co. man Hayes Eber Hooker Stephen a Hallett Moses Hayes James Hope Jilin Hambletoo Jaa WHays Erarras Hopkins Peter P Uamrr John Hat ward tc B Hopkins William Hamilton Alfred Haywood Wm Hopkins* Spencer rev Hrald gam’l C Home or Hamilton Voloey Oca-y albert S Hortean P Hsmlltca Horace Heffun William Hortonßallister HammonS Heller Albert Horton Thos Hammond EJ Heller Rj Hostaer H Hams ond Geo C Hempstead J L Banner O Q Hammond Geo H Uenoersoa J Howard * N M CoS HanunonaUlebaelUesnlreßSmaJ HowardChanes Uampsoo Joseph Henthaw E F Howard Goo F HamwoMA Herbert dr Howard J Band l*eter Herrlcksen Wm Howard Crrll Handley J MS Howard Geo O Handsets* Wm Rosier BB' Howe »wron W Ran*r William Hess FAB HoweJWJ Hannas John £ Uiohard S 9 Howell Charles Q Hannon John H'bbardLlndOD 3 Ranslns F nice John Howell J S Hanson WUUam Hickey WP Howes James Hanson W A HlcktWWS Hoyt L 3 Hanson WP Hlesax&am’iVßHoytUeo Hareonxt Wm Hltate C £ Hnbbanl B h HardmUe Je> HlsalniThoa J BnbbartG , _ rome Hlsirtna Thos L Haber Samnel S Hardy Frank S H'mtlns * son HnbbertTbeodore Harkin James M Hf|Shy Cbas eapt C Railon FD HlomhHH Hnsrbes John H_ Uarcv Gsorgt B HUID * sent Hughes James W Bansn WUUam Hill J W Hughes Wm Harper H HearnsrawOno Homes JF Dr HirmJK HUUK9 Humphrey Tit Harris TbosH PHI J C ro Dar»iaTW . RiUUeorge • HontWm llama Sami H Hillard S HnolWUey Harris AJnr 9 Hilliard L V Hunt John Hamaonßaney HilUerWOeo HostJamesL llarromt John HUuan A KeodaOHant UK Harru K J Hilton H S Hunt Hamilton HartJW Hlmrod Samnel Hunt Theodore W Hartley Sylvester Hinckley Russell tinnier David 3 F Ulnkly J W Hunter UanQilT Harvey Fred L 5 RlQiosHlebola»AHaatlnfftoa*l,ad- Ham y Frank IltasnWmJ lam jl»mjSamil HookeyThomM Hn-UeyJacob? RasbrookAPryorHoag David Bard mr Hagan T Hodgcr WUUam SHura Daniel HtsktHt.PT Hodge* John Hurtbot K W HaakStlGT nodcnLoxunl Uodsy Daniel i.a-kelil’U -UodaizanChancsUomFO Hatch ’ Hoffman Frwi’k Hatton James 9 Hatch Ufnije HoOxan A bro Hatching* Saal Hatfield W B H.-gon Daniel Hutchinson J rev llstbaway ff B Hogan WUIUm ÜBniehinsoa Hathaway A 8 Thomas Hsvea Henry W Holbrook J B nation U P Haven A«'0o- Holdrrn Mathiu Hyaojoha luvtns Eugene Holland Ju Hawser Tuaiiulr Iltvres Peter A Holland Are® Injr«rsollFreddielcg'l* Wa la-ramW J Izgtrsoll IVm Darin graham Jas M j Jackson WilUa Q Jftmer j \f Joan A OrvU J action w B Jennings Marlin Jooe* ffm L Jactson wm A . J aetSam'l Jacl son a d Johhsoa J C ft co Joaes Joanna W James PUS Johrpon Wm j-tet F £ J&muJUhon. JobhKn Sandi>cdJou<w Oftirge B JinniWn Johnson Hiram KJordau George ■ j«m<eonJ*« Johoscomr Jordan Harry O i JamtasD Wm Joti son George Jos<yn 0 H J*o»m* John Leroy Joyce LetnnM 3 Jenkins Bogene Johotoa Jacob Jo&nataaJnoH n Kesne John Kelly Alonzo L SltunboryftUar* Kearns Thomas Kelly A 8 chant KeareleyJaa KezdalSamWy KtovtyJohn Ke»fe Lawretce Kennedy John KtpoJH Kteler UerlertE KeueoyUaittn Kirby JaaP . Kect JoaeehSir KenneorGeorge KtrtPß KenaxWiUon Kent KB Kirk Peter Keesjofea Ken haw Thomaa Kirk J U Kwliy JO ft co Key Mar»n*U Kirkland Jas P Kelly ft Mud Kimball KlzsrßO Kelh tor Kimball IIJ Kntm Jas Ke ly 118 Kimball ba Kalgbil-*J Kelly John Kimberly QeoS Knott William T. Kelly John AS King Aw Knott ft P3*toa Kell* J KlngCbas Knot Cbas 11 Jr Kelly Ungh Kina John J Eotch Chas E Kel-y Tim Ktogstrary Walter eapt Kelly EL B EuUlgail John K Laccy Thomas D Larkin tKsnls Lludsley Roht B Lacker Ira Lathrop k a Line Frank p Laud Benjamin Lcavel JT a Lu>k John LalzcStepbeu LawnuceAJ Uner Joseph 5 Ijdrd Junes Lawler Mrrrta LttUe Edward 3 Lake Well* Lawler J E Ll:tieOco Lake WW W Leary Cornelius Liven* Cnas Lamb AD . LeavmAodiev Livingston Philip Lamb Edward Lee ft Schofield Lloyd Richa’d Lambert Leo D Leefteros Lloyd Wiliam Lambert i.o John Lock Uenlvmn LamentMatnew LeeHU Loekvood H C -Lampartner Wll- Lee Geo W Lodge Oeo M Uam Lee David 8 LoganT.l Lai. cft Brown 3 Letter HHftson Lombard Frank LaneJeaseVa Leonard wm - Lord mr MlKima I « U3fUM u MU* uui«« Ull LueJG Lionard Carrey Lortnrl>and II LaoeßS - Leonard TUo* Loaaaoerry Au* LuefcVit Lerch tYarren goatt* c Laneßoftis LeTl*>R»nomerW Low J dr Lane Cornell t* Ueo H Lower P*ter LasrJas LewlaSasnA Lucian MJ Lancbam EdwardLewU Crras A Lombard Frank LangUlerl. 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P Powers Patrick Pannelee S U Philip* Victor Pratt MD Parsons G B UPbllllp* H E Pratt Jos Q Parrots John 2 i*hldips John Pratt Ctl Partridge Fred Phillip* Lionel L Pratt C M capt Phillips A Taw- Pmtmore Joseph Paaheo J F man Prescott U b Patrice Lclsen Phillips Aco Prcnon Adr Patterson John L Pickens Wm 1 Prlrlhsm D Q PanlAlox PlckerlngAD Price A Long Panic W 3 Pierce Jaa W Price J . l*ayne W tf Pierce »f Price Theodore C I’eabcdyCU Pierce LL Aco Proctor Allred Peacock CP pierce Joseph Henry , Pcaiock Jorenh nlshnry A N Prouty A T.obrlka Pe imen David 11 Pitkin Jo»baa Pach Wlldam Pea>e Richard M Plowright C Panel Jas Peatle John A scbPollard Aiaoson Patcan v G Prck Watson Pomeroy tnr Putman E F i*ec« William PoormanJoL IMtsam bamnel P Peet Will W Pore David Palmer, Qfallen PellonO»car Porter Ira Aco Perkins C M capt SoaokenbOM A Qnlnbr Edwin P Quinn Jnteph oral Robert yulnenc Edward QoinnMonlmei Roberts Lelon Reynolds Geo Koblmon Chat Ramsey John u* ct Rochester Emil RandJU Reynolds Henry Rock Thomas Randall A P Rhode* JC Rock*fellowßL RandolabAA Rhodes J N Rockwell A Han* Randolph A Lake Rhodes Cbaa W tmm Rands Joseph K«oodsOeo Rockwell WB A Kacctu John RnybraJUdr n co Rattler Lew KlcePctcr Rodgenjrhn RathbornJas Rtcej F Bodnck Joseph Raves Geo BtraChaa RoeJJAco Rawaon Byron Rim W Q Rorler baml Ray Chas JJ BlchAco Rolf Henry Kay C E Rich dr RoiJUs Frank Raymond Daniel Rich Jobs m d Roney Hamilton G Richards Jesse Ro-t Dsn 8 Raymond George Klcoards Cnas P Royes Geo S Lrer Rlrhardsj B Roper A Kaymocd H O Richards S M Rowe Jesse Raymond 8 R Richards Alt Jr RoyCQ Raymond 8 M Richard* bros Radio Darts Head John BtebarcsonGeoFßudolpti Joseph Bred John 3 Bellman II F KeedWmC RlcbardsonC J Bulon mitred Reed Royal rev Richmond SW RomteyME Reed Geo W Ktdooteaml Ramsey E Held Michael Higgle O A Rundcll J B Reid W M Riggs Albert RuikWT Reese Eafcn BlieyCbasV Rush John O lieeee Wtn Ram John S Rues David Reeve T S Roach Michael Bu»«<*U Amos Reeves Orange G Roark N S Hassell Robert Kegaz L Roberts J C Bnseell Goorsre P 3 Rcldy TUnolby Kobbit* Hiram Russule Wdr Remick John 0 3 Robbies Edward Rvan Patrick Ketnolds W E Robinson U A Ryan Ja« RcploganAL RhlnsonJas Ryan James Realord E R Robinson J M Ryan J __ Reynolds ontn Robinson J N Rhodes A Wood Reynolds Ezra SablnOC Elbhctdr Stacy Wm Jr Salisbury Leroy Slbler Dennis E StandMarun Salter J K Fill* DL S Stanley WII4O Sampson WF J Simmons Fred'K Btarrelt John sanborn 8 A Simmcos D Stark Peter Sanders John M Simmons J D Stark Andrew Panders Edward Simon* John Sutler Frank bvoderson O W Slmpton Wm W St Clair Franc O 3 bat.fttd Wallace Strlow Hrnry 8t Clair A C Sargent G M felteman Jas Steele Valentine Sargent C A SlttaJoacpa Steele A bros Sattrrlee Geo A Skinner Chaa Steen Wm A- Savage Ja«G Skinner Samoa! Miller C K Savage Michael Etinner Wm Stephens Frank Savin John EUterE Stevens Allred Savtel AroosJ Slaven Thomas Stevens John Sawyer Joe Small Harry Sierras JR dr sawyer Jas col Smalley E H Stevens Frank Scanlln Patrick 3 Smith Clayton O Stevens EUsha 3 Juhn Smith Cbaa A Stevens Hoyden A SchfDeloßC Smith Chas col - ScoolerO Smith Orville T 8 terms J FArao* Scott Chas Smith Cta» W Stevens Mn Sctlt David R Smith Robert Sienna Scott R Smith Robert W StevensonDavtd scovlUe Robert Smith FC Stevenson H Scrutcn Lo SmlibßJ Blercn*onJM3 4 cnlD Fngtoa SmithSamnelA Stewart TJ 3 Searg*Btsjml C Smith Francis Stewart Ja* W ScarerT BABMSmiUiSDaaBS Stewart John A Sctley Henry E Sm'thSD Stewart John M 3 Sevens Thomas Smith T Stewart John R Bewail Jb KmuhUß Stewart Wm U ScxtenßAson HmlthFA St George John F 3 shaltr Foreman DSmUhThumat Bttie*OD Shanks JnoTcsp'nmlth H V Btilwell Alfred L Shannon NlcbtUsSmlih JafceTß Stinson Js* Sharpe Samuel Bmttnjaa3 SUntonJF Sharp -I W Smith J Pascal Stock Frederick rhsrp Wm Smith JS dr* Stokra H SI Shaw John Smith John Ptrtneystokra Harry M ShawJ R Smith John M Stone BF sliawcc Smtib Jonainaa stone Anthony Shaw Fr<dA Smith John MißonStoaeU Shea Daniels Smith John Stone Lewis w t-heaJ C Smith John Mack Stone hro* Smith WQ MifanJal A Shelly Date Jr 8m!to M HII SUito • J Sheldon A Smith John C B touch toaThoajM SorJoceuU smith Thomaa Stout A W Shepherd Cbaa 8 JcckJut straehm Q S ShepherdJ SralthßAco StrafflaßW Sheppard Joseph Smyth J G Straight l>uc 9 Shirk Joecph SolomonßH StreeterS 9 Sbfmnn nt Southall Burnett Struprldre Chat ’■ Ja» 5 6outhw»t)JW fctroucFLAco Sherman Chaa D Severn Thomas Stoll * Alvord Sherwood U C BpaoidiajrMß StnueouDMloff Sherwood II E SpanldlnAco Bomraera ffm Sherwood Geo Q Spear Oscar 3 Sumner 0 S F U Prxed Richard SothraGeoE ShtpmaoDanMn&peeqlt Swain John W fcbock A Worley spenrer Chaa L swam Kerl sbaekleton W O spencer Cha» Bwanwont C R ShomseßSLS bp new Marlin WS-iycTi George Sh»rldlo George Spicer S F Sherburne wm ihowalter Jacob tpJak Enseae Swartrot Thomas bunUz Fran* Squire J»*E Sweeter Hatn Sherlock Michael Srlbner Wm Sweet 8.1 era bhstcWß fUckEdmend SwlasoaFraodsL • TajrbUnrGeoS TbomawenKelsoeTopltffWß Tatnborllre E J Heats Tnnsej-Birart&co TublnFW Thotnasaen N capt Tower Frank Tate J W Thompson Albert Tower* Tno* a Taylor Michael Thompson CG To*me A H TijlcrHH Thompson BCdrSTowneriJM Taylor James 9 S Thompson S Q Townsend ctxu Taylor HerryW ThompsonGeoWTrlddleJohn TaylcrCW Thompson J F dr Tfnnkey Almond TeahsnDanielM Thompson JP MS Tebbltt* i B Thompson Jll Tucker Chat 1, TrlleTpetermaalerThompson Wm Tnrcoite Charles Ten nr irey William Thom Wm B Turner Van Born Tewksbury ChasATlbbllt* Charles ft co IhayrrCC Tilton John Turner R ThayrrlfC Tindall John WS Turner William TboirafAT Tobey Georse B Tamer T M Thomas DonaldC Tobias H lurpel James Thomas OJas Todd Waiter Tuttle John Ttomajs Bobert J Todd James Tilt' le Wm S Tbrmmas Henry TcxJa S U Thomas Geo L ToobyDJ Underwcod Clau-T-Baan Daniel Utter Qso S diet Underwood col TanAlleo BlchardVaa Hoolcn mr VintimOW Van braoer IsaacVaa «iyec leaac RTaaghn Albert VinBrookll: JasHYauVleckil*lhe*Vea- ey Arthur D Vandeeear Wm HTanWyck Stephen Veadarwest Chas Vsn Dorm Jst D Teaten David Van Deormi A Tan ?Aadt Join Cotter Qeo A VsnPyteJWS TannlseJF Viccr JcwcoaH Tan Dyke Byron VTadstronh ca WlltlusonD C VTaflrworUi Ec-Weber Harry williams Charlie ward Weoster Join William* Jaa WscnerL Weets JFMD Williams Jaa* Want Austin n TV ells HK* co williams £D Waller Paul Wells Unbbard Wilttami Daniel Walt urn B FrankWcish Jonn williams AnsonS 11 mt Welsh Andrew B Williams Wm Walker C WentworUißeala'Wiiltatas Btbcrt Walter F H min B Williams Edsarß Walker John Q w«-st John wuuamaoa Taos WalkopJß Wise Joseph WUiWUUe EC Wallace Wm W**t A U WlUoaubhy Lee A W*lll»John C 3 Westbrook Chas Wilson Jo-eph Walter Wm Wetberbee J WilhjsWS Waher William Weyßbrui G«orgoWil*on John Walter Maurice Wheeler >*&thaa SWiisou Cha* Sdr ter Wheeler S WJsy Andrew F Walls John wheeler Joseph watsey rn Vibbffa Wheelers P Wiudoißumiii VirdJU) WhiodenTß WiugataCbtsS Ward Frauds WlilrploJasJ WlnHcr David Waicea TbeodoreWhlppte Cyra* HWcU-n Wm Jr WareWm WhlUakrr John RWolffM * A VumWdV Whitcomb Chas FWotenger Frank Warner Orren White John Wood Ju Warner Cbas WhitaJuhnM Wood«ri J'hn Warner Henna* White JM Woodbury Hiram Vr mall Tbos D White B»mu’l F Wo-xlrafTOeo Warren Francis Whites H Wood raff Am- Warren OL White David brateF Warren JBennt White A. It 3 ' Woodruff Wm Warren John 6 Whitney Henry AWooda tuos Warren Luther Whittier B H Woolly w W Warwick A Ca> Wid-traad FFI WooUeyß B _ *Jdr WfCTln*.BradtonJWoolserOllb*rlß Washburn JraF Ato S 3 wormwood Jesas Waterman W A WierlnaJohaß WorraUTtumaaO Waterman mr Wrlihiman Ben} bon Watson John wnberCDprot WraitbeHoward Watson Henry WUbnr C A Wright Silaa F Watson O Wjj/oxP C Wright E WaofihWm J WDeoxGeoA WrlthlMsrfc Wayne 0»o W WiieozOA WMghtMH , Wearer Wilcox w h WrUhl WbeeTcr* Weaver Nicholas W|j.ox Crrus „ co Weaver U wilder WUHan HWrteht T W A co WebbJo*iah Wjimi KUotcidrWynua Frank S Webblsaan Wilkins Thoa Wocltey 0 B Wcßbei Jus X Xenia Cobb A broa TaleSstn! Tmpc Fm 3 ToungJasT TemsceWm Young J W TooagNewtoa ZrarlsgWM Zerby J J MISCELLANEOUS. JCW HP Morton * Myron KoIAKOC Muaedaoek Sowing Ma chine Co Manufacturer of Morrill's Pump o a Publisher of the North western Directory Pres Colon Store Berm melon Ad Works Seamen's Friends Society Southern Illinois Canning Fruit Co T F AJ B Ala T S A 2 _ Agent nuesffodjeirereoh ville B It American Tubular Well Co BoxOO Bos UTS Box 9?1 Ccrad Poet Camp Douglas Chleaso M F Compa: j Drawer Ufl Editor of Clark’* School Visiter Globe Lift Mutual lasur- aneeCo Htr Uubbard-at Xo IS lIOUiAKU! From Jaoaary 9fith, 37ita. o—Adam Oom* 9—G M 6*ltmann 10— RBDeßare I (7—Carllre Degref 11— Engalcna Dockers \ 13—U u DaGarme IS—Pieter Bakkcr ] 19—i leus Clanwen If—John Eelse Comb 13d—Peter Detamhle —Office open from the first of April to the Ist ol No vember, from* a. m. tllllw p. m.; from November Ist to April Ist, from Ba. ra. tilt 7p. m. Tne vestibule will remain open until 9 o'clocap. m. on Sundays trom sva. m. UUIO s. m. * . B. A. GILMORE. P. M. Special Notices. TlieGorbam nananxetarins: Company* flllm*rotth«,cf prorideoce, P. L, Isform the trade that tht v are producing One Bieetro-piatod Goods, com prising niU Dim er amf iea btrvlces and Table Ware of every description, of a very superior Quality and ol new ana eiegant designs. The bass Is riicJtsJ bilver. upon whlih is adcposltol lure Silver at sorb tblcg ness that they possess all tee Advantages of solid silver in utility, and Pom beauty oi drstga sad superior fin ish era undistirnralshabie (Tom It. The Gornam Manufacturing Company reffcr with con- Odeoce to Uivtugh reputation tery nave *stabll>hed in the production of bolld Blivet Wars, In which they have been for tuauy years sngagec.acdthoy cow as sure the public that they win fully sustain teat reputa tion by tec production of Klectro plated Wares of such quality and esteems duraM.tty as will Insure entire satisfaction to the purchaser. Alt articles made by thou are stamped thusi fOBlUUMl'lBty And all such are fully guaranteed. They I eel It aeccs saiy particularly to call the attention ot purchasers to ttic aunVß trsitesnark, as (heir designs have been a|. ready extensively imitated. These goods can only be procured from responsible dealer* throughout tee country. Dr# <laniM ( W* Justly celebrated throughout the United Ftalcs in the treatment of Ch/cole Diseases, flypMUis, Sperms* lorrbtt-a, and all other species vf Private Disorders, can be consulted at hi* office and parlors, Ol and 03 Randolph it, corner of Dearborn, (nearly opposite bis old office) Chicago, 111. DU. JA Mfcfl Is the only pf fsiolan who has made the treatment ol fleer el, Diseases a specially that is en dorsed by the medical profostion and the pros. Dr. J. 11, Jordan, who was physician to the Cincin nati Cholera ILspital during tho summer or i*&. and rn-fessor of the'ih»«ry ana Ptactice of Medicine and of Materia Medlca »n the American Medical Institute of Louisville. Ky.,lai(*o-Mamrßi. says, loiM; a, bav« known Dr. Jsmrsforthelast twelve yfurs. and •• 1 ran aately aay that. In ills Hue of practice, I do not “ know till superior. If his equal." Dr Jamea baa recently U»ueU a revised anu enlarged edition ot the Monitor, a treatue upon the disease* he treat*, which ta spoken of as lotlowa bj 4. 4. Richard son, Esq., editor of the Daren port Democrat, January 19,1867. " >ve are not surprised to ice the Uoimi endorsed 1 by the medical profession, and recommended by the Sreu. Dr. James has made the treatment of these m a ase* a specially Sbr upwards ol twenty years, and ’ In giving the public the benefit of bis eiperlenco, he ‘ha* icuui-re* an invaluable icrvice. Tue nook can ‘l«o had by addressing Dr. Jsmea, P. o. Uos UUU. 1 Chicago, It.tooia, inciuslag 50 cents, wlta fear cents ■ tor postage." Dr. James can be consulted at hit office and parlors, 01 and 03 Uandolpb-at., comer of Dearbirn-st, near ly opposite his old office, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sepa rate rooms and consultations confidential. P. c.jßox 006. Chicago, 111. * V A Valuable BtoOlelu-fe "Dr. Poland’s White fine Compound, advertised te our columns, ts a aucotssftil attempt to combine and apply the medicinal virtues of the White Pine Dark. It has boen thoroughly tested by prop's In this dir and vlmnlty, and the proprietor ha* testimonies of Its value from persons well known to our cltlxens. Wo recommend its trial In all those cases of disease to which lets adapted. It is for sale by all oui drug gtil*.”—[N. T, Independent, The Greet New England Remedy I Dr. j. W. Poland’s wurrs FINK COMPOUND Is now offered to the af flicted throughout th« country, after having been proved by the test ol eleven years tn the New England States, where Its merits have become as well know n as the tree ftom which, in part, U derive* its virtues. The White Pine Compound euros Sore Throat, ooldr. Coughs, Diphtheria. Bronchitis, Spitting of Stood, and Pulmonary Affection* general y. It 1* a rnsarcsbie remedy for Kidney Complaints, Diabetes, Difficulty ol Voiding Urine. Bleeding from ths Kidneys and Biad * der. Gravel ana other complaints. Nor Pile* and Scur vy It will be found very valnaole. Give It a trial If you would lean the value of a good and tried medicine. It ts pleasant, safe and sura. aoldhy Draggiits-*cd Dealers in Meat clues gene rally. BUBNUAMS & VAN SCUAACK Wnolesalo agents. The Great West Is the promised hud In tbf ryes U millions, both in the Old World and tbeNew. It* ferine soil and magnlU* cent opportunities tor development are the great source* of its attracting. Hut a oag iu beauUiol streams there larks malaria of most deadly loffueoce, whies is the great dra a back if that splendid region, anu moat remain so far many rear* to come. Emi grants end others wbo contemplate sottlawaat in that section, will do well to provide themselves with the on.y curs that has yet bees loaud efficient, so-edy and certain; we mca* Drt.J. noSTETIEB'B CELEBRA TED BITTERS, which has snatched hundred* trim an untimely grave Ybetr operation npua the digestive organs la soon tell to do bsaenilent, without being vio lent. For sale by druggists and dealers generally, every where. The Healing Pool and Bonne omercr. Howard Association reports, fbr young men. on me crime of solitude, and tbe errors, abuses and diseases which destroy me manly powers, a-d create impedl meats to marriage, witto *n/e means ol relict, Sent In seated letter cnvelrnes, free of charge. Address Or- J. NRILLIN BOUQHTON, BowaidJAasoclattou Fhlaoel phla,Pa. Tour Destiny—Wnai la Itt Good or evil? Rich ot Poor? Debased or exalted? Are you to rise to eminence, honor, wealth and oower; or are you to sink Into OD»cunty andoollrlon? "What are your future prospects In lire—to be or nut to be—lbai is the question ? Who wUi solve It? Dr. Raphael can aoive It; am guide to* unsuccessful to wealth and eminence, and the unfortunate to baaed nets. All whose fund hopes have been disappointed, crushed and blasted, get satisfaction, and those ladles whose injury keeps them from getting marned. can be cured so that no one can know It. Call on DR. RA PHAEL, 213 East Madiion-sL, up stairs. Interview* confidential, consul tatlcn tee, one dollar. Confidential Consultations. Dr. Louis Sanger, No. SO Randolph-tL. treats an iorms of Private and secret Diseases in b:th sexes, with the most brilliant success, lecture on the pre vention of offspring sent to any address tor 90 cents. A iso. bit Female Remedies are certain in ad eases. Office hours from Ift a m. to 8 p.m. Dr, IbomMDt Proprietor of the Medical and surgical Institute, 198 South Clark-* has treated ail ionns of venereal dis ease with unprecedented tnccess tor nearly tarty years, bpermatorrbma and impotence treated with the nappi ost results. Particulars of the Institute asd iheGulde mailed free to anyaddreas. P. O. Box 73. Chicago, Illinois. Dr, Bigelow, Raving the confidence of the public and tbe medical faculty at large, is me most reliable pbyiidan m me city Ibr chrotte n»rvoa» and sexual diseases. Call at bis office, 179 South Olark-at. corner of Monroe. Itootn* separat*. o>e«a T cadoo free. P. O. n« t.ll. Bit guide to health, published monthly, seat free to am address. jfutnitute. ■gLEGANT FURNITURE. GEO. J. EENKELS, LACY & GO,, 13tb and Chestnut-sts., PHILADELPHIA. We have a suite ol Nine Rooms, Elegantly Carpeted And lurnltbed complete as PARLOUS AND CHAMBERS. Purchaser* can fee bow a suite ot torulture win ap pear In tbstr bouse, and can from the»e room*, make a better selection than they can trotn furniture promts , ronsiy plaml m large ware-rooms. ©ccan Steamers. StrneCß ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE, lbs General Transatlantic Company’s BAIL bTKAMHUPb BETWEEN NEW TOUR ABL HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. Tbe splendid new vessels ot this isvoiite route fin the Continent win sail from pier No. 3u,Norlh River, as toll<*wsr VILLE PE PARIS..Europe January M. EUKOIB February 9. ST. LAURENT Bocandl....February 23. FERBIUE Uucnois... .March 9. PRICE OF PASBAGB IN GOLD. Flirt Cabin, fiffl; Second gift. tnyin-tiag vine in either class. Tbe steamers ol tela line do net carry steerage par aengers. Passenger* intending to land at BREST will be fur nish ed with railroad coupon octets, and their baggage checked ta Parts, atan additional charge of U for ura and S 3 for second class. Medical attendance tree of charge. For further information, apply, tn Chicago, at tlu FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE, 333 IlUnolwt.; U New Tort, to 080. MACKENZIE. Agent, 38 Bread way. %att Bjie. TTILL’S HAIR DYE—SO Cents—Black JUL or Brown—lnitantaneoos. natural, durable, beautiful- Tbebestand cheapestinu*«. Contains as much as aa any dollar size. HILL’S ARCTIC, or ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable for geoaral ointment p nicest*. Repot 68 John-st, New York. Sold by all druggists, "DATCHELOU’S HAIR DVB. *Taia splendid Bair Dye is the best in the world. Harmless, reliable, instantaneous; tbe only Perfect Rye. No disappointment. No rimcoieM tlau. but true to natuie. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. B AT».H* ELOIL Sold cy Druggist* and perfumers. Factory, 51 York. Twamlcy Junes Tyler MC Business (Carfls. ■piiAlß & jeffebson, con mission iteschaiits, OFFICE, 204 FRONT-ST., St.rDmM.l MEMPHIS, TE«I. Liberal easa advancements made on cpn»irm*et». QEsT, UATTEN & CO, Wholesale Commission Sferobsnts, IVo* 60 MoGaa-«tm J and G-stsO DKNTKB, COLORADO. TARJiSSIir) HOGS! STfcNCIL* AND WEIGHT LISTS Furnished gratia. Highest market prices guaranteed* Prusnt re tarns male. Co rrcapon deuce solicited. hkdmqsp A CO., Gcal Com'n MemhUa, 53 WaThlngWb-st- Chicago. HL PUOI'OBALS FOR A BUY TUAN a • POBTATIOS. - . . - • - .» D. IL,January ItTBS7, f. •. SZAUI) FHOFOS ALB will bo received at toil office tmthiHo clocking on toftiSlb of Foornary, 1 3*7. Ihr toe transportation of Mtotmry~ Sapallss- aartnc to* year cotomenetaK April J, iWT.'laad pwd<°r March Si. ISM, on the renewing routes: From Fort McPhcr»on. Nebraska Territory, or sacb “ “J? t»; determined opoa darter toe year on I iSS^?i^i££s: ot °J **pß* Fort Laramie, Dakota Ter t nlor jito such poets or aa m now nr fr«« k# m. in the Terruory of Srorasia, ve«t of tonal- Jbe lerrttary of of latltode «6 decree*, in the Territory of Dakota. w«*t ot lOlclfXTeea. in the Territory of Idafio. aoata °f latHude 44 decree*, and eaat of lanzUndelli darreei. and In iheTenitorles of Utah ana Colorado notthot Umoae O ergreea, Including, U iy * Bf>UTB So. A From Fort Giiey. State at Kanwu. or inch points a» may be dnenulncl upon during the year on the Union Fadflc Railroad, E. U-. to any post* or depots that are tow or may be established in the State of Kansas or la toe Territory Of Colorad o south of latitude U de grees north, and to Fort Union. New Mexico, or other oepottbat may be amcnated In that Territory, and to anyotherpetotor points oo the route. ROUTE So. A From Fort Union or such other depot as may b» estsbnahed In toe Territory of New Mexico, to an post* or stations that are, or may be established in that Territory, and to mch posts or stations as may pe designated In toe Territory ot Arizona, and n toe State 1' ofTcxaa vest oflotgituae Kfc degree*. . . BOOTE Ho. A From at. Fan J, Minnesota, to snch po*ts at are now or may be ostaUUoed in toe State of Miinesota, and { in that potQon of Dakota Territory tying east ot toe Missouri Hirer. I The weight to be transported during the year wtT ant exceed on Boote No. 1, .Qj>O,oOi poamls; on soot* Ho. A pounds; on Route Ho.A S.OQOJOO pounds. |«nd on Soate so. 4, Sjuojxa pounds. Proposal* will be mads tor each roots separately. Bidders will «»ate the rate per lUO pounds p-r 1?0 xr lit*, at which they wi»i transporttoe scares ia earn monthoftoeyear.bezinnicc April Ist. 1367. and end* ink March SAIMh. Bidders shonid ctre their name* tn tali, as well as totlrptaceaofreglat-nce. and each proposal anoutd be ‘ aeccmpanlcd by a toc-t In tnc »s ot ten ihou»ana (SU3.CWo)dollars, slsntabytwo r a ers reapoadbie per sacs, guarasteriocthat id case a contractu awarded , for toe route mentioned* In the prjpa.u to toe party propcslnr, to* contract win oe aeeotad asd entered into, and pood aaa soUl>a*n: .uy furnished by said party In accordance with toe terms of this adver tisement. The contractor win be reoturou to xlve bonds in toe • fbiiowur amounts: ■ op boute Ho. i, toejno, 1 On Route No. 2. tDQdML I Oa Rente No. i iOAOOA ] On Route Ho. A SOdXX). I BatUfhetory wideice of toe loyalty and Bo*vency of - each bidder and person ottered as secomy will be re quired. Fropoaals most be endorsed ** Proposals tor Army Transportation on Boote Ho. 1, A A or 4, as the case may be, and ntne will be entertained nnleaa to.y fully comply with the requlrctneau of this adverusv • mvne. ) The party to whom an award Is made nut be pre i pared to execute toe cot tract at once, ana to xtvetbe i required bonds tor toe tat thiol pertormsoce of toe con tract. The .right to reject any and all bids tost msy be i offered is merietf. * Tbs contractor on each route mast bs in readlneu tor servlet* by toe Ist day of April, 1367, and will be re quited to have a piaca of business, or szeocy, st which hemsj be communicate 1 with promptly and readily tot itoiitoNo. 1, atOmata, N. T.; lor KouteNo. A at Fort Hlley, Kansas: tor Route No. A st Fart Unlot, New Mexico; for Route No A at Saint Pan/. Silane, sot*, or at such other pclnt tor each ol the several itooteaasmaybe indicated as toeslartlng point of tbs route. i Blank tones showing the ooedltloas ot toe contract 1 to be entered Into tor each route, can be bM oo app |. cation at this office, or at toe office of tbe Quartermas ter st Naw Voik baiot Louts, Fort LeavenwartA OmahA Santa Fe and Fort ncelilcg, and most accom pany ai<d be a patl u| tbe proposals. By order of too Quartermaster General. ALEXANDER HUBS, Brevet Colonel and Asa’t Quartermaster U. b. A. Proposals for a bridge at VAN HDUEN HThEET. Orr to or ths Iwiasp or Pmia woaxs, i „ . , oaicano, February A IW. J . Scaled proposals wm tx* received br (he Buatil o| Public " orlts, at their office. Uvims No*. | and S. ■(Cuba II'or; Net. 1A srut 17 Wells s.rwL until U a. re., eaturuay. February Kip, tor toe laktne down nf the present bridge cruising the bantu B r aoeh»r llilcag» Utter at Van Buroo street, and replacing tbe same with * new pilase, locuolng the n*c«t*af» changes in the cnnlre pier, and to« abutmeuts and appruathrs.accordlDgtopUnsand specmcattoMtabe on file at aaid offle* on and after Feofuaryittn. iToposals most bea'Ulrossnt to the Board of piiblli Works, cMluracd “l’r«'po«al lor Van llaren Hlmt linage," and be acromnauUd with (ha usual tXO oood. with sureties, to be apimivcd by lie tWanl, The Board re erveiberuht u> reluct any bid node, aceotdance with thecondlll mot this advertUumcnu or to reject all bids. Mid no pnipOSMwtll ba aecoetol anleaa tun party ottering it shall give evidence svtlifac tonr to too Board Uisl be bus the beciuuary skill, ex bcrlerce, nergy and nhlltiy for doing the work, is tnutwortoy,%ud has suiQclcut txjc ia.nty rtsottrcoA J. G. U JxDKLE, i fi;kd. ttrrz, O. J. BOSE, ' IV-atl nf rubllc Workx. *• Ualbrmnate Ten Club’ WEB HK BRIEF. . 1567, till January I^o7. | IS—Piet Veraema lie—T Ver Weer HAUIIOIUVOUKo AT ORaHUUa- VBN and Black Lake, Mlcr Igat. Owe* SCPERIimLNDiaO KNOINR**, tURDOnf .. lurroTKMurra. Ukr Uiciiuun, 7 _ Mn,w*tm»B. Wtaconalc, January 1,1*67, ( 1 Bealfd proposals. to duplicate, the f»m* furmsurc tor the uud'talgnM.wlil tw m o red at this .ifllce until Thursday, the 14th day .ffeliruary, If »„ f:i Impruyms the harbors of Ura*d tlarea and Hlacs Laxa, Michigan. The improvements at Grand Daren will cousin oi 11,000 feet, nitre ot leu, of close piling W protect the soutn bank <■{the nvern*»r tno entrance and an n, tecslou of the south pier Ibr 600 feet nycribs filled viu stone. The improvements at Hlack Lake win be extensions of me present piers, M 2 running feet in all, auddredg tng. The orcoirtSK will be between tne piers, and lot placing the new crlba, and wilt amount to sc.O'O cubic yarns, more «r its*. fianj and specifications are oa die Is the offlre. and will be ahawn to at; who wUb to examine them fur the pnrpos* of esUiuatipc. The proposals will he separate ter eacn work, and for eachcjaas of material or labor fhr eacn work. Bids will be received lor a pan or Mttbe wnol- of elihes work. The work to be finished hr October I.wot. „ U, A, A MU *WIA IM MU MMMMIM U , WVWUW ~ Tl-coe works wilt be let to the I .west re. possible bid der. reserving ta the United state* the right to reject any or all bids. Didders are requested to bo present upon the opening of tne bids. * The duplicate proposals will be endorsed, enclosed is »pnu endow, wnEELEI , P. 8. Engineers. Muwankee. Wls. Assistant quartermaster's OFFICE, • _ St. Loris, Wo. January 3S, 1867. There will be sold at public auction atMyrttMt, War, house hu Louts, between s»ec rod sod TUTd-a0.,0n THURSDAY. FEBRUARY7th, anlthe fonowlcg days until aj are solo, tne tallowing de*crto edclt thirg and camp and garrison equipage, vis: At halt, ontiimc ed. SID uniform coats, infantry. 60 uniform Jackets, artillery. *3 truo-ers, mouuu >i, e»y Plus. 823 great m-au, footmen. 21 sack coata. Haw. 7, latlgue overala. lifi flannel shirts. 707 in, stockings. : negro brogans. 47 rubber blanket*. 29 rubber poncho blankets. <3B knapsacks and snap*. LSjF collects, complete. 285 canteens, French. IS hcwpttal lent flics. Ik waf tent flies. 91 ci tnmon tents. 20 6 hatchet*. 64 prs. snei. Irregular. 165yatdsd«rcblaec]oth.6-6 wtds. 30 gross pants buckles. 77camp kettles. 5 iron pot*. 23couMcDed sack*, la sets hospital tent poles, £0 do hospital do so 264 Pick axes. Kit (brace cap*. lA7Bumtorm jackets, cavalry. 131 trousera. footmen. 13 do mounted, dark blue. - 1,413 great coals, mounted, i 8,163 sack erats. unitned, 81 slabv frocks, otkmtshiru. 231 prs. shots, lifiwoolblank-ti. I 16.494talnted blankets. I 17,348 do poncho blankets. SA*I cottrn bavrrsae%«. 1' l,7S6c*nteen*. robber. 6boepltal tents. 31 w* tents. 1 Bibl«y tent. 2.976 shelter tents. Vwide. ya-ds sky brne kersey. S wide. 698 x yards bine wonted lace, X inch wide, fib mess pass. 5Kt single bed sacks. . 20 hospital tent poles, nprtgjrt. U sets wall teat poles. 259 Mblcy tent stove pipe. »»pick axe bandies. £3l spades. 760 shovel*. .. . MV yards yellow worsted lace, 3-8 Inch. «« yards red worsted lace. H inch. TSx yards vcbow worsted lace. IV Inch. Ac., *c. The sale will commence each day at 10 o'clock. Jem.,»«». JOHS L . woons . Assistant Quartermaster. p OVEBNAIENT SALK The property known as the “OOVKBSJIBST TAN* KKRYaND STEAM SAWMILL," with set eoty.five acres of land, near BAN ANTOSIO, TOLAS. t Sealed Proposals, m duplicate, win be received up to me first day ot March, 1367, for the purchase of £ acres ot land, (more or less) together with the baud* logs elected Uereou. and me appurtenances appertain ing, that is to sar: ONETANXEKY.C n mining twelve Stone Lime Vats, FIFTY-CWO WOODEN VATS, SEVEN STONE FOOLS, and cacable of tanrln* 13.U0 bides per annum; ONE STEAM SAWMILL, capable of lawtoc SJXU ffeec Ol Lumber dally; ONS SMALL STONE BUILDING. _ The above property is situated about two miles above ban Antonio, on me San Antonio River, and the water is conducted to me establishment by a race of hewn ston* laid In eeaecC . . . Tbe land was tureaaed acd improvements made by the late so-caled Comenerate Government, and ate estimated to bare cost |IM,O(W la gold. Tbe property nas Men under lease tor the year ISM, at a monthly rent of ROD. payable in advance. Aw cured title u tee simple will be given by UtsU.S.Gor “fkSossls win be merged "Proposals fpr Govern ment Tannery and Sawmill," t-j^ Bvt.UaJ.Gen,Ass*tCom*rCur-iuk F.AA-i*. Galveston. Texas. QKEAT WATCH HALE OS THE POPCLAH ONE PRICE PLAN, Giving every patres a handsome and reilaVc Watch fbr tbe low price ol Ten Dollars, without regard to value, and not be paid fbr unless pet ftClly .satisfactory I 1M Solid Gold Buntil 1250 to 100 Marie Cased Gotd to «C 100 Ladic*' Watches, enamelled 100 to 90 *» Gold Hunting Chronometer Watches.. VO to « 300 Gold Hooting K&sMtb L-vers 2«to »0 900 Gold Hanting Dupl-i Welches U 0 to 300 500 Gold Hutting American Watches ,KX>to 3M Sou silver Hunting Levers M to U 0 500 silver Hunting Duplexes 75 to gd 500 Go.dLaoW Watches 50 to LOCO Geld Unnttng Leplnes 50 to 75 ld>oo Ulfcelmn*ou» Sliver Watches 50 to KO SAOO Hunting Buver Watches Sto SO Aft-O Assorted Wstch*s,sll kinds 10to 73 Every patron obtains a Watco by this arrangement. coaunOutno,w&Leltmaybeworlh|73o. Noparr. A Co.’l Great Union Watch Manofectorers. 140 (Broadway, N. Y. City, wish to Immediately dispose of tbeabovs magslficcß tstocg.Cer tlflcat-a taming articles are placed in scaled envelopes. Holden are entitled to tits art ties named on their cet« ttfleate, upon payment ol T*n UOiUsn. whether it be a Watch worth |7M or one worth leu. Tbe retain ot any of our certificates entitles you to me articles naxtu thereon, upon payment, irrespective of Its worth, and as no article valued let* than AID ta named on any cm- Uflcale,UwiUatoncebeaeen that mis Is uo Lottery, but a etnlabtfiarwanl legitimate transaction, which may be participated In even or tbe moat UaUdlotu! Ailnsie Certificatewtbbe sentoy xalh opon receipt of J 5 five far tt. eleven fbr 42, thirty mre« and elegant premium f»r |L sixty-elravd more valuable premium tor lift, one hundred and moet *n perb Watch for 415. To agvua or ployment mu la a rare opportunity, u i*i a ly conducted business, da’F »alhortzod bytteOov«; sent, and open Vt to* moet caidul »crnti_y. Try us . Afflma J. HIL'KLING A CO„ I <9 Broadway.V.Y T AND SALE.—The undersigned Will JL/ Off- r* tAC CTION, at foe north door ot the Court Route la Chicago, Ll*-, at U o clock a. m-, Saturday, the Oth of February, Proxi i o if not previously sold at private sale, tbs E.« ffs 1 w .* N-13 kb, situate about one mile and a haV west of Evsnstm, and twelve north of Chi cago, Cook County, 111-, containing eighty acres, more ° f Abont fifty-five tr Sixty acres cf this tract are heav ily timbered, the remainder in prairie, wtu e addi tional inducements are found In its proximity to tbe bemutUul tittle railroad and lace ibote town of Evans ton and the gn at city of Chicago, in reference to a place of reticence, the focfnrt ot sale and delivery of the timber and tbe products ot the soil generally. nr Terms of sale published the da; ot sale. • Persons desiring to purchase this land at private sole will direct their communications to tne nuderMtaod. Box No. if 35. Macomb, 111. B. L. SOMMERS. Agent lor W. W. Corcoran. npEEEHETBIATIC SHOULD SEND X TO w. E. GTT3IP & CD.. Dayton, Ohio, For-a Descriptive Circular ot Lairitz Fir Wool Under clothing. Oil and Wadding. They tare stood a test ot thirteen yean in Europe, and are highly recommended by foe best physicians of Germany. Mailed free. FAIRBANKS' IST A STANDARD JT*l, . SCALES ./I. 4 . or tunas. FAIRS ANES, QBE BN LEAF A 220 A 2*S Lake-st., Chicago. Proposals; (SobEtitment gate. (Sift enterprises. Honfc at Auction. JBebical. Scales. ££ehleaL pHYsIC’AI, YIGOH. PBISICAL VIGOR It the main safeguard of health. It rrp«lt and jfgfti* ojT t»e tnerbld slemsixw'tftWai tuptrinavce tfcseas*. ;* The Ktand cue«lxu ; toeretorel shill thJ*’ ‘ ’’ rrpeiTonfpotrer be increased where it is but Aeble. and acquired where It scarcely exists at »n ? There was a time when this qneiUaa coold not bs satisfke toiUy answered. Bat the problem Is now. solved. It bas btea proved by. the experience of more thsa fourteen yean that ' HOSTJETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS So thoroughly reinforce bote the constitution and (be •ecretwa and the narvooa systems u to render «»» body comparatively Invulnerable to the uawhatcaome Influences whlchqirostrate so many thousands on bed* of Blckne*e,lnvrflona puts ot tha world, at all aeo* tone ot the jeer. A* an Invigorating, regulating «td rratoratlvc preparation, suited to all dlmateaaadto all contingencies, It stands au>s* among ™«-rttrw medicine*. ItUlheonly tonic of which tt* aumolat- In; principle U perfectly yurt. It* bast* Is the ettfntiai principle qftovndSye, admitted hr anaiyti cal chemist* and medical practitioners to be the most cental and harmless ol stimuli; and this fluid It purged ot all the crudities irhleh belong to it aa It comes from the manufacturer, before being used In the competition of the Outers. The alterative, totneOn and restorative prepertleß ot the preparation are de rived sxelnstvcly tram roots and plants the vtrtnea of which are acknowledged by pharnacenUsla and phy siclans, and which are often prescribed eeparauty bp the profertoiu Never. however, vers these Invalu able vegetable agents eomhinAl fbr prtrentne and remedialpvrpoee* until the bygdm compound. Hostetler’s Stomach Bitten, was given to the world. The stomachic and antt-bUlona operation of the great restorative has long since rendered it a standard medicine fbr complaint* of tho digestive orgms and the liver, In all part* of the Western hemisphere: bat It is no less deservedly celebrated as s preventive of epidemics, end of the various disorder* generated by malaria and impure water. INDIGESTION-DYSPEPSIA. Ptoontss ha* Ite penalties. As the world advances lb civilization, It becomes more luxurious, aud the pampering ot the body seems to bo an Inseparable ac companiment of tha cultivation ol the mind. This ought not to be; hut It It, aud no argument ova alter the tact, though wholesome advice and judicious, pre cautionary and remedial treatment may mltlgato tbs evil, bsvsges, we are told, ara not troubled wuh dys pepsia ; but tel* dictum Is open to doubt. Privation and hardship, a* wall ashtib living sod dlsupatioa, engender the disease t and It would therefore seem that the man ol the wilderness, as well as tee dweller la cities, must be more or less subject to It. One thing, however, is certain! In no country coder heaven Is It so prevalent as tc (he United flutes. Here the dis ease has become domesticated; Ulsto he found in almost every household; and, consequently, a Household Remedy for Dyspepsia Is o{ inestimable ralne to the American people. Few disorders involve greater suffering; and. It not In lUdf Immediately dangerous, it la the forerunner andaocrceof many deadly maladies, uut even if it did not lead to shorten life—which it undoubtedly does—the mental and physical misery which it pro* duces, and which renders life comparatively unetjoy able. is a sufficient reason why no pains should bo •pared la the effort to prevent and cure it. l*bysiclatis,aa a general rule, admit that no disease gives them so much trouble as dyspepsia; but they attribute the difficulty of curing it to the unwilling* ness of their patients to abandon the habits which occasion It,—such as excasslve application to boat* ness, hastiness In eating, Ac., Ac. It is no doubt true that the best treatment ot a complaint may tall to cure it, If the patient refuses to exercise common pru* dsnoe. But It Is also (rue that what are catted the Official nmfdltt for dyspepsia do not under aay cir cumstance* produce permanent relief; On the other hand. It la a tact established by thousands of creditable witnesses, whose testimony Is simply a statement oC their own experiences, that Hostetler's Stomach Bitters trttl cure Mr malady, and that an occasional o*e oC the preparation after the cure ha* been effected U a perpetual safeguard against the recurrence ol the symptoms. On this account many muliicm mem bers of the faculty have abandoned all the iiereotypwt prescriptions of the pharmacopoeia, and nvw inva riably, and, with great success, administer tola popu lar tonic. FEVER AND ASBE-INTERMIT TENTS GENERALLY. Fit** iTO Aon, unlortnostely, u too widely known toy experience to render a lengthened descrip tion of tu tym ptonu DKCW&rr. la order to e*cap« lever and ague la any region. |t is only ncteuaiy to fortify Use system agatut atmos pheric poison by the regular us of Hosteler’s Stomach Bitters. By this means an dtag-r Is avoided. Some rales bar* exceptions: als hat none . So sorely u the BITTERS ate taken at a preventive, so sorely will tbs Individual who adopts this precaution be exempted trom thepajM and penalties ot one ot the most harassing comp.alata to which tbe dwellers in oobealtby districts are sub jected. as a remedy, tbs preparatton bas no equal. Without entailing any of tbe unpleasant and danger* oat eonieqaencca wblcb accompany and Callow tba use of quinine. It breaks np the paroxysms and rapid ly rrstorea tbe strength ot tbe convalescent. If tbe preparation bad no other merit man its wonderfal efficacy as a preventive of, and cure lor. Intermittent fever, it woold be an article of tbe lint necessity la an new setLementa, and low, martcy districts. A*d te this Its value •* a stomachic and an anti-blUon* awat, and who will venture to gainsay 1U claims to Me very jirsl place among Family Medicines? BILIOUS REMITTENT FEVER. Tqs is a disease ot a more malignant type than ordinary “chills asd fever," bat It springs from the same came, malaria, acd may be forestalled bg tbe same means, vl* n a precautionary course of Hostetler's Stomach Bitters. In order to render tbe system malaria proof, it musk te endowed with extra vigor, acd put in all respect* to perfect order. To effect these objects, the BITTERS mnst be resorted to. Remittent fever. It ts firmly be lieved, may be certainly prevented by the daily use of this vnapjtroaeAable protective preparation. If tba disorder is already In progress. It ebould be taken be tween the bot stages. As the poise Is up to one hun dred and twenty or one hundred and thirty during bot fits, U would not, of courae, be prudent to admin ister the ionic then; but when prostration comes on. and the poise Is tbla and feeble. It may be given with great advantage, and also when the patient i« recover ing, as a means of recruiting tbe strength. Indeed, In all cases of convalescence this powerful but bata leea tocte abou'd be administered. Itlatbeeafestas well as tbe best ot restorative*. BILIOUSNESS. Tax liver U tbe largest gland in the body, and the most important of the secretive organs, except tbs membrane which secrete* tbs gastric jmc«, the fluid which dissolve* the food. 'When It tails to pnfbrm Its functions, the wbole system suffer*. Its peculiar oOcs Is to t*vw tbs superabußdaiat carbon of tbe blood. Tbls carbon it unites with other elements, and thereby fuitns tbe bitter fluid called bile, which la poured into tbe upper bowel, and greatly facilitates the pro cesses ot digestion sad excretion. When tbe liver does not work, tbe bile bas to be taken out ot Ota bleed by tbe kidney*; and brace ta bilious disorders tbe nrlie Is ol a deep yellow Color. Tbe kidneys, however, cannot dispose ot all tbe bile, «M, qcentiy, mneb of it oozes through tbe turfoce ot tb« be ay, giving tbe skin and tbe whites ot the eyes that saffron tinge which is one of tbe mostnoted symptoms or a disordered liver, it la absolutely essential ta Health that OtU poverful stand thould do Its duty thoroughly and tcu* elodt-U*e regularity. Probably one-fourth of tbe people of this country know what !t Is to be bUloot; and (a tropical climates tbe proportion of sufferer* la much greater. If what are called “aull-bfllooa medicine*” were really what they purport to be, the disease would soon become obsolete; tor their name Is legion. But neither mer cury, tbe official remedy, nor tbe drastic ptUa adver tised under so many titles, seem to produce tbe de sired vflect. Intact.calomel and bine pill have pro babi? been more tatal to the human race than the ww rions forms of liver complaint combined. Hostetler 1 * Bitter* alone, ot all tbe medicines at present in exigence, fail; meets tbe exigencies of , whit is termed “a bilious ftaMf oj body.” Tbls pre paration, like the bile itself, has «tmlld averimS pro-' petty, and therefore (when the secretion of that natu ral cathartic Is interrupted or impeded! it U exceed ingly useful as a mess* of preventing bard accretions in the intestinal canal and consequent oostiveneas. It also arts directly and most beneficially upon tha biliary organ, as an invigoraat and corrective reen lalor. Persona with a constitutional Jendsaryto Urcr disease may secureexempOonffomlt* attacks bytak sg a small dose of IheßlTTEßSoncoortwlcea day. HOSTETTEB’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS •old by »JI Respectable Dm*exists la all pmrf ot tbe World. HOSTETTEB & SMITH, Proprietor. PlttoEaisfc, Pt.